Nuke Attack: A Low Probability, Real Possibility Event

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    Over the last several years we have looked at a variety of events that could lead to TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It). While generally considered to be low probability events, there are a few that sit at the top of our list as being improbable but most certainly within the realm of possibility, especially considering the current state of affairs around the world. As far as man-made disasters go we consider economic collapse, nuclear attack and electro magnetic pulse as three of the leading candidates for what could go wrong. In the article below, Alex Thomas of The Intel Hub lays out several considerations regarding the possibility of a nuclear attack on US soil.

    It has been our view that we may very well see a nuclear attack against a major US city within our lifetime, be it as a result of global war or by an organization not affiliated with any particular government. More than likely, it would come in the form of a small-scale ‘suit case’ nuke or dirty bomb, and it will originate from a terrorist organization. We utilize the term ‘terrorist organization’ loosely, meaning that any organization that would do us harm, be it islamic fundamentalists or rogue shadow intelligence operatives (we realize this sound conspiratorial, but look to history for evidence of past events), is an enemy of the American people as a whole.

    Mr. Thomas puts forth an argument for how and why the stage for nuclear attack in America has been set and suggests that such an attack is designed as a ‘false flag’ for the purpose of furthering a grander agenda by globalist elements. Such attacks have been carried out in the past – German Reichstag, US Gulf of Tonkin, Japanese Mukden incident, Russian Mainila bombing – to name just a few. The clear fact of the matter is that ‘false flag’ attacks have happened throughout history and they will happen in the future. They have led to the deaths of millions, and given that we have more people on the planet now than ever before, with weapons never before seen prior to the 20th century, things could get very ugly, very fast.

    (The following  article excerpt has been republished with permission from The Intel Hub)

    The Stage Is Set For a Nuclear False Flag
    By Alex Thomas
    The Intel Hub

    Many in the alternative media have wondered if a false flag nuke attack within America is a real possibility. Would they do it? Who would it be? What cities would be targeted?

    Recently, The New York Times reported that the United States is running out of a rare gas that is used to detect smuggled nuclear materials.

    The reason given is that one arm of the Energy Department is selling the gas much quicker than the other is able to accumulate it.

    While this could possibly be a legitimate reason, it seems highly suspicious that a government that is installing a police state nationwide to supposedly save us from terrorists would be unable to obtain the gas needed to detect smuggled nuclear weapons.

    Wouldn’t a nuclear attack on America be the MOST important threat to combat?

    Unfortunately there is a long history of suspicious nuclear activity in the United States, with cover story after cover story being spread throughout the corporate controlled media.

    At this junction in history it seems prudent to lay out some of the more ludicrous stories that have been planted into the minds of the American people.

    Laying The Groundwork


    One of the more recent nuclear cover stories was released in late March. This story was just that, a complete and utter fabrication of what Al Qaeda can actually do.

    25 letters that claim nuclear bombs are hidden throughout the United States were supposedly sent to multiple investigators and citizens in the Chicago area.

    “The idea that Al Qaeda could place over a hundred nuclear weapons into government buildings throughout the United States is 100% impossible. Cave dwelling ninjas do not have the ability to either steal or create nuclear weapons, fly them over to America, and somehow plant them in government buildings.”

    Last year Obama labeled a nuclear attack on America as the biggest single threat facing our nation yet we are unable to obtain the gas used to detected them?

    Calling terrorists with nuclear weapons “the single biggest threat to U.S. security,” Obama said that the “central focus for this summit is getting the international community on the path in which we are locking down that nuclear material in a very specific time frame with a specific work plan,” Politico reported in 2010.

    In late July 2010, The National Research Council released a report titled, Nuclear Forensics: A Capability at Risk.

    The report outlined the fact that the United States is no longer able to track nukes threatening our shores!

    Gordon Duff, writing for Veterans Today, speculated that this was a cover that could be used in the event of a false flag nuclear attack:

    “A powerful group within the United States, one with influence over the press and the ability to derail an investigation as was done with 9/11, has been “tasked” with laying the groundwork for a terrorist attack on America, one using nuclear material.”

