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Do you LOVE America?


    The following article has been contributed by Holly Deyo of Millennium Ark, an excellent resource for breaking news, important analysis and emergency preparedness information.

    Stan and I augmented our food supplies this week after thinking we were finished. Finito. Put to bed. Done.

    Rethink… Famine is on the horizon and seeing the highest food prices in history should zap your sleepy brain cells. This disaster is propelled by these simultaneous factors:

    • most importantly, unprecedented Midwest drought and scalding-hot temperatures
    • crops dying in other world food-producing regions
    • growing global demand for high quality food
    • expanding global population
    • economic collapse in progress and,
    • persistent demand for ethanol-enhanced fuels.

    This prep warning is not limited to food. Not by a long shot.


    Before us is the perfect combination for slow death and civil war. Nothing propels society into chaos like seeing children starve and wanting basic necessities. Furthermore, what faces Americans has never been experienced, not by this generation. Not ever. Not in the Great Depression. Not during the Civil War.

    These dramas always been “over there”, like in Africa or India.

    Photo: In March 1993, photographer Kevin Carter made a trip to southern Sudan, where he took now iconic photo of a vulture preying upon an emaciated Sudanese toddler near the village of Ayod. Carter said he waited about 20 minutes, hoping that the vulture would spread its wings. It didn’t. Carter snapped the haunting photograph and chased the vulture away.

    Can you imagine this being you child?

    Certainly not in our cushy life, but it is coming, rearing its ugly putrid head. We Americans easily push those countries’ hard times to the back of our minds. Best forgotten. It doesn’t fit with boating, golf, shopping, reality TV, vacations, backyard parties, good times.

    How will you feel when this affects your children, your lifestyle?

    Over the decades we’ve become fat, lazy, complacent, stupid, arrogant, ignorant. It can’t happen here, we think. WRONG! Lord, help us! It is happening now on our dirt. Can’t you see this? Did you know that the poorest 5% of Americans are richer than nearly 70% of the rest of the world? That is an astonishing statement. No wonder we are blind. Soon ‘need’ will pound on your door. How you answer in your heart of hearts, in your private, most honest moments, depends on your personal courage, your faith in God, and on how you’ve personally prepared. For many, it will be easier to strap on those blinders again and let the chips fall. God help you.


    While Stan and I aren’t in the commodities or precious metals business, one has only to look at timely, pertinent news to set your hair on fire. Feel the burn? This Fox News item (a pretty ‘happy times’ venue) Why We Are on the Brink of the Greatest Depression of All Time, certainly tugged at my smallest hairs and grew mountain-sized goosebumps in unlikely places.

    Because of this and other timely articles on drought, disaster and a dying economy, we practice what we preach for preparedness and brought in more food supplies. For those in power thinking to confiscate same, peddle your intentions elsewhere as they are not stored at home, nor will you find them. That’s asking for (Executive Order 12919formerly 10998 to visit your door and make your life misery.

    For those so inclined to buy more food, two of our favorites suppliers, Freeze Dry Guy and Honeyville Grains, are highly recommended. One we’ve been friends with the business owner for over 7 years and he is the real deal. The other is a Mormon company for which we have the highest regard. Both company’s products are stellar, reputable and of the highest quality.

    When buying storable foods, stick with stuff you normally eat. People get really wrapped in storing MREs, wheat, beans, etc. and forget about what they LIKE to eat. Consuming a lot of wheat and beans will make people run from you like scalded apes. These foods, if not normally eaten in large quantities will give you gas pains rivaling the best intestinal flu and make you reek like a sewer. Warn those around you not to strike a match. So store only what you like and what “likes” you.


    ALWAYS, always choose foods from reputable, big companies. Your life depends on it. These companies turn their inventory fastest giving you the freshest, longest storable foods because they have the best turnover and the necessary $$ to warehouse inventory in temperature-controlled conditions. Some companies stick their food supplies in blistering hot store rooms, which knocks down food quality in record time. This means MONTHs of shelf live, not decades as advertized, till it’s dead and useless. This stuff you DON’T want. Excessive heat (over 70ºF – 21ºC) is the single biggest factor for ‘dead food’.

    Many companies won’t – or can’t – disclose their storage conditions – or may lie about it. Second hand retailers have no idea under what conditions a supplier stores its product. (What, are you personally going to inspect them?) Even worse, some companies repackage junk food from pre-Y2K daysThis is factand we have this information firsthand. Already those foods are at least 15 years old – or older. Eating “cardboard” will not boost your immune system or give you energy to do what must be done in the coming days. That’s why it’s paramount you only purchase from high-volume, reputable companies – not businesses wanting to make a buck at your expense and shoveling old garbage to the unsuspecting consumer. Shame on them for passing useless crap off as new, viable food.


    The US dollar will collapse and no, we don’t sell precious metals or endorse any particular company that does. This is an important heads-up for you to invest your $$ wisely. This avenue will be viable for only a short while. Plan to sell precious metals before the hard goods they could buy become so scarce and gold and silver lose their value entirely. Hopefully you’ll have a window into this time table or else have a working crystal ball. Ours is on the fritz.

    On Thursday, Aug. 23, metals rose impressively, and just as quickly the next day, were smacked down to an even lower spot price. If people think the stock market is volatile, it’s nothing compared to metals. It’s a juggling game of when to buy, when to sell and when to let go of these metals altogether. Because this scenario is so “iffy”…

    We strongly advise that you invest any extra money in hard commodities, things you can eat, wear, use for personal protection, health and barter, or implement for your best survival. Additionally, pay ahead your mortgage and utilities. We recommend that you pre-pay property taxes, but if you have the same situation as in our country, it is not possible. We are skunked by rules and red tape.

    Paper $$ is soon toast. Pull your money out of banks and put it into things that will have value when crap hit’s the fan. Precious metals will have LIMITED value. It is scriptural and apparent especially in Ezek. 7:19 to anyone with their eyes open – and not selling it for their livelihood. Things you can readily use and barter without depending on assayers or the Internet will have the most value. In the meantime, get your ducks in line. TPTB are using you for target practice. Act accordingly. Act now.

    About the author: Holly Drennan Deyo is the author of three books: bestseller Dare To Prepare (4th ed.), Prudent Places USA (3rd ed.) and Garden Gold (2nd ed.) Please visit she and her husband’s website: and their FREE Preparedness site:


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      1. Chickens, Tilapia, Spirulina: The gift that keeps on giving.

        • EVERYONE this is “IMPORTANT”. I posted to be on the outlook in Salton Sea and Brawley region. The earthquakes out there are getting bigger.

          This morning there were 2 and 3’s and they have been getting bigger by the hour, two already 5.3 and several in the 4 range. This could be the southern San Andreas getting ready to blow. I am not sure, but seldom do earthquakes grow in size like this unless a huge one is coming. Check it out!

          • I’m in San Diego…luckily we have felt nothing…but we aren’t exactly super close to the San Andreas. But a big shaker in that area could very well cause some of the nearby faults to slip. My go-bag is ready to go.

            • @ kynasse. The San Andreas is moving to the northwest, earthquakes waves will follow in this direction. Unless the San Andreas starts to break around the shores of the Gulf Of California, the area of San Diego will be too far south to get hit by the blunt force of the energy. Los Angeles area will get this full force. It is not the epicenter you have to worry about, it is the hypocenter where the earthqauke energy hits the surface of the planet. With a horizontal earthquake it is the direction at which the fault is moving towards where the danger areas are.

              San Diego really has to worry about if this triggers the offshore faults which are more than capable of very large tsunamis. They think that the Newport Ingelwood fault actually extends offshore all the way to past the Mexican border. Even a 7.0 deep in the ocean can cause an underwater landslide and a large tsunami as this happened down in the the south Pacific several years ago. There are especially worried about from Catalina Island to San Clemente Island chains. Bcak in the 20’s there was a tsunami off the coast of Santa Barbara where the earthquake was only 7.2 or so and they think this was from an undersea landslide that occurred because of the earthquake. Just like rockslides on a mountain during an earthquake, this can and does occur under the water.

            • “We can live beside the ocean
              Leave the fire behind
              Swim out past the breakers
              Watch the world die”

              -Everclear “Santamonica”

              This is what I think of when picturing LA slipping in to the Pacific 😛

            • Kynase,
              Really? Where will you go? I-8 will be closed heck Imperial Valley may be under the Gulf after all it is below sea level and has ben flooded in the recent past. Getting through Orange County, Riverside County and Lost Angeles will be impossible. San Diego is a tough place to get out of if the major roads are damaged. Most likely they will find your remains in a hundred mile long traffic jam on the five.

            • @John W. – So…thank you for your rather obvious insight. I’m not dumb enough to think that I would have to travel by vehicle. That’s what the people who freak out do. No…My expedition pack, loaded and ready to go, will do just fine IF I have to bug out and head for the mountains. But a go-bag doesn’t literally have to mean “go”.

            • I lived in south of salton sea mor most of my life. There are always earthquake swarms there. The geologists told us it was from the water from all of the irrigation seeping down into the hot rocks beneath the area and the volcanisim in the area. They have been predicting an eruption for the last 30 years of so. but nothing yet.

            • @ Capben. On the August 10th. article I gave 14 areas to look out for large earthquakes. Already 2 of these have occurred, in eastern Russia last week, and last night off the coast of El Salvador as I said watch the Caribbean. I said the eastern flank of the Caribbean Plate was more likely, but last night the Caribbean Plate was hit. I base these predictions on the planetary plates rather than even trying to attempt a local fault that is going to break. I base a lot on earthquakes being the foreshocks of much stronger ones to come, especially near the true magnetic poles.

              There must be something to this theory because it has worked with other 6 pointers as these past posts are the proof of this. Once of twice it did not pan out, but most of the time it has. After the mega strike slip earthquake months ago it was easy to predict that many earthquakes were coming and before they happened these forecasts were made and did happen. I admit that this theory has a lot of bugs to work out, but I don’t see anyone else forecasting earthquakes like this. Maybe someday when I am dead and gone this theory will be put into practice and they can forecast earthquakes like hurricanes with some degree of accuracy, may be not.

              The fact is that the southern San Andreas has at least 312 years of stress built up and by the estimated amount of movement of this area of the should be drifting if it was not locked up should be about an inch to an inch and 3/4 each year. This means that there is about 30-45 feet of slippage ready to occur. Other massive earthquakes, such as the Owens Valley fault when it broke in 1872, only slipped 20-29 feet.

              I use to live in southern california and the old saying was “they have been talking about it breaking for 10, 20, 30, 50 years”, it hasn’t happened. Well, everything has a breaking point and the longer the wait, the more catastrophic the energy release it will be WHEN it breaks. As preppers the basic philophy is to be ready and NEVER, really NEVER assume that a disaster won’t or cannot happen. They were talking the same way about New Orleans for almost a century and Katrina shows what happens, it eventually happens and when it does, OUCH!

          • When the San Andreas gos there wont be any little pre quakes. It will just slide.
            But that dosent mean other faults wont cause problems.

            • @ Joe. Earthquake faults are like an engine of a car, you can’t go until the engine is first started. Earthquakes cannot occur without having a start up. To put something into motion it must first have some form of motion. Faults don’t just break from a dead still state. Try breaking a stick and you will see it quiver in different spots before it breaks. Another increase in magnitude just happened 5.5 about 2 and 1/2 hours ago. It has gone up from 2.0 to 3’s, then 4’s, then 5.3’s then 5.5. It is climbing the ladder of intensity. I now give it 50% chance of a very big earthquake within 2 weeks. Another jump up the ladder, and I say 75%. I personally have never seen anything like this before so I am really going by what my professor said about such events.

            • @ Beinformed.
              The San Andreas has never had any small pre quakes that set off major quakes along the fault. It is not that kind of fault. It is locked and when it slips, it really slips.
              If you had ever been to Salton Sea you would know that the area is volcanic and there are lots of hot springs there.

            • @ Joe. I have been out there and know of the hot springs, but this not what this about. Everything that has built up stress MUST have some type of movement before it fails. Every single fault in the world has micro-quakes at very least before it snaps. You cannot have something that is totally motionless and then just snap. Tension is force, and force moves, this is just physics. Pressure is not without movement. You cannot have something just sit there completely dead and all of a sudden it just goes off. This is like asking a bullet to be fired without an ignition process.

              Those in the government want people to believe that earthquakes cannot be predicted, so they have more control over the masses. The government keeps basic wisdom and science from people, as well as all the other corruption. The USGS knows a lot more than they will ever let on, just like the other tentacles of the government.

          • thanks for posting that. i like your info brother.

          • Good info BI, but I suspect that these quakes like others before them are just loading the LA basin matrix for the really BIG ONE coming in a couple years.

            SHTF Earth Changes.

            • @ durango kidd. I am not sure that the LA basin can take much more stress. You could be right about later, but when you have earthquakes loading up and growing in size like this every few hours it is almost like someone in a truck increasing the gas each time trying to move something such as a train or something in front of it. Eventually something must give either to relock itself or break. Have another increase in magnitude and look out. Have another 2 or 3 increases in magnitude towards 6.5 and I am going out and start buying more gas and ammo because after the San Andreas breaks this will give BO the excuse to declare martial law at least on the west coast areas if not the entire country and thus stop the election. IF I was in southern california I would not take my eyes off that USGS recent earthquake site for too long.

            • Anybody that does not have the USGS site for recent earthquakes:

              Just look at the way the earthquakes have jumped from the 2’s all the way up to 5.5 since this morning. They just had a little 2.6 in Sonora, Mexico. You start to have earthquakes start jumping in size here which is southwest of here and the San Andreas will break 85% sure of this. If you start to see earthquakes northwest of here like towards Palm Springs, and San Bernadino then the San Andreas is gone. Failure in this case 90%. Northwest and southwest both, forget it. I just hope the preppers in this area are watching this closely on the earthquake site. Doesn’t have to happen now, but if more earthquakes still occurring the fault is near failure.

            • @Be Informed…I’ve been watching the USGS all day. The red dots in southern california make me uncomfortable. Though I have lots of preps, I think I might run to the store real quick for more water. If a big one hits, electricity will go and with that so will the clean water. A few more flats of water seems to be a good idea right now.

            • @ kynase. You probably already heard this but if you have gas get one of those quick shut off wrenches, fires and explosive gas will be an enormous problem. Keep a good pair of shoes nearby for everyone as glass will be everywhere. If you can afford it a portable toilet with plenty of chemicals to dissolve waste would be an excellent prep as sewers will not work after this. A water purifier would be very good to have. A reliable light source is very important, candles no one can have too many of. Protection, preferably firearms of different sizes, a shotgun at least as anyone breaking in will be very close engagement. With a shotgun get only buckshot and slugs are extremely powerful at close range and will stop almost anyone.

              Why I became so alerted to this is the shear rarity of foreshocks. Big enough to feel foreshocks before a bigger earthquakes are rare, only 1 in about 20. To have two foreshocks growing in size is about 1 in 400. To have three foreshocks growing in size about 1 in 8000. Here is the sequence of events.

              Earthquake swarm starts early in the morning with 2’s and low 3’s.
              9:02 AM Pacific time there is a 3.8
              11:16 AM is a 4.0
              11:20 AM is a 4.6
              11:31 AM is a 5.3
              11:33 AM is a 5.3 and then is downgraded to a 4.9
              12:58 PM is a 5.5
              A bunch of aftershocks and other earthquakes in between.

