Event Phases : Understanding The Progression to Collapse

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Emergency Preparedness | 354 comments

This article has been graciously contributed and reprinted with permission from TheSurvivalistBlog.net. It has been authored by Dan W. as an entry in The Survivalist Blog non-fiction writing contest.

My proof reader, harshest critic, and prepping partner (my bride of 45 years) read my first cut of this article and told me that it was interesting …….. but boring! She may be right, but I still think it’s worthy of a few minutes of your time to read. The points I make may be intuitively obvious to the most casual observer but, even if that’s the case, they just might offer some guidance to help us better understand the timeline of how things might shake out ……….. and how that will affect our actions. If we understand the structure of an Event cycle it might help us to prepare more effectively. In this post I have used the word “Event” to describe anything we would otherwise refer to as “SHTF” or “TEOTWAWKI”. The term “Phase” describes distinct (although variable) blocks of time before, during, and after an “Event”.

As I go through my routines of prepping the topic of this article kept popping into my mind. For me, and I suppose for all of us, prepping is a constant cycle of reviewing my plans and evaluating priorities for the purchase of goods we still needed. That and trying to figure out how much is enough keeps me busy! I find that attempting to balance the issue of available funds (we’re retired and on a fairly fixed income) versus the timeline of how soon the items might be needed is an almost daily task. Our “prepping” priorities can quickly change as U.S. and World events mutate and continue to degrade. Decoding the available information regarding world affairs (in an effort to make intelligent decisions) can drive a person to distraction. Even so, we must keep our focus on the reality of our own situations. I guess it’s a matter of trying to productively function somewhere between Chicken Little’s “the sky is falling” and a more complacent attitude of “watch and wait”.

While working intently to prepare for “it”, I realized that I had become somewhat preoccupied with the “right now” aspect of prepping. Sure, like all of us, I try to stay plugged in to many different sources of information; but, was I so caught up in the minute details of prepping that I had lost my focal balance regarding the bigger picture? Not necessarily that I had lost my vision that is the motivational force behind my prepping, but more like the tasks of dealing with the details kept my focus “in the weeds”. Was I overlooking anything important? Was I was focusing too much on accumulating what I thought I’d need to have on hand and not enough on the broader ramifications of what will likely occur as a result of an Event? These points were also driven home after a recent conversation with some fellow Preppers. This discussion provided more impetus to give additional thought to the many details of prepping for TEOTWAWKI! Seems as though we each had a somewhat different opinion regarding what would take place after an Event. Obviously we all look at an Events impact in terms of its effect on our immediate locale …….. but…….. how will things unfold?

My thoughts keep coming back to the same sequence: There’s now, there’s when it happens (whatever “it” ends up being), and then there is “after it happens”. Although these are simple statements, they cover a lot of ground and deserve some in-depth analysis. I recently spent some time thinking about this trio of statements and all that they might imply. How would these three phases affect me/you personally?

It’s my belief that all Events (large or small) follow a timeline that can be broken down into distinct Phases. Each Phase carries with it a different set of criteria for personal survival. Although there are many different possible worst case scenarios for an Event, all will follow the same basic script:

Event Phases:

Phase 1 – Pre-Event
Phase 2 – The Event Occurs.
Phase 3 – Reaction of the General Public to the Event.
Phase 4 – Government Reaction to the General Public’s Reaction to the Event.
Phase 5 – Individual Reaction to the Governments Reaction to the Event:
Phase 6 – Stabilization of Situation Post Event.
Phase 7 – Long Term Adjustment of Population and Governments to Situations Resulting from the

Phase 1 – Pre-Event: We are all now in the final stages of Phase 1. News from all over the globe is rife with stories of discontent, war, insurrection, natural disaster, disease, geological changes, financial instability and more. There are more people competing for fewer resources, a greater proliferation of weaponry (all of it much more deadly on a grander scale), less fiscal and personal responsibility, degradation of public morality, etc., etc. It would be difficult to identify a time when things were more unstable. Is our current world any different than it was 50 years ago? How about the way it was 100 years ago? Of course it’s different: We live in the most dangerous of times! There is no debate about the threats posed to all of us by the status of today’s world. A prudent person would say that the structure of Society is fragmented and appears to be teetering on collapse.

It seems to me that a lot of Preppers focus in on a specific type of event they believe is probable; a massive earthquake, financial collapse, an EMP destroying our electrical grid, terrorism or outright war. They spend a lot of energy and resources focused on surviving that event (sometimes to the exclusion of other possibilities). Kudos to anyone that takes steps to prepare; but I believe that focusing on a specific type of Event as the basis for your planning is short sighted. There are many potential event scenarios not the least of which is our own government going fully renegade (more than it is now) and setting our constitutional protections aside. Accurately forecasting which specific type of Event will occur is, in my humble opinion, much too dependent on luck. Educated guesses are just that …….. Guesses! Better to base your prepping on the effects of a generic catastrophe; accumulating supplies that will see you through hard times no matter what the cause. Once those supplies are safely in hand you can then branch out to obtain those items you feel will address your specific situation.

The questions of how much time you have to obtain those supplies before they will need to be put to use, and the priority of when they will be put into service, highlight the importance of being able to accurately identify where you, and others, are within an Event cycle. No matter how well you’ve prepped, your plans and preparations will surely be affected by others. Their actions will most likely stress your well thought out plan as they compete to survive. If you have read an earlier post of mine you’ll remember that I commented: “In military circles it is well known that no battle plan survives intact once combat is engaged”. The truth of this comment applies here. As we prepare to implement our survival plan we must focus not only our own plan, but how our plan will probably be modified by outside forces. The lesson to be gleaned from this is that we will not be operating in a vacuum, but in a highly charged environment that will be constantly changing ………. yet still following a common sequence.

Too many of our family, friends and neighbors turn blind eyes to the potential future facing all of us. As is often said: “You cannot awaken someone that is pretending to be asleep”. These “sheeple” live in blissful ignorance and will perish. Sadly, they will be some of the first casualties of any Event. Preppers will continue to prep, but we must stay informed to better see and understand the warnings. Do not rely on only one or two sources for your information but cast a broad net to glean data from all available sources. The warnings exist for those of us that seek them and are wise enough to recognize their message. Forgive me if I’m preaching to the choir!

You still have time to obtain your supplies …………… but don’t dawdle!

Phase 2 – The Event Occurs: It has happened! An Event takes place. Your ability to identify this specific point in time will be affected by a multitude of factors: The type of Event, your proximity to the Event locus, where you are, or live, when the Event occurs, on and on. The Event may turn out to be a relatively subtle thing that grows into a catastrophe.

So, something big has occurred and you think it’s finally happened ………… the SHTF for real! Maybe your family, home, neighborhood, town, or city has not yet been severely affected. Perhaps there’s been a loss of power, communication (TV, internet, phones) or other normal services. In and by itself, these loses are not necessarily all that unusual; but you can see the writing on the wall. What do you do next? How fast things deteriorate depends to a great extent on a multitude of factors: What type of Event has occurred? Is it a local, state wide, national or global Event? Is there any way to confirm the Event? Have your worst fears come to fruition? Stop for a minute and think about your immediate situation. Where are you when it happens? Do you (can you) leave for a safe area or must you stay put? Does your family have a previously agreed upon rendezvous location? How long do you have before things get really dicey? You wonder if you need to activate your survival plan! The first thought that comes to your mind is “NOW”! I’ve got to pull the plug and go into hyper survival mode right now! Your subconscious has moved you into the “fight or flight” mode.

There are so many questions to be answered that it seems impossible to know what to do. It can be difficult to come up with viable answers when all of this is a hypothetical exercise let alone under very stressful conditions. As a Prepper, you are already mentally ready to go off the grid, so an inability to immediately answer all of the questions above does not mean you won’t survive. The odds are good that you’ve spent time going over potential scenarios and you’ve already laid down a generic action plan as a guide. Your planning means that you will probably identify that an Event has occurred faster and more accurately than those folks still in the herd. Keep in mind that a man-made type of Event such as a financial collapse, EMP, war, etc. will probably be quickly obvious and quickly impact us all. But a natural disaster Event may occur in a way that at first affects only a localized area. The negative impact to locales at a distance from the locus of this Event may be delayed. Another difference between these two Event types is manifested by the speed with which the effects are felt at distances from the Event locus. The effects of any Event will spread like ripples on a pond. The size of those ripples, and the speed at which they will travel, will be determined by the type and size of the Event!

I suggest that if you believe an Event has taken place pay heed to your instincts ……… go to battle stations immediately! If it is a false alarm, that fact will soon become evident and you can consider your actions to be a drill. If it is the real thing, then you are ahead of the curve. To be a Prepper is a proactive philosophy. But to survive the Event, you will need to immediately become reactive. Do you activate your plan, batten down the hatches and load the weapons? YES. How you react to the Event will be based on your interpretation of what has happened, and perhaps more importantly, what will happen next!

At some point you will decide that an Event has occurred ………. After making that decision, you will have moved into Phase 3.

Phase 3 – Reaction of the General Public to the Event: The reaction of the general public to the Event will vary greatly from person to person. As I’ve said, factors such as their proximity to the Event locus, type of Event, immediate effects of the Event, their medical condition post Event, etc. all will play a role in determining an individual’s initial reaction. The reactions of the population as a group will run the gamut from thoughtful rumination to violent lawlessness. I think that a person’s true character will come to the forefront and be the determining factor in how they each respond to adversity. “A person is smart ……….. a mob is dumb!” Each person will be pushed to action based on how quickly the Event becomes a first person affair. However, due to forces beyond their control, individuals may not have a choice as to how they will react.

How quickly people move through Phase 3 will depend on multiple factors:

– Event type and resulting damage to physical and social infrastructure.
– Their location and proximity to large groups of the population.
– Being able to correctly identify which phase they are in and adjusting accordingly to face the situation at hand.
– How well they have prepared, both mentally and physically, for a life changing Event.

Unless you are already isolated, living off the grid with no neighbors nearby, you will surely be affected by a societal reaction to the Event more than any other factor …….. assuming of course that your location is not ground zero! Folks living in or near a large metro area will probably experience a quick slide into the negative aspects of Phase 3. Rioting, looting and general lawlessness will probably begin very quickly. People scrambling to survive will choose to forsake societal norms. The general public (non-Preppers) will be forced into two types of mind-sets: Hunker down or Flee. Those folks caught in a city environment when the event happens will quickly evaluate their circumstances and react in a manner that reflects what they perceive as their best chance for survival. In all likelihood, the subsequent result will be a mass exodus from the cities. Those left in the cities will be subjected to all of the worst case scenarios we all fear. Gangs (newly formed and older established groups) will run rampant but may not move away from those territories where they are most familiar. Rural folks may see some delay between the Event and adverse local public reactions, but it will occur eventually. We know Preppers will react to the Event differently from the general public. They will begin to activate their survival plans as soon as they have determined Phase 2 has occurred.

Phase 4 – Government Reaction to the General Public’s Reaction to the Event: Our government, like all governments, will most likely delay their response until they think they are sure what has happened and how it is being perceived and dealt with by the public. I believe the intensity of the government’s response will be relative to the magnitude of the Event. However, I do expect that the FEDS will follow their inclination to “swat the mosquito with a howitzer”. A heavy handed reactionary response to gain control will probably follow a brief initial period of relative inactivity (while the bureaucrats, politicians, and professional military entities assess the situation). Make no mistake about it; Governments are all about power, control, and self-preservation. They will eventually step in to take control over everything and everyone …………….. that’s the way their playbook is written and it is their answer for handling all contingencies. I doubt that there will be any subtlety in their response and subsequent implementation of Martial Law nationwide. Local governments will probably try to respond by imposing control and authority quicker than the State or Feds. The government will initially be more focused on gaining control of the larger population centers than the rural areas.

Phase 5 – Individual Reaction to the Governments Reaction to the Event: This phase might be considered a subset of Phase 4 but I feel it deserves some discussion. As I’ve said; to a great extent the type, severity and magnitude of the Event will dictate how the government will react. Local, State and Federal agencies have one thing in common: Control! Lately we’ve seen examples of their reactions to situations that would lead us to believe that their preferred way to deal with any situation is by an overwhelming response. That type of response may make good prime time TV, but it doesn’t necessarily give us the warm cuddly feeling that our benevolent Uncle is interested in us as individuals. I doubt that any of us would be Preppers if we thought our security was in good hands and assured by government at any level.

“Hello, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” How will you react to hearing these words spoken to you by a government representative after an Event has occurred? I will be very wary ………… untrusting and waiting for the next shoe to drop. But then again, I’m a Prepper. What do you think the vast majority of non-Preppers will do when the government demands control over their lives? I believe that they will meekly follow what they are told to do in the mistaken belief that their government knows best. This is even more likely if the Event has shut down or degraded communications. Without up to date information on the status of things people will gravitate to those appearing to have the latest information. I also believe that these folks will soon be treated like cattle and, once penned like livestock, will be controlled through a dependence on their captors for food, shelter, and security. Most likely these herds will be comprised of city dwellers. The Government forces will first focus their efforts where they can control the largest populations. Those of us still outside of the pens will quickly pose a threat to the government. It doesn’t matter whether or not we actually are a threat, but only that we remain beyond their immediate control. This situation will be perceived by those in power as unacceptable and steps will be taken to eliminate that threat. Remember that governments tend to believe that any protruding nails must be pounded flat ………………. and they will not use a tack hammer!

When personally confronted by an entity demanding our conformance to the new rules, many individuals will be torn between conformance and resistance. If enough individuals resist the demand to conform there will be lawlessness and violence. That’s not an assumption but a fact based on human nature. The scale of the violence will be determined by the level of resistance and the temperament of the government. Of course, exactly how all of this transpires will be, to a great extent, dependent on the type, magnitude, and dispersed effects of the Event.

Phase 6 – Stabilization of situation post Event: I used the term “stabilization” but perhaps a more appropriate word would be “acceptance”. Once the initial shock and reaction to the Event (Phases 3, 4, & 5) has passed there will be a move toward establishing a new routine for daily life. This routine will certainly be very different from our pre-Event lives. Yet, as time passes, even the new-normal will eventually be accepted as the way things are. Violent threats to our existence will probably be a less common occurrence than they were during Phase 3. Most of the lawlessness that was present during Phase 3, early Phase 4, and perhaps Phase 5 will have been dealt with. Attrition will have removed the innocent unprepared and vigilant self-defense will have eliminated most of the threat posed by more violent individuals. We will settle in to the routine of our existence, accepting that life as we knew it is forever changed.

Phase 7 – Long Term Adjustment of Population and Governments to Situations Resulting from the Event: At this point considerable time has passed and communities are starting to re-form. If there is any local or national government still viable it will try to consolidate its influence so as to control those surviving the Event. There may still be some conflict between survivor groups and fledgling governmental units as they both struggle for control and stability. Bartering will be the prime method of commercial exchange. Communal vigilante groups will protect their homes and families as they unilaterally enforce their laws to ensure group safety. Until general communications and the ability to travel long distances (with shortened travel times) are re-established, small communities will remain isolated and dependent on their own skills to survive.

