How to Hide Your Money Where the Bankers Won’t Find It

by | Mar 27, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness | 174 comments

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    Unless you have been on vacation the past few days or out of touch with the never ending news media we live in you have seen or heard about the event in Cyprus. For those who haven’t heard, the short story is that the IMF has pushed for a “wealth tax” in Cyprus which would involve taking money directly out of the bank accounts of the people. That’s right, stealing in broad daylight with no apologies whatsoever. The IMF is saying that the people of Cyprus need to pay back the bankers who stole and lost their money. This is done with the threat of being kicked out of the Euro zone if they refuse. Make no mistake, this is a trial run and they will be coming for money in your accounts very soon.

    So, what can you do about it? Can you put your money in stocks? What about investments like property or fancy cars? My opinion is that nothing is safe. If your money is out of your reach and stored in any type of financial institution it can be stolen. Before I go any further let me state what should be obvious to most of you.

    Warning #1: Whatever you do with your money, you do at your own risk.

    Now, that being said, where would you put your money if you can’t stick it in the bank? Well, first let me address why we put money into the banks in the first place. It used to be that our money was safe in the bank and for the privilege of letting banks hold on to our money and invest it we were paid back in interest. Over time, neither of these two reasons is valid anymore. You will not see any return on a traditional checking or saving account and as recent events like the MF Global scandal prove, your money can be taken and there is nothing you can do about it.

    I recommend you keep only enough money in the bank that you need to operate your daily finances, cover checks and your normal Debit Card purchases. Any savings should be “stored” somewhere else if you don’t want to be like the people of Cyprus who flocked to empty ATM machines and were faced with a bank holiday for 4 days. Just imagine going to your bank and they tell you that you are unable to get any of YOUR money out for 4 days. Where do you put this money? Great question and it will really depend on how much you have, where you live, how liquid you need it to be and your resources. All of this falls under the umbrella of how afraid you are that something like this could happen to you and your tolerance for risk.

    Warning #2: Just because you hide money doesn’t mean someone else can’t find it.

    There are a ton of options for hiding things and they are only limited to your creativity. If you are going to hide money, I would take extra precautions. Especially, if you plan on seeing this money again someday. For ideas, here are a few:

    Secret compartment in everyday items:

    There are a myriad of places and containers that can be made to look like normal everyday items. There is a post with plenty of photos and ideas. My personal favorite is the VHS tape hideout. I can see this holding a few hundred dollars if you play it right. There is another article (one of many) that illustrates good hiding places on Another idea I have heard of is to hide bills in the contents of old bank statements, junk mail for home refinance, etc. Anything that looks like junk will be overlooked most likely, but remember… You don’t want to throw this away when you are cleaning up one day.

    In the walls of your home:

    This approach takes a little more carpentry skills and will leave a bigger mark when you go to find your money. Do you hide it all in one spot? No, so there is more work involved in this approach and you want to make sure your handiwork isn’t easy to spot. If you have never dry walled, it may take a little practice.

    In the attic:

    Hands down the easiest place to store your money. Unfortunately, this is also a logical place to look. If you are going to hide your money up in the attic, spread it out so that if your stash is found, they might not find all of it.

    In the basement:

    If you have exposed ceiling joists, you can hide money between the insulation and the floor above. For a little extra level of difficulty, you should hide the money above plumbing or HVAC ducting to make it doubly hard to get to.

    Buried in the yard:

    I like this idea, but the nagging fear is that someone will see me digging a hole and go dig up my money in the middle of the night while I lie in bed. You can combine this with a garden or yard fixture project where you are out digging anyway to avoid suspicion. Or, break out the new pair of night vision goggles you have been dying to try, get up at 4 am and dig your hole in the pitch black night when you have no moon. Imagine you are breaking out of prison for extra motivation.

    Hidden in a secret cache in a remote location:

    I talked about using the game of Geocaching to teach you how to find hidden caches. You can also use this to find a good hiding spot somewhere near (but not too near) your home. Make the place you are hiding money very well hidden so that nobody will stumble across it accidentally. I would recommend midway up a hill because you never know when a flood will come and buried several feet underground.

    Warning #3: Just because you hide your money doesn’t mean you will be able to get to it when you need it.

    Again, use your best judgment with these ideas. Having your money safe from bankers does you no good if it gets washed away or found by hikers out exploring. Worse, if your house burns down and all of your cash is in the attic. Take appropriate precautions with everything but consider an alternate place to store your money. You may need it soon and not have the ability to go get it from your bank.

    This article has been generously contributed by The Prepper Journal


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      1. I am now using solar powered LED lanterns in the house for all my lighting needs. I put the solar lanterns outside during the day to charge and have plenty of light at night. They work great. Get off the grid and save the Earth while you’re at it. Buy solar lanterns that have a hand crank attached as a backup.

        Get a pair of handcuffs, bear spray, stun gun, folding tactical knife, a knuckle duster, tactical flashlight (can be used at a club), and baton.

        • I thought you stored your wealth in bitcoin.

          • I don’t own any BITCOINs yet but I immediately recognized its potential when I heard about it. You old people need to embrace it and stop fighting change.

            • One small problem with bitcoins… well, a couple:

              1) if your ISP goes down or you have any problems getting online, you’re screwed even worse than a regional/national ATM outage.

              2) Bitcoin is accepted by practically nobody online, and almost literally nobody offline.

              3) Any SHTF event that wipes out your access to the Internet will wipe out your money.

              4) Yes, the Internet was originally designed to survive a nuclear war. However, unless you and the seller can both reach it, you both know what bitcoin is, and you both have a way to insure against fraud, scams or worse?

              Umm, yeah – good luck with that.

              Better to have something tangible, isn’t prone to cracking, and doesn’t require electricity. Same reasons why the eBook format is a bad idea for SHTF preparation (and the first thing I strongly suggest in my own book is to print out the PDF or buy the paper version).

              • BITCOIN doesn’t have a central data bank it’s a hive mind.

                • Didn’t .gov already say they are going to regulate it “to prevent money laundering” (by any entity other than .gov)?

                  Bitcoin sounds like it appeals to stupid people. Leave a digital scam for another digital scam. What can you buy with Bitcoins in Cyprus right now?
                  Anything electronic leaves some kind of digital paper trail. The old farts are right on this one. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

                  • OWN BOTH

                • “BITCOIN doesn’t have a central data bank it’s a hive mind.”

                  I know exactly what it is and what it does, but you didn’t address any of the things I mentioned as pitfalls with it.

                  Long story short, I suspect that you won’t get very far at a post-SHTF market peddling an encrypted pile of magnetic bits on a dead laptop, yanno? Even if you did have the thing powered up, and even if you were able to hit what remains of the Internet, you’d have a damned hard time using something as a medium of exchange that even most merchants won’t bother with – right now, pre-SHTF.

                  • BITCOIN is a prototype and a fantastic one at that. The pitfalls will be addressed in time by software experts. That is not my specialty.

                    I’ve told you a million times that cash in king during economic collapse and you can see that right now in Cyprus. BITCOIN is a store of wealth that’s why its value is shooting for the stars right now in Europe.

                  • Cash, gold/silver or bitcoin post SHTF? Not even close. Bitcoins are not real high on my list, somewhere below pine scented air freshners. I’ll just have to suffer through without.

                  • “BITCOIN is a store of wealth”

                    …it is only a source of wealth under the following conditions:

                    1) someone is willing to accept it as a form of currency (99.99999% of the planet won’t)

                    2) you have the infrastructure (computer, network connection) to transfer it over (wanna know how easy it would be to cut off Internet access in the event of a ‘banking holiday’? Far easier than you dare to think.)

                    I’m trying to make this as simple as possible for you to understand – bitcoin is worthless as a prep. It is worthless because it requires some sort of infrastructure, and because it isn’t even recognized as actual money outside of a few hobbyists and very few *online* retailers.

                    You are better off preparing by converting money into as form that is 1) universal (e.g. precious metals), and 2) usable exactly as it is, without any kind of technological help (again, precious metals are a perfect example of this).

                  • Why would you still have cash?
                    If you still have cash after you’ve bought EVERYTHING you need to survive for the next decade or so, why wouldn’t you put the rest in gold or silver, or better yet, barter-able goods like 22lr ammo?

                    Secondly, what madman would hide wads of cash in their house? One fire (accidental or deliberately lit) and it’s gone.

                    If you’re worried about being spotted in your yard while burying it then buy a small flat-pack shed, put it up, dig your hole inside it, bury your gear and then move the shed elsewhere and repeat.

              • He’s been told this before. He’s a classic fool. Thinks he knows everything. And he definitely thinks he knows more than someone with more years and real-world experience. The kind of guy that when TSHTF, you find him curled up in a fetal position crying for his mommy.

                • I don’t think I know everything. I’m learning every day. You don’t have more life experience than I do by a long shot. You’re a hateful troll. If you don’t have anything to say about the issues just go away.

            • So you’re pretty much all hat and no cattle.

              That’s pretty much what I suspected.

              • James Brown said it right on the mark. “…talkin loud, sayin nuttin, like a dull knife, just ain’t cuttin…”

            • Kill yourself.

        • Young Eisen,

          You can increase the length of burn time on those lanterns by soldering a 20 ohm resistor inline just before the array…

          How do you charge your computer?

          • I use the grid for the computer at the moment.

          • Jerry- Check out the BIOLITE stove. You can charge phones and i-pads with a small wood fire. You can watch videos online on it’s operation.

            • seen it…very inventive.

        • Handcuffs? Is that some sort of gay bondage thing? I don’t take prisoners. 🙂

          • Howdy DK,

            If you’re out there, scope this out…

            A ‘thought’ here…

            Washington’s Vision, yes? Europe, Africa and Asia….though not neccesarily Russia….

