Founders – In the Near Future the Entire Social, Political, and Economic Infrastructure of America Has Collapsed

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Do you LOVE America?


    Sometime in the near future the world as we know it will change drastically. The financial and economic systems we have come to depend on will finally buckle, and when they do, those things that we take for granted today – our ability to conveniently engage in commerce, to depend on police and medical responders to be there in an emergency, and even turning on our lights at night – will become a thing of the past.

    When this ‘crunch’ happens, those who are unprepared for it are destined to suffer the worst of what mankind has to offer. There will be no food, no fuel, no ease of travel and no rule of law.

    This worst case scenario is the background story of the trilogy introduced by Survival Blog author James Rawles.

    In his first book, Patriots, Rawles introduced to a tight-knit group of individuals who had for years taken steps to prepare for just such a scenario, and when the crunch came they were ready for it. His second novel, Survivors, which took place during the same ‘event’ followed a variety of characters in the United States and abroad as they struggled to come to terms with what had happened and the challenges they faced as crime rose exponentially and hordes of gangs overtook villages and towns in an effort to acquire critical resources.

    The long-awaited final book of the series, Founders, has now become available and promises to be just as exciting and informative as the first two.

    It’s the near future, and thanks to a perfect storm of reckless banking practices, hyperinflation, a stock market gone mad, and the negligence of our elected officials, the entire social, political, and economic infrastructure of America has collapsed. Chaos reigns in the streets, medical treatment is no longer available, and a silent coup has placed a dangerous group of men at the helm of a false government. America’s fate is in the hands of those few individuals who have the survival skills, the faith, and the forethought to return this country to the state its founding fathers intended.

    As in his previous books, Rawles, a former intelligence officer in the United States Army, weaves a fictional account of the collapse of a nation with a realistic approach to survival, providing key strategies and tools that will be invaluable if the world as we have come to know it falls apart.

    If you’ve realized that something’s not right, and that an economic collapse or other major event may threaten the relatively peaceful and prosperous lifestyles we’ve become so used to, consider adding all three of the novels in this trilogy to your preparedness library.

    Founders at (Click here for Kindle Edition)

    Also see: How to Survive (The End of the World as We Know It)

    James Rawles Web Site: Survival Blog


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      1. Yikes.

        • I have not read this series but I will definately get and read. If passing this book off to some of my non-prepper friends will help get them on board then I will buy a truck load.

          I will be the Gideon of the prepping world!!!

            • you would be best to try using bows and arrows…and making them yourself….just a thought for you

            • While I don’t disagree that self defense without weapons is something everyone should learn, you are not likely to get many visitors by posting spam on this blog.

            • trying to get free advertising I see

            • Sorry, didn’t mean for it to sound so spammy. My apologies.

          • It should.

            • When you run out of bullets you go low tech.

              With out preps if you cannot make it your not prepared.
              Do not be the prepper who prepares for everything but not having preps. Listen we have lived in lawless or tyranical rule before in the past. We have lived off the land. We have banded togeather to survive in the past. I started stressing out about the shit storm headed our way. I have ran scenarios of how bad it can get and what I have lived thru in my time in the military. My blood pressure flew off the charts, headaches all the time. How will I take care of my wife and those around us is all I thought about. She ( my wife ) was calm. I used to get mad at her like she wasn’t willing to prepare and get ready until one day she told me. She dosn’t worry she knows who I am where I been how my life has been those who have been in my life all my training, all that my grandfather and great grandfather taught me. And she simply said ” your a survivalist, your life has been training you for these times if they do come upon us as bad as we think. ” I am proud to be a Survivalist.

          • And then they’ll feel prepared with 24 bottled waters and 2 boxes of oatmeal.
            There are 3 types of folks; those that see, those that see when shown, and those that will never see.
            Pray, prep, and pray more.

            • I’ve read all three. Learned stuff from every one.

          • just got back from B&N. Got my copy. I have been waiting for this one. Rawles books are great reading for all preppers and it supports the cause when you buy it. See yall when I am done reading it.

            • Barnes and Noble will be carrying it? Must check it out. I think I might have read some excerpts from it. They were fairly good.

          • I just read the reviews on this book on amazon.An average of 2 stars. I think I’ll pass on this one.

            • I ordered the first two of the trilogy on ‘book bomb’ day. Patriots was enjoyable, Survivors skipped around so much I threw it away, and I waited to order Founders. I’m glad I did as I am not impressed by the section he posted on Amazon for free.

            • I read Patriots and LOVED IT! I have read 60% of Founders and LOVE IT as well. There are people with an axe to grind who want to “do damage” to JW Rawles because of his principles.

              Those of us who read and appreciate his work need to step up and post positive reviews to counter those who have ulterior motives.

      2. In a previous thread someone asked how they began prepping… This man is my reason RAWLES and the friend that gave his book!

        • Rawles got me prepping too. Found SB though LATOC. Can’t imagine what kind if inane suburbanite purgatory I’d be living in if I hadn’t stumbled into prepping by complete chance.

        • As bad as the show was, Doomsday Preppers got me started, and I found this site searching the web for info!!!

      3. I think I should read these books, in order. I hate reading books out of order. Some fiction scares the poop out of me. One Second After gave me nightmares, but it did give me a few ideas. I love to read so I should be able to read each in a day. (I get a little obsessive about finishing a book!)

        • Patriots is a good book. I’ve read it a half dozen times already.
          Survivors put me to sleep (sorry to say).
          I’m looking forward to getting my copy of Founders.

        • JL
          read “lights out”. its a emp scenario like one second after but its a little more positive and not nearly as depresing.anybody that didnt tear up when the guys diabetic daughter died doesnt have a heart

          • thanks for the spoiler…even though I did tear up when I read it the first time

          • @Mark…..just called my library to see if I could get “lights out”, “one second after” and “Holding their own”….The gal said she needs the name of the authors (as she does not have the books, but can borrow from another library…..could you or anyone on the site provide me with the info on authors names? Thanx in advance and take care….CC

            • my apologies for the spoiler to anyone who hasnt read 1 sec after. it was early and i hadnt finished my coffee
              1 second after, wiliam r forstchen
              lights out, david crawford

          • I have read it, you know what book I really hated “Earth Abides”. I finished it but it was totally unrealistic.

        • Patriots was an extremely informative and entertaining read. The second book, Surviors, was a big disappointment. I am currently reading Founders. It starts off horrible, but about 1/5 of the way through it improves quite a bit. Rawles is a streaky writer. He is very good when he is good and absolutely horrible when he is not on his game. Sometimes within the same book he goes from very talented preparedness writer to complete waste of the readers time/money. I would definetly recommend Patriots to anybody even slightly interested in prepping.

      4. He really timed the release well…got it out just in time! Now we get to live it. Prep hard and with a sense of urgency.

      5. I read One Second Afer last year (almost heartbreaking at times but a great book) and just had my 14 year old son read it. He is almost finished and is asking all the right questions. My wife is oblivious and had a small breakdown last year when we lost power for over 2 weeks from the tornado swarm we had.

        Thanks for pointing us to this series. I plan to get it this weekend if I can find them. William Johnstone’s Fire series is another decent read. He writes simply so they are very easy to get through.

        • Ummm…Just looked at reviews on Amazon and Patriots seems to have alot of 4 and 5 ratings and overall good comments. However, Survivors has much lower ratings and is not recommended by many reviewers. Founders is almost all bad reviews and “don’t buy” ratings. I think I may just buy the first book and do some yard-sale browsing to find the others.

          Anyone here have an opinion to share about Survivors or Founders?

          • Reviewers- and apparently many readers- are judging these books as if they were cast in the same mold as “what-if” or Sci-fi scripts. I see them not as entertainment but rather a superb information source thinly wrapped in a story line. I’ve read both Patriots and Survivors multiple times and take notes on helpful how-to’s buried within the stories. The first emphasizes the importance of planning and establishing a like-minded group while the second spends a lot of time on aspects which were not specifically covered in the first, such as the details and importance of two-way communications. I have my copy of Founders on the way.

            If you want entertainment, read someone else’s work. If you want good prepper info, James is the man!

            • Casey Jr: I’m going to disagree with you on that. The front of the book says it’s a novel. That implies a fictional story with a plot(s) and characters that evolve into a good story, or at least, one hopes. If there is any practicle info tossed in, all the better, but a novel’s primary purpose is to entertain. Rawles did both in his first novel, “Patriots”. If all you want is straight-up prepping info you could have saved a few bucks and bought his book, “How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It” for only $17.00. It is nearly 300 pages of prepping from A-Z. At just over 100 pages, this newest novel leaves a lot to be desired.

          • Rawles has good info, I enjoyed Patriots even though his writing is a little dry for me. I dont think I will read the next 2 though. One second after is a good read, especially if you want to wake someone up

          • I posted more detail in reply to a comment above, but I sum it up this way: Patriots is great. Survivors was very disappointing. Founders starts of just horribly, but is taking a turn for the better (I am at about page 100 now). I recommend Patriots to everybody who shows any interest in prepping, but not the others. One Second After was also very good.