              I lived in southern california and earthquakes NEVER did this when I was out there. On a rare time one earthquake might be bigger and then die off. I can remember the Whitter earthquake of 6.1, later downgraded to a 5.9, there was only a 3. something before it struck. Other 5’s always died off and did not get bigger and bigger.

              One of two events is going to happen. It is going to relock itself and even more stress will build. The sequence should continue with at least one more earthquake of at least 5.7 or bigger then a huge earthquake. The next earthquake will likely be a longer wait because stress must build up enough to unload something that is in the high 5 range or more. If you don’t see one over 5.5, then it has likely relocked and the San Andreas will either have to be pushed from the south or something like the Cascadia fault to the north will have to move out of the way.

              Right now it is 50-50, a coin flip. Another one above 5.5 and I would say 75%, another two each one higher about a 90% chance of it breaking. Three or more with each one higher than the next, it would be like betting on a 2-5 heavy favorite horse to win, almost a sure thing it will break soon.

              This does not surprise me as I have seen what happens when you start having earthquakes close to true magnetic south or north, big earthquakes follow. Had a 5.4 at 65 degrees south this morning near the Antarctica. Too many times big earthquakes follow, about 85-90% of the time. The 7.7 deep focus earthquake last week shows that the Pacific Plate is really on the move.

              Out in southern california they will likely tell you that this is the Imperial fault that broke in 1940 and 1979, but it is not. These earthquakes are too far to the north and east of the Imperial fault. It is almost certain an extensive of the San Andreas where they will tell you it stops at the southern shore of the Salton Sea, which it does not. The Imperial fault is on that map and runs into Mexico and just east of Mexicali. The earthquake swarm is not on that fault. It is about 10 miles away. It is the San Andreas. You start to get swarms north and/or south of here, it is probably ready to fail soon. Things to look for as harbingers.

            • I want to see the volacaos at the south end of the Salton sea start erupting. there is also another one just inside Mexico, all have had relatively recent activity. Think real estate values suck now.

            • @be informed: My background is molecular biology, so I am the first to admit that seismology is not my area of expertise. I routinely watch the quake map, out of scientific curiosity, but I have never seen it light up the way it is in terms of southern Cali quake after quake. Is that normal? I’m just baffled. I get the build up of pressure and what not, but I’ve never seen this sort of strange pattern on the quake map before. Insight?

            • @ John W. There are lots of mineral hot springs all over the place out there. Just look at what is happening in New Zealand with all the volcanic eruptions. Something is going on with this planet and the animals all over the country are feeling this. I talked to someone from southern california today and they said that animals are freaking out. The cats are howling for no reason, marine life is swimming around in circles, ants are going in strange formations rather than the usual straight lines, the dogs are hiding under the bed like there is a lightning storm. I wonder if you are seeing anything bizarre with animals where you are.

            • @ kynase. NO WAY, not like this. As I said I lived out there and I have never seen earthquakes grow in size like this. In fact I have never seen this happen anywhere else. I am sure it has, but I have not seen this. Of course just look at what has happened like that massive pumice raft the size of Hawaii floating off of New Zealand area and the largest ever mega horizontal earthquake this year. That 7.7 deep focus earthquake is very rare. Just look at the Antarctica region that is mostly quiet is also lighting up. This planet is going through so rough times and it looks like it is going to get much stranger in the future.

            • @ kynase. Since your specility is in biology think of the San Andreas like a massive infection in which the body is trying to push out the bacteria out of the body. Eventually it does in severe fashion. Also think of the San Andreas like a triple trailer truck rammed against the side of hill on one side and something solid on the other with the full gas on trying to push its way northwest. It will eventually move, it has to. The longer it builds up this tension the more severe the earthquake will be WHEN it breaks. It has been over 312 years since the southern San Andreas broke, at about the time the Cascadia fault broke. Coincidence, maybe. There is about 30-45 feet of horizontal movement right now pinned up in the southern San Andreas. The 1857 San Andreas earthquake had 29 feet and 1906 San Francisco quake had 21 feet to put this into prospective.

            • BI: Well you got your major quake! Good call. Reports of a 7.4 off the coast of El Salvador at 10:37 EST.

            • BI: I must say your info is the cats meow. I follow your earthquake info religiously. Seems to be on target with uncanny precision.

            • I went to bed with 143 earthquakes and I wake up to 316. HOLY SHIT!!! Gonna contact my in laws and give them all the information so they can decide what they want to do… WOW… Think you’re right about this BI!!!

          • Did you know pinto beans expand x3 when soaked? If you sprout them their nutrition content expands x10. Crusader armies traipsing around the middle east survived only because they had perfected sprout boxes.

            Rice increases its volume x4.

            Both last a very long time when stored. Makes ’em great preparedness foods. More bang for your shelf space.

            • Everyone should have rice and beans stored. A bag of quinoa is also a good way to have alot of protein in little shelf space.

            • super pails of those beans and white rice would cost roughly $100- $120 for both buckets 398 1/2 cup servings per bucket. Or you can make yourself for abotu half the price with seal lids buckets bags and absorbers.I have multiples just for streaching and because I know that inlaws are going to appear out of no where. They also stack neatly.( dont mind sharing 🙂 after all they will be working for thier food 🙂
              I am a bit of a phreak when it comes to prepping, I tend to over plan, have at least 1 bucket set in each closet in the house with G&A also per room.

            • Liberty68

              Quinoa is also a great source of calcium. Important for growing kids. Amaranth & Teff are also nutrient rich grains.

          • If you prepay property taxes, don’t be surprised if your county can later find no record of it. Your receipt may well be disregarded.

          • ALERT, ALERT. Just had a 7.4 down in El Salvador. This will be enough to push either the San Andreas and or the New Madrid fault. It has enough force, this is for sure, it is not certain but it is enough. The planet it coming apart. SHTF is happening right now.

            • Good call BI. I posted my other Congrats before I saw your alert. But hey! Simmer down. The BIG ONE is coming but not today! 🙂

              Get a good’s nights sleep and cut back on the caffeine. One or two cups a day, only! 🙂

              Sweet dreams. I’m done.

            • Just got a 5.2 south of the swarm in the Gulf of California. It’s happening. The 7.4 is pushing violently at the San Andreas. Lots of people are going to likely die soon. Right now it is going to take something to stop and relock the San Andreas. I would up the forecast to 60% chance of it breaking within 2 weeks.

            • In times like this, it is critical to prepare and pray. There is no outrunning these things. As I drive to work tomorrow I will look around at all of those who are clueless to the very strong possibility that their world is about to violently change.

              You had better damn well believe that I will have comfortable shoes and extra water in my car. I normally keep a small bug out bag in my car, but I will recheck tonight. I will pray that tomorrow is not the day.

            • Good call Durango, but BI has a right to get his shorts in a wad. Looks like a whack of action tonight. I was going to go to bed but I saw all of those dots and then BIG dots and its like looking at a car accident. My eyes are glued to the info as it comes out. Too bad everyone in the house is sleeping. Wonder what the news will be tomorrow on the occurrences?

            • lol the bad part is everyone says its gonna happen but not today, remember it is always not today until today is the day.

            • You’re far to quick to self-promote, hogging all the discussion / commentary here. Basically, your an idiot blabbermouth, seeking recognition and acceptance.

              None of your predictions are true or accurate. Not one.

              My final point is this — shut the fuck up. Nobody is interested in becoming one of your groupies.

        • Great article Holly except the dollar is not going to “collapse”. That is sheer NONSENSE!

          That is as brain dead a statement as someone suggesting that the US unilaterally reintroduce a gold standard for the dollar while the rest of the world uses fiat.

          Sheer stupidity!

          Nevertheless if the dollar doesn’t decline in value significantly relative to other world currencies, WE will be toast, because as long as the dollar remains strong relative to other currencies, Americans will continue to buy abroad and import cheaper goods and services offshore; increasing OUR trade imbalance, increasing OUR debt, and transferring OUR wealth offshore under “FREE TRADE”.

          Stick to your knitting Holly, economics is not your thing.

          Lots of time until TEOTWAWKI my peeps. Read your Bibles. Much has to happen before the Time of the End, but keep prepping.

          And hey! Send me your worthless Franklin’s and I will send you a roll of Charmin. Thanks!

          • She has good advice and you sir are an ass

            • Only if he disagrees with you. It’s his way or you’re an idiot, very unfortunate that he can’t have an educated discussion, or at least do it with out the name calling.
              ANd it truly is sad, because he has some good ideas.

            • dk has been the resident know it all idiot for a few years now

          • I have to respectfully agree with durango on this one. I don’t think the dollar will be worthless for quite some time. I can’t see the dollar being worth less overnight to another country. I’m not economic master but common sense tells me this. I think we have to many agreements and arangements with other countries that we will still remain in power and still slightly ahead of china but not by much. We had the worlds largest Navy and do some serious damage if needed to be. I think we still have some time. Once I see the truckers stop hauling thats my trigger for me. Im prepping now of course. But you can disagree with me if you like. thats just what my mind says

            • So what you are saying is that if they don’t take our dollars we will bomb them back into the stone age. That’ll teach ’em.

            • @clint hospo…

              When you “see the truckers stop hauling”, it will be too late.

              You’ll be screwed.

          • @dk,,,America is not in the bible, except, I believe Mystery Babylon is NYC. I also believe that America is destroyed to such an extent, that we are not end time players. Whats left here will be a bunch of disconnected hamlets. It is not revelation, it is God’s wrath that brings us down, which is before revelation. There will be economic collapse and the dollar will fail!

            • Let me be as respectful as I can.
              If you want to talk about bible prophecy, religion and quote the bile(meant bible but funny enough to leave) everytime you post would you PLEASE find a more appropriate place?
              This is the internet and there are literally thousands of sites where discussing the finer points of religion and interpreting the bible is the purpose of the site.
              I am sure I am not the only one here who is sick of the sheer volume of pure off topic religious preaching that finds its way here.

              Eh Mac? Can we moderate the bible spam?
              I doubt it but you never know if you don’t ask.

            • Swift: It is true that most end time scholars do not believe that America is in Revelation and it has been a mystery to them as to why not.

              Yet a careful reading of Revelation describes a military power that is virtually invincible and this military power exists PRIOR to the Antichrist.

              If that doesn’t describe America today, nothing does.

              So what happens to America for it to recede from the world scene while the power vacuum left by its retrenchment is filled by EUROPE and the EUROPEAN Antichrist?

              Judgment. God brings judgment upon America.

              Earth Changes. America will be so consumed with recovery from physical devastation of LA, NYC, and the impact of the New Madrid split, it will no longer have the single capacity to police the world for the NWO, and extend the phony wars of crony capitalism. It will have to retrench like Russia did when the Soviet Union splintered.

              This is what the Administration is planning for: either the passing of Nibiru (which is why a portion of Google Sky is blacked out) or Pole Shift as the earth has clearly moved into a more active CYCLE for some apparent but unforeseen reason.

              Clearly tremendous Changes are coming, but the dollar or the economy will not collapse due to any deficiencies in the American financial system.

              Barter may be used in places where money is short but dollars will not be useless and will be used commercially to reset the economy.

              The dollar doesn’t collapse in either scenario, but American Civilization will be stressed beyond anything that WE have ever experienced before.

              These events represent an opportunity for Americans to repudiate the NWO and take possession of their government again.

              Once We do, America will find itself in position to fulfill God’s purpose for America as described by Washington’s Vision.

              See SHTF Earth Changes, Washington. This is the future of America.

            • notsomuch, kidd. god doesnt even need to intervene. america is crippling itself with internal strife and poor or deviously planned global economic positions ultimately leading to serious domestic struggle. its not a factor in end times because its not a functioning country then. or is that now?

              apologies for no caps to you and the chinese serfs who built this ipad that my job gave me.

            • Lowtolerance: All you say is true including any “collapse”. But that collapse would have to be deliberate since the American financial system as devised, is demonically resistant.

              Its as perfectly designed as any system has ever been, which is why it works as a perpetual profit machine for the GB’s; helping them to rake in $77 billion dollars in profit last year by manipulating one’s and zero’s.

              One must marvel at its ingenuity even if one despises its purpose.

              Any deliberate “collapse” of the system would disenfranchise the Uber Rich more than any other group, so why would they commit financial suicide; not to mention engender the unspeakable wrath of the American people?

              Collapse is not rationale given the mechanisms of the system. De-leveraging is DESTROYING dollars. Bernanke is only replacing the losses of the banks with QE.

              Not that the GB’s and PTB are going to let a good crisis go to waste, but they will use the crisis to implement their Agenda that will only increase their wealth and power; not diminish it.

              Yes the dollar will fall. It must fall in value relative to other currencies if America is to regain any of its jobs, or create new jobs with new technologies; like the new “copy” machine. That is the plan of the PTB but it is difficult to implement with Europe transitioning to …. whatever.

              The dollar will fall. The dollar will not fail.

          • When the dollar was removed from the gold standard in August 1971, the dollar gained its strength through its use as the currency of choice in oil transactions. Once the dollar is rejected in favor of the euro or another currency for global oil transactions, the dollar will rapidly lose its value and central banks all over the world will be racing to diversify to other currencies. The shift from petro-dollar to petro-euro will have a devastating effect on the dollar. It could cause the dollar to collapse; and the whole US economy crushing down with it. China is willing to suffer for decades in exchange for taking down the giant, (USA), and they have many covert operations against us, in the works right now.

            Obviously Holly, you are multi talented, you can knit and give economic advice. Hang on to the Charmin my friends, you may find it easier to wipe with than a piece of hard metal.

            • Awesome post.

              Already there are countries working around the petrodollar.

            • Ohcumgache: The petro dollar analysis fails because America will soon be exporting hydrocarbons to Europe to disperse OUR excess.

              After Mitt is elected BIG OIL will get everything they want and they will unleash the oil and gas resources of the US.

              In a few years the US will be an exporter of energy.

            • durango kid,

              Your hypothesis makes sense in the long term (many years), however the scenario I posted is something that could happen even before the election occurs, especially regarding China. If everything went according to plan then we could certainly predict what will occur with the economy in this country, however, there is much going on behind the scene with the powers that want us destroyed, the earth itself in upheaval and the uncertainty of every day life, anything is possible. We are on the precipice of change in a dramatic way, the population of the entire world is at risk. Since I am only human then all I can do is keep a keen eye on what is occurring and take my own measures to prepare for whatever this may come to. Your passion is admirable.

          • Ok, lets have an “educational discussion”. Obviously you two don’t agree with me so please, tell me

            1. How the dollar and the economy are going to collapse; or

            2. What are the advantages to a metals backed money for America, and who benefits from it. ….


            • @DK…

              Not going to do your homework for you.

              Just research what has happened to every fiat currency through history (and the nations or civilizations that created them)

              This is not hard, and it’s not rocket science.

              ALL fiat currencies ultimately are worth the paper they are printed on… are all “paper promises”.

            • Walt: “Ultimately” perhaps, but not now, not anytime soon. There are wars to be fought and nations to be pacified and the dollar is the weapon of choice.

              Not anytime soon Walt.

              And before that time comes the GB’s and Uber Rich will place their propaganda on the Internet pushing for a metals backed currency and then whip up the SHEEPLE to demand that OUR gold and silver create “sound money” as a pretex, prior to stealing it from the American Treasury via FREE TRADE.

