Critical SHTF Security Video: You Are A High Value Target

by | Aug 26, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 323 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    You’ve got your food, water, supplies, weapons, ammo and self defense plan.

    But how sure are you of your security preparations and will they be enough to defend your survival retreat?

    If the worst were to happen you can be assured that organized bands of looters will be ready to take everything you have, including your life. They’ll be heavily armed, well versed in their tactics, fully committed to the mission at hand, and they won’t be taking prisoners.

    As was previously outlined in the controversial Guide to Looting When the SHTF those with supplies and resources will be high value targets. If you’re at this web site, this probably means you.

    A running generator, a visible garden, or even a flicker of light in the middle of the night may be simple mistakes that can have significant repercussions for you and your family.

    The following micro documentary from New America Now is based on an original work by Jeff T published at Survival Blog and will walk you through the mindset and tactics of a band of looters in a post-collapse scenario, and is an absolute must watch for anyone who thinks they are fully prepared for what’s coming our way if the system collapses into anarchy.


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      1. Man it just keeps getting better. First the government is targeting preppers and of course the hoards/zombies will be.

        Best create your own army. Recruit, build, train and the most difficult of all – trust (but verify).

        • This looks like the FARC in Colombia. We are in Ecuador and this does not scare us. These guys are welcome to visit south Colombia….then they can see how bad they are!

          Get out of the USA.

          • Please share how you are sustaining yourself there in Ecuador. It’d be great to get out of the U.S., but one must be able to be self-sufficient.

            • rjn: Over the last 6-7 years, I have spent a minimum of 3 months per year out of the country. I could write a medium length book based on your inquiry.. but for brevity, here’s some important ( not all inclusive ) starter points.
              1) Do your research. Know where you want to go and most importantly why. Know that the laws are 2) Don’t just “jump” in, wade in. Spend time there, not a week, but months. This will require some sacrifice, but it is far cheaper than uprooting your life here, only to find out that your “new” life is unlivable. 3) Before you go, LEARN the language. If you are planning to stay on this continent, everywhere South of the US except Brazil speaks Spanish. I personally know ex-pats who have lived out of country for 20 or more years and speak 20 or less words in Spanish. They lead very isolated, frustrated lives. Imagine needing a car part, a tool, having a toothache, needing medical attention, banking, supplies; on and on and on. 4) Again, spend time there, make FRIENDS. A friend is much different and an aquaintance, you WILL need friends. 5) if you are not financially independent, find a way to make a living. Computer based incomes are the BEST.. as long as you have internet; it doesn’t matter where you are. This doesn’t even scratch the surface; but hopefully will give you something to think about. Hope this helps a bit…

            • Well
              I’m in Ecuador also actually its pretty easy to live here on just about nothing if your in good shape you can make enough to live with a small dredge on many rivers here in Ecuador Lots of Gold here its what I do.
              But if you have some money to invest in land you could farm I have a friend that has a juice Bar he kicks ass
              it really is simple here I came down with 7000 bucks in my pocket and been here 2 years .

        • Heh.

          Sorry, but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this was the teacher from ‘Invader Zim’ – the part where she kept repeating “Doom, doom, doooom!” It gave me a chuckle.

          It’s pretty simple: If the S truly hit TF, you will probably not have a “highly organized” anything, at least not for weeks, and probably not for months.

          Even then, raiders/looters will be a bit too busy gorging on what’s in the cities for at least the first year. By then, gasoline will be too damned short for them to do much of anything outside of the suburbs (at least out here in the Western US, where everything is far enough apart to require lots of gas). Unless the population of horses (and supply of saddles and tack) mysteriously explodes by a factor of 10,000 per year, lack of overland transportation will hinder the majority of humanity for years 2-10 (or so) after TEOTWAWKI hit.

          If you live in a big city, your chances of coming across an organized gang are pretty high, certainly. If in the ‘burbs, same thing – you may have a chance of fighting back, if your neighbors are willing and able to help you do it.

          Out in the sticks? Good luck with that. You will find a couple of exceptions at most.

          I think I’ve covered this a zillion times before: a traveling group of raiders will, by necessity, be small. Anything bigger than a dozen human beings requires logistics. It would also require finding a constant supply of large enough targets to keep everyone fed, and would have to be very well organized indeed to prevent infighting and other internal conflicts.

          Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to cast aside OPSEC, or that you shouldn’t keep a low profile. You should always continue to do both – before and after the balloon goes up.

          Jim – you do bring up a good point. If you live in a small town or have a group of neighbors you can trust, then it would be rather important to have armed patrols going with communications. This means planning, a bit of work, and sharing things among yourselves.

          • The video does start out by saying it takes place 6 months after the collapse. Also, you might want to read the excellent first-hand account of the Argentinian financial meltdown -Surviving the Economic Collapse, by Ferfal. In that book, he describes unspeakable crimes carried out against rural families who had a lot of provisions, but they were geographically isolated and so ended up being sitting ducks. Ferfal asserts the people who fare best live in neighborhoods, and organize themselves into a vigilante watch, where they barricade off the area and have someone on guard 24/7. They accomplish this either in shifts or they hire security guards as a pool. The big problem I see with this approach though – is that most people are totally blind to the collapse, and as a result are completely unprepared, especially for a long term financial breakdown. That being the case, how do you keep from being a victim of those people (your neighbors) in a true crisis scenario? I wish I had the answer to that one.

            • I’m fully aware of the Argentinian situation, though I submit that Argentina has a *lot* of differences:

              * Argentina had one thing the US wouldn’t have in a similar situation: supplies. If crap breaks down here nation-wide, it will really break down, meaning that supplies like gasoline will run short (or become well-hidden) awful quick.

              * Argentina has a far different structure, demographics-wise: lots of farm dwellers, lots of urban dwellers, but the suburb-dwelling ratio is way smaller by proportion.

              The US by comparison has relatively few farmers/rural-town dwellers, a somewhat larger number of urban dwellers, but a metric crapload of suburbanites. This is why I think the suburbs will get it first, and hardest.

              * There is a far different cultural makeup between the two nations.

              Unlike Argentinians, most Americans would be hard-pressed to name more than 2-3 homeowners and their families in their own neighborhood, and thus wouldn’t even know their neighbors that well. As a fairly transient society, most Americans don’t live in the same house for more than 5-7 years on average. Argentinians OTOH would likely know their neighbors pretty well, tend to live in the same house for longer (being harder to get, those houses would be pretty treasured) and could thus function as a cohesive community.

              Ferfal does an excellent job of recording what he saw, heard, and did. He did an excellent analysis of the situation there. OTOH, the two nations are radically different in many critical ways.

      2. Well, unfortunately, I think Irene may give us all a big heads up and a front row seat as to what to expect when the SHTF. I hope I’m wrong, but I think it is about ot hit the fan on the upper East Coast… Good Lord, I would hate to be in NYC when this thing hits.. even a Cat 1 will bring massive flooding..

        • i live on long island and i lived through hurricane gloria in 1985 and just because a hurricane hits doesnt mean its SHTF !!!!the storm wont be as bad as its hyped up to be…..its like watching a reality t.v. show and when its all said and done you had a little wind and some rain and its over !!

          • If it comes up the Chesapeake we’re ready.

            I used the opportunity to have a chat with my wife about supplies and what to do if things get bad…or worse.

            We’ll see what happens late Saturday-Monday. I expect rain and minor-moderate flooding, but not too much damage where I’m at just above the fall-line.

          • I grew up on Long Island and lived there all my life until 2000 when I moved to Ct. Hurricane Gloria wasn’t pretty but it wasn’t a SHTF scenario either. Loss of electric, trees all over lawns and streets, grocery stores emptied, etc. was the norm. I wasn’t a prepper in 1985 but people remained relatively calm for the most part. Now…a dollar collapse..that would be a SHTF scenario and that is the one I fear most right now.

        • We think so, too. Hope the metros are patronizing their local grocers and hardware stores instead of Starbucks but who knows. A vanilla latte four-pack just isn’t gonna cut it. We pray for the children and pets who depend upon adults for their safety. These “adults” best be scrambling NOW to provide for the helpless ones. God help them all.

          • You are correct there. Anyone who has someone depending on them should already be prepared.

            You never know when you’ll have your own mini-catastrophe, be it a local flood, fire, or 70 MPH wind gusts…

        • I think places like the business district have underground utilities. If the utility ducts or subways flood, they won’t get back to “normal” in a few days.

          • Good point Ben.
            Just got off the phone with my sister who lives in Portsmouth VA. Irene’s passing over her place right now. The last time they (Tidewater) got hit with a hurricane, they were without power for 10 days.
            She was asking me where to get a good generator. Unfortunately, I had to answer her with, “nowhere near you right now”, as I’m sure the local Lowe’s close to her house has none to sell, and they’re closed.
            I asked her how much food she had stocked. Her answer: “some tuna and peanut butter”. And our Dad is living with her, and he just turned 90. At least she’s an RN, but I bet her first aid kit is about as well-stocked as her pantry…
            Why do people have to relearn the same lesson? Reminds me of the saying, “fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me”. Most people (including loved ones) don’t get it…
            I just pray that the power isn’t out as long for her and all the others going through this.

      3. This scenario frequently comes to mind. At present, I am unable to adequately defend my property as I live alone and cannot keep watch 24×7; a guy’s gotta sleep sometime!

        Any suggestions regarding a good dog breed that I could leave outside at night, that would help keep watch on my acreage and bark (waking me up) if someone comes in the dead of night?

        It would need to be a hardy breed that could survive the Midwest temperature extremes, and also be able to defend itself against the occasional coyote (not the Mexican smuggling kind).

        • For me, there is only one breed. German Shepard. For you, a long hair version; perhaps a Belgian Sherpard would work nicely. Females make far better guard dogs than males. Just make sure she is spayed, or the coyote’s won’t be coming around for nothing..

          • Fortunately, I found the perfect dog for SHTF.

            A dachshund.

            Laugh all you want, but it actually works very well. Here’s why:

            * their bark makes them seem 2x larger than they really are.
            * they eat *very* little… a major consideration when the only food you have is what you have on-hand (or can kill).
            * The smooth-haired ones are high-strung enough to bark any anyone trying to sneak onto the property, but relaxed enough to ignore friends and family.
            * on cold winter nights, they make great four-legged hot water bottles (and since they don’t shed, letting them into bed is no problem).
            * they can be trained to track anything, and do not back down from any fight against any other animal (they were bred to track and fight badgers underground, FFS).
            * a well-trained one will not be distracted by steak/meat/whatever (see that high-strung part up there). If it doesn’t know your scent, it will start barking.

            Bigger dog breeds are far better fighters, but they eat a metric ton of food, and most dogs in a fight will be among the first to get shot, rendering them ineffective.

        • Mick, I already had a talk with my dh…he has a brother, 76, and still driving a truck, a POS nephew, but strong and hard muscled—if they can get here.
          Since they both have no family—they can help us guard our stores. I have never had anyone live in our house but we two—–Survival for me just got a whole new meaning.
          Dogs can be shot.
          Peace..oh, and keep your ammo dry.

          • If you never had anyone live in your house except immediate family and you expect to have others live there in a SHTF scenario, you might want to do a few dry runs by inviting others in for limited times, e.g. A couple of weeks, a couple of months.

            With others a whole new dynamic exists, and it might be far different than you expected. Dry runs will help you get shipshape and ready for the unexpected. The POS muscled up nephew may end up ruling the roost if you are not prepared to handle the new dynamics. A pecking order will be established. Don’t expect others expectations and “common sense” to always match yours.

            • There’s an old Spanish proverb that states, “Guests and fish stink on the third day”.

              If I have to board relatives/neighbors/friends at my house, then they are living by my rules. If they don’t like it, they can move out and live with their other neighbors/relatives/friends that DIDN’T prep.

              And for the “POS muscled up nephew”, he’s not allowed on the compound.

          • Don’t do it, JJ. The 76 y/o brother might be helpful but the POS nephew will STILL be a POS nephew come shft, and an added burden and annoyance.

            Dogs can indeed be shot, but a pair of them is a little harder to hit. I’d favor a pair of German Shepards, male & female – have her spayed. You will appreciate his testosterone if shtf.

        • Dogo Argentino

          This dog is absolutely fearless and is the gold standard among the prudent.

          From WiKi

          “In the 1928, Antonio Nores Martinez. a medical doctor, professor and surgeon, set out to breed a big game hunting dog that was also capable of being a loyal pet and guard dog. Antonio Martinez picked the Cordoba Dog to be the base for the breed.[19] This breed is extinct today but was described as a large and ferocious dog that was a great hunter. He crossed it with the Great Dane, Boxer, Spanish Mastiff, Old English Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Great Pyrenees, Pointer, Irish Wolfhound and Dogue de Bordeaux.[20] Nores Martinez continued to develop the breed via selective breeding to introduce the desired traits.

          Look them up.

        • Mick,

          You’re correct….guy does have to sleep. Which is why you want to start a local “social club” which will become the “anti social club” when the time is right.

          Also, besides a dog, spend some money on early warning devices, such as Dakota Alert’s Murs system… can hook up 4 wireless transmitters ( either magnetic probe type to pick up vehicle, or motion detector type )per base unit, and they will transmit a mile or better. Sold as driveway alerts, but good to cover all sorts of accessways to your property.

          Also, pick up some of those shot shell holder deals that use a trip wire… you advance notice, or how ever you wish to use them ( read between lines there ). And they make trip wire devices to hold high intensity chemical light sticks that an intruder trips, and lights up their presence.

          • Thanks for the “food for thought” and the links from those who responded. Looks like I’ll have some light reading to do this weekend. 🙂

        • Another option: google “perimeter alarms”. Use a Bore Thunder 12 guage round and not only will it wake you up, it will disorient the thug who trips your alarm.

