“Grid Jihad”: What If You Had a Week to Prep for the End of the World?

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    The following article has been contributed by our good friend Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper. Check out her web site for preparedness insights, healthy eating and news you need to know. If you are just getting started on your preparedness journey or want to enhance your food storage supplies we encourage you to read Daisy’s book The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months.

    With September 11 fast approaching, so too does the risk of another terrorist attack on US soil.

    They say this every year as the date approaches, but in 2014, it seems to carry a bit more weight than it has during other years.

    I’m referring specifically to all of those beheadings and the crazy video threat that warned, “We will drown all of you in blood“.  I’d say that ISIS could either be behind a potential attack or be set up as the fear-flavor of the month and be blamed for such an attack.

    As for the type of attack, security experts are warning that our vulnerable power grid is an extremely likely target. Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner wrote:

    Former top government officials who have been warning Washington about the vulnerability of the nation’s largely unprotected electric grid are raising new fears that troops from the jihadist Islamic State are poised to attack the system, leading to a power crisis that could kill millions.

    “Inadequate grid security, a porous U.S.-Mexico border, and fragile transmission systems make the electric grid a target for ISIS,” said Peter Pry, one of the nation’s leading experts on the grid.

    Others joining Pry at a press conference later Wednesday to draw attention to the potential threat said that if just a handful of the nation’s high voltage transformers were knocked out, blackouts would occur across the country.

    “By one estimate, should the power go out and stay out for over a year, nine out of 10 Americans would likely perish,” said Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy in Washington.

    At the afternoon press conference, Gaffney dubbed the potential crisis the “grid jihad.” (source)

    Anyone involved in the preparedness community is well aware of the disaster that would befall our country should our power-dependent populace no longer have light, climate control, and running water with the flip of a switch or turn of a handle. In his book, One Second After, William Forstchen wrote a fictional account of an EMP attack on our country and that book is the very thing that brought many of us over to the “prepped” side. His newest book, Day of Wrath, could be likewise prescient. It was written about a devastating ISIS terror attack on American soil.

    In the press conference Wednesday, Peter Pry warned that Obama’s open border policy could be the weak point that allows the country to be infiltrated, with potentially devastating consequences.

    Pry provided details of recent attacks on electricity systems and said that ISIS could easily team with Mexican drug cartels to ravage America.

    He told Secrets, for example, that the Knights Templar drug gang blacked out the electric grid of the Mexican state of Michoacan in 2013 to provide cover for killing those fighting the drug trade.

    “The Knights Templars and other criminal gangs in Mexico will do anything for money, and ISIS, the richest terrorist organization in history, has hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal,” said Pry.

    “ISIS could hire one of the Mexican cartels, or one of their criminal gangs already in the U.S., or activate jihadist terror cells already in the U.S., and inflict a multi-state blackout immediately, within days or weeks. Perhaps even a nationwide blackout,” Pry explained to Secrets.

    “I am not saying it is likely they will do so. But given the capabilities and objectives of ISIS and our obvious vulnerabilities, it would be foolish to ignore the threat to the grid, to regard the threat as unlikely. Our planning should be based on imminent asymmetrical threats, and not assume that another 9/11 large-scale attack is years away,” he added.

    The Texas Department of Public Safety recently said they believe there is evidence that ISIS plans an attack. (source)

    Enough about the “maybes” and the “hows”. (You can go HERE for an in-depth article about EMP attacks.) Unless you happen to be a highly placed government official reading this article, there isn’t a lot that you could do to prevent it. All you can do is be prepared to survive the aftermath, so this article deals with the “what ifs” and the “are you readies”.

    Are You Ready for Grid Failure?

    This is a topic that I’ve written about frequently, because a power outage aids and abets the chaos caused by so many different disasters. It doesn’t honestly matter HOW the grid goes down. A long-term grid collapse will result in an extremely high death toll.  People will starve, freeze, perish of thirst, or die of sanitation related illnesses. Some will expire from medical causes that can’t be treated properly without power.  Others will die because life-saving medication is no longer available. Civil unrest will unleash the very worst in human nature. However, we can prepare for many of these hazards.

    If you are already of the preparedness mindset, you’ll fare better than the average North American.  Here are the questions you need to contemplate:

    • How will you get food if the grocery stores are closed?
    • How will you cook food if you are able to acquire it?
    • What will happen to the perishable food in your refrigerator and freezer?
    • How will you heat or cool your home if you are in an area subject to extreme temperatures?
    • What will you use for light once the scented candle that sits on your coffee table is gone?
    • How will you transport yourself if a) your vehicle doesn’t run because the computers are fried or b) it runs but you can’t get gas because the pumps at the station run on electricity?
    • What will you drink and wash with if the municipal water facilities are no longer providing water or if the pump on your well runs on electricity?
    • How will you dispose of waste, human and other?

    Find as many solutions as possible for the issues you would face if going for weeks (or longer) without power.  You must stay warm, eat, and drink.  Everything else is a bonus. You can live without the television, the video game console, the microwave in the kitchen, and the laptop.

    I know that some of you are reading this with a fatalistic attitude.  You are mentally making lists of why you can’t resolve these issues.   Maybe you live in an apartment, you rent so you are limited to what you can do with your home, you have a limited budget, you live in the city or your mama’s basement.

    Well, if that’s the way you’re thinking, then you’re probably right – you won’t survive. Survival demands a can-do attitude 0r, on occasion, the fluke of pure dumb luck. If you realize these things are necessary and you still refuse to find solutions for your particular situation, you are setting your family up to suffer, and possibly even die, when it could be avoided. When I first became involved in preparedness, I lived in an urban area with a population in the millions. I rented. And I prepared to the very best of my ability because I knew I couldn’t live with myself if my children suffered because I had failed to do what was necessary beforehand.

    What if you knew  the world would end one week from today?

    So here’s my question. If you absolutely knew that the world as we know it right now was coming to an end in a week…on September 11, 2014, what would you do?

    Modify the following suggestions to adapt them to your particular home, family, and climate.


    Everyone knows that clean drinking water is something you can’t live without. In the event of a disaster, the water may not run from the taps, and if it does, it might not be safe to drink, depending on the situation.  If there is a boil order in place, remember that if the power is out, boiling your water may not be as easy as turning on your stove.

    Each family should store a two week supply of water. The rule of thumb for drinking water is 1 gallon per day, per person.  Don’t forget to stock water for your pets, also. This does not include water for hygiene purposes. You’ll want to store additional water for that as well.

    You can create your water supply very inexpensively.  Many people use clean 2 liter soda pop bottles to store tap water.  Others purchase the large 5 gallon water bottles and either a top-loading water dispenser or a manual pump for the top of the jug. Consider a gravity fed water filtration device and Water Purification Tablets as well.

    Food and a Way to Prepare It

    There are two schools of thought regarding food during a power outage.  One: you need a cooking method that does not require the grid to be functioning.  Two: you can store food that doesn’t require cooking.

    If you opt for a secondary cooking method, be sure that you have enough fuel to last for a while.  Store foods that do not require long cooking times – for example, dried beans would use a great deal of fuel, but canned beans could be warmed up, or even eaten cold.  A rocket stove that can use many different types of fuel is an excellent and flexible choice.

    The Volcano 3 is an excellent quality choice, and Swiss Army stove is an inexpensive choice for those on a tight budget.

    Click HERE for a short term food storage list

    Click HERE to find a list of foods that require no cooking.

    Heat (Depending on Your Climate)

    If your power outage takes place in the winter and you live in a colder climate, heat is another necessity.  During the first 24 hours after a power outage, you can stay fairly warm if you block off one room of the house for everyone to group together in.  Keep the door closed and keep a towel or blanket folded along the bottom of the door to conserve warmth.  You can safely burn a couple of candles also, and in the enclosed space, your body heat will keep it relatively warm.  As well, dress in layers and keep everything covered – wear a hat, gloves (fingerless ones allow you to still function), and a scarf.

    Click HERE to learn how to stay warm with less heat.

    However, after about 48 hours, that’s not going to be enough in very cold weather. You will require back-up heat at this point in certain climates.  If you are lucky enough to have a source of heat like a fireplace or woodstove, you’ll be just fine as long as you have a supply of wood.

    Consider a portable indoor-safe propane heater (and propane) or an oil heater.  You have to be very careful what type of backup heat you plan on using, as many of them can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if used in a poorly ventilated area. Make sure to have CO monitors that will work without electrical power.

    Learn more about off-grid heat options HERE.

    Sanitation Needs

    A common cause of illness, and even death, during a down-grid situation is lack of sanitation.  We’ve discussed the importance of clean drinking water, but you won’t want to use your drinking water to keep things clean or to flush the toilet.

    To conserve precious water, reduce your need to wash things. Stock up on paper plates, paper towels, and disposable cups and flatware.  Keep some disinfecting cleaning wipes and sprays. I don’t recommend using antibacterial products on a regular basis, however in the event of an emergency they can help to keep you healthy. Use hand sanitizerafter using the bathroom and before handing food or beverages – there can be a lot more germs afoot in a disaster.

    Look at your options for sanitation.  Does your toilet still flush when the electricity is out?  Many people discovered the hard way that the toilets didn’t work  when the sewage backed up in the highrises in New York City in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  When we lived in our cabin in Ontario, the toilet wouldn’t flush without power because the pump is electric. If you are on a septic system, you can safely flush by pouring water into the tank. However, if you use city sanitation, you run the risk of sewage backing up into your home.

    If flushing is not an option, another solution is to stock up on extremely heavy duty garbage bags (like the kind that contractors use at construction sites) and kitty litter.  Place a bag either in your drained toilet or in a bucket.  Sprinkle some kitty litter in the bottom of the bag.  Each time someone uses the bathroom, add another handful of litter. Be very careful that the bag doesn’t get too heavy for you to handle it.  Tie it up very securely and store it outside until services are restored. If services are not restored in a reasonable amount of time, make plans to bury or dispose of the waste safely.


    Lighting is absolutely vital, especially if there are children in the house.  Nothing is more frightening than being completely in the dark during a stressful situation. Fortunately, it’s one of the easiest things to plan for, as well as one of the least expensive.

    Some lighting solutions are:

    Tools and Supplies

    Some basic items will make your life much easier during an emergency. Here are some things that are essential in the event of a power outage:

    • Lighter/waterproof matches
    • Batteries in various sizes
    • Manual can opener
    • Basic tools: Pliers, screwdriver, wrench, hammer
    • Duct tape
    • Crazy glue
    • Sewing supplies
    • Bungee cords
    • WD40 or other lubricant

    If you’d like to expand on the basic supplies, a more detailed list of tools and hardware can be found HERE.

    First Aid Kit

    It’s important to have a basic first aid kit on hand at all times, but particularly in the event of an emergency.  Your kit should include basic wound care items like bandages, antibiotic ointments, and sprays.  As well, if you use them, keep on hand a supply of basic over-the-counter medications, like pain relief capsules, cold medicine, cough syrup, anti-nausea pills, and allergy medication. Particularly important if sanitation is a problem are anti-diarheal medications.

    This first responder kit is a good, pre-packed kit for injuries. Medications would need to be purchased separately. If you want to put together a more advanced medical kit, you can find a list HERE.

    Special Needs

    This is something that will be unique to every family. Consider the things that are needed on a daily basis in your household. It might be prescription medications, diapers, or special foods.  If you have pets, you’ll need supplies for them too.  The best way to figure out what you need is to jot things down as you use them over the course of a couple of days or so.


    If you can’t protect it, it isn’t really yours. This adage is doubly true in the event of civil unrest. We only have to look back a few short weeks at the chaos in Ferguson, Missouri to confirm that the businesses that were not looted by rioters run amok were the ones in which the owners stood, armed and ready, prepared to defend their property.  The lessons we learned from Ferguson can easily be applied to a grid-down scenario, and we can multiply the desperation by about a thousand times, because it won’t merely be thugs romping through the streets and reveling in the chaos. It will be the parents of hungry children. It will be criminals who no longer fear being caught. It will be people who can no longer access psychiatric medications upon which they are dependent. It will be utter and complete lawlessness, driven by fear.

    The best advice is to lay low, but if the fight comes to you, you absolutely must be prepared to defend your home and family by any means necessary. Read this article to learn more about prepping for civil unrest.

    The Nuclear Threat

    A dire concern that is often overlooked in discussions of EMP or grid-down preparedness is the threat of our nuclear power plants going full-out Fukushima on us. I guess part of the reason that I don’t write much about it is because there is honestly a limit to what we can do to be prepared for this. If all of our plants melted down simultaneously, the lack of refrigeration or firewood would be the least of our worries. We, the average folks, cannot control anything about these facilities, so our options are to control what we can – our personal environments.

    Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition shared the following very viable suggestions of what to do if you are exposed to nuclear radiation:

    Radioactive ionic particles attach themselves to dust floating in the air. Therefore, it can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. If you are told to evacuate or bug in due to a nuclear disaster, keep the following points in mind:

    1. If you are driving, keep the car windows and vents closed, and use recirculating air.
    2. Due to the fear of panic and gridlock that will ensue from mass evacuations, most governments will delay mandatory evacuations until the last minute. This will only cause mass confusion and chaos at gas stations, grocery stores and on the streets. The best way to prevent this, is to stay ahead of the crowd and prepare ahead of time.
    3. If told to stay indoors, turn off the air conditioner and other air intakes and go to a basement. Seal basement windows and entrances to prevent fallout from getting inside. If you go outside, you will need to remove your outer clothing before coming inside the shelter.
    4. Likewise, creating a sealed area near the entrance of the shelter will prevent fallout dust from entering. Seal the entryway with blankets, bubble wrap or plastic sheeting to prevent the dust from coming in. Have water and baby shampoo near the entrance to wash and thoroughly rinse any exposed skin and hair. Exposure to fallout radiation does not make you radioactive, but you need to assure that you don’t bring any inside. Some experts suggest having a rain poncho to take on and off when you go outside.
    5. To go a step further, covering the windows wood, then sandbags followed by masonry bricks will create a multi-layered protection against you and radioactive particles.
    6. If you find yourself outdoors when a nuclear blast occurs, duck and cover for 2 minutes. You will first see a blinding light followed by tornado force winds and dangerous. When all danger is gone, seek shelter immediately. Remove your clothing at the door and place in a sealed plastic bag. You can remove 80% of the particles by removing your clothing. Showering immediately following exposure is another way to remove the remaining particles.
    7. If you have signs of radiation on skin soak in a tub of equal parts baking soda, apple cider vinegar and epsom salt. Skin brushing can be very beneficial, because the skin is a primary avenue for detoxification – scrub along with the lungs, kidneys, liver, and colon. An unused vegetable brush would be very helpful with this process.
    8. Getting caught out in the rain can also cause you to have more exposure to radioactive particles. If you do have to go out in the rain, completely cover yourself. Experts are suggesting that if your clothes get wet to take them off and seal them in a plastic bag, immediately shower and change clothing. (The detox bath solution and skin brushing would be good here. If radioactive materials get on your skin, burns and blistering can occur.Note: If you are exposed to radioactive particles, you will also need to get your urine tested for traces of cessium at your local medical center.
    9. When fallout is first anticipated, but has not yet arrived, anyone not already sheltered should begin using their N95 particulate respirator masks and hooded rain ponchos. Everyone should begin taking Potassium Iodide (KI) or Potassium Iodate (KIO3) tablets for thyroid protection against cancer causing radioactive iodine, a major product of nuclear weapons explosions. If no tablets are available, you can topically (on the skin) apply an iodine solution, such as a tincture of iodine or Betadine, for a similar protective effect. (WARNING: Iodine solutions are NEVER to be ingested or swallowed.) Absorption through the skin is not as reliable a dosing method as using the tablets, but tests show that it will still be very effective for most. Do not use if allergic to iodine. If at all possible, inquire of your doctor NOW if there is any reason why anybody in your household should not use KI or KIO3 tablets, or iodine solutions on their skin, in a future nuclear emergency, just to be sure.For adults, paint 8 ml of a 2 percent tincture of Iodine on the abdomen or forearm each day, ideally at least 2 hours prior to possible exposure.
    10. For children 3 to 18, but under 150 pounds, only half that amount painted on daily, or 4 ml. For children under 3 but older than a month, half again, or 2 ml.
    11. For newborns to 1 month old, half it again, or just 1 ml. (One measuring teaspoon is about 5 ml, if you don’t have a medicine dropper graduated in ml.) If your iodine is stronger than 2%, reduce the dosage accordingly.
    12. When you know that the time to take protective action is approaching, turn off all the utilities into the house, check that everything is sealed up and locked down, and head for the shelter. You should also have near your shelter fire extinguishers and additional tools, building supplies, sheet plastic, staple guns, etc. for sealing any holes from damage. Your basement should already be very well sealed against fallout drifting inside. Now, you’ll need to seal around the last door you use to enter with duct tape all around the edges, especially if it’s a direct to the outside door.
    13. Do not use the telephone unless absolutely necessary. Staying on the phone will congest phone lines making it impossible for others in your area to make or receive calls.

