Preppers Who Make Surviving The Apocalypse Even Less Fun

by | Dec 7, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 365 comments

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    Being forced to endure and survive a catastrophic macro event like a monetary or social collapse is perhaps one of the worst experiences I could imagine.  Such a crisis leads to just about every crime and inhuman action in existence, and, the time required for a culture to right itself and rebuild is severely protracted.  A hurricane or earthquake or tidal wave; these calamities are short lived and easy in comparison.  The point is, as survivalists who are preparing to make an economic end-game scenario as “comfortable” to live through as we can, it is incumbent upon us to consider the kind of company we keep during the gambit.  Some allies will make that mad world bearable; others will bring the madness to your doorstep

    Many preppers are aware of the dangers inherent in our progressively deteriorating nation.  Unfortunately, some of them are completely unaware of the dangers inherent within themselves.  Building a solid community of people to rely on during a collapse is absolutely essential, and the larger the group of liberty minded neighbors the better.  But, if certain ground rules are not established from the very beginning, a rainbow of personal issues and character flaws could very well destroy years of effort.  Care must be taken by all parties involved to ensure that internal conflicts remain at a minimum, and when they do arise, that each person is wise enough to resolve issues in an adult manner.

    I hate to say it, but you will inevitably run into some folks that are beyond compromise and beyond hope.  Working with them is like pulling teeth…shark’s teeth…from your jugular.  Here are just a handful of powder keg personalities that will make the apocalypse more than a living hell for you and your friends if they manage to latch onto or take leadership in your survival watch…

    1) The Self Assumed “Leader”

    The “Assumed Leader” is not actually a reliable or practical leader; he just thinks he is, and reminds everyone loudly whenever he can find occasion.  He does not generally do this by screaming “I AM YOUR LEADER!”  Instead, he attempts to micro-manage every aspect of the survival group and shows early signs of control issues.  The Assumed Leader will first make forceful suggestions to test the waters, scoffing angrily whenever people do not strictly follow his advice.  If he gains traction, his suggestions turn into orders, and he begins to act as though he is somehow in a superior position to the rest of the community.

    He seems to have an answer to every question or concern, which would be nice if he actually knew what he as talking about half of the time.  Usually, this is not the case.  He may have expertise in a certain field, like farming, or building, or engineering, or even defense, and this is indeed valuable.  However, his mastery of one area of knowledge has inflated his ego to massive proportions and he now pretends as if he is some kind of hyper-educated elitist potentate.  When approached with alternative options and methods, he will respond with ridicule as if you have no clue what you are talking about.  When his ideas are criticized, he will react with fury, and try to remove dissenters from the community entirely.

    The best way to avoid these people is to discover them early in your prepping project, and to make certain that NO ONE becomes a De facto dictator.  Every person with particular expertise within the community should be given respect in that specific field, but not given authority over all decisions.  The experienced farmer should offer leadership when it comes to farming, but step aside when it comes to defense and defenders, and vice versa.  It is best to keep in mind that the most effective leaders always ask those around them for aid and advice before coming to any conclusion.  The worst leaders already assume they know everything.

    2) The Feudal Lord

    The Feudal Lord is an Assumed Leader who has managed to lure other preppers into a Commune, rather than a Community, and there is a considerable difference.  He is often a well-off survivalist who has suddenly realized that for all his money and land and supplies, he is basically defenseless, and needs an organized group to protect his bounty.  He entices other preppers into the fold with ideas that he is building a legitimate and fair community, and with land already available, many take interest.  The problem is, the Feudal Lord believes possession of the land that the group is defending automatically makes him Grand Poobah, and that those people are not equals, but servants and serfs.

    I have found that Feudal Lords also have a tendency to charge people “fees” for the right to join their communes.  They will argue that this is designed to “vet” candidates and see if they are truly “serious” about survival prepping.  In the dark corner of their minds, however, they actually believe that they are OWED a tithe from anyone who wishes to earn the “privilege” of becoming a permanent installment on their property.  From the very beginning they go into the project with almost no sincere regard for the people they are working with.

    The reality is, the Feudal Lord’s land and supplies are utterly meaningless without security and without aid.  His survival riches can be taken in an instant by a mere handful of looters, or even one experienced raider.  Without other people, treated as equals in survival and ready to lay down their lives to protect each other and him, he has nothing, and is foolhardy to think otherwise.

    This is not to say that all landowners who try to centralize a group on their property are seeking to become mini-kings of a mini-kingdom.  If rules and agreements are made early on, and everyone understands their role, then such an arrangement could work.  But, if the landowner purposely avoids set agreements, appoints roles to people without asking them, changes the plan regularly to suit himself, and tries to leech money out of participants, then it’s time to walk away now before it is too late.  Eventually he WILL use his position as landowner as a means to dominate, and will threaten to cast people out who disagree with his methods.

    The best way to avoid these characters and the commune situation altogether is to not centralize on a single piece of land, but to organize in a neighborhood fashion, where everyone maintains sovereign control of what they do and all aid is voluntary.

    3) The Moral Relativist

    There is, sadly, a small subsection of survivalists out there who do not plan to live off their own preps; they plan to confiscate the preps of others by force and solve every problem at the barrel of a gun.  In their mind, a crisis situation calls for the abandonment of conscience and the application of a “survival of the fittest” mentality.  They believe that morals are all well and good when civilized society remains, but a source of weakness during catastrophe.  Their philosophy is: Only the strongest of men will be able to set aside principle and “do what needs to be done”.  That is to say, they believe you must become the monster to defeat the monster.

    In fact, only men who are able to hold onto their principles during the worst moments are strong.  Weak men run away from conscience, using the excuse that times are “different and difficult”.  They are not survivalists, they are terrorists in every sense, and they will only hurt our ultimate goal of rebuilding a free, prosperous, and individualistic society.

    These people should be avoided like the plague.  They will make enemies wherever they go, ask you to do highly questionable things, and push your community into annihilation.  Eventually, somebody is going to put them out of their misery, and it’s best to not be around when that happens.

    4) The Obsessive

    The Obsessive is a person whose drive is initially impressive but also ultimately destructive.  His entire life revolves around survival prepping and impending doom.  Certainly, it is better to be extra concerned about the economic crisis on the horizon than to be utterly oblivious.  A smart man over-prepares.  But, there is such a thing as overkill, even in the world of survivalism.

    No one can ever do enough fast enough in this person’s eyes.  He will whine constantly about how he is the only one taking preparations seriously, and how everyone else is a lazy bum.  He will become frantic on a daily basis, admonishing the group or community on their lack of urgency.  In a leadership position, this person is a nightmare, creating constant waves of tension and panic, instead of calmly offering solutions or constructive criticism.

    Obsessives are generally unimaginative people with little talent or intelligence who use their prepping lifestyle as their only means to feel superior to others.  They tend to become legends in their own minds, dreaming of the day when everyone will desperately cling to them and their remedial survival know-how.  They fantasize about all the people who “wouldn’t take their advice” (usually smug advice), crawling in squalor begging them for help one day.

    The Obsessive’s motto is:  “Let me tell you why you are wrong and how you are lazy!”  Instead of: “How can I help you fix this?”

    We all need a break once in a while from the horrors we know are waiting for us.  To step back and enjoy what we can of a beautiful day or good friends is not the same as being a freeloader or a backslider within your prepper group.  Survival is about more than sustaining the body.  It is about more than chopping wood, stockpiling ammo, and slaving over a piece of land from sun up until sundown like a mindless drone just to get by; it is also about sustaining the heart and the mind.  Otherwise, what is the point of living?

    5) The Ulterior Motive Drama Queen 

    The Drama Queen is a man or woman who is loosely interested in survivalism, but wants to join your community for other reasons, and these reasons may cause many members dismay.  The opposite of The Obsessive, you’ll notice a strange non-involvement on their part or lack of interest as far as participating in survival discussions and decision making.  They will often hand over all their survival preparation plans to another person or persons, while hovering like a gnat around the community searching for that special something.

    They may be looking for friends and social recognition.  They may be afraid of collapse and simply trying to lock into ANY group regardless of whether they fit, becoming disenchanted later.  They may enjoy the excitement of feeling like they are involved, and are living vicariously through the accomplishments of others.  They may just be looking for a date.  Ultimately, their primary objective is not to build a working community, but to get something out of the community beyond safety.

    If they do not get what they want, they raise hell, using whatever excuse happens to be handy without ever admitting their real motivations.  They will deliberately start unnecessary drama, attempt to create divisions, focus on one person as the cause of all their troubles, or blame the whole group for the heartache in their life.  They will attempt to draw everyone into their personal soap opera in the hopes of becoming the focal point, sharing strange and extremely private issues with anyone who accidentally offers to listen.

    Eventually, they will be seen for what they are and will lose the ear of the other preppers, who obviously have better things to worry about, but not after wreaking some havoc in the process.

    6) The Zealot 

    The Zealot has a perfect picture in his mind of how his survival community is going to look.  Absolutely perfect.  The problem is, all people are imperfect and all have different conceptions of life, and this disturbs and disrupts the Zealot’s fantasy.  It is one thing to be careful in whom you associate with when assembling a prepper organization, but it is entirely another to hold everyone to insane standards that even you cannot meet.

    The Zealot usually wants to be in charge so that he can vet and control each member of the group, but this is not always the case.  Zealots are also sometimes highly anti-social, showing interest in a group for a short time and then suddenly walking away as if no one is up to par.  He may base his zealotry on a misplaced religious fervor or philosophical inflexibility, but he will not be happy until everyone sees the world the way he does, or until they meet his grandiose brand of moral flawlessness.  For him, it is not enough that the community around him shares a love for liberty and a disdain for tyranny, they must also be “spiritually pure” in his eyes.

    One mistake or disagreement by a member of the group earns them a black mark on the Zealot’s list which he never forgets.  From then on, that member is the enemy, and the Zealot will engineer conflict after conflict until the person gives up and goes away, or until he can convince the group that person is more trouble than they are worth.

    The great dilemma for any survivalist is to balance personal freedom and a peaceful home life with the reality that they will not last long without relying on a group.  Other people bring talent, friendship, and safety to our lives, but they also bring baggage.  The key is to work with those who know how to manage as much of their own baggage as possible, who are aware of themselves and are willing to police their own quirks, and who have not swan dived off a cliff into extreme disturbia.  No survival community can withstand the savage assault of national collapse otherwise.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

    Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense.  Join today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.

    To contribute to the growth of the Safe Haven Project, and to help us help others in relocating, or to support the creation of barter networks across the country, visit our donate page.


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      1. A woman who was stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains survived for six days by eating tomatoes and snow until she was found by her brother, who was part of a team searching for her and her boyfriend.

        • She led her own group, then…


          I think the whole article was very informative, though it could be boiled down to these two sentences:

           It is best to keep in mind that the most effective leaders always ask those around them for aid and advice before coming to any conclusion.  The worst leaders already assume they know everything.


          ‘Unless you’re willing to treat others as equals, you are doomed to fail’

          I do see some problems with some of those types, though.

          I’m completely leery of anyone who would charge a ‘fee’ up front, but I understand if the property owner sold a bit of the land outright to build a home on. Everyone would then get together to designate common property, and chip in to pay property taxes (prorated of course) on those areas. During SHTF, you (and everyone else) would then put those plans into action. If the original landowner decides to style himself as royalty or assert something he has no (post-collapse) right to, everyone else then bands together and takes matters into their own hands.

          Obsessives and Zealots I don’t see too much difference in, and neither would make any kind of leader worth having. 

          One final thing I can think of… the “Moral Relativist” is someone you would want to identify and kick out immediately. There is a fine line between scavenging from dying corporations and stealing from live individuals and/or families, and crossing that line is (and should be) a death sentence.

          • I do believe that governments do not treat their slaves as equals. Seems they stay in power for quite some time. You only have to please 51% of the people in a democracy. Leaders always come under fire at some point no matter how good they are. The wild card is jealousy among the rest of the group. They may view a leader as 1 upping them or someone that talks a good game just to get approval but does not actually have any real value.

            After reading all of this I think I would  just try it on my own and perhaps die within a couple days rather than dealing with all the horse shit of political grandstanding on a smaller scale.

            I do not know everything in order to survive, but 3 days of peace on my own is better than a lifetime of what is mentioned above.

            • The Prerequisite for Servitude

              “The willingness to barter a national birthright for a share of spoils that can only diminish over time heralds that final prerequisite for servitude.”

              “A people who dilutes its virtue in a sea of cultural forgetfulness loses its identity and, in its state of aggrieved decay, pillages the legacies of its children just as it has brazenly devoured the inheritance of its fathers.”

              The American Thinker

              • It’s incredibly rich hearing about some of these types of preppers from Brandon.
                Go to his website and challenge his views in the comments section. You’ll see how much he tolerates the views of others when your messages mysteriously disappear.

                • Ausprepper, actually what does he really base this on (the 6 types)? The obsessive individual can better be understood as an addict. Never seeing the greater good for all and only able to address what is a priority in their lives. I am personally dealing with this type of individual which the individual is trying to force their life style on others. Then that person can’t understand why people distance themselves from her.
                  #5 is a joke. Put simply, this individual is a con artist. Just remember, there are two types of people: givers and takers. Takers will eventually be minnie tyrants. Led poisoning is just as deadly for them as for the zombies.
                  He, the author, forgets one important fact: survivalist are escaping from leaders and are pursuing individual responsibility in themselves and with others. If people follow his afore mentioned leaders, then they are sheeple.

            • ~~~I do not know everything in order to survive, but 3 days of peace on my own is better than a lifetime of what is mentioned above.~~~

              ‘Occupy until I come saith the Lord.’

          • I recall reading a survival guide from the 1970s when the SHTF event that seemed most likely was nuclear war. In addition to the usual advice on how to minimize one’s exposure to nuclear fallout and what kind of supplies to store, it had a chapter on home defense. In addition to recommending certain guns (which my family still has in storage since my father was the one who bought the book for its advice in the first place), it talked a bit about where one’s enemies might originate and what justified killing them.

            Since a nuclear war would pretty much eliminate the government, the greatest source of trouble was deemed to be other survivalists looking to prey on survivors. Explaining why they should be eliminated as soon as possible, the book explained that anyone out there preying on other people was basically doing so of his own free will. The author indicated that he had met several “fellow” survivalists planning to “live off the land” who were stockpiling nothing but weaponry. These, he made clear, were the people most likely to be raiding one’s house; as such, one should have no qualms about killing them.

            In conclusion, he pointed to Aesop’s old fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper” and the ant’s summary of its moral: “Well, since you played all Summer long, I guess you’ll just have to dance all Winter.” My update to this conclusion of his is this: while the roving gangs of “locusts” of our time will likely come in far more varieties than the “grasshoppers” in his scenario, the government agents, welfare mooches, and “preppers” who’ve prepared only arsenals must all likewise be exterminated before they get the chance to exterminate us. They who “played” during our country’s Summer must “dance” at the end of a rope or in front of a firing squad when Winter arrives.

            If you know anyone like the “moral relativist” in this article who’s only stockpiling guns, the first thing to do in the event of your area’s descent into anarchy is make a preemptive strike on that person to save everyone around you the otherwise inevitable trouble of eliminating him later.

          • Smith is so full of himself it is unreal he writes the same crap over and over. Take your safety off Brandon

        • And I call bullshit..!

          You, and only you, are responsible for you, and your family if you have one.

          That being hell with all these neo prepper morons..the web is full of them..the economy is rapidly tanking given the latest numbers from November as over 70% were government jobs and over 350,000 Americans vanished from the payrolls and unemployment last month.

          Get your assets and preps in!



          • No man, or family, is an island Possee.

            This article is extremely timely, because whether or not you accept it, people WILL form groups, for survival, self defense, mutual support, etc.  Do you have a doctor in the house? No? What will you do when you get some post collapse nasty bug, or hurt yourself, or …

            This is why I have advocated survival networks, now, while relationships can be tried and tested safely. This can be a virtual network, like this forum here. Friends form, and enemies, and personalities come out, in a relatively safe environment of words.

            When you get to the phase where your preps run out, or the looters come and surround your house, you will wish you had true friends.

            I recommend the churches band together, and, drop all the differences over doctrines. Make it a rule, no discussing politics or religion. Period. I have seen what happens to groups when this happens. Form a council by election, and the council elects the wisest of the group as chair with veto power, and a requirement to explain his decision.

            The bad guys (ie leftists), are having ‘meetings’. They are talking about their plans for collapse. These are Obots with visions of a communist glorious utopia. I know, my nephew is one of them, and he brags that the capitalists and Christians, are ‘going down’.

            This should tell you something, but I know you won’t listen because you are a; Zealot.

            Beware, form up, bless up.



            • This evil nephew of yours sounds a lot like one of those “moral relativists” to me. I suggest you find out who’s at those meetings and prepare a list of them and their meeting places so you’ll be able to anticipate your enemies’ tactics and counter them accordingly.

              • I already know.
                They are Obots, their Dear Leader will have them taking over tv transmitters, town halls, grocery stores, fuel depots, etc.
                They plan on snatching the rug out from under all of us.

                But, they can’t shoot from shit.

            • Piper Michael

              I agree with your statement til the last line..

              as my comment above only emphasizes ones primary personal responsibility to your immediate family.. no mention of groups was stated..

              for your information,my network includes
              Tet offensive veterans both medics
              munitions expert
              2 tours of duty USMC squad leader/rifle expert/etc also trained in real life survival techniques
              unit nurses well versed in all medications/practical and holistic.. (and wound treatments)
              merchant marine mechanical engineer.
              All the above are well armed as well..and all are versed in self preparedness as gardening and canning.

              I therefore refute your baseless assumption that I am a zealot..nor an island..


              • I stand corrected sir.
                But the statement was rhetorical for the audience of preppers, except for the zealot part… you just seem very … well… zealoty…


          • And another 500 or maybe as much as 700 people are going to be getting “let go” of in the Detroit services jobs, this city is one to watch, its tanking very quickly. crime rate is thru the roof, Bankrupt beyond belief, and as corrupt as one could ever know.
            The Administartion is the problem..and the only way to get on with it, is to let it starve itself out, the city council is a bunch of clowns and fools, and thiefs. If for some reason the government saves it than it will never end there..In other words, It needs to go down to be clensed of all its corruption, lies, murderers etc..

            I think it would be wise to watch how this all goes down in that city from afar, If you live within at least 30 min from that cesspool, you better be armed, and you might even want to be thinking of getting the hell out now!

            • VRF

              Correct you are sir.!
              Every major city nationwide is facing massive budget deficits in their collective pension programs..trillions upon one knows exactly..

              This well planned ponzi scheme has decimated everyone except a few…we are witnessing more and more break ins and bank holdups on this quaint little peninsula of Cape Cod..and activity at the local range has increased exponentially over the last year..

              Just read a great article over at silverdoctors regarding the actuals in our overall financial is a great read with stats behind it..and it ain’t pretty..complete debasement of the dollar by 2014 given the info provided..check it out..just confirms more of what we all discuss here every day.


        • preparing for survival is fun?
          It takes premeditated serious thought, planning,savings, and lifelong unlimited learning to is not is horsing around with my grandson..or sharing drinks and dinner with my now adult kids..or achieving dead on bulls eyes at the range every week..that is fun!
          And regarding so called leaders..I am the leader of my own destiny..and all my family are leaders unto themselves.We don’t need no stinking leader..we all are..


      2. Meeeeeeeeeeeerl ;0) he’s such a Big Teddy Bear … he just needs a hug .

        Come on Now … who doesn’t just Love a White Trailer Trash un-stable Ex-Con Reform School Drop-Out racist bigot Psycho Biker Druggy … with a Desert Eagle in one hand and a knife wielding stump on the other .

        Psycho’s deserve to be Loved too don’t ya’ know .  ;0P pssszzt

        In All seriousness … Violence loving Psycho’s have a place in Post SHTF Society … it is they who will form your “Warrior Class” of your group … it is they who will Fight Off the Other Marauding Psycho’s roaming threatening the Post SHTF country side .

        Fight off Invader Psycho’s with your own Psycho’s ! 

        ~ N.O. ;0P

        • Nina       I must agree with you completely. Good statement.

          Within our group we have a 11 man team that is the “Psychos”. Now the team including me believe we are not the “Good” people in the group. Not even close. Some are pure “Evil”.

          If/When SHIF our agreed Order one is that our Grandchildren survive for sure. We all have all ready or have done or will be needed. When it is “Over” It will be best if the “Teams” just be allowed to fade away.  And the Group leads on.

          FaceBook Page          Survive It’s Death

        • There’s one small problem with having such folks in your group – they may eventually decide that they don’t need you around, at least not as anything more than slave labor.

          Choose carefully… your life depends on it.

