How “Crazy Survivalists” Make The World A Better Place

by | Sep 9, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 141 comments

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    I was recently interviewed by a journalist for a local newspaper who was developing a story on the exponential rise of the “prepper lifestyle” in America, most especially in Western Montana.  Being an outsider to the Liberty Movement, she was naturally curious as to what motivated us to make what some in our culture would see as a drastic and bewildering leap away from the mainstream.  She was equally fascinated with our willingness to travel great distances and make substantial sacrifices to live in regions like the American Redoubt.

    I will not deny, Montana has indeed become a “hotbed” of survivalism and Constitutionalism, or what the Southern Poverty Law Center would call “extremism and domestic terrorism”.  I lived in Pittsburgh for years while writing for Neithercorp and Alt-Market and rarely ran into like minded individuals aware of the tenuous status of our society.  Within days of moving to Montana, I was being recognized by complete strangers in supermarkets excited to discuss the inner workings of Keynesian monetary corruption, precious metals investment, and Alinsky disinformation tactics.  Yeah…I know…it’s weird.

    After living for a while in the Redoubt, you begin to forget that there are still many people in this country that are utterly oblivious to the epic dangers around them, as well as painfully helpless in knowing what to do when those dangers land on their doorsteps.  Speaking with the newspaper reporter, and my experiences at Paulfest in Tampa, Florida, reminded me that the world has yet to be reminded of the value of survivalism.  There is still a gap, a disconnect, a psychological twitch of the masses, and it compels me to explain, yet again, what they are missing.

    I had thought about using parables like the ancient Greek story of Cassandra, who was given the gift of foresight and prophecy, but also stricken with a curse which prevented anyone from believing her dire warnings.  Or the story of Noah, who was given an omen, a vision of catastrophe, and directed by God on how to save a remnant of life, while knowing that most of the people around him would perish.  And what about Galileo, who simply tried to point out the scientific operations of the universe in which we exist, only to be ostracized by his church and government?  In these modern times, however, many find it increasingly difficult to relate to mythology, bible lore, or even historical precedence.  Luckily, there is always cinema…

    While considering this topic, as if by design, I stumbled upon the film ‘Take Shelter’, the story of a man who suffers from acute intuition.  His vivid dreams warn him of a nightmare event, but is he a prophet, or a schizophrenic with delusions of doom?

    Human beings hold within them a natural mechanism, a moral dynamo that compels them to alert others to the dangers they see silhouette on the horizon.  Every survivalist today has at one time or another felt the overwhelming weight of responsibility that comes with knowing; not believing, but KNOWING the future.  The film ‘Take Shelter’ illustrates the internal and external dilemmas of the survivalist in a way that is striking, beautiful, and affirming.

    Prophetic dreams and spoken messages from the heavens are not necessarily required to understand the dilemmas our nation faces in the new millennium.  It does not take a psychic to see the mathematical certainty of dollar devaluation and loss of world reserve status.  The degradation of our civil liberties in the name of state security.  The formation of unaccountable supranational bodies which are quickly encroaching upon our individual sovereignty.  In fact, a person would have to be mentally blind, deaf, and dumb to NOT grasp what is happening right under their noses.  Sadly, this is where a majority of the American populace lives.

    Even at Paulfest, a convention and congregation of what I consider some of the most awake and socially aware people on the planet, I discovered that at least half of those in attendance had a minimal sense of urgency as far as a true national crisis was concerned, clinging to the assumption that they had yet more time to stab at top down solutions and political tap dancing that continually falls short of what is necessary to restore liberty.

    It is difficult to retain one’s composure in the face of the astounding absurdity of normalcy bias.  The idea that today’s comforts will continue on tomorrow and forever is a powerful one.  To break such apathy requires steadfast resolve.  Sometimes, only startling and terrifying events are enough to rattle the mindless masses.  Sometimes, you just have to let the chips fall where they may, speak the truth to the best of your ability, and let the herd sort out the rest in their own good time, whatever there is left of it.  What we see as a forgone conclusion, what we passionately fight to expose, in their minds often translates into belligerence and a frightening subversion of their joyous naivety:

    As we invade their perfect world with the dreadful facts of life, their subconscious reflex is to regard us as a tangible threat.  The first reaction is always to laugh.  Ridicule without substance is the primary defense of the ignorant.  But, what if you don’t go away?  What if your arguments are too precise?  What if there is too much clarity to your position?  What if you have a whole movement of people behind you?  What if you are a force to be reckoned with, and cannot be refuted or dissuaded?  What if logic dictates the admission that you are right, and they are wrong?

    Then arises fury…

    It is not uncommon for the truth tellers of an era to be labeled the enemies of society.  To be held as criminals, traitors, and terrorists.  In fact, the establishment has in the past two decades made every effort to paint survivalists as the boogeymen of our age; unstable and unpredictable wild-men hell bent on destruction in the name of some hallucinatory ideology.  Using generalizations, false associations, and outright lies, corrupt governments seek to fool the citizenry into viewing survivalists as a fringe element and a dark underbelly of their otherwise serene state sponsored existence.

    In contrast, I would like to point out to the non-prepper populace the advantages of having some of us “loony” survivalists around.  Rarely in the mainstream are we ever presented with the utility of survival proponents, and how they actually serve the interests of the “greater good” to quote a phrase often used by drooling collectivists and statists who desperately try to defame the prepper subculture…

    Advantage #1:  Survivalists Have Their Own Stuff – They Don’t Need Your Stuff

    Survivalists have their own stuff, which means, they will likely not feel compelled to take your stuff, if, that is, you have any stuff worth having.  In the midst of a calamity, being surrounded by preppers is one of the best insurance policies a person could acquire.  Think about it; would you rather have me as a neighbor, with my guns, ammo, food supply, off-grid solar power and water, and anti-establishment angst, or, would you rather have some superficial sickly fake friendly suburban yuppie with a Mercedes, an overpriced boat, a $100,000-plus debt obligation, a repressed inferiority complex, a vicious department store-addicted trophy wife, three spoiled crusty children with a vocabulary of 80 words or less, and an empty pantry?  In a crisis, who is the real threat?  Come on!

    Advantage #2:  Survivalists Keep To Themselves – Your Business Is Your Own

    Have you ever lived in the metro areas of California, New York, or Illinois?  Ever notice how disgustingly nosy many people tend to become in the more socialist minded regions of America?  Neighborhood administrations that cite you for tall grass.  Permits on top of permits.  Sneers when you smoke a cigarette, even outdoors.  Environmental restrictions bordering on the insane.  City governments telling you what you are allowed to eat and drink and how much.  It’s so enraging it makes you want to wrench someone’s head off their neck and squeeze their skull like an oversized pimple.

    Survivalists respect privacy.  Grow a garden on your front lawn.  Smoke your cigarettes (or whatever).  Drink your damned 2 liter mega-gulp.  Let your kids play with the water hose for hours, or open a lemonade stand.  Don’t worry; the authorities will never be told, because we don’t care.  We have far more important things to worry about.

    Advantage #3:  Survivalists Are Handy

    Ever have that one friend, or neighbor, or family member who just seems to have all the right answers when it comes to gardening, or solar power, or repairing that hunting rifle?  Who knows all the best camping and fishing spots?  Who always seems to be willing to go out of his way to help you set up a good emergency kit in case of that next hurricane, flood, tornado, earthquake, etc?  You may very well be working with a survivalist and not even know it.

    Advantage #4:  Survivalists Insulate A Region

    The more survivalists there are in a particular area, the more likely you are to get through a disaster, whether you have prepared for it or not.  A network of survival communities offers an enormous variety of skills, an alternative economy and barter system to tap into, safety from harm during a major implosion or socially unstable times, and the ingenuity required to rebuild after the disaster.

    Let me put it this way:  who is more likely to return your environment to a livable state?  Groups of survivalists with the know-how and the desire because they actually LIVE in the region?  Or, a faceless government bureaucracy like FEMA with no meaningful ties to the community in which you live?

    Advantage #5:  Survivalists Cook Up A Mean Barbeque 

    Show me a survivalist that doesn’t grill like an artist.  I defy you!

    Advantage #6:  Survivalists Stand Their Ground When It Counts

    If you ever need someone to back you up in a terrible situation, you can’t do much better than a survivalist.  They are used to adversity.  In fact, many of us deliberately put ourselves through strenuous training environments in order to learn where we will falter.  We make a point to uncover our own weaknesses and improve upon them.  Our current comfort obsessed society is almost devoid of this characteristic.  Finding a single person who will not let you down is a gift.  Finding an entire movement of such people is a miracle.  Don’t let it go to waste…

    Advantage #7:  Survivalists Are Time Capsules For Liberty

    Every culture needs watchmen.  Not government paid watchmen who seek out power, but citizen volunteers who shun power.  Without such watchmen, fundamental principles can be lost or destroyed, and the people of a nation are apt to forget where they came from, and what made them successful in the first place.  Though the masses have a tendency to be lured away from the legacy of freedom which once served them towards the twisted ideologies of tyrants and collectivists, in the long run they always return, seeking the almost forgotten abundances of liberty.  When the people go searching for freedom once again, the survivalists, the enduring watchmen, will be waiting to greet them.

