Read Between the Lines: Hollywood Mogul Buys 2,600 Acres of Farmland; Moving to New Zealand

by | Feb 1, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 263 comments

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    James Cameron, the Hollywood producer responsible for blockbuster films like Terminator, Titanic and Avatar, is reportedly preparing to exit stage left. While the move for the Canadian born Cameron may initially be perceived as a rejection or denouncement of American policies and ideals, Cameron, who has made campaign donations to the Democrat Party in the past, most notably during the 2004 Presidential election where he supported democrat John Kerry, may have ulterior motivations, as evidenced by where he’s planning on moving and what he’s planning on doing once he gets there.

    From time to time we get a glimpse into the goings on of the well connected. This may be one of those moments:

    Cameron has successfully applied to buy 1,067 hectares (2,636 acres) of farmland in New Zealand. In an application filed with the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office, Cameron says he and his family “intend to reside indefinitely in New Zealand and are acquiring the property to reside on and operate as a working farm.”

    Source: Associated Press, via Matt Drudge

    As we’ve outlined before, farmland is one of the only reasonable physical assets to hold in the event of a major crisis, as you’ll be outside of highly populated metropolitan areas, you’ll have the ability to produce your own food, generate your own energy, and, more so than your urbanite and suburbanite counterparts, stay away from the chaos that will ensue during a major upheaval.

    Liberty Media CEO James Malone, like director James Cameron, has also taken refuge outside of major cities at his ranch on the Quebec border, giving him and his family an immediate international bug out plan in the event of an emergency. Another sign from the elite is that large net worth individuals and investment managers are buying up and taking physical delivery of precious metals, which in our humble opinion, is a leading indicator that large in-the-know investors are preparing for a loss of confidence in the stability of the global economic, monetary, financial and/or political systems.

    Congressman Roscoe Bartlett recently warned that Those Who Can, Should Move Their Families Out Of the City, and insiders are worried about game changing riots stemming from the Occupy movement.

    The theory that elite members of society know something is amiss is further strengthened by comments such as those of financier George Soros who publicly declared in a recent interview with Newsweek that he expects violent riots on the streets of America in coming months and years.

    Furthermore, we have federal agencies and local police departments actively training for urban conflict, and the Pentagon has been war gaming scenarios that include large scale economic breakdown and civil unrest.

    The stories reported over the last several years point to a growing consensus among elite business leaders, politicians, and military generals that we’re headed into a situation that is wholly unpredictable. They know the system is on the brink, have said so repeatedly, and are actively taking steps to manage a crisis should it ever come to that.

    Short of the mainstream media coming out and broadcasting to the American people that the system is about to destabilize and to expect nothing short of total meltdown and pandemonium, reading between the lines and watching the actions of those who are interconnected with the money and power structures on which the system is built will be our only warning signal for the difficult times we face in the near future.

    The message is loud and clear. Are you listening?


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      1. first

        • you must be so proud.

          • Actually, I think he is.

            • you too. you should be shown the door.

          • I already moved to a third-world country right here in the good ole U.S.of A. – West Virginia

            Low population density, geographically diverse, low housing prices and taxes, and I live among people who have grown and hunted a large part of their own food already for generations.

            • Good choice, Pastor. Out here on the west coast we also have some areas that would make for good get-out-of-Dodge refuges. Many of them are just on the east sides of the Cascade and Sierra mountains. Am now in the process of searching for a “fishing cabin” in just such an area. 🙂

            • And the WhiteWater-Rafting is GREAT too!!

            • We’ve lived here all our lives and wouldn’t trade it for the world! Both of us are retired teachers, yet have no problem with West Va’s “hillbilly” reputation (no shoes, no indoor plumbing, etc.) – keeps the undesirables out. If illegal aliens and drug dealers think our state is mostly comprised of Deliverance-type characters with 3rd grade educations roaming the hills, they won’t want to come here. Which suits us jes’ FINE!

            • @41MagMan:

              Agreed, but you do have to be careful out West (I’m parking among the Cascades myself).

              Some areas work very well as long as there is a civilization around to supply the water, but will become death traps once that water is gone. Parts of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico… those stand out.

              Other areas are awesome – if you know how to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the area. Take for instance the coastline from Northern CA up to Seattle… sparsely populated (no jobs outside the tourist trade), but naturally abundant. Or as an alternative, take Utah. Outside of the Ogden-Provo I-15 corridor, it’s practically empty. Most other states out west are similarly set up (Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, etc)

              It’s a bit of a hodge-podge, really… but definitely doable, and IMHO far preferable to most areas east of the Mississippi.

          • you should be the first to be made an example of: escorted to the door not to be let back in. if all you’re concerned about is being the first to post on any given article, you shouldn’t be allowed here to begin with.

        • So what dunce!

          • It only takes one word to push your button? NZ is a nice place. They are lucky they don’t speak easy cheezee Japaneasy.

            • Is that because of you yanks huh?? what a stupid thing to say!

        • WASTE of bandwidth.

        • The idiots whose only comment is “first” should be banned.

          • i second that.

          • I’ll be the “FIRST” to second that!!
            Have we been hacked?

        • you should be the first escorted off this site, troll.

          • To Ron I hope you would move to ms. And no one sells you a paddle get my drift punk!!

        • The elite from all around the world have been buying up properties in the southern hemisphere, is this down to the possibilty of a pole shift and that the antartic is a stones throw away which will become prime real estate

        • I am a businessman (BBA, MBA) and lawyer (JD) who sold my law firm and bought propety in Costa Rica in 2008, and moved here shortly thereafter. I left the US because i am also an economic historian who could see as early as the late 90´s, that the dollar was going to crash. A crashed dollar means way more than most people understand. I have never regretted my move, especially now that the radiation from Fukushima wafts into the US and especially now that the US is preparing for martial law. Good luck ya´ll! Get out now, while you can.

          • Ana C.

            I am a physician and am very interested in doing the same as you. You are very smart and also gutsy to actually go forward with your plans, rather than consider the possibility of a collapse and doing nothing.

            I am wondering, do you have any source of income now that you’re living in Costa Rica? Do you maintain a home or residence in the US? Also, with similar minded individuals increasing in numbers, have the prices of real estate there skyrocketed? What is the average cost of a 3000 sqft home and a couple acres there?

            I don’t even know where to start in terms of finding a place to live there or in Panama, etc….. Any ideas?

            • Might want to check out International Living magazine (, especially their podcasts. Keep in mind they will praise the positives and might gloss over the negatives, so do your own diligence.

            • sure Doc……if u dont mind an ever expanding police state here in Panama, you can buy my beautiful 10 acre spread with art house and ocean and river canyon views, full of avocadoes and citrus and mangos, etc……..I really love the land and climate here, but am sick of the culture and govt and police…….Im ready to head further south………[email protected]

          • Everyone is so concerned about surviving in the flesh. I am reminded often of a phrase from an old Steven Seagal movie: “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die”. Everyone dies eventually. It’s whether you’ll LIVE after this is what should be important. Jesus is the answer.

      2. Wonder why NZ?

        • It must be that 33% personal income tax rate… 🙂

          China is fast becoming a huge trading partner, because NZ offers plush farmland and they export all manner of agricultural goods to Asia and the Americas. Thus, in a situation where food becomes scarce for whatever reason, in NZ you’d be good to go, as an individual or a business farm. It puts you out of major population zones. The entire country is maybe 5 million people – considerably less exposure to a golden horde than in the U.S.

          NZ offers some level of seclusion, though I am not 100% convinced they can distance and insulate themselves from a global collapse. The issue of war always pops up for me – as there is a strong chance this is the end game here… Strategically located just off the coast of Australia, NZ would not escape any conflict that may involve the Australians and other English speaking nations, unless somehow they managed to go Switzerland on us.

          Also, it may be a safer place to live with respect to the rise of the police state and the martial law possibility that concerns many.

          However, as has been pointed out already, the international bug out option is not a possibility for most of us. Most of us here, we’ve already taken steps on an individual and familial level to insulate ourselves as best we can, with the means we have available, and we continue to make lifestyle changes that improve our chances of surviving and thriving when faced with far-from-equilibrium scenarios.

          And in all honesty, if the entire world goes to hell, I’d rather take my chances in America than anywhere else. We can blend in easily, know the general area and region in which we live, have family, friends and neighbors that are here to help, and at last check we’re still able to provide for our own personal security, as evidenced by the nearly 11 million guns sold last year… If the world does go to war, I’m not sure there’s a better place to be than somewhere in the good ‘ol USA…

          *Edit* Also, there’s Canada.. Good people, same language, Canadian bacon, those funny Mounty hats (c’mon you guys from Canada have to admit those are entertaining), unfortunately some restrictive gun laws from what Daisy (Inalienably Yours) shared with me, but all in all I’d rather take my chances in a major Canadian city than, say, Los Angeles or New York (no offense intended to our West Coast / East Cost crew)

          • Mac i agree people should go to where they know the region, people, and language. no good in moving to brazil, or NZ if you dont have those variables covered, very good point you make sir.

            • Which is the reason I intend to bug in. I get people telling me all the time I should dump and run to a place more remote. While I do wish I was more remote (about 30 ppl per square mile around here) pulling up stakes and trying to establish something takes a lifetime. I’ve lived in this area all of my life. I know my neighbors and every nook and cranny in ever rock within 10 miles. I know all the hills, all the creeks and all the people. Plus, I have 30 acres in the middle of all that.

              Acquiring a life long place to work and live isn’t something you can do short term. All my resources are here. Were I to move someplace, it would take me years to develop those again. …and some I could never equal what I have here since my family was the 6th in the township after statehood.

              Bugging out, even if you prepped for it years in advance, is not an advantage if it lowers your ability to sustain yourself.

              I’ve got one friend that claims he’s going to bug out to the wilderness. Now, granted, this guy has no place to go, but his fantasy of living off the land is suicide since he’s never actually done it.

              The romantic notion of bugging out without any plans would be a crapshoot with dice you can’t even read. However, if you’re in the city, you better figure something out. I have no good words for cities now, come SHTF, they’ll be infinitely worse.

              The guy they’re talking about here is simply using his money to buy his way into a community. If it gets pretty bad, the locals will simply shoot him when he panics. He’ll be seen as an outsider and the only thing that will keep him safe is the money he spends on protection. Essentially, money will buy you what you think is security, however, when it all falls apart so will that.

            • Staying in an area because you know it and it’s people should only be a consideration, not the deciding factor. Staying in Germany in the 1940’s, as a jew, because your community was there, was not the best option. Staying in LA or NYC during a SHTF period would also likewise not be the most sensible option, even if you did feel part of the community there. That is only sheeple policy. ‘Must stay with the flock’ Think for yourself and family.

          • New Zealand has free medical care, but demands a complete physical and full disclosure of all ailments on your application for residency. They also have various categories for new citizens , something like $250,000 net per person, or having a skill deemed highly needed and a job already lined up.

            As lovely as the island is I suppose they can afford to be picky.

            • Here in the USA we want your poor, uneducated, Illegal,drug dependent,drug dealers,religous fanatics, and undesirables, as we have a medical and food stamp and cash benifits for all who can sneak across the boarders Come one come all its FREE.

            • You’re right. They also demand a low BMI/fat percentage – that’s right: a country with a ‘No Fat Chicks’ law.

              OTOH, I think it may be more due to the fact that they have fairly limited resources (natural, governmental, social) and don’t want to over-burden them.

