How to Barter

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    This article has been contributed by The Ready Store.

    When you are caught in a disaster, either natural or economical, supplies can be in short demand. Bartering is a great skill to have to be able to trade your unique goods and services in order to help you and your family during an emergency.

    Imagine that the economy collapsed. You’d be able to barter for food and other supplies instead of using currency.

    Or better yet, money is really tight in a lot of homes right now! Imagine being able to barter with your neighbors to trade goods and services for items that your family needs right now!

    How to Barter

    If you’ve never bartered, here are some steps to get you started:

    BarterFigure out what you want. In an emergency situation, assess your needs. What things do you need and what things do you want?

    Figure out what you can give. Think about what things you would sell if you had a garage sale tomorrow? Is any of it valuable? What skills or hobbies do you have that you can teach someone? What chores do you enjoy doing?

    Identify a trading partner. Try to find someone that you know is in need of one of the skills or goods that you have. If you can’t readily find someone, make a list of those you know that might need a skill or good that you have.

    Negotiate and ask. Come with an idea of what you want. For example, “I would like to exchange my first born child for your flock of geese.” Don’t go to the trade without an idea of what you want.

    Tips to bartering like a professional

    We’ve collected a few tips that you can use while bartering. Let us know your bartering techniques too. What do you find helpful in a bartering situation. Comment below!
    Assess a dollar value. Try and research the price of the item that you’d like to barter. That might give you a better idea of other items that you can barter for. Remember though that many times a value depends on the person’s needs, wants and preferences.

    Set a time frame. Come into an agreement with your trading partner when the services will be exchanged. If there is a deadline, you need to decide that. If the good or service is on an ongoing basis, consider meeting again to re-evaluate and make sure everyone is still OK with the deal.

    Taxes with bartering. Some bartering items require that you report the transaction on your tax return. Obviously, you won’t have to report things like mowing your neighbors lawn in exchange for his homemade beef jerky. However, a barter between two businesses is considered taxable income and should be reported.


    Get it in writing. If at all possible, get the deal in writing so that you and your trading partner are in agreeance. This will come in handy too if someone tries to alter the agreement later down the road.

    Triangular bartering. Bartering doesn’t always have to be between two individuals. If you have three people who all want each other’s goods or services, you can still strike a deal. You can mow a person’s lawn, in exchange they will give eggs to a neighbor and the neighbor will give you milk from their cow.

    Be skeptical if you need to be. If someone is trying to trade an item that you’re not as familiar with, don’t feel bad asking questions. It’s not wrong to ask questions about the item or to ask more details about the person’s skill set.

    This article has been contributed by The Ready Store, where America goes to get ready. Get regularly updated preparedness tips and important news at the Ready Blog.


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      1. #1 Have something worth bartering.

        • I believe the best barter ‘item’ will be a skill that requires either substantial training or specialized equipment. With modern medicine in decline and manual labor the new normal chiropractors should be in demand. The ability to recondition automobile batteries could be a valuable barter skill if the grid is down for a long time.

          Barter goods should be small enough to carry, easily divisible, not prone to spoilage, and have broad appeal. 22LR ammunition fits the criteria perfectly.

          • Bingo! PP. On the .22 ammo that is. I buy a brick 500-550 count for $20.75 each month. I own several .22 rifles, some of which will also be barter items. Been buying the rifles cheap at estate auctions. If they need parts I can usually purchase parts at Numrich.

          • Bartering at times will be trading needs for wants. The wants for alcohol, cigs, gum, etc..will still be there.
            An item for you all to keep for both needs and wants are glasses. Especially reading glasses, which are cheap at most dollar stores and stock up on some. Save your old glasses/lenses that you no longer need, someone else may need your old perscription.

            • See, this I do NOT understand…alcohol, cigs, gum, etc. before food???
              I just don’t get it.

            • Jay, Food is a need. What I presented was the wants. People will still barter for wants. During the depression, people bartered their children (for services) just for some milk for the enfants. During the 60s thru the 80s, many old timers had told me what happened during the great depression. They told me that whatever one has that meets a want/desire, the items were gold. The same with glasses. We won’t think of everything to have yet most of us will share what is needed to sustain life.
              Just adding some helpful hints of items to consider. Personnally, I don’t have the need for the wants provided, but I understand human nature and meeting a want can be helpful down the road.

            • There is a custom here in Appalachia to offer people who visit something to eat for free. This comes from The Great Depression which my parents and grandparents survived by subsistence farming. They did barter produce (butter and eggs for sugar and coffee), but it was fresh foods rather than something that had been in storage for years and more for variety than necessity. I realize this is not possible in higher populated areas, but only my immediate neighbors will get into our community so hope to continue that tradition.

              Frankly the last person I want to negotiate with is someone who is starving because they are unstable. I would much rather barter with people who want what I have, but not desperately so. I have multiple years food storage, but none of it is allocated for trade although I may trade one food for another.

          • I don’t know about reconditioning auto batteries, they have a lot of lead inside, I think I’d save them for casting bullets for my .50 cal muzzle-loader!!

