Decision Making in Survival Situations: “He Died Because He Made the Wrong Decision Under Pressure”

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    Editor’s Note: Back in the 1990’s, while most Americans were enjoying relative peace and stability, cities in the Balkan region of Europe were under attack. Tens of thousands of people who were one day enjoying coffee’s and sandwiches at local cafes were relegated to refugee status overnight. They were the lucky ones. For those encircled by military forces inside the cities, the struggle to survive had just begun. It went on for years.

    Selco, who writes the SHTF School blog and recently produced The One Year In Hell Survival Course, was one of those left to fend for himself. In his online course, as well as his regular writings, he recounts the realities of the collapse he experienced.

    In the following commentary he discusses decision making during highly stressful situations. Despite how prepared you think you may be, it’s critical to understand that a collapse of law & order changes everything. People who were friendly to you yesterday may be looking to steal your resources and leave no witnesses tomorrow. As Selco notes, your next decision could be your last, especially if it’s made as an emotional response under pressure.

    war-torn-cityWe all usually keep forgetting that when SHTF things will be different in many ways.

    We talk about lack of food, clean water, coffee, or simply lack of hygiene. And we say that people gonna die because of that and because of lots of violence. Based on my experience, all above is correct, but we also usually forget one simple fact: pressure!

    Guy from my street worked before SHTF as a computer technician. Those years here were time when computers were started to be widely used in big companies. He was something like famous in that field, so he had good life, nice home, car, family and everything else.

    When SHTF he just like great number of other folks was simply lost. While chaos was spreading through the city he stayed home watching through the window how people sporadically run across the street to avoid sniper fire and shelling.

    He monitored how telephone lines went out, electricity and water too. Later he was trying to „catch“ some news over his radio that he used before for football (soccer) games broadcasts. His son later told us that they ate a lot of some old jam because they had eaten everything else.

    And then one day he simply was forced to go out, they delayed that moment as much as they could, but when you watch your kid and wife go hungry it is very hard to just do nothing. You see those who are close to you slowly get worse and worse.

    They found him some 300 meters from his house, some guys told him that they worked for government, and they are trying to restore peace.

    They told him to show them his home and then shot him. When they came into his house first guy knock out the kid with rifle butt. Then they looked for gold. Then they played with wife. Anyway they kill her too, kid survived. I spoke with kid and we did not talk too much about details, it is rare people want to speak about any details from this time. Too much bad memories.

    His story was not the only story like that in that time. Now you may think that they died because he was stupid, he was not prepared, he did not have weapon etc. All of that is correct actually.

    But I like to think that they died because he made decisions under pressure, huge pressure. And it was wrong decision.

    He waited for too long to choose correct moment to go out and find useful stuff like food, weapon or simply to connect with other folks.

    And then one day situation caught him, and he was forced to make decision, to act under the pressure. As I said he was not only man who died that way, lots of other folks died in similar way.

    Point is that we preppers and survivalist often forget that in survival situation we also have to make decisions under pressure. You might be great shooter, but are you ready to see loved ones suffering and making life or death decisions? It is harder than most people think.

    Lesson here is to not be arrogant because you are a survivalist or prepper. Because you are that you escape first and you are not the bravest person who impresses whole neighborhood by getting shot first. You are also not overly careful and hide out until you run out of preps and have no choice but to go out.

    We can be prepared.

    What gives your mental side advantage is this:

    • You understand how the world has changed and that you have to forget about old rules. I speak in detail about this in my course and here on blog.
    • You keep don’t let emotions decide what you do. You plan and dont put yourself in situation with only one way out.
    • You expect the worst, forget about Hollywood action movie heroes and use all skills you practiced today and know already.

    I have seen other folks doing mistakes under pressure. I have seen man who got shot during a trade, because he wanted to get stuff from the other guy so hard, food again. His family at home was waiting for that badly, and he simply forgot common sense. This is what makes desperate people weak (and often dangerous too, because their actions are controlled by their chaotic emotions).

    Guys realized he was desperate, get him to follow them, ambush and shoot him, take his stuff. They didnt finish him. He survived, point is that he was under the pressure to get the job done as soon as he can, so he simply forget common sense. Don’t be that guy.

    Im faced with critical decisions every day working in emergency services. If you have more questions or want to share how you deal with high pressure situations, write in forum or comments below.

    You can follow Selco’s story at SHTF School and learn how he survived one year in hell. Visit the SHTF School Forums an learn from other members of the community.


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      1. The mind is your best tool…

        • Latte salute??? Will we ever get a real leader???

          • Thats the problem , Obamalini isnt a leader , imagined or otherwise.
            Just another wannabe dictator.
            A proper salute would be an inconvenience.

            • Speaking of “Wrong Decisions”

              Fearless Illegals Caught Breaking Into Homes In Search of Guns
              Despite nine counts of theft, county judge labels accused thieves ‘victims’

              ht tp://

              • The only ones that will survive in a Selco world
                will be the ones that can turn the page.
                By that I mean can we let go of a past life that
                we were born into, basking in the sun and enjoying
                what life’s bounty had to offer, to embracing a new
                paradigm of any life at any cost.
                Can we turn the page, I don’t know, I can only hope.

                • SolitaryMan, if/when we get hit by an EMP/CME, or whatever, the life we have now WILL be gone and WILL be replaced by another. Everyone had damned well better be able to turn that page if they want to survive. Braveheart believes he can and will turn that page because he wants to survive. I believe everyone else here, except for the trolls, will turn that page also because they want to survive what is coming to this land.

                  • You’re a good man, renegade braveheart.
                    I hope your optimism lies on fertile ground.

                • hammerhead says:

                  “Thats the problem , Obamalini isnt a leader.”

                  A “leader???”

                  Who needs a “leader???”

                  Do you need a “leader” hammerhead???

                  Do you need someone to tell you what to think, and how to live???

                  Do you need your hand held while moving through the seasons of your life???

                  If you do… You must be a voter (sucker).

                  • @ymww

                    How did you get from point “A” to point “B” on this one?

                    You’re overdoing your mental gymnastics.

                    Serenity now…….Serenity now…….Serenity now…….

