East Coast: Complete Mayhem; Run On Water; 20 Mile Traffic Jams

by | Aug 27, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 138 comments

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    East coast residents struggled to get out of Irene’s way on Friday and Saturday, and those who couldn’t leave or chose not to heed warnings reportedly made a run on stores looking for food, water, batteries, flashlights, generators and other supplies.

    The Intel Hub Reports:

    Traffic Jams 20 Miles Long As Over 2.5 Million People Are Evacuated In The Face of Extensive Storm Surge Flooding From Hurricane Irene, Which Has Already Set  Record Highs In North Carolina.

    Top developments:

    • 2.5 million under evacuation orders; 550,000 are in NYC, Long Island
    • NYC, N.J., Philadelphia to suspend mass transit service during part of weekend
    • Hard rain falls on North Carolina’s Outer Banks; max winds weaken to 100 mph
    • Obama to leave vacation island a day early due to Irene
    • States Of Emergency Issued In ME, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, NJ
    • Hurricane Warning Issued ForNorth of Sandy Hook, New Jersey all the way to Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts, including New York city, Long Island, Long Island Sound, Coastal Connecticut, Rhode Island, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.
    • Massive storm surge warning issued along entire east coast from NC northward to MA.
    • North Carolina already hit by record high storm surge flood levels
    • Flood model forecasts for Central NJ and NY City Area
    • Irene models show Cape May underwater
    • NJ gas stations out of gas
    • Major highways being shutdown or re-routed for one way traffic
    • Irene now much larger than Katrina
    • Officials say it may take weeks to help the 65 million people estimated to be impacted.

    Full Report

    When you wait until the last minute to prepare, then you can be ready for complete pandemonium and a veritable breakdown in civility and mass group psychology:

    “People are freaking out,” said Sarah Young, one of the owners of the Surfside Motel in Oak Bluffs. “They think the island is going to be wiped away. Literally, someone asked me if the island was going to be here after the storm.  . . . We’ve basically just been trying to calm people down.”

    Flashlights, bottled water and other emergency staples were in short supply in stores across the state as shoppers heeded warnings that the storm’s mighty winds will topple trees and tear down power lines, potentially disrupting service for days.

    “It’s complete mayhem in there,” said Lauren Downey, 30, of Boston outside the Stop & Shop at the South Bay plaza. “There’s nowhere to walk. There’s a run on water and people are just pushing their way through.”

    Source: Boston Herald

    With the earthquake and Hurricane Irene, the East Coast has undergone an emergency situation for almost seven days.

    We have yet to see how severe the aftermath will be, but according to reports the Hurricane is weakening. Let’s hope the result doesn’t end up like Hurricane Katrina.

    If people are freaking out now, what would it look like after a major terrorist attack or region-wide natural disaster that spans weeks or months and takes down emergency response, city water filtration systems, and transportation of essential goods?


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      1. Is this a test?

        • That thin veneer is starting to peel.

          • Solid Stainless Steel doesn’t peel.

          • I can assure you that the HAARP clouds over NYC over the last month have been tremendous. Some even of the rainbow variety (on clear days) like they had before the 2008 China quake. Have cell phone photos to prove it.
            This was a drill. MTA employees were turned back from entering underground subways during the crisis after being called to work/repair. The tunnels already had nonMTA crews in them- supervisors didnt know who they were and wernt allowed in either but were refused entrance and told they’d not be admitted. Many unanswered questions all around. Like WTC “elevator job” on the weekend before 911. Watch and beware.

        • its not a test. its a reason to get bridges,buildings and the subway empty so they can get all the demolition charges in place for the next “terrorist attack.”

          • OMG you are right, it will be interesting come the anniversary… what a perfect opportunity… what was said… never let a good crisis go to waste.

      2. Nope, just reality of the sheep. It is better to be prepared than to be the fool who doesn’t and suffers. This is just another reason to pull thine head from ones rear and wipe the crap off your eyes and look around. If 65 million people can’t get with it on the coast it just shows how many people depend on something other than themself. Bad times coming= need a good supply of body bags

      3. Is there even an Irene Hurricane in existence, anymore?

      4. One way or another to get the masses to stock up. Now if they’re smart, they’ll put those extra provisions somewhere safe and out of the way for “THE BIG ONE”!

      5. Im overjoyed by the sheer panic in peoples mind, we can all thank the media for that.

        • Foxx had round-the clock coverage all weekend. They changed anchors periodically to allow the talking heads to catch their breath.

      6. Do you guy’s always have some bullshit thoughts over everything that happens?

        Oh shit!!! The Sun might rise tomorrow!!! What are we gonna do?

        Get a life people…

        • What are you doing here, really Really. I would think someone with your deep cognitive skills would be out surfing in the Atlantic or wading in the tide pools in North Carolina. Why waste your “life” posting here? Especially when what you share is about as relevant as predicting to us that the Sun will be rising tomorrow. Is that the best you can come up with?

          Isn’t your post, your mere presence here, an inadvertent oxymoron, i.e. contradictio in terminis?

          • EA and I rarely agree…..this is rarely 🙂

            • Unity in Diversity.

