Some Of The Really Bad Things That Could Happen If You Do Not Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse

by | Sep 6, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 323 comments

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    Most people just assume that since things have always been a certain way that they will always be that way in the future.  Most people just have blind faith that the people running our government and our financial system know exactly what they are doing and that they are doing their best to take care of us.  In fact, once upon a time I was fully convinced of that.  When I was a kid I quickly realized that my elementary school teachers really didn’t have the answers, but I had total faith that those running society at the highest levels were “experts” that were looking out for our best interests.  As time went on I kept progressing in my education, and by the time I was finished with law school I came to understand that none of our “experts” really know what they are doing, and they are definitely not looking out for our best interests.  The blind are leading the blind and we all need to finally admit that the emperor is not wearing any clothes.  Unfortunately, most Americans will repeat the mantra of “if that was true I would have heard about it on the news” until it is way too late.  Most people are waiting for the “authorities” to tell them what to do instead of thinking for themselves.  Sadly, time is rapidly running out and a lot of people are going to end up getting totally blindsided by what is coming.

    The man in charge of our financial system, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, is not going to save our economy.  He didn’t see the last financial crisis coming, and even after things started falling apart he continued to insist that housing prices would not go down and that we would not have a recession.

    Well, it turned out that we had the worst housing crash and the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

    But still millions of Americans are trusting him to save us this time around.

    It isn’t going to happen.

    The truth is that the design of the Federal Reserve system itself is fundamentally flawed.

    The biggest reason why the U.S. government is 16 trillion dollars in debt is because the system is designed to create gigantic amounts of government debt.

    Yes, without a doubt the vast majority of our politicians are corrupt and/or incompetent, but even if we replaced every single one of them our economic problems would still persist until the underlying structural problems were addressed.

    Most Americans are pinning their hopes for an economic turnaround on the upcoming election, but the truth is that neither Obama or Romney has a plan that will fix things.  That statement is going to upset a lot of people on both sides of the political spectrum, but it is true.

    Over the past 40 years the total amount of all debt in the United States has gone from less than 2 trillion dollars to almost 55 trillion dollars.  This bubble is going to burst no matter which political party is in power.

    Obama and the Democrats have tried to kick the can down the road and extend the party by spending 5.3 trillion borrowed dollars over the past 4 years, but by doing so they have made our long-term problems far worse.

    The next wave of the economic crisis is fast approaching and people need to get prepared.

    So what do I mean by that?

    Well, “preparation” is going to look different for each family, but there are some general principles that apply to almost everyone.

    For example, during an economic collapse hard assets are preferable to paper assets.

    Also, during an economic collapse necessities become much more important and luxuries become much less important.

    For many more tips, please see this article.

    For the moment, I want to focus on some of the really bad things that could happen to you if you choose not to prepare for the coming economic collapse….

    You Could Find Yourself On The Wrong End Of A Banking Crisis

    During a major financial crisis the banking world can change very rapidly.

    You could wake up one day and discover that the bank holding all of your money has failed.

    You could wake up one day and discover that because Ben Bernanke has printed trillions upon trillions of new dollars to “fix” the financial system your life savings have been devalued by 50 percent.

    You could wake up one day and discover that your bank account has been converted over to a new currency that is worth far less than the one you thought you were holding.

    Such a scenario may sound unthinkable in the United States (at least for now), but this is the kind of thing that millions of Europeans are extremely worried about right now.

    Just check out what is happening in Spain….

    After working six years as a senior executive for a multinational payroll-processing company in Barcelona, Spain, Mr. Vildosola is cutting his professional and financial ties with his troubled homeland. He has moved his family to a village near Cambridge, England, where he will take the reins at a small software company, and he has transferred his savings from Spanish banks to British banks.

    “The macro situation in Spain is getting worse and worse,” Mr. Vildosola, 38, said last week just hours before boarding a plane to London with his wife and two small children. “There is just too much risk. Spain is going to be next after Greece, and I just don’t want to end up holding devalued pesetas.”

    During the month of July alone, 94 billion dollars was pulled out of the Spanish banking system.

    So that means that the equivalent of 7 percent of Spain’s GDP was withdrawn from Spanish banks during July.

    That is a full-blown bank run, and Spain’s problems are just getting started.

    Eventually these kinds of problems will show up in the United States as well.

    You Could End Up Losing All Of Your Investments

    But at least U.S. bank accounts are federally insured (for whatever that is worth).

    When it comes to investments, you better be very sure that the firms you have your money with are not going to collapse on you.

    For example, many of you have already heard about how Gerald Celente had losses in the six figure range when MF Global went bankrupt.  He has been warning about the coming economic collapse for years and he still got victimized.  The following is what he told one interviewer about what he learned from this incident….

    What’s the take away from this?  It’s to make sure you have every penny in your pocket.  Because just like MF (Global), screwed everybody else. Your also gonna get the shaft, I don’t care who it is.  What’s gonna happen when you get a message from your brokerage, from Fidelity or somebody… yeah infidelity.  Or how about Raymond James, I don’t care who they are!  You have ETFs?  Oh, there’s a little error over here, we don’t have your money.  We don’t have your positions.
    I went to a meeting… and the speaker said ETFs of GLD are supposed to be held by HSBC in a vault in Hong Kong or England some place, and HSBC, this guy said, is the biggest shorter of gold.  Well you figure it out!  They are the ones that are holding it and they’re shorting it?  So the takeaway is to make sure you have every penny in your possession.

    If the funds that you are relying on for your financial future are being held by a brokerage or by an insurance company the truth is that you could potentially lose every single penny during the coming collapse.

    The financial institution that you are depending on could suddenly go “poof” and your money could be gone just like that.

    Recent legal rulings have made brokerage accounts much more vulnerable.  Jim Willie explained why this is true in a recent article….

    The critical jump might occur in account thefts from futures brokerage to stock brokerage, which began in November 2011 with MFGlobal, then appeared in July with Peregrine Financial Group (PFG-Best). All private accounts from MFG and PFG have been pilfered, with a blessing of the theft by the courts, seen in the Sentinel Mgmt Group ruling. The federal Appellate court’s August ruling (CLICK HERE) sets precedent for future private segregated account thefts, which were once considered sacred and untouchable. No more in the United States, not in the unfolding of criminality that stretches from USGovt offices to top corporate offices, with blessings sprinkled by the courts. The jump would be a major extension of the Fascist Business Model that nobody talks about. The major financial firms can rely upon this appellate court ruling as precedent, so as to protect their legal right to re-hypothecate client funds in their high risk leveraged positions and loans. It sure would be nice to use my neighbor’s house and car to firm up my casino weekends. Stay tuned to the ongoing Morgan Stanley implosion, which could force the vanishing act of 50 to  100 thousand private stock accounts. The firm is the largest stock brokerage firm in the land. The dreadful impact will be nasty and might awaken the US masses. MFGlobal and PFG-Best surely did not.

    Your financial advisers will swear up and down that your investments are safe.

    But look at what happened to the clients of MF Global and PFG-Best.

    Their investments disappeared like dust in the wind.

    This isn’t meant to scare you.  It is just important that you understand that the landscape has totally changed.

    You Could Lose Your House

    During the last recession, millions of Americans lost their homes.

    Some of them had poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into their homes and they lost it all.

    Why did this happen?

    Well, the number one reason is because so many American families are living on the edge.  They purchased homes that they could not afford and they just kept living paycheck to paycheck as if nothing bad would ever happen.

    But when many of those people lost their jobs, suddenly they could not make their mortgage payments and they lost their homes as well.

    Sadly, we appear not to have learned much.

    Today, 77 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck at least some of the time.

    You Could Lose Access To Electricity

    Why don’t more Americans have a backup source of power?

    Most Americans are totally dependent on the grid, and that works well until the grid goes down.

    Just look at what is happening down in Louisiana.  The hurricane that just roared through was not even that strong, and yet more than 100,000 people are still without power.

    The following is from a recent Huffington Post article….

    Tens of thousands of customers remained in the dark Monday in Louisiana and Mississippi, nearly a week after Isaac inundated the Gulf Coast with a deluge that still has some low-lying areas under water.

    Most of those were in Louisiana, where utilities reported more than 100,000 people without power. Thousands also were without power in Mississippi and Arkansas.

    So what would you do if there was a major national crisis of some sort and the grid went down for an extended period of time during the winter?

    When Thieves Get Desperate They Will Steal Just About Anything

    Over and over it has been proven that when people cannot feed their families they will steal to get what they need.

    When things hit the fan here in the United States, we will see widespread looting and robbing.  In fact, we are already seeing it happen in Europe.  Just check out what is happening in Spain right now….

    Unemployed fieldworkers and other members of the union went to two supermarkets, one in Ecija (Sevilla) and one in Arcos de la Frontera (Cadiz) and loaded up trolleys with basic necessities. They said that the people were being expropriated and they planned to “expropriate the expropriators”.

    The foodstuffs, including milk, sugar, chickpeas, pasta and rice, have been given to charities to distribute, who say they are unable to cope with all the requests for help they receive. Unemployment in the Sierra de Cadiz is now 40%.

    And already crime is rising in many areas of the United States.  In some communities thieves are stealing just about anything that is not bolted down.

    Just recently, 49 cows that were stolen from a farm in Massachusetts were discovered at an auction in Pennsylvania.

    Who would be desperate enough to steal cows?

    In other areas of the country thieves are stealing air conditioning units from churches and they are stripping copper wiring out of city street lights.

    Are you prepared to defend your property when desperate thieves come knocking?

    Shortages Can Happen

    During an economic collapse shortages can happen very rapidly.  Thanks to the popularity of the “just in time inventory” philosophy, most stores do not have much stuff sitting around in their back rooms.  When things go bad, you may not be able to get the things that you need.

    Just look at what is happening in Greece.  Right now, medicine shortages have become a major problem.  The following is from a recentBloomberg article….

    Mina Mavrou, who runs a pharmacy in a middle-class Athens suburb, spends hours each day pleading with drugmakers, wholesalers and colleagues to hunt down medicines for clients. Life-saving drugs such as Sanofi (SAN)’s blood-thinner Clexane and GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK)’s asthma inhaler Flixotide often appear as lines of crimson data on pharmacists’ computer screens, meaning the products aren’t in stock or that pharmacists can’t order as many units as they need.

    “When we see red, we want to cry,” Mavrou said. “The situation is worsening day by day.”

    The 12,000 pharmacies that dot almost every street corner in Greek cities are the damaged capillaries of a complex system for getting treatment to patients. The Panhellenic Association of Pharmacists reports shortages of almost half the country’s 500 most-used medicines. Even when drugs are available, pharmacists often must foot the bill up front, or patients simply do without.

    You Could End Up Dependent On The Government

    Don’t think that it can’t happen.

    Today, 46.7 million Americans are on food stamps and more than half of all Americans are at least partially financially dependent on the U.S. government.

    That may be hard to believe, but it is actually true.

    During the month of June, the number of Americans added to the food stamp rolls was three times greater than the number of jobs added to the economy.

    What a great “recovery”, eh?

    If you do not work very hard to prepare for what is ahead right now, you could also end up dependent on the government.

    You Could Lose Your Life

    Whenever there is a major economic crisis there is a spike in suicides.

    And these days Americans are more wrapped up in materialism than ever before.  When the coming crisis strikes there are going to be millions upon millions of extremely depressed people.

    Suicide is about the most stupid thing that you can possibly do, but when people lose all hope of things turning around a lot of them are going to take their own lives.

    It is foolish beyond belief, but a lot of people are going to make that choice.  We are already seeing a significant spike in suicides over in Europe due to the economy.  The following is from a recent CNBC article….

    A growing number of global and European health bodies are warning that the introduction and intensification of austerity measures has led to a sharp rise in mental health problems with suicide rates, alcohol abuse and requests for anti-depressants increasing as people struggle with the psychological cost of living through a European-wide recession.

    “No one should be surprised that factors such as unemployment, debt and relationship breakdowns can cause bouts of mental illness and may push people who are already vulnerable to take their own lives,” Richard Colwill, of the British mental health charity Sane, told CNBC.

    “There does appear to be a connection between unemployment rates and suicide for example,” he said, referring to a recent study in the British Medical Journal that stated that more than 1,000 people in the U.K. may have killed themselves because of the impacts of the recession. “This research reflects other work showing similar rises in suicides across Europe.”

    This is why I stress that preparation is not just about physical things like money and food.

    We all need to get mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for what is ahead.

    If we understand what is happening and we come up with a plan to go through it, we will be in far, far better position to endure the coming crisis than people that are totally blindsided by it.

    A recent article on entitled “How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper” explored some of these ideas more fully.  I encourage people to go check it out.

    For the moment, most people will just go on with their lives as if nothing is wrong because times are still quite good.

    But time is running out.  In fact, we might not have much time left at all before the next major downturn.

    A recent CNBC article entitled “It’s Coming: One Pro Sees Big Stock Selloff in 10 Days” detailed how some analysts are warning of a major stock market decline later this month….

    An equity strategist for Goldman Sachs is predicting a September selloff that happens so rapidly he is telling clients to protect themselves before Sept. 14.

    The reason: Market disappointment over key meetings of the European Central Bank and Federal Reserve—all within the next 10 days.

    September may turn out to be a bad month for stocks or it might end up being just fine.

    But one thing is for sure.

    Time is running out.

    Are you ready?


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            • Don’t let that happen. Nana is a government ‘bot, deployed to make this site look like a nest of whackos, with the side benefit of maybe provoking one of use into “terrorist” activities. Keep you cool, and don’t feed the trolls.

            • Cool was kept in those respects. The most her BS can cause is for my fingers on this little keyboard to misspell (even more) and lose control. Add some medical tequila and the mouth to finger barrier could get a little hot. But that is it. Mostly it is one of the most humorous following I have. I know crazed, Insane preppers though my show I Attend. And nothing comes out of them like come out of her.
              I Will not feed the troll but I will have as much fun as I can with her. My apologies for my rant s yesterday to my fellow calm and Coool SHIF Partners in prep.

            • Old Coach
              You need no help looking like a whacko, you do that job quite nicely on your own. As for your claim of Nana being a gov’t bot, what is your evidence to back your claim. If you make a claim, you should be willing to support it with credible and verifiable evidence. Otherwise, you look like a whacko. And you know the old saying, “If it looks like a duck…”

            • This is no joke my fellow preppers.

              I was just rob by a fucking meth head. I was in here and on SHIF apoligize to my fellow preppers. And a skinny lttle bitch knocked at the door. Two of us anser the door. Habit. She ask for tammy and was all ready leaving quickly when we anser. She went by my Sericty dog on site sign. Came though the gate. Up the driveway. Dog alert at the fence line. I knew we just been cased. We actually did a mini action drill. I then remember I left a car on the other side of a fence. Driveway was block by a friends rig. I went out there and it had been ransacked. Trunk empty Bags, Sur gear Backpack. Of course the radio and all inside stuff. I had just been there 15 minute before.

              Sheriff just left. When I called my friend he called the other deputies. And they came out quickly 25 minutes to get out here from the main hwy, they new we as a group 9 of the team was at their house 430 PM. We went looking. Sherriff show and took over. More for the theifs safty than ours.

              This my retreat i set up. I am out in the shit. I know this was a randon act. But this prove my thin the fucking herb thoght. This skinny hatler top needle holed C**t just shit in my fucking front lawn.

              If I had Def Prep level system it just went up.

              I take breath find Zen and am very glad I did not catch her in the act. I have had to k*** before. And for some real shitty reasons. But of a surval backpack. But for shit on my front lawn. Yes there would of been brass at my feet. Well no I am carrying my magnun right now so there would of been no brass to recover.

              Thanks for the rant again see I back to zen. Thank you guys.

            • Now imagine 60 of those little meth heads, and they’re all BIG and at least loosely organized. They send up a woman with a kid first to the front door while they flank you.

              Something tells me preps should include a support network of other like minded people.

            • I am sitting here looking at my torn up classic diesel merc and all i think about is the coccopuff crackhead that just did this. Carma is abitch.

            • FB Page – pray tell, how did NinaO trash your Benz?

            • Facebook–dude. Nina is a dude too. Which makes your obsession that much more amusing, cause you thought he was a girl.

          • Karma’s a b*tch, FB Page.

          • Not saying there isn’t room for charity, but it should be done the RIGHT way. In other words, every individual gives just a little (not enough to hurt themselves) to a centrailzed distribution point and then has some oversight into how that distribution point works.

            The hope being there are enough people capable of contributing.

            I get the feeling individual charity to people you don’t know might become somewhat dangerous, unfortunately.

        • While I agree with the author that everyone should be prepping, and while it IS theoretically possible for an economic collapse for lack of demand, that event is not likely at all as Americans are at heart, consumers, and consumers consume.

          While the amount they consume may drop and drop considerably during an era of austerity, the level at which lack of consumption would implode the economy and create a deflationary collapse is nowhere in sight.

          The author is sadly mistaken about the Federal Reserve.

          The Federal Reserve System is NOT flawed. Its mechanics have been honed over the one hundred years that it has been in existence and it works perfectly …. for the people who own it; and demonically so. That is why it is so dangerous to US.

          Combined with FREE TRADE, The FED is the parasite that transfers American wealth offshore and into the hands of the investment class taking advantage of cheap labor and manipulated currencies at OUR expense and using OUR deposits as free cash flow to further enslave US.

          War with Iran is imminent and that will allow the PTB to press the reset button. Buckle up there will be turbalence but don’t get your panties in a knot.

          Keep prepping, far worse is yet to come but NOTHING We can’t deal with as a people united in OUR resolve and steadfast in OUR faith in Divine Providence.


          • BTW: Celente should have read the fine print in his contract with MF Global.

            A painful lesson for him, yes, to be sure, but I have always found painful lessons cheaper in the long run.

            Count your blessings and be positive in your approach to adversity. Anything less than that is fruitless and a waste of energy.

          • @DK….

            What color is the sky in your world?

            • Walt: Today as I look out the picture window it is a beautiful blue with just a few puffy white clouds. Chamber of Commerce weather to be sure at about 75 tom 80 degrees, but there has been a 30% chance of rain all week. And it has rained.

              Don’t worry, Walt. I won’t melt. 🙂

          • @DK- “federal reserve NOT flawed”

            You are incorrect.(example a- it is an act of congress, the constitution states ONLY CONGRESS can control money, it is a violation of the constitution, and anyone who debases the currency(per the coinage act)”shall be put to death”. See any bankers being put to death?

            Wikipedia on the federal reserve act reads like nazi propaganda, I wonder why.

            Oh, I know-

            “Liability of Shareholders of Reserve Banks
            The shareholders of every Federal reserve bank shall be held individually responsible, equally and ratably, and not one for another, for all contracts, debts, and engagements of such bank to the extent of the amount of their subscriptions to such stock at the par value thereof in addition to the amount subscribed, whether such subscriptions have been paid up in whole or in part, under the provisions of this Act”.


            A privately owned entity issuing money as credit (fractionaly)

            You do not see the flaw in this?

            Board of governors half appointed by gubmint, other half by banks.

            You do not see the flaw/corruptability in this?

            $1.00 created as a bill of credit.

            $1.06 is owed due to interest.(federal reserve act says they get 6% right?)

            Where does the $.06 come from???

            Or is it .04%? It doent matter, the over all point is-

            More money owed then in circulation!!!!!!!!

            You do not see the flaw in this?

            The federal reserve act also says that if any member(shareholder) bank goes bankrupt THEY ARE OUT!!!

            But we bail them out, so they do not lose their status as “share holders’.

            Not flawed?

            Not flawed?

            They have had 100 years to consolidate power and control.

            “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”- Thomas Jefferson

            “Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are U.S. government institutions. They are not … they are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the U.S. for the benefit of themselves and their foreign and domestic swindlers, and rich and predatory money lenders. The sack of the United States by the Fed is the greatest crime in history. Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers, but the truth is the Fed has usurped the government. It controls everything here and it controls all our foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will.” — Congressman Charles McFadden, Chairman, House Banking and Currency Committee, June 10, 1932.

