Dual Quakes Hit East Coast, Colorado Just Hours Apart

by | Aug 23, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 180 comments

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    Office workers gathered in downtown Washington, Tuesday, after an earthquake shook the nation’s capital. (Credit: NY Times)

    Naturally occurring phenomena, HAARP, ex-planetary influenced geologic earth changes, coincidence or something else? Today’s events will no doubt light up the internet with theories mainstream, conspiratorial and somewhere in between.

    If it was California it wouldn’t be a big deal.

    But two quakes within hours of eachother have rocked Southern Colorado and the East coast with residents from DC to Canada feeling the effects of the latter:

    East Coast:

    A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck the U.S. East Coast and Canada from Virginia to Toronto on Tuesday, shaking buildings and forcing evacuation of the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol.

    There were no immediate reports of major damage or injuries from the quake, which the U.S. Geological Survey said was centered in Mineral, Virginia, between Charlottesville and Richmond. It was initially recorded at 5.8 magnitude.

    Washington office workers scurried into the streets after the quake, which lasted for about five seconds and sent items crashing to the floor from store and office shelves.

    Tremors shook New York City office buildings, prompting evacuations of courthouses, City Hall and halting work at the World Trade Center construction site, officials and witnesses said.

    It was not immediately clear if there was any damage or injuries in New York, but fire department and police officials in Dutchess County, north of New York City, reported structural damage to some buildings.

    Source: Reuters



    The Colorado earthquake that hit on Monday night in a record for the state is still being felt. Aftershocks documented on Tuesday are making residents uncomfortable after being on solid ground for so long. The first earthquake was slightly before midnight on Monday and was one of the largest felt in the area for forty years. The 5.3 quake hit causing residents to panic and they are still uncomfortable.

    The Colorado earthquake, near the New Mexico State line, had residents of both states calling the authorities to report damage and find out if it was actually an earthquake or something else. Residents of the small area haven’t felt the effect of a rumble in so long it was usual. The area, not known for earthquakes, is a majestic part of the Southwest with tourists coming and going during the summer months.

    Source: Gather

    Disaster can strike at anytime, anywhere.

    It’s never a bad idea to carry a 72 hour emergency kit in your car, on your person, or to stow it in your work desk. The first thing you’d want to do after an emergency is to get home, but home may be thirty or miles away for some people. That’s a long walk without food, water and a good pair of shoes.

    If you’re interested in building a kit, check out Tess Pennington’s recommendations for a 72 Hour Emergency kit in which she covers (extensively) must have food, water, clothing, shelter, tools, and safety supplies that should be in every kit.

    Hat tip to the many SHTFplan readers who sent us the reports from both quakes as they happened.


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      1. The quake was felt in Georgia too. It’s all over the news down here. Not as strong but what a distance it traveled.

        I wonder if the stores will run out of milk & bread today?

        • Nah, they will run out of 40 oz bottles of Old E and Miller High Life, and Cisco. The milk and bread will last longer

      2. Something big is coming our way. Mother Earth is trying to warn us of it. But there is nothing we can do about it anyway.

        You can only die once, no matter how many terrible things may happen along the way.

        • We felt it here in West Va. as well. You’re right – too many quakes, tornados & cases of severe drought this year to be coincidences. And we’ve got 4 more months to go. Pray and prep…pray and prep.

          • The world is and has been groaning. The carnage world wide and the natural ocurrances will, and cannot be denied. I’m not afraid and look at it matter of factly. I’ve been laid up for a few days due to twisting a knee in the yard the other day(stepped in a hole going to the garden). I’m glad that there were no reported injuries. I’ve walked this earth fifty plus years and this is my first quake. I hope I get a pass on any forthcoming. My poor rooster, when I went to check on the chickens, was crowing with every step he took. Due to the fact that I couldn’t do a whole lot, I was setting up my SOC belt and TT vest with double shingle and dump pouches when it started. When it was over I gimped down to my shop and checked the concrete floor for damage, GTG. I will go out on Thursday and put fresh gas in the jerry cans for the generator in response to the hurricane that might come up the Chesapeake Bay and the eastern shore where I live. Fun time for sure, I hope you all fare well.

            • Eastern shore here too. I didn’t feel it in west oc but family in Cambridge and princess Anne did.

        • Then I’d die knowing I am a solider of God, let evil cast the first stone so that the righteous can smite thee back to hell…Oh and East Coast today was your sign

        • It is not often I agree entirely with you GC….. but I fear you are correct. Too much is going on all at once, like a merry go round spinning faster and faster. Something wicked this way comes.

        • Two words:

          Scalar Weapon!

          • nope, this wasn’t a man made one. But they would love for all us tin foil hats to think that, it wouldn’t scare the masses near as much as the truth that they are hiding.

            Do you know how many EQ’s happened just yesterday all around the globe and all in between the 36th and 39th parallel line….most real close to the same time as Virginia’s

            • Gotta admit, I’m curious about how far the east coast quake traveled. I mean, really. That sucker shook things up ALL up and down the coastline. I’ve never heard of a quake being so linear and traveling THAT far.

        • Somebody needs to give the east coasters a lesson in earth quake response: 1. Do NOT run into the streets with high rises all around you. They can shower you with bricks, concrete and glass etc. 2. Shelter in place in the triangle of safety ( not a door way) and away from glass or tall objects that can topple over on you, and low to the floor. 3. when the quake is done, move carefully and quickly out of the building to a large open area without any wires or poles over or near you.

      3. Those that are on the fence about prepping arent anymore. Which in turn will raise the price of prepping stuff. “they all laughed at Noah when he was building the ark”

        • This is what drives me nutso about non-preppers. They think just because many are preparing for economic collapse that that must be the only reason.

          Anything can happen to upset our normal routines, a car survival bag is indeed a good idea.

        • I was just going to say – Lots of new preppers now. Prices will be going up….

          BTW, anyone know anything about Elenin or, what was it, Nibiru or something like that?

          • i dont know about that(nibiru or elenin) but nasa scientist says that there is a a planet outside our solar system and that is the reason for a high amount of comets and asteroids……give me a minute and ill post the link.

          • Poa: It’s suppose to pass through on October 16th 2011.

            • Oh planet X (nibiru) that’s just my other ride the “Death Star 2”

              OK fun aside, I think that isn’t scheduled until fall next year, but I could be wrong here is Wiki on it, just type in planet X, was interesting..


          • Plain Old American (& Durango):
            Here’s a 117 page document that will blow your mind away regarding Elenin & Nibiru. Elenin is just an orbiting planet out in front, and it’s Nibiru that is wreaking havoc (3.3x size of Jupiter). Awhile ago, Durango requested something to support that type of mass, well here you go. Download this document, and get familar with it. By the way, this would explain why Saturn has been under “attack” since December, as that is when Nibiru’s sphere of influence intersected her orbit…BTW, Saturn is completely turned around on its axis…Saturn is 8AU away from Nibiru, and is dozens of times larger then the Earth, and yet she flipped over…

            Download this document and get familar with it. Lots to disect. Then come back and we’ll discuss.


            • that sounds familar YourDaddy with what Augusto Perez said in his interview with Nathan Leal about Elenin just being a harbinger of things to come….but he called it Nemesis instead of Nibiru


            • So does this have any new info other than what you and I have already seen?? I don’t have time to read 100+ pages of stuff, especially confusing as this stuff is without interpretation or paraphrasing. The JPL stuff on pages 41-50 are extremely confusing?? SO is there now two Elelnins?? or is the red one on the same orbital path Nemesis/Nibiru? If so how in the world did anyone get it to show up on a JPL site???

