Real Life Perspective: How To Survive When Danger Is Right Outside Of Your Front Door

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    Editor’s Note: Do you want to know what life is like when your country, state or city transitions from relative peace and prosperity to a land plagued with violence, murder, bombing, kidnappings for ransom, and the absence of law & order? We need only look to our southern neighbor, Mexico, where tens of thousands of people, many of them innocent bystanders, have been killed over the last several years. The majority of the blame falls on drug cartel activity, but has its roots in the collapse of the country’s economy due to corruption and greed. While the United States is not nearly as dangerous as Mexico, with millions of people in this country being forced out of jobs, out of their homes, and into poverty, much of what we see happening there today may be ‘normal’ on our own streets in just a few short years. When the danger is right outside of your front door, how will you survive? The following strategies and tips can provide you with some effective methods for keeping your family safe in a world where insanity rules the day.


    When most people consider a wide-spread SHTF scenario, scenes from Mad Max and The Walking Dead flood the mind.  But some in the preparedness community are starting to believe that we might not experience a full out collapse, but a partial collapse that would be experienced in pockets throughout the USA.  Regardless of what type of collapse is in the future, the truth is that this generation(s) hasn’t experienced anything resembling a time when the danger outside the front door caused normal citizens to pause before venturing out.

    But where we haven’t experienced this type of world, people in other parts of the world, including our neighbors to the South have.  This article has been contributed by a Mexican citizen who lives in an environment where going out the front door requires constant operational security (OPSEC).  The article provides you with a short history of how things came to be so bad and ideas on how you can keep your family safe.  You probably won’t agree with all the ideas, but remember, this is coming from someone who has experienced this lifestyle for years.


    My family and I live in Monterrey Mexico. This is one of the most important cities in the country. It is a key industrial, educational and financial center and holds the distinction of being the city with the highest income per capita in Mexico. Monterrey was rated by Fortune magazine in 1999 as the best city in Latin America for business and is currently ranked third best by the America Economia magazine. Monterrey´s people have the reputation of being very family oriented, focused on work and education and have a no nonsense attitude. Historically, Monterrey had been one of the safest cities to live in. People from all over Mexico, Latin America and even Canada and the USA, would send their children to study in the top notch schools in Monterrey as they knew their kids would be safe here.

    We moved back to Monterrey in 2003 after living 10 years in the USA. We wanted our young children to get in touch with their roots and to fully experience what it is like to live close to all your extended family. Our parents were getting older and we wanted them to enjoy their grandchildren as well.

    At the time of our return, you could start hearing conversations in social gatherings about the violence increasing in border towns south of Texas like Reynosa, Matamoros and Laredo. Everybody knew that the violence was caused by drug cartels, but in Monterrey, everybody thought that crime would remain contained in those cities. A couple of years latter however, people started telling stories of drug peddling and drug related incidents staring to happen at Clubs or “Antros” as they are known here. El Barrio Antiguo or Old Neighborhood in downtown Monterrey was the party center on the weekends for young adults; very much like Bourbon Street in New Orleans. People speculated that those clubs were controlled by organized crime, but as long as things were relatively under control, it was perceived as an acceptable reality associated to all modern growing cities.

    But soon after, other things started happening for the first time in Monterrey, things that in the mind of the locals only happened in Hollywood movies like: drive by shootings and car chases, robberies, kidnappings and extortion.  People were not use to hearing about these kinds of events in Monterrey. Panic grew rampant as the local authorities tried to invalidate and diminish the incidents. After a while, it was evident to all that this problem had been brewing for decades, due to government corruption and collusion with organized crime as well as a total lack of expertise to deal with now well-armed criminals.

    The police forces were infiltrated and many of their members were actually on the payroll of the drug cartels.  The number of armed carjackings shot up insanely fast in the city, to the point where it was a gamble just to go to the grocery store or drop your kid at school. People talked about how bad it was getting, but the authorities kept stating that the perception was much distorted and that the numbers of reported crimes was very small. This was partially true as the common citizen knew that many of the members of the police forces were actually involved in the crimes, so reporting it was a moot point and perhaps even dangerous as there could be retaliations from the criminals.

    The drug cartels started to diversify their activities and expanded into other areas. In the beginning you would hear of a friend of a friend who got carjacked, extorted,robbed or kidnapped. However, after a while it started to get closer to home. Unfortunately, direct relatives and very close friends started being the victims of these crimes to the point where people started moving out of Mexico altogether if they could afford it.

    In early 2008, President Calderon sent Army troops to try to regain control of the cities in the states of Nuevo León (where Monterrey is located) and the state of Tamaulipas. The troops were received like heroes by the citizens while local authorities, even the good ones, were not thrilled about the presence of the Army on their turf.  Personally, I was thrilled to see them arrive in Monterrey; no one really trusted a lot of the members of the existing local police. Calderon´s strategy was to attack directly at the heads of the criminal organizations and to dismantle their structure. This kind of frontal attack caused many casualties and also the splintering of criminal groups into less organized, but more violent smaller cells. For the next couple of years, crime rates soared to incredible levels as the authorities rushed to purge local police forces and create a new centralized state force with better educated individuals who were better trained, better compensated and were viewed by society as a genuine police officer that was truly there to serve and protect.

    Citizen groups and NGO´s started demanding results from the authorities and started getting increasingly involved in the planning and the monitoring of security strategies and programs. Increased citizen participation has been a positive consequence of this all too negative security situation.

    Family Concerns

    We never kept our children isolated from what was happening. We were going against the more prevalent philosophy of “don´t tell them as they will get unnecessarily scared. This is only temporary.” We had chats with our children that were adjusted to their ages when all this started. We did have to deal with some occasional night scares, but that happens even if they watch a movie that might have a scary scene. We also found out that even with our smallest child, his friends were talking about the security situation at school. Our kid had the advantage of having reliable information from his parents rather than the information mixed with fantasy he was hearing on the school playground. During these chats we asked them to speak their mind and express their fears or concerns. Then we would tell them how we, as a family, were going to address those concerns.

    While all these events are still going on, we must carry on with our family life as best as we can. We have to go to work, go to school, visit family and friends and attend our kid’s sporting events. As a result of the situation and our experiences, we have implemented some strategies that might be of help to you and your family in the event of a social, economic or natural disaster.

    We believe that the best way to prevent being a victim of crime is to avoid unnecessary risks and to have an action plan. Here are some ideas that we implemented and that you might find useful:

