Living With Snipers: The Reality of Collapse *Photos; Video*

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    [Man runs from sniper in Homs, Syria. 2012]

    What does it look like when your relatively safe, stable and secure way of life is plunged into chaos, disorder and violence? Though history is replete with examples of entire civilizations collapsing for various reasons, we need only review the events of the last century to see how quickly modern-day society can devlolve into hell on Earth.

    Whether the cause is a natural disaster, economic and monetary calamity, political revolution, or armed conflict, the consequences for the general population can be severe.

    When just-in-time food and medicine distribution systems fail, utility infrastructures crumble, emergency response becomes non-existent, and the rule of law becomes unenforceable, only survival will matter.

    Selco of SHTF School, who survived the war in the Balkan region during the 1990’s, recounts how everything changed after TEOTWAWKI:

    Nothing is like it was before. When you defend your home you need to have [a] mindset change. Home is not [a] cozy secure place anymore. Home is the place [in which] you chose to defend yourself and loved ones. You will feel very different about the place you used as defensive base forever.

    Via: Being in a city under siege

    When you live in a grid-down situation, especially in the midst of armed conflict, the necessities for life that we take for granted in the West become a daily struggle, often requiring you to put your life in danger. The following pictures were recently taken over the course of a week by Mulham Al-Jundi in the eastern Homs neighborhoods of Syria, where shelling, killing and unrest are taking their toll on the civilian population.

    We reached Al-Jundi on Skype, as he was recovering from being shot in the leg by a sniper.

    “Snipers have tried to shoot me so many times,” he says. “Today, they got their goal.” He was treated in a poorly-equipped field hospital, much like the one he photographed earlier in the week.

    Before he had to go back to resting, he expressed anger that kids were out in the streets, selling cigarettes and gasoline to get by. “They should be in school!” Schools, of course, are closed for the time being.

    Source: France 24

    Homes damaged from shelling and gun fire. The streets are riddled with debris:

    The power grid and maintenance services have collapsed. Residents create burn piles and bonfires to stay warm. Trash accumulation will lead to unsanitary conditions and disease.

    Food is scarce. Residents complain that there are no fruits and vegetables to be had. Those with the ability to do so provide direct commodities like bread, eggs, gas, meat and even cigarettes for sale or trade.:

    Photographer Mulham Al-Jundi before being shot in the leg by a sniper. He tweets “A sniper is right behind me!” :

    The other perspective. Syrian snipers take aim at ‘rebels’ :

    (Video hat tip The Prepper Website and Selco)

    Video Report: Syria: the horror of Homs, a city at war

    If The United States were to undergo a paradigm shift like that which have seen in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans, or any number of countries and regions in the last hundred years, including World Wars I and II which changed the face of the entire world and claimed the lives of over 100 million people, everything will change and the entire system in which we live, including our conceptualization of the laws by which society and civilization are supposed to function, will be turned on its head.

    No matter how much we prepare for the expected and unexpected, when the laws of society and humanity break down no one is really ready for what the singularity of collapse will bring.

    Selco Recounts: Being In a City Under Siege:

    Some dark memories hide deep inside of me. Not easy to get to them. But this is one that came back.

    My friend got caught with his comrade in one house, actually two of them are left something like behind enemy lines, in basement of destroyed house. Enemy group, some 150-200 men was doing sweeps through that street, robbing, and killing civilians who had no time to run. He said to me that they spend two days in basement, covered with all kinds of junk, watching outside through a small opening, few meters from opening was a corpse of girl, maybe 10 years old.

    In order to see if somebody is coming to their basement, one of them needed to be constantly on that small opening, watching. He said he managed to watch atrocities that those people did to civilians and somehow push that deep inside his brain, over the time, to put these memories away. But to stare at dead kid, all the time, with her eyes wide open, blond hair, he almost lost his mind.

    One of them had a pistol and few bullets, other one had a rifle , 30 bullets and homemade grenade (made from unexploded tank grenade).

    They make agrement, if they see enemy is coming to the basement, they gonna fire everything and blow themselfs with that grenade. Nobody came in basement, burned house was not interesting for other guys. After two days enemy group just pulled back.

    While difficult for many to accept, societal breakdowns are a common occurrence on our planet. They happen more often than governments of industrialized nations and the mainstream media like to admit. Often, entire populations of cities, regions and countries are thrown into impossible and unimaginable circumstances.

    The world as we know it today, with all of  its current political, economic, financial and social instability may very well be on the brink of a wide-spread, historic collapse of unprecedented proportions.

    Worst case scenarios have happened before. For many, they are happening tonight.

    Let history be our guide. Let current events be our warnings signs. One day the worst case scenario may not be just a hypothetical event.

    Special thanks to Todd at the Prepper Website and Selco at SHTF School.


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      1. America in the coming years????

        • I sure hope not. I don’t know how to live so uncivilized. I guess you do what you have to but these people have been like this for thousands of years.

          • I’d like to think America is different. We’re made of tougher stuff. That there’s enough rugged American individualism, independent spirit, and faith in the true God, that we’d fair better than other countries…especially the middle east.

            I’d like to think that, BUT the entitlement culture and rampant indoctrination has changed SO many of us.

            IMHO ~ The northeast and west coasts will be the most terrifying in a SHTF. Hopefully the “fly over states” will fair better b/c we still “cling to our guns and religion!”

            God Save our Republic!

            • I moved away from the “fly over states” to get away from that particular collective program; RELIGION and the “true God” attitude (our God is better than your God). Not that that’s what you are saying RWM. But it’s one scary, self righteous crowd when push comes to shove.

            • “But it’s one scary, self righteous crowd when push comes to shove.”

              I KNOW…cut in front of that blue haired lady at the Baptist pot luck and IT’S ON!!!

            • How utterly disordered to think that “rugged individualism” is compatible with “love thy neighbor as thyself” Christianity. How schizophrenically Protestant.

            • Been to Idaho RWM? We’re not west COAST, but the Western states are plenty fortified, and we’ve got mountains that you cannot imagine unless you’ve hiked ’em. China could bring its entire army to the west coast, and it would break on the west side of the Rockies. (Not suggesting I’m afraid of China invading, just sayin’.)

            • RWM, I think there are many Americans ready to face the storm head-on with the resolve of a block of granite and with the patience of a block of ice. There are also those will crumble as soon as they see the internet and their iPhone no longer function.

            • Rugged individual + faith in a selfless God + self sufficiency + being prepared =
              allowing that individual to be able to help others.

              This is why America is the most generous nation on earth. It is also why I’m optimistic that WE will survive a SHTF event better than the rest of the world.

              We are STRONG….We are AMERICANS!

            • “rugged American individualism”

              This is one of my biggest worries, that our “individualism” will backfire, that people’s egos will get in a way at the worst possible time.

              But I always hope for the best.

            • RightWingMom the biggest Welfare-wanglers I’ve ever had the displeasure to be around have been white, self-identified Conservatives/Republicans in flyover areas.

              Where I grew up, yer White, you work the most Dirty Dangerous Demeaning jobs and for less. White means you work, and you get NO slack.

              But out there in Welfare-wangler country, I guess they never had to work for a living, prove themselves, etc.

              I’m glad to be back in California where gov’t dependency is low (look it up!) and at least a good part of the population is used to earning their keep.

            • Were made of “tuffer stuff”? I would like to think so, however how many women under 35 do you know how to cook? Can or jar food? How many friends of your hunt or know how to gut or clean anything as far as game?

              On your block how many are ready?

            • RWM,
              I wish we didn’t live on a soap bubble, and I truly wish I knew the right answer. You are right about the entitlement culture, but I also know that Church people can be the meanest people in the world; most do not have true convictions, only preferences. And, God help you if you park in THEIR spot, sit on THEIR pew.

            • EA, even christianity is under attack from within. Don’t broad brush us christians “self righteouscrowd”.
              Theology is God centered.
              Religion is man centered.
              America’s heritage begins with christian values.
              John Q; is it the supposed schizo protestants that are robbing you of your freedom?
              The article isn’t talking about religion it is an example of shtf in another area of the world. And if you are going to fight for your life it’ll be to your advantage to have christians(protestants) as friends.
              Remember; the atheist didn’t establish this nation, they only come to kill,steal, and destroy it.

            • Where you live when the SHTF, is where you’re supposed to be. I hope we all fair well.

            • Right Wing Mom,

              Your math is as poor as your observation of your confreres here. The self-centeredness of “rugged individualism” is NO formula for Christian charity, especially having observed the pervasive threats expressed on this forum of violence against the needy. All the I-me-mine threats here, even expressed against friends and family, does not have the fragrance of charity.

              You say: “We are AMERICANS!”

              Compare that self-centeredness with:
              “There is neither Jew nor Greek: there is neither bond nor free: there is neither male nor female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

              Are you one IN Christ Jesus? Or are you of the many APART from Him?

              Protestants—what a confused crowd they are.

            • John Q. Public,

              I think sometimes we use words and we perceive them totally differently.

              As I read through this conversation, I get the sense that when you say “rugged individualism” you’re thinking about how that trait in others makes them selfish. When RWM says “rugged individualism” she’s thinking about how that trait in herself helps her “earn her keep”. Again, that is just my impression, I could be wrong.

              I agree with the verse you quoted about “neither Jew or Greek…” and find it slightly hypocritical that you keep using the term “Protestants”. In the spirit of the verse you quoted should it just be “Christians”, not Protestant, Catholic, or any specific denomination of either?

              Finally you are discussing charity and while I think we should be charitable, that charity should be tempered against 2 Thessalonians 3: 7-10 which says:

              “7 For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example. We were not idle when we were with you, 8 nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you. 9 We did this, not because we do not have the right to such help, but in order to offer ourselves as a model for you to imitate. 10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

              It is my opinion that when you mesh that verse from 2 Thessalonians with the one you gave from Galatians 3:28, you end up with the correct image of what “rugged individualism” should represent.

