Growing Trend: Thieves Raid Vegetable Gardens in Indianapolis, New York and Chicago

by | Oct 14, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 212 comments

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    As the economy sours, food prices continue to rise, and more people find themselves out of work, it is becoming increasingly difficult to put food on the table. This is evidenced by the record numbers of Americans on food stamps with supplemental nutritional assistance program participation rates quickly approaching 50 million people.

    As a result, those who have lost everything or can’t afford to buy their own food are now turning to theft to make ends meet. Reports from Chicago, Indianapolis, New York and other cities across the country indicate that organized teams of thieves are turning to a growing criminal trend:


    After a summer of battling bugs, pulling weeds and digging dirt in the stifling hot weather, gardeners of the Grassroots Community Farm were nearly in tears over the latest insult.

    They struggled several times recently for answers to an unexpected problem at their three-acre plot near 38th Street and Lafayette Road.

    Who would steal their hard-won tomatoes right off the vine? Who cut the collard greens and swiped their sweet potatoes?

    Apparently, the gardeners decided, it wasn’t deer from nearby Eagle Creek Park. Rather, it was the work of vegetable thieves who came equipped with shovels and plastic bags.

    Their plot isn’t the only community garden in the city to suffer thefts and vandalism this summer.

    “Thefts and vandalism are huge,” declared Kay Crimm of Grow Me gardens.

    Last year, her group had a three-acre site near 46th Street and Arlington Avenue. It was plundered so badly that the gardeners left the site and moved to a plot at 46th Street and Post Road, she said, but it has “been ripped up, too.”

    Source: WLS 890AM

    Thefts of vegetables, fruits and herbs are not just isolated to the Indianapolis area. The New York Times reports that thefts are rising across the five boroughs, and similar reports have emerged from Chicago:

    New York:

    AT the 700 community gardens sprinkled through the city like little Edens, the first commandment should be obvious: Thou shalt not covet, much less steal, thy neighbor’s tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers. But people do.

    By midsummer, the urban irritant of garden pilferage was in full bloom, right in sync with the crops, the heat and the mosquitoes.

    But to hear urban farmers speak, no borough, and no garden devoted to edibles, whether sprawling or thimble-size, is immune to theft. “Food is more attractive than flowers, especially in this economy,” said Marjorie J. Clarke, a caretaker at the flowers-only Riverside-Inwood Neighborhood Garden, known as RING.

    On the Upper West Side, cucumbers are tops for filching; in Harlem, the main draws are chilies and herbs; on the Lower East Side, green and red peppers; in Brooklyn and Queens, tomatoes and squash. But then, “tomatoes are universally enticing,” Ms. Bukowski said.


    While not as expensive as rubies, diamonds and emeralds, these tomatoes, cucumbers and melons are just as tempting and pricey. Heirloom plants and seeds that are all the rage can be more expensive than recent cultivars. These plants that new community gardeners favor sell for top dollar at farmers markets around Chicago. Then there are also the costs associated with being a member of a community garden. In allotment-style community gardens, gardeners rent plots to plant in every year.

    After a community garden has been plundered it is normal to feel everything from anger; to pitty at the thought of the thief perhaps not having food security.

    Ironically, the “Please Do Not Steal the Vegetables” sign included at the top of this article was itself stolen!

    An inability to afford food and the resale value of quality vegetables will certainly continue to drive this trend going forward. While securing a community garden plot may be difficult simply because the owners do not have the ability to continuously monitor the land, those growing personal gardens around their homes should take note and consider some external security preparedness measures.

    When it comes to food, a hungry thief will stop at nothing to take what’s available, whether it’s vegetables, fruit, micro-livestock, or even gardening tools that he can resell. Today, while stores are fully stocked with goods that remain moderately affordable, having your vegetables stolen is more of an inconvenience than anything else.

    But, if the economic situation were to ever deteriorate into something more serious, where one’s family was depending on their garden for daily sustenance, then it becomes life threatening. For this reason, we advise establishing food security procedures now and becoming familiar with how to secure your provisions from would-be thieves.

    Hat tip Mike


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      1. booby traps!

        • They’d sue you for everything you own.

          • too late, they already stole it

          • There won’t be any lawyers left to sue anyone in SHTF.

            Get together with your neighbors, form a plan for block by block reconnaissance 24/7 and arm all your post watchers. In survival, you shoot anyone that breaks the perimeter. The rest of the crud will get the message and move on.

            Pacifists and liberals with be preyed upon like wounded rabbits.

            So my advice is to stock up on your defense tools, hunker down, and do not let ANYONE take what you have and need to live!

        • This is just the begining. Boobie traps at this stage of “the coming game”, are probably extreme. But as food prices continue to rise and foodstamps no longer cover the plate to an appreciable level, I can see this playing out very badly.

          40-50 million currently on foodstamps. What happens if the dollar dies, even sooner than anticipated. Think foodstamps will still be around in any form?

          Not everyone has a choice, but if you do…GET OUT OF THE MAJOR METROPOLITAN CITIES. NOW!

        • An old man that lived down the street from us had a really nice garden. Thieves were stealing pumpkins and cantalopes from him all the time. He imbedded single edge razor blades in his nicest couple melons leaving about a half inch of blade exposed. Grabbing razor blade imbedded melons in the dark is very dangerous. After one or two good blood trails, the thefts stopped.

      2. To me there is a difference between stealing food that you need verses something that you covet.

        • Does a need justify stealing?

          • Hey, I have said it before and will again… I ain’t no trashy our lazy scab, but I will steal. And the justification isn’t part of the equation. I have six mouths to feed. They ain’t going hungry. And I prefer they not become unwitting cannibals. But they ain’t starving while I live. Gruesome I know, but if you read regularly on this site, I am confident you understand.

            Moral of the story? Get out of the city, yesterday. Start growing or amending dirt now. Get in groups and guard for each other.

            Need WILL drive all of us to do the unthinkable. Buy food. On a lighter but related note, we just got chickens!!!! Which makes for a good litmus test. If you are in a spot where you can’t have chickens, bad spot. If they can’t be hidden from the view of the road, bad spot. We are brothers, see you on the other side.

            • I have an inclination that your attitude suggests you may not make it to the other side.

            • @sheepdog or any other theif.
              In a total collapse, you try to steal my food you get a slugger if you catch my drift.

            • Don’t have 6 kids if you can’t afford it. Isn’t bad enough I have to pay taxes to educate your little thieves. All while you get a tax break. Come and try and steal from me.You will be on the other side very soon.

            • Sheepdog

              What a POS statement that is. What you said is that your family is more important them mine so you would steal my preps..I used to read your comments But never again. I just hope you don’t try and call yourself a christan. I believe if shyt does hit the fan you will find yourself shot and thats justification….

            • DPS,

              I NEVER SAID I WOULD STEAL YOUR PREPS. I hope that some of the trigger fingers on this site aren’t as quick to twitch as some of the assumptions.

              Work on your reading comprehension. Websters; good book.

              Most people do not see the
              the extra word that is visible.

