How to Spot the Triggers of a Socioeconomic Collapse

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    The following article has been graciously contributed by Fernando Ferfal Aguirre. Fernando lived through the hyper-inflationary meltdown in Argentina and shares his wisdom in his book The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse, as well as regular updates at his web site Surviving in Argentina .

    Editor’s Note: With the many possibilities for natural and man-made events that can lead to local, regional, national or global crisis, it is often difficult to identify what is happening and what the consequences of certain events may be. As preppers we are always on the look-out for a potential disaster or emergency – it’s what we do. This is the nature of our chosen lifestyle. It is both a blessing and a curse. While most of us who prepare will likely be ready to deal with an emergency situation and minimize our panic while we respond to the crisis around us, our curse is that any event, no matter how insignificant or in the periphery it may be, raises our sensitivity levels, perhaps at times to extreme levels. There’s a lot of noise, confusion and misinformation out there, and sometimes it may lead to unnecessary stress.

    In the article below Ferfal provides a little bit of relief for those of us who may look at every financial or economic occurence as the potential trigger that devolves the entire system into meltdown and chaos. While we never know what will set the entire system ablaze, so our view is that it’s better to be overly sensitive than ignorant, Ferfal’s first hand knowledge of a currency and societal meltdown on a national level gives us a critical view into what such an event may look like, the signs that will precede it, the sentiment and behavior of the people in the region, and what you can do to prepare. It’s not just about storing food and guns, but also being aware of our surroundings and the changes in society as the system around us becomes unhinged. With Ferfal’s help, we have another important piece of the puzzle. It’s an important piece, because in the event that the situation begins spiraling out of control, you’ll see it coming.

    Socioeconomic Collapse and Preparedness Timing by Fernando Ferfal Aguirre

    Fernando, I really enjoyed your book, (so have my parents, my wife, my friends and a dozen people in my office). It is very well written and packed with useful information. In fact, your book occupies a place in our law firm’s bookcase next to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Your book and your blog bring credibility to the debate over whether and how to prepare for a financial or other collapse.

    One topic I have not seen covered deals with the timing of events. Most people I know who “prep” talk about “bugging out” and scenarios that rely on “triggering events.” Even in your case, you had a fairly short window of time during which time the currency collapsed. A currency collapse would definitely be a “triggering event” to almost everyone I know. In the last two years, however, I have come to believe we are in slow decline here in the U.S., and that there will not be a single “triggering event” that signals the time to start wearing my body armor (or whatever other example you want to use). The endpoint will be the same, but perhaps less dramatic than in Argentina. The problem is, there is a lot of danger and mayhem between now and what may be the final collapse of U.S. social order, perhaps even a generation. I am worried that in a slower, more orderly decline, it will be difficult to match my level of security with the level of threat. Many more people, even well prepared people, could be taken by surprise.

    Most of the skills you recommend to your readers are good life skills that all people should have to enhance the chances of daily survival, even under normal circumstances. That said, constant, extreme vigilance is not anymore practical than having Uncle Bob come over and help me guard my house 24/7 WTSHTF. While I am raising my children to be watchful and vigilant, there is a whole different level of vigilance I would apply if I lived during a triggering event like a currency collapse. For example, I let them play outside with their friends in the neighborhood without adult supervision. To disallow that would be unhealthy to their development, and the threat to their safety at the moment is not extreme. If the dollar were worthless and crime rampant as you have described in your book, there is no way I’d let them outside without an adult.

    My question to you is this, assume I have taken all the advice in your book and acquired the skills, equipment and commodities to survive a pretty long time; what would be the top five or ten subtle changes in society, government, or markets that would cause you to go from a normal state of awareness to the “never let your kids out of the house to play in the back yard level of awareness?”



    An economic collapse in many ways is similar to the decline of an empire regarding how complex it is to prepare for it. Unlike defined disasters, natural ones like Katrina or man-made, there’s no clear beginning to it. It is a complex, multilevel event that in some aspects may have a clear trigger or milestone (such as defaulting or bank holidays) but on other aspects it may have been cooking slowly through inflation and unemployment for months, even years. Certain economic events may be easy to pinpoint, but how does unemployment affect people, when will this cause an increase in crime, or affect me directly leaving me without income? When will crime stop being only a factor related to the harsh economy and also be influenced in terms of how violent it becomes due to social hatred because of social polarization? Then there’s also the consideration that it may have been affecting people in different ways based on socioeconomic level and location in the country. Calling such a situation complex is an understatement.

    Given such complexity and all the variables impossible to ponder, all you can do is stay informed, learn to tell the different signs and know how to interpret them so as to know what the future holds within a certain margin of error.

    Things to look for would be unemployment, rumors from people within the banking and financial world (some of those rumors saved people millions when our economy collapsed) crime and what type of crime is taking place, corruption, debt and inflation. You must also become pretty skeptical regarding the information the main stream media provides. Who OWNS such media channels? Who are their sponsors and advertisers? What political agenda do they have or slightly tend to favor? If the media says the economy is doing wonderful but people on the street are barely getting by and you see more industries moving abroad, do have your doubts.

    All these events and signs do tell you something. Don’t wait for the official SHTF day, in socioeconomic terms that simply will never happen, you will simply look back one day and realize the world around you has already changed. That is indeed how people will be taken by surprise.  People sometimes talk about rule of law and no rule of law times, as if it were an on/off switch. One day everything is fine but the next week, ups! No ROL folks, so its madness out there, I’ll wear my MOLLE vest with armor plate to work and leave my Keltec 32 in the safe and pick my 1911 instead, carried in a drop leg holster or attached to my vest of course. People that think this way are the ones that will indeed fail at protecting their families today, ROL or no ROL.  If you suffer a violent home invasion in an upper class neighborhood like the Petite family did, does it really matter if some nutcase declared that ROL is still in effect, or that it isn’t?  Preparedness is now folks. Modern survival is the way you analyze events, make decisions and ultimately live your life from day one, not after an event. In states where its legal to carry, I would get my CCW permit and carry today. Doing so won’t bring any disadvantages to my lifestyle. My kids playing in the street with friends unsupervised? I´d be honest with myself. Can my son defend himself from a social predator? I wouldn’t leave a 10 year old kid unsupervised no matter where I live. How about 13 or 14 years old, and the general area you live in being pretty safe? Then I might be a bit more flexible.

    What would be the top five or ten subtle changes in society, government, or markets that would cause you to go from a normal state of awareness to the “never let your kids out of the house to play in the back yard level of awareness?”

    Unemployment: If unemployment is over 15-20% there will soon be serious social changes involving desperate people.

    Poverty: Are half the people around you poor and looking your way with resentment? In Argentina the numbers are still pretty bad. 50% poor and 25% below the poverty line. Of the remaining 25% only 3% make enough money to life a life standard similar in quality to what middle class Americans are used to. Watch out for poverty and not only what the newspaper says or what the president announces. Do you see more people begging on the streets, more dumpster divers? How about shanty towns or tent towns? If you have any of those close keep an eye on your kids, your property and yourself.

    Inflation: Right now Argentina ranks at the top 3 worst inflation in the planet. That’s a sign of bad times to come. We have unions forcing higher wages that chase after ever increasing prices and still losing millions keeping an artificial exchange rate with the dollar around 1 to 4,2. When the peso devaluates again, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go to 7 or 8 pesos per dollar. Rising inflation is perhaps one of the final stages before the collapse, and something Americans should pay special attention to.

    Businesses and Infrastructure: Are roads being repaired, parks kept tended to? Do you see a general sense of decay in the overall infrastructure? Neighbors keeping their houses well kept are a sign of good times. When the economy collapsed here in 2001 middle class people wouldn’t even buy a can of paint let alone remodel, and it showed. Things like stores closing and going out of business, shops boarded up, sometimes being replaced with cheapo discount stores.

