If You Haven’t Acquired Self Defense Capabilities, the Time to Do So Was Yesterday

by | May 17, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 84 comments

Karl Denninger put together a list of Ten Things for 2010, and we highly recommend that our readers give it some consideration. We’ve noted some of the more pertinent items for our readers below, but we recommend checking out the entire article:

  • CNBS and other “media moguls” will not tell you the truth. They didn’t in the “flash crash” of last Thursday and they won’t next time.  Remember that CNBS was running with a “fat finger” explanation for the collapse within minutes of the market stabilizing.  That was utter and complete crap and anyone watching the markets knew it.  I knew what happened immediately, and so did they.  Listen to those who refuse to report the facts as they occur at your peril.
  • If you haven’t acquired the means of lawful self-defense in whatever form or fashion you deem prudent at this point, the time to do so was yesterday. You need time and practice as you need competence – the biggest component of self-defense is the thing found between your ears, not the thing in your hand(s)! I know I’ve harped on this before but if you think you can go buy a gun when things get dicey and be “protected”, having invested nothing in practice and/or training you are very likely to have that weapon taken from you and then be shot with your own gun.  That’s a crappy way to die; if you’re unwilling or unable for whatever reason (including legal restrictions where you live) to acquire the means of defense then being concerned about the above (where you’re going to go, how you’re going to get there, and what you’ve got for supplies) becomes even more important.
  • Get those “sudden stop” plans in place – NOW. If you’re in a big city you’re in big trouble.  Find friends or relatives that aren’t and see what you can do about a place to go where you have a reasonable shot at avoiding the worst of this.  Look, all-out civil unrest (or worse) is a low-probability event but if you get trapped in a big city and the worst comes that city will go feral within hours and become a free-fire zone.  What’s worse, many of these cities are openly hostile to citizens having and using effective self-defense; the bad guys don’t give a damn about laws – that’s why they’re called criminals.  There really are bogey men in the world – they’re called gangs folks, and they would love the opportunity that a breakdown that would come with such an event.  In such a circumstance the only way to win the game is not to play. This is all about where you are, not what you have.

We’ve got a one way ticket to collapse, folks. It really doesn’t matter if we’re talking inflationary collapse or deflationary collapse. We’ve resigned ourselves to the understanding that the government cannot fix this problem even if they had the desire to do so (which they don’t). The end result is going to be a lot of people with jobs, money, food and any sort of plan or ability to improve their situation. A collapse of the magnitude we’re talking about is not something that will be over in a few weeks or months. We’re talking years, potentially decades.

In the unlikely (likely?) event that we do experience a massive (TEOTWAWKI) hit to our financial and economic systems, you can also expect serious deterioration of our political and social systems, as well as emergency response capabilities.

As one of our readers recently pointed out, your short term food reserves of freeze-dried goods, rice, beans and water filters will only last so long. If you haven’t yet, you need to start considering long-term sustainability which includes, but is not limited to, skills training, food production, energy production and self defense.

And, if the worst doesn’t happen, then you end up with some skills that you can use for the rest of your life. Living on less and using your own hands to sustain is the new paradigm – start today.

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    1. GodSend

      Karl D is a Zionist Slimeball Shill RABBLE-ROUSER!

      When the American Revolution II comes along, Americans will KNOW who cooked their goose. They will KNOW that Zionist Slimeballs did 911, did “in” JFK, did the USS Liberty attack and ARE DOING the Grand Depression, etc. What they will do when TSHTF is what Americans have always done when they are thoroughly pisssed oof: SHOOT FIRST, and ask questions later. The Zionist Slimeballs will have no place to hide when Americans get out their arsenal and blast away. Some will prefer to “Hang ’em High” – also an American tradition.

      Karl D wants a Revolution but he doesn’t want the GUILTY punished! Can you believe he still says (not believes) that 19 crazed Arabs did 911 when every dog knows it was Israel!?

    2. Laura

      We live in a city of 100,000 with smaller towns within 50 mi radius.  We refuse to leave and have our house trashed.  We will defend it and stay put.   We used to live in  the country with a deep well, etc.  But,  as people get old they retire and move to cities.   However, this may not happen as it’s been predicted for some time.  Why would anyone want to ditch their houses and leave them open to thieves??  Now, if martial law were declared and you have a hide out with provisions, it may be best to take valuables with you and take off.   My insurance agent said if this happened most wouldn’t be covered if there was mass breakdown and gangs looting and burning.  Check with your ins. agent.  I would sell today and go rent if I was convinced this would happen soon!

    3. GodSend

      Nothing of the sort (advertised by Karl D) is gonna happen. Think of the French Revolution. The multi-racial masses (us) are gonna join together and build some “guillotines” – just like the French did. It will be us against THEM (the rich banksters and Zionist Slimeballs who are destroying America – and have been “at it” ever since “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”).

      THEY have many reasons to be afraid – NOT us! THEY will have to flee their homes and cities – NOT us!

    4. GodSend

      What’s coming is CLASS WARFARE!

      The Zionist Slimeballs are trying to drum up a “War of Civilizations” – targeting Muslims! THEY are trying to incite racial antagonism. It won’t work! American s KNOW that their enemy is Zionist Slimeballs.


      With nukes in the equation for WWIII, I doubt that “innovation” will be of any use to the survivors, huddling in caves and scavenging for irradiated cans of Spam and the odd bag of Fritos.

    5. Patriot One


      I’m not sure what state you are in, but in general, I can confirm your agent is right. Most property and casualty policies exclude, Civil Unrest, War and NBC attacks. So your house and its contens would not be covered, that could also go for other policies as well, Auto Boats, Business, Rec. Vehicles and even your Life Insurance may have a war clause. Did you know a lot of policies also exclude Terrorism?