              Just my thoughts.

            • I don’t think we’re “better” because we’re American.

              To the contrary, I suspect most of us will not fare so well. The present generation of Americans cannot be compared favorably to those rugged souls who settled North America, or who crossed the continent as they did, laying the foundation for our civilization here.

              It gives me no pleasure to say so but most Americans today are selfish, self-centered, and weak, both spiritually and physically. In times of crisis most will expect someone else to rescue or save them, especially the “authorities.”

              Don’t kid yourself: very few will have character to accept what is happening and take personal responsibility for their own selves and welfare. In fact, I expect the majority to cheerfully trade away what little remains of their liberty and prosperity as long as someone (anyone) promises to take care of them.

              One more thing: anyone FOOL enough to believe that a bunch of American civilians armed with rifles could defeat the PLA knows less than ZERO about the PLA and has never dealt with them. They’re a _very_ well-trained, well-armed, well-led and capable force and command respect.

            • As I said before, how utterly disordered to think that “rugged individualism” is compatible with “love thy neighbor as thyself” Christianity. How schizophrenically Protestant.

            • Blue Horizon,
              Thanks for cogent comment.
              I would argue that the rejection of Protestantism (and Judaism) is perfectly consistent with Galatians 3:28—rejecting the one Church that Jesus Himself founded does not fall under the rubric of being “IN” Jesus Christ.

            • Blue Horizon, a bit more (I was interrupted by some of that 2 Thess chapter 3 labor 🙂

              Firstly, let me say that, in the context of our “_IN_ Jesus Christ” discussion, you might also have included verse 6:

              “And we charge you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you withdraw yourselves from every brother walking disorderly, and not according to the tradition which they have received of us.”

              I would certainly argue that Protestants who eschew the Apostolic traditions with their totally non-Biblical “sola scripture” are “walking disorderly,” hence OUT, not “IN” Jesus Christ. I am sure that is unwelcome to Protestant ears, but it is the truth, not lies, that set us free.

              That said, yes, I can certainly agree with verses 7-10 that sloth is a vice.

              In the context of all the selfish and violent commentary I have seen on this forum, it is difficult to take “rugged individualism” as prima facie consistent with Christian (a.v., Catholic) charity. Perhaps Right Wing Mom is charitable and means to promote charity. If so I laud her, but there is far more selfishness and violence voiced here than charity.

            • Unfortunately, I’m afraid our tougher stuff consists of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc. If one can’t run to Wally World, people will panic. If people can’t text, tweet, or do facebook, people won’t be able to function. No smart phones, no can do. No i-pads, oh my gosh. That is our country’s weakness, especially with the younger people.

            • Amen sister!

            • Sadly most would not survive if it got as bad or worse than the 1930’s. so many on the dole & on prozac.

              Like a pet dog or a cat most of us open a can and heat it up for our food, never having to hunt and prepare our food.

            • So what is it going to be?



              Is it working in Syria, Egypt, Libya? In the U.S.A. guns are a religion and I suppose John Wayne is the prophet.

          • November 24, 2004 “Captain R” murdered a 13-year old Palestinian girl, Iman Alhamas, by pulverising her little body with some 20 bullets as she lay on the ground. ‘We should kill even three year old children, too, he said to his soldiers.’ A military court actually gave him some $20,000 as an encouragement bonus, and he was promoted to the rank of major. He enjoyed coming back to Gaza, he told Maariv newspaper.

          • Are you a

            Sheep ? to Slaughter

            Wolf ? the Criminal

            Sheep Dog ? the Protector

          • These people would also drag you up the street behind a truck if given half the chance. They have been burning our flag and bible for many years now. They want help in Syria and now we are going to help them? And who are we giving the guns, money and food to. The F$%^&ing Taliban. And YOUR tax dollars are going to pay for it. Hey don’t get me wrong here. I feel for the children only because they are not brian washed yet. But to support an oppressed peoples that within a second would slit your eyes out. Not for me.

          • Actually the Middle East has only been in turmoil past maybe 100 years, they use to be very developed until the United States started funding dictators then starting wars with those same dictators.

        • Great question SmokyMtnLady. This is not a critique, but your question brings me back to Ayn Rand’s famous quote, “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

          Any government and financial system can fail IMO. They are never too big to fail. The more complex and advanced the systems, the longer and harder they will fall in a top down collapse.

          The U.S. finds itself in the early stages of what Greece is experiencing today. To correct the structural fiscal problems we must cut government and personal spending, reduce and deleverage credit and debt. However, with government spending accounting for at least 17-20% of the national GDP and the Federal Reserve being forced to buy over 70% of the debt being issued by the Treasury Department, any reduction in government spending would plunge the US into a deep depression, if we aren’t there already.

          Fixing the structural fiscal problems is the relatively easy part, dealing with the psychological, social, and violent backlash from the entitlement spoiled public that would be sure to follow, there’s the problem.

          • High Roller said: To correct the structural fiscal problems we must cut government and personal spending, reduce and deleverage credit and debt.

            Guy, if we could only believe there were a way to pull away from the abyss. Many perhaps most, of us think no. There is no stopping what is coming. Every action by government only temporarily staunches the coming hemorrhage, letting the pressure build. There is no magic relief valve, and the cooker is about to blow. Your only chance is to prepare because you and your genetic line depend on it. The more people you can gather of trust, good faith, and strength of character, the more likely you will make it. One family alone is lost. God Bless.

            • Exactly. We are toast.

            • Lord Insidious, I believe you are 100% correct. In 2009 when I began to look closely at the “forensic evidence” of the 2008 banking meltdown, and saw that the government was almost entirely to blame, I gave up believing in a solution. The solution to this problem cannot come from the same well that created the problem.

              The solution seems very logical, but without the political courage to attack it, no solution will be forthcoming. Each new attempt by the government is having less and less effect, so we see the intervals between government market interventions becoming shorter and shorter.

              As a friend said to me in 2010, “knowing the timing of a crisis is irrelevant when compared to the knowledge of knowing there IS a crisis coming.” Stay safe out there and God Bless.

          • High Roller, good perspective. The normal take is that fiscal correction will effect “the other people”, the people accepting gov hand outs, but the reality is that the treasury bills, petro dollars, and taxes are the revenue streams feeding the whole trickle-down economy – and many there are that dip from that gov subsidized well. To stop the credit-spending at that level, at the head waters, will cause an austerity backlash that will effect nearly everyone except those truly living off the land. Get ready to live off the land (the natural grid).

            • jpl_texas, you’ve hit the nail on the head. When the credit/debt bubble finally corrects itself lower, every man, woman, and child is going to be affected who is still dependent on the grid. With the possible exception of nomadic tribes in Africa, South America, etc. and folks who are off the grid, everyone who’s left will feel the effects of the fiscal collapse. Stay safe out there.

        • I’m hoping not either.

          I suspect that in larger towns, that’s exactly what would happen if society went ‘splat’. And this is why I moved… At least in a smaller, somewhat isolated town with zero strategic or tactical value, the residents can get together and cut the few roads (read: bridges) that can reach here.

          OTOH, I was thinking… the snipers are there as ‘representatives’ of something – usually a government, army, faction or what-have-you. They’re in place to deny the operation of the area to everyone within range.

          In a situation where the government simply collapses, the snipers would likely be too occupied with getting fed themselves to spend all day hanging around on rooftops taking pot-shots at people. After all, in Selco’s case and in the case of Homs, those snipers are being supplied by someone… what happens when there are no supplies forthcoming?

          • I am going to assume (knowing what assume means, making an “ass” out of “u” and “me”) that these snipers are Syrian soldiers. How is it you suppose Assad motivated these Syrians to get up in a hide and indiscriminately kill unarmed Syrian civilian noncombatants? What would you offer a man to go out and trigger off civilians in the street? What would he want? I wouldn’t want his KARMA debt. While I watched that sniper video I wasn’t surprised that there are these levels of people in this world. If this ever happens here in America be comforted in the fact there are highly skilled and well trained long range shooters that will be able to handle people like these treason-ests. That is once again assuming that someone here can convince an American sniper to do this grade of work. That video is pretty low shit!

            • You mean like the Israeli snipers who make a sport of shooting children and then their medical rescuers???

            • To Hammerrun: the powerful non fiction book On Killing, demonstrates that in the heart of every man there is a deep prohibition against killing another. WWII conscripts had a 10% kill rate after having a German lined up in their rifle sights. Only by Vietnam had our military recognized this phenomenon and mind washed it out by use of simulator software such as the ‘game’ First Kill. The point is only a trained killer would pull the trigger on a fellow man. That is, a trained killer or a sociopath, as they seemed to be impervious to what must have been a Divine construct in our human psyche.

            • As I have asked before, you mean like the Israeli snipers who make a sport of shooting children and then their medical rescuers???

            • “Two thirds of the 621 children (two thirds under 15 years) killed at checkpoints, in the street, on the way to school, in their homes, died from small arms fire, directed in over half of cases to the head, neck and chest—the sniper’s wound. Clearly, soldiers are routinely authorised to shoot to kill children in situations of minimal or no threat…”

              British Medical Journal, Palestine: the assault on health and other war crimes
              Summerfield BMJ.2004; 329: 924


          • Snipers in dense urban areas is scary stuff. Good luck to those snipers in rural(insert US State).

          • Odd – the snipers are paid gov’t troops. Paid on a per-kill basis? Who knows?

            This is what our gov’t may *try* to do with us, but I don’t think it will work. Notice they mention “sects” in the movie, there are deep divisions among various Moslem sects, not to mention complications like other religions, offshoots of Islam not considered “real” Islam, etc yadda yadda. Remember reading about various types of Christians killing each other say 700 years ago? These guys are living that now, with modern weapons. We simple don’t have the Catholic/Protestant rift etc to any degree in the US.

