Long-Term Security, Perimeter Defense and Lethal Tactics

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    This article first appeared at Ready Nutrition as part of the 52 Weeks to Preparedness Series and is written by Max Velocity of  Max Velocity Tactical.

    Max Velocity has been kind enough to dedicate his time and professional insights to our preparedness community. He has an extensive military background, having served in both the British and the U.S. armies and also as a high threat security contractor. He has served on six military operational deployments, including to Afghanistan immediately post-9/11, and additionally he spent five years serving as a security contractor in both Iraq and Afghanistan. During his career in the British Army he served with British SOF (The Parachute Regiment), to include a role training and selecting recruits for the Regiment. More recently, he has served in a Combat Medic and Civil Affairs role in the US Army Reserves. He is the author of two books: Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival  and Rapid Fire! Tactics for High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations. With his vast military background and real world experience, Max provides the kind of information that every prepper needs to learn, understand and integrate into their long-term security and home defense plans.

    In this article for the final week of ‘52 Weeks for Preparedness’ I will discuss long term security and defense of your retreat location. We cannot predict now exactly what conditions will look like after a collapse and as such I urge you not to make too many assumptions based on your particular idea of what such a post-SHTF situation will look like. The purpose will be to give you the general principles and techniques of defending a location, which you can tailor and apply as necessary and appropriate. It is best to adopt a mindset of flexibility and gather mental and physical knowledge and ‘tools’ in order to be able to develop your response and put some of these measures in place as you find them necessary and appropriate. For the article I will assume a broad post-SHTF situation of societal collapse with a general absence of law and order.

    What is the threat? As a prepper hunkered down at your home, with food stores, the most likely threat will be from looters and marauders. These could take many forms from a simple beggar, through starving neighbors, mobs, tricks and deceptions, to a tactically organized group with weapons and equipment. The worst case is some sort of organized paramilitary style force with heavy equipment bent on forced redistribution. Therefore, remain flexible and have an emergency rally point and extraction route should you be overmatched. Know when you have no alternative but to bug out. You can make this decision if you have the information before the threat arrives and conduct the bug out in good order. Alternatively, you may be forced to make the decision as the attack progresses and have to ‘break contact’ and withdraw under enemy fire; this is one of the most difficult tactical maneuvers. Work on your leadership, decision making and decision points so that your response under the pressure of both time and enemy is optimal. Tied in with this is the need for clear rules of engagement and for the use of force appropriate to the threat.

    This short article is mainly concerned with defense of a single location and as such will not go into techniques such as mobile and area defense, which could be useful for a larger community. Remember, the best form of defense is to avoid the fight. But that may not be possible and you have to always plan and prepare for that fight. You can better avoid the fight by adopting a lower profile at your location, attempting to conceal your supplies and capabilities. The opposite of this is to have a high profile and try to use threat of force as a deterrent. But remember that a good rifleman could sit out at long range and simply shoot your defenders in their sentry positions. In my opinion, the best approach for a small survivor group is to adopt a lower profile while maintaining the capability to defeat threats as they are encountered. The following are some principles of defense that you should consider and apply to your location and plan:

    • All Round Defense, in order to anticipate a threat from any direction.
    • Depth, in order to prevent penetration of your defended position.
    • Mutually Supporting Sectors of Fire, in order to increase the strength and flexibility of a defense.
    • Concealment and Deception, in order to deny the adversary the advantages of understanding.
    • Maintenance of a Reserve.
    • Offensive Action (where appropriate), in order to seize or regain the initiative.
    • Administration, to include:
      • Appropriate numbers of trained personnel.
      • Appropriate weapons, ammunition and equipment.
      •  A watch system for early warning.

    Most modern family homes do not lend themselves to defense. The structure is vulnerable to high velocity rounds which will pass through multiple frame, wood and plasterboard walls, and also simple mechanical breaches are possible with tools and even vehicles used as rams. They are also very vulnerable to fire. If you try and defend your house from the windows, then you will not be protected by the walls framing those windows and the room can be filled full of high velocity rounds by an attacking group. There is a real danger of being suppressed by superior firepower. If you stay back from the windows as you should, then you limit your fields of fire and unless there are enough of you defending then the enemy will be able to take advantage of blind spots to close with and then breach the house. You need a basement or other ballistic protected safe room for your noncombatant personnel (kids etc.) to shelter in; otherwise they will not be protected from the violence and from the high velocity rounds ripping through the walls.

    One of the key things for a prepper defense of a location is to have an appropriate number of trained personnel with appropriate firearms, ammunition and equipment. You will also have to take measures to harden the building to slow down attempts to breach. You need to consider whether or not you want your property to look derelict; this could be good or bad in the circumstances. It would be worthwhile to consider boarding up or shuttering at least the ground floor windows and think about putting up door bars or even board up some of the doors. This will also help with light discipline. External boards can make the place look derelict, but looking derelict could also encourage approach by potential squatters. You could put up the boards internally, or something similar, in order to maintain a low profile and slow any breaches. There a lots of pros and cons each way. When boarding up doors, ensure that you have at least two independent exits that can be used both for routine tasks but also for egress if you have to escape. Boarding up your windows and doors does not make them ballistically hardened. You could have sandbags ready to go, and you will need to consider a big pile of dirt to fill them from. Consider the benefits of simple mass of soil in protecting you from high velocity rounds, and for the construction of fighting positions. Sandbags need to be at least two deep to protect against high velocity rounds. If you try stacking enough of these on a modern upper floor, or even a ground level floor with a basement beneath, then the weight of a constructed fighting position may cause a collapse. You could stack sandbags externally around designated window fighting positions on the ground floor, but you will need a lot of them. Other alternatives would include filling a chest of drawers with soil to create firing positions, or maybe even material such as steel plate that will weigh less but will provide ballistic protection.

    From the principles of defense it is clear that we need to establish a plan which provides early warning, all round defense and mutually supporting sectors of fire. We also need to create depth, which is best utilized outside the building rather than with fall back positions inside the house. We can create depth using external fighting positions to keep attackers away from the house, which will also aid mutual support. A key thing that will really help defense of a house is to have a second or more positions outside of the main building that can provide fire support, thus these positions support each other by keeping enemy away from the house and each other. This position(s) could also be another house or cooperating neighbor if it works out that way. This creates a ‘cross-fire’ so you must enforce fire discipline and allocate sectors of fire to ensure you do not cause ‘friendly fire’.

    A very important concept is that of ‘stand-off’. This can be created with a combination of fighting positions in depth and cleared fields of fire with obstacles. If you have an obstacle, such as wire, it must be covered by fire to be effective. Utilize stand-off distances to keep enemy away from the property, combined with obstacles to slow vehicle and dismounted approach. Examples like wire are good for dismounted personnel and also vehicles if it is correctly laid concertina wire. Obstacles such as steel cabling, concrete bollards or planter boxes and felled trees will work well against vehicles. This will also have the effect of reducing the risk of attackers getting close to set the place on fire, which they are likely to try if they can’t get in to get your stuff. If we expand this concept we can see how a mutually supporting neighborhood with checkpoints/roadblocks and observation/fighting positions will provide a great advantage. Stand-off is also important in terms of engaging the enemy with accurate effective fire at the longest range that is physically and legally possible. If you are competent and have the equipment for long range effective suppressive fire, this can have the effect of keeping the enemy at arm’s length and reducing the accuracy and hence effectiveness of their fire, which will prevent them successfully suppressing you and subsequently maneuvering onto your position to breach or burn the property. In addition, consider the presence, placement and potential hard protection of any flammable sources on your property and close to your buildings, such as propane tanks and fuel supplies. Ensure they cannot be repeatedly fired upon by the enemy to cause a fire or explosion. The ability to generate accurate effective long range defensive fire depends on skill, equipment, positioning of fighting positions, your policy for the use of force and also the way the terrain affects weapons killing areas and ranges. To engage at long range you have to reasonably fear that the enemy presents a threat of lethal force against your defended location. However, if you are in a closer urban or wooded environment you may find some of your fields of fire are limited and you will have to plan and position accordingly.

    Administration is a key factor. While you are maintaining your defense you need to look after the welfare of the team, equipment and the site itself. Administration is what preppers usually concentrate on. This is your “beans, bullets and band-aids”. This is an area where those that are non-combatants can really pull their weight and make a difference. You must maintain a watch system which will be tied in to ‘stand to’ positions and maybe some form of ‘Quick Reaction Force’ or reserve, depending on the resources and numbers available to you. Your watch system can be augmented by other early warning sensors such as dogs and mechanical or electronic systems. Day to day you will need to keep the machine running and this will be the biggest challenge as time goes on. Complacency Kills! Depending on the extent of your preparations, stores and the resources within your property, this will have a knock-on effect to your ability to remain covert and the requirement to send out foraging patrols. People will also start to get cabin fever, particularly kids, and you will need to consider how to entertain them. Consider that while mundane tasks are being completed, there is always someone on watch. People that are not on watch need to have weapons and ammunition carrying equipment close or on their person while doing other things. Consider carrying long rifles slung as well as handguns everywhere you go on the property, with at least a light bit of web gear with some additional magazines in pouches. Rifles should never be out of your arms reach if there is any kind of threat of attack. You should put rifle racks or hooks/nails on walls in key rooms, out of reach of kids, so that rifles can be grabbed quickly if the alarm is sounded.

    Regarding your noncombatants or protected personnel; what you do with them depends on who they are. The younger kids will need to be protected in the safest location you have. Others will be useful to do tasks such as re-load magazines, distribute water and act as firefighting crews. Note that you need to have fire-extinguishers and buckets of water and /or sand available at hand during a defense to put out any fires. The more tasks you give people during a crisis, the more the activity will take their minds off the stress of the situation and the team will be strengthened. Ammunition replenishment, water distribution, casualty collection point, first aid, watching the rear and looking after the younger kids are all examples of tasks that can be allocated to make people a useful part of the team when personnel resources are tight.

    Firearms and equipment has been covered under the home defense article. For this kind of defensive situation you will be well served by the ability to detect, observe and accurately engage enemy at the longest range possible by day and night. This is easily said, but would take throwing money at it to get all the equipment you need to best do it. In terms of firearms, I would recommend tactical type high capacity magazine rifles for the main work, backed up by handguns and pump action 12 gauge shotguns. The shotguns are good for close work and if the enemy gets in to the building, last ditch stuff. Long range hunting type rifles are good for observation (scope) and longer distance engagement. You would be best served with good optics for your weapons and also observation devices such as binoculars. Think about night vision and even thermal imaging if you can afford it. You will also have to consider that even if you can afford a night vision device, it will only work for whoever has it so how will the rest engage? What type and configuration of these night vision devices, on weapons as sights or not? Without night sights you can fire at muzzle flash or use whatever illumination is available, white light or whatever. A good option is to have parachute illumination flares. Loose barking dogs on your property are perhaps the best low budget early warning system; however consider that they may give away your position if you are trying to be totally covert. Decide on your priorities and strategy and tie that in with what money you have to spend on equipment. You can get expensive systems such as ground sensors, lights and alarms, but these cost money and you have to consider their use in a long-term grid down situation. I would prefer to spend money on optics and night observation devices which will last without grid power (but will require batteries) and can also be taken with you if you have to move locations. Here are some basic suggestions for equipment to augment such a defense:

    • Appropriate tactical firearms & ammunition
    • Web gear and magazines
    • Ear and eye protection
    • Body armor and helmets, NIJ level IIIa or Level IV
    • Barbed wire, coiled (concertina) and for low wire entanglements
    • Sandbags or other ballistic protection options
    • Night vision devices
    • Binoculars plus optical rifle sights
    • Black out curtain and pre-cut plywood for windows
    • Parachute illumination flares
    • Trip-flares
    • Trauma medical kit incl. CAT tourniquets
    • Range cards
    • Two way radios and/or field telephones
    • Multiple fire-extinguishers and/or buckets of water

    If you have put a group together for such a defense, they need to be trained on not only tactical shooting and basic small unit tactics and movement, but also briefed and rehearsed on the defensive plan including fighting positions and sectors of fire. Consider that depending on your circumstances and the terrain, you may be benefited by running periodic clearance patrols around the property to mitigate against surprise attack, and to do this your team need to be able to patrol and move tactically, as well as respond to any enemy contact. You will preferably have a medic with a trauma bag. You do not want to ever run out of ammunition, so make sure you have as much as you can reasonably purchase. Like tactics, ammunition quantities are a subjective argument with many solutions. I recommend a personal load of six to eight thirty round magazines on the person, with at least as many full magazines for resupply. And once you have used that, you need another resupply! In a real life contact you will likely use less ammunition than you may during training and you must concentrate on effective accurate fire rather than simple quantity. Train your team to engage positively identified enemy, or suppress known enemy positions. A rapid rate of fire is 30 rounds per minute; a deliberate rate is 10 rounds per minute.

    Practice and rehearse the command and fire control procedures at your location, including the communication of enemy locations and actions. Use range cards to tie in sectors for mutual support and to prevent ‘friendly fire’. Run ‘stand to’ drills like a fire drill by day and by night and be able to call out which direction the enemy threat comes from. Be aware of diversions and demonstrations intended to distract you from the main direction of attack. Always cover all sectors, even with just one observer looking to the flanks and rear in a manpower crisis. Keep unnecessary noise and shouting down, allowing orders and target indications to be passed around the position. Every team member is a sensor and a ‘link man’ to pass on information.

    Having said all that, you are not going to open fire on just anyone coming to your location. Any actions that you take should be justifiable as self-defense. Do be mindful of tricks and the potential for snipers. However, don’t give up on morality and charity and don’t illegally open fire on anyone that comes near your defended location. You need to agree on rules of engagement for your sentries and you should apply escalation of force protocols to meet a threat with the proportionate and appropriate force necessary to stop that threat. Have the ability to warn anyone approaching, whether you have permanent warning signs or something like a bullhorn that you use as part of your escalation procedures through warning to non-lethal then lethal force as you begin to identify them as posing a threat. Remember that escalation of force is a continuum and you can bypass the early stages and go directly to lethal force if taken by surprise and faced with a lethal threat that must be stopped.

    Max Velocity is an author and trainer providing tactical instruction and advice for those preparing for disaster survival and high threat, protection and combat operations. He is the author of two books on security issues: Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival  and Rapid Fire! Tactics for High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations .

    Visit Max Velocity Tactical

    This article has been contributed by Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition and is part of the 52 Weeks to Preparedness Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Planning Series. You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter below.

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      1. Morning

        Good article for those that are allowed weapons and have enough money to buy all the other kit.

        Take care

        • Good morning Burt! What’s up in the news there? Here at home, our media is all atwitter about Barak’s electile dysfunction. I think they’re getting scared.
          Hope you have a great day…and keep stacking the preps!

          • Obama was firing on all cylinders…and that’s all he had. He and the democrats are in full panic mode and will say ANYTHING at this point. Reminds me of Saddam’s propaganda minister Ali Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf on Al Jazeera when he said that Saddam’s army was crushing the American infidels in 2003…all while the US military obliterated any resistance from Basra to Baghdad. He just kept telling the Iraqi civilians that they were defeating the Americans while his own palace burned around him. Muslims! They’re funny.

            • Baghdad Bob!

              Strangely enough, I looked forward to his broadcasts – the level of his false optimism said more about how well things were going for us than it did for him.

              Funny thing is, I suspect we’ll see the same thing on a more subtle level w/ the mainstream media once S truly begins to HTF. While it won’t reach such comical heights of hysteria, it will become easier to spot as things get worse.

              We’re starting to see some of it now with the election, come to think of it… though I think it’s because the media always wants to portray these things as a close horse race, even when they’re lopsided blowouts (drama brings more eyeballs than boredom, after all).