            “… our system of credit is concentrated … in the hands of a few men .. a power so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that [we had] better not speak above [our] breath when [we] speak in condemnation of it … We have come to be … completely controlled … by … small groups of dominant men.” — President Woodrow Wilson.

            Last but not least-

            “Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.” — Baron M.A. Rothschild (1744 – 1812)

        • If you won’t vote Obama and believe Romney and Obama are basically the same then who will you vote for?

          Look at the site for Gary Johnson. He is former Governer of the state of New Mexico and want smaller federal government and the end of corruption.

          I have been looking for options between tweedle dee and tweedle dum and this man is on the ticket so he can be voted for.

          • Amen brother.

            Tweedle dee and tweedle dum=I am voting for Mr.Johnson.

            Not that that will do any good, because tweedle dee and tweedle dums parties COUNT THE VOTES!!!!

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” -Stalin

            • I agree. They do own and control the computers that count the votes ( they now call the election after only 3% of the votes are in nationally. No one knows anything after only 3% of the votes yet they have called the elections at that point). But that just means that when I vote for anyone else I am not voteing for them. It is a matter of principle. And I am hopeing that their computer records the actual votes for them to see how well their brainwashing is working or not.
              The reason that they tried to refuse to seat people at the RNC is because they don’t have computers to count. It is all done face to face with everyone watching. And look at the garbage they pulled in front of everyone and the cameras.

      2. Looks like your up late tonight.

        • I do not know about you all but because I watch some of the RNC convention I felt it only necessary to watch some of the DNC’s. Not sure why really. I held little to no faith with either party to get us out of this mess.

          Over the last couple of nights one main theme seems to be emerging with all the speakers. It has become very clear to me that the DNC thinks that the ONLY thing that women care about is THEMSELVES.

          I know this site is made up of mainly men with very few women so please hear me out for a minute.

          Frankly, I am insulted by their views. Some are Pro-Life and others are Pro-Choice and I won’t get into this arguement here but to think that this is the ONLY issue we face is stupid and very insulting. Now, I can’t speak for all women but I have to say that all the women I know are so much more than that. After all…we are “multifaceted”, we balance home, children, school, job, BUDGETS, & prepping on a daily basis. We carry a long list of things on our AGENDA at any given time.

          Once again I feel misunderstood and misrepresented. When are they going to get it? We are falling off a financial cliff and all they are concern with is free birth control??????

          Bunch of maggots!

          • Tina, I hear you. The day that the Dems ‘speak for me’ won’t ever happen. They’re the most illogical, hypocritical, confused group America has now. That’s why recent polls have shown the (D) Party is decreasing, too — many folks simply can’t follow what they say or identify with them. The “war on women” that they have employed is little more than a detractor tactic to take attention away from Obama’s bad record. And since the Progressive-Dems have utilized the Cloward-Piven strategy with Alinsky tactics, they are trying to shake their base to rally around their ideology being delivered by Obama. They’re also trying to manipulate others to conform to their ideology. Simply put, you won’t budge. Good for you!

            They aren’t going to “get it”. They want subservience and dependency. It hasn’t changed in scores of years and won’t change now. Focus your time and energy on your own belief system — stay true to yourself. Assert your independence and keep preparing for the inevitable collapse that’s coming.

            Now get back in that kitchen, will ya? lol

            • Thanks…I needed that…LOL

            • Zoltanne, I wish it were true, that the D party is decreasing. It seems as though “the dumbing down of America” has gotten more people in line with their way of thinking. Don’t take me wrong, i don’t trust the repubs either, but they do have a few things going for them.

            • I think as time goes it’s getting more clear what side the dems really stand for. I suspect this is why they might be dwindling a bit. The real battle is spiritual, and that is really what side people are choosing, it’s not a political thing as it appears on the surface.

            • Dems illogical? Why yes. But if you think the repubs are any more logical, you are in dire need of meds or lessons in logic.

            • Wisefool (love that nic!) — The (D) Party has been stepping-in-it lately and, yes, the Party is now encroaching on the spiritual/religious values. After their Convention, there will be even more leaving. Have faith!

              Don’t tread — It’s true. From August 2010 to August 2012, the Dem Party, as tracked by Rasmussen has decreased 2% points (from 35% to now 33%). While that doesn’t seem very significant, the decrease is 9.4%!!
              Also, Rasmussen (Sept 1, 2012) just wrote: “After falling for two straight months, the number of Americans who consider themselves Republicans jumped nearly three points in August.

              During August, 37.6% of Americans considered themselves Republicans. That’s up from 34.9% in July and 35.4% in June. It’s also the largest number of Republicans ever recorded by Rasmussen Report since monthly tracking began in November 2002. The previous peak for the GOP was 37.3% in September 2004.” (Link to follow)

          • ”’We are falling off a financial cliff and all they are concern with is free birth control??????”””

            No Tina, they are concerned with implementing Agenda 21 and “depopulation” through controlling new pregnancies and terminating as many as they can. They have even started saying that post birth “abortions” are ok if you there is something wrong with your child after it is born.

            They are far sicker than you give them credit. Too bad their parents didn’t go for an abortion or birth control.

            • Oh, forgot to mention the more people they can prevent being born, the fewer they have to murder. Their sickness is beyond the comprehension of the average man.

            • Gods Creation…you are right, too much credit is being given.

              I heard that you do not even need to have a baby with a disability in order to terminate it’s life post birth. If you, as a parent feel “distressed” and feel that you couldn’t live with yourself for giving the baby up for adoption…you can kill it instead.

              We have fallen so far from grace it is not a suprise we are in the mess we are in.

              Judgment day is coming and people will have to answer for their actions or inactions.

            • Wow. The after-birth abortion is from an Australian research paper, not the DNC platform. It really doesn’t take much to get the venom and hysteria flowing does it?

              Each major election both parties try to key on some lightening rod issue so that we aren’t focused on the man behind the curtain. And the public is suckered in. Every time.

              The problem is, they can do a lot of damage on those touchstone issues even if they aren’t the real problem. Tina, women are more complex than just a uterus, but if we let issues go by under that assumption, our rights can be picked off one-by-one. Sometimes I wonder if pro-choice/pro-life isn’t the finger in the dyke.

            • Bleako: Wow, you’re wrong.

              The official Democratic platform, which was adopted Tuesday, supports a woman’s “right” to an abortion in virtually any case. The language in the platform does not include exceptions for partial-birth abortions or other kinds of late-term abortions, nor does it say taxpayer money should not be dedicated for the procedure.

              Here is the official language, posted on the Democratic Party website:

              “The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay. We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right. Abortion is an intensely personal decision between a woman, her family, her doctor, and her clergy; there is no place for politicians or government to get in the way. We also recognize that health care and education help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and thereby also reduce the need for abortions. We strongly and unequivocally support a woman’s decision to have a child by providing affordable health care and ensuring the availability of and access to programs that help women during pregnancy and after the birth of a child, including caring adoption programs.”

              The language was interpreted by conservative critics as an endorsement of taxpayer-funded abortion — particularly the line about “regardless of ability to pay.” And anti-abortion advocates noted that the platform did not mention any exceptions for partial-birth abortion (which is illegal in most cases) or sex-selective abortions — or include language that was included in the past that stated abortion should be “rare.”

              Former Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, vice president of government relations at the Susan B. Anthony List, said the platform indicates pro-life Democrats have “been left behind” by their party.

              Source: Fox News, Sept 4, 2012

            • GC: Isn’t “terminating post birth” just plain old-fashioned murder? It is scary how changing a few words lets them feel good about committing heinous acts of barbarism.

            • These Demoncrats are the most evil people on the Face of the Earth. The DNC is a Unholy alliance of the Creeps and lowlifes of this Country, and the are pandering to their Base, because Mainstream America, knows its all Bullshyte! They are the Party of Perversion, Hate filled Godless Souls, November, Time to Take out the TRASH!

              Semper Fi

            • For don’t tread..can’t reply to your post;

              31% — Number of Americans that identify themselves as Democrats, as of 2012.
              An average of 36% of Americans identified as Democrats in 2008.
              Decrease, yes.

            • As the mother of a child with a disability this post birth “abortion” stuff horrifies me. My son is the THE single best thing that ever happened to me. He’s a gift from God, that I try every single day to be worthy of receiving.

              No, it’s not always easy raising a kid with a disability, either emotionally, or financially, but noone ever promised me that anything in life worth having was gonna be iykwim.

              Tina – the only thing that “distresses” me is man’s wicked inhumanity to man sometimes ya know?
              GC – it’s shame we can’t apply a standardised test for pyschopathy to those who seek power, and block all those who have no human empathy or conscience.

            • Tina

              You heard? From whom? “I heard…” is the justification used by weak minds unable to investigate facts for itself.

            • Slick is an understatement. I’m watching the 2012 DNC convention right now – Biden’s talking.

              (Call it morbid curiosity. Before you ask, yes – I’m the type who insists on sitting in the front seat of a rollercoaster too.)

              …you know? I bet Goebbel’s ghost is looking on in envy right now. It’s a non-stop propaganda pump. A real gusher.

              According to these yokels, golden days are within sight.

              Little wonder that the masses are going to quite literally crap their underpants once the charade finally collapses once and for all.

            • lonlummum,

              I have an 11 year old boy that is mildly to moderately retarded, or as the politically correct would say has a disability. He’s a good kid. The things he lacks most are greed, envy, hate, deceitfulness, and a few other things like that. His mind and needs are simple, and he is happy most of the time.

              God gave me that child because I have always stood up for others like him, even when I was in school and afterwards as well. God knew I would take care of him and love him like he needs to be.

              I can’t imagine people suggesting he has no right to the best life that we can make for him, but apparently there are many psychopaths that seem to think they know what is best for everybody.

              I wish there was one here now. I am itching for some target practice.

            • The Dems ARE insisting on federal payment of abortions. States already have funds to cover medical proceedures that includes OB and abortions but the Dems insist that the federal government fund abortions and Planned Parenthood despite that fact that it is redundant. They are almost fanatical about this topic.

            • JoeinNC said:
              September 6, 2012 at 6:54 pm


              You heard? From whom? “I heard…” is the justification used by weak minds unable to investigate facts for itself.

              Why Joe, is this like those strawman arguments that the (D)s are so infamously throwing out more often than freshly printed USDollars?

          • Tina,

            Well said! Be assured, you are not alone. I agree with you and most of the women I know do too.

            Of course, what should we expect from a group that removes God from their party platform. Oh, and btw Obama had seen language prior to convention ‘but did not seek to change it’.

            Then, only after PUBLIC outcry, rams it back in…with many ‘delegates’ booing and jeering.

            It is a very sad day for our country that one of the major political parties is OPENLY anti God. This speaks volumes of where our country has fallen.

            Stay strong. Keep praying and prepping.
            KY Mom

            • It is my hope that God rams Obama the muslim and his entire party. I won’t say with what or where. You can use your imagination.

            • Remove God from the platform? SThe Taliban has god in its platform. Sounds like you want to emulate the Taliban. But whose God? The Christain God? The Muslim God? The Hindu God or Gods? The flying spaghetti monster? And what of those of us who know that God is nothing more than Santa Claus for weak minded adults. You sound like Mike Huckabee who thinks all Americans should be forcd at gun point to listen to David Barton of wall builders who advocates aboloshing the constituiton and replacing it with the Bible, the christain version of sharia law. Putting God on the platform is the greatest threat to liberty that you idiots claim to be wanting to defend.

            • KY Mom,

              First and foremost, I am a 24 year old male and a atheist.
              Don’t nail me to the cross just yet. (No pun intended, funny as hell though.)

              I do sympathize with you and your stance on (post birth)abortion. While my personal morals won’t allow me to support the killing of living persons; (when I say “living”, I imply it in my personal sense of what I consider a “living” person to be. I will not discuss the details of this any further.) I cannot stress enough the importance of a persons right to do what they choose to do, regardless of any other persons beliefs, convictions, ideology etc. This is a “god” given right (for lack of better terms) and for any person to encroach on these rights is nothing short of heinous. Which leads me to my point… I will not attempt to speak outside of my range of knowledge, but I will try to get my point across in simplest terms. This may seem blunt and I do not intend to offend.

              Your anti-christian bashing is ignorant and very much ungrounded outside of your narrow-minded logic. While I do respect your right to choice of faith, I am very much offended by your brash comment “…what should we expect from a group that removes God from their party platform.” Your way of thinking is also why I believe in the separation of church and state. You spit upon us whom don’t think like you, and your “God-based government” is just another form of religious propaganda. I’ve never seen a child born as any set religion (I’ve have 3 and I was in the delivery room when they were born) and I believe that they are born this way because there is no set religion for life. If there was, a person wouldn’t have to “find” salvation, I’d be part of them from the start. (If you wish to prove me wrong, find a Bible or on another planet.. god created everything right? There should be bibles all over the universe. And surely he’d only create Christians.) But I don’t intend to spark religious debate so back to the matter at hand.

              For you to assume that all of us “nonbelievers” or “hypocrites” (as I am very sure you’d be quick to call us) are without any kind of moral standard or conviction is nothing less than insulting and another reason why many now-atheist convert from your (and all other)faith(s). (Yes I was a practicing christian.) I am extremely offended. Your words do nothing more than shed light on your ignorance and intolerance towards people who don’t think like you do. You obviously assume your faith is the end all be all and superior to all other ideologies.(Just made myself laugh, what Christian doesn’t?) This severely narrow-minded view is equivocal to the average American’s feeling of superiority to the rest of the world. (Yes I am American and active duty army with two tours to Afghanistan under my belt.) For you to dislike any political party is one matter, but for you to so easily slander those of us without faith is another.

              Personally, I am neither a (D) or (R). Though I am young, I feel that I have a thorough understanding of the world around me and I think the option of voting (D) or (R) is equivalent to the option of dying in your sleep or whilst comatose. It makes very little difference, the outcome will always be the same regardless of whether or not the party claims (very big emphasis on the word “claims”) to uphold your belief in Christianity. With that said, your thoughts implying that a party without god as a platform is such a horrible thing makes me pity you, you either have a very good talent for blocking out and denying anything that doesn’t fit your religious beliefs and/or have been brainwashed by religious propaganda. I have found that the most horrendous acts and atrocities EVER committed were at the hands of religious men in the name of said religions. To be void of religion in one thing, to be (D) (or (R) for that matter) is another. The two have no ties what-so-ever.

              I think before you so freely speak, you should rethink and/or rephrase what you say. Us religion-less people are JUST LIKE YOU. Minus the religion of course.Thank god. (Pun intended lol.)

              Once again, I do not intend to offend. I am sure you are a (somewhat) logical person and can appreciate constructive criticism and opinions… Tolerance is the point I am trying to make. Have a nice day. 🙂

          • Well put! I agree with you completely. It is insulting that in this day, “they” still think all womn care about is making babies!

            • First of all, Obama is not a Muslim because he is killing Muslims all around the world. Second, I don’t know why many people here hate Muslims, they didn’t do 9/11, they don’t hate your freedoms, they don’t want to take over your government. Many say they are killing our troops, well, what do you expect when you invade people’s lands. If chinese or russians were here, people in america would do the same. They want to brainwash people into hating Muslims more so military complex can make more money. Only sheeple fall into this trap. I’m sick and tired of the anti-Muslim sentiment. Maybe if this collapse happens, people will feel how the Muslims were treated in the Middle East by our government and by the dictators this government supported.

            • Read Lame Cherry today..the article makes sense of the DNC God/Jerusalem platform fiasco, at least to me


              Thank you, Tina and God’s Creation, for your ideas about women’s issues. There is too much at stake to be distracted by this, but it plays into the hands of progressives. I’m female and I’m repelled by anything labeled as a pink issue – I even told an ammunition dealer at the NRA that I would not buy a pink firearm or pink-box ammo. It’s sad when so few elected officials focus on important constitutional issues.

              I’m preparing even though most of my relatives (except my 90-yr-old mother) think I’m an alarmist.

            • Hey Moe- Muslims have been killing each other for thousands of years haven’t they?

            • We need to stop using the left wings own language that they create to help them stomach and soften their views. We are the ones that still use the correct language for what we believe, lets correct them when using it.

              1 pro choice is pro abortion or pro death if you will.

              2 Undocumented workers are Illegal aliens.

              3 Cop killer bullets are hollow points

              4 assault weapons are self loading single shot rifles.

              5 independent voters are 99% liberal democrats, only too ashamed to call themselves democrats anymore.

              I am sure you can come up with many other examples.

              We need to stop letting liberals dictate and corrupt our language to soften their own extremist, anti constitutional, anti american views.

              Lets take back our language, shall we?

            • Moe: The muslims DO want to take over our government and every other nation on this earth. The see it as their call from God to make the entire world muslim or kill those who do not convert. American muslims have been far more willing to fit into the American system but they are being radicalized at a rapid rate and moderate muslims have been reporting on this. Moderate muslims do not want to see Sharia law in this country but strictly speaking that is the ultimate goal of their religion. I do not agree on vilifying all muslims. But if you know something of their religious beliefs and politics then you know that radicalizes muslims in this country will become a problem.

            • @c-

              I am sure there are some jewish indivduals out there who want to “take over our government”(some will say they allready have)

              I am sure there are some navajo individuals who would want to “take over our government” (get the us government out of their lives) Are they a problem? You ok with them?

              The KKK sure would.

              So would the black panthers.

              What about members of laraza (the race) they want to “take over our government” RIGHT NOW, and ARE A PROBLEM. NOW!!

              I(and a million others) want to take over our government (back from the banksters and gangsters, restored to follow the constitution).

              Am I, and million others like me going to be a “problem one day”? Or are we allready a problem, due to the ndaa law passed and signed?

            • Nice post Moe. A lot of people are realizing that 9/11 was a false flag. Under every stone is Mossad/Israel. To paraphrase Dr Alan Sabrosky — Israel Did It . At the same time our elected leaders and millions of sheeple are praising the nation that set it all up. The truth will out, and it won’t be Muslims in the guilty corner.

            • Kevin: I do not “have a problem with muslims”. I have a problem with extreemism. And the extreme form of islam calls for them to ultimately take over the world and create a Caliphate (that is their words). That should not condone antimulsim sentiment for moderate muslims but it should mean that extreme behavior from any section of the population should be viewed with caution.
              And I do not want “to take over the government” as you stated you do. I am in favor of a centrist governmental agenda that includes all citizens and is built on a small federal government and more dominant state governments.

          • I could never trust a liberal. They don’t depend on God.

            • Only 4 pricks on this site?

            • I could never anyone who believes in a non-existant being. Since they believe in in a non-existant being that is a demonstrated genocidal maniac, those deluded persons are inclined to emulate their “god” in their state of delusion.

            • @64 ECHO MIKE…..ummmmm how about no. there was no war between the Muslims until america got in iraq. sunnis married shias and vice versa. christians and jews and Muslims lived peacefully. when rome massacred the jews, who did the jews go to? they went to the Ottoman empire. 30,000 jews today in Iran, plus a jew congressman in iran parliament. don’t give me the bs that they are killing each other. you probably listen to fox news. you are brainwashed like most people here when it comes to knowledge about Muslims. you all know that Muslims were massacred in the Middle East like in Iraq and Afghanistan, you all just hate them too much to even care.

            • @c. Who, the 1 Muslim congressman? This is the most heavily armed society in the world vs your talking about like a million Muslims in the u.s. Where in the Quran does it say convert or kill? Now are you talking about the radicals like Alqaeda who are not even 1% of the Muslim population? If so, they say that. You are concerned for nothing. The government is just using the divide and conquer tactic which is working. They are just buying your votes.

            • JoeinNC….This is for you. Ethicists Argue in Favor of ‘After-Birth Abortions‘ as Newborns ’Are Not Persons’

              Oh and BTW Joe no need to be insulting.

              Their basis for auguement is that until you become a vital member of society and able to give back and provide to others then you are not considered a “person” and ultimately are considered a drain on society.


          • Tina I completely agree with you they make us sound like we are so stupid and self centered and have nothing else to concern our selves with
            It is kind of funny how they are Pro-Choice concerning abortion and birth control, but they do not want pro choice for your light bulb, soda, and schools and many other things. Funny how they think they know what is best for us.

