Life and Times of the Thanksgiving Turkey: He Never Saw It Coming

by | Nov 22, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 125 comments

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    The Black Swan Theory is used by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to explain the existence and occurrence of high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations. One example often put forth by Taleb is the life and times of the Thanksgiving Turkey.

    The turkey spends the majority of its life enjoying daily feedings from a caring farmer. Weeks go by, and it’s the same thing day-in-day-out for the Turkey. Free food. Open range grazing. Good times all around.

    The thinking turkey may even surmise that the farmer has a vested interest in keeping the turkey alive. For the turkey, it is a symbiotic relationship. “The farmer feeds me and keeps me happy, and I keep the farmer happy,” says the turkey. “The farmer needs me, otherwise, why would he be taking care of me?”

    This goes on for a 1,000 days.

    Then, two days before Thanksgiving on Day 1,001, the farmer shows up again.

    But this time he doesn’t come bearing food, but rather, he’s wielding an ax.

    This is a black swan event — for the turkey.

    By definition, it is a high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare event for the turkey, who not only never saw it coming, but never even contemplated the possibility that it could occur.

    For the farmer, on the other hand, this was not a black swan event. The farmer knew all along why he was feeding the turkey, and what the end result would be.

    The very nature of black swan events make them almost impossible to predict. The point of this parable is to put forth the idea that sometimes we are the Thanksgiving turkey and understanding this may make it easier to begin to, at the very least, contemplate the possibility of far-from-equilibrium events.

    This year, when you enjoy that drumstick or Turkey breast, give thanks to the latest victim of the black swan for being non-contemplative, otherwise, he may have bugged-out long ago and you’d be eating a chicken instead.


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      1. I want to send out a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers.

        Thank you for your regular visits, your contributions and your insights.

        Without our community, would be just another blog in cyberspace.

        We’ve gone from a little personal blog that saw maybe a couple hundred visitors a week in early 2009, to a humongous community of over 1 million visitors monthly today.

        I think we have something special here – and all of you have made that possible. 

        We’ve got some really great changes coming to the web site that should make it better and more interactive in the very near future.

        To Ed Thomas and KP at The Daily Sheeple — You guys have been awesome and I look forward to making this next year even better than the last.

        I’d also like to send a huge shout-out to my wife who has always supported me with this endeavor, taking up the slack when I drop the ball around the ranch because of a “breaking news story” or other dire SHTFplan related event. She’s been behind me since day one, knowing full well that she’s was falling for a conspiracy nut since our very first rendezvous.

        Happy Thanksgiving All! 

        • @ Mac. Well said. I can think of something that most of the people on this site can be quite thankful for, that they are not stuck in 99% that are clueless about what is going down. That the people here have the insight to prepare for a day when there is no stores with what they need. That is something to be very thankful for. By the way you and your wife have done a remarkable job on the upkeep on this web site that provides all of us with much.

          I was thinking about turkeys, and I knew someone that has about 15 turkeys and they said that turkeys are not as stupid as people think they are. That unlike the sheeple that are totally oblivious to everything it seems like, the turkey knows when the day comes that they become a wide variety of meals. The turkey actually remembers and sees what other turkeys have gone through and they remember. Pity the non-prepper and the masses that can go through one disaster after another and still not learn from to at least put away something in their pantry for an emergency.

          I think black swans events seem to only FOOL the human being, as animals seem to know or at least sense what is coming. The human being that is suppose to have minds.

          Happy Thanksgiving to all, and be thankful that you are the 1% that is not fooled into complacency. 🙂 🙂

          • Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thank you Mac for this site and many thanks to the non-trolls that visit and comment.

            • AZ Ready, I actually don’t mind the trolls being here.  They’re fairly easy to spot and for me, they actually help me to sharpen my focus and directives. 

              I’m sure some of their objectives are to weaken, misdirect, and discourage the prepper whether they’re being paid or not to do so – what silly little rabbits.

              Let them enjoy their little moment, they’ll ultimately be ‘washed away’ just like all the other cynics that I’m sure existed in the days of Noah – who I can just see – standing there on dry ground, giving Noah a hard time about building an ‘ocean liner’ on dry ground – out in the middle of no where – I can hear them now:  “how completely absurd – what an idiot – he’s lost his marbles… water – here – never gonna happen… it’s so good of him to bring us all this fine wood.. we’ll just take it from him and use it for ourselves on our own little projects…”

              I’m sure you catch what I’m saying between the lines here using Noah as my example… enjoy the holidays everyone… they could be the last ones many of us will experience in somewhat safe and clean conditions… my heart goes out to the many who live up in the northeast who are suffering from the aftereffects of Sandy…    


          • Just makes one wonder who has the happiest life.  The turkey who lives in ignorant bliss until the axe drops, or the ones who are aware that the axe will drop on them but don”t know when, or who will drop it.

            I suspect the ignorant turkey must be happier, and in the end they will live just as long as the turkey who knows whats coming.

