The Shovel and Hole Maneuver For Hiding Gold, Guns and Other Assets

by | Oct 10, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 132 comments

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    As the world falls further into economic crisis and political instability, precious metals accumulation among the general public has seen an unprecedented rise. Hoards that include precious metals, guns, and other physical assets are growing across America, as those with a feeling of unease about the government’s ability to mitigate the problems facing our nation look to secure some of their wealth in non-paper holdings before the bottom falls out of our financial system.

    The distrust with the system in general extends not to just financial markets or the Federal Reserve, but the very banks that are supposed to be responsible for holding our wealth securely. The prospect of cascading bank failures and Great Depression style runs, openly discussed in recent comments by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke himself, is motivating more and more people to take their personal wealth preparedness plans to the next level.

    At one time, securing your assets at your local bank branch seemed like a good idea. But we can no longer consider traditional safe deposit boxes as safe. This has has been demonstrated recently in England with the seizure or thousands of supposedly secure boxes, as well as California, where local governments have already seized assets of box holders under the pretense of unclaimed property (even though it is perfectly clear who the owners are in many cases):

    These days, thieves, failing banks and government safe deposit box seizure aren’t the only concerns. Americans are also increasingly concerned by the possibility of a repeat of FDR’s gold confiscation initiative, and in many cases, gun confiscation as we saw during the Hurricane Katrina debacle. The point is, that in the very middle of a crisis where you may need your precious metals, guns or other “tools” the most, is exactly when government may move to remove those from your possession.

    With that in mind, what should a precious metals investor (or anyone looking to keep important assets out of sight) do? According to Ben Steverman, you might want to seriously consider the oldest trick in the book:

    If you’re looking for a safe place to put your investments, Chad Venzke has a suggestion: Dig a hole in the ground four feet deep, pack gold and silver in a piece of plastic PVC pipe, seal it, and bury it.

    The 30-year-old central Wisconsin resident trusts no one but himself to store and protect his gold and silver—not banks, not investment funds, and certainly not the government. It’s precisely because of this suspicion of institutions that he invests in those metals to begin with. In case of emergency, “you always want to have your precious metals within arms reach,” he says.

    When hiding bulkier assets underground, you may need to disassemble them and include water-proofing to prevent damage. Items like guns, ammunition, a radio, and even reserve emergency food rations could be considered as essential shovel-and-hole gear for a crisis that may require a bit more care than coinage.

    There are, of course, some dangers with this method, so be forewarned:

    For those storing gold and silver in or around their home, the most immediate danger isn’t a crisis or a dip in metal prices. It’s theft. The FBI, which tallies the theft of precious metals and jewelry in one category, says $1.6 billion was stolen in 2010, up 51 percent from 2005. Just 4.2 percent of the lost loot was recovered last year.

    Metal detectors are a big worry. Basic detectors can find metal on the surface or in the first 12 inches to 14 inches below ground, depending on soil conditions…

    And of course, you’ll want to keep mum about your new investments and how they’re being stored, because loose lips will pose a threat to not just your gold hoard, but your life as well. If thieves get wind of your investments, they may show up not with a metal detector, but armaments, putting your entire family at risk.

    In addition to the traditional method of digging a hole or a home safe, Bill Rounds of How to Vanish offers a couple of other home-hiding tips for precious metals or other assets:

    • Hiding In Plain Sight: “Hiding in plain sight is a great way to throw off anyone who might be looking for your valuable documents or items. One of the most popular ways to hide valuables is using a book safe. They are easy and fun to make,” says Rounds. He continues, “maybe you can convert a box of Corn Flakes into a safe and stick it in your pantry, make a few hollow Christmas decorations and stuff them full of your precious coins and a copy of your will and stick them in the huge box with all of the other Christmas decorations. You can really use your imagination on this one.”
    • Hidden Wall Compartment: “Most homes are built with wood framing and drywall. This leaves a space about 15 inches wide and 4 inches deep and a few feet high between between wall studs and drywall. Poke a hole in the wall big enough to put your fire proof and water proof container with your priceless artwork and gold nuggets in between the walls.” Rounds says this is a fairly easy task to accomplish, “Most people have the skills to follow a simple do-it-yourself book on how to fix the hole in the drywall. A patch kit, some plaster and paint will cost you very little. Just remember that you can’t take these things in and out of the wall without breaking a new hole.” A similar hidden wall compartment method is demonstrated as a way to hide guns and ammunition in James Rawles’ most recent book Survivors.

    A former burglar recommends a couple of techniques that may come in handy if you are stashing some of your wealth at home. Based on the idea that a burglar wants to get in and out of your house as fast as possible, the idea of leaving some cash, perhaps even some precious metals coinage (not the expensive stuff, of course) in a “hidden” but typical spot may work in your favor. In this case, you could even utilize a “dummy” safe — one that is secure and even bolted down, but can be removed with a bit of work with a crow bar or other tool. The burglar may find value in what you’ve ‘left for him’ and leave the really well hidden stuff behind, thinking he’s stolen everything there is.

