Prep! Government Warnings Pour In, Something Big is Coming: “But Is Anybody Listening?”

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    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at The Organic Prepper.

    Editor’s Comment: If it takes government spokespeople to boot you into action, then you may already be a lost cause. At any rate, it is certainly eerie to have multiple areas of government converging into an all-out storm of warnings about impending disaster.

    From FEMA drills on massive earthquakes in a handful of key spots across the country, pending economic disaster, false flag terror attacks and misplaced fear and violence in the election cycle, there is plenty of potential for crisis.

    Is there something more to the warnings from Obama and other figures? Are they scripting us because they know something big is coming?

    The US Government Has Recently Issued 2 Alarming Warnings to Prep…But Is Anybody Listening?

    by Daisy Luther

    When the US government steps outside of the apple pie and baseball narrative of the American dream and issues warnings to prep, you’d better pay strict attention and start upping your preparedness game.  (Whether you believe that the threat to prep for is manufactured to engineer consent or not is, while an interesting debate, entirely beside the point of this article.)

    The US government, much like the ones in Venezuela and Greece, likes to paint a rosy picture of life in our country, often to the point that those who are awake are incredulous that others accept the propaganda.  Sort of like when Obama said that anyone who claimed there was something wrong with the US economy was a peddler of fiction.  Or when Venezuelan President Maduro said last year that they were merely being environmentally friendly when they began rationing electricity.

    But what does it mean when that rosy picture gets a huge rip down the center? Particularly when the rip comes straight from the government, whose usual job it is to photoshop the rips so no one sees them?

    I can give you a recent example.  Remember how President Maduro said there was no food shortage for the longest time? Then suddenly, he announced that the country was out of food (as though the crisis hadn’t been building all along) and recommended that folks grow veggies and raise chickens on their balconies.  And then, all hell broke loose.  The country is out of positively everything and what is available is dramatically hyperinflated. (A dozen eggs for $150, anyone?)

    Obama issued the first of 2 warnings to prep.

    Most of us are well aware that when disaster strikes, we’re on our own. That has been proven in disaster after disaster, like when it took days to get aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy.  But usually, the government likes to downplay the need for independence.  When they begin telling people to get ready, you’d better be sure that you are, because that means they know – absolutely know – that they won’t have the resources to aid those in need.

    First, President Obama stepped away from the golf course to address FEMA at the end of May. Here, from the White House website, is an excerpt from his speech (the emphasis is mine):

    One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster.  And that means taking proactive steps, like having an evacuation plan, having a fully stocked disaster supply kit.  If your local authorities ask you to evacuate, you have to do it. Don’t wait.

    And so one of the biggest, most important messages that we’re going to be delivering throughout hurricane season is that you cannot judge the dangerousness of a hurricane based on the fact that in the past it dissipated or it missed you.  If your local authorities say that you need to start evacuating, you need to start evacuating and get it done…

    …And what we’ve been seeing is some public complacency slipping in; a large portion of people not having preparedness kits, not having evacuation plans… If you need information about how to put together an evacuation plan, how to put together a disaster preparedness kit, as Craig said, we’ve got an app for everything now.  We have a FEMA app in English and in Spanish to help you prepare your family for a disaster.  You can update the National Weather Service alerts.  You can get safety tips for more than 20 kinds of hazards.  It provides you directions to nearby shelters.

    So I would encourage every American, no matter where you live, to stay vigilant, to check — I will repeat that — that is — check that regularly to make sure your family is prepared for severe weather.

    As Michael Snyder pointed out on his website, The Economic Collapse Blog, Obama seems to really be pushing the idea of a FEMA camp.

    One more thing that I found particularly noteworthy about Obama’s speech was that he said that there is now “a FEMA app” that can direct you to the nearest “FEMA shelter” in the event of a major emergency…

    …Could you envision yourself and your family having to take refuge in a “FEMA shelter” someday?

    Once you enter the gates to Camp FEMA, you must understand that you’re completely under their control. When you eat, where you sleep, and how often you shower will all be regulated. Gee. It kind of sounds like prison, doesn’t it?  (For a look at what life in a FEMA camp might be like, check out A. American’s book, Forsaking Home.  Yes, it’s fiction, but not outside the realm of possibility.)

    Obama’s statements were all couched in a speech that coincides with hurricane season. On its own, this wouldn’t be a huge deal.

    Now the DHS  has followed with a warning about potential evacuations in DC.

    It’s no surprise that the nation’s capital is a prime target for terrorist attacks. The DC public transit system known as “the Metro” began it’s year-long Safe Track program, performing repairs on the aging infrastructure. While the repairs are much needed, the commuter congestion wrought by the changes in service have brought to light the very real issues that would occur in the event of a rapid evacuation of the city.

    DC’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Command Center is very concerned. After Safe Track began last week, they started monitoring commuter transit and determined that “If a natural disaster or terrorist attack occurred in the city, evacuation routes would face a crush of vehicles.”  Well, we all know that’s obviously the way it happens during an evacuation. Remember the Hurricane Rita traffic jam back in 2005? Out of 113 deaths attributed to the hurricane, 107 were associated with the evacuation, where people perished of heat strokes, a bus fire, and the exacerbation of chronic health issues.

    So although evacuation is always a nightmare, the limited Metro service could elevate that to crisis proportions. DC Homeland Security Director Christopher Geldart has issued a warning to residents (again, the emphasis is mine):

    Everyone needs to dust off their evacuation plans, understanding Metro isn’t a reliable option over the next year.

    “When we put more vehicles on the road– like an emergency happening in the middle of the day and everybody leaving at the same time– that’s going to cause backup and it’s going to take people a good time to get home,” Geldart said. “It will take longer– much longer– than they are used to. So what we’re telling folks is, you need to have a plan with your family.”

    The reasons behind these warnings to prep are nothing new, but….

    Does the government know something that we don’t? Is there something big coming down the pipe? Something so big that the government isn’t going to be able to manage the crisis to their own advantage? Are they washing their hands of the responsibility they willingly took on when they created organizations like FEMA to “take care” of citizens?

    While the reasons behind these warnings are the backbone of every good prepper’s philosophy, the fact that the government is issuing them is rather worrisome.  It belies the “nothing to see here” philosophy that is the usual trademark and puts the ball firmly in the court of the US citizens.

    Any prepper worth his or her roll of tinfoil has to immediately think that something is up when these types of warnings come out of the mouths of those who normally act like we’re enemies of the state. But here’s where a significant issue lies.

    Maybe they know something is coming. Maybe they’ve organized what’s coming as a way to take greater control. But in the midst of the crisis, it doesn’t actually matter how the crisis got started. You just have to survive it. While the thought that our own government could have been responsible for some of the most heinous acts ever committed on American soil is disturbing at the very least, if you find yourself caught up in a terrorist attack,  my opinions on the culprit don’t matter and neither do yours. All that matters in those minutes,  hours, or the days of the aftermath, is surviving.

    It doesn’t honestly matter HOW it happens. Whether it is an enemy attack, as in the novel One Second After, a government false flag in order to institute martial law, or a natural act, when a disaster strikes, what matters is your readiness to deal with it.

    So what should we take from these warnings?

    It’s imperative that you respond when the nanny government issues warnings to prep, but not from  a place of fear.

    You should respond by getting prepared. Not in the government-recommended “3 days of supplies” kind of way, either.  That’s for lightweights.

    Ask yourself the following questions, and don’t just gloss over the answers, because these could potentially be matters of life and death.