    Advantage #8:  Survivalists Are Not Afraid To Remind Society Of Its Mistakes

    It is easy to be apathetic to the criminality of government.  It is easy to cocoon one’s self inside his own little life, within the minor dramas of his family and of his job.  It is easy to turn away from the big picture and hope that the monsters of the world sort themselves out, or overlook us entirely.  Unfortunately, this is not how human history has ever been resolved.  The worst problems never disappear on their own.  Survivalists understand this and are willing to take personal risks in order to uncover the nature of the beast for anyone willing to listen.  They understand that their best chance of survival is to preempt a disaster before it ever occurs.  The value of this to the longevity of our species cannot be calculated.  Without those who can overcome the fears created by conformity, mankind is lost.  Our very future depends upon the principles of survivalism, which teaches us to embrace our individuality, love the individualism within others, stand unyielding in the face of oppression, and fight to our dying breath to see that the best in all of us is one day fully realized.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

    Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense.  Join today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.

    To contribute to the growth of the Safe Haven Project, and to help us help others in relocating, or to support the creation of barter networks across the country, visit our donate page here.


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      1. Been a “prepper” most of my adult life. Having grown up in SoCal back in the 70’s and lived through many large earthquakes, it became quit apparent that my family needed back up supplies in case the really big one hit. I know I was way ahead of the curve back then compared to most of the people around me. I guess sheeple never change. Today we are called survivalist, oh well. Whatever label “they” wish to put on us, so be it. I know who I am and the life I lead and I do feel comfortable with that.

        • If you still live in SoCal, well you’re not a prepper. You’re going to be another one waiting to die of thirst.

          • GSM1(SW), been out of SoCal for a long time now. Going to try to die of old age.

          • GSM, a REAL prepper can survive ANYWHERE. Fer cryin’ out loud, I survived forty years in the blue gulag known as New England 🙂

            • You people are all nuts. Why we sit here and discuss economic collapse, martial law and other mindless fantasies, there are real problems here in America.

              The NFL has hired replacement refs. What has the world come to?

              Simon Cowell is miffed at NBC because the Voice will air opposite the X-Factor despite a gentlemans agreement to the contrary.

              Miley Cyrus had her hair cut, OMG!!!

              Something must be done and soon. Call your cable companies, your senators and congressmen.

            • Enjoyable reading. Only add that preppers/survivalists know how to bounce back. We fall off the horse, we get back on. Today, they fall and everyone is worried more about their self esteem not the lesson learned.

          • Depends, really. Some parts of Southern Cali are survivable. Start with not living in Ventura or LA County (or anywhere on the coast), and you have a leg-up.

            The rest involves living somewhere that you have access to good year-round water, but is inaccessible enough to kill off anyone on foot that isn’t named Les Stroud. Believe it or not, this is entirely possible.

            Personally, I wouldn’t try it, but mostly because I only visit the region on occasional business, have some distant family there… but I can’t stand the government, the people, the high cost of living, or the taxes.

        • Advantage #9: Survivalists Are Cool 🙂

          • M.I…Like my Uncle Joe always told me as a kid…”Remember your ABC’s!”…..Well I did! ABC’s= aka “Always Be Cool”!!!

            Uncle Joe had another good advice messg….”A Wise Monkey, never monkeys with another monkeys monkey!”

            55 yrs later and I never forgot uncle joes advice.

          • Score one for M.I.! I’ll back that!

        • Pretty sure when america was founded most people here were survivalists, now most are dependents how our founders would feel about what we’ve become makes me sick, when things go south and we get back to the land again the country may thrive, I only hope that my children will witness the new and improved united states because I’m embarrassed to hand them this mess we have today!

          • Spot on Diesel Dan. Let me add this: I was in the Boy Scouts for 6 years. All American a group as you’re like to meet. What do the Scouts teach? They teach 12 year old boys how to tie knots, shoot 22s, cook their own food, clean their own dishes and make their own damned beds. Plus, stop whining about shit and expecting their mom to take care of everything for them.

            Btw, does anyone else remember the Scout motto? Its two words:

            Be PREPARED

        • Well said Brandon.

        • We live next to a donut shop. They dump stale donuts out back every night, so we’re not gonna starve. Got a pipe leak in the basement and collecting water in old pickle barrels. As long as we don’t fix the link we won’t dehydrate when you know what hits the fan. We’re a humble people.

          • @ John——Yum-Yum ! Stale donuts and Pickle barrel juice!! Guess that’s better than my dandelion and swamp-water diet!??

      2. Advantage #1
        “Superficial sickly fake friendly suburban yuppie ”
        That sums up a lot of my neighbors.
        I think Brandon, has used my subdivision as an example.

        • Great article. I’ve always thought of survivalists / preppers as providing a great service to the world.

          This is why we need to help our neighbors prep as I’ve written on my site and Mac was kind enough to link to. We owe it to our friends and neighbors to inform them of the need to prep (as well as helping them get there).

          • Mike,
            You bring up something so important.
            I have talked to several of them when I felt there was an appropriate time to bring it up.
            And I have some that I have got to a certain point where they would consider doing
            something for theirselves in the field of prepping. I’m at a point where I am going to
            Have to drag them across the f-ing starting line. I have decided that is what I must do
            If I am honest to myself as one that wants to help my fellow friends.
            For Won’t they shill be my friends In a time of crissis? And yes, yes I have said I am
            Not capable or interested In feeding the world so you need to prepare for yourselfs.
            I am going to have a prepping party where attendance is required.
            Of course beer will be provided, as it is a perfect libation to lossen things up.
            I will bye the Mylar bags, and oxygen absorbers. I will probably front the money for
            The rice. I will figure a dollar amount for them to bring (at cost of course) as they
            are all fortunate enough to afford it without question.
            And we shall discuss some other ideas on food storage and protection of your
            property and self.
            It is my hope that the satisfaction of some long term food reserves, might give
            Them a little of the bug.
            I will let everybody know the range of my success or failure on this project.
            I shall call it operation Rice and Spice.

            • Slick, as a teacher, I can only say, YOU da man! Please keep us posted.

              Btw, I’ve lived near people like that both in New England AND in the Carolinas; and yeah, those last were “natives”. Some had family that had been there since before Appomattox. Always fun to out-red state a Johnny Reb when you’re a damnYankee 🙂

        • Bwhahahahahaha

          Thank you Nina

          Take care

      3. Looks like there are a lot of labels, descriptions and words, that boiled all down, is the precious commodity of “Common Sense”. Regretfully, a commodity that few seem to be able to afford. Rather easy to see such & I ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

        • If more Americans were preppers, we wouldn’t be facing disaster

            • Oh my GOD, you have a prepper FLOWCHART? From the bottom of computer programming survivalist heart, I thank you!

      4. I have made this comment several time and here it is again, living in ice storm, hurricane,tornado,and flood prone areas prepping is a way of life for us. We are at the point of finishing our winter preps and it feels great to be ready for just about anything. our major problem is however is that our neighbors, the closest one being a mile away, are never ready for anything! they don’t care about prepping and laugh when I ask what will they do when something happens that they can’t get to town for supplies. the response is, as long as we have beer we will be alright! makes me sick as the have young children at home. the old saying applies, you can lead the horse to water but you can’t make him drink!

        • Proverbs 22:3…A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

        • And when the shtf, guess whose door they will be knocking on.

          • Dems the only knockers I don’t like.


        ” The Awakened One Eye’d Man is King , In the Land of the Blind MK-ULTRA Fluoride Water Poisoned Dumb Downed TAX DEBT SLAVES !!! ”

        ??? Fits me to a T – Am I the … the Crazy Prepper Dude in the story ???

        ;0P pssszzt


      6. Ridiculous! Absurd! This article is another doom and gloom piece for extremists!

        Yes, that is what The Naysayers will write or mutter to themselves. Yet they are here, reading, trolling, seeking negative attention. Why is that?

        As Brandon wrote, “As we invade their perfect world with the dreadful facts of life, their subconscious reflex is to regard us as a tangible threat.”

        The Naysayers, or The Disbelievers as they may be, have yet to realize that they, too, are noting personal and worldly changes that they are uncomfortable with. They have not yet acknowledged their own losses as we have. The actions of The Naysayers are very predictable, though, as outlined by Kubler-Ross on the grief process and how humans work through personal loss.