            • Sounds like a good idea to me. It’s pretty easy to make a 12 volt generator out of spare parts, but we need some way to store that energy to power communications, force multipliers, etc. There will probably be plenty that cannot be reconditioned which could be recycled into bullets.

            • use iron nickel batteries (eddison) good for 50 plus years. the abbility to recondition lead acid batteries could be real handy if you had a bank of eddisons.

        • Southron. You are correct sir. You know it’s funny. If i have something you want, you better have something I want. Either that or you can go hit the bricks! And if you give me shit. BOOM! I’m giving you lead:)

        • “””Taxes with bartering. Some bartering items require that you report the transaction on your tax return.”””

          What moron thought up this one? The only reason the corp can tax now is that it prints and owns the “money” and has made the people too dumb to learn the law.

          A tax return is nothing more than laundering money for the corp.

          I guess we are supposed to report the guns we trade for to the ATF as well.

          If you are that stupid …

          • I thought that was wierd also, thats the last thing im gonna when the SHTF! (laughing)

        • I suggest that you learn how to use a pressure canner. You can practice with road killed deer. Buy lots of supplies and accept empty jars for barter when the shtf.

          Have lots of jar lids on hand – they are cheap.

      2. You might as well get use to learning the FINE art of bartering right now, because almost everyone that survives what is coming is going to need it big time.

        • Agreed. For those not real experienced at bartering (like me…my husband is good at it, so he does the trading), get some practice by shopping at a flea market or yard sale. You will probably be using cash, but can be practicing your bargaining skills.

          This article reminds me to check my list and stock some more items to barter.

          • Yeah, this blurb would probably be better broken into two parts. One is basic negotiation skills (which understanding value of items, knowing what is an optimal trade, etc. are all part of). The other is true barter. The difference in barter is you’re not using cash (obviously) and in a crisis scenario may need to procure multiple items over a longer period of time.

            Therefore there an additional skill unique to barter: finding a trading partner. He gave that short shrift, but it’s THE most important part and more important than just having something to trade.

            Someone with the skills to understand multiple needs and multiple things in supply and to connect the two will be in great shape. Social skills & networking are key. Makes the difference between someone who just hands out his booze until it’s gone and one who can sustain necessary items for his family over the long-term.

      3. I think that most importantly, you need to actually have something that the other party wants, and that you are willing to part with it.

        Post-collapse? If I have food and you’re coming up offering me a big-screen TV in exchange for it, I’m going to turn that down. If you offer me your daughter, that ain’t gonna fly either, since my wife would obviously object.

        Also realize that prices will change from partner to partner. One will happily trade a dozen eggs for four apples, but another guy won’t part with a dozen eggs for a whole bushel of apples… so be sure that if more than one person offers something you want/need, shop around.

        Finally, caveat emptor, damnit. Be sure to inspect what you’re getting before you agree on a price! Pose-collapse, the term ‘no backsies’ is going to be unbreakable. If you get screwed over, that’s your bad luck. Unless the guy defrauds a lot of folks (enough to make a lynch mob), you’re going to be stuck with the results – like it or not.

        • Great points OQ.
          Also. I’ve been thinking about some of the possibilities of bartering in a truly chaotic post-crash scenario. For instance, say the asteroid/emp/full monte economic CRASH has actually happened. A few weeks later, some semblance of order is restored to your area (so it’s reasonably safe to travel short distances), but the money-based system is toast. How do you go about trading goods and services in that situation?
          A few ideas: One- until some sort of resupply system is functioning (like harvests coming in from the farms and maybe a few goods from outside your area), then I don’t think metals will be wanted yet as a medium of exchange. Just hang on to them, they’ll eventually be used. At first, folks will be desperate for goods (primarily food/water/fuel/maybe ammo).
          Also, remember your personal safety. Don’t barter at your house or go to the other guys house. Use a safe public meeting place. And don’t go alone. Plus you still need ongoing opsec even during and after the crash. Don’t let anyone know how much tp or beans you have. They might follow you home and try to take them by force.
          Don’t be too specific about anything concerning your source of the goods. Don’t ever say ‘I got tons of this at home, how much more do you want?’ Tell them you traded for it and maybe you can get more later. Just play it close to the vest.
          As you mentioned, get the goods in hand and make sure they’re what you thought you were getting. All trades will be final during this stage of the crash.
          And if the person you’re bartering with says or does anything to set off your “Suspicion Radar,” cancel the deal (or get it concluded as fast as possible) and get away. Don’t go straight home either.
          Of course, none of this will matter if your local area is not in a true Jericho-Red Dawn-Patriots collapse. in that case, just head back to wally world. Oh, and bring me back a pair of those glow-in-the-dark Lebron James shoelaces for my Nikes. And a new charger for my iPhone. And a sandwich from Subway (pastrami on multi grain oat bread please). And a pack of M&Ms. And some……

          • And don’t forget the taxes.

          • @okie-Smokin brother!!

            Selco at shtfschool had a good article once on bartering.
            Its a dangerous activity during shtf. Over in the balkans, or the tri-city area, it will be the same $hit.
            Perhaps we should all refresh ourselves.

