It’s the Little Things That Matter: 100 Survival Items To Help Keep A Sense of Normality and Sanity After the Collapse

by | Dec 29, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 464 comments

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    “Enjoy the little things, for some day you may look back and realize they were the big things” – Robert Brault

    Bullets…check.  Beans…check.  Band Aids…check.  The list goes on and on sometimes doesn’t it?  As preppers, we all are stockpiling the items and supplies that we plan on needing if and when it hits the fans.  We all need to make sure we can eat, drink, protect ourselves from the elements and defend what needs to be defended.  However, today I found myself thinking of things that weren’t on my “Need in order to survive” list.  Little things that we all take for granted today, but someday, we may look back and think how simple it would have been to pick up a couple of those items when they are no longer on a store shelf near you.

    Don’t get me wrong, the “Need in order to survive” list is far more important than this one because that is priority number one.  But ask yourself, what is priority number two?  I would call this the luxury list.  These are things that people don’t necessarily need, but will help to keep a sense of normality and sanity when possibly cut off from our instantly able to be gratified society.  Things like chocolate.  Many preppers stock it because of its shelf life.  I stock it because it will lift the spirits of those who will be close to me.  It’s a little thing now with shelves stocked in the local big box, but one year after the collapse, it will be a big thing!!

    If you have children, think about when their birthdays arrive.  Can you imagine how great of a present it would be for them to get a chocolate bar, or a new dress, or a cap gun?  Think of things that would make that day extra special to a beautiful seven year old birthday girl.  Think of something that could be brought out and given to your husband or wife that would take their breath away that is taken for granted today.  In a recent post, someone mentioned the empathy they had for the children that are going to be robbed of a fun filled youth if society turns brutal.  I too think constantly of what can I do to help my kids still have a childhood that has days of fun instead of bullets, beans and band aids.

    Here is a list of 100 things I thought of off the top of my head mixed with a little humor.  Things that would add a brief moment of joy to the potentially dreary days ahead.  Many of them have both luxury purposes as well as useful purposes with respect to survival mode, not to mention it would be something you could barter because these aren’t necessity.  I would love to hear the ideas of others of things to add to the list.

    1. Bible – This actually isn’t a luxury item, it’s a necessity in my book, but for some…
    2. Toilet paper – LOTS OF IT!  Like my brother told me recently, before he would want to take a soiled rag and clean it by hand he would rather go Fido and ass drag himself across the lawn!  Sorry for the language, but that’s funny!  This would be on his survival list!
    3. Chocolate
    4. Crossword puzzles
    5. Rubix cube – This will provide adequate frustration to the survival group.
    6. A new outfit to store away for each kid for their next 10 birthdays.  If next year’s birthday comes to pass without a collapse, you already have a present purchased!
    7. Board games – Lots of them
    8. Playing cards (both regular and pinochle)
    9. New pairs of shoes – Priceless in a SHTF scenario when the old ones wear out.
    10. Make up – Kids or womens…unless you are in California! (Sorry Mac!)
    11. Cap gun – This can also be very handy teaching the little ones to handle a sidearm.
    12. Magnifying glass – fun for kids, but can also start a fire.
    13. Boxes of color crayons
    14. Tablets/notebooks/construction paper
    15. A photo album (Make sure you print off whatever pictures you want to have access to!)
    16. Scrapbooking supplies
    17. A basketball/football/baseball with baseball mitts and bats
    18. Telescope – It’s fun to look up at the stars and moon when there aren’t the lights of the city to hide them.   Get a star chart to pick out the constellations for your area of the globe.
    19. Pens/markers/pencils (don’t forget a pencil sharpener!)
    20. Books – kids/history/romance/survival/fiction/biography’s (check out local garage sales)
    21. Mountain House (or other) dehydrated ice cream.
    22. Tonka trucks or Matchbox cars
    23. Ipod touch preloaded with game apps, music, movies (You need to have the ability to recharge them)
    24. A globe – To describe to the next generation that the world isn’t really flat
    25. Dolls – Barbie or other
    26. A small mirror – Could be used for fun or for signaling
    27. Gloves – Working, gardening, warming…imagine 2 years in to get a new set of gloves?
    28. Bug catchers – Nets and the screened containers to put them in.  Kids love it.
    29. Fishing equipment – Fun and can provide food.
    30. Long underwear – Watch the episode of M*A*S*H* where a pair of long underwear were being stolen and bartered across the compound to understand their value.
    31. Kites – If your mother in law moves in, wait until there is a storm and….nevermind.  Kids love em!
    32. Musical instruments – harmonica, guitar, fiddle.  Doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to play, you will have time to learn!
    33. Sheet music – Easier than trying to remember all of the words and chords!
    34. Puzzles
    35. Model cars/boats with model paint
    36. Wax and wicks to make candles.  If you want, add colors and fragrances.
    37. Spices – I’m sure these are already on everyone’s list, but they are a luxury.
    38. Coffee – Again, this may seem necessary, but it is a luxury.
    39. Scissors and razors – for crafts, hair cutting, shaving.  When the power runs out and everyone’s electric razor runs out of juice, a disposable razor will be great for barter.
    40. Sewing kit with material and a book on how to sew.  Don’t forget a measuring tape and patterns for different sizes.  When we all lose weight because the fast food joints are boarded up, the ability to hem and take in existing clothes will be quite handy.
    41. Rechargeable vacuum cleaner (assuming you have the ability to charge it).  Carpet will become very dirty.
    42. Fresh sheets and blankets
    43. Dice
    44. Hammer, nails, saws, wood.  Survival stuff I know, but have enough extra to make a tree fort (Listening post to the prepper)
    45. Short wave radio with rechargeable batteries.  This could be important to get news from around the world as well as regionally, but imagine being able to turn on a radio instead of the dead silence.
    46. Plastic Easter eggs – An Easter egg hunt would be huge fun for the kids.  Think of little toys/things to stuff in them.
    47. Sleds – If there is a hill and snow there is fun.
    48. Kid pool – Capture some rainwater in it and let the sun heat it up for some fun in the pool.
    49. Alcohol – I’m not talking for sterilizing a wound.  I’m talking a glass of wine or the spirit of your choice to open on an anniversary or something.  A few bottles of wine in the basement can make for a nice get away.  Great barter item as well if you remember Selco’s story from surviving Sarajevo.
    50. Condoms – This goes well with #49 and let’s face it, an EMP isn’t going to stop this from being a very useful item!  Great barter item as well.
    51. Joke books – Is there anything that can lift the spirit of a fellow more than a good laugh?
    52. Toothbrushes – Eventually yours will wear out.  Have a lot of these on hand.
    53. Small cooler that can be plugged in to the solar power.  I once took a trip by myself in to the boundary waters in northern Minnesota.  Had a great time, caught lots of fish, did plenty of reading and hiking, but left two days early because the one thing I missed most was drinking something cold.
    54. Flower seeds – Nothing herbal or edible as those are survival seeds.  These are for growing a few flowers to put on the table to add some color to what may be an otherwise gray world.
    55. Hankerchiefs – Tons of uses.
    56. Yard games – Horse shoes, yard darts…etc.
    57. Domino’s – Not the pizza!!  There won’t be a lot of delivery going when SHTF!  J
    58. Hard candy
    59. Dental floss
    60. Shoe laces – many applications with the main one being the ability to lace your shoes/boots.
    61. Fireworks – Can be used for fun as well as survival applications.
    62. Targets – If you have enough ammo to spare for target practice it is loads of fun.  (Pun intended)  I realize ammo will be at a premium, so will the ability to shoot it accurately.
    63. Wood carving tools – Great hobby, creates kindling and if you screw up, hide the evidence by heating your house.
    64. Pets – Great companions as well as security.  Even a little yapper like my neighbor’s can save your life.  Make sure your preps include food for them as well!
    65. Socks and underwear – Feet smell and socks get worn out.  A new pair of socks will be a huge luxury.  Shouldn’t have to tell you the benefits of fresh underwear.
    66. Solar charger with USB port – Apps on your mobile phones will still work, music, pictures and videos from the past not lost.
    67. Bow and arrows – Again, target practicing is fun and it is extremely useful for providing food.  Make sure you have a lot of target arrows as well as your broadheads.
    68. Home schooling materials – educate your kids to be able to read and do math.
    69. Walkie talkies – Kids love playing with them (Don’t forget your rechargeable batteries)
    70. Food coloring – Purple rice tonight?  Now the kids like it!
    71. Binoculars – It’s amazing how much fun looking at things closer can be.  For example, people climb to the top of the Sears Tower so that they can look through binoculars at the ground where they just were.  This is proof that it is really fun to look through them! (that might have been an old George Carlin joke…not sure)
    72. Yo yo’s, Slinkies, jacks, etch-a-sketch…think of the non battery operated toys of days past.
    73. Magazines – Get a subscription to your favorites and don’t throw them away.  Ask friends and relatives if you can have theirs when they are done with them.
    74. Flash cards – You can get them on many different subjects from math to reading to picture recognition.  You can use recipe cards to customize them to whatever you want.
    75. Christmas ornaments – If you celebrate Christmas, there is a lot of fun in decorating a tree.  Ask your parents and grandparents if you can have a few of theirs.  These end up being precious heirlooms and may remind you of stories to tell of Christmas past around a campfire.
    76. BB guns – Fun for the kids, cheap ammo and great for getting them used to handling a rifle.  Can’t tell you how many hours of fun my old Daisy provided.
    77. Balloons – Nothing says birthday like a balloon.  If you have young kids that can’t walk yet, but can roll over, put a red balloon on the floor and watch them go to work.
    78. Polaroid camera and film (don’t forget your rechargeable batteries!).  Yes, they still exist and are available to buy on Ebay.  You can capture a precious moment on film and it will print out the picture for you.
    79. Knitting supplies – Provides scarves, blankets to newborns and can be a good hobby.
    80. Written stories from grandparents and parents about their past to read to the group over a campfire.
    81. Ammo reloading supplies – It is a fun hobby to reload ammo and a useful skill to know.  Saves money on ammo as well.  This could also be a skill used for bartering for goods.
    82. Metal detector – If you have the ability to recharge the batteries it uses, it can be fun to go on a search for things buried from the past.
    83. Rakes for the leaf piles in the fall.  If your mother in law moves in with you, cover a fire hydrant with a pile of leaves and….nevermind.  The kids love jumping in them!!
    84. Skip ropes/hula hoops/frisbee’s
    85. Set of golf clubs and golf balls – Have chipping contests in the yard.
    86. Snorkels and fins if you live near a lake or the ocean.  Grab a spear and you can even provide a shore lunch!
    87. Microscope – If seeing things close up from behind a set of binoculars isn’t fun enough, you wouldn’t believe how much fun it is for kids to look at some things through a microscope.
    88. Rope – Make a swing from a tree or a hundred other fun uses.
    89. Bird feeders with bird seed and bird houses.  I’ve never gotten in to watching birds that much, but people love it.
    90. Sling shot – Give a sling shot and a few rocks to a 10 year old and they would be in heaven!  When they get good enough, they may just put a rabbit in the kettle too.  (Don’t forget plywood for over your windows!)
    91. Snowshoes – When there is 2’ of snow on the ground going for a nature walk or hunting trip will be much easier.
    92. Solar shower – A hot shower can make a world of difference and really lift spirits when everything is dirty.
    93. Hand held back massager – People are going to be working hard and using muscles that normally don’t get used too hard.  This will lead to knots in muscles and back aches.
    94. Hand crank radio – If any local station is still broadcasting the ability to listen to local news or music will be critical.
    95. Reading glasses – Maybe you can see well now, but when you and others grow older, eventually a set of reading glasses will be a priceless gift.
    96. Sunglasses – Sunglasses get broken and scratched.  A good pair of sunglasses can provide light protection as well as eye protection.
    97. Nintendo DS or other battery operated hand held games.  Again, you need to have the ability to recharge the batteries.
    98. Skateboard, rollerblades or bikes
    99. Letters from loved ones – Just think, it’s 3 years after the collapse.  Mom and dad in laws live in Florida and who knows if they are even alive.  Ask them if they would write a personal letter to your wife or husband and kids telling them about themselves and how much they are loved.  I can’t think of a greater present than a hand written letter to give on a birthday.
    100. Bible – All things including this list in my opinion should begin and end with God.  His grace is truly the only thing that can really save us all.

    With all of these remember to keep in mind safety first.  Obviously if your neighborhood is surrounded by the golden hoard, don’t be having fun flying down local sledding hill shooting off bottle rockets.  Everybody will be faced with different levels of security.  Some in small towns may find themselves in relative security; others in the big city may not feel comfortable venturing out on their front door step.

    Assuming the upcoming collapse is about as bad as it can be, what good does it do to just survive other than get you to another day?  Why not stock up on a few things now that would provide for fun in the future?  Regardless of what is yet to come, kids need to play, have fun, smile and laugh.  Let’s not forget to take some time away from our preparing for survival and prepare for some fun.

    As always,
    God Bless
    Norse Prepper


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      1. What a wonderful, positive article, NP! Thank you for this!


        • Daisy- He remembered you! (#3 chocolate)
          NP- Good work. Thanks for the effort you put into it.

          • Wellllll….chocolate was THIRD – not so sure about the ranking. 😉

            ~ D

            • In my group it is all about the grandchildren and beyond. We have all the cool gadgets weapons bullets and mres. But we dont have them just so we can just make it another day.
              We have a trailer full of bicycles many small and alot of pink and blue with bells on them.
              Sealed boxes of teddy bears. Barbie and gi joes.
              School book from everywhere and every level. Flask cards are not just for the young.
              MUSIC. MUSIC. MUSIC.


              • A few other items to save for the grandchildren are puzzles, Legos, Lincoln logs, Fisher Price little people and chalk. These toys can be played with over and over again. Many hours can be enjoyed drawing with chalk on chalk boards, sidewalks or even rocks.

                Simple patterns to make clothes can be printed for FREE at thepreparedhomemakerblogspot

                Direct link below.

                • Legos Good.

                • Construx – have a boatload of them from when I was a young lad, and they are different length girders that snap onto 6-sided blue balls to make structures that resemble the frame of a sky scrapers’ under-structure.

                  Capseulas – If you have AA batteries recharging, these are equipped with motors, gear drives, small lights and switches that can be made to drive wheels, or even propellers to drive boats! These are yet another toy from my youth I can say formed my ability and interest in mechanics, electricity and sciences dealing with physics.

                  Legos- need no explination, but the technical kits geared toward 10-14 year olds are another great way to teach young people mechanics and even to develop prototypes in small scale for adults. There is a reason these are seldom found at yard sales!

                  These building toys are worthy of hoarding, they are a blank slate for a fertile young (and old) minds 😉

                • Old clothes can also be used as patterns.

            • Not to get off topic but…. We have a new Aldes in town and they have excellent dark chocolate at a really fair price. It comes in a bar type box but actually has 5 smaller wrapped bars inside. Excellent storage item. My family is well prepped in chocolate. 🙂

            • Mentioned her? He praised her in No. 76!

            • I agree – chocolate should be at least second on the list.

        • Thanks Daisy! Thanks for all of your contributions as well!

          • Yes, Daisy!

            “10. Make up – Kids or womens…unless you are in California! (Sorry Mac!)”

            Mac is in California???!!! Now that is funny!

            • In the libertarian part though! We like our guns and our ranches up here in the Sierras!

              The problem with california is and always has been the lib-leaning population centers, especially in SoCal…. this seems to be the same (almost) nationwide.

              • You still have “water czars,” anti-self-defense laws, confiscatory taxation, and the like to deal with, right?

                My condolences 🙂

              • Mac,

                I lived in Socal for 7 years and couldn’t take it any longer. About my 4th year living there I realized that there is no political solution to solve the socialist, progressive, liberal insanity spreading like a disease there in California; and there is no effective public advocacy to even oppose it.

                I can’t even compare it to gangrene. At least with gangrene you can cut off the rotting limb to save the body. Not so in California.

                I cut my losses and left in 2002 and have been happy ever since.

                Happy New Year all!

              • @Mac – I feel for you. It’s mostly conservative out in Oregon, save for the cities.

                I think the only states where this isn’t the case is Utah (even there Salt Lake City has a leftie mayor), and maybe Texas.

                • “Don’t Mess With Texas”

              • Yes, there are a few good conservative enclaves up in the Sierras. Too bad we’re being led by a bunch of lefties. I sometimes wish we could secede from CA and join to Nevada but that’s not a great deal better. 51st anyone?

              • Hey Mac – we’re neighbors!

                Greetings from Placer County!

                Happy New Year to you and yours. 🙂

                • Greetings! Perhaps we’ve passed each other on the street and didn’t even know.

                  I try to keep my head down and move along with the rest of the sheep 🙂

          • Norse Prepper, God commands us to increase and multiply and you include condoms on your list.

            So much for putting the Bible on your list twice when you ignore it anyway.

            • Just because you use your brain to help mange your family does not change ones beliefs. There are also many statements in most books of faith about using commonsense go read a few before beating up on something.

              • How interesting that even the most viciously anti-Catholic Protestants still opposed “birth control” as against God’s Law until the mid 20th century. Predictable how things go when every bonehead is his own little pope.

                • So John Q,

                  In your OPINION is pulling out also a sin? Hahaha

                  You are a dips hit arent you

                • Guys? I have a small bit of info that would solve your argument on both sides:

                  Post-collapse, you’re going to be too effing busy trying to keep warm and fed, and if you’re short on calories? Sex isn’t exactly going to be big on your list of things you want to do. It’ll be on the bottom of the list, somewhere way below getting enough sleep.

                  This isn’t psychology, theology, ideology, or philosophy – it’s biology.

                • NP was trying to cover all the bases, people. Don’t go getting all holier than thou here.

                  • AMEN

            • How ridiculously irresponsible to bring children into the world if we can hardly feed the ones we have. How uncaring to put a woman at risk when she is likely to be dealing with malnutrition, have no access to medical care and might need to phsyically defend herself.

              Birth control is NOT abortion.

              Also, your comment is terribly offensive to the author. You are NOT morally superior to the rest of us.

              • Birth control is NOT abortion.

                Too bad all women don’t agree with you.

                • …and “Bill” speaks for all women? LMAO!

              • Go Daisy, a little-bit of “poison ivy” is not only acceptable, but quite appropriate. Let that “itch” out, the times and “idiots” certainly justify it. At the end of the day, you WILL “hold back” and remain civilized.

                Otherwise, you would not be Daisy! Can’t argue with that!

              • Touched a nerve, eh?

                Physical methods of “birth control” are not abortion, but chemical “birth control” does cause chemical abortion. Best estimate: about 30% of the time:
                WL Larimore, JB Stanford, Postfertilization Effects of Oral Contraceptives and Their Relationship to Informed Consent, Archives of Family Medicine, 2000;9:126-133.

                People who rationalize killing babies are indeed at a moral nadir.

                The author’s comment at the bottom of the comment section seems clear that the author himself recognizes the moral problems of disobeying God’s command to be fruitful and multiply. He does not seem to share your outrage.

                If you want a better world, raise lots of children to make that world.

              • Bringing a child into a world when you can’t feed the ones you have is beyond cruel. Many people think a childhood on welfare isn’t a great experience even today – how much worse when there are no benefits/food stamps?

                Not so long ago the death rate from childbirth was shocking. Take a look at any local cemetry with stones before 1900. So many men had 3 or 4 wives one after the other. To risk pregnancy in many chaotic shtf situations such as those on our horizon may be beyond stupid for a few years.