          • @OD … ;0) Respect . I understand your concern … though I disagree with it . In a Post SHTF world humans will establish Tribes based on mutual beliefs customs of the surviving individuals . I firmly believe the Tribes Leadership will / should be based upon the American Indian hierarchy model  listed in descending order : Tribal Elders Council  – Chief – Assistant Chief – War Chief – Assistant War Chief – Medicine Woman/ Man  – Assistant Medicine Woman/ Man .

            The tribes primary goals should be establishing Agriculture , Livestock Herding , Fisheries and building securing Defensible Walled Village Compounds . 

            Every Warrior of the Warrior Class is cross-trained into a trade such as farming , herding , iron smith , engineering , construction , weapons technician , mechanic , first aid , science technician etc etc .


            * All of these positions are Elected Positions by All the members of the tribe or group .

              The War Chiefs job is to keep all the wanna be aggressive psycho’s in line . If the War Chief can’t do his job then he is replaced by someone who can . 


            ~N.O. ;0p

            • You are on fire today.   Respect is given. FBP

            • Do the elders appoint the chief ?

              • @justice  * All of these positions are ” Elected” Positions by All the members of the Tribe or Community Group . If Elected you stay in your position of Authority until the Tribe promotes you , fire’s you or you can no longer do the job appointed ! The Tribal Elders have the Ultimate “Collective Power” as One to make suggestions to the Chief as well as if necessary Veto as One the Chiefs decisions if they place the Tribe in danger or the Chief is found to be abusing his Administrative power influence over others the Council can then as One vote to fire the Chief and Replace Him by Tribal Member Vote . The Elders only have Power over the Chief or any other Tribe Leader as a Collective Voting Group acting as One … not as Individuals . Though they are considered and honored to be the Highest level of government authority for the Tribe sitting over the Chief and other Leaders .

                There are other Councils within the tribe as it grows so will the councils i.e. Warrior Council , Womens Council , Farmers Council etc etc they all meet with the Chief , other elected Tribe Leaders and Elder Council weekly to make Tribal Decisions together . Only the High Council and Tribe Leaders vote on Tribal Suggestions Decisions – there is always an odd number to the Tribal Council membership . Every Tribe Member has a opportunity to voice their own concerns , charges , complaints in person before the official Tribal Council meetings or just sit and witness them .

                * The goal is to create a truly utopian Republic of Free Minded Actively community involved Individuals – for the whole community to Enjoy having a voice in the communities decision of growth and development .

                ~N.O. ;0P


                  rocket stove mass heater


                  rocket mass heaters in a nutshell:

                  • heat your home with 80% to 90% less wood
                  • exhaust is nearly pure steam and CO2 (a little smoke at the beginning)
                  • the heat from one fire can last for days
                  • you can build one in a day and half
                  • folks have built them spending less than $20


                • Utopia cant exist with men leading. Never can, never will. All men are corruptible or easily blackmailed into doing someones bidding.

                • @gravlore … In your Prepper Tribe Vote for All your leaders to be Women then .

                  Personally I feel that the Tribe Members themselves will individually know Who is the best “Person(s)” for the job and will select the persons as Leaders who will ensures the Tribe survives and thrives – whether they are Male or Female is of no concern to me … as long as they do their jobs properly fairly justly with Honor .

                  As for the rest of you “Nay Sayers” have fun living as Indentured Slaves under a brutal Post SHTF Warlord DickTatorship Dominated Society iron grip and lash !  ;0P

                  ~N.O. ;0P

                • yep, `collective power`, good grief, humans are a scary lot.

                • You’re probably a freaking cop trying to convince ppl to elect little hitlers. smh
                  pyschos are good for fighting but not all ppl who are good at fighting are evil pyschos.
                  ww2 military veterans don’t commit suicide because they get a kick out of killing ppl.

                • This is the Problem NOW to Many Chiefs not enough Indians!

                  Bless Up!

            • sounds like a sports game , be a team player , i hate sports !

              • i hate teams.

              • lower40: People love persisting in this TEOTWAWKI/MadMax end to our current way of life. It makes great fiction for books and movies, but history doesn’t support it. Every  large civilization has seen  a slow decline that usually took decades, if not centuries, before most citizens realized things had changed. There were people in far off colonies who thought they were still part of the Roman empire long asfter its demise.  Yes, there are some notable downturns, but never a a complete/ all-at-once crash to the bottom.  So Alas Babylon,  Panic In Year Zero,  28 Days, Mad Max, and the Walking Dead IS NOT coming to our neighborhoods except throught the magic of books, TV, and the movies. 

                • Hmmm. I wonder if the civilians in Europe/Eastern Europe in thw 1940s would agree that decline happens gradually? Let’s see… China, Cambodia, many areas of Africa, the list goes on. It does not need to be a society wide collapse for someone to face a rapid decline that sometimes takes decades (or longer) for a recovery.

                • fast or slow ,i fear we’re in for a world of hurt ,and remember people used to be able to think in a crisis ,but now that they have delagated that to the goverment they will just stand and look up to the sky and try and figure out where all that rains coming from

                • Correct. The collapse will last for a few years, during that, it might be like in Bosnia in the 1990’s. After that it’s gradual improvement, slowly returning back to normal life. Prepare accordingly. Quit the imaginary Zombie Apocalypse and the 1880 country-living-dream. Those times are past.

                • Meree: Most folks in Europe had the opportunity to read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” (1925&26). Hitler was elected in 1932. Many read his book and dismissed it. Then when he was elected, they ignored his speeches which were right out of his book. So you implication that Hitler and the Nazi invasions were ‘out-of-the -blue’ are not supported. Hitler didn’t invade Poland until September 1, 1939. There were pleaty of signs of decline but failure to heed them is no excuse. The same goes for Cambodia where they’d been waging war alongside the Pathet Lao in Laos and the Viet Min Viet Nam for a long time. The warning signs were posted but like people everywhere, they didn’t take them seriously anymore than the folks in NY/NJ took the warnings for Sandy. They see and hear the signs but like 99.9% of the population who suffers from normalcy bias, everyone all say “it can’t happen” or “it won’t be that bad” until it bites them in the ass. And it’s happening again, peace and prosperity, followed by economic decline, then social breakdown, possibly war. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. Sometimes folks can’t see the forest for the trees.

            • collectivism in another form nina. my goal is to always stay away from all pshychos. and if they insist on pushing there agenda on me ( and make no mistake, its an agenda and its as evil as barack obamas agenda or anyone elses agenda. you have an agenda, which I believe is to save all of these “precious children”. It is extremely dangerous and I seriously am asking you to consider this , again. I think I am going to fortify even more. There is an awful lot of people with alot of agendas  out there.

              • @Eeder ;0P

                … and yet here you are .

                A long time very vocal participating member of a “Collective”. 

                A SHTFPLAN Prepper Collective !

                One could say @Eeder your own Actions prove … you don’t necessarily Believe or support “Your Own” views and stated opinions on Collectivism / Tribalism .

                Hhhmmm ??? ;0)

                “Together we Prevail …

                Divided we Fail !”

                ~N.O. ;0P



                  RUMOR IS …

                  Saturday, December 8, 2012
                  Rumor: Marine Corps Officers’ Wives Told to Stock Food, Water, and Some Cash

                  My wife, through her network of girlfriends in Oceanside, was told yesterday that the Marine Corps Officer wives at Camp Pendleton were being told to stock up on food, water and cash in contingency for 7-10 days of possible disruption of normal shopping and electronic banking systems. They were also told to keep the gas tanks full of fuel.

                  This is very similar to what Poof and Cobra has said.

                  Married life has taught me a healthy respect for the informal ad-hoc communication networks that women create among themselves.

                  Is this the ramp up to the change in the banking system?

                • F**K The Fed

                  Think the Federal Reserve is a government institution? Think again. It’s a group of privately owned banks that Congress illegally gave the right to print money. Now they print it, loan it to us, then we pay it back with interest. What a scam!


                • MADNESS 3: ADDENDUM – Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned.

                  Published on Dec 7, 2012

                  ‘Madness 3: Addendum’ features critical information from interviews that hit the cutting room floor and didn’t make it into Madness 3, but should have. Jeff Nielson, Chris Duane, The Doc, Bix Weir, Fabian Calvo, and Daniel Ameduri, provide a body blow for those who still don’t believe the end of the Dollar is near.


                • NO ~

                  mb is full

                  ~ D

        • Demolition Man mantra… “Send a maniac to catch a maniac.”

        • what the fuck are you sayin? ….dimtard.

        • but the chore will be, keeping them from turning on YOU…

        • It is alos teh psycho that will turn on you in a heartbeat.

        • Not all is as it seems.I am not a criminal, am a biker, work a lot and needed to pass back ground checks to get my job. I don’t drink at all, no drugs nor cigs, and I do live in a trailer court simply because I was unable to buy a house and don’t like apartments. Work out, prep, and am well armed and NO I don’t want anybody elses stuff! A lot of bikers are vets and it seems that a lot(not all) of bikers have better respect than the rest of the population. Hollywood does not present some classes of people as they really are. Don’t judge a book by its cover as in a post collapse world that could have deadly conseqences.
          Stu OUT

      3. It’s good to know I don’t fall into any of these categories, and it’s painful to know I’ve run into far too many moral relativists.

        • Feeling self-important aren’t we? If you fall into one of thise categories, you are very likely you do fall into one of those categories. I would not at all be surprised if you were the Feudal Lord given the arrogance you just expressed.

          • Wow, you’re a regular Sigmund Freud. I spent 24 years in the military 20 leading and training. I will tell you the greatest compliment I ever received was “Sergeant I never knew the Army could run this way” I always applied commonsense, responsibility and worked alongside my men.

            I’m sure I’ve spent more than your life time following the path of individuation, I’m not constricted by idealism, I understand that self-knowledge is the key to leading people.

            You on the other hand appear overly sensitive to personal confidence and ones understanding of themselves, I can only assume you believe yourself to be a type A but in reality you’re just a guttersnipe who can only wish he made it to my level.

            I would tell you to stop projecting and get a life, but I’m sure that a waste of time.

      4. This is a very good overview of some of the various “types” of group members or leaders.  I would add a few others; the flirt, the joker, the hopeless follower, the one with “short man syndrome”, the one who wants consensus based everything, the one wants peace amongst members at any cost, the hypochondriac, the silent leader, etc.

        I worked for years in a wilderness setting teaching groups about the outdoors and survival stuff.  We (staff) used to make it a private game at the beginning guessing which group members would fall into which category.

        Group dynamics is critical and takes a lot to get working effectively. 

        • IMO, the best leader is someone who gives the rest an example worth following.

          • you mean like our president right ?

            • Not no, but HELL NO!

              • give me an Amen to that

          • Sun Tzu had something to say about leaders.  Paraphrasing; 

            1)  The best leaders are barely visible. (Founding Fathers)

            2)  The ‘everwhere present’ leader’s position is tenuous. (Moa, Stalin, Hitler, Clinton, Obama)

            3)  The leader who is openly loathed by the people has a serious problem. (Morsi)

            4)  However, the ‘leader’ who is openly mocked and laughed at,…. well,…Game Over….(Obama, TPTW, Cabal,

            Just sayin’



        • Perhaps robots are what everyone wants. Mindless and without personality.

      5. With all due respect, where did you come up with this list? These aren’t even real personality types. These are descriptions of characters from various post-apocalyptic fiction novels. Google search personality types and you will be enlightened.

        • We don’t need Psycho Bal Bal. It does give us all a basis for conversation and learning.  I watch walking dead more than I care about the “Proper medical terms”.

        • Excellent observation.   I’ve been watching several of the on-going TV programs (Jericho, Revolution, Walking Dead, etc.) and this article did seem to me to be describing the fictional, Hollywood created characters that have been cleverly inserted into those show’s story lines.

          This is not to suggest that such characters and personality types do not exist in the real world, because they most certainly do.   I have seen these personality types rising up within an air-conditioned office environment where reasonably well-educated white collar working stiffs who are supposed to be part of a ‘team’, but who’ll mysteriously begin jockeying for tactical advantages that benefit themselves personally and which will drive them to undermine, twist, subvert and hatch all sorts of devious schemes within the general office environment in order to make themselves look good and their competition look bad.  Office politics vs jungle politics, itz.

          I can easily imagine how that sort of behavior could transmit itself to a SHTF survival situation.   

          Thus, it is good advice to choose your companions carefully.



          • @ Tucker,

            Agreed, on the “office types”. So much of what has passed for civilization in the last 70+ years is a ‘construct’ of ‘dog-eat-dog’ which is so ingrained in the minds of the people that they can’t see it at all….I wonder WHERE the idea for that got it’s start?…..hmmm, begins with “T”…then there’s a “P”, then…..

      6. Sounds like the forward to Management 101. i think i had #6 has a boss once.

        A expert is defined as a drip under pressure.

        Pearl Harbor Day. God bless those men and women in uniform. May they all get home safe

      7. Excellent article.  It describes the public prepper community that exists today.  Think of the prepper blogs, sites, and podcasts out there.  Apply these definitions to some of them and the patterns fit.  This is shown in attitudes toward others, or the superior attitude displayed.  That is why I like SHTF plan.  The moderators open things to discussion and allow the free flow of ideas to happen.  This article was a good reminder for me of not only what personal checks that I need to have, but also what people to avoid, or for that matter sites on the web.   

        • it reminds me of what I don’t want to become.

      8. Churches and civic org. are full of control freaks, narcissists, busy bodies, immorality, gossips, etc like much of the above mentioned.   I agree it’s best to get with like minded community folks , living independently, and not in commune type living arrangements.  Families can have separate living quarters for ex: parents with two grown sons and their wives living on one piece of land  each having a house like a family farm .

        • Getting work done at a church is immpossible. 20 committee members, 21 opinions.

          • Getting work done at a church is immpossible. 20 committee members, 21 opinions

            Would that 21st be the Divine One??  🙂

            • suppose thats right

              but that last one is the only correct one.

          • My church is more like a dictatorship than a democracy. A control-freak pastor, yet it’s the only church that believes as we do, in our town.

            • isn’t that the prez statement about rev Wright his pastor in chicago

            • LT,

              Do you realize how ridiculous that statement is?

              • I mean, I don’t like the fact that our pastor is a control freak, but it’s the only Messianic church in town and I don’t want to go to any other. It leaves us with few options when what we want to do is worship with a group of believers on Saturday. So we choose to continue to go there and try to overlook his control issues. I can see why someone else might think it’s ridiculous to continue to go there but our beliefs are an important part of our life.

                • A church is nothing more than a group of worshipers. The only one in charge is Yahweh. Your “control freak” is just a self anointed leader. You can meet anywhere and invite the pastor to attend, rather than suffering thru his delusions. The church, once things get rough, will return to its traditional form of only 10 to 15 people per “church”. Intent is for people to leave the church and form new churches, spreading the true word, teaching, prophesizing, etc…. Small groups continually raising up people to start new churches.

        • Laura is right. Avoid the whole commune thing. They never work. How many are living in a commune situation right now?

          • Righto, communes do not work…

            But, COOPERATIVE communities DO.

            The Tribal concept plays well too.


      9. State of mind is one thing, reality is another.  Prepping is one’s state of being prepared for whatever they interpret as a preparation requirement. Anything else is just a perceived concept of possibilities, and if you prepare for possibilities, then you’re wrong. You must prepare for what will occur, not might! Just a different perspective on my end.

        • Well, I’m screwed then, because my crystal ball is broke. I don’t know what WILL happen, exactly, but I’m trying to prepare for whatever might come anyway.

      10. Anyone notice an in increase of and unusually high amount of hopium being pumped into the masses by the MSM Machine?

        • Hopium, I like that term.

          I think this is the first time I’ve heard it!

          I do say how we blend and mix words to greater their meaning.

          In a single word you have described the drug that the majority ofAmericans are addicted to, and the gubment is the dealer, to the masses of junkies jonesin for their fix of Hopium.   

          Brilliant, Watson 


          the Watcher

          • hopium ,it sooths the itchy ears

          • hopium doled out by the halfrican……;)

          • Meant to give thumbs up. Sorry for the fat finger typo.

          • Sorry: I couldn’t resist the name. Apparently “hopium” fed to the masses wins elections:-(

      11. Greetings Everyone!

        In any group you’ll  find these “happy campers”.Perhaps  not as many as in the prepping world,but they still exist in  just about every group(churches included!).Recognizing the folks with these traits BEFORE they cause trouble is the key.And if there are too many,time to step aside and go somewhere else. A classic case of:”an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as the saying goes…

        Very timely article Mac



      12. A quote from “O Brother Where Art Though”  one of my favorite movies

        Pete: Wait a minute. Who elected you leader of this outfit? Ulysses Everett McGill: Well Pete, I figured it should be the one with the capacity for abstract thought. But if that ain’t the consensus view, then hell, let’s put it to a vote. Pete: Suits me. I’m voting for yours truly. Ulysses Everett McGill: Well I’m voting for yours truly too. [Everett and Pete look at Delmar for the deciding vote] Delmar O’Donnell: Okay… I’m with you fellas.

      13. You just described almost every prepper I personally know.  Thankfully none of them know I’m a survivalist.

        • Huge difference between a Prepper and a Survivalist.   HUGE.

          • Don’t I know it. I’ve been teaching wilderness survival for 30 years and have the pictures to prove it, but preppers are often trying to legitimize themselves by clumping us and homesteaders in with them.

            • There’s a vast difference between the three.

              Any one human being can be all three, or any combination thereof (say, Joe Sixpack prepares against society-wide calamity, has solid bushcraft, and is homesteading).

              On my part, I cannot claim to be a homesteader, since I rent (in spite of doing many things which a homesteader does). I cannot claim to be a survivalist (yet… still learning the area around me out here). I can say that I’m preparing.

              The one thing that gets me though is this: prepping is more than just collecting stuff and having all the best gear, dahling (said in some middle-aged matron’s voice). It doesn’t require a hatred or mistrust of government (though a healthy skepticism is vital). It damned sure doesn’t require being any sort of badass (I daresay that most of the self-proclaimed badasses will be among the first to die).

              This isn’t some sort of clique or fad… what’s being prepared against may never happen (and I pray it never does), but if it does come down fully, by God it’s gonna hurt everyone it sees, and kill a majority of us all. 

              • A survivalist will keep you alive until help can come or you starve to death

                A prepper will have enough bullets until they don’t

                a homesteader needs a plow and time

                To hell with the three classes. In a total SHTF event I’ll take the fourth class and make him/her the leader. That fourth class is the naturalist that’s spent their life learning the natural environment, the plants, animals and their uses, habits and habitat 24-7, 365 days out of the year. This person will be kept alive because they will keep you alive and their knowledge will be worth more gold than you can carry. They will be the most important people on the planet until agriculture can start up again.

                • This is the true survivalist, a man we should all strive to learn from to be like.

         this man was off gridding in alaska before anyone knew wtf it ment to go off grid. And in the harsh alaska wilderness for over 30 years. Everything Hand made, and made from items around the land ( besides the cement for the fireplace )From each plank that he needed to the wooden handles for the hand tools he brought with him with no handles to make his load lite. He is truly someone I wish I could have met while he was alive. He is a survivalist with minimal preps and a massive skill set.

                • @ AnonLegion

                  Dick Proenneke is one of the people that admire, it’s funny, I see him as the ultimate modern day (for his time) homesteader. After all he built a home. One of the survivalist that I admire is Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton. His story of survival, fortitude, skill and leadership is one that will last forever.

                • One more for a contrast in leadership but still an amazing feat of survival, skill, fortitude and leadership. That would be Captain Bligh.

                  A quote from “Captain Bligh’s Voyage of Survival”

                  It has been called one of the most remarkable navigational feats in all of nautical history. Imagine yourself in an open boat with eighteen other men, thousands of miles from safety. The boat is only twenty three feet long, with a beam of six feet and nine inches and a depth of only two feet and nine inches. It rides so low in the water that your hand, resting on the gunwale, is repeatedly made wet from the small waves that lap against the side of the boat. Your only hope for survival lies with the man in command, the man to whom you have given your loyalty, William Bligh, until very recently Captain of HMS Bounty.

      14. those personalities dont just show up in the prepper crowd..they are friggen everywhere..and yes you will be dealing with them, although it will be up to you how you deal with them, and for how long.


        Im in the” no patience for stupidty” crowd

        • VRF:  We forgot to mention  the “stuck in stupid” folks/zombie-slackers…they are utterly useless and will become dependent on everyone, contributing  zero, expecting hand outs.  Grey Fox:  This is why I don’t “join” anything/become a member…been there done that decades ago, – and there are control freaks in any  org. group/club/churches/etc.  Another thing learned:   few (if any) show appreciation if one person or several do more than their share (ex: fund raising in veterans groups, civic org., etc)

          • I had a friend/roommate who was similar, never wanted to contribute to any work done around the house, even though he was living there for free while he ‘looked’ for a place. Just stop acknowledging their existence briefly and they usually come around pretty quick.

