“It’ll Buckle All At Once, With Historic Finality”

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    The situation is dire – globally. Things can unfold very quickly, as we’ve seen in just the last 30 days. Think back to February and you’ll realize the fragile state of our global economy and geo-political climate. It’s possible that, with Japan and Libya, we are very close to a turning point on a variety of different levels, none of them good.

    We have yet to understand exactly what the implications are for the ongoing disaster in Japan. In addition to the toll the Tsunami and nuclear crisis has and will take in lives, Japan’s status as the third largest economy in the world makes the possibility of an acceleration of the greater depression that much more likely. Hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars are at stake. We saw what the initial shock did to stock markets around the world. They have since recovered somewhat due to central bank intervention and massive amounts of liquidity infusions. One small misstep, however, can reign terror across the entire global financial sphere.

    With the events in Egypt and the most recent action against Libya, we saw oil prices jump significantly. How much higher can oil and gas go before the American consumer buckles, like they did in 2008? Couple that with the expansion of military operations in the middle east and the uncertainty of where current operations in Libya are headed, and we have a dangerous mix of economic and geopolitical calamity.

    Additionally, we cannot ignore the state of the domestic US economy. Despite what many believe to be an economic recovery, the data suggest things are getting worse, not better. The US government and Federal reserve have to take on more debt and print more money just to keep the system afloat. Any deviation would lead to an almost immediate and utter disaster.

    In his latest Woodpile Report, Ol’ Remus creates no illusions about what any prudent individual should expect:

    Unfortunately, mean ol’ Mr. Reality has entered the building and he’s of a mind to put the pursuit back into the pursuit of happiness, which also means he’ll delete free-fo’-nothin’ from the list of inviolable human rights, betimes. Have a care, Mr. Reality moves fast. What’s impossible today is probable tomorrow and accomplished fact the day after. He knows the tipping point is in the rear view mirror. He knows we’re living amongst airborne rubble-to-be. For those who are paying attention his warnings have gone from background beeps to full-on flashing red lights and screech alarms. For those waiting for a ‘breaking news’ alert and “some sort of announcement” here’s the metric equivalent from Chris Martenson at chrismartenson.com:

    It is with a heavy heart that I am now issuing the highest level alert to my readers than I have to date… The nuclear meltdown has led to a market meltdown. Market breaks can quickly lead to supply shortages and other unpleasant realities… The problem with these fast-moving situations is that everything shifts from beneath your feet and events fundamentally change so quickly that you do not have time to adjust properly before the next insult arrives.
    Alert: Nuclear (and Economic) Meltdown In Progress

    Mr. Martenson goes on to say, “a market rout is on… Food, water, medical kits, shelter, cash out of the bank, and all the rest should absolutely be in place at this time. Get the basics done. Now.” This may be an understatement. Most intend to remain where they are. If they don’t have deep preparations by now it’s probably too late. Good intentions and crafty calculations count for nothing, only preps count and only serious preps count for much. Thinking about doing it, knowing how to do it, making plans to do it isn’t the same as doing it. Only doing it is doing it. Those planning to self-evacuate either have a prepared and provisioned bug out destination and proven, robustly redundant means to get there or they don’t.

    It’ll buckle all at once, with historic finality. In weeks, not months.

    In May of 2010 we saw what a single day “flash crash” looks like. Imagine that on a global scale, without any sort of late-day market recovery. To anyone paying attention, the events that took place when the stock market dropped 1000 points in less than two hours should have made it crystal clear just how susceptible we are to mass financial panic and sell offs. The same can be said of the stock market panics that ensued the Monday following the Japanese Tsunami.

    What’s happened this year in the middle east was on no one’s radar as 2010 closed (save maybe those who seek out alternative news and commentary). Within three months, the entire region has exploded into rage, revolution, war and uncertainty.

    From one day to the next a large portion of Japan was destroyed, 350,000 people were displaced, and their economy and stock markets decimated.

    As recent evidence suggests, black swans can, indeed, play out in months and weeks – sometimes days and hours – and have a profound impact on every person on earth.

    One can choose to cover their eyes and deny reality and the natural cycle of things. One can attempt to push it back with a pitchfork. But nature will always take its course.

    Are you prepared to weather the coming storm?

    The what, how, and when are inconsequential, really. The only matter of importance is how prepared you are when nature unleashes its fury.

    Cover your basics first. As mentioned by Chris Martenson and Ol’ Remus, food, water, medical kits, shelter, and some type of monetary unit of exchange should be the absolute top priorities right now.

    Highly Recommended: For insightful commentary and resources visit Woodpile Report, updated weekly.

    Also visit ChrisMartenson.com for contrarian opinion and essays on a host of topics including the economy and wealth preservation.


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      1. All talk and no action. Wake me up when the shit finally hits the fan. Waiting for our ultimate undoing is getting to be quite boring.

      2. it’s already started to buckle for the US consumer. I normally shop as discount stores out in the middle of the boondocks. I’m use to seeing poor people shoping. I’m used to seeing seniors, minorities, ect.

         Today I went to my discount store a saw a few well dressed women shopping. Women who buy thier clothes at the mall fashion stores. They were buying food at Aldi’s. LOL. (I’m sure they haven’t figured out which brands are good and which are junk yet.)

        But a well dressed office worker push thier cart back to the corrall to retrieve thier quater was hilarious. Needless to say…if you are gonna shop at a discount store dress appropriately.  

      3. The End Is Near has been popular for at least 10,000 years.

      4. I’m not quite sold on the “buckling all at once” theory.  I think it will happen slowly and gradually to minimize the devastation that comes from a big crash.  Gas prices will continue to rise, we’ll put ground troops in Libya, unemployment will continue to rise, and — OMG, did you just see the news???!!  Elizabeth Taylor died!  Oh, crap, now what are we gonna do???  Anyway, where was I?  Aww, fuck it.  What’s happening on American Idol tonight?

      5. “Needless to say…if you are gonna shop at a discount store dress appropriately.”
        That’s right. If you’ve been jobless for a year and finally have an interview that you dress up for in the only suit you could afford to keep from your former life, don’t stop by the store on the way home because people like rachel will look down upon you. But since you were able to afford that expensive suit in the first place, you probably deserve the misery you’re going through now….just sayin’ –
        What a great attitude to have – let’s not forget that preparation is not just stocking up on stuff – there’s a spiritual component to it as well. People all over the world are facing crises everyday, from all walks of life – is it for us to choose who deserves compassion?

      6. I think i would rather see some one dress nice and care about their appearence, then some of the F-ing slobs I get to see at most all of the stores..second hand or first hand stores , it doesnt seem to matter…no one cares how they look.

        and if dressing nice and cleaning up makes you feel better about yourself and puts a brighter outlook on your day, I say have at it.
        Im so sick of looking at all the nasty dont care lookin slobs

      7. Comments…..What ARE the good brands at Aldi’s?

      8. I’m with you SanityJones. I don’t feel that the ultimate collapse, SHTF scenario will come like a thief in the night. I feel that its going to be slow, probably decades from now. It could be the fact that I live on Long Island, NY not far from NYC but I don’t see things being that bad here. People still drive around in there huge SUVs, BMW, Mercedez, while splurge at malls. I definitely notice much more sheeple in NYC/Long Island than anywhere else in the U.S.

      9. Comments…..Yesterday, I ran across a middleclass citizen on her way out of the store with a cart full of canning jars.

        Made me smile….There is someone who is aware of what is going on and what needs to be done to meet it.

        I usually buy canning jars a few dozen at a time.  I have a stock pile of lids for the next couple of years.

        I tripled my garden for the coming summer and have plans on doubling it again next year.

        If you have not implamented preperation plans it’s already too late to get started….make sure you have a skill that will be needed in the years to come, or a prepped family member that loves you too much to turn their backs on you and your family.

        Keep on prepping.

      10. i ternd to agree with anonomyous that the continued eroding of  economy  on a steady but surely basis, is  true,   BUT I SAY BUT,  i am prepared for the immediate quick crash as well.  i think many in govmnt. ie  bernekji   the fed knows it, and is trying to buffer it. BUT,  a major earthdquake in SF,    the madrid fault  could make it collapse quick and the fed can blame it on  an act of God,  either way,  ITS COMING,  AND THE NAYSAYERS DESERVE IT.

      11. Yesterday a friend of mine who was laughing at me about my preps, tried to start a convesration on preparations and survival.
        Now that the war in Libya is next to us, my fellow Cretans are shit to death; 255 miles is the distance. It’s not too late to begin preps, but you see that people don’t know what to do and how to do it.
        It’s funny to see those faces trying to understand the silence before the storm.
        But if you think it twice it’s not funny; it’s tragical.
        I continue to buy food and provisions as long as i still have a job. Things in Greece are decaying rapidly so i’m not sure for what every day brings.
        I praise our Lord for keeping us safe and healthy, and i pray that we pass this obstacle unharmed. I know that this is difficult so i try to organize the exodus when the time comes; not if guys but when.
        Today my best friend got a phone call from a bank. His credit card is full with 3000 euros, unpaid for the last 14 months. So the bank clerk tried to make a bargain. He said to my friend that if he would go tommorow to the bank, the amount would drop to 1500 euros.
        My friend told him that “all i have is 200, take it or leave it”. The answer was positive. Of course my friend has no money at all, and he was jokking with the bankster. But this shows the real condition of the banks liquidity.
        It’s coming faster that you think people.
        Be safe

      12. Silver is on a tear.  They are trying to hold gold down from making another high.  I hope the shorts take it in the rear.