              That’s confiscation by legislation and it will drain America’s gold reserves faster than sucking coke through a straw.

              Like always the SHEEPLE will insist on their own demise.

            • DK

              The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have already held talks of forming their own international bank and currency. many countries in South Asia are forming pacts with each other to settle their trades in their own currencies vs the USD. Its ongoing now, a steady switch away from the USD as the preferred means of settlement of international trade. I’d suggest you read, he regularly has posts of articles from around the world on this subject. I’d also suggest reading some of John Williams info on ShadowGovtStats. His whole premise is based on the collapse of the dollar, and the resulting cost push inflation, from people dumping the dollar after it loses its reserve currency status. I think its likely within the next couple years.

              As for metlas backed money, I have no idea why that would be any more valuable than paper money, other than you can’t just print more of it. But you can’t eat it either, yet thru the ages, gold has held its value. So I’m not going to argue, it works, not sure why.

            • Some of you claim I am the resident “know it all” but nothing is preventing any of you from presenting your arguments or debating mine.

              YOU are the SHEEPLE blindly repeating the mantra of “sound money” presented by those who would benefit the most; while YOU would benefit the least.

              If you do not believe me. Ask yourself: Who benefits from “collapse” of the dollar. How does it happen? Who is the loudest voice crying, “dollar collapse!” ?

              Who benefits from a metals backed dollar?

              What benefit does a metals backed money have for the American economy?

              How does this “benefit” change the equation that exists now, or does it?

              What would this change mean for YOU, the average American?

              Follow the money in every question of significance and you will see that those who cry the loudest are usually those who benefit the most while exploiting YOU.

              Those who support illegals are the same groups that exploit and profit from them the most.

              Those who demand “sound money” are those who would profit the most from a metals backed money at OUR expense.

              YOU are being manipulated by the metals Baron’s.

          • DK you are an ASSHOLE

            • DUURANGO- although your comments seem to cause consternation , i believe your assesments are correct.
              however , i think we will see trouble in the form of hyperinflation soon .
              “as fast as coke through a straw” ,yep . 5 years out .

            • rjdoyle: Yes, I am aware of everything you mentioned and more as I spend most of the day reading financial news, reports, analysis, from hundreds of different sources and have an extensive personal background in finance and economics.

              However the TPP will soon be added to NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO and the most important nations in SE Asia will fall in line with the NWO.

              The CCP and the GB’s are partners. Argentina has been blackballed, and Brazil is now pissing in the wind for its rebellion. There are penalties to be paid for insubordination.

              Williams premise isn’t worth much if the dollar doesn’t “collapse’. More than a year ago John was on the hyperinflation bandwagon if I remember right. What happened to hyperinflation?

              John is a great statistician, not so much a great analyst.

              widowmaker: Yes I am an asshole and YOU are a dumbfuck! Have a great day! 🙂

          • DK- you been drinking too much peroxide

            • Terp: Yeah, but I am healthy! 🙂

              Hammerhead: In five years anything could happen especially since WAR is on the horizon and much depends upon the extent and duration of that new conflict.

              War creates chaos. Chaos generates unintended consequences. But the system is not going to collapse this week, next month, or even this year.

              Probably not even next year, which will be a true transition year. But keep prepping.

      2. My children won’t be going hungry anytime soon. Food and water should be First on the list of peeps.

        • I hope we have enough saved for a year or two. My children are grown and I have no grandchildren yet. I garden and save my own seed from year to year. I am storing chicken feed in 55 gallon sealed drums but need to purchase my chicks. I plan on keeping them indoors as I fear when shtf they will not fare well outdoors. Don’t forget to plan for a way to heat your homes in case the power goes out.

          • HSL ~ This is just from what I have read, so take it for what it’s worth. I have read that keeping chickens indoors can be dangerous because their waste emits a toxic amount of ammonia. (So not only stinky but poisonous too!)

            You might need to rethink housing the chickens – I don’t have any suggestions for that – but I would hate to see you all get sick!

            • Thanks Daisy,
              The members of our church and I have a rather large building set aside for when things get so bad that we have to gather together. On this property we also have a few places to store wood , house animals and other things we will need. These buildings should be ventilated enough to keep anyone from getting sick. I am more concerned about theives tnd rustlers than I am getting sick. But I do appreciate the concern.

            • @Daisy,,,you are absolutely right. At one time, two years ago, we had 120 chickens. We’ve cut down to 45 due to the fact I’m getting older and with cattle and a horse, it’s just too hard. The chicken coop must be cleaned regular, new straw or saw dust to keep down the ammonia and keep the chickens healthy. I forget how many diseases chickens are susceptible to, but it is in the scores. Chickens need grass, bugs and whatever else they find, free range, to improve the quality of the eggs. Commercial egg producers produce an inferior egg and have a large mortality rate due to their chickens being constantly indoor and in a cage. Didn’t mean to be so long winded, but I do know about chickens.

            • Swift – that was great information – THANK you!!!! I wish I could have chickens!

              ~ D

            • “I have read that keeping chickens indoors can be dangerous because their waste emits a toxic amount of ammonia.”

              Makes one wonder how Noah managed to sail for weeks or months with so many birds aboard. 😉

              Seems to me that chickens could be raised indoors if there was good ventilation and the coop was kept as clean as possible.

            • A very nasty lung infection is spred in bird poop. best to keep them outside in a well constructed, well ventilated shed/outbuilding.

            • Again thanks Daisy and Swift. I freely admit I know very little about chickens, but in a shtf scenario, it’ll have to do. Hopefully the need to hide them would not be too long, but as I said no one will be living in this building, think barn. I know I’ve seen chickens in barns before. I’m only talking a dozen or so.

            • Dried chicken poo usually contains a bacteria that can cause histoplasmosis. That usually causes pneumonia and calcium deposits in your lungs leading to enphasyma and other breathing problems. Don’t keep them in the house for long.

          • highspeed, how long do seeds from gardens last? I got some watermelon and tomatoe seeds and put them in the fridge. is that right to do? im just a expert on weapons, gardening im good at but canning and preserving meat like from a deer putting salt on etc how to keep fresh I could use some help on from anyone. thanks

            • ch,get a copy of “The New Seed Starters Handbook” by Nancy Bubel. Everything from saving seeds to starting veg plants in the spring.

            • po-thanks for the info. i have never really looked into thta yet. but i always take chances from people if its small decisions. thanks

            • Tomatoes are good for five years. Watermelons are not worth the effort as they are very picky as to their climate. They do however taste good.

            • Clint, I have seeds that are several years old, and most do quite well if they are stored properly. I put em in paper bags and keep them in a cool dry room. If you plan on keeping them for more than a few years I’d put them in an air tight container. I never keep my seeds in the fridge or freezer, though some do I guess.

              I personally cook all meats that I can before canning, but you don’t have to. Its just my preference. I use one teaspoon of canning salt with each quart and can for 90 mins.

        • Remember, preps without protection only makes a well wanted target. Would be wise to have a couple sets of body armor as well. I do not have religion, only faith, but many words from the bible will always ring true…

          “He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

          • Almost forgot (been a while since I’ve posted)


            The foolish children in office dont care about you, never have never will. As many believe they have “awaken” from their slothish slumber, and have opened their eyes, their minds are still connected to the propaganda of thousands of years of government. It is a hard beast to kill, and even harder to think about the future without a disrespectful, ignorant, drunk and high babysitter. You wouldnt let you children be watched by such lunatics, so why yourself. Let your heart and mind guide your actions, not the barrel of a gun, constantly warmed by the killing of the innocent. A good place to start will be Strike The Root dotcom. Many well written articles about the love of true freedom and the ever expanding love of real down to earth anarchists. (Please don’t let the much misrepresented word frighten you, its much more that what you’ve heard or have been told. I’ve never met such a group of free thinkers wanting and caring so much for the future for ourselves and our children)
            It is about self reliance in all areas of life, as well as placing the individual above the collective. It is not a “radical” or “destructive” mindset, quite the opposite. Please look for yourself. Remember: you would never want a babysitter stealing money from your kids to kill the neighbors children. Be responsible for yourself and family, and expect others to do the same. Time to grow up and really get on with our lives. Freedom is not free, it comes at the cost of true responsibility to yourself and fellow man.

            • Vote for who? Rombama or Obamney? The presidential election is a two headed snake. The is no real choice.

            • @Get Real
              Its “dont forget NOT to vote”

              as in: government is a scam, a muderous, theiving, lying, selfish, self destructive scam. Its a long played childrens game…

            • peteropolis…Thanks for the clarification of “anarchist”. The corp gov would have you think it is a bunch of prople destroying property. This is not the real meaning of anarchist. Most libertarians are closer to being anarchist in their beliefs than not.

          • what does that mean take the purse? what is selling your cloak referring to? and then buying one. sorry im not stupid but dont understand simple things sometimes. I believe in god and like to hear things from the bible.

            • Clint, the purse I’m not sure of, someone with more knowlege of the bible here could probably answer. As far as selling the cloak, I believe its saying its better to be naked (or close to) and armed, than to not be armed at all. Those who are not armed are easily made slaves of those that are and wish to do harm. All the genocides that have happened are mostly due to the populace being unarmed. In the end, no one can protect you but yourself. (def not government as we’ve seen with many examples in the past month)

            • peteropolis- I thought that was something close to what you said but yes its good to hear things in a different view from someone else. that makes sense. thank you.

            • This passage is in reference to jesus sending out the disciples to preach the kingdom of God. It first begins from Luke 9:3 “He told them: Take nothing for the journey – no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra tunic.

              Luke 22:36 “He said to them, But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you dont have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
              Here Jesus reversed his earlier advice regarding how to travel (9:3). The disciples were to bring bags, money, and swords. They would be facing hatred and persecution and would need to be prepared. Mention of a sword vividly communicated the trials they were soon to face.
              -Life Application Study Bible NIV

            • -Thank you Anon
              Now I can enjoy it even more 🙂

            • the swoord is actually refering to the sword of the spririt helmet of salvation etc this is found in Ephesians chapter 6 hope this helps…

            • Anonymous : so……you can buy that stuff?

            • Clint: its from book of LUKE ch.22 vs 36…BUT it is important to first read the few verses Prior to that one.

              Basicaly Jesus was speaking to several of His apostles, just an hour or so before the armed soldiers(NOT romans as we been duped to thik! The Pharisee Jews is who wanted Christ Dead, and they also had armed soldiers known as Temple Gaurds. Theys who arrested Jesus in that garden etc!)

              Anyways, Jesus asked His apostles “Did I tell you 12 and another 70 folks to go and preach gosple everywheres etc?…And, did I not also tell you all to NOT take ANY money(purse) NOR any backpak with xtra sandles etc. AND to NOT take any weapons?” (this is because Jesus was going to make certain theyd all get fed and kept safe etc)

              Then: the apostles answer Him back and agree Yes-yes and yes again we didnt take any stuf cause we relied upon You Lord. And as You Promiced us, all went swell etc.

              THEN: is where vs 36 comes into play…Jesus says “But Now after This!(after what?…After This means real soon like an hout or less Jesus will be arrested and tommorow be tried and sent to the cross to Die)…

              After this I tell all of you “who has money, fill your purse and Take it! Who ever has xtra suplies or sandles etc Take it also! AND whoever has NO sword?…Sell your coat and Buy a sword!

              Its quite obvious Jesus was saying while He was here in His ministry for aprox 3 yrs He did protect em all and did many more miricles etc(because He was/Is Man And God in the flesh Both) BUT once His work is done and He heads to the cross etc He aint going to do such things any longer and WE must be able to provide our needs and safty or security.

              Now I am certain a few Nit-Pickers are going to claim Jesus still can and does miricles etc…I AGREE! I aint saying He dont or cant do such since He is not on earth any longer(till He returns soon). Thats not the point of these verses though.

              Point is Jesus and His Father God in Heaven dont seem to plan on doing such wonders or miricles once He is finished on earth and untill He returns again. Hence We are to be prepared for various struggles and especially to Defend ourselves as well as Other worthy folks(Our sisters and bros in Christ or the others in the Church, and other folks who are oppresed etc when we are able to help em).

              Clint: keep in mind 2000 yrs ago when it was spoken first, a sword then was the absolute finest-best available weapon to be had bar None!….There were Two types of swords….Short(12 in long probobly) best for Concealability! and close quarters defense…AND Long(3-4 ft long!) swords promarily made for full out Battles.

              The apostles carried the smaller size swords usally. Like today concealed has advantages! Especially where a weapon aint allowed, but needs be carried Anyways! (today Jesus would probobly tell us to get Modern fine weapons like Firearms…Pistols And Rifles. Swords can still be good incase ammo gets low!)

              ALSO: Others may try and say a real sword aint what was spoken of! Yep some who call themselves christians are so opposed to ANY form of defence due to it being by nature violent etc, OR they are cowardly and Love to hide behind cherry picked verses!

              But them types will argue till cows comes home, that Jesus really meant a Sword of the “Spirit”(as in our fights are with spiritual entitys in High Places etc and weapons we have wont work on a spirit enemy etc. Thats true BUT it dont cancel out Human physical enemys either).

              These type folks will argue a spiritual sword means the “WORD” which means a BIBLE. Yet why would Jesus tell them guys sell coat to buy swords if He meant a “bible” when ZERO Bibles was as then not written nor avail to buy yet?!!

              No…Jesus DID mean a Real Physical Sword same as He meant REAL Cash money and REAL sandles or xtra clothes in your backpaks!

              Many such folks seems to be on TV ministrys alot. It seems kinda ironic to me when such folks say NO to real weapon! Because of course God or Jesus WILL keep us christians all safe always from every concievable type harms!….

              YET! xact same folks will Then in next breath tell us all to Hurry! Hurry and phone in while operators are standing by Now to take Your calls so YOU can BUY food and other stuf to last 7yrs when times of troubles begins!!!

              So whay do They believe No christians needs ANY weapons?(cause God will protect, right) YET the Same God WONT make certain You got FOOD TO?!!!

              Obviuosly they are brainwashed like most the last 100yrs to think no christians are allowed to EVER use violence as in self defence or defend others. So why does so many Bad things occures to christians like Murders! or car acidnts?….Was God asleep at wheel that time?

              He WILL protect us always yet NEVER make certain we got Food?!! TOO Funny eh!

          • Sounds like you forget other words from your book of fallacies, I mean holy writ. “Love your enemies.” Typical hypocrite, I mean christain religionist. Pick and choose form “God’s word” what is convenient for you.

            • Not my book as I have no religion, I just like what was said in the verse. I will agree religion is full hypocrisy.

            • @JoeinNC,,,,,, Do you have ANY friends? Do they walk upright or are they creatures of the forest? Damn curious here!

            • @joeinNC-hey I will never cut on someone but you always have a neg outlook on things. That’s not healthy to have bud. You gotta look at things in a POS way whatever you can do. If you keep thinking that way can do more harm than good. Try to be pos! I know you will or are.

            • JoeinNC,

              You should consider putting a lid on your sarcasm, it is not funny or witty; it is annoying. Your remind me of the little wannabe, with the snot always hanging from his nose and wanting to spoil the fun for everyone.
              They say that naughty boys become naughty because they just want attention, doesn’t matter how they get it, good or bad, it is attention. You could get some good attention if you said something nice or thoughtful once in a while. Good luck.

