Doomsday Preppers Are “Socially Selfish – Preparing Themselves and the Hell With Everyone Else”

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    This article has been generously contributed by David Nash of the Shepherd School. David is a  former U.S. Marine Corps non-commissioned officer and firearms instructor. He is currently an Emergency Management Planner and offers training and consulting services for Firearms, Security, Urban Homesteading, Self-Reliance, Personal Protection and Personal Preparedness through classes, workshops and the Shepherd School Website. You can also follow David via his Youtube Channel.

    Rebuttal: Doomsday Preppers are Socially Selfish

    This Friday morning I was sad to discover an article on emergency in the “Disaster Academia” section entitled Doomsday Preppers are Socially Selfish.  It amazes me how someone in emergency management that claims through her “academic” title to be intelligent fails to grasp how preppers actually contribute to safer communities.

    Both federal, state, and local emergency management agencies, as well as NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) like the Red Cross constantly educate the public on the need to have basic preparedness kits to be able to take care of themselves until the emergency response resources can be organized and distributed.  The CERT program (community emergency response teams) is a federal/state program with a proven track record.  The program takes citizens with an interest in disaster response/emergency preparedness and provides training in urban search and rescue, first aid, and other vital response skills.  The goal of this emergency management program is to reduce the load on “professional” responders by using trained citizens based in their own communities. No one is better suited for CERT than preppers.

    Ms. Valerie Lucus-McEwen goes on to say:

    You might wonder why someone like me, who has been in the business of encouraging disaster preparedness for a very long time, is so critical of people who are doing just that. It’s because they are being socially selfish – preparing themselves and the hell with everyone else.  Instead of spending time and energy making changes that would benefit the larger community, in their very narrow focus of loyalty they are more concerned about themselves.

    This is false on many levels, but I will pick out a couple.  First, if prepping is socially selfish, by logical extension so is buying car insurance.  It is spending personal resources to protect against a potential future problem.  Does Ms. Lucus-McEwen want me to pay for everyone’s car insurance if I am to have some for myself?  Prepping, like insurance, is something everyone can get, and everyone makes a decision how much they want to invest.  It is not saying ”to hell with everyone else”, its saying I am going to be socially RESPONSIBLE, and spend time and energy making changes that benefits the larger community by freeing governmental resources to go to those truly in need.  No government, organization, or person can afford to be totally prepared for everything, we have seen the devastation caused by Presidential Disasters like Katrina, Gustav, and  most recently Sandy.  The government has good plans, and some great people, and a deep pocket to pay for response, but it is not the solution to every problem, nor can it be.

    She then goes on to say:

    Emergency Managers can’t afford that kind of attitude.  It is diametrically opposed to everything we do. Our job is to prepare individuals and communities and jurisdictions and regions and – ultimately – the globe for disasters, knowing we won’t always succeed.  I could find statistics about how unprepared some citizens are, and then show you hundreds of active and volunteer CERT teams preparing whole communities. In major disasters (think 9-11 or the Christ Church earthquake or Superstorm Sandy), survivors for the most part WANT to help each other.

    I too am a professional emergency manager, my degree is in Emergency Management, and I have responded to several large disasters during my tenure in this field.  My experience causes me to feel the exact opposite.  I cannot afford  to not assist preppers.  Personal disaster preparedness is EXACTLY what we should strive to induce in the American populace.  Personal responsibility and self-reliance has made this country great.  Instead of looking down our noses at citizen preppers, and smugly judge their reasons, we should focus on what we have in common, and learn to work with them because we, as emergency managers have more in common with preppers than we have differences.

    Editor’s Note: The article referenced by David Nash has been removed by author Valerie Lucus-McEwen who cited numerous reasons for her decision to pull it from public view, including that she “wasn’t thinking this would be that controversial.” Though the original article was deleted, Ms. Lucus-McEwen notes that she stands by her original premise, which is that “DOOMSDAY Prepper’s [as opposed to DISASTER preppers] are socially selfish.” She says, “there is a difference between preparing for a major earthquake and preparing for the end of the world.” To read the original article in full, you can visit a snapshot of the page in its original state cached by Google or Bing.

    Hat tip to Prepper Website.

    Visit David Nash’s Shepherd School to learn more about Firearms, Security, Urban Homesteading, Self-Reliance, Personal Protection and Personal Preparedness.You can also follow David’s tip, strategies and commentary at the Shepherd School News and Article Feed.


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      1. Where do we get people with this line of thinking? Isn’t the prepper being socially unselfish by not requiring resources from those who for whatever reason choose not to prepare and by default require someone else to prepare for them? The selfish are those that although capable of suppling their own needs choose buying the plasma TV instead. They desire someone else’s resources instead of having their own be it charity or government. 

        • I agree Kevin 2, she is not castigating luxury car drivers who could buy a very nice but less expensive car and feed hundreds of people. She is not calling out those who buy the rediculously huge 20,000 square food “homes” who could buy a 10,000 square foot “cottage” and provide medial treatment for hundreds. No they are not selfish. No it is the working class who set aside funds to take care of their families in possible times of need who are selfish!! My goodness what is the world comming to? THIS is why Obama and all his communists friends are trying to “fix” this nation so that the selfish workers will be required to “share” and the wealthy won’t be bothered while the “poor” are cared for. Yep that lady is so on target that if she does not move a bit off to the side someone will take a shot.

          • She’s just part of the establishment.  Behind the scenes, I’ll bet she’s doing her own preps like there’s no tomorrow, so the rest of the masses can stay fighting over the scraps of the crisis, and out of HER way, while she laughs all the way.  Typical psychopathic traits of the elites, who will walk over anyone, even their own kids to feed their cancerous greed.  WTSHTF, after the blind masses fade into memory, the eiltes will naturally be next up for Darwinian deselection anyways.  Cancer doesn’t decide to just up and cure itself.  To the helpful, thoughtful, conscious preppers go the spoils!

            She kinda reminds me of that freaky broad who stated on TV a few years back, “Shut up and take your damn vaccine!”  Baaa, baaa.

            • I grew up in the 1960’s in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. We HAD to keep 6 months of supplies stored for winter. Sometimes there was no way you would get out of your driveway let alone 60 miles to town to buy something. If you werent prepared you had problems. I remember some years when we didnt store the wheat well and bugs got into it or the veggies spoiled because of a problem in canning them. So we ate meat. Meat for breakfast, meat for lunch and meat for dinner. The meat was always ok in the winter because of the cold.  But we really looked forward for spring. Sometimes out neighbors would have extra and traded with us. But it generally wasn’t much or given free. They needed it too but they were willing to help. We did the same thing during winters when we had a lot and others had little. But we never gave anything to the people who didnt prepare.

              There was one spring when a couple bought a ranch on a probate sale. They had big dreams for that place. But the first thing they did was have a yard sale and sell all the canning equipment, grain mill and other storage stuff. Of course people bought it and my father asked them what they were going to do for food storage.  They said, dont worry about us, we know what we are doing.

              The first snow came and dumped 2 ft of snow and they came to my neighbors wanting him to use his road grader to remove the snow to town. 60 miles. He of course said no. It is dangerous, there are ravines and holes and all sorts of places for the grader to get stuck in and leave me trapped to freeze to death.  They said, how are to get supplies. Everyone had told them that they needed to store for winter but they had very little. One neighbor sold them a beef cow and slaughtered it for them. They complained because he wanted to get paid for it. They ended up trading a piece of farm equipment but every time they saw each other there was anger . But after that winter the ranch was up for sale and the couple left.

            • I have a slightly different slant … WTSHTF this woman will be at the head of a “Committee” – which will direct the mob – to take from those who prepared  & give to those who didn’t.  She, of course, will “need” to be provided for first out of the confiscated goods … because she’s doing “important work”.

              • She stated just that. She has no 72-hour bag because she said she’d be at an Emergency Center helping others… My comment to her was, “How, with no food or water, can you help others?”   She can’t and won’t be doing without… she’ll be eating and drinking on someone else’s dime, justifying it by believing she’s doing good “for the community.”

          • c

            The “plan” in the end always was to make the middle class (well including upper middle) to pay for the poor so the poor don’t revolt against the rich. They disguise the end goal with either populist or collectivist oratory but in the end it always comes down to rulers keeping there’s and obtaining more and the serfs fighting other serfs internationally or domestically for their behalf. 

          • Agreed, but I think there’s something deeper at work here…

            Her point of view is very common to socialists and those on the “left” – that is, the collective should rule supreme over the individual. It is in my opinion an extremist position, and assumes far too much wrongly.

            First, her assumptions suck. A good prepper always keeps charity on the side for those in need in his or her own community. A good prepper always cultivates a community of like-minded individuals, since surviving on one’s own is infinitely harder than surviving as a community. An excellent prepper always goes out of his or her way to pass on skills and to identify how a community can maximize their chances of survival. 

            Thing is, a prepper also realizes that there are only so many resources to be had post-collapse, and that trying to prepare for everyone? The results are ugly: mob rule can quickly leave them and their own families in the same impoverished and starving hole as the mob of the starving and impoverished. Therefore, since you can only do so much, you band together with your community and look out for each other. 

            Personally? I prepare for myself and family first. My (very) local community of neighbors second. After that? As much as I hate to say it, the rest of the world is not my responsibility or duty.

            It isn’t a question of being “selfish”, but a question of reality. 


            As for the woman who wrote the article? Screw it – call me selfish all you want. That said, I sincerely doubt that she’ll give away her entire pile of stores to every passing refugee either – she’d be a liar if she said otherwise. 😉

            • I personally don’t trust anyone who has two last names; pick ONE of them, you daft fucker

              • OQ: I agree. The left likes to demonize their opposition in an attempt to discredit them. Personally I would never give a (post 67) dime to the American Red Cross because a number of years ago I saw an article that exposed the ARC Director of California making a salary of $400,000 a year. $400,000 a year? Imagine what the National Director makes. And that’s the trouble with most NGO’s ; they are created to benefit the managers more than the people that they are suppose to help. Then the politicos use them to spread their particular propaganda. 1,000 points of light? No, I don’t think so. More like a thousand more organizations that get grants from the Federal Government under the pretex of serving the taxpayers that they are milking. Engage!

                • As for the Red Cross…I stopped giving when I saw the mansion their offices occupy on the river front in Harrisburg, PA. There were, and are, many unoccupied office buildings in less expensive parts of the city that would have served just as well for a fraction of the cost and been safe from the frequent flooding of said river.  However, they would not have had the luxury address or beautiful offices they have in the mansion. Enough said.

                  BTW:  Charity begins at home and with your neighbors.

                • DK

                  i used to work with charities in So Cal. The head of the local Red Cross made $250,000.00 a year. The head of the local Salvation Army made $40,000.00 a year….The head of the national Red Cross makes almost a million per year, the head of the Salvation Army makes around 13,000.00 ……I give my money to the Salvation Army exclusively

                • Forget the Red Cross — give to the Salvation Army.  They do a good work.

              • @SonOfSam

                I was just thinking the same thing. Its the first give away that their a liberal and obviously selfish to their own needs. The minute I saw her name it all made sense to me. These are the very kind of people you had better watch closely, with one eye shut. 

              • To me, a woman with two last names usually should be using the surname “self-rightous bitch”.

              • Whn the soviets overtook towns and villages one after another like a whirlwind back in 1918 and onward, they forced the entire towns residents to bring all possessions into the town square.

                Or went house by house to take “Inventory” of ALL they owned. The soviets had a master list of what each houshold and individual was “allowed” to keep.

                It was like…Two pair pants, one being cold weather type, Three pair socks, Two shirts, ONE coat, and Two pair shoes or boots. And so on.

                They forced everyone to turn in all extra clothes or goods or foods stuffs to be “Equally Redistributed” as their infamous kommie slogan stated. “From each who Has, to Each who Needs”!

                Kinda like todays welfare and afirmative “action” (reverse racisim against whites) are.

                If anyone refused or complained?….The soviets took them to middle of town square so all could observe, and shot them in back of heads!….After that Nobody refused!

                Most folks and familys Lost a lifetime of wealth and posessions acumulated and passed down from parents etc.

                And of course, the actual kommie soldiers or “peasants” who readily assisted them kept their token “Percentages” and also had first dibs on extra nice or valuable items.

                You can BET your ass the head monky hobammy, a proven Kommie and proven Trained to be so, has similar plans for ALL of middle class and especially all “evil” racists whitefolks.

                And the best of our atributes, like we are usually the most compasionate, mercifull, and always ready to lend a hand etc, is Exactly what They use against Us!

                Most avg middle class whites think “Nobody can be That evil or bad”…..”Our fed gov would Never do such a horrible deed as set up innocent citizens like at Waco Tx.” “That just can’t happen in America!”

                While them Kommie evil bastards who are heartless-souless-mercyless, Laugh at such idiotic thinking.(idiotic to Them not me!).

                They Will use Our ways against us in the Worst ways posible. Besides awakening the masses, especially the middle class they also must become far less Niaeve and trusting.

                One more swell reason we cannot Never, Ever give up our firearms Period. None of Russian soviets evils is posible as long as so many are well armed, and won’t hesitate to use it when necessary against Tyranny, regardless who or what represents such tyrannical types.

                Too many now fully trust and Like, people such as the woman in article. Who is so obviously a liberal braindead kommie herself, and she shows how badly lib she is by removing article yet Refuses to “Admit” she is Wrong!

                Exact same mindset that morphed into russian soviets who were able to move from…..Today attend meetings of kommie babblers spewing political solutions etc, to Next week, dragging folks into town square and calmly shoot a bullet into the back of their Innocent heads!

                And Never admit it was wrong!…zero remorse. That same mindset IS what was/Is taught to all lib “progressives” today, and the last 60+ yrs.

                Do for the Greater good of all, and refuse to ever admit it is wrong. As long as its NOT Them who gets shot in head!

                I still recall what is probobly the very first slogans I learned as a small kid…..

                #1= The ONLY Good Kommie is a DEAD Kommie!

                #2= I Rather be Dead, than go Red!

                Thats still valid today, and even Moreso I rekon…

                • Strange how Russia has come full circle. They are moving into a new era, free of the communist shackles and becoming more prosperous than they’ve ever been.

                  America on the other hand has picked up the red communist banner of fear and intimidation. In all but name, America has become the Soviet Union. That wall on the Southern Border isn’t for keeping Illegals out, it’s for keeping us all in …… Comrades!!!

                • @Angelo

                  One small thing you forgot. The State sent a bill to the family of the person being shot, for the bullets used.

                • Guns are for hunting tyrants and commies and bears, oh my.

                  Remove the commies from Washington, D.C. and the rest of America and the buffalo would come back. The buffalo would push the barbed wire all the way to the mexican border making a wall five miles deep. Natures natural border fence.

                • Sorry to say Cede, but the Russians have not changed positions, only tactics.

            • I agree


              First of all look at her title line: ———————–Disaster Academiaby Valerie Lucus-McEwen: Degrees, certificates and relevant research for Emergency Managers———————-She pimps herself as an overlord of Emergency Managers. Like everything else in our degenerate society she believes everything must be “managed” and “controlled” and any opportunity to place yourself in a management position must be seized and exploited for it is your chance to promote collectivism and take the control that attends it.So folks who take preparedness into their own hands and do not fall under the veil of her collectivist philosophy represent a threat to her management empire and its continued growth. They are not dependent on any system and cannot be controlled (manipulated). The only way she can attack those of us who are innocently preparing is to call us selfish. This is wholly in keeping with her collectivist philosophy and is indeed a reflection of the mindset of the current administration. We all know that emergency preparedness has become big business. It’s promoted everywhere usually with the “first responder this or first responder that…” with the intent of convincing us that we are wholly dependent on these guys in a disaster and that all expenditures on these groups are justified. The classic fear sale. She completely ignores the near universal failings of FEMA….an Emergency Management Agency.She mentions CERT an example of meaningful management success, but even here she is trying to take credit in advance of a disaster because she knows that in a disaster over 70% of victims are rescued by their neighbors. This has been the case long before CERT was ever conceived. CERT training is certainly valuable and worthwhile but it is most attractive to those who would rescue a neighbor weather they had CERT training or not.Her whole article is simply propaganda.

              • Spot on, Chris.

                Gold Leader standing by.

        • “Where do we get people with this line of thinking?”

          Not from Noah, Joseph or Jesus!

          I bet you at America’s “Last Supper”, Jesus would have said the same thing.  If you haven’t a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.  Trust in Jesus.

          • Iowa, I was just asking myself the same question when I read your post.

            Where do these people come from?  I do not know anybody who has ever had said anything like this at least to my face.  Are they just being misquoted or is there really people out there who think like this?

            You know that back in the olden days before any type of government was involved people who had troubles were taken care of by church’s or organizations such as The Eagle, The Odd Fellows, The Masons / Shriners, The Lions, the Moose, etc.  These were the people who shared and cared.  God Bless all of those who contribute to this day by being involved.  Sharing and caring is a personal thing not a government thing.

          • Am I the only one who knows that Jesus said that only to fulfill a prophecy and that he in fact actually told Peter not to fight?  1 Peter 2:13 tells us to submit to those in positions of authority.  Hoarding is illegal, but we let people do it because we are keeping track of those who do so we can confiscate the contraband later.

