How to Hide and Recover Your Survival Cache

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    This information has been generously contributed by Manny Edwards of Survival News Online via Prepper Website.

    Strategic Survival Cache Placement and Recovery

    OK, pause the mouse clicker thing for a moment. This is a long article, but I guarantee it’s well worth your time. Get a cup of coffee and settle in.

    This article has been a long time in the making. Back in March 2012 I sent an email to SNO subscribers asking their input on survival caches, and boy, they responded. I encourage you to take the time to study the letters they sent (reproduced at the end of the article), for they contain a tremendous wealth of information. Also, check out the long Survival Caches thread at Zombie Hunters for much more info.

    In fact, it is because of their responses that I delayed publishing this article. Now, I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. I’m 45 years old, been married 19 years, have 5 kids, been rich and poor, I’ve been a lawyer, a real-estate investor, a movie producer, an author, I’ve travelled much of the Western world, I speak two languages fluently, two not so fluently, and I can find the airport in a few others. As a child I lived in a house with no plumbing or electricity and in an old-world city apartment. I’ve had the finest sole tartare and the meanest rice and beans for weeks at a time, after the salt pork ran out. In 2001 I bought a bottle of Rioja for $4, and it turned out to be the finest wine I might ever taste. I’ve been “surviving” all my life. Twice I’ve come within a gnat’s hair of death.

    But when I read the responses I got about the survival caches, I realized I needed to do more research before sharing what I know. So that’s my explanation for the delay, and I’m sticking to it. No apologies. And let me take the opportunity to thank those who shared the info. You know who you are.

    A survival cache is a hidden stock of goods you’ll need in an emergency. It’s pronounced “cash,” and it comes from the French word for “hide.” It’s a “hide.” So of course you hide your cache. In previous articles we’ve discussed what to put in your cache, and what to put it in. In this article we’ll focus on where and how to hide it, although we’ll duplicate some of the previous info for clarity.

    The real meat of information you want is in the letters at the end of the article, but I’ll provide some structured points for your convenience.

    Also keep in mind that none of the methods discussed here are foolproof. If the state sets its mind to find your stuff, it has tremendous resources at its disposal, including ground-search radar, economic leverage (seizing your property), and unsavory interrogation methods. But let’s be practical — if the state is directing that level of resources against you, you’ll probably be in custody anyway, so access to a cache will be a moot point. These methods will effectively protect your cache from accidental discovery and even reasonably systematic searches by scavengers and opportunists.

    Feel free to print this article. (Select the printer icon above for a print friendly version, then select the page range you want to print).

    Principles of Hiding a Cache

    There are three principles you need to learn: Disguise, distraction, and concealment.

    Disguise is where you make your cache look like something it isn’t. You can hide canned food, tools, and weapons in a bin labeled “chicken feed,” for example. Just place the stuff in the bottom of the bin and cover it with chicken feed.

    I found an old truck carcass in the woods. I removed the fuel tank, carved out the top, filled it with goods, then secured the tank back in place with a concealed cover over the hole in the top. I also drilled a couple of drain holes in the tank. From the engine compartment I cut through the firewall to access the space under the dash and stuffed some more goods in there. My cache looks exactly like a truck.

    An effective form of distraction is the use of decoys and “false positives.” A decoy is what you want someone to find instead of your cache, so after you’ve hidden the cache you want for yourself, you can place another one that’s more easily found. That way the thief or whoever will make off with whatever you’re willing to sacrifice, safeguarding what really matters. For example, bury your cache two or three feet in the ground, then tuck the decoy under some roots and partially cover it with leaves.

    A “false positive” is pure distraction — a failure for the thief. Your cache can most likely be found with a metal detector. If you bury guns and ammo, bury them under a junk pile or collapsed barn. All the scrap metal will make a metal detector useless, and a digging operation becomes a random search.

    You can also scatter scrap metal like buried plugs of rebar and junk iron. This is controversial — it might signal the alert scavenger that he’s close to scoring. He might give up as night falls, or a storm approaches, but if he’s determined he’ll watch the area, and you’ll have to be very careful about your recovery methods. See the discussion of Recovery, below.

    Another way to generate a false positive is simply to prepare an empty cache. Consider a scavenger on the hunt. You have two caches, one full, the other empty. By deliberate search he finds your empty cache. His likely response is to figure the stash has already been depleted, and move on. But even if he assumes he’s been fooled, he might well abandon the search in frustration and seek easier targets. If he stumbles across your real cache, well, you should have done a better job of setting the decoy, but you’ll then have to rely on redundancy (see below).

    Concealment is that which impedes visual acquisition of your cache. Burial is the paradigm of concealment. Camouflage is a type of concealment in which your cache is made to blend in visually with its surroundings. If you paint a PVC tube brown and gray and hang it in a tree, it will be visually difficult to distinguish from the tree trunk, unless you know right where to look. Just an idea. Or imagine trying to spot a white PVC tube in a field of snow even with binoculars. You could frankly set a gray case in the open on a rocky mountain slope and expect to find it undisturbed many years later.

    Strategic Location

    The caches must be located along your path of travel, and within sustainable intervals. These intervals must account for your mode of travel. If you’re driving, you should place fuel caches in intervals you can cover with no more than 3/4 tank of fuel. On foot, the primary consideration is water. In areas with plenty of surface water, 3- to 5-day intervals are entirely doable, assuming you have the means to purify the water you find on the way. You can even go longer if necessary; it just depends on how much food you can carry.

    On the other hand, if you’re in a dry climate and have to carry your water, your caches must be staged as frequently as necessary to replenish your water supply. You can only carry so much, and how much you need depends on the heat. In case you have to bug out in the hot dry season, figure a gallon per day, and in extreme heat, that might not do it.

    If you’re “buggin in,” most of your caches will be close, and the primary considerations will be concealment and recovery.

    Be careful about hiding your cache in areas subject to flooding.

    Urban and Rural Caches

    In rural locations you need to use natural features for concealment. Overhangs, caves, trees, stumps, abandoned vehicles and buildings, and simple burial are your best friends.

    In urban locations your ability to conceal your cache depends to some extent on how well you know the movements and habits of the indigenous population. Identify buildings and lots that don’t get much traffic. Coordinate with like-minded neighbors, but also keep some entirely to yourself.


    The key here is understanding ingress and egress. Ingress is when you go to the cache, and egress is when you leave it. Assume a scavenger is watching you. He’ll see you go into the woods with an empty bag, and come out laden with sardines, hard tack, and medicine. What do you think he’ll do when you’re gone?

    Never approach the same cache by the same path. Never leave the cache by the same path you took to it. Check six (look behind you) frequently for a tail on ingress and egress. If possible, have a spotter. Put a team member on a viewpoint who can watch your progress to and from the cache, and spot a tail. Of course, you’ll need some form of communication.

    Plan your cache placement with ingress and egress in mind. In a rural setting, enter the woods a good ways from the cache, and travel under the canopy to the cache. Your exit from the woods should likewise be far from the cache, but from another direction. Although counterintuitive, cloud cover is not your friend. The higher contrast of direct sunlight makes your progress through the woods more stealthy, so go to your cache on sunny days, if you can. Obviously, the darkness of night is the best cover, but it makes travel more difficult and dangerous.

    The same concepts apply in an urban setting. If your cache is in an abandoned tenement, for example, use different entrances to the building.

    Here’s another counterintuitive point. In an urban or suburban setting, travel in daytime for greater stealth, and in small numbers, or alone. Mobs at night attract attention.

    By the way, it should go without saying that you need some way to find your caches again. Don’t trust your memory; you need a map. OPSEC dictates that your map be coded somehow, and that you have two or more, none of which indicates the location of all your caches.


