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    There comes a point in the analysis of any problem when its escalation turns so blatantly obvious that the disaster is self-explanatory. The economic crisis in the United States and around the globe is one of those problems. While there are still plenty of people out there who remain ignorant to the immediate danger, I think we are very close (at least in America) to a point of maximum velocity. The more accelerated the awakening, however, the faster globalist interests will pull the plug on what remains of our financial system.

    Most citizens are at least vaguely concerned with the state of our country and are attempting to learn more. The survival methodology has gone mainstream and grows in popularity daily. Even the annual Bilderberg meeting — a confab of the world’s most influential economic and political power mongers, which mainstream media entities have long refused to publicly acknowledge — is finally being exposed to the light of day.  We are now in a race, a mad dash to shape the future battle space before the elites position themselves for the final conflict.

    Further economic analysis would merely reaffirm what most of us in the liberty movement already know, but let’s recap our situation for the sake of clarity.

    Full-Spectrum Fiscal Disaster Is No Longer Theory; It Is Certain

    The U.S. stock market is now in the midst of perhaps the largest artificial bubble in world history. Virtually all movements in the Dow are now determined by the stimulus actions of the private Federal Reserve. Agents of the Fed, including former Chairman Alan Greenspan and current branch head Richard Fisher, have openly admitted in separate interviews that the central bank’s primary directive has been to prop up equities to give the public the illusion of stability, rather than to revamp consumer credit markets as originally promised. Because of the system’s dependence on Fed fiat, whenever the smallest rumor of a possible reduction in stimulus is heard, the markets tumble.

    To illustrate how detached and absurd our economic reality has become, investors now actually rally around the Dow whenever bad financial news is released because bad news means there is higher likelihood that the Fed will continue fiat printing.

    For example, Reuters reported on June 4: “A report released on Monday showed the Institute for Supply Management’s index of U.S. factory activity fell to its lowest since June 2009 and tempered expectations the Fed would retrace its stimulus measures.”

    This indicates that our current economy is so fragile that it is utterly incapable of sustaining concrete investment without the Fed creating dollars out of thin air 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, I have to laugh anytime a mainstream analyst suggests we have entered a phase of recovery. Let the Fed stop all stimulus, and then we’ll see how much legitimate “growth” is actually taking place.

    The wealth of most Americans is down 55 percent since the “recession” officially began in 2008. Job creation remains dismal. In 2010, 58.7 percent of working-age Americans were employed. In 2013, that number fell to 58.6 percent (according to official statistics), meaning there has been no improvement in the jobs sector of the U.S. economy following the 2008 collapse, despite all the claims by the Fed and the Administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama that bailout dollars and quantitative easing measures would bring jobs back to life.

    Also, keep in mind that a rating of 58 percent employment may have been acceptable in the 1950s and 1960s when the U.S. population was half what is today. However, 42 percent unemployed working-age Americans in a population of 350 million is a dangerous prospect. Add to this the fact that, in those days, high-paying manufacturing jobs were the norm. Today, blue collar business has been replaced by burger-shoveling-wage slavery.

    Unknown trillions of dollars have been printed, the dollar has been inflated and devalued, national debt is skyrocketing, and there’s absolutely nothing to show for it.

    In the global political sphere, tensions continue under the surface between North Korea and South Korea, while the conflict in Syria appears to be spreading like a plague, drawing in multiple nations and promising a high probability of widespread warfare. Any broad-based disaster at this tenuous time will trigger a breakdown in the U.S. fiscal system. A crisis is inevitable.

    Once we accept this fact, we must then ask ourselves a simple question: What can we, as individuals, do about it? In the liberty movement, most activists agree on the causes of our current dilemma as well as the eventual direction we are headed. Unfortunately, the movement completely diverges when it comes to solutions.

    Fight Tyranny From The Bottom Up

    Though there are as many “silver bullet” ideas as there are people, I would divide the argument over solutions into two basic camps:  top-down proponents and bottom-up proponents.

    I have heard numerous theories fielded, from suing the Fed to voting Republican to impeachment to leaving the country to marching on Washington, D.C., with rifle in hand. These are what I call top-down solutions, none of which take into account the need for localized independence. If you cannot even sustain yourself where you live and if you are unable to provide your own survival necessities, then what good is voting, suing, impeaching or marching abroad going to do?

    The problem with the average solution put forward by well-meaning, but sometimes naïve, activists is that they cannot seem to free themselves from the top-down mentality. For them, all big sociopolitical changes must be made at what they believe to be the epicenter and often by working within the controlled paradigm. They think they can play the game better than the men who created it. They forget all about the periphery, the foundation of localism. They forget that to give independence to the world, they must first give independence to themselves. I am consistently astonished by the number of liberty movement activists who don’t even have food storage, a decent rifle or a worthwhile barter skill, yet seem to think they are ready to march weapon-bound to Washington.

    Let’s be clear about something: Even if the masses coalesce to overthrow our currently corrupt political matrix of puppet middlemen, we are still left with an international banking oligarchy as well as a collapsing economy. The fight doesn’t end when you boot out the paid-off politicians; the fight has just begun. It is childish and foolish to believe otherwise. Therefore, one must plan ahead if one wishes to be victorious in the battle for a decentralized society.

    This decentralization starts with you — in your personal life and within your community. The last thing the establishment wants is for individuals, neighborhoods and towns to decouple from the mainstream system and provide for themselves. This is what they truly fear — not empty marches without tangible goals or intelligent planning.

    One thing that every American can do right now to bolster and inspire real revolution would be to learn a trade or skill that would be highly valuable in a post-collapse environment. If you cannot sustain yourself, then you cannot thrive and you cannot fight. If your neighborhood or town is unable to produce necessities for barter, then there is no trade, no organization, no cooperation and, thus, no organized will to fight. That is to say, global liberty stems from local industry.

    During a debt and currency crisis, barter will probably be the most accessible form of local industry. The following is a list of examples of post-collapse skills and trade models that you could learn or construct within the next six months in order to ensure you are a sought-after partner in your own community when breakdown occurs:

    • Fresh Water Storage And Filtration: Clean water is a precious commodity, especially in a collapse situation when central treatment plants stop functioning. Whether urban or rural, many people are not equipped to provide ample water supply that is free of contaminants. Those who choose to boil whatever stagnant pools they find still have to contend with disgusting tastes and smells. Fresh, clean water will be sought after, and stockpiling filtration equipment ahead of time means you have a ready-made barter business in place. As long as you have the means to protect that business from looters, you have cemented your position as a vital barter hub within your neighborhood or town.
    • Solar Power Bank: Use a well-maintained solar power array to charge deep-cycle batteries for your barter network. The need for electricity will not disappear post-collapse. There are literally hundreds of tools people will need, from flashlights to food dehydrators to night vision. Not everyone can afford to set up his own solar array, but most families can afford to purchase a few deep-cycle batteries. If you have the means to charge those batteries, then you have a valuable service to barter.
    • Seed Saving And Storage: The ability to grow food is a talent. A good gardener is a godsend to any survival community. That said, a person who knows how to effectively save and store seeds is even more important. Most people never consider that seed availability (especially heirloom seeds) might dissipate. One person with knowledge could take one good crop and turn it into dozens, or even hundreds. Learn to do this professionally, and you will never be without barter customers.
    • Gunsmithing: The establishment has been quite open about its intentions to continue pursuit of gun legislation and, eventually, confiscation. There may come a day very soon when the guns we have in our hands are the only guns we’ll be able to find. We will have to think less in terms of replacing items and more in terms of repairing them. Learn how to fix weapons and invest in the machinery to fashion new parts from scratch, and you will be one of the most sought-after members of your barter network.
    • Ammunition Production: I don’t have to tell you that the ammunition market is bone dry lately. I have never seen anything like it in my life, and neither has anyone else. Even during the “assault weapons ban” of the 1990s, parts and ammo were far more available than they are now. In response, smaller companies across the United States are starting to spring up to fill the void, producing higher-quality ammo at affordable prices, but with a reduced output. I would take this model down to the local level. If every survival community had a dedicated ammo smith (or at least a reloading expert), then regional and nationwide supplies might be rejuvenated (unless the Department of Homeland Security buys another 1.6 billion “practice rounds”). Making ammo can be slow and tedious (starting with scratch brass and lead is even more so). Output would be limited, but having some is better than having none. Also, I have no doubt that ammo will be treated like a currency in the near future.

    There are numerous trade skills that one can learn to become more viable within a post-collapse economy. No one can provide every necessity or foresee every eventual need. Therefore, a barter community of tradesmen is essential and is the foundation of a truly free and prosperous society. The pursuit of a post-collapse skill should be at the top of every survivalist’s to-do list. It is not something to be put off or shelved for a later date. Learn one today — not tomorrow. This solution is within your power to make happen now. Do not waste the opportunity, especially in pursuit of top-down schemes that serve only to give false hope and zero returns.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

    Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense.  Join Alt-Market.com today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.

    To contribute to the growth of the Safe Haven Project, and to help us help others in relocating, or to support the creation of barter networks across the country, visit our donate page here


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      1. #1 on the list, as it has been for thousands of generations, is food production. The ability to raise most of your own food will be THE “job” skill of the future, I’m convinced. Other skills could certainly be handy, but will mostly be used to buy food.

        If you aren’t using this time to learn to raise food ( and it is a definite skill that doesn’t come along with a hoe and a bag of seed ), then you are going to be at the mercy of those that have the skill.

        • as long as we are allowed to stay on our land , most rural communites will thrive .
          but as long as these Agenda 21 happy polititians are in washington they are gonna try to push everyone into town.

          one of my worst fears is being forcably removed from the farm or killed trying to stay .
          dont wanna think about it today.

          have a good evening.

          • Who in your area will stand with you? point being, don’t go down alone, if you are forced off by A-21 so will others.

            I’d worry though if you live in CA or MA, liberal states, then you’ll be alone.

            • i aint alone entirely but almost.
              hell , if your screen name is the town you live in then maybe youll stand with me .

              • It dosent matter where you live. Every county has a DHS liason and they are the ones that “Advise” the county and city. I live in a rural small county in a very red state and the policy is to seize the supplies of the people. (this means the normal people. Not the rich people) and redistribute it to the people who have not prepared. Ive even caught the local deputies and tax people counting my chickens from the road with Binoculars and their excuse was they were doing a inventory for emergencies…

                • You guys got it all wrong, I’m just going to collect my Gov benefits and clip GM bond coupons. With my free Obamaphone and food stamps I’ll be fine.

                  • To Whom it May Concern,

                    “The problem with the average solution put forward by well-meaning, but sometimes naïve, activists is that they cannot seem to free themselves from the top-down mentality.”

                    … “For them, all big sociopolitical changes must be made at what they believe to be the epicenter and often by working within the controlled paradigm.”

                    … “They think they can play the game better than the men who created it.”

                    Translation: You can’t vote your way out of this shit.


                    Post Script: I expect this post to be “moderated”.

                    Post Post Script: I hope it’s not.

                  • Yes Paranoid you will be just fine as long as you can eat those food stamps. And when you can’t eat you will scream that somebody ( meaning not you of course) needs to get this fixed. And that is the scarey thing. Those people who feel entitles to whatever they want or need.

                • What? Are you sure they were not peeping toms? You need to run for Sheriff, County Commissioner, or move.

                  We think a little different around here. Our government officials have much better things to be doing than counting our chickens. If they got caught they would be tared and feathered.

                  • To Whom it May Concern,

                    Thumbs up on my post, and yet you disable the “Reply”.

                    Why is that???

                  • At the 3rd level all replies are blocked. Think the mess on the screen if they went on fore ever.

                • Joe21: I call bullsh*t on your so-called ‘seizures’. Show us proof of that policy in writing on official letterhead or shut the f*ck up! No one is interested in rumors and other such childish nonsense.

                  • If you can’t prove it it’s bullshit you morons. News flash: Elvis really is dead and there’s no such thing a Bigfoot. All you trailer-town clowns with two front teeth and a GED still think wrestling is real. God I hope most of you don’t have kids. It’s folks like you that scare TPTB into asking for more gun legislation, you’re all too stupid to own even a slingshot.

                • were they wearing their vests?

              • @ any experts with their eyes on the sky

                I see vague assertions that Nibiru will be close to the Earth in August, but I have found no specifics. How close? When?

                Any meaningful details?

                • Facebook Page says:

                  “At the 3rd level all replies are blocked. Think the mess on the screen if they went on fore ever.”

                  If that truly is the case, why do some posts expand well beyond a 3rd tier?

                  No… I believe there is another explanation.

                • Nibiru, if it really exist, is no where near close to us. If it were approaching earth in time to be close to earth in August you would already see it in the night time sky.

          • One skill that will keep people alive in an entire community and everyone should have a basic knowledge of is proper waste disposal. This just does not mean throwing human excrement and other waste into a big hole either. The well water and above ground water MUST be kept disease and toxin free as possible. The number killer of people in villages of the past has still been cholera. Antibiotics are going to be in very short supplies, even if you have some chemist that can grow some. Disease prevention means staying alive.

            Rodent and other vermin control is paramount. Rotting smells draws these animals and insects like moths to light. It is also something that draws more pests to the crops that you are trying to grow. Someone whom understands hydrology will even be better for proper sanitation. Many think of someone that keeps the town clean as the local manure hauler, but this is hardly the truth.

            Many people will use animal and human wastes for fertilizer in many under developed countries without understanding that E-coli and other diseases are rampant in feces. People will end up getting flesh eating staphylococcus in open wounds and end up quite dead. Knowing about these disease beforehand and taking precautions and being aware will save lives.

            Back to the practice of proper waste disposal. During rises in groundwater, streams, rivers, intermittent water rises, there will be places that all of a sudden are filling with water and running off into the areas where people live. Happens all the time in very well developed areas, sewage runoffs. Again, someone that knows about hyrology, water movement, can save the day by proper placement of dangerous bacteria ridden areas.

            Another highly desired position is someone that made natural or even chemical pest repellent out of what is available. Someone that can protect a field of food from insect destruction will be their weight in gold. Without natural or some synetic pesticide, people will not believe just how much bugs can eat and their larva will destroy. Add in someone that can help manufacture fertilizer in the safe chemical form and be able to test and know what the plants need, you are talking some serious good future employment. I think Merree could add a magnitude more about just how critical these above mentioned skills will be after the collapse.

            • I can make vacuum tubes. That class at RCA all those years ago will sure come in handy. 😀

              • you could always learn how to make shmeat ,but who has and extra $333k

            • Be Informed,
              You are so right on!
              Thanks for your comment.
              People like you make America great!
              I heard a great quote :
              “You won’t do tomorrow what you aren’t working towards today”.
              Dr. James B Richards.


              • @ Al. That is a wonderful quote by Dr. Richards. It reminds me of the quote, ” You won’t have what you need for tomorrow unless you putting away for that need today. ” Same meaning, different wording. What has happened to the ant and squirrel resourcefulness of the American pioneer being ready for hard times to most of the population?

                It is very disconcerning to see this lack of any effort to take any effort to plan for “what If”. I mean long term power outages happen all the time, yet does the person that lived through this ready themselves for the NEXT TIME? Do they purchase an electric generator when they have more than enough money? Did they learn from the misery of going through a couple of weeks of extreme heat without even a fan to cool them off? Did they enjoy standing in the hot sun, or cold wind waiting for hours for a FEMA handout or something they call a “care package”? Care package from FEMA, a monkey at a zoo gets more peanuts than FEMA gives to anyone.

                Use to be that so many more people would take the time, effort, and money to put away like the squirrel does part of the summer and all Autumn for winter. Now everyone is poisoned with the BO notion that your friend the government will absolutely supply you with everything you need for any disaster. Yet people forget about Hurricane Katrina big time, and Hurricane Sandy in which days went by without a single bit of help from the “saviour” that so many now consider BO and the government to be.