      13. Perhaps rachel was leaning more towards a security angle?

        What better way to make yourself out to be a mark than to dress upscale and look like you have money then walk into a lower income crowd or a crowd of desperate People?

        This is another example:

        Armed Beauty Queen Fatally Shoots Intruder in Florida Home Invasion


        “When a burly ex-convict forced his way into a posh Florida home last week, he had no idea what awaited him — a 25-year-old beauty queen with a pink .38-caliber handgun.

        [But what could they have done differently to avoid this?]

        “We live in a very prominent area and my fiancee wears a $60,000 engagement ring,” he said. “The pizza man knew we had money because sometimes we needed change for a $100 bill when he came to deliver pizza.””


        Also, thinking about the “buckling all at once” theory, I think it’s more along the lines of a pile of sand, sooner or later there’s an avalanche, Looks pretty stable in the meantime though, might even feel solid from some type of liquid-ity holding the sand together.

      14. The situation is dire, the red lights are flashing – No the world is not coming to an end BUT you’re going to think it is with the hard times we’re facing, especially if you’re not prepared mentally, physically and definitely prep wise!

        “Don’t deny the natural cycle of things” we’ve had it too good for too long on borrowed time and our grandchildren’s money.

        The can has been kicked down the road and here we are in the cul-de-sac, going up the driveway to the front door of America.

        I’ve always been an optimist and I still am, but this time I’m only optimistic of my own future – I sure hope you are!

        I know a lot of preppers on this site say “bring it on already, I’ve been waiting” I’m not sure that’s the right attitude but I’m glad you’re ready – I am too, but the longer this takes the better prepared we’ll be!

      15. Mona, your comment made me smile.  About a year ago, I bought a brand new 20lbs propane tank at Ace and was about to take it out back to have it filled when some guy asked me if my gas grill wasn’t working.  I told him ‘No, it works fine, I just wanted an extra.’  He looked at me like I was from outer space.  The sad thing is now, I’ll probably tell him, ‘Yep, that’s the ticket!’ and walk on.  I don’t need the golden horde tracking me down.

      16. I agree Manos, I just hope and pray for a little more time, if I could just get some work. And you are right on, many don’t know what and how to do it. Some say you have the whole world at your fingertips with the internet…some, like me, don’t learn very well that way, need to touch, feel and see not just read or watch a video. Now Shellie could probably learn to can/jar…but there is just so much it’s over whelming. My big concern has been alternative power sources, like steam engine generator, or wood gas? But then again without work, you can’t afford that stuff. Concerned with lights? water filtration? I only have a .22,  20 guage and a judge (.45 long colt and 4/10 shot shells) can’t afford ammo for any of them. So I am happy to see others waking up, but many either aren’t in a position to do much of anything and/or don’t know what and how to do it.
        This is where groups would be great. Not only do I believe that it is going to only be groups that will survive the best, but also groups can help those like us. Hard workers and wanting to learn eagerly, just don’t have resources. People like us have heart and strong backs to contribute where others might contribute resources and mind power.
        Sorry, just thinking out loud in frustration as usual.

      17. But of that day and hour knoweth no [man], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. – Mat 24:36
        But as the days of Noe [were], so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.  – Mat 24:37
        For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, – Mat 24:38
        And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. – Mat 24:39
        There are no atheists in the foxholes…but I did meet a few morons…
        GMAFB – It’s gonna get a whole lot worse before its gets worse…

      18. Man up,
        Amen to that, more time is a great thing, to think otherwise is not only unhealthily immature but inhumane as well.

      19. “Im so sick of looking at all the nasty dont care lookin slobs”


        I am always struck by the appearance of many of the people standing in the soup lines of the Great Depression. Men in their suits and hats, looking as good as they could manage.

        There is something very wrong with our society and it’s more than lack of jobs and money.

      20. I tend to agree that it will happen more quickly than most people think.  Once confidence is lost, panic sets in.  12 meals from anarchy and all….

      21. clark,

        Good point. Certainly no time to “flaunt it”.

      22. I think it’s going to go fast.  I hope we get more time to prep.  People should read the web bot reports.  I hear a lot of nay sayers but the linguistics are coming out.  There will be [death of the dollar] and it’s not going to be ten years from now.  Preparing and praying is all we can do.

      23. They will add a VAT tax, take over the 401K’s, bank tax, but they will have to deal with gun owners and people that have other metals.  That will be the time the revolt will start for working/thinking Americans.  Throw in a few black swans too.

      24. Just added a smith & wesson Sigma 9mm and 500 rounds to my prep stash today.  Tomorrow is food storage shopping day. 

        I don’t understand the “I’m tired of waiting” mentality.  For me… the more time I have left to continue prepping… the better.  I’m definately not looking forward to when things get really bad… but I will be prepared as well as I can be for when it does. 

      25. Pork Bellies & Silver went up 2.56% today.  Two of my favorite things.

      26. Every time I run errands/shop, I dress low key (gym or jogging attire) also in restaurants.  Unless  they just got off work, why would anyone need to “dress up” to shop?   Neat appearance, clean clothes I agree with, as some do look tacky.  Never wear real jewelry out shopping.  Several people were robbed in the parking lot because someone followed them out seeing they wore real jewelry, and friend of mine with a designer purse had it snatched with credit cards and other.  Look plain and “blue collar”.  As things get worse, more crime even in day time.  Keep prepping and watch you bank ratings.

      27. “God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve”
        Jerry Falwell

      28. Comments….. I don’t follow fashion and where I live if you are dressed up in a suit or dress, you are either going to a funeral or wedding.  There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t see someone wearing their pajamas to the store – women and men – slippers included.  I even saw one guy not even wearing shoes.  I believe as society breaks down, it’s a close indicator that people are depressed and just don’t care about themselves.  I believe these same people are cocoapufffers who live off the rest of us.  They don’t have to care about anything except for that government check.  Once that goes away then will TSHTF.  Until then, I’ll continue to wear my jeans and sweatshirt and not freak anyone out.

      29. Well, the quote:
        “It’ll buckle all at once, with historic finality. In weeks, not months.”

        is very dire, and I hope he is not right. However, one puts his/her reputation on the line when making such prognostications and, unfortunately, will lose a lot of credibility if it doesn’t play out that way. For those us who follow the news and can correctly interpret it we know that the day of reckoning for the US is near so we are still preparing, but for those who have not woken up yet they will surely use quotes like that to prove we are all a bunch of crackpots and use that to further justify their reasoning for NOT preparing.

      30. the point of my comment was that a few years ago I NEVER saw anyone dressed up in high fashion clothes at a discount store in the middle of the boondocks in the middle of the week. One or two people I would say it was an interview or funeral. But the numbers are growing and the parking lot has been rather full.

        the economy has buckled to the point where people who normally shop trendy are starting to shop with people on fixed incomes shop.

      31. Comments…..I have been hearing the end is hear since 1970.It old now. People making money with the end coming

      32. Some towns in the south refer to themselves as “the buckle on the bible belt.”
        Several towns in oklahoma used to call themselves “the buckle on the oil belt.” That was back when petroleum was still respectable. So, I’m thinking that we need to come up with a slogan for amerika. And considering the title of today’s topic how about: Amerika, the Buckle on the Economic Belt” ?

      33. Sorry folks, don’t see it happening anytime soon. Sure. I expect the market to decline: That is what it does after it goes up. And yeah, I expect the dollar to decline, in spite of the fact that investors rush to the dollar when things in the world go awry. And that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep prepping, but don’t anyone hold your breath.
        Collapse? Not in the cards, tea leaves, or coffee grounds anytime soon.
        Lots of time left folks.

      34. @SmokinOkie…How about the ‘turd on the Obummer belt’?…
        GMAFB … nope

      35. Security doors & windows would not be a bad idea while supplies are available.


        Rachel…I received the package…….yours is on its way..


      37. What’s the deal with all of the fashion talk here?  Fashion is concealing a handgun.

      38. I have been very busy rebuilding web sites for the last week or more, and will be for the next month.  I have not had time to come back here lately.
        And in spite of all of the things that have happened, I am still working hard and the world has not ended.  If anything, I am more relaxed now than I was couple of weeks ago.
        Rather than wait for the collapse, I think I may be better off to ignore all of the goings on in the world until somebody comes knockin’.
        There is nothing I can do about it anyway.

      39. My neighbor bought two chickens, it took them about 2 weeks before they felt secure, then started laying eggs.
        She now gets about 10 eggs/ per week w/2 chickens!
        I’m thinking about the same thing.

