Signs of Coming Riots: “The United States is Becoming a Very Frightening Place”

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    The following article was brought to our attention by The Daily CruxThe Intel Hub, and SHTFplan reader KY Mom. It has been republished with permission from The Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Note: Make no mistake. The riots we saw play out in London and the greater UK may have involved thuggery and looting, but the driving force was much the same as the protests, riots, and uprisings we saw in the middle east in the first half of 2011. As in the middle east (specifically, Tunisia), the catalyst for the London riots involved a single person, in this case a teenager who was reportedly beaten by police. In response and looking for any reason to rebel and revolt, large masses of people, namely those living in poverty in the UK, organized and then headed for town squares, where the burned, pillaged and fought. While the London riots are being written off by many as nothing more than a bunch of vagrants and welfare recipients looking to loot small businesses, there is a strong likelihood that similar incidents will play out on the streets of America. In fact, it can be argued that this is what we are seeing already, as groups of teenagers and gangs are organizing via social networks and subsequently causing chaos, violence and looting. For now, like in London, we are seeing the poverty stricken segments of society losing it, and it is being downplayed strictly as criminal mob-driven behavior. But soon, as Michael suggests in the article below, more and more people will lose everything. And, as our favorite trend forecaster Gerald Celente has oft repeated, “when people lose everything, and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” We are seeing the beginnings of a trend that will likely engulf the entire Western world, which for the exception of Greece, has so far been immune to the general chaos taking place in other parts of the world.

    We urge our readers to remain vigilant and to avoid mass gatherings, because it only takes a few people -research suggests about 5% of the crowd – to incite total mob meltdown. This is especially threatening to those of our readers who live in or near inner city areas, as there will be no ability to acquire essentials like food and medicine in the event riots break out. Likewise, if these uprisings begin to spread, attending any public venues, even a grocery store, could become dangerous. In Greece, protests and riots went on for weeks at a time. It is for this reason, among others, that we have and continue to recommend preparing for emergency and disaster scenarios, and shielding yourself and your family from making any contact with the mob for at least thirty days if at all possible. At a minimum you’ll need food, water, cooking apparatuses (in case the grid in your area goes down), and personal self defense armaments.

    10 Signs That Economic Riots And Civil Unrest Inside The United States Are Now More Likely Than Ever

    You should let the video footage of the wild violence that just took place in London burn into your memory because the same things are going to be happening all over the United States as the economy continues to crumble.  We have raised an entire generation of young people with an “entitlement mentality”, but now the economy is producing very few good jobs that will actually enable our young people to work for what they feel they are entitled to.  If you are under 30 in America today, things look really bleak.  The vast majority of the good jobs are held by people that are older, and they aren’t about to give them up if they can help it.  It is easy for the rest of us to tell young Americans to “take whatever they can”, but the reality is that there is intense competition for even the most basic jobs.  For instance, McDonald’s recently held a “National Hiring Day” during which a million Americans applied for jobs.  Only 6.2% of the applicants were hired.  In the old days you could walk down to McDonald’s and get a job whenever you wanted to, but now any job is precious.  The frustration among our young people is palpable.  Most of them feel entitled to “the American Dream” and they feel like the system has failed them.  Unfortunately, many of them are already turning to violence.  But the economic riots and the civil unrest that we have already seen are nothing compared to what is coming.  Americans are angry, and as the economy continues to collapse that anger is going to reach unprecedented heights.

    In recent days, even many in the mainstream media have been openly wondering if the riots that happened in London could happen here too.  There is a growing acknowledgement that this country is headed down a very dark path.

    The sad thing is that these riots accomplish absolutely nothing.  The recent London riots did not create any jobs and they certainly did not solve any economic problems.  Instead, they actually hurt the economy even more because a huge am0unt of property was destroyed and people are even more afraid to continue with business as usual.

    But when people get to the end of their ropes, most of the time they are not thinking rationally.  When frustration erupts, the results can be very, very messy.

    All over the United States we are already seeing some very troubling signs of the violence that is coming.  The following are 10 signs that economic riots and civil unrest inside United States are now more likely then ever….

    #1 Going to the state fair used to be such a fun thing for American families to do.  But now no place is safe.  The following is how one local ABC News affiliate described the “flash mob” attacks that took place at the Wisconsin state fair recently….

    Milwaukee police said that around 11:10 p.m., squads were sent to the area for reports of battery, fighting and property damage being caused by an unruly crowd of “hundreds” of people. One officer described it as a “mob beating.”

    Police said the group of young people attacked fair goers who were leaving the fair grounds. Police said that some victims were attacked while walking. They said others were pulled out of cars and off of motorcycles before being beaten.

    One eyewitness said that the flash mob attacks at the Wisconsin state fair absolutely overwhelmed the limited police presence that was there….

    When I saw the amount of kids coming down the road, all I kept thinking was, ‘There’s not enough cops to handle this.’  There’s no way.  It would have taken the National Guard to control the number of kids that were coming off the road.  They were knocking people off their motorcycles.

    #2 According to a new Rasmussen survey, 48% of Americans believe that reductions in government spending are “at least somewhat likely” to result in civil unrest inside the United States.  Unfortunately, perception often greatly influences reality.

    #3 U.S. consumer confidence is now at its lowest level in 30 years.

    #4 Joblessness among young Americans is at an epidemic level, and when rioting does break out it is usually young people that are leading the way.  That is why the following statistics from an article in The Atlantic are so troubling….

    One in five Americans are between 15 and 29-years old. And one in five of those Americans are unemployed. For minorities and the under-educated, the picture is much worse. Black teenagers have an unemployment rate of 44 percent, twice the rate for white teens.