          • yes, the Stuck on Stupid people can be a drag on safety, production, forward, and ability to have a cohesive unit. deffinetly have to be vetted out, but chances  are situations in a violent environment will do that for us.

            basically the Darwin award winners wont be allowed to procreate, and thats not necessarily a bad thing.


            • even the most useless of ppl have some basic form of skill that can be used. Remember I have but only 2 rules.

              1: do not fuck with any ones shit. a few ie’s:
              (1) If not welcome, do not come.
              (2) If not given, do not take.
              (3) If not offered, do not expect.

              2: a job for everyone and everyone to their job, everyone works /fights no one quits.

              If you are able, you will. Even the most mindless of zombies can be used to carry shit.

          • I am not part of any group, just  family member.  And will make my mother apart of my supplies as well.  So that make three.

            I do not look for anyone else help because I am disabled and do not want anyone to feel they have to take care of me.  Will I make it very long?   I do not expect to with lack of medication.  But to not plan and look for other ways to find medication be it herbs or diet would be giving up.   I hope you all are watching what happening in Winter wheat fields.   And the Mississippi River.  If we do not get a good winter and spring here the cost of food will climb even faster.  I am also watching South America farm news as well.

              Since Wonder baker is  closing we might find some good flour sales for while.

            • gwynmarilyn

              sounds like you`ve thought about this some,,,but would you shoot someone that knows or thinks they do your situation,,bringing you supplies??or medicines or just checking on you to find out what you need!!!as most of the people posting in here WOULD,,,

              war is hell when you are just killing your enemies let alone your neighbors


            • @GM….According to our MSM news yesterday, we were told to “stock up for a year”(if possible) as our food prices are going to soar in the new year…..(due to the drought we here in Canada and the USA had this past summer AND the cost of fuel going up??)

              I can’t quite figure it out as our gas prices went down this week…..they may go up next week though…..who knows anymore?

            • gwynmarilyn
              will you tell me what state you asre in??

              • forgive the typo error,,thats suppost to be what state are you in,,,,

            • gwyn handicapped or not you are able to help within a group. The blind can help, the deaf can help, those with no legs can help. There is a job for everyone, to help everyone feel like they contribute there is no place for those who say “I worked harder then her” ( ie not you personally ) everyone can contribute to the best of their abilities, and no this is not some happy ass sing and dance singalong. It is flat out truth. Can you knit, sew, cook? can you pass on information help teach in any skill set? Can you help others in their tasks? Learn and pick up new skills? Yes you can, and if your willing you are an asset. If your true to your word as you type them you sound like an asset to me, and would be most welcome within my group.

        • Just like an episode of Survivor on CBS, But with guns !

           woo hoo !

      15. Everybody has a touch to varying degrees of Self Assumed “Leader”, Feudal Lord, Moral Relativist, Obsessive, Ulterior Motive Drama Queen and Zealot to some extent.  Realistically we are just mammals living at the same point in history within the same industrialized civilization.  To what degree do these different traits make up our personalities? 

        • I’m actively looking to pick up nearby properties to make available for sharecropping. I’ll provide the training, equipment, and land in exchange for a share of the production.  I don’t know if that makes me a feudal lord, but it will certainly make me a landlord.  If protecting a farm was worth as much as owning one anyone would be a fool to invest in one.

          • @govguy……what that makes you is an opportunist of the lowest order……


            • Nope, that makes him a capitalist. Nothing wrong with making a profit while taking the risk.

              • I agree . Profit is not a dirty word. But it does sound like he wants to set himself up to have others do all the work and then throw them table scraps.

          • Good job gg.    Anything to be prepared is one more move in the right direction!

            • @you….if you believe the right direction is the pathway to the downfall of the Republic…..then I pity you and govguy……You both will be going in the WRONG direction…….and may God Bless this Republic!


              • Well.   That’s the beauty of this country.   I get to voice my opinion and you get to voice yours.    My favorite is that I didn’t say you were wrong even though we obviously disagree.    All I said was that I agree with someone’s opinion.    At least say why I’m wrong.   At least give an intelligent opinion other than someone is wrong.

                You say god bless as if you are Christian.    So the new thing for Christians are to tell people there opinions are wrong?   What happened to forgiveness?


                good grief.    We are both preppers and do things our own way.    I don’t see anything wrong with buying some extra land for more crOps.    If you want ev erything to be fair than our fundamentals are opposite and we will never agree , but please dignify me with something more than I’m wrong!!!!!!!!!!

                • I see nothing at all wrong with purchasing land for YOUR usage….I do, however, take umbrage with someone purchasing land upon which OTHERS will do all of the work while receiving very little of the results…..feudalism? Yup….. Keeping up with the current gov’t….yup. If you wish to purchase land and lease it to others for their OWN purposes, then that is a totally different scenario….is it not? 

                • FOB in order acquire land it requires money. Money is labor. So he puts in his labor to buy land with money. If someone uses said land then he should be reimbursed. Otherwise it is a form of welfare.

                • I wish to apologise to you and gov guy for my comment….I reacted in an emotional manner due to the fact that some friends of mine (farmers from a long line) recently had involved themselves in a similar arrangement and found themselves out when they found they could not, in good conscience, go along with what the “landlord” required….they know the land and what is required to grow crops….and the other person did not….
                  I repeat my apology

          • Wow.  So consumed with feudalism, you can’t even tell.  You have everything and know everything.  I’m still working on getting away from my current dictators, no time to pick up another.  2nd post ever, had to comment.  Freedom or death here.  Don’t get pick off by one of your slave-croppers.

            • Daveyboy

              that wouldnt happen because of FEAR,,they woud be shot coming down the driveway


              • Another internet Rambo. Good luck with that.

              • I personally have been a farm labor worker ,cook,techie,my grandfather was a share cropper. And I am pretty sure that in your imagined and ( prepared for ) post apocalyptic world myself and other balcks will have been murdered of by all you gun happy ( superior ) folk. Or at least that is the plan. I personally plan on dying while trying to save as many elderly,children and handicapped as I find. If your whacko scenario ever we to come to pass……to live as if the world is gonna end soon ? iNSANE. Join the real world leave mansonville ..please ,join us in insuring that the greatest nation on earth stays a place worth preserving. If your imagined (hoped for ? )
                Event occurred based on. My experience with survivalist they would be the biggest obstacle to a restoration of civilization’as you all seem to crave some lawless most guns and most willing to kill everyone else off rule by might world.I guess that would solve the problem of what to do about the measly 12.6 percent that we blacks are.of course one wonders who would be the new whipping boys ? Probably Jews. As the indigenous Americans are at less than 1 percent and would be exterminated along with the other no whites as soon as feasible.well at least we will die in good company.

          • Once they’re on it, how would you enforce your claim to “production”? In a long-term crisis, the definition of ownership will change. And yes it sounds like you want your own fiefdom.

            What if your  sharecroppers get together and decide to give you the boot?

          • Hey, gov….i would like a piece of that….got some land….what would be my cut?  I don’t need any trainin’ or equipment… it ……so how did you advertise this?  My land has a couple of little cabins that could be rented out as part of wages….whats your plan on how to do this?

          • Notice how he didnt say what  the split would be ?  You all just jumped in and thought he would be taking advantage of the sharecroppers.   You never asked what he had in mind, before assuming he would be taking advantage of those people.  What if the split was 80/20 ??    Sounds like maybe it could be a good deal for people that dont have the money to buy the land outright,but need a place to grow food and produce what they need.  Anyone that goes to work at a “normal” job is just engaging in a form of share-cropping  are they not ?   Everyone’s situation is different and this guy may be helping some people that dont have the means to do it otherwise???

      16. post apocalyptic community where everyone pretty much minded/took care of their own business. shared and agreed to ideas on how to defend their little community from outsiders. wonder how that setting would work out.

        • I may find out because that sounds like where I built my retreat.  I’m surrounded by homes occupied by owners who have been heating with wood, gardening, and hunting for generations.  The sounds of gunshots are common here and no one cares who is hunting what in or out of season.  Each neighbor has their own skill and specialty equipment to go along with it and are already willing to help one another.  Our only current defenses are passive ones from outsiders when hunting season comes around, but whether it is a lumber mill, natural gas wells, or heavy equipment, or an armory, it is all contained within this little mountain holler.

          • Sounds like paradise to me

            the Watcher

          • sounds similar to where i live too. only there is no nat gas wells .

          • We moved 1200 miles to be in that same exact situation. It is a start:-) Also have 300′ artesian well and no need for a pump. That was not even on our list. Check out “Aquaponics” for a great way to feed your family year round under a greenhouse (protect your food from CTs.) We are one year in to it (AP) and heat everything with efficient wood stoves.

        • Infinitly superior to any commune arrangement. Communes seem to be vehicles for setting ones’ self up as dictator. Personally, I would avoid any communal arrangement.

          Isn’t the idea of giving things up to “the group” for “the greater good” a large portion of the problem America faces today?

          • Elites are trying to condition us into thinking of everyone on the planet as a “species,” a “human species” and the entire species would benefit from a decision for “the greater good,” or so they want very much for us to believe.  In fact, they will demand that we ascribe to this philosophy – and we will be forced to make a decision to pledge our allegiance to a person…not the office of the POtus or the Constitution…or face what they will call tre a s o n.  Treason for refusing to support an unknown and suspiciously foreign-agent-type character about whom we know nothing, basically.  A fabricated persona operating as the mask over the face of something else…something else behind a burkha…something else behind a different god… Decision time. Gulp.  

            • we already got that with the “Unknown’s” of hobammy.

              Even all pics of his highschool year book in state of washington(seattle schools?) are mysteriously Missing!

              Read this info a month ago and article says several folks went there to see his year book pics as proof he really was there at younger age etc.

              They were told by hobammys “claimed” school that somehow only That particular yearbook was “missing”

              Then they got exact same answer at town library!…They checked everywheres and can’t locate Any of hobammys school pictures of where he claims he attended!

              Same goes for collages etc also….So we already have a Fabricated persona as a mask over face of some other agenda or whatever.

              The HALF-Rican is also a 100% Lying Kommie, no 1/2 about That part!

      17. I don’t want to be in America if/when there is a financial collapse.  There are so many ethnic tribes and they are not going to get along at all when SHTF.  A homogenous society will have the highest likelihood of relative calm and progress toward a solution.  The tribe that forced heavy load of immigrants into USA via sneaky chain-migration laws started in 1964 (apparently as a way to “punish” Christians) will probably have hell to pay also, as upbeat and honest white people are going to catch on and start whopping ass.  I don’t want any part of it.  

        • I live in the third whitest state in the U.S., but not the third-safest one because poverty is what results in violence.  I think we are the 26th safest state in violent crime.  You could move to Honduras which is much more homogeneous than the U.S., but the crime rate there is so high people who can afford to surround their homes with concrete block walls with broken glass on top and all the retailers have guards with AK-47s standing out front.  They are very friendly and let me take photos with them.

          • I’m white I obviously don’t want to go hang around Honduras when SHTF, and yes as you pointed out many non-white countries have homogenous populations and rampant crime.  That kind of underscores my point.    1998 Indonesia financial collapse let mobs to attack ethnic Chinese but that was not widely reported in US media.  I was there though, brutal.  Find someone with Chinese ancestors and destroy their property–that is what happened.  As I said I also don’t want to be in this country when it occurs–no matter what demographics tell you about the state you live.  US unrest will rival any seen in human history, in my opinion.  I don’t want any part of it.

            • @ RANCH   I agree with you!  So, where do we go??


              ** Gardenia

              • Others here have suggested it’s a poor choice but I’m heading to Scandinavia with my family in coming months and don’t plan to turn back.  To each his own.  I’ve traveled the world far and wide, including all over northern Europe, and come to the conclusion on my own what location is most suitable for me and my family.  I’d rather be there than with a “bug out bag” and plenty of guns & ammo.  No thanks I’m not going to go through that.  It’s a shame because I am a good loyal taxpayer, come from a nice family and I’m highly productive in my profession but I have little hope for the future of USA due to the issues discussed on SHTF.  The big question is whether or not the coming SHTF in America will be equally discomforting across the globe.  That is a big question…  What are your thoughts?

                • Sadly, I believe that whatever occurs in the US will have a domino effect throughout the world…..wish I could predict where in the world anyone could be safe…..but what will happen, will happen….and you will be affected in some way no matter where you reside…….I plan on hunkering down rather quietly within my very limited community and be effective when and where necessary……

                • @ Ranch

                  If your destination is Northern Europe, I would only consider Norway & Finland on the mainland…go to Iceland if you desire isolation.

                  BTW, learn the language prior to leaving & be forewarned, many locals view Americans with a jaundiced eye. Thanks to our idiots in gubbermint & the tribe that controls them.

                • Anton what do you think of Sweden and Denmark?  Why do you mention Norway and Finland?  Thanks for your response.  I am already fairly deep in the process of relocating…  

                • @ Ranch

                  The Danes are an oppressed people(currently), their govt is the near epitome of pure socialism as one can get. Ditto for the Swedes, both countries suffer from the influx of the ‘Muslim menace’ per the nasty tribe’s dictates & inherent to their principals of multiculturalism worship.

                  Norway & Finland haven’t traveled that far down the road…yet!
                  Plus, rifles are a bit easier to acquire in either country, as opposed to the other two.

                  Trust me Ranch, you’re gonna need a firearm over there too. Remember Yugoslavia back in the early ’90’s?

                  I name Iceland as a sanctuary due to its isolation & its homogenous population. Plus it has no borders with potential enemy states. The economy is robust & for the most part, food is free-ocean based (protein-wise). Although weather wise, the interior is harsh…but beautiful.

                  I’m fond of the Icelanders because they told the global-bankers to go f*#K themselves & proceeded to arrest & prosecute the indigenous political & financial criminals who hijacked their economic system. They are, on the whole, an honest & honorable people.
                  A quick review of their economic growth since then, reveals they are way ahead of the global trend & are doing quite well for themselves. Good for them!

                  I wish you well Ranch & hope you & yours survive the coming maelstrom.
                  In truth, I’ve contemplated a move such as yours, as I do possess the assets to achieve such…but alas I just can’t do it.

                  You see, the earth of real America & its Constitution flows amid the blood in my veins & the Creator that sanctioned & blessed this country for over two-hundred years saw fit to plant me here for a reason.


                  …that said, our government & our politicians can GO TO HELL!

                • Anton. Thanks for the conversation. Norway is extremely expensive, beyond all imagination, so I’ve ruled it out because my savings are in the hundreds of thousands $$ not millions. I do believe Norway is a great country though, one in which I would like to settle.

                  Sweden is my choice because of the industrious nature of the people and their strong performance in business. It’s really remarkable, the innovation and improvement that comes out of Sweden. Clean streets and extremely bright kids. As I have my own kids to think about, and I won’t go into detail but I’ve been exposed to the Swedish education system and it’s more suitable for the way I like my kids to learn. Also in Sweden you find carefree children all over the cities among themselves, not like in the military/israeli-looking-police-freak-paranoid-culture in USA that I don’t even recognize, nobody allows their kid to be alone because of fear. I realize people look down on Sweden because of “socialism” but frankly I don’t see “socialism” in Sweden I see hard working industrious and pleasant/happy people. Personally I prefer a free market but we can’t always find the greatest combination, and I want to resettle in the most modern place possible not some up-and-coming latin american free market rising star economy like Chile. No thanks to siesta culture I like Sweden.

                  I also like Sweden because I feel at home the minute I land at the airport, even though I am three generations removed from Scandinavia. White people. I guess I like feeling in a belonging place, and Swedes always mistake me for a Swede as that is what I look like myself. I wonder what Americans my age and older think about the demographics in USA, because there are immigrants EVERYWHERE and I mean Chinese (tons) Indians, Africans, etc etc etc. I myself have lived overseas in Asia for several years, and if you tried to pass laws to allow foreigners to move to China, Taiwan, Japan, India, etc, in large numbers the people would FREAK OUT. But no, in America we get dumped on day after day with planeloads of third world immigrants, so much that nobody gives a damv about anyone and there is a great deal of resentment brewing inside.

                  The other issue is the extreme betrayal I feel about 9/11 and fact that the financial criminal shylocks who were truly behind it, are actually being portrayed as our “best friends”. Look something has to give. I’d rather get out before it gets much worse. I think there is no rational evidence to support the government story of 9/11 and eventually enough people are going to wake up to WTC7 and the long long long list of inconsistencies, and at that point the rats who were really behind it will unleash even more attacks on the American people. I have discussed this with people I know and they all get extremely beligerent, even long time friends and family will suggest that they will physically fight me for suggesting that the 9/11 was anything other than arabs with boxcutters. Such is the resistance to the truth, it’s almost like telling someone a favorite uncle has been raping his little sister. Look, this is serious to me and I feel I’d rather honorably take my things and leave this country. It might be different if I were not such a big contributor but I do a lot in my day-to-day business to provide jobs and training and onward success for people here, and I’d rather not continue being such a great citizen when it’s supporting a rotten machine. Many times I wish I was just another NFL-worshipping guy blind to reality, but my innate critical thinking and investigational personality got the better of me.

                  My personal belief is that Preppers like yourself are great people who I trust and hope will someday, via perseverance and determination, rightly make America a safe and free country with a truly free press. Thank you for not insulting my decision to leave, and best wishes to you and yours in the future.

                • @ Ranch

                  I wish the best for you & yours, truly I do.
                  It is not my place to judge you, per your thought process or the reasons you reference to justify your decisions. In the end, its about blood, family…offspring.

                  Per your selection of Sweden as a destination, I would avoid the large metropolises & focus on the smaller villages or townships as home-base. You’ll find the Swedish country-folk are more “down-to-earth” orientated & open-minded. They’re also world-wise, if you catch my drift. A smart folk, the Swedes.

                  Avoid Malmo & Stockholm at any cost! GOD bless your endeavors & your family…& once situated, do whatever it takes to secure a center-fire rifle or shotgun, plus ammo…you will need it in the near future!

                • Ranch, Anton, No country with a multiculturalist society has ever survived, look at Rome, we have lasted over two hundred years. There are nefarious forces at work that thinks it needs to change. And we all know who and where its coming from. The United States of America is the last refuge, there is no where else to go. You must, no, WE must Fight for this land like never before. We ran them out 236 years ago, and WE WILL DO IT AGAIN. And this time it will be permanent………………… TRAIN HARD FIGHT EASY

                • Sweden has a big big problem with ethnic African/Arabic minorities in the south, and the economy is just tanking. Go to middle/northern Sweden. You will probably blend in well if you’re not that big mouth, shouting voice “I know it all” type of ‘mericans.

                  Norway .. could be a good choice. They are are rich country and NOT part of the European Union.

                  Finland is in the EU, and also a Euro country. The financials are screwed. Could be a choice, but I’d rather pick Sweden.

                  My choice would be Iceland. But there are no jobs as I understand 🙁

                • Sweden is there aint it?….Another websites poster guy is in sweden and says in last 20 yrs or more, so many somolia imigrants invaded it that rapes of white women are on avg of 40,000 per year if I recall his numbers correctly.(with total population of couple million only)

                  Prior to invasion of somolians rape was near non existant there. Also its the Most socialistic nation in europe acording to that guys posts. He says their Prez or prime minister or whatever its called there has a solution he spoke of a month ago due to many complaints.

                  PREZ of swedens solution= We will bring in Another 20,000 from somolia! with much more to come as needed!

                  Thats suposed to be his “Fix it Plans”!!!….Typical liberal kommie eh….Never admit when wrong, just do More wrong till it somehow makes it right or good!

                  They also aint got any 2nd amendt there to use against rapists or violent perps. Just as here, in sweden african somolies, like mexicans here, hate whiteys there and refuse to speak the language nor assimilate to swedish norms and society.

                  There are ZERO white nations to go to…Because this is all by design and is Only occureing in every white nation worldwide.

                  Them whos doing this to us all refuse to admit it and claim its just a “coincidence”…..If chinas done so swell with all Our factories etc, why aint any somolies or mexicans going There?….Or Japan?….Or Isreal!?

                  Nope. Only happening in formerly white nations like america. Them what claim its not so….Will Soon see how wrong they was, when as done in Hati, happens here.

                  Aint Hati what once was called the Jewel of the caribean?

                  White (french?) folks built a paradise for a couple hundred yrs I think it lasted. Untill they agreed to allow blacks to “Vote” in “Democracy” for all!

                  Soon after, blacks rioted and murdered all whites and destroyed it all(like detroit but worser!).

                  Now take a gander at Hati…Some piece of work eh.

                  Let us vote too! All we axin Fo iz da chanzes ta proves we is equal ta da whiteys! daz all we axin fo is da chanze ta proves it iz all an sheeit anz all dats…

                  The Jewel of the caribean! hati!!! they proves it all right eh!

                • Hi. Thanks for contributing. Having just spent weeks in Sweden again I can say that sensational stories about crashing economy and blacks & arabs ruining the place, these stories are not true.

