Meet the Preppers: An Insider’s Look at the New Animal Planet Show (Including Full Pilot Episode)

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    The following article has been contributed by Phil Burns, co-founder of the American Preppers Network.

    (You can view the full pilot episode of Meet the Preppers below this article)

    It has been an interesting 48 hours for all of us who were in Meet the Preppers, namely my family, watching the responses has been educational and enlightening – and frustrating and unsettling.

    Phil Burns Intro

    But let’s start with an introduction – I’m Phil Burns, the father of 8 on Meet the Preppers.  I’m a co-owner of The American Preppers Network and one of the original founders of Utah Preppers in 2008, which was started before the APN.  I’ve been involved with the American Preppers Network since it was founded, I have a weekly podcast on Prepping,  and have around 80 youtube videos on Prepping and related topics.  I’ve also had several articles published, most recently in Survivalist magazine.

    And I’ve seen people stating that I know nothing about Prepping and that I’m a fake.  I’ll let you decide, you can read all the specific details about me here.  Meanwhile, I’d like to give you a bit of history about how the show came to be.

    Meet the Preppers Background

    I was contacted by a production company who represented Animal Planet over a year ago.  They had been commissioned by Animal Planet to put together a show on Emergency Preparedness because Animal Planet is working on adjusting their brand to feature humans as animals – hence their new slogan “Surprisingly Human”.   They had some crazy ideas about how to portray Preppers and I began educating them.

    After we had put together a couple treatments with some reasonable ideas, we selected one and filmed our first demo.  It was about this time that I began receiving calls from Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic asking me if I was interested in being in their pilot.  I really didn’t like the Doomsday Preppers production company’s ideas and tried to help guide them to a better format.  What they have now is much better than what they originally had in mind, but I’m still not a fan of it.

    Animal Planet watched our first demo and asked us to make some changes, they did the same thing after we showed them the second demo.  They liked the third demo much better and asked for some adjustments for the pilot.  What aired as “Meet the Preppers” on Saturday took over a year to put together and required a lot of hard work and back and forth.

    Phil’s Objective with “Meet the Preppers”

    As I helped with the creative work and moved forward with this project, I had one goal in mind for the show: to bring Prepping into mainstream homes and help open their minds to the possibilities of getting prepared.

    This show is not about teaching you more about survival if you’re a survivalist.  It’s not even about teaching you about hardcore Prepping if you’re a Prepper (although I do believe you’ll get some things out of each episode). The show is geared towards the non-Prepper and non-Survivalist with the intent of showing them some things that mainstream people are at risk for every single day – and show them some new ideas and possibilities that could serve them in those areas – and hopefully lead them towards more of a Prepper mindset.

    (please note, this is Phil’s objective – NOT Animal Planet’s, but this is where I’ve been exerting whatever influence I have on the creative process)

    Overview of “My Pink Pistol”

    The pilot that aired is called “Meet the Preppers: My Pink Pistol” and we cover a lot of topics.  The primary theme in this episode was to introduce Gibson, my 10 year old daughter and show “prepping” from her perspective.  NONE of her lines were scripted or fed to her, everything she said was said in interviews on her own, my wife and I were not in the house during the kids taping.  Gibson approaches us in the beginning of the show and makes a potential deal with us about a cell phone versus a gun – specifically a pink .22.

    For the first half of the show, we’re introducing the family, introducing some of the ideas behind Prepping and setting up some of the activities for the rest of the episode.  I suggest to my wife that due to some recent kidnappings in our area that it might be useful to freshen up the kids anti-kidnapping skills and put them through a drill.  She disagrees with me and we move on to some other things at the house.  Later we take the kids to the water park and run a situational awareness drill on them – they fail, disguised (poorly) as a stranger, I’m able to separate the kids from their mom.  This helps convince my wife that putting the kids through a kidnapping field exercise isn’t such a bad idea.  So we do.

    Feedback about Meet the Preppers and Phil’s Viewpoint

    So I’ve seen LOTS of different responses all over the internet, some of them have been good feedback and have given me ideas to help improve the show.  Others have been snarky, arrogant and very close-minded while others have just been libs complaining about guns.

    “Phil puts his kids through a traumatic kidnapping experience which is stupid”

    Seriously, you think it was traumatic?  Let’s just get that part out of the way.  By the time we filmed that part, the kids had been on set for 3 weeks filming every day.  During that time we filmed multiple drills, events, hikes, outings, cooking, family meetings, you name it.  They only used less than 1/10th of what we filmed in this episode.

    So, look at the kidnapping scene.  If YOU see the girls on camera, at the least there is a cameraman, likely a sound person, at night a lighting person, probably a producer at a bare minimum.  In this case, there were 3 cameramen, 2 sound guys, a producer and a production assistant with the girls.  They are suddenly grabbed from behind and someone starts running – they thought is was a GAME.  They thought one of their uncles, me, or someone in production was playing with them.  When they were grabbed “this is a drill” was whispered into their ear.  They know how training works, they know how field exercises work and they went for it.  Especially Gibson.  She knows that field exercises are an opportunity to practice what you’ve been taught.

    So, how traumatic do you think it really was?  Did you not see their interview about it?  They LOVED it!

    “Why the focus on handcuffs?  Why not duct tape or zip ties?”

    First of all, the producers felt handcuffs represented the more difficult scenario – which they do.  Getting out of duct tape, zip ties and wire is easy if you know how to do it, a lot easier than handcuffs.  Another comment was “what kidnapper uses handcuffs” – well, they’re actually a lot more efficient and easier than trying to tape or zip someones hands together – A LOT easier.

    The most commonly used restraint in kidnapping is phone cord.  It’s easy to get out of if you know what you’re doing – which all of my kids do.  It’s also pretty boring on camera.

    Refer to my bio that I linked to in the first paragraph, I teach Urban Escape and Evasion along with Kelly Alwood – my buddy that kidnaps them.  We teach executives, Military, LEO and regulars civilians how to escape illegal custody.  I actually know what I’m talking about when it comes to kidnapping – these commentors don’t have the first clue beyond what they’re imagining.

