The Preparedness Review: 17 Must-Read Preparedness Strategies (Spring 2013 Edition – Free Download)

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    In the Spring 2013 edition of the (freePreparedness Review from Todd Sepulveda, founder of the Prepper Website and Education After the Collapse, leading preparedness authors and strategist share their insights, ideas and tips to help you make the most realistic plan possible.

    The Preparedness Review, a semi-annual archiving project, is available in PDF format.

    It can be downloaded, saved, printed and shared.

    From the Editor:

    Sometimes I feel like Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, “The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air.”

    A lot has happened since November, 2012 when TPR1 was released. People are waking up to the idea that preparedness makes sense. And although people are starting to see the cracks gaping holes in our society, economy, etc…, one thing that will be more and more important to everyone who moves towards a preparedness, self-reliant lifestyle is the skill to put the best plans in place. We know that it doesn’t come down to the best gear, it comes down to knowing how to do “the stuff.”

    This edition focuses on skills. Not every article is a skill article, but you will find that the majority of articles are focused on skills that you can utilize in your preparedness lifestyle.

    Topics in this edition include:

    • The Ins and Outs of Food Storage – Chris Ray
    • Four Ways to Understand the Value of Silver – James Wesley Rawles
    • Becoming the Gray Man – Ray Gano
    • How to Make a Primitive Small Game Hunting Gig – Creek Stewart
    • Wound Care in the Wilderness – Dr. Joe Alton aka Dr. Bones
    • The Bug Out Bag Meal Plan – Tess Pennington
    • Are You Knot Ready – David Safewater
    • The Perfect Prepper Optic – Joe Nobody
    • 11 Important Skills for Preppers – Gaye Levy
    • Pressure Canning: How to – Daisy Luther
    • How to Make Acorn Flour – Erichs
    • Supplement: Top 10 Things – Gary Griffin
    • Survival from Zero – John Beck
    • Don’t Waste Your Time…There’s Prepping to Do – Jeff “The Berkey Guy” Gleason
    • Concealed Carry – Training & Practice – Brandon
    • Making Bacon Off-Grid – Michael Bunker
    • Prepper Propane 101 – Chris Newman

    The Preparedness Review

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      1. ALWAYS nice to get free HELP for the tough times coming up. This is something to be appreciated, especially having this information when IT happens.

        • Thank you! This is filled with lots of useful information! 🙂

      2. Preparedness for dummies!

      3. Lots of good information in a easy to save, or print, format. Many thanks to the contributors for their generosity.

        • How about some downloadable coupons for FREE donuts?

      4. Off topic:

        Tonight is what it’s all about. Harvest meal :-).

        Fresh caught shrimp, butter flied and brushed with a butter, garlic and basil combo on the bbq, oysters on the bbq with tabasco sauce and skippers cocktail sauce, oysters on the bbq with gouda cheese and slices of home made italian sausage, steamer clams, home made bread, home made beer from my youngest son, I don’t drink but did sample his brew and he did a good job of it, boiled shrimp, civiche made with steamers, shrimp and oysters. A birthday cake for son number two. Coffee for me.

        • Back on topic, I like “how to” sites and Prepper Website is one of them. Great information, I’ll take some of it and use it until I’m good enough with it that I can modify it and then add it to my overall use base.

        • Awww Rick, Buddy…you’re KILLIN’ me Here….Arghhhhh!!

          Oh well, Thank-you Mac, it’s been a while since we had one of THESE…I AM VERY happy!! 🙂

          That siad, JOG is going to chew his left hand off…You’re a Cruel Man Rick-ster! 🙂


          • JOG, one of the reasons for my fishing post is to maybe, just maybe motivate some to get out and find their own metaphorical fishing hole where they live and enjoy the great outdoors and learn to harvest what nature provides and then share the experience with me. I enjoy learning what other foragers are doing around the country. If it makes me want to try what they’re doing, then all the better.

            • And I was just leaving for the night..