      40. Dave, there is absolutely no way you are going to be able to lay 10 eggs per week. You need to get some chickens.

      41. I just got home from a circus. First let me explain that I didn’t want to go, and knew what it would be like and knew it would be a waste of money, valuable money @ 28.00$…..all I could think of was “what preps could we be buying, this is a little over half a tank of gas for my Honda Accord”?
        Well I have learned with Shellie if she is determined to do something, especially for the kids, then to go against that would just be a big argument that makes me out to be a cold dad and a tightwad. Shellie has to see for herself. So even though I wanted to I didn’t try telling her what a joke circus’s are these days and the kind of people who run them and the usual crowd that attends.
        It was pathetic and She looked at me when it was over with disappointment and shock….”where were the big animals? this was a joke, I can’t believe we paid for this”  I looked at her with a wry grin and told her “I wanted to tell you, but …….”
        Any way my main point of this post is to say that seeing everyone there in the crowd made me sad, genuinely sad. I felt as if the world were on my shoulders and I wanted to warn them all with my limited knowledge and education about everything going on and what is coming. It was a weird and depressing feeling. I witnessed a lot of black people there (Muskegon is very bad off economically and has a high black population that have lived off the system a long time) and some were complaining about this and that in a real nasty and negative way. Some were throwing a fit about the cost being $14 for each adult and then two children are free with each paying adult at the door gong in where you purchased your ticket. I just kept looking around and thought “they have no clue, and these are going to be the last ones to realize what’s happening, and probably the ones that will go crazy nuts or the “golden hoard” as some of you in here refer to them. I had a strong urge in my heart to talk to a young black guy there that had a different look and way about him than most and was a polite & friendly man with three small children…..and of course I let myself talk myself right out of it. I guess the book “Breaking Intimidation” by John Bevere we are reading in our church Encounter class is going to require another pass through for me.
        Anyway like I said, I just wanted to post what I witnessed tonight and how it hit my mind and heart. I am not trying to shove Jesus down any one’s throat, but I have prayed a lot for some time now to see God’s truth and to find wisdom, understanding and to have my heart see what God sees and for His tears to be my tears. And tonight it hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh I pray God give just a little more time, even if just to wake one more soul up.

      42. BJ
        I spent my entire adult life operating and supervising power plants. Steam is one difficult and very expensive way to go on a small scale. My suggestion is a wind turbine.
        Assuming the rule of law regarding possessions would be legally maintained a farm in western Pa with natural gas below it and a deal cut with the utility of a royalty and a natural gas supply for the land owner and your in business. An engine fueled by natural gas supplying mechanical power to a generator and capturing the waste heat (co-generation) for domestic hot water and winter heating would be the best.
        One decree from government and it all gets taken away to be given to the masses. If you hear, “Viva Fidel, viva the revolution” or any modern similar phrase kiss your little power plant good by.

      43. Yes, things could go quickly. You can never really know. But that’s not a reason to give up. That’s why we need to work even harder to let people know we are not doomed unless we give in and give up. We have one last choice in America. It is the Nuclear option.

        When you get sick of this, and you will get sick, this will be the only option left for you to consider:

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )
        “Spread the News”

      44. @ BJ:
        Great Post.   I’ve been doing a lot to plant seeds of the truth and waking people up.  As things collapse they may think of what I told them and ask for more, or take it upon themselves.
        I’ve been praying for Wisdom and Understanding as well.  To help me wake people up better.  I’m basically doing all my preps and research my self. Being a College Student on the GI Bill. It’s a weight indeed.
        It’s heartening to visit this respectable site, and read stories like yours BJ.   I’m in the same boat.

      45. Sanity: That was priceless! And thats the mentality we need to have, hold, and share as we go about prepping for a grim reality that will eventually come.
        Kevin: What do you think about that new VAWT from Sauer? Have you seen it?

      46. I can’t get my parrot to lay eggs.

      47. Comments…..don’t know why ya’ll are complaining about when the doo is gonna hit the fan…it already has begun and the velocity (speed) of the doodoo hitting the fan is starting to pick up (speed up).  and the one thing i learned way back in my old schooldays is energy plus mass equals speed (power). use the energyyou have now to build up mass quanties so you will have the power to survive the catastrophies that are forthcoming…no matter how much gold, silver or other monies you have don’t buy what willbe in shortage..prepare now and keep preparing. when you know you cannot spendanother dime on food, meds, and other supplies, then you will know that the doodoo has done hit the fan and the fan ain’t spinning no more.

      48. Dave,

        If you love fresh eggs, you won’t regret it.

        lol @ sanity


        BJ @  March 23rd, 2011 at 8:20 pm
        We’re all probably feeling the same…I’m ready to get up in church when the pastor calls for altar prayer or a call for someone to join the church….and I just have a voice saying…”get them ready, even if you look and sound like an idiot, get them ready!!!  Tell what you know and at least get them thinking!!”

        I have only approached two by phone–one laughed, an older lady—the other bought 5 buckets at Lowe’s and hasn’t gone further.


      50. Thanks Matt, for the encouragement, I definitely need it these days.
        JJ, I know the feeling, I want to do the same. Those I have shared some things with have a braggadocios (thanks for the new word Your Daddy :-)  )  attitude about wanting to see the day of the Lord and one guy at church a week ago tonight laughed out loud at me. And this man I would consider to be above me in his walk and his Bible knowledge. I was some what ticked and just hurt and baffled by it.
        I wish I knew of a word that correctly describes many Christians attitudes about this, it drives me nuts. They think that’s there is nothing you can do like it is a one time event, adn I am ready adn this is the way it is supposed to be, quit worrying, have more faith and your dead or raptured and gone……I don’t know how to explain it. I want to knock them in the head and explain, there are a million different scenarios that could happen…there are legitimate reasons to prepare. You can go through hell and still be here………….duuuuhhhh!!  I don’t know if I am making sense, like I said I wish there was a word to describe their attitude

      51. @durango kidd
        “Sorry folks, don’t see it happening anytime soon……”
        Dudeeee, you better be right!

      52. @durango kidd
        “Sorry folks, don’t see it happening anytime soon……”
        Dudeeee, you better be right! Because Im seeing it actually happening. Quit being in the “Normalcy Bias” category like those wealthy Jews during WWII who thought Nazi wouldnt happen – they were WRONG and put to death. Wake up!

      53. I’m finding that the people who I attend church with are some of the hardest to talk to…all I get is “God is in control, don’t worry” and then they smile very sweetly and I swear if they could get away with it they would pat me on the head and tell me to run along now and pray!!! I have reminded a couple of them that God warned Noah…and Joseph…but they just won’t listen! And I KNOW God is in control…but that doesn’t mean bad things are not going to happen!!
        I’m at the point where I’m going to stop talking to them about it. I do have a few friends that I talk with and we are making plans together so they help keep me sane :)  I’m prepping for my family that’s all I can do anymore…
        @JJ….I know what you’re talking about…I get so disappointed with my church staff….they just WILL NOT discuss this… 🙁

      54. SmokyMtnlady…..had a similar experience, they didnt pat me on the head either… they just showed me the left foot of fellowship,as a founding member and 15 years….fine by me as I tend to not suffer fools well the older I get…scripture and life are full of warnings for folks to prepare….some will, most wont and life will kick them in the teeth,aint much you can do, just teach those who will learn and walk away from the scoffers…cast not your pearls before swine…or sheeple :) 

      55. Magnix: Oh I KNOW its going to happen. I have actually “seen” it happening and I have been “aware” since I was a kid. Yes its coming, but not this year, and maybe not next year or the year after. There is much to be “played out” according to bible prophecy and valid modern day seers before the SHTF.
        Current crisis’ are peanuts compared to the real deal. If you want to “buckle” something, reach back, grab your ass, and buckle up. Get a grip. It will be a wild ride when it comes but its not on the horizon yet; two suns or not.
        Keep prepping but don’t panic. Gain from the lessons that are being presented now, in Japan, and elsewere. Learn from one another. We’ll make it.

      56. that’s it EXACTLY SmokyMtnlad….EXACTLY!!!
        I get so sick of the “God is in control” as if I said He wasn’t…that is just stupid!! I never said He wasn’t……just cause God  is in control doesn’t mean you can just sit back and do nothing!!  Just drives me nuts.

      57. Rick: Nuke energy is a very bad idea as the Japanese are learning first hand. N-waste from a breeder reactor takes 1,000 years to detoxicify. 10,000 years from an average reactor. The spill at Hanford that is threatening the Columbia River system and ground water would take “around $8 billion to clean up” if the government knew how. They don’t. Good luck Portland!
        New reactors could cost around $25 – 30 billion each to construct, before cost overuns which would surely come. There are 1,000 new reactors on the drawing board for the US; awaiting Congress to guarantee taxpayer funds for their construction without any monetary risk to the builders and “owners”: read Becthal and GE. So these companies want US to pay for them, insure them, and let them own the plants, then charge US increasing costs for energy.  Its the “gangster banksters” all over again.
        Read: http://www.shtfenergy.blogspot.com instead.