        So The Naysayers who will undoubtedly sound-off on this well-written article. I hope they ask themselves one question — if they are in Stage 1 (Denial) or Stage 2 (Anger) of the grief process as each one of them begins to type their criticisms.

        Come on, Naysayers: Be truthful to yourself. Admit you see serious changes you don’t trust or like. Don’t you at least owe yourself that much?

        • Would be nice to see the responses you requested. But I believe either they will do an “ostrich” or respond with nonconstructive negativity. I’ve been see a lot of that lately with some that refuse to acknowledge the dire circumstances that is in their faces and responses of “the government will help us” cliché. One can only shake their heads & walk away. Helping those that refuse help can get you killed. The government knows this & responds accordingly.

        • The grief process isn’t neatly linear. People go back and forth between the stages, usually managing denial, anger and depression in rotating succession.

          While we are preppers, we attempt to keep on living our lives as well as possible. You just keep scanning the environment for threats vs. no threats, at any given period in time. We’ve mostly found that in times of high alert, we do what we must until it passes. Someday, perhaps, it won’t pass.

          Even in the rural areas, at least in the small towns, there will remain some folks who will not be very prepared. I’ve seen them in times of small crisis, demanding someone *do something*. However, I have noticed that they are pretty adept at organizing and they will do _something_ for themselves and each other, even if not at the very first. They will simply have to adapt.

          We have family who ask:”Do you really think it could get THAT BAD”? If they take any information at all from us, they have been quiet about it. But they all live in cities 250-300 miles away. It might as well be a different planet.

          Even those of us who are prepared, can never be totally prepared. Knowing as many other survivalists as possible and being on friendly, trustful terms with each other will go a far ways.

          • Yes, Blue, I’m aware of that both in past coursework and career at times. Remember, though, no emotional state is linear, not just grieving — it’s part of the cycle and the dynamics of life. In my opinion, it’s the dynamic process that keeps life so exceptionally interesting. Those who work well with these dynamics can accept change and generally speaking they will adapt the best. As you pointed out, once people can assess the problem, they will often accept the situation and then become part of the solution. Those who adapt have the highest probability for a positive outcome and surviving.

            Another common phrase among The Naysayers is, “Not here. This is AMERICA!” How strange to think we have supernatural powers and exclusivity….

        • “Facts are chains that bind perception and fetter truth. For a man can remake the world if he has a dream and no facts to cloud his mind.”-Unkown

          I learned about prepping the very hard way, and at one time believed that things would always sort of work out. Most people I know complain about the odd item that does become so obvious that MSM must acknowlege it, but they do not like hearing about similar, and/or worse events, and/or thier causes, and likely outcomes. Most people are not even aware of the true economic situation, or future of this country.

          Thier eyes glaze over, they get frustrated, call me a “doomer” or “extremist”, etc. But, thier lives have been such that they have not likely endured any real hardship, most have not even served in the military, and many act like they are in a state of perpetual adolecence. Addicted to TV, they are not even aware of events, and/or facts that have been avilable for decades, because they do not want to know.

          Unlaess someone asks me a direct question on these topics, I will not even speak of them. If they are not awake by now, they will not be ready to awaken even in the last moments before TSHTF.

          “Finding out about the New World Order now, is like a turkey finding out about Thanksgiving.”- Henry Makow, Phd.

          • Just me…There may be ( I believe it is) another factor at work/play here in america. And worldwide also. That being, and them who read and believe the bible should recall this.

            Theres a section in book of Thesolonians(?) where it says “Due to them haveing a form of godliness but Refuseing to actually worship as God commanded, and they began to worship the Created things…The earth the sun the animals of the woods and even the creepy things that crawl upon the earth(spiders-snakes-bugs etc) Yet still they refuse to worship God As Creator of All in existence.

            Therefore God will send them a delusion, and place it into their Repbrobate Minds to Accept the delusion.

            And they will be turned over to all types of False beliefs, and they will Lust one Man after another! And even their Women folk will likewise do that what seems(and Is) Unseemly with each other(Lezbos), And God will allow them to go on that way untill He is Fed up.

            Then God will drop the proverbial hammer on em all and shower them with well deserved Wrath from Him, and they will be utterally destroyed for their false beliefs and Stubornesss etc.

            Okay! If You consider the last 30 yrs or so how so many fell for “New Ager” type enviro whacko crap and actually do worship snakes or animals etc.(peta?) It sure looks as if we have reached that point of “Delusional” ideas and actions eh.

            And if this is what we see now, we probobly wont change many if any of their types.

            • the scripture you referred to is ROMANS
              chapter 1

        • Zoltanne: Warning time is about over, if folks can’t see this train wreck coming they’re SOL. As for the naysayers I’ve noticed that the stronger the rebuke the more frightened they are. Any time bad news hits it’s interesting to see how people react to it. WTSHTF we’re going to have to deal with a lot folks whether we want to or not like family, friends, and maybe neighbors. Everyone is going to fall one of the following catagories: Number one are those with the greatest chance of survival, they will ask where the info is coming from so that they can verify it and then take whatever action they deem appropriate. The next teir of folks panic a little and look for someone to lead them-someone who will tell them what to do. These are the most common/numerous types. These types think that the government will come and save the day. Yeah, and the check’s in the mail, just wait for it! Third you have the deer-in-the-headlights folks who are either in full panic mode screaming and crying to those who’ve gone right into a catatonic state and need to lead around by the hand, literally. These are a real problem because they can get in the way and slow you down. Their chances of survival are slim to none if they don’t snap out of it quickly. In triage, they are the ones marked last (going to die no matter what). But the last group, these folks are the most dangerous because chaos is all around them they refuse to believe it. In fact they’ll even fight against anyone who has any of the above reactions in order to maintain their fantasy of normalcy. The think that if they deny it with enough faith that it will all just go away like the men who decided to go to the bar and have a few more drinks, pretending that the Titanic would never sink. Those are your naysayers: functional idiots in total denial. The can convince others to join them and even atack us. We all seem to be the Alpha type, well prepared, so it’s a good idea to know where our friends, family , and neighbors fall so that we know how to best deal with them. Get ready to do some psychological triage and cut loose the the worst ones. Tough call but a necessary one for survival.

      7. A survivalist is someone that deserves the utmost respect. The survivalist is someone that what was so uplifting about the past, people not being reliant on the collapsing society for everything to exist. The survivalist is one that has gotten the worst reputation for doing nothing other than not conforming to what is so wrong with society now. The survivalist will be the ones likely still around after just about any upheaval. The survivalist is a hell of lot more trustworthy than these mind dead robots walking around trying to look important on there cell phones. The survivalist is absolutely someone I would want watching my back, as well as I watching their back.

        • …which is exactly why the world has been brainwashed to shun us. The world cannot trick us, screw us, hold us down, misdirect us, and control us for very long. We are the cracks in the armor where truth seeps through.

          So, government and other institutions with hidden agendas seek to impart a false image on preppers so that the general public will not realize that we are “The Remnant”.

          “Advantage #6: Survivalists Stand Their Ground When It Counts”

          ..and when we know we’re right and whatever situation is wrong, we’ll stomp its butt, crack its skull or punch it full of holes to make that stand. Do not push survivalists past a certain point. Its like beating on TNT with a hammer in trying to reshape it. You may come back without critical body parts.

          Now is the time to hide. Keep your head down. Wait for SHTF. The time for preaching and waking people up is past. If I find one waking up on their own, I help them out. The ones still asleep, let them sleep. Help them if they’re coming around but don’t badger them. Its like they close their eyes even tighter. Also, as conditions worsen, the those aforementioned institutions that wish to portray a false image of the preppers will attempt to blame all the problems on us.

          But, fear not, like Slingshot says below, “When TSHTF, the rules of engagement will change and I do not think it will be in their favor.”

          Yee! Haa! Slingshot. Keep one in the pouch ready to fly.

          • I don’t know about the “world cannot trick us, screw us, hold us down, misdirect us, control us for very long” NetRanger, there still plenty on this site who are fooled by the right/left paradigm. We really won’t know how people will act until we are knee deep. It’s easy to be an armchair John Wayne when things are still relatively stable. Anybody can say anything, let’s see their actions under stress. Time will tell.

          • Netranger

            You are correct, it is time to keep quiet. I dont want anyone thinking back and remembering the chat we had about food storage or water filtration. I don’t want them to remember that I am organised and prepared to defend my child and home. I would much rather them forget about me altogether.

            Take care

        • I got my eye on a Huge massive 400+lb lady near me. If she is a prepper? I can be her pal and she can be Heat in winter and Shade in summer for me!….Cant get no cheeper air conditioning or winter heat than that right!