            What we *may* see is racial rifts. We all get along pretty well religion-wise in the US, but we have racial problems simmering under the surface that could create this kind of fighting in cities here. And in this case, you’d not see gov’t snipers who are of a given race, shooting at folks of their own race, but we could see various races coming up with their own militias or troops, with some gov’t-trained personnel in each. (Interestingly, whites are over-represented in “combat arms” MOS’s.) Since the largest single racial group in the US is white, in most areas the gov’t and the local white populace will probably be on the same page once the gov’t types realize their fat is in the fire otherwise. In other words, a relatively peaceful take-over of gov’t apparatus, and defense against hostile groups, those groups likely of rival races. In some areas where the vast majority of the population is black or hispanic, I’d expect to see the same thing, the local gov’t becomes black or hispanic, and again, takes a stance of defense, or offense, against rival racial groups.

            Kinda like Yugoslavia, ex-USSR, more places than I can think of at the drop of a hat.

            It would be a lot nicer to see cooperation, and speaking as a whitey I’d rather have to shoot a white crackhead than a good decent black guy who’s good at fixing cars, but sadly, cooperation is rare and treacherous during times of tribal warfare.

            • I don’t necessarily think it will be along religious lines, either.

              I do however think that it won’t quite be along racial lines.

              In the larger cities, you may see it along gang lines, which is not necessarily racial (c.f. “Latin Kings”, which has almost as many white boys in it as Latinos nowadays).

        • “…only survival will matter”—spoken like a nihilist.

          Living morally matters now and it will matter when SHTF.

          None of us will survive this life. When you face Him at the Judgment seat, HOW you ‘survived’ will matter plenty.

          Your eternal survival depends on that.

          • I suspect that she was speaking on a general level, in that among the population in general, survival will guide their actions above any other impulse.

            And yes, she’s right. We live in a society whose majority is rather amoral. They’re not really going to pay much attention to God’s Law.

          • JQP, if you fail to survive, you will not accomplish anything else.


            • If I die in the grace of God, I will have accomplished everything God wants of me.

      2. This is a sad new reality we will all be living in soon. Ron Paul’s our only chance to avoid this!

        • …but don’t bet the farm on that.

        • Ron Paul is a whack job who is in bed with romney.

          • Rubbish. Mitt dreams he was in bed with Romney. Having said that. Better RP there with Romney than Obama or other NWO stooges!

      3. I am afraid things like this will come here soon. Prepare now people.

        • Notachickyschizer

          Not on a grand scale, i.e. what we are viewing on the videos. Maybe some pockets in some isolated, gang infested areas, but I just don’t see it. It doesn’t seem to be in our “genes” in America (the masses seem programmed to do what they are told). The collective culture is so much different than what’s taking place across the seas. I actually think there’s too much insecurity with the masses to have an all out breakdown; anarchy. The masses would prefer a Police State over chaos so they’d let the police and military “secure” their neighborhoods and they’d put up with the removal of their civil liberties rather than snipers and the lot, doing their thing.

          On the other hand, the big question is “what’s going to happen when all those mindless, Homo Coprophagus Somnambulus, addicted to a myriad of drugs, booze, junk food, iphones, etc, etc., etc., have their “crutch” removed?” To me, that’s the big question mark. Most of them probably don’t have access to weapons. Those that do, will probably get erased in the first few months once their “fix” is no longer available and they loose it.

          I don’t know though. I really don’t.

          This I know, when the time comes, it will be a theater of the absurd, filled with drama and lot’s of strange, mind blowing behavior. It’s my intention to lay low while the storm passes over. Which begs the question: do I have what it takes, i.e. am I prepared to lay low for an “extended” period of time? How about you?

          • “am I prepared to lay low for an “extended” period of time? How about you?” ghillie suit and a rifle amongst the boulders near a spring in the wilderness. If it gets that bad…

            • Have you ever wondered why hillbillies drive monster trucks? We need them to get to our solar-powered, wood-heated mountain retreat communities. While my family is coordinating communications inside with a three-year food supply and hot and cold running water, I’ll be keeping busy on my shift with the ‘neighborhood watch’ making sure these people do not get inside our perimeter.

            • PP I used to laugh at SUVs but since the economy started tanking I stopped laughing. The new rule is, Never buy a car you can’t live in. And yes they can get you to yer BOL, etc.

            • DT: Most SUVs I have seen do not have the lift kit necessary to ford the creeks. Kudos for willing to be the butt of jokes along with us.

              BTW, I only drive the diesel BOV to and from the retreat and to the lumber yard because it gets such low mileage. My Jeep 4X4 gets better mileage, but not enough clearance. The dual sport motorcycle get 60MPG so I figure my average mileage is typical.

          • Have you had a close look at Detroit lately,EA??? Just yesterday a 9 month old baby was shot dead in his own home…no, not by a sniper, but a drive by shooting…different name…SAME result!!

            • “do I have what it takes, i.e. am I prepared to lay low for an “extended” period of time? How about you?”

              Excellent question, European American.
              Depending on circumstances, laying low may just be the best tactic. We all should make sure we have something to keep us occupied during “lay low” times. Books, movies, musical instruments, board games, puzzles, chess, etc. But above all that we need to learn to be patient. Patient with ourselves as well as with others. A very diffciult thing to do when “the attitude” is heavily promoted even in kids’ cartoons. We need to learn to slow down. Too many people are still too caught up in a rat race. For them simply sitting idle may be their biggest challenge.

              I hope we never have to go through what Selco’s friends went through. That type of laying low would drive one insane.
              You all be safe.

            • musta stole someones rattler!

            • i was thinking the same thing….we dont have to wait for what was in those videos to come here, its already here, has anyone looked at detroit or chicago or la lately??? from what i see in some parts of america, its the Syrians that have it good. this level of violence happens EVERYDAY here in america the media just dosent want you to see it, that would make pepole sad and actually think about what is going on instead of telling them that the academy awards are on tv toight or that justin beber will be in town next week, who fuckin cares. people are dying right here in america, id love to talk to someone who says that america is better than the rest because well we just are!!, i grew up poorer than poor and i know what its like to live in a tent for months at a time at the lake or live in a homless shelter for a year….ive been there done that and im no fool in saying that it wont happen again, anything is possible and with the way things are going i dont have any illusions that my young family and i will ever live in a fancey house with a white picket fence, id be happy with a mobile home and some electricity (which is what ive got currently, am i sad that im not in a mcMansion not at all, no mortgage to worry bout here), unfortunetly most americans that is not enough and is below them to live wo power or water or trash/sewage and certainly turn their noses up to the possibility of living in (gasp!) a mobile home, sorry, trailer. people need to get real and wise up to what the REALITY of the situation is and stop fuckin complaining, its going to get a helluva lot worse before it gets better!!

          • So far my only survival plan when the zombies come out is to make my house look like it’s already been looted, leave a few shotgun shells laying around the front door and the driveway, shut all curtains and lay low in the basement hoping no zombies come knocking on the door.

            I’m open to suggestions.

            • good idea just make sure that someone who thinks like me will not be lookin at your house, yes makin it look looted is a good idea, but i would check that house just incase the people inside are doing just that, making it look looted…id suggest going for broke if thats your plan…set fire to one side of the house and char it for a while, do what ever you can to make it look partialy destroyed, broken windows and the like, not just shells and debris, make it look vandalized break stuff other wise you might get a smart person like myself that will not just look at a plie of debris near the door and a few broken pieces of glass and say well must be empty, ill check it out cause i know there will be some people that think like you….still not a bad idea at all, just make sure it looks vandalized not just roughed up. if all else fails have an escape route, more than likely there will be more than one intruder/looter and you dont want to run out the back door into 5 other looters whove surrouned the house, always have a back up to your back up man!!!

            • How will you respond when refugees with no hostile intentions rightly conclude your home has been abandoned and decide to spend the night inside for safety before continuing on their journey?

            • Put pictures of Helen Thomas in the windows. That will stop them. You guys need to quit worrying. Comrade Obama will keep everything just peachy, no need to worry as he is in control. Actually my guess is that if things ever get as bad as Argentina, Kosovo or Yugoslavia a third of the population will not survive the first year. Half of them will give up when the legal drugs that half the population depend on to face reality on run out.

            • dont get pinned in the basement, make sure you can protect yourself upstairs and you want to make sure you can get out down there. Im just picturing no way out and they throw fire bombs down there to burn you out boss.

          • That’s me EA, I am planning on laying low. Thats what I have prepped to do anyway. If I were 30 years younger and didn’t have a wife and family, I might be a little more gung-ho, but lets face it, other than laying low and keeping my family safe, what more can I possibly do?

            I live in a small town in the south and think we will survive, maybe not in any kind of way that we have before, with heat and a/c, but at least with food, shelter and some sense of neighborliness. I hope so anyway.

            I think our biggest fight will be with the drugged out, welfare, dependant hordes who will try and pillage communities till they are turned away. Everybody I know owns a half dozen guns, most aren’t afraid to use em if neccessary. After a while, we will rebuild and prosper, again I think. But, the new prosperity will be nothing like the fake prosperity we have now. Our wealth in the future will probably be measured in the same way they were 100 years ago. I could live with that.

            • 100 years ago the earth’s population was what, 1 billion? 1.5 billion? 750 million? It was a hell of a lot lower.

              But yes there will be a “bottleneck” to get through.

      4. The best way to take out a sniper is with another sniper.

        .308 is the minimum, .338 Lapua is awesome. .50 BMG is overkill and the guns are too big and heavy.

        • I have a .338 laupa. It can do some serious damage from long ranges. I have a nightforce scope on it. I also bought sierra match grade ammo. box of 500 bullets that I reload with retumbo. I can take out a target from a cornfield from yards and yards away. I have a benelli m2 shotgun with thousands of rounds and I dont keep my guns in one place. a couple are at a friends, a couple at parents and a couple and fiance’s home. I wont leave them all in one place so the police can come in and take all. Will never happen to me. And Yes im the good guy and will take out guys shooting innocents.

