Prepper Loneliness: Strategies for Staying Sane and Forging Worthwhile Connections

by | Oct 15, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 161 comments

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    This article has been generously contributed for your reading pleasure by David Safewater of Directive 21.

    Feeling alone or that you’re the only one who “gets it” is not uncommon for us Preppers. I’m not referring to the stereotypical Doomsday Prep…well, you know what I’m talking about. On the journey toward greater Self-Reliance (The Journey), we often find ourselves saving up for another important purchase, working on that project until we get it right, trying to perfect that recipe so we can move on to the next one, burning more midnight oil through studying, etc. Those periods of learning can be downright difficult at times. Independence has never been won without the ransom being paid…in FULL.

    I’ve found that the greatest tool in fighting feelings of loneliness during The Journey is having a network you can call on. If you’re like me, it’s also possible to feel lost in a group of folks. I like what Ex-Navy SEAL David B. Rutherford has said about living the “Team Life”,

    SEAL background photo credit:

    You and I are not likely to be training to become SEALs or go through the “hammering sessions” in which those professionals have to become accustomed to thriving. They live a brutal life in their professions and the toll on their personal lives is great. Out of necessity, the bonds forged with their Teammates will propel them along their paths in order to accomplish their missions and never leave one of their own behind.

    So, where do you find a swim buddy? Well, if you’re married, I suggest that you remember the commitment you’ve made to your spouse and start there. If you’re having a hard time getting along or if your skies are filled with billowing clouds right now, then remember that greatness was never achieved without exposure to the refiner’s fire, repeated exposure. In all of Creation, the bond between two elements is where Life begins. Joy and sorrow will find their way into every relationship. But, both of those emotions are consequences of actions and not actions in themselves. Work on the actions calculated to bring joy: Service, Compassionate Listening, being Diligent & living with Integrity. The appropriate mindset can be found in this widely attributed quote:

    You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

    Look for that opportunity to do one good deed for that person each day…and do it because it makes you feel good and lifts them up, without expecting anything more than the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing right.

    My second suggestion for finding a swim buddy would include my advice to avoid the mindset of looking for one. Huh? Yeah, I know it sounds sort of Buddhist or something Confucius say but trust me on this. If you hit the road or virtual roads trying to fit people into your swim buddy jig or template, you’re gonna be like the eternal bachelor who after every first date scares the gal away by telling her that she “fits exactly what I’m looking for in a _______”. Seriously though, as any seasoned hunter will tell you (that isn’t using feeders-sorry I’m not a fan of feeders unless serious population control has to happen; shooting around feeders isn’t hunting, it’s target practice), just put yourself where the prey is or where it will be.  Forcing a shot can leave a mess & make for a FAIL. Avoid preventable FAILs by being smart in your strategies & tactics.

    Some great spots to find & interact with other like-minded folks include the following:

    I’ve participated in these forums in the past and highly recommend them all. There are some great folks out there who are humble & willing to help newcomers. To get the most out of interaction on forums, be sure to look for opportunities to help others & be a contributor of info. Cite your sources where possible & enjoy interacting with others. Again, contribute where you can (especially original content) by posting photos of your projects, helpful tips & short-cuts, & valuable feedback. Contributing magically prevents you from becoming an evil lurker or worse yet, a troll.

    Interacting with folks in the right places will align you with greater chances of forging at least a couple of worthwhile connections. Participating in moderation will also keep you out of feeling the “funk” of being overwhelmed. There are folks that simply overwhelmed me with info when I first got started on The Journey…those folks had been on their Journeys longer than I had been alive!

    One last suggestion, once you’re in the company of folks you dig & trust, remember to keep yourself available for helping a newbie just starting his/her Journey.


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      1. I have my husband, our four boys, and some close friends that are on board….I feel VERY blessed!

        • In relation to the article about prepping, today is the new moon, the last one before the election. The last chance window for Israel to do something to Iran before the November election. This is important just in case this week, especially today, all hell in the Middle East breaks loose. So I give this just in case it should happen and why Israel is at least thinking and planning for a possible attack. So everybody out there won’t be caught off guard should it happen.

          I don’t support nor condemn Israel’s decisons to attack Iran, I am ONLY pointing out some facts that I feel are being discussed in Israel war rooms about a soon and very possible Middle East war.

          Netanyahu would be passing up a golden opportunity to achieve his agenda of stopping Iran by not attacking Iran this October.

          Israel’s goal is to stop mass production of Iranian nuclear bombs like what Pakistan is now capable of. Israel will not be destroyed by one nuke.

          ANY military action to stop or delay Iranian nuclear program will likely have to be with Israel AND the United States, or the U.S. alone for the following reasons:

          Size: Iran’s nuclear facilities are spread out over a country the size of Alaska, Israel’s military is not that big to handle this size.

          One time surpise factor: Israel is over 1000 miles from Iran and Israel does not have long range “continuous” strike ability to carry out repeated sorties. It is unlikely that Israel could destroy what they need to just once, another clean up mission would be necessary to actually do the amount of damage to stop or severely delay Iran’s nuclear program.

          Iran is mountainous: It is one thing to destroy any facilities when they are out in the open, and another trying to blast through a mountain of semi or solid rock. Non-nuclear bunker busters are not going to be effective one time against these very deep targets. Nuclear weapons used to carve up the mountain would cause massive backlash from the world on Israel and empower a literal holy war between the Jewish and Muslim worlds.

          Retalitory missile sites and air defenses need to be hit: This really thins out just how much Israel has to work with to target the nuclear facilities.

          Israel using an EMP bomb might not work: Israel probably has the idea on how to send an electrol magnetic pulse through an explosive charge, but this is spectulation and might not work and start a war after getting nothing done.

          Iran’s decision to strike ONLY Israel: Iran may well leave the U.S. and U.S. interest alone in the region if Israel alone attacks them. If the U.S. stays out the fight, much more destruction is heading to Israel than if the U.S. becomes involved and help nuetralize Iranian offensive weapons.

          What does Israel do? Get help from the U.S. This is where careful manipulation comes into play from Israel.

          Both presidental candiadates have made it clear that they both want to sanction Iran and avoid military confrontation. After the election either winning individual is not obligated to help Israel at all. Before the election however, not coming to Israel’s aid would be political suicide. In short, Israel’s trump card is rapidly running out of time, as in November 6, to be sure of U.S. military support of an attack on Iran.

          If Israel decides to wait till after the election which is entirely possible, they risk either winning candidate of soft peddling for months or years any military action against Iran just like all previous adminstrations have done since Iran’s nuclear goals started over 20 years. Either winning candidate could use all sorts of publically approved excuses to delay indefinitely any military action. Words are empty with any presidental candidate and hold no solid ground after the election is won, and must be what Israel leaders are thinking about and fears a lot. Israel may well after the election have to entirely do it on their own, which will most likely fail miserably.

          If Israel decides to attack before the election on the premise that Iran crossed that proverbial red line, it would almost certainly get complete U.S support to finish the job. Israel would also get the neccesary help to protect its country from the massive Hezbollah attacks and other wild card Arab countries that would join in the fight against the “hated Zionists”. Time is a big factor right now as the skies are perfectly dark today and will be dark enough for the next 5 days or so.

          Israel “knows” that Iran will reach this red line, and feels that the ONLY realistic way to stop Iran is with long range continuous U.S. military help to reach their goal. The Israelis know that the ONLY way to guarantee that help from the U.S. is to force them to. After the election that guarantee becomes very watered down. Israel feels that its very survival depends on stopping Iran, whether this is right or wrong, this is a true fear of Israel.

          There is a very real possibility for an October attack before the election. Israel has in the past attacked their enemies when practically no one expected it. Almost everyone now is fixated on the debates and the election, and Israel knows this. Whether they act on this is another story. The mere assumption is that if Israel truly wants the best advantage available to their country, the best opportunity for this is to launch an attack on Iran before the U.S. election. This means that preppers/survivalists need to take this into consideration and prepare for a possible pre-election major war in the Middle East, just in case it should begin one afternoon in the U.S. this month.

          • Be informed,

            If what you say does come to pass during your time frame, how will this affect the United States in the short term? Will we have enough time to go to the grocery store and finish stocking up, or will this change things in an instant? You seem to have a lot of insight into this type of scenario so your educated opinion would be appreciated. I wonder what the american people will do first, if this should happen? I just can’t imagine how it would play out.

            • Concerned: What will Americans do first? They will probably turn on Idol or DWTS and order a pizza from Papa John’s.

              That would be my guess.

            • @ Concerned. Durango kidd is probably right, most people will go right to what makes them feel comfortable and go into a state of total denial. The prepper will however take that opportunity to finish stocking up during this lull before the storm. I feel everyone interested in having supplies should concentrate on fuel and ammo first because this is what first would be rationed off by the state. I would then concentrate on getting canned goods and what is not perishable because the grid could come under attack, cyber and or physical that would affect the power. One thing I would do is begin to fill up any clean container with water, you can always dump it in a couple of months if nothing further happens.

              IF and when the attacks occurs, this country and other countries could get hit by “the enemy” and the sooner you get supplies the better. I would be very concerned over the fuel issue. I have suggested to everyone that they should always have near filled tanks. You can always siphon off fuel for generators for examaple from the car. The automobile that is filled up as close to the full status means that this is one less time consuming activity you have to do during a rush to get everything in order. Besides this you may have to bug out to somewhere and enough fuel in the tank may be the only fuel available. ANY president could give an immeidate executive order to stop fuel sales before anyone has a chance to even get their fuel they need.

              I feel that it would play out first Israel attacks Iran, then after an unsuccessful try because of the shear hardened structure and the scope of the country, the real nightmare would begin. At least several dozen medium ranged missiles from Iran would be launched at Israel, as they air defense would down some of them. Hezbollah to the north would unleash a barrage of rockets and missiles ranging from the common Grad rocket to the longer range missiles that have 1200 lbs warheads on them. This would be in the likely opening salvo in the range of several hundred a hour to maybe several thousand. Hamas to the south would also launch all that they have that have been smuggled through Egypt. Syria would be a country that probably would also launch their Scuds at Israel also because Assad would use this as an excuse to rally his people against their hated foe.