    Like Bill Rounds, he also recommends the hidden in plain sight strategy, with a little twist:

    His number one recommendation for money was in toys in a young child’s room. As he explained, young children don’t have money, they have an abundance of toys and most parents don’t trust a child around money. Therefore, parents will rarely hide money there. In addition, when money is hidden, it is usually hidden away neatly and securely — a child’s room is rarely a neat place making it an unlikely place for money to be hidden. Plus with all the stuff in a child’s room, it is not someplace that a burglar can search quickly and get out.

    Those who look to precious metals as a safe haven will obviously shy away from traditional storage methods. As such, you’ll need to take care and be meticulous when hiding these and other assets in or around your home. Nothing can be secured with 100% reliability, but if you get creative you can certainly increase your chances.


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      1. PVC will leak water over time, it is porous. A metal container should be used with proper water proofing to prevent the metal from rusting if you want to bury something long term.

        • Duct Tape

        • Ammo boxes??

        • Hmm, I thought gold and silver didn’t rust, they just oxidize a little and lose their luster?

          Ammo and guns can be stored in ammo/mortar cans with good rubber seals and a nice desiccant package to absorb moisture; adding an oxy absorber in there may add as extra protection against rust since rust needs oxygen ion addition to moisture to manifest itself.

          • Desiccant and oxygen absorber are two great ways to help prevent rust and corrosion in guns.

            PVC pipe does not leak water. It is not porous. I don’t know who thought up that myth. (Probably someone that didn’t know how to make watertight joints. Use the glue LIBERALLY!)

            Depending on the configuration of your gun(s), 8in PVC will handle most scopeless guns (usually 2 at a time). You can use a plain cap on one end and then either another cap on the other end (hammer required for opening) or a cleanout with a screw cap. Be sure the threads seal. (Some silicone seal might be a good idea to make sure they’re water and air tight.)

            Bury them VERTICALLY! Much, much harder to find. Another thing to aid you is to cut 6 or 8 inch pieces of copper wire (#10 or #12) and throw them out or sharpen one end and spear them into the ground in various areas. I could keep battalion busy for a week around my place looking for guns and gold if I wanted.

            If things really get that bad, I’ll be sure that all my cheap guns are hidden reasonably well but all my good guns are buried in the mud in the bottom of creeks and in the center of roads, etc.

            BTW, thermal imaging can see your guns in the walls, easily. Thieves you can fool. The government, well, that will take much more skill. After all, the greater the evil, the higher level of skill it takes to defeat it.

            • …oh, and you can use a post hole digger to drill the hole. Wipe the guns down good. Use a good anti-rust agent and when you put the guns in the tube they should be almost wet with it after the wipedown. I use WD40 (Have for 40 years…) but its not the ultimate. G96 works good. There are others. WD40 and G96 won’t require you to clean or wash the guns out before use but other anti-rust agents might.

              Happy Digging!

            • …oh, and its preferable to bury the ammo in a separate cache. The fumes from most any petroleum agent like my aforementioned G96 or WD40 will, over time, get into the ammo and kill it dead. You might be able to keep it out but who wants to do a 10 year experiment? Petroleum fumes are actually much more damaging to nitro-based compounds than dampness. It takes so few fumes to kill a primer or a powder charge.

            • In some of my research on this topic I read that salt water tends to distort the waves sent out by metal detectors. If true, some empty peanut butter jars with plastic lids filled with salt water and buried in a double circle around and on top of the stash may help to further prevent detection.

        • The idea behind PVC over metal boxes, like ammo cans, is to disquise the cache from metal detectors. Some detectors go far beyond the typical 6-12 inches. The bigger the metal the easier to get a signal.

          Four feet is minimal and a sealant or paint could be used to seal and waterproof the PVC.

        • so if it is porous why is it used to by all the building trade for water, grey water and sewage transportation?

      2. I’ve used the PVC tubes and simple enclose them in plastic bags as well, and I enclose the items inside the PVC in plastic bags too. Guess I’m a plastic bagger….

        • Gophers will eat through plastic bags.

      3. Oh, well, now every thief in America can not only read prepper blogs to find hidey holes, they can now read here.
        Sometimes we’re to smart for our own good.

        Happy federal reserve day.

        • LOL I could give you a grid coordinate and you’d never find a whole even if you managed to walk the 100 acres and stepped over it. Not to mention it’s 7 miles from the nearest road. I’ll give you a clew though…..there’s a rattle snake nest within 59 yards…..they’ll go good with the rice and beans

          • Taste like chicken.

            • Very salty chicken.

            • Do they really taste like chicken? I think it depends on if they’ve had a steady diet of chicks or not. 😉

            • Only if you are hungary. Very hungary. Nice belt & boots!

              Seen it on menu…

              What does a snake eat.

            • Out west, gophers are a staple for snakes. Gophers sleep at night the snakes hunt at night. They find a burro they get a meal.

              And gophers multiply like rabbits.

            • Chicken, nothing, they taste like a damn snake!

            • Eww.

              I think gophers are kinda cute.

          • Funny but very true. 🙂

            OTOH, with those grid coordinates and a mid-range metal detector, it gets at least somewhat easier to find, if there’s any metal at all in the contents or packaging.