    • Everybody in our family needed to be onboard. We had to deal with some “difficult customers,” especially our teenage children. In the end, reason (and parental authority) prevailed.
    • We established strict curfew rules. Our children could not be out later than midnight, even if the party was just started or their friends got permission from their parents to stay later. Parties in Mexico start late and end VERY late. Sometimes our kids don´t even get invited to some parties because their friends know of this rule and they respect it.
    • “Antros” or Clubs are off limits until further notice, even if they are in safer parts of town.
    •  We only drive in areas of town that are safer based on newspaper and official crime statistics.
    •  We try to schedule our friends and family gatherings in safer areas of town and at earlier times than before. We like to party so this has been one of the hardest things to implement.
    • We moved our family home to the safest area in the city. We thank God we had the financial possibility to do this.
    • We installed CCTV cameras on the outside and some inside areas of our home. There is a secured DVR recording a 30 day loop of events. We can monitor our home from any laptop or smartphone with an internet connection.
    • We keep as low profile as possible. Even if we can afford it, we feel it is best to avoid luxury cars, flashy clothes or jewelry.
    • We always assume somebody might be listening to our conversations. We never talk about expensive vacations or business dealings in restaurants and other public places or when outsiders are present.
    • We take several different routes to and from our routine daily destinations like work and school.
    • We alternate vehicles amongst family members.
    • We never drive at night when traveling by car to another city, especially when we drive to the Texas border. This is a shame as road trips with the kids were a family favorite before all this started.
    • We are very careful about the information posted on our social network profiles. These sites have been a goldmine for kidnappers and extortionist.
    • We only answer phone calls from known numbers. Everybody else can leave a message! There are a lot of “simulated kidnappings” scams and people do fall for them. It is best just to avoid being in that situation altogether. I have personally received six or seven phone calls both at home and at my cell phone from people trying to pull this scam off. Even if you detect it is a scam right away, you get frightened. Believe me; those guys know how to push your fear buttons.
    • We have a family code word in case of – God forbid- a kidnapping. If the bad guy calling for ransom does not know it, we know it is a fake. This is a risky strategy, but it is better to have it than not. We had to use this tactic once and I am darn glad we had implemented it, otherwise we would have fallen for it. Those guys had well-honed skills.
    • We shred all our documents before we throw them in the trash.
    • Most of our bank and credit card info is electronic now and we have secure machines from which we access our banks through the Internet. These machines are different from the ones used for Facebook, Netflix, e-mails and web surfing.
    • We never use ATM´s at night, even if they are in safer parts of town. In fact, we avoid using them as much as possible.
    • Our wallets only have the bare minimal items, just one ID and just one credit card. If you can do it, carry an ID that does not show sensitive personal information. Sometimes this is difficult to do. Our local DMV started giving the option to get a driver’s license that does not show your address on it.
    • Insurance documents in our cars have our address blacked out.
    • We never keep or store anything other than essential items in our cars in case they are hijacked.
    • EVERYBODY that drives in our family knows what to do in case of a car hijack: never look the criminal in the eye, never offer any resistance and NEVER get inside the car even if they threaten to shoot you.  Your odds of surviving are better if you run away, even at the risk of being shot.
    • All our family members (even the youngest one) know how to safely handle a gun and how to use it if it becomes necessary.  In Mexico, you can legally own a pistol up to a .38 caliber for personal protection at home or sport shooting at a licensed shooting range.  You also have to be a member of a hunting club. However, ordinary citizens are not allowed to carry it with them or in their cars unless it is unloaded and you are traveling to or from the shooting range. My kids have fired .45 caliber semi-automatics at a range in the USA.   But in Mexico, .45 and 9 millimeter calibers are for the exclusive use of the armed forces. And although many view this differently in the USA, here it is not necessarily a good idea to carry a gun in your car for protection. First of all it is illegal and will get you in serious trouble with the law, and if you become a victim of carjacking the bad guys who usually carry assault rifles can confuse you with a member of a rival group. This is a sure death sentence.

    It is important to keep in mind that even if some of the crimes shown in the news are horrific, most of the victims are criminals. According to statistics from the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, 90% of the victims of murder are cartel members, 7% are law enforcement personnel and 3% are civilians. Monterrey is still safer than many large cities in the USA, like Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans and Orlando when comparing number of serious crimes/100,000 people.

    I certainly hope that things will improve.  You can see that the performance metrics are heading in the right direction, but I am sure they will never get to the low levels of yesteryear. Nevertheless, Monterrey and Mexico, as a whole, is a fantastic place to do business, live and raise your family.  You just need to be conscious that you live in a city that is home to more than 5 million people, and that the overwhelming majority are law abiding citizens that just want to work, live, grow and enjoy their families. The current authorities and Mexican citizens are doing much better at trying to resolve this multifaceted challenge.  We know that it can only be improved if all stake holders get involved and do their part. It will take time, but there is a very tangible effort being made by society at large to improve life and opportunities for everybody. Nowadays in Mexico, apathy towards societal issues is no longer an option. We have learned that if people keep silent, unaware or uninvolved, problems don’t go away.  This is a big part of what got us where we are now.

    This article has been shared with our community by Todd Sepulveda and was originally published at Education That Matters, a web site dedicated to preparedness and post-collapse education. Todd is the publisher of  The Preparedness Review, a quarterly archiving project which he has made available for free in an effort to spread the knowledge and skills contributed by many experts in the fields of preparedness, education and self reliance. You can follow Todd’s widely read and regularly updated survival and preparedness recommendations at The Prepper Website daily. 


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      1. Maybe that’s what he does down there and if it works for him then great.

        But if Eisencrap tries to hi-jack me or kidnap me, I’m gonna fight him.

        If I get hauled off to his basement, I’ll never been seen again.

        Always fight. Much more of a chance someone will see or hear the commotion.

        • of course if I offer him a bitcoin he might let me go….

          • You know what is amazing, how anyone in other countries has to jump through hoops for the most basic need of self protection. In the U.S. so many people take for granted the 2nd. Amendment and what it means. It is not just about being able to own a firearm, it is the right to defend yourself against attack. These pure hellholes of police states in western Europe that fought against the USSR and all the princples of a controlled police state have become exactly what they so hated. These cesspits countries that take away the right to defend yourself even with pepper spray against a vicous dog are traps of exactly what so many tried to escape from the USSR and those satellite states such as Poland and East Germany.

            Now these brain dead bleeding heart idiots that hate guns and slef defense want to take away the basic right to protect yourself and your family. These zombies that love the criminal more than any victim wants to destroy your right to be safe. They say it is only to get rid of the so called assault rifles. They lie, it is only a first step to take away EVERYTHING from the citizen just like in hellhole england. These morons “think” that if everyone is disarmed then crime will go down and a peace state will surround us. Besides if it doesn’t, at least their friend the criminal or maniac sex pervert won’t be physically hurt because no one can defend themselves.

            In jolly ass england you can own a spray device that will MARK the criminal later for the police to identify them after they have mangled you to death. This type of abomination you did not even see in Russia or other police states of the past and present. In most police states you actually have the right to defend yourself against crime. In many europen countries you don’t even have the right to defend yourself with your own body. Talk about the WORST police states in human history. People should be looking for asylum from hellholes like this. Yet this is exactally what these creep anti-self defense monsters want to do to the freedom of the U.S.

            It is no wonder that when some anti-self defense nut burger wants to restrict any form of self defense, that people vote against it, because they know what it means. If you vacation in these european hell holes and you are attacked and you pick up a tree branch to save yourself, you could end up spending time in prison. The victim ends up in prison. These european countries will fold IMMEDIATELY when Russia, China, or other eastern coaliation countries invade them because their people have been killed off spiritually and mentally.

            This is why there is such strong resistant to ANY type of watering down of the 2nd. Amendment, because it means the death of the American people and the freedom that has become a rarity in the world. Because some Americas still understand what it means to still have a backbone. Because the U.S. was founded on being able to defend themselves against all tyranny and especially crime. The second that the 2nd Amendment dies, America dies and might as well surrender to China because without the basic rights of the Constitution life under Chinese rule will be no different. This is how important people’s right to defend themselves and protect their rights are, and must not be forgotten. Or must not be poisoned by these anti-self defense parasites that are really anti-freedom and anti-life.

            • What gets me was yesterday when a certain individual threw his temper tantrum, he was going on about how the other side was lying about this bill creating a national registry. He said that knowing what is currently going on in New York, and the spooks going around to the gun stores and illegally coping 4473’s and certain states like MO forwarding their database of Concealed Carry permit holders to the the spooks.

              Now just tell me why I wouldn’t believe him? (said rhetorically)

              • Obama lieing about liers..yeah thats a good one eh?

                everything there is to know about his past is locked down
                and he’s done nothing but lie to the American Public for the last 5 years

                Liers hate it when they are lied to.

                especially when they are sore losers, keep an ear to the ground, this aint over

              • People got adamant about Reps voting down the gun bill and proved why we need to be armed, just by their threats.
                Liars, excuse me, liberals can’t stand the truth or our rights to self protection. That said, this article is right on and needs to be reread to others, make copys and give to others.
                Tonite I’ll be speaking on many of the same things he stated in this article. With the addition of the need to profile and what to look for. OPSEC is survival and tactics and this writer presented what has worked for he and his family.

                Mac, great article and thanks.

            • BI

              I think you are going to pop a blood vessel if you keep thinking about this stuff.

              I can understand how you feel, but beating your head against the wall is not going to help ya.

              Take a deep breath my friend, help us to understand the seismic stuff which we need to learn to be better prepared, instead of fretting about this.