              Israel has one of the best civil defense in the world for their citizens, but taking a pounding like this will take its toll. It is just how much damage is done is anyone’s guess. Egypt is that wild card that could spark the whole region into a massive war, as Morsi as now the president of Egypt is quite anti-Israel. Iran may leave the U.S. and their interests alone, if this is the case in the future Israel is in deep trouble. This is why if Netanyahu has any strategic savvy for his country he would attack when the U.S. would be forced to help Israel. That is between now and the day of the election. The next new moon is November 13, which would mean November 8 when the skies are dark enough to attack, after the election. The time for Israel is now to about October 20 and then they lost their guarantee for the U.S. to help when they do attack Iran, which they plan to.

            • Iran has not attacked a nation in 3 centuries. In the 50 years of its existence, Israel has attacked its every neighbor, some repeatedly, and perpetrated false flag and espionage operations on several nations, including its supposed allies. It has conducted genocide against the goyim while feigning that “Jews” are victims. Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons. What Pharisaical hypocrisy to complain that other nations seek parity.

              I am reminded of the Polish experience: “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

            • @Be informed, I’m more secure keeping my gas in cans in the basement —one kid with a siphon hose or a knife to roll under and cut your fuel line as it leaves the tank, can ruin all your gas prepping. I recently had this happen to me and it sucks to have to crawl under and replace the damaged line.

              I think if they cut us off from gas sales, more of that kind of theft is likely to occur.

            • DK is right on the money. umerkins will think this is another war they can watch on TV until Idol is on.

          • I only hope that all of you had a marriage or partnership to which you have mutual respect for one another. Even though you may not do “everything together” and you have varying interest that you care enough for each other to allow them the freedom to do what they feel is right.

            When I first started prepping (about 3 years ago) my husband thought I had lost my mind. He was raised “if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything” therefore there were a lot of quiet evenings in the begining but he did give me the freedom to do whatever I felt necessary. He never even said anything when I told him I was stopping contributing to my 401K and buying silver and food instead.

            Now, he is more than ON-BOARD and is helping me every step of the way.

            My only wish is that I could cash out my 401K but as long as I can hold down this job I will have to leave that where it is.

            • Tina

              You can transfer some of your 401K (some of your contribution / growth) into a conventional IRA. You can then take some of that out providing you pay the 10% penalty on top of your current tax rate.

              Hope this is some help.

            • Oh this can be done while your still employed with the employer that has the 401K plan.

            • Unfortunately many employers do not allow in-service distributions. About the only thing you can do is take a loan. Or quit. They consider it copper handcuffs for the regular employee (as opposed to the goodies they heap on executives).

            • Tina, consider yourself blessed. I know I am. Having a husband that not only supports prepping, but every now and then brings home ‘good’ body wash– not the generic,cheap kind–means a lot to us.

            • Being a single prepper is hard. When you date, and they start asking about your hobbies, it gets really difficult. How do you explain the need, the drive to become self sufficient. My hobbies now include guns, raising rabbits and chickens, gardening on a large scale, and trying to find new(old) ways to survive without electricity. Research and then trying out these new skills consume most of my non work time. I was dating a woman last year, and we went out to a movie and dinner. Well, we both needed to pick up a few things at wally world(I live about 30 miles from the nearest one). As we were walking through the store and chatting away, I walked through the sporting goods, and I found their dollar knives there. First time I had seen them. I thought it was a special deal, so I bought 20 of them thinking they wouldnt be there the next time I went. She looked at me like I was a nut and a madman, and the dating stopped after that night. So a valuable lesson was learned. Never take a date through the sporting goods dept of any store. Grin. But seriuosly, it sucks being a single prepper

              • I relate Jim. In my case, I don’t have a hope in he** of finding a prepper guy in these parts. I am in a city( with country roots, no choice in locale at the moment due to work) kitted out for 6 months and growing it slowly. Never, NEVER meet guys here with a like-minded attitude, dating is slow and sparse at best. Not even sure I could meet someone and lead them that way, honestly.

            • Kevin,
              I tried that but found out that my employer would not allow it. I have tried everything under the sun to get a hold of it but can not.

              What I found so damn stupid is that you can pull money out for the purchase of a NEW home but can not pull money out to pay off a primary home. I also found out that you can pull money out to keep from losing your home in a forecloser but can’t pay one off. How crazy is that?

              How many people pulled out money to purchase that NEW home or pulled money out to keep it…
              only to lose it in a forecloser anyway?

            • @Jim:

              It isn’t that hard. My missus at first wondered why I had a garden, canned food, etc… After explaining that I grew up rural and that it puts me in touch with my roots (and explaining how I missed my grandparents’ cooking/canning/etc), she was positively delighted that a guy would be so handy in the kitchen. The trip to the gun range was something she found to be delightful and exciting…

              When the power went out, she appreciated not only how calm I was, but she really appreciated the candlelight dinner that I whipped up by lamplight in the grill out back.

              The extra food/stores? If you’re just dating, your potential soulmate shouldn’t be seeing those yet anyway.

              Notice that I don’t bother mentioning politics? I don’t bother mentioning collapse, or calamity. Save all that for the time when you’re certain that you’re getting married. Whatever you do, introduce it slowly, letting her come to the conclusion – lead her gently to it, don’t drag her to it.

              (This message brought to you by the OQ dating service… :p )

            • “Iran is far too cowardly to do its own dirty work …” [ha, ha, ha,… ha, ha, ha…]

              Tell us another funny one, Gregory8.

              The synagogue of Satan has been too cowardly to do their own dirty work since they enlisted Pontius Pilate to do what the Sanhedrin connived.

              For centuries Judaic banksters have been instigating and financing both sides of first European and then worldwide conflicts sending the goyim to die for the profit and power of the adversaries to all men.

              The shabbos goyim in ZOG do what the Master Race orders while “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.” Likely none of this will change until Jesus Christ comes to kill the Jewish anti-Christ.

          • the deadline according to netanyahu is supose to be this spring…

            • its for cover wally. he will attack tonight or in the next few nights if he hasnt completley lost his mind. the fact hes attacking at all though renders him insane to a great degree. benji boy litteraly makes me feel ill, when i see, hear or think of anything to do with him.

            • Tehran will be on HIGH alert for the next few evenings.i can only pray that this madman (benji boy) steps back from doing the unthinkable. i dont have a high degree of confidence though.

            • @ wally. Netanyahu can talk spring, but without U.S. help this much time gives Iran more time to further hardened their defenses, AND further arm Hezbollah AND further develop their stealth drones that will carry explosives and other means of hurting Israel. It will also allow Iran to expand their drone force from maybe a few dozen now to several hundred or more by spring. From a military point of advantage and opportunity, right now Israel is primed to have the best chance of success for their goal. In the future this becomes quite iffy at best. Besides this Israel is notorious for surprise attacks, and what better time than before or even during the presidental debates. Even a day or two later. We all must remain on high alert for this possiblility.

          • be informed. this is one of the best comments ive read here. all of the information you share is totally unbiased and just based on facts. i thank you for posting this in such a clear concise manner that anyone , on any side of thought regarding this matter, can clearly see whats at stake here and why.

            • @ Anonymous. I have found the best way to attempt to forecast events is to keep it as nuetral as possible in thinking about what could happen. Just look at the facts and try to make form some sort of solutions to it. Earthquakes are far easier than trying to get into the mind of any leader, as physical laws apply to geophysical science. With netanyahu the best way to attempt to figure out what he is up to is to look at what will benefit him and Israel the most. Losing a golden opportunity to guarantee the U.S. helping Israel doesn’t make sense.

              Of course many times the leadership of countries have not made sense. All leaders make terrible mistakes, and from the sole position of Israel letting this time frame expire would be a terrible mistake for them. Israel is hell bent on stopping Iran from becoming a Pakistan type of nuclear weapon producing nation. From the point of Israel their last chance of making sure that the U.S. will help them expires on November 6 with either winner. It doesn’t matter whether it is right or wrong from our prospective, it ONLY matters what the actual results of this critical junction in time brings about.

              IF I was stuck as a leader of a country that was in fear, real or not, of being attacked by an enemy, I would act as soon as possible before I could not. This is just logic, whether Netanyahu and the leadership of Israel feels that they have to stop Iran, sooner is more often better than later. The longer Iran can reinforce what they have the more difficult it will be to disable or stop their nuclear program even with the U.S. in the future. This must be going through the minds of those over in Israel right now. It is important to remain as unattached to the situation as possible to figure out what is going on, and this is difficult when you start to think about filling up your car with gas for $200 or more.

            • Will Israel consider itself dead anyway if they let Iran get the bomb? Is it “do or die” from their perspective?

            • @ Rick. It is not Iran getting one or two nukes that terrifies Israel, it is the mass production of nuclear weapons like Pakistan has done that Israel would consider itself dead. It would take probabaly in the range of a dozen nuclear bombs to end Israel as a country. Considering that the success rate of nuclear bombs is anywhere between 33-50%. Iran would need about 24-36 nuclear bombs. This sounds like a lot to produce, but with the fuel necessary for this number it could be months to manufacture that necessary nuclear bombs. For even Iran it is really not that difficult to build a nuke. Backwater North Korea did it, and Iran is far more advanced than North Korea.

              Yes it is a do or die situation for Israel from their perspective that they stop Iran. The longer they wait the harder to do this it will become. At one point it may even become near imposssible for the U.S. to do it without nuclear weapons. Blasting into a mountain is very difficult without some serious explosive charges. North Korea has huge amounts of military hardware in mountains, so much so people joke about the swiss cheese affect will one day collapse in on them. North Korea is a joke when it comes to their military, it is 1980’s at best in technology. Trying to dislodge them from their mountain refuges would be hell, same as Iran.