        • Really… Just eating cold Jello, WTF are you doing here?

        • Hey Really, we know what we are giong to do, do you?

          • “Really” is going to post his way out of the next disaster.

        • And you probably wonder why the sky is blue. Who is “we”? I’ve had more life than you will ever have & I’m just getting started. You haven’t seen anything yet.

          Del Gue: Which way you headed, Okie?
          Okie: Canada, maybe. I hear there is land there a man has never seen and the Border Crossing Guards guess your weight.
          Del Gue: Well, keep your tanks filled if you go NE, and best friend at your side.
          Okie: I will do that, Del Gue.

          • I went to Canada once. Nice people, but they’re all foreigners! Scarcely another okie in sight. I kept asking where the good barbecue was. They very politely showed me the nearest exit. Besides, them people in Quebec talk funny…

        • what do you think were the thoughts of the people that were waiting in line for water/supplies?

      7. The people of Maine had an ice storm about 20 years ago. The entire state was without electricity, if I remember right. They had to replace nearly all the electric poles in the entire state. The juice was off for nearly a month. Anybody up there have any info on how it was handled? Even the Governor had to go live with friends.

        • I was a 15 year resident of Maine but was living in NH at the time of the ice storm. But had family members who lost power for 2-4 weeks. It was serious business. At the time I was only in HS and not a prepper so didn’t think much of it. But I remember driving up that next summer and pretty much all the trees within sight of the highway were either down, or most of the branches were down, it was bad. In general people in Maine are more self reliant and I think after that storm it made people at least prepare for the basics – more generators, more wood for heat, more food on hand just as second nature. Hopefully this event will awaken some people to do the same.

      8. I live in massachusetts and I haven’t seen any pandemonium. I bought some basic food and water yesterday and there was plenty on the shelves. The people that have been here for any length of time should know what to expect. I still think by the time it gets here its gonna be a tropical breeze. Famous last words?

        • Yours or ours?

          • Funny!

      9. You will always have this situation, regardless if warnings have and were put out in advance. The big question is how many people will get the shock of a life-time if they did not have Government flood insurance. Sorry silly american, but no check for you.

      10. 250 thousand trying to get out of NYCs low laying areas and they’re all screwed up, just imagine a real catastrophe and 10 million had to get out.Can you spell screwed.

      11. the hurricane is coming right thru where I live and all I’ve had to do was put the lawn mowers in side and shut the garage door for the first time this summer,we always have plenty of food, water, supplies here.The only inconvience that I can look forward to is starting the generator for hot water and cooking outside til the power company gets the ele back in service

        • You have two.

      12. Shit!!! Mac I was happning into some really interesting ………Gov~mmmmmmmmmm STOP! never mind.

        I was looking into some interesting research on…
        Nuclear Explosions and Seismology. You may have been onto something there, but never mind.

        I was really liking that last article….I was mmmmm…let’s just say logging onto or (in)… and all these cookies and tracers started attacking my (SL FW)…WTF! now I have to clean this mess up….

        Mac, I think you had the content right, only the subject was off. I liked it! it’s good to question all things concerning government…(All Things)

      13. I wonder if we will see video clips of all the blacks looting the place clean like Katrina.

        • Does a bear sh…..

          Oh never mind

        • I think a lot of people are under the impression that during a mandatory evacuation “somedody” guards things to keep looters at bay.

      14. on a positive note, it made Obama cut his vacation short

        • At least when O’fkstick is on vacation, he’s not doing something in DC to screw us over more…

        • Meeshall is now in emergency vacation planning mode. MUST get “prepped” for the next vacation.

      15. Seen three rigs pulling three trailers of new generators this afternoon heading North within a 10 minute time frame while on interstate. Aprox. four 30KW each on dual axle trailers.

        • Maybe they’re going to the Home Depot I work at. Sold out before noon on Friday.

          It makes me wonder: why don’t people relying on power ALREADY have generators? If you need it and you’re a home owner, why NOW???

          That’s ok, I saw people buying lawn ornaments and pillows today. Whatever, I give up on trying to convince people to plan and prepare.

      16. I have to kind of chuckle at some headlines on Yahoo News right now…..especially the one that suggests we change Hurricane Irene to “Hurricane Hype.”

        Now I’m in CA so I can not relate. We don’t get 3 or 4 day warnings on earthquakes so I have no idea what it’d be like to join the hoards racing out of town in an urgent rush….but then again I wouldn’t need too.

        • I’m in Ct and my biggest prepper worry is that the hurricane is going to destroy my corn and tomato plants with high winds. I staked them but who knows. I’m hoping for the best. Other than that…no worries..we’re prepped.

      17. What happened to the story on the E.Q. or maybe something else ? Zup wit dat ?

        • I left this website, returned, and the story about the raid on Citadel Gun and Safe shop was gone. Someone on here recommended saving it to your pc because it would be “scrubbed” from SHTF.plan very quickly. I saved it, and am glad I did. *Poof* Amazing how fast things disappear on the internet. Did you remove it Mac?

          • Still on beforeitsnews dot com .

