Society’s Five Stages of Economic Collapse

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    Society as we know it will break down and collapse in a five stage process outlined here. While it can be accelerated by certain events like war, a natural disaster, pandemic, terrorist attack, or even an impending asteroid impact, history has shown that economic collapse will essentially happen in this five stage process. To survive the collapse, it is important to read and interpret the signs and understand what assets are important to the current situation so you can be prepared for the worst thereby allowing you to survive intact and with as little damage as possible.

    STAGE 1. The Decay Begins

    Everything is good and the economy is thriving. A high standard of living has been achieved. This is the way things should be. Goods are cheap and readily available. Everything seems to be in abundance. Stores are filled with retail items ready to be purchased. Life in general is good. The nation’s working infrastructure is solidly intact and working well. However, the idea that everyone is entitled to have what others have earned now permeates society. Redistribution of Wealth Policies are implemented and quietly woven into the fabric of society. Unchecked and under the guise of fairness and equality, these policies slowly decrease productivity and increase dependency on government entitlement and welfare programs.

    Primary Assets:

    1. Career
    2. Home Value
    3. Savings
    4. Investments – Stocks and bonds
    5. Health Insurance
    6. Lifestyle Image
    7. Good Credit Rating for Debt Accumulation

    STAGE 2. The Slippery Slope

    The economy goes into a slow but steadily increasing decline. Unemployment is on the rise. Ever increasing numbers of people receive government assistance in one form or another. People are paid not to work. Government spending has increased dramatically. The price of gold, silver, and other precious metals rise to prices unheard of just a few years earlier. Inflation reaches the double digit levels.

    Primary Assets:

    1. Cash
    2. Precious Metals, Gold and Silver coins
    3. Job Stability
    4. Elimination of debt
    5. Health Insurance
    6. Home Equity
    7. Automobile with good MPG
    8. Acquiring secluded land more than 40 miles from densely populated areas

    STAGE 3. It is Going to Get Worse

    The total collapse of the economy begins after a significant and prolonged decline. The government implements price controls. Shortages on essential goods become widespread. Foreclosed houses sit vacant and deteriorating by the tens of thousands. Middle class neighborhoods begin to look like slums. The government begins to print currency to pay its bills and support the tens of millions on public assistance. Inflation increases even more and unemployment exceeds 25%. Banks and businesses fail at ever increasing rates. Nobody seems to have any money. Many are now homeless. Labor unions instigate strikes, civil unrest, and large scale riots. Government services are interrupted and unreliable. Local and national infrastructure is in decay. Violent gangs begin to appear and assert themselves. The government begins confiscation of firearms from law abiding citizens. Violence is everywhere. Cities and urban areas become very dangerous places to live.

    At this stage, the country seems pretty much beyond the point of no return. However, things can still be reversed even at this stage if the right person at the top really believes in the basic fundamental concepts of Freedom, Independence, Liberty, and Individual Rights and is not afraid to do what is necessary to reverse the current trend. He will be vilified and hated because of his attitude toward personal responsibility, cutting entitlements, and ending welfare programs. Of course, if the right person were in power and did what needed to be done, none of this would have happened in the first place.

    Primary Assets:

    • Gold and Silver coins
    • Cash
    • Job
    • Automobile
    • Home
    • Short term food supplies
    • Short term fuel stores
    • Firearms and ammo
    • Plans to relocate to a secluded rural hideaway
    • Small livestock – chicken, rabbit, fish…
    • A close network of like minded people
    • Survival knowledge and skills

    STAGE 4. The Grab for Power

    The collapse can transition to this stage at any time after Stage 3. Most of the middle class have lost everything. What used to be well manicured middle class neighborhoods are filled with the carcasses of empty houses damaged and destroyed by vandals. The nation’s infrastructure has been seriously neglected and is in need of a major overhaul. The power grid becomes unreliable. Rolling blackouts are a daily occurrence. You can no longer buy or sell gold or own foreign currency. Inflation is out of control. Now the economy collapses. There is a rush for everything and the shelves go empty in a matter of hours. Society falls into chaos. The control of urban areas shifts when violent gangs takeover control of the streets and urban neighborhoods. The government issues restrictive measures in an attempt to control the economy. Everything is in short supply and heavily rationed. Food and gasoline is very expensive and there are very long lines to get them when they are available. Affordable quality health care is non-existent and your job is a distant memory. You will do without what you are unable to provide for yourself. You will discover what it is to live in a third world country.

    Primary Assets:

    1. Relocation to the rural hideaway
    2. Firearms and ammo
    3. Long term food supplies (1 year minimum)
    4. Adequate fuel stores
    5. Security plan to protect the group and assets
    6. Trained dog for security
    7. A working knowledge of survival gardening
    8. Survival knowledge and skills

    Once all of the above has come to pass, the realization of the current circumstances at this moment must be all too obvious. It is too late to prepare at this point. What you did not acquire earlier, you are not going to possess now. Anything of value necessary for your survival has already been claimed. The situation gets worse… much worse.

    Stage 5 is next… and it is not pretty.

    STAGE 5. Freedom, Liberty, and Independence is Lost

    The government implements martial law. Fighting between civilians and government forces break out nationwide. Maintaining more than a 30 day supply of food is considered hoarding food and is illegal. Severe poverty and starvation become a common sight. The government offers marginally acceptable food, water and shelter in exchange for your Freedom, Liberty, and Independence. Democracy ends and a Socialist form of government takes over under the guise of fixing society’s problems with the false promise that peace and prosperity will return better than it was just a few years ago. A Totalitarian regime assumes power and the individual freedoms and liberties once enjoyed by the people are completely eliminated.

    Primary Assets:

    1. Rural Hideaway
    2. Security plan to protect the group and assets
    3. Living below the radar in a community of like minded people
    4. Firearms and the ability to use them
    5. Guard dog for security
    6. Survival knowledge and skills
    7. A working and producing garden capable of feeding 150% of the group
    8. A stable supply of clean water
    9. Vegetable seeds for long term food production and barter
    10. The will to live and survive in a harsh political climate

    As you can see, priorities change as the world changes. Your most prized assets of today – your good credit, luxury automobile, and career are no longer important after the economy collapses.


    It is better to prepare 10 years too early than 10 minutes too late. Many who lack vision will say that it will never happen and for those who decide to live unprepared should consider the following statement.


    This article has been contributed by David Meyer. You can read more of his editorials at the Target of Opportunity web site. 


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        • I think that was Porky Pig. Bugs was famous for “What’s up doc?”

          • That could very well be thanks. And if Porky is still around after SHTF, I’ll just call him breakfast 🙂

            Semper Fi

            • They are both edible, it is just Porky has more fat and Bugs has more protein. You have to have a balance though. I know a man who used to feed his dogs nothing but rabbits until 2 of them died. All protein and not fat makes Sparky a dead dog.

            • Thats funny, My brothers father in law just bought three pigs at the auction last week. When my wife saw them she asked him what he named them with missing a beat he said while pointing to eack ” That’s Breakfast, he’s Lunch and she is Dinner! Nice one HF!

            • kiss a pig, hug a swine, some of them are good friends of mine.

            • as to the piggy names, my son raises/slaughters a few pigs each year. the 1st year he had 2 and my oldest grandson (10 or 11 years old at the time) named one bacon and the other sausage! i thought that was quite cute.


          • Aristotle, Descartes, Plato, Confucius. Combined do not hold a candle to your philosophical genius, yet you are an unrenouced feces eater. Oh the travesty.

            • An orange rabbit…hmmmm is that so we don’t miss? Don’t worry, we won’t. You are clearly a philosophical genius yourself.

          • I’m surprised at u pres obama how rude!

          • What a loser!

        • The number one excuse I hear for not being ready and although that may be valid for the young or disabled, upon further discussion I almost always find a lifestyle of living between one’s means is the real reason.

          For about the cost of the new model of my 1980’s diesel 4X4, I have been able to accumulate almost everything on the latter lists (my garden is not to 150% and we had to put the dog to sleep) despite being unemployed for most of the last four years.

          1) By working slowly, I was able to look for good deals on everything from canning supplies to materials for my solar cabin using Craigslist, The Habitat for Humanity Restore & Freecycle. 2) Someone middle-age like me who invested just $1 a day during their working life has about $40,000 to work with which is much more than I spent.

          It’s too late to do what I did, but if one acts today they can still get ready unless they have literally spent every dime they ever earned:
          1. Sell all the crap you bought for what you can
          2. Sell/trade that car for an old but reliable truck
          3. Cash out your retirement plan and take the penalty. If still employed and cannot cash out, borrow the maximum out for the maximum term and buy cheap land (see my videos) where they already heat with wood, garden, and hunt deer.
          4. Max out your credit cards for provisions and make the minimum payment.
          5. Start building food storage. You can rotate out a three-year supply in seven years be eating nine meals a week from storage.
          6. Buy guns and ammo with emphasis on ammo. The guy with two guns and no ammo will trade one gun to make his other work again.
          7. Build a small cabin (if you know how) or find a camper without a title cheap on Craigslist and move it to your property. Rural Craigslist areas are full of wood stoves.
          8. Although drinking water from rainwater collection systems must be filtered or treated, they are a lot cheaper than a well and outhouses are cheap to build.
          9. Make sure you have everything necessary to cultivate, grow, and preserve a garden. Everything from my tiller to pressure canners came from Craiglist. Canning jars were free on Freecycle.
          10. Only when these bases were covered did I buy Silver Eagles for AFTER the crises.

          I’m not just talking out of thin air. Three years ago I liquidated everything and allocated $10K each to land/cabin, equipment/provisions, and precious metals. Now it is worth $50K and I can sleep when the wind blows.

          • About ammo. Bought some today and for mine went up about 25%, has anyone else noticed this?

            • My mistake only went up 10%.

            • Wouldn’t it be smarter to also buy a reloading ammo kit, gunpowder and lead? And have some wooden spears,
              rocks and a bow-and-arrow for backup?

            • Ammo is heavy, demand is still at all time highs, and Obama’s making sure we all pay through the nose for gas… I’m thankful it’s only up 10% 🙂


            • I’ve stopped buying ammo. You won’t need nearly as much as you think.

              Instead, I’ve decided to invest in a few thousand primers of each type. There are four types, as you know: Small/Large Pistol, Small/Large Rifle. I prefer CCI magnum be I’m not really particular. They’re running $30 to $40 per 1000. I’ve got 3,000 of each type.

              Also, powder. I have several types, but, I plan on continue to invest in Bullseye, Unique and IMR-3031. Those three will give you reasonable loads in any cartridge. I figure 5lbs of Bullseye (its for smaller pistol carts and you don’t use too much) 10lbs of Unique (for bigger carts and heavier loads) and 20lbs of IMR-3031/H4895. Generally, its about $25-$30 per pound, but, if I can get it on sale…

              With bullets, many are universal across calibers.

              Basically, if you have the equipment to load you can put things together as needed and in custom configurations. Your 30-06 can become a very effective squirrel rifle that you can use in your neighbors back yard and not wake the dog.

              I can wait for good deals on all those components plus bullets and brass. I figure when SHTF, instead of the kids playing video games, they can load ammo.

              Of course, I’m not recommending this route for anyone. Its just a paradigm of thought. You may not need to load up on everything pre-made. It may be more utilitarian to load up on components that you can save money on and adapt to specific conditions. …and you can adapt to nearly any caliber with a handful of additional dies and shellholders.

              Another side affect of this is that the accuracy of your rounds increases with handloaded ammo. When those hits REALLY count, do you you REALLY want to be using factory ammo? I don’t.

              Some experience required. I’ve been immersed in this for 40+ years, no loading data required anymore.

            • Loadmaster….. hmmmm nice handle. Is anyone else getting this? Classic Stuff.

            • Have noticed it is not only getting more expensive, but harder to get in quantities beyond one box.

          • Lots of good suggestions!

            KY Mom

            • WHAT IN THE HELL!! How can anyone put thumbs down to her simple comment on P..P post?? (MM)

            • Montana, sometimes when browsing this blog on a small smartphone screen, your fat finger hits the wrong button. And, you can’t go back and fix it. The two buttons should be farther apart.

            • By the way KY Mom, anything with the words KY in it is good in my book. If you need a man for protection, let me know.

          • Like what you said. Just a though on one point though. **hunt deer** As part of your preparation, would it be a better idea to NOT hunt deer? I’m just thinking along the sustainable lines here. If you have a few deer in your area (other game, wildlife included) and you are already competing with others in your area for game, then would it not be a better idea to allow dear numbers in your area to expand as much as possible, so when the SHTF for real, you have a plentiful supply of game to hunt, for longer? Rather than deplete the numbers now?
            The longer game numbers hold out, beyond what you can grow and collect now, the better, right?
            Sure, some areas have a very plentiful supply of deer/elk numbers ect and it’s not a problem. But in some areas game numbers are limited already.
            Just a though for some to ponder.
            Prepping isn’t just about gathering up edibles and supplies. It’s about managing and protecting the resources in your area so they are there for when you really need them.
            Pryor Planning and Prepperation, Prevents a Piss Poor Performance ….. The seven P’s that every prepper should know off by heart.

            • Our state has the highest ratio of deer-vehicle collisions and people who live in my area take several deer a year in and out of season. I personally shot three that were trying to get into my garden last summer. While there may be a time when large games is scarce we are not likely to stop until then. In my neighborhood no one thinks twice when they hear a gun shot in or out of season.

              Being an emergency services worker and a wilderness survival and firearms instructor, I agree that training is vitally important. However, I also believe that time is of the essence and someone who follows these steps and surrounds themselves with skilled people will be more accepted than someone with lots of skills who we have to house and feed for the first year. For example, I can teach someone to hunt while I am doing it once the SHTF, but if that person starves to death in the meantime because they did not store food, it will not matter.

            • W&W, If you live in an area like I do, kinda secluded but within walking distance of 40 to 50 homes; you can rest assured that half of those will be out of food within a few weeks and will start killing every deer they see. Another problem is that most of those homes have big dogs. When the big dogs go hungry because there is no endless supply of scraps and Ol’ Roy in the garage, you better believe they will start killing every animal in sight. With that kinda of pressure on the deer herds they will become extinct in no time. My philosophy is a sack full of venison jerky, when the going gets tough, is better than eating a scrawny dog. The early and silent bird (hunter) gets the fattest worm (deer).