          • Angelo

            I know it is not right for me to find that funny…but I do bwhahahahahaha. It’s also enterprising regarding reducing electricity costs.

            Take care

            • Brit Burt! Thanks…Of course I was just kidding around. No offence towards xtra large folks male or female. It kinda popped into my mind as I recall hearing a joke like that awhile ago. plus I always liked being a smart ass at times!

              I am willing to bet many, even most folks here were the ones back in grade school, and jr high who was always singled out from class and teacher labled as the class problem for refuseing to simply go along to get along as the class others kids so willingly did.

              Called names such as Upstart etc…I know I sure was!!

              I always Hated and still do all them so called “authority” figures types. Teachers-Cops-Polititions etc. I always asked Why? Them types do not like that one bit.

              It seems being smart assed and joking alot goes with that type personality eh. But I treat 400 lb ladys just as respectfully as the real babe types!

            • Big women need lovin’ too.

      8. I do not care what they think or say anymore. When the SHTF, the rules of engagement change and I do not think it will be in thier favor.

      9. we have been off the grid and living in the wilderness for the last 7 years…. most of what he says in this article is true….

        what I would add to the list is ‘SURVIVAL TOURIST ”

        • I have a question for anyone who may be able to answer it.

          I am considering buying a fifth wheel trailer as permanant liveing. I am in Mich now but really want to move to Montana or Idaho as there are alot more liberal types here than preper types I have found.

          If I buy a well made trailer such as a Keystone Montana etc with the “Artic Pakg” and insulated heated and cloded off underbellies. Do you think I can REMAIN all winter and Not get frozen water pipes etc?

          I want to also buy an acre or so(depending how much it costs, perhaps more acres) with electric and a water well or water source to fill trailer tanks as necessary.

          But even if I must live like Gypsy and rough it at times can I do so without pipe freeze concerns as long as Inside trailer remains heated good?

          ALSO: any areas in either montana or idaho where it is still awsome scenery and mountain views etc yet dont get so cold during winter usally?…If yes? What areas.

          I am also open to other similar areas in western directions as long as it is Northern west.

          I plan to get a place in warmer areas such as smoky mt TN or??? if need be for colder temps. BUT never know if I get stranded in cold areas out west and northern areas.

          Think I can do it this way?…Know of others who have and sucessfully?….Thank you in advance if anyone answers my questions.

          PS! I am live alone and would consider to pay say some perper type or farmer type who has more land for ability to remain parked and use Their electricity which I will also pay for etc as long as price is fair to both me and them. Think that may be good possiblity?

          • An RV’s water piping system is fairly close to the RV structure. In our area (Zone 6), if we were living in it with the propane heating system running, we would not have frozen pipes.

            HOWEVER, the grey water and black water hoses would have cold weather exposure because they are hoses that take contaminated water away from the RV into a holding tank until disposal. If you anchored an RV in a semi-permanent location, you could discharge the grey/black water into a semi-permanent tank that could later be sucked out but the hoses to direct that contaminated water would still be exposed. Of course, you could dig at/below the freeze line for a more permanent setting. Here, that’s an 18-inch depth. And it would still leave the hoses under the RV that snake into the discharge tank exposed.

            In the Redoubt regions….much colder. I would think it might be best to think along the lines of a semi-permanent arrangement that would be similar to a single-wide trailer. How do they insulate around and under and what is behind the skirting?

            There’s no real insulation properties in any RVs — is there in a single-wide? You might try checking the forum RV -dot- net on the questions you have. Many helpful folks there.

          • Angelo

            Good for you for thinking about this. I wish you al the best.

            Take care

            • Burt I more than think of it. I lived in Detroit city from birth till age 43 yrs. I moved Up-North lower penninsula aprox 200 miles north of that cesspool detroit!

              Thats now begining my 17th year up here! And I began to prep etc within first few weeks of arival up north. I just aint as heavey into preps as some are.

              You can do just so much and face facts none of us knows if we be alive tomorow. I think a good market will exist in SHTF for real and is long lasting. By good market I mean.

              I am single-no kids-no pets(Had Two awsome siberien huskys, male had Blue eyes most woman would die for! but age got em both so no more pets as I prefere less responsibilities) and I live alone.

              I think alot of preppers in a shtf scenario will want to have a guy like me around as extra security or farm hand(Limited!) etc. I want to be in position if necessary to Trade off my help for small space to park a 5th wheel and diesel mid size truck such as peterbuilt model 330.

              I got cash saved and alot stuf/vehicles etc to still sell off. Soon as I find a good truck I can afford I will buy it(already passed up a fw very nice hauler trucks priced well…Now am sorry I did) Then buy nice montana trailer or other nice and well built type.

              Then I go GYPSEY!!…I want freedom to start engine-hookup 5th wheel-battan down hatches-and Leave in a 1/2 hr time frame if need be!

              I am sooooo Fed up on most all fronts since I found truth on so many agendas etc. If Anything like detroit stuf begins here or anywheres I am at?…Hook up trailer and Vamoose! See ya later folks!

              Thats reason I want to live near more likeminded folks. There its less likely to occure. I will walk away from this mortgage and ruin my xallant credit if need be!

              I Refuse to any longer reside within even 100 Miles of any “RiffRaff”. And I also fully agree with them here to say No more crap from cops or anyone Period.

              I’ve told many cop types the past two decades nearly..

              NO More Free Wacos!!…If you try it again?…Whos watching Your cribs?…heh heh! Cops dont like that too swell! But Hey! who cant agree with that?

              I picture 5 Million folks likeminded whos protest signs Will be Taped or attached to a RIFLE Barrel! Instead of the usual broomstick!….Thats when evil crooks polititions Will begin to pay atten I rekon!

              Till then, I need be gypsey like when necessary.

          • Absolutely you could live in the mountains in an RV, and still protect yourself from freezing pipes. Most people I know of that do this actually install a small woodstove. Although sometimes it gets so warm they have to leave the windows open. 🙂
            In the open areas of Montana, I would not recommend this. They get far more snow than we do, no protection from the wind if you don’t have mountains around you to block and redirect. There would be more danger of being snowed-in, or even completely buried overnight. Stick to the mountain areas, no matter where you choose to buy your land, use wood heat, and a little bit of smarts..and you will be fine.

            • Thanks for your advice reply NWPrepper….I was hopeing to hear what you stated!

      10. I was first labeled a survivalist by local authorities in 1986. Although I was originally encouraged by the relatively new ‘prepper movement’, the arrogance of many who think they will be smiling smugly in the ark while others drown just because they “woke up” and “saw the writing on the wall” will be their downfall.

        A suburban grandma can get online one morning and order some MREs, a can of bear spray, and a Gold Eagle coin. In the afternoon she plants a container garden and fills some soda bottles with water. Viola, she’s a prepper and later that night she is in some Internet user group regurgitating a half digested piece of prepper knowledge she picked up on another web site without ever having to actually experience anything.

        The truth is there are a lot of people who do not own a gun, a bug-out-bug, or have anywhere to go who are going to feed on preppers like piranha. My home state recently rewrote laws to allow early release of inmates. Although felony convictions prevent them from legally owning a firearm, it will not keep them from dispatching a prepper on the way to the Port-a-Potty and taking theirs. The motivated ones have already downloaded a list of suspected preppers in their area from

        A little humility and critical thinking will go a lot farther than that single can of beans some think they will be trading for an ounce of gold to pay their property taxes.

        • Good one, Prepared Pastor. Like the “A little humility and critical thinking” part. A quality I figure one should attempt to practice daily.

          • I have never seen one ounce of humility in regards to Prepared Pastor. He is always bragging about his stuff. Pot meet Kettle.

        • PP,

          “”The truth is there are a lot of people who do not own a gun, a bug-out-bug, or have anywhere to go who are going to feed on preppers like piranha.”””

          I don’t believe that someone in that position before a major collapse event will pose much of threat to the well prepared.

          They may, however, pose a threat to someone who believes that storing a little food to hold them over til the corp comes to save them is all they have to worry about.

          Most of us here are well beyond that. Some, it seems, look forward to the opportunity to use their weapons.

          While I have no desire to point my weapon at another man, I have resigned myself to the possibility of one day having to do so. And once pointed, shooting will be a reflex action that requires no thought.

          As Tuco said, “when you gotta shoot, shoot, don’t talk”.

          Preparing yourself for that action is even more important than having the gun.

        • I can’t find any website
          Is this for real?

          • I think he meant – the American Radio Relay League. This site, and others (including, allow you to search by zip code for people who hold an FCC amateur (ham) radio license. Anyone may listen to ham radio without a license, but in order to legally transmit you most hold a license.

      11. Sorry for the side note but has anyone had any contact with Manos I hear through third parties with family in Europe things are shit, funny how the main stream media doesnt think we should be kept abreast of our brothers and sisters over the pond!