        • Save your money & skip Survivors/Founders!

          Patriots & How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It
          are good though.

          • Dave: Good advise; I’m 100 pages into Founders and there isn’t much in the way of preps in this book or the last one (Survivors) as their was in Patriots. I enjoy reading this genre but so far Founders is way too preachy/religious for me. If I want that sort of thing I can always go to church. What I and most other folks want is some entertainment and useful information.

        • “almost heartbreaking at times but a great book”

          Almost? As if the deaths of millions of our fellow citizens would not most definitely be heartbreaking. 🙁

          • 41MM

            I hear what you said and understand your point but lets play a game called common sense … I am sure that I made the “almost” comment because the story in the book is just that, a story. I am fairly sure the “almost” would not have been written if the book had been historical instead of a story. Full octane heartbreak should be reserved for reality and the future sure holds alot of that if this ever comes to pass but at the moment it is just a story.

            Gee, isn’t common sense fun?

          • Would depend on which ones.

      6. I read Survivors and enjoyed it throughly.

        @ Mac,

        What can you tell me about the antibiotic company that advertises at the bottom of the page? Have you purchased anything from them? Anybody else?

        • I’m not seeing the ad and have looked twice. I’ve ordered meds before and do have an opinion. Do you remember the name of the company?

        • highspeedloafer,
          I have not ordered from this company. I have however ordered pharmaceutical grade antibiotics from a company called, Cal Vet Supply. They have an online website also.

          I have been happy with the purchases from this company.

        • The ads are smart ads, they show different for each person, based on the different types of things you look at on the internet. So, other people probably have no idea what ad you’re talking about…

        • I’ll let you know when the deal is done. I took a chance on this being legit and ordered today.

          • TF…YES, please let us know! I’ve thought about ordering from them but hesitate…it’s so much money! I would also like to get at least a few of the pills tested, JUST to be sure….you know?

          • TF, I would be very interested in hearing about your experience with this medical provider. I am looking for antibiotics as well. I thought that I had a Doc with an internet site….but it has now disappeared. I am so glad that you said something about the ad, I immediately went up the page, found the ad and took a look. I don’t like doing anything online anymore. I won’t even buy long term food supplies on-line. I call the companies directly. I haven’t posted here in a very long time. :/ Thanks again for any insight that you are willing to share.

      7. I’ll check these books out. Thing is I’m betting when the SHTF for real (And soon) that it will make the accounts in these books look like child’s play. The reality of it will be so much worse. I remember when I first watched ‘Saving Private Ryan’ with my Grandfather,I asked him if his experience on Omaha beach in WW2 was as bad as that,He told me “It was 10 times worse,To actually be there and experience it in person is awfully terrible”. There’s going to be hard,hard times ahead for us all. Though I firmly believe people like us that have prepared for it will have it much easier. I think most of us have come to terms with what we are facing and have an idea of what to expect.

        The masses of uninformed people on the other hand are going to be losing their minds,They won’t know how to react or what to do. And they will be a very dangerous threat.

        • The decay of our country started years ago. We are seeing the buildup of things come to a head.

          21 Facts About America’s Decaying Infrastructure…

          “You can tell a lot about a nation by the condition of the infrastructure. So what does our infrastructure say about us? It says that we are in a very advanced state of decay.”

          “At this point, much of America is being held together with spit, duct tape and prayers. Our roads are crumbling and thousands of our bridges look like they could collapse at any moment.”

          “Our power grid is ancient and over a trillion gallons of untreated sewage is leaking from our aging sewer systems each year.”

          “The World Economic Forum nranks U.S. infrastructure 23rd in the world…”


        • Joe: That is why reading “One Second After” is so important. It is almost the worst case event for preppers and non-preppers.

          I don’t believe that any one of us really knows what living through a worst case event would be like. But we need to read and prep as much as we can. Information to fall back on is what will save many of us from extinction.

          God bless and keep on prepping.

      8. Hope and change. Foward!

        • Freak!!! I hope that was sarcasm/humor!!! Lol

      9. “PATRIOTS” is great!!!!
        “SURVIVORS” is really BAD and BORING.

        ANYWAY I´ll give him another opportunity.

        “Last light” and “After Light” (Alex scarrow)are better.

        From Barcelona, Spain (is-Pain)

        • JH, stay safe over there in Spain…looks like thing are getting rough where you are. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers, as well the rest of your countrymen.

          • Thanks TurtleMama!!
            Now is becoming worst, it´s like a film, it goes too fast.

            look here!!

            from minute 6 is incredible how police attack people inside the traisn station!!!

            And now it´s possible Spain will follow the way of Yugoslavi. Here they are talking seriously about a referendum for independence….everything is going to hell, pray for us.

      10. The first two were excellent. No reason why the new one won’t follow. Anyone suggesting not recommended is full of it. Great reads in my opinion.

      11. I liked Patriots better than Survivors, but both have useful information. A year after reading Patriots, I read it again…it was a good refresher for my second level of preparations.

      12. Obama is leading in the poll’s. Not only are there going to be a lot of starving people, there are going to be a lot of starving stupid people. When that happens to cool aid drinkers, things are going to be very dangerous. I don’t think there could be a scale to gauge the horror that is coming.

          • Only if there is a brand of Kool-Aid that is labeled as “REALITY”.

          • Koolaid?…Not me, Never! Began drinking Wild Turkey 101 at age 6yrs old. Switched to Jack Danials at age9yrs.

            No kool aid though!

          • thanks for that link Satori — I hadn’t been aware of his writings, and there are some good articles at that site.

        • I dont think the polls are as dire as we are being led to believe. Rush was yelling about it all afternoon yesterday. I know that neither of the candidates has a “superman” costume, but I believe the race is still neck and neck.

          • Yes, the race really could be that close but it should be remembered that these are the same people who said that “the Reagan-Mondale race was just too close to call”. The fact of it was that it was the greatest political rout in US history. Too close to call, indeed!

            Considering what has occurred over the past 3.5 years, one can only wonder what else has to be screwed up before the Obamunists finally figure out that their guy is a well-spoken nice-looking fellow who is completely incompetent and WAY out of his league.

          • It’s not who votes but who counts the votes. The fraudulant polls are to provide cover for when Obama is re elected. Law no longer has any meaning in the US.


            • Thats right…. The MSM does this because they know human nature leads us to to want to be on the “winning team” or just give up. It will be a close race, I’m sure.

              Can’t wait for the debates. This will be Romney’s last chance to shine. He is not perfect, but the alternative squatting in the WH is almost unbearable.

            • Hanging chads. Caused by punching multiple ballots at the same time. Also why so many ballots had very few holes punched. In a hurry to get Gores name punched and the ballots turned in. Bush was ahead by 50,00 votes and a half hour later Gore ties him with ballots all from West Palm Beach. Know what the odds on that are? Impossible if legally done. It would be hard to find fifty thousand new votes in the entire state.

        • Oh, hold on, bubba…

          Tuesday, September 25, 2012
          ‘Unskewed’ polls show nearly 8-point Romney lead

        • I agree. People think 9-11 was bad when 3,000 people died. The collapse will be approximately 90,000 times worse. I don’t know anybody who’s prepping. I expect almost everybody I know to die.

          • “I expect almost everybody I know to die.”

            This is why a lot of us prep harder than we probably need to for ourselves. We know that we will need extra supplies for those we love who are among the sheeple.

          • Are’ny you little Miss/Mr. Sunshine. Not likely to be 90,000 times worse as that would be almost everyone. How ever it will not be pleasant.

        • Two Democratic pollsters confirm major polls skewed against Mitt Romney

          • just a few years ago

            “no one could be worse than Bush”

            “no one could be worse than Obama”

            “no one could be worse than Romney” ?

            we just NEVER learn
            we keep holding onto that belief
            THIS time
            things will be different
            REALLY they will


        • Don’t believe any of those polls. They are saying that in most states MORE people will vote for him than in 2008, and that simply will not happen.

          • Some blacks I know who voted for him in 08 are disgusted with him. However I suspect massive vote fraud is already set up and as Stalin said, “It’s not who votes but who counts the votes”. The rule of law means nothing to Obama and his followers.

      13. I’ve read Survivors and enjoyed it. I have patriots but have never gotten into it. I have several friends that have read Patriots and they say its good.

        I’m not sure the books are predictive. One thing is for sure, things are tightening up now. People are trying to make the best of it with positive attitudes, however, I don’t see a recovery. The only thing QEs have done is enriched the elites and caused inflation.

        There is more pressure than ever to take our guns but there are more people owning guns than ever too, so, its not a given that they’ll come for them. I don’t think the states would stand for it.

        I think we’re in for a slow grind to the bottom. If we were going to collapse, I think it would have already happened. It may get harder faster and we will have times of quikening but I’m not sure the collapse scenario that many people (including myself) and the books outline, will ever get here in a general, widespread fashion.

