How to Download and Build Your Own House: “Affordable, Open Source, Modular, Ecological”

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Aftermath, Emergency Preparedness | 20 comments

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    This video was produced by James Corbett and originally published at The Corbett Report.

    Editor’s Comment: The greatest fruits of the age of the Internet have been the renaissance of alternative living, which are going to be a big part of the future. Like so many other institutions in our society, the idea of buying and cookie cutter house and being in debt with a mortgage to pay – indefinitely until you die – is out dated, and does nothing to promote freedom for the people living in it.

    For those that want to, or need to, you can now download plans and build your own home – meeting codes if necessary – from cheap or repurposed materials. For preppers, it could prove to be the perfect solution for your survival and off-grid needs. Many of these homes are more efficient, cheap to buy and maintain, and typically don’t come tied to long term debt. Is it too much to hope for an open source solution to everything in our lives.

    How to Download and Build Your Own House

    by James Corbett

    You wouldn’t download a house, would you? Of course you would! And now with the Open Building Institute, you can! Join us today as we talk to Marcin Jakubowski of Open Source Ecology and Catarina Mota of the Open Building Institute about how they are bringing their vision of an affordable, open source, modular, ecological building toolkit to life. We discuss the free, open source library of modules that form the basis of the building’s design, how the institute will train others to start designing and building their own homes, and how you can find out more information and help the collaborative effort.


    This video was produced by James Corbett and originally published at The Corbett Report.


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        Thank you…..

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      2. Civil War now looms on the horizon, make no mistake about it. Look out for Oct. SH-T is about to hit the fan.

        • You may need to stretch your horizons a bit…

          Given the massive size and inertia of civilization, it’s gonna take awhile for feces to meet air-handler to the point where widespread riots and worse would break out (let alone a civil war).

          Our last Civil War (1860-1865) actually began in the 1840’s, with more than enough violence and gunfire to accompany it, long beforeFort Sumter happened. Don’t believe me? Look up “Bleeding Kansas”, which began in 1854 – a full six years before the South announced secession in the wake of Lincoln’s election. By the way, Kansas wasn’t the only hotbed of slavery/abolitionist violence, either… just a real famous example.

          There are *very* few crashes that happen overnight, so there’s no need to lock the bunker door. Just prepare, take your time, practice a bit, and keep an eye on the weather. That’s all you have to do.

          • In those days, like Rome, societies ‘memes’ responded at the speed of horse or oxcart…
            Today, societal responses happen with the speed of an electron…
            Think about that…

      3. I’m not here to knock your article on housing, but regardless of where or what you build there will be taxes. Here in Texas we are being forced to put in $12,000 aerobic septic tank systems. I don’t have a clue what they mean by aerobic, but its the system where the stuff goes through some kind of treatment while in the septic tank and then is supposedly spewed out as clean water after the cycle. If you purchase a piece of land from a farmer and cannot keep it in agriculture yourself then you’ll have to pay a thousand dollars an acre for ‘rollback taxes’. And a host of other government employee rules and regulations will be at your doorstep to drain your bank account into theirs. Rather any of you out there can believe this or not does not change the situation, and that situation is that there is no longer any affordable housing at any location in this country. It doesn’t matter rather you order it online, build yourself, or squat, you can’t afford it. Your money is no longer yours, it equals SA-BE-R: And Saber equals salaries, benefits, and retirements for government employees at each and every level. Well, as a taxpayer all I can say is, “See ya in the Nursing Home someday, if we can afford it.” PS: Save some powdered egg yolk and wonder bread for me. thanks

        • You bring up a great point… there are always incidental costs.

          One thing not mentioned is property tax. For instance, even in middle-of-nowhere Oregon, I get the dubious pleasure of coughing up $2500/year to the county. Of course, the money does go towards roads, schools, the sheriff’s department, the local RFPD (Rural Fire Protection District), and similar stuff. So okay, I get it, and I don’t mind that so much. As long as civilization holds up, these things (the roads and such) are useful and worthy things to have. Since I live way outside of the left-wing hellholes of Portland, Bend, etc, I know the tax money is actually going to something worthy.