        • Dunno about Manos, but relying on MSM for news is a useless endeavor. The reason to have a decent SW receiver & antenna.

        • Possee posted a letter from him last week – it sounds horrible there. Eastern Europe is also very hard hit, according to a friend there. It’s a cautionary tale, because what is happening there will soon be happening here.

          • I can only talk about Romania as my step son and ex MIL are there. Things are not good in E. Europe at all, even for those who still have steady incomes – pensions and wages have been slashed.

            Put it this way – they are already bugged out in their stone cottage in the mountains and won’t be travelling into town any time soon. The flat in the city has been locked up for the foreseeable future. (Mountain home has it’s own fresh water supply, etc, etc).

            People feel VERY betrayed as it’s not so long ago that they saw off Caeucescu iykwim. Life was supposed to have become less of a beuracratic corrupt nightmare. However I actually think that in the long term they will be better off than many Western European nations as their previous experiences under Communism & the breakdown of the former Soviet Bloc etc means that the average Joe in that part of the world is far less trusting that “The gubberment will come and wipe my nose” & so has a more of what we’d call a “prepper” instinct, & hasn’t lost his common sense and the critical thinking skills that are so lacking in the West but so crucially needed to susrvive what’s coming.

          • Daisy, a few days ago I returned to the US from a trip to Frankfurt Germany. From the lengthy discussions I had with some of the locals I believe things are much worse than is perceived by the rest of the world. Lines have been drawn in the sand.

            The European Central Bank is pulling out all the stops trying to lay a guilt trip on Germany in the hopes that Germany will fall on its sword in a completely futile effort to bailout the failed European states. You know the old saying, misery loves company.

            I had at least 10 very lengthy conversations with locals and 100% of them favored a return to the Deutsche Mark currency. This would effectively torpedo the Euro.

            The new ECB plan to save the Euro, announced a few days ago, calls for pulling (fiat paper) Euro currency out of monetary circulation to be used for purchasing interest bearing Spanish government bonds. You read that right. Only Ben Bernanke could dream up a bigger Ponzi scheme than that!

            In any case, Europe is toast, it’s just a matter of time, and I’d rather see a strong Germany left standing intact to pick up the pieces instead of seeing the entire European land mass turned into economic scorched earth. Cheers.

            • We’ve seen the flash, now we’re just waiting for the boom.

              I worked for fifteen years for a German hi-tech firm. Even five years ago, long before I retired and long before things got as bad as they are, one of my German friends was complaining about the giant sucking sound of German money being poured into the southern European sewer, (that’s how he put it). By now he must be white-hot with anger. I expect he’s not atypical.

            • YH

              You’re right. I can assure you it is vey unrosy on this side of the Atlantic. I think the UK is as bad as everywhere else in the zone though of of course this is denied. A least we won have to change currency like the rest f them when the bottom drops out.

              Being a part of the Euro trading zone we will hit the bottom with an almighty smack when Europe collapses.

              Take care

            • Hello Burt, I’m keeping my fingers crossed very hard that the United Kingdom will be among a very small hand full of European nations left standing after the Euro currency collapses.

              I don’t know how bad things might get over there or what the time frame looks like, but I am confident that the economic carnage will not spare the U.S.

              Survivability will boil down to the individual level. Survivalist and preppers of today, will be tomorrow’s survivors.

              Cheers Burt.

            • I have a friend who just got back from Germany as well and he basically said the same thing. The people he talked to are ticked off.

              It’s kind of like here in the US. Germany is the hard working, responsible taxpayer and the PIIGS are the welfare collectors. There is no way they are going to sacrifice their hard earned pensions and savings and work for forty years before they can retire, just so the people in some of the other countries can retire on entitlements after only working twenty years.

              What people need to realize is, as soon as Europe collapses (and it will happen fast when it does) the US will go right behind it. Then it will be the end of the world as we know it. The big question I wonder is,is it going to be before or after the election?

            • BTW, after he told me about it he said he was going to start prepping.

            • arco, I agree 99.999999%. It won’t necessarily be the end of the world. The sun will rise the day after the collapse; but things will, without a doubt, be irrevocably different.

              This will be the most dangerous time for those who exercised some foresight and planned ahead. Cheers.

            • Yea it sounds like the EU is doing just like the US gov.; sucking the very life from all it’s workers. The fat cats keep getting fatter while the peons barely scratch out a living.

          • Thank you Daisy I’ll have to try and find it!

          • The Old Coach, excellent analogy “…waiting for the boom”

            One of the individuals I spoke with was a hotel receptionist in the hotel lobby in Frankfurt. He was being very vocal about his disgust with the Euro currency and the other Euro countries that refuse to get their acts together. I had to gesture to him to keep his voice down because heads were turning in our direction.

            It is nothing more than socialized welfare and wealth distribution on a grand scale. Very much like the siphoning off of America’s manufacturing and natural resources to the rest of the world.

            Instead of bringing the rest of the world to higher a economic plane, progressive politician’s have brought America down to theirs, and the very same thing is occurring with Germany.

            Very despicable.

            • Progressives Are Kommies. They want so badly to always be correct(even though they rarely are) that they will do most Anything to not have to admit they are wrong.

              Example: Many libs think they will rid selves of greed guilt or white guilt by claiming their Divesity is our strength crap or multiculturisim is what the bible mandates!

              But the Lord mandated christians,( and catholics is all over europe as they are here too,) Mandated em to go into other nations and spread the word.

              As is usual for liberals they Twist that around to mean…Bring all third world low lifes(especially somallies for euro zones) Into Their previously mainly white culture nations.

              The Lord never said we should bring em all into Our countries!…He said Go spread the gospel. Them what accepts it remain awhile to deciple(teach) them. Then Leave!..Not bring em all back home!

              He also stated if they reject gospel, Leave imeadiatly and do Not return!….Todays lib types keep returning 40 yrs with all sorts of meals on wheels programs etc.

              Thats Not what was meant to happen. Now after 1/2 century of diversity and multiculture tolerance every white nation worldwide is Ruined and probobly for good.

              Ever heard any lib kommies cry out for multicultic invasions into Japan? China? ISREAL!? Vietnam? AFRICA!? MEXICO!?…..No you do not and never will. ONLY white nations are slated for this destructive crap.

              But a true marxists they cant ever admit there no such thing as “Equality” or “We all same except skin color”.

              Nothing in Gods Created universe is equal!..No two snowflakes is same!…Even Identical twins parents has hard time to figure out which is which, aint the same…Fingerprints is Different. So is personalitys!

              NO equality ever existed anywheres. It is another kommie swindle thought up ny early marxists such as Lennin and trotsky. Trotsky also is most likey first to coin word “Racist” only he didnt mean it for white vs blacks like today. It was then for gentiles vs jews. But played out same as today.

              Facts is one worlder kommi globalists know it is whites worldwide who is their Biggest obstacle to a NWO. They know a full frontal attack, especially against america wont work cause we will Destroy Them!

              So…Death to All white nations by a Thousand cuts. And one very evil wicked method that works so swell for lib kommies is Multicultural diversity. Along with faggot/lezbo everything they can do.

              Look around it is everywheres now. TV shows sitcoms comody acts hollywood billboards JC Penny catalogs! All over world all we see is beautifull blonde white woman attached to a negro male.

              Constant degradeing and promoteing hatred toward whites, while Uplifting blacks and browns and feminists and homos.

              This aint no accident or coincidence!…And if whiteys dont soon get their act together and Stick tohetger like all them other races etc does?…America and europe are Toast!

              Nobody whos is white will be fixin or rebuilding america or germany or any former white areas. Unless whites awaken and ban together to act like we did in the cowboy day era. Back before 1900 era whiteys helped another white. Today they say “I wll be late to work or shopping! if I stop to assist”..Till They needs help that is!

              I despise such whites. Hate to say it but it is true. I hope they do awaken. Dont think they will though. A small few percent patriot or prepper whites left wont last long at all.

      12. The prepper nation is considered looney’s amongst the “normal” people .., so, how about we call ourselves……..

        “Commodity Insurance Engineers” 😉 Has this been used yet?

        Does the SHTF crew have any other good ideas for names?

        Having a bit of fun here.

        • Look up “survival lawn chair webbing.” You find it interesting.

          Homemade Gun Sling: If you’re out in the woods and your sling breaks, you can make a homemade sling and is it to carry your firearm around on your shoulder, as you would with the original sling.

          Lashing: Whatever you need to tie together, assuming it’s not super heavy, can be tied with nylon webbing for lawn chairs. It’s pretty cheap and works well in a survival kit.

          Primitive Rock Throwing Weapon: In the wild, in a survival situation, this could work to make a primitive weapon for hunting small game, like birds or even squirrels. It will take some practice, but these types of weapons have been around for almost as long as people.