    Within any given sustainable interval, maintain two or three caches in case one is discovered before you need it. For example, if you have a cache in the New Mexico mountains three days from your previous cache, you might arrive there only to find it has been looted. Be sure you have another near enough that you can resupply. You might never use it, but if you need it, you’ll thank God you had the foresight to stash it.

    Letters from our readers

    This is but a sampling of their letters. Some readers offered their input but asked me not to quote them for OPSEC reasons, so their letters have been omitted, but the knowledge they shared with me is reflected in this article. Others requested varying degrees of anonymity, which I have honored.

    From S:

    Hello there. I am sure this will sound crazy, but if I have a cache I would want to use a ready made type container. I was thinking of a washer or dyer frame with another lid welded on the “top” which would actually be the bottom. This would protect against some of the rodents that might want to get in. I would bury it about 1 to 1 1/2 feet deep, then place items inside. Having some ammo would be the first thing on my list of contents, for I would have to be leaving my safe haven to get to a secondary location. Some long shelf life foods products that are meant to be used on the go, ie beef jerky or MRE’s. I would also want a couple of water purification tablets, along with paracord (traping) and a roll of bandage. Distance/location from the first safe haven would depend on the actual secondary location I am heading to…want to avoid the roving hordes and all. I would have a hand drawn map and verbal directions for the others with me as a back up plan.  To me, safety-defense and wate/food would be the most important things of all!  Look forward to other responses!

    From A:

    I think a cache or series of caches to support an individual or small groups are essential for long term sustainability.  I would suggest emplacing them near hides (half a day’s march) and adjacent to natural features like near a lake, park, butte, saddle, or some distinct marker and then recording them with compass bearings, a sketch, and or GPS (do not rely on this exclusively).  This information is something you do NOT want to carry on your person for security reasons.  Make a copy/ies and secure cache details in a waterproof container and conceal in locations known only to you or your trusted number two.  Concealing cache records inside a gas tank of an abandoned automobile is perfect.  A hard copy of site location and contents is preferable to trusting memory.  Memory degrades under stress and is just too unreliable.

    Caches should contain only essentials dedicated to life or combat support operations: food, water, meds, ammo, fuel, spares, clothing, communications.  It is important to weather proof your cache by using grease, plastic wrap, tarps, silica gel, and or waterproof containers to prevent water contamination and rusting.  Caching fuel and water requires addition of preservatives such as STABIL and or bleach.  Ammo cans make good storage containers if primed and painted.  Color coding containers can simplify content identification.

    Use the lay of the land and natural features to conceal the cache, and make sure the site is well drained and free of tree roots and direct observation.  Always conduct a security check before retrieval and make sure you have a support team to provide security when constructing or using a cache.  Never use the same cache location.  Leave the cache by another route, if possible.  Check your back frequently after departure for a tail.  Check your cache for possible interception and emplacement of electronic devices.  Use tell tales, like broken twine or trip wire, and markers, such as footprints, broken vegetation, tire tracks to detect interception.  Leave immediately if you detect anything untoward as ambush is likely at your cache site.

    Some cache locations to consider are: rock piles, downed or hollowed out trees, junk piles, manure piles, abandoned vehicles, burnt out buildings (hide in plain sight).  The French resistance concealed caches underneath culverts, near outhouses, inside wells and grain bins and inside locomotive boilers under repair.  Smaller caches dispersed about your Area of Operations (AO) are better than one huge stockpile.  Building a large cache takes too much time, uses up valuable resources and can be devastating to your life if contaminated or intercepted.

    You do not want your cache dug up by animals.  Dogs, mice, porcupines, racoons, badgers, bears are likely to be your most common cache robbers.  Make sure the containers are vole and mice proof.  That is one reason to use plastic containers with a tight seal to limit food odors as well to weatherize the contents.

    Disperse your goods in cache segments in a geometrical pattern about your cache site if practical.  An equilateral triangle or square formation some 10 yards apart between segments is easy to remember and insures some hedge against total loss if one cache segment is destroyed or intercepted.  Dispersion is easily obtainable with using four five gallon buckets containing 25 lbs. of supplies each.

    Five gallon lard, butter or margarine containers used by commercial restaurants are available for the asking at restaurants.  Sonar buoy tubes and food grade buckets make excellent cache containers for weapons and ammo, clothing, food and meds.  Do not cache at a specific location anything more than you can carry on your back on one trip (75 lbs. max).  Laying sonar tubes or PVC pipes horizontally is preferable to digging a five foot hole in the ground, which is always not practical.  Thus, camouflage the tubes by inserting them inside or under a wood pile or rock pile and spiking the area with nails or other metallic junk to throw off  detection.

    Whether the cache is buried, hung, or concealed behind or under structures is immaterial.  What is important is cache weatherization and proof to exposure, concealability, access, retrieval, security, and energy spent on making it.  If the cache location is subject to search then spreading nails or other metallic junk consistent with the site is in order to confuse metal detectors.  If situating caches at your hide or retreat consider emplacing caches at a secondary or tertiary hide within half a day’s march.

    Do not put all of your eggs into one cache, thus limit caches to 100 lbs. or less.  A cache should contain elements of life support (food and water), meds, clothing, fire making, ammo, protective clothing (winter or summer, socks, parka, ponchos), how to manuals consistent with supporting up to three people (fire team) for 30 days (100 lb cache considering expenditure of supplies at 1 lb per person per day-excluding water).  Foodstuffs should consist of packaged dry legumes, cans, freeze dried pouches all wrapped in plastic wrap and segregated by use and weight.  For example, five bundles of plastic wrapped food at ten pounds each makes up an easy to transport module of 50 lbs that can go into one backpack.  Just remember that you are going to have to hump everything in a SHTF situation, thus use your common sense and limit caches to no more than 100 lbs. for a group of three.

    Again, before approaching a cache, slip off trail and watch your back for a tail.  Never approach the cache site before conducting a perimeter security check and keeping it under observation for some time.  Keep your lips sealed about caches as your life and others depend on maintaining cache security.

    Note:  Do not use my email name or addy and I do not want credit.  My experience with caches originates from using them in the field for security operations.

    From Frank at

    1) How it’s built: two ways because I have several different caches.  First is out of PVC pipe with threaded ends, sealed using screw on caps; threads sealed with plumbers tape and then duct-taped on outside.  Second, using locking hardcases such as those from Storm Hardigg.  Contents determine size of box or length of tube.

    2) how it’s stored: dependent on location.  Buried in one case, stored in two others in the basements of people I trust.  If I don’t claim the cache within X-number of days of certain preset events, they get to use it.

    3) How close to home? buried one is relatively close, along the path of bugout travel.  Others are within driving distance of about a half-tank of gas of my bugout vehicle(s).  I have three different bugout paths and there is a cache along each one.

    4) finding it: the two stored at friend’s houses are easy. the buried one is in a preselected location far away from any utilities but easily found by landmarks.  Just in case, I do have the long & lat written down.

    5) What’s in it: each one contains a complete set of what I deem necessary to serve basic needs of shelter, food, water, first-aid and self-defense.  This can get complicated to explain but I’ll do the best I can without writing a book.  ”Shelter” (to me) can be as simple as a mil-surp poncho, some paracord and a few aluminum tent stakes.  Or it can be a tent, or a large tarp w/ tent poles.  Dependent on the size and location of the cache, I’ve tried to guesstimate my needs along that travel route and included shelter accordingly.