            • Jnc
              Dude I will say it again you are a tard. Nough said.

            • JoeinNC = Troll

              He’s doing a fine job of distracting everyone with his anti-Christian comments. Heck, he’s not even subtle about it – he is TRYING to get people off the topic of conversation and we are allowing it.

              Don’t feed the trolls!

            • Just in case the thumbs down on my second post about not having religion are due to missing the first post stating I do have fait, faith in god that is. I just can’t succumb to mass religion where a man (beyond fallible) states another man “said god said”. Too many have died at the call for “religion” for there to be any true love for your brother or sister in it.

            • @JoeinNC….

              Why don’t you get out of your mommies basement and go find yourself a girlfriend?

            • ahhh Joe we do not pick and chose but it is called dispensation of the work , read it and you shall understand it….maybe

            • Do us all a favor go find some Muslims and say your shit to them only about Allah. Give you a whole new perspective on things.

            • JoeyNC took that Out of context. What it says is this Joe….Love your enemys…If they Thirst or are Hungry or are Cold?…Then you shall Give them drink/food/coats or blankets.

              OK joeNC…How does That usualy work?…You cannot usually give any such things to enemys UNTILL Enemys First are Captured(by You et al) OR enemys Surrender to You. Only Total Fools will go unto a rageing battle field, and try to pass out drink and food along with dandy buisness cards that say “Jesus Loves ya and So does WE!!”.

              That Will get ya KIA pronto fast eh!

              ALSO: We are to consider to if necessary to kill enemys, we do as when Deer Hunting…IE: One quick Kill shot to Heads or Hearts so they do NOT suffer.

              EVEN Jesus Himself got VIOLENT(the Only reference to Him being such) when He went into the jewish temple and seen them….EVIL Monsy Changers!(Banksters today!) Jesus got so pissed off He made a Whip outta three cords He braided together and proceeded to KICK BANKERS ASSES!!!

              Now go take your phoney crapola back to Mommys basement room and do serious studys. You may Learn a thing or two JoeNC

            • The Roman Legions were renowned for their brutal, efficient use of the short sword and over the centuries the style of short sword changed as tactics changed or were refined. Beginning with the “gladius Hispaniensis” (based on a Celt-Iberian leaf-bladed short sword), over time the sword became shorter and broader (the Mainz and Fulham patterns) and culminated in the “Pompeii” style stabbing sword.
              3 types mainz pomeii and fulham, different types same sword slightly different lengths and two had triangle tips one had a more rounded tip.
              The time line is 3rd cent. bc – 1st cent ad. these were the main weps used in those times.
              The start point for long swords is hard to pinpoint but they did not become heavily used until 1200-1300’s.

          • What is the verse reference, that is, the name of the Book in the Bible, and the Chapter and Verse number?

      3. Great article hopefully it can get some more folks to wake up before zero hour is upon us.

      4. Hmm, time to grab some more long term storage. Was planning to do so, so let’s go ahead…

        • Was thinking the same myself, but stuck between a rock and a hard spot as I’ll be moving back to Washington in 6 months and will only have a toyota 4×4 to load up. Its an ever nagging question of what to buy that can be portable. (might have to rent a uhaul trailer, but havent decided) Then again, “it” might already be well started in 6 months.

          • Then again you could get hit by a car, or fall down a mine shaft or get hit by a toilet seat from the space shuttle like the girl on Dead Like Me. Then again you could win the powerball and get hooked up with some hot babe who takes all your money after giving you a nasty STD. Rent a U-Haul.

        • I suspect the biggest challenge is sanity amongst those that can see the handwriting on the wall. A Biblical perspective and the redeeming spirituality is of utmost importance. God told Joseph to prepare for a 7 year famine. It does not take much to strip the wearhouse of whatever foodstuff inventory exists. Yes we need some serious comodity consideration or else.It is not as if we didn’t have this gut level thoughts for a long time now..I have been thinking and watching this coming for at least 35-40 years…Slowly it happened, and now we either take steps to shore up the lose ends or loose out early in the game. It is possible to last longer than the first 60 days of such an unthinkable calamity. I agree it is almost too painful to think about…but it is rapidly approaching us…the government believes in bunkers…why don’t we ?

        • We just got a years supply from We tried some of their food a few months back and really like it. Finally went ahead and bit the big one and got a 1 year supply. Got a good deal too.

      5. Let this be a reminder to everyone buying guns and ammo, to do the less-sexy thing and buy a year or two of food for your families.

        It was daunting for me to make my first food purchase for $2,000 for a year supply of freeze dried food. However, it’s easy to now go buy a couple extra cans of food every time I go to the store, and slowly stock up my rotating food shelf.

        Do it now, do it for you, your family, and your unborn children. Do it for God’s people. Store up food for people you haven’t even met yet.

        Great article.

        • It always makes me smile when other preppers keep compassion in their hearts for the less/un prepared. Good post FL.

          • I do as well and feel good to help others. But how do we draw a line when to stop helping others if we ourselves are about out? that is the hard question to figure out for myself. and the respect if Im starving and have huge gunpower and someone is stocked with food and i havent eaten in weeks to not attack and take what is theirs, that will be a hard sin not to do. Im sure I will fish or figure something out.

            • @Clint hospo…

              Good question…

              I have compassion for the ignorant, but no time for the stupid.

              Some folks are ignorant of what is going on. They shouldn’t be…but they are. I’ll probably help folks like that.

              On the other hand….people who I’ve talked to and warned…who have either laughed or just refuse to see the facts as they are….I’ll be turning those away. They aren’t ignorant…they’re stupid. My tolerance meter for stupidity is set very low.

      6. Canned food, rice, flour, water, lead, #10 cans, batteries, fuel and most of all faith and the word of the lord.

        • Walt is right. Recall what else the Lord told them apostles when He sent em out to spread the Gosple.

          Lord said to them. “When you enter a town or village and preach, remain there ONLY if the folks there Accept the gosple messg and You. Any towns who refuse you or the gosple messg, then LEAVE Imiadiatly! And at end of their town road shake the towns Dust Off your sandles.”

          He also told the apostles they might get harrmed or even Killed if they refuse to obey this command of the Lords!

          Shake off sandles dust then was like Todays Give town the Middle Finger!…Also the town streets dust which clings to sandles is Permeated with the towns folks Evil, so do not carry it beyond towns limits into next town and spread Their evil etc. Thats really how it relates to todays give em the Finger as in screw You all!

          PS: The same messg to Leave can be applied today when folks travel to other nations etc…Nowheres in the bible are christians commanded to Keep going back like “Meals on wheels” 3 snadwhiches and bottle water per day and been ongoing FORTY yrs now!

          If Them folks aint got it figured out as yet after ONE time preached to?…LEAVE. Doing xact same xact same way again and again is Insanity!

          Every time I see TV pastors Begging cash to do meals on wheels operations while they Brag on doing it the last 40 yrs or more now, I think of command to Leave that town if they reject messg.

          I Wonder How much of all them Millions in cash donations goes to Paychecks for such pastors huh?…Alot I rekon.

          John Haggee and wifey get $2 Million per year combined and That was as of 2003!…He puts $400,000 Cash per year into his 401K!!!…IRS uses a “slang” term for that type 401K fund cause very Few has so huge of a 401K plan..IRS slang term is a “Rabi Retirement fund 401”

          Usally only billionaire rabis has that type 401k funding.

          There aprox 3-4 NY rabis who gets EVERY penny WE all spend on EVERY thing we Buy that has any form of a “KOSHER” seal or logo on it.

          Check ALL food and even Alum Foil etc! For small Kosher symbols. 99% of every product you buy has it!

          Stores get conned into Paying xtra for Rabi applied kosher stamp or logos(food or products makers add the kosher symbol at rabis insistance) By telling stores NO jews will shop there unless a Kosher symbol is applied to most all items.

          Its supposed to be for FOOD etc but Greedy rabis takes advantage once gets rabi foot in door eh. And if stores refuse?…WhinyCrys of “Antisemites”!

          If I owned a store I NEVER would fall for that scam when Less than 2 percent of america is jews consumers.

          Remember WE..ALL 100% of Nonjew americans also Pays MORE$$$$ for the same Kosher symbol on all we buy too.

          What will happen if I as a christian Demands a “Jesus” symbol on ALL food etc?…And everyone Not christian has to Pay xtra so I can be a Billionaire too.

          I will tell you what will occure…I will quickly have over 300( some say now its up to 600) pro jewish agencys and non profits like ADL-SPLC=ACLU-NAACP(jewrun) climbing all over my ass for even suggesting a Christian symbol be on anything folks buys!…But a Kosher one?…Thats just fine if You all Pays it!

      7. I recall a similar post in early 2009. The truth is we do not now how long the powers that be can keep puffing air into this dilapidated life raft. I have lost count of how many times I have read on this site and others that someone has secret knowledge of impending anarchy, yet here we remain.

        This is not to say we should not be ready, but even the BSA teaches in wilderness survival merit badge that the first rule is DON’T PANIC. A good preparedness foundation can be laid in a weekend and one can build methodically from there. I can take someone from nothing to a secluded retreat stocked with food and an armory in thirty days if they have enough cash.

        I count my food storage by the ton and most of it I packed myself. Although I have a couple Emergency Essentials one-year supplies I got from a friend who moved to Mexico, the few professionally pack buckets of milk and sliced potatoes I ordered online were from Costco and SamsClub.

        Food storage alone does not guarantee success. There are a lot of people with food storage who will suffer while those who have none will thrive because they have brains, skills, and the willingness to do whatever it takes.

        • Thanks for the good post PP.
          Some of the things I feel is most neccessary to stock up on are sugar and salt.
          I can grow, shoot or gather plenty of food but these things are not going to be readily available as a hunter gatherer.
          Salt, salt, salt, salt, salt and some suger for luxury.

          I also dislike how articles like this one seem to have a built in advertisement.
          Your money will be better spent on a dehydrator, vaule packer and canning supplies.
          Buying dried foods in bulk and making your own specialty foods is more cost effective and a skill that is worth learning. Learning to buy from some distributor is counter productive.

          And everyone please never forget.
          Nuclear plants while still operating make our prep an excercise in futility.
          Shut them all down and get the waste in a stable long term storage.
          It is really the most important thing if you want to have long term survival post shtf.

          • Yes I felt the same way a bit as you do! It said only buy from big companies. I know what they are saying you don’t want crappy food or risky, but a lot of small companies make great items that are new and just starting off in this business. I think it would be a great business to get into if we are still tickin. I love dried mangos, dont forget sweet things when you get a sweet tooth like pepsi!

          • +1 hill hermit on the salt and sugar. Lot of meat can be salt cured and it’ll take some sugar if you got a still. Also, both are excellent barter items and store a long, long time.

            • Ever cooked one of those salted Virginia hams everyone is so crazy about? Lot of work and if you don’t get the salt out it is inedible. Not what you want to be fooling with in a time of limited water and fuel to cook with. It will however keep forever and long after you are a dried up old dead guy it will still look good taste good.

            • John W. scrape it some first then put it in to soak overnight. Put it down in a pot of water and let it come up to a gentle boil, remove from the stove and pour off most of the water, refill and cook it up. Been eating Virginia smoke/salt cured hams since I’ve had teeth. Also got a good salt cured recipe that an old customer gave to me. He used to hang hams all the time in his basement, but most of his friends that did the curing with him have passed on and he’s about the only one left out of the group.

        • @ Prepared Pastor-

          HOW MUCH money to do that? Cannot be done near me.
          How much for secluded retreat and is it SAFE for outsiders to move into area? I beleive I know where you are talking about form past posts of yours….recent ones regarding a congressman who is prepping….

      8. Everyone that comes to this site is awake and prepping. The other day I was in a discount store and was looking for bargains. For those of you who have read George Orwell’s 1984, one of the most scarce items was shaving razors. A simple thing like that could easily be overlooked, so I added a couple packages to my rice and beans. Anyway, the trip taught me to start thinking outside the box: bullets,beans, bandages. Just a thought to kick around.

        • I agree with SWIFT, don’t limit yourself with just the basics. Store some of the small comfort items as well, those things might be first to disappear from the items manufactured, and shipped across the country.

          • definitely don’t forget the comfort items


            advice from the 100 things to disappear first list

            “7. The feeling that you’re human can fade pretty fast. I can’t tell you how many
            people I knew who would have traded a much needed meal for just a little bit of
            toothpaste, rouge, soap or cologne. Not much point in fighting if you have to
            lose your humanity. These things are morale-builders like nothing else”

            I know when I go backpacking and get trapped in the tent on a cold rainy day
            a stale piece of honey bun and a really bad cup of instant coffee
            are the best tasting things in the world

            • Satori, there is nothing like sugar to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling for sure! I’ve read that list several times in the past and it’s solid advice. Another item to stock up on is string. I know it sounds trivial but trust me, string is a very important item to have when you are gardening for typing up and supporting plants, marking rows etc. It also comes in handy if you run out of shoelaces. I recall my father telling me he used string on his wedding day when his best man showed up at the church without his suspenders and his pants started to fall down! Now that’s an emergency!

            • Thanks for posting the list,it’s always nice to see what someone else thinks is important.

          • chocolate chips!

          • I even have extra brooms!!

        • @ Swift –

          Everywhere you look there are items that are presently available that will become scarce quickly in any kind of a disruption. I wonder what those 8 packs of high quality athletic socks that I bought for $5 a pack out at the Flea Market last weekend will be worth then. $10 for a six pack of colored briefs? Toothbrushes and the plastic toothbrush cases? Shoe laces and boot laces? Work gloves?

          You don’t need to put enough aside to stock a small department store, but three or four large covered, stack-able plastic totes filled barter-able items also seems a prudent preparation. Cover all your bases as best you can.

          God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

        • I have said it before and again, dont forget the pepsi or coke, it has sugar and will fuel you somewhat and tastes good when you are hungery sometimes. at least for me. razors are a good idea swift. Dont forget cleaning things for yourself, like contacts if needed,chew,alcohol,cleaning supplies to keep clean,toothpaste, and axe/chainsaw/gas/extra matches,lighters,extra towels,storing containers, a few 5 gallon buckets for water etc/gas. recharge batteries/solar/dc inverter. a few different knifes. nails/2×4’s and some wood for repairs,chains,steel cable etc. body armor-you can buy ar-500 plates for 150 bucks on ebay for all 4 sides, a carrier you can make or buy for 80 bucks to carry the plates. if you cant buy there will be dead troops you can take from. thats just a few dont want to rant anymore. Just trying to trip your minds thinking “oh yea I forgot about that.”

          • Do not drink the soda, not good for a body, do not want to take up space storing something I will not use for barter. Basic is better. Honey, sugar, maple syrup and molasses!

          • I recommend forgetting the Pepsi or Coke if it has corn syrup in it.

          • don’t forget to purchase a few tarps in different sizes.

          • Let’s not forget the human physiology when it comes to our prep foods. Leave off the Pepsi and coke. These sodas are loaded with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which make you hungry. No one needs to be unecessarily hungry during a SHTF lifestyle. Also carbonnated drinks such as Coke and Pepsi are particularly bad for women as they leach calcium right out of the bones. Don’t forget the diuretic effects of the caffeine when water will be scarce.

