Free Preps! Doing These 5 Things Won’t Cost You Anything!

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    Often people assume prepping or getting ready for an emergency is expensive, and it certainly can be.  However, there are still some things that can be done before the SHTF to help raise your chances of survival that don’t cost anything.

    1. Save Paper Towel & Toilet Paper Rolls

    Those paper towel and toilet paper rolls could come in handy.  They can be used as fire kindling, and even smeared with a little Vaseline to help get a fire going when you need one.

    2. Store your Dryer Lint

    Most of us just toss this messy stuff away. But dryer lint is definitely flammable, so saving it could also help you get a fire going if you need to.  You could even put some lint in a few toilet paper rolls you’ve saved to help get a fire going in a pinch.

    3. Reread Any Preparedness Books You Have

    If you already own a book on prepping, take the time to reread it!  Absorb valuable information and keep a notebook and pen handy to write down things you’d like to save up for in the future. You will also most likely get even more ideas about free things you can do in addition to what is on this list. Brainstorming what you might need and how to respond in certain situations is the first step to becoming more prepared, and it costs nothing!

    4. Re-use Tin Cans
    Preppers often recycle and reuse. They are inventive and sustainable, for the most part, and metal
    cans are the perfect free prep! You can use them to store dry goods or hardware, or you could turn them into a “hobo stove” – an emergency stove. Here is a tutorial if you are interested: How To Make A Hobo Stove.

    5.  Start a Compost Pile

    Use one of your tin cans to save your vegetable and fruit scraps for compost. Once it’s full, take to an outdoor compost pile.  Choose some kind of a bin, on with a cracked lid or that’s broken is perfect.  You’ll need holes in it anyway. Start your outdoor pile with just bare earth and put down newspapers, twigs, or straw.  Here’s an in-depth tutorial on how to create a compost bin.  You can get creative and use what you already have to make it for free though, so keep that in mind! This is a great way to turn trash into treasure.

    With these free preps you should be able to boost your survival skills and begin on the path of preparedness.


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      1. Off topic alert.

        Government agencies are ordering Apple and Google to provide all available information on anyone who has downloaded the application “Obsidian 4”.

        This software is used to communicate with digital day/night and Thermal rifle scopes made by ATN. ATN has a whole line of scopes that share this software. I’ve seen them at shows. The scopes are quite impressive. You can register multiple rifles in the scope, and include ballistics information, add current wind direction and speed, plus range and the scope can correct for angle of shot and conditions. The scope can do a one shot calibration, aim for the target center, fire, put the crosshairs on where the round hit, press the button and the scope is zeroed. The scope has an internal compass and can detect the rifles direction relative to the wind, and azimuth and automatically correct the crosshairs. These scopes have to be awesome for wild pig hunting!

        Anyway. I find this story chilling that the government wants to identify everyone in America that owns any of ATN’s digital rifle scopes that use the Obsidian 4 software to talk to a smartphone or tablet.

        On the conspiracy side of this, there are rumors a rogue Seal Team (the ones arrested in Iraq for drinking?) had been secretly training a group of ISIS fighters to be snipers, the plot included others helping the trained snipers get to Mexico so they could cross the border. A recent group arrest of border guards helping certain people cross the border is implicated in this plot. The target of these snipers is rumored to be high level leaders in the Whitehouse. Some of the trained snipers may have entered the US undetected.

        I saw the articles on the government wanting info on the Obsidian app and I imagined the connection to the sniper rumors I had read elsewhere. I’m not hearing that anyone else sees a connection here. However, if I wanted to make world class snipers out of some goat herders in short order, I’d throw some technology like ATN’s riffle scopes, at the problem. The scopes do all the math, no ballistic range tables, wind or angle correction math, and it eliminates weeks of training or the need for a spotter.

          • Guys 5 more Preps you can do when you are Flat Broke.

            1. Clean out the garage and attic and have a yard sale and make some money for more preps.
            2. Clean out your tool box, organize and its good to go through our tools to know what you got and familiarize yourself which drawer you keep them in. Same for garage, clean it out, organize.
            3. Go work out, go for a bike ride, prepping your body for the fight keeps you in the fight, as your life will depend on it. Couch potatoes will die first.
            4. Clean and oil all of your Guns, ammo, sort through and get your battle rifle ready, because someone will ask…. Its 1AM where is your AR-15? Do some parameter walks around your property at 1am to 3am.
            5. Find some land someplace where you can do some distance shooting. Get accurate up to 200 yards min.

            get crackin’

        • dude a scope that works with i pads and tablets is a recipe for invaded privacy. i know its cool and works great. but low tech is private. do you think armies would use a device that can be hacked by their enemies so their positions could be identified for a bomb strike.