            @anyone new at this site-

            If you have not been to this web site(shtfschool) go there.

            Most people end up reading EVERY post in one sitting.

            Its also a good Idea to save the webpages for future reference.

            • Thanks kevin. I’ll definitely check that out.

      4. Most of it comes down to common sense. Thats something in short supply now.

      5. One of my friends ordered this bartering book, and loves it. It’s cheap, and that always helps. Check it out, you may like it too!

        www. absoluterights. com/reports/bartering-with-desperate-people/

        • @V- man, you were on FIRE with that thomas paine deal!!!

          • LOL! Well, sometimes I get fired up. I appreciate the kudos.

            Have a great day kevin.

            • look, you got red thumbed for telling someone to have a good day. I will green thumb a good day, anyday.

            • Once again… proof idiots abound!

              Just like Chief Justice Roberts…. FOOLS ABOUND!

              Don’t get me started… I’m sure Mac will have a new Headline Story soon enough…

            • I too can support a good day wish.

      6. When I find bargains at garage sales on preps they probably aren’t needed they are for future trade in my mind…..just ordered 16. Lbs if seeds…..

      7. This may be difficult but give us a way to predict value on items, like food, gold, silver, clothes, guns and ammo. Obviously the value will change based on the length of the event, but as a survival community it should be simple to establish a start point.

        None of us that are even minimally prepared want to become a store for the unprepard, although most have stored things for barter what is the base price?

        Does 20 rds of 308 equal 1 silver once?

        Do I measure PM based on the last known market price?

        I can tell you from personal experience security in some cases is worth more than food, so lets measure that. So what I would say is give us a way to measure the value of a product of wht we have, I already know how to barter,

        • Don’t burn your paper money. Given enough time I believe that our current paper money will again be a medium of exchange. A medium of exchange of some sort has been used for over 2,000 years. Gold is heavy and can be skinned, as can silver.

          Gold and even silver would also be hard to measure unless it is devalued greatly. Example how much gold for 5 rounds of 22LR ammo? A buschel of soybeans could cost you an ounce of gold.

      8. Barter smarter, not harder.

        Why is the English language so confusing? Take some of our common expressions-
        ‘A carload of teenagers’
        ‘A courtroom full of lawyers’
        ‘A spoonful of medicine’
        All of these refer to a certain Quantity of something. But how can we know what the actual quantity is?
        For instance, that ‘carload of teenagers.’ It all depends on the car. And the teenagers. Say it’s a Mazda Miata. And the teens are members of the high school wrestling team. And they all take steroids. And they’re the sons of lumberjacks. In that case a ‘carload’ could be as few as two. Possibly even less.
        On the other hand, if it’s a Ford Expedition and the teens are those skinny little guys from the track & field cross-country team…heck, a ‘carload’ could be a couple dozen. Not counting the ones riding on the hood and luggage rack. See? It’s impossible to know the actual amount.
        Or, what about ‘a courtroom full of lawyers.’ Some lawyers I know, a single one of their egos could fill a modest sized courtroom. And that’s without the actual lawyer being present. But we don’t know exactly how big the courtroom is. And what if that same group of lawyers left the court and went to the bar across the street. What would that be? Besides a waste of good liquor and barstools?
        And just how much medicine is ‘a spoonful of medicine?’ What if it’s pills or capsules? Wouldn’t some of them roll out of the spoon? Then how much is there? It’s simply impossible to tell.
        **Disclaimer** The FDA requires me to warn you: NEVER take a spoonful of medicine except under your doctor’s orders. Especially if it’s steroids you got from the wrestling coach. In that case you might need to go to the bar and talk to those lawyers. And nobody wants to do that. Their language is even harder to understand than ours.

        • The Bar at the bar sounds a lot more valuable than the Bar before the bench, regardless of numbers. And a spoonful of medicine, being really a metaphorical phrase, could be as little as 5.56 mm, unless it’s from Thailand, in which case a lot more volume could be desired. As for the car full of teenagers, having my oldest just get his license has taught me that one is enough to qualify, every time.

        • Back in the 1800s gold rush days, people used to trade a pinch of gold dust for items, so what did the shopkeeps or bartenders do? They hired the guys with the beefiest, meatiest sausage fingers to do the pinching.

      9. M&M’s? All I can think about is the four ways of not opening up the dangers made for speed with mountain climber latch on loops.

      10. Believe it or not, the suggestion to “get it in writing” was one of the major customs that separated the north from the south. In the south, a man’s handshake was his bond. In New England everything (agreements)was done in writing. Me thinks that in a SHTF scenario, your word better be your bond, or you are one dead POS!

        • @swift-That also shows the morality of the people.

          On book radio I once heard a non-fiction book about a scam with the erie cannal. It involved stock jobbers and banksters in a scam, that ended with the scamster jobber killing his wifes lover and going to prison in the 1860’s.

          I wish I could remember his name, or the books name.
          It drove home the point that people are the same now, as they ever were. Crooks and normal people.