                I look at people, myself, that has stored up what they need, and it is a good feeling of security. It is a terrible shame that most others would not have this feeling. The government would no way have the control it has now if most of the people had that motivation to prepare and be ready for what is coming. AND if people stopped being dependent on others serving their every need, especially their meals. Thankfully there is still that 1% that have that strong American spirit of being ready and taking the effort to make that happen for themselves and their families and friends.

                • BI,
                  I lived through Sandy the coastal inland area got absolutely devastated , I thought I was prepared ? (Note this coming storm season is going to be more energetic than last years the prediction of the National Hurricane Center also states that once more the east coast of the US will be under the gun again.)
                  After the event passed I filled most of the holes in my prep’s , More portable solar panels , more military water containers, Ecoloope batteries , better cooking equipment. More food that was easier to prepare. upgraded some of the defensive implements. it was cool to be able to see in the near blackout conditions at night during the storm, GEN 3 PVS-14’s Rock!
                  In fact still finishing up prep’s added a Kifaru Paratarp with Para stove for extreme winter bugout in the worst case senario for next winter. The next big SHTF event will determine how well I filled the holes. I try to setup and learn to use my prep’s before a really have to use them under pressure, I think everyone really should take some time like a weekend and do a simulated event using only your prep’s the experience gained could be a life saver in a real event.
                  Moral of the story get the basics, water filters, food , light ( rechargeables) then learn to use them re-evaluate to see if you missed anything. Then prep some more! Ammo etc.explore some of the great new mil surplus that is available you can get some good stuff with minimal expenditure. i.e, Molle 2 packs with Generation 4 frames, LBV’s etc.

                  prepare, learn, stay alert

                  Semper Fi 8541

            • BI – human waste in a future scenario is valuable. Don’t just get rid of it! Just like pig manure ect, waste can be used to produce methane gas, which can be used for cooking and heating. I saw a Chinese family once who collected methane gas from their pig manure. The gas built up in a huge hand made clay/mud dome suspended over fresh pig poo ……and the resulting gas was piped off though BAMBOO!!!!! tubes to the cooking area, where mom cooked dinner over a naked methane flame.
              I know it’s a long hike for people to pop over to rural China to gather and collect ideas and skills for a post collapse life. But while we still have the Internet, nows the time to be pulling ideas from the third world on how they do some stuff. And remember, these folks make whatever they need from scratch. They don’t have the luxsuary of buying a survival item on line for the post collapse. They live it now and make what ever they need out of nothing.

              A former Boeing engineer I know, whos been outta work now for too long, makes little lamps out of old soda cans. Im sure he could come up with something better, but he’s using his skills and utilizing a free material source that he’s got access too. He and his family are surviving.

              • Cede, very good points. I read about making methane from sewage a little while ago. I wonder if, In Asia, fuelwood is scarce. Maybe this is why people are making these methane-producing “biodigesters”. I’m all for it. On the other hand, I don’t think I’ll run out of fuelwood for use in small cookstoves. One thing that put me off the biodigester system is that I read that the methane also contains some hydrogen sulfide gas that will quickly react with and corrode any metal connectors or burner elements.

                But then I see you wrote that some people are just using bamboo as conduit. I would like to see a system like that or find out how people in asia are dealing with the corrosiveness of byproduct gases. I may have been over thinking it or just making it too complicated.

                For sure I’m interested in what people use the rotted sewage for, which is often to place it in a pond and use for feeding duckweed or for other aquaculture uses.

                • Mike, I looked into biodigesters to produce methane many years ago when I was designing an energy efficient house. I determined it would be too labor intensive for what I would get out of it for me to want to do it. Chinese probably do it because they have a lot of pig manure to deal with so it makes more sense with them. Research in Washington State found it cost effective for megadairies to deal with cow manure waste to run their electrical equipment.

              • @ Cede. I truly like the idea, much the same the American Indian would use every part of the Bison or Buffalo, that human and other bio waste can be highly useful. I am just saying that ANY bio-hazard needs to be dealt with very careful to avoid disease breakouts. We live right now in a fairly sanitized world in comparison to the third world countries in which an elder is someone in their late 50’s. Germ awareness is so key to staying alive and avoiding getting sick and something that many people don’t practice.

                Have you ever been at the grocery store and seen someone with a pacjage of dipping chicken or other meat right side next to the salad or anything else that someone has in their grocery cart? Then they wonder why they go to the hospital with salmonella poisoning and shell out a bunch of good hard earned money for something that should have never happened. This is so true with a post-collapse in which there will be little or no medical treatment. Where you could have obtained some anti-biotic to such a bacteria infection, someone is now faced with blood septic poisoning that will likely kill them.

                There is much value in waste, but it MUST be safely handled and stored properly to avoid a disease outbreak that could potentially kill off everyone in the town, or make everyone extremely miserable and unable to work for several days. Movement of water, both in drought and up to flood stages must be planned for to avoid becoming contaminated. A “sanitary engineer” is not some horse manure shoveller as humorous as this may seem by the title. It is someone whom will help prevent the people from becoming very ill or dropping over in droves.

                • BI and Cede; FWIW, methane gas has been used for a long time, and sanitation is very important ,but one of the main reasons that third world countries can do some of these things for cooking , as well as eating certain foods is because of their immune system being naturally developed. Instead of whenever most people get sick they run to the doctor for antibiotics that won’t let the immune system generate the natural antibodies to their environment. In a post collapse unless you can keep enough medicine on hand, most of the population is in for some sick days!!
                  People had better start paying close attention to natural foods and medicine now and how and what you can do for you and yours,before tshtf!!!

            • a story i heard a few years ago from an old marine who served in nam

              he said he and his friends were on patrol and walked thru a village a little boy was taking a dump by the side of his parents hut when the mother came out and proceeded to beat the kid. not for taking a crap but for NOT doing it in the rice field nearby !!! not sure if its true but interesting

              troll killer

              • In Southeast Asia they use human waste as fertilizer. Most villages had ditches that collected all of the waste to be put on the crops. We were forbidden from eating the local rice and vegetables due to this. We were not used to eating foods grown this way and were very susceptable to illnesses. Most of us would still eat it, but only if we cooked it ourselves and made sure it was very well cooked. I beleive that when things get really bad, we will be using all animal and human waste we can get to fertilize our crops. When things are bad, you don’t waste anything. You will eat things that you would swear that you would not today. Look at other peoples of the world. They regularly eat bugs as part of their diet and you will too. Keep an open mind and if you get a chance to try something, do so. I have eaten grasshoppers on several occassions and they are pretty good, especially with a little spice.

                • you make an important point. In the future, many people will be doing things they never thought they would, or could do. Hunger makes people do strange things. As preppers, we are looking ahead, but even among the aware folks, I think we will be surprised at how brutal things can become.
                  I find it so funny, when I hear people say, “OH, I could never eat this or that”—yes you could, especially after not having anything to eat for a couple days.
                  Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. gotta remember that.

                • JAS I prefer ants, they’re a little tart but can be eaten on the hoof, so to speak, grasshoppers must be well cooked because they carry parasites. Trekker Out.

                  • Mountain Trekker: If you pull the head out gently, the guts (stomach) will follow, and that’s where the parasites are found. Still, it’s always wise to cook all animal foods.

                  • Everything starts with a first step. Books and Articles and Post on survival such as these are all good, but they dont’ replace hands on experence. Such as fire starting and shelter building and eating thing that we’re not accoustom to eating, you don’t have to eat a handful of ants or a plate full of grasshoppers. Some time when you see a big old wood ant, pick him up and pop him in your mouth and take a bite you don’t even have to swallow him, you can spit him out, but you have taken the first step, or maybe when your grilling out you see a grasshopper, just do as Fred Said, pull his head and guts out and put him on a skewer and put him on the BBQ and let him roast for a bit and try him out. Who know you may like it, any way it will make it a little easier if you ever really have to do it. Trekker Out.

                • I have read SEVERAL posts of people saying the 3rd world areas place HUMAN WASTE directly in their rice fields and gardens…. and… if SHTF we Americans will likely do the same thing. I hope the city-dwellers reading those posts realize the waste of animals (including humans) can be COMPOSTED.. which means placed in a pile and occasionally stirred up.. so it can DECOMPOSE into a non-smelly less-hazardous fertilizer. That is the proper procedure for using POOP for fertilizer! Not just dumping fresh turds onto your garden!

            • Be Informed: Try the Humane Manure Handbook. It is not hydrology but it is safe. Also consider that manure produces methane. In many rural 3rd world nations they capture animal and humane manure to make methane to power a village generator for lights and refrigeration and tools. The remaining waste byproduct after the methand production is then spread on the fields. What a deal.

              • Ive been to Joe Jenkins(wrote Humanure Handbook) place and his setup works very well….my farm and the one I grew up on used lots of manure….no manure…no farm…even human waste can be used if its done properly…weve got a crap-phobia in America that is largely unjustified….now Im not saying human and animal waste is never a problem…just saying there are ways to deal with it that makes it a resource to be valued rather than a curse…thing is we now have the know how we just gotta have the want to and the wherewithall…

              • Humanure Handbook to be a little more precise.

          • I’m a country boy, multiple skills
            are a necessity of life here.

            If you run into me sometime,
            I’ll be more than glad to show how.

            • Sounds like a after the fan business opportunity. We could take turns teaching class and running security. Nah… the only ones left will already have taken the class.

          • Yea, if im leaving my place it will be in a bag.

            • You say that now, but when the time comes I guarantee just like alot of other people you will scared and coward. I have been reading comments on this site and it’s almost like people wish for the end to be here and say “oh yea I’m going out in a body bag” or “bring it”, but do you guys really know what it takes? To survive? And to survive when EVERYONE wants to kill you? While your hungry, cold, dehydrated and shaking like a wet dog trying to aim down your sights? I was in that situation for three years, never knowing if I was going to live or die, not the next day but the next half hour. And the first people to die, to cower and cry like a woman are the ones that were cocky, that’s one that said well I’m going to do this, do this, but the true naive mentality of the doomsday situation is what gets you killed. There is only about .05% of you that truely know what it will take and what will happen. Pray for the good to come, not keep living in a hope for the end. Go outside and play with your kids, play with your dog, have sex with your wife, shit, go sleep with your wife’s twin sister, anything, enjoy your life. God has a plan for you, want to look back and be man, I wish I did this or that. Just go out and do it

              • internet ranger.

            • Amen…until that happens, let’s plan on being the tip of the spear.

              See you on the other side…

          • Need to get up high in the mountains…away from the system.

        • I can fish, chop wood, and prospect. Won’t need my Excel skills when the lights go out.

          Just saying.

          • Same here, DK, my programming skills won’t mean a thing when the SHTF. So I took up sewing (including large-scale items like boat canvas), candlemaking, and soapmaking, among other things.

            • But the family and I can also fix and/or jerry-rig just about anything, garden, can & dehydrate food, chop wood, hunt, fish, etc. All these skills are important to us right now, not later.

              • Been saying this on my last ten posts.

                Let imagine you have a few acres in the country with a well and septic, small hose, bunch of fruit trees, and a good out building. Maybe only 10-20 miles from a city of 10-50 thousand. TSHTF and you have 10 250 watt solar panels and ten deep cycle batteries (4-5 grand ish), a Welder (1 grand), two windmills from MIKES windmills (1300 bucks), a 1 acre heirloom garden (500 bucks), fifty chickens ( and 1 year’s supply of feed for them ( 3 grand), an incubating system for the eggs( 500 bucks), a generator (700 bucks), two pistols a rifle and a shotgun with 1500 rounds each ( 5 grand or less), a reloading set up with consumables (2 grand), two years worth of food (5 grand or less), and older car, SUV, or pickup in good repair with plenty of spare parts and tires (4-8 grand), Lots of wood working and hand tools (1 grand), Medical kit.. big…(500-1500 bucks), and a ton of firewood, and propane. You’re at 25-35 grand depending on your shopping skills. Lot of cash it seems. How much is in your soon to be worthless 401K, how much crap can you sell that you don’t need, how many second jobs can everyone in the family work for the next year, If you got rid of that car and it’s payment and got that older fixable car…. You have one less payment and one item off the list, cancel cable and any other useless thing you don’t need. Me and my wife are 65% there and going like wildfire… you have 12 – 18 months. You need to decide now… the new 2013 4 by 4 or saving your family…. Oh… and learn how to sew, sow, weld, fix things, MED EMT, gun-smithing, fish, hunt, cook, can, blacksmith, ect…. ect…..

                • The most expensive part left for us is a 240v 4000 watt inverter to run the well at $2,000. Looked at 110v and 12v wells, $1,500 to replace my current 240v well. The experts that I talked to said that the 240v are the most reliable. Not sure of what I am going to do. Ideas and solutions are welcome.

                  PS. Our well is about 200′ deep and will pump 20 gal/min

                  • Remember, you do not have to pump from 200 feet. Most wells fill up to within 30 ft of the surface. Open your well case and find out how far down the water is. Get a shallow well pump or hand pump and install it as a backup to your normal pump. A shallow well pump is generally 110 V and uses a lot less juice than your 220 V pumping from 200 ft.

                  • Thanks JAS. I will check with my local well driller and see what’s the level. Our other place at the river you can drive a sand point 15’and have plenty of water.

                  • Amazon has a step up/step down transformer for 300 bucks. Get something like this but get it at the 10K size to handle surges. Just google search (ya I know the NSA will be watching) for a 10K step up transformer. 300-400 bucks.

                    VCT AR10000 Heavy Duty 10,000 Watt Voltage Regulator / Stabilzer with Built-in Voltage Transformer for AC 110V / 220V / 240V

                    10,000 watts maximum capacity voltage regulator / stabilizer with built-in voltage transformer for worldwide use.
                    Converts 110/120V to 220/240V OR converts 220/240V to 110/120V. Compatible with 50Hz/60Hz.
                    Voltage stabilizer good for countries with unstable voltage supply. This stabilizer can regulate big range fluctuating voltage into general voltage output.
                    Input Voltage AC 75V-130V or 180V-260V ~ Output Voltage: AC 110V+-4% or AC220V+-4%.
                    10,000 watts maximum capacity, Fuse protected with built-in thermal Fuse – protects damage to your valuable equipment from voltage fluctuation.

                  • Man, only problem with that is it is in phase/European 220v 50hz. Needs to be US out of phase 240v 60hz so you can get 120v 60hz off either hot leg.

                  • Shootit. Step up step down transformers will work with 60HZ…. It is exactly what I am doing know and will save you the cost of a second inverter. Just specify 60HZ when you talk to whatever company you buy from.

                • 500 bucks to incubate chicken eggs? Damn, how many at one time? We used a low-slung heat lamp and extension cord, some old blankets and chicken wire to secure them from predators (and curious kids) on the back enclosed porch. We had about 50 chickens, 2 kinds of ducks, 3 geese and a couple of turkeys.

                  If you use your head, you don’t need to spent that much money on most of that stuff. You probably already have some of it, you just need to figure out how to re-purpose it.

                  • Sixpac..
                    that was the idea behind my post…. Most expensive is quated…. I got my 10 solar panels(250 watt each) and 4000 watt pure sine for 2900 bucks. I just want people thinking and finding even cheaper ways to do this… and yes we have 60 lovley hends and my home built incubator was about 50 bucks. My VW bug with spare engine and trany and three sets of tires was a total of 1600 dollars.

                  • We used to have around 50 chickens when we were kids but we didn’t have an incubator… they laid their eggs in the little coop we had for them— nests up on these wooden things. And we got their eggs!

                • We have an incubator for our eggs, with an egg turner, and spent a lot less than $500 on it. And, if you know what you are looking for, you can put together a pretty comprehensive medical kit for a couple of hundred dollars. Just sayin…..

                • I showed this article to my wife, and handed her a pair of knitting needles and a half-ton of steel wool- she is now knitting a Volkswagon for me.

                  • ROFLMAO!

          • durango kidd says:

            “I can fish, chop wood, and prospect.”

            So can a monkey.

            “Just saying.”

