“Super EMP” Capable of Disabling Power Grid Across Lower 48 States

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    For many years U.S. Intelligence agencies believed that North Korea’s nuclear weapons program was a failure due to the low explosive yield of their tests. According to EMPact America’s President and former CIA nuclear weapons analyst Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, this is not the case:

    North Korea’s last round of tests, conducted in May 2009, appear to have included a “super-EMP” weapon, capable of emitting enough gamma rays to disable the electric power grid across most of the lower 48 states, says Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, a former CIA nuclear weapons analyst and president of EMPact America, a citizens lobbying group.

    North Korea’s nuclear tests have been dismissed as failures by some analysts because of their low explosive yield. But Dr. Pry believes they bore the “signature” of the Russian-designed “super-EMP” weapon, capable of emitting more gamma radiation than a 25-megaton nuclear weapon.

    Pry believes the U.S. intelligence community was expecting North Korea to test a first generation implosion device with an explosive yield of 10 to 20 kilotons, similar to the bomb the U.S. exploded over Nagasaki in 1945. He said, “So when they saw one that put off just three kilotons, they said it failed. That is so implausible.”

    Source: Newsmax

    Since EMP is a line-of-sight weapon, detonating one of these nukes about 300 miles above Nebraska could end life as we know it in America in about one second.

    While North Korea may be the latest country to test such a weapon, it is clear that the technology has been available for nearly 50 years, and it has since been leaked to rogue nations, and perhaps rogue terror and shadow elements with the financing, capability and wherewithal to use it:

    Such a weapon — equal to a massive solar flare such as the “solar maxima” predicted by NASA to occur in 2012 — poses “substantial risk to equipment and operation of the nation’s power grid and under extreme conditions could result in major long term electrical outages,” said Joseph McClelland of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Senate testimony last month.

    Pry said that a group of Russian nuclear weapons scientists approached him in 2004 when he served as staff director of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack, to warn the United States that the technology to make that weapon “had leaked” to North Korea, and possibly to Iran.

    When we talk about potential terrorist action against the United States, we discuss this in the sphere of any organization, be it Al Queda, state sponsored, or shadow government related. These weapons exist, and they are, without a doubt, the single biggest threat to the United States of America.

    As we’ve previously reported, such a weapon, or group of weapons strategically detonated at lower altitudes, would completely wipe out the entire US power grid, vehicles, computers, cell phones, and anything else with an electric circuit.

    The fall out would be nothing short of apocalyptic.

    In July of 2010 EMPact America published an overview of the EMP 2010 Conference in which they discussed the threat EMP posed to the nation and the fact that very few people understand how great and imminent it is:

    …An electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is a super energetic radio wave that’s immediately harmless to people, but it’ll burn out all the critical electronic systems that sustain human economic activity and human life across vast areas, including the entire continental United States.

    -Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, President, EMPact America

    The Center for Security Policy, in a report issued last year, has estimated that in the event of a wide-scale EMP attack on the United States, as many as nine out of ten Americans would be dead within one year:

    “Within a year of that attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity,” said Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy. “And that is exactly what I believe the Iranians are working towards.”

    North Koreans, Iranians, terrorists (Al Queda or otherwise), it doesn’t really matter.

    What does matter is that very few Americans are prepared for such an outlier.

    The first 24 – 48 hours after such an occurrence will lead to confusion among the general population as traditional news acquisition sources like television, radio and cell phone networks will be non-functional.

    Within a matter of days, once people realize the power might not be coming back on and grocery store shelves start emptying, the entire system will begin to delve into chaos.

    Within 30 days a mass die off will have begun as food supplies dwindle, looters and gangs turn to violent extremes, medicine can’t be restocked and water pump stations fail.

    For those interested in learning more about the after-effects of EMP and several different scenarios in which you may find yourself, we strongly recommend reading / watching the following:

    With the information gained you’ll theoretically have a working knowledge of the supplies you’ll need for extended grid-down situations. Additionally, each story deals with a slightly different setting, so you’ll have an understanding of the organizational and defense requirements necessary to secure and manage an individual property, small community neighborhood, and an entire town.

    Power outages happen all the time. But you’ll know an EMP has been detonated (or we’ve been hit by a massive solar event) if the power to your house goes off, cars are not starting, and your cell phone won’t turn on. If that happens, take a deep breath, say a prayer, and put the supplies and knowledge you’ve acquired to work, because it won’t be long before the golden horde wrecks havoc.

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      1. This may sound crazy, but if we did suffer an attack that removed most of our electricity which brought us back to an 1850 existence, I believe after all the deaths and the adjusting that we’d be a better society!
        I kinda like oil lamps, water wells, no electric or water bills AND A MUCH SMALLER, LESS THREATENING GOVERNMENT!!!

        • Yes, in a cynical sort of way you’re probably right. Our whole society would have to hit the “RESET” button. We would be forced to change from a society based on consumption, materalism and entitlement to one of frugality, hard work, and production. The “me” first attitude would be replaced with concern for the “tribe” -our neighbors and fellow patriots.

          • Hopefully we will never find out how the US would react to an EMP attack. If it happens, however, we feel that the country will band together and repair the areas hardest hit.

            Part of that estimate is that our research shows that a local or regional EMP attack is more likely than a coast-to-coast attack.

            Terrorists are unlikely to get control of a megaton bomb needed for a major attack. Even North Korea has only been able to make “small” nuclear bombs.

            Bad news: A country or terrorist exploding a small nuke could still target a key regions. In our site’s EMP simulator, we show how smaller bombs could be targeted at major population areas on the east coast.
            (It makes better sense if you look at the simulator on our site.)

            This also makes some rural areas **less** safe. The EMP effect is a bit of a horseshoe shape. If a rogue nation targets New York or Washington, DC, there will be an equal spill over westward.

            Again, it makes better sense if you see the maps on our simulator.

        • Dave, unfortuntely I don’t think there is a political solution to the spreading tyranny of our criminal bastard-thief government. I think this is probably the only way. …and in the end, might be less painful that the full on collapse/police state they are forcing us into.

          • The ruling elites are here for now, but when the right time comes they will leave quicker than you can blink your eyes.

            Canada and Switzerland have a lot of bunkers for large groups of some important people, ( probably not THE HIGHEST), due to Canada’s and Switzerland’s geographic vastness and their gov’t being very limited involvement in decision making for wars. So they would be safer places for them during time of war.


            • I can’t recall exatly when, but Switzerland used to REQUIRE all homes to have a safe bunker (not just a basement) built under to protect its citizens. I do know they no longer require the bunker on new construction, but there are MANY more homes with bunkers in Switerland then probably anywhere else!

            • Oh! Jane! You’re just saying that to make me giddy! …and the thought of it does. After seeing what our government and, willingly, most of the people do via the groupthink liberal brainwashed anti-freedomism that infests this land do to the rest of the population, I think a little less government and a little more anarchy will be nice. In reality, the brainwashed millions have an image of “anarchy” that closer matches the “police state” than it does the “non-police state”. Government has brainwashed us into believing we need them. …and we do, to a certain point, just not to the point we have them now. Unfortunately its like a swinging pendulum. We’ll rid ourselves of the blight and swing too far the other way. (Probably not too far for MY tastes, but too far for maximum general welfare.)

              So many things are like this. There is a “sweet spot” where you get the most prosperity, the most safety, the most freedom and the most government. Too much of any one of them and the others suffer. Currently in America, we have too much government. The other three attributes of society are suffering massively for it even though government is actively lying to us about how much safety and prosperity we have and sidesteps and ignores questions about how much freedom we have.