            The single thing which has eluded me to date is WHAT could bring Europe into the equation as suggested? WHAT common cause could possibly exists to draw those into one? The NY Fed ‘handles’ an enormous amount of the
            world’s gold…witness that the German’s want in excess of 1400 ton of thier’s back from it, us. Germany is NOT unique in this respect…nearly every coountry on Earth is in a similar position as well. Thereafter, the Benelux nations want thier’s back also…anyone else? Yep, and the list seems to grow by the week…doesn’t it?

            It’s not hard to understand how the far east could become so involved, Eh? After all, they hold a cool Trillion of our paper, right? It’s also not hard to see how the Midde East…a PART of Africa would want to do
            so…but Europe? How?…

            Turns out that the ONE thing which could do the trick is if the NY Fed couldn’t give them BACK thier property ..thier gold. did you see the post I put in a little bit ago about Eric Sprott’s analysis at the ‘Hedge?

            Dwell on it for a bit Friend… ;( Not good…


            • Their & theirs

        • If you live in a stand alone house with a septic system, look in your basement where the large drain pipe goes through the wall out to the septic tank. I bet it is cast iron and 4-6 inches in diameter. Would it be possible to build another fake ‘Septic’ pipe system in another location that extends out through the wall into the yard and looks like the real one? Seems that that would solve the fire problem and the hidden problem. Hidden in plain sight. It could even be sealed. If it appeared to come through the floor above and goes out through the wall, who would know unless they were totally familiar with the house? If a visitor noticed, you could say that it is left over from a renovation and never removed.

          • Crap now I have to find another spot.

        • Eisenkruez. I am not being a pain. I just want to know why you listed handcuffs? On another note, bitcoin surged today. I still think you are incorrect about the future of bitcoin. Maybe your right but I don’t see how they will become mainstream.
          What is a knuckle duster?
          I disagree concerning the stun gun. You have to get close enough to touch someone and unless the person is mentally weak, it’s just going to piss them off. A tazer that projects prongs and shots several feet away, works. They are really expensive. I have taken a ride on one if them and by god do they work. (Old man fight at a bar, the police were not amused with me)
          I am trying to think of a situation where a person would use less than deadly force in the realm of shtf. Not saying you are wrong. The multi purpose flashlight / club type items make sense. If a person is using the light and then quickly needs a club. The stun gun has no other purpose. You would have to reach for it and could easily reach for a gun.

        • Stashing cash is NOT a safe plan for retaining your wealth.

          All the Bank/Government has to do to steal you stashed cash is declare your currency obsolete. Then they issue a new currency – the Amero – and if you want to use your old U.S. Dollars, you’ll have to come to the Bank and exchange it for the new currency. And Voila! They’ll give you a financial “hair cut” right then and there.

          Alternately, you could eat your dollars, or sew them together to make clothes, or just burn them in the middle of the floor of your living room for heat and light.

          Or better yet, you could do some thing smart with your cash like pay off your mortgage, buy food and store it, or buy seed and a hot house and turn your soon to be worthless paper cash in to some thing that will actually do you some good in the near future.

      2. Some good ideas – I’m curious if anyone has some suggestions for containers that are fireproof?

        It would really suck to see all your FRN savings go up in smoke!

        • I would not recommend a fire proof safe to store cash in. I have been first on the scene of multiple mobile home invasions and they find and open the safe first.

          • Maybe if Chi-town would dispose of their fanatical hatred of freedom and the constitution people would be able to defend themselves more readily. I’m amazed the country has survived this long with all the sheeptards that surround us every day.

            • Go put your skull in a blender shittroll

          • Must have been cheap safes. A good one would take too long to penetrate.

          • Detached shed…drop an envelope in the middle of a 50# bag of grass seed!!!

            • Oops..I didn’t do that–nope, nope, nope, nope says Littlefoot.
              If you have grandkids, you’ll know.

              • It was not Littlefoot that said that line it was Ducky

            • In Feinstine’s underwear. NOBODY would take it, even if they knew it was there.

              • take it? no one would even check.

                Thanks for the thought…. excuse me, i just threw up in my mouth a lot…

                • Crack kills!

              • Hey! we got a HazMat team here in the county somewhere – one of them could possibly do it. I think. If he was drunk enough. On Everclear. May need a couple snorts of cocaine to stiffen his resolve a bit…

                (though the decontamination would take some time… not sure if it would be worth it. Nevermind.)

          • A safe is a good decoy (bolt it down, etc to make it look real). They waste their time getting into a safe that turns out to be empty or holds trinkets. Get some type of fireproof box and find an unlikely hiding spot, D. How often does anybody paw through a stinky clothes hamper or cat litterbox?

            • put something NASTY in the safe too, throw away the key and combo. This works good for tool box thieves as well.

          • Seems to me that a fire event would be more likely than theft. I have one securely bolted to the masonry wall and hidden. No place is 100% safe anymore, anywhere, but a big old ton of steel in the basement seems pretty secure.

            If they force you to give them the combination, do so. It’s only money. You should have your wealth in other things of value like hand tools, real estate, necessities like food, survival gear, etc. Not in paper or gold. Will you trade a 1 oz gold coin for a chicken? How about a few eggs? Better to trade a pound of nails or a good knife.

            • Hide some fake money in the safe for thieves. Big bill so they get checked with a pen when they try to pass them off.

        • in a butter bowl in the freezer among other butter bowls. Husband will holler “which butter bowl is the butter in?” when he wants some. freezer wont burn. 😀

          • True story,my parents bought a fixer upper ,and the garage had a dirt floor,so while raking out the dirt to pour concrete ,they found two PVC casuals … guessed it,cut them open and found both stuffed with $100. Bills in perfect condition!
            Earliest date on the bills mid 90’s…..

            So,I’d say doing that,as long as you glue the end caps on,can’t go wrong…fire proof !
            Just gotta remember where the hell you buried them.

            • …and avoid pouring concrete until you scout the area…

          • I recommend using hidden in plain sight spots like a box of rice tucked into your cabinets or a dummy jar of soap or cleaner under your sink or behind an old family photo in its frame.

            Just make sure your significant other knows where its going to avoid accidently throwing it out.

            • Don’t forget to also tell your sweetie– reminding him often if he has beginning dementia– where it is hidden because something could happen to you!!

          • I had an aluminum tripod for my camcorder. A roll of $800-$1000 will fit, then put the rubber foot back on.

            Every printer has a door that opens so you can service the ink cartridges. Beside that is a compartment on both sides. I hid stuff there all the time, just place it over, and then back towards the front. A tight fit keeps it from jarring loose at an inopportune moment.

            A battery compartment in a transistor radio holds quite a bit too. If it also plugs in, you can use it as a radio for even better camouflage.

            Removing the vertical trim on many door jambs will reveal a cavity between the studs. Trim is pretty easy to replace, just be sure it isn’t loose-fitting.

            The hems of heavy drapes, towards the back corner is rarely looked at closely.

            I know of someone who kept their old analogue electric meter. They made a round hole behind it. Replacing the meter hides the entire thing. Remember, the whole point of smart meters is that they don’t need a meter reader anymore.

            Just my two cents worth.

            • Just make sure it is protected from mice. They love to tear up paper to make their nests.

        • Sheetrock is the most common fireproofing material used in fireproof safes. The sheetrock is packed usually about 5 sheets thick. (Which greatly increases the weight of your safe) Fireproof is kind of a misnomer because each safe is rated for only so long and so hot.

          If you were not stashing your cash in a fireproof safe, but still wanted to protect it from fire; you could buy a sheet of sheetrock and a drywall saw. Decide on how big a square you want and and how much cash you want to stash. Make yourself a solid box of layers of sheetrock and use the drywall/sheetrock saw to hollow out the right size compartment of the interior sheets.

          Also Zanotti Armor sells a gun safe that can be taken apart. The good thing about this is that a healthy man can move, locate, and assemble the safe all buy himself. This greatly increases security because nobody else needs to know where you have hidden the safe. One problem is the safe has no fire protection. However you can build a closet to house the safe and use five layers of sheetrock all the way around and achieve the same fireproofing a fireproof safe offers. Alternately, you can put important papers and cash into a smaller fireproof box or even another small fireproof safe inside the Zanotti to protect important stuff from fire. If you plan on hiding the safe, you will probably be better off getting one of the smaller ones. Usually larger is better when it comes to gun safes, but not if you plan on hiding it.

          Hope these ideas help…

          the Wild Goose

          • A friend of mine is a building contractor. He built a lot of up-scale houses during the housing boom. One of the best selling points, was a totally encased cellar/vault off of the underground corner of the basement. With a steel door, and overhead concrete, the blockroom could handle about anything and survive.

            Most gunowners liked the idea of having a place to put a fireproof safe, that actually made it fireproof. Others just liked the idea of having a place for security.

            • I wish I had done that when I had my basement poured.
              Sometimes I wish I was a young man. I’d like to work on a degree in residential architecture and design houses with the prepper in mind. Rooms like you describe. Houses that look like normal houses with defenses the untrained eye couldn’t detect.
              Another nice thing to include in that room is control of all of the utilities. All of my utilities come in at my deepest basement corner. I can turn water, and electric off. My gas comes in there. I need to have a valve installed just outside the basement wall with a push/pull rod to open and close it. I’ve had one plumber look at it, but have not done the work yet. I also think an alternate secret escape route out of that room would be nice. When the tornado sirens go off, I like being able to go in there and go to sleep. If the main part of the house gets blowed away, you can shut off gas, water, and electric.

        • “It would really suck to see all your FRN savings go up in smoke!”

          Versus have it stolen by inflation ?