                  I did hear from some locals that Malmo is a concentration of immigrants, and the immigrants do not assimilate in Sweden. So that is a big problem for the diversity-pushers.

                  What is true is the destruction of USA but the same can not be said of Sweden. In fact there is no comparison. Sweden is today as USA was 50 years ago… Economy is very strong, there are no homeless, no beggars, and the Swedish budget boasts a hefty SURPLUS.

              • Perhaps the country with the least or NO chemtrails would be a good marker for an honest gov. Is there such a place? It sure ain’t here:-(

            • @ Ranch….went to see “Red Dawn” today…..your statement “I don’t want to be in this country when it occurs” reminded me of a bit of that movie…..yikes!!

              At my age….mid-sixties…I don’t want any part of the future…..Unless it changes!!

        • ranch, the financial collapse has begun needed to leave a long time ago if you didnt want to be there for the collapse.

        • Immigration, forced and otherwise, has been an integral of the U.S. almost from day one. Many here have expressed an overt racism against blacks. But, remember, it was your white ancestors that brought them here as slaves. So, thank your great-great grandpa for the problems you are now facing. Immigrants poured into this country in the early 20th century also. Truth be told, unless you are pure blooded Native American, you are here as a result of immigration. Besides, immigration is a direct result of the free-market system that I see so applauded here.

          • Joe; Immigrants that came here in early 20th century became LEGAL, and help build this nation. So dont EVEN go there. And slavery was going on all over the world 300 years ago including Africa (Black owners of slaves) , but liberal history loves to blame America only for slavery. We did’nt have the problem of 20 million mexicants sneeking in like we do now, which is starting to destroy the free market system. Thats why your man B.O. in washington, is turning everything assbackwards, upsidedown, and every which way and loose, Yea forced immigration by wanabe dick taters just to get votes. Now in all your liberal wisdom justify that.

            • Slavery is still impacting millions today, even in the 1st world except now they use fancy words like “people trafficking, sex trade, domestic labour force” & it’s not “in your face” like the auction blocks of old.

              I get very angry when people talk about slavery as if it’s old news. The trade never stopped.

            • Whites brought the blacks here. They did not come on their own and they were not here before the whites. No white guilt not saying bad slave owner just saying they brought them flat out simple, plain, done. As for the mexicans they were here in the south before the whites came.

              As for the whites they red dawned the native americans.

              brought their way of life to a country that was inhabited, did not take on the countries language brought their own, and brought their own beliefs and did not take on the natives of the country they came to. Hmmmm we bitch about this happening today. I guess we are more important then those who were here before us.

              For those who say that they need to learn our language if they come to the US. “O si yo” is the proper way to say hello by one of the NATIVE languages of this land.

          • Their black anscestors sold them to us. Joe, people like you pretend the only slaves in the world were blacks in USA. You ignore the Barbary pirate slave trade that terrorized the coast of Europe.

            • @ Bob

              I notice that “bolshevik Joe” also failed to mention the current & thriving sex-slave enterprise that flourishes in Israel today. The vast majority of the gentile working-girls were lured there from eastern European countries via lies & sometimes by black market kidnapping operations, all with the tacit approval of the Israeli govt & overt sanctioning by their rabbis.

              Oddly enough, 7 out of the 10 most wanted by Interpol, kiddie-porn snuff film producers have fled to Israel, taking advantage of their “right to return” in order to escape international prosecution for their crimes.

              Our “only ally” in the middle-east refuses to extradite them!

              Sort of gives a whole new meaning to the words…Kosher business practices, wouldn’t you say?

              • Anton: thats so true! and is also the main reason them zionistic Khazer russian tribe types wanted so badly to take over isreal.

                They needed a “State” to Own becuse the highest power in This world(besides God) is a State Power recognized by all other nations as such.

                Once you own your own state, you get to make laws-own Militaries-Navys-Police powers etc etc.

                Now their tribe of banksters and swindlers, and the worlds worst “mafia” aka Russian mob which Is 100% jewish has a State where They made laws to Refuse to extridite criminals, and gives All tribe criminals a “Right” to return(even though khazers was Never there prior!!!)

                After their tribe members Rape and Rob and Loot and wreck every other nation they invade, they can run for cover and hide in plain site in americas “Best” friends and Allies….Isreal!

                Funny how america had zero enemies in mid east untill their Tribe stole palestine in 1948 eh….With friends and allies such as that who needs any “enemies”?

                Sure hope all them evangelicals here awaken to all the lies they been told to believe on this issue soon eh…Otherwise They will continue to be americas Main enablers of whats been done so far and getting worse by the week!

                Perhaps soon some will actually READ what their bibles say and use True discernment to rid their warped minds of 50+yrs of wolves type pastors brainwashings eh….One can only hope so!

                If not?…I bet they fast figure it all out when taken captive into Fema camps, and they notice every single camp “Civilian” Boss has a Huge Hooked shnoze! and Black beady Rat eyes!

                Hows them bestest friends and allies workin out for ya now?…..Blessings Galore in a local FEMA zionist camp!

                • @ Angelo M.

                  A.M., in truth the crux of the biscuit per the Christian-Zionists stems from the fact that back in the earliest days of of the 20th century, a nefarious plan was hatched by the zionists in America…they funded a convicted felon named Cyrus Schofield who had authored a blasphemous screed where New Testament scripture was intentionally warped & modified. See the Schofield Reference Bible for details.

                  Cyrus espoused a “new false doctrine” highlighting a new-found phenomena called…the rapture. He cherry picked a wild array of biblical quotations to support his opinions. His work was published, funded by zionist monies & introduced into Christian seminaries, bible colleges & the pulpits of Christian ministers across the country, via $$$ bribes. Hence, today it is now entrenched dogma in the minds of the religious population.

                  He & his zionist backers pulled off the greatest deception in modern times by claiming the Khazars were akin to the Hebrew tribes of the O.T. You know the sons & the respective tribes of Israel, aka Jacob.

                  He purposely glossed over the fact that modern Judaism is an anathema to true Christianity, as modern Judaism focuses upon a singular GOD…while Christianity worships a triune GOD in, the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. Hence it is the “mystery religion” dating from the Babylonian captivity period & enforced by the dictates of their rabbinical elite since ancient times, via their wretched Talmud.

                  By adopting the name Israel for their country, they masterfully acquired an outfit of teflon armor, as the average Christian suddenly feared speaking out against GOD’s chosen…see the book: “the 13th Tribe” for details & see 2nd Kings for what the O.T. had to say about the jews. As it is in 2nd Kings that the term jew is first used.

                  Its truly, all about discernment & the intelligence to understand the truth.

      18. i dont care what anyone says, we all have these traits in us.. it doesnt matter if it happens to be a little bit of one or alot of another, if pushed then we will all have to exhibit all of these at one time or another..

        but that isnt what makes a good leader, in a nut shell a good leader knows when to and when not use the power that has been given him or her

      19. Than have the Government using catch names like “Zombies” or zombie apocalypse..

        people , there are reasons for this..We are the Zombies..its a code word for the masses or the citizens..

        the purpose and reasons.

         equating people with “zombies” dehumanizes them….the first step to disregarding the killing of such classes.  (us) The point of these exercises is to condition our troops and police that it will be acceptable to kill US when the time comes. After all, we’re just “zombies”….not human beings with rights.

        trust them at your own peril..there is no mistaking what this is, not to me

        • That is why the world Target was always used, never said Him or Her. And their name never came up at a operational levels. Just a description and a location in the desert that’s it.

        • VRF ~Have you seen the trailers for World War Z, with Brad Pitt?  It’s a similar concept of dehumanization.  The camera work makes the masses of dying people look like a bunch of ants attacking something – if you think about how many people are depicted being killed it’s truly horrifying. Hundreds of millions of deaths in this movie, all with no more angst or guilt than swatting a fly.

          The movie, in my opinion, is a way of taking away the power of seeing such terrible images of death by making it seem more mundane.  Sort of like “breaking us in” to not be appalled by such things. 

          There is an alarming campaign of dehumanization by the mass media and the entertainment industry – they’re clearly “gearing up” and this is how they are preparing the apathetic to allow them to remain apathetic, which makes them less of a threat.

          ~ D

          • Daisy

            No I havent seen that movie, Im not much of a movie buff, but my Daughter has me watching more and more lately. I will definetly look into it, sounds intriguing.

            Yes i agree on the gear up, much is in motion already, its like dancing on the head of a pin

            • Here’s the official trailer.


              <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

            • BELEIVE HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE AND NOTHING OF WHAT YOU HEAR…… With the digital graphics they have now, you cant tell the differance between animation and the real thing. Someone that holds power can fool the world.

          • agreed, THEY have been at that conditioning method for some time now…sad to say from what i see in this day and age (era) it is working out just fine for Them.

            i’m just greatful i have the braincells to rub together to figure that out and see thru thier bs…

            yes those masses of people in the trailer were something else

            peace to you all
            best of luck with your planning
            were all going to need alittle ‘luck’.

      20. Mac,

        Whats up with the comment I posted on the 12/6 thread. It’s been awaiting moderation for like 2 days. Should I repost it? I want people to see it for sure.

        • John, sorry for the moderation on that. Can you repost with the link back to that forum where it was found? Its a really long post and i’d like to split it off and redirect those inerested back to the original source? Thx!

          • Mac,

            Yea lol it was a novel huh. Umm I would love to repost the link but it was sent to me by a source via email. I’m not on the iracing forum it came from. But I will see what I can do to get it.

            • John, I tried to find it but had no luck locating the post anywhere…

              • Yea me either. It is a private sim racing league where members pay money to participate and it was in their private forum that isn’t accessible to the general public. One of the racers is a friend of mine and sent me the convo that started when somebody called Syria, “Yougoslavia 2.0” and it just so happened one of the racers lived in Syria and decided to set the record straight according to what he sees on a day in day out basis. This didnt come from a political site or anything like that and my friend vouched for the legitimacy of George and said he had been racing with him for several years. Obviously it’s all hear say to you guys and even myself but I believe it comes from a credible source. Maybe we I can split it up into 4 or 5 parts? If not no biggie, I just always like to read first hand accounts.

      21. AHHH, Finally an article I can relate to. I am sneaking this little moment at work to post, as my home computer will no longer load this site.

        I was reading an article last night about some of the insidious things our government did with radiation experiments on children by German Doctors brought here after the war. It broke my spirit and I concluded that I am Not a survivalist Nor a prepper.

        I already lost the Homestead in the 80’s to a SHTF event in my life and now live on a modest piece of property in a small-medium community surrounded by sustainable agriculture farmers and acres of food. I have a 10×28 foot green house that serves me with a lot of year round digging in the dirt – that is the thing that brings me the most Joy.

        I have three beautiful grandchildren that I am going to start investing more of my time with. I work Full time and make a livable wage. Not enough to invest in much but I feel comfortable with it.

        I have already said here, that I will not survive marauding hoards of zombies. I do not own a gun. I do have family and adopted family living within a mile of me that do own guns however.

        I have ALWAYS bought my food in bulk as it is cheaper that way. Been doing it for decades. I actually cook food and do not eat over processed junk. I have beefed up my camping equipment and have a couple more things to add to that. I have put away gallons and gallons of water that I didn’t normally used to do. And I finally got the equipment to set up the rain barrel collection off the green house roof minus the gutters I still need to purchase. Plus I have put back some water filters and a gravity feed bucket system.

        I know that my ‘group’ will come to my home in the case of a life disrupting event – Hurricane, Volcano, Mud Slide, Flood, Earthquake, Ice/Wind Storm. We will pool our energy and get by for a time with the little bit of food and resources that surround my daily life.

        I will not be around for any ‘re-building’ after a total collapse. I only want to be comfortable on my way out. I do not have nor want a faraday cage, as I am moving further away from Electronics every day. And I believe that in a total grid down scenario – that it’s over anyway, as it will be just a matter of time, until the worlds Nuclear Power Poison Plants melt and or explode contaminating the Soils, Air and Water of the Earth Forever.

        I do not have nor want a bunker. And to those that do, Kudo’s! And to the government that does, good luck with that. TPTB may find themselves underground with nothing to do and no one to rule!

        So Folks, it has been educational reading here, but as I stated earlier I can not access this site easily any more so there will be few words from me going forward. I just burst on this scene one day without fan fare or introduction because after reading it for a while I felt I already knew many of you.

        Some of you have taught me good things. Some of you, are as far away from my opinions as some one could possible get!, and yet, then I get surprised by a comment from someone that I did not believe I agreed with, that I find I do agree with. Go figure. It just shows how people that don’t agree can still possibly work together on some projects.

        The labels in this article brought to my mind a person for ever one of them listed.

        A popular published author comes to mind…

        What will I do now? Continue adding to my camping gear, and then pick up a good Fantasy Novel to forget the horrors of this planet for a time. I think I will re-read the Hobbit. And then I will spend some fiat money as you call it, and go see the movie in our new Imax theater.

        In the future – I hope I don’t get shot by one of you for looking like I want ‘your stuff ’ while I am walking down the street, or crossing a meadow, or drawing water from the creek.

        Go Forth and do Good Will.

        • That comment half kin is the only thing on this site that has given my hardened heart a cold chill. God bless you in your travels.

        • We must all make our way, in our own way.

          While respecting the decisions of others to freely choose their way.

          Rest assured, I and We will not shoot you for strolling through a meadow.

          Go in peace good fellow, and maybe we will have a beer on the other side


          the Watcher

        • @halfkin….even as we age, we have much to offer those who do not have the simple knowledge we have learned simply by observing our elders……the day may come when the know-how we have will be extremely valuable…..spend the time with your children and grandkids and take that time to impart the wisdom and knowledge that you have……and remember, that all is not lost…..not yet. Have faith that the courage and bravery and intelligence of those who were the foundation of this Nation will carry on with those in this Generation and with the Generations to come…..

        • HalfKin,

          Well spoken friend.  I imagine you & I could enjoy hours of satisfying, animated conversation.  Most of what lands on this site (the articles) I have seen elsewhere but I will always visit because of the forum.  So many good contributions (I just ‘thumbed up’ three from Odd Questioner).

          No, I’m not particularly worried about the pycho personalities outlined in the article.  I’ve been around the block more than a few times, have met them, ‘interacted’ with and dealt with them.  Fact is,…without going into detail, I have had my share of,… well, let’s cal it ‘intense’ experiences.  And you know what?  It has been my experience that the ‘trial by fire’ reveals an individual’s character & worth.  Many crumble but I have been truly amazed and edified to have witnessed great previously unrevealed character & humanity. 

          No, I’m really not worried about the psychos.  We’ll deal with them well enough.  Call me crazy, call me a naive optimist, but I will tell you now as I have said so often, ‘Prep?  Yes, absolutely but the most important thing is to prep your mind, your heart & your soul’.

          Thanks for the post HalfKin.  And I for one do hope to see you through to the ‘rebuilding’.  We will need all of us that make it.

      22. Detroit is Filing for Bankruptcy

        • some good news for a change. 😉

        • and yet they never learn. Detriot the blind leading the stupid

          • they should just level the city.. whole damn rotten city. And then sell it off to investors.  Ill buy one ghetto city block for $40 dollars. 

            • Common movie theme Robo Cop, I Robot, etc…

            • The problem with levelling Detroit is that it chases out the gibsmedats that ruined it in the first place and dispurses them amongst us. Like cockroaches, they will flee anyway, but why hurry it?

              Remember the Katrina refugees? They fled to other cities and proceeded to make them shitholes like N.O.

              • people in the big “D” are ignorant to leave the mail box where they get their check.

                it will take a flood to get them out tooo!

      23. To Ranch, did you notice how after 911 our biggest growing minority bugged out back home untill the dust settled. I think they will do the same again in a shtf situation. 

      24. @ Be Informed…you were wondering where you predicted the 7.3 in a previous article post.  Here is from the Micro-Doc article

        Be informed says:

        Comment ID: 891080 November 27, 2012 at 1:30 pm

        With the risk of offending certain individuals, I would like to give an update on polar earthquake activity that forecasts future large earthquakes. Again, another earthquake has 4 hours ago has occurred in the South Sandwich Islands. This on top of the other polar and sub-polar earthquakes now increases the chance of a 6.5+ earthquake in the forementioned spots to 85-90% by Dec.3. I would now give a near 100% chance of a 6.5+ within 15 days of this day. I give a 70% chance of that earthquake being 7+, a 50% chance of it being 7.5+, a 33% chance of it being a 8+, and a 20% chance of it being a 9+.

        I would say between 7.2-7.8 would be my best guess based on previous activity that came after previous polar and sub-polar earthquakes. I will further study this and try to pinpoint it down more so later in the day to try to give everyone a head’s up what to look for.

        • @ Norse Prepper.  Thank you for finding that, I was again so nervous that this method once again worked that I was desperately trying to find what I had wrote down.  Look at that, 7.2-7.8 and a 7.3 happens in Japan just like was forecasted.  To the truth I can’t believe in it is actually me predicting this, I mean no one is doing this anywhere on the internet.  I guess when you try and try and don’t give up, you eventually succeed.  This has to show many people that even when the society tells you it is impossible to do something, like predict earthquake, it can be done.  A true preppers’ inspiration to see that society doesn’t know anything.  100% chance within 15 days sure proved correct.  Thank you again for finding this, I just bypassed it this morning. 

          • Glad to help and keep up the good work!!!

            I agree that it is flat out amazing that you can do what you do with the resources you have when the resources of governments are not as accurate if they are even trying.  I’m guessing that they know a lot more than we are informed about.

          • You are a new kind of scientist…

            Check Out: A New Kind of Science


      25. Interesting news on the local front and sort of on topic. Our last [high level exec] still has email with our company as a courtesy. He left the company for health reasons and to take a much needed break but then went on to be on the board of directors on a very large company.

        He’s good at his job of  taking non-profitable companies and makes them profitable and then moves on to the next and leaves a hundred million richer (or more).

        With that background in mind, some of his email that’s still coming through to the address he used here is getting flagged as suspected spam because they have spreadsheet attachments or word documents on them so it requires a manual aka human to check to release it.

        Based on the emails from contractors and architects and builders which get flagged , it turns out for the last year he’s been building a large scale vacation home near [op sec]. It’s located well outside urban areas and off the beaten path.

        Not a big deal right? The rich like their away from the common man vacations.

        Except it’s complete with water storage, bullet resistent doors and windows and solar capabilities.

        Just another super rich person afraid of someone kidnapping the children he doesn’t have?  Or is he prepping?

      26. I, read a lot about preping and juts want to say this. When a shtf event happens wheather its big you small you will be relying on your self and your self alone.If you cannot you will be at the mercey of someone you might not trust. I prep with my wife and son, we all have a say when it comes to0 it. then we find the best way to do it, as for a group i will only help the people i trust and know are skilled at something and willing to pull there own .if that sound cold think about this. would you trust a person with your stuff if you said no then that person should not be part of your group

        • Thanks, this is sorta along the same thing ive been wondering about, been reading a lot, just dont get the feeling from my neighbors and comunity that many folks have it together, get the feeling most think we are imune for some reason, bunch of anti gun anti violence folks, thats all fine and dandy but how do they make a good comunity to rebuild?  I dont see it working out too good, when folks start running out of stuff they will be roaming looking to “borrow” some stuff, im really not too kean on trying to help folks who didnt help themselves with their liberal philosophy. I have a farm, am pretty well stocked, i know ill be a target, so am worried that the only good solution would be to bug out and destroy anything i cant take, itll either be that or sandbag the house, spray it down with a fire retarder and keep the mags loaded, but how long can that last? Not real good options, i know sorta where i would go but becoming a refugee doesnt sound real appealing. Stuff to think about.

      27. “Those who think they know it all are infuriating to those of us who do”!  😉

        I was told years ago if you think youre a leader then look behind you and see if anybody is following…I would add to that “look and see who or what is following, you may find youre not a leader at all or you are leading the hordes of hell…not such a good thing methinks!… if the leader is evil then all his followers are headed that way too.

        Personally Im not a leader a  joiner or a follower but if you are my only advice would be to follow your leader only as they follow the law of liberty and libertys creator…if they start off following their own path then theyll likely lead you and yours to a bad end…and leaders,remember…you will recieve the greatest damnation of all if you misuse your position. “Live free or die tryin”

        • Reb

          they may not be following ya they may be pushing ,,,,(another reb)


      28. If communities can not get together now where the shtf already, then how do you think they are going to in the future? I will be better off with the people that are in my life now that I trust. Yea maybe way down the road there will be some sort of groups that get together but that will get just as ugly as our government in short time, a man should think for himself, provide for himself and his family and rely on himself in the long run.

        The Top 10 Most Dangerous U.S. Cities

        Here is a scary and true fact: A murder occurs almost every day in Detroit.

        With 345 murders reported in the Detroit metropolitan area in 2010, this crime-ridden city made the top of the list when Forbes ranked the most dangerous U.S. cities.