      Just think about what our government is doing to Insurance Companies. Let’s say you own an office buildint in NY City and to cut cost you, as the owner reject terrorism coverage, as most do. When the government changes the name to “man caused disaster” instead of the contract language “Terrorism” now the policy has to pay on something that was excluded. In a very short period of time you wouldn’t have to worry about exclusions in your insurance, because there wouldn’t be any insurance companies left in business.

      Insurance serves a vital roll to protect you from a major financial loss.  It can protect even from a terrorist attack if you don’t reject the coverage. Read the exclusions  in your policy and if need be get a new one. Be careful when changing life insurance policies.

      In a TEOTWAWKI case. I really isn’t going to matter. Who are you going to call?       

    6. deathstorm

      If martial Law is declared you must be ready to take on the troops that come to disarm you as well.Remember Katrina and what they did? Even a concealed weapons permit meant nothing-they still took your weapons . Your right to bear arms actally means you must have a license and pay money .Not only will you have to fight invaders but yopu nay have to fire on our own troops.Because when you are disarmed ,your means of fighting back is over which means either you conform or you die. Preserving my life and Liberties is worth it to me  and i hope it is to you to. The ideas of finding a mountain hideaway -forget it, 99% of the people couldnt live off the land .Once your stash of food is used up in a matter of weeks ,then what ? You only had a temporary delay .For most it will be fight to your Death -Each house at a time .If you see them raiding your neighbors house-You dont hide in your house waiting for your turn, You rise and stand  and enguage . Every inch will be contested and have to be fought over . 

    7. grannyb

      Karl isn’t the only one predicting the coming troubles…so whether you like him or not is immaterial. There isn’t much hope that we can avoid financial collapse, here and around the world.
      Karl’s suggestions for preparing to survive the coming crisis are not too different from other prep advocates, so he is in pretty good company.

      Laura -I also live just outside a town of 100,000. As of now, we are planning to stay put because we have the largest house and the only water well among family living close. But, if things turn ugly (and most prognosticators say it will when the food starts to run out), we have plans to bug out to a remote location that has water, and camp out there for as long as necessary. I have no illusions about trying to defend my home – even though we own weapons and ammo, and know how to use them. Our neighbors are not hunters and several own no weapons at all. We (my immediate family) could not defend our entire neighborhood against large, armed, angry desperate mobs. I have bug-out bags, and plans for loading up camping gear on short notice, as well as several back-country routes planned for reaching our retreat. I may not want to leave my home, but our lives are more important. I couldn’t collect from insurance, or even argue about collecting, if I’m dead.

    8. Pete

      Comments…..GodSend, it is obvious that you are a muslim raghead. You can take your cult moongod and your pedophile prophet and shove them both up your filthy muslim arse.

    9. Airborne71

      Many people will be amazed when the SHTF and all of a sudden they will look around and : 1. NO Police ,  2 NO Fire department ,  3. NO ambulance , 4.  NO cell phone ,  5. No water  6.  NO electricity  7. NO dial 911. 8. NO Gas to fill your car.  9. NO stores Open   Everyone will be on their own .  It will boil down to, biggest hawg first!  Might will be right, The strong will survive the weak will die.  Finally after a few days and a couple rounds of  golf our fearless leadership will get off their collective asses and start to get some law and order back into the mix . But its going to be too late for many , they will be dead or dying . How fast can a city block burn down ?  You may soon find out , what does it look like in a free fire zone ? Just watch and see , IF you are lucky enough to survive !   Ever see some one shot ?  You will !  Ever see someone offer a person anything for a can of beans ? Its going to happen , probably right in front of you ! Ever stand an armed guard at night so your loved ones can sleep safely ?   You are going to have to do it . All of this will be just the beginning !!

    10. zukadu

      Very good advice Mac, especially to those in LA. The aftermath of any kind of “event” there in Southern California would be absolute madness within about a week. Eighteen  million people in Southern California equals:

      Hati times five. Stock up on guns, grub, and water now. One gallon of bleach for a buck and a half could go along way to purify water in a pinch. Five gallons would be better. Much better.

      AB71: I knew my “firewatch ribbon” was good for something. Thanks!

    11. zukadu

      When the SHTF does anyone really think the insurance companies are going to pay out, or pay out on a timely basis, or pay out before the top brass enrich themselves before filing for BK protection? If you do, I have some raw land in Temecula I want to sell you.

      Short the insurers now! 

    12. Airborne71

      OK so how does someone acquire weapons ?  Well to start with how much money can you spend ?   Most folks who can afford AR-15 s have done so. The same with 45 auto pistols and 9MMs . So now lets look at those among you who don’t have a lot of cash to spend .  The first place to start is your local news paper , look in the sporting goods section or some actually have a section labeled  ” Guns “  get an idea what they are asking for used guns .  Also look in the moving sales . lots of folks are moving and can’t bring guns with them . Mass and Cal. and New York  make it very hard to own guns and many will sell them cheep before moving to those states . Other states have a weekly for sale guide and folks will sell them there . New England has one called “Uncle Henrys swap and sell it guide ” I purchased a .380 auto with 2 boxes of ammo for $120.  . Its easy to find 12 gages single shot for $100. Other states have similar weekly sale magazines . Start going out to yard sales , Make it known you are in the market for guns .  Don’t turn your nose up at edged weapons , Knifes come in awful handy in close quarters battle . An excellent publication is called ” BUDK ” also on the web I have purchased some excellent blades from them at a very good price . and they will send you a free magazine when you go to their web site or call them . http://www. Gun Broker.com is very good as well. Be ready to buy at anytime , bargains can pop up at the drop of a hat . especially when you have let your friends know you are looking . Keep some cash on hand just for the bargains that may show up . Hope this has helped , Good luck

    13. GodSend

      Pete (Zionist Slimeball, Jr.):

      I don’t think your mommy and daddy would be proud of you and your language. Now be a good boy and apologize – like you were taught when you are naughty!