              Many EU countries are like that as well (or fast becoming that way).

          • Mac, 4.5 million people. And for a country around the size of the the UK, yeah there’s plenty of room still. No snakes, no dangerous wild animals and a temperate climate. But we still have cannibals!!! The Maori people are just like the movie “Once we’re warriors” and they are all cannibals still!!! So stay away. Don’t go down there peeps!!!! It’s too dangerous!!! You’ll be eaten alive or thrown into the cooking pits (hangi) Stay in your own country!! You’ll be safer.

            • I second that…. stay right away!

            • And I third that………they drive like f$%^&in maniacs down there……..never seen anything like it, except maybe here in Panama or in Costa Rica…… least its warm here……..U can risk yur life in comfort……N.Z. is overrated, believeme………ugliest women in the world too………..hahahaha………sad but true…

          • Mac, NZ with Australia provide millions of sheep every year for the muslim haji, especially to Saudi Arabia.
            Between the 2 countries, they provide millions of tons of meat (sheep and goat) to the middle east. I have seen the docked ships unloading both the live sheep/goats and meat.
            What is sad concerning the article is, that it illustrates that the elite care nothing abouttheir fellow citizens. No one has stated a way to reverse course. Then to label Soros as a financier is inacturate. He is a gambler of other’s fortunes and a simpler adjective is: thief.

            • Perhaps the “real problem” is resolving itself right before us…

              The uber wealthy / “educated” socialist elitists drove us right into this economic / social mess for the sole purpose of their profit at the expense of the middle class by way of the current U.S. Tax Code – which was written and updated by none other then members of the wealthy socialist elite class. And the same tax code that also forces the middle class to pay for the poor. The poor who can’t pay taxes but certainly can vote.

              They first destroyed England and the British Empire. Now they have technicaly destroyed the United States.

              The 1% uber wealthy Socialist elitists ARE the problem and the fact that they are voluntarily leaving the U.S.A. just means that we don’t have to waste time and energy hunting them down and dragging them into the street before we begin the rebuilding/reconstitution of our United States.

              The authorities in the countries that these scoundrels are fleeing to should very carefully consider letting any of them into their country.

              My guess is that these destination countries will gladly accept these idiots’ moving their money into their countries banks, at which point the accounts can / will be frozen and these fleeing idiots cease to be of any further value to anyone and everyone in every country on earth.

              As others have already stated, the people of these destination countries will consider these uber wealthy socialist elitists as nothing but outsiders and interlopers.

              “Good luck, Cameron et. al.!” And good riddence!

          • It’s good hearing from you in detail like this, Mac. You make many excellent points.

            I know I’ll get lots of negative strikes for saying this here (as I seem to with everything I post, but oh well…), but I am thinking about relocating to Taiwan. Now I know what you’re thinking and I think the same: who dares to live so close to China? How crazy is that?

            I don’t know what to say, really. I’m a middle-aged high school economics teacher living in Los Angeles, CA. It doesn’t get much worse than here and believe me I know, I used to live Mexico City for awhile, many moons ago. If God was going to give North America an enema, He’d start in L.A.

            I’d love to relocate to northern AZ or northern NM but there is zero demand for my skills there. The same holds true for northern NV and southwestern CO, other places I’d also love to go.

            But I can’t just bail and live below the poverty level really, as I have a wife in frail health and we need the medical insurance pretty bad. She has macular degeneration and a weak immune system, and I have asthma, bad allergies, and have to wear corrective lenses. My seniority at work is such that I am pretty secure here barring total collapse, so I just keep on keepin’ on and trying to do a good job, looking after my students and helping them prep.

            The Mrs. and I practice our marksmanship and are adding to our preps, but as I’ve said before here if TS really HTF I don’t think we’ll make it. We do our best to eat healthy and stay fit but the above health issues and our age make it less likely we’d survive. =(

            She has citizenship in Taiwan though and so we could always go there. It’s one place where my teaching skills are in very high demand, they pay very well, and medical care is pretty good. I am more worried for my wife than for me, of course.

            So there it is. Kind of sucks, huh? Live on the edge at ground zero here in L.A. or live in China’s shadow. Scary as the second one is I tend to think China’s more interested in central Asia’s oil and the energy reserves in the South China Sea than in Taiwan, but I could always be wrong. Meanwhile, L.A. becomes an ever-wilder, more dangerous urban jungle day by day.

            All I can say is that I am glad I am saved, for I trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior years ago. Just praying the wife will, too, before things go sideways in this evil world. She goes to church and hears the Gospel, so I am hopeful. Please pray for her, her name is Iris…

            Thanks for everything, Mac.

            • Scott —

              What exactly are your skills? You mentioned being an economics teacher. Anything else? Carpentry? Mechanical ability? Any medical experience?

              I live in northwestern AZ, 100 miles from Las Vegas. Always looking to connect with like-minded individuals who can adapt… people who are mechanically inclined, or who have advanced first aid training, experience with small scale farming and/or livestock, etc.

              Will keep Iris in our prayers. You too. Godspeed, brother.

            • Scott,

              My heart goes out to you and Iris. Your last paragraph touched on what I was thinking from the beginning of your post. Give it to Jesus. “Unless the Lord builds the house he who builds it labors in vain”. Cameron is no more secure in his preparation than you are.


            • i felt compelled to prey for you so i did.not common practice.first time talkin to anyone on computer.fear not even if you both die you will be and peace.kelly in missouri

            • Scott,

              You will certainly be no better off in Taiwan, which already has a Chinese puppet “president”. Yes, China is interested in taking Taiwan back into the fold, as they have old issues to resolve that China has not forgotten. To think you will be better off bailing, you are only fooling yourself, unless you have megabucks to buy a new life; which it sounds like you do not.

              I am not sympathetic to people who have lived a decent life here, where others have earned thier freedom for them, then when the going is about to get bad, they think it’s cool to run away. I mentioned that before…

              Do you think you are the only one who will be in a jam when the hammer falls? You are not. Do you really think that you will be warmly accepted anywhere else in the world when you run away? You will not. I rather doubt the Chinese will even see fit to let you live when they take Taiwan back; you be just another dead gu-li to them.

              There will most likely always be someplace you can find a way to make a living here, maybe not in whatever field you know best, but that is the lot not just here, but world-wide.

              Don’t put too much stock in being “saved”, either. When you croak, you will find the Other Side is not like you have been told to believe. On the other hand, if you believe you are saved, what are you afraid of?

            • Hi Scott,

              You might look into Provo, Utah. It is a mid-sized community with good medical facilities. To the west is vast national forest and further to the west there are huge ranches that are selling off their land in multi-acre parcels. You could live and work in Provo while buying some land at the same time.

              I work as an Electronic Design Engineering consultant– analog and digital electronics design, and real-time embedded systems programming. Provo has a lot of high-tech, and so I am considering moving there.

              As the public schools deteriorate in quality, I foresee a need for more private schools, or even something completely different: “Concierge Educator”– where you are paid an annual fee for each student, and where you assist families with homeschooling their children– while handing any problems that come up with your knowledge, skills, and creativity. What do you think?

          • Alex Jones made a very interesting observation last night on a personal video he made. He suggests Cameron, along with many others, are relocating to remote locations of the world in anticipation of some very sinister stuff about to happen. Alex suggest this may be a move out of the way from a biological disaster that may be on the horizon. Imagine if Plum Island had a massive accident and every twisted thing it contained leaked into the environment. I don’t know if this the plan or not, but the US has many of these labs across the country. Only one accident, whether deliberate or not, would be disastrous for the world.

            This video should give you some insight as to what these people have been up to for decades.


            I don’t have all the answers, but I would definitely suggest having a small stock of antibiotics of both pharmaceutical and organic grades. A bottle of Colloidal Silver can be purchased for around $12.00 a bottle and is a great multipurpose antimicrobial / antibiotic. This may all be nothing more than speculation, but why not have a little of this stuff around just in case Alex is right about this.

            • I am not as worried about an “accident” at one of our labs as opposed to a deliberate release of a bioweapon with no warning. Keep in mind that there are many of these “research facilities” outside of the USA and all it would take would be for another tsunami-like event to knock out the power and containment would be breached. Labs that work with the worst pathogens use overpressure and negative pressure to keep pathogens in the proper parts of the facility. How do you maintain these pressures? Have to have compressors to do it. What do these compressors run on? What would happen during a long term power outage? Generators? What happens when those run out of fuel? Anyway, all our best-laid plans and preparations could be destroyed by a pathogen released to cull the herd. If it is an airborne agent then New Zealand might not even be immune. I would imagine that any planned bioweapon release would not be that virulent as to last in the environment for long because at some point even the elites will run out of vaccine for their heirs. I think airborne transmission is a possibility but only with a non-persistant pathogen; something that does not develop spores like anthrax but would have a short life span outside the human body so sunlight would kill it. If the biological attack is implemented, I will be looking to “borrow” a bluewater sailboat and head for the South Pacific. Lots of atolls where living off the land would be relatively easy and humans would be scarce or nonexistent.

            • Alex Jones is always anticipating something sinister. He makes a living off peddling disaster tales to gullible people who keep falling for his crap. If he really believed what he preaches he would have left the country long ago like he advises everyone else to do. Yet, he is still here sitting on his big fat ass, stirring up the non thinkers who continue to purchase his materials and believe his bull shit. What a crock….
              Oh and by the way, just keep using that colloidal silver and you will turn blue. Another scam…. Don’t believe it? Just Google colloidal silver..

            • LoL @ Dennis. As for Alex Jones, whatever, I commented on his observation which is interesting. Whatever he is into otherwise is irrelevant when considering a single point of focus.

              In regards to Colloidal Silver, there is one case of that and the guy was using a lot of it everyday. He is the only documented person that turned into a smurf. You are clueless and sound like a shill to me. One of those paid trolls that attempts to discredit people with baseless attacks with nothing to back it up.

          • yeah the gun “laws” are restrictive, however in many senses it is freeer here, in the sense we dont have such large segments of federal government spying as much and tracking etc…. however it has gotten worse… i mean , the second ammendment has been shredded in america already, i see it getting much more restrictive in america if people dont stand up for the constitution.i will say this… when i went to high school in the late 1980s and early 90s (A very rural high school with about 800 students)it was still acceptable for a student to come to school in his pickup with a gun rack with gun on it…. now, this would not be acceptable at all anywhere really….. handguns have been taboo for a long time, most of my life… im 38 now….we have all had our rights and our responsibilities for that matter , stamped on… crushed.

            • by here i mean canada!

            • Hey fellow Canuck!

          • I will also, stay in the US. My reasoning may be a little different then yours.

            On and island you only have so much wild ground that is is available to the survivalist.

            Right now, I live in a coastal mountain range and right along side the Cascade Mountain Range. This gives me a wider area to bugout to if the need should arise.

            I feel comfortable in both these areas.

            God bless and keep on prepping.

          • NZ is english speaking, with arable land, some industry, and a low population density. High taxes and restrictive laws aside (and if you have Cameron’s money, is either of those really an issue?) if there is a nuclear exchange, the southern hemisphere is likely to emerge most less worse for wear (not as many belligerents south of the equator). But, honestly other than the nuclear angle, why not just stay in Canada, or the US?

          • Just wait until China invades New Zealand for all of it’s resources. We shall see what Mr. Cameron does then.

            • Bingo. And I’d not put it past ’em to turn New Zealanders into char siu, either.