    Read the rest of her very thorough article on the topic HERE.

    Get Started Today

    It may feel very overwhelming, the thought that the world as we know it could end in 7 days.  We all hope this “grid jihad” business is nothing more than a scare tactic, a way to prey upon our fears.  But what if it isn’t? How would you feel, having been warned, if you did nothing to prepare for it and it happened?

    You can start right now – this very minute – all you have to do is grab a pad of paper and a pen.

    1. Begin by personalizing the suggestions above to fit your family’s needs and make a list of your requirements.
    2. Next, do a quick inventory – as I mentioned above, you may be surprised to see that you already have quite a few of the supplies that are recommended.
    3. Make a shopping list and acquire the rest of the items you need.  If you can’t afford everything right now, prioritize the most important things first.
    4. Organize your supplies so that they are easily accessible when you need them. It’s hard to find seldom-used items in the dark.

    You can go far more in-depth on the topic with a good book. I strongly recommend Tess Pennington’s comprehensive guide, The Prepper’s Blueprint. It will be the best $24 you ever spent on your family’s survival.

    If the lights go out next week due to a terrorist action, will you be prepared?


    The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster

    5 gallon water bottles

    top-loading water dispenser

    Manual drinking water pump

    Water Purification Tablets

    Gravity-fed Water Filtration Device

    The Volcano 3 rocket stove

    Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater

    Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPM Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display

    Purell Pump Bottle, Original, 8 Ounce (Pack of 12)

    Husky HK42WC020B 42-Gallon Contractor Clean-Up Bags, 20 Count

    Garden stake solar lights

    Super Bright Hand Crank LED Lantern

    Ever Ready First Aid Fully Stocked First Responder Kit, Orange

    Prepper’s Home Defense: Security Strategies to Protect Your Family by Any Means Necessary


    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is the author of The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]


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      1. How do you know when there are no more terrorists in the USA?

        The last one to leave has been told to turn off the lights when he leaves..

        • All I can say is if ZERobama’s open border policy could be the weak point that allows the country to be infiltrated with terrorists and something devastating occurs because of it, there will be loads of people hunting that SOB and looking to put his head on a stick…. and that goes for Reid, Pelosi and the rest of them. They will have to permanently stay in their bunker to live, because the rest of the nation will call OPEN SEASON….!

          • could be the weak point

            Ain’t no “could be” about it. It IS the weak point and it is by design.

            Not only that, he get’s double points because he’s also increasing the numbers of the entitled ignorant voter drones.

            • I’ll just take my chances with what the Dear Lord has in mind for me and my family. Nine out of ten dead? Who wants to live among dead corpses, I will leave this earth when I am supposed to.

              I have hope, faith, and the normal amount of extra food and supplies that would get me through for a while, but following the list in this article is just not for me.

              • “Keynesian economics is a fantasy based upon a vast over-simplification and distorted model of a real economy. It makes GDP into a social goal, while real economic activity is not based on such a goal. It supposes that a dollar spent on consumption has the same impact on GDP that a dollar spent on investment has, and this is untrue. It supposes that a dollar spent by government has the same consequence as a dollar spent on private consumption or private investment, and this is false. It supposes that capital is a homogeneous thing, and it isn’t. Because Keynesian economics constructs a fantasy reality, it is bound to conflict with the economic laws and behavior that occur in the real economy. This conflict is bound to produce human pain and suffering. Actions that contradict realities have reactions and consequences that cost people and hurt.”

                ~ Michael S. Rozeff

                • “””They say this every year as the date approaches, but in 2014, it seems to carry a bit more weight than it has during other years.”

                  It is the 13th anniversary of the so called 911 false flag New Pearl Harbor event. 13 is a VERY significant number to the satanic elite. Ever wonder why there were 13 colonies that initially became states? There is also an open invitation to any and all members of MS13 to come here and assist or to take blame for the corps attack against the people.

                  Take that with the Post 2015 agenda that has been discussed publicly by the corp minions, and that means this is likely the time they have been waiting for to perpetrate such an attack.

                  The discussed 90% fatalities thrown around for a grid down incident within the first year, and you have the globalists perfect situation for depopulation and the ultimate destruction of the last place freedom can exist by Law.

                  The recent creation of so many ways to deflect the blame away from the banksters should be a clue as well. It wasn’t us, they will say. It was Putin and Russia. It was the Chinese. It was the MS13 gangs. It was Iran. It was ISIS. It was Ebola. All the way down to it was the Muslim communist terrorist in the White House.

                  It was anybody except the money changers who actually caused the problems and perpetrated the attacks on Gods people. No, the counterfeiting ring had nothing to do with it. They will say “We have the solution”, and it will be more of the same crimes against humanity with a different ponzi scheme printing press owned by the same criminal elements.

                  The death and cleanup will carry on through 2015, then the Post 2015 plans can kick in without much resistance as 90% of the armed will also die.

                  Many have predicted the doom for years, and the banksters have stalled awaiting nothing more than the right set of numbers to appease their god, AKA Satan.

                  The numbers are aligned. The people have been told of the banksters plan, as they feel compelled to tell us what they intend before they do what they do, and the People have done nothing to stop it. In commerce, no action implies consent.

                  Thus, the Bible prophecies will come to pass. Judgment day is fast approaching, whether it will be this week or next month. Those who are prepared in spirit and right with the Higher Power will survive longer than those prepared with food and water and guns. Those who are prepared in spirit and have food, water and guns, will be the survivors you meet on the other side.

                  I am not one to make a lot of predictions, or any at all. But today I predict the main disaster will happen before the end of the year because that is a prerequisite to the Post 2015 agenda of the money changers. The stage has been set for the coming attack, and time is needed to clean house before setting up the new one.

                  The truth is simple enough to see, but extremely hard to comprehend for someone not so consumed with the evil that is the enemy. If you believe the banksters have a conscience or soul like you or me, you will be shocked by what you witness.

                  The evil we will see in the next two years will be more than the average Man can bear. But it will not be more than God can overcome. The banksters may believe they serve Satan, and that he protects them. But alas, they are merely the tools of God to pass judgment on a country that long ago broken the covenant with Him.

                  • Star,
                    Your religious beliefs mirror Islam, whose adherents firmly believe that whatever happens to them is Allah’s will and nothing they do will change that.

              • swinging on a star
                i guess you need to read your Bible more because it is VERY plain about your DUTY to take care of yourself and your family and that means prepping! try reading it more thorough!

                • apache54,

                  I believe it is you who have misinterpreted the bible.

                  Luke 12:16-21

                  And he told them a parable, saying, “The land of a rich man produced plentifully, and he thought to himself, ‘What shall I do, for I have nowhere to store my crops?’ And he said, ‘I will do this: I will tear down my barns and build larger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my goods. And I will say to my soul, Soul, you have ample goods laid up for many years; relax, eat, drink, be merry.’ But God said to him, ‘Fool! This night your soul is required of you, and the things you have prepared, whose will they be?’

                  Philippians 4:4-7

                  Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

                  Yes, the bible does say to provide for your Family, but to this degree is not the Lord’s intention, this is my belief.

                  If you read and study to bible then you will understand it the way that I do. God wants us to be generous with our fellow man, give to those who need if we can, and take care of our children and family. One day we will all meet our maker and it is then that we will be judged. I do not believe that the God I love would condemn me because I did not hoard food, store weapons that I may use against my fellow man and walk among the stench of dead corpses while I had so much left to live on myself.

                  I will take my chances with my convictions and pray for souls like you.

                  • My Palm Reader claims her “Lucky 8 Ball” Rabbits Foot, and Bible will make no difference when SHTF. She said her Crystal Ball and Tarrot Cards has a slight edge. And her Shrink confirmed that as well last week. Just Saying….

                  • God sent Joseph to Egypt. He helped them prepare by setting aside grain so they could make it through a famine.

                    You’re misinterpreting the Bible. The man in Luke 12 was not rich toward God. He wasn’t sinning by tearing down his barns and building bigger ones.

                    So by quoting Philippians 4 are you implying that we shouldn’t prepare, we should just ask God for our food???

                    I only have enough food for myself and my family. I can’t feed the hungry thousands of people in my town. It’s impossible.

                    I plan to use my weapons to defend me, my family, and our food against those who would take it from me. I see no reason to apologize for that.

                    God will condemn you for not preparing for yourself and your family. Is it somehow more noble to starve to death rather than prepare? That makes no sense to me.

                  • The Bible says “The prudent man forsees the trouble, the simple pass on and are punished.” We are supposed to do everything in our power to prepare then we trust the rest to the lord. Not doing anything is “tempting the Lord”. Jesus said not to do that.

                  • Let me share this with you. I am a minister of God and there is nothing wrong with being a prepper as long as it does not become an idol and you put prepping above God. 1st Timothy 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. If I can I will help my brothers and sisters in Christ survive but I also warn them to put food aside. When I go to the store I buy and extra few cans of food for storage and I am fortunate to live way out in the country and raise my own chicken and veggies as well as fruit. I learned to can to store foods the Lord grew with His divine love. Like you my home is not of this world but it will be up to the Lord to take me home not my own ignorance. You owe your life to your family to sacrifice for them and that means preparing for difficult times. God bless

                  • I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

                    Proverbs 21:20 says: ” In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil; but the foolish man devours all he has”.

                    For swinging on a star.

                  • …more like Swinging on a thread.

                  • What is your definition of “condemn”? Will God send you to Hell for letting your wife and children starve to death? No. Will God allow your wife and children to starve to death? Yes. Happens everyday on this planet. Is that God’s condemnation? No. It is not using God’s gift to man of wisdom to prepare for expected and reasonable actions.

                    If you believe that going hungry because you did not properly prepare is God’s condemnation on you, then you are condemned already since you are actively not pursuing that which will sustain you.

                  • If the Bible is so smart then why no mention of Dinosaurs? Like the 77 Million year old Dinosaur skeleton found in Argentina and in the news. Have any of you religious folks ever see out any facts or proof of anything in the bible. How about bring forward any one who is a true believer that is more than 120 year old? That pretty much reflects and blows this “Everlasting Life” myth out of the water.

                    I could say whomever believes will win a free ticket to heaven. But for now you have to give us a lot of money, cause religions need lots of money, give and pray really hard now. You too can live forever. Oh, but please when filling out your will donate your life estate to the church upon your death. lol Sheeple are stupid!!

                  • And while you and your ilk are cowering in the basement of your churches praying the rest of us have to face reality.

                • Did any of you Religious folks ever consider even those mortals who wrote the Bible must have not believed what they wrote cause none of them ever achieved everlasting life, nor are they around today to confirm their ever lasting life is not a hoax. John 3:16. That whoever shall believe in him shall not parish but have everlasting life. Can anybody bring forward a true believer who have been saved? How do you spell Hoax again?

                  • That whoever shall believe in him shall not parish but have everlasting life

                    It is not a physical life; a spiritual life in the hereafter. After death.

                    I know; if you can’t see it, it isn’t real.
                    You can’t see heat or touch, but it’s real. You can’t see or touch darkness, but it’s real.
                    Cold is the absence of heat; darkness is the absence of light.
                    Absence of God in your life is like darkness.

                  • I think you would spell it by p a l m r e a d e r. Yep! That’s hoax. I don’t need some muttering person to talk to me about God. I’ll ask him myself! As far as your question. It shows your ignorance. Even Jesus discussed it with the religious leaders of the day, who believed that there was no resurrection. He asked why God present tense says He is the God of Abraham after Abraham was long dead. The only answer? God considers him to be alive.

                  • WhoWudda…: Oh my, you’ve used logic and that’s threat to those who believe in fairy tales. Let’s start with some of the first conundrums of the Bible. The first five books of the Bible are supposedly written by Moses (1450 BC), in Hebrew no less, yet even the most ancient form of written Hebrew didn’t come about until around 1000 BC. Believers will use one of their “Get of Logic Jail Free” cards and call it either a miracle or a mystery, their ‘covers all’ excuses. In their child-like belief they’ll say “it’s a test” and “you’ve got have faith” because otherwise they’d have to admit that their lives are predicated on a myth, and that’s too much for most people to ever admit. The angry responses will be a measure of the depth of their fear of the truth and will also expose them as phonies; a sort of ‘kick you butt for Jesus’ type of reply. Oh, and the threats of hell smugness that always comes out as well.

                  • I didn’t ready anything in John 3:16, that says like just your spirit lives. It says Whoever..That means a person. It does not say your spirit. That’s the problem with religions its some twisted BS interpreted as anybody pleases. Like the “Excuse book for Dummies!!

                    You Religious Folk are so deeply owned like slaves into this beliefs system, too embarrassed that your mind and soul has been fleeced. Its like being raped and then too embarrassed to file a report. Time to free yourself from the clutches of religious evil.