    1. Do you have enough food and water to care for your family for a month with no trips to the store?
    2. Do you have a back-up sanitation plan in the event that you don’t have running water in your home for an extended period of time?
    3. Do you have a route if your area were to face a mandatory evacuation? Do you have a back-up route? Do you have a route that you could take if all of the main thoroughfares were gridlocked?
    4. Do you have a plan for grabbing what you need if you had to leave your home in 15 minutes from this very second?
    5. Do you have an emergency water filtration system? A secondary source of water?
    6. Are you prepared for a power outage lasting up to a month? Could you cook? Stay warm or cool?
    7. Do you have a plan for meeting up with family if a disaster strikes when you are separated? What if communication is down? What if you are away from home and need to get home?
    8. Are you fit enough to leave home on foot, carrying what you need to survive?
    9. Do you have family members with special needs or health concerns? If so, have you prepped to take care of these needs if you have no power and can’t get to the store or pharmacy?
    10. In a situation of civil unrest due to a lack of supplies, could you keep your home and family safe? Could you take care of medical emergencies on your own if no one was answering the phone when you dialed 911?


    How did you do? Could you say yes to every question or do you have some work to do?

    If you can’t answer yes to every single question above, you’re not prepared.

    The scenarios above aren’t even the worst that a prepper could dream up. They’re all short-term emergencies of a month or less, and every single one of them is realistic. I can cite a recent event for each and every one of them during which people most likely wished they’d paid more attention and planned ahead.

    If you can’t say yes to those questions, don’t despair. Don’t feel hopeless.

    Here’s what you can do.

    You can get started right now. You can get prepped.  Even if your budget is tight, if your family is not on board, or if you are assailed with doubts. You can get ready for not only possible, but likely occurrences.

    Don’t start out prepping for a 30-year nuclear winter or other outrageous Doomsday Prepper-style scenario. Start out with the things that are the most realistic. Look at the bad things going on in the world today and prepare for those. Start out with a week of preps and an evacuation plan and build up from there.

    • The annual hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes that hit the US
    • The likelihood of civil unrest in our volatile society
    • The possibility of a tainted municipal water supply
    • A personal economic crisis, like an unexpected expense or a job loss
    • A national economic collapse, like the one in Venezuela
    • A horrifying crime wave like the one in Europe due to clashes between Europeans and migrants

    None of these events is unlikely. In fact, they’re all happening right now. Some in our own neighborhood. Some in other countries. But they’re all happening.

    Start out with a week of preps and an evacuation plan and build up from there. Get a good comprehensive book, stock up on some long-term emergency food, create a water plan, and build a pantry.

    Or, if you are really, really motivated and ready to up your game, make a genuine, accountable commitment to it.  Take a course like the one I’m teaching with Lisa Bedford (aka the Survival Mom).  I can promise you that if you follow all of the guidelines in the Summer Prepping Intensive, you will absolutely be able to say yes to each of the questions above.

    Whatever you do, don’t be paralyzed by fear. Don’t just blithely do nothing and figure it will all work out.

    You have a responsibility to yourself and the ones you love to heed the warnings, watch the signs, and prepare accordingly.

    Are you ready yet?

    This post was generously contributed by Daisy Luther and originally published at her website, The Organic Prepper.


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      1. Been listening for years.
        Been waiting even longer.
        When will it happen???

        • I’ll let you know in about 15-20 yrs.

          • Seems to be an ultra slow train wreck.
            The outcome will not be pretty, just be ready…

            Be well rounded…

            • Catherine Austin Fitts refers to it as the slow burn

              • Just hop on the bus Gus, or make a new plan Sam … 🙂

                • Sam?? Sure it should have been STAN. You not suffering from the Mandela effect are you *G*

            • Well rounded eh?I would rather think me back is straight and tall/posture upright/me mind and gear squared away/that’s my attitude.

              One small issue perhaps,find meself confused standing in front of rest room doors.Yeah,I know,don’t go off the handle and think Warchild is having gender issue,not that bad….,well,perhaps worse.You see,I am identifying more and more daily with a ring tailed lemur!Yah,I know,not even native critter to New England,WTF!

              That said,guess you can see me confusion now when it comes to rest room facilities,I mean hell,not a male/female/trans gender/family public bathroom covers this damn issue,you see the confusion here?

              • When I leave a deuce, brother Warchild, rest assured that the latrine becomes MINE. No one, man or beast, woman or trannie, shall enter without a protective mask!

                • Thanx for the warning!Am down in this region for a bit,then in a week or so back into the Northlands.

            • Be Well Rounded, That’s what Short Fat People like to say.

              ~WWTI.. So Obama is saying the FEMA Camps are like Club-Med; Basically where you can meet other like minded Dopes like you, that also failed to prepare. Get your BOB ready, aka: I’m not going to any FEMA Detention Camp Bug Out Bag.

              • As on cue, Pavlov’s nutria (swamp rat) spews his hate.
                The resident athiest is a hater of all.
                Bud figured you out in 30 days, only took me 7 days.
                Since Wwti has been here ( 30 months ), the hits on this site have dropped in half.
                His personal hard on for me has made me wish his neighbors would cap his ass soon.
                But since fuck face keeps on his imaginary trip in life, it will be nice when he expires.
                Why would someone place a cabin 5 foot above sea level?
                Stoopid, but look at the poster…

                • I wonder how many postings he’s made under made up screen names. Gotta be in the dozens.

            • Think you need to still keep waiting buddy!

              You’re better off just waiting for a zombie apocalypse!

        • The upcoming catastrophe to prepare for is Hitlery getting elected.

          • AKA “tighter than a bull’s ass at ‘fly’ time”.

            • tighter than a gnat’s ass stretched across a rainbarrel.

          • Yes it is, with the prepper question being: “DO WE HAVE ENOUGH BARF BAGS FOR OVER HALF THE NATION …or will be standing neck deep in puke?

          • That is why democrats keep preaching $15 an hour minimum wage. They know massive inflation is forthcoming.

        • Current events and future chaos may be Biblical. It certainly seems so to this Christian. If so, the time is not for us to know.

        • “It” will happen when you least expect it eppe!

          • After watching Hellstorm. I can see what the ooos have in store for us. What do they want ? To exterminate us.? To enslave the survivors? Isn’t it obvious? How did they get American soldiers to do this? Is this what you guys are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan raping all the women? After watching Hellstorm. I can see why as is written America will be destroyed. We will have to pay the price for what the American ooos did. And what the brainwashed American soldiers did. FDR Rosenfeld. And Dwight The terrible Swedish Jew Eisenhower. According to his year book . May you both burn in hell with Churchill and bomber Harris and Le may. And your stinking grand children. We need to set an example that your family will not get away with the money you made butchering other families.

            • Might want to pull your head back out to where the sun DOES shine, Dione Wolverine–your brain is suffering from the lack of oxygen…

              • State some facts

                • Name some of the soldiers that raped anyone in Afghanistan. American “oooos”? Spellcheck broken? Rosenfeld–who the hell is/was that? Name a family that made money butchering other families. Name the families that were butchered. And pull your head out…

            • Eisenhower was a Presbyterian. Roosevelt was an Episcopalian. You are merely a jerk.

        • If your local authorities ask you to evacuate, YOU HAVE TO DO IT. Sure…

          • In 2009, Texas passed legislation which explicitly allows authorities to “compel persons who remain in the evacuated area to leave and authorize the use of reasonable force to remove persons from the area”

            So, your screwed.

        • The emphasis is convincing the populace to seek out FEMA Camp shelters not truly preparation for a man-made or natural catastrophe; this is why actual preppers are demonized not praised. Think it through.

          If you looked over other sites:
          Plan A is use a man-made or natural disaster to compel people to seek FEMA Camps months from Zombie Drills to the the contents of the article.
          Plan B is door to door and Clergy Response Force.
          Plan C is FEMA Corps, which is basically expect to get burned out.

      2. So what about the poor people who have nothing left to be prepares for any thing.? What about the people who are in Nursing homes and other hospitals ?