              It all goes in the rice bowl!

            • If China ever invades New Zealand, they better remember one thing!! We shear our sheep down here! They better bring there own sheep if they wanna get into that kinky stuff. We’re not like those Aussies and Welsh Velcro glove slappers!!! We don’t share, we shear them. With shearers!! Hahahaha

            • He has money and therefore options. He moves again.

          • Mac,
            Major Canadian cities are just as bad as any American ones – unless you count Detroit 🙂 In some respects they are even worse because the criminal element has weapons but the ‘good’ populace have none. Guess who has the advantage there.
            How do I know? I’m Canadian and I’ve lived in Toronto and Montreal. Moved to the States 14 yrs ago and am much happier with the additional liberty (and the Glock, Mossbergs, and Remington)

            • Tony, thanks for your input. Definitely good info. Best way to get to know an area is to talk to the locals. Much appreciated.

        • Nuclear-free zone.
          No “land” snakes.

          • New Zealand does have earthquakes: relatively big ones. I seem to recall at least two in its major cities/major city in 2011.

            • It’s on the “ring of fire”……not a good place to be…….

        • T–

          Maybe because NZ is a “gated” community… requiring at least a million clams to “join”???? Ya can’t get in without it! old saying: ” like-minded folks” come to mind? all that money and nothing good to spend it on….

        • Why NZ? A number of reasons. They have a low population density, have a lot of largely undeveloped and unspoiled wilderness areas (watch the Lord of the Rings movies for a good look), have great fishing, they speak English (mostly), it’s not all that difficult to get permission to reside there, and their economic condition is reasonably solid. They are also not that far from Australia if you need something that NZ does not offer. Only downside I can see is that both NZ and Aus are a LONG ways from the US. Some would see that as a plus but those with family here would not.

          • Agree on most. You are dead wrong about being easy to reside there. It is next to impossible to get citzenship.
            Hundreds if not thousands of Americans have tried it. I applied for a job in NZ in the engineering field and there were over 5000 applicants.

          • MagMan, I took your advice and watched Lord of the Rings to check out the landscape of NZ, and there is no way I would move there! Orcs, Goblins, Oliphants…. No way I’m moving there!

            • Yeah!! Especially those who live on the west coast. They are the worst!!!

      3. 2nd!

      4. Interesting article, meshes with other wealthy elites purchasing land elsewhere.

        Please consider the ramifications of the following article: GE sending X-ray division to China… :

        And for those of you thinking about just moving to some Bug Out Location, there is this to consider… :

        We are about to live out that old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

      5. its easier said then done.. most of the people who comes on this website can’t afford to leave the country and buy a ranch/farm. its just not within our means.

        we are debating wheter to move from Southern California to Texas. but do I leave the security of my job and move to another state or just ride it over here in California.

        • depends on what part of so Cal your in, if your anywhere near L.A i would high tail out of there. granted, its easier said than done, hoewver when you look at gang problems in l.a and what can happen there when SHTF i would start making plans to leave soon. id rather be in texas than l.a during an economic collapse. btw im from north cal and dont have it any easier here w/ oakland so close. but plan on moving asap!

        • I’m in the same boat and know just how you guys feel.

          I want out of Los Angeles but there is no work for me elsewhere, and the Mrs. and I need our medical insurance pretty bad. We’re still working and able to put food on the table, thank God. If I had something else I’d walk away but in this economy there’s just nothing.

          So we are, stuck in The Jungle with few options and no good ones.

        • Anon… you get your family and yourself out of CA ASAP. CA is sliding into the financial abyss and it will take you and yours with it when it finally goes. Of all the states west of the Mississippi, CA is the LAST place in the US I would want to live. This does not mean that you should abandon the place in the dead of night, though. Make some plans, find a decent job elsewhere, sell off the things you can’t take with you. But don’t waste a lot of time doing these things. No one knows when we will see a SHTF situation. It’s pretty clear that we will be seeing one in the near future but whether that is next month, next year, or 3 years from now, who can say? There is wisdom in the comment that “it is better to be a year early than a minute too late”. All the best to you and yours.

      6. this bastard bought 2000 acres….i wish i was in his shoes….with money to do what i thought was best for my family

        • it was actually 2600 acres, which I believe is about one half of New Zealand.

          • You must be an American. 2600 acres half of New Zealand???? You americans’ lack of knowledge re thie rest of the world is unbelievable!!!

            • It was just a joke, don’t take it personally, mate. Just a little sarcasm.

              Actually another reason is that many more celebs than you think are clued into the “Changes”.

              Most esoteric sources suggest New Zealand will rise rather than sink during a Pole Shift.

              And hey! The land is beautiful and clean isn’t it?

            • Honestly dude, you lack wisdom. Change your handle or change your mind.

            • Whoa there, Wisdom! I was just a little jab. No need to insult. “wisdom” would probably tend to include the ability to detect sarcasm and humor.

            • Wisdom?

              More like Wisdumb.

              Enroll in your local night school’s Sense of Humor class. You need the practice.


            • America is still the greatest country in the world and you know it. Everything that you enjoy today in the way of technology and civilization is a result of American innovation and ingenuity. So don’t tell me that we lack anything Mr. wise guy!! We have our problems, but so do other countries , only worse. Most of these people on this site would want to return to America after about a week in any other part of the world. This idea of relocation to another part of the world is a crack pipe dream….

            • You just got kicked off of the island.

            • Wow!!! Struck some raw nerves there huh

            • I used to think that America was the greatest (and most free) country on Earth– that is, until I went traveling around the world and actually SAW what other countries were like.

              My conclusions: America is *NOT* “The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”– it is more the “The Land of the People who *believe* they are free, and Home of the Couch-Potato Heroes”. *WE*, are a nation of fat. lazy, bigoted and cowardly SHEEP that are hopelessly brainwashed into thinking that we are free. We sit in front of our television and cheer on our military “gladiators” as they slaughter millions of (mostly unarmed) innocent people in foreign lands– most of which had *NOTHING* to do with 9/11. Yeah team! Go team go! Yeah! KILL THOSE terrorists!

              The reality is, that *WE* are the *REAL* terrorists. I feel terrorized every time I have to fly, and I know that I am about to be humiliated by the TSA– as a result I refrain from flying unless I absolutely have to and there is no way around it. (AND– the TSA has never caught even ONE terrorist– all the while violating the rights of millions of people every day– so whatever it is that they are doing has nothing real to do with our “safety” as they claim it is.)

              The truth of the matter is, that the USA is sliding down the slippery slope of fascism, and is rapidly becoming a NAZI-style totalitarian police state. Any hope of living in a rural area or even out in the wilderness, and being completely untouched by this is only a childish fantasy.

              Millions of people (not just millionaires) are moving out of the USA in droves. The rate is accelerating as the police-state is further realized. If I could move to another country, I most certainly would– probably somewhere in South America.

              You could equate this time in our history as similar to the the time in NAZI Germany when some of the Jewish people had the good sense to get the hell out– just before the crackdown on the “undesirables” (as Hitler called them), in which millions of people were loaded on train cars to be taken to the death camps.

              I see the “evil train” coming, but I have no means to leave the country or I would, and RIGHT NOW…

          • Wisdom I think you will find he is joking

      7. Good riddance. Take Warren Buffet and Barack Obama with you.

        • I hope he will charter a plane for all of his Hollywood friends and take them too!

      8. this is news how? we know the floor could fall out, they know it, the only ones that dont are the sheep.

      9. I am. But what is a middle class family to do? I have people in this country I care for. I have a church that I love. We do all the prepper work we can. We live in a southern state. We own guns and plenty of bullets. We have people that we can rely on in a crisis. People can rely on us for the same.

        Leaving the country is surely an option, but I’m not wealthy. I need a job. Expat sites say this is easy. Go teach English. Take some photos. Work as a bartender in Thailand. Live for $400 in Ecuador. I doubt it is as easy as all that.

        Those that run these sites live out of a briefcase and have no responsibility to anyone but themselves. Being an adventurer sure is easy without two kids and a spouse. Cameron probably has his own jet. He can splash back and forth across the globe as he wishes. Good for him.

        Sound like excuses but no one has given me a great answer about realistically leaving if one does not have work or is independently wealthy. I’m all ears.

        • Hi IT, I agree with you. I am one of the fortunate ones who live in the country on ag land(4 acres) so I can have a large garden. I am retired with a little SS. Without SS I would be in a bad way.
          Best to see if you have a relative in rural area but if none do the best you can with what you have and hope/pray for the best.I don’t have all the answers there will be so many folks that don’t have anything that some prep is better than none. Regard, James

        • Bloom in place. No need to fear. WE can deal with whatever comes.

          WE weren’t gonna live forever anyway. We’ll all manage by working together….. as WE use too.

          • Roger that DK! My roots are deep and the soil is rich. I’m not going anywhere. I think some of the problems with this country is people too readily ditch their current conditions when the going gets a little tough. Americans used to be in it for the long haul. Now, however, the government wants to tax the living shit our of you if you stay in the same place too long. Wether its marriages or housing, people people are too eager to change. Been married to my one and only wife for 28 years. Been living on the same square of land for 43 years. Let the troubles come. I know where all the good shooting positions are to cover any situation and I know how to get there surreptitiously.

            …which reminds me. I have a friends 308 I need to free float.

        • Get your ears ready. OK, stay in California but make sure it is on the coast. Get yourself a sailboat. I picked up my sailboat for next to nothing as no one has the time or money to keep one anymore. Seriously, I got a 150K sailboat for less a little over 10K. I now live on this boat and if or when TSHTF, I’m going to go off shore as far as I can and wait it out.

          Now, you might think that I should fear “pirates” but anything that runs on fuel isn’t going to be coming out where I am as those boats can burn through hundreds of gallons an hour. When TSHTF, fuel will be at a premium and no one is going to waste it coming out to see what some people on a sailboat are up to. Oh yeah, just because we are a sailboat doesn’t mean that we do not have the means to make our own electricity. Hell, we even have radar. Good luck sneaking up on us.

          Finally, I live in a community where everyone has radios, generators, maps and charts, first aid kits, etc. Where do you want to be if it all goes south?

          • Going 43 foot South on a Hans Christian.

            • The pirates will chop your hairy bawls off.

          • Just watch out for the other pirates, the ones marked USCG, DHS, and USN.

        • AIT, i totally agree with you, i can easily move out of the country, but it would be to a third world shit hole, which im not sure how well it would hold up if there was a global crisis.

          plus i have family, friends, and land in a remote area so i wouldnt want to leave all that behind, i guess our last stand will be here in home town USA

        • “But what is a middle class family to do?”

          What good folks have ALWAYS done… the very best we can! Leaving the US is an option for those who can afford to do so. For the rest of us, we tough it out in the best place we can find. Typically, that will be in a small community that is 350-400 miles from the big cities. If it has a decent climate and a good source of water, all the better. If you find such a place and can move there, get involved in it… make friends, volunteer, help others, get a bit of land and grow some food, prepare for hard times. Your biggest problem is likely to be finding a job but persistence will pay off there too. Some folks out there will say that this is just too difficult. I agree that it is difficult but will say that the things in life that are truly worthwhile are always difficult. This does not mean that we should avoid doing them. On the contrary, it means that we should dig in our heels and increase the effort we are making.

      10. This is the writing on the wall. It’s becoming more apparent to everyone.

      11. I still kick myself for being talked into spending perfectly good money on that stupid mother earth hugging, anti-military, leftist piece of crap movie, Avatar!

