Dare to Dream: The Ultimate Survivalist’s Internet Den

by | Jan 24, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 42 comments


If you’re a survivalist, doom & gloomer, or prepper, then you’ll no doubt appreciate the weaponry and internet control hub in this office:

Survival Office

Hat tip Zero Hedge, Gizmodo

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    1. gladys crabtree

      Is that one of those old carousel slide projectors on the top shelf?

    2. idesofmarc

      must be a bitch to dust….

    3. Anonymous

      The H&K hanging on left & the 50 on right look nice!

    4. Mountian Prepper

      I want to know, how in the hell did you get that picture?  How did you get into my den?  That picture is classified, “non-government” top secret!

    5. jcard21

      I don’t see any Dillon reloading equipment…

    6. TnAndy

      Or food, or a whole lot of other things……

      What I see is somebody who has spent a lot of money on weapons and computer gear, and very likely their survival plan is to be the local warlord.

    7. Durango Kidd

      I’m disappointed. How can one be a card carrying American Insurgent and not possess an RPG?

    8. VRF

      Nice..I guess he gets to be boss, until he slips up

    9. Anonymous

      Where is the women poster calendar & can of spam?  Al will bring the net down.

    10. lostinmissouri

      Those guns look more like what’s in my wife’s closet.  I am more into hand guns, myself.

    11. Lady Hawk

      That’s the “internet” den – dare there be  pantry and storage????  If so and you are single – you had me at hello! 

    12. Lobster

      I see  a p90 0n the left too.  I got a feeling it ain’t all real though.  If he has all of that he must have a kick ass store of food, water, and medicine.  And if he doesn’t, even better.  Someone better prepared will take his weapons after his starves or dies from a sinus infection.

      My strategy is a little different.  Lighter on the guns, heavier on everything else, and spread the everything else out into places that will make it very hard to get –  even if you get past my clan and our guns.  That’s if we choose to fight. Running away is always an option, only to come back later on our terms.

    13. meanjeep

      Are those monitors bullet proof? When SHTF and the net goes down, how much good are they really, other than watching old Diehard and Rambo 23 sequels?  

      Hmmm….Do I see tele-prompters and the big red button present! You’d think with all our debt, airfarce-one would be better equipped!

      Na, can’t be. The commander in thief dislikes direct violence. Dissidents are primarily flogged in the public square by media counter parts. LOL!

      The image does reminisce with the sweet odor of MIL-PRF-14107D and hot shell casings like popcorn at the movies though….Wish I were there!

    14. NWFisher

      You call that PREPARED? There’s not ONE fishin’ pole in sight. 🙂

    15. Ratcraft

      With that kind of dough why would one worry?

    16. youcancallmeray

      I’m thinking it’s all airsoft guns. The M79 above the P90 and the mini gun on the back shelf  and the loaded mag on the P90 makes me think airsoft.

      But it could be real because removing the orange tip on airsoft guns in the USA is illegal.

    17. youcancallmeray

      Ok,here is the official lingo. I still think they are airsoft.

      American federal laws require minimum 6 mm (0.24 in) orange tips to be present on all “toy guns” (including airsoft replicas) while being transported within or imported into the United States. These brightly colored tips show the difference between real and replica firearms, which helps to ensure safety.[13] However, when playing on a private field, no orange tip is needed. In strict technicality, the Federal regulations do not specifically require the owner to keep the muzzle painted after acquiring their airsoft gun. Many players choose to keep the tip, whether for safety or another reason, and some switch their orange-painted flash hiders with more realistic ones shortly before playing while at the field’s staging area

    18. Anonymous

      Looks like a propmaster’s scene prep room. The other electronics make me suspect some sound effects. The projector looks to be a Power Point Projector. But then again it could be a DHS Field Instructor’s Office.

    19. freeform72

      The main arsenal is in a whole separate room, as is the food and everything else. I have it on pretty good authority that this is just one corner of the office down in Ashton Kuycher’s bunker. I wonder which one he has… http://greeneyetech.com/products.html

    20. GrayFoxGreen

      Truly amazing number of guns…just how many can be used at one time,and for how long? A second question.How long will one last against “the Feds”(whoever they might become when the time arrives)armed with tanks,chemo.weapons,”eyes in the sky”and several people who might be more than willing”rat-out” your stash if they’re hungry enough? Still,I must say quite a collection!