    Crime and Rumors: Crime will be a clear indication of you having to go from yellow to orange in terms of awareness. Now, it may not appear on the media as much as it should and negative news may be avoided entirely by news groups trying to be “team players” with the government. You on the other hand cannot afford the pink shaded glasses. Pay special attention to the local gossip and rumors, and when something catches your attention try verifying through other sources. Who got mugged, robbed or suffered a home invasion. Don’t wait too long. Once you know this is happening in your general area take the extra precautions you know you must take.
    You can still have a pretty normal and happy life in spite of being forced to be more cautions and more aware given the circumstances. I believe its much better to take those measures while still enjoying the things I can, than taking the easy road and not doing it, and maybe one day regret it.


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      1. We already have these warning signs. Just need a little more decay.

        • I’m wearing my kevlar helmet now in case that space junk falls and LH & Daisy change don’t or do change their ways. Italy just got down graded by S&P, QEIII here we come. Why are most politicians rich after they get into office except for old school & the whore story (and we’re not talking appetizers). They didn’t all write books, you don’t believe that do you, but that is besides the point… How did bo becum rich. Corporation don’t pay taxes.

          You terrify me Daisy. Easy Button… Slap on the back of the head.

          • If you are going to insult someone, at least post your real NAME and email, A real man would! Picking on women? got a little wee wee?

            • Thank you, Kevin. I just ignore him and hope he’ll go away. I think maybe he has a crush on me. 😉

          • Politicians become rich AFTER they get elected to office becaue they put their meager assets into a “blind trust” that is then managed by the Wall Street Gang who ensures that they get in on all of the “cherry picking” thats done.

            I E their finds are invested in IPO’s that are under priced then when they are exposed to the open market, BOOM! They make a killing.

            Just one example. There are many.

            • Don’t forget Ron Burkle who pays Bill Clinton $20 million a year for services rendered…

      2. Thanks, Mark for giving us a reference for our situational awareness. It’s easy to get so “aware” that our enjoyment of life’s little pleasures suffers and we miss the blessings we still have.

        • Fall in West Virginia is something to see. We plan to get out and really SEE it this year. So much is beyond our control. Nature is always within our reach.

          • That’s a wonderful thing to be able to do.One day I would also like to see the autumn there.Great soothing nature.

      3. My bad- Thanks, Mac (not Mark)

      4. I’m been waiting all day for two to line up.

      5. My bet: Within the first two years of a presidential administration. Because in the second two years the dictator wants re elected so bad he can get the can kicked down the road at least that far….2013 at the earliest now.

        • Great insight, but… Don’t bet on it. I am confident that we aren’t. I like to think of my Country (may She rest in peace and rise again) as a chair with 20 frail legs and poor upkeep. ANY one or two or three go down, and it will all come down. Not all of the legs are in the control of his supreme highness. And some legs are out of any mans control. Might be tomorrow is all I am saying. But I hope you are right.

      6. I gotta do something here, I still can’t believe it. I gotta give you your dream shot!

      7. I’ve been hearing about the SHTF since 2008 and yet TPTB can and will continue to kick the can down the road because they can. I’m almost convinced that this system will not entirely collapse on its own. However, we can possible have major cosmic or natural events that will bring about huge catastrophic disasters that will do the job. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and that “when” can be this year or next decade.

      8. Too far for guns, I’m switching to missles.

      9. “You must also become pretty skeptical regarding the information the main stream media provides. Who OWNS such media channels? Who are their sponsors and advertisers? What political agenda do they have or slightly tend to favor? If the media says the economy is doing wonderful but people on the street are barely getting by and you see more industries moving abroad, do have your doubts.”

        96% of Main Stream Media is owned by the Zionist Jews.

        Everybody hear that?


        They control what you watch and read. It’s the biggest PsyOps ever created in the history of the world.

        They own the media, the politicians, the corporations, the military and YOU.

        Why is they doing this? What’s their agenda?



        • It pains me to say this, but many of us have for years been the willing (though unthinking) minions of the Rothschild Crime Syndicate, NWO, Illuminati (whatever you want to call it). “So what if we kill and oppress foreigners, life is good for us” was the general feeling. Now it’s all coming back on us and may God have mercy on America. We are now on the menu. Some people are waking up to the fact that the mainstream media is run by lying vermin working for a demonically evil cabal. The media’s job is to keep the American people divided, dumb, and confused as we are enslaved, raped, and murdered.

          • God, I would like some americans from political mudpit subforum read your post! stupidity in some people is infinite… and yet they call themselves “the civilized and well-read ones”

          • “So what if we kill and oppress foreigners, life is good for us” was the general feeling.

            Not fair–Hal.
            The media was in control of every fact, every picture, every lie told.
            I just last year sat my dh down and read Gulf of Tonkin conspriacy to him..he’s a vet.
            He sees a different picture now of this govt—that’s a good thing and we are prepped.

        • Years ago in our town the three major radio stations were just that – three SEPARATE stations. One played country, one pop and one easy listening. Now all three are owned by a big conglomerate. The local on-the-air DJs are gone and all music is piped in from
          “headquarters.” No more calling the Hit Line for requests (“this song goes out to Tammy and Joe from Central High”), no more local news (“dance tonight at the firehall”) etc. What a shame.

          • …nope. All piped in. Do you know why?

            Because of the government regulations its a high cost item to run a radio station.

            Its government that has destroyed the America that we used to have. How did they do it?

            THIS is how they did it:


            Simple, huh? Just create a corporation to govern and give its officers names like “senator” and “president” and then it can do whatever the hell it wants. Oh, it has to “seem” like its following the constitution but underneath it all, it has CONTEMPT for the constitution. That is why it calls all of us that talk about and demand constitutional rights “domestic terrorists” because we are a threat, a terror to them: we might expose them. Read the page at the above link. Let it sink in. This is *NOT* a conspiracy *THEORY*. This is a conspiracy but there is nothing theoretical about it. Its all quite well documented.

        • That’s brain-dead Nazi propaganda. Maybe you should learn to think for yourself.

        • Yeah! Let’s put them all in cattle cars and ship dem dar Jews to dem consuntrashun kamps. Yeah!

          I thought my grandfather killed all you @ssholes off in 1945.

          Have fun at the next Hitler Youth rally and don’t forget your swastikas!!!

          • Calling someone a nazi for disapproving of zionist domination of American politics and media is a smear and reflects a the shrill McCarthysim of Israeli shills and stooges.

            Do you deny that all candidates for national office in the US must first swear fealty to AIPAC and the AJC? Ever hear of AIPAC’s “questionnaire” that all candidates must complete? How about the organized smear campaign by the US media against patriotic supporters of a non-interventionist US foreign policy (“free of entangling alliances and with favoritism toward none”) like Congressman Ron Raul and former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer?

            The media- and congressional whores ruining America should be forced to register as agents of the Israeli government. Their effect on US foreign policy has been disastrous. They systematically cover up Israel’s endless betrayals of America. Research the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, Israeli foreknowledge of the 1983 US Marine barracks bombing in Beirut, spy Jonathan Pollard, the Five Dancing Israelis on 9/11, and F-35 fighter technology transfers by Israel to China.

            These traitors will fight to the last drop of American blood and the last penny of American treasure for the benefit of Israel, a FOREIGN country whose behavior had proven that it is not our friend. Yet we subsidize Israel lavishly and without pause even as Americans are thrown out of their homes by the hundreds of thousands to live on the street.

            The philosophy of “our” media and government can be summed up as “Ask not, what your parasite can do for you – ask, what you can do for your parasite.”

