Stocking Up For Doomsday: It’s Not Just For “Crazies” Anymore

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    Before the economic crisis of 2008 there were few who considered the possibility of The End of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). We were aware of the threats posed by natural disasters – Tsunamis in Asia, earthquakes along the western Americas, and hurricanes in the Gulf. But the notion that the very system in which we live is susceptible to a man-made shock so powerful that it could wipe out the very infrastructure that keeps us alive was an outlier so far removed from our daily reality that it was reserved for Hollywood scripts and obscure conspiracy web sites.

    But the possibility of a system collapse so severe that it could cripple our and monetary systems, food distribution networks, and emergency response services is now becoming a real concern for people all over the world.

    The warning by economists that Britain is just ‘nine meals from anarchy’ is brutally borne out. Unlike last summer, the rioters on the streets aren’t looking for trainers and flat-screen TVs — just food.

    An absurd fantasy? Perhaps so, but in an increasingly uncertain world, such a scenario can no longer be dismissed out of hand. And strange as it may seem, it’s one that many believe is worth preparing for.

    Across the country, steps are being taken to cope with such a situation. But not by central or local government. Their contingency planning for such an emergency is focused on the most important and most vulnerable in society.

    Instead it is ordinary people who are taking action: stockpiling their larders with non-perishable food, buying water-purifying pumps and camping stoves.

    While five years ago such behaviour might have been dismissed as  the activities of ‘end-of-the-world’ eccentrics, those doing so today are professionals from every walk of life.

    Source: Daily Mail

    In many cases it’s the people working directly within the large financial and governmental institutions that are most attune to what’s happening now – and what could happen in the very near future – and they aren’t taking any chances:

    ‘It is not “crazies” buying this,’  says James Blake, whose company Emergency Food Storage specialises in freeze-dried foods. ‘We get a lot of high-powered business people as customers. Most people buy insurance for their health, their house or their life — this is food insurance.

    ‘Of course, we hope it never happens, but if there is a major catastrophe, then money is not going to be worth much after a couple of days. It will be food that becomes the most needed thing.’

    Dave Hannah and his company B-Prep sell similar products. He says a number of his customers are bankers. Their average spend is £3,000.

    ‘It makes you think: “What do they know?” ’ says Hannah. ‘When we’ve talked on the phone, they’ve told me: “This whole thing is going to go down.”

    As the world fell deeper into crisis and more information, namely from alternative media, began to emerge about the fragility of the existing financial, economic, monetary and social paradigms, more Americans and citizens of other nations came to the realization that perhaps not everything was as under control as it has been made out to be. When the financial system collapsed in late 2008 it wiped out trillions of dollars in wealth and turned once successful middle class laborers into poverty stricken recipients of emergency services. Governments around the world, led by the monetary policy of the United States, responded by attempting to infuse trillions of dollars of new debt into an already debt-laden and over-leveraged system, with Congressional members reportedly being threatened with the real possibility of martial law in the streets of America unless they took action.

    The unprecedented government intervention on a massive global scale was not enough. As it stands now, the banks of Europe are set to fall, just as they did in the 1930’s. The United States, far removed from the creditor status it held during the Great Depression, is the largest debtor in human history. It’s creditor, China, is an up and coming economic giant who has made known, on numerous occasions, that it would like nothing more than to see an end to US dollar’s dominance as the world’s reserve currency and America’s military and economic might weakened. Tensions amid nuclear allegations in the middle east are heating up with Iran, while influential countries in the region like Egypt and Syria are progressively being destabilized on a daily basis.

    The world, for those paying attention, is on the brink of a major paradigm shift. And many have come to the conclusion that government really has no way of mitigating the fundamental problems we face. Many believe that the problems we face today are worse than the crisis that took hold in 2008. If there was a possibility that tanks would be needed in the streets then, how bad could it get now? Would our governments be able to deal with mass riots in multiple major cities, or a hyperinflationary collapse of the US dollar, or the downing of our electrical infrastructure resulting from a cyber attack or electric magnetic pulse weapon?

    If Hurricane Katrina was any guide, then the answer is no. Katrina left tens of thousands without food, potable water, medical care or law enforcement response for a week – and that was a disaster isolated to a single metropolitan area. The issue is one of scale and resources, and as we wrote in 2009 in The Rise of the Preppers, local, state and federal government emergency responders would simply be overwhelmed if an emergency happened on a multi-state or national level:

    Don’t get us wrong, emergency responders like police, fire and medical teams do their very best in the situations described above, but when you’re dealing with millions of unprepared people whose only thought at the time is to survive and “get out,” the situation can detiorate quite rapidly. Preppers understand this, and have not just reserve food, water and fuel, but secondary and tertiary evacuation routes, multiple “bug-out” destinations where they can go if something happens, and are mentally, physically and psychologicaly prepared to handle the stress.

    It is, as was mentioned above, simply a form of insurance to prepare supplies like food, water, cooking materials, flashlights and the means to defend yourself when the rule of law breaks down:

    ‘We don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. I’m not totally pessimistic and I do have faith in the Government, but I have more faith in my store cupboard. I know we’ll have food in times of trouble.’

    A wise precaution or an over- reaction? Either way, in recent years, a series of events have served to highlight the fragility of the infrastructure of developed First World countries in the 21st century.

    Source: Daily Mail

    Crazy or not, it’s clear that the prepper phenomenon is not limited to the fringe corners of the internet or backwoods survivalist. People from all walks are storing long-term emergency foods, barterable supplies to use in lieu of money and learning skills that will be useful in a post-collapse world.

    At all boils down to this: Are you willing to entrust your life and the lives of your loved ones to government officials who will have their own families to worry about?

    Hat tip Red Leader


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      1. For those of us who choose to live as self-sufficiently as possible, this is a lifestyle. That said, no one is an island and while it sounds like more folks are waking up and getting some supplies, I still am of the opinion there will be too many looking for the government to take care of them.

        • you’re correct, there are probably 45 million who depend on the government(tax payers) tit now and they ain;t going to change, they’ll be the first ones to perish.

          • When the “us vs. them” mentality will be in full swing, where do you think the Govt. is going to get more provisions to feed the hungry 45 million zombies?

            • Hey Beefcake: the Gov’t is expecting Us, the armed Us, to take care of Them (take Them out), so there won’t be as many zombie mouths to feed. Problem solved.

          • They may not be the first to perish but hey will be the first to gang up and try to take yours.

        • It brings about a good and quick saying:

          If the rioters are stealing televisions and sneakers, merely prepare and watch. When the rioters are stealing food and blankets, get out the weapons and brace for impact.

          • This is absolutely correct.

        • Mac,

          Ordered my first Rocket Stove today. Looking fwd to getting it. Sent the owner your way. I hope he looks you up for advertising.

          • I have one of those as well… It’s a good stove to have…bulky, so it can’t be put in a backpack, but a solid off grid stove.

      2. “At all boils down to this: Are you willing to entrust your life and the lives of your loved ones to government officials who will have their own families to worry about?”


        • “Dave Hannah and his company B-Prep sell similar products. He says a number of his customers are bankers.” When you see “bankers” becoming preppers and saying “This whole thing is going to go down.”, if that doesn’t convince “Joe the plumber” that THE SHTF is a reality, then I give up.

          This is no longer a “drill” gang, the next “emergency broadcast system shrill” will not be a TEST. Finish “topping-off” those loose ends with respect to prepping and hunkerdown. 2012 is going to be a crapshoot at best.

          If you believe the “Gooberment” will step in and save you, then disregard this article and all comments supportive of the “writing on the wall”. BTW, good luck with that gooberment “thingy”.

          • I think you are totally right. This sin’t a drill anymore. Does anyone think the government is doing all they’re doing for practice or funzies? They know what’s coming, and they have an agenda, and are prepping to act. There is no way the government is going to be able to fed, house, and take care of the millions who live paycheck to paycheck, not to mention the millions who don’t have a paycheck. How stupid do people have to be to not see this fact? Apparently, the sheeple have spoken. They want to know if “dancing with the stars” , is a repeat.
            Once again, get ready for the real deal. it’s almost here.