    “Phil’s a fanatic, kidnapping is a stupid thing to prep for, what moron would try to help his kids not get kidnapped”

    Ok, look people – Phoenix, AZ is the NUMBER 2 KIDNAP CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.   I live within 12 hours of that capital.  Since we filmed that episode, there have been 3 kidnappings/attempts in my area – 2 of them within a mile of my house.  The 2 kidnappings I’m discussing with my wife in the show were 2 real kidnappings that happened in my area in the previous month to filming.

    The only reason ANYONE would think that kidnapping is not a risk is because they keep themselves blissfully ignorant of the facts.  Your child is at risk.  If your child was taken – it would be THE END OF YOUR WORLD AS YOU KNOW IT.  It would shatter on you.  I’m simply suggesting you do something to mitigate the risk – that you PREPARE.

    “Phil show his guns on a wall – that’s stupid.  What idiot would show where he keeps his guns.  What moron would keep his guns on the wall in a garage?”

    You are all 100% correct.  I would not show you where I keep my guns.  I did show you a location with a lot of guns that was a stupid one.  The producers wanted to show a ‘gun wall’.

    You figure it out.  If you think you know where  I keep my guns you’re wrong.

    “I didn’t learn anything new about Prepping”

    Yes you did.  You just either aren’t willing to acknowledge it or you didn’t pay attention.  At the very least, you learned a little bit about kidnapping and that you don’t know much about it.

    If you feel like you’re such an advanced Prepper that it offered you nothing – then it really wasn’t made for you.  Remember, the goal with the show is to get people thinking about preparedness – not about doomsday.

    “This idiot is letting little kids handle guns”

    And the idiot that said that keeps his kids ignorant and in fear of guns.

    My guns are kept SAFELY.  I’m a certified firearm instructor, range master and have years of experience with them.  There were 2 other certified range masters on the set every time  there was a gun out.  My kids have been shooting since they were all little and safety is DRILLED into their brains.  If my kid and your kid walked into a room where a gun was sitting around – your kid is the one that would end up accidentally shooting themselves or someone else – not mine.

    “This guy is showing the world his Preps and his “OpSec” is shot”

    I can’t stand this ignorant statement.  Please look at the masthead (big graphic) at the top of this site!   It says: “Freedom Through Teaching Others Self-Reliance”.  That’s not just a pretty sentence – it is my creed in life.  My mission in life is to teach others Preparedness.  I’ve been doing it for years.  I refer you again to my bio linked at the top, I teach and show preps publicly everyday of the week.  I emphatically deny the theory that a Prepper should “hide”.  That’s a chicken-sh*t attitude that helps nobody.  If you have a light, God tells us to hold that light on the hilltop and share it with others.  If you have talents, God tells us to invest those talents heavily, not hide them under a rock.

    Two final thoughts; 1)If you think I showed you “all my preps” on tv, think again.  2)If you didn’t catch on, we just demonstrated on the show that if you try to come after us, the entire family will be shooting at you – and there’s quite a few of us.

    Take your chicken opsec and go read somewhere else – that is NOT what we teach here.

    Next Steps

    Several people have asked what’s next.  Depending on how the pilot tested, we may be signed right away.  We have 5 more episodes written and ready to film.  If Animal Planet decides it is not for them – we have 3 other networks that are interested in picking it up.  Soon, there will be another episode – it will likely discuss home fire safety (with a drill!) and will help teach families how to prepare their homes for a fire.

    To all those many, many people who have told me they loved the show – THANK YOU!  It is absolutely nerve wracking to put your heart and soul into something and make it the best you possibly can and then throw it out there for the world to see!    It has been a fun process and a great learning experience.  I hope to be able to do a lot more!

    View Full Episode: Animal Planet’s Meet the Preppers (Episode 1)

    Problems viewing?

    Update:  Meet the Preppers review by East Tennessee Prepper

    Update: Phil Burns interviewed by Doctor Bones about Meet the Preppers


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      1. It’s kinda like Mr Rogers Neighborhood, only Mr Rogers has MREs and a gun!

        • The majority of preppers I’ve met are nothing but hardworking, honest, and sincere individuals. Phil Burns strikes me as that kind of person. Definitely a suped up Mr. Rogers!

          (We Love Ya’ Phil and Fam!)

          • I agree with you on that as well. Many people including my fiance dont realize some of us including me had years of firearms safety. We were drilled over and over in the Navy. The act of valor movie comming out, I was not a seal but a swcc and the boston wailers boats comming into with guns blazing was what I did. I was part of that crew and comment on here quite frequently. many probably don’t prep as much as we do but I do believe in it and love reading these articles daily. I have a gun unloaded with the magazine in another area loaded with 5 rounds. I don’t keep my 45’s loaded ever but practice holding around the house raising in at doors or windows etc for practice. So I can understand what the guy was doing with his guns for his kids to handle.

            • I agree eric, kids should not be scared of guns, they should be taught to respect them. With these kids and their video games, they know nothing about the reality of guns. My 4 year old granddaughter watches us shoot, so she knows what a gun can do. She is getting a BB gun for her fifth birthday, and her dad and mom want her shooting a 22 by her 6th birthday.

            • eric,
              Thank you for your service! 🙂

          • Is it just me? I tried to watch the videos and had nothing but trouble. My computer froze twice, I ended up with a blue screen. Took me quite a while to get back online.

            • They are embedded direct from YouTube, and all seems well on my end… There is a link under the Meet the Preppers vid directly to the YouTube playlist for the show. Try that out and hopefully you’ll be error free. Thx. Mac

            • I refuse to watch them and will wait for a transcript to come out. The Internet can barely do audio, video is hopeless. This isn’t 2002, Peak Internet was 10 years ago, we’re in 2012, most people are on 5-10 year old computers and lucky if they can do email.

          • Mr. Rogers actually killed a bunch of people when he was in the service. Some with a knife and some with his bare hands. Really, look it up.

        • hope he doesn’t visit the doctor anytime soon like the other guy Dave from Tennessee.

        • The show is done to line his pocket with those “worthless” fiat dollars…… as is 95% of the prepping stuff, including “prepping” websites full of ads to generate “worthless” fiat dollars.

          Ole Jimmy R is one of the BIGGEST shills.

      2. first,, way

        • Seconds…. mere seconds my friend.

          They don’t call ’em Smokin Okie for nothin’.