                I’d add a dozen cloth nappies and some nappy wraps and nappy nippas to your list too. I asked for these as gifts when my son was born and they are currently in use for babies 3 & 4 of the extended family . Seriously money saving too.

                Flowers can be medicinal/edible as well as pretty, calendula, nasturtium, chamomile & roses all come into this category is you select heirloom types. Rosehip syrup was an essential item for making sure children got enough vitamin C in WW2 Britain. Lavender is calming as well as pretty so an essential in any garden I plant, as stress is a killer. My mothers current medicine garden is packed with flowers. We are taking the seeds we’ve saved when we relocate in 2013 (God willing).

                Scented soaps with your favourite fragrances and/or essential oils in your soap making kit will also be much appreciated later. Even today a good scrub with a nice scented soap lifts the spirits like nothing else after a sweaty day of hard work.

                Still haven’t resolved how to store yeast long term, fresh baked bread is my guilty pleasure.

                • Agree with you on childbirth and we have lots of kids of varying ages. Nutrition and general health plus bone structure will determine whether you live or die and a baby without its mother will probably die.

                  I checked out all my stored yeast, and the packets all expire in 2014, If you have the will-power and patience, start some yeast-based sourdough and keep it going. I’ve had no luck with wild yeasts in NW Ohio, so began a starter of yeast-based. It’s very good, but have to depend on my oldest daughter to keep it going if we go out of town.

                  I have 112 bars of soap and read that if you unwrap them, they will lose some scent, but become much harder and last a lot longer. The basement smells wonderful, if overpowering, and the soap does seem to be harder.

                  Cocoa stays good quite a long time and if you have sugar and canned butter, you can make fudge, maybe with walnuts you are able to harvest. For toys, consider plastic army men which my sons loved. Definitely LIncoln Logs and Tinker Toys and blocks for toddlers. A box of 24 crayons costs ten cents during “back to school” promos and I”m going to get a crate and some paper ends from our newspaper. Colored chalk would also be good. Thanks, Norse Prepper, for the ideas and the incentive.

                  Our “Big” grocery store in a nearby town stocked a lot of cheap Chinese crap Barbie-type dolls this Christmas, and they are marked down to one dollar, each. Even if they’re cheap crap, think how happy a little girl would be to get one after TSHTF. I bought ten, plus some small plush bears for the younger kids, potential grandchildren and neighbor kids. If we somehow muddle through this time, I’ll donate them or use them as party favors, even though they’re not the best that can be bought. The mother’s are the ones who look at you squiggly-eyed, not the kids. OTOH, you can buy an American Girl doll for $150 if you’re a purist, but I don’t have that kind of money.

                  I’m currently stocking up on honey and black strap molasses which is supposed to be very good for something, iron maybe? Wish my grandmother was still here to tell me what to do. She, BTW, was 48 when she had her last child, so don’t assume that women over 40 are safe. The child was normal, but it was hard on her. She had eleven children, all of whom lived, but I don’t think I’m that exceptional. Condoms, molasses and toys, oh my!

                • Vicky – molasses or treacle is very high in iron, a vital nutrient.

                  Liquorice is a plant with a pretty flower that doesn’t require the best soil. Useful to cheer up an area not improved enough for your veggie crop. The root is the edible part.

              • Birth Control: NO BIRTH AND NO CONTROL
                Aren’t you glad your mother didn’t think that way?

            • BOOOOO!!! That is an awful comment. If it does happen and we are fighting for our lives, a child may not be a good choice at that time.

            • Take it from me babydoll, the pull-out method does NOT WORK LOL!!! I have 2 beautiful girls from trusting that method!! 🙂 I’ve had 2 emergency c-sections, and I’m terrified of having to give birth naturally in a SHTF situation – placental abruption, uterine rupture, major blood loss, just to name a few MAJOR risks. Should I tell my husband to get lost, or tell him to wear a condom? Which is more ungodly in your eyes? Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Just sayin’ ….

              • Sorry to notice, but your difficult personal situation begs the question, Dusty.

                What is your life worth to your husband?

                As for the moral issues, God, not me, wrote the Book. Until the mid-20th century all Catholics and all Protestant sects agreed that any form of birth control was morally evil. In view of the unparalleled killing and mayhem of the 20th century, one would be hard-pressed to argue some intellectual or moral superiority of 20th century mankind as sufficient qualification to nullify God’s Law. Quite the contrary, mankind has become shockingly depraved and self-absorbed.

                • SERIOUSLY?!?!!! MEN wrote the good book about their experiences with God. The killing in our time may be more documented due to tv and internet, but the truth of the Catholic Church is a history of murder and madness! A little thing called the Spanish Inquisition comes to mind. Let’s not forget the many “witch” burnings, drowning and stonings because a woman dared to give herbal medical advice or simply – gasp! – hadf the audacity to disagree with a man.

                  John Q Public – please remember to RESPECTFULLY voice your opinion without commenting on others personally…

                  Judge not lest thee be judged….

              • Ask any Catholic. More rythm babies out there than you can shake a stick at.

                Lots of women used to die during childbirth. Families need their mommies.

                • God created the universe and everything in it.

                  Before you can match that, you have no authority to overrule Him.

                • Now now…

                  To be honest, a woman is only fertile for just a couple of days per month. Problem is, the old ‘rhythm method’ is lousy as originally advertised.

                  It doesn’t work if you don’t know her cycle (her fertility window gets smaller with age), and if you don’t know that sperm can remain motile (that is, alive) inside a warm moist pH-balanced environment (like, oh, the vagina, cervix, etc) for 3-5 days after ejaculation (look it up, seriously).

                  This means that for a week or two each month, you keep the submarine outta the secret base, if you get my drift. The only trick is knowing which week or two.

                  As for the second part? The reason a lot of women died in childbirth back in the day involved a few things we know better about now – hygiene, nutrition, and early detection of emerging complications.

            • Hey dumbass…God commands us to “be fruitful” and multiply. Being fruitful means having adequate resources FIRST….Once you do, then you should multiply.

            • I have no use or need for birth control, but even in the book I put rubbers as a potential item in the preps pile, and for good reasons:

              – First, people are stupid. Men and boys are gonna put their peckers in places where they really shouldn’t go (for various reasons.) If you happen to be one of these stupid people, it’s better to limit the STD damage wherever possible.

              – Second, they’re cheap items which can be used in barter with the aforementioned young and dumb among us. From the book:
              “Condoms. Again, silly, right? Well, not silly at all. Unless you intend to use them yourself, you may as well get something useful in exchange for them.”

              – Third, they’re useful for non-sexual purposes: holding water or most types of powders (gun or talc, whatever), making an impromptu balloon (for fishing bobbers, non-sexual entertainment, etc), and any other general use where a small, flexible waterproof lining is called for.


              Now on the flip side, condoms have a definite expiration date, and I personally wouldn’t trust one more than a year or two old (due to breakage).

              Norse Prepper is smart enough to have figured this out as well, and it is a nod to reality (as all survivalists must do) that he mentions including them.

            • Freakin shame your daddy did not use one.

          • Lol, some of that stuff was on my needs list, not the luxury list. Hankies, for example, are washable and take less space. Of course, chocolate is just one of those things that had to be made a priority because I just simply need chocolate. I actually talk a lot about this stuff on my own blog http// Another couple of things to add would be incense, great for calming the nerves, and teas, which are not just enjoyable, but some have medicinal properties as well. As always, I love this site and check it daily, keep up the good work ya’ll.

            • Love chocolate, but it can’t be on my list as we live where its hot. We are in a heat wave at the moment with 10 days over 100F. Chocolate just doesn’t cope with the heat and if there was no refrigeration… Would just have to make my own chocolate fudge from raw ingredients.

              • You may not be able to keep a chocolate bar in a shtf situation but you can keep some cocoa…chocolate pancakes, muffins, fudge, cookies, pie, hot cocoa, etc. I don’t have any choc. bars put away but I do keep cocoa powder in my pantry.

              • You really need to consider a root cellar. If you get one 4-5 feet down, the temps there are much cooler year round.

            • I’ll second the tea. You can drink it hot, or drink it cold (assuming you can find a means to chill it down, as in with ice or snow).

              Multi-purpose stuff always has a special place in my heart and preps 🙂

        • Agree Daisy…great job, NP – appreciate your sense of humor, which is also a good thing to have with you when things go bad.

          To the list of books, would add an old high school civics book. One that explains how DC is supposed to work, as opposed to now. Should have a copy of the Constitution and the amendments too.

        • Norse Prepper,

          Excellent list! Thank you for this uplifting article and the list! 🙂

          KY Mom

        • Hey “NP”, kudos to you, pal!

      2. great article

        and along some what related lines

        and I know all of the seasoned preppers here have seen this article
        but just in case there are any new kids on the block

        and this is always good advice
        “7. The feeling that you’re human can fade pretty fast. I can’t tell you how many
        people I knew who would have traded a much needed meal for just a little bit of
        toothpaste, rouge, soap or cologne. Not much point in fighting if you have to
        lose your humanity. These things are morale-builders like nothing else”

        • @Satori,
          This is why I collect the small toiletries in hotel rooms, and I’m not bashful about asking the cleaning maids for more. Someday a bar of nice smelling soap, a small bottle of hand lotion, shampoo, cream rinse, or mouthwash might really lift someone’s spirits.

      3. The bible? Oh yeah, everyone needs the occasional flight of fancy to to escape the mindane. What better way to escape reality than read a book chock full of myths, fables and legends.

        • I know you expect to get a load of flak on that one but I will just say this…if you think what you read in the Bible is just fables, you are at the top 2% of the veneer of wisdom that is there. It is an onion and you peel it down to the layer you are capable of understanding. We today as so materialistic that we skim the surface of everything, take it at its cosmetic value and move along.

          I am not what you would call traditional in my beliefs, but I know this much for certain: If all you’re seeing is myths, fables and legends that is much more a reflection of where YOU are at than where these teachings are. I don’t say that as an insult, I hope it piques your interest a bit to try to investigate what I wrote above.

          If you want to understand how far the Bible can take you, read Julian of Norwich or Jakob Boehme and prepare to have your vista of what is going on here expanded beyond your broadest imaginings.

          It is all a function of where YOU and I are when we receive any information. You are selling yourself short but accepting the idea that there is nothing but silly tales contained in this book.

          • That’s foolish. The Bible has some good morals, coupled with absolute insane genocide. The god of the new and old testaments might as well be opposites. You have the killing of every “man, woman, child and animal” several times authorized by god in the old, while the new seems to entirely repudiate such behavior. Survival requires a firm grasp on reality, not groundless myths that rely on believing in things nobody can see but are asserted by some famous book by humans. Notice, other geographic areas of the world have a different famous myth book, with equally groundless assertions of unbelievable claims (if a guy named Joseph Smith invented some new claims, would you believe him? Heck no.)

            • If you look closer you will see that the “killing of every man, woman, child and animal” occurred after God tried to remind them many times to follow His teachings. He is the creator and asks that His creatures follow His rules. In exchange we can live full lives in this world. But when His creatures do the opposite of what He tells us to do, when they/we run wild, should He just sit there and be offended? He calls to us over and over to please come back to Him. But when we continue to refuse and we throw His rules back in His face, He gets angry and cleanses the earth to protect those who do follow his rules.
              If you had an animal who refused to do what you wanted, who ran wild and did much dammage, would you just allow it to continue? Would you allow it to dammage all that you had built up? Would you allow it to dammage other animals in your home/herd? I suspect you would call to that animal and try to retrain it to follow your rules to maintain order in your home. This is not to force the animal to do what YOU want just because you want it. It is to bring this animal into compliance with the rules that keep your home running and everyone healthy and happy. An animal that refused to retrain will cause much dammage to others and to property. So then what? Eventually that animal will need to be removed from your home in some way. You know that is true.
              We are all given many gifts with one request: learn to know Me and follow My requests/rules and I will love you always and you will come to love and trust Me.

            • I appreciate the fact you have thought about this topic enough to have found some paradoxes and/or contradictions there. And I will leave you with this bit just to chew over in your mind; it’s the root of a lot of why we have so much religious conflict in the world.

              A parent doesn’t tell a child the physiological details about sex and childbirth; it would be totally lost on an intellect so undeveloped as to find the data incomprehensible. A scientist writes one type of literature for his cohorts who understand the language and structures of their discipline and another for the general public to at least get some distance covered as to the basics of his information.

              The exact same thing is true of religion, IMHO. You pull the curtain back on Reality a bit for Bronze Age agrarians and you get their perspective on what was transmitted. You do the same for Neo-Platonists (like many early Church fathers) and you get some very, very different concepts. And you go and see what Christian mystics experienced directly and you see the Christian mystery in a whole new light. The same is true of the esoteric traditions of ALL religions. Christ himself said, concerning the deeper teachings, ‘milk’ to the babes in understanding, ‘meat’ for those with the depth to value and profit from it.

              Again, if you are of the mindset that has investigated religious belief as you appear to, take it one step further and understand the light streaming through a prism depends on the quality of the prism. WE ARE THAT PRISM. The light is always the same…we just slowly refine our ability to transmit it.

        • What if you are wrong?

          • He probably reads the Koran…

            • No, he probably reads mein kampf.

              • He reads?

                • LMAO Daisy I love you!

                • Dunno ’bout that Daisy.

                  But we do have evidence that he digitally defecates here!

                • For Steve, it must be great always being the smartest person in the room. I have a hard time believing that humans are as good as it gets.

              • No, he reads the communist manifesto.

        • Don’t take the bait folks. It just encourages him. All he looks for is a reaction. Ignore and he may go some where else. Poor ignorant and some what mentaly challenged ass bite.

          • BigB, eppe

            that a**hole is a retard with no moral values and could just be spiritless or brainwashed. I would agree to just ignore his BS.

            Keep the faith.

        • Joe, you nefariuous nitwit, can you not see the futility of your misguided efforts here? No one will be dissuaded from the path of truth based on the obtuse ramblings of a pretentious popinjay such as yourself. Now, be a good boy and go play in traffic!

        • Without faith we are no better than animals, it doesnt have to be organized religion, but a faith in a power greater than ourselves no matter what you choose it to be is pretty much not an optional item, this was a strong principal among our founders as well.

          • Please tell me how we are better than animals other than intelligence which is antithetical to faith. Animals dont kill for pleasure or drug money or beliefs.

            • “animals don’t kill for pleasure, money or beliefs”
              I would suggest you look into chimps behavior. They have been know to kill for just these reasons. And they are animals. I have seen a otherwise always very sweet pet dog kill another small pet due to a sudden fit of jealosy. There were other witnesses who saw the same thing. If you observe animals you will be surprised by their behavior if you truely believe as you posted.

              • Plenty of history of dogs getting into the chicken coop and killing all the chickens without eating any.

          • Please tell me how we are better than other animals, other than intelligence which is antithetical to faith. Animals don’t kill each other for fun, drug money or beliefs.

            • Animals dont destroy their environment or live beyond their means or exploit each other for profit.

              • You are a grade A moron. Look at rodent infestations in farms. I think you can find youtubes of mice population explosions. Thousands scampering all over the place.

                • Show me where they do that in the wild? Where human stores of food and resources are not available?

            • Timothy

              Actually, you are wrong. Wolves are an animal known to kill without purpose, or only for sport. There is a lot of information about this if you are willing to be intellectually honest.

            • Timothy,

              Before you utilize that tired worn out mantra here, strike up a friendship with some country folk.
              Be sure to ask them to describe to you in vivid terms, the carnage you’ll see after a weasel visits the chicken coup!

              • This is an act of survival, it is the way nature works. The weasal is not thinking ‘commie scum’ or ‘rich fu$k’. He is thinking food only. There is no evil in the act. It is purely survival.

                • I have nine chickens, grew up in upstate NY. I am country.

                • Humans have adapted to consider even longer term survival, of multi-generation survival, of civilization survival. Some humans cling to ideological shortcuts which pretend to offer privileged understanding of the universe, rather than focusing on objective science, the sole revelation of what is real in the world. Reality exists, and any claim (such as a “miracle”) that violates our known understanding of how the world works is equivalent to an anomaly, which, if unable to be replicated, is not legitimately worth changing one’s belief. Maybe some guy walked on water, rose from the dead, healed people by touch… or maybe 2,000 year old myths written 40-70 years after the events were just that, myths. Of course, no just god would require us to believe such unbelievable claims, after giving us visual and auditory senses and logical brains to deduce what is likely. What is most likely is that humans lie, as demonstrated by the existence of thousands of religions throughout history, many of which predate Christianity and yet have similar traits such as 12 disciples, virgin birth on Dec 25th, rising from the dead after 3 days, etc.

            • …oh but contraire my friend…never seen a coon or a weasel or a mink do their thing have you?…never watched a rooster refuse to stop fighting another till one was dead?….been on a farm all my life and without a doubt animals possess traits that are reflective of the worst of human nature…by the way faith and intellect arent mutually exclusive…one without the other tends to produce a zealot of one kind or another.

              • Again, these are instinctual actions. Thay are not driven by ideology or cultural norms.

                • Please excuse my spelling, I am using a mobile device. But as I was saying, it takes intelligence to kill with premeditation for ideological purposes. Animals do not do this ever as they are incapable of believing in deities or holding political affiliations. In nature, all relations exist within a sustainable paradigm that does not expand beyond its means. There are a few exceptions such as unpredictable environmental changes that prevent this sustainable existence in which case animals either evolve or perish. This is the situstion with which the human animal, homosapien, is confronted with now.

              • I don’t need faith to understand that others do. As long as there is a human imagination there will be imagined things. This cannot be stopped. The best humanity can hope for is to prevent its imagined entities from causing harm, hate, and ignorance in the real world.

              • Nice reply REB!

                I doubt Timothy has ever seen a cat play with and torture a mouse before killing it…

                • AH…. thats another excellent example I didnt really think of,your right…thanks!
                  I dont profess to understand all that does or does not go on inside a persons head…mush less an animals,even though I talk to them all the time (the animals 😉 I guess “some” people are just alot smarter than this ole hillbilly farmboy,eh?….naww! 😉

                • I have three cats who get mice from our chicken coup all the time. Again, these are acts of instinct. The hunter / prey instincts. It is not done out of evil or philisophical indifference.

                • The original assumption was that people are better than animals. So far, all you have attempted to show is how we are the same. I can think of ways we are much worse, but again, how are we better?

          • Without animals we are no better than faith!

            • Hey Timothy….

              Why don’t you hike your Gaia/earth-goddess worshiping ass over to “”….or PETA, maybe!

              …while you’re at it, along the way…find a knot-hole in a tree stump & relieve your passions…(I hope its full of bees)!!!!

              You’re a slick one alright, others may miss your agenda, but I’ve seen your type @ UNC(chapel-hill) aka…idiot central in the South-land!

              Screw you & your “animal sensitivities”….I hope you acquire lots of….splinters!!!!


              • Wow, you totally misjudged me. I raise chickens, occasionally slaughter and eat them. I think your barking up the wrong tree. Maybe you should be barking up the one with the knot in it.

                • If you are legit Timothy…then I recant my angry outburst & apologize for misjudging you.


              • Sorry the one with the knot-hole.

                How did you come to that conclusion anyway. That was quite a leap of the imagination. I am actually arguing the opposite of what you are assuming. I am arguing that other than a few other mammals, most animals do not experience advanced thought enough to act violently simply out of disagreeance or opinion.

                While I have not hunted yet (game), I did just complete the hunters ed course and am hoping to have some venison for next winter if the economy holds out. Venison speedies… mmmmm.

