How to Beat Coming Killer Food Shortages

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    The following article has been generously contributed to our community by Holly Deyo, the author of the widely popular Dare to Prepare reference guide, now in its 5th edition. She and her husband Stan Deyo are also the developers of Prudent Places USA, which provides an insightful handbook on how to relocate and where to go in times of crisis. 

    PREFACE: Only a small space is required to grow most fruits and veggies for a family. So Stan and I will scamper over to our local garden center this week and for additional organic compost to augment our Super Soil and get those growies growing! By the end of Summer our own compost piles should be ready to sustain the gardens hereafter. It just takes a little while to get there.

    Sunday, we planned out this year’s garden – including more than usual. Definitely making time for canning this year. Had the equipment, not the time. Since warmth – and dry (drat!) – are coming early this year to the West, Southwest and Southeast, it’s important to get our garden ready in February and seedlings sprouted and sunk in the ground by late March instead of late April – a full month ahead of normal. The most time-consuming aspect will getting the Super Soil pre-warmed as described in Garden Gold, which will only require a couple hours, so plants get a head start and beat this Summer’s killing heat.

    These NOAA maps show the probability of temperatures exceeding the norm, so roughly 1/3 of the Country can get their veggies and fruits in early. Unfortunately, as 2014 progresses, a bunch of us will be sweating bullets living in tank tops and shorts.

    Click on the different NOAA 3-month outlooks (under More POE Outlooks) on the left to see how temps are revving up hotter and earlier this year. It’s weird that after this blisteringly bitter cold winter, we have to think in terms of excessive heat, but that’s what extreme climate change is about and something Stan and I have warned would descend since 1995. Now that it’s here, everyone must act with fore-thought and planning. With what’s coming, every day counts. —Holly



    Government has lost its mind. It is no more evident than their decision last week to cut off water to America’s food basket. Squeezed by the worst-ever drought in the state’s history, California is dying of thirst. Crushing news was delivered to farmer’s that no water would be coming from the Federal government. This dreaded decision was compounded by the Sierra Mountains getting just 25% of normal snowpack. There is no water to replenish already dangerously low reservoirs, so no water for farmers.

    Photo: A pipe emerges from dried and cracked earth that used to be the bottom of the Almaden Reservoir on January 28, 2014 in San Jose, California. Now in its third straight year of drought conditions, California is experiencing its driest year on record, dating back 119 years, and reservoirs throughout the state have low water levels. Santa Clara County reservoirs are at 3% of capacity or lower. (Justin Sullivan, Getty Images)

    Despite recent storms, it’s done nothing to alleviate the staggering dryness. California needs snow. Desperately. Down bursts can’t soak into parched, concrete-like soil so it rolls off, unused, into sewers and drainage ditches. Snowpack melts slowly and is easily funneled into reservoirs and sinks into land and eventually groundwater basins.

    Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency 5 weeks ago and conditions have worsened since.

    Farmers who thought this might be coming delayed planting crops. Some have given up altogether. Even late harvests, where possible, would be better than wasting the cost of fuel to run equipment, paying farm workers to work dying fields, paying for seeds that likely won’t survive summer – and have it all come to nothing. Over half a million acres won’t even be planted.

    Not that anyone wants a business penalized, but golf courses will be allowed to waste water in the most extravagant method possible. What would you rather have: food on the table or 225,000 acres of lush golf links? The amount of water required to keep them verdant is staggering. Residential customers are already being warned to conserve and some cities have passed mandatory water restrictions. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that 17 communities are at risk of running dry.

    Image: It’s clear from the image below that regions of California worst hit and in danger of running out of water are the prime food growing areas.

    killer-food-shortages-3DROUGHT = SLOW DEATH

    We saw this same scenario play out in Beulah, Colorado in 2002 – the year after Stan warned the Pine Drive Water District they needed vastly more water storage. They didn’t listen. The very next yearwhen residents turned on their faucets, literally not a drop dripped. So dire was the situation, it made national news. It was a shock to have literally no water available.

    Huge white plastic water storage tanks were hastily set up in front yards and water was trucked in weekly from Pueblo. Wells went completely dry and livestock were reluctantly sold off. It was either that or watch them die.

    The next Spring when Stan and I drove around Beulah, the wildlife took your breath. Most telling were larger animals. Baby deer that survived were unbelievably scrawny. Their mothers’ ribs stuck out of their backs and sides from patchy coats like awkward jagged tree branches. Their faces were unhealthily gaunt, lit by haunted eyes. It was heartbreaking.

    That was one small mountain community. Now we’re talking about an entire state facing extreme conditions. Heaven help them in the 2014 fire season, which for Californians, began January.


    Last week Pres. Obama promised $100 million in livestock-disaster aid, but that doesn’t make water fall from the sky. This is less than a pittance when livestock and poultry alone gross nearly $10 billion in California.1 Instead farmers, like Beulah residents, will be forced to sell their animals. This is a calamity. We’re not talking about a few hundred head. On average, when drought conditions hammer down, like those in Texas a couple years ago, it takes at least 3 years to rebuild herds. This means further rising beef prices that we Americans are already experiencing. Just wait, it will get worse. I warned in 2010 what the Texas drought would do to beef prices in the next few coming years, and this story bears it out: Ground Beef Prices Have Skyrocketed, Here’s Why. The article warns to expect steak to double.

    Three weeks ago news agencies reported that beef herds are the smallest since 1951 – and this didn’t factor in what will surely be a massive cattle sell-off in the Golden State.

    Other crops feel it too. “Retail prices for tomatoes rose 10% in the 12 months through Jan. 31, and U.S. retail prices for beef, bacon, lettuce and broccoli have also risen at least 10% last year.”2 This hike came before farmers found out they won’t be getting water for crops and 8 million California farmland acres depend on federal and state irrigation.


    In a stunning report from Time Magazine, Bryan Walsh writes that scientists fear California’s dryness “could get much, much worse” bringing back the horrible era of mega-droughts. “These mega-droughts aren’t predictions. They’re history, albeit from a time well before California was the land of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. And the thought that California and the rest of the modern West might have developed during what could turn out to be an unusually wet period is sobering. In 1930, a year before construction began on the Hoover Dam, just 5.6 million people lived in California. Today more than 38.2 million live in the largest state in the U.S., all of whom need water. California’s 80,500 farms and ranches produced crops and livestock worth $44.7 billion in 2012, but dry farming districts like the Central and Imperial Valleys would wither without irrigation.”3

    Image: According to the Drought Monitor, 91% of California is in Severe to Exceptional Drought. For comparison, the rest of CONUS looks much better except Nevada and they don’t grow much of anything.



    As one Millennium-Ark reader pointed out in an email last week, after the jump in beef prices, people will look to chicken, pork, fish and turkey. Chicken is already up though not as much as beef.  This will, in turn, drive up their costs and affect availability of these other meats. Keep in mind that California also produces all of these proteins plus lamb. Then consider this: Ag Specialists Warn of Higher Wheat Prices Due to Drought. It’s not just beef, weather is clobbering food from all angles. Rising Threat to Crops from Climate underscores it.

    Not to be totally depressing, but remember to factor in possible health issues from the Corexit ridden fish and seafood in the Gulf courtesy of BP’s Deepwater Horizon debacle. Then there’s Fukushima Daiichi’s radiation affecting fish all up and down the West Coast.

    Food production is not a national only issue. We export food around the world. In the grain arena, so does Argentina, Australia, Canada, the EU with India, Pakistan, Thailand, the U.S. and Viet Nam contributing to world rice production. Every – single – country is being hit with flood, heatwaves or drought.

    Friends, serious climate issues are clobbering beef, grain, fruit and veggies – nearly all food – with unpleasant trickle-down repercussions coming. At this point, it doesn’t matter if it’s caused by geo-engineering, climate change (aka global warming), natural cycles or Sun-driven events. We must deal with the fallout and it’s coming fast.

    If you think the beef and grain scenario is bad, check what’s happening in the fruit and veggie department.


    California grows half, HALF of America’s produce. Another 13% is exported4 around the world. California’s yearly produce is valued at more than $45 billion5. In the list below, out of some 400 different foods it grows for our Nation, California leads production for 79 of them. Out of these 79, California grows ALL of 14 crops (in bold). Keep in mind, this list is only 79 out of some 400 foods including sugar beets, mushrooms, oats, potatoes, cucumbers and many more.

    Now scroll down to one very important item in the 4th column – Greenhouse Vegetables. These are the nicely potted vegetable, fruit and herb seedlings people purchase every year at building materials centers and nurseries around the Country. These are now at risk.



    People who have never grown their garden plants from seed think it’s hard and jet down to retailers to buy what they want to grow. There’s nothing wrong with this; we’ve done it too. However, it is so much more economical – and fun – and easy – to start your own plants from seed.

    For those who are interested in starting their seedlings this year, here are some practical reasons.

    1) Most retailers don’t offer non-hybrid, non-GMO, open-pollinated and heirloom plants.

    2) It saves a bunch of money in the long run.

    3) Allows a head start on the growing season. Retailers normally have their veggies and fruits for sale on a predictable timetable not taking into account yearly climatic differences. It’s possible to lose weeks in the growing season.

    4) Get what you want. Last spring, some plants we wanted, like romaine, NuMex chilies and red lettuce, sold out early. Due to the economy, some veggies were completely unavailable as they only stocked the most popular. Additionally, we noticed that Lowe’s and Home Depot didn’t carry as extensive a variety as they normally do.

    5) Avoid greenhouse-borne diseases.

    6) This is a fun project for kids and grandkids – a good educational tool so they see how plants make food from seed to table.

    Assuming you see the need to get busy, this is the set-up we use.

    Photo: From top left, clockwise: seed tray bottom, lights set into the plastic dome cover, seed tray, heating mat.


    Seeds don’t need sunlight to sprout, but do need warmth around the clock. We set the Seedling Heat Mat on a 1″ piece of styrofoam. The foam both protects the tabletop and keeps the warmth from escaping out the bottom. The heat mat keeps the soil temperature consistent and 10-20 degrees warmer over room temperature air. They’re relatively inexpensive and really improve germination and seedling growth.

    The bottom tray goes on top of the mat with the little seedling plastic pots set inside. Depending on how many seedlings are needed, it’s more economical to do these plastic pots in a sheet than peat pots. It’s cleanable and reusable. If you’re only going to start 20 or so plants, then peat pots save washing it out.

    The Seedling Heat Mat  (9” x 19-1/2”) and lights are extra. Mats are about $20 and grow lights are about $21 each, but vary widely in price depending on retailer.

    Then the clear plastic greenhouse dome cover sits on top with its edges resting on the sides of the bottom tray. Stan puts aluminum foil between the dome and the metal so it doesn’t turn the plastic an ugly yellow-brown. The yellowing problem we found out the hard way and ruined one dome. No place mentions this tip – and others – except in Garden Gold.

    It’s important to get a greenhouse that has a high enough dome cover. Some kits’ covers are only about 2″ or 3″ tall. We use the Mondi 7″ dome (7-1/2” H x 11” W x 21-1/4” L) that sells for $4.60 and fits the 1020 tray. As the seedlings grow, if the lights become too close, they can burn tender leaves and suck the life out of tiny plants. Stan has even put in a set of 2″ or 3″ risers at each end between the dome and the bottom tray if the seedlings grew too tall. Risers can be made out of anything that’s not too heavy, just strong enough to support the dome and not break the bottom tray’s lip. The 1020 Tray runs $1.40 and the 72-cell propagation tray that fits perfectly inside is $9 for 10.

    Photo: This is how it looks assembled – all ready for 72 seedlings waiting fill your food needs!


    Some seed starter kits come without the plastic tops, but you need the dome to both hold the lights and keep moisture in. On top are two circles for moisture control. They can be opened or closed as needed.

    Simply setting planted seeds in a window won’t provide enough light once the seedlings sprout. Plus, windows can get transmit cold, which can either delay or stop germination altogether and defeats the purpose of the heat mat.

    Stan cut holes in the ends toward the top of the greenhouse dome and inserted 4 grow lights that are 2 feet long. We use Sun Blaster F24T5 24W HO lights. If you’re looking on-line for the best price, they are normally listed as “Sun Blaster T5 HO”. Gave a cursory look and the best price so far was at


    NOW is the time to purchase open pollinated, organic, non-genetically engineered seeds. When we ordered onion sets last week, I noticed there were already a few products on Seeds of Change that had sold out or were temporarily sold out. People are getting on the stick early this year!

    You’ll get further savings from companies that offer seed in bulk. This is a smart purchase for the foods you love. We did this several years ago and now have our own seed bank.

    Here are 4 great resources – ones we use – for open pollinated, heirloom seeds:

    If they don’t have what you want, Garden Gold lists over 350 suppliers with their contact information and websites. You’ll spend less time hunting for open-pollinated seeds and supplies, which leaves you more time to get your plants going.


    I’m no mystic, but do see what’s coming down. It will be hurtful – possibly signaling prophetic bells to remind of us of Revelation’s 3rd Seal. ALL of our food is being squeezed one way or another. Just after I placed that short note Sunday on our website about getting the garden going, within 15 minutes a dozen people wrote saying they feel that same pressing urgency.

    For many fruits and veggies, you can greatly lessen the pain at the grocery store simply by starting (or continuing) your home gardens. While community gardens and farmer’s markets are preferable to depending on the grocery stores and getting ‘robbed’ at check out, it’s best to have fruits and veggies right in your own yard. As they say with precious metals, if it’s not in your hand you don’t own it. You can harvest so much in such little space by using the ancient Chinese technique of bio-intensive growing described in Garden Gold. You will have produce running out your ears. There will be enough to can or sell depending on your family size. Whatever method of gardening you choose, get your beds ready soon.

    Now for the beef and other proteins dilemma, if you have a spare freezer, it would behoove you to stock up now before prices shoot up further. You would easily be money ahead to purchase a freezer and stock that baby till it’s ready to burst. Alternately, look at some freeze-dried meats. The last time we checked, the food price bump had not yet hit this industry. Why? Because they literally buy tons of meats at a time and process same until they nearly run out. Then they take the hit on food prices and pass it onto customers. However, we the grocery store consumer, feel every bump and tickle along the way. There is a window of opportunity here…

    We caution you to buy from only reputable, long-established retailers. It’s questionable for some smaller outfits where they got their foods, especially if they are a new name. One company is selling food that was around at least since 1998 and has been repackaged to look new. This is a smaller, lesser-known company so stay with the power names for best freshness: Mountain House, Alpine Aire, Thrive (Shelf Reliance). Read What They Don’t Tell You About Storable Foodsfor more insight. Also check these reviews: Mountain HouseProvident Pantry / Emergency EssentialsShelf Reliance / ThriveWiseEFoods Direct.

    Don’t miss my next article coming shortly: How to Start Your Own Seed Bank.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Holly Drennan Deyo is the author of three books: bestseller Dare To Prepare (4th ed.), Prudent Places USA (3rd ed.) and Garden Gold (2nd ed.) Please visit she and her husband’s website: and their FREE Preparedness site:


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      1. If you want something really good, buy some butter stick squash and grow them. High early yield that keeps on giving and fried up with the morning eggs is delirious. One healthy plant will give 4 people more than they can eat all season long.

        • Sounds great 02..know of any pole/vine type squash that will grow vertically on a trellis?



          • Sure, the acorn will climb well. And they keep well wrapped in paper in a cool place all winter. I LOVE acorn squash!

            • You tube has a lot of info in growing vertical. I am going to plant the 3 sisters heavy this year along with bell peppers and cucumbers! Love the sweet slice cuke.

                • Two words:



                  with an emphasis on “party”

                  • A great way to test your post-event resilience is to shut your power meter off and quit going to the grocery for a 30 day trial run. You’ll start learning by day 2 that there is a mental and emotional transition phase that you’ll have to endure. But after a week or so, you’ll adapt.

                  • What was interesting was the male:female death ratio. From Wiki regarding the Donner event:

                    “The deaths at Truckee Lake, Alder Creek, and in the snowshoe party, were probably caused by a combination of extended malnutrition, overwork, and exposure to cold. Several members, such as George Donner, became more susceptible to infection due to starvation,[180] but the three most significant factors in survival were age, sex, and the size of family group each member traveled with. The survivors were on average 7.5 years younger than those who died; children aged between 6 and 14 had a much higher survival rate than infants and children under the age of 6, of whom 62.5 percent died, including the son born to the Keseburgs on the trail, or adults over the age of 35. No adults over the age of 49 survived. Deaths among males aged between 20 and 39 were “extremely high” at more than 66 percent.[177] Men have been found to metabolize protein faster, and women do not require as high a caloric intake. Women also store more body fat, which delays the effects of physical degradation caused by starvation and overwork. Men also tend to take on more dangerous tasks, and in this particular instance, the men were required before reaching Truckee Lake to clear brush and engage in heavy labor, adding to their physical debilitation. Those traveling with family members had a higher survival rate than bachelor males, possibly because family members more readily shared food with each other.”

                  • Thoise NOAA maps suck for reading and understanding!!

                  • If you have ever spent time in the area, The biggest conclusion I came to seems to be these people (Donners)were NUTS. It’s Crazy, they were about 50 miles downhill to good California weather, admittedly trail they had not been on, or slightly more from not to bad Nevada, over trail they had just made. Kill a horse or whatever, make some snowshoes & Jerky then start back or down hill. I’ve walked the area, lots of it hasn’t changed any, It’s very hard for a wagon but for people. Four days and you can sing CALIFORNIA here I am. The problems those people had were internal.

                  • FEMA Camps will become Soylent Green processing plants; the government interpretation of urban farming.

                    Just saying …. 🙂

                  • You are the resistance.

                  • Paranoid; Yes, I am aware that Panama uses the dollar, and I also know that the only real income for the State is the Canal.

                    But it is a rapidly developing global offshore financial center that will get even better when the widening of the Canal is completed, and the TTP Free Trade Pact is signed with Ecuador, Chile, Peru, and particularly Columbia.

                    For a financial guy like me it has lots of potential as an offshore corporate center and global transportation hub. I don’t like what FREE TRADE has done to my America, but if I must operate in that financial environment, I will out-global the globalists. 🙂

                  • I’m getting so tired of seeing nationalist saying things like, “my America” it’s such a collectivist & fascist thing to say.

                    It’s like they think they own the country the same way the Power Elite perceive they do. Both groups see people as pawns. It’s all quite sick.

                  • US,as I have said before and will again,I am a organ donor and see no real difference if I die if folks eat my body if it helps them survive.You can process me in a safe manner and survive longer by all means eat my corpse,no matter what if any afterlife I am in will make no difference,hell,at least feed me to your dogs,i hate waste.I will say as always if you kill me to eat me may you die of food poisoning!Beyond that,feel free to use my corpse for food/cover/fertilizer,you get the idea.

                • In regards to the drought and higher food prices. Don’t ever let a crisis go to waist.

                  KY Mom thanks for the link for the three sisters. I wonder if giant sunflower could be substituted for the corn.

                  • In 1982 in Bakersfield (Desert) Flat rate water bill $18.75 per month, people watered their lawn till it ran down gutters that had moss growing in them. I was born in Ohio rain fell from the SKY free mostly, but we couldn’t afford to water the lawn in August, in Bako it was as lush as springtime. When I visit it’s still that way, maybe change now; way past time. Let them eat Dirt, Dry Dirt. Seems the only way they will learn.

                  • DK-

                    Methinks..your urban farming & an urban hunter’s harvest..are destined to garner a rather gruesome stigma..for city dwellers!
                    Albeit, for 6-8 months only.


                    True story:

                    Was working on/trouble-shooting a machine, in a customer’s (business park location) in the S.E. last Oct/Nov.

                    I found & replaced the offending high-current output/driver module & was running sample part to exercise solenoid drivers…when up walked “Rick & Mike”..fresh off their 9am smoke break (machine operators & fairly savvy a point)!

                    Rick is 62(from California)..a late 1960s/early 70s hippy who never outgrew his radicalism, but w/ a bachelor’s degree in history.

                    Mike is 48(from New Jersey) w/ an associates in welding technology.

                    Both are divorced! Both pay alimony…Mike pays child-support also(for one).
                    Both are top pay-grade($18.50/hr), per their jobs.

                    Have known both for +15 years.


                    Topic turns to global politics..then quickly to economics/dollar’s likely demise & a collapse scenario, per riots/starvation/zombies and relevant past-historical precedents etc-etc…

                    Rick said; “..I’m gonna cash-out in January(401K) & head for Aruba. -(he’s done thus/+ medical gone as I type this)-


                    Mike’s response was what blew me away!!!

                    ..and I quote (as GOD is my witness!):

                    “SHIT..I’m fucked! I can’t get a loan for a mortgage out in the country..can’t afford to buy a gun/ammo..or long term food supplies..I can’t even get a driver’s license because of past D.U.Is….but I ain’t gonna starve or go to some camp either!!!!!!

                    I asked him: “ you figure that?”

                    ..he said: “if I have to, I’ll hide & lurk..and snatch me a ‘kid’ now & then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                    No qualms. Was stated very matter-of-factually!
                    No smiles/grins/joking either.
                    Mike was/is dead serious!!!


                    I attempted to laugh it off solemnly declaring his official name change…from “Friday”.

                    Yep, had to explain that “Friday” was the cannibal in the classic novel….

                    -Robinson Crusoe-

                    I also recommended he stay far away from my general area (+116 miles away)..for safety!

                    ..he nodded after a bit!


                    We get along & still converse, whenever I’m in the plant..yet the “subject”..has never been bought up again.

                    …and yes…I still call him “Friday” every time I see him.

                    ..he gives me a “Bruce Willis” smirk..and nods!


                    Think what you will, folks…but I’m telling y’all…THEY ARE OUT THERE and THEY’LL BE MERCILESS!!!

                    -(think about it!)-

                  • P.S. and addendum to above…

                    *Highspeed…this episode occurred just north of your general area, close to Statesville Rd(Northwoods).

                    ..just a heads-up, sir!

                  • Hunter: Don’t know much about Aruba, but have been told by a close friend who has been there, that it is a hangout for the east coast tribe, because they love the casino and warm weather.

                    Personally, if I were considering relocation, and I am not, I would prefer Panama City as it is fast becoming a first world financial capital; or Medellin for the climate and cost of living; or Eastern and Southern Ukraine, protected by Russia from chaos.