        • Make a bunch of toe poppers and spread them about

        • There are several dog breeds, but also you need to learn about various perimeter alarms, flares and lights. Costco has a great set of motion activated battery LED flood lights for 19.99 a pair, so they are cheap enough to by in bulk and place in strategic locations around your perimeter. There are numerous ways to use motion and IR sensors to activate and early warning system in your home/retreat, and the tried and true trip wire system can be used in numerous ways from spot lights, flares (watch out for fire dangers), 110 decibel door/window alarms fixed to trees, fence posts, etc (I bought a bunch of these at the Dollar store for $1 and use nearly invisible fishing line) to various other pressure and light beam devices.

          I bought an old Holloween pressure mat for $1 at a garage sale, and it goes under the front door mat and has a small 10 foot wire that activates a loud screaming voice in an attached small box speaker. It was used to spoke visitors at the front door, but I made a small conversion to the voice, and it sirens like mad on high. There is no way you will not hear it even in the basement. Switch it to low, and it makes a great alarm for night. You can even add a longer wire and place it by the bed at night. Numerous used toys like this can be modified for great inexpensive alarm systems.

          A good dog is hard to beat, but it does have to be fed and watered. And they can be neutralized by various silent means like poison and crossbows. But I do and would own one or two at different locations around the property.

          With hitech night vision/IR security cameras and monitors coming way down, Sams, Costco etc, one can afford to have a system that sounds an alarm when something activates it. Many of these are even wireless now, so they can be located away from the usual house locations. Camo them and they are hard to find on tree branches, potted plants, and even rock piles.

          BUT, when TSHTF, I strongly suggest you already have good relations with people in your area. Safety in numbers is tried and true.

        • Mick, I agree with the folks thinking in the direction of a herding breed. I’ve had German Shepherd mix and Belgian Shepherds over the years and I like both. In the US, you do have to be careful on the breeding of German Shepherd as it has not been well controlled and dogs with undesirable characteristics (hips and overagressiveness) have not been adequately bred out. My experience is that this is less so with the Belgian breeds. They are the Malinois, the Teruvian, and the Belgian Sheepdog. The Mals have the highest prey drive and are the best guard dogs, but also the shortest hair, so may not work best outside in a cold climate. The Teruvian has long hair and the next highest prey drive (meaning how energetic and also needing training to perform to top level). The Belgian Sheepdog has the lowest prey drive and is also long haired. I own a Malinois and she’s on pretty much high alert most of the time, but I have 3 adults and 2 kids to keep her occupied on my property. She’d be even more of a handful, if I didn’t have the kids and livestock to keep her occupied. For you, I’d probably recommend one of the other 2 Belgian breeds or a well bred German for your situation.
          I also urge you to make contact with other like minded individuals in your area, so that you could be less isolated. I’ve started to make some efforts to do so even in my situation.
          Take care, Randy

        • I agree with JJ, dogs can be shot or poisoned. A chihuahua inside the home would be my suggestion. He’s not going to offer much in the form of protection but they are notorious barkers and are cheap to feed.

        • I am partial the German Shepards because I grew up having one, but a dog that has surprised me in the last couple of years is the Rhodensian Ridgeback also been known as Van Rooyen’s Lion Dogs, the African Lion Hound or African Lion Dog ,
          When you train one treat as a memeber of the family, they make mistakes along the way but wow, talk about a loyal and fearless dog and very social, mine is a good judge of character too. They are very responsive to commands as well as selective to when to bark and when not to. If you train them young, like I did mine they won’t freak out when you go target shooting. I got mine as a gift from a friend when I had to put my Shepard down 🙁

          I.E: I was working on my truck in the driveway, usual PM , the owner from 3 houses down had 2 pitbulls get out. My RB laying by the front door shot past me as I was hearing the kids across the way scream as these 2 dogs tore apart their little Duchshund. As I was getting out from under the truck putting a nice goose egg in the process I watched my RB take on the 2 Pits without hesitation to protect the 3 year old from being the next victim. I carry at all time ( have CCW) and so I ran across as the little girls dad was trying to get his girl up kicking at the Pits engaged with my RB and drew my weapon aquired my shot then put 4 .45ACP’s into the 2 Pits. All said and done no injuries to my RB ( she had steak that night) and a hand shake from the responding Officer and shared a beer with Dad to the little girl.

          But everybody else has a different opinion about dogs

          • This is my first time posting so here goes. Nice PT..I hate pit bulls…. Ok so a dog does not patrol like a sentry guys looking for hostile, maybe the junk yard dogs but our loyal four legged friend nah, if your dog is loyal like mine is to me and others here have, then the dog lays on the floor maybe at the end of the bed or in its dog bed, or by the back door, but always near as it can get to a owner who treats them like a part of the family. Old Timers beleive no animals in the house, which is why the poisoning or shooting I have worked with each dog I have owned and train them just the same and have had the same results in success or improvements, positive reenforcement works great with large breeds. But really I have never been woken up by my dog doing sentry duty checking holes in the fence or testing door knobs or window checking, or choking on a antifreeze burger etc. But I have been woken up when she got up huffing which alerted me to a intruder in the house, damn windows are expensive, or when someones outside in the middle of the night. Best I figure prep for the dogs too they are a valueable asset to, I do..

            Oh by the way I own a Belgian Shepard…

          • Tom: Nice story about the Ridgeback. Any breed that will chase a lion has heart. I used to have a Yorkie that chased the Doberman’s in the neighborhood home, just for sport. Two at a time!

            That dog had the heart of a lion.

        • Try a few geese. They will get loud as hell if disturbed! The Army has been said to use them on some bases….

        • I’d suggest keeping the dog inside. Attackers could poison him or shoot him with a suppressed .22. If you don’t have the radio or tv playing, the dog will hear stuff long before you. Some mono-filament fishing line strung around the perimeter with some cans with pebbles to make a bit of noise might be enough to set him off.

          My dog sleeps with us, and frequently senses something outside. Wakes me up sometimes, but that’s his job. I look out, tell him it’s okay and we all go back to sleep.

          Oh, and multiple dogs are better. Small dogs are great alarms, and they can sound like an army. Well, an army of dogs.

      4. If memory sevrves me right when the NoGo’s (national guard) went from home to home and sprayed “Empty or MT” on homes that were void of life during Katrina??, could be useful in avoidance…

        • Good advice – a practical use of MILDEC.

          Need to make sure though, the things you’re using after SHTF are not calling attention to you. Use light discipline at night, mufflers on your generator, etc. Even outside cooking will attract zombies, especially if they’re hungry.

      5. This video is a good example of why OPSEC, choosing a good location (defendable and not easily accessed by those unfamiliar), and awareness of one’s surroundings at all times are important. Even in day to day functions in today’s world, too many people are clueless about what is going on around them. As someone posted in a previous thread, too many people are just “dreaming their way” around -fumbling with keys, not aware of who or what is nearby etc. People are not mindfull and as the old saying goes, loose lips sink ships.
        Keep your preps private including the location. Some handy explainations are: a “hunting cabin” or “getaway place” out in the “boonies” to get away from the daily grind, buying bulk food for a “church gathering” or “family reunion”. You get the idea. Keep it believable if anyone asks and you can pretty much eliminate being memorable. And never forget the power of disinformation – someone once asked me where my getaway was and my reply was, “Way up north where there is no electricity. You interested in communing with me and nature? You maybe want to learn how to gut, skin, and butcher a wild animal?” to which the person replied, “Communing with nature? Killing and butchering helpless animals? No thanks, I’m not into that. I like modern life.” At which point I simply directed the conversation to what their plans where for the weekend, taking the focus off of me. Here’s hoping none of us never have to deal with a total collapse.

        • When cashiers/customers ask about our cartload of canned goods etc., we tell them our church has a food pantry. Which it DOES, so that is no lie. And some of the goods we do indeed donate, but the majority go in OUR pantry. Unloading your trunk after dark also helps (disconnect trunk light first).

      6. Thanks Mac, It’s great to remind all of us to not only prepare as we have been but the dangers that lurk after the SHTF.

        Securing the borders of your retreat will be important –
        Being SMART from this point on is crucial!!!

        In any SHTF scenario, (hurricanes, earthquakes, riots, etc.) don’t be in or around any cities but in a secure location hidden from prying eyes and not in an open field!

        Don’t trust anyone! In hard times, people do the unthinkable!

      7. I think you’re correct Sam. NYC is a city with very few legal Pb projectile throwers.

      8. During a crisis, if you have supplies, you need to be guarding your stuff 24/7. If you have to go away for anything and your stuff is not guarded, that is when most looters will take advantage. Remember Hurricane Hugo? Some of the usual suspects were members of the National Guard and they were looting while supposedly protecting the people. Looting while in uniform! It doesn’t matter to me how you take this next comment. Black looters are in a class by themselves. I say this from experience. During the Rodney King riots in LA, black looters would not flee, even after being shot at numerous times. The Korean businessmen would shoot looters and the mob would pull back. Then, when the shooting died down, the looters attacked, again and again. Compassion, when dealing with looters, IS weakness. Keep shooting until the threat is no more. Otherwise, they may come back later when you’re tired. And they won’t be handing out hugs. Also, 15% of all policemen who are shot, are shot with their own gun. Don’t let anybody get within 25 feet of you, minimum. Many people who are prone to looting, are ex-cons. They practice disarming police all day long in prison. I hope this info helps some of you that don’t have real world experience with hard core bad guys.

        • the mistake that the Koreans made was not hitting anyone( no gun troll)if they had hit a couple so there was blood on the street or at least a couple trying to crawl away, the looters would have moved on.If you have to shoot at someone, shoot to hit them,don’t waste lead and powder. when someone is going to rob you, it’s not a game, it’s play for keeps.

        • Black looters? National Guard looting? Personal experience? You’re a racist …period. Whites in mobs numbering in the hundreds or thousands lynched black men. THAT is a class by itself.

          You talk about real life experience and likely your ‘experience’ doesn’t extend beyond moronic websites like storm fools.

          Anybody you dont know is a threat…whatever color. And white people are the ones white folks need to look out for. Your ignorance being followed will get a lot of white people hurt.

      9. Very simple to deal with this threat! Give them a target they can’t refuse – then blow them to hell!

        • Good comment. Everyone else is worried about a storm or a comet?????? I am getting ready for when we all go down at once. Global, economic and social structure collapse is when we have these types of problems.

      10. I live on Long Island NY about 35 miles of NYC. The flooding will be bad if you are close or along the coast. There will be power failures in most parts of NY and disruption of transportation. I have the feeling that the eye of Irene will likely miss Manhattan and head towards Long Island or Northern NJ. Manhattan will be spared as usual and everyone will go back to work Monday as if this never happened.

        I don’t think Irene will be as catastrophic as Katrina. Irene is suppose to die down to a category 01 by the time it hits NY. I think this hurricane is being over-exaggerated as usual. The major catastrophic disasters happen when there is no warning such as Katrina or any other major earthquakes that have occured.

        • Probably, but if it lives up to even 1/4 of the hype, lot of residents will be lost and waiting for “help”.

      11. OpSec, LRP’s and Patrols you have to find them first. So if you are one of those who thinks you can do alone, think again.

        Your group or tribe should be 12 to 24 persons of which 70% need to be warriors.

        I personally don’t give gangs that much credit. For the most part your average gang banger is not that bright. As the initial collapse progresses they will evolve as they survive each attack.

        Just as they evolve so will you. Focus on building your tribe, its not easy finding that many like minded people.

        • How’s the weather over your way?

          • Its a non event here, what we call a surfer storm. I’m sure someone who thinks they can surf will get injured or die.

            In my opinion I think its going to blow right by NC. We will find out in the morning. I have most of my family in Eastern NC. So I’m praying it blows by.

            There’s something funny on this storm track. The forecast track has to turn west to hit NC and in fact I saw one track that turns left.

            Check in with me tomorrow and we will see who has the best forecast, me or the professionals.

            • The “Buckman” is more dangerous.

        • Patriot…

          The Battle of Rorke’s Drift, also known as the Defence of Rorke’s Drift, was a battle in the Anglo-Zulu War. The defence of the mission station of Rorke’s Drift, under the command of Lieutenant John Chard of the Royal Engineers, immediately followed the British Army’s defeat at the Battle of Isandlwana on 22 January 1879, and continued into the following day, 23 January. Just over 150 British and colonial troops successfully defended the garrison against an intense assault by 3,000 to 4,000 Zulu warriors. The massive, but piecemeal,[12] Zulu attacks on Rorke’s Drift came very close to defeating the tiny garrison but were ultimately repelled. Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded to the defenders, along with a number of other decorations and honours

          • In today’s world it could still be done in a SHFT scenario

          • I believe they killed over 2000 Zulu’s in one day when they were under siege.. I see your point though, good reference

          • MRrEmAn: It was a valiant defense to be sure if the movie with Michael Caine was an accurate portrayal of the event, but the British had rifles the Zulu’s spears.

            Not much weapons equality there, so not a good example for today. Also, the Zulu commander ordered his troops to be slaughtered by attacking, “piecemeal” as you say, when he could have overrun the garrison in one fell swoop.

            Not very intelligent if you ask me; but what do you expect from a civilization that never invented a wheel in millions of years?

            • Ah, true DK… I will try better. I guess my point should have been more about the retard who thinks he is some leader in a fallen society and he will send his troops to pillage and kill. But Rorke’s is what came to mind (I just read it btw) in how one Savage was beaten back even if the odds where stacked against them. I conceit to your wisdom.

              Oh not to sound stupid and never saw it but Michael Cain did a movie on it and what was the title? Was it any good?

            • Ditto, Durango Kidd, I couldn’t have said it better. I think we need to keep it in terms of modern tactics. Lets face it one man with a Dillon mini gun could take out 4000 Zulu’s.

              Like I said you have to find these people before they find you. You need to know your turf and who is playing in your sand box. The last thing most preppers miss is an escape route.

              One easy way to turn the tables on a group like this is a booze and drug cache ambush. A drunk and stoned raiding party is easy pickens. Though I don’t drink myself I have 4 cases of Jack and 4 cases of 151. This is just another use for it.

            • @MrEmAN: The title of the movie in question was, “Zulu”. Made in 1964. Great flick!