              • No problem. I’m certainly not in support of animal cruelty, but here in ID they have a petition to try to make it a felony. I absolutely do not support that. At what point will these laws make it unlawful to eat meat? When will butchering for food be considered murder? You never know.

                It’s a shame how shallow people will think about these issues having never set foot in the country or considered where their food comes from.

        • Joe,

          It will be truly amazing how many people will seek God in a crisis. You could be one of them. You may aw well start today by reading His Word. Perhaps if you turn to God, He will have mercy on you and lead you through the crisis.

          • I find it interesting to see so many who claim faith in the bible and belive in God, yet totally ignore the command to cast no stones upon others for their faults, (beliefs) Remember folks, you can take the horse to water, but it can still refuse to drink…

        • you poor soul

        • @JoeinNC…

          Don’t you have some zits on your backside that need popping?

          • Thats just gross. A picture that cannot be unseen.

            • I just got scarred for life.

          • Why do you all keep responding to “JoeinNC?” He says the same thing all the time. It is clear that he is starved for attention and thrives on the responses that you supply. Ignore Joe and stay on topic.

        • Joe?

          I pity you.

          I’ve spent a huge chunk of my lifetime reading and pecking at the Bible, and I have yet to even begin scratching the surface of just how complex and insightful this tome can be.

          Very few books in history are good enough to be worth reading again and again, each time learning something new. The Holy Bible is one of these (even if it’s on of the truncated protestant versions 😉 ).

          I would also recommend a few other books – not as books of worship, but to give you some good, solid philosophical insights. These include the Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, and other holy books (my favorite? the Taoist ones – it’s like reading a series of little puzzles). Toss in the Greco-Roman classics, and you have a solid philosophical foundation not only for yourself, but for future generations.

          Even if you’re not cerebral, I think you’ll find it entertaining and enlightening to spend a (admittedly all-too rare) peaceful evening reading these books. It has been said that during the 19th century, those cowboys, sailors, farmers and ranchers who could read always had at least two small books with them: one was almost always the Bible (or at least the New Testament), and the other was usually Plutarch, or another classic/philosophical book. There’s a damned good reason for that. 🙂

          • thank you for your insight. i think sometimes people in here get so caught up in the whole my religion is better than yours argument, it starts to walk the line of intolerance. we should all just respect each other’s faith/spirituality and let it be.

            • A little secret I’ve learned over the years?

              Learning and keeping in mind others’ religions is not only enlightening, but a vital interpersonal skill – especially in a country where you have so many different folks who practice so many different religions.

              Cheers! 🙂

              • Good point, OQ.
                I don’t practice any religion.
                It’s actually kind of funny; no matter what the article is about, it only takes 25 comments before the entire thing deteriorates into “God said this!”, “There is no god!”, “You’re stupid!”, blah, blah, blah.
                I don’t give a shit.
                You want to believe in god? Go ahead.
                You don’t want to believe in god? That’s fine, too.
                Just STFU about it, already.
                Neither side will win any converts.

        • Well Joe, Prepping and having Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, have some what in common. Right, at this very moment you really don’t need either one. But in the blink of an eye, you could need both. But when that time arrives it will be to late to say, boy I sure wish I had stocked up or accepted the Lord as my Savior. Without the supplies you could lose your Life, which will only happen once. But without the LORD you will lose your soul and that will be for an eternity. And if you think things are going to get bad in the future here in America, just wait until you spend eternity in Hell. But GOD, being a Great believer in Freedom, did give you this choice. So use it wisely

          • There may be a point where all we have is ourself and God

        • You wanna escape reality? Just read Joe’s posts.

        • Begone, twit!

        • Just for the sake of argument, let’s say its all myth and fables. What words of Jesus do you disagree with? One can only hope to be like Him, and by His grace we are lucky when we fall short and blessed when we grow to be a little more like Him.

          • Who actually believes that hate and murder are the same?
            Go ask some one who is hated and then compare that with how someone is murdered feels.
            That’s right, the most basic understanding of reality shows the foolishness of christian “morals”.

          • Of course he does. Why else would he be here, and on other related sites.

            COINTELPRO: Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum.


            • There are a couple of real easy to spot ones that disrupt this blog quite often. Too funny. Insignificant worms. Not even very good at it umless some of their friends show up who sometimes are they themselves using one of their many screen names.

          • These “social service agencies” all love anonymous tips, and usually find whatever they go looking for. Don’t be suprised to see such tactics put on steroids. Oppressive governments can never survive without snitches. It would suck to go into a crisis with all of your neighbors already suspecting you of such actions. I would not want to have someone think I was responsible for the call that resulted in the destruction of their family.

          • There were several on Liberty Post that disappeared after the election. Job done.

        • Well that wasn’t a very constructive comment, now was it? The author stated it was important to *her*, and she states the list itself is what she finds to be the /other/ useful list.

          You are more than welcome to include the latest from Richard Dawkins and perhaps something from Carl Sagan if that’s what helps you get by in a crisis. While I may not be Christian, I am certainly respectful of those who are, be that too of those who happen to be Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan and yes, Agnostic and even Atheist.

          We all have a common goal, and instead of putting each other down over our beliefs, what we hold dear, we should instead be working with each other toward that common goal: To teach and learn from each other and be a little bit more independent each day.

        • No one is bitching about your Koran so why are you being such a dick?

        • Well, it’s a far more intelligent read than anything you have posted here, Joe.

        • When the SHTF YOU won’t be around long. Stupid is what stupid does. You can’t fix stupid.

      4. Very sorry for the topic hijack, I hope you’ll forgive this but…

        With all the discussion in the last few posts about appropriate responses to what is rapidly unfolding, I think everyone who is weighing the options should take a little time to view The Restless Conscience, the Oscar-nominated documentary about Nazi resistors within Germany who faced the same unfolding tyranny, the same moral choices, that we are going through right now. I have not seen a more clear cut, honest statement of the dangers in remaining passive early in the process, the moral implications of remaining quiet, and the very real possibility of death as a result of patriotic action.

        I will give one spoiler: You will not be surprised if you expect to see those who survived say the cancer MUST be addressed as soon as possible. Just as the Founders said, …”all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” No one in their right mind chooses danger carelessly, but when dealing with the Nazis, they could have been stopped in their tracks early if there had been widespread resistance. The gravest mistake is to wait until the momentum of evil is an unstoppable tide.

        Please go to www. and decide if you would benefit from this material. The film can be downloaded from Amazon Video, Netflix and iTunes.

        Again, my apologies for hijacking this topic but it felt appropriate to send out a heads-up on this.

        • This was not written by me. Even if the words are the same, I am Enough is enough with a small e on the last enough.

          • My apologies…I didn’t mean to hijack a thread AND a poster’s name at the same time 😉

            I won’t use that E is E tag again…

            The Artist Formerly Know as .

        • Interesting that Judeo-Communism murdered at least 10 times as many as Nazis, but you use Nazis as your example.

      5. May I suggest airsoft? I’m a teenage prepper and I enjoy it as tactical training and recreation. Great article, God bless!

        • Even better – a .177 cal pellet rifle. That way, you don’t confuse gun-like things for toys, and a pellet gun is always useful post-collapse for small game (rabbit or smaller) hunting. 🙂

          • Even better, I suggest a hi-power .22 air rifle i.e. the better Gamo’s, Remington Nitro(the one I have) etc.

            They usually run in the $200-300 range and have substantial kenetic energy for short range small game hunting without the report when compared to a .22lr rifle.

            Push comes to shove, that .22 pellet moving at 1000fps would put an aggressor on his back when it cracks him in the forehead!

            • Agreed on having the ‘oomph, but the reason I suggested the pellet gun comes down to one reason above all: they’re cheap as hell.

              A decent pump pellet gun strong enough to kill a rabbit will cost you maybe $50. 2,000 rounds of ammo for it costs maybe $15. For the cost of a moderate-quality new .22, you can buy two pellet guns and enough ammunition to last until you reach old age.

      6. Have quite a few of these things already but you have certainly filled in a lot of the blanks. Great list…thanks

      7. I have 10 Bibles. That was way before I started prepping. Its naturally #1 on my Survival list.

        • I didn’t mean that to sound so uppity. Peace.

        • I keep two for my personal use: a Catholic NSRV version (for regular and my own use), and a traditional KJV for visitors and posterity.

          • The Douay-Rheims is a more faithful translation of the Vulgate.

      8. Americans, it is not going to be pretty, period. 2013 is the year to get things in order. Yes I read the bible and have faith in Jesus. I drink beer, and I get tired of church mainly because pastor is a liberal and is clueless of what is ahead.

        I taught bible study last year on revelation and preparedness. People were yawning and soon not coming. So I quit.

        I need to look to the Lord first. And prepare and talk to others of likemindedness, such as here.

        Good luck everyone, and keep giving good ideas.

        • I wish I could help you out a bit, but I’m not protestant, so please take the following with a block of salt 🙂

          * find a church with a more traditional/conservative preacher. If you live in the South, this usually means Baptist, and won’t be hard to find. Otherwise, it may take some looking. Either case, avoid the ‘megachurch’, where marketing all too often overrides the message.

          * find like-minded folks, and start a bible study with them.

        • Don’t give up! Keep looking. Start a Bible study with some like minded friends or family.

          I hope you find a church where feel at home.

        • That’s so disappointing, Ugly! I’d be tickled pink if I could find a Bible study like that, or even just some like-minded people outside of the internet! I’m SO SICK of trying to tell people what’s up and having them totally ignore me, or call me crazy (for example – did you know if it wasn’t shown of Fox news, I must have made it up and it DIDN’T HAPPEN?!?!? LOL that’s what I’m dealing with!) Frustrating!

        • Ugly, find one where you can get spiritually fed. Ain’t nothining any worse than watch watching for an hour.

        • My church recently had a 6 wk study on Revelation called “How to Prepare for the End Time”. Didn’t touch on stockpiling food or supplies, but the advice on preparing to meet the Maker was awesome!

      9. Bubbles and balloons. A real good library of books on nature and things YOU yourself may have never thought of but others may be interested in. Cards along with the rules so no arguing as to how they are played.

        A daily routine that brings Sundays and other special days to look forward to. A schedule that also has it own rewards such as Saturday night at the movies. Game night, etc.

        • Pool tables provide hours of zero electrical enjoyment.

          • I’d rather spend that $1200 on a sig p229, but it’s a good idea if I was wealthy!

            • You know you could get a good used foosball or pool table for a lot less than $1200 if you know where to look. 🙂

              • A chess set. HOURS of quiet recreation and it doesn’t matter if your set is a dollar store version. There’s a reason chess is so popular in former soviet nations.

                Also chess is great “brain training” for children and young adults. (I like anything that can act as an antidote to the constant indoctrination and pap our kids are force fed today from so many sources).

                Don’t forget a store of cheap tennis balls. Over here they are 5 for one pound. Great for hand-eye coordination training for children. Use bean bags for pre-schoolers. You can’t use a gun without decent hand-eye coordination so it’s never to young to develop this skill, or to maintain it in the elderly.

                If you don’t already have one, start a zip/button jar. These items will make all the difference later on and can be used for more than just sewing. Many of my friends have a sewing kit, but few seem to remember Grandma ALWAYS kept a button jar.

          • So does your mom.

      10. Gosh, another collapse article. I don’t mean to be negative but I guess I am burned out on these articles. I’m kinda burned out on prepping as well. If the collapse comes between now and the next time I have to rotate my food, I will apologize for my negativity. I am more than ready for the fight for our 2A rights though!

        • blackrifle….this is a website about preparing. What did you expect, articles on gold?

          If you want phony positive stuff, read msnbc or cnn. there they will tell you that unemployment is low, housing is gaining, and the economy is on the up swing.

          • This has not been a prep site in a long time. Show me where in any title it say that.

            I only see the warning in it. And yes I would love some serious article on gold, gold bartering and testing for the barter. The more the prepper now the more I will be able to get when it is time to rebuild.

            • @facebook page on gold

              Gold is tough. You need to know what you are doing. Silver is easier, and copper even more easier. In tough times, vodka is an excellent bartering tool. So are seeds.

              Be careful with gold. But go ahead and read about it. There are plenty of articles about gold. Good luck.

            • Amen! Amen! Amen! It’s become a site for about a dozen ranters who would get little or no attention elsewhere. No matter the subject of the article, the Ranters ignore it and start in on their hobbyhorses. You know who you are.

              I’m wondering how Mac keeps the lights on. Are there enough disciples who actually have enough money to spend with his advertisers?

              Mac, please bring the site back to reality. Articles and commentary on about what we have to do and how we do it are a lot more interesting and useful than earthquake prediction theories and incoherent anti-semitism. That kind of thing only confirms what the sheeple are being told about preppers by National Geographic and the rest of the State Controlled Media. The vast majority of preppers don’t buy that stuff, and don’t want to be associated with it.

              Over and out. Flamers have the floor from here on.

              • Should have mentioned that the original article was of the better kind. The comments of course deteriorated from there.

                • Thanks Coach. God Bless…

              • Thank you OC! This is exactly what I was talking about on a previous article in my very first comment ever. I was so tired of hearing about earthquakes in the comments of every single article that I read on SHTFP and I have been reading this site for over two years now. I finally got fed up and hit the comments only to find myself “thumbs-downed” to the point where the comment wasn’t even readable anymore. If you don’t have something to say on-topic then ask Mac if you can write an article about earthquakes. Simple. NorsePrepper, as with your old youtube channel and this article, great info as usual. Thanks Old Coach for letting me know I’m not an old asshole.

        • @ blackriflewarrior. This is very common with preppers/survivalists that times goes by that one big event doesn’t happen and they start to feel that it may never come. I can tell you right now that it is against physical law that the San Andreas, Cascadia, and even the New Madrid don’t break, they will. The Cascadia should have broken with the 7.8 last month. This means there is even more energy locked up than expected.

          If earthquake disasters are not an issue, I would look at the population of the planet going past 7 billion and the fact there is only so much food, fresh water, arable land, and energy to go around before a major war starts over what is left. Has happened again and again over time and will happen again. People are destined to fight, and each month that goes by without a war the chances increase rapidly towards certainty. This is the way statisitics work.

          maybe war isn’t it, how about a pandemic? Also as population increases the chance of a super virus coming out of a country like India or Bangladesh increses expotentially towards 100%. Poverty and lack of proper nutrition leads to disease, the more it grows with the higher population the stronger the strains of germs become in these hovels of hell. Nature has unleashed mass killers of ALL lifeforms, animals and plant life, even bacteria has viruses that attack them. Look at the American Chestnut tree as an example of what nature can do to an entire species.

          There also exists a terrible power grab all over the planet, and this anti-gun grab is the tip of a massive iceberg of what is happening. The economies absolutely suck and the governments know this and must do something, and ugly that it will be. Revolutions are happening all over the world, and the United States is hardly immune to this, if anything probably more likely than many countries.

          Next year there is going to be a solar maximum, just like there was back in 1859 during the Carrington Event, that if happened today would make all those that prepared for a collapse the absolute best prepared and most likely to survive a planet wide EMP.

          Besides all of this you and others must have items that don’t have to be rotated, this makes many people feel quite secure. Besides this most canned goods remain eatable for a long time after their BEST BY DATE, or even USE BY DATE. Just look at these homeless shelters and food banks that use canned goods much past the date on the can. I have used often canned goods that don’t have rust on them r any dent that are years past the date, they just don’t have the original flavour to them.

          Blackriflewarrior my friend continue to prepare, it is the most sound investment in dollars and sense there is, especially with the shear inflation issue of the cost of food. Many people have more than tripled their value in stored goods, especially PAPER items such as toilet paper. Ammo is going to be its worth in silver or maybe even good someday. That someday will come and you and others will be grateful that you continued to prepare. 🙂

          • Hey BI,

            I’m still pulling stuff from my Y2K stash. (coffee and such) I have campbells chunky soups that have an expire date of 2005 (think I got them in 03) that are still great. Have I lost some stuff? Yep! It’s just insurance.

            I’m still learning, even after all these years. While I have better then 70% of NP’s list, there are still things that make me go “Dooh!!!” (think… Homer Simpson) 🙂 Things that are overlooked now are easier to correct now then later. Thanks for the tips NP.

            Y’all enjoy your New Year with family and friends. Keep them close and safe.

            hillbilly SC

            • My phone mistake. On thumbs down. Should be up.

          • @Be Informed….

            every time I read your posts, I start shaking. Im not sure if it is an earthquake, or just a hangover?

          • Well balanced and articulate. The truth laid out for all to see. Thanks..

        • Take a break and go learn something new. That usually helps me when I get burn out. Push some area of interest to a new extreme. Cook with your alternative heat, turn off the power for a couple of days, make five dishes with just beans and rice? whatever gets you challenged and makes you think and maybe find some holes in your preps.

        • I wish I could find it – I recently read an article on “Prepper Fatigue” that I think sums up exactly what you’re feeling.

          Hang in there, BRW!

          • Thanks for the support guys. I guess more than anything, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to some sort of collapse so we could hit the re-set button in this country. Whoever said this country needs an enema was right. I have prepped in any way that I could think of plus reading articles to prep even further. Im all dressed up and nowhere to go so to speak.

            • blackrifle….sound like you may need a life that has more than just prepping in it. Prepping is wise and should be done, but a person should not dwell too much on it.

              I did not start prepping until last year. I didnt feel the need until 2009. Now I am not saying 2009 because we had a new President, but because that was the first time in US history that our national debt was ahead of the total economic output. Also, in 2009, it was the first time that an annual spending deficit reached $1T+….

              Now Im trying to cheer you up so give me a few more sentences.

              I am a marathoner. Regardless of economy and other problems, I will continue to get ready for a marathon this May, and also the Pocatello Marathon this September. Running helps me escape reality and does put a very positive spin in life. Also, the running community is a very positive one.

              I am prepping because I need to. I cant imagine explaining to my family that I knew this was coming but decided to do nothing about it.

              I look at prepping as something positive, not negative.

              • Your last 3 sentences say it all.

                I understand the feeling of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Mostly because no one around me wants to hear or prepare. But then I come back to your last 3 sentences, and I have to pick up where I left off and I keep on keepin’ on.

        • blackriflewarrior
          bud think the 60`s southeast asia,,C rations canned in the 30s and 40s,,,a little bottle of hot sauce,,c 4 fire to cook on,, damn makes me hungry just thinking about it,,,
          i also pulled some things stashed in 1996 noone complained thought i had gotten it recent,,,,
          brother we all get weary,,tired,,impatient,,burnt out,,sometimes i think i`m the only one that sees what is coming,,,but i know better,,,and i`m talking in my family,,i feel like i have alot of family in here,,,i dont always agree with ,,, but what family ever does,,,


          • Snake, I too am in S.C.and will keep a close eye on conditions and when to GO or when to Duck & Cover!!!Keep Watchin!!

      11. In a short sentence, whatever can bring a bit of joy in a shattered world. Norse Prepper, you gave everyone a fine article, AGAIN.

        @ JoeinNC. What you fail to understand is that a Bible can bring strength to people. There are individuals that regard it as the same as Grimms Fairy Tales, but do they have a right to take that strength away from the people that do need it? NO, they don’t.

        You know Joe, every religion has some truth to it and some misleading and falsity to it, so what? During extremely difficult times people have to hold on to something that gives them a glimmer of hope. Whatever that might be that can prevent someone from falling into the deepest of depression or from them putting their revolver in their mouth, what is wrong with a Bible, a yearbook from their high school days, a book on philosophy, a book of survival, a book of positive thinking, whatever to give them a sliver of strength. Joe what do you hold on to when you are in despair?