            • Ah, a Rand Paul fan???
              How true.

              I read a liberal sees trees with souls, but fetus as mere flesh.
              Nuff said.

            • @jayjay – it’s worse than that:

              They want the government to stay out of their bodies and bedrooms – okay, but how come they think the government has to pay for what they do with or in them?

          • Tina, could it be that pro-life is the only accomplishment the fraud and his administraion can take credit for at this time after 4 years in?
            Even if it is just barely hanging on to that one accomplishment.

            • Hate to break to you sheeple, but pro-lifers are merely anti-abortionites. Their pro-lifedness stops at the end of the birth canal. But, since self-delusion is a trait of so-called prolifers, one should not be surprised.

            • @Joe: Speaking self-delusion…

              Adoption waiting lists are at an all-time high. It’s long enough that many couples adopt from overseas. Most of the women I know at pro-life rallies are on those lists, and many have made it through and adopted a child.

              I have yet to see a church turn away a child or single mother seeking help.

              I’m guessing you’ve been drinking the koolaid.

          • Tina, your post (if expanded) should of/could of been the featured article today. Thank you for putting in to words what my wife and many other women feel and say. Have a great day ma’am.

            • Well thank you. Had I thought for a minute so many would have read it I would have done a better job trying to explain myself.

          • To all you ladies here, God bless you all, you’re all part of what made this a great nation (not the gov’t). You are beautiful, ladies.

            • Well, I wanted to comment on Tina’s original comment about the DamDems and their obvious lack of concern towards women and their view points.

              First @ JayJay, I hope you are right with the stats and the decrease in the “pro-Dem” numbers.If we could only get that lucky. It sure seems strange that everywhere you turn the polls are saying it’s still about half the voting public. Now if you take off the union and illegals votes, it may be as low as 36%.

              Tina, I believe this; the damdem politicians know that women are split on the abortion issue. Since they only care about votes; they only care about the issue of abortion when it comes to women. This is why I think the majority of women, especially single and educated and more lberal minded, will cast a vote for a pro abortion party and for only that reason.

              When I first got serious about a long term relationship with the wife; I started having discussions about more pressing issues such as abortion. Everything about her views and life said “conservative”,however; she voted a staight dem ticket. Her reasoning was if the repubs could tell her what to do with her body, then she assumed they would start telling her what to do in other facets of her life. Her comment, “It’s my body and I’ll do with it and anything in it as I please”, has been echoed millions of times from women.

              When I explained my position as follows, there was no arguement just silence and she has never voted democrat again.

              First of all, we “own” nothing in this world except freewill. God created us for his pleasure, out of love, and expecting that love in return. Question. If you stand by that comment that “It’s my body and I’ll do with it as I please”, and you take an innocent life that is growing, from conception, in your body; do you think God will see it that way? Do you think God cares about political correctness and “womens rights issues”? He cares about “human” rights issues. Is abortion not the same as murder?
              A person can straddle the fence on the abortion issue and feel good about it if they want to. That is their choice. If that choice is not in agreement with God’s laws, it doesn’t mean staying within “Man’s” laws will keep you from Hell Fire.

          • Nice to hear you say that. Realize however, most HUMANS dig free handouts and will behave very badly to ensure their continuation.

            AT PRESENT the group of HUMANS that the politicians are manipulating in this manner are women.

            I dunno what that means exactly but it doesn’t really put the group that goes along with this obvious and one-sided manipulation into a really great social position long term.

      3. I just had an idea that I’ve not heard of, but it’s worth mentioning. For around $50, you can get a queen size water bed mattress that will hold 187 gallons of water. I wish I had thought of it earlier, as a 55 gallon storage drum costs about the same (I bought 2), but isn’t something that would normally be stored indoors. The mattress, however…

        • @ Aaron: Having water beds in all bedrooms was an idea that was put out 30 or so yrs ago by Howard Ruff. I read his book then and never 4got about some of his ideas… still a great read today……”How to survive the coming hard times”(if I remember correctly) Another was just called “Ruff Times”

          • You’d still need a heck of a good filtration system. I heard a comment some time back from a guy who tried the waterbed thing and had terrible quality water coming out. He felt just about as comfortable with that water as with water from a drainage ditch. It will flush the toilet and may be ok for bathing, but he reported it was not even close to potable.

            Chemicals and algal growth.

        • Aaron, been there done that. Another option is to buy a kiddie pool at Wally World for about $20. Holds about 500 gallons. First sign of a problem, fill it up.

          • AZ, Only problem with that is there are so many signs and so many problems. The storage needs to be longer term than a kiddie pool can provide.

            I buy the kids 2 litre bottles of soda just so I can use the bottle to store water. The kids get something to drink now, and we all get something to drink later. It’s win-win.

            • GC, I understand. I have my long term storage taken care of as well. I do have the pool for that just in case scenario if we do wake one morning and find the SHTF for real, not this slow death we are living through today. It’s just one more easy prep item I have. What the hell, if I don’t need it for storage I’ll set it up take a cool
              dip during our hot summer days.

              Any word back or more info on the papers you filed with the clerks office. Read your docs and would like to stay on top of what happens next. Thanks.

            • Anyone that owns their own house,especially in arid regions, should check into installing a cistern for collecting the rain water from their roofs. No better way to store large amounts of potable water. No need to have barrels or jugs taking up valuable inside storage space,and is self filling,replenishing.

              This is what is used in the caribbean or in off grid locations,Where wells wont or cant be used for all fresh water needs and works perfect and is very affordable to install. Cost could be as little as a 2000 gallon septic tank with water proof liner, pvc pipe to channel downspouts to it and a good cover with a bucket and rope.

              (Oh, and a shovel).

            • I’ve been buying the 2.5 gallon plastic containers of water. I’ve also read that you need to rotate your stored water. The containers I’ve purchased are sealed, rather than filled from the tap. My only concern with reusing containers is the need to rotate stock.
              If the container is sealed from the store, can I consider it good forever?

            • Storing water from your downspouts is illegal in Colorado.
              The water laws here are very peculiar.
              That water “belongs” to a “downstream” user.
              By law, you can only use water “once”.
              So, you can’t capture your washing machine discharge and use it to water the garden, you’ve already used that water 1 time to wash clothes.
              Here’s a good one:
              Many people will turn on the shower & let it run a minute until hot water shows up. You can capture that water in a bucket for other uses. BUT, as soon as you get IN the shower, you can no longer capture the water, as you’ve used it once to bathe.
              Of course, if you can dig a hole & bury your tank during the night, no one’s the wiser.
              “What? I don’t know where that pipe goes. Into the sewer, right? It was here when I moved in.”

        • Couple o’ things about water beds…

          * water beds nowadays often have baffles and an expandable foam/matrix insert, which makes moving water a bit slow, as well as providing a fertile ground for…

          * algae and bacteria. You have to periodically treat the water in your bed against bacteria and chemical growth. You could likely still wash with the stuff, but I wouldn’t recommend drinking it.

          * waterbeds are *heavy!* If you have a bedroom on an upper floor, make sure your floor can support the up to 3/4-ton (~200 gal @ 8.8 lbs/gal) that a king-sized waterbed will put on the floor beneath it (Mind you, this isn’t counting the weight of your ass on it, the spouse’s ass on it, etc, which could mean at least 300 lb more if you’re both skinny, making that up to a full ton of combined weight.)

          * If you’re renting, the landlord/manager likely has a policy in place that prohibits waterbeds.

          * If it breaks, it’s gonna make a royal mess and likely do a lot of damage to the structure of the home.

          Otherwise? A waterbed in a basement guest bedroom would be a pretty decent little cistern, if you avoid the professional chemicals and just use a little bleach (just insure that bleach won’t damage the bladder).

          Another idea would be to get a hot tub for the backyard (you can often get them for free), and keep it filled (and just barely warm enough to prevent freezing). That’d give you a shedload of washing water.

          • gah – meant “bacteria and algae growth”, not “chemical”.

          • I just have (20) 30 gallon drums filled, stacked.
            When one gets empty, they will be my water catchers.
            20 cost $200 in Lexington, Ky, 10 on a truck, twice.
            I have any and all plastic bottles emptied with water—-like GC, it gets used and then filled.
            Not 2 liters though; they hold some rice; not all,5 gallon buckets for that.

        • Love the idea of water beds for water storage but where do you sleep as I can’t stand sleeping in water beds with all the sloshing around. Also don’t forget about storing water for not drinking purposes like washing dishes, Washing Laundry, takings baths, and moping floors. You folks should be storing water for those purposes and you can use fabric softer and laundry detergent bottles to store water for those purposes.

          • Where can a guy like me by a couple of cases of inexspensive stool softener Nella ? I’ve always had this problem since puberty and Im ashamed to ask anyone in person. Thanks

            • It’s called, pure H2O. Drink two quarts daily. I can guarantee your stool will be softer. I know, because I have a spasmic colon and irritable bowel. The more water I drink and the better I chew my food up, the less constipation. You’re welcome… Dr. Tread.

      4. There are multiple sites where you can get the basics on prepping. This one is a good start. Also check out Survivor blog and Stan Deyo. Time is getting short. The FEMA surge team now wants 15000 Just from DHS and then they are going to go to the rest of the government for more. This is on thier in house web site. You need six weeks to six months NOW. Sell one of the flat screens, a car, or your grumpy father in law, but get your asses in gear. I can tell you trouble is a coming and soon. WATER, FOOD, AMMO, MEDICEN, COMMUNICATION, BEDDING.

          • Hi KY Mom,

            If someone searches for the LDS Preparedness Manual, they should be able to download a soft copy for free and print it out. You’re right, its huge, but there is a ton of information about food storage, I’ve used it several times

      5. You will not wake up one morning and your money is gone. That is drama and is not going to happen. It may take days, weeks, months but not overnight. If it did then everything everywhere would be wiped out and there would be no such thing as currency of any kind. Greece and Spain are slow moving train wrecks and this will cause a domino effect. Its when the QE’s happen in closer intervals that a imminent collapse is at hand. Just my view on things, but like all things in this world we are surprised constantly by the spin TPTB can put on things to keep that concrete can moving.

        • Gravlore, how long did it take the Savings & Loan scandal to prohibit withdrawals? Were people warned ahead of time? (I can’t recall but do have friends who were seriously affected then.)

          • Well, here’s a story from back then:

            A couple we knew got out of real estate at the very top of that bubble, down in Houston, IIRC. Absolute pots and pots of money. His *retirement* business was jewelry making and he put a lot of money into physical gold.

            They went to the BVIs, built a dream home and had a fantastic 20 years.

            By 1996 or so, gold had declined, the market for their jewelry was down,the dream house was on a 99-year lease since they were foreigners and were not allowed to own it and besides, the market for such homes down there were in glut at the time. They were reduced to selling the gold at a loss to live while hawking t-shirts at the low tier resort trade shows. At least, though, they _had_ the gold to sell, so they had *something*.

            So, it didn’t matter that they came out of one bubble-and-crash smelling great, there was simply another one waiting down the line. What were all the right decisions in the 70s were the wrong place to be by the 90s.

            Could they have hedged themselves better than they did? Sure. Are all hedges foolproof? Nope. Was any of it really their fault? I don’t think so.

        • Gravlore: Maybe, maybe not, it depends where your money is. You’re more likely to lose your money in a larger bank with connections to other banks and financial institutions that are still heavily leveraged. On the other hand if your money is in a local CU with prudent lending practices, then you’re much safer. An intelligent person will still have some cash on hand in the unlikely, but still possible, event of a nationwide banking holiday, along with some small gold, and ‘junk’ silver. Should widespread panic set in; both credit and debit cards along with checks of all kinds will be usesless as retailers realize that the money may not be forthcoming from these types of transactions. Then-cash will be king. Better have a lot of smaller bills and change because with banks closed, retailers won’t be getting any deliveries. The phrase ‘exact change’ will be the mantra of all retailers. Expect prices of everything to rise quickly because these retailers won’t be getting resupplied anytime soon because all credit/electronic transactions will have stopped. But most of us here aren’t worried about this because we have most of our preps and may only need a few things from certain retailers while the rest of the ‘sheeple’ panic. Still, don’t leave too much in any institution because you may never see it again. It’s a daily balancing act, money at home or elsewhere and money for daily living, for most of us but we’re getting use to it. Better bone up on your bartering skills because it will be coming.

          • Gregory. You are correct. I do not have investments of any kind since 20 years ago when I was 16 I knew how the system worked. 40 years is the average maximum for fiat before collapse. Why on earth would I invest a single dime into something that will die before I hit retirement.

        • But you can lose your money overnight. Just ask the MF Global or Bernie Madoff clients. All it takes is one dishonest firm.

          • Those are not banks. MF Global and BM clients are not banks. If you willingly GIVE your money to an investment house then you take the gamble. A bank however will show signs of dying and thats when I would take out my money. BANKS do no fail overnight. The example of Spanish and Greek banks tell a story of slow failure. Months not hours.

            I do not trust banks but I pay bills through them as do many people. The leftover money we buy items as I do believe they are of value compared to cash (digital or paper). Regardless of what some think like myself, I do believe that people of this forum generally do not have vast amounts of current currency in banks as we do see the writing on the wall.

            Again, Banks are not the same as investment houses like MF. Celente lost a lot of money because he bought paper and then wanted delivery. Pay the premium to get the hard asset of metal from a reputable online retailer if metals are your game. I only have 25oz silver but I have 90 lbs of 3 1/2″ galvanized spiral nails. 🙂

      6. “September may turn out to be a bad month for stocks or it might end up being just fine”
        OMG, what a stupendous prediction. Here is another great accurate prediction from me.
        You may be constipated tomorrow or you may have a great bowel movement tomorrow.
        This is how the doom and gloomers make their predictions.
        How can these people claim to be experts at predicting the economy when they know nothing about crap.
        So what do you think Mr Mac, will your shit hit the fan tomorrow or will your fan remain free of your crap?

        • To tell the truth, no one knows, and being prepared to a sane extent is never a bad thing.

          I’d much rather have it and never need it, than not have it when I really do need it.

          As for when and where? Only a fool or a liar (or an astronomer watching an inbound asteroid) can predict that with any perfect and logical certainty.

          • Prepared to a sane extent is a great idea. But this site and others like it advocate insane preps. But given the religious extremism apparent on this site, one should not be surprised at the insanity since religion is the product of a deluded and diseased mind.

            • Actually, I disagree to a great extent.

              There are a lot of good ideas, and they get traded around a lot.

              I have yet to see a post sincerely stating that they keep .50 BMGs around the home and concertina wire stacked in the garage, so, well… you apparently haven’t been here long.

              In regards to:

              “… religion is the product of a deluded and diseased mind.”

              So Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, the folks who founded the USA, and other historic luminaries too numerous to name…

              …had “deluded and diseased” minds?

              You sure about that?

        • I hope and pray everyday that this will not happen. I would be very happy if every one is wrong about this but I do see the hand writing on the wall so I will prep and hope I do not need it but if I do then I have it you never know what may happen at any given time so be ready.

          • This is great for the “ON THE GO” prepper that missed breakfast…….Hey it’s at least a meal !

      7. I better get some vasaline, this is gonna hurt.

        • Not if you can stop em from bending you over.

          Learning how to stop or prevent abuses of the corp against you is a valuable prep.

          • Learning how to stop or prevent abuse Period.

      8. Seriously dude? Maybe you should consider therapy or something. Go outside and split some wood or dig a hole and fill it in. Please give it a rest.

      9. I read things like this and mentally panic as I know I am not ready for it. When that feeling subsides I look around and realise that I’ll never be totally ready, something will always be amiss, my location, my ability to defend myself adequately, my situation will never be perfect but I also see that I am doing the best I can with what I’ve got and with each day that passes my preps are in better shape and the ability to deal with what life throws at me improves due to what I am learning about the world I live in and those that control it. Keeping on is the only way now.
        Keep on prepping, keep on learning,keep on doing whatever I can to improve on what I have ready for the time wheni i can’t prep because the stores are empty.

        Facebook. Hope you and nana are dong okay lol

        Take care

        • Thank you Burt. I get so tired of saying it…, so often I find myself advising ‘preppers’ who find themselves shocked when I run down the list with them. C’mon, who can be ‘prepared’ for TEOTWAWKI? I mean, c’mon who are we kidding? You just have to make you best effort to prepare and after that all you can do is smile, enjoy the ride and put your fate in the hands of (fill in you choice of name for Supreme Being)…emphasise on ‘enjoy the ride’.

          What you don’t want to be is someone like the Berliners of 1945 who would not admit the truth to themselves until the thunder of the Russian artillery became a regular non-stop, daily occurance. A little too late by that time.

          All efforts to prep mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically & socially are a step in the right direction and are to be encouraged.

          Non Illegitimi Carorundum

          • @Slap Happy…

            Very well said.

        • Basically what Slap said.

          Best you can do is have the basics wired tight, be somewhere out of the way from any resulting mobs, and hope for the best.

          I’m reasonably prepared, but if an asteroid fell on my house I doubt that I could do much about it. OTOH, if most other things hit, my missus and I would do reasonably okay, depending on what it was, where it hit first, and how bad it gets.

        • hey burt how r u girl. was wondering if you have heard from Manos.. It has been tooo long that he has not posted here, praying for him still but I am growing worried for him and his family as like I said it has been a long time since I have seen him post. Hope all is well with you. I am still trudging along here LOL.

          • Justincase

            I am good thanks. Hope you and yours are well. Possee has posted Manos latest letter further down.

            Take care

      10. People have predicted economic collapse for decades. What makes todays predictions any different from the past. Life will go on and there will always be people touting economic collapse. I’ve learned to take it with a grain of salt.

        • Celente has been predicting it every year since at least 1999. There are plenty of clips showing that on Youtube. Every year he makes money. Eventually he will be right like when someone curses you and twenty years later you die from heart failure.

          It’s like buying car insurance. Once we have it we don’t change how we drive or move our car to another state. According to the BTS there are about 5.5 million car accidents a year in the U.S. so we are statistically guaranteed to be in one during our lifetime. Even better odds than economic collapse.

          • Government Guy

            Predicting an actual collapse timeline is nearly impossible..agreed.


            All those who warned of the actual oncoming implosion of 07/08 were correct..including Celente.Shiff and many others…

            and they were all were dismissed as doom and gloomers as the rest of the ‘experts” declared Bear Sterns and Lehman were solvent..

            Given the facts presented and the scenarios unfolding regarding devalued dollar.debt load.segregated funds exposed to disappear.etc etc.
            I’ll take the chance of listening to the doom and gloomers anyday..maybe their timelines are off..but the wheels are coming off the bus for all of us..slowly but surely..


            • He was right about the crash he had been predicting every year, but wrong about the consequences at the time.

            • When 3 families work, and those taxes support 7 families, how can that get better??
              Jobs..well, there ya go.
              Prep, pray, and prep more–God gets it!!!

          • OK, I’m not one for odds or such but the numbers that our own government are spewing out are not accurate. Secondly, the bankers that are regulating our investments will not be prosecuted if they swindle us out of our savings. The money printing will continue. Those in charge do not care about you or I and will plunder what is left in a broken system. The Icelanders would’nt stand for it and booted them out. This was an isolated incident and other countries are forced to play along. Truth is, all of these countries are insolvent and yes, the U.S. is as well with well over 60 trillion in un funded liabilities. How long can this go on? We will be the last to know when TPTP decide to pull the plug. So where does that leave us? In a position to protect what we have and plan for this in a cool and calm fashion. All of those folks like Celente, Volker, P.C. Roberts, Rickards and the like have warned about this. These guys are better connected and smarter than I am so I am going to prep as they recommend. It really just makes sense.