                    Europe will find a way to stabilize Ukraine and the NWO will transfer excess world production capacity to Western Ukraine while exploiting the oil shale. Investment opportunities will abound.

                    Russia may not be willing to get involve militarily in Ukraine because that would put additional Western pressure on Assad. That is not a trade they want to make. Besides they have the ports they want. Let the citizens eat cake, if they can afford it.

                    The average income for Panama is about $11k; Columbia is about $6k a year and Ukraine about $5k; plus the women in Ukraine are UN-believable !!!

                    Bottom line (pun intended) its whatever floats your boat!!! 🙂

                  • Kid, I’m in PANAMA right now. You know they use American cash here and the only significant income for the country is the Canal? If US goes they will be right below her when she hits. Lots of places in US I’d rather be broke in. Or have PM’S

                • I first learned about the three sisters garden technique from Michelle Obama, of all things. Uxorial unit gave me her garden book for Christmas 2012. Tried the technique in 2013; was defeated by racoons on the corn, but worse; stem sucking insects on the pumpkins, which I substituted for squash. Beans were good.

                  Have not figured out the pesticide free methodology. I have a good fence, but now it needs to be electrified.

                  I think SterlingSilver’s idea is a good one: Try a 30 day trial period. That also means no internet, no car, no phone. You’d have to get friends on board with helping you to try it.

                  Personally, I’m pretty sure that we will not do this; for one thing, the social stigma in a liberal county would be problematical for school aged children.

                  • Paranoid: Yes, I would not want to be outside of the USA when the Changes hit, and certainly not South or Central America unless I spoke fluent Spanish; and I don’t.

                    I am not buying the Alt Media timeline of imminent collapse, Russian invasion, thermonuclear war, Chinese invasion, asteroid strike, dollar collapse, martial law, Obama Dictatorship, bank failures for the too big to fail banks, or a host of other manic meme’s on the Net (what did I miss?).

                    After all, this IS an election year. 2015 is another story. All of the assholes in office want to get re-elected first. 🙁

                  • durango Krugman kid wrote, “I am not buying the Alt Media timeline of imminent collapse, Russian invasion, thermonuclear war, Chinese invasion, asteroid strike, dollar collapse, martial law, Obama Dictatorship, bank failures for the too big to fail banks, or a host of other manic meme’s on the Net (what did I miss?).”

                    So I wonder. Why the hell are you here?

              • Starting your own plants is much easier than this. I’ve never had trouble. I just put two seeds in a pot and keep them moist and warm. When they sprout put them in a window or warm greenhouse. This article make it sound too complicated. Its so easy my kids start them some plants too.

                • I doubt it will get this bad. BUT, if it does just as we’ll forget that Jennie Craig shit. You ain’t gonna need it. If there’s not enough food as so you can stuff your face, you’re gonna lose that fat butt and quick.
                  Flour biscuits and watered down chicken soup, yea you’ll lose it.
                  Most of us here aren’t old enough to have known anybody that went thru the depression. Books are dandy but there’s nothing like hearing it straight from the source. My Grandfather schooled me on this for whatever reason. I think I see why.
                  If this goes off get ready to lower your standards radically, a flour, lard and water biscuit might sound pretty good at some point.
                  If you can grow a garden, get on it. If you can’t, get to storing something.
                  It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!!!!!

                  • HAMMER, you own it !

                    “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!!!!!”

                    Im with you , i dont care if its froot loops or spagettio’s.
                    If you can store it , pile it up !

                  • Hammerun,

                    My father took his girl friend out to eat one day in 1930. They ate well and tipped the server. He had change left from his quarter. No automobile, no telephone. No digital anything. People were both physically tougher and more moral than people are now. Families hung together and everyone pulled at least his own weight. That is how they survived. Lying, stealing, goldbricking … not only would that have alienated them from their own family but from everyone else in town. It would not have been tolerated.

                  • My grandfather went through the great depression as a teen. He told me about eating bread pudding, beans, and oats for days on end. He had his shirts stolen out of their house, and his mother couldn’t afford to buy new, so she cut off the tops of a couple of old dresses which belonged to his sister and made shirts out of them. There’s photos of him in these shirts. Everyone in those pictures of my ancestors were skinny! And he told me that back then, there were some fat people but not what you really see today.

                • You’re right

                  Plants are easy to start in a window with a southern exposure. I start mine in a window on a table in foam egg cartons. The foam holds in the heat. Put 3-4 holes in the bottom of the egg part, fill with soil and pre wet the soil. Put your seeds in. Soil on the top. Gently sprinkle or spray so as to not disturb the seeds. I cut the covers of the cartons off to use as trays- from now on bottom water those seeds and let the soil suck that water up. Cover the seeds with plastic sheeting and keep the plastic off the plants with something to prop up the plastic. I start plants early in the season and move outside to my unheated greenhouses when the temps get a little more reasonable.

                  Country girl

                • It’s even easier than that….
                  Moisten seeds. Put in plastic bag. Keep warm. Transplant after they germinate……………..

            • The dry is true, the Auther is an idiot, The Gov didn’t cut off the water because of some idea, IT DOES NOT HAVE IT! IF the writer can produce 2 Million acre ft of water out of their ass I’m sure the Gov will deliver it. Every drop of water in the western US is spoken for. To move it one place you have to take it from another.
              I moved to Ca 40 years ago, you could pan gold on the N. fork of the American because it was scheduled for a Dam, Hetch Hetchey was scheduled for a highter one. The Eco-nuts killed both, along with N-Power, Liq Nat Gas, Coal etc, Well another 10 million people and no more water or power, It’s to bad we all suffer but “Let them Eat dirt” DRY DIRT>

              • Somebody re-routed the water? I found an article from 2009, California’s Man-Made Drought.

                “California has a new endangered species on its hands in the San Joaquin Valley—farmers. Thanks to environmental regulations designed to protect the likes of the three-inch long delta smelt, one of America’s premier agricultural regions is suffering in a drought made worse by federal regulations.

                The state’s water emergency is unfolding thanks to the latest mishandling of the Endangered Species Act. Last December, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued what is known as a “biological opinion” imposing water reductions on the San Joaquin Valley and environs to safeguard the federally protected hypomesus transpacificus, a.k.a., the delta smelt. As a result, tens of billions of gallons of water from mountains east and north of Sacramento have been channelled away from farmers and into the ocean, leaving hundreds of thousands of acres of arable land fallow or scorched.”

                • You are correct on this, but this is a water use I don’t agree with it, but amazingly enough, Cal votes for these people. So as I said: “Eat dirt; Dry dirt” California.

                • The California drought is mostly caused by weather modification . They have been drawing the moisture up into the New England and Midwest states. The rest is attributed to the EPA. How many of you know that after the UN Biodiversity Treaty was stopped in 1994 by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson -Texas , there was policy changes made that gave federal agencies the power to implement the Treaty via regulations and rules ? Unelected beurocrats are implementing international laws via the EPA and others and Congress does absolutely nothing and hasn’t for some time now to stop Agenda 21 from being implemented UNCONSTITUTIONALLY !!!!!

                  • The weather modification in my mind has a significan component in the “burn baby burn” mentality.

                    Everybody should keep their SUV’s running while they shop. That’s a good way to burn fossil fuels, and a good way to solve heat problems because the car will always be cool.

                  • Please remove your tinfoil hat. The Ca drought is Not caused by anyone. I lived in Bakersfield for 25 years. It gets 5.72 inches rain per year. When I moved there it had 79,000 people, now it has 250,000. They all water their yards, and have thousands of swimming pools. There has been no new water projects in 30 years just 15M more people in Ca. Periodic severe dry weather is NORMAL for the whole SW. Palm Sp/Palm Des has, last I knew, 19 Golf courses. You expect that they will never run dry? In actual fact it has been wet in Ca for years, this dry is a bad one, but it’s due.

              • The government didn’t outlaw watering your lawn or keeping a pool, did they? They’re deliberately expecting farmers to bear the brunt of the water shortage.

                • @ Barn Cat…..No water = no food ! No food = no people ! Starve us all out while making plans for ALL that Land = PriceLess !!….I’d almost do without beer & cigarettes to buy more food right now !!….almost …mm

                • Yes, farmers will take the brunt of it and many will go bankrupt or give up and move.

                  Large (BIG AG) corporate farmers will buy the land cheap, hold it fallow in inventory, take the latest BIG government giveaway without farming it at all, and put it back into production at a later date.

                  As farmers exit the rural areas, small ag businesses that serve the rural communities will pack up and head for the cities, leaving the area desolate, vacant, and de-populated.

                  Can you say Agenda 21? 🙁

            • I still have spaghetti’s, acorns, delicato’s, and buttercup in my root cellar. Have several chambers so I can adjust temp and humidity…naturally, no temp control only airflow, adding water and close attention.

              Still have onions in great condition and lots of red and purple potatoes. Beets are a bit soft but edible.

              Love my root cellar.

              • Pickle those mellow beets!!!

                • Pickled BEETS! my absolute FAV!!

          • Yes, poor old California. Not enough water. For growing food that is. Dumbass’s! If they, and I live here, were serious they would have stopped all construction of new buildings / homes when they declared a drought a couple of months ago.. Just proves how corrupt the government is. Gotta have those fees and permits dollars to grease the wheels.

            They will grow us into bankruptcy one way or another. But you can’t give out those entitlements if you don’t have the revenue.


            • They are using the drought for a land grab. Gold courses can water all they want but farms that produce food and $10 Billion per year income can not water. The farms will go out of business and be bought up by the international agriculture firms and land developers. This is a land grab. They are using the drought.

              And they are enhancing it with chemtrails. Those high light clouds that kind of mimic cirus clouds, allow sunlight in and prevent the heat from leaving. Chemtrails heat the environment. The same entities who claim we have global warming and we must cut energy use and cut all carbon use are the ones who are making chemtrails.

              • Gold courses= Golf courses

                • Still, I like the play on words: Ya gotta have enuff gold to golf.

              • Agenda 21??

                • Agenda 21 , forced relocation to high density housing.
                  Get the crackers outta the burbs and countryside.
                  Relocate mexican farm workers hired by Cargill or some other multi national farm group , give em all a shack and a company store to buy everything and give em citizenship so they cant leave .
                  sounds like a plan to me.

                  • Gee, with everything withering in California, what’s a poor ‘ol migrant worker to do? Migrant worker, you can tell I’m from the “days gone by”. Note: Mrs.POP went into the market and saw that butter was at 4.25 per pound. She liked to have had a conniption fit in the store. I told her that Cali was a big dairy state and with the drought, a lot of the herds are going to market…. Sometimes its hard folks, try to tell them… drag the wife along…. tell her some more…. drag her along……and then I have to deal with the other members of her side of the family….SON! Now my M-I-L is a great lady (the biggest reason I married her daughter) That woman can cook and my wife is a close second. Any woman who can take fried baloney essence and make a gravy has won my heart. My Mom(in law) grew up as a child in the depression(her grandfather was a bootlegger who grew hopps and many varieties of fruit trees on the farm. Her own father committed suicide (the depression) and left his wife with several childen. Her grandfather(through moonshine and Brandy sales supplied to county officials, which notified him of Fed activity) allowed him to buy a parcel to set up a home for her mother and the young’uns. Betwixt the garden, chickens and the squirrels and other small game her brothers could bring in, they survived. She has told me many times that she would eat the squirrel brains to make sure her younger siblings would have enough to eat to go to bed on. I hope we’re already if we get pass the initial…die off (for lack of better words) to be able to sustain ourselves and yet maintain some kind of civility to those around us, if at all possible.

                  • Po’d–aldi’s has butter at $2 all the time.

                  • Jay-Jay I know, but my nearest Aldi’s is about an hour away and bridge toll is 6 bucks. Only if I have to cross the Bay bridge(s)for other business do I get to Aldi’s. Wish they would put some other big box store like Sams, Costco’s or the like closer.

                  • Po’d, I understand, when I go to Bowling Green to Aldi’s and Kroger’s I have a long, very long list of needs.
                    It is a $8 drive round trip and I have to make it work for me.
                    My little home town now has an IGA now (Priceless–there are two with this name, priceless being the best) and I have no needs for the drive–IGA has comparable prices of both those stores. 4 miles vs. 25 miles.

                  • And the great thing about capitalism–DG and Piggly-Wiggly must now price their foods like IGA–they can’t price gouge the consumer any longer.

              • What an idiot!– no offense!

                Chem trials are most likely the result of geo-engineering used as an attempt to keep SUN OUT!! Not in!! Its a proposal I read years ago as a means to REDUCE sun exposure (and thus, global warming), NOT TO INCREASE IT!! Geeze! Read books! Stop listening to lunatics like Rush Limpballs or whoever you’re listening to.. stop depending on others– Investigate for yourself! Can’t you read books??!

                • That’s all nonsense. No such thing as chem trails or geoengineering. They can seed clouds to produce rain but that’s it. The biggest factor in the weather is the jet stream. There’s no way to control that.

                  • biggest factor in the weather is the jet stream?

                    Um…What about solar activity?

                    Either way, we poor humans can’t control a darn one.

                  • Barn cat

                    Have to disagree with you on that one. We have seen deliberate grid patterns in the sky here on a number of occasions. I used to think my Mom and Dad were off their rockers years ago, but DH and I have seen the “in your face evidence” alot in the last 2-3 years.

                    Country girl

                  • A section from, Smugness of the Climate Changers:

                    “we came across a citation involving Dr. Vermeeren, Delft University of Technology, who presented in 2010 a 300-page scientific report entitled, “CASE ORANGE: Contrail Science, Its Impact on Climate and Weather Manipulation Programs Conducted by the United States and Its Allies.”

                    His conclusion: “[O]ur investigation team comes to the conclusion that climate control programs, controlled by the military but approved by governments, are silently implemented in order to avoid the worst case scenarios they obviously do not want. The two basic instruments are temperature control through generation of artificial clouds and manipulation of the ionosphere through ionosphere heaters.

                    “Both remain basically military combat systems with the option to go into the offensive if deemed necessary. However since several ionosphere heaters are installed on various places around the globe one can assume that there is wide cooperation between governments in order to reach the climate targets by 2025: controlling the weather and thus the planet.”

                    The cite was part of a larger Global Research article that referred to the literally hundreds of patents that have been filed by multinationals and even by the Pentagon involving weather control.” …

                • chemtrails decreased the global evaporation rate.
                  block the sun and not as much water evaporates.

                  they have been engineering this shit.



                  BTW desalination costs about $4 for 1000 gallons.

                  If I were a fool living with all the mexicans there… I’d buy a dehumidifier and channel it into barrels. water from air.

                  • Calif has dry desert air. You are thinking of east coast air.

                • There are no “chemtrails.” No one can prove it. There is no evidence of jet planes with sprayers. There is no video of the spraying. There is no evidence that current contrails are much different from contrails 40 or 50 years ago. There are more contrails because there are more planes. Contrails are thicker because more efficient engines put out more water vapor and less pollution. The time that contrails last depends on altitude, temperature, and humidity. Contrails have lasted various amounts of time ever since I can remember seeing them. The contrails I have seen were so high that if they had sprayed something, it would be almost too dilute to measure by the time it reached the ground. Plus, if the wind was blowing, it would land in the ocean.

                  I wish they still taught real science in school. Today’s people believe anything. They don’t know any science and can’t do ballpark estimates of numbers to see that some things are impossible. There are people who actually believe in reptilian shape-shifting politicians, aliens that probe people in rural areas for fun, and the hollow earth, etc.

                  Everyone should watch Penn and Teller’s youtube video on climate change from their Bullshit show. That will show you just how gullible some people are.

                  • Hey, Archivist, Me thinks you doth protest too much.
                    Do you by chance get paid to write that?
                    It seems that way.

                    Anyway, if you want to remain in denial, that’s your choice.

                    The facts are out there.

                  • First I’ll start with this. I think you are a govt. plant.

                    I’m 50. I remember sitting with my 92 year old grandma.
                    She was looking at the sky.
                    I asked her what she was looking at.
                    Her reply.
                    “Just how true blue the sky is today dear.”

                    Now if a 92 year old’s woman’s eyes can still perceive then a deep blue sky…
                    and I look up and see a washed out mess.
                    Even when there are not “contrails”…the sky is no longer deep blue.

                    Frankly…I think it’s a slow kill off thing.
                    And also to bring in agenda 21 so the Jews can get us all living in little apartments.



                    Enjoy watching your kids suffer from asthma.

                    It’s fucks like you that destroyed our country.

                    Next you’ll tell us that we all need to turn in our guns.

                    Thumbs up if you think the previous poster was a complete fool.

                  • What I gave are facts. The “facts” that are “out there” are really way out there. You have to totally disregard rules of evidence, mathematics, and physics to believe in the religion of “chemtrails.” I cannot abide lies.

                  • Government plant is what you are ! Contrails do not spread out and make a milky sky. Contrails dissipate within seconds. Contrails do not creat feathery , weepy clouds that eventually seep to the lower atmosphere. If Contrails did this the skies would always be white , they’d never be blue because there are thousands upon thousands of flights per day ! Contrails don’t stop in mid flight only to picked up a few hundred feet down the skyline. they do not start and stop in mid stream. I’m telling you for four damn years I have watched them nearly every flucking day from my car , from my windows , from my yard. If you’re not a government plant , take a camera at night using flash and look at the MULTI colored lights floating in the air ! I KNOW , I DID !

                  • Archivist: professional air line pilots and retired military pilots have clearly stated that chem trails exist. And if you did just 5 minutes of research you could learn how to see the difference.

                  • The hundreds of patents that have been filed by multinationals and even by the Pentagon involving weather control aren’t factual enough for you, Archivist?

                    By ignoring climate change scientist David Keith explaining “You can actually spray sulfuric acid in the stratosphere, 20 kilometers over our head and use that to stop the planet warming up..,” the environmental scientist says. “Spray pollution into the atmosphere to stop it warming.” …is that an example of disregarding rules of evidence, Archivist?

                    He used some math in this interview, you seem to like math, Archivist:

                    “Keith explains that humans already generate about 50 million tons of sulfuric acid as pollution and that it kills 1 million people each year, something Colbert feigns difficulty determining is good or bad.

                    “It’s terrible,” Keith says.

                    “But it’ll be better if we put more in?” Colbert asks quizzically.

                    “We’re talking about one percent of that, a tiny fraction of that,” says Keith in the idea’s defense.

                    “So if it kills a million people,” Colbert says, calculating in his head, “and we are only doing one percent more, we’re just killing 10,000 more people.”

                    “You can do math,” Keith answers condescendingly, before realizing what he’s just admitted to.

                    “But that’s.. so, so.. killing people is not the objective,” corrects Keith quickly.

                    Although the theory behind spraying particles into the atmosphere has been known since Lyndon Johnson’s presidency, Keith claims it’s never been put into practice.

                    “Maybe it’s happening already,” theorizes Colbert. “You ever look at those planes up there? They have contrails behind them, maybe all those planes with the contrails maybe they’re actually spraying chemicals into the atmosphere right now and Uncle Sam isn’t telling us.”

                    “It seems extremely unlikely..” Keith stammers.

                    “..that the United States is not telling something to its citizens? That seems extremely likely to me,” Colbert declares, to an eruption of applause. “I think they might have your idea already.””

                    Here’s a couple of headlines you might have missed:

                    “Study part-funded by the CIA to investigate national security implications of geoengineering”

                    “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”

                    The physics of geo-engineering isn’t so difficult to grasp, nor is it impossible, “Chemtrails” also known as “Persistent contrails” has been ongoing for “at least 60 years.” Used as a weapon of war in Hamburg by the UK during World War II, it was also used in the Vietnam Conflict by the US.”

                    50 USC 1512,, allows open air testing of chemicals and biologicals and allows presidential override of notices and of public health considerations for national security reasons.

                    There are more facts like those if you care to look, but all you really have to do is spend a little time outdoors looking up and use some common sense.

                  • Archivist: “Today’s people believe anything…” And some people keep their head stuck in the sand regardless of evidence!

                    Good heavens…I posted the patents that the US has since the 1920’s on weather modification, including manufacturing SNOW. I posted a link to the EU Parliment talking about the dangers of this and HAARP in the US. I posted a link from a congressional hearing where the then Secretary of Defense admitted this was real. I posted links to sites that have proof. Do you know that they are actually inserting chemtrails in children’s movies where there were none before in the originals?

                    I offered for you to come to my house and watch them for yourself. I know the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail. Chemtrails last ALL DAY and fuzz into a slightly brown haze. They spray here for a week or two (think brownish tinted marine layer) then are off a week or more and we have clear blue sky and puffy clouds; then it starts over. Even the doctors here have stated that after a heavy spraying that people are having terrible sinus problems and sore throats….I know my sky and what our clouds are supposed to look like; this is not normal.

                    If Penn and Teller is your “evidence” well, then no one can convince you of anything…..

                    I’m not trying to start another conversation about this….I just had to reply to relieve my own frustration.


                  • I tend to agree with the Archivist in general. The part of the contrail that you see is water vapor, and jet engines are getting more efficient at burning kerosene. And there’s a lot more jets in the air than when I was a kid fifty years ago, without question.

                    It is also true that government sponsored weather modification is a fact of life. And, if you look at pictures of the smog in Shanghai, it’s easy to see human weather modification on the scale of several hundred square miles at dozens of chinese cities is possible.

                    The several reports of increased aluminum, arsenic and other toxins in the soil are certainly a concern. There has not yet been a peer reviewed, generally accepted study which clearly identifies the sources of these toxins. Dirty fossil fuel powerplants put many of the same toxins up in the jet stream over time, as do volcanoes.

                    Aluminum was used, for example, in the shuttles solid rocket boosters, and the launch site had to be cleaned thoroughly after each launch. Fortunately, we won’t be using solid rocket boosters any time soon, now that shuttle has been canceled, and while the corporate insiders pretend to build our next government launch vehicle. Aluminum is not used in jet fuel.

                    The so-called researchers on this do not bother to fund satellites or other technical means to verify their contrail hypothesis, depending rather on cut and paste skills with material from various sensationalist websites.

                    At the current moment, the air coming from Shanghai and so forth is pretty well cleaned by the time it travels over the Pacific to Cali, where it gets dosed up with pollutants again. Even so, by the time the air gets to Virginia, it is cleaner than when it left Cali.