        • Your logic is dead on…. if anyone is interested purchasing the Gen1 ATN scope talked about here, don’t waste your money… the jolt of the 308 has negative effects on the scope…. the Gen2 series is much better…

        • Just saying. idk —

          “This software is used to communicate…”

          It would be dual-use, because this same basic concept is not just applicable to small arms.

          Any narrative, to cover for that, might just as well use the names of Grimm’s fairytale characters.

        • Yes I read this also. Glad I did all my scoping-in and ballistics charts years ago for all my rifles. Any dope who has to use an online app is an idiot. There are hand electronic ballistic calculators you can also buy to include coefficients of the bullet round, and everything else, and all the rest of the stats to get better accuracy.

          Stay off the Internet when prepping as much as possible.

          You can sight in a rifle scope with only 1 shot, or 2 shots to check your accuracy. Here is how.

          Get a laser bore sight for your caliber rifle an install it in your rifle barrel and turn it on.
          Now point down range to your target and find the center with your laser pointer.
          Now zero your scope into the laser mark on the target and take a practice shot at the center target.
          Now where ever your bullet lands on the target, mark that. Now again point the laser back on the center of the target and don’t move it, and adjust your scope to the first bullet hole is on the target. You just sighted in your rifle, and you can take a 2nd shot to check for accuracy.

          Laser bore sights are about $18 for each caliber. MidwayUSA, SportmansGuide are a few places to buy all laser bore calibers. And it avoids wasting a lot of ammo sighting in your rifles. And a great tool for trying to sight in your rifle without making gun shot noise if your scope was manipulated or bumped.

          Pretty simple really. I used this process to sight in my Cross bow scope, using a laser pointer I attached to the end of my Arrow bolt shaft. Dead on baby….

          This all works for close range out to about 100 yards. 200 yards is the usual distance for long range shooting to sight in a rifle, then adjust the MOL, to compensate for windage and distance.

          I took my caliber and pulled all the charts barrel twist, gr bullets coefficients of the bullet and printed out charts from 100 yards to 800 yards.. including windage 5, 10,15 MPH.. I have these chats laminated and stuffed in my rifles butt sleeve for easy access when needed.

          This is how you prep for ballistics accuracy.

        • Fitbit was allegedly used to find undisclosed bases, or encampments, on Youtube. Without sensationalizing that, maybe, they were just bored civilians, getting fresh air — like cooped up science geeks.

          Where is navigational info coming and going, besides the fact that it could theoretically be used to orient any size of projectile.

          There was an old story in which hungry, Red Russia misused precision bearings, intended for a tractor.

          • CW- true story. alot of guys would go out and run a circuit in the morning using their gpn enabled wearable device. most of them sync with a cloud service and store the data there. The DoD discovered many “secret” places were neatly mapped out and repeatedly circled with these trails, and available with little effort to almost anyone.

            ht tps:// m/client_files/1533573228.pd f

            Remove 4 spaces in the link

      2. You still have to deal with trigger jerk and breathing, but this is all inevitable. Always was. I can do just about anything with software, instrumentation, and electronics.
        That is how I made my living for over 40 years.
        Israelis are selling us attachments that allow anybody with a rifle to shoot down drones.
        When I was a kid, I dropped a dragonfly with my sling shot, My dad witnessed it and said it was a “one in the million” shot.
        This Israeli equipment makes it a sure shot every time.
        We need to quit fighting the last war and prepare for the next one.

        • Rellik, good comments, but that new Israeli tech is not available at a gun show, or by mail order.

          I did do some more reading and find you don’t need to download the Obsidian4 software to use the scope, in fact if your purpose is nefarious you would avoid downloading it to avoid being traced. All it does for the user is provide a big screen to navigate the menus and view video the scope can record. Otherwise you can exploit all scope functions from the buttons and view the menu by looking in the scope.

          I really liked my conspiracy theory, but alas myth busted. If anyone experienced with the scope was in the room during ISIS sniper training, they’d have said “don’t download Obsidian”.

          So back to the simplest reason the Feds want this info on ATN scope owners, they want to know who has these scopes, pure and simple. Are they building an enemies list, or are they looking for the next patsy in a mass shooting who will use one of these scopes after he or she starts hearing voices in their head?