          Perhaps there is some hidden history, involving northern bankers scaming the southern farmers that we do not know about.(hell, we are about to revolt, and the victors write history)

          Any how, I’m bablin again. With normal people usually thats all you need.

          A handshake.

          • @ Kevin You are right about people being the same now. In the Al Pacino movie: Revolution, he is being discharged from the Army. The vets had been promised something like 40 acres and a mule. He is told there is no land to give as it all had been lost by ‘speculators”, and to move on. He turns to the Army (non-com I think) and says, “we fought one war, we can fight another”! My favorite part by the way. As an aside, I live about a mile from what was known as the Northeast Extension of the Erie Canal. The canals are mostly dry, but the tow paths where mules and horses towed the boats and barges, are just like they were way back then.

        • Pens, pencils and paper will be good barter items after a short while.

      11. Really a report on HOW TO BARTER!! hahahahah could the next one be about how to pack your no# 10 cans in a tub! Lets get real!

      12. Good article.

        Great insightful entertaining comments to boot!

        (But what else would one expect from people who know and cherish their very God-given selves?)

        As we hope for the best may we prepare for the worst!

      13. clean water, antiseptic, fuel….medicine and food, A_mm_o

        Terry W. Reed

      14. I remember Salvo from Bosnia saying he wished he had a thousand lighters. They sell 56 bic lighters at Sams Club for $38. Everytime you go to the gas station grab a handful of matches too.

      15. I see the way to barter is with basic stuff- 22lr, 12ga, salt, etc. Do not show your hand with your stuff keep it small amounts. You never know
        Live free or Die for what is Right

        • At one time salt was a medium of exchange. It is an item that qualifies as both a want and a needed item.

      16. There was a previous article written by a Sarajevo War Survivor detailing the “100 Items to Disappear First” in any sort of a SHTF situation. I believe that the article was posted here on SHTF Plan. This might be a good starting place when thinking about items to be used for barter. Perhaps Mac can provide a link to this list?

        Whenever I find myself with an ‘extra’ $20 in my pocket, I stop and pick up another Zippo lighter and an extra wick and pack of flints.

        Swiss Army style pocket knives will also be in demand, as will “Leatherman” style combination tools. Most folks have knives. How many have any way to sharpen their knife? You can buy a small combination carbide/ceramic/round diamond hone for right around $10.

        Stores going out of business final clearance sales, common today, provide a good way to stock on many items that you will need later. Make the owner an offer; all they can do is say “no”.

        God Bless and good luck. Hope to see you all there in “Barter-Town”.

        • When SHTF These 100 Items Will Disappear First

          Posted June 3, 2010


          • classic list
            can’t see it too many times
            thanks for the post

        • One piece of advice when buying a knife: buy a high carbon steel blade or Damascus blade. 440 stainless steel is sharp, but once the edge is gone, very few people know how to sharpen it. Mostly, they just rough up the cutting edge to make it feel sharp. High carbon and Damascus hold an edge and can be sharpened over and over, good enough to shave with. Yes, they cost more, but mine are once in a lifetime knives. I quit being careless and losing them clear back to 3 months ago.

        • Well, most women should know, a ceramic cup bottom is a great knife sharpener…in fact, after using this method, I used my knife sharpener and had to return to the ceramic cup bottom!!
          Try it-you’ll be surprised.

        • Better yet, learn how to sharpen those knives and barter your services to them in exchange. Don’t barter any leverage to someone else. Make sure you don’t barter an item to someone like guns and ammo that they will use on you.

      17. I would add:
        Establish your bartering contacts and community now. After SHTF people will be a lot more tight lipped to strangers about what they have to barter and who they know that has things to barter.

        • Exactly! Most bartering will likely be done within a community and may involve making two or three connections. Not a one-time trade of a bottle of booze for something else with some hostile who happens by.

      18. Thanks KY Mom.

        • MadMarkie,

          Glad I could help. 🙂

          Take care!
          KY Mom

      19. I have this. You have that, wanna swap?

        Take care


      21. The Supreme Court backs all parts of President Obama’s signature health care law

        were so fucked..

        how can this be?

        • It’s all pretty confusing if you ask me.

        • Every law is writen to be confusing, so they can selectively inforce.(like the tax laws)

          The affordable health care act?

          Question-Affordable for who?


          Supreme court=joke

          • It’s time to bring the whole mess down! What the fuck do we all own our weapons for, if not for times like these?

            Rebell, resist, revolt! RAISE HELL

          • Supreme Court= threatened

            And have been since 2007.

        • Wont pay.

        • @VRF This ruling stands right up there with the Kelso v.New London ruling, where the Supremes ruled it was OK to steal from the poor and give to the rich. I lost all faith in them back then and do not trust any portion of the so-called justice system. Scumbuckets, one and all. Stand by, for later today, Eric Holder faces a contempt vote in the House. Another serial liar in high office.