              Of prosperity, safety, freedom and government, government dominates everything to the detriment of them and itself. When government fails, freedom will skyrocket, safety will plummet and prosperity will falter. The new paradigm for America will have returned. Personally, I’ll enjoy it but for many it will be very difficult.

              Those of us that have preps will prosper. Those that don’t will suffer. Love Thy Neighbor will be more important in the coming years that you could have ever predicted.

              Remember: You can’t save them all but you can save some. Be the hero. Be the beacon. But, don’t bury yourself (literally) in the role.

            • @ NetRanger … Hey I am just letting people know where there would be safe places in the event of a nuclear attack, but you are talking about the chaos. I look at a bigger picture, and frankly we need a real leader who can figure out what’s coming before it’s too late.

              Unless you can provide a quote from me, I never said I like big gov’t in my postings. You sound like the mainstream media, and you interpret things the way you want them to be…

              NetRanger, you said “I think a little less government and a little more anarchy will be nice.” Anarchy is no government, and if you think it is; then I am certainly glad that you’re not my leader.

              ANARCHY IS A CHAOTIC SOCIETY and NOT MY DESIRE AT ALL, and majority of people will agree with me. Did you see “The Lord of the Flies” = “The Law of the Jungle”??? you should.

              There is no way American people (especially children, women and seniors) can survive gangs or mercenaries. In a society where there is no government, the stronger gangs will rule the society and butcher people. That’s why most countries have a government which has law and order. The type of people, you put in charge is the responsibility of the citizens.


              Just because I don’t believe in propaganda, or respond to liberals and conservative shills, that doesn’t mean I live in a role.

              Giving helpful tips and warnings that may save someone’s lives or money are MORE important to me than being an hero. I am not the type who shoots their mouth off and acts macho or shoving liberal agenda down people’s throats.

              As you can see I still remain “anonymous”, in fact people know much more about you, and nothing about me. As I am a religious woman and saving lives and caring for others are my priority and you can read my past postings and see that for yourself.


            • He never said you liked big government.

              “Oh! Jane! You’re just saying that to make me giddy! …and the thought of it does.”

              That was the only part truly addressed to you. The “Reminder:” section may have been also, but arguable either way. Before you go off on the poor guy, try reading it completely and throughly.

            • He needs to go take a hike. All he does is get on everybody’s f_cking nerves.

        • It would possibly produce better character in most people, but there would be a lot less of us – those who need medicine for example. Around 1 in 4 of us need thyroid medicine for example. Diabetics and people with heart problems would all be gone soon. Sobering. I’m one of the ones needing thyroid meds. Nothing I can do to improve myself physically that will affect my need for it either.

        • True, but would the U. S. then be vulnerable to invasion from some country like China, North Korea or Iran? If they’d set off an EMP, they’d surely have plans to invade. Some of us could protect ourselves from looters but probably not from an army of invaders.

        • Sir we will not revert back to an 1850’s existence. We will revert back to a 15th century society or worse. The technology is not there, nor is the industrial infrastructure in place for an 1850’s lifestyle. If we collapse government will not exist for long in an EMP attack. Also the people lack even the basic knowledge for an 1850’s lifestyle and will likely die off quickly and violently. The work ethic to survive is not there except in a very few people. I would say we would be looking at 14th or 15th century lifestyle. Maybe even as bad as caveman times, but perhaps that is what the elites want.

        • But who would be running that government? If we have an EMP attack that would mean our enemies will be comming shortly behind.

        • yea and then we would be attacked by several terrorist organization and we wouldnt be able to defend our selves as for we wouldnt have radar, sonar, target systems ect. you just dont seem to comprehend the effects of such a weapon could really do. I say we need to find a way to disable such EMPs before they got to close to us. rather be safe then sorry. and when it comes to the luxaries of life all i have to say is you dont really know or appreciate what you have until its gone.

        • The debate over the EMP attack threat makes better sense if you see graphics. When we started researching this, we we frustrated by the extreme language used by both sides. It took a lot of research, but we found out important facts and converted them to graphics.

          Please take a look at our EMP simulator on EMPCover.com. Some things you’ll see:
          1) A coast-to-coast EMP attack requires a multi-megaton bomb. Only the major powers have those, so that kind of attack would be most likely as part of a global thermonuclear war.
          2) The more likely scenario is some sort of regional attack. You can see the EMP range of small nuclear bombs by looking at our EMP simulator.
          3) The EMP energy pattern is not that of a radio signal. Instead of an even pattern that diminishes evenly away from the central point, the peak fields in an EMP have a horseshoe like shape. That dramatically increases the threat for some areas.
          4) There is also the possibility of local attacks using non-nuclear EMPs, which are a growing threat.

          It is also helpful to know the odds. We estimate:

          –The chance of a solar super-storm is about double the risk of a house fire.
          –The chance of a nuclear EMP is about the same as the risk of a fire at your house.
          –The chance of terrorists using a non-nuclear EMP for a local EMP attack is about the same as the house fire risk, but the odds are growing as the devices become easier to build and smaller.

          The pictures and and graphics on our site really help explain the threat. For example, we have pictures of EMP devices built into the back of truck trailers. The US Military uses these for testing. (Real stuff, not some crazy ranting. Click on the link and you can read the US military brochure that explains the test systems.)

          Finally, let me say that we feel the country can survive an EMP attack. There are things people can do to protect their families and businesses.

          Even if someone was able to hit us with a single multi-megaton EMP blast, power systems would slowly come back. It might be days, weeks or even months for some state-size locations…but the United States would come back.

      2. Great what next genetically modified super bugs? The longer Iran and North Korea, and Lord knows who else has time to develop and fink around with these things (Nukes) the more likely somebody is going to try and EMP or a nuclear attack on the United States. An EMP attack on the US would just devastating enough to make things really unpleasant. Or would make Mad Max look like an afternoon at Disneyland. I would much prefer the super bugs because at least then everybody here and abroad is in the jackpot.

      3. I can’t imagine living without technology especially medical and pharmacy. I just finished one second after. Real eye opener. I can only hope the guys in government are doing as good on this as they are at spending us into oblivion. I still believe self inflicted financial collapse is the greatest threat to our way of life. The governments in the USA are systematically destroying the greatest wealth producing economic engine in the history of the world.

        • Its very much like an olympic athlete that, after the games, engages in wine, women and song, never works out, over eats and becomes The 700 Pound Man that grows to his couch.

          Frankly, we need some hard times. Prosperity (or the lie that we have prosperity) is killing us!

          • I agree, as long as hard times are visited upon everyone with a resonable degree of equality. I would hate to see the current super rich, ruling class stay on top while the current middle and bottom dwellers have a harder go of it.

      4. Hmm, so what would happen at all the nuclear plants across the country if the pumps that circulate the coolant have no power?

        • they melt down on a mass scale and the country becomes uninhabatable

      5. How would they launch it without us knowing?
        They would need a launch area, and quite a lot of equipment
        And they wouldn’t get far afterwards ..all their vehicles would be done too

        • Good point. The scenarios that I have seen are all from cargo ships that would park a few miles off of our coasts. They would launch from there. I would like to think that our military and intelligence would be up to the task of foiling this threat.

          • Actually, a satellite placed in orbit can be the weapon delivery vehicle.

            • When you said, “a satellite placed in orbit can be the weapon delivery vehicle.” I heard one of the foreign politicians told Hannity on his show that they can activate nuclear device from any where in the world without being seen. No one needs to be physically around.

              Imagine these days, they can get away with just about anything by using high technology.

            • Yeah, like in the book “Homefront” based on the game.

        • It could be launched from our Southern border. Heck, it’s probably already been smuggled in from down there!