            Awareness is a blessing, and awareness is a curse.  Ignorance is a blessing, and ignorance is a curse. I think I am more blessed than cursed.

            Life is good and there are still things to enjoy on the road of life.  Today is for enjoying them as much as possible.  I hope everyone does that.


            • On the other hand, surviving knowledge is usually a lot easier than surviving ignorance.  😉


          • I enjoyed both Mac’s and BI’s comments, especially on turkeys.  Anyone who has ever hunted wild turkeys is well aware of just how wary these birds can be.

             Mac’s story about the 1000 days was spot on and a classic example of “normalcy bias”, the unfounded belief that just because things have always been so means that they always will be.  Of course, those of us who are Awake And Aware (AAA), know that this isn’t necessarily the case.  Bad juju can and does happen and usually at the most inconvenient of times.

            As to those infamous “black swan” events, yeah, they are inherently unpredictable because they are ALWAYS events of very low probability but devastating effect.  Being struck by lightning is a good example… very rare but also devastating. 


        • Good Job Mac.  Happy Thanksgiving to you to.

        • Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mac.

        • Mac

          As always..kudos..job well done..and many more to come!

          Speaking of turkeys and sheep in the same scenario..

          how’s this one from my ..ughh.home state Massachusetts(..or as we call it the home of massholes)

          Complaints About Turkey Attacks On The Rise In Brookline

          A frustrated Karen Halvorson is now working with Brookline town leaders to organize a meeting about the problem. Neighbors need guidance and an opportunity to vent, she said.

          “I can’t believe we’re living this way,” she said. Town Selectman Nancy Daly is helping coordinate the  gathering which she said will likely be held December 6. She wants anyone who has had a run-in with a turkey to attend and tell their story.

          GD sheep..from the bastion of sheep.. Brookline Mass..

          link,,From Drudge..


          You folks try living here..can’t wait to get out..have a great one!



        • With a 131-0 thumbs, you’re pretty important.  Maybe you should speak out Mac. 

          SPEAK OUT FOR US!


          Do you need help?  This infantryman has your back.

          God Bless and keep your chin up and head down.

          Grateful for your service SIR.

        • Thanks Mac. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and to the SHTF family here.

        • Mac,

          I would like to take a few seconds here to thank you for your blog site which I have found to be a useful information source that I check regularly since begining my foray into the world of preparedness! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and my God Bless you for what you are doing to help wake up the sheep dogs out here.

      2. Interesting parallel, Mac.

        Happy Thanksgiving.

        • Chicken is just fine, besides, costs less and quickly multiplies. Have a great Thanksgiving all.

      3. not too many turkeys on this site …..Crafty

        • I have a Turkey Thug.  Does that count?

      4. I like it, but unlike the turkey we have the ability to look at history, to look around us and to examine the happenings. We have no excuse to be caught completely off gaurd, or maybe that is my parianoia talking.


        • Most people DON’T make the same mistake twice.

          They make the same mistakes over and over for their whole lives.

          • How do we know there are not paranoid prepper turkeys.  Just because  you havnt seen one doesn’t mean they don’t exist? 🙂

            Happy Thanksgiving to and a special thanks to Mac (and his wife) for what is my favorite site.

            • There are turkey preppers their called Wild Turkeys 😉

      5. This turkey is packin and is ready for the farmer this Thanksgiving. May still make it to the table but gonna give em hell getting there.

        Happy Turkeyday Everyone.

        Sorry if this duplicates.

      6. Unlike a turkey I can read history and learn from it where those who do not are doomed to repeat it. Yet how many think what is coming next will be somewhat different from what happened with previous empires. Everything with a beginning has and end including empires. We, however, are not the empires in which we live. We can adapt and overcome.

        • He wouldn’t be allowed in my house. 

          • Well he sure ain’t coming to my house.  Anybody here want a TSA agent?

            • My farmer finger thumbed you down.  Sorry.

        • jajajajaja 


        • Careful there! You don’t know where that turkey’s been.

        • From the looks of their noses, they may have have been hitting the Wild Turkey before dinner.

      7. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  I’m thankful that we still have time to get prepared.

      8. Very accurate comparison.  Timely and fitting.  The farmers (elites) will be harvesting soon. 

        Happy Thanksgiving.   May we all be healthy.  And educated.

        Thank you Mac





        • I subitted an affadavit of truth to the court over a failure to comply ticket. 

          What would you say when they ask you how to plea? Do I ask for a copy of the contract that I signed that gives up my jurisdiction?   Do I ask for a copy of the Judge’s oath?

          Help needed.

          • What was your alleged offense?

            • Failure to comply or slowly blowing past a female cop (alone) standing in the middle of the street in the middle of a residential neighborhood stopping vehicles and giving directions while wearing nothing that says police.  There was a large cancer walk that stretched a couple miles that day.  Traffic citation.