        • Well said!

      3. Good Article!!!Its food insurance,just like car and house….you pray you dont need it but just incase……its there….Am i First?

        • WOW, 2 thumbs down! What the hell? It is insurance just like any other. Who the hell would thumbs down to that?

          • Trolls….can’t live with em…can’t live without em :/

            • SmokyMtnLady,

              Way to many trolls and it just gets worse everyday. I myself don’t play the thumbs up or down thingy. I have said it many times having a opinion is a very unpoplar thing.


        • I don’t look at it as “Food Insurance”…..I see it as LIFE Insurance!

        • I am seeing the possible negatives here. The subjects of the article are saying in a very public way, “I have food and supplies in a country where I can’t own a gun”

          I don’t think the cricket bat will be enough!

          • Ironic when the riots were going on last year in the UK, Amazon’s UK website, the Louisville Slugger was THE #1 item to buy during that time period.

            • H.N.,
              …Sounds Like a business opportunity to me. Got chainsaw, generator and wood lathe? Et Voila! Career skill- bat maker. Bats for Beans? Bullets for Bats? Hmmmm.

          • I figured that if I ever wound up living there? The first things on my shopping list would be a nice, sharp Katana-style sword, a crossbow, maybe a buckler-type shield…

            May as well include non-firearm weapons in your preps anyway, as ammunition likely won’t last forever post-collapse.

            • They’ll let you have the shield (maybe), the rest… no way. They are down to banning butter knives and toy pistols that look real…

      4. All you have to do is to hold on to the Lord, God is in control. Pray for guidance and wisdom.

        • “All you have to do…”? Really? I guess the statement needs rebutting, so I will. But the benefit of the doubt goes to you before I say it.

          Never, Always, Everyone and No One now have a new friend… THE ONLY THING. Heck even in mellow and normal times, there is more required. We also have to get up, show up for work and play nice.

          I am sure you don’t refer to the Scripture reference that says to take no thought of tomorrow. Again, you have the benefit of the doubt.

          I apologize for the picking on a small point, but I do have a sensitivity to the train wreck thought process… Church People who call us fools and admonish us to just trust in the Lord. Theses are the sloths that will come to our door. And we are the “blessed provision of the Lord”. But I am sorry, THAT is heresy. You all are on notice of hard times coming. Get up off your religious knees and go shopping for provisions.
          No offense meant to you in particular. My grow is with them; the obese religious who look down on us as these who have little faith.

          • Sheepdog, you were a bit hard on Magnix.

            • I agree

            • I dunno… better that the shock come now when it’s merely tough love, than when the pantry is empty and nobody has anything to spare.

              I fully trust in God – especially in those times and situations in my life when only Divine Intervention could have possibly saved my foolish ass.

              OTOH, I’m not going to abuse the relationship by making Him do all of the work.

            • Yes. Yes I was. And he is welcome for the timely medicine.

              But if he was to expound, he would likely agree with the sentiment that most here value. Hey, the benefit of the doubt is his; thats why I didn’t call him a fanciful moron. Seriously, no logical thinker really ends with a statement like that. Those who do are holding fast for ideological or philosophical reasons, not prudence or deduction.

              Thanks for the moderation though.

          • Can I hear a LOUD AMEN!!!!! Guess it’s a good thing Noah OBEYED the Lord…didn’t just sit around trusting in the Lord!! He heard and obeyed!! Well, I’ve “heard” and I’m obeying…

            “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!Proverbs 6:6

            • well said!

            • I prefer the New Living Translation but KJV works as well

              Proberbs 22:3
              A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.

              The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

            • And don’t forget Joseph – he “prepped” for all of Egypt!!

              As a Christian, I have a great deal of trouble with my brothers and sisters in Christ who are busy doing NOTHING while saying they place all their trust in the LORD to take care of them! God gave them a brain and the means to ‘make ready’ – but He has shown He has little tolerance for those who refuse to listen to Him when He provides guidance!

            • The old two boats and a helicopter thing?

              I don’t recall any teaching as to “the Lord helps those who sit on their a**es”. I suspect that such a course of action was not being advocated.

            • To fellow Christians that do not prepare, I have to ask: Do you wear seatbelts while driving? Do you have fire and theft insurance for your home? Do you have health insurance? Do you drive the wrong way on the freeway?

              I can’t find the verse in the bible where God commands us to go forth and be stupid.

            • AMEN SML!! I’m a Christian but I fully believe in prepping while we have the time. God has blessed us with signs that a blind man could see and has given us plenty of time to get started and keep going. I believe He does provide, but I would feel foolish and disrespectful if I didn’t heed His warnings and DO something. The Bible is full of stories of God’s warnings and people being active in the preparing or doing. Look at Joseph; they knew a famine was coming and they stored food for 7 years. We can’t use the Bible as an excuse to be lazy and sit around waiting for food when God gave us plenty of time to get ready.

            • I feel like Noah a good part of the time. When I mention prepping for possible collapse (looking more probable), about 90% just look at me like I’m losing it and laugh and go on about their business. Must have been hard for Noah to keep doing what everyone else told him was insane. I trust god to take care of me in some form that’s why that small still voice keeps telling me to “get ready”.
              The rest of the world (government included) is telling me to buy a big screen tv and an x-box while god is telling me to buy goats and chickens. Hell, half the time even I think I’m nuts!

          • Proverbs 21 :20 – ln the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has.

            The problem with the Churchies is perhaps hypocrisy.

            • Sometimes the food and oil, wheat, etc… Mentioned are mean to store up prayers and blessings for the future. Doesn’t mean don’t be prepared foodwise, just sometimes the preps God is talking about arent foods. In this case, the meaning wasn’t literal. one problem with all the bible versions, they all emphasize different things. Some versions even leave out the objectionable (not unlike a lot of church messages). Ask for discernment at all times. Also, consider a more true version of the Bible, one translated from more original sources. It is amazing how some doctrines have been bastardized based upon flawed meanings. Can you say rapture? Sabbath on Sunday?, God saying don’t eat that, then Christians saying we can eat that? God saying don’t celebrate that, do celebrate this, and we do the opposite? I’m condemning no one, just imparting a bit of wisdom. When the hard times come, some of us will be called to lead and educate the lost. I suspect some of you will be some of those who are called, and you might be prepared carnally, but not necessarily spiritually at this point. Preps will help those small groups, so they are certainly needed. But other preps are more important. The church will undergo a transformation back to its actual meaning and construct. The current church is just a reflection of our culture, which really, when you think about it, is just plain wrong. Sorry for the rambles. FYI, division. That is the enemy’s not so secret weapon. If the adversary can keep us divided, then he wins. If we are united, he loses, big time.

          • Your correct sheepdog. For those “god will take care of me” type, guess what…. God gave you a brain, now use it!


          • Jesus would want you to be prepared. I don’t remember any beatitude along the lines of, “Blessed are the stupid.” Somehow I don’t think he would tolerate helpless wimps who let themselves drag down others. Then again I was raised Catholic and am suspect. You know the pope and all that nonsense.

          • Knees and elbow grease is what God asks from us.
            He tells us to pray, get to know Him and trust in Him and not worry. But he expects us to work hard, think clearly and plan ahead.
            “Trust in the Lord” just means do what you can and should do, and then don’t worry yourself to death.

        • While I appreciate your position Magnix, I assume these are not exclusive suggestions. We do need to hold on to the Lord, know He is in control, and Pray for wisdom (James 1:5). BUT, Proverbs also says a prudent man forsees danger and makes preparations.

          God will not do for me what I can do for myself. The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold, and he will beg in the harvest and have nothing.

          We know that a ‘winter’ is coming, and we need to prepare. God is not going to heat my home if I fail to lay up firewood because I was waterskiing all summer. He will not feed my family if I squandered all my cash on riotous living and a Starbuck’s habit. He has always praised the diligent, the prudent, and the industrious.