Summation: The dividing lines separating these seven phases are not sharp and may not be easily discernible. Transition from phase to phase, and the duration of each phase, will vary widely depending on the type of event and your physical location in relation to the Event locus. It may be that you will exit one Phase and then return to it after some time passes and situations continue to change. Consider for a moment my earlier comment: “The resultant effects of the Event will spread as ripples on a pond”. As an example consider the following scenario: What if there was a major earthquake on the New Madrid Fault? This major fault undermines our central states at a point where the U.S. is at its narrowest (North to South). A large earthquake here could isolate the Eastern US from the Western US. Land routes between these two areas would be disrupted. People at the epicenter would immediately suffer greatly, yet those a thousand miles away might initially be unaffected. They would only know a disaster had occurred but it didn’t affect them ……… yet. Later, when shipments of critical goods begin to be delayed or stopped, their local store shelves are depleted, when rolling (or long term) utility outages hit their towns, then would they finally feel firsthand the effects of the Event. Note that the intensity of the “Event effects”, unlike the diminishing ripples on a pond, will not necessarily be decreased by their distance from the Event epicenter. In fact, the opposite may be true depending on the type of Event and its locus. Your distance from the EVENT locus may only factor in as a function of how long it takes for you to feel the effects. How you are personally affected will ultimately be determined by many variables.

History provides us with numerous examples of how societies react to Events and their aftermath. In virtually every instance the general populace fares poorly until a semblance of order and control can be reestablished. Some societies never recover …………. they disappear forever. In societies where the majority of the populace is dependent on being supported by a “benevolent” government, it is the rural population that offers the greatest hope for the future.

It’s obvious that there are sub categories within each of the Phases I’ve identified. You can fill in those blanks with additional details that are more specific to your particular situation. In the end, it really doesn’t matter what type of Event takes place, these Phases are still going to occur. Your ability to correctly identify where you are in each Phase, at any given moment, will surely raise the odds in favor of your survival.


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    1. Warchild Dammit!

      Being prepared means handling things to best of ability no matter what goes down,be it man made or natural.Just keep doing the best you can and always remember the smalls add up,till things go completely south you still have time mentally and physically to get ready.As always,enjoy the day and prepare for tomorrow.

      • .02

        Your best survival tool is between your ears.

        • Be informed

          What a really good piece of information putting this into context. There are situations in which 4,5 and 7 will not even be an issue. There can be a total destruction of any form of govenment or leadership in which a very small number of people are left alive. A realistic event that has happened often in the planet’s history is a supervolcano, or a swarm of them. Asteroid impacts are another. even a full scale nuclear war could destroy all forms of government if the wrong weapons are used. Again the real chance for survival will be just how much you know, how well you can adapt to a totally turned upside world, and what you have stored up for emergencies.

          I especially like the way this article talks about the fact that it is not about preparing for one specific event, it is preparing for THE EVENT, whatever that might be is. This is a refreshing nice article that pins it on what we need to think about very clearly and carefully because something is eventually coming. How bad and how long the chaos, how well each one of us handles it, and how well we are prepared for it mentally, physically, and spiritually is what is all important.

          A big thumbs up Mac for this.

          • .02

            On a long enough time line the survival rate for everyone is …..

            • SilverSurfer

              My job is to make sure my family’s survival rate exceeds that of the hoodrats and gangster wanna-be’s around us.
              History shows that I should expect trouble from the urban rats in the event of a SHTF scenario.
              My range time suggests that their demise happens shortly after ‘The Event’.

              • Sgt. Dale

                I don’t know how many people you have in the house that are big enough to shoot, but it would be a good idea to train them ASAP. You can’t do it alone my friend!!!
                Aim Small Miss Small

                • NetRanger

                  Many families I know that are paying attention usually only have 1 or two in the family that can really do much of anything. My family is different.

                  While the women don’t train with my son and I too ofen, they have and will more in the future.

                  We are ready and we are able.

                  It does apear that the fecal matter is nearing the blades once again. DOW dropped 300 points today. Could be a gigantic sell off. A DOW crash could force the matter into the blades. Or, there could be an FF to cover the DOW debacle, or something else. There is so much going on right now, who knows?

                • Be informed

                  @ Net Ranger. I am really into the numbers aspects of most anything. I looked at the losses today and here is what I gleaned from it. 1.96% down today for the DJIA, and 2.09% for the SP 500. This is chump change. If the Dow was at 10000 it would be a 196 point drop, and if the SP 500 was at about 1200 it would be a 25.08 drop. In other words this is not even worth mentioning. The Dow is still 1700 points above the previous high of about 14100 back in July of 2008 before it went into a near 60% sell off. Look at what even a 20% correction from the previous highs of around 16,500. It would send it down to 13,200. Even a 55% correction like in 2008-09 would still have it at around 7600. These of course are just phantom numbers anyway that have been manipulated.

                  I use the ratio of the Dow to the price of gold to see just how desperate things really are. The Dow today is 15880 and gold is $1270. This is a high ratio of 12.5. During the bad times of the stock market near crash it was almost a low ratio of 5.5. Most of the time it hovered between 7.5 and 9. I will fully admit that if that ratio falls to below 5, the economy is in serious trouble. You get it where the Dow is say 7500 and the price of gold at $2500, a 3 to 1 ratio, bad times are there. The unemployment at this time could be explosion and inflation could be ugly. This is really the ONLY way to gauge any type of drop or rise in the markets is to compare the ratios to precious metals or some other measurement of true money. Silver is $320.00 a pound right now. This an absurd ratio of almost 50 to 1 from the Dow to Silver. This should be down in the 30-40 range at the highest. 40 to 1 would place silver at $397 per pound or a little under $25 per ounce. Precious metals are at least very devalued in comparison to where they should be in comparison to the stocks. The Dow to the SP 500 is following the near perfect ratio of 8-9 to 1 ratio. Today it is 8.87 to 1. Something is going on, but nothing too serious YET.

                  I still say that the country will still function. It will take a mass physical event to truly bring about true physical non functioning state in which the horrors of martial law are all over the place and our rights are thrown into the trash heap. This certainly does not mean that each one of us should not be preparing as much as we can. Personal SHTF events will be drastic and extremely widespread around the country during terrible economic conditions. The country may still function very badly and freedoms may even still be around, but the fact that no one has any money will make it a much harsher life for most. Having a nice stockpile of food and other supplies is a hell of a lot better than waiting in line at a soup kitchen or some FEMA camp sell your soul for a crust of bread type misery.

                • Old Gringo

                  Given that hundreds of thousands of beef heads died of cold this winter and the ongoing drought here in California which will drastically curtail crop output this spring and summer…..seems to me it’s started.
                  Suggest all double down on food and water.

            • BJ

              Northern Reb

              Will be at outage 2/3 thru 2/22
              I booked room in Ottawa

              • Northern Reb

                I work afternoons. I’m off the 4th and the 12th and the 18th. we need to get Sarge Dale and whom ever else in the surrounding area to show up and have a meet of the minds or mindless!:-)
                Give me a time on any of those days. Sgt. DAle said he would buy!:-)

                • BJ

                  The 3rd thru the 7th I will be on days, have the weekend off and then Starting the 10th it will be 7/12’s on nights thru the end of the outage.

              • Sgt. Dale

                Hey: If by some chance you get into the Seneca area, on 2/2/14 stop by the Police Dept. I would like to meet you. I’m working days (7-3) I’m not working there again until 2/8/14 day shift. Or you can stop by there and give them your phone number and I will call you. They won’t give you mine.

              • paul4utica

                What power outage are you referring to, please?

                • BJ

                  LaSalle nuclear generating station

                • Jack Hammer

                  I believe they are discussing an “outage” where a power plant shuts down to renovate and repair and update the systems that keep it operating. I work nuclear power plant outages that occur every 18 or 24 months based on the power plant. Most nuclear power plants are on 18 month cycles to replenish the nuclear fuel and repair/update systems but some have gone to 24 month cycles such as the one I’m going to this summer. Usually an outage lasts about 30 days for nuclear plants but often goes to 6 or 7 weeks due to unforeseen issues bringing the plant back online. For non nuclear power plants their outages are usually much shorter in duration since they don’t have nuclear fuel to deal with. Hope this helps.
                  Jack Hammer

            • KY Mom

              Keep an eye on the financial news.

              Dow Transports Crash; All US Equity Indices Red For 2014

              “After escalating higher and higher in the last few days as the rest of the market slipped further into the red for 2014, the Dow Transports has collapsed 3.25% at this morning’s open – its biggest drop in 9 months.

              This, along with the plunge in the NASDAQ and Russell has dragged every major US equity index into the red once again for 2014…”

              “The S&P 500 cash index is now the most below its 50-day moving average in almost 4 months.”

              “Credit markets have not retraced all post-Taper gains (and stocks are rapidly catching down).”


                • JohnnyBurbank

                  Thanks KY Mom…!

              • DRD5508

                Dan, long winded yes, boring? Nope. Just good ensight and reminder of what is coming.

              • Billy Idol

                Enough sheep have returned to play at the Wall street casino that the banksters are getting ready for another culling.

                • Unreconstructed Southron

                  The amazing thing is not that a collapse is coming, but that we could make it so long on a belief that an economy can based purely on a piece of paper backed by nothing but faith. Wish I could live long enough to see how the historians rationalize the self-deception.

              • Northern Reb

                KY. MOM:
                DJIA DOWN 318.24 DJIA down over 500points in 2 days.
                NASDAQ DOWN 90.90
                S&P DOWN 38.17
                China’s banks are going under. We will find out more on or around Jan.31st.
                Several E.U. nations can’t meet there financal commitments to the U.E. banks
                My financial consultant called me and we have an appointment for Wednesday Jan the 29th. this the first time he has called me to set an appointment, he usally sends an e-mail or snail mail?????
                So something is up !;-(
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                • swinging richard

                  northern reb, what does s t s f p n r n s mean

                • KY Mom

                  Northern Reb,

                  Please let us know how the meeting goes and what your financial consultant advises.

                  Thank you!
                  KY Mom

                • Northern Reb

                  KY Mom: Will do on the meeting info.
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                • Sgt. Dale

                  What I did was closed the whole thing out and buy Silver or gold. The type you hold in your hand.
                  It’s your call. Best of luck my friend!!!

                • rednek101

                  I’ve been reading about a 10% market correction that’s been predicted for the past six months. That it all hasn’t happened in one day is probably a good thing. If it drops off over a few weeks or months the psy panic factor won’t come into play as much. So we’re halfway through the predicted correction.

                • Anonymous

                  Security Through Superior Fire Power.
                  No Retreat. No Surrender

                • Northern Reb

                  Security Through Superior Fire Power. That is what
                  S.T.S.F. P.
                  No RETREAT, NO SURRENDER That is what N.R. N.S. means
                  N. Reb

            • slingshot


              About the percentage of existing preppers.


          • Calgacus

            Agreed, Be informed.

            Really good piece and well written. Nothing boring here at all.

            Folks whove read Fourth Turning see the parallels. A thinking mans plan thats generalized.

            • Paranoid

              The Big problem is at what point can we still stock up on chocolate? The other problem is: What to do? I really don’t want to buy an old missle silo and hide in it for 10 years. Countries have had monitary problems befor. The USSR fell, you didn’t have to move to Siberia and hide in the snow. At the moment, I’m in Panama, I’m going to stock up on a few drugs I need, (Got a years suply but I’d like a few more). If it’s a total collapse, forget the Gov. It’s not going to bother us at all. Why should it? We are not going to attack it. Our supplies seem a lot to us, but they are nothing to the Gov. They go to the Big mills and warehouses. If they wanted to, they could buy it all today, they know, we are nothing. What do I think the Gov is going to do? NOTHING.
              The Gov will get to the point where it must stop spending, because if it could keep spending it would. That’s the problem. It must cut costs: Welfare, food stamps, pensions, interest, debt. Being where it is; it must keep spending until it’s so far in debt that just not paying the debt, welfare and pensions will let them get by. That means the “Tropical Fish” people who cannot manage, must DIE. The Gov does not want the preppers to die, in the New order we will be the people they want. They must get rid of the parasitical people. Pardon my spelling, everything just went south

              • Gopher

                Paranoid, careful coming back into the country with prescription drugs. You must now show that you have a script for whatever you bring back.I have a friend that was detained at customs for 2 hours for a bottle of muscle relaxants. They took the pills from her, added her passport # to a watch list, and kicked her loose. This happened in July, right after the law changed.

              • skeptic

                Paranoid—-You are on the right paqe.

              • John W.

                If the drought continues in the West then by next year the water intakes for the turbine generators at Hoover dam could well be above the water level which means no generation. This means Vegas and large parts of So.cal go dark as do some areas in Az. If the drought continues then by next year there could well be no water available for the cities. The water for farming in Calif. is already gone for this crop year. Should the drought continue along with Obamas insane policies hold on because the ride will not be fun.

                • Be informed

                  @ John W. This is an excellent observation about the Hoover Dam. It is not the water amounts that come from the Colorado River upstream, which the drought in the Rockies is hardly what it is in California, it is that Southern California continues to suck water from the Colorado River. The Sierra water that goes through Owens Valley is going to be near bone dry at this rate. I guess all those worthless golf courses out in s. calif will just have to dry up, as huge amounts of water go into maintaining these richman’s oasis “paradises”. Agriculture is going to have to be first priority for the state and the country.

                  Just imagine what would happen with those bone dry conditions, a strong Santa Ana and an earthquake that causes mass fires. The Sylmar, Whittier, and even the Northridge earthquakes all occurred during slight to strong Santa Anas. This could be the increase in air pressure that high pressure systems bring. Probably though the faults were in the last fail stages anyway. Something to think about as fires need water to be fought, and the Mediterrean type plants all over the place have oils in them that help fuel these fires even more so. This is the way the plants help themselves to regrow, reseed, after the wet water comes back.

          • 1braveheart

            BI, I agree, MANY thumbs up to Mac for this article. One of the best and most thought-provoking articles on SHTF I’ve ever seen anywhere. And the author’s wife thought it was BORING? I’ll call BS on that one. I didn’t dare try to get up from my desk while reading it. I was just that impressed with it. All preppers and survivalists need to read this article. this article should be on ALL prepper websites. I truly believe people ignore this article at their own peril.

            • Be informed

              @ braveheart. I don’t know about others, but I sure get enthused about articles like this that offer a foundation for solutions to being as ready as possible WHEN whatever happens does occur. Just by going the instinctual feelings it sure seems like something is building, can’t put my finger on it. Logically it seems like something with war or an intense false flag somewhere. There is an aura of apprehensiveness in the air. This of course doesn’t have any real science to back it up, just an ill feeling that something is not right. Like the way you feel before a tornado hits the area. Wish I had more of a grip on it.

          • NoRegretVet

            To BI…& Mac

            I did not see any reference to it…but the intial phases he speaks of sound a lot like ” Hegelian Dialectic “…..a very useful little tool that has been used on us by the TPTB for a looooonnnnnggg time….And on other countries by their PTB…..

            1) Problem,Situation, Scenario, Event..etc

            2) Reaction…of course that is us

            3) Solution….and you get 1 guess who always has the solution !!! Which was/is always preplanned before it takes place.