            • Dear Ahab:

              Thank you for your cogent and well written response! I’d forgotten how many anti-semites there are in the world.
              I’d reply in-kind, but what’s the point? Besides, I’m not really ‘pro-Israel’, but rather ‘anti-blind hatred’. My amateurish defense of Israel couldn’t possibly top your professional Jew hating.
              But I’ll at least give you my viewpoint:
              I’ve been to the Middle East, Israel and had several all-expense paid trips to the garden spots of Western Asia. Israel isn’t perfect, but it’s a free and democratic society surrounded by hell-on-earth. The rule of law exists there and people have rights. In many ways, it resembles a modern, European country. The Arab states, the Stan brothers and Iran? Not so much. The Arabs and Iranians have squandered their oil wealth and the only folks that have anything resembling rights are the few wealthy oil sheiks and/or high ranking Muslim clerics. Women are treated like sh!t and I won’t even mention what I saw happening to little boys in the Stan countries.

              Bottom line: Israel isn’t perfect. But the Jews have been pretty much living on a knife’s edge since 1939. I’ll cut them some slack. If I’m forced someday to support the Israelis or the Arabs, I’ll take the Jews. And may they win the coming battle at Megiddo. Women and little boy’s sphincters will rejoice the world over.

              Anyhoot, you keep those conspiracy theories close to your heart and keep that hatred burning bright. It’ll help keep you warm this winter… until it consumes you.

              Have a great day,

        • anti-semite much, you turd?

          • Definition of anti-Semite: Anyone the Jews don’t like.

      10. I think we here, can see the signs readily enough. Just keep on doing what you been doing. Trouble comes upon a person often enough without having to wish for it. Believe me, when the “other shoe drops” and you’re on your game, you’ll know it no question.

        • This is for Mal.

          Don’t take my word for it, Mal – former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Thomas Moorer got into hot water for saying the same things I did. Still, your story of your visit to Israel was touching. I hope you had a good time visiting your relations there. Alas, there seems to be no room for America in your touching display of sympathy.

          Mal and his ilk can be summed up thusly: they want Americans to dispense with the ability to think critically, as well as the ability to engage in empirical observation and to correlate facts, in an area of AMERICAN GOVERNMENTAL POLICY of vital import to this nation. They want us to adopt a RELIGIOUS / EMOTIVE response to the complex ME situation, but only one that is “good for Jews” (human sympathy for the displaced and utterly dispossessed Palestinians, for example, is a definite no-no). Notice also his attempts to make Americans feel somehow karmically bound to blindly bankroll Israel, as if the past difficulties suffered by Jews in FOREIGN countries were America’s fault.

          Facts are dangerous to these people, so they substitute smear, mythology and propaganda slogans. The most ludicrous slogan is that Israel is a “democracy.” It is in fact a race-based theocracy that bars non-Jews from full citizenship. It is an aggressive expansionist power that is in violation of dozens of UN resolutions, and that has attacked its neighbors non-stop since the takeover of Palestine. For what it’s worth, Iran, which he brings up as if it were part of the discussion of American politics that is going on here, has not attacked anyone since the 18th century.

          The other, flagrantly ludicrous slogan Mal and his ilk employ is that “Israel is our ally.” In fact, it was an agent of the Israeli Mossad, Jonathan Pollard, who committed the most damaging acts of espionage against the US, even worse than the Walker family spy-ring, in the entirety of US history.

          Pollard, a Navy civilian analyst, stole in the 1980’s pallet-loads of data on American communications and encryption, lists of American agents behind the Iron Curtain, and the tactical and strategic response doctrine that America would adhere to in the event of a nuclear confrontation with the USSR (the cold war was in full swing at the time). The Israeli government of Yitzhak Shamir then PROVIDED this intelligence gold-mine to the SOVIET UNION, in return for increase emigration quotas for Soviet Jews. Pollard, still behind bars at the insistence of the US intelligence community, is a national hero in Israel today, and the Israeli government regularly demands his release. So much for the gratitude of the Israeli people for the TRILLIONS they have received from us. Perhaps if released, Pollard (who was promoted to Colonel in the Mossad while in jail) will go to Israel to reside in housing provided by US taxpayers. Israel is our ALLY? Don’t make me laugh!

          I have news for you, Mal – since the American government has taken TRILLIONS of dollars of our national wealth and GIVEN it it Israel, this entitles any American TAXPAYER to discuss, scrutinize and evaluate the role of Israeli regime and its influence on OUR government, to his heart’s content.

          Your equation of Jew-hate with American Citizens discussing AMERICAN POLICY, in an attempt to cow them into silence, is a trite zionist media tactic which can become a self-fulfilling prophecy for your bosses. If I were Jewish, I would be very concerned about those who claim to speak for me and continually blur the line between reasoned discussion of government policy and a HOLOCAUST. Things have a funny way of turning around to bite their authors.

          In closing, please enjoy the weather there in Tel Aviv, Mal. Is your hand-wringing the best that Cass Sunnstein and the “Cognitive Dissonance” boys can come up with?

          • Great job outlining proof-points for Mal’s narrow-mindedness. People like Mal have simply bought the propaganda without realizing it. I always suggest they go learn from Jews themselves who are awake to the scam, since they won’t believe what Gentiles tell them.

            Start with web searches for “Jews Against Zionism” sites. Then search for articles & books by Jews about the same Israel/Zionist subject (Jack Bernstein’s two books, for example, re “Racist Marxist Israel”), then blog sites by Jews (such as Henry Makow or “Brother Nathaniel”), then articles by Rabbis who are awake (such as Daniel Lapin’s article re how Jews led the De-Christianization of America), etc. Modern Israel is a fake setup by God’s enemies (Rothschilds). The Lord gathers the true Hebrews “AFTER the tribulation,” not before.

      11. I don’t like the United Nations at all, but they have a thing called the Genocide Treaty. The US government refuses to sign the Genocide Treaty. What kind of government would refuse? A government that keeps genocide on the table as a viable strategy? Hmmmm!

        • That’s just terrifying.

        • Oh I don’t know, but maybe a country that doesn’t want little blue helmets running around enforcing martial law? Just saying…..

          • Oompa-loompahs come to mind – “Get off the street! Do as I say or I’ll blow your kneecaps off!” (sorry – been a long day)

          • Or, deliberately changing the demographics of a country is considered a form of genocide, called demographic genocide. Assimilation is also genocide. Sound and look familiar? In the 21st century these things should be no more.

      12. What do you mean, “how to spot the signs?”……I just moved 1200 miles away from a city that less than five years ago, was on fire with jobs, building, money, people, everything was going great, until the powers that be, collapsed everything, the city I left behind is now a ghost town 69% of “all” businesses are closed, 20,000 + homes emptied and now stripped clean, worthless properties, crime theft and home invasions are a typical day, there was nothing left for me there in this once beautiful riverfront vacation paradise ….look up the great american Redoubt. That’s were I moved, doesnt even seem like there’s a recession here, but when you look around between the lines, I see what happened to my beautiful vacation town, starting up here as well ….lots of yard sales, everyone is selling off everything they own, dirt cheap…..were already in a depression. Folks, the only thing that’s keeping us afloat is printed money, and media distractions and misinformation, when everyone wakes up and sees the truth, the USA………..sad to say………will cease to exsist….good luck to all of you, have your preps in order, time is of the essence ……

        • Well my mate, let me tell you another horror story from the other side of Atlantic – from Lithuania. when we joined the club of “democratic, free and happy world of capitalism” we were a country of 3,5m inhabitants. factories, infrastructure all there, from soviet times. yet now, 20 years later we have 2,7 m ppl (don’t go looking the official statistics, it’s all a load of crap)
          industries are broken, roads are in disrepair and people are calling the mass emigration – “the evacuation”
          you know what is the latest joke around town?
          “last man leaving Lithuania, please shut down the lights in airport”

          • That joke was stolen from Seattle in the 80’s. Everyone gets a turn in the barrel, mate! Welcome to capitalism.

      13. The single most important sign of collapse will be seen at the grocery stores. When the welfare dollar is insufficient to prevent hunger is when the SHTF. As long as the welfare systems remains intact we will remain at the precipice. The welfare system will remain intact as long as dollars are created to fund it and/or as long as inflation does not destroy the purchasing power of the welfare dollar.

        • Don’t hold your breath. Double digit inflation. Inflation by a thousand cuts. Thats the PLAN.