          • http://biggovernment.com/mangley/2011/08/23/air-force-raid-on-las-vegas-gun-shop-not-as-sinister-as-reported/#more-318676

            by Michael Angley

            The pre-weekend Air Force raid at the Citadel Gun and Safe shop in Las Vegas, NV has been drawing extensive media and blogosphere scrutiny. The operation was led by Special Agents of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI), assisted by law enforcement officials from various federal, state, and local agencies. Many of the concerns I’ve read about deal with the issue of the Posse Comitatus Act. But there is much more to the story that needs to be told.

            Let me say up front that I am as far right as they come, so my perspective on this is tempered by my hardcore conservative beliefs. If I sniffed even a whiff of a Constitutional issue, I’d be the first to throw a flag on the field and call the military out for a violation. But nothing untoward occurred in Las Vegas.

            I am also a retired career OSI Special Agent, having served over 25 years in that capacity. When I retired in 2007, as a Colonel, I was one of the organization’s senior-most agents and Region Commanders. I’ve been involved in many investigations and operations where the Air Force OSI has executed warrants or subpoenas in the civilian community, especially at the offices of defense contractors. It happens quite often, so I can speak with authority about the Las Vegas raid.

            The Air Force OSI is one of a handful of Military Criminal Investigative Organizations (MCIOs) that can receive and execute federal subpoena authority from the Department of Defense Inspector General (DoD/IG). The other MCIOs are the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), the Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS).

            The Inspector General Act of 1978 (5 USC) is the federal law that gives inspectors general, to include the DoD/IG, their authority. One of the authorities given to IGs is the ability to issue subpoenas that carry the enforceability of a federal district court. Specifically, 5 USC, Section 6 (a) (4) states that IGs have the authority:

            “to require by subpoena the production of all information, documents, reports, answers, records, accounts, papers, and other data in any medium (including electronically stored information, as well as any tangible thing) and documentary evidence necessary in the performance of the functions assigned by this Act”

            There are special provisions that relate just to the DoD/IG (5 USC Section 8), key among which is 5 USC Section 8 (c) (8) which states the DoD/IG may:

            “request assistance as needed from other audit, inspection, and investigative units of the Department of Defense (including military departments)”

            This subsection gives the DoD/IG the authority to request the Air Force OSI to execute a subpoena on its behalf, as it did in the Las Vegas raid.

            A second key subsection, 5 USC Section 8 (g), states:

            “The provisions of section 1385 of title 18, United States Code [Posse Comitatus Act], shall not apply to audits and investigations conducted by, under the direction of, or at the request of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense to carry out the purposes of this Act.”

            This provision states explicitly that the Posse Comitatus Act does not apply to such audits and investigations; therefore, Posse Comitatus was never an issue in Las Vegas.

            When the Air Force OSI Special Agents in Las Vegas acted under the authority of the DoD/IG subpoena, they were enforcing federal law with the full weight of a federal district court subpoena. Only they could execute the subpoena, which explains why they were the lead agency. They appropriately asked for and received the assistance of other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

            My only criticism of the situation is in how poorly Air Force Public Affairs officials addressed the media scrutiny. They easily could have explained the process as I have in this article, but chose instead to limit their comment. This type of insular reaction only breeds cynicism and confusion, and it fosters public distrust.

            Follow Mike Angley on Twitter: @MikeAngley and on FaceBook: mike.angley.

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      18. More proof that most people are too stupid to live.

        • Darwin

          • Please don’t pee in the gene pool

            • I play pool in my jeans in the winter time.

        • ya got that right! idiots and morons everywhere, acting like chicken little. katrina was full of idiots and these fools on the east coast are idiots.

          • Easy Jane… I mean caryn.

          • While some of us may have grown up in the Baltimore area, Maryland is surprizingly full of rednecks who can take care of their own.

            We’re more mountainous and have more farmland than most from outside the state think. What you see going up I-95 through D.C. and Columbia and Baltimore is not MD, just most of the people.

            • Same is true for a lot of the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay. Not everybody but quite a few.

      19. In NE we get tornadoes, ice storms, winds and high heat in the summer. In 2007 we had an ice storm/blizzard the shut down power for 4 weeks. We told FEMA to leave and handled it ourselves. No looting or rioting, no need of government help either. And since no problems it took the media 2 weeks to figure it out too!

      20. The story on the EQ apparently got pulled. The last comment on the thread was for someone to copy it before it got pulled. I am sorry I didn’t. Kinda strange.

      21. The sad part is, Mac could have written this a month ago and just waited for the (whatever) event to happen and then shown the hordes scrambling to get out at the last minute. It always seems to be that way. Different disasters, different places, and yet so many people wait til zero hour + one to take action. Sad, but predictable.
        Personally, I’ve set my alarm colck for 30 minutes before zero hr, that should give me plenty of time to prepare and/or evacuate, plus time to swing through Arby’s or Jack in the Box for a nice lunch, too!

      22. All I know is that I have been through a whole bunch of ‘canes and they are NO fun ( none at all, zero, nada, zilch ). I would be hard pressed to pick a worse place to ride one out than NYC.. even a CAT 1.. some storm drains get clogged and “holy dirty swimming pool Batman..” Man it would SUCK to be there..

