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    Physical strength, endurance, flexibility, adaptability, and mental discipline are all attributes of a true survivor.  Unfortunately, they are also attributes that are often neglected by the average survivalist.  The popular assumption is that if you have sizable food storage and can shoot straight, you are ready to rock-and-roll.  Reality has some harsh lessons for those with this mindset.  The first and most important weapon in any prepper’s arsenal is his own body; strong, healthy, and well taken care of.  If a person’s body is left to decay, no amount of gear is going to save them in the middle of a crisis situation…

    Hand-to-hand combat training is sometimes treated with cynicism amongst preppers who have spent all their lives enraptured in the world of firearms.  The common retort is “Why use my hands when I have my Glock…?”  Indeed.  Why should we?  Perhaps because one day we may not have a weapon in our possession during a dangerous circumstance.  Should a survivalist simply give up because he loses his gun or he runs out of ammunition?  I think not.

    The concept of survival in the midst of collapse and calamity is not necessarily dependent on having all the right tools at all the right times.  Sometimes, you have to improvise, and the only tools you can always count on are your hands, and your (hopefully well oiled and attuned) brain.  Martial Arts training hones and refines these assets to perfection, and also teaches the mind to deal with the stresses and fears associated with combat.  In fact, 95% of success in martial arts revolves around learning to accept the idea of someone trying to kill you, so that you can move past the terror of the scenario and deal with it calmly and logically.  Adrenaline, tunnel vision, and unchecked emotion are the true enemies in any fight.  We defeat ourselves long before our assailants ever touch us.

    Another concept within martial arts that I find fascinating is the philosophy of Bushido, which is often mistaken as a brand of Eastern religion.  Instead, it is a kind of warrior’s code; a way of dealing with adversity in one’s life.  Struggling with obstacles whether self created, or created by others, requires balance and the ability to take control of the problem and apply one’s own terms instead of the terms other people try to set for you.  It is about leading the battle, instead of being led, while staying true to your conscience.  In the end, we should feel no need to prove anything to anyone but ourselves.  Traditional martial arts still contain elements of Bushido within their methodology, and I believe such practitioners are some of the few people left in the world who operate on a legitimate warrior’s code; something we desperately need in our culture today.

    I have studied multiple forms of martial arts for over 26 years, and have found many methods that would work well for the worst survival situations, and plenty that would be utterly useless.  When I started my training classes for Liberty Movement individuals and families in Northwest Montana, my idea was to combine all the strategies that I felt were intuitive, easy to learn, and quick to utilize.  My goal was to help students to become physically capable of self defense within a very short period of time, without running slapdash over important factors like mental strength and intelligent application.  I feel that the program has done very well so far.  The following is a list of styles that I use in my curriculum…

    Shotokan Karate: Shotokan is a Japanese martial art using movements derived from defense methods common in Okinawa and streamlined for easier application.  At first glance, Shotokan seems stiff and impractical, but this is not the case.  Shotokan training is extremely intense, and the sparring matches can be brutal.  Deep stances and sharp strikes train the body to hold ground even against a larger opponent.  Shotokan practitioners can take physical damage unlike any other style I have seen beyond perhaps Thai Kickboxing.  As the student advances, the stiffness disappears, and their strikes become coldly logical and precise, almost like a killer robot…….no….seriously.  Shotokan is a perfect foundation art for beginners in self defense.  If they can handle this style, they can handle anything…

    Thai Kickboxing: Thai is world famous for its fast devastating steamroller type strikes and the ability of its practitioners to take a hit and keep on going.  For a crisis situation, it is imperative that the survivalist be capable of absorbing and moving past the pain of a fight.  In the street, it may be a matter of life and death, or it may be a drunken adolescent brawl.  In a SHTF scenario, it will ALWAYS be a matter of life and death.  There is no such thing as a hand to hand fighter who can avoid every attack and come out unscathed.  Plan on getting hit.  With the heavy arm to leg blocks of Thai Kickboxing that act as a kind of self made brick wall, along with devastating leg sweeps and knee breaks, this artform is perfect for the dangerous possibilities of collapse.

    Western Boxing: It’s not an Eastern martial art, but Western boxing teaches incredible punching power.  Eastern martial arts focus on speed in order to inflict damage, but the bottom line is that Western boxers hit harder because they assert more body weight behind their punches; I have seen it, I have felt it, and I have dealt it.  Of course, it is more important to learn speed and timing before learning to hit hard.  The most powerful punches in the world are useless if all they do is sweep the air.  Western boxing is an incomplete fighting system, but a fantastic addition to the survival martial artist’s repertoire.

    Jiu Jitsu: Jiu Jitsu is a grappling martial art from Japan, though you wouldn’t know it by the way the Brazilians have commercialized and franchised it.  Jiu Jitsu is indeed the flavor of the decade for self defense, and though I feel it has been way overhyped, it is an incredibly effective style for ground situations.  That said, let’s be clear; Jiu Jitsu is actually a very limited fighting style, especially when you’re not in a cage and you are confronted with more than one attacker.  Survivalists should learn grappling techniques so that they know how to defend against takedowns and return to their feet.  In a real combat situation, you NEVER try to go to the ground on purpose.  Multiple opponents will decimate you within seconds while you are trying to put a choke hold on the guy in front of you.  Add a knife into the picture, and purposely jumping into close quarters with the intent to “grapple” will be a death sentence.  Successful fighters will always combine Jiu Jitsu with other artforms in order to round out their abilities.

    Hapkido: Hapkido in my view is the perfect antithesis to Jiu Jitsu and any other grappling art for that matter.  It should be at the top of every survivalist’s list of fighting methods.  Hapkido focuses on joint locks, joint breaks, using centrifugal force, pressure points, eye gouges, throat attacks, etc.  Generally, it is very difficult for someone to grapple with you if you break their fingers, wrists, hyperextend their knee caps, or crush their wind pipe.  One twisted wrist could put a dedicated grappler or wrestler completely out of commission, which is why you never see these methods used in the UFC.  The fights would be over quickly, and the sport’s flavor would be lost.  Knowing how to counter grappling using grappling is fine, but knowing how to utterly disable a grappler is better.  As a survivalist, it is important to learn both.

    Eskrima / Kali: Filipino in origin, Eskrima and Kali revolve around stick and knife training, and some of the deadliest blade wielding martial artists on Earth are known to originate from these styles.  The point of practicing the Filipino arts is not only to learn to attack with edged weapons, but also to defend against them.  Knowing how armed assailants, trained and untrained, will move to harm you gives you a distinct edge.  Understanding the motion of a knife strike allows the defender to create or close distance effectively, while timing arm and wrist locks to reduce cuts and control the knife hand before serious damage to your body is done.

    Taekwondo: A Korean style, Taekwondo has received a bad rap over the past few years as an “ineffective” martial art, but usually this criticism comes from people who have never actually practiced it.  Like Jiu Jitsu, it is a style limited to a very particular range of attacks and scenarios.  Taekwondo focuses on kicks to the extreme.  Sport Taekwondo is not a practical measure of the style’s use, and this is where its tainted reputation comes from.  The truth is, Taekwondo has the fastest and in many cases the most devastating kicks in the world.  The use of kicks depends on the mastery of the fighter.  If he is fast, and precise, then his strikes will make his opponents feel like they’ve just been hit by an oversized utility van.  If he is slow, and unfocused, he will be tackled to the ground like a rag doll and pummeled in an embarrassing manner.  That said, one well placed kick can crush ribs, crack skulls, and knock an opponent into dreamland before he ever knew what hit him.

    Jeet Kune Do: Created by the venerable Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do’s philosophy is to adopt what works, and set the rest aside.  It is essentially a combination of the short range tactics of Wing Chun combined with the long range tactics of Japanese and Korean styles.  Jeet Kune Do’s goal is to be a truly complete martial art, and so far, it has proven itself in this regard.  If you can only practice one style of self defense, this should be it.  Some people attribute the adaptation methodology in self defense to MMA, but really, it was Bruce Lee that pioneered the idea of studying multiple styles and modernizing martial arts.  Because of his efforts, the offensive and defensive capabilities of Jeet Kune Do are astounding, and perfect for the survivalist delving into the world of hand-to-hand.

    Ninjitsu: When I was a kid back in the 80’s, the ninja was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I think the allure of it was its simple mythology; if you could learn martial arts, and get your hands on a black mask, you could be a superhero.  No need for radioactive spiders or genetic mutation.  You were a man – in a mask – with badass fists of fury, and that’s it.  Of course, the portrayal of ninjitsu has become so cartoonish that people today scarcely believe it is an actual martial art.  In fact, it is, and a very deadly one.  The brilliance of ninjitsu really dwells in its “think outside the box” mentality.  There is a sort of cleverness and unpredictability to it that makes it so dangerous.  Ninja’s in feudal Japan were assassins, but they were also the guerilla fighters of their age.  The combat methods of ninjitsu revolve around surprise, and misdirection, which are factors that always work in the survivalist’s favor.

    There is no way around it.  The Martial Arts make a survivalist better at his job, which is to thrive in the very worst possible conditions.  It’s not just about fighting; it is also about developing a fighting spirit.  Beyond the utility of self defense, as survivalists we must strengthen our inner world as much as our outer shells.  It takes time, and patience, and a willingness to struggle.  Any person who masters a martial art has not only shown a dedication to his own physical prowess, but he has also proven he has a mental toughness that will carry him through any catastrophe.  That kind of toughness is a rare commodity in America today, and when found, should be greatly valued and encouraged, especially by the Liberty Movement.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. I used to practice tae-kwon-do and Kemp but since I broke my leg in 2008 I don’t se that as an option

        • @ RICH99. Really the most important part of this is the mental discipline and the good eye and hand coordination. After mega SHTF, most self defense is going to using a weapon, preferably with you with the better firearm. Really martial arts is more for civilized times. Martial arts is really about restraint and not killing someone, just incapacitating someone enough to escape and remain unharmed as possible yourself. Learning a martial art is fantastic for mental conditioning for not questioning your actions when faced with a life and death situation.

          After the collapse of civilization either through manmade and or natural, people are going to have to learn to fight dirty and expect dirty fighting against them. Someone could be sitting in a tree with a blowgun and hit you with something poisonous just to get what they think you have. I could go on and on about dirty fighting, as I think this is one of the most important of self defense that there is. Learning dirty fighting does not have to be that you will have to use it someday, but it sure helps to learn what the other person might use against you.

          I say if you can aim straight enough and pull a trigger without questioning yourself too much, there is half the battle. Most self defense is going to be at somewhat of a distance of each other after SHTF. Practice and practice with firearms is one of the best self defense measures you can do on top of the other self defense ideas. RICH if you are a good ghot, your chances after this happens will be enhanced a lot.

          I think an enhanced additional to this article could have been some diagrams and simple examples from each example of martial arts. Critical pressure points and where to aim for is also could to familiarize oneself with.

          • I have to take issue with this article and every article like it. Any prepper who has time to become genuinely proficient in ANY of these styles must be a self funded retiree.