                  • The Bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs because they’re irrelevant to the lives of God’s people. Just like how the creation account in Genesis has different events happening on different days when the earth is billions of years old. The Bible tells how God created everything. It wasn’t meant to be a scientific document for a bronze age desert people. Still, the Bible is filled with evidence of God’s scientific knowledge. Such as the sanitation laws that God gave to the Israelites. And how Job said that “God suspends the earth over nothing.”

                    A great site for defending the Bible is Bibleevidences dot com.

                    The people who wrote the Bible were committed followers of God except for Solomon who wrote Ecclesiastes after he had abandoned God to follow the false foreign gods of his foreign wives.

                    Most of the New Testament was written by people who saw the risen Christ and died for their faith. That would include Matthew, John, Peter, Paul, James, and Jude. They received their rewards in Heaven. Not on earth. Mark and Luke were followers of the Apostles and saw them perform miracles.

                    The Bible is 100% historically accurate. It accurately talks about people, nations, and events that actually happened. Such as Satan’s attempts to wipe out the Jews. Which always fail.
                    Those of us who are saved know that God exists because we’ve seen Him work in our lives and the lives of others.

                    It’s pretty sad when people who are so ignorant are so sure that God doesn’t exist. Usually they don’t want God to exist because they want to live in sin and not be accountable to anyone for their evil lives.

                    So your rants would be laughable in their ignorance if they weren’t so sad. It’s like someone in a burning building laughing at people who tell him to get out. You’re free to spend eternity in hell if that’s what you want. Let your sins pile up to Heaven if you want. It’s your choice. But God takes no pleasure in the deaths of the wicked. God would rather that they repent and live.

                    (Ezekiel 18:23 NIV) Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the Sovereign LORD. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?

              • I agree Swinging….You have what You will NEED…many do not understand that this battle will be “the “good guys” vs “the bad guys” ” WE will all, indeed, have the “weapons” WE will NEED when WE NEED them…..Look around you now….1 person out of maybe 20 that you see….will survive….wish more would attempt to really understand “what wicked this way comes”

                • I have said many times that many will not be able to stay within their homes….their comfort zone….but, will in fact, have to leave in order to come together to fight the battle which is to come….if you do not understand that, ok….stay within your home with all of your years and years supply of what makes YOU feel comfortable and safe…..THAT will not help you in the long run….to me, those who merely rely on what they have gathered are living in a fool’s paradise…..when the time comes to fight…where will everyone be? AND do YOU KNOW just WHAT you WILL be fighting??? May GOD help you to understand what is coming….

              • So you’re deciding to be foolish and let your family starve by refusing to prepare for them? That makes no sense.

                I have hope and faith too. We have a year’s supply of food and water for ourselves and one other couple.

                I don’t know if we’ll survive or not but I’m doing my best to provide for me and my family.

                • Barn Cat,

                  I wrote that I have enough food stored to last for a while, I do not have the will or desire to prepare everything listed on the article in question. If there were a temporary power outage, I would fare well for at least 6 months. If the grocery shelves were empty, I would be able to take care of my Family for at least 6 to 8 months. What I will not be prepared for is an event that may kill 9 out of 10 human beings, I DON”T WANT TO WALK AMONG DEAD CORPSES. Do you understand now? I do not believe that God will condemn me for not preparing for such and event and I did not say that he would condemn anyone if they did prepare. To each his own.

                  • So you would rather die than help the survivors?

                    My grandfather helped a funeral home during the 1918 flu epidemic because there were so many bodies and no help in preparing them for the midnight funerals. He could have stayed home and hid from the situation, but he didn’t. He used his horse and buggy to take sick people to doctors or doctors to sick people. He lived over 50 years after the epidemic.

                    I have a whole library of knowledge that can be used later to help people. So I have to stay around and help the way I know how.

                    I think giving up and dying is the same as running away.

                  • Yes indeed I want to live even if im only one out of 100. I want to be able to outlive all of my enemies. I would take great joy& satisfaction from pissing on their graves. Im a realist and know ill likely die pretty quickly but a man can dream!

                  • Swinging on a star ,
                    When the time comes and biology kicks in every one will do what is necessary to survive , those who have not really experienced this have no understanding of the will to live, personally I have done things that were not considered civilized behavior in modern society.

                    How many here have killed up close and personal ? Not many, it went hand to hand I had to use an E-tool to take out a combatant in the dark it was not pretty, people do not die easily , It’s not like television. I shook like a leaf afterwards and became physically ill. Every one in the OP heard it . They started poping flares shortly after. I was one of the many stories that night concerning sappers who got thru the perimeter. .

                    You never know what you are capable of untIl it happens , you will do what is necessary to live
                    All the talk and speculation means nothing, that split instance , a blink of an eye or a moments hesitation ends lives.

                    I am a combat veteran and I deal with my past actions every day , and when that final judgement comes I hope god has mercy on my soul.

                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • No, I really don’t understand. You should prepare for a longer period of time if you have the money for it.

                  • If you don’t prepare when you can then it’s like committing suicide. You won’t be doing the will of God if you don’t prepare to the best of your ability.

                  • I’m not sure I’d work too hard to continue living either, SOAS, if 90% of the American people lay dead in streets and houses. I just looked at the real-time counter at census dot gov, and they say there are currently 318,817,026 people in the US. Ninety per cent of that number is 286,935,323. If spread evenly over the entire surface area of the United States (3.71 million square miles), there would be 77 dead people per square mile. With that density, you’d have one corpse per 40,228 square yards. The square root of that is about 200.5, so you wouldn’t be able to walk more than about 200 yards in a straight line without tripping over a dead body. If the average weight of the generic “person” is 150 pounds, there would be 43,040,298,510 pounds of rotting human flesh to try to stay away from. When I’m out walking, it’s all I can do to keep from throwing up when I pass a single dead 20 pound raccoon.

                • Barn Cat: ‘Bible full of scientific…’, crapola I say! The Bible says the Earth has corners (Isaiah) and sits on pillars (1Samuel). It also has borders (Numbers and Ezekiel, and has ends (Job). Hardly what any sane person would call scientific for a sphere with no corners, boarders,, or ends, etc. As for it being historically accurate, that’s a laugh. There is no historical, nor archeological, evidence the Jews were ever slaves in Egypt or that any group ever roamed the desert for even a few years let alone 40 years. Pure unadulterated balderdash. Small wonder that the Bible hasn’t been used in any serious forum for education in over half a century. The only place for bronze-age myths is with the unwashed and undereducated masses of our service corps. And no, I don’t want fries with my order madam/sir.

                • Dinosaurs…Job 40:15-24

                  • Dirty Paws: Sorry old chap but the words used in the Book of Job are leviathan and behemoth, not dinosaurs. You interpretation is nothing more than you projecting what you wish them to be in order to fit you mythological narrative (religious beliefs). Behemoth is a large land animal that has also been interpreted as an elephant, rhinoceros, or hippopotamus. As for leviathan, that is a large sea creature, such as whale. These interpretations are just as valid as yours since you lack any empirical evidence to support your belief. Relying upon a bronze-age book of myths to form your world view is at the very least childish, and at most, quite dangerous. If we were to live according to your beliefs, we’d still be in mud huts thinking that lightening and thunder were signs of God’s anger, that epilepsy was demon possession, and that witches were real. Science has proven these, and other religious beliefs, to be the nonsense they are.

              • You NEED a weapon for self defense. Follow God all you want, he won’t protect your wife and kids from being raped… That’s your job.

            • I like President Obama and the other politicians my cartel has bought. They are good friends, and let my employees into the United States so they can sell drugs to America’s youth.

              • When the zombie drug youth has been euthanized.. Who will be your next customer…hmmm…let me take a guess…it will be the NWO and your payment will be one bowl of rice in vegetable broth a day..start growing coca fag…or be shot in the head loser.

          • @ Stan522

            I like the way you think. Bunker schmunker. Five gallons of gasoline and a cigarette down the air shaft. Crispy critters.

            • Just gotta know where the shit’s are hiding…….

            • Actually stock up on road flares, and fuse cordage. Long enough so you can clear out of the area before she blows.

              Remember the Movie “The Dirty Dozen” They dumped gas down an air vents in the movie and burn some Germans to death down in the cellars.

        • It would be best to kill the islamic savages before they can cripple the grid.

          • Just who do you think created/enabled those “islamic savages” FP?

            Who do you think is funding those “islamic savages” FP??

            Would you care to venture a guess as to who controls/runs those “islamic savages” FP???

            Clue: You can’t just “whack” a CIA asset!

            • Yup ymww…I think I’ll be seeking out politicians, ABC soup agency employees, FSA dumasses… and some may disagree…but a scorched earth approach to all the refineries so these towel heads will never get them…

              Live Free or Die..but fuck them up good before then

            • For a better understanding of who has created and funded ISIS, check out the article on the Daily Sheeple, dated August 22nd.

              Another good read is “AmericatheBattlefield.blogspot.com”

            • You can to shoot the bastards. You are preaching to the choir about who created and armed them. It’s gonna be up to average Joes like us to kill them though.

              • @FP:

                You don’t need to shoot them! All you need to do is stop Washington and Riyadh from FUNDING them!!

                You got no money? You got no car? You got no Jihad and there you are!

                Your government is FUNDING the Islamic State with YOUR tax dollars. Do you understand???

          • The “islamic savages” have been created, trained and funded by your asswipe, imbicile government.
            This is Planet Earth….not Planet America.
            When the day comes that America understands this simple truth, world peace will be a very high probability.

            • World peace is a fucking joke.

            • “AmericaWILLbestopped” your moniker intrigues me….just what country do you live in? You are wrong in your opinion…but, then, I am sure you are already aware of that fact….WHEN the MANY fight THEIR OWN battles to retain/regain THEIR OWN countries….yes, perhaps, there may be World Wide Peace….but not until those involved take responsibility for THEIR actions….and the “reactions” they garner…..Disgusting that so many countries have reaped the financial and military rewards GIVEN by MY gov’t without the consent of THE PEOPLE….and then have not the balls or inclination to FIGHT for THEIR own country……I do not cry for you….I have no empathy for those citizens of some countries who care so little for themselves and their countries, that they do not rise up against those which have enslaved them…..Sorry, those who do nothing to help themselves fail miserably in my book….

        • Make sure you are strait with God. This is meaningless if you are not prepared for ETERNITY.

          • God doesn’t care about you all he needs is more of your money. Keep givin and a prayin. Just ask Zeus… He too faded away..into the graveyard of past gods.. LoL Funny watching the Gullible and the Weak cling to their religion. Like some holy Ghost is going to pull up in his Mercedes Limo and snatch from the clutches of disaster. God may save you until you run out of ammo.

            • So are palm readers. God isn’t dead.

            • WWTI- You are a pathetic, angry, quite hopeless person who must hate himself very much for some reason. What is it?

              • FP says:

                “WWTI- You are a pathetic, angry, quite hopeless person who must hate himself very much for some reason. What is it?”

                Is that why you said: “World peace is a fucking joke.” Because “You are a pathetic, angry, quite hopeless person who must hate himself very much for some reason.”

                • Reality check wrongmomma. Are you and wwti the same person? Anyone that thinks we will get world peace from ‘our leaders’ is delusional to say the least. I predict you will die from a self-inflicted gunshot wound when things come crashing down.

        • BRAVO…Daisy…(applause-hoot-whistle)!

          Thumbs up to ya!

          • WOW – Got to watch this Video – Shows the World Map and the Cyber Attacks flying across the planet in real time. St Louis is getting pounded hard by hack across the globe.

            Massive ‘Cyber Attack’ On US! St. Louis, Seattle And California Are Getting Blasted!

              • Awesome NIMROD…thanks for they link!

                …1st ^ from me…stay safe, dude!

        • Maybe we can print up a geocoded map, with all the power stations and substations, to make this easier for them.

          We advertise a failed border.

          We advertise a weak security on our power grid.

          We advertise people will turn on each other in hours with minimal disruption.

          We advertise that our politicians can only gridlock and point the finer at “them”.

          If I had a week to prepare? I would be in very fine shape, considering the years of investment I have already made. I would of course dump all resources into a buying binge, and make it better.

          But, YOU will not have the advantage of a week. You will hear it the same time everybody else does, and panic.

          While you drive to the store and get shot for a can of beans, I’ll drive home and prepare to shoot those that come for mine.

          Good luck to you.

          • Townsaver, good evening. I’m also in the same condition considering all of my years of expenses and preparation. Yes, we’ll all learn of it at the same time, but I won’t panic because I have PREPPED. I will also shoot anyone who tries to take my preps.

        • OMG did you guys know that the celebrities nude pics were hacked? Its like, rully rully scary. Jennifer Lawrence’s butt is getting big, you know.

          • On the bright side AE ,
            All the Surviving girls of the Apocalpyse will look and be like her.( in the movie)


            Semper Fi 8541

            • Famine figures, the new chic.

            • NB- God has already forgiven you , you need to now forgive yourself

        • flip the switch

        • How do you know when the First Terrorists are in the US? The First Ones turns off the lights. Then lets all the other thousands of Terrorists in to wreck havoc.

        • If you knew it was the end of the world what would be the point of prepping for it? Go get drunk and have some fun.

      2. *****ISIS could easily team with Mexican drug cartels to ravage America.*****

        Well here are two issues with the above perception:

        1-ISIS is being trained by the ZOG in DC and TelAviv and paid by the subhumans in a
        friking desert of Arabia.

        2- Mexican drug cartels are being supplied the goods through Al-CIA in Afghanistan and
        the drug money is being laundered via the Joooo owned banks worldwide.

        Destroy the tribal cancer for the man kind to have a chance to exist.

        • As a prepper got all my bases covered on all of that. If the grid is going down in a week then I won’t bother sending this months bill in. LoL

          • It’s going to take a lot more than losing my electricity to get to me, I’d barely skip a beat. I’m as prepared for chemical, biological and nuclear issues, as I can be.

            As for warding off a mob, they’ll think the crossed a badger in a very bad mood.

            That’s all I can do, besides pray — and I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

            • I’m about as prepped as can be in all areas. Let any of the scum out there come to my place and I’ll have target practice like never before.

          • As to what I will do different on this year’s 9-11, I have a few ideas. I work on the road making deliveries at night, so I am in a wide variety of places. I already carry a big, heavy, metal LED flashlight which doubles as a blunt object weapon should the need arise. However, I will also carry my multi tool on me that day as well as a small screwdriver or two. Likewise, I will be avoiding elevators. They are the last place I want to be in a grid down situation! I’ll also make certain the tanks are full in both of my operable vehicles the night before as well as a few gas cans. Other than that, I’ll just pray that nothing happens. All my other preps are done as they can be on my limited budget. Hmmm… maybe I’ll load a few extra mags and stripper clips… just in case…

          • WWTI, damn man what are you doing here? I thought you’d be out on the burger strike line demanding higher wages 🙂

        • I can see it now Jihad Jim and Mexican Manuel, sitting around the campfire sharing beheading tips and techniques. Then the fandango……..yee haaaaaa!