        • Are you kidding? Iran has a number of old diesel subs. It could have well been one of them that shot off the missile off the west coast, that no one wanted to admit to it’s origination. It was well documented as being the plume of a missile, not a plane or a cloud…. by ex military people.

          By the time a missile was shot off the west coast like that, headed for Nevada, it would burst before it could be identified.

          I’m afraid it’s just a matter of time, before the crazies do something stupid. “Momma says stupid is what stupid does.”

          Country Boys will Survive.

        • remember that mysterious rocket/missile over the pacific and california a few months back?? The one the TPTB thru the media said it wasnt misslie?

          • I read that was a Chinese nuke sub, a way fot the Chinese to say don’t fug with us.

      6. Bring it, it would be a spring cleaning on steroids.

        • For some of us. We’d enjoy it, wouldn’t we? It would be a different life but if you just accept it, we’ll get there.

      7. But you won’t hear anyone in Congress or the Pentagon talking about why we need to bomb North Korea or send in the troops for this legitimate threat like you will every time someone in the middle east farts.

        You know why?

        Because North Korea is not a threat to Israel, so there is no need to shed American blood for Israeli gains, therefore no attack in North Korea.

        He who holds the power of the purse determines our foreign policy (i.e., Zionist Israel).

        • I think the Jews are not as crafty as many think. The USA is AFRAID to attack NK or Iran because either would entail the possibility of a real defeat.

        • Another muslim pig. Please go fuck yourself and your camel.

        • And you pray to a Zionist Jew God. You are either a stupid Christian or a Muslim POS. Either way, please rot in HELL.

        • @SSPXER,
          Politics aside, the actions of North Korea are very high on Pentagon’s situational awareness. Kim Jong-Il is a nutjob, and you never know what stupid act he may try to pull off.

      8. I am sure many of you on this website have read the book One Second After. You will get a feel for what the effects of an EMP burst would do to this country. In Forstchen’s scenario, after about a year and a half there were only 30 million Americans left. I don’t think a lot of people understand the effects of this kind of attack would have on America. I have talked about it with some coworkers and they think that it would just “be like camping for a month”. They have no idea what kind of hell would be unleashed in this society after a few days. Once the HARD reality sets in that things have really hit the fan and it is not going to “return to normal” for a very long time…..if ever.

        The projections in OSA go along with the March 2005 Senate Hearings dealing with an EMP strike. 9 out of 10 Americans would be dead within a year. Starvation, disease, lack of medical treatment and general breakdown of society would take it’s toll. Go read the Senate Committee’s report here.


        If that does not scare the daylights out of you I don’t know what will. You’d almost think we could handle a limited nuclear strike (2 or 3 targets) a lot easier. You shut down the whole country and we will be put back into the 19th century within seconds. As I stated, it would take years for us to get back to normal….if ever.

        One thing that people never seem to make mention of is the devastation to nuclear plants in this country. I am certain a lot of them are hardened against such an attack but how do you contain them after the attack? I am not familiar with reactors and what they need to stay contained. I would think you would have a huge mess on your hands if that were to happen and large swaths of this country would be uninhabitable.

        It’s enough to keep you up at night and this would be my greatest fear.

        I would only hope that the remaining American forces that are abroad would find out who attacked us and turn that country into a glowing slag heap.

        • That book is a hard, but valuable read. If my cell, power, and car don’t work you can bet I’m going to guess EMP long before 20 hrs…..that was a big flaw in his book. Those on the highway will get it asap.

          • Read the book just last week. My wife is reading it now and it is really an eye opener for her. Also have read Rawles, “Patriots” and “Teotwawki”. Rawles sequel to Patriots will hit the stand sometime in the fall I believe. Might be readin it by candle light.

        • I read it. In truth, however, I think the horror level was exaggerated SOME. No doubt, the effects of an EMP blast over Kansas (it would only take one) would be terrible. Millions would certainly die (said by someone who lives with a person who has diabetes).

          However, I feel that the drama is a little “jacked up”. Even if we NEVER got the country back up and running the way it was BEFORE, we could still survive. Besides, many of the people we would need to get the country up and running would survive long enough to get started. If we need new transformers, people here in South Mississippi who work at Howard Industries making transformers would be able to do that. If we need wire to make them, someone is gonna know how to heat and extrude metal into wire.

          The point is, we’ll be able to get up and running again. I think the nuke plants are hardened against EMP. I could be wrong, but the plants were ORIGINALLY designed to be submarine nuke plants. If they were designed to go in a war machine, I’d like to think they’d harden it against EMP, and follow suit with the plants above ground.

          Just thinking out loud.

          • The nuke plants may be hardened against EMP. But with no electricity, how can they keep their cooling systems online afte the event?

            • There is a system of redundancy built into the reactors, if the primary fails. then the secondary (which is generally speaking) an identical to the primary kicks in at a specified point. There is a triple redundancy built in too as a back up for the secondary. The EMP blast doesn’t last that long, it is a pulse, then it is gone. resumption of ‘normalacy’ would depend on the amount of physical destruction to electricial lines (transmission, etc.) Much would survive the blast. Circuit boards and such would be ruined but not necessarily everything electricial.

        • “I would only hope that the remaining American forces that are abroad would find out who attacked us and turn that country into a glowing slag heap.”

          The attack would be authorized by the corp. There is no other country or group we need to fear. The corp can not be killed because it does not live.

          It is only a matter of time before the inbred “elite” use the power to destroy the world to do just that. That is the price the common man will pay for “limited liability”.

          • To learn how to defeat the corp … visit http://teamlaw.org/

          • Tell me something cockfuck. Why don’t they just do it? Why doesn’t Corp/Illuminati/Masons/Elites or whoever just do it? Why don’t they just off 5.5 billion people? And turn the rest of us into slaves for there utopian dream world? Why don’t they just do it? What are they waiting for? Technology? Someone to give the order? You go on and on about the corp and how they run things so why don’t they just do it? Line us up. Is logistics a worry? I know it would take a long time to liquidate that many people but I am sure they are up to the task, so why don’t they just pull the trigger? Why don’t they just have there little Ordo Ab Chao party and get this thing over with. Fire up the ovens. Spray us down with lethal chemicals. Line us up. Nukes, virusus or whatever. Why don’t they just do it? What are they waiting for? I keep hearing assholes like you write/talk about this stuff but when is it going to happen?

            I could only hope that one day…you meet Mr. Noveske.

      9. Actually, the North Koreans could send a half dozen specially equipped submarines to various locations in the Pacific, and fire EMP missile weapons at a specific time.

        A kind of EMP Pearl Harbor if you will.

        Only US assets deployed in N-subs, the Med and the Indian Ocean could respond. By then, it would be too late. Iran is not far from this capability either. Together, a EMP first strike by them on US would be crippling.

        I vote WE take them both out soon. Anyone else?

        • Durango Kidd,
          I would normally agree with you on this, but our leaders would pussy foot around because we wouldn’t want to hurt too many people, then we’d want to turn them into good little demopublicans. Long story short, lots of dead young americans in uniform, no resolution to the problem, and American even more in debt.

        • Sounds good to me, but for one problem. Taking their electronics out probably wouldn’t hurt them as bad as it would us. They’re probably not as dependent on them as we are.

          • I agree.

        • DK,
          The North Korean submarine force does not have the capability to carry out what you suggest. Their crews are minimally trained, and they simply do not have the command and control in their subs to accomplish this.

      10. One way or another, I have the very uneasy feeling that the PTB are going to find a way to do the great mass of humanity in. The world’s population has now reached an almost unsustainable level and it keeps on growning every year that goes by. There are two possible solutions to this overpopulation issue; 1)a birth-rate solution and 2)a death-rate solution. The third world isn’t going to end the practice of having 8, 10 and 12 children per family.

