Preppers Shall Inherit the Earth: Unconventional Times Require Unconventional Solutions *Micro Doc*

by | Sep 11, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 206 comments

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    This latest micro documentary from New America Now discusses the many problems facing modern day American society, namely the US Dollar, our country’s ever growing debt, rising prices and the crisis that will ensue as a result – and how you can survive and thrive.

    So what are we to do?

    There is a growing movement of people who are taking proactive steps to control their destiny. These people, dubbed “Preppers”, are people from all walks of life, all political persuasions, all ethnicities and races who have come to the conclusion that danger is in fact a likely reality in the near future. These people , by no means, have all the answers to the many problems that face us or a crystal ball to see into the future, but they are quite sure they should not leave their well being and the well being of their families in the hand of their less than competent leaders. They have seen the writing on the wall and prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    These people are storing food and water for themselves and their families in case of some unforeseen event that may interrupt their supply of life’s necessities. These people are stocking up in items that may help them in a world unlike the world we have today. The items they store are not items which need disposable parts but items that have served their ancestors in a time before life’s current conveniences. Some are even planning beyond food storage as the length of such a crisis may be far longer than their supplies will last. Many who can, are migrating to places were they will be able to sustain themselves with livestock and planted harvests. These people are re educating themselves with information in the art of self sufficiency that has been lost to this generation. They are buying weapons to defend themselves from the lawlessness that would ensue in the absence of law enforcement.

    People who can not leave their urban environments are growing rooftop gardens and keeping rabbits and chickens in an attempt to offer some renewable source of nutrition in addition to their food sources. Goats have become more common in the suburbs as a reliable alternative to dairy sources. People are becoming proactive because unconventional times require unconventional solutions. These people are becoming less and less fringe and more and more mainstream. The people are becoming more and more aware that our leaders have no such solution and the world is quickly headed to a global disaster of epoch proportions.

    When the dust settles, those people called Preppers, shall inherit the earth.


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      1. When Just-in-time runs out of time,

        we’ll be the pieces left over to pick ourselves up!
        Depending on our God-given Self is not optional, it is required.

        We’re about to have our wealth wiped back to the 50’s. Considering new technologies we have, it will be an OK 50s IMHO

        Peace and Love

        • Self reliance to pick up the pieces and start all over again, no argument here. The biggest conundrum facing my wife and me is what do we do about the family members who have been calling us nuts for years showing up with their hands out.
          Be well

          • Well, if you have the means, and go ahead and bolster up some supplies for them, you’ll live the rest of your life as their hero instead of former nut.

            God Bless!

      2. Thank You, Mac.
        Extremely well done video that should go viral to wake some peeps up.

        An extra thanks for holding the line and providing this site.

        • Thanks Etgal. New America Now puts out some good documentaries. It seems more folks are waking up, as evidenced by the growth in this community, as well as others online. I think more and more people are realizing that something just ain’t right. Our hope is that this web site and the many people who contribute insights, links and resources will help others realize what may be happening, and how to best prepare for making it through to the other side.

      3. Greece the word is may collapse within a week…French banks are getting downgraded by Moody’s..Israel markets are collapsing…

        Its all over folks…

        Total Collapse

        Total Depression

        Hell on Earth

        …coming to a country near you….

        • Greece is going – sooner or later, but the rumors are swirling again… After hundreds of billions of dollars and assurances that the system was saved 18 months ago, here we are again… And Greece is just one of the many that will collapse.

          This is not a normal cyclical recession… We’re talking not about the collapse of a bank or large insurer here and there… this is the collapse of nations… The end result of these types of events historically has never gone well.

          Total Collapse, Total Depression, Hell on Earth is probably a spot on assessment.

          Buckle up folks.

          • …its going to be really ugly for those that chose to not prepare…the ones that said we were all crazy?

            They will be banging on our doors…

            Screaming In The Night, for an old packet of Taco Bell hot sauce, and a moldy piece of bread to spread it on….


            Saving it for the birds…….

            • Yesterday, I ordered more ground beef/minute steaks to go with what we have..16 more bags of sugar..that makes amlost 7 buckets…never enough..never enough…never enough..

            • mild, hot or fire

            • Saving the bread for our chickens along with other scraps for fresh eggs!

          • We’ve been at the “buckle up” stage for a few years now. I’m just watching to see if this is “BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!” month…

            Many people scoff at us and laugh and call us “doomers”.

            Those same people will carry and umbrella and the finest insurance on their car for YEARS and never have to use either. But, the instant you mention a cache of food and water and a gun and some ammo for security, they’re like, “Oh No! Another one of those nutty doomsdayers!”

            I’m almost ready to say “BRACE FOR IMPACT!” but the windows are foggy and I can’t see out too well and I’m not sure we’re at that point. Maybe…

            Thanks for all you do to help us see this through. Your fine articles and efforts have brought many good ideas together.

            Everyone, keep your out on things this week. Sooner or later its gonna pop. When it does many of those people that looked at you like you had three heads will be kicking themselves. As for me, I’ve got 25gal of space in a barrel I have to fill. When nobody can get gas, how much will a gallon trade for in silver?

            • NR, thanks for your kind words and I must say the same to you…. You have been a staple of informational wealth at SHTFplan since the beginning. You and those like you is why people keep coming back! THANK YOU!!

            • SAME AS SUGAR????

            • Speaking of gas, we used to wait to fill up our cars until the indicator was in the red zone. Now we keep tanks 3/4+ full at ALL TIMES.

      4. Another good article, Mac.

        Ha! Noah was a prepper!

        Look, it just makes good sense. Squirrels do it. Are we not smarter than squirrels?

        Get it while you can. I’m full up. No longer increasing the caches, just maintaining and rotating.

        From the looks of the dates on most my my cans and flower and such, I’ve got about a year’s worth.

        Its still not too late. Start doubling up on your groceries and store the stuff in totes or under your bed. You don’t have to dedicated 80sq ft of floorspace like I did. But, basements are better because of the temperature stability and darkness. Just get something, even if its a jar of peanut butter, a pound of crackers, a case of water and an old shotgun. …especially the shotgun! Remember! 3GunsIsAllYouNeed…


        • Noah was the original prepper! And I suspect when he told people why he was prepping they rolled their eyes and considered him totally nuts. Sounds familiar…. haha

          • Nice…..

          • Mr Slavo, I thank you for more than just the site itself, which, is a great tool of knowledge.

            I also thank you for leaving my comments in place instead of being a one sided individual, and deleteing them. I am very outspoken against organized religion as I am certain you are aware, and you handle me appropriatly.

            So right along my normal path, as much I love the story of Noah (and what is says about preppers), in case you have not heard it is actually a revised Babylonian pagan story created long before the Bible. Like many other stories of the Bible, it was made to fit monotheism.

            Thank you for your site and your education, hope you feel the same about some of the facts I evangalize here.

            • SCREW U Francis!

            • Reading Chasing the Dragon as seen through the eyes of Jackie Pullinger lets me know where the power really is. You should read it to find out about how organized religion helped her on her mission field.

            • Anon – what do look like? Just kidding, I’m not that easy.

              A believer – what is it that you do not understand about facts?

              That book is what you would call “one in a million,” forits results. We (non-religious) have converted (which is what that book is about more than freeing people from self destruction) far more than your religion will ever dream of. Go ahead, call me satan. LOL

              It is hilarious that you folks think that your religions have done any good at all compared the relentless horror and dismay the Bible and its offshoots have ever produced. Including todays time, not just the Biblical horrors.

          • I like the comparison with Noah – although he did have “inside information” of what was to come LOL… Joseph, while in Egypt, is another example of gittin’ ready while the gittin’s good and the plan he executed saved a nation from starvation… prepping just makes good walkin’ around sense…

            • Speaking of Egypt: The entire story of Jesus was ripped off from them.

              Yep, Horus, is Jesus. As well as Buhdda, Odysseus, Krishna, Romulus, Dionysus, Heracles, Glycon, Zoroaster, Attis and many more. All of which PRE-DATE the Bible and share so much in common only a fool would adhire to the word “faith.” I know, I am the devil testing your “faith.” Whatever,,,,,

              See, the Bible is astrolgy written to mislead, but, the writters lost the meaning of astrology due to ignorance and the desire to control. LMAO, because I love you. It is called tough love.

              Sorry I love you….

        • NR,
          May I just say that I’m the only person that I have EVER known, male or female, whose spouse says, to me privately and our friends publicly, “you can NEVER have to many guns”. Three guns is a good start, but when filled to capacity on beans and band aids, keep on buying, keep on buying……

          • @Silver Bean,
            Actually my wife said that too, until our safe was filled.
            Er, overfilled. And the ammo is stored elsewhere. Sigh.
            Too many guns, too little house.

          • I absolutely agree. However, many people don’t choose to invest in guns as we do. After a certain point its just investments. I think the “need” part is the gray area.

            My wife has told me the same thing. She knows their fun and they afford protection and they never really lose much value, but, everyone’s income has limits.

            I just picked of a sweet little 17HMR today. Nice shooting gun. Its just a toy but it and a couple boxes of shells could keep you in rabbits and squirrels for quite a while. Shoots quarter sized groups at 50yds. Headshots don’t mess up the meat! Not sure how many long guns that makes, but, I think its over 30.

            What I talk about you only need three guns, I mean to be REASONABLY SAFE, security wise. Can you do better with 5 guns, Yep! But, minimally and if you don’t know much about guns, three will get you by.

            • You guys are all fuckin’ nuts. Get a grip on reality.

            • Three guns is debatable both ways. In a pinch, a .22 rifle or a 12 Ga. shotty will suffice as a bare minimum and can serve as protection and put food on the table.

              Most of us firearms enthusiasts would say four weapons minimum… a .22 (silenced preferably if not offset by having a top quality air rifle for small game). A shotgun for close encounters and small game hunting (even up to deer if slugs are on hand). A main combat rifle and a handgun for backup and last ditch defensive measures.