    14. GodSend

      There will be no riots. There will be no racial confrontations. There will be no mayhem.

      There will be well-armed and well-organized civilian militia Americans of all races and creeds, hunting down the Zionist Slimeballs who destroyed America as we knew it – starting with 911 and ending with the unforgivable and deceptive acts of a bunch of TRAITORS and CRIMINALS in control of the Fed, the Treasury, the WH, CONgress, the Judiciary, the Media, Homeland Security, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the Pentagon, etc.!

      “Hang ’em High!” will be the battle cry of the American Revolution II!

    15. bruno

      U.S. credit card delinquencies fell again in April. In regulatory filings on Monday, Capital One Financial (COF), Discover Financial Services (DFS) and Bank of America (BAC) reported lower credit card delinquency rates, a sign that fewer borrowers will default on their card debts in the coming months.


    16. Dave

      How anyone could imagine leaving their homes that have a water well is beyond me.
      Guess where the “authorities” will force you to live…in some FEMA/superdome scenario amongst the animals that have been misclassified as “people”.
      Food,seeds,an acre,water well,gravity filter,guns,ammo,oil lamps,propane.

    17. Jonny V

      I’m with you Dave.  They’re not going to be moving me out of my place.  First they move you out, then your place gets ransacked and they shoot your animals.  There’s video of them doing this exact thing in New Orleans on youtube.  My house is on my property, and I’m not leaving unless it’s to move north (hundreds of miles) because things are irretrievable.  I sure as hell aint leaving because of some thug cop at the door.

    18. Goldenfoxx

      Comments…..Why should anyone here listen to Karl, he voted for Obama.  Anyone who thought Obama was going to be their Hope and Change IMHO have no credibility whatsoever.  Ilisten to what Gerald Celente has to say,  he’s more in-tune as to what is happening now and in the future.

    19. Patriot One


      In an TEOTWAWKI there won’t be a company left to pay claims. A limited attack like the WTC or localized civil unrest the policies would pay claims unless its excluded. I’m merely trying to point out that post 911 commercial insurance gives the option to reject terreoism coverage which most people do. My other point is that when the government calls an attack a “man caused disaster” instead of a “terrorist attack” the companies would wind up paying for something the never collected a premiun for. Its really just another example of unintended consequences of bad government. It will cause the insurance companies to go bankrupt.
      I know most people don’t like or feel sorry for an insurance company, but lets look at some of the good insurance companies do. When you were born, an insurance company paid for it. When you were sick, an insurance company paid for it, When the hurricane, fire, twister, earthquake distroyed your home the insurance company paid for it. When you wrecked your car, the insurance company paid for it. When you hit the lottery, an insurance company pays for it. When you retire an insurance company guaranties your pension, and when you die an insurance company will pay for it.
      I can tell you from personal experience when a person or family has their world torn apart and you show up with a big check, they all love the insurance company.  
      I’m not saying all insurance companies are good, their not.  Is any industry?

    20. zukadu

      That was my point exactly, Patriot One, as one of the other posters mentioned checking with her insurance company in case the SHTF. But to be clear, to my thinking, there is a difference in scale between SHTF and TEOTWAWKI.

      To me SHTF is a regional disaster like a major earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricane, or tornados. To me TEOTWAWKI is a global event like CME’s or Pole Shift. Of course, don’t split the hairs for those living at the epicenter of the event. For them it will be the end of their world. Either way, I have some raw land in Temecula CA for anyone that wants it.

      In a SHTF scenario, insurance companies may be left, but I doubt that they will pay out, depending upon the scale of the event. In a TEOWAWKI event, the insurance companies will just fold their tents and say:

       “Sorry, that was then, this is now”.

    21. sanityjones

      You should all be operating in condition yellow, 24/7. 

    22. admin

      Ok, zuk — so, seriously, are we talking a 9.25 Richter earthquake in Temecula CA on May 24 at 4:02 PM?

      If so, then from what I understand about earthquakes above 9.0, it would do some serious damage – enough to cause a mass scale catastrophe on a number of levels.

      Even though it is out of the big city, an earthquake at 9.0 or higher is going to destroy buildings and lives, potentially for 1000 miles out (according to wikipedia). At 9.25, it would be one of the top three strongest earthquakes ever recorded if that’s what we’re talking about here, and the largest in North America, ever.

      I figure if you’re giving away raw land in TCA, perhaps you foresee a problem there — either that or you’re good to go on your SHTF location and just don’t need the land in TCA 🙂

      This would most certainly be a regional disaster of epic proportions.

      My next question, and I figure you’ll give us an answer eventually (perhaps by the 25th), is: How did you come about this information?! 

      Personally, I believe in cyclical events, and order in chaos. As such, I do believe that there is a way to calculate events, be they mad made or natural. Human technology, in my view, is limited at this time, but the answers are most certainly out there.

      Whether my earthquake theory is right or wrong, or a regional event transpires or not,  I am still very interested in your coordinates and would love to learn more!