      58. I am so happy I visited your site today. I have been preparing since after the panic of 2008, and haven’t stopped. Learned how to grow vegetables, all kinds, know how to dry and freeze food, etc. But no matter how prepare we are, it is scary, but some of us KNOW that it is getting really bad. I can feel it and see it.
        I appreciate all of your comments, but especially BJ’s, because I feel exactly the way he does. Sometimes when I go out and see empty buildings all over, pets abandoned by heartless people, men and women shopping but not smiling. It is sad and heartbreaking.
        Thank you so much for sharing your feelings. I think I am going to make this website my digital home from now on.
        Namaste. God bless us all!

      59. Wow Reb…really?? That’s terrible! Well, at least you seem to have gotten over it though it must have been bad for you at the time…my friends and I don’t really let people at our church know that we are preppers…we don’t  want to advertise what we are doing to too many people…like I said, I tried talking to a few others and they didn’t really respond sooo…unfortunately they’re on their own!
        @BJ..these same people that say that God is in control lock their doors at night, have home, car and health insurance, wouldn’t walk outside at 3 in the morning in the “bad” part of town, use birth control, etc…I just don’t get it!! I told my sister just the other day that I feel God is warning us…that’s why we get it…our other family members think we’re loony…but that’s ok…when I buy supplies…I buy enough for them too! THAT is what I feel God would have me to do…I can’t feed my church friends…but I can feed my family!!

      60. I tried to talk to friends and neighbors a few yrs ago and was ridiculed behind my back by everyone most of the time. We bought hundreds of pounds of beans,wheat,groats and many times people were here when the UPS truck came and dropped off a few hundred pounds in 50 lb boxes, some would say, oh boy some more care packeges, many people would leave here scratching their head.
              We bought sugar,rice,pop corn and many other things local at Sams and BJs so we didn’t go unnoticed,cases of things at Aldies and save-a-lot, we were always weird because when everyone else stopped planting gardens and planted roses, we kept right on planting the garden and raised meat rabbits, One time I came thru town with over 40 dozen mason jars that i bought at a tag sale,all in a small station wagon. people don’t mention prepping anymore as we’ve slowed down and ran out of room.  Little do they know that they paid for all our preps by buying our cukes, tomatoes, squash ect over the yrs. I have nothing against religion, but anyone who things that God will provide is going to be very hungry their last days on earth.

      61. I think things will fall apart, within a week after gas and diesel fuel goes up to where truckers can’t make a living even with a fuel sur-charge. The fuel sur-charge just helps pay for fuel, tires and repairs are also going up.If the trucks stop rolling, the stores will be empty in a few days.

      62. Hey BJ–maybe the word you’re looking for is complacent?  I have a few people that I have tried to gently warn about what’s coming–like the spike in food prices, food shortages, and so forth–and everyone is like, “Yeah, yeah, I know it’s happening”, but then they don’t do anything about it.  They don’t try to stock up, they don’t think about trying to become more self-sufficient, it’s very frustrating.  All you can do, is sit back and pray that maybe they will wake up in time.
        Oh, and don’t beat yourself up over the money you spent on the circus–sometimes you have to put all this aside and take time for your little ones.  Hopefully they at least enjoyed it?

      63. BJ…….Comments….. I am not trying to shove Jesus down any one’s throat, but I have prayed a lot for some time now to see God’s truth and to find wisdom, understanding and to have my heart see what God sees and for His tears to be my tears. And tonight it hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh I pray God give just a little more time, even if just to wake one more soul up.

        I thought I was the only one that felt like that. Sometimes I look around at everyone in a crowd (while shopping) and I get this overwhelming feeling of sorrow. It is hard to explain. I just want to cry. Not sure why God keeps putting up with us. He gives us TIME. That is one of the greatest gifts he can give. I’ll take every minute he wants to give me.

        Also…I just want to say that God helps those who help themselves.      

      64. Very good article and posts, thank you all.
        If any of you watched “Collapse” (available to watch instantly on Netflix ;)), you remember a great metaphor used by Mike Ruppert in this documentary. I absolutely loved it.
        When a “Titianic” is going down one is likely to encounter three groups of people: 
        1) deer in headlights  – huh? what? ship is going down? what do I do? I don’t know what to do…;
        2) people in denial – Titanic is unsinkable, there is no way it’s going down, you doom and gloom people buzz off, and we’re going back to the bar;
        3) “sane” (my interpretation :)) – we understand that Titanic is going down, you seem to know something about it, tell us what to do.
        Which group of people are you going to help?

        As sad as it may be sometimes (I know how you feel BJ, I too feel a sense of responsibility bordering on obligation to wake sheeple up), I say stop wasting your time on those who won’t listen. Find those who will. Organize your own group if there isn’t one in your area. I am working on this right now.
        Was thinking about using meetup dot com to network.
        Disclaimer: I am not associated with Netlix or meetup, so I am not promoting either one, just a suggesting to use these sites as useful tools.

      65. Durango Kidd
        I have a general knowledge of power generation but not a wind turbine specialist for sure. That being said here is my off the cuff thoughts. The VAWT is a prototype. I do like the configuration of the blades. It looks more like a steam/gas turbine capturing both the impulse (push in) and reaction (thrust) forces that should grab more energy from a given mass flow.
        No doubt it inverts the DC into AC allowing the speed to vary which would be more efficient. Not uncommon in wind turbines and mandatory in solar. The simple way is to generate AC off the get go. In shot inverter and there goes the system. AC generation requires a fixed speed.
        Moral…have some spare electrical parts (inverter).

      66. Just prepare, no matter what. The best you can. Continue living life the best you can, each day. Preparing and being alert of your surroundings can never hurt. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare! Live life. Live and let live. Keep the faith. No matter how you are dressed or how you look or who you are in this deceiving society of humans, do your best. After all, we are all the same and feel the same. Smile.

      67. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

        I don’t bother talking to sheeple anymore about being prepared unless something is said during a conversation that indicates they may be a preper also. I have found it to be a waste of time.

        If you are ready don’t sweat the daily crap. Stay in tune and informed but realize there isn’t much more you can do than being prepared. When TSHTF, you and I will survive when others will not. Hang in there and try to enjoy life as the days seem to go by rapidly.

      68. After reading all (59) comments above, I have SO many thoughts on this! 🙂 As far as the ‘fashion’ being worn, I strictly adhere to the ‘low profile’ image. Fancy dress and jewelry, while pulling up in the Benz ain’t gonna keep ya safe, as desperation sets in. I look as non-descript and disheveled as I ever have in my life. Pride isn’t worth a penny to me right now. I guess I clean up pretty well, so some say, but the first thought I want the golden hoard to think is, “Not that guy. He doesn’t have a dime to his name”. Suits me fine. It’ll keep me out of trouble, and allow me to accomplish what I need to, with no sideshow. To each his own on that.
        And Tina, you nailed it. Although I’m not exactly fluent in the words of the Lord, I do remember clearly, “God helps those who help themselves”. How very true. Why more religious types don’t adhere to that adage, I will never know. They expecting the Messianic Ark/UFO to come come pick them up, while they patiently wait by their curb? Better do for yourselves. All the rest is gravy if you get lifted off the planet in your greatest time of need.
        And I’ve simply given up on sharing years of this info with my family. If they haven’t absorbed any of it by now, or taking any precautions yet, what more can be done?
        And Durango, I like ya, man. But it’s happening right now. You know that. You said that. 2012 has very real meaning to many of us. Not from a fearful perspective, but for exactly the way its all playing out in such a timely manner. So if the Mayans (and many other indigenous tribes) knew THIS would be here NOW, exactly when it is, then they are very likely to be correct in what comes after. Great peace, and a new world of higher consciousness. A new human. A new reality.
        That means we have about a year+ of the worst to come before the solar maximum reaches it’s zenith. Then, the clouds will part. No need for 5 year predictions, it’s all about to be crammed into the next 20  months. I think we can all hang on until then, don’t you?

      69. To several of you here… Bravo! i’ve been feeling the pangs of spirit hitting me for years telling me to slap some folks and wake them up. What many of them are confusing is armageddon and teotwawki! As i’ve posted elsewhere, i’m not worried about the end of the world (aka when Jesus returns), i’m worried about what happens between now and then.
        Agreed! Tell the ones who’ll listen. You can’t help the rest. Pray for them …earnestly. God Bless you all!!!

      70. Comments…..I wish I knew of a word that correctly describes many Christians attitudes about this, it drives me nuts.

        ~~~I got it for you BJ…it’s splodydopes!!!  They are splodydopes that refuse to see the signs….

        All those splodydopes will be like the guy who got to heaven after the flood and asked..”why did you forsake me, Father??”  Well, He sent two helicopters and a boat!!!!

        God cautioned us to put feet on our prayers…..we aren’t the little birds and God isn’t the mama bird bringing worms to the nest…He did that when we were new to this world and now it’s time for US to take care of business.

