Strategic Relocation Briefing: Midwest: Southern Missouri: Steer Clear of These Major Nuclear Targets

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    Editor’s Note: This week well known survival specialist Joel Skousen discusses retreat locations in the Midwest and highlights a variety of key considerations that need to be made whether you are looking at the Midwestern part of the United States or not.

    It’s not just about finding a place in the hills outside of the city. While on your search for the perfect retreat property have you considered things like federal government influence, corruption, gun laws, medical freedom or major nuclear targets? If not, then keep reading!

    If you are in the process of looking for a home or retreat we urge you to visit, the fastest growing For Sale By Owner real estate web site on the internet. If you’ve got questions about a specific locale or retreat you are considering then contact Survival Retreat Consultants for some guidance and recommendations.

    And if your area has not yet been covered by Joel Skousen in his Weekly Strategic Relocation Briefings then stay tuned as Mr. Skousen has generously agreed to share his insights with our audience on a weekly basis. You can also read his extensive Strategic Relocation guide, which covers information like that which you are about to read (and a whole lot more) for all 50 states.

    Weekly Strategic Relocation Briefing:  Southern Missouri
    By Joel Skousen
    Author, Strategic Relocation and The Secure Home

    Missouri is one of three Midwestern states that have access to the rugged hill country commonly known as the Ozarks—one of the nation’s best known retreat areas.  However, there are many other parcels of rural farmland in Missouri which qualify for good retreat sites because of Missouri’s mix of hilly forested terrain and cultivated farmland offering relatively low population densities, deep fertile soil and topographical privacy. The land has good productivity with a growing season of 150 to 210 days, with average rainfall of about 38 inches per year. There is deep soil everywhere except in the Ozarks region, providing good basement potential in most areas of the state.

    The Midwestern climate, however, is not for everyone. Missouri has a humid continental climate 3/4ths of the year (hot and muggy) and the winters are cold and breezy. The state also gets its share of tornados each year (27 on average), but that has the side benefit of giving preppers an excuse to build a safe room and call it a tornado shelter on the plans as contractors and inspectors don’t blink an eye over that.

    The region has a very low population density in many of the outlying rural counties. The cost of living (ranking the 5th least expensive state) is low in Missouri and even lower in the countryside as compared to the two major metro areas. As for taxes, Missouri ranks about average—32 out of 50 in high taxes, with an effective rate is 9.2% of income paid to the state.  There is income tax, and property taxes are average ranking 23rd in nation.  The sales tax of 4.3% is well below average.

    Permits are required for all construction, though there is some variance at the local level.  Missouri does have comprehensive planning and zoning laws, and all cities, towns, and villages are authorized to plan and adopt zoning regulations, which must be in accordance with a comprehensive plan. However, the statute does not require that smaller jurisdictions adopt a comprehensive plan, and many of the small towns have not.

    Overall, the land in Missouri is better than its leaders. Missouri is getting more bureaucratic and intrusive with its regulations (as are other states). The good ol’ boys network is powerful in this state, so if you choose to retreat here you need to keep a low profile—especially in light of this state’s many connections to the dark side of government.  It is not as concentrated as in Washington DC and Denver, but federal connections and influence with state and local law enforcement allow the ones that are corrupt or bullish to act with some impunity.

    Corruption is fairly high in the state as well. Part of that is due to Missouri’s connection with the CIA.  Historically, a good portion of CIA front companies have been organized in Missouri, which only happens when the insiders at the federal level have a known working level of control over state officials.

    Crime is high, mostly because of the two major cities: crimes against persons came in at 500 crimes per 100,000 residents.  The property crime rate is above average: 3636/100k but is skewed by the figures coming out of the two major metro areas in the state:  The crime rate in St. Louis, for example, is four times the state average. In Kansas City it is three times the overall state average.

    Missouri is mostly pro-Second Amendment in its gun laws, after many years of being restrictive as to both purchase and carry.  It has a “shall issue” policy for concealed carry for those who apply who do not have a criminal history.  It is also an open carry friendly state. In addition on the Freedom Scale, Missouri is also very free in terms of allowing the practice of alternative medicine and home schooling.

    Caution: Stay clear of the two major nuclear targets in the state: Kansas City Nuclear Weapons Plant, (in SE KC), and Whitman AFB in central MO, home of the B2 nuclear bombers. Also don’t be downwind of the nuclear power plant Calloway Nuclear Power Plant, Jefferson City, which has one reactor and became operational in 1984.

    RETREAT AREA RECCOMENDATIONS:  In Southern Missouri, the Missouri Ozarks are particularly well suited for sustainable retreats with plenty of water, forested hills, wild game, fish, and wood for stoves. The water is excellent from both springs and wells. The Ozarks of Missouri differ somewhat demographically from the more famous Arkansas Ozarks, which I’ll cover in a future article.  The old timers of the Arkansas Ozarks are noted for their reclusive attitudes and reluctance to accept newcomers.  But the Missouri Ozarks I have found to be generally more open to outsiders.

    The general boundaries of the Southern Missouri area we are discussing encompasses all of the rural land and hill country south of I-44 which originates where the eastern corners of Kansas and Oklahoma hit SW Missouri and travels NE through Springfield to St. Louis, MO. Obviously you want to stay well clear of freeway entrances and exits as well as the major cities like Springfield and especially St. Louis. I’d also avoid any property near Fort Leonard Wood just south of Waynesville on I-40.

    There are large tracks of State Forests in this southern region of the state, and although you cannot buy land inside the State forests (except parcels that were homesteaded in pioneer days), they provide great backdrops for rural farm retreats that back up to these state lands.  Much of the most beautiful forestland is contained in the Mark Twain National Forest, but there are thousands of private acres nearby to this huge protected area.

    The resort town of Branson, Missouri, south of Springfield and close to the Arkansas border is a nice place to visit for entertainment, but land prices close by are too high with many of the rich and famous moving into the area.  However, as soon as you get some 30-45 minutes away, the land prices come down and are more reasonable.

    To the West and SE of Branson there are two long and curving manmade lakes, Table Rock Lake to the West and Bull Shoals Lake to the East (which crosses over into Arkansas).  These long lakes with their many branches make a formidable barrier to refugee flows if pick a site that puts the water between you and the town of Branson.  They make good recreational retreats, but are not as good as owning secluded farmland.

    I’m not going to make any specific recommendations here because the entire area is highly rated, and generally suitable, but you still have to take care to pick a site that is secluded and where your home and outbuildings are not visible from any of the paved secondary roads that crisscross the region. You want to be down a long and curved graveled drive with trees surrounding your property, to maintain your privacy and freedom to grow food without attracting refugees. And, if you do pick a piece of mountain land, don’t buy until you investigate where the underlying rock layer is—that might prohibit or make too costly the installation of a secure basement.

    When you start to look for specific property be sure and visit  It is becoming the web’s foremost place for finding, selling or buying “For Sale by Owner” retreat properties, and includes ratings and analysis by relocation specialist Todd Savage, and his team.


    This article has been generously contributed by Joel Skousen and

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      1. great information here. definitely some important things to think about. I am actively looking for a bug out retreat right now.

        • Try to stay as far away from these areas as possible with respect to a bug out location:

          U.S. Nuke Map:

          It’s not always possible for a family to move out of the major city or metro area, or to get out of the immediate range of a nuke plant. But if you are going to set up a bug out location, then taking this into consideration might be a good idea. Since this is the back up property, you’ll want to minimize the reasons for why you might ever have to leave.

          While most ’emergencies’ will likely not lead to a nuke plant meltdown, there’s always the outliers like an EMP (or Tsunami damaging your backup generators) to think about.

          • With a nuclear war anywhere east of the Rockies is going to likely have extremely high levels of rads in the several to tens of thousands because of all the hardened targets in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, not to forget the other targets east of these. Hardened targets such as missile silos the enemy will use ground bursts, big ones. This will kick up ionized material like no tomorrow and drift with the jet stream eastward. Most of the midwest is considered a giant graveyard after WW3 unless people have deep fallout shelters.

            In the book “Life After Doomsday”, by Bruce D. Clayton there is a map that gives the best locations for survival after fallout.

            Gulf Coast areas from northern Florida to Louisana, just the coastal areas.