          • You can’t get any better than a good .338 Lapua rifle with a Nightforce scope. Great Choice!

            The .338 Lapua was the first cartridge designed from the ground up to be a long range sniper round. Incredible performance. Truley a 1,500 yard gun. A Canadian sniper got 1.5 mile hit in Afghanistan with a .338 Lapua.

            • Then reality sets in. Get yourself something like the Ruger American Rifle in 30.06 with a Redfield Accurange scope all for less than 600.00. Use it for hunting for meat and if the need to counter-snipe is ever present, this will do the job.

        • How about a 7.62 by 54R? Think a Mosin Nagant will get ‘er done?

          • NO

          • A Nagant lights up like a flame thrower when shot in the Dark, Dusk or dawn. Your position will be given away on the first shot.

            • The M44 does, bad. The ahem, modified, 91/30, notsomuch.

            • My ’91 doesn’t. Fired at night with surplus ammo there is no detectible muzzle flash. The barrel is so long that the entire powder charge is burned before the bullet exits the muzzle.

          • Whatever rifle you can afford to train on and be efficient with + 1,000 (or more preferably) rounds in reserve will “get ‘er done”: Remember the Rifleman’s Creed.

            • I mean er uh proficient, not efficient.

          • of course it will, i have a problem with gun nuts that say that this brand is tops or this brand is better than the rest..if it fires and is halfway accurate then thas good enough, thats why i love keltec firearms, the .223 rifles they make while not the prettiest or most accurate at hundreds of yards sub 100 yards (from what i hear) are exellent, check out nutnfancys youtube page, hundreds of reviews of knives guns and gear, love it!! the most expensive is usually not the first or best choice, if it works and gets the job done who carew what it looks like who made it or what it cost, DID IT WORK??

          • Haha on the Mannlicher-Carcano he says the ammunition is “common as hen’s teeth” (rare)

            I say, that’s because it was used up in the Kennedy assassination!

            Ba-da-BOOM! I’m here all week.

        • This thread sounds like another Alamo fantasy… sniper vs. counter-sniper in a winner takes all battle for your small town neighborhood or city block.

          Beefcake and BigHog’s replies are more on target. My rifle is a mid-grade Mitchell’s M48 Mauser made at the Zastava plant in commie Yugoslavia in 1951, with a rather low serial number, purchased for around $400 when they first started importing them. It will drop the bomb at 1000 yards or less as good as any modern rifle costing 5 times as much. 198gr FMJ surplus ammo is around $.25 a round now and used to be less. It’s fun to see how fast I can cycle it for extended periods of time.

          A lot of the snipers people may have to deal with in the future won’t be anything more than gangbangers with stolen deer rifles. I won’t take anything more than a .223 or another deer rifle in skilled hands to take one out.

        • What about the 7.62x54r long barreled mosin nagant?

          • I have half a dozen of them. Great weapons. Accurate, relatively low recoil with the ’91 and ’91/30’s (the ’44 carbine will kick the dog out of you with some loads!) They are reliable and almost indestructible. The down side is that the stripper clips can be a pain to use, that is why I usually do not use them to load the magazines. One thing about it is that anything hit with the 7.62x54r will stay hit.

      5. Only by EMP, Pole Shift, Nuclear War, or Celestial Event; but those odds are increasing.

        Keep prepping.

      6. Agree…this is coming to a city near you. Remove the food stamps, welfare, extended unemployment and other gov support and we are almost there. We have food lines they are just hidden by gov money giveaways.

        Don’t know what will trigger the breakdown in the US but you can feel the fake recovery. Now with gas going to 5 bucks here in Californistan it will just get harder and harder.

        Had a great valentines day…went to dinner with my beautiful wife…then went to big 5 sporting goods where my wife bought herself a colt M4 OPS rifle….what a wife!

        Good luck everyone!

        • Has she a sister?

          • That was my first thought, too

        • If people riot and destroy property over Micheal Jordan sneakers, you can damn well expect 100 times worse if they don’t get their welfare, food stamps, ssi checks, unemployment checks or any other freebie stuff. I sure would not want to be in a city when that happens. Time to head for the hills!!

        • Ain’t Big-5 great? Too bad they don’t sell pistols.

          $5 gas for the nation, I’m expecting $6-$7 here.

      7. It is American in the coming years and I think it’s much closer then most people think read Mark Steyn After America, it’s not for the faint of heart. BTW did that machine gun look like a SAW in the first video?

        • Yes I think it is. at first I thought it was an ak47 long gun with a drum on it, but I do believe it is a saw m249 with 7.62×39 ammo maybe but not for sure where ours shoot .223 ar-15 or m-16. A lot of guys carried those in all branches of the military. I used to carry the m-60 in the navy with 4 boxes all linked together. it was a lot of weight but a lot of fun,

          • It’s neither. It’s a PKM. It’s not a drum mag its a 200 round box. The give alway is the linked ammunition. Hard to see the link but the metal link is exiting from under the top cover intact minus the rounds. The 200 round box …. Is for a PKM. And just to confirm look at the top cover. There is a “button” at the rear, which looks very much what an AK looks like. You have to depress it in order to lift the top cover to clear or load the weapon. And the wooden butt looks just like the Dragonov butt there’s a hole in it.
            From experience, they are cool to fire!!! Far simpler to use than most GPMGs or LMGs in most military arsenals, fewer parts, more rugged and the gas setting is excellent. Put it on 2 and away ya go. I’d rate it above probably everything except the Brit GPMG in the sustained role

            • ~WW~

              BINGO!!! You nailed it! Sharp eyes, WW.

        • Yes it was a hack saw i believe. 32 tooth blade if i can recall correctly.

      8. Frightening

        • aw shucks, don’t be frightened. these things won’t cut you if you keep your damn hands off the blades.

      9. I keep trying to tell people but all i hear is “But it can’t happen in America” or “It can’t happen here.” Why not? I’ve seen it happen in numerous countries, some I was damn lucky to get out of alive. I wrote this ( ) because people asked “What do you think will happen in America?” Then afterwards everyone said, “But that couldn’t happen here”. Ask the people of Syria, Bosnia, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and a whole host of others.
        In the words of Forest Gump, “Have a nice day.”

        • To All; Take the time to read the link. It is worth your time to also read the reply left by BJOAZ at 11:21. When we talk to close friends and relatives they all repeat the same phrase “That can’t happen here”.

          Thank you Cyrus.

          Mac, This topic has all the earmarks of getting 400 posts. Thank you.

        • I read @ codgerville all the time. Thanks Cyrus.

        • It can and will happen here, when is another question. All through history, the great empires have risen and fallen. Just because were are the United States does not mean we are immortal. Our time will come and it will be harder for us to cope and deal with because we have more to loose. Not to mention we are a spoiled and pampered society who thinks we are untouchable. I just wish it would hold off for several more years but I doubt it.

      10. BE PROUD AMERIKA… this is just ONE MORE sovereign independent country brought in to NWO Banker Fascism by the American Military!

        Be Happy Syria… We Americans ARE GONNA FREE THE SHEEIT OUTTA YOU!

        Prepare America… soon you will ALL know the MIGHT of the NWO One World Government Banker State! You will be Enslaved by your Own Children!



        • Amerika, this ain’t your Grandpa’s version of freedom, liberty and justice anymore.

          • I’m glad our Grandparents’ aren’t here to see the changes. My husband’s father would have had a hissy fit to see a black prez. in office. He would have blown his top for sure (old school).

        • Ninaor – Yes we love you too.

        • YALAPFLS-

          Not as we still have our breath and the 2nd Amendment my friend. You sir are the Sheep.

      11. I’ve said it many times, if we have a collapse it isn’t going to be like a camping or hunting trip.

        Watching these clips it does not appear that anyone is a trained sniper. As a matter of fact if those were troops, they are very poorly trained. Watching their movement tells me the men on the roof top were completely untrained. Actually I thought the were rebels dressed in camo.

        If our government turns on us it will be quit different. While they could never win, it will be a real bitch going up against our drones. I’m not really worried manned aircraft because most of them will not fly against Americans, but drone operators are a different breed.

        Oh one more thing, you don’t run away from a trained sniper, at lease not a US sniper.

        • You are fogetting that the US govt has an agreement with Canada to send troops when needed. So if our guys won’t fire on their own citizens, Canadian or UN troops just might. THe UN has been having city based exercises in this country for years. And there are many nations that are not all that friendly toward the US.
          I agree that it will be very different if the US govt turns on us. The only question is how much infrastructure are they willing to destroy to accomplish their objective.

          • C

            They don’t have the pilots, all they can do is infantry. Remember most states have more gun owners then the largest armies of the world. America has 74 million gun owners and that my fried makes the US Citizens the largest army the world has ever known.

          • Hope they wear those blue helmets. They make fine targets.

          • Google Blackwater.

            In Greece they have hired foreign troops to do the dirty. In Africa the people the MSM media call “rebels” are foreign professional mercenaries or scummy “guns for hire” 90% of the time. They’ll do the same in America when the time comes. (UN peacekeepers is what they’ll probably call em).

            The bible warned us

            The ONLY time Jesus showed physical anger was when he dealt with the money changers in the temple. Usery is BANNED by both Chrstianity and Islam (but not by Judaisn). As a society we forgot that when we embraced Fiat – that led us down the slippery slope to the Fed Reserve, Central Banks et all to where we are today.

            Lastly don’t forget the story of Judas. Many good people historically have been removed by the ptb due to the betrayal of someone close to them. There will be people that will turn on their own neighbours and familes when shtf. Traitors always exist in these situations – food or meds for their kids and many will “sell out”. Gather your silver pieces now by honest means, & retain your OPSEC.