              That’s for one person. If you are married and the spouse is trained (as they should be) then add another combat rifle and handgun. Add a child old enough to handle a weapon and your collection gets larger.

              Then you have magazines (I consider 12 per weapon minimum but have at least 24 for most weapons) and ammo… lots of ammo and reloading components.

              Many of us like firearms and have many more than we need beyond the above stated minimum requirements. In good times, even if there is never a SHTF scenario, weapons always increase in value. Secondly, weapons and ammo will undoubtedly be great bartering items and third, you may need to arm your friends or neighbors.

              Enough weapons? No such thing 🙂

      5. just sit back and watch the train wrech slowly unfold before you.

        • wait, are you saying that the light at the end of the tunnel is actually an oncoming train?!?!? 🙂

          • That’s my line MAC, but I am willing to barter for it, lol!

          • I said before, it ain’t gonna get here. The tweakers ripped up the tracks and sold ’em for scrap.

      6. I had a neighbor 5 or 6 years ago, who was a wealthy trader with many employees working for him. I told him the real estate market was going to collapse very soon, because the price of homes in our area was going up 20-25% a year! I tried to explain to him that average people and entry level buyers couldn’t buy into this market much longer. He went into a serman about how great the economy was and how great George Bush was. Well, he lost about half his wealth when the market corrected. He made a lot of it back, but he would have been much better off had he listened and hedged a bit. His problem, as I observe it, he was and is emotionally attached to his idiology. He considered any advice to be an attack on him and his ideas. A heavy dose of objectivity for the sheep would go a long way to avoid their future suffering. Nothing has really changed for his kind. They’re running full ahead with their eyes closed. It isn’t going to pretty.

        • “””as I observe it, he was and is emotionally attached to his idiology. He considered any advice to be an attack on him and his ideas. A heavy dose of objectivity for the sheep would go a long way to avoid their future suffering. Nothing has really changed for his kind. They’re running full ahead with their eyes closed. It isn’t going to pretty.”””

          it sounds like he may be like most Americans also, A little touch of greed..I know a few that were flipping houses in the 90s and Bushes first term, now they’re stuck with a lot of 135 thou $ houses that they paid over 175 thou for thinking that they were going to pass on to the no money down people for 250-300 thou. Now they can’t even rent them because thieves have stold all the copper out of them.

        • You Have To Make Decisions’ Without Emotion or Attachment!

          From a sheeple point of view…

          It Feels Sooo Good, How Can Anything Go Wrong.

          And Now….

          It’ll be all right, It’s temporary, I’ll be taken care of.

          I feel sorry for these fools, I really do!

        • they call it the normalcy bias. most folks can’t fathom a wholesale change to their comfort zone.

      7. Most people feel it in their gut.
        Some choose to ignore it
        While others act on it!

        If someone thinks you’re a nut job, tell them to listen to their gut. It’s worked for me on several people.

        • Re the old saying “trust your gut”: Last winter I purchased a cartload of Slim Fast meal-in-a-can twelve-packs, on sale for half price because packaging had changed. Hubby asked why so many and I said I don’t know, it just seems like a good idea. Had the same feeling of urgency about knitting yarn, paper products, candles, matches, batteries, water filters and crossword puzzle books. Didn’t know why, just that I needed to get MORE while they were on sale. Funny how your gut feeling is almost always right! This was in our “pre-prep” days and we have scurried to make up for lost time, esp. in the food dept. A full pantry = a good night’s sleep!

      8. Good video but would be eons better with a different narrator.

        • I don’t know, Slate, I’ve been listening to this guys videos for a while now and, well, his “unsure” method of speaking kind of keeps you off balance and paying attention. We’re all so used to the silky smooth talkers of commercial radio and television. This guy is down home, and for that I like it just the way it is. NAN, like SHTFPlan, has kind of community that follows it. I tend to live here at SHTFPlan and just visit over there. I care much less about the presentation than I do about the content. I don’t nitpick the small stuff, it proves its being written by a human rather than some corp out there spewing their lies. I think NAN is just one guy. Not sure. But, I’ll just bet he’s the one doing the narration. Frankly, the content is so good, I’d listen to it if he was a blubbering idiot, which he’s not.

      9. Well folks I just realized it this morning I am still not ready. Something I did not account for in deep south Texas, drought. Yes we have not seen significant rain in over 3 months it still hasn’t rained. Had the shtf we would be in a world of hurt, and cities are rationing water by controling lawn watering. Just imagine if cities cannot maintain the water supply. Scary thought I need to re-think my water situation, it is vital for life. Its not just happening in south Texas it is also happening in the Houston area I was there a month ago. Some of the surrounding cities were rationing water and threatened to fine someone who was watering on non-designated days. When I left talk radio host was talking about neighbors calling on neighbors for watering on off days and getting fined, in addition Houston was on a volunteer water rationing, but was getting ready to put plans in place to start ratioing. Scary the 4th largest city with a situation like that I am glad I was just visiting. Folks my suggestion just when you think you are ready re-visit you prep plans. God Bless America the preppers will survive.

        • Man, I thought the same thing..rethink…food, supplies, more food, more supplies…and then????
          Water??? I mean, more than the filled containers from grocery stores.
          So, THAT week, 20 drums from Lexington Containers(two trips, 170 miles one way) appeared in the garage, full of water, and when emptied, make great rain catchers.

          • @ JJ, I wish I could come to your house when the SHTF 🙂 I have been out all day trying to prepare. My sweet husband no longer gives me a hard time anymore. He just smiles now when I haul it all in. I told him I was going to order from EE in passing and he said “okay”. I thought I was going to faint. My prayers have been answered, lol. Seriously, I believe some of our spouses know what’s coming…that just can’t handle it. It is too depressing for them. We are trying to enjoy “the day” more and spend time together. He sees and feels it.

            * Please everyone pray for rain for Texas. You can’t imagine how dry it is here with the drought this summer.

            Be Happy while we can,

            • I pray for you and my dh is the ‘best’ ever…he went in the store room and kiddingly said, look, a little fairy brought us all this…
              Uh, not funny—save, buy stuff, save more, buy stuff…fairy my arse…
              And today, he pointed out playing cards–already in BOB, and pointed out sewing kit–already in BOB…so he’s also catching on…he knows we are getting there now.
              But, definitely by the grace of God.
              I pray for Texas and every state in dire straits, and for all the great patriots reading this blog..for sharing great tips and links.

              “The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you” my chant.

            • I concur about the husbands knowing what is going on and laying low while we stock the house with everything. Yes, they are depressed and sleep way too long. Went to job seach help at library in Houston area and most of the men were former CEOs and sales men. The market is bad….people are watching what they purchase. No big ticket items but all this small stuff for prepping. I am praying for rain or everyone’s foundation is going to crack. The streets & side walks are all a mess – high and lows. Consider Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah….if God wants us out of our location he will send Angelic Messengers to tell us to leave. Try to worship them…fall down and you will see them tell you to stop because they are the servant of God too. Just remember do not look back and yearn for your possesions lke Lot’s wife. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Watch out for ETs saying they created us and have come to rescue the planet.BS…they are demons. Pray for our nation and patriots that people will wake up and see the collapse. Turn from their selfishness and hatred of God. We need divine favor. Thanks Preppers ….

          • I live in the PNW. Other than a 3 month respite during the summer we have rain or drizzle all the time. There are numerous lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds within walking distance. I have acquired both the Big Berkey and the Katadyn Combi water purification systems. I also have purchased extra filter sets and carbon paks.

        • Fines, “MY BIG OLD BUTT”.Having grass too impress one’s self or anyone should be a CAPITAL OFFENSE.LMAO

        • One Gallon per Person and Pet per Day. It’s A Lot!!!

        • Where I live in South Eastern Australia we have (until last summer) lived with drought for many years.

          The reservoirs that held water for the major towns and cities in my state (Victoria) were reduced in some cases to 25% or less.

          Water restrictions got to the point where you were not allowed to wash your car using a hose. You were not allowed to water your lawn and you could only water your garden between certain hours on certain days.

          Restrictions have eased now but the sales of large water tanks used to collect rain from the roof have exploded.

          So, I empathise with you guys in Texas. It’s not much fun watching your vegies wilt in the heat and dry and not be able to water them. So, my advice, get yourselves a tank or two (5000 gal) to connect to your down pipes. You might not want to drink the stuff (without purifying it first) but at least you can use it for the garden and laundry.

          The simple truth is that water is our most precious commodity – without it you die.

        • My sister lives near Houston. She called today and said they’re not expecting a “good” rain down there till spring. SPRING!!! Holy cow! Also, that the temp was ONLY 90 degrees today and felt like a cool spell. I thank God the fires have not gotten to her neck of the woods yet.

        • Hey! The fact is, you’ve got an abbreviated STHF situation down there! Dang! With all the fires and stuff too. Keep it cool. I do see where you are coming from.

          The east coast earthquake got me wondering: Never worried about water. I have a deep well and a generator to run the pump. But, what if we had a bad enough quake to screw up the well? Unlikely, but, it could happen. I’d have no water.

          Just when you think you’ve got a backup, you realize that a backup for your backup might be a good idea! Thanks for reminding us!

          • TWO is One, One is NONE!

        • I live in Texas, however when it came time to buy a country place, I refused to buy in Tx because of water issues. I have a small farm in SW. Wisconsin with a year round spring coming out of the hill behind my house with 20 gallons per minute pure water year round.

      10. Preppers will be the ones to survive but we won’t inherit the earth. The military and the federal government will still control the country.

        When you look at the types of people who have the assets needed to survive, you get the idea that the US will be a lot whiter than it was before.

        • OMG, LMAO

          • ROFLOL….