              Y’all enjoy the day. 🙂

              hillbilly SC

              • Stressed?…spell it backwards and then go have some apple pie and ice cream. You will feel much better.

                • @ JRS. That is clever, I never spelled desserts backward that spell stressed. I am going to remember that.

                • @ JRS,

                  Definitely CLEVER! Good ONE!!


                  PS: What’s Up BI? I just saw your repsonse to JRS, anything new that just happened lately?…we DID have a small, rather unexpected LDE C-class a couple of hours ago. I haven’t been over to the RT tracker for GRB’s lately…it’s a little odd right now to have somesuch since most of Ol Sol is rather quiet for a change…


              • @ hillbilly SC. I think in these times that the anti-self defense sludge can’t be let a single bit. By rehashing over and over again what is so important, we may just get some fence sitters to come over to the side of freedom. What I write is not so directed as patriots such as yourself, but those people that visit the site that are not too sure about the 2nd. Amendment and self defense. Those that want to prepare for example, but don’t understand that you most likely will have to have some form of self defense to keep what you have stored up when a disaster occurs.

                Also many people don’t understand what freedom actually means, sad I know. By attempting to give them some sort of sound reason why we can’t let them take away this freedom, we can add to the number of people that do support the Constitution. I have longed thought by trying to show just how psycho stupid these anti-gun and anti-self defense wads are, that just maybe some people coming on to this site or what was said passed on to other sites, they will say YEAH REALLY. There is absolutely no logic or sound reasoning behind taking away another honest person’s guns or other self defense. Yet in what WAS once free western europe this is exactly what has happened with horrid results. Living in fear like rabbits against a criminal element that of course doesn’t play by the rules and violent crime 4-6 times that of the U.S..

                If we can throw some logic and common horse sense at people, there are some people that will respond well and thus add to the minority of those that want EVERYONE to be able to protect themselves. The anti-self defense characters cannot even see this, SELF PROTECTION FOR ALL UNDER THE RIGHTS OF THE CONSTITUTION. They don’t see the words ALL, they think someone that supports the 2nd Amendment means some red neck plotting to do unspeakable acts against innocent people. If enough people see just how manure crap their agrument is on disarming people like police states europe, perhaps they will wake up to what is happening. All we can do is try.

                • BI

                  Thank you for your words of encouragement…

                  I just want you to be there later for us.

                  I look forward to your information on the earthquake side of equation. I never thought of that before I started to read your posts. So now I must bow my head and respect your decision to speak to another group.

                  When I first posted here I ask the question how to tell us apart. (preppers vs. nonpreppers) I think it was ( Angelo Mysteriouso) that said look into there eyes. I’m learning each day and want to learn from y’all.

                  Please keep us “Informed” today, and tommorow…

                  Y’all enjoy your evening… 🙂

                  hillbilly SC


              • You know, Eisenkreuz, I actually agree with you on quite a number of things that you say.

                But it’s your dogshit-eating-mouth way of expressing yourself that so frequently gets your statements hidden where even the decent stuff can’t be seen without having to click to read it.

                Which most people won’t bother to do considering what usually gets revealed.

                • Well said BraneFrees….hit the nail square on the head.




                • Those voting this one down must be the thin blue line fucktards Grasshopper is talking about.

            • BI,
              Remember to breathe… in… out… in… 😉

              We here, understand, that the 2nd amendment is a license to hunt evil… all kinds of evil… 4 legged and two legged, criminals in hoodies and criminals in suits…

              The 2nd amendment, is the guarantor of all the others.
              Now that the HNIC has his ears flapping, we shall see what ‘Round 2’ looks like.

              The NRA was not lying, those statements were issued by congressmen and democrats who said that a nationwide registry was what they wanted… eventually. Now we hear of MO and others democrap strongholds delivering up CCW and other info to the Feds? BS. There are many ways of ‘registering’ all of us, using local operators is logical in order to hide their motives… it is, what they DO.

              Never forget;
              Registration = Confiscation = Extermination

              This is why I didn’t finish with my CCW permit. If I have to carry, this is an open carry state.

              Breathe BI… Breathe…
              Don’t let the bastards get you down, we win in the end… never forget that.

              • Just up…on Drudge… Round 2?
                on the weekly standard
                Joe Biden says the president of the United States is preparing to take “executive actions” to deal with guns.

                BuzzFeed reports:

                Vice President Biden told White House allies in the gun control fight Thursday that President Obama will be announcing new executive actions on gun violence in the days after the Senate voted down a gun violence bill.

                On a conference call with “stakeholders,” Biden told gun control advocates that the fight is not over and that eventual action on gun control will come. Press were not invited to the conference call; a participant provided BuzzFeed with access.

                “Look I know you’re going to say that I’m just being an optimist and I’m trying to put a good face on this. But you know I’ve been around here a long time and we’ve already done, because of you, some really good things,” Biden said. “Number one, the president is already lining up some additional executive actions he’s going to be taking later this week.”

                After the Newtown shootings, Obama took a number of executive actions to expand research into gun violence and other areas favored by the gun control community. He took the actions without Congressional approval, leading to outrage by some conservatives.

                • Hey there, Piper!
                  Why does this sort of stuff not surprise us anymore? These leftist, commie, one-worlders will stop at nothing to implement their agenda.
                  More importantly, I’m convinced the elitists are SCARED. They know someting’s coming and they are terrified. Mega natural disasters, man-made disasters, economic crash…whatever it is, it is scaring the piss out of them. That’s why they’re in such a hurry to disarm us.
                  We, in this community, and the millions like us, are not scared. We are RESOLUTE. Calm, sure in spirit, mentally and materially as prepped as we can be, and adding daily thereto. Yep, for the most part, we ain’t skeered… we’re just re-checking the bait in our traps. If ya know what I mean…

                  • Hi Smokin!
                    Yup… resolute is the proper word for sure.
                    I think you may be right… they should be scared… or skeered in Okie talk… 😉
                    They need to be very fearful… we have ropes waiting… when the ropes come out, innocence and guilt will go by the by… I say, if they wear a suit, hang ’em high.
                    Then start over.

                • Article II, Section 2 gives the President specific powers. Article I, Section 8 enumerates what Congress shall have the power to do. When either usurps its authority it is our pleasure and our right to resist.

                  As I understand it, Executive Orders are directives to Federal employees in the Executive Branch. At least on paper he is not a dictator (yet). We aren’t his employees, he is ours. I’m waiting for a civil liberties attorney with backbone to sue over abuse of executive power. Whether or not that ever happens the Rule of 308 that keeps us free. CATI

                  • Anon6.8: You’re exactly right. Eo powers are actually quite limited and can only be applied to the antion as a whole during a declared nationl emergency, not just because the Prez didn’t get his way. And even if he did try to become the “little emperor”, who’s going to enforce the EO? We saw how sad these ass-clowns were in Mass. They couldn’t find one dumb kid w/o civilian helping them out, so what makes anyone think they could apply any draconian law nation wide? The point is TPTB are impotent and the whole country knows it now thanks to 24 hour news coverage.

                • Stakeholders conference? I live here, I’m a stakeholder in the future of our country. I didn’t receive any noticifcation of such a conference? It’s almost like obama don’t care what the average joe thinks, just what his masters and donors desire.

                  • I think he meant the anti gun crowd…
                    When you begin to parse madness, that is the fools game…

              • @ Piper Michael. I actuallyu live in one of the free states, and after living in one of those states that is trying to be like europe, I am thankful not to be in that hellhole any longer. What is happening though right now with America is like TERMITES in the “non” free states that are chewing away the foundation of the wooden bridge that holds up the Constitution and all of our freedoms. I am safe in the state I am in, but the country runs under the control of the federal government. IF you have all that states that have supported BO plus a few others, there is a chance that many more freedoms can be burned away from us.