    In the same article Gordon wrote about a somewhat unknown raid that took place in Indiana that he believes was related to smuggled nuclear weapons.

    “Another piece of the puzzle involved a federal task force, Defense, Energy, FBI, descending on a warehouse in Greenfield, Indiana under the guise of a “records search.”  This “Waco style” assault on a facility storing furniture for college dorm rooms was much more than it seemed.  No case, criminal or civil, provided any underlying reason for the search.”

    In 2002, World Net Daily reported on a book by an FBI consult that claimed that Osama Bin Laden had bought 20 suitcase nukes from KGB agents in 1998!

    A new book by an FBI consultant on international terrorism says Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terrorist network purchased 20 suitcase nuclear weapons from former KGB agents in 1998 for $30 million.

    The book,“Al Qaeda: Brotherhood of Terror,” by Paul L. Williams, also says this deal was one of at least three in the last decade in which al-Qaida purchased small nuclear weapons or weapons-grade nuclear uranium.

    Obviously this book was one of the first attempts to implant the possibility of Al Qaeda nuking the U.S. into the minds of the American people.

    And then there is the now infamous 2007 Minot Air Force Base fiasco which involved nuclear weapons that were apparently missing for up to 36 hours.

    “According to a wide range of reports, several nuclear bombs were “lost” for 36 hours after taking off August 29/30, 2007 on a “cross-country journey” across the U.S., from U.S.A.F Base Minot in North Dakota to U.S.A.F. Base Barksdale in Louisiana.

    Reportedly, in total there were six W80-1 nuclear warheads armed on AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles (ACMs) that were “lost.” The story was first reported by the Military Times, after military servicemen leaked the story,” reported Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya.

    Read the rest of this article at The Intel Hub

    Editor’s Follow Up:

    The first thing any prepper must do with respect to the possibility of a nuclear attack is to accept it can happen and assume it will. Next, consider that there are roughly 50 major metropolitan areas in the United States. If you live in one of those areas, then your odds are 50-to-1 that it hits your area. There are, of course, some targets that would be more beneficial to terrorist organizations than others. If you live in a resource rich international shipping hub like Houston, TX, for example, then emergency and preparedness in response to a nuclear attack should be at the top of your prep list (See article: The Single Most Devastating Nuclear Target in America).

    Bottom Line: Be prepared, because when it happens, it will happen without warning, at anytime of the day, and it may very well happen in your home city. Do you have a plan in place to get your family together if the kids happen to be in school and you’re at work? Do you plan on evacuating using the same routes as everyone else, or are you ready to take alternate routes, on ATV, bicycle, or foot if necessary? If you have to evac on without a car, are you bug out bags ready with food, water, and potassium iodide? These considerations and many more should be part of your overall SHTF Plan – just in case.

    Also see: SURVIVE ANYTHING! Chapter 1: Nuclear Attack


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      1. The fact that we dont really know what is being shipped into this country in all those shipping containers (remember the thread on here about the port athority making statements as such?) , and the ability to hide this type of device almost anywhere is pretty dam scary

        Take that , along with our open border policy you have a recipe for disaster..

        Dont for one second think that just Mexicans are coming across our southern border..Hamas..Cartels linking up with terrorists, (funding)..may other terrorist organizations and redicals.Etc..

        Some of these Terrorists are already here, (sleepers) living amongst us all, probably running your local gas station or paty stores..

        And our government has allowed this, hell they are probably funding them with our tax dollars people..our own government has become a terrorist net work

        If i ever see someone light a fuse on a suit case Im going to put 2 hydroshocks in his forehead..Problem wont see that…they now walk away and detonate it with a crappy pay as you go cell phone, while they cowardly sit miles away, the days of the suicide bomber seems to be going to the wayside (maybe they woke up to the lack of 72 virgins..or the fact that the only virgins are ugly muslim men)

        On the other hand, could this be another fear tactic by our own pass yet more laws to destroy our way of life and freedoms?..either way people , it is us the citizens that will lose

          • Keep these three events in mind;
            When the US government was flying over NY city doing the nuke detection test, they found a “hotspot” emanating from the Israeli embassy in NYC (but no congressman has the balls to demand an answer for that).