            • For because of this you also pay taxes, for rulers are servants of God, devoting themselves to this very thing. Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor

              Ho-Ho-Ho… don’t think so—our rulers congresspersons are servants of themselves today, not God.

              So my s**t is not due them.  And, I don’t know Caesar and unless he lives at my house, he isn’t gonna see my stuff or partake.


            • @GovernmentGuy:  gee, I guess my copy of the Bible must be defective. Mine says that Jesus came to bring people to the Kingdom of GOD, but it should read ” give all your money to tax fattened parasites so they can pay their Wall Street masters”.

              Btw, its called “owning” not “hoarding”. I OWN My stuff. I owe you nothing. I will never to submit to your bullshit authority. 

              You’re “keeping track of us?”  oooooooooooooooooooooooo… I’m so scared. Your kind can’t figure out how to use Twitter without sending dick pics to co-eds, and you don’t know that Americans put the flag on the moon, not Mars.

              You want some? Come get some.

              • What a bunch of freaks!  I love it. What happens when you morons run out of food and water, and you can’t go outside to get more, are you going to put on your gas masks and go find other freaks, flash your badass guns and steal their stuff? I want to find every bunker I can after they all lock themselves in them, first weld them shut with my portable welder, drill a hole in the side of it, and pump in plenty of CO to exterminate any chance of offspring from mentally defective beings. Guns don’t kill people, psychotic wackos do.

            • While you maybe a brother in Christ.  At least get it right.  Jesus didn’t tell Peter to stop fighting because it was wrong for Peter to defend Him.  Jesus, told Peter to stop so that what had to happen could happen without Peter or anyone else getting killed or hurt.  Jesus, knew Peter”s heart and actions were right.  He was upset that Peter had failed to grasp the necessity of what was to come.

              Have you nev reasoned it out or asked yourself why Peter carried a sword in the first place.  Self defense is not a sin.  Nor is it a sin to protect the innocent against evil.  The commandments of Moses when translated correctly say.  Thous shall not commit murder.

              I agree that the taking of human life is a serious matter before God, but even  king David, was a man after Gods own heart.  God did not rebuke David for his taking of human life .  But there was a consequence David could not build the temple.  

              You do as you see best my brother.  Just as I will in following the will of God.  But please do not misquote scripture while you do so.

          •  Luke 22:36-38

            King James Version (KJV)

            36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

            37 For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end.

            38 And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough.

            So out of the 12 only 2 were to have swords. We keep using only part of the context when talking about things on this site. SO Jesus himself stated 2 swords were sufficient.  Hey if you don’t like it , I did not write it lol just repeated what JESUS said. 

          • Iowa,

            Funny that you mention that. Most Christians would reject your premise, but I do not.  Jesus was characterized as this peace keeping, meek servant of God. When, in reality, he was a rebel. The Bible has been re-written to the point where that aspect never comes out. All of the wishy-washy “compliantism” that modern day Christian ministers preach is a lie! Jesus was a rebel. You think the time he turned the tables over in the temple and drove the merchants out with a whip was the only time he was violent? No. Yet all you hear is “…if you live by the sword you will die by the sword.”  being quoted. What a crock! Its all in the interpretation and you get something totally different when you get the direct translation of the phrases out. We, as Christians, have been so brainwashed!

            Like many things in this world, law included, they’ve used word magic on us and twisted it. The Bible is no different. If you read the true meaning (and I mean you read the current day words and then go back and look at the Greek and Hebrew direct phrase translations) you get a TOTALLY different idea about what God asks us to do.

            In essense, it is: Ask your enemy for peace. Take a few hits. Ask for peace again. If you don’t get it. SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD! Never hate them. Never stop loving them. Never back down.

            When one starts reading The Bible instead of letting modern brainwashed sheople interpret it for you (and you stop reading what the cannon writers attempted to brainwash you with) and you find the full meaning, frankly, its quite liberating.

            It appears that the entire Bible was written so that people will think God wants them to suffer tyranny and oppression “peacefully”. This is not the case. Suffering for things that you can change is not what the Bible has in mind! In that case, we should all just be cold because we don’t need to turn the furnace on!

            Believe me, it is within Gods will to fight the criminal bastard class. Self defense and offensive against evil is DEVINE. Sociey and TPTB have brainwashed 97% of us. The 3%, however, are not going to take it much longer.

            Which reminds me, its why I like to come here and comment and read. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! Oh, I know, I get into arguments with some of you many times and I’m sure some of the things I write you don’t approve of, however, you are all my sisters and brothers within the 3%! The highest complement I can pay you: YOU ARE THE 3%! …and when the SHTF, we’ll all be trying to contact one another.

            Thanks again to Mac. If there was ever a 3% evangelist, he’s the guy! Thank you for everything.

        • No wonder there are so many hungry kids in China — it’s because you fat Americans are hiding all the food under your beds!  Just shameful! What would Obama do?  He would share your food with the world!  For FREE!!!

        • The less of the government’s “resources” are required for my family and me, the more of those “resources” there are to dole out to those who are in need.

          When did NOT taking something become selfish?


          • In my opinion Daisy: Because when you prepare yourself and your family, you set a “bad” example for the rest of the population. Because like;, “OMG ! I should be responsible for myself?”,  Is such a foriegn concept to the sheeple. (which consequently is EXACTLY the way the GOV wants them). What would happen to  the population, if they no longer had to  look to  Big Daddy to  take care of all their needs? Maybe the voting base would start looking at who’s running this country a little big harder and wiser, if they weren’t being hand fed (literally) by their Dear Leaders. What would happen if , during a major crisis the sheeps actually figured out: a full pantry+ clean water stored away= not having to  stand in FEMA lines for days and/ or dying from exposure, dehydration etc..?. The sheep would freak and want to  know WHY they were not obligated by the GOV to have these provisions put away.  A one paragraph blurb on a website the average joe doesn’t even KNOW about (CDC) doesn’t count as obligating the public to  be prepared. It’s more along the lines of the super- fast disclaimer from your local used car saleman. Just my two cents. Villify the guy or gal who  has their proverbial Sh*t together, so  the rest of us don’t look like idiots or worse: complicite with dooming millions to  starvation and disease post shtf.

            • bit not big  lol loooonggg day.


          • Daisy, you have it hit SPOT ON! I became a “prepper” years ago when I started my first teaching job.  I was hired two whole days before the students showed up, which is typical of the last minute, screw quality attitude I’ve had to put up with in my career. Anyway, no one told me where the staff lounge was, where there was a refrigerator, nothing, zilch, nada.  So I took matters in my own hands, and made use of the cooler I had had since working with my dad — he was a plumber, and I was trying to help.

            Well long story short, I got some (good natured?) flack from a few of my fellow teachers about whether I had some beers in my cooler, or if I had a heart transplant on ice. Well that was THAT: even after i learned where the staff fridge was, I went out of my way to use my little yellow cooler. Its become something of a trademark with me everywhere I have taught, and I use it to this day. I take up less room in the staff refrigerators, and since I can eat in my room, I take up less space at the staff lunch table. I also don’t have to listen to inane gossip or talk about the same old bullshit.

            If someone wants to give me shit for that, or for being prepared for events that smack others square between the eyes, well then, I will wear their scorn as a badge of honor

          • These kommie libs Always do what shrinks call “Projection”..

            Example:…same as say,  a married spouse constantly complains and accuses the Other spouse of Cheating!

            But later you always discover it was the one complaining that is really the Cheater!….They “project” their guilt onto the other innocent spouse.

            This serves(in Their small minds) to convince the mind of complainer it is Not them who is guilty. And gives more justification to Continue cheating!

            After awhile of projecting self-guilt unto the other innocent spouse, the complainer or acuser one begins to actually believe their own lies!

            Thats when they can become dangerous to the innocent one. Once rid of self guilt, not only can they keep cheating due to other spouse if who is guilty(only in mind of complainer) it opens the door to justifying Phys abuse too.

            After all it is the real guilty party who deserves an ass kicking right. But its most always the Real true guilty party who does the complaining and acuseing and ends up phys abuseing or killing the 100% totally innocent one.

            And it begins with a Lie of guilt “projection” on others.

            This is the same exact thing all dems and libs use against our types. makes zero difference if its name calling like “Stupid” or “Racists” etc. Its always Libs projecting their Own guilt or short commings on Us who are innocent.

            Name calling+ refuse admit wrong+Change “facts”+always believe They knows best for ALL others=Progressives=liberals=demacrats=KOMMIES!

            And always when loseing argument etc “Project” guilt onto others!

            Once well understood it makes liberals so “predictable” eh.

          • We became selfish by not getting caught on the government hook as planned.

        • Hey Kevin2:

          You got to give it (lead) to them, they got balls.

          • Iowa

            They will look at you straight in the eye and tell you shit is chocolate ice cream and then refuse to take a bite for themselves. 

            Two things they have an abundance of is gaul and audacity.  

        • OMG!!! Now we MUST have socialistic prepping too???  Survival IS a selfish endeavor…and rightly so.   You ever hear Mr. Lion say, “Oh, no, I can’t eat that full-grown antelope because he just refuses to fend for himself and we ARE socially responsible lions.”? 

          The bottom line is I have yet to talk to a prepper who hasn’t prepared something extra for their neighbors just in case.  Not gonna do it for ya, but if a kid and his mom came to my door hungry, you bet I would hand them whatever I could spare.  GET IT:  What I could spare. 

          I finally figured out why preppers are labeled terrorists…it’s because they can use it as an excuse to come in and steal your stuff. 

          • I find that prepping is as natural as breathing. I don’t see how breathing is “selfish” unless you are deliberately trying to suck the breath out of someone else’s  lungs. I don’t do that sort of thing because I find it to be the disgusting sort of behavior no doubt promoted by shrill control freak women who show their feminist “independence” of men by keeping their daddy’s last name

            • Didn’t say prepping was selfish — said SURVIVAL is a selfish act — “every man for himself”…”take no prisoners.” 

              Necessity REQUIRES survival to be a selfish act – because you and your family wouldn’t survive otherwise — … do you get it? 

              So if someone who makes absolutely no difference to me and my family’s survival wants to label my goals selfish, then selfish I am and proud of it because my end goal is SURVIVAL.  I am not even offended or angered by that woman’s article…she actually amuses me because she is the yardstick of stupidity…because she absolutely means NOTHING to me…and she shouldn’t mean anything to you either.

              • If early man thought like her, none of us would be here.

          • Mr. Lion? Is he any relation to Mr. Hungry Bear?  🙂

            • ” I don’t have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you!”

              While “stocking up” at ALDI today, a fellow shopper made the comment; “I don’t mean to pry, but it looks like you doing something charitable”. I just winked and finished shopping.  There is enough to help others if the need arises, but my first thought is my immediate family. That is my responsibility to the rest of society. Not to be a burden on others.

              These nitwits just don’t get it. Liberalism is a mental disease. How these fools keep taking the same bait just blows my mind. That being said, they are out of customers if people are responsible. And we get labeled as the “mean ones”.  I hate commies.

              • the government will soon say “what’s yours is mine”. They will just take your friendly donation for the nincompoop down the street that spent all his money driving that Jaguar to impress you. Many that live urban refuse to believe they are responsible for themselves…When the need arises they become animals. Attempting to train them survival skills will become nothing but a nonsensical “dog fight” of sorts…Of course they been voting democrat for generations…and will likely die in that twisted theory. They will be waiting for Roosevelt to put a chicken in their pot too….Guess what the DHS  could care less. They are about riot control.They have no grand design to feed 315 million for any length of time…not even a week. This is the most positive comment possible

                •                         This is a bad joke but just think how the  hardcore survivalists who minimal prep will look at it. They can take my shit, all of it. I Know how to make more weps if I need them, know how to hunt, fish, what plants to eat and not to eat, Know how to build shelter from nothing but sticks and leaves, can track, and have been going to an adult anex to learn  paramedic skills.  Will it be as easy as if I had a hundred #10 cans? no, but can i do it? yes.  Imagien if your preps all go poof. We heard abotu the fire a few weeks ago wiping ppls preps out. floods, goverment takings(this one is  just speculation atm but it can happen it has in the past )

                                       Time to ask yourself. Can I? Well? If yes then you are Prepared for what comes your way that is within your abilities to deal. ( even with my skill set an earthquake can split the  ground and suck me down aint shit im doing about it but cursing my way down the pit)

                                If no?  Then you are not prepared. Learn what skills you can while you can. Practice. Master. Be Self Reliant.


          • Insanity, you are absolutely correct about them coming to take our stuff. Hell, it’s even in obamas E.O’s.

            • right. let the halfrican send his ass-wipes to take my stuff. they’ll get it, all right, ammo first…..:<[

          • Lion was a bad example, they are socialistic in their feeding, lion gets his share then the rest come in for thiers.

        • What ever happened to the concept of being left alone?   To all the academic and government meddlers:  Go AWAY.    I am so fed up with so-called experts telling me what to do while they have never split logs,  wired a circuit or delivered a baby. The academics I am related to are calling me or my brother when they need something fixed.    They couldn’t find their way out of the woods on a bet, but then…that might not be a bad thing. 

          • CameronD – the concept of being left alone ended during the presidency of Lincoln, when he decided that the South couldn’t secede and be LEFT ALONE.

          • It died with Vicky Weaver and her son on Ruby Ridge…..

        • Kevin2, That’s because you are looking at her comments from a responsible, self-reliant,  and accountable human being point of view. When she was actually stating that comment from the arrogant, communistic, and collectivism point of view that runs rampant in America today.

        • This woman is so far away from making sense that she could be talking in another language.

        • If the government could run everything we wouldn’t have any problems.  Government farms for food, government gas stations, government utilities, Government loans, Government housing, … you get the idea… government can make mountains of stuff… and we just wait in line for what we need.

          We have more disposable income (we all save since government cheaper) then you hire someone to stand in line for you like on Black Friday.  Standing in line could be new job for millions and unemployment go down at same time. Problem solved.

          • “The most terrifying words in the human language: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

        • If the government could run everything we wouldn’t have any problems.  Government farms for food, government gas stations, government utilities, Government loans, Government housing, … you get the idea… government can make mountains of stuff… and we just wait in line for what we need.

          We have more disposable income (we all save since government cheaper) then you hire someone to stand in line for you like on Black Friday.  Standing in line could be new job for millions and unemployment go down at same time. Problem solved.

        • Kevin et al

          When you believe and act on what you are doing..and no one is dead because of it..

          then to hell with them …tell them all to f off!

          end of story..

          That’s my take on this entire bullshit..f off..period!

          no need for discussion or of why what we are..


        • RE: The article :  I saw this elsewheres,  and I think She is  a

          STOOPID schill for those that are keeping track of (or trying

          to) who is stalk-piling what.  FUNNY 🙂 


        • I as a prepper try to convince other non believers to prepare and they scoff at me.

          My wife says they cant afford it.

          I say they take vacations and buy nice cars…etc

          I am sorry but I dont feel sorry for those who dont prepare,

          plain and simple.

          If a  “Sandy or Katrina” hit tomorrow across the entire country millions would die!

          Nothing is going to change their mindset.

          We had a glimpse of chaos with just black friday.

          Sadly as stated you cant fix STUPID!

          • Lets call ourselves “Jonestown”, I’ll be in charge of the Kool-Aid. You people have what we refer to as a “soft brain.” You’re too stupid to see the similarities between Newtown, Columbine, and how you bring your children up thinking the way you do. The sooner you f*cknuts realize your “Pied Piper” is a false prophet, the better off this world will be. You should be ashamed of yourselves, but you can’t accept any blame yourselves. YOU ARE ALL SICK IN THE HEAD-GET HELP

        • people people

          this woman IS a prepper,,think,,she goes to gas station fills up with gas,,not just one gallon,,grocery store,,more than one roll of tail timber,,or roll of paper towels,,,,eggs,,bread,,milk,shoes ,,,panties,,,bra`s,,,socks,,ect ect,,,think folks she is and doesnt know it,,,i`ll be if she owns a weapon she has more than obe bulletttttttttttttttttttttt,,,what do you think

          my family has an ols saying “shit the more you stir it the worst it stinks”

          she can come to my place anytime,,and i`ll share with her,,,,



        • PHUCK VALERIE.

        • How does it go , give a man a fish it feeds him for a day, teach him to fish it feeds him for life.

        • Being of the older generation this kind of thinking is just what the government wants, a bunch of ‘give me what I want’ and will do whatever necessary to get it.


          We worked our butts off preparing and for years have been outspoken about preparing and just up the road ‘Sandy’ hit and churches, private citizens and groups showed up to help, not FEMA or the Red Cross because we, the little people know and thank God we can turn around and go get more.

          When the SHTF, sorry, you had your time to prepare but went on vacations, spent time partying and drinking and whatever then after you blew your paychecks or bank accounts, or put it away and no longer have it want to suck me dry, cutting my supplies and limiting my time while you did NOTHING.

          That’s right, many of us will be selfish and we have every right.  You want to come to my party and eat my food, drink my water and hang out bringing nothing to the table.

