Here it is: An effective plan to convince your loved ones to prepare

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    This article was originally published  by David Nash of Shepherd School at The Survival Mom web site.

    Any person who has begun to seriously prepare has had to make compromises between current wants and future needs, how much to spend on preparations, and how many people to stock supplies for.  If you’re married, you need to have a spouse that shares your concerns or you’re going to fight over every #10 can the mailman delivers.  I don’t need to go into detail on how much you should store,  how to store it, or what makes the cut on your List of Lists.  The purpose of this article is to help communicate the need to prepare with those in your family that you want to help without alienating them or downgrading your own preparedness plans.

    family meeting Here it is: An effective plan to convince your loved ones to prepare

    I am a professional firearms instructor and am also employed full time as an emergency management planner.  Due to my job, my hobbies, and my personal beliefs, my former mother-in-law delighted in trying to insult me by calling me “Sgt. Tackleberry”.  She was unreachable, and I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to convince her of the importance in prepping.  She would rather buy timeshares of vacation property than spend money on a basic 72 hour kit.  That works for her, and I cannot judge her, but she would not be invited to,“come live with me if it ever did happen,” as she believed.

    Other members of my family have thought my preparations were a, “phase”, or some harmless idiosyncrasy.  Those family members did not have a negative view of my preparations.  They mostly looked at my preparations with amusement.  They tolerated my teenage experiments with wild foods or earthquake kits.  As I have grown older and they have seen things on the horizon that will personally impact  them, they have begun to ask me for my opinion on coming winter storms or whether they should buy gold or guns.

    It’s like being a firearm instructor and people asking you which gun to buy.  If you do your homework and build credibility, people respect you more.  If you take the long view and work diligently. these members of your family might be “converted” with patience and work.  While I cannot assume responsibility for them and make them prepare for disasters, I can be a role model and sounding board to help them understand the issues at play so they can build a plan that works for them.

    food storage cupboard Here it is: An effective plan to convince your loved ones to prepare

    If the world as we know it collapses, it’s not only about survival.  Once your survival needs are met, you’re going to have to rebuild and continue with your life.  Having your loved ones with you makes that a lot easier.  The problem is that each person I add to my retreat lowers my safety margin IF MY SUPPLY AMOUNTS REMAIN FIXED, but if those people I add to my retreat bring their own supplies, it dramatically increases my safety margin.  To me it is definitely worth it to help your family prepare.

    I have a few precepts that I use when dealing with family or friends on this subject.

    1. My first precept of dealing with family is not to preach.  My preparations are based on my needs and the things that I believe are important.  Each person has their own priorities, and preaching that you are right and they are wrong only pushes them away from the direction you need them to go.
    2. My second is never to prepare for a particular event.  I am sure there is still a lot of rotting food out there that was bought in bulk specifically for Y2K, and some of those that bought it are convinced it was a waste of money.  I tell my family that my food storage can be used for Y2K, Armageddon, TEOTWAWKI, Pandemic Flu, Nuclear Winter, Job loss, or when I just don’t feel like cooking.   By having an all-hazards approach and building capability and skills rather than building for specific events, my planning work gets more bang for the buck.  The first time I read of the “Deep Larder” was an “ah-ha!” moment for me, and changing my terminology has worked well in changing the response I get from my close loved ones.
    3. My last precept of helping my loved ones see the need to prepare is to foster an appropriate mindset instead of concentrating on gear acquisition.  I could buy my mom a Springfield Armory M-14 and 10,000 rounds of match ammo, but it would be much more effective to get her to go with me to the range a couple times and practice with a .22.  This would likely foster a desire to shoot, andthen I could help her choose a firearm that fits her needs and desires.

    Whenever the family conversation gets around to disaster preparation I bring up concepts like:

    • “Buying car insurance is considered a responsible action, but you don’t have any tangible benefit from buying it, if you never get into an accident.”
    • “With having a deep larder, even if zombies never attack, I still have the food.”
    • Or as Dave Grossman has said, “You never hear of elementary schools burning down but they all have fire extinguishers.”
    • My favorite is, “Noah built the Ark BEFORE the flood”.
    Noah Here it is: An effective plan to convince your loved ones to prepare

    I try to break everything down into manageable bites rather than cram it in and have them tune me out.

    The best case scenario is that your loved ones will see the need to prepare for themselves and begin planning and preparing on their own, therefore augmenting your plan.  You cannot out-argue someone into adopting your position.  As Dale Carnegie said, “Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.”  What has worked for me is a quiet and consistent approach.

    I love my family and want what is best for them.  The best way I know to do that is to help them become more aware of the need to prepare.  My goal is to foster a sense of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility, and to help mentor them through the beginning steps of basic preparedness.

    Think about how overwhelming it was when you first began to prepare.  There is a LOT to learn and even more skills and equipment to acquire.  We know that we cannot stock everything needed or prepare too much.  The process of preparing is every bit as important as the items you acquire.

    Researching and prioritizing is mental prep work so that when a large disaster occurs we are not comatose with emotional overload.  If I coddle my loved ones and try to remove their responsibility to prepare by doing it for them, then I am doing them a disservice.  When hard times come, they may not be emotionally ready to deal with the collapse.  What’s worse is that making them dependent on my charity would cause strain on otherwise healthy family relationships.  Because of this, I feel it is worth supreme effort to work with my loved ones to prepare so that we can grow together in adversity and make our family bonds stronger.

    survival tips from US Army Here it is: An effective plan to convince your loved ones to prepareThis year I had my breakthrough.  My parents asked me what they could do to prepare.  We had a very long discussion and came away with a workable plan.  At the time of our discussion their location was more favorable for a long-term retreat than my own, and they are going to provide the location and storage space for most of my preps.  We both win in the end.  Shortly after that discussion our town had an unusually long cold spell.  In the days before it we talked more about our short term plans and communication protocols and procedures.  While we did not have to evacuate to my parents, it was nice having all the details ironed out in the event we had to.

    Disaster preparedness is not a fad or a short term race to buy a lot of cool gear.  It’s a lifestyle choice, and one that has a lot of benefits.  However, it comes the necessity of taking off the rose colored glasses.  Not everyone is ready to do this, but if you want to set an example and truly influence others, you must understand what you do is much louder than what you say.

    David Nash is the owner of the Shepherd School and the author of Understanding the USE of Handguns for Self-Defense , a great book for new shooters, people who are thinking about becoming a new shooter, or just about anyone that wants to know about handguns in a no-nonsense, professional, but entertaining and non-stressful way.

    Image Credit: K. Kendall, ChalonHandmade, LivingOS, US Army Africa


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      1. Yeah…you’ve all seen it. Some jerk is all excited about being the first post. But I will take this opportunity to personally thank the site founders for all their efforts. Here’s how it affected my life:
        1. Prepped up and now I sleep better.
        2. Sold all my 401k mutual funds, we got self directed trading at work for 401k and bought GTU and CEF. CEF is traded on the AMEX and is allocated (Not loaded out) silver and gold in Canada. Get this.. DOUBLED MY MONEY. 20 years of 401k funds! All those years shit returns…then I get my hands on it…with the help of this site and BAM! The wife was pissed about all the time I was spending on this site…now she’s eating her words.
        3. Learned of chem trails from some post. Now have a nice berkey water filter and take oat fiber pills with apple pectin to minimize the barium and aluminum in my body…also keeps the pipes running smooth.
        4. Got all my medial in order. Had a colonoscopy and found a little hemrhoid they banded and got rid of..all good news. Man that hurt.
        5. I now have a bug out location with a guy I know who build a bomb shelter.
        6. Now have bug out bags..the dog has one too! woof.
        7. Will never vote for Obama again.
        8. Am now digging into software for my 2.0 career when all goes bad. I’ll be ready.
        9. Discovered how we are all slaves to the Jewish bankers. Cancelled all my credit cards and am now on the set it and forget it plan.
        10. Planted a garden and am now working on a cold frame that I’ll heat with some cables. Live in Buffalo, NY…so I’ll have greens for winter.
        11. Bought a dehydrator
        12. Bought canning supplies, just in case.
        13. Bought garden supplies
        14. You guessed it… Shot gun, Ruger 10 22 with a gun vault for ammo for the ladies. Ammo up people.
        15. Joined the NRA
        16. Now am a complete asshole to any blacks who accuse me of being a racists…and have changed the outlook of some to being more positive. Note, I rent my upstairs to a nice black couple. Our friends for life. No racist here.

        Well that’s about it. Thanks for everything Mac!
        You rock man. If you ever feel down, don’t. Know that you are changing the world in a positive way more than you will ever know.

        Somewhere in Buffalo, NY.
        ps. No snow this year due to chemtrail spraying.

        • Excellent post First.

          • Why did people thumbs down that…real bone heads? Many great tips on that first post. DO ME A FAVOR ALL YOU THUMBS DOWNERS…. GO THE FUCK AWAY.

            • Don’t worry huh? Trolls are loose and on the hunt. Ignore them. You know, kinda like “build it, and they will come.”? Ignore them, and they will go away…

            • Maybe we could get Mac to post the thumbs down emails names?

            • Why the thumbs down for a great first comment? A family must keep their traditions! 🙂

              Take it in stride my peeps! Its water on a duck’s back.

            • eppe,

              He’d never do that. Privacy is still important here. I for one am NOT for invading the privacy of others like the Chimp-in-Chief, are you really wanting that too?

            • V; Not really, just checking the weather if you know what I mean, it amazing to me that soooo many great things are brought on this excellent website, but we have soooo many that want to thumbs down with no REAL reason to do so. If you do please state so, if not GO AWAY. I hope that do so will find a site that will not condone this type of crap that we see here with no real input to the better. Of course I understand the idea of being unknown, it was just a suggestion, I guess I should not say a thing, like not voting for Obama.

            • No eppe, no. Don’t stop saying what’s on your mind, never! Especially when it’s about the Chimp-in-Chief! LOL!

              Seriously, I hope you see my main point. Which is… if Mac did publish those items, he would set himself up for “bigger and badder” things, if you catch my drift? It’s simply not worth it, ya know?

              As for your statement about, “find a site that will not condone this type of crap that we see here with no real input”, is completely understandable and I agree. The “trolls” and the “regulars” who change their ID just to make a smart-ass point is aggravating to say the least. But, I think once Mac gets the new site up and running (hopefully soon, as soon as he’s done with his move), then we may just have these problems fixed. Give it some time, and in the mean time, speak your mind like the rest of us and let the chips fall where they may!


            • oh yeah V, you encourage eppe to say whatever he wants about the “chimp in chief” (your words , not mine) but when i tell him to go to hell you have a big problem with it! i smell a troll for the GOP , AIPAC and the Mitt Romney campaign. you are truly a disgrace V ( the great one) STFU!

            • eeder,

              Good morning! I was wondering when we would be honored with your presence? Thanks for not disappointing!

              If you think your snarly sarcasm will get under my skin, you’re oh so wrong. You’re simply a small fish in a huge pond of many other credible problems that need to be dealt with. My time will not be spent combating someone who evidently lives to do all he can to attack others for their opinions or their freedom of thought. To do so would be not only a waste of time, but fruitless. Someone with your obvious attitude won’t listen to reason or another person’s opinion because you live within a self-produced bubble of hate and misguided logic which propels you to only respond in a cacophony of slurs and degradation.

              I maybe a “newbie” to this site, as your following posts state, but that’s OK. New blood may be exactly what this site needs. At least someone like me, who will not be intimidated by your hyperbole and ridiculous debauchery.

              So, as the young people of today say… bring it! Say what you want, of course, because that is your right. Just don’t expect to get a rise out of me after this. Your efforts will not only be humorous, they will be the comic-relief we all need from time to time.

              As a closing thought, let me respond precisely about your charge against me. You, like anyone else, has the right to say what they may. Yet, as you are well aware I’m sure, you must also be responsible for the things you say. Therefore, my easily offended friend, I made an innocent observation about your statements. One is valid, and actually coherent, and then out of the blue you drop the “f” bomb and make a post that is not only obscenity-laden, but seems totally off-topic and incoherent. Just as it is YOUR right to say anything, so it is MY right to do likewise. If a simple observation offends you to this degree, then it’s pretty plain to see that it may just be that it was a TRUE statement. And as far as me being a “troll”… good try. If you even took the time to read ALL of my responses to others, you and anyone who actually read them, would know that is furthest from the truth. But, in reality, I don’t care what you think of me. Your slanted opinion of me matters not.

              You have a good day eeder. I’m sure your attacks have just started. But let it be known… you cannot get to me, bother me, offend me, or “scare” me away. Have fun trying. It will be entertaining to watch, because all will see what type of person you really are.

              Good day….

            • He joined the NRA, they are part of the agenda for control, they will release all its members info to TPTB. It’s the only thing that’s was a downer from his post all else kudos

          • youre an AIPAC WHORE V, we dont need your type of new blood madam. I cant even deipher what you are saying it is so nonsensical. goodbye.

            • Then you don’t understand English. You are a jerk aren’t you?

        • I applaud your change of heart, but your post confirms a change I noticed in my liberal friends locally. They too have gone from supporting Obama and his U.N. inspired gun control goals to the other extreme (at least in their mind – why are canning supplies for just in case?).

          Why do blacks charge you with being racist? Is it because you have changed your mind about how the country should be ran? I think it is odd you feel you have to prove your not a racist.

          • Really? You really thought all that? Maybe you really are a ‘government guy’.

          • GG, many are tired of being told what they are. Give the guy a break. He has learned from the classroom of shtf site. GG, people don’t care how much you know, till they know how much you care.
            First, good post and glad to see you’ve learned and are open to advice for survival.Same with not voting for Obama.