            • WW, what’s sad is that there will be a lot of waste when novices kill deer. Many won’t be prepared to save the meat they don’t initially eat. Just make sure, if you do kill a deer, that you can maximize its usage; i.e. can, make jerky/venison beef sticks, freeze, and so on.
              There are also many people that don’t know how to clean fish, especially cat fish.
              Here in west Texas, I’ve seen trophy hunters that only want a back strap. I’ll cut up the deer/antelope and usually keep 90% of the meat. I personnally think there are a lot of lazy people when it comes to cleaning, gutting and carving up game.

          • P. Pastor: I agree, also ammo will be highly valuable. Years back, during the y2k scare, I knew several couples who were hard core preppers that knew this country would collapse in the future, if not during y2k. Anyway, mostly all now deceased, some in nursing homes. Their preps were sold/thrown out/donated. We’re now retired drawing a monthly 401k check (just started) to live on. If we pulled it all out, I’d have a tax penalty on 200,000 dollars. We don’t prep as much now as back then. Spouse refuses to leave the city; once were out of town then moved back. I do believe in selling off stuff we really don’t need and downsizing our life styles. Collapse was predicted in the 80’s, (books were then sold) and it’s now 2012. Many have burned out on prepping or are in limbo. Some did all this in vain.

            • I wouldn’t consider peace of mind to be in vain….Lots of people don’t make it to retirement, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for it….

            • Laura: You must have missed the part about spending less than $40,000. Besides, silver is up 230% since I did this in 2010 which more than covered any taxes and penalties. During that same time the food I bought has increased in price 20% which is like money in the bank.

              I have been a survivalist for thirty years and did nothing differently for Y2K as there was little threat. My peace of mind comes not from collecting IOUs from banks, the federal government, or the federal reserve, but from owning a free and clear home that provides its own heat and utilities where my neighbors are more likely to look after me than rape me.

              I can think of nothing better than outliving my preps like your friends (and my own grandfather) did because they served their purpose. It’s not like they could take their money with them. People do not value what they do not earn and that includes inheritance. My own mother liquidated my grandfather’s preps and spent her inheritance on a new all electric home so I have to let her reap as she has sown.

              P.S. If you watch my videos, one specifically says that not everyone should move into the boon docks.

          • I never really liked anyone on this site. Many of you are out of touch.

            • Then please explain the purpose of your hanging around. A troll perhaps? Maybe envious? Or a few IQ points less than your average tomato plant? NOTE: Apologies to all tomato plants.

            • oh, oh , oh..pick me ,, pick meeeeeee!

            • What a bunch of bullshit, Somebody is now using me handle to make that bad post.. Grow The f–k up who ever you are….

              The real DPS

            • DPS, nobody believes a word you are saying. I know a troll when I see one. By the way, a little riddle for you.

              What is red headed like a fox, and silent as a fart in church? That’s right buddy. You know the name.

              Plus, I don’t care what people think, I still pop my collar and wear skinny jeans, because I can….

            • Hey QuietFox, I happen to enjoy wearing skinny jeans too.

            • @DPS…. correction …. MOST here are out of touch!

          • I like you well thought out list. You will get posts from those who will disagree or even argue; You have to get one thru ten under your belt before you work on number ten. Just MHO!. TKS PP.(MM)

            • Thanks Mike. It has some errors in it because I just typed out what I did and most of it came out as intended. I often do not check back when I post on here because I know a lot of people treat this like fantasy football. Many have never lived off-grid for any length of time or killed anything or watched people die violent deaths so they have a different perspective.

              I recently had a child and care a lot more about providing a future for my daughter in the new paradigm than retiring to play golf every day like my father. Only a couple generations were able to mortgage their children’s future in order to have a leisurely retirement and I believe things are going to revert back to working as long as physically able then being taken care of by family as it was for thousands of years.

          • I agree with almost everything except, the maxing out of credit cards. If you rent a house and land,or just squatting somewhere you might get away with it. But even after a total collapse of the dollar, you could have judgements brought against you and your property. Anything with a deed or title to it would be fair game for the banks and courts. It would be a shame to see all that prepping and storing up go to someone else just because you had some credit card debt….. My brother-in-law kept buying equipment for his excavation business and building debt over the past ten years. Three years ago, when things started getting slow, I talked to him about an exit stategy when there was no work at all and he still had $3000.00 pe month payments. His response; “I have my house and 35 acres paid for, so They can come and take my equipment and I’ll just live off the land”. I had to laugh. I said ” You are the kind of person the banks love, because when they sell your/their equipment for pennies on the dollar and you still have debt on the business loan, then they come take your house and land. You and the kids are back home living with momma (a nut case). Didn’t see or hear from brother-in-law for two months. Too busy trying to find work????

            • and this why you start a llc and file a first lein on your own property for the amount its worth , AND start a family trust , put the house in the trust , make sure you research the trust procedure , it can be the first layer of protection if done right so that they CANT FIND what you own !!! the first thing a scumbag lawyer does is lok for assests , doesnt find any , then no lawsuit . HIDE YOUR ASSESTS !!!

          • Max out credit cards?
            Huh? This is the worst thing you can do. Owe no man anything.
            Claim to be a pastor, and ignore what Jesus said about money. The borrower is subservient to the lender. I understand your urge for speed, but what if this “crisis” doesn’t happen for two more years? How much money was thrown away on interest? What happens if the FED raises interest rates way up to curb inflation, but the collapse doesn’t happen? Remember the 1970’s? Interest rates for houses were at 18%(I can only imagine where interest rates went for credit cards 30% maybe). This would be a death nail for a lot of people, especially if it is a slow collapse rather than a quick snap.

            Playing with other peoples money is never a good idea.

            • Jackro:

              You are SOOO right on this one. Debt free is the way to go.

          • To Prepared Pastor – I disagree with #4, that will not give you peace in mind when you’re out surviving.

          • Sure, but if you have all this gardern stuff, etc. How
            long do you think it will take the armned gangs from
            finding you, outnumbered 20 to 1? Then what of those
            overhead DRONES, spying on you 24/365? Nice try man, won’t work in the real world to come.


            • bullshit john. i’m STILL shooting 303,30-06,45, and 308 that are decades old. properly stored ammo will last at least a century! 303 is head stamped 1942.
              chow are great if they STAY HOME.if it starts to roam might as well kill it before your neighbor has to. if it thinks another dogis in its territory, it’ll try to kill it. personal experience their. two down weighting on the next one.

            • Ammo will last forever if you take care of it.

          • Prepared Pastor:

            May I suggest a #11? Relationships. Develop relationships NOW, before you need them. No one can sleep all the time, not everyone can fix a car, not everyone has enough land to grow food to feed themselves or their family. Now is the time, on websites like this one to stock up on one disaster provision that never spoils or gets stolen: FRIENDS.

            Ask yourself, honestly, what do I bring to the table? Everyone has different skills and in the coming barter system, skills will have value like stored food and boxes of ammo.

            I know what I bring to the table. My medical background. My education in Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology. But that alone is not enough. I’ve been quietly amassing a small personal pharmacy as well. When your daughter is sick, will you begrudge me a can of food or a box of ammo for my services? How valuable will a bottle of Children’s Tylenol become when every Walgreens everywhere goes out of business, or worse, gets looted?

        • Read the following article, its very important:

          Stages of Collapse:

          There are two stages to the end of the world.The first stage is called stage one. This is the stage where people work and everything is good because they have mad money and buy a bunch of stuff. They are also pumped up because they get to get things they want. The key emphasis here is on spending mad cheddar. Right now I would guess we are experiencing stage 1 but if we are not careful we could slip into stage two:

          Stage 2: The second stage of collapse is called stage two. This stage is where the world collapses. This is when people don’t have mad money or stuff anymore and it really sucks. Then they get all mad and they start fighting over food and water yo. The signals you must look our for to determine if we are in stage two is I will tell you on the website. Usually I will make a post like saying something like how its gonna collapse. Then the next day I will say something similar. I will keep this up for an uncertain amount of time to get some page views. Most common sign of stage two is it is right around the corner and most certainly going to happen. Spend all your money, now is the time to be worried, while we still have time.

          Once stage two starts the people wont know what happend. The educated on this site will recognize stage two by these distinct signs:

          1. A dog will bark outside
          2. A bird will chirp
          3. The sun will seem really yellow but untrustworthy one morning
          4. Things will seem like they were better in the good old days.
          5. You will notice the newest Nike shoes are actually worth fighting over.

          Once you see these signs, pack all of your family members into your bug out trailer and go flying in your shitty truck down main street yelling at the common folk in route to your forest retreat. Continue to said retreat and resume tin foil hat process. Shutoff all electronics and cut off communication from the outside world for at least several years. Be sure to kill plenty of coons and cover your nice goretex boots with their skins like a true mountain man. Also, stop shaving and cutting your hair. Years later, out of curiosity, emerge from the wilderness in your new mountain man garb and stroll into town to see whats left of the destruction. Be wary of any “normal” looking civilians roaming the seemingly untouched streets. They are not to be trusted. To be sure run at them with your pants off and blabber about the end of the world, if they retreat, you know they are hiding something.

          • HAHA nice one. Your probably right, many posts on this site are just made up crap.

          • Don’t forget to bring a towel! I have no idea what’s going on…

            • Not my post.

          • HA nice one. I’m a little teapot.

            • Haha Tweetledee!

            • Get your own handle you fuckface troll!!! Im the real Cinderella Man and I would never say stupid shit like that!!

            • You can be a little teapot and Ill hear you shout WHEN MY FOOT IS STUCK UP YOUR ASS YOU TROLL TURD FUCKFACE!!!

          • Classic! Hilarious interpretation. Some of these people are off their rockers. You sir are the man.

            • I see someone has posted using my name! I don’t use the word “sir”. Trolls everywhere!

            • I see someone has posted like they are me.. I do infact use the word sir. A troll calling my comments troll comments… this is rather confusing. Can something be done about this?

            • Everyone that has been on this site for any amount of time knows the writing style of those that post here.

              It is quite obvious from the bogus posts from DPS, durango kidd, others and myself are just that, bogus.

              Get a life troll!

            • Yeah AZ, your right. I could tell it wasn’t me as soon as I saw it. Anyone who has been here knows I know what I sound like. Same goes for the others. Trolls aren’t wanted here!!!!!

        • Done for you maybe, jarhead. With that attitude and perspective you might as well roll over and accept the big green weenie. I thought flatops had more heart.

          Where did you leave yours?

          • I said the country was done, not me. And we were never called flatops. Learn to call the play like it is and you might stay in the game.

            • how about block hats for block heads, dumb ass jar head, simper fi that.

              • hey gordy, seen you loes of websites where are you from?

        • What do ya say about something I already know is coming? Be prepared, vigilant, be a leader, be with like minded people and most of all, pray and know the lord. I will be locked and and loaded and what ever our future brings us, I pray, I can care for my family.

        • My favorite is from Ben Franklin and our site’s mantra.

          By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

        • Who knows what capability ‘they’ have upon us: chem-trails (goodies), Haarp, Project Blue Beam, Viruses, NWO armies, Fema camps and other things. Hard to prepare for every scenario but better to have something thought about. If depopulation is one of the goals, it surely will not be pretty (see NWO, illuminati and such). Level playing field…might be different than you imagined (lol).

      1. I would guess early stage 3 at the moment but snowballing fast. Agree?

        • Definitely. I can’t even keep up with the rate of change. Those that I know suggest the same, massive increase in activity.

            • What seems more likely is open warfare in Mexico with massive “refuge” movement across our Southern border. Because the status will have changed from “illegal immigrant” to “refuge” we will all be asked to cooperate in this “humanitarian gesture”. The problem is it will require higher taxes, collapse of our health care system. skyrocketing education and welfare costs and confiscatory policies to support all these “refugees”. The “refugees” will never go back home again, even if law and order is restored South of the border. But wait! Just when you think it couldn’t get worse the Supreme court, lead by Sonia Sotomayor will declare that all of these “new citizens” have a right of citizenship and of course a right to vote. Oh! affirmative action will be increased to make sure they all have (your) jobs.

            • Totally agree, we have these issues here in south Texas already, illegal’s in school with only a valid utility bill with NO verification of actual living at the address indicated (BS). Now teachers MUST speak both English and Spanish to maintain their jobs. If I remember correctly, English is the primary language in the U.S.. The Gov’t might as well give them a plastic card with their countries insignia thus allowing them card blanc. Our own leaders cannot comply with their decisions, yet the mandate we should allow the humanitarian side to come out. I agree,
              I will be please to give them a ride back to the Border and send them home. We must have a passport to enter a country to visit/stay or they will deport us. Any countries were visiting aren not required to send my kids to school and feed, clothe them. As a U.S. Legal Tax Paying Citizen, If an illegal is not paying taxes, maintaining a residence and have a working visa send them back. Do not allow them to gain citizenship when they give birth in the U.S., and keep them on food stamps, paying rent etc.
              If ANY individual in on assistance, ALL should be required drug/alcohol testing to maintain status quo. Else Drop them like a hot rock.
              However, if the immigrant is paying taxes and has a working visa, by all means, allow them the opportunity to gain the citizenship status. I am all for the correct process established by the government on both sides of the border and truly feel for the struggle they are going thru due to the corrupt entities, but once they try to enter illegally, they basically rid themselves of the possibility of becoming a REAL citizen. We are on a two (2) way street, assist when possible, and stand strong when necessary.

        • Accordo.

        • Actually i would say solid stage 2 with stage 3 running up the driveway bout to knock on the door. I believe the essence of stage 3 is the price controls, unrest and gun confiscating. And if they do try to take our guns i would wager we could just skip 4 and move to all out level 5 craziness.

        • I think we’re in late stage 2 myself. There aren’t any shortages yet except money. I believe when gas hits 5.00 per gallon we will rush to stage 3.

          • HSL,

            Stage 1 maybe stage 2 here in TX, new homes still being built and sold, We have started drilling for oil again and natual gas. But we still have a very bad drought. Winter wheat looks to fail again this year. I have to agree with the fuel cost moving us to the next stage, but I think we will be heading for closer to $7.00 per gal by late summer.


            • $7.00 gas will definately speed things up. I live in a small town about 30 miles from charlotte, where the DNC will be meeting in August. I have a buddy who is a major on the CMPD and he is worried to death about what its gonna be like there this summer. If your prediction of 7.00 gas comes true, I too am afraid Charlotte will resemble the summer of 68 if not worse. In the county I live in, one county away from Charlotte, housing hasn’t recovered and there are thousands of forclosures waiting to go through the system, so maybe a little worse than Texas. 2012 looks to be a nail biter.

