Senior Economist on Food: We Could “Certainly” See Social Unrest in Parts of the Developed World

by | Mar 9, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 35 comments

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    For years the mainstream economists and media pundits ignored the trend. Now that it cannot be hidden from view any longer, it’s all of a sudden become a huge news story.

    While we, and those in alternative news circles like us, are regularly referred to as fear mongers and doomsdayers, now that the mainstream is on board, it’s become credible news. Whatever the case, we hope that those who denied the analysis and assessments put forth by non-mainstream sources over the last several years will finally come around and realize that maybe, just to be on the safe side, stocking up on some reserve foods and other preparedness items may not be as bad of a tin foil hat wearing idea as originally thought.

    The latest warnings for the Western world, thus far immune to uprisings resulting from high food costs and supply problems, come from senior global economist Karen Ward of HSBC:

    Even in the developed world I think we have very, very low wage growth, so people aren’t getting more in their pay packet to compensate them for food and energy, and I think we could see social unrest certainly in parts of the developed world and the UK as well.

    Ms. Ward refers to the situation resulting from high food costs and inability to put food on the family table as leading to “social unrest.” This is just a feel-good mainstream word for what we often refer to as Riots. Unless we see a change in the years’ long trend of rising food costs, “social unrest” is coming to a neighborhood near you – sooner rather than later.

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      1. The end is near when the McDonalds semi-trucks get Pirated in broad daylight on Interstate highways by unemployed Acorn ex-workers, and the police look the other way.

      2. Even the police know not to mess with the Hamburglar.

      3. Fear Not good citizens…..monsanto and USDA will save you all from starvation and those evil rioters….and they’ll even kill harmful insects as well…

      4. REB- you forgot to mention, they also leave a nice clean pine-flavored scent in the air…mmmmm…

      5. It’s so funny what the government did here.
        They announced that they managed to achieve mutual agreements with big food companies, in order for decreasing food prices up to 60%.
        But when the news published the company brands, all Greeks were amazed. These are 4 different fast food companies which decreased their prices in hamburgers, coffee, and cheese pies.
        At the same time super markets continue to increase their prices so that an average household is finished by the 15th of the month.
        What are we going to feed our kids? Hamburgers and coffee?
        What kind of idiots would do such a thing?
        Oh i know. The same idiots who want to manipulate the food chain.
        Probably the only idiots it’s us.

        be safe guys.

      6. Millions of dead fish were found floating in Redondo Beach, CA, on Mar./09/2011  after apparently becoming trapped and expiring due to lack of oxygen, experts said; puzzling authorities
        and triggering a cleanup effort. 

        There is almost no more natural food resource left in the oceans or rivers.  Fish died in mass and it just suddenly happened.

        1. People say because of manmade (Chemtrails or Algae or both) or Nostradamus???  I believe because of algae or red tied causing oxygen depletion.  Therefore, the booms of toxic algae can cause mass fish death from a lack of oxygen.  Algae multiply rapidly in a short time, and studies have repeatedly found this to be true years ago. 

        2.  The government has recently said the infrastructure will be falling apart soon.

        3.  The Food Controlled Act  S510 has passed and that makes it even worse. 

        I guess no food supply will be available or will be delivered to the markets near you soon.



      7. Millions of dead fish were found floating in Redondo Beach, CA, on Mar./09/2011  after apparently becoming trapped and expiring due to lack of oxygen, experts said; puzzling authorities and triggering a cleanup effort. ”

        It was the new years eve fireworks that startled the fish and they swam into rocks since it was dark and couldn’t see them and that’s what killed them… yeah… that’s it… yeah yeah.

      8. Skuze me while I have a meltdown…..Could we have one day where the world isn’t going to end at any moment? Maybe we can ask Mac to have one “happy day” per month or something. Everybody post their favorite joke or whatever?
        I know that’s contrary to the whole premise of this site but, man, I’m getting overloaded with the doom and gloom. Could we ALL just take one day to focus on the fun stuff in life? Naaahhh…that’d probably be the exact day when the s really htf. And here’s all us so called preppers stuck atop the supercoaster at six flags- that would be ironic!!! Forget I even mentioned it. Stay alert and keep prepping.

      9. I know what you mean, Okie. I can’t sleep anymore. I’ve poured all the time and money I can into preps and I’m exhausted. If it wasn’t touted as possible to happen any second, every freaking day, then I would feel able to exercise some moderation. I know the S is going to be distributed to the F as subtley as possible, but the flow can’t be controlled forever.