          Not here, and I tell people when they say, well IF it happens I just come to your house and I answer, WHY?  There is nothing here for you so don’t bother.  And to think just 14 months ago I got my German Sheppard and with other defensive methods, “Don’t come knocking!”

          Pray – Prepare – Practice 


        • Ms. Valerie Lucus-McEwen wants me to give to the “community”. I looked in the phone book but I couldn’t find a listing for “community” so just to whom am I supposed to give everything I’ve worked for?  I imagine that She will “take custody”  until she finds someone she considers deserving.JW M

        • They going to think socially selfish when they get a .30 cal enema for coming after my stuff when TSHTF.

      2. Those who are awake (toke the red pill) wont waste their time with sheeple (the blue pill). Fucking futile!


        • Hannibal says:

          “Those who are awake (toke the red pill) wont waste their time with sheeple (the blue pill). Fucking futile!”

          I disagree.  Jesus wasted his time with the Samarian woman, the blind, the deaf, and the outcasts.  I always tell people to stock up and wake up.  Its our Christian duty.  I love God more than my life or this world, yes even my family. 

          I fear the second death, not the first.  Love one another.

          – bad christian

          • I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.


      3. regardless, we have mere SECONDs to spare on prepping anyway

      4. They want you to spread the preps around, you know socialism. I am not surprised by this attitude from a real progressive, socialist, communist. It is all brain washing and they know that we aren’t buying it. They want to find out who you are and then charge you with being a terrorist because you have more than a weeks worth of food. They want us to fight like dogs over a bone. More anger more chaos, more agression towards eachother. Make preppers the bad guys and have the zombies come after us before the big surprise. Prepare with a vengeance because people like her know what is coming down the pike.



        • Well this is quite a predicament we have here, guess we’ll just have to get Obama involved I’m sure he can sort this whole mess out.  he always knows just what to say and I bet it would go something like this…

          Well uuhhhh you see uhh when people have more uhh things than others, weather money or supplies or skills in life uuhh to give themselves an edge up that In my opinion is being rich.  You see having money is not the only thing that uhh would define someone as being rich, soooo your supplies, your stockpiles, the long hours you have spent prepping just means in a sense that as far as emergencies are concerned you my friends are the richest of all, aaaannnndddd because of this, it’s only fair to the rest of the under deserving, blood sucking, roaches that guaranteed the destruction of this once wonderful nation through the re electing of myself for a second term thaaaat we redistribute your wealth to those that need it most.  Aaaannnndd honestly lets be realistic about this, aaaannndd realize that we need to come together and mooch off your hard work, beecaauuuussse      (unusually long pause)   if you think about it we all deserve those things just the same as you in the end uuhhhhhhhh because when it comes down to it, the stockpiles in your pantry, or the gear in your closet, all the way down to the garden out back…  you didn’t build that.  Someone else put that there, the resident before you planted that garden, you didn’t build that, aannnddd further more,              it was all only made possible through MY stimulus packages annnndd my wonderful governing of these 57 states, preventing the economic collapse annnnndd pulling us out of the recession that my predecessor Bush clearly caused aaanndddd left for me to clean up with all my glory.  So again, uhhh we will need to redistribute your “riches” to the more needy, becaaauuuuse that’s how socialism works, aaaaannnndddd that is the change that I have designed for this country, let’s move FORWARD……. 

          • Don’t forget all you preppers that you did not really prep all your stuff. The government did it for you. Like business owners did not really build their own businesses, Obama built if FOR them. But they still don’t get a free Obama phone. That goes to those who don’t rry to build or prep anything.

          • Let’s move FORWARD . . . .uhh oooover the uhhh cliff – – TOGETHER.

        • sounds like a setup for the the next step in the gubbermint’s plan to redistribute. first it was financial wealth, next they will institute ‘food redistribution’.

      5. Only in today’s society does self-reliance and personal responsibility equate to selfishness.

      6. Ironic, if a massive rock hit and there was no food growing for years…  everyone would buddy up to a hard core prepper.

        Folks just ignore folks…do what is right in your heart and for your family.

        Think for yourself.

      7. She is probably a prepper a hypercritical way. I watched that you tube video on strategic relocation. They are preparing!

      8. Enough, I see that it is time…

            I have alulded to those here that a ‘New; thing was being conisdered of late;  The question is, ‘Where did we go so wrong that lunatic ‘thinking’ like that portrayed above comes out of any of us? Consider that it is basic, unstated principles which MAY lie at the root of much of mankind’s confusions. To that end a restatement of such, amended, seems appropriate….therefor look and see…


        There is a Beginning and there is an End To ALL Things. Evermore has it been so.    In the World, a Gift is that which comes to one unbidden from otherthan ourselves, upon which no condition is laid, and no recompense required. It is a free thing the taking of which creates no debt to any other person, in any way shape or form. All that is recieved which comes by way of request is NOT a Gift, so it is.In the Beginning:On What We are Given and the First Gift:     Entering into the world, We are endowed by Nature’s God with Life.This is apparently a Free Gift and so is owed to none here who live andbreathe. That is is Freely Gifted is beyond question inasmuch as None whohas EVER lived has EVER recalled that they asked For Such.    The personal choices of Humanity as to any other election theythemselves choose as to be so obliged to, are thier own and so beyond thepurvue of others and the judgement thereof. The corrolary of this is thatNone have the RIGHT to enforce upon ANY other or others, thier own individual selection by way of such election. So it isOn Freedom which is Liberty:   So Sayeth The Founder, Thomas Jefferson:    “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will,within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.”    And this stands unaltered, whole and complete, needing that Nothingbe added thereto, Nor Nothing removed therefrom. So it is.    While we are born with Freedom howsoever we are brought into the World, we are brought thereby, by the actions of others and typically sustained thereby. Whether We are sustained by those from whom we are genetically derived or in rare case by the free choice of others it is our First Responsibilty that those who have done so are Entitled to the decency of Respect in return for these actions. Otherwise it may be presumed that none now living would have succeeded in attaining to the estate of Majority.    In the beginning it is beyond evident that none can be expected or allowed to exercise Authority for We enter the World Mindless, ‘Tabla Rasa’ and hence NOT Mindful of the basic facts of the World. So it is.

            Please to note there IS a ‘First Responsibilty’ defined above and also, to be sure, there are also those which we, by our actions, are bound…most assuredly to those which are out inheritors, our posterity…the Children which are of our production, and are the result of our Free choices and actions…..

            I ask you to think on these things……

        • Apologies…the formatting apparently went through a ‘meat grinder’… I give up….

        • @ JustOne Guy.

                           Freedom may be a human concept and not bestowed on us by God, for if there was only one man in the world there would be true freedom. Two men and you must have agreements/laws, to not offend and live in harmony. Otherwise due to animalistic or human behaviour ,we would engage each other in mortal combat on each disagreement.   Laws build states and countries. Don’t like the law, move to another country. Or have a revolution.


           We’re getting around to it  JOG. Respondsibility and a few other tid bits to come.  Mountain dew for sure. Interesting point was made as to projection of guilt upon others. Duty to resist comes to mind.

          • Indeed Friend, Indeed….  🙂

      9. Straight line winds hit our street during the Spring storms in 2011.  What was once a tree lined avenue looked desolate after the storm.  After we cleared our street, a week later here came the Red Cross, FEMA asking if we needed assistance.  No, was our reply.  We do not need anything from the government or anyone else.  Find another street or area of town.

        • Same here. In my area even the neighbors that don’t get along all rallied together with chain saws. We had the roads cleared in 24hrs and then everyone took care of their own messes. Power came on three days later. No FEMA or anyone came around except the utilities to check the downed lines. And that was only because they don’t make money when we ain’t using their power.

      10. who is john galt… seems like the attitudes of the so called intelligent people are straight out of the book atlas shrugged… or is it just me

        • It certainly does.

        • you are right, but I’ll take it one step farther.  I’m tired of supporting these leaches now, and All other things being equal I’d rather they dropped dead now’/ they crud up my world. the bitch doesen’t like it to bad.

        • When I read that book, all I thought was “oh my goodness, these people in government are EXACTLY like the government of that story!”

          But it’ll be DIFFERENT this time! You’ll see!

      11. Ms. Valerie Lucus-McEwen, like many in local, state and federal government, do not want anyone to be prepared. They want everyone to be dependent on the government and therefore under their control. You can bet that this article was pulled at someones direction, as it opened too many eyes to what the government wanted of the people of this county. Prep on.

        • No wonder! Look where she works!

          In the U.S. call 415.265.1662 Craig E. Zachlod, President Global Community College, Inc. P.O. Box 878 Ukiah, California 95482

          • @ Twisted,

               ‘Perfect’ observation Brother,

            ??????…. I reiterate,

                “Califonia, The World’s largest open-air ‘Sanitarium’.”

            • It seems to me that the gubmint is almost resorting to playground tactics in their  propaganda.

              First, preppers and survivalists are considered no good terrorists.

              Then Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy hit and suddenly preppers are suddenly seen in a positive light.

              So what do they do next? Claim that preppers are selfish.

              …and as soon as the next disaster happens which inevitably shows that the majority of preppers are all pretty charitable then I guess they’ll have to resort to saying that preppers have cooties or something, no?

      12. Pretty simple, if you’re in a position of authority it helps to keep that position if the people you’re authoritating are dependent on you…


        @Be Informed – Have any insight on this? 


        • Specifically this article –

          • @ HisArmsWide.  You know what I think it is, the North American Plate is under some serious stress being focused at it from the Caribbean plate, the Cocos plate, South American and Nazca Plate, AND the most important of them all THE PACIFIC PLATE.  The North American plate is especially in a rammed up pushing war call it with the Pacific plate.  This is especially true around the San Andreas, Cascadia fault zone, AND Alaska,  Notice the high earthquake activity in Alaska. 

            It is the whole plate under strain from muliple points.  Kind of like a car being put into a car compressor at strange angles.  I think it is the plate itself.  NOT GOOD!

            • be informed

              i get the USGS earthquake updates, and i always see  quakes in alaska .. i always see quakes in cali. the carribean is having its share of tremors as well as the whole ring of fire, except in one area and thats between canadas border and southern oregon, and i dont know why… the funny thing is when you goggle the sat. map on google and look at the coast line offf washington and oregon you can clearly see something strange…. you will see just how smooth the ocean floor is off the coast, it looks weird being so smooth…


              as i concider the fact that the PNW hasnt had any big events that ruin the way we live and then look at the rest of the country with all the problems there has been, i cant help but think of the false security we think we have here.. the cascadian fault line is going to give, i do agree that these plates are under a great deal of pressure.. but i dont think they are caused from  manmade vibrations or anything like harp, i see it as a natural cycle of the subduction zones and the plates

            • Yes keep an eye on the tectonic plate activity especially around the pacific rim it is increasing expoentially, as the north american plate moves about 3 ft a year westward with a counterclockwise rotation that is putting more pressure on the smaller plates, and thus all the earthquake activity generated in that area. It is hard for the human mind to grasp the speed at which techtonic plate activity is increasing, as we only clock these activities in human terms and ” our” time frames, and not earthly time frames, hell most people have forgot about the devestation on Haiti by now, when in earth time it was just a few secounds ago.

        • I read the entire article the other day.

          She did not bother to mention that preppers are most often made fun of for being preppers.

          She did mention she likes other reality shows like ” iron chef and project runway ” better. I don’t know how that was relavent to the article but whatever. I guess she had to make it about her somehow.

          She did mention that according to ” them ” she only has 1-2 weeks of supplies herself. Many of the replies to her story were bashing her obviuos dumbass. Many replies expressed how they or their groups had community outreach.

          She basically just blabbed a bunch of bullshit that any uninformed idiot would say. How the f*ck did she get this job? Oh yeah, she has a degree. ( I am making the ” gagging myself with my finger gesture. Nothing against a degree. )

          Her article appeared to ( this is a shock ) form her opinion(s) of someone or something based on a TV show.

          I read alot of tough talk on this site ( some from me ) but also from what I read I don’t believe there are to many on this site that would turn away a hungry child or person in need, whether one agreed with the situation or not.

          A bitch like this makes me sick. Her site has a picture of her smiling face while while her story trashes people.

          She states this country is based on self reliance and personal responsibility. Really? Since when? Not lately. The lack of those qualities is what’s tanking this nation. Compounded by a government that supports the lack of those qualities.

          Sorry to ramble. Prep on!!!





        • Now, add the number of explosions and sinkholes occurring with the vibrations.

          As Gerty said on E.T.–“something’s happening”.

      13. As usual, you are full of shit. These extreme preppers will become the oppressors in any full-scale SHFT because, and I quote, “we have the guns” and their air of superiority exudes off the computer screen when reading comments on this and like boards.

        • Joe, you obviouly chug the Obama kool-aid, so here’s the word, good buddy:

          THEY ARE TERRIFIED OF US PREPPERS BECAUSE WE DON’T NEED THEM AND HAVE NO USE FOR THEM!  Nothing is more frightening for a statist, communist lackey than to be considered irrelvant and unnecessary.

        • Thank goodness we have you here to keep us in line, Joe.  Please, note my sarcasm.

        • We will be responsible leaders or support responsible ones. 

          We will be successful farms not worrying if all will be stolen in the morning.

          We will be doctor/Medic not worrying about being rob for our drugs when going to help a baby.

          We will be local sheriffs doing his job. Serve and protect.

          We will be young women not afraid to go to the movies.

          We will be store owners not afraid to open our doors to the public.

          We will be truck driver not afraid to deliver fuel to business and homes.

          We will be joggers not afraid of the park.

          We will be hover chair rider not being tipped over by thugs.

          We will be fruit stand owner willing to bring their fruit to town.

          We will be true trade store owner making save place for all to gather and trade their goods and service.

          We will be home owners that don’t have to live in crap because everywhere else the thugs have taken over.

          We will be ???????????????????


          Because “WE HAVE THE GUNS

          • We won’t be fooled by programs like this one…

            This weekend Worcester, MA is having their annual “Goods for Guns” program.  In exchange for turning in their guns, people get gift certificates and this year also a free flu shot.  

            Since the program began in 2002, 2200 guns have been collected by police and destroyed.

            CNS News – also posted at Drudge Report

            • so in 10 years of this program being in operation, they were able to get 1.3% of the firearms sold nationially on this black friday?  huge success if you ask me.

              • Crackerjack,

                According to the article, other cities have now also started “goods for guns” programs.

                I can foresee programs like these becoming commonplace in many cities in the near future.  As the economy worsens, with some added incentives … more people will participate in these programs.

                With over 90 per cent plus ‘sheeple’… Nothing would surprise me.

                • No one with a clue would trade a gun for “goods”.

                  So maybe the gangbangers are trading in theirs. That would be OK.

            • I’ve got news for you- I have a friend who is a gun distributor and he says that rarely are the guns taken in these programs destroyed. He said that 9 times out of 10 they are resold as a large lot to distributors like him and he highly doubts that the police departments or local governments who sell these guns ever report the profits made back to the public.  All the while the public believe that the guns are actually being destroyed.

              Other than the fact that you should never give up your guns, this is reason #2 why participating in a guns for goods program is a bad idea.

              • Afterthefallpa,

                Thank you for the update.  At the time I read the article, I wondered about when it said the guns were “destroyed”, now I learn that is not necessarily true.

                What they are offering in return for a gun is pittance.  “A long rifle earns a $25 gift certificate; handguns earn a $50 gift certificate, and a semiautomatic weapon, a $75 gift certificate.” 

                It amazes me that anyone participates in this program.  Yet, the police have gained over 2000 guns this way.


                • Wow. They could at least offer the sheeple a reasonable amount. Thats at most 10% of the value of a gun.

            • wow, free fu*king poison injection for turning in a firearm. where do i go?? oh, maaaassssuhchewshits? nevermind

              • I call it Massive-Chew-Shits, like you get if you accidently swallow a whole can of Copenhagen….

          • Ok, I don’t want to take away from the seriousness of your comment, but I admit that I’m a bit of a dork. When you mentioned “we will be the hover chair rider” I automatically had a very Homer Simpsonesque daydream of gun-wielding preppers flying around on futuristic flying hover chairs fighting injustices in an apocalyptic world.

            But then I realized you meant “hover chairs” like those electric scooter things old folks ride on to get around Walmart easier.

            Man…one of us preppers needs to invent futuristic flying hover chairs like I pictued in my head before SHTF. That would truly be awesome!!

            …and probably the best bug out vehicle you’d ever find as well 😉

          • And in time we will be the corrupt. Sorry. Think not? It is human nature. At some point someone will want to rule, and get greedy. We were a great country once. How did it work out? and we failed to learn from our past mistakes as we always fail to do.

        • Troll…………

        • JoeinNC

          Your worried about a potential future oppressor as opposed to current ones that are putting us in this terrible position?

          I think I’ll worry about the sun going super nova a billion years from now and  forget about tomorrow.

          Once more time; “Where do they get people with this line of thinking”. Convoluted logic should still contain at least trace elements of logic. Damn. 