          I don’t buy the reason given in some articles that say the Feds are trying to track scopes taken out of the US in violation of export laws, again because the Obsidian4 software is not needed to use or operate the scope. So why download something that is superfluous that could be traced to you?

          This whole story is very fishy.

          • “This whole story is very fishy.”

            Yes it is. To remain anonymous simply download via the TOR network and share via thumb drive.

            ATN scopes are also subject to the International Traffic in Arms Act(? or whatever the name is) and are not available outside the US. If the Feds are truly interested, the only logical reason is they are interested in you & me not some raghead.

            • You ask where they all went. Criminals ask where it all comes from.

          • The stuff you refer to is ATN which as far as I know is located in San Francisco and makes high-end Military optics.
            The “App” you refer to is pretty simple. For you guys an “App” is really just a cell phone call initiated by the computer AKA your phone.. Our kids are really poorly educated, it is not magic. 8th graders in India write this stuff.
            I have the “boilerplate” code on my computer in “C” and C++.
            As for the next generation of aiming devices. It is only going to get more deadly, cheaper, and more available.
            The guys that want to dis-arm us are in for a wake-up.
            How do you defend against a 0.50 cal bullet at 1,500 meters
            That’s a long ways for you non-metric guys( about a mile) computer aimed, with micro Radian accuracy?
            That any “yokel” can do. You can’t.

            • Been shooting since I was 8. When I went to collage, ROTC ran a contest, ten free shots, the winner gets a free pitcher of beer, plus the hard sell by Army ROTC. I drank my beer.

              I not only won, I busted the ROTC rifle team top ever score, a perfect 100 with no shooting jacket, cuffs or accessories. Just me and a great rifle. It freaked them out. My brother who scored top sharpshooter in the army checked me out, I outshot his riffle with a pistol.

              I learned at about age 8 to read my heartbeat and pull the trigger in between heartbeats. It’s a skill. At the time it seemed the natural thing to do. I could hear my heartbeat, always could. At the 4-H range I started shooting the tack that held my taget on my tenth shot, it made the instructor nuts. I didn’t have to pull the tack. He ran out of tacks.

              Note to self, teach these skills to the next generation…..

              • Plan twice, prep once

                “York, where did you learn how to shoot”? “I never learned Sargent”. “Folks back home said I could shoot a rifle before I was weaned, but they was exaggerating some”

                Gary Cooper as Alvin York

              • Plan twice, prep once

                “York, where did you learn how to shoot”? “I never learned Sargent”. “Folks back home said I could shoot a rifle before I was weaned, but they was exaggerating some”

                Gary Cooper as Alvin York

                • PLAN twice Kevin, not post twice!

          • Combine that with the “New, new, new wonderful facial recognition feature” in the latest Apple devices, and many Microsoft devices. The dots connect themselves.

          • Anything coming from Issraehell is a Hack honey trap. Stay far far away fro these monsters, and do not get snared into their hellhole of deceit.

      3. Of these 5 free preps, only # 5 is of any practical use unless you are just dirt poor… and if you’re dirt poor, you ain’t gonna be spending your time on the internet.

        • Ahhhhhh, but they had my heart at dryer lint.

          Dryer lint actually has another valid prepper use. Do a standard load of laundry and then if you have a Geiger counter take a reading on the lint. The dryer gathers radioactive dust in your house along with the lint. Do it once a month and keep a chart. You will se seasonal changes. But it may be your first warning of a nearby nuke leak.

          • PTPO,
            Since my electricity costs $0.38 a kWh we don’t use our dryer much.
            This advice is only for people living in tropical areas.
            My house is pretty open ( I don’t close windows or doors)
            I do have screens for bugs.
            and we get “dust” everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            It is all free and will light off easily.

            • rellik

              $0.38 per KWH? Thats 4x of ours here in Florida. That a $1000 month electric bill real quick.

      4. Research your local Growing Season information. Set up a gardening book of when to start your seeds (each one is different) and those you must plant direct when is best dates for success. Setting up a perpetual calendar is pretty useful if SHTF lasts more than a few years.

        Learn how to make plant cuttings grow into new plants with Willow tree twig water to boost rooting. As an example a tomato plant sucker is something to eliminate for the health of the plant BUT can become a new tomato plant for your garden or to trade. Great reason to start tomato seeds early inside for propagation.