        I do believe this: collapse would be better because it would be uncontrollable. Anything that is controllable is corruptible and TPTB will be all over it. We must be aware of this as the slow grind to the bottom with bumps here and there happens. There will be attempts to take the guns, the property, the freedom. Refuse to recognize their authority to do so. DO NOT CONSENT.

        • Netranger,

          I don’t know if you follow Martin Armstrong’s work, but he’s a brilliant economist and the smartest guy in the room where money, debt, and the economy are concerned IMO. He’s in the same intellectual league as Kyle Bass.

          Decades ago Armstrong developed an economic forecasting model which has been predicting a major global economic collapse in the 2015-2020 time frame. On September 25th Philadelphia Federal Reserve President Charles Plosser gave a speech to the CFA Society of Philadelphia/The Bond Club of Philadelphia where he stated,

          “While these risks are very hard to quantify, it is clear that the larger the Fed’s portfolio becomes, the higher the risk and the potential costs when it comes time to exit. And based on my economic outlook, that time may come well before mid-2015. In my view, to keep the funds rate at zero that long would risk destabilizing inflation expectations and lead to an unwanted increase in inflation.”

          This coincides with Armstrong’s forecast model very neatly. We know that the US is paying about $470 Billion dollars this year on the national debt of $16 Trillion even with a Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) in effect. The government has very little head room left to increase interest rates before it is forced to cut spending on social programs and national defense which would usher in social unrest seen in Greece and Spain lately.

          I guess what I’m trying to say is that when the collapse manifests itself, it will accelerate very quickly as it did in Weimar, Argentina, and Russia. There won’t be any guesswork involved. We have a little time left before the main event, but not much.


          • Correction, US debt interest payments in 2011 were $455 Billion dollars. 2012 interest is initially forecasted to be $470 Billion dollars.

            • whew
              good to know
              for a minute there I thought we were in serious trouble !!!

            • Satori,

              This is a pretty sharp crowd here on SHTFplan and I know someone would notice the discrepancy and point it out. So I’ll try to correct myself whenever possible before I’m called on it 🙂

            • Back about,1987 Time Magazine’s Cover Picture and main article was a huge new type One World money design.

              It was called the “Phoenix” dollar…It was info on planned one world new currency to begin usage in 2018.

              But back in 1987 era they may not have had as much high tech ability for cashless computer cash like today is.

              I think cashless Is the main goal for a NWO world money system. If so, they dont need any mass crash or gloom events etc.

              They can just begin msm anouncments to prime people of a new better method to “Cure” worlds money ills and debts.

              If they tell people it will Halt all dope deals-illeagle guns sales-Tax cheats!-etc…..Most will think it is a wonderfull idea whos time has come.

              Then they can pass out EBT type cards for all people everywheres. Then, begin MSM storys of Stolen ID cards etc!…Ramp up storys and fears and then tell everyone…

              Hey we got an even Better solution…Chip-Implants ID’s…No more purses-wallets-driv lic-ccws-med records-Entire life history and all forms ID in One little implantable computer chip….And if You aint got one? You wont be able to access systems or Banks etc.

              Probobly 90% worldwide will agree and line up fast as they can…Just as now for new IPhones!

              Then it is Really all over for anyone who refuses it. Gardening Bans laws and gold bans and silverbans and Cash money banned. Barter bans too.

              Dont say no they cant do That ever..What so far Haven’t they done?

          • Angelo Mysterious,

            In some parts of the world, people are unwittingly drugged and have had organs stolen for the black market. It won’t take much for I.D. thieves to surgically remove subcutaneously implanted computer chips for profit. I’ll pass on that idea and there will be trouble if anyone tries to force the issue on me. Cheers.

          • YH: You said “He’s (Martin Armstrong) in the same intellectual league as Kyle Bass.”

            Isn’t Kyle Bass the imbecile who bought $20 million worth of NICKELS because the metal content was worth more than the face value?

            There is NO comparison. Bass is a fucking idiot!

        • The books are what they are. Fiction, if you get into those things.

          Ranger, you are probably right about the slow grind. But I suspect that there will be a point when the people are demoralized enough that a full scale economic attack would occur.

          With China leading the rest of the world away from the petrodollar, they will be the scapegoat and take the blame for the banksters crimes. There will be a time when the US dollar is no longer needed at all to buy oil on the world market, and in fact nobody who sells oil will take it.

          When Saudi Arabia jumps the US ship of state and forms a protection agreement with China, already in preparation for doing so, things could get very ugly very fast in world trade for dollar holders. The American domestics will be left holding the bag of worthless currency.

          At that point, the domestic financial attack can occur and the last export of America will be blame for the banksters final financial assault against the people. Once the petrodollar is destroyed, they will no longer have to fear the peoples ability to stop them armed with nothing but paper that will not buy anything.

          At this point, TPTB will do what they can to avoid startling the sheep for fear they will awaken with enough anger and purchasing power to fight back.

          Keep your eyes on the agreements between China and Saudi Arabia. Once the protection agreement is put firmly and officially into place, the slow grind will become a quick and destructive hyperinflationary crash.

          Those who are not already prepared by then will run out of time quickly.

          • CG: It was Nixon that made deals with the oil-producing countries of the Middle East. The deal was you accept only dollars for the purchase of oil and in return we will provide military support to make sure no one messes with you. It made perfect sense at the time since the US dollar was clearly the strongest, most stable currency.

            Now that the debt ceiling shows no signs of reaching rational levels, China is now attempting to cut in on that deal on the grounds that the dollar is less likely to retain its full value in the long run. Fortunately the renminbi, yen, euro, pound, Swiss franc, and all others have problems of their own, which could potentially delay or possibly prevent toppling the dollar as the reserve currency of the world. If and when it happens, the backlash will be extreme and blood in the streets will be knee deep. If you look at my name that will give you a hint at my advice for everyone.

            • Prepper,

              Nixon cut the deal so that the default would be hidden and the rest of the world would be forced to obtain the newly worthless fiat dollar in order to buy oil. The Saudis agreed to recycle excess profits into Treasuries.

              The dollar was strong only til the gold backing was removed by Nixon. The oil protection racket was needed to force the world to continue accepting it even though it had become worthless paper and the US defaulted on its obligations.

              The world powers, China, Russia, and the oil exporters, no longer want to participate in such a system of fraud and are making their own bilateral agreements to get around it.

              The US money changers have been revealed as frauds on the world stage, and the dollar will be toppled as the reserve currency because of it. It was planned that way from the outset, as a way to impoverish Americans and extract their wealth for the elite who will sponsor the new currency that will “save us”.

              The US has no gold, while China builds it supplies for the purposes of backing it’s currency and taking over the role of world reserve currency. In fact, the US banksters actually owe the Chinese 60,000 tons of the stuff. See the Golden Jackass (Jim Willie).

              The backlash will indeed be extreme, and just what the banksters ordered for America.

              As for now, the charade must continue. But it will do so only temporarily while the final pieces are put into place to control the people and stop the backlash short of reaching the banksters and criminal politicians.

              Will it work? History says no. The banksters have always failed in the end. Hopefully, they will fail again. But nothing is certain. Your advice is wise.

          • “Those who are not already prepared by then will run out of time quickly.”

            Indeed so… as well as everything else of real value.

          • Good info GC. I was going to mention the Jim Willie piece, but I see you already did. Willie also claims that the House of Saud had their security chief, who was an ally to the US, asassinated last month. They are supposedly hiding this fact from the public. He also claims the current Sunni regime will be overthrown within 6 months and the petro dollar scuttled. I smell another oil war brewing. Not a good time for your sons and daughters to be going into the military.

            • edit…I see Barn Cat has the link posted below

            • JRS, the 60,000 tons owed to China is from a different video than the Barn Cat link.

              Jim Willie is the man in the know. No BS, just straight to the point and his informants are good and accurate. The Golden Jackass should be a site frequented by most everyone here. If there is going to be any advanced warning of a serious collapse, it will come from there.

          • Get Ready for the TPP aka Nafta on Steroids! By Scott Tips at newswithviews web site….

            Now arrives yet another insult to our freedoms – the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which some are already describing as “NAFTA on steroids.” The TPP, as it is called, is a very-secretive, multi-national trade agreement currently being negotiated among eleven different Pacific-Rim countries and pushed by both Republicans and Democrats. In its fourteenth round of negotiations – which just finished in Leesburg, Virginia, as you read these words – the parties hope to make wide-ranging changes to all parties’ laws, rules, and regulations

            Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, the United States, and recent newcomers Mexico and Canada (since June 2012) are the negotiating partners. China is a noticeable absence, but the office of the United States Trade Representative has announced that it hopes that 40% of the World’s population will eventually be covered by this Agreement. In the same way that the European Union sprang from the loins of the European Economic Community (another free-trade partnership), I see the TPP as the real debut of the global World Government for which some have been so fervently working

            ALL Nations Agreed to NOT speak of nor make Public this info till FOUR years AFTER it passes or Fails!!!!