              Either way, you bring up a good point: propaganda is always a good indication of how well/rotten things are progressing in any collapse event.

            • Obama still wins. He is giving away Bama phone.

            • Yeah, I remember that guy on TV telling the Iraqi people that all was well, even though he had to shout to be heard over the explosions from bombs and artillery and the lamp was swinging back and forth from the concussions while some dust drifted down from the ceiling. I thought at the time that if this is what it looks like when “all is well”, what does it look like when it isn’t?! lol

            • SS- Yes, you are quite correct ! Baghdad Bob was once commenting on his wishful “Obama-like fact” that “there are NO Americans in Baghdad..” At that moment his room curtains abruptly billowed inward from the American tank cannon fire. The armour was making a right turn towards his very location.

              Perhaps the THINKING citizenry of the great nation will cause the USA to make a right turn to avoid going, as the Democrats slogan aspires, “Forward “. That “forward” would be over the fiscal and historical cliff.

              Get your ST (feces assimilated) before 11/6….please. Much will change , rapidly.


          • Spaniard’s are upset at being used as a bad example by Mitt. The rest of Europe is all a sudden atwitter at the prospect of a Romney presidency.
            Looking forward to Biden/Ryan show.
            The Emperor has no clothes.

            • Err, they sorta made a bad example of themselves…

            • The latest reports: Obama asked government contractors to delay lay-off notices until after the election. I wonder how much of this is going on and how much unemployment will increase once the election is over? There will also be a big decline in advertising and other businesses that depend on political electioneering.

            • White House begs defense contractors not to issue layoff notices. Obama doesn’t want to lose those votes. Let those folks find out AFTER the election.

              “Obama budget cuts will mean layoffs in January 2013. The law mandates those employees affected be given adequate notice. To comply with the law, notices need to go out in late October.”

              Companies “could be liable to compensate employees who were laid off, if the companies don’t issue the notices”.

              Administration tells “contractors that they would be compensated for legal costs if plant closings or mass layoffs occur under sequestration.”

              Translate that to … the AMERICAN TAXPAYER WILL PAY if contractors are sued for not following the law.


              Defense contractors confirm thousands of layoff notices planned to go out just before Election Day…

          • That Max Velocity critter must be the lead advertiser in Soldier of Fortune, eating, breathing, and living for the day when war comes to his front door.

            The mindset of fighting a domestic war and preparing to live in it as though that is all there will be is dangerous and counterproductive.

            War is destruction, and the corp agenda. The people have never wanted war in the history of the world. It is always the criminals in government that want war and force it on the people.

            Protect what you have with your brain, long before the collapse happens. Hide you preps where they can not be found by those seeking to steal them. If someone wants to come into your home by force or arms, what’s the big deal if there is nothing for them to see but a desperate family who has nothing worth stealing?

            Your time is far better spent out thinking the roving bandits now than it would be trying to protect your preps from them should the day ever come when someone attempts to steal them.

            Start digging those holes now. Make a place to move your most values stuff IF a collapse happens and it is necessary to do so. You will have to some time to react.

            Leave nothing in your “living quarters” that anyone would want, then if someone comes to the door it doesn’t matter because they can not steal what you don’t appear to have.

            • The fact that you would let people come into your home and “look around” tells me you probably do not have a wife and kids because no husband or father in his right mind would let anyone in his home in that situation. Think about it, if they have the intent to come into your home to steal your preps what are they capable of doing once they are in there if they find no food? What if they decide they want to rape your wife? Your children? And don’t give me any B.S. about how you wouldn’t let that happen at that point! If your dumb enough to let people into your home that would want to steal from you then you are not going to be alive very long. If that is the way you want to handle things IF there is a collapse go ahead but PLEASE do not get on websites recommending that crap to other people because if they folow your advise their is a very good possibility you will get them killed.

            • I strongly agree with you, the thing that all of the “Green Berea” preppers forget is the first lesson at school of infantry. Diffenders gain a three to one advantage, the second rule is weather attacking or deffending exspect losses, ensure losses are worth the risks.

              Standing by in SC, out

            • GC – This is easier said that done in many respects. Not everyone can’t just bury stuff in the back yard or have a bug out location to store things. Heck, I live in a townhouse and I do have a tiny backyard but 1) it’s lined several buried utilities and 2) all of my neighbors would see what I’m doing plain as day. If your intention is to bug in as long as possible, then you have no option but to keep your resources close.

              If you have alternative suggestions for us folk that simply only have 1 choice, I’d love to hear them.

            • You have nothing to steal but I could use a slave or two.

            • Bad guys come to the door to collect ‘tribute’, since, they have now taken over your area because you are all spineless cowards justifying it with a passivity doctrine.

              BG:”Where’s your tribute?”
              YOU: “Sorry sir, we don’t have anything…”
              BG:”Issat so? You don’t look like you’re starving to me. Grab the little girl…” As he takes your daughter and puts a knife to her throat. “Now… where’s your stash mother fu**er”?
              What ‘cha gonna do?

              You have the God given right to self defense. You are His hands of Justice, and a warrior for God and righteous action. The turn the other cheek doctrine is misunderstood as being ‘nice’ and passive. And that will get YOU into heaven, however, you are also told to fight evil, and defend your children. Period.

              Turn the other cheek is the response of a warrior to demonstrate his superior character and wisdom in knowing the difference between an insult and an assault on your person. Degrees of evil.

              Time to sell your coat, and buy a sword.
              Otherwise, my nephew will be the bad guy on your doorstep. This is his PLAN for survival after the SHTF… believe it. He calls it his ‘posse’.

              At the very least, a gun and some tangle wire and punji sticks, will give you a chance. You also need a back door, and a EE plan.

              Otherwise, I pity you as you watch your children get sacrificed, your wife raped and as they make you watch,just for the fun of hearing your screams.

              Then you give up your stash anyway,

            • @StateMeant:

              I think GC was referring to soldiers or cops showing up in a crisis and demanding to look around. In such cases, you have two choices:

              1) have all your crap hidden well (with maybe enough to make it look like you improvised your stocks) and pretend to look impoverished.

              2) spray them with gunfire and become the immediate center of attention for every local cop and soldier’s gunsights.

              Now before anyone starts spouting about forced evacuation, well yeah – you’d be right… but for one thing. You’d have to be there when they arrive. It is hoped that if things are that rotten, you would know what was coming, and would have concealed yourselves as well as you had concealed your stuff.

            • GC has a point except for the part about being found in the home when they come to look. Hiding your stash and trying not to have to fight are what the wife and i are planning. I wouldn’t let anyone near my family which is why we are locating hiding places around our area. On one episode of Doomsday Preppers, one of the guys on there had a plan to let invaders into his house and then pick them off at night. Now this guy seemed a little too eager to pull the trigger, but it might not be a bad model to think about. The less led that is sent flying makes for a better chance of not getting shot. Of course this is contingent on seeing the BG coming and getting out before. If you get surprised then all bets are off.

            • Lets get the facts out there. If you live in a home in the burbs or have a homeplace of less than 5 acres, defense will be impossible, unless you can see at least 1 click past your property lines. Whether it is the PTB that come a knocking or roving gangs. A small plot will become your burial plot. I have war gamed defending my homeplace in the burbs many times. It is not gonna happen. I may take a few with me, but my family will be in deep doodoo. When the shtf, get out away from the towns. Find a backup place NOW that you can go to where there are like minded folks that can actually mount a defense or join the resistance and live in the woods because you will not stop the massess from getting into your home unless you have a large area to pick them off as they gain ground. If it is the PTB that are coming, trust me, they are coming in and you cant have enough firepower to hold them off. M1A2s, Stykers, etc. are all but imune to anything we can bring against them.
              Keep prepping and find a back up location that is familiar and easy to defend.

            • “Bad guys come to the door to collect ‘tribute’, since, they have now taken over your area because you are all spineless cowards justifying it with a passivity doctrine.”

              In that case just shoot them.

              OTOH, if it’s a good-sized squad of soldiers or whatnot, then the rules change a little, no?

            • Gods Creation; Its about your survival and of your loved ones. You better listen to him it may be all you’ve got.

            • @ Gods Creation…..”Hide you preps where they can not be found by those seeking to steal them. If someone wants to come into your home by force or arms, what’s the big deal if there is nothing for them to see but a desperate family who has nothing worth stealing?”

              Here is a wake up call for you GC! This is Violent in nature but to prove a point to GC here it is.
              I’m basing this on a family like you say. Just say I’m a bad, evil,bloody,SOB. I kick in your door with men. I would immediately ask you about your food,water,ammo,firearms etc. Then I would tie your whole family up including yourself. I would place you directly across from your children then I would ask that question again! **Remember you said above in your comment that you buried your preps and what’s the big deal!? So after the question you lie and say “we have nothing were poor” After that answer I would pull my handgun and put a hole through your eldest child’s head whether or not I felt you were telling the truth or not. I would’ve done this regardless so that #1 You now know I’m serious. #2.I’m not wasting time cause most people would give in right there telling me what I want. #3 It also would inflict shock,fear,anger,despair etc. in your family and your minds would be in such confusion. You just lost your say oldest Son.Your wife is screaming at the loss. I would then pick the eldest of your children out again and stand beside them. I would repeat the original question. If I didn’t like what I heard I would then execute that child without a second thought.
              **** Would you be telling me what I want to know then God’s Creation? Because if not an evil man can do creative things to your children’s corpses. Cutting out a long piece a gut from one child and wrapping it around your neck or your wife’s like a piece of jewelry while it’s still hot. Right about now I’d tell you I will promise to let the rest of you go free if you tell me where your supplies are. They could go on and on and it would seem like forever. How long could you keep lying God’s Creation? Just say for shits n giggles you kept quiet even now. That wouldn’t be a very good father now would it? But you do! Maybe you have your youngest child and your wife still alive. Next I would hang your youngest child up by his or her arms and start skinning beginning with their forehead and work down. I’d be willing to wager that you hearing your wife screaming to tell them to stop along with your only youngest child crying out for help you would give up all of your supplies. All of it! Of course I’m lying about letting you free and not a second later I would order one of my men to execute you and your wife and only child right there on the spot. God’s Creation there’s people out there even now that will do these horrible things to your family and they would enjoy it. So do you still say “whats the big deal?” or Do you defend your home and family the way a man should? No one never needs to ask me what I will do in that situation before they even get through the door. LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!

          • Smokin

            We have just been told that the electricity system is going to go down big time in 2015 due to all our coal and oil powered stations being shut down under EU regulations.

            I say eff the EU this is a matter of national interest we need to tell them where to stuff their protocols…other than that same old crap

            Take care

            • Burt, I can’t even tell how hopeless it is speculating 2015 events.
              Just saying..very positive govt you have.

            • Burt the Brit,

              Unfortunately, they have a similar fate planned for us in the US.

              Yet our media makes few mentions of “the 65 coal fired power plants being shut down in the US this year, and another 100 to shut down in the months to follow.”

              Our electricity costs will skyrocket.

              I guess we will all better buy lots of candles.

              Take care! Keep prepping!
              KY Mom

            • Where the sun don’t shine? 😉

          • “Barak’s electile dysfunction”! Hahaha, I sprayed coffee all over my monitor. It came out my nose.

          • US House of Representatives – bill HR 6566, September 28, 2012

            H.R. 6566: To amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to require the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning, and for other purposes.


          • For all of you determined to believe hyper-inflationists, here is a link to a Business Insider article about hyperinflation that should explain to you why America will not have hyperinflation:


            Hey Walt! This one’s for you, bud! 🙂

            • So basically we aren’t really head over heels in debt? And it can’t be hyperinflation because the Fed isn’t actually printing up trillions of dollars on actual paper? These business publications and their so-called experts are the same ones who always give wrong predictions. Pretty much all economic statistics announced by the MSM are either more or less than expected by the experts. They are so consistently totally wrong in everything they say, it’s hard to believe anyone actually pays for their advice.

            • durango kid/dont tread/southern boy/israboy. you stup!d fu(k$r. the article clearly states that it COULD happen in america! read your propaganda more closely before putting this crap on the table. you would not make it as a lawyer, bud.

            • Archivist & eeder: Yes WE have a lot of debt, but debt is not the primary cause of hyperinflation.

              If it were, the UK with a debt to GDP ratio of over 200% last I read, should be having hyperinflation.

              Its not.

              WE do not have hyperinflation because the FED is only replacing the losses of the GB’s, not the middle class; and the cash that Bernanke is printing is not reaching the masses.

              If it were WE wouldn’t have to worry about DEflation and the next leg down which has likely already begun or will start with the next war.


            • Archivist: When interest rates for T Bonds drop to zero instead of the typical 2-4% it means that the US economy can support more debt with a lower GDP; not unlike a household that refinances its debt at a lower level but over a longer time frame to make debt service.

              Think a 6 yr car loan instead of a 3 or 4 year loan; or a 40 year mortgage instead of a 30 year mortgage.

              The idea and intent is that when the US Economy eventually recovers and then expands, the higher GDP will increase revenue to retire debt as the FED normally recycles portions of the debt.

              That is happening now too. No collapse. 🙂

            • eeder: Thanks for your comment! They are always appeciated. 🙂

            • ah ah ah ah ah dk. dont get smart with me. you know fully , that all of the ingredients are already ther for hyperinflation. the only one missing is the velocity of the money , i will grant you this, however uncle ben has already stated that he will force hyperinflation when the time is right , by his words, i paraphrase; “if the economy gets worse we will bye more mortgage backed securities, and if it gets better, we will not make the mistake of stopping, we will print and buy more.” and that when hyperinflation happens dk. when the economy seems to be getting better after a bad stretch. but the debt is to much to stabalize. and so when it seems to get better is when a central banker goes for the jugular.obviously he will also need some coperation from either congress or unilateral moves by the president. but make no mistake dk. it will happen.

            • eeder: Your comments to me always make me smile. 🙂 Seriously, bud, don’t you understand that Uncle Ben is just replacing all of the banks bad debt with fresh cash?


              Because they would be broke if he did not. Also because he is expecting ADDITIONAL bad debt from these MBS and bad derivatives. That’s why these funds are not being loaned.

              This process is not unlike the S&L Debacle in ’87 and ’88 where the bad loans were placed in the “bad bank”, the S&L’s were folded, and the deposits were moved to the banks. That debacle was intentional to eliminate the S&L industry and consolidate OUR deposits into the Commercial Banks.

              MBS were relatively new at that time, but the GB’s could see the enormous profit potential from securitization and recognized that the S&L’s would have the inside advantage. It was a profit center they coveted.

              So the GB’s had the S&L’s eliminated by new federal laws that affected them retroactively; consolidated demand deposits into the Commercial Banks, and repealed Glass Steagal to gamble with OUR deposits.

              The process is a bit different this time because the S7L’s have in the main disappeared, but the result is the same. It is taking longer because the aggregate losses are much greater.

              Bottom line: The Great Bank Bailout of 2008-2009 continues unabated. No collapse. No hyperinflation. Just more Stagflation.

            • dk, as always, you have a greater understanding of alot of this stuff than almost anyone here. some things, becuase you have been around longer than me, you understand better than me. i will grant you everything you say , with one exception. Hyperinflation will happen , the good news is , we will have bigger problems and will certainly never get the chance to tell each other , “i told you so”. the fact remains, we are in a serious amount of dog doo and there is no way out.

            • Hyperinflation may happen. But it will be unrelated to anything that is going on now. We are more Japanese than Greek.

              I do agree, DK’s posts are always good on economic matters. I don’t think it’s just because he’s been around a long time. I’m pretty sure he has to have a background in banking and/or economics (no that’s not an insult, econ — despite a multitude of idiots in the field — still is useful).