            • There were some reports, since retracted, that Monsanto bought Blackwater/Xe/Academi, but apparently Monsanto only hired “Academi.”

              Too, the organic farmers’ case against Monsanto was recently dismissed by the Jewish judge, another case of their version of the Golden Rule: “The guy with the gold makes the rules.”

          • So we can fight with trained troops from here?If our troops won’t fight us.

            • Our fight will look more like this link below. I think it will be quick too. The wild card is all those feeding at the public trough. Back in 1946 the only thing in the public trough was water.




        • So, every single innocent Syrian, 7000 to 9000 or more, have been killed by undercover, covert, infiltrated, CIA/MASSOD?

          Even if they were 1/100 of that effective, then they could have just taken out Bashar al-Assad and the entire Ba’ath Party.

          You are living in a severely retarded head.

        • Just like Libya.

        • Your village just called. They’re missing an idiot.

        • just how naive are you sheeple… the american nsa cia fbi dhs , israeli jew massod are running supporting the AL-CIA-DUH! Creating supporting financing americas TERRORIST! AMERICA CREATED the AL-CIA-DUH! AMERICA and ISRAEL are the WORLDS GREATEST TERRORIST Supporting Countries!

          School of the Americas , look it up , we breed them there… train them too torture there, to kill women and children there… and more! All in the name of Democracy=Fascism! GLOBAL banker ENSLAVEMENT!

          your sons and daughters in the US MILITARY are being SHOT by Israeli Massod Snippers, Cia Contractors, British SAS, Al-CIA-Duh american agents, Ambushed by IEDs made in F-ing Israel! BY ISRAELIs! GET IT!

          Its called Full Theater Spectrum Dominance!

          Buncha Silly Rabbits… if your son or daughter is killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Syria its probly an American Israeli bullet that killed them, by an American Israeli Black Ops hand!

          Example: PAT TILMON – MURDERED by the PENTAGON! By his own Black Ops Group! Seal Team 6 Murdered by the Pentagon! Jessica Lynch Fire Team Members Murdered by the Pentagon! All to keep em quiet! Dead men tell no tales!

          you all deserve what is coming… just so you will learn the truth through upcoming NWO Banker FASCISM life experience and suffering.

          and if any of you think this doesn’t happen here on american soil … look around … its already here, waco tx, 9/11, okla city, ruby ridge… etc etc

          your choice to remain ignorant is your own death knocking at your front door… “KNOCK KNOCK its Global U.N. Banker Fascism, wanna come out and play GLOBAL IRS DEBT SLAVE with us!”

          Key Word “GLOBAL”!

          Buncha Silly Rabbits – America is Dead! DOA! Wake up and smell the Fascism!

      13. My first thought would be the same as most here, defend with firepower.

        The lesson from the story though…. sometimes it’s better to be in a place that seems to offer nothing to the looters, and keep yourself well hidden and quiet.

        Even a single shot fired from your protected camp, puts a big bulls-eye on your location for everyone within ear shot.

        • Silencers can be made from plastic soda bottles.

          • You might want to try that out, because any projectile going over the speed of sound will still cause a miniature sonic boom.

            • You can hand-load to make your rounds travel at less than the speed of sound, no mini-sonic boom. Target loads are often below the speed of sound. In .22 ammo, look for “standard velocity” or target ammo, it won’t make the cracking sound.

            • But, the sonic boom is inconsequential in determining the location of origination. It still gives you an advantage, just not nearly as complete of one as when the bullet is subsonic.

              It still makes it very difficult to track where it came from.

            • ~CBS~

              Yes, high velocity projectiles exceed the speed of sound…however, if one suppresses the muzzle blast…it becomes very difficult to locate the shooter!

              This phenomenon is due to the physics of “breaking the sound barrier”…a sonic “crack” is fully omnidirectional in an open space environment. Conversely, muzzle blast sound pressure levels(db) is always biased towards the target & hence, easier to pin-point.

              Often, when under attack via a suppressed HV rifle, the marks/targets will become so disorientated, they will actually run towards the shooters location, due to their inability to discern his position!!!

              ***(NOTE)*** Point of aim vs point of impact (grouping) can/will change in the same weapon, relative to suppressed vs non-suppressed applications!
              Hence, your scope must be ZEROED per your application!!!!

      14. It was not too long ago, footage from Syria showed an orderly secular environment; women not forced to wear the hajib, men not forced to have beards. While not a wealthy country, they were making progress.

        It is sad that the Syrian people are dividing, but what is left out of the dialog is the “Muslim Brotherhood” issue. And the issue of who is bankrolling them…They are now clearly in a civil war, just where certain people want them.

        Soon, those scenes will play out here. No civilization is immune, in the end. If you have not read it, “Civil War Two”, by Thomas W. Chittum, is a good read. It was written in the 90’s, and is available on PDF for free, now:

        There is likely no amount of preperation that can be done to prepare us for what is coming.

        • JustMe: Guess the thing for YOU to do is just roll over and die. I mean, with your attitude and perspective, whats the point?

          Get my point?

          That is either defeatism or propaganda. Neither is useful for US.

          Get some heart.

          • LOL.

            What would Tom do?

      15. First 4 pictures could be our very own Detroit. Have no doubt that things here in America are about to take a turn for the worst. Detroit is , in my opinion, the test bed for the future in America. Keep an eye wht the city, state and FED do in Detroit over the next few months and the “sheeple” response.

        Ron Paul could possibly soften the sudden stop at the bottom but I think it is too late to stop the fall. America has already gone over the edge.

        Prepare, Protect and Defend. And some good ol disinformation, verbal, written or visual can be used against the enemy as it is used against us.


      16. An “internal collapse” is usually caused by an outside force. Most of these countries were we see SHTF and are in civil unrest are heavily infiltrated with other government spy agencies.

        Even when the USSR collapsed it was not done without pressure from the US. The reason these countries are collapsing is the result of other counties, like the US, screwing around with thier government and banking system.

        Now, we could have that type of collapse but why would the criminals in charge risk that? They would want a controlled demoliton, not a collapse.

        prior to central banking cartel taking over the world the 3rd world counties had a stable economy. Stable government.

        What we are seeing is a man-made problem that could be akin to a covert war. It would take an effort by a number of large governments to inflict that type of damage on the US.

        The only exception would be a massive event such as global nuclear war.

        • I think it would only take the Chinese to make a couple of changes in their financial policy to inflict significant damage to the US.

          I agree that the criminals in charge would have wanted a controlled demolition and the Detroit Auto Industry, was one of those controlled demolitions. The problem is that the CIC are no longer able to control the demolition.

        • Peak oil also played a major role in USSR collapse.

          • ZM: In what way? The USSR, meaning Russia and the “stans” in Central Asia who were a part of the USSR, have all the oil.

            The collapse of the USSR was the fault of bureaucracy (too much legislation and regulation suppressing individual expression);

            too much state spending (socialism and bad housing at that);

            too much corruption (table tilted to the benefit of a few);

            and too little incentive for the average person to expend their energy to pursue prosperity.

            See any parallels?

      17. Well I guess if things really turn out here like that in the videos that we will be in for a big shock for most. I see it this way, enjoy what we got before it gone, that is my thinking. still pay off your bills and dont get too crazy. Yes prep and be prepared and visualize life that way so it wont be a shock when it does happen. I personally feel people will set fires and so many of our homes are so close together. One a dozen go in flames that heat will really increase and burn everything down in its area, so be prepared to move your stuff if that would happen. I know a lot of people dont think that is a possibility but if a large neighborhood goes all of them are going to go depending in wind etc. No firetrucks are going to be around and people will be looting and be getting shot by snipers. Dumb ones will die first. Then the gangs of them in large packs will go by force to take things from people, that is when I hope there are multiple people in your family that can take many down. think all sorts of situations.

      18. I’m afraid its probably sooner than later. God help us, and the ones who never saw it coming.

      19. this is why we have the second ammendment here is the USA

        • Your state Constitution recognizes that same right, perhaps even better than the federal version. I know Colorado’s does.

        • we have it now – we won’t if Obama gets a 2nd term

      20. When The Pumps Run Dry

        possible collapse scenario
        especially of relevance now,0,7687405.story

        “The best experts predict that if we suffer as much as a 10 percent shortfall for any period of time, let alone 20 percent, it will be a neighbor-against-neighbor, “Mad Max” scenario as food shortages swell and a storm of economic collapse surges across the country. Indeed, experts have been warning about this looming calamity for years. But the government and presidential candidates refuse to even consider the possibility or develop a contingency plan. Even if a secret plan exists, who would execute such a monumental undertaking?”

      21. When I see stuff like this, I cannot help but wonder that we are perhaps entering another “dark age” like that when the Roman Empire faded away in the 5th century.

        For all practical purposes, western civilization is like the Roman Empire. If the United States and Europe were to undergo a catastrophic failure…economically, politically and socially…what would be the restraint to prevent this from happening?

        For those familiar with history, Rome did not fall over-night. It was a gradual decline, which led to a loss of influence and authority. Rome was unable to enforce rule of law. Eventually, the destruction of its influence and power were complete and the whole of Europe, and what had once been a somewhat civilized world, descended into anarchy…or at best…regions governed by warlords that evolved into kingdoms run by despots and tyrants.

        Not a great way to live.

        Rome’s decline took place over centuries. In today’s world, events transpire much faster. And we are literally one major event away from such a fate.

        That is my rather grim view of the situation.

        The elites of course, are trying to bring this about, because they believe that they can use the force of existing political structure to usher in an immediate neo-feudalistic society run by them. But that outcome is far from certain.

        As I see it, anything that might bring down the existing electrical grid and global infrastructure could create a situation where just about anything could happen.