                I am actually not that upset that I go around with bulged out eyes, white knuckles, and extremely high blood pressure. I truly though enjoy writing and making opening a few people’s eyes that were closed. I have seen some of my quotes floating around the internet on many other sites. This is just my way like others in trying to contribute a little to the good name of freedom and liberty for all, and that it is not diluted or abandoned. I so much pity the people that desire freedom and the right to protect themselves living under an iron fist in places like western europe. Imagine that be said, western europe the icon of freedom during the cold war now LESS free than Russia.

                You do make me laugh when you say breathe in…breathe out. I so much enjoy your comments as well as many others. I sure hope Mac will finalize the article I wrote, I think you and others will enjoy it a lot. 🙂

                • BI,
                  as long as you smiled, then it had the desired effect… 😉

                  I look forward to reading your article, as I do all your writings on here.

                • I tell anti-gun nuts “It’s bad enough that you want to give up your basic human rights. What makes you think you also have the authority to give up mine as well?”


            • Howdy BI,

              Mayhaps the ENTIRE problem at hand can be summed up in ONE SIMPLE phrase Friend,

              “God MADE Man (and Women), Smith and Wesson MADE them ALL equal…”

              😉 ENTIRELY ‘Nuff Said…


              • And RUGER made it affordable

                • @ dave b,



          • BitCoin exchange “BitFloor” to “cease all trading operations indefinitely”

            Read the article to see why this concept is dangerous.


            • Bitcoiners are DOOMED!

              The elites only wish they could eliminate gold and silver so easily.

              • But NPR just had a program on Tuesday about a cupcake business in California that accepts BitCoins. How can it be? Isn’t it the wave of the future? (sarcasm intended)

              • BB,
                Eisen will be crushed…
                So, I’ll lose $4… haha…

          • Bitcoin is NOT money.

            He will want gold or silver.


        • Barlow you did it now, prepare for a caps lock tirade.
          I can predict you’re old, stupid, 1/10th the Prepper and other drivel.

          On a more serious note it boils down to have plans and a community that knows them.
          Also prep when able and enjoy what you have now.
          I don’t want the shtf but I believe I am mentally and physically prepared.


          • The Peacenik Left will find that tossing flowers and

            professing love conquers all will not find it much of

            a defense when the SHTF for real.

            • not to mention their white guilt tirades,I can hear ’em now,”But I voted for Obama,TWICE.” The next sounds following that plea would be their own screams.

              • The word echoing in their mind: Fool!

              • Don’t you remember, during the L.A. riots, people were yelling “Get the conservative white bitch!”

            • Si vis pacem, para bellum

              True peaceniks are armed to the teeth. We just don’t want to get it on.

              • Eisen,


                After 100 thumbs down, I give you a thumbs up.

                Y’all behave, give the boy a chance tonight. 🙂

                hillbilly SC

              • Oh,like wow man.Like,remember eisen,be sure to where some flowers in your hair.

        • Do not be scared of psychopathic bullies with big mouths.
          I just wish Eisen was on the Other Side.
          One day, he will be…

          Evidently, I have heard, there is now a ‘mexican gang’ operating in our area. Where ever the mexicans go, their gangs go with them. This article is prescient in the sense of seeing your future if the amnesty crowd has its way…

          Part of the demise of the Roman empire was the importation of slaves for the ‘cronie capitalists’ of that age. The Patricians… were then able to run the small businessmen out of business because they could afford free labor and to lobby for higher taxes. What, is any different with the legalization or amnesty of illegals? Zero.

          But these illegals drive down wages (along with competition with China, yet another parallel with Rome, the outsourcing of productivity and the bread and circuses of the free lunch crowd…)

          There are many countries that are now on the verge of telling us “the color of your money is no good”. Reducing wages, increasing costs, printing money, yeah, this will end well…

          • Piper, Eisen is on the other side, and thanks for the laugh ‘I just wish Eisen was on the other side’.

            • He actually does think he is a libertarian…
              Unfortunately, he has no soul… or, he goes off his meds too much.
              I have noticed the ALL CAPS Eisen, is a completely different personality than the lower case Eisen… anybody else see that?

              • He soils the word libertarian.

              • Different vocabulary, different grammar, different sentence structure and rhythm …

          • OH, Piper.. Eisenkreutz is DEFINITELY on my wrong side. I don’t care one iota which “side” he declares himself, he will never be on the correct side when shtf. That little butt-lick can forget about any protection from me… ever! Same goes for anyone, family included, if they don’t get on board when it happens.

            • Curious,
              thus, he disappears a lot…
              My only regret is that I have but one red thumb to give…

        • I would rather die standing than live on my knees!
          It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!
          I prefer to die standing than to live forever kneeling.
          Prefer death on your feet to living on your knees.

          Emillio Zapata

        • i remember several years ago here in town at the local cracker barrel two disgruntled shit for brains employee’s showed up early when they were opening grabed 3 employee’s ,took them with a pellet pistol and a knife ,duct taped them put them in the cooler ,and cut there throats ,i always said you might find me 1/2 way across a field with a bullit in my back ,but your not going to find me tied up like a pig and dead ,we have real gun friendly laws here in the deep south ,my pistol is never and i mean never more than a hands reach

        • Too bad they are FMJ’s

          • They all fall to ball!!! Hollow points are great if the perp isn’t wearing layers or bullet proof!
            I alternate stack my mags for this.

            • good point, also FMJ’s will make it thru a car door, and possibly an engine block, if necessary depending upon the cal. and velocity, so I see your point on non soft targets

            • A 12 gauge kicker load to the head doesnt care about body armor, even that cute little kevlar helmet wont stop all the pellets!

              • GOOD TO KNOW, KULA.

              • Or a slug. At headshot range a shot cloud and a slug are brothers under the skin. Can someone more firearms adept than I am say if there is such a thing as AP slugs? Are they legal? Possibly when it comes time to use them one won’t care how legal they are. The first rule is WIN.

                • Howdy anon,
                  Yea there are all kinda neat shot loads out there. Look up Paraklese technologies. They sell a whole raft of wild shotshells. Remember, you can buy and own ap loads, but you can’t make them. Disclaimer: Only do the following if shtf and law is nowhere to be found! If you don’t want to pay big bucks for ready made, make your own. The sky’s the limit to things that can get packed into a shotshell.

                  If you figure out how to get enough cable in a 12 ga. to make a drone have a bad day, you’ll be my hero.
                  molon labe

                  • Ho-Ho-Ho,

                    Evenin’ Kettle,

                    I GUARANTEE you’ll get a ‘kick’ out of this;

                    Go ALL the WAY back to the 16-17-18th century’s …with me so far? Look up ‘Chain Shot’ on the Web, probably Wiki. In bygone times it was a standard practice in Naval warfare to load a Cannon with two – yes TWO – cannon-balls which were attached to one another via a SHORT length of CHAIN. Whyfor? Simple, they’d sail into battle, fire the shot at the other ship’s MAST and slick-as-you-please, V’iola…one de-masted ship…

                    Extrapolate to modern times…high-tensile cable…multiple projectiles in one shell…. 😉

                    Dwell on it a tad…. 🙂


                • Anon6.8
                  There are some awesome combo slug and shot combo personal defense loads that are impressive. Key on slugs is matching them up to barrel (smooth or rifled) and/or choke. There are some nasty sabot slugs with real power also. As far as legal depends on your state and their knowledge.


          • Get real, I suppose if you could shoot a 3 Inch gun at someone you’d feel you needed a 3in hollow point. IF YOU CANNOT DO IT WITH A 45 SOLID ; YOU CAN’T DO IT! 9MM yes, a hollow point is better, forget 45HP. Get a baseball bat.

            • Howdy Anon6.8, Kula too!

              Here’s another that might be interesting; ever heard of ‘flechettes’? Think of the contents of a standard shot-gun shell replaced with an equivalent volume of NAILS. Same efect, though my understanding is that in practice the ‘rods’ are often made out of tungsten carbide…

              Goodness sakes ALIVE….I wouldn’t want to be downrange of THAT!!