            • I have a somewhat better example:


              roughly 1,000 poorly-armed Jewish resistance fighters (with 6x as many civilians) versus 6 Wehrmacht battalions (averaging 2,000 Nazi troops per day thrown at the fight).

              They held out for around a month.

            • Really? Necessity is the mother of invention. If the Zulu didn’t need the wheel why would they invent it?

              By the way the Zulu were drawing fire from the weapons the British had. Worked before. This was not an issue of intelligence but one leader against another. One wins one loses.

              I’m amazed at the number of racists on this site.

        • True. Most who would be inclined to join a gang are not very disciplined or adept at taking orders. Lots of infighting.

          • Actually gangs are fairly organized in most big cities. They likely wouldn’t be able to breach a well defended house or neighborhood with defenders who have a military background (beyond private or specialists training) but the worst thing one can do is underestimate your enemy.

            In Chicago as far back as twenty years ago El Rukn gang tried to buy anti tank weapons from another country. They got caught then but how many times have they succeeded?

            Asian, Mexican and motor cycle gangs are no less clever. In fact out in the burbs and rural areas you’d have to really fear the motorcycle gangs as you likely don’t have the numbers to combat them as you’d have numbers to fight gangs in the city.

        • Patriot One,
          While agree with you that the average gang banger has the IQ of three degrees below plant life, I have fought with them fofr years. If they can find a decent leader, then they sometimes have the will. Once they start taking casualties though, they usually run. There is a big difference between a drive by and a prolonged fire fight.

          I would put me and my friends (many of whom are vets and LEO/Fireman) against these fools anyday. Good luck to all the good people in here,


          • Thanks JJsan.

            I don’t reference IQ, case in point, gang banger with a high IQ and president with a high IQ. Their both stupid.

            To me IQ only means you have the potential to be a smart person, not that you are a smart person.

        • Patriot One,

          For similar research on this topic you all need to study what happened in Rhodesia in the 60s and 70s when the country started collapsing. If you don’t know what Rhodesia is it’s because today it is made up of Zambia, Malawi, and worst of all, Zimbabwe. They’re all equally bad and evidence of what happens without stable, intelligent rule.

          For those of you familiar with South Africa the signs of collapse have been materializing for almost 2 decades, it’s just a matter of time before, like an earthquake, all that pressure finds itself at a breaking point.

          But back to Rhodesia, it was necessary for the formation of militias and hodge-podge security forces for the protection of towns and homesteads. The Army there could only do so much. While on the battlefield the Army had overwhelming successes (like 60 kills to 1) it was only a matter of time before attrition took it’s toll.

          If you think it’s going to be a slaughterfest against hordes of rogue people wondering where their handouts are….well….it very well may be, but if you’re in that mode eventually one of them will get you or members of your family. You could kill 100 of them but that won’t matter if they get you or your wife or one of your kids. If this video is anything it shows that negotiation is impossible, torture likely and a swift death may prove to be a blessing should they come looking.

          I don’t think (we’ll call them “the enemy”) the enemy is capable of LRPs in the woods, but the certainly have us beat in terms of organization (gang/tribal loyalty) already. If they’re hungry enough, they’re coming. Don’t sit back and wait for them. Be proactive.

          • W74

            Good reference, almost forecasting.. I’ll team up anytime

          • I know the Rhodesian security forces well. Back in the 70’s I had a recruiter from Cadiz, Spain work me for almost 3 years.

            Not really sure if he was a Brit, Dutch or SA, but back then $50K was a ton of money. The problem back then was you would lose your citizenship. It was considered fighting in a foreign army.

            Today no one blinks an eye when you say private security forces. Back then there were many ex-patriots, retired military living in southern Spain.

            You know how it is with shadows, you just don’t know who’s, who or what’s really real. The lines between drug dealer, mob,Intel. and government types was fuzzy the say the least.

        • Are you crazy??? Have you lost your ever-loving mind??

          Like-minded people???

          What are those??

      12. I am a one-man army. For reference, see: RAMBO.

        • I’m sorry, but Rambo was as bad ass as you think, remember he fell in love with Julian Nickson aka Co. in part 2 and died 🙁 ( she was hot)and then went for Richard Creena aka Trautman in 3 which he saved and blew up a country >:( . Sly did an ok job…

          Buuut here is the scoop on the 5 real men that make Rambo a pussy :O

          B.T.W…..I’m just poking fun no offense in the post I do play well with others and Rambo was a pretty awesome movie 🙂

          • see what poking fun gets me, nothing but bad grammar, I couldn’t even insert “not as bad ass” and trying to be funny..

            Does anyone know when the next Chuck Norris movie is coming out??? jk…:P

          • that was a cool factoid, who would have knew

      13. “and they won’t be taking prisoners”

        Actually, they will. As is reported by Fernando Ferfal Aguirre on his blog and in his book about the Argentina collapse, people in remote farms and homes were kept alive, tortured, and raped over week long periods to insure they had given up all that they had, all their supplies and secret hiding places.

        So, if you lived in the city you had to deal with rogue cops and looting, and if you were isolated, you were assaulted with professional (it is believed elements of the special forces and SWAT teams who went rogue.)

        Best advice is to be nondescript, not a standout, and be reasonably close to neighbors and family you can count on.

        • how many warriors are farmers… Slavery will return in this case

        • See also: Rhodesia forty years ago, and also South Africa today.

      14. Strategically placed pits filled with spikes dipped in dung and some bear traps will make their recon a nightmare.

        Come on in.

        • I’m a huge fan of Punji Sticks.. add a few rusty pre sharpened 16 penny nails for a little extra flavor. Angle em down so when the pull out of the unidentifiable Gopher hole they are stuck.

          +9 in Awesomeness level Anonymous

        • ANON: check with an attorney, those pits and punji stakes will likely get you some jail time and a civil suit. Better invest in an alarm system to notify you.

          There is a difference between self defense and fun.

          • Not going to matter after SHTF. I think that’s what he’s talking about. But yeah, if you’re set on a property now you could dig your traps and put ply over top them. Then if you need to remove the ply (if you can use it use it elsewhere) and replace it with sticks and leaves. Mark for your own use and knowledge.

            • UH, DK..I think those pits and punji stakes were for the lawyers!!

            • JJ: 🙂 That was really, really funny, but I am serious. I read the story once of a guy whose place of business was continually being robbed. He got tired of it and rigged a shotgun to blast the next guy who robbed his shop.

              Someone did. They were blasted and then sued and won a judgement against the shop owner, because the shop owner was using potentially lethal force as a deterent.

              Its one thing to use potentially lethal force personally; its another to rig an explosive, set up a shotgun, or dig pits with punji sticks.

              Just saying.

              A guard dog would be better with an AR-15 and a 30 round magazine in the corner at the head of the bed.

          • DK

            Reference to such practices are strictly prohibited 🙂 , but that does not say you can not dig holes in your yard or around your property say various ranges from 600yrds to CQC waiting to be filled.

            It is only for reference for when the SHTF as to how you fill those holes and if you would need them.

            To protect everyone do not fill your holes until the SHTF, please these are painful to get out of

            I would only trust my alarm until services are cut off

            • MrEmAN: Yeah I think it was JJ who mentioned that dogs are the best alarm system and probably so. Any alarm system should have battery backup from wind and solar power.

              I have never computed the cost benefit ratio between a dog and alarm system over time. A dog must eat but they are great companions.

              Holes without punji sticks (tiger traps)could still generate a lawsuit without warning signs at the fence line. I love the Corp, but the Corp is not perfect. 🙂

          • Alarms are rather useless with no electric or phone lines. BTW, if anon is lucky, his pit will fill with lawyers.

            • there are solar motion lights, solar remote driveway alarms that aren’t limited to driveways and solar electric fences. A few of those and at least you would warning 🙂

          • In a SHTF situation, where most of societal norms are out the window—check with an attorney???? Are you serious.? Attornys will be busy trying to save their families, as they realize no one really needs what they do anymore. After any kind of serious societal breakdown, many jobs that exist now will be totally useless then. Financial advisor, banker, and a host of others jobs. if people don’t have any money, they dam sure don’t need a bank.
            The black market will be robust, as everyone finds out how much something is really worth. Hard times ahead,

            • greaseman: Check with an attorney before SHTF so that you will know what your rights and limitations are, and are not. Tiger pits and punji stakes will get you jail time and a civil suit. That’s a promise. The precedents have been set.

              When the S eventually HTF it will be the Corp that rebounds first, not US. They will have food, fuel, and ammo. The rest of US will have what WE prep.

              As for bankers, its the second oldest profession in the world. They are not going away either. They will adapt and change, but they will still exist and sheeple will run to them as always.

          • If possible, keep them just past a legal property line. “Not mine!” Boards with nails are not traps. They are construction debris.

            Still a good point about the lawyer. Probably would be some semblance of “law” in most areas.

          • Hey DK lawsuit??????? after the SHsTF. go after the lawyers first, it was mostly lawyers in Congress and the rest of government who put America where we are today

            • Just Me: I am not here to defend lawyers. They are the problem. I was advising someone to protect themselves, not make a referal. Lawyers need to be the solution as We are and will contine to be, a nation of laws, even Post SHTF.

              WE just need laws that benefit the American taxpayer and family, not Wall Street.

              Someone does need to be collecting the names of Lobbyists so that the guilty can be judged when American patriots control the government again.

      15. I have a son living in the rotten apple, he lived through several hurricanes in florida, and knows what to do. As far as the video goes, its a great reminder of things involving gangs. Dont think for a minute the goobermint hasnt or already had recruited from their ranks. As a former cop i have done extensive research on the M.S. 13 gang, folks these are some ruthless thugs. Study if you can these groups!

        • In the end, the real question will be how much does some regular homeowner want to hold onto what he has. is he willing to kill to protect it.? hard decisions will have to be made early. I think that when the gangs find out you’re willing to fight to protect what you have, they will, in most cases move to easier pickings. There is always an easier mark to steal from.

        • I guess all you “cops” do is read about gangs! Thats what I thought. I shouldnt be so nasty becoz in my city and one close by, there were ads up awhile ago that if we had any info about them we’d notify them(u Know, turn them in). There are such an array of modern technologies that can be used, but they aren’t used and you think we will help you??

          I think without the criminals realizing it: they Saved my friends Life. I would pick a criminal over a corrupt ‘cop’ Anywhere or Anytime! Besides I see cops harrass pesce loving people and not doing very much to catch criminals.

      16. Imagine if the earthquake would have been bigger and more destructive, if the power grid was down and emergency services were already stressed to the max. With the current economic conditions this could have been the big one. Two natural disasters in one week! Anybody that dosen’t see the light now probably should surrender to Fema and there lavish resorts. As for the video, one month ago I went into prepping mode #2, complete silence. I spent all the time I could tring to make my family and friends aware of what could be comming. They choose to deny it. I am now silently preparing and not drawing any attention to my self or my family. I have a great bug out location and no one knows about it. The government doesn’t know I have Weapons therefore they cant take them as they did in katrina. I think silence is a good defense aginst roving bands of thugs.Also, a good network of other preppers is important for resourses. In the end though I am prepared mentally for war and I will use all available resourses to provide saftey for my family and that includes deadly force. Thats why I will be storing a large quantity of bagged Lime.

      17. Video manual for any looter group. Yep, former military will make a good one. Not so sure about your average thug gang.
        Lots of fear mongering. This is a message from the dark side. Fear is what they want.

        • You will not fear monger….. 😉 You will pay no attention…

      18. These gangs are ruthless having one thing in mind. We are family people who want to protect their beloved ones.
        Clash between the two will be inevetable. I cannot tell if i’m afraid or not. But i surely know how to handle my piece and i will use it. And i surely don’t get scared by weirdo tatooes. My piece can give the tattoo science a new meaning.
        From what it seems, things are heading this way, and cops will be busy to protect their own families.

        Stay safe and protect your families.

        • I pray for you and your loved ones, manos. If they come to harm you, give them LEAD tattoos.

        • Manos, I just read that Greece has had to dig into their reserves to meet debt payment as the EU requires. This does not sound too good.

          • Germany and Finland demand garantees or gold in order to proceed with the next part of the loan.
            But we have an old saying here: Thy shall not receive nothing from the one who possesses nothing.
            So dear Mrs Merckel come and get em. 🙂

            What i see is that France and Germany are taking the rest of Europe into a collonial type of regime. But there is always the unstable factor: the man.

            Be safe PO’Patriot. What’s happening with the Irene storm?

      19. I live out in the woods far enough so the rule of law will be gone before they get here, believe me, this will be their last stop if there is no law to prosicute me after I terminate their looting.PS and I have no guns.

        • Which makes me wonder: would at that point putting out displays, such as hanging or heads on pikes at your inroads be acceptable? If it turns away some of the would-be assailants then I say go for it.

          • perhaps the simple”no trespassing, violators will be shot” sign. simple and to the point.

            • How many Gang Bangers can actually read??

      20. Anyone else having trouble getting the video to open and play?

        • You can try clicking on the New American sentence at the top of the storey in red it will take you to their website. Also good info there!

          • Oops, I meant New America Now

        • are you watching it at work or at home?

          • home

            • Copput said it best, reason I ask is some emplyers have filters they use to prevent workers to surf

      21. This is crap. The fat ass sounds like he could not make it a block on foot. He gets winded just blathering about how his goons are the best. His focus seams to be on destruction not looting. making it a nice try at drama but it failed. Also, try not to steal army recruiting pictures next time.

        • probably a former fat ass armchair warrior that is trying to PSY-OPS other preppers…

        • I’d say he wouldn’t last 1 wave if he went up against some of the fellow men/ladies here.

        • Ding! That is correct.

          I don’t think this guy has an ounce of military training.

          Blather… blather…blather… Poor post apocalypse story. Might be nice to visit the video again on Halloween to scare the kids.

          If I need a little jolt, I just look at the crazy lady in the pants suit hanging out at Foggy Bottom.


      22. 53 killed in mass murder by drug cartels in Mexico last night. They used fire. Keep that in mind. Do you have fire extinguishers? Looters may try to burn you out. If you have the stomach for it, go to They show you what to expect everyday. The demography of your country is rapidly changing. Your potential enemies live among you. In my area, some gang members work for lawn care companies. They are scoping out your house as we speak.