    23. zukadu

      524 402 925 +/- TCA

    24. admin

      Sanity, I just got back from the grocery store… I, like you, am always at SHTF Prep Level Elevated… And I figured, heck, if Zuk is right about next week, it couldn’t hurt to have another 150 pounds of rice ‘n beans on me, just in case. So I went with it — what’s another $75 bucks for 1000+ servings of food… I don’t feel bad – maybe a little nuts – but not bad.

      Monday night, I will likely go to level Orange at about 5:00 pm local time (CST). And if the SHTF, I’ll be ready to make another run for food, ammo, and perhaps a new shotgun just for the heck of it.

      Hmmm… I wonder if we should have a SHTF Alert Level Indicator…

      Like when NoKo sank that SoKo boat, that should have bumped us to Orange…. The same with the stock market crash last week….

      If it ever goes to RED, it basically means that the S has in fact hit the fan, or TEOTWAWKI is about to go down.


    25. Patriot One

      In my opinion a hurricane or other natural disaster would be localized and thus does not rise to the level of SHTF or TEOTWAWKI. I equate SHTF as more of a national event with wide spread civil disorder. TEOTWAWKI would be global in structor, size and scale. Can we agree on this? So localized = Insurance Co. Payment. SHTF = Payment maybe and TEOTWAWKI = Your on your own.

      Now about your puzzel. Do we know each other? So far you have the month, day and exact time my wife was born, does this mean I’m going to be the first to go?

      No really, I’m not good at this, is the 5/24 4:02pm. pst. correct? With only days left can you give more hints or is the whole thing a hoax to keep the conversation going? I guess your in CA. and your pretty creative. If its real, don’t you want to save people? Is it a date and time America or other large nation will declare a Force Majeure? Maybe California’s insolvency? 

      What ever it is, you have people thinking and that’s a good thing.

    26. double wit

      cmon patriot, you’re smarter than that.  If he REALLY knows something then he is a piece of shit who is part of something bad, OR he is full of shit, and we know the answer to that.  No one whoever comes out with mysterious predictions are ever right, they just get some “kick” out of it, or are completely delusional.

      Yeah, he is going to be the first ever “prophet” to predict something huge on the exact day at the exact time and be right, on this website nonetheless, we are the privileged few to hear anything about it, but not enough to help in anyway or with enough details to prove or disprove the prediction.  Again, CMON PEOPLE!!!

    27. zukadu

      Patriot One: I think we have stumbled on a topic worthy of discussion by everyone: So what is the differrence between SHTF and teowawki? Mac is reading my posts tonight maybe he will make this a topic for discussion. (That will get his mind off my puzzle)

      Agreed. TEOWAWKI is: Global in scope and”You are on your own. Adapt or die.” SHTF regional is:  New Orleans and “You are on your own, here’s a bus ticket to Dallas. SHTF local is: Somewhere in the Midwest, tornados have ripped through a small town and FEMA will be there in a couple of weeks with water and contaminated trailers.

      Maybe someone has a better definition of events.

    28. Jonny V

      Agreed Z, SHTF is more local in scope.  When I started looking into the Cascadia subduction zone a year ago, they said it could generate a 8.5-9+ earthquake for a five minute duration as the zone “unzipped” (my words) from the Cal/Ore border up into BC.  The tsunamis would be racing all over the Pacific.  That is SHTF.   Months on end with no electric or gasoline or other basic services.  This is where I concentrate my prep efforts.

      TEOTWAWKI is a much more massive event.  Solar flare generates EMP which knocks out the grid on a continental scale.  Years with no power, no national defense, disease and mad max ensue.  Total breakdown of society.  I’m not sure you can prep for this.  The only way that I can see to even begin would be to ditch the technology and live like the Amish.

    29. Jonny V

      The great Alaska earthquake of 1964 was 9.2 magnatude for about a five minute duration.  Very few people lived there at the time, so the death toll was modest.  The damage was tremendous however.  I don’t think we have any modern skyscrapers in the big cities that will stand up to that strong a quake.  Most will collapse ala 911.

    30. Frank Ohsen

      Be more concerned with that which is called “wormwood”.      Read Revelation.   And TPTB already are aware of it.

      I’ve said enough.   That’s all for now………………..

    31. ThinkTIme

      The answer is…the second U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Beijing on May 24- 25 -  a news article says it will foster currency appreciation.. hmm… PLUS/MINUS The Coinage Act. A New one in 2010? Not sure I really want to think too far on this one. Got Gold? What did I win? or what will we lose?

    32. admin

      TT – very interesting  – great research there!

    33. clusterfox


      this is the answer to all physical self defense needs…

    34. GodSend

      May 24, 2010 is the first day of SEVEN DAYS IN MAY.

      If that’s unfamiliar to you, visit my Blog and also read what Mike Stathis has to say about “Financial Armageddon+”!

      Of course, if nothing happens, there’s always NEXT YEAR – well, “always” until 2012, anyway! 😉

    35. GodSend

      PS The time of my last post is 7:29 – that means: “Made in Israel” (sort of) 😮

    36. Goldenfoxx

      Comments…..If you live in a big city of even a medium size city, where are you going to run to without already having a place out in the country to go.  We’re in the midst of a housing disaster and people’s finances are already strained. Yes, they’ll show up in our neck of the woods to pilfer and steal from us, or whatever it takes for them to survive.  There’s safety in numbers and they’ll be coming in numbers.  Though guns and ammo are a good thing to have, they will also have guns and ammo to take whatever they wish.  We may be prepared with food, water and shelter, those are physical.  Can you handle the mental part of it?  Like killing someone–maybe a family with children?  Is anyone prepared to take on an extra burden?  I’m not.