                  • I have a leader, it’s called ME! It’s ok to take in good advice and knowledge from others BUT I will decide whats best for me and can more than think for myself. Neither do I want to be any so called “leader”. I will gladly help others with ideas and advice but anyone who looks to me as a leader is co-dependent idiot. Uncle Genius says” I want you to think for yourself”. But thats pretty rare nowadays 🙁

                  • Bazinga says:

                    “How did you get from point “A” to point “B” on this one?”

                    LOL… That’s easy!!!

                    The shortest distance between two points is a straight line!

                    Wake up Bazinga… And fear not!

                    “Serenity now…….Serenity now…….Serenity now…….”

                  • I simply stated that he was not a leader.
                    Where did i request a leader?
                    Go piss on a fireplug.

                  • My leader is Jesus. HE beats any human leader.

            • You nailed it, Hammer, I wish I could think a brain aneurism on some people…

              • To get a brain aneurism, you first need to HAVE a brain.

                • Sixpack, that’s right. Last time I checked, nonpreppers didn’t have any brains.

                  • 🙂

            • Over paid community organizer

            • oBOMBER,…the OATHBREAKER? PFFT!

          • Apolitical Aphorisms

            If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates. ~Jay Leno~

            The problem with political jokes is they get elected.
            ~Henry Cate, VII~

            We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office ~Aesop~

            If we got one-tenth of what was promised to us in these State of the Union speeches, there wouldn’t be any inducement to go to heaven. ~Will Rogers~

            Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.
            ~Nikita Khrushchev~

            When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I’m beginning to believe it. ~Clarence Darrow~

            Why pay money to have your family tree traced; go into politics and your opponents will do it for you.
            ~Author unknown~

            Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel.
            ~John Quinton~

            Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other. ~Oscar Ameringer~

            I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them. ~Adlai Stevenson, campaign speech, 1952~

            A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country. ~ Tex Guinan~

            I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.
            ~Charles de Gaulle~

            Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks. ~Doug Larson~

            There ought to be one day — just one — when there is open season on Congressmen. ~Will Rogers~

            • Eppe, thanks for all of those quotes. I know you have a serious streak in you as well as the comedy streak. Keep them coming.

              • who’s the dumbshit that downthumbed you braveheart? yeesh!

            • “without God, there is no virtue because there’s no prompting of the conscience. And without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure. If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” — Ronald Reagan

              “We don’t have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven’t taxed enough; we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much” — Ronald Reagan

              “Without God there is no virtue because there is no prompting of the conscience,…without God democracy will not and cannot long endure.” — Ronald Reagan

              “The most terrifying words in the English langauge are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” — Ronald Reagan

              “Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation for freeloaders.” — Ronald Reagan

              “The Founding Fathers knew a government can’t control the economy without controlling people. And they knew when a government sets out to do that, it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose. So we have come to a time for choosing. (October 27, 1964)” — Ronald Reagan

              It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first. – Ronald Reagan

              • Reagan said all the right things, while the globalist swine in his administration ignored him. His agent Leo Wanta earned hundreds of billions in the process of using currency manipulation to destroy the Soviet empire, money that should have gone into paying off the costs of the Cold War. GW Bush stole those funds, and then tried to murder Reagan (Hinckley was the son of a Bush family friend). The defense contractors ripped America off with the Star Wars project, with billions spent on R&D on projects that were little more than sci-fi. Reagan was intended to be an actor in the role of President. He pissed the elites off when he took the role seriously. I had many reservations, such as the obvious “October Surprise”, where Carter was sabotaged in his attempts to free the hostages in Tehran (and the questionable Delta force rescue attempt, which seemed subverted and planned to fail). And there was the Contra drugs for guns deals where coke flowed into the U.S. (which is why our agent Noriega rotted in prison). The scum Ollie North who helped run the operation became a Fox News commentator! Globalization and outsourcing began under Reagan, but those were policies of a corrupted Congress. Despite his failings, Reagan was our last elected President. All have been selected and installed by fraud since.

            • Eppe, Love your sense of humor.
              Jim Belishi from About Last Night: “Don’t ever loose your sense of humor man.”

            • I loved those jokes..
              put a smile on my face..

          • @eppe

            I’ve got a salute for him right here….

            PS This would probably work better if you could hear my guttural New England accent. I’ve been out of that blue state cesspool for years, but I’ve chosen to keep the accent

            Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

          • Not until we elect a retired Marine General President. Just saying. That’s when. 🙂

        • A tisket a tasket, a dumbass in a casket. 🙂

          • Genius, that sounds like an original.

          • “They found him some 300 meters from his house, some guys told him that they worked for government, and they are trying to restore peace.”

            I know that Selco has a main lesson, and that’s it’s not to be arrogant and to be mentally tough, but this secondary lesson just jumps out at me:

            Don’t trust people from the government or who say that they are with the government.

            The average Russian doesn’t trust his government. The average Chinese doesn’t trust his government. And the average American shouldn’t trust his government either.

            • Free, you have that correct, I work with 5 Russians within 50 feet of me, and I have heard same stories that were amazing… Wish I spoke Russian, when they get going, you can tell when they are angry by the tone of the voice only…

            • Yes studies reflect most car accidents happen just a few blocks from home, so I decided to move.

              • nice try, but Eppe takes the prize.

                • T-town,
                  In this mess the man that survives, takes the prize!

                  Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin!

        • I was driving around the town today, and saw many down and out people. They could be homeless, some scavaging, a few riding bicycles, those sitting on bus stop benches with no where to go. Probably just looking for some place to feel safe. And I wonder could that be me? I have a ways to go, before that happens, but external SHTF disasters could set if off. Lots of rippoffs going onout there right now, pay attention and avoid any scams. I had 2 insurance companies send premium bills to my bank and they ripped off my mortgage escro account over $4200. Like WTF? I never even agreed to any of those policies. I filed a complaint W/ tg e state of Florida. Got half the money back and the rest maybe next month. Banks suck. Insurance Co suck. No integrity out there. Laws don’t protect us. Its already pillage and plunder by the corporate pro theives. My employeer is ripping me off on commissions. Lawyers are ambulance chasers and w ont take cases unless they can hit a home run. Nobody gives a shit.