              • JOG

                A company by the name of BLAMO had a bunch of various 12 gage ammo. One was called the “Shreader”. Contents were old style carpet tacks with small heads and pointed heads.
                Dragons Breath anyone?

                • Pointed Ends. Long Day.

                  • Howdy slingshot!

                    Eeek!…a very ‘penetrating’ EXPERINCE…Oh Sh_t!! 😉
                    Get the ‘point’ heheheeee!

                    ‘Blamo’ you say….hmm, time for a little search!

                    How goes it Bro? We’re getin’ DROWNED up here in Missouri…for two days now! I’m a hopin’ that NOAA is WRONG this year, that MAYBE the drought isn’t coming back, things are rough enough as it is!

                    Incidentally, has ANYONE heard from BigB lately…he’s real regular here and I HAVEN’t seen him for days..since he got in a ‘pi__in contest’ with another poster…as always I worry when a regualr doesn’t show up… WE ALL should!


          • Get a cordless drill and make HP as needed.

          • One nice feature of a M1911 is that the berrels are cheap and easy to replace if they become worn.

      2. The Narco Terror State of Mexico is a deliberate creation by the ZOG AMERIKAN CIA BLACK OPS and SHADOW GOVERNMENT DARK MONEY BANKERS its a dark drug money generator of trillions of dollars in profit , the BUSH and CLINTON FAMILIES are directly responsible for part of its creation and still reap the financial benefits of their narcotic trafficking crimes .

        ZOG AMERIKA is its own WORST ENEMY !!!


      3. Predator or Prey … which are you ???


        • You’re my prey once you get to prison, boy. I’m gonna make you toss my salad, prison bitch.

        • Nina! That wasn’t me…..someone used my handle.

          Keep preppin’

      4. Got plenty of 45…Im looking for .308/HE. Anybody?

        • Good luck on that my friend.WASP

        • Do you have brass? Not that hard to find everything else to reload. Federal 210M primers, Reloader 15, and bullet of your choice. I prefer 165 gr Speer Hotcor.

          Last month Cabela’s in Omaha had everything, but .22’s. Brass was limited, but I picked up some 9mm brass, primers, and another paper weight. Their gun cases were full.

          I spoke with a friend/dealer today and he said he had received a couple of Black Magazine Holders today.

          • Check out the website, thehomegunsmith(dot)com. They have information on how to make your own brass and shotgun shells. I don’t know how hard it actually is, but it was interesting.

            • Never tried. Brass and Hulls have always been dime a dozen.

        • Check Palmetto State Armory, they have Prvi Partizan, 20 rounds, 145 gr FMJBT for $16.99, and Silver State Armory 150gr HPBT for $19.99. Both are currently in stock.

        • Go to They compile all the sites and tell you who has what (in stock only) and for how much. Happy hunting

        • Didn’t know they made 208 High Explosive. (HE)

          • Howdy Paranoid!

            Ummm, night you should stop over at Wiki…and look up ‘Raufoss’. I have it on fairly good authority that such as that is made in a WHOLE vaiety of calibers …possibly all the way down to 5.56 as well…

            Anyone who has exited the Serrvice at any point recently, (Infantry types’ is WELCOME to chime in on this…it’s been a ‘while’ since an ‘old man’ was up to snuff on all such…


        • Try I have no affiliation or interest with them.

          Molon Labe

          • Correction:

            Molon Labe

      5. foist

      6. @ Barlow,

        Basement jacked by Eisen, not that is scary! LOL

        • PP, congrats, you’ve created a new term!

      7. I just loved it when Kim Jong Obama was telling us how terrrible the Senate was in not voting for this bill even if it only saved “Just One Life”. Well what about all the other lives that will be lost when they start restricting the right of Americans to defend themselves. Very sorry for anyones loss but your loss is still not worth MY 2’nd Amendment right to protect myself.

        • If I got shot by a robber tomorrow, I STILL would not be campaigning against the second amendment—in fact, I’d be mad and MORE PRO-second amendment! I do not understand how these people like Gabby Giffords can cower like they do, I would think that that idiot would have a gun in every pocket after what she went through. Does she have no desire to try and protect herself? Her precious laws didn’t protect her before, what the hell makes her think new laws will protect her now? Or anyone else, for that matter.

          • Her husband tried, but his order was cancelled and his deposit returned. You can bet he can be found sniffing around for private sellers. He knows that neither he nor his wife, while useful now, have no reservation at hotel D.U.M.B.

      8. If you don’t have a leg up on this subject, well I just don’t know. Too many people with their head in the sky or in the sand. Whatever zenith we reach there will be plenty that are preyed upon as easy targets. No street smarts from leading a sheltered life or those that live in a fantasy land.
        As the L.A. Police said in the Rodney King Riots, “You’re on your own”.

        • The gang bangers will shit themselves when they find out the rules of engagement have changed.

      9. Don’t go to any donkey productions in Mexico. You can purchase their silver coins here.

        • I always filter my tequila, just to be on the safe side…some of it’s so old, it has worms!

      10. After thirty years in survivalism, I learned a lot about resilience doing missionary work in third-world counties. The difference was palpable when we got off the plane. Middle class and above had concrete walls around their homes with broken glass embedded on top. Even in the country convenience stores were guarded by at least two guards with AK-47s. Telephone land lines were broken more often than not, but even the poor had cell phones even where they didn’t have electrical service.

        Electrical service in the suburbs and beyond was sporadic and not relied on and even the nice homes did not have public water. They used cisterns with rainwater catchment and cooked with bottled water. One day I took one of the many footpaths from the church into the mountains and found people living in what we would consider shed, but they had learned to survive with very little and were for the most part content.

        My host family was shocked that I went out after dark to patronize a nearby bodega. Even though it was within sight of the front door even they did not venture out after dark. They did not know that I carried a large lock-back knife that I had brought in with my checked baggage and knew how to use it.

        • When you’re sent by God…..
          The Holy Ghost was with you, on you…..

          Keep preppin’

        • @ Prepared Pastor.

          We don’t have to have a Mad Max or The Road scenario. When conditions equal that of a third world nation, we will be there, like them. No mention of the homeless or the tent cities. Major Metropolitan areas in ruin or headed there. Housing projects, the breeding ground of a hellhole to come.

        • Content?…that’s not right. Now come out of your tumbledown huts and gather in a group in the open so the NATO humanitarians can bring you some capitalism and democracy.

        • They were content with their lives until the Americans showed up and dropped 2000 lb laser guided freedom on them.

      11. Good afternoon, BI, and once again, you’re right on target. The only part of the article I must disagree with is not offering resistance to anyone with bad intentions toward you. Submitting to any POS criminal is an almost certain death sentence these days. I have PERSONALLY KNOWN PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUBMIITED TO CRIMINALS AND DID NOT LIVE TO TALK ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCE! I’VE LOST SOME VERY GOOD FRIENDS TO VIOLENCE WHO FOLLOWED ADVICE FROM SOME FOOL, “JUST SUBMIT TO THE CRIMINALS AND YOU’LL BE OK.” My friends foolishly followed such advice in blind faith and look what it cost them……. BI, I’m on fire today! This article brought back some painful memories for me. You and I are on the same page and in the same book. everyone has a NATURAL, GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE AGAINST ANY TYPE OF THREAT! IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT ANYONE’S LAW SAYS ABOUT IT! ANYONE WHO DARES TO TAMPER WITH SELF-DEFENSE IS TAMPERING WITH LIFE ITSELF AND DESERVES TO BE PUT DOWN! I already carry certain self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go and I don’t care what anyone’s unconstitutional law about it. When we get into situations like that, we will be on our own and we will have to fend for ourselves. If/when it happens to me, I will handle it any way I consider necessary and once again, I don’t care what anyone’s law says about it. I don’t care about any possible consequences. Anyone who targets me over it does so at their nown peril, so they’re better off just forgetting about that idea. What’s happening in Mexico is coming here eventually. Once the balloon goes up, law and order, and all the rules we’ve ever live by will go straight out the window. The only thing that will matter then is SURVIVAL! I highly suspect that in the post-SHTF era we will all have to do things we otherwise wouldn’t normally do in order to just stay alive. I’m still prepping up until the last minute; hope everyone else is doing the same. NOMI CATIMF braveheart

        • Whatever BH!