            • Your link to this document has finally spurred me to come out from the depths of ‘the lurker’ and finally post something! Thank you for providing this link. Wow! I have been looking for something that can scientifically and concisely tie all of the endless pieces of info on Elenin and Nibiru together and this one does that in spades! Now I finally have something I feel I can send on to those people who think this is all a bunch of lunatics howling at the moon – or, in this case, Elenin. Amazing document!

            • That’s FREAKIN’ scary. What scared me most was that I went to Google Sky to that location. I missed the part about looking at it in infrared, but stumbled upon it by accident. It’s like looking into a dark hole just as the monster jumps out. I nearly pee’d my pants.

              Frighteningly, the image in the document is much smaller than the image is now. This tells me it’s getting closer…A LOT CLOSER.

              “Sometimes I wonder,’why is that Frisbee getting bigger?’, then, it hits me.”

            • Brandon-
              MAKE the time to read this document. 1/2 of the pages are filled with diagrams.

              In a nut shell, the JPL site doesn’t cotain the “Diamter of influence” line (in red) that was drawn in to give you an idea how LARGE this star’s gravity footprint is. Elenin is most likely an orbiting planet (visible to us) that is being proferred to the public as a comet…There is NO way NASA could suggest this was anything but a comet as to say it is a planet would open up pandora’s box. The reason we’ve all believed ELEnin was the source of the seismologic events in Japan/N.Z./Chile/ is because she is actually lined up with her star during those events. It is the star (with tremendous mass = 3.3x the size of Jupiter) that has been affecting our inner solar system. As Saturn entered this star’s diameter of influence back in December, she began to literally erupt. Surface photos show storms multiple times the size of our Earth on her surface. Since she has been under this star’s influence for the past 7 months, she has also flipped on her axis. Remember, Saturn’s mass is enormous compared to the Earth, and this star had no problem affecting polarity control of her from a distance of over 8AU. This star is currently inbound at the same rate of speed as ELEnin, but is exactly 1 year behind her. The star is currently on Saturn’s orbital line, but her large footprint (the red line in the JPL diagrams will soon overcome all of the planets in our inner solar system. One of the interesting points I found interesting, is that this star will require a full 7 years to come & go. Obviously, she is almost half-way through that time frame, could that relate to the Tribulation period mentioned in the Bible? Remember, the first 3.5 years of Tribulation are defined as bad, but not catastrophic, while the last 3 will see people praying “for mountains to fall on their heads” (to put them out of their misery). That is just food for thought.

              Either way, READ this document!

          • There are 2 out there YU55 and Elenin both coming in from a non recognized asteroid belt. Wondering if this is why the urgency to pack the underground cities in Missouri and other parts of the US. Some say YU55 has the possibility of hitting mid next month while other predict impact in 2012. Either way I think any impact would be terrible.

            • Three………you forgot Levy

      4. 5.3 in Colorado. 5.8 in Virginia. What is right smack in the middle? New Madrid Fault Line. What do you guys think?

        • Been watching several swarms of small quakes for months in Western TN, Eastern AR. area.. there have even been several south of Dallas..

        • Yeah Dude!!! Didn’t even think about that one. We usually get a 4 here in Maryland once every 2-3 years and a 5 once a decade.

          If New Madrid goes off you’re looking at a 10 or 11 or 12 at the epicenter (chaos, total destruction, flat earth becomes ridges etc.) and the reverberations will be felt across the continent.

        • I was thinking the same thing – Big. It’s just a matter of time!

        • I think I’m gonna lose all my preps of 3 years storing??

        • Wonder if this is why FEMA and the military has moved so much US based operations toward that location. Also thinking the FEMA RFP for freeze dried foods, blankets and body bags is related to what’s coming our way in the near future.

        • What i’m thinking is that i moved out of west tennessee just in time!

        • I get your point but also, half the nation is in the middle.

      5. Long time reader, first time posting. I’m in NC roughly 300 miles from the epicenter in VA. We felt the tremors well enough it was shaking computer screens. I agree, the planet is trying to tell us something.

        • My computer screen & desk shook all the way down here in Georgia. We must be 450 miles from the epi-center. I’ve been in MANY earthquakes in my life (in central America & California). But none in Georgia – and I’ve been here 20 years…..

        • planet is a living entity.. somtimes i think.

          • I agree… and she is getting tired of little pests called humans…

      6. barakolypse obamagedon

        • That caused me to LzeroL

        • Notice how he’s safe up there in Martha’s V…..with the other rich elite bastages he claims to hate so much.

          • I’m not sure how safe he is…. If this had happened out at sea off the East Coast….TSUNAMI ANYONE?
            Say Good Bye to New York, Boston, Washing, M.V.
            and Say Hello to HELL!!!

            • Funny how he said he felt it on the golf course.

              I wonder….if any major destruction happened do you think he’d stop playing and actually address the situation?

              Not I. At least Bush traveled to Katrina and the gulf coast, even if it was just to tell Brownie about his job well done.

            • W74 – Bush was on a month long vacation during Katrina!!! what the fuck are you talking about?

              I’m not an Obama fan but don’t think Bush is any thing to be proud of, he’s just as bad!

          • What you mean I missed???….Vadar swing this ball around for another pass!!!!

            • Man Up, I think you missed what I said.

              I said at least Bush took time on to visit Katrina (even if only to tell Brownie about the heck of a job he did) and I’m neither a Bama nor Bush fan, that’s what the fuck I’m talking about.

              Was wondering if Obama would do the same during a disaster, though I think he DID visit Joplin, but then again he didn’t have a golf club already in hand.

              I think we’re saying the same thing using different words.

            • W74 – Got It!

              I just get a little annoyed with those who think Bush hung the moon.

              To me those folks are Sheeple in Preppers clothing.

              I didn’t mean to dis you, I just don’t think any of them have our interest at hand.

          • Jim, he missed his putt because the ground shook a little!

            • Wonder why bo hasn’t had his watch or wedding ring on lately?

      7. Shake rattle and roll here in VA. Beach VA……took pictures off the walls….however, people still walking around here like nothing is wrong….gotta love that beach attitude…

        • Same over here in Staunton, driller. Had some make a big deal out of a little , meanwhile all the country folk just kept gettin. Now we got the quake out the way, bring on the hurricane!!

          • Staunton, that’s a classy town along with Lexington and Roanoke. That whole VA I-81 corridor is beautiful, rural and old school.

            • It certainly is. I’ve got family in Front Royal, Strasburg, Winchester, and Stuart’s Draft. I travel down 81 and always stop in Elliston off Rt 11 @ Big Spring Grain Mill and pick up several five pound bags of their seasoned flour as well as some buckwheat pancake mix. That seasoned flour is great for dusting chicken, pork chops, fish fillets and oysters prior to hitting the oil.

        • Just wait until the guvamint tells the sheeple that half the buildings are uninhabitable. I’ll bet school is even delayed.

          • Schools out til sept 6 for that county

      8. The weather and changes taking place with our planet are probably more of a valid reason to prepare than the next financial crisis that is coming our way.

        It looks like a perfect storm is brewing between the two factors mentioned above among others.

        Yes… It started…and it will become more prevalent in the days, months and years ahead.

        Shit Is Finally Hitting The Fan, and for those who’ve been saying When… Well Here Are The Signs!!!

        I hope You’re ready!

        • Yes, I started thinking that too. Then, the economy started being a big deal. Now, Mother Nature is showing her ass again (if the quakes weren’t man-made). Who knows where the deathblow is coming from. Fortunately, you can prep for any of the above in approximately the same ways. Only minor differences.