              • I would do some research first. I recently found out in my county, I would appear before a county majistrate. I asked around and found a magistrate who was a Libertarian. I told him my story and he dismissed the case outright.  My ticket was a seatbelt violation.

              • Best to just pay the nominal fine for this infraction, rather than to highlight yourself to the powers that be…….


          • Maybe wiegh whether it’s really worth it to fight a speeding/traffic ticket?


            • Maybe I should lick your boots too?

          • Pay your ticket like a man and get on with your life.  You got caught, fair and square. 

            • Smokey:

              Lick my boots Tory.

          • Iowa…I would say that’s a tough call. It’s hard to beat them at a game they have been playing for a long time. I would suggest reading “The UCC Connection” by Howard Freeman for some info. He claims to have beaten both traffic tickets and the IRS back in the 80s. He’s dead now, but the information is still pertinent. It’s a long read but interesting. He says you really have to know what you are doing and saying in court. It may have been cheaper to pay the fine than the Recorder fees. I applaud your willingness to stand up to the tyranny, however. Good luck with your case.

      10. Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

      11. Happy Thanksgiving and God bless.

      12. you are all remembered in our thanksgiving prayer today……stay safe

      13. i helped my dad raise turky’s and they are real dumb and bone headed for a lack of a better term… you can hit them in the head and they dont even flintch, just like the sheeple…. great example Mac

        Happy thanksgiving and remember we still have blessings to be thankful for

        • I saw a turkey farm in Minnesota, almost quit eating turkey…

        • For sure…thanks for all you do Mac!….and to all the rest of you freedom lovin rebel outlaws too…have a blessed Thanksgiving season!

          Ive got dozens of turkeys here that I raised from eggs year by year….been around them for over 40 years….I hear it all the time about how stupid turkeys are but you couldnt prove it by me…theyre hard headed,smart,quite independent and self-sustaining….I mean thats one of the reasons I raise them for….now and then I have to knock one in the head cause they get cocky but believe me Ive never had oine stand there and just take it….they are like giant “banty” roosters and will come back for more everytime I roll one….unless Ive just managed to raise a bunch of birds who have gotten my attitude instilled in their heads I cant see this turkeys are stupid thing…I do understand the “analogy” thats being made but like Ive said I havent seen it here on the farm….now theres probably a big difference in how commercialized/hybridized/basturdized versions residing in giant cargill type operations behave and how my narragansett/wild crosses behave… just sayin…”Live free or die tryin”

          • Never raised turkeys, but 1000 days seems like the bird would be pretty old by then. How long until they mature to butcher?

            • Ya,thats nearly 3 years…Ive got breeding stock thats that age and older but Id not want to be eating them at this point either….I usually dress them out 9 months to a year old…I have done them at a couple years…like say a cull bird who takes to bustin eggs or a tom who thinks attacking the grandkids is his new calling in life…those are very rare.

              In the store the birds you buy are alot younger than what Id be butchering,(6 months to a year,Im told?)but theyre not being raised like a freerange homestead bird is either.

              “Live free or die tryin”

      14. Great parable.

        I raise broiler chickens aka shitkins a couple of times through the year and the thought has passed through my head about the process of providing a good life to them and then one day ending it for my benefit, I just didn’t know it had the name “Black Swan Event” attached to it. Thanks for the education and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

      15. This site is great and extremely informative!  I “thought” that I knew a lot before coming here on a daily basis, but I’ve learned a huge amount of info by being here! 

        Thank you Mac and everyone else for the info that you all provide daily….may your Turkey Day be wonderful and filled with love and lots of good food!

      16. To many believe that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the DC “power players” are the farmers exploiting We the People for their nice dinners.  However, it is the truly elite oligarchy behind them that are farming us all…the DC politicians included.  They’re just too stupid and arrogant to see that they are enslaved with the rest of us albiet they have a few privileges we evidently don’t.

        • I am confused….you didn’t include any R’s.  They are all the same after all.  They will all control you and get in your wallet one way or another.  Don’t trust Cantor and really don’t trust Boner.  They are about to sell us out on the fiscal cliff.  THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.  

      17. This year has past us by in a real hurry.. And we all made it all in one piece! thanks to God.. No thanks to the red or blue team..Lets all give thanks to that.. And that we all live happily ever after – dec-21-12.. Sharing all of our thoughts and experiences..



        happy thanksgiving to all..



      18. The alternative to fear is action.  I farm in Northern Cali… in our area we have lots of foreclosures and small lots that have wells and can support an RV. Many have owner financing. I believe this same ‘thing’ exsits all over america… ie a piece of land you can get for under 30K with owner carry.  250 a month.  Costs for a solar jack on a well.  8000 for the well AND the solar.  In many areas you can drill your own well which is even cheaper but out here we have to go deep with real well drillers.  A small shed can be built from salvage.  And you don’t need  power if you have a little trailer and a few solar panels.    I know this cuz a family member just did this…  Got a little trailer for free for hauling it away.   He built raised beds (from salvage at the Re-Store) and water from a galvi water tank the solar well pumps into (also salvage and since he new there would be a few leaks… he put the tank up on a big waterproof tray and catches the leaks to another drip)….he put lots of berry starts in and on drip and a small orchard.  Time to do everything  ?  2 weekends…. it can be done.   He did hire the solar well installation.  Now he is building a little root celler cinderblock ‘garage’ into a side hill..which has a little sping house in part of it…  get  started… !