            I stock a couple black camo sticks just for that reason, but its still funny and true

            +1 Bill S

        • Now, Bill, I think you’re wrong there. I think CoCo Puffs will keep for a very long time.


          I disagree on one point: its doesn’t take “assets” it takes “forethought” and when your only forethought is what most is, then, you’re correct in your analysis.

      11. You guys may be a little ahead of events but I agree with your mantra: it’s never too early !
        I know a little bit(20 years experience) about stock market charts technical analysis and I can say with a cautious level of confidence that we are still 4 years away from S.H.T.F. events.
        That is what the US dollar chart suggest.

        • Agree, if that soon. On the other hand, there are so many potential TNT intangibles that could blow the roof off at any moment. Fukushima for one and it’s ALREADY HAPPENED. Talk about a country in DENIAL, on that topic alone. We’re getting silently creamed and the subject barely breeches’ MSM and alternative media. NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT (except for Jeff Rense), but the hot particles are everywhere in this country, everywhere; in your home.

          Then there’s another side of America that’s growing exponentially by the day: THE POOR. The dollar can show strength but if you don’t have it then your financial world has collapsed. There’s a gap growing between those that have the dollar and those that don’t and that’s the only “growth” taking place in this country. That’s why we won’t see a conventional economic type collapse anytime soon. Still WAY too much money in America, yet to be milked by TPTB, before the lesser influentials of this country sound their “holier than thou” bugles. Just too much money in the hands of too many people, still. Take it from them, then we may see some turbulence.

          What we will see, though, are pockets of flare ups started by TPTB appearing out of the poor camps. Those flare ups will give the impression to the viewer that it’s everywhere but it won’t be. However, more reason to tighten up on the civil liberties; fortifying a fascist state. In my region we are a “fair distance” from collapse, at least the collapse I mentioned earlier.

          The chances of collapse are remote right now. Just as a perceived gold bubble is. Just a small percentage of people are “really” on board; understand what’s going on. The vast majority, on the other hand, are pleasantly drugged up on their programed addiction to denial; so prevalent in our make believe, picture postcard country of “ignorance is bliss”.

          • European American Wholly shit. I look for your post; you and I see eye to eye on everything, it’s fucking scary. You take the time to write what I don’t.
            Thank you, keep posting!

      12. My family has always considered me to be fairly harmless, if a bit eccentric, for having a ‘few things’ up on the shelf “just in case of an emergency”. They felt this way about me right up until the point in time that Hurricane Wilma visited us here in South Florida and we were without power at our house for almost a month afterward. My ‘stash’ on the shelf was lighting our nights and cooking food and making hot coffee on the back patio. Now my immediate family preps with me and we look towards the future together.

        Those who don’t see the need to assume personal responsibility for their own health and welfare as well of that of their families is making a major mistake. You would think that just the natural disasters happening all around us would show everyone the need to put aside at least the MINIMUM means of subsistence for their family for at least two to four weeks?

        I don’t that the government is coming to help you anymore. If they are coming at all …… they are coming to mess with you.

        I, for one, am going to spend the next couple of days examining our master plan and moving ahead to take care of any remaining deficiencies. Please be proactive in thightening up your final freps.

        God Bless and good luck to all.

        • @MadMarkie,

          I also just had a little success with some neighbors because of hurricane Irene. They each now own generators so they don’t have to mooch off mine and put up with my schedule of running it. But both of them, when they brought their generators home, had bought ONE (1) 5-gallon gas can to go along with it.

          With a remarkable (and uncharacteristic!) level of restraint, I gently asked them if they understood how much their generators would burn (they both got ones bigger than mine), and of course they didn’t realize that even my smaller generator could only run one full day (16 hours) on five gallons, if I were to run it continuously, which I don’t but they intend to. So I pointed out that they had just spent a whole lot of money to provide ONE day of power. It was so cool, I swear you could actually see the light bulbs going on in their heads.

          So now the neighbors on both sides of me, rather than being moochers of power are equipped with big generators and at least four days of gasoline that is stabilized and will be rotated every six months. This makes me feel better too, knowing that the neighborhood is better prepared and if my generator fails, that there’s someone else that I can lean on for a change.

          And yes, I know, four days of gas is piddly. Baby steps, baby steps. Because now I can at least start having the really important conversations with them, like, “have you thought about stocking up your pantry in case floods or storms or something even worse stop the trucks again like they stopped during Irene?” They’re not laughing any more; they’re listening.

      13. I have made OPSEC number one in my preps, so nobody is calling me a doomer. I have brought up the shakey state of our economy and the increases in cost of everything to a few people to test out their responses. It is sad that people usually respond with, “Oh, it’ll get better an things will turn around. I’m not super worried.” At which point I change the subject.
        Someone pretty close to me actually woke up enough to realize that he lives near a river prone to flooding and storing a few things wasn’t such a bad idea. Last year one town over the tap water was contaminated from flooding, and he realized without stored water, his family would be in a bad way. Well, fast forward to now and he still doesn’t have it together. A few extra boxes of this, extra cans of that and a bit of water is all he has set aside for his family. No alternative way to heat it, no BOBs etc. I have asked him about this lack of preparation and he says he just tries not to worry. BTW, the only thing he knows we have here is a month of food in a “pantry” (you know, because of inflation I picked up a few things -wink wink)and BOBs because anyone can have a house fire! Even those who are awake (my friend is no fool and quite intelligent) are still sucked in to the normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance gets in the way of getting “insurance” for the future. I don’t know if preppers will inherit the earth, but we damn sure won’t be standing in line for food stamps or end up at a FEMA shelter hoping for scraps!!

        • I’m right there with you. I’m tired of suggesting that my friends/family at least do something to prep. I never was a preacher about it because that gets you nowhere, but I would ask them the question of “what is your emergency plan”? The standard response all prepers joke about “I’ll come to your house” is starting to get a little old. These are my closest friends so the reality is that I probably couldn’t turn them away, but the ironic part is I have the smallest place of them all, and I make the least amount of money of them all (mostly due to being single vs, 2 working married adults). So the “I’ll come to your house” is not only disconcerting but a burden knowing I need to have extra for them.

        • And you can bet each FEMA shelter will have a NO PETS sign posted prominently at the entrance. We’ll leave our dogs when hell freezes over. Another reason to prep and hunker down for the duration.

          • Lola, the chihuahua, always has at least one bag of her favorite dry food, several cans of ‘wet’ food to mix in, two bags of ‘greenies’ and a bag each of her favorite chicken/apple and chicken/banana treats put away on the shelf. As a bag is removed from the pantry, a new bag is purchased to replace it. She also has several packages of training pads in storage. She prefers to go outside, but if it is raining, she is small enough that she can take care of all of her ‘business’ inside on the training pad.


            Lola is getting her very own emergency movement bag. Copies of license certificates, vaccination records, etc. A week of single serving portions in foil pouches, water bottles and small bowls. Also a package of wet wipes. Customize it for your friend.

            Our animal friends are members of our family. We aren’t leaving grandma behind and we aren’t leaving Lola behind either. So please think about your four legged pals also and include them in your planning also.

            God Bless and good luck to all.

        • Waking up isn’t enough, they got to get out of bed.

      14. For all of us who are near or at the final stages of prepping… Take a BIG step back and reassess. Think about neighbors, executing your plans during all 4 seasons…do you need snow studs. Think about the actual practical stuff. Stop reading the labels and counting batteries. Step back. I did last week while I was running my chainsaw and then climbing atop the barn roof; both necessary tasks SHTF, and damned dangerous. I got to thinking about our patrol routes through the woods while we did a night op… What if I fall and bust my leg? Okay, ouch and heal. But what if I hit my head on a rock? A dang head injury is NOT allowed. So for patrol, elevation work and sawing, I made a $29 investment as insurance. I got a Bell Faction helmet off ebay. OD green base and put a bad ass camo paint job on it. Why do all swat and special teams wear them? Don’t be content with your collection of boonie hats. And think about all the other stuff. A final quick survey of all assets before battle….

      15. I’ve read somewhere on this site, someone use the term “normalcy bias”. Great term to describe the sheep. Kind of like denial. Everything is going to continue the same as always. The government won’t let anything “bad” happen. It’ll all be ok. What do you want to watch on tv tonight, baseball or football? They live in an alternate dimension. Reality is what the boob tube tells them is real. Everything else is to be ignored or ridiculed.

        • I’m the normalcy bias guy. …a term borrowed from the guy at The Survival Podcast, Jack Spirko. Since all most people ever see is “normal” they try to fit SHTF scenarios into normalcy boxes. They stuff the SHTF stuff in there, but crap is sticking out and the boxes are all ripped but then go ahead and say, “Yeah, SEE! It fits. Its normal.” Kind of a verbal-graphic illustration of what most people do, mentally, when things go crazy. Problem is, you can look at a lion and tell you’re self its just a large house cat and it won’t hurt you but that won’t help you when it bites your leg off and eats it! Thats what we have here. This monster will eat you if you don’t know how to survive it.

          I figure it this way: 70% don’t have a clue, don’t wanna have a clue and could not care less about the clues.

          15% have a clue but don’t have the initiative to prep.

          15% also have a clue and they’ve started prepping even if its just mentally.

          The first 15% are salvageable. WTSHTF you should include, as part of your personal SHTFPlan, the ability to help that other clueful but initiativeless contingent. Go to the feed mill and pick of 4 bags of wheat and 4 bags of corn. You can almost live on wheat if you can get a vitamin pill, some salt and some water. The clueless can starve. Its not the Christian thing to say, but, you cannot save everyone but you can save a few and you will see it as your duty to do so. STOCK EXTRA! Wheat, in just an ordinary paper bag, is good for 10 years. Corn for 6. Date the bag. If it gets old, feed it to the chickens, goat, horse, whatever.

