Map Of the Dead: Danger Zones and Survival Resources When the SHTF

by | Apr 11, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 66 comments

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    The following Map of the Dead has been dubbed the Zombie Survival Map and details threats and survival resources for collapse related scenarios. If the worst happens, the map shows you places you’ll want to avoid, as well as places you can go to obtain last minute essential goods.

    An Overview From Map of the Dead via The Daily Crux and Burning Platform:

    From Doejo (map creators):

    The Zombie Survival Map will be your guide to narrowing down stores with groceries, hardware supplies, camping equipment, potential weapons, liquor (why not, right?); safe havens like shopping malls, military bases and police stations; and of course gas stations, hospitals, pharmacies and doctor’s offices, along with other valuable hotspots—Just type in your address or have The Zombie Survival Map pinpoint your location for you! Good luck! Oh, and stay away from cemeteries. 

    What is it?

    Find places near you that are likely to have resources to help you survive the zombie apocalypse. Or places to avoid.

    What are danger zones?

    Technically they are areas specified as having ‘man-made structures’ so a large danger zone will likely result in more zombies.

    What’s the point? The internet will be down when I actually need this.

    Use the handy print function to generate a hard copy.

    How does it work?

    Through polling the Google Places API for keyword or category matches to useful places.

    It’s simple to use. Just enter your zip code and you’ll see a host of information for your surrounding area.

    As you may have guessed, any populated areas with man-made structures will be danger zones and are highlighted in pink on the map. These are, of course, areas you want to avoid because if there are man-made structures, it means man (likely in droves) won’t be far behind.

    A broad overview of the United States gives us a look at what many preppers already know – stay away from major cities during any major crisis and you’ll have a much better chance of surviving.

    You can visit Map of the Dead directly or try it below.

    While perhaps not very practical for the hard-core prepper, it’s still fun to take a look at and play with.

    (Privacy Note: The Map of the Dead may attempt to utilize IP address information to find your physical location. You will be given the option to allow or deny this feature.)

    Related: When you’re done mapping danger zones below, check out the Nuke Blast Mapper to see the effects of different nuclear weapon detonations in a given area.


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      1. First Biatches!!!! jigga Jigga yeah!!!!!

        • hahahahaha…..i love it when people do that…it pisses so many off……just wish i could be first. Go McLovin

        • sloppy seconds..and buying more 22 ammo the weekend.

        • Bummer. You beat me.

          • You gotta be shitin’ me kids! Will this first thing go on forever?

            • yep……1st!hahahahaha and how do you treat kids when they are trying to get on your last nerve???… ignore them and they quit.

      2. uhhh , yeh right , dont seem to work so good .
        but fun toy?
        and i just gave this database and google alot of info.

        think about it !

        • All this is, is a density map. And please don’t type in your zip or address. I like the way it has little rural towns of 100 in the mountains as danger areas but the airport in Seattle is a safe zone. LOL

        • My browser asked me if I wanted to allow it to give my location and IP. I simply said “Deny”.

          (And this, boys and girls, is why you should have a non-Windows computer, a proxy, and a web browser with all the privacy settings cranked up to 11.)

      3. looks like she’s lost that lovin feelin’ indeed crash!

      4. Interesting… My South Pacific destination appears to be zombie free!

        • Can I come over for dinner? I’ll bring wine and desert… or beer. LOL.

          • Geez, what’s up with the thumbs down? I was just goofin’ around about the Zombie free destination. Sorry, guess I’ll just stay home and tend to my own Zombies. Didn’t mean to offend any one…

      5. 5th!!!!!

      6. damnit. my university has a army maintenance shop next to it? WTF. never heard about that. Also, fyi for anyone living in Illinois – Quinn wants to build a large illinois state national guard station near the Illinois State University campus.

        Another note – I talk to people all around the university about FEMA/ the government closing in around us. No one cares! Its messed up, most of them just want to graduate and get office jobs. The apathy is sick. And then, I get mocked for being the loony one who believes that we are fucked. Trying not to bring it up around campus, waste of breath. The only ones who care seem to be hippy-liberals :-/ not the crowd that I like, but its a start?