      19. I hope everyone is living at least this day in peace. Take the time to enjoy what you have and what you are doing. Remember what you are trying to save. If you do not know take a time out and find the reason.

        Past the turkey.

        • And remember there are many service members standing on the wall today. Making sure the fight stay over there instead of at your Black Friday event.

          Today was also a good day to volunteer at the VA or other Vet center.

          • only the PAGE can get thumb down for his thankgiving post.  The ones that did most likey need to look at thier own life.

      20. This turkey plans on bringing an SKS to the axe fight

      21. Give thanks for the blessings already on their way.  Old Cherokee saying

        I’ve turned off my survivalist brain for the day…enjoying my family…you guys do the same and may the Lord bless you.

      22. Happy thanksgiving everybody! If you shop make sure to buy some preps  tomorrow. 

        Be smart. Be safe. Be prepared. 

      23. Thanks Mac. Thanks all you guys. God Bless!

      24. Otter says to Flounder in the cult classic movie Animal House.

        “Face it, you fucked up, you trusted us”. 

      25. Folks we need to think differently about things.

        Instead of the nation collapsing…

        We should see it as an opportunity to start new businesses.

        Get away from corporate slave and get back to US based owners.

        If I could be so bold to task this site with a would be

        to organize and coordinate the millions of viewers into a cohesive economic power.

        I’m mentoring a 17 year old gent.  He’s going to be the mobile guy in our patriot consulting company.  A company that builds companies FOR AMERICANS.

        I’ve pulled together a handful of gents and we’re currently getting organized, reviewing our technology and planning.

        In time, when ready we will contact Mac and I will draw upon this group to see what we can do to make our country a better place..

        In time I will reveal my company and what we stand for.

        It’s time we all came together, possibly as a collective group buying company.

        This would let us focus our voting dollar on American companies, provide good deals to members and rebuild the American spirit.

        Update to follow in time.

        it’s time we go beyond knowing of the ill things the socialists are doing to our country and pool our talent, resources and skill towards something socialists hate….ORGANIZED AMERICAN CAPITALISTS!!!

        • I’m too old but if someone want’s to start a business care for the needs and wants of the workers in the Bakken oil field out west. Trailers are going for top dollar. If you can weld open up a custom fabrication shop to supply  speciality stuff ASAP. Bring your truck and haul what is needed to where it’s needed. 

          When gold was found in California in 1849 and in Alaska in 1898 few miners made any big money but virtually all of the merchants supplying them did. 

        • Take a look at an organisation called NTEN – they link to the organisers of  Net2 meetings on Tuesdays all over the globe looking at ways to make new technologies work in a social context. 

          Incredibly useful source of info & knowledge  for technological social enterprise if you can weave your way round the woo woo twits ; ) 

          (I mean social enterprise in the sense of the profits going back into benefit the local community that produced the product in this context, not some elite wealth distribution mechanism btw)


      26. A lot of human turkeys will never know what hit them either.

        • “Finding out about the New World Order now, is like a Turkey finding out about Thanksgiving”- Henry Makow, Phd


      27. Thank you, Mac. 

        I pray each had a blessed day to say ‘thanks’ for some grace bestowed, not deserved.  For if ‘deserved’ was meted out properly – well, it would not be very pleasant. 

        We can pull out our hair until our eyes bleed – tomorrow, brave folk, tomorrow will arrive as scheduled in His perfect time.

        ~..~  wee is off to eat more Chocolate Pie ‘cuz chocolate+pie was conceived in paradise.


        • Wee ~ I saw your post yesterday regarding your daughter. Having a teenage girl myself, I can truly understand that you were unable to dissuade her from joining the military. You must have very mixed feelings, pride warring with concern, right now. It sounds as though you’ve raised a wonderful, talented young lady.  I wish her safe passage through her service.

          I hope you had a wonderful day!

          ~ D 

          • @Daisy….I thought of you today Daisy, remembered you mentioned you live here in Ontario….but that you grew up in MISSOURI?  I have a sister and a real good girlfriend living in Independence….. and they got together today for Thanksgiving dinner………just wondering if you still celebrate today or do you do both CDN and US celebrations?…… probably just do as the rest of us and just celebrate  each and every day that we have  (:

            I know you said you left the Toronto area……sure hope you moved north east of that city, and maybe we are neighbors?  Small world…..ya just never know!!

            Hope you and your daughter had a wonderful day…take care, CC

            • CC –  We’ll have to talk when the new private messaging system starts working here – I look forward to it!