            • eeder: Today the GB’s steal OUR fiat and OUR pensions. In five years, after precious metals have come to back a basket of world currencies, the GB’s will move to steal OUR gold with the blessings of the Sheeple who push for metals back money at the urging of the metal barron’s hoping you will buy silver to support their basis. 🙂

              Just saying.

              Kill the FED before the FED kills America.

            • And here’s one for you.


              You ignore the lessons of history, and think that we are somehow immune to the laws of economics….of which one of the primary ones is this…If you create more of anything, it will be worth less.

              We are creating more dollars. They will be worth less. It’s a immutable as the law of gravity.

              Only fools ignore these laws and think they can get away with it.

            • I only listen to people that have made correct economic predictions in the past, people like Peter Schiff and Ron Paul (RP is one who predicted the housing bubble back in 2001). I don’t listen to what the MSM has to offer, that being people like Ben Bernanke, unless I want to be amused.

          • They are not scared at all..in fact..imo..OB1KANOBE was eerily subdued with a faint grin on him all the time..

            Somethings up with that..my gut feeling..

            Probably knows what’s in store for all of us..

            And knows he will be out of the fray anyways..

            The rest of us..?


            Keep on prepping and stacking ..


            • It’s not who votes but who counts the votes. I expect Obama and friends have that covered.

            • yes , he knows nibiru is coming. mitt would crap his drawers on the first day as president , after being briefed by the cia. that same look would/will suddenly appear on his face.

          • What is the possibility that the Obama camp dumbed him down just a bit so that he would look more human? (Maybe: Took a beating in the first half and then a huge surge in the 2nd half and the crowd is on their feet cheering). If Obama and Romney work for the same masters then a good neck and neck SHOW is what we are seeing. Don’t forget what happened at the Repub and Demo conventions: It was all scripted and if the people voted differently, so what, just keep following the script. It didn’t even matter that there were cameras there.

            The online question of the day at my homepage asks if some cheerleaders should be allowed to use bible versus in their signs and then one possible response is “No because there is seperation of church and state”. Who started that?? IN THE RUSSIAN CONSTITUTION there is seperation of church and state. IN THE US CONSTITUTION there is protection of religious rights and free speech INCLUDING free religious speech.
            For all those who do not believe in God, please be patient with those who do and please respect their right to voice their love for God because your respect for their rights protects your rights also.
            A more appropriate response from the school district would have been to sit down with the cheerleaders and have a compromise on how they might voice their love of God in a way that worked for them AND the rest of the school. Or run some articles in the school paper and get a dialog going about the constitution, tolerance, respect and doing what is right. After all it is saposed to be a school, a place of education and growth, a place where their adult teachers demonstrate how to live in a better world. That is not happening nationally.

        • How are you supposed to train, drill, exercise, and practice until failure and not end up as domestic extremists, radicals, terrorists, and enemies of the state?

          I have a buddy that lives in a small rural area where he and a handful of guys started practicing on moving and pop-up targets miles from town in the mountains. They followed all safety rules and fell under the recreational definition of shooting. However, they were still reported to the county Sheriff’s dept and it was overheard in the county courthouse that “another one of those radical groups started” and now they’re on the local watch list as well as in the fusion centers I’m sure. Frustrating.

          • “To a man with a hammer, everything is a nail”.

            Well, when one looks at the DHS and some of their idiotic ideas about what constitutes a possible terrorist threat, EVERYONE who preps in any way whatsoever, is already on their “list” somewhere. So… given that… Eff’em!

        • When someone is trying to kill us or take our stuff, EVERYBODY is “legal” to help defend it, with whatever we can get our hands on at the time. Period.

          We cannot disarm ourselves by worrying about the letter of a non-enforceable law during SHTF, when they are shooting at us or trying to get close enough to burn us out of our homes with no cops there to “save” us.

          Self-disarming ourselves is not an option when you have to set up perimeters, move the non-combatants to a safe location and harden the vantage points…

          They’ve got everyone thinking that anyone with a parking ticket is unfit to have a gun, just let that stupid idea go.

          Not everybody who has ever been convicted of any “crime” (like shoplifting a pound of hamburger) is as dangerous as they want you to believe. That is how they trick us into disarming our neighbor for them. Everyone is dangerous BUT the ones with the badges, right? Think again.

          As they criminalize more and more good people, I hope you guys never get swept up and tagged a criminal for something non-violent.

          Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT have to commit any kind of violent act to become a felon and lose your gun “rights” these days. Believe it.

          • sixpack is right, in the real deal there is no way i would to keep a man from trying to deffend himself and his family with a gun even if he was “felon”, and im a cop in a small comunity.depending how things end up,
            after every thing settles, down we may have to talk….

        • good article for those preparing to go to war. however my advice is to just do anything you need to to avoid getting into this situation and ,if you do, the ability to put a quick end to it.trying to stock up to fight a world war on your own is somewhat pointless to me. having sid that, if its that bad in america , maybe in some places , this would be your only choice. I simply wont tolerate this kind of trash causing this kind of chaos in my area.

          • Yea right, maybe you should take a hike. Everyone is tired of your bs anyway. You never have anything constructive to say. You only repeat what others have already said. Kinda like pissing in the wind, there, “bud”!

            • go fuck yourself you fucking jewish faggot. go to hell israfaggot.

            • You must be talkng about eeeeeore the jackass!! I been wishing he would go away for a long time now. I just don’t read his moronic bullshit any longer.

        • Burt,

          It is a great article. I just bought my first shotgun yesterday, a Mossberg 500 12 guage Turkey Thug, the black one with no pistol grip. Got a choke for shooting deer, if I lever learn how. And the clp, oil, and snake to run through.
          Anyone with knowledge of the gun and advice on the best way to make use of it for home defense and hunting is MORE THAN WELCOME, as I have never fired a shotgun.



          • Buy some good hearing protection, then practice, practice, practice. Sometimes you’ll find a gun that just isn’t compatible with you. In that case you might have to get another one. But you won’t know unless you practice.

          • Hi Iowa,

            Please check your local gun ranges and gun clubs for beginners classes. Many even offer them for free.

            They will train you in basic gun safety and give you a chance to fire your weapon under supervision. This will help to build your confidence.

            You may also find a basic home protection class as well as hunting classes. Then I would recommend hiring a guide to take you hunting if you don’t have experienced hunters in your family.

            When I was a young lad my Dad trained me well but he still insisted I attend the classes. I’m very glad he did.

            Hope this helps.

          • What they ^^^ said.

            Good news is, shotgun shells are cheap, so buy plenty of shells for target and defense (you’ll want two different shot sizes) after you spend a bit of time learning what the different types of shells are. 🙂

            • Be sure to buy lots of hollow point rounds for “target practice”. The govt. tells us that is what they are for… 🙂

          • @Iowa,

            I worship at the church of O.F. Mossberg. For the price, a 500 is a pretty good gun. (Try an 835 if you really get the hunting bug)

            Mossboogers make a short “home defense” barrel for the 500, which you might pick up later.

            Brownells sells trigger groups and safeties made out of steel to replace the plastic parts on a 500.

            Expect to have a bruise the first time you shoot it!

            • IKE,
              You will never get a chance to use it. They will pick you up at a roadblock if you have a registered weapon or hold your kids or wife hostage at school/work. They will take your house keys while they hold you at the roadblock and go take whatever the want. They may even let you leave alive after that.

          • I agree with Iowa on the hearing protection and on the practice. A Mossy 500 is a very reliable and versatile weapon. It can fire slugs for big game, buckshot for medium game and self-defense and bird shot for small game hunting.

            I prefer putting a sling on all my long guns. There will be times when it is very handy to be able to carry these weapons while keeping your hands free for other jobs and a slung rifle or shotgun works well. It can also be brought to bear quickly enough for most emergencies.

            My preferred load for self-defense is a 2.75″ shell loaded with #4 buckshot. That gives 27 good sized pellets at 1250-1300 fps. The Mossy can hold 8 of these. These are less penetrating than OO buck, so are better in home defense situations where there may be family members behind various walls,

            A tactical vest, ammo belt, or a bandoleer can be used to carry more ammo when needed. A handful of shells in each coat pocket also works well for more casual times.

            You can buy ammo at gun shows and also on-line. I like the Fiocchi brand ammo. It is less expensive than most other brands and works well.

            Buy some of those military metal ammo boxes as well. These hold the ammo securely and will help keep it dry and protected. Store in a cool area, if possible. These are also handy for replenishing ammo at fighting positions in an emergency situation.

            While a shotgun is an excellent defensive weapon, it is even better when backed up by a good handgun. My favorite is the Colt Combat Commander in .45 ACP but a high-capacity mag 9 mm is also a good back-up weapon.

          • Hi Iowa,

            I ended up having to get a pistol grip for my 12 gauge because there’s no way the stock will maneuver well in tiny little hallways like I’ve gotta live in. This made it damned hard to practice at first since the range nearby was indoors and I had to fire slugs…. holy crap!

            Anyway, I went online and found “managed recoil” slugs and 00 buck… a HECK of a lot easier to control, even with the arthritis Iv’e got thats fucked up my hands somewhat. Are they more expensive? You bet! Are they worth it? Oh GOD yes!

            Look, if some bald nearsighted computer nerd from New England like me can manage to keep my 12 gauge on target 5 or 6 rounds in a row, then so can you… but like the others are saying, just practice. A LOT

          • Pull it tight to your shoulder with your firing hand, push forward a little with your off hand.(on the fore arm.)

          • Iowa: Load 12 ga…Shove it Up a kommies Aas, hard! Pull trigger….Blow top of kommie head off.

        • @Burt:

          Guns are just tools Dear,

          YOU are the weapon..GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

          …I got your six…..stay safe….BA.

          • Bad American

            Agreed, and you people have taught me so much I’m not as worried about not owning a gun as I used to be. I would prefer a gun, but chemistry, know how, determination and imagination have put me in a much better place defence wise than I was before I started visiting here and for that I thank you all

            Take care

        • Burt, just remember the 11th commandment: don’t get yourself caught. If I were in England, I would most likely take land transportation over to Eastern Europe and get an AKM and smuggle it home. Keep it secret, keep it safe.

          • I sympathize with the urge that someone might have for doing as you suggest but also know that sitting in jail during SHTF would absolutely suck. The UK has very Draconian gun laws and falling afoul of them would be a very serious matter.

            As an alternative, perhaps joining a hunting or target shooting club would allow a UK resident to purchase a shotgun. It’s no battle rifle but it is a lot better than nothing.

            • 41 mag

              Tried that….got turned down. But, there are many other clubs to try and I will be applying to as many as I can.

              Take care

          • AJ

            I have thought of this a great deal of late. Many will regard me as a coward for saying what I’m about to say.

            I’m scared of getting caught.

            I’m not scared of going to jail…no bills and three meals a day I can think of worse things, I’m scared of losing my child if I get caught. By the time I had served my mandatory five years she would already be adopted and gone forever. I can’t take that chance.

            Take care

            • Burt, you sound like the guy, whimpering all the time. Get a gun, keep it close. Screw em, protect yourself. Forget the chemicals that will just make em mad. Wasp spray, jeeze! Spray em with buckshot. Everything in your country is illegal, even self defense.

            • @ Burt

              That says a lot about your character; putting your child first. A “big” thumbs up to ya.

              As you are looking at other ideas to use for self defense, I have a suggestion, if you haven’t already thought of it; cans of ether/starting fluid and a lighter. This stuff is highly volatile and rather cheap.

              Way back in my early trucker days, a guy that worked for our company, made weekly runs to NYC (some of the bad parts of town). After he left the driver’s lounge one evening, a fellow driver said there goes one crazy sob. I commented that he must be to go where he goes every week. The driver says, “oh yea, did you hear what he did last month?” No. “He put a guy in the hospital with a can of ether and possibly killed him.” The story was that a couple of thiefs had broken into his trailer full of furniture prior to the receiving part of the business opening for the day. As he noticed activity at the back he got out and yelled at them to stop he was calling the cops. They didn’t so he began spraying them down with ether/starting fluid. He said one more chance to unload the stolen furniture from your truck back to mine, while holding a zippo by the canister. He was ignored,commenced spraying again and flicked the lighter.
              The two thieves were immediately ignited and one came flying off the trailer and ran away screaming and ablaze.
              The other lay rolling on the trailer floor while UFO (the driver’s handle) kept spraying. The cops arrived about the time UFO had all the fire put out with an extinguisher and helped drag the screaming thief to the ground. The cops told the driver to leave immediately because the one that got away would probably come back and kill him. No word on the guy with 3rd degree burns.

            • Don’t tread

              Funny you should say that. A woman I know had an attempted break in, she goes upstairs sprays wasp spray and puts a lighter to it…she last saw the chap heading off over the back fence. She has a big ugly dog now so they don’t even make it over the back fence…know what I mean? Lol

              Take care

        • Plenty of people assemble the basics and the skill sets on budget. Consider quality used items.

          Be seriously discrete because there are many military/LEO bankster robots here:

          Religious and political discussion will get you banned quickly.

        • This military approach is probably sound, but wouldn’t work very well in American suburbia. If you need this type of fortifications as a civie, you are losing anyway. Most of would end up using tactics like blocking off streets with cars, etc. My 2 x 8 floor joists don’t lend themselves to sandbag support. A fortified suburban home, especially the basement, would be a firetrap.

          • The advice in the article can be found in the Army FM 71-1, chapt 4 “defensive ops”. They taught us this stuff in officer training so its probably the best compilation of defensive operations the Army could buy. I can tell you though, it is not “sound” because of the human factor. The only thing you can count on is, every plan falls apart on initial contact.
            Knowing the steps to any combat situation is like a boxer knowing punch combos; practice and mindset help sharpen your instintcs uppn initial contact.
            There are lots of great things to consider in the article, although not entirely realistic for all of us. Urban warfare and unconventional warfare are a nightmare to prep for and endure, thats why the FOBs in the sandbox are constantly attacked.
            I bought a few strands of concertina wire, some plywood to block my windows and some early warning devices. Beyond that, i am counting on my instincts, machete and guns. If it gets to a worse case scenario I will be taking the fight to the bad guys. There will be no door to door thugs as long as I have a round chambered.

        • Just look at all the ‘prepper’ defense strategy. Imagine all the resources, money, time and worry about “keeping what you got” from those more desperate..

          How many “prepper” proclaim being christian? following the teachings of Jesus?

          And yet instead of spending more on food and such, are instead spending on weapons and such to act in THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what Jesus taught!!!!

          You know, the old give a man the shirt off youer back logic? Oh heck NO, not the hypocrites, “this is my food buddy!!, instead of procuring enough food to share, I chose to instead soend it on guns/bullets/etc. so i would have to provide for my fellow man in need”

          • Not entirely true. I am a prepper and I am also stockpiling beans, wheat and medicine to help others. I know that makes me incredibly vulnerable but I want to die with my head held high.

        • Hi burt,

          Just wanted to say hello to another Brit .I often feel a right burk thinking the economic situation is going to get somewhere near the situation that all these hysterical Yanks are crapping themselves over.
          What do you think is coming our way?



      2. Mornin’ to ya!

        Now we see a scenario set up like a fortress. I guess if you live within an area that has a high population you may need such an elaborate set up. The average rural citizen isn’t going to come close to having an all out military/combat/tactical style fortress with security personnel.

        A setup with fencing and dogs could prove beneficial to keep the honest, well; honest. It might alert a few passerbys as to having potential stored goods and weapons, but it would take a freaking idiot to cut through someone’s fence and then have to deal with dogs. I guess you could say if they have gone that far, they are now “fair game”. No warning shots needed.

        • The best warning shot is the one that hits the target in the center of mass. He WILL get the message, as will anyone with him.

        • Even trained soldiers avoid a frontal assault whenever possible. You are more likely to be shot at from a concealed location.