        Again Norse Prepper, your ideas are going to help many after this happens. I want you and everyone else to realize this that all the time and effort all of you have spent sharing what you know, WILL help many have a better chance to survive after the true catastrophes begin. A double thumbs up to EVERYONE that contributes to this site with what they know. 🙂

        • Thanks @BI! You do way more than me with your constant updates on earthquakes and other things.

          All of us through articles and more importantly discussions in the comment area make this site what it is. Happy to add to it occasionally.

          God Bless,

          • Many thanks Norse Prepper. Hope all is well with you.

            • @ PO’d I am blessed with health, a job and healthy family. Couldn’t ask for any more than that!!

              God Bless you and Happy New Year!

      12. Item #1 and #100 can also be useful substitute for item #2 as needed. Or when you need a good laugh or to immerse yourself in a good myth or fantasy, then use it for #2 when you’re done.

      13. Fantastic list…..tons of good ideas.

      14. This deserves a book-review style excerpt!

        “From purple rice to EMP-proof condoms to vague suggestions of offing our mother-in-laws, this list has something for everyone to do post-grid-failure.”

        Well done, friend.

        • I just sprayed liquid out of my nose laughing! Thanks alot SchemaByte!!! 🙂

          • Include some of the older role playing games like D&D, rifts, robotech, TMNT, etc cheap to get at used stores, ebay, garbage sales. I still geek out with the kids on an occasional weekend. Cheap and makes you think.
            Nice work, NP!

            • Geeks are sexy LOL! My dad used to tell me in high school, “Don’t make fun of the geeks, you’ll be working for one someday.” 🙂

      15. By the way, what is the shelf life of a chocolate bar vacuum sealed with a food saver in a cold, dark pantry ?

        • …..oh, about 30 seconds if my grandaughters happen to find it… 😉

        • 11 Bravo,

          I’m working on that idea now. I have several bags of different candy bars sealed in food saver bags and in the spare freezer.

          Then I have several more that are in mylar bags with the O2 eaters, packed in 5 gallon buckets stored in the cellar. Been about 2 years so far. I plan on opening some this summer, I’ll let the Mrs. decide if we’ll try it again as she is the chocolate connoisseur. 🙂

          With the bags just by themselves in the freezer, I have some that are over a 2 years old some almost 3. By about 3 years the chocolate gets white spots on them, I’m told that it is still not “bad”. But the Mrs. won’t touch it. 🙁

          If y’all have a more info I’d like to hear about it also.

          hillbilly SC

        • we can always track joe down and play pin the tail on the donkey


        • They should last for at least 10 years. I had Hershey bars stored in a bucket in their original wrappers back in 1998. I just finished them a couple of years ago. They were fine. I still have two bags of millennium special M&Ms. I might open one in 2018 to see if they lasted 20 years. Cocoa and other candy ingredients might last even longer, so you could make various kinds of candy in the future. Make sure you have recipes, especially homemade versions of Reese’s. I already have the seed peanuts ready to plant.

      16. 101. A hymnal or some book of spiritual songs. I for one am a singer, and lead singing at a small congregation. I can think of nothing better to do during those down times in a crisis (if any) than to sing praises to God.

        • ScoutMotto….you’re the man.

          Would love to join you singing praises to our Lord. nothing could be more effective to calm the souls and seek refuge in him. Keep the faith.

        • Excellent! And I’ve done this as well to make sure that my grandchildren learn the songs I grew up with and to help them have a connection to their ancestors. I’ve also added printouts of contemporary songs that I like but just can’t seem to remember as well as I remember the hymns I grew up with.

        • My DH is a pastor and we plan on continuing worship, Bible studies, even communion. (We stock grape juice). But hymnals are a great idea.

          NP Thanks for the ideas! I been stockpiling children’s clothing and shoes, but birthday presents are a super idea.

      17. Thank you for the article, great timing. It’s funny some of your items I consider to be first line items in a number of shtf scenarios such as the bow and arrow, sling shot and wood working tools. Basic food and shelter.

        In a collapse your community will need to free up the adults to provide and the children will need structure and a safe supervised area. So I suggest text books, chalk boards and chalk to start up a school,

        Topo maps of your area and greater area and then state maps and country maps

        I did buy a couple of harmonicas and plan to learn to play them

        We also have some small drums, tambourines and percussion sticks so that others can join in on making music around the camp fire.

        I keep extra guitar strings and save my old strings, the high “E” and “B” strings will make a good small game snare.

        My wife likes to knit so we always have extra yarn around, with her though we can never have enough. Glad to see that’s on your list.

        Extra bow strings for my recurve and for building a new bow, along with glue, seizing and broad heads.

        Arrow making supplies

        Some cutting tools for cutting up old tires, think shoes and sandals. Nothing adds more to normalcy than being able to walk over the shattered glass and twisted steel of a dystopian city. 🙂

          • @RO: We called them Ho Chi Minh sandals, foot ware of old Charley(VC).

            • thousand milers?

          • OMG, those are so neat. I bought a pair of tire soled sandals in Mexico a while back that had a leather weave for the top. I called ’em ‘Jerusalem Cruisers’.

      18. If you have power ( solar as an example ) then I imagine a well loaded kindle, nook or even iPad being worth plenty. Funny thing is if there is no power they are worthless.

          • Thanks Walt,

            Mine is not nearly as portable and ran $200 but I got a decent 80 watt panel, inverter and managed to connect to a multi plug in charger which works both for my iPad and my wife’s Kindle. The later I get her to down load a free book every time she buys one. I think her kindle will hold 800-1000 books. My iPad prob the same.

      19. Reading all of the posts now and in the past, it seems that most preppers are truly God fearing souls that know who is in control. Certainly not man. With all of us, who can possibly come against us. God bless to all

      20. We all hope that a collapse doesn’t occur, or, holds off for as long as possible, but in the meantime, take a look at that valuable list above and imagine living a full day or a week in a grid down scenario. Which of those items do you think you would need the most? Start there and you’re on your way to being better prepared than the other 90% of the populace.

        • sorry for the post hijack but i feel this must be said the time is ripe for a Fall. but the real question is who is going to Fall.

          OBAMA has committed way too many acts of treason to not be prosecuted for at least half of them — between the take over of the auto companies and throwing out the stock holders and giving the union thugs huge pay days, to his end runs around Congress to ensure OBAMA Care got approved in midnight votes WHY is this pile of crap not on trial ? I will tell you why: because 49% of America is interested in the freebies he has promised: Obama phones more SNAP cards; the career welfare folks have no desire to end the gravy train and their THUG LARVA seem to want to destroy all they can’t control.
          Remember the video of the convenience store overrun by Thug Larva and their WE OWN THIS attitude? Well, folks, this is happening all over ( as most know ) to the point of one incident where a Local family was having dinner in a patio type restaurant, and the father was confronted by three Thug Larva types with their chest pounding routine of “HEY MAN you dissin me? You eyeballing me? I got my crew right here I gots a gun. I can kill you Right here no big deal. I gonna shoot you dead. I gonna shoot you and your family dead in the parking lot.”
          The father had his hand on his legally concealed gun, ready for trouble, when the security guards for the shopping center/Restaurant arrived. But these Thug Larva have no fear. They know that help is a long way off what with budget cuts and lay offs in police departments all over the United States, like Stockton and other California cities.
          OBAMA needs to be held accountable and tried for treason and the destruction of the United States.
          AS the line from the United States Constitution says:
          “BUT when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism IT IS THE RIGHT IT IS THE DUTY to throw off such government and provide new guards for the future generations’ security”
          As we all know the founding fathers gave us the right to throw off the chains of an abusive government.
          And it is clear to me that the current group is about as rotten as can be. Forgot all the bull crap about the ZOG New world garbage these ass clowns are just plain greedy how else does a So called simple Senator ( harry lying shit weasel Reid) get by on a FIXED income as his By cheating and back door dealing
          Between cry baby Boehner and gun grabber Feinstein and slimy Harry Reid they all must go, and this job falls on the US citizen. But too many out there say oh no, protect my favorite senator. the two party system is a total Joke ALL of us in one way or another have been bought out by pork barrel spending. Or by the promise of jobs and infrastructure, better freeways, etc. When was the last time you heard a local politician tell you he is for jobs, lower taxes and the old line of crap? Just vote me in and I will save the USA, We all know the local ones CAN’T do crap except suck at the teat of the government.
          Recall elections need to be held and Held NOW!! Run out the traitors. Remove all of them and demand term limits for all local and federal politicians – including the Supreme Court, with an age limit to avoid senile idiots such as Ginsberg sitting there forever. or the Teddy Kennedy’s from dying in office Take away all of the cushy benefits and the retirement plans of these lying shit weasels and force them to live with Obamacare and Social Security.. Take away their 50 assistants and 30 office staff that we pay for. Take away their tax payer paid vacations and junkets and fact finding trips overseas there Free postage and stationary and there office’s all supported on OUR Dime.
          Make Nancy Pelosi pay her own way to California and back each month. Her husband can afford it. RUN out The Schummers and Murrays and Feinsteins. stop MOOCHELLE’s taxpayer funded trips to Spain and Hawaii with the second use of Airforce one just for her clothes. Put DC on a diet and cut off the flow of tax payer money. Starve them out. Make the president go out and get a real job. Something he has never really had. if any one remembers how he said he hated working in the ice cream shop in Hawaii. He has always thought he was better then any one else and it shows when you look at him with his nose in the air.

          Being in the Senate or House of Representatives was never meant to be a lifetime career. Washington and Jefferson and the rest of the founding fathers NEVER planned to be politicians their whole life, and I am reasonably sure they never planned for any one else to be either. You can bet they never saw the US government getting this big and this powerful. You now have the DHS and TSA and the Social Security Administration buying billions of rounds of ammo. You can bet a war is coming.

          But what about OBAMA’S BROWN SHIRTS — the videos of young men in inner cities, marching military style and proudly proclaiming “Because of OBAMA I will be a doctor! Because of OBAMA no one will go hungry! Because of OBAMA NO one will go with out health care!” Does any one remember Glenn Beck’s videos of the Camouflage-wearing young men? Beating their chests and pledging their faith and devotion to OBAMA – After all Jamie Foxx said Obama is our Lord and Savior – kind of remind you of the New Black Panthers and their military type attitude, dressed in their camouflage pants and black berets, with their militant attitude. Standing in front of polling places in Chicago OBAMA’S Brown Shirts are the first line of his new civilian army he called for in his campaign speeches. Does anyone remember how he said he HAD TO have a civilian army ? But never really said why? I seem to remember him saying he needed some 40 to 50 thousand. Well, I think that gun banning and Obamacare is exactly why pretty soon we will have an OBAMA Brown shirt on every corner. There will be a Brown Shirt in every doctor’s office asking if you been a good citizen, comrade.

          Does any one remember how MOOCHELLE said ”Barack WONT let you go back to your old ways “? well she was sure right i am sure we can never go back and frankly i don’t want to but i also don’t want the liberal progressive agenda

          So ask your self
          do we fight
          or do we roll over and let these Commie Bastards win

          Flying Trunk Monkey

      21. NORSE.How many children are you planning on having? That list reads like a must have for pre school.

        • LOL!! I’m done. Justg have a big heart for kids I guess!

      22. Did you know that when you memtioned knitting supplies you need to add battery powered kmit lite knitting needles so you can knit in dark or dim places? With these you can not only make useful items but it would be good for keeping busy in the evenings. Just thought someone might be interested.

      23. All of this sounds dandy, but from what I can tell, the Shyt will hit the fan, but we will have government crawling up our rear end chasing us around trying to confiscate weapons, limiting the availability to food and health care and limiting free movement to alternate locations. All of this will be gradual until they sense we will violently up-rise.

        I don’t see the purpose in playing cards and board games when we’ve lost EVERYTHING our country stood upon.

        • Stan ~

          Although the situation may be dire, we can’t be “on” 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. There will be quiet times too – and if you have children, you can’t expect them to constantly be serious. Life has to have pleasure or it just isn’t worthwhile. I don’t believe survival has to be a grim thing. In my mind, it’s a celebration of life itself to beat the odds.

          Even if I did not have children in my home, I would want these things that make me smile.

          I would still pick flowers and put them in a jar of water on the kitchen table, brush my hair, and use a little bit of cheerful paint to make something look better. I’d want things that smelled good and tasted good and looked good around me – and those things would be treasured all the more in a gray dark world.

          This doesn’t mean that I would ignore necessities in order to have frivolous things – but if I have the option I choose to have moments amidst the work and difficulty that make my soul smile.

          ~ D

          • Dear ~ D…. excellent comment – it’s what separates us from the animal. If we lose our humanity, then what will be gained.

            Norse Prepper – thank you for putting together a timely article. We can all become too preoccupied with doom / gloom and what’s the point.
            While many on the trail are still gathering essentials, mayhaps they will think a little on the lines of ‘wouldn’t it be nice…’ a very thought of mine in my travels to put things aside.

            This past Christmas I re-gifted some very nice candles, gloves, ping-pong table set, scarfs, several unopened jig-saw puzzles, fancy soap; add in recycled tins filled with yummy stuff and just silly things I picked up because it struck my fancy at the time. Basically I did no ‘shopping’ except in my boxes. My gifts are always warmly received because they aren’t gift cards or other stuff peeps buy for themselves anyway. A personalized gift box of hugs and kisses. If in times of plenty you can see true human love, wonder what times of not would reap.

          • Miss D, thank you!!
            One of the gifts we bought our oldest granddaughter (5 1/2) was a loop and loom for Christmas. I had one when I was a kid, and it got me interested in sewing. She’ll open it tomorrow… I can’t wait!! Those hot pads don’t wear out!!!
            Love your articles!!

            Miss penny

            • Oh! Don’t forget the Laura Wilder books. Much to be learned.

        • Even in the midst of chaos we gotta stop and breathe…Robert E. Lee would stop in the time of battle to pick small wild flowers to press into letters he sent home to his wife and children…liberty and family are worth fighting and dying for but you cant fight if your mind is gone…as NP said take time for the little things!

      24. Extra hair brushes, combs, hair ties, bobie pins.I have long hair and for a special occasions I might want to dress it up a little.

        • Very good point about the hair stuff. I also have long hair and elastics and barrettes are a necessity! I can’t imagine trying to work in the garden without being able to put it up in a ponytail!

          • Timothy, cute it may very well be; but imagine, just a single moment how very horrid life can deliver.
            An attempt to ‘cling’ is a human’s very reason. To this point of where we have come may be of little consequence, we will arrived no less.
            Yes, dear sir, we may arrive at the train station very unprepared for the nightmare that may be – God only knows what lies in the path. I believe angles shuddered and whispered at the sight.

            Yet, don’t you wonder if you sat in a dire future and could capture just one thing… what would it be. HOPE is a word and that is what each human lives for. Period.
            For if there is nothing to HOPE then why would you even try. It is material things that drove our ancestors forward… the desires were wild dreams that could have been squashed.
            Am I sickened by a material world… only if it has no substance. A word of caution on grouping all into one basket.
            My dear MIL always states that she has no desire to live in xxxx horrible life. I beg to differ as it is in our DNA to survive no matter the situation. Only a defeatist would say… think not on ‘nice things’ as you’ll not survive. I believe it is just those very simple things that remind us WHY.

            ~..~ wee – I hope you find a little piece of peace on your trail and pick it up as if it were a valuable treasure – and marvel at it… for it truly is.

            And BTW… I learned a lot from a barbie and the interaction with my gal-friends. Play nice in the sand-box was one of them or else you find yourself playing alone. Never underestimate the power of a doll.

            • well, now that’s weird. I replied to Timothy and my reply found it’s way up the chain to Daisy’s comment.
              ~ go figure… gremlins running about.

              • TG
                where are my peanut butter cookies???


      25. Everyone, come back down to earth. No ONE knows the future, Yes we could have a super nova and evaporate the earth, you want to get ready for that, fine. All the data we have is that our Gov has been spending beyond what it earns, and is likely to pay for it. End of the world arguments are fine but they go on forever, and it will only end once. Get ready for what’s likely. If the GOV goes broke what’s likely: I don’t wish to write a book but lets look at a few things. IT will dot bring on the 2 ed coming of GOD! Ben B and BO are powerful but that’s just not the issue. When JC was asked if they needed a sword, he said bring one, well one Bible is plenty.
        Worst case, For this look around, Gov goes broke, welfare, social sec, pensions, medical take a huge hit. Police, fire, garbage collection get cut; Critical issue is water production, 3 days, no water, no city. imported oil goes way down, all non critical imports stop. Gas for private use disapears. This takes a month,(Ships at sea won’t turn around) At this point the gov will do what it takes to save itself, but it does not care about you, it will not waste effort looking for you and cannot help.
        The US isn’t Greece, no one can throw us a lifeline we are to big, all those grain silos in Kansas won’t help, no one in their right mind would drive a load of bread into NYC. Gov won’t be helping people get out of cities it will be keeping the in them, hoping they drop dead quietly. 2-3months it’s almost over. Forget a ten year supply of anything. The only reason any of these countries have kept going is they either have large farm populations or IMF type dole, well forget that, For the US it would be down fast and hard. Advise, get out of big cities, get ready to hunker down, say hello to your dog

      26. 5.56/.223 market is up to between eighty cents and a buck a round.

        Like I said folks the new arms and ammo..hope you stocked up

        • VRF: You are so right. 22lr- 12ga is the money of the near future.

          • Agreed pale rider. just picked up two new 22’s. A lever action henry, and a savage bolt action 22 mag.. niether of these is on the supposed list. not yet anyway.

          • …been many a time in the past when a trapper/mountain man/indian/scout/soldier traded for powder and shot…thats just another way of saying cartridges…anything thats needed/desired by people will be cash money in a tight spot!

        • @VRF….

          Ammo wont be the new currency. Food will be the next currency.

          Lets say you have 800 rounds of ammo. If a civil war, your 800 rounds could be gone in two weeks. Would you barter any ammo? Heck no.

          The supply and availability of food is what will control you. Food, seeds, supplies, vodka are all great items for barter.

          • B remember many out there have hundreds of thoasands of 22 and 12 ga. You are right my good rifle ammo no way but my 22 its universal and so is plain old oobuck.

          • Maybe, but as far as an investment thats been doing better than anything out there,, ammo has it all beat

            where can you buy somenting in this depressed economy for about .25 to .32 cents each and go to .80 to 1.00 over night?

            say you purchased a 1,000 rounds at say .25 each.., and now the stuff you have is worth a 1.00 each..

            I aint selling any of mine, so maybe its irrelevant..but dam thats a hell of a profit

      27. No one ever lists brooms.

        • or fire extinguishers….

          • DJD: Think about 3 gal garden sprayers cheep and reuseable, but can’nt use on grease or electric.

      28. Good article. Thank you.

      29. 102 A shelf on which to display your new collection of blue helmets.

        • I prefer a hole.

          • Then put a single hole in each one.

            • 2 holes An in and an out.

            • nope no hole in mine, I’ll aim for the face…

              Might need to use them as a portable toilet, cooking pot or barter them…

        • dont blow holes in those blue helmets use them in your next ambush


      30. NP, great article. Everything you listed makes perfect sense. On #45, I’d like to offer one important tip. I have 2 shortwave and some am/fm/weatherband radios i keep in an old metal cabinet to protect from EMP/solar flare. I’ve got a shitload of spare batteries of several types stockpiled. I once considered rechargeables, but since I don’t have a solar system, then now way to keep them charged post-grid failure. When shopping for a shortwave radio, find one with single sideband [ssb] capability. That feature will help you tune in to ham operators in any national emergency and even some military frequencies. Both of my radios are Grundigs; they have very good reception and tone. Check out direct link: They have a very good selection of shortwave radios and the prices are not bad, either. Best wishes to all. braveheart

      31. @JoeinNC: All the RED THUMBS you get has to match YOUR ROSEY PALM and HER FIVE DAUGHTER’S. It must be LONELY in that D. C. Bunker your in.