        The Motor City is troubled. Both the population and employment rates have dropped precipitously as residents flee Detroit, leaving the city’s coffers strapped for even basic funding of education and public services.

        The top 10 most dangerous U.S. cities:1. Detroit, Michigan

        • Detroit has long been one of America’s most crime-ridden cities, and low unemployment has made it worse with 1,111 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

          2. Memphis, Tennessee

        • Chronic poverty–19 percent of residents live below the poverty line–plays a major role in crime in Memphis with 1,006 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

          3. Springfield, Illinois

        • Experts are at a loss to explain Springfield’s high crime–855 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

          4. Flint, Michigan

        • A lousy local economy and a high unemployment rate have fueled crime. Flint had 827 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

          5. Anchorage, Alaska

        • Anchorage has 813 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, including the highest rate of forcible rape in the state.

          6. Lubbock, Texas

        • With 808 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, Lubbock is known as the “Hub City,” a transit hub for drugs coming north from Mexico.

          7. Stockton, California

        • With 805 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, Stockton suffers from its location on one of the nation’s many drug transit routes. Gangs compete for turf, and that fuels the violence.

          8. Tallahassee, Florida

        • Located on I-10, this is an attractive city for drug runners bringing contraband north from Miami. Tallahassee has 775 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

          9. Las Vegas, Nevada

        • Sin City has 763 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, including 4,696 robberies and 9,296 aggravated assaults. Experts blame much of it on the instability and population churn caused by the housing bust.

          10. Rockford, Illinois

        • The city’s location near large interstate highways and its proximity to Chicago make it attractive as a waypoint for drug carriers. Rockford had 760 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.
        • a part of my plan has been working on relocating to a small town with less than 5% minority population.  Savages 

        • Common to many of these is that the stats are for inner cities that have become almost exclusively “minority”.    Once the “minority” became enough of a majority to take over city government, the honest folks and the money quickly bugged out.    Not to put too fine a point on it, but we now have Third World populations squatting in these cities.   Las Vegas I can’t speak for, nor Anchorage, since I’ve never been in either.    ALL of the rest I have seen first hand. 

          In the second cohort I would expect to see Cleveland, Philadelphia, Trenton and several other NJ cities, Saint Louis, Washington DC, and of course Chicago.    Notice anything?  Yep, all deep blue cities.

        • Live free or die says:

          If communities can not get together now where the shtf already, then how do you think they are going to in the future?

          Well, someone finally said wrote it.  If my neighbors that I don’t even know the names of don’t even speak after 5 years, why would I want them in my home after TSHTF???

          Oh, yeah, we’re gonna strike up a great bonding ritual when they discover I’m stocked for X years and don’t need Piggly-Wiggly, Farmer’s Hardware, or the library?

          Ain’t gonna happen, folks.   They don’t know me now, don’t bother to know me later. 



        • There are 650,100 people in Memphis, TN. 34.41% of the population is white and 61.41% are black.

          Nuff said.

          • Instead of , “walking with your feet , 10 feet off of beal st“ it will be more like hanging with your neck 10 feet off of beal and your ass 6 feet under if you are white and walking in memphis. I think I will stay away.

          • I think I’ve probably seen no fewer than half a dozen or so articles and at least a dozen or so youtube videos that discuss the all-important question of ‘Who will be the first to die, if  SHTF  Day arrives?”Curiously enough, and for reasons that I cannot quite fathom, the racial statistics that are cited by jayjay are seldom brought into this discussion – despite the fact that they are of utmost importance when trying to answer this question. Here is the hard, cold truth, folks.   If you are receiving your prepping advice and/or prepper counseling from someone who tries to persuade you to ignore the all-important criteria of ‘race’ and to not include as part of your prepping and survival planning a clear, no-nonsense understanding of  the certainty of racial conflict once SHTF Day arrives – then I advise you to seek other, more honest and realistic oriented sources for your prepping and survivalist counseling.   Your current advisor is going to get you and your family killled.   Fact:  Anyone who is White who lives in a city with the sort of racial statistics of Memphis, Tennessee had better have some very solid plans for evacuation – or they will not survive more than a week or two, at best.And, your exit from this Earth will not be pleasant.   

            • Steve, your post is thought-provoking.
              All information I read regarding your topic of first to go leads me to the true fact–the disabled, seriously disbled, and elderly without life-saving prescriptions will die first.
              This is the view of medical professionals.
              Peace…jayjay and may God help us in our decisions.

        • Alaska the two major cities are covered in gang violence, personally i would still choose alaska just along the river where there are almost no homes with running water like ruby township. ( granted last time i was there was in the 90’s it was also called ruby village then )

      29. What’s the psychological profile of Amerika, version 2012?

        There are hordes of psychopaths and sociopaths waiting for SHTF to unleash them upon the world — a prospect they anticipate as an occasion for ‘fun;’ no one trusts anyone else; people you don’t even know exist hate your guts based on media and marketing-influenced perceptions; there is too much ‘diversity,’ which demolishes all forms of social capital, connectedness and mutual responsibility; the ‘culture’ is materialistic, adolescent, sadistic and amoral; and the LIE (proudly uttered with a sanctimonious straight face or a smirk) is the predominant tool of government and statecraft.

        Amerika will be a hell on earth when SHTF, and its agonizing death will unleash forms of EVIL that are as yet undreamed of. Here’s the catch: It’s been deliberately CULTIVATED for the last sixty years for these very traits, although there were stirrings of them long ago and earlier on, such as Sherman’s march of destruction to the sea (I still can’t believe the ‘new’ South’s puke-inducing Merkin jingoism in light of this horrible historical experience), the crushing of the Bonus Marchers, and the deliberate exposure of USan military personnel to atomic fallout (see the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests for an early case, which was repeated on other tests well into the early sixties).

        Then there’s the alliance that the symbiotically-linked WASP and Jewish establishments made against White ethnic Amerika in the 1960’s, to use the government-supported resettlement of Blacks and Hispanics in Northern cities to break up and destroy the political power of the white ethnic political machines (Irish, German, Polish and Italian), all the while lecturing us about ‘White privilege.’ This example of a cynical exploitation of the NATURAL fissures in Amerika was masterfully outlined by E. Michael Jones in his landmark study “The Slaughter of the Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing.”

        What do these historical references prove? That there is great PRECEDENT for different forms of war being waged WITHIN Amerika, AGAINST Amerikans — WITHOUT the kind of total, all-encompassing SHTF scenario that now regards us from the abyss.

        All the while this has been going on, TPTB have pulled out the stops to prevent a REAL sense of nationhood from arising in Amerika — a natural nation whose people would be linked by kinship, an inner sense of responsibility, a shared and living FOLK culture, and a REAL — quiet but deeply-held — PATRIOTISM, and not the rah-rah media-driven USan jingoist BULLSHIITE that is redolent of a bad commercial for CHEVY pickups.

        It doesn’t look good.

        • AHAB

          There are some who know & understand of what you speak. Yes, they are small in number when compared to the vast multitude of the herd-animal collective. The deliberate fracturing of White gentile racial cohesion & said kinship by the evil tribe via, the media, academia, govt dictates & social peer pressure…has resulted in a cultural environment where the diversity-mantra, is now a religion of sorts!

          The magnitude potential of a worst-case collapse scenario will in my opinion, result in a rapid abandonment of current social thinking. Yes the cost in blood & treasure will be horrible and its duration, lengthy. But at the end of the day, the US as we know it, will disappear from history, as our destination will be a Balkan-like one.

          Pessimistic opinion?  Yes, because today’s ideological fissure dividing the citizenry is insurmountable to peacefully adjudicate or heal. My only hope is for the region in which I reside, rises from the ashes and embraces the Constitution of our forefathers and their original Bill of rights….or better yet, the Constitution of the CSA.

            Good post by the way.

          • @ Anton —

            Yes, If we had actually been able to develop TRUE nationhood (the US was solidly on the road to doing so BEFORE the Civil War), our coming SHTF would doubtless be less catastrophic, less bloody and less HELLISH than it is going to be — with our territory fragmented by broad swaths of alien settlements put here and/or EXPANDED by “the TRIBE” for the express purpose of one day fighting against the historic and legitimate population of this country.

            • the historic legitimate population? Sorry there are not enough native americans left to do much, we are the REAL minority here.

              • Yes, legitimate, because the white settlers who poured into the Americas fought and won a war of survival against the “native” (in quotes because of the Solutreans who were probably here FIRST) population, who were considered as nationals of foreign nations by law. I have no doubt that the defeated are angry about their loss, but unless they are capable of changing these facts on the ground by force, I’m afraid they’ll just have to suck it up.

                Appeals to the White man’s moral “obligation” to willingly submit to the same fate that the “native” Americans suffered mean nothing and don’t attract much of a following (outside of a few terminally decadent types), while any attempts to dislodge Europeans by force will be met by equal force — with SURVIVAL as our only BINDING moral “imperative.”

                Please list for us major land masses that have NEVER experienced population changes as a result of invasion. Better yet, please name a historical baseline/date to which the world should return demographically and geopolitically, which you would consider legitimate. Shall the DANELAW be “restored” to Denmark? India to the MONGOLS? Or Spain to the MOORS?

              • Let’s take the tired and sophomoric mantra that Amerika is NOT the White man’s country because the Amerinds “were here first” — and therefore the White man has no moral or legal right to CONTROL who enters and settles here — and transfer it to some NON-AMERIKAN contexts:

                Can anyone picture the Italians of today being wracked with guilt, and doing PENANCE by filling their country with AFRICANS, because their Italic and LATIN ancestors settled on lands that were wrested from the ETRUSCANS?

                How about calling on the people of Turkey to engage in an orgy of self-flagellation and guilt for which they TOO must atone (by bringing AFRICANS, the most effective agent for nations seeking to self-terminate, into Turkey) because the ENTIRETY of Turkey was conquered by force by the Seljuks and Ottomans from the GREEK Byzantines, who were killed, enslaved, driven out or forcibly coverted.

                It looks like the apostles of White guilt and White death cannot shake their parochialism and look at things from a NON-Amerikan perspective. When one does so, the ridiculousness of their juvenile moralizing becomes obvious.

          • USA will experience ethnic cleansing on an unprecedented scale.

        • @ Ahab,   I am, for the most part, in agreement with what you are saying here and what AH says.

           Where you said, “…Amerika — a natural nation whose people would be linked by kinship”……. you left out the most important part and that is …..would be linked by kinship  “by their one and only Saviour Jesus Christ and the undeniable rights that our Creator has granted us by our US Constitution and Bill of Rights, which is based and written with those biblical written rights in the forefront.

          • @Don’t tread

            Well said!

            Any future true Republic, must acknowledge in its foundational structure & documents… credit to the Creator, his Son & the Spirit of GOD, as being sacrosanct to the success & longevity of said Republic & the sovereignty of its individual citizens. 

          • @ Don’t Tread —

            I agree that some sort of spiritual basis for the state must exist, or we will be repeating the errors that have led us to the present juncture. That said, a European ethno-state in North America was what I advocated as an alternative (and successor) to present day Zionist Marxist Amerika. I would lightly quibble only with your statement re. the constitution, because we are in basic agreement after all, and point out that as Europeans and before that, white men, Indo-Europeans (or Aryans, as some prefer), we have a history that goes back MILLENIA — a long and glorious history with HIGH CULTURES that existed LONG before there EVER WAS was a constitution, a revolution or even an AMERIKA.

            The discarding of- and carefully inculcated ignorance of our ANCIENT European/Indo-European past and traditions is a trend DELIBERATELY fostered by a certain inbred pseudo-Levantine TRIBE that has given rise to today’s obese and degraded AMERIKAN, who is raceless, faceless, sexless and SOULLESS, and who (generally) is as hostile to as he is IGNORANT of the European Fatherland of his own ANCESTORS.

            I agree with Thomas Jefferson — who had the temperament, affections and inclinations of a PAGAN Roman aristocrat of the late Roman republic — that the ETHICS of Jesus Christ are the most sublime basis upon which civilization can be built. I highly recommend “The Jefferson Bible, if you haven’t seen it already.

      30. Off-topic,

        Hi BI,

        Bouvet Island, Visokoi, China and of course, JAPAN….what up Friend?


        • @ JustOneGuy.  I have to really check out this about Bouvet Island, as this spot is quite rare and the energy directed towards Bouvet is from california.  I beginning to scare myself, look at this today.  7.3 in Japan.  The forecasts were for 9 spots, and Japan and Vanautu were hit, 2 out of the 9.  Then thankfully for Norse Prepper, the forecast range was 7.2-7.8 by Dec.12.  Right on target this time.  I have asked Mac this, if anything happens to me, if you or others can get together with him and continue this research so maybe someday earthquake prediction will be as routine as hurricane forecasting.  I say this because I have a big bull’s eye on me now, because what I am saying has proof behind it.  The state might not like it that someone knows too much and is trying to share this information for the betterment of everybody.  You know how THEY are.   I will try to see about that Bouvet Islands to see what future areas are at risk.  Right now I would say california.

          • Hi BI,

                Of all thre things you could have said tonight…..”California”, Sheew Boy. The activity along the coast both north and south of LA has continued, albeit at a slower pace (slightly) than before…we’re still seeing what surely is activity sympotomatic of building strain along the entirety of the west coast – throughout. When you’ve a chance to sit and ‘over-view’ it all, especially the Bouvet island part…get back to us. I can definitively say that NOTHING going on right now is the resultant of ANY Solar or extra-Solar activity….there simply isn’t any at all. Solar output has – at this time, and for days now – been ‘board-flat’ looking for all the world exactly like it did before the onset of cycle 24….go figure. “Maunder Minimum”, maybe…

                Incidentally, I wouldn’t worry myself – if I were you – about that ‘target on your back’, a newly ‘coined’ word is circulatinf around now which I think describes the circumstance all-to-well. “INEPTOCRACY” keep on keepin on Friend!….

          • BORING!  

            • I agree it’s quite boring to have someone monitering a phenonema that could change the face of the Earth.

              Thx, BI & J1G.

      31. I think this is a valuable read, but not much different from the personality types we deal with on a daily basis. The point here is to be especially weary of these types post apocalypse as they can be much more destructive in their motivation when there is little fear of social recourse. i.e. Law Enforcement.

        Then again, this gives the same advantage to those trying to relieve themselves from these personality types.

      32. Off Topic ~~ @ Be Informed ~~  There are alot of earthquakes that took place today.  What is your ‘take’ on them?   You are also right on with your prediction of an earthquake by Dec. 3rd.   *I forgot the magnitude,  I think you said a possible 7+. 



        • @ Emily.  Thankfully Norse Prepper found the original forecast, 7.2-7.8 by Dec. 12, this was 15 days after the Nov. 27 post.    On post# 891973 was given a list of dangerous spots to watch for, one of them was ALL of Japan, and Vanautu, both that had large earthquakes.  This theory works, I can’t believe it myself.  To see it posted beforehand and then for it to happen truly proves that earthquakes can be predicted with some accuracy. 

      33. I think I can add number 7, and probably on of the worst “leaders” that there is, THE BLEEDING HEART.  Yes the so called leader that sees to it that every single last person outside the survival group is well fed, forgetting about the very finite amount of supplies there is.  I guess you can also put this type of person into the category on the unrealist.  This type of person will shovel out the supplies to everyone and their brother until there is none left.  Only the “good” feeling that they saved all their fellow person for a week is all that mattered to them.  This person is dangerous to everyone around them, as they will “attempt” to put a deep guilt trip on everyone that does not share everything they have. 

      34. @Toker:  I agree that a tribal system will be the most likely thing to happen.  Humans ARE social, in fact one of the fastest ways to drive someone insane is put them in solitary confinement. Also, I’m of the opinion at present that a village type group is about the optimum size for humans.  Once we start getting involved in larger and lager cities and countries, it seems we start killing each other off in greater and greater numbers.

        Interesting article.  I read it from both the viewpoint of “How do I spot someone like this?”  as well as “Do I have any of these traits?”.  I’ve been in positions of leadership, and I like to think I do well at it, i.e. respecting the people I’m giving direction to, and moving them toward a good goal.  I also view leadership as a service position.  That is, the biggest thing you can do is to assist others in getting their tasks done, and ensuring they have what they need, etc.

        As for the part about “paying” someone to join his SHTF Commune:  HA!  No way.  For two reasons.

        A:    I have skills to bring to the table, and practical ones.  So if I were to join a group, I would assume that part of membership is using skill-set to assist those individuals in surviving, and they have skills which as well which will assist the group. As such, why would one have to come up with a commodity that, in an SHTF situation will be completely useless (cash), to join?

        B:  I wouldn’t be inclined to join a group where the member HAD paid to joing.  I would assume that confidence that they can contribute in an SHTF situation.  As such, I’d rather no be around them.

        If you go this far, thanks for reading!

        • I love that everyone is entitled to their opinions on this site, but @ Rex.     What if the tribe bought raw land and spent lots of money on the well, shooting range,  pond, etc etc.   you expect someone to pay for all that and they should  for your skills?   Not all tribes that ask for monetary help are bad.

          • @ youdontneedtoknow: Thanks for your comment, you got me thinking.

            The situation mentioned in the article was paying to “prove you are serious”, and that I wouldn’t be likely to do.

            However, I would agree that if someone showed me around and said “Look, we’ve done all this work, and have these costs, and we expect you to help with that” I would look at that differently. And, of course, I’d expect in a situation like to discuss “And after that, when money is worthless, what skills do you have? What can you contribute? Here’s what we’ve got, here’s what we need…”. That would be a case where there IS an expectation, both ways, of contribution and support.

            I guess it would be more to the point to say that I would be wary of a group of people that just paid some guy to save their butts, didn’t really have any more stake in it than that, and then just showed up and went to their cabins and expected to call room service. (yes, I’m being a bit sarcastic)

            What it really gets down to for me is look around, talk to people, and find those whom you agree with and think have the best chance of building up a new society from scratch, or at least from a very depressed state.

      35. Off Topic ~~ @ Be Informed  ~~  Enclosed is a link of All the Earthquakes for today, Dec. 7th.   I am impressed with your Track Record, sir!   Keep up the good research, you are on to something, and we All appreciate it!

      36. I am #1.  Kneel before Zod.

      37. 1. Honest racists. People who cling to racial hate (not your inappropriate friend who makes the odd racial joke time to time)

        2. Sexual predators. No explanation needed

        3. The hungry/Ill-prepared. They don’t want to join your group and bond.myhey want your goods. Very dangerous.

        4. Gang members.

        5. Tough-guys. You know, the hard talkin dudes that bow up and take offense if you look at them for more than a second.

        6. All kids. Think about it. Kids who are in groups after SHTF probably only survived by preying on the weak and they have the worst, most violent mob mentality. To them, the world owes them for the very breath they draw.

        7. Fake law enforcement/military. People who use the uniform to prey in the ignorant.

        • Yup, it’s the honest racists I fear most.   Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, La Raza. . . . . .    

          • @ The Old Crouch.  I would have thought you were a muslim, by your shear ignorance of science and your condemnation of anything that has to do with critical or analytical thinking.  I would have thought that you would have been bowing down to allah each night, the way you go after anything that is science related.   Are you that retard warload elvis or some other troll that doesn’t understand the title of this site?  SHTF plan.  Earthquakes are one of the most destructive forces of nature and you would think coming to this site you would want to learn about disasters and how to plan for them.  I guess they don’t teach that in the Quran do they Ahmad? 

        • wearing any “uniform” after and during a SHTF situation, might not be a wise decision.. its a target

      38. Another fine reason only to keep to YOURSELF!!! and protect your family!!

      39. I must have multiple personalities, because in all of these “types” I can see myself (with the exception of Zealot)–I feel like I have gone through many “stages” lasting long enough to get me as ready as I can be. Not all members of my family can contribute much to anything.  My sis is developmentally disabled and relies on me for everything.  She’s good at feeding the dogs.  I don’t think anyone will be in the mood for tolerance if things get bad.  Everyone will be in a really bad mood all the time.  I think families will have to pull tight together and make adjustments or alternate plans as needed.  I’m not well versed on history, but didn’t it take 70 years for Rome to unwind?  Europe has to snap first.  We have a couple years I think.  Then it’s a long way down from there.

      40. Lake Tahoe area overdue for a big quake

        complete with tsunami

        who knew ?



        • The list left out another type – the quasi-religious spaceout that believes that he/she can predict the future by reading tea leaves, or fecal matter, or Internet posts.    Human history is littered with societal failures brought about by believing what these people pontificate.

          • @ The OLD CROUCH.  What is your major problem STUPID.  I have shown to even the very retarded that this earthquake forecasting is based on PURE science, not some tea leaf crap, or reading cards, or some crystal on a string.  Past earthquakes to forecast future earthquakes.  I suppose you don’t believe the weather service when they call for rain, you just go out and stick your head up into the sky and near drown yourself.