        And those who have no money or homes because they lost everything when they lost their jobs..? What about them. ?

        • They will be just shit out of luck. They will die. There will come a time when oxygen thieves will be expendable.

          • Da Da dada Da Da,
            Bad To The Bone.

          • –^^^—-^^^^^^^^___________________________________________________

        • We all need to call on God first. Money and preps mean nothing if we don’t. He is in control!

        • Unfortunately this will come down to family, if its possible because the ones working there will be looking after there families. The harsh reality is they probably won’t make it like the rest. A sad reality I suppose.

        • For those people, they will possibly be in the BEST position.


          Because they have nothing to lose. They are already down to what they can carry. They’re already familiar with what life in the streets is like. They won’t need to worry about whether they’ve got time to get what’s on their list – their list is short.

          THOSE PEOPLE can almost literally just stand up, shoulder their pack and leave.

        • …and not to mention that they’re almost invisible to the govt anyway…

        • Problem is a lot of them mix racially and will get involved in the racial strife that’s about to hit us.

          I know a white woman that went black and has several children by various black ‘baby daddies’ and she has been rejected by her white family and friends.

          Be aware of the racial aspect in a breakdown – people will divide.

        • –^^^—-^^^^^^^^___________________________________________________

        • During Hurricane Ike in 2008 in my town the local 24 hour laundry mats became the defacto shelters for the homeless people.

          • Those type white women are also called…

            “Mud Sharks” and also “Coal Burners” Jenny.

        • Well, Anonymous, we’ve already got a precedent for this scenario–New Orleans during Katrina. There were stories of nurses or other health care “providers” who gave lethal injections to all the people in their ward. I guess if all your patients are dead, you don’t have to hang around and be responsible for them…

      3. We have been in an ongoing social and economic collapse for years.

        The collapse has been incremental that’s why we haven’t noticed it.

        Our standard of living has been slowly fading away.

        Next stop will be Venezuela/USA

        • Well, actually the entire planet will be Venezuela when it all cracks up.

        • The fact that millions of people voted for SOCIALISM in the primaries shows how fucked up the USA is.

      4. Throw in Ted Koppel making the rounds and talking about the coming power grid collapse. It appears that the power grid is going to be the crisis. And TPTB know it. It’s their game.

        • Actually, I think the root/cause of collapse will be also incremental. The recent ‘test’ of the failure of the EBT system is a good example of that. Spotty enough to take a quiet look-see at what would occur before actual implementation. That way the powers that be can know where the biggest flare-ups will occur. Calls for violence at the political party conventions – this far in advance – are already being heard. Again, locations well-known.

          I say watch for choke-points. Places where road construction is incredibly slow or ill-timed. Look for odd brown/black-outs of increasing severity. Take special note when basic needs are the issue. Water, food, communications.

          • Heartless,
            You are dead on, this kind of crash is always incremental.

            The crash in Venezuela that is causing people to now go hungry, was years in the making.

            No one saw this coming?

            This crash will last years.

            How much stored food is enough? More than you can imagine you’ll ever need.

            • How much stored food is enough?

              However much you can keep somebody from taking away from you.

              • I’ve been actively planting more and more perennial food sources. My garden does well, and can be expanded pretty dramatically. Nuts, berries, fruit…..

                My new fruit trees are growing better than I could have hoped for.

                That said, in a shtf situation it might be nice to have a dozen cases of freeze dried food stashed away, because there are crazy people who would destroy my trees or garden just because I have them and they don’t.

                In a Russian revolution style starvation SHTF, you might just want to dig a hole and hide out for a couple months while Darwin eliminates the crazies. In some areas during the communist revolution the communists sent in people who just pillaged the land. They cut down or destroyed all food sources, burned farm implements, and food stores. Then they let winter do the dirty work. Millions died.

            • Learn Foraging…

              • A good forest fire during the dry season can make foraging unobtainium..

                Multiple plans, including stored food that makes little scent when prepared.

            • All crashes follow the “hockey stick” chart of acceleration. Incremental rise in collapse followed by a sudden acceleration in the collapse.

        • Taking down the grid in whole or in part would certainly cause the people to suffer the greatest losses …and that is BEFORE the onset of one very, very cold winter (look at all the coal not available this year alone)? Obama has done us “dirty” and I believe he deserves the same “right back in his face” I wrong?

          • My neighbors power was all cut off in the area, by a storm a few days ago. I did not notice any power outage since I am off the Grid. I heard a few Generators out there running. A dead giveaway they have meat in the freezer. Get off the Grid Now and get out of the Cities Now. Time is running out for any escape. Or if you choose to stay, will get to party with all the Gangs once they over take the cites with lawlessness. That should be fun for ya.


          • My neighbors power was all cut off in the area, by a storm a few days ago. I did not notice any power outage since I am off the Grid. I heard a few Generators out there running. A dead giveaway they have meat in the freezer. Get off the Grid Now and get out of the Cities Now. Time is running out for any escape. Or if you choose to stay, will get to party with all the Gangs once they over take the cites with lawlessness. That should be fun for ya.


      5. Listening to the guberment is hard! They lie so damn much we never can tell when they aren’t. When their lips move they LIE!

        Let it go and fall apart. I’m to a point I don’t give a DAMN anymore. I’m also prepped to the eyeballs, but that doesn’t stop me from prepping more.


        • and there lies the problem(s), sarge…there’s just tooo much info out there, that nobody will be concentrated on the REAL problem….the disinformation agents work OVERTIME to make sure we don’t see it coming.

        • i don’t want collapse to happen. Collapse is ALWAYS followed by a tyrannical government.

          When collapse happens that is the end of the constitutional protections.

          I fully and hopefully believe Texas will secede form the Union.

      6. So many things that could happen, it could overwhelm a person. Better to put ones attention on solutions. I bought some dried mozzarella and dried cream cheese. I’ll pop the cans open and start eating. If they are good, I’ll buy a lot more. I have flour for the pizza dough I intend to make. I would like to buy the Ball tomato sauce processor so I can more easily process tomatoes into sauce. I have an olive tree at my other location, I will buy and plant one or two olive trees here. Any kind of vegtable can go on pizza. Onions and garlic are a must in every garden and they help keep certain bugs away. Great health benefits, too.

        When I prep, I like to make it simple by picking a theme or a recipe. Grow what I need for one item. Right now for me it is pizza. I can always open a restaurant if I wind up with tons of food. Or I can barter with an existing restaurant. Well, so much for prepping. Now, I just thought of something. Could build an outdoor pizza oven. I wonder what that would cost? It’s just brick. Might be kinda nice even if there is no SHTF.

        • Dont even need brick,,,
          Depending on the soils in your area you could even just dig up some natural clay and mold yourself a dome shaped oven with the clay,,,

          • Kulafarmer:

            Lol. “Clay dirt bricks” Just my luck I’ld build a nice clay dirt dome, spend hours making the perfect pizza from scratch, go out and start cooking, when a cloud breaks and rain turns that dome into a pile of mud and there goes all my hard work.

            Thanks though. I’ll keep it in mind if I get stranded away from civilization. But bricks are not that expensive. I’m not planning to use gold bricks.

            • You can use fire clay mixed with regular cement and sand, build the dome shape you want from sand, cover with plastic sheeting, then get mixing,,,
              Cover the mold with your fire clay mixture, shape appropriately, a friend did his but put chicken wire into it to add some structure to the fire clay, his was 6-8″ thick, about 48″ on the inside diameter, came out sweet,,,,
              Just need to be patient before firing it, let it cure sufficiently, then when you start firing it start small, build up over a few days to a week before going with a full on fire,
              I think he used castable refractory to pour the bottom of it, made it seemless and less likely to snag on his peel when sliding pizzas in and out,
              The bricks are nice but its a lot of work, and a lot of bricks, plus then theres the grit factor, ie there is a constant flow of small pieces of brick and fire mortar falling into your fire chamber and on your pizzas or breads or roasts,,,,,
              Just some stuff to think about,,,

              • Kulafarmer:

                As usual, you are a gem with lots of practical advice. If and when I actually get around to having it built, I might get back with you about it. Thank you.