          • I hear ya..another tax on the working man to pay for those who refuse to work or lie about their ability to so sick of supporting 3 to 4 other families and having pittens left to support my own..
            I love it how they say it will be a government subsidised program…fuck that say it like it is..its a tax payer subsidised thats going to kill small buisiness..any buiz over 50 people will be required by law to provide its also going to affect job creation, in a time where we need less road blocks to job

      22. Obama is upheld, non-violent means to stay free men have all been used up. What’s next?

        • The unspeakable… that’s what! You know what I mean… if I s.p.e.l.l. it out, the good ole DofJ will have an excuse.

          This CAN NOT stand!!!

          Roberts? Who threatened him? What did they threaten him with? How much did this ‘decision’ cost the Obamanation handlers?

          God help us… time is very, very short. To quote a famous man (and I won’t say who it was lest I am attacked):
          “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aide of their country.”

          • Go ahead and red thumb me… it makes me no never mind! LOL!!!!

            • I had tears in my eyes this morning when I heard the court’s holding. As a law professional and as an American who loves her country, I see my country being destroyed. To me, its the final nail in the coffin for America. Our Constitution (which I love) has given Congress the power to regulate commerce. The court has now given Congress the power to control every aspect of our lives, under the guise of commercial relations. This is a sad. sad day for our country.

            • You are correct MiVidaLoca …

              What just happened is the end of any “republic” we had left.

              This “ruling” gives the 535 + 2 tyrannical evil-doers a, and I can’t believe I am even saying this, a RIGHT to tax us for ANYTHING! This literally opened Pandora’s Box.

              I would not be surprised, when the Obamanation wins again (I mean STEALS it again), that we will be taxed for air, water, carbon, heck… living itself!

              ***BIG SIGH***

      23. Health care mandate equals a tax and is thus approved. God knows our government can tax. Stocks of insurance companies and hospitals are soaring initially at least. I am so devoting myself to getting out of medicine. I’ll be willing to barter however.

        • Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

          When there is nothing left to give, will He relieve us from this bondage??
          Or are we becoming like the Israelites; when their gold/silver was gone and then their livestock was gone and they had nothing to offer for the grain from Joseph, they offered their labor to feed their families.
          God, deliver us from this evil…AMEN

          • I see Ayn Rand’s book, Atlas Srugged, becoming true– those not willing to work for the unproductive will stop working.

      24. Evil is walking the earth, chaos, human suffering, impending war, confusion, destroying religious freedom, devastating fires, flooding, extreme heat, hatred, greed, lack of conscience, declining morals, etc. etc. This was written long ago and is coming to fruition now. Pray, turn off the tv, read and love your Family and God. In the end good will always conquer evil.

        • @ Ohcumgache. I think the one word that you brought up that best decribes the times now is “CONFUSION”. Other synonyms include; befuddlement, bewilderment, disorder, disarray, and many more. Even those that have extremely well stocked up supplies and are ready for the collapse are experiencing this fog and daze because really none of us actually know what is exactly going to happen, we just feel it on very deep levels. The rumbles before the super storms to come.

          • Be informed,

            You are exactly right.

        • My brother,
          All it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing.

      25. So how are we supposed to find someone to barter with after it hits the fan? Walk around carrying stuff and become a target? I’m not leaving my house except to dump poo and garbage for months and months after the collapse.

        And NO! You don’t barter away guns and ammo to people you don’t already know extremely well!

      26. On Drudge Report…

        SUPREME COURT RULES: OBAMACARE STANDS…Mandate survives as a tax…


        • I didn’t waste any of my life reading it, but I hear it goes like this-

          IF you don’t have health insurance you pay a tax

          If you cant afford health insurance, the irs will make you afford the tax.

          Private insurance groups can inflate prices because of people with existing conditions

          If you have a government job with cheap tax payer subsidized health insurance, you dont pay the tax. Tax payers will just subsidize more.

          If you need services, get in line, the government will tell you IF you will get it.

          Do I understand it correctly????

          • Once Obama is re coronated he’ll take his new supremes out for a new test drive…my guess will be

            1) Since taxes are cool they’ll be adding an ammo tax to help fund their monstrosity…

            2) Gotta start that “public option” thingy so they can truly expand government to nearly 40 or 50% of GDP….I mean you aren’t really a true socialist until you get over 50% right?

          • You left out the “death panels”. They are very real.

            • Swift,

              Absolutely!!!! My mother-in-law is living proof of that! Well, living for the moment, with very little quality.

              WHAT COUNTRY IS THIS AGAIN?????

            • the irs is going to hire THOUSANDS of armed agents to collect the money.

              When I go to my death panel, they better have guards. I might just wip their a$$es! Even if I’m 80, Ill get mine!!

            • kevin,

              What were those 450 million .40 cals for again?


          • I’d still rather pay the tax–what?? $2000–than pay 1000 per month that will probably double after the first year.

            • JayJay,

              That’s sensible, yet that is exactly what they’re expecting! We MUST not pay it… if we are to prove WE THE PEOPLE are truly to be dealt with.

        • FLASHBACK: Obama: Mandate is Not a Tax…

          Short video – Obama: Mandate is Not a Tax

          Complete interview

      27. Looks like mr. ” conservative” Roberts is nothing more than another kangaroo court judge with the ruling. It’s ” constitutional” to force people to pay for others healthcare? If you think so mr. Roberts.