    Food and water: since it’s ludicrous to store water, I have a water filtration system and a “water bottle” in each cache.  Water bottle is in quotes because in one case it’s a hydration bladder, and in the other two it’s collapsible 5-gallon jugs w/ taps.  Each  filtration system should clean 1,000 gallons of water each.  The food I have stored is an assortment of MREs and other dehydrated food, some having a shelf-life as much as 25 yrs.  I have enough in each cache to feed me and my family three meals per day for three days.

    Each cache also has a prepackaged basic first-aid kit that includes basic trauma care items (tourniquet, pressure bandages, chest seal, pneumothorax needle, etc).  The only thing we really can’t treat is dental issues (obviously there’s no field surgery stuff or vision “repair” items).

    For self-defense I will simply say that there is one folding and one fixed knife in each cache.  There is also one firearm with 250 rounds for that firearm.

    There is plenty of other “stuff” that could be included but in addition to the caches I have a layered and redundant preparedness plan enacted at my home.  My vehicle bugout stuff stays packed; my bugout bag stays packed; my vest stays prepared; my gunbelt and weapons stay ready.

    I’d like to extend my cache “reach” further, but realistically speaking, they are placed to support initial travel away from the population density of the eastern seaboard along preplanned evacuation/bugout routes.  They would support me getting far enough to relax, recoup and recover, to plan further travel and assess needs.

    If you use any of this, please reference me as “Frank from”  And, just FYI, if you check NewAmericanTruth’s Links page, you’ll find a link for your site.  If you can / choose to, reciprocity would be appreciated.

    From Fl:

    I use two caches, neither is related to a bugging out situation but geared to hunting. We like to make our hunting camps in a state forest, not at a sanctioned camp ground. They are a combination of pvc pipe and ammunition boxes appropriately painted. I am not going to get into what’s in them or buried vs stashed but I do have some advice. Be prepared to loose it. In our case it was at a spot that we had been using for more than 20 years and always went to on the opening day of hunting. After a two and a half hour drive, arriving after dark, we found that the state had leased the area out for logging and the entire area on that side of the road was clear cut. So the advice is to not use just one container but several. This means you can use smaller containers that are cheaper to make easier to hide and be content specific. One of mine is a 1″ diameter pvc tube, well sealed with extra ammunition that I rotate out once a year. Using several containers allows you to spread them out, if we had done this we could have easily put one or two on the other side of the road and not lost all of our stash.

    Unless you know the area like the back of your hand use a GPS in combination with a map and compass. A GPS in my experience gets you within 10 to 15 feet depending on how many satellites it can pick up and may not work at all with cloud cover and a heavy woodland canopy.

    From Jack in Texas:

    I have some PVC pipe caches with long arms and ammo buried. I also have employed the use of a prop. An artificial tree stump. I store things that I can get to without digging or using tools. The stump is located just inside a clear cut area so it blends in. I planted ivy around it and it has taken root. So, now if I wasn’t sure of which one it was, it would be lost. I have GPS coordinates and have mapped it so some one can find it with a map and compass — i.e. A.N.T.S. if needed.   Inside I keep a handgun and some MREs a basic first aid kit, mirror cable saw, knife, water filter, tarp etc… along with a cheap napsack. Most of this is located within walking distance from my house.

    Oh, here is a link for the tree stumps.

    Hope this helps

    Jack in Texas

    From Lou:

    Hi, I don’t at present have one, kind of wish I did am having a tough time getting my things saved in my basement, wife is already yelling at me that the dates are going to be past date and then have to give all this food away and waste all this money( I am sure you have heard all this before) but when you are 77 its kind of late to be going out and building a stash someplace else. I will just sit out what ever comes along here and fight to keep what I have. They will have to get past a mean old man a 12ga. shotgun,pistol and rifle to take what I have first. I do have plans in a few weeks to be traveling to OK I have a brother that lives on 40 acres in the middle of nowhere and look into buying a Mfg. home along side his property and get away from this area. I am 50 miles south of Chicago in a small town but that’s not far enough away to suit me.Keep the video’s coming I enjoy them and wife and friends think I have gone crazy but, I just tell them not to show up at my house and ask for any handouts. I have not gotten a steri-pen,ceramic filters and will be making that homemade filter out of two 5 gal. cans. I have two 30 gal.buckets of water and many more containers with water, soda pop on sale at 4-for 9.00 so slowly I am getting some things together. I have made many batches of your hard tack with my own add-on’s. And just yesterday I saw another receipe on a hard tack trail mix and prepared that and its very good.

    From Brad:

    I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the site, and I hope that whatever I can contribute may be of soome value; truthfully, though the only things that have been continually on my mind the last few weeks are what we ( and our country have lost, and why )…Like Nineveh, when Jonah was called by God to preach repentance to the citizenry, I think we have lost our freedom’s to the Obamanation and other usurpers of our freedoms, and consequently it is God’s judgements upon an unrighteous people, and we are going to feel the lash and sting of a totalitarian and unholy government which has taken over the reins of control of our nation, and we, as Nineveh are doomed to slavery, and misery…UNLESS we, as Nineveh did to repent in sackcloth, and ashes ! More seriously, I think God will not allow this to occur, and He ( meaning specifically the God of this world, who is Jesus Christ, will not allow this to happen…not for the current population, but for the rising-tides of the coming generations of children. I think He will direct His wrath in an effort to “cleanse the world” through cataclysm, and the upheavals of a nature out of all control ! These are destined by history to be the “days of vengeance”, I fully believe! Does this sound biblical ? Yes, I believe history, as mankind, and the many governments that have risen…is cyclical. As eccleiastes reminids us, “there is nothing new, under the sun. all things new, are old ( and vice-versa ). We are at a pivotal point in a nations history ( as history attests so eloquently ). I think we, as a nation need to be of a repent-mindset, or rue the future…and hopefully, as Nineveh dis, so can we. If not, they will remember our nation, and its God-given freedoms, and the blessings of liberty we enjoyed, will be lost to history. Well. I will get down off-the-soapbox, and sign-off.

    As a final-note, I think our nation needs to be reminded of what we have lost…

    As always, the olddustduck, often found in residence at Yahoo.Com


    From Matt:

    Hey this should be an interesting article.

    I have several caches around my house, to me my caches are not mainly “food and ammo drops” they are redundancies in case I should lose my pack as such they are a little different.

    1) The ones that I bury are 4″ PVC pipe that is capped at one end and has a threaded “lid” on the other end. Ones that I put in above ground locations are .50 cal ammo cans.

    2) Some are buried the “long way” in a deep narrow hole. The cap has an eye bolt on it so once I dig the 3″ of soil on top of the cache i just thread something through the eye bolt and pull it up. Some of them are locked ammo cans that I keep in friends garages, Still others are ammo cans in abandoned structures, think old barns and silos.

    3) As some of my caches act as redundancies for my pack I have 2 that are with in 2 miles of my house. I then have caches that are 1 day’s hike apart along my planned BOR [Bail Out Route] these are more of a “restock cache”.

    4) I have a couple of different ways to find my caches. My “main” method is to just rely on my memory, no batteries to die, no maps to lose or be stolen, and not Government run GPS constellation to be shut down. That being said I keep a list of my caches in my notebook with the coordinates. BUT the coords are not in the traditional LAT/LONG [DMS, DMD, DD] format, they are kept in the UTM coord scheme. I run all of my gear on this format of location so it integrates quite well. Coincide the following: these coords both describe the same location: DMS: 41° 31′ 59″ N, 87° 10′ 1″ W, UTM: 16T 486073 4597947. For most people the the UTM looks like just some random gibbering, this helps keep the locations stay a little more secure.