        • Amen, brother Andy.
          I just planted my THIRD set of tomatoes in a raised bed garden (after moving the raised bed) I thought needed a little 10-10-10!!! 🙂
          And I’m a country girl!

          I have tomatoes in my pea gravel flower bed, in 5 gallon buckets as of today, and a raised bed.
          Seeing which does best. 🙂

          • Note to self: leave the 10-10-10 to real farmers with real gardens. 🙂

            • chicken poo.

        • Don’t forget to include food preservation along with food production. They go hand-in-hand.

          Dehydration, pressure canning, water bath, smoking, and fermentation are all great techniques to preserve food.

          All of these methods work without electricity and will be essential when it hits the fan.

          If your skills are somewhat lacking, make sure you buy plenty of paper based knowledge to reference.

          In Liberty,

        • I had the good fortune to grow up and spend a lot of time with my grandparents who had raised a family during the depression. I learned how to garden and make things with wood. Since then, I have learned electrical and plumbing skills by building my own home and renovating a number of others. I designed homes for 20 years and honed my farming skills by working on several. I had a good high school education that included biology, physics and chemistry, which help me to understand how things work and why some thing won’t.

          I now live in the Philippines where I hope to pass on these skills in the years I have left. (I am 68). We are building a permaculture community slowly. I am learning as much from them as they are from me.

        • From my reading of American history, the vast majority of our White European ancestors spent almost all of their waking hours engaged in a single pursuit – which was their ‘job’, and that job involved surviving and keeping themselves and their families fed, clothed, protected and sheltered from the elements.

          These tasks, in the pre-modern and pre-technological era were so time consuming that there wasn’t much free time left over to go to some 9-5 regular job. It’s my impression, therefore, that if all these predictions about SHTF Day arriving some time soon come true – depending upon how far back the clock is turned (EMP, Nuclear devastation, widespread starvation, obliteration of the existing infrastructure, etc.) – day to day survival is going to become the number one ‘job’ of anyone who survives the calamity.

          Oh, and anyone who does survive and who has any free time, let’s all promise ourselves that we will spend it engaged in hunting down the rats in blue suits who were responsible for destroying our nation and administering a bit of frontier style justice to them.

          • Tucker,
            I talked to some Ukrainians in 1990 about that very thing: spending every waking hour working to survive. These were mostly country people. They planted beets and cabbages everywhere: by railroad tracks, next to non-producing oil rigs, in their front yards. They had one well per street and had to haul up water the old-fashioned way. They raised chickens and they made their own vodka. They rode bicycles almost everywhere. When they had a shower, it was a cold one, and that can be a bitch in the dead of Winter. Old women piled onto trucks or even horse-drawn carts with rigid wood-and-steel wheels and picked apples all day and rode home sitting on top of their take in the evening. They chopped wood and used wood-fired stoves for warmth; electricity was unreliable and expensive.
            As for the “blue suits”, the Ukies had a saying: “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.” They all said that the “Center” (the central government) was responsible for killing their country.

        • The victory garden of WWII was put in place so the public could feel like they were contributing to the war effort. It ended up producing I believe 20% of the vegetables in the US.

          With some good soil, sun, water and daily care you can grow a lot on a relatively small piece of land. Potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, chicken eggs and buy some flour and you have unk-ees (Italian potato dumpling with tomato sauce). Damn tasty and all too filling.

          • My Italian grandparents, great aunts and uncles could feed a family of 8 on maybe 1/3 of an acre. They had an eco cycle and organic farming long before the words were coined and didn’t waste one square inch of property. Pasta Fazole, Brocolli rabe, peppers and eggs powered the likes of Rocky Marciano. Uncle Nuzio would say, “You no grow iffa you no eat”. Lawn or flowers never wasted a second of his time.

            Necessity & Invention.

        • I have always raised a large garden every year, but this year I tried something different, I laid black plastic on a area about 40×20 ft, and bought the large bags of garden soil and planted directley in the bags. So far it is doing great, No weeds, No pests, and since we are having alot of rainfall this year there has been very little watering to be done. I went to a local nursery and bought the large tree pots that they were getting rid of for $2 each and planted my tomatoes in them. oh and all my seeds are heritage seeds so I can save some for next year. I have 2 kinds of bean, 3 kinds of tomatoes, onions, peppers, cabbage, brussel sprouts, 2 kinds of squash, watermelons and cantalopes and the little short carrots, and alot of herbs. When the summer crops come off I already have my fall planting ready to go. My daughter lives not far from me and she planted a traditional garden this year and mine is way ahead of hers, plus she is spending her summer pulling weeds and I’m sipping iced tea.
          A couple of years ago I got my master gardener certification and I am so glad I did, there is so much more to gardening than just planting a seed. You need to know your soil ph, what will grow in your area, and what items in your home can be used as a pest repellent( dish detergent, not the concentrated kind) Find these things out now, not later when your life depends on them. Now wheres my glass of tea.

        • My best prep is my wet mouth and deep throat.

          Nothing else needed.

        • as i have said before

          find copies of the Foxfire books.
          there is a lot of good info in them on Back woods living and barter and such. told by the folks in the mtns of Virginia and NC and Georgia in the Appalachians

          those folks live hand to mouth and live just fine by most standards.in a lot of ways damn smarter then most.

          and while i hate reality TV ( its not !!) i have seen a show called hillbilly blood it looks like a bunch of crap BUT there is one on making apple cider liquor.

          now that’s one post shtf skill i would like to have.
          think about the uses pain killer. antiseptic. fire starter etc. and if need be Fuel for a car with some mods done to the engine i have been told

          another good skill would be Bio fuel maker grease to fuel

      2. Other skills also needed – like any kind of machine repair,metal craft, woodworking, medication compounding, brick laying, tree care/removal, shoe making and there is so much more.

        • Shoe repair should be pretty high on the list. I would hate to do some of those other jobs without decent shoes.

          SHOE Repair: EYELETS tear out. Remove the eyelets then sew a small strip of sturdy canvas or leather over the holes. Sew the strip in place, and reinforce with glue. Use a small punch to create new holes in the strip and set new eyelets.
          Cut new soles from old tires.
          STRAPS and tongues detach over time. Use a sturdy thread, a large sewing needle (leather needle) and a pair of pliers to pull the thread through the fabric, leather, or rubber.

          • I just bought some new tennis shoes. The last pair lasted for 5 years. I hated to throw them away ’cause its hard to find a quality shoe in size 15. They cost $50 new. The same pair costs $80 now at Sketcher’s.

            The ones I bought look and feel real good. $20 at Wally World, but I doubt they will last more than a year…..

            • Boots, shoes and socks are important items to have in storage. We have several pairs in storage including 2 pair each of Danner Fort Lewis boots. We have made bulk sock purchases on Ebay of both cotton and wool socks as well a underwear.

              What do you think someone would trade for a pair of socks when they have none or their’s wore out?

              • are they edible?

              • seriously ?? i would trade a box of 9mm reloads

                but were not there yet thank god

              • Yeah, got some boots, etc but they are not everyday apparel. After 5 years the tennis shoes had to be replaced. At 20 bucks a pair, I should probably buy five and stash ’em.

              • I can knit a pair of socks in 4 hours. While walking,( MAd treadmill skills) talking, watching television, you name it as long as my hands are free.Properly hand knit socks can last YEARS. I have six pairs I knit for myself that are 7 years old, as I type. I also have memorized an old pattern that allows the knitter to replace the heels and toes of a sock with out having to re-work the the foot and leg. From any material. I hoard old sweaters, wool clothing, cloth , yarn, thread , you name it. Knitting: its not a hobby< It's a post apocalypic Life skill! :). Any one can learn, the easiest pattern is located here: http://webhome.idirect.com/~quanah/patterns.html.
                Dont sell the pattern pass it on.

              • Me and my wife only buy and wear Danner (US made) boots. We have three pair each and I have a pair for work. They wear like iron and are oh so comfurtable.

                • And I to have 15 E Sasquach feet… oh joy, but man can I stomp out a small camp fire!!

                • Not all Danner are US made, and the company was bought by a Japanese firm last year. The US factory remains and those are the boots they can rebuild if needed. The product is good and I would wear them if I needed to.

              • I can take raw wool, clean it, card it, dye it and spin it…then knit it into socks using a few sticks if necessary. It’s not hard…my grandmother did it…I still have a set of her old cotton carders. Time consuming, but a satisfying “hobby,” that I taught my 13 year old daughter, as well. I can’t do a pair in four hours…I like the fancy cables…but a pair a week ain’t bad.

                We will have socks, at least. 🙂

            • Jeez, Durango. Size 15 feet? I thought I had a problem finding shoes, and I’m a size 13EE.

              You must have a terrible time, finding shoes to fit your massive pair of dogs.

              I have a habit – that whenever I do manage to find a pair of shoes or boots that are a comfortable fit, that I will usually order a second pair and put them on the shelf.

              In any SHTF situation, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for guys with big feet to find replacement footwear, so keep this in mind and do what I do.

              • Yes it can be hard to find shoes, but with these feet I can walk on water. 🙂

                • I bet the women who’ve run out the door when they’ve seen me with my pants off, would probably drop dead from shock if they ever laid eyes on you, pal.


          • I just hit Kmart when shoes are $10 or BOGO 50% off.

          • Shoe repair doesn’t seem to be very high on the list right now. My town is pretty good size but has no one who can repair shoes.

        • Merree: I sure hope they have a need for a HVAC (commercial and residential installer/repair person). Everyone needs C/C in the S.E. We are retirees and don’t really want to go back to work; I cut hair, some pet grooming. Worked in sales.

          • If things get that bad, there will be no A/C. We live in Florida and rarely run our A/C. We do not want to be totally dependent on something that may not be available in the near future. I grew up in the south and we never had A/C. You just slow down and take it easy during the heat of the day. Try to stay out of the sun. Make sure you have screens for all of your windows and try to make your house self ventilating, by having some upper windows that open to creat air currents.

            • Why would electricity be gone when we have natural gas and an existing power plant infrastructure?

              Knowing how to fix things will be useful.

              • Hahahaasnooort
                Thats a funny one

              • Kevin I think most people here think there will be either short or longterm disruption to our power system because people will not be Manning the system. No pay no work. The supply may be there and even the infrastructure but not much use if no one goes to work at the facility. Major disaster,EMP same thing.

                • They’re too vital. They’ll pay the staff in groceries if necessary. It will give new meaning for the hobo sign, “Will Work For Food”.

                  A physical disaster / EMP is an entirely different matter then the equipment is destroyed.

                  • I have an idea they will try to keep the major cities and gov facilities running at some level. This is what the DoD runs scenarios on…continuity and all that. You may be on your own out in the sticks. Exec orders might come into play where the common man will be forced labor to keep vital systems running…then again, it could just collapse into a smelly pile of shit.

                  • They’re going to keep their facilities going. Electricity might be rationed at times but keeping plans open especially those fired by Natural Gas isn’t a difficult task. I suspect that in the event of things breaking the repairs will be slower and in some cases abandoned altogether.

                    I’ll say this; the youth today are in for a wake up call. Their cavalier attitude will give way to discipline and thrift. As they say, “Necessity is the motherhood of invention”. Those that don’t adapt lawfully will gravitate to crime the tolerance for which will be very minimal. A massive change is coming economically, socially and politically.

                • If the system isn’t too large, workers can be persuaded to keep the electricity going in exchange for barter supplies. They use electricity also. This is why community is so important. We aren’t many of us going to survive as individuals. When systems breakdown, it will take a village working together for most to survive.

            • i grew up in SWFL ,my father never had AC and still doesent ,he has a big cuban laurel rubber tree in the front yard and it covers the entire house with an umbrella ,when i was younger i painted houses in this area where millionairs lives there houses were biult in the 30’s and 40’s they had no AC but were built with cross ventilation ,they stayed cool all summer ,houses now days dont have windows in walls facing side lots ,them people are screwed ,i built me an old cracker house ,lots of windows ,doors ,and porches

            • Air Conditioning is the one thing that I will sorely miss.

              As I’ve gotten older, I find that the heat and humidity is not as easily tolerated as it used to be, back in my 20s and 30s.

              I love to watch old Westerns, and always wondered how those old Western towns and the buildings in the towns could have been able to be inhabitable, in the middle of the desert when the temperatures were 120 degrees in the shade. To make matters even worse, those frosty looking mugs of beer that the cowboys used to be shown drinking – sure as heck weren’t 38 degrees cold. More like room temperature, and there are few things in life more repulsive than the taste of hot beer.

            • There will plenty of air dried coffin dodger meat to feast on when the AC goes out in FLA. Senior soylent jerky dog treats.

          • wait a minute…What am I doing all this for in my corner of the world if you’re going to be in the south east, doing pet grooming in the comfort of your HVAC? Is that all there is to the end of the world in the south east?

            “If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing…”

        • Ham radio for news and messages.

          • Yep… Loving my old Kenwood Ham radio…. oh and my ham sandwitch… (ill miss that pig he was freindly)….

            • Hey JQP, don’t forget the CBs. In a SHTF world the signal will travel a lot further. Cheap too. Still have mine from the fad of the 70s. (Hoarder :)) I have a single side band too ( even further signal) . And I keep them in my Farady box along with my survival radio, and back up electronic ingnition for my 84 Buick. (Got to run over the Zombies in style.)

      3. clean pure non-radiated non-poisoned water sells itself

        market water filtration kits and home installation

        sell clean pure water

        N.O. ;0p

      4. Detroit just declared bankruptcy and are defaulting on 2.5 billion in debt. Bond holders supposedly to get 10c on the dollar.

        • “Orphan Money” is what they use to call it. Especially when you’re second or third in line behind the primaries.

        • China is looking to buy more towns and cities in America. Maybe they will buy Detroit and make it the hub of chinese auto manufacturing.

          • jas – if the chinese move into detroit , they will not tolerate the musslims, more big trouble .
            but i welcome the chinese to move in……just sayin.

            • @hammer,

              Get your head outta your ass! None of’em are okay to take over in my book!! If you wanna pick rice and eat camel shit that’s on you.

              • Chinese bought the iron mines in northern minnesota 20 some years ago… just sayin’

              • I agree. Assuming hammer is a white individual (which may or may not be true), there is something very sick and mentally diseased about White European Americans these days. I cannot believe how many millions of White morons there are in America who seem to see nothing particularly alarming about having their native homelands being invaded by millions of aliens of every other competing race on this planet and seeing their very nation taken away from them by their ethnic competitors. No other race on this planet would stand by idly and allow another race of strangers to flood into their homelands and push them aside and take over their nation – and not lift a finger or pick up a weapon and fight to the death to stop them.

                White European people are sick. Truly mentally deranged basket cases. Even a lowly amoeba has an instinct for survival and for its own preservation.

                • Did you listen to that idiot Jeb bush and his I hate my own people speech. With people like him calling the shots we will be lucky to survive five more years. Levin played it on his show last night and I though Levin was going to have a stroke he got so pissed at some of the comments.

            • @hammerhead – just sayin…as in chinese and muslims? Perhaps an example of the adage; the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

              • That kind of thinking will get you killed. Just because you have the same enemy does not mean someone likes you.

                • I Know everywheres I go in public areas, folks hate me for speaking out loud of these issues. I Never pass up an oppertunity to begin bitching out loud. Then when a person take the bait, I ask questions like why are whites so filled by white guilt? Most folks deny it is so. Then I go off big time, but not in a mean way. Just a Firm way of stateing facts they cannot handle.

                  It makes folks think more seriously when they are asked about issues like white guilt. Once you hook em, then to reel em in so to speak ask questions such as, How many Slaves have You owned or Sold? How many jewish folks have You gassed?…Everyone always cringes and says NONE! or I Never did anything as that!….Well then why the fuck are You so full of white guilt? Dont you know that PC and guilt is ruining american white folks?