    #5 We are starting to see mindless violence in a lot of areas that used to be considered safe.  In Kansas City on Saturday night, three young people were hit with bullets as they walked the streets of the Country Club Plaza.  Mayor Sly James was about 50 yards away when the gunfire erupted.  Authorities in Kansas City are considering a stricter curfew for that area.

    #6 “Flash mobs” have become such a problem in Philadelphia that the mayor has imposed a strict curfew on young people.  Now all teens between the ages of 13 and 18 must be indoors by 9 o’clock at night.  The mayor also says that teens need to start pulling up their pants….

    “Pull your pants up and buy a belt ’cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”

    #7 All over the United States we are seeing that many struggling Americans will do just about anything for money.  For example, in Detroit recently three masked men crashed a vehicle through the entrance of a gas station and took off with an entire ATM machine.

    #8 Desperate people do desperate things.  Many of America’s “forgotten poor” are trying to survive any way that they can.  For instance, a group of vagrants recently set up “a makeshift camp” near Prospect Park lake in Brooklyn. According to the New York Post, many nearby residents have been disturbed by what these “drifters” are doing to survive….

    The drifters have been illegally trapping and cooking up the critters that call the park home, including squirrels, ducks and swan-like cygnets.

    They used crude tactics to hunt their prey, including barbed fishing hooks that ripped off the top half of one poor gosling’s beak. They then cooked the meat over illegal fires. Some of the animals were eaten raw.

    #9 According to CNN, sales of safes and vaults are absolutely soaring right now.  One store owner told CNN that she believes that she is selling a lot more safes now because people are scared that civil unrest could be coming….

    “Folks are worried about the decreasing value of the dollar, burglaries on the rise in their neighborhoods … and even the possibility that the unrest we are seeing in other parts of the world slipping over to our country.”

    #10 Over the past 100 years, the American population has moved steadily into our big cities and the surrounding suburbs.  This has created virtual “ghost towns” in our rural areas from coast to coast.  Back in 1910, 72 percent of Americans lived in rural areas.  Today, only 16 percent of Americans live in rural areas.  But when you crowd huge masses of people close together that makes riots and civil unrest much more likely.

    Most Americans are already fed up, and the economy is not even that bad yet.  One recent survey found that 73 percent of Americans believe that the nation is “on the wrong track”.  Another recent poll found that only 17 percent of Americans now believe that the U.S. government has the consent of the governed.

    Millions of very frustrated young people believe that the economic system has failed them and that the political system no longer holds any answers.

    America is rapidly approaching a breaking point.  I have written previously about the collapse of society that we are already witnessing all over the United States.  When the economy totally breaks down, most Americans are not going to be able to handle it.

    Sadly, instead of coming together and trying to do something productive, many Americans will resort to rioting, looting and civil unrest.  We have already seen this during local emergencies such as Hurricane Katrina.

    But mindless violence accomplishes absolutely nothing positive.  It just always makes things worse.

    Unfortunately, logic and reason are not going to be enough to stop the gigantic wave of frustration that is coming.  For most of the rest of us, it will be hard enough to get out of the way and protect our own families from the economic riots and the civil unrest that are coming.

    The thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is starting to disappear.  Hatred and anger are growing by the day.  The United States is becoming a very frightening place.

    So get ready.  Our politicians certainly don’t have any answers for us.  The debt ceiling deal was a complete and total joke, and corruption is absolutely rampant in Washington right now.  Barack Obama is getting ready to leave for yet another vacation, and most of our politicians are only focused on the next election.

    So don’t expect a “miracle” from those that are supposed to be leading us.

    They don’t care about you.

    You need to take care of yourself and your family and your friends.

    A massive economic collapse is coming, and most Americans are going to be totally blindsided by it.

    Don’t let that happen to you.


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      1. Yeppers great article read it early this morning. Don’t believe it drive through the worst parts of you city or town.


        Ps I would take a gun with you

        • Don’t forget at least 2 extra mags 🙂

          • Beefcake,

            Always have the extra’s with me, never know but some problems can be solved with 68 9mm’s


        • Pfft!

          Y’all act like this were something new. :/

          Tell you what – go look up some history, starting with New York City:

          The latest of those two happened 150+ years ago. Your great-great-great-great grandparents were reading about them in the paper.

          The only reason it all seems so fresh and new is a two-parter:

          1) drama… everyone loves it.
          2) We’ve enjoyed a period of relative calm for the forty-some-odd years between the 1960’s race riots and today, with few exceptions (LA, 1992 stands out as one of them)

          • Think you forgot the major change since “the wayback times” TECHNOLOGICAL MEDIA allows the spread of info so rapidly everyone knows whats going on.

            On another unrelated note, when did AMERICAN CITIZENS become the american consumer? This pisses me off the most of all neo-reporting slang. We are citizens of this country, calling us “the american consumer” minimizes our importance/responsibility/rights and implies that all we do, all we exist to do, is eat, buy cheap walmart crap, and make trash.

            Writers/editors of this website, please dont refer to me as an american consumer again – I AM A CITIZEN, the fact that i have to buy stuff occassionally doesn’t justify you redefining my role in this country.

          • you are an idiot.

        • I don’t need anymore convincing or statistics that there are big problems ahead driven by high inflation. I’d like more information on protecting assets (yes I know about gold) and survival (food etc.) Does anyone have information that bhas been WELL THOUGHT THROUGH based on real historical and socila scenarios (RELEVANT TO THE US) of what happens when inflation and high unemployement kicks in?

          Hey THANKS!!!!

