Panic Buying as Britain Runs Out of Food and Fuel

by | Dec 6, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 60 comments

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    Out of Fuel in the UK

    Last winter, as blizzards hit the US and Europe, an earthquake hit Haiti and a Tsunami threatened Hawaii, we ran several stories pointing out the potential weaknesses in our just-in-time transportation delivery systems, utility grids and emergency response capabilities.

    We have yet another example from England, which should be a wake up call to those who have never considered having at least some basic emergency supplies on hand.

    Food and fuel were running out in some parts of Britain as the big freeze continued to make deliveries impossible.

    Supermarkets were battling to keep their shelves stocked with staple foods such as bread and milk and petrol retailers were running low dry on fuel as lorries struggled to complete deliveries in the icy conditions.

    The Independent Petrol Retailers Association warned that up to 500 independent petrol retailers in Scotland and the east of England risked running dry by the weekend.

    It stated that road tankers have been unable to leave the main terminals from two refineries from the Total SA (TOT) refinery at Lindsey and from the Jet refinery at Killingholme,  both on south Humberside, effectively “cutting the supply chain off at its knees”.

    Panic-buying was also adding to the problem as consumers stocked up on essentials.

    Consumers have also been stocking up on shovels, water bottles and thermals as the big freeze continues to bite.

    Marks & Spencer reported a 121% increase in sales of thermal clothing in the past week while Sainsbury’s said it had increased its stocks of long-life UHT milk which has seen a 20% rise in demand.

    Although the weather is expected to improve slightly over the weekend, further freezing conditions are forecast for next week.

    When an emergency or natural disaster strikes, and for most of us it will at some point in our lives, you can either be prepared and have everything you need to survive at home, or you can be this person:

    Panic-buying: No bread at Tesco in Tunbridge Wells as shoppers were urged to show restraint (left) and milk runs out at Sainsbury’s in Mansfield (right).

    Hat tip Goldenfoxx


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      1. MountainHome

        Scary cause it could happen in America.  I hope everyone has ample food in their homes now just in case bad weather hits.

        Good reminder, Marc.  Thanks.  Might mention a new book out that I’m getting others this holiday.  It’s a thriller & inexpensive. I recommend it.

        I know it’s difficult for others to keep extra gasoline around, but even a 1/2 in the garage might not be too dangerous & also lots of water & candles cause the  water lines do burst & power does go out.

      2. manos

        Right to the point as always Mac,

        A small comment to make. When started to gather provisions and uesful items, i did the stupid thing to speak a bit.
        A couple of friends knew what i was doing, mostly because we live in the same neighborhood.  I explained to them, but they still making silly jokes about 2012, about x planet, about solar waves, about “the book of Eli”, etc.
        Yesterday i told them something similar to your current posting. What if some heat wave or some tough winter strikes Crete? What are they going to do then? What if you cannot find gas or cannot drive to the mall, or if the mall has empty shelves?
        But once stupid, always stupid.
        There are people who believe that nothing touches them; they are invulnerable or something.
        For those people there is no need to worry about. I know that NetRanger would disagree on that, but the best thing to do is to turn your back on them. They are more like a liability rather than an equal companion for the things to come.
        There is a small problem with this rational though. My Christian faith, and the way i was grew up, guide me to help those stupid. I only wish that if shtf, we survive together.


      3. JJ


        Manos…you warned them as Beck says is your christian duty..the ball is now in their court…I too am disturbed that a year ago, I warned the next-door neighbor, father of two..
        He laughed at me and said he’d go to the church or his M-I-L and never even considered that there may be no roads or road access.
        If you share with even one your stored food, most prepper blogs say you’ll end with a line of beggars.

        Think about where that will lead.

      4. michelle

        Manos, I know your feeling.  I have mentioned the need to be prepared both conversationally and strongly to certain of my friends/family.  Very few have taken my words to any action level.  When it happens (should I say “if”?) there are certain of them I feel obligated to help, and have made extra provisions (extra boxes of rice, for example) but others will be on their own, as I will not jeopardize my base camp’s security worrying about those who failed to heed the far-in-advance calls to prepare.  They will be in the bread line or whatever it is the govt sets up to keep the sheople from rioting.

        I can see feeding hungry children, but not overweight adults who sat on their ass watching dancing with the stars instead of paying attention while I begged them to get prepared.

        I have considered putting out flyers on cars at the nearby mall even, to let people know the time is drawing nigh for everyone to be ready to batten down the hatches and be ready with candles and propane, rice & beans, canned foods, or whatever it is they feel they need to weather a storm.  I even stocked up on puzzles and games, figuring if the power goes out we’ll want to entertain ourselves in some manner other than staring at a blank television screen…

      5. Mona

        Comments…..I’ve been telling friends and family about the food situation for the past couple of years.  I explained what was happening in Russia and across Europe this past summer.  I explained what has been happening in the different regions of Cina and the US over the past 3 years.  I’ve talked about flooding and droubts until I am blue in the face.

        I am done talking.  Either they are prepared or they are not!

      6. Chuckles

        I don’t understand, owlgore said we are having global warming. Why are there snowstorms???

      7. michelle

        okay you will love this video:

        Max Keiser vs. JP Morgan!!

      8. Bildo

        Talking to others usually gets you labeled a crackpot. I’ll keep trying right up to the end. We have one family that we will take care of outside of my own. They help in our garden during the summer and will be with us when TSHTF.
        Remember, God says to be ready for whatever happens, including the end. He has warned people all through time to be ready. Did Noah open the doors to the ark when people started waking up and beating the doors? NO! The same will happen when everything goes to shit. My doors will be closed and I will defend my castle. Just like Noah, but with mucho firepower.