    5) As I run two mentalities to my caches I am going to include both of these

    Redundancy Cache

    *Ferro rod

    *Cheap multitool

    *Cold steel Bushman knife

    *Soda can alcohol stove with wind screen that also acts as a biomass stove

    *1 Quart of denatured alcohol

    *1 reusable casualty blanket

    *2 quart steel water bottle

    *Cheap backpack

    *3 lighters

    *LED flashlight

    *3 Datrex bars

    *Bottle of Polar Pure

    *20 rounds of .357 mag on SKS stripper clips [sealed in a non vacuumed vacuum bag with a desiccant]

    *60 rounds of 77 grain .223 in a Bandoleer Repack Kit [also sealed in a non vacuumed vacuum bag with a desiccant]

    *60 rounds of M855 in a Bandoleer Repack Kit [also sealed in a non vacuumed vacuum bag with a desiccant]

    * First aid kit

    Resupply Cache

    * 1 Quart of Denatured alcohol

    * 1 Datrex bar

    * 1 brick of romen in a vacuum bag

    * 1 vac packed serving of tortellini

    * 1 Brick of vac packed “survival bread with Jello” [link:]

    * Small pack of beef jerky

    * 2 Packs of instant oat meal [left in the paper envelope but in a vacuum bag over pack]

    * 4 500ml water bottles

    * 1 small box of strike any were matches

    * 10 rounds of 357 mag on SKS clip [also sealed in a non vacuumed vacuum bag with a desiccant]

    * 10 rounds of M855 on strippers [also sealed in a non vacuumed vacuum bag with a desiccant]

    * Small bag of Pampas grass fluff for fire starting

    Just my thoughts on caches, If you do end up using any of this you can credit it as “Fermi91 or Fermi91 from US.

    Great blog and video channel. Keep up the great writing quality.

    Matt Fermi

    of The Last Free Nation on Earth, The US of A

    From J:

    My cache would be a commercially made storage container. I would definitely bury it. Probably under a junk pile that contains metal. I would relocate it by memory and GPS coordinates.  (Coordinates in case the topo was changed drastically. It would be 2 hours away in a remote location (everywhere up here is remote).  Far enough away where I am not known by the locals.  My cache would contain: AR 15 and repair/lube kit. 10 mags and 300 rounds.  One 9MM semi auto and 100 rounds. 2 Meter Dual band HT radio with solar charger. Survival knife (Gerber LMF 2)or Glock Field knife times two fire starting kit, esbit stove and fire cubes, Small surgical kit, basic first aid kit containing pain killers as antibiotics have a shelf life, silver coins, 100 feet of paracord, 10′x 10′ roll of plastic. Beef and chicken bullion cubes, drink mix, compass,  Small fishing kit. If room allowed – dry socks, underwear, fleece top, rain gear, freeze dried foods and compass.

    If you have anything to add about survival caches, please share your thoughts in the comments.


    Manny Edwards is a lawyer, producer, and author who blogs as the SnoMan at on emergency preparedness and libertarianism. He is the author of The Truth About Liberty, and is working on God-Given Liberty: The Biblical Case for a Libertarian Ethic. He lives in Tennessee, USA with his wife and five children.


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      1. Thanks Mac,

        This is a great time for this kind of material.

        Y’all Beware! This goes to my printed library.

        • Not a bad idea.

          I like the insight into how direct sunlight is better than cloudy days, and it makes sense due to the glare.

          • Anyone who wants to add to their stockpile of long term storable food try the lds website.

            I thought only Mormons could order from here, but apparently that is not true. Prices are very reasonable. They will ship free and only to locations in the U.S.

            They sell hard red wheat, white wheat, white flour, rice, quick oats, and pinto beans in #10 cans, by the case. (There are six #10 cans in each case.)

            Item Case

            Pinto Beans $40.75
            Hard Red Wheat $28.00
            Hard White Wheat $30.00
            White Rice $30.75
            Quick Oats $21.25
            White Flour $32.00
            Starter Kit $31.00

            They also sell a starter kit for $31.00 (includes wheat, rice, oats & pinto beans) and some other basic items – oxygen absorbers, water filtration bottles, water filters, etc.


            • Odd trivia: I’ve known that for awhile (I used to live in Salt Lake). The whole thing runs under an umbrella called Deseret Industries – the LDS church’s charity arm.

              They do only look after their own in most cases, but anyone can buy from a DI thrift store, the canneries, and suchlike.

              • IT IS TRUE!
                Walmart will not order more ammo.
                Say bye-bye to chip ammunition.
                Looks like there is a plan exists to outright or make ammunition very expensive.
                Somebody (DHS) knows about this plan almost a year ago.
                That’s why they did this huge order.

                • BS! Wally world is still ordering ammo. A company I know of, received orders from them this morning.

                  • I don’t think they would stop ordering it, but you can’t find reliable info anywhere these days. Apparently our local cabelas is flat out of any .22 LR ammo, most likely due to shortages, not bans.

              • “They do only look after their own in most cases”

                Absolutely not true. I happen to know non-LDS people that have gotten financial and food assistance from the LDS church in SLC. I’ve never seen evidence to indicate they only look after their own.

            • KY,
              People should also check with their local LDS church to see if non-members are allowed to participate in their Bishop Storehouse / Cannery. The decision is up to the individual bishop. Our local church allowed us (non-members) to come in and can as much as we wanted. It was extremely reasonable on price. Approximately 6 months of our food stockpile is #10 cans and 1 gallon Mylars from LDS!

              They also allow us to buy in bulk, 1 gallon Mylars, 100cc O2s so we can pack at home.

              Here’s a current list of their Storehouse prices:

              BTW ~ The first time I bought bulk wheat berries from them (Aug. 2010) they cost $5.80 / 25 lb. bag…
              now they’re $11.45 for the same 25 lb. bag!

          • Another counter-intuitive thing: farm fields are great for hiding things. People might stumble upon a cache in the woods, but they never go out in the middle of a farm field. You will have to make sure to remember the coordinates, though.

        • I second that Beware, plus I’ll be printing it out for a group meeting this week (survivalists).
          Again Mac, great article and great timing.

      2. Where do you hide the map telling you where your hidden map is that tells you where the other hidden map is that tells you where your stuff is hidden?

        • Hide it in plain sight.

          I sort of mentioned this in a previous blog entry, but here’s how you make a map that only you know about, and do it in plain sight: Take a picture of your spouse, dog, whatever in front of the hiding spot.

          Here’s how it works:

          Let’s say you buried something under a remote fence post. You walk your sweetie (or dog, or whatever) out there, and take a portrait style picture, showing the fence post, and enough landmarks so that you know exactly which one to dig under just by sight.

          Print two copies of the photo on your home printer (with photo paper) – a small wallet-sized one, and a large 8×10. Put them in a frame (small one tucked in behind the large), then hang it on a wall in your den.

          If it’s a picture of your wife in a pretty dress or your kids making cheesy smiles, everyone will figure the photo is because of that, and not because you have food and weapons buried next to the fence post that your wife is draped against.

          As an alternate, take landscape photos of the spot where you stashed something, but make it artistic. Be certain to have your hiding spot just barely off of the lower-left corner of the frame. Print that picture out in wallet and 8×10, and put a little black dot behind the pic, nearest the corner where your cache is. Frame and hang that up.

          If you think you cannot remember where the pic was taken, write it on the back – “My special girl at Mr. Blah’s Farm, June 2013.” Not a single clue gets revealed to anyone but you.

          By the way, this works in town, too – just be sure to get a street name or other obvious landmark, or simply write it down on the back like you would above.

          So why the wallet-sized pix? You tuck those behind the portrait-sized ones in their respective frames. When it’s time to get your cache, you take the wallet-sized pic with you – in your wallet, just in case. Even if you’re knocked upside the head and the picture is taken? It’s just a pic of your sweetie, so the thief will have zero clue as to why you have the picture, and will likely toss it in his search for money.