        • “Everyone that comes to this site is awake and prepping”. Well, everyone I can send might still be in the pre-prepper stage. A young lady I’m bringing to the surface is now looking pretty concerned and eyes are opening for the first time. There are no words for the service that Mac provides – for the ‘in the know’ and ‘what the heck’ folks. Keep waking folks up every chance you get. Every once in a while there’s a ‘keeper’ ~ DH word for a fish for my pan 🙂
          Well, bad analogy, but you catch my drift.
          My young gal actually beamed at claiming “I found one of those vacuum things almost new in the box at a garage sale – $5.00 and works with 10-15 rolls of bags” I’m gonna be a prepper, too ;). Okay, sounds lame, but at least she’s trying to be on board. After I choked on my coffee and said ‘at-a-gal’ I had to hide my envy – LOL! Dang, why don’t I find those deals.

          ~..~ still prepping ‘cuz it’s what I do!

          • Good story, WeeVoice. I had a similar moment a few days ago, only this was with my wife. I had been trying in many ways to convince her that she needed to buy some silver too. I do and she sort of smiles about it but doesn’t say much. I am sure that she thinks I am more than a little eccentric. Anyway, I was telling her about hyperinflation and what it was like back in the early 1920s in Weimar Germany. Just before their money completely collapsed, a loaf of bread cost 3 BILLION marks! Her eyes got big and round as that sunk in. I finally scored a point in my favor with her and prepping for the uncertain future. She’s on board with the food preps, having a garden even though she doesn’t typically eat veggies, and even having some land, chickens, a few fruit and nut trees, etc. As most of us know waking our family, friends, and others we meet is not an easy task. So many of them just have to be hit hard by something before they finally do awaken. So far, they are WAY too comfy for that.

        • lol, went to antique store and bought two old fashioned double edge saftey razors and two shaving brushes (new those things are above $30 each. and they dont wear out for a very long time…the like new brushes were $2 ea and the razors were $5 ea. then i went to wally world and got the packs of blades for $1.79 ea…bough ten of them which gives me 100 reuseable blades. and when the blade is dull it can be sharpened for awhile. then when the blade is used up it is the only thing a person has to dispose of.

          • I know that shaving seems like it would be important so that one could maintain at least a semblance of civilization; however, I must caution that any time a person shaves, you open yourself up to the risk of a skin infection and may not be worth the effort in a SHTF scenario.

            • Also shows u are a have in a world of have nots. I’d rather not be a target.

          • I’m not gonna worry about shaving unless it is for medical reasons. When the SHTF, I will simply grow a beard but will trim it with scissors from time to time. If I’m gonna be a mountain man, I might as well look like one. 😉

          • My father raised a family of four children as a barber. He had the straight edges and the leather straps hanging off the chairs to sharpen them and the cups with the lather soap. When my family went to the shop to clean it, I was young enough to spend my time spinning in circles in the chairs and catching my reflection in the two walls of mirrors!

        • I have a 2 year supply of razors, I buy on sale for really cheap or for free with coupons. Same with soap deodorant and toothpaste. Things I get really cheap or free will be great barter or luxury items.

        • Exactly so, Swift. I also think that a little taste of what was once ordinary will be considered as most extraordinary once the SHTF. Small things like paperback books, well wrapped chocolate candy, tea and coffee, and even a few sticks of gum will have great value to someone.

      9. I used to think buying metals now was the only thing I had to do… My thinking then was,”Well,if I run out of something, I’ll just trade some silver and poof, It’ll be there”. I’m not so sure now. I live in a somewhat populated city and I believe there is only 3 or 4 dealers I could sell my metals to for cash ( Cash needed to buy from the Shepple ). If SHTF, could I still find or do business with these three? If metals really do go to the moon in price, I believe the Gov. will step in and regulate in a form of TAX or TAKE!!! I’m still a believer in metals as a form of buying power and persevation thats why I keep 100 eagles for emergency purposes like using them to reach my BOL.

        Remember folks that are planning on Bugging out, There will be checkpoints by police and not so police people and if some corrupt offical or thug sees your large stash of silver do you believe he’ll let you keep them? This is why I only keep 100 eagles and the rest on water,food,meds,ammo etc…

        Be safe

        • Dont forget many other preppers who might have extra will trade or sell for silver or gold, there will eventually have to be an underground monetary system at some point, silver will probably be the main currency. I prefer silver rounds and junk silver coins, esp mercury and barber dimes. But yes, guns/ammo, food and medical will be the most important preps. (Shelter is on a per situation basis, as many will have to move many times)

          For those that enjoy a stiff drink every now and then, or for those who realize how many do. A distillery will hold its weight in gold, for personal consumption, or to back up your medical preps with antiseptic solution, or creation of portable fuel.

        • you damn right they are going to take it and the checkpoints are going to be around if you know what I mean. I hope others are on board as well with this. I think metals will always be a metal of value and even some people will trade for it, believing things will reset and they will be worth something when the new currency comes out after the dollar dies or resets which probably wont. But at least think governmnets will reform and want some type of currency so keep them and if you can buy low I would. they will always be worth something when the government resets. hopefully if it does go out, we get real people in and these POS out for good. the People are in charge. There is going to be a million plus dash from mexico right into america. Can you imagine that? I hope many are ready for the runts that are going to be running over the border to here. Gonna get ugly!!

        • Johnny Blaze when you walk out of that silver coin store you’ll probably have a welcoming committee waiting for you to lighten your load of cash. Those four stores will be watched.

      10. Everywhere I go I look at what is available to eat .Bug’s berry’s getting in the the hunt mode.Look and you shall find.Here in florida it’s everywhere.great Post!

        • Frosty21: The problem with ‘living off of the land’ here in Florida, or almost anywhere really, is that even after the great die off, every mothers son is going to be scrounging around for anything that flies, walks, crawls, slithers, or swims. Six months to a year down the road you’ll be lucky to find a mangy squirrel once a month because the rest of us will be doing the same thing. The die off will be combination of things: starting with those that need daily meds especially diabetics, transplant patients, and those on dialysis. Then slow starvation due to sever cuts in caloric intake will make people weak. By then most water will have stopped running and surface water will be contaminated because folks don’t know proper field sanitation like we learn in the military. Then come the diseases from bad water and a weakened state due to undernourishment like typhoid, cholera, and good old fashion dysentary. Daily activities needed to just stay alive will cost more calories than we get and then there’s the problem of infection due to injuries. With no antibiotics things are going to get very primative. A lot of people seem to idolize the ‘good old days’ but life was a real bitch back then and 1/2 to 2/3 of children never saw adulthood. This is not going to be just camping trip that we can go home from, this will be our new reality. This is what we have to look forward to in a ‘slow-crash’; a prolonged decline into oblivion. I’d much rather it be a fast one; quicker in and quicker out=less pain. Time will tell which it will be.

          • Most people can’t hunt anywhere but the local supermarket. Make a small game snare? A fish trap? Actually track and stalk wild game and then bag it with a bow & arrow, slingshot, or throwing stick? Not hardly. I’ve heard it said that 5% of the fishermen catch 95% of the fish. There may be some truth to that because they have a secret. They know how! Those who do not know how when the SHTF probably won’t learn in time to do them any good, so they will not be competition for the real hunters and fishermen out there.

          • I’m in florida too and do not look forward to having to survive in this drained swamp desert.

            • @Ken, there are ways to build underground basements in Florida. Check out the prepper websites based there and you will find tons of information on how people are doing it. My family has one, so I know it can be done.

          • look into the proper way to make colodial silver for replacements to antibiotics.

      11. As a Father, and a provider for my family, it is and always will be my duty to provide protection, food and shelter for mine.
        There is no way with a clear conscious knowing what I know that i could sit on my hands thinking someone is going to come along and do it for me.

        If you have kids or a wife,or wife and kids.. look into thier faces and see if you could tell them you have nothing to feed them because you had no idea this could happen..

        Wake up!
        Stock up!
        Load up!

        this is your responsibility no one elses

        • well said, im 39 have no kids and have a fiance for 5 years and she has a little 7 year old. I hear you!

      12. Mac, thanks for that link to Millennium Ark, I found it once by accident and lost the link and couldnt remember it after a hard drive crash on my PC a while back

        • i visit it daily.. stan and holly do a fantastic job of finding important information in alt and mainstream media.

          • Damn thurough, thats for sure!

            • *thorough 😛

          • @Mac,,,yes Mac and they’ve been at it for decades.

      13. Always better to be a year early than a day late!
        Only buy TP if you have food.
        If no food no reason to have TP, HUH??
        I just opened a canned jar of chicken I canned a week ago.
        Better to try now than a year from now and it sucks, right?
        My bad times a com’n beeper has been getting louder and louder by the week.
        Prep, prep, prep til the end.
        And dont forget the toothpaste and brushes cause you cant eat with no toofers!

      14. A really great article!

        I was really interested in the point Holly made regarding the repackaging of old food. We are not doing a lot of purchased storable food. We are preserving the food ourselves by canning and dehydrating. I really want to know exactly what’s in it and whether it’s fresh or not, because this is our lifeline. It’s a heck of a lot of work, but to me it’s worth the sweat, the burned fingers, and the time spent. Obviously we still buy stuff like rice, pasta, flour, etc., but we limit the other packaged stuff.

        Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the packaged things you are buying may be GMO – the few studies done on GMO foods have proven that they eventually cause multiple organ failure. If you can swing it, consider organic!

        Ramp up the preps – the time is near!

        • Good point on the GMO problem, Daisy. Another HUGE problem with GMO crops is that they have a terrible effect upon the bees that pollinate these crops. The bee digestive tract does not digest the GMO pollen very well and all manner of bee diseases and “mysterious” deaths are occurring all over the country and especially where GMO crops are in widespread use. They seem to have rushed into this without any long-term research on the over-all effect of these GMO foods in either people or in the rest of the biosphere. Something tells me that this is going to be a HUGE problem and probably sooner rather than later. 🙁

          • 41mag: GMO=By Evil design/planned. A month ago I read that organic farmers types filed class action suits against monsanto etc due to gmo soreads to ALL farm grown foods. Once organic gets pollen from gmo it too becomes contaminated they said.

            America in Our time past(I am 60 yrs old) was called the “Breadbasket” of the entire World! We Fed us and them and exported food to all other nations.

            While we had BY LAW Mandated food storages in huge silos!
            Storages for Min. of 7 yrs but usually it was enough to feed all of america for many more years. Like 11 or 12+ yrs!

            Plus we Gave away free stuf to third world areas like africa etc. Just so we dont need throw it out as waste.

            Now all a sudden over what? last 20 yrs or so we are told of food shortages worldwide and even Here in america?

            Well I aint buying that crap. Yes there are real shortages I believe that. But I do NOT believe it is simple “coincidence” that its so screwed up today.

            No. It IS by planned design to screw and starve the masses including america. The evil ones are useing the xact same playbook they did to overtake Russia-Poland-Ukraine etc. 7 to 10 Million people were starved in ukraine alone and within aprox 1 to 1 1/2 yrs time!!

            ANYONE who hid food?…Even a single potato! Got entire family whacked on the spot. The Kommies came for All Livestock…Then all farm growed food like corn etc wheat etc.

            Then confiscated ALL sources of edible foods. Then just left and allowed a THIRD of ukraines population to Starve to Death!..They also disarmed em all too.

            At one point across poland and russia the trucks keept rolling to round up all disenters or whoever was a suspect of helping the “white” russian army fight against the “red army”. White didnt mean as in white folks. Just meant freedom fighter forces opposed to red army kommies!

            Them trucks kept rolling village by village, town by town for OVER 8 Yrs!!….Convoys of human cargo trucks driven to remote forest areas near Cliffs. Then Live People got taken out of trucks and stood at edge of cliff.

            They was blindfolded-stood at edge of steep cliff and SHOT in Back of Skull!…Tossed over cliff where 2 workermen ( red kommies also) waited at clifs bottom with shovels to cover dead bodies with layer of dirt.

            Then trucks went Back for MORE folks! For Over EIGHT years 24/7/365…..

            I read a huge listing of actual german soldiers(from WW-One thats WWI Not wwii) Letters to familys back at home.

            I Garenttee all of you here at this website..Every Man here wont be able to read them german soldiers letters to home and Not Cry Real Tears!!

            What the red army kommies and CHECKA secret police did was so unthinkable horrible! Them germans was first into villages an hour or less after red arnu kommies fled.

            Germans guys told in letters and diarys how as far away as SIX Miles from villages the dead stunk so badly they can smell it! 6 Miles away! Had to improvise with cloth over nose etc and still puked alot.

            They found as many as 300 folks. Babies-kids-teens-oldfolks, still barely alive from Horid wounds that red kommies would toss into Pits and pour Fuel/Gasoline over and toss a lit match!…A Few survived by being at very bottom of bodies pile.

            I will write a few of the worst nethods to Torture folks simply for the Sadistic Thrills before they murdered em.

            All Female Pregnant Christian ladys= Nail up to side of Barns or buildings…Then cut baby Out of Womb! Slice open entire stomach and Rip out intestines! Leave to Die like that!

            Took Babies from them women and Nailed Priests to wall of barns same way(like jesus on a cross style) Cut open stomachs and remove intestines to make room to INSERT LIVE or Dead Babys into stomach of crusified priests!

            Others- Make small incision in stomach, Pull Out short piece of intestines, NAIL piece to Pole, Force person to keep running in circles around pole till entire intestines was wrapped around pole then left to Die!

            OTHERS: Taken to Churchs(now converted by reds into torture areas as a kinda slap in face to christanity)

            Once inside church, sat down aeound two sides of large long tables. Nailed Hands by fingertips to table top. Slice thin razoe cut arount entire wrists. Pour Boiling Hot water over hands and wrists. Then PULL OFF SKIN from hands begining from wrist to fingertips and left to hang there! It was jokingly called the “Glove” treatment.

            Others folks was laid down across table top. Face Up. Tied to table securely. Then took an Autopsey type SAW! and while person was still fully awake and alive! SAW around entire skull cap of top of head.

            THEN: Force Next person in line awaiting Their turn for same, to step up and lean forward to begin EATING Brains of prior victim once skull top is removed!

            Then of course the brain eater guy is NEXT UP!! They had over 200 people at a time in line for these tortures etc.

            I am real sorry if any here get nausuas sick at these descriptions. But we ALL need know this stuf because we Are dealing with the XACT same type mindsets and Evil type persons as occured back then in 1918 russia/poland.

            They wont plan to allow us to “sit back” and wait out the storm so to speak!…They will try to do the xact same or Worse to us and Our familys etc. UNLESS We Know the enemys potentials first and prepare to NEVER allow such a thing here in the usa.

            Whatever it takes…We Must be able to do it bar nothing.

            The Only language such evil persons understand is Pure Violence!…Thats our Only option. Kill or face that stuf against Us!….I got zero kids, but I will fight and Kill to save Yours if it comes to that here.

            All I could think after reading them german military guys letters to home was…I cannot think of ANY other thing or time in all worlds history when such Pure Evil was done. The only thing comes remotely close is when Christians was tossed to lions and gladiators in Rome 2000 yrs ago.

            Nothing else ever compares Period. Oh and it ended with aprox 120 to 150+ Million Dead across eastern europe.

            Stay Vigilant and Safe!!…Do Not Hesitate if need be.

            • Angelo ~

              I’ve also compared the current situation to the Holomodor of which you referred.