              From Israel’s point of view they must act soon or accept that Iran will mass produce enough nuclear weapons to one day soon after be able to end their existence. waiting beyond the election means that they may or probably will not be able to count on outside help. Without outside help it is unlikely they can do much at all. They realize that they are holding BO and the his adminstration over a barrel until the election. Romney on an article from the Israeli site Debka said that attacking Iran may never be necessary. So either candidate is showing that they don’t support Israel attacking Iran and letting sanctions work, that Israel feels is ridiculous. Pakistan once said they will eat grass and have nuclear weapons and sanctions will not work with them. Pakistan now has anywhere between 50-150 nuclear weapons.

            • Yet litterally Every UN and various other pro Nuke inspectors over the last several yrs now has repeatedly said Iran is NOT seeking or makeing nukes.

              ONLY Bloodthirsty zio-khazar Netyanhoo and a few here such as Manchurin McStain(sen McCain) and the usual tribal us reps and senators are whineing about iran.

              BI: You seem to fail to consider in your calculations, the Real reason isreal and netanyahoo are so eager for war etc is beause They believe They are “entitled” to ownership of every sq inch of land as described in the old testement to Abraham.

              But they ALL fail to consider the “Rest” of the Covenant rules God laid down..IE: ONLY If Isreal(All 12 tribes not just jews) OBEY Gods covenant laws/rules.

              The fact they Lost permanantly not only their 2nd temple but also possession of the Land there back in 70 ad.

              Is as much proof solid as can be had that Isreals Old testement covenant was done…Gone…Kaput…Nada…OVER.

              Instead of trying to jump start WWIII or use of nukes, them fools be way better off if they simply admit to wrongs done, (Murdered Christ and continued to Murder christians last 2000 yrs) and CONVERT to christianity and obey the NEW testement!

              Otherwise they will have Far worse to contend with than WWII here or now…..More like Eternal Hell awaits them.

              There is but ONE way to Salvation! and Stealing More of others lands and causeing more Innocent Millions to suffer and die is Not the way!

              Read Book of Jeramiah the Prophet(Old Testement) to see how God said “Tell them Jeramiah…They are NO Longer My people. and I am NO longer there GOD!…and tell them it is due to Their refusal repeatedly again and again to OBEY Our Covenant I and They made.”

              “Tell them I will make a NEW covenant and a new way. A Better and Permanant one to last forever!”

              READ: Chapters 29-31(or more, cant recall) ITS all IN there!…

              If they keep doing their Evil Talmudiac plans to Own and Rule entire world by Askenazi Khazers(sinagog of Satan fake jews) they well Deserve the rest of humanitys despising of them all.

              America is all but finished off due to them and their fed reserve banks and unsaitable Greed and Lust for their God of Money!….If they keep on as usual?…I for one Hope american awakens to Boot em out for good!!!

              So for we are the ONLY nation in 1900 yrs who aint as yet booted them Out yet…..This time if it happens they cant whine of no place to go eh!…Even if they did whine I doubt many in the world will listen since Internet made it so easy to discover All these Truths and Facts about that racist evil stiffnecked stuborn Tribe of, Money, and Self, worshippers.

            • @ Angelo Mysteriouso, and Gregory8. I have tried several times to comment back to you both and continue to get that 404 error message. It is not that I don’t want to respeond and discuss what you said, it is that I can’t get through to. I don’t want anyone to think that I am snubbing them, I have tried several times.

          • You made a lot of good points. I think it would be a good idea to buy a couple of gas cans and fill them up now. Gas could hit $6 or $8 or $10 a gallon if we have a war with Iran.

            • $6 to $8 gas and we’re done. that would suggest the price of oil exceeds $150 a barrel… at those rates we wouldn’t even be able to afford tupperware. Mike Ruppert’s ‘Collapse’ makes this argument, and i think he may be right on…

            • @ Barn Cat. It is never a bad idea to have a nice stockpile of plastic 5 or 6 gallon gas containers. Even keeping a few empty ones is not a bad idea because these make excellent water storage containers as look as they have never had any fuel in them. Most 5 and 6 gallon containers are usually about $8-10. I truly believe that oil could top $300-400 a barrel. Normally you can divide the cost of oil by about 25-30 times to get the cost of per gallon of gas. $400 divided by 30 is about $13 a gallon. 400 divided by 25 is $16. This would be mean horrible beyond horrible, just imagine the cost of food that is delivered with $10+ gas.

            • My dh hauls logs and he says even @ $5-$6 for diesel, he’s finished.

            • One more thing. BI, you stated how pakistan now has as many as 150 nukes. They too are Muslim no?..Think how absured your isreal fears iran sounds. So what, isreal is ok with Other nations nukes?…As if Them nations cant nuke them or Sell or Give iran or whoever nukes to use on isreal?….Cant you see its a LAND GRAB khazars such as Netanyahoo is really after?

              Theres at least 300 MILLION arab types folks that occupy every nation around isreal. Its over 1000 sq miles.

              They want ALL that land for themselves alone. And zero current folks (arabs) left on it alive!

              Talmude Pharisee rabbis teach them that They must own and control entire world And all people they “allow” to continue to live as Their slaves!

              Jewdeo christians think if they hear todays jews or rabbis say “I am a Messianic-Jew” that it means they believe in Jesus!!!!!…WRONG!

              What they really believe is that the “Messianic Age” will ONLY come about when Jews(askenazi khazars=95% todays tribe), Get total Owbership Deeded and Titled to Planet earth. And total ownership of every animal-person(goyim=animals/cattles) and every Blade of grass and drop of water in the oceans!

              Does anybody get it yet?…Own=Entire world and ALL thats contained In or On it planetwide.

              Talmude has a verse says “When the jews Messianic era or age is here…Every jew will have 2800-Slave Goyim, and while the stupid Goy do ALL labor/work…..Every jew will sit and Eat food and count profits”

              Thats not an exact verse quote but Very close from memory. I do not study talmude alot as it is nothing but Pure Perverted Evil from the Bowels of Lucifer himself.

              But it is good to know enough of it to know How Our enemy thinks and especially What they got Planned for all of Us folks!…Includeing all them “jewdeo-christos” types.

              If their “tribe” does finish off america, it WILL be due to todays many ignorant foolish christians who fall for pastors such as john haggees crap. If it werent for them fools the last 30 yrs or so…..America wouldn’t be in these 6-7 current war zones, and Bankrupted by the “Bless them jews” idiots.

              If not for todays Mix of, jewdeochristians and Neocons repubs(a marriage made in Hell) america would be far better off today probobly. Sure Hope they begin to Read their bibles soon to awaken from the Lies told by todays SOLD Out jew worshipper pastors.

            • BeInformed: Pakistan has gotten over its suicidal phase. It has lost several wars to India where they were completely crushed. Yes, they now have nukes but India has more and is still far superior to Pakistan militarily. Why does India matter, because of Kashmir that is part of India but Pakistan claims it because of the large muslim population. India would love to be rid of those clowns once and for all. And don’t forget, there’s still payback coming from India for the attack in Mumbai. As for Iran having nukes-so what. Isreal has anywhere from 200-300 nukes themselves with missles capable of reaching 2000 miles. Iran is far too cowardly to do its own dirty work so it has Hamas and Hezbollah to do it. So, just like Kennedy in the Cuban Missle Crisis; Isreal will tell Terhan that ANY nuclear strike on Isreal will be considered an attack from Iran and Isreal will strike Iran with its nukes. Game Over!

            • No, gas will not hit $6, $8, or $10 a gallon WHEN WE go to war with Iran. The recent run up in California is not a harbinger of things to come.

              It is what happens with markets when they TOP!

              There is LOTS of oil and gasoline available in storage in America in preparation for the war with Iran.

              Saudi Arabia and other Gulf producers are protected by the US and they have recently completed new buried, oil pipelines to circumvent the Straits.

              The Iranian regime will be reduced to rubble and their capability to wage any kind of war other than Jihad or limited regional exercises will be CRUSHED in 30-60 days, once the air war begins.

              And that is if Israel doesn’t send Iran back to the Stone Age with an EMP in their First Strike. Iran will be “blinded” and their military capacity eliminated, just like Iraq.

              That war will last for as long as it takes to reduce the Iranian military to a small police force.

            • I think the real equation here with a war in the Middle East, are Russia and China. From a military point of view allowing the U.S. and or western powers to take Iran would be an utter catastrophe for Russia, to rival the collapse of the USSR. Just like the Monroe Doctrine of the U.S., Russia cannot allow itself to be further boxed in. It is my personal firm belief that Russia would soon launch their ICBM’s before allowing the Caspian Sea region to fall into western hands. Iran is extremely important for China’s energy needs, as I think it is now getting 25% of their oil needs from Iran. Does China defend their energy assets? Probably. I could see gas going up to way beyond $10 because of Russia and China. In fact I could see WW3 starting because of it and no gas available. The Caspian Sea region is as important to Russia as the Gulf of Mexico in to the U.S.

          • Israel is less than 500 miles from Iran, not 1000. Unless you are saying that they are going to respect Jordanian and Iraqi air-space and go around those countries.

            • @ Timothy. The closest point from Israel to Iran is 600 miles, but the closest point to the Bushehr nuclear reactor to Israel is 930 miles. Most other targets are further than 1000 miles from Israel. Israel needs the U.S. military to disable or destroy Iranian nuclear assets, they will not have any sort of guarantee on this come November 7.

            • Timothy,
              Those jets need to come back home. I’m not an aircraft expert by no means, but those jets don’t have the range to complete the mission even with external tanks. Also I don’t think the Jews have any tankers to mid air refuel.

            • Israeli jets will land in Asherbijan as agreements have been concluded with Israel to use its air bases to attack Iran.

              Obviously the Asherbijans want a piece of northern Iran around the Caspian Sea when the dust settles and the oil there starts pumping.