      23. How disappointing that this hurricane is losing strength before it slams into Washington DC. Too bad congress isn’t in session.

      24. Reminds me of THE OMEGA MAN. Anyone else remember that early 1970s movie? It was TEOTWAWKI and Charlton Heston was left alone to defend himself against the dark people that only came out at night to loot and burn and kill. Seems it was an eerily accurate premonition of things to come…

        • Omega Man (1971)

          Robert Neville, a doctor, due to an experimental vaccine, is the only survivor of an apocalyptic war waged with biological weapons. The plague caused by the war has killed everyone else except for a few hundred deformed, nocturnal people calling themselves “The Family”.

          Those humans that do remain are “pigment-less albino creatures” that roam the night destroying what remnants that may exist of the previous civilization. Neville, who had worked on an antidote to the virus, is one of their main targets. By day, he searches for their nests while they sleep. He comes across a small band of survivors, mostly children, but which includes two adults. The plague has caused them to become sensitive to light, as well as homicidally psychotic. They believe science and technology to be the cause of the war and their punishment, and Neville, as the last symbol of science, the old world, and a “user of the wheel”, must die. Neville, using electricity, machinery, and science attempts to hold them at bay.

          Neville leads a solitary existence in Los Angeles. Having injected himself with his experimental serum several years before, Neville in fact may carry the immunities needed to reverse the creatures’ condition. The only question is whether he can survive their constant attacks long enough to prove it.

          He meets Lisa, a woman of color, and becomes involved. I’m sure you can predict how that ends.

          Memorial quote: Robert Neville: “… You know the old song? If you were the only girl in the world, and I was the only boy, well, okay, but until then, don’t bother me? Well, I guess I’m the only boy…”

          The cast – the majority – are white in make up. So I agree with what Gerald Celente says “…when “people” have nothing to lose, they lose it…” Color won’t matter.

      25. Come On – do we REALLY have go there??? It’s obvious you want to use the word – and you think you can get away with it and no one will call you out on it.

        I’ve seen it on several posts and enough is enough. LadyHawk is back and when there is reason, we will talk about it – there is no reason right now- there is no raping, looting or robbing.

        You want to talk savages??? Don’t make me go there.

        • I’ve been there many times on the way back from the PG or IO to clear. Never got out of the airport. Most women want more than enough. You know it’s coming and I haven’t listened to Savage in a while and it’s not even November. A city with no arms.

        • LadyHawk…

          He doesn’t own a tool box… 😉

          • He no doubt would be clueless on how to use it.

            *referring to a previous article – “We are Totally Unprepared…”

          • LadyHawk…

            Glad you caught that ref 🙂 … Obviously diversity went out the window…

      26. I live in Hurricane Alley near Houston. It’s the same thing everytime a hurricane targets us. People panic, stores are emptied, lines for gas are 10 cars deep per pump! No one EVER seems prepared.

        I’ll NEVER forget watching those poor people stuck during the evacuation nightmare as Rita approached. The sad reality is that I doubt many of the same people would be more prepared today.

      27. Whatever misery befalls Washington D.C. is welcome news.

      28. On top of all that has been said above is the east coast mindset. Basically they are very nasty people,
        They think everybody is out to screw them, Maybe so but milk of human kindness definately doesn’t flow from these folks. I’m glad to be in midwest starting to eat my home grown potatoes! Yum!

      29. Warning:
        This is a Government experiment and with coordinated efforts by the media whose goal is simply to control the masses.

        #1) fear monger people into staying indoors on the last weekend of the summer.
        If successful and the storm prove to be dud, the Government will be prepared to move onto phase 2 of the experiment.

        #2) control the masses on a daily basis, prevent uprisings, weaken the masses resolve to fight the shadow government corruption, weaken the masses to submit into police state tactics, such Pat downs, and profiling, render the entire society, feminized, passive and child like.

        People resist them, do not give into government control.

        • Mind Control…

          So where exactly did you come across this information?

      30. I live in Hurricane Alley near Houston. Despite annual preparation encouragment from local governments and retailers, everytime a storm targets our city the same thing happens. People rush out to buy: food, water, flashlights, batteries, stores are emptied, and gas lines are 8 – 10 cars deep. It’s amazining how so many wait until it’s almost to late to save their butts!

        Flashback to Hurricane Rita that hit Houston. The evacuation traffic jam was a nightmare! There were injuries and deaths because people panicked. The evacuation was organized by time zones, but people inland began leaving too early and prevented those closer to the island (Galveston) from getting out.

        Yep, a real SHTF catastropy is going to be a disaster!

      31. I work at Home Depot (hey, it’s a job ok!!!! For a 25 year old going to school $14/hr is great.) where normally I drive a forklift and take care of the plants and pallets of mulch we have in the garden section.

        Work sold out of generators by noon on Friday, C and D batteries before I got there at 2 same day, sump pumps/battery by 5 p.m. Any kind of flashlight, headlamp, lantern was gone sometime in there as well.

        Window-well covers: people were buying the already damaged ones and paying regular price. Gutter extensions ran out either late Friday or early Saturday and people did what they could with all types of guttering material or congregated pipe.