              The difference now is that they have the technology to CAUSE this drought that is CAUSING this potential famine. It’s all being done deliberately because hungry people are easier to control.

              Further, hungry people will eat what is presented to them. And if that food presented to them is GMO toxic crap that is guaranteed to shorten their life span, then folks can look forward to a lot few years on the planet.

              Food is the real weapon of mass control – it’s just like that NWO troll Kissinger said.

        • AND the pre made meals to eat are 40-50% of your daily salt needs for only 2/3 a cup of …What? msg and other chemicals that do not nourish the body. I have to say in my only opinion having been raised on real food that you have to cook …the ready made meals, look like crap to me!

      15. Swift: We all have our special needs. I have a 3-4 year supply of dental floss and toilet paper, among many other kinds of supplies. Also have a bunch of cigarette lighters even though I don’t smoke. If someone wants to accuse me of being off my rocker, I don’t have a problem with that. I won’t even argue with them.

        • Many of us who have been ridiculed in various ways understand that this is the way we look to the Sheeple BEFORE the SHTF. After it does, we will look like frakkin’ geniuses. 😉

      16. So according to EO 12919, the gubmint has the authority to seize any food you have stored for you and your family?

        Where is the best place to store food then if you live in an apartment? A public storage shed?

        • Hey Rodster,
          I have a few places where I have some food and supplies stashed. The best places are out of the way places where no one would even suspect they would find food. You could easily dig out a hiding place on the side of a hill in the woods. Store food in airtight containers and cover with a tarp and debris. The earth will keep things cool and they will last for quite a while. Just take a look as you stroll in a park or out in the country. You’ll be amazed at what you can see.

          • Unfortunately I live in Florida where it’s hot and very humid. We are only a couple of feet above sea level. 🙁

            • There are places that are not suited to long-term survival in a SHTF scenario. You seem to have found one. Other places, such as much of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming that are very short of drinking water are others. Living in a place that only supports life when the electricity to run water pumps is available is not a good plan, IMHO. Neither is living in a place that has extreme heat and humidity and is susceptible to floods, tsunamis, etc.

          • I agree to, bury it in different locations so you dont have everything in one spot. and dont do it in daylight, make sure nobody sees what your doing, or pre-dig holes so the hard work is done and then when your ready do it quickly. or under large rocks etc, in thick weeds anywhere you wouldnt think people would look. if posible under a car where this is a spare tire, with the tire gone, you can string up there just trying to trip mind dont have to, you know what i mean. in your trunk if its not hot out during the time. get creative.

        • @Rodster,,,No public storage sheds. There is an executive order (can’t remember the number) where all warehouses and storage sheds are to be confiscated in time of national emergency. Google it and you’ll see.

          • good point!

          • I believe you because that’s the impression I was under as well but wasn’t sure, thanks. 🙂

            I may get creative with my car. There’s always some room under the rear seats. Early next year I plan on buying a company compact cargo van. I can always stuff things in there. The vehicle will be all lettered up with my business name.

            • In FL too, you can get creative. Check out the many prepper sites and see what other people in your area are doing. If you ask around, you may be surprised at what you find out.

              GOOD LUCK

            • You live in Florida? How hot does your car get on a summer day? Your stored food won’t last long there.

          • The BIG problem with this “national emergency” crap is that they can declare this to be the case any time they choose and they have the only say in it. That being the case, the rest of us will be wondering whether it is a REAL emergency or they are just “culling the herd” via forced starvation.

            A good place to store and keep food would be under a barn or other large outbuilding that wasn’t used to keep animals. Make a trapdoor to the new “basement”, dig it out, put up your shelves, and stock it with food and water. The real beauty here is that no one will be able to see you digging. You can always cart out the dirt from your new hiding spot after dark and toss it into a gully or onto your ever-expanding garden. 🙂

        • fuck their EO12919, store your food right next to your guns and ammo!

          • Unfortunately I don’t have 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets. 🙂

            • That’s OK. If they weren’t such lousy shots, they would not need so many bullets. 😉

          • I hear ya, better to die a free man than live as a slave. Its mine. I paid for it with money I earned working (and paying taxes). EO my ass, if they come for MY stores, the first thing they are going to get is my lead.

            I’m getting sick and tired of all this ‘but what if the gov’t comes, what if they say I can’t have it’. Are you free or a slave? If there’s an event (natural disaster, false flag, etc), and the gov’t declares martial law or some other ‘powers’, you can bet that is when it will get ugly.

            Do you really think there’s enough standing military to lock down the whole country? They might be able to sequester cities and large suburban areas, but it’ll be awfully hard to cover all the rural areas. I’m not bugging out, I’m not going anywhere. Everything I need, I have right here.

            • “They might be able to sequester cities and large suburban areas, but it’ll be awfully hard to cover all the rural areas. I’m not bugging out, I’m not going anywhere. Everything I need, I have right here.”

              Agreed, Arco. It always bugs me when people do a terrific job of prepping and then start talking about bugging out. Bugging out? WTF? When you prep a place for long-term survival and it has everything you need, fortify the crap out of it and bug in! Unless some terrible natural disaster strikes and you are absolutely forced to leave your place, stay there and defend it with everything you have. The chances of some other place being anywhere near as good are virtually nil.

            • We built and moved to a bug out location in East Tn last year. When the order comes to take my food, a dozen trees are going to fall across the one land gravel road. OPSEC calls for a night shift when the order come. What I have I paid for with what was left after the gov took the rest in taxes. Priority #1 is take care of the grandchildren …. nothing else matter, esp. what the gov wants.

            • ARCO -good point on locking down cities , if they come out to my neck of the woods , they are a looong way out of populated areas . i know a fellow farmer on the other side of the county that believes they will try to rail us all into town and off the land , don’t know ,but it would take more troops than the US has ,it would have to be a UN deal with foriegn forces .
              not a good picture for sure.
              and 41 MAG – yep! a nice root cellar under the barn floor makes a very stable envirnment to store food and an inventive guy might just park an old truck over the entrance ………

            • @arco and 41mag,,,,,,,Good on both of you! I’m staying put also. My land is posted, but I allow friends and neighbors to hunt here. No one is allowed near my house and that included the 2010 census worker. Anyone, street thug or government thug, is drawing to an inside straight if they think I won’t open fire. I didn’t make up the rules, they were shoved down my throat by those who coddle criminals and overreaching government shitbags.

        • They most likely will not be bothering people in apts. as most apt. dwellers are day to day shoppers. If I was a Mormon I would be worried unless Romney gets elected then most of this thuggery will stop anyway.

        • Rodster: I wouldn’t worry about confiscation of anything from the government. There aren’t the resources to go door-to-door for much of anything. Imagine trying that crap in the Bronx, the south side of Chicago, or south central L.A. The cops and soldiers will need lots of body bags and replacements because these places are already war zones. Oh they’ll try a few smaller ones in areas they know they can get away with it, probably based on big-government loving snitches. The big seizures will come in the way of nationalizing large farms, food distribution and transportation centers, and stopping the sale of all guns and ammo to civilians. They’ll also shut down the internet and limit all other forms of communications like home and cell phones. 99% of the TV, radio ,and newspapers are already co-opted by the government so info will be tightly controlled. I’m sure that they’ll even try to jam most short wave and ham radios. That’s when pirate radio will make a comeback. They can try, but they’ll never be able to keep us down. Just be ready for some lean times until the government collapses from its own overspending.

      17. Once Iran is attacked in a couple of months, and 1/3 of the worlds oil stops coming to the Western world, its showtime folks. No more time to prep. Better be ready guys and gals.

      18. I have been doing some serious research on earthquakes and plates and I found something really interesting about deep focus earthquakes. It seems that the college texts are wrong about magnitudes of earthquakes very deep in the Earth. While very rare, sometimes earthquakes do reach over 6.9 in magnitude, and there are big whopping earthquakes that follow after these very large deep focus earthquakes. Sometimes very soon, and sometimes years later. The 7.7 last week was tied for the 7th largest such earthquake classified as deep focus on record. Why college textbooks would give such false information is beyond me.

        Here is an excellent explanation of deep focus earthquakes and some of the biggest ones on record:

        The largest one was originally a 8.1 on the Bolivia and Preu border region back in 1994. They now classify as a 8.3. As you can see there has not been a deep focus earthquake of extreme size deeper than 699 km. You start to get earthquakes over 750 km deep and something is really wrong. That 7.7 has occurred 62 years ago and 105 years ago but not nearly as deep.

        I strive for complete accuracy for what I comment on, I never want to exaggerate anything or give false information ever. When I find something to counter what I said, I will tell everyone. It just did not seem right about the size of earthquakes this deep not being at least 7 and 1/2 in magnitude and I did some serious research on this to prove this either right or wrong what these textbooks said. It could be they were going by the old Richter Scale measurements, but in the book it said magitude.

        In any case, everyone that checks out earthquakes should always look at the depth and if and when you start getting earthquakes over 750 km deep, something bad is coming. That 8.6 or 8.7 mega strike slip earthquake was the record for a horizontal earthquake of this size and that one change the plates for the worse. That 7.7 last week showed much stress from the Pacific plate and likely very big earthquakes to follow.

        Everyone should really pay attention the San Andreas, earthquakes seldom grow in size like the ones out in the Brawley area that is close to the Mexican border. We are all in perilous times and it just seems likely something is ready to break big time any minute.

        • Several years ago I was in a 6.7 earthquake and it was a very strange experience. This is not a huge quake by any means but it was rockin’ and rollin’ pretty good. It set off every car alarm in the company parking lot and I could see the cars bouncing up and down about 6-8″. When I looked out across an empty field, I could see the ground rippling in waves just as if it was water. This went on for about a minute, did little damage except to crack some sidewalks and foundations, but it sure scared a lot of folks. I did not waste ANY time getting out of doors when it hit, I can tell you. Not a fun time. I can scarcely imagine what being in a 7-8 or greater quake would be like.

          • @ 41MagMan. All depends on how close you were to the earthquake and were the earthquake’s energy hit the surface. The Northridge earthquake did a lot of destrction back in 1994, but IF the energy had been focused into the opposite direction, rather than the mountains to the north areas in southgern california would have looked like Kobe, Japan. The Northridge fault was south dipping and therefore the earthquake waves hit to the north. Had it been north dipping Redondo Beach and Torrance area would have been totally leveled. The force of gravity of this 6.7 quake at the peak was 180% that of gravity, that would have launched people right into the air. The most gravity I ever felt was only 22% in the Whittier quake.

            A 8+ earthquake would be a lot of force but would last minutes rather than seconds. It is ironic that the 2012 movie if timed when southern california got hit would be just about the same amount of time if most of the San Andreas broke. For every 2 miles of fault that breaks, about 1 second of shaking. 400 miles means about 200 seconds of shaking or over 3 minutes. Try setting an egg timer and see what 3 minutes is really like, an eternity during a big earthquake.

            • I hate the ones that hit at night when sleeping. Break out in a cold sweat for a week after.

        • Be Informed: Are you the ‘suspicious observer’ who does the 2 min news on youtube? My nephew put me on to this and I check it every morning.

          • @ Gadabout. Never would go on youtube. I am working on this theory of predicting earthquakes to save people and to put the notion that earthquakes cannot be predicted finally to rest. The small number of people that prepare, only 1%, have the same interest as I and I want to once in my life really contribute what I know to do some good. As someone whom prepares it is always better to remain as anonymous as possible. Those that are on National Geographic Doomsday Preppers do risk much by letting others know their plans and what they have.

      19. @ Holly Deyo. You wrote a good article. I know Stan is into earthquakes and there is something huge going on. I have given my advice that when there is a mega earthquake in a major metropolitian area to finish up their preparation before the run at the stores while everyone else is still in shock from what happened. I think fuel and ammunition should be the top priority as these will be the first to be banned and rationed off by the government. This planet is going through so rough times, and I can say that the animals have been acting quite bizzare all over the country. Something sure seems like it is going down soon.

      20. I’m prepping as hard as I can, as fast as I can, on an already extremely limited budget (and don’t give me the cell phones, big vacations, etc song and dance – those things are LONG gone in our house after a 4 year severe economic downturn)

        I try to put back $20 each week to prep with. That doesn’t sound like much, but we’re making progress. Dried beans, rice, bullets, extra socks & undies, TP. I have a doctors appointment this week for my severely asthmatic son and I plan on asking the doc point blank for a free sample or two of his inhaler – I have a “story” for him about the school needing a backup but honestly its for my preps. Wonder if I should just tell him the truth?

        Anyhow, just can’t shake this feeling of I need to get it done FASTER, QUICKER, BETTER…but until then I just prep the best I can. My husband is on board after a few months of looking at me like I’m crazy (He’s an awesome guy – but he’s more in to the bullets & guns part of prepping, not the unsexy stuff like feminine hygiene)

        Anyone else feeling the sickening, sinking feeling like me???

        • Momto3, I’ve been nursing that sickening feeling for many months now and it’s definitely increasing. I stumbled upon some washable feminine pads a while back but cannot for the life of me remember the website They were pretty expensive but then again, so is buying the stuff every month for my two girls. Having washable, reusable is much better than trying to barter for this probably highly sought after item in a post shtf situation. They looked like really good quality, too. Is there anyone out there who knows a link for these products?

          • @ N.C There are some washable pads at this site
            I also have two girls I found a free pattern online (do not remember where but you could Google it) and bought some fabric to make my own so much cheaper then buying.
            Although my girls just about died when I told them what I was doing lol

          • you can always make your own. lots of cotton blankets cut in strips and folded together. stock up on bleach to sanitise and or soap.
            Is this what you are looking for?

        • Tell the doctor the truth. You maybe surprised if he or she divulges that they are prepping too. 😉

          Besides we’ll need God more than ever and i’m sure he would prefer you telling the truth.

          • “Besides we’ll need God more than ever and i’m sure he would prefer you telling the truth.”

            Indeed so, Rodster. IMHO, what we are now facing as a nation is a crisis of faith. Way too many Americans are agnostic these days and have turned their backs on God. One need not be a member of an organized religion but one very well should have a deep and loving relationship with God. All too many people do not. We are about to enter what some would call “a time of testing”, for our faith will be sorely tested before this is all over and done. Those who come through this time of testing will be those who are strong in body, mind, AND spirit. We all need to gather as much strength as we can in all 3 of these areas if we are to endure.

        • @Momto3,,,,,,try the truth. I once did that with my doctor and found out he thought just like me. He had bought a survival farm, and was learning animal husbandtry on the side and sly. Amazingly, he was also into herbal remedies and considered a lot of pharmaceudicals to be poison. Imagine that!

        • It’s not just you.

          At a doctors visit for the kids or even myself, I always told the doctor we didn’t have insurance. The pharmaceutical reps drop off a lot of samples and your doctor will gladly give you some.

        • @ Momto3 ~

          The ‘pucker-factor’ is at an all time high around our house also. Things seem to be happening out there in the world around us at an accelerated pace these days. We don’t leave our home unattended these days, there is always an armed family member present on the property.

          Wally and the Beaver used to live right down the street from us in the world that I grew up in. Then our poor country did Vietnam and nothing has been the same since. This damn sure isn’t my father’s world anymore.