            Here’s a challenge.
            Two guys.
            Each sets aside an hour a day for six months.
            The first guy spends his hour a day on any mix of this kung-fu junk.
            The other guy simply focuses on building muscle mass and aggressive cardio regimes.
            I guarantee that the second guy will pulverise the first guy any day of the week.
            Ask the simple question. Do soldiers, being professional killers, practice kung fu all day, or do they go to the range, run, and pump iron?
            On the other hand I’ve known plenty of guys that have spent the larger part of their lives in a dojo and all they’ve done is conditioned themselves to fight in a cosy room with soft floors against an opponent that isn’t allowed to seriously hurt them.
            They wouldn’t last two seconds against a brawler who grew up learning to fight on the streets.

            • Be Informed/Ausprepper: Both of you seem to have the wrong impression when it comes to martial arts. Currently they are parcticed with rules of behavior/engagement in the dojo or in a constest against and opponent (fair fight). But on the street there are no rules other than whatever it takes to win and walk/run away in better shape than your attacker. I said attacker, not opponent. U.S. military ground forces are learning many of the skills used judo, jui-jitsu, karate, and grappling should their weapons fail of they find themselves in close quarters combat. Martial arts can also teach situational awarness so that one is less likely to find oneself in a postion to have to use self defense in the first place. Martial arts is just another survival tool, like a knife or a gun. The added benefit is that it aslo keeps one in good shape. I belong to a gun club and see lots of people who would be defenseless without a gun because they are so old or in very poor shape. I’ll put my money on a 150lb Navy Seal or MMA fighter agaist any 300 muscle bound biker and give 5:1 odds that the biker ends up with one or more broke bones/dislocations, is rendered unconscious, or is dead within 30-60 seconds. Here in Florida the little guy could get away with killing the bigger biker with our “Stand Your Ground” law.

            • I’d just like to say, if you have ever been around a true “kara-teeka” – a true “meat-head” in top physical condition will not have a chance in a life & death situation. My instructor is in his 50’s, probably 5’7″ & a little overweight. If you saw him out in street clothes, you would not think he was a teacher of martial arts. I am 6’1″ 195lbs & I lift weights/cardio at 3:30am in the morning & then practice Wado-ryu in the evenings from the teacher previously mentioned. I am 32 & played some college football at a small school & I’ve been involved in karate for about 4 years total. I will tell you that if I wished to harm him, not saying I wouldnt be able to get my shots in, but he has so much experience & muscle memory that I would not beat him in a real fight. His non-chalant blocks of any strikes & his ability to land joint locks & subtle attacks, he would hurt me quickly.

              Those that practice & train for tournaments & for only the personal “show” of “I have a black belt” are who you are referring to above. For those true practitioners who train as every situation as “life & death” – I would not start any fight with those b/c it is serious to them as it is to me.

              So, for me, I train my body with weights & cardio, & then also with martial arts, but I would choose martial arts over simply weight training b/c I can put your ass through a workout from hell only using martial arts, no weights required.

              Not trying to be confrontational, but as the old addage says, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Look at Bruce Lee – the tiniest of the tiny. You ask any person who ever trained w/him, including Chuck Norris, & every one of them will say they could not take him in a fight…

            • Sorry Ausprepper, but as an Ex spec ops Army Airborne Ranger. We did train in hand to hand combat. And I never pumped iron, no one on my fire team ever pumped iron. Almost ALL armies have some form of Martial art training.
              As for a street fighter who pumps, put them against Sifu Dan Anderson or his Sifu Dan Inosanto ( one of three who were certified by Sifu Bruce Lee in Jeet Kune Do )they would be put down rather fast.

            • Perhaps I failed to explain myself properly. I should have focussed more on the first sentence.
              Everyone has their own timeline of when they think S is TRULY going to HTF.
              In my opinion, if you’re not proficient in hand to hand combat then now is NOT the time to introduce yourself to it. It would be like learning to ride for the first time and praying daily that they put off the tour de france just a little bit longer.
              The exception, as noted in my original post, would be if you had a whole heap of time on your hands (self funded retiree for example).
              Cardio. Muscle mass. Beans. Bullets. Bandaids.
              After that you have the skills to go with those things. Pistol, rifle/shotgun classes and training. Rural farming/wilderness survival skills. First responder medical training.
              I persoanlly put ALL that stuff above hand to hand combat training, and I don’t have enough time for half of these as it is. Likewise, I expect the same applies for most folks with a job and a family.
              I say again. If you’re turning up to the dojo for the first time at this late stage of the opening act then you have your priorities wrong.
              I’m not saying it’s a WASTE of time. I’m saying it’s time (and money) POORLY spent.

          • Jeet Kune Do ( way of the intercepting fist )
            IS the way I would say to go 🙂
            Trained in the late 80’s into early 1990 under Sifu Ted Wong ( RiP Sifu ) Before I went into the military

          • I know karate and 18 other Chinese words….

            • Karate is a Japanese word…

          • @ Be Informed… one of my favorite sayings is: “if you find yourself is a fair fight – your tactics suck.”

            When I was in boot camp 33+ years ago, I had a drill sergeant who was with special forces in Nam – we constantly tried to get him to teach us ‘hand to hand’ combat training (I was in air defense – not a ground pounder – which I sometimes regret) and I’ll never forget what he told us – “… if you ever find yourself in ‘hand to hand’ – your position has already been overrun and you’re already dead – that’s why the US Army gives you perfectly good weapons to use – to keep your position from being over-run.”

            After SHTF, being polite or assuming a defensive posture only won’t necessarily win the day – If you don’t wish to shoot first and ask questions later when someone approaches you for whatever – then – while you go out as the ‘designated decoy’ to inquire as to why that person (or persons) is at your perimeter, make sure one of your own is in a position to “make that long distance connection” should their body language broadcast ‘intent to do harm’.

            • @ Jerry C. Very well said.

            • One of the few sensible comments I’ve read about self defense. It’s all about intent. If you’ve got the intent, you win. I’m talking about firearms, not playground BS. If he means to kill you and he hasn’t done it yet, shoot him, leave him for the ‘gators, or the police chalk line.

          • Grasshopper, when you can snatch the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.

        • ***

          Our greatest weapon is our mind.

          OPSEC is not letting them get that close.

          Rain lead, bitchez…

          • even more important than not letting them get that close is to take the fight to to them. I wonder, how many of us here know — in geographical detail — where the scumbags live right NOW, before SHTF? We’re often talking about retreats or bug out bags or “hardening” your house. Maybe, besides having OPSEC, we need to gather INTEL. Who are the felons and gangbangers in our area? Where are there big concentrations of dopers? Literally, where do these SOBs hang out? Time comes, take ’em out…… do it to them before they do it to us

            Don’t get me wrong,I haven’t very much on this point yet… I’m just throwing it out there to considert

          • My Marine Corp Training was 43 Years ago, I will stick with my two Favorites..Click-Boom..and Kapow-kerchchunk !

            Besides if there in your Face you already Screwed Up!

            Semper Fi

        • you still have one good leg, two arms and a brain, don’t you? Use what works and set aside the rest…

        • As one great man once said; “Martial Arts are great but a sucking chest wound takes the fight out of anyone”.

        • Sorry, but all of these Eastern martial arts are a waste of time in REAL life or death scenarios. They emphasize fine motor control, which is completely and utterly gone in a real fight. They also are about sparring and rules,NOT about KILLING your opponent as quickly and efficiently as possible in a REAL life-or-death fight. AS someone who spent 14 years as a SEAL and FMF corpsman, the only organized civilian martial art I could unreservedly recommend is Krav Maga, and even then you really have to shop around for the right one. There’s also a former military guy at that puts out some pretty good “real-world” stuff.

          • The more simple the methodogy the better, because you can bet your ass that when you’re facing someone who wants to kill you, you WILL be scared, your mind WILL be reeling, and you are going to want to have memorized a handful of simple approaches that YOU will be able to put into play IMMEDIATELY, taking the initiative to your enemy before he has a chance to gain it, because if he does, your fight might be over before it’s begun. It needs to be simple and reflexive; FORGET about swinging your legs and arms around in some complex, impressive-looking Bruce Lee shit. It’s not going to happen in a real fight, period!

            • Real simple, bang, bang, with a .45.

          • A weapon is only ever as smart as the individual holding it. All martial arts serve to make you more aware of the non-verbal cues of others. This in itself could be lifesaving once shtf.

            I don’t feel our time spent on a martial art is time wasted for either of us from a prepping perspective. Different martial arts do help address specific individual areas of physical weakness.

            I don’t think there is one “right” martial art, as individuals vary so much. I did Egbe Ogun as a child, my son does Hapkido. Different individuals with different needs.Just take the time to choose the one that will best address your own specific issues and run with it.

            My gut feeling is that the worst betrayals may come from those close to us once shtf. Such as spouses, siblings, life long friends. This is simply because there is no way of telling for sure before the event who will crack mentally and we often don’t want to think the worst of those we love most.

            • @ lonelonMum

              I agree – welcome to Matthew 10:21: “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death. “

              I have a couple of other thoughts here: one – years ago, I took Kung Fu for a very brief time knowing I would never even consider using it in a real life situation, but I found that it was an excellent stress reliever… Gen. George Patton once said that “fatigue makes cowards of us all… “ that fatigue can be mental as well as physical – and the ‘arts’ help a great deal in rejuvenating a fatigued attitude – that includes depression – and believe me, all this TEOTWAWKI stuff can really bring on a bad case of depression if you let it overwhelm you.

              Back in October of 08, we put a good friend to rest – cancer got him – he grew up a street fighter – he actually loved ‘brawling’ – hell, he and his brothers would fight each other if they couldn’t get a good brawl going at any of the biker bars they hung out at. I’ll never forget what he once told me “… never bring a ‘fist’ to a knife fight (or a gun fight) – it sucks to find out the hard way if the guy is any good with either one – and they normally were”.

              He also told me that all it takes is one good shot to the throat or ‘the jewels’ and the fight is over… “I never saw a man who could fight if he couldn’t breathe…” If you’ll note – in the movie TAKEN, that was the primary area of choice – the throat. Anyway.. he was truly a good friend – he’d give you the shirt off his back in a snow storm – or take yours – (if you didn’t play nice….) His name was Mel….

        • I’m too old to do any martial arts or other hand-to-hand stuff. If I get in a predicament that is so bad that I have to use martial arts to defend myself, I’m just going to shoot the bastard and be done with it. If I don’t have a gun, I’ll use a knife on ’em…..or a machete if one is handy. If I don’t have either of those, I’m going to use a stick, rock, shovel, or whatever I happen to find handy.

        • I cant resist… As always your articles are great for digestion. But, for real life chin-chin pow-pow where you will have objects and weapons and chaos there are better disciplines. I was a blue belt in kickboxing, white belt in jiu jitsu and level 2 army combatives but none of those compared to Krav Maga. it is designed for real life scenarios where most martial arts are a controlled environment, to an extent. The controls could be no weapons, one on one fights etc. just my opinion. If you are a prepper getting ready for SHTF then consider Krav.
          Bring on the thumbs down.