                  The hardest part is to begin convesations. That is easy to overcome by simply makeing statements out loud to nobody in particular as if talking to self. Somebody Always notices and says sonething to me or another bystander nearby. Then I move in! I Know they at first hate it and me for saying it. Oh well some stuff Needs be said and said Often. It plants seeds in their small brains. Then as seeds grow so does their Minds.

                  Now and then I see a person again from a prior talk like that. Most avoid me like a plague. But every so often, they start a convesation about what we spoke of prior and tell me Thanks alot you woke me up like nothing else has in a long time. Then you know we got another awake person on board.

                  I too find it is mainly whites who are so screwed up mind wise. Whites stick together to gang up to condemn a guy like me and call me a racist or worse. But I give em the evil eye stare, and come back fast at them with my questions. Like Why does blacks and arabs and jews and most all other races stick together as one, yet barly any whites ever do any longer? Then they feel guilty for calling me a name or racist etc. It is amazeing to see that whites are first to condemn evil that other whites does. And thats a good trait, most Other races never admit such of Their own kinds evils. But when it comes to defending whites as good….Forget it.

                  This is all More proof solid that what some of us tried to warn folks of the last 40 yrs has all come true to the inth degree. It takes very little to convince whites to hate self, yet trying to Undo it takes way more effort. And the odds are totally against waking any large precentages it seems. Once brainwashed with white guilt, the odds are that person will Remain as such forever more.

                  I think it is like stockholm syndrom, once made goofy with guilt, most whites Like it that way! They take Graet Pride in feeling all superior to guys like Me. Its written on their faces and seen in their eyes as they glare at you so. As if They are so superior since They are so quick to act all self hatred for stuff like slavery that happened so long ago etc.

                  I try to think Pro about america, but in honesty, I see zero reboot of society with so many white folks so stupid and pc brainwashed. 50 yrs ago whites were Proud to be white and unafraid to admit it. Today most whites cower and cring if any mention of “race” is spoken.

                  Like I said before, the fastest method to clear out house guests when it gets late…Wait for a Lull in convesations…Then jump in and ask them “So does anybody else notice the troubles we seem to have from so many savage inner city yoot africans lately”? Or if it is a stuborn crowd? Use Both barrels and ask this “So has any others notices how many Jewish people are now controlling wash DC and All MSM medias”?

                  Two minits flat, and all are exiting your crib fast. Most will Never return neither! Nor invite You to their house party! Thats ok…Who needs white guilt ridden friends or family to bother with. Let them go for help to the nearest Ghetto when shtf. Serves em right.

                  • You dont really believe that 6 million J E Ws were killed in a 2 car, Garage sized, Vented room by use of bug spray in 18months, do you?

                    See website 1/3 of the Holocaust….or google Holocaust lie
                    Ernest Zundel, Germar Rudolph, Fred Leuchter et al

                  • Actually it was closer to 10 million total including my two Polish Great Aunts that were Catholic. My friends father from Poland was a boy of 13 when forced into slave labor by the NAZIs and he cleaned out the ovens of ash and unburnt bones. Another friends father liberated one of the death camps.

                    GTFOOH. Take a hike.

                  • @ Guys,

                    One of the more hilarious chants of the white guilt liberals is “it’s time to move forward as a country”, but the stupid fucks can’t get past the civil war and slavery, even though both have been over for 150 years.

                  • Does it matter how many exactly? The fact is it was done. My family came from Croatia, and plenty died fighting the SS. They were not blonde and blue eyed, so they were “undesireables” too.
                    I too hate these self hating whites. But what do you expect from 45 years of brainwashing in the public schools, er, I mean re-education camps. That is the fault of the spoiled that were too busy to speak up. My kids are in their 30s and are NOT duped thanks to me and their mother instilling the values we all believe in. I never thought teaching responsibility, honesty, and hard work would be so CONSERVATIVE AND WIERD. I can’t tell you how many parents thought I was a knuckle-dragger because I would not let my 9 year old go to R rated movies.
                    But don’t just get on here and sound stupid. Present an educated argument, I do and it works great. You don’t have to confirm their assumptions by sounding like that. Use their own words to take down their position and the response is ……. (do you hear crickets chirping?)

                • @John W. Your observation is a very good one. The term “friend” has nothing to do with being liked, but rather as an ally; some one with whom you share a mutual interest and would be in both parties interest to work together for a common goal. Trust? No way, never drop your guard

            • I like the chinese , a bunch of neighbors who will call the authorities if they see a black person in the neighborhood. Doesn’t sound bad too me at all , these days.

              • Bill: I’m sure you hear it all the time but I didn’t want to miss my opportunity to tell you that you that you’re a flaming assh*le!

              • Especially, when you consider that between the legs of every black male hangs the most deadly and effective mass weapon of mass White racial genetic destruction – and that weapon has a microchip in it that is programmed to seek and destroy our White daughters and terminate our gene pool.

                Which, for some curious reason, seems to always trigger loud howls of laughter and the ear shattering sounds of enormous applause to explode out of the open windows of synagogues across the White Western world.

          • That would be a novel idea …..

            • Nah… They should look into “Troon North” or “The Boulders”.

        • Rodster,

          I got 100% out of bonds, mostly on the say-so of people who comment here, several months ago. No individually held municipal bonds. No bond mutual funds. That wealth is now in tangible goods, pm or cash.

          I can empathize with someone whose wealth suddenly goes “poof” up to a point. Bonds are not exactly the first thing an investment neophyte would get themselves into. I was financially literate for about ten years, an amateur investor, before I bought my first bond.

          However, especially for the sophisticated investors, if they’re still in at this late date … I can’t feel that sorry for them.

          It’s not like the concerns expressed in the alternative media haven’t been out there for quite a while.

          If someone tells you to watch out for that horse, because it kicks, and five different people say so independently, and somebody ignores the warnings and gets kicked in the head …

          free will means you take responsibility for yourself.

          Detroit is a major city. A lot of cheese turning rancid. But whose hometown or county is so flush that it couldn’t be next?

          To those of you who warned of this over the last few years … thank you.

          • Expecting that when the new Fed chief takes over in August that a lot of the fake boom we now have will go poof. Between Obamacare, the coming amnesty which will dump millions of workers into an economy with existing massive unemployment and rising interest rates we should be screwed hard and deep. Half the people will still love Obama.

        • YAYYY Liberal paradise!

          Detroit I mean. Or it was back in the day.

          Where’s the “other people’s money” at now?

      5. Providing security for a refuge is a marketable skill as well.

        • Sounds to me like a recipe for “security” to take out the owners.

        • Show up at our little hamlet with weapons and offer protection for food, we’ll disarm you for 90 days and put you to work growing the food you wanted until we know you’re on the square.

          • Roger that. Good plan.

      6. I watch a lot of business and market news and yesterday all of the buss. channels were wildly dancing around masturbating themselves about the big market rally, WHOOPIE! You look at that son of a bitch today it’s off a 100 plus point drop. OH; SHIT!!
        What we are witnessing here is the big brokerage houses feeding on each other in hopes of sucking in the ignorant easy money. (Mom and Pops languishing retirement funds so they can suck them up) What they are finding out is that mom and pop are wise to what the Jig is.
        I have thought for a long time a blue collar trade is worth its weight in gold.
        Example; you are a white collared degree holding fat ass scootering around in your $200 ergonomic office chair all day listening to your wife complaining about the leak in your 20 year old roof. It’s ruining the ceilings the carpet and leaking on you and your kids, WHAT TO DO!!! Your about to get schooled in what’s important. Wait until you find out what a new roof is going to cost you or even just a repair. What are you going to do call a teacher how to fix it? You had better have a pile of money you’re going to need it.
        I used to get jacked up about those bumper stickers that said; If you can read this thank a teacher. How self-loathing and sanctimonious.
        I wonder who that teacher thanks when they are in a DRY house? Or a HOUSE? Or a car or food or the TP to wipe their asses with?
        I have said for a long time a blue collar trade is going to be worth its weight in gold.
        Electricians and HVAC tecs are big right now and have been right through this Obama bull shit economy. All of the trades I have contact with right now are banging the shit out of just that group, they are easy to spot. If they come up with they are consulting Angies List, they just laugh and walk away. Angies List is nothing but tutelage on how to get your contractor in court and pay him off .50 on the dollar.
        I have three trades and am preparing for this. I am loading up on what is going to be hard to get supplies wire, bolts, nails, washers, lead, springs, tools, fab steel, PVC, ABS, fittings, romex, welding rod and wire, tire consumables, oil, grease, parts of everything I can find and I hold on to them. I hang on to everything nothing gets thrown out.
        What people are going to find out, when they can’t go out and buy a new one they will barter for another one or fix the old one. I have been yepping about the coming barter society for years now. Barter is a direct threat to any government. If the government lets America’s economy slide off into this, it’s their fault.
        People are people and they will find some way to survive one way or the other, if not we all know what will happen, well some of us do. I guess the moral to the story is, don’t get caught with your pants down, prepare now or it might cost you your life!!

      7. Learn how to raise your own food animals, butcher them, and store the finished product.

        • I know its not a trade, but do any of you here have ever heard of ‘ditch bank asparagus’? Leaving out of my driveway, I can go approximately a quarter of a mile and see large clumps of asparagus growing along the ditch banks on the side of the road. I’ve marked these as well as other places on other country roads. The clumps are the results of birds on the power lines above that run ‘long side the road. Reminds me of what the old woman said in the movie “Cold Mountain”.

          • It’s a general rule that you do not forage for food near any road, or in any ditches near them, because the chemicals from automobiles wash off the roads when it rains and get in the ground and water that the plants use. The plants end up with these chemicals in them, and when you eat the plants, you ingest the chemicals. I know you said country roads, but even with less traffic, who knows how long these chemicals build up and remain in the soil. With potentially limited (or non-existent)access to doctors, prevention will be the best medicine.

          • A lot of the Asparagus was planted there long ago. Look for old homesteads or missing ones. They did not want it in the yard or garden because it would take over. The secret is to mark all of them in the late summer when they have gone to seed. We get good “ditch weed” for 4-6 weeks. You need to hit the well know patches before 4 pm on Friday to beat all the weekend hunters. Happy hunting.

            • Oh, that reminds me of my Grandma making me get out of her green station wagon and help her pick various berries and plants she saw in the ditches by the road. Thanks for bringing that memory up for me! I have a lot of asparagus in my fence because the birds eat the seeds from my asparagus bed and then sit on the fence and “distribute” the seeds:> I mow around it! yum,yum.

      8. “secrecy”

        The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.

        Today no war has been declared — and however fierce the struggle may be, it may never be declared in the traditional fashion. Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe. The survival of our friends is in danger. And yet no war has been declared, no borders have been crossed by marching troops, no missiles have been fired.

        If the press is awaiting a declaration of war before it imposes the self-discipline of combat conditions, then I can only say that no war ever posed a greater threat to our security. If you are awaiting a finding of “clear and present danger,” then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent.

        It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions — by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and by every newspaper. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.
        Nevertheless, every democracy recognizes the necessary restraints of national security — and the question remains whether those restraints need to be more strictly observed if we are to oppose this kind of attack as well as outright invasion.
        No President should fear public scrutiny of his program. For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that understanding comes support or opposition. And both are necessary. I am not asking your newspapers to support the Administration, but I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people. For I have complete confidence in the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed.

        John F. Kennedy

        • Thanks. You have a date for that? Was it the speech before a University about 6 months before he was killed? I read about it but never truly read it.

          No wonder the establishment got him. Can’t have that open stuff going on. Hell the public will start to expect it.

          • JFK – Secrecy is Repugnant (1961 Speech)

            John Fitzgerald Kennedy – ‘The Very Word Secrecy Is Repugnant’

            John F. Kennedy made this speech on April the 27th, 1961, before the American Newspaper Publishers Association at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. It contains many famous passages, including those mysterious words alluding to a dark and powerful enemy which is secretively amongst us. Many people speculate that this secretive enemy is the military-industrial complex.

            JFK was assassinated about 1 year after this speech and many believe that the reasons for his departure are hidden in these very words. He was trying to expose them, and they decided that it was time for him to go.

            N.O. ;0p

              • Thank you.

                Its been downhill for the US since November 22nd 1963.

                • Does the Kennedy assassination mark when the coup in our government occurred?

                  • Economically where the real power lay it was at least as far back as the creation of the Federal Reserve.

                    The assassination of JFK was not the point where the coup in our government occurred but rather the date that it became obvious to anyone desiring to see it. As is said, “None are so blind as those who will not see”.

            • 3n3my of th3 Stat3

              Obama’s Most Dangerous ‘Enemies’ are Being Targeted

              “There is a pattern emerging in the Obama Presidency. He is at war with reality; his greatest enemies are facts. And he has been targeting for years a small group of people whose duty is to expose the truth. Their loyalty runs to the citizenry and not to Barack Obama. They are not Republicans and they are certainly not journalists. And Obama has been trying to muzzle them. One man stands in the way.”

              “Inspectors General (IG) are government employees who are responsible for ferreting out mismanagement, fraud and corruption in the federal government.”

              “The list of abuses uncovered by the Inspectors General has been multiplying as rapidly as the national debt has under Obama. The government wastes billions by not listening to Inspectors General Obama wants to all but eviscerate them.”

              Where are those missing Inspectors General?

              “Over the past few years Barack Obama has attempted to starve the beast by REFUSING TO FILL VACANCIES in the ranks of Inspectors General as they have arisen. The White House been routinely chided for years over its negligence.”

              Timothy Smith of the Washington Post reported in May of last year that “there were 10 IG vacancies, including five at cabinet-level agencies. Four of them had been vacant for more than 3 years.”

              “Obama has also attempted to slash the budgets of the inspector general for the Office of Management and Budget: one of the key Inspector General positions since the official has a broad mandate to focus on government spending.

              This from a man who never met a budget he did not want to expand or a person he did not want to put on the federal payroll. Yet, the one program he wants to slash (aside from the Defense Department) is the program that is designed to protect taxpayers.”

              “So what can Obama do with current Inspectors General?
              Intimidation and character assassination are tools in the Obama armory. America’s President is after all a man who bragged that he “brings a gun to a knife fight,”

              “…oversight of Obama will not come from the media who have become lapdogs. The true watchdogs have been Inspectors General who remain the unheralded heroes of Washington and whose war on them by Barack Obama another scandal the media has ignored.”

              The American Thinker dot com

        • 3n3my of th3 Stat3,

          Those in the White House don’t follow this.

          “And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.”

          Remember this – The government has made a very public example of some gov. workers who spoke out about “wrong doing”.

          Some have suggested this is because the government is ‘scared’.

          Obama has Prosecuted More Whistleblowers than All Other Presidents COMBINED

          …But Refuses to Go After White Collar Criminals

          Washingtons blog dot com

          Despite Pledge of Open Government, Obama Prosecuting Whistle-Blowers as Spies

          “The message to government workers seeking to expose waste, fraud and abuse is “see nothing, say nothing, don’t speak out — otherwise we’ll hammer you,” …

          “On Oct. 10, Obama issued a policy directive to executive- branch agencies extending whistle-blower protections to national security and intelligence employees, who weren’t included in the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act that passed the U.S. House last month and awaits Senate approval.”

          Bloomberg dot com

      9. why all the spying,the surveillance
        the need for total control ???

        Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks


        “they” must see something really really bad happening
        in the very near future

        “But why have Western security agencies developed such an unprecedented capacity to spy on their own domestic populations? Since the 2008 economic crash, security agencies have increasingly spied on political activists, especially environmental groups, on behalf of corporate interests. This activity is linked to the last decade of US defence planning, which has been increasingly concerned by the risk of civil unrest at home triggered by catastrophic events linked to climate change, energy shocks or economic crisis – or all three.”

        • Cheap oil and artic sea ice are going away along with the hydrocarbon based economy. They see it. They are afraid of the coming food riots. All protests will be ended with extreme prejudice. Welcome to the new Dark Ages.

          • What a dumb statement. there is more oil than ever, as to the sea ice melting that has happened before. Ever heard of the old search for the Northwest Passage? Where do you think that idea came from? The ice comes and goes in cycles not to mention there are volcanoes under the artic sea which also have an effect. Don’t be such an Al Gore sucker.