        • maddog

          I’m not sure I’d include everyone .02 but I’m sure the smartest or most cunning will still be around in the end.

          • .02

            Maddog.. time line.. how many from these boards going to be posting in 2215?

            • maddog


              • Warchild Dammit!

                Zero,but that is fine.Reason being I am naturally dead along with others,that said will have opened up eyes and the mighty Phoenix will awaken to shake the ash of it’s self immolation and a new world be reborn,not a bad thing.

        • Dave in ID

          02. Yes and the ability to apply your knowlege with tools.

          • Kulafarmer

            Whats a good place to find out about work up there in your county,,,
            Looks like a nice quiet area..

            • .02

              you taking to me about work here Kula?

              • maddog

                My wife just brought me home a large packet of info on Bonner County telling me this is where we need to purchase land. We have been looking for awhile and took a trip to Southern Idaho last year.
                Any comment Dave in ID?

                • Dave in ID

                  You have my email and I have yours. I will help you as much as possible. We need your type up here. Im in Boundary county. The next and last county north of bonner. Bonner county ( Sandpoint Id) has more jobs… and people. and more Libs….you know. the ones with the bald head and the little rat pony tail. They do have some good gun stores and property, but it is a little more expensive.

                • .02

                  maddog, I lived in Norther Idaho for 42 years and moved just inside the Washington line to the west. There is a lot of empty houses in the wheat fields C H E A P. Warmer weather, longer growing season, less people and Idaho is a half hour away. Washington has no income tax either. From a freedom perspective, I’ll take where I live over N Idaho any day. I can drive on better roads..alone. My BOL is so sweet you will have to see it to believe it. 128 acre lake with both bass specie, kokanee, rainbows, perch and crappie.. NO ACCESS except a private road that is locked but full access if you “need” it.. Washington has it all going on, 2 major rivers, nearly 8,000 lakes with fish, elk, deer, bear.. etc. The coast and inland is two different places.

                • Big Muff

                  Bonner county! Come on! Bill should be the county commissioner.

            • Dave in ID

              what occupation? The chipper trucks (CDL)running to Canada and back (home almost every night) are hiring most of the time. LEO in Bonner and Kootenai county hires often and without age discrimination. Look on the county employment sites and Craigslist for the Spokane/Coeurdalene area. Also the Kalispell Montana area.

            • Dave in ID

              If you get REAL Serious, and pick a location near me, I will give you my email address.

              • Kulafarmer

                I am quite serious about moving, i would rather jump now while i can sell some stuff and land with a little cash in my packet than wait till things come unglued, either way im going to end up out of work eventually only difference here to there is here the temps are better, there i think is better politically, theres some stuff coming regulation wise that will make it impossible for me to continue my business, not the way its been anyway, so theres my quandry, wait and see how it shakes out or jump and just start over,,,
                Equipment operator, logging, ranch or farm, construction, can and will do any of it,
                Am sort of scared to move without some sort of situation,,, but is tough, im sure lots of folks trying to pull a fast one on employers,,

                • What?

                  I can’t speak for the Redoubt, but where I am, MN farmland, the recession (depression) that the nation has gone through since ’08 is just now starting to be felt with the price collapse of agricultural commodities the last 12-18 months. Just now, are people starting to lose jobs, 5-6 yrs after the rest of the country. Houses are for sale all over the place. One town of 1000 people has 50 homes for sale!

                  Agriculture, at today’s prices, and with today’s rent demands, is a break even proposition at best.

                  Don’t mean to put a damper on any plans or dreams, but you’re right Kula, don’t make a move without a job prospect at this time unless you have to.

                  Propane topped $5.00/gal today. Gotta love global warming!

                • CO Beach

                  Hello Kulafarmer,

                  I’m in the same boat as you. But I’ve made my decision. I’m heading back to the Great White North. I’m currently in CO and it’s nice and all, with great friends, no family and really nice weather year round. I have family in Northern MN, just below Canada by 15 minutes. They all garden and try to live quiet lives. None are preppers per say but would be fine none the less. I’m quitting my job this summer and going to school for gunsmithing and will open my own range and store when I get done with school.
                  I currently have a well paying job that I can no longer do for moral reasons, my company helps the NSA spy grid. And I feel a moral obligation to not support it. We don’t spy or anything, just make the devices that store the data. You have one in your computer, as do we all. I used to use that as my justification for this job. But I feel like I’m tying the noose around my own neck at this point.
                  I know that my decision will change my life style greatly, but that is something I’m will to give up to feel more secure.
                  I’ve only been prepping for about 2 years now hard. But have always been a prepper and didn’t know it. I know this isn’t an easy decision for you, it wasn’t for me either. My job just made it a lot easier.
                  Best of luck with whatever it is you decide to do.

                • DaisyK


                  If you move, better move to a constitutional carry state or at least a state that makes concealed carry permits private. There is a newspaper chain planning to publish a state-by-state list of all concealed carry permit holders.


                  I think the government already has a list of all preppers, and the first thing they will do is visit all of us and remove us to a FEMA camp, while our supplies are redistributed. How would they get the list? Well, if you ever bought supplies, with a credit card, if you ever posted on one of these sites, if you regularly search prepper sites, if you talk on the phone to other preppers……

                • Dave in ID

                  @ Kula… your attitude is great and your skills are made for this type of area. They DO layoff in the winter. A lot of the laid off people plow snow to make ends meet. If you dont mind Truck driving, there is always work and often training with a big company. You will not be home during the week, so you would have to have a live in girl friend or water down during the week. I was just in the food bank today as I check to see what they are low on, then go to Super 1 and buy it for them. They had a food drive last week that I wasnt aware of cause I live out of town, and they are stocked to the ceiling. The Lady that runs it was saying that there are plenty of jobs around here and help wanted signs in alot of stores. The problem she said, was that they are low paying so the unemployed dont want to take the jobs. Stupid fuckers,When I was young, I would take a shitty job as a stepping stone to move up to another job. A employer would rather hire a working person than someone unemployed for a year or more. [email protected]

                • .02

                  Since the Clintons logging is dead.

                • Dave in ID

                  @ 02. the logging may have slowed down but at least 50 trucks a day are pulling in to Moyie Springs lumber mill and probably 20 at the Wenco mill in Naples. The WA state Seattle Libs run the logging industry in your state. I see few logging trucks north of your area, and that where the flow should be coming from. The logs going into That big mill on Hwy 2 near Priest River seems to be coming from the Idaho side, not the Newport WA side. I could be wrong as this is my view looking from the outside.

                • .02

                  Oh sure there are still logs going in from private land. The Clintons killed logging in the national forests. That is when the money went south and I jumped to construction. Better money, less dangerous and easier on the body/equipment. I did 15 years operating skidders/dozers in the woods. built a lot of the forest service roads up there as well. Of course now they are gated.. asshats

                • Dave in ID

                  Kula…I replied to you but since I put my email in the reply, it is still in Mod land. you May get it tommorow.

                • Big Muff

                  Logging is a renewable resource! Plant trees and they grow back! How cool is that? If they are not logged they will be wasted in a fire that will cost millions to fight. Logging = less fires = less money paid fighting fires.

                • Kulafarmer

                  Hey all,,
                  Thanks for all the great input!
                  It is much apreciated, my biggest fear would be getting over there and having TSHTF and im not established, that could be a problem,,,
                  Certainly a bigger problem than just dealing with whats going on here, but if the right opportunity came up i will bolt in a minute,
                  There are pros and cons to all of it,
                  I have been paying 6$+ per gallon for propane for more than a year,
                  Gasoline is bouncing between 4.25 and 4.50 and i buy at a jobber pump station so prices are lower than usual,
                  The average electric bill is 200+ for a small house, mine is about 600/month because i run a walkin cooler,
                  Comment was made about ag commodities starting to drop, i think its going to drop a lot more,,
                  The government meddling will be the death of all of us.
                  Im going to be trying to network a whole lot more over the next month or so and see what shakes out,
                  Stay frosty!

            • BJ

              If the right situation came along, I’d move to the North West Montana area in a heart beat. I would do love to live out there in the mountains on a 40 that was secluded and out there off the grid. I travel around the Midwest for work and make decent money but the land out there that I see on Craigslist is through the roof compared to what we have been looking at the last few years in the UP of Michigan(40 acres = $40-60K max)
              Out there your looking at some spots of only 2 acres for 60K, the view is gorgeous, and your out there with some real privacy….but c’mon! And it doesn’t look like a lot of very high paying jobs are there…especially with the cost of living constantly going up so much.
              But yeah, when I dream about a dream home….I dream of AK or MT in the mountains and having a nice retreat off the grid.

              • Dave in ID

                I paid 44K for 12 acres one mile from the Montana border. 10 of it is in Hay.

                • Kulafarmer

                  You cant even buy a new Super Duty Ford for that, the ones they bring in here are all tagged 50k and up, crazy,,,

                • BJ

                  A new truck today is just out of this world ridiculous. No way is a pickup truck worth 50 K

                • hammerhead

                  dave – i just bought 20 ac in improved hay in
                  n. michigan for 22k.
                  please dont cry.

                • Dave in ID

                  Hammerhead.. I wont cry. I was looking for a specific area that has forest and remote. I am at where I want to be and cost was no object. Im sure you are in the same situation. I could have bought 20 acres in Paridise valley NV between Winnimucca and Mcdermott for almost nothing. But it wasnt where I wanted to live.

                • BJ

                  That’s a great deal for the lower peninsula. We have looked in central and northern lower and usually find acreage much higher than in the UP. Most of what we’ve seen is between 3-5K per acre…especially just north,north east east of Muskegon to Ludington.

                  What is “improved” hay?

                • hammerhead

                  Money was a big object but i needed more land for hay .
                  I already live half mile away, so its close to home.
                  Lookin to expand the herd a little this year and truck some hay south if i can for extra cash.
                  Farmland is gonna explode , get it while you can !

                • BJ

                  Not only have we not been able to find the kind of deals you got in the NW MT and N ID, we don’t know anyone there or have family. The only person we “know” would be Chuck Baldwin….and we don’t know him personally LoL

                  But some of the views and homes we have seen online there are just gorgeous, remote and off grid, which is perfect.

              • Dave in ID

                BJ…email me. the address is a couple posts up.

          • Paranoid

            Truthfully, I think the greatest ability maybe to just shut the front door and stay inside for a winter.

        • 1braveheart

          .02, AMEN to your comment, but allow me to throw in this important caveat: Your mind must be free of the so-called “conventional wisdom”. You must be an independent thinker. You must be able to “think outside the box”.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Hows the non smoking going I’m, pulling for you.
            Going to teach a hunters safety class on Sat. morning. I’ll back door a little prepper info to them while I’m teaching.
            Then I’m going to a gun show to pick up some more prepping stuff.
            I think things are going kinda messy in the next few weeks.

            • 1braveheart

              Howdy, Sarge. The ‘non-smoking situation’ is not about to change, it’s here to stay. I’m not even experiencing any of the withdrawal symptoms now. I’m still feeling great. Surprisingly, there’s another gun show here in my area on Feb. 1-2. I’ll be getting some more prep items myself. I’m making a food and water run this weekend. Yes, it looks like things are starting to get ‘interesting’, and the timing of it stinks to high heaven. If we’re fortunate, maybe nothing will happen for awhile, but I’m not holding my breath on that. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • BJ

                I am just now getting in on your smoking cessation convo. Can you tell me how you’re going about it? Chantix? Congrats and bravo to you!

                I used to do the gun shows and just can’t do it anymore. It disgusts me that you can’t even buy a gun constitutionally at a gun show.

        • REB

          Oh man…lots of dead people walking around then eh?… 🙁

      • Sgt. Dale

        Were have you been?
        You came up with the best advice. I preach this to out group all the time.
        Good to hear from you.

      • Rich Colb

        You people must be on drugs.
        I am a free person and pretty sure you are also

    2. Rasputin

      Good thoughtful article!

    3. TimTheCrusader

      I don’t know how much this article was changed after your wife said it was boring, but I thought it was pretty darned interesting. Definitely some good things to think on.

    4. Aeneas

      Dan W….kudos on a well written article. I really like the statement in Phase 3 about how each person is driven to react as it beomes a “first person affair”. There’s a lot to ponder in just that statement. That is one of the biggest variables driving the violence for which we hope does not happen; but nonetheless for which we prepare. Be mindful of the event’s impact on a person’s position in Maslow’s Hierarchy….and you get closer to their propensity for violent reaction.
      Thanks again for this good read.

    5. .02

      The wore out move of “problem, reaction, solution. Since the days of Noah they been using p, r, s yet the idiots call us all conspiracy theorists when over and over they use the same old move.. you know why? Because it works.. Sandy Hook is just one of many.. Boston Bombings and of course the 3 falling buildings from 2 airplanes.. what a sham..what a ruse..And there are still the deniers that accept the govs report.. Idiots everyone..Almost to the point of they are deserving of what the future holds for them.

    6. sam drucker

      Good article ,but things of this magnitude cannot be put in neat little box.

    7. Indy Colts

      40% of people believe playing the lottery is a viable form of retirement… R U Kidding!!!

      • Indy Colts

        That was the Sheeple Stat of the day!!

      • .02

        I joke about that with every ticket..

      • maddog

        This is a real stat. I’ve seen it referred to many times.

      • hammerhead

        there goes my retirement…………….shit.

        • maddog

          What about all those mason jars you have buried in the back?

          • hammerhead

            mad – those mason jars dont contain cash 🙂

      • buttcrackofdoom

        the lottery…a tax on stupid people.

        • skeptic

          I was in deer camp in Texas in the late 80’s I believe when an attorney we hunted with came in and informed us that the dumb tax had passed.Please ponder this.

        • REB

          Perhaps so… but with respect it is at least one that a person can choose to not pay…many of the early American colonies/cities/states ect used lotteries to fund the govt…done properly and honestly(theres a catch eh?) with more reasonable chances to win it could well be a method to fund govt services on some levels as long as they eliminated any mandatory taxes in proportion to the funds raised by said lottery…I don’t play lotteries but I don’t think its an all or nothing proposition either…just 2cents 🙂

    8. Kulafarmer

      anyone else think its strange that all of a sudden on the radio there are adds about the day before a big earthquake shaking your world to bits,,,,
      I find it real interesting considering that in 40 years of radio listening, this is the first time I have ever heard adds like this, and they are sponsored by the ad council and paid for by the feds,,,

      • Be informed

        @ Kulafarmer. The recent two earthquakes on outer plate boundaries points again like a magnetic needle at Vanuatu, Soloman Islands, Paupa New Guinea and the Nazca and Cocos plate that include Mexico to Panama and All the west coast of South America. Also the northern Pacific plate where the Aleutian Islands mega quake is overdue. Alawys have to through Japan in the mix. I say the entire northern Australian plate is ready for a very large quake as there has been 5 pointers are points that are removed away from other areas totally quiet.

        I think the New Madrid is safer for right now, but the San Andreas I have noticed some back feeding of energy towards the adjacent faults. Also the Cascadia has had much tension building in the southern portion of it. Will continue to watch for more precursor quake activity to get a better picture.