        • Stay
          Stay mobile
          Go it alone
          Build a fortress
          Team up with others
          Be forceful on others
          Live in peace and help our fellow man

          Lot’s of choices and each of them may, or may not work in the event of a societal crash. It may get down to all of the above……

        • Modern liberal’s mental capabilities will leave them sorely lacking

      2. I see many folks making no real decisions,just panicking.That said,if time/safety permits then play out the different outcomes in your head and how to best come to a good outcome,when threatened and cornered/shoot first/no need to ask questions later.

        • Amen War, we will be faced with decisions that need to be automatic…

          • When the shooting comes. Gotta shoot then get out of the area pronto. Escape and evade. Change your appearance, clothes, hats, there may still some police enforcement activity as we slide into all out anarchy. There will be pockets of laws and pockets of lawlessness. But I you shoot first always figure out how to get out of there. Even if you were defending your self you could be treated as the guilty party. Cops may just tske ecerybody to jail or a FEMA Camp. There will be no trials. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        • Amen War, we will be faced with decisions that need to be automatic…

          • Yep, the key word is……panic.

            A panic attack comes from fear. Fear comes from the unknown, or “not” knowing the truth.

            The truth will set you free.

            Those that want to be free from fear and panic, in any situation, can do so. They first must remove their thinking cap, containing the grey matter, from the sand; or in most cases from their own arse or their neighbor’s, and start learning.

            #1 priority is getting their heart right with their Maker and then proceed to #2 which is getting educated about who TPTB are and why they are doing what they are, to not only USA, but also the world in general.

            Once their agenda is understood and who “they” are, it will become easier to face what “they” are going to cause to become of the middle class here in America and Canada. North America as one Nation is the goal. Then control all ten worldly nations by NSA tactics==NWO.

            Will it all collapse and come to that before Christ returns and sets things right?

            I believe it will, but it is ultimately in God’s Hands.
            I had rather be prepared and it not happen, than the other way around.

            Good prepping…..

            BTW… found some family packs of “SHTF ground chuck” (27% fat/73% lean) on sale for $2.99 a lb., and 28 oz. cans of diced tomatoes for .99 cents. A little more fat/grease than I normally like but when SHTF, fat of any kind will be welcome.

            Canned up another 9 pints of Chili Mac Mix and it is awesome. Thx Grandee for the “original” recipe, and causing me to start making & canning the hamburger helper on steroids.
            I will post recipe if anyone requests it.


            • PWTW,
              I would love to have the recipe. Always looking for more things to can.

              • Rancher’s Wife

                Grandee’s Chili Mac to can or eat

                2-3 lbs. ground beef (or turkey)
                1 large yellow onion
                2 15oz can tomato sauce (or fresh garden equivalent)
                2 14.5oz can diced tomato (or fresh garden equivalent)
                1 Tbs. garlic powder
                2 Tbs. dried oregano
                2 tsp. dried basil
                2 dried bay leaves
                1 Tbs chili powder
                1/2 tsp pepper
                salt to taste

                2 cups elbow macaroni-uncooked

                In large stew pot, brown ground meat, breaking up the meat as it cooks into small pieces. Cook until the meat is cooked through and there is no longer any pink. Drain or spoon off grease.

                Stir in onions. Cook and stir until the onions are translucent.

                Stir in: tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, garlic powder, oragano, basil, bay leaves, chili powder, pepper, salt.

                Bring mixture to boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to low, cover and let simmer 20 minutes. Simmer longer if using fresh garden equivalent. Stir occasionally.

                TO EAT NOW: add 2 cups water and uncooked macaroni. Cover and simmer until macaroni is tender, about 20 minutes. If too thick just add a bit more water until desired consistance. I like mine soupy. Remove bay leaves.

                While mixture is simmering, prepare jars and PRESSURE CANNER. Fill hot prepared jars (pint or quart) with simmering mixture. Wipe rim, place lid and rings on jars. Finger tighten. Place jars in PRESSURE CANNER.

                PRESSURE CAN: pints @ 11 lbs pressure for 75 min.
                quarts @ 11 lbs pressure for 90 min.
                adjust for altitude

                To serve canned product-add enough water to cook macaroni.

                • Thanks grandee!

                  • Thks again grandee,

                    I also add about a half of a finely chopped bell pepper and a few finely chopped jalapenos for a little bite to it.

                    I have found that 4 lbs. of meat and about 48 ozs. of tomatoes will make about 9 pints with a little left over.
                    I like a lot of tomatoes and bigger chunks so I add more than this usually, preferably fresh. My canner holds 9 pts. at a time.

                    Note: do “not” overfill the jars and adjust cool down temps on canner in small increments.

                • Thanks grandee can’t wait to try this.

                • Thanks grandee!
                  I’m new to canning and wanted to can high calorie, fat/protein items. This looks like the right kind of recipe for me.

            • @passinwiththewind

              Glad to see you are canning up a storm, way to go!
              Only word of caution I would give is on the hamburger.
              Canned fats (esp beef fats) tend to go rancid fairly quickly. Try to use 93% lean or higher ground hamburger if you can. Not saying what you did is wrong, just that it is going to have a shorter shelf life, esp if not stored in the dark and cold.

              Chili Mac mix…mmmm.

              I use my canned 93% hamburger with Hamburger Helper and even throw in some dehydrated Portabella mushrooms we did ourselves. It turns out quite tasty!

              • Kudos to you on the advice.

                I am not usually canning meats for long term storage.
                Long term to me is more than two years.

                Normally, I will even use up frozen vacum sealed meats within a year of storage because of the strong/rancid fat taste, that is “sometimes” present with fat in meats.

                However, the fatty/greasy “canned” Chili-Mac Mix won’t go bad unless it becomes unsealed. It may not taste like it did when first prepared, but will do just fine in a SHTF situation, and we will be damned glad to have it. The elbow maccaroni, if sealed tightly in jars, will last indefinitely in it’s dry form.

                That is why i dubbed the cheaper/fattier, hamburger/turkey/sausage, as “SHTF” meats.

                I think we will be needing it within the next year or so because of the way things are ramping up. If not, we wil begin opening older Jars and using them as we replace.

                If folks have the extra money, by all means stick to the 90% and higher ground beef for canning.