        • I would keep most money in PMs because a typical house fire doesn’t get hot enough to melt them. Your lead would, but not silver or gold.

          • I’ve wondered about this. I’ve heard PM’s won’t melt in a house fire before and wondered if this is true.

        • daisy: Two words; bear boxes.

        • Daisy, just a thought, I’ve never tried it, but think it would work. Take 2 pieces of flat stock larger than a bill, and drill holes in each end, and put bolts through each end and place your bills between the 2 pieces of stock and tighten the bolts down. You can place as many bills as you want between the flat stock, just use longer bolts. The tighter you make it the better it should work. I don’t know what temperatures it would withstand, but without oxygen, they should’nt burn. Just like throwing a magazine on a fire, you can’t hardly get it to burn. Just a thought. Trekker Out.

          • Love that idea. You are correct. My mother bought a cheap grill to burn all kinds of old files and statements because she was moving and didn’t want to move them. Boy was she in for a surprise. If the pages aren’t separated individually, and tossed in one or two at a time, they don’t want to burn.

        • You’re cool Daisy!
          Just wrap your stash in a few layers of glass wool and secure the bundle with some steel craft wire. I use it when soldering or welding as a back plane and the stuff works great!
          You can place this any where you like.
          Typical applications in industry is for keeping heat away from sensitive parts such as in ovens. Often used on steam pipes and hot surfaces.
          If you plan on storing your package in a damp location just over wrap the package in a zip lock baggie with a dessicant pack filled with dessicant silica crystals. The baggie and silica pack will burn but not the valuables inside.
          The best is to place the whole package away from any ignition source or combustibles like wood or plastics.

        • as a Firefighter for 20++ yrs, I can tell you that a floor safe on the bottom floor should be fine. Remember, fire burns up. Most things that are salvaged in a house fire are on the floor. The only time this may not be the case is if there is an accelerant used, and poured directly on the safe. There are also fire retardant bags to place your valuables in, for inside the safe, giving an extra layer of protection.

      3. I hide some of mine in the back of the fridge behind a bunch of quarts of soy milk. It is sealed in a few ziploc bags. Anyway. I agree that keeping it in the bank is useless. I once earned 8-10% interest now they have something like .05%. =( The rest of what I have will go to a credit union.

        • Thoughts on using PayPal? Back when they offered interest I would keep a few thousand in the account. Suppose in a grid down it would not be of any use.

          • I use Paypal for my business. As soon as there is a deposit, I transfer it to an account, and then go and withdraw the cash.

            I don’t like Paypal OR Bitcoin for savings – if it isn’t in your hand, it isn’t yours. As you mentioned, if the grid collapsed, you wouldn’t be able to access the funds. Also, anything like that would allow the PTB to lock it down, given the recent internet “cybersecurity” legislations.

          • Even worse than a bank, they do not have to abide by the same rules and are notorious for freezing accounts for indefinate periods, especially if your PP account suddenly becomes heavier than usual. I had $2500 frozen a few years back, took 4 months and some nasty letters to get them to release it back. I had no idea that so many people were getting the same treatment for no apparent reason. Worse, they would never give me one explanation why they did it when I would call to inquire about it. I am assuming it’s to generate interest at the expense of the little guy.

      4. Hide it in their OWN pockets; they never put their hands in there.

        • US
          I knew an older lady once that carried every dollar she
          had in an o.d. green canvas money belt around her waist.
          She was never without it, either. Trusted nothing….

          • When I was at college, my bank manager told me that they had an old lady who came into their branch every single week and asked to see her money. So they kept a cardboard box in the strong room and written on the end of it it said “Mrs Brown’s money”, and in it was her money.

            Each week she walked in with the cashier, looked in her cardboard box, nodded in satisfaction and left!

            • Maybe she saw this:


          • She grew up in the depression?

      5. The reason they took up off the gold standard in 1971 was to finance the Vietnam war and the “Great Society”. The government-media-banking complex propagandized the Vietnam war because it was in their interests to have the power of the printing press. Wars cost a lot of money and are only done to sieze natural resources these days. The French made up some bullshit boogeyman and invaded Mali to sieze the newfound oil reserves.

        • Not stalking you eisenkruez. I find you interesting. I think most everyone here agree that war sucks. I also think your right about current wars being predicated on economics and resources.
          I can’t prove a negative, but I don’t believe Vietnam nam was a bad war. The way people were made to fight was bad. Politics trumped military expertise.
          Russia is not nearly the issue it would have been if they kept expanding under the guise of spreading the utopia called communism.
          We also spent them into the ground making them weak enough to have split off ethnic regions. They went from being a major power to a minor annoyance.

        • If I was from France, I would be demanding the return of the Statue of Liberty from New York!! The Grand Lady shouldn’t be ever be left in a communist state.

        • Bloomberg is something else. He is nothing more than a local mayor with an illegally extended 3rd term, yet behaves like he is running for Pres. Which may be the case. The zionist jews are the death of us- Rahm Emanuel, Feinstein, Schumer, Lieberman etc. Until we get true Americans into office? Its over. Read the Talmud and Hoahide Laws. That is whats coming

      6. “My opinion is that nothing is safe”. How right you are as many here know this truth.
        Suggestion on hiding money, don’t put cash where it can burn up with its surroundings; old bank statements, walls, bags, etc..
        Use ammo cans by mixing it with the ammo or solo in the cans. Use mason jars and mix them with the other canned items. Be constructive with camouflaging the inner part of the jars with labels from store bought cans (as an example).
        If you bury money, again use an ammo can or something similar. On top of where you bury it scatter spent .22 shells all around the area. If you can afford a safe, it can also be buried or kept anywhere you want without fear of water or fire.
        These are a few examples that I hope help you. Besides tunneling under cement.

        • old dusty rusty paint cans in the garage or shed

          • That’s a good idea. To improve on it. Glue a water tight container in the bottom of the can to put the money in, and then fill the can back up with enough paint so that the container holding the money is covered up.

      7. What did you social conservative fanatics think of Janet Jackson baring her breast on national television at the Super Bowl a few years ago?

        • Desperate publicity try from one who’s career was going nowhere. But as they say; if you’ve seen one boob you’ve likely seen two

        • I’m not a conservative, baby boy Eisen… the question is… what did YOU think of it.. ; )

        • I happen to be a bible believing social conservative that thinks there are a lot worse things on today’s national television than Janet Jackson’s one small moment of infamy.

          I think we are a little overdue: “At night my soul longs for You, Indeed, my spirit within me seeks You diligently; For when the earth experiences Your judgments The inhabitants of the world learn righteousness. Isaiah 26:9

          “For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?” 1 Peter 4:17

          “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” Proverbs 29:2

          “In the latter period of their rule, When the transgressors have run their course, A king will arise, Insolent and skilled in intrigue.” Daniel 8:23

          So Eisee, are you with those who think it is a book of fables and fairytales?

          Anyone who has ever lived with a contentious woman knows the truth of this statement: “It is better to live in a corner of an attic Than in a house shared with a contentious woman.” Proverbs 21:9

          And: “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, But she who shames him is like rottenness in his bones. Proverbs 12:4 I’d rather be water boarded, and I have been, than feel like rottenness in my bones. Cause I’ve felt that too. Thank God it is rare.

          So, what do you have against social conservatives? The same thing taxed too much Bill Maher and other mockers and scoffers do?

          “So have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?” Galatians 4:16

        • I thought that was a wardrobe malfunction. You mean it was on purpose? I am social conservative but put me down for a like.

      8. How about sealed in plastic and placed inside the plumbing system of your home?

        • As I have said before pvc pipe with glued end caps work well, they hold water under pressure from getting out would also hold moisture from penetrating inside. If worried about condensation use a desicant or lubricate any metal. I have a 6in. dia. piece waiting should I feel need to bury a rifle and several hundred rds. of ammo. With post hole diggers it can be buried verticuly-(sp) to lessen the underground foot print.

        • the chemicals/minerals in the water would probably cause the plastic to break down over time.

      9. What money, just spent it all on dog food,

        • Speaking of money…

          A fact about incomes in America you may not believe

          “Income growth for the bottom 90% in America since 1966 is … $59.”

          The Daily Crux

      10. BITCOIN

        • Have you seen today’s rates? May be a bitcoin millionaire soon:)

        • What happens to Bitcoin if the grid goes down? What happens to Bitcoin if the government locks down the internet? What happens to Bitcoin if the DHS decides that the company is laundering money for terrorists (that would be US) and shuts them down?

          I think it’s okay for transactions if you can’t use cash (because you can’t always use cash, try as you might) but I would never trust it for storing money/currency/wealth – whatever you want to call the funds.

          Maybe I’m just a technophobe but I like things to be tangible. I’m touchy-feely that way.

          • Pumpkin,

            It’s infinitely better than the system we have now. Just accept it and stop fighting. You can still keep your gold.

            You’ve been so busy writing articles! And you’re such a good writer, too. Very thoughtful and intelligent.

          • I think paypal was created for the sole reason to move money around to bypass the banking system anyway. I think it would be the first organization on the list to be locked down when this day comes.

            Great thoughts, Daisy.

          • Haaaa. I incorrectly added the DOT to that URL in haste. Duh. Kapooyah!

      11. This is not a bad article but the obsession everywhere about this financial issue is becoming a little bit too much as the other very potential SHTF are getting put to the back burner. I wrote this to show WHY.

        I am all for getting a jump on ANY potential SHTF event coming, but I am also all for not being perceived as crying wolf for some event that “could” be several years in the making. The financial problems are in my opinion being way too overwrought almost everywhere you go on the web. The 2008 semi collpase hurt, but did not bring about true chaos that was forecasted. There is a financial issue in the United States, but also all over the world. Will this implosion, WHEN it happens, bring about the chaos that many say it will to the U.S.? Maybe yes and maybe no. Something few people weigh into the equation about the U.S. are the vast natural resources that it has, most importantly FOOD production.