          • sorry VRF! but you know what Maxwell Smart used to say!
            ‘Missed it by THAT much’

            If any of yall see a freightliner with a 53 ft trlr as pace car at Daytona, wave! That’ll be me!

            • Hahhaah..I dont think Ive been first..or maybe not when the trend started..I couldnt believe when i read thru that all and got to the bottom that the screen comments were empty/. ..when seconds only minuets

            • How awesome that must be to be driving the rig at Daytona ! Go say hello to my friend at the TRD display.

          • Couldn’d watch the videos. I ended up with a blue screen and it has taken me a while to get back online.

      3. Interesting…hadn’t thought of the kidnap angle

        • Yeah, here in Phoenix ya gotta be careful. I was at Cowgirls in Palm Valley last week to meet a friend for happy hour and two hot chicks asked me if that was a “pistol in my pocket or if I was just glad to see them ….”

          I showed them the Glock.

      4. I don’t watch this crap, but his bio indicates he is another Johnny-come-lately using the Internet to become popular. At least it’s not called ‘Meet the Survivalists.’ Would you want to take advice from a surgeon who became interested in medicine in 2008? I am thankful to have learned survival skills from my grandfather who lived through The Great Depression and to have lived the lifestyle myself for the last thirty years. I’m not preparing for anything. I’m just living out my sustainable, militant lifestyle as I always have.

        • Long time lurker, first time poker.

          Pastor I read tons of comments here about the “zombies” that need to learn or “else” yet when the “Johnny-come-lately’s” step up they are kicked straight in the teeth for trying. I guess I dont understand the hypocracy in the prepping community yet since I am one of those newbie preppers.

          I take everything in and learn and do what I am able. I respectfully listen to all “old timers living the militant lifestyles” but dont understand your reason for putting down someone trying to make difference. My father lived through the depression and I am a disabled vet and had some serious training in my day but have never assumed to know everything and I will ask any question stupid or not. Its how we learn and get better at life. I take what I need from moments like these and move forward.

          Dont take my question as a negative I am simply trying to understand.

          • Welcome AL, wisdom in what you just said and most here will agree with you.

          • This. Right here.

            I mean, hellfire, folks – take your pick:

            * A neighborhood in which most folks have a month or two of food and some light weaponry tucked away, and some skills in which to be (with a bit of luck) self-sufficient. They know you’re a bit more prepared than most, and ask you for advice on occasion.


            * A neighborhood in which only a very select few (if any) besides you are prepared. They consider preppingto be the realm of nutcases and tinfoil. Further, this means that the majority will be food-less, skill-less, and knowledge-less… and most of all desperate to feed their kids once SHTF.

            I’ll take the first option, thanks much. You can be content with barricading yourself in your house and standing guard 24/7. I prefer to have the neighbors pitch in and help out.

          • ALModerate: I am relatively new to this board. This place and the people on here have a wealth of information that they will readily give you. As on any board, there will also be people that have already figured out everything and if your opinion differs slightly they will call you names and ridicule you, they will be condescending and at times will make you so mad you will want to run your spur right up the side of their face. It happens here and I don’t think anyone can deny never being so mad at someone.
            Just find the people on here that will give you advice and direction. you will notice who they are quickly.

        • If he has good information to share, why does it matter that he’s only been publicizing it since 2008? Information is information.

          I’ve read many posts from you, PP, saying that people need to wake up – this man deserves creds for taking steps to make people more aware.

          And asa pastor, wouldn’t you want to be sharing a valuable message like this? I would think you’d feel duty bound to do so.

          • Why should it matter when someone wakes to what is going on? It shouldn’t. And when a friend or neighbor of yours becomes aware, I believe it’s our duty to at least help them as best as we can. YOUR survival may depend on it.


            • HF ~ Someone sent me a link to your site….


              Not-so-patiently waiting for the next installment!

          • Totally agree Daisy!

            I’ve only been prepping 3+ years, but many of my friends view me as an “expert.” I don’t pretend to know everything, but am happy to save them time by sharing the knowledge and resources I HAVE acquired.

            The surge in “prepping” has only been recent. SO MANY with prepper and survival knowledge should NOT be discounted b/c they’ve only been at it a short period of time. Not everyone has the luxury of a grand parent with survival skills willing to teach them. I’m personally thankful for people like Phil willing to share his knowledge…even if SOME PEOPLE feel he’s too new at this.

        • Hey Prepared Pastor – before you go shooting your mouth off, you might actually read the bio that I linked to instead of just typing like you did. I love constructive criticism and any kind of feedback but you’re just spewing hate.

          Since you’re too lazy to go read bios before you comment on them I’ll just help you a bit – I’m a third generation “prepper”. I was raised in in a self-reliant, farming and living off the land lifestyle and have been living it my entire life. Me and every other first born male in my line for generations back have served in the military. I’ve been teaching and proselytizing self reliance and preparedness on the internet for over a decade and teaching it in person by example and through classes for much longer than that.

          Call me stupid, idiot, moron, retarded or whatever all you want. Just don’t call me a liar when you’re clueless.

        • @Prepared Pastor
          I don’t watch much of this stuff ether, but with the increased popularity and marketing and even the “Johnny-come-lately” guys, it creates more resources for me to use in my personal preps, and if we’re lucky maybe just a few folks will decided to try and be part of the solution rather than part of the problem….

          -Bubba Man (One of the Bubba’s of the Apocalypse)

        • Maybe something happened in 2008 that made people re-think their comfortable lifestyle? I can think of a few reasons.

        • Its all about the money with most of these guys.

        • You have to start some where and if you meet a surgeon that started in 08 I’d say they would have to be extremely smart and dedicated to be in the OR in such a short time maybe your passing up to soon based on too little. Just a thought and I would agree experience is also an important lesson.

      5. Another show about prepping? Just goes to show I am not crazy. This stuff is catching on. I wonder why? Hmmmmmmm……….

      6. When something goes mainstream, especially something such as prepping, I get real suspicious. It looks to me like another way to cash in on something that is becoming popular in the quiet. I have also noticed these shows tend to pick some of the more fringe types that have taken emergency preparedness to a whole new level of madness. I prepare to live, not live to prepare. Just sayin’.

        • Every person that is prepped is one more that I don’t have to worry about defending against.