        • @ JoeinNC.  What makes you think that those with the guns will become some sort of head of gangs or something?  Don’t you own a gun or two or three?  What gives someone that has wasted their money on Chinese Junk that powers the Chinese military the right to expect or try to take those that have sacrificed their lives to save up for the demise future ahead.  You seem to think that it is wrong that a prepper/survivalist defend their food, water, and other supplies from those that would try to take it from their families. 

          What would you do if some crook or robber broke into you home and treid to take what you worked very hard to obtain, you would defend yourself.  At least I hope you would.  You own a gun(s), but does that make you someone that would intimidate others with it after mega SHTF?  What makes you think that the people here would do anything other that defend what is theirs?  Honestly don’t you feel that a person that has saved and sacrificed much to put away for emergency has every right to defend that emergency stockpile for their family? 

          I hear you talk so often against the wise people here, yet you have firearms for some reason.  I don’t think it is because you fear the people here, you fear those non-preppers that will try to victimize you and your family after SHTF, or the TRUE criminal element.  You like everyone here just wants to protect you and your own.  So welcome to the club, even if you can’t accept it and want to act like someone egging everyone on for a fight.  

        • JoeinNC,

          Yea, we have the guns and we are superior to ones like you, because we can think on our own, we don’t need the dear leader to tell us how to think, what to say, what to buy, and when to shit. We will lead the way to a better tomorrow, we will not follow in a perfect line waiting for the cleaver to come down on our heads. We will save this country and we will be the ones who bring human kindness and dignity back to this once great America. I believe in their heart of hearts, most preppers want to survive in order to rebuild a country that our fore- fathers fought so hard to create for their children and the future generations.

        • perhaps some will, i’m not planning on it, as living will most likely be a full time job, and if that fails the next plan will be to head for the areas with the least amount of people and endure, screw trying to control the situation, best to get out of the way and let nature take it’s course

        • I have never responded to your comments, for it is a waste of my energy and as a former teacher, convey the total futility in arguing with 3 year olds or those exhibiting like intelligence levels.

          1)I am not an extreme prepper–just one with ‘enhanced insurance’ for survival.

          2) Oppressive?? I will be too busy surviving to even care about the needs/wants of non-preppers.



        • Hey, ever see the road.

          Fresh meat.  ha

          • Ever see the movie “The Book of Eli”?

          • I hope you have another backup plan other than roadkill…cuz the animals that feed off those carcasses have been born with the enzymes/digestive abilities necessary to process that rotting meat.  Not to mention roadkill gets hit hard and that usually destroys the animal’s intestines, floading the meat with nasty bugs. 

            Yeah, I know there are people who claim to eat it, but unless you are smart enough to recognize the health of the animal that died and knew how fresh it was in terms of TOD and can tell whether the meat has been flooded with contaminants, I would eat a pine tree before I would eat roadkill. 

            PETA allegedly suggests you eat roadkill before you eat a cow, so that tells me how bad roadkill could be for you since the folks in PETA would throw happily throw YOU under a bus instead of any “little furry creature.” 

      14. Like I said in her comments before her article was taken down (saw the link at another site) it sounds like she wants other people to do for free what she gets paid to do. She prepares for communities with the government’s backing, and she thinks everyone else should prepare for their whole community as well, without the government funding she has.

        It’s an attitude I’ve observed in people when they are called on to do something they don’t want to do – they want to get everyone else to do it too, so they can stand around talking while everyone else does the work, or so they can “supervise.” It’s the attitude of a lazy person. They feel like they’re the only one doing all the work whenever they have to lift a finger.

        Most preppers have been maligned, accused of living in fear and ridiculed whenever they have tried to warn others to prepare for themselves. And she expects preppers to prepare for those who rudely tell them it’s not necessary? And yet, most preppers do try to do that very thing, even though they may not be able to afford it. It pains them to think of having to turn anyone away. And she calls that selfish?

        It defies all logic and common sense to call a prepper selfish. The only conclusion I can come to is she’s either incapable of logic, or she’s paid to say that sort of thing by those who wish to reduce the population (in other words, those with hate in their hearts who wish everyone would just go away so they can have all the supposedly scarce resources to themselves).

        • @LT,

          So true. She’s from the Pink Floyd school of community,share it fairly but don’t take a slice of MY PIE.  Her entire diatribe is an excercise in futility,a pathetic guilt trip which will change zero hearts and minds.


          She also needs to update into the 21st century,the hyphonated double last name went out of style back in the nineties when Hilary Rodham-Rodham stopped using it.

      15. I talk to lots of different ‘preppers’ and lots of church folks etc across the country. I can tell you first hand than most if not all preppers work within their communities and promote self sufficiency. local volunteering, etc.    If you believer everyone in the mormon church or local garden club is only in it for themselves you have it wrong….   Prepping is something that is good for a community. 

        • She know all of this. She wants us all to beg like dogs for government handouts, which she controls.

      16. Doomsday preppers, selfish? I think not! I can’t remember the times I’ve mentioned about stocking up for an emergencies to my fellow friends, family, and other emplyees. Not one has taken the thought seriously. It is a voluntary movement, ritual, or methodology. This is  just more bullshit from the powers that be. Can you expect anything different? Just makes me more selfish!

        • No, those idiots simply do not think beyond the first thought that pops into their mostly vacant heads.   It’s called subjectivity, not actual stupidity.

      17. That’s stupid. I guess after it hits the fan I should give away all my food. Everyone will still starve. Including me and my family but I guess that’s what those idiots want.

        • The first order of survival. The example is a mother is on a plane with a three year old and a six year old that is in trouble. The masks come down. Whose mask should she put on first? Hers. Because if her kids can’t put on their masks and she passes out. who is going to take care of her kids.

          It’s not selfish, its the smart thing to do. In the Bible, Paul talks about not being a burden to others, so that you are better able to help those in need. Those that are truly helpless, not the lazy freeloaders.

          I wonder what this woman is doing to prep? I bet when it hits the fan, she’ll forget all about her fellow man, and ‘selfishly’ care for her self and her own.

          • She will hoard taxpayer-bought supplies for her own use. Have you ever heard of FEMA employees going hungry? At the end of  a hard of tossing meager rations to the unwashed masses, they all return to their warm, dry, well stocked headquarters for a good night’s sleep.

      18. here we go again, people sitting on their asses until shit happens, and hope for someone to give up everything they have for them,  to be honnest, its simple, learn to grow your food, howe to can it, and everything else, if you cant do that, what good are you to keep around?? fuck what she thinks

      19. Isn’t Miss Valerie the one being “socially selfish”?

        I have no requirement or liability to look out for everyone else. I do my best to spread awareness and help others to be ready for certain situations. It’s not hard to do because I live in a rural area and I’m pretty much preaching to the choir out here. Our phone lines are a good 30+ years old and the power lines are probably older than that. Folks out here are used to dealing with power outages and taking care of ourselves. That’s why no one in these parts was being looted, robbed, or killed when we lost power for eight days last july in a heat wave.

        Heck, one of the old farmers out here killed a hog and invited everyone over for a hog roast.

        Where was Valerie  for us? Why didn’t anyone come out here with generators and drinking water? Why were they being so “socially selfish”? I heard on my solar powered radio the folks in the big city had cooling centers and places to get free water… where was ours?


        We didn’t need them! We took care of ourselves out here.


        • Don’t you just LOVE how they do everything in their power to shit all over us, then call us “selfish” because we don’t to blindly goose step along to the tune they’re playing? 

          This fool needs a cranial enema, in the worst way

      20. Re Ms. Lucas-McEwen (hyphenated names are so pretentious it makes me want to barf) :  if you interviewed her associates, you would most likely discover that her main talent lies in sitting in classrooms for decades piling on degrees in useless politically leftist subjects.    Obama can’t figure out where to cut spending?  Let’s start by eliminating this paper pusher and all the so-called emergency management departments of the federal government.    Think we can’t  live without them?   Look at the disgraceful  job FEMA did in New York and New Jersey recently.  I think the Boy Scouts actually accomplished more.

        • I knew someone who sold training courses and he noticed that the women with two part last names never bought anything. He felt that they were hard to convince about the value of his products and he eventaully stopped trying.

          I think what she means about being selfish is that the preppers are not contributing to the government programs. They are not volunteering to do some of the work that she needs done. They’re selfish because they are not helping her and her programs. How dare they take care of themselves instead of turning their goods over to the community. Don’t they realize that the people who are blessed with abundance need to give to everyone else according to their needs.

          We need more people who challenge the premises that these people promote. Too bad the reporter didn’t bother to ask her why the preppers are selfish. I would love to see how she would justify her comments if she was challenged.



          • Unbelievably, in one of her comments under the article on that site, she said just that! She asked of preppers, “why aren’t YOU out giving presentations to your community?”  Which is HER taxpayer-funded job, which she admits was the “most difficult” part of her responsibilities.

            The unbelievable audacity of this socialist, hyphenated, taker.

      21. this says it all


        Proverbs 22:3 KJV King James VersionA prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on , and are punished . 

        • @ Satori,

                so it is…..

      22. What a self-serving hypocrite Ms. Valerie Lucus-McEwen is! She herself is a product of the ICLEI re-education programming of land use management, zoning, and urban management. The statements she made (provided here) are the same type of statements that can be found throughout the ICLEI documentation and courses that have been surfacing around the US.

        Most people know this as “Agenda 21”, a United Nations agenda for global nonsense like “global warming”, “sustainability”, and “urban resilent programming.”  Well the Earth is now in a cooling phase, our government doesn’t have interest in financial sustainability, and the last time I checked, our urban regions have been facing increased crime, bankruptcy, and worse. I don’t want no stinkin’ g-men watching out for me and my community.

        I’ll bet she actually believes Reagan’s famous one-liner, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”


        • Zoltanne I couldn’t agree more. Agenda 21 sold to the middle-class sheople who think a bit of college paper, or membership of the “right” club makes a person an authority over the destiny of others.  I doubt this “clever” author could fix a dripping tap, much make a decent cup of tea down  here in the real world of us phlebs.

          Classic example of “do as I say, not as I do”. 

          Thanks all the same Ms fancy pants-academia but I still think “you can’t fix stupid”.

          Keeping a pantry, knowing how to fix simple appliances myself, growing a garden etc worked for my Grandparents, so I’m sure it’ll work for me, ad eventually my child when he reaches adulthood. Knowing where you’ve come from is an important part of knowing where you are going to methinks.  I reached adulthood sometime ago, and part of being an adult is taking responsibility for your own destiny.

          I’ll turn off &, skip along my own path, when the sign says “gubberment camp this way please” thanks all the same. Her article is a just piece of propaganda dressed up as academics,  to encourage us to drink the kool-aid, instead of the fresh spring water of freedom.

      23. Her article is back up.  I’m sure they didn’t realize us “backwoods people” would have that new technology, the internet!  And who would have thought we could link and comment and stuff!  🙂




        • i just noticed that! i wonder why the change of heart….

          • She or the site didn’t want to look like cowards…although the damage is done.

          • Absolute confusion…per the mindset I descibed previously….stark disbelief that ‘others’ CANNOT seem to grasp the ‘Truth’ of thier CLEAR Primacy….’LOL’      ad infinitem, ad neuseum

        • Todd, thanks for the thumbs up on this. I’m cracking up at some comments. Like this one:

          “Dozens of really selfish squirrels in my back yard today. Those GREEDY furry animals are HOARDING piles of walnuts! They should stay home, and let the GOVERNMENT pick up the walnuts, so when the snow comes down, they can stand in line to get FEMA handouts. NUTS to the selfish squirrels, I say!”


          • I saw that one.  That was funny!  Actually, David over at the Shepherd School sent his article over to me the other day.  He deserves the credit for catching it.



      24. This is why you do not tell anyone what you have!!!!!……I do not want any stranger knowing that i have prep items, word gets around too fast and i don ot want hundres of people showing up to beg for items!…….My prep stuff is for family only!!!

        • Sadly begging for stuff would be a best case situation and unlikely to be the actual real world situation. 

      25. Thats right, to hell with everyone else, i am only responsible for me and my family, if the neighbor decides to sit on their hands what business is it of mine? I dont plan on asking for any help at all, ever, never. Ive got it thanks so buzz off! Government is a waste of resources,  people who are waiting for the government to save them may wait fir a while, if the government peeps like the bitch quoted in this article dont like my direction, I DONT CARE  free country, buzz off!

        • KF–If everybody thought that way we wouldn’t neer her.

      26. Ms. Valerie Lucus-McEwen is a socialist WHORE! I even felt the need to show her hyphenated name. 2x WHORE!!

        • i call her a dirty slut and worse than facebookpage.  i call val a bitch, a slut and a whooooore! im hungry val, can i have some scraps for breakfast? pretty please. i will be a good little boy. you have some extras, dont you?

          • Hey eeder, you’ve been gone for a few days and this site went mellow. Try to keep it civil, please.

      27. “Ms. Lucas-McEwen (hyphenated names are so pretentious it makes me want to barf) : …”

        ahahahaaaa… too.

        Why anyone would give this gal more than 1 second’s thought is beyond me. 

        Keep on prepping.  I spent the day getting my racks ready for another 10 x 255w solar panels, with the hope I’ll have them up and running before Christmas.  No time to listen to fools.

      28. this lady writing this article is a kook of the highest order…everyone has their own definition of “doom” be it an earthquake, hurricane, tornado or fire-just one can devestate a family or a community for a great many years after and it is the people who prepare for the what if’s, the “doom”, the “disaster”, and the “shtf” that survive to go on another day, week or year.

      29. The reason she wrote that is to spread the meme to other Agency people that it’s ok, “socially responsible”, to steal from productive private citizens in order to ration it away to moochers.

        Folks like her know that we preppers are prepared for disaster because we realize the government is NOT our friend and absolutely can not be relied upon when we really need it. In fact we know just the opposite: the government as it is, is a neo-Marxist kleptocracy which certainly does not have our best interests in mind.

        They want people to be obedient and dependent sheep, not self reliant sovereign individuals.

      30. Preppers are Selfish ??? ;0P

        MmWaah !!! ;0(

        * i use to try to talk to others of what is really happening to the world at large … and they all got scared , freaked called me a DICK ASSHOLE un-ameriKan traitor stupid silly crazy weird godless evil , or their eyes glazed over in an institutionalized public education programmed mk-ultra response to protect their high level of ignorance from the truth of the real world .

        You just can’t fix NWO ZOG CIA deliberately brainwashed goyim gentile AmeriKan Sheeple Idiocratic Stupidy !

        Puck Em” … soon enough they’ll learn what the phrase …

        “Sink or Swim among the “Globalist Banker” feeding frenzy Sharks!”

        Really Means .


        All YOU have to do is “Protect Yourself and Family” from the starving desperate AmeriKan Snapper Golden Horde on Financial SHTF DAY !

        When it finally does completely collapses …

        And it will … its now unstoppable … it’s only a matter of time . 

        There is no place in the world that will not be affected .

        * Prepare for Financial Armageddon !

        ~N.O. ;0P


        • nina, please help, im scwarrrred! NOT!

      31. AMERIKAN TRAITOR SOLD-OUT ZOG Zionist Supporter A.J. Alex “Zion-Shill” Jones Exposed by ZOG Gestapo murdered Milton William Cooper1.) Alex Jones has a Israeli AmeriKan wife named Kelly Rebecca Nichols, and he has three(3) children with her.2.) Alex Jones and his Israeli AmeriKan wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel’s “Law of Return”.3.) Alex Jones has at least twenty(20) Jewish sponsors and advertisers that financially support his radio show and websites.4.) Alex Jones’ flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Emmis Communications is the dual Israeli citizen Zionist Jew Jeffrey H. Smulyan.5.) Alex Jones’ radio show is broadcast on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Eddy W. Hartenstein. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Mel Karmazin. The President of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Scott Greenstein. Of the six(6) senior executives of Sirius XM Radio, five(5) are Jews.6.) Alex Jones has a Jewish lawyer named Elizabeth M. Schurig who is also the lawyer for Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family, one of the wealthiest and most influential Jewish Zionist families in North America.


      32. Noah comes to mind.  Noah prepped for E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E.  The guy built the biggest boat ever known to exist to try to save people from the rains and how many people took advantage of that?  He did it for them and announced it for a very long time…yet no one came.   Whether you believe this event happened or not does not negate the lesson:  Rarely do the people listen and even less times do they act on their own behalf…even when you lead them to the door. 

      33. Signs The NWO ZOG GLOBALIST Bankers Are Prepping For A VERY REAL World War Z upon the YOU the 99% – 

        The Banker Occupied Governments of this world are preparing you and your friends and family to play the role of the Zombies in the Brad Pitt film World War Z which will be released in June 2013. The Z in the title stands for Zombies.

        This movie is a metaphor for killing those pesky poor people (Zombies) who have nothing to eat because the bankers stole all of their money. Ask yourself why the US government has the Army playing war games in which they are training to kill Zombies.



      34. preppin is just common sense,so to be unprepared is suppose to be better,or i suppose to prepare for other people that are to greety or to dumb to preare for themselves.

           before someone says i dont have the money to get prepared i say bullcrap,dried foods and bottle some water in clean desposable containers dont take much money.(thats just a way to start)I will not fill guilty for protecting my family and myself.