          • @ BI: any earthquake updates?? I posted just a little bit ago on yesterday’s article, not realizing it’s the 15th…

            • @ Jenn. The planet is alive with motion. Since Saturday there has been 29 different locations for at least 4.5 earthquakes. This is a whole lot and most of the time it indicates a big one coming. The 6.4 in the Balleny Islands on the 9th meant that within 15 days a 6.5+ hits almost 90% of the time. It looks more like a 7.3-8.6 or even bigger. The 5.0 on the Mid-Indian Ridge today shows that the Australian plate is ready to move violently. The real locations to watch for are the Soloman Islands to Tahiti, even New Zealand. Other areas have been hit after these polar earthquakes like eastern Russia and the Aleutian Islands, and northern Chile, but it seems to aiming like a bull’s eye at the south seas.

          • Israelis are cowards, this much has been written about jews for hundreds of years, and the citizens of israel are clinical paranoid schizophrenic. Expect israelis to just spin themselves crazy because they won’t do a thing against Iran on their own, they only operate by having others fight their wars.

            The US military is fed up with Israeli BS. The false flags designed to get Americans to fund wars against israeli enemies. USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, King David, and the biggest one of all Urban Moving Systems. Clear words have been spoken behind the scenes. No more American blood shall be shed for israel.

            • I sure as hell hope you are correct. Let the Jews fight their own battles. If they want to attack so be it. If they get hit, let them defend against it. Either way I think the United States should take a neutral stance as much as possible. If gas go’s up, we will improvise, adapt, and overcome. It’s human nature. It sure as hell will be painful, but we will make it.

            • Ranch: So Nice to see at least a “Few” here get it when it is about jews/isrealis…You may also have some agreement with my couple prior posts above this one.

              Americans have been so in the Dark untill recently, last 10 yrs or Less even, of all the jew and isreali intrigue.

              But Now today litterally every damn spy action, false flag, Lies upon Lies, Bankster frauds, MSM and FED Gov total jew controled etc etc. Its ALL now available Online for Free!

              IMHO= For Any persons who Prep or consider themselves knowledgable of various govnt agends or issues, and yet to Still reject or refuse such easy to research info to me is….ABSURED!

              And may well, probobly will ,Prove to be the Deadliest mote Fatel mistake any thinking person could make today.

              Unfortunatly, many, most perhaps will continue to rely on worn old tired Spew frothing from various pastors who are so Deep in bed with jew orgs and especially jew CASH$$$ its not even funny.

              Every Day on 1/2 dozen tv stations you can observe them fools. Huge Fatassed pastors dripping with jew Loot as well as ignorant church flocks who gladly hand over 10% of Gross paychecks while pastors Belch loudly that “To withold Tiths is akin to Robbibg GOD of His due!!”

              Then pastors Preach of how Everyone is Equal in Gods eyes!!…But Very next sentence it is…Bless them jews because God has chozen em to be sooo special!

              While the Sheeple flock are 1/2 hypnotized into a freenzy and are either crawling on the floor like a dog howling at the moon….OR…Eyes rolled back(like obamonots) in heads while arms flail above heads chanting of the Any Minit now to come RAPTURE! Pre trib!

              Get Rich with Jesus…Then get Raptured OUT before ANY bad stuf happens…..And all ya must do is PAY ME your Pastor “LOOT” Haggee or Robertson or Falwell and at all times…Bless them jews!

              Them Antichrist jews!…”Whoever denies that Christ Has come in the Flesh, and Died for our sins IS of the…Antichrist”…Hmmmm…that would include them jews no?….So Bless the Devils childrens?!!!!…WakeUP!

          • Iran has a high Turkish population and an attack on Iran would cause severe trouble for Turkey. I think the Turks would ditch NATO and Join Russia and China in opposing an attack on Iran. This is not going to play out well as long as Israel keeps on saber rattling.

            Nuttenyahoo has been spewing the rhetoric about Iran and nukes since the early 90’s. Makes you wonder who wants who wiped off the map. Keep poking the bear and eventually the bear bites.

            Whoever attacks who first deserves to have the world come down on them like a 5lb sledgehammer on a finishing nail. If Iran attacks first then every nation should leave a crater where Iran lays. If Israel attacks first the same fate should bestow them.

            This idea that Israel can do no wrong is a flawed notion.

            • Gravlore: I think those “Turks” are Kurds who want their own country anyway. Iran will be piece mealed, just like Iraq.

              That’s the plan for “democracy” and “self determination”.

        • We are here for you. You just don’t know us yet.

          • Q John Q…..Great article. I thought it was easily the most interesting thing I read all day. With that being said I just don’t see BI trying to influence opinion one way or the other. He just seems to state facts and make reasonable guesses as to what might happen. I have never really sensed any sort of bias one way or the other towards any country, race, orginization, religion, ect. Can you give us an example of some stuff BI has said to make you think he is a Shill?

          • @ John Q. Public. How dare you call me one of these government scumbuckets. F u with a capital F for even putting me into such a category. I am trying to figure out what is happening just the same as I am trying to figure out how to predict earthquakes. I want answers, I want to know what is happening. I have in the past tried all sorts of methods of prediction that have failed. I am attempting to see what is going to happen so I personally can get a jump on preparation, and hopefully others get a jump on the mass food runs.

            IF anything I think you fit the qualifications of a shill by calling someone that is spending their own free time attempting to forewarn people of what could be coming. I spent hundreds of hours hurting my eyes trying to come up with a scientific way of predicting earthquakes. I want to know just like everybody else what is going to happen. I support NO government, got it ‘stupid’. Go take your blow up doll of BO or rombot and go at it, and go drap a nice un flag around yourself when you do it.

      2. I feel like the Lone Ranger sometimes…

        • eppe, sometimes it’s natural to feel like a lone ranger. Having been in situations as a lone wolf, there are times it becomes helpful because our priority is survival first. There is this saying “Civilization all around me and I feel lost.” This I think applies more to the sheeple than us. With others on this sight, you can take comfort that there are like minded folks and if the opportunity presented itself , being in the same area, I’d be beside you.
          I have a relationship with God through Jesus and I never feel alone, for during His affliction He was alone and I feed off that.

        • But he had Tonto, and I do have one of those..thank God.

        • Prepping can be very lonely sometimes. I am very thankful my husband and I are a ‘team’ in this endeavor. My husband has met some other men (mostly independent small business owners) who are also ‘awake’ and preparing. It has been only recently that I have met other women who are likeminded.

          At Survival Blog, they have a link called, “Finding Other Preppers.”

          If someone is looking to meet other preppers or a mate … this might be helpful.

          • Interesting Fact. I have a cadre of friends/aquaintances who would be described as preppers. Every single one is self employed. I know NO preppers who “punch a clock”.
            Those friends I talk to, who work for others, my advise and experience goes in one ear and out the other. I don’t waste my breath any longer. EVERY one said ” I’ll just come to your house”.
            I tried to open their eyes. Gently, very gently. They will have no part of it. So be it.

        • Funny part is, I don’t feel alone at all.

          A couple of my neighbors are prepping now, and honestly, I could be perfectly content with being the only prepper in the county… I live my life so that prepping is just something I do, not something I am.

          • The wife likes to “go shopping” in the stockroom. She thinks it’s cool to go shopping, but not have to pay. (her words) She’s almost there. After 30 years of marriage, I view this as adorable. No good would come of explaining. She deservrs a pass for putting up with me for over 35 years.

            • Breaking news.. 10/15/12 9:30pm. hillary falls on knife for Libya debacle. ” the buck stops with me, me alone”

            • Oh, Rick, at my house, our joke is..”I’m running to the grocery; be right back.”
              “Oh, that was a fast trip!!”

      3. Perhaps it would help to join Sgt. Preppers Lonely Hearts Club Band…???

        Just a thought.

        • OY!!

        • MORE Breaking News!! on 10/15/12 at 9:31pm…..$150 Million us dollars Cash was secretly deposited in an off shore hidden hillery acct…..Tel-Aviv is highly suspected as the acct bank location.

      4. WILSON!!!!!

      5. anyone can be a swim buddy when it gets tough, alittle known facts that you want to know about buds, 6 buds classes a year, Schoolhouse wants to make it 5 but not yet, in about 5 years everyone will go thru buds then either go to a boat unit (swcc) or go seal or sdv. these guys are getting automatic e-4 3 months into SDV after buds. So they will no longer be seals in the future they want to make it NSW. NSO is like AIRR resuce etc. so it will be no longer seals in the future they are going to name them all NSW in the future. At first week of buds they get rid of the deadbeats so once you can pass most of the evolutions you are buddied up with someone that is similiar in performance and that is your swim-buddy. you go to the head or whereever they go with you. We work best as a team and always have. Your neighbor or your son or whoever need to work together to protect whats yours, when you start to argue and disagree you need to figure out a solution quickly to be stronger united as a team. Obama is not a team, Obamas like the football team that is all one except the quarterback and things will not turn out as a win. he is a individual and always has been. What makes Seal teams succesful is they practice drills over and over and again with different variables to make them have an advantage. you should do the same when working on home protection or whatever your doing. One more things that make seals have an advantage is they have high confidence. you should too when your home is being broken into. Know you can shoot and believe in yourself even if your a terd. That difference alone will save your life with the difference of seconds in a firefight. Don’t be scared know what you can do and practice it. I have said this before on facebook many times, confidence when confronted makes a difference!

      6. As a survivalist I’m a natural loner. Human relationships are something I have to do. The thorn in my side is the prepper who thinks that just because he “gets it” or “saw the writing on the wall” or “woke up” that he will survive what is to come.

        I have a prison ministry and can tell you from experience inmates come out much more predatory than they go in. Convicts may have no food storage nor be allowed to legally own firearms, but they survived every day for years in a predatory environment and will have no problem killing the average prepper on their way to the outhouse and taking theirs.