      2. I studied martial arts for several years. Loved it, can’t recommend highly enough. And not just for the physical aspects but for the mental & spiritual benefits as well. That said I am quite a bit older now, well a lot older frankly so I have to rely on my brain & wits quite a bit more than my physical prowess. P J O’Rouke said, ‘Old age & guile trumps youth & enthusiasm every time’. Some truth there.

        • My Dad loved a crude joke to that affect —An old bull and a young bull were standing on a knoll surveying the herd of cows.

          The young bull said “Hey Gramps, why don’t we run down there and mount us a cow?”

          The old bull replied: “Why don’t we just walk down and mount them all?”

        • I’m with you Slap Happy. During the 70’s I did the martial arts thing for years. Taekwondo along with a pair of Nunchakus, and thought I was a “bad-ass” in waiting, until a quicker sparring partner got a heel to the solar plexis. Knocked the wind out of my sails somewhat; literally. I studied under a 9th degree master and a first degree student instructor(whom became a friend,6th degree, and gun shop owner). Good to have as a friend on both counts.

          The age thing has limited my moves but on a good day I can get a paralyizing kick to the head at about six feet.
          I rely more on the quick hands technique of Steven Segal.
          A quick elbow to the solar plexus and a snapping backhand to the nose while driving the bone of it, into the brain, will defuse a blithering idiot anyday. Yea a gun is quicker but, a gun makes noise and leaves such a bloody mess. If the hands fail, then the trigger finger on the ole S & W 45 will put the matter to rest.

          Aside from the attitude, martial arts can be a good mental and physical distraction from all the BS the kids have to deal with. With good leadership, kids can learn valuable information thru martial arts. If self control is mastered then everything else will fall into place.

          • age is but a number…….my sensei said, “If you’re agile, you’ll always be agile.” I’m 54 and I can kick head high no problem.

        • Hey slap happy,

          I’m old enough to remember really great Western films. I loved ’em, but I always knew those bar rooms brawls were complete bullshit. No real cowboy could afford to break his fingers or fracture his wrist, because he worked for a living using his hands

          Likewise, in a true SHTF situation, none of us can afford to get our shins cracked or our shoulders dis-located, even if we have a copy of “Where There is no Doctor” handy. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO GET INJURED.

          Let other fight using flesh and bone, I plan on using lead brass and steel

      3. I trained with a professional boxing trainer for 3 years. The punching skills I learned are branded into my brain. I absolutely believe in muscle memory. Because after two years on not training with him I still have the skills I learned.

        Good idea to learn some self defense skills. Can’t always rely on your 1911 45 ACP…

        • While Martial arts offers some other dynamics, booxing in and of it self is a martial art nad its a good one. IF you can use your fists and have good skills your a leg up on a brawler or less trained fighter. Good deal.

        • I always rely on my .45. You hand jockeys haven’t got a clue.

          • Note this phrase. Butter butter JAM and you’re a dead man.

      4. I too was a teenager in the 80s and having studied several styles thought I was a ninja. I used to sneak out at night and break into (and onto) empty commercial buildings in what I can only compare to what is now called parkour.

        I must admit the lock picking, climbing, and escape and evasion skills I learned have come in useful. There was one incident where the local police brought me home after catching me on a rope half the outside of the school. They said charges would only be filed if damages were found so I slipped out that same name, walked across town, climbed back up with a pair of pliers, and repaired the drip edge.

        My personal favorite, however, is Jeet Kune Do. Bruce Lee cut the crap and went straight for what works and I found it’s teaching to be freeing. I believe fighting experience is more important than style so whatever facilitates that is a good thing. I’ve broken a lot of bones, but none of them were my own.

      5. I would still prefer a 30.06 at 100 yards….


      6. Tae Bo doesn’t count? Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have wasted the money on the dvd’s. Guess I’ll have to get Karate Kid vhs out of storage.

      7. “the road” was a good example of not relying on a firearm
        “the ultimate warrior” is another one thats good too…

        • Try “Enter the Dragon”, or Brandon Lee in “Legacy of Rage” for some inspiration to go the distance…

          • Who would “thumbs down” BRUCE LEE in a martial arts discussion?

      8. We were trained as young boys to fist fight. If TSHTF any fight you may have will likely be for your life. Plan on old no holds barred street fighting going after eyes, throat, groin, grabbing hair, biting off whatever you can be it finger, nose or ear is what you have to do to stay alive. No weapon? Keys in your hand, sharp ball point pen, the rock on the ground, anything that is sharp or has weight or reach can work. Can’t carry a weapon due to law? Pepper gas illegal in your area? RAID Hornet and Wasp spray in the face will modify someones violent attitude. A 10″ adjustable wrench is a tool not a weapon.

        Martial Arts takes time. That is time that can be better spent on other endeavours. Staying in shape is always a good idea.

        The best defense if possible is to avoid the battle. Run if you can, fight if you must.

        • The problem is the youth today do not know how to fist fight. They go straight to the gun. So serious taining at being able to get your weapon out first.
          Every morning when I place my weapon on my side. I (Safely) do draw and shoot simulations. Every morning with out fail. Iam then sure of holster location and everything is right.
          That is the primary skill set I believe you will need. Yes get the body fit and the art is one of the best. But don’t believe for one second that you will defend your family without a gun.

        • Was it Mike Tyson that said “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”?

        • Whoa, I never even thought about the bug spray… thank you, I am absolutely gonna get me some.

          Like you, I have no intention of EVER fighting fair

      9. This is something I preach and practice. I have been a martial arts gypsy for over 35years. The thing about a shtf situation is that you never know when or where you will be. You may not have your gun, what if you are someplace you cant take it? You may be seperated from all of your preps and /or your support network. In those situations, the only tools you have are the ones in your head. This training is somethinag that cant be removed from your person, applies to everyday life and goes everywhere you go. Its invisable, no one knows you have it until you choose to show it. I have studied several differnt styles, including some ofthe ones listed above. I have to say that I myself am a traditionailst. That means I like traditional old school martial arts. If I had to send you forth to train in something and time and money were of the esence(which I belive they are) I would say seek out a good well qualified Krav Mega instructor. ITs less traditional but its hard, its fast and its street applicable. It works and it works very well. My favorite style was Wado Ryu, I have studied wado, shotokan, 3 styles of taekwondo, Yoshukai, Chinese Kenpo, Krav Mega and a lil Jui Juitsu and Judo. didnt Like the taekwondo nad did it the least. THe KRav Mega was a crash coarse that was part of a summer camp at aour wado school. The Judo and Jui Juitsu were mixed in with wado(wado is a mix of shindo yoshin ryu juijuitsu and Shotokan) THe chinese kenpo was a technical and difficult style but it very street applicable and very devistating in nature, if you can find it it is a very good style. In the end, any style is better than NO style. Even boxing or classical wrestling is better than no training at all.

      10. Never had time to study a martial art, but I’ve made sure my son will be able to defend himself. Enrolled him in Kung Fu at the age of 5 and he loves it. Hope he never has to use it in anger. But… The training will be there if he ever needs it.

        Now if Mac will allow a link, enjoy this:


      11. I grew up in west texas closest thing we had to martial arts where “whup ass” and of course “tiretool!”

        • West Texas, huh?

          Well then – you forgot “church key”.

      12. Lisa: What are you gonna do?
        Creasy: What I do best. I’m gonna kill ’em. Anyone that was involved. Anybody who profited from it. Anybody who opens their eyes at me.
        Lisa: [Whispering] You kill ’em all.

        • That only works out in Mexico City or Detroit.

          • The area is growing.

          • Detroit=Gotham city

      13. had a fed ex package stolen off my front porch Yesterday, first pressure cooker I ever was going to have and could not wait to try it out, a gift from mom. how about some sorry son of a bitch doing that,low life’s around, keep your eyes open, going to get a camera of some sort and mail myself a package once a month and also make one up that looks like a good steal and put it out when i leave in the morning, bet they wish I would call the cops when I catch em.

        • Is it worth it over stuff. Get an off site mail box. You get them, the police come and take everything from you.

          • Evidently you have never been robbed before. Local thieves can remain a threat if not taken care of.
            A piece of shit thief in our community broke into homes for over a decade. He got a slap on the wrist from the court system and LE everytime. He was at my home one time while I was away at work and cut the lock from my dirt bike in an open shed. We knew he was in the area because of a recent spree of home break-ins while people were at work. He was planning on coming back the next day to steal it. I stayed home the next day and about the time I thought he would be hiding in the woods to make his move; I emptied about fifty rounds into those woods after yelling out “I will kill You,You lowlife thieveing SOB! Well, it worked, because his relatives said he left the county the next day.
            He continued his thieveing again soon thereafter and finally served a year in prison. I had his number and he never stole from me but continued as a gang leader of thieves and moved to bigger thefts. Stealing tractors and equipment from construction sites. Finally, after a life of thieving, he robbed an old man at a country store in the neighboring state and then beat him to death. This 80 year old man did not deserve to die a suffering death at the hands of a worthless piece of shit evil scum sucker. It took three years until one of his accomplices got caught with drugs and ratted him out. Now, we the taxpayers are keeping this worthless piece of shit up in prison. A bullet to the back of the head when he stole from his second victim, and none of the hundreds of others would have had to suffer, especially the eighty year old man and his family.

            If he ever gets out of prison and comes to my property again, I’ll send him to his maker and do the world a favor. I hate a fucking thief.

            • “I hate a fucking thief.” Amen

            • @ Don’t tread

              If that ever happens, contact me ASAP…we’ll come up with an air-tight alibi. Say you were visiting @ the time of the hit.
              I got your back on this one, dude.

            • Be Informed. Yes i have been robbed brfore. Question to you is have you killed before. Is that feeling worth stuff. And i hate them too.

            • Meant Don’t Tread. Sorry

            • @ Facebook Page. Thank God I have not had to kill anyone before, but I know several people that have had to. It leaves a lasting impression on a person, a type of ugliness. Killing someone is not like the movies, it is something you do when your own life or someone that means something to you when their life is endangered. The simple mental conditioning is that your own life or someone’s else life has to mean more to you than the attacker. Yes, I could defend myself against anyone that was going to attack me or someone else with whatever necessary means to stop the attacker.

              There are people that are hesitate to even harm an attacking animal, and end up mauled. Some people call it a selfishness to want to defend yourself, those are the anti-gun and anti-self defense nut jobs. To me, it is stopping the attacker and remaining unhurt and also uncontaminated. Many attackers have all sorts of diseases, including AIDS, and to not stop an attacker at a distance a person risks becoming infective. This especially true with aniamls with rabies. This mere thought with me of some druggy AIDS infected scum biting me or something, I would have no problem using any means to stop them. Feel bad if you have to later, safe yourself and those around you firswt and foremost.

            • I agree if I am or someone else is. Shoot bash there head in or what ever. I will have no problems with that. That goes to the numbing argument. But to kill for a Fed ex box with a pressure cooker in it or something like that. NO. There may come a time when I will kill a thief for taking STUFF. I am not there yet.