        • The Dark Ages wasn’t what you make it out to be, Walt Kowalski. Check these out:

          … “In contemplating the eventual collapse of the U.S. Empire even those who are against the Empire dread the aftermath. Won’t America, at the very least, plunge into a Dark Ages? After all, isn’t that what happened after Rome fell? Stark says no. Could his description of the end of the Roman Empire be our future history?

          …when the breakup of the Roman Empire ‘released the tax-paying millions… from a paralysing oppression,’ many new technologies began to appear, and were rapidly and widely adopted, with the result that ordinary people were able to live far better, and after centuries of decline under Rome, the population began to grow again…”

          Rampaging Hordes – or Darlings of the Dark Ages?

          … “Most people’s image of the Vikings centres on their arrival and the disruption it brought, but that only continued for a very short time,” says Dr Máire Ní Mhaonaigh, a Cambridge professor of Celtic studies who organised the conference. “Afterwards they started building settlements and interacting with the locals and influenced them in many ways. They provide a clear example of how a particular group came into a sophisticated, established society and the resulting interaction was positive.” …

          • My point is, that at least in the short term, we can be pretty much assured that anarchy will be the result of collapse.

            Yes…eventually order will be restored…and it may even be positive.

            On the other hand, it might not. Look at the Russian Revolution as an example.

            The end result is uncertain.

            There is a reason that the centuries that spanned the medieval period are referred to as “The Dark Ages”.

            One of your quotes above illustrates this….

            “Most people’s image of the Vikings centres on their arrival and the disruption it brought, but that only continued for a very short time,”

            Well…..if you are living during that “very short time”, you are probably going to have a pretty miserable experience…..if you survive.

            Frankly….I think the pulling down of this whole corrupt NWO system is a good thing. But I don’t think we can think it’s going to happen without a tremendous amount of upheaval and bloodshed.

            That’s the point I was trying to make.

      22. Amerca is no different than anyone else. We are just people, not special genetically in any way besides being more mutt than purebreed. What made us special was the concept as the individual was the ruler of himself and codefied in the Constitution. That is being destroyed as well as the code all equal before the law. Better than Greece the birthplace of western Civ. Better than Rome who first put out the idea of republic the senate and the people. Better than England and the giver of the Magna Carta and “Common Law”. We are deluded as Americans, hell some idiot thinks she smells cigarette smoke in her home as a neighbor takes a smoke outside on his own property. Some how this is inflaming her kids asthma and she has asked the city to restrict what her neighbors smoking outside on his own property. We ain’t special and any country that has a near riot over $2.00 toasters at Xmas or being foirst in line to pay $220.00 for glow in the dark Nikes has bigger problems than Greece.

      23. If it comes down to what I have seen in the 1st sniper video, I really hope the zombies do exactly what those Syrian “snipers” did…if you stick your head above the top of a building, I’ll blow you a kiss 🙂 If you stick your rifle barrel outside of a window, I’ll blow you a kiss…well, can’t give all my secrets away, can I?

        • ~ABS~

          Agreed!!! Always stay in the shadows amid clutter, because darkness is your friend!

          • The video guy wasn’t really a sniper. He was just having a yippy. You see Cops in Cop movies with “marksmen” on roof tops looking all gung ho and cool like that too. Or trying to be. I guess they are effective against some junkie with a knife or something.
            SWAT teams in the movies make me laugh too …… I sure hope they don’t operate like that for real? Even those TV reality Cop shows!! Oh man, what a joke watching them!!!! And their always fat and overweight!!!! How the hell can a far ass cop do his job properly if he’s overweight?

            An effective marksman, is one who doesn’t operate from a building or man made structure (unless it’s a ‘hide’ that is) In an urban environment you certainly wouldn’t be on a roof top in the most obvious building in the area.

      24. I don’t think this particular peril is coming to America. Oh, there will be a sniper here and there but they won’t be like. These guys were being paid by someone for a political agenda.

        While it is terrible, I think this type of stuff will be very scarce. Now, you try to sneak up on my farm and, well, you might catch a bullet. READ THE SIGNS BEFORE APPROACHING!

        One has to wonder, what was the motivation of these snipers? Snipers are normally for tactical advantage? What tactical advantage is it to randomly kill people? These people were being motivated by something and supplied by someone. That won’t happen here, I don’t think. While the sniper aspect is unlikely, the rest the scenario of survival is coming.

        • “Now, you try to sneak up on my farm and, well, you might catch a bullet. READ THE SIGNS BEFORE APPROACHING!”

          U loot, we shoot. U try, U die. Couple of my favorites.

      25. The title to this article made me laugh out loud. “Living with Snipers” I lived in a 5 bedroom house with an outdoor sleepout. So six of us lived there. At one stage there were four guys renting out rooms who were actually snipers. We were all from the same unit. Seriously, you don’t want to live with snipers. Generally, they are lousy cooks. And in my experience they don’t normally enjoy clean up detail! Our garden was overgrown, and looked like a shooting gallery. On a positive note, we never had any problems with any neighbors in any direction!!! It was frustrating getting pizza delivered though. They’d phone from the street and we’d have to walk out down the overgrown drive to get them. No pesky door knockers or nosey neighbors. So living with snipers isn’t really that great. Especially when you have a girlfriend!!!!

        • ~WW~


          You mean to tell me you lived in a Jehovah’s Witness proof house???? Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Jehova proof, Mormon proof, survey taker proof, charity collector proof, noise control proof, burgler proof and unless they were invited over for beer ….. Police proof!! We even had gay neighbors for a while ….. They didn’t like us much. But hey, they eventually moved out real fast one day. And guess what? Some hot chicks moved right in the following week. One of them used to walk around naked late at nights with all the curtains wide open!!!! And we’ll leave that story right there and why we knew this fact and get back to the art of prepping. Hmmm, reminds me …. Must find my bino’s

      26. Did anyone mention that there are foriegn mercenaries being paid to make a large body count to justify western intervention just like Libya? 😉

      27. unless i’ve misunderstood the whole issue, what these photos and vid-clips represent is one of the primary reasons we’re all prepping… if you’re prepping but don’t believe it’ll happen here, why would you be prepping..?? frankly, where i live tornadoes are as uncommon as sandstorms, flooding has never occured, there is no geological fault line… i could go on but you get my point… the only real natural disaster would be an ice/snow storm/blizzard which i’ve endured but once in my 60 years… but let the tax-payer funded gravy train of entitlements stop and the s will truly htf here – first against tptb and their buildings then against organizations such as the one i run… enter now the blood-thirsty gangs who want nothing more than to bully normal society…

        all that said, we are planning our exit as we watch the economic conditions deteriorate which will be held in check until the “elections” in Novemeber… Rep Dr Paul is the primary reason for the stall as even tptb can’t judge the will of the people with pinpoint accuracy… who knows, with as many election upsets as there have been in the last 2 years on the lower levels of government, they realize that there’s a chance(a growing chance) that he could succeed and be our next POTUS – not that he’s a Libertarian Redeemer but he offers what can be considered to be real change for the good…

        • Ron Paul won’t be able to do enough. Both Republicans and Democrats would oppose serious spending cuts. Even Ron Paul’s spending cuts won’t be 10% of what we need. We have more than a trillion dollar deficit. There are also unfunded liabilities of at least another $5 trillion each year. To keep it simple, the federal government takes in $2 trillion and spends (or is committed to spending) $9 trillion.

      28. ***********************************

        Great inflation coming. Hyperinflation around 2015 to 2018. US sucking China’s dick….big development for china in Iowa, the first traitor China state. Texas, Arizona to break off with the US. Sheople finally “get it” and start panic buying. Stores mobbed and out of stock. News starts telling of stories of the “preppers” hoarding food. The preppers start moving their food and supply off site. Fema camps start to go active. Govt. to start looking for sites like this of aware folks. They read your recorded mac address and cross reference…then they have your address. Preppers, Become patriots, some just survivalists, start to team up with family and friends to create safe houses with supplies. Some preppers create woods bunkers. Cities to erupt. Obummer to nationalize IRA and 401k and confiscates all metals and anything they can. Those who can move out of the US. Many flood to Canada. Canada stable. Many get into gardening to feed the family in hyperinflation times. Business shut down. Dollar collapses. UN troops come to US to help… Americans rounded up and taken to fema camps for extermination. Bad shit coming. Pentagon looks at the UN blue helmets and gets pissed. Now goes to war with UN. Patriots in hiding come out like cockroaches. Drones used against UN blue helmets. House to house fighting. Congress left US long ago. 2 years of civil war…Americans against the UN “peace keepers”. No quarter given by either side. Americans…being the inventive souls they are create their own weapons as the long ago gun ban kicks in. Many UN blue helmets shot as they go house to house trying to confiscate guns and ammo. Food supply poisoned by UN and patriots. Chem trails used to spay crop fungus to kill plants. Chemtrails also laced with agents to make folks sick. China drops millions into the US. Patriots look up those responsible and have their fun.

        It’s all going down.

        There’s no where to hide.

        Congress are to blame.

        Many hearing of the trucks that come in the night to take the family away fight…are met with drones, bombs from the air and all the furry of hell.

        OathKeepers teams up with NRA and other pro gun groups.
        All Americans get active once the TV is dead, the cell phones don’t work and the cupboards are empty.



        • Hey you, yes you. If you do not believe most if not all of this story will come to pass, then why the hell are you on this site and reading this topic??? TKS,P. (MM)

      29. People in the Balkans were terrorized by an outside that had food and was keeping food from coming to them. In America there will be no external source of food. But there will be many similarities between hellholes around the world today and what America will be like then.