            Israel was caught attacking the USS Liberty killing 34 sailers in 1967 in order to blame it on Egypt so that we may destroy them for Israel.

            Moreover, Israeli mossad agents were caught red-handed placing explosives in the “Lavon affair” in order to sucker the US into thinking it was Egyptian’s that did it as well.

            When you add up the extensive spying & complete disregard for the welfare of their biggest financial & military supplier (and UN vetoes), you have to assume that if we ever received a nuke attack on one or more US cities that they would be a likely suspect.

            Some “ally”!

      2. “There are, of course, some targets that would be more beneficial to terrorist organizations than others.”

        I think it would be far more reasonable to consider what targets the government would benefit from hitting first. Example, WTC7 was probably the real target for the 9/11 incident to get rid of the documentation of the bankers.

        I think the best place to set one off is the District of Columbia. Another on in The City and a third at the Vatican would give the world the cleansing it needs.

        Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely the corp will attack itself in a way so beneficial to the People it fears.

        • you can bet it will be for us to suffer, and for them to futher their adgenda. So for an attack to come on their own interests will not happen. unless its a small insignificant target to put some of the “knowing” off guard, as the larger target to be of a public interest, where large loss of innocent lives will be used to scare the rest of us..simular to the 9-11 B.S.

          or of a financial interest, so as to bring along a complete collapse, with out having the government to be the one in the Hot Seat for the blame, as it is now, and as it should be, because they are to blame for all of this..

          they will be looking to get the heat off of them…I feel they will , soon

      3. Screw this entire scare tactic and don’t buy any of it—if the Taliban/Al Quaeda wanted to get us and do real harm??

        Just matches in the states with the driest counties would close this nation down real fast…just ask the firefighters battling the 44 fires in one county in Florida.

        No nukes needed.

      4. Good evening. Just got back from work.
        A favorite twilight zone episode is “Shelter skelter”. A survavilist guy has fixed a real cool bunker under his house. Then something happens…

        The link directs you to the first part out of three, but you will find the other two at the right column.

        Be safe everybody. Going back to the barricades


      5. “Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin

        What are our lives worth if we don’t have freedom and where is that freedom?

      6. Figures that the letters were mailed in Chicago.

        I’m sure there’s good people there but an awful lot of evil has spawned from that city.

      7. I know, Devil’s Advocate time…

        These hypothetical nuclear weapons would have to have already been built, and done by an organization capable of actually building one (US, Russia, China, et al). The smaller the nuke, the more advanced the organization would have to be.

        Yep – building an atomic bomb can be done from plans all over the Internet. OTOH, getting one to actually go off as planned, and to get any kind of actual yield (even Hiroshima/Nagasaki-sized yields) takes a *lot* of engineering work, and equipment that would be nearly impossible to hide from any interested sovereign power (trust me – they’re *all* interested).

        Also, there are other things that make the odds nearly equivalent to, say, winning more than $50,000 on Powerball:

        * the proper fissile material (for any type – atomic/thermonuclear) is incredibly hard to concoct, inherently dangerous to the builder, and requires very careful handling.

        * the explosion that sets off the big boom has to be incredibly precise, and of sufficient force to force critical mass. Even the “gun type” bomb that was used on Hiroshima required an explosion that was forceful enough to slam the mass into a critical state, but at the same time not just blow off the back-end of the bomb.

        * The control circuitry (like the explosive material) has to be incredibly precise, but at the same time, it will literally eat itself alive in the presence of hard radiation. Anything sitting around untended and in storage for more than, say, a year? It’s going to be unreliable at best, and pretty much unusable otherwise.

        * The whole “suitcase nuke” thing would have to be one hell of a big suitcase, and it would weigh a lot more than its size would indicate (why? Well, let’s see… uranium/plutonium, lead shielding… none of this is lightweight, and a sub-critical mass sized chunk of fissile material will still outweigh lead by a big margin).