          Starving people will think YOU ARE GOD if you give them a 2 liter pop container full of corn or wheat. …and they will do ANYTHING to get another one when that is gone. If they come to you starving and you tell them to keep their mouth shut and work hard, they’ll do it. You can turn people from liabilities into assets.

          I know, some of you will say, “Let them starve! I tried to tell them. They wouldn’t listen. Let them F’ing STARVE!”

          Will you say no to the little widow lady thats 80 years old when she knocks on the door and begs you for something, anything? If you say no, you have no heart. While we’ll need food and guns and gas and gold and all that other stuff, one thing we’ll really need to get through this is heart, love, compassion. Stock extra. It is your duty. In my own redneck dialect: “Ain’t none of my kin or buds gonna starve if I can help it!”

          We are about to see a lazy ass culture transformed. Some won’t make it but, with love, kindness and compassion, many will.

          You’ve been given the word: “Buckle up, folks!” Its wise. The next command will be “Brace for impact!” It has to come, and since it does, I’m praying for sooner not later.

          • “Starving people will think YOU ARE GOD if you give them a 2 liter pop container full of corn or wheat. …and they will do ANYTHING to get another one when that is gone. If they come to you starving and you tell them to keep their mouth shut and work hard, they’ll do it. You can turn people from liabilities into assets.”

            Excellent concept NetRanger!

            As far as: “I’m praying for sooner not later.” As we age after a certain point we start to obtain deficits in our abilities. Someone young and healthy and prepared most likely will be better off than someone prepared but facing the deficits of aging. Anyhow we can’t help the hand we are dealt, we can only help how we play it. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
            A game-plan to discern who can be turned into assets and who needs to be turned away or worse is a good one to think about.

      16. Will Greece default in the next several hours? I don’t know, but if it does 24 hour grocery stores are going to get very busy. Several people have commented above about the need to step back and reassess. I agree. Did so recently and found holes in my plan. Reassess, double check, make another list, get things now.

      17. Check the bottom and backs of your stockpile. Make sure the critters didn’t get at it where you can’t see.

        • Hs: If folks will add bay leaves in with their preps, rice, beans, etc. It will keep the bugs out!

          • Really??? I love this site

          • I’ve heard this many times. I store corn, wheat and rice in 2 liter pop containers. Will the bay leaves help there? Can I just fill the containers up until I have an inch or two to go and stuff bay leaves in the neck? Ideas, anyone?

            • Check the web and get small oxygen absorbers. Put in your bottles. It may shrink wrap your product though. You can also get a small pony bottle of CO2 with a airhose and regulator and fill. CO2 sinks. Last you can add a chunk of dry ice into each bottle.

              I prefer 5 or 6 gal buckets then insert a Mylar bag, fill with grain, some oxygen tabs then seal.

            • NR: One leaf will do the job, squirrels can eat through the plastic, but you can eat them back!

        • I just happened to check my rice supplies about an hour ago. It looks like I caught the grain weevil (again) but at the early stage this time……………

          Good advice from Homeland………Y’all should heed this advice.

      18. The thing that scares me is that I just don’t have enough put back. I got started kind of late in the game. We’ll be way better off than most, but when I inventoried, it appears that we have only 6 months of food put back.

        The thing that will save us is the prepper mentality. I think very differently than I did a year ago. I have become a problem solver, a fixer of things broken, a creative thinker and a student of my environment.

        All I can do now is keep prepping and keep praying.

        • @Daisy
          Prepping is like learning, you can never have to much, you can only have to little when the time comes to utilize that knowledge and resources you have preppared for W.T.S.H.T.F., but what you have now you may have enough at the moment to help you get to where you may need to be.
          Reassessing helps establish a routine or discipline. One thing I found useful is that I use a excel spreadsheet on a thumbdrive for inventry purposes. Dates, Exp, Qty, etc. I’m overkill when it comes to inventory or cycle counting supplies, does anyone think about maps, does anyone practice low light and noise discipline? take a drive and learn back roads? Being able to get to a rally point with others? If and when it comes down to it, how many of us are really going to try originize or consolidate our resources to survive a crisis? If T.P.T.B are consitantly doing dry runs for the up and coming why aren’t we addressing the issue amonst ourselves? Just asking

        • Daisy, don’t worry! Honestly, you can prep until you’re blue in the face. The fact is you’re 50% there just knowing you need to prep. Honestly, its not the preps. Its the mindset. Oh, you’ll use the preps and you’ll be glad you have them but the mindset, the skills, the ability to throw off the normalcy bias, THAT is your most important prep! …and it will carry you though. Oh, and guns. Don’t for get the guns. Just a few. 3. Shotgun, rifle, pistol. 500 rounds each. Just sayin’.


          • For the 500 shotgun rounds, do you have a recommendation on how to split it up, e.g. slugs, buckshot, game loads?

          • Thanks, Netranger! I’m definitely a much better problem solver than I was previously, and we have had a couple of minor dry runs that have been quite successful.

            I’m working in Canada right now, so I’m having to think “outside the box” as far as weapons are concerned. 🙁 When we get back to the US, that will be my first purchase!

      19. Hurricane Irene poked a few holes in my plans and made me reassess. I used the storm as a dry run. Glad I did! I didn’t have any holes that I couldn’t navigate around or adapt to, but just the same I’m glad to have been made aware before anything worse comes along. Others above are right, reassess your preps and plans. Make the necessary adjustments if needed. Don’t put it off any longer. SHTF could be four years from now… or four days. The world really is sitting on the edge of a cliff, and it won’t take much to set the whole thing to crashing down.

      20. My reassess moment came a month ago when I transferred all my ammunition into Ammunition cans. Those boxes of treasured rifle ammunition don’t add up to much, the boxes of pistol ammunition, same thing. I am not where I hoped to be in some areas and so the planning continues.

        • rule of thumb for me was 1k for single shot,pump; or revovler. 5k for semi autos. just remember everyone’s diferent. you don’t live where i do so your depth of stock will be different. i’m an hour awayfrom nc’s biggest city. just not easy to get here. no major hwy. good luck CG.

          • Thanks for the suggestion, I’m really rural, and have a stock of 223, but beyond that I’m lower then I’d like to be. It’s expensive and I have a couple of hunting rifles I want to be able to use if the shtf. They are the reach out and touch someone type. Anyway, we took a hunting trip last week, practiced the noise discipline with the kids and dog, wow, it gets stressful. Also practiced the butchering and food preservation, it’s amazing what can be accomplished in 8, 10 and 12 hours of work, I forget when I’m behind a desk all day.

        • I have 20,000 rounds and still feel naked……

      21. So, here we go again.

        Do you have food?
        Do you have water?

        Great! Congratulations.

        Do you have security?

        You only need three guns. The guntards talk about M1As and AR15s and M1911s, etc, etc, etc. Forget about that stuff. If you’re new to guns, you only need three. They’re simple and they can be cheap. Now, the guntards will all tell you “I’m not going to use some kind of cheap thing and depend on it to save my life!” Thats wise, I suppose. But, what if you can’t afford a Glock? …or a Mossberg 500 Riot gun? There is a minimum that you need and the difference between having nothing and something is a BIG difference. Here is the minimum:

        12 Gauge Shotgun. Pump action is best. Break action is cheaper.
        Get 500 rounds of ammo, various loads. Purpose: Castle protection and self defense.

        22 Rifle. Bolt, autoloader, break action, lever, pump, doesn’t matter. Break actions are cheap. Autoloaders can server as secondary defense. 1000 rounds of ammo. Purpose: Pest Control & Hunting

        Large(r) bore pistol. 38 revolver, 9mm auto, etc, etc. Many different choices here. Choose what you’re comfortable with. Don’t make it too small.

        Find a friend that will help you if you don’t know anything. Print this message out and take it to him. Tell him you need the guns and you need the ammo and you want him to show you how to use them.

        …be sure to learn how to use them!!! I could give a complete novice 1 hour of training on each of the above guns and they’d be 100x better off than someone without any training.

        The fact is, the world has brainwashed you into believe that it will take care of you. The reality is that you’ve always been on your own. When the world gets dangerous, you’ll need these guns.

        If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. [email protected]

        Good luck, and as Mac says, “Buckle Up!” I don’t think its time to brace for impact but that part can blindside you.

        As always, my prayers are with all of you. May The Creator grant you courage and good fortune in the days to come.

        • I agree with you NR. The three basics.

          Picked up another pump action shotgun the other day at a pawn shop. $150!

          After you have aquired the basics, then look at the larger bores. Walmart had a Winchester #70, 30-06 with scope for $170 new.

          Don’t forget to look at pawn shops. Lots of people hurting right now and pawning firearms. You can find some good deals if you keep looking.

          • Great point, I picked up a hi point 995 9mm carbine for 90 bucks yesterday. Still need 2 more 9mm carbines for the kids though, 4 kids and a wife that shoot in addition to myself takes a lot of reloading and casting bullets but its worth it. I figure with 2 more carbines and 2 single shot 20 gauges I’ll be set for a while on the firepower. But always need more supplies for hunting season. Luck all

      22. Interesting. As far as inheriting the earth, thats a call that I think is too early to make. I like to think I’m prepared food wise to sustain my family indefinetly but we all have lived long enough to know that sometimes curve balls are thrown as us. I just hope that faith, fortitude and grit (THE PROPER MINDSET)will also help us to persevere. Don’t forget that the PTB all know when this will go down and you better believe that they are better prepped than a lot of us here. BTW, Aus 200 and Japan Ni225 trading will open about 8 pm, EST. Gonna be interesting to see what occurs. I wish for all here, the very best. Thanks Mac for all you do.

        • The market (ASX 200)has been open for 20 minutes and has lost 2.95%.

      23. Think you are all prepped? I realized if i had to bug out the food i could carry might quickly run out.

        I got Linda Runyon’s book “The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide” it lists and describes 50 wild plants available anywhere in the world and shows how to identify collect and prepare them.