          • HSL,

            What worries me about the high cost of fuel is our grocery bill. Here gas is 3.39 per gal today. diesel is 4.05 17% higher. Now if gas does hit 7.00 that will put diesel at 8.19 per gal.. Thats going to kill everybody on food cost… Nail biter indeed.

            Have a great day.

            You may have noticed but somebody is post bad shyt with my handle, those that know me , also no I would never post shyt like that.

            • Our gas here today is $3.93 and our groceries have been going up every week for months now. You had better be taking advantage of prepping in your area now. It will only get worse!!!!!!!

            • Yeah, I saw that, probably some teenie bopper. Food prices are going out of sight. I planted my tomato seeds today, and have expanded my garden to twice the size as last year. Its the only way I will be able to eat if prices keep rising like this. Reg. gas here is $3.86 per gal today.

            • DPS/AZ-R, content of character. by now we know how your thought are organized. pretenders only wish to use your credibility. trust me, the difference is obvious.

            • DPS, we know! Some troll on here. Did the same to me.

            • Gas was 3.79 here in northeast Ohio last night. Prices of food didn’t go back down over winter even though the gas prices did. Now that gas is going back up, goods will too. The not from concentrate orange juice is 4.00+ a jug. Last summer it was 2 something. Luckily my family buys a lot of our food from salvage stores where goods can be had at 1/2 to 1/4 of the price. I’m talking about perfectly good cereal at 1.50 a box, sometimes buy one get one free. Name brand.

            • Who would infiltrate a survivalists’/anti-government website and try to screw with the users, I wonder?..

        • Without price fixing we aren’t in level three. We are in late 2.

        • Early stage 3 it seems, which is why voting is a waste of time and gas. Electronic voting machines are rigged by the Elite. Stay home or go out to eat instead. Yes the country is over and done. Live for self/family, enjoy what time is left.

          • I respect your opinion, but I think there’s still hope, as more and more people “wake up”.
            I read somewhere that only 1/3 of americans were for the Revolution, 1/3 were against it, and 1/3 didn’t give a damn.
            I might be wrong, of course, but I believe more than 1/3 of americans are now awake.
            I just try not to draw conclusions.

            • @ Angry Citizen:

              Sorry, dude, I wish I could agree with you. I really do–but I think you’re wrong. I think less than 1% of the population thinks like you and I. It depresses me all the time, but I think that 99% of the populations has NO plan and does not read websites like this one at all.

              But if you are right and I am wrong, then I owe you a case of cold beer. If I’m right….it doesn’t matter what you owe me, because we’d both be too busy surviving. Deal?


      2. This article forgot having livestock and poultry. What a good article though!!! It appears we are in stage 3 of this sequence in some parts of the country already, and more prosperous states are still in stage 2. The Fakestream Media is in the stage of denial, wanting us to believe that we are in stage 1 still. According to Morning Express with Robin Meade the world is just puppy dogs and kitty cats!! My family is prepared Im not going into great detail because we’re not like the Dumbsday Preppers that will show off all their guns and food for the whole country and DHS to see!! Nope we are a ranching family and we enjoy a sense of security that most Americans would only dream of. Im glad we thought way ahead before prepping got real popular. We do need to have alot more like minded people to have alliances with thats why I enjoy coming to this site and others like it, but I would urge most preppers to keep alot of what they got to themselves, we are now considered suspicious people of interest to our wonderful govt. and the machines of loving grace that watch over us!! 🙂

        • Dido on the keep it quiet shit. We have gotten a little more than our share of sideways looks. I can’t remember how many times I have heard “if this goes south and collapses, l know just where to go.” And I am with ya on the Lame stream media, absolutely friggen worthless. Even in the big markets, they all rave about the new Target that is opening up and stupid crap like that. I have a feeling the series Doomsday Preppers is nothing more than jealousy. They have a tendency to spotlight some of the goofy ones. Not all but just enough so the Production Co can go either way if they want. What is funny though, the Goofy ones, wait and see who is left standing in the end?

        • I stay anonymous by using multiple user names on the Internet and only my wife and retreat neighbors know the location. A few people may show up at the town house, but we will be long gone.

          A three-year food supply for four becomes a one-year supply for twelve and you may not even be one of the twelve.

      3. My opinion is that we will experience stages 3 to 5 all together.
        I don’t see any.
        Yes. Look at the brothers in Syria.
        They go to the protests, knowing they gonna die; but they go.
        When our well fed societies reach at this point, at least the next generations will remember us as heroes.

        Good article Mac.

        • manos, I’m kinda with you on stages 3-5, though I think they’ll happen in rapid succession. It appears that TPTB are not very patient right now and are looking to apply stages 3-5 rapidly.
          Enjoy the thought: Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. Well said Mr. Meyer.
          Thanks again Mac for the article.

          • Very astute. Once stage 3 is firmly entrenched (are we there yet) stages 4 and 5 are in reality 3b and 3c. The acceleration of decline and chaos at this point will be monitored in terms of days, and possibly even hours. The decision to “bug-in” or “bug-out” will in all calculable odds…already be out of your hands by that time.

            Time is short. Any of several global and/or domestic events could trigger “the final stages”…literally overnight. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed so many “jokers” and “wildcards” in the DECK all at the same time. Stay vigilant and “tuned in” and don’t second guess your gut instincts. Buena Suerte to all!

            • ~Yental~

              Excellent analysis! Jokers & Wildcards indeed! Salute!!!

            • yental, I agree that stages 4 and 5 are really 3b and 3c.
              The trigger I look for are the banking holidays. I know they are coming and to me this will be the flag to bug out. We have a huge retirement populace here and over 65% are dependant on gov’t checks and assistance.
              Another flag will be the delay of gov’t checks and possibly the reduction of benefits.

          • get a bicycle, moped or walk, it’s not the end of the world. that that don’t kill you, makes you stronger.

          • disector,

            i said brothers.
            I meant, brothers in pain, brothers in suffering, brothers in hunger, brothers in sorrow, brothers in anger.

            Be safe

        • Manos,

          Great joke this morning brother. Hop all is well with you and your family.


          • Hey DPS, I have another with you. What does it take for American to change lightbulb?

            Answer: 15 Americans, Ten to attack the lighbulb company, two to create press releases about why you are there, and two to sneak the bulb to the installer.

            You Americans are lazy too. Haha i kid with you brother. Where are you from again? Manos forgets.


      4. A little off subject here but I need some advice…I want to buy a pair of waterproof, durable hiking boots…my birthday is next week and I told my H that’s what I want! Any suggestions for a good, durable waterproof boot? And I’m not rich so nothing over $100.00!! I have 3 boys living at home still…and they LOVE to eat :/

          • Check out
            Botach has a footwear clearance site that’s amazing. They often only have limited sizes but the boots and prices are great. I’m wearing a pair of $200 Matterhorns that are the best boots I’ve ever owned, got them for $49 shipped. It’s the only place I buy boots from these days. The good news is for kids they usually have tons of the smaller sizes, it’s the 9-11 that run out first.

        • Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

          • Great site! Thanks knotjammer2! Another year older..ugh;p

        • you want durable AND waterproof? probably gonna be hard to do for under $100. Boots in the $125-150 range excellently meeting those conditions would be far better.

          get something that can be resoled. look for vibram sole. Get full grain leather upper, don’t rely on goretex. a crush resistant toe, but not steel, would be good too.

          • TY Ferndale!! I’ll look for that! 🙂

          • Check tractor supply too

        • You might check your local farm store. I’m sure you can find something you can live with.

        • You can always do in old school military boot and water proof them. I have had my pair from the army sense 05 and are holding up pretty good. Just my thoughts 😀

        • I went to the local GoodWill store and they had women rain boots/ boating boots they go all the way to my knees, got it for $8.

        • Carthart makes a great aluminum toed, waterproof hiking boot for about $80. See if there is a Red Wing store in your area, otherwise, you should be able to find them online–rugged and lightweight.

          • Wal-mart has some decent boots under the $100 cap.

        • Try

          Keep checking them, as they run sales all the time and do not always have everything in every size.

          Just bought 2 pair of good duty/service shoes, one pair Made in America, for a tad over $100 w/the shipping.

          Do beware steel toes if you aren’t already used to them. They can be uncomfortable. Think about buying an inexpensive waterproofing spray.

        • Check Sportsmansguide. They have great Carhartt boots for less than you want to spend. I found a pair for hiking that are water proof and steel toe.

          • Only one problem with steel toe. You get something heavy enough to break a toe thru a boot and it is probably gonna cause the steel to cut right thru it, or at the very least crush down on your toes to where you can’t get the darn things off and have to cut your boots off from around your toes and the steel. That steel is cold unless you are moving. Just my thoughts about steel toes in a survival environment.

            • yup but imagine what it would be like for your foot, or toes if they werent steel toe..bye , bye for the complete foot.


              Steel Cap Amputation

              Myth: Steel-toed boots are more dangerous than regular boots — if something falls on the boots, the steel can curl in and cut off your toes

              They were able to find one occurrence of amputation while wearing steel-toed boots occurring in real life. In 2002, an Australian worker lost his 3rd toe when some steel pipes feel from a forklift.

              now on the cold steel issue..I can attest to this being true long days at the steel mill in the winter can have your toes crying out for some warmth

            • Yes and no. Steel toes will stop anything you can lift and then some from damaging your foot if you drop it, and that covers 99% of the possibilities. On the other hand, the machine tool riggers I used to work with wore sneakers. Dropping 10,000 lb. on your foot, steel toes ain’t gonna do anything for you. Better to have the agility. Me, I swear by my Muck Boots. Totally waterproof, wear like iron, no laces. I work around the farm in them, and hunt in them.

        • i personally would go shopping for hiking boots at the end of the day and find what fits and what i like..then i would do the waterproofing at home…

          • good point…boots fit different than regular shoes/sneakers. Last thing you need is one that rubs or is too big. And one brand will fit different than another, like cowboy boots do. Get one that is fairly comfortable ’cause when you go hiking or hauling ass from the gov./thugs to your hide-out, you’ll find out real quick how uncomfortable they can be.

        • Pick up a few cans of ‘Food Grade Silicon Spray’, you can douse shoe, clothes, jackets to water proof. It does not take much…

        • Bitch please !

        • We always have great luck with LL Bean products.

        • happy birthday!! has great camping and hiking items, and good selections for the kids. free shipping and awesome return policy.

        • buy all leather and use mink oil to condition and waterproof. Get something with a stiff sole. I use campmor quiet a bit. I just bought my first nice pair of boots in 12 years, previous pair were redwings and they finally wore out. The pair I got are Vasque. They were on sale on Amazon with free shipping and I love them. Just spent fourteen hours in them and my feet feel great. I’ve done a few hikes in them with no problem. Sometimes spending a little money saves in the long run when you don’t have to replace them.


      5. First of all, America is not done. Yes this country is in an economic decline, however we are so off from a third world country that it is not even funny. People have been talking about the collapse of Amercia for decades and it has not happened. The powers to be can keep things going for a long time, as they have.
        Some of the comments that people post on these sites are just nuts. Do I believe in being prepared, being more self reliant, being more independent? Off course I do as many Americans would probably say as well. But to think that America is close to becoming a third world nation in the next few years is idiotic. Just like people who are preparing for a Mad Max scenario is idiotic. Prepare, but also enjoy life and keep things in a relastic context please.

        • Keep on drinking that koolade there buddy!

        • I am kinda of looking at sections of this country breaking off into regions, where some will have it good where others won’t.
          Some trading among regions and inner conflicts with others.
          I would guess we would lose Florida and most of the southern part of the South West for good.
          Most races will comeback together for protection.

          Will see though.

          • Yes, things will probably go tribal at some point. Doesn’t have to be Mad Max.

          • EagleDove,

            Longtime we no get drunk together..LOL. I think you hit that on the head, we will see several states band together sooner or later. They may have got the FEMA maps pretty close to the sections you mention. Stage 3 is when you will see this start. We Americans love our guns and when they try and take them we will hit stage 5 FAST. If you get a chance listen to what Ted Nugent talked about yesterday. I think it was on yewhoo news.
            Not many folks like Ted but you have hand it to him he’s got some B-lls.


            • Ted Nugent is a phony chickenhawk who dodged the draft.
              NO B-lls.

          • Those that will have it good are the ones that work toward self-sufficiency. Those that will not have it are that ones that will depend on others to supply their needs.

        • have another cigerette…gas up your car …hit a movie
          it is all good your right…..
          just remember today….when you still had time to do something…and you wrote this…..

          why not just hedge your bets…..ANYTHING you prep for is an investment …you will gain no matter what…..
          but don’t worry…it’s all good….yea …sure

        • Jason,

          I agree that we need to enjoy life, lest the current conditions of the world end up overtaking the heart. However, we see signs today that we did not see in previous decades:

          – 15 trillion+ national debt, and the Fed stopped publishing M3 several years ago in some attempt to cover it up

          – Congress passing laws granting more dictatorial power to the President

          – the government is feeding roughly 48 million people via food stamps

          – multiple banking crises threatening everyone’s savings, 401Ks, etc.

          – layoffs continue unabated, in spite of the rah-rah from the mainstream media

          – continued talk of World War 3 in multiple media outlets

          – even talk from the IMF is not in nations’ favor

          None of the above was a major concern when 2000 came along. A concern perhaps, but not a major one.

      6. Time to do your best Noah impression, the animals are starting to line up in pairs.

      7. SmokyMtLady, Try Carhartt brand boots, They are affordable I bought my workboots from my local ranch supply store and theyre still going although I need a new pair soon only $125!!!

        • Ok, I can do $125-130.00…I’ll check it out! Thanks!!

          • In your search to find boots, I noticed there was not any mention of buying “American made” boots. The only concern was price. Thank you for all who took part in the boot issue, for illustrating one of the BIG reasons we have employment problems in America. The employment problem, like most of our problems, begins with that person who stares back at you every time you look in the mirror. I hate it when the “chickens come home to roost”, don’t you?