      14. If you look at it as this gradual erosion, I think a lot of us have already experienced the SHTF. By this measuring stick my family certainly has had a financial collapse.

        Two years ago, I had a great job. I owned, along with the bank, a nice little 3 bedroom house with a yard, a late model car with less than a year of payments left, and had a pretty decent savings account. I had a small business on the side that I had planned to use to put my girls through college.

        Then the automotive industry fizzled and I lost my job. I was unemployed for 11 and a half months and on assistance for the last 4 of those months, once my savings was all gone. One by one, I lost my business, my house and my car.

        A lot of people look at us and feel sorry for us, which is humiliating. But embarrassment aside, I think we are okay. I have a new job which doesn’t pay near as much and causes me to relocate frequently, but it’s a living. We don’t huddle in a cardboard box over a heat grate. We rent an apartment with a shared yard, and I drove a 12 year old car until it fell apart recently. When it did, fortunately I had the means to get a modest newer vehicle.

        When your personal S hits the fan,keep your chin up and just keep paddling. Make your decisions carefully and pray often. Stop crying about how things used to be and adjust to your new reality. Adaptability is our #1 weapon against collapse.

        • Just hte fact that you had to do all that—isn’t right.
          Those responsible will pay and if not in this life, I find comfort knowing they will pay in the next.
          God bless…we are about to go through the same.

          • I’m sorry to hear that, JJ. But sometimes it works out differently than you planned but still okay. I hope you find that to be true.

            • What you have described is going through my head all the time!! My husband works out of our home for a large packaging company…and the work has dried up!! He works maybe 8-10 hrs a week…gets paid for 40 hrs…but for how long, who knows? When is his company gonna decide that him sitting home is costing them money and they let him go? I just keep praying, bout all I can do!! Will add y’all to my list!

        • Your story made me smile! You’re one wise individual.

          America is not lost. For every one of the CoCo Puffers, there’s a Daisy out there. We just need to ween the CoCo Puffers off government dole and have them start earning their way.

          I’m sure Daisy could have stayed on the dole if she wanted. But, nobody with self respect will stay on it any longer that absolutely necessary.

          In my prayers tonight will be thanks for sending Daisy our way, the tough chick who took a bad situation and didn’t let it ruin her life.

          (…and driving a 12 year old car ain’t nothing. My two vehicles are a 1995 Mazda and a 1996 Ford Explorer. Its always cheaper to fix the one you’ve got, well, usually. I’ve used the savings to fortify my position.)

        • Good for you Daisy! You only lose if you quit.

        • As I’ve said before: You and yours will be fine..for you are His.

        • Well said!

        • Daisy – I understand completely. And something else: it’s amazing what you once thought you HAD to have, you don’t really need at all. Some of my women friends have expressed what can best be described as PITY for our way of life. We don’t get 837 cable channels, we don’t own a big-screen TV, we don’t have a dishwasher or a trash compactor, we don’t drive newer model cars, etc. etc. We’ve weathered illness and the death of our parents. We’ve been through a couple of job losses but have found employment again. You said to “keep your chin up and just keep paddling” – reminds me of that old Depression-era song “Keep Your Sunny Side Up.” It may be trite but it’s true!

          • Oops – should have said women “acquaintances.” My FRIENDS and I are on the same page.

        • Last Sunday’s Gospel—the 14th Sunday After Pentecost is right on target, Daisy.

          Matthew 6:24-33

          As for me, I had to lose almost everything before I realized I needed to save my soul.

          What a great gift that was!

        • Daisy, do find you have more peace and less stress? I’ve added you to my prayer list. Bless your heart and I hope you and your children are growing closer.
          Love your fortitude. Peace and grace be with you.

          • Thank you. Yes, actually I do have less stress most of the time. Sometimes it’s hard when I want to provide an opportunity for my kids that I can no longer afford. But learning the difference between wants and needs – the REAL difference – gives me peace. We don’t have a single need unmet. We are blessed.

        • Daisy, nice to hear a real life story. Kudos to you and your family. Only wish there were more people like you around.

        • Thank you very much for all the nice things you had to say. It’s much appreciated, as are the prayers.

          Just remember, bloom where you’re planted. It’s my favorite mantra when things get rough. God puts a person in a place for a reason – it’s up to that person to blossom and grow.

        • I had MY personal SHTF time three years ago. I was making good money as a nurse at our local Catholic hospital. Had a bad gall bladder – OK, this is “routine” and I’ll be back in action in 3 weeks or so….Well, the hospital’s surgeon missed a “secondary” duct, I ended up in a month-long coma on life support and staggered home on a walker two months later. This “Christion organisation” FIRED me “because I could no longer do the work”! My benefits, including healthcare went away a month later. No lawyer would touch our case because of “tort reform”. If I had not been a “low level prepper”, we would have lost the house. I ‘ve spent most of my adult life getting ready for “something bad to happen”, just never thought it was going to be my employer! Really shook my perception of “religious non-profits” but there ARE good examples out there of organisations that “live their values”.

          • To expand on my SHTF moment of three years ago – NO-ONE other than my head nurse apologised to me for the mistake that crippled me for life. I tried working a desk job (for the first time in my life!) and was not able to do that well enough to keep that job- applying for disability now. I have a peer at that Catholic hospital who is also an RN. She came down with breast cancer and got the same “charitable heave-ho”. She was lucky enough to recover and re-apply for another nursing job there. A few years ago, the hospital came with a jazzy slogan: “A mission in motion”. I had a few bumper stickers made that say:”I been run over by a Mission in motion!” EVERYONE should start gearing up (saving money, other than FRNs) is a big part of what saved me. Just being able to shift down to a super-frugal life is what saved the house for us. -Matt

            • I had a large stockpile of food that helped keep us from going hungry.

              I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles.

          • There are no longer any authentically Catholic hospitals. Almost all of the ones that pretend to be Catholic are even doing abortions…sometimes in a building down the street, but a building that they own and control… all this and more because of the Judeo-Masonic influence of Vatican 2.

            See Vicomte Leon de Poncins, Judaism and the Vatican, ISBN 9780904656220, available at the bookstore of

            As for Protestants—care to know your roots?

            Jewish Influence on Christian Reform Movements
            by Rabbi Louis I. Newman
            or online for free:

            • The hospital that maimed (and then fired) me started as a “real” Catholic hospital. These days, “The Sisters have been replaced by the Suits” and the bottom line rules. They are now part of a conglomerate called Centura and are REALLY sweating the staff. Eric Hoffer, the sociologist had a great line to describe the process: “All movements start out as causes, and evolve to become businesses. Then they become rackets”. Look around at YOUR local “charities” and see where they reside on this continum .

      15. Come to Jesus moment. Even O’Riley knows that they are comming after his tax bracket. Juan Williams is a paid joke & libtard. O is just starting to “figure” it out since his tax man phoned. TMI Daisy.

      16. I think figgers nailed this one. Food (lack of food) will likely be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. When that happens, you’ll want to have plenty, but not look too well fed.

        • Wear big clothes, it’ll look like you’re losing weight.

        • Will be interesting to see what happens in Detroit around the first of October when welfare runs out for 12,000 families. Wonder if there have been runs on grocery stores there this month – anybody know? Then again, third generation welfare recipients may not think it’s REAAALLLY happening until they open their mailbox and – surprise! – no check. We shall see.

          • People still live in Detroit? Huh… You learn something every day.

          • I suspect the people in Detroit won’t be entirely cut off. There is federal welfare, state welfare, county welfare and local welfare. And sometimes, special geographic and auto industry programs for relief. The only city in the history of western civilization to lose 1 million people without a war, Detroit!

        • 46 million on food stamps and no reason Obama wouldn’t make it 60 million if he just got re elected.