        We could have bought a lot of beans and rice with that $$$!
        (Okay, the 3D effects WERE awesome, but the liberal bias was nauseating!)

        (((RANT OFF))) 🙂

        • Didn’t see it. I am my own Avatar. Be your own Avatar.

          • I see one movie a year, and Avatar is not one I’ve seen.

            Movies aren’t going to be around in another generation anyway.

        • i agree. there is such a distinct lack of adoration of the troops. hardly anybody even acknowledges them. far more people should adore adults who sign contracts to kill people and break stuff at the behest of the world banking cartels and their client governments.

          good point!

          • also, we need more rare earth metal refinement cesspools and fewer forests.

            that james cameron is a total dickwad. i can’t believe that he would think it would be cool if people stopped destroying their planet.

            • also, those smug liberals with their desire to live free of cancer causing toxicity. when will they learn? jesus, thomas jefferson, and friedman co-wrote wonderful book that everyone should read, it’s called “shit where you eat: a primer for everyday americans.”

        • You are stupid.
          Avatar can as easily be seen as a movie about a person realizing what one’s real worthy goals are, or some freedom fight.

        • So watch your copy of Atlas Shrugged and the effects of watching Avatar will be magically washed away. 😉

          • 41MagMan,
            Advice taken! Thanks for the help. 🙂

      12. Folk. Plan for the worst…and hope for the best. Be mindful that we are not going to “Mad Max” days. I used to be a contractor and many folks were well armed and stocked. I was in many homes. Many will band together. In my own town I teamed up with the neighbors. We stock “humanitarian packets” to hand out to our friends and neighbors. Also, having many cases of ammo…is plenty. I don’t plan on going to war or a revolution. We in middle America will just stay home. It’s unfortunate but the United States will be sucked into the UN’s NWO and eventually they will get the future generations living in fema type cities. They are crashing the economy and I think the fema camps will be the new cities with small factories and high rise “stack ’em and pack’em” apartments. Many will flock to this. This is all too big for a few million gun owners to take on. Sucks but the only way out of all this is to have the military take over and toss out congress and the Federal Reserve. I think with internet voting…the only way to keep us free is to make it so no one can be bribed. Have everyone vote on everything they wish to vote on. The days of representatives are clear that these folks were bribed…hence the federal reserve. We will see pockets of SHTF. Be mindful that America is aging. I don’t see middle aged folks fighting a war. I draw the line on being disarmed from my shotgun. Those guns are needed to stop any future Nazis type death camps. Funny how socialists and communists all end in some folks getting killed. The black vs white thing is going away as the race lines are getting blurred. In a few more generations, blacks will not be…well….black. I worked with a guy right from Africa. He said one day…”I AM BLACK”. He said that the American blacks were getting “watered down” and soon America will be a real blend of races of mixed blood. Spare me any racists remarks folks. These thoughts came right from my African friend. I do hope that having Obama in office gets what my African friend called, “The American chip on the back shoulders” goes away. As I type this…me a white guy…I hear my my black upstairs neighbor and his pretty wife. We live in a double peacefully. So there you go. Integration. Our friends we have dinner with. We banded together to see things through. So we are entering an age of transition. Races, generational, transition from constitutional to the UN NWO…which sucks. I just hope we have some generals in the pentagon planning to deal with all this crap and get us back to constitutional values. Sound money. Get our asses out of the rest of the worlds business. Rebuild the factories. For any OWS folks…you need to organize and get folks to boycott China and foreign goods. Walmart and other places should offer a choice of American products. They just built a super Walmart in my area. I will never set foot in the place. Walmart…you single handedly fucked up America. I do fear that martial law will go down. Be prepared to live like this for years to come. My guess is they are looking for Nuke parts hidden in little old lady underwear. ha. The only thing that will blow up is their colonostopy bags. ha. peace to all. Revenge to any who inflict harm on my family. We are the middle class. We do the weekday grind. We live in peace. Cross that line and you will turn many of us into something you cannot control. NWO, we live in peace. If you start anything we will finish it. NWO…we know where all your bunkers are. We will weld the doors shut and dump concrete down the air and exhaust shafts. You can count on it. Don’t fuck with us and leave us to our lives in peace. Any govt. agents reading this….I am not a terrorist. I am an American. You need to remember there are millions of NRA members. We are the backbone of this country and your last line of defense. UN…you will NEVER disarm us. If you do…we will just make our own arms. It’s not hard. Cross hairs to anyone that disrupts our peaceful way of life. Got it fuckos?!!!

        • Outstanding!! Words well spoken….

        • Don’t count on the military to help. The lower ranks are full of gang members, alcoholics, and wife-beaters, and the higher ranks are full of political appointees, bureaucrats, and talking heads.

          The black vs. white thing is going away? Don’t be ridiculous. Race may be less out in the country where you know your neighbors, but in the city and the suburbs, the color of skin and the language you speak will be your uniform and your ID badge when the SHTF. Have you ever heard the term “ethic enclave”? All over urban America, there are closed neighborhoods, where English isn’t even spoken, and American values absolutely do not exist.

        • Paragraphs please. Difficult to read!

        • I have been to a FEMA camp and am convinced that they are intended to keep the masses out while the elect wait it out in their dormatory eating food storage. I also think farms will be a magnet for hungry people and because of their geography tend to be difficult to defend.

          I began with the end in mind and built an off-grid retreat in a small mountain community. We have very few tillable acres within our easily defendable borders, but garden space nearby. I still find rural properties with tillable acreage at foreclosure auctions and put the money I set aside for one in silver a couple years ago. My consulting clients all want mini-farms so there are a number of those who will take me in for my expertise alone. Once we settle into the farm, the secluded retreat will become our bug out location and our neighbors there will look after it.

          • You can tell an old farm because the structures are at the highest point… as for whats going to happen in the us,, where watching a model of the big bang theory,and she’s about to blow

          • the razor wire on top is facing in, that would tell me, it is intended to keep the masses in!!

        • Right on, man! While we cannot control the world or the US (and just who wants to, anyway), we can have some control over our own tiny piece of it. That is why a lot of us prep. We want choices, no matter what happens, that can only be available to us IF we have the tools and the skills to get done what we need to do. I don’t think that everything will be fine unless we all make an effort to help things get that way. My opinion is that not much of anything “just happens”, including getting through a SHTF scenario.

          As to the race thing… worrying about it seems to be one of those hobgoblins of small minds. Personally, I don’t give a rats rosy red about what color someone’s skin, hair, or eyes happens to be. What really matters is what is in their heart and soul, what do then know, and what can they do. Anyone filled with hate is someone to be avoided and color be damned. What color am I? Why, I am a very nice shade of light brown. Other folks are reddish brown, yellowish brown, or dark brown. All of us bleed red. We are all people, human beings with choices to make. Making good choices for the right reasons is what separates the humans among us from the two-legged animals who cause about 99% of life’s problems. Recognizing them when we see them is more difficult than recognizing someone from any particular ethnic group but it is a helluva lot more useful! Peace, brothers and sisters. 🙂


      13. Regarding the web sites that urge one to bug out to another country.

        While many of these writers are likeable and articulate, nevertheless, they are selling something.
        Why attempt to sell your services to others if your investment scenarios are such a sure fire thing?

        Leave the U.S. and attempt to get a job elsewhere? …. Ahhh, it’ll be instructive to take a survey of 100 folks who’ve done it. How they managed to pass immigration requirements, and circumvented both US exit and foreign entry customs & smuggled their PMs into the new host country. And how they managed to set up a source to exchange portions of those PMs for local currency to use for immediate needs (without getting their throat cut).

        Talk is cheap.
        Expatriating can be done, but realistically it’ll be feasible only for a relative few.

        • Agreed Jim. When the SHTF, America will be one of the best places to be. The criminals will be in a FEMA camp and the rest of US will work together to get US all on OUR feet again.

          No need to buy fear via a monthly subscription or learn Spanish. You would still be a Gringo there.

          • durango, I hope you are correct for my kids sake, but, I don’t agree with you. You may be the one in the FEMA camp, not the bad guys. And with all of the millions of Americans on meds, do you really think they are going to be calm and reasonable when the local drugstore doesn’t have their antidepressants and tranquilizers? How about the fact that Americans have much farther to fall then those in 3rd world countries and will not handle the change as well? I live in the Philippines. Here most of the 90 million people would not even notice a world depression. But, you can be sure that the average American will. Patriotism is a false idea of what the US really is in today’s world. It is a land of obese, spoiled, uneducated, armed children.

            • FEMA camps are a lot like the Superdome during post Katrina. There are those who were herded like cattle to the stadium voluntarily and involuntarily, yet there were those who planned ahead got together with neighbors and organized small enclaves of well defended and fortified neighborhoods against the criminal gangs and police who came to take their weapons. Whether or not you end up in a FEMA Camp depends entirely on whether or not you allow them to take you to a FEMA Camp, if you get my meaning.

            • The smart ones thought ahead and left town TC for a Cat V. Didn’t the Mayor leave town also?

            • Anonymous, having lived through five major hurricanes (2 in Florida, 3 in Puerto Rico) I can attest to the fact that roads get clogged shockingly quickly and the last place I want to be stuck is in my car surrounded by a million friends and neighbors on some inaccessible stretch of interstate with a Category 5 hurricane bearing down only hours away. I’d rather bug in and be in a solid structure with food, water, medical supplies, communications, portable generator, etc.

              Evacuation is always the best and safest course of action, but when the ill-informed mayor only gives you a few hours to leave, you must perform your own risk analysis and be extremely pro-active and conservative in order to leave well before the official evacuation order is given.

              Hopefully you’re not on an island, then you’re really *stuck* (not exactly the word I intended to use).

            • Agree TC, been through a few myself not including the one I flew through. The biggest problem after leaving town is not being allowed back unless you have a uniform on with an I.D.

              That one in Rosy was a big one years back.

            • The “ill informed mayor” was informed many days in advance by the weather doctor; Dr. Bob Sheets. People that live in a sunken bowl by the ocean knew it also. It was well documented. New Orleans was “in the cone” as Katrina cpa’ed Naples.


              Hopefully those that looted stores for flatscreens afterwards will watch hurricane warnings on high resolution in the future. The people that suffered the most were in the rest care facilities. The people in the dome made their choice. They were not rounded up.

            • @ Anonymous, excellent point you make about returning home. I think I recall the hurricane that hit Roosevelt Roads. I was flying for American Eagle at that time and I flew dozens of relief flights to the devastated Virgin Islands after we brought the planes back to San Juan from our evacuation staging area in Aruba.

              The storm damage was stunning, even biblical, to say the least. Not a roof left intact and absolutely no green vegetation as far as the eye could see on St. Thomas. That was a bad one.

            • Does amr still hold stock in you?

            • “I’d rather bug in and be in a solid structure with food, water, medical supplies, communications, portable generator, etc. – TC

              Well, that’s just it. VERY few homes, even in hurricane country, are built well enough to withstand winds of 150-200 mph. Those that say they are most often will withstand winds of 100 or 120 mph but not much more than that. Once the house gets to twisting, the nails pull out and the walls fall in. That or the roof gets ripped off. To “bug in” as you say is perfectly feasible but only IF the house you are in is designed specifically to resist high winds… and few are. Not that it is difficult to build a house that can stand up to high winds. If the walls and rafters are all bolted together and screws are used instead of nails, there is a very good chance that such a house would survive a bad hurricane. Otherwise? Not so much.