            Secrecy Par Excellence

            The TPP is so secretive that even Senator Ron Wyden, chairman of the Senate committee charged with jurisdiction over “trade” agreements like the TPP, has been blocked from reviewing the United States’ own negotiating proposals. Yet, 600 corporate representatives – excuse me, lobbyists – have full access to TPP documents and a special role in negotiations for the United States, let alone all of those other lobbyists acting with the other participating countries.

            When you consider that even the World Trade Organization allows its own negotiating texts to be issued to the public, this secrecy is rather strange. Stranger still is that the parties to the TPP have agreed that they will not make public any of their negotiating texts until four years after the deal has been concluded or abandoned!

            Here’s the Rub

            So what will this “trade” agreement do? Well, since it is so secret, we don’t really know the full extent of what good or harm it will do. But, some parts of the texts have leaked out and they are not pretty.

            There are 26 chapters to the Agreement; but, unsurprisingly, only two of them deal with trade matters. The rest – the 24 other chapters – are a wish-list of the Elite. So, calling this Agreement a “trade agreement” is like calling an automobile a radio. As Lori Wallach wrote in her article, “NAFTA on Steroids,” “Think of the TPP as a stealthy delivery mechanism for policies that could not survive public scrutiny.”

            From what we do know, the TPP threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property laws into its partner countries and rewrite international rules for their enforcement. Leaked drafts of the Agreement reveal the negotiators’ plans to limit freedom of speech, right to privacy and due process, as well as cripple individuals’ abilities to innovate. This includes making copyright infringement a criminal offense

            NAFTA MADE WORSE!

            Yet, it is clear that in another chapter of the agreement, an expansion of NAFTA’s nasty corporate tribunals is planned. These tribunals have been used under NAFTA to adjudicate “trade” disputes and strike down public-interest legislation. TPP would create a three-person tribunal of attorneys to adjudicate legal disputes concerning governmental laws, rules, and regulations that do not comply with the terms of the TPP. And in an amazing conflict of interest, these very same attorney-judges would be permitted to switch sides in other cases and represent the plaintiff corporations!

            It is guaranteed that in this Agreement there are other outrageous intrusions upon our substantive and procedural freedoms, ready to be sprung at the appropriate time. Fortunately, although the United States and other countries are in a strong push to complete this Agreement, it has not yet been finalized. This is mainly because of Australia’s objections to TPP’s faux-court system and New Zealand’s complaints about the overriding of its own drug-pricing policies

            What Can Be Done

            If we wait until after the Agreement is signed, then the likelihood of any of us being able to change the Agreement will be next to nothing. And if the passage of NAFTA and CAFTA is any indicator of the future, then we can surely expect more lies, threats, and outright chicanery when the TPP comes up for a vote. Still, spreading the word about the Trans-Pacific Partnership is imperative, as is contacting your Federal legislators to demand accountability. The more light that is shined on the TPP and the more of a stink that is made about it, the better the chances that it will be exposed as the fraud it is and defeated.


            Some clever people have even offered a reward for the full negotiating text of the TPP. That is a good start, which I fully support. We need all of the action that we can muster on this assault, because this time they are going for the golden ring – the golden ring that is intended for our noses and with which they expect to lead us around. We cannot allow that to ever happen.

            Mr.Scott Tips has Many Links to back it up at newswithviews website….

        • I strongly believe that the collapse will be sudden. Countries like China and Russia are making deals with other countries to trade in their own currencies. The day the world dumps the dollar America will become a third-world country virtually overnight.

          This is a very long, very important article about the dollar. Everybody should take the time to carefully read it:

          • “The day the world dumps the dollar America will become a third-world country virtually overnight.”

            I agree that this stage of the slow motion train wreck of the US dollar / economy will happen fairly quickly. Once World Reserve Currency status is lost, the US dollar will be in much less demand to settle international trades. That loss of demand will immediately translate into a loss of value. I expect the US dollar to decline by about 1/3 almost immediately after WRC status is lost and for losses due to inflation to increase considerably. Not sure if hyper-inflation will occur but several years of even 10-15% annual inflation will be more devastating than most Americans can even imagine.

            Eventually, we will recover, even from this. This will be “the time of trial” for the US and the generations of its citizens who live through it. This will be our Great Depression and WWII all rolled into one. Sanity and real money will return but the old fiat order will have to be utterly discredited and destroyed first.

          • Thank you Barn Cat!! for the link

            *****Please read*****

            Whatever insanity you think is running the US banking and currency system, the other world players, Russia, China, Brazil India (BRICS) will not stand by and watch their currencies and economies destroyed. After a dollar collapse they (BRICS) will move in and buy up more of those hard assets, think land and other businesses they wish to operate.


          • Were we self sufficient in oil we could just laugh at them and tell the Chi Coms thanks for the money. Since we are dependent for oil on others when the petro dollar goes away look to a vastly reduced standard of living. Should Obama be re elected I believe he will halt all Fracking for natural gas also and oil production from the Bakken by EO if necessary. He wants us humiliated and sadly enough stupid Americans just may vote for him.

      14. Morning

        I have read Rawles books and they certainly make you think. Sometimes of things that hadn’t crossed your mind before and that’s valuable in its own right.

        Take care

      15. Spain in a death spiral:

        • “Spain in a death spiral”

          Aren’t we all. They are just lower down the drain than we are. The Greeks are below them. But all of western Europe, the UK, the US, and Japan are not that far behind. Pay close attention to what is happening in Europe. Soon after Europe collapses, the UK will collapse, and then the US. When the UK collapses, that is our last warning or tripwire. That will be the final signal that collapse is upon us and that the time to prepare for the US collapse is over. When this occurs, it will be in such an obvious way that sheeple denial will become impossible and a furious sheeple stampede will ensue. Be ready to duck, cover, and lay low before then, as it will be too late to do any prepping.

        • Remember the illegal alien marches from four years ago? Increase them by four times and put guns in all their hands and that is what will happen here when the transfer payments stop.

      16. This book is a waste of time & money! If you’re that big of a die-hard then get it from the library.

        How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It & Patriots were good but Survivors & Founders can be skipped.

        Read something like One Second After instead.

        • @Dave…Agree on the Library. I found both “Patriots” and “One Second After” there. When “Survivors” and now “Founders” came out, I called and asked the Librarians to order it. They did. I thought the plot and dialogue in “Survivors” was not of the same quality as “Patriots”, IMHO, although I did find some things that I hadn’t thought about. I’m hoping that “Founders” returns to the same level as of quality as “Patriots”.

        • One Second After was a good and easy read. However, Patriots had much more really useful information. One Second After is about a worst case scenario- which “could” happen, but IMHO, economic collapse is much more likely.

      17. I don’t think gangs would be big enough to threaten whole towns. Homeowners have a built in defensive advantage. They would take others with them before they die. A gang in Chicago working its way through the suburbs would start out big but get smaller as it goes along. A lot more people have guns than have supplies. They’d end up taking a lot of casualties to take houses that had very little food.

        • Illinois is probably not a great example of citizen gun ownership but you do have a point.

          In the western US states, gun ownership is common for hunting, protection, and target shooting, so strong resistance to thieves and murders can be expected from this part of the US.

          The good news is that most gang members are long on running their mouths and short on serious target practice. Many of them are lousy shots, so they will not fare well against armed home owners in the burbs and elsewhere.

          Many citizens are armed with shotguns and rifles, which are MUCH better defensive arms than pistols. A pistol is a great back-up weapon, no doubt, but not what I would reach for first when confronted by multiple armed attackers. For that, my Saiga AK and Mossy 500 would come to hand rather quickly.

        • You could probably count on a lot of people being “proactive” when it comes to dealing with the gangs. An urban environment has ideal sniping potential with small caliber (i.e. .22lr) rifles. Nothing is as demoralizing as having the “homie” next to you writhing on the ground in pain….not knowing where the shot came from…..and realizing that you could be next. I would imagine that the gangs would break up rather quickly.

          Such an environment is also conducive to IED’s. Things that don’t have to be effective against vehicles can be extremely effective against a bunch of thugs on foot. Other non-explosive booby-traps could be set as well. Effective and demoralizing.

          The thugs will move on to greener pastures….or maybe just turn themselves in to be resettled in FEMA camps…..which is where they belong anyway.

      18. When it all collapses, will we still have Monday Night Football!?

        • Sure, it will continue but there will be no refs. Which may be an improvement.

        • Only if you have dish with the 3 little fairys wearing blue tights, or so I’ve been told by some big guy named xfinity.

      19. I read patriots many months ago. Was not impressed it is prepping for the rich not to mention very poorly writen. Still tring to figure out why he inserted the story with Matt and Chase????


        PS One second after was a kickass read, so good I have read it 4 times. Enemies Foreign and Domestic piss poor read…

      20. No book will teach you.

        The only true teacher is experience, or if you are lucky and have a mentor. I had neither, I learned by getting out there and doing it and strongly urge you to do the same.