                    “At the current moment” should be a clue that the weather system could, in principle, be broken by mankind’s concerted or inadvertent actions. Positive concerted actions would be to create rain or snow where it is needed. Clearly, the government is not able to do this. Inadvertent actions with negative consequences are illustrated quite well in Shanghai, etc. The chi-com policy is not to deliberately pollute their land; their policy is to generate electricity without bothering about pollution controls all that much. Theirs is more like an Alfred E Neuman ‘what me worry’ approach to pollution.

                    Now that people are practically keeling over in the streets of Shanghai, etc., the chi-coms are going all innocent: “We had no idea this was happening, we must do something!” Their flag is a different color from ours, but politicians are liars and cheaters no matter the flag color.

                    It is a preposterous notion to suggest that our government is attempting weather mods in order to drive our country into poverty. There are too many losers even amongst the winners and too many unintended consequences, even for the most morally devoid political leadership to ignore.

                    It is not a presposterous notion to suggest that elements in our government aim to take over the country for their purposes of power aggregation. It must be and clearly is, a multi-generational effort, since morality and education are both being crushed by government decree. Sensual debauchery, which is different from sensual love, combined with an ignorant populace should, in time, create a largely compliant workforce which could supply the ruling parties with material comfort and security. Hakuna metata.

                  • This is a great exchange:

                    “Keith explains that humans already generate about 50 million tons of sulfuric acid as pollution and that it kills 1 million people each year, something Colbert feigns difficulty determining is good or bad.

                    “It’s terrible,” Keith says.

                    “But it’ll be better if we put more in?” Colbert asks quizzically.

                    “We’re talking about one percent of that, a tiny fraction of that,” says Keith in the idea’s defense.

                    The PTB argue that the quantity of pollution is dangerous, but that the miniscule amounts of pollution that they would add are beneficial.

                    There’s no question but that they would like to control weather if they could. There are too many unknowns, and the consequences of the strategy backfiring are too great. That doesn’t mean that they won’t stop trying, nor that they will stop experimenting.

                    Took a look at the JPEG’s up there.

                    The first one appears to show twelve fairly small tanks about 2′ in diameter by 6′ long. The tanks are unlabled, so anybody can say that they contain anything, and who’s to argue?

                    As a quick analogy, here’s a PDF with a chart on pesticide use:


                    The reader can verify that the number of gallons shown in the tanks in the JPEG illustration, would, at 50 gallons/acre, sprayed at about 100 feet altitude, cover maybe 24 acres.

                    The second JPEG has unlabled tanks too, so again, the contents can be whatever one wants to say they are. Here, we have far more product. I’d estimate that there are (80) 3′ diameter by 4′ tall tanks, which are not all shown in the illustration. BOE calculation suggests spraying a 160 acre area.

                    The third JPEG clearly demonstrates that airplanes can be filled with complicated equipment, and that they could also be used to spray chemicals. “Sprayer 05” warns that it contains hazmats. Possibly, this is what a contrail experimental apparatus looks like. It is not a device for spreading large quantities of a “contrail material”. It is a device for studying the effects of spraying experimental quantities of a possible “contrail material”.

                    Even though that website suggests that the observer “educate-yourself”, that JPEG does not tell us anything about what that airplane is being used for. Who can say if the airplane is governmental, educational, or commercial.

                    Clearly, tho, as I’ve stated before, “they” are studying the atmosphere, and not surprisingly, spraying stuff into it as a part of their studies.

                    The fourth JPEG is interesting, but I don’t know what to think. I cannot readily tell if it’s been photoshopped. Everybody does it to “prove” their “points”, no matter what side of the question, so that question is out there, unanswered. There are readily visible discrepancies in the turbulent flow of all six contrails.

                    Four of the six contrails are aligned with the jet engines in a visually ambiguous fashion, starting exactly at the trailing edge of the wing, and not at the end of the jet engine. The two central ones are substantially different visually from the four outer ones. The two wing tip contrails could very well be some kind of deliberate spray.

                    It’s interesting to note that the sky is “grandma blue”, and that the jet engines themselves, one supposes, are not emitting contrails.

                    The pictures by themselves do not prove anything, one way or another.

                  • It’s fascinating to see how people are confused and spell bound by reality:

                    JohnFornaro says, “It is a preposterous notion to suggest that our government is attempting weather mods […] It is not a presposterous notion to suggest that elements in our government aim to take over the country for their purposes of power aggregation.”

                    I surmise that posterity will look down upon those who say they see nothing wrong today.

                    Myself, I wonder how people who see nothing can look themselves in the mirror.

                    Or, maybe I should have typed: Dear posterity, I tired. They didn’t want to listen. They loved power. They loved empire. They preferred to ignore reality and instead embrace something else, something that never was, never could be, and never will be.

                  • Interesting cherry picking of my quote, Mr. Average Guy:

                    <<It’s fascinating to see how people are confused and spell bound by reality:

                    <<JohnFornaro says, “It is a preposterous notion to suggest that our government is attempting weather mods […] It is not a presposterous notion to suggest that elements in our government aim to take over the country for their purposes of power aggregation.”

                    <<I surmise that posterity will look down upon those who say they see nothing wrong today.

                    <<Myself, I wonder how people who see nothing can look themselves in the mirror.


                    What I said, and what you parsed out was: “It is a preposterous notion to suggest that our government is attempting weather mods in order to drive our country into poverty.”

                    You parsed out the last half of my quote in order to make me look like I was in denial about all government weather mods. This editorial technique works when the expected readership has a shallow understanding of the issues, and poor ability to reason.

                    Orwell put it best: “Four legs good. Two legs bad.” While I care to be quoted accurately, it is strictly your choice to misquote me deliberately, and I don’t much care for your choice.

                    I don’t have a simplistic view of “reality” because “reality” is pretty darn complex.

                    Earlier I said that “It is also true that government sponsored weather modification is a fact of life.” Everybody should know that cloud seeding has been attempted for decades, with little widespread pragmatic applicability. It is the preposterous fear porn meme that the government is attempting to destroy the country, period, which simply cannot be accepted, period.

                    The “Hunger Games” scenario is certainly plausible, and within reach of human conception and now, technical ability. Today, it is not possible because there is some morality in the “one percent” and there are a lot of intelligent people in the “99 percent”, who would strenuously object. Weather modification does not increase the chances of a “Hunger Games” scenario being succesfully implemented.

                    I tired. Me stop write.

                • Yes, geo-engineering began as an attempt to keep sun rays out/control the ozone effect–but the powers didn’t know what they were doing.
                  What they did create was a green house effect.
                  Why are we experiencing such massive heat waves?
                  The hot air is trapped next to the ground due to the cloud coverage above us 75% of the time. The aluminums we can’t even see are preventing the earth from airing.

                  Did I make sense?/

              • That’s right C ! They are creating the drought via Chemtrails and weather modification to grab the land for purposes of Agenda 21.

                • Yup….comment from another site…

                  “I sent you an email a couple weeks ago after talking to a customer about the government withholding water in California. Now that we know that the Fed has decided that farmers will not be getting any water, i asked another customer i was speaking to about how that was going to affect them. She informed me that she believed the reason behind it that the government has been trying to put a high speed rail system through much of the agricultural area, and that people were not wanting to sell out. She told me it was her belief that they were just going to starve these farmers out so they could take the land from them since their income is not diminished by no water, and no income means no money for payments and taxes. Just thought i would pass this information along to you. God bless you brother”


                  • That contract went to Pisslosi’s husband.

                    See, these elitist have NO concept of empty shelves at the grocery.
                    They get their sustenance from the necks of others.

                  • But I thought thefarmers got payments for not planting. They should be rolling in money with this drought. Something is not adding up.

          • tromboncino squash from territorial seeds grows great on a trellis

        • I have the dare to prepare book and the garden book from Holly and Stan. Our team is focusing this year on food storage. Trouble is coming and yes I think it is either judgment from God or the beginning of the end. This country has turned its back on the Lord and along with murdering 55 million babies, Kicking God out of every public place, electing immoral leaders,….. well I could go on for days. Further down I will post and article on the correlation between food prices and riots I read. VERY TELLING!!!….. Pray… a lot, Train (take the Selco course), Prep…. Rapidly, and get your team together. 2014: THE YEAR OF THE PREP!!!

          • They are preparing for a huge engineered mess.

            They will cause a food shortage via chemtrails decreasing the evaporation rate, leading to drought.

            Then they will blame this on the hyperinflation and rising prices.
            Then riots…then civil unrest..then the UN peacekeepers, who are really russian and chinese.

            The Marines and the army and traditional pentagon will break off and team up with all the NRA members and local police forces to kill off the blue helmets.

            That’s what I predict.

            I would not be surprised if someone at the pentagon was planning a take over of the government from commrade obama.

            There you go.

            I want to be around when the wipe that smile off that fuckers face.

            • I don’t have tv, so if the bastard is shot, will someone Please video so I can watch?? 🙂

            • Ball Deep,
              The infrastructure is already in place and active,
              That’s why there has been a RAPID acceleration of Anti 2 admendment laws Bering passed in the eastern states. The trigger could well be what is happening in Conn. they people have openly deified the state by not registering there standard capacity magazines or Semi auto modern rifles.
              OUT OF 500,000 rifles only approximately 57,000 have complied before the deadline.
              The state is threatening to use the states list of NIC’s purchases with gun stores bound books to locate the offenders by orders of the governer who has KGB ties from the 1970’s, evidently he was recruited by Soviet intelligence when in college.

              What I fear could happen is a family could be awakened at 0 dark 30 by a viper assault team
              Doing a no knock and things could go badly resulting in the heated adrenaline fueled assault causing a kinetic response by the home owners which will not end well for either party.

              I predict what will follow will be unimaginable and unpredictable , what I do know is no more than a handful of these events will occur before things go rapidly kinetic.
              A second shot heard round the world.

              The politicians that propose these CLEARLY unconstitutional laws force others to bear the brunt of enforcing them they will never get their own hands dirty. When their plan has been met the ones enforcing the regimes rules will in the end find themselves disarmed and liquidated by TPTB. Clearly thy have just as much to loose as the victims of the unjust laws.

              In the end there can only be one outcome
              THEY LOSE WE WIN

              “do not fire unless fired upon , if they mean to have a war let it begin here”
              Capt. Parker
              Concord Bridge
              April 19, 1775


              Semper Fi 8541

              • ***The politicians that propose these CLEARLY unconstitutional laws ***

                The lists of traitor reps and senators from Conn. are out there–I posted below.
                Start emailing the lists of addresses and make it go viral.

              • Long live the spirit of Pastor Jonas Clark

              • @ Night Breaker
                Interesting coincidence that on the same day you post this, my friend Greg Evensen is on the Hagmann and Hagmann show with Steve Quayle and says that someone just sent him this quote right before the show started.

                “do not fire unless fired upon , if they mean to have a war let it begin here”
                Capt. Parker
                Concord Bridge
                April 19, 1775


        • The problem can’t be helped by simply trucking in extra water or whatever. Steven Chu (scientist, advisor to Obama) warned about this years ago. He was asked, “do you mean California will have to go on permanent water rationing” (or something like that. sorry! I don’t have my notes here) and Chu replied, “no, I mean there will be no more agriculture in California.. I really don’t see how they can keep their cities running.”

          Chu was trying to explain the effects of climate change, which would result in reduced snowpacks in the mountains, which people usually depend on for agriculture and drinking water in summer months when the snow melts and runs down the mountains, filling up rivers…

        • Factory Farming– where animals are treated like “things”, “products” instead of the live, sentient cratures they are– accounts for about 25% of the Green House Gases in the atmosphere, destroying a livable climate. (Which will result in wide spread starvation).

          In slaughter houses, cows are sometimes skinned alive because the stun guns don’t always go off. Young male cows, are hung upside down, for the blood to run down, making them more “yummy” and profitable. I’ve seen videos of cows being thrown off trucks, down stairs. They are treated like “things”.

          Perhaps its appropriate that humans have this mass karma coming our way because of these awful hellholes, where animals are tortured and spared no mercy. If there ever was a hell on earth, its these horrible places– factory farms and slaughterhouses. They need to come down! It only costs about .50 for a bag of beans!

          The nightmare cows have been experiencing for decades will soon come to an end. And the nightmare of human beings is about to commence. We “reap what we sow”.

          • No such thing as global warming. There’s no correlation between CO2 levels and global temperatures. You must get that nonsense about cows from PETA.

          • A young male cow? No such thing. Do you mean steer or bull?

          • Water vapor is the biggest of the so-called “greenhouse gases.” Carbon dioxide is way down the list. Humans only contribute about 3 percent to the carbon dioxide.

            You must be from PETA, the number one cause of dog and cat deaths in the country. They kill 84% of the animals they take in within 24 hours.

          • Carbon dioxide is needed for photosynthesis. Less CO2 means less food produced. With reduced CO2 and chemtrails blocking sunlight, we will have less photosynthesis.

            We do not have Global Warming. We have Global Assholes….

          • Hey Anonymous, I call BS, I was a butcher for 30 years. Thats not how it’s done…Besides even if someone was feeling cruel,you know wife didn’t fix lunch, couldn’t get the days off they requested, whatever.. Theres a Federal meat inspector standing right next to you on the kill floor.If you even think about it, major trouble. Besides we get paid by the hour, not by the head. The only KARMA I will suffer from is, when I die….God’s going to make me put all them critters back together again.

            • Hillbilly, I like my porterhouse rare. The blood makes it sweeter.

          • Without industrial scale farming, most of the world’s population will starve. Are you volunteering?

        • “All that we depend on for natural systems and agricultural systems is about to be wiped out.”– Guy McPherson (scientist).

          “Industrial Agriculture Losing Ground Fast”– Daily Impact

          “USDA Repot Forecastes Collapse of Agriculture”– Daily Impact

          Lester Brown, world renown agriculturist, predicted all this in his books a few years ago… forgot name of book, can look it up.

          At (today) can see article about fracking losing steam. (According to James Kunstler– brilliant! Wrote “The Long Emergency”, an expert on peak oil– he says these unconventional methods of extracting oil/gas only last for a couple years, then we’re back down to ground zero… no more oil. No oil= no corporate farms= starvation for the majority of us.

          • Hey Anon, I hate to pick on anyone here but most of us here are Meat eating ,Gun toting, Bible clenchers….Not trying to tell you where to go …But wouldn’t you be happier at the sierra club’s website?

        • In the last 1450 years approx there have been 2 “mega” droughts in the USA. One lasted 160 years (from about 750AD) the other 240 years up to about 1200AD. There was no one around then to bleat about climate change causing these events and for the record I am a climate change sceptic, NOT a denier.

          What if you in the US and probably we here in Aussie and other major food producing countries are headed for another of these century+ periods? Back then there were only a few hundred million people on the whole planet, now there are 7 billion plus. There will be massive die offs purely from food starvation. These mega droughts caused mass migrations of people which wont/cant happen today as we are just far too numerous.

          Water. It is life itself. Not only do we need a few litres a day to drink to keep us alive, EVERYTHING we eat needs it too, from grains/cereals and vegetables and fruit but animals too.

          Cut the supply in half and it is much more serious than our front lawn going brown!

          Could be Natures way of saying, “Sorry, you have bred yourselves into an unsustainable situation – I’ll take care of it for you”.


          • Ready Down Under makes a good point about the mega-droughts:

            “In the last 1450 years approx there have been 2 “mega” droughts in the USA. One lasted 160 years (from about 750AD) the other 240 years up to about 1200AD. There was no one around then to bleat about climate change causing these events and for the record I am a climate change sceptic, NOT a denier.”

            There’s no question but that humanity can ruin the atmo at least on the scale of Shangai, etc. If humanity tried, I’m sure we could ruin the atmo of the entire planet.

            But anyhow: We had a three year or so drought in Virginia, maybe ’99 to ’03? We watched the creek in the back yard dry up one summer. It was about ten yards a day. Many of the shallower wells in Albemarle dried up. Very sobering to experience, and very scary too. How long before a desert would have been created?

            As an aside, the reservoirs had acres of dried mud. Of course the local government was too indebted to corporate insiders to take the opportunity to excavate (not dredge) all of that dried earth, increasing the capacity of the reservoirs. Later, when the rains finally came, the water projections for future decades were low, and dredging costs were high. Our local government deliberately screwed up. The corporate insiders will make millions in dredging and building a new reservoir.

            Cali is better than VA in that their government seems to have more professional screw-ups than we do, which lets the corporate insiders make billions where ours only make millions.

        • Maybe Kali should have been building desal plants instead of windmills. Bet the carwashes in LA are still open. Sounds like they still aren’t really dealing with the issue. Most of Kali is naturally desert. It will return to that state, as will most of the American west.

        • if you want to know a food growing secret that has been hidden ever since the fall of man(Adam)

          • Wonderful. Thanks.

        • Even I must agree with you. I sure the back channels are smoking hot right now.

      2. Food production will prove to be one, if not the most, worthy investments, at least through the first few years of the collapse. Again, adaptability to foods that you’ve stored mixed with foods you can easily grow is key. My motto is quickly moving toward the idea that if it wasn’t around 100 years ago, I’m cutting it from my diet. Natural foods and animal byproducts are key to sustainability and health.

        • sterling , my rule of thumb: if the Amish dont grow it ,
          then i dont either .
          Them folks are the real preppers , i try to pay attention.

      3. Great article! Thank you!

        I use an empty plastic cake container from the bakery (left over from a party) to start peppers and tomato plants. The clear plastic cover makes a nice little greenhouse.

        • Ky Mom,

          I use 1 gal milk jugs. Just cut around 3 sides and fold back. Plant your seeds and tape the lid back down. Works great for a mini green house. LOL My office desk is cover with them right now and everything that is growing came from last yrs crops.People if you have not started your gardens you better get on it. Heirlooms are great but they do take work. And seed saving is very important but you really need to have some knowledge in order to get good seeds.
          This year I have had a 90% germanation rate.


          • we cant plant seedlings until late may early june so I am in no hurry yet. I have my butter stick just planted in the peat pots and will be transplanting to the green house in late April early May. I want to start eating some by mid June.

            • .02,

              We can plant in mid april here. However I start lettice and spinach now. With a little plastic I get both to grow well. Its also about time to start potatoes and this yr I’m trying some potatoe towers. All the material was given to me from all the new homes going in. I have been very busy getting all my raised beds ready, this yr I grew winter wheat in them and just turned it all in for green manure. We will see how that works out.


          • Now that is a great idea. Thanks and i’m gonna follow your lead… djdog

          • Where do you keep milk jugs while plant is growing in them?

            • BJ,

              Right now they are in the office under lights until its time to plant them.After april they will be put in my raised beds.

              Country girl,

              Yep cut the tops of of them and they makes a great little greenhouse for the small plants. Plus they will help retain much of the heat they need for colder climates.
              Also I save all my coffee containers for the same reason. Just keep the lid and knock a few holes in it.


              • Lights? Regular or grow lamps?

                • What all can you start/plant this way? I am in eastern/central Iowa and it has been colder than heck here for months, who knows when it will let and break.

                • BJ,

                  I have some under a reg fluorescent light and some under a grow light. The seem to be doing about the same, I start just about everything this way including onions, tomatoes,peppers,broc,califlower,and all my herbs. It gives them a real head start. I have even keep some tomatoe plants going in containers from last yr.


                  • potatoes?
                    Do you have to plant in raised beds?
                    When would you transplant to outside in a place as cold as Iowa is this year?

          • DPS

            Those milk jugs are great plant protectors too if you set your tomatoes and peppers out — the birds sometimes pick the tops out. I cover the plants with the milk jugs and leave the lid off so it doesn’t get too hot in there. I cut some “wings” in the side to fold down and anchor with dirt. Allows the plant to breath, keeps the jugs from blowing off.

            Country girl

      4. My help started the tomato plants over a week ago. Nice article.

        Okie, I can pay for that truck load of tomato seeds in bit coins, gold foiled coins/bunnies or inverted jenny forever stamps.

        • Fukushima radiation has been confirm as the source of the Killer Tomato’s that have rampaging in the Valley.
          Farmers have seen what looks like a mass migration headed toward Las Vegas.

        • I’ll take the stamps. Better yet, just cut me in for 3% of the harvest and we’ll call it even.

          • Wise man as always.

          • How about 6 olys and 2 pairs of reading glasses?

        • What a embarassing joke for freedom lovers Bitcoin turned out to be

          • BJ you really didnt think that the central banking cartel was gonna allow anything to threaten its stranglehold on the money supply did you ?

            • I was cautiously hopeful!

              • I don’t want to say “I told you so about BitCoin” …. but My Peeps, I think I did. Check the archives. 🙂

            • Hammerhead,
              I didn’t fully understand it at first, but even after I did I was not trusting of it, simply for the fact it is electronic through the internet….no safety/security there at all.. But like I said I was cautiously hopeful for anything that would be good for freedom/liberty loving people.

              • Well, when I was a teenager, I answered one of those ads which said to send in a dollar to receive a “secret” tip on how to make millions. for my dollar, I got a return letter that said: “Run an ad in the paper asking people to send in a dollar to receive a “secret” tip on how to make millions”.

                That’s the story of BitCoin, I think.

      5. Great info and growing tips. I just talked to my sister who lives in the San Joaquin valley in Ca. about the drought. She said not much rain this winter, but some is expected soon. The stories I’ve read about the overall severity are overblown, in her opinion. Higher prices are a future given. I love gardening, having lived up in Florida between Ocala and Gainesville seven years ago on an acre. I dug up the grass on a large plot with only a shovel and my hands. The soil was mostly sand, yet no fertilizer was added and the production was extensive, until the sun got too hot, about May. It was a very therapeutic endeavor. Now I am in the city and not liking it one bit. I want out and to find a place to grow my own.

        • Aljamo, you can grow the butter stick squash in a container.. they are superb when they get about 5 to 7 inches long. No peeling or seeding, just cut, fry and eat. Breaded or floured or fried up straight in olive oil makes this a great plant to grow.

          • OK I give, I have been growing gardens for years but what the heck is a Butter Stick?
            It it a summer squash?
            Oh and also, last year I grew spaghetti squash on a trellis, also cucumbers. Acorn did fine that way the year before too!