              And yes, we celebrate both American and Canadian Thanksgivings in our house!  🙂


              ~ D 

        • @ WeeVoice,

              Yes….Chocolate pie WAS conceived in Paradise….I have the EXACT Co-ordinates for that………here….somewhere…….. 🙂


          Hi To all, BI, Daisy, Canuck, the various ‘Pups’ too. Eat till Ya suffer!!!!

          • Just saw this – Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, J1G!  Thank you for the good wishes.

            And my opinion of chocolate, of course, is no secret!

      28. MAC ; HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!  🙂 

        Thank you for defining a Black Swan event., was not sure what it was.   

        Why Black Swan ?   Anybody can field this question for me?

        • The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is a metaphor that describes an event that is a surprise (to the observer), has a major effect, and after the fact is often inappropriately rationalized with the benefit of hindsight.

          The theory was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to explain:

          1. The disproportionate role of high-profile, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance, and technology
          2. The non-computability of the probability of the consequential rare events using scientific methods (owing to the very nature of small probabilities)
          3. The psychological biases that make people individually and collectively blind to uncertainty and unaware of the massive role of the rare event in historical affairs

          Unlike the earlier philosophical “black swan problem,” the “black swan theory” refers only to unexpected events of large magnitude and consequence and their dominant role in history. Such events, considered extreme outliers, collectively play vastly larger roles than regular occurrences.[

          • @ JUSTME;  thank you for a very informative post !  🙂

            • Yw, That was from Wikipedia.


      29. Happy Thanksgiving everyone as we use to say when I played Hockey keep your head on a swival.

      30. I’m the only member of my extended family who believes a collapse is coming.  Today at our Thanksgiving meal each person said what they were thankful for. My father-in-law said, “I’m thankful that we live in a free country”.  It took a lot for me to hold my tongue.  I almost choked.  I’ve warned them all about the coming collapse and not one of them will even bother looking into it.  I’m an agnostic, but I know a lot of preppers feel blessed that God has helped them to know the truth of what’s coming, however, my in-law’s are extremely religious, teaching classes through their church, going to mass twice on Sunday’s if Christmas happens to land on a Sunday because going only one time doesn’t count for both, etc.  They walk the walk and they talk the talk, but they think I’m crazy when it comes to the collapse.  I’m just a crazy agnostic.  They think if only I would pray like them I wouldn’t worry about this silly stuff.  Everything  will work itself out.  My husband trusts them implicitly.  I am on my own.  The majority of my prepping is done covertly, otherwise it’s a madhouse for my kids. 

        • please don’t get me started on religion




          nothing like “God’s own people” massacring “God’s own people” 


        • They are right…let go and let god.  We are all worried about a life that is relatively a blink of an eye.  Take care of yourself but don’t forsake god.  

        • So now…. you focus on preventing the collapse.  By that I mean focus on making sure your own finances and cash flow are not affected.

          I had a real bunker mentality in 2010.  Now… I’m working hard at learning web software to create a consulting company.. a company that builds companies….

          It’s a recession when your neighbor is out of work…a depression when you are.

          So… gain new skills, new associations…and then form new business ventures.

          • troll

      31. yep there is a certain section of humanity that hasent got a clue whats going to hit them or what they will be used for..

        Black Swan for sure, the set up is the EBT system, and those on it, when they finally admit that its broke and in the hole too far to fund it anymore. Than the government cuts it know these systems are are being falsely kept alive on purpose.

      32. Happy Turkey Day ya’ll.

        Thank you everyone:

        …for your wisdom…


        …for your patience…


        …for your strength…


        …for your friendship…


        …for being family…



          safe…stay the course….BA —–OPSEC-check your six—-

      33. In case of emergency… break glass.

        This one day, I took a moment to think on WHY.  why do I bother… I could write a book of reasons… we could each do this. 

        So while I reflect on my particular ‘why’ I paused for a very minutes of perfection as I know it – to give it a foundation.   Just in case some need a little inspiration I’ll share mine. 

        (warning,  don’t waste your minutes if you don’t have a few laying around unused – it will be very pointless if you can’t close your eyes, shut off the din and absorb it).

        1st: turn on your speakers ….

        be quite…. then open:

        then open:

        now, close your eyes, mind… no cheating allowed.

        Hope these work these links work because – it’s magical – at least for me because I use earphones and turn it loud enough that I can’t hear anything else but the perfection of it.

        `..` no less, go find your reason.




        • Beautiful! I especially appreciate the rainstorm after our long, hot, dusty summer. Opening the heavens and receiving rain has to be one of the biggest blessings one can receive. Thanks!

      34. Evening Solar Report,


             After the M-3.8 Flare yesterday solar activity has settled appreciably. At most recent viewing the solar X-flux level was at B-4.3 and has remained relatively stable for the last several hours.