        * Hydrogen (thermonuclear) bombs? Forget it. The secondary fusion boost is damned tough to guarantee in a bomb watched over by specifically-trained military technicians. Not seeing too many situations where a clandestine workshop could keep one operable condition for very long.

        Overall, not saying it’s impossible, but I am saying that it’ll be a tough mother to pull off, even under the best of conditions. Joe Terrorist would have to basically carry it around in the back of a truck, and would get, at best, 100-250kT of yield – assuming everything actually worked as planned.

        Your biggest threat would be the “dirty bomb”, since the goal there would be to spread around the isotopic bugaboos, not necessarily blast a massive crater into someone’s downtown area. It’d be easier to pull off, since you’re no longer trying to get the timing just right. The damage would be greater, since it would take longer for folks to recognize it for what it actually was (unlike a big-assed mushroom cloud which is instantly recognizable to, oh, the whole human race).

        Overall, the threat does exist, but honestly? I’d put the odds at roughly those approaching, as earlier stated, winning more than $50-100k in Powerball. Swap the scenario to that of a dirty bomb, and the odds come down by a lot, to the point of spending a decent amount of time prepping for such an event.

      8. Last night my wife was channel surfing and I saw a clip on Inside Edition about nuclear attacks in America. The administration is cranking up the fear factor.

        Once one goes off, even just a dirty bomb, the masses will give the government all the power they need to suspend the Constitution.

        • amen brother to patriot one.

      9. I no longer even concern myself with this. It’s GOING to
        happen, we just don’t know where, or when. As the poster
        above mentioned, our southern border is wide open. Come
        one, come all: who knows who or what comes across there
        on a daily basis? It’s stupid to worry about it or
        write about it, because, there’s nothing you or I can do
        about it, until we CLOSE THE GODDAMN BORDER!

      10. Don’t forget that Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 in order to blame it on Egypt so that we may destroy them for Israel.
        Moreover, Israeli mossad agents were caught red-handed placing explosives in the “Lavon affair” in order to sucker the US into thinking it was Egyptians that did it as well.

        When you add up the extensive spying & complete disregard for the welfare of their biggest financial & military supplier (and UN vetoes), you have to assume that if we ever received a nuke attack on one or more US cities that they would be a likely suspect.

        Some “ally”!

      11. Can I ask everyone a couple of questions?
        Are you really sure that there nukes out there? If so, why hasnt anyone set one off in the last 60 SIXTY YEARS?

        When was the last time ANY nuke went off ANYWHERE? What exact (first hand, hard evidence, not supplied by the governement) proof does anyone have that ANY country has a nuclear bomb AND can make the dang thing work? How many countries in the history of Earth have set one off? Sure we all heard about N.K. doing their tests, but then what???

        I know it sounds crazy, but maybe there are no ready to use nuclear bombs out there. If there was, why wouldnt they use them, at least every once in a while?

        How many sucide bombs have gone off in the last 50 years? 1000s and 1000s of them. Wouldnt you think at least one of those would have been be a nuke? Why wouldnt it be?

        Supposedly the bad guys have hundreds of them, but maybe it is all a myth t okeep us afraid….because us being afraid makes a lot of money.

        I grew up scared to death, I KNEW that at some point a nuke would off, but viola…. not one single instance of any nuclear bomb use since we stopped WWII in its tracks. BAM!!!!

        This small nuclear bomb talk sounds like more typical “keep us scared” talk. I think a collapse of the Dollar or other incident is more likely than a nuke going off.

        and before anyone rails on me for wondering wether or not there are really nukes in the bad guys hands, please submit first hand proof and a list of names and locations…. other wise I consider it all scare tactics.

        Lets worry about solving real problems, like QUIT SPENDING (WASTING) so much of my tax money. That is my money, STOP WASTING IT. First off….. I propose a 15% salary cut of every single government employee….. EVERY Fed, state, county, city making over $77,777 per year get a 15% pay cut. dont like it QUIT. I am sure there are many people who would love a jobe pay $60,000, not bad for govenrment work…..

        Have you seen some of these pay lists? e.g. county mangers who are making $250,000 per year? huh?