          Long story short, you now have a map that only you (and maybe your spouse) know about, in plain sight.

          • Good points, OQ. I don’t trust anyone with the combination to my gun-safe, except the little woman. She has been told over and over again, and asked occasionally, where the combination is hidden in case of my demise.
            It’s hidden between a framed picture and the backboard so she can get it without trying to remember the numbers.
            Her memory is about as long as my p^%*#% and both are getting shorter every year.

          • Good ideas.

          • Exactly, in plain sight, you dont need a large PVC container, you can use 5 gallon buckets in many different locations. Stash them in nasty disgusting places that no one would want near. Can look like an old paint bucket? Or something that carried manure. Use your imagination. Only you will know whats in it.

        • I had it tattooed on my forehead backwards. All i have to do is look in the mirror to read it.

        • My map was hanging on the wall in plain sight. It was a 2′ X 3′ canvas painting. Everyone who even gave it a second look commented on the abstract “artwork”. Unless you know the symbolism for the colored shapes, it really means nothing to anyone but me.

        • For some reason, your post made me think “Playboy”, and not “30-rounds”.

          Sorry, but it gave me a morning giggle. Thanks for that 🙂

          • Hahhaha I was waiting for someone to make that comment..30 rounds or 30DD?

      3. Chicago police trained to shoot gun owners.

        Read More @

        • Well, if you read the story it says if you have a gun in hand and turn to face a cop at a police involved incident, they’ll shoot you. That’s really no different than ANY PLACE in the US.

          ALL cops are trained to treat you guilty until proven innocent and I’ve had a jack boot tell me so. In San Diego, they’ll kill you for “brandishing a stick”.

          • Devil’s Advocate: If someone had a gun in their hand and turned to face me in a tense/violent incident, I’d shoot the guy too.

      4. My cache is in my home where I am. If I can’t hide my Family and my animals, then why hide anything else. I won’t live that way, not feesable for me or my loved ones. The first thing they will want to take is my animals and it isn’t easy to hide horses or noisy chickens. They can try to take them but they will die trying. Besides, a lot of this will depend on where you live, I am in an area that will be hard for most to get to, lots of woods and acreage, off the beaten path.

        • haha , live free- were do i hide 26 hiefers ?
          i know what you mean , i’ll be right there at home as well .

          • In my freezers?

        • Many many years ago when I was in the Military, in my country of origin, there was a massively huge 3 month long exercise involving several thousand service personal, including many participants from several other countries. 200+ of us deployed a month before the exercise began, dressed in civilian clothing, and in some cases beards, with an assortment of weapons and equipment. We were to act as insurgants to the Blue Force (good guys). The first month was for us to deploy in small groups and build up a raport with locals and communities in the area that was our so called …. Make believe nation. The area we had to operate was 150 miles long by 60 miles wide. The cashe my small group built for all our rations and extra equipment, was dug by hand in the middle of the bush. It was a hole 12 foot by 15 foot and 16 foot deep!! We dug two sides of the cashe at the top so there was a three foot wide ‘step’ four foot below the ground level. We laid a roof of hand cut logs on the ‘step’ covered it with plastic sheeting for the roof, then filled three foot of dirt onto the logs up to ground height and camouflaged the area by re planting plants and small trees. There was a trap door with a ladder into our little cashe for access, that was covered with a foot of dirt that had to be dug away each time the cashe was used. When that particular camp was found a month into the exercise by the Blue Force it was attacked (at great loss ‘casualty’ wise to the Blue Force Battalion that attacked us) Two of us managed to ‘slip away’ though. After the battle to ‘destroy’ our camp was finished, the entire Battalion Headquarters sat right on top of our cashe, for the next few hours, with the Battalion Commander fuming at the 5 guys who’d volunteered to be taken prisoner as part of the exercise. All he wanted to know was where our cashe was!!! An hour before the sun went down the umpires called a halt to the exercise after the Battalion Commander decleared that that particular part of the ‘campaign’ was over. Me and the other guy still in hiding were called to come in and the our ‘dead’ were reserected so we could move to our next area to occupy as insurgents.
          The look of rage on the Battalion Commanders face was priceless when we asked him to move his butt off the log he was sitting on so we could dig into our cashe. He’d been sitting on the trap door for hours!!!! We removed 300 boxes of MREs, tools, equipment, dozens of tins of ammo (blanks) about 50 Jerry cans of water and moved them about 200 yards out to a dirt road where we were uplifted by truck to our next destination was to continue the ‘war’.
          I can’t assert just how important camouflage is. Wether you have a small cashe or something that’s really huge, the point is, if you hide it well, no-one will find it!!
          I learnt so much during that 3 months. After living in that ‘camp’ for so long it got even better though. Three days later a few of us who grew up around and riding horses were ‘issued’ a horse each from a local source and we became mounted insurgents for a month. Another story for another time, but needless to say, when there’s no gas to be had, horses are valuable assets.

      5. where in Sam hell do you hide a tank?

        • In plain site..Right in the middle of your driveway!

          I bet if the branch dividians had a few A1M1’s there would have been negotiations..same with the Weaver’s

          food for thought

          • Right. They would merely call in an A-1- Warthog

        • That’s easy – paint a Winnebago logo on it, then insist to your neighbors that it’s an RV. 😉

          It’ll freak ’em out, and your kids will have the most awesome show-and-tell subject ever.

        • In Stanley Richard’s barn….NUTS! 😉

          • ^^^ Richmond. (My 14 y/o DS just corrected me!) LOL

      6. This article has some good info and will possibly make people stop and think about where and how to hide things.

        As far as hiding food goes, it’s probably safer to hide it in your house/apartment than trying to make your movements to and from your cache unknown. Removable panels in a closet or sealed within rafters maybe.

        As far as valuables such as pm’s and extra firearms/ammo; the biggest problem will be your availability to easy access without compromising the location. In the 1980’s we had a string of home burglaries within a mile or so of my residence.
        After being paranoid because I didn’t have a big gun safe and was just getting a homestead going from nothing but woods and a dirt drive about 3/4 mile long, on a shoestring budget, I worked loose some wood panneling
        and hid my guns and old coins in there.

        I later found a rhodadendron thicket on a steep mountainside nearby. It was so thick and tangled a rabbit couldn’t go thru it. It took several days of digging thru roots and hauling out the dirt, but I soon had a cache hole big enough to hide a waterproof container that would hold all my guns and ammo. The only reason for that, was when I was going away for a few days or a week I could have peace of mind about someone breaking in and not finding anything much of value and then setting the place on fire. A few of my firearms had so much sentimental value they couldn’t be replaced. Like my grandpappy’s ole Remington 22 that kept his family in squirrels and killed off the garden destroying groundhogs. It was the first gun I ever shot and was Pa’s only gun. Priceless!

      7. Don’t hide them. Use them. And don’t wait for them to come for your guns. When they say you can’t have them anymore, it’s time to bring the guns straight to the politicians. When the scum that work for the feds try to get to and from work thru a hail of bullets everyday, maybe they’ll comprehend the magnatude of their mistake. Snipers can easily shut down the beltway. The suburbs of D.C. are where the higher ranking accomplices live. The previous words are just things I read in a novel. Thought I would share that with you.

        • Are you fucking retarded? This post is nuts and illegal.

          • No,..

            Treason is illegal.

            Taking back our government is a duty.

            JD – US Marines – Never justify treason by refusing to confront it.

          • So are you panltas
            +1 Maudy! Time to go pick a fight.

        • “Don’t hide them. Use them.”