        Propane cylinders either for sale or exchange late Friday as well although the company that refills it, Ferrel Gas, apparently sent 2 trucks Saturday morning. I saw a few people buying lawn ornaments, Lord only knows why. <—- Seriously.

        Water ran out Saturday morning and of course, as supplies go most everything is on regularly timed shipments and orders are automatically sent to distributors or manufacturers when inventories reach certain levels. So those C batteries that ran out for ya? Yeah, truck ain't coming in until Sept. 1st whether we have them or not.

        When people kept asking if we had X battery or for flashlights throughout the entire day I was there (Friday from 2-10, and Saturday mid-shift) I kept thinking: these are the people that are going to perish when SHTF. These people, and the folks who depend on them are going to die.

        Sam's club next door was in a similar spot as I got reports from all kinds of customers that they already checked for XYZ there. Sorry, but if you're fighting weather + traffic just to stumble over crowds in Home Depot for items that are no longer there then you've lost the game. Repeat, you've lost the game.

        In real life, during worse than an impending category one hurricane, when supplies are NEVER coming back and the stores are looted and BARE the people I saw all day Friday and today are donage. They lost the game.

        • When the electricity is back people will try to return all those generators, and be surprised that you can tell they are used.

      32. Listen, I live in The Bronx, NYC and some of the finest people I have ever met live in this city. All of you bad mouthing this place need a reality check, look inside yourself and try to understand your need to do so. There are bad people everywhere, perhaps right next door to you.

        • Have to agree with tom. There are good and bad people everywhere. One of the best I ever met was in the Bronx. I had to blind-side back a big rig across 4 lanes of traffic into a tiny warehouse. Glad I had somebody with a ‘New York attitude’ stopping traffic for me.
          In a true shtf situation it won’t matter if they’re from Joysey, Booklyn or Ames Iowa. That said, I am still most comfortable around the okiefied types. Guess it’s that birds of a feather thing.
          Now, it’s saturday night. The banjo’s tuned and the shine is fresh. Plus the college girls next door just came back from the lake and they’re having a back yard BBQ in their bikinis. Looks like it’s gonna be a good night…a reeeaall good night.

          • Sounds like good times. I’ve got the Statler Bros. on and a deck of cards on the kitchen table, can I come over?

        • I agree with you. The few times I have been in New York I have only run across great people. Perhaps it was because I was on vacation – and more open and relaxed – but I don’t think so. People were friendly, helpful and went out of their way. I love New York – and I am writing this from San Francisco!!

          • I go to NYC a few times yr and it’s like most cities, there are great people and there are places that you just don’t go to and get out of the car after dark. If a person is looking to get mugged,it can happen anywhere.

        • I love New York – some of my best memories ever are from that city!

        • Plenty of A**holes and druggies “in the country”. How else would Oxycontin get the nickname “hillbilly heroin”?

      33. I recall TV newscasters interviewing people in their cars during the huge traffic jams from some hurricane a few years ago in TX.
        They were either out of gas or very low and had been in traffic for 8 hours and were spitting mad saying “NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVACUATE!, NEVER AGAIN!!”
        Unless you’re in a beach area, don’t be one of the sheep, stay put.

      34. NY had a massive ice storm 20 years ago. no power for a week. roads closed. gas stations down. still, we survived. matter of fact 9 months leter there was a baby boom.

        with that storm the weather report had listed a ‘slight chance of sleet.”

        it’s the storms the news miss that is most worrying.

      35. As an east coaster, You guys are being way to harsh. We are currently living through this hurricane and almost everyone around me is reasonable prepared, and no one I have seen is panicking.
        While we are better prepared than most, Everyone is calm and hunkering down. No runs on stores or anything.
        We have our generators on standby in case the power goes out. Extra pumps and backups for them. Chainsaws prepped and food and water set. Already harvested our home grown potatoes, “James” your talking out the other end of yourself.

        • Same here. My town is a coastal town in CT, and the eye of the hurricane went over us. We and our neighbors didn;t have to go buy water, flashlights, batteries. We already had them.

          But there WAS a run on the stores for flashlights, batteries,and water. There are sheeple wherever you go. A friend of mine who works for Wal-Mart told me that their store ran out of batteries, water, toilet paper, and snacks on Thursday morning before 10am. There were people coming in her store for the next couple of days looking for the same things.

          I need to beef up my supply of toilet paper and snacks, because when TSHTF, thats whats going first!

      36. Moose and Squirrel can’t sweem!

        • Water moccasin sweem just fine.

        • ha ha ha ha that’s funny… I love those old Rocky n Bull shows…

        • Mr. Big
          “Moose and Squirrel can’t sweem!” What’s that about?

          Tired of reading cryptic postings that may not have no meaning to the majority of us. The reality is moose can swim and so can squirrels. Anyone else tired of playing twenty questions and not on topic???

          Is this to make them feel more superior to the rest of us? Post what you mean and mean what you say. This is beginning to sound like progressive speak – in that things mean what they say – Crap!

          Maybe it’s that time of the month – because after my previous post, I’m getting in bitch mode – and before that I was so having a good time.