      9. wheedle

        Tens of millions of Americans who still have the financial means to prepare will do nothing, because they still believe nothing bad will happen to them. Unfortunately these same people will be part of the problem when a panic occurs.
        Those of us who post here know how dire a SHTF event could become. And that is why we choose to prepare, rather than becoming part of the problem. Encouraging others to do some modest prepping will most likely be all you can do.
        But remember not to store all your eggs in one basket. A cache of provisions will insure you have preps set aside in the event of a burgulary, fire, storm or other unforseen event. And bragging to neighbors about your preparations could make you a target during a crisis. Living in NE Florida has taught me the importance of  hurricane preparedness. When conversing with others about the looming financial crisis and high unemployment, I emphasis how I have beefed up my hurricane preps “as best as I can”, suggesting that I don’t have alot and it won’t last long, and yet still get the message across about preparing. You can mention how the Homeland Security webpage emphasizes having some food and water set aside just in case, to demonstate that even the government encourages its citizens to be prepared.
        Fuel shortages and higher fuel prices could cause even more problems than most people think. Being aware of what’s going on outside what the Main Stream Media tells us will be your “heads up” for what may be coming. Good Luck To All.

        (Search,,,,Collapse movie disclosed TV,,,,A Crude Awakening The Oil Crash on youtube,,,,Peak Oil Life After The Oil Crash,,,)

      10. MadMarkie

        Having a ‘Christian Conscience’ is one thing ……. being an idiot and exposing yourself and your family to danger is quite another. Whatever happened to; “God helps those who help themselves”?

        I too have cautioned friends and family members regarding the need to adaquetly prepare themselves for the uncertain times ahead. Some have actually listened to me, sadly, most have not.

        Those who have expressed an interest in providing some security for themselves; I have attempted to assist with advice and by guiding them to the resources that they will need to help them to prepare. Those who scoffed or weren’t interested …… I left them alone and never mentioned the subject of preparing to them again.

        Those who laughed the loudest will be the first to appear at your door with the expectation that you have some sort of an obligation to feed, support and assist them.

        If they aren’t a part of your group, don’t let them know or have any idea of what you are doing. Fly low and slow; stay underneath everyone’s radar. Children are especially prone to running their little mouths to their little friends. If they aren’t old enough to keep a ‘secret’, then exclude them from the knowledge of what you are doing. Remember …….. it’s the nail that sticks up that gets hit in the head with a hammer!

      11. MadMarkie

        Rereading my post above, I know that I sound pretty hard-harted. Something like the Grinch who spoiled Christmas. Not so, just realistic.
        God Bless and good luck to all.

      12. Bill

        I have a really good friend that will soon be getting married to a beautiful woman from England.  I’ve talked to him a bit about what could happen but I don’t think he hears much or probably thinks I’m over reacting.  Maybe if I send him this it will help some.   Maybe not….

      13. Anonymous

        You sound very normal among the group here MM.

      14. Greg

        Comments….. When things go wrong, alot of people that u talked to will be looking for u for help, at that time u will have some of the hardest decisions to make in your life.

      15. overtheedge

        Reality 101. For at least a generation, we have had pretty good storm tracking capability. The masses still don’t prepare.

        “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.”  (Tnx Doc Phil)  So you’re gonna feed the offspring of ignorant parents. So what’cha gonna do about the parents? You will feed them, willingly or by virtue of your death.

        Nits make lice. These offspring will have the same moral values as their parents. Feeding infants and eliminating everyone else solves that problem, but makes a bunch of other problems.  The only answer I see is avoidance.

        Living in rural Alaska, I have experienced 3 weeks of -35F as the high and 58 below at night. No transportation of goods and no way to get to a store.  Every cold snap demonstrates another bunch of  “everything is fine in mudville” fools to preparedness.  A few learn, the majority move on come spring.  Average turn-over is between 5-10%.

        Keep a low profile and always appear hard-scrabble. Most of us have a problem getting our family fully prepared.  It is fundamentally impossible to prepare for the masses of grasshoppers. You can be the proverbial ants or you can reward the foolishness of the grasshoppers.  Your choice. Choose wisely.

      16. Durango Kidd

        Michelle: I am LMAO!!!! Thanks so much!

      17. mushroom

        america is a much more sophisticated country than england.  in addition americans are much better educated than the foreign peasents whether they be in england, france or germany.  to put it simply our geniuses are much smarter than european geniuses -especially those english clowns.  remember the old joke about how many polish it takes to turn a light bulb. it’s true. europeans can’t build such simple cultural materials  as railroad trains or aircraft. we had to go over there and save all of them in the two recent world wars.

        all americans need in case we have a minor bump in the economy is a box of new crisp uncirculated ten dollar bills.

        god bless america and god bless our ten dollar bill – the envy of the entire world…

      18. yourdaddy

        To Bildo:

        You’ve offered up the Biblical account of Noah & the Great Flood as pretext to how you will respond to the upcoming tragic events we all face.  However, this would be an inaccurate portrayal.  Here’s why….

        In Genesis 6-8 (The account of Noah and the flood), God makes it crystal clear that he intends to destroy ALL of creation for their wickedness.  God has gotten “fed up” so to speak, and is no longer interested in creation.   
        Here is the supporting text: (Genesis 6:5-8)
        The LORD saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of  the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.  6 The LORD regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled. 7 So the LORD said, “I will wipe from the face of the earth the human race I have created—and with them the animals, the birds and the creatures that move along the ground—for I regret that I have made them.” 8 But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD.