      71. I’ll take every minute also Tina.  That sentence says it all.

      72. By the way, has anyone else heard any sort of update on the most recent ‘spill’ in the Gulf? If not, maybe we should wonder ‘why not’? It is massive. And the kicker is, though pictures were captured mid-flight on Saturday morning, with not yet a single mention of it until late Saturday night, traders were shorting the stock (here we go again) Friday evening.
        WTI common stock plunged at 3pm on Friday. Simply dumped in anticipation of this event. Shades of 9/11 all over again? This would be only 20 miles from the Deep Water Horizon. My first thought, is they stopped flooding the Gulf with Corexit, and now we’re seeing what’s been suppressed since last year. And the timing of it? A little suspicious, given all that’s going on now.
        Once the word got out, reports states it was likely just ‘silt’ from some recent dredging at the base of the Mississippi. Yeahhhh. Uh huh. Like I said, the ‘silt’ then, is quite massive. And the USGS reported several quakes along the New Madrid two days ago.
        Just puttin’ it out there, as I would also like to hear some updates. Still not a peep from the media. No surprise.

      73. “God’s in control” = “Calm down, you’ll have to trust ME” So, trust HIM and He knows our needs. We need to get busy telling people about Jesus rather than crisis of the world economy. Thats what I believe.
        I know I have weakness in worrying, butI love this post of discussions, it keeps me heads up!

      74. How’s silver doing today Mush?

      75. “God’s in control” = “Calm down, you’ll have to trust ME” So, trust HIM and He knows our needs. We need to get busy telling people about Jesus rather than crisis of the world economy. Thats what I believe.
        I know I have weakness in worrying, butI love this post of discussions, it keeps me heads up!

        Hey, folks on this topic…do you ever hear that silence on the other end of the line when you even mention things in regard to prepping??
        Like last night, I called neighbor to tell about T-shirts, nice ones, at Goody’s for $3.50 each,….I got 15—hey, they’re cotton!!!
        And topic got to her granddaughter–well, wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy for next year—socks, undies, shirts, pants, dresses….SILENCE…REALLY BIG TIME…like I had just said the end was near!!

        Cotton will triple–we are now not seeing it because we’re probably buying goods made with cotton purchased LAST year!!

        And yes, I have undies, socks, jeans, and tees in a box in the bottom of the closet for the man of the house—okay, briefs, not undies..LOL

      77. Comments…..I believe that trying to tell someone about the end of america as we know it,and how they should prepare for it, is like trying to tell someone about salvation through the son of God.They don’t want to hear about either one of them. However ,there are those who will listen to what you have to say. These are both delicate subjects,Why? because,nobody likes to be told that they are going to suffer and die if they don’t except the truth.Think of it this way,you are in japan one day before the imminent disaster strikes,you know what is going to happen,you have some proof ,but not enough,how many people do you think will listen? very few if any.And thats where we are right now, in America .Waiting for our imminent disaster to arrive, its my quest to share the good news,with all the people that gods puts in my path.Every day another piece of prophecy unveils itself right before our very eyes.Do you see it?

      78. SILVER PRICE is above $37 and it should go up to $50 something. Thats what I heard.

      79. Dave- chickens are a great way to provide extra food for the homestead. They’re pretty low maintenance and don’t need much room (although you can let them free range if you have space) I had some a few yrs ago that kept laying til they were 3 yrs old. Plus if you want you can retire them to the stewpot when they stop providing eggs! Not everybody can do it, but meat/milk/egg producing animals should be considered part of your food provision for the future.

      80. I’ve tried to warn many. Three out of many took my advice and they are prepping like mad, one has 90 gal of water, food storage and started a garden with what little money he has, he can’t afford gold or silver but he’s doing his best (it makes my heart happy)

        Some of the “God is in control” people are the most stubbornness. I know what you’re all talking about. 
         I tell them God wants to see how you handle certain situations, God wants to see if you’re self sufficient, God wants you to be in control and not rely on others… you be the leader, you be the helper of others, you be the strong one and then when its time you can join God’s army, otherwise you’re really worthless. I tell them God has put me in front of you to see if you will listen or perish, it’s your choice.

        Be smart in today’s environment – don’t dress rich, don’t make yourself a target – be aware of your surroundings – people are losing it – please don’t be a victim – be smart and keep a low profile and teach others to do the same! That’s all for now.


        Dennis…remember the reports about the huge crack in the sea floor??  called it fracking I think….is that possibly what was hidden by way of threats and now is coming back to haunt the Gulf ….again???

      82. JJ, the events of late are starting to defy all natural law. I think it’s another example of ‘ not letting a good crisis go to waste’, per Rahm.
        I think it’s a chaotic mix of natural events, being taken advantage of to implement other ‘unnatural’ distractions. The whole Libya thing is a farce. Then this Gulf thing, all on the heels of Japan, while Israel basically says, “Awww, WTF? Why not kick it up a bit now?”
        I think there’s some real damage on that sea floor. And I do believe the oil has been suppressed since last year, thanks to endless flows of Corexit. People on the Gulf are still getting very ill.
        To me, it’s like the Xmas Day underwear bomber, when nobody fell for it. Some false flags work, others are just ridiculous in their timing and scope. It’s also like a brawl that breaks out, and suddenly, bystanders find the need to start their own nonsense. There is no longer any rule of law, and it’s become a planet-wide free for all.

      83.  I think durango kidd may be more right than we realize. He’s not denying collapse or the end of the social/economic system as we know it. I believe he’s just saying we still have lots of “events” we’ll have to endure before we actually slip over the cliff edge. Another 10 or 20% rise in food cost in the next few months is just an event- not the actual chaotic end of amerika. Same with an extra dollar or two more for gasoline. Same with cotton prices and clothes going up a lot (they will). Same with a few more wars or military adventures, earthquakes, nuke plant meltdowns, oil spills and on and on. Each one of these IS a big deal in and of itself, especially if it’s in your own area. But the individual event itself does not mean all hell’s broken loose and it’s time to run into the streets screaming (or go hide in our caves). When that time comes I think we’ll all know it. Til then we just keep doing what we can to get ready. Personally I’ve been practicing my loudest most blood-curdling scream of “all hells broken loose” but my neighbors are starting to complain…

      84. OK, fellow SHTF’ers, this is something that a friend of mine sent me last night from South Africa. She is from, not the video. Which mind you, is a continent that according to the SAWS (SA Weather Service) no longer allows you ‘free’ images of the atmosphere (effective immediately). You must pay for them now. But how would you know what you’re paying for, if you can’t see the activity in real time? No accident there, I’m sure. What don’t they want us to see? UFOs, stargates, or the info below?
        This brings me to the point of this video. Mind you, it is overly-dramatic and sensationalized with Hollywood snippets and such, of 2012, Armageddon, and other movies. But look past some of that, and see what you think. I found it pretty damn interesting.
        The theme of the video is, following the track of Nibiru. How did its possible recent pass correlate with Japan? And if we follow the track through to this October/November, what will that mean? The assertion being, its about to pass MUCH, MUCH closer than it just did during the Japanese quake. And we have a date. Preps done?
        The Bible referred to it as ‘Wormwood’. Photos are capturing this object now, and its no comet, as they are trying to portray it as in the scientific communities.
        And also, it is interesting how they pair the scenes of these movies with events that LATER take place. Are we being ‘tipped off’, while the elite cover up what would surely be mass panic of the unprepared?

      85. Hey Dennis, I haven’t heard anything more on that new spill out in the Gulf, other than the claims that it’s silt–yeah right!!  The sad thing is, I keep forgetting about the Gulf with everything else that is going on.  What scares me, is how nobody is talking about Fukushima other than a little blurb on the news here and there.  The more the media downplays that, the more nervous I get.  I hope in a way that Durango is right, and there is still time, but my gut says time is just about up.

      86. PS  Lots of these events really are big deals. Especially to the people that suffer when it happens in their back yard. I dont want anyone to think I’m downplaying the significance of them. The quake, tsunami and nuke release in Japan is horrendous for them, especially the ones who lost family, homes, all they had in life. But this AINT the end of Japan as a nation. It’s a kick in the crotch but it’s not a death blow. The gulf oil spill wiped out the livelihoods of lots of hard working americans, but it aint the end of america- not yet. I’m just sayin’ lets not confuse the preliminary bouts with the main event. The skinny white kid in welterweight class is a preliminary. When Mohammed Ali climbs in the ring then it’s the MAIN EVENT. I think we’ll know when it’s upon us. At least I hope we will and that most of us will already be prepared. Til then keep preppin and prayin…

      87. I’m with ya, MB. The complete dismissal of the issues (SERIOUS issues) at hand, have to make ya wonder. Fukushima is full-blown spin at this point, at the cost of lives. How does one justify that? Sacrifice a few thousand of the unaware, to prevent the panic of all? I mean, they just gave the all clear on drinking water today in Japan. The people aren’t buyin’ nor should they.
        When I heard the 10 second update on the ‘spill’, it came from ABC News radio. They have become a 24-hour spin machine. It’s dreadful. And we wonder why so many don’t have a clue. It’s because they trust way too strongly in the media.
        But anyway, when they mentioned the silt, I actually laughed out loud. How brazen to try to pull that right now on the people. These are the same updates that announced the massive fish die-off in Southern Cal a few weeks ago. Rather than addressing some serious planetary concerns, possible migratory patterns, energy/lay line shifts….they went for the ‘large predator forced them into the marina, where they sucked up all their own oxygen and died’ theory.
        I take nothing at face value now, and the evidence grows (as does my intuition) that ‘they’ know what’s coming, and may even be precipitating it in some way.
        Certainly, with the Russians building a massive number of underground shelters, with a 2012 deadline, something is amiss. No time for fear, just awareness, and reliance on your own inner voice.