              Absolutely Friend, in all things, always, ‘Lead by Example”, No? All too often merely telling someone the clinical deatils accoplishes little, or nothing. I think therefo, that your approach herein is excellent..Tip ‘O the Hat’ to you Sir, therefor…

              NOW , I AM leaving for the eve…Good Night Y’all…


            • Right now, I go out every morning and pick fresh mulberries from my trees for breakfast. Picked my first peach yesterday, too.

              • Ahhh..Mulberries!!

                You lucky DOG you!!! I used to eat those by the handful when I was a child..they WERE VERY tasty. Keep up using it for it was intemded Friend!


                • JOG,

                  I loved mulberries in my childhood as well, so I planted 3 trees in my front yard (joining a total of nearly 30 fruit/nut trees in back, front & side yards) just two years ago and they’ve been bearing tons of delicious fruit daily for 4 months every year including the first year planted!


        • pick-a-pepper on my bbq oysters!

          and I like’em cold and fresh.


      5. Don’t want all that. any way to make each article down loadable or just viewable by itself?

        • I gave up affluence and career and
          became a jack of all trades instead.

          I’ve never regretted the decision.

          • The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

            –ALBERT CAMUS

            • Satori,
              I used to love Camus. I guess my mom pointed me to him. Read a few of his books. His study of absurdity “The Myth of Sisyphus” was one of my favorites.

          • Out west, a jack of all trades master of none is my mantra. The thirst of knowledge an know how should be at the top of everyone’s list. A baling wire and duct tape education is what I grew up with.

          • You were never more than a marginal dunce at anything you tried.. I grew up with you and I know you never were rich….

      6. Howdy, BI. I already downloaded it. The world of prepping and survivalism is a never-ending learning experience. In order to be proficient at it, you NEVER STOP LEARNING. You can never have too much information when it comes to prepping. There’s always something new and interesting coming along in our world. braveheart

      7. There is land available on a low population island in the Caribbean …. over a square mile of land just about all ocean view…. some water front….
        no capital gains here … low real estate taxes… peaceful/safe … no heating or air conditioning needed.. land is high enough not to ever flood …. no where is perfect…but I have bought and will soon be there as soon as I sell my present home and business….
        I would like to form a like minded group to buy more land…. If you want more info … [email protected]

      8. The most important prepping article to date

        “Making Bacon Off-Grid”

        A world without bacon is a world not worth living in.

          • Wilson,

            I saw that too.

            Obama is letting the Chinese Own U.S. Energy Resources.

            The Chinese certainly are buying lots of things – coal mines, acquiring major ownership in oil and natural gas across the nation, meat companies, lots of land and creating foreign trade zones in America, etc.

            Recently, the Chinese state media DEMANDED US Citizens Be DISARMED.

            But, apparently our government is not concerned…so I guess they assume no one else is either.

            I pray more people will wake up.

            • @KY MOM…..Who in the world’s in charge of selling companies & land to Commies?? And WHY would they WANT TO ??Years ago I heard that the Japanese were buying up golf courses on the West Coast ,then charging 1 million a year ,memberShip, to keep the local RIFF-RAFF out!!Whoever is doing this should be MADE to also sell their GRANNY’S,WIFES & KIDS ,TOO!!! SOME PEOPLE will do ANYTHING for MONEY$$$$$$$ !!!!…….mm~

          • Chinos can have the mass produced pork, I’ll grow my own. Same with chickens and goats.

            • BB, I gave you a thumbs up, but unfortunately I have to rely on Smithfield and others for the bacon, because…

              Chicken poop? Got chickens, smell’s not too bad. Horse poop? My oldest son brings it home from work at the stables on his boots, still not too bad. But pig poop? My uncle ran a medium-size pig farm until recently and O…M…G… for the love of all that is holy please make that smell stop. I’ll happily pay a farmer plenty of fiat so I don’t have to live with (or anywhere near) that smell. Now in all fairness to my uncle, it smelled like money to him!