            South Central Florida

            East North Carolina to far southern Virgina

            Central New York to southern Quebec

            Most of Wisconsin

            North central Iowa

            Most of southern Texas

            Central Wyoming

            The four corners areas, west and east

            Swath from east central Nevada to Utah

            Off the coast of Southern California, Channel Islands

            Most of the coastline from north of San Francisco to Vancouver Island

            Much of Central British Columbia, Alberta

            Central Mexico

            These areas of course are not as good 10 degrees either way from the equator, but listed as the best options.

            The worst areas you can sort of take a paintbrush from southern Wyoming and Colorado all the way to West Virgina. This includes the Ozarks. Most of north central Montana to northern Minnesota. South Dakota to northern Iowa. Arkansas to Tenneesse and northern Mississippi. Southern Arizona and southern New Mexico. These are the worst because of ground bursts. Other major populated areas with likely get air bursts and totally destroyed and some fallout.

            I have tried to give the locations the best i can from these maps in this book that have not changed since it was printed and now much at all. This is an excellent book and I recommend it to anyone that can get it on Amazon or a survival book store. Perhaps someone could pull up the map from some web site so everyone could see the exact locations that are deemed dangerous and more safe. This book also shows how to make a Kearny Fallout Meter. In the Appendix A there is a state by state listing of potential nuclear targets. Excellent book to have.

            • Do you really think that the government , who, by the way, are humans, and realize that nuclear bombardment means that the Earth is basically uninhabitable,are going to doom themselves by nuking the very thing that sustains them? WTF is wrong with you people? Humans need to live ON TOP OF THE EARTH to survive. What good could possibly come from nuking the supposed enemy and condenming themselves?


              • Don’t underestimate the level of spite psychopaths will rise to when they are about to be dethroned.

                • Your never ending JOO hatred exposes you for the moron you are. Unlike our leadership the Israelis actually defend their own people. I guess you think they should let a schmuck like Obama leave them defenseless. What is a putz like you doing on a site like this.

                • To John W. – My continuous Exposure to the JOO Scam will continue till the parasites are eradicated off the North American Continent.

                  When the Israeli’s steal America’s Weapons with out any permission, or authority, that is Theft. All Israel is doing is committing Genocide, and targeting children. That is pretty cowardly.

                  Here is a Video of Israeli Soldiers actually shooting Children Playing on a roof top-Show the child getting hit. then zionist thug laughs and jokes and high five his buddies.

                  This Video describes how one Israeli Sniper brags on his instagram account about murdering 13 Children in Gaza –

                  Israel Zionists need to be wiped off the face of the earth. Pass these video’s on to every American showing what these Joo parasites are all about.

                • Israel could steal all of America’s weapons and it won’t save them. When the money grubbers in London and Switzerland say Israel is over, it will be over…

                  And all the bible-torah-koran thumping and superstition mumbo jumbo in the world won’t work either.

                • you are an idiot.

              • Boy you REALLY don’t understand how the “masters” think, do you? The government elite have been building MASSIVE underground bunkers in CO,DC and other locations around the country. AND stocking them for the long term. Do you REALLY think our weak leadership will respond with a massive nuke strike in kind? So please can the hostility and OPEN YOUR MIND…….

                • I don’t think you know ” how the masters think” now do you? Do youknow the masters? Do you really know what goes on behind the scenes or do you just get caught up in the rhetoric of a survival site? My mind has been open to the fact that I am a prepper. I know one day it MIGHT pay off but the big question is why would a government whose only existence depends on a steady influx of cash, fuck itself by crashing the economy and cutting off its lifeblood? Kinda like quitting your job with 97 million kids to feed.

                  • I dunno…Hitler did a pretty good number on Germany with his insanity.

                    His attitude was, “If the German people aren’t willing to commit collective suicide to further my agenda, then they don’t deserve to live at all”.

                    And he took the German people down with him.

                    Don’t think the people in charge now are just as crazy? Then you just don’t understand psychotic and sociopathic personality types.

                  • Walt, it is the same people in charge.

              • Come on, you all can do better with the thumbs down than that. My question is why would anyone ignore reality? Why would the government nuke, and make the land unihabitable for thousands of years, a threat, that is basically no threat at all? Anyone? I am on your side but I have a friend in high-level government who I just had drinks with who said” look out”.

                • Warface, can you fill us in with a little more of the inside skinny???

                  • What inside skinny? Read the headlines. Why has the government militarized its police force? They claim its to “combat terrorism”. I dont know about anyone else but I have never in my life seen any terrorists combine into an invasive force. I have never read a headline that suggests that terrorists are mobilizing nuclear submarines and warships in a grand invasion of this country. The government in militarising against US? Get it? Red thumb me all you want but I can guarantee you you would want me on your side when the the shit goes down. Its Friday night and I should be discodancing but I think things in the world have gotten serious enough to stay home and try to stay on top of things. If youre not in your state militia…your a poser my friend.

                  • Warface, I am on your side, I just thought you might have some info other than what we see and read… No red paint from me…

                  • Inside skinny opposed to outside fatty.

                  • “Why would anyone ignore reality?”

                    Dude, they’ve destroyed the economy. If they were interested in preserving any kind of stability, they’ve already blown it.

                • @ WARFACE. You ask why the governments would nuke and make land inhabitable for a long time? I question why then do the governments keep a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons ready to be used at a moment’s notice? China and Russia continue to make these nuclear weapons as elusive as possible to make sure they hit their targets. Believe it or not, each nuclear power thinks that there is a way to win a nuclear war with “acceptable” loses. I know this sounds mad and illogical. Every weapon has been used in war other than the hydrogen bomb. One side is losing and it is almost certain that they will use nukes to avoid being conquered. This is the reality of war, that war is hell and brings hell.

                  Like Spock said, since when has the human race ever been logical.

                • Warface. Just look at Ukraine right now. BOTH Obama and John Kerry are willing to sacrafice the Ukrainian people to save face by demonizing Russia even after the West has been caught lie after lie and multiple false flags. The psychopaths have the football and nuke button. And don’t forget the massive US Military incompetance at the Nuke Silos lately that continuously fail test after test during practice drills and inspections. Its like children and matches sitting in a puddle of gasoline.

                  • Must be those sneaky Joos again eh, putz?

                • Warfarce, you do know how many times the planet has already almost faced a thermonuclear war, don’t you?

                • WARFACE: Your question has provoked some strong opposition from other readers. But both your assumption, and their ideas are based on misinformation. Sites such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki are both habitable yet Chernobyl is not, and it won’t be for a very long time. The answer to this difference in habitability is quite easy if you understand the mechanisms involved. During a nuclear bombing, virtually all of the fuel (radioactive material) is spent in making the explosion, leaving just some residual material that can be cleaned up. Both Japanese cities were thriving again shortly after the war and continue to do so today. Chernobyl on the other hand was an explosion of a small amount of material which then sent a large amount of the unspent (highly radioactive material) fuel flying for miles. In short, a nuclear explosion leaves very little material behind and accidents like Chernobyl leave huge chunks behind everywhere.

                • @warface

                  Most people associate the big mega blasts of hiroshima and nagasaki with the concept of nuclear war. Mutually assured destruction, if you will.

                  However, Nuclear war is all about small kiloton yields. Making a parcel uninhabital for 5 years is much more effective than blowing the planet to kingdom come.

                  Why do you think Chernobyl has’t been cleaned up yet? The answer is because it is the ultimate pietri dish for post small kiloton yield nuclear warfare.

                  Think small and it all begins to make sense.

                • The world would survive a limited nuclear exchange with Russia or China.

              • Warface has apparently never bothered to connect the dots back to the source of 99% of the evil that we face in our world. Allow me to provide you with the necessary dots:


                “Neoconservatives have been invoking terrorism as one of the sources of the conflict in the Middle East from time immemorial, but they can never get the moral and intellectual courage to tell us that the war on terror is a smokescreen.

                This “war on terror” has been spearheaded by the neoconservatives themselves to marshal their own ideological agenda.

                If we were truly fighting terrorism, America would go to war against Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other Zionist and quasi-Zionist states. Israel in particular has been involved in terrorism from its inception.[7]

                The same country has massive nuclear bombs in their basements—and those bombs have the potential to wipe out an entire country.[8] Let us not forget what Israeli military historian Martin Van Cleveld of the Hebrew University said back in 2003:

                “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force.

                “Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: ‘Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.’

                “I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third.