          • Agreed. Remember, if they’re not with us they’re against us. Every gun show that I’ve attended, I see more and more newer faces gathering survival info. That is encouraging.

            • Then there’s the saying, “Most preppers are just MZB’s with a time-delay switch”.

        • I agree with you on that. Many people try to make cash on it. I agree but what would be real interesting if they have a Prep show gets big and they send out a flyer saying “all preppers please register here so we can send out information for any danger that may hit us, then secretly the government keeps that and has all the preps addresses and information to target them. Hell they are probably collecting all this info too. But this is america and Im not afraid to say what I feel and so should you. Once we are silenced that is it. Screw them. If they are that stupid to be on Obamas side then they are the lost ones not us.

        • yep..on their way to making a boondoggle over it

        • Maybe not just cashing in, but maybe the idea has percolated through the brains of the “Nothing Can Go Wrong” crew. What interests me is that prepping is being accepted by a major PC network such as Animal Planet. The PTB simply cannot provide for everyone and they likely won’t even try. Perhaps the message is, for once, the truth: you are on your own as far as the government goes, so just listen up and maybe learn something. (not you, Joe, but the masses, especially the liberal ones).

          The media/educational complex has, to date, tried to laugh us off and the government included preppers in their *domestic terrorist* category, yet, here we are, with 2 shows on 2 PC networks. I will watch the video later after work, but Burns seems like the real deal, as opposed to the extreme portrayals I have seen/read about on Doomsday Preppers. I appreciate that he addressed the carping. He seems like a straight shooter, to me. I will seek out his YouTube presentations to decide. American Preppers Network is a good site, IMO.

          People cashing in? This is still a capitalistic society and even if it wasn’t, capitalism is hard-wired in humans. See a need and fill it. Find a niche and sell it. Develop a skill and trade it. Might as well bash Mac and the rest of the posters here for publicizing their convictions and sharing their knowledge. Also, as a businessman, the more purveyors of preps there are, the more competition there is and eventually, prices come down. I am noticing an increase in advertising and a (slight) decrease in prices already. More folks start thinking and more products are likely to be developed and made available. We will all need more than food and ammo.

          Yeah, we were prepping when prepping wasn’t cool, but the more folks who do, the less we have to worry about being targets or having to make difficult decisions about whom to help if there is a real emergency. It is sort of like gun laws: the more armed people in a society, the less crime, because you never know who is carrying and what their skill or training level might be. The more preppers, the less panic when the SHTF.

          I am looking forward to the video. We left TV awhile back, so it is nice to get an entire episode. Now, if you want a laugh, take a look at GBTV’s Independence USA. There is a 2 week free trial at the website. That guy is a hoot. He spends thousands to fell trees and have his trees sawn on site and then builds a summer kitchen/workshop with his green wood. He again spends thousands to excavate a space for a container bunker and forgets to water-proof and weatherize the container or cut his vents and access before putting it into the ground. Ad nauseum. Anyone following that guy will just have a mess at the end, learn the hard way and be even less prepared than those watching Phil Burns.

          Knowledge and attitudes do not progress as straight-line extrapolations. It will be fits and starts and people eventually learn some discernment. For now, though, I am welcoming this new attitude and I expect we might even see some new-found respect in our own lives.

        • When you see then”preparedness” aisle at Walmart….

          • It already exists. Good stuff and decent prices, too – though most of it is long-term food and bulk foods.

          • Yeah, all you guys make valid points, but I’m really talking about the whole TV exploitation aspects. They take a perfectly happy prepper, put all of their stuff on display, make them look like kooks, then try to sell you something every 5 minutes in between. Then there is the fear exploitation such as when Fukushima went into meltdown and people were selling KIO3 for 10, 20, 30 times what it is worth for pointless fear. Not to mention the price gouging in other areas from other disasters. Last but not least, people selling bad products to the newbies. I’ve seen it all.

            So yeah, it’s great people want to start preparing. That part is not the problem. People selling honest products, training and information, they are not the problem either. Television preppers, advertisers of garbage products and price gougers, that is the problem I have with it all.

            Another thing I think of all this prepper-mania spreading across cable channels is the reverse psychology programming. Nothing is on television by mistake. Show the world the extreme preppers so that the unprepared watching may think that this is what they will turn into if they start preparing. Nothing is ever prima facie in regards to television. There is always an underlying agenda of “PROGRAMMING”, remember that the next time you want to get hypnotized by the zombie box for an hour.

            • Might I suggest you watch the show? In the first 15 minutes I very clearly knock out a lot of what you’re talking about. The network gave me plenty of time to explain that Prepping isn’t about ‘doomsday’ or fringe stuff – it’s about Preparing for the day to day catastrophes like having your child dying from leukemia. If you read the article, you might have noticed that I talk about how this show is very different from Doomsday Preppers. It’s not about fringe, it’s about things that happen EVERY DAY. The people on Doomsday had no control over the show – I did. Watch the show and then, please, tell me what it is ‘programming’ the people for.

        • DING DING DING! we HAVE a winner.
          Where there is cash there is greed.
          Hes lookin for those “WORTHLESS” fiat dollars!

      7. I haven’t had a chance yet to watch the pilot, but wanted to comment on what Phil said about his kids handling guns. Totally straight up. When each of my boys turned three, I put a decommissioned Daisy in their hands; it would still *pop*, but didn’t shoot any BBs. I made it fun for them, took them out for varmints, and taught them consistently and regularly about gun safety. The value of varminting was that I was also able to show them what firearms do to (formerly) living creatures. Now 16 and 14, they know very well how to handle firearms, and like Phil said, if there is going to be an accident involving a gun, it won’t be my child who did it. This also teaches them how to avoid someone ELSE’s stupidity.

      8. Of COURSE there will be complainers, haters, nay-sayers, and whiners. Don’t let that stop you from doing what you feel is right.

      9. I try to learn a little from these type of things, some ideas we put into action, some not. I know alot of this stuff is people cashing in but, as I said, you can pick up useful info here and there. The wife and I just keep on with our plans in a quiet fashion and, pray for all on this site. Take care all.

      10. a few nuggets of wisdom gleaned from older brothers, uncles(the sober ones) and a stranger or two…

        “Being prepared and being paranoid are not the same thing. On the other hand, no paranoid person ever had a safe fall on them from the 9th floor.”