          • Unbelievable…Saw this in the news this morning…

            Obama Asks People Getting Married To Forgo Gifts and Donate to His Campaign Instead.

            Obama will accept your birthday or anniversary gifts, too.


        • 7. Will never vote for Obama again.

          That’s a start. Next you need to stop voting all together.

          • Ahhhh! Frank a man after my own heart I see. Hope to see more of that clear headed thinking on here! Thanks for the pick me up!

            • Evidently some didn’t like that comment by Frank,or that you agreed with it, or don’t like your handle. all those thumbs down for that?

          • I never voted for that assclown the first time!

          • Really? Stop voting?

            Are you going to let “them” win by allowing them to forgo your Constitutional right? If so, you are really not part of the solution, I’m sad to say…

            • Ha ha ha! Its not a “constitutional” right V, it is a personal right that you decide if you have or not. Just like prepping is hard to “see” for many, so goes a society without masters, just double the non believers.

            • To me voting is like trying to chose between two baby-sitters for my kids. Baby-sitter number one is going to burn my children with a cigarette, and number two is going to shove them down the stairs. The only choice is to say fuck it and stay home.

            • OK, OK Mr. Nitpicker!

              Let me say it this way, Geez!

              If you are BLACK, then you are GRANTED A RIGHT within the Constitution!!! Do you remember the 15th Amendment? How about the Voting Rights Act of 1965? Remember that one? How about the 19th Amendment for women? Is that a Constitutional right?

              While it was “assumed” at the founding of our great nation, that men had the God-given right to vote (which we ALL do, BTW), thereby a Constitutional Amendment was not needed nor one within the Bill of Rights.

              So, I misspoke I suppose by calling it a Constitutional right. So sue me!

              Is this better? How about … Will you, or anyone, forgo their GOD-GIVEN right to vote, giving TPTB more power?”

              How’s that peteropolis? Does that meet your approval?
              **rolling eyes and sighing in exasperation**

            • What’s the point? If you vote for candidate X … The Govt count the vote and add that vote towards the candidate and or Party of THEIR choice. And if you don’t vote they most likely use your name from the electoral rolls ….. And use your vote anyway to “landslide” THEIR candidate.

              So what’s the point in voting??? It’s rigged. Just like everything else the Govt run and operate.

              Your Constitutional Right?? Really? You still believe you have Rights? I believe we’re all told that we have “rights” to set our minds at ease and to make us feel all good and Patriotic!! Now, you just try and exercise some of those “rights” and see how far you get. They may have been written with good intention many years ago ….. But today, “someone” decides FOR YOU!!! as to wether or not you can use your RIGHTS!!!

            • @Red Coat,

              Yes sir, I do! The question is, you don’t?

              I don’t know about you, but my rights come from God, NOT man! BTW, your rights do too!

              Until we understand that NO MAN can take our rights, freedoms, and liberties away (since it wasn’t a MAN who gave them in the first place), we are doomed to NEVER be truly free! Those who can’t, or won’t, understand this are already slaves to a lie.

            • V, now we are getting the truth! who are you voting for ? how does voting for Mitt Romney help at all? i think you should go back to the AIPAC GOP israeli love in site and leave us to our own devices. you are not only part of the problem. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! you are disgraceful. anyone here with any brains at all gae up on either the republicans or democrats ever helping.

            • V (the trolling one!)

            • Voting is a personal choice that is granted to all “legal” citizens via the Constitution. There is nothing wrong with “not” voting. I choose to vote for the lesser of the two evils. That choice allows me to participate in any bitch and gripe session having to do with the candidate that is in office. If you don’t vote either way, then just stand back and observe.

            • eeder,

              Refer to my response near the top of the comments…

            • Bravo! Anon, Bravo!

              Well stated, and I completely agree. If I may, let me only add one thing…
              You said, “Those who can’t, or won’t, understand this are already slaves to a lie.” Also, those who can’t/don’t understand this are already slaves to not only the lie you mention, but those who perpetuate the lie!

        • Notice to everybody, the trolls are on the attack today.

        • We are all slaves to jewish bankers. That is the kind of talk that gets Jews killed. I’m not jewish but and really disgusted at that statement. You could have left Jewish out.


            READ THIS.

            The zionist have had a plan in place for a long time to enslave you and your children with debt. The was written before Hitler came along and Henry Ford the car maker printed up over 500,000 copies and distributed it around the world. He was real pissed at these fuckers.

            This is the next big wake up call to never be enslaved by debt.

            Some history… After the treaty of Versailles
            The Germans had massive war reparations.

            Many of the Bankers, yeah, goldsmiths turned bankers…aka, jews, extended credit and then when you could not pay…THEY TOOK YOUR FAMILY FARM.

            So the German’s were literally starving.
            Along come fuck face Hitler with his propaganda machine…
            He rented a beer hall….fed folks, had music, and you got a tshirt…I’m kidding here, and went home with literature and a basket of food. Bam…new member of the Nazis party were born. Then they started to gang up on the jews and you know the rest of the story.

            So today….
            Don’t get enslaved by Jewish bankers. Folks….the more things change, the more they stay the same. There will always be someone who is trying to make you their slave in one form or another.

            Enough of the PC crap.

            ps. One other thing…I’m not real happy with that black professor who said the black should exterminate the white people…along with the black panthers who want to kill our white children.

            Better face facts….it’s not a nice world out there. Jews want to enslaves your ass with debt and some of the blacks want you kids dead.

            Spare me any thumbs down from the liberals.

            • Oh boy… another “regular” Jew-hater that disguises himself under an umbrella of a fictitious user name. Have some balls boy! If this is how you really feel, then bring it, and don’t be a coward!

            • The false outrage over racism will greatly figure in the downfall of America. Get your heads out of your butts. Loving your race is not “racism” . Whites are the only race that thinks so. All others make no secret of their preference for their own tribe.

            • whos the coward V? maybe you should go back to Tom G s website and play with butterfly. im onto you. its time for you to leave V (the zionist one)

            • eeder,

              Refer to my response toward the top of the comments…

          • pete,

            I agree with you, to claim you are not racist but categorize a group as slave owners because they are jewish, is racist. This is not how to move forward, each man will be judged alone.

            There are no trolls, just people that disagree with part of a statement.

            • As most of you know, my wife and I adopted a litlle boy, an African American little boy. I used to be a little bit biased. Now I just use the term “THUG” to describe the type of person that commits crimes, lives on the government dole, uses illegal drugs, posseses illegal weapons, etc. There are all types of “THUGS” white, brown, red, all types, so lets all get past the race thing and either work togather for the common good or let the PTB win. Love the GSG-5

            • Bravo MustangBob, Bravo!!

            • It is important to make the distinction that today’s modern state of Israel and the Zionist elite are NOT the biblical jews of prophecy. They are Khazar decendedents who have nothing to do with the blood of the tribe of Judah. It’s laid in a book called “The Synagogue of Satan” among many other places. Right out of the chutes we have all been conditioned to hold modern Jews as the holy children of promise thereby making them untouchable, but as has already been pointed out, this has been done by design as one of the greatest deceptions in history. Truly a secret combination and conspiracy that was rooted centuries ago. It’s worth the research to move beyond our conditioned PC social landscape. “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

            • @ mustangbob says

              Is your son from Africa? You know where I’m going here. Just call him your son and be done with it.

            • The jews(not the ones living in the worlds oldest jewish community in IRAN, the ones that live in the state created in 1948) do the same black mail race baiting bull$hit that the people like jesse jacka$$ does!!


              Collecting war reparations from people who were not alive at the time.

              Making food manufactuers make their food kosher(having to PAY rabbi’s(those pervs that suck the blood out of baby boys weewee’s) to put their stamp on it(or they are called anti-semite and sued. All for 2% of the population)

              They stage “hate” crimes against themselves.

              They have armies of collage student PAID to surf the net and attack anti-isreal beliefs, and to promote their causes.

              Oh, my favorite, they have 400 nuclear weapons,(and for some reason they forgot to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, IRAN DID)

              Ever heard of the samson option??

          • EVERYTHING is the Joos fault, or so some think.

        • 7…?
          so you were part of the problem but woke up?

          you did say “again”

        • I personally am an equal opportunity bigot. I hate everyone equally! That said, I agree with your post, that it pays to be prepared! But, you voted for 0bama??? Ouch!

        • Woo! Hoo!

          Mac! Print this guy a Graduation Certificate! He has studied the information, decided what was best, bought in, stocked up and is ready.

          Just This Once – Congrats!

          Its doesn’t take long. A steady progression and pretty soon you’ll have more supplies than you can store.

          Good luck!

        • Just This Once

          I spent a lot of time on this and similar sites with my wife asking why. Well I got out of the market in Feb of 07 because of what I learned. Mutual Funds make money for the fund managers. For years brokers got in essence kickbacks for pushing certain funds which was known as, “Putting lipstick on a pig” in the trade jargon. Latter when that was made illegal they got trips to exotic places ostensibly “For training” but in reality they were nothing more then “Payback” vacations. With nine out of ten of these “Advisors” you need to count your fingers after shaking hands with them. The best thing you did was taking control of your own money. The “Proof is in the pudding”.

          The PHYS gold in Canada is much safer than the GLD fund in the US. The GLD fund for practical purposes is unregulated and leveraged (they can sell more shares than they have in gold bullion); no surprise here in the US. Canada does not allow more shares sold than bullion and physically does an accounting.

          No debt, good move. Health check, great move.

          You are light years ahead of most others. The problem you run into is after a period of time their conversations seem so petty with “dancing with the stars” and “worshipping the sphere” being their focus it’s difficult to pay attention to what their saying. My advice is nod, smile and agree with them.

        • I’m a slave to the Christian bankers.

          • @ Anonymous says… Now your acting as crazy as a bag of cats. LOL

        • I think one of the basic foundations for helping someone to begin prepping is to lose the credit card for all or at least most purchases. People have no concept the worth of merchandize that they buy and no respect for the value of their own money. The plastic card puts most people out of touch with a world that doesn’t have anyway of electronic currency. When a person uses cash to purchase items they see just how much is going out, they get it if they pruchase unnecessary crap they wallet or purse will be empty afterwards. With plastic they have no idea most of the time, they just hear a number and sign away their life.

          Most people have no idea what barter means and what they can get for what they have. IF the non-prepper has anything of value after this happens, they could trade away something worth 2 weeks of food for instead one meal, or a box of stale cereal or something. Until someone actually understands what true money and the value of what they have, they cannot prep and succeed.

          Today EVERY single person in front of me used a card to make their purchases at the stores I went to. I of course use cash always and know how much I have to work with. One person in front of me had $87 worth of junk food along with a couple of bags of meatballs. They had no conception of the amount of $87, the clerk could have doubled charged them and they did not care. After all it is just phantom money, just sign away and go gorge themselves on fattening “food” until the next fill up.

          “Now here is the topper of them all”. I love garage sales because you can get some serious nice survival items, that the person selling has no clue the actually value behind them, for cheap fantastic bargins. If you can actually believe this, someone actually ask to pay for their items they picked up with a credit card! I had to walk away before my big mouth erupted about how totally screwed this world had become. The person ended up paying the individual putting on the garage sale with a check.

          This was the ultimate incident that proved to me that credit cards are totally a necessary evil to either get rid of totally or curb the use big time for anyone that wants to start prepping. Credit cards and the aftermath of WHEN SHTF do not mix, they CAN’T. Imagine that though, someone actually going to a neighborhood garage sale and expecting to pay with a credit card. God help us.

        • @ ….First

          “…16. Now am a complete asshole to any blacks who accuse me of being a racists…and have changed the outlook of some to being more positive. Note, I rent my upstairs to a nice black couple. Our friends for life. No racist here.

          +1 on the post

          consider amending #16 to:…am a complete asshole to THOSE who would accuse me of being racist –

          Blacks aren’t the only ones flinging the racist word. If you are going to call rattler, do it right. I’m called racist and traitor and other terms by blacks and whites because of my stand on positions and issues that relate to the Constitution, the covering his ass president, illegal immigration and entitlements, the economy etc. Racist? You bet and under those conditions it’s a badge of honor.

          There is plenty of PC speech coming from MSM and their related ilk. These people are neutering the word,racist making it meaningless, when, sigh, there are still real racist out there.

          These are the same folks wanting to change how we think, communicate and speak with – “words and actions mean what I say”. A pox on them all.

          Good post Mac and delighted with this First.

        • Go Bills!

        • Why would you cancel your credit cards? When the SHTF you will need them for last minute preps especially if there is a few days warning that the poop is about to hit the fan. You probably will not have to pay them back or if nothing happens yopu can just return the stuff you bought for a refund on the card.

        • Those who fail to prepare are prepairing for failure.

      2. Its not as easy as it should be. I finally convinced my wife I was spending 1/5th of what we spent on retirement and then it was fine. Now she’s into it. She lived 45 years with out shooting a gun and now she hits 5 gallon buckets at 300 yards with the AR….

        • Great article! Words of wisdom.

          A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.
          Proverbs 22:3

          • You still married woman ?

            • TROLL ALERT! These idiots are coming out of the woodwork. We needs to thumb them down, and NOT respond.

            • V, youre doing a troll alert on yourself!?

            • eeder,

              See my response near the top of the comments…

        • Yep… the same with my wife… now, she’s the one with the NRA membership and a membership to the local gun club. The only thing I’m still ahead of her on is ‘long distance’ accuracy. lol. But hey, 5 gal. bucks at 300 yards… that’s impressive… but can she do what this little girl does:

          Way too cool…


            This guy needs to see the gal working the AR-15.