            • @ Anonymous, I left Eagle 15 years ago for another carrier. AMR still owns Eagle but I’m not sure what will happen to Eagle and its employees during the bankruptcy.

            • Bill T: I will not be in a FEMA Camp. These camps are for the obese, spoiled, uneducated, criminals you mentioned.

              I work out every day and have for years. I am 6’1″ and 235 lbs with no fat. Its all muscle and bone. I am very well educated at my own expense, and been on my own since I was 17 and a senior in high school; so I am not spoiled either.

              Patriotism is not a false idea, but pride in a special ideal and an attempt to live up to a certain standard of morality and excellence.

              America is an ideal.

              It is perfect in concept but imperfect in practice as many citizens fail to give their best every day. Worse many use the system and take what they can, giving little back. Others manipulate it where they can for their own self interests.

              Its an imperfect world and always will be. Still it is enough to do what WE can,when We can, as WE can, in whatever way WE can, and consider the impacts and implications for others in OUR actions as WE do it.

              Ideals are seldom achieved but they are worthy benchmarks to guide US.

              As for the Philippines, they will not survive the Changes, and like Hawaii, will be washed clean in the Pole Shift. So come home or head south to New Zealand.

          • The criminals will be in a FEMA camp? What a ridiculous fantasy.

            We are all criminals in the eyes on the law. It’s not just gun laws that target innocent, productive citizens, it the vast majority of laws that target innocent, productive citizens. If you define criminals as pot smokers, tax-resisters, men who can’t afford draconian child-support payments, and the like, then I’ll be among the first wave to storm the FEMA camps and liberate the “criminals”.

          • @ 41MagMan, all excellent points. That’s why I have a storm cellar able to withstand almost anything mother nature has in store except perhaps a direct meteor impact. In which case evacuation maybe a moot point. Debris blocking the cellar entrances would probably be the biggest concern being underground.

        • Jim, Last I checked, at least 7 million Americans live in foreign countries and most work there. I live in the Philippines and about 10% of the population work over seas, many in the US for now. You can come here, get a retirement Visa if you are over 35 with an income from investments or you can invest in a business here for income. You cannot own land, but you can lease it for 50 years and build a home. Cost of living is half or less than in the States for a similar life style. I live very nice in a condo for about $800 per month total expenses. Health care is cheap and equal to the US. A haircut is $1.25. Etc. It is possible if you really want to live somewhere else.

          • BillT

            Years ago I sailed my sailboat around the south pacifc looking for a new california. Checked out Tahiti,fiji,New Zealand,OZ,etc (especially NZ and OZ, spent a year in each and gave each a through evaluation)
            I didn’t find anything better than CA.
            To a large degree, that was due to immigration requirements (the days of showing up somewhere and working/settling are long gone. The world’s too crowded).

            Yeah, I know, you all say LA ..gangs, blah,blah,blah.
            How ignorant. Anyone with smarths & means lives near the coast in CA (because of the temperate climate). Would that survive a meltdown? Of course not. In a true financial meltdown the WHOLE world is likely to turn into a hellhole as the consequences of a U.S. collapse ripple outward.

            So Philippines too would feel the effects in time.
            Relocating there is false economy.
            In a true SHTF situation, at least for a couple years, I’d want to be as far removed from other humans as possible.

      14. Perhaps it’s cheaper there to do business..and heard he’s moving his production company there as well..not verified.

        A list of all the elitists leaving the mainland would substantiate some of the conjecture here.

        Very few of us could ever afford expatriation as most Americans can barely afford their mortgages and basic living expenses..including myself.

        The super wealthy have always bought islands and getaways to foreign lands…

        Are we jumping to conclusions here?

        Just asking..

      15. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYAYAAAAAAAAAAA! F.I.R.S.T. first. Yeah!!!!!!! Feels so good! Booom. (does a little dance) In YOUR FACE SUCKAS!! Oh… oh shit never mind. my bad.

      16. Mac, We’re listening! The banksters and politicians are ONLY interested in maintaining the illusion of confidence in the monetary system, and that will spell disaster in a few years when people realize that there is no more hopium left.

      17. “I’m the King of the World” and I can live anywhere I damn please, peasants!

        • Um…OK…

      18. I was, I am, and I wasn’t even first. This story reminds me of the avatar named sheepfucker over at zerohedge. A dozen killed in Egypt at a soccer match tonight. I didn’t know they could kick a ball that hard. My CPA said I should keep my sailboat for a BOP.

        • Lets say somewhere out in the middle of Kansas there is a gated and fenced camp with food water and a 800 sq. ft. shelter for each family of 3 to 4 people. IF!!! you are lucky enough to still be alive after the 8.5 big one and accompaning sunami hits either coast, or New Madrid fault, where would you rather be preps or not. In your 5000 sq. ft. flattened home in La., Memphis, or water loged New York city appartment, or a well runned and policed bug out camp paid for by your tax dollars with access for all rich or poor?


          • kansas sucks… especially when the tornado’s literally suck you outta your house up into the sky… and throws your 4×4 truck a mile like a match box toy car… ( survived 5 of em’ class 5 ) if you wanna be safe head for the Rockies or Appalachian mountains. beware da’ local locals… they like robbin’ and harassing the new fish. just give em’ back what they give and they’ll usually back off … if they don’t… add em’ to your garden.

            • Sucks to be you… I’ve lived here in Kansas since 1969 – I’ve seen two tornado’s up close and personal and been within a quarter mile of one… I’ve seen maybe 6 funnel cloud formations and I’ve even ‘chased’ a few… my wife had the Topeka tornado back in 66 take the roof off their home, but I’ve never met anyone whose had as much bad luck as you… but hey, I love it here… bad weather and all, at least with a tornado – i can step out on the back porch and see it coming (unless it’s in the middle of the night – that’s when it really gets fun) where as in California, there’s really no where to go during an earthquake… I guess it’s all in what you get use to…

          • I don’t care how much you try to make a moose turd pie sound good, it still tastes like a moose turd pie. A FEMA camp is a FEMA camp no matter how much you make it sound nice. I would rather live in the ruins of my damaged house than have the govt. run my life even more than they already do. Try asking an elderly Japanese American who lived in an internment camp how enjoyable that was. I realize that it wasn’t a SHTF scenario back then but i would still tell the FEMA boys and girls to kiss my ass.

            • Actually, Rainy, I am sure that the elderly Japanese-Americans who ended up in those camps thought that it was all the SHTF they could stand.

              As to SHTF, yes, it will be a HUGE s**t sandwich and we’re all gonna have to take a bite. Maybe that’s the difference between being prepped or not. If we’re prepped, we only have to take 1 bite, not live on the damned thing. 🙁

        • Lay down the opium pipe and start making sense. and its over 70 were killed. that must be some good stuff youve got

          • aimed at hairy bawls not TBONE

          • 79 plus you would be 80.

      19. Not like there is anything the average person is going to do about the elite preparing. We might be able to stock up on some canned goods but really what else can the average person afford to do?

        • Watch dimlib PBS free tv and call up to donate BIG TIME for your stupid lib friend and say “bill me”, at his/her address and give them his/her phone #.

        • I don’t know you, but the fact that your reading about things that may not end well tends to make me think my money is on you rather than the rich guy. Having money and knowledge would be nice . . . but the money without knowledge – not so sure that the rich guy plan works. Adapt, improvise, overcome – the best prep is in a mind set to overcome obstacles, second best is knowing friends, family, and neighbors that have that same mind set. Survival is not about prepping for everything you need (not saying don’t prepare), it is rather figuring out a way to get by with what you have. Some of us will just have more opportunity to get by with less.

          Hard decisions perhaps for the future – if living under a tarp in the middle of nowhere yields the best solution for staying alive – then the knowledge of that fact may make you safer than being a rich target with alot of preps.

        • Todd: I went to your website but haven’t checked it out totally. My initial impression is that you are someone seeking a better understanding of himself and the world WE live in. I respect that;


          How is it that you do not understand your own power, or the collective power WE have in sharing, co-operating, and seizing the initiative?

          90 million gun owners have the power to change the direction of this country without firing a shot. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

          Resistance is not futile.

          Look for a group near you for political participation; whether that is a tea party neighborhood committee, America First!, or the Constitution Party.

          Without political activism WE are defeated and it doesn’t matter how many guns or how much ammo WE have. The PTB will divide and conquer.

          Every Patriot Movement anywhere in history has or had, a political component to their demand for self determination. If the American people are going to control their destiny they must again control the political process in America.

          Engage your managers or be enslaved by them.

      20. Maybe we ought to finally reevaluate the importance of Hollywood’s opinions and the worthiness of its celebrities. It’s a fairly common occurrence, some mouthy celeb racking off about his or her leftist ideals and support. All the while leading a fanciful life off of the backs of us. (The common people) We need to hold them accountable for their opinions. I don’t mean do anything “to” them but don’t do anything “for” them. Like go to their movies. It’s amazing how gutless this group can get. They advocate gun control and yet move about in the company of armed body guards. What about us? I say; don’t go to their movies, don’t order them on pay per view and don’t buy their DVDs. Hit them where it will hurt them, right in the pocket.

        Did everyone see Princess Michelle making the rounds here in Southern Cal. the last couple of days, sucking up to all that would watch? She was on Leno last night, usually my favorite show that time of the night, but not last night. It’s her and David Axelrod’s attempt to get Homeboy some free airtime and to prop up his sagging numbers. It is good to see she obtained a better clothing design coordinator. That last one that recommended those trashy MooMoos she was wearing for a while, audacious! What a lovely look for a first lady.

        • Hammerun, I guess you don’t know that both Titanic and Avatar made most of their money in foreign countries and NOT in the US?

          Titanic = $600 million US $1,200+ Foreign
          Avatar = $ 760 million US & $2,020+ Foreign

          Totals for both about $4.6 billion minus costs = about $3+ billion profits. Looks like he doesn’t need the US to make him rich…lol.

        • I would say reevaluate the worthiness of Hollywood’s opinions and the importance of its celebrities, but I get your point.

          That’s one upside to total collapse… we won’t have to hear the Hollywood idiots leftist psychobabble anymore. I’m sure a lot of people can’t wait to see the red-carpet, limousine liberal, Hollywood crowd reduced to refugee status, standing in line for bread, or ducking for cover.

          Read up one Schadenfreude… “delighting in the misfortune of others”.

        • Moochelle??
          You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

        • Wife and I haven’t been to a movie in years. I did make one exception for Atlas Shrugged, though. That was clearly the most meaningful movie I have ever seen.

          Our solution for movies is to rent them from Red Box. Costs less than $2 for both of us to watch a movie. For another $1 we can have a soda and a bowl of popcorn. No need to pay $4 for a drink or $6 for a $0.25 serving of popcorn. The view is good on our flat-screen TV, we can pause it at any time, and the bathroom is a lot closer than in a theater. 🙂

      21. DRRRRRRR I”m you guys… DRRRRR here is my stupid opinion “blah blah blah” drrrrr..r.r…. dey took our jobs! Rable Rable Rable….drrrrrr

        • You should ban that guy, Mac. He gets more irritating all the time and adds nothing of value to the site. In fact, he detracts from it.

          • I actually think he’s fairly hilarious. It’s just good clean fun.