                “We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”[9]

                [ end of Warface’s lesson for today ]

                So, we can clearly see who the leading psychopaths are in this suicidally insane agenda that we can see unfolding before our very eyes. Which, in hindsight, can give us a new found respect for what Adolf Hitler was trying to warn the White Western world about with regards to this ‘tribe’ of bloodthirsty, mentally insane, nation-wrecking and now world-destroying psychopaths.

                We should have listened to Hitler, folks.

                • The victors write history, naturally, so we have been taught that Hitler/Nazis were evil savages who wanted to annihilate all in their path. Actually, that is Israel’s mindset, and is why Germany wanted to throw off its Jewish financial and cultural shackles.

                  • Right. They had to murder 4 million Jewish children to free themselves from the evil Jewish bankers.

                • Tucker:

                  Isn’t it amazing that even very educated people keep frothing at the mouth about the ‘evil Nazis’?

                  I would like to know how many of those Nazis are in Washington DC promoting the agendas that most here at SHTF seem to abhor?

                  Would it be of interest to any of you to look up AIPAC, who brag that they set America’s agendas, to see if they are Nazis?

                  History seems to fail us as to who the communist are. Are they Nazis now running the agenda toward the goal of the New World Order?

                  Most posters only need to dig a little deeper to find out that the kin of the Russian Bolshevik Communists are behind it ALL.

                  • Granny, you are spot on. It’s the “tribe” behind all of the major world troubles. They shouldn’t even be called Jews because they aren’t descended fron Jacob Israel and the tribe of Judah, they are descended from Esau-Edom so they aren’t part of true Israel at all. Read John 8:44 and Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 to see who they are and aren’t.

                  • Dig into your steaming pile of lies and you’ll see that the Jews are responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs too.

                  • Isn’t it amazing that people don’t see the Nazis as evil despite the fact that they murdered 6 million people in death camps? They murdered another 3 million Jews in the Soviet Union as the German army moved east. I see Satan has blinded you too.

                  • pissed on granny is an evil racist bigot who feebly attempts to hide behind the banner of Christianity. I hope to Christ you never had an opportunity to breed granny,it will just prolong the hatred that much longer. A really sad state of affairs for the human race.

              • Read Paul Craig Roberts website and Global Research and think again, Warface. Especially Paul Craig Roberts– excellent website!!

                • Paul Craig Roberts could not pass a breathalyzer test that checked for the presence of jewish fecal traces or jewish toe jam or jewish jism.

                  PCR is an Alex ‘Judas’ Jones ally who believes the MSM is owned by Arabs, no wait, by the Chinese and that Hazis are behind the New World Order and every other anti-White racist agenda that is designed to genocide the same race that the Nazis….er…uh…..happened to also belong to….see?

              • The elite aren’t building massive underground bunkers for nothing. A nuclear war would not cause the ENTIRE earth to become uninhabitable.

            • Exactly BI as to what I have been saying, Florida is a great place and the winters are mild. I cannot even remember the last time in years that I even had to wear a jacket because it was cold. Excellent survivorability climate. And plenty of fresh water. Yesterday we had 3 inches of rain in a few hours. My rain barrels are overflowing. Nobody west of the Mississippi can say that.

              • Florida is a peninsula with 20 million people. There will be massive numbers of people in the south going north since they won’t have any place else to go. Worst state to live in after it hits the fan.

            • North Central Missouri, anywhere North of I70 all the way to the Iowa line. Lots of timber, plenty of water, game and low population. Good people and atleast 150 miles from the big cities. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

          • So based on Mac’s map, I see that the great American Redoubt per Rawles (Idaho, eastern Montana, and Eastern Washington and Oregon) is in the direct vacinity of the Hanford nuclear reactors. Why has this place been so well publicized as a bugout/retreat area when its so close to the tri-cities area of WA and downwind from the Umitilla Chemical Depot?

            • Because Mr. Rawles lives there.

            • The Umitilla Chemical Depot, has destroyed, all of the Chemical weapons that the US had stored there, several years ago. I know I often pass it on the way to the South.

              BTW, Hanford Nuclear reactors, all have been shut down for years and are being dismantled. The Nuclear Waste Storage facility there, is a danger spot. especially since the Nuclear Long term waste disposal sight in Nevada has been placed on hold.

              Personally I would worry more about the Military Sites in Western Washington, they are numerous.

              The Banger Naval Facility, on Hoods Canal, is the base of the “boomer” subs of the US Navy.

              Joint Base Lewis-McCord, home of the Strykers, and the helicopters that are so vital in Warfare. McCord has a large party of the military aircraft used to transport the Army and supplies, plus the ability to act as medical Evac for our Armed Forces.

              Then you have the Bremerton Naval shipyard and Reserve Ships, dry-docks, the Machine shops, skills necessary to repair and Maintain the US Naval readiness.

              Top that off with the Naval station at Everett, Wa. Home for a Aircraft Carrier Battle group.

              For a nice Bonus we have the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, home of the hunter killer aircraft, and home for the Growler ECM and Penetration Aircraft squadrons.

              These all add up to make Western Washington a target during any Nuclear exchange.

              Personally my BOL is to the North, lots of fresh water, fuel and building material, good soil, and fairly nice weather. Lots of wild life and fisheries.

              keep prepping but KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. Don’t pay attention to the basement naysayers.

          • Mac, As a follow up, go to this interactive website that identifies Nuke Plants and the radiation hotspots that the map updates every 60 seconds. http://WWW.RADIATIONNETWORK.COM Keep this link on your cell phone as you are mobile trying to escape a nuke or radiation disaster. You do Not want to be located down wind of radiation fall out.

            Also in Missouri is Ferguson by St Louis and where there is a large percentage of EBT Food stamp recipients. 60% of the Black population is on food stamps. Not sure what is worse Radiation or Hundreds of Thousands of Hungry Hords looting and pillaging for their next meal if the grid goes down.

            • That web site, the Internet and cell phones may not even even be operational when this happens. One of the memories I have on 9/11 were the people who were staring at their cell phones which could get no signal. Now the smartphones are more prevalent and more widely-used in most people’s daily routines.

              Of course, even if these devices ARE operational, look at what Japan did with Fukushima. They are no longer showing the readings on either of these sites. Even now we have residual elevated readings across the country at times from the radiation that has crossed The Pacific on the Jet Stream and crosses the United States. At this point, it has spread across a good deal of The Pacific Ocean and has circumvented the Northern Hemisphere, even east of The Atlantic.

              The Radiation Network and Black Cat Radiation sites have links where Geiger counters can be purchased.

              To go “underground” during an upheaval, war, martial law, etc is one thing. If the worst happens as a result of a massive nuclear attack, when, if ever, might it be safe to surface. Sometimes I think being at ground zero is the best option.

              If it gets THAT BAD, it is not likely to get any better during our life times.

          • They are actively shutting down San Onofre (On the coast between Orange and San Diego County’s) as I type this. I am not sure exactly what will remain behind, but I cannot imagine they will keep active fuel rods in place.

            If we lose electricity for a good length of time, all will be in a world of hurt.

          • Another problem with the midwest is the police culture, and asset-seizure happy mentality. You could be dispossessed pretty quickly over something trivial, maybe even contrived, if the situation gets bad enough.

          • Any idea the minimum distance you need between you and one of the nuke plants? We are in the northwest-west central part of Ohio, so if the wind is from the north, we get Davis Bessee, and if it’s from the west, most prevalent, we get all the toxins from the arm pit of the Mid-West, Illinois. Doesn’t look like too much coming from south, put plenty from the east and fortunately, the wind doesn’t blow frequently from the east.Missouri sounds good to me except for the lousy climate and all the bugs. The only reason I want out of OHio are the three “C”s,and “D”, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus and Dayton. We try to stay out of the way of the Muslims in Toledo and Michigan and stay off “The Muslim Highway”, I-75. Our water is nasty-tasting, but potable and there’s lots of it. Climate is about perfect for everything, and there’s lots of wood for heat and cooking. I think rural Ohio should rise on your list.

        • I’m looking at 2.75 acres an hour away.

        • Never Met A LEO I Didn’t Like. Except for the one’s that gave me speeding tickets. And all of those were in Missourah. Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost!

          • I’ve never met an LEO that I didn’t dislike.