        I’ve met a lot of preppers through the church, online, speaking at conferences, and anonymous meetups and have yet to find one to whom I would disclose the location of my retreat. The only ones I trust thus far are my retreat neighbors who have been heating with wood, gardening, hunting, etc. are head and shoulders above any white collar suburbanite who bought a CCW, ordered some MREs, and learned most of his skills from Internet user groups rather than doing them hands-on. None of them are preppers, yet they are always ready because they are living it.

        Survival is something that takes a lifetime to master and to be frank this late in the game there are many who are merely storing up provisions for other people. “Keep on Prepping!”

        • So PP, is it safe to say you won’t be a swim buddy?

          • U-crack me up!

        • Amen to that….

        • Gee, maybe we should all just give up and let you super survivalists carry on for mankind? (sarc)

        • Pastor, see this is the exact attitude that I find discouraging as a new prepper. You didn’t know everything when you started but had to learn. I bet you had a few seasoned vets to help you out along the way. I am not saying you need to disclose your bug out local or where your stockpiles are but if you have this attitude to newbys how do you expect them to learn. I am not naive enough to think every prepper will survive, but those that do could be the future of this country and having allies will be a good thing. In that scenario, better than thou attitudes will not service you well. I love this site. I stumbled on it by chance and now read every day for all the great ideas and knowledge. It has forced me to up my prepping game quite a bit and I don’t every think I will have enough. But because so many commented on various topics it has helped me not only be more prepared but not feel like I’m crazy. I felt like my friends and family thought I was out of my mind when I talked about shtf.

          • Anonymous,

            Every new skill you learn and additional can/bucket of food will help you. When I started prepping, I also felt “overwhelmed” by it all.

            Don’t give up! 🙂
            KY Mom

          • You’re right Anon, stay the course and don’t let anyone get you down. There aren’t any true experts but there are plenty of folks with lots of ecperience. Weed out the good from the bad and don’t get discouraged by ramblers. We all started from scratch and learned a lot from others. Prioritize your needs and work from there and remember, you’ll never finish prepping. We all are constantly adding to our preps and learning what else is needed or benificial.

          • What I think he is trying to say Anonymous is that the people that just go buy a bunch of supplies but dont take to the lifestyle, thinking they will start once the shtf will only be a statistic once the real thing happens and will be feeding the wolves of the world.

            I do believe the learning curve will be steep for those people and most wont be up for it.

            You will be better served balancing your food preps with mental and physical preps than just storing up a bunch of stuff and think you will do the rest once it happens.

            It really does take years to change the lifestyle attitude we ALL have adopted in this day of pizza delivered in 30 minutes, or 10 kinds of pasta sauce on a store shelf, or turn the faucet or thermostat or light switch… and live the life that will keep you and yours alive one second after.

            Don’t despair though and keep learning and prepping the best you can,just know that you need to take a balanced approach.

          • Anon, I am fairly new at prepping too. My eyes somewhat opened a year ago. I get a lil discourage by the “know it alls” too. EVERBODy has to start somewhere. I have been prepping as best as I can with what means I have. I do not have a stock pile of anything yet. I can not cash out 401ks etc. Most of the stockpiled preppers I believe started alot sooner than us. They have had alot more time to gather their nuts (hmm hmm) so to speak. They also were gathering things when items were sheaper etc.I get a little aggrivated too because I do not have somebody teach me to grow a garden. I have been at it for 3 years with only weeds. I keep trying though. I do not have any rambo person to teach me to shoot etc and I am scared of the woods where I live. God only knows what is in there we have poisonouse spiders snakes gators feral pogs coyotes and very recently large black bears. I do not have BOL BOVs for a shtf event. I have what I have and pray it will be good enough. Just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving ahead every lil bit counts!

            • justincase..I think the Lord will lead or guide likeminded folks to meet and help each other when its time.

              For example, i am alone, yet have a crib and ten acres in a safe northern mich area. I wll let others stay here if they help me too.

              I am 60yrs old and with a severly bad back from several injuries. I feel alot more like 80yrs old most days.

              I do not worry of being alone if shtf as I am a believer and from past experiences I wont delve into here I KNOW the Lord is Real. Only a true believer would not laugh at me if I described a few things happened to me as proof solid.

              I Know I will require assistance if it gets bad enough. I do have many neighbors within a couple miles who prep also. Many do not and are typical lib types who will again vote for hobammy simply due to he is a demacrat.

              They wont last too long. But I will along with the neighbors down the road who been preping 20 yrs or longer!

              I dont prep as many here do. Can just do so much. If things get bad enough I need be like MR. Phys fit as arnold?….Or bad to bone as rambo?…Well I wont be able I know it already. So what?…..

              Remember nobody gets out of This life alive! the next life is what really matters. I do want to remain alive a long time yet!….But I refuse to wring my hands daily in worry over preps not yet gotten etc.

              I bet alot of preppers lost a Ton of expensive Uninsured supplies after a Tornado wiped out all of it eh. You know when you see folks comunities ravished from tornados there had to be some folks was preppers and lost alot.

              Nobody can prep for it all always. No gaurentees right.

              Main thing is awakeining is good. Others help is also. NONE of us will be ok alone forever.

            • Justincase, Screw rambo. You dont need him or anyone to take care of you. You will take care of you. You got snakes you say? Ever have Snake soup? Roasted snake? I don’t like spiders either but eh is something we got to work around :)Once you learn the skills to be a survivalist, you tend to be more zen. You will know where to get water when there is no rain or stream to pull water from.
              a quick ie 🙂
              Fresh water can always be found along the sea coast by digging behind the wind-blown sandhills which back most ocean beaches. These sandhills trap rain water, and it floats on top of the heavier salt water which filters in from the ocean. Sandhill wells must be only deep enough to uncover the top inch or two [2.5 or 5 cm] of water. If dug deeper, salt water will be encountered and the water from the well may be brackish and undrinkable. It will be noticed, too, that the water in these wells rises and falls slightly with the tides.

              These sand wells are a completely reliable source of water all over the world. When digging it is necessary to revet the sides with brushwood, otherwise the sand will fall into the well.

              Site to go to to learn from alot of good information do nto need to take the courses.

              two books to get read and learn from.
              Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth Skills
              Primitive Technology II: Ancestral Skill

              Practice which you seem ready and willing to do, hard work will get you there :)Then you will be able to say i am ready Justincase I need to be 🙂

        • Sounds like you think the rest of us should just give up since we don’t stand a chance – according to you. Hopefully, you appreciate your good fortune and smart choices. Do you have anything useful to share with the rest of us “white collar suburbanites” and internet group users?
          Never thought you were the arrogant type,and have enjoyed many of your comments on this site over the last year, but this post of yours essentially says to me – You’re screwed so don’t bother.

          • Something is better than nothing–start prepping if it is only food and water.
            Never give up.

            • I think THAT is the difference between those who survive and those who don’t — the ones who make it NEVER GIVE UP!

        • In the past villages survived. Outlying families ran to the village in times of trouble. Lone wolves die. Wolves know that survival is a pack affair.

        • Depressing, though it’s probably true. At least you said “Keep on Prepping.”

      7. Threat Assessment – What Is Bugging You?

        People who hang around Internet forums where personal preparedness is discussed are used to seeing “how do I get started” questions, which usually start out in the form of “what gun/knife/vehicle/backpack/gadget should I buy for my Bug-Out kit”. After a few requests for clarification it usually emerges that the person needs to know how to begin the process of improving his ability to deal with whatever may come. Frequently the person has given little thought to what threat he is “Bugging Out” from, where he is “Bugging Out” to and what he will do when he gets there. He just knows we are living in difficult times and is uncomfortable with the feeling of vulnerability. The subject seems so overwhelming that many people are intimidated and don’t know where to start

        One thing you can do to help make the hurdles seem smaller is conduct a “Threat Analysis” that attempts to identify those problems which are most likely to come your way. The goal is to develop a rational approach to preparing for an uncertain future in a manner that doesn’t deplete all your resources or sink your personal life. By prioritizing the threats and your response to them you can more effectively allocate your resources to improve your self-sufficiency. However, you have to identify the threats before you can assess them.

        The first order of business is to identify the big things that could go wrong in your area (or an area you are considering relocating to) which would make life difficult for you. If you live in Southern California you obviously need to be concerned about the four California seasons: Fire, Flood, Earthquake and Riot. If you live in Florida hurricanes and wildfires come to mind. New England is subject to blizzards and winter ice storms; tornados are common in the Midwest and so on. Tailor this list to suit your own personal circumstances. The list for a family that includes infants and children won’t be the same as for a single person with no local family ties. Make this list as exhaustive as you have the stomach for – you will never finish the list because you will be adding to it as you learn more. For now, don’t worry about “solving” these problems, just identify as many as you can. Also don’t worry about apocalyptic meteor impacts or new ice ages – you can worry about them after you are situated such that a two week power outage in the dead of winter is not a big deal or staying away from the grocery store for months on end wouldn’t bother you.

        Some threat topics you could consider might be:

        Personal economic issues (layoff, loss of income because of illness)
        Regional/national economic issues (factory closings, recession, depression, major shortages)
        Local weather conditions (earthquakes, fires, floods, tornados)
        Regional weather conditions (hurricane, major earthquakes, major ice storms)
        Local food supply (markets closed because of widespread power outage, strikes)
        Regional food supply (major strikes, transportation disruption, terrorist acts)
        Local transportation disruptions (road/highway closures, toxic spills, derailments, bus or train strikes)
        Regional, national transportation disruptions (airlines grounded, interstate highways closed)
        Personal security (safety going to/from work, neighborhood safety, local criminal activity)
        Regional security (riots and civil unrest, terrorist acts, martial law lockdowns)
        Any others appropriate to your situation
        After you have a good start on your list go through it and consider the chances of each of them occurring (not all at the same time, of course). Rank items in a rough priority – maybe high, medium and low – to get an idea of where your vulnerabilities lie. Again, don’t try to solve these problems yet, just try to understand what they are and what affect they would have on you.