        • sounds like he’s been in prison with buba

      22. Dress her in pearls and satin and it still looks like chewbacca going out to dinner!

      23. A good place to relocate to is the Big Island of Hawaii’s Puna District. It’s in the US, but very isolated. It’s in the 80’s year round so you don’t need heating or air conditioning. We get plenty of rainfall and you can grow food year round. You can still buy three acres for less than 30k and grow an incredible amount of food. Many people are starting to build aquaponics systems to grow fish and vegetables together organically. Aloha.

        • Hawaii: I am aware of the advantages of the Big Island as I have a native friend who grew up there and his wife who lived there. They lived off the land, and lived well for next to nothing. That was a generation ago.

          Paradise for sure except for one excruciating fact: one good burp from the earth and Hawaii is gone.

          The earth is clearly moving into a more active phase and many visionaries predict a Pole Shift in this generation.

          If the earth tilts as predicted, Hawaii will be inundated and washed clean. I don’t recommend this location for that very reason.

          Find a major continent like OURS and get above 5,000 feet if you are on a coastline.

      24. Good luck with NZ, it has its own set of problems that could turn very, very nasty in a SHTF situation. Get hold of a copy of the movie “Once were Warriors” and check out the gang culture. Its very real, I have drunk in that bar, walked those streets, lived in a single mens camp right there. SCary place and those Mongrel Mob guys are everywhere.

        The countryside is cool, climate is ok, but the geography is risky and the cultural fault line is unstable at best.

        There are better places, and 2,600 acres is way too much ground to take care of unless you employ a small army.

        • Nice to hear from a common man who has been there. What are the gun laws there? Although, for Cameron, I’m sure that doesn’t matter as the rich always have their security force no matter the local law.

          • The gun laws are allowing citizens to own them as hunting and fishing is one of the top sports, On South island the winter sports are one of the highlights, Bungee diving was started there from a old rr brige over a deep canyon and is still there and skiing is prime.
            On north island it is Mostly Morrow natives and out to the tip it is quite remote with few towns, One of the nicest ferry rides is from North Isle to South isle it takes about a hour on aforst class ferry.
            Job wisw it is not so good unless you farm or have a interest in small buisnesses which prevail, Cost of livimg was nice untill the KiWi went up in value.

          • Gun laws are far more restrictive than the USA, registration of all firearms, jail if caught in possesion of unregistered weapon, no handguns, strict storage requirements. On the up side, police do not generally carry firearms, although they are available and are carried in vehicles.

            There have been many immigrants move to NZ over recent years for the same reasons as Cameron. In some places it has been a major source of employnment constructing their houses.

            I have considered creating high priced retreats on a neighbouring property, but shelved the idea because I figured that I might get neighbours I did not want, or wind up with a bunch of unskilled rich idiots that needed wet nursing.

      25. Sometimes I wish I had the money to leave, go buy my own island and just tell em all to go F themselfs

        but then I’d miss the party..the house cleaning party

        Traitors will have their day in this country, and I hope Im around to hand some of them their ass, or at least see it happen

        Si Vis Pacum Parabellum 😉

      26. The News In Reverse…

        (Lukenbach, TX) Wealthy Farmer Buys Major Hollywood Studio, Plans Epic 4 Hour Remake Of ‘Green Acres’

        (Nairobi) Kenyan President Ousted, Found To Be American-Born, Not Constitutionally Elligible For Office

        (Shanghai) Chinese Consumers Boycott Wal-Mart, Protesters Says Retailer Pushing Too Many US Made Goods

        (Rochester, MN) Mayo Clinic Report Says American Diet Lacking Sodium And Saturated Fat, Doctors Recommend The Frito-Lays Diet To Alleviate Symptoms, Warn Of Underweight Epidemic

        (New York) Warren Buffet Retires, Billionaire Says He Has Enough Money, Plans To Avoid Public Spotlight

        (Dallas, TX) Ailing Faith Healer Benny Hinn Admits He Can’t Heal Sickness, Pledges To Return Millions To Donors

        (Phoenix, AZ) Super Bowl Canceled: Players, Fans Cite Lack Of Interest; Say They’d Rather Go Fishing

        (Bugtussle, OK) OkieNews Service Wins Pulitzer; News Source Cited For Integrity, Factual Reporting, In-Depth Analysis

        • Nice….”Lukenbach,Texas”…Love that old Waylon and Willie song

        • Thanks, Okie! Now, THAT was freakin’ hilarious! Two thumbs up. 🙂

        • You’re getting close to giving Iowahawk a run for the money, Okie !

      27. 2012?

      28. I’m staying put in East Texas. I know how to live there. We have a small country place. I know how to garden and hunt/trap.

        Can refine my own fuel, ethanol (alcohol) and will have generator and other small engines to run on it, I hope…

        Have planted some sugar cane, plan to plant a bunch of potatos.

        We always can, preserve and put up all kinds of food, this is normal. We just put up more now.

        Am assembling a Trauma based first aid and med kit, from hemoclot to surgical materials, as best I can. Maybe we will be the country Doc some day. At least I will be able to sew myself, family and friends up!

        And the refined ethanol/alcohol is a very, very good antiseptic, which in shtf scenario more people die from septic situations than other ways, or so I hear. I just know that any survivor of a crisis says alcohol played a BIG part in their ability to survive.

        Anyone interested, I’ve heard of a 6 acre place with a completely redone house coming available for sale, right next door to us at our country place. Contact me through the lnlprotekt website. I have no vested interest in selling this place, just passing this information on as I’d like to see a fellow prepper buy it. Mutual Aid and such….

        Terry W. Reed

        • But you don’t have water, the most important necessity.

      29. I just figured out what your web site means….when
        shit hits the fan plan… guys rock….

        these are a couple good site too, it beats tv fake news….

        enjoy…hang in there and know just that you can read and type is always a survival skill set….lol

      30. Just because they are educated, rich and successful doesn’t mean the have a lick of common sense!

        If America goes down, so goes the rest of the world. With all our problems, if the SHTF I can’t think of a better place to be then the USA.

        In my humble opinion I want to hide in plain sight. If you have been overseas you know Americans don’t blend in very well.

        If its all over the internet here, do you think James Cameron gonna blend in in NZ? Do you really think the Bush family is going to blend in, in Paraguay?

        If you don’t blend in and your rich and famous, you just made yourself a HVT.

      31. First time reader, first time poster. Mac, why so many of the “Hidden due to low comment rating”? This place reminds me of a sock’em/rock’em soccer game over in Cairo. Don’t turn the lights out, it could get ruff. They say that winner’s want the ball. Cairo sounds like a nice place to visit. I’ve seen monkey-shit fights at the zoo that are more organized than this.

        • Keep coming back, the boys play a little rough but we girls just head to the kitchen to can and make soap.

          Keep preppin’

          • OR head to the living room to knit and crochet!

        • Mac’s fiefdom…it’s kind of like the gladiatorial combats. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!!! Just don’t bring up guns, as that is guaranteed to generate 100+ posts as everyone rehashes whether you need a rifle or a shotgun for survival. When actually you should just get them both, duh.

          • Agreed, Mama Bear. The BEST weapon is the one that you can shoot the best, hitting your target in a vital area most every time. We all have our preferences. Any firearm will be better than a stick. I have a .22 semi-auto rifle that is perfect for small game and my wife can shoot it well enough as a defensive weapon. Also have a Mossy 500 to discourage groups / home intruders, a .308 semi-auto rifle for big game and defense, and 3 heavy caliber handguns. My son, a 9mm fan, once asked me, “Dad, why do you have that cannon?”. My reply was, “Well, son, I can shoot it pretty well, it shoots flat and it hits hard, and when I shoot something with my .41 mag it stays shot and doesn’t just jump up and run off”. 🙂

        • Nigel…”Hidden due to low comment rating”.They get the most reads. You too can give many thumbs down.Just get yourself two or three names like some posters on here. Then you can rack up the junks.

          • Who are the BAD ASSES around here? I want a go at them.

            • @Nigel ‘The Leg’ Gruff


      32. Patriot One

        Your options are limited; theirs are not.

        NZ is english speaking, small population, with sufficient food and energy. I’ll bet a lot less kayos there then in the US. The place can be self sufficient real quick.

        They’re wealthy. They can have a buffer of a couple of thousand acres. They can buy protection. They can bribe politicians. They can hire the kids of the politicians. Hell they will build the chief of police a home on their estate.

        For the common person stay in the USA but get away from large population density’s.

        • @K2

          I can agree with your analogy, but NZ is just not big enough to ward off the Chinese or even the Japanese. The rich can cower down there but they will be at the mercy of the Asian Pac.

          During the Libyan man caused disaster, the Brit’s fired 12 tomahawk missiles which was 1/5 of their entire inventory. This means that of the 192 countries in the world they are depending on the Chinese, Russian or the USA for protection. How many of them do you think want to se China or Russia headed their way?

          My point is if the Brit’s only have about 64 tomahawks how many do you think NZ has? If you had control of the NZ military you couldn’t even stop the Japanese.

          When the SHTF it’s all going to be local control, your home, your street, your neighborhood, your town. It will not be policy and military in control, it will be citizens. You will have the Sheepdog and the Wolf. Most of the rich will be looking for sheepdogs like us, but if they have to use a wolf to save their sorry asses they will.

      33. Guess I’ll get that Chateau in Compton…..

      34. New Zealand is a liberal paradise. Cameron won’t be safe there.

        • And silencers are not only legal but encouraged in NZ.

      35. Here is one reason why he moved, he found out who this guy was when he read, “Who am I?”

        It’s your turn,
        Who am I?

        I was born in one country, raised in another. My father was born in another country. I was not his only child. He fathered several children with numerous women.

        I became very close to my mother, as my father showed no interest in me. My mother died at an early age from cancer.

        Later in life, questions arose over my real name. My birth records were sketchy and no one was able to produce a legitimate, reliable birth certificate.

        I grew up practicing one faith but converted to Christianity, as it was widely accepted in my country, but I practiced non-traditional beliefs & didn’t follow Christianity, except in the public eye under scrutiny.

        I worked and lived among lower-class people as a young adult, disguising myself as someone who really cared about them. That was before I decided it was time to get serious about my life and I embarked on a new career.

        I wrote a book about my struggles growing up. It was clear to those who read my memoirs that I had difficulties accepting that my father abandoned me as a child.

        I became active in local politics in my 30’s then with help behind the scenes, I literally burst onto the scene as a candidate for national office in my 40s. They said I had a golden tongue and could talk anyone into anything.

        I had a virtually non-existent resume, little work history, and no experience in leading a single organization. Yet I was a powerful speaker and citizens were drawn to me as though I was a magnet and they were small roofing tacks. I drew incredibly large crowds during my public appearances. This bolstered my ego.

        At first, my political campaign focused on my country’s foreign policy…… I was very critical of my country in the last war and seized every opportunity to bash my country. But what launched my rise to national prominence were my views on the country’s economy. I pretended to have a really good plan on how we could do better and every poor person would be fed & housed for free.

        I knew which group was responsible for getting us into this mess. It was the free market, banks & corporations. I decided to start making citizens hate them and if they were envious of others who did well, the plan was clinched tight. I called mine “A People’s Campaign” and that sounded good to all people.

        I was the surprise candidate because I emerged from outside the traditional path of politics & was able to gain widespread popular support. I knew that, if I merely offered the people ‘hope’, together we could change our country and the world. So, I started to make my speeches sound like they were on behalf of the downtrodden, poor, ignorant to include “persecuted minorities”.