        As long as the U.S. can produce excess food, there will remain customers in many other countries that cannot. Money only represents what it can buy and sell, and people have to eat. The U.S. still has about 500 people per square mile of arable land, which mean it can produce about 2.5 to 3 times the population of the U.S. in excess food. 310 million x 2.5 = 775 million to 310 million x 3 = 930 million people. When you have enough extra food to sell to almost 1 billion people that have to eat, that can HELP keep your economy afloat awhile longer than people realize. There are also many minerals that the technology of the world needs that the U.S. mines. On top of producing finished goods that keep other countries’ economies going. The main asset though is food production. As long as agriculture remains in the U.S., the financial collapse will be delayed without a physical disaster occurring.

        Unfortunately over emphasizing about the immenient collapse of the economy is driving many people away from the prepper movement as many continue to say, well where is it? “Why have people been talking about this for years and still there is nothing that serious that happened?” Again, money is easily manipulated and as long as someone has something that others need to live, especially food, that collapse is likely going to be delayed many months or even many years. All the while people continue to hear these projections of implosion that have yet to manifest themselvesin a TRUE SHTF episode that FLATTENS practically everything. Interest is lost in preparation for SHTF as the sky has not fallen from this, but IS falling from several other avenues that ARE NOT getting its fair share of coverage anywhere within the survival community or alternative news sites.

        There exists some extremely serious issues that will affect the U.S. and world that have happened in the past and have continued to occur that everyone should be planning for that can and do hit without warning:

        1. EMP. The Sun has proven again and again what it is capable, and right now the Sun is going through a true maximum cycle. Without warning bang we lose everything modern on the affected side of the CME that hits the planet. Little attention has been paid to this as the talk of ecomonic collapse has taken over.

        2. WAR. You have a fat little boy over in North Korea trying to prove his manhood armed with nuclear weapons, perhaps an EMP device, every chemical weapon ever thought of, and most if not ALL biological weapons out there. Miscalculations and war begins with South Korea with the U.S. backing them. North Korea might not hit the U.S. mainland, but release of these bio-agents that are contagious and you could easily have a world wide multiple front plague. I would call that a super mega SHTF. You also have Syria and the Middle East, and both nuclear armed Russia and China readying themselves for literally nuclear war with the west. Israel has already proven itself to attack others without notice, like in Syria, one day extremely likely Iran.

        3. CLIMATIC PROBLEMS. This is what is going to collapse the U.S. economy quicker than any type of debt problem or any screwed up finances with the dollar. You lose the agricultural section of the U.S. to massive drought and/or flooding and you lose one of the true lifelines of the U.S. Many blights are also brought on by extreme weather conditions. You also have several major cities affected by a super hurricane that produce lifeline energy, Houston for one.

        4. GEOPHYSICAL UPHEAVALS. There are 3 faults that are more than capable of causing a multiple trillion dollar disaster, that is TRILLION. You want to see the economy go into the cess pool, have the New Madrid go off like back in 1812 and have the energy line cut off to the north from all the Gulf Coast areas, not to mention a dozen nuclear reactors at risk. The San Andreas breaking would destroy the 8th or 9th largest economy in the world in California. The Cascadia fault would hurt much of the shipping industry from Asia in the Pacific Northwest on top of the damage done to to cities there. A large scale Atlantic seaboard tsunami from the Caribbean plate that is way overdue to break is another real threat. Volcanic activity also has increased much in the past few years and could easily destroy crops over the whole planet with a VEI (volcanic explosive index) of 6 or more.

        5. PANDEMIC. Want to see the end of the world’s economies? Get a type of contagious virus going with a fatality rate over 15% or so and you will see the world come to a virtual standstill for weeks, or months at least as people too terrified to expose themselves hunker down. OR worse that people expose themselves and you lose 15% or more of the workforce. There has been an increase of viral outbreaks as should be the case as the population continues to increase and lack of proper sanitation grows.

        6. MORAL DECAY OF PEOPLE. This is something that is not only a symptom of the last days before SHTF in grand fashion, but often the cause. People are their own worst enemies, and the less and less people care about their surroundings and their nation, problems develop all over the whole spectrum of issues. Disease is again one of these downfalls of people not taking responsiblity for their actions. Antibiotics are becoming less and less effective because people overuse these AND because they use this as a cure all instead of the prevention part of not getting ill in the firstplace. Lack of sexual morality is one reason why STD’s Sexually Transmitted Diseases are exploding and are being treated with too much antibiotics.

        7. LACK OF INCENTIVE AND DRIVE. It is called the welfare state in which people just don’t want to go that extra mile to make their country a better place to live. Mental laziness is killing the interior brain power of so many countries, especially the U.S. This leaves wide open a much quicker than gradual dilapidation of the infrastructure of the nation, but mainly the ability to fix the problem that left unrepaired will definitely hit us all at once one day soon. Look at how quicker a bridge full of cars can go into a river. Imagine a simultaneous chain of events of this happening.

        8. CYBER ATTACK. While this would likely lead to war with a country that is really ONLY capable of instrumenting such an attack that would really hurt a country bad enough to cause such an attack. Again and again as more systems are linked to a main frame, this is going to happen. This could also cause a mass panic in the financial sections.

        9. TERRORISM. People forget so easily those days during 9/11. A weapon of mass destruction detonated WILL throw everything into a new stage of fear that it will happen again. One just has to see what happened to the stock market after 9/11, and then after nothing happened how it readjusted itself. A weapon of mass destruction is far different as the first type one is used successfully it opens Pandora’s Box for more, and the deep fright that it will happen again. A bad SHTF that few people understand is not only possible, but probable.

        10. PLANNED GOVERNMENT EVENT. Even in the non-prepper masses, most people just don’t trust their government in most countries. The financial problem could be the reason for a false flag event, but it could also be that the government has decided that now is the time to start the takeover. Many times in the past a terrible economy has started a government using this as an excuse for martial law takeover. However, it should be understood that most economic problems have NOT been over balancing and cooking the books, they have been because of legitimate shortages of everyday needs for the citizens. A well fed mass of peasants are a controlled mass of peasants. This is where again, the lack of food, energy, water, and other needs is likely what is going to cause action against the people( government takeover ), not just numbers that can be highly manipulated and “fixed to fool”.

        This is just 10 of a whole list of physical SHTF events that can and will likely happen that the prepper/survivalist wants to prepare for and should prepare for. These are real fears that have much merit behind them. The issue of an ecomonic collapse is much more of the END RESULTS of something physical that occurs to tip the economy over the edge. Prepping for the physical events has much more substance behind it than prepping for a “concept” such as a numbers implosion that is not visible to practically anyone.

        People all over the scale from hard core preppers, to the idiot head in the clouds total non-prepper, are asking where is the ecomonic collapse that is suppose to have happened by now from the economy reaching that breaking point? Well, instead they might find it better to look for the physical catalyst that ignites that economic collapse. Without that physical “detonator” this talk about the economy “certain to collapse soon” could be the topic like it is now come around the 2016 elections.

        • It did collapse in 2008. Printing $17 trillion to deal with the economic crisis is pretty extreme, wouldn’t you say?

          • @ Eisenkreuz. NOT EVEN CLOSE. People can still and have been since 2008 been able to function just like before with some restrictions to loans for example. 17 trillion in debt and even a quadrillion in derivatives “might” not even be close to what will cause a true collapse. Please remember, when the talk of an economic collapse, it is mostly also about the collapse of society. We are talking about true unemployment in the 75-99% range, mass social chaos, no food, no clean water, no trucks bringing in supplies, no transportation, no stable communication, etc. This is what is called true collapse that preppers/survivalists prepare for and sacrifice so much for, to survive it. Many people have suffered terrible personal SHTF since 2008, but the country as a whole NOT EVEN CLOSE to what will be coming after a mega SHTF.

            This is why people prep, because a situation like a true SHTF is ugly and your very survival is based on whether you can obtain the food, water, and other necessities that you need to live. In other words after a true collapse there is no society safety net to catch anybody.

            Again, we don’t know where the ceiling is for financial implosion, there is no special guage for this or magic red line. We have red lines for physical catastrophes though. We know when a volcano is likely going to blow, how terrible a hurricane will be, sometimes when a solar flare EMP is going to hit, sometimes before a mega quake is going to hit, a likely war from troop and military movements, when a super virus is loose and spreading, sometimes when imminent terrorism is going to occur, etc. In other words we have warnings often. We don’t have a clue about where the ceiling of the financial situation will be breached, nor do we have a clue really what will happen when it is. We know pretty much the terrible suffering and disasterous results of the New Madrid breaking all too well, or some terrorist letting loose a dirty bomb with plutonium powder in it.

            This is my point, while everything has a ceiling, where is it for the money problems? Another issue is that ceiling could have ceilings above it as money is just numbers that can be manipulated and warped around. Now when you are talking about a food shortage that brings on hardships economically, you know just how much food is needed to feed everywhere and how little you have and how many are going to go hungry. Food is a tangible item that you can see visually, fiat currency and derivatives are really just numbers on a piece of paper that can be erased back to zero if those in control agree to it.

            To me preparing is for the physical shortages that will occur after a true SHTF event. It is likely therefore that a true physical SHTF event will bring about true physical shortages of what we need. It is far more likely that a physical impulsion will bring about the economic collapse than simply that the numbers explode one day. Just like firearms and other projected objects you need some sort of propellent to move it. That ignition to me at least is one of the many physical SHTF events that are boiling away right now on the crock pot of life.