        • @ braveheart. What you say is so true about fighting back as much as you can against the criminal scum. You take the little wolverine. This animal is much smaller than a mountain lion, much, much smaller than a bear, yet these animals predators know to stay away from. The same holds true with a criminal predator that preys on the weak and the submissive. I have seldom if ever hear of one of these serial killers go after a police women or a women with military training. This is because they have an aura about them, they walk tough, they look tough, they are tough.

          What the anti-self defense whacks want is to take everyone’s backbone and teeth out of them, they want to turn everyone into what they are, whoosies. They want people as helpless as possible, out of some utopia idealism that the criminal will become less violent also. Talk about stupidity behind reason. Then they want compassion agaisnt the “poor” criminal that all of us turned the creep into.

          I had a really tough police officer tell me this long ago, IF you are attacked not only fight for your life, but get angry, real angry. Most criminals are total cowards and will back down from a very difficult opponent that fights like a wolverine. A predator usually does not want to end up being ripped apart, unless you are some reptile with a walnut size brain. Besides this the more damage a potential victim can do against a criminal the more chance they will survive such an attack. The wolverine is an animal to totally admire, the reason they used this in the movie Red Dawn.

        • The numbers coming from China should be read like a tachometer. Multiply by 1000.

      12. Just FYI, if maybe the threat out side your door is LEO

        We will be the watchers, we should be the watchers, and we should get it thru there thick heads we will prosecute and or sue..time to turn the tables on the thuggery

        and if they ever try to pass some BS law against our ability and right to do this we should 100% strong for our rights to do so..the next person they beat the shit out of could be you or your kid..wife?..hell they do shoot dogs( domestic family members) every day

        time to stop having us tax payers foot the bill for thier acts against us.. we need to push for a bill to have the legal ability to bring civil and criminal charges against those who break the laws in an act of agression or thuggery..its time to make them prove who’s side they are on, and who are the good ones

      13. John Kerry On Benghazi: “We Got A Lot More Important Things To Move On To”

        Basterd…tell that to those who lost family you jackass!

        REP. DANA ROHRABACHER (R-CA): Mr. Secretary, we think that there was a coverup of some kind of wrongdoing that led this administration to lie to the American people about the nature of the attack immediately after the attack and for a week after that attack. We need to have these questions answered. We need to talk to the people who are on the scene. Can you give us a commitment now that for this administration you will be coming up with the request, the honest request of this investigative committee as to who was evacuated and how to talk to them so we can get a straight answer and an understanding of what happened in Benghazi?

        • This criminal administration has no intention of delivering the truth of Benghazi… they, were running guns to their buddies in the muslim brotherhood through Turkey. Do I have proof? No, but if they didn’t have anything to hide, they wouldn’t be behaving in this manner. It is known that the ambassador met with the Turkish ambassador a couple hours before he died…

          This is how it works in black ops when the operators know too much or have been determined to be ‘unreliable’. (interpret that as; suitably evil.)

          • I also believe this. US embassies are not about diplomacy, but are more about fronts for CIA operations. USAID, another division of the State dept, is much the same. I believe Russia kicked USAID out for funding opposition to Putin.

            • JRS: Really? The embassy of EVERY nation is about spying and intelligence gathering. Change your moniker to Rip Van Winkle!

              My God, son, where have you been?

              • DK-Head

                I think thats exactly what JRS is saying!

                It’s all about an Op.

                My God son, you’ve been in the North Scottsdale sun too long.

                Your cheese has slid off the cracker!

                Better check into McCains office for a background check!!

                You may need to give up your guns!!!

              • Come on Dk…. that wasn’t fair…
                JRS did not say he only figured this out yesterday…
                Sounds more like he has known for some time… we all know that The Empire must be protected…

            • The Embassy is in Tripoli. I’m not sure what was in Benghazi.

      14. They lost the gun grab bill, so keep your eyes pealed for another false flag involving many dead by hi cap mags and scary black guns..

        they just stuck the bill on the back burner( Fuck face Reid) until they can pull another SHady HoaX

      15. ~~~We moved our family home to the safest area in the city. We thank God we had the financial possibility to do this.~~~


        So, again this author has great ideas; just not for the financially challenged???

        • They can run but they can’t hide. For long that is.

        • Good Evening JayJay,

          THAT’S a problem for most of the folk…here as well as elsewhere, certainly. When you dwell on it for a bit it get’s very hard to see – in the future – where there does NOT come a point at which COLLECTIVELY People are goingh to have to quit taliking and Stand Up to DO…

          …I’m not too sure that THAT point is’nt in the NEAR future…May He Bless and Keep us ALL…

          Daily, we see how the Wicked progress in thier efforts…on ALL fronts.


          • Be very careful, I expect any day now to have a zillion people killed by a semi filled with Hi-Cap mags

      16. Sorry–one other comment–is it worth this crap to get fine schools??
        Huh?? Huh?? Really???

      17. Do any of you old guys shoot cowboy action?

        • Eisenkreuz

          I’ve shot a considerable amount of Cowboy Action.

          I go by the handle of “Rattlesnake Rassler”.

          Question; At what age does “Old Guys” begin?

          I don’t have a clue when that would be myself.

          • Will a single action revolver fire if you crank on the trigger without cocking the hammer? Is that what makes it safe to twirl the gun about? Should I get the Vaquero .357 or the .45? Is it safe to carry those revolvers concealed?

            • A single action revolver will not fire unless the hammer is manually cocked. If you can make it fire by simply pulling the trigger, it is by definition double action. The Rugers are safe to carry even with a round in the chamber (big no-no with older single actions) under the hammer because Ruger uses a transfer bar between the hammer and firing pin. Ruger used to claim they invented this system, but I cannot confirm that. I remember advertisements that said Ruger single action revolvers were drop tested, and even tested by hitting the lowered hammer with a hammer. They were said to not even discharge under such conditions. Ruger used to have (and probably still has) a program where they would factory retrofit older Ruger single action revolvers to use the transfer bar system for free. If this old guy remembers correctly, the old model guns could be identified by having a different number of and different placement of screws on the sideplate. The old model guns are probably now collectibles if they have not been retrofit.

          • Don’t know how old he is but C.C.R. says he lives down the road. You got to hidi hi. The old man, down the road.;0)

        By Illegal Immigrants

        I cross river,
        Poor and broke,

        Take bus,
        See employment folk.

        Nice man
        Treat me good in there,
        Say I need
        Go see Welfare.

        Welfare say,
        ‘You come no more,

        We send cash
        Right to your door.’

        Welfare checks,
        They make you wealthy,

        It keep you healthy!

        By and by,
        Got plenty money,

        Thanks to you, TAXPAYER dummy.

        Write to friends
        In motherland,
        Tell them
        ‘come, fast as you can’

        They come in buses
        And Chevy trucks,
        I buy big house
        With welfare bucks.

        They come here,
        We live together,
        More welfare checks,
        It gets better!

        Fourteen families,
        They moving in,
        But neighbor’s patience
        Wearing thin.

        Finally, white guy
        Moves away,
        I buy his house,
        And then I say,
        ‘Find more aliens
        For house to rent.’

        In my yard
        I put a tent.

        Send for family
        They just trash,
        But they, too,
        Draw welfare cash!

        Everything is
        Very good,
        Soon we own
        Whole neighborhood.

        We have hobby
        It called breeding,
        Welfare pay
        For baby feeding.

        Kids need dentist?
        Wife need pills?
        We get free!
        We got no bills!

        TAXPAYER crazy!
        He pay all year,
        To keep welfare
        Running here.

        We think America
        Darn good place!
        Too darn good
        For white man race.

        If they no like us,
        They can go,
        Got lots of room
        In Mexico.

        Y’all Beware! I think its right,
        We begin this American fight.