      30. In some aspects, this is already going on in Detroit.
        they are called “Drive By shootings”..And random shootings
        Plenty of innocent children have been caught in the crossfire, and its not new..this has been going on in this city for years, the reason..complete administration break down.(complete corruption in the system) Courts letting out repeat offenders, some never even getting their day in jail. I have talked with a few L.E.O.’s and they are as disgusted as we are about this..they keep re-arresting the same shit heads, and they never spend a day in jail. No money to get from these people either..(thats what the court system is all about (Payola),, if they dont have it..the courts have nothing to they shit them back out on the street for society to deal with.
        Most of it at this point is Black on Black crime..but it never fails to pull in a few surrounding innocent people of any color. Its a war zone, dont let them fool you.
        My company has mosty kept its people out of there, just isnt enough work in that city to warrent risking someones life.
        Unfortunately I have had to be in that city at least 10 times last year, and Im not as far away from it as I would like to be.
        the reguard for life, is a joke there.

        • Not everyone shares your perspective on Detroit:

          Is Detroit a Bicyclist’s Paradise? by Karen De Coster

          … “I get the occasional idiot in the city, but the jackass experience isn’t as panoptic as it is in the hyperventilating suburbs.

          … there is another and more extraordinary side to the city, one that most people never experience because they only zing through Detroit on freeways or crawl along the surface streets behind glass.” …

          Her descriptions of the place seem pretty good to me.

          • Good for her..easy to have a different view when just visiting..Tell her to come and stay here for a few years and than we’ll see what she thinks..hope shes a good shot

            • Umm, if you had read the article you’d notice she has lived in Detroit for a very long time.

              Also, she is a Very good shot.

          • INTERESTING. It aligns with my own observations. I live in an area with few bike lanes (although some) most roads have NO shoulder, it’s semi-agricultural, and very working-class. People are polite as fuck to cyclists out here. Chances are, the guy on a bike is a neighbor, a friend, a relative, etc. No one feels entitled out here, maybe they were lucky enough to get a plum job cleaning horse stables, most of us are not that lucky. We know that person on a bike is just trying to get from point A to point B.

            But if I ride in some of the more affluent areas miles from here, the cities people are proud to say they live in, it’s just as Karen describes: Intentional near-sideswipes, things thrown, yells, insults, threats, etc. To them if you don’t own a car, and a nice one, you are scum.

            As a matter of fact, to me, humorless uptight yuppie scum ARE primary sniper targets.

        • In the 20th century governments killed almost one-third of a BILLION of their own citizens—NOT including war. While there is much publicity about “shitheads” in Detroit and elsewhere, private crime is dwarfed by murder by governments. It is overdue to prosecute the real “shitheads.”

      31. just throwing this out there…i dont think religious and agnostic/atheist preppers will get along well after shtf. i suggest a more calm presentation of religion from those who are religious and tolerance from those who do not believe. i see so many religious fanatics on here that dont seem to realize that it is just that kind of radical, self righteous thinking that has caused many teotwawki situations in the past.
        i hope everyone gets along, but the realist in me says: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. so yeah. it should be interesting.

      32. Just read this a few minutes ago…

        Sell Unlicensed Food and Go to Jail for 3 Years


        • closing comment in the article…

          “The screws are being tightened fast on unlicensed food sales. The Food Modernization and Safety Act is now law. You can kiss food freedom goodbye. If you want to know why you should start a garden, read about this law.

          Food production has been the target of the New World Order for decades. If the state controls the distribution of food, resistance ends.”

          • ~KY Mom~

            Your post struck a chord w/ regards to food distribution & control…….seems I recall where, some outfit/org was stockpiling seeds in a huge vault, located above the Arctic Circle, Spitzbergen Island or something similar….close to Norway, I think.

            Govts are preparing too….they just don’t want us to know it…………….

            • That seed vault in Norway IS govt….govt and worms like bill gates….they are stealing the seeds and storing them for themselves….its a serious mess!

      33. @Eric.We discovered how neighborhoods can go up quickly becasue of fire this last summer with the Bastrop and Steiner ranch wildfires. You are right.Houses are built too close together and the s hadn’t hit the fan here and help could not come quick enough or make any effect due to the high winds. Bastrop fire lasted almost 2 weeks before being controlled. Think about fires when there is NO one to fight them because they too are bugging out. Everyone should look at their own situation and prep for fires as much as zombies.Just a word to the wise.

        • Thanks moman, I believe it is ‘Normalcy Bias’. The state county and local fire departments will be there to fight fires. NOT!! Even having multiple #20 fire extinguishers for house, garage and vehicle is a start. For those living away from suburbia, get rid of those wood shake roofs. I know it hurts but you must clear a fire safe zone around your home. Stop buying those cheap throw away garden hoses. Buy the large diameter quality hose. They can aid in fire suppression if you decide to not evacuate. (MM)

      34. John Q. Public said: “How schizophrenically Protestant.”

        I think you meant Multiple Personality Disorder. Its not the same as schizophrenia, but I guess it just doesn’t sound right to say:

        “How multiple-personality-disorder Protestant”

        • There is a double-mindedness to Protestantism that is schizophrenic.

          For example, they claim to be “Bible Believers,” but tore seven+ books from the Bible and routinely ignore the biblical exhortations to obey ORAL APOSTOLIC TRADITION (e.g., 2 Thessalonians 3:6, 2 Thessalonians 2:14)

          That said, your “multiple personality disorder” analogy does have a place—30,000+ Protestant sects in the USA teaching mutually exclusive “truths,” as if that is what Jesus had in mind when he founded ONE Church (singular in Matthew 16:18) to teach, govern, and sanctify. I suppose Protestants imagine that Jesus wants them 29,999 of them to teach errors—multiple personality disorder and schizophrenic. 🙂

          • For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men…Mark 7:8
            The Catholics are no different than the Pharisees, who followed the oral “law” rather than the Laws of God. Tradition has became more important than the Word of God. The Church is not a building, neither is it an Earthly hierarchy ruled from Rome by a man who claims to be Vicarius Christi, which literally means “a substitute for Christ”, which is a synonym for Anti-Christ. Look it up in any Latin dictionary.
            The Church is the ones Called Out from the World, for as Christ said:
            14“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— 15just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep. 16I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd. 17The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life—only to take it up again. 18No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.” John 10.

      35. DK,

        Please opine on inflation of 20% annually and its effects 5-10 years onward? This question is based on your avowed statement that we will not experience hyperinflation, that 20% inflation is not hyperinflation. I agree. I know we now have 10% inflation if not 20%. Also stagnant wages, if not actually negative (with incresing taxes). So without pay raises (or raises offset with increased taxation) what does 20% annual inflation do 5-10 years down the road?

        • Peter Parker: Affects on who? I have metal. Lots of metals. I am in a win, win, win situation, far away from the zombie hordes. That has been my Plan.

          I do not see 10-20% inflation for more than five years. Deflation is the real threat.

          Many people were screaming hyperinflation when Uncle Ben printed 1.6 trillion dollars. There was no hyperinflation. Then We discovered that he actually printed 16 trillion dollars, yet there was no hyperinflation.

          Now WE know that he actually printed 26 trillion dollars in this time frame, yet there is still no hyperinflation, and WE are in fact teetering on the brink of deflation.

          These dollars have only replaced losses. They do not represent new dollars injected into the system for consumers.

          Hyperinflation would destroy the wealth of the Uber Rich as most of their wealth is in paper. Not gonna happen because they will not allow that to happen and they will replace their paper losses regardless of how many FRN’s must be printed to replace those that are destroyed; or how much they must increase the national debt for US to repay.

          War with Iran, which WILL happen this year, obscures much, as war creates chaos, and chaos has unintended consequences. However, as a rule of thumb I think WE can expect more of the same.

          The very poor who are without assets or education (and lack the discipline to obtain them)which can produce assets through intellectual capital, will be reduced to mere serfs; as they are now for all practical purposes.

          Crime and drug use will increase for this population. This is the future prison population which may double from here.

          The very rich and upper middle classes have assets that will appreciate with inflation with the exception of their homes as the demographics for housing is over. They will hire security guards to protect themselves, their families, and their property.

          (Start a security company).

          As people continue to relocate from areas like Detroit, Chicago, and Cleveland to areas like Phoenix, SLC, Albq, Texas etc; neighborhoods in those cities will become vacant while new home construction continues in the new areas in the mountains from Boise to Tucson; albeit at much lower levels, for the newcomers.

          The educated but lower middle classes who are the backbone of America, and small business owners with the spirit of enterprise, will grow some if not much of their own food, to be independent of society.

          Look around, this is the population from which Preppers have evolved.

          I do not believe that double digit inflation will increase for ten years; maybe not even five years. At least not at 20% annually. Some Americans would take to the streets and burn down DC and NYC if that happened.

          Expect class warfare THIS summer and blood in the streets. Its going to get very ugly.

          That’s the way I see it.

          • Hello D.K. I had heard that Bernake’s trillons was tranfered to the TBTF banks to cover their losses. What do you think?? (MM)

            • MM: That is the case that I have been stating here for two years. Few have been willing to believe me.

              It doesn’t seem rationale to the uninformed that Uncle Ben could print 26 trillion dollars and that WE would not have hyperinflation.

              They do not understand how the system works.

        • peter parker

          Well at 20% inflation prices will double in about 3.5 years. Basically it’s a reduction in standard of living by half.

          Many say hyper inflation is not coming for some time and that a continued significant increase in prices is more probable. Those already at the bottom end would revolt with no other choices given a 50% reduction. Assuming a great redistribution of wealth a revolt can probably be held off quite a bit longer. Generally the masses complain but they put up with a lot until hunger pains occur.

          The key is food.

      36. On the weekends, you can’t find a parking spot near any of the local gun shops/ranges. There are long lines of people waiting to use the ranges. Somebody knows something.

        • Sort of like the lucid state between semi-sleep and wakefulness. When your instincts are telling you that the “facts” are crap and you begin to trust your instincts more than the facts…………….Yep people are figuring things out——-and the vast majority aren’t calling you paranoid—they want help

        • ‘Reported’ gun sales are thru the roof. Yes, people feel something coming. ‘Enuf said. Hitting a local gun show this weekend not only for bargains, which are hard to find, but some good solid backup fire power. (MM)

        • Old Fuzzy

          People feel uneasy; they’re bombarded with bad news. The “good news” are blips on a chart reported to be trends; many can see through that. While “The People” don’t know they can add. It’s the Lincoln phrase about fooling people.