        When was the last time you ever took a minimum of supplys and went primitive camping for more than one night, if ever?

        How many of you have actually shot and killed a deer using a .22? Field dressed, butchered and ate it. Do you know how to tie a fishing knot that will hold?

        What have you actually trapped? Have you tanned a hide?

        Have you cured meat?

        How much of a garden have you done? Ever tried to plant and take care of everything you need for an entire year?

        Get out and do….not try, but do.


        • Terry W Reed says:
          “The only true teacher is experience, or if you are lucky and have a mentor. I had neither, I learned by getting out there and doing it and strongly urge you to do the same.”

          Terry, I’m sorry but you haven’t “done it” either. Try reading some of Selco’s (Bosnia) or Ferfal’s (Argentina) writings and let us know how you think your experiences of camping, killing deer and tanning hides would have been of much use to them.

          • I have a friend with extensive Special Forces experience in two theaters and the war wounds to prove it. He can sink a well, wire a house, repair anything, fly nearly anything, successfully fish and ice fish, raise and slaughter anything, hunt, trap, skin, process and tan the hide of anything. He raised a couple of kids mostly by himself, as well. He was the medic of his Ranger unit. He is prepped to the max, a crack shot with anything, including a crossbow. He could star in one of those Survivorman shows. A truly impressive gentleman.

            He has no illusions if it ends in civil war or martial law. He would go down fighting and take a large number with him, but, in the end, he thinks we all are facing hell. And he thinks within 2 years or less.

            I count myself lucky to know him. I wish _he_ would write a book, but he says he is too busy living it.

          • …hmmm,thats the best you got? 🙁 ….two guys who wrote books about what they claim they went through,( you know them personally?)…and that makes this mans(Terry) advice and experience void and useless?…sad.

            • Some guy mentions primitive camping and killing a deer with a .22 and you think it is advice on how to survive what’s coming??

              Ignorance is tricky … to begin to get past it, one first must recognize it.

        • The books sound great, but I don’t have time to read books or watch TV. Too busy prepping and working my day job. I barely have enough time to come to this website and stay on top of the news. My prepping has gone into overdrive as of lately.

        • Terry Reed…Off topic, but have you ever thought of making a “copy” of the old time Crosley Icy Ball in your side work? I saw some plans on line a while back and thought of you and your still business.

        • Amen!

      21. I read Patriots, a long time ago.

        IMO, it was obsessive in prepping and surviving in military fashion. It would take hundreds of thousands of dollars, even 2000 USDs, to prepare a group at that level. The conditions described were those of living under siege. I recall it being tedious in the descriptions of arms and security. Even a compulsive reader will find it difficult to finish Patriots in a day.

        The Thomas Sherry trilogy: Deep Winter, Shattered and Remnants were written by someone who is an Emergency Preparedness Officer and the books, while detailed, are, IMO, more readable while being perhaps more doable. They are self-published and pricey, however. I learned more from them than from Patriots.

        I did learn things from both authors. People, of course, bring themselves to their writing and to their reading, so others may prefer Rawles and be bored by Sherry.

        Another book of this sort, also written by a military logistics officer, is Winter Kill: War With China Has Already Begun. I have had some correspondence with the author who agrees that he, also, went overboard on listing and describing preparation, specifications and supplies and fought with his editor to keep it all in. He was, however, compelled. Be warned: MIGO for about 1/3 of the book. This scenario would, he admits, take millions of dollars and years of preparation, but in the book, he sets up the protagonist so it is all possible.

        I do think Rawles has made a lucrative career of his survivalism, so he is more than just an author.

      22. I really liked Patriots. Survivors took the same world and told a story from a different point of view. It was good, but not at the Patriot level for me. Founders was just ok. I’m not big on religion and knowing that Rawles is, I go into the read expecting that, but this was a lot like sitting in church for me. To the point where I started saying to myself “ok I get it, you’re all Christians and only deal with Christians”. Again, not bashing, just stating it’s blatantly more religious than the first two books.

        Lights Out is still my favorite followed by One Second After. Then the Holding Their Own series takes the cake for me.

        There’s a lot of good survival fiction out there and I’ve read so much of it that I often rearrange my bookshelf so when people come over they don’t think I’m crazy!

        • I’m with you, Arkaden — your favorite short-list is my own.

          Rawles books aren’t my favorites but they’re a segment of the subject matter that I read, despite the fictional base.

          Not much time to read books during harvest season, but we have a winter stash waiting. Maybe I can find his new book on a used shelf somewhere/sometime, but for now, there’s more critical purchases.

        • Lights out is AMAZing. Have you read Enemies foreign and domestic?

          • Jim Hogan, thanks for the mention of the Enemies book. I just put it on my list of books to read. Over at Amazon, the comments are very good. Well, all except for this one that made me chuckle:
            “if you’re not a right winger, this book is awful”

            Sigh. Some sheeple are never happy…

      23. I’ll post a contrary comment by saying that Patiots was easily the worst book I have ever read. It was so bad I threw it in the garbage when I finished it. Heck, I had to dig it out of the garbage 3 separate times just to finish it.

        • Patriots is the best survival book that I have read. The beauty of it is it gives you very good information by weaving it into a good story line. Everyone that I have given it to tells me their heads spin with ideas after reading it.

          I just read “Shut Down” and it had some good lessons as well. The number 1 lesson was boots. I went out and bought a pair of Danner Fort Lewis boots after reading that book.

          • Good boots are a critical survival item. When my son was in the USMC in 1993-97, he wrote me several letters during that time. In one of them he mentioned that he had bought a new pair of Danners as his service boots. I knew that those were expensive, so asked him if he thought that their high price was justified. He wrote back, “Dad, when the SHTF, there are 4 things that a Marine HAS to depend on: his rifle, his buddies, his boots, and his Gunny.” He also mentioned that he did not have a car, so needed to invest in his most common form of transportation, which was “humping it”.

        • I agree Slate wiper,

          I read “Survivors” first which was okay at best. Then went back and ( started ) reading “Patriots” but couldn’t get through more than about a third of it before giving up.
          While some may appreciate Rawles’ thoroughness and extreme attention to detail, I think it’s overkill. After reading what seemed like a thousand pages of excruciating detail concerning the attempt at surgery on a shooting victim at the retreat, I gave up.

          There are way too many other really good reads in this genre to waste much time with this series IMO.

      24. I’ve read the first two – I agree that Survivors was NOT well-written. I found the soldier’s efforts to get back home very interesting but the rest of it was lacking. Like the couple who lost their daughter? They never mentioned the daughter again for the rest of the book! If you lost your only child that would color your thinking on everything you did and they just went blithely along after the initial upset.

        Also, the religious aspect it shoved down your throat! I am a Christian but I don’t get books like this to read Bible quotes or get someone else’s perspective on faith. God is mentioned on nearly every single page of the second book and frankly, it got on my nerves. The story would be a lot better if Mr. Rawles put a limit on inserting his personal beliefs.

        This being said, I’ll probably still read Founders.

        • You’re gonna hate founders then. The religious force feeding is even worse in this book. It didn’t bother me in survivors but it was out of control in founders.

          • Thanks for the warning, Jim – I didn’t think it could get much more intense! 🙂 Think I’ll probably save my money in that case!

        • Yes, losing your only child and then virtually erasing her memory was an odd touch. I found it strange that the same characters never mourned the passing of his parents nor ever mentioned any thought of her family in South America and how they were surviving. I have read Rawles novels, I think that they are great for prep and survival information. However, Mr. Jim needs to work on his character development and story line. I often think that the whole series would have been better served if he had written them in order.

        • Daisy,
          I also found “Survivors” to be disappointing. The religious references didn’t bother me, but it was just not that good of a story. I loved “Patriots”, though I did skip over some of the technical parts. Still, I have read it several times, I had to work at finishing “Survivors” and have never picked it up again. I ordered “Founders” on “book bomb” day through JWR’s site, so he would get the commission. However, that whole “book bomb” thing has started to bug me. If someone wants to ask you to buy on that day, fine, no big deal, but there were a few times that he would post on his blog and it almost seemed like he was chastising his readers for not waiting. I hope that I enjoy “Founders”, but from all of the reviews I’ve read it will probably be my last JWR purchase. Still I’m trying to keep an open mind. By the way, I liked “How to Survive TEOTWAWKI”, but bought his “Rawles Gets You Ready” and felt completely ripped off, so we’ll see.

      25. Patriots = Great Book. Ended too quick. Seemed like the ending was rushed.

        Survivors = OK Book. Sorta sucked compared to the 1st book. The end was horrible. Too much time spent on developing back story and then ended out of nowhere.

        Founders = I haven’t bought yet. I’m hesitant because Survivors was that bad.

        Patriots was definitely an eye opener and worth every cent.

        Just me $.02

        • Sounds like you’re not alone.