        Anyway Happy New Year!

      32. Instead of storing alcohol, buy supplies now and learn how to make it. You can make wine out of all kinds of berries such as blackberries,blue berries, strawberries, elderberries,etc etc. Any kind of fruit pretty much. Beer is not that hard to make either with a kit. Even potatoes, beets, pumpkins, etc can be used to make alcohol. Remember, 13% alcohol is the limit you can make without distillation.
        I had a popular science magazine that explained how to make black powder from charcoal, sulpher(used for roses), and salt peter(stump removal). All of which you can buy from a big box store. Sure, it may not be good enough for a bullet, but Im sure you could use it for something else.

      33. Toilet paper! Almost shot beer through my nose twice on that.First when I read it and then when I thought of a friend with the same attitude.FUNNY AS HELL!!Great article.

      34. A battery operated mini DVD player and videos, solar battery charger etc. Movie night with popcorn.

      35. We have a fully loaded Ipod with a solar charger – that will be a wonderful thing to have if it all hits the fan.

      36. Off topic but been reading here for longer than would like to admit. One thing I have seen is that the women are starting to comment more than they should. I know thumbs down from most of you but there needs to be more topics for the man rather than foo foo talk. Sorry ladies just not what I come here to talk about. Rant off.

        • Can you elaborate? I do all the prepping for my husband and kids. Even God told Abraham to listen to his wife.

        • Strong, intelligent women intimidate you, I see. Sorry, dude, it isn’t a boy’s club. Deal with it.

          • There is no such thing as a strong woman. Or an intelligent woman for that matter.

            • Really? Wow. So all women should be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen right? They shouldn’t know any better so that when ther with an abusive asshole they wouldn’t even know it, they would just do as their told and shut up?

              This sounds great… for sadistic men, for women? Not so great.

              • I believe that we are heading for collapse because of men and women. Because of the wants of women and the willingness of men to provide those wants.

                I would explain further, but it would take too much time and I haven’t hashed out this theory on paper, but it has to do with evolutionary attraction mechanisms.

                But regardless, it not something that can be blamed on either sex.

                If there were no intelligent women in this world, it would be a lonely place for me because I wouldn’t be interested in having a life companion.

          • i’ll second that daisy. this isn’t the first time i’ve encountered that sort of chovanistic attitude (probably not the last) though in relation to farming/ survival/ homesteading/ prepping. historically speaking it is the women who would hold the fort while the men were off at war, hunting etc. doing the planting, harvesting, sewing, mending, preserving, raising teaching the community’s future.keeping the fires burning. Sadly women have always been far too overlooked for our vital input to the survival of human kind beyond creating new life. god bless the men who truly apreciate our inputs.
            love your site by the way daisy!

            • its “chauvinistic”

              dumb ho

      37. I love to sew and buy up fabric remnants that are good for making small soft toys and useful items. I also stockpile patterns for sewing, knitting, crocheting and quilting. Patterns to make basic clothes, toys and useful items like bags, slippers, socks, quilts will be invaluable when there are no big box stores. I also save scraps from all projects to make future items – think coat of many colors.

        Great list. We will probably have a lot of down time if we are restricted in our freedom of movement. Or we may need to lay low, occupy ourselves quietly to not attract unnecessary attention.

        I think that if society loses the ability to plug in people will snap. This may break them faster than a lack of food. Can you imagine these zombie kids without endless hours of television and video games to keep them sedated? Can you imagine Joe Six Pack Sheeple not having 24/7 coverage of the ball games? This is reason to riot. I am amazed at how people have lost the ability to entertain themselves without it consisting of a plug in the wall……..

      38. To expand on #20 (books) I would add: the complete works of Will Rogers, George Carlin and Dr Seuess. The three greatest philosophers of the last century. Possibly of all time. Carlin was much funnier than Asistotle. And Socrates couldn’t draw a cartoon elephant to save himself.

        • I have the complete works of Shakespeare, I really want to keep hold of something I enjoy.

        • Say in ain’t so Smokin-oh….you mean to tell me yer leaving out ole’ Mark Twain from the list???

          ‘Tis sacrilege sir… sacrilege most profound!

          • My apologies. Mr. Twain certainly deserves to be on the list! And Shakespear too.
            “Hark! What light through yonder window breaks? Tis the torch of Huck, running from his mean ole pappy…”

            • Don’t forget Patrick F Mc Manus. His books will leave you with a smile.

      39. We have USB chargers that take AA batteries. And 200 AA batteries. We’ll be able to run our iPads, iPods, and Kindles for a long time.

        We have instant coffee, instant hot chocolate, and lots of instant blueberry oatmeal that’s very good. As well as a camp stove, 30 gallons of Coleman fuel, kerosene cooking stoves, and kerosene heaters.

        And yes, 400 rolls of toilet paper, guns and ammo, a literal ton of kitty litter, 360 small cans of cat food and over 200 pounds of dry cat food for our 2 cats and our son and daughter-in-law’s 2 cats.

        What we don’t have yet is a year’s worth of diapers for our 2 month old grandson.

        • Barn Cat, check out “Rocket Stove”. They’re easy to build and they allow you to get away with storing and transporting much less fuel. Using their principal of burning, with a little creativity you can improvise one with natural components in a wilderness camp.

        • Look into solar chargers for when those batteries run out..

        • You don’t have diapers, but you have cat food?
          Check your priorities.

      40. I feel this list, while ‘cute’ is hardly practical. Most items are completely obvious attempts to cling to a culture and way of life that is failing for obvious reasons, faith, vanity and creature comforts have brought us to this point, clinging to them in the next phase of our existence only proves how unprepared we truly are mentally and intellectually to confront the struggles ahead. Barby dolls? Please tell me that was a lame attempt at humor.

        • @ Timothy:

          I’m not laughing at the Barbie doll suggestion. Teddy Bears, dolls, all good things.
          These items are known as ‘comfort objects’, and they can help little ones more than you can know.

          Never underestimate a child’s quick perception of adult behavior when a stressful situation unfolds when the SHTF.
          How would you keep a little girl or boy calm, or diffuse extreme stress?
          Sometimes we forget what it is like to be a small child.

          • Like someone else suggested, dolls are very simple to make, and making one with the child provides a learning and comforting experience at the same time.

            Making dolls also leaves pretty much everything else up to the child’s imagination (beauty, personality, etc) And does not run the risk of relaying shallow values of vanity to the child.

            • made dolls one year for xmas gifts for my daugfhter and some friend’s kids. still are treasured toys they all play with.
              and to timothy- while not a necisity, i agree that a bit of normalcy for children would be absolutely necasary for a child. while i have more toys i’d care to admit floating around my house, i know in times of extreme change they would be priceless for my children. just a few colored pencils or crayons could add much needed light to dark time, along with the smile it might bring to a child’s face. if you don’t have kids, fine, if you do please rethink your position on what would truly be useful items for your child’s and your sanity in tough times.

        • LMAO. What closet do you live in that faith brought us to where we are? Quite to the contrary, it’s you disrespectful leftists that have been smashing away at faith and the culture for the past century that’s brought us here. You are intellectually damaged home girl.

          • Given Faith’s record thus far, I’m more than happy to move on to other solutions and belief systems grounded in real world solutions rather than imaginary father figures.

            Faith has had plenty of time to prove it’s ability to provide positive and lasting benefits to the human race. Thus far it has been an impediment to human progress (depending on how you view progress) but in terms of understanding our reality and developing better standards of living, this was done via science, not faith.

            And there are so many variations on faith and religious belief that to claim any one has the ‘correct’ ‘answer’ is self perpetuating non-sense.

            I don’t mean to disrespect the faithful but I won’t let people get away with making ridiculous accusations that a lack of faith is the reason for the downfall of society.

            There are many variables that are contributing to social decay and religion or lack thereof are among the least significant.

      41. everytime i see a sale on clothing or toys i purchase some. last year at the end of summer i was in dollar general and was able to get 2 kids pool for 2 dollars each and several children yard toys like the plastiv horse shoes, balls,water guns and balloons. I stocked up on those things. i figure it would be nice just to pull them out if money gets tight ot a shtf situation. not expensive stuff but something for the lil one. I also try and get things at yard sales and put away. my lil one is 3 and i will purhcase books toys clothes that are for older children as my child will gorw into it someday. I think to have something for a bday or christmas even just one small thing is very important to loved ones. I am trying to cover all bases. great article Norse, i thought i was just a silly mom in doing this.

      42. Some of these things are good to have anyway even if nothing happens, due to inflation.

        Printer paper and ink
        Thumb drive for passing around electronic books
        Socks and shoes for the next few years was a good suggestion. Make sure they’re nothing too trendy or you’ll be stuck with “ugly” shoes later
        All the candles you can store in a cool location, practically free at yard sales
        Popcorn stores for a long time. Chocolate for the long term needs to be in powder form (or maybe cocoa nibs)
        Remember that makeup is perishable long term. When you have to go without, others will be too so it won’t matter as much.
        A piano is another non-electric instrument. Just don’t sound like you’re having too much fun to your neighbors if they’re starving.
        Emery boards
        Aluminum foil

      43. Also tambourines, even a toy flute from Dollar Tree
        Language books if you have a lot of time on your hands. Learn handy phrases to use with camp guards or whatever if it comes to that. Find out what nationality will be assigned to your region. ie, Russia in the Southeast, China in CA.

        • I’ll bleed out before i’ll let them put me behind barbed wire.

          • wnc moutainboy
            fall back down the mountain and we wil bleed out together along with a few/bunch more enemies


        • LOL! Man i hope it doesn’t come to that.

        • Just cant hold myself back. According to your version of our history, remind me please of at least three full-fledged military invasions by Russia which resulted in annexation or at least protracted control of conquered territory. Timeframe… USA history from get-go day to present day. Maybe wider period. Examples of overseas conquests are much more preferred, since stemming-from-the-border expansions can always be countered with multitude of same happenings around the globe and be (somewhat and grudgingly) accepted as inescapable reality of life through human history. One thing I want to mae clear to myself after reading multitude of theads here (and not only here) – on what factual basis lies an image of my country (Russia) as an agressor exploiting every opportunity to invade, occupy and annex. Name me at least three (one is an incident, two is a coincedence, three is a rule) instances of purely offensive military campaigns by Russia – i. e. nobody touched Russia but country X get weak enough and Russia launch an invasion without any other reason but conquest. Not revenge for failed invasion into Russia and not pos-such-invasion remapping of the world. Conguest. Even if under some fig leaf pretence such as… WMD fo example. For whatever reason – resources, influence. Name it. Please. Im wiling to concede just ONE such instance – Afganistan. But its me, because by US standards, if your military is invited(we were) than its not an invasion – at least thats an argument I hear when asking aboutall those bases around the globe. So name the other two.

          • Ya got a little bit o memory loss going on there uncle Joe. Please name for me where an invasion happens that isnt ‘purely offensive’.

            Try Chechnya, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Afghanistan, Iran, Germany (retaining only Eastern Berlin), all the eastern front countries of WWII. Gee Vlad, why doncha try reading. You can debate all you want about how Russia came into control (‘invasion’) over Eastern European countries after the war, but you bastards certainly annexed and occupied them and subsequently destroyed MILLIONS of lives and the countries themselves.

            I looked over the berlin wall in the 80’s vlad. Russia ain’t benign partner.

            • So (with exclusion of Germany,Poland and Afganistan) it isnt matter to you that Eastern European countries of today was over 300-year part of then Russian Empire? I see that it isnt and you see them as conguest. Formally you may be even right in certain cases. But then, to define agreesion and a willing for invasion I have another question for you, Johny Doe. How is iot come that US turned from 13 to 50 states? Why didnt you stayed within initial borders and leave locals to their own devices,eh? By your definition, EVERY country in thee world is a conqueror. YOURS included. You know, Nam, Iraq, Libya, Afgan… we can trade barbs forever. But you know what… unlike you, we have numerous enemy armies at the capital in a war for survival. Do you remember capital of what country Berlin was around mid 40s? So we know WHAT a war is because we, almost every family, suffered from it across generations, and we are WAY less inclined to start it without REALLY dire reason. So you may feel at rest. Unless your country will do something AWFUL (thats right all capitals) not even to Russias interests or citizens but to Russia itself as a country… nuke or something else that amounts to DIRECT military threat, there wouldnt be any Russians coming your way. I know it not because Im top brass in the military, but because I know how people think over here We might be not benign but if you wont touch us any attempt to raise an army for invasion from our leadership will ultimately fail. There would be formal obedience to orders and no real activity. Tested by time. Your current leadership are cunning enough in that respect pertaing to ABM system and other features. They could do anything short of invasion and our tops wouldnt be a threat in direct manner. And indirect influences are cureently US playfield, for better or worse. Knowing people over here I can even tell that EVEN if US would be nukeless there still wouldnt be any invasion or bombardement. Not because of our leaders benovelence but for the same reasons as above. We just want to be left alone completely. Lectturing included. We might be a dictatorship in your opinion (not mine or most of a Russians, thats for sure) but thats none of USA business. Just leave us alone. Just one more illustration. I jnow that in US durig Cold War there was (senseless from practical standpoint) atomic drills that instilled fear (of us) into children. You know what? There was NEVER EVER anything like it in USSR schools. Dig it up if you wish. We didnt seek an enemy or object to fear. We simply lived.

      44. Norse Prepper – Thanks for some wonderful ideas. Could I add my 2 cents on some of them?

        2. Anyone who doesn’t have tons of TP is asking for trouble. It lasts forever, is easy to store in a hot attic, and there’s no downside to taking care of your backside.

        8. My favorite playing cards are the ones called Urban Survival Playing Cards. Google it!

        12. Large Fresnel lenses from big screen projection TVs can be used to cook, boil water, and possibly melt aluminum. See excellent videos by Green Power Science for awesome ideas on this powerful low tech tool.

        44. Tools: make sure you get extra hacksaw blades, something that’s impossible to improvise using paleolithic technology.

        59. If I come to an untimely death and my family discovers my cache of dental floss, they will be surprised to find way more than a lifetime’s worth. However, if you see the video by Healthy Prepper called Unusual Uses for Dental Floss for Preppers, the irrational becomes understandable, and possibly even advisable. (Hint: I like storing highly useful things that take little space.)

        63. If you get wood carving supplies, don’t forget basswood, the best carving wood out there.

        67. In addition to bows and arrows, consider an assegai, a long spear used by Zulu warriors in Africa.

        90. The undisputed king of slingshots is a German guy named Joerg Sprave. Among his many videos you’ll learn how to make a variety of low tech weapons that the gun grabbers never heard of.

        Thanks again, NP!

        • Just keep the TP in a mouse-proof container! I discovered half my stash had been appropriated for nesting material!

        • If you compliment your stash of toilet paper with a hand held (manual) bidet you will likely reduce the skid marks in your yard and not have to trim the shrubs in the middle of the night…

      45. My most recent blog post:

        The Preppers Doom
        Prepping has been a prevalent subject in the media these days and Prepper blogs are filled with people expressing there concerns and sharing their progress in storing of goods and materials. It is a big party and everyone is happy to have four hundred rolls of toilet paper and hundreds of triple A batteries, pounds upon pounds of rice and beans, etc. This is great, it’s smart, and it should be encouraged, but it is also a blatant admittance of defeat.

        Yes, we should all be prepared to survive for a week or better when the power goes out, or when a large scale attack disables infrastructure for some time. But in reality, these are short term events and the stores of resources that most Preppers have are for short term survival.

        Your not going to live off canned beans and bags of rice for ten years. I follow these blogs, I watch people, it is somewhat of a hobby as I too consider myself a Prepper. But I am also a realist, and I realize that I am not going to live forever on what I have stored up in my pantry. I realize that the future that confronts us will demand a different set of expectations and methodologies for survival.

        It is my opinion, based on reason, that if your goal is for long term survival in a resource constrained environment, then you need to be able to produce resources, not just pull them out of a limited store in your basement. If that is all most Preppers have done is stashed away dried food, water and weapons, they are in for a big surprise. They are still suffering from the ‘on demand’ delusion that has gotten us into this situation.

        Unless you have a system in place to grow food, preserve it, collect seeds and replant in the next season, unless you have fruit and nut trees, you are going to be in big trouble. All of these Preppers who have only stored items and have not put in placed a system to produce items will be among the starving beggars before long. It is another collective psychosis of our culture to think we can survive from a closet full of stored goods for the rest of our lives.

        I write this because I have an affinity for the Prepper mindset, it is one of survival and determination, but it is not without the same shortsightedness that plagues our current culture. I hope if you are a Prepper, you will read this, get out of your closet and into your yard. The future is green, and no, it’s not solar or wind power green, it’s human power green.

        • Well put!!


        • +1 from me, too. The stored food is only a bridge to self-sufficiency if the fit hits the shan for real. Tools, land, seed, knowledge and health.

        • Your post reminded me of an article I saw about preppers vs. packers. Both save extra food and basic supplies in their pantry. Preppers also learn skills to become more self sufficient – gardening, canning food, sewing, hunting, fishing, etc.

        • Timothy, I know a lot of preppers and not a single one of them thinks their stash of supplies is all they will ever need. In every case the stash is a bridge to a more sustainable future based on a mutual assistance group consisting of many skills: gardening, orchards, food preservation, livestock, medical skills and supplies, engineering, home made energy, welding/fabricating/machining, low tech water treatment, and a variety of security measures both lethal and non-lethal. While we all try to be generalists, it goes without saying we can’t do it alone, hence the need for an intentional community to rebuild after a collapse.

          I think what I am saying is your lament is legitimate but among preppers (casual, semi-serious, and serious) I have not found anyone guilty of the short sightedness you astutely point out.

      46. I survived a semi-collapse of society in xUSSR at the beginning of 1990-s.

        Missing from your list:

        Cigarettes(and any other nicotine containing substances) were worth a lot, and were pretty often accepted as a payment for small favors, repairs etc.

        washing powder, soap, “Tide” for americans became extinct, I did not have access to a toothpaste for a few months in 1992.

        Nail clippers are crucial too – when you have a single pair of socks for a whole year, you start taking much more care of your overgrown razor-sharp toenails.

        wrist/pocket watches, mechanical or long living battery quartz Many of us found them surprisingly supportive in a psychological sense, even when you do not have to hurry anywhere anymore during a collapse 😉 a little ticking device somewhere on you gives you some sense of normalcy (“everything will be fine” kind of feeling).

        regular, and especially alkaline AA and AAA batteries depending on severity of collapse, rechargeable ones may/will become useless. We did not have solar panels and hand-crank generators back there then, maybe you guys will do it better, come your turn…

        Agree about spices, coffee and even table salt – did OK for almost 2 years mostly without them.

      47. My funny bone was turned over on #2. The visual was too much for me to handle. I start laughing just thinking about it! Thanks, I needed a belly laugh. I have several of the solar lights for outside. I figure being in the “sunshine state” I can put them out during the say and bring them in at night. I will put them in a bucket and use them to get us around the house. I have lots of chocolate (after 3 years of being in a food saver bag they are still good and lots of hard candies (stored in quart jars). I don’t think any of my grandchildren will be close by when SHTF. But I will take care of any children in the neighborhood. They will be the future of this country. May God bless each of you during the New Year.