              • Propane Gas Oven. Sold on Sportsman’sguide. Why do people think by going off the grid they need to live like cave men or primitive? Try carrying your Brick Pizza Dome on your back while you bug out. You are better off building a solar oven. Get busy people we are running out of time for final preparations pre-SHTF. The greatest enemy in our lives is time. Errors mean delays. We are coming to the time where Minor Mistakes will start getting people killed, mostly because they waste time. There will be no room for error in SHTF. So You either got your shit together now, or you will be a refugee on the lamb eating out of garbage cans later on. Watch your wives’ and Girlfriend’s abandon you, for that other Guy that does have his shit together in prepping. Women’s #1 Concern is, for their own Security and Safety. Got that base covered yet??? Got your weapons and concealed carry permit? Are you a Man or a Sheep?


            • We used to make, (and still can if we wish), make pizzas in a box that is part of the chimney about three feet above the wood stove. Takes about 20-30 minutes to cook “prepared” or fresh-made pizza, and tastes just fine, maybe better than the ‘standard method’. You can also do the very same in a propane-fired grill, and with just a few brickquettes (brickettes?) under a ’round tin’ to place the pizza on …most grills are vented so controlling the temp is fairly simply. It works, and that’s what counts. Outside, the brick ‘stove’ also has an oven (fed from chimney heat), same idea without cooking the inside of your house along with your food.

              • Moose:
                Thanks. More options. I like to consider all the possibilities. I had thought about a regular grill, and although probably not quite as good as a pizza oven, it should be OK, for a while until I build a pizza oven. I have a regular oven attached to a propane tank but an outdoor pizza oven would be ideal. Again, thank you.

                • I cook EVERYTHING on an old weber charcoal grill.
                  You just cant beat it , IMHO .

                • As hammerhead says, webber grille,,,
                  You can get a pizza stone for almost any grille, i got one for my home made wood grille through Amazon, and i know they make round ones for the old kettle webbers as well as the nicefancy gas grilles.
                  Ive been wanting to build a wood fired pizza oven for baking bread and stuff,,,
                  Got detoured making a heat treeat oven for making knives, but my next giant whatever project is going to be a bread/pizza oven behind our house, unless of course the appoccolips hits! ;0p”

      7. More fear porn while the occupying tribe is looting the nation. Be prepared but don’t be dumb thinking the 1% will suffer. They won’t suffer. They need to be forced to suffer.

        • If they don’t suffer in this life… just try to picture what will happen to them in the next. It would be bad enough for them to have to face US, but imagine having to face the Living God!

      8. The collapse happened years ago! We’re all playing the game – just like everyone else. We’re buying into what everyone is buying into…. “Everything is fine”

        • Ppod:

          I don’t look upon the one per cent as needing to be made to suffer. I will leave judgement to God or fate. I don’t have room for the kind of resentment that leads one to such a conclusion. I have friends who are one per cent and they are decent, smart, and work harder than anyone you have probably ever known. I would die protecting them from jealous class warfare. What I want is an end to the practices that cause misery and poverty. Be careful what harm you wish on others. Generally those feelings tear you up inside and lead to health issues as you get older. Be content and grateful with what you have. And you will draw abundance to you. Hate those who are blessed with good fortune and your fortune will evade you.

          • Sorry—not Ppod

            I was addressing JK

          • B from CA – you didn’t understand my comment. I’m not wishing harm upon anyone. I’m just saying that we’re all living in denial.

          • B from CA: I think our definition of 1%’era differs. My version of 1%’era is the head of Goldman’s, BOA, big pharm.’s, and the Wall Street big bosses and the major share holders and the head of the military industrial complex. NOT the poor engineer like myself with a 401k that can be destroyed by these SOB’s after 40 years of hard work. I don’t even call a neurosurgeon and like the 1%ers even though they are well off (I have one in my family) since like majority of us they are also dependent on the true 1%’era games and they can be destroyed as well.

            Now when and if the day comes, just make sure you don’t defend the true 1% criminals. which I don’t think you would do based on your prior comments.

            • JK,
              You are correct.

      9. Nibiru is not coming, it’s already here. That is what the GOV & NASA are not telling you. If you look really hard, & pay attention to the sun-rises & Sun-set’s you will see TWO different light sources. Everything else does not matter anymore..

        Dan Page on Preparing for the Financial Collapse and Martial Law

        • actually I do hope nibiru is real. It would effect the entire planet the same. It would even the playing field. Every one would suffer the same. Much preferable to class warfare. However in very skeptical about Nibiru. Ive researched it and their isn’t any real proof that convinces me.

        • Quit smoking the bad stuff it’s rotting your brain. There is no Nibiru. If you can see anything a million part time telescope people could see it and calculate it’s path to the hour. People watched the sky 3,000 years ago and calculated all this stuff. Neither the Gov nor anyone else could hide it.

        • If you were right (and you’re not), then the gravitational effects on the Earth and it’s orbit would be so devastating as to render the Earth uninhabitable. That much extra mass in the solar system would not go unnoticed.

        • You a correct Robbie41. It is all related. When it becomes general knowledge, all hell will let lose. And while it does, all the elite, rich, well to do RATs will run down the bunker holes while the rest of us kill each other. Then Nibiru does the rest. Go to Marshal Master’s web site. All the science is there to say it is here now. I hear between August of this year, Oct of 2017.


        Dan Page on Preparing for the Financial Collapse and Martial Law

        New Video put out/Published on Jun 8, 2016

        Candidate for Franklin County (Missouri) Sheriff Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Dan Page on Preparing for the Financial Collapse and Martial Law.

        • Robbie41

          good video. Thanks

        • That was 50 minutes well spent. And he emphasizes GET YOURSELF TOGETHER WITH CHRIST because now because when your face to face with shtf, that’s what you’re going to need the most.


          • Agreed. Easy to listen to. Good advice.

        • Good video! Thanks for posting the link.

      11. The sheep, need to see the wolf eat one of their own, to voluntarily bring the flock back under the control of the Shepard, so none are lost on the way to the slaughterhouse.

        • LAVoy comes too mind when you made that statement.

          • Yup,,,
            I aint a sheep, and didnt really agree with those folks taking a stand at some remote federal park,
            (Choose your battles wisely) but after seeinh him gunned down in broad daylight with no visible weapon, sorta set the bad taste i got in my mouth…..

      12. The Nemesis Solar System is here. The earth’s wobbling is becoming severe as it grabs the Atlantic Rift and pulls then releases and repels the north pole. The signs are earthquakes, volcanoes, erratic and extreme weather, bleaching of the oceans corals, mass die-offs. It looks like 50% will be gone in the pole flip then another 30-40% gone in the aftermath from starvation and disease. There is no time table of events, but there is a table of events. Those in power that know are grabbing everything they can (think global financial malfeasance). The power elite are all racing to develop space programs (Think Bezos, Branson ect) to get off planet where they think they will return and rule.

        It looks like the world on the other side of this will be very different and we will have help from some friends that we didn’t know we had. We will become very different as well. This is the normal cycle of our earth, sun and heavens. Nothing to fear.

        Those with love in your hearts will prosper and those reverberating the fear vibration will not evolve.

        • Yeah right…..