          • Government Guy: But it’s not just Celente. I’ve been following a few other fellows and put together what they all said, not as predictions, but as signs in the financial system, and I was able to ‘see’ for lack of a better term, the coming collapse in 2008. I started slowly moving all of money in my 401k from stocks to bonds in early 2007. I finsihed a few months before the things fell apart. My coworkers and friends all said I was nuts and called me a’doomer’. When it was all over most of them lost upwards of 50% of their portfolio, anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000. Needless to say, they were all in shock. On the other hand, I and my wife made a little money during this time. And yes, I’m gloating a little, because it was as plain as the nose on your face what was going to happen. I tried to warn folks but they were ‘too samrt’, well, f**k them all, because I got the last laugh. I’m not a financial genuis, just a guy smart enough to sift through all of the chaff out there and understand something of what’s going on. This time it’s a little less clear as to what and when, but ‘something wicked this way comes’ and if you’re not ready, you’ll just be another financial casualty. The real danger with this coming ‘event’ is that it probably won’t be a single event but a lot of smaller ones, in jerks and stops, in a downward spiral and most of us won’t even notice it/them until we look back and see that is was one long, slow collapse. Don’t look now but it’s already begun!

            • Hey GG, you gotta get down my street first. I don’t like your odds.

          • @government guy. If you don’t think financial collapse is coming soon, then don’t prepare and take your chances.

            Your choice.

            Just don’t come to our doorsteps looking for food & shelter.

            Good luck.

            • Be assured TPTB have been using our fat public paychecks to get our families ready while at the same time collecting data on horders. When we come to your house it will not be with our hats in our hands. Your door will explode inward as the house fills up with tear gas.

            • Is that a threat government guy? I think we need to deploy the wrath of the FBI & local police on you.

              You just threatened US citizens.

              Track his IP address! Arrest him!

            • Good luck with that, GG.

              Hope your delusions don’t get your family in a bind.

        • Read the e mail from manos just posted.

          a once flourishing nation
          the crown jewel of the Mediterranean

          reduced to despair..

          and they too thought it could never happen to them..


          • Thanks for the update from Manos!

        • The Federal Reserve creates billions of new dollars every month to fund Obama’s massive deficit spending. It’s only a matter of time before we have hyperinflation like Germany had in the 1920s. I believe the collapse is imminent. Like just before the election or just after.

        • Josh, as Mr. Mises put it

          “”There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.””

          It is not merely a possibility, but a mathematical certainty that the Fed ponzi scheme WILL collapse.

          It has been powering along for a little over 40 years, which is the average lifespan of a fiat currency. Not only that, but the collapse and devastation was planned from the beginning to purposely create the resulting conditions. It is all well documented.

          It is not a matter of if a collapse will happen. It is a matter of when. For sure, take anyone’s prediction of when with a grain of salt.

          Just understand that it is a 100% certainty that it will, in the not too distant future. Along with that grain of salt, you would be well advised to keep several more boxes in your house for when it does.

          You can get ready, or choose not too. And you will reap the benefits or pay the consequence for what ever choice you make.

          • Josh either works for the govt. or has a nice job with perks.
            IT CAN NOT HAPPEN TO HIM!!

          • Great news!!!. Mario Drahgi and the ECB are going to buy soviergn debt in Europe. They finally SOLVED the debt problem in the EURO zone!! Woo Hoo!!!
            US market rallied. Europe rallied.
            And it was soooo simple. They are going to “create” new debt, and use it to buy the old debt. Wow! Hey Ben, are you getting this?? ( Germany is not to thrilled, But what will the Germans do? Nuttin. History of being lame and passive, and whatnot).
            I’m considering selling my gold and silver, and getting back in the market. It can only go up from here. To the moon, Alice, to the moon!!!

            • Me to, e-trade here I come!!! Facebook baby!!! 🙂

        • When was the last time the US was $16 trillion in debt?


          • Err, when was the last time *any entity* was $16T in debt?

          • 16 trillion official+ 18 trillion banker bailout+ 50 trillion un funded liabilities.

            Shouldnt we be talking 84 trillion?

      11. Josh

        I hope you’re right. I believe you are wrong.

        Take care

      12. Besides the standard food and guns and ammo. TOOLS!!!!

        Hit up the pawn shops and buy saws and axes, etc.

        I have a 22″ bow saw with 10 spare blades. Hack saw blades, razor blades, exact-o knife blades. Table saw blades, etc. Consumables and 2-3 spare sockets. I get them for about 10 cents each when I buy a bunch of them. Used drill bits are cheap too and can be sharpened.

        Don’t forget Allen wrenches and small jeweler screwdrivers.

        Maybe some deck screws and nails. Although you will be scavenging them when you take abandoned homes apart.

        If you have a small off grid power system. Cutting and drilling will be much easier with rechargeable drills. And when the Ni cads die you can direct wire a 12 volt battery to a 12 volt drill with speaker wire.

        Once it’s broke, you might not get another for years if ever.

        God bless you all when the collapse hits. Tools will be useful when you are battening down the hatches. And for the slow recovery….

        • I agree and do the same… i’ve come across a brand new hand-held, hammer-driven impact driver with 4 bits and 6 sockets… found a 10LB sledge head, added a new handle… same with a 1LB welders hammer… rescued a pick-axe from being trashed… recently bought a used Poulin chain saw for $40 – not the top of the line but it works… a few weeks ago while on a week of vacation, i bought a PSE Graphite compound bow for under $75 in near perfect condition…

          point being, there are things out there… effort must be made to be alert for them and to jump on them when they come…

          • Yard sales and AUCTIONS are great places to find these hand tools for pennies on the dollar.

            Don’t forget old Hit & Miss engines….remember those?

            • Man, I’d love to have one of those hit and miss engines. The old ones are at “collector” prices(sometimes $1000 for good running ones) and I’m not too sure of the quality of the Chinese ones. Any experience with these?

          • I buy and sell military gear at the flea markets. My competition is greater and prices are going up. The availability of items to purchase is down. Cast Iron pans and griddles are a steal. If you don’t mind used cooking gear they are still plentiful. Once you couldn’t give a pair of Vise Grips away. Now they are few and far between.

          • That is one thing I need more of, arrows & broadheads!!!

        • Bow saws work fine on limbs, but for real firewood they just don’t cut it (pun intended). I inherited a two-man crosscut saw from my grandfather and picked another one up at an antique store for $15. They are much more efficient than an axe and will saw much bigger trees than a 22″ blade. Be sure to pick up a saw file so you can keep it sharp.

          • PP…$15?….Gotta say you made one great deal there.The ones I’ve seen people think they must be made of gold.

            • I got lucky. I was at an antique mall in the city and that is was asking price. They were probably valuing it at decoration value.

      13. For all the naysayers: Take a trip into New Orleans and see how many folks wish they had prepared for catastrophy. Even after Katrina the lesson was not learned by many……then came Issac.

        “The end of the World as we know it” happens nearly evrydayday for someone, someplace in the world. Man made or not a day with your name on it, may indeed be just around the corner. Being prepared is wisdom, not folly.

        The fool fiddled while Rome burned. Some say America is much like that fable empire today.

      14. I am a trader and I see what’s going on.
        Those who are denying it today will be the first casualties tomorrow.
        So, yeah, keep on denying until you get a 2″x4″ on your forehead.
        But don’t worry, it won’t hurt!

        • As a trader you see what’s going on…

          please share some details and hypothetical unfoldings.


        • Philippino Bob….I agree with Posse. Please share your insights.

        • That 2 X 4 will be Josh or Rich??? LOL.

      15. I am old but I have seen this Country regress slowly for years. I remember the Cuban Missle Crisis and my Dad talking about building a bomb shelter. We did duck and cover drills in school as sirens would blare an attack signal. There were those civil defense symbols in a lot of places where you could go and there were supplies to keep you alive but I am more afraid for this Country now then ever before. People We are on our last legs and this was planned all along. We are the biggest suckers of all mankind. Communism was the enemy in the 50’s-60’s but they have whittled away at our Country because they are patient and We weren’t. They replaced God with the state and now We are paying the price. Communisn is the work of satan. Get ready because I feel it with every fiber in my body. I am literally terrified with what’s coming.

      16. Those in the stockmarket need to be prepare before September 14th…..Massive sell off sometime in September……..What a great joke! Just keep prepping as you can afford to and don’t worry about the dates that some of these screwballs keep touting. I know its enough on me keeping my business going, prepping, and what most folks would perceive as a normal family life. I am not ever gonna have enough of all the right things that some claim I need to have but I’ll be a lot better off than most. I’ll take that as being ready.

        • PO’d; Super Mario and the ECB fixed it. All will be back to normal and really swell soon. stand down. hehehe

      17. Those who prepare and keep their head together if and when this crisis does happen.. Have a higher chance to make it through the rough time..

        But if we have a global weather or pole shift.., all bets are off.. Lights out..

        If you think about it.. Money is paper… But it’s also power.. Take the $$ away from the masses.. And they WON the war without even firing one shot..

        Its something to definately be concerned about.

        • Pole shift? How idiotic do you people have to be to believe in shit crap.

          • @ JoeinNC. Pole shifts have happened before. Many magnetic pieces of iron ore recovered from ancient fire pits actually point south rather than north. Granted they are usually slow, they can be rapid. The plates under the feet of people are hardly stable. The plates are thin as or thinner than the rind on an orange in comparison. The liquid rock below the crust is constantly moving as heat causes convection throughout an enclosed highly pressurized environment. The planet is not just sitting dead in space, it rotates like a top and spins and that spin wobbles, it is called the Chandler Effect. Tops sometimes flip. The planet is also rotating around a huge body called the sun. On top of that having a large moon that is tidal locked it is so close to the planet.

            A pole shift is absolutely possible, it has already happened. In our lifetimes, who knows, but it is already crap it is real.

            • @informed- scientific proof is NOT allowed, thats playing dirty :).

              Dont get joe thinking, he might be up all night(twisting and turning), and be late to his day job at wendy’s. 🙂

            • @ kevin. Thank you for making me laugh tonight. That statement by Joe upset me so much that I meant to say, but it is hardly crap, it is real. This type of statement makes me think of all those people that sat around convincing themselves, bobbing their heads like lizards looking at themselves in a mirror, that the planet was flat. Yet they could see the bottom of sailing ships disappear beyond the horizon only 10 miles or less depending on the heighth of the ship, where only the top half remained. Better yet they could only see the top half of islands across the sea. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? 😉

      18. Michelle O. may have to whittle her entourage down to her favorite 20 staff members.

        Oh, the humanity!

        • I wish she’d whittle her own rear end down & stop telling EVERYONE else how to eat……what a hypocrite.

          • Stop rippin’ on her, She’s finally proud of her country.
            And after her speech, I think O’prez ought to go to the one name thing.

            Sting,Oprah,Madonna,Barrack ( it is odd how they NEVER use his middle name. odd )

      19. If you can’t wear it,eat it,shoot it,or clean game with it—SELL IT!!!NOW!…My advice to those new preppers.”Just add water,it
        s tastes better than dirt.” Keep that in mind when stocking up on foodstuffs.Bugout bags should be your first priority.When you get one together,put it on and take a long walk. You might decide to add more if it’s comfortable or you might want to swap things out if the load is too heavy.Preparing is more than just stockpiling. Good luck to you all.Hit a garage sale this weekend or better yet have one!

      20. Philippino Bob has seen this too. Back in July, linked to an article with historic market data. September was brought up along with a timetable of 10 to 15 weeks left before a correction or major downturn. For the life of me I can’t recall the site or author but the evidence was compelling. On top of all this are recent decisions on money market accounts held in brokerage firms like MF Global. Ann Barnhard’s warning that any of these firms could fold and lose clients assets. Word on The Street is that a large financial institution may be another Lehman Brothers on the brink. Wall Street insiders are buying rural properties and investing in hard assets like Gold. This tells me that something is going to broad side the average investor in the short term. That is why I am now in cash and only that amount that I can afford to lose. Just do a search for yourself on these issues that I have mentioned. Or just keep hoping for change!

        • They wouldn’t keep this information to themselves.

      21. speaking of collapse

        many ask how manos is faring nowadays

        here’s his e mail from today that several of us received
        and he asked to share..

        Good morning,

        We were out for the last two weeks.

        We drove to the village and stayed with my uncles and aunts.

        No internet, no cell phone, no landline. Just us, the sea, and God….

        Sophia had a good time swimming and hiking, and she met her cousins for the first time.

        We two, are trying to bring our marriage to some balance and see how it goes.

        Things here are going from bad to worst, every day.

        Taxes now are difficult to count sonce they implement new ones every day.

        People just laugh and turn their backs. We don’t pay shit, and the government is forcing the collect of taxes with penalties, jail, and confiscations.

        They cannot take our souls though.

        My obligation to the global thieves is not an Income Tax, but 1,130 euros of CHARITY FEE. If i pay this crap, i’m gonna need charity myself. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, what a suckers…..

        They are implementing another property tax (the 4th actually) within 2 years.

        Rumours speak of closing down the unemployment fund, so by January all unemployed will eat their testicles (sorry for the language).

        All social services have collapsed, so all citizens pay from their own savings all medical exams, drugs, and hospitals. If no money is the case, then you just can die in the pavement. Anyway, the state will not cover the funeral expenses.

        The government along with the E.U. is going to decrease the private sector salaries up to another 30%, eliminate the layoff compensation, and increase the working days from 5 to 6, which means AT LEAST 48 working hours.

        The police now is receiving all citizens’ unpaid obligations and report-arrest them during traffic patrol controls.

        A new police unit is arming itself with new FN auto rifles and pistols, in order to become the spear of the government in potential city riots.

        Gas price is exeeding now the 2 euros per liter, and products in super markets are beyond our reach.

        The electricity company is charging us some fee, for the R & D department of photovoltaic systems companies. so actually we pay our obligation to the government, and with its turn, it pays private owned German companies.

        The same applies to the telephone company which totally belongs to Deutche Telekoms.

        Our provisions can hold for up to 3 months now, and we are going to buy some more for the winter. I cannot cultivate stuff because we live in an appartment, and the village is so far away which makes it unaffordable due to the gas expenses.

        We bought another bicycle for Maria, in order to have backup travelling means if gas skyrockets.

        My dad’s pention has been cut again, and my sister (school teacher with two masters degrees) receives 750 euros per month.

        Today’s unemployment was announced in 24.5%, but its the official one. My opinion is that it’s way up, probalby around 30 to 31%.

        Even if we live on an island, and the beach is 10 minutes from Heraklion, people didn’t filled their cars with gas to take their families for swim.

        Everybody tried to take the public transportation means. So the government increased the ticket price, and now it costs around 1,80 euros per ride.

        They announced that the water company will close down, and water control will be given to private businesses in order to increase competitiveness. This means that they are going to screw us without vaseline…..

        Sorry for taking so long to write to you. I always think of you and try to follow the SHTF.

        But as i told you the other day, depression is a bad councelor.

        Sorry for making you sad.

        Please pass the message to others. This is a plan which will be implemented to the whole civilized world.
        It’s not related to lazy people, black money, tax avoidance, or nations’ debt.
        It has to do with the control of resources, and control of masses, leading to the Orwelian model of society. Read “1984” and you’ll understand what i mean.
        Now Spain and Italy are entering the twilight zone.

        Be safe all. Please send my best wishes to Giurza.

        Your friend Manos.

        • Posse, I was just going to post his letter, then I saw you had. Thanks!
          I worry for him and his family. Greece is so screwed, and like the rest of the western world they act as if things are just plugging along as usual, not a problem in the world. Everyone keep prepin’ and keep safe!

          Peace, Clay

          • Clay

            You are welcome..

            Our dear friend manos has warned us time and time again of what’s to happen..

            read his closing lines for you naysayers out there!

            Greece was a thriving nation and now reduced to rubble financially as the globalists have destroyed it from within…

            and the people of Greece thought it could never happen to them..

            same applies here

            read it and weep

            or read it and prepare..


            • @ posse an FN? Rifle is that a brand or type. I am unfamiliar and Google spits to many hits back to make sense of it.?

            • manos said “Taxes now are difficult to count sonce they implement new ones every day.

              People just laugh and turn their backs. We don’t pay shit, and the government is forcing the collect of taxes with penalties, jail, and confiscations”.

              This is one of my biggest fears when they come knocking to collect…either money or YOU.

            • FN-Fabrique Nationale. It was the company that John Moses Browning went to to produce many of his firearms when America’s firearms manufactures didn’t want to play ball with him.

            • Thanks for the update on Manos and his family. My thoughts and prayers go out for him. Greece is definitely the canary in the coal mine.

            • Thanks Patriot! An answer and a history lesson in one. Clay

        • Thank you for posting that, Not good news, but good to hear from Manos. This is what we have on its way here, and it will hit like a 2 ton brick.

          My prayers are with you and your family Manos

          It comes down to starving out the system, if thats not done( and that wont be pretty either) this will all end up a snow ball headed for hell

          • Tina, you do know they added a ‘surcharge’ to the utility bill because Greeks refused to pay an increased tax??

            That can be done here..shhh. don’t tell the sheeples!!

        • Wow. Sounds bad. Good thing this couldn’t happen here.

        • Several statements he made reassure me that I made the right decision to buy precious metals in 2010 after all other areas were provisioned. They have doubled in value while other commodities have not risen as fast.

          Just a couple:
          “They are implementing another property tax (the 4th actually) within 2 years.”

          “The police now is receiving all citizens’ unpaid obligations and report-arrest them during traffic patrol controls.”

          It does not sound like they are accepting beans as payment. Many people in the U.S. may lose homes that are paid for before this is over just as they did during The Great Depression.

          • prepared pastor I have not caught up tp you in awhile how is the wife feeling and any updates on the baby. Last I heard the doctors were saying they heard no heartbeat ….keepin you guyz in my prayers and hope all is well..

        • My prayers are with you and your family Manos.

          Manos, I know you are a man of faith. I add these words hoping to give you some encouragement. Although you are facing difficult times, always remember you are not alone. May you feel God’s presense surround, comfort and strengthen you.

          May God grant me
          Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
          Courage to change the things I can,
          And the wisdom to know the difference.

          • KY Mom, heres the full prayer:

            God, give us grace to accept with serenity
            the things that cannot be changed,
            Courage to change the things
            which should be changed,
            and the Wisdom to distinguish
            the one from the other.

            Living one day at a time,
            Enjoying one moment at a time,
            Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
            Taking, as Jesus did,
            This sinful world as it is,
            Not as I would have it,
            Trusting that You will make all things right,
            If I surrender to Your will,
            So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
            And supremely happy with You forever in the next.


            also attributed as a prayer to be said before going into battle….

            • another Jay,

              I had never seen the full prayer, only the shorter version. Both are beautiful.

              Thank you for sharing! 🙂

              KY Mom

        • Can Manos’ friends give us some idea of whether or not he and his wife still have jobs and what they might be? It would seem safer for them and their daughter to go to the village and live with family.

          Has anyone heard from the Lithuanian (or maybe Ukrainian?) poster, Giurza?

          This is what happens, though, when people outsource responsibility to the government and live the Socialist lifestyle of unionized workplaces. The government then outsources their own responsibility to other countries and the workplace becomes irrelevant when there are no customers. I agree that the Greeks were exploited but they are an object lesson as regards socialism, as well as globalization. enslavement is still enslavement, even if it is initially comfortable. Slaves are expendable.

          That said, I do not understand how any government has the ability to mandate private sector salaries and hours. That would mean that the private sector is actually nationalized, just as 0 states he wants to do in a second term by taking over every industry sector as he did GM. I can see how this would result in demanding the populace pay for the safety net by overt force (the Charity Fee and taxes enforced by armed random checkpoint). Here and now, we are coerced by covert force, the IRS.

          If only a very few can afford to buy in the supermarket, how long before the supermarkets are closed? I would think the urban dwellers who could flee to the countryside where the food is produced would do so. An island nation means there must be many places where folks can survive by fishing. I have spent time in island nations and even the urban folks with jobs in the tourist industry say they must fish to survive. The soil is very poor on some islands, so gardening is usually intensive and in raised beds or even greenhouses, due to being in the tropics. Soil is expensive. The older people all remember a time when the men worked abroad, often on Merchant Marine or factory fishing boats and it was called The Remittance Economy for the paychecks that were sent home to support the family. Perhaps that will happen again?

          • Blue H2O

            Manos is an accountant and his job looks likely to be coming to an end before Christmas. The village is some distance from home and is not feasible whilst working. If I understand correctly the plan is to move to the village when they can’t go on any longer.