      • maddog

        These ad’s from the ad council are approximately 60% of the ad’s running on our radio station in Northern Nevada. The ones this week are partnering with the UNCF (united negro collage fund for those of you in Rio Linda) for social change. The truth is in your face you just need to open your eyes and look. The ad council is the federal government. Last week they were promoting illegal emigrant’s with Mila and Raul. Better wake up soon.

        • Billy Idol

          Richard Pryor and Michael Jackson created a new charity called the INCF: Ignited Negro College Fund.

          • skeptic

            great post but it needs explanation.

            • buttcrackofdoom

              no it don’t…google it…they both caught on fire….it’s a DRY humor out there where he lives.

      • hammerhead

        kula , i have been hearin twice as many public service type commercials as well , along with alot more emergency broadcast tests.
        coincidence ? maybe not.

        • KySSG


          Same here. At least once a day with the EBMs.

          The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.

          KySSG . . . out.

    9. .02

      Pulled from 0hedge comments..this is Classic

      Old Yeller the movie:

      Arliss Coates: What’s money?

      Travis Coates: That’s what you buy things with.

      Arliss Coates: What do you mean by buy things?

      Travis Coates: Well when you have money, you give it to people for stuff. They say you can get anything for money.

      Arliss Coates: Anything? What’s it look like?

      Travis Coates: I never seen but one piece. A dollar bill Papa had.

      Arliss Coates: What’d Papa buy with his dollar?

      Travis Coates: Nothing, it wasn’t no good.

    10. Trailer Park Investor

      Yea I spent over $100,000 prepping for an economic collapse ONLY to get a killer dose of radiation by Fukishma – (Go Figure)…
      The Pacific Ocean has become the private dumping ground for Japan’s Nuclear Power Industry. I guess they will not be happy until they sterilize the entire Pacific Ocean. But do not let your guard down on the economic collapse as that can happen any minute…
      Then when you think you are prepped for those two things you get hit by a massive EMP or CME and find yourself back in the stone ages (electronically speaking)

      • slingshot


        It’s Showtime!

    11. maudy fricket

      I sometimes check the Baltic Dry Index, a measure of ocean shipping rates. About 10 days ago I was going to remark that the index was up quite a bit. I checked it again a few days later to see what the trend was. Surprise. It collapsed. It’s down 50% in a week. It goes up and down, but the last year and a half it’s been mostly way down.

      • .02

        China is going into free fall as we speak.. the shipping containers are piling up empty on the docks and xmas was a total wipe. Of course the msm is Bieber 24/7 or some other “star” so we have to research the numbers. You are right tho maudy, imports to this country has crashed, the consumer is tapped, now what? My bet is war.. China/Japan..maybe N Korea for shitsandgiggles but we have to send a bunch of steel to the bottom of the ocean in an attempt to jumpstart the economy. We are now in a death spiral and we are circliung the drain faster each day..Dow -185 again right now so even the plunge protection team is having problems.. Be glad we are born in interesting times..

        • maddog

          ” My bet is war” When all else fails they always use this option. Not my opinion, look at history.

        • KY Mom


          Here is China’s ‘official response’ to the Federal Reserve decision to start cutting bond purchases from Jan. 1, 2014.

          1/24/14 – China Focus: China confident of weathering QE exit shocks

          “In response to a question about how the U.S. Federal Reserve’s recent reduction in bond purchases would affect China’s trans-border capital flows, Guan (Guan Tao – head of the Balance of Payments Department of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange) said there had been no obvious impact yet and China was confident and capable of resisting future possible shocks.”

          “Guan warned that China should remain on guard against possible future challenges, as the exit would bring about an uncertain and unstable factor in the international financial market.”


        • Steve

          I live at the North end of Puget Sound right across from Port Townsend.
          I used to hear ships go by our place on the way to the ports of Seattle and Tacoma.
          When going out for a daysail (I have a salt water dock in the back yard) I would usually have to dodge a ship or two or three but no more.
          Traffic has come to a near standstill out there.
          Seeing even one ship has almost become an “event”.

          • .02

            I have a ton of relatives in the Gig Harbor area Steve

        • John W.

          Just watching the trains going east along I-40 from Lost Angeles will tell the story that the US consumer is broke. Rail traffic is almost non existent compared to three years ago or even last year.

    12. wrong

      Great article. Good comments.

      I barely made it home from my construction site just a bit ago. We are getting slammed with snow and heavy winds. Most of the roads are already impassable. I made it only cause of my 4 wheel drive truck with a heavy load in the back. My little shtf for my family and me today. Family is still in town. No idea how they will make it. Damn scarey.

      Makes me wonder about our future when all hell breaks loose. This is just a snow storm. Global warming sucks…

      • Indy Colts


        That system is going to hit us tonight. Indiana just basically said we aren’t clearing anything but the highways. We still have snow from earlier in the week and adding more will only make the problem worse.

        I’ve never seen tempatures this cold in my life and we usually never have much snow to speak of. I figure GOD is showing humans they don’t know what they are talking about with global warming.

        I meantioned the global warming to a ojangles zombie and he said I don’t know how global warming works. He tried telling me other places are getting warmer. I said you mean like how Antartica just set a new all time low tempature?

        Sheeple, no sense at all.

        • wrong


          If you get hit like we are you best get ready. We probably have some lake effect mixed in with all the snow but it’s crazy how much we have gotten. I went out with my tractor a bit ago. Waste of gas. At least my family made it safe. It can snow and blow all it wants now.

          Be safe down there.

          • Indy Colts

            We’ll try to stay warm down here. This southern boy ain’t used to all this cold stuff.

            • Hoopster

              Regarding the cold air in the south, I am in central NC and have been here all my life and do not remember air this cold. Have to go out several times a day to haul hot water to cows and chickens only for it to freeze over in an hour or two. Recent days highs in the twenties. Today high wind gusts with fire dangers. Crazy weather!

        • John W.

          It is supposed to get even colder next week. It only made it to seventy one here today while last week one day hit 89. Had to wear a long sleeve shirt all day today. Tomatoes are already coming up volunteers from last year, peppers never quit. Shame this great weather is in Calif. the most screwed up western state.

          • kynase

            @John W. You in SoCal? I am. 🙂 Yes…the weather is really tough here in the 70s. lol

            • hammerhead

              LOL , I was just havin a coversation with a guy that plows snow with me. We were talkin about how nice the weather is today , all the way up to 14 and the wind chill is above -10 and the sun is shining inbetween snow sqauls. Its a wonderful day for january in n. michigan!
              You guys is socal enjoy the sunshine and warmth (envy).

    13. maudy fricket

      Survival tip of the day. As cold as it’s been here in Illinois, it would be a good idea to keep a couple of “space blankets” in your car and residence, just in case. They’re pretty cheap. Get them at a place that sells camping stuff, etc. Keep one at work, too. They’re small enough. Put one in your coat pocket. In case you get carjacked. What the heck? You wouldn’t want the jacker to get cold, would you?

      • maddog

        They are great for lining your food storage buckets as well.

      • .02

        My BOB is an Alice pack and it is stuffed and always travels with me PLUS a 45 and huge comforter. Case of water in the trunk at all times.. until it freezes.

      • Mountain Trekker

        maudy, I bought a dozen of these and I have them in every coat and in my day pack, don’t really know how good they would truly be in a real survival situation but I’m sure better than nothing. It amazes me how some people don’t even give a thought to the simplest of secnarios. Here in Wyoming it is often 70 or 80 miles between towns and sometimes 10’s of miles between houses,I have driven these distances at night and maybe only meet 1 or 2 cars, and I personally know people who drive 80 miles in the winter in just a light shirt or even a short sleeve shirt, and no coat in the car. I scowled them, but hey it’s their life or discomfort, so go ahead and pay the price. I have a sleeping bag in my trunk as well as an old goose down coat. They just as well be there as in the closet. Trekker Out.

        • JayJay

          Note to self: put sleeping bags in Tribute with other totes of food, blankets, water and BOBs..!!

        • Wind River Mom

          I don’t know about you Trekker, but up here in NW Wyoming, there is little to no cell service, can’t count on the cavalry.

          Today temps hit a balmy 50 degrees – by sundown its a whole other deal – if we broke down we all have wool blankets and basic-needs back packs in the trunks.

          • Mountain Trekker

            WRM, you anywhere near Thermop, love those Owl Creek Mountains. That’s why you better always be prepared, it might be fifty and in a short time it might be -10 and 40mph winds and a whiteout. Car break down and no cell service, and your in a heap of trouble. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • .02

            Spent alot of time in Wy.. LOVE that place..Might be heading down to Casper–Cheyenne area and check out the oil boom going on.. Looks like they need haulers.

            • Mountain Trekker

              .02 as I posted before, check out (County 10) just do a search. And checkout jobs. See one of them needs a fuelhauler. Trekker Out.

        • REB

          When I had the Army/Navy store these things first came out…I was the first guy to handle them in this region…now theyre available at wally world…except the ones I sold were military spec…2-3 times the thickness of wallys…but even wallys are a decent item in an emergency…I throw them over incubators to cut heat waste…over plants on cold nights..over windows to keep heat in or out…on top of coolers/fridges in hot weather and if you wrap one around you out in the cold you can feel the heat start to come back…definitely an item to have on hand on a cold winter night in the pocket of your jacket or your car trunk…another similar item is T-vec foil/bubble insulation for buildings…a 4′ wide piece(cut to size) is my ground roll for under my US extreme cold sleep bag…beats any foam mat…I roll mine up inside a military ground roll,makes a fine bedroll…works for all the uses I listed for space blankets above and then some…I keep wool blankets in my old truck and in my Ladys SUV just in case… 🙂

      • 1braveheart

        maudy, the carjacker is the one who NEEDS to end up cold, as in a COLD DEAD CORPSE.

      • Billy Idol

        As a bonus, you can use it to cover the carjacker’s body.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        i keep a military “sleep system” in my van…good to minus 30 if you use both bags inside the bivy…keeps you dry too…and they can be had for way under a hundred from time to time. also, i keep a warm coat in a bag for each of my family, just in case…my 10y/old had a field trip a while back, and it was in mountains…who KNEW it would be 35 to 40 degrees all day…many said they didn’t know what they would have done without my 8 coats and several “woobie” blankets…saved the field trip(it was on the american revolution)!

    14. Frank Thoughts

      The more diverse and fractured a society is, the greater the chances of it not handling the stress of disaster (whatever that may be – economic, natural etc.). Take a look around the world: which countries, under environmental or economic stress, have people literally murdering each other, or as is the case in the CAR in Africa, eating each other.

      Countries that handle extreme stress well – Iceland, Scandinavia, Japan – are more culturally aligned.

      Countries should be investing in institutions and associations that increase cultural connection and understanding: that is the best protection in a crisis. More cooperation when things get bad, saves time and lives.

      Individualistic prepping is a false hope: a Darwinian battle royale between heavily armed preppers would have to be one of the stupidest ways to react to a crisis.

      • Anonymous

        Thank the Clintons for implementing the start of the end of our moral society.

        They knew exactly what they were doing and they knew what it would lead to.

        • John W.

          The Vietnam War and the effect it had on radicalizing most of a generation had the biggest role in this. The left jumped on it and ran with the opportunity to organize an army of moron young people. Those morons are now in charge of most important positions in society. It will be a miracle if we survive this with any semblance of what we were as a nation.

      • hammerhead

        frank , are you a libtard ? institutions and assoc. ?
        Your kiddin right? cultural connection and understanding?
        You sound like obama preaching that BS about rugged individualism is a bad thing .
        why is self reliance not on your list of priorities?
        Why would you rather rely on institutions and associations ?
        Not meaning to critisize (much) but i would like to know.

        • Be informed

          @ hammerhead. People like Frank offer no hope or solutions other than dependency on the state. People for thusands of years have lived without the influnce of government on them. These areas of freedom are far and between now, but some people live without the state. after SHTF in mega fashion people will continue to live and survive. Why not be some of us are the ones that do make it through the end of society. I rather have some hope than none at all like what so many are painting the aftermath will be like.

          • hammerhead

            BI- frank dont get it , he thinks the gov should provide what he considers basic services and protections.
            That aint gonna happen without strict control.
            Even with a farm , self relience is but a dream.
            I have also found that we dont own our land , have you heard of a “land patent” ? You will have to look it up its a long story but it affects everyone . and as someone who has had land confiscated by the fed i can tell you that a land patent will stop it.
            In a SHTF senario , with an Agenda21 crazed government , i fear that farms will be the first thing the .gov will sieze ( for the greater good).
            This is franks wetdream , free food for all and serfs forced to continue farm operations for the federal gov .
            It may sound like BS but i aint alone (around here) in my beliefs . Collectivism is a sickness that robs the individual of their acomplishments to benefit those that wont produce.
            ask frank about it , he knows more than me.

            • 1braveheart

              Hammerhead, I have to agree about frank. At least he doesn’t act like eisen, I’ll give him credit for that.

            • John W.

              All they have to do is cut off the supply of fuel and modern farming is gone. Millions will starve. It will be even easier than when Stalin killed the Kulaks.

            • buttcrackofdoom

              hey, you hammerhead, you keep mis-spelling FERAL government! i just had to say hi…i got 2 hammerheads of my own here, 10 and 12y/o boys.

      • Kulafarmer

        Yeaaaaa ok,,
        I think ill stick with what im doing,,,

      • Billy Idol

        BUT…BUT…diversity is wonderful, right?

      • Mcdave

        ” a Darwinian battle royale between heavily armed preppers would have to be one of the stupidest ways to react to a crisis”

        Frank, I agree with your first two points. Makes sense and has been proven to be true.(Homogeneous)
        Then you fell off the wagon and got all caught up in the spokes.

      • Mcdave

        “Countries that handle extreme stress well – Iceland, Scandinavia, Japan – are more culturally aligned. ”

        Translated, same race/ religion.

        • jerrytbg

          It would seem he is a bit of a purist…

          The master race…resistance is futile… “Hail to Victory”…

          We’ve all heard this crap before and what would Daniel Boone say…

      • Paranoid

        Actually you are right; as long as the people are not your kind. I figure it eat the drone people. Besides you seem to think having everyone survive is a good idea, NOT!

        • .02

          Best way to eat people is to feed them to the hogs..

          • Satori

            perhaps Frank is saying something along the lines of what Selco
            and that is individuals holed up in their cabin with a closet full of MountainHouse are not gonna make it

            community,friends,family and the support they provide
            give you the best chance of making it
            ESPECIALLY if the SHTF event lasts a long time
            eg a major economic collapse


            • laeagle

              Sartori, I completely agree. Communities are more likely to survive as rugged individualists and preppers band together to help each other out. One person can’t do everything, but as people come together and bring their skills and resources to voluntarily help each other, the group can accomplish a lot more and become a force to reckon with. Check out the book “exodus to a hidden valley”‘ for a real life SHTF situation.

              • jerrytbg

                Precisely! Although Fran may have wanted to have you believe he was going in that direction, he has the potential to be the worst kind of bigot. The proverbial snake in the grass…

                “are more culturally aligned.”

                Nearly a text book definition of what McDave said…

                “Translated, same race/ religion.”

