How To Survive With Nothing But “Primitive Technology”

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Emergency Preparedness | 61 comments

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    Whether by choice, or out of desperation, you may someday need to live off of nothing else than the surrounding environment and your survival skills (or lack thereof).

    In those kinds of situations, it would be wise to know as many quick and simple ways to find water, build fire and shelter, gather food and otherwise provide for your necessities if/when you are cut off from civilization.

    The Primitive Technology channel on YouTube has taken things pretty far, and it might be good information to know and master for yourself.

    via Primitive Technology:

    I built this hut in the bush using naturally occurring materials and primitive tools. The hut is 2m wide and 2m long, the side walls are 1m high and the ridge line (highest point) is 2m high giving a roof angle of 45 degrees. A bed was built inside and it takes up a little less than half the hut. The tools used were a stone hand axe to chop wood, fire sticks to make fire, a digging stick for digging and clay pots to carry water.

    The materials used in the hut were wood for the frame, vine and lawyer cane for lashings and mud for walls. Broad leaves were initially used as thatch which worked well for about four months before starting to rot. The roof was then covered with sheets of paper bark which proved to be a better roofing material (*peeling the outer layer of bark does not kill this species of tree). An external fireplace and chimney were also built to reduce smoke inside. The hut is a small yet comfortable shelter and provides room to store tools and materials out of the weather. The whole hut took 9 months from start to finish. But it only took 30 days of actual work (I abandoned it for a few months before adding bark roof, chimney and extra daub ).

    Primitive Technology: Wattle and Daub Hut

    It looks like quite the fun challenge. Have you ever built something comparable?

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      1. first the Germans and now the Czech’s

        Europe is getting restive

        Report: Czech Government Tells Citizens to ‘Prepare for the Worst’

        h ttp://

        • S
          Are they getting ready for war with Russia, or slaughter from the Muslims.

          Good luck Europe.


          • Prob both ya know putin b thinking let some of the Muslims take the first hits then easy pleasy for russia to roll on up and reap

        • Lights are on but nobody’s home.

          Prep for War.

      2. Wars and rumors of wars but any how if you find your self totally down and out desperation survival shit position remember your on top of the food chain because we have the ability to reason and to make our own weapons and if your not up for that drive just eat the bugs and worms before they eat you

        • Meanwhile Americans prepare to live off the dirt. the US Military lavishes them selves with No accountability.

          The Department Of Defense Doesn’t Have A Clue What The Pentagon Spent $8.5 Trillion Dollars On

          08-24-2016 •
          When government is completely dysfunctional and seems not to serve the people’s interests, we have to wonder where our tax dollars are going. Thanks to a Reuters investigation by Scot Paltrow, we have an answer—or, rather, a non-answer. Apparently, the Pentagon has made use of $8.5 trillion of our tax money handed over by Congress since 1996—but don’t ask what was done with the money. The Department of Defense doesn’t have a clue.

          Audits of all federal agencies were mandated by law beginning in 1996, but the Pentagon is unique in never having complied. In almost 20 years, the Pentagon has never accounted for trillions it spent, in part because “plugging”—fudging the numbers—is standard operating procedure.

          In one example, the DLA had stockpiled 15,000 Humvee front suspensions as of 2008, which is the equivalent of a 14 year supply. Yet somehow between 2010-2012, defying both logic and prudence entirely, the agency purchased 7,437 more of those same parts—at significantly higher cost than those already gathering dust on warehouse shelves—at a time when demand had been cut in half.

          ~WWTI… Its high time for an all out TAX Payer Revolt. I said this many times here the Pentagon budget needs to be slashed in half this year, half again next year and 50% of all Military Bases world wide closed Immediately, and bring our troops home. Military bases are just Dirty Scum Pig Troughs, riddled with Fraud and Plunder.

        • You need to Pray more God soldier, Your God is really letting the Human Race down big time right now. Is he just another No-Show? If he has so much power to move heaven and earth as claimed, but can’t quite stop the Military Industrial Complex’s Genocide, what good is devoting your soul to a No-show hoax worth? Besides embarrassment.