            Actually, I’ve only known one guy who I served with in the military and who retired and then became a cop in a small town in Texas. So, our friendship was established before he became a cop. Years passed by, and one time we were visiting and the subject of the slaughter of the Branch Davidians at Waco came up – and, much to my disgust and disappointment – this ‘buddy’ of mine, who was a cop at the time – told me that he approved of what the jackbooted thugs did to those Branch Davidians.

            At that precise moment in time, a friendship that had lasted for 30 or so years took a serious and irreparable turn to a negative direction. This revealed to me that all cops develop the same kind of warped and sick mind-set whenever they are called into question for their criminal, thuggish, jackbooted behavior and these rat shits will ALWAYS circle their wagons and defend the actions of other cops, no matter how horrific and egregious those acts might be.

            • Tucker,was dating a women for a time,really thought she was a intelligent lady,own business and did a lot of traveling round country on business.She first crossed the line when before the start of a Tull show was hooting/hollering and she told me to behave myself,as my favorite band started to see this was not going to work out.The massacre @Waco happened while she was on the road,when she got home she said she believed the feds had done the right thing!That was it,deal breaker/done/burn the bridges ect.!

              • Warchild, I see you are one of the few men these days who will put principles over the company of a ignorant woman. (I could have put it more crudely but there are ladies on site.)
                I commend you for standing up and bailing out on principle.More men should react that way for the good of both men and women not to mention the country.

              • Wise move, WarchildDammit!

                Any White female who would utter such an outrageous and jackbooted thuggess opinion as that should never get another inch of White male pecker for the rest of miserable stinking life.

                The sacred and precious liberties and freedoms that countless generations of White European men and women have enjoyed since 1776 were given to us by the blood sacrifices of patriotic WHITE MEN who had the balls to stand up to the same kind of tyranny that that disgusting thuggess was applauding.

                Good riddance to bad rubbish.

          • The key word here is “met” now there are LEO’s that I don’t like, such as Waco, Ruby Ridge and a few other incidents, but I never met them personaly. Trekker Out.

          • You are confronting a corporation, U.S., Inc.(Organic Act of 1871) Notice the difference, and you will make a difference. Notice the difference between The Constitution for the united states…(legitimate), and THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES (illegitimate), i.e. the corporation. The members of “congress” etc. are but a board of directors of the corporation. You must wake up. The clock of less than two years is continuing to tick.

        • You are confronting a corporation, U.S., Inc.(Organic Act of 1871) Notice the difference, and you will make a difference. Notice the difference between The Constitution for the united states (legitimate), and THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES (illegitimate), i.e. the corporation. The members of “congress” etc. are but a board of directors of the corporation. You must wake up. The clock of less than two years is continuing to tick.

      2. What a crock of shit! Russia has more nukes aimed at us than we do them thanks to to the HNIC. We all need to face the fact that this government has done more to save their own asses than to protect the people that fund it. When the shit goes down good luck trying to bug out with todays militarised(sp) Police force. WE THE CITIZENS ARE FUCKED. The sooner you accept that and stop buying into what a force the armed civilian is the better off you will be. The government of the United States of America will have its way with you. And there is little you can do about it. Stand up for what you believe but the romantic notion of the People taking back the government is ridiculous. When Big Brother wants to come down, He will, and get ready to suck hind tit because thats what it will be. Like it or not..its gonna happen!

        • AND I would like to add… I am a Patriot and a prepper but we have no chance against this government who has taken extraordinary measures to provide for continuity of government. We are small fish, they are not. Personally, I will go down like a man when the time comes. God sorts out cowards …what will you be?

          • Warface..I concur..I live in chance of surviving a nuke strike. Why would I want to…this place will be a radio active wonderland if I’m unfortunate enough to emerge out of a sewer pipe or be Henry Bemis coming out of a bank vault. People here think that a BOL is a safe haven and actually believe they will emerge in a habital environment or even a free country. When there is nothing left to the infrastructure or even breathable air what is the purpose of surviving?..except to be conscious of themselves withering away as well as witnessing their fellow bug outers facing the same consequence if they survive the strike. I’m prepped for one month and that’s it..if the bullets don’t get me..the fallout most certainly will. The most alarming think about bug outers, that when will you sleep when its mayhem all around you..even you guys in the back country. Army Rangers can go as long as 7 days without sleep..but even they say it is incredibly hard to function at that point. You’re right..we are incredibly screwed. If we get a heads up when the bombs begin to rain down it still won’t matter..the land will not be habitable. The elite have DUMBS that simulate outside conditions, but even they know that top side is a no mans land for at least a hundred years. I hope I get a chance to fire one shot..but then again..that maybe the only shot I get..I am very sad…

            • Talon…you are a voice of reason. The government is basically ineffectual at war outside the confines of the States…but rest assured, they will eliminate any and all threats in this country. We have the nuclear deterrrant to deal with the rest of the world but we have millions of conservative gun owners in this country to deal with and MOST gun owners I know are people that almost anyone would want as a neighbor. I intend to fight, I don’t intend to be shot in the back.

            • Living in LA when a nuke strike hits is even more risky, due to the demographic preponderance of refried bean eating mestizos.

              If the initial nuke blast doesn’t get you, then all those gassed up mestizos that will be exploding all over the state of Mexifornia will surely cover the entire west coast under a cloud of noxious bean gas and that will kill you for sure.

              • If it’s not one thing..
                It’s anuthder
                —Gilda Radner

            • Thumbs up for the Henry Bemis reference. Reminder: store multiple sets of glasses if you are blind without them. Lol

              • Or learn to grind your own lenses.

                I just had cataract surgery in my remaining eye this week. In a few days I won’t need anything except cheap reading glasses for close work. And I can buy a lot more reading glasses than regular prescription glasses.

                If you need cataract surgery or other eye surgery, I would recommend having it done soon. I went from not being able to read the top line of the chart to being able to read the copyright notice below the bottom line.

          • Smoke a joint…calm down Warface. The Patriots at Lexington Bridge would disagree with your defeatist attitude. They declared war on a superpower far more “super” to their day than what our bankrupt government would have us believe they are today. Any student of guerilla warfare knows that tanks, planes, and high tech equipment are pretty much useless against an insurgency fighting an asymmetrical war based on social psychology, blending in with the local environment, hit/run tactics, and a constant barrage of beating them down through a relentless pounding and bleed off of their resources and resolve.

            If you want a serious shot in the arm of adrenaline for the coming fight, read Malcolm Gladwell’s “David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants” wherein he details some of history’s greatest triumphs won by unconventional strategies wherein the giant was taken down by the little guy. Not only inspiring, but it lays out techniques in how to do it.

            • Defeatist? More like realist.We have guns. They have weapons to defeat people with guns. You can smoke a joint if you like. Do you realize that if the shit does ever go down that you will have to bond with people of all ideations? Prep all you want. Do yu not think the government reads these sites and knows what we are doing? When the time comes, I’ll take it like a man…what is defeatist about that? If you believe you have a chance against the United States Government, you are in for a big suprise.

              • No where to run…
                No where to hide
                Whether bugging in
                Or bugging outside

                When witnessing the living
                Hearing a distant cry
                You might wish
                It was better to die…

                Nothing can stop the horsemen to come
                When men’s hearts fail them
                And wish the rocks to come down

                Gather your children..hug each one
                The love you feel
                But the day will not be won

                If you seek to save that of your own
                You will lose all that was ever sown
                A lost for a greater good
                Is the life that will be known

              • WARFACE

                I’ll join you in the fray…

                We just witnessed the heavy hand at Ferguson..Missouri??and that was just a bunch of wanna be looters and protestors..

                Folks tend to forget all the billions of ammo(h.p.btw) and weaponry procured over the last few years by the feds..

                Never mind all the unregistered drones with thermal imagery etc..

                Americans are not war torn insurgents who have honed their skills by generations of fighting…

                We sit behind our techno devices and everyone is Rambo and John Wayne all rolled into one…

                Ever seen some of the anti govt militia types?..most are overweight and untrained in combat readiness..and would be subsequently quelled quickly..

                And nuclear options?..I think not..nukes are ancient technology given the array of sophisticated weaponry the feds now possess..


              • “They have guns. We have guns.” Breaking news from 1860 at the start of the Civil War.

                They have tanks, planes, combat helicopters, and drones the fire hellfire missiles. The NSA intercepts all communications. Successful armed insurrection is impossible.