        If you are relocating to a new area evaluate all your potential destinations in a similar fashion. You have to include factors like employment but look at the threats too. If you are moving across town keep the list in mind as you look at properties or apartments. Play out scenarios in your mind – how would you get home from work if the freeways were closed or how much trouble would you be in if a blizzard struck during the middle of the night and you couldn’t go anywhere for a few days?

        Weather or natural hazards aren’t the only things we have to worry about. Sometimes we don’t think of problems that can arise because of common facilities in our area. Here are just a few samples to think about:

        Proximity to airports (civil/commercial or military): Jet noise, crash hazards, traffic, security or terrorism issues
        Proximity to major highways: Traffic noise, hazardous cargo. Forced evacuations can occur after major accidents involving toxic spills. These disadvantages should be weighed against the need for quick access for commuting.
        Proximity to railroads: Same issues as with major highways. Trains occasionally derail and get whole towns evacuated because of toxic spills.
        Proximity to schools: Schools generate lots of traffic. Emergencies can cause streets around schools to be locked down. If you need to be near a school check out traffic patterns. High schools may generate undesired off-campus activity.
        Proximity to military installations: Unless you work there, these are probably best avoided for all the usual reasons.
        Proximity to large public works: Dams, power plants etc. Lots of threat potential there, from floods to terrorist activity.
        Availability of water: If you have to be on a city system think through what you will do for backup water supply and waste disposal. If you are on a private well/septic system think about your ability to get water if commercial power goes away. What happens if an earthquake damages your well?
        Potential for flooding: Check out the lay of the land – did a creek use to run through what is now the house?
        Open space and wildfire potential: Some neighborhoods in San Diego county were spared during the 2003 fires because residents had kept brush under control.
        Proximity to large scale agriculture: Large scale agricultural activities can trigger health issues because they can generate lots of dust, pollen and odors.
        Defensibility: If things really do get out of hand do you and your neighbors have any hope of defending your homes against intruders, looters or rioters?
        Once you have a good start on compiling and prioritizing your list you can start to plan your preparations. Use the probability of an event actually happening plus the danger it poses to help prioritize your expenditure of resources. You can’t make the problems go away but you can make their effect on your life less significant. Some solutions will be easy but others may be beyond your ability to implement; you may either have to live with the risk or go somewhere else, and the choice isn’t always easy. JUST THINK!

        • thanks copperhead for useful and thought provoking info.

        • @ Copperhead…thanx for your “invaluable” info…trying the hamburger rocks this week, and would also love to get the butter done! Will start looking for more butter on sale (:

          Just wondering if anyone on here can remember where the list for a BOB is….quite some time ago, thought someone posted what would make a great list to pack in the car…I want to do a couple “care bags” for my 2 sons who are on the road a fair bit……just in case of emergency…

          I know I should google it, and can do that….just wonder what others carry in their trunk in a CANADIAN winter…(: thanx in advance and take care! CC

          • all fluids for your carincluding spare tire in a can, a spare gas can,jumper cables,warm blanket,pillow, flashlight, water, small heat packs, non perishable food rations, warm clothes, boots, gloves, first aid kit.

            • Thanx eeder…I will get on that right away, have some supplies, but need to get to Canadian Tire store for a couple pair of jumper cables and spare tire in a can!! Got new winter tires for my car, but think I’ll get an extra can for myself…..just in case! (: cheers!

            • yes canuck. if you get a flat that stuffs a life saver and who knows when you could pick up a nail or something. its much easier than trying to put the spare on.that reminds me. ive got to get my snow tires put on soon. if you spend a bit more , you can get a battery charger instead of jumper cables, though it doesnt hurt to have both.

            • Far better than that aerosol “spare in a can” is to prep your tires with “Slime”. The stuff was developed for military vehicles, and will seal a bullet hole. There’s other brand names now, but the “Slime” brand can be purchased at Lowes.

            • And IF you have a Dollar Tree–they have 2 hrs of ‘heat in a can’..they’re in all our vehicles. Never know..a few hours of heat may save your lives.

        • you got it.

        • Copperhead,

          Great post! Lots of useful information to consider.
          Thank you!

          KY Mom

      8. It gets lonely knowing so many people I have talked to just don’t get it. I try to let them know what may be coming and the have the…I don’t get it look, or the I don’t care or I think you are crazy Steve…

      9. ANON MWF looking for SHTF BFF @TEOTWAWKI. OPSEC essential.

        • @Zoltanne, Anyone who even UNDERSTANDS that has potential…LOL!

      10. Years ago a friend of mine said he had been in a fire tower out in no where land for a summer. first week it was fun, second week lonely, about the forth week when he saw someone walking in the distance he felt PO’d because of the interruption. If you need more people for Op Sec fine, otherwise get a dog.

      11. This weekend my son broke his arm while out camping….really bad break. I was able to keep my cool and get him the appropriate medical attention, but we were off the beaten track at a campground with no running water and atleast 30 minutes from partial civilization. It hit me after all was said and done how in a true SHTF scenario, medical attention that could fix a break like this would not be available. Though I can handle myself in a first aid situation, there is almost no way I could set a full fracture without the use of xray for visualization. Watching my son wallow in pain while I had nothing by way of serious pain meds to help him was heart wrenching. Sure, if I to do a sort of wilderness medicine in lieu of hospitals I could have, but looking at his crooked arm in that situation….well, talk about training.

        If the SHTF we would be medically alone…not the same alone as this article mentions, but still alone. We all need to mentally prepare for this sort of “alone” as well. It is a scary thought to not have the experts and their technology nearby.

        • Kynase,

          I agree, it is a very scary notion that I think gets put on the back burner too often by preppers. Think of how many times your life has been saved by modern medicine. This could include but not limited to appendix surgery, asthma attacks, a severe cut where stitches were required, or even a severe cold where antibiotics were needed. Almost everyone I know including myself has been saved by modern medicine. I think some times preppers get too enthraled with Guns and food the might overlook th eserious need for a medical preparedness plan. A good medical kit would include a scalep, stitches, needels, turnicates, etc. And of course the knowledge! More than just bandaides….This does not even take into account any daily medication required. A lot of asthma sufferers will be surprised how fast thier rescue inhalers go out of stock in a SHFT or even a financial collapse scenario. I have read reports coming out of Greece and Spain saying asthma medicine is practically unavailable there. SO what would you do if you need this medicine on a daily basis? Medical knowledge and supplies will be just as valuable as guns and food in a SHFT scenario so stock up!

          • Try to find a Red Cross medical class. Also check out survival schools or maybe your local county has emergency preparedness citizen classes. If they don’t, maybe your could suggest (badger till you get it) that it would be a good idea. Have at least one medical professional or military type who might be able to conduct some of those classes.
            In the military everyone is required to take basic first aid and drill till it is engrained in their heads. A family/group could have one or two people attend the class and them come back and train everyone else. Don’t forget the kids. They can learn some things too. And everyone should know where the first aid boxes are located.

            • So true…I’ve taken countless first aid/cpr courses and have been in serious situations a handful of times. Problem is, no matter how much training a person has, when the situation occurs, you just don’t know how someone is going to react. I stayed cool, calm, collected. Others couldn’t focus and kinda lost it. Keeping the wounded and the others calm is definitely a task. Might I encourage everyone to learn some breathing exercises to learn how to keep calm. 🙂

          • the last time I needed a few stitches, I did it myself…took them out in a couple of weeks. Half the battle is having the stuff you need, like the sutures with disposable curved needle attached, a pair of hemostats and the will to use them.

          • Peppermint oil for asthma works a bit. There are also a few plants that you can eat the leaves that will help reduce the risk of asthma, steam from boiling water also helps.

      12. The best way to fight loneliness is to fight conservatism. Find like minded people who realize conservatives control the decline of America, the loss of personal freedoms, and further enslavement of mankind. All presidents since JFK, thus his death, have been right wing conservatives. Obama and Romney policies are hard right wing positions. This is the only accepted position available for this imperial presidency. Conservatives abhor individual liberty. They are responsible for depressed wages, all wars, obscene profits and the destruction of the environment. Money and power are all that matters. The people have been brainwashed into voting against their own best interests. Preppers are wrong to call themselves conservatives, rather they conserve to ensure their survivability. Conservatives are all about the smashing of the common people and taking of all for themselves.

        • Aljamo, you been alone too long.

          Don’t worry….we’ll set you up with a small town population of Red Thumbs this evening. And you can even be the Mayor of Red Thumbville.

        • @ Aljamo, wow! Obama IS a conservative!, what a brillant point. (Dam, is wish I had thought of that) Thanks for clearing it all up for us.

          So if Obama and Romney are not Left-wing enough to vote for, who should we cast them for instead?

          • aljamo: When you next remove your headfrom hobammys liberal Ass to write more insane nonsence, look in a mirror to see if you are begining to look alot like a chimp. Check your Gums too…Are they getting a little Bluegumed?….Lips…Bootlipped yet?

            You keep your head up his ass too long and soon you be craving bannanas.

            • the conservatives are just as much to blame as the liberals. Remember the dems and reps? both suck. Both fucked us. It was dem and rep, cons and libs who have been running the country eh? how we doing ?
              Conservative signed the Patriot Act.
              Liberal Signed the NDAA.
              Liberal signed NAFTA ( even tho it was championed by a conservative G.H.B. from the time he was head of cia til he was president )
              Conservative gave us the star wars program remember that fuck up?
              Conservative sent us to war in the wrong country.
              The conservative romney thinks middle class earns 250k a year.
              The liberal obama has killed 5 americans with drone strikes one being a 16 year old boy who was on the active kill list.
              Conservative gave us watergate.
              Liberals & Conservatives gave us wellfare mommas.
              Liberals & Conservatives gave out the TARP funds.
              Liberals & Conservatives have voted to give themselves raises over and over while keeping minimum wage down.
              Liberals & Conservatives, Liberals and Conservatives.
              Maybe we all need to move to the center and stop thinking by the party for the party because neither party is for the people.
              Both sides still dividing us. They control almost all of us. Dont like me sayign that? Then stop being divided until then they own you for your doing exactly what they want you to do.