            • you must not have read the article.. in this particular sage of collapse we are in, i think getting the boots are more important than making sure they are from the u.s.a. people are broke if they had all the money in the world im sure they would be talking about getting some american made boots. unfortunately this isnt 10 years ago when you could still find a good american made boot for 100.00. i say get the best boot you can for your money no matter where it comes from, when your outside your foot wont give a shit where the boot was made as long as its warm and safe.

            • SD Mule….I try to buy American as much as possible! BUT..there are times that IS NOT possible…do YOU have any good suggestions for a good hiking boot in my price range??

            • jsac,
              Save your excuses, either you do the “right thing” or you don’t. If it is not in your thinking to buy American made products now, it probably wasn’t 10 years ago either. It’s time to be honest with yourself, it’s not always someone elses fault. So many people on this site want to jump on the bandwagon and blame the politicians, or is it the welfare folks, or is it the young people, or is it the folks who watch football on TV? While all of the aforementioned are not without a contribution to their own demise, so are you a contributor to your own demise. If you only have $100.00 to spend on boots at the present time, then you have two choices.
              Be patient and save your money until you have enough to buy an American made product or buy foreign made boots and be like the rest of the entitlement crowd who feel they are owed, whatever they want at the price they want. It is easy to be critical of others. Ah, but when the spotlight is on you, how will you react? We shall see, as the time is upon us!!

          • check ebay! sometimes you can get a good deal on there, but patient and wait new ones appear all the time. and how you put the seach in too makes a difference, I know because I have over 1000 purchases/sales.

        • Work boots usually have hard soles, are very LOUD when walking, I would suggest hunting boots!! Noise=dinner bell for scum.


      8. i think an early stage 2 designation is about right, not that this scale is anywhere near definitive. even in detroit, the murder rate remains far below it’s 1980’s rates. services adn goods are still widely available. credit remains available for most. government services are widely available without disruption.

        • ferndale,

          Could you check out this article and give us a report from Detriot?

          20 Things We Can Learn About The Future Of America From The Death Of Detroit
          TheEconomic Collapse web site. It won’t let me paste the link.


        • Not sure what factors the murder rate is based on. In 1980 the population of Detroit was over 1.2 million. In 2010 the population of Detroit was a little less than 715,000, a little more than half of what it was 30 yrs. before. Fewer people….fewer murders. Is the murder rate really down considering the decrease in population? Hard to believe from news reports.

      9. remember they all laughed at Noah when he was building the Ark.

        • They stopped laughing when it started raining and the ark door was closed. The time of Noah is the same as the end-times.

        • the part that bothers me is that he warned people for, what, a hundred years? and only six came…..

      10. The citys will ignite.Most rural folks are proficant with rifles.anybody looking or thinking they can waltz out to the mtns or country and take are in for a surprise.And that’s coming from a city boy.I work with country folk from rural Pa,learned a lot in regards to firearms and their way of life.

        • 10mm I like your nickname. A 10mm or .40 will most definitely get the job done. I was a fan of these rounds back in the late 80’s early 90’s. Some people on here know I grew up in the Appalachians in WV in the 70’s. 8 bros. n sisters. We had it rough but we ate good. What we ate to some would seem medieval but I miss it. Hopefully you’ve had the chance to try some WV Ramps (wild onion) makes you stink but wow are they good with BBQ Deer meat!!!! I live in a small town Vernal, Utah now. I lucked out and my wife inherited a house here. The boys here can shoot now I’m tellin’ you. The shooting range here is up to 1 mile in distance last I heard. I’ve went along on Elk hunts and the distance some of these guys can shoot accurately is amazing. I guess this is why some of these boys do so good in wartime. Back in WV I never had to shoot any further than 100-200 yrds. Now I’m getting used to 500-800 yrds lol. Don’t ask me why anyone would want to live in the city. Gimme a porch swing, a tomato sandwich with ramps and I’m in heaven 🙂

          • OPSEC?

            • OPSEC isn’t much of an issue in Utah, as 80-90% of people are preppers by religion. But you might have to live there to know that.

            • OPSEC??? I don’t have an Operation to worry about Security lol. Now if I lived in the mountains and had a stash of everything then I would say a lot less. The shooting range is a public shooting range so there’s no reason to fret about that. I’m just a country boy talking about good food lol.

          • Good on you Gator! Keep those skills sharp.

            Semper Fi

          • Thanks Gator,the mighty 10mm is my prefered round.Shoots flat,hits hard,and a Glock 20 to dispatch those baby’s.Only med to full house loads for me,anything else is FBI Lite.I do have the interchangeble barrel to shoot .40s for practice.15rnd mags +2 on shoulder rig,pure thunder in a auto loader.My go to 10mm ammo is from WV area.UnderWood Ammo makes the real deal and at a good price,best buy for 10mm presently.

          • Wow a Mile!
            I’d love to get in on that
            longest Deer kill for me was around 380 yards..but from where Im from 380 yards of clear area is hard to find..way too many obstuctions,


          • Gator,
            I love the mighty 10 round.Shots flat,hits hard.It is between a 357 and 41 mag.I have the G20 and use med to full loads.Have a replacement barrel to shot .40 ca.UnderWood Ammo is the best provider for real 10mm ammo,not the water down FBI Lite stuff.The 10 is making a nice resurgance and is a all around gun for 2 and 4 legged predators.UnderWood ammo is based out of WV.Anyone looking for real 10mm at a nice price,talk to Kevin at UnderWood.

        • 10mm,

          Yep same here in the panhandle of TX, these old farmers and ranchers can knock down a coyote out the window of the truck while driving 50 mph. Last people on this earth you wanna mess with. And we won’t even talk about their wives.


          Glad I have done so much work for most of them.

        • A lot of city/suburban folks are proficient with firearms as well. I can tell you for a fact that the gun ranges around here are always packed, even during the week. I will tell you the majority isn’t good ole boys and rednecks. I see more and more families at the range. I am talking husband, wife, and children.

          • It’s good to see people taking the time and defending themselfs as opposed to waiting for someone to come to the rescue,which never really happens.However being rural one has at the leisure of the surroundings without terrain issues, shooting rifles and becoming more adapt to long range proficiancy.Big city ranges are kind of restrictive.One has to drive out of limits to really let loose.And if the SHTF in a really bad way in a urban area,one might have to step it up fast.

          • Can they hit a moving target? Range is for fun.

      11. Scary stuff!
        You Americans are blessed that your country is what I would describe as a continent and have many states and different regions. The size would make a break up possible. I know that doesn`t sound good, but in an event where society collapses and a totalitarian government is in place or developing fast, a breakup the best one can hope for.

        In my scenario a federal state might not be able to obtain control over the whole country after a collapse. Some regions and states could split off for pragmatic reasons, because central power is busy fighting down insurgents and riots nearer to the center. Some other states would decide that the US constitution and their state constitutions are sacred or the best thing they have at the moment. This might be the outcome of patriotic coup d etats, governors, senators or even public servants following their consciousness or pure pragmatism or even opportunism. These escapees would be hard to get back especially if they would follow the constitution and the state military, militias and even federal troops in these area would decide that the particular state is the better choice. Civil war would follow.

        My escaping candidates would be Vermont, some states in the mid west, some of the southern states and Texas for sure.

        • Viking,

          I think you are on to something. In not too many years the producing states will be called upon to help the socialist-lite states like California remain solvent. That won’t go down well. Parts of the states on the southern border are already government-subsidized satelites of Mexico and Central American. I lived in one of those states for decades, and many “citizens” there openly maintain their primary loyalty to foreign countries.

          I moved my family to the Midwest in large part because of the values that are common here. In my area we are in Stage One or Two of the above. Detroit, Los Angeles, and maybe El Paso are in Stage Three. I don’t think it is out of the question that at some point my region, Montana, Wyoming, ND, SD, and Idaho, loosen their ties to the federal government. The dollar seems to be what is holding this country together, and if the dollar continues to weaken so does the glue that holds the country together.

          • I have no patience when it comes to current politicians eroding the values that made this country great. I’m middle right and a Christian. I love this country, I love the values we all were raised with.
            For me it has always been; God, Family, Country. If you believe in God, you’ll love and protect your family which in turn protects your country.
            Like Plan, Prep & Pray.


      12. @ferndale…could the murder rate in detroit being lower now be caused by the fact that MANY people have moved out?

        • all crime rates are figured on a per capita basis.

        • @Buttcrackofdoom:

          Astute observation. You see, the errant rounds from the gang fight down the street are now striking EMPTY homes, thus decreasing the number of non-participating parolees and future gang bangers killed.


        • No…NO way. Its all because of Community based Policing and fine education Institutes.

      13. The writings on the wall ,the sheeple either can’t read it or refuse to due to other more important things .ie a.idol ,the cardashiens ,16 an pregnant ,and other great t.v. From distractions r us

      14. 5th stage with Martial law and #4. on the assists list, 4.Firearms and the ability to use them. I see complete gun confiscation at this point.

        • What stage would Global Thermal Nuclear Armegeddon with massive radiation fallout from the 20,000 nukes shot of world-wide fall under?

          • I’m not altogether sure, but images of the TV-series Jericho come to mind. The little towns may survive if they pull together.

      15. my thoughts are we have more or lessed gone through one and two totally and literally. But the odd thing is we have already experienced parts of 3-5. these are all things that are happening now or have over the last 20 years especially, particularly the last 5-10. The point is these things have already happened and only the darker points of 3-5 will only happen when we suddenly dissolve into total chaos and anarchy. then its hook line and sinker for the western world as we know it. fry er up.

        • as the great tiger williams said, “them pengins is done like dinner”

      16. Here’s some icing for the cake. My girlfriend works for a large regional bank. The bank has its own news system on the industry via e-mails. She sent me an e-mail the other day that says that Bank of America is no longer selling any loans to Fannie Mae. If Fannie Mae goes down, so does the mortgage loan industry in this country. Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae will be right behind. The banks are shaking in their boots right now as the whole system is on the verge of collapse. Thats straight from the horses mouth. My GF knows the industry and she told me that she’s glad we’re preppers because we’re gonna need our preps soon.
        I try to keep a sane attitude about the whole collapse thing but I can feel something different in the air these days. I guess its the governments bad karma on its way. I’m sure glad I made my peace with God because we sure are going to need him.

        • Great info and thanks for the heads up. Something definitely has changed lately, I feel that as well. Stay safe.

        • “Fannie and Freddie are now both effectively the same company, since both are now in conservatorship and operated by the Federal Government. And Bank of America isn’t dumb enough to kill its own lending operations — they’re simply going to change the name of the GSE they sell to, and send it to Freddie instead.” Read the whole article here:

        • @blackriflewarrior- your gf isnt all there. This is not big news and has in fact been all over in the last few days….
          Yeah….. SHE has the inside scoop on the mortgage lending industry… not only THAT…. but she passes the top secret bank only info onto YOU.

          Do you have a cuckoo clock in the house?

          Maybe the thing you feel different “in the air” is that your SECOND to last brain cell is Chasing your LAST one down the street.

      17. I thought Porky Pig said That’s all Folks!

        • he did!

      18. What happens to fixed rate mortgages during hyper inflation?

        Would gold / silver potentially be traded for inflated dollars and in essence your mortgage is paid off very very cheaply? This could be pennies on the dollar

        • Means you get to pay off your house with a bucket full of worthless FED notes, that you traded half a case of MRE’s for, wise investment on your part, lol.

        • Yes, metals would be sold for inflated dollars, but you would be hit for capital gains taxes on any large transaction.

          • Only if they are monitoring eBay and craigslist, but I would stick with local people in those cases.

      19. reported by EVEN BBC!:
        and by “Moskau kinder”:
        isn’t is nice? I would like to call those who like to shout that it is BLASPHEMOUS and SACRILEGIOUS to doubt in the official 9/11 story! well, come and thumb me down now you governMENTAL bastards!!!!
        sorry for the rant! I’m drunk and pissed off some big time! I hate this fracked up world, may the reset button be pressed, may the fun begin, because all the decency is gone and we are but the pawns on the table of the mighty.
        and it suck to be the 1%… I mean – 98% – sheeple, 1%-Elites, 1%-we the proud but f!@#U$ing silent awake!

      20. STAGE 5. Freedom, Liberty, and Independence is Lost

        “””””””The government implements martial law. Fighting between civilians and government forces break out nationwide. Maintaining more than a 30 day supply of food is considered hoarding food and is illegal. Severe poverty and starvation become a common sight. The government offers marginally acceptable food, water and shelter in exchange for your Freedom, Liberty, and Independence. Democracy ends and a Socialist form of government takes over under the guise of fixing society’s problems with the false promise that peace and prosperity will return better than it was just a few years ago. A Totalitarian regime assumes power and the individual freedoms and liberties once enjoyed by the people are completely eliminated.”””””””””””
        if stage 5 happens or is true,
        why is all this necessary?? Martial law means that the government takes everything you have and if you’re caught with any banned items, you’ll be shot on the spot.Also, the Gov has no food to bargin with, Jimmy Carter gave the soup away a long time ago
        Primary Assets:
        1.Rural Hideaway
        2.Security plan to protect the group and assets
        3.Living below the radar in a community of like minded people
        4.Firearms and the ability to use them
        5.Guard dog for security
        6.Survival knowledge and skills
        7.A working and producing garden capable of feeding 150% of the group
        8.A stable supply of clean water
        9.Vegetable seeds for long term food production and barter
        10.The will to live and survive in a harsh political climate

        • When the American people sit by idly and watch the president and congress start immoral and illegal wars in multiple countries and don’t raise a voice in protest about it, and when Americans sit by idly while fascist pigs like John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Lindsey Graham write bills that take away our civil liberties and don’t raise a voice in protest about it, then you know that this country is finished.
          It seems to me that the American people don’t have the stomach the backbone and the character anymore to stand up for what is right. Today people are in denial of what is taken place in this country and have been duped into believing that all this government snooping into our lives is all for the good of our country and its citizens. A rude awakening is right around the corner for America, and a lesson in humility will be learned the hard way. I believe that the darkest days for America have yet to come and when they do come, reality will come home to roost. It will be a lesson most will wish they have never learned.
          I believe a total breakdown in the economic system and the total collapse of society as a whole is right around the corner. This breakdown will usher in a new America that will be indistinguishable from its past image. The reason for my pessimism is simple. I live in a 55 or older community and everybody I talk to has never heard of the NWO, Fractional Reserve Banking, and or Hypothecation. They believe what they see and hear on the mainstream media, and don’t believe that the government is corrupt; and the kicker is this, THEY DON’T CARE.