            • Facebook Page, how about YES, thieves should be confronted over a fed ex package. If these POS ever actually got what was coming to them when it starts out “small”, they wouldn’t move on to bigger and bigger crimes. These assholes get nothing but a love tap, then they laugh at fools like you, and the rest of the gullible. So they keep upping the ante, until they finally do something that’s “big” enough to matter to you. Unfortunately, by that point, they have also moved up to beating, maiming, torturing and intimidating others who are smaller, weaker older or slower than they are.

              Then, these same scumbags get stuck in prison. Maybe they lift weights all day and get three slops and a flop; or maybe they “find Jesus’, mostly because no one else will fucking talk to them. Then some asshole judge — who no doubt lives in gated community protected by armed guards, whose heart never bleeds for victims but only for predators — lets this same POS out early because of “good behavior”

              So the asshole goes right back to robbing and beating and whatever else he does. Then he finally meets with actual JUSTICE. He picks on someone he thinks will be an easy mark. Maybe its that short, slight Korean shop owner, or that 30 something soft looking white girl. Or he breaks into that old lady’s house, the one who marched in the civil rights marches with Dr. King. He doesn’t realize that little Korean is armed with an AR because he was an officer in the ROK army. He doesn’t know that 30 something woman now has concealed carry because one of her friends was brutally raped. He can’t comprehend that the old black woman is sick and tired of being afraid in her own damned house, and she doesn’t give a frog’s fat ass what her city’s stupid ass gun laws are, she is NOT going to become a statistic.

              BANG BANG BANG

              Off to hell, fucking parasite.

              That the ending you like, FaceBook? Or maybe, when this asshole was 13 and was caught “just stealing a fed ex package” he got his ass whipped, maybe he’d understand that there CONSEQUENCES FOR HIS ACTIONS

              Your call. I know what my vote is

            • @ Fb-P

              I have never killed a human, and hope I don’t have to. In my comment of a “sending them to their maker”; I will have no problem sending a murderer on their way. Why? Because, that is what God says to do. If a person commits murder they are supposed to be sent to him to face their victim with judgement coming from the One who makes that judgment. How they get there is of no real matter. Hanging,stoned to death,beat to death or a bullet to the head, etc.

              No; I wasn’t referring to killing a common thief. However; if not contained or followed up on, a common/first time thief may fall into the evil trap the person that I was referencing, did. He is/was a worthless piece of crap in my book. Does he have a change of heart? Only he and God knows.
              All I know is that he had better not show up with ill intent in my neck of the woods.
              I handle each situation as I see fit. I’ll give anyone the benefit of the doubt at first. Don’t push me to have to make that decision a second time, or I may look at it as; it’s either your life or mine. Just sayin’.

        • He says as he pounds his chest.

        • Get a motion activated game cam.
          I have several posted at my AO

      14. First and in my military mind,foremost is the WILL to fight. I mean the bring everything you have to the playground type of determination to leave the threat unable to continue the fight with you now or later. Martial arts like Judo and some of the other forms are taught with SPORT in mind. Lose it now. They are not an opponent, they are a life and death threat that must not get past you. Expect to be hurt in hand to hand. Avoid all close encounters until you have no choice and then use anything that can cause harm at a distance- tree limb, length of rope with knots, a rolled up magazine. The idea is to defeat the threat. Your olfe and the lives of your family will depend on your willingness to be more brutal than the idiot that thinks you are weak becasue you don’t want to fight. Don’t want to is not the same as won”t.

        • Absolutely right Jeff.

      15. They left my favorite off the list: Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and extremely efficient, brutal counter-attacks.

        Just a few short years ago I was into serious mountain biking. My favorite was hot days and steep uphill climbs. The hot days kept me acclimated to the heat where I could enjoy it instead of being made miserable by it. Others might end up melting around me, but I could keep on going like the ever-ready battery.

        Then out of the blue a medical condition that affected my head hit me.
        Fortunately it doesn’t affect my mental health. I still know right from wrong, and I don’t have any bi-polor or schizophrenic stuff going on. I do have days where my cognitive function is affected. My wife and I have worked out a scale (1-10) that lets me indicate to her where I’m at during any given moment so she can be more understanding if my tolerance threshold is low.

        They originally thought it was a brain tumor. Fortunately, I’m still here for at least a little while. I’d trade a bad head for a wheel chair any day of the week, especially if cognitive function remains low. We all have our personal burdens to carry though. So, being content with my lot in life and maintaining a good attitude is of high importance to me. By being content doesn’t mean that I don’t try to make things better where I can. It simply means that I try not to be miserable because of things I can’t control.

        I loved exercising and staying fit. Now exercise makes my days (head) worse instead of helping me. Oh well.

        Fortunately with Krav Maga “extremely efficient, brutal counter-attacks” can be accomplished fast and hopefully will eliminate the treat quickly. Any sustained physical effort now takes me out of the game quickly, so I need extremely efficient.

        We have three major components concerning health. 1). Spiritual health 2). Mental health, and 3). Physical health. I value all three, but I value them in the order listed.
        If I had to loose one, I prefer it to be my physical health.

        We don’t always have control over what will hit us. I diligently exercised, and I did and still eat healthy. Yet, my peak physical health was taken from me. If you are able to maintain and/or improve your physical health, do so. But if it is out of your control, do what you can and try to maintain a good attitude grounded in reality.

        My dad served in Italy with the 10th Mountain Division as a sky trooper. He is closing in on 90 and still goes cross country skying every year. I thought I was set to follow in his footsteps. But, sometimes things don’t work out as we would like.

        Before posting I did a search for Krav Maga. I see Archer25 mentioned it. Also No Nonsense Self-Defense has a lot of useful information.

        Here is a great inspirational video for those with physical handicaps. They all can’t be overcome, but this is pretty amazing:


        • Here is the link to the movie: since it looks like the embed wasn’t allowed.

          and, “If I had to lose one,” not: “If I had to loose[sic] one,”

        • Glad you mentioned it, I was going to point out the lack of Krav Maga on the list

          • the thing i like about krav maga is that it has 1 defensive move followed by ALL offensive moves.. the whole premis behind it is to beable to go home

      16. The Survival Test

        The one factor that no one can anticipate is how their family will react to conditions after the crash. No matter how well you have prepared yourself physically, you don’t know how you or you family will react mentally to survival conditions. The only way to simulate conditions after the crash is the Survival Test. The Test is preferably done at the retreat though it is possible in your home. To implement the test, you must do the following:

        1. Cut off all utilities without warning. If you have a generator or other power source, switch over to it.
        2. Cut off all contact with the outside world. Stop all newspapers and all deliveries. Do not leave your home or retreat for any reason.

        3. Replace regular radio and TV broadcasts with you own prerecorded messages telling of the dreadful events expected in the style of a news broadcast. It will be very effective to have someone else record these for you, as a strange voice will add realism. Play these messages over your stereo or radio.

        4. Use only those things you have on hand at you home or retreat. You must not borrow anything from your neighbors. If you don’t have it, do without or improvise.

        5. Post guards and activate any plans you will use when the real thing happens.

        6. With your water off, you must wash and use toilet facilities with stored water only.

        7. Emergency lighting only. Remember that blackout conditions apply at night. Any visible light may attract looters and other rabble prowling the streets.

        8. If you have a fallout shelter, remain in it except for the shortest possible periods. This is the way it would be if fallout were present.

        9. Family members who become ill must be treated at home (unless it is a serious medical emergency). After the crash, not many doctors will be making house calls.

        10. If you have livestock or pets, they must be confined in the sheltered area. In a nuclear exchange, they would all die if left exposed.

        11. The phone should be disconnected or left off the receiver. One accidental contact with the outside world will blow the whole test.

        12. List everything that you use. Your actual consumption levels may greatly exceed your estimated.

        13. Keep all weapons loaded and ready. All other equipment must also be ready for use.

        14. After the test has been going on for a while, some family members will complain that the test has gone far enough. Make a note of who complained, when and why. Do this in secret so they will not change their behavior. You must know in advance who can take the stress and who can’t. This technique can avoid real problems when the crunch comes.

        15. Don’t give in to any complaint if you would not be able to after the crash. If little Joey screams that is out of toilet paper and wants to walk down the street to buy more, refuse him and give him a corn cob. If you give in once, discipline will collapse and you’ll be finished.

        16. Don’t allow drugs or drinking. No ifs, ands, or buts on this. If you find that Junior has a stash of Acapulco Gold and reality doesn’t seem so bad to him, yank the stash and destroy it. You can’t afford any airheads in you organization.

        17. Tell everyone that the test will last about one week. On the 6th or 7th day, a special message from you cassette recorder will suddenly announce that lethal levels of radiation are expected in your area and no one can emerge for another week. This may sound cruel but it could really happen.

        18. The test should end after 10-15 days and be followed by a group discussion as soon as possible thereafter. Immediately after the test, the facts will still be fresh in everyone’s mind. Any problems encountered should be discussed, analyzed and corrected at once. You must remember that the primary purpose of this test is to duplicate conditions after the crash. The harsher the test, the better your chances of survival during the real thing.

        Many people will consider this test foolish and unnecessary. If you think this, you must also believe that the basic training soldiers receive at boot camp serves no purpose. Nothing is more important than how you group reacts to stress. If just one group member goes crazy at the wrong time during a real crisis, everyone in the group might be doomed to a horrible death.
        Children will usually complain the most. They will regard the test as a great adventure for the first few days but after that their nerves will wear thin and they will become restless and bored. Needless to say, an unhappy child also puts a strain on the parents. Provide for your children’s amusement and remember that now matter how bad the test may be, a real disaster can only be worse.

        If you test is a failure and the group can’t take the strain for more that a few days, increase the time gradually until you can remain sheltered for the full 15 days. Summer is the best time for the test as children and adults alike are more likely to have free time. It is wise to inform the members of your group that such a test will be conducted several weeks in advance. One warning, however must suffice. The test itself must be sprung on the group suddenly and without warning. The best way to accomplish this is to have the test sprung on you as well. Ask a friend not involved in your group to call you any time between, say, July 10 and July 15. Tell him or her to call any hour of the day or night in the allotted period and say only two words to you-It’s Time. Once you have the message, you will contact all other members of your family or retreat group and tell them the news. In this way, the test will take everyone by surprise, including you. You can’t ask for more realism than that. Good luck and don’t expect miracles the first time out. They won’t happen unless you make them.

        As you can see, the idea is to TRAIN. Make it realistic. Make it hard. There are many gaps in this and you can change it to suit your situation and team. Good luck and good training. And yes I know it’s a long time to test, but just what if it’s real.

        • To do this is one of the hardest of all prepping. Testing your work.
          If you are unable to do this please at least do weekends or if all you can do is for evening make it a family night. It can be made fun. And play with your toys don’t just buy them and store them away.

          • @ FbPG

            Agreed per the weekend scenario. Few families can afford to drop out of society for 2 straight weeks of testing.
            Good post.

            @ Copperhead, a huge thumbs up for your sharing of savvy ideas, prepping info & recipes!

            @ Mac…is there anyway you could condense all of Copperhead’s info, into a separate or special file for easy access & downloading? I’m sure there are others here who would appreciate such a convenience.