            @ jerrytbg. I glad you are getting a good globe, you will see the differences between this and a flat map right away. When you see how a straight line is curved, and by how much, it is amazing how distorted our world has become to true reality by flat scale maps on paper, GPS devices, the internet. You really can see how three dimensional the plates of the planet are and even how when countries at war fight across long distances.

            • You bet BI,

              That curvature being the difference between nautical and statue…simplified but true…
              On a chart it’s not so hard to calculate when dealing with relatively short distances…
              but with what you’re doing…need to see the whole globe…
              can’t wait…and thanks again!!

        • Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

        • Well thoughtout BI. I have also wondered if the economic fears are more of an illusion than reality. Everything this gov’t is doing is in preperation for socialistic/communist take over. The tanking of the constitution and the violation of it by this administration with a non constitutionally supported supreme court.

        • @BI,
          Well said. Sadly, I think most of these detonators revolve around item 10 ( I suppose that puts me in the category of “Most People”) TPTB (Bankers) know how how many turns are left in the merry go round, and it will stop; I believe just like at the other carnivals, when they pull the lever. I always enjoy your quake updates.

          Potato out

        • Nearly spot on, as always,…
          I’d only switch #3 and #4 in the order you listed…
          Btw…my globe is on order…the Atlantis @ world wide globes…

        • Major Applause!!! You need your own blog B.I.

          2.WAR. World War III will happen in our lifetime, all the signs are there, the cycle show it. History shows that World Wars start with Trade wars, then Currency wars which lead/leads to World Wars. It’s on its way! Take cover!

          As far as this article… the rich are trading their FRN for ART. Yes, ART is better than stocks or hiding money around the house. ART will go up in value and be a store of wealth in the future for the elite.

        • Cyprus is written about now because it happened, on this planet, right now give or take a day or two. People like you and I had their money taken from them straight out of the banks. It is also something we can easily control (take your money out of a bank).

          When I prep it is not out of a belief that the world is going to end, but that things are going to change in a semi-predictable way. And there are smart ways to deal with those possible futures. You don’t have to have “faith in catastrophes” to prep.

          BI, I like your thoughtful posts, and I like that you are trying to get people to think more. But, what is your argument here?

          People become good at ignoring false alarms about the financial implosion, so …? Start trying to alarm them about EMPS, Earthquakes, and Pandemics? Don’t think thats a winner. Talk about long track records of false alarms…

          Financial implosion is not concrete enough so… discuss 6. Moral Decay of the People, or 7. Lack of incentive or Drive, or 8 Cyber attack these are “physical SHTF events that can and will likely happen”. How are these more physical? Or more likely to happen?

          I shouldn’t make wild guesses but.., I think you are a thoughtful guy who has recently had a personal experience where someone you talk with got “off board” with prepping because they only considered financial implosion. So you are trying to make a point about the non-financial implosion risks. But is is a false dichotomy. There is nothing to argue against.

          Every human on this planet should plan and be prepared for tough times ahead in the uncertain future.

          • BEFORE OIL (from the time of Christ, on down to the Industrial Revolution): about a billion people on the Earth. SINCE OIL (around 1900), human population skyrocketed to almost 8 billion (enormous corporate farms raised our crop production enough to feed several billions of people– all because of petroleum). After the oil’s gone: back down to around 1 billion again. THAT is what we face, people! THAT is why the economy will never recover.

            Oil peaked around 2005, since then we’ve been riding the “bumpy plateau” phase, soon, according to government reports and reports of peak oil experts, we will experience the steep cliff– the drop off– or as Peak Oil experts call it, “the die off”.

            And then there’s the problems from climate hell too.

          • @ DumbDude. You bet I want people to prepare for whatever, but in the past true economic catastrophes have been brought on by physical shortages of what people need, not by some phantom zone of numbers that can be manipulated one way or the other. I see these articles all over the place and they offer no idea of where this ceiling is, because they don’t know. When you start talking about x munber of people starving because of y number of lack of harvest, then you have an equation to go by economically.

            Just look at these projections of Mad Max streets of Escape from New York that was going to happen after 2008. The stock market went down about 55-60%, in the 1930’s it went down 89%. Forget about where it is now in comparison to inflation. I am talking about between 2008 and 2009 lows. Now we have people talking the same, yet these bastards can zero everything out, exchange what you have for some casion type of currency coin, 10 cents on the dollar and say live with it. As long as there is food and shelter, the masses WILL live with it just the same as a sheepherder that moves their flock from one green pasture to another less green pasture.

            A true SHTF is extremely likely going to be caused by a physical event that leads to a collapse of the economy. These articles are basically dealing with the symptoms and not the root cause of everything. People get fed up with chicken little year after year.

            Now in retrospect to earthquakes, Haiti is a dead country because of it. Japan has the worst nuclear diaster ever and a bubbling caldron of radioactive holocaust that is poisoning ocean water out hundreds of miles. The Indonesian earthquake killed 300,000 people, many people still unaccounted for.

            EMP’s have already happened in 1859, and to let your guard down is very dangerous as they will absolutely happen again. A financial implosion is not an absolute as something else might beat it to it. We would have had one 9 years if it had occurred 2 days previous.

            Pandemics? The number one killer of almost all species is disease. Human beings are no different. I guarantee that a super virus out of India could not begin to be contained. The world has already had a super virus that killed more than a billion over centuries, it is called smallpox. There are others much worse, especially in rouge nations’ arsenals and in nature all around most of the world.

            What I meant with the Moral decay of people and others is that they bring about physical ailiments such as disease that leads to destruction of health of the people. Cyber attacks are physical as the movement of the command is driven by electric circuits.

            Anyway, I am truly just trying to get everyone more interested in preparation to save as many people as possible, and the over and over beating a dead horse of this “certain financial demise” all over the internet is doing much harm to the prepper/survival community. We were talking about Greece a few months ago, before that Spain, Portugal, Ireland. Still nothing after Cypress. WHY? Because something physical has to occur to ignite everything. Without this physical catalyst we will be talking about some other country like maybe Denmark going down, and this time that is the one. maybe it could be, be likely not. I will be looking for something physical because throughout history, either a physical disaster or physical shortages have lead to economic collapses.

            You are so correct we need to prepare for bad times because something is coming, and that could be a jet black swan that non of us say coming at all.

        • Be informed–nice wake-up call slap in the face…..
          “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”

        • Good points BI. However I am not so sure that the economic collapse has not already started. Do you realize that inflation is like 5 times what the interest rate being paid on savings accounts? That desperate city, county, state and federal governments are so desperate for money that they are passing fines and fees or proposing new taxes such as the one here in California where they want to tax e-mails?

          My point is that the average Joe (or Jolene) cannot make enough money to keep us with the new cost of living. Thus everyone is falling behind whether it be in back taxes, fines, social security payments and the list goes on.

          That means the government entity that you owe some thing to has leverage over you. Leverage is power and that power will come back to bite you in the ass sooner or later. It would appear that it has all been engineered for the purpose of control. I for one don’t like it but feel that they are pushing each of us into a problematic corner.


        • Financial collapse is imminent. Its actually been in process since 2008. Wall Street, banking, various investment funds, insurance companies, virtually the entire financial sector should already be dead. Our economy should be cycling through the first half of the SECOND GREAT DEPRESSION (an event we could recover from). But the elites stepped in and saved each other, monetized 17 trillions of their losses and have turned what should have been widely painful but relatively isolated historically expected cyclical event that we could recover from into a national and international CATASTROPHE that WILL bankrupt and impoverish 99% of the population. I don’t think you grasp how deadly this is, aside from widespread starvation, it could very likely lead to our second CIVIL WAR rather than just our second GREAT DEPRESSION. At some point rather soon, the various financial bubbles will begin to burst, no one except the federal reserve will buy gov’t debt, interest rates will increase, most fed gov’t payments will go toward paying interest on debt, all major cities which are now running on transfer payments from fed gov’t will begin to implode, widespread starvation will turn to riots and looting, riots and looting will overwhelm police and fire. It will look like hurricane katrina except for it just occuring in one city with a population of 0.5 million. It will occur in ALL cities more or less simultaneously, from the dozens of New Orleans sized cities to the metropolises like New York with around 9 million residents (18 times larger than New Orleans) Los Angeles with 4 millions, and everywhere else in between. There aren’t enough resources to handle one city the size of Philadelphia, much less several, along with a few many times as large, a few dozen a third that size, and several dozens more with 100,000-200,000 residents simultaneously imploding.

          • @ Dan Morgan. Widespread starvation with 625,000 square miles of arable land? NO WAY. The government will just zero out everything and who can stop them, and more importantly who will? The masses will be fed as long as their is land to grow food on. The masses will do anything that the government wants as long as they are fed and given shelter, this is what a sheep does. You have a physical BLIGHT or widespread crop destruction, YES, then we are talking about a REAL TIME catastrophe.

            I grasp plenty because I look at the raw physical numbers of science and statistics. You can have “ON PAPER” all sorts of owed money, it doesn’t mean a single thing unless you can force those to pay. What they will do is give everyone a certain amount on their assets, 5 or 10 cents on the dollar. making all previous currency worthless for all transactions.

            Don’t believe me? Tell some of those owed money in bankruptcy court, they take what they can get and what the court decides and eat their losses. This is what money is, it is only worth what others make it, period. The U.S. still has a hell of a military and those owed are just going to have to eat it if those in control decide this is what is going to happen. Most people will go along with this, that is the way the sheeple are.