      9. Two things That ive been advocating for years are mentioned. Self Reliance & Know How. If you possess those two items you can do well in almost any environment or situation. You can survive and even prosper even if you have nothing and are bare naked. A self reliant person never has to wait upon the time & pleasure of others to get something done. If you have Know How it cant be taxed robbed or stolen from you.

      10. Knowledge and skills are the most important tools a person can have. The more you know the less you have to carry. I might be kind of nerdy on this, but I try to educate myself about everything that interests me. I went thru the combat lifesavers courses in the military just for the knowledge. Since I’ve got into a prepper mindset I’ve taken any course I’ve found useful. Emt classes, endless CQB training, krav maga classes, long range seminars(even though I was a designated marksman in 1st CAV), sewing, woodworking, pioneer storage practices, and the list goes on and on. I would like to say to the 30 something’s like myself, find an older country gentleman that came up poor. My grandpa is 77 and grew up with little and worked with less on a family farm and the stuff he’s taught me is priceless. Never stop learning and never take things for granted.

      11. Howdy BI,

        As you know, time is short. In approximately one week we will see the return of various previously enumerated regions ranging from 11744-11750. It aapears at this time that some of these remain large, as is visible in the current STEREO SECCHI feeds. The largest of thse (prviouly) was 11745, which I fully expect will return in a dimished form, the reaminder were almost all quite samll during thier previous transits across the visible face…some of those, the more slow evolvers may be energetic on thier return. As said there ARE multiple latge regions visible at or slightly beyond the polar meridian (backside) at this time.

        Additionally, as it happens, this has been an exceedingly active month for GRB’s no less than 12 having occured throught the period. Most are of the low magnitude sort but not all. You are already aware of the strong event which occurred on the 5th of MAy, following the previous super-GRB in the last of the previous month. As well, there have been strong events occcuing on the 14th and the 28th of May (This month)…even one additional has just occured this afternoon,…though that appears to be negligible in magnitude.

        As a point to consider here, “How long was it between the Super-GRB on April 27th and the onset of any ‘deep-focus’ tremors thereasfter…asked rhetorically, inasmuch as I will be becoming increaingly busy these last few days…dwell on it, if you would. The issue of ‘excitation-to-relaxation’ defines many problems in the real world…often much can be infered from that alone.

        In any event, All things Solar are presently at very low levels without much threat that anything will shortly manifest…till a weeek from now, that is.

        I have a long day again tomorrow, therefor, “Good Night Everyone’.


        • Oops,

          I did NOT draw the ‘conclusion at hand’…BI, the ‘events’ on the 14th and 28th WERE rather of the ‘stronger’ variety…if what we have posited is corrct, we SHOULD see a diminuation in Seismic activity for a time…the ‘Paper-Mache’ Earth analogy which I gave previously…


      12. For those that have not seen this:

        This is a very interesting article and proves that anyone in congress voting for free trade and other U.S. job destroying tactics deserves only one name for helping the enemy, TRAITOR.

        By the way JustOneGuy, the solar increase you are possibly seeing as the Sun rotates back into those same areas that are still hot for activity, I wonder if this will trigger another mega quake. That is a very intense earthquake that deep, like the one in Bolivia/Peru region in 1994, it is quite intense to have something over 375 miles deep in that planet have such a magnitude. You would think that deep the crust plunging like this could not build up enough tension to have a 8+. You would think down that far the crust would just assimilate into the mantle with that much heat. I really think that it might be more brittle than scientists think and not as hot. I wonder about cooler areas, eddies, that allow this. Or the crust is becoming more unstable, maybe just a cycle. Earthquakes will become quite violent if the inside of the planet cools a lot.

      13. Nice download, thanks. One thing it talked about but did not get around to was how to refill the one pound green propane tanks. Would like to know how to do this.

        • Use the tool below…

          You’ll need to keep the 1lb container cold… you can toss it in the freezer before you start refilling or pack ice around it. You’ll need a good temperature difference between the two to allow the propane to be sucked into the smaller container.