          • Prudent,

            Well said. You have spoken the Truth and wisdom is yours far beyond what most people have. You and your family will survive this upcoming “winter” storm – I know this for a fact.

            God speed.

            • Thank you sir.

          • Two hands at work will accomplish more then 1000 hands at prayer.

            “God is not going to heat my home if I fail to lay up firewood because I was waterskiing all summer. He will not feed my family if I squandered all my cash on riotous living and a Starbuck’s habit. He has always praised the diligent, the prudent, and the industrious.”

            Is it because maybe God doesn’t exist? Logic seems to point to the ended conclusion that if a person works hard, prepares, and has a plan that they can execute, then that person is better set then the person who has done nothing and left their “faith” in God.

            • Intermission,

              God is more real than you are!!! You are only temporal and He is eternal.

            • “Logic seems to point to the ended conclusion that if a person works hard, prepares, and has a plan that they can execute, then that person is better set then the person who has done nothing and left their “faith” in God.”

              You left out the alternative where someone had prepared (or was otherwise unable to) but circumstance had removed those preparations and left them exposed to the near-certainty of death… yet somehow they managed to survive anyway. Plenty of examples out there – and cold, atheistic logic doesn’t sufficiently explain it.

          • I agree too, Prudent. God is with us, but that doesn’t mean he is going to produce a cooked meal right before my eyes. God provides us the means to get the preps. I have to go out and get the preps – food, water containers, whatever. In fact, I work on it as we speak.

        • Does your statement, “All you have to do is to hold on to the Lord,” include prepping? Or, are you one of those who believe your faith alone will bail you out? I have faith in God, but, I also believe in preparation for the future.

          Faith without works is dead.

          • Maybe God’s way of being in control and guiding you is leading you here to get good information on what YOU should do. Expecting God to do it for you is exactly the same as expecting Gov to do it for you. God has given us all the tools we need… now it’s up to us!

        • A few words of guidance come to mind:

          The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. – Proverbs 22:3

          Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest. – Proverbs 6:6-8

          “A curse on anyone who is lax in doing the LORD’s work! A curse on anyone who keeps their sword from bloodshed! – Jeremiah 48:10

        • Why tempt God like that? “A prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself” (Proverbs 27:12)… Besides, as Jesus told Satan when tempted to throw Himself from a height, “Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God”. Being reckless about preparing from coming danger and expecting deliverance is tempting God and accordingly is a great sin.

        • Magnix didn’t God tell Joseph to store up enough grain to get Egypt through 7 years of drought? And in doing so saved the Hebrew’s from starvation! I believe that when Christ told the disciples not to store up treasures on earth he was telling them to get their priorities right with god ,by putting him (God) first! and in 1 Timothy 5:8 (but if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he has denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel) what you have said is right but use some of that wisdom to provide for your family for what is coming

        • Magnix, you are correct, sir. However, there are way too many people who stand around and think since God is in control (and He is) that we don’t need to do anything.

          There are multiple places in the Bible where people of great faith DID NOT sit around and pray for God to save them. Oh, they prayed but they didn’t sit. They MOVED. In fact, the entire Bible is about people that DID STUFF at the direction of God. They DID NOT sit and pray and just wait for God to do something when they could be doing something. Didn’t work that way.

          I worry that too many people use God as a crutch instead of inspiration. Hold on to the Lord and ask him where you’re deficient and how you’re going to handle the next phase of your prepping. Much of my prepping instinct comes from reading and praying.

          “For thine shalt gettest thine ass busy. Thine ass and thine ox shalt not be idle or thou shalt goeth hungry!”

          That may not be an exact quote 😀 but its close.

          I don know Paul said that faith without works is dead. So, if pray but just sit on your ass (your backside or the four legged kind) you’re probably going to be disappointed. Likewise, if your ass is busy but you don’t pray for any guidance, chances are your ass will tired and hungry. Extrapolation: works are also dead without faith.

          Gotta have that 1st “G” taken care of before you move on. Balance is what will save you. That, and your adaptability.

          • James 2:17

          • NR…..Amen!! Telling people in churchs to prepare is what got me the left foot of fellowship several times in the last few decades,many people hide behind a facade of something they call faith that bears no resemblence to the real mcCoy,I trust God as much as I can but then I believe you act on what you say you believe…way too many times in scripture where men are instructed to prepare and to make ready,sadly too many dont and then cry when life bites a chunck outta their backside..Id recommend buying cast iron britches to any who claim prudence…again,well said!

        • Faith without works is useless. Say your prayers, and pass the ammo.

        • The Lord told me to get food, water, guns and ammo!

        • Thanks SB!

      5. As a foot note to this article.. I checked the website for Gainsvillecoins DOT com.. whom I utilize.. I noted that of the 30 silver bullion category items that they carry, they are out of stock on all but 10 items. For Gold items, it appears that they only have 35 of 171 items offered left in stock.

        Of course, it could be that they are selling down their stock for end of year accounting reasons..

        • I used to use gainsville. I had no issues with them but hate using credit card. Found a place called cornerstone in Castle Rock CO, can use cash or check. I have no affiliation with them.
          I have quit talking about prepping, and I don’t consider myself a prepper, just someone who wants to be as self sufficient as I can. People have started thinking I am crazy. The most common response? “I don’t worry about things until they happen.”

          • The best thing is not to talk about your preps anymore. If people haven’t learned by now, it’s just about too late. Generally speaking you have no idea who may rat on you, or come knocking and waning your stash when the SHTF.

            Not to mention that Google is in bed with Blogger (and the government) and all these folks running their yak about their preps and all their guns may be for a big surprise really soon. Now that the NDAA has passed, they may hear a knocking late one night. Actually it’ll be the sound of their door getting kicked in.

            • I agree with you. There are a couple of assumptions I am operating on. 1. Whatever happens whether natural or man made, the gov’t will focus on metro areas to control the majority before moving out to farmers like me so that should give me some warning. 2. I live out on alot of dirt roads where most people have a pantry, a side of beef in the freezer, the ability to hunt, grow gardens and a fairly good relationship with their neighbors. 3. The government will be more concerned with people that have built up arsenals more like a militia than some guy that has a couple of hunting rifles. Think they don’t know where those guns are? Think again, there is not much we do that the gov’t cannot track.
              As far as computer tracking? I don’t know how to get around that. I am sure everyone that has ever been on this site is on a list. I used to not write anything on these boards for that reason, but big brother knows about every site I look at. How can I get around that?

            • The Chinese say, “Don’t piss on your medicine.” If they ain’t listened yet, after an attempt, walk away.

            • Mike, Depends on the state. I’ve purchased many guns and sold many guns with not so much as a scrap of paper. None required. They can’t trace them and they know it. They have no idea if I’ve got 1 gun, 10 guns or 100 guns. Not a clue do they have nor does anyone else.

              In my county, you knock and ask politely. Kicking in a door *WILL* get you killed. It is not tolerated.

              The only knock on my door will be the sheriff asking me for help. …probably to round up the feds. The Feds can just suck it in this county.

              There are not enough people resources to go around knocking on doors. Thats just silly. TPTB know thats a loosing battle. Now, offering food for guns, that might a good catch. However, I can play that game too!

              The Feds will lose power when this hits. They only have the power we give them and where the people still believe they’re the saviors. They screw with the patriots and flex their muscles, we’ll just promptly cut all the tendons. As I am fond of saying, “If that happens, Thomas Jefferson’s tree of liberty will need a snorkel.”

              Nope. Not worried about the feds. They know to stay away from a house plastered with the flag of the constitution instead of the United States of America, Inc flag of war, the stars and stripes. My stripes don’t lay down on the job! They know where they stand the instant they can see the house and they know its unlawful to mess with me. I’m outside of the jurisdiction of their corporate jackboots.

              They could still drone-a-cide me, but, why would they? I have a strict no meddling policy. …just like Ron Paul.