            I think he’s change his mind. Heck, if some of the kids can handle weapons like this…I’m not to worried about guys like this causing trouble.

            Peace though strength.
            Teach your children well.

            Just bought a new rifle for my gals.
            Ammo next with some nice quality.

      3. We do need some new topics. We seem to be just repeating on all the sites.

        • Maybe they’re all repeating because they are the stories with pertinent info, and are the important topics of the day. If that is an issue for you, maybe you should just visit “The View”, MSNBC, CNN or the like to insulate yourself from all the repetition?? Just a thought….

          • I never said it was not a very important issue. It just lately being beaten to death and is overwhelming other issue though out the prepper sites.

            I SHIF and Sur Blog as advance sites that should be discussing more “Advanced” Issues.

            And where did the veiw or MS whatever even come from. Because that’s what they do is repeat and repeat until the sheep believe it is true.

            • I understand your point(s). I too want to see more planning for a “response” and to get the Patriots and Preppers together in ONE consorted effort.

              Yet, there unfortunately is still extremely too many out there, even on this site, who are not “ready” or their family members are not “ready” for that leap. And because of that, repetition is regrettably necessary.

              I do hope, and pray, that soon… VERY SOON… we (ALL of us) will stop the ridiculous bickering which causes division, that we can convince who we can and accept the reality that there are those we cannot convince and move forward, before it’s too late.

              TPTB love to keep things, and people, divided. By keeping us divided, it’s much easier for them to accomplish their evil tasks and to win the “war” of hearts and minds of the sheeple, which of course frustrates those of us who will NEVER accept their rhetoric and hyperbole.

              So, when that proverbial “line in the sand” is approached and finally crossed by TPTB that most see as the ‘final straw’ (whatever that may be), then maybe, just maybe, we can then get on with the planning and eventual implementation of those plans. Only time will tell… let’s just pray that there is enough time left for this to come to pass….

        • What a crock. I guess the people who fly these planes and make up the crews live on another planet with their families and have no worries about the effect on themselves. No wonder preppers are lookes at as less than smart.

      4. Facebook

        Not all of the people here, me included have been prepping for that long. I understand it may be a bit boring for those of you who are way ahead of the pack but for me most of the articles provide something new for me to take away that could make a big difference to my future and my families future, and I am really grateful to those that publish articles and post replies.

        I have no idea where you are from, but over here in the UK we are where you were, prepping wise, many years ago. These sites are a little like a specialist library, you come in, hang out with like minded people and hopefully learn something useful. The only difference is we learn from other peoples minds and experiences rather from books. Long may it continue.

        Take care

        • I agree Brit.

          Live by example is my motto. Also, I must add that I never do anything half-hearted. If I feel it worth doing, I’m ALL IN. A couple of years ago I had this constant unsettling feeling deep in my soul that my world was not as safe and secure as I thought it was. I started researching sites to get into what was really going on economically and around the world and how this would effect me. I found this site and realized I was not alone. You all have helped me in so many ways. YES I know there is an occaisional idiot on here spouting off but for the most part I found hard working honest like minded people I can bounce ideas off of.

          As I started to prep (as I said…I was all in) I couldn’t get stuff in place quick enough. I has a sense of ergency like no other. Now I realize that this is a lifestyle change ant not just prepping for an emergency. I am cool, calm and collected. My family comes and looks at my pantry and smile knowing that they have security.

          • Sorry for the mis-spelling guys…I am typing in the dark so I don’t wake the family.

            • What do you all live in a one room box?

            • OK, I’ve been holding my tongue but read John W’s comment again and just HAD TO tell him this…

              @John W.
              So what if Tina lives in, as your smart-ass comment says, “What do you all live in a one room box?”? What the hell is your problem? If all you have to do is come on this site and badmouth EVERYTHING and EVERYONE… go the hell away!!!

              Damn it boy, we have enough problems to deal with than having to battle dumb-asses like you too!


              Sorry folks. I just had enough of his smart ass mouth!
              Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

          • Tina

            Having a restless night? It is 11am here, cold, miserable and raining…again .

            Seriously, I have learned so much on here. I had a bit of an epiphany a while back, something that shook mynlittle world to the core, I was totally unprepared but it got me thinking about events bigger than just me and mine and I started prepping. I thought I was really good at it until I met you lot lol. How wrong can a woman be?

            Take care

            • Sometimes we (females) are the ones that have to start the ball rolling….but at least…it’s rolling.

              My immediate family will be well taken care of but I still have to work on the extended family. Starting to feel like some are hopeless. I’m sure some may feel I have lost a couple of marbles…..

              Most of my brood knows me for being the most UNREACTIVE person they know. I never get emotional, I never get upset, I am very (for lack of a better term) “even” tempered. I am firm in my beliefs (some say hard headed) and very goal oriented . So when I started prepped my family thought WTH but they knew if I was doing it….it was worth doing and worth doing right.

            • if only we were all as great as tina and V (the great ones)you two are the most pathetic , pandering newbies i have ever encountered on this site. also the nosiest , mouthiest and most stubborn. you remind me of my sister in year married to my brother and she thinks shes the matriarch of the entire exteded family. please leave.

            • eeder,

              Read my response to you near the top of the comments…

          • We sleep much better; we too open the doors to the rooms and smile.
            Was it time-consuming?? Yes…Was it a sacrifice?
            depends on what your priorities are.
            I read; I learn; in this situation, preparing, I follow my head before my heart.

          • My prepping started after I had kids about 25 years ago. Always had at least a 6 month supply off “stuff” as I called it. Kids grow up, go away, I slack off. Then the grandkids started coming. Time to get serious again. I too have that feeling of urgency. Just can’t put my finger on it either. I am always glad to read the positive posts, and thankful for sites like these. I personally do not have a photographic memory and appreciate the reminders and different points of view.

        • You are so right about that, Burt. It is only through repetition and re-visiting topics and ideas/threads that we absorb all the information we need to know. It takes a long time for some of us ‘older’ folks to get it all in perspective. I have been ‘prepping’ for about three years now and in that time my learning curve has grown exponentially about so many things. At first I just started with six cases of Mountain House dehydrated food and then sat back and thought I’d got it covered, but as I read other people’s posts and investigated various web sites dedicated to this lifestyle of preparedness I realized that I was a fool. The wake up has been gradual but now I feel I have most of my family’s needs covered; I have the medicine/trauma kits, the ability to make colloidal silver for wound treatment, lung infections etc. I have supplemental medical equipment for small surgery ( I am a surgical nurse for 30 years) and am working on getting suturing skills up to par. I have taken a course on long guns and hope to get the follow up on hand guns so I can get my permit and buy some weapons for self-defense and will join a gun club to learn how to shoot! I have a two year short term supply of regular food I rotate on a regular basis plus a one year supply of long term food including a hand crank grain mill. I also have put in a wood stove with a two cords of firewood, have three different types of cooking arrangements that use charcoal, wood, propane, two of which are portable and one of which is multi-fuel use. I also have numismatics in currency and silver and gold plus some items useful for bartering. I have planted a garden of non-gmo plants and have water storage and purification methods (also live close to a large river). I also have several different sources for light, candles, lanterns, hand crank and battery type plus walkie-talkies if the grid goes down and a solar powered system to re-charge smaller items and my freezer for short periods.
          It’s all looking better but there is still so much to do.
          But I do have to thank sites such as this one for teaching me so much. A very BIG thank you!!!

          • @Northern Cousin….what a great post…makes me want to do more, all I added today are 3 more (2litre)jugs of laundry detergent, 2 maxwell house instant coffee, and two tins of tomatoes(which got rotated to the back of shelf)….I was wondering if you are considering faraday cages? I don’t have much in the line of electronics (other than this laptop and a phone) and I use them everyday…..what should I be putting in a cage….? Anyone please advise. , I love this site!! It has really put me “more at ease”..Thanx to all of U!!

            • Well funny you should mention faraday cages as I have just bought myself a beautiful galvanized metal garbage can with a snugly fitting lid. I just have to line it with something and put my important stuff in it. I got it big enough for the generator that runs off solar power. I thought I’d stick the walkie-talkies in, also and maybe one of my windup radios and some of my electronic medical stuff, too. I’m just waiting to organize the basement a bit more as there is hardly room to swing a cat (apologies to my two moggies) Never belittle your efforts, that’s how mine have grown. I just bought two more jugs of laundry detergent too! The way my family go through laundry I need about a 20 year supply (two elderly teenage girls) Glad to see that there is another Canadian up here. Sometimes it feels very lonely being a prepper in Canada!

            • I would recommend these items: extra laptop; external hard drives loaded with downloaded books, entire websites capture using free software, MP3 files of music, radio shows, video files; good AM/FM radio (crank and or solar-powered); ham radio; digital camera for recording after SHTF for documentation and history; music player to play music and recorded radio shows; DVD player; video game units; TVs (older ones can still be used for viewing old videotapes or playing older videogames). If you have old media, such as records, cassettes, videotapes, then store stereo and video equipment. Store extras if you can for redundancy. Also store digital copies of all your photos, documents, books, etc. in case of bugout. Of course, the digital media should be copied to analog if you have the time and resources. Print out useful documents, books and websites. Keep phonograph records as they last almost forever if kept properly. Black and white photos and color negatives keep well. Newly recorded cassette tapes should easily last 40 years or more if properly cared for (I know from experience). If you have extra routers, network cards, and other old computer-related electronics, they might come in useful later for setting up more computers and perhaps ad hoc networking using routers. Also other old electronics, such as old TVs and radios might be scavenged for parts to build new communications gear. The tube-type equipment might survive a solar mass ejection EMP, but might not survive a nuclear EMP.

              I think the thing to do is to go through your house and see what you have that’s electronic that you think would be useful later. Then you can figure on what size Faraday cage you need. Metal trash cans with tight-fitting lids are easy, but you might need more than one. There are plans online for wooden cabinets completed sealed with metal (not the common nylon) screenwire that might be suitable.

              In my own case, at the present time, I just have a laptop, external hard drive with my most important files, a digital camera, and an AM/FM radio. They are wrapped in layers of plastic, aluminum foil, plastic, and more aluminum foil. You can duct tape the aluminum foil so that it stays together and keeps continuous electrical contact all over. I may put them in trash cans later for added protection.

              Keep everything you can if you have the storage space and can cover things properly.

     has an email notification service you can sign up for. They will email you when a solar flare starts and when it ends and how strong it was. If you are notified of one that is X class with a high number, you will need to put your electronics in storage until the event goes away. Since a nuclear EMP won’t be announced, it would be good to have a second laptop and hard drive that can be stored indefinitely.

              In case anyone wonders why I don’t say print out everything, it’s because I have enough books and articles on my computer, that it would decades of time and more paper than I can afford to do so. I do have printouts of the most important items.

              Take care. Things seem to be happening faster and faster.

          • Only two cords of fire wood in Canada?

            I am at 43 degrees N. In a mild winter, we go through 3 1/2 cords for a 2000 sq ft home (we shut off 2 rooms in winter)and a normal winter is 4 3/4 full cords. That is with one wood stove and a masonry chimney in one building and a old large stove/stovepipe in the shop. The chimney makes all the difference. Be sure to clean your stove pipes every week and your chimney every Fall.

            An old rule of thumb is to stack your wood in face cords and then stand back and eyeball them. The stack should be about equal to the lower level of your house. Heat will rise to keep the upper level bearable.

            Wood will keep well for 2 years or so and it does need a year to season. Keep the seasoned wood covered with a tarp. It is a PITA to have a frozen woodpile that you have to hit hard w/the maul just to get some loose.

            We also keep a couple of catalytic propane heaters w/both electrical and match start and a good stockpile of 1# and 20# (need an adapter) propane tanks. Plus, we keep 2 500-gallon propane tanks as full as possible. Our next improvement is a propane-run generator instead of the gas ones we already have. Battery lanterns are good to have. You can use a small generator and an inverter to keep deep cycle batteries charged. We are just beginning to add the marine batteries. They are spendy.

            Crunching the numbers for solar at 43 degrees N comes up with insufficient insolation during the Northern winter, so, don’t relay on that from November through April, longer, at your latitude. We looked at wind, but you really get very little power without spending a fortune. Still, it can be an additional boost to your needs.

            • Well, I do have plans for more wood but I have to sell an entertainment unit for the next cord! As a seasoned northerner I am fully aware of the need for heat up here but we are all limited by our financial/time/effort constraints; these things all take time to prepare and of course there are so many important needs that are all screaming to be filled simultaneously. I do wish I lived next to a forest but unfortunately, we live in smallish city and moving out is not an option for us. I do have my eyes on a couple of trees on our lot that are in need of cutting up, though! I just have to get the ‘better half’ onboard with the idea and a new chainsaw.

        • Burt and Tina.., I agree with both of your statements. 🙂

          To all; even though the information on this site or any other site gets repetitive at times.., there is numerous people who are new or now finally getting to see this information.

          I myself was new to all this years ago and still learning more as time goes on.., also when I see subject that has been repeated., there is usually someone that has another point of view or an idea.

          Sometimes I change my views.

          I.E. I was all in on the bugging out idea , until I read an article about bugging in.. hhmmmmm.. it got me to thinking and did some changing on my views.

          Have a great day Burt, Tina and all. 🙂

          • Brt I am not even saying it is boring. One word or sentence can teach or awake a thought. But there has been a total retreat lately of teaching and it all seems to be recruiting lately. Which is also very important but it has not even been close to even recently

            • Facebook

              Fair comment.

              Take care

          • Eagledove

            Hello matey, how’s you?