        • I think we are a long way from Stage 5, but so many citizens are so willing to give up their freedoms so easily these days. The liberal politicians are so willing to buy votes by giving entitlements and so many are willing to accept this ownership for their support. At some point, these people will be so beholding to the liberal politicians, they will not dare to vote for anyone else because they will be so dependent on the handouts as a part of their normal life and that is the way the liberal government wants it. Dependency for all.

      21. It just occured to me maybe the rural area survivor colonies should try to destroy the roads from major cities as much as possible? Im talking barricading mountain passes, blowing up bridges, ect. ect. That is the only way to ensure complete security, because people will figure out where the food and safety is!!!

        • My retreat is in a mountain community with one bridge for a choke point. We plan to barricade it with cars and guard it with a sandbagged pillbox, but have not discussed blowing it up because we may want to leave one day.

          • Also, it depends on who is attacking you. Refugees are one thing, but even NG have air support that can travel over any blown bridge or barricade. Small rural bridges that have been taken down can likely be traversed w/a tracked vehicle.

            Few of us thought about our homes/property being defensible when we purchased them. A friend who lives on high ground at the end of a road, pointed out that he could be taken out by a group traveling overland at night and no one would even know for days or longer.

            Everyone has to sleep, sometime.

            It just can get to be too much to deal with after a while. Hope it doesn’t come to that sort of scenario.

          • well hidden,multiple sniper hides and ied’s in multiple locations. special treat would be mobile mines[think toy rc trucks that go BOOM].latter to be made only after the shtf.get the supplies just keep them seperated.don’t forget they owwn the skies.still trying to come up withair deterence and avoidance systems. peace bro.

          • Fixed defensive positions are an exercise in futility.

        • Then, they will just have to use some of them famous black helicopters to find your butt.

          • Wow I take it you have nothing better to do that get drunk and get on the Net and be a pathetic troll!!

      22. I live in the Suburbs. No where to run away to. I am armed, have some food and some water. Lots of ammunition and
        I know how to use a weapon thanks to the Marine Corps.
        I may go down, but I will take many looters with me!

        • fire and manuveur. fire and manuveur. the house is not a fortress just a resupply point.have it prepped but don’t forget your’s been 28 years since i served and you just don’t forget.keeper of the hawg!

        • If I had a retreat you would be welcome. Work on building a tribe around you, but not just Nam Vets because we are all getting old. War or collapse is still a young mans game.

          Its taken me a while, but we are standardized in weapons and calibers. This year has been my best because we added a doctors. We are somewhat lose nit because we are all working and have our own lives and families, but if the SHTF we will muster within 24 hours.

          Good luck Marine.

          • I am younger..35. I notice that a lot of people my age are inept and are fat. They think life is like Call of Duty MW. Run and gun. Wait for a reload and then shoot. People my age and younger are stupid crackberry heads who only know how to text and game. I do not worry about them. It is the older hardcore MEN that will in fact win that war. I do not have guns since I live in Canada and we have retarded gun laws. I rely on my “alternative” abilities to attain a gun if it came down to it.

        • Thanks for your service Jarhead. Stay safe.

          Semper Fi

      23. I would like to have the guys set-up in the picture.

        • Me too, but I did not build a road through the woods to my retreat so I have had to carry up every stick of wood, window and door, etc. It would look differently if I had it. It would be packed floor to ceiling with food storage with a small walkway 🙂

      24. That is a hypothetical question Govt. watchers Im NOT advocating anyone to blow up a bridge!! Cant be to careful these days!!

        • sure you did and we all did too. lol Take what we write because when it really happens there are too many of us in all areas and they are not going to waste their time for just a few with comments like this. they are going to use their resourses for bigger fish. there are like 350 million in america or close to that. your safe I believe. I would not worry. Just saw nat geo and have doomsday preppers and it was pretty good.

      25. Good article Mac. The problem is the masses drink Coolaid, wear Rose Colored Glassed and are intoxicated by the Hopium of the MSM, Dancing with the Stars, Idol, Real Housewives and what’s her name on Jersey Shores.

        Most of my Friends and Family fall into the above group. While they are starting to feel something is seriously wrong, they comfort themselves with it can’t happen in America.

        Folks the Financial Firms and Banks are leveraged between 20:1 and 50:1 some even more. If the stock markets around the globe start to have a correction you are going to see failures. This is just my WAG, but if 7% of deposits were withdrawn from banks the financial system would collapse.

        It has gotten so crazy out there that when the Europeans announce a 2 Trillion Euro bailout fund no one even notices. That’s over 3 Trillion dollars at a 1.34592 conversion.

        While most here think we are a stage 2, I think we are much closer to a stage 4 and don’t even know it. 4 short years ago you had 3% of mortgages going bad. Today that number is pushing 17%. Add to that defaults on Consumer loans, Credit Cards, Student loans, Car loans and Business loans and we have an problem that can’t be corrected.

        The PTB will print money to keep up appearances of the banks and stock markets, but when its all over your account will be worth zero. They are steeling our savings, retirement, 401K’s SEP’s, IRA’s right in front of our eyes by printing money.

        We have the peddle to the metal, now we are waiting for the crash.

      26. if you have a farm, have chickens that lay eggs, you can live off of them. Hide your guns ammo in different areas and have a hole arleady dug. Most important I want to hear from people who know on here, please dont respond to this if your not sure, but if we burry our ammo in green steel ammo boxes, will they be ok? and for burrying our weapons in the ground what does anybody recommend to keep them from rusting, I can just think of coating them with gun oil or wd-40 and plastic bag them and put the ammo cans in the ground, but worried about moisture, might have to burry some now just with a few rounds to test. Like to know what anybody has on this.

        • Rust needs two things to form: oxygen and moisture. Removing one of those items will prevent rust from forming. Looking into desiccant packets to remove moisture and oxygen absorbers like you use for food storage to remove the other. It is also a good idea to generously lube your stuff with grease or oil and wrap in butcher paper or wax paper before storing. As for burying cans, I am not sure but my guess would be simply wrapping them in thick grade yard trash bags with lots of duct tape would suffice. Might also want to make sure there is no exposed metal on the outer surface of the ammo cans so get a rattle can with paint, any paint, to cover those bare metal surfaces if they exist.

        • And as for storing ammo I highly recommend storing ammo separate from anything with oils or grease, I’ve heard rumors that the fumes from the lubricants especially penetrating oils like WD-40 or CLP can do things like render primers and powder useless since the fumes will find a way to seep into the cases. I heard this rumor but I cannot verify it, better safe than sorry is my motto.

          • good point, this is why i asked, its good to get ideas from all of us. but the thumbs down from some fucking idiots should stay off of this.

            • eric,

              You just have to ignore the comment ratings, if somebody gets pissed at you then they thumbs down you forever. I think the comment rating was the worse thing to happen to this site.. Sorry Mac.


            • who peed in your oatmeal boy?

        • I had an AR buried since 1992 and dug it up last year and there wasnt a spec of rust anywhere. It was buried in PVC pipe with a O2 Absorber in it. Cap on one end and plumbing cleanout on the other sealed with pipe dope. Id bury Ammo the same way.

        • eric … one word cosmoline.

          • But putting it in an oxygen free pipe, no cleaning all of that nasty cosmoline off, just take out load a mag and start blasting.

        • Put your ammo/pistols along with dessicant in ziploc bags and then put the bags in Pelican cases. Not cheap, but very durable and watertight. Wrap the case in a few trash bags and bury. Also, you can put your ammo cans directly into the Pelican case (some, like the 1660, are quite large).

          • thanks I got one, I will have to do that and get some ziplock bags. good idea. I will light coat my weapons and put all my ammo or part of it in the pelican case wrapped in plastic with those O2 scrubber packets. that will work and iwill go with that. someone said he burried a gun for a long time and it did not rust. ok im good with these answers.

        • Sorry put your stores in plastic before putting them in the tubes first.

        • I have seen the large PVC pipes with fittings used for storage and burying. That plastic will never break down. Vacuum seal your items for moisture control. I would vacuum seal the vacuum seal! You may be able to buy something on line or you can make your own.

        • I will not comment on burying ammo cans because most of mine has been in a metal filing cabinet in my basement for several years with no adverse affects.

          I worked for the BSA for several years teaching shooting sports and we stored the firearms in metal above ground lockers in an unheated garage nine months out of the year. After the final cleaning we would coat them inside and out with bore butter which is much much thicker like grease. They came out in great shape except for the year that someone used them during the off season and did not prep them before storage. That year they were covered in a layer of rust required a lot of TLC.

          You might also try asking your pharmacy to save their used desiccant packs from bulk medicine for you so that you can recharge them in the oven and throw some in to absorb moisture.

          • What is in the comment to thumbs down? The guy was honest about his experience and the pharmacy idea was a good one. The world really is full of idiots.

            • No, it is full of “troll-bots” which are programed to inject negativity into all commentary that projects a potential solution to the coming conflagration. Not counting the 13 year old “chicken chokers” living in mommies house with too much time on their hands…among other things.

            • and you are one of the main ones….

            • Not saying this is the case with every thumbs down, but a few times I have accidentally given thumbs down because my phone was acting up. It can be hard to tap the correct thumb unless zoomed in quite a bit. Also, if the Internet isn’t loading a page all the way, it just messes things up.
              It’s possible that a few thumbs down here and there are mistakes.

          • good information and I know you are on here daily and love hearing from people that posted all this from my orginal question and was all good ideas. of course there are a few that always thumbs down and we know those are the ones that dont give a shit and are clueless. watch i will get thumbs down for what? lol Who cares but just making a point. We know many who are on here need to shut up and learn not thinking they know it all or dont care, which there are a lot of those on here as government guy says.

        • Pack your ammo tightly in the cans…less air the better(line the cans with some cardboard or whatever to insulate it from the direct contact with the steel) then put in a couple oxogen absorbers or equvilents…put some vasiline on the rubber seal of the ammo can(helps keep it soft and sealed)…short term just put the cans into a plastic bag and bury them a couple feet deep in as dry a ground as you can find…long term coat the cans completely in roofing tar/grease and wrap in plastic,insert this into another container like a sealable cooler(you can put this all into another HD trash bag if you want to) bury it deep!

          As to the guns…if you have cosmoline,use it if not pack the barrel full of vaseline or good grade auto grease…plug openings with greased cloth or cotton balls apply grease liberally to the entire gun then wrap in an old sheet thats been soaked in oil,insert it into a plastic drainpipe tube with closable ends(screw caps w/silicone or plumbers puddy in the threads or glued on caps)dont forget a few moisture absorbers.

          When I sold Army/Navy goods I helped alot of guys/gals bury alot of goodies,one good item if still available was a rocket tube..heavy duty made of steel with perfect sealability,I have seen weapons and ammo packed into one of these and lightly greased come out of the ground after a decade in perfect condition…I mean PERFECT!…the drain pipe tube is good too and because the rocket tubes were scarce in the best of times and may not be available anymore…they are the next best!

          Simply burying an ammo can wont do for long unless the can is protected as discribed above,even so try for as dry a place as possible….this worked well in the Great lakes region where its always wet,so if you are in the desert it will work even better…dont forget to include some solvent in these containers…to cut the grease when you open them up…hope thatll help some!

          • one of the best comments on here. thanks again and thanks to all that responded. it helped.

            • eric,

              And never clean a gun with wd-40 and keep it away from all ammo. But always keep it on hand you would be amazed at the shyt you can do with it. BTW it took them 40 tries to get the formula right thats why its called wd-40.


        • ~Eric~

          If you insist upon using mil-surplus ammo cans, place desiccant w/ ammo, close box & spray/coat w/ rubberized auto-rust proofing undercoating & allow to dry prior to burying.

          …a better alternative would be to purchase a 10-12ft length of PVC pipe(4-6-8in dia) w/ 8-10 end caps from Lowe’s or Home Depot….measure off into 1.5-2ft lengths & cut via common carpenters handsaw (very important), because you can achieve a straight cut.

          ***a hacksaw will produce a huge curving cut, do not use a hacksaw***

          Procedure to seal unit….

          1.) Find/drill center of both caps w/ 23/64ths drill bit & tap w/ 3/8×16 tap.

          2.) Acquire two 3/8×16 (1-2in length) bolts per unit, coat thread ends w/ JB Quick epoxy & screw into caps until bolt end is flush w/ inside floor of cap. Allow epoxy to harden…approx 30 min.

          2.) Use automotive silicone(RTV) & coat inside lip of btm cap & push onto cut tube.

          3.) Most PVC pipe is white in color…spray paint top cap a different color, allow to dry.

          4.) Fill tube w/ ammo & insert desiccant pack.

          5.) Measure inside depth of top cap to floor & place mark on open end of tube body…minus (-) 3/4in.
          Apply bead of RTV around circumference at that dimension & install cap. Use finger to smooth spill over to cap. Allow to dry….remember, you’re going to knock-off the top/painted cap when you need the ammo!!!

          6.) Tie earth colored nylon cord/rope (parachute cord works well) to each protruding cap bolt (for shoulder carry, on-the-run scenario) & duct tape a scrap-metal bar/hammer/plank to tube body, so as to knock off top(painted/colored cap)…in an emergency.

          7.) Above procedure works well for long guns also….

          8.) Bury in desired location.


          Hope this helps, best of luck to you!!!

        • PVC pipe with endcaps sealed with PVC solvent. Inside moisture absorbers, well lubricated and greased. Also include cleaning supplies rags, etc.

          A separate PVC pipe for ammo with moisture absorbers.

        • The Army packs, or did, their ammo,jeeps(in crates), etc. in grease.

        • To stop corrosion….google Zerust. They make plastic bags, capsules & all kinds of neat stuff. I have used their products for years to protect my firearms. Keep a couple capsules in my safe. If you are going to bury stuff,
          Isuggestt getting PVC pipe & the caps. Dig holes with post hole digger. Plant them in a vertical position.
          Glue the bottom cap…but not the top. This way they will be harder to find for someone with a metal detector…including you. So…make sure to make some good measurements . Remember that your GPS may not be working.

      27. First, WD40 is NOT a rustproofer, use heavy oil or grease, or a commercial rust preventer.

        The vacuum sealer is your friend. Get the rolls of bags and after you’ve greased them up put them in the sealer bag and seal them up. Do the same with your ammo, just don’t put a hard vacuum on it, just enough to hold it together. Without oxygen there’s no rust, the bags are tough and last for many years.