        I have the feeling that this is the reason for all of the recent increased activity that has been reported to be taking place around the DUMBs and other underground shelters that the government maintains. The elites are getting ready to ‘cull-the-heard’.

        • Got it right, MM. Without industrial-scale farming and distribution, this planet cannot support the present human population. In order to go back to organic farming, the human population must be reduced drastically. Without mechanized farming and chemical fertilizers crop yeilds will be waay smaller.

          • The depopulation wouldn’t be necessary if there were no EMP. The people who want to depopulate may do it WITH an EMP…but not because our population is unsustainable with the current level of technology. The whole overpopulation canard is just another lie put out by the UN.

          • Have to say I believe that industrial farming will be what kills most people off… if a major war doenst…..fact is natural farming methods can equal or surpass any chemical farm on earth,my farming methods are 99.99% natural and I dont have any problem with yeilds…we were sold a bill of goods by the likes of monsanto and dupont that without them we would all starve…..left to our own free practices we dont need them they dont play fair as any real farmer knows…they cheat by owning the ag depts…state and federal in most everyplace…erecting barriers against real farming methods and farmers,all to create and protect their interests….its they who are killing people by killing real farming off…and people who live out of the grocery store dont know or dont care,sure the chemical farmers can produce piles of foodlike substances and people can eat it but at what cost…that of your health and the health of the land?…what an awful deception when the food you eat is killing you…when what God planned as good ends up doing you harm…sad!

            We have to start challenging their lies and their deceptions…people have alot of deprogramming to do.

            Yes in the event of a disaster alot of chemical farms would collapse and alot of their victims would starve but as farming got back to a more realistic level and manner things would come back up to a level that wouldnt take a back seat to monsantos plan,and folks might just give a rats rearend about where their food comes from and how its grown,time to question everything and everyone till the truth is established again,just saying…thanks!

            • Reb has it right. This is a real and present danger. And its fuelled by greed . I say it is for real . It is happening now. Although an EMP attack is possible it is not as probable as what Reb is talking about. This is happening right now. Wake up America!

      11. Couldn’t something along the lines of HAARP deflect EMP & CME?

      12. It would be worse than “back to the 19th century” because in the 19th century people knew how to function without all of the electronic bells and whistles like…oh, I don’t know….refrigeration, central heat and air conditioning, washing machines, modern medicine… Further, the housing at that time was set up to be functional in a world without power, indoor plumbing and heat at the flip of a switch.

        The prospect of an EMP attack scares me more than just about anything. The utter confusion it would cause is the most diabolical part of all.

        • That’s true, 99% of us have no clue about gardening, raising animals, canning, etc.

          • Or have the supplies and setup to do so……

          • check, check, and check…………glad to be a 1 percenter…….

          • I do and have the means to draw on thes skills when the time comes. I would suggest to everyone to get busy and learn these neede skills now while you have the time.Take an EMT course, local wildness food gathering course etc. Learn where the best water resources are. If you don’t fish or know how to smoke fish ask the locals for help NOW. Resources will dwindle but with a good bicycle and a small trailer you will be able to go futher out to get what you will need. Good luck!

            • how expensive is it to install a hand pump on an existing electric well pump? you sound like you know a lot about this. we would have to pay a plumber…

        • Thats what I said about a week ago on one of these here Mac blogs. We just don’t have the know how and tools any more. Most of that knowledge has died out and not been passed on. I seriously wish I could find an Amish family to stay with and work for, for the summer to learn their ways

          • I’ve tried advertising to give classes on everything I know (gardening, canning, livestock, survival techniques, and general prepping), not one response other than another guy trying to do the same asking if I was having any luck. Most people don’t care or don’t have a clue, the rest keep quiet.

            • Wish you were close to me….I have searched for guys like you here in West Michigan and have had no luck. Irony can be a bitch, can’t it

      13. Ben, are you on crack? Our govt who let 911 happen, that govt?? Katrina Response, Gulf of Mexico spill, that response?? You have to be high to believe our govt can help anything or anyone but themselves.

      14. Also Ben, our troops overseas would be without supplies and weapons within a week, then what would they do, twiddle their thumbs. No supply line at all, they would be toast at the hands of the Russians and Chinese at the same time, Dead Men!

        • No dipshit. And if you think that the Navy would be out of supplies within a week you are an idiot. Most of the carriers in our fleet are self-sustaining cities. Do you think America is the only place they resupply? Don’t be a dumbass. If you think that the United States Navy would not respond within days to a strike you are deluding yourself. Apparently you don’t give the military too much credit. 911, Katrina and the Oil Spill have nothing to do with a military response you dimwit.

          • If we retaliate, will all of the grid components be fixed?

          • THe Navy may be well stocked and the carriers are self sustaining, but they don’t grow any food. but I’m sure that they couldn’t feed a milliom troops for very long without supply ships restocking them.Remember we have the Army,navy,Air Force,Coast Guard,Marines, government workers around the world that the food would be split up with. I’d give them less than a month til they’re down to bear bones.

            • We would probably be invaded not too long after an EMP….they’d wait a little bit, for starvation and other forms of death to do their job, but then they’d come on in. And I have to think that if something like that happened…..many many countries would want to come and get their licks in….we have so stupidly pissed so many people off in the world with our nosy ways it isn’t funny

            • A month are you serous? They can go six months easy with out a supply ship. Not to mention the ability to send in small craft to thousands of ports to gaiter food. Fuel….they wouldn’t fly offensive missions and preserve their air fuel for defense, and bug out if necessary. You clearly don’t get the Navy.

          • What would they use to pay for supplies?

            • Bullets

          • “self sustaining cities” do they grow their own food? process oil into jet fuel? manufacture toothbrushes and toothpaste? manufacture toiletpaper? produce their own munitions??? and on and on and on…………..

          • I think it is pretty clear who the dimwit is.

          • For tough guy you are the real idiot. The American’s are not welcomed in the war they are fighting. They would die quick. I would give you a dry slap badass but it would probably cause your pace maker to malfunction. You will die quick after an EMP because your a coward and you’re weak. You are a sniper who calls someone names because you don’t agree with them? I wish uou lived in my neighborhood we woild tie yoi to a crab pot bait hook you arm chair pussu.

            • Somebody needs a nap.

            • wOw scott yuo write good. I afraid of you. are yoU a tough guyh in you neigrehood? I wuld hate have a dryslap fron yuou. Ia m scared!

      15. @Dodgy Bloke:
        Whenever a bomb goes off, look to the government of that country for the culprits. Always.

      16. if you did indeed read ‘one second after’ which was a “good read”. you need to go into the technical research which was referenced in the ‘back of the book’ to see what the testing result were for EMP testing.

        Read and learn. The sky is not necessarily falling across the total US if you can digest the info. Get a grip.

        • ?.?.?

      17. Can you imagine the average Dallas/Houston city slicker trying to survive a Texas summer without air conditioning? For that matter, can you imagine an average Patriot Prepper trying to survive an average Texas summer without A/C? I do NOT want to go there!

        • Or a Freezing ass North winter

      18. Why then do we not EMP proof our foreign military ground assets and then light one off over Afghanistan?

        • Because they already live in the stone ages

      19. Mac,
        If an electronic device was turned off, and “shielded”, like a laptop in an appropriate case, would it likely survive such an exposure?
        How should I expect a solar panel to react? Is it “fried” after such an exposure?
        Do you think a second detonation, say a week later, to destroy back-up systems would be likely as well?