          • P S

            Do you need a room????

            • Moose and Squirrel are Rocky and Bullwinckle. The sweem I’m not sure, but back off a bit. Me and Mr. Big are experiencing some major stress here.

          • Whey TMI (2 much Info) (I should have bought a moose head) LH Goober schrewl will do that if u missed a week.

          • Panties twisted?

        • Now that is funny! Some people aren’t going to get that. Two piece or missing one Okie?

      37. Gee… I dunno about you guys, but if I run into trouble – you know, no food, no water, trapped by rapidly rising surge tides, etc., I’m just going to start chanting “Yes we can, yes we can,” and then whine until Obama comes and saves me.

        Maybe he can help me recovery mentally by letting me go on one of Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama’s next uber vacations. You know, spread the wealth and all that…

        • She means “I will spread YOUR wealth”.

      38. What a bunch of crap:

        1) This is a wussy category 1 hurricane (i.e., barely a hurricane)

        2) There is hardly any damage at all

        3) Typical government over-reaction

        4) I suppose they want to divert your attention from the imminent dollar collapse with sensationalistic and unfounded hype about the whimpiest hurricane ever to qualify as a hurricane.

        5) I saw some dude out in the middle of the hurricane lighting a cigarette with a Zippo lighter. Winds must be ferocious!

        • The guy lighting the smoke was AL Whore and the Hurrican is from his diabolical HAARP machine. Rocky and Bullwinckle are coming to save the day, but first they have to escape the Vinyard where Al Whores minions B&MHO left them tied up sinking to the bottom of a pool… Will our Heros save the day… 🙂

      39. Mr. Big is Fearless Leader

      40. moose and squirrel cant swim, lady hawk has no sense of humor. it is rocky and bullwinkle

        • Ohhh! Ha! Ha!

      41. I think it doesn’t matter where a person lives, we all are charged with being responsible for our own well being. Regardless of where I have lived, I have made preps for whatever type of possible problems may arise (man-made or natural). Thankfully, sub-zero temps, ice-storms, tornados, and scorching heat are the only natural things I have to prep for. No hurricanes here!

      42. Operator223 or Really (whatever name your going by at this point)- What color are you?

        My guess is green, as in young dumb and full of shit.

        No experience other than what your tiny community has endocrinated your tiny brain into thinking.

        Have you ever met a good black person? My guess is no, not even ever met a black person period, just seen them on TV. You live in a bubble where all your friends and family are as green and ignorant as you, and those different are simply hated since your tiny brain cannot grasp that we are all humans.

        Did you know that whites, mexicans, chinese, and native americans also looted after katrina? Did you know that in every race there are those good and bad? Including you being what I will guess is a bad white man.

        Doubt it, because looking through a bubble makes the world around you hazy, and makes your morality lazy.

        • Thanks FLO –

          There are individual a-holes of all colors – it pisses me off getting lumped and labeled. “…all the blacks looting the place…”

          I’ve had enough of it and am coming out swinging. Calling rattler from the barn.

          • Get over it LH. Nobody here is lumping you. Be an individual. You are among friends, figure it out. You came out months ago along with a few others. I don’t see color, I see culture. I jack things up BUT, I treat people how I want to be treated. I tend to see that here but you are right, there’s always a-holes. Just be you. You will always come out ahead! You only have to prove yourself once and always strive to be better & I promise you others here will come out to back you. My word is my bond. And my word is better than GOOD You are going to remember this for the rest of your life… I look fwd to your reply.

      43. Oh, for crying out loud! You guys want to get some fucking braids in your hair? it’s a little fucking wind and some rain. It ain’t even a pimple on the ass of Katrina (which I went through). Get over it! The sun will rise again, you bunch of sissies. Northerners, take the meat out of the fridge, put it on the grill and grab a beer. 70 mph winds ain’t the end of the world! Jesus Christ, it’s like playing cards with my sister’s kids!

        • Get a life. Or get laid. Chill out.

          • I dunno how much more I can chill, the boys are turning blue…

        • I like your tone.

          Here in Kansas, we deal with the wind nearly every day.

          However, what we are considering is the effects on a part of the country who has never experienced such an instance in modern times.

          Power lines down, storm surge, and panic by the oblivious (oublieux), has a decent chance of showing us way more than Katrina ever did, period. Just a chance, but our eyes are wide open for a learning oppurtunity.

          Way bigger populace, way bigger area, area not accustumed, nuclear (fukashima) possiblities, just as low as New Orleans, populace dependent upon sub-surface transportation as well as elevator movement, and last but not least, falling glass from many stories high on a wide scale due to wind tunneling.

          It is simple, we are looking at this event as a prelude to future circumstances, and how the sheeple react.

          • I agree that though this storm is much less powerful than Katrina, at least people were forewarned they ought to have their sh!t in a pile and evacuate rather than risk it. If the evacuation order had not been given, then anyone who was harmed or inconvienienced in some way (power outages, loss of transportation, loss of life etc.) would be crying in their coffee about it -and I’m sure we are STILL going to hear some whining.