          Survival Snare: While not perfect, it could work as a makeshift snare for capturing small animals for food. This is one of the reasons a small roll of nylon strap should be in your survival kit.

          Arm Sling: if you injure your arm, for example, this could be used as a makeshift arm sling until you can get proper medical attention.

          Rope Replacement: You can use it to replace almost any piece of rope, even if only for a temporary fix.

          Boat Tie Down: Did you lose the ratchet at the back of your boat? If so, this will work in a pinch, assuming you don’t have a giant, super heavy boat. For a normal fishing boat, this will help you get from point A to point B safely.

          Winch Strap: If you have ever had winch rope rot and get weak on you, you probably know it happens at the worst times. If you have a roll of this product on hand, it will work in a pinch, assuming your aren’t winching super heavy items.

          Scouring Pad: If out camping and you forget to bring anything for washing pots and pans, a very short length will work alright for cleaning up and washing the dishes you used to cook your meals over an open fire.

          Homemade Clothesline: Stretch out the nylon and use it as a clothesline. While it’s not going to be something you want to leave up permanently, it will work out just fine in a pinch, or if there are no other options, like rope available to use for this.

          Game Drag: If out in a survival situation, or even on a normal hunting trip, this will work fairly well to drag out medium and some large game animals. If dragging manually, the wider straps, which are normally 1 ½ or 2 inches wide, will be more comfortable around your shoulder than rope.

          Emergency Signal: Since it’s generally in bright colors, you can use it to wave down help, if you should be stranded or need to get someone’s attention.

          Fish Stringer: If out fishing and you forget your stringer, this is one of the more unique and unusual applications you might want to consider for replacement lawn chair webbing.
          Why Replacement Aluminum Lawn Chair Nylon Webbing is a Survival Item

        • Eagledove

          I think you have something there. Love it.

          Hope all is well with you

          Take care

          • Hello Burt! 🙂

            Everything is going well here. We are getting regular rain here in my part of the Midwest and I am putting in long hours at work.

            I stumbled across this article and thought I would share it., this was something different and out of the normal.

            Have a nice evening!

            You are a wonderful lady and a great asset to SHTFplan.

        • I Like that! Commodity Insur engineers…When I used to be a window cleaner and had to deal with uppity yuppie types I used to call my ocupation…..A Visionairy Glass Enhancement Engineer… Or simply drop the “Glass” part and say Visionary enhancement engineer!!

          I really liked how that sounded, and it worked swell when meeting uppity chicks who you still want to meet(at least as a temporary aquaintence).

          Visionary sounds really fuzzy warm inside to a liberal daffy blond type….Because hey, even daffy lib blonds can still look like centerfold material right!

          I should have got buis cards made!!!…”Here Take my Card!”…”Wanna decorate the back of my Harely for a ride later?”…heh heh…

          • Angelo.., I like the way you think !!

            Thumbs up!!! 🙂

            • Eagledove, thanks…I swear it may sound stupid or backwards but I was a detroit biker type since age 14yrs old. First triumph bike age 17…By a year later age 18 got first harley! a 1959 sweet all original Panhead harely!!!!!

              I learned things alot different. For example I was raised for aprox 10 yrs in detroit projects. But hung with bikers always.

              If you go to a bar or whatever, most guys try the usual stuf to meet good lookin babes right?…Many remain seated and never get lucky so to speak as they are terrified of good lookin women!

              They are afraid to be turned down by a woman who is a real looker. Not us guys!

              I used to tell daffy type females I was a Lawyer! That really works swell. You know you wont see em again probobly right. So why not tell em what they want to hear?

              Best thing us biker guys did was wait for women to aproach us. They alwasy want us to buy drinks right. No way!…We’d say No Why dont you girls buy Us guys drinks for a change?!

              Most women get pissed off and ignore us after that. BUT the real fine women who all the suit and tie guys are afraid to speak to etc, them girls get so loonly they will buy us drinks!…Then once they ask for a Harely ride?….We’d say “Gee I sure like to..But my back tire is thin on tread and aint too safe for a nice pretty girl like you to chance it!”…

              If shes also got a good job and earns good coin?…She will sometimes offer to Buy me or my pal a new tire soon as stores open!…I kid you not!

              The more finest prettiest girls are the lonelyist, cause so many regular guys are afraid to aproach em. They Crave atten and we are willing to supply alot of atten to them girls. As long as We aint got to buy them barely anything!

              Uncle Joey also taught me…Do Not lose yer head to any womens that spends yer bread!…Uncle Joe was correct!

              Many guys I knew ended up Broke and unhappy. Us biker types always had real good looking women. I aint bragging its just the way it works is all..Gotta do stuf differnt is all cause Thats what works!

              And the looks from Real Yuppie lawyer type guys as we walk out with best looking chicks at bar is Priceless!

              Woemen dont really like yuppie sissie lawyer types…They only want the cash…If you refuse to supply that cash them ladys gets very curious like a kitty cat curious and you are happening pal!

              I am alot older now thiugh (age 60) so I’ve calmed down quite a bit!…Fun while it lasted though…So if You are younger?…Get an Early start!!!…Get a Harley Hog also!!

      13. Survivalists are the new moderns, for the most part we have navigated through modern society and all the distractions of the helpful and useless technologies that have distracted man from reality, and we’ve maintained a firm grip on the one human attribute that will save us “instinct.”

      14. My new prep is self employment. I’m building a global team to build out .com sites.

        Derive our income from the globe, not the local town only.

        Build new skills, make new contacts. One of my new guys I aligned with…in addition to being a dba was a prepper…

      15. I am reminded of Moshe the Beadle from the Holocaust book, Night, by Elie Wiesel. Even after he’d witnessed a mass execution by the Gestapo and managed to escape and return to his village, the townsfolk refused to believe there was any imminent danger. They called Moshe “eccentric”. When the global financial system collapses, there still will be those who refuse to believe that it is anything more than an inconvenience. When they finally believe, it will be too late. These same people have bought fire insurance for their homes for 40 years and never had to make a claim. If that’s not prepping, I don’t know what is.

        • They only buy insurance because their mortgage lender makes them do it.

        • I prefere he Ytube of a woman who claims she Escaped the “Gas” chamber SIX times before she turned age 9!!..She also claimed she escaped after 4yrs in a camp and then admits her parents was Killed 3 yrs BEFORE she was Born!

          When interviewer on video asked “HOW is that even Posible “? “How can you be Born 3yrs After parents was DEAD”?!!

          Camp survivor lady claimed she was born With her Parents “Memorys Genes”!!! so thats how she can believe her OWN Lies! and we all should believe it too!

          When eli weazel got busted for lies in his several books and fact is eli had NO tattoo! a FED usa court ruled against eli weazel when a REAL former aushwitz survivor eli pointed out in old photos as elis roomy mate etc. and SUED eli for libel and slander,elis claims was LIES! as is 99% of ALL eli weazels bs.

          When some msm asked eli weazel about that lawsuit and about many other Lies he spews to sell Books, eli said “Just because you can Prove with Facts that what I said never occured?…That dont mean I dont still believe it and You all should too!”

          I Hope you can get a Refund for his books…

          • A 20 minute Google search will prove that there is not a single ounce of truth to anything you say. You’re a holocaust denier.

            • WRONG! I never deny that it happened. Only that aprox98% of all the holyhox BS swindles is just That!

              Besides the fed reserve bank swindles the next best jewish swindle of all time is that holyhoax and all the lies or fale claims etc.

              Every jew alive worldwide has at Least one grandparent who die or survived the “Gas Chambers”…

              Well steve, explain why a few yrs ago scientist archeolgist guys took a machine similar to one used on ICE ROAD Trucker tv show, that drags behind a vehicle to XRAY the ice thickness. Ever see That episode?

              That xray computerized thing is like a lawnmower and can be moved across a Gridwork of Land. Well after extensively checking with that xray type machine for ground disturbances etc and old bones or boddies etc.

              Guess what steve…ZERO was Found! Then the worlds Foremost gas chamber expert that designed several PRISON gas chambers like Illinois and Texas if I recall corectly?

              He did all types a “Residue” trace elements whish MUST be present if such gas was used. ZERO trace elements found steve!

              Then No Less than Auswichz “camp” had to CHANGE the sign that was there for 60 years and stated “heres a gas chamber where 4 MILLION jews died”(never a mention of Non Jews who died or fled eh steve?! Gues Only jews count enough steve) The sign was crossed out and new number was placed that listed 1.4 Million!!!!

              That beggs question steve…What happened to the Other 2.6 MILLION jews who “Disapeared”?!! OR maybe as is typical of ETERNAL WHINNY Victim jews they sort of Lied?!