      17. I’ve read some things by Fernando Ferfal Aguirre before. I didn’t find this article to be that helpful. While hyperinflation is pretty much the same everywhere, America’s situation is different. The dollar is the world’s reserve currency. We have to be on the lookout for increasing criticism of the Fed’s policies by other countries. We also need to watch the dollar index. If the dollar’s value against other currencies starts to drop rapidly that could mean that other countries are dumping the dollar.

        • Fernando (FerFAL) still believes the cities are safer than the countryside apparently due to some well-publicized incidents in his country where isolated families were held hostage, raped, and tortured for days (to get info on where their “loot” was hidden), then they were murdered. I would bet you are far more likely to be mugged in the city.

          In rural America, we do not have gangs of bandits like they have in Central America – and we have NEVER had such here – the gangs exist and THRIVE in the anonymous world of the big cities. They may come to the country to do some deals but they don’t live here and they are very out of place out here – we all know a city type just by the vehicle they drive, the clothes, “bling”, etc. The Rule of Law is the ONLY thing protecting these city chumps from the real rednecks out here. In an American collapse, the CITIES will become unlivable very quickly – the country folks will do OK since we all KNOW each other. Do you know your neighbors? Would you help if you saw them in trouble? Would they help YOU? Think about it…

          It is still not too late to get out of the cities before the crash – just don’t come here.

      18. We are being set up.From many front’s.The whole world is being set up.The plan of one world goverment is just around the corner.Yes the old schooler’s know what is going on.But the new gen-x’s and y’s and z’s have no idea.They buy into the idea of “peace for one and all”equal for all sound so good to them.They don’t know the real truth.The smoke sceen has been put out there and people buy it hook line and sinker.

        • Yes, indeed. The xyz-ers are so busy with their blackberries and their iPods and their smart phones, they don’t have TIME to find out the truth. It’s not that they’re too dumb to come in out of the rain – they don’t even know it’s RAINING….

          • Wonderful picture words, thank-you

      19. How about just a historic little economic collapse first? As the purse strings tighten, the pressure builds and bubbles burst, a general lack of self control and respect for neighbors will bring the emotionally weakest and socially isolated to a boil. Be prepared before the rush for protection, prices are normal and supply choices abound. Make plans now with neighbors one can trust.

        • My neighbors are great. One family is 33 miles to the NW and nice folks. Others are due south on the main road just 32 miles back towards town. Nice town too, great police dept, and good folks. To bad they are on Hwy 80 I feel for them.

      20. Like the last sentence said, you can still have a normal and happy life but also be cautious at the same time. I almost feel like Jekyl and Hyde with my persona I put on for the outside world, going to work, having beers with the guys etc etc, all the while coming home and working on preps, self enlightenment in the arts of self sufficiency, and squeezing in my range time every other weekend- you know, all that fun stuff that gets you added to watch lists.

        • Yea bro my feelins exactly.

      21. That’s the problem, we don’t need anymore signs. We’re feeling it full blast and know one is doing anything about. It seems we’ve become complacent and empty headed in this country. But their are many of us out there do more than just sounding the alarm.

        Wake up America! – Join the Revolution

        Don’t wait for it to explode in your face
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )



      22. Remember what your parents and grandparents din during the “Great Depresion”? The almost staved. They adapted
        the overcame, they learned to survive. We will too. Teach your teenage & adult children what you know. They will need that knowledge. Get the girls into small arms training / get Concealed Carry License. Prepare. Pray.

      23. Sorry. I’l proof read next time.

      24. I’ve read many survival blogs and sites, but this one trumps them all. and primarily not because of it’s content, but because of the people I found here writing the comments! there are many survivalists who still look at the whole SHTF idea as something removed from us by time and distance. they toy with the SHTF idea, they day dream about going out and being cool, like Denzel in “The Book of Eli”. but here I found ppl who don’t do that, and that is why I decided to comment myself. that, and the fact that I am on the other side of the Atlantic 🙂 so the security matter is out of equation 😀
        I must say that I always said to myself, that I don’t want the S to HTF, but lately I’ve been craving for that. there is no hope on this side of the Atlantic. we lived through 50 years of totalitarian regime, and when we finally won our freedom back, we thought that now we can live “as white people live”. No way. the powers to be doesn’t want us to live happily ever after. Lithuanians have been living in a constant crisis since 1991 and they still push the same “be patient and toil on” excuse/propaganda. well, I see now that the “happily ever after” is nowhere near, not for me, nor for my son who is now 1year old. and now I find myself wanting the S to HTF. I want to see those banksters try and stuff their worthless papers we call money down their throat and the throats of their children. I want to see how they feed on those pieces of paper. I want to see them wriggling in the shit with the rest of us. with one small exception – we are used to wriggle in the shit, they’re not 😀
        In my country it is like 5% that are rich, 10% are middle class, and the rest – 85% or so – are in a constant state of varying degrees of “do or die”. what is more frustrating than that, our TV constantly mocks the rest of sheople by showing every day how rich are the rich. I mean, they show every news of it – this oligarch bought a wristwatch for 1,5 m lt. and that amount is enough to feed one family for the rest of their lives. WTF! when SHTF and they’re lying in the mud and begging to help them, I won’t be the good Samaritan. sorry, but I feel that way.
        I hope they burn in this world, I don’t care what happens to them in the afterlife. AFAI’m concerned, they can go to heaven, but there is no place for them HERE!
        I am unemployed for 3 years now, 2 years we lived from our savings (we are frugal) and now we go on our child support. we grow a lot of our food ourselves. we can as much of the surplus food. I invested in sheep prior to our personal SHTF and now I have a full freezer of sheep meat every 6 months or so, which gets us to the next sheep slaughter. we still have to buy a lot, but it is far less than what people have to otherwise. we buy most of our firewood, but I have my father’s motorsaw and I supplement the need, so our heating bill is only 1/4 of what others have to pay.
        and when SHTF, I will be in my fathers place, 100 acres or so, mostly sand and forest, but a;so enough good land to completely meet our needs. I can grow food, been doing that for my entire life, I can hunt with bow, I can tan the hides, I can smoke and salt the meat, I can start fire without matches and lighters, I can first aid and simple medicine, I know the most common diseases, I know edible and medicinal plants, I am a combat engineer officer, so I know my ways with guns and tactics, I speak Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish, German, little French and enough English :D. and I am proud that I got that knowledge during my previous years. I would very much like to see those fat bastards from banks do all that – hunt, grow food, preserve food, mend their clothing etc after SHTF 😀 I will be there, if God permits, and laugh my ass off 😀
        I do wish you all the same.
        remember, we all belong to a very special club of people who hold their life motto “PREPARATUS SUPERVIVIT”

        • Giurza, nice to have you on this site.

          • Thanks!
            like I said, I liked the people and what they said on this site. I almost didn’t see any trolls and misfits here, most people are either rural or planing to leave cities. I really liked what I read here. this site and people here gave me hope that not all is that bad with USA. (I must admit I have terrible opinion on USA, sorry) apparently there still are many in USA that are true to what your country used to be in the times of Founding Fathers!
            and it makes me glad.

            • Used to be a big Lithuanian community on the southside of Chicago. Now many of their families live in or around Lemont, Illinois.

            • Giurza, Ben Dover and myself are married to women from Ukraine who grew up during the old Soviet Union era. We can somewhat relate to your situation from the stories our wives tell us as well as having family still there. Hang in there man.

            • Thanks AZ Ready! Ukraine suffered even more from soviets than we did. google Holodomor. that nation was ravaged by commies to the point of complete madness, yet they survived, well at least those that did survive

            • Know all about Holodomor dude. Russia seems to have a thing for Ukraine, but not a good one, even now!

            • Yeah, they seem to have this thing for everyone that is around them. My greatgrandfather died in concentration camp in Lithuania (soviet one) for carrying maps for the resistance fighters. two my father’s uncles died in Siberia. Other side of the family (mother’s) was also deported to Siberia but survived. One of them was shot in Lithuania during pogrom and the entire estate burned to the ground.
              My sympathies for your wife’s folk! we in Lithuania know all too well what russian communism can do…

        • Giurza..I beleive what you just described is ‘push the reset’ button.
          There are millions here not ready for that–I have no hope…I’m ‘readier’ than I’ll ever be….oh, wait, gotta assemble that 8 ft log rack..get it filled, then ready. (smiley face inserted here)
          The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you.