                Actually, if we had the extra funds, i would be grinding my own 99% lean chuck and sirloin for my Chili-mac mix.

                Good prepping.

            • Can someone explain to me this…we are told that the gov plans on making the north american union, the combining mexico, usa, canada. Ok, we are also told that for a very long time there has been a plan to divide the us into ten regions. Which is it going to be?

              • Yeah well you might want to try reading Agenda 21. It should explain it all 😉

              • @ LSB,

                It’s ten economic/geographical, regions of the “world”.

                when Lucifer is booted out to Earth, he brings with him his ten Generals to oversee the regions, via the human excrement that is in control/leaders, of them.

                It is written.

            • just saw pinto beans for 33 cents a pound in high desert(hesperia, ca)…time must be gettin’ near…can’t remember a price less than 50 cents/lb! for a couple hundred bucks you could save MANY lives by having 600 lbs of beans….just remember though…it takes a LOT of water to cook them!….BTW,lookin’ fer a new wife….mid 40’s to mid 50’s and awake….and not tooo much fat. thousand dollar reward! for the person that sends her to me.

              • That is unbelievable! The last time I saw that kind of price was a few years ago and ordering by the 50# bag from a distributor.

                They must be from Mexico or south America.

                Anyways, they will eat and like you say, for several hundred dollars worth you could feed a bunch of folks.

                Scan it and can it.

        • I have shunned a few old friends because they refuse to wake up. All they care about is what new toy can I buy or what the football scores are. These are pretty intelligent people too but just refuse to prep or look into anything. Ignorance may be bliss till tshtf then your fooked and I don’t want any non prepped ignorant zombies coming to my door. If anyone comes up to me saying Im from the govt. or anything else wanting info thats the cue to take them out asap. My wife and me gave up trying to wake up the zombies it’s a waste of time and dangerous too. The masses of idiots will be as big or even a bigger threat to you and yours than the govt. Remember every can of food you give out or person you tell about your preps is another person that will surely show up at your door. And don’t count on them leaving and not coming back. They will probably bring friends with them too! Better to just STFU around friends and others that have any possibility of making it to your house if tshtf. Hard choice? Maybe but remember, THEY made theyre choice! A little charity is a dangerous thing!

          • Genius, I’m the same way. I tried talking to people about prepping right after Katrina and got the same reactions you did. I never tried talking to anyone else since that time. And you can bet your last dollar that nonprepping morons will show up at your door before any government pukes do. My answer is the same for all of them if/when they come to my door: HOT LEAD! They made their own bed so they have to go lay their stupid asses on it!

              • Genius, that video was AWESOME. It speaks volumes!

            • Genius and BH what you said is very true. Friends that I tried to inform promptly invited themselves over in the event of SHTF . Their only preparation was to freeload off others. I did have some success with my immediate family and I am grateful for that. Sad thing is that those I tried to help will most likely cause trouble if things go bad.

        • Awwe WD, give the poor souls a chance by using federal ammo! If you have a misfire then they were meant to live 🙂

        • The best preparation you can arm yourself with is knowledge. When you KNOW what’s coming and what’s at stake, and have already planned for it, you will not be surprised, and will be much less likely to be caught with your pants down and rushed into making a bad decision.

          The biggest mistake I see some people making is (for example) relying on the Bible to tell them exactly how everything is going to play out in detail. The people wrote that book lives thousands of years ago and had NO knowledge of the situation we are facing today. Certain generalities are correct, yes, but the details always differ. You have to listen to God (in other words, for you non religious folks keep your eyes and ears open! The meaning is the same.) and see what is actually happening, and make plans accordingly. Don’t expect some book or some wise person, even someone who’s been through it like Selco, to give you an exact roadmap to follow.

          If you survive it will be because you used your brain IN THE MOMENT to constantly be aware of what the real situation actually is. Don’t allow yourself to be blinded by your own ignorance or preconceptions.

        • like selco’s advice, shoot FIRST, and ask questions NEVER!(he didn’t say it quite THAT way, but you get the idea, i HOPE)….it works if you’re a COP now, but when SHTF, we will ALL have to think like that, i’m afraid.

      3. It cant be a surprise that people will do horrific things when they desperate. And there are gonna be a lot of desperate
        unprepared people if things get as desperate as some of us suspect.

      4. My latest prep is gonna be a set of lock picks, any advice or suggestions? Lucky to have a retired locksmith in the family.

        • 12 gauge pump loaded with slugs.

        • forget lock picks. A 7.62 X 54 with steel ammo will open any lock that could be picked and its much faster.

          • Im from the uk guys, no firearms remember…

          • Hey Scout and Richard;

            Just a short note about Master locks… I have found that they are the easiest on the market to pick. 🙁

            I still have not been able to pick a “Yale” lock. Very hard to feel the pins. I found my set (rake and tension wrench) at a gun show years ago. Made my own slim jim for cars out of Spring steel that was banding on metal rolls at work.

            Once you understand the “feel” of the rake and the proper amount of tension, you should be able to pop most locks.

            Also, on house doors. Kwik-set is pure junk, just like Master locks.

            Y’all enjoy your day. 🙂

      5. Am I the only one who wonders (quite often) if Selco is the real deal or a fake?

        The bad english seems fake to me.

        • BJ

          Good point.

          Is the News fake. The Government. Alex Jones. Obama’s birth certificate. Our Money. Sashquash. Aliens.

          If there’s something Bad.
          In your neighborhood.

          Who you gonna call?

          Ghost Busters!

          Nope They’re Fake. Hahahahaha

          All a Grand Illusion.

          Now who are you going to trust?

          • It just seems to me that the person is trying too hard to emulate a foreigner with horrible english speaking skills.

            • BJ: Most of the world speaks pidgin English; as best they can. If you have ever travelled to Europe, Asia, or Australia, you would know they do the best they can!

              G’day!!! 🙂

              • And for most of them, their “english” is better than my french, spanish, russian, chinese, korean, italian or whatever.

                They’ve got one up on me in that regard. They know at least one other language than their own.

                • Right you are Walt. Most Europeans speak three or four languages and Chinese students must take 4 years of English in high school, russians two.

                  I thought if I rattled his chain, Aussie would respond. 🙂

          • Selco is the real deal. If there is anybody to be cautious of I’d have Brandon Smith in my sights long before Selco.