          The people at the golf club are presently sufficiently comfortable and just choose not to see.

        • OF: Maybe so. Where I live you cannot find a parking spot at a restaurant; with many restaurants to choose from.

          All regions are not equal.

      37. This is brainwash.

        Second video has a lie about “free Syria army” takes over secret police building. There actually were no enemies there and building was empty.

        Actually this “war” happened because of relatively small group (compared to country population) of islamic fundamentalists and separatists care about their wishes only. They are ready to fight, kill and destroy country because of that.

        Similar things happened in Russia during First Chechen war 1994–1996 ( and Second Chechen war 1999–2009 (

        Here is the difference in city of Grozny 1995
        and now, after Russia’s victory

        • This is the chance to learn the modern history of separatism wars looking at Russian experience.

      38. All I know is Im not going out like the basement people in The Road. Nobody is going to beat me to death with a bat and eat me!!! Im taking as many of the zombie hordes down before I go down. I hope that we as a society can band together and protect our women and children from the brigrands and theives and would be cannibals!!!

        • Hornady .45 ACP Zombie-Max ammo. 185 gr. hollow point moving at 1000 fps. You gotta love the marketing idea.

          • O.F. What do you like to fire those rounds with?? Just askin’ (MM)

            • Went back to .45 after I got a good price on a Springfield XD 45. Then I got carried away and picked up a Colt Commander for CCW. Hardly any recoil.

        • I agree CM a lot of baddies will have to be turned off.

        • The Road!!! Man that’s the only movie I’ve seen that’s ever put the shits up me, ever since I was a kid after seeing the movie Jaws!!! The Road made movies like Shindlers List and the Boy in the Stipped Pygamas look tame and happy times!!! canabalism!!!! brrrrrrrr

      39. This is what TPTB want,they GET OFF ON IT.

        • It would have been such a great feeling to have been there. To hear and feel the enthusiasm of the audience.
          Played it again and turned up my computer speakers. WOW.
          Then to have been in the audience to hear Dr. Paul’s message. Has anybody here been to a campaign stop of his?? Thank you!! Shill (MM)

        • Just wait the MSM won’t mention anything about it, lol

        • America is catching on. Its not too late. Get involved. Work harder.

          WE can make a difference. That is what the PTB fear.

        • if his name is on the ticket he get’s my vote…even if he’s representing the Green party.

      40. The elite want a “thinning of the herd”. They’d like to see 90% of the world’s population wiped out.

        They are well on the way to their plan. Maim us with crony economics, bought off government and senseless wars and then let the people wipe themselves out.

        Whew Boy is there evil in this world.

      41. america has one thing others dont have – a founding history on the bible and a firm belief in god.

        unfortunately this is rapidly being eroded and so must reap the whirlwind

      42. Did you reads Mac’s story,

        Selco words,

        see the pictures,

        watch the videos??

        Did you leave thumbs up for comments you agreed with??

        Did you leave a comment, post, of your own??

        DIDN’T… well I and most others here want to hear your thoughts and opinion and ideas on Mac’s topic(s) and posters comments!!! DO IT !!! STAND UP !!!STOP LURKING!! (MM)

      43. I’m late to this post… Damn…

        I’d simply like to point out how spot on this is… and it is important for everyone here to take heed. In the US, we live with thousands and thousands of NON PREPPING hunters. Any decent shot with a high power scope can take you out from a concealed position. You’ll never hear the shot. If we enter into a SHTF scenario, heed Selco’s warnings and stay inside during the daytime. “Bug in” isn’t a bad strategy until Joe Hunter has expended his one to two boxes of ammo.

        I worry about this one…


        • TKS M.R. Had you thought all the high power hunting rifles would be on our side. Think again!!

          That is the kind of info YOU need to know.

          You must read Selco’s website. There is important info.

          Yes, it is getting late on the East coast. Lets from you in Mountain West and Pacific areas. (MM)

          • MM:

            If it’s a complete collapse, there won’t be ‘sides’ for awhile. Desperate men do desperate things. I’ve seen it.


        • To All;

          To those of you with rifles with detachable mags; How many do you have..four …six..eight is that enough..don’t think so! Get them hi-caps ones if you can.

          How are you carrying them mags?? Sure they make some nice pricey chest carrier rigs. How about some sort of bag slung over your shoulder? The new four(4) pocket military 5.56mm ammo bandoleer is actually made for that purpose.

          How about your pistols and revolvers. You better have hip or shoulder holsters for each one and yes multiple hi-cap mags or loaders. can only use one at a time. You may want to pass one to a family member or close buddy for fire support!!


      44. Is it necessary to have belief in some god to survive a Fecal Flurry?

        My God is certainly different than close to 100% of the people here, I wonder how that would bode with the “Christian God fearing folk”?

      45. Hornay Z-Max is for those who pay the idiot tax. Weak sauce. Give me my Gold Dots. As for our Nation’s current Geopolitical state; there is a reckoning…

      46. Fact: The world in general has gone crazy…. Fact: Only a handful believe in and try to live by KJV Bible teachings. Fact: The economies of the USA in relation to debt is bankrupt. Fact: The moral decay of America is “almost” past the point of no return….. I believe there are only a couple of solutions other than the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Solution #1: Keep our present course and watch the whole thing implode while being “totally” prepared to live like it’s the 1800’s starting over again. Solution #2: Take control of our country by limiting all terms of elected officials to “one”, that’s four years max. Bring our troops home. Incorporate Mexico and Canada into the New America. Grow enough food in Mexico to supply the world. Stop the flow of immigrants. NO MAS! Let the troops protect our borders/ports of entry, and kill any asshole stupid enough to try and come in to bring harm to North Americans. Follow the biblical statutes on homicide and rape, Kill the bastards when convicted and send them to God! As God tells us thru his word; Do this and these things will cease among you. If the rest of the world wants to fight and act like fools, so be it. If any foreign country has the balls to come against us, Fuck em’,No questions, No negotiations, Just light em’up!!!

        • I like option 1

      47. looking at the pictures there is some quality building work they are fighting over, almost double notched concrete block and marble..?, like the former Jade palaces, hell wheres my platimum mansion..?

      48. Hey ‘Don’t tread’, I like your thinking except we’re way beyond the “Protecting Borders”.

        WMA don’t respect borders.

        I believe we’ve reached the last stage before the Lord’s return.

        So let’s support Israel and wait for Him!

      49. the only border I’m protecting WTSHTF is the border to my own suburban neighborhood….everything else is already infiltrated by multiple 5th columns:

        The feds
        the foreign nations that HATE us
        the liberals
        the black panthers and black muslims
        activist latino organizations
        RINO’s etc……

      50. IMHO it’s too late to “fix” anything in America….our job now is to SURVIVE what will eventually take place and if we’re lucky enough to do that maybe we can re-launch a constitutional government without lobbyists, with term limits, we’ll include the America black population from the beginning to shut them up etc. etc.

        First, the system as it is right now must tear itself apart which it’s going to do anyway.

      51. “Your” = belonging to you

        “you’re” = you are

        Know the difference, Mac Slavo!

      52. Great thread. Always nice to see the patriots speak out in a collective voice of preparedness. God, guns n grub.
        What I don’t see…….is what I believe to be the truth here. I believe that we are living in the end times. We will be dealing with hell on earth and it will be a steady slide downward….we will experience the worst of the worst that mankind has to offer. Man’s inhumanity to man is well documented. Having said that, as Christian soldiers, which is exactly what many of us will be, if not most, we are here for a purpose. To make the last days as bareable as possible for as many of our loved one’s as possible. And to share the gospel to the lost, and you can be sure there will be many libs wondering what the hell is going on…… The Great Commission will be in it’s final stage. Saving souls will be a wise man’s ultimate focus, beyond survival. So, it is imperative that we prepare by stocking the necessary provisions with emphasis on food. Think mark of the beast here, no buying or selling…..the ability to go underground in the future will be mandatory. There is a very real chance that we are in the last ten years or so….if one has money in the markets, food is a much better investment. Priceless if it comes to what we believe is coming…. Great thread, lots of knowledgable people who are and will be the force to reckon with the nwo. Now is the time to build our team, educate, educate, educate…..and prepare. Food, friends and fortresses (God first). God bless, Come Lord Jesus

      53. Three things to keep in mind.

        First, in both locales the use of cement/brick/rammed earth/stone construction is much more prevelant there than in the U.S. This means that the individual houses are much more resistant to bullets than in the U.S. So, with a similar situation in the U.S. (god forbid) this means much higher casualities just because you can’t hunker down behind a nice cement block wall and wait it out.

        Second, we are much better armed and much more proficient with arms than either one of these societies. Again, higher casualty rates.

        Third, we have a much more divisive situation with multiple ethnic and racial groups as well as political fissures that run deep. Again, higher casualty rates because “they” are not “us” which means attrocities would be much more common.

      54. “rugged american individualism?”… rugged american individualists elect a complete socialist like obama? rugged american individualists sit in front of a tv every nite watching lotsa police state cop and law enforcement aggrandizing shows? rugged american individualists go to the local sports arena in their shorts , and flip flops w/o even a bottle of water in the event of a local disaster?….sadly there are many more of the socialist nanny state mindset in america today than “rugged american individualists”

      55. FYI – “Selco” also submitted his experiences back in Sept 2011 in this forum:

        Title – my shtf expirience-wartime

        Huge discussion going on there.
        Thank You Selco for sharing your experiences to the world. (on a personal note: My co-worker survived The Balkan war and is now living in Seattle. He’s a nice guy and he shared many thoughts on his familiy survival.)

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