      9. I was on my daily mountain bike ride through the neighborhoods and felt nothing (it’s always bumpy on the bike), when an 8 or 9 year old boy ran out of his house and flagged me down. He looked scared and said ‘Mr., something’s happening, my house is shaking.’ I though, truck rolled by, low flying jetliner, refinery explosion, gas explosion, and yes, earthquake in New Jersey. I calmed him down, told him we don’t get house-destroying quakes around here, and his older brother came home from a friend’s house. By then, all the neighbors were coming out, and all the dogs were barking.

        I called home (two cell phones, one land line), but service was out. I rode home where everything was fine, of course (left-coast readers may chuckle now). Nevertheless, when a kid is so scared he stops a strange man riding by and asks for help, you know it can’t be good.

        A day after CO’s quake, this is getting wierd.

        • Also, in my pockets and my biking butt bag, or on the bike:

          Mini flashlight
          Lighters (butane and keychain lighter fluid type)
          Ferro rod
          Spyderco Tenacious lock blade
          Becker Necker
          Multi-tools, small and medium
          Small first aid kit, including 1 Israeli battle dressing
          Personal defense device
          Stainless steel bottle of gatorade and plastic bottle of water
          Under $50 in cash, and wallet
          Cell phone
          25′ paracord
          2 granola bars
          Spare tire, pump, assorted bike tools
          small can of WD40
          bandana and 2 paper towels

          Glad I had what I had — even happier I didn’t need it. What was missing from my kit?

          • No fire arm?

            • oh ..sorry i think i see it,, personal defense device?

          • Try a Springfield 1911 Ultra Compact in 45ACP and 3 mags of critical match or Gold Saber. Its a Good pack gun until you can get to the house to check on the family if riding. I have one in my saddle bags for my Trek MT or KLR 650 never know who is on the trails here in CO., and of course I have the proper C.C.W. for it. Roughly add 3 pounds or so of hard hitting protection

          • You’re missing duct tape. Many uses, even medical.

          • As far as I’m concerned, nothing. I’m copying and pasting your list so I can make one like it. HAHAHAHAHAAAA!

      10. To bad we can’t get lucky and Martha’s vineyard falls off and sinks into the abyss while 26000 is still on the ground.

        • I think H.A.A.R.P. should have aimed better

      11. us prepping kooks became alittle more credible today, its nice not to be as worried as everyone around me, people are tring to figure out what they would do if the quake would have been bigger, i just smile and keep on working

      12. I think they’re doing some underground construction in the area to the North of Nelson County. I would not be surprised to learn of a new underground COG center to replace Green Briar.

      13. I experienced my first EQ a few years ago in Mexico. I was in a Dept. Store with a Mexican buddy.. everything started shaking like mad and I didn’t know what the F was going on.. I turned and looked and my buddy was flying out the front door. It stopped about the time I realized what the heck it was and my buddy returned. I was still shookup and asked him why the heck he didn’t grab me when he lit out. He responded matter of factly; “well, someone had to be out there to tell them there was a nice gringo buried under there” True Story.. still LMAO everytime I think about it.

      14. Felt it here when I was in my girlfriends house. As soon the house was shaking I knew something was wrong and went outside. If a big earthquake hit New York it would be Katrina times 1000. Now an earthquake in Colorado? Seems something big is going to happen. Could it mean the Madrid fault Line soon to erupt? I pray not.

        • No offense, but yea, it would. Here in South Mississippi, which was hit far worse than the Lamestream Media would ever report, despite utter chaos, we all kinda stuck together and worked together to make it through. The worst incident I heard about was a guy who killed his sister over a bag of ice (which were like gold at the time).

          I don’t think New York would work together for anything but Mutually Assured Destruction in a SHTF situation. I truly pray I’m wrong, because we’ll be seeing those kind of situations more frequently over the next “X”-years/months/….days!

          May the Grace and Love of God find you and keep you all!

      15. Big deal. Out here in Cali, we surf those things. lol!

        Too bad it didn’t level DC. 🙂

        Seriously, people should feel a little better – the earth was just letting off some pressure. I dont see how that is a bad thing since it seems no one was hurt.

        If you are really afraid of a “big one” look to your animals -they can feel them well in advance….

        • Yes it was a shame, also the he was somewhere else too.

      16. Sorry about the quake earlier, I had a bit of gas from all the B.S. the Gov has fed me

        • +1 lol

          • AWESOME!!!!

        • priceless

        • LOL….I thought Barney Frank was “expressing” himself again. 🙂

        • Don’t let Al Whore find out, he will want a carbon tax put on your arse wind, nuk, nuk, nuk!

          • Dang! I should have copyrighted “Al Whore” when I had a chance! I thought I was the only one that knew that he was a stand in for Bill Nye. You know “Bill Nye The Science Guy”? When he’s on vacation “Al Gore The Science Whore” fills in for him.

            • Sorry, Netranger, i have already applied for the Patent!

        • And I thought my gas was bad!

      17. I turned the washing machine off.

        • Anonymous

          I know the Store told you to not put to many politicians on permanent press cycle, you have to wash one load of them at a time and don’t worry about the bleach it’ll eventually get rid of the S#*T Smell..

          • Yes SG, but she likes it out of balance & I keep fixing it. It’s and old Maytag, go figure.

      18. The folks in the picture look like deer caught in headlights. But really, 5.3 and 5.8. Fairly common up here in Alaska. We don’t get too concerned until it hits 7.0 or so. The difference between 5.8 and 7.0? Roughly 15X worse energy-wise. 5.3 and 7.0 is 50X.

        For earthquake data, google IRIS.

        It is fundamentally impossible to have mountain ranges and attendant peneplains without fault lines. The east coast is on a peneplain (except Martha’s V which is a terminal moraine) and Colorado is mountains. Faults are everywhere. So no reason to take up bed-wetting in response.

        • When you felt your first, you were probably in a place where they’re common, and surrounded by people who’ve been through many. When that situation is reversed, you’re forced to run through the checklist of possible causes under duress, until EQ winds up being the most likely culprit, and the shaking stops. Some of the other possibilities are unsavory, as is the prospect of the little shaking getting WAY worse. Otherwise, no major damage, no major injuries = wild good fun!

        • LMAO! No reason to take up bedwetting…that’s beautiful, just beautiful. On a serious note, you are correct that it is fundamentally impossible to have mountain ranges and peneplains without fault lines. Simple geographical fact.
          What is interesting is that there has been an upswing in seismic activity and other natural tantrums from mother earth for a while now. Even though we who read here are preppers, we can find ourselves without our preps aside from our everyday carry. I think it is interesting how quickly the tsunami in Japan has fadded from most people’s minds-regardless of how prepped those people were, it was swept away and all they had what was on them at the time.

          • Not true here—I think of that nation and our Gulf disaster quite often and how they’ll be living with the consequences for decades, not years..

          • “Even though we who read here are preppers, we can find ourselves without our preps aside from our everyday carry.”

            You are so right. For that reason, my preps have been more in the area of knowledge than physical preps (don’t worry I DO have some physical ones). If my house gets flattened, I can go into the woods behind my house(assuming I’m not dead) and build myself and my family a shelter from whatever I can get my hands on. I can get food from the forest. And losing my physical preps won’t necessarily be a death-sentence for me and my family.

        • I thought the same thing about the picture. They really inspire confidence.

      19. Washington DC will break off soon and be swallowed by the Atlantic…..

        • Excellent News!!!!

          • I’d pay to see a tsunami rolling down the Potomac. Yea, I know. It’s a ridonkulus idea, but it was fun.