        • I did not know that Quinn wants to do this here in my home town. Bloomington Normal (twin cities) is centrally located so I can see why here because the troops would be sent out to Peoria, Decater, and Springfield or maybe Chaimpaign-Urbana (U of I). Bloomington is centrally located with a Million people within an hour radius and very peaceful compared to the others I mentioned above (all of which are within hour radius). Plus you have interstates 55,74,and 39 connect here, used to be an old train hub because of its strategic location. We are also 2 to 2 1/2 hours away from St. Louis, Chicago, and Indianapolis. I could seriously see Bloomington Normal being a perfect quiet city to take over with no resistance and be a centrally located government hub. We have our own lake and so on and so forth. Thanks for ruining my day Andrew, but thanks for the info. I’m glad I got a rural bug out. But BloNo is going to Blow under occupation.

      7. I’ve seen this before, but do not understand the value. I was not surprised to find I’m ‘in the black’ and already took the time to learn about resources in my area.

        • They’re assuming a fictional “zombie apocalypse”, and so any population of any kind will show as “red” (Why? People in this scenario turn into zombies, presenting trouble, therefore…)

          So, in that light, consider any “red” area to be an area where you have an existing population base. Not sure what density, or if they just picked city limits, or what.

          IMHO, the idea is to not isolate yourself (too much), since that’s just as hazardous as living downtown. The idea is to find *small* red areas that are isolated. A small town. A small town of like-minded folks who are either prepping, or can be prepping with only a little incentive.

      8. According to this, I’m a Zombie, so are my Dogs and Cats, along with the 93 year old lady who lives across the street!

        • PS
          A window appeared when I opened up this thread requesting the use of my address.
          No thank you… a good way for “them” to collect data on us.

          • That was my reaction too – no way, Jose!

            • ya with all respect to Mac I couldnt even think of using this thing,they get alot of info on you and you give it willingly….its a persons own private job to know his areas assets and troubles….just sayin…

          • I guess they figured since you’re a Zombie, you’d fall for their trick and wouldn’t know any better.

            P.S. Beware of little ol’ ladies, especially if they can climb ceilings like in the movie “Legion”…. even if she does remind me of my Grandmother, she’s one dead Zombie!!

          • Yup

          • Yep, I have learned to keep my mouth shut and my info private.

      9. Like usual, when I input my address it says error. No such place. Perfect. 😀

      10. Nothing shows up for me at all. It just says “you are here” and then the whole area around that is pink. Does it only work in some places? I’m in Orange County, CA so it should work, right?

        • I’m thinking OC is one big sea of pink. 😉

          It likely uses geolocation to translate your IP address into a location, or if you have GPS (like on a mobile device), it’ll just use that.

      11. Not very accurate…. not at all!

      12. This looks like fun but has no practical value. Still a zombie apocalypse would be entertaining if it wouldn’t end in martial law.

        • Who knows, best case scenario would be if this administration got infected then we could go on a Zombie hunting spree…. maybe include “bounties” for higher ups like Obummer or Holder. Hell, I think Pelosi is already a closet Zombie. Instead of cash, you could win ammo, food, or maybe beer if there’s any left. Guarantee they wouldn’t last long…

          • Since zombies like brain stew they won’t staying in DC long.

        • The only thing that’s pink anywhere’s near me is a military airfield, go figure. It might be entertaining to sit back and watch as Zombies attack about 30 Apache helos. I guess being “back in the black” is a good thing.

      13. I’m Zombie free too, but in a few days after they burn and loot the big cities,they will head out to the country…that’s when the blood bath will start…they want a war…they will get one…God Bless America

      14. If Zimmerman is found innocent then it will be the black zombie apocalypse. Get ready.

        • Is he the white OJ?

        • Doubtful. It’s obvious that FLA intends to crucify him. Jurors will be reminded that if they don’t convict, their city will burn. Oh, and your personal information will be “leaked”.

      15. This is a test of the Emergency Comment System. Blogs in your area, in cooperation with state and federal blogs, have developed this system to keep you informed in the event of an actual comment. This is only a test.

        This concludes this test of the Emergency Comment System. If this had been an actual comment, it certainly wouldn’t have been written by me…

      16. Zombies and tigers and bears, oh my!

        Dorothy: Are you sure this is the right yellow brick road?