          • As far as Nuclear disaster is concerned, meh, I’ll opt out for the natural glow.

          • BTW, what IS Jane Fonda doing these days?

            • She’s is stressing over her old wrinkled, traitorous ass!

              • FP, isn’t she your real mom?

            • She’s cheering for the Islamo-fascist’s……

              • She’s still the same commie bitch she’s always been.

          • PO’d….LOOOOL. I wonder if the mossies will drink tequila with Jose discussing the techniques.

        • I’ll gladly stick my neck out and side with you on this statement..

          #1 ISIL,ISIS,IS..whatever they’re called,is a multi-govt funded proxy doing their dirty work to destabilize the entire middle east and then some…so far their plan is executed perfectly..beheading journalists and creating the initial disgust and uproar amongst the populace ..just as the Al(cia)da be headings did as a precursor to the Iraq war..so far so good..

          #2 Drug cartel…you explained perfectly..of course most are asleep at the wheel on this one.

          Let’s not forget that the anglo saxons along with the ZOGS are in co -hoots on the entire situation worldwide and then some..never mind their co horts in Quatar and SAudi’s..


          • It’s a family affair..


            • @possee…

              I had to “Webster” your new handle to find out what it meant.

              Why does everybody keep changing their monikers? Makes it hard to follow who’s who.

              Or maybe that IS the reason why…

          • That’s about right, possee.

            ISIS, has been followed and funded for decades, just under different names/monikers.

            They have had a personal agenda all along=caliphate, however; they have been funded by TPTB to become the catalyst for the final World War.

            The Drug Cartels have been allowed to funnel drugs into the USA in order to suck the life from the American economy and, help bring about the collapse of the middle class. All the while, the legal system is getting filthy rich off the fallout.

            It is pretty simple math, deplete the wealth of the middle class and they incrementally become the lower class, while the top 10% get richer from their (middle class) love for drugs and needless, nicer/newer, “stuff”.

        • The usual Muslim Nazi satanic lies. No, ISIS isn’t being trained by Jews. That’s so stupid!

          • Kitty…Who is training the ISIS subhumans then if not your IDF cousins? BTW the jooos are smart due to their love for money (you know they own the printer) and they let their parasitic arab friends in Saudi and other countries to cover the bill. Now get back to the barn or even better watch the Russia Today to get the real news and read more books.

            • Why can’t they train themselves? There are quite a few Westerners in their ranks, some of which no doubt have had military training. It’s not that difficult to train someone to shoot a gun and duck down. It also doesn’t help that they are going up against a military with little will to fight.

        • This story Link pretty much Destroys and shreds the Bible Babble story as a hoax.

          77 Million Year Old Dinosaur Bones found in Argentina.
          Supermassive dinosaur found in Argentina: Meet Dreadnoughtus: A giant sauropod dinosaur found in Argentina is the largest land animal ever discovered for which a body mass can accurately be calculated.

          When the nearly all intact bones were aligned up the size was as big as a Boeing 737 Jet Aircraft. Projected to weigh 59 Metric Tons Approx (66 to 100 Million Years Old.

          So much for this 6000 year old planet Babble story Hoax.

        • I see you’re prepping by getting your white pointy hood ready for your white pointy head….

          • My comment was for Anonymous above, who thinks the solution is killing Jews. Too chickenshit to use a name, I see, and as usual too stupid to read a real history book.

        • A pity that you were not drowned at birth. I bet you family is so proud of what they hatched.

          • My comment was for the punk anonymous.

      3. I’ll be a preppin pappy. Thar she blows! Is scare tactics still on the tv?

        • Hmmm a week huh… I suppose I would get a shitload of brewing supplies and tobbacco. Thats about the only thing Im short on. Oh ya and another pallet of toilet paper lol 🙂

          • Genius,don’t forget to get a little extra federal!

            • Ha Ha Ha WC, I have all the federal I need! Thanks for reminding me though 🙂

      4. As long as the bank didn’t punish me for missing a few mortgage payments and the IRS forgave me for not filing, I’d be fine with a power grid down event that lasted a year or so.

        • This is a VERY interesting “what if” scenario! I am really looking forward to coming back and reading this again when there are about 400 sensible comments offering advice, suggestions and insights.

          My first act though would be to top up fuel supplies and stabilise it, check the spare ECU for my truck is extra safe in the faraday cage and hit Costco for long life supplies.

          Everything else is pretty much up to speed.


          • All the little cheerleaders, the music and the singing and modern theatrics of entertainment at the beginning of the NFL football game… and no one would guess that behind the scenes, US and French war ships have entered the Black Sea and NATO military are positioning along the border of Crimea, to Russia’s chagrin…

            This is Putin’s/Russia’s response (from Zero Hedge):

            Russian General Demands Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against NATO
            Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 09/04/2014 15:07 -0400

            Eastern EuropeEstoniaIranLatviaLithuanianational securityNoneNorth KoreaPolandPortugalUkraine


            While NATO is contemplating its existential purpose in a world where the Cold War has suddenly come back with a vengeance, and the military alliance has found itself woefully unprepared to deal with a Russia which no longer accepts the supremacy of the west (appropriately enough NATO is doing this on a golf course) Russia is also strategizing, only instead of issuing “sharply-worded catchphrases” and hashtags, a Russian general has called for Russia to revamp its military doctrine, last updated in 2010, to clearly identify the U.S. and its NATO allies as Moscow’s enemy number one. That in itself is not disturbing: we reported as much yesterday and is merely more rhetorical posturing. Where things, however, get very problematic is that the general demands that Russia spell out the conditions under which the country would launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the 28-member military alliance.

            • So Russia is getting tired of NATO slapping them in the face, and now plan on a response to that “one slap too many?”

              Meanwhile, American Patriots have been getting ready for that “one slap too many” from TPTB?

              Great minds think alike…

          • Hi Aussie…what WE need to do is what WE always do….keep on keepin’ on….UNTIL the event arrives when WE do what needs to be done….very simple, actually….HOLD YOUR fire until the time comes to engage…WE are ALL in IT for the long haul….

          • Aussie, I’ve been posting on here long enough that if I was to post about how I’m a homesteader and not a prepper and how I’ve fixed up my home and property to be self-sufficient with wells, gardens, fruit and nut trees, solar, trades shops, animals, firewood, fuel, generators and plan “B”s and how I/we’ve been learning and doing new homesteader skills, it would get old.

            If you’re not ready right now for something that will happen in five days then you’re just shit out of luck. If you don’t thing something will happen in five days but you still feel the need to prep then get off your ass, on your feet, out of the shade and into the heat.

            Prepping is user specific, not all of us live rural in Oregon. I can’t help out an apartment dweller in Los Angeles with tips on how to prep. Their needs will be more in line with learning how to evacuate, evade, cover distance, scrounge and make themselves a value to a community that’s away from everything they know. Skills talk, bullshit walks.

            Really, how do you dig a well in a condo? raise goats in an apartment, have a chicken flock with a rooster in a high rise?

            • There will be no escape from LA unless you are lucky enough to live on the edge of the city near the five and the Grapevine. Even then you have to be on the road real quick. Lost Angeles will be a death trap when the Fit hits the shan.

        • Id rather it never come back on

          • I can appreciate your sentiment but the idea of a complete grid down for who knows how long, really scares the shit out of me. I’m prepped for it as best as I can, but still….


        • The Grid could be down for 2 years. But there won’t be any reason to rebuild it or people to build it, since 90% die off will occur. So don’t worry about sending any more payments to anybody. The bankers will be shot or hung. And if any repo man thing he going to take anything he’s a dead man walking too. We will instantly be owners of anything we can occupy and defend. It will be a game changer. The biggest gun wins. Tactical skills rise to the top of the food chain.

          • Another reason to go out and max out all your credit cards to buy as many preps as you can right now. All the ammo you can buy, guns and food and water filters. Grid down means all debt is instantly wiped away. Screw the banks real good. In fact go max out as much money as you can in equity loans. And stock up on prepper supplies gas storage, 4 wheelers Armor balistic plates ammo food and toilet paper. It will be the new gold.

            • I called the IRS yesterday asked a few questions. This guy on the line started talking. He said every other call he gets is from people who are all taped out and can no longer make any more payments. I said so what do those people do. He said all I look at are the numbets and file a lien against their property. So basically the Government is setting up to forclose on property owners and take it all for themselves. America is pretty screwed right now. Or I should say the people are. The end game is coming fast and closing in like a box. Checkmate!

              • WhoWudda;
                I agree with your first post about not worrying about bills etc when the grid goes down, but your next post is bad, bad idea.
                Will the grid go down at some point…. I honestly believe it will. But when is the question. Maxing out the CC is just asking for trouble. Max it out today and the shit may not hit the fan till next year, who knows. For me its not worth the risk of loosing everything.

                just my .02


                • File bankruptcy. Not very ethical but if the game is over what does it matter? Of course the game might not really be over which will result in another kind of SHTF.

          • Amen to whodunit’s post.
            Who’s gonna take our homes when the sheriff will probably be in the same debt barrel as us??

            • The new residents who will have been brought in to replace the no longer needed former American citizens. Time to get on with the New World Order and that requires a new man with no loyalty to the old system. I suspect that most who lived here before will be in mass graves here, there and everywhere. Have a nice day losers. You elected him twice and stupid has a check you cannot cash.

      5. No worries, have lived with out before, and can do it again. A year without electricity would thin the herd. My family however, will freak the hell out..LOL

        • Had some severe storms recently and I was without “electric” for over 9 hours….got the lamps out and all was good here….
          Learn to LIVE as if YOUR life depended upon it….electric is a luxury…not needed to survive…

          • When I relocated to a new city before my family I didn’t have power for a few days. Only thing you miss is a warm shower. You need WATER. Back then, I could charge my electronics at work.

          • @Feisty Old Broad. Everybody needs to practice their Grid down skills and a time to assess their preps. Make all the mistakes during these practice runs. I see so many prepping videos on line where people claiming to be preppers have all these survival products still in their boxes. They will be screwed trying to read the directions in the dark. Get out and practice every product you bought. Get out that solar charger and make sure you have all the attachments ans label them. During a real SHTF situation you do not have time to be fumbling with details or reading instructions. Make sure you rifle scopes are sighted in and operable. Practicing all your prepper skills of filtering water. It will be a huge advantage to learn and frequently practice your SHTF Skills. Get the whole family involved and make sure every person in your family is cross trained on every aspect of Your prepping. Cause if one person goes down anybody else in your group can pick up the tool and know how to work it. Get busy NOW on all of this. I will guarantee you will find gaps and flaws in your existing Prepper plans. After SHTF you may not be able to get any more products or tools. I know people out there right now who never purchased a simple water filter. They will be the first to die.

            • @Who….good advice for the newbies.

          • Nine hours is not a year. Especially with no food, water and other nice to have services. Try it for a week as a dry run without leaving the house to get away from the boredom. Bet you sing a different tune.

            • John….already been there and done that….Have been through many hurricanes, blizzards, and an EF5 tornado….have been without power for weeks….I sing the same song each time I and my family come through okay….have never experienced an earthquake, and where I am, I truly hope it does not occur anytime soon….
              Boredom within my own home does not exist…..there are many things to occupy my time….reading is my relaxation and Knowledge time……And, I have what I need to survive safe and secure within my BRAIN

          • The same with me. 11 hours without electricity. Had the oil lamps fired up… made a pot of coffee on the wood stove and heated up some soup. Spent some nice quiet quality time with my wife…then the power came back on and I felt disappointed. We both went back to our computers with our back to each other and the old tech sodden life was back. To tell you the truth I was hoping it would go out again.

        • Without the ability to text and have a cell phone glued to their ears,while riding around wasting gas, the 13 to 33 year olds will go ape shit crazy. The number of murders/suicides and robberies will quadruple in no time at all.

          Without TVs,DVRs, and DVD players, the remaining 30 somethings thru the 50+ age groups will also go BooKoo Dinky Dauo. Especially those with rug rats.

          Without meds and their monthly SS checks and weekly trips to the Pharmacy and Walmarket, the 62 to 92 age group will go into deep depression and mass suicidal attempts.

          The “over” 92 crowd could care less. A little glass of wine or a snort from a Jim Beam bottle and they will just sleep thru it all.

          Thank God, I’m 58 and never depended upon drugs/meds/alcohol/nicotene/SS retirement/ or, Medicaid/Medicare; nor was ever expecting, to be.

          Prepped to the core, and ready to lock and load!
          Only thing left to do is put up the signs, “Property Under Heavy Surveillance…..Trespassers Needed For Fertilize and Dog Food”

          • Another reason to always be caught up on your laundry. Hey, Yesterday before dark I went for a bike ride, and passed this guy approx 45 yrs old, walking the opposite direction. I could tell he was homeless. Unshaven and dirty looking. He was carrying a small bag, and smelled of BO, as I passed him. Sad.. America will be filled with refugees on the road. Many of these homeless people just walk from park to park every day, looking for some place to feel safe, or walk to some food bank or soup kitchen. And that is their daily routine. A wake up call for NON-Preppers. Do you want to be that guy walking aimlessly with your family in tow? Get your SHTFPlan together ASAP.

            Also many of these current homeless people could also be criminals on the run, so don’t be gullible thinking you are going to spread your charity and rescue these people. You know like bring them home to shower then next thing you know you are laying dead, as they drive off in your vehicle with all your preps laughing.

          • PISSINTHEWIND,

            Still remember the night I woke up sicker than I had ever been since I had never before been sick except for the usual little stuff. Had appendicitis. So before you go thinking you are so smart and invincible you better consider the unexpected not to mention falls and other accidents that will lay you up. Try setting a broken leg yourself. Especially when it’s on you.

      6. A week?? Wow! Hmmm… hand the sales staff my laundry list to pull from stocks in the warehouse, invoice and pay cash, load the truck and sock it away at home. next trip to DIY store, pick up as many 100LB propane tanks that would fit in the truck and head to the propane dealer. Repeat a couple times before the dead line. Do a once through what we have in stock and load up again.

        • Must be nice to have that kind of money. I’ve had to put my preps together a little bit at a time, but I did it because I kept at it, relentlessly.

      7. In my opinion the reason why ISIS and other unknown,yet discovered terror groups exists is because they are being allowed to.
        After the person who occupies the Oval Office was elected, he said that there would be no war on Islam while he was President.
        That is why ISIS lives. That is why he released those five terrorists for that deserter. This is not by accident.

        As for 7 days until the end of the world, it could be any day now, you don’t have a week.

        just my opinion

        • Eh….the “end of the world” will not be in 7 days….or in 7 weeks. isis is in OUR Country already and gearing up to bring our grid down….wonder if THEY know exactly what happens next? Hope They Know That WE Know just WHO they are, WHERE they are….and WE will NOT give any warning before WE strike….gotta love the USA!