            For things like guns and precious metals, your best bet is to hide them well, but to also randomly bury scrap iron and other bits in and around the area, and maybe throw and old rusty burned-out car frame or boat trailer somewhere off to one side.

            One thing about the whole ‘bury it’ idea… those holes mean a disturbed surface. You may want to save off the sod or leaves, and carefully use them to cover the spot when you’re done. If it involves turf or grass, water it and be nervous for a few weeks until it grows back in enough to look natural.

            Scanning a typical lawn, it is usually easy to spot recent ground disturbances for up to a year after the hole was dug, even if it’s just by noticing that the grass over it is a different shade of green. In the woods, it is usually even easier to tell (wind blows the leaves off, there’s almost always a bare spot where the hole sits, curious animals will dig at it since it is a strange smell, etc.)

            IMHO, you’re going to have to get creative about where you hide things if there truly is someone or some agent out there determined to find it. Even local governments can, if needed, get hold of a Ground Penetrating Radar kit, and can find stuff buried up to dozens of feet deep. The only thing holding them back is the time it takes to do a racetrack pattern on the area of interest.

            PS: Unless heavily marinated or cooked very carefully, snake meat can get rubbery – and mind the bones.

          • Daisy: Yes they are. I use to have a pet gopher at the mine. She would watch me work while she munched on whatever.

            The males were afraid to come near me, but she wasn’t.

            She loved peanuts and would eat them out of my hand and let me stroke her head. Sometimes she would hop up into my hand while she ate the peanuts and look at me with those big dark eyes.

            I am sure with my big black sunglasses on she thought I was the biggest gopher she ever saw! 🙂

          • survival tip: all snakes are edible Also, organic chicken is the only meat that does not taste like chicken 🙂

      4. It’s not my spelling/grammar lacking—the keyboard is sooo old. I meant too, not to.

      5. Interesting that this is posted today. Last week, there was an article on Lew Rockwell that discussed gold confiscation. Gary North, I believe, wrote it. He stated that the government would not confiscate citizens’ gold for two reasons. 1- Confiscation would be their way of acknowledging that gold REALLY IS money. 2- Even with gold priced at $1600/oz, the amount of gold in Ft Knox (if it’s still there) and citizens’ gold would still likely only pay off the interest on the US’s debt.

        • I won’t disagree with this assessment — Confiscation is a possibility, but I see them moving more towards an indirect confiscatory type tax of some kind when you either sell your PM’s or try to use them… I am not yet convinced it will be like 1933, but you never know.

          • 1st they have to regulate sales as was tried under obamacare of all things. Then tax it, but that won’t impact black markets unless our esteemed IRS starts going out to make ” buys” and then arresting those who don’t pay the taxes. They will give you an incentive to ” register ” your holdings….register tat 1600 an ounce and you don’t pay tax on anything up to1600. Don’t and you’ll owe tax on the whole sum.

          • If you ban possession and make it illegal to use in trade or as currency with RICO statutes behind it you drive it far underground. Anyone care to use cocaine as currency? Well substitute the word gold for cocaine and you get the idea. Throw in a bounty for some “good citizen” to turn you in with LEOs getting a cut and it’s the “war on drugs” (oops gold) with a Nazi twist.

            The confiscation of “paper gold” is so easy it’s laughable.

            A lot of employment can be created enforcing all of the above; employment beholding to the state that would bring in more revenues then it would cost.

            • Government has already made itself the enemy of the people. What you’re talking about would just confirm it. Not saying that the incorporated bastard-thieves wouldn’t try it. I’m just saying that even indoctrinated LEOs would know something was wrong. I can see my county sheriff standing against that kind of crap.

              I can also see people that don’t file a DSR with their county recorder and sheriff being subject to this kind of stuff while those with a DSR will escape the presumption of corporate citizenship.

        • Mike, there is a third reason why confiscating gold would be extremely foolish. When they start whispering it is under discussion, holders of the 70% of the gold that is held offshore will instantly get the message that the dollar is about to be decimated. They will dump the trash all at the same time and the dollar demise will be of epic proportions. In other words, the government’s efforts to save the dollar will bring about precisely the thing they are trying to avoid: a deep, devastating, immediate crash of the dollar. This point was brought up in a video conversation between Mike Maloney and David Morgan, both highly respected experts in PM. I agree with their opinion. And Mac, your conjecture that they might tax it to death seems far more likely, even though they know that no matter how much they try to prevent it, unreported barter will be become extremely widespread.

      6. Vacuum sealer with heavy duty freezer bags

      7. Stack your coins vertically, inside a plastic or metal pipe, sealed. Insert it into the wall cavity, place cut sheets of gypsum to fill wall, pack the voids with a thick consistency of gypsum made from dry powder that comes in bags. 90 minute mud or 45 minute mud is fine. Now finish the wall. Gone, and fireproof for maybe three hours, if low to the floor and in a lower level. Maybe less time depending on heat of fire.

        I have no such hiding place, so don’t come looking. I just used to be a builder. I am poor. But I do value the sanctity of my privacy. Seriously, don’t track me down. I will kill you in my sleep.