        • Igy, while I am not expert on EMP, you should be able to shield most electronic devices with a properly constructed Faraday cage: http://www.preparednesspro.com/blog/emp-101-part-iv-faraday-cage/

          With regards to a second detonation, I wouldn’t doubt such a scenario if we were ‘under attack’ by another nation or some elite terrorist organization. The TV show Jericho provided a look into such a possibility – first the U.S. was hit with a nuclear attack, followed by an EMP blast shortly thereafter.

          Depending on the size of your cage, you’re going to want to store essential electronics hardware like communications equipment, perhaps a laptop (though the internet would be toast, but you could still watch your favorite DVD’s and use it to pull up preparedness documents and other stored materials that you have on a USB/hard drive), as well as replacement parts such as electronic starters for a vehicle… Even those vehicles that don’t use computer chips and such, like pre 1980’s “EMP Proof” cars, likely utilize electronic starters – so having one or two of those on backup would not be a bad idea.

          • Mac,

            All computers and all radios (or nearly so) already have an inner RF shield, however, at that point in depends on what the plugs are connected to. I’m sitting in my office with three computers, all of which have internal (and some external) steel shielding.

            Its not about the shielding, its about what the wires are connected to and if they are surge suppressed (and I don’t just mean like through a power strip surge suppressor).

            The fact is, heavy duty lightning protection will take care of this and be more than adequate. At every point in the explanation of an EMP, it looks exactly like an near strike superbolt. The electrons in EVERYTHING rush to fill the “vacuum” as electrons get sucked up into the sky. (Yes! Really, the electrons go UP, not down.) This current can by tapped off with a sink of sorts like a MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) or other device in case your system is in a path of least resistance.

            What most people don’t understand is that a “surge” isn’t about a surge across the line terminals on your power cord. Its a surge coming in the phone line, jumping across components into your NIC an traveling down the 4 grounded wires on your network patch cable into your DSL modem and then onto the hot side of the power plug. ZZZZZAP!

            Tracking surges is a science. I’ve been doing it for years. After some study you realize that the perception of how it all works is a mystery to most people. Know that makes me understand how people totally misinterpret what an EMP would do.

            One could easily make a home network EMP proof. You’d have to MOV protect power circuits fully. Fully, I mean you would have to bridge all three possible surge points on the power circuits and have an MOV between (on 110V):

            black and white
            white and green
            black and green

            This would have to be done AT LEAST on every single device that required power on your network or, on the power circuit if they were all on the same circuit.

            Next, you would have to MOV protect all conductors that went to anything else. So, for instance, the phone coming into your DSL modem would have to be MOV protected in the same fashion green to ground, red to ground, green to red.

            Remember EVERY OUTSIDE WIRE THAT CONNECTS TO SOMETHING ON YOUR NETWORK HAS TO BE MOV PROTECTED! One chink in the armor and it could all be dead… from the EMP or the Near Strike SuperBolt!

            I’ve done all this. But, of course, if something like this happens there won’t be any internet, cell phone or electricity to worry about for some time. But, at least when they do get it working, I’ll still have something left to access it.

            I’ve seen unprotected computers where the tops of electrolytic capacitors have dented fairly heavy metal shielding. Its hard to stop but it can be done.

            • you can put your phone, radio, laptop or what ever into a mylar bag, seal it and then it will be EMP protected. Make sure the device is not touching the bag, like wrap it in a towel or something.
              I just got done putting a coil/distributor cap and old points ignition back on the 1970 Chevy truck I bought a few months back…..EMP proof 🙂

        • Solar panels themselves would “probably” be OK.

          The problem is the support components….the inverters required to turn DC into AC, and the charge controllers if using a battery based system….both of those are computerized (HIGHLY computerized, depending on how high a quality component)and would be subject to the same problems any other computer would suffer.

          And without the support components, the panels themselves are fairly useless. Non-grid tied systems would have the best chance of survival.

          Anyone that thinks EMP is a real possibility needs to have a spare set of inverter(s)and charge controller(s) set aside in a Faraday box ( old ammo cans should work fine ).

        • I can speak on the solar panel front…

          Solar panels are essentially giant diodes, but since the silicon only reacts to light (not electricity), you’ll probably not see much of anything happen to them.

          Now the inverters that convert that 12 VDC to 120 VAC OTOH…

          • Not enough wire length connected to them to make any difference. If you’re close enough to the EMP for that kind of intensity to affect an solarvoltaic system you’ll be more worried about the blast than if the electron jerk is going to bust your panels.

            • Yup.

              Now a commercial panel does have leads all up and down the thing (the cells are literally strung together with ’em), but they’re pretty short. You’d likely get more reaction from the aluminum panel frame (example img): http://www.energy4living.hottipsonly.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/solarcellwiring.jpg

              On the inverter front, a lot of it depends on how it’s wired. long leads from panel to battery system and the like might catch something, which is where I’d look before even thinking about the panels somehow shorting out.

            • Dude…what are you smoking? A high yield nuclear device detonated 300 miles above the surface of the earth will have no direct effect from the “blast”.

            • Thanks ya’ll for putting information up here that gives me a lead to do more research. This is why I read the comments.

      20. Sanity Jones most of Afghanistan is already in the dark ages only a small percentage of the country has any power now, it makes no sense to do that. And we cant do it to China either, they make everything we consume, without China the US could not make it, What would happen to all the Walmart Critters???

      21. Think about it! One blast and poof…..14.5 trillion in debt is electronically wiped out!

      22. Jim 14 is the govt number, it is actually much higher, some say 30 trill or so.

        • Well true….future obligations would be reduced as well. I’m guessing the elite will be well cared for.

      23. I read this article and something wasn’t right. So I read it again and then went looking at the documentation that was declassified. No, no, no I don’t use wiki or some other dope on a rope quote.

        So here is my problems with the article:
        300 miles altitude
        Coast to coast impacts
        Delivery system
        Weapon yield

        So why my beef?
        Maximum Compton recoil effects are about 35 kilometers altitude. This depends on what the ionosphere is doing at the time which is dependent on the magnetosphere. At 35 kilometers, no coast to coast effects unless we have a 500kM burst. But here is where the problem arises. The dreaded inverse square law. Double the distance and you have to quadruple the yield to get the same energy deposit per square meter. You will get a bigger footprint and ergo wider area effected on the ground. It is figured you need a minimum of 10+kT yield with gamma ray enhancement. So conservatively figuring the yield at 10kT within 5kM, raising the burst altitude to 500kM is roughly a 100X increase in distance requiring 10,000X increase in yield to maintain the same energy deposit per square meter. Hmm, 100MT yield? No, I don’t think so. Even the largest H-bomb had a yield of only 50-60MT. So, let’s drop the gamma ray energy level by 100. This gets us to 1MT, quite do-able. Except we are still faced with delivery system.

        1MT nuclear devices are much larger than a bread box and weigh a damn sight more. Boosting this to 500kM is a pretty mean feat. Now imagine doing this in a ballistic curve with the detonation altitude at 500kM over GZ. To put this in perspective altitude wise, most low-earth orbiting satellites are in the 500-1000kM range.

        I don’t think I’m gonna lose any sleep over this. Oh and here is something for your purusal.

        From Pry’s statement before the Senate subcommittee on terrorism, technology and homeland security:

        If a…nuclear warhead was detonated 40
        kilometers above Taiwan, an electromagnetic wave would be propagated which would harm
        unprotected computers, radar, and IC circuits on the ground within a 100 kilometer radius, and the
        weapons and equipment which depend on the communications and electronics technology whose
        superiority Taiwan takes pride in would be rendered combat ineffective at one stroke..





        • Agreed, perfectly.