            • IMO you just put yourself and your posts farther down the list of credibility than Acid Etch and DK

        • BJ, keep in mind that English is a secondary language for Selco. He was born and raised in the former Yugoslavia so I’m not sure what his native tongue is. But I believe he’s the real deal. he’s already been through an socio-economic collapse and lived to talk about it. Now he shares his experiences with anyone who will listen and learn from his experience. Knowledge is power. the knowledge Selco provides will give us all a fighting chance when TSHTF. check out his website. I highly recommend it.

        • BJ, your spidey-sense is all jacked up if your common sense doesn’t make you realize selco should be LISTENED to intently.

        • BJ- Selco is a FAKE, just profiting from what is happening.
          His articles are all bullshit and the way he “talks” is phony too.

          Read his stuff and you can ALWAYS pick out the discrepancies.

          He’s in it for the money.

          He’s a fucking phony.

          Everything is in generalities.

          Yeah….with all that was going on, these things needed to ask some guy where he lived, so they could go “search the place for gold”?
          Please give me a fucking break.

          • @RICH98,
            I am almost in total agreement with you in regards to Selco being a phony and a fake, like at 99% sure. I can’t porove it or I would say I am 100% sure.

            Now the guy who went through the financial collapse in South America, Argentina I think? like 10-12 years ago?? I think he is real and much more credible.

      6. Eppe and Warchild, indeed, it is our wits, NOT FIGHTING, that make us men. Eventually we will all be faced with situations where we will have to make a quick life-and-death decision. Any hesitation on our part is almost certain to cost us dearly. I know that one day I will be faced with a home invasion by some parasite/parasites. I’ve already made my decision many, many moons ago: Any POS who forces his/her way into my home will die, no questions asked. In a situation like that it will be KILL OR BE KILLED. That’s just the way it is.

      7. I sell emergency food and water purifiers for a living.
        I have talked to literally thousands of people about prepping.
        I can assure you that most people are not prepared.
        In fact, most of them think you are crazy for even metioning preparing to them.

        That said ….you won’t be able to trust anybody in a crisis who isn’t already well prepared.
        You need to be fully prepared and in a safe place away from people when the crisis unfolds.

        After 10 days of starvation, people will rob, steal and kill for food.
        After 15 days of starvation, people will begin eating eachother.


      8. “Shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more and then when everybody’s dead try to ask a question or two.”

        Wild wild west c. 1999

        • ACHTUNG!
          Das machine is nicht fur gerfingerpoken und mittengrabben.
          – Ist easy schnappen der Sprinngwerk, blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spitzensparken.

          Ist nicht fur gewerken by das Dummkopfen.
          – Das rubbernecken sightseeren keepen hands in das Pockets.
          – Relaxen und watch das blinkenlights…

          • Ran en den speck hier sheis gazist!

            • Nicht besonders!!! 🙂

              • Where did the German come from?

          • Der fingerpoken undt der rubbernecken ist verbotten! Dummkopfen kauten milt hav der finger smashin mit der hammerfausen undt der eyesen poken mit der scharpen schtiken.

      9. I would most likely panic , and be the dead guy.

        • Hammerhead….When You Need to DO what YOU MUST, You will NOT be the dead guy….No One knows just How they will respond to threats…but, have Faith and trust in YOUR GUT….YOU will KNOW when to shoot and when NOT to shoot….

          • I am hopin so……..

            • I’m really banking on the other guy panicing.



        • Glenn Beck is the biggest phony I’ve ever seen. His goal is to keep people from actually doing something physical about our “Problem”. Arrest need to be made and trials begin, until he starts talking about action I can’t take him as genuine.

          • I am convinced that Beck is only in it for the money. He’s a shill. Which is too bad, since he has an audience.

            He also supports the ILLEGAL INVASION of the USA as does the Mormon Church. 🙁

      11. Better yet…Don’t put yourself in a position to shoot, or be shot!

        • Uh, yeah… Want to expand on that strategy a bit more?

        • Nobody – Curious how you plan to do that. Live on an island surrounded by 1000 miles of ocean? Build the Great Wall of China around your house? Underground bunker? Inquiring minds want to know.


      12. Even this site is a big mind game. Reading the commentary here will give you a glimpse of what is to come dealing with people.

        Selco knows. Been there. Done that. Got the “T” shirt.

        • Everyone needs to go to Selco’s site and read every post he has. Eyeopening…

          • Eppe, spot on about Selco’s site. The man really knows his business.

        • Wonder how many notches Selco has on his gun.

        • @slingshot….

          You are exactly correct. Hang out here very long, and you’ll realize that some of the folks who frequent this site will be the ones intent on doing you harm and taking your stuff when SHTF.

      13. The wrong decision is what we will all make at one time or another. If it doesn’t kill you learn from your mistake and don’t repeat it.
        WE AIN’T PERFECT. We will make mistakes. That is why you need a group and maybe someone in the group will find the mistake before it goes to far.

        • Luck favors the prepared mind.

          But despite that being true, just plain old luck will be a big factor as well.

          I liken it to the difference between some guy who has just generalized infantry training to another guy who has advanced combat training. To which one would you give the edge in a fire fight? Obviously….the guy with the advanced training. HOWEVER….There have been many occasions where the guy with lesser training lives, and the well trained guy dies. And it had nothing to do with making a necessarily bad decision. The dead guy just was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      14. -Lessons learned:

        1. No real or sizable preps in house. No large quantities of stored water. Went out in desperation and got dead quick.

        2. Led bad guys back to his home (through admission or coercion), either way bad outcome there too.

        3. Went out ALONE ‘Lone Wolf’ style. Big mistake. HUGE.

        3. No real defenses, booby traps or armed, trained defenders at home. Oops.

        4. No real communication capabilities. Really?

        5. Didn’t ‘get out of dodge’ in time. Hindsight IS 20/20, but you have to know when to stay…or when to GO!

        6. No neighborhood protection network. Sounds like others up and left him there. Doh!

        It’s easy for me to armchair quarterback at this point because I wasn’t there, but you can rest assured…those lessons I listed and more are already addressed.

        Don’t end up a victim…KILL THE WOLVES BEFORE THEY GET TO YOUR DOOR!