        • We could only be so lucky

          chances are, and the way things have been going around here, I dont think anyone that is supposed to be there, is ever there.

          So if it did float of and sink, we would still be stuck with the jackasses and the elephants and all thier cronies.
          They would probably take over someplace nice, and screw it all up too..even if they never came to visit.

        • Oh, you bringer of good news you! Well, I hope not! If the Atlantic does swallow it and since it tastes like complete shit it is the Atlantic will probably spit it back out and it’ll land right on top of my daughter in Cincinatti. She and her boyfriend just love Obama. If it lands right side up, intact, they’d consider it an upgrade to the neighborhood. I love my daughter but she and all her friends are proof positive that the voting age should be moved to at least 25.

          • Took me until 24 to come around to “the dark side” as my father calls it, so yeah, I agree.

            I’m not a fan of Handoutism.

        • There just might be a bit of truth to that response. Washington DC is built on a swamp. Until the advent of air conditioning, Congress use to shut down for the summer. Ah the good old days, eh?

          But seriously, I think it is in the Canary Islands that one of the volcanoes has a major escarpment of several cubic miles that is predicted to eventually drop off into the Atlantic on the west side. Submarine quake generated tsunamis are limitted to about 10 meters in height. Displacement tsunamis can be thousands of feet high. Examples: google Lituya Bay tsunami (something like 1200 feet)or during the ’64 biggy, Chenega went away.

          East coast ceases to exist with just a few hours warning if the thing cuts loose. You can bet over 90% of the people can’t get far enough away in just a few hours. Think gridlock.

          New Madrid might spawn a 8.0-8.5 tops. For all practical purposes, east and west of Mississippi River will be isolated from each other.

          BTW good reason to have a landline. Cell stations fail when electricity goes out and so no telephone. Landline works as long as the wire isn’t broken. Insert gratuitous plug for ham radio here. Cheap, easy and multiple choice question pool. Hams have always been the lead on emergency communications during natural disasters. It just pisses the Red Cross off because they can’t control us. Most ham rigs have general coverage receivers so you can listen to shortwave broadcast too. You don’t think all the tv and radio stations will stay on the air do you? And now!!! No morse code required. Last plug; imagine the local response to you having communications with almost anywhere in the world via our own satellites. Built and paid for by hams. Just don’t remind me on how much the launch fees have increased. Million$ for just a piggyback ride to orbit. I can talk via satellite from South Central Alaska into lower Alberta with a handheld station; radio in one hand and home-made antenna in the other.

          • I’m a HAM too. I gotta say, though. It seems like they’re trying to shut us down. Not enough people interested anymore. I know several guys who have been long-term Ham radio operators that have let their licenses drop because they just don’t CQ anymore. If amateur radio dies, we’re screwed in an emergency.

        • I love those seed packs. I usually go buy small packs at Osh every year and throw the packs in an old ammo can. I wonder if that will keep them good longer since the ammo cans are air tight? Anyone have any thoughts on that?

          • JJSan,

            I store my seeds in ammo boxes and cub scott popcorn cans. I kept the popcorn cans in the fridge but the ammo box in the basement the last few years as I took a break from gardening while I sold my house.

            The container did not seem to mater as much as the environment. I used a lot of old seeds (2004 – 2007) this year to rotate inventory. They took a while to germinate but those in the fridge had a 25% rate except the cucumbers did not germinate at all and neither did the okra. Those in the ammo box had maybe a 5% germination rate.

            My current basement is not cool at all in the summer and neither was my former basement. I would recommend a cool environment over a particular type of container, so long as it protects from drips and spills. We’ve had a major heat wave and drought in central Kansas this summer but the plants have been doing great.

            All my seeds now are from the 2011 just in case the SHTF. I even grew 17 tobacco plants this year for the first time and it is doing great. On a few I left the flowers on as they looked really nice and I wanted the seeds. I even smoked some today, 3 weeks after harvest and it was ok. These were the tattered leaves, the better one have dried and today I am starting to cure them.

            “Low Plans Perspective”

          • Best way to store seeds is vacuum-packed seeds stored in the freezer, and not the bastardized Monsanto, but heirloom seeds. Those you can plant year after year, and a book that you can get to help you do this is “Seed to Seed”. You can find heirloom seeds in a few places, but I recommend maconfeedandseed.com

            The increasing volcanic and earthquake activity lends credence to a “Brown Dwarf” entering our solar system complete with it’s own moons and asteroids. I recommend an underground bunker that you can stay two weeks in except for brief forays out for water and sanitation. That time period starts around 22 November of this year when we enter “Elenin’s” tail. Have you wondered at the death of the news on this “comet” that is going to come only .23 astronomical units from us? (An AU is the distance from the earth to the sun) Folks, that is not in our neighborhood, but arriving next door to our own house. I am of the opinion because of NASA’s alert to it’s folks back in June of becoming prepared; that there are some in the government that won’t tell us till we can see it in the sky for ourselves. That will be when the panic will hit.

            Hope I’m wrong.


      20. GENESIS 12:3

      21. Mac

        Did you know North Anna power station sits right above the epicenter and its a Nuke?

        When I used to live in DC we would barefoot on Lake Anna. You could even water ski in winter because it was so warm.

        • Interesting stuff…intel hub has some solid reports on all these goings on and they are specifically looking into the nuke facilities in the area…. The fact that the water was warm in winter is ….alarming… If Fukushima has proven anything, it’s that we will have no idea the severity of a nuclear crisis until it’s too late

          • and it will never be completely truthful in their reporting either

            • Nope. Because if it is bad then someone has to take some blame. And we all know that that will never happen in DC.

        • Same here Patriot. Grew up on Smith Mtn, Anna, and Moomaw. We always went to Anna later in the year for that exact reason! Now I’m worried to run my route around Louisa, Holly Grove, and Mineral this week! lol But I spoke to a good friend that works at the plant now and he said that it shutdown the way it was supposed when that happened. I trust the man, but you never know. Meanwhile he has to pull a double now to help inspect everything.

          • To me that was some of the safest water to be on back in the 80’s. They were testing and monitoring by the minute. I’m not sure of that today and the plant is over 33 years old now.

            If I lived there I would get a radiation monitor. Remember they said all is well in Japan to, and we know how that turned out.

      22. WTOP and the NRC are reporting the power station has been shut down due to an “unusual event” while the NRC accesses the situation.

        The emergency equipment is running on diesel generators. Deja Vu?

      23. This is a little girly man quake. I sleep through these all the time in Mexifornia. The media is causing panic.

        • When I was in Kookifornia we sometimes worried that the quake might knock our cocktail glasses off of the table so Tilt would usually yell something like “Shaker, grab ’em boys & girls” so we’d grab our glasses and watch the out of staters Jump under their tables.

          • It will suck when “the big one” hits and people stand around joking about it.

      24. It’s not just the CO and east coast earthquakes w/in 24 hours of each other. There have been several increasing quakes through out the Bible Belt. I’m concerned the New Madrid fault line is warming up!

        A faulty economy…
        now a (continuing) faulty earth…

        If you’re not prepared now, don’t wait any longer!

      25. But suppose there was a massive quake on the san andreas and the western edge of california stayed there and the whole rest of the continent sank? Better start shipping life rafts to kansas just in case.

        • Beach front in Ponca.

        • SmokinOkie:

          The lowest point in Kansas is 670 feet in the southeast corner by Oklahoma, Missouri, and Ourkansas. Mount Sunflower is 4,039 feet above sea level towards the Colorado border by I-70.

          It would take a lot to remove Kansas from the map but I like your premise. Images of Wile E Coyote sawing off a branch and the tree falling down come to mind.