          • Is that skepticism i hear there,,,,,,

            • There are reasons the prepper community is considered a bunch of nuts.. Just wish I could put some money on this horse

        • I’ve discounted it for years as tinfoil hat madness. A couple of months ago and a few books later (one of which was the bible) it started to become clear. Do check out Steve Olson Channel on Youtube.

        • I’ve discounted it for years as tinfoil hat madness. A couple of months ago and a few books later (one of which was the bible) it started to become clear. Do check out Steve Olson Channel on Youtube.

          Astronomers say that 76% of the stars in the universe are binary systems. 16% are tri-nary systems. All it requires is a little research which 99% are reluctant to do because I guess it gets in the way of TEEVEE.

      13. Ladies and Gentleman

        I put up a warning last year that came from reliable sources that the government was planning on an outage in the EBT system. They said it would happen around November. Needless to say it did not happen. I will not apologize for that because of my love for people. Even if I disagree with there beliefs and opinions. It does get to me and everyone else when you continually here of a crash that does not happen. For those of us who have been doing this for years you become numb. You get frustrated because it causes people to ignore doom and gloom articles.
        Now there are problems in the EBT system. If it were a crash of the system then all cities would burn. The reason I state this is because it makes me wonder if it is a slow test by the government. A way to make those on it get a little used to problems with EBT. I don’t know and have heard no further warnings on the issue. I do know that problems and the intensity of them are popping up everywhere.

        1 – Pure anger and hatred is building in the country. Between races, religion, sexual orientation, and political beliefs.
        2 – Strange weather has been happening. Two tropical storms already.
        3 – Verified terrorist organizations in this country. Verified cells have crossed the border. FBI director stating there are cells in every state. Then briefings in the military telling soldiers about them.
        4 – Up ticks in Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Warnings and signals around volcanoes.
        5 – Signals of the end of the petro-dollar. News stories of troubles between us and Saudi Arabia ( which holds the key in my opinion )
        6 – Economic troubles being reported from other countries world wide.
        7 – Massive troop movements to Eastern Europe. Rarely reported.
        8 – Violence in our political system not seen since the 60’s.
        9 – Horrible economic news in our own country from companies, job’s reports, and banks.
        10 – Not verifiable but it seems that so many people I know have started having troubles in there personal lives. Whether it be addictions, divorce, financial issues, or just plain arguments and trouble.
        11 – Articles daily about Satanic rituals and worship.
        12 – Weird behavior by people in articles you see daily.
        13 – People complaining and a general loss of happiness.
        14 – Constant warnings of a European break up and troop build ups on there part.
        15 – Constant warnings of cyber security about the power grid, banks, personal accounts ect.

        I am sure there are several more but I listed them to try to make this point. I wonder if the perfect storm is really going to hit this summer. It really does bother me when the government starts issuing warnings about preparing. It is totally out of character for our beloved leaders. Someone said we are 15 – 20 years away from collapse in a comment above. They could be right. We all have wondered when for years now. There are just so many signals flashing red right now. There is also just plain crazy weirdness going on in our world that I have never seen before at this level.
        Let us not become desensitized at this time my friends. For the next few months let us take gloom and doom articles serious. Let us prep and be ready. You just never know. Whether right or wrong, I, the writers, and everyone, has a duty to report things that they see and feel. They have to for the good of us and all mankind. I hope and pray that I and all are never right. It is just that all signals are intensifying in my opinion right now.
        Please take them serious whether you like me or not.

        • 10 – Not verifiable but it seems that so many people I know have started having troubles in there personal lives. Whether it be addictions, divorce, financial issues, or just plain arguments and trouble.

          That’s a sign of everything else going on. Nothing supernatural about it. When the environment gets shitty people’s attitudes get shitty in usually slightly greater proportion. For instance if you think you’re going to be laid off and you’re not ready… you get very unpleasant to be around… fast forward 9 months that’s snowballed into some broken or damaged friendships, a shittier marriage, more financial issues…

          • The Guy

            You do have a point about troubles increasing in bad economic times. That does explain divorce. It also explains addictions. In rough economic times the consumption of alcohol and other things does go up.
            I do believe that Satan is a part of it too. That is just my belief. It is also because of all the satanic stories that are being published whether it is worship or possession.

        • Mike in Va.

          Trying to keep up with all the B.S. can drive you crazy. I am going to give it my attention until the election. If nothing happens good or bad, I will stand down for good and concentrate my energy in better areas of life. Knowing that all that I have done to prepare will still be within arms reach.

          • Anon

            I try not to let anything take my joy. I actually enjoy commenting here if I feel I am being helpful.

            I do take breaks at times. If you put nothing but doom, gloom, and bad news in it is hard to get joy and and happiness out.

            Don’t think I will ever leave this site for good. A collapse is coming. I know I will take breaks though. There will come a time to disappear as well when all this crap happens. I hope I am still young enough to do something about it. Our sons and daughters should not have to fight this.

        • Mike in VA, I can verify #10 to some degree here in my area. I’m hearing things like that not only at work but everywhere I go in town. I also feel something significant is coming and not too far off. I suspect a false-flag attack at the repub convention in July. I’ll be going back to the BOL 2 days before it starts. My prepping will continue for as long as possible. I also suspect a ‘beta test’ on the EBT system at this time. Amazing there’s not even been any hell-raising over it, at least not in my area.

          • I’ll see you all this coming fall.
            “In the Big Rock Candy Mountains”.

            1928 song.

          • Brave

            If number 10 is happening everywhere then it is only a matter of time until this powder keg blows. Like the guy says above it is a sign of how much things suck in society right now.

            As long as you and I have been here I still think it will happen at a time that surprises us all. Hope I am wrong but just a feeling.

            • Mike, I read you loud and clear. It’s all any of us can do to try to avoid being totally surprised. I’m going back to the BOL just 2 days before the repub convention. IF a false-flag takes place there, then I’ll already be in a safer place.

        • I think it will be all these events at once or in sequence. I can see urban unrest increase as blacks and Muslims use the warmer weather to stir up trouble. Then the fanatics will do their cycle of terror attacks. Then you have the fighting season in Ukraine leading to more problems with Russia. Then the British leaving Europe will cause a breakup of Britain as Scotland heads back to the EU. Europe’s economy will collapse from a combination of the chaos from migrants and from a banking collapse. China and the emerging markets will also have a banking collapse.

          So, I think it’s the mix that is the problem. Governments are able to handle up to three big events at once but after that, they get overwhelmed and can’t keep pace. At that point continuity of government kicks in: like a turtle, the government sucks its head back into the shell and waits out the chaos until the unrest burns itself out. Government only comes back in when it feels there are no rivals. As an individual, your challenge is to survive during this period absent government.

          There are plus sides: it will be a great time for the strong, entrepreneurs, for those who like sex – it will be exciting if not terrifying.

          • Frank

            You bring more to the mix than I listed. It is one big pot of pain, anger, depression, hopelessness, and violence for a lot of people.
            Your line about sex made me laugh. Proven fact that during power outages and snow storms people have sex. It is proven 9 months later. I have never thought about the fact that if there is a collapse people will increase there sexual activity in marriage and every thing else.
            Everything else is the bad side. Rape and taking advantage of ladies will be rampant. That part is not funny at all.

            Come to think of it the sexual activity in marriage is what will make condoms a valuable barter item. Heh sex does cure boredom for two minutes at least lol

            • Muslims are currently in the fasting mode preparing for their Ramadan celebration. I believe it will be over around the 3rd of July. After that…watch out.

              • T-town

                Last year there were attacks during Ramadan. Stay alert to your surroundings and hope you are great.

            • Mike, I too have taken a break lately, one reason being the farm work has been demanding…stuff growing like there’s no tomorrow.
              As per your #10, 12 and 13 I wonder how much if any aerial spraying of aluminum particles is driving people nuts.
              Anyway, good post, but I strongly disagree on one point (and I know it’ll get people’s ire up) and that is the existence of Satan.