            • Insurgencies can always be defeated by governments willing to be brutal enough to eliminate any threat. Especially now when they have overwhelming superiority in surveillance, air power, and weapons. And especially when they want to depopulate the US down to sustainable levels. Agenda 21 calls for a “sustainable” world population of 500 million. So expect a post-depopulated America to have 25 million to 30 million people. They will wipe out whole cities in order to eliminate opposition.

              In Stalinist Russia, if your neighbors were denounced and taken to death camps, their children were left to starve in the streets. Everybody was too afraid to give them food. That’s the kind of fear governments can create in their populations.

          • Hiding in plain sight…..

        • I just read where Macdill AFB Tampa FL is trying to move in 23 BlackHawk Helicopters to be based there by 2016. Like WTF? That’s Army at an Airforce Base and there is No Land to train Army. Its all Water and bay area With 3 million people. So I am guessing they are gearing up for for Martial Law in 2016. It makes no sense what so ever for Army helicopters at that base. Pay attention folks and connect the dots. The frog is at a roaring boil.

        • If God be fer us, then who agin us?

          • AMEN BROTHER, AMEN!!

          • Why would God be for us? America has the blood of 55 million unborn children on its hands. Besides, America has become incredibly immoral. God is mocked by our entertainment industry. Our educational system and government hates God, Christians, and Christianity. I expect God to destroy America. Maybe God will protect the Christians that are here. Maybe not.

      3. Sounds like the perfect place to bug out to, oh my gosh I’m already there!, complete with a hugh garden, underground tornado cellar/safe room, low cost of living that’s why I’m bugging in. Won’t say it’s paradise but pretty close to it about as good as it gets. We have to work at living as not much of a job market you almost have to have an income or make your own job. The further south towards Arkansas you get the smaller the towns are and the cheaper the living gets. Several man made lakes and rivers fishing is good and the wildlife is plentiful we get our deer each year and always have fish in the freezer.

        The article comes pretty close to telling it like it is except the cost of land over near Branson isn’t as high as they tend to make out it is, higher but not out of your mind high.

        • Sorry mallardhen….enjoy it whilst you can….won’t be “bugging” in for long where you are located….

      4. I would agree with alot of that and add…no matter where you go make sure you have better than average knowledge of the region.

      5. Got 28 acres in GOD’s country, ready to go, for the right price….

        • Eppe Anything with the word God attached is not doing to well these days. Ref: “In God We Trust” The dollar today is worth only .03 cents of its original value. However you may dupe a religious nut into buying your Gods Country property. Just tell him you saw visions of the virgin mary by the well pump. LoL.

          • Who, you do know that I put that in just to yank on your tampon string???? Just kidding, but it is beautiful country…

      6. The Madrid Peace Conference
        On October 30, 1991, the Madrid Peace Conference, led by President George H.W. Bush and Secretary of State James Baker, began. The purpose of this Peace Conference was to force Israel to return the lands it won in the 1967 Six-Day War.
        As the attendees began shaking hands, the “Perfect Storm” slammed into the northeastern U.S. coast. In addition to causing over $200,000,000 in damage to eight states, President Bush’s Kennebunkport, ME home was ripped open by a 30-ft. wave, exposing the home to the raging ocean and sending the Bush furniture into the sea.

        Hurricane Andrew
        On August 24, 1992, as the sixth round of the Madrid Peace Conference opened, Hurricane Andrew had just that morning inflicted over $30,000,000,000 in damage to south Florida. President Bush was unable to attend the conference he himself had begun. Andrew is still ranked as the 4th-most destructive hurricane in U.S. history.

        The Great Flood
        In April 1993, President Bill Clinton announced that the dormant Madrid Peace Conference would resume. Negotiations got underway which would ultimately lead to an agreement for the removal of a portion of Israel’s land. According to Secretary of State Warren Christopher, official U.S. policy toward Israel was the notion of “Land for Peace”.
        That same month, thanks to an unusually-placed Bermuda High, the Midwestern U.S. began receiving steady rainfall (the ground was already saturated from the previous year’s rains). The placement of this Bermuda High caused it to act as a “dam of air” which stopped storms dead in their tracks over the Midwest.
        Due to the continuing rain in the Midwest, dams began to burst by the end of June. By August, 40 federal levees and 1043 non-federal levees had been overtopped. Barge traffic on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers was halted for two months, ten commercial airports were flooded and all railroad traffic in the Midwest was halted.
        In the nine affected states, both the 1993 and the 1994 harvests were lost. 50,000 homes were destroyed and 75 towns were completely inundated. Total damages were $15,000,000,000.

        The Northridge Earthquake
        On January 16, 1994, President Clinton met with Syria’s President Hafez-al-Assad to discuss the return of the Golan Heights, captured by Israel in 1967.
        Within 24 hours of the Clinton-Assad meeting, the second-most destructive natural disaster in the history of the U.S. struck at 4:30 a.m. Pacific Time.
        The Northridge Earthquake, registering 6.7 on the Richter Scale, hit the San Fernando Valley 20 miles northwest of downtown L.A.
        This earthquake caused severe damage, killing 57 and injuring more than 9000. Total damage reached $25,000,000,000.

        The Great Texas Flood
        On June 5, 2001, new President George W. Bush, after a period of an official “hands-off” policy toward the Middle East, announced he would send CIA Director George Tenet to meet with Israelis and Palestinians in an effort to get the peace process back on track. The ultimate goal of the process was to remove land from Israel in an effort to bring peace to the region.
        The same day, the National Weather Service was watching a low-pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico. The system, according to the Houston Chronicle, “wasn’t given much of a chance of strengthening.” But by 2:00 p.m. – just after the White House announcement – a Hurricane Hunter aircraft flew into the system and discovered it was suddenly a full-blown tropical storm, just off the coast of Texas!
        The mystery storm caught the National Weather Service off guard. All seven of the NWS’s computer models had predicted a different outcome.
        Tropical Storm Allison became what meteorologists consider “the nation’s worst tropical storm”, killing 22, damaging 70,000 homes and causing over $3,000,000,000 in damage.

        In 2001, the Saudis sent a letter to President George W. Bush, stating that in their opinion, American policy heavily favored Israel. Further, the Saudis threatened to break from their alliance with America.
        Bush’s response:
        “I firmly believe the Palestinian people have a right to self-determination and to
        live peacefully and securely in their own state, in their own homeland, just as the
        Israelis have the right to live peacefully and safely in their own state.”
        This statement by Bush represented a drastic departure from the usual U.S. approach to the Middle East.
        As envisioned by Bush, the land for the new State of Palestine would come from the ancient lands of Judea and Samaria, promised by God to the Jews in the Hebrew Scriptures. These lands were now possessed by Israel since the Six-Day War.
        Bush’s letter to the Saudis was received enthusiastically. On Friday, September 7, the Washington Post reported a great eagerness on the part of U.S. officials to immediately implement the new policy. A big rollout was planned for the week of September 10, 2001.
        On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, nineteen Islamic terrorists hijacked four U.S. airliners. They crashed two into the World Trade Center towers and one onto the Pentagon, while one crashed in Pennsylvania.

        562 Tornados
        On April 30, 2003, the Middle East Quartet formally launched the “Road Map” peace plan to achieve a Palestinian state by 2005. The Quartet consists of the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations.
        April 30 was also the beginning of “the worst weather in U.S. history”. Tornados began striking the midsection of the U.S.
        From April 30 through the fourth week of May, 562 tornados touched down in the U.S.

        The Great European Heat Wave
        As a member of the Middle East Quartet, the European Union for the first time had a significant role in the effort to divide the Promised Land.
        As the 562-tornado outbreak in the U.S. was ending, the great European Heat Wave was just beginning. In France alone, 14,802 people died as a direct result of the heat wave. Nearly 18,000 people died in Italy and 2045 in the U.K. On August 10, London recorded its first triple-digit (Fahrenheit) temperature. 900 people died on that day alone. Germany lost 7000 people to the heat wave. Temperatures in Geneva, Switzerland matched Rio de Janeiro summer temperatures. In Portugal, 5% of the countryside and 10% of the forests burned. 52,000 Europeans died in the heat wave.