      2. I now live in a close suburb of Chicago. The change in demographics has bought us the gift of street gangs. The people who grew up here had no idea that this could ever happen to them. They believed the propaganda from the MSM, that everyone is the same. Most of my neighbors can’t even recognize gang and drug activity. They were shocked when we had a recent shootout on the streets. If you don’t open your eyes and get some street sense, and situational awareness, no amount of fire power will save you. Stop being so naive. I see people letting their little kids go outside and play right in the middle of drug sellers. Waiting to be caught in the crossfire. Parents, if “urban teens” are loitering all day and night, and talking to a lot of strangers who come and go, get your kids the fck of the street! Flashmob attackers say they attack white people because they are so easy. I can see why. White people walk around in an ethnic daze. Conditioned not to see danger.

        • Agreed Refugee. I’m a little irratated that the article didn’t mention the fact that it was black on white attacks at that fair in WI.
          Call that riot for what it was- all about race and hatred of whites. Conveniently left out…..


      3. Get a grip, hobby…woman!

      4. We have been in a long slide for some time now. Anyone who visits here likely has their preps in a pile and a plan for how to handle the future. I would encourage anyone to take steps to care for their families and themselves, and for those who have preps, keep adding to your system. Redundancy redundancy redundancy.

      5. No work since 08, and yes its getting late!

      6. These young kids and ther flash mobs are a sign of whats to come…

      7. “research suggests about 5% of the crowd – to incite total mob meltdown”

        I can tell you from experience that this is true. One year we went to the Mall in Wash. DC to watch the fireworks. When we left to catch the metro there was the biggest crowd I’ve just about ever seen trying to get on – all at the same time.

        In the back of the crowd a group of young men started screaming “push! push!” and the chant caught on. Everyone from behind started pushing and those of us in the middle & the front were in very serious danger. Many of us in the front were yelling “Stop” which only fell on deaf ears.

        Fortunately some policemen on horseback showed up and got things under control. Mob mentality is a scary thing.

        People just don’t think normally when they are in big groups. Throw in alcohol, exhaustion, youth, desparation, anger, disgust, feelings of failure or financial strain and you will get what is coming soon to the USA. Riots & Violence.

        • “Mob mentality is a scary thing.”

          Yeah, it put an America hating a$$hole in the white house.

          • As opposed to Bush, a corporate asshole who lied us into war?

            • stop with the “corporate”

      8. got security doors and window guards?

        • funny you mention this, my wife just brought this up to me this past weekend

          • Some on here posted some links to some very secure residential doors that no one not even the govt or police could knock down or ram in….and I can’t find them to save my life and I have looked and looked

            • Go to the best defense web site and you will find some good doors. Also call your local strom shelter supplier they will also carry doors for safe rooms, you can also call about any of the door and window shops that carry industrial doors. So of these doors that I have installed are even rated for blast. But they are pricey.


            • if you or anyone finds this info, please post it.

              I have welding skills and the tools, I think I need to get off one project im on ,and get to building some window treatments

            • BJ and VRF….Here it is. The name of the company is “Master Security Doors”. You need a pretty steep set of carpentry skills to install these correctly. No shims or air gaps here. Doing it properly basically means tearing down the wall, and then rebuilding around the door once it’s been set, anchored to the foundation, and made level and plumb in all directions. You won’t find anything even close to this at your local box store, or custom door maker either (for that matter). They also have bullet proof windows.


              Here is a link for steel security mesh (goes inside the walls to defeat attempts such as Man Up points out. With this mesh, no one will be coming through your walls without a backhoe to let them in.


              This link is for bullet proof drywall. There are many different thicknesses and ratings, from 9mm all the way up to 50 BMG/explosives. Very expensive, but worth it.


              This next link has lots of products, (some overlap with previous links), but what really is interesting is the window film. Low cost alternative to full on bullet proof windows. This will keep the swat team looters from smashing your window and raking down the shades to gain entry. Lots of good stuff here.


              If you’d like some more links to cool security stuff (how about a garage door that will defeat being rammed by a chevy tahoe?), just speak up, or you can send an e-mail through Mac, he has my address.

            • Some local merchants in LHC, AZ use wrought iron fence panels. Available at Home Depot or Lowes. Inexpensive and easily bolted onto an interior wall.


            • If the door won’t break, the windows will. If the windows are barred, the house will still burn with just a little help.

            • Thanks Johnny V….that’s the links I was looking for

        • Window guards, great to stop them from getting in,bad for a fire.

        • That’s great… but if you live in a home that was built in the last 15 years, it’s much easier to go through the exterior walls than a deadbolt!
          Keep that in mind before buying a pricy door.

      9. Personally I don’t see anything in America. Seems we are to passive. Look at the police who come in and rip down tent cities, cutting up the tents as the go. What happens? NOTHING! Look at the ass wipe (transit authority)that shot the kid in the back who was laying there face down. What happened? NOTHING. Police brutality occurs daily and people just stand there waiting to be the first to race home and upload the vid to youtube. NO ONE offers assistance or fights back. Guy was j-walking here and was yelling at the police to f off, they shot him over 60 times LOL, and he wasn’t even armed.

        It will just go on and on and on until it really effects the inner city folks then chaos will occur here in America. The rest of the folks will tune in to Kati Curic or Diane Sawyer etc. and say “omg honey look at all that violence I’m sure glad we don’t live there”. Same story different place.

        I say when the SSI, Pensions, Disability and Military and civilian law enforcement checks stop then people will get pissed off enough to stand up. Most spoiled folk won’t do anything even if it is right outside their front door. IMHO

        Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to be dying! Fear is the ultimate control tool! Get over fear and your free.