        • Thank you for posting these very informative and helpful articles about getting prepared! Even if some may have seen it before, it is good to be reminded about important info. like this.

          A suggestion, if articles are taken from other sources, it might be wise to credit the source/author. The people that write these articles take alot of thought and time to write these articles.

          • A: I agree but these where sent to me like they are posted. Will tell the guy to include all info. I don’t know if he knows though. I do know he writes for other site’s.

        • Great ideas about the test, but you forgot one item.

          -Power is out, do not call boss to tell him you will be missing work for 2 weeks, it’s more realistic this way. When you do show up and find out you have been fired, explain to him you were conducting prepper/survival test, he will understand.

          In all seriousness I concur that testing your preps and how to “survive” is always a good thing. While many should do some form of what you mentioned not all can take the time or dedicate the resources. Quite simply people will be stuck with what they have when it all goes down. I also do not recommend in any way treating people at home (if sick) if there is legitimate medical care around the corner. If SHTF and you have to resort to that, so be it. But there is no need to let any illness go unchecked just for the sake of a scenario.

          Also: newspaper deliveries? Cassette recorder? I thought those went the way of the do-do bird back in the 1980s, apparently not! I got a chuckle out of that.

          I do concur with your sentiment, train train and train some more. The best training is mental preparation and recognizing the signs so that you will be ahead of the game when it all goes down. Make sure your family members are on board as well.

          Happy Prepping.


      17. “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently and die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”
        — Robert A. Heinlein

        • Thanks Copperhead, that’s a keeper.

        • Thanks Copperhead, reminds me of my favorite Heinlein quote:

          “At least once everyone should have to run for their lives – to teach them that milk doesn’t come from supermarkets, safety doesn’t come from policemen, and accidents aren’t things that happen to other people.”
          – Robert Heinlein, The Number of the Beast

      18. If nothing else, take the time to search out some weapon retention tactics. For those of you who said you were older, and lacked the physical ability. It takes less physical effort than you would think to keep your sidearm on your side.

        Lack of training in this specific area could result in you arming an otherwise unarmed predator.

        The objective is to maintain control of your sidearm while in a scuffle until you can get enough distance between and the would be perpetrator to be able to draw it and use it as the situation requires.

        Training is also a necessity for the long gun. While clearing a structure with a long gun I prefer to keep the barrel pointed slightly down. The reason being should some one grab the barrel as I come around a corner etc., I can drop to one knee and discharge a round into his midsection. Should the barrel be pointed up when it is grabbed by a would be perp it becomes a fight for the gun.

        I’m sure there are a million ways to do what I described above. Those are just my preferences.

        Find what works for you and practice it like your life depends on it.

      19. Ill take my guns.And remember,leave a round for yourself.Good Night.

      20. Sorry..Medical question….

        Is there any way to long term store Antibiotic liquid
        Amoxicillin and Clavulanate potassium oral suspension?

        150 mL

        5mL contains 250 MG of Amoxicillin, as the trihydrate is the Clavulanic acid 62.5 MG as clavulanate potassium

        Can it be frozen?
        or is there another way to preserve it for future needs, if so how and for how long?


        • After working in ‘big pharma’ for 20 years, and working in a section called ‘Stability Studies’, I assure you, ANY DRUG, will last longer and maintain stability at about the temperature of most refrigerators… around 40degF. DO NOT FREEZE the active and passive components will separate or crystallize out…

          That’s ALL you can do.
          A root cellar would be ideal at around 60(if you don’t have fridge), but just room temperature will degrade a drug significantly in just a couple short years.
          Most drugs, even after years in proper storage, will retain sufficient efficacy, that you can take a little more for the same effect.

          The best ‘drug’ to have on hand for a SHTF, believe it or not, is aspirin. and ionic Silver.

          • I see you said not to freeze meds. Does this mean capsules and pills also? I keep my long term antibiotics in the freezer. Is it best to keep them in the fridge?

            • yes, but powdered meds are probably ok.
              depends on moisture content…
              fridge is best…

          • @ P.M.

            What is ionic silver?

            • Silver with a sense of humor, smart guy!

            • Anton, this site really needs more humor like yours, don’t ever stop being a smart ass. It’s very American!

            • @ Rev. Ike

              Well pastor, you earned that green thumb from me…lol.

              I’m gonna hit the local health food store tomorrow & ask for a bottle of…ironic silver.

            • You’ll not find it in the store.
              You’ll find something with silver as a ‘preservative’.
              Something like Pinkeye drops.
              Best if you can find a Silver Cloride or nitrate.
              You would be amazed at the healing properties of ionic silver on wounds….

              Ionic silver is produced in distilled water by connecting a battery across two .999 silver electrodes. It is much better if you can mechanically stir the water while it is being electrolyzed, otherwise it looks brown from the contaminants in the metal.

              My leg went septic after a dog bite… antibiotics didn’t work… was going to lose the leg. That was going to be the docs next step, “Sorry… but we’ll have to take the leg to save your life.”
              Then something told me to try this… the sepsis was gone in 24 hours. If you do it right, you pour it in the wound and it will immediately form a white scum.

              Leaving the electrolysis running for 72+ hours is best.

              This silver stuff was used for many many years, before ‘modern’ medicine. It is natures antiseptic. If consumed, you must be very careful of dosages, or ageria will result. Too much, and you could literally turn blue.

              Silver is a ‘no no’ to modern medicine, unfortunately, due to lack of investigating and, lack of ‘profit’.

              Always, always, follow the money.
              God bless

        • @VRF,
          Long experiance with veterinary suspensions of amox or clavamox indicates that ANY suspension has a VERY limited lifespan. The answer to the problem is to store the powdered version in a cool, dry, dark environment; the lifespan of the active compaonents is increased by multiple orders of magnitude. The liquid suspension should not ever be used beyond the 10-14 day frame, degrades too quickly.

          • crap..I was afraid of that

        • Is there a way to create a suspension from a capsule? If so, that might be a better way to store the medicine. I have no knowledge in this area so just tossing a possibility out there.

          • @Daisy,
            Any hydrate can be mixed with water – preferably distilled to produce an adequate vehicle for ingestion. The point of suspension’s is to allow for administration to a subject who is less than tractable otherwise, ie a child or an animal. To my knowledge there are few – if ANY – pharmacueticals which would be meccessarily and preferentially administered as a suspension except as noted above. Ever had the standard Amoxicillin?..Taste good, doesn’t it? Sooo much easier to get down a reluctant younger throat than something which taste awful. Piper Michael is dead-on on the storage – per temperature, however don’t forget that long term exposure to light also serves to degade most complex organic compounds. In Summa: Pills are A-OK fine stored as they are (Per Piper)… I think VRF may have been asking the question above from the perspective of someone who HAS or has access to the premixed suspension. Unfortunately once the powder is reconstituted with water the clock starts ticking immediately. I hope that’s a satisfactory answer to the underlying question. (?)
            Footnote here: If one had the unreconstituted powder and wished to reify same it’s ALWAYS preferential to use distilled water for the mixture supposing that same is to be kept around for some non-immediate use, since calcites, by thier nature tend to disrupt the effectiveness of most drugs during storage…slow, ongoing chemical degradation occurs…that’s why most things your Doctor prescribes specify “not To Be Taken With Antacids…”.

            • Excellent information, J1G!

              Now, if you were making this for a child, let’s say (this is all theoretical since my kids are older – now, I’m just curious) could you add honey or something to make it more palatable? And if so, would you mix the honey/syrup/whatever just before dosing or would you be able to store the whole cycle of antibiotics that way?

              I think this kind of info is great because we never know who might join our group at some point.

            • Exactly right JOG…
              storing dry powders is ALWAYS better. Solution always degrade quicker. and yes that’s why I mentioned the root cellar… LIGHT is also a killer.
              (That’s why stuff is packaged in opaque or brown looking containers.)

              ‘Nuff said.

      21. Prepper Knowledge – Martial Arts

        1.) All it takes is “one blow” to “knock out” a opponent … make it the “right blow” the first time you strike … with the right tool and your hardly breaking a sweat when its over in .05 second ! * LEARN TO FIGHT INTELLIGENTLY … USE THE ENVIRONMENT AROUND YOU TO FIGHT AND WIN . I.E. WALLS DOORS TABLES CHAIRS HARD FLOORS … EVEN DIRT FROM A POTTED PLANT IS A WEAPON !!!















        JUST DO IT !!!


        • To baggy and it gives them a handle to hole on to. Be able to slip out of it. Then baggy is good. Think Clip on tie compared to knotted.

      22. I have had several friends take MA when I was younger and I never did, however being 6’2 270lbs and a hefty build they did like using me as a “mugger”. I was able to pin and own Taekwondo students (6 years in) easily but got completely owned by Ninjitsu students (3rd year). Ninjitsu is what I will put my son into at 10 years old (min age here). Efficient at using attackers momentum against themselves and very good at both defense and offense with weapons. The BO staff is devastating in the right hands.

      23. Sory for the off topic

        • Another way of self defense without using a gun, is throwing knives. With a lot of practice and pin point accuracy, a six inch steel blade can do a lot of damage with very little noise. Well, except for the screaming that may ensue from a less than deadly hit.

          • and youre also throwing away a tangible weapon. such a folly.

            I can guarantee a knife is more effective in the hands of a amateur than it is thrown by somebody that is good at knife throwing.

            Also, a knife to the kidneys is quiet too. i can guarantee much quieter than a knife thats thrown.

      24. I didn’t read the comments because of a lack of time, but I don’t think this was covered. I studied tae kwon do when younger and it was fun but found it to be limited when I sparred a chaun lu boxing instructor. I joined his class that night and after a year and a half went over to a sister schools kung fu instructors school where I stayed for about 6 years till I moved to far away. I played with kickboxing just to work out because I just couldn’t find anything close to the kung fu school(it was a good school). Then I found the Jeet Kune Do guys. At home at last! Jeet kune do is very misrepresented a LOT. Ted Wong was Bruce Lees last student and spent the most time in private instuction with him, more than anyone else. Jeet kune do is Not a bunch of different arts combined, it is its own thing. Ted taught Sifu Mike who taught my instructors Shawn and Andy. I was also very fortunate to get a little input from Ted himself before he died. A book that details the truth about Jeet Kune Do is The Straight Lead by Terry Tom. It is very well written and full of facts about Jeet Kune Do. I am a humble, not so young martial artist with an instructors rating in Jeet Kune Do. I don’t think Jeet Kune Do is the end all of martial arts but it is one of the good ones, if you can find a true Jeet Kune Do school. There are a lot of good arts that are usefull out there. And some that are not. My kung fu instructor said that our best defence is our heath. To get that we need to work out and martial arts is a superb way of doing that. Myself I love adding weight lifting, it makes that M1A feel not so heavy, LOL. I just had to vent when I saw that reference to Jeet Kune Do. Our bodies and our minds are the weapon. Guns are just tools. I’ve seen martial artist’s that don’t like guns! What the heck! To each there own I guess. Have a wonder evening.

      25. A wood chipper is good for interrogation . just sayin

        • sorry about that , random shit just pops into my head 🙁

          • TR doing that kind of damage will only work if you show your subject what will happen. Doing that kind of trama will not get you your information.