      3. Just noticed a lot of activity with “plate movement” in the Caribbean. The most volcanic activity around the world,over the past month, that I’ve seen in a long time. The earth is groaning with tension. Could it be from another force within our solar system? Could all these factors be a reason for all the tension/anxiety/madness from peoples around the world? Has the destroyer been loosed? I hope. I’m ready for the reckoning and reset.

        • @Don’t Tread, I’ve noticed that too! 3 7+ earthquakes along the west side of the plate and now those 4 in the middle of the Atlantic. I was expecting another 7+ with the 5.2 down by the Antartica…. Watch and wait, watch and wait….

        • I’m waitng with interest to see if BeInformed’s prostinications come through.
          Wasn’t it by 10/15?

          • @ don’t tread, you don’t need to know, and Rick. 90%+ chance of a 6.5+ earthquake, probably 6.9-8.0 by October 17. Probably the area from Indonesia to the Kermandec Islands. 28 out of 31 times that the Balleny Islands have been hit with a 5.0+ since 1973, there has been a large earthquake, many times over 7. The Mid Atlantic Ridge earthquakes of 5.5, 5.5, 5.5, and 4.8 are all in line with the northeast corner of the Caribbean plate and the new madrid fault 3000 miles away. A tape measure on a globe shows this.

            That 5.3 by the Antarctica, Balleny Islands, on October 2 will 90%+ bring a large earthquake within 15 days, as this has happened before. Will explain more when this happens. The plates are really active as new volcanoes are popping up, as volcano live as 5 new ones yeasterday mentioned. This article about self defense is really showing that we need to hit self preparedness into a higher gear whether it is Mother Nature and or man that throws us a SHTF event.

            • Hmm…the increases in earthquake activity, tornados, extreme weather.

              Now there is a new bill (hr6566) in the house for FEMA to provide guidance and coordination for “MASS FATALITY PLANNING.”

              I feel they know something they are not telling us…

            • @ KY Mom. It is just a hunch, but I think that FEMA bill has to do a lot with a mass attack from a Hezbollah situation after Israel attacks Iran. Many terrorist experts have laughed at al qaeda and warned about hezbollah being the a-team of terrorism. Hezbollah took on the Israeli army and drew even with them, something that other countries could not do. In fact they rank hezbollah as the 4th strongest army in the Middle East with Israel as number one, Iran 2, and Saudi Arabia as 3. I would not be surprised if Israel attacked Iran within 2 weeks from tomorrow. Oct.10-20 the sky is dark enough.

              Netanyahu will not be able to guarantee U.S. with obama or romney after the election. BO has nothing to gain or lose after the election if he wins. Rommer says he would support Israel but words are very empty with any politician. Netanyahu would certainly have the support of the U.S. military before the election as BO would be committing political suicide by not throwing full support behind Israel before the election. Israel needs the U.S. for continuous bombing runs to finish off the Iranian nuclear sites, Israel cannot do it with a one time shot. Netanyahu will lose his ace in the hole after the elections. I would watch between about 3-7 PM eastern time each day between Oct.10-20 for something to possibly happen.

              Perhaps this is what they are planning for, because they know that Israel is going to attack Iran. On the other hand it could be geophysical. They just had an earthquake in the Svalbard region, a polar earthquake, not quite 5.0, but something is going on here with the Balleny earthquake. Take a tape measure on a globe and copnnect these two regions and it goes right through the Fiji Islands and Soloman Isalnds. The real concern for the U.S. is the San Andreas and the New Madrid Fault as just a couple of hours ago another section of the Mid Atlantic Ridge had an earthquake. You are right something is going on, and they are no way going to tell us.

            • Thanks BI! Your predicitions/theories are better than any others and even if we can’t prepare for all events at least we won’t be caught by surprise.

        • the Galactic Dark rift.
          the Grail knows…
          We enter the rift in full in just a couple months.

          = compression of the dark energy in everything… including you…

          Something wicked this way comes…

          pipermichael dot wordpress dot com

        • @dont tread, I meant to give you thumbs up. I apologize.

        • yes dk, i mean dont tread, i mean southern boy. its nibiru.

      4. Good morning everyone! My advice in this situation would be for small communities to come together and form militias. If you live in a big city, bug out. And if you live in the middle of nowhere with your family, you dun good, stay that way.

        I’m going deer hunting for the first time today! Wish me luck!

        • Good Luck…

          • DT, plus one on the cooler weather. Been out twice with my boy checking his stands and we both got dosed with “seed ticks”.

          • dont tread… its getting about time for you to scram bud. no one here is buying your rubbish anymore.

            • Yet I like it here, down in the trenches with the muck like you. If everyone were like you eeder, your language would be arabic and ya’ll would all be shittin’ in the sand like a bunch of pussy cats.

            • again, you zionist piece of isratrash. FUCK OFF FAGGOT.

            • hows the weather in boca raton tonight faggot?

          • Just a little question. Why do they call it deer “hunting” when most people just climb a tree and wait for a deer to happen by? There’s no “hunting” there unless you have a hard time finding the deer stand. I would think that “hunting” means to go into the woods, search until you find tracks, follow the tracks, sneak up on the deer, and then shoot him.

            I’ve always wanted to ask that question.

            • That’s possibly why a lot of those that think they will just pick up a rifle and get meat will starve. The “hunting” part means due diligence in scouting and looking for signs BEFORE the season starts so you can be where the game travels. While you can track an animal and possibly bag one,that strategy will not usually work unless it is on TV. An animal’s senses are much more acute than a human.

            • @ Archivist

              As a life long woodsman/hunter/lover of nature, I’ll try to answer with my styles.

              There are two types of techniques that I use to hunt deer/elk. First and most useful is stand hunting. I learn the area by getting a good understanding of feeding and bedding areas which are usually separated by as much as 100 yds to 1000 yds(maybe more maybe less). I’ve known of deer to feed and water in a 20 acre field of harvestable corn and just lie down and stay put. Especially when they have to put on the calories for wintering.

              Once I get a good idea of their daily movements/patterns, I set up a stand, sometimes on the ground behind cover,sometimes in a tree with a portable or fixed stand like a mini tree house. I have used rock ledges and out croppings.
              Why is it called hunting when most of your time is spent sitting? Well you have to be alert to movement and sounds. I hunt the tree lines and brushy areas continually for movement. Sometimes my window of opportunity for a “clean” shot is less than 30 seconds. I have to identify the sex and approximate age before I pull the trigger or release the arrow. I don’t just shoot at hair as some do. I want a shot into the vitals for a clean and sudden kill with no suffering by the animal. I also “selective” hunt around my home area because i believe in deer management practices that help keep the overall health of the herds in good standing. ie, taking out bucks with inferior traits is a priority; so, I will pass up a nice 3 or 4 year old buck with a fairly nice 8 point set of horns, for a scraggly thin 5 pointer that has more age on him. If we have too many deer in the area overall, I will take out a mature doe.

              Secondly; I use the method of “still” hunting where i walk and look for movements or silloutes of deer/elk. I usually only do this on very windy days since the more I move the more my human scent is mixed in with the air and moved around, and the animals can’t really pinpoint which direction it is coming from. I don’t really care for stand hunting when it is real windy cause you can’t hear and I end up straining my eyes and neck so much I get a headache, or just wear myself out.
              The still hunting turns into a “stalk” hunt if you see an animal a long ways off and you try to sneak up on it. That happens more often than not with elk hunting.

              So as you can see, even if I’m sitting still, I’m still hunting for several things from one vantage point. Sometimes I’m not even hunting at all. I’m just enjoying the peace and solitude from God’s creation. The birds and other animals are a blessing to just sit and watch. I’ve never felt closer to God than i was at a point in 1989 when I was 2 miles away from other hunters/guides and 12 miles away from the nearest house; deep in the Montana Wilderness on the side of a huge mtn. near the divide. I had found a game trail and followed it thru a thick stand of junipers and evergreens to a dead-end at the base of a huge rock cliff. One way in and one way out. The trail led to a 4 x 4 ft opening into a den/cave. Later we suspected it was a mtn. lion den because of several sightings in that area. At the time i had no idea and I would have probably been lucky if anyone heard the gun shots from where I was. I remember feeling a calmness of God’s presence and knowing He had blessed me with a fine magnum in my hand and one under my overcoat as I slowly backed out of the area. You want to feel how small you can feel, but feel strong as a child of the living God, at the same time; go deep into the wilderness alone without communication.

            • The word hunt sets it apart from the word shop.if you feel better calling it ambush go ahead.
              Next you can separate the fly shit from a pile of black pepper.
              It’s called hunting becAuse that’s just what it is.

        • 1) Good luck on the deer (I go this weekend; I had to get a smaller rifle though… shooting blacktails with a .338 Win Mag is a wee bit of overkill 🙂 ).

          2) A good community of armed fellow survivors is what you want – doesn’t matter (too much) where you are. I’m learning that you can survive just as easily in suburbia (or even parts of downtown) as you can in the sticks.

        • I know of only 4,possibly 5, (he’s a hunter) houses armed on this street of 11 homes.
          Not good odds.

          • Meaning I haven’t seen him shoot–he could borrow guns.

      5. if somebody is shooting into my house , i’m leaving .
        there is no way to proyect yourself inside a home , the walls are way too thin .
        the whole senario provided is grim to say the least , how long would the average person be able to “patrol” their property effectively ? probably not long .
        but then …. i have no solutions to offer either so i guess my comment is not very constructive this morning .

        lets just hope that we never need to live that way .

        • “if somebody is shooting into my house , i’m leaving .”

          Yeah, me too… and as soon as I get outside, I’m gonna shoot the MFer.

        • Sandbags lots of sandbags, motion detectors,night vision, Springfield Socom 16 with Red Dot Sight, watch your corners,watch your SIX, SHOOT STRAIGHT, and you might make it. Its not that expensive its YOUR LIFE!

          • The best things come to those who shoot straight!

      6. stack sand bags up inside the house behind every window., especially if you have a brick or block home..it will provide penetration protection for the windows.

        also it will keep flamable projectiles from making it into the home.

        always leave yourself an out..incase they set the entire home on fire.

        perimeter defense is a must, its an early warning system.
        if you have an elevated position on your home, set up a camera on it to see as far out as possible

        Dogs, at least mine is very good at letting me know something outside is moving

        • The method of construction used on most homes in the US offers no ballistic protection. Heck, basic security is just an illusion.
          Newer, hurricane resistant codes in the Gulf states are better. Older brick homes, maybe.
          1/2″ of drywall,3 1/2″ cavity with insulation, a peice of cardboard or OSB and some vinyl siding barely keep out the cold.
          If 223 or 308 start flying your way, run for the hills!
          And knowing how minimal the standards are, I would not recommend stacking sandbags throughout your house.
          Where I live (east coast, flatlands) hunting with a rifle is prohibited. Only shotguns, slugs, or bow.
          If I were building new, there are tricks I would use. But I’m not ripping out the finished walls to install steel plates. It’s bad enough keeping up with the honey-do list. And I’m a builder. (for now!).
          Now, I have considered building an underground bunker.
          But. I have a backhoe, welders and fab skills,concrete forming and placing skills and the room to do it. And the time and expense are still too much. What with trying to pay the bills and my preps.
          My point is; I have the skills,tools and land. And I still can’t justify the expense in time and money.Yet.

          • Most high velocity rounds (.30cal) will zip through mild steel of 1/8 inch thickness. My B-I-L and I were firing a 1917 enfield (30.06) at some steel at a distance of 100 yds. Not only did the round go through the steel but through the 4×4 pressure treated post holding the steel plate. The bullet finally came to rest imbedded deep in a large oak tree trunk 50 ft behind the steel. I’ve watched many videos of 50 cal rounds smashing through cinderblock with normal brick on the front of the block with ease. You might want to think about this before you “cowboy up” and decide that your home will be the alamo and you can just shoot out your windows from inside your house. I don’t think vinyl siding and 2×4 studs are going to help you.

            • You’re correct, though I’m thinking that there won’t be too many .50 cal-toting post-collapse raiders… the rounds tend to run out a bit too fast (and 3-5 of them will go through a literal pound of powder).

            • My son and I were scouting for pigs once, and came across a piece of 3’x 3′ steel plate (in a shooting area). He put a round into it with the AR15 he was carrying to see what happened. Standard 55 gr round – blew right through. Less than .30 cal is still potent …

          • Wow! Rich is right about something… go figure.

            Yep – most homes are not really bullet resistant.

            A solid brick exterior helps greatly though. Don’t believe me? Well, check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cannonball_lodged_in_church_wall.jpg

            That’s St. Paul’s Church, located in Norfolk, VA. The cannonball lodged in the side of it was fired by a British soldier. During the Revolutionary War. 200+ years ago. Now tell me a solidly-built brick house couldn’t stand up to some punishment.

            • Aw,come on now!

            • I wouldnt live in a vynl sided ,stick built home of you paid me to do it.

              I designed and had my home built, I was the Architect, the only vunerable points are my windows, and i already know how to deal with that when the time comes. my home is not typical construction lets just leave it at that

              I also dont have windows in my steel entry doors , sure they look pretty with windows..but have absolutly no security or integrity..that glass in a door might as well be a dam hole!
              .50 cal..well not much out there for contingency on that beast, just hope they dont have one, or run out of ammo or money to get the ammo before i plug them a 1/2 mile away before they get to my front door.

              its all in who has the grit to say WGAF when the time comes, and lay it on the line.
              I might not live much past a week if it all goes nuts, but i wont be going down easy or alone. And that is something people better get square with in thier minds..you can be a pussy and live one day longer, but you die a pussy anyways…not this guy I’ll be on my feet till they are shot out from underneath me, and i still might be pulling rounds until it all goes black

            • OQ,if you live in a church,and get fired on by cannon, your safe

            • Church=house of God. Possibly there was some “other” protection going on there? lol

          • “My point is; I have the skills,tools and land. And I still can’t justify the expense in time and money.Yet.”

            Yes, practical considerations do intrude on the best of plans sometimes. But consider this… the value of an underground shelter will be incalculable when the SHTF. Whether from human or natural action, protecting the family is job #1, and there are few better alternatives than a solidly constructed bunker.

            If I were building a house today, I would take a long hard look at some of the new designs for hurricane country. Many of them are made from concrete and have attractively styled steel shutters for the windows. They combine a conventional house’s living conditions with an above ground bunker’s safety features. That kind of dual purpose approach appeals to me.

        • Perimeter defense is definitely a must. I’m hoping to get a night vision monocular as it is pitch dark at night where I live and most likely when perps would move in to steal or kill. Anyone have a night vision device they recommend? Can’t spend $1500-$2000.

          • @NobodysFool:

            Look on Cabela’s site. They have a wide variety of night vision, and some of it is quite affordable – for now.

          • I bought a cheap ($150) Gen 1 Russian one about 20 years ago, and it is junk. Blurry, and distance is limited to about 30 feet, but it has a 4 power lens and a very small field of view.

      7. There is all out war in the Middle East. Up until Turkey began shelling Syria’s borders; there was only civil war. Now it is all out war when one country invades/bombs/crosses another.

        There is no turning back. No way to stop the death and destruction. Get your preps now. Time is running out and the prices are going thru the roof very soon. Oil prices may soon escalate in the wake of all out war.


        • I’m not convinced that border skirmishes constitute “all out war” but whatever. The fact is that the Middle East IS heating up and it is likely that things soon will get MUCH worse there before they get any better.

          I agree that it is difficult to contain the spread of the war virus. It’s highly contagious and there are large areas nearby that are highly susceptible to it.

      8. Very good article

        Another way to handle looters is to hide in plain sight.

        1. Find pictures of homes that have had a fire in then, get some flat black paint and paint the same smoke damage patterns when the SHTF.