          ~WWTI… btw, those shelters may be good for rain, but the bugs and mosquitos will eat you alive with out any type of Bug screening. Everybody needs to pick up Mosquito netting and sheets of screening. Trust me on this. 2 is 1 and 1 is none, you need 4’s and 5’s on this item. Being fully closed up you will sweat your butts off with no air circulation or natural light.

      3. Crickets grasshoppers beetle oh and ants eat the ants sun dried worms mmm mmm good you know the ones on the driveway

      4. Great info. Please get more!!!

        Little things like this could save you and yours lives.


      5. Ive been trying to warn folks that when SHTF it very likely will not be even a 1800,s lifestyle. I think for a time it will be a stone age existence. self reliance and Know How along with a positive mental additude are the best preps you could have. Prep for a Stone Age lifestyle and if it doesn’t occur you will still be OK.

        • Old Guy
          Curious about the stone age prediction. If there is mass die off, which is likely in your scenario… why would we be stone age? Consumer goods would last a long time. Food, sure, we’d have to become gardeners at the least. Durable goods left for a much reduced population should allow knives, axes, shovels, houses, etc.
          Splain, please.
          I am not particularly afraid of creating a hut in the woods along a creekbank… nor of eating wild the rest of my natural days.

          • No electricity no fuel. a survival of the fittest meanest. And many of them will be very bad predator type humans. If they came upon a 1800,s type place. They simply wouldn’t leave it alone. It will Quickly revert to warring clans who would kill at the drop of a hat. The fight will be over durable goods , territory and things like comfort items , generators fuel,ect. and fights over drugs & women also. there isn’t that much durable goods that people will want to share. You better have a cave to hide in. folks will hear a generator , smell a fire cooking food. any 1800,s type of farmstead will be fought over and destroyed. They will take what they can carry and burn the remainder. The bad folks with no moral compass will not let there be any 1800,s lifestyle. As soon as SHTf the government local and federal will confinscate the food ,fuel and livestock they can find and redistribute it. Its going to be such a horrible ordeal many will not be able to mentally cope with it. That trusted friend will stab you in the back. Many think they will just move in to someone who died place. Not a chance look at what happened to the vacant houses in Detroit. There isn’t any such thing as a abandoned place those homes and the durable goods still belong to someone. If you didn’t purchase it its not yours. Even after SHTF you will still be a trespassing thief. There are simply too many negative forces and obsticals to have even a 1800s lifestyle. The biggest one is you will not be able to trust anyone.

            • Old Guy – agree. I’ve held the belief that any post-collapse world is going to be filled with very mean and desperate people who will shoot you on sight, burn you out of your home, and commit atrocities that make ISIS look like school girls.

            • You paint a bleak, but very real portrait of what’s possibly coming.

      6. Hey got a question seeing how the Clinton Foundation has all this money how do can we get some pie it is a foundation to help people right???

      7. Better get some meat canned up, or salted and smoked.

        You can’t bayonet chinks and ventilate blue helmets and pitch them off highway overpasses on a diet of wheat berries and powdered milk. You need gobs of protein for that.

        • JRS,
          Ever heard of “long pig”?

          • It’s called Long Pork Hot Sause will be needed.

          • rellik – cannibalism will be one line in the sand between those retaining a sense of humanity and those needing to be destroyed. This is a fact that goes to the beginning of civilization.

        • LOL JRS!! Now that shits FUNNY! And absolutely TRUE!

        • Canned food is the best in my opinion for years of food supply. Requires no water, no heat and you can eat a huge variety of foods right out of the can. Just open the lid and start eating. I opened up a can of black olives yesterday, 4 year expiration date, canned Salmon is like 5 years out. Beans is like 3 years. Watch out for canned tomatoes as it only last about 9 months. Something about the acidity from the tomatoes.. But buy lots of canned food and write the expiration date in bold print on the top lid with a black sharpie marker. The sort your food according to expiration dates in large bins, and mark each bin 1,2,3 4 etc… and eat the soon to expire food first out of bin #1, then move to bin #2,..etc.. and just keep adding to your stock pile.

          I went through lots of bins of food this way and cannot recall throwing out any food with this system at my BOL.