              “The teachings of Jesus and the other sages through man’s earliest times had one thing in common and that is rooted in dualism, Sumerian dualism, one of the more questionable gifts which mankind received from that ancient civilization. Based on the concept of a good and evil spirit, god and devil, it confronted thoughtful believers with a universe over the inconsistencies of which they continue to rack their brains to this day.”

              “If God created the world, from what source came the devil?
              If the devil created the world, from what source came God?
              If God is a loving father why did (would) he try to destroy man?
              If man is made in God’s image why is man imperfect whereas God (by definition) is perfect?
              If all things are governed by divine providence then how can we maintain that man has free will?
              If he does not have free will what is the point of virtue?
              So why save some and damn others? Such a God is either grossly unjust, totally confused, or does not have full control over the Cosmos.”

              Then there’s this, “the entire worldview of modern man has been radically altered by scientific discoveries. The neat sandwich which was once man’s universe with God on top, the devil below, and man in between is accepted as a working model only by the most naive.”

              I’m not singling you out, Mike, with this because it’s what we all (most of us) were brought up to believe.
              These quotes are from a most extraordinary book, “Science and Salvation” by Robert S. deRopp.
              It is still relevant today, even more so than when it was written in 1962.
              I’d been looking for this book for quite some time but on ebay and other sites people were asking upwards of $40. I found it on Thriftbooks dot com for under $5 if I recall. Still have a third of it to go and it’s enlightening to say the least.
              If a book or a writing challenges your beliefs, or makes you think or reconsider what you’ve always believed in, it is worth it. Fearing changes in beliefs leads to dogmas.

              • Kechupondemand

                I have to say that is an excellent post. We totally disagree on religion and that is fine. I will gladly discuss it with you when I can. Right now I have to head to work.

                The reason your post is impressive is unlike others you did it respectfully. Most who disagree with Christianity or religion seem to call names and be rude. You and I could work well together I think. Because of the way you did your post.

                I have told people several times that we need to band together. It can be done even if you disagree on beliefs. That is as long as people still have good moral character.

                I appreciate your thoughts.

        • I read about problems with EBT cards last week. Maybe your timing was off? Because everything is rigged, it’s impossible to know when something will happen.

      14. Daisy gives some of the best prepping advice I’ve seen (and taken!).

        The sad reality in the US today is that the vast majority have still done nothing to prepare to protect themselves or their loved ones. They are totally absorbed in chasing ‘success’ and frivolous pursuits (texting, cell phones, selfies, sports, TV, Facebook, Twitter etc.). Many even have disdain toward us preppers, our efforts and beliefs.

        I am a Christian. Trying to encourage my family to save themselves (and their loved ones) in this world is very much like trying to help people get saved for God’s world. I have finally given up on them, much like Paul who finally gave up on the Jews who rejected Christianity (Acts 13:51) and moved on to save others who would be receptive to saving themselves.

        • I too had to give up on family, then ran out of acquaintances and friends who think I am crazy strange. I prepare for my dogs, they seem the only ones who like the idea of having a lot of food around.

          • Bahaaaaaa!!!!

            I kept 18 months of science diet and rotate through it…

            Seems I got a short list too…
            I lie dogs better than any people (cept the wife) and I was talking with the companies E, TX rep and he agrees the possibilities of SHTF scenarios is numbing…

            If we get hitlary gone and Trump in the W.H. we may have a couple more years of hanging on???

            The republic PsTB are clueless so they will keep us failing until it’ll be time to launch the buoy…

            • East Texas for the win!

            • EBT Causes Food Inflation. With the Government subsidizing Big Food Corps in Welfare, by Feeding 50 Million People, it drives up the cost of food because of supply and demand. Cut off EBT and watch food prices plummet. And there will be sales Galore and anybody with a income will eat like a King for a change. The EBT’ers are buying up all the Lobster and steaks now.


              • Sorry, but you are wrong. EBT cards do not cause inflation. In fact they help keep the food chain going. Lots of stores and farmers would go belly up if those 50 million people could no longer buy food.

        • Diane

          My heart goes out to you because I understand. I do feel that more people are waking up every day. I just hope it is not to late for them.

      15. Mike got to agree with you. There’s damn sure been some funky shit going on. The devil’s “going about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour”.

        • PO’d

          There are stories and speakers on radio who say that demonic possession has increased dramatically. They also say that those who practice in the occult have increased.

          Could it be that the Satan has been cast down to Earth. Could it be that these are the times that scripture talks about when it says ” Woe to those on the Earth in those days “.

          I sure hope not but believe it is. If so it will get much worse from here.

          • Could it be that the Satan has been cast down to Earth. Could it be that these are the times that scripture talks about when it says ” Woe to those on the Earth in those days “.
            No. See above. No Satan. In men’s mind only. Doesn’t exist.

            • Each of us on this planet, including you and me, have to choose: the Lordship of satan or the Lordship of CHRIST

              It’s as simple as that.

              Satan’s second greatest accomplishment was convincing many that he does not exist. His first accomplishment was rounding up countless humans to do his evil/destructiveness since he is powerless without a human body.

              Evil is destructiveness caused by human beings.

              Evil exists because the first humans broke their contract with God out of their free will. Without free will, we would all be robots. Sin/darkness/destructiveness thus entered the world.

              To deny satan’s existence is to risk denying that of Almighty God and the infinite power of goodness and the Light which will ultimately expose every dark deed.

              “There is not enough darkness in the whole world to put out the light of one small candle.” (Motto of the Christophers).


              So, my friends, stay in the Light. Get right with God every day. Give your free will every morning to Almighty God and watch what happens. With God nothing is impossible. And if Christ is for us, WHO can be against us?

              God bless you all.

              – the Lone Ranger

              • Have you absolute proof of satan’s existence or is it just your belief?
                It is your belief.

      16. Sorry, but these government warnings are just standard emergency management speeches they give every so often and contain nothing new. I see no reason why they should cause increased alarm. However, it would be nice of more people took the tie to think about preparedness because of them but we know they won’t. There’s a new picture of a cute animal on Facebook that requires commenting, after all, and that takes precedence over your own safety and security.

      17. So no one noticed the following:
        College Educaction costs have increased 5%/ yr for twenty years.
        New Ford Trucks cost more than $50K
        Housing prices have skyrocketed.
        Healthcare costs have risen out of control
        Bank fees have skyrocketed.
        Every tax you pay has gone up.
        Even though you work more than ever you still have trouble making ends meet.
        Debt collectors call your house
        Your aged parents are still working
        Savings money still doesn’t pay.
        You borrow from you 401k and pay back yourself at a cost.
        You still see commercials advising you to pay off high interest credit cards with an equity loan
        You make waaaay more money than your folks ever did but your still broke.

        And finally

        Your thirty something year old kids still live at home.

        • “Your thirty something year old kids still live at home.”

          Gulp. Does abandoning your home to them rent free and moving count? Interestingly they think thats normal. Even more interestingly we have met other retirees that have done the same.

        • Most of what you notice as cost increases are due mostly to government engineered inflation which they think should be 3% per year. The Government is the biggest threat we face.
          Why are you even doing business at a bank? I use credit unions exclusively and I don’t pay any fees.

          My 30 something did come back home for a while( with her son and husband), till they got on their feet, and now they are gone! Things happen.

          If you have ever lived through a natural disaster( I’ve been through several) you learn to do the preparation stuff really quick. I don’t need no stinking Democrat to tell me he is trying to kill me and to prepare for it.

        • I just saved 15% on my Car Insurance. Does any body care? ha.


      18. I would be very surprised if there was to much going on that the government did not know about. Whether we are let in on it is another story.