              Adios, gamer.

            • If you steal from me your “six mouths” will not have a daddy coming home.

            • Everyone here would steal or kill for food if the situation got dire enough. It is just that the people here are trying to keep their personal situation from getting that desperate.

              That said, I suspect that few of these veggies are eaten by the vermin who steal them. This produce is probably being sold. Most of this trash could not be forced to eat fresh veggies even at gunpoint.


            • You will steal? And I’ve got my AR15 to drop you in my garden for fertilizer when you try to steal my vegetables. Thieves are not my brothers.

            • Didn’t you ever think that maybe stealing is wrong? There is a better way to feed your family in a situation like that. I’m sure the gardener in question wouldn’t mind your help raising veggies and giving you your share in exchange. Or here’s a shocker, you have 6 kids, raise your own vegetables. Right now I have 9 people in my household depending on the gardens we raise for food this upcoming summer because my grandparents and parents had to move in with us because there is just no money anywhere. If I see a thief this summer there is not going to be any mercy. Its just selfish to take without giving something back in return. Those gardeners have needs too. Get off your butt and work the land yourself.

          • If you were laying in front of me dying and I didn’t have the supplies to fix you, would you want me to aquire those supplies for you, even if it meant stealing?

          • Ever thought about asking for food? I give away eggs and vegetables to folks I see are in need. I’m sure anyone who has surplus or knew of a hungry person who was trying to help themselves or fell on hard times would share their garden bounty.

          • For all the Christians out there, remember in Luke it says if someone steals your coat, to offer them the shirt off your back also.

            • Exactly why we’re in this mess. Christian ideology unhinges people to the point they don’t know how to recognize their own interests. Sad all around.

        • I cant believe you said that Handy. Stealing is stealing. If someone puts their blood sweat and tears into something, and you take it; you deserve to be shot. That kind of talk is what is wrong with this country. Basically, you are saying that I am entitled to it because you have it. This is a result of the welfare state that this country has begun.

          • Maybe Handy means that needs are different than wants. I remember a story from the Ukraine famine (the Holodomor) where a woman caught a little boy stealing the green shoots out of her garden. She chased him out telling him to leave her garden alone and then later found him dead of starvation on the sidewalk. It haunted her for the rest of her life.

            So would I steal anything ever for myself, no, but would I steal food if my children were starving…most probably.

            • This is where things get difficult. I would feel for the starving children, but if the theft from my garden means the starvation of my own children I would have to do all I could to prevent that theft. Would I take another life to protect my own family? Yes. Be careful who you steal from.

            • Every Prepper site preaches OPSEC…and I get harassed because I do have ziploks with rice to hand through the door…hopefully, I can prevent anyone from coming through the door.
              I know all the pros and cons…you started a stampede, blah, blah.
              Folks, God has been good to me; I’m fortunate to have the food I’ve stored.
              I’ll handle it when we get there. Things may just work out for folks like me…we can pray.

            • JJ – I agree with you 100%. For as long as humanly possible, I will help others.

              Even during my worst financial situation, when I was in the process of losing my home, I was still able to contribute to others through the food pantry at my children’s school.

              God blesses us for those actions because my children and I have never done without, as far as meeting our NEEDS is concerned.

              No matter what others say, keep on the path you are on. While I’d never insist that someone else do as I do, I will continue living by my own moral compass.

          • Must I say it again? Steal his potatoes, or watch my daughter starve? No contest. Buy foods now to protect society from YOU. If we don’t get that, we are merely XBox preppers. Survival is our only insurance, we all need to read the entire policy… Gut wrenching.

            • With six mouths to feed maybe you need to control the impulse, next time. Sounds like your brain is on vacation and your “tool” is working overtime.

              Please don’t steal my potatoes. But if you were to ask politely and put a few hours in on some of the chores, I’d give you a bag. Isn’t that how it works? Seems like that’s how “bothers” treat each other. “Stealing” is how animals treat each other.

              You better straighten out Sheepdog, if you want some respect around here.

            • Talking adult content here, so lets talk slow and calculated. I seem to have been misunderstood. No problem. I was told that I need to change my habits in my marriage bed, that I would be shot for stealing potatoes, and that I need to straighten out if I want respect on the blog. We are blogging and it is easy to read into what the other fellas type. Okay, here goes…
              I am no thief. I will repurpose any interesting refuse our abandoned property, but thats just my way of being cheap and creative.
              If you would, please see that in my ‘stealing potatoes’ comment, I made it clear that it is my, it is your, it is our responsibility to store up food so that we don’t have to resort to thievery. It is also our duty to or families to provide while the getting is good. And yes I would trade work for a sack of potatoes, long before stealing. And if I ever did steal, I would hunt down the culls that others abandoned or wasted. The whole point is that you must feed your family. Part of the difficulty is that we are living in a hybrid time. We can still buy groceries and pay a light bill, but we prep for the apocalypse. Its like talking about the failures of WWI while on a date with a new girlfriend. The frame of reference gets all mixed up. And it is easier to understand after one already has children. So, no offense taken.
              As far as my bed is concerned, my children are not impulses, but intentional additions to an American family. Raising up a solid rifle team for my community. Contributing solid and moral people and injecting them into the fabric of our country. That is a large part of my lifes work. Muslims (non American ones I mean) and illegals are mating like maniacs and waiting four us Americans to die out. And they like that we Americans don’t breed. Not to offend, EA, but you brought out up. When you say ‘impulse’ control, do you mean abstinence or birth control? Really, i would rather see a gulps American man make after his kind and then get a vasectomy, than to see him play the field, buy into the line of selfishness that is preached to us, and leave nothing of value behind.
              And by straightening out, I have to assume that I should align with some uniform code of conduct or thought. Not sure how to identify that standard. We are all just herr to share ideas and vent. Hopefully we can gain mutual benefit. If not, we all lose more than respect.

            • Sheepdog – how about planting your own potatoes?

          • I am not saying that we shouldnt have charity. Last week I won a 188 bucks at a 50/50 raffle. I used every cent of that money to buy preps, which was great because the spartan stores were having their truckload sales on. I then split the booty in half, one half went to me, the other half went to the local food pantry. Charity is a neccessary part of life and what seperates us from the animals. Our Lord demands no less from us. As JJ put it, I am not sure what it is going to be like if SHTF and how much do I give out then. I really hope I dont have to face that. However, to steal from someone is wrong and should be punished severley. If the SHTF comes about, thieves might come to realize the law wont be there to protect them from us law abiding folks. nuff said

          • I tend to think our loss of humanity is what is wrong with this country.

            • TPTB are counting on “The Darwin Theory” to win out over compassion and humanity—after all, how would it look if the government called martial law, when every citizen was caring for the ones they can? When there are no food riots and home invasions aren’t on the rise as expected. I’m afraid that human nature is part of the plan.

          • Thanks for the insight on how the post collapse elites will act.WOW, 42 visitors to this site are in favor of shooting a hungry person foraging for food. I wonder how many of those 42 claim to have christain values. To bad those 42 didn’t have that same attitude while their 401k were being pillaged.