        “Never, ever tell a lie, unless it’s absolutely convenient.”

        “Spelling is sometimes VERY important. A ‘winch’ goes on the bumper of your truck. A ‘wench’ sits on the seat next to you. Don’t confuse the two, because you can’t tow anybody out of the mud from your front seat, and if your gal is riding on the bumper, she’ll probably fall off and spill your beer.”

        “If you find your sister’s phone number on a mens room wall, be a gentleman and mark it out.”

        “Getting half way home from the bar two nights in a row is not the same as getting all the way home once.”

        “If you judge a man by the color of his skin, you’ll probably make an unnecessary enemy or lose out on a possible friendship. You can, however, judge a man by the color of his pick-up.”

        “The mechanic with the clean, shiney wrenches probably ain’t the best mechanic in town.”

        “The smell of a paper mill, cattle feedlot, or oil refinery wafting through town means there’s JOBS there. You’ll get used to the smell.”

        “Counterfeit faith will land you in hell, just as sure as counterfeit money will land you in jail.”

        Tom T. Hall is a better philosopher than Plato. And he sold a lot more records, too.”

        “When you’re hungry, smoked carp tastes just as good as smoked salmon.”

        “Driving a truck is just as honorable a profession as bein’ a brain surgeon. The measure of success is how many people survive because you did it right.”

        Everybody get your bumper stickers and display ’em proudly! -okie
        Snowball/Flying Pig 2012

        • Tom T. Hall is a better philosopher than Plato. Thats one I ain’t never heard before! “……I love little babey ducks, and old pick-up trucks….”! Wiser words may never have been spoken!IMHO!

      11. When prepping goes mainstream, you know it’s almost curtains.

        • I think it just means that a production company has discovered a new reality show format that will sell.

      12. I see the Woodpile Report got hacked today.
        Can anyone else get in?

        • wow, it looks like it is still down. same issue here for me.

      13. I think that it is very hard for the average person to accept and sustain the message that some of these shows try to portray. Unless you are a specific type of person, it is counter-intuitive to all that we know to prep the way that these families are doing. They are zealots, and prepping seems to pervade their whole lives.

        I wholeheartedly agree with being prepared for the worst. Have food, water, clothing, medical supplies, personal protection, and the skills to survive, as well as an alternate heat source and other things. But you can’t spend your lives dwelling on something that might never come. Balance is the key. None of these shows portray any type of balance at all. My kids know how to shoot. It is something that we do regularly, because we enjoy it. But sometime soon, their friends will take a priority over shooting with dad. That’s OK. I agree that the financial collapse could happen, and have taken as many steps as I can to protect my family. But since it has not happened yet, I refuse to dwell on it. I will still try to give my family the best experience possible. If that means a vacation or a trip to the ballpark, then so be it. It all comes down to quality of life. If prepping for doomsday is all that you are living for, you may be missing out on some very good things that are going on right in front of you.

        • Jake, I think you’d really like my show! Demonstrating that balance and how to get it is one of the things we try to do in it! Note that we’re NOT talking about Doomsday Preppers here. 🙂

          • Watched the pilot and it was awesome! Good job and, BTW, great kids, lovely family and you made us preppers proud!

            None of the carping was on target and _you_ were.

            • Thank you Blue! I’m glad some people are willing to give it a shot before they condemn it 🙂

          • Hi Phil. I have not seen your show, so my remarks were not directed at you. I am speaking in general terms about how preppers are portrayed by the MSM. I’ll check out your show, and hopefully will enjoy it.

            I am of like mind. But I find that balance and small doses work for me when dealing with non preppers. I have noticed a change in society where what used to be considered radical has become more main stream. I think that most people see how relying on the government to save you is a poor direction to go in.

            I’m a bit leery of the lone wolf aspect of prepping. I certainly understand that basic survival may come down to individual preps, but to me, what type of quality of life is there by surviving alone? I am hopeful that after some type of event, like minded citizens will band together to help protect each other, farm, hunt, fish, etc. Where I live, I don’t see this as being a terrible problem.

        • @ Jake——- that’s a perfect attitude. If and when it happens, we are all going to have PLENTY of time to dwell right?

      14. Regarding all the “cashing in” comments: Why not??? If a person has skills and an aptitude to pass them on to others, and can do so in an effective way and with a broad platform, I say “go for it!” Admit it, everyone on this board receives a certain level of satisfaction from prepping and debating prepping. It is what we are interested in, right? What better way to make a living than doing what you like to do? Now if someone is putting out inaccurate or reckless information, that is another matter. But if not, I say “Thank you.”

      15. The more the sheeple are educated about what could happen and how to prepare for SHTF, the less sheeple there are and more folks that are informed and prepared. That in off itself makes everyone safer since that is that many less people looking at my stuff becuase they have thier stuff and do not need my stuff. Also, the wisest people I know realize that they can always learn something new or how to improve on what they already know.

      16. Problem, reaction, solution. The whole kidnapping thing reminded me of the government and false flags.

        • Red, thanks for the feedback – would you be willing to expand on how preparing my children to be able to deal with kidnapping reminds you of the government? Or false flags?

          As I state in the article posted above, kidnapping is a real issue and happens every single day. I don’t understand how the government is tied into it – please explain. Thanks! 🙂

          • Underwear bomber false flag = naked body scanners. Create the problem. Public reacts, Naked body scanners are the solution, what they wanted all along. The water park threat created the reaction from your wife, and you were allowed to fake kidnap your kids. Now this is not meant to criticize you, this was just my take on the situation. Personally I think you and your wife are doing a great job raising your kids. Keep up the good work and thanks.

      17. I’m actually glad more ppl are interested in prepping. Aren’t we trying to wake sheeple up? I don’t care if you or I have been prepping forever and others are just catching on, I’m thrilled about it. Less zombies to have to feed or fend off.

      18. I personally think this family is living a pretty good life and prepping is just one part of it.

        Women often complain their husbands aren’t involved enough with their children and the family doesn’t do enough together. Men often complain their wives aren’t into the same things they are and their hobbies have to be done away from the family.

        This family is doing many things together and enjoying their time doing it! Also, folks seem to forget this is a program made for TV so they are only going to show the parts that make for good ratings, not the daily hum-drum activities of life.