            Take care

            • Hello Anonymous; doing ok here, had another busy day outside.

              How are you?

          • Eagledove

            How are you?

            Take care

            • Burt;

              I am doing fine here and been busy doing things inside and outside.

              The weather here has gotten extremely hot, sticky and uncomfortable., with some areas of our region are not allowed to do an outside burn, because of how dry it is.

              How about you Burt, how you been? 🙂

      5. I remind my wife about the time we got snowed in without power for 13 days.
        Suddenly she wants to go shopping for MRE’s and propane.

        • JT

          Makes life easier when someone decides for themselves though doesn’t it?

          Take care

          • It sure as heck does help, Burt….. so does getting downsized more than once when you are a schoolteacher. Or getting a “reduction in force” (RIF) letter and then spending all summer getting “prepared” (theres that word again) to figure out how we will manage to find me another teaching position.

            Say, remember when teachers had that same boring safe job forever? Yeah, that was a nice theory. The cold hard facts of life nowadays are what motivates both my wife and I to get prepped up… no intention of having to rely on Uncle Scam and his giant check writing machine. We’ve seen government up close, and have found its operatives to be every bit as close minded, petty and tyrannical as the stereotypes would suggest. Man, I could tell you some stories…..

          • Yes, it does. She doesn’t see the forest through the trees. Understanding is one thing, embracing and enthusiasm – living a concept is another.
            So I have to use reminders and subtle action spurring tactics. Its just what works after all the splainin in the world.

        • Eagledove

          Bloody freezing and wet. We have had torrential rain for a couple of weeks now, my garden is dead, waterlogged, all grown from decent seed as well. With the wind it feels much colder than the 11*C it actually is. The only chance I have of burning if I go outside is by throwing myself on the BBQ, sure as hell wouldn’t be able to light anything else with this much water about. You know, if we gave away our excess water we could solve any number of shortages all on our own.

          Take care

          • Burt, I will trade you some of our hot dry weather for some of your wet and rainy. 😉

            • @ Eagledove and Burt

              I’m very sorry, but that sort of unregulated trade has been outlawed by TPTB.

              The EPA, Dept of Commerce, IRS, The Weather Channel and many more alphabet soup agencies have determined that unregulated trading of weather is detrimental to the health and finances of the majority of uninformed and unqualified private citizens and poses a very definite danger to international security.

              In order to promote public safety and stable international trade, the government (here to help) has created yet another department to oversee, regulate, and tax into oblivion the trading of weather from regions allowed only by international convention to enter into lawful and permitted transactions.

              The Agency for Systemic Stability (ASS hereafter) answering to the UN will monitor all potential transactions and provide a platform to facilitate fair and balanced weather that will be equitable to all constituents of the participating charter nations. A fair use tax will be applied to all transactions, based on the wealth of the trading parties, taking into account factors unrelated to the actual value of the transaction, but to maintaining equitable distribution of benefits to those unable to enter into transactions due to economic or logistic conditions beyond their control.

              You will be contacted soon with your UN mandated voluntary enrollment forms and retina ID kits.

              Have a Nice Day!

              –Your friends at Big Government

            • Barter fool

              please give us another chance, eagle dove is a good man, he didn’t mean to break the law lol

      6. I am just prepping on the sly…

      7. Just like religion, I see three ways to proselytize preparedness: 1) Forcefully espouse your view like a street preacher, 2) Invest and Invite by drawing out individual needs and offering solutions, and 3) Live by example and draw people to you. One may work with some people and not others, but the most effective method is usually that most congruent to your personality.

        • PP;
          I think that Jesus did the same in many arenas, judge not and you shall not be judged, is one of my favorites.
          I hate it when people judge me and have no idea who or what I am. I try to lead by example, just too many are self absorbed in themselves and just do not care. It’s a shame the world has turned into what it is now.

          • If I may, eppe…

            I really don’t think that Prepared Pastor was directing that at you. If you notice, it wasn’t a reply to your comment. Look again… 🙂

            • V & eeder; Never said that PP was directing anything to anyone in particular, I was just stating that Jesus who got it right, did not judge. I think PP is one of the best posters on this site and admire him for his wisdom imparted. It’s strange that if a poster says something that is perhaps important to the group involved, they can get bashed by the “trolls”. And yes, I agree that we should ignore them, and Mac is CORRECT in letting all be anon. I come to this site often to gain knowledge on many things that I may not know.

            • V,
              Hey V. I asked if she lived in a one room box in response to her post which made it seem they would be sleeping on top of one another. I could care less what she lives in. You keyboard commandos are all going to take on the Army and the cops not to mention various renegade groups that are going to steal your preps yet let an innocent comment get to you. Pretty thin skinned and too funny especially since the comment was not addressed to you. I meant the lady no disrespect.

            • Good enough… all is good then.

              Have a good day.

      8. These are odd times we live in where being prudent is viewed as crazy or whacky. Hell 40 years ago you would be chastised for not being prepared. My grandfather who lived during the depression would always ask me first thing upon seeing him “are u putting money away?” he was always on me about putting stuff back but you gotta understand that from a depression era individual. Just let me say that I think no one and I mean no one should overlook the mental aspect as it’s more important than being stocked up. If a collapse comes and you are not mentally prepared you meet the same fate as someone who hasn’t prepped at all. My wife thinks I’m a loon but she’ll get it soon enough, my fear is she’ll not accept what is happening when it begins to happen and be a huge burden. Plus we have three small children so I’m really hoping if it hits the fan it can wait 6 years till my youngest is 8 cause that would make any fleeing we would have to do much much easier 🙁

        • My grandfather grew up on a farm during the depression walking to the tracks to flag down the train so he could trade butter and eggs for coffee and sugar in the village. He always had food stacked everywhere, backup heating sources, and flashlights and lanterns stacked everywhere. He set a good example which I continue to follow today.

          While I built a secluded retreat in the mountains so am not expecting to flee as much as stop coming back during the week, I am hoping things stay stable until our second (and last) child is born in February. I still have an emergency birthing kit from the last one, but I would not want to attempt a vbac in the middle of nowhere.

          • This one puzzles me.
            I have no children; knowing what you know, why would you even want to have another??

        • I wish you well, but I do not see how this mess can hold off for six years. As I’ve said before, Bernanke is a one trick pony and only the non-stop printing of money has kept us afloat. I’ve recently changed my opinion on the future. It will not be a gradual decline into a depression and chaos. It will happen in a single day.

          • swift, you are right about both of these. It is a gradual decline into depression and chaos. that is what we are undergoing now. the real fun happens when you get the big bang in one single day that snaps everyone to attention. you havent changed your opinion. its just that as it unfolds, you see what is happening… gradual gradual gradual …. BAM!hahahaha. good luck friend.

          • swift i hope you are wrong cause it’ll be very hard to handle the little ones lol. As long as we keep the world reserve currency status we’ll stay afloat so i guess that would be a better barometer for when the dollar will collapse. So if anyone hears anything about that topic post right away cause without that status we can’t just print anymore

      9. I’ve tried on on several occassions to reach my sister and her husband on the prepping subject. It’s a lost cause. My folks are in agreement with me and have seen my pantry, large garden and assorted fruit trees. My folks will come here when the time dictates and will be cared for. As well it should be.

      10. I have family members(state, county workers) who still talk about their retirement. I have tried to warn them that governments are stealing those funds, but it falls on def ears.

        15 years ago is the last time I have heard someone in the private sector speak of retirement.

        Survey (green=yes, red=no)

        Question- Have you EVER heard someone OTHER then a government empoyee talk about their retirement? Do you?

        • To Kevin:
          YES…my husband and I were talking about it this morning as a matter of fact. He “supposedly” is entitled to a retirement pension plan after 20+ years of service at the same mfg plant. Yesterday the plant announced that they will no longer be offering that plan to any new hires after July 1st.

          That pension plan is only as good as the company and we are wondering if we can actually count on that money when the time comes to retire. Let’s just say they are are not putting many eggs in that basket…

          • tina, if your pension plan is held within the company, and not in a pension fund or some other fund out side of the company, consider that you will NEVER see a cent of it. the good news is that even if it was held by a large pension fund, you would only be getting pennies on the dollar essetially.

          • I was reading the other day about the trillions of dollars that pension plans are under funded. Everyone assumes the government will step in and cover shortfalls. My, my, my. They obviously have had their DNA altered and are now part ostrich.

          • @tina- I hope your hubby gets it!!!

            I believe that government pension plans are ponzi schemes(if the feds are spending it, local/state gov are doing the same, and ALOT of state/local retirement plans are very more generous then the feds)

            Funny thing, one of my states fed reps, is trying to opt out of his federal pension(from being a congressman, he is in his first term).

            The reason he wants to opt out is he does not want to pay the $180 a month.

            WOW, congressmen pay $180 a month($2160 a year)(about 1.3%, they make about $170,000) for that golden parachute!!(a LITTLE lower then soc sec withholding aye)
            IF all my math is correct.

            80% of congresses pension payouts are subsidized by the tax payers. The state/local are most likely the same.

            Hopefully your hubbies money wont depend on further people joining in!!!(since they wont be paying)

        • no kevin i dont. you are one hundred percent correct.

        • @Kevin

          I have been a state employee for the past 8 years. My wife is on board with prepping (mostly), however I don’t think she is convinced a total collapse will or could happen. We bought 20 acres in the mountains with a cabin two hours away from where we live now. It is very remote and has no electricity or water. I have a lot of work to do to get it ready to be a viable bug-out location but am afraid time is not on our side.

          My wife and I have had discussions about me trying to find a job closer to our cabin and us moving to a nearby town 45 mins from the cabin. She is a RN and can get work anywhere or keep her current job and commute 3 days a week. She keeps talking about my retirement and benefits and how after 12 years I can retire. I just shake my head. I’m 40 and there will be no retirement for me.

          • My family members the same(and are just a tad older then you). Always talkin about their retirement(and I shake my head)

            I just pray that they do not spend(take,in my eyes- steal) what could be left for the generation that follows them.

            But I fear they will.

      11. Hey it’s an up hill battle to convince people to prepare for bad times. Alot of people just do not believe that tuff times will ever come our way, because we are the U S A, well they will and they are coming fast. Like so many have stated, if you were not prepare a few years ago you were crazy. I think were all the none prep’n thinking started was when we went to a 24/7 way of life. Way to easy to go to Wally(China)World any time you think you need something. When the SHTF, and the stores close, the grid goes down, and no sports GOD help us. There will be a lot of people who will lose their minds. For the prepers I think we will have about 3 maybe 4 days before it really sinks in that it is all over, for the mass’s. Get a mind set of what you are going to do when they start coming around and stick to it. For me and mine if they are not family tuff SH-T! Look do everthing you can now to prepare and to convince other’s to start. But, that’s just me
        Live Free

        • Hey Copperhead your not alone. I have been trying to convince people to prepare for the last six years, so far I’m batting zero. The illusion that the party will never end will culminate in a reality that will be too hard for these people to accept, it will destroy many. Some people just have to learn the hard way. Many friends and family now don’t even associate with me anymore. They call me the prophet of doom. Peace brother.

        • I’m with you on that Kevin

      12. I’m around mostly government folks. Even my extended family contains lots of teachers. They are more concerned with retirement later than doing their jobs now. I believe they will get every penny they were promised, but it will be in dollars that are inflated to near worthlessness.

        I’m not only ostracized here, but within my own family for having two small homes (one off-grid), driving older cars, etc. A government job is considered the next best thing to winning the lottery.

        • yes gg, thats how pathetic our society has become.getting a govt job is not only considered to be like winning the lottery but it is like winning the lottery.may they all be flushed out as you describe.

        • @gg-

          “Their more concerned with retirement later, then doing their jobs now”

          That is poetic.

          • poetic, and factual.

      13. After decades of trying to wake people up, with mixed results, I’ve about given up. Once in a while I don my armor and try again, but it is a rare scenario. Family members are the worst. My wife and I have made a pact; we will feed the children, but the parents can eat the toys they bought instead of prepping. Large flat screen TV and motorcycles, cooked over an open fire, may have it’s benefits. The parents were warned, they had a moral obligation, indeed biblical, to prepare to protect their families. None did so. They actually believed that we would be their food bank if a SHTF scenario were to happen. Now, the hour grows late, food costs are up, and lay-offs common. It is nearly too late to start prepping in any meaningful way.

        On another note, we were at a flea market last week-end and I finally got a cast iron cobblers set for making/repairing boots for $8.00. Smiled all the way home as I had been looking for a year. My wife use to work in a shoe factory so it’s not like we’re going in blind. Stay the course and keep on prepping.

        • Swift..I can relate..California imports/neighbors spent $2000 to have their porch re-done due to porch concrete settling and dropping…hello??? Lowe’s, $40 for us, it’s called flashing and clear liquid nail.
          They just spent $2200 for curbing around every flower bed to prevent weed-eating. I’ll give you a minute to let that one sink in.
          Hmmm..I’m still weed-eating my sidewalk…did they get some kind of special concrete I don’t know about???DUH.

        • Swift; when it comes to most family members that know you are prepping.., YOU ARE THEIR BACK UP PLAN !! 🙂

          They want you to do all the work / prep., so they have time to play until the big one hits.

          Maybe in some way , your preps got destroyed ;)… then they won’t rely on you. Just a suggestion.

          Keep prepping. 🙂

          • Next big rain my sump pumps not gonna work and ruin all my preps. Brilliant idea. Thanks. I was worried about what i would tell my Inlaws.