      35. she just proves once again that there is a certain segment of society that should be strictly prohibited from ever breeding… ugly can be hidden, fat can be lost but there is no fixing stupid…

      36. There is a certain amount of good comes from statements like Ms. Valerie Lucus-McEwen is making. She like many collective advocates only converse with each other. After a while their ideas become more and more outlandish such as the “don’t fight a rapist” idea generated in the 1970s. The majority just ignores them as they compile exceedingly crazy ideas. That’s the good news.

        The bad news is we’re increasingly being governered by a minority. 

        • kevin2, the bad news is that we have to pay for this whores salary , while she lives a cushy life, a sociopaths dream, we have to have whats ours taken on all sorts of levels, up to her accusing us of being selfish! GET OUT NOW BITCH!

      37. Greetings:  Another reason I withdrew the blog was my concern it would reflect on the magazine.  After talking to the publishers, I put it back and it is here:

        I don’t expect it will appease the readers on this blog, especially the guy who called me a ‘socialist whore.’  That was really harsh.  My mistake was writing for the emergency management community – who generally understood what I was saying – and not considering the controversy to be caused when folks form an opinion based solely on key words.

        At any rate, it was a great way to start a discussion of emergency preparedness in all its many faces. 

        • @Valerie Lucus-McEwen 

          ;0) Your report is very one sided from a REMF’s – REAR ECHELON MOTHER PUCKER’S GOVERNMENT PAPER PUSHER DESK JOCKEY point of view !


          I suggest you spend some more time in the field … “GET SOME STREET CRED EXPERIENCE” amongst the very poor destitute peoples You Claim to want to Help . 


          Till then ALL YOU ARE IS ANOTHER ZOG FEDGOV TALKIN HEAD EMPTY SUIT living high on the hog on others PAIN -N- SUFFERIN !


          ~N.O. ;0P

        • you get paid to do what you do. don’t expect us to do your job for free. our job is to take care of our families.

        • Valerie Lucas-McEwen

          Regardless who your intended readers were your painting individuals with a rather wide brush. Little accuracy comes from from lumping so many together. Many have felt the sting of economic loss and have a justified fear of   it happening in greater magnitude and duration. What you call doomsday the Federal Government has been is calling plausible.

          Are the unprepared who have the means to prepare selfish and if not why not? 


          • Well hello there Ms Lucus-McEwen,

            There’s a question I’ve been simply itching to ask you: are you SERIOUSLY judging an entire movement involving millions of people based on watching a few episodes of a reality TV show? Seriously, that’s the basis for your highly trained analysis?

            You, ma’am, need to drop the bigotry, stop swallowing the hate pills, and realize that the reason you have such an animus against us might be because of your own insecurities. After all, your current career seems to be based on being a “highly qualified expert” on managing disasters; perhaps you have so many deep seated control issues that you simply cannot handle the very idea of “untrained” people who simply do not need your “help”.

            In any event, whatever the truth of it may be, be it known that if I or my family ever need help, we will seek it from among our own, and certainly not from the likes of you. 

        • I saw that you had posted, Valerie, and was immediately curious to see what you had to say.  Of course, based on the article quoted, I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up that you would have something positive or apologetic to say after insulting a group of people who make your job easier.

          Valerie Lucus-McEwen says:

          “…My mistake was writing for the emergency management community – who generally understood what I was saying – and not considering the controversy to be caused when folks form an opinion based solely on key words.”

          I find it very interesting that you discuss in your comment “appeasing” people and then immediately thereafter insult our intelligence and our understanding of the text of your quote.

          When you make a public comment you can expect to be made accountable for it.  When you insult a group of people known for being independent thinkers, you can expect to be taken to task for your misconceptions, your ignorance of our mentality and your rudeness in making such generalizations.

          I find it fascinating that you would sooner deal with a group of dependent, scared, starving people than folks who have taken steps to be prepared….oh wait….I guess we don’t offer you much job security, now do we?

          • @D WHO ARE YOU AGAIN ??? YUR’ KINDA BEIN’ A POMPOUS WANNA BE … LEARN TO RUN FIRST @DAISY BEFORE YOU TRY TO FLY TO HIGH ! @ms. daisy … don’t make me get out the paddle young lady . ;0P “Remember who VERY PATIENTLY EDUCATED taught you FOR A YEAR .” My sources are solid . YOU CAN KISS BROWN NOSE ALEX JONES ISRAELI ZIONIST LUVIN HAIRY ASS ALL YOU WANT @DAISY … I NOTICED HE POSTED YOUR WRITINGS . I though would rather tell the truth than compromise my message . My sources go All the way back to William “Wild Bill” Cooper ! I suggest YOU LEARN TO DIG DEEPER – VERIFY YOUR OWN SOURCES … BEFORE YOU STEP ON MY D#!%! NEXT TIME !! ~N.O. ;0P

        • Unfortunately, Ms Valerie, you chose to pick on the wrong segment of the population when you called out the “selfish prepper”. We are  a fiercely independent bunch that prides ourselves on keeping our families and close neighbors alive and thriving in the financial collapse that is imminent. If you think your government salary or pension is safe you are mistaken. I would trust my survival more with a so-called Doomsday Prepper than with a  “community organizer” such as yourself. Stop sucking on the government teat and find a more productive job than pushing papers around and publishing hogwash articles about people you know very little about.

        • Dear Madam, you are quite out of your league here. 

          My mom had a saying I’ve lived by… ‘remember, it’s always better to remain silent and be assumed ignorant than open your mouth and prove it’.

          I found it pretty astounding (well, no, not really considering) that you posted the above post-retort to what you believe was misunderstood.  You felt it completely necessary to put an “approved” stamp on your perceived superior knowledge.  You were offended at being called arrogant? – really?

          Best of luck to you, but you won’t need luck or grace  – right?  You can rely on your supercilious illuminism.

          • I doubt if this post from the socialist whore is real. Her kind consider themselves too smart to lower themselves to interact with the unwashed masses, unless it is in a master/servent capacity.

        • @ Valerie Lucus- McEwen.  Preparing knows no boundary, whether it is for a small time event or the near end of the world, people prepared will have a better chance of making it WHEN something happens.  The  near the end of the world can come in so many different ways;

          Andromeda type plague that hits plants and animal species all the time, and can hit anytime to humans.

          Nuclear war which is extremely possible as the Doomsday Clock by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists stands at closer to nuclear doomsday than many years in the cold war.

          Massive solar flare.

          Plates slipping rapidly to form new poles.

          Comet or large asteroid impact, happened many times before.

          Super Volcano, especially in New Zealand.

          Super climate change due to solar, tilt of axis, distance from sun, called the Malockovich Curves.  Can’t spell Russian very well.  this has happened before.

          Anyway, unless the sun goes nova or something, end of the world is not likely for the planet.  It should be end of human civilization.  In this case there will be survivors, and those survivors will be the people that prepared, for lightweight disasters all the way up to hard core ” end of the world ” preppers.  The point is that a prepper/survivalist is exactly that, and to try to make some distinguished difference between the person that has supplies put away for a couple of weeks and practically a lifetime is not really fair. 

          Like Doomsday Preppers, in my opinion, National Geographic Society puts these good wise people on some exhibition like some circus freak for the general audience to laugh at, all for better ratings.  People that prepare spend a lot of time and effort, and tremendous self sacrifice no matter whether they prapre for what they can or for many years.  To separate what is termed a Doomsday Prepper and someone that prepares for earthquakes or other lighter SHTF events is exactly the same as what NGS does by putting people that are professional preppers into a very unjustified category that most regard as radical and dangerous to society.

          Someone that has a small stockpile of goods is regarded as someone that is emergency ready.  Someone that crosses that threshold that society regards as too much get labled the same as someone that has a weapons cache and is ready to take on the feds in a battle to the death.  When anyone puts someone into a category other than someone preparing for the bad times, they put these people of such insight into something that borders a revolutionary that is some domestic terrorist threat.

          The truth of the manner is that people that have preparations for years are mostly just people that want their families to be around for as long as possible.  They are the same people that work extra hours so their offsprings will have it better than they do.  So they can spend the last days, whatever that might be with their families.  So their families are not going hungry and looking for scraps of whatever in a world that has been almsot destroyed.  These people are not people that want to over throw the government, but when someone differentiates them from someone that has simply LESS preparations and has spent less time and effort preparing, they have put them into a type of sterotyping of those that are not even real preppers. 

          People are angry because they have seen this radicalization of the media and very unaware people that depenmd on FEMA handing them out packages of crackers after waiting in line for hours, towards people that do prepare. 

           Valerie, you have to admit that preppers/survivalists get an undeserved  rotten bad rep very often as out of touch with reality.   Yet when a disaster such as Sandy strikes or the New Madrid, or San Andreas, or Cascadia fault snaps, everyone that has put away for emergency is far better off than those who have not, regardless of how much.  Think about Val, is there really any difference between someone putting away a couple of weeks of supplies and a couple of years worth of supplies, other than VOLUME, they are preppers, something to be proud of.

        • The problem I see with most emergency management “specialists” is you expect joe public to be like sheep and come to you for help.  With the help comes command and control of those that asked for help.  The folks here want no part of it.  They don’t want your brand of  “help”.  Your “help” comes with strings attached.

          Want to come into a EMS/FEMA warm up shelter and get a bowl of soup? The cost for entry is- giving up your rights, handing over your firearms, possibly your possessions, possibly photographed fingerprinted and DNA sampled.  We stock up and store away items we’ll need so we don’t have to relinquish our rights and succumb to your demands.

            Something else the emergency management community does not understand- we are not their alternate resource for items they need desperately when their supply chain is broken or runs out.  Showing up at our doors asking for donations then then getting brutal when your demands are not met, puts EMS and LEOs at risk.  To tell you the truth, I’ll burn my house what I own first before handing it over.  Everybody makes choices in life.  You’re saying our choice of prepping for ourselves is socially selfish? Why?  Everybody has the same choice, prepare or not.  So.. Because we did, it makes us greedy stingy people that does not have a heart for your society? Where’s the justice in your thought process?  I can tell you- none.  You’ve already judged, stereotyped and made us into monsters in your mind.  It makes it easier to steal from us later, doesn’t it?


        • you should stay in government..and remain useless as all of you are in government.

          we will survive without self serving sons of bitches who preach down to the rest of us with your over educated bullshit ..

          get over your bad self and all your platitudes of how you serve us..

          you piss all over us and then tell us it’s raining..

          by the way..great job you’ve all done with the  Sandy aftermath.







        • you go on back to D.C. val. We really don’t care about your opinions, your thoughts, the prepper management community?!, or any or your ramblings. You truly make me sick. You are a disgrace. thankfully , you have no say in my life and if you ever try to you will be turned away easily.GET A LIFE you commie, socialist whore! MAKE LIKE A TREE AND GET OUT! NOW!!!!!!!!!

          • I can see the BIG GUNS have opened up.  Salvo after salvo. On Target!

            • Morning slinshot,

                  How goes it in your ‘neck o the woods’ today? I am late in thanking you for the other day….Thanks again.

        • Bitch …PLEASE !

        • ” My mistake was…not considering the controversy to be caused when folks form an opinion based solely on key words.”

          You further insult the intelligence of your readers by saying we form opinions based solely on key words?  You don’t think we had the ability to read and understand your entire diatribe?

          I detest that my tax dollars have gone towards your salary and pension. Seriously.

      38. So preppers are selfish because we CHOSE not to spend on useless crap? Only in the universe of libs & moochers.

        • “At any rate, it was a great way to start a discussion of emergency preparedness in all its many faces.” The discussion started a long time ago.  Try talking to those who refuse to prepare.  Your efforts would be better served if you get “them” to see the need to do something. No, I think you did mean to insult “us” preppers.  And I do believe it is your mindset.  Be honest and don’t backpeddle now.  The sneaky  laws have been passed that in an event of an emergency you guys will “take” whatever is needed for the “greater good”. Your article is just setting the stage for confiscation of preppers stockpiles.  Gotta get your lefties lined up and thinking preppers are selfish.  Therefore, it is OK to take their stuff.  They got it and we need it so let’s justify taking it. good luck with that.

      39. “You might wonder why someone like me, who has been in the business of encouraging disaster preparedness for a very long time, is so critical of people who are doing just that. It’s because they are being socially selfish – preparing themselves and the hell with everyone else.  Instead of spending time and energy making changes that would benefit the larger community, in their very narrow focus of loyalty they are more concerned about themselves.”

        Uh, really? REALLY?  When I read this I just about said… Well, I can’t say it but iT rhymed with Yuck Foo.

        After all the talking and all the prodding we’ve *ALL* done and endured the crazy talk and the looks like we’ve got three heads, she can just kiss my hairy, white, fat ass! 

        Really? REALLY! I’ve tried and I’ve talked and tried to persuade but after awhile people tell you to get lost and tell you to stop the crazy talk. Her academic background has nothing to do with being a moron. The first paragraph I quoted, above PISSED ME OFF! People like her are destined to die a death that they don’t expect. Their degrees and their “officiality” means nothing when dealing with real people.

        She acts like some naive college snot that thinks everything is like the text book she studied in college. IT IS NOT! There is this thing called NORMALCY BIAS and it causes people to do stupid things and when you talk to them about not having normalcy bias YOU BECOME EITHER A FREAK OR THE ENEMY. 

        It is NO WONDER FEMA failed like a screen door on a submarine when Katrina hit the south. They really don’t understand people.

        There are a few (on here and on Doomsday Preppers) that are socially selfish, however, for the most part all of us have tried to educated the community and the community told us to shove it.

        Well, stupid FEMA chick, I’m just one more person that you won’t have to feed. Just don’t think you can come knocking to take my stuff because I’m well aware what government does to people that “contribute”.

        Let your CoCoa Puffers and Givernment dependent types help you out. I’ve tried to get them to prepp but they are too absorbed into their fake lives to care. As such I don’t need you and you don’t need me and your CoCoa Puffers and Givernment Dependents rejected my advice, so, the “Yuck Foo!” phrase stands not because I’m socially selfish but because you and the lot you hang with are socially, ethically, and logically BANKRUPT. 

        (…and what really pisses me of is I pay this gals salary! What a waste.)

      40. there are preppers here who, for a long time, have wasted their energy talking about it to people they love and care for. they did it out of the goodness of their heart. however, i’m sure they have suffered a bit of ridicule for it more often than none. i’ve only started doing this not too long ago and after being ridiculed for it by friends and family and i’m sick of it. i can only imagine for you people here who have been trying to for years and being called crazy behind your backs. although i still try, it just doesn’t rank anywhere near of my things to do list. 

        so when SHTF, those who didn’t prepare can kiss my prepper ass. those who have made fun of my family and i for riding around in a clunker can kiss that car’s tailpipe when you come a knockin at our door and all your faced with is the barrel of my shotty. 

      41. Valerie Lucus-McEwen sounds just like the Stalinist propagandists who spewed invective against the so-called “kulaks” in the USSR circa 1929-30.

        Kulaks were the much demonized class of successful small farmers in Russia who had been helped toward economic self-sufficiency by the policies of the deposed (and supposedly “oppressive”) imperial government, in particular the sweeping agricultural reforms of Prime Minister P. A. Stolypin who was assassinated in 1911.

        Starting in 1930, and concurrent to a massive propaganda HATE campaign, these MODESTLY well-off (compared to others) farmers were “destroyed as a class” by the Soviet government, through the device of mass deportations, confiscation and starvation.

        The Russian word “kulak” means “fist” or (idiomatically) “tightwad,” and carries with it the imputation of stinginess, and beyond that, the insinuation that because farmer A has a thing, it means he has ipso facto DEPRIVED farmer B of that thing. This is an example of extremely primitive, classically BOLSHEVIK “thinking,” which is now being voiced VERBATIM by the odious crone Valerie Lucus-McEwen. That should tell us what the regime’s ultimate plans for preppers really are.

        Lucus-McEwen’s remarks will certainly be echoed by the USan regime’s own rhetoric when it moves (after the onset of a so-called “emergency”) to confiscate the holdings of mostly White rural preppers to feed the multicultural denizens of Amurika’s stinking and rotting urban slums.

        Should we really be surprised if such attitudes are held by a functionary a so-called “preparedness” publication with undoubted connections to the corrupt and tyrannical USan regime — a regime which has been captured by cultural and biological aliens, outcasts and perverts who hate the founding European stock of this country?

        Sometimes I think that it is a GIVEN that neo-bolshevik Amurika — which is well on the road to becoming a second SOUTH AFRICA — will one day try to take my life and the lives of many other people who, through discipline and foresight, have put things away “for a rainy day.”

      42. To MS.  Lucus-McEwen:

        I guess you are too selfish to change your name to your married name, but let’s not quibble. Ah yes. A jackazz like you is a professional disaster planner. You know… working for the government, using MY tax dollars, and no doubt to retire at age 55 on a full pension while I work on into the night until my 70s. You are SO compassionate, aren’t you? So trenchant in your ignorant insights.  Of course, lost on you, as well, is that for every person who has planned, that is one less drain on the system – thus HELPING those who could not prepare. Then again, there is the wonderful effectiveness your ilk showed, e.g., in Katrina or Sandy. Yup, we should all trust our lives to an incompetent jackarze like you. Just like Nancy Pelosi and her healthcare for her own cronies, I’m sure in a disaster you will have one of those continuity of command shelters for you… while we freeze in the dark.