      10. Comments…..  There is a difference between being a doom and gloomer, and a realist.  I prefer realist.  I just keep prepping as best I can.    Common sense dictates that anything one can do will help some.  The trouble is the millions who have absolutely nothing put ahead.  No extra food, no extra water, no money, nothing.  These are the real scary types.  Everyone reading  these blogs know, that there is no way this government of ours is going to be able to feed all these sheep, when the supply line breaks down.
            It’s hard to even imagine millions of inner city sheep standing in front of the local food stamp office, wondering when the next feeding is going to be, as their food stamp card doesn’tt work anymore.  But that event isn’t relivant anymore, cause the grocery stores are way past running out of stuff.
             You get the picture.  There is no good scenerio here.  prep while you have a chance. it’s not doom and gloom, it’s the real world.

      11. Comments…..Really? Wow I could of had a V-8! Okie and Suzy, I’m with you. It seems my whole day is prepping, planning, worrying about getting this ready and that ready. Gonna take a breather in a couple of weeks, go see the folks in Tenn and slip over to Georgia for a day. Gotta take a break from business then I can finish the chicken coop, and purchase more supplies. Cheers.

      12. There is no doubt that rising food prices will cause significant disruptions for the broader economy.

        Ironically, what the Fed has communicated is that they are unwilling to raise rates until the economy has stabilizied.

        The Fed does not realize that their policies are not the solution, they are the cause of the problem.

        There is a great article at zero hedge of just how deceptive the Fed is being right now:

        I agree with greaseman, call it what you like. We all need to be prepared. Whether it be a manmade or natural disaster, eventually…it’s coming. Preperation will be the key. A good barameter of the costs of food, certainly the fruits and veggies, but I went to buy a few cans of canned spam, yesteryear, it sold for a buck a can, now, $3.04 a can, cheese, normally very reasonable, out the roof. Bagged beans, 1 lb. 1.59. So, you call it doom nad gloom, smart shopping, I believe swhtf.

      14. On the one hand, it would be validating to have the mainstream media begin to report on this.

        On the other hand, once they start reporting on it in a big way, the food shortage will officially begin.  Guns, ammunition, tp, seeds & water would be impossible to buy.  The panic & the riots would begin.

        Imagine 75% of America trying to stock up all at once.  I say 75% because I believe that even if told to start stocking up & storing food by every single news outlet, 25% of the sheeple would still never get it until they were starving to death.

        The time to prep is NOW.  Before the mainstream media catches on.  Folks, if you haven’t done it, get your storage in order immediately.

      15. It was the new years eve fireworks that startled the fish and they swam into rocks since it was dark and couldn’t see them and that’s what killed them… yeah… that’s it… yeah yeah.
        Funny as Hell Cynical Optimist. LMAO.

      16. The best place to buy beans and grains are LDS Warehouses, I went last week (I am not a member) and black beans were $18 for 25 lbs, sugar was $10 for 25lbs, oatmeal was $9.95 for 25 lbs. Most allow non-members to shop there and they are very pleasant and helpful. You can find locations and product lists on the internet. I sometimes get down and wonder if all this work and money has been for nothing but then I think when we retire we won’t have to chose between food and medicine if the SHTF never happens. If it does we can feed our children who have families and refuse to believe this might happen. Be safe all.

      17. Just in cases someone isn’t aware of the mythology of Nostradamus’s predictions, which have been repeatedly aired on TV showing the end- of-days as being very near. 

        Additionally, as history has shown anything can happen when someone is given too much power; this has also been shown in Hollywood movies. 

        It’s your life and many other people’s lives are on the line as well, so please do what you can to save civilization and yourself.

        God bless

      18. Nothing is going to happen. Oil, food & commodity prices will drop soon and they’ll be more job creation here in the U.S. I watching FOX News the other day and they said that the economy is getting better now because rent is more expensive now in NYC. How can billions of sheeple be wrong?