    21. boone

      OK give the man a break !
      just how much crap do you exspect him to stuff in his little room. just pees you.
      you know he did’nt have to let you in!
      my mama always said if you dont have any thing nice to say ********well you should get my drift.
      and if you don’t then listen up

    22. overtheedge

      My big worry would be feeding the Ma-Deuce.  Cyclic rate is low, but several shekels a pop makes for an expensive day at the range.  You ain’t gonna reload squat for the .50 with Dillon tools. Better look to Corbin. Thier hydraulic press can not only reload the .50, but it can swage full jacket partition bullets for it too.

      Corbin also has the swaging dies for making .223 jacketed bullets out of 22LR casings. Use your RCBS Jr. for more than reloading.

    23. eugend66

      Comments…..Monies pissed away.

    24. JR

      When I was in the service some of the armorers (staff nco’s and up) had some pretty nice offices set up in the armory. Its very possible these weapons are all real and this is just in the back room of an armory somewhere….just a thought.

    25. Anonymous

      That was funny LadyHawk! 
      How do we know he is a he?  Maybe she don’t like pink.  I’m waiting to hear from Mushroom.

    26. Gods Creation

      Is that supposed to make me jealous or something? 

      All of it is useless if whatever he is preparing for ever happens.  You can tell he is living a world that does not exist yet, hoping it will come to pass even if in the back of his mind.

      Nahhhh.  If it ever got to the point where such a setup was needed I think I would rather be gone from the place.

      He can do what he likes, but two guns and a lot of food will serve me far better than what I see there.

    27. Anonymous

      The screen is almost big enough to track a Global Hawk.  Need two leather barber chairs with large cup holders & rudder pedals.  Bose speakers would be nice with microwave & dumbwaiter.  Backup periscope & concrete walls with gun racks & Easy Button.  Is that a Taco Bell wrapper on floor with open bottle of Hoppe’s 9 air freshener?

    28. mushroom

      this is obviously GMFAB’s hideaway. 

      this denman is doomed.

      not even any porno or even one new crisp ten dollar bill in sight!

      how disgusting. this blog is slowly going down the drain…

    29. GMAFB

      Run while you can musheadroom…this is only part of my collection.

      You should see my pantry…#10 cans just filled with real food!

    30. lynne

      I’m going to put those orange tip thingys on my real guns and hide them in my son’s toybox.   I wonder if this is where the Stuxnet worm was created 🙂

    31. NetRanger

      Honestly, thats just dumb.

      A) You don’t have your guns out like that. You keep them in, at the very least, a security cabinet that says “DANGER: EXPLOSIVES”.

      B) No self respecting preparedness advocate would use a monitor that bit. Think of the hours you could run your well pump with the juice that sucks. Doh! …and unless there are security cameras, what are you going to use it for when net goes down? (…you know, like 5 mins after TSHTF?)

      C) All that weaponry will be someone else’s when this idiot climbs up on his roof to adjust his dish and gets a fancy new piercing through both ears as the same time with the same bullet.

      …but, it is cute, maybe, for some kind of fantasy novel written for TEOTWAWKI Geeks.

    32. Anonymous

      To dream the impossible dream.

    33. Gladys Crabtree

      Hey!, free computer porn on two screens at once!

    34. NWFisher

      If you’re not proficient (or proficient & lucky) with what you’re holding when and IF the time comes, it won’t matter in the least what you’ve got stored away.

      “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.
      Bruce Lee

      Same general principle applies to firearms.

    35. captain obvious

      Real preppers keep this kind of fire power buried in PVC across multiple BOL’s.

    36. rod

      Comments….If things get that bad all the guns in the world won’t get you much more time and you can only fire one at a time.  What a nutcase!.

    37. Clem

      I’m with Mr. Lobster on this one. Though I like the collection. Is it mobile?

    38. greyson

      give the guy a break when you guys are starvin and goes and get a meal he’ll be the one laughing. and if some one try’s to break in he;s not going down without a figt

    39. Dude

      You are all idiots. This was posted on several chan sites [think 4chan] and they ARE ALL AIRSHIT [airsoft]

    40. GunRunner

      I agree, I don’t see how Airsoft toys will be of any use in an emergency. (The fake M-79 40mm GL on left above the fake P90 ARE giveaways, not to even mention the minigun). They ‘might’ intimidate some folks (for a few minutes). The moment Elmer Fudd shows up with his real steel .30-30 lever action, play time is over and Elmer owns everything! Okay, maybe a couple are real, but Airsoft are not free. How much food and gear could have been bought instead? Burt Gummer could take this guy out without getting out of bed! PS; ‘removing’ the orange tip isn’t illegal, but it voids the warranty! Some players transport with orange or red plastic muzzle caps if they fear FedGoons or such. (Live dangerously AND flaunt authority, tear off mattress tags!)

    41. anon

      When this guy runs out of twinkies he’s going to come out shooting.

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