    37. GodSend

      Karl D is actually a brilliant observer and commentator of today’s “financial scene” (MESS). He just (?) has an Achilles’s Heel about Zionists and Zionism – like ALL Zionist Shills!

    38. Jonny V

      Think Time, yours is the first solution to Z’s puzzle that has the look of being correct.  It fits in with his “healthy disrespect” for bankers and corporate types, and has the scope to deliver massive disruption of the economy, especially if the Chinese decide to act against us.  It could definitely cause a SHTF scenario.  Good work.

    39. Dave

      Many people post statements like “you really can’t be sure that you’ll have guns because during Katrina the cops took them”.
      I have news for you,Katrina was a very small,localized event,if we have a national event,the cops will be too busy taking care of their own families instead of promptly getting shot dead trying to take the only means of defense from US citizens.

      What do you think the life expectancy would be for someone wearing a government costume kicking in doors to confiscate our guns? 1 day? 3 days? it simply wouldn’t be worth the risks to them to bother-even if ordered to do so.

      There are 80 million gun owners in the US,if only 5% fought back,it would outnumber all cops,FBI,FEMA,CIA,military and Blackwater COMBINED
      Good luck!

    40. Jonny V

      A few months ago, we had a topic on this forum about a sheriff in Louisiana who said that he and a bunch of his “white deputies” were prepared to take over grocery stores, gas stations, and so forth in the event of a disaster so that they could “distribute” the supplies.  Right.

      There was another blurb on here about some cop in Utah who “knew who had what” and therefore didn’t have to prep because he could just take from those who had.

      On the news, we have endless examples, over the last several years, of cops behaving with more and more brutality as time goes by.  In our race to brand everyone wearing a uniform a “hero” (post 911) we have degenerated into a dangerous form of idolatry with these cops.  Now, when they violate our rights, there is no punishment for them at all.

      The actions of those cops in the Katrina fiasco is the perfect example of why we must be armed.  In my view, during a SHTF scenario, the cops are actually a major THREAT to you and your family.  Possibly a larger threat than the hordes of unprepared who will be trying to steal.

    41. Patriot One

      Way to go Zuk. the masses are engaging. No man is that smart, but collective opinions and ideas can solve any problem. Well almost any problem.
      I gotta wonder about that Cionage Act, the China meeting and the photos of the new german marks. Think about the US, China and Germany merging currencies.
      Here is the problem with a new world reserve currency. Just like the Euro you would have sovereign countries with out a sovereign monetary policy. The US and China at present can just print money out of thin air. The PIIGS on the other hand are at the mercy of the EU and we all know how that is working out. 

    42. Scab

      Predicted dates for doom NEVER come true. Unless one is committing suicide and leaves a note, like the Kamikaze in Austin.  

    43. Jaream


    44. yourdaddy

      The only way Zuk would be able to predict:
      1) An Earthquake
      2) An Earthquake with such a high magnitude
      3) The Location
      4) The Date
      5) The Time

      could only mean he is somehow privy to the highly classified actions of HAARP in Alaska (http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/index.html).  
      I’ve heard chatter of a pending, large West Coast earthquake on the west coast for a few months now, but nothing that comes close to this type of pin-point detail. 
      It wouldn’t surprise me that we’d use HAARP on our own nation, as the TPTB have been doing everything they can to expedite the fall of our nation (No immigration policy, moral hazard with the printing of trillions of new dollars, useless & expensive wars in multiple theatres, collusion with Wall Street etc etc).  Destroying California would trigger a chain of events that would take the country over the precipice, and bring the One World Government “solution” that much closer to fruition.
      I know Zuc hasn’t officially endorsed Mac’s stab at the riddle, (prediction of a Temecula area 9.25 earthquake) but I’d be curious to know why Zuc hasn’t just come out and disclosed his source & explained his motives for “dangling” a carrot on a stick. 
      If you have access to the interworkings of HAARP (you’ve mentioned you were ex-military) and you leaked that highly sensitive information on the web, I could certainly understand a modicum of fear.  But you seem to be having too much “fun” with this. 

      To many of us that visit this site & others like it, this is a very serious forum.  Hard to imagine anyone coming in here and playing “cat-and-mouse” with potentially devasting news.  You’ve mentioned you will come clean on May 25th, but really, what’s the point?    Full disclosure as to what you’re talking about, why you’ve elected to publish it, why you think it is reliable etc etc all serve to give you credibility (and possibly alert folks who can benefit if you’re source is proven accurate).

      I’m not here to bash you for attempting to help/share information you think is meaningful, I just can’t reconcile your methods as anything short of nonsensical.

    45. Mardochee Augustin

      Comments….. When the shtf it will be mayhem. Another thing for you Martial Law people fail to mention is that there isnt enough manpower to implement it. Many police will stay at home to protect their families. Many troops (oath-keepers ) will not follow orders. America is not a united nation,its a multi ethnic empire. It will dissolve into chaos. Paul Rev a couple of days ago posted an article of the Bush family’s huge ranch in Paraguay. Many of the wealth are going to leave the nation,we will revert to what the native Americans were tribal warfare. I live in NYC and it will be a shitstorm over night. Cities like LA,Boston,NY,Miami,Houston and many more will be like Mogadishu. America will be like Yugoslavia,Somalia,Iraq,Pakistan times 10,000. Read Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas Chittum

    46. Jaream


    47. double wit

      “I’m not here to bash you for attempting to help/share information you think is meaningful, I just can’t reconcile your methods as anything short of nonsensical.”