          • Thanks CJ!!!

          • Thanks. Didn’t know you could do that. Husband probably does though.

      14. Saw the ” Making bacon off-grid” title and my mouth started watering. Funning when you think about the smell of it cooking it can do that. This past week the local supermarket had the thick-sliced apple wood smoked bacon on sale for $2.99 a pound and I grabbed a 15 lb. box to divide up and freeze. Ain’t going to be doing that in a grid down sit-chee-ation.

        • BTW, thanks Mac for putting this up. I put this on my favorites to look over and download later.

      15. Good Morning BI,

        Ummm I am having a bit of a ‘time’ trying to get comfortable enough to sleep this eve..Oh Well, that said, I AM here.

        Bearing in mind that the recent Supoer-GRB was something quite OUTSIDE of ordinary experience what can we infer abot the effects thereof. What you posited a bit back, that the onset of the ‘deep focus events’ might be indicative of a cooling, I would qualify that: All ‘cooling’ of the Earth, that is to say net heat LOSS – is a particular solution to the 3 dimensional boundary value equations which would be the full Partial Differential Eqaution governing the thermodynamoic transfer of heat through (at) the crust., S’OK?

        Soooo, since that is relatively fixed and constant allow me to frame that somewhat diferently, for clarity’s sake here. Presupposing all that we have here discussed previously, Crust, Mantle (Silicate’s primarily at minimm depths) then Fe-Ni core and finally TrnasUranic sub-core. The heat which the Earth evolves internally MUST have a Source, hence the last conjecture above. That preceding it is a matter which Science is broadly ‘comfortable, with while the mantle can in some wises be indirectly inferred form a variety of seismic events, ie, the paths and patterns of wave propafation there-through. Clearly, the nature of the conjecture’s here become ‘murkier’ as we speak of increasing depth….that is clear. Yes.

        Before the 27th event we had NOTHING but a pure conjecture with which to work, now we have the occurance of the ‘d-f’ events which occured therefter. We have already speculated thereon so I’ll forego proceeding throgh that again, here. Now…an ‘event’ of extra-Solar origin occurs, thereafter passes around and through the Earth. By the previous presumption ‘something’ transpires in the deepest Earth which yeilds a greater than normal ecpression of ‘Heat’. It is very unlikely that such would BE evolved in either the crust or mantle, or even the Fe-Ni ‘core’ inasmch as none could be expected to contain VERY much material that qualified as ‘fissile’. A single caveat here, is this; the deeper reaches of the Fe-Ni mass might well be transiently imbued with such on an erratic basis due to the expected ‘hyper-fluid’ character of the entirety of all material at those depths.

        Note, I’m not tryinmg to re-educate YOU in much of what follows in the next few paragraphs…I AM ‘thinking out loud ‘here’…such often helps ME to clarify various points along the way… 😉

        A question: How DO we KNOW that the Earth is SO Hot at depth. Answer: WE don’t, not directly, at least. What we do know is that down to a depth of several miles (the DEEPEST drilling rigs ever fielded) the temperature of – as one proceeds more and more deeply – increases at a virtually linear rate…the temperatures at deeper depths being extapolated therefrom.

        That is NOT the entirety of what we ‘know’ since it is also the case that the various seissmic waves proceed at differing rates which vary with differing viscousity’s and temperatures as well…thereor we DO know something of what the interior of the Earth consists of to a ‘fair’ extent down to a few thousand miles depth. At that point things very much become a matter of ‘conjecture’.