        • There are two governments. The one we see that is in effect administrative, and the shadow government, international in scope that sets policy. Many within the formal government don’t acknowledge the existence of the shadow. Many do the bidding of the shadow unknowingly as public opinion is manipulated and politics is political. Others know of its existence, comprehend its power and act accordingly. The very brave buck them and lose favor, position, power and in some cases life. The masses prefer ignorant bliss, and those that do think and reason behave as if they’re in a collective Stockholm Syndrome. They utter the words, “I don’t like to think about it”.

      19. In fact the devil is after our asses. Something big is about to happen..i can assure everyone on that one, as they out more bullshit on yahoo everyday talking crap about Trump won’t be around after November, 2016.. if they remove him as the republican front runner, watch to see what happens next.

        Those who have BOL. Get ready and exist when your can.. as for me, I am living in Texas, I may not need to leave the city.. I have to help to clean up the dead soldiers bodies from the streets…the soldiers are literally entering the gates of hell when they cross over into a
        Texas.. this is on pissed of viscous citizenry..



        • Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

          If any State government in the US would attempt to break away its Texas. The physical location, independence of resources, having its own electrical grid and last but not least the mindset of a significant percentage of its population. I met with Texans in various Oil Refinery training classes. From those that I have met I have come to the conclusion that they consider themselves Texans first, Americans second. I know of no others like them. They’re proud as they should be. How can one from NJ stick out their chest when the states claim to fame is organized crime, pollution, corruption, taxes and unnecessary regulations?

          • Kevin, now that was funny. I’m sure New Jersey-ites would find something to be proud of but after your comment nothing would work, lol.

      20. Thanks again,Daisy,for a wonderful post. The fact Obama left the golf course to make this speech worries me,actually.

      21. The gov’t couldn’t care less about the safety of the average American.

        If they tell you to evacuate, it’s because they want to steal your things and kill you.

        I decide on whether or not to evacuate my own property. Not some asshole sociopaths…

        I can’t wait for this CLOWN show to END.

        • 16 Hours in moderation… it says 0-2 hours…

          • Hello restelle

            Keep using the exact same e-mail address every time (can be fake) and eventually, you will not be moderated.

            You do realize it’s the weekend? Mr. Mac Slavo needs time to twist a few and down a few to relax after a hard week…same as all y’all.


            • Email has not changed. This was posted on Friday.

      22. BTW: This September 11 is also the Islamic Feast of the Sacrifice. Just sayin’

        • Not the 11th, It is Sept. 13th this year. And Ramadan ends July 6th.

      23. To: HCKS,

        “I have to help to clean up the dead soldiers bodies ”

        If it is a shtf scene and do you have to take time out of taking care of yourself and loves ones to deal with dead ones?

        If that is the case, for me, I will take care of those that are still alive, such as those that I love and as far as the dead bodies? Wellll,,,,,,,,,

        “Buzzards gotta eat, same as the worms.”

      24. The only thing that I am concerned about is #9, regarding my parents. I have everything else covered. They don’t prep so I have been prepping with them in mind but I can’t do a thing about their meds. My dad knows something is going down but he is too busy taking care of my step mom who just ignores what is going on and refuses to face the facts. As long as the house is immaculate and she can be the good hostess for her once a month gathering of church friends nothing else matters. It is extremely frustrating sometimes.

      25. Good article until it referenced Fear Porn Queen Snyder. He has been writing articles for years and hasn’t been correct yet.

      26. Southside,you mean on Sept. 11 muslims must die/be sacrificed,hmmmm….

      27. The most dangerous places will be the same as now. Those full of liberals and minorities with strict gun laws.

      28. An eagle scout is always prepared


        Water check
        Food check
        Weapons check
        Family and friends check
        The willingness to do ANYTHING to survive chck

        Bring it right the fuck on

      29. Lot of good comments on this. Captain d u are spot on. I’ve been saying this stuff for years. I’m really surprised it’s not crashed yet and we’re living like the walking dead series. I know it sounds terrible to wish this but the reset button needs pushed. I and my family may or may not survive. But this shit can’t keep going on. Right is wrong and up is down. Poor kids. ” mommy why are those 2 guys kissing”? Wtf? The asteroid can’t come soon enough. I’ve got a few neighbor buddies and we can do a lot of shit between us but I know nothing about reloading. Is it cost effective? Or just keep buying bullets? Any answers I sure appreciate it. Was thinking of my son joining the national guard like I did for a few reasons maybe get college money but they told him money dried up for that. But we’re spending 20000 on every Muslim refugee?? I don’t know what it is about Muslim and Islam but when I hear those words it reminds me of a public restroom with the toilet overflowing. Just nasty.

        • Ted, I did some reloading of all 3 types of shells and got bored with it soon enough..but I was using a single stage Rockchucker loader..if you have acreage where you can step out side and test loads, and you have patience sitting for long periods of time, space to lay out all the parts and keep them ORGANIZED, it may interest you.
          When I was doing it years ago ammo was still pretty inexpensive. But, again, I got bored. If I did anything now it would be shotshells. They’re quick and easy, don’t need resizing…lots of pluses.
          Use hardened buck for reloads if you do.
          Store bought buck shot is hardened. I used round split shot fishing sinkers once and they deformed wickedly and went all over the place. Not sure about melting and casting your own shot from scrap lead. Without hardening I think the results would be the same.
          “Keep buying bullets”.

      30. Hilary or Trump will be president soon and either will be a disaster making prepping more urgent. Trumps brain is akin to a dumpster fire set by teen boys. Fun time until it catches everything around it on fire. HRC has a brain like a train track. The track is headed for a cliff. Same direction and speed as we have now. Pick your poison.
        I don’t really understand why the government would tell us to prep if they are going to declare martial law and take control of our lives. The need to prep is different in all areas of the country. The west coast is going to be devastated by a quake. Just when and how bad. There always has been and will be a need to prep.

        • “Trumps brain is akin to a dumpster fire set by teen boys.”

          He’s much smarter than you think; he’s playing to the audience and its working.

          My concern is his true intentions his meeting with Dr Strangelove Kissinger is troubling. One false flag and Trump would be on board for military action. The difference is that he most likely wouldn’t be privy to it as opposed to Hillary being involved in its planning.

      31. What looming disaster? Its Saturday. Ive did my morning chores. The grandkids are here. It,s getting hot. We are going to the creek and fish & swim. To heck with Doom Porn.

        • Said the grasshopper to the ant…

        • You ARE the man Old Guy. Catch a couple fallfish or horny chubs and the kids are happy. They don’t care what kinda fish it is.

      32. Not everybody is able to prep to the necessary level to survive long in a potential serious collapse scenario. True that a little preparedness is better than none. Obama’s so called warning is likely the only one forthcoming from the establishment. It may be something they control like violence or terrorism to insure that Clinton is next in line, possibly not because the elections are totally controlled. The threat may be outside their control, coming from space outside Earth. A good chance is a planned large population reduction is nearing also. Don’t know the event exactly like most people, just know some huge event is coming.

      33. Okay, here we go again. To the millions that barely meet their food requirements or rent every month, this is fear porn. Food prep articles, like this one, can scare the daylights out of many people: the elderly, the disabled, the poor. These prep articles never tell those with no money to spare how to go about storing up food and other supplies…just in case.
        In addition to not having the extra money, many people live in very small studio apartments with no space to store items. Legally, tenants must allow the landlord to do inspections at their discretion with proper notice. The landlord can claim they are “hoarders” and have them evicted. Consequently, there goes all the supplies. Money wasted. Money that could have fed them healthy food for a couple months or perhaps pay for new eyeglasses, tossed into a dumpster. With no money they have no alternative but look for a shelter or live under a bridge. The cycle of homelessness continues.
        How about suggesting to those that have the ability to prep, to help those that don’t? Or will those that can just lock themselves in with their guns and bolt the doors? Love one another. A little love overcomes a lot of fear.