        • Back when I learned how to bury stuff they didnt have these vacumn thingys….but thats a great idea!

          • REB,

            Got any good tips for finding the shyt you buried? LOL
            Note to newbie preppers”Never drink and bury you stuff”


            • ~DPS~

              You know…I’d really enjoy listening to the story behind that “HARD EARNED ADVICE”….LOL, kudos, brother!!!

            • Gunsmith,

              LOL just something I learned a while back. I also don’t let freinds drink and dial.LOL

              Have a good day


            • Yep…Pay attention to where you bury it,mark it by several methods(what ever works for you),cause in ten+ years things can change alot…and practice opspec…only tell need to knows and dont disclose all your stashes….keep some secrets from everyone…everyone except God can potentially sell you out…intentionally or under diress!

        • They will be splintered and either home protecting their families or trying to get there. A contractor only works for someone that can pay them. Some of these guys are probably on websites like this, they have seen this stuff coming for years.

        • In Brazil, if you have any money at all, you have armed guards. You live in a secure fenced in area. Your kids go to school with armed guards or they won’t make it. Kidnappers. Everyone is alert. And when I say armed guards, I don’t mean old guys with revolvers.

      28. Pvc tubes with caps glued on both ends.Put them in plastic first with some silica gel dehydrators and make sure the weapons are well cared for,cleaned and oiled before hand.Might have some trouble getting the caps off the day you dig them up but it will be watertight.

      29. Anybody who has given up on America has already lost. Underneath the corruption, greed, and other variations of nastiness lies the Land of the Free. Your land, my land, our land, its still here. Our forefathers fought bloody hell and high water for their freedom. Look at how many people are protesting around the world. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of angry mobs all in some sort of agreement that they’ve had enough.
        What are we doing here? Its obvious our federal government ceases to function on any respectable level. The media tells shows us more of Angelina Joles leg than what going on say, In Syria, except maybe how terrible it is that all those innocent people dying by the hands of yet another puppet dictator. Not like Iraq.
        Are you prepared to turn this place into a Syria? Or will you hide out and eat beans until they find you anyway. Are you ready to stop an armored vehicle or tank? How about an attack helicopter or reaper drone? Looters? Sure. Stealth bombers? Not likely, unless your stocked up on anti-aircraft defenses, or a few SAMs. Your neighbors won’t be any help because you left them to starve when the “SHTF!”
        This is because we americans have grown too accustomed to our lifestyles and are too afraid to change. We are addicted to fast food, and television. We are obsessed with how we look with a cellphone stuck too our head, especially while driving. Until we get home and udate our Facebook status. So we can ridicule each other. If they say things are good, we believe it because if things were any different, we would have to change, and we don’t want to give up any of these commodities that have made our country so great. They don’t need to impose martial law. All they have to do is broadcast on TV, “Everything is fine… Stocks are up… You can keep consuming… Angilina Jole…” Then we’re like, “Wow! Versachi! I think I’ll go to Taco Bell.”
        When you can get away from the TV. The high fatty foods made so readily available. You begin to realize that they have already won. There will be no SHTF, no revolution. Not in the US anyway. Any quelms of resistance are easily swept away and discredited. Like the Occupy a toilet movement. Does anyone remember why that started? You can stock up on whatever sitting around waiting for looters and they’ll all be home watching TV.
        I don’t want to S on anyone’s fan, but preparing for it to get worse, is only letting it get worse.

        • God has granted me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. I am not responsible for things I have control over, so I am not going to worry about them.

          As far as neighbors are concerned, I am not foolish enough to surround myself with anyone other than those who are at least as ready as I am to grow their own food, harvest their own game and firewood, etc. as their families have been doing for generations.

          I do not worry much about a government who using all the technology available today cannot find my neighbors marijuana crop or add my retreat to the property tax records. Those in power will be focused on plucking the low-hanging fruit to hold up as an example. Like with a bear attack I do not have to outrun the bear. I only have to outrun you.

          • Prep Pastor,

            Thanks buddy your bear statement made my day.
            To damn funny


        • You can’t fool me,
          Your Glenn Beck.

          • No way slick. That person says to not prepare. Beck is BEGGING people to prepare.

            • Your right Mr. B,
              But maybe,
              Just maybe…
              If Glenn, fell off the wagon,
              And was in one of his depressed “the world is gonna end moods”.
              I could see it being him.
              Wait a tic…
              Your right, because he didn’t pimp Gold Line in his post.
              My bad.

      30. it is so sad… this effin country asked for it when the people at top just cared about themselves. We were suppose to advanced and become a smarter society closer and closer to the future. It so sad that the wheels of humanity are stuck on mud. so much mud. ..

        • Yo dude, unfortunately TPTB don’t want us to get smarter or more advanced. In fact, their plan is to take all that away from us. When and how seems to be the question right now. All we can do is fight back the best way we can and not give up hope.

      31. The longer this can is kicked down the road the bigger the collapse and the more difficult the recovery.

        The fed. gov’t. keeps sticking it’s finger in the economic dam, but it’s too little too late. It could be 6 months or 6 years, but the numbers don’t lie. We are living on borrowed time!

        God Bless the Republic…and those who are NOT prepared.

      32. My stage 5 is not on par with this. KEVIN”S STAGE 5. 1-we put our boots in the backsides of the commies,banksters and traitors. 2- Impound ALL wealth from the commies,banksters and traitors families stolen from the american people. 3- Tar and feather the commies,banksters, treasonous judges, and traitors to the constitution. 4- Drink a pepsi

      33. I am very sorry but need to tap some wisdom of everyone here. Has anyone built one of those Howard Johnson electromagnetic generators? Anyone know anything about them? Link for plans or information ect?

        • mike,

          Didn’t get a chance to do a search but this site has a ton of ideas for power.

          hell they even have a wood power usb generator


            Not sure if it is a scam, but that site says it works. Hate to order 48.00 plans for something that may or may not work.
            Just was curious if anyone has tried it.

        • well they’ve already gutted the 4th amendment
          I guess this is next

          a more traitorous bunch has never existed

      34. stage 2 now, stage 3 soon….God, gold, guns, groceries…be safe everyone

      35. beans bullets and bandaids people while there is still time…

      36. Mike I got 2 5000 watt inverters to get juice from my batteries which I got 7 car batteries and can recharge them. Only tip I can say is dont have all your stuff in one place, if fires are buring out of control, 5 houses on fire will take down the ones next to it and its a chain reaction. No firemen will be around, it will be a mess. Most of the idiots in the big cities that dont even read articles like this or even knows whos in the elections against Obama is not engaged and liekly will be wating for the government to help them but help will not be around and they will parish badly. Once the entitlements run dry that is when those overweight fat people who sit and wait for their money are gonna be in big trouble. My real only tip is to have a 12 gauge gun with multiple shells ready to be used. Pistols for manywho have not shot is hard to hit a moving target in a home spaced far away, you would be wise to use a 12 gause shotgun inside. and also many might think this is wrong but if you have earplugs in, you can still hear but wont scare you and throw off your focus in the most critical monment when it counts to take target down. Or even just one can help. try shooting a pistol at the range at a target without earplugs and see how you do and then do it again with earplugs, you will probably be a better shot for many with them in. Just try it im right and just trying to help for some. Not all need them but women and others it might help.

        • It might not hurt to leave a few used shells and brass laying around outside the front door and on the driveway. It must might help make would-be invaders think.

        • Eric: I am in a bit of a different situation than alot of people on here. I don’t worry about cities burning to the ground. I am on the plains. There has been years when I thought it was dry enough where the entire region could burn but have yet to see it, I guess there is enough natural fire breaks.
          Bandits would have to fight their entire way to our homestead. I am not set up as well geographically as some here, but we do with the hand we are dealt and I was fortunate enough to get a fair hand. I have evac plans but that is an absolute last resort, I would have to leave most of my livestock and only take the four best horses.
          The major concern when living on the plains is avenues of approach are unlimited.

      37. This article was written so poorly it is hardly worth the read. The 5 stage titles…Really that’s the best that could be done? Stage 2 “The slippy slope” -Primary Assets- Number 4 “elimination of debt” How the hell you figure that? Eliminating debt is not an asset. When it is eliminated it is not a debt or asset. What a waste of time. I want it back.

        • Elimination of debt is not an asset? Are you kidding? You obviously have no idea what assets and liabilities are. Debt by definition is a liability and by eliminating debt you now have an asset. The asset is no liability.

      38. I believe we will see variations on the theme across the country. We already see deindustrialization of Democratically run cities and states. Detroit, Philly, California come to mind. the democrats move in with their socialization, try to spread the wealth until the money makers and motivated move away after taxes are raised to pay for it all. then it dies as they run out of money and motivated prosperous people. SO the fight against poverty ends with multiplied poverty and massive misery. This is the Democratic party in action! So we will see areas of the country collapse due to these insane policies and other areas rise up due to their freedom and drawing the best brightest and motivated too their regions with sanity. the South is full of Guns and family values, it will not blow up, they will kill any and all criminals without trials. the north will explode into mob rule, some outer areas will hang together and survive, but not enough food for 1/2 the population means great pain. The southwest is toast, full on street gang warfare, no one trusts anyone out there. The midwest is a mixed bag, some good and bad cities and states, but overall friendly trusting people. the higher the mixture, the more strife, and vise versa. The northwest might be OK, but they will need to learn to grow massive amounts of food to feed the high population or it comes apart.

      39. This is what none of us whats but that we allare preparing for. Godbe with us.

      40. the doomsday club

        “One UNM professor says a world without electricity and ravaged by natural disaster might not be too far off, and the UNM community needs a plan.

        “I think we are going to crash in one form or another,” Sustainability Studies professor Maggie Seeley said. “It may be slow; it may come economically so I want the UNM campus and the perimeter around the campus to have a plan.”

      41. One thing that was not brought up was how to look starving while everybody else is. Having your stockpiled vittles is great and it’ll keep you alive and healthy, but showing up healthy among the starving masses would be like a fart in church. They are going to notice. Being seen with a few extra pounds on and rosy cheeks might look odd. You’ll need to camouflage that up.

        Just something to think about.

        • mt favorite color..Camouflage

        • It seems to me that many of you think of this scenario as a cool, mad max, end of the world movie, and you are the stars.
          Extra pounds, rosy cheeks, who is going to examine you? Is is while your strolling down the burned out street with a toothpick in your mouth?
          You are so removed from reality, that it is almost funny and sad at the same time.

          Bug out? Such perfect plans that will probably never come to pass. All I read is how can I survive, how can I be fat and happy through the end of the world, how can I kill thousands if I have to, how can I live, while others starve and die at my door?

          If this does come to pass, then what are you fighting and surviving for? I bet in your mind, you think of yourself as a warrior, standing on top of the mountain of corpses, shouting out loud in your torn dirty shirt, exposing your well fed muscles, holding up your automatic weapon, and screaming, “I am king of the world”, when suddenly, a rabid dog lunges at your leg and you are bitten before you can obliterate this sick animal. You say quietly to yourself, oh shit, now what?

          • And then suddenly you get a paper cut from an online printed article on the proper way to handle and cook raw chicken and die horribly of gang green on your left arm, but only after explosive diarrhea and complete dehydration.

          • You seem to misunderstand the whole “Im gonna surive this” mentality. Most of us are old farts. We dont prepare for ourselves We prepare and will fight so our children and grandchildren wont be subject to the pain and suffering that is to come. We have no illusion to our fate. We can only try our best to ensure that our children wont have the same fate

        • We’ve thought about the extra pounds and we plan to cut way back on food too – so that we slim down as well – even if we don’t have to. You certainly would not want a target on your back.

      42. they already gutted the 4th amendment with the passage of
        the NDAA
        now they’re going after what is left of the First Amendment

        I don’t even know what country I live in anymore

      43. I farted earlier, does anyone know what happened to it? Or where it could have went?

        • The vast majority was reclaimed by your inhalation. Which explains some things.

        • ya know why farts smell?

          So the deaf can enjoy them too.


      45. Has anyone seen where my fart went? It was just here and now I can’t figure out where it could have gone?

      46. you can order online Red Bean and Rice seasoning.It is only the spices,you have to supply the rest.I ordered one to try and we thought it was worth having around so I ordered 6 more. I havn’t been able to find it in the stores around here.The seasoning comes in a sealed mylar pouch,and should keep along time.

        • You can store the same thing a lot cheaper. Buy beans in bulk, put them in mylar bags and buy spices in bulk from Sam’s or Costco. Probably 25% of the price of boxed mixes.

          • When I eat beans my farts don’t disappear so quick. They linger around.

      47. The coming collapse was engineered and implemented over a long period of time, with careful planning and a profound understanding of societal dynamics and human psychology, by a small cabal that is as ingenious as it is malicious. This cabal’s objective is nothing less than a global slave state inhabited by soulless, characterless drones with no past and no memory – in short, a hell on earth.

        This group includes members of the highest strata of the world financial and banking systems. These overlap largely with the “political” class only because they have co-opted all governments in the so-called “West” by filling their administrative and “decision making” posts with their own functionaries.

        They have in effect promoted collapse by confiscating the wealth of the shrinking middle class of Amerika (their administrative and military command HQ) through de-industrialization, thus breaking Amerika’s labor unions and instituting de facto COMMAND ECONOMY by eliminating “labor” as a NEGOTIATING PARTNER and COMPETING entity. Another way that they have confiscated the wealth of ordinary people, thus promoting third world conditions and collapse in Amerika, was by the deregulation of the financial sector, which enabled the cabal’s operatives to invent investment scams utterly divorced from reality in the best spirit of Max Bialystok of “The Producers” fame. These scams were used to break the value of ACTUAL and tangible assets in the hands of the former middle class such as REAL ESTATE, by tying said assets to these phantom “instruments” that could be artificially increased or lowered in “worth” at will.

        This article is fundamentally flawed in that it ignores the very existence of this plutocratic cabal, and insinuates that the non-producing parasites at the bottom of the economic pyramid are the “responsible parties” for the dilemma that now confronts us. The illiterate, unassimilable, room temperature IQ menials teeming in Amerika’s crumbling cities – some native, and some specially imported by the plutocratic elite to further under-price native labor – who have sucked extensive largesse from the US taxpayer teat are only a symptom of the rot devouring Amerika, not its cause. They are only tools used to foster societal breakdown and unleash centrifugal forces in the society to decompose it and COLLAPSE it in the manner that the FINANCIAL/MANAGERIAL ELITE desires.