        • “They” already know where we all are. These boards are monitered and tracked. FB continues to track your every internet move after you log out. Phones listen even when they are turned off. Don’t mean to freak you out, but it’s pretty common knowledge they can track down to the keystroke and certain keywords trigger monitering. I don’t let it alter my life or internet wanderings. I am sure they are all over this, (and many other) sites. That just means your doing a good job Mac!!! However, likeminded friends on this board you should not worry so much about. If I had hiding places, I would never post here, or anywhere. It drives me nuts how folks, esp on youtube, put up vidoes of thier stuff. Bragging rights, it seems. I like the wall idea.

          • I got you, brother in arms. And I agree with the trust element. I was tongue in cheek, but we need to remember that point. When times get tougher, that this kind of folk are our friends, or at least we should work together. But honestly it is similar to the idea of a herd of cats. No such thing in nature, or really in or culture. Damn them for killing our culture and neighborlyness. Sure wish there was a way for us to id our selves to each other, no tech, like a signal.

            Thanks for the heart felt. Best of luck.

            • So the camo pants and flannel shirt isn’t a good clue as to whom may be a prepper?

            • @ mirbach. Heck no, I’ve been using camo paint and wearing flannel shirts for 45 years now.

            • Best thing is to get to know each other before hand, start with email and meeting on the local lever. There is a fine balance in networking trust and OPSEC. We need to remain low level, (esp those of us stuck in the city) but we need each other too. Ideas and skill sharing. And I agree. I hate the new X files culture of trust noone.
              The funny thing is, “they” know everything about us. But we are afraid to reveal ourselves to each other.

            I sent my gold bricks and silver coins, and all my emeralds and brilliants to the man known here under handle RICH aka RICH99
            thanks RICH, for taking care of my money, gold, silver and my bombs, my terror plans and everything… I mean, you are the nicest kid I got to know on AlQuaida training camp.
            thanks for selling me crown, Neptune’s crown, it is now in Shellcity.

            • ROFLOL!!! +10 🙂

            • NICE.

          • I’m like you, dead broke, I’ve already eaten my prep food and sold all my guns and ammo. The only hole I’ll need is for myself. lol

            • Yes. We are all confidential informants in the service of his highness. We don’t really believe all this stuff about private property, limited govt and value of life. The feds won’t find us on their payroll, because we are a grassroots volunteer spy on your neighbor spontaneous uprising. I can’t joke about this anymore. This makes my stomach turn. Its Rob Roy, Braveheart, and Patriot… But all in real life. Listen…We want to mind our farms, cattle, land jobs and our own family. We want to be left alone. But they declared war on the free man along with his property and rights. This is a strange way for them to wage war, but quite effective, just look around. I fear the coming change. I feel it in my gut.

          • i agree – if you got it, DON’T EVER flaunt it…

          • ” These boards are monitered and tracked.”

            Of course they are. OTOH, there are ways around that while you’re online. 😉

      8. Also consider doing your digging during a dark cloudy night. Google Map has become very good at imaging peoples property from overhead. Type in your street address and simply zoom in.

        • This should be easy for me in the Seattle area

        • Who’s worried about Google map satellites—the neighbors, now, that’s another story.

          • Wheedle—can you give the google link?? I tried by satellite to find my house and just get a field.

            From the gal dude!!

        • True – it can be that accurate.

          I remember doing that to my old address, and seeing my Jeep’s hard top sitting right where I usually left it stored. It also faithfully recorded the back deck under construction at that time.

          There’s also Google’s Street View… which is a lot more up-close and personal.

          OTOH, the satellites only take snapshots once every few weeks to a few months (depending on where you live), so you’d have to be pretty unlucky to have a photo of you digging a hole when either of them come by. That said, better safe than embarrassed.

      9. Gold and silver have I none, but such as I have, I give unto thee. And all I have is ammo!!!!!

      10. I’m gonna kick the crap outta this dead horse, if they come for your gold and iron give ’em copper and lead instead 🙂

        • Pb injector

      11. best to look like your don’t have anything worth stealing in the first place. when crooks profile for a hit they look for new cars, nice nieghborhood, low traffic area, what shape the home is in, how old the structure is, if the person looks wealthy. Easy point of entry and escape.

        motive is the biggest factor. if they think you have something worth thier time, energy and risk and you’re an easy target then yes, they will break in.

        if you have high traffic, hard entry, older home, older cars, avergae means of the area is around 40 thousand, than no, they won’t bother you.

        • guess the thieves here in Michigan have a different mindset than where you live.

        • Rachel: How many houses have you “cased” and “knocked over”?

          Hmmmmm? 🙂

        • I agree Rachel: My oldest kid says our house will be the LAST house robbed as it is very plain and cars are average.(paid for) no elaborate landscapes or decorations either. I have had my younger child liberally seed the entire yard with bb’s from his little bb gun for years. I encourage target practice as long as it is facing away from the windows. Someone with a metal detector is gonna have an awful hard day trying to find my goodies. Bougainvilla is planted on the outside of the fence perimeter so my dogs dont get thorns but anyone else: too bad, so sad. Did I mention the dogs? yeah, Four of them in varying sizes and the littlest would quite gleefully jump up and bite off a nose should she get into a tizzy. God, I love that dog!