            Guirza is okay but very down and facing a situation very similar to Manos. He lives very close t a forest and knows what he is looking for so collects a goodly amount of wild edibles. He iand his wife are canning like crazy to be ready for winter, prices are rocketing there. He is rarely on the internet now as he is so busy often with chopping wood so he is covered for the cold winters in Lituania. In addition the Internet is expensive there so he just pops on and off.

            I will passion your regards when I next write.

            Take care

            • I think I have the record for the most typos in one post.

              Sorry about that folks

              Take care

            • God bless you all.

              I’m sure that we won’t go silently into the night.

              Take care.

            • Thank you, Burt. All of the posters in other countries are a help to us, here. To realize that this is global changes the perspective and helps ID the perps. Takes it out of the narrow tribalism of Democrat/Republican, too.

          • Burt I must disagree I do.

            • Facebook

              You got predictive text that you don’t check as well ?

              Take care

            • That is also true. But I am a poster child for spell check. Absolutely my worst subject and area in all I do. I love these new talk to glasses with a screen. When there are perfected better. I will write a book.

              Remember that there is ways to have household items laying around the home that can be quickly adapted into a high speed projectile dispenser. No response needed.

        • A financial collapse will breed a new government the likes of which American’s never dreamed would exist.

          Taxes upon taxes. Control over the people. Control over the resources. Control over EVERYTHING!

          It will be the end of the small amount of democracy and freedom that we have left.

          And for all those not planning to vote, it will be WAY worse if obama is in office. You can count on that.

          • they certainly seem to be preparing for something

            eg the “Patriot Act’
            the Military Commission Act
            the NDAA

            massive spying on the public
            through the internet and cell phones

            everyday violations of the Constitution that are too numerous to mention

            Executive Orders
            the militarization of the police

            etc etc etc

            the red flags are everywhere

            I feel like a Jew in Germany in the late 30’s
            you KNOW something bad is going to happen
            but where do you run ???

          • Manos,

            Welcome back mate x

            Take care

        • Things to come to america, where Greece goes, so goes the rest of the west. God bless- Manos and his family.

          Things we MUST do in america-

          1.Arrest bankers for financial crimes, repudiate ALL odious government “debt”, and get rid of money created by debt.

          2. Hang the bankers.

          3. Arrest crooked politicians for dirty deals.

          4. Hang the crooks.

          5. Release all non-violent drug “offenders”

          6. Arrest and lock up the political hacks who commit vote fraud.

          7. stop bombing other countries.

          8. Let isreal,syria,jordan,iran,iraq,afganistan,saudi arabia,pakistan and yemen blow themselves up in war, F^CK THEM ALL. THEY ARE ALL $HIT!!

          9. Bring the troops home.

          10. Mowe the lawn, drink a cold beer, barbecue in the backyard, hang around friends and family, live in peace with ourselves and the world.

        • The part about property taxes is one reason we haven’t bought a retreat property yet.

      22. I really belive we need only to prep for natural disasters which happen all the time. Our area is prone to Tornadoes of amazing stength but thousnads of people here still live in mobile homes not even a basic prep against a well known threat. Earthqukes are becoming more common and deadly due to concentrations of populations an quake strength. Hurricanes, well everybody knows by now but how many people were prepped for a week without power. Snowstorms, Icestorms, straight line winds, Floods, Drought, Insect invasion, Viral contamination, Bacterial infection an you are worried about the collapse of our economy! What about about those Meteors? EMPs an CMEs even the TSA!

      23. What’s coming is a complete economic collapse with no electricity, no public water, no police, no fire protection. Those who are unprepared will starve to death, freeze to death, die of thirst, or die in the violence that follows.

        The bottom line is that the Fed creates billions of new dollars every month out of thin air. Hyperinflation is a 100% certainty. When a loaf of bread is $100 people will riot and grocery stores will close.

      24. I was in South East Asia during the ’97 Asian Dollar Crisis. What Manos is describing was what befell Indonesia at the start of the crisis. However, it did not end there but spread through South East Asia – country by country fell to the currency crisis and only burn itself out when it finally reached Singapore. So my guess is that the Euro crisis will only stop after all the financially weak countries are down..

        Oh yes …one more thing..the IMF recommendations of austerity made the crisis worse for Indonesia. After 15 years it still have not fully recovered…

        This time it could be the first global contagious financial and economic crisis…

      25. Predators….they Exist..and they hunt us

        92-year-old World War II vet fights off home invaders,,

        92-year-old World War II veteran Earl Jones was at home on the Boone County, Ky. farm he has worked for over five decades when he heard a loud noise in the basement. Jones retrieved a .22-caliber rifle and went to a chair opposite the door to the basement. After several minutes, a home invader came through the basement door, at which point Jones fired at the criminal, killing him. The dead intruder’s accomplices fled the scene, but were captured after calling police with a lie about how their cohort had been shot.

        During an interview with local media, Jones made clear his adamant support for the right to self-defense. Jones told a reporter, “I didn’t go to war for nothing. I have the right to carry a gun. That’s what I told the police this morning,” adding, “Was I scared? Was I mad? Hell, no… It was simple. That man was going to take my life. He was hunting me. I was protecting myself.” (, Northern Kentucky, September 3, 2012)

        • I’d be in handcuffs here in New York State. They would have said I was “lying in wait.” You have to let the criminals know your armed and order them out of your home. I don’t exactly have to retreat, I just have to make them aware that they are trespassing and I am armed and willing to use it. They have to be in your dwelling itself (across the threshold) and you can not give chase.

          Peace Clay

          • In West Virginia a man was recently mugged outside a Walmart. He was carrying so after handing over his wallet he chased the criminal down as he tried to run into the store and shot him dead (in the back of the head). He was initially arrested, but all charges were dropped.

            Link to follow when approved by the moderator:

          • Claymation

            If given the option to yell out “I have a gun, leave” I would law or no law. The key words are “given the choice”. Many can come up with all the tough guy statements but it is not normal to kill another human being. It’s the highest in abnormal. The criminal can run out with the DVD player. It’s better than having nightmare’s keeping you awake at night.

            Given no other option don’t hesitate; However you will sleep better if you justify to yourself you had no other choice.

            Delaware states if the person is unlawfully in your dwelling and they fail to disarm OR surrender (they need not be armed) you can shoot them. If their fleeing and you shoot them in the back and they’re in your home under the above circumstances your legal. There is “The Law”but also common sense and your own morality.

            Remember, in the future their might be some very desperate people that otherwise were very good in better times. Naturally you protect yourself and your love ones. No one questions that.

      26. I spoke with my husband last night about removing all of our investments and utilizing that money while we still could. His response was essentially why would we do something like that? I said because what is coming will be the worst economic collapse of all time. Our $100 won’t be worth $10. It will be worth $0.

        He said, “If that’s true then we should just buy a shot gun and hunker down because money won’t matter.”


        • My wife has about $50K in an employee retirement fund and cannot withdrawal it because she still works there. She could borrow half of it out, but has no interest in doing so. As tempting as it is, I do not complain because she did not complain about me closing mine in 2008 and building a retreat that provides it own heat, meat, water, and power, filling it with food storage, an armory, and Silver Eagles.

          In the end the only person we can control is ourselves.

        • But, I’d rather have that money/reserves in hard supplies and food than lose parts of it. Just saying.

      27. unemployment in Greece up by 1% in a single month

        and now the overlords are demanding this

        the people who run the world are some evil mother F_ckers

        any doubt as to what the overall agenda is ?????

        • That Rinehart woman is delusional. Australia has 5.1% unemployment and a very strong currency. They have limited living space which precludes loose immigration and already have a migrant problem. Her workers are independent Ozzies who just may decide to strike her mines.

          As Bugs would say:”What a maroon!”

      28. I feel I’m prepared and mostly comfortable in all the main, water, medical, defense, etc. What I’m not comfortable with is my money. I see many articles like this one that state to have your money elsewhere outside of firms or banks. However, none seem to really explain what to do with it, or how to better invest money those of us have in retirement accounts. I no longer have any savings in the bank except what is needed to pay bills. So, I’m good on that. I do still have retirement accounts like a Roth and Trad. IRA with a financial firm and need to know what to do with that money and NOW. I do not want to get hit with early withdrawal fees as I’m not close to retirement at all. I don’t want to lose it all during a collapse either. Any advice would be appreciated.

        • I’m in the exact same boat. We have 5 or 6 retirement accounts – with everything in a money markets in case stocks collapse – but the money is still extremely vulnerable.

          We looked into physical gold IRA’s but it is so complicated we’d probably have to pay someone $3000 to help us through it.

          The only other option would be to use it to buy land or investment property. It’s called a Self-Directed IRA.

          We have one from a really old account we had – we own some land on a lake and the IRA is managed by Pensco. Problem for us with our other accounts. You can’t do a self directed IRA if you are self employed and have SEP IRA’s – according to our accountant.

          Stupid government rules. I swear they are idiots trying their very best to make us not be able to succeed or protect ourselves.

          • You can also buy precious metals (or guns for that matter) using your self-directed IRA. Simply form a trust (an unrecorded document) with a trusted friend (trustee) who opens a checking account for it. Direct your IRA custodian (I use Equity Trust Co. out of Ohio) to invest in the trust and they will send you a check payable to the trust. Deposit the funds into the trust account so the trustee can write a check or initiate a wire transfer for the PM.

            If your trustee wants to keep his safe filled with PM at your house that is nobody’s business. He can close the checking account once all the purchases are made.

            There is a couple hundred dollars in annual fees for a self-directed IRA. If it looks like they are going to nationalize 401-Ks, stop paying the annual fee and it will be reclassified as a disbursement.

            • Wow, I’m taking notes! Thank you. I will look into this as well. Do you recommend investing into PM’s though at current prices?

            • Although many do, I cannot say that I would today. I would certainly buy half as many because they cost twice as much and my allocation has not changed. I knew nothing about PM in 2009 when I started researching and by looking at charts realized the lows for several years had been in late January/early February when new Silver Eagles were released. I originally wanted just a few to carry if we have to migrate or to offer as bribes, etc. but I found if I bought a monster box I could get them for $1.99 over spot.

              I thought they would go up (and they did) after which I would re-balance my investments by selling some (which I didn’t). Instead I divided them up and buried them with caches of other items. Now there are several places along the routes to my retreat where I can go to get cash, water, food, silver, ammo, weapons, etc. and a lot buried at the retreat.

              In inflation rises, the price of PM will go up and the price of real estate down because people will spend what little money they have on food, fuel, and utilities. At that time I may sell my some of my PM and buy a dilapidated home with 5-10 tillable acres as large parcels of farmland will not drop in price.

              When the collapse does happen PM prices will temporarily drop from whatever price they reach before then as investors liquidate to cover losses, but what level will they be dropping from? This is the big question. If it goes to $50 then drops 2/3 on the panic I’m still ahead.

          • Thanks Blutarsky, that gives me some options to start looking into.

        • Gunsmoke: You are truely between a rock and a hard place with your retirement funds. I am speaking for myself and what I would do. I’d with-draw as munch of the resorces as I could and if need be take the hit now. If I didn’t I know I’d lose it all in the collapse, so it would be better to have some than nothing at all. The collapse will make money I feel worthless, there are alot of people on here that says invest in PM’S, and thats is fine for whoever wants to, or keep it in the can out back, but make sure you are fully prep’d first. So what ever you do, do it quickly your time is running out fast. This is what I’d do.

      29. I have been giving alot of thought to buying old CB radios. They work with 12 volt batteries and can broadcast a fair dstance. There could also be a network set up, think pony express, if the deffacation hits the rotating oscilator, sorry, (when)

        • Great thought! Just remember to code talk since there are many “ears” out there!

          • I found several on Craigslist. I will be giving them away to neighbors who can warn us about threats heading our way. Look up one-time pads on Wikipedia if you need help with codes.

            • don’t forget the antennaes.

      30. When the end hits, there will be alot of people fall off the cliff in a free fall. WE as preper’s have been wise enough to pack our parachutes, and know how to PLF to the right or left. The carnage at the bottom of the cliff will be massive. There is no dought, that some of us will hurt a knee, sprain an ankle, or worst break something, but we made it down safely. It will be up to us to start working on getting it back together. This my friends will be along hard process with many bad events to over come, but we can do it because we had the foresight to prepare. So let us take what comes standing up, will the mind set that we can do the job. This country’s future REST IN OUR HANDS! Lets not blow it.

      31. You know what is pathetic is how most people don’t even think that canned food, water, firearms, ammunition, generators, fuel, and so much more doesn’t have value. These items that are used everyday by everyone during an emergency is BETTER than money, it is TRUE MONEY. Most people have become so conditioned to think that everything will ALWAYS be there and ALWAYS be easily purchasable using their magical card on credit. It is really incredible to witness MOST families’ pantry and cupboards, just how empty they are, families will a good income. Then see all the worthless junk that lays around that is seldom used.

        The prepper/survialist has truly gotten a rotten and totally undeserved bad rap on so much. From being labeled totally selfish hoarder to radical right wing nut case, the prepper/survialist is actually a true survival of a long past gone by era in which people considered being ready for what life threw at them as a basic requirement. Now the non-prepper is not only totally dependent on what walmart or the local pizza delivery person can bring to them, they cannot even function everyday chores and other tasks that just one generation ago was totally routine. What is even more tragic is that those same people that lived without what the 21st. century, cannot do what they use to do.

        Families use to have home cooked meals, and as amazing as it sounds, those that use to cook have lost those skills through either forgetting them on purpose or just because of lack of cooking anything for years or decades. It is not just cooking either, people don’t even know how to do research from the library anymore. Books, wonderful informative books, are sold all the time at garage sales for 25 cents or less. People now just ask their hand held device for an answer, not even bothering to bring up a book and look it up.

        I often refer this to the Jetsons syndrome, the cartoon in which people complained about pushing too many buttons that do everything for them. I have always laughed at the wonderful trim bodies of the cartoon characters from characters that live less active than a sloth. The true depiction of non-movement of a biological body that consumes junk food is what was walking around after Hurricane Katrina, walruses without the tusks.

        The true word to describe the non-prepper is HELPLESS, like that of an infant bird without any flight feathers. When a bird like this falls out of the nest, which is exactly what happens to the non-prepper when society collapses, either they get immediate help or they die and are consumed by the ants.

        This should be an extremely frightening thought for the non-prepper IF they actually did not totally believe that it will never happen to them or the civilization. But just like the nest full of immature birds, sh^& happens and it happens often quite unexpectedly. The non-prepper is totally clueless what happens when they fall out of the nest as they will react much the same as the helpless bird will, with blind unstructured fear and panic.

        Modern day conveniences are truly a curse when someone has to use it to function and cannot without it. People that prepare should also try to wean themselves off of too much dependency on these modern day gadgets, because when SHTF most if not all of this will be gone. The more any of us can live like the days and weeks after SHTF, the far easier it will be to adapt to it WHEN it happens.

        As for the non-prepper, most of them will be gone within 2-4 weeks depending on the severity of the SHTF event. Every prepper should have what they need and the ability to well defnd what they have AT LEAST during this period of DIE-OFF of the non-prepper. It is coming, we all feel it, even the non-preppers deep down know it but will continue to deny it right up until it happens.

        • Unprepared people are going to live a lot longer than most think. According the the Food Marketing Institute individual store turnover rates in 2010 were 14.4 which means the ‘average’ store has 25 days worth of food at current purchasing levels not the three days being tossed around. Shelves may be cleaned out in three days, but people will be eating it and what remains on trucks and in distribution centers for quite a while longer.

          Furthermore, there are a lot of wild and domestic animals which unprepared people will slaughter. Our state has nearly one deer for every person before even considering smaller and more prolific game like turkeys, squirrels, dogs, etc.

          The survivors of the plane crash in the Andes in the 70’s survived for 72 days before being rescued and all they had were each other – whom they ate!

          • @ Prepared Pastor

            We will see how many fare after they dress out a gut shot deer or hog. Especially one that has run for awhile. Puncture the bladder or stomach and many would puke on the spot.

            • According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, there are over 300,000 butchers employed in the U.S. There are also a lot of hunters who are not preppers. Most of those I know have no prepper tendencies.

              In the suburbs deer are not afraid of people so I’m betting they will not choose a gut shot since they can stroll up and shoot them in the head. There are parents in America today killing rats and cooking them to feed their children. Childbirth BTW makes people want to puke, but they do it anyway.

            • I think many would puke as soon as they cut into one.All the blood and guts. They are so use to nice clean cut meat from the store have no idea what it is like to dress one out.

            • The meat would be tainted. Sure wouldn’t want to be in the room when it was cooked and wouldn’t want to eat it, either. Especially both gut shot and having to be trailed.

              People help each other. Plenty of folks who will teach someone how to gut and how to process. Just ask.

          • PP,

            I will agree that SOME unprepared people will live longer than some of us think, but I think the masses at large will not fare well. There are three groups of people that I think will most assuredly die at the outset:

            The physically disabled – the brittle diabetics, the morbidly obese, immobilized amputees, those that depend on breathing machines, etc. You need to be able to MOVE and not require electricity and 24-hour air conditioning just to survive.

            The typical gov’t housing/welfare recipients – those with the cradle-to-grave “help me I can’t do anything for myself nor do I WANT to mentality.” They will wait for a handout to come that will not materialize. The other subset are the aggressors that will go and loot, and get shot in the process. To aggravate it even further, if they are drug addicts (meth, cocaine, benzos, opiates), they will prey on those in the first group because they know they will have prescription drugs. The “druggies” will be one of the most dangerous, to be outdone only by the starving.

            The “yuppies” and the “neo-hippies” – In the case of the hippies; the bare-footed, urban gardening, downtown living, carbon footprint lowering types. They have skills to be sure (aforementioned gardening, sewing, etc), but one thing they are lacking – FIREARMS. Remember the 60’s, they were great targets because they were anti-gun, peace-loving. It will be so again now. The yuppies will not be prepared due to their debt. Too busy paying for their beach house, their three cars, gym and tanning membership to have set up supplies and come to grips with reality until it’s too late. They will be trying to charge preps to their Carte Blanche when it’s too late.

            Just my 2 cents

          • You need a laxative when your friend is coming over for dinner.

          • @ Prepared Pastor. In your area and mine, wild game is abundant, but go to some of these major cities and the only wild game is rats, pigeons, coyotes, and people’s pets. Rural areas will certainly fare far better than any urban area for wild food. In any city, vertical levels of people mean nothing for anyone outside to obtain.

            The average store having 25 days of food just doesn’t seem possible per capita amount of people within the geographic area. To the amount of people that come in and purchase food this seems awful high. These stores have a constant influx of trucks that restock the shelves everyday. I can remember when a snow storm prevented anything from coming in and in two days you could not believe how empty everything was. This of course was from paying customers during an inconvenience. After a SHTF event I could see the shelves being emptied in hours easily.

            In a major urban area the shear number of people in comparison to food stores is a ratio that just doesn’t seem to indicate what the Food Marketing Institute would show. If someone takes the number of food stores and takes the number of people within that region and the numbers are more like 3000-8000 people per grocery store, including stores like Sam’s Club, walmart, etc. I have a couple of phone books from california, including the local phone books. It just doesn’t seem like even at 3000 people for one large store that the food in there could last everyone more than a week.

            The restaurants and other food services that cater to people might have enough food for 3000 people for a day or two. So the 3 days of food per person seems a little low, but 25 days seem way too high. I rather try to figure out numbers by what I can take visually rather than the possibly slanted numbers by marketing firms. Anyone can try this with their local phone books in comparison to the local population and see if their numbers are also at least 3000 people per store average. Even at 1000, you could see how the shelves would be gone quickly even if evenly distributed.

            Something else to consider is the water factor of people as big cities have no power, no water to transport anywhere. Also disease will be a massive factor as lack of trash disposal will devastate areas quickly and make people that are not use to living like they are in India very sick because they have no type of immunity to disease. Another issue is that people just don’t have a clue how to kill wild game or even what plant is safe to eat. Animals are clever and you have to know what you are doing to trap or shoot a wild animal. Non-preppers are totally clueless about this.