      19. I used to be one of you who would lay awake at night, worried and scared by all the doom and gloom and gotta get ready for the sthtf that can happen any day. That was two years ago.
        Today I don’t do that anymore, here’s my (non)secret. I got prepped! My family made fun of it and people laughed. But today I have food storage, a garden, water, water barrels and filtration system. I bought a gun and learned how to use it, equipment I will need, gas, propane, wood, cash, p/m’s and everything I use anyway. It won’t go to waste whether shtf or not.
        The best part…. No stress, no worries.
        Do what I did, get prepared; become self sufficient and then you can think with a clear head when shiot does hit the fan.
        p.s. the people who made fun of me are now starting to prep themselves. I hope for their sake it’s not too late!
        God bless, I wish you all the best my friends! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      20. Man Up
        Today I don’t do that anymore, here’s my (non)secret. I got prepped! My family made fun of it and people laughed. But today I have food storage, a garden, water, water barrels and filtration system. I bought a gun and learned how to use it, equipment I will need, gas, propane, wood, cash, p/m’s and everything I use anyway. It won’t go to waste whether shtf or not.
           exactly right,By prepping, What you done is buy an insurance policy and get to keep the money(food and prepps) at the end of the yr instead of some Insurance Company up in Hartford.Ct.

      21. Going to try gardening this year.  Oh, how I wish I had participated more with my family growing up.  Instead I liked air conditioning and I would voluneer to clean the entire house instead.  Mama love it!  All of you believers please pray for me to have the green thumb my daddy has!

      22. Sunglasses,

        I have a question? Why does it seem that you are blind to events that happen. Petro, food, and commodity prices will not drop unless the dollar stabilizes, there are less stock options for petro going up to $200 a barrel and the fact that because of the wonderful ‘Free’ trade agreements. Multinational corporations are transporting jobs to countries that have no real worker rights as seen in southeast Asia, South America and Central America. Obama, just recently went to South Korea to make a deal to have more companies build more factories in another country.

        FOX is a republican station. Pretty one-sided. This is quite noticable and the economy is getting worse by the day. You cannot have economy recovery with a dollar devaluation through creating money out of nothing and also by companies moving companies to different countries in order to pay slave labors for high profit margins and better profolios. You also have the stock markets around the world causing more price specualtion that if Saudi Arabia has problems with its population petro will go for $150 and at $200 the US economy is done.

        NYC apartments are overly priced and the idea of its small apartments (know friends who lived in some) are going up in price is because of dollar devaluation and people chasing after the same products and goods called inflation. It is not a good thing.

        Sheeple are generally people in the United States and other western countries who generally do not seriously question their government and/or the corporations and the select wealthy few who basically run a modern day serfdom system in several countries and people just are too complacent. At least I can support the Tunisians and the Egyptians for protesting. Americans do not rally together that way and even when they do in a small number, the government will not listen and most likely ignore pleas to actually listen to its people.

        Americans are sheeple and this makes me wonder why I want to say when I see that America is a ship that is barely together but still sinking in the ocean with no way to fix it without rebuilding its whole structure.

      23. No goldenfox, they just want people to swipe their card twice for the transaction fees because they were capped last year to go in effect soon.  I already charge customers and extra 75 cents if they use a debit/credit card.  They don’t like it and I explain them that I am the one getting stiffed.  I wait two days to get my money after paying a fee also, every month and every transaction with a contract.  50 or 100 BOA only so far.  The bankers are greedy!  Follow the money.

      24. Man Up…Thats the best advice….get ready….then maintain…then chill!
        Im involved in “politics” up to my eyeballs especially in farming issues…sometimes I just gotta walk away from it for a while…itll drive you insane if you let it.(already crazy 😉
        Its like watching water boil or paint dry,its gonna happen even if you dont watch it,so dont!
        Just do what you can and let the chips fall where they may,no use having a heart attack or nevous breakdown frettin over the “when” youll know when it blows,you cant speed it up or impede it by frettin.

      25. Rose has big hooters on two 1/2 men.

      26. U.S. exports reached a new record-high level in January of $167.7 billion, surpassing the previous record of $165.7 billion in July 2008.  January exports were also 16% above the year-ago level, and 35% above the cyclical low of $124.1 billion in April 2009.

      27. But if Rose has big hooters on 2 1/2 men and no one is around to watch it does she still have big hooters???

      28. She’s on my porch now!  I’m watching her now Slim.  Obamma don’t bully me.  Get an ear transplant.  This is news?

      29. “And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny…”



      30. clif’s latest…..
        2012 – Doom – the rest of the story.

        Skeptics: don’t waste your time fighting with me about the views expressed herein. Instead go to YouTube, and search for the video’s produced by Neal Adams. Watch a few of these and then debate the issue with your own lying eyes before getting raspy with me.