            • Yeppers.., I will be doing the same. I even might say that the mold in my basement ruined most of it.;)

      14. and for all of you silly twits and newbies who poopoo on toomanyfakecons when he mentions the coming mass arrests, i think you will be in for a surprise.this thing with eric holder that popped up this week and president obama invoking his executive rights was essentially an admission of guilt. he will be impeached and he will spend time in a federal prison.keep your ears ans eyes open guys and dolls.more to come soon.

        • Naturally, I hope you are right, but experience tells me that the law is only for the unwashed masses. The rich, affluent, connected, people retire to “spend more time with their families”. Still, hope springs eternal.

          • remember swift… gradual gradual gradual BANG!dont forget it.

        • Obama will never be impeached. Yes, he’s committed a number of crimes already but it’s not happening.

          Nobody has talked about it but you can’t tell me that the Mexican cartels didn’t pay Obama’s campaign for all those guns.

        • Obama is worse than Nixon. At least Nixon was man enough to accept his punishment. Mr. Ego, Mr. Narcissist, Mr. Communist doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong – because it’s all part of his agenda – in this case – disarming America.

          • What has happened… Obama…THE GREATEST GUN SALESMAN IN HISTORY.

            While I wish he was not president….

            Be glad that folks have sense to ammo up.

            I’m buying for my future grandchildren.

      15. you guys are all way behind. youre watching msm when it is absolute nonsense and than by the time you get it, you stop watching but , guess what!? msm is now telling you what is about to happen. alot of you are shell shocked, many more are just slow. not your faults.

        • Good for him, and thank you for more information I did not have

        • We ALL need to watch this video and learn! This guy not only handed the cop his a$$, the Supervisor wasn’t there 15 seconds before the guy was “allowed” to proceed on his way.

          Great video Kevin, thanks!

        • Thanks for that… Under common law, I do not consent and waive the benefit…
          Someone please tell me what waive the benefit means???

          • A guy likeGods creation could probably give you the long form, but pretty much it means you owe the nothing.

            • Or is they owe you nothing? Nevermind, I probably should not have responded.

            • @V- I HATE wiki.

              We all have to go farther then wiki when researching.

              WHO owns and controls wiki?
              WHO writes wiki?
              How long does it take to change a wiki entry?
              WHO moderates wiki?

              With names and faces behind the curtain. I try to steer away from it.

          • Well, I had to look it up too. But here’s the long-form from a Legal Dictionary. Hope it helps…

            “The voluntary surrender of a known right; conduct supporting an inference that a particular right has been relinquished.

            The term waiver is used in many legal contexts. A waiver is essentially a unilateral act of one person that results in the surrender of a legal right. The legal right may be constitutional, statutory, or contractual, but the key issue for a court reviewing a claim of waiver is whether the person voluntarily gave up the right. If voluntarily surrendered, it is considered an express waiver.

            In Criminal Law the Privilege against Self-Incrimination is guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court, in miranda v. arizona, 384 U.S. 436, 86 S. Ct. 1602, 16 L. Ed. 2d 694 (1966), held that the police must inform arrested persons that they need not answer questions and that they may have an attorney present during questioning. These requirements are known as the Miranda warning. A criminal defendant may waive the right to remain silent and make a confession, but the law enforcement officials must demonstrate to the court that the waiver was the product of a free and deliberate choice rather than a decision based on intimidation, coercion, or deception. They must also convince the court that the defendant was fully aware of the rights being abandoned and the consequences that would result from the Abandonment. Based on the totality of these circumstances, a court may conclude that the defendant waived his Miranda rights.

            A waiver may be shown by a person’s actions. For example, a criminal defendant waives the privilege against self-incrimination merely by going on the witness stand. Such an action is called an implied waiver.

            In insurance law waiver is used in numerous contexts. For example, under the doctrine of waiver, if the insurer has knowledge of facts that would bar its primary liability for a policy it has written but proceeds to treat the policy as being in force, it will not be allowed to plead such facts in court to avoid its primary liability.

            A waiver of premium clause is a provision in an insurance policy that permits the waiver of premium payments upon the disability of the insured. Commonly such waivers take effect only after a certain time of disability.

            Various waiver provisions are inserted into contracts. The parties may agree to surrender a substantive right granted by statute, such as a limitation on the amount of property that may be exempted from debt collection, or a procedural right that requires a certain number of days notice before an action can be taken.”

            • NOW I can post on this subject(after educating myself on the matter).

              I always go back to the dictionary put out for a freeman.
              (note to ALL- it is ALWAYS right, the waive rule was abolished in britain before 1913, the begining of britains path to tyranny perhaps(and ours)??????)

              Webster was english, and the dictionary was not published FOR america till the 1928.

              My starting point.


              5. pl. Natural advantaged; endowments; accomplishments. [R.] The benefits of your own country.” Shak. Benefit of clergy. (Law) See under Clergy. Syn. — Profit; service; use; avail

              Clergy? WTF?


              2. (O. Eng. Law) A woman put out of the protection of the law

              Women? WTF

              A little of digging led me to a phrase in latin(I think it was latin, I forgot to copy it,sorry)

              Which led me to this book.

              Book of law defs from the 1800’s.


              The page should open on waive.

              Happy hunting.That law was abolished in GREAT BRITAIN, NOT HERE(we adopted common law) My computer is infected and slow as hell, I went a little further into property, but my patiance is destroyed!!

              We HAVE to go back to OLD books and HARD cover old dictionaries, if we are to go back to the old ways of living under the constitution and common law.

              The big boyz can change and pervert the internet in 20 minutes and google puts bull$hit as their first and 2nd pages.

              SOPA by the corp started the sunday after it was defeated.

            • I researched this this morning. My post in in moderation because it has links.

              Starting point was the freemans dictionary.

              To a latin phrase.

              To a book published in 1880.

              It was abolished in great britain with the property amendment act of 1859.

              Their starting point on the road to tyranny.

            • OOPS, posted this in the wrong place above!!

              @V- I HATE wiki.

              We all have to go farther then wiki when researching.

              WHO owns and controls wiki?
              WHO writes wiki?
              How long does it take to change a wiki entry?
              WHO moderates wiki?

              With names and faces behind the curtain. I try to steer away from

            • @V-(forgot something) not nockin your post, just sayin!!!

            • Kevin,

              Not a problem. The more info, the better.

              It amazes me that TPTB use such terms, because they know they are subject to interpretation. Such it is with tyrants.

          • Jay Jay…Net Ranger could lay this out for you best, but”I do not consent and I waive the benefits” refers to common law rejection of a corp law “contract”. Our gov, from the top down to the local dogcatcher is run under corp law (see Act of 1871). You refuse the so called “benefits” of the contract and preserve your common law rights. Example could be a traffic ticket the LEO wants to give you is a contract that, if you sign, are ceding your rights under common law. There are other ways of addressing this also. If you read some of Howard Freeman’s work he had a different approach but it all concerned preserving your common law rights.

            • @jrs- we need alot more discusion on this topic.

              If you guys go to the book I linked to, remember as “regulated” is twisted around now days for the 2nd amendendment, so are other words, have to use THEIR dictionary.

              (in the cases below, I am using 1913(because I can paste)but the book is much older.(and I cannot paste anything from that)

              Remedy (Page: 1215)
              3. (Law) The legal means to recover a right, or to obtain redress for a wrong. Civil remedy. See under Civil. — Remedy of the mint (Coinage), a small allowed deviation from the legal standard of weight and fineness; — called also tolerance. Syn. — Cure; restorative; counteraction; reparation; redress; relief; aid; help; assistance.

              Tort (Page: 1520)

              2. (Law) Any civil wrong or injury; a wrongful act (not involving a breach of contract) for which an action will lie; a form of action, in some parts of the United States, for a wrong or injury

              Injury (Page: 765)

              In”ju*ry See Just, a.] Any damage or violation of, the person, character, feelings, rights, property, or interests of an individual; that which injures, or occasions wrong, loss, damage, or detriment; harm; hurt; loss; mischief; wrong; evil; as, his health was impaired by a severe injury; slander is an injury to the character.

              Renounce (Page: 1218)

              2. (Law) To decline formally, as an executor or a person entitled to letters of administration, to take out probate or letters

              The example in the legal dictionary from 1880’s gives the example of a tennent and lessor.

              Which brings me to this word-

              Interpretation (Page: 780)
              In*ter`pre*ta”tion, n. [L. interpretatio: cf. F. interprétation.]

              1. The act of interpreting; explanation of what is obscure; translation; version; construction; as, the interpretation of a foreign language, of a dream, or of an enigma.

              We need alot more discussion on this.

              CHIME IN SOVEREIGNS!!

            • OOPPS tort was from 1928(for america) sorry.

            • oops forgot one last thing-When my link clears(it is about 300 characters long, I am not typing that sucker out)

              Look up words in the “waive the benefits” section of “waive”.

              1913 dictionary is simplified to much. The book goes into far more detail.

        • That was awesome. I was shamed because i know i wouldn’t have had a clue how to respond to that situation. This inspires me to educate myself. Thanks for that kevin.

        • Dude,,that was great!

      16. “Thus it happens in matters of state; for knowing afar off (which it is only given a prudent man to do) the evils that are brewing, they are easily cured.  But when, for want of such knowledge, they are allowed to grow so that everyone can recognize them, there is no longer any remedy to be found.” — Niccolo Machiavelli

      17. Mom and dad are on board. Sister and brother-in-law are not besides they just moved back east. I no longer discuss prepping unless asked about it. Even then I am very vague with the answers. Keeping a much lower profile now is the best idea I believe. If people can’t see the writing on the wall at this point, there’s no point in trying to fix stupid!


        • EEder….have you ever considered medication and an anger management class….or TWO?

          • The more I read his comments, the more I’m convinced he’s bipolar. One comment makes absolute sense and is filled with logic. The next is so far out there, that it makes the other comments null and void.

            This is NOT a slam on eeder, it is an observation that if all were completely honest here, would have to agree with.

            Anyway… back to the regularly scheduled program…

            • Good observation. He is a troubled person there is no question about it.

            • V, i think you actually sort of understand, however it is not bipolar. i do not think as slowly as most of you. i say my part and than i like to give a blurt out. hey, like what the hell is wrong with telling barack obama to go to hell? for that matter mitt romney can go to hell too! like i said before, you guys are either shell shocked or slow or both. maybe its you that has the problem with the truth?

            • hey V, and tina for that matter, the newbie geniuses of shtf. notice how all of logical , sensible comments have more thumbs down than up but my “so out there that it makes all null and void” comment of telling barack obama to go to hell has ma ny more thumbs up than down? some people dont get snese and logic V (the great one) sometimes a blurt out like that is more effective for getting the point across. plus i know all of the govt trolls will see that! i dont know what you two(v and tina) have against me and i really dont care. i was at this site long before you were..give it up girls. class is in session and you have alot of catching up to do. maybe if you dont like what i say , you should just make like a tree and leave. preferably sooner than later.

            • Last response to you eeder,

              Refer to my response near the top of the comments for an answer to your ridiculous and unfounded statements…

          • tina, have you ever considered not bieng so nosy and mouthy? what is wrong with showing passion especially when its telling barack obama to go to hell?! come on, youve laid the F bomb once in a while.. ill bet youve even dropped the N bomb… at least i didnt say you f ing N!

        • eeder,

          Hell is more than likely where he came from. If he is not the Antichrist he is probably a first cousin.

          • yes indiana jonezin, maybe i am! see you in hell you trolling prick.bring ice cubes and an air conditioner. my fire gets worse in hell than here on earth.

          • It’s OK Indiana Jonezin,

            eeder misunderstood your post. He took it that you were referring to him, even though it’s clear you’re talking about Obama.

        • Real class. You make everyone who posts on and enjoys this site look like a loon. You think some of these posts are not used as an example by DHS and others as to why why preppers and others who don’t buy the company BS are dangerous and need to be watched?

      19. This is hilarious. You people think anything will happen? Greece has been hit hard and they’re still going strong. People have jobs. people have houses and life goes on as normal. You are prepping for nothing. Use your money for prepping and put it in stocks so you can grow your money. You are the sheep people. Not us.

        I invested $4000.00 into stocks and I pulled out $7000.00 after 2 months. Lets see your cans or bug out bags do that. Oh, thats right, you cant.

        I like guns and camping just like the rest of the USA but you people take it to an extreme. They should take your guns away from you people.

        • If you really feel that way, why are you here? Doesn’t seem like the website you were looking for.

          • Because he’s a worthless troll who hasn’t anything better to do with his life than spend it in his grandmother’s basement in his soiled and skid-marked underwear munching on his veggie chips while scratching his unmentionables!

            • finx,

              I almost forgot…

              MOLON LABE!

              That is IF you are man enough to do the job, and IF you even know what that means without looking it up!!

            • V, the racist , mouthy fucking bitch slut from hell! i wish we could get the old crew back here. im afraid its telling of where we are in this game. probaly time to leave you newbies to figure it out for yourselves.truthfully , it is likely mostly trolls for the rich and the govt and AIPAC that inhabit this site now.

        • YOu have absolutely no idea what’s coming, do you…

        • “They”? Come and take them yourself, coward.

          • Thus, the motto….

            MOLON LABE!

        • finx,

          The way of the troublemaker is thorny. – Umpqua

          This country is broke financially, broke morally and broke spiritually. Time will show you the reality in which we are being forced into. This is a boat that is sinking and there is no one on board with the know how or the tools to fix it. If you put your money in the stock market tomorrow, you would not be so lucky. We are a sick planet and getting more diseased every day. To laugh and ignore what is in your face, is simply stupid.

        • Finx

          Classic comment from someone who thinks having money will protect him.