        Nothing at a temperature much in excess of 3000 F is anything other than a fluid…excepting only a very FEW elements, amongt which are Tungsten, Rhenium, Platinum and Iriduim which are all ‘Noble metals’ excepting only Tungsten. Baed on what I have proffered in the preceding, then nearly northing COULD be other than a fluid at those depths…and deeper still. Certainly, both Iron and Nickel would be fluid at those temperatures and it is here that things begin to get a little ‘odd’. For various reasons, when the tandem of Millions o pougs of pressure AND very high temperature exits simulataneously, due to some very high temperature experiments performed in times past we have the EXPECTATION that any alloy of Iron and Nickel would take on a new, singular characteristic under that circumstance…. a state change to ‘hyper-fluidity’; things behave rather strangely under that cirumstance, which you may verify by looking up Helium II, which at a VERY LOW temperature has been studied extensively in that state. Helioum II will – when placed into a beaker – literally CRAWL up the sides of that to thereafter ‘run over’ to outside that container…to spill out. Strange, yes…

        In amy event, what would happen if a quantity of ‘Heat’ were released into such a body, obviously that heat would befin to spread outward by the Fisrt law o Themo-D, spreading in very short order through the bulk of the sub-core, escaping into the surrounding mass of Iron/Nickel alloy. We aRE relatively ‘sure’ that THAT is spinning rather quickly deep inside the Earth, else we would not be able to build a very convincing picture of WHY the Earth has a real, not insignificant magneitc field surrounding it…nearly EVERY other rocky (non-gaseous) planet we are aware of has almost NO magnetic field as do we…Also, as near as can be ascertained, ALL of those are ‘cool’ internally…solid, through and through, no magma, no ‘liquidity’ all. Even the Moon is just as decribed and when it happens that something impacts into that it rings like fine china does when ‘struck’.

        IF the supposed ‘sub-core’ exists and IS Trans-Uranic then we have a vey palusible eexpalantion or the anonalous character of the interior of the Earth..if not, then we ARE LOST…on a variety of levels, and NOTHING we ‘see’ as the various manifestations of the Earth’s magnetic field, the temperaurte’s as measured make ANY sense at all. There are a few VERY exotic explanations but as it happens most all FAIL to explain at least ONE of what we observe as the actual characteristics we see, more often, several.

        Soooo, then a GRB occurs, a wave passes through the Earth, additional ‘heat’ is evolved through nuclear decay in the sub-core, then spreads outward into the Fe-Ni core. The hyper-fluid character of THAT would distribute all that heat extremely rapidly though it’s own mass almost as fast as it arrived, naturally. Having done so then that would place additional amounts of heat at the mantle/Core interface. There we may well expect that there is a large amount of turbulence due to the rapid rotation of the core where it lays embeded in the material of the mantle and as such then, there would be both heat and mass transfer into the mantle proper.

        Were that occuring at a non-equilibrium rate, ie, a higher than normal rate then it is VERY plausible that the flows from the core would be greater also…such as that the heat might be well transffered out of and into, respectively – core to mantle. HERE IS where we might get an explanation for the ‘Deep Focus events ‘ which recently occured by vitrue of the explanation I previously profered. That being possible cavitation occuring – with or without large-scale reduction/ oxidation processes being involved…potentially, the nearly instantaneous conversion of several cubic MILES of the substance of the mantle of either an oxidized state…or alternately, the immediate reduction of such to an elemental (pure) state with a ‘release’ of the gases previouly bound. Bear in mind this would VERY likely be a reversible state of affairs at that depth…going on in either direction with equal ease. In one or BOTH cases I can ‘see’ what would effectively be local ‘implosions’ on a multi-cubic mile level occuring…I beleive that THAT might well serve as a plausible explanation therefor.

        Lastly, this process would likely first appear at extreme depths, then be seen shortly at less depth thereafter until the bulk of the heat ‘ejected’ were eqilibrated throughout the interior mass of the planet. Briefly, first deep, then less so, then a return to deep, then gone….FINITE!

        Well, that’s as many hoops as I can jump throgh in ONE night Friend! Have a good one today…Oh, watch the market today… I think something ‘not food’ will happen today or tomorrow…Adios Friend.


        • ? how would this fit in with the “A-biotic oil” theory? If at all.. As I think you might have a greater understanding… ?


          • Me too.