      28. SCOTUS has declared all of us the property of the government. Pray if you like, but I think I’ll clean my guns.

        • I will pray, like always.

          AND… my guns are already clean, and ammo already ready…

          Honestly, I believe if we would all be honest just within ourselves, this is a day we did not want to see. Through all our tough talk, anger (rightfully so and deserved), and patriotic rhetoric, I truly believe that the vast majority of Americans are not only good and decent people… but peace-loving people. It is sad and historic day when “We the People”(even the 5% or so) make any decision to take action that has not been seen on our homeland for over 234 years. May God truly bless and guide our next steps…

        • @Heretic
          the “voices” told me to clean my guns, but I’ll pray too. Might help my accuracy.

        • @Heretic

          I’m thinking about using mine.

      29. I will be ordering my new yard sign ‘WELCOME TO THE UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA”

        • We need to pool our money and rent billboards all over the fruited plains with that saying.

          • @Anon,

            Spray paint works for me.

      30. @ The Ready Store: Hey folks, bartering, at least in my neck of the woods, is already occurring every day. One point of difference I have with your article is that barter is NEVER about dollar value. So establishing a dollar value is meaningless, and it will be less meaningful in a collapse scenario.

        The point of barter is much more basic than that. The question is simply this: Does my barter partner have something that I want/need more than what I have, and does he/she want what I have more than what they have? If so, you have a deal.

        I am also 100% down with OQ’s and Smokin Okie’s points above, especially Smokin’s point about PMs. Eventually, those triangular deals discussed in the article will need to be more complex than that, at least if you have any kind of functioning community re-established. That is when a medium of exchange will come in. But “value” will take time to stabilize and become known to the “market” you are dealing with. In the interim, food for shoes for heat will be the exchange bases.

      31. im not paying and its just another tax and all BS. they can shove this up their ass literally. Fuck obama he only wants what he wants he is no man he is a coward and thief. Im a vetern and served with honor. This just takes my pissed off levels to the next.

        • You’ll pay–it’s built into the tax forms.

      32. Great, my health insurance went up 45% this year, from $100 a week to $145, I imagine it will be $250 a week next year, I guess I will just have to drop off the grid…..

        • Starting in 2014, if you make $50,000.00, and you DO NOT pay for the new gov’t care, you will pay a penalty of $500.00!!!!!!! That’s 1%.

          Then 2% in 2015, and 3% in 2016. Basically, those with 2 incomes within the average middle class who makes, let’s say, $100,000.00 together… they will pay a penalty of $3000.00 in 2016 ABOVE AND BEYOND their own health costs for that year!

          How in world can this even be Constitutional?? Short answer… IT’S NOT!!!!

          • There are all kinds of fees, penalties, etc. “hidden” in Obamacare. More that can and will be written.

            Here is another fee that was included in the “healthcare” bill. 🙁

            Starting January 1, 2013, if you sell your house you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it? That’s $3,800 on a $100,000 home, etc.

            When did this happen? It’s in the health care bill, — and it goes into effect in 2013. Why 2013? Could it be so that it doesn’t come to light until after the 2012 elections?

            So, this is ‘change you can believe in’? Under the new health care bill all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% sales tax.

            This bill is set to screw the retiring generation, — who often downsize their homes.

            Oh, you weren’t aware that this was in the ObamaCare bill? Guess what; you aren’t alone! There are more than a few members of Congress that weren’t aware of it either.

            You can check this out for yourself at:


            Direct link below…

            • Yup! I wrote about that in a previous story of Mac’s too.

              In a nutshell…. WE ARE SCREWED!

              But, once again, I MUST rely upon faith. “With God, all things are possible.”

            • Ah, don’t you love it? Every time I mention God, all the GOD-HATERS on the site have their red thumb down orgy! I truly hope you people are proud of yourselves. You will be very surprised when you realize just after your last breath that all of us who you hate…. were right!

              May God have mercy on each of you…

          • Then 2% in 2015, and 3% in 2016. Basically, those with 2 incomes within the average middle class who makes, let’s say, $100,000.00 together… they will pay a penalty of $3000.00 in 2016 ABOVE AND BEYOND their own health costs for that year!
            Whoa… why the penalty above health costs if they have health costs??

            • JayJay,

              That is assuming you and I and everyone on here who says they are not paying for the health care mandate, actually doesn’t pay it. Not only the “penalty” but the “mandate”. If that is the case, unless one is very healthy that year, then they would be paying out of their pocket for their health care visits to their Dr. They would have no insurance in other words. Then, when the IRS sees that you are not “participating”, you will then be penalized. Thereby the penalty tax would be above and beyond.

              Is that as clear as mud now?

      33. some of you folks still don’t get it .

        there are two classes in AmeriKa has been since it was founded by the Freemasons .

        them the ” 1% ” and then there is you the gentiles goyims … their peon serfs .

        its always been there .

        how the ” regulars ” on this web still cannot grasp this fact still amazes me .

        they are killing you all intentionally and still you deny they exist !!!

        fools .