        • Mr. Big.. according to reports, the vermin did warn the people in the casino to evacuate… but the ones that died were too scared to run.. hid in bathrooms and stuff. Running is often a really good option.. specially in a zig zag pattern…

          • Sometimes one must have the sense to run away.

        • Interesting website, but their claim that 90% of cartel weaponry comes from AZ & TX is unadulterated gen-you-wine US government propaganda, so seriously undermines the site’s credibility.

        • Great point; in looking for a new home, I’ve settled on a minimum of 5 acres, and MUST be made of stone or brick.

      23. I believe fuel will be a problem for roaming gangs. Reaching isolated areas and burning precious gas to get there on the off chance they will find something will be on their minds. Then, when and if they get there, is anyone or anything there? Do the ends justify the means? And of course, if someone happens to be in their path, are they armed to the hilt and smoke their ass.

        I think if people are isolated enough, there won’t be much of a problem with idiots like this. My two cents.

        • Probably 95% of potential targets are close in to metro areas. Recent gasoline thefts here didn’t even require a hose. The bad guys just punched a hole in the bottom of victims gas tanks. So the looters will be able to travel where ever they please. Question: What’s a looter? What do they look like? How soon can you start shooting? What do they have to be doing, before you engage the potential targets? Do they actually have to be breaking into your place before you shoot? Do you let them mass or organize, or do you take pre-emptive action? Better ask yourself and your allies before the time comes. Make sure you have your mindset right.

          • Already the Swifty’s stations here are shutting down the pumps with a certain time limit…it requires two gassing sessions to fill dh’s truck.

            They’re getting ready??

          • “The bad guys just punched a hole in the bottom of victims gas tanks. So the looters will be able to travel where ever they please. ”

            That may work when there are fully fueled cars within a few miles of each other, and their target lives on/near a public highway.

            Now let’s see ’em find a sufficient number of victim vehicles 20-30 miles off of a main highway, 60 miles from the nearest actual town, with enough usable gasoline in them to keep the raiders supplied.

            After all, everyone else is going to be helping themselves to that gasoline as well.

            You bring up a good idea, though – I’d make it a point to hunt down and drain every abandoned car I could find, on every road within 20 miles of my house (the alternators would make handy power generators as well).

            Something to consider – gas stations and truck stops… that’s where the fuel is. I’d strongly suggest pumping (manually) as much as I could carry, invite all the neighbors to do the same, then set a timed fuse and burn the rest (or just pour as much sand and plastic material as I could into it).

        • AZ you are right, but only late in the game. You have to survive long enough for fuel to become an issue for the gangs. Initially there will be fuel found by these criminal elements and they will use it to find more and more resources too.

          I like my BOL being 60 miles from the closest gas station though.

        • I think these animals would be their own worst enemy. I am sure that if they did capture some supplies attractive females they would end up killing each other over them. Many would be most intent on securing drugs.

          Dangerous gangs would exist, but how many roving Delta Forces would there be?

        • The more “recon” they tried, the more likely it would be that somebody would be spotted.

        • Another good post/point.

          It takes a ton of calories and/or gas to ‘roam’ like this guy imagines. They’d be tied to a vehicle for food/water/supplies. Heck, at least one vehicle. He said there were 8-12 of them? They’d need a small bus. And they would be under a ton of mental stress themselves not knowing where there next meal is coming from. Good chance they would end up turning on each other at some point.

          If it’s full blown SHTF, and you’re in a populated area, hang tight until the zombies are gone and then get outta Dodge. My bug out location is far enough away to discourage this kind of roaming @sshole.

          What do I like about the video? Well… It does stress teamwork. Just the wrong kind.


      24. Oh please. “Insecure” communications? How about trying “Unsecured.” Scare tactics like this do not deter me in the least bit. If Little Johnnie Zombie is going to take me out from 200 or more yards away with a scoped weapon, then so be it. Hell, I won’t see it coming anyway. But, given the chance that I may get a jump on these hordes, the outcome has been placed in my favor. Move at night, and maintain noise discipline. Stay still and lay in your own piss if you have to. Some of the best targets of opportunity have been taken through sheer discipline of ones own need to move and be seen. Know your land and scout it out ahead of time. Being in country unknown to your opponent can place you on the giving end of the Hollow Point Welcome Wagon!
        Semper Fidelis!!!

      25. I think any roaving group of 8 to 10 will have a very hard time attacking larger or even numbers. Unless these guys are seals or delta I find his tactics unrealistic.
        In every encounter you will face casualties.
        This guy would be out of business after the first three tries.
        In taking any outpost rules of combat used now a days say that you need at least three times the enemies number.

        • He talks as though he would have a support system.

      26. Nice training film, thanks for the heads up. I too own the night.

        • Can you imagine the FOOLS who try to raid Uncle Ted’s property? NOT exactly a fair fight!

      27. Interesting video. Pretty lofty thought though. Sounds like someone’s wildly fantiful musings.
        In my neighborhood, this would last about 15 minutes. If that. We know who is supposed to be here and who isn’t. It is common knowledge around here when somebody’s property has been burglarized and then everybody is on alert. And a bunch like this group in the video would be hunted down and killed like ferial dogs.
        Bring that shit over into our area; you’ll get a response you hadn’t quite anticipated. Your dead will be left to rot and you will be seeking treatment for your wounded if you are allowed to survive. You had better be looking for real soft targets, Rambo!!

      28. You have to defend 100% of the time, the enemy only has to attack once, at the time of their choosing. I consider roving gangs to be a very serious threat.

        • Looter gangs would be a threat, but I think this guy’s estimate of his own abilities is waaay off.

          Another possibility is that this guy is trying to make people think of possible dangers.

          The age-old tactic of capturing a member of a group (family) and using them as a hostage would be quite effective on almost any parent. The trick would be to make it look too costly to attempt.

        • I do too. Most people here are way too overconfident. Very hard for even a group to be on guard 24/7. Dogs are best at letting you know something wrong IMHO.

          • When your family is on rations, what do you feed your guard dog?

      29. He’s giving the the gangstas and thugs waaaaaay to much credit. Only people coming up with ambushes and sending teams to certain points is ex military.
        The Art Of War by Sun Tzu….excellent read.

      30. im sure that most people on here have thought of booby trapping their property and or personal belongings. So if my math is correct….which it always is. The band of 10 will be reduced to a band of 5 by the time they start hitting preppers.

        • LOL….so you are giving the non preppers credit for a 50% kill ratio? LOL…sorry it just made me chuckle.

      31. I say again the only thing you have to fear if you live or go to the country are the roving bands of corporate mercenaries, currently called the US Military, and they will be looking for you and you are a high value target.

        The people must come together to stop the corp, not each other. If the people do not work together to stop it, all is lost.

        Crash and burn is right. It is almost like the military people are just aching to put their murdering training back to use against other victims of the banksters fraud.

        It is a far higher purpose to learn how to work with others in a bad situation than it is to focus on how many ways you can kill them.

        Freedom will live by the higher purpose, or die at the hands of the military and ex military trying to get that feeling back again.

        • Could you bring me up to speed and cite your references?

        • GC: Having opted out you know little about the Corp, and you know absolutely nothing about OUR military. These are not inner city conscripts.

          These are the best America has to offer. They are honorable. They are dedicated. They are selfless. And they are family oriented. They would save your family as much and as quickly as they would their own, at great personal risk to themselves.

          Don’t judge military personal by your lack of communuity
          and devotion to self. For the most part, these are noble men and women. If you had ever served in combat with them, or even served your country honorably, you would know that.

          You don’t. You haven’t.

          • right on target durango kidd…i despise these wannabes.

          • DK said about the military…

            “For the most part, these are noble men and women.”

            I used to believe that, then I woke up to what they are fighting for, and why.

            How can anyone with a soul and conscience sell themselves (literally) to a fiction and kill innocent people on orders from known criminals blatantly using them to attack freedom all over the world, and at the same time destroying their own country they have sworn to protect? The Oath is broken upon signing.

            They serve the corp exclusively, and do nothing for the people they are supposed to protect. They serve what they serve very well, but that does not make it right or them noble.

            Does being honorable in the service of evil, for the protection and profit of KNOWN criminals invading their own country make them the best we have to offer?

            If so, we are far worse off than I fear. They may be the best trained killers we have to offer, but someone who is willing to sell their very lives and bodies for such purposes are among the lowest of Men.

            Who you believe you serve is not nearly as important as what you really serve. The US military is an unconstitutional standing army, privately financed by criminals, and used solely for the protection of those criminals and securing resources for their profit by brute force.

            We would all be far better off without the US Military.

            • I don’t have any time in the army but I don’t think you would qualify for The Old Guard (3rd US Infantry Regiment) this weekend for the Tomb of the Unknowns or any other beautiful Spring day GC.

              You make me sick.

            • GC..

              First off what hell are you thinking?? Did you just take a stupid pill today or did you miss a dose of Meds? Really come on you actually think we have no souls,WE by no means are sell outs or without honor and morals. My oath was to protect the people of this country, people like you so you can have the rights to freedoms others around the world do not. Do the research in what Military personel actually makes then get back to me, WE got paid shit to defend your sorry ass
              Now second off here is a scenario you should think about; so what are you going to do when someone is coming for your wife and daughter and sons too and taking your supplies? Do you have a set of Brass Balls that will allow you to defend the integrity of your family ( your comments say you are no longer any use to anyone here in the forum because you took you stupid pill today.) The looters will rape and kill your family without recourse as you watch; because you blew your chance to team up with a couple of your neighbors who were former military before the SHTF, if lucky they may keep your wife and daughter alive after they rape them repeatedly as a slave but you, you are dead.
              So here WE are with a recon team, a small group former soldiers since you would not know this and see whats happening as you are getting beat to all hell if not dead already and what is happening to your family. Do you think I would allow this to happen? Think again, it will be people like us that you’d beg for help. But in this case my Morals and my years of training and dedicated service kicks in and you do not die this time around, in fact I wouldn’t ask anything of you because I would not want the extra burden of a pacifist’s weight to bring down on OUR groups survival, WE did OUR good deed by saving your ass.
              Walk a mile in my shoes or anyone elses for that matter before you comment. I can see your point of view because YOU are scared but the church WE go to is not radicalized and doom and gloom or for those who just read the Bible( don’t want to offend or leave out). My pastor (former MArine)also served in the military as a Chaplain and beleive me, I am sure he could put a ass whippun on some evil in Gods name with his M1A SOCOM II.
              This is one of those moments where your thoughts where best left unsaid, oh and by the way the fucking Corporations you are referencing is not the Military, THEY are the private Contractor the Government is using, Blackwater, X, etc. of the such that has created your opinion. Don’t confuse the Military with Mercenaries you so seem to think as the same

            • Hope you can speak Chinese and Russian Pal!

            • GC: WE would be speaking German, or Russian, or Japanese without the military. I like English. Shakespeare had soooo much to say.

              After all it was he that wrote: “Kill all the lawyers!” Ya’ gotta love that, GC! 🙂

              By the way, since you didn’t describe your military service, I am pretty sure you don’t have any idea what you are talking about when it comes to military men and women.

              You don’t know them. You never served in combat with them. And you have never served honorably with these men and women, combat or not.

              If you had you would know better. You don’t. You haven’t. You are taking your perspective from information you have received second or third hand, and developing an opinion from it.

              You are entitled to your opinion. But you have no experience relevent to it.

              Russia Today is a useful program, but don’t accept their propaganda anymore than CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, or Fox. They all have an agenda.

              I have my experience with American military personnel in combat. I am them. They are me. I am not a “killer”, but a defender of liberty and I believe in all things that are good about America, because America is an IDEAL.

              It is an IDEAL worth fighting, dying, defending, and engaging the Corp about its direction. Nothing is perfect. But perfection is a goal worth pursuing. To make America better, Americans must engage their Corp.

              To copout, disengage, or opt out will ensure that WE are enslaved by it. That is the nature of government. Even a government that is supposed to be, ” …of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

              Every American needs to be working to make America what it is suppose to be. We have the power to make it so.

          • DK…Thank you for defending our honorable men and women in the military!! I know several who are serving and they would NEVER think about looting and hurting others…NEVER!!

            • There are bad apples in every facet of society.

              That said….I’d trust an American soldier, airman, sailor, or Marine over an arm chair….out-of-shape….know-it-all….self absorbed…wannabe survivalist ANYDAY!!!!

              Where can I ship God’s Creation a tin foil hat?
              He obviously misplaced his!

          • DK all bets are off with the repeal of DADT. Things will change slowly at first, but those with concern about families and their values will be replaced by those who clearly hate families with values.

            • Work in de-progress.

            • You Sir. Are a fucking bigoted idiot of epic proportions.

            • CTD: I have no idea how DADT will or will not affect the Military. Forming an opinion about it or even “gay rights” in general is difficult for me because I do not understand homosexuality.

              Nor do I want to understand it because experience is always the best teacher and I have no homosexual experience; and I don’t want any! yuck!

              I find the concept repulsive.

              Except, of course, for that fantasy that every red blooded American man has about two really beautiful, very feminine, bi women who want YOU to join them, right? 🙂 lol

              I do understand human rights. These people do not have “gay rights”. There is no such thing as gay rights. There are only human rights.

              As humans they are entitled to pursue their happiness and express themselves sexually, within the law: meaning consensual sex between adults.

              Society as a whole must decide to what extent the sexual orientation of these people may find expression in all avenues of everyday life, including the military.

              The US Constitution is designed to protect the rights of the minority, but that doesn’t mean that the rights of the minority may overide the desire of the majority.

              In short, I believe that civil contracts between these couples are permissible under civil law, and that “marriages” which are defined as a union of a man and a woman under God, and in accordance with the ordinance within the Christian Church, is between a man and a woman.

              No Christian Church should allow a homosexual marriage. That Jesus died for OUR sins I have no doubt, but that doesn’t mean We should justify or sanctify perversion.