          I agree. Hiding is fear based. I’m tired of all the fearful talk; over and over and over, ad nauseum. The best defensive is a strong offense. Put THEM on the defensive. Take control of our lives and step it up. No hiding, of anything. (Maybe behind a tree when the shooting starts, but gun and friends along side.)

          • I agree too! Where is Tom Tinker when you need him? Whiskey Rebellion.

            • This will be much bigger than the Whiskey Rebellion. The American people are voting with their wallet now, in advance of the shooting, by loading up on guns and ammo.

              A Federal Gun Grab by Globalists would be a major miscalculation resisted by the States and the people; legally and physically.

              Bugging out? Be there to get there.

              • Right you are DK, but You have to admire his tactics. Of course I would hope for a better outcome.

      8. Most importantly, don’t talk about it.

      9. A 2 inch PVC pipe with end cap on one end with a flexible clamp end on the other hidden in a 4 inch chain link fence post with cap. Can’t get much in it, but enough for ammo/food resupply…

      10. Problem will be, once they haul us away how do we return to our cache? I am sure eyes will be on us as we are currently vocal, raising concerns about the State of Affairs, not only here but on other forums.

        WE have purchased firearms and other supplies, and there is a credit card/debit card record of these transactions, so they have a general idea what we have. If you ask my wife she will tell you about anything you would want to know about me and my Psychotically ill prepper mindset that wastes money and time, even without a water board threat to her. Like many other Asia wives a dollar not saved is a dollar wasted. You must save dollar so children have education (right). You buy can of food no one want to eat. I bury this with you when you die, and she goes on and on. When the time comes I’ll shave her head and glue nuts on her, letting the forces know she is a transgender. Maybe they can deal with her.

        I am sure in the future we will see more neighbor against neighbor, family member against family member types of scenarios.

        I am considering burying a few things in different locations though just in case, just not sure where yet.

        • Simple. Don’t get hauled away. Time to make a stand.

        • Made me laugh.

      11. I’m done hiding. If they want it I’ll be a waitin.

        • “When it’s time to bury your guns, it’s time to dig them up.”

      12. I’ve been using a couple of cashes for years. They go in my boat whenever I use it. One is a PVC pipe with screw on end caps. This one holds navigation charts of the waters that I’m fishing in and a pair of reading glasses. The other is a water proof sealed bag that floats. It has an EPIRB (location device), hand held marine radio, flash light, strobe light, hand held arial flares, smoke flares and an inflatable device. If something happens to my boat when I’m 20 miles offshore then I have a SHTF plan. It’s not paranoia, it’s called being a responsible skipper.

      13. This is no different from paying hundreds of dollars every year for homeowners insurance you won’t use once in 20 years. It’s food insurance, clothing insurance, ammo insurance. Begin with a hiding place right inside your home, a trap door into the crawlspace, a fake wall, use your imagination. When it’s done right nobody should be able to tell its’ even there. Then when the food police come knocking, you can hand them the dozen cans of beans you still have in your food pantry. The pantry is a decoy, nothing more. That’s cache #1, inside your home. Only after that’s all done whould you start on cache #2.

      14. Be Informed,

        A big 6.1 on the Pacific-Antartic Ridge a bit ago. 62.5 degrees south. After watching these for a while, I know one that big is rare down there. What is this one telling us??

        • Todd, this isn’t sarcasm when I say O SHIT is what it means!!! Looking forward to hearing from BI!!! We still haven’t seen the big one from the other polar earthquakes….

            • EXCELLENT video

              thanks for posting

      15. @ BI – 6.2 on the Pacific Antarctic Ridge. What implications are there of this quake?


        • @ Todd and Norse Prepper, I think the universal is telling me to go back to the science part of the world and leave the very upsetting government crap alone for a little while at least. I am glad everyone is watching the USGS maps. This is a huge earthquake for the area. The plates are going to violently go into spasms soon. I wonder if this is what is going to lead us into nationwide martial law and the nightmare that so many of us fear. Watch for some terrible shakers to come as I mentioned on the comment I posted before this one.

          • 2015 for the BIG ONE, BI.

            • @ durango kidd. I am not sure when you say 2015 for the big earthquake, if this is for california, New Madrid, Cascadia, or some other fault with a super quake. I can almost guarantee that a big one will hit in 2013, there is a 8+ every year on the average. A 9+ is like a once in 10 year event or longer up until a few years ago, which have been happening with most more common frequency. Yes, there will be a big one in 2015, but there will be at least a couple of big ones that occur before 2015. The recent earthquakes are targeting China, Japan, Indonesia, and the west coast of South America up to central Mexico, homing in on them.

      16. Don’t forget the cooler you can keep your supplies and out of light and dry as possible, the longer they will last. Some people use dry wine cellars because the ground holds the temperature pretty uniformed during the entire year. This is a really nice article, not putting all your eggs in one baskets idea. No this is an excellent article.

        OKAY, I need to get away from the upsetting gibberish about how these anti-self defense creeps that want to take our guns and our freedoms, not going to be east, and concentrate on the planet and some serious sh^& that is going on.

        They had a DEEP Antarctica earthquake of 6.1 in an area that has NEVER experienced anything larger in the 40 years of recrod keeping than a 5.8. ONLY 6 times has it even been above a 5.0+. ALL 6 times VERY large earthquakes have followed. On top of all the other polar activity, this just confirms that something very BAD is coming. Check this:

        After this region was hit on: this followed:

        10-14-76——7.2 in New Guniea –15 days later
        8-4-79——-6.6 in Fiji—-6.7 in Japan( 1 day and 12 days later)
        6-4-00——-7.9 in Indonesia, 6.6 south of Austrailia, 6.5 towards Iceland, Java 7.9 (0-14 days later)
        1-20-04——–6.7 Fiji, 6.6 Indonesia, 7.0 New Guinea (5,8, and 14 days later)
        6-7-05——–7.8 Peru/Bolivia border area, 7.2 Japan, south of Australia 6.8, Caribbean area 6.8 ( 6, 7, 8, and 10 days later)
        11-11-06—–8.3 Kuril Islands, 6.6 New Guinea area, ( 2 and 4 days later)

        As everyone can see when this area is hit, big earthquakes follow. For this individual earthquake 98% chance of a 6.5+ by Jan.30, a 80% chance of a 7+ by Jan.30, and a 50% chance of a 8+.

        These polar earthquakes are overlapping each other. The original forecast of a large earthquake by Jan.24 still stands. IF there is no earthquake by Jan.24, then near 100% chance of a large earthquake by the 30th. PROBABLY there will be two or more earthquake of 6.5+ by Jan.30.

        VRF, please ready your family in the Peru area, because South America to Mexico is very likely to get hit before the end of the month, very likely.

        • @ BI – Appreciate you back on your post! Much appreciated!

        • Thanks BI! Much appreciated, as always. Keep up the good work!

        • Thanks Boss, were on it..they have been updated, and prepped for the possibility

          Because of you, and much thanks to you, and your hard work.

        • @ BI,

          T’anks Brother for the quick reply. YOU and I need to find a way to ‘talk’ at some point….I am aware that Mac is VERY busy with his end of things but without a PM system being in place here there is simply no ‘safe’ means by which a private interchange can occur. There are a variety of things which are ‘back of the envelope’ type of discussions which relate to the swings we have been seeing that have been occuring to me of late which bear on the activity we’re seeing. At this point I will say this: Neither have there been any significant CME related events for some time or any Extra-Solar events (for more than 12 consecutive days), conspicuous by thier absence in fact….need to talk Brother, but pricately first…not here in openforum.