          • Now that I see this place is frequented by idolatrous hypocrites whose god is their belly, I’m taking my leave.

        • Here’s an Idea: how about instead of stealing the thief instead offers to help out in exchange for some nice fresh veggies? Oh ,wait. That would be too much like having to work for something instead of taking what you need because you need it. my bad.

          • I seriously doubt if any real need on the part of the thieves existed. This was opportunistic theft and the stolen produce sold because it was probably organically grown and would fetch a high price.

        • Come on Handy,
          Don’t steal my shit!
          I worked hard on my garden, grow your own stuff!
          There will come a time when I quit asking nicely regardless of your motivation.

        • Hang in there Handy. If it was them hanging on by growing a garden to eat, they would be pissed too. A lot of people feel sorry for the hungry untill they are too. Maybe they should put a screw driver through their dog or go and look in the mirror. I will not be wronged and will not wrong the prospects of somebody else that has more.

          • I don’t know why people assume I am a thief when I question the morallity of shooting someone for foraging in a garden for food. To tell the truth this depression has been pretty good for me. The first prepping I did was prep myself to be able to edure and thrive until the last dollar is squeezed out of this economy. I haven’t had a “job” in 3 and a half years and I hope to never have one again.

        • Handy: stealing is stealing; for ex: I really need that chocolate bar right now, so I rip it off the rack and slip it in my purse, then arrested for shoplifting. I lost my jacket, today turned chilly, so I “need” one and no money, so I rip off the store. Get real, your kind will be shot if you mess with stealing when shtf.

      3. No surprise here. I never vocied this opinion whem people talked about gardens, but this is a pretty obvious result. The only solution is hidden gardens, out in the country.

        The same can be said of out door generators. Even in the multi day power outages we have had in the last 10-15 years I never pull my out, I dont want IT screaming “HEY LOOK HERE I AM A VALUABLE GENERATOR”.

        If collapse happens there will be a lot of “prepper plans” which will go down the drain because of unforeseen issues. And before anyone says booby trap it, or kill people… come on man… do you really wanna live like that?

        It is one hing to blow someones head off breaking into my house today (or barging/kicking in the dooor trying to serve some BS warrent), but in a lawless world, where everyone, millions/billions of people, will be hungry and scavenging to merley survive? who wants to kill them? who wants to live like that?

        • Regarding the generator… You’re exactly right. That’s the #1 reason I’ve invested in a Humless Sentinel package with a solar panel. Silent Lithium powered and renewable power. Look in to them, they’re pretty awesome, but pricey.

          • Arkaden: Where did you get yours, how much did it cost, and how many watts does it generate?

            • Solar generators here for $1500 and up. Provide quiet, no fumes, gas-free power.

              Good Luck

        • Which brings us the all the warehouses of food…any thoughts???

          • Mac…edit??
            I meant to all the warehouses,not the all …

            But, what world are people living in to even conceive a sign would stop theft..of anything??

            • Here’s a sign that might stop a theft:


      4. Another sad sign of these times. Unfortunately, this will probably increase as the economy gets worse.

        • Nobody likes it when a stranger tosses their salad.

          • HA!

        • KU Mom,

          Some months ago, burglars entered a house in a nearby village.
          They stole a pot with stew and potatoes which was still boiling on the kitchen plate, and a basket full of vine leafs.
          Vine leafs are used to fix a very tasty Cretan food, and are very very expensive to buy.
          Sad signs indeed.

          Trust to God,

          • Was it like then when Greece had been plagued by communist guerillas after WWII?

            • Comenius,

              Now it’s worse, because there is no actual war which causes chaos.
              We heard in the local radio today, that hunger is visible everywhere.
              Incidents were reported, were elementary kids passed out during classes, because of hunger.

            • Sounds like it’s already worse than WWII there.

              And the real show hasn’t even begin, or if it’s like Oresteia, the first act of Agamemmnon hasn’t even finished.

          • manos,

            That is terrible! I know I would be really upset/angry if someone came in and stole dinner I had cooking on the stove.

            Keep praying & prepping! Stay strong!

            KY Mom

      5. A tall solid fence to conceal garden from view of hungry neighbors in the first place, and a real guard dog like a Doberman or german shepherd to deal with anyone hopping the fence. Community-type gardens are just asking for trouble IMO. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a fellow gardener at that plot that was the culprit.

      6. We have a fenced garden. We placed some solar lights attached to the side of the house (up near the roof) closest to the garden gate. The lights are motion activated. The goal was to keep the deer and raccoons away from the corn.

        Our dog walking in the yard near the garden in the evening will activate the lights. I feel they were a good investment.

        • If those lights are really keeping your deer and raccoons away, could you have them tell our deer up here in Michigan to follow along?

          Because our deer up here dont care what you shine on them, unless they somehow know you have a hunting licence, then all bets are off

          • VRF, I live in northern michigan, and I dare the deer to come into my garden to eat. I do love giving a creature its last meal. Grin

            • Right on JIm

              best meat Ive ever had

            • I’ll second that. I won’t pass up raccoon salad either(made on the order of chicken/turkey salad).

          • VRF,

            I am not sure if the motion activated night lights are keeping the deer away or if it is our dog. 🙂

            Our dog sleeps in the garage which is at that side of the house.

            I will say this when those lights come on…they are really bright!

            KY Mom

            • Its the dog.

              I can sit with my yard lit up like its day time in the middle of the night, they dont care, in fact I think they appeciate the ability to see the food they are eating better

            • VRF,

              The outside night lights only come on when something activates the motion detector – person or animal. So, it’s dark…then it is suddenly very bright! Once motion stops and the light goes off in about a minute.

              KY Mom

        • Ky Mom: God forbid if it happens, but here in Florida they have tossed a piece of meat with a strong poison to the dogs and just waited. I can not tell you how bad it would hurt for someone If I caught them, my best friend in the world is my Dog, it used to be my wife! LOL

          • Copout,

            Our dog is part of the family too. I would not want anything to happen to her.

            I am very thankful that I have a good husband. 🙂 Sometimes, when I am sad or get upset…I have learned it is better to go for a walk with the dog and calm down. (I have found that praying and working in the garden is good therapy also.) Our dog is a wonderful listener. We go for walks. She doesn’t seem to care if I repeat the same thing 10 times. She stays right beside me, wants me to pet her and will lick my hand…as if to say, “Don’t worry. It will be okay. I am right here with you.”

            We always bring our dog inside at night – in the attached garage. But, if she is barking, that alerts us that something is going on outside.

            I pray that you and your wife rekindle your relationship and that you two will grow closer. I know difficult times place extra stress on marriages.

            Stay strong! Keep praying and prepping! 🙂

            KY Mom

            • Dang..Ky. Mom..your dog sounds like my dh…I too reapeat the same thing 10 times!! Think they’re kin??

            • Dang, you and JJ sound like my wife.

      7. “Ironically, the “Please Do Not Steal the Vegetables” sign included at the top of this article was itself stolen!”