              The most recent HMID imaging shows that the regions of high magnetic potential which had previously been in close proximity to each other have separated slightly – the timestamp for that imaging is 02:15:00.

              A single small region of positive polarity flux remains ‘trapped’ to the west of the largest area of negative magnetic potential in the southern-center of the spot group. Little further significant activity is anticipated over the 24 hours given the current observed configuration.


              A ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ to all those here, may we all continue to count our blessings whist the Light last.

      35. We all have plenty to be thankful for. Especially me. I woke up breathing today. Own (or have access to) a computer. Have electricity to power it. Found shtfplan. The list goes on and on…

        Now, how about we all go to Mac’s house tomorrow for leftovers? Yeeee Haaa! I got dibs on the pie!


        On a more personal note- my most sincere thanks Mac, for allowing us all to post virtually anything on any article. Amazingly, we still have a few contrarians who insist on staying on the topic of the article….sort of….kinda…almost. I’m sure we’ll work out that wrinkle soon! Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

      36. Well, I am thankful for so much and so many i don’t know where to start.  So I’ll start with all my prepper friends on this site; cause I’m thankful for all of you, even the ones I’ve had heated conservations with.

         I was thankful that the first; made from scratch and an ole timey type pumpkin, pie i rushed thru this morning turned out great.

         Dad and I reminisced about his younger days as a kid, and I was thankful he was still here at 75.  I was reminded of how wonderful his Dad,my grandfather was to other people in the 40’s,50’s and 60’s when he had made accomplishments with his orchard business and shared with others.  How he helped the neighbors and their kids.  How he let people stay in his home and fed them when they were down on their luck.  How he used his vehicles to help people that didn’t have transportation.  How he kept a good name with “everyone” right up  until the day he died.  Me or my Dad can’t even be a drop in the bucket of such a great person his Dad was.  I’m thankful for being born into a family that was headed up by,and set a shining example of how to live, as my grandfather did.

         Now on a lighter note.  It was as warm a day for Thanksgiving Day as I ever remember here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns.   All the deer laid up in the Rhododendron and Pine thickets to keep cool.  The least amount of gunfire as i have ever witnessed in the past thirty-five to forty years on a Thanksgiving.  It was so warm,….     I saw a wild turkey putting sunscreen on his nodules and sharing the bottle with some squirrels that were rubbing it on their nuts.  The sun was rather hot.


        • @Dont Tread,

          I had my dad over today also. He is 80 and widowed. Every year he says, I don’t like turkey and when we are finished, he’s eaten more than anyone else.

      37. Moses and Bubba Meet The Ghost Turkey

        My slightly daffy friend Bubba, and his cousin Moses Ripley (that’s his name, believe it or not) went turkey hunting Thursday morning. They left before sun up, with high hopes of bringing home a fresh wild bird for Thanksgiving. Bubba even went so far as to tell his wife not to bother thawing out their store bought turkey. Said they wouldn’t need it. They rerurned Thursday afternoon. Scratched, bruised, bleeding…and birdless. Here’s Bubba’s account of the ordeal:

        Me and Moses got out to the woods about 7 and left the truck parked on the county road near the old Alderson farm. Ain’t nobody lived there in years, so we figured it was ok to hunt there. We hiked in about a half mile and sat down to rest, and try our new turkey calls. In less than 5 minutes here comes a noise through the trees. We got our guns ready and waited.

         Sure enough, it was a turkey. And Man! What a turkey! It had the biggest, prettiest tail feathers I ever seen.  All the colors of the rainbow! That bird was awesome! I raised my rifle to shoot and before I could put the crosshairs on him, the bird vanished. I mean it just disappeared!

        We couldn’t believe our eyes, but it vanished! Just like a ghost. Then it reappeared about a hundred yards away. We took off after it, trying to get close enough for a shot. But the ghost turkey vanished again! Right in front of our eyes! Then it reappeared farther away! We lit out at a high trot after him.

        That big ole bird just kept popping up and vanishing over and over. We chased him across the Alderson’s old cow pasture. That’s where Moses tripped in a gopher hole and busted his ankle. But he still kept up pretty well, hobbling on his good leg. We saw him in the blackberry brambles and dived in after him. That’s where I tore my new camo jacket and lost the scope off my rifle.

        By now, we was both holding a powerful grudge against that bird, I’ll tell you. He’d show his self in front of us…then, Poof! Just vanish again. We thought we had him cornered once, so we waded across the old sludge pit to get him from both sides. That’s where I stepped out of my right boot in the deep mud and lost it. By the way, them mesquite thorns hurt something awful coming through your sock feet! But we wasn’t gonna give up on that ghost turkey.

        We chased him through six bob wire fences and still couldn’t get close before he’d disappear again. I think it was the third fence where Moses tore his shoulder so bad. We had to stop for a minute and disinfect the cut. Wasted our whole pint of Jim Beam on it, too.