            • Yes Butter stick is a summer squash akin to the zucchini but tats so much better. Google it.

              • Butternut and Argonaut(?) are 2 winter squash that keeps very well. We still have 5 down in the root cellar. Last year they grew out of an old compost pile and covered my field fence so they do grow vertical.

                • My acorn squash and cabbage rotted in the root cellar. Too much moisture?

                  • I know my sweet potatoes lasted 10 months in a closet.
                    I had them single layered in cardboard boxes.

        • I also live right in the middle of the San Joaquin valley, and the drought is NOT over blown… It is really bad. We have “some” rain coming to the tune of a out a 30% chance if rain tomorrow, a 70% chance of some rain Thursday, and a 20% chance on Friday. Then no more rain is in the forecast. Folsom reservoir is at 17% capacity, Lake Melones is not giving any water this year, Lake Don Pedro is less than 50% and that lake feeds the Merced river that carries water to farm land. Hetch hetchy is very dry and lake Shasta is the lowest I have ever seen it. That is not in including the Fresno area, they are worse than we are.

          • I still have relatives in Stockton. All the lakes are low, Hogan, camanchi, pardee and melones. Camanchi and Hogan could dry up. Camanchi is mandated to release water for the Salmon on the mokolumne river. The generators will be shut down even though they are varible pitch caplan head type for low head pressure. Alot of hydro generation systems will not be producing this summer. Keep your eye on CAISO to watch the demand/available MW. And you will have a heads up on your grid brown/blackout.

        • Come back to Florida. Just planted my root crops today, and in 4 – 5 days will be planting my above ground and vines. All in the ground, not indoors. There is alot of space down here still.

      6. Mulch,mulch and more mulch, black gold, Texas tea…

        • We had rain here this morning, in Texas.

          Ya’ll keep preppin’

          • Cookin Mom,

            You must be down south in Tx. It hasn’t snowed or rained here in a few weeks now. Here in the panhandle the winter wheat is about dead.


            • East Texas ……kinda tyler-ish.

              Should get a little more in a while!

              Ya’ll keep preppin’

              • Cookin Mom,

                I get down that way once a yr restoring loghomes. Great hunting down that way. About out of pig meat now but thanks to my buddy I have alot of elk this yr. Due to some health problems I didn’t get to go for elk season, but I will be there next year..


              • Been to Tyler ’bout ten years ago to tour the GE/Trane Plant. Nice town.

            • I have over 30″ of snow on my garden right now. Going to be zero over the weekend…3 years ago, I could till and plant my early stuff on March 8.

              Not this year. We have had 40″ of snow plus during February. This is not normal…anything can happen in the Rocky Mountains…anytime.

        • Wood and straw mulch is the ticket. Here we have the dreaded morning glory so I use a base of cardboard (worms love to get under it) and then plant through a hole so I can weed all the mg in one small opening. Morning Glory is a nightmare. The 3 sister method helps but I still have to fight it until June /July even with broad leaf ground cover.

          • @ .02
            morning glory= creeping jenny?

            • No, morning glory is morning glory. It is impossible to kill if you want any ground to grow anything on. It spreads by roots and seeds and will lay dormant for a thousand years. It is a climbing vine and will drag down anything it gets a hold of and covers everything.. it is nasty. One little piece of root on a garden utensil will spread it, when you pull it 3 grows back in place of the one pulled as all you did is spread it. I could build rope out of the vines.

              • OK I looked it up. We have that too. That stuff will PULL YOUR PLANTS DOWN!!

                • Morning Glory will also pull your down spots and gutters off your house and the siding and the fences and creep in through your window screens and come after YOU if given the chance!
                  I know Morning not so glorious……

                  • And don’t put honeysuckle around the pool fence, or porch railing!!! 🙁

                  • Little Shop of Horrors…..

          • Some varieties of morning glory has hallucinogenic seeds. Chew up about 60 seeds for the equivalent of an LSD trip. Some sources now say 200 to 300, but it may depend on the variety. I heard about it many years ago, but today’s youth have just discovered it. I imagine some stores may start putting the seeds behind the counter and card the buyers.

            Might make a side business turning lemons into lemonade.

      7. ” that’s what extreme climate change is about and something Stan and I have warned would descend since 1995. Now that it’s here, everyone must act with fore-thought and planning.”

        Sell that liberal hokum climate change at Huffington post. Conservatives dont believe it.

        • The climate constantly changes, it is just man’s vanity that think we can do something about it. When Nature decides to really get nasty, climate change is going to be relabeled the an Ice Age. We are lucky as a specie we hit a period of relative warmth between Ice Ages. A year of the same or more volcanoes will make this winter look like a walk in the park compared to ole Ma Nature deciding it is time to go really Polar Vortex on our asses. When crops wont grow because it is snowing on the 4th of July, Houston we have a problem.

        • Data is apolitical. You can throw all the labels around you want, but Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and having a higher ppm of it in our atmosphere causes warming. It’s science, not ‘liberal hokum climate change.’ Good god, do you even understand how ridiculous that sounds?

          • FLU , trees and grasses need carbon dioxide , its science.
            Now pay your carbon taxes , the non-problem will be all better.

            • “During the cap-and-trade debates in 2009 and 2010, proponents cited scientific studies predicting that curtailing American CO2 emission reductions would shave a few hundredths of a degree off future temperatures. And the costs? The United Nations published an estimate that the total planetary cost could reach $552 trillion (approximately a decade’s worth of global GDP) over the course of the 21st century.

              One is tempted to say that proposing so colossal a cost for so minuscule an alleged benefit is insane; remember, for plants, animals, and people, warmer is better. When one begins to grasp the magnitude of the burden that people would bear as a result of spending so much to tilt at the carbon dioxide windmill, it’s worse than insane; it’s criminal.

              Who would benefit from this catastrophically expensive agenda? Only the political and politically connected elite—the Goldman Sachs outfits that would reap billions from trading carbon permits; the Al Gores and corporate and political insiders that would amass fortunes from their ties to a government-rigged energy market and investments in politically correct technologies. And think of the power that governments would have if they controlled energy consumption. By controlling energy, you control people. No wonder governments have spent tens of billions of dollars promoting this scenario and supporting political panels like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to disseminate the desired “findings.”
              also from Forbes dot com

              • cal , its been nearly two years since the IPCC e-mails have been leaked .
                How is it possible people still buy into this tripe ?
                Man made climate change is a scam , yet folks like flubby still run around screaming .
                Its like they wanna have their wealth redistributed by the UN on purpose. it makes no sence at all.

                • Hammer–you can’t fix stupid.
                  It’s like the CDC board demanding all get vaccines for the upcoming pandemic are on the medical boards??
                  Oh, that’s a little conflict of interest.

                  • No conflict of interest there, JayJay. Those people on the CDC board/medical board know exactly what they’re interested in…

                    MAKING MONEY.

                • Hammer, Im having a hard time believing that article landed here. Not many people read the content well enough to catch it. The NWO, Obamas and Al Gores lies will never become truth but look at the folks who swallow willingly.

          • Flubber. Now thats credible. Like Climate Change. Data can be interpreted and massaged as needed. Information is what comes from data. Where did that “consensus” of scientists fixated on this hoax run off to when Climate change didnt sell and then global warming flopped?

            Your behind in your selling point on co2 flubber.

            “Even global warming alarmists have tacitly conceded that CO2 is not the primary driver of climate change when they responded to the relative cooling in recent years by changing their story and telling us that the earth is likely to cool for a few decades in spite of still-increasing atmospheric CO2. Translation: other factors outweigh CO2 in their impact on global temperatures. Those other factors include variations in solar activity (accounting for 3/4 of the variability in earth’s temperature according to the Marshall Institute); changes in earth’s orbit and axis; albedo (reflectivity, meaning changes in cloud cover which are influenced by fluctuations in gamma ray activity); and volcanic and tectonic activity in the earth’s crust. For humans to presume that they are more than a gnat on an elephant’s rump in terms of impact on climate change is vain and delusive.” from Forbes dot com

            • The Climategate scandal

              An anonymous whistle-blower released over 1,000 e-mails from key scientists (both British and American) in the alarmist climate-change camp. The e-mails revealed a shocking pattern of the abuse of science by both American and British scientists collaborating at the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University—the source of various global-warming “studies” that have formed the alleged scientific justification for capping human CO2 emissions.

              E. Calvin Beisner wrote that the e-mails showed: “serious scientific malfeasance—the fabrication, corruption, destruction, hiding, and cherry-picking of data” as well as “intimidation of dissenting scientists and journal editors—and efforts to evade disclosure under Freedom of Information Laws in the United Kingdom and the United States.” James Delingpole’s blog found “Conspiracy, collusion … manipulation of data, private admissions of flaws in their public claims and much more.”

              The incriminating e-mails were followed in December by charges from Russia’s Institute of Economic Analysis that Britain’s Meteorological Office deliberately skewed Russia’s temperature data.

              With the underlying climate-change “science” so thoroughly compromised, did policymakers pause to reconsider the need for colossally expensive CO2-curbing policies’ No. Instead they are locked into automatic-pilot mode.


          • Good God, do you know the percentage of human caused climate change compared to one volcano? We had what? 35+ blowups last year and you think humans still are a factor? You need to crunch some numbers.

            • What would shut the global warming nuts up is to demand that all cruise liners be grounded due to excessive oil demands. No more excessive air travel for the 535 in DC. No more split trips using AF1. No more NASCAR. No more recreational motor boats.
              Unless and until those oil guzzlers are put out of commission, I aint cutting back unless my pocketbook is hurtin.

              But none of the gov agencies tackle real waste. No. But the EPA goes after folks heating there home w/ wood.

              • And one volcano erupting does more damage than mankind can do in years–I read that! 🙂

            • Cheez, 02. Quit raining ash on the global warming parade!

              My guess is that the Earth is undergoing a period of tectonic activity. The plates are finding a new homeostasis. In the meantime, we’re probably going to get more volcanoes and more ash in the upper atmo.

              I think it’s gonna get colder, not warmer. But hey. What do I know?

          • There’s no warming. There hasn’t been any since 1998. Global warming hoaxers only tell part of the story. Like they talk about how the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica is warming but don’t talk about how the rest of Antarctica is getting colder.

          • @flubber
            Here I got ya science right here, now pay attention this is going to be quick so try and keep up. This is what happens in a greenhouse its called photosynthesis(how plants eat)


            Got it flubber? The six molecules of Carbon dioxide seen on the far left of the equation are in exact proportion to the carbon and oxygen on the right side. CO2 is needed by da trees in order to bring you da oxygen you need. Its not that hard to grasp, but its so very much easier to jump on a band wagon with some politician selling lies.


            • The other thing about the carbon fear porn meme is that carbon falls out of the sky. If we sit around in my woods drinking beer for a million years or so, we will have a coal seam a hundred feet thick.

              On the UVA “Sustainability” group over on LinkedIn, I supplied this observation couched in more scientific terms, and my comment was deleted by the thread owners.

              Remember that UVA had Michael Mann on its staff:


              Can’t have the alumns pointing out the obvious on the carbon cycle, can we?

      8. Sterling Silver.

        “My motto is quickly moving toward the idea that if it wasn’t around 100 years ago, I’m cutting it from my diet”.

        What? No more Nachos. Consider what a change of diet does to the body. Cravings being one of the negatives.

        Get ready to eat Vole.

        • I’m pretty sure Tater Tots were around 100 years ago. At least you can still eat those.

          • Tater Tots were first sold in 1956. Too bad.

            • How about Cheetos?

              • 1948

                • Alright, thank you !

          • How about hot dogs and potato chips?

      9. Excellent article.

        I definitely think that if you can’t grow almost all the food you eat, you are going to starve in the next few years.

        Peak oil, weather changes and financial collapse are baked in.

        It takes years of practice to be set up to grow your own food and meat animals. You can’t just go into the yard and plant some seeds. You need to be canning produce and meat this year to tide you over until next harvest.

        Plant apple trees and nut trees if you have the right climate and get chickens that can mostly free range to eat. Goats. Rabbits, maybe (they need feed however). The less feed inputs you need, the better.

        I have around 600 jars of home canned food, but in reality, this is only enough for a family for about a year. One bad growing season and it spells trouble. You don’t want to be at the point where you have to eat your producing animals just to survive.

        This may be the last year you have to learn…Get crackin’.

        • Raising rabbits & chickens is fairly easy and gives you great protein.

          Fruit & nut trees take years to produce. If you plant this Spring, you’d probably get a couple of pears or peaches the second year, a minimal amount the third and then the next year you’d get a good crop – barring natural disaster or animals eating your fruit.

          Don’t forget to store up some pest control methods & fertilizer!

          • Don’t raise the rabbits. Live trap them with a cage and a trip wire.

            • Barn Cat

              I’d like to trap and eat all those little furry bastards that ate all my beets last year!

              Country girl

          • And remember that everything you have, that you must leave outside, will be a target for thieves…even your apples and fire wood.

            • Sixpack,
              I’ve been thinking. It seems to me that raising bees would be a good idea. The average thief would not have the necessary equipment to steal the honey.

              Years ago (decades ago, actually) I had a friend who raised bees. I wish I would have paid more attention to what she said about it. I do know that she took her small children with her to take care of the bees. So it can’t be too dangerous.

              • Depends on where you live. In Arizona, ALL bees have been Africanized. ALL bees. There have been a number of deaths by bees over the last 12 years in Arizona; including horses that could not escape.

                They will even wait for you to emerge if you jump in a swimming pool to avoid them. Humans cannot out run them, unless you can do the 40 yard dash in 4.5 seconds.

                I have had a few run ins with them over the years. You must be aware, alert, and have a pln with a means of escape available to you. 🙁

                • DK: I have a friend who is a bee keeper in AZ. She says that the bees get to know your smell and won’t harm if not provoked. She does very well….and the honey is amazing.


              • Raising bees are quite easy! I want the honey but more importantly it’s the pollination I’m doing it for! Ask anyone that either farms or raises bees and they will tell what a drastic difference bees have…..idiots guide to beekeeping is an excellent book and a great place to start.

                Dadant in Florida is IT for beekeeping. Good luck!

                • If you have your bee hives near your crops, then they can polinate and maybe even protect your crops from thieves. Better than a guard dog.

              • I guess it’s like anything else, DaisyK, if you’ve got the knack for it, go for it. Personally, I’m not afraid of bees. If you can dream it, you could do it.

          • A pecan tree should produce 7 years after planting.

        • Damn good advise.

      10. Americans rising up against government

        America’s ruling class has been experiencing more pushback than usual lately. It just might be a harbinger of things to come.

        First, in response to widespread protests last week, the Department of Homeland Security canceled plans to build a nationwide license plate database. Many local police departments already use license-plate readers that track every car as it passes traffic signals or pole-mounted cameras. Specially equipped police cars even track cars parked on the street or even in driveways.

        • NinaO–I sent Mac an article about the resistance taking place in our nation–you know, the one the LSM isn’t talking about!!
          Yeah, that one.

        • Engage your employees or be enslaved by them one new technology at a time. Magnify your voice in a group. Multiply your personal power with an organization.

          Ukraine is a country of 90 million people. About three hundred thousand in the capital, Kiev, ran the dictator out of town. Let your Barnhardt out!!!

          Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order!!! 🙂

          • “Engage your employees or be enslaved by them one new technology at a time.”

            Quick ?… do you paste that every time or type it…just asking… 🙂

            Don’t get me wrong…it makes sense.

            • “Quick ?… do you paste that every time or type it…”

              That was so hilarious I hit the Thumbs Up by mistake.

              He probably gets paid by the line.

              Or, he’s severely deluded and full of himself.

              Socialist Nationalist are funny that way.

      11. Im glad to see an article on food and farming/gardening…of course thats my niche…Im almost completely food self sufficient but it didnt happen overnight…its hard work and work to which one must be committed…cant go halfway in and expect anything but disappointment…Id also suggest folks look for simple/inexpensive ways to grow things…sure you can buy all kinds of electronic hi-tech seed starters and toys but any item that needs power and tech support is gonna not only fail you but itll eat up the margins your working to gain…that said most anyone can grow something to eat and just because you arnt able to feed yourself off it exclusivly in your situation is no reason to not try…5% of your own beats 5% from the market,besides you may be suprised how much you can actually end up with especially as you learn…speaking of which even a modest garden will help you learn things that are better learned now then when your next meal depends on that knowledge and your kids are hungry…I suggest not only using as simple and low tech methods as possible but trying to stick to natural methods/seeds/imputs…avoid GMO seeds and chemicals,chemicals are not good for you or the crops and they cost money in the case of chemicals…there is a circle to the earths growing cycle…all things return to the soil from whence they came…any deviation from this cycle is a losing game,eventually youll take more out then your putting back and your crops will suffer…so make sure to compost or plow back under all the manure/stubble/old hay/straw/leaves and so on you can get ahold of…dont be afraid to use a little 10-10-10 if you have to especially at the beginning just dont get hooked on using it…anyhow do what you can where you are with what you have and build from there…nothings easy thats worth anything but you have to start somewhere and you have to try,even if things dont collape and life just grinds along youll still be better off being able to grow some/all of your own food and trust me theres a pride in sitting down to a meal that you know where it came from that cant be bought at any store,enough for now,thanks REB

      12. I have a small 100 square foot plot in my backyard for a garden. Gonna get it going this year with heirloom seeds. Thanks for the great source of information and the links to heirloom seed vendors!

      13. neo-con whore sniveling senile John flame-out mass murderer McCain to Vladimir the russian bear Putin:

        Don’t meddle in [Our Meddling in] Ukraine

        and Vlad laughed a jolly good laugh back at McCain and zog amerika .

        Both McCain Senior and McCain Junior were traitors. Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., Commander-in-Chief, Naval Forces Europe directed the USS Liberty cover up and Junior colluded with the North Viet Namese in Viet Nam.

        And lets not forget the 40 sailors navy men john McCain killed murdered on the uss forestall air craft carrier playing a illegal pyro fuel fire trick on the flight deck .

        This filthy POS lashes out at anyone who dares to disagree with him. I’ll never understand why people in Arizona don’t recall him and jail his ass for murder and treason .

        n.o. ;0p

        • I wrote McLame’s office and told him that he was once an American Hero, but now he is just a pimp for the New World Order.

          I had a few more choice comments for him too! 🙂

        • You’re full of shit, lying as usual. McCain’s aircraft was on the starboard side of the flight deck, the missile was from an aircraft on the port side.

          There was no ‘pyro fuel fire trick’, numbnuts. A switch malfunctioned and launched the missile. Two bombs fell off the aircraft struck by the missile, which was next to McCain’s aircraft, and detonated.

          People are entitled to their opinions, but not to make up lies. Peddle your crap somewhere else.

          McCain is not my hero, but he deserves better than to be lied about by idiots like you.

        • WE need term limits.

        • “neo-con whore sniveling senile John flame-out mass murderer McCain”

          Huh. Izzat his full name? That’s quite a mouthful. No wonder his stage name is John McCain.

          Seriously, I’m beginning to think that the brain washing he endured all those decades ago is working. McCain is assiduously working to destroy this country. I cannot conceive of another way to describe his political career over the last decade, at least.

      14. Crap! I have a flicker pecking on my house. I am going to have to buy a pellet gun as I cant shoot in town. I hate those birds!

        • .02

          The Flicker, if it is like the ones in my area, is not pecking at the house, it has found insects that it is eating. It took me a few weeks to figure that out one year.

          Look where they are at and see what they are finding to eat there. It was a bug that was quickly eradicated in my case, now they find their meals elsewhere.

      15. A very telling article on food riots…. Mabey DHS does know something…..

        It’s happening in Ukraine, Venezuela, Thailand, Bosnia, Syria, and beyond. Revolutions, unrest, and riots are sweeping the globe. The near-simultaneous eruption of violent protest can seem random and chaotic; inevitable symptoms of an unstable world. But there’s at least one common thread between the disparate nations, cultures, and people in conflict, one element that has demonstrably proven to make these uprisings more likely: high global food prices.
        Just over a year ago, complex systems theorists at the New England Complex Systems Institute warned us that if food prices continued to climb, so too would the likelihood that there would be riots across the globe. Sure enough, we’re seeing them now. The paper’s author, Yaneer Bar-Yam, charted the rise in the FAO food price index—a measure the UN uses to map the cost of food over time—and found that whenever it rose above 210, riots broke out worldwide. It happened in 2008 after the economic collapse, and again in 2011, when a Tunisian street vendor who could no longer feed his family set himself on fire in protest.
        Bar-Yam built a model with the data, which then predicted that something like the Arab Spring would ensue just weeks before it did. Four days before Mohammed Bouazizi’s self-immolation helped ignite the revolution that would spread across the region, NECSI submitted a government report that highlighted the risk that rising food prices posed to global stability. Now, the model has once again proven prescient—2013 saw the third-highest food prices on record, and that’s when the seeds for the conflicts across the world were sown.

        Read more:

      16. Stock up now…it’ll be more expensive later.

      17. Right now, go buy all the canned you can. At least there is a 3 yr. expiration date so you & the family are eating for the next 3 yrs. while everyone else is starving.

        • Amen, OhioRiver. Amen.
          Much longer expiration date, pander. Don’t believe those sneaky manufacturers and their printing presses. 🙂

          • that is ‘padner’, not pander–oh!! shoot.

            • Those canned foods will last for years after the expiration date. What I like is that I pay $1 for a can of beans today & can eat them in 3+ yrs. when the same can of beans is $4.

              • Thank you… it’s a “best by date”…LEGAL TERM…

                I’ve experimented with this,(knowing the truth)…

                With modern commercial practices most products will still be usable 4 years past BBD…kept at under 70F… longer with lower temps down to just above 32F…Various university studies have shown, after discoveries in root cellars, products still viable after more than 40 years…

                The obvious tell, for not so good, swollen can…big no no…
                However, if the contents are bought to a “rolling boil” they are still edible… but not very tasty… FYI

          • I have noticed in the last 6 months that food I have purchased has been spoiling Before the Best By Date. Cheese, babyfood, and some can goods from 2 different stores. Somethings up?

            • Stuff with dairy in it doesn’t last long past the expiry date.

              Condensed milk, for one example. Dried milk keeps much longer.

            • What Temp are you storing them at?
              If you put them in the garage and the temp goes above 85F …toast!