        My true views were not widely known and I kept them unknown until after I became my nation’s leader.

        I had to carefully guard reality, as anybody could have easily found out what I really believed, if they had simply read my writings and examined those people I associated with. I’m glad they didn’t.

        Then I became the most powerful man in the world. And the world learned the truth. Who am I?


        Scary, Huh?

        Y’all Beware!

      36. Why does the original article says he’s moving there to work with Weta Digital on his sequel to Avatar, but this piece doesn’t mention it?

        Could it be some people are jumping at shadows?

        I personally don’t plan my apocalypses around celebrity gossip.

        • “I personally don’t plan my apocalypses around celebrity gossip.”

          But you DO plan them, huh? Wow. That is a truly amazing feat.

          • If you think that is an amazing feat, you should see my Nixon impersonation.

      37. If New Zealand is the next hot spot for hollywood to buy and have vacation homes I want nothing to do with it. I have seen what they have done to Jackson WY, Sheridan WY and the Black Hills in SD.
        I read somewhere and I am sorry but I don’t have a link for it but a guy was predicting if there is a global war that china would control everything south of it including Austrailia. The reason it peaked my interest is that so many bankers like Jim Rogers have moved to that region because they fear collapse in the states. I think Rogers moved to Singapore?
        If there is an effort like I think by globalists for a one world gov’t, there will be no corner of the world that is a safe haven. I may as well stay here where I have a support system.

        • Mike, what makes you think that the US is going to be any different that China? I see it as being worse in many ways. China does not have a huge military to control the whole South Pacific in the ways that the US is trying to control the world. I do think that the world will be divided between the East and West eventually, but that does NOT make the US a better place. Look around. At the current rate of decline, how soon do you think most of the US will resemble China? I give it 10=15 years, maybe less. When the oil stops flowing from the wells in the States, it will all be over. So will the military conquest of other countries i.e. the Empire. I live in the Philippines and am not afraid that the Chinese may run the country someday. It probably will, if the US doesn’t use it as a battleground before that. So what? The US will not be better.

        • oh yeah JJ, the boomers are “speaking” again are they? funny, i didnt hear a thing!

      38. He won’t be any safer on that island ! Nothing to read here.

      39. Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke pushes a familiar theme in testimony to House committee: The U.S. remains vulnerable to a “sudden fiscal crisis” if Washington doesn’t come to grips with the deficit.

      40. One question is why someone would leave their home country. If it is about the fear that the US or EU might become police states, then leaving for New Zealand or Switzerland or even Canada makes sense.

        If it is about how to survive whatever breakdown, I would not leave my homecountry. Knowledge of the land and country and friends and relatives are a good point for staying.

        The question comes to urban or rural areas. How I see it, urban areas are no places to stay. The people will be herded into refugee or internment camps. In a crisis government bodies want to keep control of the situation. It is not about helping people but to stay in power. All emergency planning by the government has this as the first rule. Large masses looting and panicing around are a big threat to the government. These masses of people are not to be found in rural Idaho or in Montana, but in the large city centres. Those are “camp candidates”, prepped or not, armed or not.

        In a crisis the government wants to maintain power, by maintaining basic order. They will not have enough manpower to do that all over the US, so they will concentrate on keeping the infratructure intact and stay in control of the large centres and the industry located around these centres. There they will pick up and round up everybody, not important for keeping the system alive. Engineers, lorry drivers, electricians, plumbers, security personnel and their families might have a chance to stay outside. Most other people will be surely taken in by force.

        In small towns, off the motorways, and in some distance to the large urban centres, little will happen, because these places are not important for the government. On remote farms hundred or even more miles away from the large urban centres, people might even not notice any difference.

        If I would be living in a large urban area, I would definetely work on an escape plan, with the option of an early escape, and try to find a hideout for me and my loved ones (though I might would have to leave my mother in law behind).

        • Viking, the US IS a Police State. If you ever try to leave and come back, you will find out. At one time you could go to Mecxico or Canada with any picture ID. Now you need a passport and soon it will be like the airports with x-rays and pat downs and questioning like you are a criminal. You will soon see these control stations everywhere that is public. Malls, theaters, stadiums, train stations, etc. You need an id to go anywhere in the US.

          And to reply to the guy who said that the Philippines will not survive a collapse. Think again. 70 million people live in the country and farm or have little businesses that do not require electric or oil in any form. The US cannot say the same. Not much will change here unless the US gets us involved with a war with China. If it does, I hope it comes to the shores of the lower 48.

          • You’ll need an ID to go anywhere but the voting booth, lol.

      41. That, my friends, is a great exemple of someone holding a belief and then fishing for information to back it up. So a rich person moves to amazingly beautiful NZ, oh it’s to escape the upcoming civil unrest. And even if it really is the reason, ANYONE can easily see for themselves that the economy is collapsing and that the people of america is forming a revolt. You writers make me laugh, oh look at me i’m the clever watchdog look look rich people moving out of america I TOLD YOU SOMETHING’S GOING ON. Pathetic.

      42. Let him go to New Zealand. One less moonbat socialist to deal with here.

        “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.” ~Ronald Reagan~

      43. …a small island is not a good place to take a stand! When the wave hits…well…

      44. Mr. B,
        Right on!!

        Y’all Beware! Lock n’ Load.

      45. Used to work with a couple of guys from NZ. Nice people actually, but that rugby football was too hard to throw a spiral pass with. They’ll never make it to the Soup Bowl…

      46. Another bullshit article….he wouldn’t be ESCAPING to the ring of fire dummy….that’s earthquake central. REMEMBER CHRISTCHURCH

        • Good Lord, you need to get out more.

          “The Pacific Ring of Fire (or just The Ring of Fire) is an area where large numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean.”

          • Thank You Mr. B……….

            • Thank you what ? That he can’t fuckin read nor you

            • thank you mr b for what ??? for repeating exactly what i originally stated in my comment . you both must be shooting heroine today

          • Isn’t that what I just said you retard ??? Reread what I said DUMBASS !!!

            • It’s true, that’s exactly what Rich said. But Rich, the more legit comments you make the more carefully people will read them, so no point throwing a 3-post snit if you’re misread.

            • Hello Rich,
              I did go back and reread what you said and I misunderstood you,I’m sorry. However, it happened because you are so angry and volatile most of the time.
              So, I have to ask…….is H your DOC??
              If it is, then that explains a lot.
              Have a good day………mom

            • It can actually be read both ways in my opinion. Any sane person could see it both ways.

              I predict that rich99 will be one of the zombies going ape sh** without his meds after 30 days. Look how he is WITH them for Heaven’s sake!

              I hope you don’t live in the South.

      47. ‘Captain, we have a problem with the passenger in 27C.’

        “27C? What is it?”

        ‘It’s a seat in the center section, but that’s not important right now.’

        “What’s the problem with the passenger?”

        ‘Well, first he tracked mud all over the plane with his old boots. Then he propped them up on the seat in front of him. Then he refused the dinner selection and demanded we bring him a chicken-fried steak.’

        “A chicken-fried steak?”

        ‘Yes, sir. Then he insisted we replace the in-flight movie with old Marx Brothers re-reuns. And he said something about wanting to fly the plane for a while, after we clear the mountains.’

        “I think I know who you’re talking about. Is this guy wearing overalls, a Travis Tritt t-shirt and an old beat up straw hat?”

        ‘Why, yes sir! He is.’

        “Better do what he says. That’s Okie. He owns this airline. Oh, and make sure all the passengers have a parachute on before you bring him up here to the cockpit.”

      48. Is chicken-fried round or square?

        • DB! I knew you were still alive!

          Can you lend me some money?

      49. Coming from a New Zealander I can say that I feel privileged to be living on this little island at this point in our worlds economic and political cycle. Me and my family Have done everything we can to hedge against inflation by buying gold, silver, storable food and making a garden. We are considering buying a small farm in the near future in the same region as James Cameron.. But we will have to wait for gold and silver prices to soar a great deal before we can afford it. Good luck, Friends in america… If there’s one thing I’ve learned from you, its that I need a gun. ASAP.

      50. Lessee…. leftists like Cameron CREATED this mess, make bundle off of doing it, then leave the cr*p for others to clean up. So typical.

        Let’s hope he has to pay that massive exit tax to leave the US… but then again, laws only apply to us little people, not people like him, Eric Holder, Jon Corzine, etc.

        • And just how did he ‘create’ this mess? Buy making successful movies that millions wanted to see? Did he frak you well into poison or pollute your source of gulf shrimp with oil & chemicals? Did he buy the Presidency for Obama? Did he personally force the value of your house down by making money on films? He is supplying a want to millions of people in the world who voluntarily pay money to see what he has produced. He employs thousands of people around the world and creates jobs. What do you do?

        • Pay an exit tax to leave the US? You trying to tell me your govt TAXS you if you leave the country permanently? Horse biscuits!!

          • Cyclone, as long as you are a US Citizen ANYWHERE in the world, and have income, you WILL pay Federal Income Tax on it. Anywhere. The governments of those countries are obligated by the Empire to report you to the IRS. Isn’t the US wonderful? I know of no other country that does this to their Citizens. I live in the Philippines and have to send a tax return to the IRS every year.

      51. All I can think of is the story of the Frenchman who, in 1938, convinced that that Europe was about to descend into war, packed up all his belongings and moved to a remote Island in the South Pacific…….Guadalcanal.

      52. Well NZ can be nice for some but rather than a safe Haven, its a clone of other Western democracies.Its broader population has been facing a steady decline in living standards for decades, while its top 5% have experienced incredible personal financial growth. Its not energy independent, imports almost all its oil. Its got a lot of Hi-tech innovation companies, but demolished its manufacturing sector – outsourced to China. It suffers from the British Class system, with the wealthy showing liberal contempt for all those lazy, useless eaters. Its governments economic Policies are openly fascistic, but swings to communistic almost every election cycle. It has a Clean Food Bill on the books that makes growing and sharing your own food a crime.
        How exactly James will get around that, well money talks.
        So if you decide to pop on down, its saving grace is it is remote, somewhat insular, and its general population is most often easy going and live and let live.

      53. Think about this for a minute. Cameron is an old man. He can’t farm. He can’t do physical labor. He is moving to where he has no family, tribal, or cultural groups loyal to him. What good is a farm going to do him if he has to rely on paid workers? Why would anyone work for him, even his body guards, when they can just take his stuff?

        The more logical move for the elites is to stick as close as they can to the most totalitarian government they can find, and hope for the best.

      54. This is a stretch….Every director in Hollywood has been looking at property in NZ since Fellowship of the Ring was released because of its accessibility to incredible scene loactions.

      55. Only those who have traveled outside the US can see why he would want to leave. Only those who have never been to NZ can say that it is not a good place to be. Those are the 310,000,000 Americans who never leave the states and see what there is that is better in other locations.

        BTW: Family is good, but, if they are not living within walking distance of you, when the SHTF, they may as well live in NZ because you will not be able to see or talk to them.

      56. I live in NZ.JC’s mate Peter Jackson lives just down the road, I bet he had a lot to do with it. We do have an Asian Invasion issue, Auckland (Pop 1m) is soon to be 25% Asian. They just bought nearly 50 farms which didn’t go down well with a lot of us. Our reserve bank has no Gold, everything is getting bloody expensive. No ones got a clue what is really going on, Kim Kardashian and American Idol blast away all day here too.