            When you talk about looting and rioting, YES, IF food because of a real physical disaster develops you bet. The government is not going to LET people starve and lose their control, NO WAY. They will continue to make sure that the farms continue to push out agriculture even if they have to take control of them. They will give their long tortureous FEMA lines of food to people and the people will stand in those lines that have not prepared because hunger works wonders on controlling whomever you want to. This is what they use to do in those bird parks to keep the birds from flying away, keep them half starved so they are completely dependent on the food they get each day. The government is no different and why they are trying to get as many people totally dependent on welfare as possible.

            This is why again and again I stress that something PHYSICAL must happen to bring about the above situations you give. They have been destroying finances since Nixon took everyone off the precious metals standards, and NOTHING that catastrophe like you describe has happened because money is nothing but a number on paper, or clothe like the regular currency right now. When you have physical loss, THEN you can talk about true suffering, until then it is nothing but talk and widespread speculations that have yet in 40 Years+ of coming to fruition like so many describe.

            • “They have been destroying finances since Nixon took everyone off the precious metals standards…”

              Obviously you don’t know much about finance. Study the repeal of Glass-Steagall during the later Clinton years. Then, study the widespread financial fraud that’s been occurring ever since (up until this very second), pay particular attention to the various fraudulent derivatives …

              “They will give their long tortureous FEMA lines of food to people…”

              Approx. 225 millions live in densely populated areas. Hell will freeze over before 5% of them get food from FEMA, even moreso after interest rates rise and gov’t isn’t paying its bills. And what happens when people stop getting paid?

              “The government is not going to LET people starve and lose their control…”

              The gov’t can’t stop it. It takes a massive oil based economy to support a country of 315 millions, 75% of whom live in cities which cannot even begin to sustain their own swollen populations, of which the vast majority don’t possess the basic common sense and experience to take care of themselves. Real hunger will set in a week after the food begins to run out (JIT inventory keeps the shelves stocked with about 3 days supply). Riots will begin fairly early, but even “nice” people will turn into scavengers and predators within a couple of weeks. In three weeks, starvation will set in and killing for food will become more and more common. As they see the gov’t isn’t helping people will start forming groups and fighting each other over resources, this is why I say it could become our Second Civil War.

              But don’t feel too bad, most people just aren’t able to understand and almost all of the rest are so scared of it they run to their addiction of choice (whether that be a drug or cell phone or T.V. or whatever) when it enters their minds.

        • @BI-
          Some eloquent words- very impressive and right on the money with most (if not all) of it.
          I think a few of your scenarios may be implemented together or in rapid succession, however.

          1. EMP:
          This is a much bigger threat than most people even realize.
          When the Carrington event happened way back in 1859 we had very little electrical infrastructure- telegraph was the only ‘mainstream’ form of long distance communication. That Flare or CME event was rated at maybe an x-class 24-48 range impact. The impact cannot be overstated; it was simply extreme even for that time period.

          Since SO much of our lives are dependent on electricity and electronics, A large scale EMP event today would alter the course of human history in more ways than we know. I have already elaborated a few times on here what happens to all the nuclear plants in the U.S. (and elsewhere) when that happens and it isn’t pretty.

          As you stated the CME impact will be greater on the facing side of the planet towards the incoming EMP wave, but that does not totally kill the other side… they may very well have outages and widespread damage, but not total collapse. That means if offensive nation ‘A’ survives a direct hit and can quickly regroup… guess what happens to nations B, C, D and so on that took the direct hit. Nation ‘A’ licks their wounds and then prepares to invade and clean up what’s left on the other side. Your new slave race of survivors will be fighting themselves and the invaders, sad to say but that is human nature at it’s worst.
          2. PANDEMIC
          Another final kill shot would be to release a pandemic on the surviving side and wait for them to all die off. Without airplanes, boats, motors they are not going anywhere fast.
          Personally, I think that a HUGE comet (not asteroid)coming in close proximity is enough to tip the scales and destroy most of what’s left of humanity on this third rock from the sun. It’s happened before and is going to happen again.
          Parting words from William Wallace-
          “All men die. Not all men truly live.”

      12. Its best to NOT hide much in your house because thats the first place a thief/govt is going to search…same for a garage…and they can burn down…I hide some here and some there in cash or coin around the farm in places where I can see the areas from the house…not gonna say how I do it as thatd be telling where to look…I also keep a stash in a spot where if I couldnt come back to the farm for some reason(swarming with lawdogs for instance)Id be able to get some cash/weapons and a few supplies…dont be paranoid about it just use your head and think things out and plan accoringly,theres a million places to stash cash “EXCEPT” in the bank!




        • eye don kair wut peepul kaul me, az lonk az dey don kal me late fer supper.


      14. I have a large collection of LP records. I could keep a $100 bill in some of them. Keep a spreadsheet in Excel that tells me where they are.

        I’m a messy person. I have a ton of clothes that are wore out or don’t fit or I don’t like. It takes up about a foot in the bottom of my closet. It would be easy to stuff some money in one of the shirt pockets and bury it there.

        I also have a big old Dell Desktop that runs Windows 98. It would be easy to open the side door and store money in there. It’s not like anybody would ever look there or steal the computer.

        You could also nail a money bag to the frame on the underside of your couch and store money there.

        • What about fire?

          • Fire is extremely rare. I don’t expect to have much more than a thousand or two in cash. I expect to have most of my savings in silver.

      15. Without saying which, if any, of these ideas I have personally used, here are some ideas. First, how much money can you stand to lose? $100? $500? $1000? Decide how much you can stand to lose without being wiped out. Let that be your standard amount to hide. Then break up your currency into bunches of that amount. Let’s say you have $2500 to hide, and $500 is all you dare risk losing. Then you must come up with five good hiding places, and they all must be very different from one another. Always store paper money in ziploc bags to keep out moisture and mold. Then place the ziploc bags inside of ordinary envelopes, not bank envelopes. Then hide the envelopes. If you’re prone to forget, write a list of the locations to yourself. Use a shorthand that other people can’t easily decipher. Location #1: in the basement, crawlspace, garage, or other ground-level space with exposed floor joists or wall studs, look for a place where adding a 2×6 or 2×4 reinforcing board would make sense. Cut a board to fit. Then rout out a hiding place that will hold the envelope (perhaps folded.) Fill the space with the cash and nail the board into place. Hiding place #2: duct-taped to the bottom inside the cat litter box (double ziploc bagged.) Hiding place #3: underneath a door threshhold. Hiding place #4: inside of a wall light switch box. Hiding place #5: inside the hollow support pole of a pole lamp. Hiding place #6: duct-taped inside of a heating duct. Hiding place #7: underneath the carpet inside of your car. Hiding place #8: underneath a wooden fence post. Hiding place #9: underneath the base of a light fixture. Hiding place #10: taped to the bottom inside of that disgusting pan underneath the refrigerator.

      16. I have one of those metal tubes like you saw in the movie
        Papilion and hide mine in there , that way I always have it with me.

      17. This whole notion of seeing your savings confiscated in this country is getting out of control. I truly do not think it will happen in this country. There are too many conservative, decent, locally owned banks for this to happen across the board and across the country. Even if Obama starts in the direction of doing what FDR did after FDR was elected, I have faith that there will be an immediate stop put to his efforts before his efforts were ever realized.

        Calm down people.

        Remember, Obama was re-elected through at least some vote fraud, giveaways, severely misguided people, and hardcore socialists/communists. The majority of this country does not support him. He, in addition, is merely a figurehead and a stumbling Marxist ideologue at that. He is way out of his depth, he knows it, and his handlers cannot even always cover for him.

        Should you have enough in emergency cash to get you through a month or two of all expenses? Of course. Should you have a secure manner of either hiding it or storing it? Of course. Should you move your accounts to a stable, well managed bank or credit union? Sure, if you have doubts about the bank or credit union where you now conduct your financial business. This information is readily available online, or, can be obtained from your bank or credit union upon request.

        But be sceptical of emotionally-based, sweeping statements that claim A will most certainly happen because B happened, even though A and B are not linked in any rational or logical manner.

        That being said, this country certainly is on the wrong track and there may be tough times ahead. It is only responsible to have what you know will be needed for your family if tough times arrive. But think and observe with logical, disciplined rationality. Don’t go following after demagogues, and, know how to spot a demagogue. Think for yourself and act with rationality. Value your loved ones above all and put faith in prayer.

        And, always ask yourself….what does this person who is trying to persuade me to do something have to gain if I and/or a lot of others decide to act as this person is urging me to do?

        • Agreed…..calm down people. We have a whole different system here in the US compared to Europe.

          In Europe, their central bank is fairly weak, and the different countries play off against each other. What is going on is large, better off countries spanking their riskiest neighbors.

          HERE, our great Federal Reserve will cover any bankster screwups by keyboard action, and simply steal your “money” by the inflation that results.

          You don’t need to worry about bank holidays, or getting your “money”.


          1. Inflation getting away from the planned target ( already has ).

          2. Real wages stagnant for 30 years while prices keep on rising.


            1. Inflation getting away from the planned target ( already has ).

            2. Real wages stagnant for 30 years while prices keep on rising.~~~~

            Then why keep it in the bank? Why not use it for tangibles..heck, if you are that rich, buy all your grandkids a vehicle for later!!

          • Bank holiday can happen here when people panic. Remember 911. My brother runs a business and had to fight the bank to draw out money from his busines account.

        • Your only good advise is “Value your loved ones above all and put faith in prayer”, except you need to put your faith in Jesus, not prayer. A better way to say it is “Praise the Lord and Pass me the Ammo”.