      88. BJ, JJ, REB, SmokyMtnLady,..

        Christians are as deep in denial as anyone.

        Complacency and denial are an impenetrable combination.

        They cannot fathom that their world, as they know it, could ever change in a significant way. That only happens to “other” people.

        I believe continuing to prepare is the wise thing to do.

      89. Q: What is the difference between a liberal and a puppy?
        A: A puppy stops whining after it grows up.

        On a brighter note – I wish it would hurry up and buckle as I am tired of my wife bitching about all the cases of dehydrated and freeze dried food I have in the basement, not to mention the 55 gallon barrels, dehydrator and well other stuff.

      90. Be careful what you wish for, Scott.
        Many people who never lived through any colamities think they are well prepared and are somewhat eager to face/play “Mad Max” world.
        It will NOT be fun. And it will get old VERY fast.
        I am personally in no any hurry to see it. I’d rather prep for the rest of my life and see nothing happen.

      91. MB,

        The media have the attention span of a gnat. So do most of their viewers.

        Maybe that’s what Libya is all about. New material. And oil, of course.

      92. Ok, I’ve tried to google for it and I’ve had no luck, so I’ll have to reveal my ignorance to the source. What is a cocoapuffer???

      93. “ I’d rather prep for the rest of my life and see nothing happen.”

        Amen, IndigoLight. Amen.

      94. Ooops! Typo. Maddie’s Moom should be Maddie’s Mom. lol

      95. @IndigoLight – yea you are probably right. I wouldn’t want to see my wife and daughters have to fend off any potential attackers or suffer at all. In a firefight you only die once, no second chances or counting to 10.

      96. We have 10 chickens, and right now have more eggs than we can eat on a varied diet, I give away 3-4 dozen a week at least. But when/if things get bad, 10 chickens will keep a good sized family eating like kings, plus if you have a rooster, you can make money (in whatever form that may end up being)  selling chicks .
        Yep, nothing like fresh free range eggs, you can see the difference the second you crack them open

      97. Comments…..To suzy   google is now a controled searched engine,and a think cocoapuffer is a bad word? try Gibiru as an alternative search eng.

      98. Maddie’s Mom, so true about the denial aspect!  People in the U.S. just don’t seem to think that anything bad could ever happen to them.  Fukushima is on the other side of the world, how could that ever affect us?!  The Gulf?  Well, didn’t the President say that most of the oil just disappeared, and the seafood was safe to eat?  If Obama said it, it MUST be true!  Just makes me sick that so many people still believe what the government tells them.

      99. @Scott – I hear what you’re saying… my wife comes home and says.. “here, this stuff was on sale so I bought extra, add it to your dooms day pile”
        she makes fun but at least she’s on board.

        And if the sh*t doesn’t hit the fan and if there is no inflation, Well, I’ll never live that one down. However, I feel deeply and unfortunately the odds are on my (our) side.

        Hang tight, don’t be in too much of a hurry!

      100. Suzy- a cocoapuffer is one of the ignorant masses. Usually from the entitlement class. They sit on the couch eating cocoapuffs bought with food stamps and watch mindless junk on tv. They are generally lazy and completely ignorant of everything going on around them.

      101. Oh, and in regards to the new oil spill, there has been nothing on the news in my neck of the woods.  I only found out about it when I went to whatreallyhappened.com.  (My other favorite website, besides this one!)

      102. You Might Be A Cocoapuffer

        If you or your relatives have been guests on Jerry Springer more than three times…you might be a cocoapuffer.

        If your waist size is greater than your IQ…you might be a cocoapuffer.

        If you have 2 or more bail bondsmen on your speed dial…you might be a cocoapuffer.

        If lottery tickets are your only retirement investment…you might be a cocoapuffer.

        If you think “prepping” means applying anal ointment…you might be a cocoapuffer.

        If you’re under age 30 and have 4 or more grandkids- none with the same last name…you might be a cocoapuffer.

        If you know EVERY winner since the beggining of American Idol but have no idea who was president before Clinton…you might be a cocoapuffer.

        If the 1st of the month is ALWAYS your favorite day…you might be a cocoapuffer.

        If your most cherished family heirloom is a gold-plated crack pipe…you might be a cocoapuffer.

        If you still believe Obama will pay your rent and put gas in your car…you are definitely a COCOAPUFFER!

      103. Cocoapuffers?  See here: http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/
        This is what we will be dealing with very soon.
        Hope I did the link right….  🙂

      104. Scott, that is quite a video. The empty shelves in Tokyo were scary.

      105. kaynine is right.  Google is in bed with the govt.  Don’t use it anymore.   They are not to be trusted.

        I used Bing.  I find everything I want & need. 

      106. Chocolate Bar, you should learn how to pickle some eggs, buy an incubator & one lucky rooster for stock before someone steals them when you need them the most.

        Scott, I never get tired of looking at 55 gal drums of sorted pre 64 dimes & quarters.  Each one of them have met so many people before me.  They have lockable banded lids and stored in the basement.  I’ve started on nickels too but they don’t excite me as much.  The bank tellers know me. 

      107. Long term prepper here with just a few comments.

        To those who say, “bring it on.”  Beware of what you wish for.  Do you really wish such a horrible fate on yourself, your family, and your community?

        To those who try to convince others.  Its a waste of time.  We’re nutjobs as far as most people are concerned.  Most won’t listen and will be the first to come calling for a handout when things get bad.  I know this from experience.

        To anyone who thinks nothing is going to happen.  The collapse of US hegemony over the global economy has already begun.  Even our own Treasury Secretary is in favor of letting the USD lose its status as the sole global reserve currency, for which the IMF and the G20 have been clammoring for over the past two years.  The replacement is already in the works; look up Bancor or SDR (special drawing rights) issued by the Bank of International Settlements.  -and if you’ve been following the news, less than 1 month ago, China announced it will no longer settle international trade in dollars; only in Yuan.  That should have set off alarms in every prepper’s home…

        To anyone who thinks it’ll never be as bad as the “doom & gloom” prohets say it will be.  Ask anyone in Australia who survived the massive wild fires and floods last year, anyone in Pakistan who survived 2/3 rds of the country being flooded, anyone in Haiti, anyone who lived through 1:1 in Argentina, or anyone who is currently homeless in Japan, whether or not things can get seriously bad and on a moments notice.  Denial will get you killed.

        Lastly, whomever said it, said it right.  Prepping is a lifestyle, not a hobby or a project.  If you think you’re “done,” you’re not a prepper.

      108. Good video Scott.  When inflation hits here I believe we will be worse off for much longer.

      109. @laura – I agree with Laura, you have to start to become low key if your not already. As things unfold you will want to look like a plain dressed person. I have a bottle of Halloween blood if I ever need it to get from point A to point B. If you don’t stay low keyed your asking for trouble as you will be an open target for someone.

      110. “Despite what many believe to be an economic recovery, the data suggest things are getting worse, not better. The US government and Federal reserve have to take on more debt and print more money just to keep the system afloat. Any deviation would lead to an almost immediate and utter disaster.”
        I like to take an engineers approach to things. I can never hope to fully understand complex human systems such as economics and politics. Better to isolate a few measurable values that one can use in order to analyze risk, mitigate/hedge risk, and perhaps even profit from. Generally I use the gold price, silver price, US Dollar Index, trend changes in long term US treasury bonds, level and trend of the S&P, and the level and trend of the Hang Seng Index. Those measurements serve me well. I don’t try to predict the future, I simply try to be aware of current trends in the world and consider where those trends are likely to lead.

      111. Dennis: I do agree that 2012 is significant. Three great civilizations have spent the time and energy to inform US of it. But to my mind, the solar maximum does not peak in 2012. The new cycle started last summer with the CME in August.
        Prior to that its arrival August, the solar cycle was late by a couple of years and there was concern among solar scientists about that delay. That is not to say that a major eruption could not occur at ANY time, but the peak in the cycle now as WE have always measured it, comes in late 2015.

      112. Greenhorn: The Hedgemony of the greenback may be over in time, but there is no collapse coming. It already happened. The plan by the NWO is to bankrupt US and make US sell out our Constitution for One World Government.