          When there is no food on the shelves mate your $7000 is worth shit, it cannot feed you. No I don’t have $7000, I don’t even have$700, but I have food, lots of food. Who’s better off, you or me?

          Next time you play the market go long on beans, I hear it’s a good bet.

          Take care

          • Woo Hoo! Did everyone just hear that? That was the sound of a good old fashioned opening of a can of whoop ass!

          • Burt, I think he misspelled his name. It actually might be FINK.

            • Eagledove

              Either that or he just FINX stupid is trendy!

              Take care

        • And just for your knowledge genius… your unfounded and INACCURATE statement on Greece is so far off base that one would be a fool to truly believe it! Of course, Libs like you only believe what you WANT to believe and never what the truth is. Like your continued revisionist history you push on our kids, it is ALL lies!!

          Here’s the truth! This is just ONE of many stories from Greece just this week!! Read it, and learn something you freaking know-it-all moron!

          www. dailymail. co. uk/news/article-2161651/Starving-Greeks-food-thousands-politicians-finally-form-coalition-government–long-last.html

          For your simpleton mind finx, you must remove the spaces after www and before and after co.

          Live link to follow…

        • finx

          “They should take your guns away from you people”.?

          Any idiot can boast about stock market gains..until proven otherwise.

          Perhaps the leprechaun on fox or matthews on msnbc would better suit your ilk..

          What a complete fool..

          “I like camping “ quaint


        • @ Finx;

          Not everybody’s experience is relative to yours.

          For a lot of people., the S*** has hit the fan and are hurting, they are in a depression.., while you are living it up and enjoying your financial success.

          Please trade in your boasting for compassion.

        • So you timed something quite well. Kudos. Even if you did it as a daytrader, you paid for the privilege. Then, of course, it was taxed. But, you did pull it out, no? If you are so confident, why didn’t you let it ride? Two months, eh? So, you also have to factor in another 3% or so for inflation in cost of living in that time frame. Still, you made about $2500 or so, in reality. That would get a frugal family through a couple more months if nothing went wrong. Not a lot of money, if you think about it.

          Right now, the market is volatile. So, that’s great for traders. The best route, though is to pay the fees for one of those asset protection accounts, where they shift you from stocks to bonds and back again. However, the gains aren’t that wonderful there, either. And, as 2008 proved, both can tank at any time and stay down for a long while.

          I like casinos, too. But I only play rarely and w/money I can afford to lose.

          OTOH, that $4k would get you a lot of backup heat and electricity generation, which would save you a couple of year’s worth of bills, if they go up as much as the left hopes.

          Don’t prepare. The market can stay irrational a long time. How long can you stay solvent.


          Too many folks with no work, currency devaluing.
          Research Weimar Germany between 1919 to 1923.
          History repeats and the dollar will become worthless.
          Major droughts, crop failures.
          The country is growing Monsanto’s Mono crops…. Think Irish Potato famine, yeah they tried the mono crop things too.
          A country filled with foreigners. We just fired one who could not do her job.
          Nice black gal… yet the govt. paid for all her three degrees as she could not find work. Then they gave her a massive grant of $50k to buy a home in a black area to have a black professional there to “anchor” the place. She could not do her job and i had to do it for her. They were paying her $13k more than me. So I threatened to leave, got a $13k raise and title change. Man…I’m so glad this affirmative action hire worked with me. She told me how much she made and I said, WTF to amy company and they complied with a nice raise. I got everything I asked for. Sad that she got let go…she was given a chance. I have noticed a trend that the blacks just don’t want to did into computer software….so to meet the Affirmative action quotas they hire the indians. Nice folks, very polite.

          So anyway….we all prep because there’s too much not under our control. So we all sleep better. WHEN the dollar crashes…. I’ll sell you some food…but only for Silver, gold or Ammo trade.

          Spam up mother fucker!

          Currently I’m prepping more computer books…to help me keep my job. Works nice!

        • @
          Your words ring of “love of money”. Most of the serious preppers that are long time and continuous visitors here, don’t live their lives for the almighty dollar. They just want to live and let live. If they can say or do something to help like minded people then all is good. To say “They should take your guns away…” is a stupid statement. You must be a miserable person on the inside. I hope you find salvation in all that $$ you make. When the SHTF will all your worthless dollars buy you happiness and friends? Just sayin’.

      20. You could tell most people all this stuff until you’re blue in the face. They just don’t get it. Just about everyone who knows I’m prepping thinks I’m crazy for doing it. My wife didn’t get it either for quite awhile despite all the times I tried to explain it to here. Her idea of prepping was buying a couple of extra canned goods every week. A couple people who believe hyperinflation is coming have bought gold but haven’t gone any further as far as I know.

      21. O is easily the worst of the worst wannabe’s to occupy the white house in the history of low-lifes.. about moochelle……

      22. I don’t bother spreading the word anymore, those who had the potential to listen and prepare, already have.

      23. Hi All,

        My sister is on board, her man is not. But as she is in charge of the food shopping they’re getting some more food anyways 🙂

        What really annoys me are my parents, they say ‘yes, it’s going to be bad’ but then in the same breath say ‘but what can we do about it?’ Makes me want to yell and scream at them!! Tried the whole, buy more food/gold/silver/books/skills option, but they just shrug their shoulders and change the subject!!

        My friends are (really) slowly but surely changing their views, I’ve found the ‘welfare is mathematically unsustainable, so do you really expect a pension’ angle a good one, opens the door to more discussion!

        Don’t loose hope on your loved ones people!! No matter how unwilling they are to hear the bad news!!

        • My better half is totally on board, and thank God for that! It makes life that much easier when you’re a prepper. Also, it can be a “fun” exercise to do together, especially if you always have open and honest communication about all issues and plans.

          I would only say Kirsten, to be careful not to “hide” your intentions, or spend monies on things he knows nothing about. My sister has done that because of her bonehead husband, and it caused A LOT of friction. That was about 2 1/2 years ago. Now, they work at it together, but not as much as they should or as much as she desires. They have a strong relationship and marriage, and this resolved itself nicely. Yet, anyone with a less than strong marriage will have a harder time and could even end up with a worse case ending.

          I simply know in my over 20 years of marriage, honesty is ALWAYS the best answer, no matter what. Even if he disagrees with you, it opens the line of communication, and eventually time will win the day. You will be able to win him over with plain ole logic and common sense. Plus, you’ll get a partner in the prepping game and will never regret the effort! 😉

      24. i am prepped with what we need, its just me and the wife and 2 boston terriers ( they dont eat much) as another post said we are slowly going down ,,,then instantly BAM ! it will all unfold,,,,,,,,bring it on!! standing by waiting, i just wish it would start so we can get it overwith and get started building a community without voilence, heavy drugs, scam artists etc and maybe all of this corrupt goverment would be gone 🙂

      25. “the aware walk away”

        walk away from what?
        a sick corrupt system that is ripe with fraud and corruption
        a financial system that makes the Mafia look good
        a government that is owned lock stock and barrel by
        corporations and the banksters
        an industrialized food system that literally feeds us and our
        children poisons with every meal
        a health care system that isn’t about being well but about being sick
        and the list goes on
        you know what I am talking about

        the “prepping” movement is under going a fundamental change
        it is no longer just about preparing for some future catastrophe as a single event
        it is about changing the way we live
        it is about becoming different people
        values have changed
        for the better
        beliefs have changed
        for the better
        we are changing
        for the better
        we are choosing to live our lives differently
        to growing our own food
        educating our children instead of letting the “system” indoctrinate them
        we are increasingly walking away from toxic people and relationships
        we are turning off the TV and its mindless assaults on our intellect
        we are realizing just how very sick and toxic our society has become
        we are walking away

      26. I hate to be cynical about people, but I have run into so many individuals that will TELL you all sorts of what you WANT to hear. With someone that you actually live with, it is obvious if they are interested or not. Other family members and friends will tell you that they have months worth of supplies and in reality they have a couple of days worth of food. To me an article like this is extremely useful to those around you that you will know whether or not they are seriously interested. To those that you cannot know, well?

        I personally think that most individuals have to go through something to spur them on to do anything, or have to be literally frightened into getting off their backsides and start storing up for the future. This is is why I wrote that article about what will happen to the non-prepper. Most people, not of course the people on this site and the 1% preppers of the population, are full of it. Unless there is the fear of severe anguish put into them, or someone else totally does it for them they won’t do it.

        Generations ago people actually had to put effort into doing everyday life. With all these modern day conveniences, people have become total lazy sloths and have a machine or someone else do what was commonplace 25 years ago. People now don’t even know how to cook, and rather have some packaged food or restaurant or fast food feed them. Sometime look at the way people look in summer clothing, even thinner people, they are flab with no muscle tone. This is from lack of movement but it is also from lack of good nutrition.

        This all ties into getting someone into preparedness, they NEVER want to admit that their cushy life styles could ever end. By storing up food, water, supplies, this is a self admission that their lazy blob lives could be forced into much, much tougher existences and that is something that is on a deep psychological level. A person that lives like a sloth becomes a deep damaging cycle that leads to doing less and less, thus their muscles in their bodies become that much harder to do anything requiring effort.

        The brain itself is another issue, as these idiots do not even know what a book is or the exercise of thinking for themselves. All they have to do is look something up from their hand held device and the answer is right there. Gone is creative thought process of searching their minds for the answer to a problem. The problem of losing everything in a flash is something that 99% of the population just cannot face, and that problem does not have an answer on their devices.

        The real answer that the non-prepper has for what if society breaks down is that it will never happen. If someone asks them but what if it does, they will tell you “my government will come rescue me, they always do”. Even the lesson of Hurrican Katrina is a golden example of how the government was delayed in help and how people DID die because of this delay. The non-prepper has to realize the horrific consequences of their actions and that they will not be able to sponge off their one neighbor that did prepare without that prepper fully defending themselves.

        It is a positive aspect for the prepper that most of the non-preppers are going to have an extremnely difficult time, even in a mob situation, of getting at a prepper/survivalist’s food and other supplies. Most non-preppers have become so gloppy, both physically and mentally, that they would not put up much of a threat to the prepper that is usually quite well conditioned in mind and body. The non-prepper of course also is usually not well schooled in firearms, if anything they are obama’s (BO’s) conformists that think that firearms are evil. The non-prepper is clueless what a prepper’s family well hunkered down with even a few rifles could do to a mob that was going to try to forcefully take their lifeline and all that that they worked so hard to store up.

        Clueless really is the work here for the non-prepper, they just do not realize or understand just how awful, how hideous it will be. They don’t get it that their prepper neighbor will put a slug in them like a buck if they try to take their family’s food and other supplies AFTER the non-prepper’s government boys totally FAIL them. The non-prepper is CLUELESS about what it will be like when they have to move their bodies and search for water and the tinest morsel of food. When all the answers are not on a hand held device, and within their own minds that have cob webs in them.

        If anything, if someone wants to get someone prepping, they FIRST MUST break the addiction of self reliance on the modern world. They must break the addiction to thinking that the government will save them no matter what. They have to forget about the leadership of their country being there for when times collapse. They have to break the addiction of letting others do everything for them that 25 years ago they would have to do. They have to break the addiction of the self assumption that everything is going to be essentially the same forever and that the world will go on without any disruption to it.

        • Well said, Be Informed!

        • man, that was right on !!

      27. Well said, Satori!

      28. BeInformed

        “break the addiction”

        WELL said

      29. Hi All,

        My sister is on board, her man is not. But as she is in charge of the food shopping they’re getting some more food anyways

        What really annoys me are my parents, they say ‘yes, it’s going to be bad’ but then in the same breath say ‘but what can we do about it?’ Makes me want to yell and scream at them!! Tried the whole, buy more food/gold/silver/books/skills option, but they just shrug their shoulders and change the subject!!

        My friends are (really) slowly but surely changing their views, I’ve found the ‘welfare is mathematically unsustainable, so do you really expect a pension’ angle a good one, opens the door to more discussion!

        Don’t loose hope on your loved ones people!! No matter how unwilling they are to hear the bad news!!

      30. Im glad I didnt have to do any convincing of my spouse.

        mostly we are a like minded couple.

        • choose your mate wisely..or stay single

          • wise words

      31. No amount of pleading, discussion, or counsel sessions will push people into being “well prepared” unless they already have at least some notion that they should be doing so. People have established lifestyles. People have developed their own mindset and “independence” (whether they actually are independent or not). Folks don’t want to be preached to, just as the article says.

        After years of working with disaster victims through FEMA, I saw basically 3 types of people: those who were prepared well for disasters, those who were completely unprepared (or did not care), and those who “learned a lesson” from a disaster.

        Statistics can easily be garnered from government databases to study preparedness and even the average citizen can see the “money stream” for disaster bailouts. In general, the Redoubt is self-sufficient and very little Federal money is requested or sent. Also, many New England states tend towards preparedness and are more self-sufficient. Both of these areas have hard Winters and in general, without adequate preparedness, they will not survive. They are “preppers” and usually go-it-alone, without Federal/State assistance.

        The 2 Hurricane-Coastlines (Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean) have completely different lifestyles, more in line with the tropical mindset and for the most part, they are much less prepared than they should be. Some disaster victims have learned the hard way and are now “preppers”. Some disaster victims count on disaster assistance as a way-of-life by working-the-system, using FEMA-money as income. Some are true “preppers” and are well situated, and others can’t deal with it and move.

        These categories are not much different than society in general. If a Cat4 hurricane can’t change a family’s lifestyle, does a cozy sit-down chat have a chance??