        People like Mizz Fancypants-McEwan utterly disgust me. Arrogant, ignorant, self-aborbed and ignorant of human nature are just starters. Thinking that governement can do the job better than individuals is yet further illustration of her utter ignorance.

        Do us all a favor: Get a REAL job, and quit STEALING from us taxpayers.  But then… you’re too selfish for that, aintcha!

        What a jerk.

      43. I see preppers/survivalists as the ones that live humbling.  They are not the ones buying up Chinese Junk like $200 shoes, designer pants, shirts, sunglasses, hats, whatever, all the while feeding the Chinese military to be used against the United States.  Selfish is someone that just has to have the newest fad so they are socailly accepted, again while feeding the Chinese military.  At least if someone wants to waste their money on something they will use only a couple of time, buy USA. 

        Again, look at all that preppers/survivalists do to sacrifice everything so their families can have a chance at tomorrow.  This is a totally unselfish act.  Preppers was what was taught to ALL OF US only 2 generations ago.  Now it has become some sort of evil. What has happened to human beings?  Wise is the ONLY term I can come up with describing people that prepare.  When I think of how rotten it is to call a wise prepper/survivalist anything other than someone you would admire and look up to, I think about how glad I am that I wrote that article about how horrific it will be for non-preppers.

        Really people out there, every single one of you that prepares, you deserve the utmost admiration for you insight, perseverance, commitment, and your self determination not to fall into the deadly trap that the non-prepper has fallen into, total dependence on times staying the same or the state rescuing them no matter what happens. 

        • I have thought a little more and I think this person, this FEMA Chick thinks its selfish because “some can’t afford it”. I thing she probably would thing that there should be an extra tax on extra food we buy for preps and that tax should go back to FEMA to help the rest of the morons.

          Spread the prepps! Kind of like “Spread the wealth” but in a disaster prepp sort of way.


        • Absolutely correct BI, Ms. Valerie Lucus-McEwen is a government stooge/shill extraordinaire.  We should “be spending time and energy making changes that would benefit the larger community, in their very narrow focus of loyalty they are more concerned about themselves.”  Well that is certainly a nice ambiguous analysis by Ms. “expert”.

          My tax dollars fund FEMA!  You want a new car and some stylish “bling” instead of food, water, and protection…CALL FEMA when the SHTF!  Afterall, FEMA has a STELLAR performance record to-date!

          This kind of lunacy burns the hair-off-my-ass…and that is one hairy, burning forest.  I hope  Lucus-McEwen is down wind and can fully appreciate “the smell“!



      44. From today’s outgoing mail-  to: Ms Valerie Lucas-McEwen-Salamander-Slutpuppy

        Dear Ms Lucas-McEwen-Salamander-Slutpuppy,

        It has come to our attention that you recently wrote that preppers are “socially selfish.” First of all, Nothing could be further from the truth. We prep in order to NOT be a burden on needed resources during times of crisis. We see this as the most ‘socially UN-selfish’  thing to do. We buy, grow, make, or barter for all our preps. No tax money or government agency is asked to give us any of that.

        Secondly, we almost always are the first to respond to disasters, primarily BECAUSE we are prepared. We often are there with our lights, generators, first aid kits, or whatever the situation demands, even before the first responders. Often, our response even negates the need for government-funded ’emergency management’ entirely. We, and our affected neighbors, rrespond to our own emergencies, solve the problem, clean up the mess, restore things to normal and go on with life.

        Meanwhile, the bureaucratic lackeys such as yourself, never even knew we had a need for you. In fact, we don’t. Don’t need your stuff. Don’t need your advice. Don’t need your globalist, collectivist, state-centered mentality. But here’s the good news, Ms Slutpuppy, you can keep all that stuff and distribute it to the mindless sheep who will accept it. WE WON’T! 


        Every Damned Prepper In The World

      45. Valerie Lucus-McEwen who cited numerous reasons for her decision to pull it from public view, including that she “wasn’t thinking this would be that controversial.”

        Of course she didn’t. She is too self-aborbed – projecting this self-aborbed attitude onto others – to be aware that her brand of “big government planning will save us all” never has worked, nor CAN it ever work. Of course, the real world experience of Katrina or the FEMA offices “closed due to bad weather” is also lost on her.

        But most delicious of all is her, living off her GOVERNMENT job, probably to retire at 55 on a pension, while the rest of us labour on into our 70s, as I surely will, is lost on her. This whole freaking BS about socialists are more compassionate was laid to rest by Dr. Arthur Brooks’ book “Who Really Cares.” No doubt our MIZZ McEwan (who apparently is too enamored of her name to change it when she got married) hasn’t read that either.

        Here’s a hint, MIZ McEwan: “Socialism is the great fiction, whereby everyone endeavours to live off of everyone else.” Never has worked, never will.

        I have personally been victimized by these jarkarzes like this in the past. Then, when push comes to shove, I was left to starve. Or. as Orwell stated, In the socialist workers’ paradise, we’re all equal – only some of us (usually athe MIZZ McEwans in a crisis) will be “more equal” than the others when push comes to shove.

        • She is probably one of those “born to socialists, raised by socialists, schooled by socialists, and hangs around with only other socialists” types so prevalent in academia.  They have never had any exposure to normal people, and may not even realize that there are opinions other than theirs out there, because they have never heard them.  Exactly like the  usurper in the White House…..

      46. Ms. Valerie Lucus-McEwen is living in a collectivistic Utopian Shangri-la dreamland, and people who take disaster preparations seriously, “can’t afford that kind of attitude.”

      47. What is most disgusting is that she has the temerity to show her digital face on this site.  Her type will end up with a **nation** of people waiting for help in the Louisiana SuperDome, while her nanny state types are whisked away to special shelters.

        And one other point, MIZZ McEwan: A goodly percentage of my preparations are meant to help my neighbors, and particularly earmarked for the mentally handicapped, elderly, etc. But you didn’t think of that, did you?

        People like this live off the hard earned dollars of other people, then criticize them for protecting themselves when we have already been burned by her types on previous occassions. Utterly disgusting. 

      48. Anyone want to bet she voted for Obama?

        Anyone want to ask her if she will ask Michelle to “share” one of her uber-luxe  vacations???

        Nah, didn’t think so.

      49. The Prepper pathway from my point is not one of fear, but of urgency based on knowledge, putting the pieces of the puzzle together and reacting accordingly to ones needs.


        Most of us when we’ve found the knowledge that motivated us have always shared our concerns only to be met with ridicule or the occasional “I’ll just come to your house” quickly we see who our friends are.


        This wretch of a woman who wrote this HIT piece believes shared sacrifice is a one way street that only the prepared should sacrifice while those unprepared are willing to share our sweet, blood and tears.


        F this B and all like her, some I will help along the path of life, and others I’ll just help.    

        • This wretch of a woman who wrote this HIT piece believes shared sacrifice is a one way street that only the prepared should sacrifice while those unprepared are willing to share our sweat, blood and tears.”

          There it is! I FOUND it!!! The perfect verbalization in one single sentence. Read it. Its said way better than I could. Those who have should sacrifice. Those who don’t have should feast. Its the new motto for The Obamanation.

          • Amen to that, NetRanger! And, well said y99, you nailed it!

          • @ Net Ranger —

            Karl Marx said “from each according to his ability; to each according to his need.” Can anyone tell us how this differs from the views expressed by “Ms.” Valerie Lucus-McEwen?

      50. You only need to look at who’s running the country to see where this attitude comes from. It fits their narrative that we are extremist!!

        If your not reliant on government you are now a threat instead of an unpaid asset.

        • I find this interesting on the tail end of the comments at the address on her second article:

          “…. While I think some may be a little harsh on your comments, I also see that it may be that 20 years of bureaucratic brainwashing may have made you more than just a little closed minded to the ideas of personal responsibility and independence. After all, you’re comments are coming from a position of helping those who have had little forethought in even their everyday lives, much less a disaster.”

          FEMA Speak: “We are from the government and we’re here to help.”


          Regulate us more?

          Tax us more?

          Push us around and brutalize us more?

          FEMA: Just one more way to prove that government is the “Anti-Midas”.

          Well, FEMA Chick, we’re fine with being “socially selfish” because we will survive. Let the bulk of the people go out and loot for large flat screens and other junk made in China. We, instead, will but out stock in beans, bullets and bandaids.

          • Ronald R. said the 9 scariest words were “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” All I can say is she is another SoCal academic POS. 

            I am seriously getting tired of being called things I’m not by people who think they wrote the book on tolerance. Its like saying islam is peace and these very same academics drive around with a bumper sticker that says Coexist in religious symbols.

            They have never been in the sand box and only know what they were taught by a university mid east studies department funded by a Saudi King.

      51. Prepping for yourself and family just makes good sense but sometimes when I speak of doing just that to my neighbors I get the weirdest looks and suddenly they have to go.  This happened just the other day with a new family who just moved in a few doors down, they have a 2 year old and a 6 month old and when I asked them them how they were doing getting their food and water supplies set up for whatever may come they looked at each other and almost together they said “nothing is going to happen and we don’t believe in doing that, just a waste of time.”  OK but don’t come knocking on my door, I know that is easy to say now don’t know if I really could do that to 2 small children but gee whiz that could they be thinking don’t they see TV and read the newspapers? 

        I spent most of this afertnoon getting a small order together for Lehman’s  needed mantles for my Alladin lamps and a few basic non electric kitchen things, every day I think of things that I need to attend to to get ready for whatever comes and yes I know I will be getting ready until whenever comes along.

      52. Here again is the Blue State mindset in a nutshell.  Like the Gun Grabbers, it’s not about the guns, it’s about control.   She’s upset because when we set ourselves up in such a way as to not NEED her “Disaster Preparedness”, we don’t need her, and she loses control.    My step-daughter married into family like that.   Her M.I.L. is a pathological control freak.   Bad enough when it’s your M.I.L. – catastrophic when it’s your Government.

      53. Since God closed the ark door for Noah, he’d have a huge problem with Ms. Valerie Lucus-McEwen’s description of preppers..huh? 

        • Perfect analogy!

        • Right, Noah was probably the first prepper in history. Even God will not save everybody.

          • Exactly Rose, and aren’t we a bit arrogant to think we can??

        • She would have had a very hard time hopping up the plank with her foot in her mouth…guess she would have been out o’ luck

      54. So…. Mizz McEwan, is abortion selfish, or is that “ok?” And if the latter, why?

      55. perhaps she should make a greater effort to inform the unwashed masses of the importance of taking steps to ward off the effects of major disasters rather than being critical of those who do, my 2 cents

      56. Normal

        How ridiculous. So since you can’t prep for everyone else out there, you shouldn’t prep for yourself and your family? Doesn’t make sense. Most folks out there will never prep, so should we not prep because they won’t? Are we held hostage to the refusal of others who haven’t got a clue about the disaster that’s about to happen? The time is soon upon us when it will be “every man for himself”, I am not responsible for all those people out there who will not wake up no matter what we do. At the very end of time, Biblically there will be no helping other people, everyone’s fate will have been decided, it will be too late. Prep now for yourself and/or your loved ones.


      57. “You might wonder why someone like me, who has been in the business of encouraging disaster preparedness for a very long time, is so critical of people who are doing just that. It’s because they are being socially selfish – preparing themselves and the hell with everyone else. Instead of spending time and energy making changes that would benefit the larger community, in their very narrow focus of loyalty they are more concerned about themselves.”


        Well, after leaving Gander Mtn today with those (2) 0 degree sleeping bags, I realized my sins are beyond reproach and signed up for Socially Selfish Anonymous–I have seen the light!!

        • “be spending time and energy making changes that would benefit the larger community…

          Oh, but we are…ONE…PREPPER…AT…A….TIME..

        • Just a mention, If you can afford them, the current military multi stage system is excellent. One inner layer bag, outer layer for extreme cold then the gortex out cover over all. Have used it uncovered in the snow and woke up warm and dry. they are kinda pricey but worth it. they also compress down nicely in a stuff sack and have light weight.

      58. Fun With Lang-Widge  part 4

        Everybody knows that bananas come in bunches. And, of course, there’s a gaggle of geese or a herd of cows. But what about the other stuff? What terms should we use to describe a quantity of other things? Especially the crazy people and situations in our modern world? I propose the following:

        Several low level bureaucrats would be a “passle of political pissants.” Half of the members of congress, plus one, would be the “Moron Majority.” 

        Teenagers in line at the dept of motor vehicles are the “Future Road Ragers of America.’ (they could even wear those cool blue jackets when together)

        How about….a “clot” of bleeding heart liberals? Or a “polygraph” of fishermen. An “eclair” of cops. Or a “cramp” of airline seats. A “breathalyzer” of beer drinkers. And, my favorite-

        Any large group of politicians is a ….”Target Rich Environment.”

        • Ahhhh, the BRIGHT spot of my Day!!!

               As always, many thanks Senor Smokin’….Adios Mi anigo!!!’ 🙂

        • Hell, even I find that funny!  Another drink over here.

      59. I read her whole article. She was slamming a TV show about preparing for the end of the world, “Doomsday” actually. Though, I do not agree with her view I understood what she was saying. That these people who were on the TV show seemed to be preparing for only thier own needs and no one else to an extreme measure.

        After going to some survial boards, that are very extreme the attitude is pretty scary at times. People stating out right they would shoot anyone who came looking for help and that is what concerns me. People can very easily be brainwashed into thinking the end is near. People have killed themselves and thier families to “spare them from doomsday.” When “war of the worlds” broadcast people actually thought we were being invaded by Martians.

        My fear is the media will broadcast an end of the world type “event” which is not an end of the world event and people will panic to the point of shooting one another thinking everything was about to end. I don’t truest the media and find they lie to us constantly.

        In any disaster, and I survived a number, the communtiy always pulls together for resources and such. In the case of Sandy, if you were a doomsday prepper and had all your preps in the basement of your house that was flooded, you are out of luck. There have been many preppers helping thier friendfs and family during that storm and one of the key reasons was they knew it was temporary and they would recover.

        I don’t see preppers as selfish for most do not prep for the end of the world. I personally would not prep for the end of times because if we faces such an event, say, nuclear holocaust, the world would not be worth living in after words. I would not call a prepper selfish but there does some to be some massive fear driving by the media to put people into a frenzy.

        Doomsday preppers is a TV show. Most of the people on the show are selected for being extreme, for it get’s ratings. The media is playing with your heads. The doomsday senarios are abound and drive you to think it could be anyday, and at the same time they put on these TV shows showing extreme cases of “prepping’ and make to preppers out to be kooks.

        I think this article and the reaction to it shows the level of media manipulation in the “prepper movment” and how they are working both sides of the coin for thier own ratings game.

        • Rachel

          very well said,,thank you

      60. You know, I always said in my past occupation, that you can teach away ignorance but incompetance I could not tolerate. If you just don’t know better I could teach you, but if you know better and still screw it up then it is on you. I think this woman is beyond teaching. Not trying to sound pompous by any means. Just referring to my particular areas of expertise when i speak of teaching. Many of you on here have brightened my bulb on numerous subjects. Thanks to you all for your input. I don’t comment frequently or at lenght but i have been a follower of the site for some time. You regulars. ( you know who you are) should feel good that you are sharing your knowledge with those of us who

         Seriously, I do appreciate the effort and time that alot of you put into this site. 

      61. This sounds like the ant being demonized for working and the grasshopper calling him a hoarder, selfish, and uncaring.

        First the preppers are laughed at. Then when things look like they are going south and things start looking  that preppers may have been right all along, suddenly preppers are the bad guys.

        No good prepping goes unpunished.

      62. The dirty little secret is that the government does not want you to prep because they want you to be completely dependant upon them when it finally implodes. How dare you help yourself!

        • Mass,another liberal shithole state.Turn in something useful for something horrible into your body.Makes fuckin sense.

        • Any gun owner stupid enough to do this, deserves to be unarmed…good way to weed out the armed idiots I think

      63. You know Valerie talks about key words and how we should not read too much into it. Yet two key words seemed to sting a lot to her that disenter said, “socialist whore”. To use key words such as; selfish, insurrectionist, revolutionist, crazy, criminal, illegal arms, hoarder, out of touch, problem, misfit, and too many others that the mother f#$%en media has used to describe people that prepare unselfishly for their families for emergencies in varying degrees of intensity shows how rotten key words can be used to unfairly describe the the prepper/survivalist. Key words can be used a lot worse by people here and those that are unjusticely mocked as some freakshow because they prepare for tomorrow.