            • Even with preps loss of water, power and tranportation for anything over two or three weeks is a game over situation for most. Maybe those in more rural areas with wells, generators and large in ground fuel tanks will be able to hang on but the rest of us in urban areas will have little chance of coming out alive. A few weeks preps can keep you out of the mobs when the stores are pillaged and give you some time while/if things get set straight.

      6. I grew up close to my grandfather who himself grew up on a farm during the depression. He raised hogs and had a large garden and backup heat (coal stove) for his backup heat (natural gas space heater).

        I have followed suit being substantially self-sufficient whether living in the city or small towns. Only in the last couple years did I see the need for a totally off-grid secluded retreat which I am currently building. No matter what happens with the economy, I can provide my family with a warm home and food to eat in a secure rural neighborhood.

        I worry for those newcomers to the movement who throw money at supplies, but have little experience doing things for themselves.

        Mountaineers are always free!

        • “I worry for those newcomers to the movement who throw money at supplies, but have little experience doing things for themselves.”

          I hear ya, but I’m glad to see them trying. The other idiots out there are still watching TV and doing nothing.

          • Us new types get a great deal of help and advice from this site, we will never catch up to those who have had a lifetime of practice but we are still ahead of the majority. Often, thanks to you people.

            So, from all of us new types. THANK YOU

            Take care x

      7. “Are you willing to entrust your life and the lives of your loved ones to government officials who will have their own families to worry about?”

        Not no,… but HELL NO!!

        • Not on any government assistance now. Don’t plan to be on any in the future.

          I wouldn’t entrust government to do anything. They are the “Anti-Midas”. Unlike King Midas who turned things to gold when he touched them, government, when it touches things those things turn to absolute and utter shit. This happens over and over. Why people trust them for anything, I’ll never figure out.

          • NetRanger: The reason people trust the gobberment is because they are weak minded sheep. They are lazy and want everything handed to them. Their mommies spoon fed them until they finally left the house and every time they did something wrong their parents stuck up for them rather than shoving their foot up their ass. They will parish in any emergency and I for one will rejoyce! The sooner the parasites are gone and wiped from the gene pool the better.

            Just saying LOL

      8. anyone who trusts anyone other than themselfs will get what they asked for, and that is usually nothing

        How anyone could look into the eyes of their family, and not realize they are your true responsibility , is beyond me.

        I could never live with myself if I had to tell my child, sorry I cant feed you and its not my fault, because if I couldnt feed them it is my fault.

        never ever trust others to do what you should be doing for your own, or be prepaired for the consequences

        • Now who in the world gave THAT a thumbs down?

          • I don’t know Paddy. There are some strange people lurking out there!

            • Good Lord! How can these people REALLY mean these thumbs down. Its really looking stupid. I thing maybe people are doing it accidentally.

      9. If only more people knew the peace of mind that comes from a prepared lifestyle. It’s wonderful to know that I can cook a homemade meal any time, without worrying about having the necessary ingredients. It’s wonderful to know when a storm is predicted that we can get by. Earlier this year we were left without electricity for two days and running water for 5 days. We didn’t miss a beat.

        Even if a shtf situation never occurs, I am glad that I have made this choice for myself and my children.

        • Absolutely right! I know i have enough to feed my family, protect my family, and even to some degree help some of the sheeple in my church family that i couldn’t say no to. I have been told before (by those that think i’m paranoid) that they trust that God will provide for them. My answer is always that He is providing right now and i don’t intend to turn a deaf ear to Him.

          • Let them feed themselves…

        • This lifestyle-keeping a pantry, burning wood, having a garden -has been ours as long as I can remember. It is a very peacful feeling to know that we can more than “get by” with what we have. It may take some slight adjustments on the part of the little ones, but when we’ve been without power due to a storm, they remember how much contribution they made in keeping us warm by helping to haul wood, etc.

          NOT to say that the idea of society as we know it collapsing isn’t scary – just that we – our family – will be okay if it does. (As long as no EMP knocks out the pacemaker…)

        • anon, doesn’t prepping make you appreciate the little things and some of the forgotten things of the past? With every passing of a fast food place and restuarant, I feel sorry for all those people. These places are packed almost every day here.
          Prepping has actually brought our family closer. All four children are on board and the lone teen grandchild.
          Thank you Lord.
          Trust in Him only.

          • Excellent point! It does make you appreciate the little things. I have enjoyed every minute that I spend with my daughter canning, dehydrating, cooking from scratch, sewing, knitting, gardening, and ocassionally doing laundry by hand in the old washtub. It’s hard work, but it gives us things to do together and time spent talking to one another.

      10. It’s definitely not for crazies. The few folks I know who are stocking up are upper middle and upper class citizens. They are also buying guns, taking lessons & getting their carry permits. They are dropping money into retreats. Building networks of friends who can work with them. I know one who is pretty well off who has a get out plan to go to Panama with his family if need be.

        Preparing for the looming economic disaster is far more mainstream than many even realize. And the funny thing is, they are mostly regular, everyday folks who you see at the grocery store or the mall.

        But we all share one thing in common. We are scared and we are planners. That is what landed us in this lifestyle.

        • What concerns me about retreats and anyone within large metro areas is that if martial law is called, the military will seal that city tight. They would have a curfew and anyone moving at night would be considered a threat. Anyone leaving and entering would have to have paperwork saying so. Remember people in New Orleans were shot by police trying to walk out of the city. Once it happens it happens really fast. I tell my friends that live in the city to have a way out by taking secondary roads and to not feel bad about being paranoid. If you think it is happening get the heck out quickly and look at it as practice not a mistake in identification of events.

          • In many metropolitan areas, there really aren’t any secondary roads out of town. Just some that are two lane, instead of the interstates. In any type of declared emergency, all roads will be blocked, so early flight will be the only hope of leaving town. The government knows that a locked down group of people is much easier to control.
            There are no easy answers to any of this. Whatever anyone is going to do whe the time comes, they bettere do it quick. Once any kind of emergency is declared, there will be no leaving town.
            Also, with the laws that are on the books now, the authorities can do whatever they want, anytime they want, to whoever they want, for any reason they want. I’m not saying it will all go smoothly, just that they can now. I do feel that realistically, the authorities will be so busy with riots, and crowd control in the inner city, that making raids house to house in a relatively secure area, will not be their main concern. I just don’t feel they have enough man power to do everythijg they would like to do. They have to prioritize. Plus, I think many Guard soldiers will have a problem with busting the chops of people who are doing nothing but staying in their homes , minding their own business.
            I guess we will see. There are plenty of variable outcomes to think about. Good luck all.

            • I read that a guy advised people to travel underground to move around in a city through storm drains ect. He said that libraries have all the blue prints for them. I have never researched it. But getting out of a city may take some creativity if primary and secondary roads are blocked. Look at one of those paper state maps that include gravel roads. A person may be able to travel through a corn field or wheat field and connect with another road beyond all the choke points. There is no way to completely seal a city. But some things will need to be scouted prior and maybe have multiple contingency plans. If I have to move, not planning on it but I have a couple routes planned to a friends ranch on an indian reservation. I feel safe there, they have every right not to trust the gov’t. My favorite quote is by mark twain “Sure you can trust the gov’t, just ask any indian”.

            • Where will you go? The next town and the next town on and on will all have roadblocks. Not to mention criminals who will set up their own roadblocks. Are you going to expose your wife and daughter to what that might entail? Unless you leave for your hidey hole before what ever event kicks the can in motion no one is going anywhere at least not from any sizeable population center.

        • Mr. B,
          I feel sorry for him if he goes to Panama. This collapse will be global in scope and hit 3rd world countries hard. Wealthy Americans stick out like a sore thumb!