      17. @ Todd, NP,

        Good work guys, talk about fast service! 🙂

        That’s an AWFULLY big quake in a region which doesn’t see a lot of activity at all…something similar to that earthquake about a month ago at the other ectreme of the planet, in the arctic sea….Zemlya Severnya (?) maybe…

        Hopefully, BI can clue us in quickly here.


        • …Oh, and not much going on magnetically at this point. Some, but not much…neither are there any significant disruptions being seen in the electron or proton flux’s at this time.

        • @ JustOneGuy. I have not personally seen so much polar activity ever like this in all the years I have been watching earthquakes. To have such a large earthquake on an area that doesn’t accumulate that much stress tells me that a lot of energy is being transmitted here from an area or areas that are really locked up and ready to go. It is coming soon, and one night we are going to wake up to something quite large.

          I have been really upset over this anti-gun issue because it really is an anti-freedom issue. It is a real problem, like the way an embankment collapses as a river under-erodes away at it. IF these antt-self defense creeps get their way on rifles, the hand gun issue will surely be next, then hunting firearms and much more. Ass wipes like that piers morgan will not be happy with just banning assault rifles, as piers morgan said that he wants all 300 million guns banned. Hand guns will be next. Then stun devices like 8 sytates have already done, and finally pepper spray like England has done. It is sickening and why I wrote that list about the shear ignorance of these liberals that want to be the criminals’ friends.

          Anyway I am going to try not to get so upset about this because really we can’t do much but try to be ready ourselves for the certain hell after they dimish our freedoms piece by piece. The geophysical world is really becoming very interesting anyway, isn’t it?

          • Evenin’ BI,

            Your response to the worldly issues at hand is perfectly understandable Friend…’they’ just don’t seem to get where all this will go if we all continue to walk down the road we’re currently on…in short, it leads to Hell on Earth. More’s the pity, here we are, just having crawled up out of the muck of the ages past and well, God only knows where this goes in the End. IMHO, I don’t truly see much hope in the longrun in things: a series of delaying battles till something TRULY unanticipated occurs and then “WHOODH”, say goodbye to ‘civilization’.

            The worst part of it is is that since most of the readily available, easily accessible resources in the world have long been depleted how would any other, later civilization succeed to rebuilding things even to where we are now? Utterly depressing….I’ve memtioned before that Humankind might not yet grasp the delicacy of things as they are….might not understand that there is no return if we all fall now from this great height.

            To be sure there is much afoot in the natural world; that 6+ earlier today was a ‘shot from out of the blue’…T’anks for you’re quick diligence thereon…we can always depend on you it seems!

            I have a ‘Gedanken’, a thought experiment for you tonight. Imagine a simple rubber ballon inflated to any size such that the exterior is relatively rigid (presume spherical here). Then take this and cover it with a layer of paper mache and let it dry. IF the baloon is thereafter inflated further then what would we see? Clearly since the outer layer is relatively rigid and presupposing that it would at some point ‘crack-open’ due to the contained pressure then we would see a pattern of divergence, that is; Divergent cracking randomly across the outer covering, boudaries seperating.

            If instead we (after the first step above, after the ‘cracks’ had appeared) were to decrease the pressure inside the ballon then what? Like a terrestrial dome or a roman arch we would see the boundaries between the fragments of which the shell consisted bearing a pregrssively greater load at the boundaries increased as the supporting pressure underlying each segment diminished, Yes?

            The state of affairs at present may be the latter case in my estimation. Should Mac be able to get the PM up here and running you and I might examine this notion in detail…there is more to it than this, but that is for later and not here in open forum!

            As someone here previously noted in a line from out of Tolkien,
            “It is not given to us to choose the times in which we live…only to choose what we wil do with the time we are given.”

            Step away from it all for a moment and center yourself Friend, more is coming and those who watch must be vigilant always; to become too tired along the way leaves us depleted and too weary to respond when it is needed, Anywho, “Guten Nacht Mein Freunden”.


            • @JustOneGuy. I have always been someone that can’t stand when something is unfair, and I truly stress myself out when I see these idiots that come on and each day attempt to take away freedoms. These characters come on and talk about taking away people’s right to defend themselves like they are to blame for the gun violence. The nutsos are to blame, not the people that are trying to protect themselves from the nutsos that could and would go after them the same as anyone. These nuts just see something that moves and they shoot at it.

              That british Atlantic Ocean wetback piers morgan has so much nerve coming over here and trying to destroy the 2nd. Amendment. It is sickening to watch. I try to get away from it, and this is a good idea for myself to be more centered. I need to do this so I can see a geological sign or some war sign before it happens. That 6.1 was largest ever recorded there, the previous largest was 5.8. There is so much energy right now being transferred to these plate boundaries that are not so locked shows that something terrible is coming. Either a super quake of 9.0+ or a series of 7.5+. I have never seen the volume of these polar earthquakes. Even in the tropical region of the Carlsburg Ridge there have been a swarm of 16 earthquakes, again not ever seen this many. I think this is what we need to watch for. Please continue to watch the SUN, it is really getting active.

              • Howdy again BI,

                More seems to be occuring since the time you penned the last missive above, two 5+ if I saw it right, thinga are getting ‘interesting’ indeed.

                With the recent scattered 3.8’s and 4.0’s up off the coast of NorCal, where the bottom of the Juan de Fuca plate begins, I find myself getting VERY nervous about the Cascadia. We’ve had relatibely strong activity both to the North along the Alaskan coast and also to the South all along the coast of Mexico right into and past Central America into SouthAM…Where next I wonder? LA remains a terrifying possibility IMHO…but as said, such is not the realm of my purvue, but thine. Dwell on the thought experiment I posted above, I have a SPECIFIC reason to beleive that that is what is operant in what we are seeing at present.

                Finally Friend, we, all of us, must choose our battles with care for there is just so much of ‘us’ to go around. I am greatly heartened to see so many ‘stepping up to the plate’…perhaps more will now come and a momentum will arise. This evening on our local news I saw the story of a Missouri Representative announcing legislation to nullify any attempt on the part of the Feds to regulate us here. It criminalizes Federal afents attempting to implement any such here, like Texas and a couple of others are doing, it is expected to pass easily…perhaps Hope is not completely lost, Eh?

                Hang in there! For the night, afain, Adios Compadre!!