        2. Save lots of empty glass bottles and break them around the home when the SHTF. Maybe board up the windows.

        3. Also save a few bags of old tin cans and plastic milk jugs for the same purpose. Do the same with a few pieces of siding, shingles, and some attic insulation.

        Maybe even burn up a tree or two in the yard. Stick some crime scene tape across the door. Spray paint some gang signs on the outside walls. Let the grass grow.

        Trash the outside, stay safe on the inside. Be ready to defend you and yours.

        • Find something that will rot and give off a bad smell, road kill, dead dog, stuff from the freezer that has gone bad. Throw some old cloths in the yard too.

          Eggs and potatoes really smell when gone bad.

          • For really foul smell use wet spoiled soybeans.

            • Rotten Soybeans!!!

              No, really, people, I’ve done just about everything imaginable with rotting produce, meat, veggies, hay, manure, sewage, you name it.


        • Whatever happened to Bigbore Claymore. He was OK. He carried a .54 frontstuffer and a load of traps with quick triggers.

      9. Looks like you should all go to boot camp since you’re going to use weapons to defend your hoard of stuff. Maybe they will open some civilian boot camps in your area and you can play GI Joe. I have come to the conclusion that none of this scenario will happen in our life times, so the ones who are still sane, relax and stop having visions about killing all the civilians that you think will be at your door. You are being played by the worst of the worst, the ones you help to make rich, the ones who want you to buy this garbage and their crap, after all everyone has to make a buck.

        Here sheeple sheeple, I have a water purifier that you can not survive without, plus some really good plastic food that will last for about a million years. I feel sorry for your kids. Go to church and get a grip.

        • Somewhere there’s a small bridge missing its troll……..

          • Somewhere there’s a kid missing a sane parent/role model. What is all of your morning drills, oh yea, ok kids get on your space suits, little Jonny, even though your six, you can handle a flame thrower. Don’t worry kids, the neighbors will all be toast when the SHTF cause we are a gonna take em out. Then you can play ball among the dead corpses and I’ll just catch up on a little readin I’ve been neglecting. EEEE hawwww, can’t wait till it happens, just wish it would hurry up already, my finger is itchy and I got enough preps to eat like a pig for at least ten years. Go to church and get a grip psychos.

            • Yea, right, go to church. We have read all your posts T boy, and appears your church ain’t workin’ too good for ya. Maybe it’s time to get away from the church of “whatever is working best for me now” and get some good Bible truths. And take eeder with you; he is in need of some good soul searching.

            • T-boy
              I pray that you are right. However, I have got to ask you if you have ever been to a “war zone”, known anyone who escaped from communist country, or has recently visited either Greece or Spain?

              Take the Near East: Turkey is shelling Syria. Turkey is a NATO member. According to the Jerusalem Post Russia/China has warned NATO within the past 36 hours that the shelling must stop. Maybe nothing will happen, or maybe it will begin WW III?

            • OQ….stop. That was a cannon ball arched over, 300 to 400 yds using black powder. It was probably solid shot and not an exploding one with a timed fuse. I got news for everyone here: A .22 calibre bullet went through the outside wall of a friend of mine’s house. It ended up going through an interior wall and falling on the dining room floor. I’d say it still had 85% of its original weight. A bunch of drunken kids who lived down the road from him decided to shoot a round through his house on “a dare”. My friend is a building contractor who built his own house. Vinyl siding, six inch exterior walls with the normal R-19 batt insulation with studs set on 16 inch centers, 1/2 or 5/8 inch drywall inside.

            • My dearest Tommy BOY. Some day when you grow up to become a real man you can associate with the adults. Until then, its best that you run along with the rest of the children outside, with your chalk,and find a game of hopscotch and leave the REAL conversation and decision making up to the grownups. OR……find a pinball machine or something……

        • Sounds like you and eeder woke up on the wrong side of the bed, still holding hands.

          • f off dont tread/durango boy/southern boy/ israboy.thers a aipac meeting in telaviv and boca raton today. go. stay.

          • Don’t tread,

            Another homo joke from a more than likely homo. It seems to me that the supposed men who use this comparison frequently have latent homosexual tendencies that they try to ignore but really can’t. I am not offended or angry over your juvenile remark, you have just shown how gay you really are. Not me though, live and let live, you want to be gay then that is your prerogative I am a self confidant, heterosexual Male who loves women.

            • @ Tommy boy

              I would like to apologize for making a reference to you being gay. I never should have made a comment towards you while I was still miffed at eeder. He is carrying a dose of the “red ass” towards me from a comment i made to him a long time ago and he is possibly an atheist. He is the one doing all the “faggot” name calling. I’d think with a handle like eeder, that rhymes with peeter, he may be the one that is/was having the “homosexual tendencies.”

              I am like you, I love(most) women and always have. I love the way they smell and feel. I love the way they talk, if not bitchin’, and their hair and hands. I can tell more about a woman by her hands than I can her eyes. My woman knows how i am and she is cool with it. She lets me be me and knows how I carry on, even with her girl friends. I make her and them laugh and it’s all in fun, nothing serious or sinful about it.
              Anyways, sorry for the degrading comment, and NO I don’t have queer tendencies and have never been attracted to a man. A goat maybe. LOL. Just kidding.

            • Don’t tread,

              My response was juvenile, I accept your apology and offer you mine. It’s obvious you do love women, but not sure about the goat. That was funny.

            • Accepted.

        • No need for boot camp been there and they teach you almsot nothing. Been thru EoD, Demolition, Light Arms, Advanced Urban, Desert, Artic, Jungle, Advanced Unconventional warfare, Hostile Interrogation trainings, why would I go back to boot camp?

          Pull in your fishing line no troll zone here 🙂

        • I hope your right, I really, really do. Because if this government goes the way of the socialist\communist countries, what do you think will become of your church. Or maybe if we get ran over by Islam, what then. Hide in a corner and pray? Yes keep GOD in your heart, but one day you WILL HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT. I suggest you read what Max Velocity has to offer. No one wishes these bad things to happen. He is just trying to help the people that are questionable about being prepaired. WHATS WRONG WITH THAT! Please respond Tommy Boy

          • Ryback,

            I never said anything about hiding in a corner and praying. When I read some of the posts on here, they sound like blood thirsty psychopaths who can’t wait to live this nightmare. Things are never the way we envision them and all of this talk about booby traps, shoot anything that moves, hoard food and wait till the masses die off. One guy did write how he would be able to sit down and finally get to reading a book that he neglected after the die off. Cold hearted and pretty sick in my opinion. I am not stupid, I have prepped a certain amount but my kids don’t hear any of this crap. I am ready if there is an emergency and I have a pretty nice set up myself. I own land, have farm animals and a big Family that is very close. I can not imagine anyone bragging about killing anything that moves and how cool it is to run down animals in the road so your vehicle smells like death. Very sick and disturbing. In my mind I have come to the conclusion that the only thing that may jeopardize our safety is Mother Nature, whether through earthquakes, sun flares, hurricanes, tornadoes etc. Meanwhile, I will pray and I will call out the ones who speak like ignorant pigs. I do appreciate your post

            • Tommy Boy; I know now you know what to expect. I believe you are a good person. But sometimes the way you go after some of these blogers, well you know. I just want everone to know when it happens, I hope it does’nt, it will be fast, hard, and brutal. I know alot of people think it will be fun and exciting. Oh how wrong they are! There will be some very bad people out there,some you might even know, and you will have to defend yourself, your loved ones,and what you have saved. YES and have charity, there will be alot of good people that will need help. How YOU do it is your call, if your son still wants to join up, point him twards Marines, still a good moral outfit. I”ll probly get shit over that one from everyone lol

      10. Ah I just love when a Rawlesian type prepping high level potentate comes here to tell us what to do. Just love it. Ok first though the information this gentleman has privileged us with is sound, and well thought out, it is impractical on many levels. First is money , it must be nice to afford all this stuff this guy is reccomending. Most of us can’t. Secondly,I have neither the time nor desire to set up feilds of fire and have my own standing army to protect my cans of chicken noodle soup and boxes of bandaids.Realistically, living in a semi rural part of Maine, I realy don’t think that this state is High priority on anybodies list of What Ifs.

        Realyy people guys like this though smart and experienced have a myway or highway mindset. They dangerous in their own right.All one can ask of anybody is do the best you can with what you have .

        • Best comment I’ve read so far.

          • Thank you

        • Chris45,
          What, you don’t have a private army? I thought one came with each copy of the book “Patriots” sold!

          maybe they ran out when you bought yours? (joking)

          • Honest I looked for the prep crew when I bought the book but the clerk at B&K said they had just run out. Ah well always a bridesmaid and never the bride. Humor people humor. I am grateful for the comments. Thanks alot . Be careful and do the best you can.

          • Man I bought that book and checked about the private army offer. And I found out that I needed to send in the UPC’s from 2000 cans of spam to get my own private army.


            • Thats great news, I only need 74 more cans.

            • Hey Highspeed, 10-4 on the cans of Spam.

              I went to the mountain retreat yesterday to do some winterizing and pick my last mess of late Bush Beans. Still have plenty of the Blue Tip variety blooming and vines full.

              Since it was just me and the dog and horses,(little woman was off on a fall festival thing), I decided to run through a semi SHTF situation and not have anything for supper but foods we have stockpiled for SHTF plan. I did fudge with the wheat bread since I had a partial loaf of wheat that was getting stale, for the mutt. We do have mass quantities of wheat grain and a hand grinder for the times to come, but I didn’t see the need.

              I pulled out a can of spam that was a couple years old,(still had a 6-2014 expiration date), pulled a cork from a bottle of homemade Apple wine from two years ago, and opened a jar of homemade hot relish. Fried the spam,put on the relish w/ some mustard on toast and was damn good. Had some of my homemade pear preserves on toast for dessert and was ready for free TV via antenna. Relaxed with free concerts by Jesse Cook (awesome classical/spanish style guitarist) and Santana, absolutely awesome. A couple of “roll your own”, Prince Alberts in a can, and life is good.

              Life in a post SHTF scenario doesn’t have to be horrible. All it takes is planning,planting, preserving, protecting and pleasuring. Pleasures are things that come with very little expense, like homemade wines or beers and roll your own smokes, or having some sweets that are specially for occasions.

              I think too many people get too wrapped up in a doomsday scenario where there is no electricity and everyone is walking around like zombies. Something close to that could happen in certain areas and we should plan accordingly. However; I think the more likely scenario is that there will be a financial/stock market/ dollar collapse, and there will be food shortages and rationing. If you have the basics covered, and live way out side of highly populated areas, you can live a moderately comfortable life with hard work and determination. Spam in a can makes that a little easier.

        • Spot-on.

          The best you can hope for is a lot of improvised stuff, and enough neighbors who have enough weaponry to put up some sort of resistance.

          No effing idea where to get enough (let alone store) concertina wire… kinda be hard to explain that sitting in the garage. :/

          • “No effing idea where to get enough (let alone store) concertina wire… kinda be hard to explain that sitting in the garage. :/”

            Agreed. But one COULD double strand a barbed wire fence and still create a reasonably effective barrier; especially if it had some noise-makers attached to it.

            • Here’s a cheap and easy. A roll of barbed wire and a nose ringer for pigs is all that’s required. When the barbed wire comes off the roll, it tends to coil. Arrange the coil into a ball, clip together top and bottom with the ringer.Half a dozen of these balls will clog a stairway or other tight space. They would be a nightmare trying to cut through.

        • Love this comment by the way!
          Here is where it left me –

          My Camels Back Just Broke!
          This Article Was The Last Straw…

          I will not survive the end of the world as we know it.
          I can not defend my home against invading hordes of Zombies.
          I can not grow enough food in my green house to feed myself and family for a year.
          I will not buy pre-made artificial chemical laden, MSG, GMO, salt ridden instant ‘food?’
          I do not have a BOL or even a BOB or a DH or any other alphabet help.

          I am just a canning, wine making, jamming grandma.
          I think I will pick more blackberries today and then go spend some time with the children and sip a little wine in the sun shine.

          I vow to stop filling my head with articles of Doom and Time Lines that do not materialize.

          If/When a war for resources comes to my door (if I live that long), – The worlds 440 nuclear power plants, 150 nuclear research centers and over another 150 nuclear submarines and ships will be taking out all drinkable water and edible food any way.

          The Gulf is still and again leaking oil you know? And that Louisiana sink hole that has fallen out of most news outlets, well, it is still growing.

          The elections won’t make any thing better or last longer. It will only provide fodder on here for people to debate and argue about.

          By the way
          Fukushima is the end game.

          The oceans are dying and as our oceans go, so goes the planet.

          So, no more money spent here on preps.
          I can get through most minor or semi major emergencies at this point.

          Thanks to all of you for helping me get more prepared for inconvenient occurrences.

          If the gubberment doesn’t take away everything I have set aside for darker times or unemployment, then people like the one that wrote this article will. Or maybe even one of you?

          This is not meant as a put down to any one here.
          I truly mean it when I say Thank You.
          I Feel Free.
          Go Figure.

          • Comment of Chris45 that is.

        • This is another Alamo fantasy.

        • @Chris45 – The fact that you don’t have the money, time, or desire to implement the plan the OP is suggesting doesn’t negate the value of the information for others that may. In similar sarcasm as yours, I just love reading “I can’t afford it, so this is a worthless article” comments.

        • Welcome fellow Mainer!!!

      11. I still think the old truck loaded with burning tires with a 2×4 on then gas pedal driven through ones front door will do the trick .

        Sometimes what you actually do when you hunker down in your house is create your own tomb .

        Before you think about coming in a house, exspecially track houseing to were their are like only 3 models , you can know the layout of those homes before you even attempt to enter.You know if they have sunk in tile tubs or extra storage closits, etc.You also know the best angles to blast through the walls .Example: If you know the major hallways in the house, you can shoot through the walls and pin them in thier respective room locations by focusing firepower through that hallway .Then attack room by room with multiple firepower from the outside and then do a diversion like the fireball truck scenerio on the other side of the house or the gas down the fire place flume , flaming arrows, what ever you can think off .A house is a death trap if heir are only several of you defending it because the majority of people coming to get inside your home will be in multiple numbers and not a few . Another scary thing is those with shake roofs, man are you in big trouble !

      12. What do you guys think the ballistics of ole school stucco with metal lathe.
        Built in the 40-50s.

        • dingo, the stucco is probably brittle by now and will shatter. The metal screen behind it that was used to hold the stucco as it was being applied is probably mostly gone due to rust/time (moisture in the stucco when applied). I’ve been around this type of house when it has been demmo’d.

        • Might stop a .22 dingo, but I wouldn’t want to be on the other side to test it. A 7.62 x 39 round wont hardly even slow down.

          If you want to know for absolute sure what it is, make a mock up of what you have and do some shootin’.

          • And even cinder blocks aren’t bullet proof.

            Anyone with any training will know, 1st shot breaks the brick, 2nd shot penetrates.

            The most bullet proof (and fire proof) exterior I’ve found so far is CEBs. Compressed Earth Blocks. Made from plain old dirt the durability of the blocks is simply amazing.

            A manual machine to manufacture them is about $700US or you can find the plans online if you’re handy with steel fabrication.


          • Thanks guys. I didn’t think of the mock up. I know it will handle a .22 by accident. 😉

      13. Concealment seems to be the only way. This article really hits home as to how fragile a stay in place scenario is. I know I am not the only person out there who is saying I don’t have the resources as described to protect what is mine.

        The alternative to razor wire is booby traps. Sharpened sticks in a covered pit. pre-Planned burn zones. Directing an offense into kill zones. Diversions to force rapid change of attack plans into areas easier to protect. Moltov cocktails are an excellent deterent to charges made by groups. Common household cleaning solutions mixed correctly and pre-positioned using trip wires can also be a alternative as well.