        It is a form of disinformation to notice only the symptoms of the pathology afflicting Amerika, as the author of this article does, while studiously avoiding discussion of the active element that has brought these very pathologies into being. For a lasting (or “final”) solution, the demons behind this world destroying conspiracy must be IDENTIFIED and EXORCISED utterly. The damage they have inflicted must also be acknowledged, starting with the deliberate corruption and degradation of the average Amerikan’s cultural and educational level. Don’t agree? Just compare the writings of the average “educated” Amerikan of today with those of an AMERICAN of circa 1860 or 1900.

        I see many readers here noticing the signs of collapse, and then in effect seeking “solutions” by falling back on the system-sponsored “Amerikan” traditions that contributed to it. These include the fraudulent two-party paradigm, Yahoo-religion (especially dispensationalism and “Christian” Zionist Jew-worship), “constitutionalism” (though they ignore its inevitable corollaries propositionalism and “diversity”) and the laissez faire pursuit of capital.

        IMHO, the collapse will not necessarily follow the sequence set forth in this article. Since it has been artificially manufactured and choreographed step by step until this point in time, the system can in effect DECLARE a collapse or “recovery” at will, objective indicators notwithstanding, and hordes of idiots will be panicked or reassured as TPTB desire.

        The game is ON for the future of mankind.

        • The decline is not due to the worship of God but rather the large amount of people turning away from the one true God, Jesus Christ.

        • Ahab
          your analysis is 100% spot on

          there are no accidents
          what we see happening world wide was planned
          and trying to use the rules of the system to
          “fix” things will utterly fail

          and I really like what you said about people only noticing
          the symptoms of the pathology

          you can treat a fever with some tylenol
          but that doesn’t fix what is causing the fever

        • ~Ahab~

          You know, you are one of the very few here (& there are some)…who are capable of “Strategic thinking” as opposed to “Tactical”…you possess a damn good knowledge/understanding of the BIG PICTURE!

          I salute you!!! Excellent post, sir!


          P.S.) I intend to “participate” when the game shifts to high gear/high stakes….I have no choice!

          Folding….is not an option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      48. ANYONE BUT BHO. 2012. I’m shocked that anyone would entertain more punishment from this POS POTUS….

        • Especially given the fact that the next President might be appointing up to 3 Supreme Court Justices. If he is President and that comes to pass, kiss everything you know goodbye. They will probably re-write our Constitution in that idiot Ginsburg’s view.

        • I have to laugh whenever I hear someone say
          “anyone but Obama”

          it was just a few short years ago we were hearing
          “anyone but Bush’

          how has that worked out for us ???

          • maybe it’s time we started saying anyone but a Democrat or Republican, neither of them have worked out to good.
            Ron Paul 2012

      49. The last thing I consider important today is a good credit score for debt accumulation. I’ve been out of debt for a couple years now, and intend to stay that way. If they take away points from my score for not participating in their debt system, so be it.

        Mac, this is a good article, giving us a glimpse into what can happen down the road. It is also a frightening scenario to expect. I don’t know what is more a threat today, the gans or the government. Is there a difference?

      50. No such thing as a “secret fart” in church. That brings to mind shooting guns when the SHTF. People that haven’t prepared and realize it’s too late will hone in on a survivalist’s location like a hungry grizzly bear to a hunter’s muzzle blast. To an empty stomach, gunfire spells gutpile. I’m just sayin’; use some common sense and have a plan when you shoot your guns. I believe in having plenty of ammo and doing the target practicing “now”. When the SHTF, I’m saving my bullets for “have to” situations. Something I don’t hear much about. Bows and arrows. A good compound bow, a couple dozen quality arrows and a shit pot full of replacement broadheads will go a long way. A crossbow works good for those not able to draw and hold, but may present problems for a quick second shot. Just like the church farts; they can be silent but deadly.

      51. I think the PIIGs are somewhere in the Stage 3 continuum, the US is in the later part of Stage 2 (the inflation is visible to those who buy gas and food, which are not in the official CPI). After 2012 elections, the US will either enter Stage 3 within 6 months or sooner (depending on outcomes of other elections around the western world), with high risk of Stage 4 toward the end of the next term (if the guy in power wants to stay on for life). If the elections tend toward fiscally sane persons being elected across the board in Congress (another sweep of incumbents similar to 2010, but with some establishment Repubs shooed out, too [note Olympia Snow not running for re-election]), then we may not see Stage 3 regardless of who the Prez is (but that is way riskier).

        So, I find this a useful set of measures…I think it is level-headed and historically accurate. That said, all this could go far worse than projected and far more quickly. Planning for Stage 4 is not ‘crazy’. After November, depending, may be time to dig into the Stage 5 planning portfolio… cheery thoughts!

      52. Dogs bark, traps bite. i havent seen anything here yet for perimeter protection.. im all for multiplying myself.

      53. Our 15 Trillion US debt, needs 7500 Trucks to load, with EACH truck load a full Two Thousand Million ( 2 Billion )of Cash Money, which would cause a queue up to 137.6087 Km long. Refer to

      54. The stages outlined occur in once prosperous countries that went down the socialist path. Argentina was once in the top 5 for per capita GDP. Some countries collapse because the government creates hyperinflation because they’re losing a war (Nationalist Chinese, Civil War South), to pay war debts (Weimar Republic), or to radically increase government spending (Zimbabwe).

      55. Iran accepts payments in gold for oil.

        The critical mistakes made by past leaders
        Iraq – accepted payments in gold instead of dollars for oil
        Libya – accepted payments in gold instead of dollars for oil.
        (Don’t believe any humanitarian BS the MSM has fed you! If our leaders cared that much about humanity they’d have stopped the genocide in Rwanda in 48 hours)

        The petrodollar is critical to retain the global status quo.

        Study Dimitry Orlov for his insightful views on what comes next. The timetable to shtf has just been moved up.

        • anyone who challenges the hegemony of the US dollar doesn’t seem
          to last long do they?

          you may as well just shoot yourself and get it over with
          when you stop taking dollars for oil
          your time is LIMITED

      56. News 42 min. ago
        The United States announced a major diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea Wednesday.

        Under an agreement reached in direct talks in Beijing last week, North Korea has agreed to allow the return of International Atomic Energy Agency nuclear inspectors, as well as to implement a moratorium on long-range missile tests, nuclear tests, and nuclear activities at Yongbyon, including uranium enrichment activities, the State Department said. In return, the United States will provide North Korea with a major food aid package.

        • let me just say “I dont trust em”
          and why is it that we can send 240,000 metric tonns of food over there, and we have starving Americans here at home?

          once their bellies are full..the story will change..also ..I dont think this addresses any of the Nukes they already have

        • This is the same crap we go through every few years. They make “concessions” … we give them food and oil …. they repudiate concessions. What a big diplomatic coup! Excuse my sarcasm.

        • Same story from NK. They saber rattle and private agreements are reached; months later and economic package is delivered. NK has an export and it’s fear.

          Either NK is very hungry right now or they fear the US might just divert some military capacity on their heads. They might see that the US needs an enemy right now to divert attention from the economy and they do not want to be the recipient. Then again it can be any combination of the two.

      57. There are contradictions and wrong info: Syrian rebels are armed. We are not talking about peaceful demonstrations. US allies such as Qatar admit it openly. Besides that those creating chaos in Syria are those in your governement who might create chaos in USA to destroy what is left of democracy.

      58. Brazil is a good study. Especially Rio. The Police had to form death squads to counter the violent criminals. Then the citizens formed death squads. Sadly, it was neccessary. In a total collapse, a bloody purge of the known criminal list might be needed. Politicians first? Just asking. I’m much too old for that kind of stuff.

        • A lot of those death squads were to purge areas of feral children. I draw the line at pest control of orphans.

          A lot of us will have to consider where our own lines are.

      59. That was some smack down on metals.

        • It was a blip. The COMEX received a sell order for about one million ounces. Someone was taking profits. Also, Bernanke commented that the economy is heating up based on recent economic data, so there are concerns the fed may tighten monetary policy to combat inflation. If you believe they will do that I have a bridge to sell you. It would force up the cost of servicing the federal debt.

          I was going to sell a bar of shiny today, but now will wait about a week. I anticipate ETF buyers will swoop in before the day is over and reverse some of today’s losses. My guess.

      60. Gas is $4.01 today. Midwest. Cook County, Il. Crook County.

        • 3.79 here, but creeping fast..just yesterday it was 3.69

          • 3.89

        • Crook County…….you got dat right.

      61. “Many feel, despite co-called governmental safeguards, today’s economic and ecological systems are so fragile that the bottom is already falling out” says Garry Shanty, marketing director for the PASS “the sudden interest in updating our Survival Guide almost came out of no-where” said Shanty. “People are afraid and don’t know what to do”.
        The PASS Survival Handbook includes both internal and external changes needed to survive. Building a network of like-minded friends, being proactive not reactive to change the focus is not gloom and doom, but “Optimistic Realism”.

        “If one does not prepare now for this inevitable situation, simple everyday living will prove to be extremely unpleasant”. says Shanty. “People must ‘panic-proof’ their lives from these uncertain times and not depend on paper currency, banks, food stores, energy sources, city services, communications and the system as we know it today.”

        There is no charge for the Survival Handbook.

        The PASS, was formed after the 1989 Santa Cruz earthquake by students at University of California Santa Cruz. The group preparing for the chaotic times ahead. The PASS offers a strong upbeat and positive approach to self sufficiency, applicable in any economic or social condition. There is no charge for the Survival Handbook.


        email [email protected].



        • Heck, it would be nice if people actually began boycotting. Unfortunately it seems the populace is too lazy to even boycott to make a point.

      63. This is a good read, thank you for posting, I had a look at the author’s website though and he may be well-intentioned, but he’s severely deficient in his understanding of 9/11, maybe this guy is a Cass Sunstein, who knows, just saying–take a look–


        • I took a look at the mission statement. What did he say that was wrong. All I saw was how the liberals like to say that America deserved 9/11. What deficiencies are you talking about?

          Are you one of these conspiracy nuts that thinks that George Bush masterminded the 9/11 attacks?

      64. Gun confiscating in the US will never happen in a situation like this. Even if they tryed how would they know who has what?
        This would be a huge undertaking not even sure if it is logisticly posible.

        • Because you have to get a background check before you buy a gun & fill out paperwork that gets submitted to the government. They KNOW what you have. Why do you think they are doing this? To prepare for the repeal of the 2nd amendment. There is no reason for it otherwise.

          Only guns that you purchase from a private individual are not registered.

          • The background checks just list handgun or or long gun when filing it. On the other hand I believe if you have a FFL you must keep an uninterrupted log of sales and purchases viewable on demand or if the license holder retires or dies this log must be turned into TPTB.

        • hmmm
          how about this scenario

          law passed saying gun possession punishable by 10 years in prison,
          mandatory sentence

          you have 30 days to deliver your weapons to the local police station
          on day 31 you become a law breaker subject to immediate arrest

          what would you do ???

          • ~Satori~

            Personally…I’d consider going on Safari.

            Location,….approx +370 miles due north of my current position!!!

            Really dude, I mean WTF would I or anyone else have to lose at that point?

            If you’re going down…might as well be in a TARGET RICH environment…right?

          • Popcorn sutton said to them ..”Fuck You”, I guess I can too.

        • They would probably pass a law making firearm ownership illegal and give gun owners the chance to turn in their weapons. Then they would use the gun registries to collect whatever they could. At that point, any gun used in self-defense would make the person being attacked a criminal.

      65. Ok so lets say I have x amount of guns in my name. Some Gov agency knocks on my door with with intent of collecting in my neighborhood. I say I sold them years ago, or give them my least favorate gun and send them on their way. I think things would have to get really bad for any of that to happen.

        • What you do is to say that you sold your guns to the Mexican drug cartel.

      66. A vast knowledge of homesteading skills is a must shtf. Also remember you can barter with services. A midwife or carpenter or doctor if you play your cards right will never go hungery.

      67. It’s so obvious that Obama is running the economy and the memory of the U.S. constitution into the ground in order to usher in an era of suffering for a bankrupt America.


        To usher in a new area of political and economic socialism on the American continent that no wealthy libtard will ever have to be subjected to.

      68. This is bunk. Long before total collapse the civil powers will impose martial law. Those rural hideaways will not be tolerated. Remember the mass collectivization of the Kulaks in the Ukraine under Lenin and Stalin. Do you really think you will be able to resist the force of the state and avoid confiscation of your assets and goods? You are kidding yourselves. People will go along to get along. The last things the elites want is chaos in Amerika.

      69. This is all supposition. It’s mere speculation. While I agree America is in decline this article makes no mention whatsoever about the moral decline which ALWAYS precursors a societal collapse. People have now been duped into thinking “religion” and “morality” and “godliness” were invented by prudes and have no use to society. Now we have leaders within all levels of medical, scientific, and ethical fields promoting: post-birth abortion, pedophilia, GMO monstrosity, trans-humanism, forced sterilization, forced abortion, post humanity, etc. Once the moral genie gets out of the bottle, it is impossible to avoid the ensuing destruction. If there are no morals – there are no morals. If there is no god – there is no god. No morals and no god = no rules and no laws outside of complete tyranny. There is then nothing left but Evolution and survival of the fittest, that is, those with power shall crush all others. Those with power have the power. Those without power are worms to be trodden, milked, devoured, raped, mutilated, experimented upon, spat upon, etc. America isn’t headed for some mere economic collapse. America is headed for a new pagan darkness. We’ve long had the pagan idols in our Capital and elsewhere. Now our people are pierced and painted and wear the body modifications formally only used by the most fallen and pagan of peoples. We are primed and ready for the fall. Darkness shall rule the earth again. For a little while.

      70. Reloading is an excellent option and it isn’t as difficult as one might think. I started doing it when I was 15 years old. Primers, Powder, & Projectiles are much less expensive and lighter than the equivalent in bullets.

        After the first couple of days, there will be thousands of spent cartridges lying in the streets. Gather the brass and reload for your use. While people buy tens of thousands of rounds for their weapons, much of that will be left behind if you have to ‘head for the hills’ with little more than a bug-out bag.