        So it is clear, there was NO mandate or motivation by God given to Noah to “warn & save others.”   God was at the end of his rope, and he put in motion his plan to end all wickedness.  (You’ll also notice that he later regrets his decision, and promises never to carry out such a death sentence on the Earth and its inhabitants:  (See Genesis 8: 20-22) 

        With all of that said…You have mis-represented the analogy when you shared this nugget above:

        Did Noah open the doors to the ark when people started waking up and beating the doors? NO! The same will happen when everything goes to shit. My doors will be closed and I will defend my castle. Just like Noah, but with mucho firepower.

        Noah was asked to build an ark that was over 900 feet long (3 football fields).  How long would’ve that taken without modern equipment and an army of Bechtel engineers on staff?  My guess, it would have been in the 100-200 year range.  While that was going on, Noah and his family were ridiculed for their foolishness.  There was no one “looking for a ticket” to get on.  And when the deluge finally came, there would have been no time to rush over to Noah’s to bang on the door…and even if a few did, God already instructed Noah that the point of this exercise was to eradicate the Earth from those banging on the door in the first place.   You imply that Noah “defended his castle” but as you can see, that just wasn’t the case.

        So what are we to do this time around?  Allowing me a little poetic license here…I believe the coming events are a much needed “Spiritual Purification.”  Our world has become dark, and has lost its way.  We are materialistic, we have become morally relativistic tolerating lies and promote/defend them as truth (homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia etc), We selfishly defend “ours” and look out for number 1.  We bend over backwards to attend various NFL arenas by the millions, and will casually skip church on Sunday…feel free to fill in the blanks here as this list is unfortunately endless.

        God, in all his infinite wisdom (and ironically) his MERCY, will allow for our societies to crumble for our own benefit.  Sometimes, the only way to get our children to PAY ATTENTION is to let them fail…and fail badly. 

        Once the world realizes we’ve been sold a bucket of lies by the great deceiver, and our world was built on a foundation of sand, and just surviving through a day will be cause for great celebration, our focus will quickly be honed in on the summit of our existence…God.  And once he has our full attention, he’ll be able to quickly restore the world, and clean up the mess we’ve made of it. 

        So Bildo, feel free to lock & load, and start shooting at anything that moves by your door.  But if you’re doing so in tribute to Noah, you should know that you too have been sold/told a lie. 

        For those pragmatic folks who are genuinely struggling with this issue and reading along…Here is what I suggest for you to do.  Feel free to spread the prudent news of “Prepping” to your family and friends.  Just don’t it as a personal testimony.  Rather, approach the subject as a 3rd party observer.  In other words, open the dialogue by saying, “I’ve heard there are a bunch of people who are concerned with the way things are and are storing food & basic provisions.  I think I agree with them.  What do you think?”  Then, regardless of their answer, you’ll be able to hold this discussion as two people (unemotionally attached to the subject)  simply working through a sticky topic.  The person you’re sharing with won’t feel attacked or foolish, and you won’t have to reveal your “secret.” 

        Just know this.  Bildo is wrong.  We’re all in this together, and unlike the great flood, the coming tribulation is not intended for our demise, but for our own, collective good. 

      19. NetRanger

        “I know that NetRanger would disagree on that, but the best thing to do is to turn your back on them. They are more like a liability rather than an equal companion for the things to come.
        There is a small problem with this rational though. My Christian faith, and the way i was grew up, guide me to help those stupid. I only wish that if shtf, we survive together.”


        No, actually, I completely agree. My first desire will be to leave them. However, I have to believe that positive actions and good will gathers the same and returns to you. Precisely BECAUSE of my Christian faith, brother, we cannot leave them out of the equation. You are right. Logic would say let them starve, however, I cannot. I will not. I will help as many as I can. But, I also will not excessively endanger those around me. I will attempt to help anyone I can, but, when it comes down to it, family first. I’ll thin things down the best I can but there is a limit.

        …and you know, its always smart to listen to “yourdaddy”.



      20. Tina

        Thanks Dad !

      21. greaseman

        Comments…..I think there is sympathy and kindness in most everyone’s heart. As for me, I feel as I’ve done  my duty, and told my family members that hard times are coming. I even gave my grown kids money to buy extra food.  I know I will end up feeding them anyway. That’s ok, they’re mine. But that’s where I draw the line.  I’m lucky my neighbor is also a prepper.  I found out by accident, in a conversation across the fence.  he bought a large supply of freeze dried food, guns, and plenty of ammo.  I feel like he’s got my back, and I will help cover his.  He knows what I’ve been doing, so we are on the same page.  I spoke to my other neighbor, and I think they have put up some extra food–I hope!!
            In the end, who knows what most people will do.?  I live on a main highway, and know there will be many transients running up and down the road.  Sooner or later, I will have to put a high barb wire fence up I think, so as not to give people an opportunity to make it to the front door. I will invest in some “trespassers will be shot” signs.
             Have a great day everyone, and kick your preps into high gear, even though we are in the holiday season.  We really don’t have much time left.

      22. the buf guy

        Funny, I just put up 50 gallons of 93 oct. stabilized gas.  Yeah…sheeple are screwed if TSHTF.  My final last stand if all goes to mad to eat the sheeple….start with the old then work your way down.  ps.  Welfare fats burns in a fire nicely..   ha.  come on…you have to laugh about all this.