        • Sorry Socrates, I can only give you 1 thumbs up 😉

        • I don’t have a problem with the guy going outside by himself. In a SHTF world you just can’t go outside, wander around, and look for help. That will get you and your family killed. That’s what the guy did that Selco talks about. Better to go outside in the middle of the night if you have to.

          You might have a neighborhood protection network now but it won’t last long when nobody has food or water. Only about 3% of the population is prepping.

          • Yep, and two thirds of them only have enough for about a couple weeks, to feed their families.

            BTW, hope you aren’t pissed that I called you stupid, sorry about that, i was a little hot under the collar, but I stand by my words about the Israelites and my family ties. Being ignorant about something doesn’t necessarily mean a person is stupid.

            The little woman had rather me call her stupid than ignorant. She puts ignorant in the same category as using the word cunt, towards a woman. Go figure.


            • I’m not pissed but I certainly don’t respect people who have to resort to insults when you disagree with them. And of course, to be called ignorant after a half-apology doesn’t impress me either.

              • Yea, I kinda expected this kind of response from you.

                I know many holier than thou christians in my community.
                They go to church on Sunday and behave like normal folks all Sunday, but wake up on Monday as just another bitter asshole and returning to their stupid ways all week.

                You have such a short memory there bub. Just last week you were damning a stranger to hell for eternity, for making a comment you didn’t agree with. In fact the comment he made wasn’t even about what you said it was.
                It seemed as though you were talking about another person’s comment entirely. He picked up on it and so did I.

                It wasn’t the first time. You have jumped on “Sinner’s” comments with a vengenance, until He asked you to stop commenting to his posts.

                So, by your own words……” I certainly don’t respect people who have to resort to insults when you disagree with them”…….must mean that you don’t respect yourself.

                Such a pitiful person, you are.

      15. The guy didn’t die from pressure. He died because he was unprepared and was forced to do something dangerous.

        We’re fully prepared. We have food and water, guns and ammo, ways to heat our home and cook our food. We plan on blocking the windows at night with plywood on the inside of the house so we don’t show light outside. If we had to, we could store our garbage in our basement laundry room. We could store sewage in empty kitty litter buckets and put them in the laundry room too. If we had to, we could avoid going outside for weeks after it hits the fan.

        I think the biggest vulnerability most preppers have is a lack of clean water on their property. Walking miles to the nearest water source just isn’t safe after it hits the fan.

        • In a lights out situation, having lights on in house and then being attacked will leave you ‘blinded’ because your eyes are not accustomed to the dark. The attackers will have better night vision since they’re eyes became adjusted to it before attacking. I hopefully will have enough people with me so that someone will be outside doing guard duty and their eyes will be adjusted to the darkness. Dang! You prep with lanterns and candles and if you actually use them when needed you are putting yourself at increased risk.

        • Go out to a Sams club and buy 10 cases of bottled water per person for about $45. No brainer that will take you 5 months out with a drinkable water supply. Collect rain water amd get a good water filter. This stuff is just basic common sense. Wake up Sheeple. Most people here are awake. But newbees. Get on that. Be the hero in your family.. it will earn you a lot of respect during doomsday.

          • Be the Hero or be a Zero. One of the zeros in the 10,000,000+ that will not make it.

        • Is your house flammable?

          • That’s a really good question. If your home is flammable its not defendable. Im Montana in the 18oo,s a homesteader successfully held off 50 armed cattlemen for several hours. in the end the set his cabin on fire. he didn’t have a trap door in the floor or an escape tunnel. if your buried bunker only has one way in or out. your like a animal in a den. I can get any critter to come out of their den. A garden hose to flood it. or pour gas down a length of hose. follow that with compressed air. if that don’t do it use LP. Someone in a impenetrable bunker . Rocks and debris could be piled on the entrance. and the air intake located and closed off. their are no safe places if man made it man can breach it.

      16. I’m hoping it’s just me…but the writing style this time…
        Is a little off from what we’ve seen in the past… conjugation… so on and such…don’t know…
        Can’t quite put a point on it…
        Just seems to me we’ve come to accept that English is not his primary language and accept the flaws…
        This time… it appears to be contrived…

        Someone…please tell me I’m delusional…

        • Anonymous- you are not delusional, and from all that he wrote that I have read, I would go one further and say more than one person is writing the shit.
          They make a mistake on a word two out of five times… shot like that.
          Its all about the money.

      17. Don’t know how accurate this, but someone on Steve Quayle’s site posted an alert that The Chinese are demanding that The American
        Public be disarmed and this person is supposed to have had knowledge of that meeting but no attendees listed I think.

      18. Wonder how many Selco would pick from this site to last 90 days.

        No disrespect, Selco but you have to be laughing your ass off.

        • Slingshot, I’m sure Selco has already written off all the trolls he’s ever seen here.

      19. It’s important to practice now being clear sighted, level headed, and prepared for shtf situations that may occur at anytime. It’s going to be rough for everyone when the complete collapse happens.

        It’s also very important to repent of all sin to God through Jesus Christ because all of us will face eternity either in heaven or in hell.

        God loves us very much:

        7 Saying, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.

        8 Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin. (Romans 4:7, 8)


        6 For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.

        7 For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.

        8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:6-8)

      20. I call BS. Selco has been making S up for years. Search his site, I did. A guy on his street gets murdered near his home, guy’s son takes a rifle butt and is knocked unconscious, guy’s wife gets, ah, “played with”, and this is the first he’s mentioned it? He’s been remembering new stuff each week for years. BS to make a buck imo.

        • HighNDry- EXACTLY!

          A story a week with this fool.

          He is a phony.

          Hes laughing alright… all the way to the bank with fools money.

          Selco’s “course”

          what a crock of shit.
          And someone mentioned Brandon Smith.. what an asshole HE is.

          They are opportunists is all.

          Like that idiot DAISY who used to post here that doesn’t know her ass form a hole in the ground, but learned how to make a website pay off…
          get a real fucking job.

          Stealing from people who are in fear is the way to go for them I guess.