      12. I have been wondering if there is a way, when building a new home in the country, what you can do to prevent snooping eyes from seeing your property i.e. satellites and flyovers from drones and such??

        • Short of building it in to the ground or the side of a hill, your best bet is to build in the woods. Or you can do like the government did to their bunker out in Denver and pretend like you’re just building an airport and truck in a side project.

        • IF I had Gold and guns, I’d be way out in the mountains (where I am). We built our home three years ago and the Post Office still doesn’t list us. Google Earth and Google maps show the property years before we developed it and before there were even any roads. Bad for directions, great for everything else!

          • Nice! (…drooling over the prospect of such a place.)

        • Heres some good info:
          Build under the tree canopy, evergreen is better than deciduous for that continuous cover
          That makes stuff disappear from google
          Do NOT build where you need occupancy permit or building permit
          Do NOT get a mail box, address, our any sort of 911 association… Don’t ‘dwell’ there
          Dont tell or show the public or friends, I made that mistake, shut the hell up!!

          For those worried about FLIR, Airborne thermal vision, how to hide from the Russians…
          A pond, river or lake will kill any thermal image, have snorkel ready, get in
          Again, the tree canopy provides perfect cover
          After sun goes down, any large concrete or asphalt surface absorbs heat
          Big rocks do too… Causes FLIR to be blind, your heat blends in until it cools
          Any roof our structure blocks FLIR, GOES WITHOUT SAYING…

        • BJ: If you have a small hill or rise on the property, you can always tunnel into it, carve it out, disperse the tailings and conceal the entrance.

          Just make sure it is well engineered.

        • Reflectors;i.e. (placed in various locations) mirrors, glass, aluminum squares,etc.. Things that reflect the sun light cause havoc. Plus the heat stays with the reflectors for awhile which messes up heat/thermal images. Last, but more exspensive, thermal blankets that work on low current(110-120vac) and even some 12-24DC blankets.

      13. Invisibility cloak? Barring that, you are in plain view.

        In a Georgia county we were looking for land in, they keep a database of each property. You can click on the address and it has detailed aerial and ground photos of everything on the property – and I mean EVERYTHING. There was one property that had lots of little prepper-type sheds everywhere, outdoor kitchens, some homemade water towers, etc. Clearly a hunting/prepper hang out. They clearly don’t live there full time so I’m sure it is unsecured during the week.

        Now I know where they are & what they have – not that I’d do anything about it, but someone else could!

        There is no privacy anymore.

        • I guess you could also build underground in the woods during the summer.

        • what site can you go to find that info? I live in GA and was wondering what mine looked like….LOL

          • Tina, Go to your county here/

            For example or

            Some counties might be more detailed than others. The one I looked into (not Dawson or Bibb) was unreal.

            You can research by name, parcel #, street address, whatever. Go to search records. Type in how you plan to search.

            Once you pull up the property it will give you all the typed details. Go down to where it says “improvement information” and click on building images.

            Every single building they have is on there along with a sketch of it with dimensions & everything…..

            I’m sure that every single state in the nation is just like this.

          • Tina have you tried Google maps? I did and put in my address and saw 3 views. A shot from a satellite, another that shows my plat, and a “street view” that actually shows my yard house etc… You can follow the arrows on street view and go all through town.

      14. i was reading the posts on here about thiefs looking at the cars, sometimes the people with the crappy cars have alot of money. the ones that have a nice car spend all their money on just that. but hiding spots are good. and if martial law is called, I will not give up my weapons and I wonder how many people on here would truely do the same even though my name is probably on some list. the beauty of it is, that some of them are at my fiances home, some at my parents, some at my place and some at friends homes. so good luck trying to get all of them. you got 4 places to look just for one person cock suckers dems.

      15. We came into an abundance of silver in the form of jewelry. When I say abundance, I’m not talking a jewelry box full. I’m talking a few big Rubbermaid containers of it.

        We’ve been pressured to sell it immediately because we “need” the money, but it seems to me that this is something that would be better to keep for the future.

        Any ideas what I should do with it all? Would it have to be made into coins? Right now it’s mixed in with the other Rubbermaid containers full of out of season clothing in the attic.

        • Daisy: I don’t have any, but I would hold on to it as long as possible, if I did. Don’t know what’s down the road, but I did see the movie if you know what I mean vern!

        • Daisy,
          Jewelry is Always more valuable if you can find buyers for it.
          Look to eBay for selling and pricing ideas.
          I would sell it to a PM scrap dealer as last resort.
          Look for desired name brand pieces as well.
          Hay, if it’s ugly as sin with no desirability, send it to the scrapper.
          Not all scrappers are the same, find out who will give you the best deal.
          Hope this helps.

          • It’s not ugly – just piles of silver chains. I considered EBay and Craigslist, as well as flea markets. However, I’m wondering if I should hold onto it because of increasing value. It might be a smarter way to save than actual cash, KWIM?

            • Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

              Increasing “value”? Its “value” doesn’t increase. It stays the same. The number of dollars it takes to buy it increases but that is because the value of the dollar is decreasing.

              Its hard not to think like sheople. I still fight it myself.