            When I gave a 2-4 week period this seems even like a long time for the non-prepper. You, me, and most everyone else on this site has a pretty good idea of survival, but the non-prepper is an idiot. Just look at the way those people after hurricane Katrina were. Had the government not come in when they did, or the Red Cross or other emergency services they would have died in mass numbers. You watch these individuals when they are cut off and they walk around in a daze just like an infant bird that fell out of the nest.

            When the people in the Andes survived for 72 days also, this was a different people than now. Let’s face it, when we grew up things were so different, people had a toughness about them and common sense. Back in the 1970’s people were not bottle fed like they are now. People have become total Pillsbury Dough Boys. I could be wrong about this assessment of time of the Non-prepper surviving, but the soft blob like material physically, mentally, and spiritually that most people have become, they would in my opinion be lucky to last 2 weeks, and super lucky to live for a month.

            The rare 1% are so on top of the other 99% in so many different ways. Resourceful, prepared, always thinking ahead, adaptable, innovated, and so much more. The Non-prepper of today has become what an invalid was in the 1950’s-1980’s would be, totally helpless and totally pathetically dependent on society to NEVER collapse. Thankfully the good people on this site are not that way 🙂

            • i work at a grocery store and I can assure everyone here 3 days would even be a stretch. we get a truck in on tues for the upcpming sale on wed. pur next truck is on sat mostly for the entire store stock up and tues again will be for the upcoming sales stuff….not 3 days worth of food in any store as far as the inventory on hand verses the population totally agree be informed noo way cann a store supply food for 3 days according to the population, it would be wiped out in 24 hours

            • The deer and turkeys in the suburbs are somewhat tame and easy to approach–until one is shot. Then they will remember.

            • I own a convenience store and my place is more like a small grocery store unlike a Circle K. We get a delivery for most items once a week for our re-stocking and need it. In a SHTF situation this place would be empty quick. But guess what, it would be me emptying it!!! HE HE HE!

        • You are 100% correct. I always yike tour posts. Keep us informed on the earth quake thing you do.

          • Jimbojimbo. Most people would not see this, but a 5.7 just occurred on the very northwest corner of the Nazca plate that the Cococ plate is drifting northeastward away from. This is important because this section usually doesn’t get close to 6.0 this far out, this is a spreading zone not prone to big earthquakes. This shows more pressure building on the Caribbean plate as the Cocos plate is really on the move. The Caribbean plate is being squeezed by the North American and the South American plates on the east. It is incredible to actually witness the beginning stages of a “dying” plate being compressed almost like a trash compactor.

            It really makes me wonder if all this talk about a manmade collpase is not what is going to bring about the end of civilization. Right now good old Mother Nature is sure showing some true signs that this is going to be the cause. It sure would not surprise me if all of this preparation for martial law and civil unrest is because the government actually knows that something mammouth is coming on the geo-physical stage. Something to think about for all those the prepare to watch closely the planet under everyone’s feet just as closely as the man made catastrophes such as the economy and war.

      32. Well said, Be Informed!

      33. Claymation,

        FNH USA, LLC, is a U.S. subsidiary of FN Herstal (FN), a global leader in the development and manufacturing of reliable, innovative, high-quality firearms for military, law enforcement and commercial customers. A pioneer in innovative firearms technology since the days of John M. Browning, FN supplies a variety of products, training and support to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Based in McLean, VA with manufacturing operations in Columbia, SC, FNH USA is responsible for all US based marketing, sales, and government relations.
        Made in the USA

        All FN handguns, excluding the Five-seveN®, are manufactured at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Columbia, SC, as well as the M240 line of medium machine guns, M249 line of light machine guns, the MK 46, MK 48, M16 and FN 303.

        Y’all Beware! Hope that helps.

      34. Good thing the houseis paid off. The only concern I have is not having the funds for the taxes one day, but perhaps it won’t matter by then.

        Keep on a-preppin’.

        • The ‘end game’ plan is for the elite to get our residential and commercial properties @ 10 cents on a dollar after we default.
          My question is who will they employ to set our belongings on the street, kick us out, change the locks??
          Those same sheriffs and deputies that just got their belongings thrown on the street??
          I don’t fricking think so.
          The last worry in this house is losing it.
          Taxes?? Same thing..who’s gonna kick you out???

          • The people that will kick you out are the same people that the govt will reward graciously for doing do.

            I have always said people will do anything for a dollar….think about what they will do for food if they or their children are hungry.

            You will be sold out eventually….most likely by the one person that you least expected it from.

          • Your belongings will also remain in home so if say obammy goes on live tv alert news and tells the messg of…”I signed another exec order today! NO LONGER will ANY cops or fed agencys be allowed to arrest or detain ANY Illeagles-African Blacks for killing off the whiteys and Takeing over their homes and ALL items related to it!”

            Welcome to 1918 Soviet takeover of Russia redux in This modern era and Here in america!…After the last 50-100 yrs of non stop anti-white brainwashings you think blacks and mex ileagles wont do such?

            Only one thing stops em now…The laws still enforced against it…..Remove That and madhouse usa here we go!

            Same 96% blacks who religiously vote blacks and lib dems got zero problems in any whack whitey scenarios..especially if they get to keep our homes etc!

            And al sharpton/jessie jackson as well as alot of black pastors(like obammys prior rev wright) will have tens of thousands yellow busses to accomadate looter/killer types who Hate whitey with a Passion!

        • That’s my concern as well. I believe it will matter – because the IRS has armed themselves. If the prisons are still overcrowded, they will probably take us to a different type of detention facility…maybe a re-education camp or worse.

      35. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two masked gunmen kidnapped a bank manager, strapped what they said was a bomb to her midsection and forced her to order employees to “take out all the money” from her Bank of America branch when it opened Wednesday, authorities said.

        The bank robbers got away with an undisclosed amount of cash, but no one was injured in the heist. A Los Angeles County sheriff’s bomb squad disabled the device, which investigators said resembled an explosive but was not.

        No arrests have been made.

        The bank manager was snatched in front of her home Wednesday morning, said sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker. She arrived at her workplace wearing a device the men had strapped to her stomach.

        “She was told that it was explosives and she was ordered to go into the bank and take out all the money,” said Parker. “She did do that in fear for her life.”

        The women then ordered her fellow employees to remove the cash from the bank and it was thrown to the men who were waiting outside, authorities said. Parker would only say there was “a decent amount” of money at the bank and the manager did enter the safe.

        The two men, who were armed with handguns and wore ski masks, took off in a two-door car, possibly a Kia, and remain at large.

      36. Hey things are all better . ECB buying bonds of the struggling countries and less people on unemployment . Stock market up 200 plus points. Where does the ECB get the money to do this?

      37. Am I the only one who does not keep any currency in banks, national or CU or otherwise, anymore? I do not see the benefit of not having your hands on your cash. To keep it in any sort of institution, just for the “promise” of a paltry rate of return seems a bit too risky in times like these.

        I think it better to convert your cash into hard assets (freeze-dried food, water storage, generators, medicine, etc) and keep an emergency fund in a biometric safe.

        I only put into my bank account that which I need to pay bills that require payment in some form other than cash. Put the cash in, immediately go online and pay.

        Granted, if the currency collapses, then the paper it’s printed on will be good for lighting fires, but I would feel like a rube if I could have gotten some use out of it had I only had it on hand rather than it vanishing in a keystroke.

        Just my 2 cents

      38. Collapse… the way of civilizations, up and down, the regular cycles of construction and destruction, the end product of bankers and the love of material things, things of darkness. All the worlds problems are because of greed and coveting. Self interest turns to greed, which builds, then coveting of the collective tears down because of it. The two legs of empires, left and right, mind and heart, in perpetual combat. This is all because of the Cycles of Pi, the power of darkness on your material existence. A power those who are ‘of’ the world understand well, but the people who are ‘in’ the world do not.

        Think about it.

        This could easily take a treatise on money, but its very simple… most people don’t understand it, where it comes from, why governments or people have to ‘rent’ it. If you equate ‘borrowing’ with ‘renting’ then the Problem becomes clear…
        There is a big difference between ‘money’ and ‘credit’. One is tied to YOUR value, the other is created out of thin air, although, you are fooled into thinking it is the ‘same thing’. It is not.

        One is created by governments to give ‘the water of life’ to the people, the other is created by bankers to give water to themselves and their buddies to control YOU.

        They (the bankers) KNOW, that NOBODY can turn down FREE MONEY or low rent money… its human psychology. They use it to control governments and people. They know the cycles of reality are against YOU and work for THEM. So you are tied to FIXED CONTRACTS of debt, that they know, in many cases, will succumb to the reality they CREATE, the age old “Pump and Dump” ran out of the markets. They make money going up, and make out like bandits on the way down. This is against God’s Law, but you’ve had it for so long you forgot. We call it The Rule of Gold; He who has the Gold, makes the rules. The primary invention of Babylon, is, our System.

        So what to do? Its coming… it will a form of universal credit, they will declare ‘capitalist money’ EVIL because it is too limited… then governments will go to a global electronic credit system but to back that system, it will require the reintegration of all nations, to provide ‘depth’ of backing.

        Unfortunately, it will also require a chip, inventory controls, private property inventories to control black markets, all your stuff will become theirs. But hey, ‘money’ will be ‘free’. The Ultimate free lunch for everybody… unfortunately, the Universe doesn’t work that way, so you will have to have no freedom, at all, possibly even a new single religion, to eliminate those pesky Christian’s… you understand… their concepts of liberty and freedom just have to go…

        There is another way… we were told long ago, to “go into the wilderness, on the wings of an eagle” Once you understand that Babylon was the ultimate system of political and money and religious control over men’s minds, to keep the masses subjugated and relatively happy and supportive of the Rule of Gold, then you understand, why Babylon must fall “in one hour” and only the “merchants of the Earth” SEE it. Babylon is not just Amerika, but The System. A system that must fall, the Rule of Gold, can only be conquered by the Golden Rule.

        To go into the wilderness is to leave the system, to depend on yourselves, learn new trades and skills, and above all, create a new money system that eliminates ‘renting’ by the concept of modified Real Bills, a sort of barter common credit system. Where value is real, not implied or centrally controlled by thieves. Central control is the issue, period. The Wings of eagles should be obvious. An alternate economy can takes wings on gold eagles, silver eagles and barter paper. The paper can be controlled through One Time Pad like codes, that ensure the bill is used once and redeposited into the Bank of God.

        All it would take is WANTING IT. This is what the Brotherhood of Iron is about. Understanding that we are in an economic war, and the only winning response is NOT TO PLAY.

        But… nobodies interested, yet. We all want to hold up in our refuges and point gun’s out the window, thinking we survive for a few months and everything will be alright… it won’t. When you wake up, or come out of the cold, reality will slap you good and hard because when Babylon falls, The Beast will rise up in its place. When you stand and shout “From my cold dead hands”, that is what you will be, cold and dead.

        And then you either have a support network in place, or… you become a drone in their machine, or a dead duck for not going along with the program. All it takes is trusting each other, and pooling your resources to become your brothers keeper, and insure brother is doing his part.

        The Grail says something wicked this way comes, in the darkness of December is the beginning of the entry into the Galactic rift. It will only be the beginning of madness, the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. The Grail knows because it is the Why of Everything and the Proof of God, in math, the completion of Einstein through the ancient words of Enoch.

        Let your scathing ridicules come, for it is the Way of Truth, first ridicule, then violence, then acceptance. The people need a new Vision, and a new way, Spiritual Relativity, to pound our swords into plowshares…build New Jerusalem, birth the Star Child and search for the New Heaven’s and New Earth’s.

        Are you worthy, do you have eyes to see the darkness on the horizon? Do you have God in your heart? Do you love Jesus? Do you see the deception in the Churches? A Harlot that speaks blasphemy with the name of Mystery? Who sits upon the Beast of government, keeping the people submissive to ‘righteous authority’? Do you not know, YOU are His hands of justice on Earth? Do you not know His battle with the money changers, and the Temple, was His battle that now becomes our War? Then see and understand, prepare for war first, by building Trust among brethren. Or do you expect the magic carpet ride, to take you to heaven and deliver you from the evil you allowed by your apathy and complacency?

        Then understand this, you have been deceived, by doctrines of devils… when you wake up, do not lose faith, remember the Piper of the Grail, go to the wilderness in Babylon. The parables are to keep the dark ones out, let them have their laughs, . Only the people of God will be left after the true end of the age; 2033, the center of the Dark rift.

        The Catholics burned the Grail and divided the times wrong, they killed the Knowledge of God and replaced it with Mystery. The Grail is the Revelation, and the “mystery of God is finished”. The Grail is the revelation of the dark energy of creation, that influences your every thought and feeling. Thus the Knowledge of the Imp of Darkness is raised out of the bottomless pit.

        The 10 toes, 10 virgins, and 10 horns, are the Lost Tribes, the Caucasian race, the 10 families, the castle dwellers, who run the planet in confirmation of prophecy. See and understand what Hosea said, for we are destroyed through our lack of knowledge.

        Babylon, the money system, must fall “in one hour” to become The Beast with 10 horns, the Shofar’s of the Tribes, and the 3 horns who split off must be joined together with the Beast, given crowns, and you must make a decision to take The Mark of Fealty and give up your soul to the darkness by becoming a cyborg, rejoin the Light, or, go into the wilderness to save your children. The next time you want to scream “What do we do? What’s the plan?” at your leaders… understand, that God had a plan for you, from long ago.

        All you have to do is build TRUST networks and listen to the spirit to ferret out the evil ones in your midst. You must become lights in the darkness, a web of lights that is on Earth as it is in the Heavens… 10 Virgins that hold their light so that others may see and find them, that overcomes the economic war fought against you. You cannot fight this war with anything less than economic means. Can a popgun stop a tidal wave? Learn, prepare, store for the times when shared logistics, becoming your brothers keeper, the Golden rule, conquers the Rule of Gold.

        If you do not have The Light of God who lives in Hyperspacetime, don’t worry, you shall receive your deepest desire. Materialism/Mammon is what drags you into the bottomless pit of darkness, which is subspace, the destination of black holes, and the second death of energy bodies, where it takes forever for you to be consumed in zero time. Learn the lesson of the rich man, which is the quantum entanglement of the God Science of the Grail, the love of darkness keeps you from the Light. The light = Love, the Spiritual Relativity, that shows the religions of men are mixed with darkness, and their own Bible convicts them, which is called; the MYSTERY, see and understand.

        To the thumb downers, the Piper rebukes you, because you do not have the courage of your convictions to debate your points. Ridicule me!, argue!, spit and curse!, and reveal yourselves. For a New Song is played on Earth, the Song of the Grail, the Einstein-Enoch Equation and the Spiritual Relativity, the God Science revealed out of the mouth of God Himself.

        The Piper plays the song of The Grail,
        so the Chorus may sing,
        that the people may dance,
        and the forests will echo with laughter.

        bagpiper at babylonwilderness dot com

        • Your post rambled on so incoherently that I stopped reading after the second paragraph and skipped to the end. If you feel persecuted because people give you a thumbs down, you may have a martyr complex and need professional help.

          “I might have become a Christian had I ever met a real one.”
          – Gandhi

          • Sorry, the nature of it is the reason for it.
            We don’t do well with little boxes to type in…
            No persecution here, just a lot of ignorant folks… who don’t ask questions, or read for comprehension, like yourself, just quick to judge and jump.

            I said the parable like nature of posting is to keep people like you out…
            It works well, doesn’t it?

            • A wordsmith knows the song
              But the cadence must break
              With rests
              Allow the crescendo, pianissimo, fortissimo
              As though a symphony

          • Forgot to mention, if you read the post below…

            Piper’s warning to Christians, read no further, you have been warned.
            The Bible itself is the reason there are no real “Christians” that Gandhi referred to… what’s left of the Bible destroyed His Way, and left them all as victim’s of Rome’s imposition of MYSTERY.

            Why? Rome killed them all and burned the books, and all they know how to do now is argue, fight and disagree over a scripture based in mystery. A mystery that the pen of Rome cobbled together out of older books, while leaving out the main books delivered by Enoch, the Scribe of Righteousness, from the mouth of God. Which ties it all together. Oddly, the Bible venerates Enoch, but ‘they’ refer to Enoch’s books as ‘Forbidden/Heretical’ because it does not agree with the Bible in total. In reality they love their MYSTERY, and know Enoch exposes their Ultimate Blasphemy.

            It is the Abomination of Desolation set up in the True Temple of God, their minds. Even the Bible tells them that, but they would rather listen to pharisees and UN-Biblical doctrines. What is left of the Bible is a good and holy book, but is not complete, Enoch along with the other ‘Forbidden’ books(Adam, Jasher, Jubilees, Thomas, the patriarchs, Nag Hamaddi, the Apocrypha, etc.) completes it. It is the way of evil, to take light and mix a little dark in with it. As it says in Jude; “evil crept in unawares”, from the beginning of the Age of the Church. An age, that ends in 2033, when Earth is smack in the middle of the Galactic Rift.

            The protestants, don’t even know what protestant means. It means “protesting Catholic”… they castigate Rome and the evil the Roman Church was and is, yet, they still think the Catholic book and its derivative is the only ‘holy’ book. Many are too dumbed down to care, and only really care about football and their wallets, they love the material not the spiritual. The MYSTERY of their holy book, enables them to be dumb because they only have to listen to a preacher on Sunday, and they think they’re ‘covered’, everything else be damned.

            Its brokenness is revealed in their divisions, arguments, doctrines, splits, lust for money, lust for war, hypocrisy, they are old dry bones selling mystery, and the reason I renounced my protestantism because it is just time, for Knowledge to overcome MYSTERY and division. To unify in a new song. God must intend it because he hid and preserved Enoch and the ‘Forbidden books’, for this time.

            I am Magi, The Heretic, a Gnostic Follower of The Way of Messiah, The Way of the Spiritual Relativity, the Revenge of the Heretics. What the Protestants and Catholics think, can only be perpetually argued about, never proven. I prove, I do not argue. Gnostic means; ‘The Knowledge’. The ancient Gnostic’s were the ‘Keepers of the Knowledge of the Holy Fire’, and they died at the hand of Rome.

            The Grail is the Ancient Trinity of Enoch, the Forces of Creation, but Enoch is not the only philosophy that knew of it, this is an electromagnetic Universe, and was known thousands of years ago;

            (Holy Fire=Holy Spirit=)Hyper Light=Yang=Vishnu=Electric,
            Causal Spin=God Tangent=Brahma=Tao.

            When the forces are understood, gravity, inertia, and entropy are revealed, normal space is a logical result of hyper space above, and sub space below. Hyper time, normal time, zero time were given by Einstein, which matches the scripture of “..a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day…”.

            The Piper predicted a year ago, that the Higgs, the god(less) particle would never be found, only an energy spike. They found an energy spike after cheating their data with statistics to give them a 99% god. If the 99% God particle was real, then atoms and orbitals would have a 50 percent random distribution of spin axis, instead of the observed counter clockwise behavior of everything in the Universe… my God is 100% and His fingerprint is in everything because everything spins in the same direction. They should have listened to Einstein.

            Think about that, all things spin, rotate and orbit, in the same direction…

            Just for you, brother, here is the Grail text of Enoch;
            2nd Enoch, The Book of Secrets
            Chapter 24, XXIV:

            1 And the Lord summoned me, and said to me:
            Enoch, sit down on my left with Gabriel
            2 And I bowed down to the Lord, and the Lord spoke to me:
            Enoch, beloved, all (that) you see, all things that are standing finished I tell to you even before the very beginning, all that I created from non-being, and visible (physical) things from invisible (spiritual).
            3 Hear, Enoch, and take in these my words, for not to My angels
            have I told my secret, and I have not told them their rise, nor my endless realm, nor have they understood my creating, which I tell you to-day.
            4 For before all things were visible (physical), I alone used to go about in the invisible (spiritual) things, like the sun from east to west, and from west to east.
            5 But even the sun has peace in itself, while I found no peace, because I was creating all things, and I conceived the thought of placing foundations, and of creating visible (physical) creation.