          Send hot air balloons with those rafts please. I always thought that was the best place to be during a tsunami or earthquake.

          “Low Plans Perspective”

      26. Just a note about New Madrid Fault Line. I’m told that nearly every major oil and gas pipeline goes through that area. A major quake there would wipe out THE supply route. Also many bridges across Old Man River are in danger. Plus many cross country train routes.

      27. By the way- has anybody else noticed how ‘asian’ the new statue of M L King looks? Seriously. He looks like a cross between obama and chairman mao. Not trying to be funny, it really looks that way to me. Of course, the statue WAS made in china…guess that explains it.

        • Asian? The thing looks like a bad replica of the Sphinx to me.

        • The statue looks like an angry black male.

          • Well at the speed statues move we shouldn’t have to worry about a flash mob, L Zero L.

      28. I guess we all need to wake up and really get prepared. Better late than never.

        • YEP!! I’m gonna use this to my advantage and see if I can convince more of my friends to start prepping. They don’t make fun of me for doing it myslf, but I just can’t seem to get their butts in gear. Hopefully actually feeling something they couldn’t control will guide them in the right direction.

        • I think most folks who visit here are as prepped as their finances allow. Every once in while something pops in my head and I add another layer of redundancy to what I already have in place. That said, I think it is never too late to wake up and get “life insurance” for the road ahead!

      29. I’m like LMAO at all the people with terrified looks on their face over a 5.8 earthquake. Jeez, I live with earthquakes every day in the State of California. Guess what’s going to happen when the $hit really hits the fan, these people will just roll over and die. Here in California, we are prepared because it’s been drilled into our heads to have extra food and water. I wonder how many of those gasping people carried an extra pair of shoes or extra food to snack on in case they were stuck in DC or had to walk home? Common sense which is lacking in the human race.

        • The key is you live with earthquakes EVERYDAY!! People are blowing it out of proportion, but it’s not really a common thing here. I’m sure half the people in cali would be terrified to death if they had to deal with a 4 foot blizzard with no electricity and no way of going anywhere and the only heat they have is the wood they cut to burn in the woodstove (Yes, I know there are someover there that are quite familiar with that way of life, but it’s only a handful). The point is unfamiliarity breeds fear. I doubt any of them had an extra pair of shoes for just in case, but I know several ppl there that do keep snacks and water in their cars. Here we prepare too, but for more common scenarios like blizzards, ice storms, and floods. And we don’t prepare because we are told to. We prepare because it’s common sense.

        • I saw everyone standing out in front of sky scrapers on their phones. A few years ago here in LA we did a table top disaster drill on a major earthquake in the down town LA area. Planners believe that if there is a major shaker downtown that all the glass from the sky scrapers would fall and we would see up to 3-5 feet of glass at the base of the buildings. That being said, if everyone is standing around and were shooed outside by security, can you imagine the carnage once the glass starts falling if those planners were right? Just food for thought folks.


          • I remember reading about experiments in Japan where they found that the glass often bounces as high as 20′.

      30. Can you spell “FRACKING”?

        • No.

          How do you spell it?

      31. Just had an aftershock about 15 minutes ago. They just said it was 4.2 about 6 miles farther south this time

      32. Like the man said before, Calif been practicing for this for 30+ years. A falling building can sure destroy a lot of preps. Of course you have to throw in some fire
        and you have some good ol “shake and bake”.

        Just when you thought you were all done prepin mother nature slaps the back of you head.

        HINT- steel Reinforced concrete.water tight of course.

      33. Washington D.C. A.K.A. Sodom and Gomorrah. Meanwhile Caligula is playing golf in Martha’s Vinyard while his wife Medusa plans another vacation. Woe be to the U.S. government for murdering native Americans, Southerners, and peoples around the world. Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco too. D.C. will eventually reap what they sow. They will not escape Divine justice.

        • Nice analogy sir. That communist queer Caligula can go back to Gomorrah and shove a sand wedge up his Sodomy Chute.

      34. Up here in Canada, the quake was definitely noticeable. I work in an auto repair shop and was looking at some brakes. I didn’t actually feel the quake but suddenly the car raised on the hoist shifted and made a loud noise as it did so. I jumped back about 3 feet. When I went back into the office the folks there asked me if I felt the earthquake. Kind of scary to think what would have happened if we had been closer to the epicenter or in a stronger quake, with the cars already seeming unsteady.

        • Cabelas is having a sale on old surplus Mosin Nagants. They’re gonna be $99 each and the 7.62x54r Herter’s ammo is $9.99 per box of 20.


          I think not!!!

      35. You know its funny…I live south of the Great Lakes up in the hills and I didnt feel a thing….Oh Im sure it happened not because the radio said so but because alot of good folks like y’all say you felt it….otherwise Id assume it was some type of propaganda from barrybummer ….although I expect by tmmorrow the regime will add this massive shaker to the arab spring/japans quake and Michelles thighs… to the reasons why it aint working out fot barry too well!

      36. It was me. I’m sorry. I had beans for breakfast and… I’m sorry.


      37. When I want to find out about govt, the market, politics, guns and things in these categories I come to Mac’s site here. But when I want to know about these things I go to this site http://www.globalanomalies.com/forum/index.php?sid=0607262a5a4058db743f39c9d0badafa

        You guys are so good with certain things but the weather anomalies, outer space, and just anomalies in general your not so schooled in…I don’t mean this in a bad way. It would take me forever to try and convey these things from very knowledgeable people on the GA board…so please come check it out and learn what’s really going on that the MSM and govt won’t tell you. I honestly want you guys to share in this info and learn….but I am not good enough to try and teach it

      38. TXGranny visits there now too from here and she loves it

      39. oh, there are some people here I really do like and that’s why I share this site with you guys here….no alterior motives……trust me, time i s running very short. Don’t wait to get preps in September, it may be too late. And start thinking seriously about winter preps….wool clothing, the good kind, wood heat etc etc

        • costco rice, 25lbs 8.00 right now, it’s going to get worse…

      40. …a journey of imagination. Next stop- the OkieZone

        It’s 2 am. A truck driver gets really sleepy and pulls into a rest area for the night. Later, he wakes and, thinking it must be around 5 in the morning because it’s still pretty dark, steps out to the bathroom. Soon as his feet hit the ground he realizes something’s wrong. No pavement. He’s standing on dirt. Convinced that he’d parked in a paved rest area the night before, he looks around. No rest area. He looks out toward the highway, and it’s not there. No road of any kind. No traffic, no people, nothing. Feeling a bit panicky, he begins to look around. He can hardly see as he stumbles along, then he notices something gleaming before him. He touches it and quickly pulls back his hand. Whatever it is, it’s hot! A warm vapor of smoke seems to evelope him.
        Terrified now, he starts to mutter to himself. ‘I must have wrecked the truck and killed myself. That’s the only explanation. But then why is it so warm here? And this thing in front of me- it’s burning hot! Oh no! This must be the doorway to hell and I’m doomed.’ He sinks to his knees, sobbing.
        Suddenly he hears a voice above him “You shouln’t be here. It didn’t have to be this way.”
        Hanging his head he says ‘I know sir. I wish I’d done things differently but it’s too late now isn’t it?’
        “Yes,” the voice responds, “it’s entirely too late to change things now. The damage has been done and it must be paid for.” The trucker falls on his face, weeping hysterically.
        A moment later a woman walks up. She shines the beam of a flashlight up to a raised catwalk. The light falls on a man in overalls. “Who are you talking to, Zeke?” she asks.
        “Don’t know his name yet, Martha, but he’s plumb loco. Soon as I finished steam cleaning the holding tanks I was gonna go ask him why he drove through the fence and then parked that rig in the barnyard. But before I could do that, the crazy fool stumbled in here and started talking to the milking machine.”