        My point is that there are alternatives to concealment and or cut and running. The truth is that most of us cannot afford modern defenses nor do we have the trained personell at our disposal. You just have to work with what you have.

        • @ Big B…..Exactly. Conceal, hide, camo, and mislead…..For most of us all this article does is point out how much we do not have. Weapons, ammo, training, ppl, etc……All us normal preppers can really do is try to pull out any useful info that pretains to our own situations and adapt any of the info we can to give us a leg up in a SHFT scenario.

          I did enjoy reading the article however just because who knows exactly what kind of a situation you will be in once TSHTF. Unfortunatly being in a situation like this is not outside of the realm of possibility, although I would much rather prefer to keep a low profile and conceal my location.

          • Another key that never, never, never gets talked about here is physical fitness. If you cannot hump a 40 lb pack for at least several hours you will be a sitting duck. And 40 lbs is the MINIMUM……

            I believe most preppers in general have a higher level of physical fitness then the rest of the population but if you have not got out and tested yourself in a while NOW is the time. Make sure you can continiously run a few miles with a pack……….You have to know what you are capable of. I work in fitness and you would be surprised how many people have a false self image of their physical fitness level. I’m not “downing” anyone just trying to make a point. Preps are very important but just like if you cannot defend it….If you cannot move it in a bug out scenario, you DO NOT OWN IT. If anyone would like any basic training ideas please let me know. More then happy to help out.

            • I’ve lost 3 inches of belly fat in 3 weeks using this one crazy trick.. lol 😉

              Seriously, I have. Rasberry Ketones 800mg/day & Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mg/day. Its working for other family members too.

              It’s not like I’m obese, I’m in pretty good shape. Just too much belly fat. Which is very unhealthy. Hadn’t been able to lose it regardless of exercise. Now, I need to buy a new belt and tons of old clothes that I never gave away now fit.

              H/T Dr Oz.

        • Razor wire?? They stopped making wire cutters??

      14. I also have more month than money, and made the choice years ago to go with SKSs. I get a reasonable cost, everybody gets one, most are off books FtoF purchases, minimal training, cross level on parts and ammo. Yes an AR would be semi nice, but one AR only splits one way, and the SKSs when I bought them came out to less than a single AR. Armoring a stick and drywall house is not going to be easy, better to up armor the basement or crawlspace , but who wants to live in a crawlspace? Greyman may be the best approach, invisible by design, nothing to see here, but that would limit wood use for heating. I opted for a kerosene heater, and 55gallons of K-1 that is a 2 month supply, and noone can track the smoke to my doorstep. Cooking will also need to be low smell, to avoid 2 and 4 legged scroungers.

        • Milo

          With you on the kerosene heater. Nice thing about K-1 is that it has a long shelf life. That and some canned Sterno for small cooking jobs.

      15. IMO, BigB is correct. Unfortunately, I will never be able to achieve the level of tactical preparedness that MV touts. One would need to be independently wealthy to do so, or belong to a well organized and financed group of like-minded people….a la James W. Rawles.

        As a suburban resident with limited financial means I will need to survive in place as long as possible. But, very sadly, when push comes to shove, I will probably have to “live like a refugee”.

        I have tried to start discussions with my neighbors about all of the bad things that are happening in the world, but they sadly have their collective heads burried in the sand and believe the “government would never let anyting bad happen”. Their idea or preparing for emergencies is to buy an extra loaf of bread and make sure the lawn furniture does not blow off of the patio.

        We can’t even convince any of our family members to make simple preps, like having at least a 30 day supply of food and water on hand.

        So, we go about our business under the RADAR and pray to God each night that it is all for nothing.

      16. As for me and the little women, we will stay put. We’ve work to hard our whole live’s to bug out. This is our home and we will live out the rest of our live’s FREE. When you bug out you are now a refugee and on the run you will not last long. I’m already dead, the government killed me in 1971(AO). So you see it is over for us. If I was younger and had a family bug out maybe but not likely. I say stay put and make them pay.
        See you all on the other side.

        copperhead out

        • I guarantee if I got one of these for Christmas I would be in better shape by February.

      17. Nice “Rambo” article. No one is coming with an armed force to steal your “stuff”. They will take all your wealth over the next 10 to 20 years by stealing it with inflation. At 5% a year minimum your wealth will be gone in 20 years. Sooner when you lose your job(and you most likely will). Your preps will be eaten up and gone long before that. You need to become sustainable in your OWN food and water if you are going to survive. Unless, of course, you join the military. LOTS of opportunity there (sarc)

        • JRS,
          You have a good point to a degree. You might want to read the book “Surviving the Economic Crash” written by a guy from Argentina.

          Yup they had hyper-inflation, but they also had massive crime problems as well, food riots and looting.

          Sure, the U.S. is not Argentina, but it is not Disney Land either.

        • JRS

          Your standard of living will continue to decline through money devaluation. If the USD looses reserve currency status expect things to get very nasty very quickly. No one with reasonable prudence can discount that from happening. If one scoffs at the possibility or unfortunately the probability of it happening their thought process has been overcome by wishful thinking as opposed to logic.

          Sustainability with a significantly reduced purchasing power is the long term key. Surviving some incredible bumps in the road due to civil unrest and shortages will be necessary along the way. We’re far too advanced to go back to the stone age but a touch of Fred Flintstone will likely appear here and there.

      18. A squad of fellow preppers doing patrols and establishing fields of interlocking fire? Heck, it took me five years to convince one of my neighbors to buy a 9mm to protect his wife and three daughters.


        • Mal,

          I got an answer to your problem. I don’t mean to brag, do what I did, I “gave” both of my neighbor’s a G17 amd Mossberg 500 12 ga.

          Nobody turns down a free gun and this way we all have the same gear.

        • Sun Zu turned women of pleasure into fierce warriors. Sufficient danger will motivate even the most timid to fight for their life once running is no longer an option. Corner a rabbit and it will bite.

          It’s all about when the danger is perceived by the individual.

          • As I recall, he had to cut ones head off to get his point across.

      19. I agree with everyone that what the author recommended is perfect if you’re going to turn your homestead into a modern-day Alamo and make last stand against whoever you think is coming. Not to mention you need to be independently wealthy to buy these items. Sixpack and Eeder, I agree with both of you and anyone else who says do the best you can with what you already have. I bought an M1 Carbine from an individual at a gun show earlier this year for only a fraction of what an AR-15 costs; .30 Carbine will outperform .223. In post-SHTF, no laws are going to be enforced, at least not in the in the initial stage All LE, attorneys, and even judges will be at home taking care of their families just like the rest of us will be doing. Law and order will be gone so it’s going to be “anything goes”. If you’re in a one-on-one situation with anyone who wants what you have or any other bad intentions toward you, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET OUT OF THAT SITUATION ALIVE. DON’T WORRY ABOUT ANY POSSIBLE CONSEQUENCES FOR YOURSELF; IF YOU DO, THAT WILL MOST CERTAINLY GET YOU KILLED! Vigilantism, I’m afraid, will become the new normal for post-SHTF. I dread vigilantism because innocent people can get targeted all too easily. As I’ve posted for other articles on this site, some good things can come out of SHTF. When the smoke clears and the dust settles, i suspect things may be totally different in this country for the better. Only time will tell. Best wishes and keep prepping.

      20. if TSHTF in a major way
        I’m moving in with family members
        and helping form a neighborhood protection group

        ya ain’t gonna survive on your own


      21. Put some nails in some plywood right after some barbed wire hung about a foot off the ground. Intruder trips on barbed wire and falls on a bed of nails.

        Got that from Deathwish 3.

        • cletus van damme,

          Your movie sounds so much better, you know, the one you play in your head all the time. What if it’s your Uncle Joe and he gets nailed? Uh Oh, sorry Uncle Joe but I gots to protect my stuff, hey kids move Uncle Joe out to the back yard with the other stiffs. Ahhh ain’t life challenging when you are such a hero and psycho at the same time?

          • Wrong, I am a prince of the warp here to purge this land.
            All pale before my might.

          • tommy boy and dont tread… youre late for your aipac meeting…the local chapters in tel aviv and boca raton are missing you! go to the light of lucifer boys, bud.

            • eeder, get a life. Aren’t you in Canada? Go fishing or something. With a beautiful country like Canada, I’m sure you can find somwhere to go that’s more interesting than your keyboard and monitor. Don’t you have any friends? It seems like you have a sad life. I “kinda” feel sorry for you, bud.

              Oh by the way, I do love the Jewish Jesus, just not the zionist fake jews. There is a difference!

            • dont tread, there are some things you say that are cool and interesting. and than theres all the rest of your ramblings,and assumptions.

          • TommyBoy…Get a few Unregistered Squirt Guns…Have your priest fill em with Glow in Dark Holy Water!

            Begin squirt/marking ALL kommies and Parasites Now. Once shtf arrives the rest of us will be able to aim for he Glow in dark Marks!

            Be carefull though as many parasitic types are also antichrist tribe and may Melt once hit with holy water…Similar to Vampires when lit up by Sunlite or shown a cross.

            Just be certain they are Un-registered squirt guns..And always carry at least Two!

      22. “The U.S. unemployment rate fell below 8% for the first time in almost 4 years as more found work.”
        Why aren’t you reporting this? This is terrific news! It means our economy is healing.

        • @Davis
          Big whoop, what a suprise, Ovomit had the books cooked to make the employment rate go up before the election.

          How about those 47+ million on food stamps, did The Black Jesus help them any?

          • How about Solyndra, a sheriff, and Lockheed…just to name a few that ain’t talking!!!
            Obama administration to contractors: Hold off announcing layoffs until after the election and TAXPAYERS WILL COVER YOUR FINES AND COSTS!!!

            Ain’t he an ***hole??

        • I hope you are just being sarcastic. No person that has half a brain believes that shit. Look at the source. Just another lie for the liberal liars. As always, trying to lie their way into another term of cushy benefits/payhikes/kickbacks; all on the backs of the American taxpayers.

          • BTW, I’ve stepped on enough toes this beautiful morning here in the foothills. Blue sky and 80 degrees. I’m taking the little woman for a cruise on the old Harley. Enjoy some fresh air whipping thru my hair; whoops i forgot; all I have is grey bristles. It still works wonders for the soul. Freedom. Enjoy it while you still can. Peace to my brothers and sisters in Christ.

        • @ David. Don’t believe it from either side. Each election cycle we go through this crap and each time we all get boned. Read this wonderful article about preparing your defenses for what is coming, because it is coming. To those caught up in the distraction election crap please read the following:

          Those whom continue to use the same methods or stick to the same ideas that continue not to work over and over again, in hopes that “this time” they will work, are doomed to same continuous failure over and over again.
          Each election cycle the same unfounded and desperate enthusiasm over a “new” candidate is exhibited, and each time the disappointment is that much more pronounced. Each new “leader” elected makes worse what the previous leader mauled. Yet each time the people find themselves looking for leadership amoungst a completely failed two party mess. Yet each time the people find themselves attempting the get rid of the cancer of one party only to poison themselves with another form of cancer. Failing to realize that an alternative was right in front them with a third party, failing to even give a third party a chance.

          The end is now here, and even a third party could very unlikely bring the country and the world back from the brink. ANYONE banking on either romney or obama being the one to save the country is certainly doomed to that same continuous failure that over and over again has doomed the country. Enthusiasm should ONLY be for what preparation in one’s own personal life’s has grown to. Candidates’ words and promises are empty as shall be those people’s cupboards that have foolishly taken an optimistic feeling that everything is going to be better after someone takes over or someone that continues to take over, and doesn’t prepare their families. NO prepper/survivalist should reduce their effort to prepare for what is coming for one minute. Both paths lead to the same chasm from either “leader”.

          • “Insanity is repeting the same process over and over again while hoping for different results.” -Einstein

            P.S. Thanks for the seismic info from yesterdays thread.

            • Einstein is an idiot. You can’t possibly associate politics with science. Stupid quote is stupid.

            • @ David. The foundation for the study of cycles thinks that politics, the stock market, science, and much more do follow patterns. The science of math and statistics all go hand in hand with each other. The two party system is like the way the Soviet Union and its satellite countries use to conduct business when choosing its “leaders”. The people have no choice between either or.

              In a “free” country, someone like Gary Johnson doesn’t even get a chance to present his ideas to the people. He files an anti-trust lawsuit that is trashed because the two party system is engrained to accept bad or worse. IF someone like Gary Johnson or Jesse Ventura was not censored and allowed to debate the other two, people would get a fresh new look at someone that gave the people an alternative to the same screwed if you choose the elephant or the jackass. If a good third party had a chance to get some true exposure, maybe it could have been a three person race.

              Yet the same old crap every 4 years, that is not working at all. Like what John said above, repeating the same process over and over again hoping for different results. Einstein was hardly an idiot, some of his conceptions could be wrong like nothing being able to go faster than the speed of light, if tachyons exist this will shoot this idea down. Einstein for his time without the benefit of the internet of more modern science was a pure genius.

              What is stupid is going back to the same failed methods and continuing to use it. The two party system is the picking of the lesser of two evils, that is pure idiocy. Picking a leader should ALWAYS be the picking of the best candidate that is a good leader. They should all be excellent choices. They should be at least 3 and better 4 or more. Yet each time it is picking the one that will do the least amount of harm to the country. That is a totally failed system with results that suck swamp water through the nose.

              I equate the two party system to some imbecile that over and over again tries to break through a brick wall with their head. The imbecile doesn’t have anything upstairs in that skull, so hitting their head over and over again isn’t going to impair their intelligence. Eventually though the head is going to hemorrhage inside and the imbecile is going to drop over dead. This is what has happen to the U.S. picking bad leader after another, with no good alternative, that has sunk this country like a Titanic. That is what I call STUPID.

            • @ BI Could not agree more with your concept on the 2 party system. The thing I hate the most about the 2 party is to keep up the status quo they say…..”Well a vote for Gary Johnson is taking away a vote for Romney.” !!!! I hate this train of thought. It is like saying “Do you want to get punched in the face or gut…..Wait you don’t want either? Well you have to choose one because thats the way our system works.” Head or gut people?

              The only wasted vote is a vote for a candidate that you do not fully support.

              Gary Johnson is polling at 6% right now which is kind of amazing when you consider this question…..Do you hear Gary’s name 6 times in the MSM for every 94 times you hear Obama or Romney??? I truely believe as BI said that if Gary were allowed to speak at the debate he would take off. People are ready for the REAL change that he will bring and TPTB know this and will not let him speak.

              @ David….Come on man you are smarter than “Einstein is an idiot”….Tell us why you feel this way , maybe you knwo something I don’t about him.

          • In leadership there is a need for exercise of authority, but sadly that always shifts to an exercise of power.

        • As reported by the depart of the Easter Bunny

        • Till they come out with the “revised” figures and you will find it actually went up worse than “expected”.

        • David you are a moron if you believe that

          • @ M’73


          • David sounds alot like an AntiSeismic hater.

        • Yeah, Ol’slippery had his ass handed to him on the debate and now he fingerfriggen the unemployment numbers to cool the heat he’s feelin’. Let that worthless bastard burn!


          • @ Ryback

            Undoubtedly, Obama’s shit!

            They say its rough on the neurons & synapses and tastes like Rahm Emmanuel too!

            • Obamas shit is too expensive SIX TRILLION an ounce!

        • You know David….I almost chocked on my lunch when I read your comment!!! You’re kidding right….those numbers are not accurate and if you believe they are…..well-good luck to you!

        • “…The official unemployment rate fell from 8.1 percent to 7.8 percent. So how did that happen?”

          They CHANGED HOW THEY CALCULATED the unemployment rate.