            Chapter 25, XXV
            1 I commanded in the very lowest (parts), that visible (physical) things should come down from invisible (spiritual), and Adoil came down very great, and I beheld him, and lo! He had a belly of great light.
            2 And I said to him: Become undone, Adoil, and let the visible (physical) (come) out of you.
            3 And he came undone, and a great light came out. And I (was) in the midst of the great light, and as there is born light from light, there came forth a great age, and showed all creation, which I had thought to create.
            4 And I saw that (it was) good.
            5 And I placed for myself a throne, and took my seat on it, and said to the light: Go thence up higher and fix yourself high above the throne, and be A foundation to the highest things.
            6 And above the light there is nothing else, and then I bent up and looked up from my throne.

            Chapter 26, XXVI
            1 And I summoned the very lowest a second time, and said: Let Archas come forth hard, and he came forth hard from the invisible (spiritual).
            2 And Archas came forth, hard, heavy, and very red.
            3 And I said: Be opened, Archas, and let there be born from you, and he came undone, an age came forth, very great and very dark, bearing the creation of all lower things, and I saw that (it was) good and said to him:
            4 Go thence down below, and make yourself firm, and be a foundation for the lower things, and it happened and he went down and fixed himself, and became the foundation for the lower things, and below the darkness there is nothing else.

            Chapter 27, XXVII
            1 And I commanded that there should be taken from light and darkness, and I said: Be thick, and it became thus, and I spread it out with the light, and it became water, and I spread it out over the darkness, below the light, and then I made firm the waters, that is to say the bottomless, and I made foundation of light around the water, and created seven circles from inside, and imaged (the water) like crystal wet and dry, that is to say like glass, (and) the circumcession of the waters and the other elements, and I showed each one of them its road, and the seven stars each one of them in its heaven
            , that they go thus, and I saw that it was good.
            2 And I separated between light and between darkness, that is to say in the midst of the water hither and thither, and I said to the light, that it should be the day, and to the darkness, that it should be the night, and there was evening and there was morning the first day.

            Chapter 28, XXVIII
            1 And then I made firm the heavenly circle, and (made) that the lower water which is under heaven collect itself together, into one whole, and that the chaos become dry, and it became so.
            2 Out of the waves I created rock hard and big, and from the rock I piled up the dry, and the dry I called earth, and the midst of the earth I called abyss, that is to say the bottomless, I collected the sea in one place and bound it together with a yoke.
            3 And I said to the sea: Behold I give you (your) eternal limits, and you shalt not break loose from your component parts.
            4 Thus I made fast the firmament. This day I called me the first-created [Sunday].

            The Absolute definition of a 3D reality energy matrix, a trinity of forces, and rebuke of the Catholic theft of the trinity. A proof of their Heresy and Blasphemy, the Deification of the Son of Man to be Creator. He is better than the Creator for humans because He is the Way out of darkness of the wheel of life(reincarnation), The Just One, He is the Light of the World, The Way, The Narrow path of Spiritual Relativity; Light=Love. Proven by the math, and the structure of reality, the heart shape of the quantum vortex in the invisible darkness of the magnetic ether. It proves the wave-particle duality is nonsense, a symptom, that there are only waves of energy as Einstein said, “frozen energy”, in the primal duality of the Quantum Vortex. There are no colors, everything is energy, silver gray, color is the beauty in your mind, your perception of reality.

            This also defines the Dark energy, and my magnetic experiments proved what is happening in the Galactic Rift, dark/magnetic energy compression. What the religious myths warned about, “The DARK DAY of the Lord”. Symbolically; The Knowledge of the Imp of Darkness(Archa) is raised from the bottomless pit and the reality matrix of space-time becomes more real. My experiment with the gravity wind, proves it is a vortex, not a field, the cause of precession, inertia and entropy, and the Spirit gives its defeat, when you ask; Why do big rocks rise above little rocks? Then you know the Answer, the preservation of humanity, for one day Earth itself will be destroyed in fire, and God wants you to find the New Heaven’s and the New Earth.

            DOOM, ultimate, and biblical, comes. The Animal magnetic bodies will be compressed at the atomic level, and made mad. For those whom God would destroy, He first makes mad. The only way through it, is to hold The Light in your heart. The compression zone may even pierce the Veil between the 7 quantum jump layers, the Seals of Reality are the 7 Suns within 7 Suns, giving rise to supernatural results, like the Hyper light of heaven being seen and merging with reality, the second coming as an energy event, the Pentecost of personal Hawking radiation(like the energy that leaks from a black hole). Pretty powerful math… eh? Would we rather KNOW and prepare, or be lost in the MYSTERY of a divided science and religion?

            The Piper is the bringer of the Grail, the final verse in mankind’s stairway to heaven, a math that predicts prophetic results, as madness sweeps the Earth, you even feel it now, outbreaks of anxiety ramping to irrational fear. You see only harbinger waves of dark energy now, wait until next year. One math = many results, in the mind of men, the jello structure of Earth, the Sun, even the stars may seem to “roll up as a scroll”. Interesting that space probes have discovered ‘magnetic bubbles’ at the edge of the solar system, but ‘science’ doesn’t understand… the Grail knows, and now you do.

            Something wicked this way comes, for the wicked and the good.
            The only way through it is to love thy neighbor. Love is not weak but meek, and meek is not weak but power under control, and the meek shall inherit the Earth. Come as little children, ask the question; WHY Daddy? Then trim your wicks, fill your lamps, and hide, so that your lights may find one another in the darkness, it takes shared logistics to prepare for ultimate battle, the destruction of evil, because YOU are God’s Hands of Justice through the power of the Light. The only way to defeat the Rule of Gold, is through the Golden rule, and go Galt for God, to become His hands of Justice and do exploits. To tell the Caesar, we will not submit, we will not comply, we will not pay for the murder of the unborn or the free fornication of sluts for this is against God’s Plan. Do you not know, you are but magnetic vessels for His spirits of energy?

            To demand of Caesar, you will comply, or we will shut you down. Children, it is so easy, do you not know how easy? Do you not see the whirlwind you have reaped by the apathy the pharisee’s of mystery have sewn in your minds? The result of doctrines of devils, has been the overspreading of evil, and submission to “righteous authority” leaves you confused because you do not see righteousness in the land? Do you not understand you do not deserve a magic carpet ride to heaven, that you are the cause of the spreading of evil, by failing in your first commission; to fight “spiritual wickedness in HIGH places”? Do you not understand that you are His hands of Justice, and you laid down on the altar of God’s liberty and took a nap? Did you not see the wickedness on display in the Queen city for all to see? Do you not know what comes? Do you not know you must be hated by all men for His Name sake because you will not submit to Caesars whims, because Caesar now destroys God? Do you think the red Caesar will repeal anything the blue Caesar has done? Has the red ever repealed anything? If the boot on your neck is red or blue, what difference does it make? That you think you will be given more time? Do you not see that the red Caesar has already accomplished in one state, what you fear the blue Caesar will do to your whole nation? Do you not see the power of the Head of Gold that owns both the legs of empire? Do you not understand why the Lord fought the Head of Gold? That His final battle, has become our final conflict? That the only way to tear down the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, is in the power of unification, the hidden power in a rock?

            To the Godless, proof of Him comes to you, no more Mystery, it is finished. Think, did you get a better deal from the Rights granted by God, or the Privileges granted by Men? Choose whom you will serve, God or Mammon… choose wisely.

            To the Godly, Enoch’s prophecy comes true as shown by the data of space probes, and the evil and the Earth and Sun shall consume one another as the “love of many shall wax cold”, as the spirit is dimmed and your only protection is in The Hyper Light of God, which is Love, the Spiritual Relativity that heals the Victims, of The Denominations, of the Sword of Division caused by Rome. Which leaves God’s people unified and the Light of God, merged together, to pound our swords into plowshares….and neither shall we learn war, anymore. But the Pharisee’s of Mystery cannot see, like they could not see HIM when He came, and only give you two choices, the head or the soul, God gave you a third choice, choose wisely.

            God bless His Own, and the rest?… let them have their hearts desire, those who wish to come Home in Hyperspace, will make it, eventually.

            The Piper plays the Tune,
            the Chorus sings the Song,
            so the People may dance,
            and the forests shall echo with laughter.

            Piper Michael

            • And I thought I was bad at running on and on, on a tangent. Bless his pea-picking heart, I think he means well. I couldn’t read it all though because I was beginning to get crosseyed.

            • All the “Piper”(self proclaimed) needs now is aprox. 10 Gal. of “KoolAid” and a few acres located in central or south america. Oh yeah! and aprox. 900 followers! like Pastor Jimmie Jones had. Eah Hah! Everybody, the Piper commands his folowers to drink his koolaid(agnosticisim)and travel with him to the hearafter on wings of buzzards!

            • Yes, it is too complex for the minds of clay is it not?
              Continue on in your materialistic fantasies, and ignorance, you cannot refute, so you ridicule…
              The way of truth;
              First it is ridiculed.
              Then violently opposed (you should hear what the Baptist preacher wanted to do to me.)
              Only then is it accepted as matter of fact.

              Would you like to string me up? How about a nice stake to burn me at? That would be in keeping with you book burning Orthodox murderers.

              Parables are written only so that the Spirit can hear. The Piper writes to the Iron, and not the clay, so laugh away…

              The Piper did not ‘self’ anything, He refused, the Piper fought the spirit, and the spirit won. He does not want anything from you, especially followers… He gives you freedom to be leaders, free of fear. To become men, again. To conquer the Rule of Gold, with the Golden rule, by the hidden power in the rocks, anti-gravity. That the Truth, will set men free.

              God is disgusted at most of you. That’s why He sent you a Light for this world. We all need it. Spiritual Relativity is the next evolution, that Light=Love, all the rest of the doctrines are relative, darkness between men, nothing but a source of fear, conflict and division. But you teach the confused message about the Light, instead of the Way of the Light. A simple faith became a religion, and then a business… tsk tsk tsk.

              Go back to your apathy and complacency, and doctrines of devils, keep thinking you deserve a magic carpet ride to heaven, mind your portfolio’s as you enable the evil to take over the world, justify your cowardice while you passively submit to unrighteous authority… you’re good at that, and you shall have your hearts desire.

              The Piper sees your souls, and they are dark. But not to worry, when you are dead and in that dark foggy place, look up to the Light, repent and ask forgiveness, and your light shall be attracted by The Light, and your dark energy shall be washed clean.

            • @don’t tread;

              aww… we don’t mean to be condescending, but I feel sorry for ya, since your attempt at ridicule is so unsubtle. So little skill in the art of the Socratic.

              Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened, to simplify;

              …hmm.. nah, can’t make it THAT simple minded.
              Only The Seeker, knows the questions. When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears.

              Just for you, if Adam and Eve, were the First humans…
              who lived in the “Land of Nod”?

              God bless

        • The Key is Yeshua who was God in Human Flesh or the God man. You must believe who he says he is and be born again of the spirit of God!!!

          • Ah the voice of the MYSTERY of Rome and their protestors.
            Yeshua was Son of Man, Messiah, Son of God. NOT The Creator. Find me the ‘Trinity’ in the Bible… you cannot do it, it was the invention of Rome.
            Enoch was clear, the Ancient of Days created the Universe’s because He was lonely and had no peace.

            The Blasphemy of Rome, is the Mystery of the stolen and transmogrified Trinity of Enoch, that is an abomination that makes desolate, set up in the true temple of God, your mind. The Harlot that rides the Beast, soon to have their last pope, the ultimate apostate.

            Why are there thousands of denominations? Does God author confusion and division, or man?
            The Bible is divided scripture, the Sword of Division, the fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus, that he did not come to bring peace, but a SWORD.

            “Born again of the spirit” means exactly what it says, reincarnation, what Jesus taught before Rome destroyed His teachings, imposed Mystery and murdered The Saints, that they called Heretics. Reread revelations, with new eyes and see history, current events, and future events.

            The MYSTERY of God, from Babylon in Rome, is finished.
            God bless

            • Riddle me this Piper. Who is us in Genises 1:26?

              “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”

            • The Elohim, the Family of God, where life is eternal in the Hyper heavens of the non-locality of Light.

              Genesis was written by Moses, a member of the Temple of Egypt, royalty, skilled in dumbing down information for the masses of peasantry. You must go into the past, to discover the Truth. Read the Books of Adam and Enoch, your truth lies within.
              Rome, likewise, knew, that the masses were better controlled by Mystery, and that Knowledge was dangerous to the Elite.
              It still is, isn’t it?

      39. And it’s whispered that soon if we all call the tune
        Then the piper will lead us to reason.
        And a new day will dawn for those who stand long
        And the forests will echo with laughter.

        • I’m not so sure the piper will lead us to reason…

          • Verse from, “Stairway to Heaven”

            “And it makes me wonder”

            • Yes there are two paths you can go on, but in the long run. There’s still time to change the road you’re on….

          • Are you ‘sure’ of anything? How can you be?
            All this world remembers is MYSTERY, complexity, obfuscation and the shadows on the wall of our prison cave. The Grail is the source of the shadows
            After December, remember, when the “love of many shall wax cold”…

            I would love to say more, but I’m sure Mac doesn’t allow it.

        • One who has eyes to see, and ears to hear.
          The Grail is the final verse.

        • Are you saying Piper Michael is really Robert Plant? Awesome… Do you think he’d sign my LPs of Zoso and Led Zeppelin III and his solo album Now and Zen? I’d like that.


          • Creator’s blessings upon you…
            I’m sure the boys would be thrilled to see the Stairway become real…
            There will never be another Led Zeppelin, but just for you…

            There’s a lady that’s clothed,
            in the Light of the Sun,
            The 12 stars glisten brightly, around her,
            She does stand on the moon,
            and the stairway is done,
            as the Piper came searching, to find her.

            oooo ooooo and the Piper came searching, to find her.

            40 years on the Way,
            to reveal a new day,
            and you know sometimes words, have no meaning,

            In the tree by the brook,
            he did lay down The Book,
            and the Mystery did vanish, behind him.

            ooooooo and he makes me wonder…

      40. Hi guys
        bearing in mind the topic of this post, I found this item. I’m sure some of you have already read it to death, but some may not have seen it. It seems to me that many people don’t realise that our parents / grandparents went through the SHTF scenario many years ago with the second world war, and I’m sure some of us who do remember that forget to point it out to others and tell them what we could learn from them.
        BTW – nice comment slingshot. (I’m an old rocker)
        Keep at it peeps

        • @newbiebrit….

          Well….they “kinda” went through SHTF….if they were here stateside. Now Europe…that was definitely SHTF for those folks.

          The Great Depression was a SHTF situtation for a lot of people in this country, as well as around the world.

          But despite how bad both of those situations were, the world recovered, and was for the most part the same as before. Yes…there were some radical reallignments in governments and countries, but once things stabilized, for most of the world, things became better. At least as far as first-world countries are concerned.

          I think most of us consider SHTF or TEOTWAWKI to be an event…or series of events…that throws us into a time where things may never be the same….or it may take a long time for us to get back…if ever.

          For comparison…..The Great Depression and WWII was one thing……The fall of the Roman Empire was a whole other animal. It took hundreds of years for most of the world to recover from the fall of the Roman Empire.

        • @ newbiebrit

          Gone are the days of, Iron Butterfly, C.S.N.Y. and Steppenwolf. We “Rockers” had it pretty good even with all the civil strife. Many of us had parents who lived during the Great Depression and WW2. Like you said, we have read to death, plenty of articles. I would hope as we throw more mud/articles on the wall, some will stick to it. for our youth to learn.
          Interesting if all who post here were thrown together in one camp under a “MAD MAX” Syndrome. I considered the “POSTMAN” also. As each decade passes by we lose something. I feel that we are turning into machines as we humans try to create artificial intelligence or the combining of man and machine for the final result.
          My Grandfather was born in 1888 and died in 1976 and lived through a most interesting time. As his lifestyle faded so will ours. I pray we don’t end up like the Myans or Aztec’s

          • Right there with ya,slingshot. Your comments are taking me back to early 70’s ridin’ around in the ole ’64 Luv Bug. With two home stereo speakers upright in the backseat & two 6×9’s mounted to the metal body in front; I was just about “tubbin” with Zepplin,G Funk,Steppinwolf,etc,etc. Ride all week on ten $$ worth of gas. Still got boxes full of my old 8-tracks.

            I am so thankful I got to live during those/these times and experience all the great music and technology. If we could just back up and slow down. But we’re in hyper- drive now and the road is beginning to narrow. All we can do is prepare and hold on.


        The hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast of our nation were devastating. It did not spare the houses of worship in and around the area. One of the local television stations in South Louisiana aired an interview with a woman from New Orleans .

        The interviewer was a woman from a Boston affiliate. She asked the woman how such total and complete devastation of the churches in the area had affected their lives?

        Without hesitation, the woman replied, “I don’t know about all those other people, but we ain’t gone to Churches in years.We gets our chicken from Popeye’s.”

        The look on the interviewer’s face was priceless.They’re out there, they live among us, AND THEY VOTE.

        Now you understand how we got our president?

        • LOL! That’s a good one JT

        • she should get her chicken from Bojangle’s…mmmmmmm

        • That sounds very like the average british voter.

        • Here in mich I could hear the several million cuzins of that woman…After she said we goes to Popeys them whats here said…”Aint No Thang!! But a Chikin Wang”!!

          Their collective voices were heard 200 miles north of detroit!

      42. Just another economic indiciator:

        As of today (September 6th) the Baltic Dry Goods Index was down 9 points and sitting at 684.

        In December of 2008, at its lowest point, it was 663.

        That’s a whole heck of a lot of shipping capacity sitting idle…

      43. Does this remind you as it does me, of the average Prime Minister or President?

        Glibness and superficial charm
        Pathological lying without guilt or remorse
        Manipulative and conning
        Grandiose sense of self
        Shallow emotions 
        Rarely had run-ins with the law
        No history of hands on physical cruelty
        Lack of empathy
        Parasitic lifestyle in that they take from others usually legally but unethically
        Changes lifestyle/life history readily
        Conventional appearance
        Desires to exercise total control over their victim(s)
        Needs victim(s) affirmation, respect and gratitude
        Their aim is complete enslavement of their victim(s)
        Often their ultimate goal is to rule the world

        This list is the sociopathy checklist of psychologists Checkley and Hare.

        Says it all really

        Take care

        • ya just described about 99.9% of all politicians

        • yeah

          we are..

          great link

          too bad everyone is concerned about the d.n.c. convention

          keep on posting Satori


        • @ Satori. You know I saw that and the second I did I thought of Syria, kill your own people. What the hell does ANY country that calls themselves free need with this battle fortess that looks like it belongs on some war type video game, to EVER be used in their own country? I could see something like this being used to help stop foreign invasion, but we all know what it will be used for. Something like this is shameful.

      44. To everyone: Sorry to be late, but here goes. All the issues this nation faces at the moment will be dead and meaningless when TSHTF. If an EMP or solar flare take place,ALL electronics that aren’t protected by faraday cages, etc. will be fried and the entire system will be instantly starved of any revenue. When everything comes to a halt, working people will join the freeloaders in looting, rioting, etc. and we will finally see the absolute worst in humanity. All hell will break loose and there will be no self-restraint. I’m not as prepared as i want to be but I’m still getting all i can until it happens. if they come to my home for anything it will end tragically for them. In two months, at least 60% of the population will be dead from starvation, rioting, disease, etc. This nation and none of us will ever be the same again. We could be at war for months with UN troops, our own traitors, etc. Take care and keep prepping.

      45. Reading the email from manos makes me sad for what he’s going through. But it was good to hear from him anyway. At least he’s alive and kicking. And he aint going out without a fight!