        On August 15, 2005, as a result of negotiations between the administrations of President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Jewish settlers began being forcibly removed from their homes in Gaza, part of the Promised Land. The forced evictions were completed on August 23.
        Also on August 23, tropical depression #12 was noticed near the Bahamas. By the next day it had strengthened and was named Katrina. Hurricane Katrina wiped out the credibility of the Bush presidency and became the most expensive natural disaster in history, costing over $100,000,000,000.
        Just over four months later, Ariel Sharon suffered a massive stroke and was in a coma until he died.

        The Global Financial Crisis
        President George W. Bush, emboldened perhaps by his 2005 “success” of removing Jews from Gaza, restarted the “Road Map” peace process in 2007. The Middle East Quartet, which had not met since 2003, was invited by Bush to a conference in Annapolis, Maryland.
        This meeting would represent a breakthrough in the attempt to get a peace agreement. The framework centered on trading portions of the Promised Land in exchange for solemn promises from Israel’s Muslim enemies. Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of England, became the Quartet’s main envoy. In his farewell address to the British Parliament, Blair said, “…the only way of bringing stability and peace to the Middle East is a two-state solution.”
        In total, 45 countries and organizations were invited to attend the Annapolis conference, making it a truly global attempt to divide Israel.
        The same week that Blair began traveling to the Middle East to gather support for the Annapolis conference, something began to go terribly wrong with the worldwide banking system. The interest rate that banks pay to each other began to rise. That rate historically averaged between 6/100ths of 1% and 8/100ths of 1%. By September 2007, the rate reached an incredible 94/100ths of 1%, and by October of 2008 was at 364/100ths. Lending between banks broke down and economies worldwide threatened to grind to a halt.
        The global financial meltdown began the same week that Tony Blair, the Quartet’s envoy, was organizing a global conference which would meet to divide Israel.
        Zechariah 1:18, 19 prophesies about a time far, far in Zechariah’s future when four powers would conspire to “scatter” Judah, Israel and Jerusalem.

        All U.S. Presidents since Reagan have believed that if they can bring “peace” to the Middle East, their legacy would be assured. Without fail, their favored method to achieve their objective is to remove land from the Jewish State of Israel. Only the most superficial, perfunctory efforts are made to stop the terroristic attacks being made by Muslims against innocent Israelis.
        By attempting to divide the Promised Land, our Presidents are placing themselves – and the people of the United States – in direct opposition to God’s stated purposes.

        I do not believe for a minute that these catastrophes are God’s “punishments” for trying to divide Israel. Christ took ALL of mankind’s punishment on himself. Rather, our leaders are removing us from the blessing and protection of God and placing us in the dangerous position of being outside God’s protection.

        • Thank you Grafique~~I have often heard people speak of these, but never had them all in one spot to copy for my own reference. Thanks for puting it all together in on place.

          • I believe everyone should know why we’re undergoing catastrophe after catastrophe.

            • Grapppyque spewing his zog zionist propaganda crappola again.

        • Whats your Point Graphipuke? The weather? Religion? Your delusional fantasy? I could link the story of the 3 little pigs to Hurricane Andrew and the need to build a brick house over straw. If you live your life under an illusion you will never get anywhere in life but tired of walking in circles. Soon Israel will be wiped off the map. Find that in your Chosen encrypted babble book.

          • WWthunkit:

            What is written in the “babble book” is that the “self-chosen tribes’ Messiah, lucifer, will get to sit on the throne in Israelie for a short period of time having fooled most delusional Christians like Grafique into believing lucifer to be the TRUE messiah.

            After that, the TRUE Messiah, Jesus Christ, WILL return and this time it will be with a vengeance against any who do not believe in Jesus Christ, as Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.

            You would really do yourself a favor WWTI, if you would read Revelation with an open mind. Compare it to the things you KNOW are happening in this world. You would soon see that THAT BOOK shows you what is happening, what is going to happen, and WHO is responsible for the horrors taking place in this world.

            It truly is a history book, WWTI.

            • Amen POG, sorry about the string post, just making a point to you know Who…

            • @POG,

              So, Jesus Christ is going to return with a vengeance against any who do not believe in him? Sounds to me like Jesus has really low self-esteem. What happened to turning the other cheek? Or is it do as I say, not as I do?

              • Jesus told his disciples that when you go out PREACHING to others and your preaching offends and you get slapped, then turn the other cheek. Christians are not doormats.

              • CBGB:

                By not turning his cheek and not bowing to the “politicians/false preachers/teachers of his day;
                they crucified the Lord of Lords.

                Go ahead CBGB, turn your cheek today to America’s politicians/false preachers/teachers. You, I know, see what is happening to the America that we love.

                No where in the Bible does it tell us to just accept wrongs.

                Read Revelation. If you think Jesus is coming back to “turn the other cheek” to enemies of his people (Christians) you need to read what is going to happen to them. And I PRAY DAILY THAT IT WILL BE SOONER THAN LATER, OR THERE WILL BE FEW CHRISTIANS LEFT.

            • Speaking of babble, granny is the king of it. Yes, that’s right, king,not queen. It’s takes a giant set of balls to spew hatred and lies like that.

          • WWTI, I have no expectations that you will believe anything I post. Go ahead and call me another name, so everyone can see your maturity level.

            POG, I already told you I’m finished debating you.

            To everyone else, keep in mind that God promised the land to Israel and also promised to defend them.

            • Do you really believe that all the GLORIOUS PROMISES that God heaped on True Israel in the Bible are still waiting to happen on that little strip of land in the Middle East.

              The multitude of wonderful promises have already been given to those twelve tribes (10 of which migrated out of the area known as the middle east and into Germany, England, America, etc.)

              Look up all those promises in the Bible and convince yourself they have happened to the small country now known as Israel. God does nor lie, those blessings are not waiting to be given out…….His people, Israel, were given a new name….CHRISTians.


                • WWTI:

                  If you can ever get it through your head that the “self chosen” are NOT true Israel then the “babble” will begin to make sense to you. Those Jews running the show in Israel hate Christians and Christianity, and their brothers in crime, AIPAC, are of the same lineage. That “babble” that you so scorn, in Revelation Jesus Christ himself tells you in Chapter 3:9 that there are those who claim to be jews (Judah) but are not, but are instead the synagogue of satan. You see, Jesus knew who our enemies were, way before any of us were born.

                  Whether you choose to believe it or not, those we both rail against are this synagogue……and they are doing the work of satan.

                  As long as YOU continue to believe that those Jews that Bro Nat points out to you are the Israel of the Bible you will never get the whole true picture. True Israel, Christianity, has been usurped by this synagogue. They have made almost all people in America believe they are the “chosen” and most teacher/preachers, for the love of money and their 503C exemptions have went along with the lie.

                  And WWTI Jesus also tells us who those preachers are and what their final destination once they leave this world is going to be. Bought off scoundrels they are; but they are in for a final surprise for teaching that God’s Israel is the “self-chosen” tribe who has stolen Palestinian land, and who, in their holie books slander and blasphemy the true God, Jesus Christ.

              • @POG

                Ok, you’ve given us your opinion of the Bible. What was your opinion of the Buddhist and Hindu Sacred Texts after you read them?

                • CBGB:

                  Wouldn’t delve into that. We are warned in the Bible to stay away from any religions that place their g-d, gods, on the same level with the true God/Jesus Christ.

              • You’re right granny, God does not lie but it’s ALL your poor,demented mind is CAPABLE of. Get help quickly.

            • LOL> Graph you have not posted anything believable yet.. Other than making a fool of yourself..And the other nonsense is just babble Crap. And to fulfill your promised grand illusion that you are somehow the chosen one, you will be the chosen, as the target on someones cross hairs as a bullet soars through your empty skull. Truly then you will meet your maker and find the truth. Keep it up.

            • Great work Grafigue. GOD WILL BLESS YOUR EFFORTS.
              Come quickly Lord Jesus!

        • Grafique:

          Could there possibly be another side to your story?

          Is it possible God is trying to give us a wake up call to STOP SUPPORTING HIS ENEMIES, stop helping the tribe to build their arsenal, which will be used, in the final analysis, to destroy HIS people (TRUE Israel, aka Christians)?

          • I’m done debating you. You don’t believe the Bible. We have no common ground for debate.

            • Grafique:

              If you have read the Talmud and the Torah and still believe YOUR braindead “chosen” story I have to congratulate your preacher/teacher. He should be on AIPAC’s payroll.