          I regularly interact with a large number of younger folks on a daily basis. None seem to be the least bit enthusiastic with regard to their prospects for the future. Most of them seem to be only too well aware that their lives, in fact, won’t be better or more secure or more affluent than their mother’s & father’s lives were.

          I think that some very interesting times lie just ahead of us as a society. God Bless and good luck.

          • “I think that some very interesting times lie just ahead of us as a society.”

            Indeed so. Interesting and… perhaps terrifying as well.

        • I know my family doctor is on board, we buy our guns from the same local dealer.
          get to know them well enought to talk candid with, or they are not worth wasting your time on them, if you cant find a doctor that doesnt have their head in the sand , than keep moving on til you do

        • “He’s an awesome guy – but he’s more in to the bullets & guns part of prepping, not the unsexy stuff like feminine hygiene”

          Most of us guys are like that. It’s in our genes to protect and defend the home cave and its occupants. Don’t be too hard on him for this. It’s a necessary prep too.

          “Anyone else feeling the sickening, sinking feeling like me???”

          Oh, yeah! Big-time! I do not know how any conscious human being can look at the situation in the world today and not have that same feeling. The world really IS going to Hell in a hand basket and we’re watching it happen. I don’t believe in coincidence or in anything “just happening”. Virtually everything happens for a reason. In some cases it is because a powerful person or group out there is actively causing some of these things to happen. They may be wicked and powerful but we are many and faithful. We will get through the SHTF time because we endure. True grit always does.

        • Tell your doctor that you would like to have a free sample or two to use in case of an emergency if the other one becomes no good, or you lose it. Tell him you need it for your emergency preparation plan. Most doctors like to help their patients, and they like to give away free samples. There is no need to make up stories. Making up stories has become an unnecessary bad habit among Americans today.

          • The reason I had the story in mind – I once asked for a sample and was told because I had insurance they could not give me one, saving them for those uninsured and all.


            I have insurance alright. I pay about $80 a month for my sons asthma inhaler with my “good” insurance.

      21. I see a lot of comments about having beans bullets and band-aids and I couldn’t agree more. Remember though having these things does not mean you can use them effectivly. Its better to have 800 rounds down range in a tactical training environment and 200 rounds stocked up than 1000 rounds in an ammo can in the closet. This goes for medical gear also. I know med traing for civilians is difficult to get but there are classes out there. Search for a wilderness first responder class in your area. If you live in a rual towm join the local volunteer fire dept. They will send you to all kinds of classes. Even the Red Cross has some good training.
        BTW I stocked up on fish antibiotics purchased from amazon. They were extremely cheap and from the research I have done are identical to human perscriptions. I opened a couple of bottles and checked the pillis closely to some of my presceription stuff. The markings, color, size(i used my reloading mic) and weight were almost identical.

        Training if one of the most important preps you can do.

        • i to ordered fish antibiotics online and i have a pharmacy friend that looked at them and said they were the same as human scrips. but went back to the same site to order again and they werent there ant more? wonder whats up with that?

      22. When the heavens gate cult prophecies did not come to pass, member of that group committed mass suicide. Wonder what preppers will dowhen their prophecies do not come to pass?

        • Joe, we’ll do what we’ve always been doing; preparing for all eventualities like it’s life insurance. You know, the stuff you buy and hope you’ll never have to use for your home, your car, your LIFE! Why don’t you open your mind a bit more instead of being a mouthpiece for your masters? You might actually learn something and, you never know, end up a little wiser at the end of the day. Until you do, though, don’t come knocking on my door when you run into trouble because you didn’t plan for your future, or your family’s (if you have one)

        • Eat alot of good and cheap food (according to the current pricing of course) while briefly wondering how you’re faring. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

        • Actually it will be quite a relief. If what I expect comes to pass it will be a much much harder existence. Hope to see you on the other side.

        • Come over and piss on your head. Personally i will be happy if nothing happens. A lot of food banks will realize a bonanza of things to give to the needy and lazy whichever.


        • JoeNC will be easy to spot after shtf. He will be the guy with zero food, and in a months time frame will lose so much weight hes likely to Fall Thru His ASS and Hang Himself.

          Skinny Joey= Phaaaleezze Feed me! I knew all along youse guys was right…Honest I did!

      23. I believe that the 3 B’s of prepping should be expanded to The 4 B’s. Bullets,beans, bandaids and BOOZE!

        Besides drinking the stuff, it makes a great gift/bribe, can be used in cooking and preserving of food, also booze can be used to make water safe to drink.

        It will be in demand in a SHTF world and makes a great trade item too.

        It’s an antiseptic and pain reliever, plus a sponge bath in the stuff will help bring a fever down.

        It provides calories, never goes bad and stuff like singel Malts and fine Brandies are great investments.

        The knock on Gold is “you can’t eat the stuff” but booze you can.

        Stick with Brandy, Dark Rums, and Whiskey. Liquors that don’t need ice or mixers. Better yet, learn how to make your own out of surplus fruit and veggies. Remember Vodka was first fermented out of potatoes.

        • Booze has its uses for sure, but for all the things you mentioned, my local grocer has been selling hydrogen peroxide (16oz) for 99 cents, helluva lot cheaper than booze. Every time I go shopping I pick up a couple bottles.

          • I like H2O2 as an antiseptic and use it often but it doesn’t have a very long shelf life. Not sure what but probably not more than a few months at best. This is an unstable molecule and will break down into water and oxygen. Light accelerates this which is why it always comes in dark brown bottles. Stored in unopened bottles in a cool dark place will maximize its shelf life. For long term storage, I prefer the old stand-by antiseptics, such as Mercurochrome and tinctures of iodine.

          • @arco

            Try making a bribe with a bottle of peroxide. Try preserving fruit from your apple trees with it. Try calming your nerves with a big old slug of peroxide.

            There is a reason that peroxide is selling for 99 cents a bottle and Jack Daniels for $27.00. You figure it out.

        • “The knock on Gold is “you can’t eat the stuff””

          This is the typical reply we get from the boneheads who do not prep… at all. They never seem to stop and think that there are MANY extremely useful things in life that cannot be eaten. Have a good pair of boots? Have a truck? How about a set of tools? A chainsaw? How-to books? Guns? Knives? An ax?
          And so on and so forth. None of those are edible but all of them have great utility. So will gold and silver. Not during a SHTF scenario, mind you, but soon afterwards when we are all trying to get our lives and futures put back together and bartering rules the land. Gold and silver have been money for more than 4,000 years through MANY SHTF scenarios and will be again.

          • Excellent points all 41Mag.(by the by, do they still make brass for the .41 mag?)

            I’m not saying that my preps aren’t “well rounded” with all the items that you mentioned, (and many more as well)

            I’m just saying that 2-3 cases of Firewater should be included.

      24. Anyone who has seen Drudge knows that besides the drought and earthquakes, hurricane Issac seems to be heading for New Orleans. It will make landfall 7 years TO THE DAY that Katrina hit.

        It’s getting sort of “End Times” like here in the U.S.

        • What a drama queen. Nothing has happened yet. Issac is only a TS not even a hurricane. As for the earthquakes look at the bright side, maybe everyones wish of Calif, falling into the ocean will come true. Like a San Francisco fairy tale.

          • Excuse me butthole, er John W, which I would guess the “W” is suppose to stand for John Wayne?

            I grew up in the Everglades and have been thru more hurricanes than I can remember. So unless you’re a “Cracker” or “Sand Flea”, go pretend to be a tough guy at your favorite Gay Bar, O.K.?

      25. A good sleeping bag and some heavy weight thermal underwear along with heavy hiking socks and hiking boots should be high on your list. No sense dying of pneumonia in your own home when the power goes off.

        • I got some on clearance for $1.00 this past spring!

        • For cold weather survival in freezing indoor temperatures, you need to make sure that your thermal underwear has NO cotton in it. The best type for severe cold is polypropylene long underwear. Cotton or cotton blends kill in cold weather.

          In preparation for an indoor freezing cold survival set-up, stock up on wool blankets. Wool blankets will keep you from freezing to death. Buy any thing that is wool to make wool socks, mittens, hats and other clothing items.

          Keep cotton or cotton blend sheets, pillow cases, and blankets OFF your bed. These things will kill you.

          Down blankets, and polyester blankets are good too.



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        AUGUST 26TH 2012 – The Watchful Eagle-2012 anti-terrorism exercise, slated for Aug 27-29, will take place in the US and Canada !!!



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          THANK YOU REDMAN !!!



            Wow, you are quite correct, but that’s going to be an unpopular statement on this message board. This is mostly a simplistic “love it er leave it” board where people don’t waste much time reading history books. It’s sad really. Education is not easily acquired and isn’t much appreciated when given. The truth is that the US is hated in many (perhaps most) of the world, and rightfully so, due to its various actions. And as long as people choose to remain ignorant of that fact, the course the US is on can never change for the better. The US has murdered over 1 million Muslims just within the past 12 years, and that’s only counting the dead in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are likely others uncounted due to other secret wars and terrorist activities the US is engaged in. Are these the “christian values” that Americans are so proud of?

            • Dboy: Those aint real christian valuse. Its is more like Talmudaic Ziojew values as it is They who been in total control of the usa since at least 1913.

              As for so called “jewdeo-christians such as tv preachers like Haggee etc. Well them folks is sadly ignorant due to a lifetime of false christianity taught by Money worshiper pastors and jew firsters crowd.

              Nothing seems to awaken them types even biblical verses they reject. But you shouldnt think all christians are that way. Same as we dont think all atheistic types are truely assholes.




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      27. listen to this ass hole.
        buy fromfactory farms,ya know those big companies.
        how about you buy from small local farms and help them stay in business.what a fucking ass hole this fool is.

        • I agree with your sentiment if not your choice of words. Gram always said that, “weak ideas are always wrapped in strong words”. :-/

          • ya the sheep out there tend to watch their words.
            the sheep have been trained not to speak out.
            im not one of them.

      28. Stan and Holly Came across a copy of Dare to Prepare some years back when you domiciled near MT Blowhard.It cost 2 dollars possibly the best 2 dollars spent on preps.Regards Crafty.

      29. The day is arriving very soon that it will truely be over. I can and will not let anything stand in my way of preparing for my family, be it thugs in goverment or thugs on the street, it will not happen as long as I have a breath. Having said that money will buy your supplies NOW NOT LATTER, also your PM’s will be worthless for a long time after the FALL. Buy as much FOOD,WATER,AMMO, and basic needs NOW as you can, please do not wait. Again take a long hard look at your situation, everyone’s is different, your needs are different, so take the examples given here and other sites and adjust them to YOUR PERSONAL NEEDS. My real and only suggestion is KEEP IT SIMPLE, things you and yours like and need, not what someone else says you need, IT IS TRUELY YOUR DECISION DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU AND YOURS. Remember to include your family in the planning at all stages. DRAW CLOSE TO GOD AND YOUR FAMILY, THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT MATTER. Good luck and may GOD bless You and Yours. For those who do not believe, REMEMBER THERE ARE NO ATHEIST’S IN A FOXHOLE.
        See you on the otherside.

      30. Yes, I voted for Ron Paul in the primary. And yes, I will (reluctantly) vote for Romney in Nov. Why? It is simple:

        a.) We *could*recover from a Romney presidency; we would never, EVER recover from another term of Obumbler.

        b.) If someone thinks Obama will actually appoint reasonable Supreme Court judges, you are sadly fooled. Romney? Well, there could be some traction real conservatives might have. Nothing is certain, but I’d rather have a fighting chance.

        So, yes, I will vote Romney, and meanwhile continue my non-violent, lawful work for Constitutional ideals

        • It really is a slim vs. none situation, isn’t it, JR? If nothing else, significant Dem losses in the US Senate could lead to a powerful blocking force in Congress. A majority sufficient to over-ride a presidential veto would be our best hope of surviving another 4 years of this crap. Pushing their socialistic BS cost a lot of Dems their jobs as senators and reps in 2010. 2012 is shaping up to be worse for them… a lot worse. This is why people like Dodd and Frank are bailing out while the bailing is good. To sum it up, the American people are royally pissed at how the country has been run for the past 3.5 years and aren’t going to take this crap any more; no matter how close the rigged polls show this election to be.

      31. Gas is up,food is up and Israel is about to go at it with Iran. food prices may double,certainly gas prices will. Get ready folks you’re gonns get slammed.!

      32. Hi everyone just a sidenote on making sure you are prepping. This became real for my family this week, as the drought has caused things like soybeans to go higher. I have 3 Grandchildren all of which are lactose intolerent, the baby the worst. Anyway we looked at 5 local stores for her formula before my DIL finally found 2 cans. Her father has found it on Amazon so ordered some extra cans but make sure you are thinking of these items as well. I kick myself for not connecting the dots for my babies….
        We are watching the prices of EVERYTHING go higher even empty caloried cardboard.

        Be safe & Blessing’s to you all.

        • Rejoice in the fact that the Bernank does not see more than the projected inflation in the US for the foreseeable future. Of course, whenever inflation does rear its ugly head, he simply changes the way it is measured until it does not. There, now. All fixed. Not!

        • investigate options other than soy. I too had lactose intolerant babies but have learned since that soy, although high in protein is not all that good for the body. check out rice, coconut, and almond milks. Of course they do not make these in formula form… sad.

      33. One can never be too ready..or over prepared..ever!

        and I agree with the majority of all of you on all aspects.cause we don’t know exactly what disaster may hit us at any made or otherwise.

        Having your pms,preps/leaded goods,etc is great..


        Spend some serious time at your local range as well weekly..daily if need be.

        All your efforts will be naught if you fail to prepare protecting your family and assets..

        Learn how to defend yourselves from whatever may come.

        This takes discipline/time management etc.. as well.

        and shooting is a skill set that results in proficiency by serious practice..over and over and over again.

        We prepare. all of us, for whatever comes down the pike.

        but should we survive the initial impact..then we owe it to ourselves and loved ones we cherish to defend the death if need be.

        just my 2 cents.

        Thank you Mac for a phenomenal site

        and all of you contributors equally..


      34. I hope this shit storm coming up the gulf doesnt end up a Katrina clone..we dont need any of that BS right now

        • This time they can’t blame bush and his hurricane controling machine. I remember hearing how the hurricane, storm surge, and flooding were all his fault. Never promote your horse groom above his talent level, and even if you don’t care attempt to look upset. Remember the storm didn’t just hi NO, it hit a 900 mile stretch of coast, and everywhere else was able to help themselves without shooting at fooddrop helos, or rescue boats and looting everything not bolted down.

          • Everything that ever happened was Bush’s fault. Didn’t you get the fax on this?

            Speaking of such things, I really do wish that the Whiner in Chief would just STFU about what he “inherited”. He didn’t inherit a damned thing! He worked hard to get this job and should work even harder to get it done right. Reagan “inherited” quite an economic mess from Carter but I don’t remember Reagan wasting a second whining about it. He was far too busy fixing it.

            • Reagan may have been trying to fix things through the gold commission until he was “Hinckleyed”. After that, he fell in line and did what he was told to.

          • Mother nature has it out for New Orleans. I was thinking the same thing HalfElf, about how noone can blame this hurricane on Bush. It’s almost poetic justice, since Bush hates the black man and you probably won’t catch anyone saying that about our commander in shief.

            Sorry for those in New Orleans, don’t wish that on anyone, but there’s some irony going on here….