        Finally we saw him standing on a fence post. I thought it was kinda strange, a turkey perching up there like that. But this was our last chance. We both took aim and fired! Not only did he vanish again, it was just about then we realized we’d circled all the way back around and was shooting toward the county road!

        Now, you know us, we’re both good safe hunters. Took the classes and everything. But it just goes to show, in the heat of the chase, even the best of us can lose sight of safety. We was thankful nobody was out on the road. The ghost turkey never appeared after that so we trudged back up to Moses truck. It was then that we noticed the two bullet holes in the side of his new Dodge. Boy! Is his wife gonna be mad!

        Fortunately, only one of the tires was hit. I think it was while we was putting the spare on, wiggling under the bed to crank it down, that we got into the poison ivy…


        At that point, I had to walk away. Partly to keep from busting a gut at their ordeal and partly because I can’t keep my mouth shut. I think I’ll wait til Bubba’s healed up before I tell him about old man Alderson’s nephew. Little Jimmy Alderson is all grown up now. He recently moved back home and is remodeling the old farm house out there. 

        Jimmy’s a real wizard with electronics and such. Used to specialize in computer generated graphics…I think he even worked for Dreamworks out in Hollywood doing their 3D images. Got his own company now. He calls it Peacock Projections.

        Bubba and I haven’t seen him since our school days, but I’m sure he’ll remember him when I tell him it’s the same little Jimmy he used to beat up every day during recess….

        • @ Smokin’

          Thoroughly up to your usual high standards I see. Incidentally, your last installment odf the “Fun wit Lang-Widge” was roll-on-the-floor- funny.

              I have begun to believe that if I DON”T get an anti-OKIE filter installed I’ll have to quit frequenting the site completely…..the risk of heart-attack during episodes of paroxysmic laughter is simply becoming to great….

             🙂 🙂

          • Thanks JOG 🙂

      38. remember that guy that used to come on and insisted that  north america was called america and you couldnt call the united states of america, america? well i just heard that the actual official  name of mexico is the united states of mexico, and now they want to change it to just mexico. i know canada is not called the U.S.C. , however i believe this puts a hole in his theory ( and downright creepy insistence that we NOT call it america).its mexico, america and canada, which are all parts of the continent , north america. i just wanted to clear that up and see what that poster has to say about this.

      39. The non-wannabee Rambo  low  testosterone fuelled girly rabbit hunt is gently paced and lazy.  I just need to train child to prep the rabbits for the pot and I’m sorted.

        Find a decent field and set up your chairs and ghillie kettle.

        Take one flask of spiced mulled wine/mead  and a good friend to gossip with.  Kids tend to entertain themselves if you give em a few flask cooked hotdogs  hot spiced apple juice from time to time.

        At some point let the whippet off the leash.

        Between glugs of wine,  & great gossip occasionally shine your torch across the field.

        Start in suprise at the 1/2 dozen rabbits at your feet – praise dog and stumble for home/tent after drinking several cups of strong coffee, made using water boiled in the ghillie kettle.  

         Here in the UK we don’t get wild turkeys and deer hunting etc is illegal with dogs. If the odd stray pheasant finds it’s way into the pot after a rabbit hunt however? Well who’s to know?  The trick is to have dogs that are silent, and preferably can find their own way home via an alternate route occasionally.

      40. hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving

        just got back from my one and only black friday stop.

        bought a shotgun

        i feel a little safer already

      41. Morning Solar Report,


             Solar X-ray Flux at the time of this report was low at a level of B-5.3. Multiple excursions to at or near C-1.0 where the only notable events since the last report. HMIB (color) imaging shows that the leading region of 11618 continues to bracket a positive flux area within a zone of negative polarity, ie ‘trapped flux.’ The positive polarity region has intesified magnetically as has the surround. Current HMID (Doppler) shows slight ‘feathering’ at the interface.

             The only other notable event for the last period is the recording of another GRB (Gamma ray burst) which occured at roughly 10:23 UTC today, The initial light-curve for this event has been posted at the Swift LC depository and indicates a low intensity event.


            PS Happy Thanksgiving All! 🙂

        • OOPS,

              The NASA WSA-Enlil projection depicts the initial onset of the increase in solar wind due to the ejecta of the previous M-3.8 flare to begin after 20:30 UTC this evening. The passage of the mass will be a glancing blow to the magnetosphere whose total effects are expected to be relatively minor.

               Enjoy the Holiday weekend!!! 🙂

      42. Happy ThanksGiving from Anonymous. You wanted a list? ( if you seen this good if not pass pass pass it along 🙂 

        Enjoy thise list of traitors to teh united states constitution.

        I swore an oath to the consitution and thsoe portected under this document. As did these people on this list. Unfortunatly they forgot to uphold their part.

      43. Open range grazing ?????? daily feedings from a caring farmer????????? who ever wrote this article has never been to a turky farm  or call it a factory!!!!!

      44. First off, Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my preparedness friends on this site and a big HAT TIP to Mac for the site and the forum!