          • Howdy CLess,

            “Interesting” monicker Friend! “Clueless?” perhaps, no sleight intended here, just askin?

            “A-biotic”, meaning without the benefit of life-processes, or created sans the agency of.

            Consider, that every documentary one sees of Folks exploring the DEEP Ocean has the video’s thereof showing what almost APPEARS to be ‘snow-fall’ even the clearest of such, Yes? That seen therein IS the continuous field of detritus which is the settling of various Oceanic life-proceeses – after death – to the Sea-floor. These ‘material’s’ are rich in Carbon, Nitrugen…those things which are the simple consequence of all life, ie the activity of.

            Upon the Ocean bottom these materials are deposited and thereaster undergo a variety of decay processes, Yes? Just so, still very much of the complexity is not degraded. EVENTUALLY, these things are carried by continental drift processe to those points at the juncture of tectonic plates which we refer to as ‘subduction zones’. Here’s where it gets interesting.

            Obvioussly, large amounts of methane and subsidiary compounds are either generated or emitted during the ten of milllions of year journey of the sediments to where they are then taken DEEP into the mantle by the action of the ‘subduction of the plates’, in the aforementioned zoness. What happens then? In the deep Earth the temperatures and pressures therein act upon the still biotic residue, effectively catalyzing chemical changes which we cannot duplicate readily…changes that take VERY large time-frames, and the mixture is ‘cooked’ in a vast ‘pressure cooker’ of sorts. The constituents were already imbued with many of those chemicals which are at the root of all life processes..including the center piece of all petrology…HYDROGEN.

            That is stirred and admixed with MANY things in the mantle, further cooked, under pressure and V’iola!, several ten of millions of years later by virute of low denisty of, same rises to ‘pool’ in various places under and in the crust. Almost no matter WHERE you go, the presence of OIL can be seen to have been the outgrowth of such processes, either in the near or far ‘geologic’ past.

            Ir IS no mere coincidence that there are VAST oilfields in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, (before) the US as at one point all of these regions were so subject to the effects of what I have mentioned above. Ir is probable that the Northern reaches of India are now, today nascent oilfields of immense size inasmuch as the action of the Indian plate in moving against the asian plate is EXCETLY what is the genesis of the the creation of the Himalayan Mountains…indicative of very strong subduction thereunder. To be sure, these processes are NOT what BI and I have been dialoguing over in these few weeks past, those process are VERY DEEP EVENTS, beyond the reach of any transposrt mechanisms near to the surface of the Earth. THOSE are a mystery, as yet, as you have already likely inferred from the ongoing dialogue’s here…

            Hope that serves to explain your queation – the question I THINK you posed! 😉 If not ‘shout-out’ and I’ll try to get back to further dialogue with you here.
            Before closing, I note that ALL HERE have things to contribute…ALL is SUPREMELY USEFUL, nothing is too ‘worthles’ to be put forth here…much of the ‘arcane stuf’ that fets batted arond these locales will be of NO use – at ALL – after any thing such as we discuss here frequently, has occured. I have – in my life – done everything from birthing pifs to running a nuclear reactor…and everything in between! And in what MAY come
            it IS the ‘little things’ which ARE vitally imnportant, not the ‘High Falutin” stuff.

            Also, I don’t recognize your ‘handle’ here…New? If so, “Be Welcome in this place” bring what you know to those here and we WILL ALL be improved thereby…and thus, mayhaps, someone’s ife MAY well be saved someday.
            Oops, Howdy to you too LAG, same applies Brother/Sister/Friend!

            “Life and SURVIVAL, above ALL!”


            • Thank you JOG, thats a brain full to digest.. Im up here in the bakken oil patch and a conversation came up about old 20-30 year old wells producing again with out being reworked or fracked…some how oil is being pushed up thru the strata layers from below.. I had read some theory that not all oil is the result of decaying organic matter but that it is just some natural byproduct of deep deep earthly function, A-biotic… Ha, definatly paraphrasing cuz im no geologist or scientist..