        • Ah, shut up!

          • brian, this is not your neo con AIPAC cons chat room. how about you shut up.

            • Fuck you NinaO! Bring it on dirtbag! You POS!

      34. the nwo has you

        you cannot escape it

        resistance is futile

        kneel grovel whimper AmeriKa you are nwo cockroaches

        slavery through debt – eugenics death through disease – mind control through media religion social peer influence .

        you are weak simple minded slaves of the nwo .


        • Maybe you are, but this old soldier still has fight in him. You bend over, I’ll stay standing up!

      35. I have found that bartering works best when two people disagree on the value of their items. For instance, one person has a pallet of tomato soup in cans that he can’t get rid of, but no spoons in his store, so he is more able to cut a deal with a hungry spoon collector/dealer!

        You are actually much more likely to work a three or four person barter than to only focus on a two person barter. So don’t give up if you don’t have what one other person wants! It will serve you well to keep a list handy of what other people you come across want or need so that a multi-person swap can occur! Some trades may take weeks to finally happen…

        Ask what someone wants but then also try to discover what they need. They are usually two different things and you must learn to ask as you strive to find future trading opportunities and partners.

      36. can we please all get together and on the same page in real time, organize and water the fucking liberty tree now???

      37. I’m not sure if Romney will be any better but at this point, I will take anything but Obama. He is a malignant cancer that needs to be removed. I only hope that America stands up and votes him out in November.

        Pray for our country.

        • I’m a Christian, but screw praying for our country, instead, “Fight for your Freedom”!

      38. Chief Justice John Roberts= Traitor

        • Hang the fucker!

      39. Hey don’t forget the supremem court justices, they are the last line of defense….so to speak per se. They are just as corrupt and just broke one off in us where the sun don’t shine

      40. I’m eyeing the little lake across the street the owner uses to water his produce in his nursery…think he’s stocking TP and detergent…how about corn and green beans?
        Oh, and I will swap water for the use of my Berkey…clean water for dirty lake water???

        • Berkey Black Filters ROCK!

          Got mine here… they are awesome to deal with…
          www. mypatriotsupply. com/?Click=19938

          • We got an AquaRain water filter system. Their products are all made in the United States. (

            We got a large system (model 404) with 4 filters for $319.99

            A 4pk of additonal water filters is $158.99

            According to some friends of ours the Aquarain filters are cheaper and work in the Berkeys too.

            • We almost went the cheaper route too. But the large Berkey is under $400.00 as well. And is a lot safer and a lot better.

              The problem with other filters is they are not “purifiers” of water. The Black Berkey so far is the only purifying water filter that actually proves 99.9999999% purity of it’s filtered water.

              I’m sure the other ones are good filters for normally clean tap water or even a good stream water. But, if I had to pull water from a horse’s trough or stagnant pond, I would want the one proven to filter that kind of water. Especially since without water… we die.

          • clean water= gold??

      41. This is no longer my country. The Government in Washington is no longer my government. The White House, home to so many great men of the past, is filled with Marxists and Islamists. The first civil war was fought over owning slaves. The war that started today, will be fought over the enslavement of the American people.

        If there are groups of Patriots/Wolverines out there, I beg you to start the ball rolling today! BRING THIS GOVERNMENT DOWN!

        I will do everything I can to bring this marxist Government down. I will resist it to the last drop of my blood, SO HELP ME GOD!

        If homeland security wants me, here I am, just bring lots of body bags. If you do show up, just remember that it will be you who are throwing the gas on the fire, not I. God Bless the people of the United States and God Dam the Government of the United States!

        • There has been a coup–I suspect it started in 2007, when the bombs were placed strategically at schools, bridges, parks, etc. and the entire congress, Supremes, SoSs, Bush, Hillary, Colin Powell, McCain, Palin(still) were threatened…don’t believe it??
          Explain the ignorance and complacency for all us.

      42. Let us ALL do what these brave Governors are doing…

        www. washingtonexaminer. com/gop-governors-vow-to-ignore-obamacare/article/2500862

        I’m telling you… this is not going to end well. We will be in a full-out CIVIL WAR II/REVOLUTION by the end of 2013.

        • @V

          I’ve been in a war before and seen what happens to bodies damaged in them, so I don’t say this lightly,
          Civil War….GOOD! (Washington has been asking for one for a long time)

          If not now, when?, if not you, who?

          • MOLON LABE! Brother! God bless!

      43. Again..
        His part we can not do; our part He will not do.

      44. Whether Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, we should all be able to agree that the ongoing erosion of liberty is dangerous to our country. Obama is angering the right by furthering the secrecy, corperatization, and despotism that angered the left during the Bush administration. It is not the MEN that are dangerous to democracy, it is the fact that they ignore how our country is supposed to function that will spell disaster for us all. So many are caught up in the left-right argument, when that really doesn’t matter. If you like Obamacare or not is irrelevant– the fact that the government continues to extend its powers to regulate is scary indeed. The ptb continue to obviscate by arguing about things that DON’T matter, all the while the executive branch expands its powers unconstitutionally. If policies benefit you but are unconstitutional or illegal, then people say nothing. It’s only when people disagree that they get upset. I will continue to repeat– tyranny is tryanny regardless of who is in the White House.
        End of soapbox. I’ve got more beans to can.