                Hail to Victory…Hail to Victory…Hail to Victory…
                …Adolf Hitler…

              • REB

                Not to be argumentive because you have a valid point but Ive yet to be around a group that actually came together for any purpose that didn’t quickly fall apart in a fight over who was going to be the grand poobah…hence we’re right back into having a tyrant of some flavor…men are not meant to be ruled over nor are they meant to rule over others…yet this goes on…be it in a nation or a small group…crazy!

            • Dave in ID

              circumstance and prep will say who makes it or not. Id rather be holed up in a cabin than in Oakland Ca or Baltimore MD.

            • Dave in ID

              Community, family and friends can also get you killed when things get Real bad. Support is good, a lazy good for nothing worthless eater is a liability and gives you the worse chance of survival.

              • Sgt. Dale

                In my group you don’t work you don’t eat.
                This is if you are healthy. There is always some type of work you can do. NOBODY LEACHES!!!!

                • slingshot

                  SGT Dale.

                  Set the rules early and stand by them. Be vigilant of those who undermine for self centered reasons.

              • .02

                Yep Dave my thoughts exactly. Say you kill a worthless fvk that is ripping you off when we are wrol but the bastards whole family then decides you are the target for justified revenge.. Not pretty picture when parents, brothers and cousins come after you.

      • laeagle

        FT, you raise a very important point regarding the strength of societies that are homogenous or less diverse. These societies tend to be less egalitarian, more regimented and more authoritarian. They are inherently stable and better organized and follow the leaders better as they tend to be more compliant. They need strong leaders and that is their weakness. They cannot function well without a head to lead and direct them.

        The more egalitarian groups tend to be more diverse but that is their strength and works out to their advantage, especially in a chaotic SHTF situation. They are composed of the rugged individualists and are more likely to survive and even thrive when things go into high gear. In the area of music, the first group would make great music in an orchestra. The second group would do well in a Jazz band, a uniquely American form of music. Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Then of course there are the single players, the soloists.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Diversity at one time was a good thing. In the early years of our great county when it was truly a melting pot, people came here from all over and desired to be Americans and to be free. But now they pour in here and many are illegal, and then they want to make this country just like the one they escaped from. Sort of like how people do now, when they flee from the Cities and Liberal States, the first thing they do is try and make the state they move to just like the one they fled from. So as they say in Wyoming, bring your tourist money, spend it, enjoy, and go on home, wherever that may be. Trekker Out.

        • Paranoid

          As I like to say: “Excessive gun control is requireing people to shoot a pistol with two hands”.

        • dub

          Maybe you should take your own advice.

    15. Doofus

      The end is near.

    16. slingshot

      Blanket Coverage.

      Good article.

    17. 1braveheart

      Mac, what’s the status on the Community Discussion?

    18. Socrates

      I think this is a great article by Dan W.- Thanks for the reprint @Mac!

      One of the key takeaways from the story was that the lines between events may be very fuzzy or not clearly defined. That is where we are now…between Stages 1 & 2 from what I can tell. We all KNOW something is wrong, yet we cannot place it, or name it, or point to it and say “There it is! It’s here!”. It’s not like that. Instead it is has been a gradual ramping up of smaller events or situations, that when added together foreshadow the future. It isn’t looking good at all.

      I think the article from the other day that talked about this taking place all over the WORLD, spelled it out correctly. There are events unheard of in the past, taking place right NOW. But we tend to look down at our feet as we shuffle along through life and don’t always notice the mayhem going on elsewhere. Why? Because until it directly affects YOU and your family (if you have one), you simply don’t notice, or don’t care. Only when the event affects YOU directly do you pay attention.

      Wake up people! Just because THE event hasn’t happened to YOU yet doesn’t mean it won’t. It will and when it does…you will hopefully be ready to whatever degree you prepared for.

      • Mcdave

        The reason we can’t put our finger on it is because the Govt. lies, always.
        All the figures for econ data that are released one month, are later “revised” (i.e. LIE)
        Also, you can hide the truth for a while with $85bil a month in fake paper.

        • John W.

          If the media was not dominated by corrupt progressives who lie since they are now simply an organ of the state Obama would have been run out of town a long time ago. Americans seem to have not a wit of curiosity as to what is really going on. I guess they just don’t want to know.

    19. KySSG

      Agreed. Good article.

      My plan, if it can be called such, is to hunker down and wait out the first 72 hours, post-event. After 72 hours, I’ll have a pretty good idea about what to do next, stay in place or get outta Dodge. This is a very small community, which I believe provides somewhat of an advantage.

      Of course, plans usually go to hell the minute you try to implement them. But I do feel the 72 hour block is a good starting point, at least in my situation.

      The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.

      KySSG . . . out.

      • wrong

        Good idea with the 72 hrs. Most of the morons will be dealt with by then.

        • KySSG


          That’s also part of the decision. 72 hours should clear out a good portion of the morons. I have several routes out of here, should that need arise, and optional locations, far out in the hills, to set up in. Provisions are also in place at the alternate locations.

          The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.

          KySSG . . . out.

      • Eisenkreuz

        This is not going to happen in the time frame of days.

        • Paranoid

          Not 3 days, but if it’s real bad, a remarkably short time. Food stamps quit and it’s all downhill quickly. Ask yourself how long will the 25 largest cities keep going if welfare quits? This could be a very fast decline with a good view of what’s going to be the end game. If I were the Gov I’d cut the big welfare traps adrift and save the taxpayers. In that case, it could be all over in the big cities in 30-60 days. If the dollar goes bad, how long do you think it would take the gov to set up a system to feed the cities. They start starving in 4 days. My bet is the burn themselves down in less than that.

          • Northern Reb

            There will be riots and loiting with in the first 24 hours after the food stamps stop or the dollar or stock market crashes. Marshall law will be put into effect after 48 hours, but less than 72.
            Then the the fire fights with law enforcement and militay with the gang bangers and mope zombies will start.
            This will give a person about 48 hours to get out of the big cities and the suburbs to a safer area.
            The military will not be able to keep the the roiting and loiting from spreading out of the city into the suburbs.
            This is how a officer in the National Guard explaned it to me. They, said that, that will be the start of SHTF and WORL. There only so many Guardsmen and they will go to the Capital cities of the state and to large populations centers to try to protect the infer structure of that area. When the top brass thinks its time to pull out they will leave the uninportant areas.
            Those areas will be controled by the gang bangers and mope zombieS. It will be like New Your city in that old movie, Escape from New York, or L.A. Escape from L.A. that Curt Rusell played in.
            The military will be able to corden off the area and try to stop them from leaving said area.
            I my opinion they will not be able to keep them in there very long. Those Guardsmen have families to take care of, just like we do.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

            • John W.

              If utilities stay available then many will make it. If water and power go off then things will be immensely worse even for those who have prepared.

            • Paranoid

              I kind of agree, but 1. I don’t think they will even try to keep a lid on the inner cities, As with Rodney King they will write them off. The National Guard won’t even come into them. Just keep mobs in and let rational people out. I don’t think it will spread from the inner cities very much. They don’t own cars or have gas and won’t even think of trying to get out until far to late.
              The problem will be that the riots will restart in the suburbs, not from the inner cities. They will start a few days later when the Yuppies and soccer mom groups find out the Gov cannot help them either. By then they won’t have much food or gas left. The subs are where you have a few days or hours to get out of.

        • rednek101

          Kinda have to agree with kreuz. I’ve been paying attention to gangs/mob mentality. I think they’re gonna do what they do best and continue to live off of others. Prolly start out by creating mobs and go by the dozens or more to raid stores etc….then, when they are through grazing off of the easy targets they come for preppers and individuals. Just my thoughts. Any of dozens of theories could happen.

        • 1braveheart

          You just had to come back, didn’t you?

          • 1braveheart

            that comment was directed at eisenturd.

          • John W.

            Like a bad check.

      • Sgt. Dale

        KY SSG.
        Your ideas and mine are very much alike. The way I have it set up is the people from my area that I’m responsible for are coming to my house, I’m giving them 72hrs to get here then we are going to bug out if possible to our secondary location. If not set up here.
        72 hrs. I see to be a good time frame to see what is going on in the area, and the area like Shitcago, and the large cities north and east of my area.

        • Eisenkreuz

          Remember: if your plan is for your ass to be over there, your preps need to be over there. I recommend splitting your preps into at least two stockpiles.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Very good Idea . This will also give you more room to add to your preppes in you main area.

    20. .02

      Costco run.. dow is down over 200.. time to panic..lol

      • .02

        b b this evening

        • Dave in ID

          3 Mile corner Mennonite bakery run.. Maple bars.

          • hammerhead

            Amish baked goods , maple bars, drool.
            Thanks dave , now i,m hungry again .

            • Dave in ID

              NO Maple bars. They were all out… And they are considered preppers. Probably stashed them for themselves when they seen the stock market drop 318 points.

            • wrong

              OMG Maple bars… My favorite.

          • .02

            Three mile needs a full grocery

            • Dave in ID

              Sharons next door is where I buy bulk. Hundres of bulk spices too.

      • nopittypartyhere

        my husband asked me what the Frick was wrong with me because I am cheering the DOW DOWN. It’s the only good thing happening today.

        Dad got SEVERELY confused again, to the point I had to have deputies go to his house, and make him get in the ambulance to go to the ER. All of this snowballed in about 20 minutes, while at work. i had to get relieved for the day, because he put the neighbors son in the car and took off with him, confused as shit. I was calling relatives, drs and the sheriff’s office (to let them know no guns in truck). The deputy called the sons phone, and when daddy snatched the phone, he grabbed the shift and jammed it into first gear forcing dad to slow down and stop so he could get out of the car. At least now he got everyones’ attention enough to lock up his damn guns before he kills somebody. They’ve not done it (against my wishes) because they didn’t want to piss him off. I feel like a powder keg set to explode.

        • Kulafarmer

          What you gotta do is disable all the guns,,, pull the firing pins,,,
          That way he still thinks everything is groovy but they just dont work,,,
          Either that or disappear them and make it look like a burglary, but tell the popo what the deal is,,,
          Friend of mine over here has been doing that with his folks,,, only way to get the guns away, and the car,, better them pissed off for a bit than hurting someone,
          Were all headed there, its sad

          • Billy Idol

            My friend’s stepdaughter had been a ornery little shit for a while, and one day came into the house and said “My car won’t start!”. He said “I know”.

            EVERYTHING’S a long walk from his house.

            • Ranchers Wife

              As the parent of two teenage girls, I have to say I love that.

              • Canada Canuk

                @Ranchers Wife, do you have an easy recipe for homemade soda crackers? I did check out your site, but couldn’t find any..if so, would you post for all of us? Thanx and take care, CC.

                • Ranchers Wife

                  Canada Canuk,

                  I do have them on my site they are under Saltine Crackers.http://frugallivingonthewatkinsranch.blogspot.com/2013/03/make-your-own-sattine-crackers.html

                  Here is the recipe it is pretty easy.
                  Saltine or Soda crackers
                  Start by putting
                  2 cups Flour
                  1 Tablespoon yeast
                  1/4 teaspoon salt
                  1/4 teaspoon baking soda
                  1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
                  1 teaspoon sugar
                  2 tablespoons shortening or lard

                  in a mixing bowl (or food processor)
                  Mix until the shortening is well blended in. Add 2/3 cup hot water (120 to 130 degrees) add water a little at a time until you have a workable dough. Knead about 4 minutes with the dough hook or by hand.
                  Put dough on a lightly floured surface form into a ball
                  place in a lightly greased bowl cover and let rest for about 30 minutes
                  Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead a few times then make a ball and cut into quarters
                  Roll dough out, I use a pasta maker to roll mine out but I have used a rolling pin.
                  It needs to be pretty thin 1/16 of an inch.
                  I put the rolled out dough on the counter and sprinkle salt on them pat the salt down so it stays on the dough.
                  I put the dough onto an ungreased cookie sheet before I cut it makes it easier. A pizza cutter is great to cut them with. After you cut take a fork and prick the crackers. You can make them what ever size you want.
                  Put in a 375 oven for about 7 minutes until golden brown.
                  This makes a lot of crackers. Just put into a ziplock bag to keep fresh.
                  Hope this helps

            • buttcrackofdoom

              LMFA!!can’t stop laffin’…thanks for the funny…i gotta try that one someday!

          • Pencrna

            Sorry to say I don’t know how to pull the firing pins. Would make things simpler. They will disappear before be gets home. He’s on a locked geriatric psychiatry ward for the next ten days to get his meds adjusted. I’m going down first week of February to ‘disappear’ the guns before he gets out. Business will be closed for the next month while I take leave from my first job at least 2 weeks possibly four. He was doing so well, then this from out of nowhere. Nothing like two mini SHTF in 8 weeks.

            • Paranoid

              Take them to any gun nut, or gun store; it’s easy to pull them on automatics and a lot of rifles in a few seconds. Revolvers, you can buy a safety that fits down the barrel and into the cylinder that takes a little plastic screw to remove, easy and cheap.

        • Zeke

          I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. I wentthru what sounds like a very similar mess with my dad 2 yrs ago. He was very good at being no threatening and acting very normal around authority figures and docters. Other times he would tell me and my brother how he was going to a small town south of him to clean out the govt agents and the aliens. We had to be strong and take his keys and get legal controller of him. It required lawyers and courts. It made it much easier when we had to put him in a locked memory care unit. Don’t let him make you feel guilty or feel sorry for him. He is now in the grip of dementia and could easily hurt himself or more likely other people. My dad was going to go next door and shoot his neighbor lady for secretly playing music under his house to drive him crazy. He had been the best of friends fo 35 yrs with her. My thoughts are with you. It will probably be one of the most difficult times of your life. It was for me. Dad had lots of guns too. Ex cop and ex military. Very scary

        • Smokey

          Scoop up every round of ammo in the house and remove it from the property.

          Buy a safe and install it in your own house, and remove all the guns to there. Make an itemized receipt for him.

          If you are the legal guardian, be the guardian.

    21. The Lone Ranger

      This is a well-thought out, well written, in short, an excellent piece.

      Secondly, I encourage everyone to go to http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com to read Mr. Hodge’s latest post, “Is a False Flag BioTerror Event In Our Immediate Future?”.

      ONLY because, like the article above, it is well reasoned AND because Dan S’s article and Mr. Hodge’s are in such synchronicity with each other.

      – The Lone Ranger

      “In war, truth is the first casualty.” – Aeschylus

      “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” Louise Thatcher Ulrich

      “It ain’t easy being green!” – Kermit 🙂

      “Something Wicked This Way Comes” – title of a Ray Bradbury short story (or was it a book?)

    22. Anonymous

      Get your close friends and family together soon and go over these scenarios and be ahead of the curve. Have plenty of barter items and/or skills to do what it takes to thrive.

    23. KY Mom

      16 Skills Useful for Bartering in a Crisis Situation

      1. Water purification
      2. Alternative cooking methods
      3. Fire starting
      4. Making bio-fuel
      5. Gardening
      6. Animal husbandry
      7. Home defense
      8. Medical services
      9. Midwife
      10. Psychology or counseling
      11. Home repair
      13. Small engine repair
      14. Appliance repair
      15. Gunsmithing
      16. Clergy

      I would add ferrier and blacksmith.