              Personally, if you can possibly keep it, do. But, find out what it is. Are you sure its sterling? Most jewelry is not pure silver. Pure silver is too soft. Its not strong and it doesn’t wear well. Sterling is an alloy of silver and copper. Usually 70% silver and 40% copper.

              Good luck with your find! How did you come across it? It sounds interesting.

            • It’s 92.5% silver, so it’s sterling.

              The way I acquired it: my children’s father, my ex-husband, passed away recently. When we were married we had a business importing silver jewelry. When I helped the kids clean out Dad’s house, we brought a bunch of stuff over to my place. I was shocked to find an entire shipment of Italian chains included in the other stuff he had stored. He had no insurance or anything else, so hopefully some of this can help to get our girls an education without going into debt.

        • Since jewelry’s value varies so greatly and subjectively, it might be very difficult to agree on its value in a time of crisis. While you would certainly take a double hit in commission fees (1 selling the jewelry and 2. buying coins), it might be less of a hit to convert the jewelry to non-numismatic coins now when you are not in a deep crisis.

          • Daisy,
            Most silver jewelry is marked either “925” or “Sterling” or “SS.” This means it is 92.5% silver. Get a jeweler’s loop or magnifying glass and look for the marking usually near the clasp on chains. The Italian chains will probably say “Italian” and either 925 or Sterling, if they are genuine. (Look also for gold – 10K, 14K, 18K – you might be surprised!)
            I believe that in the hard times coming that silver and gold coinage will be the best currency item to trade since they are recognizable and of known weights. However, your jewelry, if real silver, will also be of great value. Take the scenario if silver goes to $100 or $200 per oz. Take a chain with you to the farmers market and offer it with a silver dime or by itself for trade. Most people will become knowledgable about this kind of thing and I believe will take them in trade. If you find that some of the chains are not real silver or gold, store them so that a thief could find them and they become your ‘throw-aways.’

        • Daisy I think your biggest problem is finding an honest gold and silver dealer. There are questions as to what is real silver and what is silver plate? And what part of that knife is silver and what part is stainless. You really need to find the right guy. It’s not easy. Thank goodness we have one here in Austin. My wife sold half of her heirloom silver last year and we had no doubts whatsoever when we left. We were lucky.

        • If you need some money now, sell a portion. Jewelry silver sells for less than melt value because it isn’t in coinage.

        • Daisy, one suggestion might be to have the jewelry melted down and take either silver rounds/bars or coins in exchange.

          I’ve used –

          as a silver refiner. They assay the stuff and give you a listing of melted weight and pay at 90% of spot value. Some places you’re lucky to get 50%.

      16. Military grade metal detectors? Deep ground imagining sensors? Easiest accessibility works for me! No gold other than wedding band, no silver either, its great if you have it, no work means food, and other preps, again I speak only for myself, so don’t beat me up, I have a tendency to hit back, LOL

        • Copout, as long as you’re thinking about it. However, once you get all prepped up, how do you store your wealth without the risk of damage or loss from fire, theft, confiscation?

          But, we won’t beat you up. Your plan is your plan and I’ll bet its a good one. We can argue all day about buried guns, gold and silver, but, at the end of the day it is you who have to live with what you did. Alternate plans are always welcome!

          Sounds like yours is the skinny plan. Who knows? We might all be wasting gobs of cash. This all may turn around and everything be fine. I think it will. I was watching MSNBC last night and they were talking…

          Oh, crap! I can’t do it with a straight face. LOL!

          • LMAO! Thanks for the early morning guffaw!

          • NetRanger: I don’t have any wealth, as far earthly things ate concerned. My mind is strong, my heart as well, Gods belongings are his , as I am. Since waking up I can say I am on this earth at this time for a reason, and that is to fight for the rights and liberties that can only come from him, tough guy, nah, just stone cold committed!

      17. On the subject of metal detectors, as an avid electro hunter. If you are burying guns, ammo, metal of any size a good detector can get down there pretty deep on a large target.
        However thought there is a simple remedy for this. Say you bury your guns and ammo in a hermetically sealed weapons shipping crate, it will be aluminum with your steel guns, brass and lead ammo in it. I can tell you from experience even a chepo metal detector will bang that target at 4 feet, not to mention what a high end machine will do. So; what to do? One thing that drives a hunter crazy is junk targets. Spent bullets, nuts, bolts, washers, beer cans, nails, get the idea? Bury your shit and salt the area with this junk, a “large” area. Create so many false targets they will just give up. As for me, this property used to be a scrap yard, I have found stuff down 2.5’, they would need a miracle here. Have fun!!

        • DITTO! Cut individual strands of #12 house wire, stick in ground here, there and everywhere. Its kind of like shielding for metal detectors.

          …of course, there is so much 22, 9mm and 223 brass in my front yard, I could bury anything 5ft from the front porch. The only way to find it would be to find the “gap” in the empty casings littered everywhere.

          Of course, while they’re looking, they’ll have to look at the “Nothing In Here Is Worth Dying For” signs on the front porch and house.

        • That steel cased ruskie ammo works great for “salting”. Most of my property is a free fire zone(and We shoot alot, detectors beware!