        • What still boggles me is all the republican democrat talk they are just code names for screwed up #1 and screwed up #2. You end up with the same ends through different means with the 2. I told a woman the other day at work I won’t vote for either I’ll be going with a off candidate or a write in. She says that’s wasting your vote but I don’t see it that way. If folks don’t start voting for the independents the ball can’t start rolling for a third party to gain prominence. To me wasting a vote is voting for someone who I don’t believe that’s the greater of two evils. I’m done voting for the lesser of two evils 😉

      45. The scum bag n.w.o got their amnesty and now their health care. Quess what’s next on their agenda? They are coming for the guns for the big win. After that, If you think these executive orders are unjust, You have not seen anything yet. They are setting up a civil war in this country in order to usher in a new global government. Along with the impending financal collapse, we truly are facing some rough times ahead. We better cling to those Bibles and guns now, we are definetly going to need them to keep us out of slavery.

      46. One suggestion I would make would be to start a notebook with current values of common everyday things now for later. The actual dollar amounts won’t matter later on when bartering but it will help be a guild line for later to have a starting point of future barters. Granted some things will lose tremendous value and some will gain a great deal of value in a SHTF situation. I’m also starting to compile detailed information regarding growing plants, making soaps, trying to find out about natural antibiotics and record info about it. Just take some time to gain as much info on paper as you can now while you can be sure to have access to all these different tidbits of information. Knowledge is way more lasting than supplies so the little bit of money it costs to prepare a manual for survival the better.

      47. How should we value gold and silver bullion in a post collapse setting? I’m already assuming that numismatic value of rare coins will be out the window, but how many pounds of deer meat should I trade for an ounce of silver?

        • Demand and supply will determine the value of many things but always start an offer by offering the least and asking for the most. Be reasonable in Ur offers.

      48. One odd thing I’d consider stocking up on to barter would be nonelectronic/nonelectric toys and games. It’s not a need, but how else are you gonna pass the time away while sitting at home? What about the kids? Bored, distressed kids with nothing to do could be just as nerve-wrecking as the zombies who didn’t prepare trying to break down your door will be.

        • I doubt children post collapse would be sitting around bored. They might be working their distressed fingers to the bone shucking corn or shelling beans rather than hurting their thumb tendons with smart phones or game boys; overall an improvement, eh?

          Games are wonderful and useful for entertainment, for being social nd for learning the things games teach you but I hate the idea of “passing the time away”. Time is too precious to just pass.

      49. First off, Prepare by getting a solar paneled BugOutBag n get some rechargable batteries. People will need to listen to radios and may need to charge the batteries. Also get a magnifying lens and learn how to start a fire in the day with it and save Ur lighter for when the sun is not up. Salt n pepper will come in handy too, never reveal just how much U have and never carry all U have on U.

        As soon as the community is established make Urself known as the barter broker, be the one who knows whose got what and arrange the deals. Its safer for both parties and U become the most valuable dude. Women will need Tampons and sanitary pads, they are cheap and dont weigh a lot. Try n get egg shells, dry them and grind them, add to meal, they are a good source of Calcium. Dont forget to conserve Ur energy and stay calm at all times. CVS has some cool water filtration bottles that cost like $12 each. I think they are made by “Brita”. Condoms will also be in need, get some now. Also get some Books to read, something to take Ur mind off worry. Dont forget theres likely to be flowing water between every two hills, be one of the first to get there and if U can hide some of Ur supplies at locations people wont check. Delegate responsibilty among Ur children n make instructions clear or ask them to repeat them to Ur hearing. A childs forgeting could cost the family a lot. Stock up on Antibiotics, pain killers and first aid. If U’re a medic dont tell everyone or U’ll be overwhelmed with questions and request and swarmed by desperate people who can do desperate things to get Ur attention.

        Get every member of Ur family a walkie talkie and put rechargable batteries in them. Also get a “Goal 10” Solar panel charger. A small shovel will be useful and is available at military surplus stores. When parking a BugOutBag(BOB) make sure to have solid shoes and a pair of flip flops. If U’re a female try to find a male and stick with him. Its better to be known to be with someone than to be with no one, a lot worse could happen. Choose the lesser possibility of evil. Dont forget some tooth paste and some brushes for Ur BOB. They are cheap and lightweight. Keep some fishing hooks and line and get a sling. If U can fish or hunt, U’ll have something to trade always. Even if U dont smoke, keep some packs. There will be great demand. Also dont forget a sewing kit, its something U can trade with. If U can get a bicycle take it. It can carry more n relieve Ur back of the weight. Do not under estimate what social skills and a sense of humor can do and get U. Bars of antibacterial soap will be very valuable too.

        Form a community as soon as U can n let everyone know they are in one. Its all for one n one for all but everyone still has to be alert.

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