              No state should allow or acknowledge a homosexual marriage. Civil unions ought to be the law of the land for any individuals seeking to “partner’ one with another.

              They have a right to civil union and partnership. They do not have a right to marriage, as marriage is a holy ordinance sanctified by God; and with the understanding of the majority, that marriage is the union of a man and woman in Christ.

              All other bonds are civil.

          • Durango Kidd,

            Thank you for defending our military. My husband, his brothers, my Father, Father-in-Law … all have served in the military. They are good and honorable men.

        • GC, I generally agree with you but on this one I don’t. DK said it best. For the most part, US military personel are honorable. I believe most would go against an order to track down and take out the general population, ie preppers. These people have family also and I believe many would go AWOL to save their own families and friends outside the military. I guess we will find out when and if TSHTF.

          • On that note, AZ, I’ll add that my neighbor laughs(behind my back) about my prepping, EVEN THOUGH I discovered his step-mom AND mother both store food, water and supplies.
            Point here?? Both took the advice of their enlisted sons..go figure.

        • a) This guy does NOT have military training. I’d bet a stack of Mushroom’s #10 cans on that.

          b) Ever think there’s ex-military out there that will be hell bent on protecting their families and neighborhoods? And that the vast majority of them wouldn’t give it a second thought about taking this little militia creep and his goon squad out?

          c) Your fourth paragraph contains no paranoia and I agree with it wholeheartedly.

          Have some chamomile tea and enjoy the day,

          • What about mashed potatoes?? I’m alergic to mushrooms 😉

        • Judging by the SEAL teams night ops training in Boston, I’d say we already know what side they are on (not ours).

      32. The Video started out well, the first 60 seconds, then, the entire script and visuals plummeted dramatically. How do you say, corny. They should have stuck with the gangs of mexicans with the visual “commercials” drawn on their faces and bodies and stayed with that mentality.

        I find videos like this most annoying and more detrimental to the cause than benefiting. Some amateur director who “thinks” he’s got a sense of how it’s coming down. What a waste.

        • I’m sure you would be as willing to strike up a conversation with one of these painted goons as I would. Kind of hard to blend in with that face paint.

          • That’s urban camouflage, not ‘face paint’. 🙂

      33. I doubt the “Gangs” will be prepping with stored food..

        now stored weapons and ammo..definetly

        but hunger and weakness by the time they make it to me they will be so hungry and weak it will be like shooting fish in a barrel, but i sold all my guns , so I’ll just run out there and smack em in the face with an 8′ 2×4

        serioulsy though for the city dwellers on here , these gangs will be a big time you all in the city arm up , load up and take as many out as you can, so that my 2×4 will not have to be swung on too many of them.

        • city dwellers own baseball bats too. and they know how to use ’em. if they fail to follow through and i get stuck with any hungry or weak i too will get the cut off two by four and give it a little work out…not gonna waste any bullets if i don’t have to.

      34. if it’s gonna be as bad as this article predicts I might as well shoot myself and leave a big note and map to my so called “stash.” LMAO.

        • I feel the same way.

        • Yeah.

          I was in the USMC, but that was about 20 years and 50 pounds ago. I have recently started “prepping” and when you really start thinking about stuff like this it just makes your skin crawl. I may have a few firearms, some food & supplies, but this whole scenario would just suck. Doesn’t help that I’m living more than a thousand miles from anyone/everyone I might actually trust…

          • Hi,
            I’ve been lurking the forum for a few months but this is the first time I have posted.

            I live with my husband and 2 kids in a rural area in the South, and I feel the same way – if it gets this bad I may as well shoot myself. I am not cut out to live in constant fear. Hell we just saved up enough to buy ONE gun!

            • Dazie..

              You can’t let this cause fear in wanting be prepared. There are plenty of us here that would offer a helping hand. Keep the faith…

          • NewAroundHere,
            “If you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with.” –Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young. Ninety percent of Americans are good people, if you can’t be near your friends and family, then make new friends.

          • Connect with a VFW, Legion Post, or a local Marine network.

          • I think this guy was influenced by the movie “The Road”. He uses some images from that movie. Ever seen it? Very, very, very dark.

            • Nah read the book it was very interesting

        • You shouldn’t worry just team up with KY mom and stay strong. Kick some ass, shoot we’d all help out I’m sure, oh wait we all live all over the place, my bad

      35. MS-13 is among the worse, but …

        As others have pointed out, a network of people willing to work together that has a few combat arms vets (11B and 12B) makes for a helluva defense force. And that is LRRP and what you really want/need is the old LRRP Hawk teams. Take out every target of opportunity. With no medics and no medivacs, every dirtbag wounded just increases your force multiplier through destruction of their numbers and their morale. Always shoot and scoot. Use all available cover and concealment. Then shoot and scoot again.

        And that 3:1 ratio for assault? It is based upon comparable combat skills by both sides. Gangbangers don’t spend their time at the range and that is why you hear about 60+ shots fired and 2 wounded and one dead. Many of them often innocent bystanders. The only time a gangbanger spends time at physical conditioning is when they are being coddled in prison. And a co-ordinated attack? These dirtbags are completely status oriented, not mission oriented.

        But never underestimate evil. 8 or 10 gangbangers throwing lead every which way can still get you by just damn bad luck. Always aim for center mass. Always. It only takes one to center mass to really start letting the shit leak out of dirtbags. Repeat as often as needed or until the cleaning lady moves in (mop-up operations). We don’t play that friendly-fire crap if we can avoid it.

        I truly thought I left this behind me, but I see that it just might be coming back. Damn, damn, damn! Be forwarned, be armed and be safe. If SHTF, it’s gonna take a whole bunch of us to clean it up and stitch our country back together again. It can be done. And train like your life depends on it, cause it and your family does.

        • well said. It would take 8 to 10 thugs more than 60 seconds to get from the road to my house. In that time, I could kill or seriously injure about 6 to 8, if they didn’t duck for cover. If they do, it’ll take them longer to get to me, but may take me longer to kill them all. They still wouldn’t stand a chance except by pure, dumb luck! However, I have the home-field advantage!

          • P.S. Don’t forget to take their supplies when they’re dead. Not to be too harsh, just being practical.

            • Lots of lethal ideas here. Try this one and its reusable. Build a leafspring powered catapult with a cable attached to the firing arm for the prime mover. Then use 1/4 in rebar in 12 in pieces, sharpened at both ends and a ribbon of camo cloth tied at 10 in. Throw about 30 at a time into their path or at them punji sticks FASCAM style. They go about 200 feet and will penetrate a 56 Chevy body. Luck all

            • Oh, gawd! It would be great to make a counter-video to this guy’s showing how to take out roaming bands of scavengers. Ha! LMAO! It would be funny. We could get Chuck Norris or Clint Eastwood to do the voice over. Gotta go. I’m on to something.

        • Well spoken!!

        • “Shoot, Move, Communicate” How many of us preppers are also ex-military. More then meets the eye!

        • You said it edge. Spray and pray didn’t work out for the few Iraqis that tried an ambush on us. But it got me thinking (like I mentioned in an above post): we could kill hundreds of these guys but they only need one lucky (even if unaimed) shot or one good hit with a roadside bomb or RPG and we’d be down some people.

          So don’t take that chance with your family. You could kill 100 of them but if they got you or your wife or a kid (even wounded) it’s a major blow if not game over.

          Get them trained, get them ready. I like the mid-sized groups idea. 12-24, it’s enough to have people work and pull guard in shifts and patrols and have some people to do odd tasks. Coordination and a spirit of cooperation would be key. I can’t see a group of 4 trying to sleep in shifts and guard every night knowing there’ll be work to do just to eat the next day.

        • Bravo–well said. there is no way to sugar coat the realities of what is necessary to deal with the baddies. Fight with purpose and intensity, as if your life depends on it—because it does… thanks for your input.

      36. Anyone who thinks they are “ready for anything” is delusional. One would have to be able to adapt to survive a system breakdown.

      37. I’ve noticed that like others, my comments are always waiting to be moderated since the new system came up. Hope this doesn’t continue as it makes posting in real time a pain!

      38. And now, since I’ve posted twice today (this is the third) I’m posting too fast. gotta love technology :-l

      39. Don’t know about gangs and such; all I know is I just put an old fashioned pitcher pump on an unused water well, primed it and WOO-WHO, we got off the grid cold potable water.. now that is progress.. 😉

        • I just did the same thing on an old sprinkler well.
          The water is a little rusty, but I have a gravity water filter so no power is needed there either.
          I am now at the stage that you can turn off all of my water & utilities and I can remain in my home in relative comfort while my neighbors are looking for a FEMA bus to drive them to a camp for food & water..
          Being prepared allows me to sleep like a baby.

        • you are fortunate. water is, without a doubt, the most important part of a preppers program. with your system, even in a solar flare event, you are good to go. Niceeee.

      40. Learn which gangs are operating in your area. They’re not restricted to cities. There are 100’s of gangs. They usely grafitti their turf. Google “gang symbols”. Most gangs are either “people” or “folk”. Pitch fork down are “people”. Pitch fork up are “folk”. Our local police weren’t very well versed in gang grafitti. When they found a swastika and the letters KK, they thought white supremists did it. Wrong! It was Maniac Latin Disciples. The swastika was for their dead founder, a Puerto Rican who went by the nickname “Hitler”. The KK represented King Killers. The MLD are at war with the Latin Kings. You can sometimes ID which gang someone is with just by the Sport Jerseys they wear. The recent fights at Major sporting events, mostly on the west coast, were mostly between gangbangers. So if you see gang grafitti in your area, beware.

        • YIKES!!! We read Mr. Big’s comment about “pitchfork up are folk” and figured we’d better clarify our name PDQ. We are WestVa Folks in the OLD sense, as in “plain down-home folks.” No street gangs around here (yet), hence our ignorance of the new meaning of the word. Just so y’all know…

      41. Even the most well trained gang of looters will eventually be thinned out through attrition caused by a death here, a mortal wound there, infighting, you name it. The larger the gang, the less cohesive the unit will become even with strong leadership. Multiple successes may get them battle-hardened but with this also comes the cockiness which will ensure more costly slip ups. The first rule of surviving this shit is having a remote and concealed BOL, so by the time these groups have been thinned out they should pose less of a threat. Recon units should also be considered to help you investigate areas outside your retreat for remote threats and plan accordingly in the event they discover your BOL.

        • Is your BOL near a farm or ranch that hires lots of illegals?

        • In the Chicago area there are over 100,000 gang members, unknown numbers of common criminals, a million illegal aliens, thousands of people who may be driven to looting by hunger and stupidity, a couple million blacks that don’t like non-blacks, and my ex-wife. How long will it take to thin the numbers on them?

          • not fast enough, the SHTF has not hit yet and they still are wittling away at there numbers in every part of the country, if we are lucky they all win a Darwin Awards before the first ploop on the fan blades

            • No the Darwin award winners are the white folks dumb enough to fear minorities when their biggest threats are: white motorcycle gangs that flourish in suburban and rural areas and other whites…both preppers and local nere do wells.

              Don’t prep for those folks, concentrate on the minority hordes that will never materialize and you’ll be dead soon enough.

          • Sorry I’m from Chicago and most black people there don’t dislike non blacks. You have many poor blacks and many more middle class blacks.

            Black people of all social strata don’t take to kindly to racists. Same with Hispanics.

            Yep you got gang-bangers and you don’t want to underestimate them. But the vast majority of black and Hispanic people are not in gangs. Just like the vast majority of whites aren’t in motorcycle gangs.

      42. If there are some looters driving around looking for stuff, they’ll have a lifespan of about 1 day…
        They won’t last long at all.

        • Good link S’n’s

      43. I think the video was well done and factual. When TSHTF, what will happen to all the prisoners in the prisons? will they escape? Patton said, “Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man”. Im more of the shoot and scoot type guy, but you all out there have WAY more knowledge and experience than I do. I can see the only chance of survival is being a part of a large well armed group. Problem is.. getting to know and be a member of that group BEFORE tshtf. Any suggestions? Im in Arizona.

        • Any suggestions? Dude you said it yourself: you’re in Arizona.

        • Anyone in Arizona, or the southwest, even California who wants to, can contact me at

          [email protected]

          It probably is time to locate like-minded individuals to develop trust and rapor, but I don’t expect the SWHTF anytime soon. And I believe there will be ample warning to implement a plan, if everyone in your group is on the same page.

          Wherever you are located in the country, you could identify a like-minded group nearby. If all of you are located in a city and believe you need to be outside of the city under a particular SHTF scenario, then you need to locate a BOL that works for the group.

          I do not smoke, drink, or use drugs. I prefer that in a group. I also prefer ex-military, ex-COPS, medical personel, Christians, and families, but indivduals would be welcome. No sect in particular, just a basic belief in the Creator and respect for all living things.

          No Globalists allowed as they do not have respect for all living things.

          Any group I would align with would obey the law, but not enforce it; except where the welfare of the group or its individuals require self defense. The US Constitution, State law, and the Ten Commandments would be our guide to self reliant living.

          That, the M-16 Field Manual and a dog-eared copy of square foot gardening. GFG if your tomatos are big enough by spring you would be welcome too! 🙂

          Just saying …

        • I too have wondered what would become of jails and prisons in such a situation. Would someone decide to be “humane” and release prisoners?

      44. unrelated but there is an old farm house four miles from me that some city people bought and restored last yr, It’s beautiful, nice copper gutters,large copper horse weather vane,copper flashing all over the roof,chimney ect. last weekend, someone came in the night and took all the copper, even striped the pipes from the inside. It had to be one of his contracters from the city because no one can sell copper to the junky here without giving a name,address with ID to back it up.

        • You need to let them know who you suspect did it. WTF, that’s just shitty, but scrappers gotta be scrappers.

          In Baltimore they Handoutians have already ripped apart some 30,000 buildings making them unlivable, and where’s the money now? Gone most likely and they’re still where they are and now there’s just a mess of gutted out homes and shops.

      45. Two Words… Booby Traps! And then you take all their supplies and face paints. Hell, if they have face tattoos they’d make great scarecrows to discourage others.

