Last Minute Quarantine Preps You Can Buy From Home

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This article was originally published on March 17, 2020. It has been updated with items that are now available.

Last Minute Quarantine Preps You Can Buy From Home

As much of the country is practicing social distancing in order to contain the coronavirus, fear has taken over the masses and people are wiping out grocery stores. While we advocate being prepared, fear doesn’t do anyone any good and that’s becoming more apparent by the day.

Because the public was largely unprepared for a pandemic, there isn’t much left to grab in stores.  Being in a crowded store right now is one of the last things preppers want to do anyway.  But there may be a few things you forgot to grab, so I’ve done my best to find items you can get from the comfort of your own home.


N100 Face Mask (no longer N100, but can still be useful)

12 Cans of Black Beans

Bulk Black Beans in a 25 lb. box

Toilet Paper

Baby Wipes

Bidet (attachable to toilet) & Handheld Bidet – could free up your toilet paper stash to be bartered with

Feminine Hygiene: reusable menstrual cup

Bulk Wild Rice in storage bucket

24 cans of Peas

Basic First Aid Kit

Water filtration straws (LifeStraws)

These are some things that are still available online for purchase if you find yourself running low.  Personally, I also purchased the following after an audit of my own supplies:

12 lighters

Water purification tablets

Aloe Vera Gel (can be used on cuts or burns and in making hand sanitizer)

Quick Clotting Gauze

Hydrogen Peroxide

2-pack liquid soap for the family

A lot of the items preppers suggest get stockpiled have sold out. Anything labeled “emergency food” is almost impossible to find, so at this point, it’s time to make due with what we can get. The panicked masses have finally decided preparedness is a good thing, but their fear is not only destroying the economy, but it’s also making essentials difficult to come by.

Trying to desperately control this virus and the installment of fear in the public by the mainstream media is doing a lot more damage than the virus itself could ever hope to do to our society.

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    1. Odd Questioner

      Hello folks.

      Just popped in to add one more item: Look for the Pentek BB-20 (“Big Blue”) water filter housing, and about 3-4 20″x4.5″ filter elements to go in it (carbon, 5 micron or smaller – 0.5 micron sized if you can swing the cost). Then, draw up something with some PVC pipe and a funnel, plus enough 2x4s to make a frame to strap the whole thing to, and order those parts too (Home Depot and such does deliver).

      Et voila’ – you’ll have a decent water filtering system that’s good for 60,000-100,000 gallons per filter, and at only a fraction of the cost for a Big Berkey.

      (Mind, the Berkey is still way more portable, so keep that in mind, but if you know you’re not going anywhere…)

    2. Anonymous

      This corona hoax is all encompassing.

      They even had Boris Johnson give up his life to keep the people convinced it’s real so they can “take muh liberty”.

      hahahahaha…tinfoil tards

      ps. sure he’s still kicking but not for long. The vent will kill him.

    3. asshat

      get a katadyn pocket its completly portable and you can use it at home. its fortified with silver which is good for health. get the carbon inline filter to take out chemicals in the water. water is so important you might as well buy a good filter that fits your needs. you can get a uv steri pen to kill viruses in the water. the tubing can be picked up at home depot if you need to replace it. its heavy duty.

    4. uk watcher

      commented on a few items the other day and it seems that any uk comments about this crap thats going on will not get aired on this outlet free speech on this site is censored even more now
      what are you affraid of
      probably wont be back on this site but hey you never know
      people beware this site is watching you …why well you do the math fake shit

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