        I think if this program wakes up at least one person to the fact that TEOTWAWKI can happen without nuclear war or a polar shift and they would be wise to prepare for those things as a good start, then it is a job well done.

        • Thanks Fed Up! We ARE a happy family! It’s very nice that my wife and kids all see the reasonableness around being prepared. Your last paragraph is EXACTLY why I chose to do the show. I see no point in telling people to prepare for the LAST DAY of the earth (doomsday). I simply want to help people realize that they have become complacent in their lives and that they should WAKE UP!

      19. Don’t let all the idiots get you down Phil. If you changed the life of ONE person, it was worth it. You have contributed to society.

      20. I hope prepper shows continue on MSM, I get to wear my “I told you so” face.

        It feels good “to be the rock and not the roll”. be the rock and not the roll..-Led Zeppelin

      21. “Others have been snarky, arrogant and very close-minded while others have just been libs complaining about guns.”

        Why does this not surprise me?? I try not to hate – but I REALLY can’t stand liberals. Their arrogance is only part of it. The other part is their blatant stupidity. Bunch of ‘Tards if you ask me…

      22. More power to ya, Phil!!!

        Thanks for spreading the word! 🙂

      23. when are you fools going to lern tht its not a good ide to brg bout wht your hording.
        when the feds come by and confescte your shit dont blim any one but your self.

        • I see that you’re not hoarding a dictionary, Bowlan.

          He addressed your exact “concern” in the article above. I tend to appreciate anyone who is generous with information.

        • Not saying bowlan’s a troll, but who else would write SO poorly? Appears to be a lame attempt to make preppers appear ignorant and illiterate. (IMHO)

          If you’re legit…turn on your spell check! LOL

      24. The Government goons will be looking for him soon too I’ll bet..

        wont take long for them to shut him up..a few beurocratic money grabbing and family destroying entities will soon track him down and make his life miserable

      25. You know we learn so many things, most useful, from so many people within so many avenues; for instance…I have California bred neighbors with no guns, and think they are preppers with 4 boxes of oatmeal and 2 cases of bottled water.
        But, guess who watched a survivor show and told me what a ‘magnesium’ firestarter is when I started preparing my BOBs??
        Yep–case in point. I listen, I watch, I learn.
        I’m still on kindergartener level in prepping.

      26. Hey, I’m with Daisy and most views posted here on this issue. All know by now my story about the California bred neighbors with no gun and think they’re prepped with 4 boxes of oatmeal and 2 cases of bottled water and swear my Berkey can’t do the job.
        But, guess who watched the survival channel and educated ME about the ‘magnesium’ firestarter when I needed it for one of my BOBs??
        I listen, I watch, I learn.
        And as far as prepping goes, I’ve been learning, stocking, storing, and gathering and I’m still on kindergarten level.

      27. Op-sec, Op-sec, Op-sec. I’m just sayin’………………

        • There’s a section in the article JUST FOR YOU! I’m just sayin’…….

      28. I hope they’re prepared to stay home if we get hit with an EMP.

      29. bowlan, when ANYONE comes by to confiscate my stuff, far fewer will be leaving with it. I consider it a duty to thin them out before they move on to my neighbors. If my neighbors do their duty, and some will, our country road should resemble the Little Big Horn.

      30. 99 bloody blue hats on the wall…jusy sayin’

      31. Just finished watching this with my 11 year old daughter.

        This was a great way to educate her a little more on why we do what we do. She was completely captivated by the whole program and asked a million questions. And, of course, also wants a pink gun. (Darned Canada!!!)

        Excellent show!

        • Hi, Daisy:

          Fellow Canuck here. Mossberg makes a pink .22LR semi-auto. If stores like Bass Pro, Cabella’s, or Le Baron’s don’t have it, they can order. Telephone the store before visiting. Will save you time and hassle. Failing that, you could always contact Mossberg and ask for a list Canadian of dealers in your area.

          Also, not sure how old your daughter is, but if under age, she’d need someone with a P.A.L. to supervise her. If of age, she’d need to obtain her non-restricted P.A.L. for long guns.

          Warmest regards,

          – Stoosh

          P.S. Bows and crossbows might also come in pink. A bow would most likely be better.

          • Whoops! I see that she’s 11.

          • Whoops Redux! Mossberg also makes a pink .22LR bolt action.

            Models are called 702 Plinkster and 802 Plinkster. Plinsker if for plinking (shooting), not a pun on the colour pink.

          • Hi, Stoosh!!! Thanks for the info.

            The only problem I have with PAL is getting put on yet another “list” – those of us with PAL will be more likely to be subjected to warrantless searches, etc.

            Do you find that concerning too?

            • Hi, Daisy:

              If you believe the current blue government – if you believe/trust ANY government??!! – the long gun registry data will be destroyed.

              Now, one still needs a P.A.L. to purchase firearms and ammunition, so having a record of who you are is unavoidable. That said, if the record (the link) to a license-holder and her firearms inventory is severed – i.e., no more registry – then who’s to say that if you receive a visit from you know who, that your firearms aren’t somewhere else. For example, perhaps you loaned them to a buddy; that’s why your safe is empty. That’s allowed as long as he has a P.A.L., too.

              Just my thoughts.

              If you prefer to avoid this, I am 99% sure that bows and crossbows do not require a firearms license. (But given that 1% uncertainty, you should visit the RCMP website to confirm.) They DO require a hunting license if you choose to hunt using them – at least in my province. But, you could always just target practise/conduct archery. That’s legal and no record.

      32. I take my prepping info from where ever I can get it, so long as it is true and accurate. I have learned alot from this site and others, books, youtube, friends heck I even get some great info from myth busters.
        I do have a question I have been drooling over a saigai combat shotgun 10 round clip all blacked out for $1100 is it worth that or should I stick with something simpler and does anyone have experience with Rock Creek I like their AR in .223. Any advice would be welcome Im new to this and dont have anyone to ask that I can trust that actually knows what they are talking about.