            I get so sick and tired of you cockroach trolls that come here and call science, heresy.  The same mongoloids condemned early hurricane and tornado forecasting.  This is forecasting earthquakes events based on past records, again STUPID.  I have tried to show this again and again that this is based on statitstics that many companies use for forecasting the weather, like the Old Farmer’s Alamanac.  HOW DARE YOU COMPARE THIS VERY LONG TIME CONSUMING WORK TO SOME PSYCHIC NONSENSE. 

            OLD crouch, how can anyone condemn science, this is SCIENCE and STATISTICS.  How much more proof do I have to do to convince you retards that don’t know anything you are talking about, it is not babble.  IF you or anyone else don’t believe the accuracy of this method, go back to the many, many successful predictions over the past months.  Again, based on SCIENCE and NUMBERS.  Something they teach you if you don’t drop out of the third grade. 

            • Rise above the ad hominem. It doesn’t fit you well.

            • For gods sake Be informed, if it bothers you that much and it is so important to you why don’t you start your own web site instead of posting forecast’s at least once on nearly every bloody topic that Mac puts up.You might not no it but going by your last reply to old coach you come across as being very egotistical,please just give it a rest will ya.

              • @ AM INFORMED. I hope you see that on almost every single article I contribute to the discussion based on the topic. To tell you the truth I can’t see a better place to post information about geo-physical events that on a site titled SHTF plan. I truly would not be posting information on earthquakes unless people were interested. Like VRF that has family down in Peru that could go through a very dangerous situation. I think we all have relatives and friends that are in earthquake zones and they should know so they can prepare.

                As in to what was said, I did over react and my comments back were childish, but it was totally not called for that someone compares this to reading fecal material, this was abusive. If someone disagrees with this then present an argument against it and then we all can learn from differing points of view. I don’t know if it was egotistical of me as much as a snap response after spending long hours of going over data, to a blantant attack. I agree I could have handled it better.

          • “For Every Action in Nature there is a Equal or Opposite Reaction!”

            “Cause and Effect!” 

            ~ Sir Issac Newton third law of physics .

            @BI ;0) … Respect .

            Please try and remember in life “You just can’t Fix Stupid !”

            You can only try to avoid it … as you would a pile of dog doo doo on the side walk in front of you .

            Peace .

            ~N.O. ;0P

        • @ Satori.  Lake tsunamis have occurred before, epecially in South American and Asia.  As long as the earthquake is about 7+ it will and has in the past produce a considerable sloshing effect like a bathtub. 

      41. Possee and Laura M., I’m with both of you about not joining any groups.  I grew up around Southern Baptists who were the biggest bunch of hypocrites and holier-than-thou types I ever knew in my life.  I left them as a teenager and never been in another church since.  I plan on surviving alone.  I know what some people say about no one stands a chance alone, but I’m too wary of groups ans I’m sure they would look the same way at me.  With the exception of my late wife, I’ve never really trusted anyone and never depended on anyone but myself.  Even if I wanted to join a group, it’s still not an option for me.  It’s enough for me to come to this site and others like it to share our experiences and learn from others; apart from that;  I’ll be  surviving SHTF on my own.   Best wishes to all.   Braveheart

        • braveheart

          I ,as you ,listen to my own intuition and sort all the great info provided here..and then apply as needed to my situation.Being a 2nd amendment enthusiast,I peruse many channels on tactical videos and practical self defense shooting, breathing, stances etc as an addition to the articles and comments posted here..then apply those lessons learned at the range.Self education is the key to survive nowadays..and always will be.


        • NP

          That’s been the plan for quite some time now..

          A slow incremental death by design…through new exotic flu vaccinations,gmo foods,fluoridated waters,chemtrails(under the guise of geo engineering)..and of course 24/7 bread and circus via cable satellite tv to keep the masses duped and not questioning anything at all.

          We are indeed in a brave new world..yet most still do not perceive.


          • I don’t watch it….  melts the mind.

            The brainwashed don’t know they are brainwashed.

            Haven’t you noticed all the reality competition shows on?

            They are conditioning folks to feel alone.

            Like standing in Hitler’s camps, being accounted for and judged.

            Fools…  They are being taught to be subservient.

            They are being taught to embrace their corporate enslavement.

            A wasteland for the mindless.

            Be glad they are that way….  makes prepping all that easier for you.

            Maybe it’s time we adopt an US vs Them mentality.

            Band together, create new businesses.

            See “About our Group”…this guy has an Idea…!!!!

            • Unplugged from tv/cable in 2008–yah!! 🙂
              Threw away cell phone that causes brain tumors last month–yah!! 🙂
              Yesterday, put microwave that rearranges our protein and destroys 97% of the food’s nutritional value in the pantry for discarding later–Yah!! 🙂

              Healthier?? More than likely!! 🙂 Oh, this video could save your life. Resonance – Beings of Frequency


          • ~~~through new exotic flu vaccinations,gmo foods,fluoridated waters,chemtrails(under the guise of geo engineering)..~~~
            And please don’t omit aspartame, found in over 2000 food products today…it is rotting our brains and destroying our nervous systems..Ixquick it.

        • Good morning, Norse Prepper.  This article linked is extremely disturbing if someone has just ‘unplugged’ from the matrix of  DSME (dumb-string-media entertainment).   I think it is an excellent primer to get some thinking juices percolating and some might just do some homework.  Thanks for the link.

          Alas, there is a bottomless volume of baseless information floating about so it takes more than the average 10 minute attention span (now wasn’t that particularly smart of them TPTB!).  I witness this daily as I’m not a junkie for ‘just give me the news in 30 seconds or less – I gotta show to watch’.  Conversations with people – you start to see their eyes glaze over if you talk more than 2 minutes about anything other than TV shows, sports worship, star worship, etc. Now this nonsense – they can gab about for literally hours.  I stand in amazement for a minute then just truck on about my strange business.

          ‘yep, she’s a weird duck, talks insanely about some scientific factoids – who can know what she rants about? and did you read that very long, boring article about elite peeps who are out to get us…. who has time to read that stuff -LOL – she doesn’t even know who Loretta McEntire is!       😉 at ya SmokinO -twuz funny.

          /wee sighs ‘cuz she doesn’t drink the tap water – that’s an affirmative yep!

          Have a nice day out there, warriors.  I gotta go mill about the zoo now.

      42. from what i gather then, keep stocking up on all things needed. acquire more skills and hope to find yourself in a community that already cares for each other’s well being through thick and thin…



        in a los angeles suburb….. F*CKED.


        • Such communities will form, strictly motivated by members’ self-interest.

      43. Like I promised here is what I found out about Bouvet Island region getting hit with earthquakes.  It is RARE.  So I tried to see what happens with anything over 4.5 instead of 5.0 and here is what I found out.

        When this region has been hit since 1973, ONLY 17 times, maximum 5.7, there is an earthquake of 6.5+ within 15 days 14 times out of 17.  82.4%

        Out of this 14 times, 10 times there has been a cluster, 2 or more 6.5+

        Out of the 14 times, 9 times it has been 7.0+, and 4 times 7.5+

        Only once has the deep western hempishere been hit, Mexico on 1-11-1997, and then Boliva/Argentina border on 1-23-1997.  On was a 7.2 and the other 7.1.

        The other areas where all near the international date line or east of it.  Most were in Indonesia, Japan, China, New Zealnd area and the south seas around Fiji.  One was near Greenland.

        Looking at the map right now this follows the pattern almost perfectly from what has happened in the past is now happening today.  This should further prove that earthquakes follow past patterns and they can be forecasted. 

        I was surprised that not one moderate earthquake in california occurred after this Bouvet region was hit.  The energy signature sure comes from the west coast, but evidentally it has yet to lead to an earthquake there.  the closest was Mexico.  I hope everyone finds this interesting, as MAYBE the New Zealand 6.3 was the second in the cluster, if not then there is a 11 out of 15 chance (73.3%) of a second big earthquake by Dec. 22.  10/14 became 11/15 with the Japanese earthquake of 7.3 because it occurred after the Bouvet earthquake. 

        • Another 5.0 on the Bouvet Islands .

          • @ you don’t need to know. I saw that this morning, this is serious. There has not been this many earthquakes in this region like this swarm. In 3 days there has been 4 earthquakes 4.9, 5.0, 5.0, and 5.1. Last year there was a swarm of 3 and this lead to a 7.3 in Fiji, a 6.7 in Japan, and a 6.9 in Nepal China area. Back in 2007 there was a swarm of 4.6-4.8 and this lead to a 7.0 in Sumarta, a 6.8 in Papua New Guinea, a 7.5 towards the Mariana Islands, and a 7.4 southewest of New Zealand. See where this is going?

            You get swarms of earthquake down in at a major junction point with the South American, Antarctic, and African plate and you have a swarm of BIG earthquakes afterwards.

            There has been already that 7.3 in Japan and a 6.3 in New Zealand. There are more to come if history repeats itself, like it almost certainly should. This region just doesn’t have large earthquakes, the largest being a 5.7. When you have 4 separate earthquakes all about 5.0, you got something big coming, perhaps several big quakes coming.

            I can say with more than 90% chance there will be a 6.5+ within 15 days of here in the past locations that have come after Bouvet Islands Region has had activity like this:

            Kuril Islands
            Indonesia to Tonga and Cook Islands
            New Zealand and Kermadec Islands
            South of Australia
            North Chile to Mexico AND the ENTIRE Caribbean plate

            Also because of the energy signatures coming from california, I also list this area as potential.

            I give a 75-80% chance of the earthquake(s) being 7-7.5
            A 50% of it being a 7.5+
            A 25-35% chance of it being a 8.0+
            Only a 5-10% chance of it being a 9.0+ because this region doesn’t seem to be precussors to super quakes.
            An even chance of two 6.5+ earthquakes
            And Finally a 33% chance of two 7.5+ earthquakes

            Have another 5.0 earthquake in Bouvet Islands region and you can up ALL of these chances 5-10%. In other words for example the 75-80% chance of a 7-7.5 becomes 80-90%.

            This is a region to be closely watched because in the past swarms like this are precussors to big earthquakes, normally within a week, but sometimes as long as 15 days later. Should be between now and Dec.16, but could be as long as Dec.24.

            • @BI, hopefully enough people have spoken up for you to realize that we all VERY much appreciate your knowledge on this site!!! I came on here specifically to see what you had to say about that 5.0 this morning….=) You can see who the trolls are on this site and the people who have nothing to contribute except to knock down everyone else’s ideas or what they are actually accomplishing. It’s probably a good thing they don’t contribute anything, bc chances are VERY good the trolls live in envy!

              Thanks again to everyone on this site who CONTRIBUTE KNOWLEDGE, which is a HUGE key to prepping!!!

              • @ you don’t need to know. Actually it is very childish of me to lower myself to name calling to someone that doesn’t understand just how much vigorous time it takes going over mounds of statitics and trying to figure out which direction the energy wave came from based on the rotation of the planet and the speed. It is like trying to guage where an Intercontinent Ballastic Missile will land after it is fired because the planet is in constant motion. My eyes were bugging out and then I get this comment that was totally disrespectful from someone that was calling what I was saying fecal material. Yet it keeps happening again and again the accuracy of earthquake forecasting. The system works better than i ever anticipated.

                Some people don’t want to take the time to even try to understand something new, and others think it is evil or witchcraft because it is forecasting future earthquakes. This though is based on the same completely accepted premise of forecasting the weather, all based on science and numbers. Nothing evil or paranormal about this at all, these earthquake forecasts are ALL based on statistics and trying to figure out where the energy directed towards the polar and sub polar energy originated from.

                The past numbers are the easy, but extremely time consuming part of it. Anyone can do it, just find out where all the earthquakes have occurred in the past at that sub polar or polar location and then see where future earthquakes have occurred within 15 days, IF they did which sometimes they don’t. The more sub polar and polar areas hit the higher the chance of there being a larger earthquake. “I don’t see how anyone could call this evil or some fortune telling gibberish, because it is ONLY following the patterns of the past to forecast the future places to get hit.”

                Next I would not be making these forecasts on a site that didn’t relate directly to the theme of the site. Like I wouldn’t be making forecasts on some entertainment site, this would be irrelevent to the site. I feel that making earthquake forecasts on this site SHTF plan is perfect because it is planning for a potential SHTF event that has killed more people this century than any other disaster, other than disease and starvation.

                It is awful when there are trolls and troublemakers that just want a reaction or they totally misunderstand the theme of the site. It is just I cannot stand bullies and someone that disrupts such a very good site such as this, and TOO OFTEN I have allowed my temper and views of what is fair override my good judgement not to lower myself to their sad and pathetic level of existence. The good people here show me that this is completely counter productive and that there are far better ways of handling trolls and trouble makers.

                Anyway, look out for more earthquakes, this I am fairly certain of. Hopefully it is not in some populated area where the people are not ready for it. Thank you for you nice comments.

                • @BI….You have the expertise……and I know it is easy for me to say, (as I am not the one going through what must be a MOUNTAIN of info and stats)…..but I do just IGNORE those TROLLS)

                  I don’t have a lot to contribute, but do go to the site daily and check for you and a few others first, as you are the ones trying to keep us ALL safe and love the great tips from others…(they all know who they are!!) A HUGE THANX FROM ME!! take care, CC.

                • @ CC, actually,

                  The response block is ‘greyed-out’ so I couldn’t respond there directly,
                  ALL those who are here have something to contribute! I can’t count all the times I have seen someone – Satori, Norse prepper, yourself and many others also – post-out on a new tremor or other things….BI and I have to sleep sometime, and as it is we are just individual people…unable to monitor everything, all the time.
                  I URGE everyone here, every reader – especially after the board is finally revamped and we have the ‘perma-forums’ – to post out about ANYTHING you think we might not have seen as yet, or missed. As ONE we can COVER ALL the bases, with nothing missed along the way. NEVER hesitate to add what you have seen and do not see here!….I spend hours sometimes making sure I give ‘T-up’ to everyone who chooses to participate here, especially to note the ongoing ‘What is” daily.
                  If there is an underlying thema here it is this: When the moment comes, and the need to know is a matter of living or dying I HOPE that what is done here – and elsehwere – will those “Who have Eyes to see, and Ears to Hear” the margin they need to make it safely through. I KNOW that BI, feels this way as well….How so would he invest such time to do the work he does for those here otherwise? There are many good folk here, many indeed.
                  Having said this I concur with a poster above relative to the “ad hominem” issue…if for no other reason that it is a huge distraction from what is ACTUALLY important. I myself was lately caught into this and realized the basic futility of such finally.
                  BI, as SOON as Mac can get the PM up and running we MUST talk, specifically….
                  Goodnight All, JOG

              • Hey man, I am a troll for knowledge. Gimmie more info people. This is my daily read and not some BS National paper.

            • nailed it again, BI!

              7.2 in Indonesia just now! yikes! I’m getting nervous!

              Whatcha got coming up next now? 🙂

      44. So the deal is I should have rules under my roof for my children which are my flesh and blood, but no rules for a bunch of acquaintances from a forum or a couple ‘meet-ups’? Seriously?

      45. T’anks Friend,

            Ihave an intuition that THIS time your original hunch, CA is ‘on track’. Though obviosuly out of my depth here, there’s been too long a time for strain to build in SoCal. Again, many thanks. “Guten Nacht Herr Oberst”

        • @ JustOneGuy.  Maybe you can explain to me after I spend hours going over mounds of data to try to save people from the shear power of earthquakes, how someone like the old crouch and warload elvis and others can attack GOOD WILL to show data that one day will help prepare people.  I spend my own free time mulling over data for long periods of time to do good for others.  Are these individuals so brain dead that even after the presentation of data, they still call it witchcraft.  I thought people like this learned to walk upright and not drag their knuckles on the ground. 

          I have tried so hard to show people that this is nothing but science and statistic behind this on top of measuring and carting energy signatures, just like the devices that measure solar activity.  What is it with these characters?  Do they really believe this mental trash they say, or are they simply government shrills or trolls trying to disprove something that can save lives someday?  What do you think it is?  That is it for tonight for me. 

          • Be at Peace Friend,

                Mac assures me that we will soon have the PM here up and running hopefully, thereafter (soon?) the perma-forums. There are simply too many things being shoe-horned into this good place, too many ideas, too many conflicting things all into one tiny little venue…persist, persevere. 🙂 Also, remember how MANY have come to your defence, and so often Friend! The work is appreciated.

          • @ BI. Just keep on keepin’ on. Naysayers have been around for ever. Never mind them, its just leaves rustlin’ in the wind.

            • old mummies fartin dust

          • Beinformed


            Be of good faith and ignore the naysayers !We appreciate your good faith and execution of your on!

            There will always be those who fail to see and understand.



            • @ Possee. I am going to press on, and I truly feel that we all are on the precipice of a very ugly SHTF event(s) coming up. I sure don’t like what is going on over in Syria right now. I don’t like what is going on with the planet either. Both seem to be heating up like a pressure cooker. I hope one of us can give everyone advanced warning before something happens. Ears and eyes wide open.

              • B.I.

                Given all the geo physical stats you have provided..perhaps a video/visual or graph to sum up your conclusions/likely scenarios would be in order..especially for us laymen/women who are not as versed as you with technical data..

                I ,for one ,would find that extremely vital and informational..

                Thanks for all you do..


          • @BI  There are a lot of psychological causes behind such behavior. On the internet the primary one is so they can sit back and chortle at getting a reaction from someone while hiding behind the anonymity the internet provides.  

            The best response is no response.  No response is way more damaging to their ego than anything else you can do.  

            I know it’s human nature to want to share information with people but it takes a lot to  open a closed mind and can rarely be done second hand.  And there’s nothing you do about those that delight in provocation for the sake of provocation.  That requires there to be some consequences to their actions which is for all intents and purposes impossible to provide through a proxy like the internet.

            Just keep on, keepin’ on and know that there are more than a few people who are really interested in your earthquake posts. 

          • @BI,

            You’re not the only one sir. I spent 40 years pondering and searching for the Unified Field of Einstein, thinking, it was the source of anti-gravity and free energy, unfortunately, it has a major side effect, it proves there is an intelligent designer, and His force and fingerprint is evident in reality, period. And having found it, with experimental confirmations, and some results, all I get is ridicule, rejection and now, threats… which leads to the Way of Truth my friend…

            First, it is ridiculed, Then violently opposed, only then is it accepted as a matter of fact.

            We stand on the shoulders of giants, in order to see over the horizon, the rest of the world, I am convinced, stands on the shoulders of mediocre midgets. Midgets clarify details by looking down, preaching the doctrine of tiny steps, but great leaps forward, happen only by a few.

            As for me, I am now in the phase of violent opposition, as a baptist preacher told me he wished he could get his fingers around my throat. This tells me, they love their Fear and MYSTERY, and will brook no understanding on a higher plane. I finally figured out, it is profitable for them and knowledge is dangerous to authority.

            I posted a link up awhile back, showing that science may be catching on to your theory of ‘communicating earthquakes’. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated. But understand there is no difference between one who attempts to predict the unpredictable, and one who attempts to prove the unprovable.



            • @ Piper Michael and HisArmsWide.  Your insight and analysis is why I keep coming back to the site, there are some of the wisest and most free thinking people that I have ever met here.  I have got to lkearn to control my bad temper with these trolls and not lower myself to their childish mentality by name calling.  I look at how well this earthquake prediction theory is working and it really is irritating when someone comes on and uses names such as black magic and watching floating crap to predict this.  It is really upsetting, but I should take the higher road like you say.

              I gave a list of areas in the past that have gotten hit after the Bouvet Islands region had earthquakes and if people look at the present day USGS it is exactly where it hit before, same pattern.  Other than Mexico and Greenland YET.  These patterns are almost frighten to behold, and why someone has yet to spot this that is far better experienced than I am in seismic science.  Thank you for helping me to see my failings in dealing with these ignorant trolls and naysayers that use abusive words rather than present some intelligent counter agruments to their point. 

          • Just stop it. Earthquakes are totally unpredictable. They learnt us dat in skool. Don’t try to confuse me with the facts, or I will unleash my tolerance on you.

            You have hurt my feelings. Now I need a grief counseler and antidepressants (maybe even that new drug for when my antidepressant “isn’t enough”).

      46. Who needs to prep?! History tells us food will be lying around everywhere.

        “I shudder to tell that many of our people, harassed by the madness of excessive hunger, cut pieces from the buttocks of the Saracens already dead there, which they cooked, but when it was not yet roasted enough by the fire, they devoured it with savage mouth.”– Fulcher of Chartres, Seige of Ma’arra, 1098AD –

        • Now you’re making me nostalgic for the good old days:

          “God wills it!”

      47. all you have to do is read the replys on shtf and you should know that none of you are going to mesh whatsoever, you better take my advice, learn fucking everything you can so you can be solitary

                                                           did you fire your pistol today?