        The thieves needed it to put by their vegetables.

        Sadly, large plots will always be a target. I grow most of my stuff in 5 gallon buckets that are much easier to protect and less worthwhile for those looking to steal.

        On the other hand, and what is rarely mentioned when talking about food shortages here, if I have a fishing pole and some water to fish in, I can eat.

        I think that skill and ability is more important than being able to grow things. You don’t have to wait months for the fish to be ready to eat, and there is good fishing water most everywhere.

        • unless you dont have a fishing license and get caught fishing.

          • I hate fish..

            • Fish hate me!

          • Your Fishing License can be found in Genesis 1:28

            Unless, of course, you rely on someone to decide what you can do with what God has given you.

            That choice is yours….

            • Rock on with that one! I read a book once, the guy said that he fished right off the road with a big sign on his back… “I DON’T HAVE A LICENSE”

              Those are real balls. Thats a man!

          • …if things get that far out of hand, who will give a $#!T about getting a ticket, and police will be too busy raising people’s guns gold and grocery stocks…

      8. If nothing else, go to the people with the garden, ask them if you can do some work for vegetables, but key word being work, people are lazy now days

        • machinist,

          Here in KY there is a “garden seed” program with our local Community Action Agency. Low income families can come in and get garden seeds.

          I live in a rural area. There are many older people and low income families. (There aren’t alot of high paying jobs here.) This is a very popular program. They run announcements on the radio and in the local paper when the seeds are available in the spring.

          KY Mom

          • where in Ky, I was born and raised in Tn, I pray the people in your area take advantage, around here there are a lot of lazy people, think they are entitled to what someone else worked for

            • machinist 73,

              I live in eastern Kentucky.

              There are alot of hard working people here.

              There are also alot of people who are lazy and dependent on the government. The rise in young people hooked on drugs has made things worse.

              KY Mom

        • Perhaps they didn’t think the garden people would let them work for some? If food resources get critical, more people will keep theirs to their families needs—but that doesn’t excuse asking first, then deciding if there is an alternative to thieving to survive.

      9. Why can’t these effers grow their own food? Don’t we already pay through the nose for “social programs?” And now those who work hard to provide for themselves must lose their work to thieves?

        • you still don’t get it “Dude” they want what you have and it makes no difference what you think you pay for through yours or anyone elses here noses, be it either through food stamps or a welfare check, gov assist or ponzi disability to get ssi,or your women or force they want it. It doesn’t matter about classes or jobs anymore its about have’s and have nots, once they figure that part out its all down hill. You have it and they want it plain and simple. Defend it, don’t f;aunt it, keep it a seceret unless it benefits you and your partner, all else your preps should be like your sex life with your wife, you just don’t talk about them…

        • I am disabled and live in an apartment with no yard. I gave a friend of mine who does, some seeds and other supplies, and she will grow the food for the both of us. That is called “working together”, and if we suffer a loss, WE suffer a loss and try again.

      10. An electric fence to electrocute thieves will solve the problem.

      11. It is time for the communities to step in and expand on their gardens. Invite the homeless to participate in growing, eatting and protecting the gardens throughout the city.

        If the whole community, old, young, homeless and financially strapped participate in the growing of their food there will be fewer people left out to starve.

        I am not saying that this is the answer to all garden theft, but it would go a long way to cutting down the thefts and make it easier to put a few homeless families/people in to guard the gardens at night.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • That may work in a perfect world, this world is anything but perfect!!!

          • Machinist 73,

            You’re right but we hope for the best. The human species is full of surprises.
            I believe that Mona’s ideas are more than humane. They follow our Lord’s teaching.
            Don’t lose faith.

          • Sometimes when you expect the best of people, they rise to the occasion.

        • Hi Mona..been praying for your husband..
          but didn’t one person here already tell the story of trying that in his community and couldn’t even get land donated???

        • Mona,

          I think Pastor R.G. has some great ideas. This is from an earlier post on the Harrisburg, PA filing for bankruptcy.

          KY Mom

          Pastor R.G. says:

          October 13, 2011 at 12:51 am

          Hey Copout,
          I am a local pastor in NC. I have been talking about prepping at our church for about a year now. Most of my folks were kinda skeptical at first, but time and the proper education won them over. Our church is small with a large number of seniors. They save what they can and together we have quite a large stash of food, water, seeds, tools and other items of importance. Some of our members lived through the great depression and are quite willing to talk about their experiences. The younger people in our congregation are the most skeptical, and aren’t willing to use their generations technology to see the truth.

          We have a community garden and rely heavily on the older members gardening skills to help us raise our crops. Most of us can things like beans and tomatoes, corn, peas, peppers. We are exploring whitener the town will allow us to dig a well on church property. That would be our biggest concern.

          If your pastor isn’t talking about what is truly happening in this country, you need to wake him up. No thinking man, spiritual or not should be unawares of the current condition of our country. Make him see what you see.

          • Ky mom: I had not seen this posted before, man I wish I could be at that church, the elderly have so much knowledge, thanks for sharing!

        • that would give some homeless people an option to stay out of jail for not having a place to live, provided the homeless helper has the same prepper vision, which they may not, or you’d think they would have prepped a little themselves…or perhaps they did and didn’t prep enough, but it would be a humane thing to do in the right situation for both involved. Thanks for the idea.

      12. so far it appears to be a community garden problem but next year expect backyard bandits everywhere…

      13. Fishing and hunting? Come on if all 300 mill people do this there would be nothing in a very short amount of time.

        • Come on, how many of those do you really think know how to hunt and fish, look at Detriot, L.A., New York City, gangbangers, if they can’t steal it they’ll starve, as will a lot of people on welfare when it runs out

          • if they can’t steal it, they’ll probably just stick their 9mm in your face and take it.

      14. middle earth called. They want there hobbits back. Maybe everyone should just plant more. Im with Mona on this one. seeds are cheap plant more.

      15. I grow all of my veggies in pots as well.. less pest / diseases; easy to move. I suspect that as the economy worsens; we will see more of such things.

        • Sam,

          Try to grow them in old fashioned clay pots which are heavier. The new plastic ones are light in weight and can be easily taken along with the plant.

          • What? if they’re gonna steal your plants, they’ll just pull it up or cut it—they’ll not worry about saving the plant for replanting it later.

      16. There are certain opportunists who will steal things for fun or just sport. NO ONE in America is hungry right now.

        With 50 million food stamp users and public school free breakfast & lunch programs, our government makes sure that all are fed. I’ve seen the food stamp folks in line. I buy beans & rice and generic food and they buy brand name stuff & expensive cuts of meat. It really pisses me off.

        America is in a shameful situation right now.

        • My grandparents used to do that for ‘fun’ and also to watch others suffering from the loss. Unfortunately that gene didn’t pass to me.. if it did i would have had more fun.

          • Yikes! That’s pretty sick.

        • Mr. Blutarsky,

          I understand. Sometimes at the grocery store I am the only one in line who actually pays for groceries. I try to shop wisely. I often use coupons too.