        • The goverments all know the planet is undergoing an end of an age clatyclismic earth change. Mostly due to the pol shift. In 2011 the north pole shifted 40 miles. The clatyclismic events will increase in frequency and magnitude. This earth change isnt caused by burning fossil fuel or any of mans activities. man dont cause it and man cant mitigate it. In fact these events would still be happening to the planet even if man had never existed.So the global elete are trying to put themselves in a situation where they can remain in control. Their plans will all be or naught. In the after time those who are left wont let themselves be governed & enslaved.Those parasites will have to fend for themselves.

        • Its called fascism.

        • Air cannons, very simple to build, can launch fine cable netting that can bring these down. Buy lasers, it interferes with the camera plus its fun, try to get the most powerful handheld available. Infrared LED’s or lasers, put an LED on your ballcap, will not be able to ID your face, creates blind spots in the cameras vision. What are they going to do if one is brought down, admit to spying? Arrest you for not allowing them to spy on you. Is that how its going to get? The new normal by force? I think its time to show them the door face first.

          • What you said.

            Plus, I think some sort of anti-sky-demon shaman job will be created.

            You know, that skinny old guy the makes and trades those heavy woven bamboo net umbrellas and tells you to go slow, and gather and change your new cover before you leave the shade…

            Because all will know to fear the sky-demons! It ain’t God watching you! Its those evil sky-demons that are waiting for you to make a visible move.

            Break curfew? Make a move without permission? Die.

            Of course it would be better if the guardians of such sky-demons grew a set of personal honor and had some human dignity.

          • and when you take them down be sure to destroy the damn things sp they cant be re used again make the local govt go broke replacing them maybe they will get a hint

            any one remember the movie heavy metal ? in one story there was a trial and this little floating ball went around watching things maybe this is some idiots idea of that!!!

          • Time to invest in large swaths of mosquito netting and even old panty hose. Add some clear fishing line and you have yourselves a viable anti-MAV tool.

      10. If my “plumbing” were different, and I was 30 years younger…a “very old trade” comes to mind.

        Allow me to save you the trouble: Yental is an asshole! Looking for some form of humor in all the wrong places. ;)!

        But, tell me someone else wasn’t thinking the same thing. I know, I suck and should have my ass whooped by the “principal”. With the “new” logic and “superior” methods of raising kids “these days”…the “principal” would go to prison, and I would get a multi-million dollar settlement.

        The “times” have surely changed.

        • Well, since sixty is the new thirty and Barbara Mikulski needs an intern…..

          • Nice JRS! Certainly “adds perspective”.

            However, I’m not THAT damn old! And “she” needs to reside south of the Texas panhandle and be bringing a “ton of gold” and “a ton” of various calibers of ammo if I’m going “where no sane man” would go BEFORE.

            Glad I held onto those “old timey” grocery store paper bags!

            I need to stop this “train-of-thought” before the “hole” I’m digging for myself gets any deeper.

          • Well I don’t claim 30 but I can keep up with most 40 year olds and have a better body than most. You have to take care of yourself as you get older. It helps if you have always been athletically inclined.

            Keep your kids active. They will reap the benefits later.

            • “Let your gun be your constant companion on your walks.” TJ

              Semper Fi

        • yental,

          The grapevine has it Sen. Finewhine is more than a bit bored with her husband. Her Hitachi and the cabana boy leave her frustrated. If your “plumbing” is up to the task
          she would probably welcome some adroit advances. During “pillow talk” put in a good word for the 2nd Am.

          If she is kinky enough, that holed paddle that Mr. A used to motivate us to apply ourselves during Algebra I might motivate DiFi in a more productive direction.
          Whale on her.

          When you go after Moby Dick bring the tartar sauce.

          • Anon6.8 – ‘When you go after Moby Dick bring the tartar sauce’

            Now, that’s funny!

            Yental- You da man! I thought about it but didn’t have the guts to say it!

      11. Undertaker?

        • “Morbid”, but will prove to be very tough to beat in the “suggestion box”!

        • My Grandad survived the depression digging graves for those who didn’t.

      12. What about my junk bond skills and my ability to move derivatives? Is there no place for this when balloon goes up?

        • I suggest you pull a NAZI war criminal move and get out of dodge, change your name, drop the NY accent and move to Montana.

      13. Just remember The lights out as i like to call it a Horse is gonna be very prized also get to know your local farmer as they will have most of what you need and will barter, maybe labor , maybe something else but rest assured no one gets off easy! Work horses are gonna be very highly prized ( perchons, clydesdales, but metal workers ( blacksmiths are going to be the most sought after. Leather tanners are really gonna get alot of work. So brush up on some kind of skills cause this keyboard isnt gonna be worth much, and what i know can be taught but you must be willing to learn!!!!!!!!!

        • People will remember me as the ‘fix it’ person that I am. If it has moving parts, it’s right up my alley!

      14. I don’t understand predictions where electricity will be unavailable when the US is loaded with natural gas as a power plant fuel. We’re self sufficient on food. I’m not saying a hair cut isn’t coming but I just don’t see the mad max movie set. Actually I would rather be here than in Europe, Japan or a host of other nations without that indigenous food and fuel.

        I think having the ability to fix things be it automobiles, washers, small engines and similar items will be valuable as people take care of and repair what they have as opposed to buying new.

      15. Kevin you are not too bright, Obama signed legislation to cut the use of coal and power plants just yesterday, higher prices and power shortages are going to happen, sooner than you think

        • A Gold Seal Stationary Engineers License and 26 years in power plants within an Oil Refinery retiring as an operations supervisor makes me a tad knowledgeable.

          There is plenty of Natural Gas. Actually so much that the companies are getting economically hurt due to too little demand for the supply. Coal Plants can be retro fitted but Gas Turbine Combined Cycle are the best at exploiting the abundance of Natural Gas.

          Natural Gas at $4 / million BTUs competes directly with coal and the plants are cheaper to build and more thermally efficient exceeding 50%.

          The coal is going to be exported to Asia to fuel their industry. The global warming must be nonsense because coal will still be used. Actually China has surpassed the US as the greatest contributor of carbon to atmosphere.

          • And when someone blows holes in all those big transformers and the fuel supplies are burning, and nobody shows up for work because the dollar is worth less than dirt and they want to protect their homes and families, and the infrastructure gets destroyed by warring factions from within, it is quite naieve to think the power will stay on when they can barely keep it on with the slightest bad weather.

            • I’ll give it to you in that situation but I just can’t see that on a huge scale. I can see it in the inner city. Why destroy what you need? Theft is one thing and vandalism is another.

          • Almost everything has been exported to china. Now if we could send them all of our commies.

            No commies here, all sent to china, and it would be like the 1820s in the west.

        • It was never said it would be cheap. But it will be there to use.

      16. I pretty much a jack of all trades. We try to have three days per week when all of our meals are home growm. everything grown processed entirely by us. Its very hard to do. We have the know How and a garden , goats,sheep, pigs, cattle, chickens ,ducks,geese. tame rabbitts. a horse & burro. Its difficult to raise all the animal feed and enough garden produce for just the two of us. I think a team of oxen would be better than draft horses. Those horses require grain to stay in condition. also they require expensive harness, the oxen will thrive ob pasture & hay and only need a wooden yoke that could be fashoned with a hatchet from a log. Also the goats will be better than the cattle. The goat will live on marginal browse. the goat is easier to butcher it dont have so much meat that it would spoil before you consume it. I kill my pigs at 150 lbs much more tender and not as big a task. My gardens are raised beds and dont require a tiller . hand tools are all thats needed to work them. We dont have air conditioning. We have a hammock and recliner in the root cellar. In hot weather we arise a daylight & work until it gets too hot. Then take a seista in the 60 degree root cellar for a few hours. We still have a outdoor privy in addition to the inside plumbing. I would like to obtain a water pumping windmill to replace the electric well pump.I will miss refegeration electric lights internet TV and the host of comforts. My electric coop states cap & trade will cause the average electric bill to be $1000 per month. I cant afford that .

        • I do not know where you reside but where i am i have a stream that flows all year around so what i have done is bury 2-800 gal tanks higher than my house so that the pressure of the water supplies our whole house. now take into your mind not everybody has this also we have a woodfired cookstove. Coffee is made daily plus we get all the heat we need in winter. for summer cooking we have another 1 on the back porch , plus we can alot of beef, it lasts about 3-6 yrs also most of the farmwork is done by diesel so we have quite a bit on hand. Coleman has a 2 fuel lantern it burns kero and unleaded gas so when the power goes out and it does we are still able to function. plus we dont have a need for a car just trucks as they haul what we need and just plain cool. so stock up on seeds and packs of miracle grow as it lasts a good long while

          • Miracle Grow is a high nitrogen mix. Add some Tomato Tone and some Potassium, Phosphorus and sulfur additives for budding and fruiting.

            Good to learn about soil mixes, compost, vermiculite, etc and the needs of your plants during various parts of their lifespan.

            If you have poor soil, harsh summers, short growing season or live somewhere where a garden isn’t feasible, look at Grow Bags, aka Dirt Bags. 10-gallon size for $5 some places, last for years, portable and each one will support a large indeterminate Roma tomato plant. They are probably fairly good for some root crops, too. Some sort of small sheltered greenhouse and shade cloth are affordable now.

            People who can mix soil and can sew Grow Bags (heavy duty landscaping cloth) will have something to offer, too. I have given away over 30 tomato starts so far this year and people are happy to get them. If you want to start on establishing yourself as a source of something, start now and find ways to let people know what you can do.

            • Cold tunnels and row cover are good too if your in colder climates,

            • I now grow the starts for my friend, who has enough land to plant them on. I have plenty of heirloom seeds stored away for later. I can’t turn rows, but I can tend the sprouts and hand them over, and share the proceeds.

              SUBURBAN TEAM WORK!

          • my tractor is a 1944 M farmall LP . I alo have adual fuel Lp or gasolinr pk. also have a lp generator. Ive stocked up on lp have a 250 gal tank and have filled several dozen 100 lb bottles. Lp never goes bad like gas or diesel. But eventually those supplys will get used up. Ive collected a pletoria of horsedrawn equiptment and hand tillage tools . planters breaking plows harrows cultivators mowing machies hay rakes ect. Rescued a lot from the local scrap recycler. I have a dozen of those push garden plows with the steel wheel on front. Way lots more than what Ill ever need. Just in case items hoarded to trade or give to someone who will benifit. We have two deep wells sunk into the sparta aquifer. We have rain barrells and a large stock tank that are filled by the rain gutters. We also have a small pond.One item we dont have and dont want is a morgage or debt of any kind.Im enjoying being a hobby farmer and really like my lifestyle just the way it is. I dont want A collapse of earth changes. I really hope SHTF never happens. However im not a denialist I can read the signs and know big dramatic change is imminent. I can feel it in my bones. Uneasy feeling sumthin aint a setting just right.

            • wood gas?

            • Ditto on the somethin just dont feel right, lots of people feel it, farming is a great lifestyle though isnt it, dont think i could go back to construction ever after the independence of being a grower.
              Good weekend friend!

        • Thats what is good about the rabbits as far as feed, they will eat marginal feeds and they are prolific and easy to butcher, quite tasty too, is also why i like the chickens, both produce an abundance of fertilizer too for your gardens.
          That electric bill sounds scarry, i pay about 550-600 now but run a good size walk in refer 24/7,
          I figure im just going to shut off the power when the prices get ridiculous and the income drops.
          Thumbs up!

      17. I wasn’t born for diggin’ deep holes,
        I’m not made for pavin’ long roads,
        I ain’t cut out to climb highline poles,
        But I’m pretty good at drinkin’ beer.

        • @Okie,

          You got that right!

        • Okie:

          I can’t do any of those things right. A preacher once told me Id be a great teacher of the Word.

        • Smokin.

          Do you like Oly?

          • Ugly- well, if it’s hot summer time… and I’m thirsty… and somebody else will do the driving…

        • I’m an excellent driver…

          • Roll the window up, it’s getting wet in here…

            • Electric windows suc w a blown fuse. I like suds two.

        • Multitasking: Beer in one hand fishing pole in the other.

          I am off to practice. You guys/gals stay safe.

      18. I can preserve fruits/veggies, I’m a pretty good teacher on that as well. I garden, sew, and my SHTF career will be in clinical hypnosis. Recently got my certification and combined with my knowledge of physiology and anesthesia can provide “glove anesthesia” , treat anxieties, insomnia, help people quit smoking and reduce symptoms of most stress related ailments. Hypno birthing and pain management are two areas I plan to get further certification.


        • @ PenCRNA,

          Pardon for the rather dark thought, but enough pentobarbital to send the several dozen leading banksters on those regional Fed boards to sleep permanently probably fits inside an old fashioned tennis ball can. Show how little I know about it.

          If they were ever put on trial for their crimes against the American people think of all the over stretched rope and broken lamp posts you could prevent.

          Segueing to happier thoughts, suppose the “average” office M.D. were the only surgeon available when times get interesting. He probably remembers nothing from his anesthesiology rotation as an intern 39 years ago. Let’s hope he remembers some anatomy.

          There are “tools” then there are tools. God help us all if medicine reverts to its War Between the States condition when times get interesting.

          I suspect your anesthesiology been there’s would be highly sellable.

          • Before I started prepping, I already had an “oh shit!” bag put together because we camp in the woods, miles from the nearest house and until last year no real cell signal to speak of and thats a 15″ hike up a 30-40 degree slope or a two mile drive up the cliff road. Could pretty much handle small lacerations, have handled a dog bite, anaphylaxis (hubby allergic to yellow jackets)–my husband doesn’t like the idea of being intubated and resuscitated if he got that ill, but if he wanted to live he’d GTF over it. My son and husband both certified in CPR. I’ve seen enough surgery I could take care of MINOR things, and even deliver a baby if no other option existed. But I hope to never have to use these skills.

            Succinylcholine darts might be more effective than the pentobarbital, but that’s moot as these comments are only in jest! LOL.

            I was actually thinking that if all these MF’rs approve funding of SYRIA they are committing TREASON!!!! The rebels have sworn allegiance to AL QAEDA, therefore the Washington MOB is aiding and abetting known terrorists to the USA. All politicians who support this should be arrested and hanged in the whitehouse rose garden!

            • You are right. It is treason. Expect more from the commies.

            • From one of my favorite scenes in American Graffiti: tie them to the bumper and drag them (all the way to Key Bridge).

      19. I am a pretty decent cook,canner and gardener…but main job after SHTF will be teaching my granddaughter. My craft building is all set up to be her schoolhouse. Have been collecting her books for a year now. All supplies are ready too. She is only 3 so figure it will come in her school age years. We can accommodate another child or two if necessary. DH is good with carpentry and wood cutting as well as general repair. Daughter in law is a very good barber and medic. Son can repair electronics, not that we will need it. Grandson is the prize! He is quite the mechanic and can make things from nothing and creative like I have not seen in these young kids. Plus he is trained in Marshall arts and a crack shot. Our weaknesses are none of us see or are plumbers. We know this so if anyone around us has these skills we plan to barter. Hope we will survive to help rebuild this country.

        • Sew not see. Lol.

        • A couple of how-to books will fix that. Plumbing is simple. The hardest part is crawling under the house if that becomes necessary. If you have more than one bathroom, you can practice replacing the p trap under the sink, replacing the sink faucets, replacing the wax gasket under the toilet base, replacing the gasket under the toilet tank, and replacing the flushing mechanism inside the toilet. I’m more adept at book learning, but I have done all the above plumbing tasks. So has my mother, including crawling under the house to reverse the hot and cold supply to the bathtub because the “professional plumber” put them in backwards! All you need are some simple tools and a few supplies.

          • PS. Don’t forget to turn off the water supply while you practice plumbing.