      5. Am I the only one to think of using tin cans by stringing them together and placing at your property line as an early warning system? Even better to put them on a yoyo reel that will drag them 15 feet when tripped.

        • i use aluminum cans to make “alarms” for the hallway. tie a bunch of aluminum cans together with 60 pound test fishing line. i throw them in the hall before i go to bed, and when i get up, all i got to do is grab the pile and put them in their box. nobody is going through my bedroom door without me hearing them. put them around all windows and doors if needed…i’m starting to hear of murders every few days here, so it mite be time… that a BELL i hear ringin’?

          • BCOD,
            I have dogs for that purpose.
            You should really think about moving to
            someplace “safer”.

            • i got a dog too……when the BELL RINGS, i plan to immediately get a little house-dog. i won’t allow a dog to mess around my place unless it’s a must. the little dogs don’t eat much, and there is NO BETTER ears than on a little dog. my yorkie always heard every noise…..hell, sometimes she heard noises that weren’t there..LOL…’s job is only to let me know there’s a threat….i’ll finish the job myself.

          • Grandma had a special bottle collection, and every night she put a flimsy tray table in front of the back door then she’d set out her bottle collection on that table.

            Anyone breaking in the back door would make a terrible racket, and then have to walk through broken glass, only to be met by grandma with her long barrel 45 revolver. Grandma had made the observation that most of the hoods in the neighborhood wore sneakers that broken glass would go right through.

            A shame my Uncle sold that .45 and didn’t keep it in the family.

      6. how about collecting animal fat grease to use for cooking or making a candle. use the grey water from your washing machine in the garden use water from your central air too through a drip system. get free firewood on craigslist. hang your clothes to dry to save electric. compost your leaves. use the cardboard egg carton to start seedlings. make a rocket stove and cook your food on it instead of using your stove. cash in your cans for $ use that to buy ammo. you can go dumpster diving behind stores like tractor supply bass pro and stores that are likely to have camping or survival items in them. you dont have to buy anything with your $ really you can live for free. its easy when you dont care what people think of you.

      7. #1.
        Take care of your body because it’s the only one you get.

        GET IN SHAPE.
        You don’t have to go to the gym in order to exercise and get in shape.
        You can exercise at home, and or outside, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

        STOP eating so much JUNK FOOD.
        You are what you eat.
        If you can spend hours every day on the Internet than you have PLENTY of time to cook healthy meals.
        Your stove is there for a reason..USE IT..

      8. How about get off your backside.
        Escape the screens.
        Get into good physical condition.
        Exercise is free.

        Stay out of Fast food joints.

      9. Let’s all just hold hands with commies and sing camp fire songs and make smores.” We will just get along, stand in line peacfully, give up your means of self defense, to big brother Beto the all knowing so very wise commie, because Beto says so.

        No, Texans will have historical reinactments if Beto comes for the guns.
        “Come and Take It”
        “Remember the Alamo”
        “Battle of Goliad”
        “Battle of San Jacinto”
        * * I DARE YOU TO LOOK THESE historical events up. The politicians controlled by commies try to wash away history.


        People like gov Abott do not believe in Texas history.
        He believes in THREATENING “fusion centering” stasi/GRU/KGB style anyone that demands Border Security. He threatens, so as to shut people up. Make them afraid to speak non PC.


        Leftie commies in Dallas took down 100 year old historical monuments, at the cost on hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars. Why? Because 10 people were “offended”.

        Threaten. Ban. Censor. Destroy beautiful historical works of art. You still will NOT shut the people up or shut them down.

        Border Security matters.
        Blue Lives matter.
        Black Rifles matter.
        Rioter, Looters, Burners, should be locked up. They are CRIMINALS. Lock them up as criminals.

        God Bless hard working US Border Patrol.
        God Bless ICE.
        God Bless the US Coast Guard.
        Thank All of you for your hard work.

        If you are fearful of “active shooter” nutjobs. Then get your concealed carry license. And carry EVERY damn day. Just like Ted Nugent, a good American, Patriotic American, Great Texan. Ted is great harvester of organic protein. Look at Teds self harvested organic protein physique, compared to thin frail girly Beto.

        I want to watch the thin frail mousey prissy commie Beto take uncle Ted Nugents rifle.

        That will be funny. I will buy a ticket for that show.
        Beto the prissy commie Vs. Uncle Ted Nugent, the good patriotic American.
        Go for it Beto.
        “Come and Take It.”