      41. Are we talking inside dual or grade A dairy here. Queue the rooster, the doughnuts are done but the satellites are still on wobble. DE, DE, de, de. DE, DE, de, de. Pineapples to Hawaii, Caddy Shack in Martha’s Vineyard but no hole in one. The sky is falling, where is the ice cream shop! Look momma, a Bernanke in the sky, QEIII will be launched. I purchased Gadhafi’s golden hat on flea bay. I’ve been there a dozen times but the Russian fleet’s not double parked there anymore, sweet crude, who got the Au? I will park my convertible cadillac between two cars with no bumpers. Red Eye. BAC is going to need another bailout. Going down? Smack a liberal in the head… It’s a GOOD day.

        • What would happen if everybody across the U.S just called in sick, did not buy gas or drive, turned on no lights and turned their phones off and did not buy anything???
          Do you think someone BHO and his minions would freak out?

      42. for just 24 hrs

      43. Read a good comment by a gentleman on another blog who stated,”The earthquake was caused by the founding fathers rolling over in their graves.”

      44. It nice to see a group photo where everyone is not obese and holding a Ph or an I-Pod.

      45. If New Madrid goes, it will take a minimum of 30 days, just to restore basic services to most. Minimum. Most people in the affected areas will be out of work for longer. Gas and oil piplines shut down indefinately. If that doesn’t break the back of the economy, nothing will. On the brightside, Autumn is just around the corner. Leaves will be changing.

        • not necessarily a bright side….prepare seriously for winter….going to be one like none alive in here have ever seen

          • We keep hearing this–gonna swap the 250 gallon for a 500 gallon tank..fill it…AND LET IT SIT.
            Using central heat till something happens!!!! Saving every bit of gas we can.
            They’ll only fill 425 gallons in a 500 tank.

      46. Scientists are now saying this recent earthquake could be the work of a enemy type of HAARP weapon.

        Strong East Coast Earthquake Highly Unusual, Scientist Says

        Are We in a HAARP “Earthquake War”?

        Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.

        • that’s what they want us to believe …they are always wanting to capitalize on a catastrophe and this is easier to keep the masses calm than the real truth for what is causing all this stuff

        • reports from Russia that the recent earthquakes in the US were NUCLEAR ATTACKS on UNDERGROUND BASES in Virginia and Colorado! SheilaAliens channel: watch?v=lyqsbxXMhL4&feature=feedu

          • No not nuclear but high frequency active auroral attacks, thermo heating of the ionosphere directly above target zones, washingtin dc, they cause an earthquake in VA

            • Nope to both. Things are coming closer that are wreaking havoc, not to mention the holes in the magnetosphere letting things in……research proton spike before EQ and how warm it gets….what happens when things heat up and then cool down. Now look at all the solar storms we just had

      47. I’ve been prepping these last thirty years to cover not only for an economic collapse, but the coming earth changes. Both scenarios require the prepper mind set for shelter, food and security. The governments and shyster bankers are controlling and destroying the economies and I believe that is with intent. Then you have Mother Nature and she is still in charge of the elements and terra firma with geological evidence of her cyclical patterns and events.

        Earth changes resulting in a pole shift have happened several times before and it will happen again. Information from creditable sources is out there, yet like the sheeple that don’t want to acknowledge the economic crises and the resulting fall out, the same goes for the earth change deniers. (I said “earth change” not the “global warming” BS.)

        There are all kinds of indicators that something is different. Extremes in weather, 50 year flooding, no it’s 100 year flooding, didn’t I read somewhere of a 500 year flood? The tectonic plates, the latest being the Pacific plate with the Japan quakes and now the North American plates are in motion and overall there is world wide increase in volcano and earthquake activity.

        Unlike the economic disaster being prepped for, a major survival scenario for earth changes is location. Using the technology of today, governments around the world, including ours, using our tax dollars are modeling and simulating climate and earth change scenarios. They are aware of coming events. The latest being the plate holding the North American continent together has eased with the Japan quakes and is going through post quake adjustments. There is less holding the North American continent in place and the area to be most affected will be the New Madrid fault.

        The New Madrid fault AKA New Madrid Seismic Zone AKA Reelfoot Rift which runs up to the Great Lakes along the Lawrence Seaway and stretches from southern Illinois across western Kentucky and southeast Missouri, through New Madrid Missouri and south to parts of northwest Tennessee and northeast Arkansas. It is located about 25 miles under the ground and is located within the North American Plate. It is a rift in the plate, but has not split the plate. It is essentially a ‘scar’, a weak zone in the middle of the North American Plate.

        What does the government know? A hell of a lot. They not only have photographs and thermo imaging, but sensors, seismograms, sonic, ground and crevice devices, satellite and more by an alphabet of government agencies monitoring and modeling. USGS, NOAA, National Weather, Army Corps of Engineers to name a few. What should be of concern to those living in the Fault Zone is what are they not reporting and why and what are they gearing up for?

        RFI’s and RFP’s – method the government uses to inquire or purchase goods and services. There have been multiple these last several months. A billion dollars for dehydrated food. Another for fuel. How about the one for drinking water and blankets for 14 million people and “underwater” body bags for 7 million. (By chance the Seaway flooding land below into an uninformed and unprepared populace?)

        Then there is the May 2011 drill on disaster preparedness in the Madrid Fault area. The expose of the USGS which has for several years been fudging the numbers downward on the intensity of quakes therefore under reporting the true number of quakes overall and in specific areas. When comparing charts of those fudged figures with previous years and numbers, it don’t look so bad or intimidating. It’s the continuing disinformation campaigns which keeps the masses asses. If only folks would step out of there comfort zone and connect the dots.

        The following is a snap shot of what has, is and I believe going to occur because it is part of Mother Natures cyclical pattern and events:

        “…The N American continent has been getting these warnings for some time, with increasing intensity. Quake swarms in the New Madrid region and west of this spot have been occurring, and are on the increase. Sinkholes and shifting roadways are occurring from Pennsylvania through Tennessee and elsewhere. The center of the bow being formed by the N American continent, the San Diego area, has an epidemic of water main breaks, and the snapping rock inland from this point has affected a mine in Utah. None of this is officially ascribed to the New Madrid adjustment that is pending, though FEMA gives evidence of their nervous preparations for the disaster they know is pending.

        Will the New Madrid just suddenly rip with our predicted magnitude 9 quake? Hardly. There will be a progression of quakes in the magnitude 4-5 range all along the New Madrid fault line, which runs up to the Great Lakes and thence along the seaway. The bow will become more stressed, cracking rock inland from San Diego all the way to the Mississippi, and forcing adjustments north and south of this point too, from the Aleutian Islands to the tip of Mexico. Sinkholes and crevasses will proliferate throughout the US in her stretch zones, in a swath that ranges from the New England states south to the tip of Florida and all points west. This is a large bow. Then quakes will increase to the point of being considered magnitude 6-7 along the New Madrid fault line and its attendant splinters. The New Madrid adjustment will thus not sneak up on you, but will be well announced…” from Zeta Talk

        • Ladyhawke, JJ here.
          Can you give me a link for a map of the extent of ground covered by the NM faultline?
          I’m in Central Ky…southern border.

          Nice to hear from you–been a while.

          • JJ – thanks, missed posting too, but was an avid lurker. Added to preps – livestock and garden – besides the additional labor involved, took a part time job to pay for it all.