        • You said Boobies….. 🙂

      46. Interesting article and video.
        I expect enough of the general population to be wiped out that most of this will be simple.
        The lights going out won’t mean much, or the general failure of all the rest of society…
        What will mean a lot is being able to survive what is really coming.
        Two other civilizations that were more advanced than we are didn’t make it.
        Accordingly, there should be only about a 15% survival rate.
        Most of those will be those who were/are very well prepared in relation to our planets coming problems.
        Very few if any who are exposed (outside) will live. Those who think they will simply do not know.
        Prepers will find that there is a lot more to what is coming than they had any idea about.
        Think of lasting until mid to late 2013. Add having to be underground… Then think of no growing season until over a year later, if then.
        All the volcanics are waking up now, and nothing much has happened. The weather is continuing to get worse, etc.
        Think of this happening globally.
        Ice age conditions for an everage winter…
        The stupid government just lost two neuclear generators, one in Colorado and the other in Virginia…natural earth quakes indeed!
        They have been working on their underground since the 60’s…and can’t do better than to blow themselves up…too much hehehe
        Between October 2011 and August 2013 the level of destruction will offer that you won’t know where you are if and when you do come out…
        During all this fun, our sun will be irradiating us. Takes four feet of dirt to stop this part. Then the trash falling out of the sky will act like a whole bunch of mini plasma neuclear bombs. Similar to the ‘firestorm’ of WWII.
        200 MPH winds average, no one knows how long that will last.
        Temps hot enough to cook anything unprotected…all plants, homes, and pretty much everything, 160 – 200 deg.
        Survival of the fittest for sure.
        As far as we can tell, only some 1,000,000 survived globally.
        However, get as ready as you can all the way around.
        People will be counting on those who do make it.

        • I heard a man speaking on a video saying the Elenin will bear 130/140 degrees for about 3 hours and many were preparing 2 feet of concrete to be under at that time.
          Strange times.

        • Where do you get this stuff from? Do you have any sources of reference to this conjecture? I could make up a whole bunch of stuff too.

          Baseless unsubstantiated fear mongering.

          If what you have described does transpire (and I find it highly unlikely) it would be better to be dead. You have no clue how difficult it would be to survive day-to-day in that kind of environment.

          • Norton,

            What is wrong with self preservation? Don’t you know quitters never win..

      47. Oh, one thing I forgot.. how are they going to get the sheeple in these Threat fusion centers? The media will help, by saying to go to the camps in order to get away from these roving gangs of thugs. You and your kids will be secure there, right? (cough)

        • NEVER will I submit to being forced into a “fusion center”, FEMA camp or Disney World by any bureaucrats for “my protection”.
          Thugs will die a fast, brutal death if they try to take on white boys from the suburbs who clean their weapons, practice and have a ton of ammo.

      48. Has anyone considered that a really good way to obtain weapons and tactical gear for free after “the collapse,” is to set up a generator in a empty house; leave the lights on, and wait for these guys to show up. Then, ambush them.

        FREE GEAR.

        It’ll be like fishing, but with more bullets.

        • absolutely agree. who ever made this was an armchair wanna be who wouldn’t make it 2 blocks in a well setup neighborhood.

        • +1 LIKE

        • Like shooting zombies in a barrel!

      49. 80 million “potential” snipers in America. I don’t think any army or gang would fair very well against those odds. However, turn the snipers against each other using famine as the bait, it will turn ugly.

        Most Americans are addicted to foods. Eat more than they need. Eat foods that propagate addiction. Eat when they don’t need to. Don’t know what real hunger is. When the masses go through their junk food withdrawals we’ll see extreme, psychotic behavior, i.e. the zombie frenzy stomp.

        Eat simple, nourishing foods. Reduce meat intake; once or twice a week is all the body needs (someday animal protein will be a rare meal). Fast one day out of the week to give the body a rest and clean it out. Fasting also helps to strengthen both the mind and willpower.

        PS If you’re not sure if you have a food addiction or a food stress or food imbalance, try going a day or two without eating, just water. You’ll know very quickly what kind of health your body is in.

        • I completely agree with you EuroAmerican. Most Americans are over-weight as is and many are crossing that threshold of being obese, it is absolutely disgusting. Americans have it way too easy and too convenient to access vast amounts of cheap junk food on every street corner.

          I don’t need to eat much and I function fine. I try to eat and drink as healthy as I can. My body doesn’t even allow itself to engorge on whatever and whenever I want to eat. If I get too full, I get stomach ache and have to go do a number two.

        • I’ve been stockpiling Twinkies and Ho-Hos in order to preserve the American Way of Life.

          Mmmmmm… Delicious cream filled pastries. Yum!!!

      50. There aren’t very many real shooters out there. I’ve known some good ol boys (and girls) that sure would shoot you in a heart beat. And I’ve known some police that wouldn’t pull a trigger to save their partner. You never know who’s got it in them until it happens. I know a lot of guys that blow off a lot of steam and have arsenals to make you drool, but I suspect they’ll call 911 and hope for the best.

      51. The people who made this video are clowns. Yeah, like you are going to have a cohesive force during the collapse times. There will be so many competing “gangs” that they will be busy fighting off the groups just like them for quite some time. Remember you Rambos, you are high probability target as well. You also have resources that others will want. And you don’t have the one thing that gives a mobile guerrilla the advantage…..unpredictability!

        And that gets to the one strategy that I say would work the best during collapse…….mobility. Don’t do like the survivalists and be a pinned down target. Get mobile and make the others the target. Hit and run guerrilla warfare has ALWAYS worked.

        • Well, no you’re mistaken. Look at what happens historically, look at what happened just 10 years ago in Argentina.

          Your conjecture is wrong; why would an armed gang fight another, when EZ pickings are all around them?

          Your comment makes no sense even on superficial inspection, and isn’t true in actual, historical collapses.

          Therefore, you are the clown.

      52. I liked the video and think its useful. Don’t believe in the economic collapse scenario because that wouldn’t benefit the PTB. WE should have learned to follow the money after Watergate.

        After a significant CME, solar flare, or pole shift, yeah this SHTF perspective is useful. I have already considered the need to black out all lights that might show at night, and establish four hour, round-the-clock guard shifts from a concealed bunker using tunnels, field glasses and night vision scopes.

        Mining is a useful vocation.

        Fuel in an event like I just described will be hard to come by. Lots of solar and wind power with battery backup is the way to go for preppers and a little natural gas and diesal for those who can make it.

        Curiously I have considered the need for powerful flood lights to shine outward and blind looters in the event of a night attack from a foe like that in the video, once they begin to make a quiet assualt on the property thinking everyone is asleep.

        Gangs will cannabalize the cities and then themselves. Those that do emerge from the cities will be the most ruthless. Personally, I do not believe they will get very far without military action against them. Gunships, gas, and drones are marvelous things.

        The military will still have fuel, food, and ammo. The gangs will have to scrounge for theirs. They will take casualties for any supplies they find.

        I do not think the gangs will get very far, physically, without food and fuel. By the time they get to me and mine they will be short of food and fuel and ammo and physically depleted.

        Me and mine will not be short of those basic elements of self preservation as I am also considering the acquisition of two “gattling guns” to lay down covering fire in an overwhelming physical assault.

        A 12 year old can crank 4 rounds per revolution from those things and they are loaded with two 50 round 22LR magazines. Not appropriate for a house on a cul-de-sac, but great for a ranch or homestead.

        Get yours.

        • I read once: if you ain’t shooting, you better be loading, and if you ain’t loading, you better be running!!!

          • lol..sounds like something i posted a while back

        • There shooting at the lights!

          • They’re Had a little sam moment.

            More mags JJ.

          • ANON: If the S HAS HTF and you are in an isolated or remote location by design on a ranch or homestead, there should be someone in an OP, quietly, and discreetly monitoring all passing activity from an elevated position.

            Even a camoflaged tree house would work and should be reinforced.

            The floodlights to repell would not be on except for this particular kind of masss assault, and switched on by someone manning the OP, or from the house once the attackers move in and are 50-75 yards out.

            It would blind them long enough and leave them exposed on open ground for the shooters to engage. The kids could let the “gats” rips from hardened, reinforced positions while the shooters are sniping one at a time. It doesn’t matter whether the kids hit anything or not, the fire will keep the invaders attention. It wouldn’t take too long to repell the attack and wipeout the invaders.

            It would be more likely that someone caught trespassing would be looking to poach an animal.

            After SHHTF anyone on my land with a weapon and without my permission is a threat to me and mine. If the SHHTF and they have crossed my fence lines, they will be dispatched with predjudice.

            • Yes, have your Foward Observer camoed up with a scrambled sat phone, calling in targets of opportunity to your firebase…I think you watched Omega Man one to many times…

              If you are under attack, you have already ****** up, no matter how the fight turns out.

              Hide, camo, blend in.

            • I’m not giving you a hard time DK. It’s a movie quote!

        • I think I remember these. The Calicos that use two 10/22s? Are these still in production?

      53. Patriot One says:
        ‘August 26, 2011 at 11:16 am Its a non event here, what we call a surfer storm. I’m sure someone who thinks they can surf will get injured or die.”

        I offer a new acronym for these hurricane events especially with regards to when they meet Wall Street….


        (Fan Hits the Shit)


        • LOVE IT!

      54. I assume this (these) roving band(s) of looters will never run into a military unit of any kind, or even a well armed sheriff and deputies. Will they just sneak by them? I must say, I’m much more worried about roving bands of uniformed gov’t thugs coming after me than I am about looters. I live in a small town, but gun ownership is legal in my state so a good percentage of the residents are armed. We have a number of sheriff’s deputies here as well. If the gov’t doesn’t round us up and/or take all our guns, we’ll be OK.
        The above video is meant to scare people, and there will indeed be looters. But walking only gets you 20 miles or less per day, and you have to carry all your food, ammo, clothes, and anything else of value. So, are these guys hitting a well stocked place twice a week? Introducing insecticide or propane into your house sounds like real trouble, and it would be if they use it on you. But who’s humping that propane tank around the boonies (ten or more miles a day) along with his weapon, gear, ammo and food. And where do you get reloads for a propane tank after TSHTF?
        If they’re not on foot except for attacks, that means a vehicle or vehicles. That makes toting the gear and food easier, but also means you are much more visible. No one will see (or hear) vehicles traveling on the roads? No roadblocks, checkpoints, or military units patrolling? Will they get all their gas from knocking over isolated farms/retreats? What about tires, oil and gas filters, and all the other stuff you need to keep vehicles on the road? Vehicles will only last so long after TSHTF, and stealing a new one each time yours wears out is not a great strategy.
        And most of all, how will you replace your losses? You’ve got ten guys, well organized, merciless. It only takes one lucky shot to make it nine guys. And if you come up against real resistance, how many will you lose before you decide fighting another day is better? And one last thing. All these looters are totally without mercy and kill without compunction. How will you keep them from fighting each other? You captured a couple of women and sent their fingers back. Don’t tell me that you didn’t abuse them first. You’re men on the hunt. It’s been weeks since any of you had sex. Who gets to go first? There won’t be any fights about that? There goes your group cohesion.
        To sum up. The immediate aftermath will be zombie looters, not cohesive groups. After that, (maybe before, I suppose) It’s gov’t uniformed bands of looters. Then, and only if there is a total breakdown of gov’t power, there will be roving bands. But there won’t be many of them, and they won’t last long. You will more likely have to worry about ex military or law enforcement setting up their own fiefdoms and wanting to include you in them, whether you want to or not.
        The one thing true about this article/video is something that’s been pointed out on this site more than once. Communities will do better than individuals. The West wasn’t settled by individuals, it was communities that stuck together that turned the
        West from a wilderness into a civilized country.

        • I hope any attackers you face will run headlong into your MWoT (Massive Wall of Text) and, disoriented by lack of paragraphs or editing, fall to the ground with blood gushing from their eyes.

      55. The dog is not for protection it is for warning. My brother in law lives in the country on five acres. You can drive up his driveway and be next to his house in seconds. But before you can get through his gate his six little yappy dogs are all over you or the car. They are chicken shit little dogs so they are in then out then moving sideways then under the house or behind the garage but always yapping like crazy. You could shoot one but the rest would be almost impossible to shoot because they are so skittish. The damned little things are a pain in the butt. But you won’t get near the house day or night without everyone knowing you are there.

        • With that kind of annoyance I am not sure I’d want to BE there, LOL.

      56. I’m sorry but that video is not only a nightmare situation but totally bogus.

        If preppers are suppose to be preparing to defend against squad sized threats then it makes no sense to prep.

        The guys in this story not only exhibit criminal behavior but also a rather surprising level of competent military tactics. A family will stand no chance.

        Also rather surprising (and unrealistic in this portrayal) is the fact that this group has been able to mount these attacks without suffering casualties, has the type of mobility and load carrying ability to have abundant supplies of ammunition but also enough food to mount sieges and to carry along ingenious alternate weapon sources.

        Yep, if this is what the average prepper is going against then we’re screwed. Heck I served in the Marines, have law enforcement training and PT everyday, but even with that and my supply of firearms, I’d get over run in this scenario.

        Real life would have these bastards killed off in a couple of weeks.

        • I thought the video was quite good. It’s the big picture things in it that are worth considering..not the particular scenario. First of all I agree with you…one family DOESNT stand a chance. That’s why good prep includes assembling a network, or at least putting feelers out, long before an “event”. The video made very good points about the consequences of poor opsec, the need for perimeter security, fields of fire, etc. Good stuff to think about if you open your mind to it. I have a strong belief that the preppers who survive will be in groups; possibly small towns that have established perimeters and road blocks. The lone prepper is likely not to survive very long. I’m sure that won’t be a popular opinion, but sorry guys, you are likely not Chuck Norris.