              • They spoiled BEFORE the Date. No garage storage and it rarely ever reaches 80 degrees here. Got the food from Walmart and Super1. I brought the cheese back and made the manager exchange it. While he was “show and telling” me how to properly store it, we found another moldy one in his store reefer. The baby food (jars) were about 3 months Before the Best By date.

                • Based on the research and experiments…

                  That suggests storage in a trailer out in the blazing sun…

                  As I indicated elsewhere, temp plays an enormous roll…In as little as a week canned goods left in temps over 90F can go bad with BB dates as far out as two years… fyi

        • You can eat canned food as long as it’s not bulging at the seams. It might not taste great or have very good nutritional value, but it’s still OK and fills the belly.

          Focus on canned meat, canned pasta (a quick, easy meal – think Spaghetti O’s), canned veggies.

          • If I have to eat any Chef Boyardee products I am on my death bed from starvation. That stuff is disgusting. I would eat a can of Alpo first. Nalleys Hot Chilli, now THERE is a decent product you can eat cold from the can.

            • Got plenty of Nalley’s hot, thick, regular and jalapeno…

            • Actually…there’s more nutrition in Alpo than you might think… 🙂

              But it tastes like…well…dog food…but it WILL keep you alive.

              In our heart of hearts…we all know that…
              And if all we have to worry about is image…we be good.

              • Alpo, big and meaty, with a little bit of oregano, over some egg noodles topped with Parmesan cheese, you might confuse it with another very popular dish.

                That is, if you can handle the dog’s sorry puppy-dog eyes, when he finds out you’re eating HIS dinner…

        • Ohio River

          Those best by dates are just a basic guideline. If they are in a cool dry area, the shelf life will be considerably longer. I still date everything and rotate all foodstuffs but you should inspect all can goods and never eat anything in a damaged can, rusting or bulging can even if it smells or looks ok.

          Country girl.

          • @Country Girl — Yes, I have all of my canned food separated by expiration years. The 2017 BBD are just now coming on the grocery shelves.

            Better to buy now & save lots of dollars in 2017 with the inflation prices going up over the next 3 years.

      18. Just moved the piglets out to the pasture. Wife could not believe how loud they were screaming. They should make some good fertilizer before they make for some good chops.

        • In the olden days Pigs had rings in their nose, now it’s people. But it use to be that it was the women that had ear rings and the men had the tattoos of barbwire around their bicep, now it’s the other way around. Sure do miss them them old days. Was them there hogs screaming, or squealing? They scream when you ring them but squeal when you turn them out. Trekker Out. You Ain’t Just A Rootin Tootin!

          • Screaming while I had hold of ‘um and squealing when they were turned loose. I believe those days of old are long gone my friend. Anyone waiting for TEOTWAWKI missed it. We are well on the way to total tyranny and I’m afraid we won’t need to wait long for it

            • maddog you may already know this and this article ain’t on hogs, but just have to make a comment. You know if you pick little pigs up by the tail, they won’t squeal on you! Trekker Out. No Joke.

          • Love the Tattoos, the barb wire tells you how many times they have been in jail. They are a kind of IQ test in reverse, the more you got, the dumber you are.

      19. On “open pollinated, non GMO seeds”.

        Ok…first, the average backyard gardener can’t buy GMO seeds. You have to buy them commercial quantities, and sign agreements to not reproduce them. You can’t even buy starter plants from gardening centers or retailers that are “GMO”. Complete myth.

        Second: Open pollinated seeds. Fine if you want to save seed. How many folks do you imagine save lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, carrot, etc ? Beans, melons, corn, tomatoes, sure…easy. But I’ll bet the vast amount of folks out there buying “heirloom” seeds don’t have a clue what it takes to save any of the harder varieties.

        • TnAndy,

          If those people would go to the seedsaver exchange site and look under education tab they can print off the list for saving just about any seed they may ever grow. It will not only tell you have to save those seeds but also the growing of each plant.And its only about 10 pages long

        • I been gardening most of my life. Been saving seed for decades. Its how to garden and how I learned.
          Open poll. seeds do just that and unless you separate the pollens from different varieties you wont have true seed. This happens easily between squash/pumpkins. Some open poll. seeds have to overwinter so theyll set seed the following year. It isnt ‘one size fits all’.

          Some open poll. seeds grow great vegetables but some can be disappointing. Take broccoli. Most store brocoli is a big clump. Older heirloom varieties dont have a big clump but a smaller one w/ loads of side chutes you can cut and theyll grow more. Some are like broccolini but still called broccoli. Got to know the difference and most seed sellers dont tell you.

          Some use the words heirloom varieties but thats not the correct words because heirloom means passed down for generations not just some open poll. seed. What you want are open pollinated seeds that will give you true seed. But you got to make sure you dont introduce pollen from a similar plant or you just made yourself a crossed plant.

        • True to a point…in that most(GMO) are not commonly available YET!…YET is a key word…remember it was only 1996 when the first GMO showed up in the corn…and now almost all corn seed ,even the old OP varieties now have been contaminated with GMO…same with soybeans that some folks used to grow in home gardens…not to mention the wheat and alfalfa all of which is key to the food supply.

          What is important for folks to know is there are now GMO potatoes(Atlantic, Russett Burbank, Russet Norkatah, and Shepody)and these potatoes are just the known ones…tomatoes/eggplant/papaya/sugar beets/sweet corn/ Some zucchini and yellow crookneck squash are also GM/ Scientists developed a genetically modified line of chicory containing a gene that makes it male sterile,its currently not on the market/Tobacco -The company Vector has a GMO tobacco being sold under the brand of Quest® cigarettes in the U.S. It is engineered to produce low or no nicotine./Certain Green peas have been GMO engineered/all kinds of plants have been modified and now exist regardless of whether they are currently allowed/available on the market…its more a question of when than if…In addition there are now in existence all kinds of animals that have been injected with all kinds of genetic material so now hogs exist with human DNA and goats give milk that contains spider DNA and the list goes on but I dont have time or inclination at this point to go over it all…folks can do their own research and verify what Im saying…my main point in closing is that while its true that some GMO seeds and such are not readily available to the average gardener they still exist and are making their way into the market year by year either by sale or contamination,folks need to be aware of this to be able to make educated choices when faced with the choices…GMO are becoming commoner and the Monsanto/govicorp crowd says you have no right/need to know about them…Im a freeman and a natural born rebel and I say BS…I figure most y’all feel the same,thanks…REB

          • GO Reb

            I swear, if the government told the people if they
            re-routed their cars exhaust pipe into the rear
            window of their automobile they would get better
            gas mileage and gleefully give it a try.

            I can hardly call them my fellow Americans anymore.

            • Ya they be a strange lot at times dont they?…thats where teaching folks comes in least ways the one who want to learn…thanks…REB

        • Real good points on the seed saving,,
          Had someone asking me how to do it and was totally shocked when i told them they wouldnt be able to eat those particular plants if they wanted to save the seeds,,,
          Never saw such a shocked look, was sorta funny,
          Some stuff like Broccoli or kale and lettuce you can get some stuff to eat, but cant outright cut the whole head off,,
          The kale and such will be tough, is biennial so need to wait till the second year! Long wait,,,
          If you live where its freezing ya better know how to overwinter that stuff.
          Lettuce you can just pock leaves rather than cutting the whole head off, i usually just plant thicker than one by one,, that way i can eat the thinnings, or just leave a few bunched up, will usually make them bolt and go to seed faster,

          • Kula save as much seed as you can get. Even if you have more seed than you need to plant. The extra seed can be sprouted and eaten. Or extra seed can be scattered on a flat or large pot and grown for about a month to get microgreens. There full of nutrients and easy to grow. Even grow them in the window area or under lights.

        • TN Andy

          I regularly save lettuce seed by allowing some of my lettuce to seed. Actually the stuff bolts and goes to seed naturally. Let it bloom and go to seed. Pods will dry and look kind of like dandelion pods. Pick them when dry and store ’till fall or for next year.

          Tomato seeds are best saved by allowing to ferment in some water in a paper cup for 3-4 days. Scum forms on top- pour it and x tra water off. Put seeds on a paper towel to allow to dry- thouroughly. Don’t rush this step or seeds will mold. I usually store in a paper envelope cut in 1/2 and folded over-seal with masking tape. Date and record seed and year.

          Country girl.

      20. Buy DBA or RJA.

      21. I wonder how extensive the GMO seeds are where seeds are available in local stores, big box garden centers such as Walmart and even dollar stores. I imagine if GMO food does’nt have to be labled, neither do these seeds. Zucchini and yellow squash are said to be all GMO in the food stores. All of the produce grown commercially in Florida are sprayed with various pesticides, otherwise they would all be eaten by bugs. At least with home gardening you can use safer pest control or if time is plenty, pick off the larger caterpillars and other bugs.

        • I will type this here because of aljimo’s post.
          I have bought and used commercial celery for 45 years..yeah, ya’ll know I’m an old lady.
          The celery is one vegetable that lasts a long time, like months if in a container and free from air.
          Okay–I had this celery for about two weeks; I went to get it and it was rotten—yes, ladies, rotten.
          Even, the root stalk, and that never rots.
          I checked and guess where it was grown??

          • Jay-Jay

            Celery is the nastiest vegetable grown. My wife loves the stuff. She cuts the bottom off and keeps it in the frig in a jar of water. Says it lasts forever this way.. Yuck! I use it in my dressing at Thanksgiving but with 8 sticks of butter it’s not so bad. My daughter spreads cream cheese on celery and actually eats it! I blame her mother.

            • I like pimento cheese in the stalks–um–um.

              No one guessed the place it was grown–Oxnard, Ca.; right on the coast.
              Radiation anyone??
              I asked Gene to please check before buying produce–didn’t do much good.

            • wrong–does your wife know she can grow new growth from that root of celery???
              Just put it in soil.

              • To JayJay and Wrong and others

                Celery aint hard to grow but it needs plenty of water during its growing season or it wont be thick and juicy. You can cut stalks down to eat them and leave the roots in the ground too. If the roots are protected in most moderate areas, youll have early celery shoots in the spring.

                If celery is too hard to grow, try lovage. Its an herb but tastes and looks like thin celery. And its perennial so if you have a dozen or more lovage plants, you got yourself some imitation celery that comes back every year.

              • We tried that once, it did okay but still taste like celery.

      22. I start my peppers folded in a pleated piece of paper towel. I keep that soaked in a small Tupper, or glad ware tub with a lid, depending on the pepper, for up to 3 weeks to germinate. then I transfer them to the jiffy pellets,usually the first week of March!I also fashioned a box made from 1″x4’x8′ foil faced insulation board. Inside I keep a 40 watt light bulb on continually for heat,and a 6 watt fluorescent lamp on a timer, with a 12 on- 12 off light cycle! “I constructed this box for less than $20.00″ Two flats of 72 jiffy pellet trays fit easily inside this insulated light/heat box! We have no need to purchase seeds any more, simply we have saved them from the year before! all of which are Heirloom of course.”A yearly savings of over a hundred dollars” Here in southeastern Michigan our winters are long, so starting our plants early gives us easily a 9 month growing season! As they say ,…You Are What You Eat,and I know exactly what I’m eating! My diet is completely free of GMO’s ,free from pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides!GROW YOUR OWN AND EAT HEALTHY! with love DD.

        • Sounds good!

      23. The prices have been and are going up despite the drought!!!!

        The policies of the fed and our govt guarantee that. Billions and billions printed out of thin air each and every year. Over-regulation of our businesses by the EPA. Continual minimum wage hikes. Obamacare. The list is endless!! All that is added to the price of food.

        If you haven’t started experimenting with gardening yet, you’d better get going. There is a serious learning curve and it’s not as easy as it looks. Especially if you are working with heirloom seeds. We have had many miserable failures with those.

      24. I’m really curious why ‘desalination” isn’t spoken about anymore? Especially along the coasts; maybe it wouldn’t be a great thing with radiation on west coast but if the Arabs do it why cant they?

        • wendy , desalination requires huge amounts of nuke energy.
          so i am told .

          • Not necessarily “nuke” energy, but huge amounts of energy, desalinator coupled with renewables is a good mix but complicated…

            • You build a nuclear power plant that uses seawater to cool itself and desalinates water at the same time. But that will never happen in la la land.

              • Key West has all of their H2O but no nuke.

                • Key West also gets close to 10 times the rain they get in the places they need the most water in Ca. Yes, they had proposals to put in a nuke plant to make elect and water in the Cent Valley 40 years ago. They deserve what they get.

            • I just love my power survivor 40e, currently pickled…
              Produces 1.5Gal/Hr @4amps 12Vdc…or manual in a pinch…

              To prove a point to a non believer… I used it in a canal with high salt content brackish water, oil and various other pollutants…ran the supply water thru the necessary pre-filters for oil and sediment…result,pure water…

              I already knew it would…Dry Tortuga…

      25. For the people who have not begun to garden yet, I will suggest buying some hybrids as well as some heirlooms.Just don’t save any of your seed for the first yr as them will cross polinate. At least you will get some of your crops to produce the first yr. Mr. Blutarsky is right the heirlooms can be very difficult to grow. But after you get your beds in shape they will start growing better.
        And if you live in a dry area set up a simple drip system along with some rain harvesting, this is well worth your time.


        • Personally, I wouldn’t care if my hybrids mixed with my heirloom, as long as I get to eat the results.

          • sixpack,

            Thats cool. Myself I want the seed that can be keep for the following year. I’m just a tight wad that hates buying seeds every yr.


            • Of course, anything else is just “unnatural”. Seeds were meant to be harvested for next year.

      26. I have a great respect for Holly Deyo, but not so much for NOAA. Ms. Deyo says that NOAA is predicting a warmer year this year. Let’s remember that NOAA predicted a warmer than normal winter for the South, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, as well as a normal winter in the Mid-west. We all set records for how cold it was and how long the cold lasted. It was 17 when I drove into work today and it is predicted to be colder tomorrow. Normally it would be in the low to mid thirties. Here, the Farmer’s Almanac, the wooly caterpillars, plants and animal behavior all pointed to a cold winter, NOAA’s computers didn’t (of the group, the Almanac was the least accurate, but it still beat NOAA).

      27. Oh, whoa; a different view–evil again:

        Now that we know that the Fed has decided that farmers will not be getting any water one customer said the government has been trying to put a high speed rail system through much of the agricultural area, and that people were not wanting to sell out.
        It is the belief that there is a movement beginning to starve these farmers out so they could take the land from them– no income means no money for payments and taxes.

        • Now THAT makes more sense and is probably closer to reality.

        • errrrr….that’s insidious…
          Instinctively, I just looked at the gun locker…

      28. My Philipino friends tell me that collies taste pretty good. A bowl of soup number 5 and collie, yummie.

        • filipino, you spelled it wrong. yeah, we’ve got about 120 pounds of dog meat here, in a pinch…

      29. JayJay is correct: there is more to the gov decision to withhold water to CA than meets the eye. Just as it with weather control, if you control the water, you control the future. By limiting and reducing the output from the American breadbasket it creates instant shortages. With shortages comes increased demand, prices and decreased supply. Control the supply you control the demand…just like energy, yes? This is ALL about putting the squeeze on people through whatever means they can.
        This quote has been attributed to Kissinger over the years if I remember right:

        “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

        America *used* to export huge amounts of corn, wheat and other grains outside the U.S. to China, India and other countries. Also take note of Rice: Rice takes LOTS of water and if there shortages due to water, it too, will increase. Got rice? Got heirloom seeds? Better get them NOW.

        • Here in Oregon, a few years ago there was a rumor about a pipeline rout being mapped out to divert the water from the Columbia River to California. They claimed that they could pump out enough water to turn Portland into a saltwater port. Intriguing idea, Portland a saltwater port, there could be a silver lining.

          • From an engineering perspective, it’s a good project. You would have to pump the water about as far as Medford-Grant’s Pass, then gravity takes over. It’s possible to run the pipeline as a 1,000 mile long siphon.

            As far as a saltwater port goes, the Columbia River Bar at the mouth is going to nix that idea. Big vessels just won’t get up the river, the channel can’t be kept open wide enough for more ships than they take now.

            • ” Big vessels just won’t get up the river, the channel can’t be kept open wide enough for more ships than they take now.”

              And besides that…ocean growth, on the ship’s hull, stops growing and falls off and/or is easier to scrape off when in fresh water for any length of time… Huge savings in maint., not to mention the divers who make a living scraping hulls. Not that they matter to anybody…except when you drop something valuable overboard… 🙂

              I’ve seen the effects on a 10 day trip, fishing, sailing and such, from Ft Meyers to St lucie…

        • Many speculate as to how this can possibly be true with educated people in these counties.
          I surmise that officials’ hands have been greased by the wealthy that care not where food comes from.
          After all, they can depend on their sustenance from China if the price is right. (sarc. intended here)

      30. In the fall I cleared ground and built fences for an expanded garden area, last weekend I build 5 planter boxes for a total of 270 sq ft of planting area. I built the boxes so I can turn them into green houses. I’ll be putting soil into them over the next couple of weeks. We usually can’t plant here until sometime in May, I’m hoping that the new boxes will give me a month or two head start and allow for a longer growing season with a few plantings of some crops. I should be able to add a lot more canned goods to the pantry this year and some ripe tomatoes by early summer.

      31. Email list, CT State Senate and House Members who voted for the Intolerable Act, 3 April 2013.
        [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

      32. sorry O/T but you know me

        The state of Connecticut is making lists of firearm owners to raid. It seems obvious to me that it is thus only fair to list those anti-constitutional tyrants who will have blood on their hands the moment the first Connecticut citizen is shot by the CT state police while carrying out their orders.

        CT State Senators voting Yes on “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety, also known as Public Law 13-3 or Connecticut Senate Bill No. 1160,” 3 April 2013. List includes home addresses. Photos and home phone numbers of these tyrants are available here:

        John W. Fonfara, 99 Montowese St., Hartford 06114-2841

        Eric D. Coleman, 77 Wintonbury Ave., Bloomfield 06002-2529

        Andrea Stillman, 5 Coolidge Ct., Waterford 06385-3309

        Gary LeBeau, 501 Canyon Ridge Dr., Broad Brook 06016-5602

        Kevin Kelly, 240 York St., Stratford 06615-7952

        Steve Cassano, 1109 Middle Tpke, E Manchester 06040-3703

        Anthony J. Musto, 15 Maymont Ln., Trumbull 06611-2111

        Beth Bye, 99 Outlook Ave., West Hartford 06119-1432

        Andres Ayala, PO Box 55106, Bridgeport 06610-5106

        Terry B. Gerratana, 674 Lincoln St., New Britain 06052-1833

        Michael A. McLachlan, 47 W Wooster St., Danbury 06810-7731

        Bob Duff, 50 Toilsome Ave., Norwalk 06851-2425

        Toni Boucher, 5 Wicks End Ln, Wilton 06897-2633

        Paul Doyle, 38 Thornbush Rd., Wethersfield 06109-3554

        Carlo Leone, 88 Houston Ter., Stamford 06902-4449

        Toni N. Harp (no longer in the Legislature, she is now the Mayor of New Haven, CT).

        John McKinney, 986 S Pine Creek Rd., Fairfield 06824-6348

        Martin M. Looney, 132 Fort Hale Rd., New Haven 06512-3630

        Donald E. Williams, Jr., 41 Malbone Ln., Brooklyn 06234-1563

        Edward Meyer, 407 Mulberry Point Rd., Guilford 06437-3204

        Dante Bartolomeo, 167 Reynolds Dr., Meriden 06450-2568

        Gayle Slossburg, 14 Honeysuckle Ln., Milford 06461-1671

        Joan V. Hartley, 206 Columbia Blvd., Waterbury 06710-1401

        Leonard Fasano, 7 Sycamore Ln., North Haven 06473-1283

        Joseph J. Crisco, Jr., 1205 Racebrook Rd., Woodbridge 06525-1822

        L. Scott Frantz, 123 Meadow Rd., Riverside 06878-2521

        CT House members voting Yes on “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety, also known as Public Law 13-3 or Connecticut Senate Bill No. 1160,” 3 April 2013. Photos and home phone numbers of these tyrants are available here:

        Catherine Abercrombie, 64 Parker Ave., Meriden 06450-5945

        Ernest Hewett, 29 Colman St., New London 06320-3558

        Peter Tercyak, 150 Belridge Rd., New Britain 06053-1008

        Brenda Kupchick, 85 Liberty St., Madison 06443-3258

        William Tong, 99 Chestnut Hill Rd., Stamford 06903-4030

        Gary Holder-Winfield, 480 Winchester Ave., New Haven 06511-1920

        James Albis, 369 Coe Ave., Apt 14, East Haven

        David Alexander, 277 Pearl St., Enfield 06082-4368

        Bryan Hurlburt (Stepped down to take a position with the USDA’s Farm Service Agency.)