              Steve uses typical whiny jew liberal alinsky tactics eh!

              Did steve even bother to READ the Massive list of jewish quotes on another thread in my answer to another poster guy here?…I Doubt steve read that!

              Liberalboy rather throw out a sentence to accuse me or others who Provide many links or proofs etc cause steve is lib right steve…You sure yoy aint Alan Colmbs?!! from fox tv hannitys side kick?…Can you raise Just One eyebrow when your on camara as alan does alot of steve?

              ONE QUESTION Steve…Hows come with so many trips to mexico and south america hunting down 90 yr old german males to claim was a nazi etc, why didnt ol’Eli the weazle ever stop off to ARREST Leon Trotsky(Real name Lev Bronstien aka a Jew) for Murdering aprox 20 MILLION White christians in Russia/poland/ukraine?

              Come on steve why? Dont 100 to 150 MILLION DEAD white christians due to KOMMIE Bolshevik JEWS count steve?…Trotsky remained in Mexico at least till 1940 alive and well! Why didnt Mr. Eli Weazle arrest Trotsky?…Never mind I know already…Cause tratsky also was a stinkin kommie jew. Like mr weazle.

              Sorry but I cant stand when folks are awake on so many agendas..BUT not awake to massive proven lies from WWII era…Do Not believe MSM ever! Unless it is about the Holyhoax right?!!…Cause MSM and all their cohorts(like eli) Lie on everything Except of course the jewsish issues eh!

      16. That was a truly fabulous article. I’ll be forwarding this to the “doubters” that surround me.

        Probably won’t make much of a difference. Most of them have got their heads so far up their backsides they can’t hear anything. Those are the ones I’ll be laughing at when TSHTF.

        • I don’t even bother to forward these type articles anymore, people will only delete them. It’s like books, people don’t read, and they especially won’t read anything serious, or that makes them uncomfortable.

          “They won’t need to ban books, becuse people won’t read anymore.”- Aldous Huxley

          • Have you noticed that the MSM is offering more and more “news” articles as video only? This appeals to the non-readers and allows more commercial ads.

            • Yes, and some of the written news articles are somewhat lacking, and many even contain spelling and gramtical errors (I would expect this on site without Spellcheck, but a major web site should be a bit more careful).

              And, many of the responses, on sites that allow them, and don’t censor them, don’t give one much hope for the majority of people having an IQ over about 80.

              When TSHTF, it should be interesting.

      17. Thank you, Brandon Smith, for one of the best articles on survivalism I’ve ever read anywhere. In post-SHTF and after the dust settles, we preppers are the ones who will still be alive and standing tall. I fully expect in the intial stage of post-SHTF that the nonpreppers will turn against us and they’ll even turn against each other. I’m in Memphis so I not only have to be concerned with that but also with the New Madrid Fault acting up which is only an hour’s drive from my home. This whole country is about to get turned upside down. However, I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I recognized the warning signs early, started prepping early, and still prepping right up until the last minute. I’m a prepper and I know I have the best chances for survival at least in my own neighborhood. I don’t apologize to anyone for what I believe. I know how to think for myself. I don’t accept anyone’s propaganda regardless of where it comes from. I know there’s some good things that can come from SHTF, but we’ve got to come together and work together to make those things happen and take this country back. I dread what is coming as much as anyone else here and we’ll all experience things we wouldn’t normally expect to go through. Changes are coming to this land, but we can make them changes for the better. The high-tech society we have now will become history and we’ll have to go back to the way our ancestors lived, but I believe it will all be for the best. Take care and keep prepping.

      18. Dear PP, many of your posts sound like Right wing dribbel and I am really irked by this one. In a police state dont you think a lot of people might end up being labeled “felon” for less and less reason. You call yourself a pastor, yet you want to see people locked up and you dont even know why they are there. Chances are the one who will get you will be your buddies in some sort of uniform.

      19. Mac,

        Off topic, I request you consider adding Susan Posel’s site Occupy Corporatism to your link list.

        Thank you

        • Done! Susan is very quickly becoming a leading voice in alternative media and the liberty movement. I read her insights daily. thanks for reminding me to add her to the Web Destinations!

          • Gee, Mac! have you looked at that site? It’s beyond even Alex Jones and Washington’s Blog for left-wing conspiracy advocation.

            • @The Old Cooch … you truly are one Ignorant CIA ZION Jooo FEDGOV Muthafooker Traitor Co-Intel Propaganda TROLL aren’t you . I can’t help but wonder just how much AmeriKan Fiat Dollars you get paid to be so blindly ignorant and Traitor to the American People …

              … And didn’t they lock you up in the “Big House” for 30 years with a well hung Cell Mate named “Big Black Bubba” for Prostituting Molesting your own Football Players at Penn State they charged you with 52 counts of child molestation dating from 1994 to 2009 last I heard AND CONVICTED YOU ???

              … And yet you still show your face here at SHTFPLAN.COM posting your cia fedgov zion jooo propaganda lies !!!

              ” HEY @The Old Cooch – LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE !!!”

              Dummy .

              ;0p pssszzt


          • Mac,

            You are welcome. A lot of sites copy her work. I’ve listened to her on a podcast interview, and at least she sounds sincere, does’nt mean she is, but she seems to be trying.

            Old Coach,

            I don’t think she’s any more “left wing” than anyone else out there. She investigates and reports. No one has to believe what she says. If you really believe she is’nt real, by reading her material, you at least see another take on topics.

      20. We watched this movie, Take Shelter, last night after seeing this same article posted on another site. I highly recommend it. Although it gets a little bit slow in places, the ending is worth it.

        I can identify with the main character. Knowing what’s coming does make one feel a bit crazy at times. You see the world totally differently than almost everyone around you. The knowledge you have about things that are going on and that are coming, is so extensive that you can’t possibly explain it all to anyone, and even if you had the time for it, they wouldn’t believe it anyway because this info has to be absorbed in small amounts over a period of time. It’s actually a burden, because “For in much wisdom [is] much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.” (Ecclesiastes 1:18) But I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

      21. “Being an outsider to the Liberty Movement, she was naturally curious as to what motivated us to make what some in our culture would see as a drastic and bewildering leap away from the mainstream.”

        That’s easy to answer. I have the capacity to learn from history and other’s mistakes. Understanding that human nature and weaknesses change glacially slow, if ever, also helps. For me 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the 2008 market bubble burst served as the big wakeup calls for me. If anyone can live through those event and not change their lifestyle, their lights are on but nobody’s home. Just my 2 cents folks.

      22. Great article. BBQ Chicken Drumbsticks are the best!

      23. @Be informed…is it just me or does it look like the ring of fire is on FIRE? These quakes look like that are marching around the ring ready to converge on the west coast. But, again, i’m no seismologist…just someone who attempts to listen, observe and learn who know about these things.

      24. All good points, my favorite being #5. ‘Survivalists cook up a mean barbecue.’ Such profound wisdom from one so young. Way to go, Brandon!

        • ….a coupla 1/2 inch juicy slabs of red vine ripe tomatoe on a mayonnaised piece of whole grain bread…just had me two…awwwhhhh Im in some kind of paradise…way off topic I know, but most of you understand Im sure… 😉

      25. All non-preppers should be very grateful for all around them that are prepping.

        Preppers will be one less family standing in the long line in front of them awaiting the desperately hoped for rumored FEMA truck coming around to their neighborhood next with food & water in the next disaster to hit their community.

        – Shane

        • Agreed Shane and quite a good observation. I prep for my own family and for other family members who refuse to see the reality of the situation. I do it because even though they are stubborn, I care for them and would never turn them away.

          When it all goes down we will be ready, and we will not be standing in line waiting for a handout.



      26. Survivalists are those that everyone else ridicules when times are easy, and those that every body counts on when times get tough.

        And very soon times will be very tough.

        • “an’ it’s Tommy this, and Tommy that, and Tommy get b’hind, but it’s ‘please to walk in front sir’ when there’s trouble in the wind.” (Kipling)

          • Yep.

      27. That is an excellent article. I just wish it were in a bit more mainstream place than Alt-Market.

      28. Every survivalist today has at one time or another felt the overwhelming weight of responsibility that comes with knowing; not believing, but KNOWING the future

        And that same “responsibity” will cause you to ruthlessly murder those who did not heed your word if/when the SHTF.

      29. Today youngest was helping me unload stuff from the store and add to our preps she looks around and says Mom there is no way we will ever eat all this food and use all this stuff! I told her I hope and pray we never need to use it but if we do and I do think it will be soon you and others in the extended family will be thanking me. I just wish more people could see the obvious and get prepared. Like someone said we all have Insurance on cars and homes why not food insurance. You would think people would look at that and think how smart that is maybe they should do it, instead of thinking we are crazy.