      18. I don’t own any. God owns it all. He’s just letting me use some of it. Try and take it away and you get to meet him today. I have a sense of humor, not sure about him.

        • Anonymous says:
          October 10, 2011 at 2:13 pm I don’t own any. God owns it all. He’s just letting me use some of it. Try and take it away and you get to meet him today. I have a sense of humor, not sure about him.

          Look at your neighbors…all doubt removed!!

      19. I think it’s crazy to bury it. God coins are small. I’d hide them in different places in my house. Same with my silver.

      20. I wouldn’t bury my guns. They stay in my house. Along with my ammunition.

        • Agreed. Please don’t bury guns folks, place them some other place that they can stay dry. Forget about WD-40, Breakfree CLP and all the rest of the generic gun oils. The only gun lube you need is Slip2000. I’ve talked to many gunsmiths, armourers and Military and its the best. I have used TWB25 spray and its OK, but doesn’t come up quite to the Slip.

          • Slip2000, huh?

            I’ve used WD40 for years and years with very good luck. But, I was recently introduced to G96. Its better. Not magnitudes but it is better.

            As a cleaner, WD40 works much better than G96. But, as an anti-rust agent, G96 is much better.

            I’ll have to try some Slip2000.

            • Been using G96 as a 3-in-one for years. It cleans fine with enough elbow grease and a good bore brush.

      21. Hammerin: My grandpa used to bury currency in mason jars in the barn, my brother took over the property when they died. That old metal detector yielded him 5 gs, and no he didn’t share it.

      22. Sorry typo: Hammerun

      23. There is a lady who stands out by the flea market every weekend begging for money, signs say family is broke, needs help. Very quietly this woman and her family have made a fortune and buy gold and silver every week. When the shtf, people will be surprised at who is doing well.

        • Thats kind of dishonest, don’t you think? Someone like that won’t do well. Greed, in the end, is a cruel master to serve.

        • HSL: Years ago my car was in the shop and I took a bus to pick it up. While I was waiting at the bus stop I watch a couple of “vagrants” on the opposite corners with signs begging for money … and getting it.

          After a bit, at the end of the day, they left the corner and walked over to their NEW ford F-250’s lariats. 40 thousand dollar vehicles.

          • There’s a local here who works a shift at the offramp, gets picked up daily at 5:15pm by boyfriend/husband in a 40,000 dollar truck…

            • So he works day shift?

              Seen a bag lady down in Miami years back every week out in traffic. “Well dressed” well spoken clean victorian lady in her late 40’s with nice plastic covered designer suitcase on wheels. Looked like she was on vacation every day, would go out in traffic at bus stop and try to get you to roll down window for money to get back home. Seen her one Sunday next table over reading at Barnes & Nobel enjoying her cappuccino & pastry. Nice nails & jet black hair.

      24. Sorry folks but by the time the govt agents are at your door to confiscate anything its already past time that the shooting should have begun. I suggest ambushes in other neighborhoods before they reach yours.

      25. How did this lady’s method and success become known?

        • She probably watch John Stossel on FOX news one night.

        • @ JQP: I know the family from way back. This not the first time they have scamed the public. The flea market is a big deal here, thousands of people drive by her corner every weekend. Most locals know her and could easily tell you about the scams. She doesn’t mind family and friends knowing what she does, kinda brags about it.

      26. All the bravado talk in these comments is getting old. Those who still engage in it are either scared, bluffing or lack common sense. Why bother saying something like, “well, i dont have anything of value to hide so don’t come lookin’ for me cuz ya jus’ might find me and I’ll kill ya…in my sleep. uh, even if u do kill me I’ll kill u right back…even after I’m dead. Yep, and yer dog too…”? Right. We get it. You’re armed, have ammo, log time at the shooting range, have trouble gettin’ laid and probably drive a big Dodge truck. Next. It’s nice to see the religious scripture quoters have backed off a bit. If commenters can stick to providing useful info about relevant topics we who visit this site looking for knowledgeable insights could avoid having to read through hundreds of worthless comments like this one for example.

        • Who is we? You are worthless. Sit down Francis.

        • actually i drive a ford, and i get laid all the time, ask your mom…

        • Bravado Talk is a defense mechanism..its completely normal.
          and who the fuck wouldnt be scared if the threat of your family being takin out by a horde of gun toting scared hungry and bent on distruction type of advancement?

          Really everyone needs to get the stem out in their own way, its human cant regulate stop trying to act like the government

      27. leave everything out where you can get it, if it’s so bad you need to bury it, then it’s time to use it.

      28. Dig a bigger hole, on high ground, with 2 foot of soil for overhead protection. Sand bag the front that faces your front gate and put loopholes between the bags so you can maintain suppressive fire on visitors. And don’t forget to cam up your position.
        Also take the time to dig supporting holes for family and friends behind your hole and connect them with a crawl trench. This way family and friends can offer supporting fire should your position be over run.

        • German on October 5, 2011 you wrote “I have inside contacts!!! And I’ve just been warned of a MAJOR announcement to be broadcast today!!! It’s going to get very serious here within 24 hrs.”

          What happened? Makes me wonder what your true intentions are!!!