            • Aljamo is one of those paid trolls we read about in another article. Ignore him or her.

        • You are a monument to misinformation. LBJ did so much for us right?

        • Better take a look at JFK’s policies and positions….by today’s standards, he’d be labeled as a right wing nutter. That’s how far left the left has shifted…

      13. The Bible tells us not to make false idols.

        Now I can’t speak for anybody buy myself, but I have become aware that I have been too focused on “Heating my house with wood”, “Gardening” and “Hunting” than my relationship with my Father in Heaven.

        As the old saying goes, “You can’t take it with you”, which also applies to food, guns, ammo, silver ect.

        Another way of puting it is, “What good does it do a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul”?

        I myself hope and pray that every new person who see’s what is coming survives and does well doing it. Even those in the suburbs with a few MRE’s, acouple of bottles of water and a CCW.

        So, I ask almighty God to forgive me for my making “surviving” my idol, I have sinned.

        After all, the purpose of life should be to bring glory to Him by how we live our lives, not surviving as long as we can.

        • i dont know if this help but joseph in the bible prep’d according to Gods word and there is also the little parable of the ant and the grasshopper..

          • Great point, WallyS !

        • Great response Copperhead. Maybe that should be re-posted once monthly.

        • Rev Ike,

          But what if the way you are living your life allows others to follow in your footsteps thus allowing them the opportunity to later be led to Christ?

          Were you not prepping and influencing others, the chance of them surviving is greatly reduced. In your case, it could even be considered an unconventional yet effective ministry.

          Sometimes we sell our selves short on the influence we have over people.

          I think that’s why I truly appreciated Copperheads earlier response. There is no way to determine how many more people might make it as a result of his posting.

          Not everybody is as verbal as some on here, and they not ask a question that could save their family for fear of criticism.

          Just a thought.

          • @Nailbiter

            Waht a really great answer. I can tell that you have a good heart my brother.

            • What not Waht,!

        • Rev….During the last 3 or so years I have had this indescribable feeling to prep. I have had this overwhelming desire to prepare for “SOMETHING”, I have no idea what but this powerful desire to do it.

          With that said I have always felt that the preps may not be for me or my family. If that time comes when the SHTF and the preps are needed and I am not here on this earth to partake then I do not care who God sends my way to collect them.

          I do it becasue I am being told to by a higher power and I do not care if they are for me or someone else God has in mind.

          • I actually plan on leaving a note with my freeze dried goods that reads:

            This food was left here by a trusty servant of God’s so that you would have food to nurture your body and your soul. Give Thanks.

            • @Sister Tina

              Don’t forget an extra copy of the “Good Book”….just say’n

        • Proverbs 22:3

          God Bless

          • I as a woman often think of prov. 31 this woman stored her food for winter, this chick was the prepper modal besides Joseph. She is what I strive to be like for my family and keeps me inspired when I ger down on preppein

        • Rev, My family has taken to fasting and praying at the encouragement of our local Pastor. I can not describe the feeling it brings and the renewed connection with the father I feel! Peace

      14. And yet — even though I prep and “get it” — maybe we’re the strange / wrong ones after all.

        • Matthew, we’re doing what comes natural, it’s like stepping out of the way of an on coming train.

          • Perfect analogy Rev, I wish I could give you more then one thumbs up for it.

        • This exact thought has crossed my mind many times Matthew, you are not alone. My motivations are my children. I can never imagine having them ask me for food and not be able to provide it. I would rather stock up and if I do not need it, when I am eating it in a few years, I will be eating food that seems like it is on the best sale of my life. Food only gets more expensive. But know that you are not alone in questioning yourself, find a good motivator and keep plugging along. Peace

      15. I was a “lurker” for about a year before joining in the discussions here. At first, with the overload of info on all the websites, I thought things were going to crash within 6 months. I struggled with what I should do first and how fast it needed done. Now, a couple years later, I realize things are most likely not going to fall apart overnight. I realize my ideas of a collapse may be different than others, but I have slowed down on just accumulating things to survive and switched to things that will be most sustainable in the longer term. My swim buddy is my wife even though she mostly just tolerates what I do. She still believes “the government will do something to fix it”. I encourage new preppers to try and make your “new” lifestyle one that can sustain you in a longer term and not just buy things for the sake of having them.

      16. when i started i didn’t know essentially where or how to start. i think the most important thing to do IS START. basic necessities. i bought lots of water and starch. rice mostly and beans. you never feel like anything you’ve done will be enough. you have to keep going though. i am lucky in a way because my wife supports me in this even though she she doesn’t quite understand how important it really is. my brother and sister are also on board so if shtf then we will at least be somewhat ahead of the people that did nothing. when i start having that sick feeling of why now? why us? i just think to myself that in a way we were chosen to live in this lifetime. chosen because whether we know it or not, we have the ability and the strength to survive and thrive with whatever shit comes at us.

      17. I’m not lonely. This economic collapse is going to hit everyone not ready for it just like most everything else does. Once you get old enough, you may start becoming aware that most people just let life take them where-ever it will like a log in the mighty stream. Those that really plan more than 3 months ahead or try and learn new ideas after school are a very small minority.

        I have been preparing as I can and boxing things up and storing them that can be like extra toilet paper and renewing things that need to be renewed like gas and water. If the collapse hits, i’ll start unpacking. If it doesn’t, I’ll have one helluva garage sale.

      18. Waking up is hard.

      19. benji boy literally has us all on the eve of destruction. cant we stop this madman at the last second or at least not go help them even if it is before the election.

        • Eeder,
          Dude, read your Bible. No matter what you think of Bibi Netanyahu, Israel wins in the end. You think Bibi is a “manman” because you are unaccustomed to having a leader who is a real man, assertive, protective, unafraid of conflict.

          Genesis 12:3 God says of Israel “I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you.” What do you think was among the reasons that God favored America in the beginning and early part of our history? One of the reasons is because we are allied with Israel.

          I will have great fear if the day comes that we withdraw our help from Israel. We should all pray that we do not do that.

          • Are you crazy? Why the hell would we want to start WWIII on their behalf. If your going to quote the bible, then we should turn the other cheek and pray. Then we should provide food, shelter, medical services to ALL involved after they fight it out. That would be the good Christian thing to do would it not be?

          • GOP4: Re-Read it….What it meant God tells abraham I will bless you etc and Your SEED SEED= Jesus still to be born in future from Then.

            Also Jacob blessed his Son Josephs Two SONS…Manessah and ephraim…Jacob told Them boys that THEY will forever be know and called as ISREAL. Along with THEIR decendants.

            Then after solomon died and his son became head of ALL 12 tribes,,, ALL 12…He raised taxes etc and the NORTHERN 10 tribes(includes manaseah & ephraim) SPLIT apart from the “Kingdom of Judah” or the “Southern Kingdom”

            QUESTION: If what many today call the “jews” is who you need bless? WHY aint the very word JEW mentioned till Second book of KIngs and in chapter 16(?)??

            What You quote bless isreal etc is way before any mention of word “jew”. Hmmmm…Hmmmmm…

            That was aprox 1000 yrs Prior to Jesus born…And still Today them lost 10 tribes decendants are who Real “Isreal” is.

            THose so called jews you think are jews are really khazer frauds. Their ancestors Converted to the Talmude 1200 yrs ago while in area now known as Russia-Ukraine-Poland etc.

            So if you believe anyone who converts to belief in the Talmude is a true jew?…RE Read Your bible!

            PS when Jesus complained that the Pharisees and jew folowers of Theirs were trashing Gods words and Laws etc..And preaching “Traditions of Men”…Jesus was speaking of the TALMUDE. Today 99.9% of those who call selves jew or jewish believe Talmude..NOT the 1st 5 books of OT or Books of moses. aka Torah.

            Talmude is what They call Torah!…You may learn alot more if you rely of your bible instead of todays pastors who parot same as most do, each other.

            Read Book of Jeramiah too especially chapters 29-31. Where God DIS- owns them jews for good. They AINT what you call Isreal. Read and see for self.

          • @ GOPwhatever

            I call bullshit to your assertion that GOD has blessed this country because of our slavish support for Israel.

            FYI, that shitty little country wasn’t even recognized by the USA until 1948 and then it was only a ‘provisional recognition’ by then president Harry Truman.
            Isn’t it odd that since massive US govt support for Tel Aviv ramped up in the late ’70s, the decline of America’s greatness began its nose-dive?

            Since you’re evidently a follower of the Christian-zionist cult, allow me to post a few religious links for your reference:





            Angelo is right.
            You’ve got your head stuck-up Israel’s ass, thus placing your mortal soul in danger. Wake-up, man!

            • * late 1960s

              sorry for the typo…

          • You are correct GOP4EVER.

            The reason America is in a failed state is because we have turned our backs on God’s people.

            We are now being judged for our failure.

            And God’s chosen people will win in the end!

      20. My spouse went back to her “Home Town” this week, as her Mom is very ill. It’s just a town of maybe 100,000 in the South. According to her, there are very few stores still open and only two places to eat out left.

        She spoke to her old Pastor who said that the Church’s food pantry is all used up. Also there have been cases of people going to dog pounds to get “fresh meat on the hoof”, so to speak.

        She has family members who have been out of work for 3 years, moving in with other family members just to keep a roof over their kids heads.

        The economic collaspe might already be here, it just hasn’t hit some of us yet.

      21. I have a question. I live in a city with my family. But about 2 or 3 miles around me is all middle to high class and I have a major county airport about 5 miles away from me. Probably many of the people around me are white and there are many hispanic and black are not that much. I live about a mile away from a big highway. I have about 7 food stores/fast food within a mile from me. One publix and 2 small food stores in front of me. My county which is very large, consists of 25% black, 25% hispanic, and 50% white. Should I worry about riots that much?

        • I suspect that this question is not for real but I will answer anyway.