      113. I’ve been adding a prep a day for some time. Recently got kerosene lanterns and fuel for them, more items for the BOB, more water containers, more food, more meds, extra propane, more tools, and started the paperwork and order for a sweet deal on a WASR10 (don’t be hatin – I have a budget and other firearms already). If it gets bad I’m prepared, if not, then I’m prepared. BTW, I’m on Facebook now. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Skeptical-Survivalist/134897733248627

      114. The Pentagon put out a warning of internal terrorist attack against the US economy to crash the stock market and bring down the banks. The leaders are union management who tell their workers that they just want to restore money and control to the worker but in a recorded planning session that did not contain any workers the laid out how they will destroy the US financial system and then rebuild it as part of the world system after removing most of the money. That would be the workers money, thier 401Ks.
        It is set to start the first week of May 2011.

      115. already got EVERYTHING covered and more, one can only eat so many eggs pickled or otherwise if there is still other food availale

      116. Okay Skeptical….I’m the 3rd person that likes your Facebook Page…..

      117. C,
        This is another example of how pre-planned and contrived the current chaos, an forthcoming collapse actually is. The guy from SEIU has been meeting with Elizabeth Warren clandestinely. If our government were truly afraid of what this individual was going to do, he would not get a meeting with anyone less than than the FBI and SWAT Team at his door.
        Then you look at how detached the president is while all of this is going on. Almost as if he’s just staying out of the way for what comes next.
        Someone above also mentioned the SDR. Well, we all got tipped off on the roll-out of this new, interim currency a good month or more ago. Which means the government had a deadline to work by. And the current system must be banished before the new currency rolls out.
        This will also happen while, as you mentioned, 401ks and IRAs will be decimated. The people will be broken overnight, and they will wake to the necessity (and reality) that they have nothing, and they must convert their old money into the new. No doubt, for ten cents on the dollar.
        JP Morgan is an awful entity, that will receive the same fate as all other elite, when Godly punishments are handed out. They profit from the suffering any way they can. They have a real conflict of interest in receiving a percentage of every new food stamp account that is opened. The more in need, the richer they get.
        JPM has been suppressing the metals markets for over a decade now. Some say ‘no big deal’, except to those that have already passed away, while living in poverty, waiting for the gains they were rightfully due.
        And right now, too many radio and TV hosts are vilifying this guy (and I’m not saying he’s entirely right, given his cooperation with this administration), without having a CLUE what JOM is about. They simply look at something that will crash the system as the work of someone truly evil. On the contrary, it will cut the head from this financial hydra, so that maybe we can all begin to establish a fair, new system.
        Finally, in regards to lost 401k funds and stocks, the world has since bailed on all of it, at a retail level. It is almost entirely propped up by government infused funding, and has been for a couple of years now. It’s the called the Wealth Effect, and the rug is about to be pulled out very shortly. And destruction of these accounts would have long since happened had the Fed never intervened. It’s all smoke and mirrors now.

      118. I meant to say, “What JPM is all about”, not JOM.  🙂
        And the point of it all being, get out of your dollars now! Whether its for more preps, food, metals….whatever. Don’t get caught holding that monopoly money when the hammer falls.
        Like I said, they’ve already made it clear that they need this system destroyed before they can move to the next phase. No accidents here folks. April/May was stated as the roll out of the SDR, long before this SEIU guy came onto the scene. Funny how precise the timing is!
        Good luck to all. I really value all that you each share on this site. And thank you, Mac. This site is invaluable to those who care enough to be prepared.

      119. On the subject of “God will provide”,  I am reminded of the story of a man who said exactly that when the river started to rise.  When it rose to his front porch, his friends came by in  a boat and said, “Come with us.”  He said, “No, God will provide for my rescue.”  When the water rose to his window the Sherriff came by in a boat and said, “Get in the boat, the water’s rising.”  The man said, “Nope.  God will provide for my rescue.”  When the water rose even higher, the man went up onto the roof of his house.  The Nat’l Guard came in a helicopter and said to grab the rope and they would fly him to safety.  He said, “Nope.  God would provide for his rescue.”  After the chopper flew away, the water rose over his house and he drowned.  When he got to heaven, he said to God, “God, I can’t believe you didn’t rescue me.  I had faith in you.”  God said, “You dolt.  I sent you two boats and a helicopter!”
        If you survive, then God provided for your survival.  Keep the faith.

      120. This is funny (weird, not ha ha kinda funny). I don’t watch TV like so many here, but I do get in Glenn Beck’s radio show, which is on now. I used to like him, but MAN, he is either incredibly behind the curve on some of the issues of this world, or he is being suppressed. But I digress.
        I just listened to him rant and rave about all the agencies, and media outlets, and even the government, who he’s trying to warn, screaming from the rooftops,  about this ‘economic terrorist’ coming in May!
        So Glenn and his goofy jesters have gone so far as to put the pieces together that he not a FORMER SEIU member, but may very well be on the payroll, according to the guy’s introduction at a local event, where he made the speech.
        Will Glenn acknowledge that this guy is actually working for the Obama administration, as has always been the tight-knit relationship ‘O’ had had had with SEIU? If he will acknowledge that, he would have to acknowledge every sign of a coming false flag.
        And oh yeah, I just heard him mention Jamie Gorelick, new head of the FBI. She will be making sure that the banks are protected ‘if’ (yeah right) all this goes down. 100% planned, with emergengy operations to protect the banks, while wiping the nation out of what little they have left. It is truly extraordinary.
        Are Beck and the rest really that clueless, if we SHTF’ers can put it together in just moments???? Maybe if faces up to this, he’ll open his eyes to 9/11. I won’t hold my breath on that.

      121. Greenhorn: I am “someone in Australia who survived the massive wildfires and floods [this and] last year”. The leanness of the supermarket shelves are largely forgotten by the masses. I know this because I work at one. People were saying “those were the days” only a few days after the shelves were re-stocked. I told most of the customers who came through my checkout that I hoped this would teach people to keep a bit more food in the house… and got quite a bit of agreement at the time. If I said it now, like when it’s fading out of memory, I’d get a few more concerned looks, like I must be still traumatised and haven’t “let it go”.

        The pull of normalcy cannot be underestimated. Like the people in Japan who were buying gossip mags right after the earthquake. Just had to make things seem that it was just another day.

      122. Thanks for the info and disturbing images about cocoapuffers. I have met a few of them. I have one in my family, I believe. My relative’s 5 kids have trouble using cutlery properly because their main diet consists of frozen pizza, KFC and McDonalds. The “whole” family doesn’t suffer though. She’ll often buy a rump steak for herself and eat it after the kids have gone to bed. Reason being that she can’t afford rump steak for everyone and the kids “prefer that other stuff anyway”. I wouldn’t worry too much about her or anyone like her, post SHTF. If anyone knows how to scrounge a handout, manipulate someone into taking pity on her or flat out beg borrow and steal to get something for nothing, it’s her.

      123. I just wanted to share a couple of tips you may or may not be aware of.  Soy flour might be something to think about storing.  You can substitiute one heaping tablespoon of soy flour and one tablespoon of water for an egg in baking.  (I like the chicken idea, but it won’t work for us.)   Also you can make baking powder by mixing 1/4 tsp of baking soda and 1/2 tsp of cream of tarter.  It substitutes for 1 tsp of baking powder.  It also has no aluminum.  Good to know if you don’t have baking powder or eggs.

      124. “Are Beck and the rest really that clueless”
        Well, someone around here is certainly clueless…but it’s not Beck.
        News Corp (this is the company that owns Fox) is a major contributor to The Council on Foreign Relations(CFR). I hope you know who CFR is. In addition, Rupert Murdoch (who owns News Corp, and Fox) is also a CFR member on an individual basis. Glenn Beck has a voice because Murdoch wants him to have a voice. Glenn Beck is saying things that Murdoch approves of or he wouldn’t be on TV..get it? The joke is on you and anyone else who listens to Beck.  Notice how anti SEIU Beck has gotten all of a sudden. Funny isn’t it? You only have to think for about 3 seconds to figure out who Beck is gaming for, and who isn’t against.. Lemme give you a hint. Beck ain’t your friend.

      125. SmokyMtnLady….ya it wasnt fun but I was ready ,it wasnt a shock…saw the writing on the wall so to speak….so while I still teach/preach I just  changed the target group from people in the church to people on the street,kinda like Paul when Jesus sent him out to teach the Gentiles instead of his own people 😉 really not that big a change (church and politics are very similar fields) Actually it seems easier!
         I dont broadcast preparedness to just anyone anymore,I watch and listen for the indication of someone wanting to learn,and I dont tell anyone about my personal preps per-sae,as Ive said here before Im not a prepper….its my lifestyle persuing personal independence and freedom,been at this for decades,wont be looking to change anything I do this side the grave.
        Im content living this way,each person has to find that place in mind and in deed where they are content,otherwise all this insanity will drive you nuts and all your preps will be for nothing,good luck to those who need it and may God bless those who will allow him to…thanks! 