      10. I agree Relik. While all that software is great it can crash, take a dump etc and there you are with no skill. Watcha gonna do then? That scope is no good to you then. I’ll just keep honing my skills. I’m no “White feather” but I can get there.

        • I wasn’t in ROTC like PTPO,
          But I too used to use my last shot to bust off the clip holding up my targets when doing my qualifications. My last years in the military I had to qualify shooting on a Security policeman course even though my job was avionics repair on world wide mobility.
          Even in the Air force, in some jobs you have to be able to shoot
          things, with proficiency in Effed up conditions.
          I still say these new generations of sighting equipment will make sharpshooters out of anybody.

          • Correction I did not join ROTC, I just beat all their best shooters.

            I’m a bit older now and just enjoy the pleasure of sending some lead down range when I can. Even if I had one of these fancy ATN scopes, I imagine I couldn’t shoot as well as I could when I was 20 something.

      11. photo —
        In lower, right hand corner, is a rusty pan without the lid. In upper left, lanterns without globes. Dust (if you’re lucky, just dust) gets in the drinking cups. Useful tools are disorganized, in what looks like a messy thrift store. Shelves are all different colors.

        Without making you drill in formation, it would go toward preparedness, if you were to finish so many projects, and use these same items, for their typical, everyday purposes.

        As for Mickey Mouse and Mac Guyver, it should still be kept in an orderly fashion.

        If this appears useful to onlookers — even toilet paper rolls and drier lint — it will be misplaced, vandalized, or ‘borrowed’, based on it’s perceived value. It’s silly to talk about opsec, over literal garbage, but people need their power struggles, universally, in all times and places.

        Having something put away, discretely, is part of ingress, egress, and defensible perimeters. Even for something that trivial.

        • I could use a about million, labeled locks and keys.

          But, one of the places, where tools get left alone, is a recycled ammo box, because they are too intellectually-lazy, to operate the lid — similar to the toggle, bail, locking jar lid.

          Imagine that there is a literal troop of monkeys, and you will know what to do.

      12. Listen up. Midwest Sporting Goods, located in Lyons, Illinois, Cook County, has stopped selling “assault style rifles”. This is somewhat significant because they always resisted the bans. There must be pressure from the State government. If you ain’t got it, you may not be able to get it soon. Without warning. Walmart says they will stop selling hand gun ammo. Dick’s Sporting Goods has closed some of their gun departments, but not not all of them. He who hesitates is lost.

        • Him

          They previously were going after the Second Amendment piecemeal, now it’s coordinated. Heller and McDonald affirmed the “individual right” but the Militia wording, impossible to be connected to the National Guard post Perpich v. DOD, 496 U.S. 334 (1990) is as yet to be “clarified” in modern times. The very brazen ambitions of the anti Second Amendment goals, up to and including confiscation will require legal intellectual dishonesty on a massive scale comparable to Dred Scott for the US Supreme Court to decide in their favor. Refusing to hear the inevitable challenge allows them a tad more wiggle room “credibility” but for all purpose it will be seen as a corrupt “kangaroo court” of Soviet likeness.

          If so much wasn’t riding on all of this with the potential of very ugly outcomes it would all be very fascinating.

          “May you live in interesting times”

        • Why waste your money on any firearm?
          When the people have had enough.
          There will be plenty of battlefield pickups.
          Ammo will be more difficult.
          So you might want to buy ammo?

          Not me. I’m buying a plane ticket.
          Going on vacation until all you yahoos get it out of your system.
          Best way to deal with a disaster or conflict is to remove yourself and your family from the affected Disaster/War: region, zone, state, country, continent, planet.

          There has historically always been somewhere calm during the storm. Find that calm peaceful place. Go there. Problem solved. Next conflict might require more than a plane ticket. That is why the rich are talking about going to your Moon and Mars.

          You foolish humans are always murdering, killing, destroying one another. It is always for a “good” reason. It is always the “war to end wars.” Yet you ALWAYS have more wars, more conflict, more death, more destruction. Never ends. You never learn. Since my arrival in July 1948 you are always at war.

          You humans will learn to get along and love each other. Or your civilization will be lost.

          If you violent yahoos need a black rifle to start killing your own neighbors, in your own country. Then I’ll return to my home world. I’ll return in my “Martian Maggot rocket ship” with commanding officer, General E McSquared, after you settle things. If there is anything left?