          One time I forgot I had given my daughter some money and actually had to put some items back at the checkout. Yes, it was a little embarrassing, but I got over it. (I always pay cash for groceries. I have found it helps me avoid impulse/junk purchases that way.)

          KY Mom

        • Mr Blutarsky

          Agreed..I live on Cape the rich and working class/poorer folks loading up on junk food and bulk beans and rice..right now commodities(rice/beans) are still relatively cheap but futures show a huge spike coming..even peanut butter!..

          Been stocking now for well over a year and have enough basics to survive at least 16 months except water..

          Rice and beans will last for years well stored..and you will survive on them..

          • I’ve got some water purification stuff, and some guerrilla methods just in case, but we live on well water, and I have some gallons stored. For water, we should be okay.

        • Food stamps don’t last the whole month. Some people don’t use the money well and they blow it. Food stamps aren’t being indexed for real inflation either. Real inflation is 11%. Official inflation is 2%.

        • How many of the thieves have also sold the last of their food stamps to buy alcohol, cigarettes, etc?

        • We keep saying that there is just 45 to 50 million people on food stamps when in fact it seems there is way more than that !! For the past several years, I’ve been asking out of curiosity cash register clerks and even managers what percentage of grocery shoppers pay with food stamps, the answer was not a surprise to me since I knew things are getting worse every day. Anyway, at many different markets throughout central and southern california grocery clerks told me that 85-95 percent of their shoppers actually pay with food stamps and even some managers told that without food stamp their company would go bankrupt.

      17. Instead of stealing the veggies, they (the hungry) should try dumpster diving. I think they call them freegans, not as fresh as from the garden but some people make a lifestyle out of it. Our local market was trying to sell avocados for &2.50 each. I’d wait till they’re in the dumpster before I paid that.

        • 2.50 each!!! In socal you get 15 for 5 bucks.

          • That’s why they’re ending up in the dumpster, if they would just lower the prices of fruits & veggies they would sell more & not have to throw the excess away. And to think I use to have an avocado tree….

            • I hate gaucamole!

            • Things cost what they cost. They have a business to run. They have to pay for a building, wages, taxes, insurance, and a million other things. The typical grocery store operates at a 1% profit on sales.

          • that’s because they grow there—organic avocados go for around $5 each here in Oregon

      18. This is something we have been talking about at our house. We are planning on moving the garden back on the property where it is not as easily seen from the road. I was even giving consideration to the fall stuff I am starting in the greenhouse. Should I lock it? I decided against locking it. I would rather someone come in and take veggies than break through the greenhouse.

        I would share veggies with anyone who would be willing to help with garden chores. Pull my dang weeds…please 🙂

        Some of this I do feel is just being done to be destructive. Some people always have to ruin another persons good thing.

        Keep praying, keep prepping

        • I got a soulution to your weed problem

          In between your rows, lay 2 or 3 layers of news paper on top of the soil

          it keeps the soil wet longer so less watering, and no weeds grow up thru it, gotta change it every now and than but it works

          • I put cut up paper bags in between the rows with straw on top. Worked well, but did not get the whole garden done. Saving bags and newspaper to cover larger area next year.

            Thanks VRF!

        • Yes.. like the little turd buckets that keep pulling my mailbox up.. GRRRRR.

      19. The thieves in Chicago are so brazen, they are stealing the corn from people’s crap.

        • That is not half as bad as what a certain thief from Chicago is currently stealing from this and future generations.

        • hmmmmm. Not sure what to say about that one….

      20. I hate to say this but we are assuming the thieves where homeless and hungry. Most likely they were NOT homeless or hungry but locals who had watched the gardens grown and went in to steal the crops before they could be harvested.

        Homeless and hungry would have paid for the veggies, not stolen them at night when no one say them.

        this is not the work of starving people. not the work of homelss looking for food. it’s the work of locals, who knew about the gardens, who watched for the right time to steal what they wanted.

      21. Seems that this is more about making a buck than a true need. If you set up a vegetable table off of someone else’s produce, it’s pure profit.

      22. Socialism = theft

        These criminals probably think they have a “right” to the veggies….b/c the gardeners are greedy and have too much!

        Spread the broccoli!

        • Why do people insist on putting strawberries in rhubarb pie?

          • Because it’s freakin’ awesome. Papa Bear does love him some strawberry-rhubarb pie.


        • The only full metal jacket potatoes you have require a can opener…….I’ll bring my fork.


      24. At the moment i have intrusion alarms and three large dogs to deal with ripoff types. The dogs also deal with the racoons, coyotes, weasels etc. The gardens are fenced too. The area between the alarms and my boundaries is wooded and i have let the deadfall, livefall and slash accumulate from our frequent ice storms.

        I am planning a perimeter fence. For more intense times am thinking about solar charged, motion sensor activated sprinklers, and greencote barbed wire as passive defences.

        Thinking ahead, i’m looking for effective, but not obvious (a dump truck full of gravel is kinda obvious)ways to restrict driveway passage. Ie. things that could be set up, and triggered when needed, that could not be easily spotted from google earth or by a “visitor”.

        • you might want to keep a couple of large boulders, one on either side, slightly raised on mounds. A good 2X4 as a lever would roll the rocks to the middle of the driveway, and could be moved by you later. I’d suggest heavy enough to take a tractor to push, once they have rolled down the mound.

      25. When it hits the fan you won’t be able to have enough people to defend your farm or garden. It would get to where you couldn’t grow enough food to support the people you would need to guard it.

        • You are right. I worry about that too. Hunger is a crazy motivator.

          • obviously not enough of a motivator to get more of us out in the street with pitch forks in our hands, marching on the FED and the White House…

        • It’s reasons like that that I am thankful to be living in the country already. 25 miles from even a small town has many benefits and few distractions.

      26. When I was a kid, some folks from the city decided to come to the country and relieve some veggies from my dad’s huge garden. They got away with it the first time. The next time they got caught and ran. My great grandpa’s double barrel sixteen guage was called up. We never heard from or saw those two again(or any others), except for the squealing tires as they took off. My dad said,”If they had come to the door and asked for some, I would have given it to them. Now they went and made me waste two perfectly good shells and that makes me mad.” People want to help, but they expect you to be polite. Some people have to have their perception of politeness adjusted. Adjustment made!

        • I forgot to mention that my great grandpa’s double barrel 16 ga. sits proudly on my fireplace still ready for action, should it need to be called up again.

      27. When economic conditions deteriorate significantly from where they are now food theft will be up, and the shooting of thieves will be up right along with it.

      28. I live about an hour outside of indy its like another world, you are one hour away from crime theft murder rape etc… come try that stuff in the country an if you are taking more than a stray pumkin well just listen for the sound of the dogs an then buckshot! p.s. Leave the cities before its to late if its not already.

        • I am about 45 minutes north af indy. I hear what you are saying!!!

      29. When the SHTF, urban gardens will be decimated! The only hope for city-dwellers is to have enough stockpiled (hidden) until the zombies kill each other off.

        Hopefully, once the thugs and derelicts are gone the survivors can bring out their stored seeds and start over.