      23. the buf guy

        Not a bible thumper..but I listed to Revelations, chapter 3, verse 18 and make over $35k with metals.

        I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and [that] the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

        ps.  The federal reserve gets paid from your US for services in gold certificates.  NOT Federal Reserve Notes…think about it.  metal up folks…paper of any kind is going down.  Forget dividend, forget interest….wealth transfer from paper to tangibles is going down.  silver was $7 years ago…now $30.  ps.  Join the NRA and ammo up.

      24. izzy

        A long time ago I decided that when it all went over the cliff, I would sign up with the Huns, and get on the winning side.

        40 years later, and it still hasn’t come to that.

      25. Willie Wonka

        This kind of scenario is EXACTLY what got me into being fully prepared.

        12 years ago a big snowstorm was gonna hit us. I was already somehwat of a prepper so we always had the basics but we needed some milk and a few other things so we decided to run up to the local big chain (Meijer, akin to a Walmart) to get the stuff before the storm. 

        I was shocked at what I saw when I pulled into the parking lot, it was jam packed, inside the lines to check out were almost to the back of the store and almost everyone of the 30 or so registers was in operation. I was dumbfounded at the panic buying over a snowstorm, I sat in line imagining  what it would have been like in a real emergency. That experience  changed my whole outlook on life and my preparedness level.

      26. clark

        Ya might want to reconsider the NRA and join Gun Owners of America instead.

        This link kind of explains why, there’s some funny things going on with the NRA. There was some really interesting facts in the comments section, but the comment section is not there any more. Basically, the NRA supports gun control, just another way of saying rights are privileges.

        “The NRA rates incumbents primarily on their voting record of NRA endorsed legislation where as groups like Gun Owners of America rates politicians based on their willingness to support and introduce pro-gun legislation and their overall support of liberty.”

        The storms stopping the supply of fuel in Britain reminded me of a Winter in the Midwest a few years ago when ice storms knocked out power over a vast area and really strained the repair crews.

        Power was restored to the houses on both sides of the street from me within a day or so, but as the repair crew rolled by me in their large repair trucks one guy stuck his head out the window and said we were not a priority and they were going out into the countryside to do repairs there for people that had been without power for a few weeks already.

        It was odd being in the dark while the people across the street had their houses all lit up. A person notices these things more when they are without.

        Two weeks later they restored the power to my house. I was glad I had a gas stove for heat and a gas water heater for hot water or else I would have had to abandon the house and spend two weeks in a hotel.

        Friends would say, “Eh, I would have “just” gone to a hotel!”

        Yea-ah, and I guess they have lots of money to burn too, I didn’t, and spending two weeks in a hotel is not my idea of a good time.

        It wasn’t a bad experience being without power. It was a lot like camping,… in the Winter.

        That was my intro to the need for prepping.

      27. morpheus

        Welcome to the Real World – America

        We will continue to live in fear because we don’t know what to do. First, Stand up for yourself.

        Join the Revolution!

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
        Democrats and Republicans can’t help you.

      28. Donna

        Cold dead hands….I have the dry goods sealed in vacuum pack bags. Should that be OK? I guess I can get in touch with the company and ask but what type of plastic releases toxins into your food? What kind of toxins are you talking about? Dissapointed if this is not a safe plan. :0( I put a lot of time into this.

      29. george

        Comments…..dont worry , people in the hamptons will help you out .

      30. clark

        the buf guy said, “ha.  come on…you have to laugh about all this.”

        Umm, no, it’s not funny.

        Count Our Holiday Blessings: At Least We’re Not Starving

        “…During the time of Stalin’s terror famine upon Ukraine (when at least six million perished) it was dangerous for children to walk around alone – they were prone to be snatched, strangled, and cooked. In the town of Poltava an entire operation for the processing of children’s meat was discovered by the Soviet secret police (Conquest, 1986, 288). But the consumption of a child didn’t necessarily need to be done by strangers. When Mao’s famine was raging throughout China from 1958 to 1961 a couple in Anhui province, driven mad by hunger, murdered then ate their eight-year-old son. (Chang & Halliday, 2005, 438)”

        The farmers in America have been referred to by some as the Kulaks of our time. Things could go very wrong.

      31. ManMKE

        > I don’t understand, owlgore said we are having global warming. Why are there snowstorms???

        You’re confusing local and regional WEATHER with planetary CLIMATE. Actually, the climate-change models that most climatologists favor suggest that in many temperate regions, winters will be much wetter and colder and summers much hotter and more dry. And the storms in both will be worse. Or are worse.

      32. malikai

        “Marks & Spencer reported a 121% increase in sales of thermal clothing in the past week while Sainsbury’s said it had increased its stocks of long-life UHT milk which has seen a 20% rise in demand”

        Lol! Snowed in, cold, and can’t get fuel, but no Britain will go without that milk for their tea! I love this country. 🙂

        (American living in UK)

      33. REB

        Donna, dont sweat it,you have the food in sealed containers and most all plastic buckets are made of polyethylene,which is, as far as plastics go, quite safe.
        I worked in a plastics plant many years ago,most all plastic buckets are made by the same companies for food and non-food uses,be it paint or wheat.(most all are food grade to begin with)
         That said you do want to be careful of what was in the bucket before you used it for food storage,if it was latex or water based paint or joint compound and you washed it out well then you have no problem,if it was a petroleum based product like oil paint or kerosene or varnish ect,then it may not be wise to use those buckets,I’d transfer the food to another container ASAP. I would also consider lining the inside of any bucket with a bag,paper would be great,or plastic,particularly if the contents were “loose”say like grain not packaged in smalled sealed bags.
        Otherwise you are good to go,after all some of the cans of food people are using daily and to store are lined with a plastic that really is’nt good for health,when TSHTF I dont think even  health nuts will be worried too much about a trace of plastic in our food. Hope that helps!