      48. FACEBOOK suspends account over Ghandi quote against gun control…

        Facebook bans Gandhi quote as part of revisionist history purge

        “Facebook suspended the Natural News account earlier today after we posted an historical quote from Mohandas Gandhi.”

        The quote reads:

        “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.” – Mohandas Gandhi, an Autobiography, page 446.

        Natural News
        (link posted at Drudge Report)

        • I deleted my FB account long ago. FB is mostly for people who think an electronic presence is desirable and lasting. Expect much more of this from other MSM sources as we approach game time. History is written by the victors, not the truth tellers.

          • I never thought it wise to put my business for ALL the world to see.

            Besides as a website owner the whole point is to get traffic to your site. Not to send it to another site(fb)…

            The follow me on FB link on my site sends you to an article of a Marine (Brandon J. Raub) illegally detained for his fb post…

            • Unfortunately I did get caught up in sharing my life on FB. But when I realized no one gave a crap about our situstion and that they all thought consumerism would last forever, I bugged out before I became ‘consumed’.

              • *Situation

        • I deleted my FB and I’m done with social media for good.

      49. That list is all great and everything….

        Assuming you can drag a trailer/camper on clogged roadways which might have check points. That’s assuming you can get additional gas depending on how far you need to travel. That’s assuming that you will be able to hunker down in your house and defend it from starving or contagious people.

        That’s a LOT of assumptions….

        Last time I checked a bike would not fit in my Bug out bag..

        #19 Pens/markers/pencils (don’t forget a pencil sharpener!)
        ahh it’s called a knife… or a rough rock will work..

        Look native Americans and early frontier folk got by just fine without all these ‘material’ or ‘worldly’ things if your a believer in the word as I do. Many of which are the downfall of man…

        A gift can be a doll carved and made with sticks and twine & scrap of cloth.. A hand made Bow and arrows for a boy. A deer antler handle knife made from a piece of steel you find or pull off of a abandoned trailer left behind by someone who tried to haul 4000#’s of gear but ran out of gas and or was robed and killed…

        But hey I agree with the whole not dragging ass on the lawn.. Many types of leaves/moss will do the job just fine…

        Don’t assume anything and be ready to adapt to anything..
        A simpler life is what is needed in this country…IMHO

        • That was pretty much what i was trying to say previously in fewer words.

      50. The Bible? Useful for kindling fires and scary storytelling, “and God told the Hebrews to kill every man, woman, child and animal!”, but absolutely zilch for survival.

        • Leave it, Steve. For those folks who have the faith, it’s a mighty strong comfort. I’m not one of them, but I’m also not one to insult a Christian for his religion, and in general I’ve found that Christians do not insult me for my agnosticism. Christianity was a strong factor in the development of the European world from which America rose, and it was Christians who, in an attempt to purify the practice of the Christian faith, emigrated here to begin the grand experiment that became the United States. We may need to do that again.

      51. A survival tip by Ugly

        RE: Practice, practice, practice

        How do you know if you have an effective food storage, supplies, and other stuff? The best way to know is to practice.

        By March 2013, I plan to have my prep stuff pretty much ready. So what am I lacking? I dont know? So, we must practice to know.

        One weekend (fri pm to sun am) each month my family will practice. We will shut lights out and absolutely no civilized stuff used ie internet, tv, cell phones, calls from friends,etc. We will use stuff in our food storage for food.

        We will also use the lightings from candles or solar laterns that we have or will purchase. We will cook from either solar cookers, or the solar ovens, or the stuff on this site. We will practice.

        By sunday am, assuming my family had not killed me yet, we will know our deficiencies. We will buy those deficiencies, and then practice again a month later.

        After 5 or 6 of these scenarios you will have an effective prep stuff that fits your family needs.

        Practice does make perfect.

      52. Sans useless/extremely common stuff:

        Magnifying glass
        sports goods (so plentiful you don’t need to own them to easily have access to them from neighbors)
        books (survival, philosophy, science)
        small, creative toys
        flash-based media player w/ rechargable batteries
        solar battery charger
        spools of cotton fabric, scissors, sewing machine
        store of gasoline
        mirrors are plentiful, no need to save a special one, cut to size with broken ceramic and straight-edge
        bug catchers
        fishing equipment
        long underwear
        wide variety of basic tools (hammer, screwdrivers, saws, shovels)
        short wave radio (solar/wind-up ideal)
        nylon paracord, rope
        variety of knives
        variety of guns
        socks/underwear (ideally wool/polyester blend for durability/low odor)
        bow & arrows
        walkie talkies
        solar shower
        reading glasses
        bikes, rollerblades, skateboards (efficient modes of transportation)

        • Is this a list for your bug-out bag?

      53. Okay Timothy, “The Preppers Doom” —still pissing into the wind, I see. Of course we preppers are trying to prepare for the long haul…What makes you think you’re smarter than the rest of us?? Haven’t you been reading these posts? The same information you just posted is dotted all through these blogs, for miles behind us. I’ll bet just about everyone who posts here has at least one post with info/tips for growing/storing/harvesting etc… food and other things post-collapse.

        Did you miss the posts about tanning your own leather? How about making your own bow and arrows? How about getting water from a well without electric pumps? Growing medicinal herbs? How about planting seasons?? I can keep going just from what I remember I’ve seen here myself.

        In short, it was a nice attempt to jab people in the stomach and make yourself feel superior, but in the end, that’s all it was—a lame attempt to feel better about yourself.

        I suggest you go back and read some posts before you try criticizing people here about what they ‘aren’t doing’.

        You don’t have the power to make anyone else feel inferior, only WE can do that to ourselves. You can, however, show yourself for what you are. Pack it, chump!

        • Well, if you don’t want to get pissed on then don’t keep your nose to the wind. But seriously, I am not on any kind of ‘better than’ kick. If that’s what you took from my post, maybe you better plant another fruit tree, or perennial vegetable instead of dissing me for being realistic.

      54. Adressing Timothy’s “Prepper’s Doom”…

        I think there are many of us who intrinsically know that in a complete civilization collapse, regardless of causation, our days on earth are numbered and that number is shorter than longer.
        In a complete collapse I put my days, and unfortunately my wife’s and daughter’s, at roughly one year…if natural causes allow. Shorter possibly due to violence or disease.

        Think about it my friends…how many of us own good, secure, ariable land and how many of us can suddenly aqcuire the skills as if we were living in the 1880’s. Too many of us live in a survivalist fantasy.

        I don’t prep for the Coronal Mass Ejection that will fry half the planet. I don’t prep for the Yellowstone supervolcanoe. I don’t prep for the 20 sq. mile asteroid impact. I don’t prep for the NK emp with no electricy for possibly several years. Such machinations are ridiculous. War…yes. Weimar Republic economics…yes.

        Everything else is sheer folly.

        By the way…lots of very dark chocolate.

      55. Luxury is not an item to be discounted. During Hurricane Rita in 2005 We were without power for seven days. The first night after the hurricane passed though it was 105 degrees at midnight. We did not have a generator and we sweated our buts off. It was so hot we could not sleep. I got into the shower at 3:00am to cool off because it was so hot. I tried sleeping on the front porch, but there was no wind and the misquotes prevented any length of stay.
        By the third day of this unbearable heat and stress, the kids were visibly distraught. Our 3 and 7 year olds were stressed out and suffering anxieties. On day five we procured a generator. Our neighbor lent us a window A/C unit. We established a “cool room” with the window unit. We got the TV and DVD player going and the kids anxieties and stress immediately left them.

        A small return to normalcy thought to be a luxury can really be a significant stress reducer during a time of crisis. The body needs time to unwind and relax, even for little kids. They must relax in the way they are accustom to, otherwise it will only add to stress.

        • when we lived off grid it was a treat for the kids to pick a dvd to watch once a week on movie night. something to look forward to, and make them feel like they weren’t completely children of the forest!

      56. Educate yourselves on 18th century living and self reliance. Never quit and Never Ever give up! Pray like there is no work and work like there is no prayer ! YOU are responsible for your own and your Family’s Survival! Think and survive! Now! Do it not and DIE ! Just that simple…..

      57. Hey all. Thanks for all the comments and feedback. Timothy, I totally understand where you are coming from with your comments. My only comment was for this article to be of the “fun” category. Thinking of things that would be fun and yes…I did have kids in mind when writing it.

        With regards to the comment earlier about the condoms. I am a realist. People are still going to…engage after a collapse. I do have kids, but found out about 5 years ago that I cannot have children anymore. I am blessed that I was able to have beautiful kids when I had them. So, I personally don’t keep them in my collapse supply.

        Additionally, this article wasn’t just written for Christians. I’m guessing that Joe in NC would give a rip about what the Bible states about multiplying. He thinks the bible is the equivalent of toilet paper.

        I agree, there will be defense, gardening, chores…a million things that people are going to have to do post collapse for survival. But there will also be children that I would like to have remain children if only for a while. I totally agree a box was my favorite toy when I was a kid. Playing in the woods building tree forts was awesome.

        Post collapse I want my kids to play. I want them to smile. I want them to even for moments escape the potentially harsh and brutal reality.

        I was serious about the Barbie. Be Informed had a list on this site of things that you will need for preparedness. This list was more of things that will bring a smile to someones face, not what you need to survive. It is about bringing to the other side a little bit of fun…an escape of sorts.

        @John Stiner pointed out that a little bit of normalcy can go a long way in an otherwise gray world.

        The post was for fun. Something we all need more of now as well in the future.

        Lastly, to those who who don’t believe in religion, I respect your beliefs and won’t judge you because I have different ones. I will pray for you regardless. I know that one day we will all be judged not by what we believe, but we will be judged by the truth. It won’t matter what we believe now when we reach that point.

        If I’m wrong I guess I’m just decomposing to dirt, but while I lived I had something to believe in bigger than myself. If you are wrong, there is an eternity of damnation and pain and suffering waiting.

        We will both find out.

        God bless you all…and keep the comments coming! Loving the ideas!!


        • Hey, all I can say is thanks for sharing. There are few of us as it is to be hating on one another. Of course we are not going to agree all the time on everything otherwise we’d be drones. Keep it coming and never surrender!

          • Amen. It does amaze me how there are so few preppers in this world and we argue amongst ourselves plenty. Brothers always fight I guess.

            Night folks!

        • NP
          amen!!! thanks


      58. If we go over the fiscal cliff.

      59. Timothy, I appreciate your responses to those of a different view on religious beliefs. Civil discussion is always better than simple name calling and insulting. (Although, for some reason, I still like razzing JoeinNC. Must be my ornery side)
        There are, in fact, many regulars here who have no belief in a supreme being. They still make useful contributions. And we value their input. We consider them friends and fellow preppers.
        A few, however, seem to think that any mention of religious faith, particularly Christianity, must be met with derision. They also assume that we all hold some level of personal responsibility for everything ever done by anyone in the name of religion. That’s not what I’d consider rational thinking, which they claim to hold so dearly.
        If Steve wants to believe it’s all myth, that’s his prerogative. I just hope he doesn’t assume that all believers are somehow lacking in critical thinking skills. Or that he’s intellectually superior to the rest of us because we trust in words that he considers fairy tales. A few of the old-time fire & brimstone preachers from the past (or present) might embarrass him in a debate. I couldn’t, since I’m admittedly the intellectual inferior to almost everyone here. Plus, I’m allergic to brimstone.
        Snope thinks the bible would make useful toilet paper. That’s nonsense! The pages are much too thin. Pardon me if I don’t shake hands till after you wash up, Snope.
        What others believe is up to them. I can only be responsible for what’s in my own heart. And you for what’s in yours. If you’re content, and at peace, then that’s where you should stay. If you have any doubts, or questions… then persue the truth til you find it. It’s out there. Peace- okie

        • I was a hard line atheist for some time, worked for a national non-profit that defended the seperation clause. I do not believe that knowledge and faith are compatible, however they can and do coexist.

          At some point I realized that I was in some ways, succumbing to the same fallacy as many religious people do. The need to conform others to my beliefs to feel better about them and to feel a little less alone in the world.

          But now I have grown beyond that need. I have accepted that others have not, or will need faith. I realy have no problem with that accept when it demands anything more than tolerance from me.

      60. FreeMen FreeWomen Unite …

        Freeman on the Land movement creates ‘major policing problem,’ report claims

        Its adherents fall on both the left and right wings of the political spectrum, but “at the core” of the movement is the belief that “government operates outside of its legal jurisdiction and therefore Freeman members do not recognize the authority of national, provincial, or municipal laws, policies or regulations,” says the report, titled Canada: Biannual Update on Terrorist and Extremist Threats, which was prepared in April and released under federal access-to-information laws.

        “Freeman members now constitute a major policing problem in several provinces and have occasionally engaged in acts of violence against the police,” the report states.

        In various videos posted online, supporters of the Freeman movement in Canada – including outspoken advocate Robert Menard – reject any association with violent extremism and insist they are “peaceful and loving.”

        Read more:

        Read more:

      61. “Freemen on the land” are people who claim that all statute law is contractual, and that such law is applicable only if an individual consents to be governed by it. They believe that they can therefore declare themselves independent of government jurisdiction, holding that the only “true” law is common law, as they define it. The “Freeman on the land” movement has its origins in various United States-based groups in the 1970s and 1980s, reaching the United Kingdom soon after 2000. The phrase “Freeman-on-the-Land” (FOTL) first appeared around 2004 and was coined by Robert Arthur Menard.[c

      62. Religion is a pack of lies, whether well intentioned or malicious, all religions are pure fantasy. Basing personal convictions and Trusting in imaginary beings only leads to disaster, as history has shown over the different stages of religious development and its establishment as a way of power accumulation and crowd control.

        I am Spaniard, and when religion has had power in my country, the results were bloody persecutions, indescribable tortures, people burned on fire and fierce tyranny on all citizens. Spain led catholicism to America, and did it massacring in the name of god, the same god who say banning kill your neighbor, and that is the same at all believers invoke to justify their desire to kill his enemys.

        I believe that human beings more hypocritical and more dangerous in the world are the believers, because they do what they are told by faith, and if your priest tells them that “God” wants them to do (put here the savagery that comes to mind) they will, and believe that their god is also pleased with his obedience.

        religion is a dangerous fantasy, born of ignorance and fear, and quickly orchestrated to deceive and manipulate people naive to establish a hierarchy of power that was final.

        PS: Everyone who says that “God is love” should ask for then God threatens to burn eternally in hell if you do not do that “he says” I call it obedience at about fear. Except for very few cases, the vast majority of people who claim to obey the commands of their “god” do so because they are afraid of their “god”. Think about this and tell me if obedience under threat is something that makes someone a better person?

      63. Great article! The deeper meaning of this list is that America survives. Not talking about US Govt, I want that to wither and die.

        We are going to survive and thrive folks. Going back to the 1880’s for a period of time will do us all a good service. It gets us back to our roots. Times will be tough, but what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. I don’t know any of you, but I will do my best to look out for you under these circumstances.

        I’m not a particularly religious person, but I agree that Bible should be #1 on the list.

        2013 is going to be a very difficult year. It starts in four months. Get your head on right. Keep things that make you laugh….A LOT 😉

      64. Found this on another site

        On the 12-28-2012 Butch Paugh GCN radio show a caller said he was a 31 yr veteran of a North Carolina police department. (Archive at

        He said the ATF and Federal Marshall Service was recruiting Police officers that they refer to has Droid heads from various departments to train with them and with Drones to take on the American people for gun confiscation.

        The officer believed it would be about 45 days before the ATF, Federal Marshals and Droid heads would be ready.

        The officer also said the force would be used against people at their homes.

        I also just read something similar is happening in Missouri


          ALOT of Cops in/ across AmeriKa male and females juice with steroids illegally to increase their strength and stamina … it also make them grow hair IN WEIRD PLACES go bald and have ROID RAGES !

          • I know what a Roid rage and a Roid head is, this is how they were desccribed in what I “found on another site”

            if you read at the top of my reply
            you will see this

            Found this on another site

            thus, i didnt write it..

      65. Having hobbies helps

        • whatever man, Hobbies keep your mind sharp..something lazy people dont understand

      66. Norse Prepper didn’t do to good with this one. This list must be for low IQ Preppers that can’t think without help.

        Keep your day job Norse.

        • I guess we that think like this, Ronnie, are just way ahead of the herd??
          I do agree.
          Not one thing, other than baby/infant items{don’t need these} wasn’t in my house before or has been added in the last 4 years.

        • Will do! Again, I will say that the list was a list of what are fun things. What will make people smile. Nothing was meant to be about survival.

          It was mostly meant to start a discussion of suggestions of what can be done after SHTF to pass the time.

          Thanks for the comment though.

          • Definitely educational games such as scrabble, boggle, etc. These provide entertainment and education at the same time.

            Which reminds me, I was working an a permaculture game that would encourage you to develop a cyclic growing/living environment utilizing all of the various natural resources and conditions.

            It’s difficult to make it understandable/somewhat simple and fun at the same time though.

      67. Off Topic

        Do not go see Le Mes, it will rot your brain and turn you into a Zombie. Hugh Jackman should be shot and Ann Hathaway deported to the South Pole for this movie.

        Party on

      68. This list, while entertaining, only reinforces my prediction that if SHTF and we are in a TEOTWAWKI situation, most Americans will die. Most of this list is nothing more than a bunch of touchy feely kissy face BS and is totally unnecessary to survive. In a SHTF scenario the game and all the rules change and all you yuppie preppers out there better man up and learn to deal with a really cold harsh world that has no room or patience for legos, makeup, Barbie dolls, crayons or cap guns and all the other BS on this list. Don’t waste your money on cap guns, buy real guns. If your kids need a play gun then cut one out of a piece of wood. As far as condoms and birth control are concerned, maybe you should tell that to all the people that came before 20th and 21st century Amerika and had to live under conditions (normal for them) that were harsher than most of you could ever imagine much less survive. This article is a total distraction from responsible preparation and should be taken as entertainment only. In a SHTF world you need lots of food, weapons / ammo, tools and warm clothes and if you waste your time and money stocking up on BS then you will pay dearly. If you think you need barter items then buy triple the items that you would use such as sugar, salt, toilet paper, alcohol (drinking kind), tobacco and coffee. In a real SHTF, TEOTWAWKI environment only the strong will survive and those that need coddling or entertainment will die. Modern Amerika is on the brink of discovering what our ancestors knew and what most of the rest of the world already knows.

        • If one bases their preparations on fear and only depend upon themselves, yes, many will die. Warm fuzzies accomplish little, but seeking truth and and wisdom on a well laid foundation is invaluable sir.

          I respect your thoughts, but living in constant fear will destroy any of us, no matter how much we think we are prepared, we may have missed the most valuable asset of all.

          My best to you!

          • @ truthlives

            +1 on your thoughts…

            I believe that Rodger is where I was about 10 years ago. The first 5 years I was “prepping” I could have writen the same thing.

            Having a Lil’ hillbilly kind of changes one’s thinking. 🙂

            I read where Ugly is going to unplug for a weekend once a month and see where his weakness are. I laid in bed thinkin’ ’bout that. In all this time I’ve never tested my self. Sure an ice storm will kill the power for a few days, No Problem’o.

            As I lay there listening to the fan that I run everynight to create that white noise that makes me drift off to sleep everynight for the past 30 years, I asked myself can I really live without something like that. I don’t want to.

            I want my Lil’ one to have at least just as good of a childhood as I had, so I started putting things away that NP has put forth. I no longer prep to survive the wasteland… I prep to give my family a chance. To work with those around to rebuild a life so that my family can be secure.