              • granny, YOU should be on HITLERS payroll. You’re a true Nazi. Sig Heil!

              • “The scepter will not depart from Judah”, meaning that those descended from the tribe of Judah will remember their Jewish ancestry and where they came from, unlike the other 11 tribes that forgot. The people of Denmark, for instance, are descendants from the tribe of Dan and included the “Dan” or “Den” in the towns they founded, but no longer claim Jewish ancestry. It has been speculated that the descendants of Joseph who “went over the wall” were the first English settlers who came to America. Every tribe has lost its connection to the 12 tribes except the descendants of Judah, the modern day Jews. The scepter did not depart from them.

          • God’s wake up call goes out to morons like YOU granny. Haters like you will NOT get to heaven.

      7. Missouri DOES make sense to me. Driven through it on various routes at least a dozen times in my life. As mentioned the STL area is poisonous, (as we see in the news just now) and I’m sure also Kansas City. But then all dense urban areas are poisonous. Proximity to New Madrid is of course an issue. Northwest MO. I liked, and would still had I not already made my decision. Access to the Missouri River would be a plus in case of Armageddon.

        • One problem I failed to mention was that land in my favored area wasn’t cheap at all. Good farmland never is.

      8. too many nigs in MO.

      9. Better recheck your figures on the taxes, bub. Lived here all my life, not accurate on the income tax or the sales tax, personal property taxes here also. Great water, good soil, 1/8 of 1percent sales tax goes to conservation dept which has done a good job on the “cash cow” deer herd, but have let the small game go. To interested in protecting the predators that dont exist,mountain lions and now wolves. Conservation dept becoming way to powerful.

      10. Nuclear war has probably NEVER been as likely as it is now. Russia and China have been preparing for it for years and now have the infrastructure in place and missiles needed to destroy the US. And they also know that we’ve NEVER had a weaker president in modern times. And that’s NOT good for us…….

        • No need for ground impact nukes. One well placed device about 200 miles above Kansas and the sheeple in the US will do the killing FOR them. The resistance will be light within 6 months. The best quote I’ve heard in a while said “obama has proven to be forceful ONLY when advocating inaction”. Stone age, anyone?

      11. Got 28 acres in Jawja, GOD’s country, for the right price…

        • You selling your bugout retreat?

          • Yes if the price is right, it is also a retirement place… A last home to be till I expire, than my girls get it…

      12. Nuke away. For those who wish to be around after, you can have it.

        • My sediments exactly…no nuke preps for me.

          • Just pick up a few 30-60 day supply of Potassium Iodide JIC- just in case. Or…..Buy a whole case and be the hero on the block. Two is one and one is none; but None at all is pretty much F*cked for you and the Mrs.

      13. love being able to live where i do as it’s a protected shielded valley with it’s own electro dam , fresh water shed , an abundant diversified local food sources and some of the dumbest close-minded uneducated local yokels you’ll ever meet.

        if the shtf here. there will be time to get out of it’s way before the local yokel sheeple wake up.


      14. What some people do not understand is buying and owning a property in a rural or red neck area does not give you ownership. Personal family experience is when a family member dies in one of these areas, expect the property to be stripped and trashed. Many of these poor white trash areas have no respect for your labor in obtaining these properties by purchase.
        Not saying you do not move there, but make yourself known. It can be worse than the big city. Some will think I’m joking or plain crazy, however live there first. You need some redneck experience or suffer. The wrong church ,wrong occupation, or even having a full set of teeth can get you killed. No joke.

        • a couple of movies that illustrate this are

          Out of the Furnace

          and Winters Bone

          ya gotta be REAL careful in some of these rural areas

          very good observations Mike

          • The rural south is not like it is in the movies. We are conservative, religious, and family-oriented. A few are drunks or druggies, but you find that everywhere. If you meet someone for the first time, the first two questions are “What church do you go to?” and “Who’s your family?” If you’re into genealogy, you might want to see if any of your family actually came from the area. You might actually be distantly related.

            If you are a Yankee, don’t whine about things being different here. Join a church and get into Sunday school and local organizations. Work hard. Get to know neighbors. Trade extra vegetables. Trade labor. After you know a couple of people, you can refer to them when you meet new people.

            Everybody here wants to get along. Most people here, regardless of race, are respectful. Even most of the young people will say “excuse me” if they accidentally push their shopping cart in front of you at the end of an aisle or bump into you. And this is for white, black, Mexican, or others. Everybody holds doors for others.

            I think you can get along in most any southern area if you really try.

            And don’t try to fake a southern accent. It just doesn’t work, and it’ll make people mad.

      15. Nuke targets? Please…

        With over 104 nuclear reactors in the U.S. alone, *any* nuke strike on the United States becomes mutually assured destruction for the rest of the world as well.

        All it takes is the U.S. electric grid to go down for ANY reason and all those plants and the spent fuel pools are Fuk-US-shima times 1000. When the plants and all those spent fuel pools go up, the radioactive plume WILL circle the globe killing off all life as we know it.

        Nuclear weapon detonations are known as ‘flash’ events. One big, bad, boom followed by a relatively short period of fallout. Melted down nuclear fuel on the other hand…is the gift that keeps on giving…longer than any of us can live through. In case someone has the audacity to call me ‘defeatist’- lighten up Francis!

        The only ones who will survive (initially) are those hiding in the well stocked DUMBS, but their turn will be next. You can only live underground on stored provisions for so long, period, end of story. There is a reason why the Bible says the living will envy the dead.

        As Braveheart so eloquently stated: “Every man dies, but not all men truly live”.

        It’s not how we die that counts against us, but how we choose to live. Do not fear death, but fear that you fall short of your potential for greatness before you die. Make every day count…it’s really the only thing any of us can do.

        • Can anyone explain how the Japanese still exist….

          Will nukes wipe out life on earth???

          • Quick:

            Most Japanese close to the bombing wished they hadn’t lived. Do a quick study about the horrors that happened to them. You will find it hard to get it out of your head.

            And a study of the nuclear meltdown in Russia will leave the same impression on you.

            Had the Japanese already agreed on surrender when the horrors of the bomb were unleashed on them? If so, it shows you what evil lurks in “mankind”.

            • The Japanese did not agree to surrender until after Nagasaki.

              • Quote:

                “It is my opinion that the use of this barbaric weapon at Hiroshima ans Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were almost defeated and ready to surrender….in being the first to use it, we…adopted an ethical standard common to the BARBARIANS OF THE DARK AGE”.

                —Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy
                Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during WW 2


                But, of course what would this Admiral know compared to our resident historian, Grafique?

      16. The lakes will be over ran with city folk, a lot who own a lake house scattered all around em, golden horde central IMO. As mentioned before, if you don’t know people you arent going to be trusted by the country folk.

      17. Here is my input on this one

        Go to youtube

        type in


      18. Having lived in MO much of my life, I have enjoyed this discussion. We chose central MO and have lived at our BOL for 14 years. I suppose we are pretty fatalistic when it comes to the nuclear possibility and have prepped for a situation short of that, with the attitude that such a war is probably not survivable, or that the aftermath would be such that we would prefer not to survive it. We did carefully avoid Wideman AFB and the Calloway plant.

        I would like to mention that the centrally located city of Columbia should likewise be avoided at all costs due to high crime rates. Other than that, tho, rural MO affords all of the attributes listed in the original article and much more.

        Due to its hilly topography, hidden parcels of land, often with springs or creeks are easy to come by. I would differ with the author in saying that 3/4 of the year is hot and humid. More like half. The springs and autumns are wonderful! Just about anything short of tropical grows like mad here. With regard to prices, if you find an area you like and the prop taxes are too high, just hop one county over and often you can cut that in half.

        MO does have a reputation for being red-necky, but this can be both a boon and a bust. ON the one hand, rural people are insular and clannish and my parcel will for at least one more generation be called “The Old B**** Place,” referring to the family that homesteaded here. On the other, go to church with these folk and I guarantee you will be accepted if that is what you want.

        Also, it amazes me how often I will be talking with a stranger out here and pretty soon, prepper code words sneak into the conversation. Once a little dance is performed, we seem to realize we are of the same mindset. In fact, I cannot recall a meeting in the past three years when that did not happen. Rural folk here are conservative even if they think they are Democrats.