        That the Expando Planet cycle is dualistic in nature, showing both steady, continuous growth, and periodic pulses of very rapid (and from the inhabitant’s view point, violent) growth. The idea is that the Sun, operating on the Precessional cycle clock would send out giant waves of energy for perhaps a hundred years or more (this would lengthen as the sun itself grows – also part of theory) at the points of ‘opposition’ (these are affected by our relationship to the galactic plane) on the cycle. The energy waves ramp up and peak, then wane to steady output, as we see happening with other energy sources in universe. The ‘pulse’ (from human viewpoint) of energy waves at the end of each Precessional cycle would cause the relatively rapid, and violent growth of the planet. Then as side effects of the pulses hitting the planet, two effects would be expected; the magnetosphere would be recharged due to the plasma core being over excited (effects of this are much higher magnetic levels which would tend to resist or moderate future inputs from the Sun; and the thinning of the ‘skin’ of the earth taken as a whole. These pulses would seem to be THE necessary energetic component to cause the whole process to function. That is to say that the steady outpouring of energy from the Sun, even absorbed into Earth’s plasma core where some level of it is converted to matter, would not likely be the cause for the first ripping of the crust into the continental plates we see today. Yes, the steady outpouring is the cause of the continuous growth (and continental spread) seen here on earth, and could be expected to eventually cause enough pressures to rupture the crust, but the behavior of the solar system would suggest not. Rather, since we can observe the Sun to be variable and exhibiting periods of great excitement itself as over these recent years, and as there yet remains pockets of evidence for extreme outpouring of energy from the Sun, we can postulate that the growth of planets (and presumably stars) is dualistic in nature, consisting of brief, violent outbursts, and long steady periods of continuous activity.
        This postulate could be used to explain why planetary crust would rupture the way it is observed here on earth, as well as explain why we have such violent disasters as the Banda Ache (Sumatra) tsunami. In fact, the dualistic nature of rapid and violent growth working its way out from the core of the planet fits our observations and predictions of what must occur. It is logical that if the sphere of the earth is covered with a rigid crust, that the crust must crack as the sphere expands. The Banda Ache tsunami was caused by the cracking of the sea floor very rapidly at the northern point of the Ninety East Ridge. This ridge is one of the many spreading points on the ocean floors on the planet.
        Effects to be expected if the Expando Planet model is correct, include a more or less continuously lengthening orbit. Some of the scant few surviving human records show that the most recent increase was from 360 day period out to our present 365.24 days as earth slows down due to bulking up. Also note that even the academic view of earth’s orbit is that it gradually lengths, though they put it down to a ‘slowing effect’ as though friction from space were the cause. Further the expansion will also impact by slowing our rotation as well as orbit. Though curiously, it can be expected that the plasma core will spin more rapidly as it is flooded with energy from the Sun.

        ***Admin Update***
        Read entire article at :

      31. scott- thanks for the link. I had a blast!

      32. there have always been prophets some end up being rightf, others wrong, but when these kinds of predicitons hit the mainstrean, they usually come true either due to self fullfilling prophecy syndrome or because TPTB know whats coming and their fears permeate outwards and it becomes  inevitable

      33. Entering into the bizarre 5th dimensional world of analysis, it soon becomes apparent that all is asymmetrical, involving nearly innumerable influences, factors, causes, et al. You can throw this one into the pot as well….

        America’s breadbasket aquifer running dry; massive agriculture collapse inevitable

        (NaturalNews) It’s the largest underground freshwater supply in the world, stretching from South Dakota all the way to Texas. It’s underneath most of Nebraska’s farmlands, and it provides crucial water resources for farming in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and even New Mexico. It’s called the Ogallala Aquifer, and it is being pumped dry.

        Without the Ogallala Aquifer, America’s heartland food production collapses. No water means no irrigation for the corn, wheat, alfalfa and other crops grown across these states to feed people and animals. And each year, the Ogallala Aquifer drops another few inches as it is literally being sucked dry by the tens of thousands of agricultural wells that tap into it across the heartland of America.

        This problem with all this is that the Ogallala Aquifer isn’t being recharged in any significant way from rainfall or rivers. This is so-called “fossil water” because once you use it, it’s gone. And it’s disappearing now faster than ever.


        Note… America produces 60% of the entire world’s food supply.It doesn’t come from ‘Victory Gardens’, but from mega agra-industries, requiring 10 calories of petroleum hydrocarbon energy to produce 1 calorie of food! Of course the neo-com hippy left won’t mention this in its demonetization of Ameri[K]a as a per capita ‘petroleum pig’. Third world curtailment of oil or $500 a barrel… GUESS WHO DIES MOST MASSIVELY? Hint: It won’t be western devil albinos! 🙂


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