        • Giurza; There are many here at this site who will welcome your unique outlook from your area of the world.

          Please comment often. Your English is very good. I used a translator for this message.

          Jūsų nuomonės ir perspektyvos yra labiausiai sveikintini. Geriausi linkėjimai jums ir jūsų šeima iš Amerikos Uolinių kalnų.

          • WOW!!! I would never believe that translator can get lithuanian gramar almost without a fault! 🙂 but thanks for startling me 😀 I almost thought you were a lithuanian emigrant 😀
            anyway, thanks for kind words… just reminded me of one Swedish survivalist forum were I was greeted not so kindly :/
            I must say I feel thrilled by this acquaintance with all of you. as I said, I had a very poor impression of USA and most of its people…
            I believe that your kind will inherit the country. politicians, banksters and the like will perish (and in near future, unless the signs are all wrong) and it will be up to you to get your country up and running again. just remember not to make same mistakes again… no more FRB, no more puppet politicians, no more overpowering corporate conglomerates that run the country. “WE, THE PEOPLE….” that’s the foundation! We, The People, and no one else!

        • Sounds like you will do just fine!Youre way ahead of 95% of everyone else!

      25. A couple months ago I thought that we would be safe for another year or so, that they would keep kicking the can through the 2012 election. Seeing what Bama has been doing in the past couple weeks has caused me to start thinking along different lines.
        We know that our president is a shill, a puppet president. We know this is part of a plan that was implemented decades ago. Whether it be by progressives or communists, doesn’t really matter at this point. The people pulling the strings had finally gotten all of their chess men in the necessary positions of power. They controlled all three branches of government, and they had control of the major media networks. It was just a matter of time before they completed their plan to bring down America. It was to be a slow gradual decay as it has been for the past 20 years.
        What they had not counted on is a portion of the American public waking up to their plans. They became so overconfident in their plan that they let themselves become to visible. Guys like Glenn Beck, groups like the Tea Party and the 912 project, dozens if not hundreds of groups started to form around the country standing in opposition and resistance to what we see happening to our country.
        The puppeteers know this. I think it started with the Dems loosing Ted Kennedy’s seat. Last years election showed them things were really beginning to fall apart, the election in NY in Wiener’s district is the icing on the cake.
        We are seeing stories in the media now about Hillary possibly running in 2012. Stories like “Libs Vow Primary Challenge to Obama”, an article in the Chicago Tribune “Why He Should Withdraw From the Race”. Clearly their plans for Bams serving his full 2 terms have been shaken if not completely destroyed.
        So now what? When you have unlimited resources, you still control of 2 branch’s of the government but you see this might only last for one more year. Do you kick the can down the road and hope that you maintain that control, or do you accelerate your plans?
        I think Bama’s $450B jobs plan is an attempt at this. So is the Trillion and a half dollar tax plan. They are attempting to ramp up the class warfare while Bama’s buddies in the black panthers are ramping up the race warfare. I think all of these and many more should show us that these people are now desperate. They must complete their plans in the next 12 months, not in the next 5 years as they first thought.
        Am I paranoid, God I hope that is all it is. I have accelerated my preps, I own my own business and fortunately right now business is still doing well, but I am managing to take enough time off to spend an average of 3 days a week, long 12-14 hours days working on my BOL. No time to sit and watch TV, no football, no vacation this year, no weekends to relax. Everything I see happening around us tells me time is short. Prepare to the best of your ability, and develop community. You will not be able to survive even an Argentina style event on you own.
        I am a leader in a MAG and I see way to many of our members that think they can bug in and defend their home or farm by themselves against what is coming. I don’t.
        Find a group in your area, if their isn’t one, start one yourself. Preparing should be a life style, not a hobby.

        • Sorry to be uninformed – but what’s a “MAG”?

          • Daisy:

            I think (OKPrepper)usage of the acronym (MAG)is referring to… Mutual Assistance Group.

            (MAG)- Depending on context, Marine Amphibious Group or Mutual Assistance Group.

            • Thank you! 🙂

        • The Black Panthers are no friend to the U.S. government. TPTB waged an all-out war on them,assassinating some and bunking up charges that have some STILL in prison for crimes they didn’t commit, some 30 years later. The CIA/FBI waged a campaign that tried to totally eliminate their members.

          Please, do some googling and get some information before you make claims that the Black Panthers sleep with their captors and murderers…K? Oh yeah, and I am not black.

      26. Hey folks just look around the warning lights are flashing and no one is paying attention.

        I often use my WalMart analogy. I’m not sure if its the same all over the country or not, but here in Florida this is what I see.

        Walmart has dramatically reduced inventory and at any given time I can find 10 out of stocks. Back in the day, 1980’s, 1990’s a Walmart manager that had out of stocks lost his job.

        Just 18 months ago WalMart Had displays in all 4 main isles year round. Today they may only have displays in 1 main isle.

        Another Walmart sign of the times is the instore monitors playing messages from the DHS.

        The government and big business is classically conditioning us not to look at the red flags and flashing lights. All so you won’t notice your shopping cart is 40% less full and the packages in the cart have gone from 16oz. to 14oz. to 12oz. in the same size packaging.

        Another slight of hand is changing to metrics on the label. The average Joe has no clue how to convert from oz’s to grams or ml’s.

        The end result is you get 4oz. less for on average 25% higher cost. My translation; you are paying 40% more on just about everything.

        In conclusion the triggering signs are all happening now. Flash Mob’s, Price inflation, Packaging weight reduction, Mass shootings, Racial divides, Natural disasters, but hey we are still at the WalMart so everything is ok.

        Now I can get back to watching Dancing with the Stars. I feel better already. Keep watching their birdie’s and you will be wondering what happened very shortly.

        Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

        • PO, just a side note. Those isles are called “action alley” and Walmart tried to clean them up a bit by removing some of the items in the hopes it would clean up the look of the store. Ours tried the concept but lost sales and has since cluttered the isles again!

          • That doesn’t account for their losses. I think the CEO back in the spring said US operations had not had a profitable quarter in 7 quarters. If that trend is the same its now 9 quarters. But, it does explain the lack of displays in the main isles.

        • Where I am it seems like they are trying to spread things out more at WalMart to look as though they still have plenty of merchandise. They still have 7 rows of an item but each row is only 1-2 deep instead of 8-12 deep.

          • In retail they call that fronting up the product to appear full.

            • Thanks for all the insights re food shopping, & Walmart (& Walgreens in another thread).
              I began noticing the “out of stock” problem back in the 1990’s. Since I only shopped rarely (due to disability, not prepping), I would do “big shop excursions” (stock up) whenever I did get to the stores every 4-6 months. And it was a problem then that certain things could not be found… repeatedly. I used to think, “What’s the problem here? They never order enough of the product? Or they need more employees to stock shelves? Or am I always hitting the store on the wrong day?” etc. It was due to that frustration I began ordering by the case in advance (call store mgr. & ask to pre-order cases of canned goods). That was long before I learned of the “conspiratorial view of history”!

              Recent price comparison from August: Can of Garbonzo beans at Walmart 92-cents, same can at local large South USA grocery chain $1.19, 27-cents higher. I’ve yet to try ordering by the case from Wallyworld… I wonder if they would even allow it? (& get put on fed watch list, lol… If buying in bulk causes that, then I’ve probably been on it since 1990’s).