        • Mr. B,
          Funny you mention Panama.
          My step father moved there 6 months ago, after spending lots of time finding and buying a house there on several acres. I wouldn’t call him a preper, but he is a surviver who has seen this coming (he’s a bit of a liberal ironically).
          3 men busted into their house 3 days ago and robbed them and a visiting couple at gunpoint.
          He ended up grabbing the only gun shared by the 3 robbers and tried to wrestle it away from the guy holding it.
          Well…. He ended up getting shot in the leg.
          I do not know the full extent oF his injury as of yet but will see him Christmas, but he said it was far worse than just a flesh wound.
          I badgered him about a having a gun there, and he would say he didn’t need one, and that it was safer than the states. So as I suspected, Panama is not the peace loving utopia he was making it out to be.
          He was lucky.

          • Wow, I’ll share the story with him when I see him. I’ve lived in 3rd world latin countries, they are definitely not safe.

        • It is sad that people who have spent thier lives here, and reaped the rewards of freedom, are ready to bail like cowardly lemmings. They have an illusion that life will better elsewhere. They will be lucky if where they hope to go is not worse off in the long run.

          And for all the people who think they will be secure at some “bug out location”, beware, the hoardes will find you. Even the most remote areas, like the middle of the Amazon jungle, or the Himalayan mountains will have people…some of whom may want what you have.

          • Life won’t be better elsewhere, you will just be less likely to get shot up somewhere where their are less guns and bullets. When things go south & the sheeple realize that the gubermint are not actually here to help, then mob rules come into play! Try staying alive in a country where very hungry & very well armed people live. Not going to be pretty!

      11. Since we cannot easily find all the goodies you preppers have, my storage contains the following:

        1. Meat cans (beef and pork) of expiration date around summer 2015.
        2. Spagheti.
        3. Condense Tomatoes
        4. Dried bread.
        5. Dried mushhed potatoes
        6. tuna cans, and salmon cans.
        7. olive oil.
        8. bottled water.
        9. camping stove.
        10. matches and lighters
        11. Vitamin C pills.
        12. Vitamin B pills.

        We tried to keep an inventory of stuff that we already use in our daily meals. This way we won’t buy crapy things, and we will manage to recycle our provisions. We always keep a 2 to 1 rule. We consume one thing, we buy two to replace it.
        Today we have enough provisions for the three of us, for 5 months.
        I also bought 5 water tanks of 30 liters each, to use them for washing purposes.

        The system in Europe, is going down rapidly. More and more people are taking their last money out of the banks. The government is trying to persuade all those who took their money abroad, to take them back to Greek banks.
        Rich people are seeling their houses in fancy Athens neighborhoods, and are ready to go to London.
        Last Friday, a small bank failed, and all its assets were taken by the Post Bank of Greece.
        Another bank closed down 35 branches all over the country, and more than 85 people were fired.
        Last Friday, my boss fired another 4 people, and decreased the salaries of the rest. From today i will be taking around 15.000 per year (19 years of experience and two university degrees).
        I don’t care anymore. Whatever is coming i will face it.
        I passed the stage of depression, the stage of tears, the stage of laughter.
        Now i live in the stage of apathy, the stage of unconcern.
        I only care about my wife and daughter. I will do anything in order for them to survive this whorehouse.

        I will keep you informed.

        • The 5 stages of grief.

          1. Denial
          2. Anger
          3. Bargaining
          4. Depression
          5. Acceptance

          Sounds like you are in Step 5 Manos, good for you. 90% of America is in Stage 1.

          • Mr Blutarsky,

            I would prefer to learn it in a different way 🙂

            Be safe sir.

            • Tell me about it. How many citizens in your country do you think are still in Stage 1?

            • Too many.
              They still have money and time to go to cafes, and restaurants. They still go to fancy shops, and still go for skiing up in the mountains.
              There is some momentum still, due to credit cards and the last savings of a lifetime.
              This is going to end very soon though, because of all those taxes being implemented.
              When the money ends, the pain begins.
              This is going to happen soon, arounf mid January, or mid February at the most.

              We will see.

            • And yet, you still have internet service. How long do you think that will last. How long before energy shortages? I am praying for you and your family. God give you grace.

          • What are the 5 states of a dimlib in denial? LOL. Yes, we know who is in charge of the country, who is the current president for hope and change, who is in charge of the Congress.

            Those are the 5 stages of death also.

          • buy grain grinder and corn and may be harder to get over there, but it lasts a good long time. you can trade grinding for other goods with your neighbors.have hope my friend. you must be the center of your family. without the center it all falls apart.remember heat and presssure make diamonds.

          • No they aren’t even that far along. Number 1 should actually read clueless which is where most people spend their entire lives.

        • Sending prayers your way Manos.

          You could be right now narrating the future of the Unites States and the rest of the world. Keep us abreast, because you are the headlights into a dark future for us to see more clearly from the unfortunate events that trouble your country.

          Thanks Manos !!!1

          • Amen to that. Stand firm, Manos. You are our headlights. Stay safe, stay healthy & bless you for being a responsible, loving husband and father. Your family is very blessed.

        • Good luck and God bless Manos.. Perhaps your list was not all inclusive ? If it was all inclusive, please remember to add some dehydrated or canned fruit and veggies ? Also, stock up on some good multi vitamins with minerals..not just Vitamins C and B.. your daughter may need that more than yourself and your wife..
          she is just now building her future body.. nutrition for her can not wait.

          If you have a dehydrator, or can buy one, you can easily make your own.. dehydrated fruit lasts a very long time.

          Please also pick up a bottle or two of natural honey..

          • Sam,

            Thanks for your advices. I discussed them with my wife, and she will go and buy some dehydrated fruits (such as peach and fig).
            I tried to find dehydrator but it seems that they are not been imported.
            I also bought today, some chocolate bars as our friend Viking suggested below. These inlude some mars, snickers, twix, and some pure protein bars that are used in gyms.

            Thanks Sam, my deepest wishes.
            We will be in touch for Xmas wishes.

            • Manos,

              Good to see you, since you can’t find a dehydrater build a solar one. Good to the Mother earth web site and do a search for the plans, I just built one for my daughter it works great and it was built with just scrapes I had laying around.So you might wanna check it out. I havn’t built one for me yet, Its way to cold right now(bliizard conditions here)
              Best of luck buddy and god bless you.


            • Great Manos..

              You can build your own dehydrator.. it won’t be as efficient and quick but it will work. You can use two pieces of normal screen cloth ( for windows,to keep bugs out of your house; in case you aren’t familiar with the English word ). The screen will allow air to circulate while keeping most of the bugs off the product. Use one screen as the “bottom”, place your sliced fruit on it and cover with the other screen. Some lemon juice brushed on would help keep the color right. Put it in direct sun for a few days until the fruit is dried. You can also do it in the oven by setting the temperature very low at about 60 C or a little less. You’ll need to provide some air flow in the oven though.. maybe keeping the door open slightly. The oven would only take perhaps a day. Bananas are a good choice to experiment on; since they are usually cheap and when they are done, there is no doubt. When properly dried, the banana should “snap” when bent like a potato chip.

        • manos

          Keep some sweets and or chocolate as well. If things go bad, it will help for the morale and especially your daughter will be happy.

          I was in Thessaloníki in autumn and met a few locals. A friend of mine happens to work at the university there. On the outside everything looked great, but talking to people gave a very different impression.

          Take care and good luck to you.

          • Viking,

            Thessaloniki is already in pain. Many many unemployed, many poor families, hunger, and fear.
            It was the first big city to face the depression.
            I hope your friend is ready.


            • Beans, Beans, Beans- Protein is going to be in high demand guys. Seriously, beans is almost a third of what you should have supplied or am I wrong? This is me- I love this site and you guys. Keep up the good work everyone.

        • I’m praying for you to have God’s peace and His protection and His provision for you and your family. When I read that you shared a box of provisions with that girl that fainted, I prayed for you. May God bless you abundantly for what you did to share with her family. Matthew 25:40

          • GA girl,

            Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
            As for this poor family, it wasn’t only us to give stuff.
            Other parents gave some money, others milk, clothes, or even some toys.
            The thing is that a few years ago, it was a rare phonomenon for cases like this.
            We thought poverty and hunger were of some other planet. And today poverty in not only in our neighborhoods; it’s in our own homes.