      10. We’re going to be blindsided anyway! There is no avoiding it. No matter how well prepped you are, nothing can prepare you for what you are about to see. Just try to be prepped to take care of yourself for a while, and ask God to take care of your soul. Past that, there’s not much you can do.

      11. its already happining..
        I posted on the previous thread about the shootings in Detroit this past weekend..way out of proportion for the norm..about comes out to 1 person shot each 1.5 hours of a 24 hour period of time..

        There are investigations going on in that city about cops shoting babies, and kids..and innocent people..and the courts are quelling the situation buy ignoring it thus creating more tension..

        Its a dam powder keg waiting to blow, and the ignorant fools running the show are setting the city up for the riot that is about to come.

        Have witnessed a MOB of youths in a mall in the point where the local police are patroling the mall..

        and even still just had a jewelry store robbed, didnt matter that the police were there.

        if you cant taste it in the air, your not paying attention

        • VRF,

          Here we had 3 robberies over the weekend all done by kids under 21, 2 broke it to a motel and robbed the man after beating, 2 men went with a group to a after bar party, then they went it with a shotgun and beat 1 man with the shotgun butt and robbed him and the other guess.
          The last was just a plain old fasion shooting involving kids. maybe a gang thing, But it sure makes you clean them guns up and shop for some more ammo.


          • we’ve had several empty houses broke into and all the copper plumbing was stolden, one house was a big old farm house that a millionair put a ton of money in, they some how took the copper rain gutters right off the house, they also took all the copper cable going up to the lighting rods and the copper weathervane off the peak. this house is down the rd from me about 2 miles so someone has to be riding the rds in the day time spotting the stuff and coming back at night prepared to do the dirty work.

            • Just me,

              We have had 6 churches that were not broke into, But instead they stole the air conditions parts seems these parts will bring around $130.00 for small ones and up to $350.00 for some of the larger ones. Now I know sure about these people but to steal from the house of God? HMMMMM bad bad karma.


          • yeah im watching the local city (near me) they have a crime report each just keeps getting longer.

            even the small township i live in , shit is going on.
            home invasions in rural america, yeah its happining.

            Glad i got a big dog

            I have seen this flash mob behavior for myself at a shopping mall an hour or so from me, and from what i seen, its a “thing of color” at least for now or in this area i was in.

            a copper theif was just apprehended about 50 miles north of me, caught in the act.

            and a local guy from my area (since moved out a year or so ago) just robbed a small insurance company at gun point.

            these are just a few things that went down in recent memory.

            when a freight train like this gets rolling, and there are very little law enforcment has done about starts to snowball, and the thugs see that others are getting away with it becomes an invitation to those on the edge.

            the 12 seperate shootings in detroit, The Johnny come lately (police) have no suspects, and no one captured..i think 1/2 out of the shot people died.

            • Yes sir the police don’t stop crime they just show up after word and try and solve it, and with a success rate around 30% here well that leaves alot of bad people out there.
              Here is one for you about 3 months ago in a small town 60 miles from here a man raped a 92 yr old woman and killed her.. Now you tell me is this not a f–ked up world. Todays news has a 82 yr old woman killed and her home robbed, once again sick. I think some public hangings might stop some of this shyt…
              House invasions stopped here after a man opened fire on the 3 doing robbing him, to bad he wasn’t a very good shot..

              Keep the family safe


      12. Oh, BTW, I don’t know who the other FedUp is, but if you are going to use my handle on this board, could you at least please remember to use a space between Fed and Up? Thanks bunches of kisses and unicorn farts and rainbows and such!

        • Where can I get some of those unicorn farts?

          • Back end of the Unicorn… 😉

      13. Sadly (and all too predictably) these riots have not been directed at the perpetrators of the economic crimes against humanity (usury, unjust wages, unjust prices), but instead have been mostly racially motivated. Unfortunately it looks like Americans will follow the script provided by the “international” banksters and financiers: victims against victims, black against white against brown. When Americans act out the script, it will be used as yet another excuse for the adversaries of all men to seize more power. Their stated plan is 90% depopulation and to subjugate the survivors.

      14. Cyber-Samurai,

        You might be right we all might get blindsided, But sir I say if we are going to go then why not take a few with us.And yes live by Our Lords rules


        • I read that too – that was the best characterization of the problems effecting the London riots and we’re in the same boat with just a tiny bit of lag time.

      15. VRF
        Just type in safe room doors you will get 570000 hits.

        • thanks to all the replies on the doors..
          The steel doors I have will have to do for now. but with 2 dead bolts and a clevis jamb, it would be pretty tuff to just knock em a battering ram? thats another question..but it might give me time to get out, or to load up my blow darts..

          with my place being brick they would have to ram thru a wall..not that i put that past them..but it slows them down a bit

      16. Always carry a weapon of some sort on you where ever you go. A 5” blade will do just fine and it’s easy to conceal.

        The day will come when many will be attacked in a grocery store parking lot for the food they just bought.

        Know your surroundings at all times and avoid being a victim. The days of going to the mall or any place where crowds gather should be in your rearview mirror.
        Welcome to our new reality.

        Be ready and mentally prepared for anything! Times have changed again, and this time, it’s not for the better.

        • Also if you don’t want to carry a gun with you, then make up a small tool box and put it under the seat, throw in a hammer or 2, a few screw drivers and handy razor knife or 2,Hell just look around at your tools I even keep a few old 7 1/4 saw blades with me. But then again I carry. but hey you can never have enogh weapons.. Opps I me tools.. LOL


          • A linoleum knife is a handy little gadget. My husband says if it was good enough for Hannibal Lecter it’s good enough for him…

      17. I’ve been warning people for months about the flash mobs. When I spoke of all the flash mobs on Memorial Day weekend most looked at me like I had 3 heads.

