Guns and Why It’s a Good Idea to Have One

by | Dec 14, 2009 | Emergency Preparedness | 2 comments

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    If you’re toying with the idea of a home defense weapon, this recent 911 call should pretty much solidify the deal for you.

    OKLAHOMA (WIVB) – We’d like to warn you that some may find this next story disturbing.

    A 911 call captured a deadly chain of events in the Midwest.

    A woman was forced to take drastic action when a deranged man tried to break into her home.

    This is the 911 call Donna Jackson made after midnight as this man, Billy Riley, tried to break into her rural Oklahoma home.

    “They need to hurry, he’s going to break this thing open. When he does I’ll kill him and I don’t want to have to kill him,” screamed Jackson.

    Any questions?


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      1. Big dogs are a great deterrent as a first line of defense in home protection. Especially rural residences where they can reside outside 24/7.  I’ve got two big breeds (110 lbs & 140 lbs) at my place. Of course it helps if you like dogs but they’re a great early warning system too.

      2. I have a small yorki for protection.  It yaps when anyone approaches the door.  The .357 S&W holstered on my back will take care of the rest.

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