            Even “straight line winds” can inflict some major damage, at least they do here in the midwest – we had straight line winds combined with heavy rainfall here a few weeks ago that uprooted huge trees and caused a lot of damage. I agree that in the densely populated areas on the coast, well, the way people respond/react and how it impacts society will be an interesting learning experience from all angles.

      44. Glad I live in Colorado. No chance of a hurricane here. Worst we’d see is a blizzard, and those don’t last long.

        • Or an earthquake!

      45. September is reported to be a real nasty month for the economy. Euro banks first. Then the middle east.

        • I believe you have that right & I think you are right!

      46. For all my fellow Americans caught in this storm or displaced by it I’m praying for you. God bless. I hope that this experience draws you together not pulls you apart.

        To all of you who think NYC will become Mad Max when the lights go out. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen. Sure there are savages everywhere you go but you also have oblivious hipsters and and sheeple in denial everywhere you go too. I’m betting that any issues in NYC will likely be on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis. I guess it just all depends on how long the power and water are down. Any place in the US could be three days from chaos without water.

        One thing the news coverage has got us thinking about is price hikes on basic staples like Sugar with the coming storm season and the already bad crop year due to La Nina. Today the Wife and I made a Costso run and I’m looking at 75 lbs of C&H and 50lbs of Morton’s salt. Some of this will be for the wife’s canning over the next couple weeks but most of it will get put in buckets and added to the stock pile. We just didn’t feel like paying more next week for this stuff.

        For any of you guys having difficulty getting your wife into prepping, knock her up. Then channel her nesting drives into prepping. You’d be amazed what a pregnant woman can get done when the nesting drive kicks in!

      47. My town is 150 miles inland and forecast to get 70mph wind gusts with sustained 40mph. Not the end of the world but probably no power for days. This morning, as we were doing our regular Saturday shopping since we are ready for anything that comes and laughed at the milk and bread people*, we overheard that most batteries in town were sold out of three large retailers. Little milk and no bottled h2o. The well users should have thought of this some time ago.

        *Milk and bread people who come to the store before a snowstorm and buy just milk and bread and jam the store. Today they were seeking batteries and water.

      48. My stepsister lives in Pittsburgh. I predicted to her that she would NEED to move back “home” due to the chaos a larger city would bring. Heard crickets, and could read her mind: “you’re a freak”. The human ego never wants to be wrong, but just once, I hope I am wrong.

      49. yea and WHAT IF the aliens came down and WHAT IF a spacecraft fell onto manhattan and WHAT IF ……..these articles become increasingly ridiculous by the day . how about this…..WHAT IF nothing happened and life just went on with the occassional weak hurricane and the like ?

        • And what if you went somewhere else with your pointless diatribe?

          The individuals who come here like the thought provoking nature of the material and clearly you are not one of them.

          Do us all a favor, go pound quick-crete up your bung-hole, add some water and stir, sorry no compimentary spoon, you can provide your own.

          Oh, and have a GREAT day!

      50. Guys I live in the New York City area and it’s not as horrible as some feared. Sure there has been flooding, and the power outages are happening – but that happens even with nor’easters. There are even some delis and diners open in Manhattan.

        Manhattan has two highways – the west side highway and the FDR drive – and both have had flooding and I saw some downed trees.

        Some neighborhoods in New Jersey and in New York’s outlying boroughs have had flooding and damage – but that was to be expected. The evacuations were for people who lived in low-lying/high-risk areas, and after a huge blizzard in December which NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg got blasted for because of the unusual slowness in cleaning up the mess, he has now gone overdrive to be safer than sorry.

        For the first time ever, New York City’s mass transit system was shut down. I have yet to read reports of flooded subway tunnels or flooded power systems to mass transit.

        But by and large NYC is handling this well. Granted it’s not a category 3 or 4 hurricane – there’d be a lot of flying glass shards were that to occur.

      51. What happened to the article posted yesterday comparing seismic activity graphs from an earthquake to seismic activity graphs associated with a muclear underground detonation? The article implied the recent earthquake near DC was not an earthquake. Why was it scrubbed?

      52. Two reasons why I believe Irene was over-hyped (especially for the northeast.)

        1. What else would make folks go out and spend money to “stimulate the economy”.

        2. Cover their a$$es. Imagine if it was “under-hyped”.

        OK, Jersey Shore just came on, later.

      53. These people knew about this storm a week ago.
        Do you think they got prepared? NO!
        Even though they knew it was coming they waited until the last minute do make any preparations.

        What does that tell you???

        • That tells me there are a lot of sheeple who need to pull their heads out of their keesters, wipe the doo-doo out of their eyes, and figure out they’re responsible for their own well-being!

          Since this storm didn’t turn out to be as bad as was feared, the next time the alarm is sounded, they will be less likely to pay attention.

          • You are exactly right Fed Up…. Since this was a “prepare for the worst and hope for the best” scenario, which is exactly what happened, next time they won’t take it seriously and will have their heads even further up their asses!