        • Watching and waiting ,
          tactically taking the grid down now would not be as effective as doing it at the beginning of winter.
          I think we probably have till the November elections. But “black swan” events can occur at any time. If you do not have your basic preps now you are a day late and a dollar short.

          You should be just topping off your consumables now , adding the last boxes of ammo or procuring items like NOD’s , thermal sights , ballistic plates and spare tactical gear for replacement ( extras ) or other items that would be good to have when the lights go out.
          Think practical store in bulk the items you use everyday.

          Get good tactical clothing made to last ( not china S**t , voodoo or rothco)
          You will have to depend on this stuff for years.
          Good foot ware I am partial to DANNER Boots. This may be your main means of travel in the days that come.


          The ones who survive won’t necessarily be the strongest , smartest or the fastest ,
          The ones that survive will be the most ADAPTABLE.


          Semper Fi 8541

          • I am partial to my Belleville boots with vibram soles….won on goodwill auction for about 25 bucks….retail $155
            As far as improvisation goes…..I have been living the “necessity is the MOTHER of invention” for about 44 years…..got it down pat now…..

      8. Would be nice if they passed by my place on their way to the power plant. Like Phil Robertson says: convert them or kill them. Either way will work

      9. “You can go far more in-depth on the topic with a good book. I strongly recommend Tess Pennington’s comprehensive guide, The Prepper’s Blueprint”

        Will it show up in time for the “grid jihad” ?

        But really , i just cant seem to prep for everything.
        How do i obtain 40 gallons of water per day per cow in a grid down senario without a well ?
        Summer is no troubles , but cows cant walk out on ice for a drink.

        BBQ , Anyone ? This sucks.

        • That’s what I was just thinking myself, those animals use ALOT of water!

        • Spring water never freezes…

          I’ve heard you can even use it instead of antifreeze in your truck.

          • JRS there’s nothing special about spring water, I’ve seen plenty of ice around springs. Running water doesn’t freeze and a spring is running water, once it stops moving it will freeze.

            Do an experiment, get some spring water, put it in an ice tray and place it in your freezer.

            One property of antifreeze is that it’s anticorrosive, spring water isn’t.

            What spring water is, it’s free of the nasty germs (Giardia And Cryptosporidium) that will give you diarrhea and a bad case of stomach cramps. The nasty bugs aka Beaver Fever come from animals defecating in the water, spring water where it comes out of the ground hasn’t yet been contaminated. A few feet down stream it could be.

            I prefer spring water that comes out of the sides of an embankment and not up through the ground. The ground based springs that I find are usually covered with animal tracks.

            FYI Copy and paste alert:

            Giardia And Cryptosporidium. What are the symptoms?

            Diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, gas, malaise, and weight loss are the most common symptoms caused by Giardia. Vomiting, chills, headache, and fever may also occur. These symptoms usually surface six to 16 days after the initial contact and can continue as long as one month.

            The symptoms of cryptosporidiosis are similar; the most common include watery diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, nausea, and headaches. These symptoms occur within two to 25 days of infection and usually last one or two weeks; in some cases they stick around for up to a month.

            How do these parasites cause illness?

            Both parasites produce cysts that are very resistant to harsh environmental conditions. When ingested, they germinate, reproduce, and cause illness. After feeding, the parasites form new cysts, which are then passed in the faeces. Studies with human volunteers have shown that ingestion of only a few cysts will cause illness.

            • Thanks Rick.

              It was a joke that I remember being told probably as far back as the sixties. Should have tagged it or something I guess.

              My whole water system here is gravity fed spring water. It was originally built to bring water off the mountain for the old steam engine railroad that travelled through these parts. Some original sections are over a hundred years old.

              We are old hillbillys in this part of the woods and none of us filter the water and none seem to get the skitters from it. Luck or orneriness, I guess.

          • Who the hell told you that? maybe in San Diego or Florida where it does not freeze but spring water appears not to freeze only because it is always being replaced by warmer water. They let you out by yourself?

        • Hammer,is there a depth that would produce water and have a solar/wind powered pump?How many cows,could with hand pump meet their needs(yea,you’ll be tired),some of the hand pumps will do well(Pun?)over 400+ feet.

        • Around here they they use tank heaters propane or electric. I have an insulated concrete stock tank that uses electric heat. If you have your own well you can reconfigure it with a 120 volt ac pump and set up a solar system to run it. You could also build a solar system to heat the tank water. Get an on demand stock tank. The last thing I can think of is become a cowboy and drive your cows south for the winter.

      10. Just bought my new KSG 12 + 1 Shotgun. One more check off the list. Wife says I can purchase our armor next week if it don’t go to shit before then. Stay safe and good luck in advance. Its getting close. Just too much shit happening on all fronts. Better be just collecting odds and ends by now for sure.

        Pissed Off Granny – The degenerates have moved on and probably heading your way. Just a heads up.

        • maddog…..can we somehow arrange something so your wife talks to my wife in order for me to purchase one as well? Please help me since my wife told me no more guns unless I sell one and my response is honey this is just like selling one of our two kids in order to plan for the 3rd one.

          • Not sure you’ll want me to help. I had to agree to the wife buying a new car to get mine. At least she listen to me and purchased a diesel powered auto. Now I only need to stock two types of fuel, propane and diesel.

      11. Excellent article Daisy. Well done!

        • “Get started today”…Excellent advice

          I agree! Great article Daisy!

          Some other special needs you may need to consider in your preps:

          -elderly individuals

          -those with special dietary or medical needs


      12. This is what I would do,resurrect this critter and have him as a post apocalyptic buddy; ht tp://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2014/09/04/this-is-the-kind-of-dinosaur-you-find-in-hollywood/,way cool,or,weigh cool,as in 65 tons,will admit,didn’t read article yet on jihad,was too great to not get this on now.You know the drill,space in http to do away with onerous moderation waits!

      13. Excellent!; Authoritative, comprehensive, complete.

        That is a fine list M’am!

        ‘Another’ sends greetings. As well, that which was put forth here just a few days ago is worth perusing, truly. Same applies as that region has NOT had any significant siesmic disturbances in excess of 400 years, unlike the Western Seaboard in general.

        That said, the UHV (Ultra-High Voltage) transformers that form the backbone of the entire grid are insanely difficult to manufacture. As well there are now only TWO manfacturer’s of same left in the entire world. Process time – from start to completeion – to build just one is 13 months….there are in excess of 1100 of those distributed through North-Am currently.

        Only a handful of those need be ‘impaired’ such that the ‘uber-grid’ disintegates into several smaller, FAR less efficient, ‘sub-grids’ which would cripple the US for a very long time indeed. IF more than just a handful were permanently removed from the loop, then massive regional outages would occur that would leave large regions – entire – without electricity for the forseeable future.

        Contemplate the difficulties associated with attempting to build and REPLACE such while other ‘groups’ were actively hindering your efforts throughout. All that would be neccessary to continue those outages as a crippling tactic wold be to occaisionally destroy one or two more, every so often.

        Does anyone here – seriously – think that our current ‘Ineptocracy’ is even remotely capable of defending such a distributed infra-structure – without resorting to Martial Law and thereby stomping out the final tattered Rights of the Citizenry; they couldn’t do anything about the Tsarnev’s now could they? Pathetic.

        The last message I am to leave here will come tommorrow and will be directed at Be Informed and as well, Durango Kid. DK, remember ‘Washington’s Prophecy”? JOG says he knows – now – “Exactly” what that means…and it is GRIM. Astronomically so. Till then…


        In the meanwhile…look up ‘Stalking Wolf’s’ prophecy – the third sign – and perhaps as well, the ‘Hopi Mystery Egg” which is refered to by them…for the Biblically inclined here, “And BEHOLD… I saw a STAR fall from HEAVEN…and it’s name was Wormwood….”

        • MayBeSo;
          It was nice having you around for awhile. Good luck, stay safe. Tell him hello.


        • Happy that some remember and KNOW about Washington’s Vision….have posted it numerous times….
          GOOD thing to READ and UNDERSTAND

          • ADDENDUM: MUCH MORE to it than many can possibly truly understand….

        • Sure do miss JOG..and Copperhead..know I will meet up with all those I care for here on this site sometime in the very near future….and WE will indeed KNOW each other…

      14. Very welcome and timely ( hate to say its true ) article thank you again Daisy. Yeah the most well funded terrorist group yet … follow the money right back to you know where. I’m standing by in my primary BOL but ready to do some last minute shopping for some extra items. Only 7 shopping days until the Apocalypse ! Peace and Safety to All Here.

        • Thanks for the humor, 55er. “Only 7 shopping days until the Apocalypse”: Really funny stuff!

      15. Also, two Z-Hedge headlines that sum it all up rather well, I think,

        “David Tepper Is Back, Sees “Beginning Of The End” Of Bond Bubble”


        “Martin Armstrong Asks “Has Western Society Become Fascist?”

        Openly questioning the CORPORATE STATE, ‘Bad form Ol’ Boys!…”

      16. Preparing for Uncertain Times – A Simple Guide to Getting Ready, by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Patriot

        Basic information and lists for:
        -Food Storage
        -Self-Sustaining Lifestyle

        Included is a list for a Two Month Supply for Two People of Shelf Stable Grocery Store-Purchased Foods.


        • @ KY Mom: That looks a real good article, thanx for sharing. @ Daisy, as usual I love reading your articles(and putting into practice) your great recipes and ideas!

          I sure hope nothing happens in a week, but am ‘mostly’ prepared….thanx in part to you….sure wish we could meet again someday!

          Sure is good to hear that a mutual friend is ‘back in the loop’ again……prayers answered! Hugs to you and ‘the little one’, take care, CC.

      17. It is not a matter of if, but when the grid down scenario occurs. This will happen, whether it is on a huge scale or small local scale, the grid can and will go down. Maybe for a few hours, a few days, or months…but it will happen. People know this yet they still don’t prepare. It goes to show how very stupid, not ignorant, the public really is. Hell, you could literally tell people, “There is a 75% that the grid will go down some time in the next month.” I’d bet most would still do nothing, convinced the government (or some other magical entity) will take care of them.

        • Grid went down a couple of years ago in the southwest. It was only for a few hours, but the fact that it crossed state lines was an eye-opener for me.

          There are earthquakes here too, but the biggest thing is fires. A good wildfire getting whipped into a frenzy by the Santa Ana winds go bat-shit crazy in a hurry in the dry areas around here.

          Nope, I don’t prep because I’m afraid we’ll get nuked or because I’m afraid they’ll fly planes into a stadium… I prep because something happens at least every decade naturally that warrants being ready to do without for a while. Some folks in storm areas on the right coast will probably know what I’m talking about.

      18. I would like to point out that vehicles are natural “Faraday cages” and will most likely not be effected. Once ur gas runs out though, that’s a whole diff story….

        • DMONIC…I wonder if you are actually correct. Many vehicles have a fiberglass shell, not metal. I don’t believe that this sort of shell would properly protect the vehicles electrical components.

          • @ Kynase,

            Correct analysis…God FORBID you are a proud Saturn owner – if – that moment comes.

            • Yeah, but if an suv smashes you from the rear at 50mph, while you are at a dead stop, youll live to see another day. The car wont and i dont recommend that anyone try it.

              You will hurt like a mofo for a long time, but you will live.

        • Consider grounding you car. Run jumper cables from your house ground to your cars frame. I bet thst could make a positive difference in an EMP.

        • Dudes,
          Then I must ask. If an EMP fries my electronics, won’t it fry Ugly as well? If my electronics are off and in basement, are they not protected. Don’t electronics have to be on or connected to get fried? I can see vehicles moving and tv on and then suddenly fried by an EMP. But what about off and just sitting?.

          • Nuclear EMP will fry most modern circuits, whether powered or not, and will fry everything connected to long wires. Solar EMP induces currents in long wires, so it will fry telephone equipment and anything plugged into the electrical grid. Solar EMP probably won’t bother anything that isn’t plugged in. So your car radio might work, but it wouldn’t receive anything.

            • +1

      19. OH WAIT! I know the answer! COLLOIDAL SILVER!

        • While reading the yankee anti zombie man…..,ah,screw it!

      20. If one of those “missing” jet liners from Tripoli rolls across NYC at about 50000 feet with a nuclear weapon, we might all have to find out how prepared we really are. I figure from 50000 the EMP would knock out electronics for what, 50 million people?

        • Hmmm …Southpaw, got to thinking about this and the relationship to 11 airliners go missing. Here’s my thought…10 FEMA regions = 10 airline nukes given a pass to fly over each one them. The 11th is sent to Hawaii to take out the Pacific fleet communication ability to the nuke sub response….just my thought…but I believe plausible.

          • Naaah, it wouldn’t take that many! It would only take two or three at that altitude to knock out most of the electrical infrastructure in the US. It likely wouldn’t completely cripple the military though. Most of their equipment is hardened against such a threat since the time of the Cold War. Remember though that the smaller number that is necessary makes it more likely to happen. Since it is fairly difficult to enrich Uranium or Plutonium, it would be hard to make that many bombs unless you were a state. Even still, the lack of nuclear proliferation shows that it is difficult for a state to do, let alone a terrorist organization. It’s not that a nuke is all that hard to make. The science is actually pretty simple. It’s the fission fuel that’s hard to come by.

          • Shhhh
            Dont say that sorta stuff!
            I was just feelin all sorta safe! Now im going to start itching again!!!

            • Aiyah…sorry brah..my family is in Maui,Oahu,Molokai and the majority on the Big Island….and sadly they rather stay in ignorance…ever thought about heading for Iao Needle?

              • Iao is too close to town!
                Kahikinui for me, mountain to ocean is all good, mountain side can hunt and theres water, ocean side can fish and theres water if you know where to look and plenty of hiding places

                • Kinda cold hah?…but pretty remote…stay safe kula brah..

                  • You know it,

                  • Talon,
                    Is real easy to see how folks can slip into the normalcy bias over here, pretty much isolated from everything, local or national news is soft, everything is geared toward dont worry be happy, make it all look good for the tourist. You really gotta search to find out what is going on beyond our shores, is always beautiful and weather mostly always nice, and if you are like me really would never even know anything is wrong anywhere unless you go looking deep. Know tons of folks who dont hear about any of the stuff you see on these sites.
                    Sort of scary in that most dont realize we are one container ship away from empty store shelves.
                    Im glad im connected to the island how i am because theres plenty of folks who will be SOL when something goes down.

      21. Regarding sealing up your home to keep out possible radiation free-floating particles) if necessary:

        (1) If you you decide to seal up your home (windows, doors or sliding glass doors, use GREEN PEVA shower curtains cut to shape and attached with Gorilla tape or possibly hangers of some sort. DO NOT BUY and cover your windows/doors with cheap, plastic painters drop clothe. That plastic is toxic and it will off-gas into the sealed home and make you sick (nauseous) eventually.

        In addition, sealing your home will not allow fresh air (oxygen). Eventually, you will need to open window covers or crack a window or door to let in fresh air.