      Thats just it daddy, it is nonsensical nonsense. He is either full of shit or a scumbag for not giving full details of something “he knows” (which he doesn’t) will be devastating to us all. 

      He has dug his own grave on this one either way.

    48. double wit

      I can hear him giggling in his moms basement right now.

    49. Jaream


    50. Mark

      Well Jaream the ultimate shtf is when we have a debt induced collpase. As of today our debt is 12.9 trillion. By the end of this year our debt will be 13.8 trillion. Now we do not add the liabilities of fannie and Freddie which is 6 trillion. So our debt should be around $19 trillion! When you add the unfunded liabilites of medicaid,medicare,Social Security it is 107 trillion dollars!!! There is no way we can pay this off. On top of this you have pensions both public and private are heavily underfunded.
      All together it is 3.2 trillion dollars underfunded. Then you have state debt. If the govt tried to bail out all the bankrupt states(48 of them) it would cost $4 trillion to do so. Then on top of this you have the alt-a option arm resets coming in 2011-2013 which is 4X bigger then subprime.
      Then there is the creidt card bubble,student loan bubble,commercial real estate bubble resets coming in 2012-2013. This will destroy the banking system alone. I think our debt will kill us. The interest payments on our debt is 2.5%(28 billion dollars of tax revenue). The Fed will have to raise the interest rates on our debt to combat inflation. They will have to raise it above 5%. The prblem is if we raise to 5% the money we would spend on paying the interest alone would be $500 billion every year! That is 40% 0f tax receipts ! And if the trasury yields of interest rates goes above 10% it will be game over. The servicing of our debt will kill us. And when this happens there will be a dollar panic and dollar collapse.

      Whew! that was a lot of info I wrote but America is going to collapse and when we do it will be very ugly. Martial Law will be impossible to implement so get ready for America to breakup into a series of tribal warlord states.

    51. yourdaddy

      Seems like “Jarearm” and “Zukadu” are the same poster…and I thought he was going to wait until May 25th to create a new alias.

    52. Jaream


    53. Anonymous


    54. Anonymous


    55. Jaream


    56. Willie Wonka

      ream,  Because the run of the mill financier/stock broker, etc will be as hard hit as anyone else, they need to believe, they need to promote that its getting better.   They need players in their game and they are losing them instead of gaining them. They are hoping they can talk us all back into the game again.

      Also, they are seeing their schemes are not working any longer, and they fear the repercussions from the citizenry when/if a collapse occurs.  

      Remember most hig level business people  take the Dale Carnegie type “leadership” training. Its all about being positive, they think optimism breeds optimism, whether they are really optimistic or not.

      It s only the uber elite who will benefit from some form of collapse, mostly a consolidation of power (or so they believe), and many  have an ideological investment in a collapse i.e. the de-populationists like kissinger, gates, etc, etc.

    57. Willie Wonka

      I should have said, they will be as hard hit “RELATIVELY”  to their current status as anyone else

    58. Mark

      Comments….. Well Jaream they are upbeat because they believe the crisis is over. However it is not. They do not look at the problems upcoming and also the mainstream media has brainwashed Americans to not look at the debt nuclear bomb we have here. Think about it would you rather have a man come in your program talking about upbeat,”green shoots”,bull shit market recovery or have a man that preaches gloom and doom. You rather want to hear the good news rather the bad news. Americans do not want to hear bad news or face it. Another thing many of the wealthy know what is coming and are preparing for the neo dark ages.
      We must educate them  of what is coming. For example many of them did not see the subprime mortgage collapse. If I can recommend Jarearm read Zero Hedge,Christ Martenson.com,also watch Meltup,and Crash Course by Chris Martenson on YouTube. These blogs and videos are very informative. Watch these two videos.

    59. Jaream


    60. Yourdaddy

      Jarearm = Zudaku

      and now we can add “Mark” & “Willy Wonka” to that list.  Your post on May 16th (Dollar, Gold) as alias Jarearm admonishing Zudaku for his recent riddle prophecy was just a head-fake.  You then come back and quickly “thank” Jarearm for his perspective (your own).  Consistently posting in ALL CAPS with broken english as “Jarearm” is a deft touch. 
      Your recent bombardment of 8 consecutive posts after I brought attention to your alter-ego, was another typical move of someone trying to bury that post. 
      Seriously, this is embarrassing. 

      Mac- anyway you can look into this guy?  Check the IP adderss of each poster?   

    61. Jaream


    62. zukadu

      Yourdaddy:   Lets suppose for a moment that ThinkTime is correct. Who would or could profit from that knowledge? Only the Banksters I think. All the “preppers” on this site are set, or working on their plans, wherever they are, and not Money Managers. Everyone except Jonny (Rambo) V that is, who is headed north to live off the land. Good idea, Johnny if you have a specific cave in mind.

      If Mac is right, and I am talking about a major earthquake for SoCal, do you really believe that anyone would leave the State on my say so? I don’t think so. Lets face it, Californians have been living with the knowledge of the threat of the “Big One” for at least one hundred years. Don’t see anyone packing their bags to leave, not even after the recent events in Chile or Baja, or other more minor quakes that occur almost daily. There is no way to “save lives” prior to an event like this. It is an Act of God.

      If this were the case and my confidence level were so high that I informed the PTB, what do you think the response would be? Probably “run my plates”, read all my records on file in every database possible, and if that were not sufficient they would probably try to download my hard drive to see what dangers lurk there. 