        Also after the first couple of days, you can pretty much have your pick of weapons, becuase they will be lying beside the corpses of those who bought and stocked them without learning how to shoot.

        If you survive the first couple of encounters, you MAY be ok. Just remember that there is no glory or purpose in participating in random gun battles…they can get you killed. In most cases, avoidance is the best policy. (The fewer bullets launched in your general direction, the greater your chances of survival.)

      71. The ax is falling on Amerika.

        JJ The Fed

      72. I get laughed at by co-workers and a few friends when I tell them I am stocking up on food, water and guns. They look at me like I am crazy! That is ok with me though…all any of them can talk about is the new iphone, call of duty, how many music awards Adelle won…or the super bowl. Stupid people living in a material world with no survival instinct. They won’t be getting any food from my garden when the s*** hits the fan!

        • I have experienced similar situations. Some people are very deep asleep in their “American Dream”.

      73. I would say the UK is between stages 2 and 3 and the US is definitely heavily into stage 3 in many parts of the country (Detroit etc.). I would predict the UK will jump to stage 4 based on its past experience. There is a strong desire in the country for strong government and the public would support anyone who can offer that. The UK can easily be locked down because it is a small place and most people are urban.

        • I’d say the riots last summer showed how easily things can be turned around in the UK. Luckily our leaders are dumb & our lower classes resourceful. The young are wise to what’s going on, even if the baby boomers aren’t. Food security is the key UK issue.

      74. I have witnessed and lived through the 5 steps in earnest. The step from 3-4th is just one step, but like stepping off a cliff it could take the rest of you life.

        Read up on my homeland – Zimbabwe, the $500.00 was nicknamed the Ferrari because it was red and went fast. Soon there was the currency called the shoe box, it held 1000 ferraris. Then it really went for a burton after cutting off 5 zeros they still reached a 100tn note before dumping the Zimbabwe dollar. The better off had evening parties with one family bringing bread rolls, another butter, another wieners etc. Water is fairly toxic in Harare and power was off for days at a time. Total burn out. Relying on U$D for rebuilding.

        Is the U$D really that wise?

        • @Tim Gabz: Thanks for your post. If more Americans understand Mugabe and what he did to your former homeland (I assume it is former?) and the poisonous racism he spouted, I think more of them would be able to connect the dots and see what is happening here in this country, NOW.

          Warn as many Americans as you can. Take care.

      75. Jesus, always the right wing dingbats are screaming about “socialism” without having a clue on what that word even means. I suppose the talking heads could be warning Obama is a secret clown and folks would be going on about the coming “Clown Government.” Then again, the attitude of the author is pretty clear considering he believes unions “incite strikes” rather then strike to get what is owed to them in the first place. And of course, welfare. Oh yes, how terrible people are given money for food. We could build more bombs with that money! Let those poor people starve!

        1. Turn off the fox news
        2. Forget about the false left/right paradigm and stop putting your blind faith in any political party
        3. Google the word “corporatism”
        4. Open your eyes and notice the similarities between corporatism and the country we have now
        5. Notice the similarities between corporatism and the world being created through international banking cartels and the laws being passed by our own government.
        6. Follow the money
        7. ?????
        8. PROFIT

        On another note, this next bit is ridiculous: “It is too late to prepare at this point. What you did not acquire earlier, you are not going to possess now. Anything of value necessary for your survival has already been claimed.” I’m going to call major horseshit on that one. You’d be amazed with what you can make or do with items most folks consider trash. Hell, go dumpster diving one night and see for yourself. The trained eye and mind of a Scavenger will allow him/her to survive in even the worst situations. The author’s quote stinks not only of ignorance, but self-righteousness and pessimism. Perhaps you should take a better look at some of these “slums” around the world and notice the ingenuity of people doing something with almost nothing.

        • I dont really want to use other peoples trash to survive I would rather have quality things to use if something ever did happen. Most unions are b/s. I graduated college and got a job the next day with an electrical contractor and had to join the i.b.e .w. and its no different than any other big business. The men at the top make the money. The majority of union workers are overpaid for the work that they produce too. Most are lazy and do not care if the work gets done they just want a check. Don’t call me a union brother you lazy worthless peace of sh*t is what I felt like saying. Jobs going overseas thanks unions. Im single and paid as much for health insurance as the man with a wife and 4 kids. Yeah thats not corporatism its something else. I would rather work for less hourly and work all year then work for 4 months out of the year and collect unemployment. Thanks for being a drain on the rest of us union workers.

        • @ He He He.
          First, consider changing your handle. It sounds kinda smug. Friendly advice.
          More friendly advice: Don’t insult people you’ve never met by calling them dingbats. It doesn’t sell your ideas or make any friends. It does, however, make enemies.
          Which brings me to my next point. We ALL need friends to survive what is coming. OK, I get it, you think we’re all right wing nutjobs for believing this. But ask yourself this: What if we are right and YOU are wrong? Will it really matter if your guy is in the White House then? You might need help from a right wing dingbat like me someday. Karma’s a bitch, dude, and even if you don’t believe in God, then you must concede that reciprocity is the basis of 99% of all human interaction. Politicians don’t give out free stuff because they care. They do it to acquire power. And they have acquired a great deal more than they should.

          As for rooting through the dump to survive: Have you ever lived in one of these slums you refer to, or know people that have? Ask the gentleman from Zimbabwe what he thinks of your plan. But you might get your feelings hurt.

          And another thing: your political views are a tad misinformed. I’ve dealt with unions. They make working with their members hard every chance they get and sap productivity and efficiency in every industry. As for welfare, I lived in the Bronx for 2 years in med school, and take it from me, “welfare” ruins good people and makes not-so-good people into 2-legged animals. Welfare is NOT charity. Welfare is about political control of dependent populations. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

          On the bright side: You are reading this website, so maybe we can convince you that planning for the worst is ALWAYS a good idea…

        • So the slums and dumpsters are where you want to look for the things you need to live. What makes you think an ample supply of the goods you need will be waiting for you in the nearest dumpster. You are right on one point, people in the slums are pretty good at getting what they need from the trash and scavenging. The problem is, scavenging is not shopping at the mall. There will be a shortage of “good” garbage. Let’s take an example. Blankets to keep warm in the winter. How many of those will be available at your nearest shopping dumpster? What about shelter when you are homeless? Shelter is more that keeping the rain off of you. Shelter provides protection. You will not be getting that from a few pieces of plywood and an old piece of tarp. This is not preparing, it is living the life of a scavenger, always looking for scraps from society to live and to provide for your family.

        • He He He, you are a total moron. Perhaps you should give us the definition of what you think Socialism is. We know what it is and it is clear you hold a pro-Socialist mentality. That alone proves you are one of the drags on society. Another expense taxpayers have to pay.

          You make the statement it is horseshit that the goods needed to live will be very hard to come by. You are referring to Stage 4 of the author’s prediction. Whether or not society collapses exactly like this is to be seen but I think the author was trying to make a list of what assets would be valuable during certain parts of an economic collapse and what signs would be apparent during the stages of collapse.

          In an emergence survival situation, everything of value is taken early in the disaster. People grab what they can. Just look at any storm warning. Milk, bread, and toilet paper are the first things that leave the shelves and this only if the roads are going to be slick for 3 days.

          This country has never seen anything like the collapse envisioned here. Even the Great Depression was only degraded slightly into Stage 3. It seems to be obvious that if you prepare, you will not need to scavenge, despite of how much ingenuity people can muster during bad times. I guess you would be one of the scavengers you speak of.

      76. @”He He He” I am sick and I mean SICK of people like you. Big Government (Socialism, Fascism, Corporatism, Marxism, Communism) are all tyrannies you fucking ASS HOLE! They all take money from the earners and give it to the slackers. And in the process 90% of that money winds up in the pockets of the bosses.

        Arguing with people like you is a fucking waste of time and energy. Go kill yourself you God Damn Moron.

        If you and people like you even come close to my property your fucking dead!

        I rarely post her but I have been coming here for years. I am getting totally feed up with this GD entitlement attitude and the audacity to spit on the people that earn your GD freedom and pay for your food stamps and welfare checks.

      77. Hey Mac,Hey Everyone..
        Thanks and Hugs for everything you’re doing for this world,for me and my family
        for humanity FOR AMERICA..That’s everything that’s matters.Got my tool ready .an loaded. 🙂 Got my supplies ready.. And I’m still learning..Americans,Preppers and all ya ..I Love you…Times running out and that’s all I want to say…P.S.Get your F?&%$§” NBC PRotection …Dräger Germany makes the best..And Manuka honey for antibiotic..

      78. First off, starting your post by using the Lord’s name as a curse word is telling to your values. That said, this is my first ever post, but I’ve been a Jr. Prepper for about a year now. FWIW, I hold an MBA in Finance and Economics from Arizona State University, with a concentration in Supply Chain Management.

        The difference is the MEANS OF PRODUCTION of these two systems. Socialism relies on the established premise that people are inherently good, and that if we just engineer everything from the top down, Utopia on earth can be achieved. Of course, you would not mind giving up individual freedoms if this were true because we would truly “all be in it together”.

        Problem. People are NOT inherently good. Bible says as much, many times all over. It also says if you don’t work, you don’t eat. Invest, stay out of debt (Let no debt remain outstanding, expect the debt to love each other in Christ Jesus) and other items.

        Lastly, the best, most proven system ever created that does the most good for the most people in REAL measures in Capitalism. Not savage Capitalism, or Corporatism like we do see in places, but good old free markets, with price points…supply and demand, etc. You know ECON 101 stuff.

        Problem #2. World Central banks are printing money like CRAZY, and stimulating the economies of the world to stay afloat. Printing money is debt, and is the same as the old kings adding aluminum to the boiling gold pot to coin 12 coins (that are only 80% pure) instead of 10 coins at 100%. It’s STEALING. When you steal long enough from the people, without limits, or justice for the victim, what happens? The victim dies eventually in REAL LIFE. Victim being western world economy, quality of life and middle class in those countries.

        I’ll assume you already know that central banks don’t lend to the banking systems any longer, and just directly inject money into federal governments? It’s called quantitative easing…or simply printing money to pay government bills. I’ll also assume you already know that is the LAST STEP before market collapse (currency failures) due to unsustainable debts. Of course you already knew that! You just wait until Greece implodes (the rest of the way) and takes down Spain and Italy with it! Maybe a week, maybe a year, but it’s on the way.

        I’ve concluded that the standard, profiled, tax and spend liberal who does not understand or believe the bible is the same person that does not understand anything regarding accountability…then whines and cries when it all falls apart. Relationships, personal finance, work, and some day soon, the global economy.

        I personally prep at the same level of urgency I see in the world, and it gets more and more sticky every day, every week. To ignore the idea of being prepared is really moronic. People did this for years and years up until this generation, and I would re-evaluate your positions on this before it is too late.

      79. A little history lesson on the Liberal vs. Conservative monetary topic. Or, socialism vs. Capitalism monetary policy moves.

        First, socialism. Start by lending at high rates, when people stop borrowing due to the cost of borrowing, lower the rates. The system re balances. Problem is the government does not have enough tax revenue to pay it’s obligations, so the economy must pick up. Next, the socialist, INSTEAD of saying NO let the market adjust naturally strengthening the dollar, lowers the interest rates making borrowing easier, and weakening the US dollar.

        The liberal believes in free lunches. But, of course there is no such thing… After the interest rates are set at zero, which is the equivalent of throwing gas on a economic fire, the system re balances again…for a while. Remember the dollar keeps getting diluted, so the GDP or economy has to work harder and harder to pay the taxes for the government to meet it’s obligations. I’m sure you know rates have been set at near zero for 3 years? Of course you did. When the economy stalls again due to a limited return on manipulation, the central bank just by passes the banking system all together and DIRECTLY injects money to the government to pay its bills. This is quantitative easing, and is happening all over the EU and we’ve had 2 rounds of it in the US to prop up…artificially inflate the markets for the last 3-4 years. Again, the dollar in the long run weakens, GDP will slow again. Now that interest rates, government spending, stimulus and borrowing CAN’T continue…and all of these pro spend spend spend liberal policies DIDN’T work, what is left? BTY, I didn’t mention all the other stimulus like cash for clunkers, solar companies (that have failed, just look at First Solar in Tempe, AZ), rebuilding bridges and roads (ha-ha FDR is that you?), No Child Left Behind, Obamacare (that will CRUSH the medical system), and all that “free” education that Obama thinks everyone “deserves”…is all utter failure. These are all forms of “free lunches”. And in the end, a liberal really does understand that socialism DOES NOT WORK without a Capitalist behind him paying for it. No, you do it because you yourself are a weak minded, spineless “free” luncher who wants someone else to carry your load.

        What happened in Greece is simply people STOPPED paying their taxes…one way or another. The economy could not keep up no matter what the amount of QE that the European Central Bank tried. This is not even the “tip of the iceburg”…you are looking at 1% of what is going to happen in regards to defaults, write downs, bond market collapses, and eventually a complete cessation of the monetary system in the western world.

        Like I said, I went to ASU ranked top 20 for business. A few of my friends went to the Air Force Academy…smart guys…very smart, and they are prepping also. We are only 1 year into a 20 year span of Baby Boomer retirement draw downs. THAT is more scary than anything else, that we have not even started to feel.

        You free lunch believers are going to get pounded when it’s all said and done. Don’t say we did not warn you.

      80. Only problem with these lists is the idea that preparedness will get you through #5

        This shows a lack of understanding of the human psyche, the role of propaganda, and the absolute ruthlessness of a totalitarian government.

        Those who have suffered will be jealous of those who were prepared, the media will be busy demonizing them and whipping up a hatred of them.

        The government will use this to have the army of that period, mainly made up of those who buy into the regime, carry out a campaign to eliminate pockets of what they consider “insurgents”. And this will be gladly backed by a jealous public.

        Go ahead and prepare in order to make it through the first 4 stages. But at stage 5 you will be faced with a choice no one talks about, so no one is prepared for.

      81. It’s simple. Our Republican Congress has been bought-out to write totalitarian bills. They’re ammassing more and more money to bribe more politicians.

        To fix this, just tax the superior wealthy 99%, the corporations 90% and America gets all their programs back plus a quintuple pay raise. It should be made a death sentence to write anti-freedom bills. Those rich folk need to be imprisoned for the cause of the deaths and misery of millions.

        Petition Eisenhower tax rates be reinstated, and make them pay more since they are 25X more rich.

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