        They never saw any reporting on the mobs and some even said I was making it all up.

        There are only two ways to deal with a violent mob. 1. Don’t be in the neighborhood when it forms. 2. Use more extreme violence.

        For me, I’ve armed up. Normally I only have my carry weapon and depending on which one I’m carrying, I have 5 to 18 rounds. Now I’m carrying my Glock 17 and 3 extra magazines at all times. If I make it back to the car I have another 3, 32 round sticks, my 27 and my 870 which is always a crowd pleaser or street sweeper.

        If I told anyone how much I was carrying, most would think I was paranoid. I’m not, just prepared like a good boy scout.

        We are going to see the flash mobs become more violent. We are going to see an increase in mass shooting like the loon that opened up on the congress women in Az., or the Jihadist at Ft Hood. One armed citizen like you or me could have ended any of those incidents quickly and efficiently.

        I will bet a million dollars, none of the victims would think a citizen that ended a mass shooting is paranoid.
        No, then the names change to Brave and Hero. Its what you call a defining moment.

        Carrying is kind of like a parachute, you either have it when you need it or it to late. When it comes to flash mobs, the real question is; do you have enough?

        • Couldn’t agree more! I never carried less I was going fishing out in the woods. Now I carry even to Walmart for some supplies. I am also packing my by Bug Out Bag where ever I go (in the car trunk) just in case I find I am in a situation where I can’t make it home.It has a Glock 30 in it to so between my primary and the backup I’ll get to where I need to be.

          • Scott Its much safer going fishing then a trip to the WalMart. We all need to consider any place with merchandise, money and a lot of people as dangerous.

            It won’t be long before the start stealing the offering at church.

            • I carry there too! I’ve considered taking my P95 (one of my many 9mm handguns) and putting it in the pulpit and showing the preacher.

              I sit in the back most of the time and only carry a mouse gun. I’ve thought about screwing a fobus to the underside of the back pew where it can’t be seen. Those pews are pretty thick oak and would be pretty good protection while I was unholstering under there. I could then come up with 16 rounds ready to rock and roll.

              A couple months ago a guy burst in the door yelling stuff but turned around and left. It was really weird. Nobody knew him or really understood what he said. I had the mouse gun but I woudl have rather had something with a few more and bigger bangs in the mag.

              pay attention. Don’t be a sheople.

            • Beretta Bobcat .22 LR, on this preachers ankle. God help the day I must remove it during a Service.

          • Scott: Glock 30 was my backup weapon I carried on duty, the mags. from my duty weapon also a Glock with fit right into the magazine well, extended but applicable! Excellent handgun in .45 acp or + p in my opinion!

            • Oops I meant to respond to Patriot One!

          • I don’t know about other places and I am just learning about this stuff….but here you CANNOT legally carry anywhere that sells alcohol….that leaves out Chimart and most grocery stores

        • Where do you live? If I was still in So. Cal. I’d feel pretty naked without An AR, 390 rounds of 5.56, A Glock .45 and extra mag plus a 1300 pistol grip defender slung over my back load with #2 geese loads. Thankfully I am in an area of the PNW where most flashmobs that I will have to encounter will be like this

          Situational awareness is best defense.

          • That’s nice POA, but I don’t live there. The police just found a body with a double tap 1500 feet from my office door.

            • probably a home invader that got his, and the home owner didnt dial 911

              i wouldnt either..really , think about this.

              does a crook tell his wife, hey honey if i dont come home tonight from my day of rapeing and ripping people off, call the cops to come look for me..

              nope, never happens. therefore no one knows he came to visit you, now do they?

              Tap , Tap..

        • Paranoia is caution taken to the extreme. Who would advise against caution? Wear it like a badge. People only call you paranoid until something bad happens, then they want you as a best buddy.

          • BD
            I have to disagree. Paranoia is a mental disorder and I for one would not want to be around a paranoid person with a gun.

            Preacher and NR

            What you say is so true. Over the last 10 years as I have become friends with many Preachers and Pastors most of whom are packing.

            I have no way to know for sure, but if a group tried to rob the offering at my church. I picture it like the scene from that movie where the robbers try to hold up the cop bar and everyone draws down on them.

            I always wondered why people feel safe in church.

            • “If I told anyone how much I was carrying, most would think I was paranoid.”

              Reminded me of the good ol’ boy from Arizona who got pulled over by a cop in Illinois. Cop asked him for his license and registration, sees where he’s from and asks, “Sir, are you carrying any weapons that I should know about?” The guy from AZ says, “Well, I got a 5 shot .38 revolver in my back pocket, a .45 acp here on my hip with two extra mags, a 9 in the center console here with 3 extra mags, a 380 there in my glove box. Oh! I got my AR in the back there (pointing), and a 12 gauge there between the seats within easy reach.” By this time, the cop’s backing up from the vehicle with his hand on his weapon and says, “Damn, mister, what’re you afraid of?” The guy looks at him, smiles, and says, “Not a damn thing.”

              It’s a proven fact that more liberal concealed carry laws have been a greater deterrent to crime than all the cops in the country. I would bet you anything that those people at the state fair in – what was it? – Wisconsin? – who got mobbed in the parking lot would have been able to terminate that little activity in seconds had they been able to pull out a simple little, innocent looking .45 and plant the barrel into the forehead of one of those punks. “Go ahead, make my day.” Everyone gets to cite their favorite movie line. “Quit sleeping on the job Bob!” “Best ten cents I ever spent!”