        You add your own
        But I gotta go,
        Send illegal back,

        • Haha, good one… so apt, so sad.

        • Y’all Beware- wonderful!

          • SmokinOkie,

            Thank you sir and seeing your recipe below got me to think about makin’ some home made beer.

            I’m a little leery cause Dad blew up about 10 gallon jug of wine. Seems that the air vent got stopped up as the batch grew and when it finally let go it was like
            Mt. Vesuvius blowin purple juice all over the ceiling. It sure did rumble good too. We all sat there and watched in amazement!

            Ten years later he made beer down in the basement of our new house. I guess he put it up too soon, or somethin’ and one Saturday afternoon 15 big bottles blew up. I waited for him to come home before I would go downstairs. Thank God it was a long weekend cause us and the neighbors drank beer all day cookin’ bambie and braughts.

            Y’all Beware! Anyone got some good home made beer suggestions?

            • Using a balloon that has a couple pinpricks, over the fermentation bottles is a good indicator of when the process is ‘done’…

        • Gee sounds just like the definition of a parasite. Now we just have to wait to see if this “parasite” is one that just lives off the host or one that kills the host.

      19. An armed individual is a citizen. A disarmed person is a slave. I choose to be a citizen and will not suffer fools gladly. I and mine will not go quietly into that good night.
        DEFCON1 out!

      20. Today’s Recipe- ‘Cinnamon Swirl Barter Cake’

        2 dozen eggs
        3 cups self-milled wheat flour (non- gmo)
        5 lbs fresh-picked tomatoes
        1/2 cup non-pasteurized milk
        1 carburetor for 350 small block engine (1978 model)
        3/4 cup raw honey
        1 autographed copy of Steinbeck’s ‘The Grapes Of Wrath’
        1 tbsp pure vanilla extract (not the alcohol based imitation crap)
        1 tsp cinnamon
        1 tbsp baking powder
        1 heart-shaped box Whitman’s Chocolates
        1 dozen fresh cut roses
        3 more eggs
        1 Trojan brand…ahem, you know

        Instructions: Gather 2 dozen fresh eggs from your henhouse. Pick 5 lbs of really good looking tomatoes. Bet the book and the carburetor.
        Go to the wheat farmer next door. Trade the eggs for a few lbs of wheat. Then, go to the dairy farmer down the road. Trade the tomatoes for some milk.
        Proceed to beekeeper’s house. Trade the carburetor for a couple quarts of honey. Then go to the old couple in town who run a used book store next door to the grocers. Have them go buy the Whitman’s Chocolates, the vanilla, cinnamon and baking powder, then trade those items (plus $75 in future store credit) to you for the Steinbeck novel.
        Go back home. Use your rusty pocket knife and cut a dozen of the best roses from the flower garden. Get 3 more eggs from henhouse. Go inside.
        Offer wife the roses and chocolates simply as a token of your love. (tell her she’s more beautiful than when you first met) After she blushes and gushes and stuff and asks is she can do anything for you, tell her you’d really like to have a fresh baked cake. Offer to grind the flour for her. No need for instructions on oven temps or baking time or anything else. She’ll take it from there.
        The Trojan is just in case she doesn’t want to bake the cake, but still wants to show her affection. Either way….enjoy!

        No fiat currency, taxes or gov agencies required.
        Serves 2

        • You are the Barter King, smoke.

        • Okie:


          You had me with the carburetor, now I understand. 🙂

          I should give you a thumbs down. 🙁

          You will need to put warnings from now on on your posts.

          My lawyer will be in contact for the million bucks. Hey if a dumbass can get that from a cup of coffee… I should be able to score off your humor. 🙂

          Y’all play nice.

          hillbilly SC

          • lol, watch out smokin… you’re living up to your moniker..

        • Loved it… carburetor?

      21. As i type this,the gang of 8 Senators,are pushing for “AMNESTY” for 10-15 million ILLEGAL ALIENS. That will start chain migration of another 20 million give or take. The story posted you just read is coming to us.

        No matter how you spin it that’s what it is. “UNBELIEVABLE”

        Oh: bitcoins, bit the dust. Zero Hedge

        • Think I just saw eisen go by. He was riding a black skate-board. Must be in mourning for bitchcoin….

        • I read a report that said the amnesty bill gives an employer a $3,000 BONUS for hiring a newly minted “American” instead of a US CITIZEN!!!!

          Lock n load!

          • Dk,
            You gotta link for that… if true… it is beyond words.
            They truly cross over into; traitors.

          • Great! Now we can officially change the national anthem to la cuckarocha.Fitting as it’s ” the cockroach”,too bad they all don’t scatter when the light hit’s ’em.

      22. Nation of Sheep
        Ruled by Wolves
        Owned by Pigs!

        • LATER

      23. I spend a great deal of time in Mexico.. I can attest to the accuracy of this article. I have many friends in Monterrey as well as other cities, large and small in Mexico. The VAST majority of Mexico is extremely safe.. much safer in fact than most American cities. Most of my friends are armed, although they would only use those weapons in the direst of circumstances. The cartels there are absolutely ruthless and they WILL repay any perceived attack. I have personal friends who have been the targets of extortion.. the option is always the same, pay or die. It is serious and not an idle threat.

        I urge everyone to read the above article carefully.. from my own experience, I can tell you this article is real and legit.. we can all learn a lot by pondering these things in advance of need.

        These same tactics, although scaled down, should be applied to all our homes and lives. There are lots of really bad folks up here too.. and I think it will become more and more apparent as the economy keep sucking even more than it does now….

      24. On Drudge Report, it shows a very angry and determined Obama after learning his gun grab bill failed… but why such a stern, angry look? Is it because he’s concerned about little kiddies? Or is it because his plans– dictator/NWO– were thwarted? Is he really that angry at the possibility of some little kid being shot to death again? No way! THIS IS ABOUT HIM!!

        Meanwhile, we learn (same website) that some elderly vendor was stabbed to death on the streets of Philly. will that move them as much as guns? NO WAY!

        • O’halfafrican wanted the Senate to pass the bill and have the house kill it. Then “it” wanted to use it against House Rep. in the midterm elections. Really had nothing to do with gun control.

          • Shootit:
            Well said

            • Thanks…

              Everything O’……….. is doing is to get the House back! Then “it” will confiscate all guns, open the boarders, marshal law, and declare himself king. Look through the that glass and you will understand.

          • And the sandy hook families found out firsthand today it’s no fun to be used as somebody’s pawn.

      25. We’re going to have a complete economic collapse. It will start out slow like it is now. But eventually there will be big shocks to the economy on the way down. We’re going to go from a normal society to one with no jobs or food or public water or police or fire protection or electricity. When that time comes it will be more dangerous in a small town than it will be in Detroit right now. Prepare accordingly.

        • From the video I watched about the Temple Texas police harrassing and arrested the Gulf war vet With a CCW permit. No law enforcement might be a improvement. Dont forget Los Angeles’s best, shooting 2 old women delivering newspapers because they looked like a 270lb bald black guy. (that they burned without due process).

          • Really? Those are your examples. Hundred thousand plus cops in the US. They are like anyone else. Some great some bad. Most care some dont. They are humans and make sometimes horrible mistakes. Sometime intentional mistakes. Jesus the only perfect one.

            • NO THEY ARE NOT! They are supposed to be held to a high standard because we give them the power of life or death. Instead they are killing people that if the public did it we would be in jail. They take a fathers CCW because his kid points a water pistol at someone,but they can kill an innocent man and get away with it,THAT’S CRAP. In Santa Barbara they murder a man because they want his land and get away with it. The rule of law is getting to be a lot of RULE damn little LAW.

      26. Mr or Mrs/Ms Reggio,

        My unreserved Thanks! In no small part rest assured that my thanks is proffered
        specifically on the basis of your “experiential” knowledge. Many can speculate as to
        what would or would not be good as per a given circumstance but the actual PRACTICE
        in daily life is irreplaceable; there is simply no substitute for having LIVED
        through somesuch. Effectively, the OPSEC you detail point-for-point in the article
        appears wholly well-considered and is, therefor, I suspect QUITE effective broadly.
        One small point I would like to mention here – without attempting to detract from
        your Excellent piece – is that as is the case with all such things, be prepared to
        ‘tailor’ such as is given above to your specific circumstances…judiciously and
        with careful consideration.