              Like Daisy & Matt described, encountering illness & disability puts you in a whole ‘nother mindset & lifestyle (learn to do without, new ways of thinking & surviving, K.I.S.S. enters in, your focus & interests change, etc.) while everyone you knew before carries on in their frivolous pursuits. Sounds odd, but having a disability has been a blessing in that sense & also provided precious valuable time to educate oneself re “the real world” (brain still works even if body doesn’t 🙂

          • As my opinion on another forum(or this one)—they know what’s coming and they don’t wish to have their operating monies tied up in non-essentials on a shelf, like my favorite stir-fry sauce WTSHTF….canned soups or eyeliner??? They know what the hungry will choose.

          • Thanks JJ.

          • Here’s another, more recent 9/8/11 observation on the food situation in Houston churches’ food banks having been possibly outwitted (setup?) by DHS:

            • This link is wrought with pop-ups and ads and spyware—don’t go there.

      27. Frosty21 you have got it right. The four hidden dynasties have been setting us up for the past 50 years, mostlikely longer.
        1. Education- Dumb down our kids, change history, situation ethics.
        2. Political- Give us hand picked men to run for president,make us believe there is a big difference in the two parties, until we can finally see, it all appear to be a game for thwem.
        3. Economical- Federal Reserve, we know that story. Remember a few years ago we all use to get credit cards in the mail. Remember how the commercials begged us to refinace our homes to buy a new car or go on that big vacation you always wanted.
        4. Relegion- World Wide Coucil of Churches. It sounds so great. They tell us all we need to do is come together, bring all your beliefts. All we need to do is love and respect other gods. Sounds good.
        What do we have? The New World Order. When they are ready the four dynasties that have worked together all these years will pull the rug out from under us in every country in the world for their purpose. However, they will not win. They are playing out the negative part of a great plan that is bigger than them. Keep prepping and praying. The good guys win. God Bless

      28. What happens in europe affects the U.S. economy. Watch the news. Heads up.

        Get your family aware of what is going on. Prep. Save.
        If your teenage/adult daughters show an interest in learning how to use a firearm get them out and show them. Send them to a small arms training course. Then get them interested in concealed carry permits.

        Keep your preping within your family. Outsiders don’t need to know that you have stockpiled food and ammunition.

        Be careful. Plan, pray and prepare. Always pray.

      29. National Council of Churches (in the US) and the World Council of Churches, 2 Marxist orgs posing as religious entities. Marx said, “religion is the opiate of the people, as it is easily tinged with socialism”. Organized religion has been infiltrated and subverted. Reject Marx, choose the “Light”.

        • Amen. So true. A few months ago, after again being so disgusted at all the God-hating comments on forums/blogs/youtube, etc., I was thinking, “All ideas start somewhere, & most ideas being spouted off today were planted by the enemy… so when/where/how did it come to be that so many people despise God?” Then I remembered a newsletter that mentioned the name of a guy who, 50+ years ago, promoted the “God of the OT is a Bully” idea in one of his books, something about the “Revolutionary Age.” His name was Bromley Oxnam. He became president of DePaul University back in the late 1920’s or 1930’s & was a Marxist-front guy. Later he became a big wig bishop in the Methodist/Episcopalian church in DC. So he had opportunity to influence the thinking of many people, from college kids to church goers to politicians. He was also one of the founding members of the Natl Federation of Churches which later became one of the two big churches orgs you mention (I forget which one). A Congressman, Jackson I think was his name, investigated Oxnam for being a Marxist-front. The govt’s legal document — with NUMEROUS exhibits exposing Oxnam’s activities — can be found online. Chilling. Oxnam voluntarily appeared before Congress & denied everything & the NYTimes had a field day in Oxnam’s favor (NYTimes article also online). Then I searched the list of “10,000 Famous Freemasons” site & sure enough, just as I expected, Oxnam was a Freemason. (See also an article online by another preacher, Carl McIntyre, from back in the 1950’s, where McIntyre reams Oxnam for his Marxist activities. Great read.)

          Back to Oxnam’s “the OT God is a Bully” quote from his “Revolutionary Age” book, he was quoting yet another guy who was born decades before Oxnam & lived in the UK. So WHO was THIS guy, I wondered? How much influence did HE have to spread his “Jehovah is a Dirty Bully” idea? Turns out this guy, Hugh Walpole, was:
          •Born & raised by a father who was a preacher!
          •Grew up to become a hugely successful & wealthy novelist whose books were sold throughout the English-speaking countries
          •Used his own life experiences in his “fiction” novels (the “Jehovah is a Dirty Bully” was a comment by a supposed fictional son to his supposed fictional Dad, in one of Walpole’s supposed fiction books)
          •And here’s the cincher: Hugh Walpole was a HOMOSEXUAL (no wonder he thought God was a bully!)

          So: We have a homosexual author (with preacher father) who became a famous author & hence, was able to spread his “Jehovah is a Dirty Bully” idea via his book “Wintersmoon” in UK USA CAN, etc. A few decades later the Marxist Oxnam grabs the quoted-torch from Walpole’s book & spreads it even farther, after he was “famous & wealthy” as well via his Revolutionary Age book!! And now there are countless people everyday across the web spouting the same ridiculous “the OT God is a Bully” mantra not realizing they have fallen for the biggest Marxist scam of all > > to undermine belief in God & His Word, the Bible. Cain would be proud… Nimrod, too!

      30. What is really bothering me is this long long and painful agony that the world is in. Personally I’d prefer a more quick SHTF. but now we have these unbearable convulsions – “war on terror”, 2008 depression, Katrina, Haiti earthquake, Japan tsunami and nuclear nightmare, droughts in US, Russia and China, floods in China and Pakistan, revolutions in Arab world, Eurocrisis, unemployment, double dip scare, Hungarian chemical disaster, New Zealand earthquake, Indonesia tsunami, more unemployment, crime gone rampant, terrible injustices, government crackdowns, jeering of the democratic system, money out of thin air, IMF, WB, democrats and republicans, liberals and communists, dumb TV, dumb movies, dumb education system, dumbed down kids, drugs, parents killing their children, children killing their parents, constant scare of TEOTWAWKI/economic collapse/[you name it] unless we give them more power more centralization, and so on ad nauseum
        and I know there are people that are praying for not having TEOTWAWKI event. and they are justified, I do understand them! they still have their homes, they still have their jobs and still think that wage slavery is better than, and I quote, “animating contest of freedom”. but I must say that there are literally millions that just wish it all to end. I read comments daily on many mainstream news sites, and the main consensus is “let’s have WW3” or something along the same lines. that’s because they’re fed up… however most of them still have not prepared for what they ask for 😀
        and as for my advise, I must deviate a little from what RetMSgt84 said. ammo, guns and shooting practice is good, but knowledge is better. learn everything you can, read books, find people in the neighbourhood who are proficient in one area or another. remember – knowledge is a BOB that weighs 0lbs!
        ask yourself (just as I did and do all the time) do you know how to build foxhole radio. have you built it in reality? have you tested it? do you know how to build a wind turbine? how to tan furs? what plants are sensitive to heightened UV levels? what deceases are weaponized? what are the symptoms and treatment for epidemic deceases? what happens to NPP after electricity goes down? have you practised stealth movement in the woods in the middle of the night? how good are at identifying edible and medicinal plants in real life without a book?
        ask the questions, and if you find that you lack something, get that knowledge. without that knowledge all the preparations are null and void. a man (or a woman) with a knife and full backpack of knowledge will be better off than one with fully stocked BOL yet no knowledge.
        I know that most of you already have those skills and knowledge, but, hey, there maybe some noob out here looking for info, and this just might get him thinking.
        I have a table in Word format where I’ve listed all the skills and know-how that I think is relative to SHTF scenario and I seek after every opportunity to get that table filled with “done” inscriptions. 😉
        prepping is a never ending enterprise!