              And I remember somewhere there was a church that was being robbed one bright and cheerful Sunday morning when a group of three or four came in and told everyone to get down, but instead were greeted with the barrels of about 75 guns held steady in the firm grip of the congregation. That was no longer a robbery in progress.

            • What this country need is MORE armed men of high moral character.

            • “What this country need is MORE armed men
              of high moral character.”

              You pegged it – of HIGH MORAL CHARACTER. Instead, we limit such men (and women) by ever strict laws and potential lawsuits and the lawless (and those without moral character) continue to increase.

      18. August 24, 2011 will be my second anniversary; I haven’t had a job since August 24, 2009. I received my last unemployment check this past August 10, 2011 ….. I’m now what they call a “99-weeker’. And I have a degree, excellent job skills and a great employment record. My one saving grace may actually be my age; 62 years old. I was able to apply for my early Social Security Benefits, as long as they last, just before my unemployment ran out. I really wanted to wait until I was 66; but, ya do what ya gotta do. It is reported that 4 out of 5 people are now applying for Early Social Security Benefits at age 62.

        What chance does a young person graduating from high school today really have? Even if they have the money and the grades to attend college; that’s no guarantee of employment. The military? They have gotten pretty selective also recently. Unless the young folks have really decent grades and a squeaky clean criminal record ….. forget it.

        Soon the government won’t be able to pay government retirement benefits, military pensions, food stamps, Social Security Benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, Section 8 housing assistance, etc.

        The day that the government is unable to meet their obligations/commitments ….. that’s the day that the S will really HTF. I can’t see that day being far off either.

        God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

        • Do what you have to man…I havent made any cash in a few years now so I understand,Ive learned to use every skill and angle there is to get by…mind you Im not complaining,its just the way it is..good luck!

      19. What happened in England and in parts of the US is the result of liberals who don’t take crime seriously and of an increasingly violent underclass that doesn’t want to work and feels like society owes them something. It’s no coincidence that the rioters are welfare people who grew up in low income housing and raised without fathers.

      20. This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! World events don’t apply here!!! LMAO!!

      21. If you just follow the news or look at the drudgereport, the signs are all over.. it will get worse and spread like the disease that it is. Sad, very sad.

      22. Do you think sheep count sheeple when their trying to sleep?

      23. To damn funny Bloody,

      24. I watched Hal Lindsey this weekend, he talks about Bible Prophecy. He said I am afraid America will never be the country it once was, I am confident we are history. No congress person, no military person, No one has attempted to oust this unsurper sitting in the White house, what does this say people, what does this SAY?

        • I’ve been trying to catch his show… what night and time is it on ?

          • Sam: Tbn on Friday evenings at 21:30 hrs, or go to Hal and you can watch archived shows. I watch via Direct tv, and soon I will have to drop the subscription, cost too much! That’s trinity broadcasting, you Paul Crouch who dropped Jack Van Impe for speaking out against islam!

            • Thanks..

        • Like him or not, he won the election fair and square. It’s not as if he was appointed by the Supreme Court.

          • I have a question for you Sheldon: How many times do you think they would have recounted the ballots tn Florida before they came to a conclusion? I mean, they counted them, fully, 5 times before the SCOTUS shut them down. Would they have counted them 10 more times? 50? 100? How many times would be reasonable? …and how many times would counting them constitute insanity?

            • And I wouldn’t put a lot of stock into the “won the election fair and square” bit either. Or have you forgotten ACORN, SEIU, AFL-CIO, Black Panthers, and some of the other slugs out there who used every corrupt and intimidating tactic they could to ensure victory for the loser in our White House?

        • I would go easy on listening to Hal – or any other religious leader that claims special dispensation or knowledge. He’s predicted the Rapture at least twice (that I know of) and been wrong on both counts. Not that he’s not correct on the long term effects on the country, but his word isn’t law.

      25. We are not in an area that has flash mobs; a flash mob here would kind of pointless. However though, a piece in the local paper last week said that, (now get this) 47% of the population here is on some sort of government assistance. (Food stamps, welfare, and whatever) There are 22,635 people in this burg. Holy Crap!!!! But you know what? The county just built a brand spanking new building here.. IE; county services. I guess they needed the space to handle what is coming and the parking lot is full every day.
        Like I have said on here before we live 15 miles out and we stay out of town anyway, there is little for us there. We have pretty much locked down as far as anything extra curricular. A majority of time when we need to go to the store, we take a pick-up and go to Cosco 70 miles from here. We have for all intent and purposes backed the f*** out. We don’t go to the movies, dinner, (sometimes Sushi when we go to Cosco) bars, socializing, anything. If we want to go out here’s what we do, put a shotgun, water and a rifle in an M38A1 Jeep and go prowl 200,000+ acres of BLM land thats backed up to our property.
        What is needed though, we need to start paying attention to Agenda 21. This is a massive document, the data is convoluted and extremely difficult to disseminate. As well as, difficult to anticipate what they are trying to do with it once fully implemented. Agenda 21, Google it, this effing thing is spooky.

        • The “government services” building is the largest, most elaborate steructure in many counties.

      26. Good post to show to people who haven’t a clue as to whats going on or to start to get them to prep up and at least be more aware.

        • I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. BTW, who got voted off the island?

      27. I have waited and prepared for this since the 2000 appointment of a president.Bush was no good for texas and was seldom seen when he was governor. Now his prodigy Perry (who wants texas to secede and to become president of the the same time) wants to follow in his footsteps as he was promised.You want to cut back on governmental spending?????Try this.Remove or fire all congressmen,including their staffs,the supreme court members and their staffs and 50% of presidential staff. No severance,no health benefits, and absolutely no retirement for any of them. Hey, they think it’s good enough for every american—then it should work well for them as well. Only a fool living in denial could believe that there will be another election.God bless the america I was born in—I’m afraid it stopped existing a long time ago.Best of luck to ya all.