      34. Frank Thoughts

        The idea of prepping is very sound and is not something ‘weird’ or ‘odd’. I grew up in the 70s, both in the UK and elsewhere. I remember power shortages, garbage all over the place, crappy or non-existent public services. You had to be resourceful.

        I have been frank with people these days, but to be honest, a population juiced and goosed on easy or free cedit, will never prep. These people are gonners and you should psychologically right them off now. Just as happened in Katrina, those people were warned over and over again, and did nothing: they sealed their fate.

        Protect yourself (because if you aren’t good shape physcially and financially, you are no use to anyone else) and your family (but only the ones you are about and trust, not the freeloaders or fat Marge the lazy be-yatch cousin on food stamps).

        As for the UK, there is a great deal of dumb and lazy in that country. There is also a population in the many millions that is nihilistic, untrustworthy, very violent and will just act out of stimulus (hungry? eat, horny?, fuck etc.). These people will be very dangerous and will need to be neutralised in a SHTF scenario.

        Your first line of defence is yourself. As can be seen around the world, Haiti for example, government agencies etc. cannot save you. By being focused on your own survival and not passive, you will have the vision and drive to survive. Good luck!

      35. Loki

        Comments…..I quit trying, talking to these simps is like clapping with one hand.  I bring my gear into my garage at night.  I also have 2 warehouses, 8800 sq ft and 10000 sq ft. (7500 leased) that I have gear in.  It’s very frustrating talking to the sheep and in return all I get is a silly bovinial stare.

      36. Linda

        I am not Mormon.  I am a Christian.  My faith teaches that Jesus will come back before the tribulation period.  I do believe we need to prepare because of the risk of natural disasters and the financial chaos America is in now.  I don’t trust our government.  I think everything is heading toward a new world order setting up for antichrist.  Anyway – I need to know how long most of you recommend preparing for?  I know Mormons say at least a year. 

      37. MadMarkie

        @ Linda ~

        Nobody can store enough food to last forever. If a ‘no food on the shelves at the grocery store’ situation lasts longer than about 3 -6 months, most of the population of the United States will be ‘hosed’ anyway; no matter how much food you have put away.

        80+% of the people couldn’t get beyond 1 – 2 weeks with what they have in the house at any given time. I see high prices and shortages of certain items rather than a complete absence of food. If the US dollar (FRN) collapses then I could see those with food unwilling to part with it for the funny green monopoly money. PMs or other items for barter will be used then.

        Most any fair sized city is going to have a Restaurant Depot. Find someone who has a card and use their card to purchase in bulk at still reasonable prices. The cards are issued to restaurants and other institutional users. They don’t care what your name is as long as you have the card, no ID check like at some of the ‘big-box’ membership stores.

        Learn how to prepare/cook dried beans and rice. Depending on how you prepare them, you can either have a tasty meal or a pot of ‘yuck’. I BBQ/smoke meat and chicken most every weekend and we make a big pot of beans and a pot of rice. ‘Nuked’ in the microwave, we live off this until at least Wednesday or Thursday of every week. We eat well and save money to use for other purposes.

        If you don’t have one, then ask Santa for a nice two-burner multi-fuel camping stove for a present this Christmas so that you have something to cook on. Oil lamps, extra wicks and a supply of lamp oil. You can buy the tall, votive type of candles at your local $ store for right around 1$, they burn for days.

        Don’t forget the salt, pepper, hot sauce and other assorted spices as well as oil. Rotate your back-stock.

        God Bless and good luck to you and your family. Please accept our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and prosperous new year for all.