        (2) Buy P-100 disposable masks with easy flow valve. P-95 masks with front valve are good also but not as effective as the P-100s. Radioactive particles are most harmful if you BREATHE them into your lungs. If radiation gets into your lungs its bad news. If radiation gets on your skin, you simply wash it off with soap and water. To keep hot particles out of your eyes, Home Depot and Lowes have cheap but good strap-on clear goggles that you can buy for about two dollars.

        I share these things with you because I have already done them in my small condo to prepare for Fukushima radiation (“hot” particles) if it gets worse.

      22. With headlines like below, you may not have a week.
        It’s getting real ugly, real fast!

        Russian General Demands Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against NATO
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        While NATO is contemplating its existential purpose in a world where the Cold War has suddenly come back with a vengeance, and the military alliance has found itself woefully unprepared to deal with a Russia which no longer accepts the supremacy of the west (appropriately enough NATO is doing this on a golf course) Russia is also strategizing, only instead of issuing “sharply-worded catchphrases” and hashtags, a Russian general has called for Russia to revamp its military doctrine, last updated in 2010, to clearly identify the U.S. and its NATO allies as Moscow’s enemy number one. That in itself is not disturbing: we reported as much yesterday and is merely more rhetorical posturing. Where things, however, get very problematic is that the general demands that Russia spell out the conditions under which the country would launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the 28-member military alliance.

        • Not to mention joint military exercises Ukraine and Nato in a couple weeks. Lets just piss off the bear whom we already know bites.

          • They’ll take any risk and suffer any number of civilian casualties, to satisfy their bankster masters. It’s that simple…and the banksters want WAR.

      23. Go over your lists,get those final items,you may not have another chance. sure nothing may happen but you’ll use the stuff anyway. Do it now while you can and while items are available. Later they may be unavailable or cost way too much.

        • Wait till the sewage backs up into your home. If you live in the city.

          • …and it absolutely will. A week tops.

            • “…and it absolutely will. A week tops.”

              You don’t know when or if my water/sewage treatment will stop, lastmanstanding. Nobody knows that. You don’t even know where I live. If my sewer system backs up, then I will adapt and survive just was you will do living in the rural areas. Everyone will have their own unique problems/challenges when the time comes.

              • Pick up a set of drain plugs for the toilets. Grid goes down, remove the toilet and insert the plug in to the drain pipe. They are usually 3″ or 4″. They have a wingnut that expands the sides of the plug to seal the drain.

                Buy a couple of pvc caps to cap off the drains in your sink as well.


        On your honor–only vote once !

        Over 45 yrs old vote Thumbs up

        Under 44 yrs old vote Thumbs down

        • Well,had to vote thumbs up but not by much.Can I vote thumbs down as am in most ways a kid at heart and have been told by women to stop acting childish?!

          • Hey Warchild, I hope ya stocked up yer favorite ammo on sale! I gotta say you have a good sense of humor lol. Just be sure to check every round for duds before you have to rely on it 🙂

            • Eh,we need a few laughs,done with crying!On a more serious note if stored properly/firearm maintained folks should if bad batches let manufacture and friends know.I would test first same batch in a friends same caliber.Hell,they have recall/warning lists for about every other product,if not why not for ammo?You could have bad smokeless/primers/sealing and have a bad run go through,folks should know!That said,whether on range or in tough times and running out and see a box of federal,well,gonna give it a shot!(Yes,pun intended!).

        • Interesting survey, grandee.

          I see most on here are older…as am I.

          Probably chase the young’uns away by being so grumpy all the time.

          • We elders have our work cut out for us.

            Let us encourage the young with the wisdom of the old
            to prep on.

      25. Regarding inside cooking if your electricity goes out:

        I have bought several cases of 12-can Sterno (get chafing fuel) and stored them. This stuff burns clean (it is odorless and safe indoors). It also has an almost unlimited shelf life. A case costs about 20 bucks at a wholesale store like BJs.


        Having an OUTSIDE wood-burning stove like a small Grover is good to have also if you can afford one.

        • I have a lot of sterno someone didn’t want,will try and say heat a can of soup in can and see how long it takes,that said when hungry a cold can of soup bet would taste fine!

          • warchild–you’d be surprised what a candle or two will do heating a can of corn.
            I tried it and it worked.
            Take lid off can; heat in the can.

          • I have a Coleman stove and a bunch of propane canisters. The stove is not that expensive and the propane is fairly cheap too. It’s not something I could haul around in the woods but I bought it for storm season, not the end of the world. I also got a good deal on discontinued tea candles in IKEA’s scratch and dent section, which will be a good source of light.

        • Get a Kelly Kettle for outdoor cooking. It only requires twigs, leaves, pine needles, etc., ‘nature’s fuel’ you might say. I have the base camp model and love it. It will boil a pan of water in only 3 minutes. I also have a Sterno for indoor cooking and it will do if you have nothing else.






        • Wow. Just a bit off topic?

          • Sybil is back.

        • Acid

          I remember my first beer too, it’ll wear of in about an hour so get back with us tomorrow.

        • @Acid Etch
          Just want you to know that no matter how obnoxious you try to be in your posts, I’ll be praying for you.

          I am also calling on all the Christians on this site, who have a heart to, to start praying for Acid Etch/Eisen, often….it’s pretty obvious he/she needs our prayers.

          So go ahead AE, make some snarky remark, I’ll still be praying.

          • I am praying, but my prayer list has exceeded a billion. Therefore, Acid is on his own….

        • Acid….I don’t know to laugh or to cry but please stay away from neighborhood
          during SHTF. You scare me.

        • Only Pricks like you call women cunts.

          • As if nice guys don’t get trampled on by you douche rubbers.

            • In your case it’s probably the batshit crazy vibe you give off that makes them run away.

        • If you have been circumcised Acid the most intelligent part of you is gone forever!


        • And i thought ISIS was the most ignorant thing on the net

        • Hey Eisenstien, It’s “Circumcising not Circumsizing”

          • When a boy like Eisen-acid-sketch, is endowed with a popcorn shrimp and it has to use needle nose pliers to pee standing up, it might be called circum-sizing, as in stretching a little bitty thing a long way.

        • Acid= One sick puppy!

      27. Imagine if you and everyone else knew, we only had 7 days til teotwaki. The run on supplies would be unparalleled. Better to prepare today and live a lifestyle without so much excess than to live a life where you still expect excess when there is no one to provide it anymore.

      28. Good article Daisy.

        Old Timers have their gear in place but that does not mean we find a new twist every now and then.

        I can say that I would do well provided I don’t catch a “H” Bomb coming down on top of me. Many will learn how to sit in the dark and do without all those toys we use everyday. Been working on some projects that were on the drawing board. Hiding them in plain sight. I do expect a few questions but have logical answers. I figure one day they will wake up and look out the window and say, What the fuck is that shit?

        • What shit? Oh the mushroom cloud?

          • Outstanding! AP.

          • Cool site your building, good info

            • I agree. We need forward progress and learning on these topics. Too many times a similar article garners the same responses. And a lot of noise. Need some way to continue to discuss the same topic but to pull the knowledge from the discussion. e.g. one person commented here on a hobo stove/kelly kettle. that could file under the topic of Grid Down Cooking. Right now, nothing on survival/prepping/homesteading is organized it seems.

              • survivalblog is searchable to some degree,,, but so much info there it can be a bit tough to go through it all,
                for lots of us, is just common sense stuff depending on your vintage, for some of the newbies I can imagine it is a bit offputting,
                IMHO a lot of the small details and skills will be the most useful when things come unglued, theres no way to know what is going to go down, or to what degree,
                some things are just good sense no matter what, food, light, protection, and backups for cooking, or light or food gathering or hunting etc, I can see a collapse, at least in my area, where things fall apart, and people just have no choice but to revert to hunting, gardening, fishing, working together to figure it out, we are a small enough comunity that I feel we will self regulate the bad eggs out pretty fast if the rule of law disappears or is impared, short of a nuclear disaster or war on our shores the golden hoarde scenario is not real likely, but hey, who knows, ANYTHING is possible I suppose.

      29. Thanks for the essay, Daisy. It’s a good one.

      30. We’re prepared to the degree that we have food and water, guns and ammo, ways to heat our home and cook our food. We have hundreds of candles, flashlights, and probably 100 AA batteries. We have plywood to put in front of the windows to block light from being seen from the outside. We have 5 gallon buckets with snap-on toilet seats to use as toilets. We have garbage bags to line them and literally a ton of kitty litter to cover the smell. I plan on hauling the bucket outside and dumping it at 3AM every morning.

        The only dilemma I have is how far to go to dump the poop. If it’s too close it will smell bad but walking far to dump it isn’t safe either. Due to the phases of the moon, there will be some nights when there will be a lot of light. Enough to be easily seen. That concerns me.

        And because I’m a cat guy, we have 360 cans of cat food stored. Along with enough dry food to last 7 cats for one year. When things get bad I’ll go to the shelter and rescue 3 cats to go with the 4 we already have.

        • Are you planning to eat your cats once the food supply is depleted? Make sure you use meat tenderizer and some A1.

          • Gotta do it Chinese style and make Manapua

            • barncat may need to see if eppe has a copy of “101 Ways to wok a Cat”.

            • I gotta Aloha Hawaiian BBQ restaurant down the street..had some of their manapua…for California…was actually one…but haoles tend to make it with more bun than char siu pork..not like Onolicious Hawaiian kine

              • Was actually good..sure it was pork and not cat

                • Good stuff,
                  Think ill go track some down and fire up the steamer!

          • I plan to eat my neighbor’s dogs. They bark all the time and annoy me, so I’ll get my payback at the end of the world! (Just kidding…sort of…)

        • If you are crapping inside and taking it outside, you need to dig a deep hole in the back yard, preferably far from your water supply. Then when you make a “deposit,” just toss in a shovelful of dirt. That’s how people used an outhouse years ago. I know, because I lived in a house without indoor plumbing back in the late 1950s.

          • No shit, archivist.

            I was thinking the same thing. Someone like Barncat must have a set of post hole diggers.

            We used to have a little place by the creek where a bunch of us would get together and bonfire and camp. We would dig a two ft. hole with post hole diggers and place a five gallon bucket over the hole with a hole in the bottom, turned upside down, and a piece of plywood attached, for a seat. The women really appreciated it.

            After every camp out session, we just filled it back in and tne next time, made a new hole a little farther away.

          • Ill continue to crap in the commode. Simply go out to the well that has a hand pump & pump a 5 gallon bucket of water to flush it.

            • That’s what I’ll do until the time comes when the septic tank needs to be pumped out. It can be done manually, but I’d rather not. I have a two-seater outhouse in the back yard that was built in the 1930s. I’ll use that when the septic no longer works.

        • Looks like rabbit once you have em skinned.

        • Barn Cat – WOw! Super Cat prepper. My wife would love you.
          We have 2 cats that come from a daddy from a barn for real.
          Main Coon Classic Male, and the more demure and perhaps more ferocious female. Beautiful eyes but watch out!

          You ought to write a cat prepper book on amazon and share.

          Kindle Direct Publishig. Go Prepper Writers!


          Scout out.

        • I’m with barn cat–except for the cat food!! 🙂

          Get a solar battery charger–you’ll always have light…and a shoe box full of batteries.

      31. Well,went shopping and bought another 10 pound sack of rice at home staying in.With a weeks warning what would I do after massaging thumb from loading many magazines.Well,had time to be in homeland would say goodbye to the cool folks at the aa meeting that helps me stay sober,would then go to packy and stock up on cold(while it still is beer)and perhaps a few bottles of Jack,would search out my ex fiancee and party with her and do things with her that would make barn yard rats blush and chickens bark,would crank the stereo a few final times blasting Tull/zep ect./tell the contractor that is at moment screwing me some monies owed forget about it,all is well,tell friends family I love em a final time and then,well,as am tired of trying to be reasonable amid all the insanity would move on from the reasonableness and get in a few licks before my almost inevitable demise fighting against evil people,should be a interesting week.

      32. So far we have waged a conventional war against these terrorists while they have attacked and killed innocent civilians. I think we should treat them as the murdering scum they are. No trial and no mercy.

        • Biggest problem is they move and hide among civilians, bunch of fucking pussies, violent murdering scum

      33. What’s the equal parts vinegar and backing soda supposed to do, they will just neutralize each other.

      34. Islam, the religion of pieces. Human pieces,that is. Radical Islam isn’t called Islamofascist for nothing. Makes Hitler look good by comparison.

      35. I need more aluminum foil to wrap the rest of my hard drives and other electronics on the evening of 9-10.

        • I just checked a few minutes ago. I’ve got plenty of foil. So I guess I have everything covered.

        • I need more to double triple wrap my helmet!

        • I would also disconnect your electronics from the wall. After that, bundle the cords with rubber bands and wrap the bundle in aluminum foil. This reduces the antenna effect that is the cause of most of the damage an EMP could do. Remember that during the Carrington Event, it was the length of the telegraph wires that ramped up the amperage to the level it reached which caused the damage.

          • I have to disconnect all the wires and cables in order to wrap everything properly in alternate layers of plastic and foil.

      36. Additionally…and anecdotally,

        Today, while relaxing and thus ‘channel-hopping’ for a few minutes over the satellite TV I heard this during a brief pause at the ‘Bloomberg Network’, approximately;

        NOTE: Not a QUOTE!!!, Simply the best I could do to recollect that astonishing admission! Think, ‘STUNNED SILENCE” here…

        “Today the FEDERAL RESERVE reported that an in-depth analysis of the effects of the Fed’s intervention in the markets since 2007 has resulted in an excess of profit for the typical 1% as at the same time the lower socio-ecomnomic clase have been shorn by an equivalent amount…”

        DUH!!! Ya THINK!!!

        OTOH, it DOES make me a tad nervous that the FED would actually – openly – ADMIT that bit of trivia, through no less than Bloomberg(?)….I wonder if ‘visions of pitchforks dancing in thier heads…” isn’t the reason?
        You call it….

        • lol…yet, by the same token, the St. Louis Fed has accused the people of “hoarding” their money.

          The velocity of money has dropped to a record low of 4.4…it circulates through the economy less than 5 times a year. They say that with the amount of digits the Fed has injected into the system it should be around 60.

          I think people are broke and debt saturated with a “too high to pay” price of oil and have no extra to spend. Not hoarding. This is far from hyperinflation. This is a deflationary collapse.

          Which branch of the Fed is telling the truth?

          • @ JRS,

            “Which branch of the Fed is telling the truth?”

            None of them, naturally. Remember though that the Fed – likely – thinks as does Mr Romney…that ‘Corporations are PEOPLE too.” Thanks for the update on the velocity of money; there is just SO much time and that is now nearly gone for me; much done but still some left to do.