            It may be random shit but some day you may need to know what he knows. That kind of questioni won’t get your kidnapped family back or whatever. Save the chipper if you fail to get them back. Then use it on them all.

            Random thoughts.

            • Fantasy

        • Woodchipper is not very effective. Water boarding is not very effective. Acid drips are not very effective.
          Electricity is somewhat effective not always.
          Mental torture is the best interrogation. It may take longer to get answers that you seek, but they are more likely to be real answers and not just answers to make the pain stop. 35m was my third MOS. My part was known as Hostile Interrogation Specialist. ( this is the step you do not want to reach if your being interrogated )

      26. The author of this article is a typical G.I. jackass McDojo-dweller who has never been in a real fight in his life and doesnt know what the hell hes talking about.

        I have a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and it is absolutely useless in a real fight because youll never get the chance to kick.

        I have a brown belt in Shotokan and its absolutely useless in a real fight because you cant move with a deep low stance and youll get your ass kicked.

        Boxing is worthless in a real fight because youll break your hands if you punch someone in the face, especially if you punch palm down with the contact area being the first two knuckles like the idiot Asian instructors tell you to.

        Hapkido and Aikido are useless to the point of being the butt of jokes. If you think you can break someones fingers, wrists, arm, etc before they get the takedown on you and choke your ass to death youre an absolute moron. Watch the first few UFC tournaments and get an idea of how useless Asian martial arts really are in real life.

        I have a real black belt in Ninjutsu. Ninjutsu is not a martial art. Its the art of stealth, survival, and guerilla warfare, and thus infinately useful for preppers. Also, some of the martial techniques taught in Ninjutsu are leathal and therefore useful in a real fight. However, you can see youtube fights proving that a big roided BJJ practicioner will beat the black pajamas off a ninja any day.

        In synopsis, Asian martial arts are worthless and 95% of martial arts teachers are charlatans who have never been in a real fight in their lives. Do you see cops and military people studying Asian martial arts? You know why? Because they dont work in real life. 95% of fights go to ground whether you want them too or not.

        Preppers should study Krav Maga, Pankration, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, bare-knuckle boxing from a bygone era, and Wrestling. Study shit that actually works. Learn to kill or disable your opponent in one vital point strike. Most especially learn chokes and arm breaks and how to escape the bottom position on the ground.

        In addition, preppers should all be studying the ways of the Ninja, and dont dare mock this, either.

        • The belt color must change occasionally or the parents stop bringing them (and the debit card). I always liked the parents who signed up the kid, and then pushed them out of the car as they drove by. The kid came in for the first class of the month waving a check.

          • @ whoflungpoo…

            Your moniker is…exotic….I Like It!

        • Lots of badasses onkine.

        • ALL martial arts teach you to trust your gut instinct imho. Something our modern lifestyles are designed to have been bred out of us by tptb. If the course you are following is not helping you hone this unquantifiable but criticial skill you need to look elsewhere for instruction.

          Ya know when you are in a bar and you get the feeling you need to leave even though when you look around nothing untoward seems to he happening? A few days later you hear a big fight broke out 15 mins after you left?

          That’s the skill I believe the training I did as a child gave me, and the skill I gradually see my son picking up despite his ASD as he progresses in a totally different martial art to the one I learnt (mine was W. African, his is Aisian).

          Learning to activate the hairs on the back of your neck to recognise potentially dangerous situations before they become a serious risk, is one of those weird skills that’s hard to quantify exactly but that we all know darn well we are gonna need at some point with the way the world is going.

          • I’ve only felt the hairs on the back of my neck bristle twice. Both times involved being on the wrong end of a firearm. That little voice in the back of your head though… I like the lessons when you fail to heed it, and yet survive what could have been much worse. They always make you realize, oops; shouldn’t have ignored that. And, I still wonder about one particular time if it really would have turned out as bad as my intuition told me it would. Better to be alive and still wondering, than dead with no doubt.

            One thing I’ve not seen mentioned are the physiological effects on the body when it reacts to fight or flight. Your mouth dries up like you just bit into a green persimmon, but you still have to be ready to engage in the fight if the flight option is not possible. In a dojo you get comfortable because you are supposed to be there. Put yourself in a situation where you wish you were not, that has potential for extreme threat, especially physical contact and your body may involuntarily react in ways you wish it wouldn’t.

            I don’t know how you can simulate this without getting somebody hurt. When I was younger I participated in my share of fights. I never experienced negative involuntary bodily reactions, maybe because I was mostly a willing participant. But when you do experience involuntary negative reactions, they are really no fun and you should be prepared for them. Some fights occur fast and are over with before you know it. When you discern one may occur, it is nice to have some mints or chewing gum handy. Or, a drink to keep you moist. The last time, I was able to get myself a tall glass of ice water to ease the dry mouth effect and help keep me ready. Fortunately the situation resolved without anyone getting hurt in a manner acceptable to all.

            If you can avoid trouble in the first place, that is your best option. Listen to that quiet, subtle, inner voice. But remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. That’s why we prep. No one wants to fail if they can help it.

        • The chance of being attacked by an unarmed assailant is about zero. If I am intent on doing somebody harm, I will at least bring a rock or stick.

          The problem with every martial art is the amount of effort and time needed or attain a high enough skill level for it to actually be effective (and being willing to get into real fights, where someone rarely walks away unscathed). Even in my younger days I was never a badass, but can remember chasing black belts around the mat. The fustration on their face was always the best part. Women are especially easily decieved by being given a black belt, and do not seem to understand why they are being pushed around by some llowly green-belted schmuck. In my experience, 99% of black belts have been purchased.

        • Tip: If you train to take a weapon away from your opponent, don’t hand it back to him after disarming him so you can do it again. Set it down someplace neutral and let him pick it pack up. One LEO successfully disarmed a perp, and then promptly handed it back to him; because that is how they trained.

          The real situation will be high stress. Your training will kick in and moves will come automatically. Even handing a perp back his firearm or knife if that is how you trained. Train like it is real. Avoid negative habits.

          Good video, thanks.

        • Exactly!

          Its funny because ju jitsu was ridiculed and underplayed on this article, despite the most effective and practical martial arts in the world borrowing from it. The same goes for grappling and wrestling.

          Israeli Krav Maga is extremely effective and practical for combat-related close encounters. There is a reason why the most battle-hardened and militarily-experienced forces in the world employ it.

          There is also not a mention of the Soviet martial art Sambo, which borrows heavily from Judo (ipso facto, ju jitsu) and various folk wrestling. Spetsnaz trained in Sambo as well as professional fighters are notorious for their brutality and ease in which they can kill another human being with their bare hands. Sambo is no joke. In fact, Sambo defines the fine reputation of Spetsnaz commandoes.

          Ju jitsu is the basis of the world’s deadliest martial arts, with many, many derivatives that were born from it. Sambo and Krav Maga are a few examples.

          Other ones are the USMC Martial Arts Program and Army Combatives. Another example of a MMA being used by a battle-hardened and experienced military force.

          In conclusion, I would strongly recommend MMA/Ju jitsu above all the other mentioned martial arts on here. Go with what those employed in combat are trained in. You cannot go wrong.

        • oh i also forgot to add.

          When I was in the service, I was deployed to Israel and had the privilege of participating in Krav Maga with a certain, deliberately unnamed unit in the IDF.

          yes, that video should paint a good picture on the simple, but deadly, principles of that martial art. It would behoove you to not pick a fist fight with a Israeli or even a Jewish American living in a large metropolis in the United States: krav maga is now perceived (rightfully so) as part of cultural pride. and they will $*#& your #&!@ up. 😉

      27. GregorKlusar,

        “That is very ignorant of you I am sorry to say. I support neither Romney nor Obama, but I at least hear what they have to say. An intelligent and rational person will try to remove bias from the decision and will listen to both parties equally. Would you want jurors at your court hearings to act in a similar fashion? Absolutely not.”

        First, you don’t me at all, but you are right. How did you know that I am very ignorant? That is awesome!

        Please don’t be sorry as I am not intelligent and I am totally irrational. It just blows me away that you know me so very well.

        Please help my meager mind understand why you never asked the question why I said what I did. I understand it is you right to pass judgment without all of the facts!

        As for the court hearings, my attorney would not have selected jurors that would act in a similar fashion! I don’t need a lesson from you in jurisprudence – especially at my old age.

        So, to help you a little, please watch what is happening to us and watch the following link. By the by, what country were you borne in, if not the UK? Do you live here in the USA now?


        Y’all Beware! And Gregor, please accept my apologies for not responding sooner as I was trying to decide if:
        Your head is in the sand
        Your head is up someone’s ass
        You are a good person and don’t know what is happening here
        You don’t care and will shoot off anyway
        You prefer crumpets with your tea
        Or, I should just tell you to Bugger Off

      28. @ Be informed,
        I’ve hung about here for quite a bit and in doing so have noticed your affinity for all things seissmic. Happens I was over at USGS a bit ago “twiddling the knobs” on the web page when I inadvertantly dialed in for ‘7 Days, All’ and then accidentally twisted the magnitude down to 0.0-2.5 the distribution it kicked back is, to say the least, improbable. If you get a minute to take a look I’d like to get yout musing on that…Thanks

      29. Oops,
        Also, the requisite petition for off-topic forgiveness and apologies for typo’s ie ‘your’ instead of ‘yout’…LONG day, I’m afraid.

      30. Light weight t-ball-bat in each hand is pretty devastating, and even a small frame lady can swing them.
        Alum ones make a nice ping bouncing off someone’s head.

      31. Even little kids can take down a grown man with a t-ball bat. I know first hand from coaching them. One good whack to the shin and I hit the ground…lol Poor little kid thought she had killed me, yes it was a little girl…..left a big bruise and a large bump for a couple of weeks.

      32. can we all begin to be serious and talk about whats really going on and has been going on for decades. the black pope, the leader of the jesuits, essentially runs the world by using all of us. what they do that affects us so badly is that they infiltrate government and than use it to enable the mafia to commit crimes, anywhere, by any means neccesary. legal crime, illegal crime, anything to keep us all running like rats. they hate all us. they hate jews, they hate real catholics, they hate white people, they hate black people and they hate anyone who isnt either in the jesuit wing of the vatican or who isnt a MAJOR mafia boss. the jesuit wing of the vatican have been running the cia for years. thats how 9/11 happened. thats why anything that happens , every single day, happens. thats the truth.and if you look into it you too will see the truth. now , the only question left is why do they do it, other than psyhcho pathic control. i think its because of nibiru, but hey, i might be wrong about that part. the rest is now proven. just read about it and find out the truth and you too, will understand everything.

        • @eeder

          It is no secret that you and i don’t care for each other. But; aside from that, I have to say I do agree with this comment. A friend and I have researched and discussed this underlying, satanic element of the vatican for years. It became relevant, when studying in the book of Rev., who the antichrist will be aligning himself with to rule the world.

          I also think Nibiru is relevant to all this.