            So yes Roger, that includes the weapons and skills. But, also those things that make life “FUN”.

            hillbilly SC

            • hillbilly
              well said,,,it seems some just dont understand,,,


              • Snake,

                Some of us are just a ‘lil so to see the light. 🙂 (I was)

                Hope and pray that we won’t have to march together.
                (having a drink together… yea, i’d rather do that)
                That enough of the dim wits in DC see the light, and won’t force our hand.

                Happy New Year my friend, may 2013 be another full year so we can continue to build and learn.

                Standing by in the golden corner.

                hillbilly SC

        • In the late 1800s and early 1900s birth control was largely illegal. Women would plead with doctors to help them avoid additional pregnancies after they had already had five to seven children and watched half of them die in the first year of life. They knew that each pregnancy carried the risk of dying and leaving a family without a mother to care for the children already born.

          Read some of the journals of the doctors from that time in history. It is heartbreaking. Medical quacks would sell drugs to “regulate” the menses. Many of these would induce abortion but they were often dangerous, even fatal, when taken in doses large enough to end pregnancy. The deaths would be disguised to hide the true cause.

          In my training I once had to sit with a woman who was having a medical abortion. The baby had already died in utero from birth defects and was being delivered through medications. It was horrible for the mother and the father. I am sure that they would have much preferred to have avoided the pregnancy altogether if they has known the outcome.

          There are many situations in which a pregnancy does not make sense. A survival situation is one of them. Have you ever heard stories of mothers who accidentally smothered children to death while trying to keep them from crying when they were fleeing attackers? Have you ever spoken with a woman who has a heart problem that will cause her die if she faces the additional strain of a pregnancy? What about people who carry a high risk of some genetic disorder? It is cruel to impose standards on other people when the person doing so does not have to live with the consequences of that decision.

        • Roger – You obviously missed the whole point of the article. It was not meant to be about necessities, just little things to make your time a little easier in a bad situation. Lighten up dude!!!

      69. Another polar earthquake, this time in a rare location that in 40 years has only had 11. Out of these 11 times a large earthquake followed 8 times, 73% of the time. The post large earthquake locations are the same that occur as the previous Dec.26 sub-polar earthquake. Kuril Islands, Japan, Indonesia to about Fiji, Mariana Islands, and especially South America. This earthquake increases the chance of a large earthquake to 90-95% by Jan. 10, and near 100% by Jan. 14.

        I have adviced VRF about Peru, and I do this again because South America is now in the cross hairs even more so. I would not be surprised if South America got hit with a major earthquake within 4 days from now. The Chile, Peru, and Argentina areas seem most likely, then Ecuador, Columbia. Caribbean and Mexico is also at risk.

        I hope that people are ready for this, because these areas in the Caribbean, Central and South America ultimately affect the New Madrid and San Andreas Fault systems. If more polar earthquakes occur again, the time frame for that large earthquake(s) will shorten and the chance will approach 100%. Probably also the size of the large earthquake will increase towards 8 and beyond. I am kind of suspecious of the eastern section of the Philippine plate, near the Mariana Islands region for a 8-9 pointer, the energy seems to be coming partially from this area at this time.

        • Thanks BI..We have given heads up to our family..not much can really be done but to have your feet on the ground and aware of where you are when it starts.

          have some food stashed and water..and more water

        • I knew I picked a bad day to quit drinking….

        • @BI:

          When I read your posts, I visualize some guy doing fire dances from the deep forests of the Amazon. Do you have a voodoo doll of the earth and poke in the needles?

          How do you know so much? Do you work for the USGS? I live between the Yellowstone and Wasatch. Thanks for the updates. Best regards,


          • @ Ugly. I have personally been obsessed with being able to forecast earthquakes and have tried every method you can imagine to figure out just how to do it, much trial and error. I stumbled upon this method that works so well it actually scared me at first. One day I was looking at this little pocket weather forecaster that uses past trends of clouds, wind direction, time of year, and regional location to forecast the upcoming weather. This is much what the Old Farmer’s Almanac uses to forecast their area weather for the upcoming season. I said to myself why can’t this be done with earthquakes.

            I started to see patterns and trends that develop, especially AWAY from the rupture zones. ALL earthquakes have foreshocks to them, but at a distance away from where it breaks. You see something that is so locked up with energy that very seldom is there a foreshock there where it breaks later, 5% of the time. I believe that a foreshock right on the fault is truly the fault actually breaking and then relocking itself temporarily. This is what happened for example in the Japanese earthquake last year 2 days before the 9.0.

            Using past records it is amazing how certain areas that are hit and later have big earthquakes, that this same pattern holds true for future episodes. This area hit this morning seems to favor future earthquakes in South America, the Kuril Islands, and Indonesia. Other areas might favor california or the Black Sea area. I equate it to the firing of a rifle at a target at a long distance, say over 500 yards. Ballastics experts can retrace a bullet from its trajectory to find near its source. Earthquakes are much the same, retracing where the energy came from that caused the distant earthquake.

            I have found that many areas can predict earthquakes, but especially the sub-polar and polar earthquakes are the best at this. From past records 78% of the time whenever the very narrow ring between 55-57 degrees south, 5.0+, that 15 days later there is at a 6.5 earthquake. The polar regions are also where true magnetic north and south are and where more energy is going to be focused towards. Also where most of the plates have boundaries with, especially the Antarctic plate.

            I also NEVER use a flat map to attempt to chart these energy signatures from earthquakes either, I use a globe. On a flat map, which I mistakingly use to use does not show the curve of the planet. Sometime take a tape measure and put it on a globe flat as possible and you can see how the curve takes a straight tape measure and arcs it the further you go around the planet.

            Check out for example the flight path of an ICBM launched from North Korea at San Francisco both at the same latitude. You will see it will have to travel over southern Alaska on a northern path, not just straight over at about 38 degrees north like a flat map distorts the true path of the missile. This is why the U.S. has ICBM interceptors based in Alaska.

            Using past records on top of attempting to retrace that energy wave, say from the South Sandwich Islands, you can see the general area from which the energy came from. Then comes the calculations based on the movement of the plates, their direction. For example, the South American and Nazca plates collide with each other to form the Andes at a fairly even west to east and east to west motion. Using the curve of the planet you see where this Scotia Sea earthquake had originated at, about around Peru and the Colombian-Ecador border.

            This simply means that the energy from here was directed towards Scotia, but in reality the entire Nazca plate was affected and ultimately the weakest part of the plate will likely snap. This is true like the axis of a car that is ready to snap.

            I have found that free thinking obtains answers, to think outside the box of “conventional thinking” that puts blinders on most of the human species. This is why the liberals ONLY see taking away guns is the only answer, while failing to see what this causes. More violent crime as this gives criminals the advantage, but something that needs to be stressed heavily it is a drastic strategic miscalculation to disarm the civilian militia that could and likely would be the ONLY wall between being conquered and surrender to a foreign invader and freedom. This is the shear necessity of free thinking and never allowing the masses, which are idiots, to do the thinking for the good of the country and world. It is so frustrating to see these bleeding hearts wanting to throw away one of the wisest of the bill of rights written, the 2nd. Amendment, meant to keep the civilian population as a back-up in case the armed forces fell.

            Science and logic and raw numbers and statistics along with common sense will take people far, along with not accepting what society tells everyone that it can’t be done or figured out, because it can.

            • @BI:

              So what you are saying is that before quakes occur, there is much signals in potential energy before it is released as kinetic energy. Thus, when one area releases the energy as a quake, it could transfer that energy to another area where it is potential energy and soon to be kinetic energy as a quake. Brilliant !!!!

              The earth is negative charged, thus when buildup of energy (potential) this could affect clouds that are also mostly negative. Much like lightning, when the two become imbalanced, then a discharge as a bolt.

              Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed. Just changes in form.

              Thus when the energy from a quake in one area is released it must go somewhere. It is not lost. Thus you are saying that these patterns can predict quakes in an area based on quakes from another area?

              So this must be a hobby? Much like amateur astronomers. Many comets and asteroids were discovered ny amateur astronomers gazing into the skies and looking for patterns that they know.

              Good luck on stuff. Cheers!


              • @ Ugly. Exactly! The areas also that are affected are much more likely to be less locked and more free moving. The spreading zones are especially more prone to these distant shockwaves. Your comment shows me just how mega intelligent people are that frequent this site, I am amazed how much people like yourself know. By the way I did not have tea on my A-Z list of survival items that I wrote several months ago, I feel ashamed to miss this one that is so important, especially for homepathic healing. Glad you brought it up.

      70. I can’t believe it! And you people call yourselves preppers! Nowhere has anyone mentioned stocking tea. Yes, dangit, TEA. And there are so many varieties from which to choose.

        After a long day of guard duty, squirrel hunting and flea combing you’re not going to want a cup of coffee to keep you up all night tossing and turning on your surplus WWI “mattress.” You’re going to want a hot cup of soothing tea to remind you of better days long past.

        I don’t think I’m going to visit this site anymore. Humpf. After the instant coffee runs out you’ll be trying to barter your shoes for a once-used green tea bag. 😉

        • @Ugh

          round’ these here parts it’s all ’bout “Sweet Tea” 🙂

          After SHTF if ya make it round here to these parts will serve ya up a big ole’ jar of real tea. 🙂

          Ice might be a Lil’ scarce. 🙁 But, it will be cool.

          Drop back around again sometime.

          hillbilly SC

          • If I think I get your drift…

            I have been perfecting my ‘cough, cough’ water distilling methods. Have a great little travel size rig that makes some pretty potent ‘cough, cough’ water. Not to mention I could easily run it a few times to get to fuel grade ‘cough, cough’ distilled water..

            You know, old flat sodas are full of sugar… jtk

            Some good vids on youtube for anyone wanting to learn the skill…

            Prue gold when the time comes, I tell you…

        • Well, if it makes you feel better, here’s one prepper that owns 5 gallon buckets of tea??
          I am a tea drinker all 12 months. I’m a southern gal.


        So I have a .com company. My latest project is a global site in 13 languages.
        Here’s the thing. I’m taking extra time to make sure everything is fully automated.
        This will let me avoid having to hire anyone and be an employer slave to the Obama socialist anti business slave machine.

        By the end of Obama’s term….you will NOT recognize this country. I have talked with other business owners who are contracting their plans and in some cases just shutting things down. They are also getting out of cash and into silver and gold…something Obama cannot find. If they pass a ban on transacting silver…he’s going to hit it all in his car and drive over the boarder to sell as he needs to.

        As we enter the cashless society…a NWO plan.. silver and gold will be the currency of the underworld. As silver is an industrial metal it will be safer to keep.

        I hope all the folks who voted for Obama enjoy the new slavery they inflicted on our nation from this guy.

        If you do run businesses….automate to the extreme and have zero employees if possible.

        It’s ironic that the United States used to enslave the black man. Now we are the slaves of one.

        The white man’s backlash is this… you will be in the unemployment and bread lines.
        The people of my sort who have the skills, talent, education, drive and money to create new ventures……WILL NOT.




      72. A good bb gun is not only fun but can be used to fill your stewpot. No-one will even blink an eye when you stock bb or pellets. Pellets can also be melted down for making bullits when you run low reloading.

        • another source of lead is from tires of abandoned cars along the hiways,,


      73. Kinda off topic – I’m wanting to buy a seed bank but I don’t know which one to get. Prices vary wildly and I’ve heard some of the cheaper ones have horrible germination rates. Perhaps I just skip the bank and create my own?

        • MomTo3.. you can actually create your own.. seeds stored in a veggie crisper will last many, many years. Most can be frozen as well.. my dad froze some peach pits from our old family farm. After over 30 years ( yes 30 ) he successfully sprouted, I think, 3 out of 5. The resulting trees are now close to 8 years old and bearing very heavily. I have personally used seeds stored in a veggie crisper that were around 4 years old and could detect no loss of viability.

        • The site below has some simple seed saving instructions for beginners that do actually work plus a booklist of tried and tested methods. (It’s where I started, so it’s how I know the techniques and advice given actually work).

          It’s UK based and expensive so not sure you would want to purchase seeds from the above site; but as a source of genuinely useful information to get you started (complete with pictures for children and dyslexics like myself) I haven’t found a better source of info yet for beginner gardeners to use.

          It is a skill that could potentially be lifesaving once shtf, so I’d advise anyone who hasn’t already done it to to pracice seed saving from here on in. A failed harvest post shtf could equal starvation.

      74. Truly, all things begin and end with God, for He is the beginning and ending of all things, the Alpha and the Omega. It is His grace that will bring ALL men to know Him from the heart. 🙂

        I could never imagine trying to prepare physically without first preparing spiritually, seeking His wisdom more than silver or gold, for it is more profitable to do so first in order to have the proper heart and frame of mind.

        Happy new year to all! Be safe.

      75. I can see a need for almost everything on your list. But for the beginning prepper or the poor prepper. I don’t think you can underestimate the need for at least ONE solar panel at least 80 watt (ebay for $140.00) and ONE charge controller (on ebay for $30.00) and ONE Good 12 volt deep cylce battery. Now with this you can use a Walmart deep cycle battery (about %89.00)and with care that might last you a year. Or you could spring about $250 for an AGM battery that’s safe to set in your home and will discharge and recharge up to 650 times, but IF you never discharge it below 12 volts you might get up to 10 plus years out of this battery. With this you can run 3 or 4 LED lights and a couple other low power devices to make your stay much much better. And who wants to set around in dark anyway?

      76. Norse Prepper — where did you come up with that list?
        My 2 grade son could of done better. Yea, some are obvious but over half are lame brain and just down right stupid. Anyone who praises Norse’s list has to be abusing themselves way to much!

        I agree with Ronnie G. KEEP YOUR DAY JOB IDIOT.

        • NIce try at a false flag highjacking my screen name.

          • Ha – I was right!

            • Yes, on many things, Daisy, but none of us are right about everything.

              One of the sad outcomes of the discussion regarding the chemical abortion effects of hormone-based “birth control” and the abortion effect of IUDs is that the American Academy of Family Practice voted that doctors had no “informed consent” duty to advise women that “the pill” and IUDs work by aborting a baby. Doctors know about the abortion effect, but conceal it from patients.

              Most USA women oppose abortion, but they have been knowingly mislead by physicians into thinking they aren’t aborting babies when they are aborting their own babies.

              • John Q…I am an old lady, and when I was on the ‘pill’ as you call it, the pill tricked my body into thinking I was already pregnant; therefore, there was no egg formed monthly in my ovaries to be fertilized and there was no abortion possible, with no egg being fertilized.
                Trust me; my body did think it was pregnant.
                Husband was so upset when I stopped after 5 years–my boobs returned to regular size.

                • In the EARLY years of “the pill,” the hormone doses were so high that:
                  (1) there was almost no ovulation, so only rare eggs to make a baby (Even in the old days the package insert warned you could get pregnant)
                  (2) women had so many strokes, pulmonary emboli, deep vein thromboses, and heart attacks that BigPharma was forced to reduce the hormone dosages.

                  NOW that the hormone dosages were reduced, with so-called “low dose” pills:
                  (1) ovulation is only reduced about 70%, not stopped. Eggs are released and fertilized, then the hormones prevent implantation of the placenta, and the babies are still dying
                  (2) women have fewer strokes, pulmonary emboli, deep vein thromboses, and heart attacks than they did on the high dose pill, but MORE than women who do not take “the pill”
                  (3) breast, cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancer rates are higher in women who take and took “the pill.” The earlier the age “the pill” was begun and the longer “the pill” is/was taken, the higher the cancer rates.

                • hormonal birth control causes all sorts of health problems that you don’t want to deal with during a shtf anymore than an unplanned pregnancy. not knocking birth control, just big pharma detremental to health birth control- which i’ve known more women who got pregnant using than ones who use more natural forms.

                  also off topic from that, i recently read about oven canning- a great way to lengthen the shelf life of dry goods.

                • No surprise how many truth-haters there are.

        • wow. so much hate. maybe you can just not come to the site and have all these good people ruin your precious day.

          • Comment ID: 987607 is a false flag.

        • Wow, JQP – where are your articles? And Ronni G’s articles? This was a pleasant article, something on the lighter side, which was much needed with all the tension of late.

          Those who can, do. Those who can’t, criticize those who do.

          There’s no need to be insulting and rude. While I don’t always agree with you, you aren’t generally an ignorant jerk. I can’t even understand why you would want to behave this way, as it surely will not further your cause or the message you are trying to spread.

          • As if you don’t notice the uncharacteristic grammar of Comment ID: 987607? It is a false flag.

          • Thanks Daisy for watching my 6?

            • False Flag, Norse. I thought all your suggestions were excellent EXCEPT the condoms.

              • No problem John Q. I know you are more respectful than that regardless of the topic. I wish that a person could enter a password on the site to leave comments under their own handle. Doesn’t need to be anything tied to it. Just an “If you would like to leave a comment, choose a handle and a password”. No personal info given for OPSEC reasons, but would make it so that our handles couldn’t get hijacked.

                Take care.

        • Troll

      77. John Q Public & Ronnie G-whatever government agency you are both employed by should fire both you. You’re way too obvious and not very successful in getting people to stop viewing this site!
        Have a wonderful day!

        • The troll is a false flag.

          • If that’s the case, then I apologize!

            • No apology necessary, Aware—but thank you. Just setting the record straight.

      78. #39 – Years ago I learned how to use a straight razor. Within the last five years I have transferred over to using a small knife to shave.

        For about a year now I’ve been shaving with a Becker Knife & Tool BK-11.

        IMO that’s better prepping than stockpiling a thousand disposable razors, and it teaches skill and patience.

        • Yup I was just thinking last night as I shaved(after looking at this list) that I need to procure a straight razor & strap and start practicing with it.

          I’d planned to go grizzly Adams style but on second thought a shave would be nice from time to time.

          Yup, IMO the more skills you learn the less you need pack.

          The list is Definitely thought provoking.
          @John Q. Public,
          Hey ass wipe no one is forcing you to be here and or read this list. So ah there’s no need to be an asshole if you disagree with it.. You don’t agree with it, then as the Brits say fuckoff.. any questions?

          • Very articulate rebuttal. [laughing]

        • grow a beard! aside from very possible lice infestations in rough times, not treally a need to cut hair or shave is there? the ladies would really go for that mountain man look, when fleeing to the mountains!

      79. This wasn’t on the list…

        I took the plunge and bought a straight razor and strop. No more razors for me! The perfect prep; or is it?

        I’m now 2 weeks in to it and it looks as if Iv’e taken shrapnel to the face.

        I think I’m anemic from the blood loss and I swear I’m suffering from an overdose of styptic pencil.

        Iv’e used almost all of my “blood stop” and gauze… and now the room is spinning. I feel like I need to lay down but I think I’m already face down in the floor

        The good news is that a good straight razor will purportedly last 100 to 150 years with minimal care.

        I’m going to use mine to scrape gasket material tomorrow, if it breaks, oh well, it’s back to safety razors for me.

        • I bought a double edged razor and the blades for it are very cheap. It takes a little more effort, but I get a close shave and don’t end up with razor burn.

      80. If you compliment your stash of toilet paper with a hand held (manual) bidet you will save a bunch of TP and you will likely reduce the skid marks in your yard and not have to trim the shrubs in the middle of the night…

      81. HEY!!! YA Forgot th BLOW-UP DOLL!!!???? Just sayin!!??

      82. #58 Hard Candy

        Now is the perfect time to stock pile hard candy. I did it after Halloween. I got large bags of hershey kisses for $0.75 cents a bag on after Halloween sales. They are normally priced between 4 and 6 dollars.

        I used the Seal and Save bags to suck the air out and seal up the candy for long term preservation.