            • My wife took away my “Jr Plumbers Kit” years ago. It’s cheaper to hire the most expensive plumber in the area than let me go at it. I can do a great plumbers butt though…

      20. If you are looking for an after collapse investment. Get 100 small MP3 players and the hand crank USB chargers. Entertainment will be at a premium. AND we won’t be getting much from China for a while or at a reasonable price. The hand crank USB chargers are only like $3.

        Most radio stations will be out of business. Even if we only go into a deep depression.

        Have a laptop and an external hard drive. In fact have multiple back-ups of your MP3 music. Your clientele can come back for a change of music every so often, for a price.

        • Sierra Dave: This is an excellent area to plan on bartering with! I am accumulating these little LED booklights that last a good long time…they are fairly cheap online, in bulk….make good reading at night when perhaps you don’t want to attract attention… For the DH and me, I am picking up CD’s and DVD’s of some of the old tv shows, mystery shows, etc….Lots of crossword-type magazines, too….at the end of the day, people will miss their entertainment!

      21. We’re gonna need some really good preachers.

      22. baker…

      23. Yes, I am The Bucket King! And I bet that most of y’all are too!

        Everyone will need Buckets post-doom.

      24. Bucket OPSEC…

        When filling your buckets use REMOVABLE tape to mark them!

        • Fantastic idea.

      25. I worry about those under 50 who have no skills at all. I grew up with almost nothing, so I have the creative skills to make anything we need with very little. My spouse has all the “manly” abilities, so between the two us, we could probably handle the basic needs. But my younger friends are CLUELESS – if they can’t get it from the drive-thru or Wal-Mart, they will become moochers or looters.

        • Yes…

          “Necessity is the mother of invention”

          The ability no look around, see what you have and put some things together to accomplish the task at hand is relatively non-exsistant in todays society.

          Excellent skill.


        • I have a nephew that couldn’t operate a yardstick. I asked him to measure a wall, and he couldn’t because the yardstick wasn’t long enough. He couldn’t figure out how to hold the yardstick, hold your place at the end of it with your finger, and move the yardstick to measure another 3 feet. And he graduated high school and can write computer software.

      26. What about putting a good edge on a blade? Even butcher blades lose their edge after repeated use. Can you sharpen an axe or a hatchet, a machete? What about your everyday carry pocket knife? I sharpen knives for friends from work, no charge, but I get the practice. I need to learn how to do handsaws next, maybe chainsaws.

        • We used to make wood splitting wedges at work a couple of decades ago. Once cut and sharpened we put them in a boiler furnace for over an hour until the were so red hot they were almost transparent. We then pulled them out with tongs and submerged them in a metal bucket filled with 600 weight cylinder oil. That oil had a very high carbon content. Great heat treating. A super saturated solution of sugar water works good too to carbonize heated metal in a pinch.

      27. I’m so glad to see this topic being discussed. I do think forming tight knot, hard working communities will be the path forward.

        You don’t want to work? You have a ‘disability’ and just want an EBT card? Sorry. I really do believe this notion of welfare was the catalyst for our current state. If someone really does need charity, the local community can decide if and how much.

        Anyway, I’ll add bicycle repair to the list, I think some spare tubes and parts and perhaps welding equipment. Bikes need a couple of specialized tools to work on them, a chain breaker is pretty important, also a crank puller, cassette removal tool and spoke wrenches. Wheel failure is probably the most catastrophic kind of repair, simply replacing the wheel wont be an option, so the ability to unlace a wheel, pound it back into shape and relace the spokes would be an excellent skill.

        Also, trapping could be a handy skill. Traps are not too expensive but knowing how to care for them, prepare them, maintain them and use them is an art form.

      28. Tractors move the country until the depression hits. Then it’s steel on steel.

        • I got me a conductor’s hat, just in case. And I know all the words to Engine, Engine No. 9 and the Petticoat Junction theme song. I’m good to go…..

          • I cut my eye teeth firing 1920s through 1940s vintage water tube boilers operating duplex steam pumps, steam engines and turbines with mechanical governors.

      29. I haven’t posted here in a while although I still read this site. This may be a silly question but do any of you think that leather tanning and leather sewing would be a barter skill?

        • definitely

          necessary to make

          belts gun holsters gun cases ammo belts water bags shirts pants boots shoes moccasins gloves saddles harnesses saddle bags etc etc

          N.O. ;0p

          • How to Tan Leather

            While it may be surprising, you can easily tan leather in your own backyard with a few simple tools. While there are a few different ways to tan leather, brain oils are most commonly used and will give you better, longer lasting results than any other method.
            Other People Are Reading

            Things You’ll Need

            Leather hide
            Emulsified oils, usually from brains
            Softening cable

            Tan Your Own Leather Hide Using Brain Oils

            Find a leather hide to work with. While you can use leather hides from animals you skin yourself, you can also order cut hides to work with.

            Prepare the hide. Remove any bits of meat or fat by soaking the skin and carefully scraping it with a dull knife. This is called scudding. A sharp knife might make the work faster, but you risk a chance of cutting the hide. You should also remove the hair at this point if you decide that you want a bare hide.

            Lay out the hide using stakes or a frame. You can also use a piece of upright plywood to flatten the hide on. Don’t stretch the hide. You just want to keep it from shrinking. The hide should be moist, but not soaking.

            Mash brains and a small amount of water in a blender or by hand. You can use the brains from the animal you skinned or buy canned brains.

            Rub the brains into the hide, skipping the fur side if you are creating a fur hide. Use all of the brains and liquid that you cooked. Let the brains soak into the hide for about 6 to 8 hours.

            Submerge the hide in water overnight or for about 10 hours. The hide should be pliable, ready to tan.

            Stake the hide again, or lay it out the same way as before. Push a grainer across the hide until all the water is removed. You can use a pool or other hard object.

            Stretch the hide removing excess water while you do so. You can use rope or cable tied between trees for larger hides or you can stretch it by hand. The idea is to saw it back and forth until it is completely dry. When dry, it should not feel cool at all and should stretch but return back to its shape easily.

            Try watching instructional videos available from Traditional Tanners for more hints on tanning a hide

            • I’m a leather worker by trade and can make you anything you want. I also tan hides. I just want everyone’s opinion on weather it was a good barter skill. Also the amount of holsters and such I make has increased in the last year. Thanks everyone.

              • Lennea

                yes !!!

                very good skill

                i knew a man in WA state that is the premier leather worker and makes the most fantastic reproduction holsters and gun belts. wish i still had the one he did for me.

                his work is in the wild west museum in cody wy and a few other museums. NY lawyers were paying a high price for his stuff so they could look like cowboys on the weekend i guess

                also he had a part in a show filmed in Canada named border town never saw it but i know his work
                his name is
                wild bill cleaver

              • Ebay has vintage cobblers tools, get a good shoe last and some other stuff, tire tread makes excellent boot sole, those retread cases from big trucks that peel off from time to time come to mind because they dont have steel in them, but nylon or aramid belted tires have good treads and can be cut, small band saw is ideal but a utility knife will work, just gotta have lots of extra blades. But being a cobbler ties in nice with harness making and other leather work,
                Ive been collecting heavy canvas like materials for making clothing, and am making a treadle base for my sailrite ultrafeed sewing machine, real handy to be able to make durable bags or pants and stuff

                • Lennea,


                  Like Kulafarmer states, expand your abilities. To repair the soles of work boots, hiking boots, cowboy boots and any leather soled shoe…

                  A chicken for new soles 🙂

                  Remember those ’70s sandles with tire tread soles… wish I could find a pair…


                  • Had a friend in school whose brother worked retreading tires, back then they used 12-16″ long pieces of treading to retread truck tires, he used to make those samdals with the scrap pieces and leather, cool sandals
                    Ah yes the retro era

      30. A post collapse trade eh?

        How tanning the hides of treasonous tyrants!

      31. Tan me hide when I’m dead, Fred,
        Tan me hide when I’m dead,

        So we tanned his hide when he died, Clyde,
        And that’s it hangin’ on the shed,

        All together now,
        Tie me kangaroo down sport, tie me kangaroo down….

        • Thanks Okie!!! Now I’m going to have this in my head for hours!

      32. WTF ??? ;0p

        Obama Indoctrinating Third Graders With LGBT HOMO SEX Doctrine


        3RD GRADERS !!!

        WTF !!!

        THIS IS CRIMINAL !!!

        N.O. ;0p

      33. MY husband is a National Registry EMT Advanced what would be his place in our world to come? We also farm and provided for our family for most of our lifetime but can see where saving seeds would be a great asset, need to read and ask questions about that.

        Things are really getting weird out there.


          learn to cultivate marijuana as a medicine .

          if he can build a library on these subjects , GROW A HERBAL GARDEN and learn to create COLLOIDAL SILVER and other HERBAL TREATMENT MEDICINE PACKS you’ll do real well .




          learn to cultivate marijuana as a medicine .

          if he can build a library on these subjects , GROW A HERBAL GARDEN and learn to create COLLOIDAL SILVER and other HERBAL TREATMENT MEDICINE PACKS you’ll do real well .


          • I called a medical supplies company in my area, and emailed them a list of the things I wanted so I could assemble a real emt bag. I have been waiting 2 weeks for anybody to call back. Somebody with the skill level that you display should make a list of critical books and supplies that a busy fellow could acquire, and then move on to higher priority targets.
            Therefore I invite you to make this list and recommend a company where it could be purchased.

            • galls(dot)com

              Affordable refills to put together your own bag. Talk to anyone who did service as a medical corpsman. They have experience in difficult environments.

              • Corpsmen are the best of the best.

                Semper Fi

            • ;0) that sounds like a quiet challenge …

              i hear and understand your frustration

              i will help you with this … give me some time to put a complete basic prepper med series publishable package together for You All .


              * no question or request is silly SO SPEAK UP PLEASE



              NinaO ;0p

              • Thanks NinaO,
                Some good news is I went to my doctor today and said I need a remote work camp
                first aid kit and he said for me to go to a certain (other) medical supplies wholesaler
                and tell them he sent me.
                I am reminded of a book I read about the former Soviet Union where people had money but there was nothing to buy with the cash they had at the empty stores.
                I have never been more firmly convinced than now that acquiring critical information
                like this would save lives in the future.
                Thanks for even considering to help with a list like this.
                God bless you!

              • terribly sorry to intrude / it might be stupid but wouldn’t a knowledge of basic psychology be usefull?
                Knowing how to deal with high stress or how to calm someone down or be able to put things in perspective for someone who cant deal with things as they are could be usefull .I rarely post here / opsec / but in my normal day dealing with high stress and how to keep a team focused on a goal is critical to my operations . In an emergency situation / how do you be the calm in the center of the storm / basic leadership skills etc. Again sorry to intrude .

                • AL

                  Right you are we would need people to help with all the stress and PTSD imagine seeing half of your family torn to bits by the guns of the Military or whom ever

                  But not some quack that just wants to poke drugs down peoples throats

        • @3n3my of th3 Stat3….I don’t know why the trolls are giving you a thumbs down because that’s a great list and a very good site! Thank you for sharing….

      34. Being told I need to come to bed so I’ll make this fast…find a tool that no one else has. Like an oil press. Even a manual grain grinder might be rarer than you’d think. Let people bring their seeds to you, press or grind them, and take a little off the top.

      35. Those are all great trades to learn, but for me I’lll be the Butcher, Baker and Pizza maker. I’m getting ready to build my first primitive wood fired Cobb oven.

      36. Replace “sexy books and plays” with “Puter Games and Smart Phones” and you have TODAYS U.S. Gov.!

        How to take control of a country without the people even knowing it.

        From “A Materialism and Emperor Criticism” by Vladimir Lenin 1909

        Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial, and destroy their ruggedness. Get control of all means of publicity, and thereby get the people’s minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and plays, and their trivialities. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Commies everywhere, Watchman.

      37. So essentially the discussion is, under a SHTF worst case scenario we will be creating a new economy. By us figuring out our own personal self values and skills now the sooner we’ll be out of the gate.

        Generator repair and transforming small generators/alternator into wind energy.

        Digging or sinking wells.

        Setting up “processes” for food storage, canning and dehydrating.

        Stills for making alcohol for medicinal and small engine use.

        Manufacturing warning devices for home/camp security.

        We all have a value, I guess it’s just having the “Confidence and Faith” in ourselves to harness it.

        Good luck

      38. 4 year prepper says:
        In our family one household has chicken houses and in the process of erecting two more at the request of the company that buys the pullets. Another member has a pig farm. All of them have huge gardens every year and know how to can the produce. Hunting and fishing is a favorite thing to do for the men and women since we are surounded by streams, lakes and rivers.
        NOW! I need someone to start a cattle ranch. Hopefully there are enough of us to be able to guard it against looters. All of us own guns and know how to use them. One of them is a certified sharp shooter.
        Our problem: being able to reach each other. I suppose all those farm tractors will be rolling including my husbands 1939 Golden Jubilee antique that he refurbished.


        • Those grower operations are not desireable. they feed te animals hormones and all kinds of by products. fed unnatural growth enhancers and chemicals that allow then to survive in close confimment. Eggs and meat from those operations the hormones pass into the food chain. The consmers are eating chemicals & hormones. That food makes the children mature and go through adolecense too young .Those Hormone fed children develope breast and a pot gut by the time their 12 years od . Even the boys need a bra! If you ever get to have free range chicken & eggs and organic pork fed on whole corn instead of ommercial grower rationes you wouldnt ever want to eat the commercial crap again. And the stink from a commercial grower house is horrid.

          • A close friend of mine married a woman from Belarus. She was surprised at the abundance of food in the US but she said, “Your chicken does not taste like chicken, your ice cream does not taste like ice cream” so on and so forth.

            I think over time we haven’t noticed how much our food has changed. We certainly sacrificed quality for quantity.

            • Most of our icecream is lower fat than what they eat in the former USSR and is a large factor in the taste difference. Cow breeds and feeds are other factors. That said, factory-farm grown food tastes different than home grown and home gardens and allotment gardens supply a lot of food in the FSU nations.

          • One foot in this world and one foot in the world too come.

            Who care’s what the sheeple people eat ?

            Until the fucktastrophe happens , people still need dollars too keep the stasicrats happy.

      39. Two Israeli JEW high tech firms (Verint and Narus) with ties to the Israeli JEW secret police (MOSSAD), have provided the spy software for the NSA and this, of course, has opened a window for Israeli JEW spying in the US against Americans opposed to the Zionist JEW state.

        DAMN JEWS

        N.O. ;0p

      40. The Propheter Principle – June 13, 2013

        Published on Jun 13, 2013

        Mark interviews former Green Beret Captain Joe Cortina, discussing his personal experience in Israel and the brutality against the Palestinian people he personally witnessed.


      41. AWESOME ;0p

        The Musings of Sgt. Raymond Turner, USA

        Our great thanks to the good Sgt.

        If I were the “Stalin of America” most of our govt and media would be shot for treason or sent off to a FEMA camp or put to work on infrastructure projects. AIPAC and the Rothschild’s Federal Reserve would be no more.

        The debt would be erased over night. Lobbies and all political donations outlawed. MOSSAD agents in America would be shot on sight. And if Israel didn’t like it, some of our 81 nuclear attack subs and 11 carriers would finally be put to good use.

        John Hagee would simply be put on a starvation diet. Pam Gellar sent to a concubinage in Saudi Arabia. Alan Dershowitz & Joe Lieberman parachuted into Afghanistan wearing IDF officer’s uniforms and MOSSAD ID.

        George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld taken to Nevada and tied feet-first to wild stallions. Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh cast adrift on a life raft in the western Atlantic at 20 degrees north in the middle of Hurricane season.

        The entire lot of neo-cons involved in 9-11 would be loaded onto a remote control jet with just enough fuel to make it 500 miles off the east coast at 30,000′.

        These are only a few of the just ends for the traitorous agents of Israel.

        This country would be cleaned up in short order.