      -Off the Grid News

        • Facebook Page

          You can’t even come up with your own list.

          • wrong

            why be such a dick?

          • 1braveheart

            FBP, you’re still on those meds aren’t you? don’t attack Ky Mom. don’t start acting like Peterson. Watch yourself or I’ll get NinaO after you.

    24. Jamestheoz

      Great article. Wonder how long the ripple will take to get to Australia depending on what The Event is to cause the Shtf??

    25. Anonymous Patriot

      The event is happening now, in increments. I think that some people believe that we’re going to just go to sleep one night, wake up and BOOM.

      We are being baby stepped right into it.


      This was top of the list on drudge today. Game over friends. Welcome to your police state. In the name of security, you will now have blimps up in the sky which can see you for hundreds of miles, watching your life play out.

      We are on the slow slide downhill. Debt ceiling is up in FEB. SNAP to be cut again. More programs are going. I don’t think we are going to just wake up some day and BAM SHTF is here. No, it’s here now!

      • Slick One

        Anonymous Patriot, they are gonna cut SNAP??!!! YEEESSSSS! Why cant we just turn it off period?

    26. REB

      Below zero again last night…let water drip but still woke up at 5am to a frozen drain line…took a couple hours to get that thing to work again,thank God it opened…piled loose hay up around the back of the pantry room…cut the cold air out from under that area…root cellar with all vents blocked off 95% still dropped to 38F…seems to be steady there the last couple days…taters and carrots like it cold so its alright…I do hope this cold wipes out the worms and bugs in the trees that we had last year(gypsy/tent ect)…the animals are all bundled up and buried in hay…love the smell of the fields when I open a bale…takes me back to those sweltering summer days that are haying season :)…but I’ll tell you this cold is a stress on the critters…only thing thats seemingly immune are those bison…well enough rambling…hope that all of you and yours are staying warm and safe… REB

      • Northern Reb

        DAMN, I HATE WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.REB

        • Dave in ID

          I love winter. It knocks down the trees in the Nat forest and I have a 20$ permit to cut wood. So I go get my wood for almost free. Its a bit of work cause I have to chain up the 4X4 and set the cable and Snatch block (dont you love that word)drag the tree to the road and zip it up to 6 foot lengths and flop them in the truck. Poor tail gate has seen better days. Then I go snowshoeing looking for critters like rabbits and Moose which is best to keep a distance as they are like all PMS attitude. Fucking snow mobilers are crazy dangerous though as they have nooo problem doing a hundred plus MPH…. like they can stop for anything? alot have thier “sledding whiskey” close by. Go out and have fun…dress warm.

          • Mountain Trekker

            Dave, I’m with you, I love winter also. When hiking, it is never crowded. But here in Wyoming it’s not crowded even in the summertime, if you get a mile from a road. Trekker Out. As For Me, I’ll Live Free!

            • PO'd Patriot

              Count me in too as far as cold weather. Most of the creeks and coves here are frozen over with the exception of small areas where the geese roost at night and keep it clear with their body heat. Rode down to the farm to goose hunt this mourning (last day) and nobody showed up. Wind was 25-35mph and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge(s) had a wind restriction warning advising 40mph speed limit, no tractor trailers allowed, nor high profile vehicles. I sat there awhile, enjoyed my coffee and scenery and then headed home to clean the guns, wash the hunting clothes, and put all away. Tally for the year: Seven deer and twelve geese. Not my most stellar year, but taint bad.

              • .02

                7 deer? How many are you allowed? We get to get one..

                • Dave in ID

                  Maybe the other 6 were road kill. and then a mercy shot?

                • Paranoid

                  I don’t know what it is now, but if you bow hunt and rifle hunt you could get close to 20 in Ohio for a few years. I know one guy that complaned to Fish and Game they came and killed 80 on his property. Nebraska just removed the limits on some geese one year. Had something like 40,000,000 of them. It varries.

        • JayJay

          I let my water run and the pipe in the laundry room is on the outside wall and froze anyhow…water from the washer soaked the lavatory, breakfast room, part of kitchen, and laundry with 1/8″ of water on the ceramic(thank you Lord) floors.
          Gene brought me a dry/wet vac and it did the job.
          Now, to fix the pipe if that was the problem???

          • JayJay

            This is the truth, I swear. Before I could reach Gene, I tried to get the water using two very thick towels..well that didn’t work. They just sunk in the water.
            So, I carried them outside the garage with the wet rugs and in 10 minutes when Gene came home, they were frozen!!
            No kidding.

          • newbee

            Talk about pipe bursts. The 2nd winter we lived in our house a pipe burst while we were at work. I opened the garage door I see water dripping down the stairs from underneath the door. I think to myself wtf. Open the door the sheetrock from the ceiling is on top of the kitchen island. Water just spraying from a gaping hole in the ceiling. I have my now 8yo that was two in my arms and I say F— out loud this time and of course he said it too that’s to only funny part. The water made it all the way to the basement filled my heating duct work and my dryer and washer got flooded. In all it took out my master bath upstairs, kitchen, part of living and dining rooms and the duct work and washer and dryer in the basement. Just over 25k in damage. The plumber or whoever ran the pipe its a modular ran the pipe next to the soffit and here in New England you cant do that. I rerouted that and used the plastic that if it freezes it will expand to the size of a baseball before it cracks so you will at least no something is wrong when you don’t have water.

      • PA farmer

        Reb, My girlfriend at the time, her Daughter and myself drove too Detroit Michigan from Pa. Her oldest daughter was having a baby, we drove 8hrs with two quick brakes, got a Motel for a few hrs, than had to head for the Hospital, she had the kid and we headed back to Pa. Gettn almost home her daughter said too me how can you stay awake and drive all this time, her mom looked back and said he’s maken hay we laughed but she didnt know what that ment. I love to make hay its my Favorite thing to do, the smell has to be hands down a gift from the lord.

        • REB

          I agree I like making hay(most of the time)winters okay I do a bit of hiking and run a few sets for fun…shoot a few varmits maybe hunt/fish abit…all fine and dandy but its so hard on the animals sometimes…80F summer days cutting hay…driving the ole tractor all over the farm…sitting in the shade drinking some cold sweet tea…yea to me that’s just a better way to be…just think only five months till haying season and wearing an old T-shirt and bibs…yeeehaawww 😉

    27. RICH99

      yes the progression is VERY slow and can take decades as I HAVE addressed years ago and was laughed at .
      in 2011 i said 5-8 years and many on here thumbed me down and now my question is WHY did they thumb me down because its now 2014 and it STILL hasnt collapsed

    28. Rude dog

      Sh#t!!! Let it happen! I’m sooooo tired of all this illusional, delusional, Matrix crap. Let it reset so our children can have some kind of future. This is damn Hunger Games Totalitarian shit happening right now. I believe we need to be put down in order to rise up again. Let’s go!!! I’m as prepared as I’m gonna me. Let it happen before I get too old to do anything about it!!! The NWO, Elitists, Globalists cant get away with this!!! God bless all on this site.

    29. maudy fricket

      Stock market closes down 2%. On top of previous losses this week. No surprise really. It goes up and down. It was high. Down side was a probability.

    30. AC

      I think Ukraine is in Phase 3.

    31. Pissed off white guy idea

      Phase 1 – Pre-Event I ATE BEANS
      Phase 2 – The Event Occurs. I WALK THE OFFICE “CROP DUSTING” FARTING AS I GO.
      Phase 3 – Reaction of the General Public to the Event. “DO YOU SMELL SOMETHING?”
      Phase 4 – Government Reaction to the General Public’s Reaction to the Event. WE JUST HAD THE CARPETS AND DUCTS CLEANED…WE’LL CALL THE CLEANING COMPANY.
      Phase 5 – Individual Reaction to the Governments Reaction to the Event: DAMN…SOMEBODY FARTED…I THINK IT WAS JOE.
      Phase 7 – Long Term Adjustment of Population and Governments to Situations Resulting from the

      Enjoy bitches. I just farted. ha

      • Northern Reb

        P O W G:
        THAT WAS A GOOD ONE!;-)
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N. REB

      • 1braveheart

        pissed off white guy, I just choked on some sweet tea. that’s one of the best I ever heard from anyone.

        • 1braveheart

          That was a classic.

    32. Mcdave

      Keep stocking up, keep cash, eyes and ears open, mouth shut.
      Have a great weekend and stay safe and warm.

    33. Eisenkreuz


      Never fear! Government has come to make sure Bitcoin does not become an avenue for funding the terrorists. “If virtual currencies remain a virtual Wild West for narcotraffickers and other criminals, that would not only threaten our country’s NATIONAL SECURITY, but also the very existence of the virtual currency industry as a legitimate business enterprise. It is an anonymous form of transaction and it offers places for people to hide. Putting in place appropriate regulatory SAFEGUARDS for virtual currencies will be beneficial to the long-term strength of the virtual-currency industry.”
      The current proposal being talked about is a licensing requirement for all businesses dealing with bitcoin and other digital currencies.

      I told you people to invest in bitcoin many moons ago and you didnt see the value in it. Its now trading just above $800. Your loss, suckers.

      • 1braveheart


    34. swampratt

      then lets get the show on the road

      • 1braveheart


    35. JayJay

      From steve quayle site:
      We recently pulled our IRA’s out of BANK OF AMERICA – they stalled us with
      the paperwork and it took more than 6 weeks to get our money. We’re sure
      they were intentionally stalling us, even though it wasn’t a huge amount.
      We advise everyone to get out and stay out of BofA – we just have a
      consistent, bad feeling about their practices.
      God bless you, Steve, for your work, and keep you and your loved ones safe.
      We are so very blessed and thankful to have access to the Life and
      guidance of the Holy Spirit in you! J&K I=in, TN

    36. Sgt. Dale

      The more I look at the collapse or what kind of collapse I keep seeing that everybody has an idea. Which is good but does anyone really know how things will go down. The above 7 ideas are what I think will happen but here is where the problem lays.
      1&2 The Event how knows what it will be. That is the problem. If natural we will act one way if it is a monetary collapse brought on by TPTB. We will respond another way.
      3&4 That brings us to Reaction. We all have plans on what we are going to do and we have practiced them, We might have been practicing the wrong thing? I pray that we haven’t!
      The Government has guide lines on all type of problems, and have worked ways to handle them. The also have the money to practice several different types of collapse, and more equipment than we will ever have.
      #5 How we will response to LEO and Military. After they do what they have to do, or ordered to do, to try to get this problem fixed.
      #6 Will we ever know if and when it is stabilized, Stabilized for you might not be stabilized for me!
      #7 Last but not least. Long term adjustment. I don’t believe if the collapse happens and TSHF and its what and how bad I believe it will be, We are looking at time frame of 50 years or better. Not that we will be in survival mode for that period, but it will take 3 or 4 generations to normalize things. Hell I’m 60 years old I wont see it.
      This is a good article, and makes you think!

      • Socrates

        You know those ‘little events’ or situations I described in my earlier post? Here’s another that will spread from state to state. They know they cannot take away your guns…instead they are just going to hyper-regulate them out of legal ownership and use. Good luck with that!

        Smith & Wesson to End Most CA Sales Due to Microstamping Regulation

        (This is about gun control, those with these firearms will have to register them.)

        (Video, Breitbart) – On January 22nd renowned gun maker Smith & Wesson joined Sturm, Ruger, & Co., by announcing it would cease California sales of its semi-automatic pistols due to microstamping requirements that went into effect last year. Ruger made the same announcement earlier this month.

        Microstamping is a requirement that each firearm be fitted with a special firing pin that leaves a fingerprint on a bullet casing which differs from the fingerprint of every other firearm. In other words–every one of the wildly popular Smith & Wesson M&P .45 semi-automatic handguns would have to be manufactured in such a way so that no two of them left the same mark on a shell casing.

        The cost of doing this would be incredibly high to manufacturers, and would be a cost they would have to pass on to consumers in higher prices.

        Moreover, the result of doing this would be yet another gun registry–every gun sold that met microstamping requirements would have be to registered so that the government knew who owned the gun that left that fingerprint.

        On top of these things, micropstamping doesn’t even work–and least not all the time. There are proven problems with the durability of microstamps on firing pins.

        So The Washington Times reports that Smith & Wesson is just going to stop selling guns in CA for which microstamping is required.

        Smith & Wesson president and CEO James Debney said his company “will continue to work with the NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to oppose this poorly conceived law which mandates the unproven and unreliable concept of microstamping and makes it impossible for Californians to have access to the best products with the latest innovations.”

        • OutWest

          That says something for owning revolvers.

          Besides, any amateur gunsmith worth his salt can
          change out a ‘broken’ firing pin in no time flat.

          • John W.

            You can change one in an AR in five minutes. Nothing to it.

            • Any Mouse

              That would be in a dark room with your eyes closed right?

          • slingshot

            Out West.

            You did hit on a good prep. Anyone of you have and Armorer’s Kit? One than can fit the needs of all your weapons? Unless you are a gunsmith it is highly unlikely.
            You can still have a few tricks in your bag.

            A dremel tool with polishing and grinding attachments/bits.
            A shell extractor for each caliber of your rifle.
            Soft head mallets ( Plastic or Brass) to push pins.
            Punch set.
            Jewelers Loop for inspections.
            Small bore light.
            Jewelers pliers. Long nose and blunt head type.
            Diamond and regular jewelers files.
            Fine sandpaper.
            Re-blue Kit.
            Bore cleaner.
            Steel wool.
            Pictorial breakdown of the weapon you are repairing. Exploded parts diagram is nice.
            Most of all you will need parts and for some weapons that may be a problem.

            Purchase springs, extractors, ejectors, roll pins both solid and hollow, trigger assemblies, bolt and carrier and small screws.

            • slingshot

              To add.

              Pop rivets tool kits and grommet replacement kits are nice to have as preps. Don’t forget those self tapping metal screws

              Use the grommets with sheets of heavy plastic to make tarps you can bungee cord down.

          • Socrates

            Yes, changing out a firing pin (and other parts)is not that difficult with the right tools. The point I was trying to make is that once your weapon has been configured from the factory with a micro stamped firing pin (or other restrictive tech)the gov will make it illegal to change it out with authorization, paperwork including updated registration, etc… In short they will MAKE you a criminal with more asinine laws.

            Of course when SHTF you and I won’t care about that, but they will keep corralling and cornering mfg. and industries and people till they have it all locked down. Already cannot buy 30 rd PMAG clips in Colorado and other states…only a matter of time till they all fall. That is the gradual progression of the noose tightening. Got air?

          • REB

            I changed all mine out…they now leave a very unique mark on the primer it says… FU …sorry…couldn’t resist that one 😉

        • Indy Colts

          Maybe I need to buy more firing pins for my…. Nah I live in Indiana.