      28. Otto Von Bismark was the first world leader to provide pensions to his people. When asked why, he replied, “People are easier to control when they think they have something to look forward to in old age”.

      29. What is more scary is that I see more and more people at the Gun Range and Gun Stores. The other day I had to wait over 45min that someone could show me a gun at Turners. There was a line! And I have a feeling it gets worse every week. Most (smart) people I think realize what is happening and better prepare!

      30. When I saw the amount of kids coming down the road, all I kept thinking was, ‘There’s not enough cops to handle this.’ There’s no way.

        Whenever I think about “There’s not enough cops to handle this”, I am comforted knowing I have enough bullets to handle it. 😉

        • Good to go Beefcake! I know that same feeling too. I stopped counting my rounds and started keeping track of them by weight a while back. Thankfully, the steel gang-boxes I use for ammo storage have heavy duty wheels on them 😉

      31. When, not if, BHO looses the next election, specially if it is a contested / close one, there will be riots. The Dems are already fanning the flames claiming anyone who opposes him does so only because he is black. Funny, they never mention all those people who readily admit that they voted for him only because of his skin color.
        Guess that’s “good” racism..

        • It won’t even have to be close.

          • Until he started his initial campaign in 2006, “racism” in America had receded to such an extent that most people, other than those like Sharpton and Jackson, had almost forgotten about it. It was pretty much a non-issue. Class warfare was pretty much a thing of the unpleasant past.

            Then “The One” came trottin’ down the road and breathed new life into a near dead and rotting carcass, fanned the flames, and here we are.

            How stupid are some people?

      32. There will be thugs who will be given badges to shoot these people.

        And, I guarantee that quite a few of newly badged people will be speaking Chinese, Vietnam, Hmong or Laotian.

        In these countries, the police and military have no qualms shooting down such mobs.

      33. You think we’ll have to wait that long to see riots? I doubt it?
        Society has reached terminal velocity already.The Great Western Experiment has concluded. Either we collapse into total chaos, around the globe, where the survivors are the winners. Or the sheeple are herded into uniform to fight the ultimate War of all time ….. Where the looser’s are the survivors that won.
        Your children and grand babies only hope of a future education will be what you teach them and schools will be a distant memory that you can’t recount to them as you bounce them on your knee

      34. I think our very well-armed populace will assist the police, who otherwise would be over-burdened with containing rioting from spilling out of the rioters’ neighborhoods.

        Sit tight, don’t go out at night. Help your neighbors, they may be ready to get ready by now.

      35. A big part of the problem is children having children.

        Kids have sex to have fun, but then they get pregnant at 14-16. They are not ready for children, yet we live in a society that pushes them to have the children versus a simple procedure. THEN…. they are only 24-26 and they are in charge of a 10 year human. We you worthy to give guidence whne you were 24?

        This is a world wide problem. When I was a kid I remember they had these TV programs showing the starving children in Africa… WELL GUESS FKN WHAT?!?!?!? LAST FKN NIGHT (30 YEARS LATER) I SAW ANOTHER PROGRAM SHOWING STARVING KIDS IN AFRICA!!!! THE STARVING KIDS HAD KIDS?? WTF?? AND NOW THE KIDS ARE STARVING…. AND THAT IS BIG FKG SURPRISE!?!?!?!

        PEOPLE NEED TO STOP HAVING CHILDREN…. one way or another.

        Over population is part of the mob problem. Too young parents are the part of the problem. The divide between rich and poor is part of the problem.

        For the record, I never had kids. I was never ready to be responsible for them…. but I see many many other idiots NEVER gave the concept of “being ready” a 2nd thought…. and that is fkn bullsht.

        • It was always a problem throughout human history. Until around 1945, it was not illegal for a midwife or a nanny to kill an unwanted child, which greatly relieved population problems.

        • Richie Rich says:
          August 15, 2011 at 6:48 pm

          A big part of the problem is children having children.

          …………………….. yet we live in a society that pushes them to have the children versus a simple procedure.

          If the simple procedure you are referring to is abortion(MURDER).
          How is MURDER simple?
          50,000,000 abortions(MURDERS) so far.
          Enough of this holocaust yet??????

          Why is America literally going to hell?
          We have rejected God and His Ways.
          We are under God’s Judgment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Horrible and Terrible things are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Christians who have had visions of America’s tragedies, including our nuclear destruction by Russia and invasion by Russia and China!

          America Repent, maybe God will change His Mind, like He did with Nineveh thousands of years ago, when Jonah,(of the whale fame), reluctantly warned the city to repent, and they did, and God stayed His Judgment.

      36. These people are not”at the end of thier rope” or “Hopeless” They are entitelment mental cases, sold by a willing governemt, school and parent(s) on the idea that wealth is finite and that if they are going to have “thiers” then anyway to get ti is good! Inother words, animals!

      37. If the police will do nothing, then the store clerk has to start blasting away. If someone enters your premisis and is stealing your property you are allowed to protect it….. arent you?

        I think once store owners start blasting…. this will subside.

        Here is footgae from a store looting on Saturday in Maryland, not sure if it is posted yet or not.

        • Is it just me? Or are all the people in the video black? I’m not racist in any way, I’m just making an observation. I haven’t seen any white Flash Mobs yet! So what’s this telling me?
          The longer these kids are allowed to continue, the more brazen they will become. I won’t be shocked to see 1000 plus kids Flash Mob in a Mall. It’s coming ……!!! Followed by angry riots and civil unrest.