            In truth, I think that perhaps the Fed is showing the first signs of fragmentation; on the one hand we have Fisher and to a smaller extent Bullard and on the other Kocherlakota with the others ranging across the gamut between. Needless to say, they are no longer a homogenous body of opinion…and that is as troubling a sign as I can think of, those USUALLY don’t disagree so distinctly in any public venue, do they?

            As such we may surmize that even those are roughly ‘clueless’ as to what makes the economy GO; finally, the Emperor’s new clothes are seen for what they are…pure fallacy. Get with the preppin’ Folks, HARD, time is short.

          • Welcome to a world with “free trade”. All it’s managed to do is free most Americans from good paying jobs. If they want the spending to increase, then something needs to be done to bring about good jobs for average, working class people. Until that is done, no one will be spending much on anything that is not essential.

            Give me a stimulus check from helicopter Ben and tell me to spend it and all I will do is either deposit it in the bank, or buy gold and silver with it. If I had credit card debt then it would go to eliminating that debt. I’m done with heavy consumption of consumer goods.

      37. Don’t know how many of you have seen those walls that got built down on the border, but I went down there with a friend and we took a look. Those suckers got built the wrong way around. Reminds me of the roach motel traps they used to sell at the little dollar store down the street. You can get in, but you can’t get out! I don’t think they intended it to keep people out, it’s made to keep us in! On dark lonely nights, I often wonder what the powers that be have planned for us, so bad that people will want to leave America?

      38. Other than fill up the tank, I have no last minute preparedness to make but as a precaution I’ll be staying out of the major cities and avoiding all unnecessary travel on the 11th. I don’t know if or when the terrorists will hit but the conditions now are perfect for it, the terrorists are created and backed by the West and the Arab allies, Obama backs the terrorists while leaving the back door open, the terrorism talk and threats have sharply increased this year, IS is well funded and well equipped with foreign nationals (including a handful of Americans) fighting for them, there are a dozen missing airliners, there’s been cyberattacks and dry runs on power stations, this administration loves false flags and never lets a crisis go to waste, and it’s global jihad from Boko Haram to Libya Dawn and Islamic State. I think the next terror attack is only a matter of time. It could be CBRN, bombs, massacre, cyberattack, grid attack, siege-style attacks.

        Someone yesterday by the name km talked about suspicious Middle Easterners caught filming schools. Schools, malls are targets for siege attacks and taking hostages. I bet IS would love to storm a school in the US or Europe with hundreds of hostages, plant explosives, and executions on camera with the world watching for days.

        Don’t just carry a camera (just about everyone has one on their phone), find the quickest exits and carry a heater with 2-3 extra magazines. That’s what I would want if I’m caught in a mall massacre like Westgate, Kenya. Even if unauthorized I’d consider bending the rules in these uncertain times, keeping it secret, and a compact gun that can easily hidden would be ideal like the .45 Glock 30 (light, small, powerful, decent capacity for the size). A rifle can be kept in the car trunk if it can be kept out of sight but a weapon should be on you or within reach in case you can’t reach your vehicle.

        And speaking of alternative cooling, you can make your own air conditioner. Get a styrofoam ice chest at the grocery store or a Walmart and a cheap battery or solar powered fan, trace cut two holes on the lid that can fit an elbowed dryer vent and the fan upside down over it, fill the box with ice, and turn on the fan. Though of course it won’t work as well the lights go out and you can’t make ice in the fridge.

        • Excellent comment, White Fox.

      39. Anybody that does not see a collapse coming is somebody that votes all democrat….

        • Because most of them are the ones that need “the money printed out of thin air”.

          They are just as entitled as the rest.

          Know who they are.

          • Target practice at WalMart?

      40. Good Guy

        I tried it but it came up unavailable

        Maybe the powers to be had something to do with it?

        So try everyone

        1 million fps slow motion video of bullet impact

        on youtube

        OH!!!!! There is a knock at my door HELP !!!!

      41. The state of Texas is the greatest threat to the traitors that want to destroy the U.S.A. They make that clear by all of the attacks on the state and the state government. Just tells me that Texas sees what is going on and is ready to defend.
        This was a comment to a story (WND), about terrorist threats to Army bases in Texas. False Flags are going to fly in Texas, big time, why so the Government can lock down (Martial Law) in Texas. This will put Texas in a position that basely stops their fighting of the tranny being imposed on us. Something big just may be in the works for the great State of TEXAS. Too all the people of Texas keep a sharp eye out and watch each other’s six. MHO.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

      42. Al Qaeda’s 9/11 anniversary attacks ready to go. New undetectable explosive may be used

        DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
        Sep 2, 2014, 9:40 PM (IDT)

        Credible Saudi, British and Australian intelligence sources say Al Qaeda’s IS and AQAP have completed plans for coordinated terrorist operations around the 13th anniversary of 9/11 – first in the Mid East and Europe and later in the US. DEBKAfile: They may be using a secret undetectable explosive developed in Yemen by Al Qaeda’s top bomb-maker, Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri. This novel explosive may have been surgically implanted in the bodies of Western suicide jihadists, who can travel freely on US or European passports to their target destinations. http://debka.com/

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      43. A good purchase of solar lights are DLights that I purchased from Nitro-pak. A prepper on here recommended them, so I bought some. I give them an A+….I have used the smaller one each morning for about 15 minutes of reading. Excellentee….

      44. Over 45? Under 44? I’m 44 and couldn’t vote!

        • oooops–sorry. be like warchild–vote how ya feel.

        • Grey,hopefully you live long enuff to get a chance to vote!

      45. Could a plane that has a nuclear device in it fly high enough to detonate over an area cause an EMP. Just wondering since rumor has it that some planes have went missing. I think the next two months will be very interesting to see how things play out.

        • Tanker-

          You really need to detonate a nuke at high altitude to get a decent cone (area) of coverage. Too low an altitude and you just effect a localized area.

          Take out the key electric substations however, and you just took the U.S. grid down. That in itself…would be catastrophic. Kind of like the 1986 movie ‘Aliens’…only real.

          Ripley- “They cut the power!”
          Hudson- “What do you mean, “*They* cut the power”? How could they cut the power, man? They’re animals!

          This time it will be animals of a different, more dangerous type.

          With that said- Here is a handy DIY website I recently stumbled across that is chock full of good information on esoteric subjects. Like making your own solar still, sharpening knives, even making thermite!

          h t tp://www.diyreport.com/
          (Primer on EMP there for you to check as well Tanker.)

      46. Gotta work on Thursday 9/11, the bug out/get home bag will be in the car.

        But,if Barack Obama suddenly decides to fly to Scotland for a round of golf to show off his new kilt (OK, we all know on BHO it would be more of a skirt than a kilt) and Joe Biden is suddenly incommunicado, Harry Reid and MS Pisslosi (sic) have a fund raiser at an undisclosed location, and Debbie Washerwoman Shultz is going to a hair straightening appointment in Key West…I might throw an extra can of ammo and some more water in the trunk.

        • orn: I agree just look at who is out of town (country), this week. Hmmmm!

          River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      47. Eppe???…a pound of the finest Kush for a calm relaxing target shoot?

      48. Craps bout to go downnnn

      49. Ebola outbreak: call to send in military to west Africa to help curb epidemic


        “”In west Africa, cases and deaths continue to surge,” she said. “Riots are breaking out. Isolation centres are overwhelmed. Health workers on the frontline are becoming infected and are dying in shocking numbers.

        “Others have fled in fear, leaving people without care for even the most common illnesses. Entire health systems have crumbled.”

        “The UN has also warned of serious food shortages as a result of restrictions on movement in the Ebola-hit countries. “Access to food has become a pressing concern for many people in the three affected countries and their neighbours,” said Bukar Tijani, the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation regional representative for Africa.

        “With the main harvest now at risk and trade and movements of goods severely restricted, food insecurity is poised to intensify in the weeks and months to come.”

        excuse my language

        but shit gettin’ REAL

        • Yeah, but how could there be anything really wrong in the world? I mean, the Dow continues to make all time highs almost every day. Plus, the weather has never been better for golf. Any why just the other month the TOTUS said that the world has never been more at peace. Okay, so we have these tiny issues of Ebola, ISIS, the UK breaking apart at the seams and the crisis in Ukraine that could spark WWIII but so what? As long as stocks I don’t own continue to do well, the world is fine.

      50. I doubt ISIS or any terrorist would expect to get much help from the mexican drug cartels , the mexicans need the drug users in this country to buy their drugs. The drug cartels want things to stay as they are for as long as possible, by helping the terrorists destroy this country they would be shooting their self in the foot per say. Mexico needs this country more than we need them. just sayin’ TTT

        • Unless they are thinking loot and lord of the flies

        • Maybe, but both sides could use the ensuing chaos to their advantage. With chaos comes hopelessness and a need for escape. Drugs offer an immediate form of escapism. Thus chaos and negative trends in people’s lives are good for the drug business.

      51. Dear Isis:

        Take out the grid, and we glass the Middle East.

        You better pray nothing happens to our grid. We’ll just assume it was you.

      52. Um.

        How the hell do I scrub my lungs, kidneys, liver, and colon with a brush?

        That would be a neat trick…

        • Sonne’s#7 will scrub you out

      53. Just a thought…If they wouldn’t shout from the rooftops that our power grid was soooo vulnerable, maybe they idea wouldn’t have crossed thier minds.

        • Our grid may be.

          Our missile silos and nuclear submarines sure as shit aren’t. One sub alone could crater the entire region.

          • I live near an old field of silos…they didn’t remove the missiles…they filled the holes with truck load after truck load of sand.

            • Stew,start digging!Hell,let me have one and will give a hand!

        • I have seen alot of these PVC and take down bow vids…this is the best PVC one I have seen, can’t remember the take down bow guy but he looks like Carey Elwes in “The Princess Bride”…mustache and all. Made it from Ski’s and laminated wood.

          • A PCV pipe makes a good blow gun. I seen a guy on TV killing rattle snakes & rabbits with a blow gun. And they are quiet! Hunt the poison snake and eat him. Use his poison on your darts and take down larger prey?

      54. *How will you get food if the grocery stores are closed?
        Been stocking since 2008–no worries there.
        Can it be stolen?? Yes- but that isn’t a definite.
        ◾How will you cook food if you are able to acquire it?
        Coleman cooker; charcoal grill; Dakota fire hole; propane cooker.
        ◾What will happen to the perishable food in your refrigerator and freezer?
        Don’t keep much in fridge; what little is in, will be eaten first.
        ◾How will you heat or cool your home if you are in an area subject to extreme temperatures?
        propane heat–800 gallons in tank.
        ◾What will you use for light once the scented candle that sits on your coffee table is gone?
        LED lights; 100 hour candles; flashlights; solar lights
        ◾How will you transport yourself if a) your vehicle doesn’t run because the computers are fried or b) it runs but you can’t get gas because the pumps at the station run on electricity?
        have over 50 gallons stored in shed.
        ◾What will you drink and wash with if the municipal water facilities are no longer providing water or if the pump on your well runs on electricity?
        have 670 gallons stored–with a Berkey filter
        ◾How will you dispose of waste, human and other?
        dig hole for waste–burn paper in steel drum

        Many are more prepared than I; we will be fine if our ammo lasts.

        • We have two freezers full of food. If and when it goes down we also have 3 wash pots 3 canners and 600 empty quart jars. I figure it will be a 40 Budweiser job to can everything.

          • Uh mud,you realize those may be 40 “warm” beers?!

        • 50 gallons of gas aint nothing. Combined My three cars have more than that in the gas tanks. Did you know a 100 pound Lp bottle has just over 24 gallons. Ill continue to crap in the commode. Go to the well and hand pump a 5 gallon bucket of water to flush it.The old well is a pounded well. Has a static water level of about 12 ft. its very cold apparently its hit a small spring. it follows about 2 gal per minute. Ive got the foot valve of the hand pump at 60 feet. So We can pump 75 gallons of water before depleting the water. it will recover in less than one hour. During this hot weather Ive been wearing a breech clout leggings & sandals much cooler. Storing up supplies isn’t really survival its merely enduring. You can never store enough food ,gas Water etc. sooner or later they will become depleted. Being able to replenish or add to your hoarded preps and sustain them over long periods that’s survival.

        • And, how fast will you grab your bag and leave when a couple hundred come to storm your gate?…..KNOWLEDGE of how to survive is far more important than stuff stored…..

      55. hey ms. daisy “GREAT JOB”, excellent report!

        THOUGH you left ways of maintaining a “healthy prepper mental health” and ways to over come “poor mental health- psychosis, depression, social anxiety” “physical disability” shtf issues.

        if you are disabled or suffer from poor mental health(depression, social anxiety phobias, etc.) then break down your prepping into easily financially physically mentally manageable steps for yourself.

        “break it down”

        focus on making a simple list of preps you need, then focus on just completing “one” list item at a time.

        “make a fun game of it for yourself.”

        think of prepping like a two week pile of dirty laundry.

        it’s starting to crawl across the laundry room floor… time to wash it.

        to think of doing it all at once is over whelming.

        but, break it down to just focusing on washing just one piece of laundry at a time, one shirt one sock one undies etc. and pacing yourself at your own personal comfort level , you will soon be done without feeling the stress of the workload.

        also if you are financially physically challenged look to outside sources for assistance and prepping resources… churches, community food pantries, county public health services, community housing office, state children services, veterans pantries, local homeless shelters, free dental clinics, legal aid societies.

        just a few phone calls or office visits will get you the info you need to properly prepare and take care of your own personal prepping needs.

        “nothing is impossible to do, one only has to focus on just doing one step at a time and soon you will be done, satisfied with a job well done!”

        “the personal security you feel knowing you are prepped and ready… is priceless, more than makes the effort worth it.”


        • Funky the mental health is something that is importiant. If you cant take the mental stress your physical health will soon suffer. Having the Know How & self reliance can do additude will be a immense benefit. Being able to laugh play and not become depressed will be very importiant. Its all at how you look at it. Im going to think of it as a new adventure something to embrace rather than dread. After a short time larger groups will start bickering and strife & power struggles will erupt. That why Im a lone wolf. Just me the wife, children & grandkids.

          • Old Guy….how will you handle leaving all behind? Will you, your wife, kids and grandkids KNOW how to survive then? That is the question I ask of ALL preppers…..as far as being a “lone wolf”….you will most likely NOT survive…. I find it rather appalling that some think that the bad guys won’t bother them….DUH. If anyone thinks you have Anything, they will kill you for it….AND the bad guys will indeed come in groups of hundreds or more….THEY WILL band together and WILL kill for what they THINK you have….get a clue and have more than one plan should they find you…..