            I wish you all the best.

      12. I hear on the radio that the president and first lady are taking separate airplanes to Hawaii for Christmas. Cost $7 million. Priceless!

        • Idiots. And they could even be described as heartless and uncaring – oblivious to the suffering American’s are going through and the disastrous pain that is headed our way in the coming year or two.

          A “real” President would stay at home for vacation and explain why to the American people.

          • Well, Mr.O is not even a “real” president…
            Amerika has not had one since Theodore Roosevelt.
            Mr.O is just another installed puppet.

        • Let them eat cake!

        • A real president “for the people” would keep his wife at home that wasn’t elected by the moroons.

        • I did get a good, hearty chuckle (of irony) out of hearing that the Big O proclaimed himself the fourth best president in history — I can believe maybe the fourth best dictator in history of the world.

          I love hearing the nicknames that are created for the Big O…the best nickname I have read so far for Mr. Nobel Peace Prize has been Bloody Barack…wow, what a legacy. I bet his mom would be proud.

        • Anonymous,

          Why would the President and First Lady (but she’s no lady) care? They aren’t paying for it – we are (the US taxpayer).

          And, I’m pissed off…I’m still waiting for some of that Obama cash stash.

          • Yeah, Where’s my change?

        • According to the New York Post, Barack Obama enjoyed a total of 10 separate vacations that stretched over a total of 90 vacation days during the years of 2009 and 2010.

          Apparently Barack Obama was not talking about himself when he told the American people the following….

          “If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation.”

          When 2007 began, 26 million Americans were on food stamps. Today, an all-time record of over 45 million Americans are on food stamps.

          Last year the Obama’s Christmas trip to Hawaii cost more than $1 million, according to the Hawaii Reporter.

          • KY Mom,
            And this latest vacation looks to be 4 million plus, While the children of this coutry starve.. It just sad, and you can be sure none of the msm is going to cover this.


          • I can tell you for sure that a flight for AF1 costs more than that to fly outside of CONUS and return. People have NO IDEA of the requirements that must take place.

          • KY mom:

            47,231,099 on food stamps as of today. You can get current status on the debt clock. You will find it on the lower right hand side of the page.


      13. So what is wrong with having 6 months worth of food in the root cellar? My family has done this for 300 years in New England! We have always eaten, canned, frozen and fresh fruits and veggies, not to mention chicken and beef. We know where are food comes from! Although, we are dependant on hoes, shovels, fuel, etc. Slowly converting cash to gold and silver.

      14. I say kudos to the first responders. But as a major crisis drags on and they get overwhelmed I can see them slipping out realizing they have to take of their own families. Nothing bad about this, just that when reality hits really hard choices have to be made.

        • you touched on a good point. Let’s be realistic. When things get really bad, how many local police are going to stay on the job if their neighborhood and family is in harm’s way? Especially in crisis situations, what can go wrong—will. I just don’t feel that in a really bad crisis situation, authorities will have enough manpower to go around, and do everything they need to do. people will have to learn to fend for themselves.
          This same idea will have a parallel on a national level. I just don’t think that most Americans are going to roll over and submit to what the authorities have planned, as easly as they think it will happen. Americans have so far been totally asleep, but the miserable economy is waking them up–more and more each day. People are just plain pissed, and know the government, and the bankers are screwing them every chance they can.
          The battles are about to start. opening salvos have already been shot. The next phase is about to begin. When the US has it’s first bank holiday, it will be game on. I don’t think we have long to wait. good luck.

          • Completely dissagree. Americans will beg to be let in to camps, they will beg for martial law and military patrolling streets. We as a whole are more concerned with who was voted off idol than anything else. Take a look at the trending now part of yahoo. We have been trained to rely on someone else other than ourselves, the cops, fire department, welfare, grocery stores. If you think we as a whole are waking up and preparing? Walk through the grocery store the day before a blizzard, or a hurricane. All it will take is for the gov’t to send an emergency message telling people that if they get on that bus or train, they will be fed and protected. At first people may not, but let a city have some rotting corpses laying around for a couple days, let the city decay into a landfill with peoples urine flowing inthe streets. I guarentee you people will beg to get on that bus. As far as police and emergency services? The gov’t will keep their families safe, this will ensure their services.

      15. Yeah this was in my email this morning.

        As an Agent this is what I have been saying, but Analytical Survival made that great Youtube video. It makes it easy for logical people to make logical choices.

        The Vacuum in Iraq will be filled quickly by Syria and Iran. North Korea couldn’t wait to start shooting off the fireworks, oh were those missiles? Excuse meee!! Egypt, Libya and Algeria still have poverty and high food prices, so they need to kill more women and Christians in the streets. So yes the world has become a very dangerous place and its coming to America.

        What do you think is going to happen when the food stamps and welfare checks bounce? What do you think is going to happen when the California pension system goes bust? What about Social Security?

        We are headed for a Geriatric Revolution at best and a Welfare Revolution at worst.

        We don’t need to dream up the Crazies and the worst case scenario. Just think about a banking system collapse and everything that would result from that. That scares me!!

        • You do not have to dream, read up on 1929!

        • you ask some good questions. I don’t think we have long to wait for some of the answers. I keep hearing and reading that the first weeks of the new year will prove very telling in what’s going to happen to us. The European problems aren’t going to go away. When the Euro pact starts to disolve, ignorant sheeple in the US, will find out why their problems are our problems.
          None of this is going to turn out well. But all of you guys already know that. Just keep prepping till the end, and good luck.

      16. Amazing, they wait till their trusted employees in Congress pass the New Defence Act that makes you a terroist if you have more than a two week supply of food, that’s haw far out of touch people are

      17. The ladies in our Bible studies group recently met for lunch and we stared talking about the future. Some, mostly younger ladies had only enough food for a few days in the house and just a box of diapers. We each made a list of what we need and will meet monthly to see that we stay on track and help each other out. One of my friends recommended and we placed an order. You get a discount account for free and they have a program that lets you calculate what provisions you need to maintain a balanced diet. Guess what we’re getting for Christmas? … That’s right, freeze dried veggies, fruit and meats.

        • nice plug. you spelled your website incorrectly.

        • I’m glad to hear that you have a group of people together who are starting to get their preps in order! So often folks here (myself included) are frustrated in our efforts to get folks to prep. To have a group is just wonderful!! Good for you and the ladies you are working with!!

      18. What is crazy about being prepared? What is crazy about thinking ahead to keep you and your family safe? I think it’s crazy not to, yet we will see the crazies (zombies) come out of the wood work WTSHTF. Piss poor planning on their part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

        • Interesting, another thumbs down for a perfectly good comment. Who is the troll on here today?

          • Your mortal enemies…

      19. for those interested in “how” the system will be collapsed, and who will wind up with their butt on the only chair, this could be worth a peek.

        It certainly explains why the European banking mess has got our dear leaders knickers all twisted up.

        • That is a very interesting read. Very possible.

      20. Those that have not started prepping and are still deep in your Normalcy Biasness, it’s time to grow the fuck up accept responsibility for your own asses. Don’t be fooled into the ruse that the Government and politician’s give a flying shit about you and your kids. Be on notice “word of you and your family’s death has all of the weight of hearing about a Gang Banger getting shot in the head in south central” basically NOTHING! Get the fuck up off of your asses and DO SOMETHING NOW!! You are going to look very stupid driving around in your BMW on empty, begging for food for your kids. Don’t depend on that BA degree in pencil pushing to dig your ass out. All of those degrees are going to be naught in this mess. There is a bunch of fools in this country (especially California) that are in some wildly prescriptive drug induced coma that thinks, everything is going to be sunshine and lollypops. What a bunch of FOOLS!!
        There isn’t going to be a whole lot of pity left around after this goes down.