        Go out now and you will get a great price on after
        Christmas candy.

      83. WOW!!!

        I don’t know how things are in yall neck of the woods. But folks on the gulf coast have spoken loud and clear.

        I stopped in wall-mart, normally I avoid it like the plague.. However I was given gift cards as gifts so I thought I’d pick up more ammo.

        Can you say NONE, ZERO, ZILCH!!! It has all been bought up!! I did managed to spot the last 3 boxes of 12 Ga. Mag. 3-1/2″ #00 Buck. 5 Rd. Boxes.. Guess most folks 12’s don’t accept 3-1/2’s. But that’s it, they are out of ammo. For how long, we’ll see..

        I fill sorry for the poor sap on the business end of these puppies as I know how they make my shoulder feel from hog hunting with them in the past…

        Anyway, the folks down here are stocked, locked, and loaded.

        Your move obummer…

        • *feel sorry…

      84. @Be Informed – During WW2, the gov., stopped printing
        The Farmers Almanac. It was too accurate and the enemy
        was using it for its military moves.
        Thank you for the earthquake update.

        • funny- didn’t know that. now any enemies just need to do a google search and find any target they need….
          the farmer’s almanac is an invaluable tool, farmer or not!

      85. Kind’a off topic, but has anyone here tried to sell or buy high capacity (over ten rds) rifle magazines on Ebay? It says that 10 rd magazines are the maximum one can sell, but there are literally hundreds of high cap mags (20’s and 30’s and more) listed. What’s the deal?

      86. Perhaps off topic: I went for a check up to my doctor who I have known for 40 years. Conversation sent like this: DR: Guess what we got for Christmas!
        Me: I give up John. What?
        Dr. Guns! We got guns for Christmas. I got a .357 and my son (in his 30s) got an “assault” shotgun.”

        He then went on to inform me how lucky I was to have moved to the mountains (East TN). Also, they are stocking up on food. I was just a bit shocked.

        Also, can anyone direct me to articles on safety of fish antibiotics??

          • pharmaceutical grade amoxycillin is one prep I do keep. I get it from Payless Pet Products, the site owner is a lovely gal who also sells on Ebay. She used to carry the brand FishMox, but it got too expensive so she sells another band.
            When I first bought it I emailed her as to the safety for use on my cats, she replied pharm grade is suitable for humans and she uses it on her dogs.
            I just treated myself for a small outbreak of impetigo with it, 3 250 mg./day for fourteen days.

      87. Ask yourself, why is there only a few pictures of Adam Lanza, and all of them are fuzzy , out of focus, or the one when he is only like 6 or 7 Y.O.?

        you mean to tell me in all the shit the FBI and CIA dragged out of that home that this is the only picture of him?

        where are the pictures of him after being “killed”?

        where are his pictures that the mother no doubt had in her home of him? school pictures, holiday pictures..etc..

        you need to ask yourself why is the only picture they are showing us, a black and white out of focus grainy picture…??


        • VRF

          This is just one of many “incidents”.. ahem..that we will experience as all the glaring “evidence” just vanishes from the radar…

          as the”official” narratives on both recent shootings changed by the hour..etc etc..

          Since potus has announced that gun control will be his”passion” for 2013..expect much more carnage to evolve over this coming year to usher in the populations relinquishing for dire controls on the 2nd amendment.

          I too agree this is a well planned staged event..and just where is that 2nd suspect apprehended in the woods behind the school..?

          Oh well..nothing to see closed.


          • yeah second, third or even pssibly 4th suspect

            One in the woods
            One proned out on the parking lot,
            the van with a few in it?

        • VRF…even more troubling..where are the videos of the hallways during the attack?
          Were the children buried?? closed caskets?? where are the pictures of the murdered??
          I think all this stinks. No children’s bodies?? No children murdered??
          All lies??
          Reminds me of Oklahoma City Murrah Bldg..and we all know the true story there.

          • JayJay….The 27 murders happened. I think there is no question about that. The real question is what is the whole story behind it?

            On Oklahoma City, I agree too. There were at least 4 survailance cameras that showed the parked UHaul. But they never showed who got out of the UHaul and the blast itself. Whats weird is that this blast blew apart a very well contruscted building of 5 stories but yet didnt do much to the bank across the street that had a camera.

            911 also had the collapse of WTC7 with no plane hitting it. And on, and on, and on.

            Maybe what they (MSM) tells us the truth? If so, they sure leave lots of holes in their reporting….

      88. “What Good can a Handgun do against an Army?”

        worth reading … never give up your guns .

        A friend of mine recently forwarded me a question a friend of his had posed:

        “If/when our Federal Government comes to pilfer, pillage, plunder our property and destroy our lives, what good can a handgun do against an army with advanced weaponry, tanks, missiles, planes, or whatever else they might have at their disposal to achieve their nefarious goals? (I’m not being facetious: I accept the possibility that what happened in Germany, or similar, could happen here; I’m just not sure that the potential good from an armed citizenry in such a situation outweighs the day-to-day problems caused by masses of idiots who own guns.)”

        ~FKP ;0p

        • I’d be more concerned of the 99(+)% neighbors that haven’t prepared,nor have any weaponry at all..

          They will be our first and foremost threat once the food prices increase and the ongoing dollar devaluation continues…

          In my state..only 4% of the entire population has a license be it f.i.d., class a or b..
          Overall, 237,277 of the state’s 6.4 million residents are licensed gun owners — just under 4 percent of the population.

          nough said..


      89. Proof the AmeriKan Traitor ZOG Fed Commie Gov is Preparing for Man Made Planned Executed Armageddon

        PREPPERS SHOULD BE AWARE THAT THE NWO UN ZOG FED COMMIE GOV … is DESIGNING SPACE BASED WEAPONS that mimic asteroids TO BE LAUNCHED ONTO THE PLANET EARTH SURFACE UPON UNSUSPECTING cities towns CIVILIANS as naturally occurring phenomenons but are actually zog fed commie gov false-fag terror attacks upon its own defenseless citizens .

        Prepare Preppers .

        see link below …

        ~FMKP ;0P

      90. Space Weapons Earth Wars

        Cover: Space Weapons Earth Wars

        This overview aims to inform the public discussion of space-based weapons by examining their characteristics, potential attributes, limitations, legality, and utility. The authors do not argue for or against space weapons, nor do they estimate the potential costs and performance of specific programs, but instead sort through the realities and myths surrounding space weapons in order to ensure that debates and discussions are based on fact.

        Book Review Excerpts

        “… This book is recommended to those wishing to be informed about space weapons. I am not aware of any other book that is as comprehensive. Whether you are for or against space weapons this book provides the material upon which to base your arguments. If you are interested in the military use of space or in national security policy, this is a book for you.”

        – Physics and Society

        see link below …

        ~FMKP ;0p

      91. Could You Survive Being Sent To A FEMA Camp?

        Our banker hijacked government has eviscerated the Constitution through tyrannical legislative acts such as
        The Military Commissions Act,
        The Patriot Acts I and II,
        The John Warner Defense Act,
        The NDAA,
        Quantitative Easing I, II and to infinity. In the first three parts of this series, I have carefully laid out why a genocide is a likely event in the future of America.

        The NDAA should scare the hell out of every American Citizen. This allows the government the authority to secretly arrest Americans, without due process, torture and even murder American citizens without so much as a trial. The National Defense Resources Preparedness allows the president, without going through the U.S. Congress, the ability to seize control of all corporate assets, manufacturing operations, and conscript American civilians into work brigades (i.e. slave labor), seize all food, impose restrictions and rations on all vital resources and to hand these resources to the Department of Homeland Security. Section 201 of this Executive Order allows the president to seize control of all corporate infrastructure, manufacturing operations, control of food, control of farm equipment, control of fuel, control electricity, control of water resources, and control of all civilian transportation.

        see link below …

        ~FMKP ;0P

      92. Disturbed – Land of Confusion Official Music Video

        Does your blood run true RED WHITE and BLUE !

        Show Your Patriotism Free America … REBEL AGAINST THE NWO UN ZOG FED COMMIE GOV !

        see link below …

        ~FMKP ;0p

      93. Obama Administration: We Can and Will Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith

        “In keeping with Delery’s argument, the Washington Post, as a corporation, can use its First Amendment-protected freedom of speech to write editorials in support of the Obama administration imposing its contraception mandate on businesses like Hobby Lobby.”

        “But the members of the family that created and owns Hobby Lobby, because they formed Hobby Lobby as a corporation, have no First Amendment freedom of religion that protects them from being forced by the government to act against their religious beliefs in providing abortion-inducing drugs.”

        “The second argument the administration makes to justify forcing Christians to act against their faith is more sweeping … as long as the law was not written specifically to persecute Christians as Christians, the government can use that law to persecute Christians.”
        (CNS News)

        Hobby Lobby Says It Will Defy Obama’s HHS Mandate
        (The Gateway Pundit)

      94. Facebook Becomes Big Brother, Closes Pro-Gun Accounts
        Dec. 27, 2012 – Facebook is purging accounts that show a leaning toward pro-gun rights, … as well as anything to do with pro-liberty information.

        UPDATE 12/28/2012: As of 6 pm EDT, it appears that many of the accounts have been reestablished.
        (The Examiner)

      95. What is the deal with Hilary, is she being silenced? I can only imagine what is happening behind the scenes. If she ends up dyeing then something truly sinister has happened. Strange how certain people just die when they have so much information that goes with them. Time will tell. This whole situation does not pass the smell test.

        • Just in case you are contemplating the notion that she is one of “Us”,,she is not..

          let me put it to you this way, If she is being silenced,she will do it willingly, and will look for an excuse (that is what we are seeing now) it wont be hard..she is not on our team, she is on thiers.

          They are not silencing her..she is silencing herself, and finding as many excuses as she can muster to stay shut up, until the smoke clears

          remember the fog of war…were in it now

          • VRF,

            Of course she is not one of us, she is a progressive, communist piece of crap but she knows too much and she and her husband are carpetbaggers. She could be blackmailing the anointed one in order for her to be the next president. They are all scum and capable of turning on eachother just like rabid dogs.

            • sorry, I musta misunderstood your first comment..
              dead on second time around for sure..I do believe we see it the same way. I completely agree that the house is a rockin ..The’d shit their pants right now if “We the People” Showed up to evaluate thier perfomance..if you catch my drift?

      96. Norse Prepper,

        Great list and thanks for your hard work.

        Y’all Beware! Best of health to y’all and have a great and Happy New Year!!

        • Y’all have a Happy New Year as well!!!

          God Bless!

      97. Government Dependents Outnumber Those With Private Sector Jobs In 11 U.S. States

        By Michael, on December 26th, 2012

        America is rapidly becoming a nation of takers. An increasing number of Americans expect the government to take care of them from the cradle to the grave, and they expect the government to dig into the pockets of others in order to pay for it all.

          • It’s long past time to end welfare of all kinds, social and corporate.

            • corporate first though. how much money jp morgan makes off nys snap?(they handle all ny’s foodstamps accounts) i’d like to see those #’s. not to mention pehaps we wouldn’t have so many out of work dependent on the system if we hadn’t bailed out wall st in the 1st place. the only trickle down we got was to the bread line. sorry, but there are honest people out there utilizing the “welfare” system who paid arm and leg into from their payroll every week, who are now looking at being left high and dry on the edge of this fiscal cliff. not all welfare recipients are deadbeats, and not all think that the govt will always be there to feed thier family and pay their rent, but as long as your income tax is funding jp morgan, you may as well have a slice of the pie too!

              even if we stopped all spending- we’d still be decades away from leveling out the nation’s debt. it’s not welfare systems draining the economy as many conservative talking heads would have you believe, but corporate welfare, foreign occupations, funding other’s militaries ie,, israel, syria, etc…. payroll of useless tools in dc, and the plethora of other govt organizations- tsa, dhs, fda…….

      98. Happy New Year Middle Class: The Fiscal Cliff Is Going To Rip You to Shreds

        “Most Americans seem to assume that we will always have endless prosperity just because of who we are, but unfortunately that simply is not true.”

        “Their payroll taxes are going to go up, their income taxes are going to go up, and approximately 28 million households are going to be hit with a huge, unexpected AMT tax bill on their 2012 earnings.”

        “In addition to the tax increases that I just mentioned, approximately two million unemployed Americans will instantly lose their extended unemployment benefits when 2013 begins, and new Obamacare tax hikes which will cost American taxpayers about a trillion dollars over the next decade will start to go into effect.”

        (The Economic Collapse blog)

      99. Maybe the attack on us will be in the form of made up bullshit to encarceraate you..
        if you have a reccord, cant have a legal gun..

        7 grams is 0.24692oz of HMTD, probably not enough to make a decent firecracker..that is if he even had it, was it brought to the party, so to speak?

        maybe they didnt like his gun collection?

        somethin dont gel here…

        link below

      100. The bureaucrats and politicians do not fear armed criminals or armed political zealots as much as they fear peaceful Americans who will probably never use their (so-called) assault rifles, but whose mental toughness may be enhanced by possession of military weapons.
        Arthur B. Robinson

      101. Don’t forget to stock up on blue jeans! Go to Goodwill or Salvation Army and get lots of sizes for men, women and kids!

      102. What’s up with this $7 milk crap. Why do we subsidize the farmers? This can’t go on. Farmers need to be capitalist also. If it takes $7 dollars to produce milk, then so be it. Same for eggs, tomatoes, onions, you name it. Same for gas and the subsidies associated. I feel that we live in a propped up society. Gobbling up $5 billion/day to keep the wheels on the bus. We are too affraid to let the real America without it’s makeup on show it’s face. We all know it would be ugly. We need to let things reset and see where the chips fall. Deal with it. Very few want reality. Reality is what we watch on TV, right?

      103. BoBo speaks, unscripted.

      104. In America, who really wins?

        We know the economy is collapsing. We have been sold to the Central Bankers, Federal Reserve, and others. Over $40B is printed each month and put into T-Bills to keep interest rates low. Once interests increases, our national debt will skyrocket and we are consumed.

        But another $45B per month is printed into mortgage securities. So who wins?

        Let me give example. Lets say you and 20 others got hooked into a ponzi scheme. Lets say that this guy ripped you 20 off for $8M. But you and 4 others were $6M of the $8M. So you five get an attorney and file a claim. In that claim you find out that he has property and accounts worth $4M. Thus, you freeze them. Then you collect what you can. The other 15 folks are left hanging and trying to freeze whatever is left.

        At $45B per month of money created in thin air, who ends up owning those mortgage securities?

        When they come to collect on this so-called loan, how will they collect? Are we talking of property confiscation that has real tangible assets?

        For instance, who do you collect from. The guy that paid off his home and now owns it. Or, the guy that borrowed against his home and now owes more than it is worth.

        Who really wins in this corrupt world of ponzi schemes? The honest, or the dishonest?

        • Fractional reserve banking, central banks and the federal reserve are enemies of the people and a ‘free market’.

      105. I see the conversation being steered from anything productive. Learn to identify and avoid.

        • I disagree

      106. You can definitely remove the cap gun from this list. It was 1970 and I was a brand new police officer patroling the streets when I stopped at a light. Looking to my left I saw a little boy, maybe 5, pointing his cap gun at me and pretending to shoot me. I immediately thought back to my days when I too had a cap gun and ran around shooting people. Well then it hit me pretty hard, right at that traffic light. A five-year-old had been given a toy gun and allowed to run around shooting people. I was shocked, maybe more stunned.

        From that moment on I decided that my kids would never own or be allowed to “play” with any toy weapon. When my kids came of age I taught them gun safety and how to shoot a real gun, but before that they were forbidden to make it a sport and play at it.

        Today the kids graduate from the toy guns to the raw and violent video games that make shoot people fun and addictive. Young adults can hardly wait to get home and start shooting people til their hands go numb. Is it any wonder we now have misfits that think nothing of killing people?

        Remember what Wayne LaPierre because it is the truth: the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun…. is a good guy with a gun.

      107. You could also add a Plastic Army Men Military Playset for Tactical planning and play…

        • U sound like a looser. I bet your stupid.

      108. Instead of stocking up on toilet paper just take
        Imodium AD every day for the rest of your life and you will never need toilet paper.

      109. I agree with KY Dad on the Imodian AD. Great idea.

      110. Great list, lots of good ideas and I am sure that as time goes on there will be more items that can be added like the following items, a wagon or dolly has dozens of uses, baby stroller just in case there is a population expansion for the younger generations.

      111. One thing about the BB gun is that you can also use it for hunting small game too; mostly rodents and very small birds. In the city that’s about all the meat you’ll probably find.

      112. Baby wipes – for wiping and cleaning faces can’t beat them and I think the cases store for a year maybe more. love that fresh smell!

      113. I read over the list and thought that there are numerous things that do *not* need to be purchased. I am not speaking of shoes. Given a choice, and forethought, I will purchase mine, thank you. There are many things on the list, however, that could be made if the person has the skill base to make it. The only thing needed are the tools and supplies to make what you need, or even more importantly, repair what you have.

        If someone does not have the skill base now, they will probably not learn it later. If our society collapsed beyond recognition, there will not be any time to have a learning curve. There would be minimum time for entertainment. Most of the time will taken up in the new paradigm of daily living.

        My advice would be to *learn and use* skills now! Maybe you could have a bit of material around and hand sew something to wear, but if you are doing fashion surgery out of a book as you go, and you are not using a sewing machine (and I hand sew very well), it will not be as durable or work out. The sewing machine is one of the most important inventions to man. If you know how to sew a garment, or how to create a pattern (there are books to teach this skill), then you can fix and repair any sewn object. How to repair and fix engines, or other items that you would be reliant on is also important.

        I understand the attraction to games, as we have a nice supply, but there are many other ways to enjoy family time as well as having a pleasant evening by the fire. I would have included a number of other things, but one must be interested in those things to warrant their purchase.

        Raising a large family, we did purchase gifts and clothing ahead of time trying to save money. Its success was limited and there was waste.

        We do not worry about excessive supplies of toilet paper. Rather than not being able to purchase it, it could just be costly. Like everything else, you do what you must do when you must do it…and it will be just fine. You adjust to the new normal.

        Zimbabwe has already collapsed rather badly. There is a woman who writes a weekly “blog” about living there. She is an author. If you read about the daily life there, it is almost beyond difficult, but it isn’t a total apocalyptic scenario. I have also been told, from those who know, that the collapse hasn’t even been noticed by the subsistence farmers. It isn’t because they are out “beyond civilization.” It is because they have always lived that way.

        While we have our “list” of items to keep a “normal,” balanced lifestyle, we prefer to live in that way now. It is our “normal,” and as a bonus, it saves us a lot of money!

        And yes, owning Bibles (KJV), and using them daily, is the most important item on the list!

      114. Another good point to consider is that in a pinch, items #1 and #2 on the list are interchangeable.

      115. #90 – “Sling shot – Give a sling shot and a few rocks to a 10 year old and they would be in heaven!”

        Indeed so. I made my 1st several sling shots and got pretty good with them. I now have an adult model called a “Wrist Rocket”. It has a heavy steel wire frame, uses 3/8″ heavy wall surgical tubing for its motive force, and it is a real dandy. Loaded with 3/8″ lead ball ammo from a .36 cal. Colt Navy replica black powder pistol I once owned, it can bring down all sorts of small game with deadly accuracy, including squirrels, birds of all kinds, rabbits, and even feral cats. A head shot on a human or a dog can be quickly disabling as well.

      116. I have a keen analytical attention for the purpose of fine
        detail and can anticipate difficulties prior to they happen.

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