      54. Down here in south Florida, we wouldn’t even fill our generators up with fuel for that silly “hurricane”.

        • Maybe so Dave, but my streams, creeks and rivers can beat up your creeks and rivers any day. For upstate NY, Vt and probably Maine, it was the 6-13 inches of rain in 24 hours that got us. I’ve had worse winds in a typical thunderstorm or a noreaster. But that rain, can’t do much about that.

      55. I keep mine topped off with fresh marina (no corn) mid-grade fuel with West Marine blue fuel extender. Not the red junk stuff. Start them up every month and let them warm up slowly and run a load on them, shut the fuel off and let them run until it coughs once and shut them down to keep the seats from drying out. Mobil 1 oil only & extra spark plug for each generator. Each different size gen. has it’s purpose depending on load. The larger one stay pickled and gets started up once a year. If I really had to “use” them, NG for fuel first, then propane, then the gasoline.

      56. I just want to clarify… not everyone on the East Coast is unprepared. However, we aren’t news. They don’t cover those of us who had absolutely NO reason to enter the grocery store. The news channels only interview the hysterical idiots because that’s what people watch. For some of us, it was a nice day at home, with family. We double checked our sump pump, and checked on elderly family. Prepared folks not only aren’t “interesting news” we’re also not AT the locations where they’re running around like chickens with their heads cut off. That would explain why you didn’t see MY family on the news. hahaha

        • Exactly!

          The media, the governors, the mayors hyped this storm to hell, and scared the crap out of the sheeple.

          Good Lord! Saturday afternoon I got two robocalls from the mayor, whoi haven’t head from since he asked me to vote for him. I got one robocall from my car insurance company telling me how thrilled they were to have me for a customer. I got a robocall from my power company, telling me that even if my power went out, they were wonderful and they would fix any interruption of service as quickly as possible, but they did expect power outages to go on for a few days or more. Finally, I got a robocall from my cable company, telling me how wonderful they are, and if there was a outage, not to call them because they would know automatically whether or not i had service or not. That’s when my husband and I decided to unplug the damn phone!

      57. …and compared to the bajillion acres of farmland flooded across our breadbasket this is…?
        city slickers.
        aka easy pickins.

      58. As always, these events are going to be very useful studies in human psychology and government capabilities/responses. For instance, it *appeared* that NYC handled things quite well and mayor Bloomberg came off quite good. Now of course that opinion only comes from watching network news coverage of the events. But everything else I’ve heard so far leads me to conclude that disaster recovery/business continuity plans were in place and worked.

      59. This storm is not the one we should be worried about, it is the next one that is going to do the most damage. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I can’t explain. Everyone prep like there is no tomorrow. Take care. Kevin

        • “Next storm” – Tornado? Hurricane? Nuclear fallout? Can you be more specific?

          • The financial storm and riots that follow. It is going to be bad. Kevin

      60. Yes I remember the ice storm. Some people did not have power for six months. Maine is 90% forest, with a little over one million people. It was hard for the power companies to get to a lot of the lines and poles that are spead out over rual areas and in the woods. I remember shelters were set up in the larger cities like, Portland and Bangor. But here in the very rual areas we helped each other. A lot of people here still have wood stoves. We used kerosene lamps. It was hard on the elderly of course, but we looked after them. Also a lot of us have generators because we tend to lose power a lot in the winter.
        Another thing, I am black, and I’m sure most of you know Maine is mostly a white State. I am social worker, I worked with troubled kids who are white. I am sick of the name calling and hate. My family is mixed and believe me people are more alike than different. Really unless you are totally ignorant you know behavior has nothing to do with color. It is your character.What kind of person you are. I’ve been a foster mother to white, black and asian kids. I loved them and they loved me. Most people I know white and black are really tired of the race card crap. I come from a military family, and was taught to love and respect my country. I was never taught to hate anyone. We worked hard, received no welfare, no one in my family is a criminal. I did not see any black people running amonk in the city this weekend. Please let’s judge each other by our behavior, not color.We are going to need each other when SHTF happens. You might need a friend in rual Maine. We know how to survive.I’m on the coast, lobster, clams, potaoes,blueberries,deer, moose, bear, oh and snow and cold in the winter. Maine is a forgotten State anyway, we are use to waiting on things and being last to receive help. We help ourselves,families and friends.

      61. People are happily oblivious… or stupid… or perhaps both. End of story.

      62. “Is the island still going to be there?” lmao
        i found it odd the cat1 hurricane was so huge(500mi) and they made such a big deal of it.

      63. For someone new to prepping building a Bug Out Bag can seem like a big task. Everybody you read about has been tweaking theirs for months or even years and has a pile of gear built up. It’s hard to know where to start, but if you cover just all of the basics in a survival situation you will still be much better off that 99% of the people.

        We started with one of the kits (Expedition Extreme from http://www.shelfreliancesanantonio.com/jmp/jmp_emergency_kits.php) and added copies of important papers, extra clothing and an emergency radio too. It takes only a few minutes to pick out a kit that works for your family and have it shipped to you, instead of driving all over town trying to find all the items you need for a good bug out bag. Then spend a day reviewing the contents and adding your extras. Put it in the hallway closed by the door and it’s ready whenever you need it. Total time spent probably 2 hours = Lifetime of Peace of Mind!

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