                                                                    doubt it




        • How to spot a prepper; upon entering Kmart, they go directly to the hardware dept. to see if gas cans are on sale. 🙂

        • Amused
          my friend you are wasteing your time and breath just as i have,,,

        • No, but my two body guards practice twice a week. Get it?

      48. @BI.  If I may reply to your post to JustOneGuy.  It has been soundly established that the majority of this clan who gathers at SHTF site are not only grateful for your posts, many like myself actually anticipate them.   As a watcher of people it is very clear that you have a good and decent soul.  You remind me a great deal of my son – he, too, is analytical, science driven.  As this type of person, you also have a difficult time understanding the spiteful, uneducated people that usually are just simply jealous of your footprint. 

        Do not waste your preoccupation with ‘why’ some folks are…  They just are and not worth one second of trying to figure out this why – the answer remains the same.  It only shows your true intent in that you are confounded by some here that ‘don’t get it’ and apparently wish to remain in that category. 

        Personally – I’m not sure of trolls or shrills or if they are just dumb, bored folks that can’t contribute with thoughtful ideas.  I stand firm on not feeding them for that is what this type of folk want – it’s the only attention they can get.   Nothing makes me happier than to see a post thumbed down until you have to ‘click’ to see the nonsense.   Since I’m generally late to reading the 100+ comments I don’t bother to click it open – simply don’t have time to waste.

        So, to draw this very long comment to a simple suggestion…. Please don’t let anyone distract you.  You have a large support group here who have more patience than I with the uninformed.  Objective, differing discussions open our eyes and minds as brain-storming sessions always do.  But I truly wish everyone would just ignore the obvious, not waste the energy venting back.  Perhaps then they will wander off to another site where they can ‘stir the pot’.


        • @ WeeVoiceInTheWilderness.  You have much wisdom, I mean a lot.  What rilles me is when I spend hundreds of hours of free time trying to calculate out something to give people here and those that they talk to a head’s up to a potential SHTF major event, someone attacks this without any intelligent thought beyond it.  All they can do is present one liners without any substance to it.  I actually really enjoy a good debate that makes me think and shows me holes in any theory I have so I can correct them or trash the theory altogether.  Every single bit of information I say on this site I really do try to make sure it is not just talk off the side of my head, there is something behind it. 

          Many times I have warned about the new moon with a possible Israel strike on Iran for example because Israel has this pattern of using dark skies to attack their enemies, as well as many other countries.  Israel seems to use a 5 day window before or after a new moon.  We are now in that window, today until Dec. 18.  I also try to give everyone the advantage of trying to show what time of day such an attack would likely occur, probably between 2-6 PM eastern time, to give preppers an advantage to gather supplies before the masses know what has hit.  This is solely to help people out there.  As I cannot in good conscience withhold information from the people that I know, and then deeply regret it that I didn’t try to warn people about it,  Especially earthquakes that can easily kill hundreds of thousands, as has happened several times in the past decades.

          I throughly enjoyed the discussion with JustOneGuy about the mega tsunami threat to the Atlantic Ocean from La Palma volcanic collapse, as this very intelligen individual got me to thinking even more so about the various specualtions out there.  Discussions like this are so healthy for me, the person debating an issue, and those reading it.  Talking about SHTF events and the implications are stimulating to everyone and makes everyone think and use their critcal thinking process, which in turns helps them become even better at prepping and organizations. 

          I know I should ignore someone too stupid to even carry on a conversation about a postage stamp, but someone like this is a bully and they will attack others that are not sure of their positions and this strengthens and encourages them to further practacing being like a big fat horse fly that the horse just can’t seem to swat with their tail.  Trolls like this almost never have an intelligent reason behind their assertions of something their condemn. 

          If someone has reason to doubt the earthquake theory that has scientific basis behind it, then I want to hear it so I can plug up any holes that might exist about it, so it can become even more accurate and more pinpointed.  This is the objective, to make it someday accurate enough to warn a region to be on guard and more prepared for the intense shaking. 

          I usually try to be extremely polite to people that disagree with something I have to say, just offering my opinion or a reason behind why I feel a certain way.  When someone calls it witchcraft or other names like reading pieces of crap without presenting some sort of defendable agrument, it shows that they are either some government shrill trying to discredit something that they don’t want free thinkers to contemplate about, or some troll just trying to cause people to be upset.

          In either case, idiots like this pollute the very intelligent free thinking of the quite intelligent individuals that frequent the site.  Like throwing a barrel of oil into a prestine crystal clear mountain lake.  JoeInNC does this constantly and very seldoms offers something that is constructive to the web site, and really ruins it for everyone else that is trying to obtain new ideas for the little time we have left before there is no communication on the Internet for many reasons. 

          I really do try to ignore this, but I have found that unless I fight back against such utter ignorance that trolls like this continue to put their asinine comments after something written that can help people.  Eventually the comment is collapsed, and gets hidden due to low comment ratings, but still people have to read this garbage until this happens.  I suppose I should be more mature and not lower myself to their childish level.  It was just after I spent hours trying to figure out what was going to happen, and having my eye twitching from examining a lot of numbers to see such an ape like comment from someone that I never have done anything to, attacking hard work without any intelligent reason behind it, it really got my temper going. 

          People like this are unfortunately way too mentally lazy to even look at something to try to find faults with it, and then address any faults they feel and politely bring them like JustOneGuy did a copule of weeks ago.  You would think that these characters would read the below statement about remaining civil.  Something that I fully admit I was not, by resulting to name calling such as re-spelling coach to the way I felt, to crouch and roach.  I guess I can predict earthquakes and contribute a lot of other information to the site, but my people skills need some work.  Thank you again for your wisdom. 

          • Be Informed:

            As a long time lurker on this site, I find your posts especially interesting, and would bet money there are 100’s, if not thousands of “non-posting” folks who enjoy the information you provide.

            I check this site daily, and find myself scrolling through the comment section looking for your posts, along with others (Wee, JOG, Daisy, Norse, etc) who provide good ideas, insight and advice. As a fairly new prepper (about 1 year) this site has been an invaluable tool for me and my family. Thanks to all!

            Please keep providing the information the same as you always have, there are many of us who very much appreciate the hard work and time it takes to provide it.

            • @ BBstacker. You will definitely feel a lot more secure with those supplies you need within an arm’s reach. I don’t know how many times you have people that over their lifetimes become sick or their car breaks down, whatever, and they can’t get to the market for what they need. It is a wonderful feeling to have what you need right there when you can’t get to the store. Just imagine how frightening it will be when there is no store with what a person needs, and an empty house with not even enough food in it for a mouse. That is a horrible feeling to even think about.

              Yet there are so many people that literally have just enough food for a day or two or less. You have indeed chosen the wisest course by preparing. You will not regret it. I do understand about the information I am providing, I just have a bad temper with individuals that I have done absolutely nothing to start calling me some sort of witch or one of these whacked out 900 psychic fortune tellers. I use past numbers to help predict the locations and sizes of earthquakes, along with the energy disturbutions on a globe. Different methods, but all based on science and math.

              It is too bad that certain individuals fail to this as simply a new method of examining the geo-physical world. I like you alias, as stacking supplies is something that everyone should be doing right now. The world is looking more dangerous each day isn’t it?

      49. This article should be titled:  Leader’s of the SHTF Compound

         As in all groups, public or private, there are persons that lead and those that follow.  Sometimes those that lead, shouldn’t.  I’ve seen many good groups of peoples get totally screwed up and disband because of one idiot.  I’ve also seen situations were a group was held together by just one person, like a thread stretched to the breaking point but doesn’t break; they kept it together long enough to accomplish the goal.

         Some are born leaders and organizers.  Fortunately, I was given enough common sense to lead and organize in most situations.  The problem is that I can be too compasionate and people will sometimes take advantage of that.  There is a fine line of leading and treating people fair, or being a slave driver.

         When it comes to the retreat and it becoming the BO location for a SHTF scenario; It is owned by me.  Bought with hard earned money. Turned from woods,rocks and dirt, into a beautiful little homestead with gardens/barn/sheds and all strategicly located within a few hundred feet from two mountain springs.  Almost 35 years of blood,sweat and tears have been put into making it what it is.  There is no “voting” or letting someone else make the rules on dirt God has allowed me to set up on and pay for.   When, not if, SHTF, it will be me and three women.  They already know it’s 90% my way or the highway.  Two are kinda lazy but will do their fair share in order to eat.  We may have another couple doing the BO thing on their little piece of dirt about two hundred yards away (man and woman) that may prove to be of help when security issues become a necessity.  Especially if the electric grid is down, since they have no spring water nearby.

         I have planned for this scenario with extra beans and rice and bread makings.  They won’t have near enough for a grid down scenario.  I know any situation can change in a heartbeat and I’m trying to be ready for as many as possible.

         One thing, that can get overlooked by prepping leaders is hygiene.   Figure out a way to keep people from stinking and possibly spreading disease.  Plenty of anti=bacterial soap and warm water.   I have three hundred feet of black plastic pipe, an old water heater,four ft. square piece of glass and black flat metal, ready for making a passive solar water heater.  We can have hot water for outdoor showering at different intervals during sunny days and keep squeaky clean and smelling like honeysuckles.  Well, close maybe.  At least clean enough to make each other tolerable to be near.  Cleanliness, after working hard and sweating, can be a great moral booster, especially for women.

        P.S.  Thanks for the updates, BI.

        • I heated a 5,000 gallon pool up to 88degrees F (day and night) using only 750 feet of black plastic irrigation pipe laid out on rock next to the pool.
          Looked like hell, worked like a champ.
          Many parallel small pipes is more efficient than a single large pipe; this allows more of the water to “touch” the warm outer pipe.
          In my case, I had 10 1/2″ diameter pipes, each 75 feet long, connected to headers on each end. The headers connected to the 1.5″ diameter pool plumbing.

          • My brother has heated a large pool this way for years…works well!

            For many years my Lady and I used a roll of half inch PE 100′ long or so(on the roof) to have hot water in the cabin we lived in…had a thermo syphon system in the wood stove for winter…both worked well and being a gravity fed system it was almost free…simple is good…simple and free even better!

      50. @BI…I very seldom post here,but i read this site faithfully a few times a day.As i have posted before i have learned so much from u and others on this site…..this i am so so thankful for.I am not only dumdfounded but also deeply saddened by the closeminded and stupidty of alot of people.Please do not waste ur time on these ignorant people…you nor anyone else can change these fools…let it be and stop wasting ur time in repling or trying to figure them out,they are the lost souls…In closing i want to thank you for your many personal hours in the data that you share with us all in the quakes….it is read faithfully everytime u post along with the solar posts and others whom also report on this matter….thank you and please donot stop.May God forgive others who know this information but choose not to share,in order to try to save lives…….THANK YOU TO ALL

        • @ Anonymous. You are so correct about “ad hominem”, it is better not to get personal with a troll or a government shrill. It is waste of time that can be better spent doing most of anything else. I just can’t believe that there are still people out there that would not welcome new ideas that can help solve so many questions out there that stump the people. I truly wanted everyone to know that I spend much time going over numbers, especially latitudes and longitudes to try to figure out where the next killer quake will hit.

          I guess certain individuals just want to attempt to irritate someone that has a lot of people interested. It is pathetic because this affects everyone, an earthquake can destroy the U.S. economy and cause a chain of events thereafter. I myself want to know when something is going happen, not through some wedgy board or sprinkling so fairy dust or something, but through logical scientific means. This is why I have tried to show people how it is partially done with the past records of quakes and where it lead up to, the locations most likely to get nailed.

          Yes, you are correct to not get personal, and keep focsued on the subject matter.

      51. I think you will find all of these characters in one Louis LaMore  book or another. “The Tall Stranger” comes to mind. These books are some of the best to read about hard times and how people get along ( or don’t ) in them. A lot of backwoods lore can be easily found in them.

      52. the problem with education and the world today is that we dont educate people we ignorate people

      53. Be informed,

        Your efforts are appreciated by many people here.

        There are others here that work to irritate people. Do not waste your time on these pieces of crap – they will fade away with or without your help.

        When the SHTF, I hope they all run out of TP and they can pick their noses and ass simultaneously cause one is up the other!

        Y’all Beware! Keep smilin. Some times when I see the names of a certain few – I smile and don’t read what they post. That gives me a little satisfaction.

        • @ Y’all Beware. Did you get to go on your fishing trip down in the Florida Keys, I am sure glad nothing happened with the Caribbean Plate while you were down there if you recently visited the area? You are correct about certain individuals trying to egg me on and others, and to rise above it. I can imagine that anyone that has new thoughts and ideas, that they are going to be targets of truly ignorant people, but also the government. The state simply does not people to think on their very own, they lose control, especially if those free thinkers start to influence others.

          I can imagine that myself and most of the people on this site are big targets for the government watch lists. Here is what is such a paradox about the government. It is not the masses and the sheep that are going to progress the technology of the human species, it is the exact socalled “enemies of the state” that are the free thinkers that allow the human race to go by leaps and bounds and why the internet is there for people to use and so many other countless inventions. Without free thinkers, people would be still living in the darkest of ages barely able to make fire. The government and secret agencies should be praising the unique thinkers, instead of trying to figure out how to get rid of them.

          By the way you make me smile and lots of others with your unique wit. 🙂

      54. My how times change.  I had a perfectly good pair of jeans and the belt loop broke free at the lower hook.

        In the past…I would have tossed them.

        With a sewing kit…I fixed them, good as new in 10 minutes.

        Don’t underestimate the power and money saving of a good set of sewing tools.

        By the way..  I do wonder how the chem trails are messing with the texas cotton.

        I love all you guys.

        Where I was fearful of the road our nation was going down…

        Now I have real hope.

        So much so…  I pulled together ten souls to form a new technology group.

        A .com company that builds .com companies.  All preppers.  IT folks.

        I can be reached at [email protected] if you are interested in joining.


        • And when the power grid goes down??

      55. I have formed a group of IT people.  So once you are all prepped up…what’s next…?   LEADERSHIP!!!

        You live life.   Form groups, meet new people, learn new skills.

        A consulting company that builds .com companies.

        We seek to derive our income from the globe.  NOT just a single store on main st.

        If you are  BUS. OR IT inclined.  Email me and I’ll bring you into our group.

        [email protected].

        We do not want to associate with any anti govt. groups.

        We’re a bunch of business and IT people.  No hate.  

        Our love of our country has us focused on rebuilding our people and nation.

        Our goal:  To be business owners again.  Not corporate slaves.

        Think about it..  who wrote the constitution?  Business owners!

        Join us.  Email me…tell me about yourself.

        If you fit our member culture, then I will provide you a .com where you can register.  FREE.  Nothing to buy.

        Resume required.   Send it along to…

        [email protected].

        ps.  No education required.  If you can read, learn business concepts or have some great ideas then join in.


        Think about it…  owning your own resources… a money machine that pulls income from the world right into your own bank account.

        Folks in alignment so far…





        VP of data admin

        VP of data modeling

        A mobile guy

        A bus. IT analyst for documentation


        many more….

        Tech used… Java Grails web, Jquery mobile, CSS, javascript.

        The American spirit is alive and well.  We are the new American Patriots.

        Here’s your homework..

        Your next big prepper skill ……LEADERHIP.

        Book to read:  John C. Maxwell  The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

        There’s youtube video also.

        To make it in the world…you need business colleagues with talent and vision.

        • I am reluctant to consider someone a serious business person when their email address is “[email protected]
          Unless you own Google, why doesn’t your “business” have it’s own domain?

        • Fukushima is my no.1 Black Swan

          Black Swan No.2 Is Assad in Syria. Watching how this guy has conducted himself over a number of years has led me to conclude he’s a little different from the standard tinpot dictator the West has been so fond of enthroning & then taking down when said puppet got too big for his britches. He seems a very smart guy. (I didn’t say good, or moral – just smart). He’s made useful friends in high places in Russia and China too. Is this Cold War 2.1?

          The Iranians are a VERY ancient culture. They experienced the failure of the world’s first fiat currency 4-5000 years ago. They had the electric battery 3000 years before we did. Today they have many v.intelligent scientists, and generally are a people with a high average IQ an good general educational standards. This is not a religeous issue as there is a significant Christian minority in Syria – yet that minority do not seem to have joined the rebel forces – why?

          The version of events we are getting from the MSM on Syria doesn’t begin to cover the complexities of the situation. We are all so news fatigued with middle east propoganda (iraq, Isreal etc, etc) that there is a very real danger we’ll miss the warning signs of a Black Swan that takes us all down.

          I’m not sure what personality type ASSAD is but I’d appreciate it if others could confirm whether my gut feeling that he is smarter than average & therefore more dangerous is correct.

          • He’s readying chemical weapons! We must attack NOW!

            Have we heard this song before?

            A conflict where one side is apparently going to use chemical weapons is one in which I would DEFINATELY not want my child to participate.

            Yes, Assad is pissing off Barak, Hillary, Soros, et al because he won’t be a good little dictator puppet and slink away as desired.

            • Or is he just moving the chemical weapons the hell out of the way of the FOREIGN mercenaries that have infiltrated his borders and some of the “rebel” groups???

              The Internet is down in KEY areas of Syria meaning there is an effective genuine news (as in info from individuals on the ground rather than generated in the offices of propaganda gurus).

              Our side used chemical weapons in Iraq – the rate of birth defects since the conflict sadly still reflects this.

              This is not about right from wrong, just Truth. As preppers to assess the risks we need facts iyswim.

              • news black out.

                Syria and Iran are not going to be the walk in the park the NWO are hoping for methinks.

          • I think it was on RT tv news they said assad is a PHD and university trained Eye Surgeon. Hes no idiot for sure.

            Also the same news source had a 1/2 hr special iterview ON SITE syiria of them Orthodox Christians folks there.

            If I recall it was like 10% of total population and they all as one confirmed assad has been Very swell to christians there. They also have jews and sinagogs too.

            Them christians were very worried and said Hillery Klinton was a huge concern!…They had zero problems for Centuries there untill latly, and Truly Fear if assad is tossed out he will be replaced by a muslim brohood whacko and sharia law will screw every christian there!

            Its No strech to say from the interview and showing there part of sirya and life and homes etc that they Almost Love assad as a leader..They said he is a listener of All groups problems and seeks dialougue etc as solutions.

            His wife was real nice and deals alot with orphans, and especially orphns made an orphan after zios caused their parents to end up Dead.

            Perhaps the “western” nations like usa and brits has far too long been told exact Opposites as to Real enemys eh?

            Asaad aint whos always foaming at mouth screeming for MORE WAR!! MORE USA HELP! to KILL all who zionists Hates!

            Thats netanyhahoo does all that crap eh. While usa pastors backs him to the Hilt!


        You bet they do, so they can use any of the information against you..never for you ,and another reason for the cash for clunker deal, to get rid of the cars on the road that were too old to have these devices..they will use the info against you especially if it dont add up to your story.

        were you speeding? were you at anytime not obeying the law? didnt use your blinker, your lights werent on..the list goes on and on..they will search the data base for your LIABILITY!

        I only have one vehicle with this device in it, and if i could find a way to disable it, I would…that and fuck you too On Star.

      57. sure are a lot of dicks out there…be careful who you talk to

      58. The problem with the advice is you cannot tell how anyone, I mean anyone, including yourself will react to stress. As I read preppers sites, I become more and more convinced they are are populated by self-important egotists with a sense of entitlement to dominate the less prepared. They are the ones i fear the most. They are the one who will become the oppressors and perptrators of atrocites. They are the ones I am most wary of.

        • @ JoeInNC. Most of the people here on this site just want one thing, to survive and be with their families. There may be a couple of individuals that will attempt to dominate the less fortunate, but most the people here just want to stay alive and not suffer like the less fortunate. I would be more worried that some of the people here would be overly too generous with what they have than going after the weak.

          You read the comment sections here, do you really feel that those that are constantly willing to help others with all sorts of issues would ever become some sort of oppressor? Come on Joe, this is not a site of wanna be gang members of some post apocalyptic hell world. The people here are good decent people that are just trying to prepare to the best of their abilities in prepping and gaining survvial knowledge so they have a chance when this happens. A much better chance than most. Instead of being wary of the people here, why not join in on preparation ideas that are a positive course of action.

          Joe, there are all sorts of natural disasters in the North Carolina region that can happen that can leave you without anything for days or weeks or longer. Would it really hurt you to participate in getting some ideas for your own home to prepare? There are some real experts here on prepping.

        • JoeinNC, If you don’t mind me saying so, you sure got a fucked up way at looking at things. I don’t think I’m entitled to anything but to be left alone. I really don’t give a rats ass about you or what anyone else does as far as prepping. Each and everyone here appear to know what their needs are. So don’t go away mad…. just go away.

          • Amen.
            There are two kinds of people;
            -Those who wish to be left alone.
            -Those who can’t leave us alone.

            JoeInNC, You fall in the second category.