        • That Guy asked, “…When was the last time ANY nuke went off ANYWHERE? … How many countries in the history of Earth have set one off?…”

          Check out this short video game-like answer, you might be surprised:

          • Well, that was interesting!!!! Yikes a lot out this way!

        • There’s much hype about “Muslim terrorists”, but more people die of bee stings in the US each year than from foreign terrorists, but the feds use the hell ou of it to scare us into giving up our liberties, money and future.

      12. Its interesting with all the violence over the holiday weekend and the amount of people killed, the mainstream would be reporting it.

        I’ve viewed many of the clips from Boston, Chicago, Miami, Myrtle Beach and Rochester and they all have one thing in common. It appears most of the violence was caused by Blacks.

        If it were whites it would be all over the media as right wing extremist. This administration has divided the country so much that maybe we don’t need to watch out for something nuclear, but maybe a race war or wars of the races.

        Check it out Mac. I know no one wants to call it what it is, but it is, what it is.

        • There is an article on Drudge saying that the “Justice” department is going to crack down on abuses by big city police departments on minorities. As usual under Eric Holder, there isn’t justice for all.

        • Yes, if you google Rex 84 – there is a paragraph on one of the articles about blacks and hispanics likely being the ones to get rounded up first because they are more prone to rioting than whites would be. From what have observed in my lifetime it seems to be true. The WalMart stampede where that employee got trampled to death on Black Friday comes to mind from a few years back. It was all blacks that day.

          I doubt the border will ever be secure let alone closed. There is no political will what so ever to do this. I get something called the M3 Report in my email box about every day. It’s a compilation of news from mex and S America. I doubt that 95% of America knows this but the cartels have now taken to skinning people alive down there. There are pictures of it and if you dont have a strong stomach – you don’t want to see it.

          If anyone thinks that the cartels and Al-Quaida won’t cross via our neighbors to the south they are delusional. In the meantime no neck Nappy tells us the border is secure and that the northern border is what we need to worry about.

          • its already happened

        • I saw that too…but we arnt supposed to notice or mention that fact…makes us racists to notice this stuff,dontcha know…I mentioned this fact to some people yesterday and they got offended….time for being purposely blind is over unless we want to die…..not racist just real….

      13. There is a terrible irony at play here:

        While the developed world has been at great pains to stop nuclear proliferation, the fact of the matter is that all the countries who do NOT have nukes need to do to those that do is attack their power grids.

        In such a case, all those electrically-dependant nuclear facilities (which is every one in the world) will overheat, causing holocaust on home soil.

        Nukes were a bad option.

      14. Patriot one, easy to see wasn’t it?

      15. Yet you were the only one to call it for what it is. Kudos brother.

      16. I agree with That Guy: I think this is mostly myth. The fact is nuclear material is difficult to get ahold of, difficult to handle and just plain rare.

        I also sort of agree with Patriot One: The worst “explosion” seems to be race oriented.

        I believe the nuclear option, in this case, is fear mongering and War On Terror proliferation. But, the false flag is on its way and I’m sure that, like the underwear bomber proliferated TSA gropefests and DNA wrecking scanners, the war on terror will dredge up a dirty bomb or a low level nuke and then, they’ll use it to pass anti-gun legislation or something totally irrelevant.

        Thats the way the game is played. …or rather that is the way We The People are played!

        Though, it didn’t work last time. The last agent provacateur in AZ didn’t get much done. Too many people away as I hope they find out when the pop off a dirty bomb (I think thats what it will be: a plutonium dust cloud). It will make a section of a city unlivable for years. People will be forced to clear out, etc. Thats damaging enough. The real damage will come when congress convenes and REALLY screws us over.

      17. Aight. Here is your correspondants opinion from a bar north of Pittsburgh. The city to be laid waste must be blue collar… Must be somewhere few elites live… And must be far enough east so fallout falls out over the Atlantic.

        Pittsburgh is an obvious choice. Cleveland not so much, as who would believe it?

        Post your best ideas for a false flag, and your reasons.. Remember we must inflame the derelicts but not incinerate too many of them.