      26. the latest from Geryl on his predictions of upcoming earthquakes

        “Geryl’s Quake Line-Ups

        Patrick Geryl’s latest communique as we get rolling into the last quarter of the year:

        “I found the most likely date for a 7+ quake

        Sep 26 – 30, 2012: Conjunction Uranus – Earth and the Sun We already had 2 six plus earthquakes…

        6.2 2012/09/25 23:45:26 GULF OF CALIFORNIA

        6.4 2012/09/26 23:39:55 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA

        Most likely date for a 7+ is September 29

        Why? Line Up Uranus – Moon – Earth on September 29 while the Earth is in a conjunction with Uranus… However in the past Line Ups on the same day from Mercury and Saturn delivered also a big quake… That would put it then on October 1… Here are all the Line Ups for the coming days….

        Sep 26 – 30, 2012: Conjunction Uranus – Earth and the Sun

        September 29, 2012: Line Up – Uranus – Moon – Earth

        September 30: Line Up Sun – Moon – Earth

        October 1, 2012: Line Up Mercury – Moon – Earth

        October 1 – 2, 2012: Line Up Saturn – Moon – Earth

        October 2 – 5, 2012: Long Triple Line Up: Neptune – Earth – Venus

        October 3 – 4, 2012: Line Up Mars – Moon – Earth

        October 3 – 6, 2012: Long Triple Line Up: Earth – Mercury – Saturn

        October 5, 2012: Line Up Jupiter – Moon – Earth ”

        While Patrick offers lots of 2012 info on his website, I’m still not too terribly worried about it, but if we get a 7.5 to 9+ quake before next Tuesday, then yeah, I’ll increase my worry quotient a bit.

        • @ Satori. I have studied the planetary effect on the planet and my opinion is that the sun and moon are the only ones that have any influnce on the planet. The other bodies are too far away and not big enough. Jupiter would have to be 3 times the size of the sun at its distance to have any real gravity force on the planet. I have found that polar and sub polar earthquakes show of what is to come 77-78.2% of the time. I have 39 years worth of data on this. Here is one year in which 80%, more close to the average of polar earthquakes that meant 6.5+ earthquakes coming within 15 days.

          Date———Magnitude———–Latitude————Longitude———-Earthquake Hit


          1997: 8 out of 10 earthquake hits

          I hope it looks better than this on the site.

          This shows how earthquakes of 5.0+ between 58.5-90 degrees south or 68.5-90 degrees north, means that about 80% of the time a 6.5+ earthquake is coming. Some years like 1976 it was 15 out of 15 times this occurred. While other years like 2002 only 6 out 10 times did this work. It averaged out to about 77.0% This is reliable and I sent Mac the whole 39 years, it is mega long, to prove this.

          There was smaller earthquakes on sept.15 and 17, one in the Greenland Sea and the other in the South Sandwich Islands of only 4.6 and 4.8, and these indicated the 6.2 and 6.4. They did not cross the 6.5 threshold as the polar earthquakes did not cross the 5.0 point. Watch for polar earthquakes to indicate something coming. I use science of the past to predict the future, and the numbers prove this from the 39 years of data. Would do you think of this? Interesting isn’t it?

      27. I got an advanced copy of Founders last week and made short work of it. I hate to say it but the book was average at best. I found myself taking notes in the margins of patriots. Survivors was a good story but felt rushed during the second half of the book. Founders is similar to survivors and not patriots. Rawles burns up the first half of the book with extensive back story on new characters. Then rushes through the rest of the book. Really disappointed that some of the solid characters in survivors were either glossed over in founders or the story from survivors was retold. The worst part of founders was the last chapter. It served no purpose. I love rawles, his books and survivalblog. I credit him with inspiring my prepping and that of my group. That being said, this book was not very good. Sorry to be a downer.

        • I have to agree with Jim Hogan, with regards to Rawles and his writing talent. I won’t be ordering a copy of this newest book, but about a decade ago, I did order one of the earlier books that Rawles had written. I forget the title, but I couldn’t stomach more than about 3 or 4 chapters before I got so nauseated and disgusted that I tossed it into the charity donations sack.

          First of all, Rawles is NOT a race realist and I am. Rawles is what I would call a panty-wearing, Politically Correct, gutless, delusional, disinformation spreading wimp.

          Anyone who writes the kinds of books that feature these kinds of themes, i.e., societal collapse, breakdown of law and order, social turmoil, chaos, rioting, looting, predatory, roving gangs rising up from the inner cities and barrios – but fails to address the most likely racial composition of those gangs is either the most naive and clueless ‘survivalist’ to ever breathe air, or else they are deliberately trying to misinform and spread dangerous notions that can result in getting any white man or woman who swallows those ideas very quickly killed.

          Listen up, people. The baloney that Hollywood loves to crank out in their movies and TV shows about courageous and heroic Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington types of characters coming to the ‘rescue’ of communities full of gullible White men, women and children are pure bull manure. When society collapses, your safety can be trusted only with people of your own race and tribe – history has shown this to the case time and time again.

          Unfortunately, speaking from the point of view of a White man who studies the behavior of his own race of humans, per capita, White European people probably have the largest percentage of race traitors than any other race of people. This is a very serious defect that will be assigned the highest priority for permanent resolution, once SHTF Day finally does arrive. There is a reason why ‘treason’ has traditionally been deemed a capital offense by every tribe and every nation down through the annals of recorded history. It cannot be tolerated.

          So, my advice is to not waste your money on any books by Rawles. He will get you and your loved ones killed by what he refuses to warn you about.

      28. I never really got into these fictional books. Good form of entertainment I suppose. I read the military field manuals and First Aid books that would contribute to my well being. There is something to be said about, if you don’t use it, you lose it. That is why I have a reference library and it is just as important as any other survival tool.

        Todays Forecast, “Heavy Cloud but, No Rain”

      29. I’ve read both “Patriots” and “Survivors”. I wasn’t too impressed with them myself except for the useful information on survival. I liked “Lights Out” and “Death of America” much better. I’ve been looking for a copy of “One Second After” and some of these other titles mentioned, but can’t find them anywhere. Looks like I’ll have to find them online and I do as little online shopping as possible. Going shopping again this weekend. Take care and keep prepping.

      30. I read Patriots and liked it – it was a little to “perfect” but it’s fiction – the themes in it helped consummate the self realization that things might not always be as we expect and we should be better prepared. When Survivors came out, I got suckered into Rawles’ book bomb day – ordered it off amazon that day, when it came to the house started reading it immediately…..and it was awful but I kept at it thinking that this mess of a book would eventually tie together, and it never did. Total crap. When I turned what ended up being the last page and saw the Glossary, I thought, “That’s it – WTF?” and instantly felt that the attitude of Rawles, his editors, his publishing company can put out any piece of crap they want and the faithful will buy buy buy. I continue to check out Survival Blog, but I won’t buy anymore of Rawles’ novels. Sorry Rawlesey!

      31. Patriots by Rawles was good.

        Two others that I have read, and gotten others to read as well, were “One Second After” by Michael Forstchner (sp?) and a great eye opener is “Lights Out” by David Crawford. The “One Second After” is how a small town survives the lack of electricity. “Lights Out” is a sub-division surviving the same power outage.

        It is best to re-read these a few times with a few months in between. You will glean much more information. No two towns, subdivision, or street is the same. Yet, to gain any knowledge even on a multi-scenario based fiction source, will get your head in the process of awareness of the crap that is coming …..soon.

        Train your mind and your body. Surviving is physical & mental as well…not just wallet burning. Buying weapons, gear, and supplies is one aspect. Think it, evaluate attacking your own home, look at the weak zones, check your surroundings, have back ups.

        I know, all of you ARE the choir. Enjoy the books! we read all we can. We dumped the damn TV years ago… a HUGE time Dracula with crap programs and propaganda.

        Stock up…big test getting closer each day. Greece, Spain, pay attention all.

        9 X-Ray out.

        • @Niner x-ray – I just finished Lights Out for the second time and have read One Second After a couple of times as well- those are both better written and lack Rawles’ staunch idealism in the characters. Plus I like the fact that both of these are about people who really weren’t prepared at all, and how the communities come together to survive – both books raise several good questions.

        • That would be William R. Forstchen. Great book but scary as hell.

      32. Just as a contribution to the suggested book/story list, I’d recommend Dean Ing’s “Pulling Through.” It’s more of a novella than a full-length novel, and perhaps there are some who would think it outdated…but with what’s going on in the world today I don’t think so. It is a highly detailed story about a small family group surviving a nuclear attack. EXCELLENT information…I don’t know who said you can’t learn from a book, but I think this one would prove you wrong. I didn’t know about the Kearny fallout meter, chain-linking batteries, or several other practical survival tips before reading this story. It’s a bit hard to find, but worth the search.
        Prep well, y’all.

      33. Patriots was outstanding! Hope this one lives up to it. High expectations.

      34. This is always my “go to” site first thing in the morning!! This is a series of books I have enjoyed — thanks for the heads up — just downloaded it off of iTunes!!