          Other expenses? Yeah… this is the part of government I don’t like: permits, required and pricey stuff for wells, septic, etc. Oh, and then there’s the whole burn-ban thing…

      4. UMM , Good luck with that house .

      5. Well, this is something that could be really worthwhile if people could be honest about their priorities and how they really function in a living space.
        Shoot- I like the module concept on the strength of storage alone. Dedicate one third of every module to hidden storage and you could still have a comfortable camp or getaway with nobody the wiser.
        I always talk about this… but here are some examples.
        The kickboards in the kitchen are usually covering empty space. Think weapons and money.
        Got a cased in bathtub? Think jewelry. Got a high bed on a built in platform…. think false bottom to the storage underneath- food.
        Got a deck?… Got a hollow concrete stepup???
        The best hiding places are up high out of the reach of metal detectors and puppy dogs and lazy UN troops. A cheap modular would even do the trick to hide people as Corrie Ten Boom’s family did during WWII. I really like the idea as an affordable bug out.

      6. Obama just passed new laws giving him more authority to confiscate food. Find ways to hide some of your food preps, but don’t get discouraged. I think a lot of this maybe to discourage preparedness and self reliance. As more people prepare, TPTB are seeing an attitude switch. People are harder to “manage” when they are independent.

      7. off topic

        ’30 dead’ after truck crashes into crowd at Bastille Day celebrations in Nice ‘terror attack’

        h ttp://

        one guy with a gun
        or one guy with a truck

        • Well professor… The religion of peace?… A cuck French guy?…or one of the millions of homo Mohammedans who were cordially invited to fuck up that country by no other than Brussels immigration policy and everybody’s favorite jackass Hollande? …and now the Eiffel Tower is burning.
          Just think..we are letting these “loving people” into this country unvetted and give them a bus ticket to wherever they want to go.
          Any other candidates speaking to this in your short list of choices? Doc, Sneezy, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy or maybe Sleepy or Bashful?

          I think it’s evident that Grandma Mao could give a damn about Western Culture or human beings at all. Her Saudi and Chinese handlers along with Lord Rothschild will somehow blame Trump.

          There are only 2 kinds of Muslims…the radical ones and the more radical ones. So called Moderate Muslims are non existent and calling themselves that means they only agree with the terror and will probably tail gate in celebration.

          Live Free or Die…FUCK MOHAMMED!

          • LOL !!!!!!!

            I got ya right where I want ya !!!

            • I’m not that kinda guy Satori…maybe one of your male staffers can accommodate you.

      8. Then there are the Learjet leftists and Hollywierd limousine liberals, with their zillion room mansions. And don’t forget Mikey Moore and his massive mansion at Torch Lake, MI., NY penthouses, etc. My fav is Tom Hanks, w “recently purchased a 14,500-square-foot mega mansion in Pacific Palisades for $26 million. It is the largest transaction for a single-family home in Los Angeles County in 2010.”

        Good to know Obama’s depression isn’t keeping the Learjet liberals from the good life.

        I will vote leftist the first time just ONE Learjet leftist opens up just ONE room in just ONE of their many zillion room mansions to just ONE illegal immigrant.

        Disgusting hypocrites.

        Extra credit: Google Hilary Clinton mansions and check out what she has! Staggering. Of course, our fascist leftist media will never report on that!!!

        • TEST
          Clinton’s homes are on msm.

        • Good job keeping the left right opposition illusion going. Divide and conquer and make the cattle think they have a say in it all.

      9. The only thing downloaded are designs for various components of a house that one can use to design a structure. This model does require some investment in large tools like tractors, saw mills, brick presses, etc that can be built using OSE’s open source designs. This does take some real engineering, fabrication, and construction skills BUT if you have the skills, the tools, and free labor (e.g. DIY + help from some friends or family), this has the potentials to significantly reduce the cost of building homes and greenhouses to 1/5 to 1/10th the cost of traditional construction.

      10. 1. Get a pad of graph paper
        2. Grab a pencil and eraser
        3. Get a drafting scale (triangular ruler with oddball numbers)
        4. Toss drafting scale
        5. Each square on your graph paper either represents 1 foot, 2 feet or 4 feet
        6. Use your imagination (no download necessary!)

        Remember to keep it simple. If you dont know building ask somebody if you can pay or trade something for them to help you with design, keep it simple!
        Remember, keep it simple,

        • Uh, sorry – Sheep(le) don’t know simple…

      11. My dad built our house in modular pieces over 50 years ago. In Mexico houses are build in modular pieces. McMansions and 30 year mortgages showed up after WWII. It used to be start small and pay as you go. It also included living in the same place longer than 5 years.
        It also did not include 400000 rules and regulations written by the homebuilding industry. For your own good. A larger percentage of people die in home fires than ever before due to toxins in building products.

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