      31. Here is another thing that will and is already occuring..The use of our police departments to fleece the general public

        in bogus tickets..oh no points ,, just give us the money

        and childish gotcha games, and bogus traffic stops without lights on so when you go buy and havent moved over a lane they nail you..and thats big money because its a misdemeaner, so you better pony up (or they want you to ) and get a mouth piece so you wont get the infraction on your record..oh but pay the fine yes its about the money..the police departments money
        Im sure these cops are told..if you dont stop X amout of cars this month you will not be funding your pay check

        If this doesnt stop it will create a back lash that they havent banked on

        you dont want the citizens of this country getting to the point where a simple traffic stop can ruin their life forever all for nefarrious means..

        thee push back could be more like a snap!

      32. My cousins’ daughters got back from China last week. They say in the capital you can see improvements in the standard of living for many people. But outside the capital there are horrible living conditions. The capital has the worst air pollution they had ever seen.

      33. Ever since I was a teen, I took it upon myself to “interview” members of the latin kings, gangster disciples,Jewish persons (who claim i’m a nazi, or now a neo-nazi) and a host of foreign persons in USA, and as a result, I dont feel all that different from whomever would seem the alien or stranger in my encounters.

        The snobs of south florda wouldnt talk to me…to be honest…i was left with who ever was at the liquor store! Latin Kings!

        These folks are pretty nice alone or in small groups, including the Hells Angels.

        also, I heavily tattooed myself to look like a criminal!
        I’ve actually lived a middle class lifestyle…but these folks accept me.

        Get out and meet your neighbors, network. Don’t be shy.

        All the technologically isolation creates an Us vs. Them mentality.
        We are all humans.

        Unless you really are square…then buy a gun and freeze dried foods.

        • Classical music, crossword puzzles and knitting needles – guess we better do a leetle more prepping…:)

      34. I can’t.

        • Respond to that.

          • responding responding…

      35. Hey PatriotOne, I am 5o miles from the nearest Wal-Mart. I get there every few months. Since I am in the far northern part of our country I can tell you what I notice here. The stocks are way down at the Wal-Mart. When we went shpping a few month ago, I remarrked to my husband, “what is going on”? I couldn’t believe how empty the store looked. And they are not carrying a lot of things any more. I also notice that the Dollar store in the town next to ours does not carry a large stock.
        What does this mean? I really want to know.

      36. Trigger…it’s not so much a heart-attack as a consuming cancer
        you survive with a pma (positive mental attitude)but I liked the wearing big clothes advice of Diana…just hard to find some bigger than what I have.Soon enough I’ll be on that diet I’ve been putting off (I eat when stressed,lol’s)
        Caliente Katie sounds like a cutie…

      37. Giurza – your insights are absolutely priceless! Thank you for sharing.
        Husband and I are in real remote area of remote Kansas. Growing wheat, sheep, goats (milk), chickens. Solar panels and system in, windmill, food for 20+ for a year, clear approach paths, years of fuels’ storage, generators, food mills, sunoven, biodiesel plant, library of need-to-know stuff, antibiotics stored, ham radio, FRS, nightvision, arms and ammo (some caches), and triple layers of barrier and alarms. And we use/practice it all. Neighbors getting together Oct. 9 for a burger fest with a side of mutual assistance planning. Lots of rural folks see this coming. We intend to not be easy targets. And the ‘elite educated’ assume we are all Homer Simpsons out here – who is that joke really on?
        God speed to all.

        • I have always know that people in the mid west as a large demographics have always gotten it.

          Homer Simpson, from the animated series, The Simpsons, lives at 742 Evergreen Terrace, in the town of Springfield. No state has ever been given.

        • I’ve got shivers done my spine (in a very very positive way) when I read your post! I am proud of such people as you are Prairie Rose!!!
          keep up the good work! you and your husband seem very well educated and enlightened for everyday life, not to mention SHTF situation. give him my sincerest wishes of good luck!
          and the so called “educated elite” will be hanging in the wind with their bare buttocks. they might have bought their power, they might have bought luxurious bunkers and stocked up with food, they might have bought gold and silver instead of worthless FRN, but when SHTF, all that will not avail them much. after a year, they will still need to know how to plant, hunt etc. but being fat and lazy and complacent and used to power they are not prepared for what they themselves have cooked for us. and we, the little people, we silently toiled all these years, we will inherit the earth!
          it is they that are Homers, not us. yes, naturally there are Simpsons out there among us. there are those who rather close their eyes and pretend that all is well, but when the music stops, they will find no chairs!
          and for all that matters, I am not going to share my chair with them. maybe I am bad christian, but that’s what those years of toil and sorrow and privation made of me. I will rather see them all go down the drain. if we allow them to persist and persevere, they will set up the old system in the new world after SHTF.
          my favourite quote about this comes from Pat Frank’s “Alas, Babylon”
          t’is about that bankster who could not grasp the idea that money is now all but worthless pieces of nicely adorned paper 🙂 and he blows his brains out. good riddance!
          You, Prairie Rose, your husband, and all of you out there, keep up preparing, keep up good work, and heed no government scare and intimidation tactics! You are the real thing, not that TV induced “Paris Hilton has the best life of all of us” crap.

          • misspelled my first phrase… sorry for that, I meant:
            “I’ve got shivers DOWN my spine”
            again, sorry.

      38. Guirza,
        I knew what you were saying. Bless you for sharing your experiences.
        Have to admit, that was my first blog post ever, but I have learned more from reading what people like you write than all the folk who have bright ideas, but just plan things and do not follow through. The best part you wrote is “I can…I can….I can….”.
        I also work off the farm and have told coworkers: ” You are a person of means. Consider the preparations like an insurance policy.” Some follow through, and some decide to take expensive trips to Europe, but they will not be able to eat the pictures. One friend said, “My wife and I will just come to your house.” I looked him in the eye and said, “Anyone who comes to our road without skills and a year of food is not our friend.” We will care for our family, but those others will get water, a loaf of bread and a stern warning not to ever return. Sad how many will find themselves exquisitely prepared for and versed in navigating a world that is no more.
        Like OK Prepper we work jobs, farm business, garden, can, work the livestock, and work weekends on building and improving skills and work nights planning. No vacations, no time off. Heaven knows no extra money. We sat down with elderly farming relatives, and listened to how they did things, then worked it out for ourselves. One old aunt said simply, “We just made do.” God bless and keep you and your family, Giurza, may he provide for you as you “make do”!
        I pray that more people awaken from their frivolity, and prepare as much as they can, as soon as they can. Those that refuse will still find the dangers ahead, but will suffer from their imprudence.

        • Thank you Prairie Rose! God bless you and your family too!
          and that what you said to that friend of yours – the only right way to deal with that kind of free-riders.
          Russians have a special word for such people – “khalyavchicky”…
          I am so happy that there are people like you! if majority thought the way you do, USA would have never changed its ways from what American Revolution founded. and all those federal cronies would be biting dust. unfortunately the reality leaves much to desire…
          and one thing more. there are no like-minded people around me, not like in your community. cherish those relations! they are priceless! I would give a world for what you have in terms of community.
          if SHTF around here, I will be alone, to protect my family and to provide for them. there will be my father too, but I’ll have to get to BOL first…
          major concern will be how to kick the future city drifters/refugees from our land and protect our assets. there shall be extensive trap setting and major “maskirovka” effort in order to avoid gangbang

      39. I’m glad I’m not the only SHTF Rambo-wannabe! And I could not agree with Giurza more, the one with the knowledge is the one that lives. This was a point that Dad always stressed when I was growing up. I spent my entire childhood with my Dad out in the woods being given all of his knowledge (which was considerable given his time as a scout/sniper with the Marine Corps). Sadly, I am not at a point in my life where a BOL is an option, but even if it were I doubt it would be a course I would pursue. Being raised by a scout/sniper who was certain he would see the collapse before his time was over, it was instilled in my psyche that my best chances were to practice E&E as much as possible. I was taught to track, determine the edible from the poisonous, gauge direction and time, and most importantly, watch people and get up close to them without them ever knowing. That, and surviving is easier when your only 62 inches tall and 127 pounds, there is far less body to feed, see, and hit. Best of luck to all of you and yours, and I hope to see y’all on the other side of the splatter.

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