      • Northern Reb

        Our reaction to any problem will be different depending on your age, your sex, your education, your religon, your up bringing, your family life, and just your life in general(school of hard knocks).
        With that said. That is why I fell we come to this blog and post ideas and learn what other people will do when the time come to make those decisions. Where all learning.
        I think most of the people here have pretty level heads on thier shoulders and things will work out just fine for them.
        They have all ready made one of the biggest decisions! They are preparing for what my lay in front of them in the near future.
        This tells me they want to survive and by most of there post, they want to help bring this country back to the way the FOUNDING FATHERS want it to be. A FREE REPUBLIC.
        We just don’t no for sure what is coming , but we all can feel that something is just not right. So keep PREPPING and PRAYING and GET READY. GOD HELP US ALL.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

        • Sgt. Dale

          I think the Folks on this site are some of the smartest folks I have run across when it comes to prepping. I have always said that We don’t know what is coming We just know that it is!!!!
          You and I know that some are Prepping for a Economic collapse, some WWIII, Martial Law, Comet, Ect.
          What I have learned from these folks is they are willing to share what they know and what they have found works for them. What they have given me is a Blessing.
          You and I agree that We want our Republic Back!!!
          I’m going to keep prepping until I die.
          I Pray every day that I have done the right thing, and help someone else. I agree GOD HELP US ALL
          My God Bless you and yours in the days to come!!!!

          • Northern Reb

            STG. DALE:
            BJ is going to be in our area the month on February and wants to have a cup of coffee.
            Remember You said you will buy!;-)
            we left info on this blog. It is at the top of the posts about 7 or 8 down from the 1st post.
            I would like to meet everyone in the Ottawa/Streator area to show up.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Gun show Princton. I’ll be there around 1300. I’m teach a hunters safety class a Bone Collectors in the morning. If you go I will still have Hunter safety shirt and hat on. If you see me stop me and say SHTF.

    37. YH


      Fantastic article. Thank you!

    38. Old Vet

      How do we say Chinese CYA on all the gold plated bars in JPM Vault?

      • Anonymous

        Zhong wen CYA zai zhin…zai JPM jiang.

    39. Satori

      just another part of the whole collapse scenario

      Davos delegates warned of imminent oil crisis


      “Leggett fears a world oil crisis could occur as early as 2015. And when it comes, it will certainly mean “ruinously high prices”, for a start. But it will mean something more, he says.

      Last December he worked with a US national security expert, Lt-Colonel Daniel Davis, to organise the Transatlantic Energy Security Dialogue. Leggett has a regard for the views of people like Davis. “The military are better than your average politician or consultant to Big Energy at spotting systemic risk”, he says.

      Leggett says military think-tanks have tended to side with those who distrust “the cornucopian narrative” of the oil industry.

      One 2008 study, by the German army, says: “Psychological barriers cause indisputable facts to be blanked out and lead to almost instinctively refusing to look into this difficult subject in detail. Peak oil, however, is unavoidable.”

      ““Gas? Unless the price goes up, the whole US shale gas industry is in danger of becoming a bubble, even a Ponzi scheme. All but one of the biggest production regions have peaked already, and losses are piling up. This is an industry that’s in grave danger of committing financial suicide.”

      • Any Mouse

        There is an abundance of hyperbole in that article. Leggett is obviously skewed about the oil industry considering his background. His attitude of ‘believe what I say, because I say it’ is tiresome at best. Citing a study from 2008 about the oil industry, no matter who did it, carries the same weight as one done 50 years ago, little to none especially when the bulk of it is pure speculation.

        Until I see something from an individual that actually has boots on the ground currently, I will remain skeptical.

    40. 1braveheart

      It’s nice NOT to see eisen on here for a change.

      • Eisenkreuz


        • laeagle

          I had to laugh! Thanks!

        • buttcrackofdoom


        • 1braveheart

          Mac, the dog eisen is back and I know he’s going to pee on the carpet again. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

      • buttcrackofdoom

        i’m back too braveheart. sorry, but i’m STILL laffin the next day…thanks to you both for a goooood laugh!

    41. Old Vet

      My gut is telling me that TPTB are losing control of this F’n snowball rolling down this hill. The result of this is going to be horrible make no mistake about it. Just be prepared every way you can.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        that’s the key word, vet…control. they’ve been able with extraordinary measures, to keep things in line. but now sooo much is starting to go south, it won’t be much longer….meanwhile, party like it’s 1941!!

    42. AnneMarie

      Enjoyed the somewhat-long article; it certainly wasn’t boring.

      Regarding the line: “These “sheeple” live in blissful ignorance and will perish” – we don’t know how people will react in a crisis. Some gung-ho preppers will quickly cave in to the pressure, while former zombie sheeple will rise to the occasion and stand firm in the face of danger and death. Prepping can do only so much; but when the SHTF, the real toughies will emerge, prepped or not.

      • JayJay

        ***Some gung-ho preppers will quickly cave in to the pressure, while former zombie sheeple will rise to the occasion and stand firm in the face of danger and death***

        Behavioral science says not so much.

    43. Bueller

      With all due respect to your proof reader, far from boring, my friend. Good info.

    44. Jim in Va.

      Prep up, especially barter items and skills otherwise good luck!

    45. Barn Cat

      Most likely there won’t be a single event that leads to an economic collapse. There will be a series of them. Each time we move further along it becomes more critical to finish getting prepared. Think of it this way: Most likely we won’t wake up to gas being $12 a gallon. Most likely we’ll see it take a number of big jumps along the way.

    46. The Lone Ranger

      False Flag Alert!
      False Flag Alert!
      False Flag Alert!

      This just came to me, as an intuition.

      Gosh, I hope I am wrong!!

      Remember the last film in the Batman Trilogy about 1-2 years ago with Bain as the villain?

      Well, remember the football scene where as the halfback ran down the field, behind him the ground he had just run collapsed into the earth, swallowing up all the other players, and when he looked back it looked like the grand canyon?

      And what is arguably the most watched sporting event of the year?

      The Super Bowl.

      So while I hope my intuition is wrong, I would not be surprised if they use the HAARP weapon to cause an EARTHQUAKE in cold New Jersey in the Super Bowl stadium (not far from the NJ Turnpike and NY City) to bring about a declaration of Martial Law.

      All so they can blame it on “terrorists” (who are themselves) and also so that all those evil (destructive, unconstitutional) Executive Orders Mr. Obama signed can be used to CONTROL us and beat us into submission to authoritarianism.

      Remember how the twin towers came down in September of 2001 and how these buildings had pre-planted explosives which the firemen identified and heard when they went off and gave interviews about but then were silenced with the loss of their pensions if they opened their mouths further?

      They may even conduct this super bowl false flag terror event at the same time all gun toting citizens and pistol packing patriots are dipping chips into onion dip, munching on wings and eating hoagies when squads of LEOs (and Russian and Chinese soldiers speaking perfect English) knock down their doors to confiscate legally registered weapons to haul them and or their owners away as “enemies of the state”!

      My suggestions?

      Watch your six.


      DON’T watch the game where you usually watch it.

      Be alert. Set up a network– and a perimeter.

      Got walkie talkies?

      Have bug out bags ready.

      If either your Internet goes “out” AND/OR your POWER goes out, then you know the (slaughter) game is on.

      As Obi-Wan told Luke in Star Wars,

      “Where I come from, there is no such thing as coincidence.”

      – The Lone Ranger

      “All warfare is deception.” – Sun Tzu, in “The Art of War”.

      “The root of all war is fear.” – Thomas Merton

      “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” – Louise Thatcher Ulrich

      “Something wicked this way comes.” – Ray Bradbury

      “In war, truth is the first casualty.” – Aeschylus

      • no justice

        You are on to something there, why in world when Super Bowl was always played in warmer climes or/and domes, was it decided to be played in the east? Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, are the northeastern states setups?

        • IL mom

          And remember the power outage during last year’s super bowl??

        • The Lone Ranger

          The answer?

          So they can make a SPECTACLE out of it, at the expense of the VICTIMS, and then put even MORE oppressive laws into place.

          The PROOF?

          They brought down the Twin Towers (Jet Fuel can NOT melt steel!) so they could give us the patriotLESS Act!

          – The Lone Ranger

          “All warfare is deception.” -Sun Tzu

          “Acting alone, Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, killed President Kennedy.” – The Warren Commission (and this is in every one of your children’s history textbooks, why do our hard earned tax dollars support a LIE???)

          “Watch your six.”

        • PKLauLau

          And another from a different site…..

          Hi Steve,
          My wife and I were just reading with much curiosity your post about the Super Bowl 2014 false flag event letter that was sent to Before It’s News and other news site. The Super Bowl has been quite a topic of conversation for us in the last couple of weeks because on January 7 the Lord gave me a picture of the event and what may come to pass. I really wasn’t sure what to make of it honestly, but so much of what is written in that letter resembles what I saw.

          Here is a transcript of what I wrote on January 7 in my journal. I also scanned the page and attached it to the email so you can see that I really did receive a picture on that day.

          Superbowl 2014
          As in all Super Bowls, there are interesting accidents and disclosures.
          Janet Jackson. Beyoncé.
          But be careful about calling everything a conspiracy, what is only smoke and mirrors.
          However, this Super Bowl will be different.
          Do you see the picture I am giving you?
          Helicopters flying overhead.
          Panic in the bleachers.
          A mysterious fog released into the air.
          On such a cold night!
          Now do you see the explosions?
          Look at the date of the game: 2/2/14.
          The vans parked outside.
          Mass hysteria.
          Men in backpacks, as in the Boston bombings.
          The same players.
          The Dark Knight.
          The explosion of something–a missile?–entering the stadium from above, through the dome.
          Many will die.
          For a time the location of the president will be unknown.
          These things I have shown you so that you might know that the time is getting short.
          The day of the LORD is at hand.
          Destruction and chaos resound.
          There is mayhem in the marketplace.
          But always remember that those who call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved.

          {End of vision}

          I emailed Dave Hodges and Nathan Leal about the Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago. Dave Hodges reminded me that there is a movie called Black Sunday about a terrorist attack that takes place during a Super Bowl. I am sure there is other Illuminist symbolism here for the trained eye. I would love to know if the LORD has given any prophetic words/visions to anyone else, or if anyone has any more insight/intel as to what might be going on. I guess we will know soon enough on February 2. In the meantime I suggest we all be praying fervently that any plans in the making would be thwarted by the King of Kings and His body of prayer warriors and soldiers who are willing to stand with Him in this late hour.

          Thanks Steve. I appreciate you and love hearing your radio messages, particularly the recent ones you have been doing with Pastor Langford on the Hagmann report.

          • The Lone Ranger

            You’re right, this is both VERY EERIE!

            And it ain’t even Halloween.

            or a Jason slasher film.

            – the Lone Ranger

            “TRICK, or…. Treat?”

            “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

            • PKLauLau

              Lone Ranger:

              Isn’t this a recently built stadium? And isn’t it RIGHT next to FEMA Region III which they have been stocking with everything this last year? And new policies for what you CAN’T bring into the stadium…..not even a seat cushion….



              • The Lone Ranger

                NJ is Not in Fema Region III.

                Fema Region III is PA, VA, West VA, MD, and I think NY.

                • PKLauLau

                  Lone Ranger:

                  Yes, but it is right across the river from Region III, NY. Look at it on a map….


    47. .02

      Sam’s Club laying off 2,300 workers, about 2% of its workforce.. Remember I said Wal Mart was hurting as well as other retailers.. here it comes.. death spiral

      • John W.

        There is no money out in the unwashed masses who are the ones that drive the economy. Instead all the stimulus is going to a handful of wealthy who just sit on it including banks who do not lend it out. This cannot continue much longer especially when the utility bills for the cold impacted areas come in and the Obamacare premiums and deductibles start to be felt. Damn good thing that the EPA has not shut down half of the coal powered electric generation plants like they want to. Maybe by next year all the enlightened progressive voters will get a taste of what the voted for. Minus twenty and no power. Would make a good movie.

        • .02

          Banks want to lend as mine is begging me to take the money, but their rates are garbage and they want 3% off the top PLUS wtf is there left to buy? As for us consumers, we cant pay back the loan, but the money cant get to the people without it being loaned into existence, hence a catch 22. This year is definitely going to be the year of a massive retail shakeout. Ghost malls across the country. On the local news my old employer in Spokane Valley had the copper wire ripped right out of his building. It is crazy, they unhooked the meter and cut the wires and jerked them right out for the copper. That is shades of Detroit, but if you drive downtown and along sprague or trent it is starting to look a lot like Detroit as are most of the cities in Amerika. Talk about an eye opener.. N Idaho is not immune either as the robberies and suck in Coeurdalene (especially drug stores) seem to be a daily event. Shit is getting bad out there.

    48. Anonymous Patriot

      This is what I’m thinking as well. We’ll see things spiral out of control by one situation after the other until chaos. I’ve been getting ready for this for a long time. All I can do is pray and hope that I’ve done enough, that I’m smart enough, and strong enough.

      I used to live in California many years ago until I woke up one day and started asking me myself what I would do if shtf. I see so many people saying they would jump on a freeway and get out of dodge. After driving those freeways for years, I know you can’t just jump on one and head off. Only a few will accomplish this, while the rest will be trapped in traffic. If you got a secret highway and BOL outside the city and you are in CA, then good on you but that wasn’t the case for me. So I moved to Montana, as far north as I could get as part of my preparation for shtf. I’m as rural as I can get for now. Not exactly what I want but the town is small enough near me that I don’t feel anxious anymore.

      I’ve been up to North Idaho and really loved it there too. It’s a good place to be, I think when shtf.

      • Dave in ID

        I bet we are neighbors. Troy is 20 minutes east of me. I moved from San Andreas Ca, 55 miles east of Stockton Ca.

        • .02

          Dave, my daughter with her 1 month old baby (my first grand son) lives in Modesto. She and her husband are living the dream as they are doing really well financially but damn am I scared for her. I try not to say anything to upset her but all they have is a single shot 12 gauge and no real preps to speak of. BUT on the other hand her husband’s grandmother owns a couple city blocks in downtown LA.. Rich? Oh yeah…

          • Dave in ID

            [email protected] things get bad, I have some contacts about 30 miles west of them that could help out. I bought most of my BMW motorcycles at A&S. Quit riding last year as I hit a few deer just trying to get out of the driveway. If you think things are bad up here, try living in San Joaquin Valley for a few months. Modesto.. car theft Capital of the world. Stockton… speak spanish, hmong or ebonics and be ready for a home invasion. Veterans with PTSD….loose you guns.

    49. waterislife

      snow. We had snow today. It never snows here in the deep south. bizarre.

      I have been outside in the cold all day at work. It really was not my idea of fun.

      After work, had to go by WalMart for chocolate creamer for my treat this weekend. Anyway, they had a display set up that was a bit out of the ordinary.

      The display was a very prepper themed assortment of stuff. lamp oil and hurricane lamps on the bottom shelf, plain candles on the next shelf. The next few shelves were an assortment of shelf stable food, sterno cans, and leatherman type tools. The top shelf was really thick sleeping bags.

      What struck me was it wasn’t near the sporting goods section. It was over near automotive and the toy section.

      Anyone else’s local WalMart got weird displays like this going on, or is it just here?

      Been looking into finding someone to make a 150 year old chimney and fireplace safe to be used again. Living in an antique house is nice sometimes, but has it’s downsides too.

      Thanks for the tips on the flour storage. Currently, it is being frozen, I’d rather have no protein in it later.

      So what sort of person should I be looking for to make that fireplace and chimney safe again for use?