          Forget that crap wise food with 300% daily salt intake. You will die of a heart attack before you finish off your first bucket. That’s some nasty nasty food concoction. And there is no veggies as shown on the label That’s fraud and false advertising. Its like floured mush. Sure Mt House for your Bug out back for its light weight capabilities.

          ~WWTI… Walking the Walk here.

        • Got-dang thats funny. And true!

        • JRS….glad you reminded me of the meat. I do have spam and Treat and will get more now. I like it. I discovered that you can easily get rid of over 90 percent of the salt, just squish in a colander under running water. Keep doing it till its all squished up and the salt is gone. I use warm water. It is very bland then and tasteless , but if you cant have salt this works good. Just add a pinch of your own.

      8. I live in a fairly primitive state.
        I have DSL and electricity.
        Later this year I will go “off grid”.
        My family and friends won’t even notice.
        You can survive just fine if you
        select a good location, have enough land,
        and a plan.
        Granted I’m an old fart and have been working
        at this for years. But there is no need to
        go back to the stone age.
        Why use an axe when you have 4 chainsaws?

        • FYI. Are you aware that both Tin Foil and Cellophane were invented in Switzerland? Yep.. Whoop….there it is.

          I have 6 #15-20 Lb Propane tanks for a stove, about 6 bags of charcoal, several grills and a smoker grill, several cans of Coleman fuel for a mini Peak stove, about a half dozen bottles of alcohol for open container stoves with a grill, about 80 buffet table style cans of heating ethanol fuel, which I have used on a mini cooker. Within 10 mins you have a small kettle of soup heated for eating. And a forest out there for all the free wood for cast iron camp fire cooking if needed. Have at least 5 productive ways to cook food. I am grilling some pork loin chops in about a half hour after they thaw from my freezer off the grid with solar power.

          Living off the grid already is a fun lifestyle.


        • An axe is quieter, doesn’t require gas, and always works. Get more than one and some files for sharpening. Extra handles are good, even though you can make new ones.

          I prefer good quality, old-fashioned hand tools. They always work, and they last forever when taken care of. I have multiples of everything just in case.

          • One simple alternative to your idea.
            It is a lot easier to steal from those that steal from others. They are STEW PED and LAZY mentally.

            Fight the skilled enemy when you have to but on YOUR terms. Plan ahead for such a case. Look at your neighborhood and figure out what positions are most defensible.

            I have the (almost) perfect home position and defensive field. Therefor – the portion that is my weak point has made me consider special tactics to defend that more or less passively or at least minimally.

          • Arch,
            I have all those tools.
            I’ll use the chainsaw first.
            I’m one of the few people that has a
            waterstone to sharpen my tools.

            • A nice crosscut saw is also a welcome addition to wood gathering/building skills.Definitely a single person and you have a team a larger 2 person saw a even better addition.

              This is the kind of article/articles we need,not all the reasons why things can go wrong but ways to help survive the things that have gone wrong.

              • Im gonna use my cave. 58 degrees year round. Wear warm clothes in the winter. cook with Lp till that supply is exhausted. then use small dead sticks to cook with. the heck with cutting wood. someone will see where you cut it. and find your location. Ambush you and take what you have. After SHTF Any one who stumbles on my cave will not live to blab to anyone else where its at. If they venture past the purple trespassing paint they are a danger to us. And it will be necessary to take a hard line. I believe in DTA Don’t Trust Anyone. Im only taking care of me and mine and not even all of them. Everyone else is SOOL.

      9. My Advice: to everyone that cant start a fire, cant hunt or fish for food, cant build a shelter, cant hike 1 mile, etc, etc, etc… Go buy a gun if you don’t already have one, and save a round for you and each of your family members. You are totally fucked and it would be mercy compared to starving or worse…

        Too harsh? Suck it! Its the TRUTH.

        • Demonic:

          Your truth is way out in a very bad place. Skills can be learned quickly. People do need to get fit and strong. Learn hunting and fishing skills. Learn to forage wild plants and grow edible weeds and perennials. Plant fruit bearing trees and nuts or whatever and where ever. Owning a firearm is for protection and hunting.