        Stay safe!!

      35. Preparation is really the word here rather than the cause. Many people focus on financial implosion, which is probably inevitable, but there is so many other possibilities. For one thing finanicial ruin more often leads to full scale war before the horrors of a financial collapse even have time to take hold. I truly believe that the United States will use the war option way before the country goes into a death throe of financial ruin. It has happened too many times in the past in which a very powerful country falls back on to their military when facing a dying economy.

        The true difference now is that the entire world will be deeply affected when those missiles fly. I really think that people should throw in nuclear awareness into their survival plans. Many people feel that survival after a nuclear war is impossible, which is not true as the many non-preppers that feel survival after ANY SHTF event is impossible. It is more difficult to adapt and survive after a nuclear war, but is hardly impossible. Much of of hollyweird movies and TV shows have vastly exaggerated so much in their fictional depictions of something occurring. There will be hot spots and safe areas all over the planet after WW3. Life after a nuclear war will not be like that 1960’s movie “The Beach” in which all life on the planet is dead.

        Much of the misnomers about survival are people that don’t understand the facts and the mathematics behind an event. Even a supervolcano does not end the planet, it may drop the temperature 20 degrees, cause everything within 500 miles to die off, and cause mass starvation and suffering, but not end the planet. Even a 100 megaton nuclear bomb going off is only going to affect 17 times as much land as the Hiroshima bomb. People would think that because it is 5000 times as powerful, but failure to understand the cube root blast law that must take into account the three dimensions of area.

        An asteroid hitting the planet is more the velocity than the size that must be taken into consideration 1/2 times mass times velocity squared, 1/2M(v)2. Much hype is taken about the Canary Islands collapsing and sending a 100 foot tsunami across the Atlantic to the eastern seaboard. Yet even 30 miles of mass falling into ocean is nothing because the fall would not be that fast, maybe 100-150 mph tops. A 9-12 inch tsunami would hit Florida from this as long distance severely dimishes the size of any wave. There would be a 100-150 foot wave at the point of the collapse but the amount of kinetic energy would be that of a small asteroid large house size travelling 250-300 times faster. Again mathematics is not weighed into the equation here.

        It is too bad that so many people, mostly non-preppers, aren’t given the facts behind science and survival. Many people will outlash against those that feel that they can survive nuclear war or other worldwide calamity and give statements like, out of your rabbit hole or spider hole, without taking the time and effort to examine what has really happened. Facts are much too often overlooked to pure irrational fear of something that the movies have made look much worse than it actually is. It is true that some situations are not survivable like the sun going nova, the planet getting hit with a 50 mile wide rock, etc. Other mega SHTF events are survivable if enough effort is used and knowledge about the scenario is known. World War 3 is survivable as many other terrifying SHTF events to those willing to try to.

        • BI,

          ” I truly believe that the United States will use the war option way before the country goes into a death throe of financial ruin””

          Unless you consider that the financial ruin is the goal. The threat of war is currently only a distraction from the financial crimes taking place. The petrodollar must be preserved until all the pieces are in place. A military threat is the only option to do that.

          After the petrodollar collapse, domestic financial ruin is the only way the elite can achieve their goals for returning the US to third world status, totally without wealth thus easily controlled and disarmed.

          Nobody knows for sure, but I suspect that the financial ruin is the goal this time around. I don’t think that WWIII will happen because it would destroy too much collateral.

          Einstein said it best. ” I don’t know what weapons will be used to fight World War III, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

          I guess only time will tell, but you are best of making sure you have food and water to hold you over for a while until sanity can be restored after the financial attack, if that even remains a possibility.

          Otherwise, it may better not to survive in the first place. Death may be the only option available where peace can be found.

          • GC: If you read the info on how the scam idea for Global warming got started back about 45 yrs ago by Canadas Morice Strong(Billionaire enviro whacko-head honcho of a UN council on it etc, worse than al gore even!)

            You said NO to WWIII and I agree as That is exact reason they invented global warming crap. They wanted something that causes as much Fear and Disruptions to entire world, yet WithOUT all the massive dammages a world war causes.

            They wanted an universal idea like a war and came up with Weather affects everybody the same regardless what nation you speak of. That began sessions to Further the global warming scam agenda we all know about today.

            Now they talk of useing Carbon Credits per person to strictly Limit our use of fuels and elec and Food and Water. Carbon credit based money etc. Use it too quick and like food stamps Wait till new months allotments arive OR Pay thru the Nose taxes to increase credits for yourself.

            The Only way to defeat all this crap is if enough folks, like 20 MIllion or more are well armed and Stand against it All. Anything less and regardless how prepped we can be we aint got a chance. They can wait us out or come for Us first their choice. I hope many millions more americans will awaken soon.

          • @ Gods Creation. You would think that humans would be logical enough not to launch a third world war, but when have human beings ever been logical? Each year that goes by without world war, the statistical chance of world war happening in any given year goes up. Wars are part of human nature. Humans have not envolved spiritually to the point of solving problems without fighting. Human beings are still quite savage and it only takes one spark to ignite it all. It only takes one side with nukes to feel pushed into a corner to use them.

            If a world war happens every 50 years then there is about a 75% chance world war 3 will happen this year. Every 100 years there is a 50% chance of WW3 this year. Even if a world war happens every 200 years there is still a 30% chance of WW3 beginning this year. A world war is probably overdue, and a world war means nuclear alomst certain. Odds are something that help predict events with a pretty good dependability. True gamesters make much money playing the odds games. Odds point to a world war in the near future.

            Again, the prepper/survivalist can survive a nuclear war just as they can survive most other disasters.

        • “Life after a nuclear war will not be like that 1960′s movie “The Beach” in which all life on the planet is dead.”

          I think that was “On the Beach”. That was a well made movie but pretty depressing stuff.

          • 41Magman: I always wondered if we was lied to when they kept telling us all that Nukes means Zero Life or trees etc untill at least 10,000yrs after a nuke is used.

            Why did Japan get Two nuke type bombs on it, and yet Both citys got fixed-rebuilt very fast?

            About a year ago I seen a link to website that had Before and After pictures of Both Nagasaki and Detroit!

            Side by side pics, scroll down and from top down, nagasaki was Destroyed by atom bomb…While Detroit was at its Peak as the Motor City best ever.

            As you scrolled down to see more pictures, detroit slowely Devolved due to massive Looter-Riots etc…While Japans nagasaki was gradually Rebuilt from scratch.

            Both Sides ended with Detroit totally as it looks Today.

            But nagasaki today was an awsome huge fabulous city kinda like the TV show we had as kids with space family “The Jetsons” TV song went His boy Elroy! Daughter Judy! wife Jane! etc.

            Guys boss was a MR. Spacely from spacely sprockets…Recall that Cartoon series?…Thats how modern nagasaki was compared to any usa citys today. Detroit looked like aprox.90% as Destroyed as just a day after japan was bombed.

            So How can japs live there in Two nuked citys within such short time frame if it supposed to take 10,000 yrs?

            Just More lies we was fed on?..I think so. Create Fear is name of their games always.

            • I have been to nagasaki. Except for the ground zero museum you could never tell what happened there.

          • I think the movie “The Road”…which was adapted from a novel by the same guy that wrote “No Country For Old Men”….is probably an accurate depiction of what the world would be like after a nuclear holocaust. Everything dead…..people surviving on what they can scrounge from what remained. Very depressing to watch. Definitely NOT a date movie. LOL!

      36. I agree with others general assessments on the first two books. I enjoyed “Patriots” even though it seemed like Rawle’s could use some maturation as a writer. I think the book complements the non-fiction “How to Survive the End of the World as We Know it”. The book gave me many leads to follow in filling in my knowledge gaps. “Survivors” was awful to put it nicely. I thought it seemed like something thrown out to make a couple of bucks off of the “followers”. After that I find it hard to throw dollars his way again.

      37. Mr Rawles should be red faced from shame for putting out this piece of tripe with his name on it.I went halves with a friend for this poor excuse for a novel and still feel as though I overpaid.

        A blatant copy and pasting of the other two novels. Please borrow this if you feel the need to read but do not pay full price.

      38. I worry about the non violent, non use of firearm felony convictions one may have in the far past. To not allow such an individual to own a means of protection is wrong. As with having voting rights restored after completion of time served, gun ownership should also be restored, even if it takes 30+ years of a clean record. We all should have a right to defend ourselves.

        • Something you may not be aware of….I wasn’t myself until just a couple of years ago…

          In Texas, a convicted felon who has been either out of prison, or off of parole for 5 years, can legally own a shotgun that he can keep in his home for personal protection.

          As I said, I was not aware of this until I learned about it during a jury selection process. The defense attorney informed us of that little known fact regarding the law.

          Personally….I don’t think a person convicted of a violent felony should ever be allowed to own a firearm. But I am less concerned about non-violent felons.