        The author states there is no need to fear going hungry if you know these plants.

        Now i am ready.


        • Thanks for sharing that title! I’ll be on the lookout for it!

        • While I understand your point of wild edible food (and believe me I do, I have several books myself trying to teach myself this skill) it takes a LONG time to be skilled enough to really survive like this. The rule of thumb is you should never eat a wild plant if you still need a book to identify it. That’s how much skill you need to hone. I don’t mean to discourage you and the books are better to have than not to, the point is don’t just walk out in the woods with a book thinking you’re going to be able to sustain yourself on just plants. My advice is start now with weekend trips trying to ID some of these and don’t get discouraged when you can’t find anything your first few trips out.

      24. five years ago during an ice storm; my father called all my siblings to check on them. everyone was okay just no power or lights. when mom asked why he didn’t call me he said don’t worry he’ll survive anything nature throws at him. he plans for stuff like me made me feel good. what still bothers me is the siblings still aren’t any better off fiveyears later. no alt power or lights, no extra food or water. some just don’t get it. some never will. every day : do all you can aslong as you can. helps me sleep easier. thanks for all your help guys and ladies.

      25. I have made all possible preps regarding food, defense, gadgets, and medicine-sanitation.
        Tommorow i’m going to buy more bottles of potable water and a relatively cheap water filter.
        I also bought four portable water tanks of 25 liters each, for bath and toilet use.
        I’m going to fill them up asap. Finally my last buying for tommorow will be a lot of wet baby’s wipes in case of emergency exit.
        As some postings suggest, yes we probably going on default. I feel pitty for pentioners who worked like hell all those years, in order to see their savings dissapear.
        Tonight i’m fixing an emergency back pack with some clothes, some meat cans, and my army water canteen. I also stored in all legal documents of the family, the property, and medical books and data.
        I will keep you informed for what’s happpening.
        My only suggestion to you is to be alert.
        As i have said in the past, Greece was only the experiment. The real pain starts now.

        • @ Manos

          Don’t forget your BLM and Road Maps and B.O.V. kit(xtra oil,gas,belts,etc). I imagine if anything happens there is a minimum of 72 hours before H.R. 645 is implemented for you to get’n’go if thats the plan.

        • May God be with you, Manos. You are in my prayers.

        • Manos

          Good luck in the coming days. I pray nothing comes of all this. I’ve been to your beautiful country, it would be total shame if it all goes down the drain.

        • Good luck brother

      26. I am doing this on my own. My husband and my son’s family think I’m nuts but I just keep on keeping on, but I keep most of it secret from my family.

        Where I have a leg up is that we live on a farm and have every tool known to man (okay, maybe not all of them). I did convince them to keep an extra 500 gallons of gas on hand, (yeah, I used the inflation argument).

        I noticed the other day that they had 4 55 gallon barrels that came with chlorine in them and asked for them, they asked what for and I meekly said, water, they looked at each other and rolled their eyes but I will get them.

        I have things in my vehicle, I have a bug out bag next to the door and I keep the camp trailer fully stocked with food, water and blankets and personal cleaning products. I just realized I need to put some clothes and shoes in it.

      27. There’s a storm in the gulf, looks like it’s going into Mexico. There’s a storm in the Atlantic, they say it will curve east and miss the coast. There’s a financial storm waiting to hit maybe this week. No news on this stuff. Only football, baseball, 9/11 politicians smiling and telling us how strong they were back then, when they failed the country. Business as usual. Go back to sleep.

      28. Meh, you people are worrying over nothing. Obama has a plan, all he needs is for congress to pass it!!!


        • ROFL, I’m prepping IN CASE they pass the plan!

      29. Pretty good vid… Like MadM said above, going through a serious hurricane ( or the like ) will definately test your metal as well as elevate the opinion that family members have of you. For most of you, water is the key “chink in the armor”. In So Flo, not so much. If the SHTF and I am able to get to any of my prefered BO locations, all have natural free flowing water in abundance. I’m not counting on being able to get anywhere, so most, if not all of my preps are based where I currently live. We’re live in what passes for “country” in So Flo.. but I’ve LIVED in “real” country and buddy, this ain’t it.

      30. Never ready enough, I only have about 3 months of food, I ran out of lead for casting bullets. Tip for those reloaders though, use a small jig mold for steelhead lures to cast lead shot in T shot, 1, 3, and 00 buckshot. Mix the load for a 1 oz load of 28 T, 14 #3 and 3 00 buckshot for a hand held claymore. I loaded 250 of them and they work great on coyotes! Gotta hit the scrap yard for more lead tomorrow. Luck all.

      31. Up to 89 US troops wounded in suicide bombing of Special Forces base in Afgahnistan, yesterday. Truck bomb. In the same area where the Navy Seals were killed when their Chinook was shot down. I find it hard to believe there are no fatalities with 89 injured. A little girl was killed a half mile away, as were 4 local police. When the smoke clears more info should become available.

        • the news here said that there were no actual soldiers involved, but rather private security guards and some Afghan police forces.

          • They claim no US deaths. But there are about 89 US injured. They claim all the dead are Afghans.

      32. Just as an aside, I’ve had really good success ( so far ) using the Food Saver vaccum storage system for packing dry goods. I recommend using the 8 inch bags; the 12 inch bags loose vacuum A LOT. So much, that I won’t even consider using them. Although they are not really grab and go; for storing handy 20 serving lots, the 8 inch bags work great ( for me ). I also found a nice looking storage closet at Home Depot.. 18″ deep, 6′ x 3′ with cabinet looking doors. I added some shelves to the 3-4 that came with it and each one holds well over 500 lbs of small packaged dry goods.

        • SnS: I use the same system (rival) use bay leaves inside the bags, critters won’t go near!

          • Oooo.. thanks !!!!!! Never thought about that. I guess it would flavor some things, like rice ? Probably not beans though.. mine is the actual brand Food Saver.. one hell of a machine.

            • Limit the amount of bay leaf that you actually consume. In higher quantities it can be toxic. Most recipes recommend you add the whole leaves to a recipe and discard them before eating the food.

          • Just asked my spouse about the bay leaves. Her response was a concern of bay leaves leaving a bad flavor on the food they are protecting. Just saying. What about shavings of Irish Spring soap around the outside of food containers? Anyone with experience got feedback.

            • I don’t know about the bugs. I wash with the Irish Spring soap cause it is cheap and it sure seems to keep the ladies away! LOL

            • SB: My wife is Cuban and you might know they are something else when it comes to black beans and rice, as well as pork and beef. Anyway as a rule of thumb always wash the rice before cooking, it adds wonders to the rice, most Spanish dishes have bay leaf added for flavor. I add one leaf and had no bad taste. As far as the soap goes I know here in Orange growing country near Sarasota, Fla. The soap is Hung from the Orange trees to keep the deer from eating the blossoms. Good luck all!

          • do some searches, I think you’ll find that using Bay leaves is an old wives tale.

            • There is a lot to old wives tales – there are also some things that aren’t so effective or we now know don’t work. Bay leaf maybe one of those. I heard that too about bay leaf and even used it for my Y2K stuff.

              Ahhh! Loaned out one of my notebooks for a friend to copy – there is a LDS Utah lady’s blog – she’s a world traveler and lecturer on food prep.

              She posted her experiences and experiments using bay leaf for critters in grains and flours. The results weren’t good and she gives a week by week blow on what happens, what was used etc. Based on her experiments she too says it’s an old wives tale and why. Will try to find and post.

        • Can we get the link for picture??

          • Picture For the shelf from Home Depot??

      33. MadM – since I know you’re in So Flo too.. Publix had 20 LB bags if white rice on sale for $7.99 each… at least the one near me does.

        • WOW!!!!!! dh and I just paid $9.67 for a 25 lb bg at Sam’s today(bought 2)…up from $8.50 last we bought.

      34. Hi Guys! As always I am the fly in the ointment for the doom and gloomers here. I’m sorry I’m so optimistic people … its the flaw in my character! 🙂

        Well, that and the craving I get every now and then for those nutter butter peanut butter cookie patties, you know the ones I mean? mmmm good! Use to be able to get a package of those things 2 for $5 but now they are $3.48 each! Oh, well, there are some things a guy can’t live without!

        Look, I appreciate what the video is trying to say and agree with the premise that we should all be prepping, and re-orienting ourselves to a more self sufficient and self reliant lifestyle, BUT;

        1. The dollar is not going to collapse. It just isn’t. If it was I would say so. The less value the dollar has the richer I get. Not going to happen. Is New America Now the same people who said WE would have hyper-inflation by this summer, but are now operating under a different name? Who are these people?

        No collapse people WE had the collapse. Now it is inflation by a thousand cuts.

        2. And no one is going to quit lending to us, when doing so would destroy their own economy and it doesn’t matter whether you are talking about China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, or anyone else.

        If the US tanks EVERYBODY goes down. And WE have more gold than the rest of the world combined.

        3. On the contrary everyone wants OUR dollar. The Chinese want US to print a BILLION dollars every day so they can buy it. The Japanese want the dollar and buy it religiously (and have for decades) to manipulate their own currency down.

        4. Energy is not going away. WE have all kinds of energy in this country and IF for some reason the oil stopped flowing, America would become self sufficient in energy very quickly.

        The only reason energy is an issue in this country anyway is because the Dual Citizens want America in the middle of the Middle East.

        If those nations who now provide US with oil were to stop doing so their own economy would collapse and social unrest in their country would go beserk!!!

        When Greece exits the euro to regroup, and devalues its currency by 100% overnight, those jars of peaches and jars of honey that I buy at the Dollar store from Greece are going to be two or three for a dollar. Back up the truck!!!

        Greece may be about to default, but I would bet it doesn’t happen until Germany and France get an agreement in place to create the mechanisms that Bernanke has to protect OUR banks. The EU doesn’t have them yet. Their banks are exposed.