      30. Well, folks, I’m from Tennessee; now ky. girl…there was a tale of a Tn. farmer that was tired of his watermelons missing every morning; he put a sign in one day, “”Careful, one of these melons has been injected with arsenic””.
        Next day, another sign was with his…””Now there are two”.

        • Probably in Robertson County…..LOL

          • Did you check my profile somewhere machinist??? or are you psychic??

            Would you be Robt. Co. resident??

            • I was born and raised in Rob. cty, my dad told me that story years ago

        • And the one who had arsenic watermelon will probably sue the farmer for adding harmful substance in something designed for human consumption.

          • Yeah and three people can keep a secret if the other two are dead.

          • Only if he can prove it was the farmer’s melon..that’d be a hard task.

      31. I have done some research into famine and the odd thing I find is that if hunger/starvation (such as some food today, none tomorrow, a little the next day) is gradual, then people don’t tend to do really crazy things — they tend to slowly fade away, BUT if hunger is abrupt (eating regularly, then all food stops), all-out chaos ensues.

        It also takes about a year for them to start cannibalizing their fellow humans. They follow a course — regular food, animals they can find, pets, rats (etc.), grass/leaves/twigs/dirt…then each other. Famine is a really weird process.

        If you or your family ever find themselves in a famine=hunger situation, remember one thing: If you stumble across food, DO NOT GORGE yourselves or let your children gorge themselves — they will die a very painful death from eating like that. They have to be given very, very little bits to begin with until they can acclimate again to food.


        • near the end of world war 2, the city of Wroclaw in Poland was surrounded by the Soviets.

          At that time Wroclaw was held by the Nazis and had more than a million people.

          The authorities precisely did the thing you mentioned ; they slowly reduced the rations little by little. So there was no major rebellions, and the city held out for 3 months till the war itself was over. When the news of Hitler’s death arrived there, the local Nazi leader just flew out of there (nobody knows what happened to him after that), and the commander there just decided to surrender the city to the Sovs. No plunder, no rebellion.

      32. Folks, this is just a small taste of what may come. If you’re out in the country I wouldn’t worry one bit. The “locust” have yet to arrive and they may never. I trust that you’ll know when the time comes.

        • Let’s hope there is a gas shortage at the same time—less means to travel further to steal…

      33. I had heard they were also stealing pigs in the midwest and poaching is on the rise in Arizona.

        • There’s still considerable cattle rustling in the West, but those RFID tags work!!!

        • Ya know, that made me think..I try not to do that often…brain has trouble…

          But, I wonder if these slaughter houses ask questions when animals are brought in??
          We buy from one and I might ask next time; unless anyone here knows.

      34. I’ve read through the comments on this topic. Maybe I’m missing something here. Defining what is stealing, justified stealing, or criminal stealing and how to defend against it; seems to “miss the mark” IMO.

        This is an anecdotal account/symptom of a much larger issue. Our system is broken. Beyond any reasonable repair in anything resembling its current form. The pertinent issue is WHY this is even a problem. People are desperate and disillusioned. Most with even a third grade mental capacity understand that WE/THEY cannot fix this. The system as it exists must fall and a new one has to be formulated out of “those” ashes/debris.

        I would like to be optimistic, but I’d also like to be a billionare sipping high octane drinks on a pacific island. The ultimate issue I take away form this article is this: YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET! This is a small trickle coming from one of many cracks in the “damn of this gooberment and society”. How long before the damn collapses completely?!?

        • It doesn’t matter stealing is stealing kill them all and let God sort em out….

          • @ Brian…

            Don’t try and quote the Ranger motto ,its not becoming of you, but Stealing is stealing, they should be forced to work off their crime, instant judge,jury,executioner and dealing death is something no one should have to experience if need not. Catch them and make them work it off, once you kill you never forget no matter what…

      35. This is why I’ve had a lifelong feeling of doubt, actual incredulity, at the idea of community gardens. Growing up in the Starving Seventies, I know how stuff like that works. If it’s identifiable food, it *will* get stolen. Survival often depends on eating things the majority don’t recognize as food. For instance, sweet potato leaves were considered distasteful or even poisonous. It turned out they’re a fine food.

      36. Just something to think about close to this topic. I Sam not Sam, and Mad Markie can attest to this, horse meat is considered a delicacy, and sells for a hefty price. Just beware as I am sure are. South Florida has had this problem as of late, that the ref. to the others two posters, no I not saying they are involved, (stop it) they also live in Fla. and probably heard about this.

      37. Sorry, not trying to upset anyone, I investigated a couple thefts in my town, as if there’s not enough to worry about as well as all livestock!

      38. My grandfather walked over a mile several times each week to tend a garden plot during the great depression. They needed this food badly because he could never find a job. When he went one day to harvest what he planted months before it was all gone.

        This is a repeat of what happened during the last great depression.

        • I have read stories from the 30s of people sleeping in their garden with a shotgun handy.

      39. until i lay eyes on a “starving” child, i refuse to believe that there are starving children in the u.s.a now that is not saying there are not children who are “hungry”…and hungry children as well as hungry adults can work for their food. i know that sounds like i am a real piece of cranky crap, but if ya let em beg, borrow and steal now just imagine what it will be like when teotwawki happens. ask me for food and chances are pretty good that i will serve ya up more food than you can eat, but steal from me and there will be no second chances…

        • “hungry children can work for their food”. Quite a work of “art” caryn. Have children do you? Lets hope not!

        • I’m really appalled by this post.

          It’s okay for kids to be “hungry” as long as they aren’t “starving”?????? WTH!

          You are a peach.

          • yes i have raised children of my own and children of others. i did not say it was okay for children to be hungry. i daresay many children in the usa have pangs of “false hunger” brought on by their addictions to over processed foods with obesity being the result…adults can be included in this as well. and yes, children as well as adults can set a table, do the dishes, make their beds, and many other things to show that they appreciate the meal you put before them.

            • “false hunger” I work with high risk kids and the many of them have experienced real hunger. Some suffer from medical illness due to extended periods of insufficent nutrition.

              I firmly belive that every able body adult should be able to feed themself and there dependents. However, to say that children who lack the resources to do this can set a table and do the dishes. Not if there is no plates or table, or there is no food, no water and no heat in the house. Not if they’ve never been shown. Children don’t inherently know how to cook anything, let alone food that actually requires cooking.

              I’m afraid that some people who are commenting here live a sheltered life. Look around your community. Go to the school and talk to them. In the summer the kids who get free breakfast and lunch, sometimes go without. And in my community the major school only serves lunch. They have a portion of students that show up just to eat lunch and then stay some of the afternoon. Talk to the churches, the shelters and the child protective agencies. There are children and older people who can’t provide for themselves.

            • Countrygirl, for the very reason you mentioned, our church did a summer lunch program for kids. It wasn’t fancy and it wasn’t much, but if they were hungry the neighbourhood kids could come in out of the heat, have lunch and play some games.