          • yes dnt tread. i am glad we can agree on this. absolutley. i encourage everyone else to get up to speed fast and see why everything is so messed up. it makes perfect sense. we all knew there is a “conspiracy” of some sort. what weve been missing is just who that involved. the rest is proven. it is sick, but it most certainly is true.

          • Who the hell is this Nibiru guy?

            • anton, youre a low end apologist or an idiot. its whats known as planet x. it isnt a planet. its a red dwarf star.

            • google or youtube NIBIRU
              google or youtube JESUIT ORDER
              ………………BLACK POPE
              ………………HANS KOLVENBACH
              ………………MAGNETIC GENERATORS

            • @ eeder

              Actually, am well aware of the Nibiru phenomenon & legend.
              Was merely tossing a hunk of raw meat into the debate to see who’d bite & in what manner they’d respond.

              Your asinine reply, speaks volumes to this collective audience per your ‘holier than thou’ snarky little mindset.

              Thanks much for filling in the blank, per your likely pimple faced teenage arrogant persona.

              Get a life & grow up, sonny!
              ‘cuz if you don’t, someday…somebody is gonna knock your head off your scrawny shoulders & skull f*ck it!

            • oh yeah, do tell anton. is that you thats gonna knock my head off and crap down my neck? how?

            • Rev Ike May I please reply.

            • @ eeder

              google HUBRIS
              google Arrogance
              …… sexually frustrated pimple-faced teenage males
              …… penis envy complex
              …… opti-rectal-itus syndrome*
              …… flanges-rectal-itus complex**

              *opti-rectal-itus is where the optic nerve connects to the anus, thereby giving those afflicted a “shitty outlook” on everything around them, especially the opinions others harbor.

              **flanges-rectal-itus is the condition where the finger nerve endings are intertwined with the anus sphincter nerve groupings, causing its victims to type nothing but pure unadulterated “shit”. You happen to fall into both categories, right now.

              …I gather you’re in Cannuckistan…if so, please see a specialist very soon, dude.
              You’re in dire need of some serious scientific diagnosis & medical case history review.

              I really hope they don’t consign you to…a straight jacket & permanent residency in the rubber room.

              But, then again…attitude is 90% of the game…& you’re campaigning for widespread public attention/adulation, bodes ill for your quest of public approval & self-salesmanship.

              Accept it…you possess a MEGA-EGO problem, writ large!

              …and remember, you started this mud-slinging game, I merely asked a question…to see if you were decent enough to respond to, in a civilized manner.

              Per your written post & response…you are an epic FAIL.

      33. Ok, well, I’ve read through the various forms of martial arts self-defense and decided that this old bird is definitely not up to that sort of physical response. I am going to have to rely upon my knowledge, wisdom and cunning to get me through this trial. I think that if you can think through a situation to its logical conclusion and anticipate at least several different outcomes, like chess, you can outmanouever your enemy without ever having struck a blow. That’s going to have to be my strategy as someone with the will and determination and physical stamina will have to apply. I think 90% of the time one can avoid situations that lead to violence by good planning and avoidance. I remember doing an urban survival course last year and the main advice was always to be aware of your environment. If you can pre-plan how you will go about your daily activities while under a martial law, increased violence scenario, then I think you stand a good chance of coming through unscathed.

      34. Don’t know much about the different forms of martial arts. Which one is best for defeating a drone at 20,000 feet?

        • That would probably have to be either a stinger missile, or if you must…..use the Force on it my young Jedi. 🙂

      35. Those who say this martial art or that one is useless are missing the point. Training in martial arts is more than punches kicks and throws. If you trained in MA and only left with a handful of techniques, you missed the boat. I don’t care if you have a 9th degree Black Belt, the advantage is not the physical strikes and submissions, it’s the mental toughness that you aquire. You are prepared for confrontation mentally. You have more awareness and can foresee events before they happen. You learn to deal with threats with the right amount of force. If you followed a good MA and applied yourself, you are going to be a calmer, more collected and reasonable person to deal with in a crisis.
        I wonder myself if I would even be a prepper today, if it were’nt for my own MA training and dedication that I have devoted myself to. I’d assume that most preppers are of this discipline and from a similiar mindset, and possibly most have some form of formal training already.

        • CS is right here. The mental discipline is more valuable than any physical skill learned. I suspect that the basic hand-to-hand training given military recruits is aimed more at mental prep than at any fantastical notion of making them empty-handed killers with a few hours of training.

      36. Never use your fists in a street fight..always use the oponents energy against them..

        If you break your hand on someones face you have just screwed yourself, you wont be able to operate a pistol or knife, or be able to remove a pistol or knife from your assailant..

        use your feet and their momentum against your oponent, dont break your hands, you need them big time.

        • I can vouch for the excruciating, devastating pain of breaking my hand punching someone in the face once in my misspent youth. It hurt me WAY more than it hurt him and it was absolutely paralyzing. Learned my lesson and will NEVER do that again!

          • lmao dais.

          • I love to watch women on TV knocking out men with one blow. Tyson had trouble with this.

            Ms Daisy is right about this. I have never actually broken a hand, but have hit things hard enough to have that arm rendered useless for days. The rule is hard against soft, and soft against hard.

      37. google COUNT HANS KOLVENBACH
        google BLACK POPE

        • eeder…Not arguing here…Everything you say about the black pope is true. However, Count Hans is the old black pope. A new one was installed several years ago. Adolfo Nicholas.

          • jrs. you also know that kolvenbach was only the second to resign from this post ever. it is a lifetime position. however we are in a time of uncovering the truth. Mr kolvenbach, much like vladimir putin in russia, is still in charge. just like putin still was when medvedev was pres for a while. kolvenbach is still alive and very much in charge. he is living in lebanon now though waiting for the chance to take jerusalem as planned. the jesuit masonic order fully intended on taking jerusalem one day. BOTTOM LINE.. KOLVENBACH IS STILL VERY MUCH IN CHARGE, but hey, what does it matter. its the jesuit order that is responsible for all the chaos our lives have been.

          • adolfo nicolas is a puppet but nonetheless, is the actual black pope today. i mean the leader of the jesuit order.ok, so we go to rome and get nicolas and than we go to lebanon and get the big prize. our freedom, our gold and hans kolvenbach on a platter.

      38. i think we will all see that Daton McGuinty , the premier of Ontario, Canada, and Vikram Pandit, the CEO of citibank , resigned quickly because they dont want to be around for the investigations that are going to take place into mafia criminal activity in ALL of our institutions.when that comes out we will all find out about the jesuit order and how they have been manipulating us all. may cooler heads prevail. im not counting on it though.

      39. It’s a shame logistics prevents us from all meeting and exchanging information, techniques, and specialties in person over the course of a weekend. There is so much critical, lifesaving information that could be passed on.

        This venue allows for a limited exchange but isn’t as conducive to learning as face-face training.

        I’m sure the government would love that!

      40. Without giving out to much personal info let me get to the point real quick. Many years ago I had a hand to hand combat trainer who told me some thing that has served me well over the years. Some of what I am going to tell you is graphic so if you are queasy about being vicious stop reading now.

        Inflicting the most damage upon another person in the shortest time is always a must. I am getting older now and only have about 45 seconds of adrenalin fueled fighting strenth left in me. So I have to do it and do it fast.

        Fight dirty and fight hard. No quarter allowed. Focus on your opponents eyes first. Do whatever you can to take an eye out. Next go for the ears or throat. Slapping with cupped hands on either side of the head on the ears can result in an excruitiang burst ear drum. Use your hand with your thumb and forefinger extended and jab as hard as you can at adams apple level in an attempt to collapse your opponents air passage. Don’t try to strangle your opponent as it is harder than you think. Takes to long anyway. Biting: one of the best tools you naturaly have to cause an abundance of pain. If you can get a finger in each nostril rip upwards. You can really damage some one with that one. The list can go on but you get the idea. There are no rules in for real fighting. Martial Arts are good for three things: Excercise, mental discipline and defensive reaction.

        • BB: So on target. You must fight to WIN PEROID, with what ever you have.

      41. At 78 I guess I will just play dead.

        • Don’t pick a fight with an old guy, he’ll kill you.
          Semper Fi

        • @Muleskinner

          There are several videos on youtube showing both men and women your age an older busting caps on multiple thugs and putting them on the run.

          You’ve earned the right to bypass the physical confrontation part, you can go straight to clearing leather and chunk’en lead.


      42. Lets all get along, no enemies here. you arent a bad jew, or catholic or christian or muslim. lets focus on the enemy within. The Jesuit order and their puppets, the maifa and the rothschilds.we can all be united as one battling the handful of evil doers out there. its our choice now. we can rid ourselves of these thugs or we can fight to death as they wish.

      43. “Karate is not about winning. It’s about not losing” ~ Master Shigetoshi Senaha

      44. maybe a lawsuit by the people of the world againnst the jesuit order is appropriate now. we are suing for our freedom and the gold.the lawyers can keep the fiat as payment. kolvenbach, you arent eating anymore of our gold sir. the games over.

      45. all trolls(apologists) for the mossad, we have a new job for you. exposing the JESUITS, EXPOSING COUNT HANS KOLVENBACH, EXPOSING ADOLFO NICOLAS.

      46. “I’m gonna take this foot and kick you on that side of your face. And you know what? There’s not a damned thing you’re gonna be able to do about it.”
        “When policemen break the law, then there is no law. Only a fight for survival.”

        Don’t know much about martial arts, but Billy Jack was a good movie. Well, except for all the bleeding heart, liberal, 70’s hippie crap. And the lousy acting. And the stereotypical redneck characters. And the corrupt, child beating deputy. And they ruined a perfectly good Corvette by driving it into the lake.
        Still, it had violence, nudity and motorcycles. And a decenct theme song. And come to think of it, even Billy Jack toted a rifle. (Was that a Winchester 30-30?) So, of course it’s a classic!

        • I loved watching Billy Jack

      47. A force to be reconed with, is a pissed off woman with a cast iron frying pan.

        Or one protecting her off spring, no amount of “special” training will ever prepare you for that encounter

        • Lmao!! But it’s true. I’ve been in 2 fights. The 1st one was me (me, a 5 feet 10 inch woman, 180lbs against a 6 foot, 300lb man) and I flipped that guy over my shoulder (I was drunk). The next fight I was in was against my best friend. She was using drugs, and was high. She started mouthing off at me in front of my 2 young daughters, and then she attacked me. All I could hear was my kids screaming, “Get off my mommy!” They were absolutely hysterical. I stood there and let her punch me over and over, just thinking I had to stop this because it was in front of my babies, until she took a split second to breathe, and then I threw her on the couch and held her arms and legs down telling her to calm down. Meanwhile, her mother walked in just then and she thought I was hurting my friend, so she jumped on my back. I shocked myself by literally reaching around and throwing this woman across the room and against a wall, at least 5 feet. They both ran out. Never, NEVER mess with my kids, or mess with me in front of my kids.

      48. Watch the video. It is very funny!

        “Mitt Romney speaks at the 67th Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner on Wednesday night in New York City. The following excerpts are of some of the jokes he told.”

        Romney: I was hoping that President Obama would bring Joe Biden along, because he’ll laugh at anything.