          I mentioned something similar the last time this came up, but I like your response better.

        • You figured it out! The inverse square proportion rules.

          Here is the deal, though: VERY long transmission lines will pick up a lot of the pulse and that will bust things on the ends probably irreparably.

          It would do a lot of damage to the big distribution grid. Local systems would probably be OK.

          The Problem: Many of the big transmission (or “high line”) stuff is one-off equipment. This means that if it breaks, they have to switch in other equipment to take up the load, only , it will be busted too and the on-off stuff will take a year or more to replace.

          The fact is, it may not be a nightmare but it will be a bad dream.

        • One term is all this needed “Starfish Prime”. How many hundreds of miles was that detonated away from Hawaii, with wild electromagnetic effects seen there, street lights knocked out, telephones knocked out? Now tell me again how this isn’t possible. Dream on.

          • Starfish Prime happened in the era of vacuum tubes, for starters.

            Try again?

      24. Good work OTE! But if a secret, co-ordinated EMP first strike by North Korea and Iran were to occur, these would be submarine based missiles from a couple hundred miles off the American coasts; no ballistic missiles.

        If they launched a first strike in this way once they had the capability (which is not very far off),they would no doubt launch a number of EMP weapons, not just one.

        Once a surprise first strike like this is launched, the “knives” would really come out:

        “Et tu Brutus?”

        • DK, you mean like the one that was launched a few months ago that we saw news copter video of?

          …Oh, sorry, that was just a contrail, right?

          • NR: My opinion of that particular contrail off the West Coast was an Israeli missile test from one of their nucular subs that had passed through the Panama Canal a short while previously.

            At the time I noted its passing through the Canal, I didn’t quite understand why an Israeli sub had to circumnavigate the globe to deploy to say, the Indian Ocean or Persian Gulf, when it would have been shorter to round Cape Horn.

        • “If” is a big conditional. But for the sake of argument, we will consider the “if a co-ordinated attack” is possible. The first thing we have to accept is that all sub-orbital launch vehicles follow a ballistic curve. Same curve as a 30-06.

          High launch angle gets max altitude and lower angles more distance. To get high altitude and long range with the same vehicle almost demands 2 stages. This ain’t so easy to pull off. Part of the problem is the timing issue for second stage ignition at just the right time and the other problem is over-all length.

          A submarine has limitted room for holding the missle in launch position (vertical). This imposes a severe restriction on the design of the first stage in length and specific impulse (thrust vs. time). The easiest way to pull this off is with liquid fuel, but high energy fuel/oxydizers aren’t a mix that lends itself well to submarines. It’s do-able, but it ain’t something you just cobber together.

          This requirement for submarine launch almost demands solid fuel/ox. Just a minor crack in the solid fuel casting WILL result in catastrophic failure. Taint a good day if the first stage detonates close to the launch platform.

          Another problem is the sub-surface launching. This requirement is due to radar. If the platform surfaces, you can bet it will show up on radar. Submarines are subs only when they are submerged; on the surface they are just clumsy boats that are visible to radar and satellites.

          Next problem is the need for multiple launches. Nuclear warheads aren’t something you build in a garage over the weekend. These are expensive in both time and money. Which leaves the absolute need for second strike capability. The US is awful big and our capabilities are in hardened silos, airborne and we still have our submarine fleet. Any failure to destroy our retaliatory attack will result in total destruction of the initial attackers. Nuclear deterrence works. At least so far.

          But you are completely correct about the “knives” coming out. The best a group of dingbat 3rd world countries could do is a regional EMP attack. Even Russia and China would probably sit on the sidelines. A full out nuclear exchange is the death of nations. Oh yah, it is survivable for people, but most developed countries lack the capability to survive without technology and have lost the agricultural capacity to feed itself without the system.

          Now I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of the proverbial suit-case bomb. SADMs and MADMs could be transported into our coastal areas. One or more of these would result in regional destruction, but whatever country tried this had better cover their tracks like no tomorrow. The EMP effects would be local, but the fallout effects would be fairly destructive for several years to the agricultural areas. Look at Chernobyl and Fukashima.

          I still ain’t gonna worry about it. There is no way to stop a suicide bomber. I just have to bet on being in a non-target area. When you spend millions (billions in R&D) on a destructive device, you don’t waste it on low value targets.

          The highest probability is that nuclear devices will be held for retaliatory attacks against invasion. The same gambit that Sadam Hussein used. Uh and that worked out just fine for him, didn’t it.

          Couple three books of noteworthy info are:
          “The Future of Nuclear Deterrence” (couldn’t find my copy to give author)
          For a good sci-fi read with an appendix containing solid info for survival: “Pulling Through”, Dean Ing, Ace Science Fiction (home-made radiometers and air filtration)
          “Coup de Etat” Edward Luttwak, Fawcett books. Gives solid info on just how hard it is to take over a nation. If you attack a nation, you absolutely must gain “command and control” of the nation within hours. You fail, you die. This was the strategy and tactics behind Bush’s “shock and awe” in Iraq.

          Don’t lose any sleep over this. If you live in a targetable coastal area, you might wanna relocate if you are that concerned. No sense sticking around and worrying to the point of bed-wetting.

          Special thanks to the US Army for training me in survival and combat effectiveness in the NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) theater of operations. You kids be safe out there. Keep your eyes open and your heads down. Use every bit of cover and concealment. Listen to your NCOs. Unless you are engaged in MOBA, keep your weapons on semi. There ain’t no substitute for aimed fire. Indirect fire is at best an area weapon.

          Any use of the military option is absolute proof of the failure of diplomacy. That failure should result in charges of treason. “Diplomacy is to do and say the nastiest things in the nicest way.” I find it most curious that nobody defines “in our national interest.”

          • OTE: While your view that “any use of the military option is absolute proof of the failure of diplomacy” MAY be true, I don’t think it applies in these cases.

            Iran and North Korea have a legitimate right to these weapons from their perspective and clearly are not negotiable about it.

            Iran is surrounded by Pakistan, Russia, China, India, Israel, and the US (not to mention Khazkistan if they haven’t turned them all over to Luger); ALL of whom have nuclear weapons. Why shouldn’t Iran possess them as a deterent, in self defense?

            North Korea is a bit different, but if you lived next door to two 800 pound gorillas, meaning the US and China, wouldn’t you want nuclear weapons to ensure your sovereignty? I would.

            They each have a legitimate argument for possessing nuclear weapons. They will NOT negotiate that right away. The question then becomes: “Will Israel allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons and a competent delivery system?”

            I don’t think so. Buy gold.

          • You don’t need to be able to loft a nuke to 300 miles over Kansas or Nebraska to cripple the US. You need 3 bombs, one roughly in the center of each coast and one launched over Texas from the Gulf. Just get a bomb up to 100 miles (528,000 feet) and you’ve got a line of sight distance of 1,028 miles. Even 50 miles up would give you 727 miles. http://www.qsl.net/kd4sai/distance.html

            Destroy the electrical grids via destroying the ultra-large transformers in those three areas, and we’re toast. Also, consider what happens when a nuclear plant loses electricity (gee, that could NEVER happen).

            3 bombs, that’s it, the civilian infrastructure would collapse and kill 200 million or more here through starvation, disease and “civil disturbances” (i.e. you and your neighbor shooting each other over scraps of food for your kids – or, if not your neighbor, the local gang or the idiot yuppie around the corner who never prepared for his family, preferring to buy a boat or a big screen TV.

            • Iran or North Korea doesn’t need a long range launch system when you have access to one of these. I saw this on Yahoo a couple years ago, the Russian “Club-K” Cargo container missile launch system. These were designed to house 4 cruise missiles, it probably wouldn’t take much to convert one to launch a short range missile off our coast to deliver a nuclear warhead to that altitude.