      21. Well, tried my pressure canner for myself today. hubby had issues with time to steaming. For me 1 hour to vent steam and another 45 min to get to pressure. I think the canner is better broken in now. He mentioned today that he was losing steam around the lid just a little when he used it. he used it for tomatoes the first two batches so we knews the food would be safe if didnt get it right. today I Made 12 qt beef stew and 4 pints soup starter. Got 6 pints of “Dixie relish” water bathing now. Tasted good befor it was cooked. Well see how it is after being cooked down and canned. Got the recipe from the blue book.

        I’ve got to get my butt in gear and restock some stuff. Hubby and son raid my closet to stock the pantry then don’t tell me. The ‘normalcy’ of things around me is deceiving, because I know it is all smoke and mirrors. Some days I think to myself it might just all be okay, and then I remind myself that on so many levels we are too far gone. I balance living my life with being prepared. I don’t want to regret not doing something because of fear. I refuse to live in fear, so I keep calm, carry on and consider my preps insurance. It gives me peace of mind.

        On another note, we just got new windows, so it won’t feel like I have an open window in the winter anymore (yea!), and we are having a solar evaluation Friday. If we can fit enough panels well go for it.

        • pitty,

          you may need a new canner gasket. I replaced one two years ago in my small canner- had to replace it again this year. Maybe the quality of the gaskets is not a good as before. I also bought an All American canner that will do 14 quarts at a time. Well worth the money and no gaskets to replace.

          Country girl

        • Yea I’m with you gals on the canning.

          We replaced our gasket after the thing had apparently started shrinking, after many uses.

          I have found that rubbing it with canola oil helps the sealing process.

          I want one of the stainless steel pressure cooker/ canners really bad. Since i no longer cook anything with direct contact to aluminum, I sometimes want to speed up the cook time and reserve more of the vitamins/minerals with the food.

          Those things are pricey, and i won’t waste my time and money on the smaller units they are now offering via TV=mmercials. The liner unit inside those would be nice, but those appear to be coated with teflon or something. Pure stainless is the way to go.

      22. I call BS. Selco has been making S up for years. Search his site, I did. A guy on his street gets murdered near his home, guy’s son takes a rifle butt and is knocked unconscious, guy’s wife gets, ah, “played with”, and this is the first he’s mentioned it? He’s been remembering new stuff each week for years. BS to make a buck imo.

      23. Most time for canning, get the water hot in the pressure cooker before you add the jars, then just 10 mins to vent then 70 mins under pressure, or 90 mins for meat. Clean the jar rims with vinegar and papertowel after they are filled to ensure a good seal. Steam the lids to soften the rubber. All else fails read the instructions twice. LoL.

        • I’ve got a 31 qt all american and the burner is undersized. I put boiling water into the canner before adding the jars. Still took an our ( better than hubby’s two hours.

          • Excuse me 30 qt. and she’s a beast.

            • I was eyeballing one of those down at our local supplier, that and a big high output burner, a huge 36″ wok and a steamer that was about 30″ tall and 24″ round,,,
              Figure they could come in handy someday, if for nothing else but to make some bangin pressure cooked pork quarters, giant batch of Chow Fun, and about 3 dozen LauLaus!

      24. I pretty much just want to be left alone,
        Will have enough to live for quite some time if some sense of civility is still existent.
        I honestly have no desire to be around if we are plunged into some nightmare existence where every waking moment will be hell and there will be no sleep.
        For that theres Margaritas, morphine carbon monoxide and listening to tunes in my jeep in the garage. Count me and my sweety out from dystopia!

        • Wow.

          Sorry Kula, but I cannot believe that you actually got a thumbs up for that post.

          Got the suicide all planned, huh?


          • Do you want to stick around to be shot and your beautiful (example) wife or girlfriend raped and abused by some human garbage???
            Sometimes an exit is better than bravado.

            • Maybe you should go out swinging. The good guys might win eh?

        • Kulafarmer.

          I had to read that over a few times. No up or down thumb by me. Should things wind up bad, I don’t think we will have anytime to fix Margarita’s.

          Play the music loud. It scares the hell out of them.

          • So what your saying is
            Straight Cuervo and Metallica…..

            My sweety doesnt want to be abused by others,
            And im not real keen on living in the weeds like some of obammmas relatives,
            Hence the exit strategy…

            Sweetypie says one bullet is all she needs, i dont think i could live with that, some things are not worth compromising on, quality of life is one of them for me, call me spoiled, dont care, it is what it is.

        • Yes I simply wanted to live out the rest of my days playing hobby farm & drawing my social security Ponzi check. and for fun take my 55 chevy to the dragstrip a few time per year. let the grandsons play with it a bit. I certainly don’t want to have to kill anyone . However its very unlikely that my retirement plans will turn out like I wish. Im old and my life don’t matter so much. Its my grandkids that I prep for & worry about> Im hoping for some sort of divine intervention?

          • Divine intervention is forthcoming.

            America may not look the same or have the same economic freedom (that’s fading fast); but, it will still be here when ole Gog/Magog comes about.

            There is not a thousand per cent chance that it won’t happen. Why? God foretold it and it hasn’t happened yet.

            All the world will see it unfold on cable news. It will be one of the last big signs that God is very much alive and still on the Throne.

            You and i may not be here, alive and in the flesh to see it but possibly our grandchildren will be. The best thing we could do for them now is teach them about what is coming. sheltering them and teaching them only warm and fuzzy feeling things is a sin, especially when we know things are not gonna get any better. That is living a lie if we don’t tell then the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, at first.

            BTW, we enjoy the drag racing also. NHRA has been our worldly pleasure escape for many years. I have been going to the strips, since 1968. Saw Big Daddy many times in his old digger, using ole pickup trucks to push them off to start. Those were the days.

            • I race a George Rays wildcat strip at Paragould Ar. George never let the NHRA tell him what to do. He never let the NHRA dictate to him. And Its still in operation Even though George died a few years ago. Pretty laid bacl place not a lot of rules. Any how its a famious place lots of info and videos on the internet. I don’t have a tach. When I stage I hold it flat on the floor and let it make however much RPM as it makes. Sidestep the clutch and never let off the gas till the end. They call it the 10,000 RPM 55 chevy. I Just keep fixing whatever breaks with stronger parts.