      18. My neighbor Bubba hid his stuff months ago. Made a secret map to help find it later. He had it all laid out in ‘paces’ from this tree to that rock, etc. Like an old pirate treasure in the movies. Then, of course, he lost the map.
        I saw him out in his back yard a few nights ago, digging frantically and muttering to himself, “It’s gotta be around here somewhere!” He had about 40 holes dug in a haphazard pattern. Looked like he was gonna put up posts for a fence maze or something.
        ‘What the heck are you up to, Bubba?’
        “I lost my map! Now I need the first aid kit and I can’t find my stash!” he said breathlessly, while ramming my borrowed post hole digger into the latest hole.
        Subconsciously, something told me not to stick around. Either there was actual work involved, or a looming disaster about to happen. With Bubba, it’s usually both. I excused myself and went back home. About a hour later, he came screaming up to the back porch, banging on the door.
        “Okie! Quick! Help me put out the fire!”
        I ran outside and saw him dragging my garden hose over his back fence. He yelled, “Turn on the water! Hurry!”
        I turned it on and rushed over to his yard. He was squirting a small blaze on the corner of his roof. In just a few minutes he had the fire out. Then I turned and surveyed his yard.
        It looked like a herd of drunken gophers had gone on a rampage! There were dozens of holes all over the place. Water gurgled from a few of them. ‘What the hell happened over here?’
        He continued to saturate the roof, then finally dropped the still running hose and sat down in the mud, exhausted.
        “I busted the water line into the house a few holes back. Then, when I hit the main electric cable, I didn’t even know they was underground, it made a huge spark and knocked me back. When I got up, there was sparks at that tie-in thing where the wires go into the house. Then it started to flame and I got scared I was gonna burn the place down. That’s when I came to get your hose.”
        ‘Why didn’t you call the utility line locator guys first?’
        “I was going to, but the first hole I dug, the test hole, I accidnetly cut the phone line into the house. So, I fugured I’d just dig real careful and see if I could find the stash.”
        ‘So much for careful digging’ I said, surveying the soggy muddy mess that used to be his yard. Just then, we heard a crash from inside. A minute later his wife came storming out.
        “The ceiling in the dining room just collapsed! There’s wet supplies all over the floor! Busted boxes of soggy rice, ammo, everything! The whole dining room is–”
        She stopped suddenly, noticing the yard for the first time. Evidently she was unaware of all that had gone on out there.
        Bubba had the faintest look of realization on his face. Like the light that goes on over your head, but for him, it was only about a 3 watt bulb.
        Then he said, “Oh yeah! Now I remember. Right after I buried the supplies I got scared that I’d lose the map. So I dug everything up and stored it in the house.”
        His face began to sink as he pointed to the charred, soggy, sagging corner of his roof, “I put everything up in the attic…right over the dining room….right up…there.”
        Their house had no water. No electricity. No phone. And for the time being, not much harmony either. I left before the fight started.
        Last I heard, his wife moved the kids and herself into a motel. She refuses to come home til he fixes all the damage. I haven’t seen Bubba since that night, but I check the obituaries daily and he hasn’t been listed. So I guess he survived….

        • Love it. I can see a resemblance between my buddies and bubba.

        • Thanks Okie! I asked it before, are you looking in my windows at what is going on? Lot of parallel with your recent stories. Starting to creep me out.

      19. Ask the question..

        why are there no law suits against the school district, or City or state of CT for all 26 dead at Sandy Hook?

        when you send your kid(s) to school you have intrusted their safety with that entity..IF that shooting was for real, the liability is with those who are to be in the care and safety of your children.

        If they failed to keep your child safe, would you not levy a law suit against them?

        another thing that makes you wonder about the legitimacy of these claims on this “incident”

        push for the truth..they cant have it both ways folks..

        • Its not me,

          Better yet why were there no injures?


          • Yeah, I hear ya. But dont you think its a bit odd in todays letigious (sp) society that there are no law suits going on over this? even from the PTSD kids and staff ??

            you know if this was legit..and really kids died, there would be some lawyer taking parents to the money for thier loss and the schools liability to provide a safe environment for ther kids..

            I think you get where im coming from…there isnt any, because there werent any

      20. When you think the time has come to bury your guns, you should probally be loading those guns..

        I never did hide well,


      21. Here is what is happening in TX,

        A Texas lawmaker says he plans to file the Firearms Protection Act, which would make any federal laws that may be passed by Congress or imposed by Presidential order which would ban or restrict ownership of semi-automatic firearms or limit the size of gun magazines illegal in the state, 1200 WOAI news reports.

        Republican Rep. Steve Toth says his measure also calls for felony criminal charges to be filed against any federal official who tries to enforce the rule in the state.

        “If a federal official comes into the state of Texas to enforce the federal executive order, that person is subject to criminal prosecution,” Toth told 1200 WOAI’s Joe Pags Tuesday. He says his bill would make attempting to enforce a federal gun ban in Texas punishable by a $50,000 fine and up to five years in prison.

        Toth says he will file his measure after speaking with the state’s Republican Attorney General, Greg Abbott, who has already vowed to fight any federal measures which call for restrictions on weapons possession.

        Toth concedes that he would welcome a legal fight over his proposals.

        “At some point there needs to be a showdown between the states and the federal government over the Supremacy Clause,” he said.

        The Supremacy Clause is the portion of the Constitution which declares that federal laws and statutes are ‘the supreme law of the land.’

        “It is our responsibility to push back when those laws are infringed by King Obama,” Toth said.

        Texas is the second state to propose a measure to shield the state from the impact of any gun possession restrictions imposed by Congress or by Presidential order. A similar measure was introduced in Wyoming last week.


        • Thanks. I guess Texas is the place to relo. hmmm. Competition.

      22. Its not me: I though by now there would be many lawsuits filed; haven’t heard/read anything. Maybe the courts are working towards a settlement (pay off) but haven’t heard nothing on that either.

      23. Just a word of advice, from someone who knows. Be very careful when it comes to using old cars, trucks or machinery, for your cache. Because when scrap iron is high you may lose your cache to scrap iron theives. Whether the vehicle is on your property or not. Many people talk about hiding things in old cars or trucks on other poeple’s property. They may just decide to clean out that old hollow and make a few bucks, and there goes your stash. I had machinery on my own farm and it was 1/2 mile from the road, while gone on a trip, theives came in with a cutting torch and stole a Disc, Planter and Brush Hog and later in the fall they came back and stole a Tractor. So if you use any type of Vehicle for your cache make sure it’s close to the house. Trekker Out. Keep Em Handy!

        • This Is a fact!.

          any metals left laying around are a scappers paradise..if i leave anything in my trash or at the curb..the metal is gone before the trash guy gets here.

          I have had buddies that like to build jalopy cars, have thier projects stolen right out of thier yard

          • I’ve seen an old water heater heater moved from the laundry room one afternoon and stolen that night. Thieves are everywhere.

      24. I spoke to a Walmart clerk and asked the reorder question. She said all inventory was done thru corporate and the auto conputer inventory system. They have no control over restocking. She said the deal is that they cannot get shipments of ammo from the suppliers in sufficient quantities to supply the stores. Makes sense.

      25. Ive got a few stashes out of the way so to speak,have for decades…just incase!

      26. Thanks to all you folks for telling us non-preppers where you will be hiding your caches! (Just kidding folks!) Don’t think for a minute that the enemy is also reading your posts! Be careful!

      27. Off subject…but just an update,in case anyone wonders…I won my hearing for disorderly conduct for(alledgedly) telling a woman I went to school with who is a magistrate to go to hell(multiple times)I honestly didnt…the truth is I told her she autta be ashamed of the way she was acting…she testified against me yesterday and the only part of what she said that was true is the fact that I was indeed present at the time of the incident 🙁 …she even described what I was wearing completely wrong…screwed up pup that she is…known me for 35 years and claimed she didnt…claimed the audio video recorder that would have proved my innocence wasnt there on the day in question and so on and so on!
        Anyhow they couldnt get me on the obscene language/gesture charge so they pulled one out of their backsides(one that wasnt even on my charge sheet)something about creating “physically offensive condition”…ie: I upset her and her office staff…cop basicly said I had to learn respect for the courts and their officials so he was getting me on that,judge agreed…mind you Ive never been in trouble in my life…anyhow they lied to hell and back and got away with it…of course Im appealing…my lawyer was so mad he is basicly going to fight it for free 🙂 Ive been involved in politics for years and seen alot of corruption but never had been the object/target of it….anyhow respect isnt something they got from me…Im still REB,all they did was help me learn how it works and that “the truth and justice” isnt even part of the equation…”Live free or die tryin”


        Ignore Obama… despite the NYS clip count decrease…
        I’ll support the gun industry and buy new clips…

        WE still have OUR guns you commies.

        OVER POWER THE ELITES LAWS BY BUYING MORE. Sends a peaceful message.

      29. While we still enjoy our freedoms we need to purchase ways to defend ourselves. Don’t just purchase defense weapons, but learn how to use it. A memory muscle on a trigger finger takes 1000 practice shots. Don’t forget to practice.

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