      But what could they (TPTB) do before such an event? Nothing really. Evacuate Southern California? Not likely. Where do you send 18 million people on the whim of the craziest loon on the lunatic fringe? They could review financial contingency plans, stand nuclear reactors and refineries down to avoid secondary events, make sure Naval and Coast Guard vessals were out to sea, move First Responder assets from the projected epicenter, have Marines at Camp Pendelton on stand by to provide security, and make general public service announcements about what to do if an earthquake strikes. That and pray is all anyone can do prior to the event you described.

      I am aware that in 5500 years of recorded history, no specific “doomsday” prediction has ever come true, at least not a specific event, with a specific focus point, timed to the minute. That is what is more powerful and more profound than such an event itself. That fore-knowledge, if accurate, has tremendous implications far beyond the event itself. I will leave you to contemplate that thought.

      I do not post under any other name. And I know nothing about HAARP. The government cannot control everything, and neither do we. Ride it out.

    63. michael

      there cannot be a 9.2 earthquake in California – the ground formation is not strong enough to build up the tension needed for that. According to geologists, maximum is about 7.8, going for 5 minutes if the whole length of the San Andreas fault ruptures.
      Which is bad enough.

    64. Willie Wonka

      Daddy; UHHHHHH, ok sherlock, I can assure you I am NOT  zakadu, mark or jaream!  Mac will attest to that.  I would love to hear your evidence for that genius deduction or show me one  one thing I have said that could even remotely resemble a zakadu comment.

      I am insulted.

      Even funnier about you thinking I am one of his alter egos is I am (was) on your side, he is a few cards short and possibly multiple personalities  (in fact I agree with another poster who thinks he is johnny v), I have just been kind and chose to ignore him for the most part after getting into it with him awhile back. 

      I do see though that I may have been taken in by the ream question I answered. I thought he was being sincere, but after seeing more of his posts, and rereading the one I responded too, it is pretty obvious something (someone) is not right.

    65. yourdaddy

      Found these two comments over at “The Coming Economic Depression” seems Zukadu (and his bevy of alter-egos) aren’t the only ones spouting off about this “inside information” for May 24th.  One of the posters references the source of this nonsense as George Ure and his Webbot prediction software…

      May 18, 2010 6:04 PMAnonymous said…
      There are 6.7 Billions people on this earth. Listen up people, this is it. We have had our Katrinas, the world worst natural disaster in the Gulf. I am begging each of you to prepare for the worst. We will see some big time shit go down before the year is over. In fact, I expect you will see the beginning of it on May 24, 2010. Next Monday, expect to hear some news that will affect you for the rest of your life. It will only be the beginning. Get you some land in the country side and be ready for the change of your life. Change your mind set before it is too late.
      San Marzano said…
      6:15 is reading George Ure’s predictions which are often interesting, but he’s only right about 30 percent of the time. The other 70 percent he waits for an event to happen, and then paints a target around it, and says “See, my prediction hit the target!”

      Zukadu’s “source” was a computer program? Nice.

      Willie Wonka-no need to be insulted.  If you just happened to post during Rukadu’s 7-post, multiple personality conversation above, my bad.  I’m sure you’ll have ample opportunity to prove your genuine.  You don’t have to look far to notice that Rukadu’s posts always seem to be “conversing” with the same “people.”  What are the odds that these “people” just happen to be visiting this site, within minutes of Ruk/Mark/Matt/Ream/sanity/granny/et al, and whip up a real-time conversation?  Not buying it pal.
      Mac-curious if you will weigh in on this.  You’ve got a multi-personality troll degrading the quality of your board.  Flush him out.

    66. admin

      YD: I can confirm that none of the posters share the same IP address and are most of them are located in different regions. Unless Zuk is using 4 – 5 different internet connections, they are all different people. I’ve also had direct email exchanges with some of the posters mentioned.

      RE: multiple conversations with the same people: The “notify” check box below does make this possible, as it sends the instant email… Some people may have instant alerts, say, through GOOG or YHOO as email alerts come in.

      Personally, I think Zuk put forth  a topic that piqued our interest and everyone decided to get involved.

    67. Jonny V

      Speaking only for myself, I look forward to posts from some more than others.  Although I strongly disapprove of Z’s religious leanings (I don’t approve of ANY religion actually) I do like his style, and his little puzzle has been entertaining.

    68. zukadu

      Thanks for the support guys. I am down here in my mother’s basement again, giggling like a schoolgirl! 🙂

      In general, we don’t have basements in Arizona, the ground water level isn’t high enough to require them. But some Mormans build them into their houses to stash their cache.

      Willie Wonka must be furious with you, daddy, for insulting him like that. As for my “insincerity” WW, not true. I believe that sincerity is the greatest virtue; virtue is truth, truth is love, love is beauty, beauty is life, life is breath. I just try to keep breathing.

      daddy as for the links you provided and the persons on those locations, I have never been there, don’t know them, and didn’t get my info from them. I am totally independent, but I will check the link out of curiousity when I finish this post.

      As for a using a computer program or programming itself, using Word 2007 with the new ribbon is more than I can muster. I might be a freak but I am no geek. Keep an open mind daddy, you too WW, you never know; sometimes, even a blind chicken can find some corn. Maybe I found some. We will all know at the same time.

      Truthfully, I would rather be wrong than right on this as I have family and friends in harm’s way. They couldn’t hear me either.

    69. Dr Simon

      For less than 500.00 one can be set up fairly nicely……


    70. yourdaddy

      Allright Zukadu, fair enough.  Mac asserts you are solely, and you routinely take the criticism with big shoulders… I’ll lay off.

      FYI, my brother and his wife live in LA.  While they both wouldn’t move, they would take strong caution to an (alleged predicted) event and use that information to their benefit.