        • I read somewhere last year that almost 80million Americans are on some type of drug for anxiety. Can you imagine all those people without their meds? With the world crashing all around them? In Hollywood I’m sure it’d make a great comedy, probably not so funny in real life.

          • These are the people I am concerned about first:

            1. Drug abusers.
            2. Alcoholics.
            3. People with out meds.

            These are the people I am concerned about with in the first 4 weeks.
            I am sure this list could be longer, can anybody add to this list to open my eyes more?

            Thanks in advance. 🙂

            • anybody on looong term welfare and anyone recently released from prison with a rap sheet longer than your arm.peace and prep bro.

            • Gang bangers or wannabes

            • Drug abusers… will be going through withdrawl. And if they are an opiate user (heroin, oxycontin, etc.) they will be so sick they won’t be much to worry about. These folks probably won’t die from detox, but being deyhdrated and weak they won’t get far and will probably perish.

              Alcoholics….will also be going through withdrawl. Before we had benzodiazapines to help an alcoholic detox, about 50% died in the process. These folks will experience sickness and possibly seizures. If they make it through the detox, they will be in a similar state as the “drug abusers” (alcohol is a drug).

              People without meds… contrary to popular myth, even a paranoid schizophrenic without their meds is pretty harmless. Those afflicted with this disorder will probably hide. Folks with psychotic features associated with their disorder would be problematic, but I’m guessing short term as they behave irrationally and can’t plan well (some even with meds). It’s crude to say, but they won’t be sneaking anywhere and will probably be shot in short order.

              As for the rest of those without their meds (anxiety, depression) many are taking these and they really don’t need them, they will be facing reality probably for the first time in along time, most likely paralized by it. For those depending on insulin and similiar types of drugs that essentailly prevent their demise, most will die without those meds.

              Much of this is fact, some is my educated guess. Just my two cents.

            • Grow the following in your garden if you are on psychoactive meds like prozac, SSRI’s, anti anxiety, etc.”: St John’s Wort, feverfew, valerian, skullcap, ashwaghanda (easy to grow), passion flower, oregano, tea, rosemary, calendula, chamomile, etc. These can be very effective if you know what you are doing, and have enough growing. There are a couple of other things to grow to mitigate pain, but, alas they’ll come for me if I say it here…

        • Astute, well put.
          Thank you.

        • but what are you really trying to say? (sorry, I had to be a smart ass).

      21. Going this afternoon to pick up my Christmas present from my wife, a Mossberg 590 Special Purpose, will probly pick up some more camping stuff also!!!!

        • Kudos to her and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both.

          • And a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you also SB

      22. Isn’t nice to be ahead of the crowd?

        It’s as if the building is on fire but nobody knows about it yet, then one person gets out and then more but it’s not until others see many heading for the exits – and only then do they think “maybe I should be doing the same because everyone else is”.

        It happens two ways – gradually and then suddenly!

        I think this is called theoretical scaling metrics (?)

        It’s No different when it comes to a collapse, it starts gradually (no one seems to notice) and then suddenly (everyone is out at the same time). (Bank holiday anybody)?

        Again… It’s nice to be ahead of the crowd!

        • Sometimes it feels like you are the old maytag repairman though.

        • Ya, nice to know Im not going to be stomped in the stampede for the exits when the great herd finally make a dash for them!

      23. Katrina was a real wake up for the establishment of LA. I stayed up all night watching Katrina to see if it would go back up to a CAT 5/4 or turn. The people that could get out, got out. The people that couldn’t or didn’t want to stayed. The place needed a toilet flush anyway. The good people that couldn’t get out, paid a heavy price. The goons and hoods that stayed to take advantage were stealing electronics and wish that had food/clean water. The government took control of the aftermath and impeaded the citizen’s rights. The Miami area will be the BIG ONE, one day.

        • Nothing will happen in Miami for at least 5 more years. So don’t anybody worry. Go back to American Idol or your favorite video games.

      24. Obummer and the missus have to take two planes to Hawaii….one for his fat head…and one for her fat ass…just sayin’

        • ROFLMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!

      25. Paranoid Schizophrenia. If you don’t have it yet, you
        will, my friend… will!

        Call me ‘Snake’.

      26. I’m a prepper and damn proud of it!

        Reporting from FEMA Area-7

      27. Rice: Cheap in 25 lb bags.

        Beans: Cheap in 5 lb bags.

        Bullion: Cheap – should be vac-packed

        Daily Vitamin: Cheap in quantities of 1000, ignore expiration and vac-pack.

        There, you just got started.

      28. The “solution” of course is war. Watch gold drop while the UR and GB suck it up.

        Then BOOM!

        They will be selling when others are buying. They are setting it up now people.

      29. I believe Oliver Cromwell said:
        “Trust in God,
        but keep your powder dry”

      30. I was one of the people who started buying gear and supplies, then realized I do not have any real survival skills other than being able to defend my family with all my weapons. This weekend I will go deer hunting for the first time in 15 years with a trusted real friend and he is going to teach me how to butcher and prepare the deer meet for future use. We have several trips planned not just this weekend. My son and I are also in the process of building a greenhouse and will be learning to grow some of our own food this winter and will start a garden as soon as the weather will permit. I know this is not much especially compared to where some people are in being prepared, but we had to start somewhere. Along with all of our gear and weapons we already have an estimated 6 months of food for 8 people too, but all that will run out if things really get bad we will need skills more than stuff. Having both is ideal though.
        I also just want thank the people who run this site and everyone else who post. We have and are learning a lot!

        • Good for you! No one is prepared as much as we would like to be and we all keep working. Every step you take makes you better off than you were before.

        • Excellent! You will also need to learn how to snare and trap, since everyone and their dog will be hunting conventionally, too. Be sure to see Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming’s website and books on same.

        • Tank Abbot,

          Something to consider when you plant your green house, try your hand at heirlooms but also plant hybrids, reason being that heirlooms can be very hard to figure out, where as hrybrids are very easy to grow. When I buy seeds I buy 4 times as many as I need becasue that will keep for many yrs as long as you DO NOT VACUME PACK THEM.
          You also need to find info on seed saving.You can get on Mother Earth website and find all the info you will ever need. As for my garden well I’ll way ahead of the game as this yrs I’ll be adding hydroplontics. The really funny thing is we have had temps down in the teens here and I’m still getting Broc, lettice brussel sprouts and spinach and I have yet to cover them up.


      31. Those that laugh at us preppers remind me of the man in Apocalypse Now when he was riding along in a helicopter and he asked one of the crew “why do you guys sit on your helmets?”, the crewman responded by saying “so we don’t get our balls shot off”.
        The man laughed nervously, then a serious look came on his face while he slowly put his helmet under him…

      32. The rest of the world are the ones that need to hoard and learn how to survive by eating ants out of bear $hit. We’ll be relatively alright. America is the last safe haven, the “bug-out” place for the world’s wealthy. For instance, a whole horde of rich Chinese are already shifting their assets here. In the unlikely event that TSHTF in the US to the extent prophesied by crazy people around here, don’t worry you can form militias and attempt to fight off tanks and predator drones hell bent on redistributing your stash. Good luck with that.

        • LOL.

      33. I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. some come from the front, and some from behind. but I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready you see. now my troubles are going to have troubles with me. -Dr Suess

      34. If there’s a food scare or even a short term shortage, the shelfs will be stripped in two days. Since the typical American family has reserves for three days, they will en masse change their buying habits to stock up on food. They will have lost their trust in the food system. It doesn’t take much to see that we will never catch up. The supermarkets will be perpetually empty, supplying the hoarders. So until a rationing system develops, there will be no food except for preppers.

        How many will die? A large percent of our population I’d wager. The remainder would not have enough calories or fuel to move about, or to wage war on the preppers for long. Fuel would be gone too. Organized gangs will be fed and represent a constant threat.

      35. I used to think about riots and lawless crowds would be the threat, but after the passage of NDAA last week, this changed my perspective entirely.