        Diana Urban, 146 Babcock Rd., North Stonington 06359-1334

        Gail Lavielle, 109 Hickory Hill Rd., Wilton 06897-1135

        Claire Janowski, 263 Hany Ln., Vernon 06066-2740

        Edwin Vargas, 141 Douglas St., Hartford 06114-2422

        Angel Arce, 248 Franklin Ave., Hartford 06114-1841

        Susan Johnson, 120 Bolivia St., Willimantic 06226-2818

        Joe Verrengia, 160 Colonial St., West Hartford 06110-1814

        David Arconti, Jr., 141 Great Plain Rd., Danbury 06811-3844

        Tom Vicino, 92 Carter Hill Rd., Clinton 06413-1230

        Joe Aresimowicz, 248 Lower Ln., Berlin 06037-2231

        David Kiner, 5 Cranberry Hollow, Enfield 06082-2200

        Toni Walker, 1643 Ella T Grasso Blvd., New Haven 06511-2801

        Patricia Widlitz, 12 Island Bay Cir., Guilford 06437-3058

        Timothy Larson, 33 Gorman Pl., East Hartford 06108-1450

        Christina Ayala, 506 Brooks St., Bridgeport 06608-1303

        Terry Backer, 125 Jefferson St., Stratford 06615-7810

        Roland Lemar, 6 Eld St., New Haven 06511-3816

        Roberta Willis, PO Box 1733, 30 Upland Meadow Rd., Lakeville 06039-1733

        Tom O’Dea, 37 Holly Rd., New Canaan 06840-6406

        David Baram, 5 Warbler Cir., Bloomfield 06002-2233

        Matthew Lesser, 1160 S Main S.,t Apt 110, Middletown 06457-5034

        Christopher Wright, 35 Ruth St., Apt 49, Bristol 06010-3218

        Arthur O’Neill, 617 Bucks Hill Rd., Southbury 06488-1952

        Brian Becker, 14 Candlewood Dr., West Hartford 06117-1009

        Rick Lopes, 208 S Mountain Dr., New Britain 06052-1514

        Elissa Wright, 51 Pearl St., Groton 06340-5732

        Elizabeth “Betty” Boukus, Legislative Office Bldg., Rm 4017, Hartford 06106

        Geoff Luxenburg, 45 Chatham Dr., Manchester 06042-8522

        James Maroney, 22 Saranac Rd Milford 06461-9401

        Larry Butler, 70 Blackman Rd., Waterbury 06704-1203

        Juan Candelaria, 28 Arch St., New Haven 06519-1511

        Brandon McGee, 43 Warren St., Hartford 06120-2117

        Robert Megna, 40 Foxon Hill Rd., Unit 54, New Haven 06513-1166

        Charles “Don” Clemons, 130 Read St., Bridgeport 06607-2021

        Michelle Cook, 499 Charles St., Torrington 06790-3420

        Patricia Miller, 95 Liberty St., Apt A4, Stamford 06902-4732

        John Shaban, 29 Ledgewood Rd., Redding 06896-2916

        Bill Aman, 878 Strong Rd., South Windsor 06074-2006

        Philip Miller, 24 Bushy Hill Rd., Ivoryton 06442-1108

        Victor Cuevas, 17 Keefe St., Waterbur,y 06706-1616

        Mike D’Agostino, 575 Ridge Rd., Hamden 06517-2519

        Russ Morin, 495 Brimfield Rd., Wethersfield 06109-3209

        Richard Smith, 25 Jeremy Dr., New Fairfield 06812-2109

        Prasad Srinivasan, 268 Grandview Dr., Glastonbury 06033-3946

        Bruce Morris, 315 Ely Ave., Norwalk 06854-4619

        Stephen Dargan, 215 Beach St., West Haven 06516-6133

        Paul Davis, 335 Smith Farm Rd., Orange 06477-3127

        Ted Moukawsher, 48 W Elderkin Ave., Groton 06340-4933

        Mitch Bolinsky, 3 Wiley Ln., Newtown 06470-1812

        Stephen Walko, 7 Charter Oak Ln., Greenwich 06830-6911

        Mike Demicco, 6 Deborah Ln., Farmington 06032-3031

        Mary Mushinsky, 188 S Cherry St., Wallingford 06492-4016

        Patricia Dillon, 68 W Rock Ave., New Haven 06515-2221

        Sandy Nafis, 49 Whitewood Rd., Newington 06111-2133

        Larry Cafero, Jr., 6 Weed Ave., Norwalk 06850-2224

        Terrie Wood, 50 Saint Nicholas Rd., Darien 06820-2823

        Joe Diminico, 26 Finley St., Manchester 06040-5616

        David Yaccarino, 1804 Hartford Tpke., North Haven 06473-1248

        Elaine O’Brien, 1321 Hill St., Suffield 06078-1024

        Kim Fawcett, 234 Collingwood Ave., Fairfield 06825-1877

        Chris Perone, 8 E. Rocks Rd., Norwalk 06851-2919

        Christie Carpino, 29 Sovereign Rd., Cromwell 06416-1136

        Lonnie Reed, 60 Maple St., Apt. 44, Branford 06405-3562

        Andy Fleischmann, 25 Sherwood Rd., West Hartford 06117-2739

        Mae Flexer, 452 Main St., Danielson 06239-2104

        Emmett Riley, 150 Yantic St., Unit 160, Norwich 06360-4248

        Daniel Fox, 14 Carter Dr., Stamford 06902-7013

        Matt Ritter, 169 N Beacon St., Hartford 06105-2246

        J. Brendan Sharkey, 600 Mount Carmel Ave., Hamden 06518-1606

        Jason Rojas, 128 Langford Ln., East Hartford 06118-2369

        Gerald Fox, III, 66 Fairview Ave., Stamford 06902-8129

        Mary Fritz, 43 Grove St., Yalesville 06492-1606

        Livvy Floren, 210 Round Hill Rd., Greenwich 06831-3357

        Henry Genga, 5 Elaine Dr., East Hartford 06118-3515

        John Frey, 2 Copps Hill Rd., Ridgefield 06877-4013

        Linda Gentile, 158 Hodge Ave., Ansonia 06401-3236

        Robert Sanchez, 269 Washington St., New Britain 06051-1024

        Minnie Gonzalez, 97 Amity St., Hartford 06106-1001

        Ezequiel Santiago, 991 State St., Bridgeport 06605-1504

        Jeffrey Berger, 134 Gaylord Dr., Waterbury 06708-2181

        Auden Grogins, 155 Brewster St., Apt 5L, Bridgeport 06605-3111

        Hilda Santiago, 86 South Ave., Fl 3, Meriden 06451-7624

        DebraLee Hovey, 296 Fan Hill Rd., Monroe 06468-1329

        Bob Godfrey, 13 Stillman Ave., Danbury 06810-8007

        Antonio Guerrera, 194 Catherine Dr., Rocky Hill 06067-1096

        Brian Sear, 11 N Canterbury Rd., Canterbury 06331-1209

        Elizabeth Ritter, 24 Old Mill Rd., Quaker Hill 06375-1319

        Tony Hwang, PO Box 762, Fairfield 06824-0762

        Joseph Serra, PO Box 233, Middletown 06457-0233

        Gregg Haddad, 28 Storrs Heights Rd., Storrs Mansfield 06268-2322

        John Hampton, 33 West Mountain, Simsbury 06092

        Charlie Stallworth, 35 Wickliffe Cir., Bridgeport 06606-1929

        Themis Klarides, 23 East Ct., Derby 06418-2640

        Noreen Kokoruda, 85 Liberty St., Madison 06443-3258

        Jonathan Steinberg, 1 Bushy Ridge Rd., Westport 06880-2104

        Jack Hennessy, 556 Savoy St., Bridgeport 06606-4125

        • Useful info.

        • 4th generation warfare,,,
          When push comes to shove be prepared to shove back,,,
          The so called representatives within our own states who feel the need to put forth or vote for laws that would infringe upon our rights must be given no quarter within our borders,,,
          If you want to take my rights you may not like the law of uninyended consequences,,,
          Think hard before you try to take away our freedom, it may not work out how you think its gonna!

          • I do want to say one thing about Christie Carpino….someone I know very, very well. Yes VERY well spent the time to take Rep Carpino shooting, and to a local gun shop explaining the different types of pistols, revolvers, bolt action, vs. semi automatic vs single shot. Her father told her she shouldn’t vote on an issue which she knew nothing about, so she educated herself. Unfortunately she voted for the act because she felt ‘obligated’ to do something even though she felt the bill was too oppressive. She wrongly thinks that it can be undone. She has since gotten her CCW permit. In my opinion, she’s more worried so it getting reelected. She is one of very few republicans in our govt. and does work toward limiting the role of govt in our state, but it is difficult, and she’s lost my vote for reelection.

        • I’d be shipping my guns to relatives out of state. Out of state should be out of jurisdiction. Living is Tennessee, I don’t have to worry about such draconian laws.

          • Orwellian,

            When the day comes when you think you should ship your guns out of state or bury them, thats the day you should clean them and make sure you are ready to shoot them.


          • Done, done and done

            • State Line Gun Storage Company, sounds like an opportunity there.

        • someone copy and paste this to a document in case they try and remove this. this is big. they just f’k themselves.

        • Would be nice to find a list of home addresses, pictures, personal car and pics of family of those LEO who carry out their orders….they are just as guilty of treason, murder and violating the law of the land as those who passed the law and those that are at the top whom all the politicians work for and whom the LEO’s protect.

      33. One speculation. During the Dust Bowl, the Mid-Westerners, especially from Oklahoma and Texas, ended up moving to California looking for opportunities. They weren’t well received.
        How many Californians will be displaced and looking for a new home? Look out Texas, Idaho and Oregon.

        One gardening idea that I am planning on using. I was reading about worm composting. The author says that some pests will leave a plant that has been fertilized with the worm compost. It somehow makes the plant unappealing to them.

        • Oregon is already FULL of libs and lez, look at the voting demographics. Texas will be blue cause of the mexicans. The Ca people relocating are for the most part conservative, otherwise they would stay. Idaho is WAY too Cold for Ca people. And has one of the lowest gov freebees available of All the states.

        • Dont know anything about it being pest repelling unless its the fact that the plants get very healthy on this stuff and pests just dont have the effect but I do know worm compost is great stuff…youll like it!

      34. All I can say is:

        I have two units up and running and I grow tons of vegetables and catfish to eat. I don’t use ANY soil, NO pesticides and NO fertilizer and best of all NO weeds. And it conserves on water as you use the same water over and over. Remember when you were young and when you would change the water in the fish tank and Mom had you pour it in the plants? Mom knew it would make the plants grow and Grow and GROW like crazy.
        Well that same fish water will make your vegetables grow like crazy too. You can make these quick and easy out of shipping totes For more info see:

        • I have a small setup been playing with aquaculture for awhile now…it holds alot of potential especially in a small area!

        • I am looking into doing aquaponics for my irrigation water,,,have a pond that holds between 80-90k gallons, want to put tilapia in it and use it for my irrigation water on the farm am trying to figure out how to raise the water temps though, it is a little too cold for the fish,,, thinking maybe partial floating cover and an airator that has a solar collector added to the intake lines, might reduce the amount of fertilizer i need for my crop, but worry about the drip lines having fungal trouble,,,

          • How does the water enter the ponds?…via a stream/spring or a well?…you could install a system where water enters a coil of black plastic pipe either gravity fed or thermal-siphon and warms up before pouring into the pond…could use a pump to pick water out of the pond and put it through coils/solar heaters and then pump it back into the pond…may help to pump the warm water directly to the bottom of the pond via a baffle type system thereby setting up a thermal-cycle that mixes the cooler bottom water into the warmed water…just ideas… 🙂

      35. Its interesting,
        I watch the sattelite loops of the North East Pacific on the NOAA website, shows the island satellite picture quite well, when you look at the west coast its almost as if there is a virtual wall around california and states east of it, the clouds loop in and either go around it north or go around it south,,, is just odd.
        We here where i live are already beyond the rainfall of the past two years combined,,,

          • Cant get page to load right on my phone but will check it out later on my desktop,,,

          • oohoooohohhh…as I wipe my mouth…

            thank you!

      36. Reminder.. this isn’t the 1930s. In the 84 years since, the US has gained a lot of infrastructure in the way of irrigation systems not to mention technical advances.
        “Government has lost its mind.” Obviously, the people need the water before the farmers.
        Now, don’t you think that farmers in other states are rubbing their hands together with dollar signs in their eyes seeing what’s happening in California?

        • @ Anonymous,
          “Reminder.. this isn’t the 1930s. In the 84 years since, the US has gained a lot of infrastructure in the way of irrigation systems not to mention technical advances.”
          Lets irrigate the Delta Smelt and then dump the fresh water into the San Francisco Bay?
          I don’t eat Delta Smelt, but I do enjoy produce, beef, etc. I’m sure the Farmers and Ranchers who have spent generations building those farms are happy they invested in the “infrastructure” for a fish nobody eats. My tax dollars at work?
          Note to Govt.
          STOP HELPING US! You are helping us to DEATH.

      37. Stupid Question Time,
        What would be the best crops to grow and can for nutritional and caloric value.
        We have a short season in Big Sky so pineapple is out of the question but potatoes, tomatoes, corn, peppers and squash do well. Calories/lb is what I think is most important.

        • Potatoes are most important based on the amount of calories, nutrients and the yield per acre. Somebody at modernvictorgarden dot com said that they got 120 lbs of potatoes from 208 square feet of potato beds. That’s about 0.6 lbs per square foot.

          Second most important is probably tomatoes based on how many you can grow per square foot.

          • Barncat,

            Look up growing pototoes in a 4 sq ft tower. They claim you can grow 100 lbs in these small towers. Not sure if it will work but with a scrapes of lumber and some screws I’m trying it this yr. Really looking forword to this since our ground here is mostly clay.


            • Mother Earth news has how-tos on this.

            • DPS-

              Have grown ‘taters in old tire towers…worked out quite well, too.
              That said, be sure to paint outside of tires w/ white paint (I used cheap latex paint), to reflect(not absorb) solar radiation and hence, keep the root/soil temps down in the summer, as here in the S.E., the sun can be merciless at times!

          • Well, the Irish DO love potatoes.

        • One that’s overlooked is turnips, you can eat the greens when they are growing and they have the nutritional value that’s on par with spinach. When canning a vegetable medley I’ll add the turnip bulb, diced up. When making mashed potatoes I’ll boil diced up turnip bulb for about 10 mins before adding the spuds to the boil. Sliced up turnip bulb is pretty good as a garnish, sort of taste like radish. They store very well, they can be grown early and often and the greens are some of the first things I eat from garden.

        • Squash is a good one and can store over winter in the right pantry, not root cellar. The company ‘Seed For Security’ (no affilation to them,) offers open pollinated heirlooms, true heirlooms that they have saved for decades and their choices offer up the most nutrition for the things that can be esily grown. Check out their web site, very knowledgable and friendly.

          • We store some winter squash but we also pressure can them. We cut winter squash into chunks and cook them til done. Then we peal the skins and mash it all up, add broth to thin it all down. We pressure can and its a soup base. Depending on whats been harvested, we might have a dozen quarts of tomato and squash soup base or a dozen quarts of squash and onion with some other root veggies added in.
            Squash c an be pressure canned if its thinned into a soup like liquid or cut into small cubes. We can at 11 pounds to be safe and that is good eatin in a winter soup.
            Pumpkin puree like for pies isnt safe to pressure can. We freeze ours and use wide mouth canning jars w/ no lids on until it freezes, then we use the plastic screw on lids. To use just defrost in the fridge for a day then at room temp. A quart is about the right amount for a 10inch punkin pie.
            Good eats from the garden.

        • Mc:
          There are no stupid when it comes to prepping.
          Squash is your best bet, then beans, potatoes, corn, peppers, tomatoes in that order for what you have on your list.
          I would add asparagus and lettuce for early spring greens. Then Cabbage, collard greens and unions for latter summer greens. Your squash, beans, potatoes, asparagus, unions, collard greens, peppers do not take much work to grow.
          Corn, tomatoes, cabbage do take a little work to grow and they are harder to keep the bugs off them.
          You want to remember the three sisters.
          Corn, beans and squash thats what alot on Native Americans lived on in the winter along with there animal kills and dried fish.
          First you plant your corn and let it get a good start about a foot tall then you plant your squash very close to or bewteen the stalks in one row so the squash can grow on them.
          The next row you plant pole beans so they can grow up those stalks. This will give you more growing space if you hav only a small area to plant in.
          All the veggies can be dried or canned so you can have them all year long.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. NS. N.REB


            • Amen bro, we are all in a learning stage whereever we are in life, hell I’m 54, been gardening for years, and still learn stuff here and there. And you are correct, there are no stupid questions, just answers we have not heard yet…

              +————- Bizarre Science Test Answers

              These are actual answers given by children on science exams.

              Q: Name the four seasons.
              A: Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar.

              Q: Explain one of the processes by which water can be made
              safe to drink.
              A: Flirtation makes water safe to drink because it removes
              large pollutants like grit, sand, dead sheep and canoeists.

              Q: How is dew formed?
              A: The sun shines down on the leaves and makes them perspire.

              Q: How can you delay milk turning sour?
              A: Keep it in the cow.

              Q: What causes the tides in the oceans?
              A: The tides are a fight between the Earth and the Moon. All
              water tends to flow towards the moon, because there is no
              water on the moon, and nature hates a vacuum. I forget where
              the sun joins in this fight.

              Q: What are steroids?
              A: Things for keeping carpets still on the stairs.

              Q: What happens to your body as you age?
              A: When you get old, so do your bowels and you get inter-

              Q: What happens to a boy when he reaches puberty?
              A: He says good-bye to his boyhood and looks forward to his

              Q: Name a major disease associated with cigarettes.
              A: Premature death.

              Q: What is artificial insemination?
              A: When the farmer does it to the bull instead of the cow.

              Q: How are the main parts of the body categorized? (e.go.,
              A: The body is consisted into three parts— the brainium,
              the borax and the abdominal cavity. The brainium contains
              the brain; the borax contains the heart and lungs, and the
              abdominal cavity contains the five bowels, A, E, I, O, and U.

              Q: What is the fibula?
              A: A small lie.

              Q: What does “varicose” mean?
              A: Nearby.

              Q: Give the meaning of the term “Caesarean Section”
              A: The Caesarean Section is a district in Rome

              Q: What does the word “benign” mean?’
              A: Benign is what you will be after you be eight.

              • True story:
                When one of my kids was in school he brought home some homework, the assignment was to name the four hemispheres. It was in geography. I was stumped, my simple mind tells me that hemi means half, and sphere means ball. If I remember correctly, this planet is only one ball and can only have two halves. I never did find out what the four hemispheres were.

                • The names of the four hemispheres of the Earth are the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Hemispheres. The Northern and Southern Hemispheres are divided by the equator. The Eastern and Western Hemispheres are divided by the prime meridian.

                  I had no idea–I was also taught southern and northern.

                  • So America would be in the Northern western????

          • Great info.!
            I’ve been gardening most of my life, but last 20 in Big Sky, it tough with the short season and harsh conditions.
            Thanks for any advice and tips.

            • Mcdave, moving up there would throw a curveball at me for sure. You thought of a greenhouse lean to on the southern area of the house? Id think if you made it w/ panels you could remove them in warm weather and have a few earlier veggies.

        • Berries, cherries and apples do well in your area.

        • If it were just calories per Lb, buy Hard coal. If you don’t like it, it’s no good. If it won’t store, it’s no good. If you don’t get seed it may not work. Your list is a start, try drying potatoes. Also try cabbage, lots of vitamins stores whole and dries easily. Wheat is very important if you can grow it. You can save seed, Some types of cabbage make seed easier than others, some types of onions are ready very early and make bulbs for replanting (Walking onion for one) Some store, some seed. Your question has thousands of answers, First go to your Ag extension people and get their stuff. Work from there.

      38. While on the subject of food, how about one on cows and capitalism?
        Capitalist Cows
        You have two cows.
        You sell one and buy a bull.
        Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows.
        You sell them and retire on the income.
        You have two cows.
        You sell one, and force the other to produce the milk of four cows.
        You are surprised when the cow drops dead.
        You have two cows.
        You go on strike because you want three cows.
        You have two cows.
        You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow and produce twenty times the milk.
        You then create clever cow cartoon images called Cowkimon and market them worldwide.
        You have two cows.
        You reengineer them so they live for 100 years, eat once a month, and milk themselves.
        You have two cows.
        Both are mad
        You have two cows, but you don’t know where they are.
        You break for lunch.
        You have two cows.
        You count them and learn you have five cows.
        You count them again and learn you have 42 cows.
        You count them again and learn you have 12 cows.
        You stop counting cows and open another bottle of vodka.
        You have 5000 cows, none of which belong to you.
        You charge others for storing them.
        You have two cows.
        You worship them.
        You have two cows.
        You have 300 people milking them.
        You claim full employment, high bovine productivity, and arrest the newsman who reported the numbers.
        So, there are these two Jewish cows, right?
        They open a milk factory, an ice cream store, and then sell the movie rights.
        They send their calves to Harvard to become doctors. So, you should complain?
        You have two cows.
        That one on the left is kinda cute…

          • EPPE:
            That article just proves a point.
            No matter how strict the gun laws are or what country you live in the BAD GUY ALWAYS HAS A GUN.
            If it gets that bad here I’m going to be a BAD GUY!;-)
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S .NREB

        • See, now that’s just funny, right there. And true.

      39. Not a stupid question at all,makes sense to raise things that will be of most benefit to eat…I grabbed this list of a site called albertarose…hope this helps some! 🙂

        Calorie Table for Vegetables
        Calorie charts and tables with calorific values of Vegetables
        Please note: all calorie values are approximate.
        Vegetables Amount Calories
        Artichoke medium 5
        Asparagus 4 oz 10
        Bamboo Shoots – canned 4 oz 18
        Beans – green 4 oz 20
        Beansprouts 4 oz 35
        Beet Greens cup 25
        Beets 4 oz 35
        Broccoli 4 oz 15
        Brussels Sprouts cup 50
        Cabbage – raw cup 25
        Cabbage – red 4 oz 20
        Carrots 4 oz 22
        Cassava 4 oz 154
        Cauliflower – raw cup 30
        Celeriac 4 oz 14
        Celery stalk/rib 5
        Chicory 4 oz 9
        Chilies – dried 4 oz 338
        Chilies – fresh 4 oz 21
        Chinese Leaves 4 oz 11
        Chinese W.Chestnuts-canned 4 oz 50
        Chives 4 oz 36
        Collard Greens cup 25
        Corn Kernels cup 165
        Corn on Cob ear 85
        Cucumber 8″ 15
        Dandelion 4 oz 50
        Eggplant/Aubergine cup 26
        Endives cup 10
        Fennel 4 oz 11
        Horseradish 4 oz 60
        Kale cup 40
        Leeks cup 32
        Lettuce cup 15
        Mangetout 4 oz 43
        Mushrooms cup 18
        Okra cup 50
        Onions 4 oz 40
        Parsley – raw 4 oz 21
        Parsnips cup 95
        Peas cup 125
        Pepper – red medium 25
        Pepper – green medium 20
        Plantain boiled 4 oz 125
        Potato Salad cup 360
        Potato, Sweet 4 oz 80
        Potatoes, baked 4 oz 104
        Potatoes, baked in skin 4 oz 84
        Potatoes, boiled 4 oz 80
        Potatoes, fries 4 oz 239
        Potatoes, new 4 oz 75
        Potatoes, roast 4 oz 123
        Pumpkin cup 50
        Radishes 4 oz 15
        Salsify, boiled 4 oz 18
        Sea Kale, boiled 4 oz 8
        Shallots/Spring Onions 4 oz 26
        Spinach cup 10
        Squash cup 100
        Swede 4 oz 20
        Tomato medium 20
        Turnip cup 55
        Wakame, raw 4 oz 45
        Watercress 4 oz 25
        Yams, boiled 4 oz 114
        Zucchini/Courgette cup 40
        Calorie Table for Vegetables
        Calorie charts and tables with calorific values of Vegetables
        Please note: all calorie values are approximate.