      33. Thank God, I was shown the writing on the wall about ten years ago. I prayed for God to show me the way and what to do. Worked hard and put away most of the childish things; Now, I’m out of debt, have a couple horses, plenty of neighbor’s hay to cut for wintering, plenty of composted manure for gardens, and stocked up. I say all this, not to boast, but to show how most people think about prepping. A lady that I grew up with and claimed as a good friend, became closer with me and the little woman over the past several years. As we began discussing with her about our prepping and the importance of setting priorities for survival when the SHTF, she was all in agreement and said she was making an escape plan to come to our place when it happened. She is 59 and in good health and a hard worker. She owns a rental house and another seven acres near our land that just has timber. She owes a few thousand dollars on the house and five acres she lives on. Tried to sell the seven acres last year and turned down a reasonable offer with the attitude of I’m not gonna give it away ( I wouldn’t call $35k for land without any water on it a “give away”). The little woman and I decided to invest our tax refunds last year into more long term prepping. We told our friend we were gonna spend about $500.00 on wheat berries,a hand grinder, and canned butter so we could make fresh bread every few days when the SHTF. We asked her if she would like to invest with us, since we could all three make it pretty good helping each other and that we would be glad to accept her into our home when it actually happens. Her reply was “Well I’d like to invest with you, but I just don’t have any spare funds right now.” A few weeks later, she goes to a motorcycle show and (as we found out later) purchased a fancy full faced helmet for $600.00. Now she didn’t tell us about the helmet, but a mutual friend let it slip out about three months later. Come gardening time she never offered to help until harvest. She did help pick beans one time but got a peck bucket full for herself and never offered to help with canning. Now we just kept things to ourselves until last fall when we had her and some other friends over for a barbecue. After a few beers she began spouting off about how she was coming to live with us when the SHTF. The little woman thru me a look and later I said,”just give her enough rope and she’ll hang herself.” She did just that a few monhs ago and when I called her out on it she flew mad and hasn’t called us since. Sorry, but you made your bed now you gotta sleep on it. The point is, most people are aware of what is coming, but they are too stubborn and too caught up in their worldly lusts to do anything. They will have a rude awakening someday and then have to face their fears. We plan to help any children and elderly that we can, but the able-bodied who did nothing and want to use us; hope that $600.00 helmet has some leather on it cause her soup may be a little thin. Motto: You are either with us and for us or you are against us.

        • Good story, don’t tread, and great example of why I could kick my own butt for ‘sharing’ with one neighbor about our stores..
          Boy, was I stupid.
          Yep–4 boxes of oatmeal, some bottled water, no weapons, and they’re ready for anything!!
          ‘Nuff said.

          I listen, I watch, I learn.

      34. My husband and i did see the pilot and we loved it. Much better than the doomsday shows. The drills your family went through were good topics of discussion for us. We have been preparing for several years and take all instruction very seriously. Btw, we didnt think for a minute that you were giving away any opsec…the kids were very intelligent, you have given them a priceless gift in thinking for themselves and being confident. I shudder when i watch the trainwreck shows of child beauty pagents, tragic for those clueless parents. I hope AP picks you up. God bless

        • Thanks home stead! I can’t tell you how happy I am that your family found it worthy of discussion! My daughter Gibson is truly amazing! The great thing is, I really don’t have to worry about her and she helps the younger kids to learn and think critically. I can’t stand the trainwreck shows either, they seem like such a waste. If that is the kind of programming our society craves, we truly are going to ruin ourselves!

      35. I frankly am disappointed in both Prepper shows…But i dont think we can expect more than “reality” shows from the networks. Phil, as a fellow “brother”, i appreciate the work you have put in with your family. But the education of preppers will have to come from other media, books, prepper podcasts, blogs…because the networks want the sensationalism. They are turning preparedness into Extreme Couponing….

        Those who i know are not preppers yet come to me and say, “Are you that extreme?…do i have to be?…. While i dont go into the full extent of my preps, i assure them that starting slowly will help them develop their plans and habits. Prepping is not a one time action, it is being open minded enough to learn the skills necessary to protect your family from whatever comes at us. There is no one emergency to plan for, you have to be a well rounded prepper.

        God bless you, Phil and your family….and i pray he blesses all of us with the foresight to prepare…

        • O.P. thanks for your feedback brother! Would you be open to expanding on it? How did it disappoint? What could have been done differently to make it less disappointing?

          I agree fully that education has to come from other media – I’m almost done with my book, I do a podcast on PPRN, I have a few Prepper blogs…. My objective with the show is not necessarily to educate, but to open minds to being educated.

          As I’ve stated, I have quite a bit of input (but not control) of the direction of the episodes. I need input from people like you to help me see where to take it and how to make it better. The network is clear that it cannot be a “How-To” video, but it can present things that will hopefully cause people to question what they know and seek out more information – from the resources you mentioned.

          Yes, television is going to require being edgy – otherwise nobody will pay attention. Just look at what they DO pay attention to – American Idol, Toddlers & Tiaras, freaking Jersey Shore. If America wasn’t so dumbed down it wouldn’t take catching their attention to get them to learn something.

          I fully agree with you that Prepping is not a one time action and that you have to be a well rounded prepper. I attempted to demonstrate that as well as I could. How do you think it could have gone better knowing the restraints that I’ve detailed? There is quite a bit of freedom for creativity but it has to pass the muster of the network execs.

          Thanks for being willing to honestly share!

          • I fully understand that it cant be a how to show…even though i think they would be surprised if they actually did one. Probably have to wait for Public Broadcasting to jump on the bandwagon…it would be perfect after their latest Lawrence Welk rerun…LOL…

            Seriously though, i think you will refine your approach to your show as you have more episodes. And i really do hope you get that chance. Tell Gibson how much i appreciated her enthusiam….we need to reach our younger audience. I was blessed to have had a great deal of raising by my paternal grandparents. Their stories of the Great Depression and the values they gave me have enabled me and my family to avoid many of the pitfalls. 4 of my children have completed their education without any student loans and my last one will be working hard to continue that tradition when he gets back from his mission. Please give my regards to your awesome wife who could easily be soulmates with mine. I think we both feel their sweet spirits inspiring us to protect them and our families.

            Maybe some field trips with you visiting other preppers, discussing their preps, offering suggestions….showcase those prepping products which are essential…who knows, maybe if the vendors agree to sponsor the show, you may be given even more freedom to morph the show. Maybe more references to PPRN shows and you tube videos.