        Val, are you old enough to remember about 50-60 years ago how preparation was not only accepted, but it was expected. People that prepared for WW3 never went through a nuclear holocaust, but many of them lived through terrible tornado outbreaks because they had a fallout/bomb shelter to retreat to. Do you remember, or did your mother and father talk about the days in which pantries were full and people did not go to the fast food to get their meals? Do you remember this, or have someone to tell you about the days when the USA was a hell of a lot stronger because civilians were ready and prepared? Do you understand the wonderful feeling of having what you need in your house, even when you for example get sick and don’t have run to the store in a weaken sick state exposing others to your sickness?

        There are some really good people on this site that are really helpful and considerate to others. By your attempt at explaining yourself with a short one paragraph accusing the people of thinking that they are too ignorant to understand key words, doesn’t cut it. Why not really explain yourself in a polite manner and then let people here come up with their own conclusions. IF you saw all the personal self sacrifice that goes into preapration, maybe you could understand why when you catagorize preppers/survivalists into some group of individuals wasting their time, why they are so irate at you. Hiding like a dog with their tail between their legs and not addressing so many people’s upset remarks doesn’t do you personally any good as a person.

      64. Lucas-McEwen, when you defecate in your own nest you get to sleep in it.

        • Sounds like a Closet Yankee. with a skirt.

      65. Dear Ms. McEwen: I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I am near retirement. Instead of preparing for it, I spent my time boozing, ignoring people telling me to save, and just generally living for today. I just retired today and and was shocked (!) to find out I am broke. Now, I know you have a great retirement plan working for the government. You know, all these years leaching off of other people, then retiring early. I was thinking – given your article – that you wouldn’t mind sharing your pension with me. I’ll give you my address, and you can start sending me money next week, OK?

        Thanks so much! And remember… don’t be selfish!!!

      66. I’m sitting here thinking “Shit For Brains” was just an expression, evedently not.

      67. Ms. Valerie Lucus-McEwen’s attitude is not surprising.  She is a socialist at best; no real socialist could ever condone the stock piling of any assets; even those obtained by legal purchase, for the sole use of one person or family.  They believe  that it is best for the Collective to care for the needs of the members and any member who chooses to care for themselves is somehow socially or mentally disturbed or disoriented.   This attitude will present itself more and more in the coming months and years; as disasters increase, as economies collapse, as currencies loose value; these ideas will begin to permmiate the media and then society in general.  We will become no longer oddities for amusement and jokes, as in the Dooms Day Prepper series; but we will become mentally deficient, socialitally challenged; perhaps even dangerous.  To borrow and old saying, loose lips sink ships.   Get ready, it’s coming.  Keep your yaps shut about what you got…. someday, the collective may well decide that they need it worse than you… or perhaps that you are even treasonous to be a hoarder of needed items.  Mark my words, it’s coming.  Remember, we have a socialist in the White House.

      68. Well, we got yet another offer in the mailbox for a free gov’phone!  You don’t even have to seek it out, just like the illegals don’t have to seek freebies, the gov’t has an ap for that!  No way we qualify for one, and with the tracking today why do they waste money on mail solicitations?  Hmm, wonder if those free phones have tracking devices and remote shutoffs in case of uprisings?

        • That’s exactly what I thought or something far more nefarious.


      69. The government came out and told us not to prepare… Wow I’m shocked. Hey I have to go home there’s a snow storm coming and we need to close down the FEMA warming center here in Jersey. Your homeless… here’s a trailer you can use for a while. You have no food. No worries I’m sure your neighbors won’t mind giving you some… I’m sure they have plenty.    

        I ask you all what is your line in the sand?  Rise or shut up and be a slave.

      70. This twit posing as a preparedness expert… is just that. She’s doing the standard liberal collectivist thing, claiming that if you have guns, you are dangerous, and if you pull your money out of the banking system that you are an anarchist, and that if you have the foresight to load up on emergency rations, you are selfish and want everyone else to starve. 

        Can’t have it both ways, hon.  You either want people to take steps so they won’t be depending on FEMA or you want them to riot when FEMA doesn’t come. Valerie Lucus-McEwen should be ignored by all and blocked from prepper sites.

      71. I have paid more than enough taxes to support several families. I pay for my food and theirs. I pay for my cell phones and theirs. I pay for my health care and theirs that has NO deductable. I’m not buying their insureance to. 

        • Traffix

          yes you have it even sounds like you may have one of those rare things,,a JOB i`m not downing you but am agreeing,,,


      72. Socially selfish, no

        We warn others and they call us kooks

        We as well as  the (communistity poorganizers) recommend sheeple be prepared

        And they do a baaa duh job of prepping

        Natural selection will win in the end

        We are not being socially selfish

        We are being realistic!


        the Watcher


      73. She is a collectivist so this line of thinking is natural for them.  The individual must be crushed and no personal initiative is acceptable.  She must be part of team Obama.

      74. she is saying,

        if you are in rome, be a roman.

        if everybody is freaking out with a hummer, do the same,

        if everybody is looting for food, do the same,

        you are not suppose to do anything different,

        you are just a sheep, even needed die together.

        but we rich can enjoy the summer in Tanzania during crisis.



      75. OK, sorry I’m late, but I have to vent on this one.   What is this woman using for brains, a fried egg?   She can take her socialist attitude and shove it you know where.   if my wife from Cuba were still alive, she would eat that federal bitch for supper.   When we prep; when we acquire supplies for ourselves and our families to survive disasters and other adverse situations,   we are taking responsibility for ourselves and our own families because that is how we were raised, that is what our families and God expect us to do, that is exactly the way it should be.   We do our prepping at our own personal expense.   We don’t go around asking anyone else, especially not the government, for money to get what we need.   We never try to hold anyone else responsible for our well-being.  in any disaster or adverse situation, I believe preppers can outperform FEMA or any other government agency out here if we had the resources.  We are only responsible for ourselves and our own families; not somebody else’s.  We are all individuals, prepper and nonprepper alike.  We are all free to make our own decisions but we must accept responsibility for the outcome of our decisions.   I’ve been through tornadoes, hurricanes, regular power outages, even burned out of a mobile home.   i had my own supplies that I bought with my own money in each and every case andII passed the survival test every time.  I did it on my own.  I rolled up my sleeves and went to work on the problem myself.   i never went asking government or anyone else for help and I’m still alive and kicking.   Where the hell do these “emergency managers’ think the revenue for their salaries, benefits, and pensions come from?   Where do the social workers think the revenue for the “entitlement programs” comes from?   IT COMES FROM PREPPERS AND NONPREPPERS ALIKE!   IT COMES FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME, WHO ARE SELF-SUFFICIENT, WHO DO FOR OURSELVES, WHO WORK FOR WHAT WE WANT AND NEED, WHO STILL PAY TAXES INTO THE SYSTEM!  We preppers are INDIVIDUALS, NOT GOVERNMENT AGENCIES WITH ANY RESOURCES TO SPARE FOR OTHER PEOPLE!   it’s all we can do to keep ourselves going and to keep prepping.   it’s literally impossible to provide for others outside of our own families.   These government people are definitely not living in our world.   They need to go somewhere else with all of their communist crap.   Give me self-sufficiency over dependence any day.   To Mac and everyone else, i apologize for the rant,  but crap like that article burns me to no end.   But i also knew most people here would agree with me.   When the REAL SHTF finally hits, there will be a holocaust among the nonpreppers out here; that’s what gets to me, they won’t wake up and try to save themselves from what’s coming.   best wishes to all.   Braveheart

      76. I’m not to blame, I was exposed to a sick and twisted story of selfishness and horror when I was a child and it effected me in such a way that my only cure will be a government shrink in a FEMA camp.  AesopThe Ant and the Grasshopper

        In a field one summer’s day a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its heart’s content. An Ant passed by, bearing along with great toil an ear of corn he was taking to the nest.

             “Why not come and chat with me,” said the Grasshopper, “instead of toiling and moiling in that way?”

             “I am helping to lay up food for the winter,” said the Ant, “and recommend you to do the same.”

             “Why bother about winter?” said the Grasshopper; “We have got plenty of food at present.” But the Ant went on its way and continued its toil.

             When the winter came the Grasshopper had no food and found itself dying of hunger – while it saw the ants distributing every day corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the summer. Then the Grasshopper knew: It is best to prepare for days of need.


      77. @Be Informed ~~ That is it in a nut shell. “Do you understand the wonderful feeling of having what you need in your home, even when you for example get sick and do not have to run to the store in a weakened sick state and exposing others to your sickness?  That is exactly how I feel.   Whether inclement weather conditions, or not feeling well, its one less step you have to do.   I get a sense of well being and peace for that.



      78. I read that statement that Valerie wrote and again it is a put down on people that cross that threshold of “too much” preparedness.  She talks about the difference between disaster prepping and end of the world or doomsday prepping, and there is no difference other than the disaster prepper is not going to have near the amount of necessary items for a prolonged true disaster.

        If Valerie will have the nerve to come back here and address me, I could easily describe how someone preparing for an earthquake would not be close to what they would need after the San Andreas, New Madrid, or Cascadia fault breaks.  This emergency management either knows how bad it will be or is clueless.  In either case, the masses are going to be very sorry they had not prepared WHEN one of more of these faults breaks.  FEMA won’t be there not only because they really don’t care, but because they CANNOT because of the shear magnitude of what has happened. 

        Again, Valerie I challenge you to address me on disasters on this site, as your site only allows 2000 characters and I tried to send something and it was too long on your site to deal with true disasters that are ready to happen and the proof behind this claim.  You came onto this site and now are hiding behind your own site that won’t allow a person to even send you something that might be interesting to even a FEMA person.  Here is a nice key word, coward.  If not me, how about the other people that wish to express themselves on a freedom orientated blog, one that would not censor you or your ideas, or not allow a full explanation of what they are trying to say.   SHTF plan site is that site that truly is freedom designed for everyone. 

        Come on Valerie, talk to us, show us all your “superiority”.   I personally promise to be completely polite as long as I am not patronized or put down like some wacko that simply wants to accumulate as much survival supplies as possible to survive as long as possible.  I will show or and tell you the TRUE dangers that lurk with these faults, no exaggeration, just the truth.  Why the government won’t be able to happen the shear destructive force of what is coming and why someone needs to prepare for worst case scenerioes. 

        • @ Be Informed

                That “superiority complex” that shows it face is one that  FIRES Me Up. That Holier than thou, plus the I know what’s best for you. The other side of the coin. The “Help me, Help me”, crowd. “I didn’t think it would be so bad”. The prepper is in the middle and it’s enough to drive you MAD.

          • @ slingshot.  It is all about freedom and total conformity that the government wants people herded into thinking and behaving.  When someone goes against the grain and has a maverick attitude they are unfairly labeled a “trouble maker”, even if they totally keep to themselves.  It is not the individual themselves that the state is after, it is that person might influence others to think like they do, to freely think for themselves. 

            When someone crosses that threshold of preparing “too much”, they are catagorized as selfish and other key names that Valerie talks about.  Yet when someone uses names against her and her positions they have been cruel to her and totally uncalled for.  A person like this is someone that can dish it out but can’t take it when someone brings it back to her. 

            Why does such a comment upset all of us so much?  It is because it is a petty unfounded comment about people that prepare a lot are selfish, it is rubbish untrue and meant to infuriate people that have free thought.  Nothing is more upsetting to a government than people that have minds of their own.  Individuals like this use the innocent poor me, rather than addressing their own personal issues in their own life.  God I feel sorry for her husband, she must be horrible to live with. 

      79. Lucus-McEwan is a jerk.  All of these people want the populace dependent on THEM.

        They cannot stand it when someone takes personal responsibility.



      80. Ms. Lucus-McEwen,

        I would just like to simply say that if you are an agent of the current government and you are “in the know” about it’s propaganda machinations, then congratulations, you have mind-numbingly proven that you do your job very well and you absolutely do deserve your position as a something something emergency expert lady. Kudos, excellent job!

        However, (and I am trying really hard to give you the benefit of the doubt on this one), if you happen to actually be a genuinely misinformed “real” person as opposed to being a brainwashed mouthpiece of propaganda and misinformation for our government’s evil ends…then for the sake of yourself and what little reputation in your field that you will be able to salvage after this PR debacle, I highly, highly, highly suggest you make a concerted effort to disappear from making statements or comments online based on your “expertise” again. Seriously…I’m not degrading you in any way.

        I just want you to realize that you have opened up a HUGE can of worms with a group of people from a community that not only will stand together to defend each other no matter what our differences are (read: sooo not selfish, eh?) but you have tapped into and challenged the collective consciousness, education, skills, training, experience, etc. of one of the most eclectically diverse yet fundamentally united groups of people ever to find their way onto the world wide web.

        You have truly opened up this can of worms that is waaaayyyy too big for you to ever close. If you want to insult anyone or take jabs at any group, then by all means- make fun of the 20-something hipsters.

        ….seriously, they really do deserve it.

        But if you’re going to take an uneducated jab at the one group on earth who along with putting away a few cans of food have more or less collectively taken the burden upon themselves of  carrying our society, it’s general knowledge, history, skills, and morals into and through even the absolute worst-case scenarios threatening our civilization….then I reeeeeaaaaallllyyyyy think you’ve bit off a tad bit more than you could ever hope to chew.

        You have a chance to bow out of the discussion forever and never even have to write a retraction or explain yourself or anything. But you need to take that chance and run away now before it’s too late.  Trust me, just forget you ever wrote anything and just move on with your life like a good little sheep and eventually the laughter will die down and quit following you…..eventually.


        • I am so glad I returned to read new posts—you get 1000 thumbs up  (y) for your post as you succinctly ‘put her in her place’, as my dad would have said.

          Kudos.. 🙂 to your message, Afterthefallpa .

      81. I think a larger point of this mentality is being missed. People like her have socialistic desease that transits the common sense mentality. They want everyone to be dependent on the govt for all our needs and security.

        With all the examples of recent disasters it’s obvious the govt can’t be counted on for security of any kind. The real agenda in her rethoric is simple, control the food, control the people. She and others of her ilk are power junkies. Who are you going to call in time of need?

        When the govt says, “we’re the govet and we are here to help,” RUN.

        • The only survival after a disaster that the gov’t is concerned about is it’s own.  We will all be on our own, if you’re not prepped, you’re in a load of trouble!

      82. Preparing by nature is in itself a selfish act.  I am thinking of taking care of myself, family and what few friends I have. That’s selfish. The first law of survival is self preservation.   When the super storm Sandy hit, the only thing I had to get was fresh gas for the genny.  I don’t see what her issue is with being prepped for an event. With her attitude being what it is , she’s in the wrong career field.  I will say this though, I am not going to short change my fams needs to bail someone out if they don’t have the foresight to help themselves.

      83. I’ve seen how the folks of the ‘ benefit the larger community’ ilk (F.E.M.A)and others do in disasters like Katrina and Sandy….My advice is “Get selfish” Get selfish real fast!

      84. She just refuses to understand our point of prepping.  Well she only has 14 days of preps and would prefer to watch project runway and topchef for reality fix.

        Yes I have worked to prepare my community my block is fairly solid in my hometown and yes I have faced being called just about every name in the book for trying to help others prepare. But I can’t hold a gun against the head of folks if the would rather have the latest Ipad rather than a few months of food and water for themselves.

        So yes I will barricade myself in my home or run a neighborhood patrol to protect my neighbors and family who have prepared against those who did not prepare and think that I owe them.

        I’m 100% disabled and I can prepare. I bet you bring a few more bucks than I do so I’d like to ask why you only have 14 days worth of preps? Do you know the names of all the people in a a 1 block area of your home and how they are getting by today? Are they seniors, disabled or children and if so how many. Are you growing a garden, raising animals, canning food and supporting the local farmers markets.  Please tell me you are completely up to date on how much preps these people have if they don’t have 14 days what you will be doing to make them good for 14 days!

        If you can not or will not answer those questions you have no authority to judge anyone who is a prepper no matter what kind of certification you have because 14 days is nothing for preps and if you were in the path of Sandy you would be looking for someone to provide your basic needs.

        • I had to laugh at her choice of reality TV myself. The fact that this woman works for an entity called Emergency Management is in itself a joke and simply a drain on the taxpayer dime. Emergency Management is an oxymoron. The word management itself means control over something.If there is control over an emergency there wouldn’t be an emergency. Perhaps they should be called “Mop up Control” instead. The corp government is twice the size it was ten years ago. Get rid of these useless so called “leading thinkers ” and “renowned experts” that pollute the countryside in their “think tanks”. All they do is further the tyranny that is encompassing our land. I don’t need or want the corporate government stealing my labor to fund this kind of  baloney.

        • @ jamie.  By bet is that Valerie could have a hell of a lot more stocked up than she tells the public.  These government representives are not that stupid, they know that the more supplies you have the better chances of survival you will have WHEN something catastrophic hits.  Those in the government fully know what the New Madrid fault is capable of, this is why the USGS is out constantly monitoring it.  They know that the rock is much denser and hard and cold in copmarison to the west coast oceanic younger less dense rock.  They know that a 8 pointer is more like a 9 and will affect a much larger area than a west coast earthquake of the same size.  They know, but they just don’t want the public to know.   There are many other totally plausible cataclysms that also the government is totally aware that await the country and world. 