          What difference does it make whether the elite seize your paper assets (currency, 401Ks, trading accounts, etc.), erode it to nothing by perpetually indemnifying their issuance of fraudulent derivatives etc., or just make it disappear through either allowing or actually perpetrating a cyber attack? Bottom line, do you expect the elite to lose as long as everyone is playing in their back yard? Or do you expect the elite to use everything at their disposal to maintain their wealth and power up to and including sinking the entire country and entire western world? Honestly what tendencies have the elite shown so far? I’ll give you a hint: upholding the U.S. Constitution (or even simply abiding by inconvenient laws) hasn’t shaped their behavior in any moderately discernible way.

      18. I’m not sure “hiding” money really does anything good in the long term. Sure, it would prevent or delay Cypress-style seizures of fiat currency, but again, you would still be left with fiat currency that could can be devalued indefinitely. I think the key to preserving wealth in these crazy ass times, is a combination of personally held PM’s, and real estate (it cannot be inflated and theoretically can be sold at any time for whatever fiat currency is being used). Bottom line: all smart SHTF planning assumes that one at some point will come out the back side of the SHTF scenario and will have to be able to generate money in the new paradigm. I don’t think it is reasonable to be able to plan and thrive in an indefinite SHTF scenario that never ends.

      19. Buy a small home safe, fill it with magazines and put in a closet. The thief(s) will spend all of their time and energy taking the decoy safe as soon as they find it.

        • yeah, but once they realize they’ve been duped, they’ll know you probably have real cash/valuables (lots of it) else where in your home, why else for the decoy? so i don’t think this is a good idea

      20. I am buying silver dimes pre 1965 these dimes have 90% silver and when SHTF they can be exchanged for goods and services and you can figure out the exchange rate at about 12 dimes will equal one troy oz. So if the spot for silver is say $500 per oz. just divide $500 by 12 and that will give you your per dime value. With this example $41.00 So you should get $41.00 in trade/value for one silver dime. And IF silver goes to $400 or $500 a silver dollar will be worth a lot but you wont want the change they will offer as it will be worthless. So the silver dime 1964 and older will become a good bartering commodity in the future. And with it you will have to worry a lot less about the change you will be getting in your trades. THINK SILVER DIMES…

        • Yeah I’m thinking of doing the same. How much of a markup over spot are they charging you?

          I’m thinking of getting a roll or two of dimes every month or so until my bank accounts are down to where I want them.

          I just don’t trust that silver isn’t overpriced. I wanted to buy back in 2009 when it was 20$ / ounce but I needed the money for something else. Then it hurt to buy at 32$ about a year ago. And now I’m pretty sure that with my luck I’ll put all my money in silver and it will go back to $20 or below. Remember there were some people buying at close to $50 for a day or two there. I’m sure their walking liberties aren’t nearly as nice to look at as mine.

      21. I have a 10 gallon bucket full of sand & salt with cash bundled in plastic at the very bottom.


      22. Well if I still had savings in banks or credit unions I would convert it into usable assets. A retreat, land, silver, ammo, tools, food, fuel storage, an RV, fishing equipment, farming supplies, seed, guns, armor and I could go on and on. Oh, I already did that, that’s why I don’t have any spare cash!!

        Folks I think the level in American deposits will be $250,000 so they don’t trigger FDIC insurance. Once they realize there are not enough people with $250K your next. The fact is we don’t know the full scope of the Cyprus theft. First it was deposits, now it seems to have spread to investments and retirement savings too. We will likely have a much better idea of the extent of the theft by this time next week. Prepare your finances accordingly. If we have financial contagion it will spread at the speed of the internet. Once it starts the banks will go into lock down and you will only get what’s left.

        As for hiding my stuff I like PVC pipe and a hole in the ground, many holes in the ground. If someone finds one I lose a little bit 1/30th. All are engraved do not open call and the phone number. A little secret though is to make them heavy and bury deep 3′ so you don’t get a pop out during high water tables, storms or floods. Also none are on my property. I recently retreaved my first one which is almost 6 years old and everything was just fine, no leaks, no corrosion. I map, photograph and GPS the area but only I know the exact distance and direction from the location. Keep that part simple though like 210 degrees 35 feet from your mark; its a small target 4″, 6″, 8″ at most so you need to be accurate to avoid digging up the country side.

        Good luck to all I think the gig is almost up.

        • Evening Patriot,

          GOOD suggestion on the PVC pipe, I I may add something here…

          Try to use schedule 40 SANITARY (white) when possible…you can drive a truck over that stuff and barely scratch it. Also, there are multiple types of Glue/Cleaner for PVC…if you’re going too bury it get the ‘wet locations’ type (usually it’s a blue or purple color). Once sealed with that the length of time you can store something is unlimited….be liberal in the use of cleaner and glue when sealing any such and REMEMBER cleaner first – to excess! – allow it to dry completely, then glue…allow to ‘cure’ for several hours begore burying.

          Also, doen’rt forget the dessicant…REAL important! If anything being stored can corrode…condensation can form INSIDE the tube even if there is no transfer into same from outside…repated cyles of that WILL corrode anything which can be corroded!


          • Oh, BTW,

            Schedule 40 sanitary comes in almost any size up to 12 INCHES diameter…think what you could ‘put’ in THAT!


          • Thanks for the advice. I didn’t use a cleaner, but I used CPVC glue. Also everything in the tube were individually wrapped and vacuum sealed. 3 feet down in Florida I had a lot of water, but a constant temp. so no condensation. I don’t know how much longer the vacuum wrap would have lasted though as the gun lubricant was eating up the plastic wrap. I also had 3 H2o food grade absorber in the tube.

      23. DON’T hide it in aluminum foil and put it in the freezer like the good (cough cough) Democrat Congressman William J Jefferson did.

        • Make a TurDucken or several of them and hide the cash between the skin of the Duck / Chicken and Turkey and freeze that. For all of you who don’t know what a TurDucken is… It’s a deboned chicken stuffed inside a deboned duck, stuffed inside a deboned turkey. They’re a real pain in the ass to make but they taste awesome!! Willie Jefferson was probably too busy stealing money or too stupid or lazy to make a TurDucken.

      24. Thank you Be Informed for your thoughtful post.
        If I was a betting person,
        I would place bets on # 3 and # 4.

      25. The Government can do a currency recall and then your cash will be worthless anyway, you’ll either turn it in by a certain date and accept what they give you in return or it becomes useless. Best thing is to convert cash that you don’t need for short term use to Gold and Silver bullion coin at spot price, not rare coins because getting proper value can sometimes be difficult when you need to sell them quickly. Buy 1 oz silver bullion coins and 1/10 oz gold bullion coins. Install a couple of safes for coin storage in concrete at floor or basement level and install them well spaced apart from each other, covered with carpet and a heavy piece of furniture. Make sure there is other furniture and objects around as to not attract attention to the one specific piece of furniture. The safe should have an extra steel door on top of it that requires a key to open. Even if one safe is found which will be difficult to find and break into to begin with, it’s unlikely thieves will waste their time looking for others. And learn how to install the safe yourself so no one knows about it.

        • Absolutely agree viper. Bullion coins, 90% scrap silver. Not collectible coins. My husband has dealt with many people who paid “retail” for their collectible coins as an investment , without doing their homework. They took a bath. When he appraised rare coins sold by the big names on TV, he actually had to copy his gray sheets to show the guy he wasn’t lying to him about the current value ~2001 (before the gold bull market).

          Also bullion COINS are not taxable, because they are monetized by US Mint, or other foreign govt mints. . Other bullion tokens, bars may be subject to sales tax depending on your sate.

        • Howdy Viper,

          Along that line of thought…

          “The Government can do a currency recall and then your cash will be worthless anyway.”

          Yep, and that’s a REAL possibility. I don’t have a link for this but do you all rermember several years ago when we were under threat of the Iraqi’s counterfeiting US 100 dollar blls? At about that time I heard, saw several articles – broadly – talk about all the new, high-tech 100’s that had been printef up….and then never relaesed into ciruclation. Spposedly, those articles went on tpo bitch about the cost for storing those as the FED sumply ‘didn’y know what to do with them.

          As far as I know…those still exist…


      26. A bank holiday of four days? Try two weeks, somebody didn’t update this article.

        So you hide money in your house or yard, you don’t tell anyone. What happens if you die before you can use it? Your relatives converge on your house and start throwing stuff out without checking books or cereal boxes, etc. Or your house gets sold with unknown money and other valuables hidden away in the walls or ceiling. You don’t know who you can trust with your information, but you should let someone know what you’ve done. Hiding places are fine up to a point.

      27. Our house was robbed about 14 years ago. The robbers did take food from the freezer and the pantry as well as electronics, jewelry, etc. One would think that the obvious hiding spots of food boxes, etc. would be safe, but from our experience it was not. What they did not touch (or at least they handled gently when they ransacked the house) was baby photos. Everything else was just shoved around, but baby photos were obviously moved with care and placed aside when they were tossing around and taking everything else.

        • We had food taken during a break in also. They took the pillowcases off our pillows and loaded them up with food, jewelry, ammunition, etc. Even left THEIR nasty shoes and wore my husband’s out of the house!
          Never, ever, have all of your jewelry in a jewelry box on a dresser. Talk about easy, one shot access!

      28. Not a single bank or ATM in Cyprus should be left standing intact. Only a smoldering hole should remain where the bank once stood. No banker should be allowed to ply his or her greedy criminal trade without the fear of direct violent confrontation. I hold street walking prostitutes in higher regard than bankers. Just my thoughts.

        • At least street walkers work for a living. Bankers steal for a living.

      29. I keep no wealth in paper, divested all a couple years ago.

        We have two accounts, one for paying bills, one for my business.

        I’m a daytime engineering designer, weeknights and weekends I build for people like us, stuff to help.

        I hold onto metal, all kinds, and am learning to work with it.