      • Dave in ID

        I would install a fire place/wood stove insert and run triple wall flue pipe all the way up. This would prevent flue fires.

      • John_Allen


        If making the fireplace and chimney safe to be used again were my problem I would be looking for a master mason experienced in restoring antique homes. Good luck.

      • kimintn

        a certified chimney sweep can inspect, and often do repairs. if it is more than he can handle, he will usually be able to refer you to someone. sounds quaint, but check the yellow pages.

      • JRS


        Does it have a damper? Probably not if it’s that old.

        If not, most of the heat will go up the chimney and it will suck your other heat up the chimney, too.

        Dave’s advice is the best plan. Putting a damper in is probably cost prohibitive.

        If you carry homeowners you may want to check with them to see if they “allow” heating with wood before you proceed.

      • newbee

        Waterislife. You are so much better off doing what dave says below. Get a woodstove insert and run the triple wall exhaust pipe up the chimney. Get yourself a nice chimney brush and do it a couple times a season depending on what type and how much wood you burn.

      • PO'd Patriot

        waterislife, I doubt that due to the age of your home that a terracotta liner is present. Most chimney sweeps can line a chimney using a flexible stainless steel liner. In doing so, it will also heat up faster which induces a good draft. Most of these liners are installed with out joint connections insuring no flue gas leakage.

      • wrong

        Depending on the shape it’s in you could have it relined. Around here that would be the easiest and least expensive. Check the yellow pages or find a good mason.

    50. Dave in ID

      So is Mickey D’s. profits slightly up but the volumn of sales are down….Maybe the should except EBT.

      • Maudy Frickett

        Dave, they do accept EBT.

      • Dave in ID

        Its the illegal invasion. They vote democrat, and democrats are control freaks.

        • KY Mom

          I believe the Democrats have had a giant bulls eye on Texas for a long time. They know if they can turn Texas blue, it will help keep Democrats in control of the White House for a long time.

          That is why the Dems have been pushing to get amnesty passed.

          According to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, “the approximately 11 million people who are in the country illegally have EARNED the right to be citizens.”

          CNS News

      • Mountain Trekker

        Satori, I’ve made this comment, on here many times. People keep saying go to Texas, and Texas is great at the moment, as far as being Conservative but that is going to be short lived. I’m old, but if the Lord don’t take me soon, I will live to see Texas become a blue State. Sad but true. To many big cities and to many illegals! Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

      • thisTexan has had enough

        Texas is being Californicated by refugees from socialism who move to Texas and bring their goofy ideas to make Texas the same hell hole they fled.

    51. Jake

      Apply this to 911 and then search YouTube for “The New Hiroshima” and watch all 10 segments. Better yet, read Prof. Judy Woods book, “Where Did the Towers Go”. You’ll be astounded. Things are not as they seem for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the media actively covered up a lot. For example did you know there was a category 3 hurricane (Erin) parked just off the coast of NYC on 911? Surprised? It wasn’t reported by the media. It was bigger and more powerful than either Sandy OR Katrina, but ignored by the media leading up to 911. Wonder why? There are far bigger surprises. Check it out. It will help to put this article into perspective. Wonder why none of the alternate media sites like this one have anything to say about this information? Think about it.

    52. Be informed

      @ Lone Ranger. I agree. There is so much potential for a false flag right now. I sure hope it is not what you linked about a biological nightmare, germs are horrible and so stealth to all of us. I could see something that would be the springboard to dimish the freedoms of the 2nd Amendment as very proabable practically all the time. You have something like in Kenya or India several years ago in which a bunch of muslim stooges obtain semi-auto rifles legally and then use them in some 9/11 level of attack, this could be the catalyst that would put serious restrictions on firearms.

      What would be even worse than muslim stooges would be regular Americans that they would link to those that are pro 2nd Amendment. Anything that would be far worse than Sandy Hook and put the false fear into a pacifist public that it would happen again if the government didn’t pull an england or an Australian of gun control in this country. I have thought that for a long time the first phases of a control garb would be to get as many firearms out of the people’s hands as possible. Terrorist bombings would nopt scare people into supporting a gun grab, if anything it would only strengthen people’s need for security. It would have to be some sort of horrific gun attack in which they could demonize firearms instead of whom actually used it. This is the way fear and getting one’s agenda done works. Their agenda is to disarm those whom they aim to control.

    53. Ted Kennedy

      Phase 8 – The Captain and Tennille break up.

      Phase 9 – Canuks wants Bieber back.

      • Any Mouse

        Says the man famous for Chappaquiddick.

      • wrong

        But at least Mork and Mindy are together again

    54. posseecom

      All will go back to normalcy come Monday morning in the world markets..a blip in the massive nano second trading grid..obviously some profited heavily..

      I’d be more concerned over the drought out west affecting everyone with higher prices on all fruit,beef,grains, and vegetables..

      This why we prepare for all scenarios…water and food on top of the list..

      Along with brass and lead..of course..


    55. RICH99

      “All will go back to normalcy come Monday morning in the world markets..a blip in the massive nano second trading grid..obviously some profited heavily..”

      Define normalcy.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Hey Rich 99, how goes it? I was over to Kings World News this mourning and read Celentes latest interview and got a chuckle. You’re the first person I thought of when I saw the headlines. Take it easy ‘ol boy!

      • posseecom

        Normalcy for the inside traders..

        nough said..


    56. Pissed off white guy idea

      Is Divorce a prep.

      I’m stashing cash from the wife in prep of what is to come.
      My bride of 145 lbs swelled to 300lbs!
      She gives off so much heat the bitch sleeps with the window open in winter.

      Man cave time… planning it.

      Think I’ll just be a ladies man… focus on the career…stash my preps.
      With so bad shit..tons of marriage will break up and I’ll bed all the MILFS. ha

      bla bla bla.. christian marriage, bible shit. Fuck all that.

      Time to be a player…

      New man cave house…
      black leather couches
      Flat screen
      gun room
      beer signs
      New gal everytime I have to change the car oil as a rule.

      Funny how a wife thinks you are her property.

      I still think marriage was designed to control people.

      So… my next prep…is to plan for a divorce
      and then go live like a frat boy… wahooooo!

      All you bible thumpers..get your thumbs down ready!

      Lock up your daughters. ha.

      Ah…so close to Canada… is prostitution legal?

      later bitches….

      • slingshot


        Get your motor running,
        Get out on the Highway.
        Looking for adventure,
        Or whatever comes our way!

      • Any Mouse

        I’m sure you are still the picture of prince charming that she married too.

      • thisTexan has had enough

        PPOWGI-if you really loved your wife it would not matter if she had gained weight. Because I am sure you look just the same as when you married her, right? Good luck sowing your wild oats and remember there is stuff out there that will not wash off.

      • JRS

        Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

      • Canada Canuk

        @POWG…So sorry you feel like you do…..Sounds like your wife is going through some ‘tough times’….Please try to be kind to her.

        The SHTF for me personally this a.m. as I had to rush my dh to hospital….many of you will remember the major surgery he went through just 1 yr ago.

        I just called the hospital to tell them I was on my way, but they said they were just transferring him to another(major medical center) They have him in a coma, and said he will be going to the Intensive Care Unit.

        I will try to get there somehow after the HUGE storm subsides…..the roads here are snow covered…..and I’m scared!! Please pray for us….thanx and take care, CC

        • PKLauLau

          CCanuk: Prayers are on your way…


        • JayJay

          I don’t remember the problem, CC; but, I know the family here wish your husband the best in this situation.
          God be with you and him through these times.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Canada Canuk, your right about Pissed On White Guy’s wife going through some hard times, she’s married to POWG, and on top of that he ain’t no Prepper. We have people on here talking about $5 propane and worrying about how they will heat their house if the power goes out, and this guy is complaining about his wife giving off to much heat in the winter time, Paleeez, he better take advantage of a good thing, she might come in handy when the SHTF. And we’ll pray for you and yours. Trekker Out.

    57. slingshot

      Here is one for you all.

      My friend goes to the local dump to get rid of his trash and finds a almost NEW, EXTRA LARGE, FLACK JACKET.

      Looked like the scorn woman of the house cleared his closet out.

      • watching and waiting

        Let her one morning go to her panty drawer and find that in the trash…….

    58. Any Mouse

      The article is pretty good but there is a glaringly obvious omission in the progression of “phases”. The missing item, Government’s reaction to the event, should fall between items 2 and 3 or 3 and 4. Without this phase 5 can not happen and the article is incomplete

    59. OhioRiver

      Another wonderful, reminder of what is about to happen. Phase 2 is the catostraphic event that is used by tyrants. 9/11 is probably what started the loss of our freedoms.

      The sadness is how few Americans even understand what is happening around them.

      Time for another revolution?

    60. Agent Provocatour

      Well written article!

    61. Satori

      Did this Tor developer become the first known victim of the NSA’s laptop interception program?


      I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation

      the delivery truck driver just kept getting lost ???

      • VRF

        I’d send it back saying it doesn’t work and see if it goes thru this circus maze again , or have a family member order the same and watch it
        Also have a highly skilled computer programmer go thru it and see what’s really on it before I used it , because it should be a clean computer , usually dates and times of changes are recorded , see if anything was added in those dates and time frames when it was supposedly in Transite

    62. Be informed



    63. Maudy Frickett

      I was recently reading a report from a demographer and the news is not good. We’re adults and should be able to comprehend the significance. Western civilization is in big trouble. White parents are averaging 1.5 kids per family. Over a 100 year period the population of whites will be too small to sustain a white civilization. Problem is, we’re already 40 years into that 100 year period. In 1900 Caucasians were 30% of world population. Today we’re not more than 8%. In 1965, America was nearly 90% white, today, approaching 50%. This is one reason TPTB are flooding the west with non white immigrants. There are other reasons also, but that’s a topic for another time. So, if you survive whatever is coming, are you going to watch the virtual extinction of the western people?

    64. rednek101

      Funny how history repeats. The dates on the quotes tell the story. We’ve been through this before. A people who forget history are doomed to repeat it. So here we are.

      “There are more instances of abridgment of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments…than by violent and sudden usurpations.”
      James Madison, June 16, 1788.

      Gun control, more taxes on everything and finally the coupe de grace, Obama Care. The socialist movement is hard at work methodically taking away the rights our constitution has given us. So, while the hardworking taxpayers are pursuing the “golden calf of prosperity”, we have failed to keep our eye on the ball and failed to maintain the tenets that keep the American way of life intact. The price of failure, we have to defund the nasty folks who are pushing it. It is going to be painful for all.

      “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
      Edmund Burke

      The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. … God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion; what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.
      Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787

    65. Be informed

      Possible serious Breaking News.

      Mall shooting in Maryland. Active shooter still around. 3 dead so far. No information is of course being given to any news.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Just some hamsters doing what they do.

      • Kulafarmer

        Sure seems like this ramped up this week, NPR even had a virulent piece on guns and college campus,
        These people dont get it that the criminals, will be the only ones with guns if they disarm us,
        Simply making it illegal doesnt make it go away,,, look at the numbers with Connecticut,,
        MOLON LABE ,,!,,

    66. Alphone

      @Maudy Fricket. Why is is it preferable to maintain a white majority?

      • rednek101

        I hope you don’t mind if I interject/vent.
        I don’t think it’s necessarily about maintaining a “white” majority as it is maintaining the American way of life.
        All races are different and have different ways of operating to a more or lessor degree. Different social protocols, different values.
        I was told by a Mexican at my workplace “it is your time to go, we have it now, you must leave it is your time”. There is a strong push to remove whites from jobs, especially managerial jobs, based on a Catholic/hispanic racial agenda in my area. Had i told a mexican this, i would be a racist. Double standard applies here.
        So the “white” way of running things has served America very well. At one point we were #1 in the world at everything. Not so much the case now. Mostly due, IMHO, due to catering to each and every racial,sexual orientation, gender and religious cause that crops up. we are a lost country drifting without direction.
        Prime example of hispanic influence is south america. Holy Jesus they have natural resources out the wazoo and yet they cannot capitalize. For a 100 years now, they cannot capitalize and can’t figure out how. Their answer is to pour into a country that has figured out how to capitalize on their resources. There’s a reason for this. Look at Argentina. Around the 1900s they were the #9 economy in the world. Now their living in poverty. There’s a reason for this. The social values that a large percentage of Hispanics employ wrecks structure. It is not conducive to growth of businesses. Governments are just there to keep their sewer system going. The only thing that matters to them is their religion and or wrecking whitey. IMHO of course.
        So, only using the Hispanics as an example i have to ask the question “why would i want to live in a hispanic influenced/controlled society when “white” operated society is so much better?” Bottom line is all about economics and quality of life. The tendency of people is to apply an identifier, in this case the color of one’s skin, to the expected behaviors of a people. The real issue is the behaviors and social norms.
        This is the abbreviated version. I could write a dissertation….

      • Maudy Frickett

        Why is it preferable to do away with all white countries?

    67. Maudy Frickett

      Alphone, If you read the article it was about the demographics. If the pattern doesn’t change there won’t be any honkies to push around anymore. What I was talking about is the assimilation of my people. Probably to the point of virtual extinction. Kind of like what happened to the American Indians.

    68. Celtic Nana

      This is one of the best articles I’ve read on prepping and how things will play out. I’ve been away from this site for a while (life happens) but I came back today and this was the first article I read. Well-thought
      , well-written and absolutely true. The world is getting crazier by the minute and reading between the lines in news stories is more and more troublesome. Thank you, Dan and Mac, for getting me and mine back on track. Misneach, fianna.

    69. Gene Rat0r

      So many preppers waiting for a big sudden change…

      Tell you what folks…
      They say that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water,
      it will leap out right away to escape the danger.
      But, if you put a frog in a kettle that is filled with water that is cool and pleasant,
      and then you gradually heat the kettle until it starts boiling,
      the frog will not become aware of the threat until it is too late.
      The frog’s survival instincts are geared towards detecting sudden changes.

      This is a story often used to illustrate how humans have to be careful to watch slowly changing trends in the environment, not just the sudden changes. It’s a warning to keep us paying attention – not just to obvious threats but to more slowly developing ones.

      When the Lord has gathered His people from earth, and the shit really starts to hit the fan, it’s too late. Prepare your souls now, before it’s too late.

    70. commomike

      I am in a state military uit. It has been sent down from headquarters to prepare an operation to provide for continuity of government in the event of a major earthquake on the New madrid fault. Nothing about the civilian population other than trying to control them. We may be deployed 2/3 of the way across our state. No opord about how we are going to get there, and we have to supply our own tentage and rations. At this time no weapons are being issued to us. We were told not “if”, but when the New Madrid goes kaplooey. Interesting. mike out

    71. John

      When shtf are you idiots still gonna blame obama for everything? How about progressives? What will you do without the ability to blame the nearest black guy? And why no mention of bush? Oh i know, because you are all typical, archetypal. More power to the masterless and the intelligent, i cant believe you waste your time with these goofs. And when you censor this remember, the progressives let you rednecks speak even though you prove worthless when defending free speach for everyone else. Fyi, progressives dont like obama either, but we dont forget about all the other f-ed up presidents when describing the root causes.

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