          Stay safe.


      10. Hey MAC! Im putting in the word JEW so you actually see this comment. THIS video is THE most retarded, BS video ever made about “self reliance”. Did you actually watch it? There was NOTHING except some asshat with a farmers tan “making” a mud-hut…. C’mon man, give us some credit here…

      11. I love it! Looks cozy.

      12. I love primitive technology like sticks n stones. I hear they break bones and glass houses.

        • lol…dufus….lol

      13. Florida might be getting a major storm in a few days.

        For some people it could get real primitive.

        • anon, we had rain most all day but only about 1 inch. More to come shortly.
          You’ll be getting more than us I think. And there’s more storms on the way!
          It’s the season to prepare for battening down everything.
          For storms and war!

          • Ketchuponemand

            Been a few years since I made the walk up El Yunque (Anvil) to the castle on top. Was a great hike and stopped and had lunch at a restaurant on the way up.
            The Rain Forest will love the rain.
            Florida is going to catch one of those storms and you can bet there are more people living near the water than ever.

            Hope you do well. I know it is not your first rodeo. ;0)

            Still have the pictures.

        • RE: Florida. Its going to rain every day here for the next ten days. But when I say rain that means the usual summertime afternoon hour or 2 of rain then the sunshines again. The tell tail signs are dark skys on the horizon and the quick burst of wind picks up for about 5 minutes like a calling card, then it is suddenly calm again with no wind for a few minutes, then the rain front hits 10 minutes later. I can hear the sound of the rain hitting the trees as the front moves closer and closer, then it is on my area. Kinda of cool to see and appreciate… So while not connected to any weather channel, when all the sudden the trees start blowing you know a front is moving in soon, and also gives that few minutes time to put away projects, go lite up a cigar, sit on the porch and enjoy the shower for an hour. When you are out in nature, you are more a tuned to the movement of nature, not having to listen to a weather channel to know its going to rain. Let the wind hit your face and feel it.


      14. And then all the mud started sliding down hill when the rains came and he was without an outdoor chimney… (Hopefully, the roof was in better shape and he didn’t lose the whole house).

      15. Im not thinking shelter would be hard to find unless everything is destroyed cus alot of people are going to things like metal roofs and they come with a 50yr warranty now before you bust my balls about a warrenty like who ya gonna call im just saying they must last a long time to give that kind of warrenty. Then there are the brick and concrete block homes that will last for a long time you know kinda like an above ground cave. And always remember every garage and shed has tools . And you can canabalize other homes for repair materials if needed. Or just sleep in a car cus if things are down to that your gonna be dealing with a lot more bigger issues

        • I catch anyone trespassing squatting & cannibalizing I will make certain they don’t do that no more times. At present we own several places. The houses are Vacant. that doesn’t mean they are abandoned or fair game even after SHTF. It would be huge mistake to ignore my purple trespassing paint. If you didn’t buy it it isn’t yours. take it & your a thief.

      16. how silly….like a kid building a fort…oh wait, it IS a kid and he IS building a cute little stick frame fort.

      17. It would be great for fun, just to test skills. Maybe a hideout for the kids or a get-away from civilization.

      18. I guess we will do the best we can with what we have. Resupply might be a little hard.

      19. I hear people talk about gardening. How many ears of corn would you need to eat per day? 3, 5. 3 for 365 days would be what over 1000 ears of corn per year. And that’s just for one family member. How many ears per stalk .? It would seem you need a large group of people . Many to guard the crops all day and night. And the sun dark as burlap and black hair. What are you thinking . Long term prep or die. Feed grade corn in 50 gallon drums . If that’s all you can afford. But this 6 month one year is bull . The average wars in history lasted 4 and our revolutionary war lasted 7. A 7 year tribulation . One 50 gallon drum of corn per person per year minimum.? What does 350 pounds of feed grade corn cost per pound? The stuff we bait hogs with? Better than nothing.?