              “False Hunger” – please. If you have nothing to eat, you aren’t getting an insulin spike from processed foods. Hungry folks don’t give a rat’s patootie if the food is processed or not – they just want something – anything – to eat.

              Caryn – I think you are in complete denial of the situation that affects our country’s children. It’s like someone resolutely saying they don’t believe in ~~~~~ (pick your noun). It’s right there in front of us all and you simply REFUSE to see it because it doesn’t fit into your conservative little world.

              Nothing upsets me more than hungry children.

        • Have to agree, USA has the richest “poor” people on Earth.

          • perhaps the poorest rich people on earth…

      40. Maybe our city dwelling brethren read Peter Rabbit in between games of midnight basketball and they’re just role playing?

        C’mon, man! Who in Chicago really eats veggies?

        Have a good night,

      41. We have a very large garden. Ever step in a bear trap!!
        I’ll see ya in the morning!!

        • …with or without teeth?

          • My garden is like my neighbors, no teeth!

      42. I can’t believe people are still debating this. This kind of thing happens out here in farm country all the time. Around harvest time the teenagers, slackers, trouble makers go do little raids on farmers. Usually snatching apples or pumpkins at night. Few even took christmas trees.

        It happens a lot. For decades this kind of thing has happened in farm rich communities. It’s usually teens out looking for trouble.

        If you have a big community garden then naturally some kid will come and raid it. This is not a sign of things to come or of massive starvation. lol.

        heck, some low life just got caught putting steak down his pants in the local store. Plus he purchased a carton of cigs and beer.

        • Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings was a garden thief.

          My dad told us farmers plant the yucky corn on the perimeters of their fields, and the sweet corn on the inside. And he’s not a farmer….

      43. Most people buy plants already started. Have you ever tried to start a plant from seed? It is not as easy as you think! I know, I do it every year!! Peace to all, Clay

        • what’s so hard about wrapping it in wet paper towels and putting it right-side up in a pot when it sprouts?? Heck any good hippie can grow pot, why not tomatoes??

      44. During the Vietnam war there were these things called Punji Sticks that were made out of sharp pieces of bamboo. These were also dipped in human poop which caused gangrene for whoever happened to step on one of them. I don’t happen to have any bamboo laying around but I can sure find some nails that can be stuck thru a board(pointed side up), spread some poop on the sharp ends than hide the board under some leaves. As long as I know where to NOT step, any poacher will soon have a foot start to rot off due to gangrene. Just my 2 cents worth.

        • @ Steve, your reference to the Punji Stick is a good one but your delivery method is wrong, you forgot to add after you dig you pit you also add some angled down sticks, wood, nails, tent stakes, broken bottles, glass etc.. around 45 to 60 degrees so when they pull up they become stuck. Your thief is not running away anytime soon.

          Use a post hole digger for digging

          • Make sure to use plywood to catch the dirt taken out so the hole is harder to see.

      45. Learn how to harvest the wild stuff. Weeds grow in cities too. Some excellent books out there.

      46. Interesting…work for garden handouts? Ha! Many of you guys obviously don’t live in my city. We’ve got generations of welfare-lifers with 8 kids and 0 education living off our taxes. Never had a job. They teach each child to do the same and the circle continues. yental is right; our system is broken.

        These vermin will kill you first…then take your garden and everything else you have. They have no mental capacity for empathy or regret. Thanks to the media, they live by “entitlement” beliefs.

        This is documented!
        Welfare board: Yes, how can we help you?
        Woman: I havs eight chirrens…what you gonna do bout it?

        I hate to think what will happen when it stops cold and there is no more welfare for these animals. TS WILL HTF! Keep prepping, protect your home, your family, and…your gardens.

      47. The Little Red Hen – 2011 Edition

        The little red hen called all of her neighbors together and said, ‘If we plant this wheat, we shall have bread to eat. Who will help me plant it?’

        ‘Not I,’ said the cow.

        ‘Not I,’ said the duck.

        ‘Not I,’ said the pig.

        ‘Not I,’ said the goose.

        ‘Then I will do it by myself,’ said the little red hen, and so she did. The wheat grew very tall and ripened into golden grain.

        ‘Who will help me reap my wheat?’ asked the little red hen.

        ‘Not I,’ said the duck..

        ‘Out of my classification,’ said the pig.

        ‘I’d lose my seniority,’ said the cow.

        ‘I’d lose my unemployment compensation,’ said the goose.

        ‘Then I will do it by myself,’ said the little red hen, and so she did.

        At last it came time to bake the bread.

        ‘Who will help me bake the bread?’ asked the little red hen.

        ‘That would be overtime for me,’ said the cow.

        ‘I’d lose my welfare benefits,’ said the duck.

        ‘I’m a dropout and never learned how,’ said the pig.

        ‘If I’m to be the only helper, that’s discrimination,’ said the goose.

        ‘Then I will do it by myself,’ said the little red hen.

        She baked five loaves and held them up for all of her neighbors to see. They wanted some and, in fact, demanded a share. But the little red hen said, ‘No, I shall eat all five loaves.’

        ‘Excess profits!’ cried the cow. (Nancy Pelosi)

        ‘Capitalist leech!’ screamed the duck. (Barbara Boxer)

        ‘I demand equal rights!’ yelled the goose. (Jesse Jackson)

        The pig just grunted in disdain. (Harry Reid)

        And they all painted ‘Unfair!’ picket signs and marched around and around the little red hen, shouting obscenities.

        Then the farmer (Obama) came. He said to the little red hen, ‘You must not be so greedy.’

        ‘But I earned the bread,’ said the little red hen.

        ‘Exactly,’ said Barack the farmer. ‘That is what makes our free enterprise system so wonderful. Anyone in the barnyard can earn as much as he wants. But under our modern government regulations, the productive workers must divide the fruits of their labor with those who are lazy and idle.’

        And they all lived happily ever after, including the little red hen, who smiled and clucked, ‘I am grateful, for now I truly understand.’

        But her neighbors became quite disappointed in her. She never again baked bread because she joined the ‘party’ and got her bread free. And all the Liberals smiled. ‘Fairness’ had been established.

        Individual initiative had died, but nobody noticed; perhaps no one cared…so long as there was free bread that ‘the rich’ were paying for.

        • Excellent! You need to submit that for publication somewhere – I’m serious!

      48. As Dostoyevski wrote over a hundred years ago, and we WILL learn again:

        “If there is no God, ****everything**** is permissible.

        Welcome to the post-Christian, post-modern hellhole of politically correct leftist Amerika


        • JR: It was. I think they have folded their tents and closed their wallets on that phenomena as Obummer is now turning on the Street for lack of donations.

          They have dumped him for Romney.

      50. As society and leadership breaks down, the desperate and needy will appear en-masse, plundering what they can to survive. It’s basic human nature. The will to survive drives people on to do desperate things in hard times. So, what should you do? I’d suggest that if you live in an area with community based gardens, then would it not be sensible to incorporate those socio-economical groups (those with nothing) and give them a stake within your projects. Give them a spade, a shovel and seeds and get them working along side you. Isn’t America all about people, working together, towards the same objectives and ideals. Better to harness the efforts of hundreds of idle hands growing food together, rather than fighting them off because you are lucky enough to have the resources to so, when others do not.