        Rural MO kind of takes you back several decades to a more wholesome time in our society. Quilting bees, a farm “sale” (auction), church socials, even barn raisings are part of the milieu. And the rural sheriff and his deputies are usually your friends. It is also interesting to note that there is a large Mennonite community in central MO as well as in isolated pockets in southern. These are folks that live simply without electricity, drive horse-driven buggies, and know how to produce their own, whatever it is they need. They drive a hard bargain tho, so don’t think you are going to put one over on them! It comforts me to have such capable and principled people as neighbors. In fact, one such grocer was happy to order my hundreds of pounds of hard red wheat to add onto her delivery truck at no extra cost to me. I had to make her take a bit of a profit for the trouble.

        I could go on and on. We have been able to put everything into place that we need extremely inexpensively, and we want for nothing on $25K a year. Perhaps because of our red-neck reputation, or maybe just because we are so backward, MO goes unnoticed. And that is a good thing.

        • PB I agree with most of what you say, I lived in Missourah for over 60 years, but I hated the heat and humidity. And the black gangs out of St Louis and KC have ruined Columbia. I lived in what is called “Little Dixie” You can google it. I may have been close to where you live. Still own land in the area. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

      19. now what is Satori always tellin’ you kids ??

        Report: CDC scientist kept quiet about flu blunder

        “A government scientist kept silent about a potentially dangerous lab blunder and revealed it only after workers in another lab noticed something fishy, according to an internal investigation.”

        now repeat after me

        “governments lie
        that is what they do ”

        and one of these days the dumb asses are gonna kill us all

      20. Prepped as I can be at the moment…whatever hapens we’ll have to deal with it.

        • The clearest definition of corruption I have seen in a long time. Democrats are masters of using the legal system to harass their enemies and hide their crooked. Republicans come a close second.

      21. In keeping with the Saturday tradition am not moving,drawing line in the sand in new home state!I have been pushed around enuff,some older family may leave country as they just want last few years in relative peace,something I understand.As I have said before,they do they know I am not going but they will leave a bit behind so Warchild can dig in just a bit deeper,enjoy the weekend folks,time to make some firewood for a friend.

      22. Been layin’ low…mixed in with the sheep.

        I think this diea of strategic relocation is ridiculous. it’s simple math, here are the numbers;

        United States-330 million
        Canada-35 million
        Mexico-115 million

        Where are you going to hide when half a billion people are looking for any way to survive in a finite space? Large swaths of land in all of North America is uninhabitable.
        Time to get out of the bunker mentality and live to the fullest, then meet your maker.

      23. I don’t believe anywhere is safe in these United States of Tyranny. If you are against the militaristic police state and complete destruction of constitutional rights, you are an open enemy and will be disposed of. Look what happened to Japan as they surrendered beforehand. The news is out at establishing proof that nuclear weapons were used in Iraq in the battle of Bagdad at the airport, and 9-11, nuclear weapons used to bring down the towers. Any objections, American’s will be nuked also by our own government. Back in the 60’s, true patriots opposed the system and the Vietnam war, the ones many of you derided as hippies, longhairs and potheads. Those were the true American’s who stood up to oppose the insanity. The rest were busy making money or completely brainwashed. Many remain there today.

      24. There may not be any place safe, but there are places more safe than others. I have been all over the country and went back to my summer place, isolated, and has a full sustaining ecosystem, no nuke plants, no missles, no hurricanes, very rare for tornados, very low population, far away from the large city, has cool and drier summers, and it isn’t Missouri.

      25. Great artical, all good advice, great site with best product line for survival. If you’re pressed for time and need precise, fast, solid advice as to how to prepare for the worst case scenario, try reading Yankee Anti Zombie Survival Manual, available at amazon for the price of a bag of chips or free. 101 rules to save your life. Meanwhile some of the best products and advice right here on this site. Read and use.

        • Yankee,Dammit!,here we go again!At this point I would rather have the bag of chips,would at least help me survive for a short period of time!

          • WarChild, time to become a war-man . From your comments looks like you’ve overdosed on potato chips already, spending too much time drinking aspartame diet drinks looking at your belly. When you meet the zombies you’ll regret not reading the Yankee Anti Zombie Survival Manual. Oh, excuse me zombies can’t recognize zombies.

            • Loco,your zombie spam has no value to me,George Romero taught me a long time ago how to deal with zombies thank you.

              • I pray that Zombies on screen and comic books is not all you know. When the real thing hits be sure you have two sets of underwear. But though we differ I would cover your back and give you shelter, water and food. Why? Because it’s not about me, it’s about all of us.

                • I would say a bullet or axe to the head will deal with any problems I would have with others trying to hurt/steal/murder ect.As for the extra set of underwear if that is a issue that means I survived,a little washing even by hand will be no big deal.I have always said would try and help others,tis why I will not last too long in a breakdown,have thought about it long and hard and am comfortable with this decision,have no wife/kids ect. depending on me and hence will fight and die like a cornered/rabid weasel.

                  • Stay alive as long as you can. But if you have to go down, then go down fighting. Make them pay.

      26. these stories are stupid.
        as a whole…majority of the sites readers believe in this govt vs us MO.
        so who keep posting ideal places for everyone to converge too if SHTF…. so readers know just where to look.

      27. As I read many of the posts, I see a good deal of unnecessary disagreement, and I’m reminded of the Tower of Babel. The short version is that Nimrod, grandson of Noah, mighty hunter and king decided to challenge God’s authority and build a tower to reach Heaven. Everyone spoke the same language then and it was easy for Nimrod to get his followers to work together for a common goal. Seeing this, God decided to destroy the tower, scatter Nimrod’s followers and make them speak different languages to prevent them from unifying in future. Today, the powers that be think of themselves as God and have taken a page from His playbook. Divide and conquer. And we fall for it time and again. Whether it’s black against white, white against brown, Muslims against Christians or Jews or divisions within a religion, North against South, country folk against city dwellers, and so on, we bicker or mistrust one another. Now, if we took a representative of each of those groups and asked what was truly important to them, we’d get the same basic answers. They’d want their family safe and well-fed, peace in their community; they’d want exactly what we all want. In the greater scheme of things, we are on the same page. Instead of focusing on our minor differences, let’s try to focus on our common enemy and work together, speak the same language. I don’t believe any one location is better for everyone. Toss a fish on dry land and see how it fares. If we all make our preparations within the geographic areas we are familiar with, we stand a better chance than consolidating in unfamiliar territory where the PTB have a bull’s eye on their map.

      28. The bulls eye will need to be the whole country,even in the most liberal enclaves you will have folks just tired of the govt.s shit fighting for freedom,perhaps lone wolves but still fighting.

      29. We live about 150 miles north of Chicago. That’s air distance, not driving distance. We could be in serious trouble if Chicago gets nuked, depending on the time of year. If it happens in the winter when the prevailing winds are from the west and north we should be OK.

      30. Look guys; There is no place to “bug out” TOO. No place to run too. No where to hide. If TPTB drop “the bomb” we are ALL “F”ed. Period. There IS NO “FREE LAND” east of the Mississippi river to squat on. No “welcome” to be had from the “hillbillies” who I assure you will greet each and every one of y’all “bug outs” with implacable hostility and gunfire. “The Locals” DO NOT WANT YOU. If you plan on “bugging out” to a rural hideaway or the “national park” you need to understand this more than anything else.(1) TWENTYFIVE to FIFTY MILLION PEOPLE HAVE THAT SAME IDEA. (2) We “locals” who live on those farms you covet DO NOT WANT YOU HERE!!!!!(3) YOU are the “golden hoard”. STAY HOME. The only thing “bugging out” will get you is a one way ticket to a mass grave, or a “death march” the thirty miles back to the freeway (while the locals burn all your crap so you cannot come back) You want to “bug out”. Then go buy land NOW! Because if you try squatting on that “free land” after TEOTWAWKI you’ll get killed. Somebody already lives there. Its not you. And we “hillbillies” have made plans to “deal with” the “bug out”. That plan involves quick lime, back hoes, and stockpiled ammo. Didn’t think of that in your “homesteading” “mountain man” fantasy? TOO BAD!!

      31. ?
        Back during the cold war a lot and I mean a lot of people were walking around with suitcase nukes I WONDER if they were all turned in ??????????

      32. No legal (NFA) sound suppressors allowed in MO… NFA machineguns and AOWs are ok….

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