        • I can buy 50 pound sacks of shell corn for $5.10. A 55 gallon barrel will hold 350 pounds. And in 6 months it will be infested with weevils. a good corn crop can make 200 bushel to the acre. weight around 38 pounds to the bushel when dried. during the depression when the corn started tasselling & making ears. My familys men folks slept in the cornfield along with the hound dogs until the harvest. They had guard against varmits like raccoons and human thieves.

        • Can we eat animal corn? I know it’s gen corn, but better than nothing i guess. Can we eat it or would it make us sick cuz it’s gen corn?

      20. Just bought a rem. 750 in 308. Don’t own enough ammo to wear it out. Does anyone have opinion on triple – k. Ten round mags?

      21. If the SHTF, your local library should be a priority stop. Could you find the section on hunting fishing and survival without a computer.

        Lots of great books, and the ones on liberalism, fiction, and politics can be burned for heat.

        • Libraries are an important resource-vehicle repair manuals, etc-but importantly-maps. If the place is big enough, it’ll have details of the entirety of the town or city.
          Same with Yellow Pages. Gun shops-etc.
          Chemistry books, all kind of knowledge available.

      22. You are at a disadvantage if you live in a concrete jungle. To survive long term you need to know something about gardening, hunting, fishing, natural food, self defense, staying healthy and common sense. Having some of the tools to survive with already is a plus. There are many different methods of survival. Do your homework, have a plan should it come down to survival and you will be far far ahead of the vast majority of people. Good luck from a old swamp rat close to the Sabine river in East Texas.

      23. Hand tools,must have,I have been building forts since I was a kid,making and throwing spears before the pellet guns.
        Have a chainsaw,but keep 2 bowsaws,picked up a 2man crosscut last year,and another this year,got wood?
        Figure keep one room in the house warm,12v lights with dim red bulbs,just enough to keep from breaking my damn toe,lol
        Must be nice to have a cave!All the years I’ve been hunting in these swampy ass woods never found one,damn the luck!
        Be well all
        Maniac –out

        • The Ozarks have lots of caves you look for sink holes and dig into the sides. A sinkhole is where the cave roof collapsed.

      24. Why does everything need to be built from the natural surroundings. I’ve seen shelters built out of scavenged stuff like street signs old doors whatever can be found. There is plenty of places already built to take advantage of with minimal calories spent to improve it. Sleeping in an abandoned car will be more comfortable than on the ground. I’m not gonna waste my time on living like an Indian. When ther will be lower fruit to eat. whats better boiling water in a turtle shell with hot rocks from a fire or just finding a old can or metal container in the trash and using that to boil water. I’d rather use the metal can but if your looking for the authentic experiance then go for the turtle shell. I’d rather save time using scrounged stuff from the remains of society. if you still wanna play Indian you can struggle.

      25. Surviving in the wild will be gut wrenchingly hard for modern people, but possible in case of a complete collapse. Modern laws will be null and void, and people when they get hungry enough will eat you if possible. Food will be hard to get but there are things that make it a little easier to get. Those things to have are a good plan, steel traps, snares, gill nets, a .22 rifle and a good ideal of the natural food in the wild for starters. You will have to eat a lot of things you never considered before as food, but it is doable says this old river rat.

      26. Traps and snares for sure. I’ve been stocking up on them. It takes a lot of energy to hunt, and you may waste ammo. Set traps on game trails and near holes. Better chance at least of catching something in my opinion.

        • Try a Air rifle 177 cab. ammo cheap.

          • Air rifles are nice but a .22 rifle with a properly placed shot will kill anything you are likely to encounter in the wild. The .22 is way under rated by most people. The .22 ammo is cheap and small to carry, but deadly in commination with a .22 rifle. Raised on the farm we processed our own meat, the pork we salted and smoked in a smoke house. We killed large hogs and beefs with one shot at close range from a .22 rifle. My dad insisted on shooting the hogs in the temple with .22 shorts and it worked every time. He was afraid that a .22 long rifle round would do to much damage. Yes we ate the hogs head too, nothing went to waste. A .22 rifle with a scope is a deadly weapon for small game and allows you the ability to head shoot to loose less eatable meat. The scope on a .22 will allow you to hit and kill game at least fifty yards. This old swamp rat has fed himself and family many times with a .22 rifle.

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