      126. Dboy, I’m well aware of who’s in the CFR and the Bilderbergs. I think I was just being kind to Mr. Beck. Benefit of the doubt, and all that. I know of his clear aversion to all things false flag. The phrase ‘Doeth thou protesteth too much” comes to mind. But unfortunately, he’s on one of the very few radio stations I get out here.
        Thanks for the input.

      127. First of all, thanks a lot for all the encouragement and dialogue. Those kind of posts are hard for me to do, but it’s the truth and from the heart.
        And while yes “complacent and denial are good words. There are also the ones that think….”nothing we can do, when it’s your time it’s your time…why are you afraid of dying? better make sure your saved”??? I don’t think they have thought for one second past sudden and easy death or rapture…..they get that far and that is it. Not to mention the fact that if we were warned by Jesus Himself what to look for, well then duh!! Had Noah of taken the attitude many Christians are taking today….not a one of us would be here.
        Now about the oil in the Gulf
        A lot of good info here

        the funny part is “”your taxes”” are paying for Barry’s”” bum boy”” “”” reggie love!!!!””
        His quote unquote – GAY PERSONAL TRAINER – maseuse!!! lol ;0) your all morons and your living a lie! Keep payin’ your taxes – Reggie needs a raise!!! lol ;0)

      129. tekroanin, you sound like a progressive troll.

      130. @man up & Scott-I know what you mean!

        Wife says “why are you buying that”?
        “Honey, you know why and I know you think I’m crazy”!
        “No, you’re not crazy, just strange”
        I said, “one day you may thank me for doing this”
        She says, “I hope I never have to”
        Good attitude!!

      131. Comments….Been following this rant for a few weeks now – love it! I have heard the drumbeats in the distance for over 3 years now, since the Great Recession started. Now its so loud you can’t turn it down…so many crisis at once to keep you confused and off your game. I’m prepped with my bugout dugout hilltop but hope I can make there if it really comes that fast. Am I hearing a lot about May or is it just me? As far as faith and God and prepping: I always say that “faith is not standing in the rain praying for an umbrella- that is ignorance!” Peace be with you all – We the People will survive.

      132. @ AZ Ready   – Damn wives, I love ’em but I wish their thoughts were more in line with GA Mom’s! ; )

        I guess it only takes one of us to save the rest around us, that’s a good thing!

        I suppose I should say “spouses” and not limit it to wives

      133. @fiftyfive

        I too have a bug-out hilltop and hope I can get there as well.
        I will be looking for the China market to drop significantly and gold to go up by $200 + an ounce and that will probably occur on a Monday since SHTF always seems to happen over the weekend – obviously it’s meant to happen that way.

        We will have about 3 days to bug-out before the general public figures it out. That’s the man made scenario I’m watching for.

        I too have a feeling that May is a probable month, it’s not just you!
        Which can mean that time is running out – prepare the best you can between now and then… I’ve been prepping for years and everyday I always think of something I can add to my “pile”.   Good luck and God Bless!!!

      134. Comments…..i’m with ya man up!!! early this week i got my front lower tooth knocked out,when helping a neighbor with a project,(my fault) actually i was telling him, that he needed to be prepared for the future and had had enough of my brow beating. Went off  to the dentist for review!!! 80.00 office visit,only to be told 800.00 to fix it??? are you craz??,Do you know how much prepp stuff i can buy for 800.00 dollars.Whats prepp stuff,I’M GLAD YOU ASKED!!! with a crooked smile.

      135. Comments…..Man up !!!sorry …got carried away.My wife then asked me,honey what did the dentist say,He said, its going to be a lot,so i bought some pudding cups on line instead.I;M 400.00 AHEAD. I TOLD HER.BAMM!!!

      136. BJ, there is work down here on the other end of the country from where I assume you are based on your reference to Muskegon. I have been working at a hydraulic cylinder manufacturing plant for years and at present time I am working in excess of 50 hours per week. Recently we’ve had people relocate from as far away as California, which I thought rather weird. I don’t know what skills you may possess, and I can imagine what sort of response you would get from Shellie if you suggested moving to the deep south, but I thought I would give you a direction in which to look that you probably wouldn’t have considered.

      137. AND, we are not the racist rednecks you may have seen portrayed on TV. We are also way ahead in the personal defense/survival aspect for any kind of disaster, be it natural or man-made. Country boys can survive. No ammo? No problem. Down here we look out for one another.

      138. Never tell your husband (or spouse) how much you spent at the store.  Just tell him how much you saved him by getting it on sale, etc.  If something ever happens to me, my family will find their dinner tucked into every corner and crevice in the house.  They will probably laugh, but they won’t go hungry.

      139. Amen GA Girl, see that’s what I’m talking about : )

      140. They are the water, we are the frogs and dayum it’s gettin warmer in here!

      141. GA MOM,
        Do not trust Bing either…….use this page, they do not track your IP.

      142. GA girl. I must have done something wrong when following your advice. I got the paper the other day and there were a shitload of savings to be had at the local mall, so i jumped in the Hummer driving like a madman the whole way because I wanted to be one of the first ones there to get all of this free money. Well I spent so much I saved enough to pay the mortgage payment next month, so why is my wife pissed? I guess maybe I missed something?

      143. Where you at Lastman?….I click on your name ans it takes me to Morgan Stanley?

      144. DEAR, NWO Debt Slaves, QUESTION FOR YOU???
        Why??? Cause your taxes pay “”Barack I Take it in the Bum Obuma”” aka “barry sotoro”, your illegal alien illegal El President’s Obuma “”BUM BOY”” Reggie Love’s”” …aka Obuma’s gay personal trainer/ sex slave – Salary at the america brothel known as the “”White House!””
        So while your out on the street starving, homeless, penniless , about to loose your home by an illegal  default on your mortgage! Thinking about suicide or robbing the local food mart, just to eat!
        SCREAMING – “”PLEASE REGGIE MY LOVE! MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!”” grunt ggrunt squeel… lol ;0)
        *personally – I prefer my taxes payin for and the picture image of “”Bill I’m a murdering  Druggy Whore Clinton””, getting a BJ from Monica I’m a fat BIG MOUTH piggy Lewinski than the previous image of our gay ilLegal prez OBUMA and his real bum boy desecrating the Oval Office Desk, where Marilyn Monroe did her best work for JFK , Robert Kennedy and America!!!
        Keep payin your taxes NWO Debt Slaves! Reggie Love needs a raise!!! lol ;0)
        “GAWD Bless Thee Reggie Love!” For all you do for Gawd and Country! Now smack that ILLEGAL ALIEN PRESIDENTIAL ASS! ;0) LMAO
        your all suckers… livin’ a lie!
        Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Sheeple!
        and remember… “Don’t shoot Till You See the Blue of their U.N. Helmets!!!”
        AND to all you Boy’s in uniform REMEMBER…
        Obuma YOUR Illegal Commander and Chief ; just loves you boy’s all sweaty in uniform… NOW STAND your lil’ Soldiers at ATTENTION for his Inspection – Atten’ HUT! lol ;0P
        America is soooo Fk’d!

      145. Wow, Mac! What a batch of comments! You’re writings are attracting people like magnets! I can think of nothing more patriotic than what you are doing.
        Since there are many here that have not seen it I will re-post the link to my 6 Gs of modern survival. Plan and spend carefully and keep a good attitude. Our entire lives are simply challenges and victories or losses. This is one part of the game you don’t want to lose. Preparations ahead of time may not assure your victory but it won’t hurt.
        Here is a link to the 6 Gs of modern survival:

      146. BJ: You were at a loss for a word, earlier. Here are some words for you to try on your churchgoers:

        Laissez-faire: (lussay-fair) French for “let it be/leave it alone”. In context: “has a laissez-faire attitude”. Compatible with “Que Sera Sera”

        Blase (blar-zay) “Having the sensibilities deadened by excess or frequency of enjoyment; sated or surfeited with pleasure; uninterested because of frequent exposure or indulgence; used up.” eg “why are they so blase about everything?”

        External Locus Of Control: nothing controlled from within or blamed on self. Good= God has blessed me. Bad= God has cursed me. Future= God will save/help/bless me” Despair= God will punish me. Blame= God did it! (lol).

        (NB:Internal Locus Of Control: Good= I did well. Bad= I stuffed up. Future= PREPPING. Despair= Have I done enough/I can’t do enough. Blame= no one to blame but myself.)

        Perhaps your fellow church goers have a “laissez-faire” attitude to the way the country is going, and are “blase” about the possibility of something bad happening, because they have an “external locus of control”. (don’t bother prepping, the clouds will open and God will rain down MRE’s upon us.)
        No implication that one would not already know these words of course. (I forget basic words all the time, lol)

      147. Manna, the original MRE.

      148. Yes, I was thinking of manna when I wrote that. (That was me, I just forgot to put in my name).
        I think the Donner party could have used that sort of help.

      149. I think “Normalcy Bias” & “Cognitive Dissonance” are real good words too

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