          • @old guy , disregard @fob she obviously has no formal education or real world experience regarding this matter , prep as best you can for your family and think strategically defensive for where you choose to hunker down out of harms way , a place that gives you access control , hardened cover protection and concealment .

            the Bosnian civil war and religious genocide of it’s people on both sides of the conflict repeatedly proves shows us by it’s shtf veteran survivor stories…

            a loner can survive just as well as a family group in a shtf situation if they maintain proper concealment of their shtf shelter , have homemade hardened entrances/ physical security measures, even haphazard anti-intruder barriers and man-traps in place and are properly prepared to defend it .

            one Bosnian lone wolf man survived by crawling around , living and scrounging in destroyed bomb out tenement buildings constantly smelling the dead entombed in the rubble of the buildings. he created tunnels with dead-fall man-traps and lived at the heart of the rubble in his own self made man cave .

            so don’t lose heart and PLEASE DO PERSEVERE ON , if you prepare properly you AND YOUR FAMILY will survive .

            good luck @old guy .


            • Perfect Survival Shelter

              SHTF SCHOOL – SELCO

              But these shelters do not always look like you maybe imagine.

              At the beginning of everything, when all the shelling and shooting started most of the folks wanted a secure basement. Those who had one, often moved there permanently, to avoid hell outside.

              Other folks started with all kinds of ideas how to create their own little fortresses. First thing was to secure any kind of openings of houses. Think about those scenes when people flee from hurricane and nail their windows with wood planks, just in case of SHTF you have to protect all openings not only from wind but from bullets, shrapnel and people who want to get in.

              In most of the cases people used sand bags, dirt bags or any kinds of junk piles combined with plywood over that. Then they added a small hole for something like an exhaust pipe or chimney and attached some kind of improvised or real wood stove etc.


            • @Old Guy, I meant no disrespect to you, I apologise for sounding so harsh…..BE prepared for WHATEVER comes your way, even if you must leave….The knowledge that YOU have within your brain will see you through ……
              and funky monkey….I DO, indeed, have a “FORMAL” Degree AND REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE…..What YOU do not understand is exactly WHAT it will be that WE will be fighting….

      56. feminine hygiene prepping

        when prepping don’t forget the 3 month toilet paper supply and feminine hygiene preps.

        it will be like “gold” come shtf.


        • How to Maintain Feminine Hygiene

          For girls, maintaining feminine hygiene is important to your overall health because in addition to preventing odors, itching, and discomfort, practicing feminine hygiene can also prevent bacterial infections from occurring. In some cases, bacterial infections may lead to sterility, disease, cancer, and other health problems. To maintain your feminine hygiene, you must bathe regularly, develop healthy habits in regards to your menstrual cycle, and wear fabrics that allow your vaginal region to breathe. .

          … more

        • wow! you folks really hate “feminine freshness”.

          anyone who has spent time in the field on coed military ground warfare maneuvers for a few weeks or has been actively deployed in a war zone with females learns real quick that feminine hygiene is very important, especially if in confined spaces with them like a armored troop carrier , bunker or fox hole.

          they get funky smelling fast in the field.

          a shtf scenario presents the same issues if not worse.

          prepare properly by stocking feminine hygiene products or be prepared to shove some “vicks” up your nose by the end of shtf week 1 one.


      57. “What did one tampon say to the other tampon?”

        “Nothing, they were both ‘stuck-up’ bitches!”


      58. Noticing an uptick of disaster vehicles in our are of Virginia. Also drove into a public park, and 40 police cars were there with guys in body armor everywhere. I pulled in and they all looked at me kinda strange, then one pulled out a camera and started recording me. Looked like riot control. Sgt. Dale, any thoughts?

        • What part of Va.? GWNF?

          • Closer towards Appalachia

      59. “Don’t trust anything that bleeds for (5)five days,

        And doesn’t die!”


      60. One thing not mentioned is communications. The more you know – the better your situational awareness. The need to transmit will be small compared to the need to “listen.” A good AM radio is a must. Next would be a way to monitor the public service bands. After that, a way to monitor the shortwave and Ham Bands. Receivers and scanners are relatively cheap these days (although more and more public service agencies are going encrypted). Don’t believe everything you hear. Misinformation and propaganda will abound.

      61. With ramped up security(?)why attack 9/11,the symbolism really isn’t worth it.As a enemy of US would do it a week earlier/later minimum,let the security slide a bit and then go for the big one,OK,off to work,enjoy the weekend all!?

      62. I have a question, I’m not the most electric savvy person so here it is: Our building is all metal with a concrete floor and is well insulated, including the doors. Is our motorized items in the building somewhat protected from an EMP type event? Thanks for your help.

        • Nope. If you have something connected to the electrical grid it will just bring the EMP with it. Power lines act as huge antennas gathering electrical potential in an EMP type event. Anything connected to them will fry.

      63. Terrorists will not hit on 9/11. The date is of significance to us, but not to them, at least not in as far as their planning is concerned. Not only that, but they will want to maximize their chances, and hitting on one of our most heightened security dates will not accomplish that. Neither will they hit on Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, etc. Our significant dates mean nothing to them, and it is a very myopic view that predicts attacks around those kinds of dates. The next big hit will be just like 9/11, a previously insignificant date that draws little attention to their plans.

      64. Heaven is a nice bug out location 🙂

      65. Vinegar has many uses and is a very good item to stock in your pantry.

        Vinegar also works great to catch & kill fruit flies. Put about a cup of vinegar (apple cider or white vinegar) in a glass jar and add about a teaspoon of sugar (or honey). Cover the jar with plastic wrap, wax paper or a piece of cloth. Secure the cover with a rubber band or string so it fits tightly around the jar. With a pin, poke some holes in the top of the plastic, wax paper or cloth.

        Fruit flies will be attracted to the vinegar solution. They will get in, but won’t be able to get out. This lasts for a LONG time – months. Over time the vinegar will evaporate & need to be replenished.

        The vinegar also works as an air freshener.

        I keep a container of this in the kitchen. I put it on a shelf, behind a little decoration, so it is hidden from view.

        Here is an article with more information about vinegar.

        35 Reasons to Stock up on Vinegar
        -Survival Life

        • Vinegar also works great to catch & kill fruit flies.

          That does not work here–don’t waste your time.
          Not one gnat went in that jar.

          • hmmmmm,

            It works here. It works best (for me) using apple cider vinegar and sugar.

            Last month I started using (1/2 cup) white vinegar as a softener in the washer. That works well also. The clothes are nice and soft.

            • Vinegar also stops body odors, both feminine and underarm. In a pinch, A vinegar and water sponge bath will take away the most pungent body odors. It also counters the odor of urine, both human and pet.

      66. @Daisy…thanks for the timely article. Coincidently, yesterday, we took brother and good friend to Sams Club to buy a months worth of food and water for storage. They know we prep but apparently they don’t really know what prepping is. We offered to buy these things for them as a start and to get them thinking of all the “what if’s” that could happen in todays world. We don’t hide the fact that we prep. Originally, I wanted to keep that a secret buy my other half needed to hire help with certain things. So…secrets out. I also came to the conclusion that there is safety in numbers but with that said, they all used to comment that if the shtf they were coming to our place. We flat out said NO! Bring your own preps but do not arrive empty handed or we will shoot…family/friends…doesn’t matter, you had the chance to take care of yourselves and did not.
        But what we saw yesterday was and awakening in the brain of friend and brother. Some people cannot seem to connect dots but I must say it is a pleasure to see them opening their eyes.

        Back to Daisy’s article. I’m printing this out for them and others to get the message out to as many people as possible.

        Everything seems to be coming to confluence right now. Just my opionion but I could see with the market at all time highs and needing a correction, Wall Street and shadow government using a terror attack on US ground as a reason to let the market fall while at the same time using terror to suspend the Constitution. If that were to happen…nobody will be talking about all the numerous treasons that our government and president have committed against the US people. Nobody will talk about Bengazi anymore. Ebola on US soil? What’s that? 401k’s gone? Ukraine? IRS? If US cities are on fire and smoking nobody…NOBODY is going to care about any of that anymore, Just like September 10, 2001. Nobody remembered that $3 trillion was missing.
        I just see a terror attack as the perfect memory washing act as a way to steer the news in a direction where the masses forget all of the criminal acts of this government. The biggest is the theft of wealth and prosperity of the American People.

      67. @everyone…one more thing. If you didn’t see my post a few articles ago, I will say it one more time.

        We had a friend stop by to visit and bs last week when they were out riding their quads and setting out minerals for the deer. He had his friend with him. Friend has son that works for Homeland Security. On Mt. Weather. If you aren’t familiar with Mt. Weather I highly recommend you search it now.
        Son told Dad to prep. He couldn’t say why because all of his communications gadgets are spied on. Son said he is watched constantly so that’s all he could tell Dad.
        Interestly, he told Dad that all Homeland Security on Mt. Weather (and stationed elsewhere) where PREPPING LIKE MAD. They had feeling something is coming down road and not just dark shadows. I got the feeling that they are afraid for themselves and families.
        I want to let you all know this. You don’t know me and I don’t know you but there is a kinship here that is on no other site that I visit. You could question the validity of my comments and you should but as a Christian, I swear to God that these statements are true. God Bless you all.

        • Always better safe than sorry,
          We are the ants

        • Yeh I have been warning here for months this is no BS ! Something is going down soon but it is above my pay grade to what , the higher ups are crapping their trousers .
          Your friend most likely works in the Commo division. I work in operations , like in operator ( PMC)
          Our training tempo has been hectic we were just issued our winter gear , all in Multicam .
          When it happens the only thing we have been told is we are on our own , it’s been fruitless to find out what is expected.

          Only mission details to protect infrastructure ( surviving ?) , assist the civilian population


          MT Weather is the COG communication center when it all goes to SHTF.
          There are a few of us on here that have been instructing that work for DHS.
          The plan is to have as many Americans prepared and ultimately survive.
          Its been very busy and we have not been postting often right now I am posting this from the hood of a HMVEE on lunch break.

          Take this story seriously it may save your life .
          Not all of us in fact a majority of us in DHS don’t drink the Obolo cool aid .


          Semper Fi 8541

          • Behind every blade of grass my friend, has a broader scope than just guns

      68. If I had a week
        I’d probably spend it with my family

        Im as ready as im going to get..to me its kind of an “as I go”
        type deal

        food, water, heat, guns and ammo good skill set. no one lives forever
        game on!

      69. Joan Rivers didn’t have a week!

        She had almost two months. Remember Obama takes his time. He doesn’t rush into anything.

        Joan Rivers’ days were numbered when she said Obama is gay, and Moochele is a tranny.

        It was just a matter of time before the “getting even” took place, Chicago-style.

        • Sure makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

      70. Oh, by the way, those fast food protesters, aren’t fast food workers. The protesters are paid ACORN type activists, commie activists and SEIU activists. Even those darlings over at FOX go along with the propaganda story.

      71. Some “bombshell” story or book is supposed to come out next Tuesday. If that happens and it is tied to a terrorist attack I am heading to Costco and stocking up!

      72. David Axelrod thanks you for your generous contribution

      73. If I had a week to prep for the grid going down? I wouldn’t do anything that im not already doing. I would be concerned about the nuclear plants not functioning and melting down. Without electricity I would spend the hottest time of the day in the root cellar. Ive got one of those Hammock tents in there and it stays 60degrees. good place for a midday siesta. I built a PCV pump for one of our wells. Plenty of water for just a little hand labor. Eat what is in the refrigerator first. Go to milking twice a day instead of once. Ive stored numerious 100 pound propane tanks. The tractor & generator will run on them. The truck will operate on LP also however I wouldn’t really want or need to drive anyplace. The only thing is I haven’t got enough fire wood? I would shure hate to have to cut wood without a chain saw. I see on the news that the BRICS is gaining on the IMF. That might be a game changer? For all intents and purposes the USA is bankrupt. If the IMF loses ground the dollar becomes worth less!

        • If the dollar goes down, so does the IMF and the globalist families who own the banks, won’t like that one bit.

      74. I’ve just released a woodgas system that makes electrical power from free scrap wood. Makes this scenario survivable.

        [email protected]

        See a demo September 21 at the Sustainable Preparedness Expo in Spokane WA

        • Silver;
          Good for you. I have interest in wood gas systems. More so, some of the high effeciency wood fired boilers for heat systems in conjunction with a large water storage for a bank. I will follow your progress. It may be because your post came in late but I kind of get the feeling that few at this web site give much of a shit about viable alternative power.

        • I can’t log onto the link, shows errors.
          What I know about these, they take a ton of wood, have large expensive boilers and pressure regulators, and takes a person to always watch it while it is working.

          I wish a small inexpensive system could be made.

      75. Going back to the ? at hand.
        If I knew I had just one week to prep for the end of the world.
        This leaves a big ? Is the end of the world as we know it, if so here is what I WOULD DO.

        1. Get down on my knees and pray for wisdom and guidance.
        2. Contact the rest of the group and give the code to get ready.
        3. Get with my wife, hit the grocery stores. canned and dried food, sugar, salt, honey, to add to the stock pile.
        4. Hit the drug stores, pet store, liquor stores for more med supplies. (liquor can also be bartered)
        5. Water purification supplies.

        1 thru 5 would take about 4 to 5 hours.

        6. Take what little money out of the bank and buy more silver.
        7. Hit any place that sells ammo and get some more, also pick up reloading supplies.

        6&7 would take about 2 hours.

        8. Fuel, fuel up vehicles, deep cycle batteries, regular batteries candles, lighters, matches, and solar panels.

        #8 would take around 1 to 2 hours.

        9. Weapons check. Communications check. night vision check.
        10. Check on area defensive positions away from house, booby traps.

        9&10 Would take around 3 to 5 hours.

        11. Check on route to BOL, if needed.

        #11 Would take around 1 to 2 hours.

        12. Have trailers and trucks, ATV’s ready to bail out to BOL.

        #12 Would take about 1/2 hour.

        13. Check on rain barrels and set up extra barrels.

        #13 Would take about 1/2 hour.

        14. Buy seed for garden for next year. Also till up larger area for that garden.

        #14 Would take about 2 hours.

        15. Board up lower floor windows, and secure doors.
        16. Prep non bed rooms for sleeping. (you are going to be too busy to do anything else in them.

        15&16 would take around 3 hours.

        17. Pray!

        #17 Would be done 24/7!

        These are just a few things that would be done. The neat thing about this is, I do some of this every week.
        Granted this is if only a few people knew what was happening. If everyone knew different ball game. I would change a couple of thing around in order and not worry about a couple of other things if we had to Bailed out.

        We don’t know what will happen because it has never happened before. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best!
        Now if God is ending everything! PRAY!


        • Id be piling up my improvised defencell system (hog wire with geotex fabric, neighbors would think ive gone completely off the rails,

      76. Daisy,

        Once again I say to you great article!

        God Bless,

        • NP;
          Haven’t seen you post here in awhile. Welcome back!


      77. I cant wait to tell my banker to Fuck Off! no more mortgage payments when the S hits the F

        is this going to happen for sure? I could call him and tell him today, or should I wait until after it happens?

        (sarc)…well ,, some of it 😉

        • Don’t get too ‘previous’ with that !

      78. islam is the enemy of the world…this satanic cult was started by a pedophile rapist murderer…muhammed can kiss my ass…muslims pathetic third world losers…

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