      38. greaseman

        Comments….. Many interesting comments here. I’m one of those that believe that as a nation, we are having the protection of God removed, and being punished accordingly. I do believe that when enough misery is suffered, people will be reminded of their sins as a nation, and beg for forgiveness, to a certain extent.  many others will curse their existance, and wait for a corrupt government to save them, which isn’t in the game plan.
             Everyone who is “aware”, by now knows the plan is to cull the herd.  If you are self sufficient, and have planned for this, you have a shot at survival.  but the vast majority of people are totally unaware of what is happening, or why it is happening, and think the government is their friend, and there to help them.  This couldn’t be furhter from the truth.
               Most everyone on these boards is very keen as to what is really happening.  But the masses wouldn’t get it if you put up a neon sign and spelled it out for them. They think we are just having a bout of bad economic times, and things will return to “normal” soon enough.  Again, that is the big honking lie the government wants people to believe. We all know to, don’t listen to what they say, but watch what they do.  Our leaders are getting their ducks in a row just as the preppers are, but they have a lot more money to do it—our money to be exact.
            Personally, I’m getting tired of stocking up, and I’m running out of room to keep these supplies.  But the alternative is a quick death, or a one way trip to the Fema camp.  Does anyone here really believe the government can keep up months of transporting supplies to major metroploitan areas, and keep these folks from “leaving” the reservation in search for easy pickings.  There’s no way this is going to happen.  History has always been a great teacher.  Just look at the effects of katrina for a good lesson. Now, just add those same conditions to many major cities.  it’s not a pleasant thought.
            The only way to survive is self sufficiency.  I’m trying to get to the mindset of thinking as someone in the rural 1800’s would think. How to live day to day with no electricity, and have a renewable source of food.  To me, that’s a garden, and livestock, or other animals that can be used for food.   hunting will phase out quickly, as newbie hunters kill everything in sight, including each other in the first few months.  most of us will have our hands full just protecting what we have stored from the masses.  again, think 1800’s
               I tend to think most problems will fall in the middle some where. I think there will be food available for the right money, whatever that money or barter good will be.  Theblack market will be king. Again, look at history, as it will  cover every scenerio that will happen, because at some time, it already has happened.  Most people tend to look at the last 50-75 years to gain perspective.  Sometimes, you have to go back farther to get the correct comparison.
             I have been talking to my 80 year old mother to see how they made it through hard times.  Many good lessons there. I’m also turning up my yard into garden plots, already harvested a spring crop this year. Thinking about adding chickens to my preps.  I’ve already done this before, so I know how to make it work. Buying food continuosly, and more precious metals.  Buying water storage capacity, more fuel containers, heating supplies that don’t need electricity.  Cooking systems that don’t need electricity.  I already have tools galore.  I need to buy more tools to cut and saw, as all I have are electric operated.  Prep never ends does it?
              Lastly, I have stopped trying to convince anyone to prep, even my family.  It has fallen on deaf ears, and frankly, I just don’t have the drive to do it anymore.  I know where they’re going to be when the fall happens–good old Dad to the rescue.  I do believe saying no to pleas for help will be somewhat difficult to deal with.  But as times goes by, my ability to ignore others gets stronger.   I just go about my business, and do what I think I need to.  Sometimes, my wife thinks I’m nuts, but she stays out of my way.
              Good luck guys.  Time to prep is going to be at a preminum real soon.  I can’t see how things can keep going like they are, but I have been saying that for a long time. Time will tell won’t it???

      39. Durango Kidd

        Linda: I am not Morman either but the Mormans that I know when I played basketball for a local Ward (I was a ringer lol) some years ago were prepping for three years then. Maybe to coincide with the first half of the Tribulation period.

        Not going to get into that debate (tribulation) but I would recommend at least five years of basic staples: beans, rice, grains, and drinking water. (Not to mention seeds.) All of the extras above and beyond that may make life a little more enjoyable in hard times.

        Prepare for the very worst (teotwawki). If the worse doesn’t happen, no harm, no foul!

      40. Frank Thoughts

        Your plan should be as follows: a month’s supply of provisions on standby for when the SHTF happens. This will buy you time and enable you to stay healthy by eating well and staying calm (you need to be calm and rational to think of your next moves). The idea of storing 5 years food is a bad one: what are you going to do if you need to move? Or, if somebody gets wind of your supply and the state or a gang or your neighbours come to get it? Don’t think that would happen?

        After your month’s supply you need your Mobility Kit and your Mobility Plan. You need cash, documents (passport etc.), precious family stuff, survival gear, ready to go in a few minutes. And with the Mobility Plan, you need and an idea of where to go in various scenarios. Will you go stay with family and friends? Leave the country?

        I have been in crisis situations and so have friends. Mobility was always the saver: being flexible and mobile. The people who suffered were the ones who hung on to their current place, put their faith in ‘God’, or the government, or just were clueless.

        If you get mobile you can always re-start your life somewhere else: look at the refugees who survived the Holocaust: many went on to become very wealthy and successful. With your life and mental faculties still together, you can always start again.

      41. Linda

        Thanks for the helpful comments.  I already store a lot more than most people, just out of common sense.  Anything could happen such as natural disaster, even a snow storm.  I am very concerned about the US financial collapse as a big possibility.  I’m not sure I can store enough for 5 years.  There is not space and money is very tight.  The Great Depression has always interested me and I spent some time interviewing people I knew that lived through it just to learn from them in case it ever happened again.  I think I learned enough from my grandparents, etc. that my family could do better than many these days.  Lots of people don’t even know how to cook, much less save oil for reuse, etc.  Ultimately my trust is in the Lord, but I believe He expects me to use the good mind He gave me and do my part.

      42. Donna

        Grease man…. Right on. Very very few listen but sometimes they begin to think about it. My youngest son (27) made the remark he and one of his other brothers has a “plan” even “code words” if it comes down to as to where to meet with more than one option and a plan to get us (their parents) to the meeting place…what to bring,etc… So they DO listen more than you think sometimes. :0)

      43. Donna

        Also my son has made it clear to all of his doubtful friends not to come running to him for help unless they have something very substancial to offer to contribute to the survival of the group.  So…he’s beginning to take me seriously anyway. He is military and quite “capable” of maintaining “order” in a critical situation.

      44. Donna

        Mad Markie….It is possible to stock up on “store bought” can goods etc… I look at the exp date and most of my supply in that type food has an exp. date of 2012 and 2013. Just mark the date on the can with a sharpie and rotate. It takes time to look at the store stock and check dates but pays off in the end. I have other supplies besides this as well with a different way of storing but for those not inclined  and for those without the best of survival knowledge…this is a start. 2 to 3 weeks is NOT enough. At least have a years worth of supply to buy you some time through the seasons to come up with an alternate way to have food to eat. Also… not everyone has the skill or means to protect their supply so if you don’t… carefully start now to find someone who does and have a  plan. You may have the “know how” to store food ,etc… and they may be very prepared as far as defense. Pool your resources if you can’t do it all. I am fortunate in that in my family their are different members whose strong points are in different areas. Just a word of advice. Sorry to keep boring everyone with what most of us already know but this may help some “beginners” so to speak.