        • DETROIT

          Almost a dead city already, low land values will hit the banks lightly, and lots of minorities and gangs littering the landscape. Would also help Japan if it was big enough to destroy all car building activity in the area by the American manufacturers.

          • “DETROIT”

            …yeah, like anyone would notice. 😛

      18. PO’dPatriot, I noticed it this morning while reading the drudge report, but have learned my lesson bringing up the obvious outside of my home with my wife

        • Remember our home was robbed twice in the last year and a half successfully and there were eye witnesses to the perps. Also a year ago todazy I was almost murdered in an attempted robbery in New Orleans by a black guy…..I already knew the obvious

      19. Do TPTW really need to set off a nuke in a American city?
        As we speak,”type” we are all being radiated by the Japan nuclear disaster.

        Every day we are getting nuclear radiation building up from Japan’s still out of control nuclear meltdown.

        Radiation in the Jetstream, and dumping into the Pacific.

        The no good MSM refuse to report on it.

        or are they covering it up like the GOM oil-spill disaster?

      20. Thanks all, I thought I was going to get blown out of the water when I wrote that. The truth hurts and it takes courage to start being honest about race.

        For close to 50 years and 40 trillion dollars we have appeased the entitlement class and now they control the highest offices in the land. This will be the last chance to take back America in 2012.

        I’ve seen different stats that between 47.3 to 59% of the US population gets some kind of check from the government each month. That’s a large enough voting block to keep voting in new entitlements until the country collapses. We all know where this is going.

        Think about this though. If your like me your are always armed. Now think about being caught in one of these mobs with your family and things get really bad and you can’t retreat. What would you do? Do you lose your life or take many lives?

        If we keep having weekends like this past holiday weekend its bound to happen sooner or later. At that point I’ll become the criminal and the mob will be the victim. How ironic!

        • funny you bring this up, I have been noticing a large increase in racial issues on chat, blogs..different news stories, and papers that print online, that allow comments from readers Also craigslist in most large cities where there is a larger percentage.

          Im kinda smack dab in the middle of two larger cities(quite aways from each) that have declined tremendously in the past 4 to 5 years…more so in the past 2 to 3 years.

          When we do (and its rare) go into one or the other of these cities, you can feel it..everywhere.
          The reason no white folk live in these cities, is because the Blacks dont want us there…period, and they make it known, and their actions even upon their own race is very primitive, and savage to some degree. They will kill there own, for “looking” at them wrong. So what do you think if they run up against some cracker (as they call us)..and they never or very rarely travel alone..its at least 3 on one.

          I lived in Detroit as I have said before, I have learned a lot from watching my surroundings especially as i lived one can convince me of less, I lived it.

          The racial war is being pushed, its also part of the doent take much for it to explode as we have seen in the past. Race war is very much a possibility

          • If Mac will allow.

            validity is not my responsibility, just for informational purposes only….jeasus, i sound like a f-ing lawyer…..see…see…this is where this kinda shit gets us..
            read this…

      21. The race war would definetly bring on the gun rights issue..if they were to attack our 2nd amendment It would probably come from something escallated in a race issue where major gun play and cop death were played out on a city street.(fuel would be added to the fire by pushing the adgenda , and adding many many officers to the “party”)

        It would have to involve a large group or groups, and there would have to be Police involvement in large numbers and losses..this would trigger (sorry no pun) the politicians to bow to the frady cats and start legislation to abolish the 2nd..or at least pistols or some infringement.

        and it could all start from something no different than what could have happened today in one of these cities such as a White guy gunning down a Black car jacker at the gas station.., or a white cop , shooting a black child, in one of these no knock raids..

        and than its off and running

      22. If Al Q had nukes in the US, they’d have blown them long ago. We’ve learned it takes only two terrorists with one rifle to cause utter panic in DC and VA a few years ago, but Al Q can’t even manage that. Snore.

      23. I agree with Sheldon Plankton, this nuke idea is a scare tactic, one person with one gun (and/or fertlizer etc) can cause a lot of damage, there is no need for nukes.