            I think this is the information you are asking for. Will be posting in three parts. The first and last is from a newsletter and is on current events supporting what is coming and is happening leading up to a Pole Shift. There is no web address for the newsletters, so I’m doing cut and paste. The second part has websites with maps, so all will be going through moderation before appearing.

            • Part 1 This is from: The ZetaTalk Newsletter, Bow Tightens, July 24, 2011

              “…During the 7 of 10 scenarios, the S America roll much precedes the New Madrid adjustment. What happens to Mexico when the top part of S America pulls west by 250 miles, shoving Central America westward in front of it? Of course the north Pacific is compressing in step with the central and southern Pacific, but surely Mexico would be affected, as would the countries in Central America being pushed to the west over the Cocos Plate. Per the Zetas, the N American bow essentially tightens during this time, affecting Mexico.

              ZetaTalk Explanation 4/30/2011: We stated that as a result of the 7 of 10 scenarios that the top of S America would find itself 250 miles further to the west, though not all of this would be due to movement of S America and the Caribbean and Central America. We have described the Pacific Plate as being composed of four plates, not one. They are folding over one another, and thus the Pacific compresses. What happens to Mexico during this process? When the Mariana and Philippine plates tilt and fold this affects Mexico, which is directly to the east. This portion of the N American continent moves in concert with the S American roll, putting the N American continent under an excruciating bow stress prior to its anticipated New Madrid adjustment. This will be felt primarily in the US southwest and east through Texas, as well as Mexico.

              A shift west obviously occurred from July 11 to July 13, as the bending and breaking in Mexico indicates. Costa Rico even lost a river.

              IMAGE: Mexico Breakage
              Veracruz: We Report Large-Scale Collapse in Geo Los Pinos II
              July 11, 2011
              Houses were almost at the edge of a ravine 20 meters, diameter of the dip is about 15 meters.

              Ciudad Valles: The Road to El Naranjo Interrumió
              July 12, 2011
              The asphalt began to break down to such an extent that there was a hole eight meters deep. The damage is significant, given the depth of 8 meters, which fell through the asphalt, and a length of about 30 meters.

              Colima: Rain Causes Heavy Damage to Road Michoacán
              July 4, 2011
              Three large cuts on the coastal road of Michoacan prevent the total circulation of vehicles in this line of communication linking the ports of Lazaro Cardenas and Manzanillo

              Tlahuac: Alarm Cracks in Valle de Chalco
              July 13, 2011
              The emergence of three huge cracks that damaged two avenues and at least 10 dwellings severely, so they require the presence of geologists from the highest seat of learning. Three huge cracks soon appeared, one with about 30 meters long and half meters wide in some parts.

              Costa Rico: 5.3 Earthquake in Upala Alajuela
              July 13, 2011
              In the moments following the earthquake, a community stood watch as their river disappeared in to the Earth. What is on the minds of many Ticos is whether or not this spike in activity is any indication of something bigger to come. …”

            • Part 2 Locations and Maps


              Kentucky lies along most of its length along the Ohio River, which will flood into the low lying lands of Kentucky as the torrential rains will be backup up by a Mississippi unable to empty into the sloshing Gulf. What this means for the residents is that they must run for the hills, and if living along the river will most likely not have this opportunity. Kentucky has a benefit for those living along the Appalachian Mountains, as they live on limestone strata that will minimize the earthquakes that will shake the world.
              ZetaTalk ™


              Kentucky has its back to the Appalachian Mountains, and thus escape to high ground is assured. Where land along the Ohio River will of course flood during the pole shift, and to a degree not imagined by the residents there, land in the vicinity will remain above the water line in the Aftertime as it is overall above 675 feet in sea level. The Mississippi will flood and backwash, to a shocking degree, as will the Missouri, and of course the Ohio River will do the same. Be well inland and out of the flood plain to escape raging trash-filled water on the move during the hour of the pole shift.

              ZetaTalk ™ July, 2010


              This shows the North American Plate


              This shows the Madrid Fault


              This gives locations so folks can select their own area

            • Good for you–we got serious about water and got 10 30-gallon drums twice!!!
              I filled the last 10 today.

              When empty, can be used to catch rainwater.
              Lexington Containers in Ky.

              Thanks—I am so discouraged about prepping living where I do–don’t get me wrong; been storing for 3 years–just afraid now.

      48. Makes ya feel good you listened to SHTF blog, and got prepared.

      49. HArdrock. Have survived more blizzards and ice storms with common sense preps- wood stove- battery lanterns etc. Primary heating is #2 oil boiler, but can heat whole house with wood stove. Always keep at least a complete 2 season’s worth of seasoned wood on the property. As a former scout and current emergency mamagement worker, I always say prepare for what you know mostly always and what you do not expect sometimes. What I mean is that in my area of the country, people run around like chickens w/o heads when a snowstorm is on the way buying all the bread and milk in the store. Yes, we need that too, but how are you going to cook and keep warm when there is no power or heat for you? I always say to guess a horse before a zebra. More often than not, the preppers here are going to use their skills for a disaster or an accident instead of the EOTWAWKI. Could happen tomorrow, but the reality is that you will more likely see a storm, or an earthquake than some al-kady in your back yard or the hordes of zombies raiding your stores.

      50. Supra-equilibrium events can and do occur. They are simply any events/occurrences, which exceed or fall outside of in some way our general concept of normalcy, i.e., equilibrium/usual/average.

        On that topic, I wanted to link to the following article regarding an event that occurred in 535 a.d. The eruption of Krakatoa at that time led to darkening of the sky in a way that few would believe given that this event is almost completely ignored by most history books along with the ‘History Channel’, et al.

        Whether, he is correct I cannot say, however the following article pieces together quotes from various people at the specific time of 535 a.d. These historical quotations all make mention of a darkened sun for upwards of a year or more, along with crop failures, cold weather, etc.
        The second link describes tree ring data pertaining to this period, which clearly shows a massive change in ring growth:

        “Continuous tree-ring chronologies, going back to the 6th century AD and beyond, exist for Finland, Sweden, the British Isles, central Europe, the Aegean, Siberia, North America, Chile, Argentina and Tasmania. In a substantial percentage …… the period 535 – 550 stands out as a time of unusually low tree-ring growth. In several key chronologies, that 25-35 year period contains many of the narrowest ring sequences known for the past 2,000 years…. From 538 or, in many places, 540, there was an almost universal massive decline lasting between two and eight years……This was particularly marked in the Southern Hemisphere.”

        “The final clinching evidence, however, comes from 10,000 miles to the south – from deep inside the Antarctic ice cap. … Scientists, again using ice-cores, discovered evidence of a truly massive volcanic eruption. The ice-core material revealed that acid snow had cascaded down on the Antarctic for at least four years running….(This) occurred sometime between 490 and 540.”

        Primary Article:

        Supporting article:

        “Eruption in 535 AD killed
        a huge percentage of the world’s population”

        By Michael Relfe


        – “In AD 535/536 mankind was hit by one of the greatest natural disasters ever to occur …. It blotted out much of the light and heat of the sun for 18 months and resulted, directly or indirectly in climatic chaos, famine, migration, war and massive political change on virtually every continent”.

        – The contemporary Roman historian Procopius described the mystery climatic disaster:
        “The sun gave forth its light without brightness like the moon during this whole year.”

        – In Italy a Senior local civil servant, Cassiodorus Sentaro wrote in 536:
        “We marvel to see no shadows of ourselves at noon….We have had a spring without mildness and a summer without heat.”

        Mac, if you read this comment, I thought about just sending this to you because I know that these comments can get buried and thus not read. I think it would make a good article for the site, and without a doubt it shows that there’s a lot more to history than any book or class can teach.