      45. Donna

        Greaseman….I am “wearing out” on trying to convince others as well but occasionally I still try hoping it will help someone. Also in the last few weeks I have been getting more and more approaches from people” suddenly” concerned and act as though they are surprised at what things are coming to. sSometimes I  am a bit ANGRY because I just want to say “Have you not been listening to anything I have said for the last 18 months?!!!” I’m tired of talking about it. Very tired of talking about it! I am however so thankful for the SHTF advice and tips. Have learned a lot!:0)

      46. Donna

        Question….I am canning vegetable beef soup today. It has been so long since I did any canning. I have a pressure canner ofcouse. Does any one know if it is OK to add diced potatoes as well. Also have turkeys to “can” and would love to have turkey and dumplings. Do dumplings hold up OK? Thanks!

      47. Ron

        Studies show that after these panic buying episodes, a much larger amount of meat and other foodstuffs are dumped in landfills due to spoilage.  In other words, people empty the store shelves and end up throwing much of it out later on.

      48. Dave

        I’ve been prepping for about a year now.  The biggest person that fights me is my wife.  I talk about financial colapse and how we need to get some stock piles of food, basics, guns and ammo.  She basically blows me off like I’m nuts and then goes out and spends a few hundred dollars on a new bed spread with matching pillows. 

        Do any of ya’ll have this kind of push back from a spouse?

      49. MadMarkie

        @ Dave –

        I am lucky in this respect; my wife of 33 years is Colombian and a very practical woman. It’s a whole different culture down there; there is no welfare, no food stamps, no AFDC, no Medicaid and no Section 8 housing assistance, etc. If you don’t have family to assist you in your times of need then you are in deep trouble. Most of our family down there are professionally employed and doing well for themselves. There are three families in our immediate family grouping who, for one reason or another, have come upon hard times. ALL of the family here in the United States send money, clothes, etc. each month to help out. Those in Colombia who are doing OK help out as they can.
        So my wife well understands the need to be prepared for the unexpected. We always discuss our finances together and establish our priorities. She doesn’t take any crap from me and I don’t catch any grief from her ….. perhaps this is why our relationship has worked out so well for so long.

        Good luck.

      50. Donna

        Ronn…With all due respect I have not “panic”” purchased anything and I understand people do but for the most part this has been an ongoing process for me. To start with… to save money on food followed by being prepared. I continuously rotate and use what I buy at a great price and have yet to throw anything away. Saved me 100s of dollars. I experienced waste when my father who was a hoarder passed away and so much wasted! This is not for everyone to do. It takes time and thought and a system that works for you. Not to be mean. I understand your point but there are some of us who have a gift of doing this the right way and nothing is wasted. God bless!

      51. Donna

        Dave…. Do it anyway. I have been married 30 years and sometimes my family makes a joke or 2 re my food and water and survival mentality. This is not my first rodeo. I may go a tiny bit overboard but have never wasted any purchase over the years. Sometimes I get put out with my spouse and sons because I think THEY go a bit overboard with some security issues themselves. It all evens out in the end. Allow each individual to use their gift to contribute to the survival of each other.  I have learned… Not everyone has the gift of being prepared food and water wise but even the one’s who don’t should LISTEN and follow at least some of the advice from those that do. LEARN what you don’t know and your wife will thank you later…may be. I hope it doesn’t come to that. I have never wanted to be so wrong in my life.

      52. Donna

        Dave L….Thanks for the “pre freezer” tip on flour. Been doing that with rice,beans,etc.. just did not think it would help the shelf life of flour/corn meal. Duh???? Feel stupid! I have had flour get old and MAN it is aweful!!!! Only food product EVER I have had to throw away because once it is no good…IT IS NO GOOD! :0)

      53. Donna

        I’m getting tired of doing what I can. I think I’m done and then another stratagy appears in my brain and I think….I should do that as well! Getting worn out but have peace knowing all is well for me and my family. I pray God can use me to help others the best I can…if I can. ..My weakness is in giving all I have. Fotunately I have men in my life who are stronger and will protect me from my own self. Thanks everyone for the help to prepare for the worst…Hope for the best.  D

      54. clark

        Dave asked, “Do any of ya’ll have this kind of push back from a spouse?”

        I used to, then I had her read some economic papers, and explained a lot of things. I almost gave up. It was rough. I still hit a bump now and then.

        Some people will never choose the easy way to learn, they prefer the hard way. Delusion is a powerful thing to overcome, but it can be done.

        Perhaps you should work it from the other end?
        Set a cash budget.
        Limit the spending but allow for a valve, call it discretionary spending?
        A jar or set of jars with labels works well, others have written about this technique.

        But without shared goals it would be tough. Perhaps have split goals?
        That might not work too well though?
        She may be too deeply programed for any of that to help, but at least you have identified your Achilles heel.
        If/when SHTF, try not to say things like, “This is all your fault, you should’ve listened.” as it will only make things worse for you both.
        …Make your peace and deal with it?

        Hope that helps.

      55. Frank Thoughts

        Pushback from the wife can be easily solved. She just needs to be made aware of how precarious things can be. I recommend two options: 1) volunteer for a few weeks with an NGO working in the developing world or crisis situation (Haiti for example), 2) the softer option: just go on a holiday to such a country and look around.