        • REB,
          Thanks! That is just what I was looking for.

          Since our harvest comes all at one time, I am thinking about a Succotash type of affair, canned all together, just add Venison, Antelope, Elk, Rabbit, Grouse, Pheasant, Goose, Duck, Paddlefish, Walleye, Pork, Beef or Chicken.
          May get boring after a while, but it would fill up the hungry spot.

          • Your welcome….sounds like you know how to eat well my friend…nothing boring about good eating…thats what we call po’food round here,kings can eat no better…I eat alot of that type stuff myself…with lots of cornbread and butter of course… 🙂

          • Your welcome….sounds like you know how to eat well my friend…nothing boring about good eating…thats what we call po’food round here,kings can eat no better…I eat alot of that type stuff myself…with lots of cornbread and butter of course… 🙂

      40. just a little update

        remember this story ?

        Food Stamp Surfer Still On Food Stamps

        this guy REALLY needs to get a job


        are the “reporters” at FOX really THIS stupid ???

        “Watters asked Greenslate if he knew that his food stamp usage is contributing to the $17 trillion national debt.”

        I ask that question
        because recently the Pentagon admitted
        that they couldn’t account for over 8.5 TRILLION dollars
        in spending !!!

        surfer dude is gonna bring the country down?

        too funny

        who are the REAL welfare queens ???

      41. Anyone that has been out to California has to see how these reserviors are set up, for mass evaporation. The amount of water lost to just dry air is immense. Decades ago these channels, such as the Owens River inlets to southern california could have been dug to better keep the water for evaporation. The width of these ditches could have been kept to the minimum and been much deeper. They just built these to deliver water from the Sierras without any real depth to prevent the water from being lost to the desert heat. This would have helped a lot.

        The other issue with california is the total waste of water that should be top priority for agriculture that feeds the rest of the country and brings in very good revenue. Look at these totally worthless golf courses for the wealthy pricks that use massive amounts of water that could be used for agriculture. In an area that is low on water, you have to put out what is what really matters. Growing food for the country and other countries and bringing in money should be of highest concern.

        Growing your own food is something that can work, IF you can protect the plants from frost. Most of the country has 240 days or less of frost free days. 120 or more days is a lot of time when the plants are not putting out anything. Most vegetables cannot take anything below about 30 degrees F. Another consideration is that many vegetables are not constant producers. The old bumper crop is something to consider because most of the other time you have a plant that is not giving you anything to eat. Anyone that has grown a successful garden can tell you that there is a time period in which it is lean or nothing.

        This is why everyone should consider learning as much as possible about the native plants that can be used for food. Also considering small to large game. A lot of small animals don’t taste too bad. As I have talked about before, and grossed some people out, is insects. Most insects when properly cooked are not too bad tasting and loaded in most cases with more protein and minerals than any cow, chicken, turkey, or fish. Termites are considered the most nutrient filled foods that there is. Some taste like roasted peanuts, others like smoked fish, and other various comparison foods.

        Unless you have an established garden and protection from frost, insects and other vermin, argiculture blights, and other unseen problems, someone should not totally rely on growing food for saving them. There is a lot of science that goes into growing crops. Fertilizer from natural sources, ground rot, leeching, bugs that love fresh vegeatables that are not controlled easily without knowing natural pesticides. There are wind and hail storms, even something to consider after damage to the ozone layer from nuclear or whatever, plants not being able to take being in sunlight too long. It is that complex.

        AFTER SHTF, the novice gardener is in big trouble if they are relying on their crops to survive. It ONLY takes one failure and then it can be weeks before you can successful get food from the garden. Please everyone consider this and get as much knowledge as possible about the what IF’s about plant (crop) survival with various hardships before banking on growing food only to survive.

        • Are you the original Be informed we love so much
          or are you the Be informed Pretender who doesn’t
          have the integrity to formulate a pen name of his
          own making.
          If you are the latter, then that is the lowest form
          of usurpation and you’re not worth the powder to
          blow you to hell. At the very least it is petty
          thievery, At it’s worst it is blatant exploitation
          of the most depraved sort.

          • @ OutWest. That is me above. I was trying to help people out because I myself have failed over and over again in growing certain vegetables. It is very frustrating to plant all these seeds and have less than half of them come up. There are so many variables to growing food that I think that everyone should really consider as a strong back up all that Mother Nature has to offer because nature has “weeded” out those plants that don’t grow too well. There are also a lot of weeds that have a lot of nutrition to them.

            I don’t know why someone would hijack my alias. If they have something good to say then take credit for it themselves. If they don’t it should be apparent to all that I absolutely want what is best for everyone. Sometimes I may have an idea or opinion off the wall, but it is in the best interest of the site and Mac. I have long thought that the government that wants to destroy sites like this go after those individuals that contribute the most. Look at KY Mom that is constantly linking up and keeping us all updated. The government wants to cause disruptions.

            Mac has what I use for my mail encoded and knows when it is me and when it is not. A government troll can be dealt with as Mac I am sure deals with countless ones each day. By the way I what to thank you for the really nice words. You my friend have always been one of the best on the sites along with many others that also want the best for everyone else.

            • BI; There was a quake up in Montana today. I would ask you if there is a site that has graphics of these ancient faultlines? It seems that the original Pangea supercontinent that broke up, must have had a multitude of seperate faults that eventually fused together, like the San Madris. Can we assume that anywhere there is a mountian now, which came about from plates pushing up together, be an ancient plate fused now? I have been told there is a fault line thru Atlanta, in fact Ga. Tech is built on one. And since there was a mud pit volcanoe called “NODOROC” just miles from me now, I wonder if the fault line passes near me? The EQ in S.C. last week seems to be in a parallel line, but was just wondering if there is a site with these ancient faultlines?

              • @ eppe. Had an earthquake down in the Drake Passage. This means look out California some activity is coming. If the earthquake had occurred a little further west I would be saying a large quake is very likely. Two other quakes occurred on the plate boundaries that point to the African plate on the move. Fairly large quakes have occurred after these in the past. 7.9 in the Azores in 1975, 7.7 in the Philippines in 1990 and 8.0 in 1976. I still feel though that the Nazca, Cocos, and/or Caribbean plate is going to unleash a fairly large quake above 7 within about 2 and 1/2 weeks.

                The earthquake in Montana is almost with the border of North Dakota and is from the ancient faults. As the USGS describes this as fracturing bedrock. This shows some strain caused by the movement of North American plate. If you trace a northwest to southeast line you will see this earthquake goes to the Aleutian Islands down to the recent earthquake in Barbados on the Caribbean plate. These plates can affect weak points all the way into the middle of massive plates like the North American plate. Faultlines from before are fused together but still likely weakpoints, like the New Madrid.

            • Oh goodness, Be informed, I blush.

              I must apologize to all the wonderful folks here
              that had to put up with my acrimonious tirade. I
              am sorry beyond words. I feel like an ass.

              • @ OutWest. Please don’t. These are strange times and people are so confused to everything now. I wake up in the morning and wonder if I turn on the news on the internet or the TV if something finally bizarre has happened. I am still waiting for that black swan event. This weather is really taking its toll on the country. Only 23 days till spring.

                • Is a black swan event racist?


                  • Not until Al Sharpton & the NAACP say so….

                  • Hunter
                    theyre my go-to guys
                    So full of wisdom and suc h.

                  • Maybe black swan “dive” event?

      42. oh great

        now 1.4 billion Chinese are showing up at the door
        with empty plates !

        Can the World Feed China?

        and Saudi Arabia USED to produce most of its own wheat
        how did they do it ?
        by pumping from ancient aquifers
        well they pumped a little too much

        Saudi Arabia’s new grain supply policy

        you see this sort of thing happening all over the world now

      43. send huge oil tankers to england & put water in it & ship it to USA.

        • Send a tanker up to the Arctic and get some of that ice before global warming melts it all, can’t let a crisis go to waist 🙂

      44. It’s important to have food reserves. Your garden could get cleaned out by hungry people. Or any one of a number of factors could severely impact your harvest. If possible, grow twice as much as you think you’ll need to live on.

      45. A good old-fashioned famine is long overdue. It will get people’s priorities back in line.

        • Thats what i say about a good X class solar flare,,
          Ill miss chatting with everyone here and a few other places but if all the electronic doodads and such went dead it might wake people up too..

          • KULA:
            You most have been on steve Quayle’s site. He has something about the Texas Rnagers and State Police being told that they might be on there own with no contact with there H.Q. for a week to 4 weeks.
            They are suppose to have all there tactacal gear and survival gear with them starting on March 1st.
            Can you say E.M.P.?????????????
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • Northern,

              I read that too, also the state miltia has been move to the next level. Not sure really whats going on but it is something to keep an eye out for.
              I do know that the recent leak at the NM nuke wate storage plant has raised many concerns for the Tx panhandle, but there is not much info as to had bad this leak was yet.


              • DPS:
                STAY ALERT, STAY SAFE!!!!
                Do you live in Texas?. If so PLEASE keep us informed. Thanks
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S N.REB

                • Reb,

                  Yes I’m a Texan. I will post when I know more about wth is going on here.


            • Do you have a link to that article or the story tag line? I am trying to find it and I can’t…

      46. I save all the containers possible. Have bunches of Ragu jars cleaned out. I wouldn’t use them for canning. But would use them for dehydrated stuff.

        Have bunches of cleaned out metal cans. Possible over 200 2 and 3 Liter Soda bottles cleaned out.

        The container is an older invention than the wheel.

        • Sierra,

          Thats just smart, myself I save everything from milk jugs to seasoning jars. The hell with those little plastic bags for seeds when you have those small containers. And since I work construction 5 gal buckets are not and issue. Yes I can’t store food in most of them,but I can use them for everything from making biologs for the woodburner to hauling cow shyt.


          • I save milk jugs too. Rinse em out REALLY good. Use them to water the bunnies.

            Some that I don’t get to in time. (Moldy bottoms) I’m going to use for target practice.

            I’m planning on some becoming plant containers. Cut the bottom off and turn them upside down. Make sure the cap is wired on and has some holes for drainage.

            I have bunches of small pill and energy drink bottles cleaned up and plan on using them for seeds.

            Even have some Pringles and Mixed nut cardboard containers saved. Not sure what for as of yet.

        • My favorite container is the used snuff can. I have a huge stash of empty snuff cans that were kept by someone who is no longer with us. They are gray plastic and are about the size of 12 ounce drink cans. There is still snuff residue in them. That makes them ideal for storing seeds, as the nicotine in the snuff takes care of any bugs.

      47. This is one AWSOME plant! We planted it one year, now it reseeds and comes back every year!
        You can eat the young greens, delicious raw or cooked, and they produce awesome amount of grain when dried at harvest. Easy to grow, no pest problems, and SPECTACULARLY BEAUTUFUL!!

        I have used this company and was very happy,

      48. Good article. too damn bad it was an ad for a book.

      49. I’m not worried obullshit will give me an EBT card and food, shelter, medical care, and all that good stuff, you will have to pay for it.
        NOT!!!! NOT!!!! NOT!!!!
        I’m worried I have been talking with a lot of people that have been telling me that they were going to put in gardens this year after many years of not having them.

        I know that my group and I are going to put in gardens where we all live, and add to each other gardens, just incase something would happen to one or two of the gardens we would still have food growing.

        We (The group)just had a PHONE get together talking about buying more canned and dried food for storage. Just when I’m looking at cutting my spending on survival stuff. Looks like I’m going have to cut somewhere else.

        I’m going out tomorrow to buy more seeds, just don’t know seed might be worth more than gold one day.

        I just picked up more noise booby traps to put around the garden to let me know if there is something going on around the garden.

        I just hope that I will never have to use deadly force to stop someone from steeling food from my family! If they ask I will do what I can to help them once. I know some will say not to, and I understand. It is just me I like to help.


        • Sgt..

          The only group I have is my family..period.

          And as far as an extended group..this is my group here.

          Been discussing in vain for years now to a few of my closest associates and friends concerning preparing and they all laugh…never mind the neighbors..they’re all wrapped up in the left/right bullshit and bread and circus events..

          Not a single neighbor has a vege garden in this 75 plus home area..just infatuated with chemical laced green lawns and buffing up their new vehicles on sunny days ..
          Never mind that only 4% of us statewide have LTC’ living in the belly of the beast here in Mass.

          As far as protecting all my vege beds come growing season..I’m not too concerned as most would have no idea what to do with fresh vegetables in the first place!

          If I had a garden of prepackaged,boxed,microwave ready to eat gmo infused meals..well then..we’d have a problem..

          When I do work the gardens all during growing season,my trusty piece is always by my in the chamber and 10 in the magazine..just in case..

          Hey, I know, only 10?..this is Massachusetts..

          Enjoy the day..


          • Possee:
            I feel for you! Is your family well into prepping (I hope)?

            If I were you I would get out of mass if you could. Look at some place like Texas, Kent. Tenn. Ok. Mo. (southern part) It looks like the Confederate States of America. Is the best place to be. Then anything west of the Mississippi other than or Cal.

            I hope you have more fire power than that. Or One hell of a lot more 10 rd. mags, for all your weapons. 12GA would make a great gun in these states that have these 10 rd. mags. only.

            See if some of your family members have friend of like minds.


            If you can make it to Rt80 around in the middle of Illinois. You have a home with me. I’m going to be going to Tenn. in a short period of time. You can come there. You have a place.


        • Sgt: Have you heard anything about an Obama Ammo card? Supposed to provide us with 50 rds of 22, a week, and 20 rds of large bore, a month? Or am I just hallucinating again?

      50. The FLOTUS wookie should “plant a tree” and stay out of politics.

      51. In times of famine, you want food stored inside your home. A garden is simply a “Welcome” sign…a temptation the hungry will not be able to resist. It’s better to have food inside your home out of sight. Be sure to keep some clothes a few sizes larger on hand to wear outside to give the appearance you’ve been missing some meals, as well.

      52. China’s toxic air pollution resembles nuclear winter, say scientists

        air pollution so bad
        it’s interfering with food production

        “He Dongxian, an associate professor at China Agricultural University’s College of Water Resources and Civil Engineering, said new research suggested that if the smog persists, Chinese agriculture will suffer conditions “somewhat similar to a nuclear winter”.”

        “She warned that if smoggy conditions persist, the country’s agricultural production could be seriously affected. “Now almost every farm is caught in a smog panic,” she said.”


        humans are dumber than yeast !!!

      53. Good article with good reader responses. Potatoes need to be a big part of the garden area. By potatoes, I mean tuber crops such as potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes.

        I have a question. Lets say the Govt confiscates all cows, thus no beef available. What are let say the 5 best items to store to compensate. Here is my guess or list.

        1. beans
        2. rice
        3. dehy potato flakes
        4. quick oats
        5. three grain pancake mix (Thrive’s)

        Could a person survive on that? Please say yes because that is what my food storage has most of….

        • I am not a vegetarian, but my main diet consists of beans, grains ad legumes now any way.
          I will really miss the cheese though…

        • Canned roasted politician or brown shirt!

          • Probably be alot available but Id rather chew on an old boot as to try to cook that stuff enough to disinfect it….regardless itll still taste like crap…cause its what theyre made of… 😉

        • Add a big bottle of vitamins and minerals, a half gallon of hot sauce, 5lb salt, Some of the Big boxes of gravey that you can get from Sams Club, and some of the Big jars of chicken Bull. and you will make it. Much easyer, with some sugar, for $50 total it will be a lot more useable.

        • Corn, beans, squash, combine for the best protein levels.

          You can live on your list of five, but get some variety in there. Also, sugar, honey, dried fruits, dried eggs, dried milk, pastas, and canned goods, especially tinned meats and meat sauces.

          No cows means replace beef, beef fat, milk, and milk cheeses. So look at pork, lamb, goat, fish, chicken, oils, dried milk, and making cheese with other milks, like goat or sheep.

      54. I usually don’t post things like this but I got this information from my brother via email today. I don;t know if it’s fact or fiction but it does look interesting, nevertheless.

        “This is what Mark Levin has been talking about–a constitutional convention by the states to get back to the laws of the Constitution.This will take less than thirty seconds to read. If you agree, please pass it on.
        This is an idea that we should address. You can hear Mark Levin on WJR radio in the evenings.


        One message to forward!

        Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention.

        This will take less than thirty seconds to read. If you agree, please pass it on. This is an idea that we should address.

        For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Their latest stunt is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform that they passed … in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn’t seem logical. We do not have an elite ruling class that is above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican,Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.

        If each person that receives this will forward it on to 15people, in three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one proposal that really should be passed around.

        Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators,Representatives of Congress; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States ….”

        You are one of my 15 (or more). Please keep this going.

        PS: You can forward this message, or copy and paste it into a new message. We still have that choice!

        • The left has been hoping for a Con Con for 50 years. Once convened, the floor is open, and they are organized and know what they want.

          You can kiss the entire Bill of Rights goodbye, for a start.

          Don’t fall for that trap.

        • Hate to rain in your parade, but this proposal is nothing but another law. The government is only obeying what it wants. Have you not witnessed this daily? This new law would mean shit. We are in essence as lawless country at this point. I frankly don’t know why it is remaining as civilized as it has thus far. I fear that the only thing holding us back from pandemonium is the fact that we DO have so many guns about. Keeps people relatively honest as you don’t know if acting out will get you shot. We don’t need anymore laws. We need enforcement to the letter of the laws in place now.

          • Correct. Laws are only enforced on the middle class. Gobblement outright ignores laws. In fact, IRS et al have their own, private courts so they do not face a “jury of their peers”. Also, laws are not enforced on companies other than the occasional poster child enforcement or revenge enforcement. Similarly, the welfare class is allowed to commit outright fraud on a daily and ongoing basis with no enforcement even when documented and reported. Its correct to say we live in a “lawless society” I guess: the laws are on the books but only the working people are expected to obey them. Its like a secret joke where everyone in the room is in on it (government, big corporations, and welfare people) except for the one innocent person (working person).

        • With respect I dont see this as the answer…we already have the law via the constitution and they ignore/violate it daily and opening the constitution is a dangerous thing as its enemies are waiting for that…best thing is for the states to enforce their own constitutions/laws most of which are already enough to stop DCs unlawful mandates…states hold the power to stop the fed if they would simply refuse all federal monies and keep their own and then arrest any federal person who violates the law…this federal gov has for the most part always been lawless but in the last 10 years its really showing its colors…time for the people to say enough and stop it…CONCON is just a bit risky I believe…2cents

      55. Come on people!! Nothing is going to happen on the 1st of March except a whole lot of partying for Mardi Gras weekend leading up the the 4th of March blowout!! Now go back to prepping.

      56. I’m probably wrong as usual, but when my brother-in-law gets another piece or property, he immediately tiles it to get rid of all excese water, a lot of the farmers here in S.D. are doing the same thing, tiling to get rid of excese moisture. And when I ask them about it about draining too much out and drying the soil too much, they give me a sinetific ( sorry, spell checker isn’t working and can’t find my dictionary ) answer or speel about only the moisture from below the tile is bing drained out, not the top moisture. I didn’t go to college, just grew up on the farm with my Dad, who went though the dirty 30’s and farmed though the dry spell of the late 50’s. Everything that he taught me is backwards to what the farmers are doing today. When I asked my b-in-law what you eill do if there isn’t enough rain, his answer was ” they’ll work someting out , not to worry ” and I get that answer from every farmer I talk to.Maybe I’m wrong , but we’re looking aother ” dirty 30’s type situation again ” and it’ll be worst than before.

      57. Just a note to Mac and the “posters”, best info I have seen in while here.

        Thanks to all.

      58. BI:Looks like someone is starting early.

        Drilling Starts at Last Major Onshore Oil Fields
        26 February 2014 | Issue 5318
        The Moscow Times

        LUKoil on Tuesday began drilling to tap three oil fields that are some of the country’s last known major onshore deposits.
        The Imilorskoye, Zapadno-Imilorskoye and Istochnoye fields in Western Siberia owe their discovery and exploration to Soviet geologists, and their sale in December marked the end of an era of sizeable and relatively cheap oil resources.
        Russia’s largest private oil company coughed up $1.5 billion for the Imilorskoye and Istochnoye fields on Dec. 25, and wasted no time in putting the prize assets to work.
        It initially planned to start drilling there in September, but then opted for a faster track.
        “They will significantly improve our output numbers,” LUKoil spokesman Dmitry Dolgov said of the fields. “We put all our efforts into getting them started.”
        The company increased its oil output by 1 percent to 91 million metric tons last year, and is hoping the new fields will boost the rate in the future. First oil from them will likely flow before the end of this year, Dolgov said.
        LUKoil estimates that the fields hold a combined 194 million tons of recoverable reserves. It outbid Rosneft and Surgutneftegaz in the tender to develop the deposits.
        It appears to have clinched a good deal: Surgutneftegaz, the country’s second-biggest private oil producer, snapped up the previous major deposit, Shpilman, in December 2012 for 46.2 billion rubles, an amount worth $1.5 billion at the time. While LUKoil’s fields are more expensive by a relatively small percentage, they hold more than double the 90 million tons at Surgutneftegaz’s recent purchase.

      59. @ Kulafarmer. The area that caused the X-5 flare is now on the far western portion of the Sun, the far left side. It is now 1990 and you can see it on space weather. Something to watch as they have upped the chance of another x flare to 30%. This region has been experiencing high activity for weeks now and doesn’t seem to be dying down.