        Tin Guy: I think so. There haven’t been any cross roads.

        Straw Guy: I’m getting scared.

        Lion Guy: Quit being such a scarecrow. Oh…I forgot. Never mind.

        Toto: bark bark! (translation- ‘I wonder if Benji’s family survived the collapse. He sure had a sweet looking sister.’)

        Tin Guy: Hey, look! Somebody’s coming.

        Lion Guy: Guess Straw guy was right to be afraid. They look like zombies!

        Straw Guy: Oh no! Look at their vacant eyes. The dripping blood! They’re the walking dead…and they’re coming after us!!

        Dorothy: (reaches calmly into her basket and begins handing out pistols) Here! Everyone get ready. And remember, silver is over 30 bucks an ounce now. So don’t waste your fire on anything but headshots.

        Tin Guy: I call dibs on searching the bodies first. Dorothy always keeps all the good stuff for herself.

        Toto: bark, bark (translation- ‘3rd time these humans have set up an ambush today. This is getting too dangerous. Wish I’d been born a rock group instead of a dog.’)

        Nearest Zombie: (as shots begin firing) I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

        • SO: LMAO! Buddy you have to quit ingesting those mushrooms! 🙂

      17. You know how something like this can be of big time benefit to the prepper is to get that stubborn relative out of a hell hole that they refuse to leave. Often times people just don’t see where they are living are total cess pits, any additional information that might help to prove this might help get them out.

        I say if you can get at least 25 miles out of a metropolitian area you have improved your chances probably 4 fold. I would say every 25 miles out from there you double your chances. There are of course exceptions as no one is safe on top of an active earthquake fault zone or right next to a volcano. Flash floods and other disasters are a problem, but these disasters are recoverable.

        When thay talk about the end of times, there are definitely safer places to be. All depending on which catastrophe hits. Actually the best places to live after a full global nuclear war is between 10 degrees north and 10 degress south because the air masses are constantly moving upward and spreading towards the poles, no radiation fallout. This is called convection of air masses. Also areas in the southern hempishere south of about 45 degrees. Worst areas are at 30-35 degrees north or south because air falls here, reason why there are deserts at these latitudes because air compresses and heats up as it falls and would drop plenty of fallout. Called the Coriolis effect.

        If I was going to give advice to someone concerned about Earth changes I would go to a place where there is solid rock and inland away from the coastlines. The more stable your footing and the higher up in altitude you can get within reason, the better for geophysical worries.

        If I was worried about people related disasters I would try to get as isolated as possible, but still maintain a town of some loyal good people that will all come together to protect their town against others. There are plenty of these places all over the U.S. and in other countries also for those in other countries looking at this comment.

        In any case the best possible places to be are where you can get clean water all year long, plenty of vegetation and preferably forest land for supplies of course but also to hide if necessary. A growing season of at least 200 days because this will give you a little longer at least than 1/2 the year to grow food, and a second chance to grow food if the first time fails as most vegetables are in the 70-100 days range growing time. Or plenty of wildfood to harvest on a long enough season to be able to put away enough for the winter.

        Probably the safest place that someone can be will be the special place that you just know is right for you. Where you can honestly ask yourself deep down if this place is truly safe for me and my family. Being brutally honest most people can find a really safe location for themselves and others. We all have an inner survival instinct that draws us to these safe places. It is sadly the other asinine distractions in our lives that cloud this good judgement.

      18. That map was as useful as boobs on a boar hog.

        • Exactly my thought.

          The real question is why is there still no chat forum.

          Sorry Mac. Jesus will be here before you get it up.

          I like messing with you Mac. Keep up the Good Work.

          • We are doing an initial server migration tonight to see if everything transfers properly… if all goes well we’ll be ready to rock in 2 days, and we’ll run with a forum beta by next week. On it! And thanks for messing with me — it keeps me on my toes!

            Have a good one all,


        • Amen…what a joke…

      19. Junk. It fails to mention ALL the gunstores within 50 miles of my BOL. (There are seven.)

        • The Old Coach,
          I agree and LOL! I live in southeast Texas. The map of Houston was a joke. There are pockets deemed zombie free zones that are riddled with high crime rates TODAY! Nice effort but highly inaccurate, at least for the zip code I entered.