        Looking at the news today, it’s amazing to me that in America, one day after giving thanks for all that we have that American’s trample each other to get more stuff.

        God Bless!

      45. Can’t wait to hear a hate free Christmas salutation.  Merry Christmas and take it easy….I am worried about your stress level.

      46. While everyone’s mind on cooking and food etc can I ask a prepping question?

        Is there a good way to store Bread & yeast for the long term?

        I can make sour dough bread and starter but it doesn’t taste the same as bread made with regular baking yeast.  I know you can freeze fresh baker’s yeast but I live in a temperate climate where it hardly ever snows.  I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of different baking methods  and have that side covered. I’ve also experimented with various “wild grains” etc for fun too, just so I know how best to eake out my wheat flour stores when the time comes.

        Home baked bread is one of those little luxuries that will keep me sane when shtf. Baking is what I do when stressed, it’s my therapy iykwim.  Bread for me is the ultimate comfort food, & I’m pretty sure will have value as a bartering commodity.

        I’ve got the feeling there is some super easy simple trick to storing yeast I didn’t listen to when my Grandma was telling me –  that someone on here is bound to know.

        Hoping and waiting you’ll give me a face palm moment when you explain just how easy it is – please???

        • I bet that bread smells wonderful and on calm day it probably smells good all over the neighborhood.  Especially for those waiting on dinner to be served. 


          Happy Holiday

        • OMG…. The SMELLL of fresh baked bread!!! Yesssss!!!!

          • Yes I know OPSEC applies lol!

            Hence why I need to suss this long term bakers yeast malarkey. Just knowing I’ll be able to bake a loaf  “one day” post golden hoard etc will keep me going when times get tough iykwim.

            Here in the UK, parts of Devon and S. Wales have had some localised flooding. Luckily it’s been in the civilised parts of the country so people seem to be pulling together and plodding on through it. Another gentle reminder of the power of Nature though.

        • Why would they need to consider that?  If that hits, it is GAME OVER and there is jack-all they can do about it but die.

      47. We had turkeys on a farm when I was a kid. Trust me, turkeys are not smart enough to know what an ax is. Dumbest birds I ever saw. They climb on one another, had one killed by a dog while it was in the cage…It’s stuck it’s head out and dog bit it off. The dumbest domestic bird is the turkey, those things made the chickens look intelligent. However, wild turkeys are far smarter and can avoid danger much easier. Their colors are very pretty and they lean birds.

        • @ Satori,

             The difference between ‘Wanting’ and ‘Needing’….LOL, quite the ‘cluster’, ain’t it? 🙁

          • Just got online and saw the Drudge headlines —  OMG! It’s pandemonium!

            Those people are in dire straits and want that MTV….

            Now look at them yo-yo's, that's the way you do it
            You play the guitar on that MTV
            That ain't workin', that's the way you do it
            Money for nothin' and your chicks for free
            Now that ain't workin', that's the way you do it
            Lemme tell ya, them guys ain't dumb
            Maybe get a blister on your little finger
            Maybe get a blister on your thumbThe little faggot with the earring and the makeup
            Yeah, buddy, that's his own hair
            That little faggot got his own jet airplane
            That little faggot he's a millionaire
            I shoulda learned to play the guitar
            I shoulda learned to play them drums
            Look at that mama, she got it stickin' in the camera
            Man we could have some
            And he's up there, what's that, Hawaiian noises
            Bangin' on the bongos like a chimpanzee
            Oh, that ain't workin' that's the way you do it
            Get your money for nothin' get your chicks for freeNow that ain't workin' that's the way you do it
            You play the guitar on that MTV
            That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
            Money for nothin' and your chicks for free
            Money for nothin' and chicks for free
             I want my, I want my, I want my MTV



      48. Unscheduled Solar Update,

             Within the last 3 hours opposing polarity areas within both the leading and trailing segments of the spot group have begun to merge. ‘Tendril’s’ of highly opposing polarity have begun insinuating themselves into nearby regions. This is occurring very rapidly and may signal the onset of additional flaring over the next several hours.

      49. BI:

        Apparently there was a 2.0 earthquake centered around Ringwood, Nj at like 1:19am this morning.


      50. BI,

             5.3 Ishinomaki, Japan 20 minutes ago

      51. Robber Baron Wall-Street / ZOG Fascist FedGov Federal Reserve Hyper-Inflation Deception

        * watch learn prepare – the is no other road for any of you TAX DEBT SLAVES but AmeriKan Fiat Dollar hyper-inflation and death by FedGov StateGov Local UN AGENDA 21 , VAT TAX , CARBON CREDIT taxation .



      52. It was GOBBLE, GOBBLE, till ya WOBBLE.

        Whoa, I’m still stuffed.

        I’m greatful for all I have any learning from y’all.

        @Snake Eater greetings from your Oconee County neighbor.




      53. The deer roaming free in the woods never saw it coming either.

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