      25. Ok folks, I don’t have the radiation knowledge . Was just talking to the kiddo, if a d I r t y bond went off in NYC and I’m 90-120 min away, but def in the wind patterns. Are k iodide tabs enough? Thanks for the input and sorry OT.

        • NoPity, you may want to look into some zeolite clay also. Do some research on it, it is used by the russians to get radioactive crap out of your system. Protecting your thyroid is only a small part of the big picture. Also maybe get cilantro, corriander seeds, chlorella, bentonite clay. We make all our own herbal remedies and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than store bought. Check out this site for good bulk deals… www. (take out the space).

          • Thanks

        • Nopityparty >

          A dirty bomb will likely have a small blast radius, thus…if you’re an (average) 100 or so minutes away, I’d say you’ll be safe.
          I’m estimating said time equates to 40-70 miles, btw.

          ..that said, your real problem will likely be those cretins showing up on your porch saying……”we’re from the govt, we’re here to help you!”


          My advice….goto…….search for a book titled: ..”Nuclear War Survival Skills” by Cresson H. Kearny

          ..and buy it!!!!

          When it arrives, read it, study it..then build your own Kearny-fallout-meter (see pages 97-99).


          ..always remember, “knowledge is power.” Good luck to you.

          • Will check it out…

          • I would also look at Cresson H. Kearny’s life story. The man was a badass in a time of badasses. As far as the book goes, it’s a good one. It covers pretty much everything you would need to know in a survival situation (not just nuclear war) from the standpoint of the average family person. It’s not heavy on buying a lot of special gear, but it shows you how to use average household items to improvise solutions. I got mine for about $10 off E-Bay as a used book. A word of caution though is that the theory of horomesis that he espouses is junk science. (I come to that conclusion by looking at the reality of the effects of long term radiation exposure to the citizens of Muslymovo, Russia. It’s on the banks of the Techa River and downstream from the Mayak plutonium plant in Chelyabinsk 40. That is also worth researching as it shows you the horrors of long term radiation exposure and government indifference.)

      26. everything is a weapon

        use your imagination

        And adapt.

      27. If you haven’t been shot or shot at…
        If you haven’t been severely and bloodily injured…
        If you have never lived for more than a few days without electricity…
        If you have never been where food and water are not plentiful…

        These are just a few things from my life that changed me drastically and made me very aware of the thin veneer of civilization. Even with all the craziness and lies and other things – we are FAR better off now than without power, water and living by the law of the jungle.

        Stay prepared physically, but work through the tough choices in your head, visualizing and ‘feeling’ it. When really happens, you need to react correctly to survive. Revenge is not a survival mechanism, nor is anger. You need to be able to be ‘coldly logical’ for days – not for the rest of your life.

        Playing SHTF disaster drills is adolescent and very much a waste of time and money.

      28. I work better under pressure, used to run a fabrication and machine shop. At times I was building 50 pieces of equipment at one time. Thousands of parts, from ordering the raw materials to setting up the equipment in whatever country it went to. With everything there is a learning curve. When SHTF you just better hope your further into the curve than others. So being prepared,in shape and clear headed will put you ahead of many. Because it could be the difference between life and death.

      29. Luckily, we had been prepping food for a couple of years when my husband was laid off. The only thing we worried about was meeting our bills. Food was there waiting for us and the kids, and we didn’t go hungry until other work was found.

        I’ve had some bad situations where there is a lay off, car breaks down, someone gets sick, etc. all at the same time. Back then we only kept one week of groceries in the house and were not prepared. One winter during an ice storm, we lost power for six days, with no preps. I’ve learned the hard way.

      30. It appears the scenarios Selco writes about were within urban well populated areas…most likely none of us here are in that predicament..

        Here in Mass. only 8% of the population are gun owners by recent stats of issued LTC,FID,Hunting licenses by the Bureau of Firearms…and given the lack of any ability to shoot correctly by the few gangbangers state wide…I think the odds are in our favor here..

        We live in a relatively small town on Cape Cod where the vast majority of adult males spend their time imbibing beer,mesmerized by sports central, and only go out to hit an occasional golf ball or obsess with their lawns and leaf blowers…and their respective wives are over medicated and overweight from years of anti depressants spending most of their time shopping, or walking their doggies down the street..

        Most of the teens and young adults are too stoned all the time to ever be a threat either..

        Best of all, no one has a clue what we have stored away nor the armaments…we stay well under the radar here.

        Opsec is the key.

        Enjoy the day


      31. Get “stuff” after the “event” to supplement what you already have. Everyday after the “event”, go out when possible and get more “stuff”. Save your preps for when there is no more “stuff” available outside. If you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly bear.

      32. Whoever wrote this article is functionally illiterate and cannot form a proper english sentence! My guess is a person of color.

        • Read who Selco is, fool, before knocking him. English is not his native tongue. He survived Clinton’s globalist war in the Balkans. People who make snap judgements without thought will die in droves when SHTF. I would be that haggard looking old man you ignore who sticks you in the throat and takes your weapon. That is what I did to a carjacker who made a quick assessment.

      33. Because a man does not speak a language well does not make him stupid. It is a stupid man that thinks this way. Most Non Americans have had a hard life just surviving and those that have qualifies them to teach those that have not lived through such. Arrogance will get u killed fast in a bad situation just for running your mouth not to mention the flashy toys that u thought were yours. IF Selco is a fraud or not take this from him………his knowlege. Most of the MOUTHS that I have run into particularly on the internet dont have a clue as to what is coming at them. They got a fancy weapon and 2 weeks worth of freeze dried food and they think they are rambo and have no concept of the probability of long term disruption and how to survive same. Just for thoughts can you skin a deer, gut a fish, gut a possum, catch a squirrel with no trap, raise a garden, find and prep water so diarrhea does not kill you, find native foods near your home, keep from freezing to death on a wet winter night with no shelter? If u cant then shut your mouth and open your ears! God gave u two eyes, two ears and one mouth……….and that should be used for asking intelligent questions.

      34. What kind of training can prepare you for making the best decisions under such intense pressure when SHTF? Practicing the routines over and over and knowing the ideas behind your decision making is great but when things go south and you actually have to apply your knowledge how do you get experience?

        Surely making sure you’re well stocked for when the worst occurs is the most important thing right?

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