      20. The map is useless. My house and the houses near me are in the black, but other houses within sight are in the pink. Also, there is a fenced yard full of transformers down the road that is in the pink. No businesses in the area are marked. The only thing anywhere near me that has a tag is a cemetery. I wonder what criteria was used to determine which spots are pink and which are black. Not knowing that, I wonder if the miles and miles of black around me are good.

      21. Auntie Commie,
        April 10, 2012 at 4:16 pm
        Those loyal peaceful people who were guned down in Ohio had already burned down one campus building that day and were heading for another. They were rioting. They then recieved a lawful order to stand down and did not, lets not forget the whole history of the event shall we.
        I’m not defending the National Guard, but those were not innocent kids either, o.k. Frankly, if I had been there, I would have done the same…maybe worse.
        Hot debate. What do you think? 8 5

        I just wonder how it feels to falsely accuse four deceased students of something they did not do. There were 8 others that preferred to put their thumbs up your ass. Hey butt breath of the four students that were killed, how many were rioting?

        You really need to research what transpires in life before you open your mouth and insert . . . So, to keep things on a milder note GO PISS UP A ROPE and that is just for your spelling errors.

        Y’all Beware! I am willing to defend with my life the pursuit of my families’ happiness.

        • The National Guard stood shoulder to shoulder and fired into an unarmed crowd.To protect who? The DC corp interests.Nuff said.

        • Shalom, moron

      22. Map is a great idea. Works great. Seems fairly accurate, however, WHO REALLY NEEDS IT???!!!

        The resources might be handy but the danger areas are already known unless you’ve just been introduced to the concept less than an hour ago.

        This meshes real well with the last article. Its proof: get out of the city!!!

      23. Pretty cool map Mac. Thanks for sharing it. As I see it, unless you buy a decommissioned ICBM missile silo and convert it into living quarters, there’s no avoiding the Zombie Apocalypse!

      24. SO: LMAO! Buddy, you have to quit ingesting those mushrooms! 🙂

      25. 10465, can’t get any pinker than me!

      26. Warning: Folks need to be careful with this map, its a DARPA NSA CIA FBI data mining tool… it locks down your puters physical ip address… YOUR PHYSICAL IP ADDRESS! Unless your using ip location ghost software… the info DATA MINED from this zombie map website will be sold to the highest bidder at the Fed Gov!!!

        sorry to be such a party pooper… protect your privacy… or it’ll be used as a weapon against you eventually by local police and the Feds… and even by the private corps buying it up , just like Man once bought Slaves at the Slave Auctions!

        Look Up – How to Protect Mask your IP Address! Private VPN! Protect Mask your MAC Address!

        Protect Your Privacy!!! OPSEC!!! or prepare for that eventual knock at your front door with a Zionist Fed Sledge Hammer and a Unconstitutional Illegal Fake Blanket Prepper Home Search Warrant!!!

        Good Luck to All Preppers in the Hard Times still to Come!!!


        • I kinda agree with Nina on this one. Watch yourselves, it could be a trap or some tracker to find us, physically. It’s getting deep and there isn’t anyway to be sure what is coming. And besides, my whole neighborhood is going to be a zombie breeding ground based off of this map, which means that I need to double up on my ammo, great. Be safe everyone!

        • Hey Mac you know Google is not trust-worthy. Please don’t post these honey-pots.

      27. The map sucks Mac,……!Im sure you know that already.

      28. Get a dirt bike. Take a rifle and some ammo to an overpass. Result? Troops stay on base. Helicopters? No problem. They have to land to refuel. Refueling trucks and crews are fair game.

      29. How interesting how this article wants to know your location…is this just another clever way of exposing the peppers just like the NATGEO show peppers?

      30. All i have to say is- Wolverens!!

      31. Moving to Canada by the looks of THAT map!

      32. Quartzite AZ is a danger zone? EEK….watch out for zombies in RVs!!!

      33. The feds have gathered so much info on so many people that they are overloaded. It would totally bankrupt what is left of the government to try and do anything substantial with the info.

      34. So Nebraska and Kansas are pretty safe, which means the breadbasket is safe. If it hist the fan (which I think “it” will. The recovery may be quicker than most think. It’s getting through that first year.

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