        Follow the money people. It’s not about YOU or the PIIGS. Its about the banks!

        Or, they will use that event as a catalyst to introduce those, uhhh, “reforms”. Either way the EU emerges stronger and more powerful with a German/France nucleus.

        Again I appreciate the effort of New America Now to encourage people to prep, but they haven’t thought the “dollar collapse” through. Period.

        • We’ll take the Golden Oreos (and yes, we have a stash!)

          • MLR: Not exactly. I think Greece may yet exit the EU currency and regroup. The article states that German banks have a 14 billion dollar exposure to Greece and France banks have a 13 billion dollar exposure to Greece.

            That’s chicken feed, even for their economies, so they could bite the bullet and pick up the Greece sovereign debt, but then they will have to do the same for the others, and that’s the rub.

            I got 10 bucks that says Greece defaults and exits the EU. I have NO idea when that happens. They are the canary in the coal mine.

      35. PS: I got $100 that says there is NO dollar collapse in October. Any takers? Mr. Celente? Mac can hold the money.

        Get outside in October and enjoy the change of seasons.

        • Which October?

          • FY-12

          • HS: Exactly! 🙂 This October. America is beautiful in October everywhere. Enjoy the change of seasons people and watch the leaves turn color.

            It may not be the biggest event of the month, but does anyone really care what the Kardashians are doing?

            NO dollar collapse.

        • That 100 dollars is in paper correct? It not money it is a DEBT!

          • DK, I hope and pray your right. However, I wouldn’t take that bet 🙂

          • GOOD FOR U Co. U have it figured!

        • October is deer hunting month. Tags come 20 to a box.

          Seriously, it would not break my heart if you’re correct.

          You are prepared though, aren’t you? You should be aware that you’ll really be getting the poop if we have to come save you, LOL.

      36. Daisy, you’ve done good in my book, way ahead of the pack. After reading this two hours ago…I just got back from the grocery store, a lot of desired items on sale, TP, pasta, cat food, etc, I have silver and cash. But only after food, gas, water and generators. Propane and heaters, lanterns. A cord or so of wood, whatever I can find and fit. No matter how much I have I seem to always find something I missed. This site is great for that. I like the idea presented of an inventory, for in truth its more than I can generally remember. I need to organize better. I tend to spend one afternoon each weekend just checking preps. Last week another thousand rounds of ammo, got a solid years worth of food for say six people with rationing. I can grow vegetables. But I need some hardtack I forgot. Also to get some sourdough starter going. Dutch ovens are great! The water is there, food, guns, meds, first aid, fire steels, guns knives,ammo, although I don’t know what the hell I would do with my Katana. Dryer lint makes a great fire starter! I save mine in a bucket. Which reminds me, I don’t have a machete. See what I mean? Always something I forgot. I live in a small town and due to circumstances would not be running anywhere. My wife has cancer and is very weak. Anybody coming at her will have to get past my pump twelve and a forty-five. I do have friends on board that would come here from the city with family and gear in tow. Mutual defense. Already discussed and arranged…..that is something else to consider……
        Like I say, after reading this…I owe you folks a lot for the ideas that have been shared here. And what I forgot this time….

      37. Dk: With due respect there Will be famine, pestilence, wars and rumors of wars. The debt in the United States can not, repeat cannot be layed. Gods word said there will a one world government, when I don’t know. I do know any and every society that falls to depths of depravity, and wickness as were are seeing will eventually collapse. God is not going to
        Allow this very much longer, just my belief. And yes enjoy life its is a gift! So is nutter butters umm!

        • Pee Nut! Hello Okie! Where U?

        • Copout: I agree with “famine, pestilence, wars and rumors of war”. Yes, they are coming. They are here. That is why we should prep.

          What did you mean the debt of the US cannot be “layed”? Do you mean “DE-layed”? It already has been. Believe it or not, the system worked. Exactly as it was intended too, to the benefit of the banks.

          If the “dollar collapses” all nations would tank. Let me repeat: ALL NATIONS WOULD TANK and all banks would tank, and all regimes would tank.

          The GB’s are not going to let that happen to THEM. Its called self preservation. And the Regime’s do not want that to happen to them. The aftermath is too ugly for the Regimes to contemplate, especially when they can see the results today in Eygpt, Libya, and soon in Syria.

          Which is why everyone is going to play ball. The last thing everyone wants is for the Anglo – American GB’s to take their ball and go home. No dollar collapse.

          No nation can survive the Apocalypse when it comes, better than the US and Canada. None. WE can be self sufficient in food and energy and everything else for that matter.

          We do not need China to make OUR products. We can make OUR own. WE do not need Asia or Italy to make OUR shoes or blue jeans or t-shirts, or anything else. We do not need Europe to provide luxury items to US, We can make OUR own.

          WE have before, We can again. The world needs US. The debt WE indenture future generations of Americans too, is the prosperity that fuels their economy.

          No “collapse”. Inflation by a thousand cuts.

          • I concur regarding the dollar; but only for now. There isn’t anything else out there that provides sufficient liquidity for the markets. Nothing. However; that will change. It could change at almost any time, since technology is no longer a barrier. When ? Heck, I don’t know, go ask your mother.

            But folding currency will be replaced with an electronic counterpart. Period. It is going to happen.

            • SNS: Only if WE allow it. Are WE sheeple or men and women with backbone? The PTB will only do what WE allow them to get away with.

              WE can demand different. WE should demand different.

        • Luke 21: 2-36….every morning..

      38. Oops: Repayed

        • Copout: With respect to “repay” OUR debt. It will be paid for by inflating the dollar and decreasing the quality of life for most Americans as everything becomes more expensive: inflation by a thousand cuts.

          In China, you know, the “China Miracle Economy”? The average person pays 50% of their income for food. Which is why every SFR American household needs to be using their yard and sq ft gardening techniques to feed their families.

          Other nations will not like accepting the inflated dollars but they will because they know that Americans are being led to a third world quality of life; just like their own peasants.

          Meanwhile the corporations, managers, investment class, uber rich, and power elite will continue to dine out.

          Check please!

          • Dk: Repayment is a mathematical impossibility, come on man. I guess you missed out on the depravity and wickness that will increase, money can’t fix that, it falls in the realm of morality, I think there is a shortage on Earth lately.

            • Copout: “Repayment is not a mathematical impossibility.” It doesn’t have to be repaid. It has never been intended to be repaid since WWII. Only the interest on the debt is intended to be repaid.

              The debt itself is the insurance policy of the GB’s to ensure that “competitors” like Russia, China, Japan, or India don’t get too big for their britches.

              It’s OUR “Sampson” option.

            • Copout: As for depravity, let me point out that I have twice stated that I do not consider myself an “economic expert” yet my analysis has been spot on.

              Neither do I consider myself an expert on depravity, wickedness, or immorality, as I have had no special education, experience, or training to suggest that. 🙂

              So I don’t know that, historically, humankind is any more immoral now then ever. Maybe it is. Maybe it is just publicized much more now than ever before, since evrything you ever wanted to know about anything is available on the Net. And for the most part, under and within the law, individuals are free to do as they please.

              Obviously there are some very sick, demented, and perverted people out there and we read about them every day, but I suspect that people like that have always existed throughout history.

              In particular, it is especially troubling to find out that the Catholic Priesthood has become the Sanctuary of Satan with pedophilia, homosexuality, perversion and immorality of every kind abounding. There have even been reports of incense burned in Rome to Satan.


              I would like to think that, in general, OUR species has evolved a bit over time with OUR morality matching the changes in OUR mental and physical development.

              But then I am the optimistic one am I not?

      39. Can I legally sell derivatives on an old pick up truck?

        • No, but you could part it out and make some cash. I’ll take the catalytic converter!

          • I never could understand derivatives. Seems like it should be illegal.

            • Derivatives, means something from nothing, just like the fiat currency which is debt, that is why its called a bill!

      40. I need to quit reading this site.. I just said today that I bought the last thing on my list; which I did.

        I went to the store to get some hot sausage and spent almost $200. Heck, I didn’t know that they had new crop canned veggies on sale for 1/2 price.. must stop prepping.. must stop prepping.. must stop prepping.

        Crap, they had 100 count Lipton brew tea on BOGO too..

        • SNS: Is that tea in bags? Tea is an astringent. Had a brown recluse spyder bite. Painful. Used the tea to draw out the venom. Add some to your med preps.

          • yep.. tea bags..

          • Ok, the interest on the debt. alone cannot be repaid!

            • Copout: Sure it can, it has always been paid. The FED just prints more money. Its the perfect Ponzi scheme.

              The recent bruhaha was only a technical power struggle between the Administration who budgets the ponzi scheme allocations and the Congress which approves them.

              You may not believe in it, and you and I may not agree with it, but thats the reality of it.

              And when everyone was anticipating “defaut”, I said “No default”. Its in the archives.

              Get use to it. That system isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Once you accept that and anticpate their next move, you can stay ahead of them while they gut the middle class.

              It has worked for me. It will work for you.

            • Got tired of the hysteria of “DEFAULT” for the last several months as well. We all knew the crooks in DC would cut a deal, and even if they didn’t, we would not automatically default.

              Reaching the debt limit is like maxing out a credit card. You don’t automatically default on the card, you just can’t spend anymore plastic money.

        • SNS – you’ve got the fever – there’s no cure 🙂

        • I know the feeling. Go to the store for a gallon of milk…spend $150.00

      41. It is good to prepare for adversity, and to do so quietly. Jesus said the meek shall inherit the Earth. Meek being the opposite of proud. Remember Hezekiah in Chapter 20 of the second book of the Kings.

        • The catch word is “quietly.” Small towns being what they are – rumor mills – we buy from stores in surrounding areas, and alternate our visits. The less explaining to do, the better.