          Anyone would riot if they were hungry enough.

          Hunger knows no color….

        • Yup.

      22. Rev. Ike:

        that’s the sad thing. people are so easily distracted with the BS being fed to them, they have failed to realize that the proverbial sh*t is already hitting that fan. it just hasn’t quite splattered all over the walls yet but it sure is stinking up the joint already.

        this QE3 is just the big shots draining what’s left. pretty soon everyone will be rushing to the kennels for their fresh meat.

        • What’s all the pound talk? There’s a squirrel in every tree even in town. Granted a tree rat wouldn’t be my first choice but it would have to beat poodle!

          • dog tastes better then squirrel. snake taste better then both those 🙂 I would stay away from possum it tastes nasty ( to me anyhow )Also a dog even a teacup would have more meat on it then a squirrel. Have eaten so much abnormal shit that I should of been on that travel channel show strange eats.

      23. Copperhead, you’re right on target with threat assessment. On loneliness, unfortunately I already have a lot of experience in that area. I lost the only true love I ever had in 1982 to a drunk driver. She was a nurse. She was crossing the street from the hospital to the employee parking lot when she wass struck by a car driven by a drunk Haitian. This happened in Miami and my beloved was from Cuba. My first real experience with prepping was during hurricane season, getting food, water, other basic necessities, plywood to cover up our windows and doors, etc. if she were alive now, she would be 100% on board with me prepping; she believed in it and this was back in the 70s and 80s when the economy was good. She was so sharp, so intelligent, so extraordinary. I’ve dated more women than I count in the years since, but none of them could hold a match, let alone a candle, to my beloved Carmen. it would take a miracle for me to ever find another woman like her. The last time i even dated was 2003. Far too many women today have been brainwashed with feminism and have issues and drama that I don’t need in my life. it’s tragic what feminism has done to American women. I’m still alone to this day and I fully expect to still be so when TSHTF. I believe I’m as mentally prepared as can be for the challenges of SHTF and coping with it alone. I’ve often heard it said that nobody stands a chance alone, but I’m coping with loneliness very well, I think. I’ve still got my sanity so that’s something. With the exception of my wife, I’ve never trusted anybody; never depended on anyone but myself. It burns me to no end what TPTB have done and are still doing to our country. I hate living in fear. i hate the fact that I have to prep for what’s coming and that I may haqve to do certain things to stay alive that I never would have done otherwise. I want to survive whatever is coming. i want to fight and get my country back. I’m so deathly sick of anyone trying to destroy our country, so I’m mentally prepped. I know everytime I visit this site ther are articles very much worth reading. i know I’m posting on this forum with a lot of like-minded people who fell as I do and some of you have given me very good advice on certain things and I thank you for that. I especially enjoy reading the posts of Copperhead, Gods Creation, Clint Hospo, Burt the Brit, Be Informed, etc. They have the best posts on this forum hands down. BI, I especially appreciate you passing along the info about earthquakes. I take my hat off to all of you. When I post on here, I give it my best shot. Sometimes I may not sound too bright coming across but I’m only human. It’s possible some of us might not make it all the way through post-SHTF for one reason or another, but I’m sure everybody will give it their best shot. I know I’m not going into the dark night without putting up a hell of a fight. best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart

        • BRAVEHEART: You can count on me as to haveing guard on your six anytime. You are someone I would trust you with my life, I just wish you had been on my LRRP team.

      24. This frog can feel the water temperature warming up in this frog stew we’re in… I have found that talking to people about self-sustaining life style that I want to achieve is better than just saying “I’m a prepper for when the shtf!” Now I won’t give up everything (like Internet) right away, but I won’t be buying any electric can openers either…

        Self-sustainability is good for your wallet, health, and piece of mind…

        • I still use my P-38 sometimes!

          • I still do myself, with out one you go hungry or at least in trouble openning c-rats.

      25. Copperhead, you sound like a Vietnam Vet. I was too young for that war and too old for the other wars afterwards. I’ve got a few Vietnam Veterans in my family;only one of them ever opened up to me about what it was like for him and even then only reluctantly. I can understand it; we lost some good people over there for no good reason at all. All the vets in my family, even the WW2 vets, always told me stay out of the military; they just use people. The last time we had the draft i was supposed to sign up in march, 1975, when I turned 18. 2 months later, The Selective Service Act officially ended. That was when the war ended. I’ve never heard anything from anyone about it since then. At that time, the US was totally demoralized from the experience in SE Asia. Nobody had the stomach for fighting any more. At that time, America probably could’ve been taken over without a shot being fired. it was only when Reagan was first elected that we started getting over all that and started to believe in ourselves as a people and nation again. Despite everything I see and hear around me these days, I have always believed in this country and its people but never in the government. I know there’s still people like you and me all over out here that won’t let this country die. I believe this country is worth saving. I know we all dread SHTF, but I believe it has to happen and some good things can come out of it. i just hope we have some more time before it happens. The more supplies we can get, the better off we’ll be. braveheart

        • There WAS a good reason for the Vietnam War.

          North Vietnamese Communists were invading South Vietnam, a country with moral Catholic anti-Communist leadership, but the US government, infiltrated and controlled by Judeo-Communists saw to it that President Diem was assassinated. A weak puppet was installed, and further betrayals followed (just like the Judeo-Communists in the US State Department sabotaged Chiang Kai Shek’s war against Mao Tse Tung). ZOG not only succeeded in promoting Judeo-Communism, but in the process, enriched Judeo-Capitalism—and, as usual when the Jews instigate war and fund both sides of the conflict—it was the goyim who paid with their treasure and the lives of their children.

          The synagogue of Satan—their father was a murderer and a liar from the beginning and they do their father’s work.

          “Chosen People” (Gavril Princeps and his co-assassins) started World War ONE—25 million died.

          “Chosen People” (the 1934 Declaration of War of World Jewry against Germany) started World War TWO—60 to 80 million died.

          “Chosen People” created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Dzhezhinsky, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.

          The synagogue of Satan is responsible, directly and indirectly, for the murder of nearly a QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE in the 20th century.

          Blow back NOW! Do not let them start another World War!

          • All the anti-semitism on this site is frightening.

            When you die and face God and he asks you “How did you treat the apple of my eye”?

            What will be your answer?

          • @ John-Q

            Bravo. Well done, lad!

        • Braveheart: Yes I am. Let’s just say I had some GOOD times and some BAD. I would do it again in a heart beat. And YES I’m sick of the way this country is going. If we are going to save this country, we need to do it now and don’t wait anylonger. One of the things that has help ME, is realizeing I’m already dead, you learn that when you can hear the rounds go by so close enough, to hear the pop and feel the air of them on your cheek. SORRY FOR YOUR LOST OF THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. You hang in there and if we don’t meet on this side, we’ll meet on the other.

      26. MUCH better, to be prepared than not.

        I’ve noted via that preppers show on TV, (sorry:-) some clever bunker/transport/sail designs by many a prepping family and individuals – very good work I must say. Great ideas too.

        But – despite that, I’d consider being very camera shy, don’t seek publicity – think.

        I appeciate the stories and comments here, learn much.

      27. Folks….I think most of us on here know damn well who plans, funds, and carries out these terror attacks…..THE UNITED STATES DOES. These little shitty half assed attacks we have seen around the world aren’t gonna cut it….they need a huge one like yesterday and would love to top 9/11 by far i’m sure. The MSM sure has been talking a lot about CYBER ATTACKS and are already blamming IRAN ( the exact country they want to bomb..what a shocker ) for these attacks. I’m not sure how a pissant country like IRAN can hack into state- of- the- art systems with their ATARI 800’S and other low tech computers that are FAR inferior to ours here but whatever. I’m just wondering….. do the PTB know EXACTLY when our economy will crash and have a CYBER ATTACK ready to go to be hung around the Iranians necks? I think Y-E-S. What better way to shift the blame of an epic economic crash from the banksters and crooked politicians to the Iranians? Just let it all crash and then blame it on…well…whoever they want. They could say Bigfoot, Santa Clause, Easterbunny, or Daffy Duck did it and this dumbed down ignorant population who don’t know shit from shinola would by it. Final Preps anyone ?? I’ve said this before on here…..Mystery Babylons (Americas) judgement cometh in ONE HOUR. Folks…we are going down by economic means…and it’s going to happen so fast it will make some of your heads spin. Maybe the plan is to kill the TV, Computer, radio, cell phones for 12-24 months so we can’t get any information or communicate ….the power comes back on a year or 2 later…..we all learn very quickly a new and very popular leader is now president of the world and has finally solved the worlds problems ( obamma ?) you see him on your tv screen….he says only one phrase….” WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER.”

      28. @ BraveHeart,
        I grieve With you brother for such a loss…
        Yah, there’s one slight problem with that though. My Great-grandmother lived through the Depression years and some few of her tales became something of a staple within the family. One of the things that stick’s in my mind is her telling of the time immediately after the ‘Hard times’ began. Game was plentiful before the fact but in less than a year was so scarce that she – and many others – began suffering from “Polegra”, a nutritional deficiency arrived at by a lack of variety in the diet…specifically, a meat-free, animal fat-free diet which – in her case – consisted mostly of corn. Niether was this phenomena confined to the sothern states where she was botn and raised. In the entire eastern half of the US the situation was starkly similar. It takes a large amount of space to provide for the needs of just a small human population attempting to live off the land sans functioning, relatively advanced agriculture and similarly advanced animal husbandry practices. This is why, in largest part, Human populations grew so very slowly prior to the 20th century. Everyone should draw thier own conclusions as to what an ‘aftermath’ existence would entail.

      29. If you think you can or you think you cant, you are correct.
        One person with the correct mindset and a piece of string and a knife has more chance of surviving than a group of people with supplies but lacking determination to survive !

      30. I have a question. I have been unemployed for, basically, the majority of the Obama reign. I believe in prepping, but when your income is scant, at best, and you can’t afford the things preppers stockpile, what is one to do?

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