        Sgt. Raymond Turner, USA

      42. John 8:44

        King James Version (KJV)


        Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

        N.O. ;0p

        • Romans 11:18-21

          18 do not consider yourself to be superior to those other branches. If you do, consider this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you.
          19 You will say then, “Branches were broken off so that I could be grafted in.” 20 Granted. But they were broken off because of unbelief, and you stand by faith. Do not be arrogant, but tremble. 21 For if God did not spare the natural branches, he will not spare you either.

      43. israehell jew mossad motto:

        ‘By way of Deception thou shalt do War!’

        N.O. ;0p

      44. Learn a trade before the collapse…..oh no …not that collapse story again . What slot is collapse on the CAROUSEL OF DOOM?
        As I see it now….I will not be alive in 30 , 40 ,50 years IF this collapse arrives !!!!

        • I love the negative ratings BUT prove me to be wrong and if NOT then shut your pie holes ….its already been 5 years going on 6

          • rich99…just curious-this site is called shtfplan.com. If you believe that everything is fine and dandy in the world, then why are you here?

            • @ jp. I think that RICH99 is ONLY taking about the economic collapse. There are a magnitude of other disasters that I think RICH99 hopefully takes extremely seriously. Last year RICH99 found out firsthand what a total bitch Mother Nature can be with hurricane Sandy. Poor RICH99 didn’t take Sandy to be anything because it was still ‘just” a category one storm. I literally try to forewarn RICH99 that it is not the wind, IT IS THE PRESSURE that is going to cause a monster storm surge. That hurricane had about the same pressure as a strong category 4 hurricane and RICH99 found out what this planet can do with a pressure that low.

              I think RICH99 is only talking about the belief that RICH thinks that the economic collapse is years away. I sure hope that RICH takes what this planet can throw at us never again lightly. Or the potential for all out war, that in the past has proven extremely unpredictable and quick to explode like a wildfire in dried out brush. I think RICH and all of us are taking this potential hardcore virus MERS, with far more than a grain of salt. I hope RICH99 and everyone else is taking the world events, natural and manmade, very seriously and preparing accordingly.

              • Thanks BI and you’re probably right about rich99. I just think that there are so many indicators that we are economically faltering that it’s not even funny anymore. My family didn’t believe it for a long time, well actually there are many things they didn’t see for awhile and now they do.
                Anyway, thanks for all the updates on the earthquakes…it’s appreciated!

              • Be informed……you are absolutely correct…..I believe that the current clients mate change is far more of a threat than some non existent economic collapse . I was a believer 5 years ago but 2 years ago I realized that this game can go on as long as THEY want it to . I no longer worry about an economic collapse as I don’t think we will ever see one

                • Climate change

                • ‘you could see the forest except for the tree’s in your way.’

                  your livin in a zog amerika economic collapse now , the zog amerikan fiat dolla is a dead zombie fiat dolla walking .

                  N.O. ;0p

            • I don’t think everything is fine and dandy…..I think constitutionally we are in trouble , I think climatologically we are in big trouble….for example it is in the 60’s and 70’s here in new York and sometimes you need to wear a sweater when all other years I would have had my AC on since mid may …..I don’t even have AC units installed yet this year ….previous years we would have tapped 90 and high humidity….its been astoundingly cool so far this year.
              I do not think we are going to have a collapse of our economy …it will just stay stagnant like this until they are ready to roll out their new system.

              • @Rich99…Thanks for the response and I agree that constitutionally, climate-wise and geologically there are serious changes occurring that are extremely disturbing.
                I don’t agree about the economy, primarily because THEY want to seriously reduce the population, but leave the land intact and there are at least 2 ways to do that…implosion of the economy or a virus like MERS or both.

                • Well JP …my question then is this……why haven’t they imploded the economy yet? They have had 5 years to do so but haven’t

                  • I guess you haven’t quite thought about that one have ya ?

                  • Much less stressful and predictable to slowly boil the frogs. All the while accumulating more power worldwide thru the Central Banks. By doing the slow collapse it gives more time to disarm the Patriots. Distractions are becoming more frequent so we are nearing the real decision point. Just my opinion Rich.

                  • Sorry Rich99….I had to do some family time today. I think that they haven’t imploded it yet because they weren’t ready! I think THEY wanted to have a number of assets in place. The huge amount of bullets that DHS and the IRS(wth) have purchased. I mean, why does the IRS need ammunition????
                    And THEY are locating caches of ammunition in strategic places…why? Are THEY expecting a shit-storm and why would THEY be expecting this to happen? Practicing Martial Law in Boston….hmmm! Rich99, I think that there are just too many coincidences here & yeah, I could be wrong, but my gut is telling me something else! This is just my opinion and I don’t know everything….does anyone?

                  • And yes, Former Cal Girl….definitely disarming the populace is another very good reason!

      45. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        MERS Cases and Deaths,
        April 2012 – May 2013

        Current as of June 14, 2013Countries Cases (Deaths)
        France 2 (1)
        Italy 3 (0)
        Jordan 2 (2)
        Qatar 2 (0)
        Saudi Arabia 46 (28)
        Tunisia 2 (0)
        United Kingdom (UK) 3 (2)
        United Arab Emirates (UAE) 1 (1)
        Total 61 (34)

        nasty little jump in the # of cases
        and several more deaths now reported

        and in related flu news

        one mutation away…

        A single amino acid change switches avian influenza H5N1 and H7N9 viruses to human receptors


      46. Have friends what I have had their rotations extended in the M E. From what I am hearing, be ready for a show of force in the region shortly.
        It accomplishes what many what it to. It takes the focus off the current administration and their little issues. And they get to pick the fight they have been after.
        I know it isn’t exactly a groundbreaking shock for anyone to hear this. It has been building for a while. Not panic time. But could have an effect on oil prices.

        • It also keeps those with the skills to overthrow the criminal cabal out of the country. Many in the military haven’t had the time to sit down and critically assess what’s happening on the home front & my guess is that tptb are terrified if what will happen if they do.

          Global changes are afoot, whether you look at the weather, earthquakes, crop failures, bees dying or other phenomena – summats up. I believe the economic turmoil is to keep the population distracted so they don’t notice that actually the elite are PREPPING. All those underground libraries and seed vaults etc are being created for a reason. Fiat is useful as a mechanism to gain control of any critical resources they haven’t yet hoovered up as they PREP.

          If you are worried about your EBT card payments, meeting this month’s mortgage, & busy blaming the mexicans/blacks/unemployed/single Mums/whichever minority group isn’t the ELITE you aren’t gonna be ready to be a threat to them when the time comes.

          I was listening to a few old pop songs from my childhood and it brought home to me just how darn COWED the general population has become. I remember the working classes having a healthy disrespect for their “betters” and a pride in themselves & their own abilities. I can’t imagine my parents not kicking up a helluva fuss is anyone had suggested that fingerprinting their children would smooth the administration of school lunches and library books.

          “Gertcha” by Chas n Dave sort of summed it up for me. Now noone dares say “boo” to a goose (but thinks they are some kind of armchair warrior as a result of playing call of duty on their X box).

      47. Just had a 6.2 on the Island of Crete, Greece about 45 minutes ago. Mentioned for a moderate risk on comment# 1766954 on the article about World War about a week ago. While not a major quake of 6.5+, it shows that something the quakes are following exactly where they should be going like the 6.7 on Southern Sumatra that was also forecasted on the same comment. Again, please no one think I am tooting my own horn about this forecasting. I am trying to get everyone on alert to what is coming down south, it is going to be calamitous if it is close enough to a populate area and not very deep.

        These precursor quakes are pointing like a sniper’s .50 caliber right at Central and South America. The reason is extremely likely that we have not seen a 7 pointer(s) is because it is building to something terrible. On the previous comment it lists all the worst potential danger areas. I hope everyone in these areas is ready and going to be okay, because one of more of these places is going to get whacked hard.

        • Yes there is a very large increas in both the number and intensity of earthquakes . Its not because we hearabout them more. Is because there are record numbers occuring. It is caused by the pole shift. Its happened before. The last time was during the tme of the Exidous. The Goverments know. they wont tell the citizens because it will cause panic chaios riots & lawlessness.

          • Take a look at the ten year averages of 6.0 or greater, since 1901.

            There has been about a, 50 per decade run, since then, up until 2000.

            If the figures are correct, there has been about 400 in the last decade.

            Quite a big difference in such a short period of time. Is someone trying to tell us something?

            According to prophecy; there is no turning back and things will continue “exponentially”. I believe we will see things that some say “can’t happen”. Those things that were prophesied in the OT, and people say have already happened, but haven’t.

            For all this prophetic fulfillment to just stop and things turn around to a new day with a collapse and then a “backside” for a “new beginning and rebuilding” isn’t in God’s word. At least not a “rebuilding” in a flesh world as we now know it.

            For me to plan a “trade” or ” barter business” in hopes of a “backside rebuilding”, takes me away from the realm of reality, when focusing on the promises granted by our Heavenly Father.

            I don’t want to lose that faith and belief in my Father’s word.

            I love my “worldly” father, and will honor him today as i am required. But, I love my Heavenly Father more, and it is His word that i follow and put my trust in. He will see me through until the end. I will never depend upon a flesh man for anything. Men (and women) will most often take care of the desires and lusts of their own flesh, before thinking of others. I have been lied to and backstabbed by almost everyone i have ever known in this world. My Heavenly Father and Saviour have always been my Rock and security.

            A house built on that Rock, will never fall: No matter how much shaking takes place in the earth and the heavens.

            Happy Fathers’s day to all the “good and responsible” Dads that read this!

            • @pissin

              Well thats all nice, But all I hear you saying is: Me, Me, Me…. My Relationship w/ God, My trust in God…

              “I will never depend upon a flesh man for anything.”

              Maybe you could help other people who don’t know God during the coming Times of Tribulation… So they don’t have to bow down to the Beast to survive…. feed, cloth, give water and teach them the Word…


              • You don’t have a friggin’ clue as to what I have given and am prepared to give. All you hear is what you want to hear, to make yourself feel better.

                You can lead a jackass to water, but……
                99% of people already have their mind made up about the coming beast system. They will follow the “false” Christ because they haven’t read and understood the “Book”. The seals of Revelation are the “truths” that are sealed in the minds; not an undisclosed document of info waiting to be revealed.

                You either got it or you don’t. To reach the possible 1% that are still “teachable”, would be like finding the needles in a mountain of a haystack.

                The biggest problem for people is false teaching of a pre-trib rapture; an any moment fly away doctrine/belief, that has them all giddy about an early “escape” from the beast system. When ole “anti-” shows up first, looking and claiming to be Christ, they are already chomping on the hook to be taken away. Problem is, that it is “not” biblical.

                They will be taken alright. Hook,line and sinker; swallowed full to the gills with lies. A handful of us elect will be trying to tell people but will be rejected just as Christ was rejected. Even after He had performed supernatural miracles in plain sight of throngs of people, they still hated him, because 99% hate truth.

        • Thank You for your updates!!! and for that horn… love the music!!

          I thought of you yesterday as I ran across the USGS site and decided to click all quakes… at that time of day there were already 173… woof…

          Is that normal?


          • @ CLess, and sheptical citizen. It really has to do with just how fast the polar shift occurs, but you are correct it will happen and has begun. Much less the amount of energy that is expelled with a continuous wind storm, and a violent short term tornado or longer term hurricane. If the polar shift takes decades or centuries, the worst thing that could happen would be a destablizing magnetic field. Not totally, as that would be the end of most life on the planet like JustOneGuy explained a couple of weeks ago. Now if there was a rapidly polar shift that would be another story.

            I doubt anything like the 2012 movie is going to happen, but very severe quakes and volcanoes will occur with a more rapid shift. That 2012 movie had huge scientific flaws throughout the film. Even the fastest of polar shifts would never swamp the interior highlands of the continents. Not enough water in comparison to land mass to do this, 70-30%, unless the continents actually sunk into the inside of the planet literally.

            I have always thought with a tremendous polar shift that the volcanic activity in the Antarctica would go off the scale, and this would be a near for sure harbinger that the planet was in deep trouble. You are so right that the government would NEVER tell anyone anything unless it somehow benefitted them.

            One item of concern to me and JustOneGuy was the really deep quakes around Fiji that have broken this 700 km barrier and a couple by a considerable distance. There is a major plume of magma between here and Hawaii that one day in the distant future will create the largest super volcanoes on record.

            The increase of earthquake activity goes in cycles, and usually before a huge quake the activity around the world goes up. Not near to the breakpoint, but away from it. I would personally look at the number of DIFFERENT areas having quakes. If for example there was 200 earthquake one day in say 25 different spots this would be only above normal. Have 200 quakes in more than 75 or so spots, and you likely have something mega large coming.

            • I dont believe the earth will reach the tipping point causing a polar reversal. However the wandering poles along with CME,s do affect the magnosphere.The magnosphere protects the planet fron solar winds & repels asteroids ec. Disruptions to the magnosphrre causes Or triggers erthquakes, volcano erupions and clatyclismic weather. Nothing man does causes it and nothing man does can mitigate it.Its most likely we will have years even decade,s of earth changes. Likely big earthquake events on the New Madrid, San Andreas & Cascadia are in the near future.If the yellowstone caleria erupts its pretty much over.

      48. Just had a 6.6 about 50 miles away from Costa Rica which was mentioned as one of the danger zones on comment#1766954 as all of Costa Rica. Longitude wise it was off the coast of Nicargua, but ALMOST a dead ringer again for a major earthquake striking where it should have.

        This is NOT what is awful event is coming and has been forecasted, this is nothing but the old bullpen warming up to something quite horrible. It shows that the earthquakes are definitely following the areas that it should. This is now 3 times since this was posted on the World War article on June 7th. I would now be on much higher alert for those other danger areas.

      49. and ummm yeah

        about that Syria thing

        Former French Foreign Minister: The War against Syria was Planned Two years before “The Arab Spring


        kinda seems like Iraq part 2
        you know the part where the decision to invade
        was made long befoe 9-11 came along

        and a lot of holes in the poison gas story

        Chemical weapons experts still skeptical about U.S. claim that Syria used sarin


      50. why is it nobody talks about “Aquaponics”? this is the
        complete answer.

        • I guess you must be the only fish food salesman on this site.

          • Interestingly enough, you dont need fish food to grow fish. Black soldier fly larvae, red wigglers and duckweed are just a few alternatives.

            you failed.

      51. In my post 1790885 I mentioned the food, livestock, fishing and hunting, crops being raised in our family.
        That means they have all kinds of trade. The chicken houses need the computers running and alarms go off if something goes wrong. 24/7
        The farmers know how to keep their equipment in running condition.
        The gardners know how to save seed and pressure can the bounty.
        My husband knows how to do various things like build cabinets, furniture, put shingles on a house, add on rooms, porches, electrical, plumbing, fish, hunt, and his shop is full of various tools and equipment that has multiple purposes. He tore down his antique tractor and rebuilt the whole thing again.
        Another family member is a mechanic. There are 3 nurses within walking distance to us.
        In all this it still might not be enough.
        Altho we have these people, I don’t know how prepared they are otherwise to be here if they are needed. Their minds are not on prepping for long term and I wind up being the village idiot preaching to the choir.

        4 year prepper


      52. Want to survive the future? First, I am not an Armeggonite and don’t believe there will be one catastrophic event. It is more like the unwinding of a clock, just as the Elite have for centuries planned on a New World Order and slowly working in that direction, the ‘event’ of the end of our society will take generations. Time is a concept that eludes the unknowning and for the future look to the past. Most of humanity, since it’s invention, have been farmers. It is incorrect history to think that native americans were not farmers, quite to the contrary, corn, squashes, tomatoes and potatoes were all farmed and tended for millenia by native americans.
        More modern skills would be knowing mechanical troubleshooting and repairs. In declining societies throughout history, the economies would consume themselves so learning to find new uses for old tools and equipment and their repair would be invaluable.
        Transportation skills are paramount, you have to get your goods to the market so being a truck driver will be a valuable skill. Even if the oil monopolies fail, biofuel can be made out of anything organic and used in most combustion engines.
        Learn how to play an simple instrument, although I am most proficient play blues piano, a guitar, flute, drums can be played without electricity and provide hours of entertainment around a campfire. As a modern society, we have become addicted to a box or screen of flickering lights that dulls the mind and programs us for slaughter.
        Finally, have your posse, group survival is the only way, the smaller the group the higher risk for failure, so get to know your neighbors, they will be your best support.
        I wish good fortune to humanity but there is little doubt that the human race is in a downward tend, for how long? Only God knows!