      42. In route to San Fran to grab my server farm (200 servers) to brong them to the high desert in a secure red state. This my final big prep to protect my business. The shtf is emminent.

      43. Dk: Yes I agree it is a ponzi scheme, its evil, and evil will be defeated, the system you talk and seem to be proud of, has cheated the American people causing to become a third world country. If voting these systems out would work then why hasn’t it. Until we the people say enough to this scheme and shut off the koolaid, nothing will change. The gold standard is the only true money system that is honorable and true, ask J.F.K. has was murdered for wanting back in place. Great debate and no offense intended, but its gonna fall, Babylon always does. Peace Brother

        • Copout: The system worked to the advantage of the GB’s as it was designed to work. I take no “pride” in that, I am merely pointing out the obvious, so that the “chicken little’s” of the world who do not know how the system works cannot spread disinformation and fear and misdirect OUR attention to symptoms rather than the cause.

          WE can fix the cause if WE have the mind too.

          No one has been more critcal of the GB’s than I have been. No one has pointed out how they have ripped US off better than I have, or more often.

          By explaining HOW they have sold their managed trade system of GATT and NAFTA to Americans as a FREEDOM, under the slogun of FREE TRADE, when in fact it is a system designed to make US economic serfs, I have enlightened many through this site.

          I am proud of that.

          I know all about JFK. And while I agree that a gold standard might be the only “honorable” and “true” monetary system, it would, realistically, be disasterous for America at this time.

          The fact is, a global gold standard would support the creation of One World Government under the United Nations. Be careful what you wish for.

          And if you think America is a third world nation now, you haven’t seen anything yet; and a gold standard at this time would ensure OUR demise and economic enslavement because the system, as it is currently structured, is set to transfer the wealth of America offshore.

          On a gold standard, all of OUR gold would also be transferred offshore and WE have more gold than all other nations combined.

          The Gb’s are dirty, rotten, son of a bitches who should be indicted, arrested, tried, convicted, and shot by firing squad. But they are OUR GB’s. Better to be ruled by OUR Anglo-American GB’s than the GB’s of the United Nations.

          • We can fix ‘this’…we can fix ‘that”’ oh, yeah, we stopped that 757 billion TARP in 2008…..didn’t we??
            We stopped that healthcare bill being passed…didn’t we??
            We stopped that bill banning incandescent bulbs….didn’t we??
            We stopped the theft of the gold in Ft. Knox…didn’t we???
            And I just got started!!!!!

            • JJ: Correct (system) is corrupt, the system is a fraud, and we the people have let it happen. We have taken God out our centers of education, and for some our homes, I have to so extent also, not anymore. In those days men shall call good evil and evil good. The United States needs to be concerned with herself, her military complex needs to be cut back. Her people need to take action not words, those words are for lying politicians and corrupt leaders!

            • JJ: The Tarp thing happened to quickly for US to mobilize. ObamaCare HAS been stopped, if you read court decisions. The gold is still in Ft Knox, and you have no evidence to the contrary.

              As far as incandescent bulbs are concerned they are old technology; as LED’s are the wave of the future. Less energy, more light. Better light for your health as they are full spectrum light.

              I think. 🙂

          • You sir, are a complete MORAN (GLP tard here).

            “On a gold standard, all of OUR gold would also be transferred offshore and WE have more gold than all other nations combined.”

            Actually, no, that isn’t true, the Euro Zone holds 10,000+ Tonnes of Gold as a whole. The United States (supposedly) holds roughly 8,000 tonnes.

            So, no, we don’t hold more gold than ALL NATIONS COMBINED.

            Stupidest fuckin’ statement EVER. 25% of the above surface gold is held by central banks, the other 75% is in private hands in the form of jewellery and bullion.

            • A MORAN? He’s Irish?

            • Uhhhhh: Close enough for government work. And the US gold holdings is 9300 tons.

              MORAN? LMAO! Who’s the idiot here? 😉

              August 2011
              via World Gold Council at

              United States 8,133.5

              Germany, Italy, and France combined have 8,288.2

            • Thanks Clark!

            • Why would you say thanks?
              The info proves the point: no, we don’t hold more gold than ALL NATIONS COMBINED. Not even of three nations combined. Add in the rest of the EU and they have far more gold than the unitedstate.

      44. Typo: he was murdered for wanting it back in place

      45. I have to agree with Durango on the points he’s made. We will continue to suffer “death by a thousand” cuts through the complete evisceration of the middle class and through inflation, little by little. Hyperinflation will never happen here in the US simply because US dollar is the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. The FED can and will continue to print to infinity. The only way the US will collapse is either by losing WW3 (if that ever happens) or through major natural/cosmic disasters.

        It is apparent that God is still saving the US by preventing major natural/cosmic disasters from becoming cataclysmic. Just look at that earthquake that occured in Virginia, that was only around magnitude 6. Hurricane Irene it was nothing but a tropical storm by the time it hit NY. Those solar flares that caused those blackouts in southern CA, NM and AZ, only affected 5 million people. Imagine if 50 million plus were without power? The point is that the US continually gets spared from anything major like New Madrid or Yellowstone going off.

        • So far, thank God, you are right. God doesn’t want to punish anyone; He wants everyone to repent and quit being little arrogant jerks. We all keep telling our kids ” If you do that ONE more time…”. Eventually, if they persist, correction MUST be the response.

      46. I used to think that I was just a pack rat, but in the last year or so, I realized that I have been prepping all along. I bought into the “Be Prepared” motto as a Boy Scout from 2nd grade through High School and that has stuck with me. Over the years my motto became “keep it as long as the cost of storage doesn’t exceed the cost of replacement” and as such, I feel pretty good about my family’s chances of survival. Over the past 3 weeks, I have been going over my inventory and I feel like we’re in pretty good shape. All I need now is a hand crank grain grinder. I will get more seed now that the harvest is over and the 2011 seed is ready (all heritage, NO hybrid) and more gas mask cartridges. I was going to give a partial list of preps, but thought that might sound like I’m bragging. I don’t make a lot of money, so stocking up has been my 401K.

        The way I see it, in the first phase after “the event,” the folks that did not prep will not last more than a couple of weeks without food. Be mentally prepared for mass death, either from starvation or “civil unrest” where hungry and armed thugs will kill for food. Perhaps 6 months of food and water may be just enough to last until some supply systems get re-established – barring a nuclear event. But a year or more is better, provided your garden yields a good crop. (remember to save the seeds!)

        Talking prep with many folks either draws deer in the headlight stares or the “another nut job” reaction, either way I have found that silence is golden. The other side of silence is security. My best advice is to keep your preparedness to yourself. This means that you should train your spouse and children to keep your prep TOP SECRET. When TSHTF, the last thing you need is a group of friends and neighbors at your door begging for handouts. It is time for the family discussion about security, find out if your family members have discussed your prep and with whom it was discussed. Unless you have prepped for the entire neighborhood, you should consider fortifying your home against attacks from the hungry hordes, and caching your stores in several locations(and guard it against water, bugs and vermin) so that a loss of one cache has only a small effect. The last sort of decision that you want to have to make is whether or not you family’s survival means more than the life of a hungry acquaintance, Christian Charity aside, could you pull the trigger? If they are hungry enough you can be assured that they WILL.

        It is very good advice to learn to handle your firearms with either hand and to learn to sight with either eye. The only way to get proficient with your firearms is practice – plenty of trigger time and many hundreds of rounds.

        Don’t forget the First Aid supplies and common remedies along with a 3 to 6 month supply of any Rx meds.

        Don’t forget the cleaning supplies, dish soap, laundry detergent, Comet, 409, toilet cleaner, etc. and toiletries – shaving cream and razors, shampoo, toothpaste, tampax, TP etc.

        Water filtration is great, but get bleach too. 5-6 drops of bleach per gallon of water will kill things that aren’t filtered out and will keep the water safe to store for a few months. Plus, it may be necessary for sanitizing cookware, dishes and silverware (unless you have 6 months of paper plates, plastic cups and plastic dinnerware).

        Don’t forget feed for the livestock and pets.

        Watch out for packs of dogs, it doesn’t take long for dogs to turn feral. Try to take out the alpha dog first, hitting a moving target takes practice too, just aim a little ahead of the direction they’re moving.

        Don’t forget to stock up on your vices – alcohol, tobacco, whatever…

      47. The meek shall inherit the gulag. Millions died there. They should have fought.

      48. Quick question? Where can I find old triangle glazing pieces about 1/4 inch in size? I’m fixing windows on the side and can’t find any. That and a 1 oz load in a 20 gauge should work good with a trap load for my kids to use for home defense.

        • Do you mean the glazing points shaped like little flat triangles?
          Theyre hard to find nowdays…I find them at flea markets and such but I make them out of sheet metal…scrap heat duct works well,need a good pair of sharp scissors or shears and patience but then an average window only needs a Dz or thereabouts to hold the glass/glazing in…another thing is to use the ones that have the 90* angle built into them but flatten them first with a hammer on the anvil…they “look” different but they are low profile and the work…hope this helps!

      49. You guys are all a bunch of nuts. Get a grip on reality alright? Seriously.

        • Why do you bother visiting and commenting on this site?