          True liars and true hypocrites are these individuals that go around preaching about it is selfish to cross a certain threshold of preparing, that 2 weeks is more than enough.  Yet most if not all these individuals have tons of supplies or they have access to tons of supplies for themselves and their families.  Their insincere and totally phony approaches to people that prepare are waht they are pain to do by a government that wants 100% of the people totally dependent on the government for everything.   Want to know the antonym for freedom is?  It is slavery and DEPENDENCY.

          Someone that speaks with a forked tongue that calls people that prepare “too much” selfish, while having equal or more survival supplies than most preppers, ready to go WHEN an emergency of catastrophic level, than someone that simply is too ignorant to see all the benefits of having as much as possible.   I can’t speak for Valerie’s true intentions, but I can speculate and use logic to what I feel it is.  What do you think? 

      85. This lady is just a mouthpiece. Why would Peppers’ be of concern to TPTB? Because they understand we will not drink the kool-aid. We wish to continue to be citizens and not subjects. We will not bow to the hand that feeds us, because we will feed ourselves. We will quite possibly be the last defenders of the Constitution, and therefore opposition to their new regime, what ever it may be…



        I myself have pulled together ten men to form a new IT consulting company.

        A company that builds .com companies.

        The American spirit is alive and well and lives within us all!

        Long after America has discovered that socialism does not work, we will press on and continue to found new companies and bring onboard Americans!

        Sorry Immigrants we have no jobs for you and we take care of our own first!

        Go home, we do not have enough jobs for our own people.

        Fight the fight…  tell the PCers to kiss your ass and stand up to these people.

        Maybe it’s time we all tell the UN as a country to FUCK OFF!

        It’s time we tell our lawmakers, if they pass laws to disarm us or limit our access


        I will watch for the thumbs up.

        If you thumbs down…maybe it’s time you leave our shores.

        The fight for America will first begin in the business area.

        If we win there….we might not have to fight in other ways.

        Control the money, control the jobs, control commerce.

        Avoid taking loans from the international bankers.  Do NOT do business with them!  Starve the beast!




      87. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but this smacks of rationalizing the seizure of the preppers property to redistribute to those who would not prep. When I read this alarm bells were going off, this sounds SO much like the bolsheviks it is outright scary!! Watch yourselves boys and girls, this one is up to no good!!!

      88. She is just another limousine liberal spewing  rhetoric.  Selfishly, I pay no attention to this type of drivel.  She should consider not taking a salary for her work, cash in her 401k and investments,  government pension, sell all her possessions and be the first to re-distribute her own wealth and lead by example.  Until then, shut up!

      89. There is something very factual to take from all of this. It’s going to be very difficult to keep what you have surrounded by people that have nothing. While you may claim quite accurately, “what’s mine is mine” the realty is they have numbers and most likely the power of the state behind them. Remember both Corregidor and the Alamo fell. To sustain for any length of time one would need to move close to others that are prepared and self sustaining. 

      90. Kevin2

        yup! you are so right,,thats what i have been saying in here from the start(my start)

        we need to come together,,but all seem to be afraid to do that the                          “motto is trust no one”,,,,


        • @ snake,

             Too True, Friend…Too True.

        • snake eater

          Assuming one had the means (understandably a significant detail) there are areas with preppers in abundance that don’t think of themselves as preppers. For their locality and situation what is called prepping is just normal living. Rural or semi rural close to the earth type people you want as neighbors. They traditionally do more for themselves. 

          Unfortunately if your in a city your only solution is not to be there. If your in the suburbs once the job goes (which is a given in almost all SHTF outcomes sooner or later) that holds you there you pretty much got to go. Buying an acre or two from some farmer that can be occupied at a future date with a camper and hopefully a more significant shelter is probably the way to go. I seen old Airstream Travel Trailers as homes in Maine. They hold up very well to weather. 


          • kev son i live so far out in the boonie s they wont pipe sunshine in to us,,,


          • Yes, but a lot of them have $40k pick-ups,  $10k ATV’s, and $15k snowmobiles in the yard as well!!!

      91. They are brave enough to show their identitys now and  their blatant hatred of freedom, example:

        ARLINGTON, Texas (AP)

        NBC broadcaster Bob Costas used his halftime segment on ”Sunday Night Football” to advocate for gun control following this weekend’s murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, causing an immediate debate on social media.

        In a segment about 90 seconds long, Costas paraphrased and quoted extensively from a piece by Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock.

        After praising the column, Costas said: ”In the coming days, Jovan Belcher’s actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. Who knows? But here, wrote Jason Whitlock, is what I believe. If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

        What a bunch of crap, who does this dirt bag think he is. How about banning foot ball, head injurys, psycho players who beat and murder their girlfriends. Don’t blame the industry or the fact that a 24 year old is a millionaire with the mentality of a thug. Blame the guns, right, yea, without access to a gun the poor girl would be alive and happy today, never mind the fact that he beat the shit out of her with his hands. I can not believe what the hell is going on in this media and how they are getting away with it.  Lets see if the anointed one addresses this and uses it for his socialist agenda.  

        • Live Free

          Not to worry worshippers of the sphere ignore half time and non worshippers of the sphere aren’t watching it at all. 

          Many of the violent sport professionals would have a very promising career in  armed robbery if it wasn’t for being paid for boxing and football. Even with that you can’t change the stripes on a cat and often revert back to their true self.


        • and if kasandra had a gun, maybe their baby would still have a mommy….

        • Belcher’s last moments on this earth weren’t spent thanking the mother who raised him ….


          Notice anything with this statement??  This is just ONE thing wrong with our nation today.

          Lord help us; we pray for that child, the parents of the murdered and the parents of the murderer.  Amen.

      92.  Doomsday Preppers Are “Socially Selfish – Preparing Themselves and the Hell With Everyone Else”  — I am one of doomsday preppers.    I’ve asked serval people to join me as work team, none of them wanted to  join me. If things is happening…sorry they cannot join me, because  I hard work to be preparing for everything by myself and you expect me to do this to everyone? No, I can’t do that.  Join doomsday preppers or quit call us as selfish.

      93. I’ve said this several times before, but people who prepare are going to be such a blessing to those who don’t if calamity strikes.


        You didn’t see preppers lining up for extra gas in hurricane Sandy because they were prepared.  This left additional gas and less people in line for the unprepared.

        You didn’t see preppers out buying generators before or after Sandy because they already had one leaving more generators available to those who were unprepared.

        You didn’t see preppers standing in the food lines after Sandy because they had a pantry that would last them a few months while the unprepared were “starving and cold” within 2-3 days.  This left more food for the unprepared.

        While having additional supplies on hand may be deemed selfish to the misinformed, by doing so, preppers are by definition less of a burden on the supply system in times of crisis leaving more to remain for people who don’t have items in stock.

        If I had a “hurricane Sandy” event, meaning this isn’t TEOTWAWKI and I knew within a few weeks things would stabilize back to normal I would be generous with my food and other items to my neighbors to help them get through the current situation.  I would use it as a learning experience for them to realize that they need to keep items on hand as well as enough food to get them through hard times.  I’m sure many on this site would as well and by the comments, many here that live in that area did.

        I prepare for myself and my family.  I don’t prepare for the rest of society, but by doing so, in my own small part, I have left more for others.

        God Bless,


      94. Two Noteworthy Items here from Business Insider;


            The story at the first link hard to astonishing for the stupidity implied,

            In the second link, it appears the possibility of US involvement in Syria is increasing….the rhetoric is ‘racheting’ up


      95. Maybe we’re all just going about this the wrong way.

        Maybe we should all get together and unionize…form a non-government backed trade union. Call ourselves “Emergency Management Experts” (which I think is cliser to the mark for most of us since alot of us have practical and self-learned experience in this field even if we don’t have a collefe degree in Emergency Management moreso than Valerie) and instead of trying to educate our neighbors and communities for free we could follow the leads of Valerie and TPTB and charge money/make ourselves a profit while teaching others Emergency Management, survival, and prepping skills. Then TPTB can tax the hell out of any income our union generated.

        Perhaps then “they” will let us be and look at preppers in a better light, no?

        …yeah…probably not.

        • What would the bylaws be? Oooooops.

      96. Morning Solar Report,

            The lead edge of the returning spot group, NOAA 11610, is appearing in HMID  (color) imaging this morning and by all indications the group is fully senescent – long past maturity – at this point. The next noteable group which will emerge subsequently will be NOAA 11611. At this time a strong ‘skyshine’ – coronal diffusion, backscatter’ – is evident along that point in the northeast from whereabouts same will re-emerge into the Terrestrial Line-of-Sight.

             Based on the intensity of that ‘skyshine’ I would hazerd a guess and assert that 11611 is still an active spot group. After the re-emergence of 11611, some 30 hours later, we will then see the return of 11613, followed successuively by various of the other gruops which have been ecident on the solar surface some two weeks ago.

            At near to the full solar ‘back-side’, -180 degrees, are currently – in EUVI SECCHI beacon imaging -seen multiple ‘strong’ signatures. Based on this it is likely that the observed solar activity will begin to uptrend again over the upcoming 7 day period. The metronome-like periodicity of the plot of the Penticton Solar flux measurements over the course of the last several months supports this conclusion as well.

        Extra-Solar Events;

            Over the last 5 days three new GRB’s have been recorded by the SWIFT platform, all have been – based on the observed characteristics/ intensity’s of the light curves logged at the SLC repository – of the less intense variety. 

      97. All,

        I think the hidden message by her is lost by most of you is that she fears the preppers having weapons to defend their preps and shooting those who try to take them.

      98. What a moron. We’re selfish. She can go pound sand.

        Typical rant of an overpaid, neurotic, GMO chemically lobotomotized useless government employee.

        So I’m supposed to take my preps and help all the ungrateful jackasses that couldn’t be bothered to prepare? When hell freezes over.

        My husband and I live on a frugal meager income. We share what we can with others, but my spouse is my top priority and I am his. If we had children at home, they would be the top priority as well, NOT some useless portion of the population who couldn’t be bothered to buy things on sale and save up for a rainy day.

        We went to the local Wal-Mart by mistake Thanksgiving night. What a mistake. One lady snarled at us at the sheet bin. We left.

        Boys and girls, these black Friday hordes are going to be tomorrow’s looters. They honestly think what you have should be shared with them. They wouldn’t even associate with you in real life or even pee on you if you were on fire, but they’ll take your hard earned food in a crisis.

        All of these so called people are “poor”and many of them I’ve seen in that same store buying tons of good food on guess what? Foodstamp EBT card. And to add insult to injury they’re all driving new cars? How can they afford this?

        When I was single and barely making it, I qualified for nothing. No one helped me, I helped myself. I spent many a sleepless nights worried about how I would feed myself.

        Lack of planning on their part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

      99. I somewhat agree with this sentiment, because I know there are those out there who would like to prep, but can’t afford to.  That being said, she needs to STFU…

      100. So if I save my money and invest in preparing for an emergency for muy self and my loved ones. And you blow your money gaping to ball games and buy overpriced houcity and overpriced fancy cars, then somehow I owe you? 

        Im not being selfish. I’m being responsible.

      101. Great points David. She has issued a reply to the original rebuttals but has not really made herself any more friends – making arbitrary distinctions between disaster preppers and doomsday preppers. At the end of the day, how can we expect to help others if we need help ourselves? We have a responsibility to society to prep so as to not strain the system.

      102. :>)

      103. so I’m not allowed to post anymore?

      104. Seems like many commentors on this site are confusing communism with fascism. We are much closer to corporate rule then we are to communism. Look who gets all of the top positions in government, former CEO’s and executives. Look who runs the FDA, etc.

        All of you people talking about hating Commies are amusing to me. It’s like you live in a different time or something. This country is so far to the right it’s not funny.

        That would be a good thing if the right today was the conservative party of a century ago. Unfortunately now the right is a religious, bible thumping, destroy the earth, anti-science cult.

        • You obviously live in a different world than most of the people on this site…..  Destroy the earth, anti-science cult????  Really?  You need to find other places to get your news.

          • Most of the right wing people I talk to primarily deny man-made climate change, promote religious beliefs and seem to associate intelligence with liberals as if it was something bad to be informed. I’m just telling it like I see it. And I don’t come to this site for ‘news’. I come to this site to look for information that may be useful in the coming collapse. I can’t take a website too seriously that advertises ‘free energy’ devices and NWO conspiracies.

          • In actuality, is a much better site if you are actually wanting to DO something about the coming collapse rather than just complain about politicians.

            • Sorry,

      105. If you are prepared then you will have the ability and resorces to help others.  Typical liberal attitude, if you are willing to handle the problem personally other than government involvement, than something is wrong with you. Don’t  listen to them, you know what you have to do . Be prepared patriot.

      106. I had a thought. Why selfish prepper? If a person spent $50K  remodeling their home with the most modern luxuries that is not selfish but if they spend $50K on prepper items they are selfish. In both cases they did not give the money to charity. Therefore the only variable is what they spent the money on; furniture good, food no good. 


      107. sorry ms lucifer, I cant twist the arms of idiots who do not wish to as I do. people that don’t prepare for disasters of any kind is not the fault of people that do! I will do my best to help anyone in need but how do help someone that won’t help themselves!  we live in the country where my nearest neighbor is about a mile and about tem miles to the nearest store so anybody that lives out here does’nt keep stocked up with the essentials is the narrow minded  selfish people that you speak of! they are the people that depend on everyone else to take care of them when a ice storm hits that kept us out of power for fifteen days!  yep get a clue people that all they think of is video games and I-crack! see if you can get a video game that has a wood burning stove to keep you warm at nite or maybe you can get an app that you can eat!

      108. I’m sorry, but my preps are for my family and my family alone. I have repeatedly tried to get friends, family and neighbors to prep for whatever emergency may arise only to be looked at like a tin foil wearing crazy person. My contribution to society was to help those people prepare, not buy stuff for my family with my hard earned money and give it away when my family needs it most. To those that think I am selfish I say F%CK YOU! When the SHTF I won’t be looking like the crazy person that people make me out to be because I prep. And those that come to try to take it will bleed out in my driveway from multiple gunshots.

      109.  You say this like it’s a “Bad” thing? If people are too stupid to prepare for the inevitable………..screw them! I have no compassion for “stupid” !

      110. And the annointed one pipes in, saying:

        Uhh…yeah..uhh..and if you…you have all those jars on your shelves…uhh…YOU DIDN’T CAN THAT!

        (and the unprepared, mindless masses chime in and recite:

        yes we can! yes we can! 😉

      111. Would you believe at the same site by a different EM blogger said they had to do a better job of PR to get more people prepared!

      112. Someone could even take the meaning of this one step further, if  you prep to survive you are selfish, to be generous you must be willing to perish….

      113. Everyone needs to prepare.  We don’t need to spend time beating up each other over how to prepare and what to prepare.  Preparation starts with the individual.  I completely agree with Urban Freegan, a commenter  listed above who stated “lack of planning on their part doesn’t constitute an emergency on my part.”  Wake up people.  I think if you have survived any major emergency in your life you know first hand who really cares about the situation.  It’s no surprise to me why the young people today feel so entitled to everything.  Quit waiting for a handout you so called adults out there. Take some responsibility yourself.

      114. After reading this blog for a while, I was worried that a lot of preppers hated non-preppers because they can’t see what we see.  It’s like the teacher getting mad at the student for not understanding what he/she is teaching.  As a former teacher, I realize that some learn at a slower pace and getting mad just turns them off and then you have the opposite of what you wanted.  I don’t force my opinion on others.  I prep and talk to non preppers about it being insurance against a wide variety of situations.  I realize that no matter how many people are in with me, we need a lot more if shtf.  Those of you who go alone will perish.  Years ago, I thought that if I was prepared, that is all that mattered.   I now know that strength is in numbers.   You can get more flies with honey, although vinegar makes better pickles!

      115. How easily people forget about the first hard core suvivalist in this country, that traveled from the east to the west in covered wagons “and the term “GRID” was not even in the dictionary, they were called pioneers not preppers or suvivalists, and thier concern was first and foremost the wagon train community itself, because the symbiosis an survival of the wagon train as a whole depended  on each of the individuals in the community  and visa versa, However they were a tight nit group that understood that symbiosis equaled a better shoot at surviving.  So choose a good wagon master,and form like thinking fellow pioneer groups and you will stand a better chance 

      116. dont forget, add usually racist…you guys can be really racist too. Selfish is just the tip. Look at your comments!

      117. Yeah. Clearly liberalism is out of hand when self sufficiency is seen as a disgusting thing. These people believe we should all be reliant on government alone. Kudos on your rebuttal sir.

      118. I am seeking information with a twist:
        I and my wife are both disabled. Meaning she is in a powered wheel chair and I have difficulty walking more than 75 yards. The issue becomes what can we do to be prepared. We cannot evacuate unless assisted. We cannot sling heavy loads and walk anywhere. We are tied to the electrical grid as all of our services that we require are electrically operated. What can we then do? I do not have money to burn or any way to afford such things as a generator. I rent and my landlord would not allow that to be hooked up. Besides if the municipal utilities are so unreliable then a natural gas generator or propane fired would not really work beyond the limits that they provide. Can you assist me in answering these questions? You have my thanks.

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