          You humans have toys of destruction that are more powerful than your IQ or Self Control. (That is why General E McSquared will not allow you to build our Illudium PU-36 Space Modulator.)

          Your comments here and the broadcasts on your telievision make me want to return to my old job, Door-to-door Salesman for Time Space Books. Maybe do a bit of traveling and selling like the good old days?

          If only you could learn to live in peace and love one another. This planet would make a great vacation spot.

          PS- Has anyone seen Commander K-9? It is past his bed time and he hasn’t returned.

          • Marvin M and the Illudium PU-36 Space Modulator. I recognized the references.

            “That is why the rich are talking about going to your Moon and Mars.”

            Alternative 3.

            There’s a nexus between deep statists, conspiracy theorists, and producers of popular fiction.

            • The Rich and Famous going to the moon and Mars is the perfect affirmation of communism. Without a nipple to planet earth, they will all die.

              Mars, and the Moon, no water, no food, lots of solar radiation = no life, unless is is continually exported from earth.

              Please, let the elite flee to Mars where they will just die in their arrogance.

          • Good and don’t let the door strike you in the ass on your way back to nowhere. We got enough of you dopes running loose as it is.

      13. No more shopping at Walmart. Let them cater to the left. Here there are plenty of gun stores to get said ammo and its time to stock up before someone else bows to the left. When it gets hinky there may be a revolution for this country to deal with. But enough about our law abiding citizens,what wil they ban ANTIFA from buying?

        • yup walmart is finished. i wont go there anymore. just like dicks dont go there either. i can live without walfart. its dangerouse to go in there. wife was in there one time and a crazy man on drugs stripped all his clothes off and ran around the store then ran out the door and down by the nearby river. there is no exits other than the front main entrance the grocery and garden center they are all in front of the store so if your down in the back by the dairy cooler when the crazy gunman shows up your screwed. the clientele at wallys is totally derelict and likely to pull some crazy attack. go elsewhere there are better deals by businesses that support your constitutional rights.

          • Same here.

          • Assuming that you are not a respecter of persons, so there are only nominal, social rules, there are lots of businesses, where you could take the emergency exits, or the cooler is loaded from behind.

            • “Cooler” =Beer!

      14. I was thinking of you guys today as I cleared out a cache of long term food supplies. Just moved it from one area of the house to another as I have hired a housekeeper for the last part of the year. Circumstances dictate that I have some help for awhile. She would bump into the cache during the normal course of cleaning- so I moved it to a locked area. I moved two thirds of it and got tired, so I will finish the rest this week.

        I was listening to a woman describe the chaos post-Dorian as she was flying out of the Bahamas saying that people were starting to fight each other for food there to survive. Again, reminded that food sufficiency is the biggest secret we need to keep. I don’t want ANYONE knowing just how much food we have put up. That is another thing to add to the list: continue keeping your preps private or backtrack and cease to talk about them to people who are not in your circle of trust.

      15. Toilet paper rolls can be flattened and glued on the inside and used as cardboard dividers for bandoleers. Especially for SKS bandoleers. cardboard from shirts and other dividers can also be cut and used as dividers.
        Never throw away old cloths, they can be used as cleaning rags for delivery systems. Plus old clothes can be re purposed into web gear, like mag dump bags or mag pouches, backpacks and shoulder bags.
        The foil pouches used for crackers can be cleaned and reused for food storage or can be used for keeping those cleaning rags close.
        Empty pill and supplement bottles can used used for storing matches and other small items.

        Please think outside the box. The left is pushing this national to civil war. john Moore known as the is saying he is being told we are months away from massive social unrest.

        I hope “ALL” of you are stockpiling food, medical supplies including what is needed for trauma,
        ammo and I hope you are building a 5-10 program.

        Please; Do a web search for; 5-10 program, militia, to learn more

      16. Learn how to char cloth. Get yourself an Altoid size container and place 2 inch square pieces of 100pct cotton cloth (rags) in the container, using a nail, punch a small vent hole in the lid for venting and place it in your charcoal grill and get a small fire going. You’ll see smoke coming out of the vent shortly. Once the smoke from the hole is no longer seen then the charring is completed. I don’t have a charcoal grill so I use an old tire rim and place it in the stones of my driveway, using dried pine limbs for fuel. Make sure that you check all the cloth in the tin that it is completely charred and completely black and showing no brown coloration. If so then you’ll have to place it back in the fire a little longer. Char cloth can be lit by bic lighters, ferro rods, flint and steel to get your tinder bundle going.

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