        • Well said Ranchers wife! Unfortunately many, if not most, folks in the world have lost the capacity to learn from the past and from history. They live purely on (excessive) emotional stimulation, in the moment, for the moment, and will suffer greatly in the face of undaunted adversity.

          Prophetic warnings given to us by the Founders have been all but erased from sight by Progressives, and it infuriates them greatly that these warnings simply will not die, try as they may.

          We have to excavate those warnings from documents long stripped from public view and hand them down generation to generation. At this point I can only hope things don’t get too rough ahead.

          Cheers Ranchers wife.

        • Wow, I just spent an hour on your web site,,,great stuff! Bookmarked it to go back and read some more. Very pragmatic and useful, thank you.

        • Roasted Green Chile. Awesome. Nothing like it in the world, been a long time.

        • Hello all, and slick two thumbs up on the ingenuousness of a prepping party. Hi Ranchers wife, im curious as to how are the water Wells holding up in your area? Are you close to the Llano Estacado region or Blackland prairie? This article provides a great mental boost to us who see what lies ahead, it looks as if the APEC meeting the under current in some circles is trading gold for oil as opposed to dollars for oil, when this happens hang on. Everyone have a great and productive week. With Godspeed stay alert and prep like theres no tomorrow.

        • Ranchers wife, BleakoEcobamics is correct! Awesome website you have there.

      30. #2..mind your own bidness….if everyone would do this, the world would be a much, much better place…everyone keep your head down and keep prepping

      31. As honest men who have banded together into groups or associations of a political or religious nature are falsely labeled “domestic terrorists” or “cultists” and suppressed, it will become necessary to consider other methods of organization, or as the case may very well call for: non- organization. “Leaderless Resistance”

        Something to look at when you’re branding the sheep.

      32. Nicaraguan volcano spews ash 3 miles high

        San Cristobal volcano spewing up large clouds of gas and ash near Chinandegga City, some 150 km north of capital Managua September 8, 2012. Nicaragua’s highest volcano belched an ash plume up to 3 miles (5 km) into the atmosphere on Saturday, prompting the evacuation of hundreds of nearby residents


        THE UN NWO ZOG NATO AMERIKA FEDGOV USSA Treasury and Private Federal Reserves Rob Russia and China out of Trillions in AmeriKan Fiat Dollar Debt Purchase Inflation Fraud Swindle … then threatens them both with NUCLEAR WAR !!!

        September 6, 2012

        A dark, gruesome, but wholly true depiction of the threat of thermonuclear war, the consequences, and Obama’s deployment of a major portion of the U.S. thermonuclear capabilities in multiple theaters threatening both Russia and China.

        see below link …

        • *** Just in case some of you Less Aware Preppers aren’t savvy enough to it … ONCE AGAIN THE ZIONIST FASCIST COMMIE AMERIKA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX OLIGARCHY and their FIAT DOLLAR is the “BAD EVIL GUY” making All of you amerikans who support profit from the AmeriKan War industries and Military the BAD GUY !!!


          ” FACT: The Most Warlike Country and Peeples in the World is AmeriKan’s , AmeriKa averages a war every 10 years … every AmeriKan generation is / has been destroyed intentionally by foreign occupation wars since 1910 !!!”


          • …gotta keep us looking out there somewhere…if they dont we may start looking inside and start asking questions,hard questions “they” cant dare answer… 🙁

      34. Look for the NET to go down soon or at least it will be only for the goverment BULL-SH-T. We will be on our own soon and not able to have commo with one another. Very shortly the raids will come. The word of mouth is and will be the only way we will have. Make very sure of who you talk to, and what you say. Remember what they are putting out SEE OR HEAR SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. Good luck in the very near future, IT HAS ARRIVED. Big O with the EO will end it soon!

      35. 🙂

      36. Liked the first picture at the top. A hand up, not a hand out.

      37. As of last week 368K people stopped looking for work. As it stands right now, America’s labor force is at 63.5 percent, the lowest since 1981-King’s World News.



        don’t fool yourselves that this will not happen here in AmeriKa … cause it already is happening here and did happen here .

        *** 9/11 , oklahoma city , ruby ridge , pearl harbor , uss liberty , uss cole , gulf of tonkin , uss maine , aurora colorado theater massacre , wisconsin seik temple massacre etc etc ALL FALSE-FAG CIA FBI terrorist FEDGOV PLANNED PAID FOR ATTACKS ON YOU THE AMERIKAN PEOPLE !!! IT’S OWN TAX DEBT CITIZENS AND MILITARY SLAVES !!!

        see below link …

      39. Just watch and see the stock market is going to have a big selloff the next couple days…When is the big Fed fucking announcement anyway.?
        Response to NINA O Is That you talking or the liquor talking for you ?????

      40. its all crazy talk. nothing bad ever happens …

        latest news headline from an area somewhere close by:

        naked man stealing candy from store… police called

        the zombies are escaping already

      41. Tomorrow Tuesday,September 11,2012, will be the beginning of something huge.

        Is it not ironic that Patriot Day USA begins the 100 day countdown to December 21st, 2012. Much has been written and speculated upon what may happen on Dec. 21st. I’m more concerned about what will happen between Patriot Day USA and Dec 21st. I am going to make daily remarks on my calendar as to events as they transpire. The time period may come and go with nothing spectacular or life changing, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

        What does Patriot Day USA mean to you? First of all, it’s not to be confused with Patriots Day in April. Secondly, it is primarily a remembrance of those that lost their lives on Sept. 11th,2012; as all that fly the Flag, do so at half mast. But it means more to me than that.

        Patriot: one who loves his country and supports its authority and interests.

        I see “country” as the land and the true american citizens that live as true patriots. Not as those that come here for citizenship just to milk the taxpayers and get a free ride. Not as “extremists” that want to change our America to adopt their freakish religion and beliefs.

        I see “authority” not as the government as we know it, but as the Constituition of the United States of America, that was fought for by many whom gave their lives for it. It is the government that barely exists, the one that is by, and for the people. People being the true citizen patriots.

        I see Patriot Day USA as a celebration and renewal of commitment of the “true citizens” to stand up for what is right, and free, and God!
        I see a renewed commitment to reclaim the America we once believed in.

        My greater Grandfather, Josiah, left his home in Senley, Wilshire County, England, in 1635 and settled in Boston,Mass. He came for many reasons. I suspect he came for a chance at a better life as much as it was about religious freedom.

        What I do know, is that many generations of his descendants were entrepreneurs and farmers. Many fought and some died for a way of life and a country that they believed in for their families and future generations.
        I am proud to have that same blood flowing thru my body. That same spirit and love for my country. I won’t give up or give in to the evil that has tried to undermine everything that all patriots have strived for here in America.

        I celebrate America the Free and the Proud. Proud of our Constituition and the Flag and what it stands for.

      42. In thinking about it, the ONLY movie that portrayed survivalists in a good light was the original “Tremors”
        where the survivalist couple helped out all the other characters even though before the “event” the others made fun of them and the survivalist lifestyle.(in a good natured way)

      43. “It does not take a psychic to see the mathematical certainty of dollar devaluation and loss of world reserve status.”

        No, it does not. Most all of us on here do so and it is not psychic energy that conveys this message but simply math of the arithmetic variety. That is will happen is a certainty. When it will happen is anyone’s guess. What all Americans should do is ask themselves one simple question: “Is it better to be prepared for disasters of various kinds or not?”. Once this starting question is asked and answered, we all know what we need to do.

        What is not so clear, however, is what does it mean to lose World Reserve Currency status? Most Americans have not even heard of this, let alone have any idea what it means. A simple explanation is that WRC status means that other countries need to settle their debts in whatever currency has this status. Because of this, extra demand for US dollars is created. It is this demand that pushes up the value of US dollars. Without this demand, US dollars are worth less due to reduced demand for dollars. Although economists differ on the exact impact that this loss of WRC status will have, most agree that it will decrease the value of the US dollar by about 30%. The impact of this is that the US dollar will be devalued by this same 30%, so everything we buy with dollars will immediately rise by 30% in price. It will be as if we all had 30% less money. This will be inconsequential to the rich people, difficult for many upper-middle class people, and devastating for everyone else. This will cause mid-middle to lower class folks severe hardship that is similar to that of the Great Depression of the 1930s.

        In addition, once WRC status is lost it never returns, so there will be no getting back to “the good old days”, ever. Poverty and austerity will become the new normal. We’ve had the party, drank and eaten with abandon, and would then be entering the time when the bills come due. It will be a mega-migraine and there is no doubt of that at all.

        The only bright spot is that many of us collect silver coins to use as barter material. They will still be worth a good amount in trade when the dollar is devalued or collapses altogether from falling US productivity and rising debt.

      44. Long live Montana! It’s good to know I’m not alone.

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