              As for being new, new to posting here.. been enjoying the articles and the comments for some time now… getting to know who is who..

              C More is closer to my real name but thought that was too arrogant, so CLess was born. too much coffee,coffee,coffee…


              • LOL, now i cant settle my mind.. if you have heard the theory that the earth is expanding, then why do the tectonic plates push against each other… seems that the earth is shrinking… it, the earth may have expanded in the past but now is shrinking… deep earth quakes.. squeezing the inside to the surface..

                dump the coffee, g’nite


      16. I always enjoy finding new prep sources, finding bits and pieces of info that just may increase ones chances of survival.

        This sentence taken from above holds allot of truth:

        “We know that it doesn’t come down to the best gear, it comes down to knowing how to do “the stuff.”

        If you have noticed most of my post are, should I say motivational or reality checks. What I mean by motivational is finding our inner strength and commitment to survive and to find the strength to back up the beliefs we hold when We the People have the power to restore our Nation.

        What I take from this post is “Knowing your Stuff” whether it’s prep or defense of our Constitution or simply defending the family.

        I’ve seen to many who have the stuff but have failed to use the stuff to gain the practical knowledge needed to survive.

        I know I’m guilty, I have the equipment for canning but have not canned yet, I hope to start in the upcoming few weeks.

      17. I want to say thank you to all you guys for educating me, and helping me learn how to prep. As I was tilling my garden(1/4 acre) to prepare it for planting, my 15 yo granddaughter asked my hubby why I work so hard to do all this( for medical reasons my hubby can’t do the labor, but he buys the tools and seeds and stuff I need, so that’s his very appreciated contribution ). He told her, she ( me) has always wanted to do this. ( It broke my heart to realize he really doesnt think thevstuff is gonna hit the fan)…Yes, I have, since the early 70’s I have felt a burden to be as self reliant as possible. In those days, with my first husband, I often didn’t know if the rent would be paid or there would be enough food on the table, so I determined in my heart to do all I could as a homeschooling stay at home mom to barter, help in other people’s gardens, sew, assist with canning, etc, to store food and goods to keep me and the children fed. It worked, and today I am a happy camper, with 5 acres, 2 horses and a donkey,the garden, orchard, vineyard, and bramble fruits, and we are able to eat like kings…thank you for your input to my prepping education.

      18. Mac,

        Thanks for posting a link to TPR! Your community is always the most supportive!



      19. I don’t understand.

        How come no matter what the article is about, the comments turn into a talk about earthquakes?

      20. I stole two of those electric hand dryers off the wall at Home Depot’s restroom and made a food dehydrator out of them.

      21. Slightly off-topic (silver *is* mentioned in the guide) can I ask where people are buying American Eagles? I’m finding ebay to have the best combined shipping prices, but I’m not all that interested in buying chinese fakes, either.

      22. We have drifted so far from God that faith is dead. Christ said when I return will I find faith on earth? He tells us not to lay up gold and silver…but we think we know better. He says don’t worry about what you will eat or put on…but we think we really do need to worry. We are acting just like them. They build tanks and drones and hang cameras on every light pole. They build huge bunkers in the sides of mountains and lay up large food sources..but at the end they will pray that the mountain will fall on them and they may find death. He says be concerned only about today..let tomorrow worry about itself. Today we are told to get the gospel out to the world as a witness. We will not stop this beast power from rising or we make God out as a lier. He said they would do these things and He don’t say they will be defeated by us. The battle belongs to the Lord. Get right with God. Put Him first and He will supply your needs.(maybe by other preppers and governments hoarding up stuff.) Get sin out of your life while their is time. Become God dependent and He will give you manna. Faith comes by your bibles. Churches are becoming weak and feeble. Electronic media is focusing our attention away from God. These people are just puppets the real enemy is not flesh and blood. Our war is not with people. If one of them dies Satan has a lots more to take their place. You will not win if you fight this battle with your strength.

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