      46. Water Well Woes

        My water well went dry. So I decided to drill a new one with my brother-in-laws home made drilling rig. The rig is powered by a Datsun B210 motor (from an old car I gave him) and it looked like it would really do the job.
        It’s a strange looking unit, complete with overhead support frame, outriggers and hoists and everything. He dropped it off, then had to head back to work. I figured I could do the job alone, even though I’d never seen the rig in action.
        I found a suitable spot and started to set it up. That’s when I discovered I know nothing about homemade well drilling rigs. I hooked up the hoses and a couple of odd-looking stabiliser bars, but there were lots of pipes and hoses and bars and stuff left over in the trailer. I figured they were just ‘spares.’
        I attached the drill bit (actually an old oil field bit) and started the motor. That’s when I discovered my brother-in-law is a mad genius (without the genius part). The thing made a hideous screeching noise, much louder than the old Datsun ever had. Then a metal bar came loose and nearly took of my right ear (missed it by ‘that’ much). I ducked and as I did, whacked my forehead on a crossbar.
        A loud whooshing sound came from the drill rig. It was laughing at me for banging my head. I cursed it. It whooshed at me again, louder. I cursed it double. For a minute, it seemed as if we were in a yelling match with each other. Not one to be out shouted by a machine, I let loose with a string of 4, 7 and 19 letter obscenities that would make any sailor proud. The rig, sensing it couldn’t win a fair fight, decided to cheat. It spit off the end of a hose and drenched me with mucky water.
        I jumped back, slipping and tearing a pocket off my brand new overalls. As I struggled to get up, the rig continued to whoosh at me as if to say, in its irritating machine voice ‘nyaa, nyaa, nyaa.’
        This was war! I stepped toward the infernal monster, reaching for the cut-off switch as visions of hacksaws and cutting torches filled my head. The drill rig, seeing its life was in danger, decided to attack!
        The whole thing vibrated wildly as the bit danced around on the ground. The entire contraption shook like Lindsay Lohan without her meds. Then the bit flew off. It nipped at my ankle like a rabid chihuahua, then skimmed across the ground at a teriffic speed. It reminded me of those fireworks we used to get (I think we called ’em ‘whistlers’). Then the bit, obviously following orders from the crazy, stupid, insane machine, took a chunk out of one of the new tires we just put on my wife’s car.
        I circled behind the monster, distracting it with my right hand waving at the controls, then juked left and lunged for the cut-off switch (probably looking like a middle-aged NFL player in torn overalls and a bleeding forehead). I slammed the switch down and the machine went silent….

        The next day I called my brother-in-law and told him he didn’t need to bother picking up the rig, but that I had $48 to give him. He asked why.
        “Scrap iron is selling at 44 dollars a ton” I said flatly.
        There was a long pause, then he said, “Where’s my drill rig?”
        “It weighed 2200 lbs,” I said, then hung up the phone.

      47. Greetings Everyone!
        Things are becoming more “fluid” everyday.I posted what happened to my Grandfather in the Great Depression in the 1920-30’s elsewhere here.If Mac has the time,perhaps he could “repost” it for me here(you can even replace this comment with it if you desire Mac).He too had a “good friend” banker that tried to ruin him and many others.Pa GrayFox was a wise ol’ German who NEVER took what a banker said at face value,no matter how many dinners he ate with him.Except once.It took a decade to get ten cents on the dollar back.But he was careful not to “put all his eggs in one basket” as well.So the shock of the betryal was mitigated by the fact that he PUT SOMETHING BY as well.And he had his three sacks of “reserves”.By all acounts he was somewhat of a tightwad(according to his kids!).Of course when he died they then had a decent sized estate to argue over who would get what.On a darker note,what’s been ongoing in Argentina is what we’ll most likely experience on a larger scale here.The “robbers” and the bomb thing is a classic criminal act down there.More “good times” like it will follow,no doubt.We’ll all have to develop “street smarts” as a daily routine.As for savings,”investments” and their Ilk it will be a truly AWFUL train-wreck in slow-motion.It may take awhile,but it will fall by 70-90%.Or more.This time around,if any of us get ten cents on a hundred we’ll be thankful(and no doubt a touch hungry while we wait!).This Depression(any size crater could be called that)will be longer,deeper and more dangerous for even preppers.How many months and years could you last?
        Frankly,I’m hoping God decides to intervene soon on our behalf.The TPTB as group are acting like crazy men(not unexpected).In spite of their so-called plans,things are spinning out of even their ability to control(see cops vs cops in Greece video above).With that in mind, we do have a real ray of hope.The Scriptures state that “if the times were not cut short,no flesh(mankind) would be saved.But on account of the righteous ones it will be cut short”.Putting our faith in God(and acting on that faith) will get us through.
        This is just my considered opinion,I’ll respect you in the morning if you have a different one.
        Do YOU have your towel yet?
        All The Best(esp.Manos and his family)

      48. On becoming spiritually prepared:

        it’s not by doing, but by surrendering your life to God and Jesus Christ his son. He said, “Follow Me.”

        • I’ve got to comment on the “being spiritually prepared” thing.
          I’m a Catholic, I go to church, I help my fellow man, I’m accepting of everyone be they black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, Jew, whatever- we’re all human beings and we all should be treated equal as human beings….I believe that I live up to the description of being a good Christian and whatnot.
          But having spoken with ALOT of other preppers, I have noticed a large majority of Chritians in the prepper groups (although I have met alot of preppers of every religion). One of the things that bothers me is that I have met quite a few preppers (and a sh*t-ton of non-preppers) who seem to put waaaaay too much emphasis on their God(s) in relation to their prepping. Now don’t get me wrong, faith is one of the fundamentals in life- when understood and used correctly, having a very strong faith is one of those few things in life that can help you get through even the darkest of times.
          Buuuuttttt- faith can be a very dangerous thing as well. Faith can easily be confused with “False Hope”. I’ve encountered too many people that either end up not prepping or taking a form of borderline religious extremism when it comes to SHTF scenarios. I’ve heard it said waaaaay too many times: “I have faith that God will get me through this” or “If I make it or not, it’s all God’s will”.
          To make my point a bit clearer, I’ll tell a joke that my Grandfather told me years ago:
          During a massive flood, a man finds himself stuck on his roof while his house is under water and the flood waters rage around him. The man is overly devout and has 100% unshakeable faith so he knows that God absolutely will come down from the heavens and save him. So he prays to God to save him, but after his prayers nothing happens. A little while later a boat pulls up next to him and the people inside tell him to get in. But the man refuses saying, “I have faith that God is going to come and save me so I am going to wait right here until he does!” So the boat then leaves. The water starts to rise higher and higher. A little while later a helicopter flys overhead and the pilot sends a rope down to the man to try to save him. But the man refuses saying, “I have faith that God is going to come and save me so I am going to wait right here until he does!” So the helicopter eventually leaves. The water rises even more and the man eventually drowns. When he gets up to heaven he meets God and very angrily says to God, “God, I had absolute faith in you and I prayed and prayed for you to save me from the flood waters and yet you never came!!! Why didn’t you save me from that flood???”
          And God said, “What more could you ask for??? I sent you a friggin boat AND a helicopter!!!”

          The moral of the story is, don’t sit around waiting for God to help you because he is already helping you while you are helping yourselves.

          There are too many people putting too much faith in some kind of miracle to save them. Do I believe in God? Absolutely! Do I seriously expect that just around the time that SHTF in this country the 2nd coming will also happen or any of the events predicted in the book of Revelation will happen??? Absolutely not. You need to have faith that God will see us through the dark times that are about to befall us…but don’t get so blinded by faith that it guides every one of your decisions because that can occasionally turn out to be as bad as being blinded by your government and letting the gov’t guide all of your decisions.
          Be excellent to each other. Treat every other human with the same respect that you expect to receive. Follow the Golden Rule. Be good and just and moral. But don’t be a wackjob religious nut because personally, I want to be able to depend on my fellow man/survivors when SHTF and anyone who is putting their beliefs ahead of their survival (and especially ahead of my survival) will definitely not be able to survive for very long. God helps those who help themselves.
          BTW- when stuff really gets bad, I highly suggest staying as far away from the churches and other places of worship because when thigs get really bad and people start getting really desperate they have a tendency to turn quite savage and do things they would never normally do…add a big dose of religion in the mix and desperate, savage people can and will become a danger to themselves and everyone around them….plus it’s a great place for the authorities to round up the desperate masses and ship them off to the fema camps under the auspices of “trying to help them out”.
          If it gets THAT bad, for your own safety and the safety of your families, it may become a good idea to skip church and pray at home…trust me, God WILL understand…he’s good like that 😉

          • I do believe that God helps those who help themselves.

            BUT please do not tell me that you are one of those people that only place your faith in God when you have nothing else.

            Please do not place your faith on a shelf, only to be taken down and dusted off on occaision.

            • No, my faith is always there and not just placed on a shelf to be brought out when it seems convenient.
              But there ALOT of people (preppers and non-preppers alike) who seem to be putting all of their faith in their God(s) and almost expect their God(s) to take care of them while they sit back and do nothing themselves.
              There are also an alarming number of people who are putting their faith in only 2 things: God and Guns. And that’s it…no food, no water.
              Both are definitely important….but we all need to prep more than just our bibles and our bullets. I just wanted to put the suggestion/warning out to people that although yes, I do believe that God will help us through this mess, we still need to stock up on as much food, water, information, training, etc. as necessary so that when SHTF we are not only spiritually ready but we also must trust in ourselves and take it upon ourselves to be physically ready!!
              prep, prep, prep, prep, pray, prep, prep, pray.
              That’s my motto 😉

          • Afterthefallpa,
            You’re my kinda Catholic. Reality based, and understanding that the Holy Spirit works in men… and there are angels too, I have been saved at least 3 times by reality altered events…

            That said, faith is good, but you are right, we are God’s hands. I am hard on Catholics and protestants, more so the real rapture believers, I once had a brother say he expected legions of angels to fly in on his ‘AO’ when the SHTF… I told him he better have plenty of bullets to help ’em out.

            You are a perfect example of the reason I despise the Mystery school crap. It is what divides us into camps of party and denomination, and we should all know, a house divided cannot stand. There is no ‘Christian Liberty movement’, there is only a herd of cats. This is my primary message to people, drop your differences of doctrines, love one another and quit arguing over dots and tittles that were written 2000 years ago to please an Emperor. Worship God, not a book. I have seen families break apart because of disagreements over Bible verses…

            We have a bigger fish to fry, and its name is; Evil.
            Our Lord fought the bankers, and His battle has become our war, but we are too divided, easily scattered by propaganda and fear. We have no one point of focus, and the Establishment likes it that way.

            The Head of Gold is the enemy, the two legs are merely the crushing force, the iron and clay is distraction. Money must be made a right under God, taken from bankers and governments. In the next incarnation of civilization 2.0, the people must take charge under a Temple of God, not the rich. 5000 years of the Rule of Gold is enough.

            God bless

      49. Loosing a lifetime of investments is bad. Loosing a house is even worse. But a house doesn’t make a home and if you have a tight knit family with faith, you can make it.

        If I had a mortgage, I’d have a backup plan. First, I would determine if there were family/close friends within driving distance that I/we could move in with that didn’t owe on their house. If not, then I would pick a destination that I/we could feasibly live with a clean water resource. If the means were there, I’d have a camper(either self contained or w/towing vehicle) of some sort that would accomadate my immediate family, or at the very least a packable, quality tent. It would sure beat the heck out of sleeping under a bridge.

      50. This afternoon, I listened to an interview of a couple democratis deligates to the DNc, and it was so comical, and sad at the same time. The interviewer asked them about their stnce on many issues. They said the dems were the party of inclusion. But as the interview progressed, listeners quickly found out that they were inclusive, as long as you agreed with THEIR stance on the issues. If you had a difference of opinion, they didn’t want you in their “inclusive ” democratic party. What a joke these buffons were.
        This whole 2 party system is a joke, and when the real issues are looked at from both sides, one will quickly come to the conclusion that both sides are screwing Americans, just from different angles. They just rob you with different methods. Both sides favor staying at war. There is no difference.
        The giant reset of everything is coming soon. Get ready for it. This joke of a government we have has just about run it’s course. Both sides have not only killed the goose that lays the golden eggs, but they have eaten it, and sold off any future chance of finding anymore geese to lay anymore eggs. it’s over and done, plain and simple. good luck all.

      51. Foriegn aid. the numbers in this order, and is denominated in US $ millions.




        One-third of ALL
        US AID goes to
        Israel and Egypt. (WTF- WHY?- Answer- Bribes to congress from isreal. and bribes TO egypt NOT TO fight isreal)

        These 2 countries
        receive one-third of
        the total aid,
        the majority of which
        pays for armaments.
        Yet, neither is a
        “developing” country.
        Economic Aid (ESF)

        Military Aid (FMF)

        Israel Total


        Economic Aid (ESF)

        Military Aid (FMF)

        Egypt Total

        We are going down into the toilet, yet we give money away(mainly to isreal, or for that foriegn countries interests)

        My favorite one is the 50 million we borrow from china, then give it back to them for aids victims and green programs!!


        • Kevin
          Foriegn Aid, It is sickening to think that our Gov. POTUS sends money to third world countries,that ends up in the hands of crooks instead of the famine stricken people. Also muslim countries that wish death upon us.Expect more of the same if Odumbo gets the nod. Lets hope the Mitster will change at least some of this.

          • Nothing will change.

            I call him obmney.

            • Kevin
              Obmney ,that’s some funny shit right there!!!
              I think a change of scenery would be nice.

      52. Come on, of course Ben B and every other politician know when collapses are imminent, but they’re not going to tell the public that. It would cause panic, bank runs, etc. So you’re right, their not going to save you or warn you, but not because they don’t know about what’s coming.

      53. Here’s my post that made it on our county newspaper website. I figured they wouldn’t post it because the area is pretty conservatinve (Texas), but they let it go through anyway! What do you think? Not looking for attaboys, just wondering if anyone else has been able to avoid the monitors with a bit of truth?

        Monetary Reform

        Campaign time again. After the continuous presidential campaigning of Barrack Obama, others are now gearing up to fool us (and entertain us) as only our political duopoly can do. Watch the right hand while the left hand silently frisks your pockets and bank accounts. Or is it the other way around? No matter. Corruption is ambidextrous. The people are mesmerized by the idea of democracy while the real body politic sniff their brandy and count their (our) gold coins in an arrogant world where most who read these words will never tread.

        Think Romney is the Man? Paul? Obama? Think the Republicans can do a better job? Well, whoever wins, we all lose. Even if Obama maintains the throne, the kingdom is doomed. None of these people hold the reigns to our future. None of them can change what is happening to our economy. None of these people own our military industrial complex or the fascistic corporations that now write our laws and rob us of our wealth, culture, and liberties.

        So who is in control? The people driving the car that Lenin talked about. The global conspirators that Kennedy warned us about. The people who censored our media for decades about the treacherous beginnings of the Federal Reserve Banking System as they set up a world wide financial control grid using our military as if it were their own. (It is.) These are people who are responsible for decaying our human culture and replacing it with corporate culture. They are the owners of the Federal Reserve System, the IMF, the BIS, The World bank, along with all of their crony subsidiaries and corporate bedfellows. “They”, are the Money Changers.

        The two camps of the Money Changers are the monopoly capitalists and the command economies. The Capitalism and the Socialism global duopoly. Or, democracy and communism. No matter what it is called, it is still a shell game. Power hungry men and consciousless accountants have served both these camps well.

        The elite control people with fear, drugs, and fluffy entertainment; governments by debt and threat of war. Any government that allows these money vipers to sink their fangs into their economies is going to be very, very ill. Our economy has suffered the ravages of financial tryanny under the private Federal Reserve System for nearly a hundred years and the diagnosis of our economy is nearing terminal. Fractional reserve lending and the charging of interest are the viruses that eat vibrant economies alive.

        Corporate industries, such as alcohol, sports, and pornography, have allowed our society to stretch puberty from a temporary phase into a lifelong commitment. Men who might make a difference for the better in our world waste their time and ours chasing balls on a field, trying to break some sport record somewhere while breaking all salary records and dodgeing gold diggers. Alcohol and pornagraphy are even better at prolonging adolescence. With a society that never matures enough to realize or care what is going on around it, the Bankers are free to weave their web of financial enslavement.

        So. Vote for your man of choice. It’s just a popularity contest at an elephant and donkey show, anyway. The real power sit back and snicker as they watch their bought political puppets inact the dark sinister drama of Globalization.

        Or… we could talk about monetary reform.

        • Great Post James T.

          • Thank you, Highspeedloafer. I have had several LTE’s printed regarding a multi-million dollar bond issue, that was defeated by the way, only because a hand full of us kept at it and would not back down. It cost me way more than just a couple of letters notifying the community about this corrupt institution. It cost me my job. But you have to draw a line somewhere. I am not bragging, just letting you know if you are willing to risk retaliation, a handfull of us CAN make a difference.

            We can have an effect locally, but anything beyond that is in the tight-fisted control of the Elte and can wind up costing not just your job, but your life if you press the issue like we did locally. Collectively, though, if we could all get on the same page nationally, we could beat them, I just know it. We may soon get our chance to do that, one way or the other. I just hope it is in a non-violent way, instead of being backed into a corner, like we are headed now, with us having to become the creature in the corner. We need to reverse the roles, and put them in the corner.

        • Perfect

          You aptly described the modern day “bread and circus” extravaganza!

          Red team vs blue team…

          be it sports or politics…

          cnn vs fox

          it’s all pure b.s

          unfortunately 95% believe it all to be true.

          welcome to the modern Roman empire

          Rome is burning..

          and the fiddlers have millions following them to their demise


          • @possee: Thank you! I haven’t said it any better than most of you. Those of us who know what’s at stake will make every effort we can, until no more effort is possible.

            There is great knowledge and experience at this site, from the owner, to the many posters that I have already learned much from. Those who come here and leave empty-handed, weren’t looking for anything, anyway. Those who come here and slander their own brothers for trying to look out for their brood and humanity itself, will have their brotherhood stripped from them and left to grovel with other deniers and naysayers for the crumbs they may, or may not be able to find when “SHIT HITS THE FAN!” and they have NO plan.

        • Thums up! You laid out a great analysis of the status quo. The “dumbing down” of America began 100 years ago and it looks like the majority have fallen into the “trap”. Don’t forget about the Brookings Institute. A private Think Tank that sets agenda for our politicians/gov.

          • Gracious, @don’t tread! It’s both amazing and horrible what they have done to us. I say it’s payback time! And I say payback, as in retribution, not just vengence. That’s not asking for something for nothing, that’s demanding what was ours from the get-go. Freedom and Independence!

        • Excellent. Hope you don’t mind that I copied it and sent it out for others. I do hope it’s published. “The Money Changers”….great! Pls consider submitting it elsewhere as a stand-alone post!

          • @Zoltanne:

            Why, thank you! It’s a public post and has unlimited freedom. Send it where you will. If it unlocks even one mind, I’ll be pleased.

      54. mac

        why is rt’s web site down


          • Chatter is saying alot of sites under “attack” lately. I have only been on the net on and off a little the last couple of weeks, so I dont know!!

            I suggest everyone write down ALL the IP addresses of ALL the web sites they visit.

            Mac, you should post shtfplans!!

            • From what I understand and what AJ at infowars suggests, is that we should have a way of getting a newsletter from Mac in our e-mails if the net goes down. He says the sites may go but it is next to impossibe to stop the e-mail system.

        • this is a stupid web

      55. I agree that both parties are the problem, in fact I used to work for one of them at a pretty high level until a senior policy adviser told me that in his opinion we could never have too much debt. That was the day my hope for that political party died!

        Anyhoo, don’t know where you got your numbers from but they are wrong, we are other 16 trillion in debt on budget (this means based on what we have actually spent today; this is the only way Clinton had a surplus) or running an off-budget debt(which means including the money that we have promised to spend in the future, for things like Social security and medicare) somewhere between 100 and 150 trillion.

      56. I quit the bank’s 22 yrs ago and cash my check’s at Ace and have a debit card if I need it but keep my money in fire proof, storm rated, waterproof, inexpensive safe’s in several common
        -sense chosen places in my home and pay cash for everything possible or use money order’s when needed and I so wish what’s coming didn’t have to happen but I believe we are in for very rough time’s very soon and the sick and the dead and the desperate may cause the most extreme issue’s.

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