        • Things we have ABSOLUTELY NO control over

        • Space weather is a regular stop for me at least twice a day,,,
          Love the Aurora pictures,,,

      60. 26 February 2014, 03:58
        NATO expansion a new ‘Drang Nach Osten’ Doctrine – FM Živadin Jovanović

        After NATO military aggression against the former Fedral Republic of Yugoslavia ended in 1999 and after the establishment of the US/NATO Camp Bondsteel military base, American military bases began sprouting up all over Eastern Europe like mushrooms after a drenching rain. On the 15 year anniversary of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in an interview with the Voice of Russia Živadin Jovanović, the former and last Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Chairman of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals stated that all of these bases are directed against Russia and Eurasia. All of the NATO infrastructure and military elements have nothing to do with democracy or with some struggle against organized international crime. All of the bases, warships, aircraft, nuclear missiles and anti-ballistic missile systems in Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain and elsewhere are all part of a new “Drang Nach Osten Doctrine” (the German Imperial and nazi [sic] “Drive to the East”). Mr. Jovanović believes this push to the East warrants very serious attention and is a very dangerous development.

      61. NINAO’s / N.O.’s ;0p website IS GOING ‘LIVE’ ONLINE PREPPER PEOPLES …

        check it out and …


        plus there’s some goodies there for you to download .

        @fagboypuss fbp don’t even think about it old man ;0p

        ;0P pssszzt

        n.o. ;0p

        • Atta way Nina! Congrats man! Looking forward to some great info in the future!


        • Cool beans! Get that content on there….

        • 3n3myofth3stat3–I love it!!

          • 3n3myofth3stat3

            Does this stand for something specific???

            • Enemyofthestate. 3n3myofth3stat3

              • Got it

        • N.O.

          Watch for an onslaught of disruptor s entering your site!

          BTW already subscribed..



          • Awesome Nina…yer bookmarked, pal!

        • Yepper, looking forward to this one.

          Hold no punches. Kick the shit out of everybody.

      62. Funny…and I was just starting to regret the dried beans I put up that I thought I’d never need.

        Frankly… too many stupid souls and God will just clean how in a big wave of unprepared smart-asses.

        Funny… A guy was always making fun of my file back ups at work.
        Guess who’s computer crashed and the fuck lost three months of work.
        ha….fucking ha.

        “Hey prepper…you also have beans and rice in your backup folder.”


        Just like that. All the folks that were making fun of us will be asking so many questions.

        I think the Federal govt. has been taken over by socialist and commies.

        I’m tired of having to write big checks to pay for all the lazy fucks.

        The asshole next door to me has been on welfare and disability for 30 years.
        Yet he still restores cars…rips the right down to the frame.
        He had me help him flip a car body over once…but funny…he tells them he has a back back.

        Yeah..just another scammer.

        My advice…
        The next thing that will go down is they will crash the market and steal your 401k.

        I think we need to get about one million middle aged pissed off white guys together and take this country back over.


        We also need to make it a requirement… only business owners who have met payroll can be in office.

        FUCK ME…. nothing but a shoe salesman.

        The way things are going..the best thing that could go down is to have the united states collapse. Then let Texas lead the way by breaking off. They are planning on doing this.

        I think I’m tired of it all and we have lost all our values.

        Ammo up… buy silver and the dollar is going down.
        If you are in the burbs… turn your house into a fortress, get a real mean dog and shelter in place if it goes down.

        If there is a complete breakdown…time to form a possee and clean out the inner city ghettos of the gang bangers. These fucks think they will come to the burbs and raid us.


        Good luck with that…

        I was a contractor and I was amazed to see the fire power in every white males home.

        • You are such a liar–if your neighbor did that, you’d be smart to take a picture. DUH!!

          • something is not right about his posts. He’s all over the place. im wrong but if I had to guess either a black person trying act white or someone who is just trying to stir stuff up. again im probably wrong but that is the impression i get from the posts. your right jay jay

            • Seems strange. Even for me!

        • al bundy was a shoe salesman, and oblammy’s no al bundy.

        • So, did they fire the guy who refused to back up his computer work? Three months of wasted wages, and three more months to do it over, is enough cause, if I was signing the checks.

      63. Many good and informative posts today. Much food for thought. 🙂

      64. Anybody interested in my new book, ‘To Serve Politicians.’

        It’s a cookbook.

        Works with corporate executives and lobbyists, too.

      65. I just received an email that Pelosi’s husband got the contract for the speed rail system in Ca. reported trying to claim farm land.
        S**t! Is there a special booth in hell for these people??

        A major research institution has just announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science. The new element has been named Pelosium.
        Pelosium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 223 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 311.

        These particles are held together by dark forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

        The symbol of Pelosium is PU.

        Pelosium’s mass actually increases over time, as morons randomly interact with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy neutrons within the Pelosium molecule, leading to the formation of isodopes.

        This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to believe that Pelosium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in voting concentration.

      66. I have always been into gardening, but I took it to the next level this last summer. Had tons of stall shavings and manure brought it; got tons of the best dirt I could find and after a lot of work and loosing 45 lbs.. I have dozens of fruit trees, a large garden area, many fruiting vines and a lot of really pretty flowers to boot. Look at edibles closely.. many grow well in the semi shade beneath a fruit tree… I have ringed all my trees with a variety of leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, herbs, carrots, and several good veggies that most haven’t heard of. You can produce a LOT of food just by ringing a tree where most people would normally plant flowers.. I don’t have any fascist rules where I live; but if you live in the city.. you can raise a lot of food by replacing traditional landscape plants with food plants.. fruits trees especially. Give it a try ! A word on growing from seed.. you do not need to buy any special equipment.. seeds need stable temp, water and a bit of sun on the soil to sprout.. that’s just about it.

        There really is something deeply rewarding about planting a seed, waiting for it to sprout, caring for the plant and watching it as it grows to produce top quality food for yourself and family. After all, the first purpose God ever provided for humans was to tend a garden.. honestly, it’s the best feeling … give it a try..

        • Sounds good…good post!

        • Sounds good…good post!

      67. Has anyone here ground their dehydrated potatoes into powder??
        I think it would be great mashed potatoes.
        Those babies are really hard though–I don’t wanta break my coffee grinder.

        • Cook the potatoes, then dehydrate, then grind.

        • put them in a cloth bag and “soften” them up with a hammer, before trying to grind them. If it doesn’t work, you know the solution—get a bigger hammer…

        • I searched “making homemade potato flakes” (what they call them for mashed potatoes)

          Couple good tips after the search:

          “Dehydrated potato flakes are made by pressing cooked mashed potatoes onto a drum drier, which forms a sheet that can be broken up and ground to the required density. Potato flakes can be used anywhere, where one would use mashed potatoes.”

          “”Make sure to blanch the potatoes”

          AND from the ever-amazing Tess Pennington:

          • Thanks, folks–If I break my coffee grinder, can I use yours?? 🙂

      68. Hunger is definitely NOT the problem for most Americans and Brits. The obesity levels are shocking and gross in the population. Most people could do with consuming fewer calories, not more.

        Use this crisis to get your calorie consumption down and lean up. You will look better and feel better (“Oh, my Lord!! I have a chin!!!! And I can now see my pee-pee!!!”).

        Switch to organic fruits and veggies and eat raw. Have some carrot sticks and peanut butter on toast for lunch, not a Big Mac, double order of fries, an extra-large Coke, an apple pie, etc. etc.

        As for the homeless and poor, I see them loading up on food at the food bank or the soup kitchen. They aren’t calorie-starved either. Travel to the third world if you want to see what real hunger is. Most Americans only know the Hunger Games not real hunger.

        • There’s a big difference between malnutrition and famine. Most people on this site are gearing up for famine.

        • “Use this crisis to get your calorie consumption down and lean up. You will look better and feel better (“Oh, my Lord!! I have a chin!!!! And I can now see my pee-pee!!!”). ”

          Funny, funny, stuff.

      69. Boycott Connecticut. Period.


        Why do we, the people, who understand that there is a 2nd Amendment for a reason, and that plain English is easy to understand, put up with states like Connecticut?

        The rights of the citizens of CT have been trampled upon. The safety of its children has been compromised.

        The manufacturing of modern sporting rifles in the State of CT has been outlawed. Connecticut – which was formerly known as the Constitution state.

        CT is a state where leaders have no regard for the rights of those who produce and manufacture its wealth. If you own a business there, you should shut it down, and make arrangements to leave that state immediately.

        Don’t make another purchase there. Drive to a neighboring state if you need something.

        Close your doors, move away, and show the politicians the true consequences of their hasty and uninformed actions. Abandon that state as its leaders have abandoned the proud heritage that forged our freedom.

        If you own a website, consider boycotting everyone and everything in Connecticut.

        If a customer with CT plates on his car wants to purchase something from you. Tell him no. No hotel room for you, no gas, no food, no nothing. Go back where you came from. Return to your socialist utopia with your fellow cowards.

        Don’t you dare say you “didn’t do it”? You sat still for it. You’ve failed to remove the clowns who did it. You have not done your duty as American citizens, and until you do so no other state will do business with you.

        If you know anyone in CT, delete their phone number and profiles. Block them. If you have people in your business’s system from Connecticut, delete their records.

        Don’t even pass through CT, find another way. Don’t knowingly associate with or buy or sell anything to people from CT.

        To those who say “you can’t do that!” Yes you can. You have the right to refuse to do business with anyone for any reason. CT’s willingness to support and tolerate jackbooted thugs does not make them a protected class.

        Make sure the Connecticut Yankee traitors know they have become the scourge of this nation, and they are no longer welcome in your state.

        • …and for the love of God, don’t breed with them. The world doesn’t need anymore of their kind 🙂

        • Here come the Closet Yankee’s headed South.

          Connecticut, Remember your History!

          There is nothing we can do for these people. Connecticut could be the poster child for GUN CONFISCATION. They must do for themselves.
          They have told the public to turn in their stuff. Let see if they come house to house and each person is going to have to decide to resist and fire upon authorities or have them TAKE YOU TO JAIL! Simple, is it not.

          Anyone been arrested? How will the News Media play this out?

          Keep at the Ready, Florida. Just because we are PRO GUN does not mean crap can not happen in our state.

        • I think running to a different state is pointless. If everyone keeps running and don’t take a stand we are all screwed. Someone posted on another blog that we should join our fellow guns owners in Ct when they come to confiscate I agree I would rather go fight in Ct before it comes to a neighborhood near my house.

          • Nothing wrong with standing your ground against confiscation. Don’t fall so quickly for their false dialectics, though. There’s a lot more that can be done.

            CT is a litte turd measuring only about 90 miles across and 55 miles high. At a minimum everyone there should be able to go to MA, NY, or RI to purchase whatever they need.

            CT is the only state with 350,000 new felons. That’s 10% out of a 3.5 million population. And not the usual FSA members. Property owners able to own afford legal guns.

            You attack your enemy where you know you can win. Being laser focused on CT might have a major effect. It’s a place where those with property can draw a line in the sand against the impoverished masses with nothing to lose. To finally prevail against the central bank mafias hiding behind every government.

          • DC- It is pointless. One day, there will be nowhere to run.

            We ALL need to fight these things in ALL States.

            These cocksuckers cannot win, or we ALL Lose. Once the ball get rolling, as i ti has, on the EAST and WEST coasts, then they pick off the rest.

            The guys in mighty Wyoming think they are safe..
            cept for that tiny little AIR FORCE BASE in your backyard in Cheyenne.
            I could give many more examples, but lets see how this plays out.

            But It can’t happen there.

            Coming soon to a town near YOU.

        • Connecticut Preamble:
          The People of Connecticut acknowledging with gratitude, the good providence of God, in having permitted them to enjoy a free government; do, in order more effectually to define, SECURE, and PERPETUATE THE LIBERTIES, RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES which they have derived from their ancestors; hereby, after a careful consideration and revision, ordain and establish the following constitution and form of civil government.

          **I guess no one bothers with this any more.**

        • Tell me Tor, were you BORN an asshole, or did you work at it your whole life?

          What a stupid, stupid missive to write.

          I can’t WAIT till this comes to ” a town near you”

          Because it WILL. It starts out the way it is going now… then spreads.

          The people in CT cannot all be wretches and idiots, and for you to make that kind of generalization…

          well, I hope you are one of the first to die.

          But slow, and painful like.

          • Who said anything about dying? Only the thugs in control wield the power over life and death.

            Boycotts are meant to cause inconvenience and modify behavior. You’re probably one of those paid shills to disrupt websites where people have woken up.

            I’m only talking about collateral inconvenience, and a public backlash against the psychopaths in charge. If you have a better idea, I’m all ears.

            I want them to realize we’re onto their game. We know whether political right or political left, both sides breed only tyranny and theft.

            This is my version of an idea originated by Karl Denninger of Market-Ticker . org

            I’m in Nevada along with 2.8 million people that rely mainly on trucks for everything they need to survive.

            Heck, I’ll volunteer my state to be first, but tell me what fault you find with us. What leverage do Nevada citizens have to fight for more freedom? What would you have the surrounding states do to put our feet to the fire?

            We have mining. And service industries. 400,000 Mexicans just in Las Vegas, many undocumented, and we could care less about them. Las Vegas is one of the largest school districts in the US. It’s not very good, but it free, just like it’s mandated to be. We have Zappos. The Mob Museum.

            We don’t shut down bars here. We don’t treat smokers like they’re Jews from the 1930s. We have brothels. Topless pools. Strip clubs. Casinos. 24 hour nightclubs with people from all over the world. Young people partying. Hooking up and having sex with each other.

            Those of us that live here, rarely set foot in these places. Statistically, we’re just like people in every state. Be we understand freedom. And are more than happy to live and let live.

            Like everywhere, we’re under nanny state attack. In our case, it’s California. Homeland security shut down one of our largest strip clubs. Nightclubs are constantly subject to federal stings.

            Our state doesn’t need us to file income tax returns with them. They have no computerized records of us. If you want to own property here anonymously as an LLC, that’s just fine. Nevada doesn’t care who owns property, as long as they get their property taxes.

            I’m not in authority. All Americans are already wretches and idiots, relatively speaking. If you’re really one of us, I think you know that.

            We’re swimming in an ocean of sharks, and they’re looking to take away our few remaining tools that offer protection against these predators. Something needs to be done.

            It’s not going to be a mass casualty event. It’s the cold war version of the S hitting the F over and over again until we’re all exhausted and resigned to being permanently enslaved.

            • Well said. Great analysis!!! 🙂

            • Seems you have it figured out for the most part…hope a majority will get it real soon…

      70. Somebody explain this Uncle Tom thing to me in Layman’s Terms. My library card expired.

        Okie, do you want to wait until the Charlton Heston 4ever stamps come out? He’s kinda like my other hero.

        4 million, 4 million, 4 million, 4 million.

      71. California has made gun registration a law but has Law Enforcement attempted to confiscate weapons?

        Anyone have any news as to what is going on in the Great State of New York and gun control?

        Very quiet.

        • You mean like this, slingshot?:


          California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms

          “Merely being in a database of registered gun owners and having a “disqualifying event,” such as a felony conviction or restraining order, isn’t sufficient evidence for a search warrant, Marsh said March 5 during raids in San Bernardino County. So the agents often must talk their way into a residence to look for weapons, he said.”

          Interestingly, there’s this, from

          California gun law expands infrastructure for confiscation

          “Despite a new $24-million state appropriation, the auditor found that the program has failed to take guns from nearly 21,000 Californians who have forfeited their gun rights.”

          However; in spite of that statement, via

          California’s Gun Confiscation Program Hits Firearm Owners Hard
          Feb. 7, 2014

          “”Gun confiscation efforts pushed by Attorney General Kamala Harris have apparently led to unconstitutional arrests of regular, non-prohibited gun owners as well as the seizure of their firearms and ammunition,” said Brandon Combs, the group’s executive director and creator of the Foundation’s DOJ Watch project.”

          And, this, from

          California Department of Justice agents sweep Fresno, Clovis for illegal guns
          Nov. 16, 2013

          “The Attorney General’s Office said that more than 2,000 firearms were seized last year under the program. […]

          “You’re not taking my bow and arrows, are you?” the man asked.

          “No,” said Yo. [an agent with the California Department of Justice’s Armed Prohibited Persons System and a Marine Corps veteran] “We’re not the bow and arrow police.”

      72. I don’t see Russia or China over in Mexico or Canada trying to meddle like the U.S. is over in the Ukraine. The U.S. may be cutting the military in some phases, but it surely has not stopped trying to box in Russia and China. The U.S. is training for example Japan for taking those disrupted oil and natural gas islands over. The U.S. continues to try to force Ukraine into the west. All the while putin readies for a massive invasion to stop Russia from losing more than 800 miles of its border to the West, U.S. and NATO.

        This is about Putin ordering test of combat readiness.

        The U.S. and NATO, non nuclear would lose miserably any ground war with Russia in this area. The Russians could throw at NATO and the U.S. everything they have only a few hundred miles away. ANY effort to stop this and encroachment into Russian territory would mean immediate launch on warning of their strategic nuclear rocket forces. This is also true of the U.S. trying to stop China from reinforcing any sea battle with the U.S. over Japan, Taiwan, or anything else. The U.S. could choose to have the their fleets and armies completely annihilated by China or Russia in their hempishere of influence. Or they could try to stop the reinforcement from any mainland and get the U.S. mainland completely nuked.

        So does the U.S. continue to F in other people’s business and even try to defend the Ukraine or someone else and end up losing a major portion of the armed forces and tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers or get nuked. We shall see just how ignorant the U.S. is. By the way the U.S. is reported as sending some marines over to the Ukraine recently.

      73. Amazing images coming out of Syria today, showing why it is important to bug out in a crisis. These sad people left behind are now stuck having to scramble for food in the thousands:

        You are not a coward to bug out from a conflict: you are, in fact, smart. Sticking around will just leave you a plaything to the international agencies, who will ration you a few crumbs and dictate your life.

      74. start bulking up on canned veggies.. start canning from farmers markets and get a container garden going if you dont have room or a yard use your freezer and put away vegies… grow high protein plants like pigeon peas, snap and green beans/peas, okra and the such.. all these plants do well in containers so if you have a small yard you can plant fruit trees like bannanas with high quick yields….

        you have to start now gardening isnt a drop the seed and watch it grow its a trial and error proccess no matter what a/the book says.. i live in south florida which has year round growing and yielding capabilities but iv seen/experienced crops failing with the same environmental conditions as the previous year…

      75. If you get this far in reading comments, I hope you gain something from this.

        First, anyone who thinks you can grow all the veggies you need in a small space is a lost ball in tall weeds. I read from the extension dept. of UAA you can grow enough for a family of four in a 20×50 garden space. They too, have not a clue. Mother Earth News is the closest when they recommend a min. of 5 acres to produce enough veggies and small animals for a small family to survive using french intensive and similar methods.

        I have lived on a small acreage, and know it took us TWO full 1/8 acre gardens, a smaller garden for early veggies, and another 1/8 acre for fruit trees, grape vines, a raspberry patch and several honeybee colonies for a family of seven. We had no small animals (except rabbits).

        Even then, we had to buy groceries weekly. These guru’s who say you can plant patio gardens and survive the SHTF have their heads buried in the sand, or somewhere else.

        Then, if you want to have things to exchange/barter you will obviously need additional space. Its just that simple. Don’t let these men/women mislead you. It will take hard work, a fair chunk of land, and the grace of God to get you through.

        George Washington envisioned 20 acres of land for every family. There was good reason for that – it takes land for gardens, small crops (wheat, etc.), animals, wood lands (heat & cooking), a house, shop, small barn(s), and a host of other things to survive and live.

        God help us to wake up.


        Son of Liberty

        • Couldn’t agree more..

          All one can do is supplement fresh produce to one’s back ups of grains,rice,legumes, etc…

          We’re also subject to the mercy of nature itself..pests,blights,weather etc which will affect our respective yields..

          Last year we had over 100 tomato plants with hundreds of hanging and an early blight affected most of our crop and the majority of large tomatoes never ripened to maturity even into the fall..only the grape and cherry tomatoes produced red fruit..the rest were harvested and made into green tomato salsa..
          Our turnip and beets never matured and only produced the edible tops..carrots are still in ground and doing fine even over this hard winter upon us..
          Zucchini and yellow squash did fine as did our cool weather lettuces..

          This year we’re planting,once again, many more root vegetables..potatoes, carrots,turnips, beets,parsnips and wait for nature to take its course once again..

          Any suggestions are welcome for a better yield..


      76. For the most part NOAA is another Useless Government Agency- It was found out that the “Farmers Almanac” was far more accurate in predicting weather patterns and growing seasons. I know here in FL NOAA again predicted like 7 Hurricanes and 5 bad ones, and we did not have any hurricanes in 2013 at all.So unless you are looking at tide charts just Kick NOAA to the curb, and they are another masked SPY agency working with the military and Coast Guard for drug interdiction and also purchased million of rounds for their.40 Cal Handguns. Like what do they do Shoot at the Hurricanes with those hollow point bullets? They need to get axed heavily. RE:The Donner Party, Instead of eating their own children they swapped and traded their own children with other families kids as to remove the emotional cannibal food fiesta overtones. Must of sucked when they found out the Ground Hog saw its shadow and thus another 6 weeks of winter, as the parents eyeballed their children. ha. Prep my friends, see you at the finish line.

      77. southside here. I live in AZ where the soil is really not good for growing much, any ideas what to do? Also, please give me the 411 on storing gasoline.I’ve got NATO gas jugs and would like to know about storing them. Thanks in advance, southside out.

        • Southside,as for gas storage if you can find a marina ect. near any lakes gas ethanol free would be the best.I use startron(1 bottle treats in theory 128 gallons) to help keep my gas in better long term shape and does seem to help against the ethanol,that stuff was/is murder on 2 strokes and many types of rubber lines,the ethanol thing is a bad scam.I would also just refuel regular stuff from cans and keep refilling/re-freshening them every couple of months,you can do a search for non ethanol gas in your area if available.Another source would be smaller private airports but will be pricey.

      78. Southside: Unless you live in Flagstaff where the soil is predominantly volcanic, or your property is very rocky, your crops should thrive in AZ soil … if you have water.

        Arizona produces lots of fruit and veggies, hay, corn, cotton, fruit and nut trees, etc. If you have water or water rights, you have crops. 🙂

      79. Side note question,why are so many post reply boxes blank?I want to get into conversation will just post below on next active reply box,what is the deal with that?

      80. Thanks everybody for the info.

      81. Thank you, Holly Deyo, for this article. I have bought seeds from Seeds of Change for years, but I have just bought quite a few vegetables from the other three you recommended:
        >Kitchen Garden Seeds
        >Baker Creek Heirloom

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