      39. I have read Patriots many times and Survivors once (then I loaned it out!) and enjoyed both. After reading Patriots the first time I described it to the friend who lent it as “more of a checklist than a novel.” It is quite poorly written for a novel, but is still mighty informative and thought provoking. It got me prepping and prompted me to get my ham radio license (now Extra Class). But for Patriots I never would have dreamed I would someday own a .50 BMG rifle.

        Survivors is almost night-and-day better writing. I quite enjoyed it. Less bible-thumpy compared to Patriots. Very ham radio friendly book — got to love that. I think Rawles got himself an editor, and it shows.

        I am looking forward to reading the new novel.

        — Thanks, Dean

      40. I just ordered a copy of 299 Days
        first book in a series of 10

        “299 Days: The Preparation
        by Glen Tate
        3.50 · rating details · 4 ratings · 3 reviews
        Meet Grant Matson: lawyer, father, suburbanite husband who awakens to the fragility of modern society and embarks on a personal journey that introduces him to a world of self-reliance and liberation. 299 Days: The Preparation, the first book in the 299 Days series, depicts the inner struggles Grant must face as he exists in a social system he recognizes as unsustainable and on the verge of collapse, but one in which he has built his life around. What begins as a return to his roots, self-sufficiency and independence, becomes a full blown move to prepare for what may come. Engaging, insightful and a bit suspenseful, follow Grant’s transition from a self-perceived “sheeple” to a full-blown “prepper.” Will his fears come true? Is he an extremist? What if nothing happens? What if something does

      41. There is so much kool-aid. No one wants to admit how ignorant (not stupid, ignorant) they are. This applies to government, the fed, the general population, preppers, and authors alike.

        History is chock full of really smart people failing to understand what was happening or what would happen next. We are no different. Our ignorance (yes us, right here in the readership of this blog) is no less astounding.

        The alternative/prepper media and the mainstream media are both just serving different flavors of kool-aid. Sugar, water, and artificial flavors — no substance.

        How many here believe our rights have been and continue to be eroded? I see a lot of hands up. How many have written to their local, regional, and federal representatives expressing their concern? Not too many hands now. Is that because you don’t believe it will make any difference? That’s kool-aid thinking. It’s unfixable. That’s kool-aid. It has to collapse so we can rebuild it right. More kool-aid.

        Sure, you aren’t drinking Bernake’s kool-aid, or Obama’s kool-aid, or Romney’s kool-aid — but sure as shit, you’re still just drinking sugar, water, and artificial flavor.

        Stand up and be counted today. Stand up and live today. In the end, no one gets out alive. Some of the readers of this blog will almost certainly not be alive next week (heart attack, aneurysm, car accident, random violence, slipping in the bathtub, suicide …). Think about that. Make your life count today.

        and of course, Illegitimi non carborundum

        • not likely says: How many have written to their local, regional, and federal representatives expressing their concern?

          Refusal to accept tarp, the bailout, was 300:1 in 2007…your point??

          They ain’t listening!!!!

      42. I enjoy visisting his site to read what others have contributed. Although I take issue with his copyrighting your words, putting them on a cd or dvd and selling them back to you. I truly do not think he is realistic for any one that isn’t independently wealthy or making boocoo bucks off this topic like himslef. I do not beleive that he is a good fiction writer and is allowed to publish poorly, if at all, edited pieces of pure egotistical fiction that doesn’t serve the common man or provide entertaintment. Read an actual manual if you want some of the info in his ‘novels.’
        If he were to share his personal life of “lambing, calving and haying” as he recently described it, I think his contribution would be of much greater value.
        AND, I have a testament if I wish to read the scriptures.

      43. Just read, “Surviving Economic Collaspe”, about the 2001 events in Argentina. Thus the info in it has been gleemed from real life events. Example: The author claims to have been in almost 100 food riots in the past 11 years, while his wife has been mugged 3-4 times.

        If I hand only two books on the subject, they would be “How to Survive TEOTWAWKI” and the one I first mentioned, “Suriving Ecomonic Collaspe”, worth while if only for the author’s “mind set on survival”.

      44. I’m currently reading “Patriots.” I’m picking up some good tips, but the most important seems to be joining a group of survivalists. I have things to bring to the table.

        • Go on Medicaid or have HUD pay your housing, then you can get one.

        • @Satori….

          “When the people discover that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic” –B. Franklin–

          One of the reasons I believe that the collapse is unavoidable. Way to many people out there that are willing to live at the expense of others.

          I believe the most violated of “The Ten Commandments” is, “Thou shalt not covet.”

      45. who’s got time to read a dam book?
        at least a book about where we are today, because of the loss of grey matter in our tax paid shills for a government.

        I need the fast feed version, I cant prep with one hand and read books with the other, is there a movie version?

        time is money..

        • Don’t worry about reading the books. There isn’t a book out now, nor will there be one, that accurately depicts what will happen. Period. Some may have factual data within them, some may be believable, but they are simply made up stories and whatever happens in the next year or ten, reality will be completely different than these stories.

          The corollary is, none of us has any idea whatsoever of what reality is going be like in one or ten years either. Indeed, the highest probability is that tomorrow (and every tomorrow for the coming ten years) will more like today than anything else. Most preppers probably find this more frightening than all the predicted scenarios, but seriously, you should be prepping for the most likely scenario which is that tomorrow will be like today.

          Sorry to ruin anybody’s day

          • @corona….

            I believe you are entirely correct. I’ve gone over so many scenarios in my own mind (none of the good or encouraging) that I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no way to completely prepare for what is coming.

            A corollary of Murphy’s Law says, “If you foresee four things that can happen, and have done all you can to prepare for those things, a fifth one will promptly arise, for which you are unprepared”

            This is the reason I say that the most valuable commodity any of us can have….and for which you cannot purchase at any price… LUCK.

            There are a lot of people who will bite the dust early on, simply because they were unlucky.

      46. “who’s got time to read a dam book?”

        Probably those who recognize that they need to know more than they do to survive the coming collapse.

      47. ‘A Distant Eden’ is a much better read if you want informative fiction.

        The Kindle edition is only 99 cents but it was so good, I bought the book also.

      48. I found One Second After a better read than his first two. This one is on the way.

      49. I read his first work,TEOTWAKI way back when. Then the rerite titled Patriots. TEOTWAKI was the best. Survivors sucked. I’ll wait for a used Founders to surface before I spend any more money on Rawles’ fiction.

      50. It has taken a while, but my wife is finally starting to realize that social and economic collapse is going to happen here. My problem is that I have land in the mountains of VA, but we have been working in GA for the last 20 years. It would be hell to bugout to where I need to be to survive when chaos finally hits, which we all know is coming. To hunker down where I am will be really tough, and maybe not survivable. It amazes me that most people don’t see the train wreck that is coming. God help us all.

      51. Patriots was good, Survivors sucked, founders was a cut and past composite of both . Don’t waste your money on any of them. He sets himself up as the guru du jour of prepping. Hell i was prepping when it wasn’t cool. JWR couldn’t write if he had a gun to his head. All 3 were great disappointments. I got tired of the Born again preaching that seems to ooze out on every page. His Holier than thou attitude got tiresome early . Matt Bracken is far better and more realistic.

      52. I enjoyed Patriots, it is what really motivated me to start prepping. Survivors was horrible, hard to follow, and then just ended in the middle of the story. I am not going to waste money on this new book. Maybe someday I can barrow it from a library or something.

      53. I’d strongly recommend a book that came out in 1977 called ‘Lucifer’s Hammer’ by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.

        Its about a comet hitting the Earth and has a very well written story line about the obstacles that are faced by the characters in the book to survive during the aftermath.

        Another great book is the Stephen King novel ‘The Stand’, which was made into a pretty worthwhile TV mini-series that had Gary Sinese playing the lead role.

      54. Almost finished reading – big disappointment. First two books much better. Own all 3. This has some of 1st 2 books repeated which is a bit of a rip-off. Love his blog but won’t be buying anymore Rawles novels anytime soon.

        • Matthew Brackens books are better. Enemies Foreign and Domestic and his other ones are all pretty good. Just remember these guys are not accomplished best seller writers but regular people who have managed to put a good story to paper.

      55. Just downloaded it to my Kindle! I read the comments stating it’s a rehash of the first two books. IMO that’s no different than other authors like Baldacci, Cussler, or Bracken. I look at it as a good skills refresher that will be entertaining at the same time.

        Just to get a jump on potentially negative Kindle comments; I realize the device will be useless when the power goes out (I do have a solar charger for it), which is why I have a survival library in print.

      56. Truly he’s a terrific source of information, lots of technical details and great source of ideas if you have to bug out and survive for years, against cannibalistic communists and rapists Belgians with chemical weapons. I only read the first one but from that I gathered he’s very educated and trained, but his ideological framework is a little crazy and über religious. So I would take what he writes with a big grain of salt. Bullet calibres and specific models of radios are good info, but the fictional context is completely fanciful and informed by his own prejudices.

        I just stick to his website for info and products. His fictional writings are too full of himself.

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