      50. Bubba and his wife have finally gotten bit by the prepper bug! Or maybe just a black widow spider, we’ll see when the swelling goes down.
        They came driving in a few hours after church today with the old mini van loaded to the gills. I know they’d been to church because Bubba always wears a tie with his overalls for Sunday-go-to-meetin’-days. They’d been to the dollar store and got 400 rolls of industrial strength GasStationRestroom brand toilet paper! I tried that kind years ago. It’s so stiff you can use one square to check the oil in your tractor 4 or 5 times before it even tears. Well, at least now they wont be sending one of their kids to my house at midnight to ‘borrow’ a roll. That used to be such a regular occurance that I got in the habit of sending over a 4pack whenever I knew they were having mexican food.
        They also seem to have found a terrific bargain on canned goods. If it was anybody but them, I’d say 90 cans of mustard flavor sardines was a bit much, especially considering 3 of the kids are allergic to any food not advertised on saturday morning cartoons. I’m sure they’ll keep the stock rotated though, and none of it will ever get NEAR an expiration date. And they remembered the kids with allergies, too. I just had no idea you could buy Count Chocula by the case! (they got 3)
        Bubba also found some cool tools to add to his collection. Actually, his collection consists mostly of my tools that he’s never returned. He found a nice Crapsman brand socket set at the Goodwill store for $5. It’s only missing the ratchet handle, the 9/16ths and what he calls the ‘leven-eighths.’ Plus he got a blue plastic tarp that stil has two of the grommets in it. That’s a pretty good haul for Bubba.
        Shirlene (that’s Mrs Bubba) got a couple huge boxes of q-tips, and I’m sure glad she did. I used to cringe whenever she’d use a kleenex on the end of a pencil eraser to clean the little kids ears. Far as I know, all of them can still hear fairly well. Plus, she somehow, located nail polish remover in a TWO Gallon jug! She got several. That would explain the haz-mat placards on the mini van.
        And Bubba, romantic fool that he is, spent $45 for a pan-shaped music box for Shirlene. It looks just like a miniature cast iron skillet and when you lift the lid, it plays ‘Stand By Your Man.’ From the gleam in her one good eye (hunting accident ’94), I could tell that he’ll certainly be ‘appreciated’ for it tonight. Mrs Bubba was blushing when she carried in into the house. Or maybe it was just the fumes from the polish remover…

        • Good one Okie I can just see this whole situation playing out as I read it…good fun man,thanks!

      51. Can anyone tell me how to get fresh water out of a saltwater pool ?

        • Solar still or a desalination machine. Google is your friend.

          • Thanks

      52. Whether the dollar collapses or not isnt, or shouldn’t be, considered our most immediate threat IMHO. Among other things Ive been doing to prep that dont involve spending money is trying to introduce my system to being hungry for longer than i ever have. Needless to say its not something most would choose to do but i figure i should get used to it while i can still do it on my terms. I, like most Americans, have had the luxury of being able to eat whatever we choose and most of us probably dont wait until we experience hunger pains to eat. We likely start thinking about eating in anticipatation of being hungry. I doubt many know what it’s like to go well beyond the point where hunger starts to dominate yer thinking. At least I didn’t prior to the last couple of years. It has given me a new perspective and makes me think the dollar collapse issue is irrelevant compared to the rising food costs combined w widespread unemployment, intensified racial and class conflict and high drug and alcohol dependency. That’s what makes me think the S will HTF sooner than later. Sorry if I’m restating the obvious. Thanks.

        • I think that pushing yourself to go as long as you can without food is a VERY healthy thing and I do it too. Fasting gives your body the chance to clean out a bunch of built up crap that clogs your system and the benifits are amazing. Fasting when you don’t have to also gives you the upper hand because you learn how to deal with the hunger pangs. And hey, lets face it, most people could afford to go without food for a few days and for some, even longer!

      53. Have read all of these very informative comments so I will add mine… I woke up during the gulf oil spill~noticed Obama was nowhere to be found. Strange things started happening,including Nat’l Guard not letting journalists televise injured animals, and toxic oil dispersant being used instead of a whole dock full of environmentally safe dispersant that was sitting nearby. Anyway, I started to research, took the red pill and went as far down the rabbit hole as I could~Talk about waking up!! I finally gravitated to and Alex Jones. And Then I watched to check out his info and waited~the waiting part involved prepping as much as possible. My husband has only grudgingly cooperated with my stocking ideas. We had more than one intense argument and he accused me of being part of a cult. Well, a year has passed and he is now more willing to see the light. We have a big freezer with a year’s worth of meat~to wrap it for a year~1)saran wrap 2)freezer paper 3)aluminum foil~we have eaten meat that was 9 mos old and tasted just as fresh as when bought. Flour and rice can be frozen~just double wrap in plastic reclosable bags. This will keep bugs out. You ask~what if freezer quits or electric is turned off~standby generator that runs on propane~and a 1,000 gal propane tank~days worth of elec~freezer will keep food frozen 48 hrs if power is turned off, as well. Closet converted to storage of canned goods, vitamins, etc~whatever you normally eat~just buy more of and rotate out~get a top-notch water filter for house and one for out in the field. Also have a good BBQ grill or camp stove for emergency cooking~Guns are a must for home defense~rifle, shotgun and handgun and all the ammo you can store~you can never have enough~Living out in the country in a defensible area is a good idea if you can afford to~wood stove for heat off the grid~As off the grid as possible is the way to go~they will get to us thru our necessities for life. Hope this helps and Thanks for all your suggestions.

        • Food vacuum packers are terrific. I gave up hunting years ago (too soft hearted) but have an abundant supply thanks to many friends that still hunt. The vacuum packers keep meat for a year w/o an issue. I vacuumed packed rice as a test and two years later one would never know it was stored that long.

          • Rice has an indefinite shelf life.

            • 1987 I did my first 21-day fast for health reasons. The older 60-ish Naturopath doc/lady (raised in Europe) who was overseeing my fast, told me, “If there’s ever a famine, you can survive by sucking on dry rice.” (That was 14 years before I woke up to the World Scam.) But I always remembered that little tip. Not even sure why she mentioned it. We certainly were not discussing survival/prepping! So if there’s no way to cook your rice when SHTF, just suck on it raw. Your saliva will do the rest. Maybe keep a ziplock-full in BOB for escapes into the wild.

        • Good for you!!!

          One more to not worry about and have to fight!!!!

      54. Trying to store up supplies while trying to keep heads above water for day-to-day living isn’t easy but we’ve made a start. We keep an inventory and keep revising our lists and add to supplies as we can. This site is so helpful with comments, suggestions and the very real, comforting knowledge that we are not alone. World events continue to spiral out of control and the feeling in my little household is one of controlled dread; the other shoe is going to drop very soon and the vibes in the universe are not good. We intend to survive, but also have to work on the “survive as what?” What will humankind do if we are allowed a second chance? Thanks for being there, everyone.

      55. Just make sure your eternal destination is set, everything else here on earth shall pass!

      56. The term “gold standard” is kind of vague.

        “There are various kinds of gold standards…

        …The 21st century may see a renewed gold standard of some sort, privately engaged or imposed by governments.”

        “Since 2008, we’ve been suggesting that the dollar reserve system is probably finished and in this article, Evans-Pritchard not only predicts its doom but also suggests that the new monetary order will include gold. We’ve been predicting this for years. We think that what the elites want to set up is a currency basket that includes gold and that will be utilized worldwide, a global currency in other words.

        This global currency will accompany what the Anglosphere powers-that-be are building in terms of a global regulatory infrastructure – one world government – or as it has also been called, a new world order. Not that I’m in favor of that. What we’ve suggested is free banking, the availability of competitive currencies and the ability for people to make up their own minds about what currencies they want to use. Let the best money win.” …

        “…The long-deferred dream of the Anglosphere is to achieve a global currency under its control issued by a global central bank. But China, Russia, India and other sizeable countries are loath to give the Anglo-American elites this sort of additional control. With the dollar collapsing, leaders in these countries may believe they can set up their own international currencies and maintain greater control over them.

        Thus it is that a great battle is being played out on the international stage – a kind of tug-of-war between developing countries and the West over who will have control of the world’s first truly global fiat currency. If this contest cannot be resolved it is quite possible that the fiat-dollar reserve itself might fracture and the world will be left only with regional fiat currencies.

        If this is the case, a gold standard might reassert itself organically as a market-based gold (or gold and silver) money standard is the obvious alternative to such synthetic currencies as SDRs. For many, including most free-market thinkers, such a gold-standard default would be infinitely preferable to what the IMF and its Anglo-American controllers have in mind.”

      57. Don’t forget, our banks may already be on the rocks because of the real estate disaster. The feds changed the accounting rules so they wouldn’t go belly up all at once. They are still holding toxic paper. Bad mortgages. The town next to me, Berwyn Il., has a 10% vacancy rate or more, due to foreclosures. The area has a worsening employment picture and demographic upheavel. Taxes went up. The Guv almost doubled the income and corporate taxes. We have the highest sales tax in the nation. They tax your house when you sell it. Real estate taxes are going up. The whole state is controlled by the city of Chicago and Cook county. Also, we have the highest priced gasoline in the country, because of taxes.

        • Other than that it’s not too bad.

          • Chicago is…your kind of town, Chicago is?

            • Grew up there. I live outside of the city. Soon to be gone, to the mountain states.

      58. Something to not forget. Buy a safe. People are buying gold, silver, guns, ammo and other valuable items that are priceless during a meltdown. AND, during a meltdown, none of these items can be replaced. Loose it and your just gunna do without it. Gun safes are good, but I have seen them broken into. There are a few really good gun safes out there, do some research and you’ll find them. I have a job where I have seen tornadoes, fires and burglars take everything you could have. One good safe will prevent that. If you are going to be self sufficient, you have to be your own bank as well. Banks have big strong vaults to secure your money. For a couple thousand dollars, you can get a bank quality safe (TL15 rated) and secure it in your home. If it’s under 1000lbs, bolt it down or put in basement. I have never seen one opened by force. If things get ugly, you will wish you have a quality safe. thefts and burglaries are going up at an alarming rate and no neighborhood is immune. Keep in mind, a regular box store gun safe can be opened in less than five minutes! As law enforcement become less proactive and response time slows, thieves will take the time to force safes open or steal them. I bought a super tough safe from They are often referred as jewelers safes as well. I have no regrets, money well spent. Use the cheaper gun safes for food storage and ammo. Have a plan for everything.

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