            I will be watching to see if they pick you up as a regular series…but if they dont, thank you for all of your other efforts. They are much appreciated, and always give me that little kick in the pants when i need it.

      36. Bernie Fucking Maddoff…$65billion scam… bail out of auto makers and the banks. After a few years of it… I’m happier. To afford it…just cancel the cell phone. You will NOT miss it. I feel free again. No worries. I feel insulated from all the shit. Pandemic…fuck it…I’ll just stay home. Job loss….no worries….groceries are all bought. Dollar collapse…I’ll just stay home. WWIII…..I’ll tunnel into a hill and be a roach until it’s over.

        It’s a mental state.
        It even gave me the balls to ask for my second raise this year from the bosses.
        I am not their fucking slave…they rent me. Fuckers.

        Peace to all

      37. if you consider the whole issue of prepping/surviving, a significant part of the process is(or very well should be) OPSEC for obvious reasons… to then turn around and put all one’s efforts and plans on display for the international viewing world to see and critique is, to me, borderline insanity or they’re just a bunch of schmucks seeking thier “15 minutes” and, of course, the measley payout the network offers for such contrivances… such being the case, in my view, i refuse to watch the series – at best they’re an embarrassment to what we do

        • p.p…..I think you missed the purpose and intent entirely.
          This effort is for those that aren’t as enlightened as you and me.
          If this is what it takes to get someone to even ‘think’ about what’s coming and provide for their families–heck, mission accomplished.
          Let me say this…I DO NOT WANT TO FEED MY NEIGHBORS.
          Therefore, I sure hope they get the point all prepper shows are trying to make..time is short, collapse is coming, get ready, for here it comes..or is that a song??

          • at the risk of appearing argumentative, i have to question the show’s “intent” – there is the consideration of unintended consequence…

            i too have absolutely no intention of feeding my neighbors – especially since i am surrounded by entitlement-minded slugs… that being the case, i would never, ever willingly put any stores i might have, if i had any, on public display for any reason… beyond that, i’m curious as to how many of these altruistic participants have now been cross-haired by tptb and other prepping unfriendlies who are just waiting for the opportunity to pounce… only time will reveal that – time better utilized through efforts in doing something in defense of what is likely to come instead of watching primetime TV about it…

            Focus… OPSEC…

      38. Phil, I read the section that you referenced before I commented,and I stand by my contention that you should exercise better operational security. Your preps and training are great. Personally, I would not plaster my families images all over TV, but then again, I’m just a prepper, not a pub-HO.

      39. First how the hell are people on this site so worried about opsec. Were not running any black ops here were preparing. If you are on the computer looking up this site as well as all the other prep related things congratulations you are on the “list” opsec is out the window when your on the net.
        B- why the hell are people against preppers makin money off of what they do, more power to them, I don’t see how this is a problem with some of ya. Jealousy rearing it’s ugly head a bit?
        4- just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the show, he has a beautiful fun family. He has good info that you CAN learn from( if you learn something is wrong you still learned something. You can learn from anything, except of course public schools.) He didn’t start prepping yesterday.

        Maybe some of us need to jump off our high horses!!!

      40. I wrote to Nat. Geo. to complain about their pilot program of “Doomsday Preppers” because it upset me to see preppers portrayed as weirdos and crackpots. I begged for a more reasonable approach of reasonable people doing reasonable things to prepare for reasonable events. The upshot was that they came to interview me – Calamity Janet of the Armageddon Inn – and my segment will air sometime in March. Don’t know if they’re going to make ME out to be just another weirdo too, but I honestly feel all my preps are simply a sane response to known risk factors. I agreed to be on the show for the same reason Phil Burns works so hard at it: I want people to wake up, get off their duffs, and do the same thing. People have been ranting at me for giving up op-sec, but I don’t know how else to get the word out. So, three hearty cheers for Phil and his work on this issue. I love prepper websites, forums, and shows because it reassures me that I’m not the only one, and it provides new ideas on how I can improve my preps. If it weren’t for people like Phil, who are willing to stick their necks out, none of that would happen.

      41. Sorry,you can try to explain it away but the dude is just plain nuts.Thankfully,we wont be seeing this guy any longer.

        To start the show with guy was a disaster.If you want the average unprepared individual to believe all preppers are nuts,mission accomplished.

      42. I thought this was much better than the Doomsday Preppers. And it’s so nice to see an article on here about something over than Ron flippin Paul.

      43. total nitwits.

      44. I didn’t watch the videos so I don’t have much to say about what Phil knows and doesn’t know. He is however a rude ass. Saying someone that is concerned about opsec has a chicken sh!t attitude is an idiot. Someone that throws around personal insults like that, or like the clueless comment, is an idiot.

      45. Phil,

        Thanks for the forums, brother. You’ve done a great job with them. I use APN, Utah Prepper, and LDS Preppers. The latter, in particular, is a very useful resource.

        As far as dealing with all the critism, you pretty much signed up for some serious abuse when you made the choice to step into the lime light of the entertainment industry to accomplish your mission. Some of the criticism is absolutely ridiculous put to you is absolutely ridiculous. I wouldn’t bother responding to most of it or you’re going to come across as insecure from constantly defending youself from it. Most preppers are intelligent enough to know that TV production companies are motivated to put out whats going to get the most viewers, not what casts the movement in a positive light. Good on you for having a mission and acomplishing so much towards it.

        A couple of things I noticed: You used the term, “red man’s fire” which your childeren then excitedly repeated. “Dakota Fire Lay” or another descriptive term might be effective in the future since the term “red man” carries some negative connotations and I’m sure it wasn’t your intention to offend. Also, saying “This empowered woman thing is killing me.” Played right into a male-dominant negative LDS stero-type.

        Great job on the show and on the forums. I appreciate your contributions to the movement. 🙂

      46. It was an interesting program. I don’t know if the family is affiliated with the Mormon Church, as they live in Utah near Salt Lake City, but I think stockpiling food, supplies, medicine, and teaching survival to your entire family is a great idea. The program reminded me of the one I watched last week about Deep Earth Bunkers. I’m seriously considering selling my house, buying some remote acreage, sinking a deep earth bunker with food and amenities and let the rest of the world blow itself to Hell!

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