        • @ Ken. If you don’t believe in an economic collapse, that somehow the world will prevent another global war, that the geophysical part of the world will settle itself, there are a couple of events that MUST happen, and will happen again and again just like before that are extremely catastrophic. These 2 events are a solar EMP and a plague. Solar EMP’s happen all the time, and 9 years ago IF the Sun had this mega eruption 2-3 days earlier we would have a very different world right now mostly void of the modern day conveniences. The die-off would have been catastrophic.

          The other is a virus, bacteria, or even a type of fungus. Every single life form has faced a type of killer plague, even bacteria becomes sick from viruses. Human beings will be faced with a mass killer, likely more contagious than smallpox and as deadly as the filoviruses; marburg and ebola. It will happen, and could be MERS if this sucker mutants and becomes more contagious. There are fossils of extinct animals and plant life all over the Earth, and most of these were done in by the nearly invisble germ.

          Unfortunately such optimism does not take into account what has happened before and will happen again. This is why preparation for even the worse is so important, because the worst is going to someday happen, the odds say it is enivitable.

          • Where I reside there used to be Small village twenty houses. I the early 1940,s scarlet fever killed the entire population. The homes where burnt down with the dead inside, that winter a fellow picked up the charred bones and buired them in individual post holes and marked each of them with a rock,. I own a cemetery with 50 graves and only three have a headstone with a name. We constantly find artifacts whenever we dig and plow the soil. We dont disturb the cemetery. Also the local area is full of graves of folks who died in 1918 from the spanish flu. A pandemic or a manufactured desease could very easily happen. The best thing that could happen would to be prepared for an event that never occurs. being prepared makes you self reliant and you learn Know How. You soon find that your well being is not dependent on the actions of other people things or conditions,

        • No man knows the future, that’s why we call it ‘Contingency planning’…

          I agree with everything you said, but BI is right too.
          There is only one way The Elite will remain The Elite… that means a world without most of us. The trick is going to be, contingency planning and as you said, the larger the group, the better the chance for survival. Ideally, an underground economy and integrated self defense, spread over the whole country with common cause.

      53. Some skills we all should have…

        11 Important Skills For Preppers

        “There comes a time when every prepper will say enough with all of the food and enough with all of the gear. I do not know how to adequately articulate what I mean but after a year of seeking out the best stuff at the best price you just might want to stop – at least for awhile – and focus on something else.

        When you get to that point – and hopefully a whole lot sooner – you will want to start working on the important skills that will carry your through when faced with hard times. Today I would like to share my own list of important skills for preppers…”

        Backdoor Survival dot com

      54. looks like if yer in Japan
        ya need to learn a trade sooner rather than later

        Kyle Bass Tells Beacon Reports its ‘Checkmate’ for Japan


        “The reason why Japan is going to be first is that they spend 50% of their central government tax revenue on debt service alone. They are near the point where they just can’t borrow anymore.”

        as long as you can make that minimum payment on the credit card
        you can skate
        but the day comes when you can’t

        • Gee what happened last time japan was put in a nothing too lose position by the banksters. They went all banzai kamikaze kickass crazzee. This time they have nukes , even if they are not on missiles. I wouldn’t put it past a fucked off enraged japanese nationalist group , to deliberately let a few nuke plants melt down on purpose.

          • In the end that plant melted down because the emergency pumps were not directly coupled to diesel engines relying on diesel powered generators to power motors that powered the pumps. Once shorted out they were effectively dead in the water.

      55. I make bows, and I have been improving an open pollinated corn for over 10 years now…If SHTF I have seed stock to trade that will grow well in my area. I work on Okra and Sorghum also…Have plums, apples and pears along with maple trees to tap…Lots of little things that my family used to make it through the great depression on this farm.

      56. I plan on going into business killing flies, there will be quit a few post collapse.

        • Give me a fuckin break already …..for almost 2 years we have hear about ww3 ……GROW UP already

          • The 2 losers who gave me a negative rating need to expose themselves and tell me WHY you gave me a negative rating ….other than it defies your beliefs

            • Unfortunately Rich99, it appears you are “stuck” with my reply at this point, since I don’t see anyone else responding to your WW3 commentary. And for the record, I have not “thumbed” your comment either way.

              The “short answer” is history. Both WW1 and WW2 were quite orchestrated from beginning to end. WW1 should have ended in 1916 without any USA involvement. It was extended another 2 years “with us in it” for very contrived and implemented reasons. I can’t imagine what “forces/influence” were behind that “move”.

              And then we have WW2 and Churchill “camped-out” wiping FDR’s ass to have the good ole USA once again involved in “European regional conflict”. Again, WW2 could have ended LONG before WE were dragged into it. But the same “bankster/gangsters” had other plans. I won’t waste my time attempting to provide a history lesson on the real reason Hitler invaded Poland or the numerous occasions that Great Britain was offered generous terms to end the war by the German regime. DO THE RESEARCH!

              FDR was a liar and traitor and in the pocket of the same “entity” that established the nonFederal Reserve via Wilson in 1913. The U.S. sanctions (now described as less than a declaration of War) against Japan had ONE PURPOSE…WAR. Pearl Harbor was a surprise ONLY TO THOSE IN PEARL HARBOR AT THE TIME OF THE ATTACK.

              Enter TODAY. An IMPOSSIBLE DEBT BURDEN that continues to rise geometrically, record number of American’s on “gooberment assistance”, scandal after scandal from the “Present-dent” and throughout Crime-grass.


      57. I think McMansions will be carved up into multiple unit apartments or condos with the very least in manpower and materials. Some firms will look at the plan A,B & C McMansion homes and to the nail figure out how to convert them to get the “greatest bang for the buck”. I think that industry will take off. Gating non gated communities and providing private security like in South America will be a big industry too. That cute dog park within your development will become a community garden.

        People adapt.

      58. SHTF Plan Comments:

        A bunch of skirts sucking each others thumbs up.

        “Moderate” that.

        • Free speech is allowed here yomamma…even yours. This is a foreign concept to the politically correct mind.

          I knew you were another Obamabot troll, on your first post.
          At least nobody around here is sucking on a Fedtit.
          We allow Trolls like you, to have the right to make fools of themselves.

          This war of words you Nazi scum started, will not end well, because in the end, we are armed, you depend on somebody else to do your fighting.

          • Piper Michael says:

            “Free speech is allowed here.”

            No… The only speech allowed here is speech the “Moderator” allows. [moderator reserves the right to moderate his/her property]

            “I knew you were another Obamabot troll, on your first post.”

            You’re a fool! “Obamabot troll?” Really?? LOL… I’m a political atheists. I don’t believe in ANY of it! I don’t vote. You have FAR more in common with Obama than I. You just don’t know it because you’re a victim of brainwashing [right wing brainwashing].

            “This war of words you Nazi scum started, will not end well, because in the end, we are armed, you depend on somebody else to do your fighting.”

            What??? You’re a genuis at “Word Craft” aren’t ya. “Nazi”? Do you even know what a Nazi is?

            Please reply. Tell us what a Nasi is… If you can… and the moderator allows.

            • Nazi = A national socialist.
              Like you, an agitator, posting a post, attacking the whole board, and daring the moderator to post it?
              I see Mac let the comment stand, how’s that free speech working out for ya? The red thumbs hurting your feelings? Too bad nazi boy, it wasn’t the moderator that got you, it was the community.
              You’re no different from joeinnc or eisen, just another troll who has nothing constructive to say so you tear down those who do.

      59. thejuicemedia

        NSA Whistleblower Update [RAP NEWS 19]

        Jun 15, 2013

        Rap News 19. It started off as a slow news day, and a routine update on the state of the Free World Order with NSA Director General Baxter. But then the news broke of startling revelations from the fearless paladin of adversarial journalism, guardian of civil liberties, journalist Glen Greenwald, concerning a shadowy spying program called PRISM. Who is behind these revelations, and how should we view them? How will the Authorities, and the Corporations implicated, respond? Join Robert Foster for a whirlwind summary of the events in this ongoing saga…


      60. The country has gone dem.

        So… DON’T HIRE DEMS.


        • IF the American public were informed, educated, and actually interested in the TRUTH…”The country has gone dem” IS TOTALLY IRRELEVANT.

          The country has “gone fascist/dictatorial” and it doesn’t matter which worn-out political label is applied. THE AGENDA OF BOTH PARTIES is IDENTICAL. The proof/evidence is presented every single day by the STATE CONTROLLED MSM.

          Those that voted in 2008 for “hope and change” because Bush was actually demonized (appropriately) by the “state run media”…illuminate the difference that “your vote” has blessed this country with.

          OBIMBO IS THE BUSH REGIME ON STEROIDS. One TROLL, one “Joe-the-plumber, one PERSON capable of critical thought…PROVE ME WRONG!

          THE “SYSTEM” IS TOTALLY CORRUPT AND BEYOND REPAIR. DEMOLITION TIME FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM. I challenge ANYONE to make a logical, reasonable, realistic challenge to my assessment!!!!!! And you had best COME with all your homework…because I will respond with ALL OF MINE!

          • @ yental,

            You are right and none can prove you wrong without distorting the truth.

            Any vote now has no voice whatsoever. It’s like pissin’ in the wind; it only feels good for a second or two and then you smell bad and look stupid for doing it.

            The system has been rigged. The sheeple have been following wolves in sheep clothing. It will all be exposed, eventually, but then it will be too late to make the necessary changes by any flesh persons.

            It is already too big and bad to destroy. Any attempt to do so will be met with a deadly force of evil followers/fighters. Either USA military/LE or foreign/UN forces.
            The only hope is that it all happens “quickly” and we get to see Christ returning to topple all the govs of the world in one big swoop.
            If a person doesn’t have hope for that day to come soon, they don’t have much hope at all.

            • @pissinwiththewind

              100% on target.

              I get “thumbs down” all day for saying the same things.

              I suspect most on this site to be “Closet Statists” [Fascists/Socialists].

              They talk a good game, but in the end, they always manage to expose themselves as the State apologists they are.

              These people buy into the Left/Right paradigm. They rail against the system, but only part of it… The “Left” system for the most part.

              I believe that most self identified “patriots” would have NO compunction throwing you or I into a re-education camp if we didn’t lick their boot.

              There are two kinds of people in this world.

              Those who want to be left alone, and those who won’t leave you alone.

              Statists are the latter. They would have you bend knee, and they would use the power of the State to force it.

              • I agree and find the thumbs down crowd as irrelevant as the votes.

                To be harshly honest; there is no coming out on top. There is only salvation for the next and eternal age.
                I see the mindset of the so called “preppers” of tomorrow as being more conservative than liberal, but just as worldly and greedy as their counterparts.

                Most come to these sites to get an edge, or learn a few tricks to be better off than their neighbors when the SHTF. That’s OK; but I feel most are looking for a way to come back “bigger and stronger” and possibly “capitalized” on the whole situation. The capitalizing part is where the true preppers and people with compassion are separated. Like you said; ” They would have you bend knee, and they would use the power of the State to force it.”

                I don’t see a world worth living in after the collapse. The only way for it to survive is to see it crumble and burn, and then be “rejuvenated/renewed” by the One that created it to begin with.

                People are too stuck in their worldly/materialistic ways to want to part with them. The “more,more,more” mindset isn’t just a liberal based way of thinking.

                There will be a dividing and separating of peoples and a further separating of peoples from their stuff/shit.
                It won’t have a damn thing to do with the way a person voted or not voted. The political voting part doesn’t really mean shit when the truth is exposed. It is what is in a man’s/woman’s heart that will matter.

            • Go open a history book. The Romans were “indestructable” as was Genghis Khan, and others. No one is too big. Look at the so-called bad ass Russians in Afghanistan for a more current example. Never give up. Resist. “V”

      61. The Forbidden Truth: The U.S. is Channeling Chemical Weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria, Obama is a Liar and a Terrorist

        IT IS ZOG AMERIKA Who has Crossed the “Red Line”!

        Barack Obama and John Kerry are Supporting a ZOG AMERIKA CIA CREATED FINANCED AND SUPPORTED Terrorist Organization THE AL-CIA-DUH FSA on the State Department List




        After a few years of prep…
        Then I focused on having all I need for tools.
        Also…you’d better be buying a car that there are many parts for. I run with a jeep.

        I also prepped up on many computer books. For career. The SHTf already hit for those that got fired off. They actually laughed at all the books I was reading on programming. Their “Revenge of the Nerds” comments…I turned against them. I told the bosses of their comments and their disregard for their families and their jobs….having employees who did not give a shit. Basically I partnered with my bosses and we got rid of all the liberal dems who shun hard work. Yeah…the shtf the fan for the dems at work.

        Folks..the dems are an evil breed. They want to disarm you… tax your ass to death to provide for the lazy. If I seen an obama sticker on their car…I don’t play ball with them.
        These liberals have slowly been enslaving us. Fat Ted Kennedy was their leader….under him….massive social programs expanded.

        Also…plan your real estate. Instead of a single family home. I have a double and the rent buys our cars and even the computer I type on. It will also pay for the kids college.



        Yeah, I’m sure some will thumb down that one…if you do…you are a DEM.

        Final thought.. Each month…take some rent money..and put PMs in the safe.
        At old age…you pull out a few coins and sell to a private dealer for your old age med.

        Later gents.



      63. I have always loved the barter system. It just makes sense. As far as a post collapse trade everyone says things like weapons, food, shelter, clothing etc. I choose hard liquor, Think about the great depression alcohol was one of the most sought after comodity

        A post collapse trade will be a lot more effective in geographical locations that have abundent of resources and lack of people. A small tropical town in central America is my vote

      64. Acolhol would be a great trade barter item. I would suggest learning to brew beer and wine. there are omly two states in the nation where it is unlawful to brew your own beer & wine. Mississippi is one of them. Stay away from making or drinking moonshine wiskey & hard liquer. Beer & wine consumed in moderation is healthful. We brew elderberry wine. and occasionally possum & summer grape wine. You gotta be careful not to poision yourself because of methane. Brewing beer is a great way to purify water.

      65. Bee keeping, medicinal herbs and making salves from them.

      66. I’m currently attending Med School, I think I’ve got my SHTF trade covered. While the fancy meds and machines may not be available, the basic knowledge of how a human body should work and ways to get a malfunctioning one back on track will be invaluable in a collapse.

      67. If you learn only one trade for shtf, learn gardening. It is the ultimate knowledge for survival. Gardening know-how can easily be underestimated and taken for granted. In a shtf condition, you will lose too much valuable time learning what works and what doesn’t. It isn’t digging a hole and planting a seed. And you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts to learn. What better use of time?

      68. The only safe future job is to be a teacher of God. Matt 6:33 says he will supply all your needs if you seek first the kingdom of God. He tells us to put our treasures in heaven not in the backyard. Don’t lay up for yourselves gold and silver. God punished Israel for being self reliant when David chose to number Israel to calculate his own strength to do battle. This battle belongs to the Lord. You will not stop them from power or you will make God a fibber. Yet at the end they will pray that the mountains will fall on them. Soon their will be a famine of the word. Free speech will be curbed. When the evil men rule the good people groan. Now is the time to get the gospel out. Get right with God. Put all your trust in Him and He will direct your paths. He will supply (not you will have laid up) your every need. He brings manna from heaven. Self reliance is sinful when we were made for God reliance. Use your resources to do God’s work not building your stash. This is what they keep doing with their tanks and drones. They will fail at the end but not by our hand.

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