        Time and energy are resources we all run short of and it’s more feasible to lead by example. Trying to convert people does little more than waste our time/energy resources. And if there is grave concern for family or friends who are not in a good situation, it might be best to simply begin preparing for them to join you at some time. But as has been said before, plan for this through calculations w/ your food storage otherwise you cut your own supplies down simply by adding mouths to feed and keep happy & healthy.

        In our household, we run a homestead and live the life of self-reliance as best we can. We are prepared for 7 people for 2 years and we can go off-grid at this time, although our electric consumption would be stripped down to the bare minimum. With the exception of a large livestock tank of water, folks driving by would simply think this a small farm. It’s intentional.

        We are often asked by family or friends if visitors can come to see our “operation”. We decline because we aren’t set up as a visitation center (or entertainer hosts) and we want our privacy. There is a curiosity out there in the world but there isn’t enough time in the day to play teacher and hands-on educator. This is why people will have to go-it-alone for quite a long time. Those who are already involved in this type of lifestyle just don’t have the time for newbies so those who believe they’ll live off of forage or their garden or wildlife or some livestock need to be actively pursuing this lifestyle NOW, not if/when TSHTF because there will not be time to learn everything then.

        Those who are just now ‘waking up’ have come into the preparedness mindset through fear of a very shaky future. People are realizing the future is grim and because of fear, some believe it’s time to plan for an exit-strategy. It’s not too late, but there is no more time to sit around and read stuff. Learn by doing and forget about convincing others.

        If you’ve been tossed out of a boat and you’re about to drown are you going to try and save yourself or convince onlookers that there’s danger ahead?

      32. i am thru wasting my time and energy tryin to convince anyone of what is to come…if they dont get it by now, they are goners. its too late

        • That is the unfortunate truth. It is time to leave those alone to their own devices who simply refuse to wake up. We cannot afford the effort, both mental and physical, it takes to keep trying. Many of us have planted the seed of knowledge, and others have tried to water it, if it takes root then fantastic! If not, then it is NOT your/our fault. We can only do what we can do. Now, the next step is joining forces instead of all these little sites, groups, etc. We MUST take a stand together very, very soon.

          • Well aren’t we special. Why is it your lifes work to convince others to see things your way. You sound more like a know it all lib than conservative leave me the hell alone prepper. Just think of all the laughs you will have when all these non compliant non believers slowly starve. Maybe we can get re education camps et up for them so they see things our/your way. You have become the people you fear.

            • Well, aren’t we childish? I’m here to learn, and give freely of what I’ve learned in yes… the prepping world over the last decade+. What are you here for… to agitate and cause grief? Please grow up.

        • ….even Noah had to finally close the door…

      33. I have finally begun to get my wife onboard, that means she isn’t giving me grief about it anymore. All I did was kept doing it, a can here an item there and it is beginning to build up. I also told herit was important to me and to us. My children love the stockpiled room, “look at all the cool stuff pop” and constantly ask how they can help. The rest of the family is a tougher nut to crack but still try everyday.

        ad Gloriosum et Dei æterni

      34. i can’t get my family to prep even if their life depended on it so i go it alone and hope for the best.
        anything i say just makes them roll thier eyes or get angry.

        • wally
          tell them whats it hurt to have a stockpile. I mean even if nothing ever happens you just rotate the goods as new comes in and u don’t have to worry about anything IE:layoff, power outages, snow storms and the sort. You don’t need their permission to prep to begin with it just makes it a lot easier. I more worry about my wives mindset when something goes down cause in the past shes been useless in emergencies as she doesn’t know what to do, not saying i do either but I do well in emergencies cause i think about what I would do in an emergency. It’s about being prepared(all good boy scouts know about being prepared) 🙂

        • Wally,

          You’re doing the right thing, and Aaron has some good advice.

          Since I don’t know your situation, I have to assume here. I am assuming you’re an adult man, with a wife and at least one child. If not, just modify what I say to fit your situation…

          First, if your family “lets” you prep without being concerned about cost or time, then just keep it up and move into the more advanced prepping needs. For the day will come, be assured, that your efforts will hit home and save your loved ones. Then they will understand and love you even more for putting up with their blindness and disbelief! You will be their hero!

          If, on the other hand, it causes strife and heartache, stop. See what you can do to get them involved in a “fun” way, or in a way that you know will make sense to those in your family. Think. Use their mindsets, their habits, their own desires and likes and dislikes against them. If, for instance, one member of your family MUST have a certain item to ‘survive’, and they just know that they will ‘die’ without it, use it in a logical fashion to show them the importance of having that ‘item’ prepped just for them! They will appreciate it, and slowly start seeing the reasonableness of your prepping purpose.

          It’s a long row to hoe. No doubt. In the end, family is all we have left. They are worth our efforts. But we still have to know when it’s time to just “do it” with or without them.

          Hope that helps a little…

        • Humans get angriest when they know they’re wrong.

      35. I can relate to this article. After FIVE years of looking and hoping and trying we finally made it out to a rural area last year. I had started prepping before that, but moving out here made prepping a whole lot more “natural” by having more land which enabled us to plant tons of fruit trees and also a bit more space providing me an extra pantry in the washroom. It will be a few years before the trees produce as they are still little – but in the meantime, I can get my canning skills honed in. Really regretting getting rid of our small dehydrator a few years back tho. I will get another soon along with some chickens later this fall.

        My husband has started to see the light (and does nothing to stop my efforts so for that I am thankful) – but my parents and brother have not. My dad knows the fits gonna hit the shan, but yet he’s done nothing except buy a new hand gun. My mom does not say one way or the other and my bro is basically a lost cause to prepping. His idea of being “prepped” is by making sure his fridge is stocked with plenty of Bud Light.

        • I started my dehydrating many years ago by using the oven set at about 100 to 135 degrees with the door opened a couple of inches. Expect the drying time to vary with the product you are drying. Usually about six hours for thinly sliced venison jerky. Experience will show you the easiest and perfected methods. We dry everything from apples to zuchinni. The yellow squash cooks up a little chewy but has good flavor. Speaking of squash; almost everyone that grows it has more than they can use at some point. I have studied about canning squash and won’t risk canning it strictly by itself, even with a pressure canner. However; by adding the correct amounts of bottled lemon juice and pineaple juice you can get the ph level down to about 4 (four) and safely can it even in a boiling bath method. I use wide mouth pints,cut the squash into spears about 1 inch shorter than the jars and remove most of the seeds, par-boil for about 15 min. and can in the pressure cooker for about 35 min. The lemon juice and pineapple juice gives it a sweet and sour taste that mixes well with anything. We use it in chicken casseroles and it is great.

          • it is safe to can them with tomatoes my great grandma did. she used it in omelettes sauces, and soups.

      36. An argument is only successful if an opinion changes.

        Watched the cop video… The cop, although wrong, acted in a totally professional manner. I’d like to meet him.
        The “perp” was damn lucky he didn’t come up against an ass, or he would have been spittin’ concrete

        Some guy way smarter than me said that the war was more important than the battle…

        Now, what’s with slammin all us Trolls??? Just cause we live under bridges and eat billy goats???

      37. Greetings Everyone!
        Mac:Another great article!
        They may seem similar to some,but thanx to you Mac each seems to have a different facet of the “prepping” view to offer.I’ll try to keep this comment short.Some folks who post here have family and friends who have at last “woken up” finally.Congrats to them.They are truly most fortunate.My mate of 40 years and certain long time “friends” jeer and jape at my thoughts on being prepped.I still try in spite thereof.
        It does makes for some quiet evenings at home at times when i make mention of wanting to do more.Nevertheless,this disagreement doesn’t invalidate my promises to her and to God.I’ll will hold to them,TEOTWAWKI or not.I’ll do what I can,and let God handle what I cannot.The worst that can happen is what Job or Jeremiah went thru.On a lighter note,If you get a chance,Check out the recent banking article at Blacklisted News.Makes for some enlightening reading.Still not as short as I wanted…..
        Best to All,
        Hope you have your things in order,and the support of those around you.

        • I’ll do what I can,and let God handle what I cannot.

          I like that a lot—bumper sticker anyone??

      38. Off topic… but a good one!

        It’s a good thing Obama is black. That way no one could tell he’s probably blushing from total embarrassment! LOL!

        www. realclearpolitics. com/video/2012/06/22/obama_trips_at_campaign_event_in_tampa.html

      39. Got lucky today- 120 oz of coffee for free!! One liter Smartwater bottles were a buck instead of 2 bucks. I even bought a tin of SNUS because it was a buck w/ coupon.

        Someone wrote about survival buckets by the door at Walmart-it must be a demographics thing-my store doesn’t even carry them.

        • lil bit,

          You can go online and order this at Wal-Mart…

          (take the space out after www. and before com)


          • Oh thanks so much!

      40. I’ve been serious about prepping now for about 3 years and do indeed catch snide comments and rude jabs from family and extended family. I just simply respond by stating that its my hobby, and if they want to dish crap out for my hobby, why don’t they do the same to doll collectors or guitar enthusiasts? That question and the obvious answer usually makes the critiques shut up and think.

        • LOL! Good response.

          Ignore them and continue your prepping. They will WISH they had listened!

      41. Grateful for the post, and the first comment. Very nice!

      42. My Ukrianian FIL had me buy some cheap loose tobacco (without additives is best, he says). He then soaked it in water several days and sprayed it on plants to keep bugs away. Anyone ever heard of this?

      43. What are the chances of this generation living through a great disaster. Just follow history
        My father lived through WW-2
        His Father lived through the great depression and WW1
        His Father lived through the Civil war.
        So if you go back 20 generation you will see that each generation has a good chance of living through something like the black plague.

      44. regardless of if this article seems repetitive to you or not the responses and input from various people changes. It’s the responses generally where you learn new things and that’s where the real value is. You see by hearing more people talk about things over and over ideas evolve and get refined. So be glad things get hashed over numerous times cause it gives you better information to learn from from people on the street 😉 The topics that get put on the home page should be viewed more as conversation starters than educational. They are after all called topics not survival 101

      45. The article is well written and could be helpful to some, especially newbies. I’ve been at this for over ten years and our(mine and the little woman’s) situation in regards to family and friends is like this: 50% of them are so caught up in their material world, they won’t take time to prepare for two months, much less two years. Most are under 40 years of age and don’t care as long as they get their regular dose of TV dramas and play time with their big kid toys. The ones that have children are not teaching their kids about anything worth while,much less showing them what is really important. If God and Jesus are on their list, they fall along the lines ofracking the leaves if we get around to it. The other 50% are older and don’t care because they follow their church leaders that say it doesn’t matter because they are all gonna be “raptured” from off the earth before the real SHTF.

      46. Is TS hitting the F here?

        look up

        Financially-strapped Nevada city declared disaster
        AP story

      47. Is The S hitting the F here?

        look up

        Financially-strapped Nevada city declared disaster
        AP story

        • sorry for the doubble post..goofy internet this morning?

        • And the walls will come tumbling down…

          • and mittens and the AIPAC gang is gonna swoop in and save us… right v (the zionist one)

      48. We are prepped and ready. When and if all else fails….

        Women and children first…then every man for himself.

        Lock and load brothers.

      49. To the chimp in chief comment. I put one of the thumbs down. Do I really need to explain why? Dumb ass comments like that give the awake a bad name. Obama,,you maybe interested to know isn’t a chimp. More of a puppet, and not a very good one at hiding the fact he’s a puppet due to the strings. On that note. Keep preparing for an Obama re-election. I won’t be voting for him, but he’ll end up getting 4 more years. Probably Not a whole lot worse than a Romney win as we’ve all been getting bent over by DC and their banker masters these past 30 years.

      50. I saw this sign in a factory 25 years ago:

        A failure to plan on your part doesn’t create an emergency on my part.

      51. The National Border Patrol Council — the union that represents Border Patrol agents around the country — demanded Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation over Operation Fast and Furious on Monday.

        This is why we have the Rule of law..

        No citizen is above the law, no government official is above the law, No one is above the law..

        Send all these traitors in our government who have broken the laws of this republic to prison..Now!..or risk the fact that we will end up In a WROL situation in this country ..if we arnt there already.

        police a WROL situation..we are there or very close..
        when government officials can break the laws with out official process of imprisonment for their crimes, we have the start of a WROL situation and an upcoming possible deady revolution..not a peacful redress of our government.
        WE the people need to speak loudly and clearly that we demand all law breakers in public service to have their day in court and be tried and convicted of their crimes agiainst its country they were sworn to protect..It is time people to take back what is ours.
        They are not above us..they work for us, they have to follow the rules as do we, no special pardons. If this republic is to come back and stand, we the people need to demand this action NOW!

      52. Back to the article… “If you do your homework and build credibility, people respect you more.”
        Really now…
        “I could buy my mom a Springfield Armory M-14 and 10,000 rounds of match ammo, ”
        This goofball would be a believable firearms instructor if Springfield Armory sold a M14 rifle.
        While it would be sweet to see granny rock a full auto 7.62×51 it is just not happening.
        If you want people to believe your crap get the vernacular right.

      53. If you mean my siblings, and their kids, well they have been very rude to me for unknown reasons over the years, perhaps because I am the one who struck out and got an excellent education and now run a decent company. I’ve tried to mention the importance of being prepared several times, and the response is always a loud round of laughter. So F them in a perverse way I hope they are the first to starve to death. I am sure other preppers have similar thoughts on this subject. I’m not begging anyone to prepare themselves, this article is kind of a joke.




      55. OH V! hahahahaha. goodbye bitch. time to move along to tom g and his website for you and all of the neocons. you are a vile troll. i wont allow you to get a foothold here with that trash before i expose you. go play with kenny and butterfly and all of your zionist freinds you fucking nitwit. good luck with your war against iran you fuking AIPAC neocon israel loving bitch! GO TO HELL ! you and barry soetotro.