        All else gets invested in ancestral land, planting fruit trees, berry bushes, grapes, gardens and bio-fuel crops.
        I’ve planted 2000′ of sugar beets, 1200′ of potatos and will continue with 2000′ more of S.B. and will plant field corn until I run out of room. Plus Red Rox Cane Sorghum, high in sucrose. Then there is the normal garden. plenty planted of cold weather tolerant stuff from a while back and warm weather stuff will be planted after Easter.

        Money to hide? I don’t have any. All goes to bills and then gets invested in real means of securing food for the long run. Anyone who knows me, knows what the heck I’m talking about.

        Any metal I have is slotted for building, either for the short term or the long term, either for you or for us.

        Wife bought a $29.99 dollar cast iron hand pump, it cost us $225 to get it installed on an abandoned well, that included pulling the old pipe out and putting new pipe in. Thats the kind of metal investment peeps need to have. IF you are going to buy stuff, buy stuff that last FOREVER or at least generations.

        And if you can’t buy what you need or trade, learn to make it, or make something. Tangible skills are an incredible investment.

        I don’t just talk about it, I do it. You can also…

        Holy smoke, we just cured and smoked our own bacon and hams a couple months ago….MY GOD, it is amazing, the taste….and we knew what that pig ate. Corn for months, plus acorns….LOL

        Hey, if it gets tough and your in the Big Thicket area, unless your initials are Gene Crumpler, you are welcome anytime.

        T.W. Reed

        • Show off!LOL Good for you!

        • Good advice.

      30. To me the safest place to keep cash is in hard valuable assets.

      31. do not bury an ammo can it will rust i hauled some cheap tools around in my farm truck for a couple of years and picked it up one day an the bottom fell out sockets fell out everywhere all of them were rust covered ammo cans should only be used inside/ mason jar lids will also rust underground / do not store valuables inside the home so they wont burn up / you should also tell a family member where something is buried so if you die some one can dig it up that is if you trust them not to dig it up while you are not home one day / the plastic pvc works best and will last forever just put some dessicant in there with it so it doesnt sweat

      32. The Best .. used- bald tubeless tires on rusty rims.. Fill the cavity with your cash..Slightly inflate – Stack in attic, garage or basement.. Done deal..

        With any stash of cash.. In the home ..If you have a fire .. You can say you had $ to burn!!

      33. my favorite device for hiding stuff, is a 5 gallon plastic bucket with an o-ring type seal. Only problem I have found is condensation of air trapped in bucket at closing. But, glass jars with vacuum sealed lids takes care of that. also, in the army -navy stores, they sell a motar tube that has a screw on o-ring type seal. very usefull, and not too expensive.
        As mentioned in the above article, other than enough money just to pay bills, what possible good reason is there to leave money in a bank? Capitol controls are coming, and there are just too many “things” that can happen to prevent you from getting your funds.
        By the way, I am reminded by what Lindsey Williams said well over six months ago. Like him or hate him, he seems to be on track in his call of banking problems starting in Europe first, before it comes to the US. Basically, he said the Euro would crash first, and then we had just a couple weeks before it happened in the US. I would say watch what happens in Europe very close. When it goes there, it will go here next. Common sense.

      34. Got all my fruit trees pruned up. Some are just starting to bud. Been too wet here to start taters yet. Can’t even get the tractor out in the garden. Blueberry bushes and blackberry canes are beginning to yawn (bud). Might have to replace a few. Not gonna fool with sweet corn this year but gonna expand the potato planting instead. I’ve had two back to back years of loss in the sweetcorn arena due to the drought. Just can’t keep enough water to them without hurting the taters. Got two 35 pound boxes of boneless/skinless chicken breasts(frozen) I’m getting ready to can along with pulling out some 2 year old frozen deer and goose meat to dehydrate. Need to cull four more chickens from the flock and make/can some stock. These are things that I do while the missus tends to other tasks. My herbs I pulled out of their beds this fall and potted, placing them out on the back porch for the winter. They will be placed in a new larger bed by the shop and the variety will be expanded. I do appreciated those who contribute tips and life experiences here on the prepping subject. I love to read and learn, hear stories from all of you here. I copy and put much info in binders in case the “net” takes a dump. Bottom line is: We’re all gonna have to depend some on each other. There just ain’t no way on God’s green earth that everyone here is gonna have everything they need. With that thought, good evenin’ then.

      35. Then they’d have an excuse to NEVER reopen the banks. Plus they steal tax money to bailout the banks for their repair. If you want to get to the source? Hunt down the homes of the BANKERS, personally and pay them that visit.
        Anything else is just a diversion.

      36. one rumor making rounds, is that they will close for bank holiday and reopen with devalued currency- which will be biometric in substance. Paper will be useless.

      37. I won the BIG powerball! FU.

      38. I’m liking this story as well P.O.P.

        You are right, we always will be shy something in trouble times, cannot foresee everything. I’m glad there are peeps like us for us to ruminate with. One for reinforcement and just by our chit-chatting we may be helping each other a head of the time.

        Here is the cure I use in ratio:
        1/2 cup Mortons Tender Quick (curing salt with Sodium nitrate)
        1 cup of canning/pickling/kosher salt
        2 pounds of brown sugar (white could be substituted)
        6 small bottles of liquid smoke (not required but nice adder)
        1 cup of water

        boil on saucepan dissolving as much as you can, be careful as thiswill boil over very quickly. Let cool.

        Place meat in gallon ziplock bags and coat with the cure, squeeze out all air, place in fridge. Stack bags of meat in lower drawer if there and rotate/turn over bags daily for 6-7 days.

        Get smoker ready, remove meat from bags, rinse in fresh water and place in smoke, smoking time can be from a few hours or less, to as long as 4-6 hours for the larger chunks of meat, maybe longer for large hams, but times shown are what we used this past winter. Dehydrate meat further if you desire.

        The recipe is good for 15-20+ pounds, just increase the ratio amounts for more or less meat. This works for red meat, pork, even fish. You may do this outside if you live in a colder climate, instead of fridge. Use other types of containers if you do not have access to gallon freezer bags.

        For ducrose intolerant people you can try substituting honey but will have to work out the ratio by trial and error.

        This recipe has been based on several years of attempting jerky from pork/deer/beef, we finally hit on the right combo/ratio this last winter, a few months ago.
        I kid you not, the homemade bacon and ham and jerked pork is incredible and should require hardly any refridgeration if kept in cool dry place.

        God Bless,
        Terry W. Reed

        • Will try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

      39. With your statements on saving outside the banking system, I think you’re right on the mark. Location is important but the idea is scaleable. I’m going to pursue this and thanks for the recipe.

      40. Keep bees and use a silver foundation if you catch my drift 😉 Most people will stay away from that, plus it has a built in defense system.

      41. The only real wealth is food producing land and a good roof over your head, that and being able to touch your loved ones. Everything else is extra and we should not let it weigh heavy on our minds. Poverty is the New Wealth my friends in this race to the bottom. Peace be with ya’ll

      42. Try Bitcoin.

        See the wiki about it. See the news about it.

      43. Here is what you could do if you wanted to be really secure.
        Take your cash, vacuum seal it. Wrap that in ducttape really tight. Put that in another bag and vacuum seal it, you now how a double sealed package. Now ducttape it to death, wrap it good. Now put THAT in a ziplock back, use a straw suck the air out and zip it up, put IT in another ziplock bag and do the same, now its double bagged just like prom night.

        Now put this in a 4 inch pvc tube where the bottom has a glued on cap. Once your super sealed package is in, fill with rice as a dessident. Leave a little bit of room inside for a tea candle.

        At the top of this pvc pipe is a screw cap. Coat the threads with toilet wax ring wax really good. Light the candle. After about 30 seconds start threading the cap in. Soon the candle will burn the oxygen up inside. Screw the cap in tight and rub the leftover wax all over the top. NOW wrap plastic sheeting around it and ducttape the hell out of it. Done, now this thing is sealed up.

        Now for more…

        Take a 6 inch pvc and glue a cap on the bottom. Put your cache in this tube and ducttape the crap out of the top of it. What this will do is create a walled tube in the ground so you can retrieve your 4 inch pipe if you need too one day.

        As I said, duct tape the top really good, layers. Then double trash bag it, and duct tape the hell out of it.

        Bury it. Done.

        • Don’t forget to make a treasure map!!! Seal the map in a double envelope and give it to your best friend or neighbor and instruct them to give it to your wife if anything bad happens to you. Then drop your stash into an abandoned well or old stump hole.

      44. That’s all nice and good, but you have to consider #4: your hidden money might become WORHTLESS.
        So far, since 1913 the US dollar lost roughly 96% of its purchasing power.

        With the currency beind debased by the FED, and the politicians supporting them, we might end up with sacks full of dollar bills only fit to wipe our butts.

        In an SHTF situation other valuables, like tools, food, real estate (especially land), weapons and ammo, your skills, etc. could prove to be a LOT more valuable, that sacks full of worthless paper money …

      45. The Best Place….Your air-conditioning vents! A small lockbox or Sentry Fireproof box can fit snugly in a standard a/c vent. Just don’t lose the screwdriver!

      46. Turn your cash reserve into real hard assets and goods. Lay them out all around the edges of your property. Then walk along the perimeter lifting your leg and placing your mark on each asset.

        The bankers and government agents will sniff at these boundaries and may decide to establish their own marks on the outside, but as long as you re-mark over theirs often and the scent is fresh they will choose to make their incursions into your neighbors’ properties that are not as well marked.

        If you are a woman… re-filling a Windex spray bottle would work just as well.

        Set loose the dogs of war. Let the pissing contest begin.

      47. Yea store those bills away. You will have plenty of toilet paper at least. Anyone who thinks the dollar is going to survive the coming crunch deserves the worthless paper they will end up with.

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