          Welcome to the Garbage tip!!

      38. Repeat after me, avoidance, avoidance, avoidance. If you go looking for trouble even as a spectator, you will find it aplenty. The LEO can’t tell the difference between troublemakers and spectators.

        Call me what you want, but the LEOs only need ask and I will back them up. Hell, I’ll stand beside them. I hate the idea of things coming to that, but nothing good comes out of riots. And now with the economy being what it is, ain’t no mo money to clean up or restart businesses. Just hope it slowly resets, but I ain’t holding my breath. Too many angry sheeple ready to loot, pillage and kill. Glad I live the backside of nowhere.

        Hammerun, good point about LA-21. Sceery stuff. Google anti-communitarian. Got both her books and she is doing a re-write combining and an updating “The Anticommunitarian Manifesto” and “2020 Our Common Destiny”. The first book is a difficult read.

      39. Katrina should have been a wake up call for everyone. There are a lot of lessons from Katrina. Remember a lot of the police left their posts and squad cars and went home to watch over their own families. I expect much of the same during the collapse. Also a lot of police from around the US were brought in to help after everything was screwed up. They were given US Marshals ID’s to make them legal.

      40. I sure don’t see things improving. Here in Nowheresville I have a pack of dogs and lots of fence. If my dogs start up, I know to get the rifle from next to the door… could be a bear or something 😉 It’s usually a deer or other critter, but one never knows. I know there has been an increase in the amount of break-ins (robbery of private homes and property), drive-offs from the nearby town’s gas stations, a church was broken into and robbed, and the list goes on and on. Heck, farmer’s are robbed of various things with regularity and a house near me was robbed recently while the inhabitants were in town.
        People are desperate, and lets face it, McDonald’s isn’t going to sustain one person let alone a family. Jobs are hard to come by, even one at McDonalds.

      41. First post here but I enjoy reading that I’m not alone. I spent 4 years floating overseas in the gulf and seeing other countries and supporting the troops off Somalia and Iraq and never thought I would see the 3rd world here. Now I have 4 kids and work at Cabela’s after college and I can tell you the farmers and hunters are awake here in Nebraska. We have been selling 60% more firearms this year over the last 2 years combined. 3 or 4 pallets a week of ammunitions and enough addons to make a mall ninja change his sheets. We just unloaded 2 trucks that had 60 plus crossbows and 30 master packs of various bolts and its short of what is expected to sell this week alone. We can barely keep up with the pepper sprays and tazer demand also.interesting times ahead ladies and germs.

      42. its like this

        cop pulls you over for simple traffic stop.

        you produce your licence and CPL for your carry weapon(s). after you produce a .45 with 4 magazines, an 870 with full mag. and a box of shells, 2 knifes..and a stun gun.

        the cop asks you..son… what are you afraid of..?

        to wich you reply..Not a dam thing sir, not a dam thing!

      43. I’m finally awake what did I miss????

      44. Let’s be honest. One underlying reason for prepping is not your white neighbors. We are arming ourselves in the event of a breakdown in law and order, and that breakdown will be led by the entitled, white hating black idiots. We all see the true primitive joy that these thugs get when they attack and beat down a scared whitey. I ask you all to be aware of your surroundings at all times, and don’t let yourself be put in one of those “mob attack” situations. Get the F out of there as soon as you see trouble brewing.

        • We’re ridding our basement of “stuff” and filling the shelves with canned goods, water filters, pet food, paper products, radio/flashlight batteries and the like. Although we’re somewhat behind the rest of you on WTSHTF prep, we figure late is better than never. Too many ugly things happening in our little neck of the woods. Fights breaking out after dark (whites attacked by blacks, natch) at a local festival, metal detectors in our schools, store parking lots virtually empty, rudeness and road rage off the charts, etc. Barry McGuire (remember him?) warned of the Eve of Destruction 40 years ago. It’s now one minute to midnight and counting. Pray and prepare…over and over and over again, my friends…

      45. Nothing I like to see more than a mob of youngsters dare automatic weapons. Let them flash mob. Let them race riot. I love to see faces look upon carnage for the first time. Mob of the lowered trousered asscrack children of forgotten prostitutes? Hahahaha! Preposterous! I will get behind my air cooled Browning with a truck bed of ammo and SMEAR the child mobs so far up the sides of the buildings that clouds of mosquitos will dim streetlights for a fortnight. This generation is NAIVE, destitute, and dirty. I will stand on the bed of the pickup with twin barrels of fenestrated death and DRILL, DRILL, DRILL. Please bring on the young stickers! Bring them, and let me DRILL, DRILL, DRILL. Just give me the chance to DRILL, DRILL, DRILL!!!!!!!!!

      46. Go to everyday to see the future of your country. Lock and load!

      47. Two comments:

        My Grandson said the other day ” The difference between the old west and now, they used their guns and didnt get in trouble”
        He is 13.

        All you Rambos out there armed to the teeth are gonna run into the police that will gun you down for being unlawful somethings, they will make up a reason after your dead.

        • Amen!

          Yes, the police will rule as kings. They will have life-and-death powers on the populace.

          Good luck to the townfolks where the officers are generally Asian. They are the worst.

        • Good reason to get on the good side of your local police before SHTF.

      48. The riots in London, Birmingham and the rest of the UK are unprecedented, seems things are unravelling quickly.

      49. This is real. I live in a affluent town in CT with a median household income of $250k per year. Copper is being stolen from homes, burgularies are increasing, and a couple of weeks ago there was a home invasion at night. I’m planning to move at least 30 miles from any major population center. Several wealthy people I know are doing the same.

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