      You clearly intend to hold onto whatever it is you’ve got, but if it involves SoCal, I’d want to know.

    71. Willie Wonka

      I have been posting here for quite awhile, I have already “proven” whatever you think I need to prove, which I most certainly don’t.

    72. Willie Wonka

      And if you have noticed, I DON’T converse with zaduku, as I stated.

    73. zukadu

      Ok, yourdaddy: Its SoCal. They should probably stock up on lots of canned foods, fresh water, etc. I think a vacation or sick day on 5/24 is wise. If its hits, they don’t want to be in traffic at 402. Don’t forget the bleach. A “prophet” is not honored in his own family.

      Maybe in yours. 

    74. grannyb

      No, I’m not zukadu either!!!

      According to the Bible, a prophet can only be judged by his/her accuracy. And yes, I make no excuses for believing in the Bible – we live in a country that gives me the right to believe! I have no idea whether zukadu will be right or wrong, but I’ll be watching the clock and live news feeds come Monday. Even if he’s wrong, well, ok. No millions evacuated, no fear and panic in the streets…like zuk said-who would listen? No one wants to hear bad news, and most people I know would rather sit at home and wait for the ground motion to start than head for the hills…just in case the prediction was wrong and they’d look foolish. Human nature is a curious thing!!!

      And my question to the rest of you is, who else will find themselves looking at the clock at the given time??? Bet you won’t be able to help yourselves! Just in case…..

      Keep posting zuk-I enjoy reading your posts!

    75. zukadu

      GrannyB; If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be:    zukadu!   🙂

      What we do know Gb, is if the Big One hits this year as indicated by the bible codes, the “flash” and the “splash” will likely manifest in 2012 and 2015 respectively, as it indicates.

      My “prediction” was not generated by the bible codes.

    76. grannyb

      Well, zuk, it’s a certainty that you keep things interesting around here! Mac provides great info, and then lets the rest of us go after it!

      I am only just learning about the Bible codes, but I think it’s past time for knowing more…and will be interested in knowing the source for your insight about 524…if you see fit to share.

       Will we still have internet access for a while???  It will certainly be better for keeping up with the news instead of the msm!

    77. double wit

      OOOOHHHH…I am getting SO excited….please zukadamas, tell us more! (eyes rolling)

    78. yourdaddy

      You might have tripped on something here.  When I mentioned you must be privy to HAARP, I was surprised that you denied any knowledge of it, as the use of their ELF technology (quite possibly/very likely against Haiti, China & Chile recently) is the ONLY way a precise prediction could be made regarding a future earthquake (Man-made/caused). 

      One of the monikers of HAARP is a rainbow-like presence in the sky just prior to the Earthquake it is set to induce.  I believe this is due to an activation of the Ionosphere (not a typical rainbow that resides much lower in the Troposphere).  Just recently, there are reports of this exact rainbow-like presence hovering over Los Angeles. 


      Clearly, none of the folks reporting on this understand the source of this rainbow phenomenon (HAARP) and haven’t put it together.

      Also, I think you must have forgotten about one of your original posts regarding your “Riddle.”  In this message below from 4-18-10, you pretty much disclosed all of the information…Then, decided to back-track, and turn the whole thing into the Zukadu-Riddle-Game.  (Nice use of the words: “Scale (Richter)”, “Cracks” & “Fissures” and the phrase, “The Sky is Falling”)

      April 18th, 2010 at 4:45 pm The crash will occur on May 24th at 4:02 Pacific Time. Have your ducks in a row by then. On a scale of, say, one to ten, this crash will rate a nine, 9.25, or above. It will reveal the cracks in the financial system, leaving open fissures in the economy. Some people, with reason, will think the sky is falling. But its not yet TEOTWAWKI. The other “shoe” will fall within 90 days thereafter. 

      I’m still curious how you came to learn of highly classified, HAARP information?  Safe to say, the Riddle is over?  If so, come clean to as your source my man.

    79. zukadu

      Yo, Yourdaddy:   I know nothing about HAARP, but I have seen double rainbows in the sky over my gold mine many times.  🙂

      That  some light phenomenon has manifested over LA is interesting to say the least, but I doubt the government would use such technology to weaken or destroy itself. People in power want power. This event, if it occurs, will limit the government’s ability to project its power.

      Glad you appreciated my word choice. I thought I was pretty clever too, giggling like a school girl in my mother’s basement until she made me take a bath and go to bed.

      Cleanliness is next to godliness ya know?

    80. yourdaddy

      Zuk- If not a self-inflicted blow to SoCal, are you suggesting that this event would be carried out by a foreign power? 

    81. zukadu

      YD:   If it happens it will be an Act of God, alone. National Guard would be required to maintain security. Maybe the government takes me more seriously than does double wit. 🙂

      Let’s hope so.

    82. Patriot One

      Hey Zuk
      Maybe it was a little farther south? SAN FRANCISCO — A 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck the Acre region in Brazil at 11:18 a.m. local time, the U.S. Geological Survey said Monday. The epicenter was about 79 miles from Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil and 465 miles from Lima, Peru.


    83. teigeman

      And so. nothing.  Shocker.

    84. Elijah Z

      Drop the guesses, and ignore the pure conspricies, and looka t cold facct…Oil spill/ Gulf/ Benzene Toxicants/ Corexit 9500/ 16,500 Troops for Gulf/ Possible 40m Evac to FEMA!
      I’d say were are in the RED.

      I am 17, the sky is falling, and I am looking for information, credible, and plans etc.
      [email protected]

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