      57. Davidus Romanus is spot-on. However, there are some other points I feel are missing, here; First,never, ever, start hanging out with “tough guys”. We all know these fools. They are vocal about how good they are in surviving, how nobody takes away THEIR guns, how they’d kick anybody’s ass that messes with them, or maybe “a country boy will survive”. Bullshit! these guys will get you and yours killed!Avoid them like the plague, or if you can’t avoid them, don’t buy into their garbage. These guys will be in the very first wave to bite the dust. Instead, keep a low profile, and don’t try to look like you’re allways alert. Don’t give the criminals any reason to target you.
        As for survival, the best book you can get, is the boy scout manual. Corny, maybe, but it can keep you alive. Read it, and practice it. In secret! Years ago, I saw to it that every member of my family has one, and knows it thoroughly. I taught all my children about wilderness living, as well as urban survival. They, in turn, are teaching my grandchildren. It’s a fun activity, but every one of us understands it’s importance. We started out being living history reenactors, became experimental archeologists, and learned how it was done 250 years ago, by the masters.
        Make no mistake, any one of my children, and so far, several of the grandkids, could take out a man at well over 200 yards with a flintlock rifle, and not bat an eye. Of course, not being stupid, we also realise this makes a lot of smoke, and is not to be used unless directly accosted, even then concealment and/or evasion is the smarter way. The gist? Study, apply, keep your vown council, survive!

      58. Really, people, get your heads out of your asses. You’re only alive for, on average, 75 years. Enjoy the years and days you have. Quit conjuring up these scenarios of how things are going to come crashing down. Most of what is described here will not occur in a short period of time. It will occur slowly and in stages. By the time we get to the part about roving bands of looters, you will have already consumed most of your provisions because you will have been out of a job for quite some time. Or the government will have confiscated what they need for the sake of the general populace since those in power will not go quietly. Are you prepared to give your life fighting against government officials when they come knocking on your door? Do you think you have enough bullets for all the local and federal law enforcement that will be confronting you? Once you are stripped of what you hold dear, then the looters will scrounge the rest. By that time, you won’t have much left to scrounge. Natures fury is a piece of cake compared to what your fellow man can do to you.

        If you want examples just read about the fall of Rome, the rise of the Nazi party, the purging during Stalin’s reign, the collapse of the USSR, and the rise of communist China. All of those should give you a good idea of the ruthlessness that comes from “government” and what is required to deal and control an increasing population of those that do not conform to that government. We will soon be at 7 billion souls on this planet. Hunkering down will not be an option. I guarantee you that. That whole mentality will be the first to be eliminated as it is already being vilified by the MSM and government agencies.

        The ONLY thing that will save you is to foster community and interdependence with like minded people. There is strength in numbers……….stragglers get preyed upon and eliminated. That’s the law of nature.

        • Confucious say: “Man with head up ass should not sneeze”

          • Confucius say, man who walk into airport sideways is going to Bangkok.

            • ROFLOL….

        • “Really, people, get your heads out of your asses. … Quit conjuring up these scenarios of how things are going to come crashing down. Most of what is described here will not occur in a short period of time. It will occur slowly and in stages. …”

          Uh-huh. Who’s doing this bit of conjuring? It is called contingency planning. Plan for as many probabilities as you can. Most have a high degree of overlap.

          There is a big reason for the vilification. Mass panic could result if the gov’t and MSM confirmed any potentialities. Best option and I agree is to marginalize the preppers as tinfoil hat brigades.

          You might wanna read up on mass psychology in developed countries. There is a thingy called normalcy bias. Alter the reality people use to and they fall apart in mass. This is the reason Psy-Ops is so effective.

          BTW, I’ve read all about Rome, rise of Nazi Germany, Stalin and China. Collapse of USSR was just a few years ago and I remember and what I forgot, I can ask the Russian immigrants just down the road. In all those cases, the populace was unarmed. Big difference Bubba. Perhaps you might wanna reread that history and look for parallels. A few, not many. And the rise of Communist China? The people were starving. Had been for years. Or did you forget the atrocities they suffered by Japan?

          Successful soldiers are well read. Or perhaps you didn’t know about the extra promotion points for education. Some of us maxxed out early in our careers. Duty MOS’s held: 31B2P, 31E2P, 12B30, 11B3A and (groan) 19A20 Armored Crewman Apprentice.

          The government will not be the problem. Too few of them. LEOs and military? Attack and rob civilians? Put down the dime store novel.

          I do agree with you on Elenin. Just a medium sized dirty snowball. Nibiru was supposedly due back in 2003. Nada. Must be a conspiracy or … bad sushi. I tried to them them that catfish was drug in by the dog last week. But nooo, they had to have sushi. The results were bad ugly. Reminded me of a mud fence daubed with tadpoles.

        • Speaking of the rise of the nazi party, our generation’s ‘rise’ will be when sharia law rules the USA. Think it can’t happen? I bet the Brits thought so too


          “Islamic law has been officially adopted in Britain, with sharia courts given powers to rule on Muslim civil cases. Rulings issued by a network of five sharia courts are enforceable with the full power of the judicial system, through county courts or the country’s High Court, a part of its Supreme Court system.”

        • Norton, you’re absolutely correct on a number of different fronts. I laugh when I read how preppers get so self righteous, perceiving themselves as the “good” guys and the “hoards” as the zombie bad guys. What happens when the food runs out folks, those of you stockpiling and living in your isolated locations? What happens when your food addiction turns on you? (and 98% of Americans are addicted to food in one form or another) You think you’re just going to sit tight and “do the right thing”. No, out of self preservation you will turn from being the hunted to the hunter. You will join the masses and scavenge the land looking for that crumb to satisfy that insatiable appetite for existing somehow, someway. And contrary to popular belief with those preppers who romanticize (from all the movies and tv “programs” they’ve watched) “living off the land”, you’ll be the first to be swayed to the dark side of cannibalism and mayhem.

          It will continue being a Slow Meltdown, just as it has been. At some point, the food will run out. If it’s just you or you and your family, your food will run out. Your pantry will be cleaned out. Your garden decimated. Are you going to eat your spouse? Some people will.

          As norton said, the ONLY thing that will save you or any of us will be community. (It’s all about Community anyway, the reason for “Collapse”… IT’s the Lesson here for all of us. Break through the common Fear based life-styles and reach for something beyond selfish needs)

          Unfortunately, Americans have been programmed from birth (how do you say raised in a typical dysfunctional family) to function co-dependently while thinking they are independent. Talk about a contradiction in terms, huh? That’s why 1 out of every 2 is obese, massive numbers are on psychotropic drugs, massive alcohol and illegal drug consumption, obsessive compulsion towards addictive behavior. With so many disfunctionals swarming around us is there any wonder why the topic of “collapse” has arrived at center stage?

          Community IS our only Savior. At least for those who desire to make it to the other side, in the 10 or so years that it will take for this transition to unfold.

          Those who try to make it on their own will eventually die from disease (mental or physical or both), or a bullet, or malnutrition or suicide or being eaten alive.

          “Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have neighbors.”


      59. First off, I don’t think this video was put out by a guy who is an actual looter boasting about his post – shtf plans, I think it was put out as a scenario to get everyone thinking about the worst possible self- defense scenario one could come across.

        I guess it’s plausible, however, I think that anyone as well prepared as these guys, will have been prepared enough not to have to go looting. I mean, if you can get aerial photos of my house post shtf, you probably have some freeze dried food and some water put back. I think the moral of the story is, however, that long term survival on your own is less guaranteed than with a group.

        • Z: That is a good point. I had forgotten about his mention of topo maps, but with the mapping software programs today you can print them yourself.

          That should be a SHTF item for those who have the rest of their preps. I love topo maps and use them often.

      60. the person talking here is YOUR local police officer. better pay attention, and then develop weapons and tactics to defeat the swat teams. That’s your only hope;…..

      61. that video is o stupid…lol

      62. JonnyV: I’m going to send you a SWAT T-shirt for X-mas! Wear it proudly, brother! 🙂

      63. When I had occasion to be inside high rise welfare projects in Chicago, I saw how the gangs prepared for urban warfare. They had holes knocked out of the walls in order to move from apartment to apartment. They had elevators vandalized so they could keep police from entering their floors, exept by stairways, which would be defended by the gangs. It was very similar to Beirut in the 1980’s. If you have a place outside of town, you might consider digging escape tunnels. It worked for Gadaffi, so far. Think guerrilla warfare, not survivalist.

      64. Looters have become the new age preppers, they will be well learned in the art of tactical offense, lurkers and trolls of survival websites, they have aquired the information they need to make military like manuvers to over take the god fearing christian preppers.
        My advice to the preppers, keep a low profil, stop boasting your locations and how well your prepped on every website.
        Watch your backs, the gov and the lootets are out to get you

        • So, Preppers becarefull

          I’ll make an assumption. The assumption is: You are “some kind” of a prepper,. You have in your possession some provisions to sustain you (but not anything that will last you very long) while the “looters” are looting so you can transition to the next level, when ever and what ever that is. What happens when YOU run out of food. Going on an extended fast? OR, will you become the “New Age” looter? which will it be? How do we know YOU aren’t one (new age prepper), lurking and trolling right now? Maybe you’re a Muslim? An Atheist? Who here is “boasting their location” I’ve been visiting this site for some time, and other than regions and locals or possible points of interest, that are suggested, I have no idea where anyone here lives. Anybody who calls preppers “New Age” is a troll.

      65. So, you want to hole up with a group of folks to survive. Who’s in charge? What’s the chain of command? Do you have to vote on everything? Think about it now if you haven’t already. Get together with those people and brain storm. Toss around ideas now, before it’s too late.

      66. I say looters are more than welcome to try , when SHTF happens. Bring it on Bozo’s , ever heard of counter terrorism. You looters are gonna DIE!

      67. Watched this video and found it hilarious!!!! Listened to the guy describe his tactics ….. I’m sorry, I just laughed. Very amusing!!! What a clown. I think people are frightening themselves into believing too much doom and gloom. No offense to civi’s, but JHFC!!! Chill out a bit.
        Even today’s Military are a bit of a joke, as are gang bangers and LEO’s. If you dress tough, talk tough, have tough looking vehicles and armed to the teeth with big tough looking hardware …… Well it doesn’t make them tough, does it. It just makes them look pretty.
        As for those tactics in the video!!! Funny Ha Ha kiddie shit.. Have some confidence in you abilities and stop reading hung ho bullshit.
        LEO’s Military and GBH (gang banger homos) all the same really. Just remember, there is no such thing as an unbeatable Force. Defense is a tough nut to understand and undertake
        compared to Offensive ….. But certainly not impossible. The only problem about conducting defensive tactics, is the fact your holding your home/ground/farm ….. How long could you do it for? An hour? A day? A month? Three years? Ten years? The attacker can choose the day, moment and method of strike and as often as he likes. The defender can only react.

        • Exactomundo! Let’s say you’re in there with your kids or grandkids, and the bad guys offer you a way out and safety for the kids, in exchange for your stuff. What do you do? Quick. What do you do? Now is the time to consider all options, not later.

      68. Watching how the individual describes how they will attack, I harken back on what I learned in the jungles in 68, 69 and 70. There can be no mercy shown, everything that you can prepare to take the enemy out is permitted. Tons of booby traps and I will relish the shit on the nails and hope they die slowly. Pits of potential fire, and a kill zone will be put to use. I hope that if I ever have to use techniques learned in a prior life that the enemy will know they are in for a lesson in death. Yea, a large contingency may get me and mine, but they will pay dearly.

        • SEMPER FI !…..I may die……but many will go with me!

        • I will help you man!!!!!!!!!!!! If I go somebody goes with me. No standing by and wishing for a better day.I WILL play dirty.If they are stupid enough or brazen enough to try to take me out, they will think they are in hell.

      69. This video is interesting but in my opinion inaccurate depiction of what would happen in a SHTF or WROL scenario. These pseudo thugs/ bad asses use the rule of law to survive. In the current state, you can operate a gang with relative immunity. Our justice system protects these criminals because their crimes are hard (given constitutional rights) to prosecute and trials take time. This means police keep law biding people like myself from removing said social elements. Lets face it (we live comfortable lives now). Now if that were to change and I wouldn’t have to fear our justice system but rather people who don’t want to be social and help others(killers looters and bums). Things all change. I am a nice person… You would more then likely agree with my world view. I make friends easily. I have a knack for organizing people to achieve common goals . So what would stop peaceful law biding people like myself from going on the offense. Order out of anarchy. It is inevitable… I win.

      70. WARNING to potential LOOTERS

        A percentage of my preps have been strategically and lethally sabotaged.
        Good luck figuring out what’s safe and what’s deadly without me.

        “Do not contend with a man without cause if he has done you no harm” Proverbs 3:30

        If you have unauthorized access to my preps, you have harmed me, so beware!

        You’ve been warned.


        1. “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.” Thomas Jefferson
        2. “Those who trade liberty for security have neither.” John Adams
        3. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.
        4. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.
        5. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.
        6. Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control.
        7. You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.
        8. Know guns, know peace, know safety.
        No guns, no peace, no safety.
        9. You don’t shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.
        10. Assault is a behavior, not a device.
        11. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.
        12. The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights Reserved.
        13. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the other Amendments.
        14. What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ do you NOT understand?
        15. Guns have only two enemies; rust and politicians.
        16. If you remove the people’s right to bear arms, you create slaves.
        17. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control.

        • Great post!!!

        • You had me at more ways then #1 KY Mom! Thanks for your common cents.

      72. Obama gives foreign cops new police powers in U.S.

        “Sovereignty apparently set aside as agency exempted from law.”

        “Reagan’s order carried certain exemptions requiring that INTERPOL operations be subject to several U.S. laws such as the Freedom of Information Act.”

        “Obama, however, removed those restrictions in his Dec. 16 amendment to Executive Order 12425.”

        “Anthony Martin at the Examiner noted the international agency now can operate in the U.S. will “full immunity” from U.S. laws and “with complete independence from oversight from the FBI.”

        • KyMom: This why WE must engage OUR government and elect patriots to high office. There’s been a lot of bullshit legislation passed that is in opposition to OUR basic principles.

          This must end. And it will eventually, one way or the other.

          • Durango Kidd,

            I agree! I am thankful there are strong, principled men like you and others on this site who see what has happened and where it is headed and are standing up for the Constitution and the future of our country.