            I am bending over, and dropping my drawers…
            and you’re close enough to see me.

            (some folks, ya just can’t resist.)

            • Careful there P. Mike…Joe may take your mooning as a personal invitation!

        • it won’t matter to you joe…because unprepared sheeple like yourself will be the first to die off…you’ll never get the chance to meet any of your so-called oppressors

        • I’ll have my own harem.

          Ha. just kidding.

          I’ll really do a beyond thunderdome.
          Two men enter one man eats! ha

          chill out man

      59. To Everybody. You know how I have been warning about the Caribbean Plate, well here is a map that shows just how very dangerous it is:

        You can see the large area in red just about South American, that is the Caribbean plate’s eastern segment that is capable of a devastating tsunami, especially in less deep waters. Look at the long strip of red along Chile, that was the site of the largest recorded earthquake ever of 9.5 in 1960. Areas that intersect blue are places in which the crusts met and breaking points of 8.5 to almost 10 point earthquakes in the future. This map sure shows how hazardous there are many places in the world.

      60. Reading the article carefully, I thought of one other danger. The well prepared individual that happens to be around the mentioned personalities might come into an awkward situation. People described above, are often psychopaths or sociopaths. Grabbing power and being at the center of attention might even in a crisis be more important to them then survival.

        For this reason they will try to ally with the best prepared people and make use of their skills and firepower, in which case the freedom loving, liberty minded individual might end up in a group of men-of-arms for some semi-feudal post-apocalyptic warlord. The sweet fruit of power, camouflaged by the need of someone taking responsibility and guiding “the people” might be the right poison to corrupt a decent person.

        At one point breaking alliance with that type of leader will be impossible. The result is that the good guy turns into one of the bad ones. For the people who always wanted play the role Guy of Gisborne in Sherwood Forrest this would be a good choice, for all others its dangerous and for anyone loving liberty a no go.

        These type of leaders are especially dangerous because they will not openly go after the things preppers have been hoarding, they might not even want the things at all, but they will be after the preppers skills and abilities to help them to impose power on all other people around and by this also on the prepper. They might even offer a share of whatever but on the long run it is not worth accepting these kinds of offers. Once a person is in a special or senior role in their system, they have that person in their hand.

      61. Possee, I agree wholeheartedly about the need for self-education. Like everyone else here, I avoid the MSM like it was HIV. But even in the alternative media, you still have to choose your sources very carefully; not all of them are reliable. The 2A is also near and dear to my heart and I go to the range almost every Sunday. BI, I don’t blame you at all for lashing out at “the old crouch”. Sounds like another troll to me. Next to Mac, you’re the sharpest blade in this house and I go to your posts first before reading anyone else’s. We all appreciate your efforts to update us on the seismic activity out there and especially I who live only an hour’s drive from the soutern end of the NMF. I’ll stand u for you any day; keep up the outstanding work. Steve, Eeder, and Jayjay, I live in Memphis and I’m stuck here because of my credit situation. I can’t get a mortgage for a BOL because of no previous credit history. i know the conditions here all too well. I appreciate your concern, but this is where I’ll be when TSHTF. Best wishes to all. Braveheart

      62. LOL

        The photo of Merle is perfect.

        • Agreed.

        • @ VRF. I know you have family down in Peru and I don’t have exact calculations for Peru right now other than from Northern Chile to Mexico is in the target area from the Bouvet Islands 4 earthquakes. IF you start to see a bunch of earthquakes on the East Pacific Rise, the western section of the Nazca Plate, especially south of the Cococ plate, this means western South America is going to get blasted with a good size earthquake. Look for earthquakes on the Rise from about 1 degree north to about 10 degrees south, this is what would be aiming at Peru from the easterly direction that the Nazca plate is moving towards. As you can see from the map I linked, Peru’s coast is in the red and connects twice with the blue zones, sure points of strong tsunamis.

          I will try to let you know if Peru seems more sure of getting hit. I would though advice your family that until Christmas there is a better than average chance of Peru having a good size earthquake. Hope they stay safe and prepared for when it eventually does hit.

          • Thank you for that, You and your family have a great holiday

      63. Took the truck in yesterday for a whole bunch of work. Got ALL fluids changed, new fuel filter, new air filer, new valve cover gasekt, brake work, anything I could do at the time to get it up to par. I’m not really any mechanic, so it’s better I have someone else do it for now. Get the vehicle up to par now while there are still shops with mechanics working in them. Once the SHTF, it won’t be easy to find someone to help with this.

      64. Hello ALL,

        why are you concerned about a meltdown in the USA?

        The industry is investing heavily, Apple is goint to manufacture computers in America, production is starting again, all thanks to CHEAP natural gas.

        Even heating your home is getting cheap.

        I don’t want to bash or troll, I am just curious!

        • Ain’t nothing wrong with being upbeat Dick, I’m all for it. Just make sure you’re looking through the clear glass instead of the rose colored one. You sited a few things that might be lookin up. One thing you missed in the trading is volume. Also check DBI, it might tighten your shorts up a notch.

        • michelle
          is that you????

        • Stick around and find out. Also, why are you on this site than? Just curious.

        • @DickMiller…

          I think that many here are preparing for…something. That’s a very broad statement I know, but some are prepping for specific things like and EMP or nuclear attack or something specific, but after getting to know the people on this site I am very impressed with their general preparedness for whatever comes up.

          For me personally, I am going to assume that your question revolves around why some believe the American economy will melt down. My answer to this is becuase we are now at our debt ceiling once again. We add $trillions$ upon $trillions$ of debt every year. Every day we go in debt over $100 per household. The bottom line is THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH THAT WE WILL EVER GET OUT OF IT.

          Sorry to shout there, but it is frustrating. Politicians will pose for cameras and in the end they will just raise the debt ceiling and put some fixes in for the fiscal cliff they have been talking about.

          Q: But we have been doing this for years and it’s gone OK for us so far. Why would we melt down now?

          A: Because at this point the rest of the world still uses our money to complete transactions between each other. Therefore there is a need for the US greenback. Countries are making agreements at an increasing pace to not use American fiat currency and once this catches on the dollar is dead. It will not be used as the world’s currency anymore. Nobody will want it and the only buyers we will have for our government bonds will be our own Federal Reserve (who already is the majority purchaser of our bonds).

          As we print more and more it becomes worth less and less as it approaches monopoly status.

          If you think about it. The Federal Reserve prints our money. For example, they print $100 in currency and use it to buy bonds. The government sells them these bonds and collects the money that was printed based off of nothing other than the full faith and credit of the US government.

          Most don’t know this, but the Federal Reserve is not owned by our government. It is a private for profit company. They borrowed the $100 and are owed principal and interest back from the government. So, lets just say it’s 5% interest in this example. The government owes $105. This is impossible to pay because there was only $100 created. To get the other $5 they would have to print it and owe more and more. The bottom line is that there isn’t enough money in existance to pay it back.

          So, it’s a racket where the government will always need more money printed by them and owe them more and more. It can never be paid off. As soon as other countries around the world realize that there is no possibility of ever being paid back anything other than Monopoly money they will no longer buy it and will look to get rid of it.

          That’s why all ponzi schemes eventually fall apart.

          Lastly, what causes the ultimate melt down is when confidence is lost in the currency. Ask yourself and answer honestly. What has happened to the confidence of the people in our government and currency? Who still has confidence that we could possibly get out of our current situation?

          When confidence is lost there is a run on the banks as people try to get whatever cash they can to go and get goods and commodities as fast as possible as their currency value erodes. The government knows that there isn’t enough cash as there is the balance of accounts in the banks. They will call a bank holiday where the banks basically close thier doors for an undisclosed period of time. This creates less confidence and it spirals from there.

          Apple can start producing here in the US, we can have all of the cheap gas we want. Nothing matters other than the confidence of people in the currency and look at our deficit to figure out the direction of that.

          There is nothind anyone can do at this point. The can has been kicked down the road almost as far as it can be kicked.

          If it doesn’t happen thank God. Worst case scenario for the prepared is if it doesn’t happen they have a bunch of goods that they purchased at todays cheaper prices than when they use them in 2 years.

          I hope this helps. I could write forever on it, but this is my quick take.

          God Bless,

      65. Thank you Be Informed for that link. It is an eyeopener. Mac vouches for you and thinks highly of you, as we all do. Thank you for spending your time pouring over earthquake data that goes back 40 years or longer.

      66. off topic
        but well worth reading

        if it comes from the government
        you HAVE to regard it as being a lie until vetted by independent sources

        • @ Satori,

          BOY, ain’t THAT the truth!!! 🙂

        • @ Emily. Want to see something scary? Take that purple line on the booming sounds map to the link you gave us from Arizona to about north Carolina and compare it to the northwest most point to the northeast point of the Caribbean plate, they match. The purple line on that map dips and rises up toward the east just like the northern line of the Caribbean plate. The continuation of the purple line to the north to Rhode Island matches the line continuing from the Caribbean plate up to the Mid Atlantic Ridge which sharping is turning north like the purple line does. I surprised some geologist or someone trained in plate tectonics did not see this.

          The Caribbean fault affects the North American plate, AND the New Madrid Fault zone, just like the mega earthquakes that struck both areas in 1812. No coincidence then and now.

          Thank you for the link, I would not have known about this without your head’s up finding it. This is what is so nice about everyone here, when someone sees something they let others know about it. This could be the key advantage that we will need before a major event. I would not want to be near the New Madrid fault now with what is going on down there. This is Mother Nature warning us when shapes and lines between points match up pretty close like these do. Compare the purple line on that map with the Caribbean northern borders and then the Mid Atlantic Ridge, they match very closely.

      67. Germany Hyperinflation Firsthand -Schiff at Moneyshow 2012 (Must Hear!)

        At the Peter Schiff seminar at the Moneyshow 2012 Las Vegas, a WW2 survivor from Germany approached Peter to say she has firsthand knowledge of the currency collapse in Germany. Today seems like a repeat of what she experienced as a German child. She makes comparison of Obama to Hitler government and says the currency collapse happened quickly., A bank run could happen again if people don’t put their assets in hard currencies like gold and silver.

        • Many thanks for the link. Very sobering. I know she could ramble a bit and be a little repeticious, but she earned it. She didn’t deserve some of the smirks and eye rolling from those listening nearby. Many folks would do well to have found some chairs and sat with this woman for awhile, listened and learned from what she had to say, they would have been better for it.

      68. Leadership is a learned skill that is enhanced by a positive personality. Leadership by example is best, meaning the leader must perform any and all tasks he asks his group to perform and he/she must be able to do it better than they do. Respect is better than fear.

        If one must lead by fear and domination that person is the worst type of leader – the type who is willing to sacrifice those under them for his/her own benefit. This the worst type of leader because they are only a “BULLY”. Avoid these people like the plague.

        A group need leadership that is thorough, kind, always fair and will adhere to the rules everyone has agreed to at the time the leader was chosen. Any additional rules must be agree to by the simple majority of the group.

      69. $17 gas cans and diesel cans at Kmart for $9.14.

      70. Off-Topic, @ BI,

        Good Evening Brother,
        At exactly 21:59:19 UTC a new GRB was detected. As near as can be told from the associated magnetogram plots at both Gakona, Kiruna ans also Lyksele the first noted distubance – beyond the curious flat-line previous – in multiple days occured at exactly the same time. Watch the terrestrial’s friend. Given the incredibly smooth prior behaviours of most of the various monitors of late – Solar and all else – this is an effective ‘first’ as to being able to clearly make out a signature (as distinguished from the background)…Eyes Open here.

        • J1G,
          Will be very interested to see your analysis after the 21st, into next year.

        • @ JustOneGuy. When I say that fourth quake today in the Bouvet Islands I said Oh boy. This is a major junction point with the very large African plate, the Antarctic plate and the South American plate. To have 4 earthquakes in an area that has up until this point had ONLY 17 that are over 4.5 in the past 40 years is very alarming. Those 4 quakes were 4.9-5.1. In the past 40 years there has only been 12 quakes 4.9 or larger. This is what they call a bad sign of what is to come. Magnetic fields going haywire further adds to this.

          I think that both of us are offending certain people on this SHTF plan site. When I was talking about BO and the way he drives job growth through charging them on a credit card they call the national debt, I got no flank from this. Yet when I talk about earthquakes and predicting them, some people don’t like this. It is incredible, I can talk totally about how much I absolutely support the 2nd amendment on any article and no one dislikes this. Yet successful earthquake forecating upset people. Interesting isn’t it?

          Here both of us are trying to figure out a way to save lives and help prepare people for a true SHTF, like the New Madrid going off, including those doing the complaining. Long periods of quiet earth movements have occurred and I have not posted one thing about earthquakes, yet there are people that say I do on every single article. This is not true.

          I just can’t withhold vital information about earthquakes and then hear about someone on this site that had a family member get crushed by a falling wall that maybe could have been forewarned about it. I can’t withhold information about possible war movements in the Middle East and then watch everyone out there get caught off guard when they could have been out beating the rush of the masses.

          Why do you think people become offended so much by this, yet comments totally off the topic such as just how much BO deceieves us hardly ever gets any criticism? It is a blog, a very good one, and I don’t see anything wrong with discussing topics that WILL affect practically everyone’s life. I especially NEVER think it is wrong to post an idea on prepping or survival that can show others something new or something valuable to them. What do you think about this?

          • BI, just want to let you know I appreciate your posts and all the time consuming work that goes into what you bring here. Please if you would, keep providing us with this info. Those who don’t want to review it can keep right on scrolling, the button’s on the right, GAS ON IT!

          • @BI I read your posts about earthquakes with great interest. I spent my career as a science educator, so I look at the maps and scour the WWW for more information. I felt the Virginia earthquake that damaged the monument all the way over here in Ohio, so I take your points seriously.

            Please don’t let the critics bother you so much. I keep the 4 guidelines of a writer (Don Ruiz) in front of me at all times: 1. Be impeccable with your word; 2. Don’t take anything personally; 3. Don’t make assumptions; and, 4. Always do your best. Sometimes, reacting to criticism fuels the fire. Ignore it! Maybe when/if we have a topic-driven discussion forum, you can have your own Earthquake thread!

            @JOG – I also read your notes about solar flares, but have to admit that I don’t understand most of it (especially the acronyms) except that the sun is spewing out particles that might harm our electronics.. LOL

            Ohio Reader

          • Just toss it out there for discussion but possibly because something can be done about (in theory) about the debt, the leadership of the country could change.

            There isn’t a gd thing you can do about an earthquake. And if you happen to live along the New Madrid then you either have a choice, whistle past the graveyard or move and both can have bad consequences.

            If you live anywhere west of the Rockies, which is already seen a spike in radiation along the entire monitor system, then an earthquake in Japan leaves you going “Well Fuku…shima…” and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about that except believe it won’t happen or move.

            And human nature is such that we as a race don’t like scary things or things that are inconvenient so we ignore them and denigrate them, trivialize them etc to rob them of their power over us.

            And so that we can sleep better at night. Fear of the unknown is why we’re afraid of the dark, and strangers, and frankly anything outside our very narrow comfort zones. And, frankly, for a lot of folks, it’s just as bad to have the monster in the closet lit up by knowledge. If you leave a window of doubt then maybe the monster isn’t as bad.

            But that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to eat you anyway.

            • I’m in southern ky to the west.
              It is NEVER from my mind. It is what it is as we will all meet Jesus some day.
              I just pray I’m ready.

      71. he way US-Govmt behaving world wide, I think that there is big chance they will cause 3rd World War. which mean huge destruction of the USA.

        one that is beyond any prepping.

        look at the way they are handling the M.East, stepping in Russia, China,.. toes.

      72. Mornin’ BI,

        I wondered about the Bouvet Island thing from the beginning, in the short time I have been ‘watching’ the seismic thing (2 years) I’ve NEVER seen anything in that region. Thanks for your insight here! I have posted above (way up a ‘fer piece as it were) as to the question of relevancy. If there is as yet anything left unspoken it is this: If, given whatever small talents I may have in life, it is the case that ‘speaking’ as opposed to not doing so would make a difference for at least one person…in the greater sense, then so be it. I WILL stand in the Judgement when all is finished and will need to account for myself…I do nor not wish to stand there and NOT be able to do so. I am sure you feel much the same Friend, such shows in the efforts put forth.
        Mac has already stated here openly that he has managed to secure the SSL certificates here on site – a neccessary precursor to what follows – and at this time I say just ‘Keep on Keepin’ on’…don’t worry over the small stuff Ir IS frustrating not being able to ‘Commune’ directly, maddening at times even…such will pass. It ‘s about 6:00 am CDT at this point, the latest ‘check’ on things reveals nothing new through the intervening evening hours…will catch-up with you later…have a good one today Brother!

        PS Solar is now off ‘flat-line’ yet still very low. Daily Solar Report will resume when things warrant such, till then presume that all is normal, I watch it ALL the time, when it changes you’ll know!

      73. When the day of reckoning comes, (hopefully before too many Westerners are slaughtered by modern day Jew “Cheka” or Bolshevik” groups), remember to save a place on the gallows for all those “Christian”/”Muslim” collaborators, such as the Israeli trained cops who maul and murder for their masters, the “Bidens,” “McCains” en toto.
        This is an EXACT repeat of what they did to mother Russia and so many other nations/leaders too honorable to subject their people to Jewish Usury and their total lack of honor/character.

      74. You can’t always get what you want.
        But you’ll find sometines.
        You just might find.
        You get what you need. Rolling Stones.

        Keep posting those earthquake and solar reports.

        • Howdy Slingshot,

          Missed you there for a few days! The ‘get what you need’ part is ALL I am concerned with… 🙂

      75. The shortcomings of the human ego during critical times will surface almost immediately if the neighborhood is not organized by someone taking the initial lead. By not taking the initial lead…nothing gets done. The most likely scenario is the last minute “are you in or are you out?”

        There will be no time to be sensitive to personalities that are usually “wishee washee.” You are either prepared fully, partially, or not at all. Those that are fully prepared will together take the lead. Those partially prepared, will follow orders and become secondary leaders of a group. Those NOT prepared…well, if the group can afford to carry them, put them on sentry duty and/or food preparation.

        A good leader at the end of the day will appoint himself/herself to clean dishes….and is always there with an extra ear to help formulate and execute the plan that best suits the group.

        The leadership descriptions (below) make absolute sense, but groups can only be successful if all duties are shared and all group members agree on who should be running the show. Disqualifying a leader, based-on the guidelines is a start, but problems arise when there are too many chiefs and not enough indians.

        The ideal situation does not have to develop at the onset of a crisis, but organizing in advance can only be accomplished by those that keep others informed.

        “Paying a fee” to be part of a community, is NOT a last minute probability, but can be a formidable pre-crisis necessity…as with Oath Keepers.

        • Oath Keepers is not a survival commune or community. That is a silly comparison.

      76. Seismophobia !

      77. BI,

        A 7.1 @ Saunmiaki, Phillipines….43 minutes ago…

        • Correction, 7.1 Saumiaki, Indonesia

          • Right in the location he predicted even. I’m getting creeped out. Anyone else??

            Where we looking at next, BI?

      78. @ Todd,

        Um….Yep, more by the day….

      79. @Be Informed ~ I have looked at that purple line. It is Eerie to see. Your welcome for the link.

      80. Be informed,

        Thanks for your concern as we went to go fishing in Islamorada, FL. It was too windy and we decided that we would be better off eating fresh stone crab, yellow fin, hog fish, shrimp and grouper all purchased at the local fish market. It was 100 yards from our house. The Fishing Story – was a lesson in first aid and will come later, after I get off my back.

        Think of this . . .It is good to know that there are people here that care for each other and are willing to help. It might just be a simple link to information – and that my friends can open a door for a person’s life and a bright future.

        Y’all Beware! Lots to tell about, so y’all take good care.

      81. @ Norse Prepper (Comment ID: 927611)

        Thank you for your answer.

        I don’t see why people would switch to another currency. The Euro? Just laughable. The ruble? No way. CHF? We are fighting them as they help dodging taxes.

        No, the Dollar IS THE CURRENCY.

      82. Everyone needs to do some type of preparation. In light of all of the recent disasters I hope people are a little more concerned about being prepared. Bugging out can be extreme but some people feel more comfortable with that. If that’s not you then get together some extra food, survival gear, and water. I recommend starting out with a simple 72 hour kit for each member of your family. When that is complete then store a 6 month supply of food. Good luck with what ever you chose. Just remember preparation starts with you, not the government.

      83. Interesting article and even more interesting discussion. My take is that, in a crisis mode, a competent leader would be necessary. Remember the old adage “Scream and shout and run about”? Once the situation has stabilized, then some sort of council or board will be needed. Certainly, every scenario the author has outlined has and will occur. Some will stay in the situation and some will leave; it just depends on their individual personalities. Just remember that stress brings out peoples’ real personalities so be prepared for some surprises.

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