        I owe a debt here.
        I am new to this site, and I need to apologize.
        The other night, when I was forwarded here by a reddit link, I was not sure of the posting policy or how fast posts were added, and I saw a couple of posts added after I made my post and mine was not added, so I thought there was censoring, but I guess the folks who had theirs added first are established (or something).

        Anyway, when I looked the next day, my posted were added after all. So, I apologize for ranting, you guys run a good website, with a lot of interesting and relatively sane commentors, good job to you all.

        I always say if;
        one is going to complain,
        one should also compliment, yin and yang.

        Thank you for a good web sit and sorry for the rant at you, it was not appropriate.

        You dont have to add this comment it is mostly meant for the owners of this place who read my nasty rant. I was wrong to post that and I am sorry.

      24. classic psy-op. leak info getting everyone in the alternate media to think nuke attack and then do something else…like a cyber attack. The pentagon recently stated a cyber attack would be treated like a conventional attack…meaning pretex for war.

        nuke attack? no. Cyber…attack very high prob.

        why cyber instead of nuke? Simple…petrodollar collapse. it makes sense. the peak oil theory, the GW cult…all of it was to make people think oil was gold. Obmama will still not open western oil fields and is actually closing our refineries. Making energy prices go through the roof is HOW they plan on keeping the petrodollar.

        but BRIC went around them and now they need a reason to go into another oil producing country.

        • Google was hacked by hackers in china today… days after the pentagon decreed a cyber attack constitutes a declaration of war…

      25. I also wonder why someone would smuggle in and emplace nukes and then tell where they were planted. If a nuke is emplaced somewhere, it will detonate very shortly thereafter. The chumps planting it would be on a suicide mission whether or not they knew it.

      26. I am posting this as an outsider from South Africa. Forget all the hype about Al Qaeda. Your biggest potential enemy is China. Even our country managed to manufacture nukes. These were dismantled at the time of our democratic elections. Does anybody even check all the big pieces of machinery being imported? It is virtually impossible to x-ray every big tractor or generator engine. Think of the implications if such devices are strategically placed before the outbreak of any future war. No amount of spending on “Star Wars” projects will help. They only need to explode one in the desert to show they are serious and you will be screwed!

      27. I had a really scary dream last night. I used to have these a lot before 911, they sopped after the event. This one seemed so real it woke me up and I couldn’t go back to sleep, I turned on the radio and there was a man talking about end of the world events, scared me even more. Anyway in this dream I was sitting in a classroom environment. I’m 40 and haven’t been to school since I was a teen and graduated high school, anyway I’m sitting there and this teacher is telling us in the classroom that there exist no possibility of the world coming to and end, one of the students looks out to a window facing the west and we the students all do the same thing and look out windows facing west, but we realize that the sun is now coming up from the south instead of the east as normal. Like the world is shifting or something. Then we all run out leaving the screaming teacher behind telling us that this can’t happen. I get home and tell my family to go outside and we look up into the sky and the entire sky is filled with dark clouds, darker than I have ever seen and these clouds are like alive and they are coming down to the earth and there is no way that anyone can escape this. My family tells me to run away and they do, but I say “run where? we can’t escape this!” then I hear this voice tell me. “Tell others that the end of this time is soon coming to an end.” I am not religious and I don’t attend a church. I last went to a church in

      28. 1992. In my dreams before 911, I used to always face west, and I always saw falling stars to the west, but there always seemed to be something happening to the east that caused something from the west to go east. For example before 911 I had a dream where I see everything is burned and nothing is standing no trees, no buildings, no houses nothing. Everything is completely burned. I can hear a noise in my dream like a humming sound, so I look up in the sky and I see planes of all sizes shapes and class from military to small private planes and I can see that they cover all of the sky from west to east and from north to south, but they are all flying east. I hear a man speak to me and he says to me they are headed for war. I look at him and ask where? and he says over there and points east. I have seen this man in my dreams many times, I don’t know if he really exists or if he is a figment of my imagination. He always seems so suspicious like he knows so much but only can share enough to try and tell me something. I see him in my dreams when bad things are about to happen and then, they do.

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