          And that survey showed that the total number of Americans employed last month increased by a whopping 873,000 – almost eight times the number that the employer survey showed.

          That figure for September (873,000) was the biggest one month increase in 29 years.”

          “According to the survey of employers … only 114,000 jobs were added last month…and the U.S. economy added fewer jobs in September than it did in August, and it added fewer jobs in August than it did in July. So according to the survey of employers, the employment situation in the United States is getting WORSE.

          But according to the household survey, we just had the greatest month of job creation since the first term of Ronald Reagan. 🙂

          Something does not add up.”


      23. is there anyone here who believes anything the government says
        when it comes to unemployment or inflation figures??

        ANYONE ???


        “So putting it all together, what does this mean for the true state of the US economy? Recall back in September one of our Charts of the Day was the number of Unemployed and Underemployed for the month of August, which was 25.8 million. Readers may be surprised to learn that when putting it all together, in September this number increased to 26.2 million.”


        AMERIKAN CIA lucifer hilary clunton agent terrorist provocateurs (FSA-free syria army) MORTOR BOMB TURKEY BORDER to antagonize the TURKISH ARMY TO ATTACK KILL CIVILIAN SYRIANS !!!

        (*notice the whiteboy cia agent with the white baseball hat and green assault vest .)

        WTF AMERIKA CIA ???




          I didn’t know AmeriKa was at war with Turkey ???


        • NO ~ I’m glad you’re posting links again. 🙂

          You’ve been missed.

          ~ D

          • what about me daisy?

            • Eeeeeeder!!!! 😀 How are you? Long time, no see!

          • We all missed Travis. Didn’t we.

            • Didn’t you just get finished with forced moderation for harassing NinaO, Facebook?

            • FB – Stop being deliberately obtuse.

              You know you are being a jerk by calling him by a name other than his username. It’s clear exactly what you’re doing.

              I was actually starting to change my opinion about you because you’ve had some really useful input lately but your inability to leave people alone when you dislike them tells me I was being overly optimistic.

            • Are you not voting again this election Daisy?

            • mac, please remove this jewish jackass from our lives permanently.

      25. What a terrific article, this is the type of article that helps people begin the thought process of what is coming. I still say that any urban area is a deathtrap because of the extreme concentration of people. Standing off with individuals that want to take everything you have needs to be, IF it has to be, within an area that has less people. Urban areas also are going to be where people are much more desperate and willing to do anything to get what you have, probably in mass numbers at that.

        Don’t forget there are other means of early detection besides dogs. Like that Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic series, one person deployed birds as early warning. I know some people that have geese, and these suckers see everything and hear everything. A goose is extremely territorial and will take the job of alerting people and guarding “their” place very seriously. Geese are loud also and you can hear when something is disturbing them. A goose will actually boldly go to any unusual sound to see what is happening. Other farm type animals also can alert someone.

        I really liked the idea of lots of bushes and shrubs and trees. The more difficult it is for an enemy to find where you are the better. Any type of way of better hiding yourself. Any supression of your own gun fire will help also, such as sound and smoke from the firearms.

        One thing anyone should consider is “trench warfare”. If you can get the higher ground and position yourself underground, even a couple of feet, no one is going to shoot through dirt. I say also have one of your trusted friends or family members be the enemy trying to break through your defenses and tell you what needs to be improved. Again, this is a nice article and hope to see more of the same in the future as this is coming.

        • Sadly, I have lonf ago know that I can’t just “hole-up” in my current house due to its construction and protect my family. My position will be out in the open and ready to press them if concealment fails. I have provided for this measure and thats all I will say about that. It has been tailored due to my circumstances and surroundings. Whether I fail or succeed remains to be seen. JM2CW.

        • Be informed

          This is all well and good..hypothetically..

          For many of us..the daily routine is a nine to ten hour day going to and coming home from work..if we’re lucky enough nowadays to be employed..
          oh shit!! I forgot todays news that all is fine..unemployment dropped to 7.8% and we’re on a vigorous recovery..

          Never mind…

          I’m selling all my preps on eBay and Craigslist..

          and turning all my ammo and weapons in for “cash for plinkers”..

          over and out


      26. If you are stock piling supplies and believe that someone else won’t want what you have when SHTF you’re a moron. If you think that you won’t need a gun in the near future you’re wrong. The fact is people will do anything when they are hungry/thirsty enough. This guy is giving quality information, but you “know it alls” think that he somehow is exaggerating how bad it will be. Truth is you better think that it could get that bad and be prepared. Don’t tell me you can’t afford a shotgun because if you do you’re a liar. You just can’t accept the fact that you may have to use it on someone in order to protect you or your family. Well good luck to you. All your preps will be for someone else. Do you really think they can keep printing money without consequence. The fact is none of our economists are anywhere as smart as theirs. If our economists knew when the SHTF than everyone would make money off of it. They want to be the one’s making money, which is why you and I will have NO warning signs when the stock market crashes/we default on our debt. If you think it’s going to be a mild situation you need to read Matthew 24 and see what Jesus has to say about this time.

        • Luke 21, too.

      27. Or it means that more people stopped looking for jobs or ran out of unemployment benefits. Those numbers only count people looking for jobs or receiving unemployment benefits.

      28. Proper training is always best, but if you can’t take a class on gun safety, don’t complicate the matter. Get a gun anyway and practice. Remember the basic four rules, 1) treat every gun as though it is loaded, 2) never point the gun at something you are not prepared to destroy 3) Be sure of your target and its backdrop, and 4) Don’t touch the trigger until you are ready to engage the target (threat). Then, line up your sights and shoot. Youtube proper posture and how to clean the gun, then practice, practice, practice. You’ll be lightyears ahead of those that don’t do something to prepare now because they don’t have time or money for classes but will get around to it when things slow down.

      29. I moved to the country away from the metro. Currently building a fortress from shipping containers and CEBs. We grow our own vegetables and have tilapia and chickens. Soon to be off the grid with 4kw. Infrared CCTV cameras provide day and night visibility surrounding the property.

        We are now the bug out location for our family. Everyone has at least 2 routes mapped to get here with a bug out bag including 3 days of emergency food and water, a first aid kit, and a EMP protected VHF walkie-talkie. Each has their own firearms as well.

        With four grown kids with families of their own I count 2 sons with military training and 12 grandsons with martial arts and firearms training.

        In the spring we hope to close on a larger property even further away from the metro that will be our hunting grounds and back up bug out location.

        Prepping is the greatest hobby in the world. We are having so much fun until SHTF.

        • You said the “key” word for having a group/army of preppers: Family! Not just talkin about relatives; cause none of my four brothers or sister have a clue.
          I can’t get to a possible “natural disasters” conversation, much less a total collapse of the financial and economic system that everyone is so wrapped up in.

          The key to having that family is “everyone” and I do mean everyone on the same page. It also takes a leader and person to keep everyone civil and committed to the greater cause of the group. Our group consists of two.

          It is sad, but we know when it gets down to where the rubber meets the road, we can only count on each other.

          You are well blessed with such a family!

      30. When Maudy speaks, you better listen. If things get as bad as we think they will, you had better have several plans. Plan A usually gets thrown out as soon as the bullets start to fly. I recommend you study the Lebanese Civil War in the 1980’s. Look at the neighborhood defenses employed by the various militias. Barricades and tunnels. These were deadly serious groups, many of them still exist today. Prepare and survive, then prosper and multiply. Maudy has spoken.

        • Miss Maudy,

          We are not worthy! (joking)

          You make a very good point, should survival types be preparing to just save themselves, or an all out Civil War?

          Two=one, One=0

      31. In the good ole days I was a truck driver, and I heard rumors there was this truck driver out there who would intentionally run over skunks, opossums, armadillos etc. so his truck always stunk to high heaven. The saying was “it stunk so bad, it would gag a maggot”. Any way this guy NEVER EVER got stopped at a inspection stations or DOT check stations. When he pulled in they would immediately grab their nose and wave him on through. He NEVER got checked. IF you can handle the smell, the rotting meat or rotting skunk smell along with some trash scattered on the yard will keep almost anyone away from your home Guranteed. OR at least they will be grabbing their noses and caughing and gaging as they are coming to your door and there is your early warning something bad is coming (if it can handle that smell)…

        • drbuzzsaw,

          There ya go patriot, git out an kill sum innocent lil varmints an ever thing is gonna be great. Varmints, people, what is the difference when your being a legend in your own mind. Oh I forgot, “all in the name of God” as so many of you like to say, or is it “God help us all” exceptin the lil varmints and peoples thats wants to git my stuff. Amen!

          • @ the T-boy

            Odd how you trannies are attracted to vile stenches!
            The good doctor merely mentions ‘rotten meat’ & suddenly you drool on the keyboard & type shit.
            And what’s with the amen crap? You into giving thanks prior to your homosexual dining experience?
            Damn…you’re a sick one.

            • Anton Hackl,

              Are you out of the closet now, yea I thought so. What’s with all the homo and gay crap from creeps like you? Yea, road kill that you kill is so cool. You are the sick pig. Nothing wrong with my masculinity, but yours is definitely in question. You write like a girl.

          • tommy boy, boca raton, make it happen, make it your home! which is essentially atlantis, you do realize this , right?

        • Doc, Interesting thought! It’s ideas like this that others add to and come up with something of a unique idea. Thanks for the thought!

        • @ drbuzz

          Another good point for having all the rotten stuff around. Look at all the fresh vermin you can have on hand for roasting over the open fire.

      32. hillbuzz.org/daily-doom-antidote-ten-things-to-know-about-denver-debate-last-night-1042012-1042012

        Whoa..this is a good one!!!

        • Holy crap, jayjay…that was awesome! Thank you for posting the link. Drugs would explain a lot about that debate–it just has me utterly baffled.

          • Welcome..it was a jolt to the old ‘everything is hunky dory in d.c. land’..wasn’t it.

            • And we wonder why the world laughs at us..heck, the president of the U.S. is in withdrawal??

        • I don’t think he was on drugs, I think his handlers let him know how softly he had better walk, and exactly what they’ll do if he doesn’t…that would make me look seriously ill too, to know you have no way out and have to do what you’re told even if it ruins you—it’s you OR your family, not both. But that’s just me…

        • It wouldn’t surprise me at all. The Bushs one and two,the Billerys, and odramas are all in bed together. They all have their drugs of choice. It wouldn’t surprise me if the young,black sex slave that GW had for years during the eighties was none other than,… you guessed it.

      33. Off topic. The British Virgin Islands are experiencing an earthquake swarm after three 5.5 and one 4.8 earthquake hit the north mid-atlantic ridge. Most the quakes in the BVI are 3’s. Some are deep and a few are shallow. Something nasty coming?

        • Montserrat will likely burp.

        • @ Satori

          Thank you for this link. Everyone who is even a little bit interested in survival should read what this man has to say on the subject.

          It took my head in a whole new direction.

      34. Come to my house, ever hear the expression, SHOOT THEM ALL LET GOD SORT THEM OUT.

      35. Maudy Fricket,

        I think ‘Be Informed’ has accumulated some info see Oct. 2 2012 lower part of thread on Russian General. More potential results on Aug. 29 at Hostile Takeover 4:55 PM.

        You can do a find under your edit menu type in ‘Be Informed’ as he has quite a bit of information for both articles on the 29th.

        Y’all Beware! Hope this helps. Be Informed, thanks again for your work.

        • Y’all took the “hypocritical” oath and lied.

        • You haven’t been following the dollar index, have you? It was over 84 in July and below 79 today.

          • There wasn’t a recent QE released in July… So compare Septembers to now…Exactly.

      36. A few pointers on perimiter defense:
        1- Never EVER set up trip wires attached to road flares until AFTER you tell the wife where the wires will be.
        2- If you have motion sensors, but no loud alarm connected to them, dont EVER hook them up to the tornado warning siren behind your house, no matter how easy it is to climb that utility pole.
        3- Concerning lights hooked to your motion sensors: anything over 12 million watts is too much light. You’ll really annoy the neighbors.
        4- Just one poorly located ‘tiger trap’ style pit, and the Fedex guy will never come to your house again.
        5- Those brown cotton gloves ($1 at wal-mart) are NOT sufficient protection when installing your concertina wire.
        6- Mannequins with fake blood are okay to scatter around the front yard. But the city will make you remove them after Halloween.

        Don’t ask how I know any of this. I, uh….read it in a book.

      37. Interesting article but most of us lack the resorces to prepart to that digree. I agree that we need to be prepared to defend our family and property but need a more simplistic plan. As for me, there is just me and my wife and maybe a few neighbors to count on. Fortunatly we live in a rural location which gives us a great advantage over those in large cities.

      38. food stamp usage at record highs AGAIN


        “the increase means that more people went on Foodstamps in the month of July than found jobs”

        “Finally, and putting it all into perspective, since December 2007, or the start of the Great Depression ver 2.0, the number of jobs lost is 4.5 million, while those added to foodstamps and disability rolls, has increased by a unprecedented 21 million.”

        • Big Lots had 20% off entire store today–I didn’t really need anything, but added lots to what I have.
          Tomorrow, all day at Big Lots. Good luck, preppers.

      39. My gut tells me that the Russian Spetsnaz and the Chinese commandos will do the dirty work of the NWO. Both remind me of the Japanese atrocities against the Chinese in 1937.

        • They will be plenty busy in Russia and China.

      40. I just ordered 800 yards of concrete, cinderblock and of course 24 tandum trucks of sand, of course to fill the holes in the cinderblock. I have sketched out my fortress. It will be partial underground and have only twp skylights. Of course I will need to order the steel window covering for the skylights. it will be lined in lead and have an underground spring that willl pump the water into my home. It will have an air filtration system and the door will be made from a submarine door. I will leave my horrible stick built home with its’ taupe vinyl siding and live with the moles. Ok now back into REALITY….I wish I came into this prepping thing 10 years ago so I could have done more but in reality MOST (not ALL) people got into this later than sooner. Most of us do not have the funds for a fortress, and if I did I would just bought 50 acres in nomansville and put up a lare brick wall around my home that was made of brick with a metal roof and some metal shutters. Other than that I do not think I would have barbed wire and sink holes in my yard for Gods sakes I am getting old and forget where I put my damn car keys, ya think I would forget where the damn hole was that I dug?

      41. Hey everyone, I know how we can stop these evil banks from taking over. Call on the power of the TSA, they’ll save us. Come on, look how safe the airports are. Not one terrorist has been caught in the airport since 911. That’s because the terrorists knew the TSA was coming to save the day.

        Sometimes the the only way to stay sane is to joke about all this bullshit. I’m really getting tired of this shitstainy shit!!!! Keep prepping and above all get right with the Lord our God.

      42. THEY are thinking divide and conquer.
        PREPPERS: i prepped while you had your jolly old time so when SHTF and you come a knockin…you’re gonna get “dealt” with


        i’m doing the best i can for my family. buying a little bit of supplies we can afford. it never seems enough but we all still try and try and try as much as we can. in my household , there is my wife, my 3 year old little girl and my mom. i toggle between worrying when we run out of food or a few scoundrels trying to break in our home trying to get the last morsel of food around.

        it really is hard to be Rambo and say f*ck it, bring it on MFs when i sit here and watch my little girl dancing around to elmo songs. i worry so much about my girls. there’s a part of me that wishes we all put our differences aside and stand side by side against the enemy…foreign or domestic.

        i remember in the philippines in 1986 during the revolution. my folks both left their work to stand in front of tanks not knowing if the dictator marcos would bomb them to oblivion. (many thanks for reagan for that) my dad never met my mom there. they didn’t even know the other went. they just went. last week i asked my mom wtf they were thinking. they could have left us to be orphans. her answer was short and concise. YOU JUST F*CKING DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

        when finally faced with the proverbial sh*t… would many of us do the “right” thing? or is it all in an island to ourselves?