      29. “We” is not you apparently. Francis? Contribute or STFU.

      30. foodsaver makes sealable bags in rolls.seal a gun with 4 layers. just saw one unwrapped that was put in “safety” in ’99.was absolutely good on boxes of ammo too,never know when you might have to navigate a river. keep your powder dry.

      31. Well I have heard that the wax ring’s that are used for toilet’s work very well as a water proofer.Just smeer it around what you what say a box.Wrap some plasic or burlap around said item.Bury it.My grand dad just told me this one.”Some thing’s he know’s are worth there weight in gold”.Love you grandpa,Love you.

      32. screw them

        I aint hiding shit
        If they come for it, I’ll let em have it!

      33. I think that ship sailed, they played a game with this Fast and Furious shit, and it was the beginning of disarming all of us..The jig is up now, any one surrendering their guns to these criminals will deserve what they get..its time to stand our ground and start the prosecutions, this deal in Wall Street is small pittins.This will get huge if they dont start doing the right thing, and the right thing is to call out and finger all the DC Criminals.they are losing traction with the ones who didnt drink the coolaid , and the word is getting out there..I see a few more get it each day..
        and i listen , and now dont feel like the odd man out anylonger

        The upper hand is ours , we just have to stop listining to them,and their bullshit excuses and do what we know is right for this country and its true citizens, and start rounding these asshats up , we have the perfect facility..Guantanimo Bay..(thanks Obama for keeping it open),I dont want any of them in My country, even if we do own G-Bay.. See all of these Crooks there in the near future ..That is…If this is Still America!

      34. OK. You know I wrote “The 7Gs of Modern Survival”, right? Well, in it I talk over and over about a BALANCED approach.

        So, what I’m saying here is don’t dig up the whole countryside and bury all of your guns and all of your silver.

        Personally, I’ve got an AK and 200 rounds of ammo “In Stasis” and a 9mm handgun a 100 rounds of ammo in an ammo can under some rotten wood in a hollow stump. With each is 20 one ounce silver rounds.

        What we’re talking here is for EXTREME emergencies. Now, if you want to make a hobby of burying guns, gold, silver, etc, have at it. But, I still say its about an extreme emergency. All the rest of your guns got stolen. I call them “stash weapons”. They’re only there as a last resort.

        • Really. If you bury too much stuff, you tend to forget what was where and where was there, because it was so long ago that you forgot when you put what where. Confused yet? Sometimes I forget where my boots are in the morning, I think one stash of “buried treasure” is enough for me.

      35. I think the most important thing is to remember where you buried it. In a teotwawki situation things like GPS lose their precision, forests can burn down, time steals the memories. There are quite a few examples were someone left behind a treasure once upon time – Don’t be that person

      36. just remember if you bury your guns dig a hole for yourself too!
        I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said it.
        If you dont use them as our Constitution grants us the right then by all means bury yourself too.
        It is long past time when we should have used them to take back our country.

        ou should read the Constitution sometime.
        It grants us the right to throw off a government like ours has become….but today we would be called domestic terrorist.
        What do you think Washington,Franklin,Jefferson etc
        would be called today if they started a NEW REVOLUTION?!

        Yes they committed treason against England at the time according to England!
        We face 100x more taxing,overseeing etc….than anything close to what caused our Revolutionn to become “FREE” then!

      37. Go to an aircraft supply store or order a product called Corrosion X. Very good for long term corrosion protection in the scenario here. Been doing it for years, and I throw rocks at WD 40.

      38. Gentleman, prepare to defend yourself! Forget hiding the guns and ammo and leave the burying to those who will survive the onslaught. Lock and load, and buy more of the metals at every chance. Then put your faith in the hands of the God who made you…This is not a time to back down nor has anyone sounded the retreat. This is the time to stand forth and be found ready to defend this constitution to the end of days.
        Not on our watch

      39. Long term? Regarding hiding of weapons, seems like this discussion focuses on (1) hiding them well, and (2)hiding them to minimize long term storage corrosion. For me #1 is of paramount concern. But as for #2 -??-seems to me like I may well need the firearm in the next few years at most. So, I want it hidden but ready-to-hand. After the police/military leave all the thugs will come – they’ll assume correctly that the citizens have been disarmed. I don’t want to have to spend some hours digging out my fire power. Just a thought…

      40. @dicksin urbooty

        You must be hurtin’ if you would do my mom. she’s gettin’ pretty old. gross…

        What I wrote hit a little close to home, did it?

        It’s okay. Don’t be ashamed of what god made you.

        Remember: There’s many colors in the homo rainbow…

      41. Everything I have is in plain view! If they want it…..
        it will cost them dearly! After I am dead, who cares who
        gets it?

      42. The concepts of hiding in plain sight and having a “sacrificial safe” are good ones. Even some displaying some sacrificial guns (locked and/or missing parts) is a great way to make a burglar think they’ve scored, and make them go away carrying heavy junk.

      43. We have a safe in the attic, covered with a batt of insulation. Anyone intentionally coming for guns/ammo(government) will get them one bullet at a time.

      44. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who had been doing a little research on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast because I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to discuss this topic here on your website.

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