        • Becky I disagree that it’s fear porn. That term is overused and leads to cynicism and laxity.
          But what you’re saying otherwise brings up a good point.
          But if I’m 100 or 1000 miles from you how could I help anyways?

          Even if one could afford a small storage unit (which could be very helpful, maybe with someone [family] that you can trust), again, if you’re in a city, all bets are off.

          Without like minded friends or family, those people are like my wife and I, and many here:
          YOYO You’re on your own.

        • There already are lots of articles all over the internet telling how to prepare if you don’t have much money and how to store extra food if you don’t have much room.

          As an example, one person built a cabinet out of scrap wood that fits behind their couch. It is the length of the couch and is the same height as the back of the couch. They painted it white and put photos and stuff on top of it. Inside the cabinet is their extra canned food. No one would find it unless they were really tearing the place apart.

          Anyone can buy an extra can of food once in a while. People are using their disposable income in non-productive ways. I know people who can’t afford groceries, but keep getting expensive tattoos, piercings, and silver decorations for their piercings. They drink beer and smoke. They could buy twice as many groceries if they would stop their wasteful habits.

          I will help the one or two people in my area who can’t help themselves if their families can’t come and get them, but everyone else in my area is just as capable as I am of preparing. Those who just won’t help themselves are SOL as far as I’m concerned.

        • Becky those millions that barely make it. I don’t worry about them. My responsibility is to me and mine. Its their personal choices or bad luck that put them in whatever lot in life they have. Of all my siblings and my wifes siblings. My wife and I are the only ones who own anything and have no debt. Most of them earned more than us. the difference is we saved 10% no matter how little we took in. and paid cash. lived on less then we took in. No matter how poor you are you can look around and find someone who is doing better with less. Its just a matter of priorities. Also most folks make the mistake of measuring wealth by dollars. Wealth is the freedom from toil that leaves you time to be creative and play and give those your responsible for a good start in life. Yesterday after chorswe went to the creek and fished and swam. bonfire and hotdogs ect. This morning the grandkids and us will plant a bit of sweet corn and cow peas. then back to the creek during the hot part of the day. Today Im bringing a 22 rifle and will let the kids shoot it. We caught some little painted turtles and crawdads yesterday. We have them in a aquarium in the house. I will not spend excessive time on doom porn or subject the grandkids to it. Love like Hero is a over used word. I love my wife, children and grandchildren. I like,s my animals old truck, house & land. And other folks are in a distant third place. When you start placing too much value on too much stuff ,people and notions (stuff like doom porn or religion). Those items start owning & controlling you instead you being in command. The kind of people your lamenting about have let their stuff be it mental baggage or despair or just bad luck own them. They have(often with the help of others) convinced themselves that they must have the help of others to enable them. I will not waste my time enabling anyone.

      34. Well,here is the family of 4 for a year on 300 link,will take awhile to post as will be in “moderation game”but want link live so folks can just hit it,this is a good starting point,the #’s at moment still add up,for how long,well….?

        Arch good point on adding a can of food say once a week,sounds a awful lot like ,well……,”The smalls add up”,sorry folks,couldn’t resist!

      35. Yes and for all the folks out there waiting for a single big event, stop and look for a moment of all that has changed in the past 20 years, 30 years, 40 years. Just one simple thing such as what I was able to buy with my 1 dollar allowance when i was 12. I will be 58 in October. I tell my grandkids what my dollar used to get me and they just look at me like I have 2 heads. When families were forced into believing we had to have both parents workig out of the house to make ends meet, ha more like being brainwashed into keeping up with the Jonse’s next door. Just look at all of the changes which have gradually changed our society and ripped apart the familiy. This whole thing has been a process to get us to the point of the new normal now in which we live. All I can say is don’t look for one major event because it is the old example of the frog in the boiling water. The water is on the verge of boiling and many frogs will die in their sleep. The alarm has been sounded by many and most I try to awaken want to stay asleep. I have never set dates or times but I will say this, the feeling is truly in the air and you know when things are so bad people don’t even know which bathroom to use ha ha, thanks OBUMMER for the support of the schools accross the nation regarding that matter. In closing their are three things the media and system does to people who allow it. I call it the triple D affect. Dumbed down, drugged out and Distracted. Most people fit in one or more of these groups. Oh it is fixin to happen soon people, keep your heart right with the Lord for you may have to die for your beliefs as all our brothers and sisters around the world. Keep your family and loved ones close, your powder dry and your head on a swivel. Just remember it took Noah over 100 years to build that big boat, the ultimate prepper. God Bless until later. Mike

        • I’m old enough to remember buying a fudgsicle (frozen ice cream on a stick) for 7 cents. Now I can’t afford an individual ice cream on a stick because they’re too expensive.

      36. Becky Jean. Howdy. Few comments for your post. It’s true if u have a small dwelling etc u can only prep so much. But you’d b surprised how much stuff u can get into an extra closet or look in your cupboard and throw out extra cookware u haven’t used in years and replace with food stuffs. I got powdered peanut butter from SAMs club the other day. Kinda neat item. Mix with water. Inexpensive. Not the greatest tasting but will keep u alive. Buy those little propane bottles and a mini stove for it. Somethings u just gotta look for on sale and try to budget your money. I know it’s tough in this shit hole economy our “intelligent leaders” have created. Some places u can sell plasma and make some extra money. Go around on trash day and you’d b surprised wat people throw away. I get extra bread from the local subway restaurant sometimes. They throw bread away every day. Manager said I’m not allowed to give it to u. I said put it beside dumpster if u have to throw it away. Then I grab up the bag. Sometimes u gotta get creative. I feed it to my chickens. And it’s still soft good bread! Wasteful country. That’s another reason shit has to collapse in my opinion. Everything is so fucked up. U also have to have some like minded people to have stuff u can use of each other’s. I will help some of my neighbors and vice versa when it goes down but some of them fuck Em. May not b christan like but oh well. But I’m not prepping for every scenario either. If I hear there’s a radiation cloud coming or something awful I’m not gonna live underground for 2 years just to come up for a wasteland to return too. I’m gonna build a fire , get the family around and get totally wasted and just wait for it. There’s a lot of elderly people also whose kids ain’t worth a shit who u could do work for for extra dough. Don’t know if any of this helps ya but u have a nice day

      37. Oh and thanks ketchup. That’s kinda wat I was thinking. Easier to buy. Got other things need done. And I try to b a decent shot so I won’t waste any

        • you got it, Ted. regards.

      38. We grow a garden. However we don’t can the produce. We freeze a lot. Canning is too hot and too much labor. Its easier to just buy canned goods. I can pack a lot of can goods on my burro. Glass Jars would break. As long as everything keeps plodding along We are going to take the simplest route. I seen a prep show and folks where eating bugs and worms. Not me ill not eat disgusting stuff for practice. I would eat it if necessary. I think a lot of the trouble is many folks have a negative or a unrealistic Core Concept. You simply just need to do what you can with whatever you have to work with. With each little success you start to fundmentally change. Eventally you have the self confidence & Know How to the point where your pretty much self reliant.

      39. DC Metro shutting down for two week intervals on the various lines, and they call it “Safe Tracking” and justify it as needed to do “much needed repairs.” Hmmm. . . Could it be that something more is going on in those tunnels besides track repair (which by the way, has been funded for decades by fares and the taxpayer, so should need any special attention now). My guess? Either false flag prep work or installation of anti-terrorist detection systems or, Heaven forbid, installation of the means to PREVENT trains from operating in an emergency, thus keeping people IN DC while TPTB flee to their WV taxpayer funded shelters.

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