      25. Its my belief that we the “U.S.” has nuclear protection systems that are unknown to the majority.

        • I’d sooner put All my Trust into my Almighty God, then to depend on the President we have to push a button. This president is the cause for most all the troubles the USA deals with now. It has nothing to do with Politics, it’s philosophical. Obommer has no respect for our founding fathers and the righteous laws they set forward. When we were within our own Constitutional Rights and showed the rest of the world what they were missing, we were an example of envy. Now, with the progressives, lack of morels, etc we have slipped far from the graces of anything enviable… Yet the arrogance remains.

      26. Our good “friends” the North Koreans are working on this very thing!!!! http://www.newsmax.com/KenTimmerman/super-emp-emp-northkorea-nuke/2011/06/16/id/400260

        Oh wait!!! And so are the Iranians…http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/iran-nuclear-plan/2008/07/29/id/324724#ixzz1O4Ro0WKT

        My husband and I take a GHB(get home bag) in the car with us every time we leave the house…just think about it…you hop in your car to go to work…or the mall etc…a 15 min drive is generally 10 miles or so, depending on traffic…do you realize how long that will take you to walk…on a hot day…or a freezing cold day, with no water or warm clothes? It’s a scary thought!!

        • Taking a GHB is a great idea SmokyMtnLady.

          Yup, 15 miles is nothing, only takes 10 minutes to drive, but… unless…. one is walking… then it is another story. GHB is a Great idea.

          btw- What do you have in your bag, and do you rotate it in summer versus winter?

          • Yes we do rotate it for summer and winter and depending on how far the trip is…we went to Nashville last month for a few days and I packed for a month of foot travel!! It’s approximately 175 miles and when you figure 25 miles a day…and yes, I WOULD and COULD walk 25 miles a day to get home to my boys!!
            Anyway, we have water bottles that have a filter so they can be refilled along the way..high calorie nutrition bars,peanut butter, crackers,several cans of high calorie food, like chili, etc…a utility knife, that has several different functions…just bought him that for Fathers Day…scored a big hit with that one..he loves it 🙂 a gun with plenty of ammo, matches, rain ponchos, extra socks and clothes.
            We do want to get a small tent, there are some out there that fold up like a small book…going to look into that one and also water purification tablets in case the water filter doesn’t work.
            My husband really believes that EMP is a major threat and is convinced that we are going to be attacked that way! And when you add in the NASA warning to their employees…well, I’m right there with him!! This is a VERY real threat and people would be wise to heed the warning!

            • Oh, and I ALWAYS have a sturdy pair of walking shoes with me…even if I just run up to the grocery store…I wear sandals with heels most of the time during the summer and there is NO WAY I’m walking even a mile in those!! LOL! And sorry for the double posting…please don’t “rant” at me… ;D

        • Ah, but you mistyped your name. Should have been:

          WiseSmokyMtnLady (…and LuckySmokyMtnMan)!!

          • LOL…I tell him that…ALL the time!!! 😉

      27. Assuming they were not under simultaneous attack there would be a massive european mobilization, particularly from the UK, to get a power grid back up and running. You’ve also got a large, well equipped international US force which can return quickly, probably accompanied by power grid experts.

        I would be surprised if there was a 25% fall in the US population. A large chunk of that would probably be people returning home to Mexico.

      28. Hmm no cell phone, no power grid and so fourth. Ahh yes the simpler days..Bring it on Bitches.

        • While our life expectancy would drop, I think that the quality of our lives would improve. Look at us now, sure you can live to your 90’s, in a nursing home, soiling yourself. What quality of life is that???

      29. Almost all Military equipment is EMP proof. Yes they may fire an EMP burst nuke. The USA will then turn whoever the country was into a parking lot.

        Wait the US military has had a neutron nuke for over 30 years. You want something scary go read about that weapon. Think an enhanced radiation burst weapon detonated over a city killing all inhabitants with radiation leaving the buildings and structures intact. Now that is nasty.

        I am more concerned with food shortages and the current state of the economy then this scenario.

      30. The US would get back online pretty swiftly. Think about: you have Canada to the north (a major ally) stuffed with resources and fully modern (and a tech pioneer, so the brains and skills are there), then there is Europe (also an ally), which is full of very smart people (think Germany, a serious tech pioneer).

        In an emergency, America’s allies (despite current griping in the press) would be there. We got your back!

        • Thanks Frank! Does that mean you will share your preps if WE come to Canada?

        • So what happens if the Iranians loft a nuke over Europe from the North Sea, and the Koreans do the same to the Japanese/South Koreans? After all, a coordinated attack on the US would be that much more devastating with just 2 more bombs – and then you can pretty much say buh-bye to Western Civilization.

      31. Lots of “expert” opinions here, especially those from watching TV shows like Jericho. Except for overthedge I’m not impressed.

        • and what do you watch CNN with great reports about the JOBLESS RECOVERY we’re having in the US…. please!!!! what an insult to people’s intelligence!

      32. Best EMP protection:

        Buy land. Minimum of 10 farmable acres. Make sure there is a lake, creek or a spring for water.
        Buy silver/gold for trade.
        Buy heirloom seeds.
        Learn a skill that is marketable.
        Buy animals – rabbits, chickens, etc.
        Buy plenty of ammo & weapons.
        Have a defense plan.
        Pray a lot.

      33. ~~~European American says:
        June 20, 2011 at 6:11 pm Hmm, so what would happen at all the nuclear plants across the country if the pumps that circulate the coolant have no power?~~~

        Great question…think the liquid iodine and K1 is gonna belp me and dh??

      34. DK and Ben…woouldn’t an EMP attack be sort of like shooting yourself in the foot…considering the damage to nuclear plants and it won’t be contained??…just look at the horror in Japan for an exoample and that was just 4 plants??

        • JJ: I agree that an EMP attack by North Korea and Iran would be like shooting oneself in the foot, as those assets left to the United States would be unleashed against any adversary.

          However, there is no accounting for irrational behavior on their part. And if they did attack US with an EMP first strike trying to get an advantage, is it really irrational on their part?

          I think the reality is that sooner rather than later an American President is going to have to make the decision as to whether or not the US is going to allow NK and Iran to possess nuclear weapons capability with a competent delivery system.

          I think the answer to that question is “No”.

          • I agree with DK – most of our experience with society ending weaponry comes from the cold war. Despite differing approaches, both sides ultimately wanted the same thing, just had a different approach on how to get there, and neither side was willing to end their own prosperity to further their ideology.

            It’s different with countries like Iran, and North Korea obtaining nuclear weaponry, and Iran’s military compact with Venezuela is that much more disturbing. Extreme muslims are different from extreme communists – they truly do want to wipe the “infidels” off the face of the earth despite what might happen to themselves as a result – you can’t rationalize with that. Diplomacy will never fix that. When Iran gets a hold of a working nuclear weapon, at least in their current state, that’s the time to be worried. The Israelis already know this.

            • Z: Agreed. At this point Iran has enough enriched uranium for 4 nuclear bombs. But if I were them I would wait until I had 100 before getting too “froggy” with anyone, about anything.

              And their delivery system is not yet competent: capable, but not competent. A reliable, potent delivery system still a year or two away. A decision will be left for the new American President to make, early in his or her term of office: if the shit doesn’t hit the fan or the creek don’t rise.

              Oh, that’s right! The “creek” is overflowing its banks the Summer rains haven’t hit yet, and the “creek” hasn’t crested yet.

          • Pres. Obama wants to “sit down and talk” about it, remember?