        Imagine towns across America, working together to provide food for the whole community. I know of one small town of 1500 where everyone has started pitching in. They’ve dug up front yards and utilized vacant lots. They’ve got the Mayor on side and are using land that belongs to the city to grow food. There’s vacant land beside the local VFW being used, behind the fire station and what was just brush covered ground beside the local elementary school. Those that can afford seeds give seeds, those who have spare tools have donated them and those who have nothing, are donating their time and labor. All it took was good leadership and the inclusion of the poorest members of the community to be a part of something that is truly community based. Having the City backing and leading the initiative was the smartest part of the project so far. Getting churches, the haves and the have nots working as one under the Mayor and the community elected team leaders was real smart.

        The only veggie thieves are the deer and the crows.

        Got to work together as one.

      51. Greetings Everyone!!!
        Looks like we’re talking about the early stages of a newly updated version of the 1930’s Depression.Back then most Americans could remember the adage “thou shalt not STEAL”.
        But,the difference today isn’t the “welfare state” but how the UBER-Rich always hollers “no new taxes” all the while getting theirs reduced by the Fiat Clowns in Congress.If so many jobs hadn’t been shipped to China by the Corporate thieves there would less garden thievery going on.When China has a 40% tariff against American Goods and complains when America tries to raise it’s 4% tariff,the term “free trade” slices pretty thin meat.
        If the “Repocrats” had truly deported and limited the illegals(from any country,no exceptions)many of the problems stated above would far less.Many of the traveling gangs of thieves come from poor countries where that’s commonplace pastime.
        Guess America has now entered the conditions these common criminals thrive best in.
        Best to All

      52. Try that shit in THIS neck of the woods and you could find yourself looking down the business end of a 12ga…My neighbors and I share with each other but we live just off a hiway…Time to oil up the shotgun! City people coming!

      53. I am sorry I am not buying that people are steeling because of hard times. They are steeling because they are low life POS. Look around and see how many people are starving , many in the US are so overweight that they have to ride an electric scooter around Wal Mart to buy their sweets. I remember Katrina where the news acted like people had a right to break into stores because they were starving and it was only the second day.

        • I ride one of those electric scooters for now, because I have a ruptured disk in my back, making it impossible for me to walk, lift over a pound or two, and when I get that fixed, I’ll not use them and lose weight I’ve gained from being unable to do anything—you should not assume that people only ride this scooters because they are fat—they may be fat because of a debilitating injury. I was a construction carpenter who now has trouble pulling on my pants.

          In Katrina, a black person who stole was considered a thief, while a white man was considered “desperate”. The poor were stealing food while the cops were stealing sporting goods and jewelry, money and guns.

          Don’t base your knowledge on what you saw or heard in the main stream media…it makes you sound stupid.

      54. sixpack–seriously, your crack about characterization during Katrina borders on the paranoid and insane. Black, white, whatever–desperate people were not the problem. The problem was with those who used Katrina as an opportunity to promote or even expand their ongoing criminal enterprise. Race was not the issue. Criminality was.

        Let me ask a question: If I see someone in my garden stealing my red peppers, may I shoot them and kill them without legal ramification? Let’s say it is night, my garden consists of pots on my back patio. Is it okay to shoot them at that point? Finally, if I see a flash of metal in the hand of the thief as I shout to him, may I shoot him in self-defense? Is not my garden part of my castle? Would the king have permitted the enemy to steal from his fields, though the fields were outside the castle walls?

      55. @sixpack6t9
        Just compare how the people of Katrina acted as opposed to the people in Japan during the tsunami. And saying a person is overweight because of an injury is more of an excuse then fact. I would bet less then 10% of the ones on the walmart scooter actually needs one.
        I would bet if the people who are getting their vegetables stolen had something of more value sitting out they would take it and leave the vegetables alone.

      56. Someone took my cherry tomatoes from my back yard and they weren’t even ripened yet. They were cut with a pruning tool, and not bitten off by animals. 🙁

      57. Of course shooting thieves would be hastily lobbied and legislated through, especially agaainst children. Why people insist on accepting what a total of about ten people are the entire, unelected authority for escapes me. 300,000,000 rioting Americans could much more easily stop mewling and watching TV and study and vote smart. Most Americans are very bloody stupid, and saving face over bad grades in school is #1 on the agenda. That includes taking notes of lying infonews shows. Sure, enable food eself sufficiency as fast as possible , but look around you. There are way too many self centered stupid people to carry it off. The most stupid will be the first to hire themselves out as killers for whoever.

      58. Thefts of all kinds are bound to get worse. Prior to this economic disaster I used to have an orange and avocado grove – it was a bit secluded, but as soon as the area crackheads found it they stripped the place bare. They will steal ANYthing. I once told local migrant workers they could take a bag of oranges – they came back the next day with a huge crew and stripped the grove. They did this to resell, not to eat. Not sure about the crackheads – it’s not like they eat healthy. Maybe they traded the food for drugs – who knows?

      59. What happens when the SHTF? And people group together into a community, having gardens with gaurds. If you come to steal, you get shoot. How will your justification on stealing seem then. It isn’t right in any circumstances to steal. Just because society has trown out morals and values, as well as God is the reason for the coming judgment upon the land now. You can not expect to keep on doing your own thing and expect that everything will be good. Unforturnatly people are not taking the times seriously and putting away food and water. When FEMA and NASA is saying prepare, prepare, prepare, you better take note and listen. Stop with all the movies, restarants, clothing styles, etc and start putting away food, water, silver, gold if you can. If we had begun to listen to men like Steve Quayle who has been warning us for a decade, we would already be ready today.

      60. I had my veges and fruit trees stripped by thieves about 6 weeks ago. I was layed off 17 months ago and haven’t been able to find a new one because a lot of the positions I am qualified for are now being replaced by tripped out computer programs. As a result I have had to dip into my preps to make it through these hard time. I was depending upon those veges and fruit to help me get through the winter. I did something to help myself by prepping and planting a garden. It pisses me off that someone who didn’t feels justified in taking my food. For now I can still make it and I told myself that the thief must have need it more. But in the future if things keep going downhill…then the thief will be introduced to my Taurus Judge!!

      61. The word Civil, has left civilization. People have lost all sense of community, and prefer to form gangs and groups as a way to recreate smaller societies inside our nations. This fragmented society we live in now has begun to slowly erode the fabric of our countries. We live in an age where egotism, selfishness, and narcissism are valued as affirmations of self-love. Me, myself, and I is all that counts today.

      62. Just wait till it gets really bad…

      63. At what point do we say, this is no way to live and there’s no end in sight to the misery. I would consider suicide.


        If you are in a small town try and imitate Todmorden – even the police station has edibles, as do the grass verges by the sides of the roads. This is a community geared up for shtf.

      65. how about growing your own garden and not taken thing that are not your’s.

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