            It seems the more I “find out” about all of the “legislation” that has been passed – via Congress, EPA, Executive Orders…the more upset I get.

            I think my husband & I were the only ones from our county that attended 9/12 and 8/28. We drove ourselves and we both are glad we went.

            Daily, I email a whole list of friends and family a couple items of “news” (after I email a daily devotional) to try to “wake them up”. A few have gotten mad at me and asked me to stop sending emails, some are starting to wake up, and others are now awake. I just keep trying.

            KY Mom

      73. Try peace and love instead of bullets and guns when confronted by Looters!
        If you the prepper are surrounded by gang bangers, looters and just plain ole American criminal elements, try singing some hymns, “Kumbaya” for example, or some of john lenons peaceful songs such as “give peace a chance” or Cat Stevens song “peace train”!
        Watch them smile, hold hands and sing along with you.
        The power of love and song and peace is so special!
        remember Yo momma taught you how “you catch more bees with honey!”

        • I’ll shoot MYSELF if I have to sing Kumbaya…

        • WTF??? What cult do you belong to? Did you eat paint chips as a kid? :$

          I’m going to work, everyone have a good day and stay safe 🙂

        • This persons hole is already dug, did you really say this with a straight face? good luck with that.

        • LOL, you remind me of that scene in Children of Men.

      74. all i can say to these weiners is “come and get me”…. lets just say i would advise against it…. however am prepared to obliterate any fools or heros like these twits!

      75. AND………….You will DIE !

        • yeah… sure i will pal.

          • He’s not being rude. He’s being realistic. Come and get me is not a good plan.

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        “Moderation really?”

        Mac, are you doing the screening or is this out of your hands???
        August 27, 2011 at 9:36 am

        • out of my hands … working on a fix. The folks at AKISMET (moderation app creators) have been helpful, but resolution has been difficult. The only thing I can really think of at this point will be user accounts — if the system recognizes you it will approve. You are also more likely to be approved if using an email address (fake or real) when submitting comments. I see you added one, and I added that to the “whitelist” in the system, so your stuff should approve no problem from now on(hopefully!!).

          My apologies for the difficulties with this, folks.

          Thanks for your patience while we figure it out.

          In the meantime, we will be moderating queues every 2 – 4 hours whenever possible.



          • My sincere thanks! Mac

            P.S. that goes for all the work you do.

      77. Are you kidding me !!!! This video starts off with the looters being a group of MS 13 pukes then evolves into a Ranger Squad with full knowledge of Military Tactics? These MS 13 clowns, looters of any sorts have a farts chance in a whirl wind of getting within 400M of my AO.
        Showing Military as an assaulting force is nothing less than pure propaganda and MK Ultra Techniques to try and instill more fear. I really doubt that B Co 2/75th Ranger BN will be coming after my rice and beans?

        Yes, there is the possibility that our Armed Forces and other nations could be the hunters, but not in the scenario depicted here.

        Getting ready is certainly crucial, but let us not be confused about who the enemy is.


        Heart of Steel

      78. The most likely scenario for the breakdown of society, will be the collapse of the economy. There will always be localized crises such as riots, and natural disasters. Speaking about nationwide crisis, the problem will be the economy. Fixing that problem is out of our hands, realistically. A collapse can come right now or in 2 years, etc. The business day begins in Asia, then to Europe, then to us. The collapse may very well come when you are asleep. By the time you realize the banks are not going to open and the ATM is turned off it may be too late for last minute withdrawals. The currency will rapidly become worthless, and as that happens stores will shut as there will be no monetary medium of exchange. As much as I hate it, the feds will have to come up with a plan to start over and revalue a new currency. Sadly, it will be one like Mexico and Russia implemented. Turn in your currency and for every ten you turn in, you get one new one. All but the very rich are wiped out. This is this the most likely to happen. It is mathematically impossible to sustain the economy much longer. Your thoughts, please.

        • Where I live, Close to Palm Springs, there is a LARGE contigent of Mexicans in my AO.

          I want to clarify that most are honest hard working people that want the same as each of us. However…. there are many dirt bags that would certainly be a threat. They are a threat now. Not a day goes by that there isn’t a drive by or a gang related shooting. That would be on the South Side. I live on the North Side, and NEVER, ALMOST NEVER CROSS THE BRIDGE WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN ! I am always carrying, multiple items….

          There are broken factions of these previously mentioned turds of the Earth, and I think that they would take each other out because they are too stupid, arrogant and territorial to share power. They would start by taking out the weaker targets ( On the South Side), or where ever easy target of opportunity my lie. Let them !

          More time for me and my (friends with extra special benefits) to prepare.

          My friends include 2 fire fighters, 3 Marines (Ret) 4 US Army Vets, all of us have trigger time in various shit holes around the world. There are 2 Mormon families down the street, and they have ton’s o’stuff ! They have given some very good instruction on canning and food storage.

          As the economy continues to drop a deuce on America, the answers seems so apparent to me.

          What has real value?

          In no specific order, and it has probably been stated some where at this forum.

          Fuel ( Cooking, Heating, Generator, Vehicle)
          Weapons, Ammo
          NUMBERS ! (How many members are in your group)
          Training Manuals: U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 21-76

          Security Items, Wire, and stuff…..

          LEADERSHIP ! A defined and agreed upon single leader !
          Things in your perimeter can turn into a CHARLIE FOX most ricky ticky if there are too many chiefs !

          Will silver and gold be worth anything?

          That is a very tough question. If the Excrement hits the ventilation device, who will set the value of these metals?

          What is worth more when your family is in a bad way, but you have 20 silver dollars, no food, water, shelter….

          The one who has the necessary items can set the price of the metals, or any item for that matter if it is something you really need.

          You can’t eat or drink gold, but I will trade you 5 gallons of water for 20 silver dollars.

      79. Janet Neonaziapolintano is on the TWC telling everybody not to go outside. What, oh what, would we ever do, or be without her? Im at loss for words……she’s so…. amazing.. (sniff) (tear).

      80. Those bands of people will take heavy casualties attacking people in their homes. Armed, awake, and alert people in their homes will take out two to four times as many attackers.

        Still, it’s extremely important not to be noticed. I’ll be burning kerosene instead of wood. I’m not signaling to the world that I have heat. I don’t have a garden either. I don’t plan on going outside except to dump five gallon buckets of sewage. I expect to do that late at night when the moon isn’t out. I expect to be wearing night vision goggles and carrying my shotgun.

        You can bet that armed bands of people will be doing reconnaissance to look for soft targets. They’ll keep track of who shoots back. Those targets they’ll save until later. No reason to risk your life now instead of later. They’ll concentrate on soft targets first and look for women to capture.

        • exactly. you are right on. they will die. most gang bangers are dumb and this will never happen. i just better make my .338 laupa shots last. I only have about 400 rounds. then all 45 up close. so i will end up with their weapons and ammo probably 7.62 ak rounds.

          • Ha-ha! This is laughable! Are you gonna be in a turret with your .338 laupa? What about dense vegetation terrain? Who is gonna have your back? Who is gonna be around the perimeter while you work those optic sights? Are you at the Military Crest? Regardless of your marksmanship skills, you’d be dead meat if you were on your own. One man never wins. Sun Tsu – The art of war is taught in West Point, you know.
            Plus your first shot will give your position away and then you’re done unless you start moving and then some..

      81. Nothing Is Posting!!! What’s UUUUP

        • Oh Sure… That Posted

          • first time I’ve laughed today 😀 Thanks!

      82. URP – Harbor Freight has their 45W Solar Panel kit on sale for $149 and a 2 cycle 800W Generator for $89. Today and Sunday.

      83. “Prep to live and Live to prep.” Your freedom depends on it!

        Bloodyfellow –

      84. Situational awareness time. I see folks talking about this and that to help them remain unnoticed. Few people live in really remote areas. For the rest of us, keep in mind, who comes to your residence on a normal basis? The mail carrier, UPS, Fedex, meter readers, etc. Not all of them are upstanding citizens. Some of them might slip and tell a friend or relative what you’re doing. You can’t be paranoid, but even paranoids have enemies! For those of you that live in very rural areas, do know who is running that meth lab in your area? If you don’t, you may not know as much about your neighbors as you think. If they’re making meth then someone is buying and using it in your area. That’s who need to watch out for.

        • Mr. B – so right. Several years ago a large black man showed up at the back door of our small retail shop with a clipboard. Said he was from Mountaineer Gas & needed to get into our basement to read our meter. No nametag so I asked where it was – he claimed he left it at home. I asked where his truck was – he pointed to an old dark red car & said he was “new” & they hadn’t given him a truck yet. I said something like, “Oh, really?” and shut the door in his face. Called the gas co. – of course no meter readers were assigned to our area that day. FOILED that SOB!! Some will try anything to scope you out and see what you have…BE ALERT ALWAYS!

      85. What is outlined in the film would not last too long. In the absence of a government capable of providing security from the likes of these thugs new mini nation states would emerge to fill the void. If you want something more frightening think about the leaders of these new nation states. It would make one long for the old days globalist or not.

      86. you know they will not be able to sustain this type of gang bangers,if they attack some people there will be someone who is a better shot and there numbers will fall. soon someone is going to get shot by someone who is a better shot. what are they gonna do have a unlimited supply of ammo. dont think so. they will kill many but also a lot of ex military or good shooters will kill them. not worried about this.

      87. To all you hard nosed, military, police, wanna be type guys,
        If you really want to protect yourselves from Mad Max characters trying to kill you and rape your family of your prepper supplies just remember this simple technique;

        Get out your Ukulele, and start to sing
        “tip toe through the tulips to them”

        If they see this they will run from you and not harm you
        i guarantee it.

      88. To be Human is to err !!!!

        No one person or group is immortal !

      89. Prepper tip of the day:

        If you live in the southwest….there is always water left inside the swamp coolers….


      90. What happened to the article posted comparing seismic activity graphs from an earthquake to seismic activity graphs associated with a muclear underground detonation? The article implied the recent earthquake near DC was not an earthquake. Why was it scrubbed?

        More “MODERATION” of comments?

      91. Interesting perspective. While I don’t think the looters would be in an organized gang and all with prior military training, this would not be too far fetched.
        Looters would likely seek out soft targets rather than engaging a well armed holdout with secured perimeter, unless they are trained as platoon and have commanding officers, which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY. The more realistic scenario is that looter gangs would be ex-convicts/felons with various types of small arms, not having been trained or practiced to engage strategic assaults and retreats, not having had any S.E.R.E. training. Basically a bunch of criminals on the loose.
        Those holdouts that have any ex-Marines/Army servicemen WILL know what to do against these threats.
        The rest of civilian populace would not stand a chance.

      92. Something this video does not tell you. Organized looters will mostly start wherethe targets are rich and the looters will eventually take alot of casualties. By the time they get out to places that are basically rural their numbers will nto be as great, their supplies will not be so good. Venturing into areas where everyone knows everyone is deadly to looters actually.

        Community will still be strong ad more likely rural families will band together to take care of each other. If the SHTF rteally hit the fan there will not be any raidos transmitting nor electricity at night unless it is well covered.

        Being a looter will be a carry a short lifespan for sure. Better to come together with neighbors and protect what you have then try to be a lone wolf.

        • “Organized looters will mostly start wherethe targets are rich and the looters will eventually take alot of casualties.”

          Well…is that really a GOOD thing? You’ve heard of survival of the fittest? Continuing your train of thought, the looters who DO end up at BOL’s will be the BEST of the looters. They will be the ones who survived up to that point, and will have gained experience during prior ops.

      93. We have 2 Chihuahuas that sleep with us. One night the male started growling and barking at 3am, so I went to the door with him to see what was going on. Down the street almost 2 blocks away was a black guy walking our way. We live in a small town where most people go to bed by 10pm, so this was definitely not normal. The dog went nuts at the door, and the guy was real nervous as he walked by. He never came down our street again. I was told that Chihuahuas have real keen hearing and now believe it. They are great alarm dogs.

      94. Tick tock, the time is coming…inevitability is mounting.
        Wake up, or be woken up, its far past the time to AWAKEN…most all, have overslept.
        Fix your country before its too late, wake up, stand up, and throw them into the sea, before they let you rip yourselves apart as they will control you and the labor to do as they wish for the mere gift of security, shelter, food and drink.
        Ron Paul or Bust…for America, that is.

      95. Brigands are not a new hazard, they have been put in the “memory hole” by the {powers/media} because the threat of brigands breeds citizen militias. Brigands (or looters) who kill noncombatant women and children are likely to motivate creation of an opposition force where victims have community ties.

        Brigands at 90 day after SHTF could range from cohesive units like renegade remnants of Guard units and unpaid SWAT teams to outlaw bikers and drug gangs. The ad hoc self organizing unit seems unlikely IMHO, due to the dicipline necessary to make such a unit effective.

        Does it make sense to prepare for this threat?

        Most anyone building a family compound with hardened structures capable of independently and effectively repeling a brigand unit in USA will have trouble with law enforcement, unless they ARE law enforcement, or rich and well connected. It IS possible but few can afford the cost. Fewer have enough trained people to defend it. Sandbagging a standard residence is inadequate at best and makes it an obvious target. Barbed wire is available in green, but is still pretty obvious. Some might consider underground perimeter alarms, razor wire, mines, pit traps, tigers, Caucasian guard dogs, model planes w infrared cameras etc. and put together a unique system.

        Attempting to establish and equip a volunteer local militia response unit in advance of need is difficult also. It could get you labeled a nutjob, or “person of interest” to say the least. Structuring it as auxiliary police could lead to official misuse. Organizing it along the lines of a volunteer fire department feels better but would make it harder to equip the members with restricted weapons. A neighborhood group defense plan working with larger community militia is what will likely evolve in the face of such brigand attacks though.

      96. remember the movie “mad max” ( mel gibson) let’s hope it doesn’t head in that direction when tshtf.

      97. Can anybody recommend a good book for perimeter defense or retreat defense. I read a lot of the military field books but they are lacking. Is there any good comphrehesive book on how to secure your retreat?

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