      35. MadMarkie says:
        The elites are getting ready to ‘cull-the-heard’.

        Hey, ya think they’re really pissed since the H1N1 failed??

        OOOhh, OOH, I’m supposed to be ….D-E-A-D!!!

      36. I just had a thought…back up transformers–since a video says we don’t make them—if we even had back up transformers, would they be sensitive to EMP attack or can they be unassembled(till needed) or protected in a way to be ‘install ready’ when needed??

        Just curious!!

        • They would have to be shielded in a Faraday Cage to be protected…or stored deep under grou d.

          • Underground …good answer!!!

      37. Damn, overtheedge…I had you chosen as prime material for a daughter(which I don’t have) or a nice, pretty niece(which I do have) until you said you couldn’t find that book…well, I’ll keep looking!!!

      38. SmokyMtnLady—BOB here has sports bottles free from Berkey Light purchase…and we don’t have a tent yet either—but rope/tarp/hammer are in the BOB….all we need are two trees or a treea nd a pole.!!

      39. Should I be concerned that my roommate is getting mail from the CFR?

      40. So just how is NK going to position its EMP at the precise location and altitude shown?

      41. But instead of manufacturing and storing backup machines and components underground at a cost of a few billion dollars… the predators of the USSA would rather spend trillions of dollars on a futile effort to stop everyone on earth from having this capability. Even though all these actions royally piss everyone off and give them the INCENTIVE to want to do something like this.

        Time to eliminate:

        predators DBA government
        predators DBA corporations
        predators DBA central banks

        Then life will be fine.

      42. I was of the understanding that the new form of bleach in the smaller container is not what one would want to use for water purification. The older form of bleach in the gallon container is different than the smaller size. Any clarification on that? thanks DB Springville

      43. One more question? When the power grid goes out what happens to our bank account? What happens to our home mortgage? Can we loose our home that contains all of our food storage because we can’t make payments because our money is no longer on the screen? I am assuming that there is a giant backup for financial securities. But, if our computers don’t work it wouldn’t do much good. Does your food storage include dollar bills?

        • Yes, DB-S your question is very critical to a persons ‘preps’. Along with electronic dollars in your bank accounts, credit and debit card electronic balances will not be available to us.

          Many here advocate gold and silver which will be usable at a certain time in a grid down or other national crises.

          I advocate having $300 to $600 in small bills along with $100 in quarters. This money would be useful in the immediate aftermath of the grid down situation

          The larger question regarding payments of mortages and other personal debts I do not have an answer for you at this time.

          However, you can be sure the power elites and their banks have an answer they are not sharing at this time.

      44. The power grid won’t go down, TPTB won’t let it. The elites need to keep electronics operating at all times so were all enslaved by digital/electronic fraudulent system for rest of humanity. They can and are controlling even natural catastrophic events from happening here in the U.S. and U.K. This is why we aren’t seeing any hurricanes, major earthquakes happening here in the U.S.

      45. That would be the least of your problems……my friend!

      46. Chinese researchers publish “How to attack the U.S. Power Grid: Cascading Failure of the entire system”

        2010 – Protecting the National Power Grid
        An EMP could come from the sun or in an attack from one of America’s enemies. John Kappenman speaks about the threats to our power grid and the need to protect it. http://www.offthegridnews.com/2010/08/13/interview-with-john-kappenman/

        2011 – Update from John Kappenman about protecting the Grid.

      47. Would a portable generator still be in working condition after an EMP?

      48. 433 billion dollars and the blood of 1600 Americans all for those fucking Muslims in Afghanistan. The Muslim is the cause of our economic depression. The Muslims will fuck us with their overpriced oil and their wars. They won’t use EMPs on us.They want to suck us dry.

      49. Grid down for extended time (solar storm OR bomb) = melted nuke plants across continent. American Fukushima on steroids. (GAMEOVERBYEBYE)

      50. At best any average American can prepare to have 3 months of food and water supplies IF they are smart and buy them now. All these articles only serve to instill massive fear inside us all and sell books. It is prudent to prepare yes, but beyond 3 months we are all doomed after that if this EMP scenario happens. Most will simply die even if they do have 3 months. We must turn to the Lord and put our trust in Christ. That is our ONLY real hope in all this. Read Revelations in the Bible as well as other Old Testament prophet writings. This was all written about long ago. Believe in the Bible for your hope, if you do not there is simply no hope in man and this world.

      51. thanks jack, agreed. Is it possible to install a hand well pump on an existing electric one? the well is about 150 deep, and water is present at about 30 ft. will it cost an arm and leg for a plumber to install?

      52. I believe an EMP would ruin our day, but the end of civilization…I don’t think so. Yes the power grid is vulnerable and we should prepare for the worst. I don’t think all vehicles would stop working though. Preparations for an EMP attach include shielding your electronics in a metal box…what is a car if not a big metal box?

        The country was born and lived for over 100 years with out electricity…we can do it again…Remember the whole world wont get knocked out and we know how to fix our electronics…Thats more than Ben Franklin had…God Bless America…http://theamericansurvivalblog.com

      53. I think it far worse than that report. I read somewhere maybe it was the government report that the nuclear plants would be unable to shut down without external power. They would all melt down and the world would be up the creek.

      54. First, name calling and curse words…bad langauge only
        proves to us that don’t use it, those that do have no
        communication skills and don’t respect others. Those
        who use that kind of langauge know what they are. None
        of it is good.

        Secondly, our nationUSA is going to collapse financially
        or by whatever means it does. Thats is a certainty within
        12 months as our nation has been robbed and credit has dried up. All the major banks are insolvent too.

        Hope, there is no hope the debt under a new study can’t
        or will never be paid off in 3000 years.

        However, there is hope in The Lord Jesus Christ who is
        The Savior if you will let him into your life. He is the
        only Savior. Don’t be deceived ! Just before these events
        come The Lord Jesus will return for his church of true believers. Not the false believers or New Age doctrines
        or false prophets. They will be cast into outer darkness.
        They will not inherit The Kingdom Of God.

        OF GOD. MARANATHA !!!!!

      55. Hey Mac,
        Great recommendations….One Second After….read it in one night. A major eye opener. Every congressman and state legislator should be required to read that book.

        Same for Jericho. This one made me almost LIVE what it would be like to be cut off and not know who a person’s enemies or friends are…in today’s world…no zombies….just neighbors and neighboring towns etc. Like…”going to war with the town with the nearest Costco” sort of thing. It opened my eyes to what many of us would face if we were suddenly cut off…and some great story telling as well. I see that they’re going to put out a graphic novel to continue the story…I’m signing up for more.

      56. Farmers and townspeople should coordinate efforts to ensure farms are defended. See http://www.empprepare.org .

      57. Well, I only hope ‘We, The People’ will kick those messed idiots who themselves the Liberals. We NEED conservative officials like Sarah Palin because they DO the job when the time comes and not peg the blame to other people and focus on spending “borrowed” money from other countries for re-election.

        All this scares me right now, but I learned to deal with it. But what makes me MAD is that the idiotic Liberals aren’t even DOING anything. It’s like they WANT to destroy my home, the USA.

      58. There are so much back and forth opinions in these comments. But no matter what your opinion and what your thoughts are, I think that you should go to EMPact Radio (EMPact America- which was mentioned several times’ Radio blog) to listen to former Chairman Pete Hoekstra of the HPSCI talk about EMP’s and other global threats on Wednesday that 11th. It should be an extremely informative and interesting show to listen to; here’s the link: http://empactradio.org/pvp/episode83-congressman-pete-hoekstra/

      59. I would suggest watching the Jericho series. A real eye opener. Apparently there is talk about brining it back.

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