      57. this reminds me of the time i was on a safari in africa… hunting the elusive ferocious chickadeedoodle prairie chicken, mean lil’ buggers taste just like chicken though… anywho there was a Sahara plains fire… every single animal predator and prey suddenly started to all jump to their feet across the plain… testing the wind , then as one they took off away from the fire… 1000’s of beasts all running together as one! magnificence to see!

        thats how it appeared at first… upon reflection though it was the vulture birds who flocked together who noticed the fire first and fled… then the predators fled… then last was the herd animals… the prey!

        the signs are right in front of you all folks… one just has to open their eye’s and minds to see em’!

        arm up stock prepare for martial law then CIVIL WAR!

        REMEMBER: don’t shot till you see the blue of their u.n. helmets!

      58. What is the “Democrat Party”? There’s no such thing.

        Probably, you mean the Democratic Party.

        • In this case, my intention was to use “Democrat Party”. I rarely, if ever, refer to Democrats as the Democratic Party, otherwise they’d actually be Democratics (in my eyes)… personal preference, I guess.

      59. The he said to his Master (he was working in the garden).

        Master, when I was pruning the roses, Death appeared, I saw him standing around. Master, please quickly give me your horse, so that I can reach Ispahan [New Zealand] this evening.

        The next day, Master walks in his garden and seas Death. He angrily says to Death: why did you frighten my servant?.
        Death replies: I too was amazed that I saw still working in the garden the one I had to take away from Ispahan [New Zealand] that very evening.

      60. Mac

        Given your adept insights..

        just how close is the total shtf and collapse?

        in your humble opinion.

        1 month-6 months..1 year?

        afterall, the pundits have been declaring an implosion for years now..and hundreds of websites profiting off it.

        or is it like chicken little?..we are doomed repeatedly over and over the internet til no one pays attention when it does happen…

      61. Too many flies in NZ.

      62. Possee…believe me, you WILL know when it happens. It will hit you between the eyes like a 2×4. It is happening now, but in slow motion. All you get out of Washington is lies, not reality. all you will get out of your 401k is an allowance from the government, IF you are lucky. If you are looking for a headline “Collapse just happened!” You will not get it, because, when it is finally obvious, there will be no newspapers. Just like the existing Police State is not apparent to those who do not look, but it is legally prepared and will come suddenly in the night.

      63. i could aFFORD the minimum must have financial claims for residency there, and save an enormous health insurance cost yearly that is bleeding my future securities and instilling ill health causing panic, but i will need some expensive medical work done if i need it just to survive, some of which tho, i have already years put off, would love to get back to the earthy verdant outdoors country farm type life, but could only work it as an owner as health issues make me at times unrelyable…advise the young to do it while they can, cause tied to addresses for health insurances and nearness to hospitals, seems citified……at times like a bindage….

      64. NZ is one of the last places on the Earth I would move to; most of the people in Christchurch are ready to up and move. When the coming Earth changes begin in earnest, NZ along with Japan will be high on the list of places that will experience devastating catastrophic destruction. IMHO the interior of North America, especially the mountainous regions may be some of the safest places on Earth. Australia is probably a much better choices than NZ!

        • SOTE: Right you are! Except for that last sentence. You are better off in NZ.

          The interior of North America will be the best place to be, on the inside of each mountain range.

          Reserve a spot before there is a waiting list and a long line at the Denver Airport.

          • Durango, are you sure about that? As the aquifers dry up and the climate continues to warm and dry out the mid west, are you sure a new dust bowl is the place to be? Crops will not grow there without chemicals made for natural gas and without water, it will not matter. Just askin’.

            • Bill T: When I look at a mountain I see a thing of beauty, but I also see a WATERSHED.

              I see streams, minerals, forests, and game. All items required for survival when the SHTF.

              Check the links at SHTF Earth Changes Bill. You can access that through SHTF America.

              Keep an open mind.

          • Durango, NZ has all of those things in abundance, And a population about the size of Colorado’s in an area about the same as Colorado’s. Difference is…they do not have 310,000,000 neighbors that will invade the countryside when the SHTF. Not to mention 50,000,000 Mexicans nearby wanting in. Minerals in the soil mean nothing when it all happens, because that is where they will stay. You need farmland with good soil, and friendly neighbors if you want to survive. How long do you think wild game will last with all the other starving people around you hunting and fishing to live? Two weeks? Less?

            I can appreciate you love of the US, but I think, before the SHTF, you are going to lose most of that love to the reality of what it has become.

            • Bill T: Agreed, NZ has all of those things and so does the USA, as you say. I am not saying NZ is not a good place, but North America is a good place to be too, in the right locations.

              The difference is that in America we have guns and lots of ammo to shoot the “hordes” who come calling. That gun will make the all the difference.

              No guns in NZ. Throw rocks or sheep shit! 🙂

              Bill, I suspect that like many here you are expecting an economic meltdown that throws all of society into chaos. That is not going to happen.

              Societal meltdown comes from Earth Changes, EMP, nuclear war, meteor strike or other celestial event.

              When the shit really hits the fan in a Pole Shift, no one is going anywhere. You are where you are at. And again Bill, the Philippines is not the place to be, as “the greater portion of Japan will go into the sea”- Edgar Cayce. That event will not bode well for your current location.


              Those who are not prepped or not in a “safe” location are not surviving.

              That includes most of the 310,000,000 Americans. Mostly those on the coasts and in the major cities.

              The 50 million Mexicans nearby, won’t make it either. The vast majority, if any, do not have preps or guns. If they had guns they wouldn’t be able to carry much ammo. They would most likely head for a city looking for assistance or opportunity.

              In the Bible this is known as the “great and terrible day of the Lord”. Human beings will be scarce after that Shift.

              The deer and elk and other game will last a long time where I will be and the sheeple will not hike 150 miles to get there. Hell, most of them couldn’t walk around the block if their life depended upon it.

              Think of it as the SHIFT Hits The Fan.

              Good luck Bill.

      65. HEPA Air Filters in California Recorded Radiation Levels 538% Above Normal

        January 22nd, 2012 – A test of a HEPA air filter stationed in California recorded radiation levels at 351% and 538% above normal background levels.

        the whole northern hemisphere is bathed in RADIATION daily now and it’s getting worse… the rain and snow fall in Amerika is HIGHLY RADIATED … the southern hemisphere is still pretty clean.

        Time to move South to patagonia!

      66. “When the coming Earth changes begin in earnest, NZ along with Japan will be high on the list of places that will experience devastating catastrophic destruction.”

        WTF ???

        I really don’t think that 2 major earthquakes in the past god-knows-how-many-years-but-about-100 is any indication that NZ will suffer devastating catastrophic destruction.
        Anyhiow, please stay away. We don’t need more wing nuts here thanks.

        • Thylacine: Clearly your are not reading the scientific literature and cannot put two and two together.

          All the info from science, religious writings, and all of US “wingnuts” suggest that a Pole Shift is likely in this generation.

          Start here to expand your mind:


      67. Hey, it is a tax break of some kind. Or his company is purchasing the land as a requirement for his next films production requirements. You do understand he is going to begin filming Avatar 2 in NZ soon? Whatever method is used, the “farm” will be expensed as a cost to the film production. Also: for citizenship each individual must deposit 250,000 in a local bank and pass a medical screening (since they have national health care). And, maybe he wants to be closer to his family while undertaking this multiyear project. Just a thought.

        • P.P. maybe he just wants to live there? Yes, he can probably write some off, but, not much. And $250,000.00 is peanuts to a billionaire. He could easily pay for 4,000 of his family to live there. Profits just from Titanic and Avatar was over $3 billion. Avatar 2 will likely add another billion or two to his net worth, IF the world holds together that long.

      68. The reason most will try and bug out of the USA to other places like Enn Zedd and Oz, is because the radiation levels in USA will make most of the water undrinkable, and the air deadly to breath. Whether that will be from fallout from a Nuke exchange with, Iran, China, Russia, Nth Korea, or Pakistan, (take your pick) or from some natural ‘cat arse trophy’ like Fukushima… is not important, the point will be to get away from the radiation. Sure there may be places with underground water in the mountains inland of continental USA (Wyoming?) that are survivable – BUT with 250 million displaced city dwellers, just defending your food and water stash and providing your own energy – could be more than many are capable of. As for the race card – somehow when there’s just two of you in a foxhole, defending each others lives – somehow whether black or white no longer matters!. For my money Enn Zedd is a good location – ‘cept of course for all the sheep shaggers Kiwis already there, and Oz of course – we are already a minority in our own now multicultural society where principally Asian boat / people illegal immigrants now out number is WASPS (White anglo saxon protestants). Anyway if radiation is your worry – the southern hemispheres the go. If its pole reversal or asteroid strike your worried about – well then all bets are off. Probably the moons the go – hey on that point maybe Newt was giving is all a headsup with his moon base speech for the republican ballot process. As for you ‘seppos’ – commin’ to the land of Oz…… um well much as we luvs ya all for saving our sorry hairy ass in the battle of the coral sea – the answer sadly, is “sod off – we are full”~! ;o) Cheers!

      69. I moved to New Zealand 15 years ago from Riverside, California. No regrets and I’d NEVER move back. The USA is circling the drain and I would not want to be there when it goes under. Yes, we even NZ is controlled by the same NWO puppet masters but when the SHTF I’d rather be here than there.

        • Learn to speak Chinese and you’ll go far.

      70. The USA is not going under any time soon.
        You guys are worried too soon.
        Say 20 years from now.
        By that time any type of real estate will be almost free. INCLUDING FARMS!

      71. All you scared people….he’s in NZ for Avatar 2 & 3 to be shot back to back. 5yrs of Cameron’s life. And you all think it’s because of the NWO’s coming war against humanity. No wonder your called sheeple….run with the heard..hehe.

      72. My family and I went to the park yesterday and I could not believe how many fat women had kids there. This is what men have to settle for in the US? My wife is a fairly thin asian women, and I could tell the other guys were just totally embarassed to be with their WHALE wives.

        If there is major breadown, can you imagine these lumbering behemoths forced to live off the land?

      73. Just some fact-ish type stuff about New Zealand;

        -After WWII we had the 3rd highest standard of living in the world (‘cos Europe had been bombed to worse than heck).

        -After WWII, as a Primary Produce nation, our meat and wool exports to desperate Western countries were very lucrative, and allowed many folks to live the Populuxe Dream, and allowed our socialist governments to provide a decent safety net for the needy.

        -There were many UK and Dutch immigrants coming here during this time, leaving a broken Europe behind them.

        -… then Europe started to recover, and with the creation of the European Economic Community, our export markets started drying up.

        – Then during the Oil Shocks of the ’70’s we were ‘Economic Hit-maned’ into spending too much on some large Public Works projects.

        -We are still (and always have been) a Primary Produce nation. We still have French wine tastes, but now only have beer money in our wallets.

        -Nearly all our household goods have to be imported, as you can’t have meat wallpaper, bread cars (everyone owns a car here, second-hand from Japan) or wool televisions. Perhaps the same situation exists for our medication needs as well; you can’t have milk insulin…

        -So any major disruption to international trade would send us into a new kind of Dark Ages…

      74. If the US/Britain/Israel starts WWlll and causes a Global meltdown and/or uses Nukes, I think it will get very Dangerous for Americans living abroad. Think of how when things were bad in Panama how they blamed “American Gringo’s” for everything, now include the whole world with the same sentiments. Unfortunately I fear many expats will be begging/rushing to get back into the USA.

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