      43. Preparation is not one size fits all. Some may need little to survive and others may need much more. Preparing for an earthquake or hurricane vs. preparing for collapse, etc. Some preps are overlapping and others are unique to the challenge. Improvise. Adapt. Be flexable. Like Maudy.

      44. wow is there some secret knock that i’m missing here that i should know? my comment just got trashed.

      45. I haven’t seen the paramilitary.Russians,Chinese, UN nor any other foreign nationals heading down my street..never mind the USMC.national guard..nor dhs and any other U.S. agency…and no crips bloods or any other gang members in the local area as well..

        and the internet is chock full of nonsense of this along with east coast bases being evacuated and other such sheer b.s…

        Lets’ get real folks..

        The collapse of our society is a prolonged painful drawn out scenario..

        It will continue to unravel daily weekly monthly as the propaganda permeates the net and airwaves..

        As long as the fed continue qe3 infinitely..we will likely see continuing flash points along the way..

        an ultimate crash is likely..as we witness the spikes in gas prices in Ca and the outfall of food commodities from the recent grain drought kick in shortly..

        But a mad max situation described here with bullets and roving gangs?

        None of us would stand a chance..unless you have higher ground and a complete group ready to stand the perimeters..
        My neighbors are still in total denial mode..all of them..

        Guess I’ll be thwarting them instead…



        • I would not easily dismiss the idea of roving “Gangs”. In the area closer to city in NW WA. There has been an extreme increase of groups casing and hitting houses and building in mass. In the Suburbs Hasn’t gone to true home invasions yet. But I believe that is next.

        • possee—I read a lot of sites..the collapse of the society, esp. financial collapse, isn’t making the headlines.
          Try Nibiru.

          • Nibiru..

            Isn’t that the home planet whence the “mother ship” of Louis Farrakhan hails from?

            and hundreds of you tubers posting videos from all over the world of rising and setting dual suns?
            That’s about as absurd as Al Gore on global warming and rising seas..



      46. The most effective perimeter defense you can have is friendly helpful neighbors surrounding you.

        • You are correct and in most can overcome almost all the short coming of a defense plan.

        • here in the suburbs of southern california, you can go years before meeting your neighbors.

        • Kevin2 says:

          The most effective perimeter defense you can have is friendly helpful neighbors surrounding you..

          That’s the problem..my neighbors will be surrounding me awaiting the ptb to whisk us away..

          I am surrounded by the same types that turned in their neighbors during Hitlers rise to power..


          • Possee, I want to thumbs up you a thousand times. Me too.

          • Move

            If it is that bad there is no excuse you can use to stay.

      47. Hey Smokin how are you. I saw that you were guessin what Snoops name will be next I heard form an inseider he will change his name to Snoop pee. I just thought I would shar some highly impetative information with you. With all the silly things going on I knew it was of paramount imprtancce to share the HIGHLY needful infor about hollywood. I mean for goodness sakew how can we survive life without knowing such matters. Thanx for your humor I shared the phrase “electile dysfunction tonight with freinds and the almost fell off of the sofa laughing soooo hard I kid ya not. Thanx for ALL the laughs ya give to me!

      48. Go Braves.

      49. So basically, if we ever get to the time and place where people are having organized attacks on your dwelling, then 99% of the preppers will be dead.
        Firing positions, sandbags, body armour, firing positions. . . If that is what is needed to defend my little house, then life is not worth living at that point. Come and take my crap all you want.

      50. Possee is correct. this is going to be a slow bloodletting. i went from filling up my civic wagovan with $38 last month to $50 this morning. i was noticing the weekly sales of cheap pork cuts due to the kill offs of livestock. soon that will be a distant memory. went to walmart to by 3 quarts of motor oil. what used to be $2.57 a quart my last oil change is now a whole dollar more. they have their little ways to fool you in to thinking things haven’t changed much. changing bacon to 12 ounces instead of the 1 lb packages. if you are still waiting for it to hit the fan….think again. it is already doing so.

      51. OFF TOPIC I just read about the new bill in re of prepping for mass casulties. I was thinking it is odd they ordered all of these hollow point bullets by the millions. But stranger still is this bill in re of mass casualties considers a presons religion for the burial. Now I try to be impartial and detatch and just think things out in a logical fashion. IF let us say that the gov is going to go on a mass killing spree towards us why in Gods good name would they care about how to bury us? This makes NO SENSE. If this was going to be a free for all like many including myselfhave thought why would they care about how to bury? MAYBE just throwing this out there, we may be in a place that enemies are going to be calling in the debt and the only way to collect is a take over, boots on the ground and MAYBE we are preparing for defense. I mean think about it for a minute, all these seperate agencies having guns maybe for defense? Maybe FEMA camps possibly are to keep some of the survivors left after an attack. I mean if this were the gov killing us they would just throw is into one big hole would they not? Even the info on these millions of coffins why would they bury us in an actual container and not just dig a hole? Makes no sense to me at all. And we have NOBDY to defend us, us as in the citizen because every country pretty much hates us. So when I figure this into the other things I get back to they have no use for a burial at all. I am realy starting to think and believe that it is a good possabilty that we are in for forein troops to be here to take what is owed to them. Maybe I am really just stupid and have no clue but i just see no need for coffins and religion to be considered if there were to be a mass killing of us by our gov. They have nobody to explain to why we were killed because no other country would really care and they have no need for coffin as disease does not spread after death contrary to popular beleif. And religion and or a ceremony or even a prayer would not even be thought of by a monster who is out to just kill mass amounts of people. I am not saying our gov is not corrupt but something seems a little odd with this and I am just trying to think out of the box a little Keep on keepin on

        • Occam’s razor

          Clearly no one knows with 100% certainty what is coming down the pipelines. All we can do is take the evidence of events around us and project what we believe is to be the cause and following effect. But who is to say what is the simplest explanation here. Maybe yours is…maybe not. Only time will tell.

      52. NWO, Crazy for Coco something. Red Queen to Jokers left/ TPTB taking over. Run Hide. Just Joking. Crazy Mo-Fo

        Any way. Every situation is going to be different. In the burbs, in the city, in the country and in the wilderness. Then it is just not location it is the scenario and the unfolding time line before having to take any action at all. The missing three meals like a financial meltdown would be a 24 hour evolving situation anywhere you are and should give you and yours time to consolidate your position and resources if agreed upon before.

        The big exception to this of course is a natural disaster which takes any warning or consolidation time frame out of it.

        I guess my point is that we can all prep and plan all we can but until the situation becomes critical and a now it’s happening there is always some thing we could have done. Just have to do the best you can and adapt as best you can. By the way broken glass may be as valuable as gold come the day. Great perimeter defense.

        You ever heard of putting crushed glass in bottled soda or booze and leave the bottles laying around like they were dropped in a panic? Not a quick kill but is a real painful way to die. No simple fix for that one.

        • I Africa that is very common practice. The glass in bottle.

          • Glass from a light bulb is the best equipment for that tactic.

            • Yes light bulb is best smaller thinner and even if they realise ther eis glass int here after a quick gulp the few shards that get down will destroy thier way out. Old trick from Asia. Just like the small glass rods:) One day will explain the home made drop bombs if you all don’t already know how they were made.

      53. you know we live in a society where our morals have shifted. sure there were murders back in the great depression, but people were helping each other out. from the sound of it, now we are all amped up to shoot and kill during a collapse. the great depression people had guns and even automatics but most helped each other and didnt steal that often from each other, at least the majority of the people. we have too many people that are different backgrounds and if this is what it comes to, its not worth it to do all of this. Im a gun nut and a survivalist but we gotta get good morals with each other but im afraid its changing for the worse with each other anymore.

      54. clint


        We live in a society consumed by either the red team or blue team allegiances…and they will quickly turn on the opposition for the next meal ticket..

        Especially those who are prepped..

        OPSEC is the key ..


        • As you all said here those who control the food control the populace. Prep harder. Store more then enough. When the beggers come offer them a spot and only if they work for it. Do not put them on guard duty. Do not arm them. Do not trust them. But use them. Is fucked up but hey from a tactical standpoint it is better to have the non core members of the grp out and about doing the work when it is dangerous. Never said I was a nice person. Also do not treat them like prisoners or slaves. Its just everyone works no one quits.

      55. Odd Topic…

        EPA Recruiting Children for ‘Energy Patrols’ at School

        “student energy patrols to monitor and inform others”

        What is the next step … to reward children for monitoring and informing on their parents?


          • Junior version of “see something..say something”..

            There ‘s always at least one in every crowd.


            • He was always the one to get his ass beat after school on the way home.

        • They already do that. I sold out my mum when I was a young lad at 5 years old. I didn’t know any better. They were asking me(and everyone else) if we had ever seen our parents with (pictures shown of pipes and joints), and then asked if we had ever smelled something strong and nasty. That got her and many other mothers in trouble. Luckily the police weren’t informed.

      56. Scare tactics ..is it all they know? aparently

        read the line where it says the only thing going down is my paycheck and membership..so is it ever about the city and people you are supposed to be working for?..again aparently not

        unionizing the police force was a huge mistake.
        militarizing the police, another huge mistake..
        allowing the court system to opperate as they currently do is ciminal.

        catch and release isnt working..the next person approaching you may just have the full on intent to waste you, and take what ever it is that you have.

        collapse and The S hitting the fan is already happining for some, and in some areas..it is a slow creeping Shit that can make it to your front door..eventually

      57. 🙂

        • Not meant for anyone..just testing…:-S

          • jj, best post ever, great job! I give you a big thunbs up! Keep up the good work!

      58. @ David,
        “Y’all took the “hypocritical” oath and lied.”

        Well David I ROTFLMAO!

        So far you are 4 to 64 on your comments on this topic.
        So, what is your point?

        Y’all Beware! Please let me know. I have a whole hog cookin’ and the best news – y’all ain’t invited.

        • You’d be wise not to piss me off. Beware now = )

      59. Greetings!
        Very detailed article,kinda on the order of “Patriots” book.Might have been a good read except Far too many lines wasted on gun details(he should’ve just put the weapon details at the end as a epilogue).This is a classic Alamo article,not really useful anywhere but in the “sticks”.Even then if you do everything his says,your place WILL stand out like a light in the forest.When the flash mob/thugs arrive in your ‘hood,the best you can do is exit stage right,taking as much as you can.Carefully hide what you can’t,and(if possible)cautiously return after they finish ransacking your area(as a knowledgeable prepper you should be able to stay “concealed” for a week).Alamo’s are always a NO WIN.Just ask the guys at the first one.Makes for a good Saturday after church movie.Not so much so in real life. Taking out ten to twenty of them and dying the “heroic” death is NOT good math.Not if you’re a prepper who wants to survive.
        If you have a possible death-wish however…..
        It’s as I see it,to each their own.
        All the Best
        Hope EVERYONE can stay dry and warm with food for this day.

        • @GrayFoxGreen…..

          “Fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity.”

          –Gen. G.S. Patton–

      60. Can anyone tell me if Martail Law is declared between now and the day of inauguration, will that even take place? If not this maybe is why the Big O is not worried.

      61. You didn’t happen to watch the old 1984 movie “Red Dawn” on the Military Ch. last night (10/06/12) did you?

        At the end of the movie, the host of “An Officer And A Movie” the regular Sat. night Mil. Ch. movie host “Lou Diamond Phillips” stated the following quote.


        In an interview back in 1999, John Milius said that people often ask him what he thinks about Red Dawn now that there is no more Soviet Union.

        He said, “that movie wasn’t about the Soviet Union, that movie was about the Federal Government!”

        End Quote

        John Milius was the Director and Co Author of Red Dawn, co authored along with Kevin Reynolds.

      62. Excellent article — one of the best presented here! A few centuries ago, many early Americans who ventured outside of settlements and cities worried about enemy assaults, too. Back then, though, it was a different kind of assault — attacks from the Natives. Several of my ancestors lost their lives at Fort Seybert when the small fort was overrun by Indians in daylight. In the mid 1750s, a number of the fort’s pioneers were away, leaving the fort under-manned for the surprise attack. They simply let their guard down and lives were lost.

        Centuries later, we have advanced our weapons and gadgets but those basics still apply. Of course, nowadays, who lives in a fort (aka compound, retreat)? And few of us have the ability to harden our homes as we might like to. Retrofitting our homes to create an impenetrable fortress is too costly for most people, which leaves most of us with some add-on choices — we must choose well! One item not mentioned is the importance of having a fire retardant, as a prep/precaution. (We have FireIce spray gel.)

        For assault protection and perimeter defense, most of us simply do not have the small army trained and at-the-ready to defend ‘the fort’. This is where cunning and strategy are critical because waiting for an assault puts the odds against the defender.

        Unless people are in organized retreats, planning for an assault will continue to be problematic for most preppers. This topic should be covered often, imo. Each of us can prepare as best as possible but if we fail to persuade others to stock extra foods and supplies, how in the world can we persuade them to learn strategy and practice drills for possible home invasions?? In our situation, we will only gain manpower when the situation forces them to join us.

        Just my thoughts…

        • Okay, so … I have actually learned something from you. The FireIce looks intriguing. Will have to research it more. Thanks for your post.

      63. * Be Informed*

        A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck in the Gulf of California off the Mexican coast early on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey said, with initial reports suggesting it caused no casualties or significant damage.

        The quake was centered 57 miles southwest of Los Mochis in Sinaloa, Mexico, at a depth of 6.3 miles, USGS estimates showed.

      64. Unbelievable…

        Supreme Court case: Right to resell your own stuff is in peril

        It is “being challenged now for products that are made abroad…”

        “…if the Supreme Court upholds an appellate court ruling, it would mean that the copyright holders of anything you own that has been made in China, Japan or Europe, for example, would have to give you permission to sell it.”

        “It means that it’s harder for consumers to buy used products and harder for them to sell them.”



        • lol they can fly thier asses from china to my garage sale and tell me in person 🙂

      65. For evil SWAT teams, fill empty bullet shells with white flour and gasoline, and fire it from a hot air compressor. Wear chain link sweaters made from BSA beltloops.

      66. If they come in peace then they can leave in peace, but if they come with the intent on raping and murdering, and plundering my home and property , all bets are off and I will protect my family using any means at my disposal and that includes the police to. I dont trust even the police to do what is right anymore,many of them are ignorant dumbed school kids with no knowledge of our constitution. I will do what ever it takes to protect my self against them also, any means.

      67. Some fishing line ( 8, 10 lb. Tess) with treble barbed fishing hooks tied every few feet will make a fairly inexpensive exterior defense perimeter, or an addition to other perimeters.

      68. I feel like we are the modern day Indians…

      69. what ” max velocity ” fails to take ino account is that any defensive position needs a large amount of preparation to be effective and if you are talking a seige situation the odds almost never favour the defender as the beseiging force gets resupply even if just by scavenging while defenders run low on ammo . water, food, med supplies  in europe almost every castle laid seige to eventually fell as hunger and diasease set in ( in some seiges rotting corpses were catapaulted into the castle to speed up the onset of diasease ) and the more gunfire the more people will turn up to see whats happening so outside numbers will increase while defenders numbers will inevitably decrease as casualties mount dead bodies inside will need disposal while wounded will tie up personell use meds and water , not just for drinking but sterilising and cleaning also how will human waste be disposed of when you cant go outside the perimiter to get rid of it

      70. ” max velocity is full of shit !!!”    people arent selected for the parachute regiment they all volunteer the only qualification needed is the iq of a tree .  also the us armed forces wont accept foreign nationals .period . what you have here is clearly a writer/journalist spouting facts/ tactical jargon learned from a selection of books . a more accurate picture can be had by looking at the bosnian conflict or in an extreme case somalia of heavily armed militia/ outlaws .mad max 2 anyone ?    

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