        • I also meant to mention that the article is derived from a book found here:


          The period known as ‘The Dark Ages’ lies within proximity to this event and the book actually summarizes the author’s theory that this event caused massive political changes in virtually all human civilizations at the time.

        • Hermes: Good info. Thanks for the effort.

      51. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

      52. Part 3 This is from: The ZetaTalk Newsletter, Executive Order 13575, July 31, 2011

        Thought provoking? It seems to me, it supports the government knows what is to come with the Madrid Fault and Pole Shift. Not a maybe – but when. After all it is Mother Nature and she seems to take her own sweet time. Why not let the populace in on the coming events? Maybe it is as Jack Nichols said: “you want the truth?” — “you can’t handle the truth”

        Per the Zeta, there are FEMA plans in place, instituted under Obama’s direction, to accommodate massive numbers of homeless refugees when the New Madrid and other pending catastrophe’s hit the US.

        Per Zeta predictions, which the Zetas have stated the Obama administration takes quite seriously, the Seaway will pull apart, the New Madrid adjustment will pull the center of the US on a diagonal, and the San Andreas will then adjust, setting off west coast volcanoes. The US will thus get a triple whammy – Seaway, New Madrid, and West Coast. A year ago, on July 17, 2010, the Zetas revealed the status of FEMA plans under discussion.

        ZetaTalk Revelation 7/17/2010: We have mentioned that FEMA and the US government have plans for a worst case scenario, where so many tens of thousands, if not millions of people are homeless due to simultaneous disasters that they are literally standing in the rain.

        Such a state is conceivable for the New Madrid disaster, for instance. What then? We have mentioned worst case scenario plans such as a type of martial law edict that every home with a spare bedroom be required to house a homeless person or homeless family. Another option on the books is to confiscate idle farmland and transplant homeless families along with seed and gardening implements and flocks and herds, so that they are forced to feed themselves or starve. These groups would be of a similar cultural background to their neighbors for the least amount of friction during such a transplant operation.

        Beyond these two extremes, the situation today where homeless families are seeking assistance from local governments and churches and the worst case scenario, lie the zone where individuals will increasingly be encouraged to reach out and help their neighbors.

        Now it seems these plans have firmed up, and are public in the form of Executive Order 13575! The Zetas have much to say about this very significant Executive Order.

        431 – Executive Order 13575 – Establishment of the White House Rural Council
        June 9, 2011

        Sixteen percent of the American population lives in rural counties. To enhance the Federal Government’s efforts to address the needs of rural America, this order establishes a council. There is established a White House Rural Council (Council). The Secretary of Agriculture shall serve as the Chair of the Council, which shall also include the heads of the following executive branch departments, agencies, and offices: [25 federal agencies].

        The heads of executive departments and agencies shall assist and provide information to the Council, consistent with applicable law, as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the Council. Each executive department and agency shall bear its own expense for participating in the Council.

        ZetaTalk Analysis 7/23/2011: We revealed a year ago the FEMA plan under Obama, to deal with potentially millions of homeless during forthcoming disasters in the US.

        Executive Order 13575 is proof that this IS the plan, despite whatever interpretation conspiracy websites might conclude. This is not part of the New World Order, nor it is targeting small farms or actively productive agricultural land. Take a look at the list of agencies in order 13575, 25 in total. It encompasses the entire federal government under the control of the Executive Branch!

        The rational for this Rural Council is to assist rural areas, so why is the Department of Defense, Veteran Affairs, and Homeland Security involved? Guarding the borders from invasion will be replaced by guarding survivor camps, clearly, with the Federal Communications Commission on board to assist such endeavors.

        If economic development is the goal, then why bother with Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, and Education? Such sociological infrastructure develops as a result of population increases, and their involvement is not required until such an increase occurs.

        If survivor camps were to be setup on idle land, confiscated from farms of whatever size, and to include national parks, this would explain the inclusion of the Department of Justice, Interior, Domestic Policy, and placing Agriculture as the head of the council. Contracts would be broken, and lawsuits in this regard limited to the point of exclusion.

        Economic development as the ruse would explain the inclusion of the Department of Commerce, Labor, Economic Advisors, Small Business Administration, and Science and Technology Policy. But building survivor camps in the interior would also require extensive coordination of existing labor pools.

        If law enforcement is expected to be overwhelmed keeping order in survivor camps, with a need to relax law enforcement in other areas, this would explain the inclusion of Environmental Protection, Environmental Quality, and National Drug Control Policy. The rules designed to protect the environment over human interests would be relaxed.

        If the Rural Council is to be funded from existing agency budgets, then why the inclusion of the Department of Treasury and the Office of Management and Budget? In the event of catastrophic Earth changes in the US, all funding would be diverted to priority issues.

        • P. S.

          Do I think this plan will work? Not! It is only a plan, and we know how successful our government is in carry out plans. The government will no doubt be inept and fractured. It will be Haiti. They still have no permanent shelter, drinking water or sanitary facilities. On the other hand we do have all those empty FEMA camps. Hmmm???

          The location I have chosen is considered a safe location. When the SHTF will be looking for like minded folks to weather it out with – like preppers posting here. If you are currently located in harms way, consider a hand extended your way.

          • LadyHawk,

            That was an interesting read, I will have to disect to absorb it but very informative in regards to something I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for the update in Gov. affairs, I guess I have been busy working on some project.

      53. JJ says:

        “…I’m on the New Madrid faultline in Ky.
        Scared isn’t even the word.
        I can’t sell; just not the right time-but I am alert. Will we get a warning?? Probably not, and there go all my preps. …..at a loss is what I am…”

        A 100 years ago, the populous in hurricane fault zones had little warning of a coming event. They knew hurricanes were prone to happen and in a certain season, but not the when resulting in tremendous loss of life and damage. Now we as human beings have advanced and have technology that has given us the ability to track and warn the populous of hurricane activity. Because we do, people get early warnings and know to pack up and evacuate. There are always those that want to ignore the warnings and ride out the storm. Their choice.

        The same here with the Madrid Fault. We know from history, geology and rock strata that the tectonic plates in that area have and will again slide or rupture. Guess folks are gambling not during their lifetime.

        We have technology that allows us to monitor plate activity but not predict as we do now with hurricanes. But, there are those with the technology – Zeta’s- that not only tracks but foretells the sequence of events of plate movement, just like the foretelling where Hurricane Irene will hit landfall.

        We have been watching on TV the storm Irene evolve from wind and rain to hurricane status. The Zeta’s are doing the same. Tracking when this one plate moves, then this causes these events and this is the next in a sequence of events. They have said the following regarding plate movement:

        a tipping Indo-Australia Plate with Indonesia sinking,

        a folding Pacific allowing S America to roll,

        a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift allowing Africa to roll and the floor of the Mediterranean to drop,

        great quakes in Japan followed by the New Madrid adjustment,

        which is followed almost instantly by the tearing of the north Atlantic Rift with consequent European tsunami

        I’ve been on this site since the late 90’s and their “predictions” have been pretty much spot on. In Part 2 I have included examples – the newspaper reports- confirming events of plate movement and activity and what that encompasses when that happens. You can do the same. It is documented with time stamps and articles from local newspapers that Indonesia has sunk in areas that residents can’t return to their homes. That the Pacific is folding and the South America plate is in roll. The same for the Mediterranean drop. The newspaper reports are there for you to read. We are down to the quakes in Japan and the adjustment of the New Madrid.

        JJ, early warning. That’s what you are getting. Hopefully, you will choose to board up the house and evacuate. Where? There are safe areas – and people like me.

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