      35. It is simple. You are saving for a rainy day!!!! Just look at that day as if the banks, gov, walmart, utilities, and your neighbor suddenly went away. That is what will happen. That rainy day may happen this year, next year, or never, but everything you have saved with that in mind is better than Gold.

        You must pray that you are not one that is “Left Behind”

        Great book series. Read it. It will inform you on how the end plays.

        • “Great book series. Read it. It will inform you on how the end plays.”

          Every time I read or hear something like this it reminds me of this quote: “Those who know are not saying and those who are saying do not know”. The future hasn’t happened yet, so no one really knows what form it will actually take. The good news is that it is possible to prep in general without knowing the future in advance. Yes, our preps would be better if we knew the future but we don’t so we end up doing the best that we can… which really is all we can do.

      36. It is simple. You are saving for a rainy day!!!! Just look at that day as if the banks, gov, walmart, utilities, and your neighbor suddenly went away. That is what will happen. That rainy day may happen this year, next year, or never, but everything you have saved with that in mind is better than Gold.

        You must pray that you are not one that is “Left Behind”

        Great book series. Read it. It will inform you on how the end plays.

      37. well let me say this..

        This storm was headed towards Mexico and when it was below Cuba..something interesting suddenly veered within a few hours north nw and veered straight for New Orleans..

        preceded by massive chemtrail aerosols before and after it..

        I have no proof it was steered at all.
        but given prior inferences form former Sec of Defense William Cohen ..

        and other substantial info prior to this.

        nothing would surprise me at all..

        who knows

        perhaps some could enlighten us..



        • You are absolutely nuts!

        • So… is totally corrupt NO the modern day version of Sodom or Gomorrah?

        • Chemtrails are real, nothing would surprise me.
          Yet tell me this –
          Who builds a city under sea level and expects it to withstand time?

          • In Florida and I definitely saw some, surprised it didn’t hit Tampa, but New Orleans on the same day as Katrina, you can’t pay enough money for that kind of irony!!!!

      38. But on the eve of the seventh anniversary of Katrina, some weather experts are nonetheless growing weary. Brendan Loy, a blogger who predicted Katrina would be “an unprecedented cataclysm” in New Orleans, “breaching the Lake Pontchartrain levees” and causing thousands of deaths, says he had “a profound sense of déjà vu” on Saturday when computer models showed a “sudden westward” shift–and Isaac taking dead aim at New Orleans.

        “It feels like August 26, 2005—a defining day of my decade—all over again,” he wrote.


        lookout/yahoo news

        • I wonder if another round of gun grabbing will occur.I hope this time folks get wise.

      39. Ya’ just gotta love Israeli Jooo’s !!! They are Real Bad Asses!!!

        Read and Learn AmeroKan Tax Debt Slaves this is WHO OWNS YOU AND YOUR ZOG CONTROLLED CIA PUPPET FEDGOV !!!

        Israeli Settler Quote to Israeli Soldier : “If I see her (local neighborhood palestinian muslim girls children) coming, no matter what age she is 3, 4, 7, I’ll f*ck her (up) over !”

        Israeli Soldier Response : “No problem!”

        Ya’ just gotta love Israeli Jooo’s !!!


      40. That is one horrific picture.

        Things are getting really screwed up. Drought and Fires. Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. Money not worth a hoot. Unemployment and the government on our butts, moving toward Socialism. It must be overwhelming to the first time readers of this site. So while we are on a subject basicly saying, Do or Die, has anyone considered how many will perish? Have you considered the percentage of your surviability? How many bullets do you need. How much food. Body armor. How many different events have you prepared for. Earthquakes, Fukishima, East coast sunami, Yellowstone and the Madrid fault. When do assets become liabilities? Storage of ammunition and volatile substances for example. Each event will have its own time line as to how things unfold. Some have ample warning like the hurricane in the gulf. Others like an earthquake are sudden. Then some are local and some broad like civil war and financial collapse. The time between the initial start of the event to the return of normalcy is what we prepare for. I do not know if we will ever be normal again with all the crap going on in the world. There are real dangers. It is a crap shoot at best. Could it be that the Georgia Stones are correct with a cap on world population? We go to war over depleting resources, do we not? So whether we think locally or globally, every thing comes down to a time line. It may help you to plan what to do at each point along the line.
        Out Play. Out Think. Out Last. It the Worlds largest Survivor Game.

        • Socialism is not COMING, it’s HERE! Like a cancer it is spreading until it eventually kills the host.

          • Took you awhile but you made throught the whole line. Enjoyed your commentary. Job Well Done.

      41. Most of the stuff you all write on here is just plain old nuts. Can’t you all see that this shit aint never going to hit the fan.. It’s all hype to instill fear in the ignorant such as yourselves. This guy has been predicting the end for years and yet it still hasn’t happened.

        • Things change on a dime.Somethings are obvious to prepare for,like are economy for example.Or more 50+ yr olds who lost their job and are put out to pasture like are shooter in NYC.

        • @Randall
          All predictions of the end of the world aside.

          The price of gas has doubled in the last 3 years.

          Food has gone up, like 60%

          We are in a major drought cycle

          Russia has has made threats fo nuclear war x 2 in the past 3 years.

          It looks as if Israel and Iran may go to war soon.

          The economy might crash soon.

          All these are real concerns, agree.

        • Randall,

          What planet do you live on? Do you read anything other than the skewed liberal mass media? You are wearing blinders if you can not see what is occurring all over the world at this moment. Open your eyes and you will see how degraded we have become as a society and how nothing short of a miracle will change the course that we are on. Many families are is dire straights now and many more are on the edge of the cliff. The monsters that want to make this a NWO, have waited too long for this moment in time and if you think for one second they will just give up and go away, then you are in denial or just ignorant to the facts.

        • Everyone that does not prep should be very grateful for all those that do.

          Anyone that has prepped will be one less family standing in the long line in front of you awaiting the hoped for rumored FEMA truck coming around to your neighborhood next with desperately needed food and water in the next disaster to hit your town.

          – Shane

      42. Freeze Dry Guy looks useful, though there are several sites that sell Mountain House, including Mountain House themselves.

        • Mountain house FULL of salt in little tiny servings – not for the ones with high blood pressure or those that value the quality of the ingredients in their food!

          • Certainly to each their own, but I’m assuming you have tried their food? I’ve tried it and high blood pressure aside, it’s tasty for survival food.

            • For something like the freeze dried, overly salty food, I think a good plan is to stretch it as far as it can go by adding rice, dehydrated vegetables that you save from the garden, foraged greens, etc. Basically the same situation as with ramen noodles…it helps to give the healthier stuff a savory kick, but you dilute the effects of all the salt and preservatives. Plus, there is nothing a little hot sauce can’t fix.

        • Things change on a dime.Somethings that are obvious we can prepare for,economy etc.Or as a case in point,pissed off 50+ yr olds put out to patsure in a downward spiral economy like are shooter in NYC.Now i know there’s more festuring out there like him.

      43. .
        Strong earthquake hits off El Salvador coast
        By DIEGO MENDEZ | Associated Press – 1 hr 9 mins ago.

        A strong magnitude-7.3 earthquake struck off the coast of El Salvador followed an hour later by a magnitude-5.4 aftershock, authorities said early Monday. There were no immediate reports of damages or injuries.

        • I can verify that Shelf Reliance food is VERY good!!! In fact, I use it while I cook now because I wanted to make sure about the quality! It’s a Utah based company and the real deal…

          GOOD LUCK!

      44. No one is going to save you but yourself… Those who sense the spirits in all things tend to tread lightly and with more respect than one who thinks they have a force field protecting them…. if you have failed to be an asset in your community with a talent, then your only worth what your carrying .in a way. your either a refridgerator or a tractor….

      45. Series of earthquakes rattle Southern California
        Associated Press – 6 hrs ago.

        SAN DIEGO (AP) — Dozens of small to moderate earthquakes struck southeastern California on Sunday, knocking trailer homes off their foundations, shattering windows and rattling nerves in a small farming town east of San Diego.

        The largest quake, at 1:57 p.m., registered at a magnitude 5.5 and was centered about three miles northwest of the town of Brawley

      46. Robots set to patrol streets in Texas
        Officers test military robot they hope to deploy on streets of Austin

      47. With the current POTUS killing coal power generation..we have this little tid bit.

        Palisades Power Plant

        The 40-year-old nuclear plant owned by Entergy Corp. has been a magnet for bad news this summer: two shutdowns in the last two months involving leaks, Michigan officials telling locals who live and work in the area to keep radiation-fighting potassium iodide pills on hand, and a special federal investigative team on site for the last two weeks

        Entergy officials have been working to solve the latest leak found at the plant, this one involving a control rod drive mechanism in the containment building. On June 12, Palisades shut down after a leak was detected in a refueling water storage tank.

        In four decades, Palisades has been fined by the NRC numerous times, and unscheduled shutdowns are almost an annual occurrence. To those who would characterize that as run-of-the-mill problems, Beyond Nuclear’s Kamps disagrees.

        There are many factors lining up for major problems, he said.

        The NRC’s license renewal process has a “premeditated outcome” and, as proof, he noted the agency’s 73-for-73 track record on renewal requests. He also pointed to the length of time Palisades officials have taken over the years to address NRC-identified problems.

        “Palisades is a disaster waiting to happen,” Kamps said.

        • a little bit of research will show that nuclear power plants are absolutely riddled with problems
          the gov and the nuclear power industry has done a good job of hiding things

          I USED to be neutral on the subject of nuclear power
          but no more
          we let one hell of an evil genie out of the bottle when we went nuclear
          it is not safe

      48. Worst time to start eating your prepping food is when you have to, if it’s anything at all different from your current normal daily diet.

        When there is a crisis and everybody is stressed out, shocked out of their routine, the worst thing you can do then is to pile on even more stress by also forcing a major change in everyone’s diet right then, too.

        Already on edge, many then will be at risk of stomach upsets, cramps, even diarrhea and nausea, and for some they also risk intestinal blockage, which besides being debilitatingly painful can be life threatening, at a time that medical resources could be scarcer.

        Whatever you store for emergency food preps, you need to be integrating some of it into your current family meals well before you have to rely upon it more in a stressful future crisis. Get everyone used to it now gradually, well before they need to solely. Try to prepare it as you would then, too.

        – Shane

      49. I DARE YOU … if you think your free … i dare you too watch this video.



        FREE YOUR MIND …

        • Welcome to Suckerbook. Create your own Suckerbook page and become a Sucker like the rest of us.

          Pitiful. Glad I didn’t fall for any of those sites. Not that it matters, because they can get whatever info they want from you, almost any time they want it, without those sites. But it sure does make it more convenient for them. They may even require you have a Suckerbook page to go with your rfid chip.

          Not me. Not ever.

        • Wow – that is absolutely incredible information!!! The citing appears to be flawless, too – thanks for sharing!

      50. Bought a air dehumidifier and generator.
        Also Life Straws @ $20 each. Water is the
        key in L.A.

      51. To everyone: i’ll agree this could be the beginning of what we’ve all long feared and prepped for, but all any of us can do is wait and see, hope for the best, and continue prepping. My home is only a 1-hour drive from the southern end of the New Madrid Fault; if it goes, I may be screwed. There are numerous scenarios for how TSHTF plays out; we just don’t know for sure until it happens. In the meantime, I’m still prepping and getting everything i need; Everyone, get everything you need now before it’s too late and while the dollar will still get you anything at all.

      52. P.S. Paying your property taxes in full when received
        is great idea. As money may become worthless.

      53. Be informed,

        Is there anything of note about the New England area? For the first time, I had to literally push my horses out of the barn to graze. They stood in the pasture for a few minutes seemingly transfixed into statues, listening and looking. Normally, they fly out of the barn and run, kick up their heels and then graze. They are OK now but that was strange indeed. Another odd note, no eggs this morning, usually there are two. I only have two hens, more pets than anything and a very gentle, amazing rooster.

        • I have heard of some concerns about a possible event (future)earthquake in that area (or along the eastern shore) that if it hit in the right area hard enough and deep enough that the tsunami that would occur would take out 300 miles of shoreline

          • animals are “tuned in” way more than we give them credit not saying they know this is coming..or not.

            It could also be they smelled a predator in the area

            • VRF,

              Usually I can hear some sort of noise in the woods if there is a predator, but you may be right, it could be a very quiet predator, or the smell of one.

          • 300 miles inland that is..not in length but width

        • I read animals know; to watch them.

      54. Ocumgache, why does it not surprise me that you have the world’s nicest rooster?

        • Mama Bear,

          Two years ago, we purchased three baby chickens in hope that we could have a few eggs each day. We were 95% guaranteed that the three were indeed hens and not roosters. Needless to say, we soon realized that there were two hens and one was a rooster. The rooster’s name is Lyla and he is a hoot. This guy is a loyal, loving and smart pet. If I’m outside working on anything, he is right there beside me. My daughter takes him to the feed store with her and he just walks along side her like a dog. He also sits quietly in the car and has never made a mess. I never knew roosters could be that smart and friendly. We keep him seperate from the hens since we do not want babies. Lyla has a great house just like the girls and a huge predator safe run. He also loves the barn and the horses. What a gift he turned out to be.

      55. I’d rather have another 4 years of Obama then vote for Mitt

      56. No point panicking – it’s been a slow relentless, grinding decline the last few years that’ll just keep on, keeping on till one day, (exactly when – none of us can predict), it’ll hit tipping point and everything will suddenly go to hell in a handbasket.

        I’m a tortoise kinda prepper; not a hare. I’ll just keep plodding away till I just can’t plod no more. A new skill here, an extra can there, & over time it all adds up. As a family we are much better placed than we were a decade or even a year ago to survive what’s coming, next month we’ll be a lil better prepped than we are today.

        Just do the best you can with what you got today, and let your faith take care of the rest. Mental strength is gonna count for a lot.

      57. Not to poop on your party here, but (proceeds to poop on your party, sorry…) 9_9

        … and after 5 years… then… what? Soylent Green?

        Serious question actually. Trying to find answers to that one.

      58. Wow.., after reading comments, I believe that maybe 80% of the comments veered another direction. Sorry Holly.

        We really need a forum bad here!!! 🙂

        A very damn good article by Holly Deyo.

        I also have the Dare To Prepare book. 🙂

      59. and store your night vision gear, battery-powered firearm optics, communications gear and a laptop inside a gun safe INSIDE a Faraday cage just in case an EMP is used to bring America down…..

        Just sayin’

      60. I remember the Deyo’s and all the bullshit predictions about Y2K. The remote locations they promoted, the constant hype and propaganda, the books, interviews.

        The Deyo’s are self-promoting con-artists and have been for well over a decade. The Deyo’s are not to be trusted, whatsoever. They hide behind their alleged faith while deceiving millions of people.

        This is clearly an “advertisement” for their affiliates, who are far more expensive then better sellers that have better food, better selections and much better prices from world-class companies (and sell “pack to order”, fresh products).

        I also find the claim that some company out there is repacking old Y2K food quite ludicrous.

        Not only are there many types of fines and violations for anyone doing this (the food industry is regulated by the FDA, requires multiple inspection each year, authorized labels and many other factors that make this claim of Holly’s pure bullshit), the sheer lack of ethical and moral absence that this would take would be astounding.

        Possible — but unlikely as hell, but it does fit the pattern I’ve seen with the Deyo’s over the years of spinning a ridiculous yarn to self-promote.

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