      56. ohhh V! come3 on out and play nice now ! its time for you to come out and show us who you really are! tell us how mittens is the answer! tell us how much of a racist neocon fucking slut you are you dirty vile fucking bitch! you arre either a paid troll or the stupidest fucking israwhore i have ever encountered. nasty dirty zionist slut!

        • Eeder ~

          Remember, you catch more flies with honey! Please chill out with the posts like that – no one is hearing the real message you’re trying to deliver.


          • Daisy., I have been wondering if there is two eeders on here.

            Eeder @ eeder .,

            • eagledove. this just shows how stupid you are. i suspect you are probaly trolling. just like tina, just like v. you are laughable to me, ok.

            • Eeder., I have always liked you. I was suspecting there was someone else trolling using your name. Also.., I have been seeing so much negativity from you lately then ever before.., what’s up?

              I have no bad intent or malice toward you.


          • daisy, i will not tolerate these evil feminazi bithces speaking to me like V orignally did when i called barack obama what he is. what people like V and tina thin is irrelavant dais. i really dont care what any of you think anyways.

            • Then you need to not comment on ANY forum idiot! You are a pathetic waste of DNA.




      58. Oh V! Lucifer is calling all neocons, AIPAC members and zionists home to Tel Aviv. that would be you! Goodbye madam. good riddance madam.

      59. Oh V! I bet you think their are many good congressmen , dont you? whos your favorite V? Lindsey “war piggy” Grhaham “cracker”, john McCain, Peter King , wasserman -schultz, nancy pelosi or barney frank? I am sure anyone but ron paul , right V? tell us how mittens will make it all better! tell us how a GOP congress and senate in combination with mittens , will make everything ok again. tell us your true feelings about ron paul. I will stand tall in the face of your zionist drivel V ( the zionist one)

        • Eeder you sound like a brain-dead Nazi. Only Nazis and muslims refer to Jews as Zionists. Every Christian in America should be in favor of Israel having control of the land that God gave them. Israel should include Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan with a good chunk of Egypt and Saudi Arabia thrown in.

          • Finally, an intelligent comment! Thank you Barn Cat. Even if some folks do not agree with you matters not. What does matter is that your comment is not laden with hate and obsenities. You, Sir/Madam, are a credit to worthy conversation!

          • Barn Cat ~

            All Jewish people are not Zionists. The fact that Eeder differentiates between the two shows that he knows the difference. Zionists are self-entitled monsters who are a threat to our way of life and existence; Jewish people are not. Zionists feel that the United States, as well as the rest of the world, should support them in all of their endeavours as they strive for control of the United States Congress and Executive Branch through special interest lobbies like AIPAC and the Anti Defamation League, to name two.

            And I am neither a Nazi or a Muslim, by the way. I am simply a person who has sought to understand the global situation without the input of the mainstream media propaganda machine. You’d do well to try that yourself.

            I have no issue with Israel claiming their hunk of land, but I have HUGE issue with the wholesale murders of entire families, the mutilation of children and the cold brutality suffered by the Palestinian people, while “the chosen” stand there teaching their children to cheer while other children bleed.

            You’ll have to pardon my language while I call BULLSHIT on the good Christian beliefs of you or anyone else who can support that. It is pure evil and it should disgust anyone with even a modicum of moral fiber. Real Christians don’t support the joyous maiming of others.

            • i think their is one barn out in the country outside telaviv barncat. go hunker down there you fucking twirp. you disgust me with your fucking drivel. where is nina when we need him. this site has gone to the AIPAC whores!the GOP neo con sluts of the world.. go drink some blood you luciferian twit!

            • daisy , i agree , but one thing. i have a BIG PROBLEM with israel claiming their hunk of land. they have no rights to any land. but that of their hero lucifer, IN ETERNAL HELL!

          • barn cat you twirpy little asshole. did i say they were all jews? you are a troll . you have been trolling here for some time. you certainly are not intelligent. you too ,can take the first flight out of DC to Tel Aviv. please make it a one way ticket.

          • barn cat, you need to feel the heat boy… can you feel it? you are sickening and i pray that you serve your days out in prison with barack obama.

          • Yeah, lets favor them.

            MOVE THERE!!!
            YOU GO FIGHT FOR THEM!!

            Oh, yeah, read the NEW testiment.

            Pact broken!!!

            If they follow their path they are currently on, they will NEVER be gods “chosen people” again.

            Sides notes.

            Not all jews are semites.
            Some arabs ARE semites.
            ALL palestinians are semites.

            Kevin is an anti-semite because he loves america and does not give a rats A$$ about isreal.

            @V- I have no hate for ANYONE.

            ALL men are created equal, and endowed by their creator.

            I am NOT below them. I am not a goy(animal)

            I am a free MAN.

            I woke up to certain facts when the old head of the irs told aaron russo IN YEDISH “nothing will help you”.

            and I started digging for info.

            I am NOT being used for the fiat, usary bull$hit system, and I know what REAL money is.

            The material for that so nuclear weapon they say iran is getting?

            Is GOLD!!!!

            The “WMD”- GOLD BACKED CURRENCY!!

            @banksters-BYE BYE usary system, your time is short!!

            • Good intelligent comment. Even if I do, or don’t, agree with all/or any of it, it is still a good well thought out comment.

              Thanks for explaining…

      60. Greetings (again)Everyone!
        Just a few thoughts about our current CIC.Finally a person who is NOT white has had the chance to be CIC.About time given the fools and posers before him.But What happened next?Did the sea waters part?Chorus of angels been seen singing anywhere?However,one thing did happen.No REAL DIFFERENCE!Bankers got richer at everyone’s else’s expense,Foreign wars(read police actions)continued unabated.BP and their Ilk keep ruining the planet(including OUR gulf)with impunity,and Our country’s put deeper and deeper in debt(Our current CIC followed George W and his lackeys efforts that took us to a new level on that one!)and NO end in sight except for the worst one we can guess about.One thing he’s truly excelling at.He’s better at TV show interviews than anyone in the past.I might be wrong on some of those statements,but given his casual attitude and seeming indifference to the whole election thing he may already be a “made man” by the TPTB.We ALL have a ringside seat in November.This year could be the high water mark for many things.
        I could be wrong,but we’ll all find out real soon.
        Best to All

      61. @ Northern Cousin& Archivist: Thanx to you both…what a bunch of ideas! I just cashed in some financial “stuff” last week, and good thing I did, as it looks like I got a lot more to buy!

        You are right Northern Cousin, it does get lonely here…I don’t hear of one single person prepping….I do suspect though that it is being done…(very quietly)..just don’t know who you can trust!….and really no one that I can talk to….even one of my own sons said (laughingly) “looks like you got your own bulk food barn in the basement” (as he took 6 bottles of bottled water)….well he may be laughing on the other side of his face some day SOON!

        Take care guys, and Archivist, thanx again for such a through list of things for the faraday cage… I see I Do have many things that should be protected!!

      62. is there anyone here that isnt an AIPAC troll anymore. will the real SHTFPLANers please stand up , please stand up… we are being drowned out by these evil bastards now.

      63. mac, i hate to say this, but you might have to start barring the likes of barncat, tina, and most of all V. i suspect they are spiders from the conservatives chat room. the biggest neo con israel aipac drivel site . this is going to get worse heading into the election. we must not let these war mongering nuts get a foothold at least not here.

      64. oh V! you may be the big bad spider butterfly in the Conchatroom, with the ability to kick anyone out of the chat on a whim, however here you WILL listen to what i say. you are V alright, as in VILE!

      65. Or, possibly this one ——


        Anger is anger….
        Anger makes you scream
        Anger makes you hate
        Anger takes control
        Anger want let go
        Anger wants you to hurt
        Anger wants you to suffer
        Anger makes you mad
        Anger makes you cry
        Anger turns people against you
        Anger is anger……………….


        Anger is fire
        It burns the soul
        Anger is the deep sea
        Drowns one in its depths
        Anger is a storm
        Blows one out of the world
        Anger is a demon
        Overpowers the mind
        Anger is a virus
        Slowly killing a person
        Anger is evil
        Brings one closer to hell
        Anger is madness
        Makes one suffer
        Anger is an enemy
        Destroys one slowly
        Anger turns friendship
        Into enmity
        And always remember
        Anger is
        One letter short of Danger
        It takes its toll
        And does not spare a single soul

        • That was in the news on June 15th.

          sreaves32 .wordpress. com/2012/06/15/greek-workers-keep-working-without-pay/

      67. I have been reading this site for a while now and learned a few things. I’m from Lancashire England, being in the North West our weather is somewhat changeable, i plant up my front garden with veggies and have a pollytunel, i use simple corrugated plastic as cloches but was considering building a cold frame for lettuce in the colder months too, space is limited. I have a question for the First poster if he wouldnt mind answering please?. On no “10. Planted a garden and am now working on a cold frame that I’ll heat with some cables”, how do you heat with cables?.
        Thank you in anticipation.


        • Val

          I’m in Birmingham…hello and welcome

          Take care

          • Hiya Burt and thanks.

      68. Here’s what’s going to shake out…

        Here’s the interested parties…
        1. UN, new world order fucks with their Agenda 21…human settlement zones with sustainable development. Think all the poor folks living in inner city apartments with no cars….
        2. Banksters. Their goal is to enslave the population with debt.
        3. Socialists….think George Soros and his ilk.

        Here’s their plan…
        1. Destroy America by bankrupting us….Obama and the Fed are doing a fine job of this.
        2. Bush helped things along with his war….make money for his pals and got the bankers more debt to service.
        3. Extend so much credit that folks get highly in debt.
        4. Banking war….extend funds to banks…then they do the same with credit cards…then when folks default and the bank goes under…the fed. Swoops in and..bam…. communist consolidation.
        5. Trash the environment via chemtrails…change the weather. Rick, we has NO snow in Buffalo this year! Fist time I ever saw that. This will lead the call for Green taxes. More financial enslavement.
        6. Prepare the country for civil war… fema camps, staff and stock them. TSA ammoed up with 450 million rounds of 38 cal, hollow point.
        7. Track down all the patriots and when martial law is declared, go a knocking.

        Here’s the end game…
        Leverage Warren Buffets rail stock…
        Link up all the major cities with rail and some of the fema camps will be the new cites.
        Create jobs in these cites. Folks flow in…and live in the human settlement zone. Folks will love not having to own a car…
        Ride your bike to work…sounds like china.

        Burbs to be turned back into forrest and farm land.

        NAU, US, Canada and Mexico…leverage Mexican labor.

        Crash the currency, then implement a global electronic currency with transactional taxes.

        The goal is pretty much financial enslavement…it is the new slavery!

      69. We eat from our garden and store some in kilner jars, freezer and dried. Hubby dearest has ten siblings all partnered/married with children etc so, visiting times means a lot of mouths to feed. Two night shift workers to feed so everything is done through the week, baking is done on fridays so Saturdays are quiet and relaxed, Sunday we have traditional roast.
        When family came to visit and i cooked, i would send members to my pantry to bring things which opened up the conversation on why i keep so much food storage, a good opener. At Christmas times i often box up little hampers for family members on the premise they save my jars and bring them back next visit,, the younger ones are fascinated and actualy excited as i keep a ‘secret’ stash of chocolates etc too lol.

      70. My own children are grown and have families of their own and practice food storage too although on a smaller scale, i have four beautiful grandchildren.
        At family visiting times we bring out the sleeping bags and spare quilts and wotnots and i use candles on wall sconses and candle holders on mantles and tea lights in hanging holders, everything at a height which little fingers couldnt possibly interfeere with lol and, although the adults still settle down to TV, myself and any of the kids spend time in the other parts of the house pretending we’ve had a powercut lol, we get up to all sorts not just books and games and jigsaws but games of hide and seek with a cream egg or toffees, a bit harder to find in muted lighting lol.

      71. My own grandchildren range in age from six (this yr) to four and, are capable (under close supervision)of lighting a simple fire in the back garden or either of the chimneas i give them cotton balls ‘soaked’ in vaseline or let them roll newspaper, i dont let them use matches yet but they use a gas ingition lighter the long ones. They also help with baking and sometimes they damp the coals down with a water trigger spray lol. They love BBQ’s. They also ‘help’ in the garden, one of the six eight by four raised beds they tend to and plant up, pea pods are firm favorites especially coloured ones, theyr fascinated by the change in colour at cooking time lol.

      72. Those of you spouting off about “not voting” need to wake up. The main reason to do whatever it takes to prevent Obama from winning re-election is appointments to the Supreme Court. If he wins, it is quite likely he will get to appoint 2-3 more justices (who will be young) and affect our country for decades to come in ways which are frightening to say the least.

        • Right on, Vinny. If they don’t vote, they have no right to complain.

          Obama can do a great deal of damage to our way of life long after he is gone. Just consider the Sotomayer and Kagan appointments, and their impact in just a short time.

      73. Your quote: {but she would not be invited to,“come live with me if it ever did happen,”} is something we (preppers) all have to consider when we get to that point. If it is a family member are we truly going to lock the doors on em? If it is your best friend? Do you? Yes, we have to. Taking time to plan out our situations for the better of the group we represent is PRIORITY! Backing that up has to be part of that plan as well. I agree with that! My Dad and myself have to work around Mother. Funny thing is she started the prep thing back in the 70’s on us. She was a tough cookie to break but she realizes now there isn’t jack she can say about it now and we are moving forward with our prepping in both the homes.

        Thank you for a very informative site! May your information bless those that need it and will apply it!

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