      36. This is not a false alarm
        This is not a test
        Nowhere we can fly away
        Nowhere we can rest
        The party is disrupted by
        An uninvited guest

        – Neal Peart

      37. Dear Gooberment,

        Just a friendly reminder for the holidays:

        You dont’t get my GOD

        You don’t get my gold

        You don’t get my guns

        You don’t get my goods

        And if you don’t play nice…

        You dont get my mercy…
        Happy Holidays

      38. Many years ago Walter Kronkite ,CBS TV News reporter,
        Reported on TV that there was a shortage of toilet paper. When I went to the store the next day all of the TP was gone from store shelves. Turned out there was no shortage CBS and Kronkite got it wrong. I can only imagine reports like that in todays world would be magnified many time.

      39. I just ran across a “Christmas” photo of the Kardashian clan. I gotta wonder how those folks will fair when the SHTF. Are they even aware? Do they think they will get their needs met by simply saying “Do you know who I am? I’m Kim Kardashian.” They are in for a shock.

      40. There is an article on Drudge about the Dutch developing a new, deadlier strain of the flu. All they have to do is release it on the population to get rid of us useless eaters!!

      41. In the early part of this year, I was speaking with a close friend of mine, who happends to be a financial advisor. He has done very well for himself and his clients over the years. We were talking in general about the economy and how things are getting. He looked me in the eyes and said “If the people knew what was coming in the next year or so there would be mass hysteria and they would be jumping off buildings like they did in the 20’s”

        • I’m glad I live in a one story building. Discussed the same thing with my banker last week. She had a look on her face that said it all. The only thing she opined on was how low the interest rate was and for such a long period.

      42. 2 reasons for stock up on necessities


        2-It just makes sense to buy a can of beans for $1 today with an expiration date of 2014 when the same can of beans will be $3. It’s saving for the future.

        Great article!

      43. Taking into consideration that we have been in a blizzard warning for 2 days now I can tell you the general public is not prepared. I decide to head to the market of Sunday for a few things. What I saw was terrible, out of the 300 baskets in the store there were none, I had to wait to get one. every person in the store seemed to be in a panic, they were restocking as fast as people grabbed. The best part to it was the fact all I grabbed was some fresh milk and eggs and got the hell out of there. I sure was a great feeling knowing that we have prepared for hard times.


        • Chickens……..neighbor with a Jersey……..= prepared !!

          • 1happycountrymom,

            I know, I’m still stuck in town and city code says no chickens. 🙁 As far as the cow goes well thats not likley either.


            • How about a small well built pen full of quail DPS? Very quiet. You can order the chicks or incubate (12 volt/110volt) the eggs and self raise themselves. They eat bugs and greens beside grain feed.

            • Anonymous,
              Dammit you reading my mind again, got a customer that we just built his log cabin for that is going to hook me up. His also mention some pheasent. I wonder home many quail eggs its going to take to make a westerm omelette.
              Yep the bird crap will also make great fertilzer for my garden.


            • About 12 quail eggs for a guy that is hungary. Publix sells them (eggs) for eating. Guess what that will set you back? Farm raised quail will lay a large amount of eggs that incubate quickly (around 30 days). If you let the hen lay & hatch, they will not keep laying eggs among a group of other quail. Chuckers are another quiet bird that raises easy but will not produce as many eggs.

              Pheasants need running room and the cocks like to fight with their spurs.

            • I just started thinking about getting back into
              rasing doves again. We kept them a long time and
              then I had a job change or something. They almost
              raise themselves. Oh, and …….get out of the city/town !!

              KEEP ON PREPPIN’

            • Anonymous,
              Cool I’m going to start looking into this, Now I have a use for those 4 rolls of chicken wire that were given to me.
              getting out of town is alot harder then it sounds. With the market as low as it is I would have to sell very cheap and then go into debt for land and another home. Right now I have everything paid for so I have to sit tight. I also have to stay here because my parents are old and they need me around. You see I’m the only kid that stayed in town for them.

              Thanks for the great idea’s

            • DPS,

              Here’s a link. Might want to ensure that you get the 120 volt to 12 volt as back up if you are going to get into it. If electric goes off when incubating eggs, it’s a done issue.

              Do your home work on bird coop and build it right the FIRST time. Mobile?, off the ground, well protected against other critters, easy to clean, brooder light for winter time, shade tree for summer time. You can go as small or big as you like but the coop will set the standard for success.


            • DPS, My mother raised chickens in a village for years, She got around the local ordnance by claiming they were “show” chickens and not livestock as described in the local law, Not sure if this will help you or not. Also,I found an old kerosene type incubator at one of our local antique stores. Cleaned it up and did a few minor repairs and it worked great for her for years. I spotted a similar one in Lehman’s catalog, don’t remember the price though. Peace

          • 1happycountrymom, Anonymous amd Claymation,

            Thanks ya’ll you will be pride to know that I called every toll free number in tha back of mother earth news.
            It is unreal how many companies offer free catalogs..

            Thank Ya’ll All


      44. there’s still not enough of us here in the UK with the preparedness mindset. the mere suggestion to family and friends and they think youve lost the plot. Theyre more concerned with the lives of characters in soap operas on tv. As soon as there is a crisis they’ll pick up the phone to find out who’s gonna fix it.

      45. Hello Lisa…..fellow Brit here, nice to meet you lol.

        I agree totally, mind you, it would be easier if we were allowed to be grown ups and defend ourselves, not many places to bug out to on a rock this size is there?

        Take care x

        • hi carolie

          I agree on the issue of self defence you so much as lay a finger on an intruder over here and youll be carted off to prison. I think there are a few places you could bug out to in the UK how secure they are well thats another matter. All I know is our fellow brits really need to wake up god help them if and when shtf.

      46. If you want to survive, run away! Unless you live in an area that has no “financial” or “natural resource” value to the powers, you are likely to be “co-opted” as soon as they can get to you – if the ballon goes up.
        Whatever you do to prepare for the “end” of civilization”, DON’T TELL ANYONE THAT YOU ARE OR WHERE YOU ARE! There will be donzens who take their lives seriously and millions who are to dim to do anything: The millions will take what you have – if they can – and their friends will rob and kill them. If you are too visible, you are likely to be visited by the people who brought this on: You won’t survive, if you try to resist – You’ll probably be killed, anyway. If you can’t see the advantage of a proper plan, you aren’t likely to live very long, anyway. For those who think it’s all a bad joke, good for you: The rest of us won’t have to put up with you! If you wonder about the value of such a concept as a “survival retreat” being economically feasible, just think of it as a “retirement plan”.
        No matter what you do, do it in secret. Today’s buddy is tomorrow’s thieving murderer, most especially if (s)he isn’t doing anything positive to prepare.
        No matter what, if you have children, like it or not, you are their designated bodyguard, until they are at least eighteen…Do you job!
        Whatever you do, don’t get sucked into buying a bunch of gadget guns and crap that you can’t afford, can’t carry on the run, and probably have no way of storing. Besides, if your enemies become the author- ities, their 9mm pistols (ammo) and .223 rifles (ammo) will be littering the streets and roads. If you are successful, you’ll never have to use a firearm to do anything but poach a bunny. If you do have to shoot to defend, and if you are successful, your dead enemies will prpbabply leave a whole lot of guns and ammo on the field…They will be yours. (Your best plan is to not confront anyone! Forget the phoney macho crap and run as fast and as far as you can!)

        • David Jackson, I gave you a “thumbs-up” but I have a question. You say, “run as far as you can” – where does one run to? It seems to me that unless you have a bug-out place to go to; then, you have a better chance of surviving by fortifying your home, stocking up on food, water, guns, and ammo, and staying there. Just my opinion.

      47. Just want to put it out in public record,Stocking up is just for crazies, and I have no stock piles, because I know, the federal government will feed me if I am hungry, and the dollar is as stable as ever. FYI, any people with kids out there, I hear barney frank is opening the barney frank child day care services, offering FREE day care the children. So I’m off to the SS office, to get a body cavity search, free health care, and free day care.

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