        Romney: We were chatting pleasantly this evening as if Tuesday didn’t happen.

        Romney: Usually when I get invited to gatherings like this, it’s just to be the designated driver.

        Romney: We’re down to the final months of the president’s term.

        Romney: I have my beautiful wife Ann, he has Bill Clinton.

        Romney, referring to St. Peter, says skeptics will say “if you’ve got a Church, you didn’t build that.”

        Romney says Obama’s new campaign slogan is “you’re better off than you were four weeks ago.”

        Romney: The president’s remarks tonight are brought to you by the letter O and the number 16 trillion.

        Romney says headlines will say “polls show Obama leading from behind.”


      49. Great Article at the Daily Sheeple

        What If Electricity Was Only for Rich People?
        By Kimberly Paxton

        “We are facing dramatic global increases in the prices of food, water and power. This will serve to widen the divide between the rich and the poor and effectively end the middle class…”

        “The increased prices of modern day necessities can be used as leverage for many types of governmental control…”


      50. Broke my hand twice punching in anger at other persons head. Since then, I aim lower, at the jaw. Much better results. I only have to hit once. Very short punch from up close. It helps that I wear XXL gloves and weigh 270. Maudy is my nom de plume. In survival, you would have to be in a very bad (interesting?) situation to use physical force. But it has it’s place.

      51. Two questions for anyone who knows.

        1. Name of Israeli Mosad style of fighting?

        2. Name of style Steven Seagal uses?


        • 1. Krava Maga

          2. Aikido

          • Wonder where one could get his family into that kind of training? Probably not available unless in a big city???

            Oh and thank you 🙂

            • Both are fairly popular BJ — Krava Maga schools have popped up lately in major cities and I have even seen them in the burbs – can’t, of course, attest to the quality of the training… You may have to drive a bit to get there, but even once a week is better than nothing.

              If I had to choose between the two, to get the most bang for your buck right up front and get the hardest core training with respect to practical self defense that you can use after the first class, I would go with Krav Maga.

              Personally, I train a style of Okinawan Karate – it’s great but there is definitely a ‘ramp up’ period before you are capable of utilizing the skills – perhaps 6 months or so… Aikido (I think) would be similar, whereas my understanding is that Krav Maga training throws you right into it.

              The style was developed circa WWII in Czechoslovakia as an empty hand method of self defense in extreme situations… Basically, the Jews of that era developed it to defend themselves as a last resort against Nazis… There are techniques within Krav Maga designed specifically to respond to things like guns in your face or to the back of the head (as in about to be executed, etc.). Some techniques also teach defense against multiple targets (such as armed escorts on your way to execution, etc.).

              I am seriously considering training Krav Maga myself, along with some stick/knife fighting… Karate is great for mind and body, and is solid for self defense, but KM has always been something I’ve wanted to try… Likewise, stick/knife skills can be applied in almost any self defense situation… because you never know when you’re going to run out of ammo!

      52. The moderator of this site really doesn’t like me proving them wrong. You refuse to publish one little thing. Give the people a chance to think for themselves why don’t you? They need facts from both sides of the argument and the fact is that the article you published on the 18th of September was wrong.

        • David, to you and the other numerous posters that have been commenting about “my forecast” of a “rapid dollar collapse” ( ), the reason I have dropped most of these comments into the trash is that there have been a lot of the SAME posts coming in under different names and similar IP addresses (tens of them, actually), almost as if this is an attempt to discredit me for something I did NOT FORECAST.

          Please look past the headline (which is in quotes) and read the article carefully and note that the timeline given in that post, as well as the claim of the rapid dollar collapse, was from CNBC contributor and analyst Daryl Gruppy ( and this was noted as the source of the information.

          At no time in that post did I personally make any such forecast, though I did have my own thoughts and commentary. I took care to note that this timeline may not be accurate (though the general trend of a weakening dollar and eventual collapse will happen):

          While timelines remain elusive because of never ending government intervention into financial markets and economies, the policies being instituted by central banks around the world can only lead to continued degradation of paper currencies and the rise in prices of all goods linked to those currencies.

          If you take issue with this particular forecast, please direct future correspondence regarding this specific topic to Mr. Gruppy and the producers of CNBC at the link above.

          • Well put. I’ve been watching and warning people for a long time about the decline. And it never amazes me how TPTB can stall the inevitable. It will come. It must come. Mathematically, it must.

      53. Mac,
        This is what I found on Krav Maga

        looks like Chicago is the closest one to me, which is too far 🙁 Also the one concern I have with Krav Maga and me being 41 and definitely not in shape as I was even up into my 30’s….but I have lower back issues….especially after etting shot in the hip on the BP oil spill 2.5 years ago. But if it were closer to me I would sure go in and talk ot them adn maybe give it a try. I was a pretty good wrestler in high school and a surprise to most in scraps for my size. I am surprised there is nothing in the Quad Cities (border of IA and Ill) with all their MMA schools there? That would be mcuh closer than Chicago with where I am at working right now.

      54. I would recommend hand to hand combat for a last resort only. You could be fighting one guy only to have someone else show up with a gun. I’ll stick to using guns.

      55. 2nd Dan Okinawan Karate, have practiced in Hapkido and boxing, and some years for uncle Sam “regretably”, but Martial Arts does work. It is definately up to the practititoner to put in his/her time sweat and effort….and a little blood as well. Seld defense is a great backup to being armed and can help to round out a set of fighting skills, be it on the mental side or else. Just my .02 I’d still prefer a Kalashnikov to handle any and all situations.

      56. I went through a very wild time in life before I was blessed with a daughter, I was making money on the street and was very handy in a scrap, enjoyed it even. I got into a fight once with a Martial Arts instructor at a party and took him apart in seconds, Im 150 lbs 6 ft and a smoker, he had me by a few inches and 50 lbs and was very fit, however he was constricted by his “style” or whatever and it took me all of 30 seconds to bloody him and knock him out. My point is not to say I am badass, there is always someone out there who can whup you but this guy had been an instructor full time for a decade (Ive known him most my life) and with sheer street ferocity I decimated him. Dont waste your money on martial arts… just work out and go for the head…

      57. I do think that for a female this may be a good plan, add a little training to the “mama bear” and she can be as if not more dangerous than the lowlife threatening her or her cubs… or she can just buy a .38 special and extra ammo.

      58. There is a difference between sitting on the couch, thinking you are a bad dude watching UFC and actually being a bad dude.

        I used to do that. Pump iron, Ride a harley.

        Now I take Krav maga and Wing chun 6 days a week and fight 6 dudes for 10 minutes during a pressure test.

        Big difference.

      59. Okay, some say that they know people who spend their times on dojos but not able to fight. If you train martial art you have to train in the right way. Only striking in the air ist not good, but only train with contact is also not good. If you train real martial arts it is a long way. First comes the techniqe and then comes the power. Pumping iron is nothing against a real MA-Training. Power ist nothing without technique. The faster you are the stronger is the impact. Greets from Germany.

      60. The issue here is that “Martial Arts” are for the most part an “Art”.

        The real need is a real viable method that requires very little time. Simply studying the weaker anatomical points of the body to attack is far more valuable than perfecting set technique (which will not hold in a real situation due to variables not practiced in set technique).

        Sidenote, if you can not get to your firearm or blade, or they eventually strip us of them, you are left with only your head, hands and spirit. One must be prepared for all possibilities.

        Written with bias.

      61. My prior comment was not inflammatory nor contradictory yet not allowed. It is a shame as I have (in the past), referenced this site.

      62. Experience is best. Watching videos will only entertain you, not train you. Avoiding unnecessary violence is good for your health. Avoiding necessary violence can be dangerous, in the long run.

      63. I strongly disagree with several points in this article. As a self defense/firearms instructor with 20 years of experience in the US Army (2-75th Ranger Regiment, 5th SFG) and as a DOD contractor, eastern martial arts look cool and are theoretically extremely effective, but add in privation, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and the unpredictability of your opponent, and they are rendered useless. There is a reason why the armed forces teach mixed martial arts (MMA); its because they are effective, dont require fine motor movements, and you dont have to be the most physically fit or finely trained individual to be effective (though it obviously helps if you can be supremely fit and finely drilled).

        This article doesn’t give ju jitsu enough credit: there is a reason why Russian Sambo, Krav Maga, USMC Martial Arts, and Army Combatives borrow heavily from Ju Jitsu and Greco-Roman wrestling/grappling: it is simple, devastatingly effective, and coincides with the reality of close combat. Multiple attackers a problem? well guess what? in typical close combat situations, engaging multiple attackers with your bare hands ends very badly for you no matter what martial art you are proficient in! This “demerit” of jujitsu also applies to the other styles as well.

        Everybody talks about throwing knives, ninjitsu and other BS and that is exactly what it is: BS. Here’s a idea: if you want to be a effective defense machine, take a professional handgun, carbine, and shotgun course. Pick the brains of a veteran and/or SWAT police member. Practice MMA. Eastern martial arts take up much needed time to become proficient in other more important skills: growing your own food, shooting, medical training, husbandry skills, and communication with other human beings. The fact of the matter is that most eastern martial arts require exquisite little details, perfect circumstances, and supreme dedication to become proficient in. undoubtedly, those that are proficient are extremely deadly, though one should focus on teaching a simple, but effective, system to those looking for SHTF preparedness instead of catering to wishful thinking and ninjitsu fantasies.

      64. Mr.Smith, not to disagree with someone more knowledgeable
        Than I, but I find the combination of 12 years in Judo,
        followed by advanced Hand to Hand in the Marine Corps, as
        well as practical experience in the Vietnam War, to be
        an unbeatable combination! Growing up, my idle was Judo
        Gene LeBell………….SEMPER FI !

        • yes, it would behoove a would-be attacker not to mug you in a back alley.

          the marine martial arts program is a extremely practical, but decisively deadly, amalgamation of various arts that SHTF-aficionados should look into if they want to learn to fight with their bare hands.

          Like I said previously, skip the “cool” eastern arts and focus on practical.

      65. I am old and don’t have time for all those fancy self defense things. I am old fashion, if my 12 gague don’t get you, my baseball bat will. Stick in there patriots.

      66. In an SHTF setting, martial arts are a relic of the midieval era, they are essentially useless when one considers the 100’s of millions of firearms circulating among, and concealed on people.
        Advocating this for defense is tantamount to recommending an armor suit to fend off attackers using swords.

      67. I own several throwing knives, they are deadly at 7< yds, you can only throw them once but they are a good quiet option. I dont stake my life on them and would never throw my kbar but having 2 on the hip if ammo is unavailable is not a bad plan… if you can use them. I have found 2 hrs practice a week to be sufficient to at least make them worth having. They are a little Hollywood but if you practice they are worth owning. As always, a heavy cal. is always better than anything else.

      68. Systema should be on the top of the list. Most dangerous and efficient martial art out there.

      69. Krav-Magna is very quick to learn and uses deadly street hand-to-hand or hand-to-weapon techniques.

        Very useful for a prepper, since most martial arts take very long to master to feel comfortable in a street situation.

        Stay strong and God Bless.

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