        Show her the women peddling their booties to earn survival cash to feed their children or families. The real hardships of life with no welfare system. How women become part of the ‘sexonomy’ and what they got under their clothes becomes the mode of exchange and trade and her worth. It is brutal, but once she understands that she will cut back her spending and realise she will never want to be in a situation where she has to trade ‘booty-for-food’.

      56. hungry4food

        I an sick and tied of Hearing How good it was during Clinton’s 1990s raging Tech Bubble that Burst as he was leaving Office , and then Bush came in and extended this Trade Policy that along with extending credit rather than reversing the trade Cabal that sent us done the path os stalled income growth and only substituted it with Credit expansion , is why we are in the shape we are In . The WTO trade Rule in Free Floating currency rules were not made to be followed by the Asian Countries we traded with because the Multi-nationals that padded the pockets of the Political were lobbying them to keep this Trade Policy in place while they creamed the value in a simple Currency swap as the Wall marts of the world had their stuff made in Asia at a manipulated 10 cents to our Dollar cost , then Imported it back to the USA and Europe , DUTY FREE , to make the 90 cent profit on a simple Currency swap , which ended in consolidating the wealth of the Retail markets as merger after merger resulted , and while all this was going on you would have thought our trade envoy would have demanded China freely float their currency value as was the WTO trade rule but was ignored because Wall mart , Kmart, Best Buy , all the Big Box Multi-Nationals were lobbying our Politicians to stand down on enforcing our fair Trade rules , these Lobby firms are at the heart of our Economic injustice and they need to be band from our Washington DC !!!! We were warned by Independent think tanks this would happen ; The High Cost of the China-WTO Deal: Administration’s own analysis suggests spiraling deficits, job losses; By Robert E. Scott; February 1, 2000:
        It has also taken Mexico\’s Jobs away over the years too. Europe\’s Jobs too. This is all because of a Simple Currency manipulation that does nothing to promote quality in our products.
        Remember what Ross Perot said , we would Hear a Giant Sucking Sound with this Trade Policy , he was right .
        See More

        Are Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (Government Controlled Lenders) At the “Heart” of the Mortgage Mess?

      57. hungry4food

        it was done to consolidate the wealth of this market through the collapse of the credit of this market with over leveraging it because of the Environmental Organizations that wanted a stop in Urban Sprawl which in their view was leading to over burdening earth and its finite resources . Take a Look at these sites and you can start t…o see the Trend in Technocrats mindsets ; This excerpt from this months National Geographic ; I have understood the population explosion intellectually for a long time. I came to understand it emotionally one stinking hot night in Delhi a couple of years ago… The temperature was well over 100, and the air was a haze of dust and smoke. The streets seemed alive with people. People eating, people washing, people sleeping. People visiting, arguing, and screaming. People thrusting their hands through the taxi window, begging. People defecating and urinating. People clinging to buses. People herding animals. People, people, people, people.—Paul Ehrlich , and then couple what Gates is plans are with this ……. Ted Turner says there is a Problem and that this is causing Climate Change , TOO Many people – the wildlands project
        But it happened because they planned it , see these links again to reference the Plan and why ;

      58. Strawman

        After having read all the comments, I’d say I’m right inline with most. Hard decisions are right around the corner on many levels. One area that I haven’t seen mentioned is medical supplies. Does anyone have a line on anti-biotics and other emergency medical supplies? I have plenty of first aid kits but minor surgery could become a reality as well. What then?

      59. Durango Kidd

        Strawman; there is a pharmacist on here somewhere. Antibiotics are prescription drugs so one should be careful about possessing them.

        Mexico sells penicillin in 800 mg capsules over the counter like aspirin: which is why we have super germs in the United States that will not respond to antibiotics.

        Many border residents in Arizona but their prescription drugs in mexico where they are much cheaper. Americans subsidize Big Pharma’s operations all over the world.

      60. greaseman

        Comments…..very interesting discussions going on here.  For me, one of the hardest things to get a grip on, is the reality that in a short time, things will never be the same as they have for most of our lives.  we see these changes coming now. Our lives will be in a tail spin.But, as preppers, we will have a chance to plod our way throught this chaos.  but it’s basically over for the masses, and they don’t even know it. 
              I have been reading lately of a principle called the normalcy bias.  That’s   the principle that basically says that most people think something can’t happen because it has never happened to them.  Even though this sounds stupid to the folks on this blog, that’s the way most people think.  just refer to countless disasters in history, and the first thing people say is, “I never thought that would happen to us”, or–“I didn’t see that coming”.   We must get the mind set to peer ahead, and have the forsight to understand that anything can happen, and that idea alone should be enough to direct our efforts to prepare for anything. 
              As the weeks go by, and i see events line up, more or less just as I have thought they would, I become more vigilant in my preps.  I learn to see things differently, and keep my reality filter on high alert. I never cease to be amazed at the lies that are broadcast daily in the media, as the government continues to tell everyone that things are ok.  How can we ever look at these lying bastards again in the same light?  As we prep every day, we have to keep the mindset that what we do, goes against the mainstream thinking, but this very mindset is what will save us.   I personally like being in the minority, because if I’m wrong, there’s no big problem for me.  I just have some extra stuff around.   but if I’m right, I’m in the best position to last through what is sure  to be mass suffering on a Biblical scale at some point.  I’m covered either way. 
              Good luck all.  And by the way, mushroom—if you ever get tired of  trolling on this blog, you can take your act on the comedy club circuit and make a nice living.  You might be able to get them to pay you in crisp ten dollar bills.

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