        A point around which much of this article revolves which – may or may not be evident
        to a reader at first glance – is the unique vulnerability each of us faces when one of
        OURS is APPARENTLY ‘at risk’ or jeopardy…WHO could NOT be manipulated under that
        circumstance; wherein one’s child or Parent or other family member was apparantly so
        threatened…even if in truth they were – unbeknownst – safely elsewhere? No parent
        COULD do other than comply with the edicts of those whom they BELIEVED held thier
        Child’s life in thier hands…NONE. Here too we see the need for a clear adherence
        to the rules as being central to any effective security. Who, of the younger crowd
        here would care to see thier parent’s kidnapped, or murdered baecause they had
        willfully stepped outside of the rules laid down and thereafter placed them in that
        postition? Dwell on it a bit perhaps…

        In times to come – as many already suspect – it may well no longer be the case that
        what we HAVE known in the past serves to be the ‘safe standard’ for our futures. Again,
        it is through PREPARATION – here, the contemplation of that which is otherwise
        UNTHINKABLE – that will likely mean the difference between joyous continued Life and
        the grief of unexpected mortality, manifest.

        In all that we do into the Future to come, “Think Thrice…ONLY then Act.” much
        as the old carpanter’s adage states “Measure twice, cut once…”

        Oh, and as a final thought here to the ‘Younger’s’…your Parent’s didn’t get to be
        ‘old’ being stupid (well, most didn’t!) content yourselves that – at times – Obediance
        IS a Virtue…graciously, Please.


      27. Off current topic.. but, 2 year old Brown Rice for dinner tonight. Couldn’t tell any… any difference between “just bought” and 2 year old. It was vac packed, then packed in a mylar bag and sealed. Stored at a controlled 78. ( ish )

        • Those are the same results I got too!!
          Previously, before Mylar and oxygen absorbers,
          It went rancid at about 6-8 months.

          Keep preppin’

          • Mom… any idea how much longer it might last ? I assume that when it actually turns rancid, it will smell like it.. just like oil or P.Butter does.. ?

            • I don’t know for sure, but we may be able to push it to 3 or 4 years!
              I’m not ready to open another bag yet but I remember being shocked
              When I opened the last one. Had to do a double take on the date!!
              smelled absolutely perfect!!

              Keep preppin’

          • Howdy tCM, oUCH,

            Ahh, prepper stuff again…my FAVORITE!

            This is kinda what I was getting towards the other day when we were taking this up…tCM, did you say that your ‘brown rice’ went bad in only 8 months…without the mylar and stuff, I mean? Further then, I take it that NOW it doesn’t?

            JOG *Curious*

            • Yes, it went rancid. The smell is just off, “old”.
              As far as I know, it’s not “bad”, it just smells bad.
              You can still cook and eat it, just be prepared to use extra herbs
              and sauces to conceal the flavor!

              • Been taste testing MRE’s packaged in 1997. Some good and some baaaaaaaaaad. ;0)

            • Hi JOG and tCM.. the package that I opened was sealed 4/11. It was absolutely pristine in condition.. I was very surprised. I added B. Rice to my stash in ignorance.. not realizing it’s reputation for short shelf life.. but so far that report has proven inaccurate. Mine was double packed.. vacuum packed using Food Saver freezer bags, then placed in Mylar bags with a couple of Oxygen absorbers ( just in case ) and sealed. Exactly 2 years since packaging and the product is just like new. I’m impressed… So far, everything that I’ve tried packed in that way has been perfect.. EXCEPT some pancake mix that I stored.. it was an “add water only” version.. the Mylar bags inflated like pillows after about 18 months.. or less. I did not open them or try them.. tossed them far away.. the brand was Krustez.. I packed about a dozen packages of it and all except 2 were hyper inflated.. something went wrong on that one, that’s for sure. Tossed them all..

              • Yeah, you aren’t supposed to use oxygen absorbers with
                Any “mix – just add water” type products. They contain
                Leavening to make the muffins or pancakes rise.
                Some kind of reaction occurs.
                Google for more info.

                Keep preppin’

                • Ignorance is not bliss.. apparently.. thanks ..
                  I never would have thought it was the absorbers that
                  caused that.. lesson learned.

      28. I listened to that lieing commy ba****rd the Obummers speach yesterday.I wish he could get his facts right, thats 9% not 90% when you have 300 million gun owners legal and illegal, you think any of them want to have their guns taken. You know what you should be calling those senators who voted for this. DEAD

      29. Here is a free tip.


      30. There was a Dustin Hoffman movie “Hero” where in a scene he was trying to explain to his kid what life is about. He said something like, Life is levels of bullshit, you live on one of the levels and it’s all bullshit, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or if you’re poor or in between, it’s a level and all levels are full of bullshit. To expand upon that, it doesn’t matter where you live, there’s bullshit and you learn how to deal with it.

        • Or, like mama used to say;
          “Life is like a shit sandwich… the more bread you get, the less shit you taste.”

      31. @ JOG
        Doing all right.
        Been doing some prestaging. I’m kinda spooked. Too many things happening at once. Been put in charge of the road crew which also doubles as security in the hunt club. Now I’m on the Board of Directors. Headed to the woods to get my marching orders this weekend.

        No relief for the wicked. ;0)

      32. Off topic, but this is worth repeating.

        Hoarding is now a disability under federal and state fair housing laws and under anti-discrimination laws.

        Double edged sword here, so watch out everyone. I’m not saying anyone here could be classified as a hoarder!!

        You might not get kicked out of your domicile or be discriminated against, but for damn sure a disabled person sure can’t own guns or anything else deemed ‘dangerous’ by our overlords.
        molon labe

      33. Firequest is the exotic 12 ga. ammo site

      34. Howdy slignshot,

        Yep, know the feeling….all of this that we see around us now almost SCREAMS urgency…the markets, the world situation (NK, most recently)…the rectums STILL trying to subvert the 2AM…the general trend is WAY wrong, and not gettin’ better….it is all TOO much to be anything approximating ‘usual’. Stay ‘tight’ Friend…



      35. Kettle Moraine, do you have a link for what you just posted? I’m not necessarily questioning it; wouldn’t surprise me with all the other shit coming out of DC these days. Even if confirmed, I’m not following it anyway. Nobody tells me what I can or cannot have in my home. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      36. Y’all Beware, that poem is sad but true. BI, just got in a few minutes ago and caught your comment #1493788. This bears repeating; let’s see some of the anti-selfdefense numbnuts suffer a home invasion in the middle of the night. Let’s see them and some of their loved ones suffer at the hands of some of the predators that some of us have to deal with from time to time. Let’s see them get raped, beaten, etc. It would be very interesting to see what kind of song they sing after the fact, IF THEY SURVIVE THE ORDEAL! They will pay a horrific price for their position. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      37. Great story and useful information. I always like to hear the real life ones as some of our prep scenarios are a bit too staged. Nice to know what happens when things are not scripted.

      38. One of my old employees returned to her home village with her son for a visit to rural Mexico, south of the Capital. There the cartels were in control of the town and the gang bangers had cut off the head of a person they had murdered and played soccer with it in the street.

        Needless to say, her family doesn’t go back for visits anymore.

        Detroit might be as dangerous as Mexico, but not the other way around–no offense to the author.

      39. Good evening JOG. I’ve got the same feeling you have with all these events lately. After hearing Numbnuts in North Korea talking all of his trash, then this week the bombings in Boston, the chemical plant explosions in Texas and Oklahoma City, HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….. Now I’m more nervous than I was right after Election Day. I think it’s building up to SHTF. I’ve stepped up my prepping this week; hope everyone else is doing the same. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      40. @braveherart: an old saying: a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged!

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